The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00249 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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-. !"'. I I Organ of the of the United States: The Largest .. Papei(ill the lV o:dd. VOLUJIB VI, No. ::76 ) o. PJI'IRSHIN (;t' hOPJWVl'OB 1:4.9 FmlroH STJmm :r Jkehm 1 I n' a t t n -: It a f { ,1 I I' G. J. 'Jie Bremeu, Haml>nrg. and the Contlnent ot Buchanan & Lyall, H4 Water. Sherman Brothers, 3 to 13 Sedgwick. \!! 1 I II Barope, $1.1!6 &ddltleual per annnm for B 1. D 2 6 D I --, 1 d i 'l(f' 1 I 11 r T& Anstrall&, etc l8 .1addltional per annnm tor uc.,ner u e ancy. MANUUCTUREIIS OJ' CIGARS. NEW' YORK W N .. )iootage. Edmonston, S. ,q. & Bro., '1113 & 2l3 Duane. Elbrecht. Stebert & Co, 79 Willoughby. EPNESDAY, JUNE 8, 1870 l ; 11i_ ;1rl ,"( T HI R MAN K U C K l R & No order.! fOT the paper consler'y I I I I J .:ol' IJ!f r Remlltancu sbonljj, in '""I'Y llli'tance. he made Toncco WARIHOU8JIS 1 THEi l'iEW TJ.I BILl., 'I I I I I J I'! f ,' I r t only by money.order. check, or draft. BJIIB are Goetze, F. A. k B1o., 328 Washington. Ruffner & Foy, 86 b 1i )1J')duu H nd H'liU ... .a. l )'fr -:: leN thau oue year. payal>le tnlll_ln uvaace; two Pioneeo J'obot.cco Factory', 167 Water U!man S. J. & Co 69 South Water, ,sentat1ves under it be lash of the patty-whip, and th 1 f 1 I '! I ,. ft till'lf' Ji J, J[ r 'i!lt d II r blobeo, 183!1, threo lncheo, No devlaUon Scheider. Jos. 1":, Co, 715 Bowe"" lfANUFACTIJitns OJ' .FINE CUT .TOBACCO. J ,. 1 r l J Ill 9 19Jllf. !( 'f'!O 'l' NE' W -ot.::>":'r... l fioiD tbetB terJD u ... c 23 Ch h Heart c. B & Co, 14 South Water' out the usual preliminary di,scussion 1 ,_ 111 ,1 '1tJ n" 0 1 nJ u nro U lv > 1 ; ao ,,)JA) 'Jfi l'.'li ..1 "0 fo :AdYel'tlsemente unaer tile nea'dlng For Sale" "' "' m .., 0 urc 1 1 '1 -1 1 } ')n 1 Shotwell,D Murray& M.aaon,174&1176NonltWater Cominittee of the Whelp, 1 lo 1.1 J-Jit rll rri th It fj ., t: Iu lll r :.t:ld ''..'. ,: .., .. .... L--1 th adv .. loemeulo L-:ve to L-Wal' H H '3Q a d Ch HANUFAC'I'URKRS OF FINK OUT AND \ t r I 1 r i) J '' "I l 11 II' lo r., ., .,. 1 1 1 J"' AIJc ..... gee n e .,. ... r .. "' I n erry. relate to obacco and mgl&rJ'! and 1 thet!'e chieflv 1 u. 11 IIH o 11.111 'JW 1 1 1 ..,_ N OJ' CIGARS.! Sl!OKING ANO DKA.LERS Ic.'l C:/f' ll,.,J 'eel &ccompanfed by the amonnt. G'ershel L & Bro, 16Hiiden Lane. Beck & Wirth, 95 South Water. I the technicaluprovisious1of 'the 111#.\of J : {HI II) L 1"' 1 / i ''1 :1 r ; II P "If'( 'wl r J I I 1 L. ') H r r } July, 20 1868 regardingUi.e ta 1 11 h"h 1 ,..J Bi1'8Chhod .L.&Cd.,llOWater.' BodmannCharles&Co,117-66Water '' boo.ks etc. with a ---'' 1 C'' ,_ "' u 'r cilH q({ .., itmd :jj4 84 I J b s. rFo roaAcco on the 1 trade, dealm. e.veryl .,., ....... :: .. ,'" ... l D Titnw"' 34 Mdain. buy and se)ls tobaceP-"tokeep al>ool\:: for 'th iil r a /1 '" ,(] 'I t l j t.h J I t:... ffi' 1 ,'!\ :00,_ "U"'"' .. rrnn'1 .... J...J.'t.:llie t. of To.lACCO l J 00()1S OUIU ""'ofli"" 63 t -H"''er, omes .. 0 26 est con. .. b'... l4l .J. I flloUP IOJIW,c;!1.Wf.\l !lfl!r e p,fr -o. rq ,,.,. 9 Olat!-..,, ll. o u ......... .., .,., 6 uuiU r 11 .. 'I SB.nralitlt E..l::. I?Re... .[ ... DE.lf..IRS 'll tKA: TOIUCOO. tJOD o .... e offi?lals .' t ,lhs, and : 8J!d ,D()W thetotfensiTO of tne I[ .r .,, ... u.: 1 I 1ft adrin 9 guilder. :.1 ... ... t. 1 : torm, hl' rearL Besutll)n Rea r ,&: B.o. sections, we shall more U:ngth DPJXt ,dl'li'l!ek. ..:.J ,.. 1L -'h ... 1 l d I th ., 1 J I ........._.L_ ,n-;' .! jct. cent: .. ..... .. 1 o.00,4 8\itro & J'I'ewmarJc, 51 1lMde11l4u. Eggert, Dills & Co., $2 West S!lcood. 1 Th l ,t 1 '' ..,. av.,r uu:oD ,.'1'6 DO ongt:r ear n c "'-rr A -..,._ cL < .,_u1 th1 .; th" BBlllfll:N. < Vol;er & llPneken. 100 Front ,. MallOY. Dotber.'l Front. e second lwb'isk I ; t lo'J'(.) I I n: I t mg romran\ _over .to biB s: lgrt .... ......... 001,0(9) Borgstedr&Kareten',7 powery I SengAt..k. &Weruig,46W' Front. Tb h' d d".. ll b 1St'O rolteifiiS atwpwbe "Would pouH 4 d I Lusxc, i I IIIJ'ORTJ>:tls OJ' GUM ARABIC. l 1 IN A liD DOMESTIC LEA>' TO e t 1r. lVISlOD WI b ffi r /fpN'(';ljt IHM. imthe V'f37"!J tiJesis '(l)." J J' r I 1 ; f., 0 1 J1 .I 't'lll '"111\n. 1\larcbanco ......... 0.31s,1. ,Merrcl:,TB, &Qo.,7(}Wi\Jiam PI'' 1 II 111.r,'l, JJ -'lU )'h>9U1J: 1sCb. eollelling .. .. .' 0 "2 '' ;..,' ) AND Dnua!l Ful:ITnla'nn, ;v Mam.l { J It It 11s not1 tbousrhtr. however. Wi sh,n<>'ton,1:that h 'J t ...,m.Jli t f t'Jh', h 1 tl t J Q Tmu BblltOn ([i'[mes ; Yefen 'lng to a oom "I.FomilOJI WJttiKTs.-4 equi>1w valienbeg '.A F 21 ave. II JilANUPACTURERS, niPOIITERS, AD DE.ll.Elli 01! H """ s 0 'a flu p ft>tfkl,mtlOol 0 e a oe a e 0 'J _j I J lto f 11 ''1 lbs a JJmmen pfuudteq,ua18'LQ!Itt0llt oF ,llAYA.l!l)lo IJ'OBAOCo. 1 l' 1 CIGARS. either of these divi-ioJJ8 will 0\UCCt>ssfnlll' pass the drdefll v : "IIi" b t1 r 1 1 '.J.<, 1111 ,. tl)at the ditora a equala 0679i jba. lA.lmiull J. J 30 Ce\lar,l Ktohn, Feisa & Co' 63. Wes0'o01"th. .i Ji of the and tba' t they will be oif"lu t11 bat: r:mr t ( [ etn, llrteh mak; an 0 [' 8'voiltupois Gatc':t F :Woter 1 Lp Jf'ltbal, S. & !Jo, Main. I ll'l'll u e we were[ a tc, f'o T W,l tr a Jly. q o er ClVl y -1 E:x;91sE TAl, -Fine-Cut, f ug1 Twist, ,T'?" 1}1an a, :felJO Pearl 1 Louis. o; the closi(i3 of tbe !jessibn r!he 4 i;' t .t:" : y the,t.db:ieto -=---= .... 'h 8nd, dr redaeed ft'oril Kel1, E .1%:>, 3 4 Besv6r. t t" B'll mi t h d b r,11 J ( h d .. ti 1 n'!' I :_n,,-"' r.. ,'U"'. ,.,. 'f f: rro I fl L ) Ke t leif ii&ID a\ cbuditi.oo th i.e .Wn,umed,, ot VPga J'p;epb A. & Rrq., 187 Prsrl l co>r111ssroN >n JesnxRS1 o prm 100 1 8 e asse, e ?re UllC !3.0,-t'te eq, trade. J;!K>pel\ thp:li ltb cancer, orr.WaT"t, thatf t ilis b ecome BE er.s 0 0 ,,' ,pr,lrumeqt, J &(tFf' r.u !tog ... ....... uans,o:r s11urr.. ram .... ngllrso .,. o., 1 3 7 uper1or la'rcre portion of weeks that remain Stjl[.i is Jl T>'t 1 11 ?. 1 ,fla grou e .or Rettmg uU to aeco eat 1& "eeLeneil, ond oni\llotherkmdil Appje'ry&)!elone,138Wiit.rr. 1,',1,.. (lOVINGTON, KY. 1 "' 1 n.o;rpo e IS& nv.rll'ja t nowloo. kH icr '' !r n 1 1-'' tobacco n t herem Gpet;e, v .(. & Jlrsen,t< Such.waltoo d.:mdltio'ri of"-th \ gs wlien ue ec, 10 re?elring LE been previously shipped, but ted, or rolled, Demu'h Wm.< & Co., 103 Eroad..:ar. 1 ll', VK, law 'and they will only t9 wotk for this Jlloudable b : 1 1 .. t. n ;.t llfiT1 l .... 1 l>llld another twel'P'elllonth, lloifes 1 that tQba.cc6 00 and from whtch no, patt or the 'f'l'" have lYPoll"'rs oF cLAT PIPEs p b J H 1 1 t pr,.sem 0 "rna ne ue assun;)e chelt I thls eartlba ld.s t I 1 t tli t 1 r 1 em erton fli'iJ ...;, u w, )I 1 Jt per Y n ; 0 0 a J .,.,.. "' -;:_. 5 s 1 1 .DAYTO.No tJ, ''1 J "' r 1 o ;:e J ts or tne raue \a.,. p ace,a ,l+ us 1 1 .), u I 1 orJnany l.ther rilanne, eith;,. before, dar'Be gq>nnu J. "Co, V 6Jr'root. 1 1 '' H 1 A p p T b c J.Ol;lrnm.ent Tllere are still horlee 'that tl sl:l efforts wfl ., 1 "' 11 i 1 1 "I "'1 1 I t me, or after t'!)e pi'Ocess of ma.'llJlWIIAlnng.;r br olf,.Ulli aoons. ,og r"'f 1!11"6 eaae 8 0 ceostung . t; !" 1 1 l l tJ P ,qsal a sy& !l;l Ifl,OJ'jl-any d e "i)!ed forJ ,,tAN adYeDtisemen't was l!nt to -the Heiq. f!, Fi'ile-cut Shm1s, rl'fu"..' cbe;or Kallli!ubtJg F. Jutu9!14 "\\ Jo,hJl-' DRTROTT me& 1 not be made m vaw, and that some portwn ef tbc t_4e a-x All..trha.t remained i.o d6r in wilicltt .ooon'l'irtbe !Wo"rdsJ II The Chii Dreh.'?! ill8 tobacco w)licp po. 8 ".rul, II Son, 43 Uatden ,1 Ill roucco ?KIHVES: i platiOf-ri at least, \Villlbe rq6,Pt('(): I I It ifl care that'i)} ail ; N 0 flr;<>as, No @town.!' .''f!he' blundefing to tlie 11'P11 i:l < ?IOAlls. Dctro1t NoveiLv Works I I 1 0 1 1 1 ( 1,1. { made 1t read: "The Chnst1an's dream: No 'No bv pJ.OOCes8' t1f elf\inl(, Tefuse .....tape ahd e ,'Bary:, k. Kji')g 52-BroA\l E.i.ST HAR'J'FOBD. CONN. '. G ooD .. FoD THE '"'RI nE 1 l t fa1tbt\.tnr< dMnlst!ite .1 '. "Jhi.s, w e sta-, Cream!" .... eeplngB Q{ t6c. pJr lb; l!aler 0 29 Beave... l'ACKEUS .&ND D.I.&LERS. I r ... .. 111 01 I I rl oh I ?I hi >U( I --. o,cigarsotalldesorlptloi\S, ,madeofTo. SiguorJ. 1 1 1 1il tmg.lia;..,l::Je10 -Jr ,, "''-1 1 or any s11b th?u Lintn..,.on B & Son 2l6 Ftont Cba)?man, R. A It, is not: Commissioner ofilnte. Rev arld thg .t)y his actioo' CaoP,P&O,IIP, BCTS.-The Lf1'c'h).lil1 rg. NF/11).8, of t l'te slllld' ; QJl Cigarettes '!feaghmg1110t pxceedmg Jl'Oll r.Kl!S LIOORICE PASTE." 1 HART'FORD, CONN, ;r: ., T'I f W b tliat ;ijli :f: itn IJJa Hlrlted' pauu'ds per thousr:nd, t} thou Apple'>y &; H'-lme, lv3 PALKKRS AIID DULEIIS. el)Ue does lihe trade 1\ direct of any Dl'aO'Di ude. iq the prer,niaes by giving 1tbe to the' ln .'' "1 e ear .ma :r ll ve p sand weiglth>g ""ceedtnbhr;e podnds Dun vier & 9 Whitehall. Brolbe,.. ll;n and 15cl State. Beyond a general efficiency in the or" the tax blockadersrby driving them lout o'f theh ditc1t I tfihllellt !!ntT1rhe o{fi '!tblllt per thQuAnd, e6 per tboQ!IO.nd. : 20 Beaver. London & '! 'Stot.e I T _, ljr. '"'F r f. ''b .11 ,. n y. 1 e Q on or ne -,..-.,...u.ayo as ""en uu n.. snulfmannfactorell of tobaooo, or aay FnLI!co;o, A.. P., IO..! Peal Ax;...e ave; 1e s or oqr_ p ,a, pet llr. >A.nd.81lntf41our, .,ben seld, or 'reo Ranssmano G 10 O!d,@'in. Sioson A., L & F., 134 Main. 0 th t r tbei d .. i t' 'h .., try. the deoisioo which brul!bes c;Q't, the only oM ta:< patiJ tobireco : for use"' .h}lll bl -ed KremelbeJt & Co' 1 co Pearl. Weblplul w ..d., 228 Sllo.te. ce. n e COD ra y, r R IDIDIS ra 1008 f, d bl I 1 of. "Hi .. t: ra ......... i n There, ill! a ;fjm prospeeticthat present' J S't\!!lSiAn of as snuft', and shall be ptd ap in 'ncl }{orris, H. H., lOI Pearl Woedrull', JosephS., 18 Market been. signalized by the pursuante of a policy more p.r OiriDl a e sett 1 01 tit will BOll close bellkJre a !feW and Jtberal mi!u1:. stamped iu the same ma\u!er llA snuff. Weaver &,!>terry, \tlllla.t. nunr. s IN >lANuucrunD less detrimimtal'to' the interestiwe represent and, it .is ence, as an1od,en M"good' for tpe an l!-Ssure ure ha Qeen lpassed..for tbeirNiief. i J l 11 TDIPP.-Foreign"robacco, duty pet SPE<;r.<I,Ii;S FOR TOBACCO lfANCI'ACTORI:RS. TOBACCOS. therefore DOt ODIV OUr duty oJ but "pleasure tto l reC .OI'd allCe, taReD hi COnDection'1 1 w1ith 1of <' ,1 ,1 1/ Henken JacoiJ, 293 and 2qo Monree. ITHACA, N. Y. l' r t II; II f[' 'I l .'' r' u' I ) loll ,, J 'i1 -.. !!>lEW YORK. Wicke, Ce01ge, Wtlle.t street. Grant H. J & Co, 1 Ea$t l!ltate. over the State linll. This m::>dt' of :fipoding try. 11 l '! 1.i 1 w ,.r f 'I ntO IC3'llmpoll' (JongreBS m THE .. Jlf!t.very ,prom.lstpg -all over !re:w Front street the tax to the detriment of the inter State' mamifactu wbate\ler actiorr it may. uow1 take" tegaJ;tling tfie col rl l RP!b ani I D 124, W t LOUISVILLE KY 1 f 1 b "1 l 6"' !JJ I! ] 'n f a1 0 yt 1 1 .h'1fl C.!p.p 1li fa l:'l"lD,5....-IJ 11{ .. '!' bo., lUBEONs. FinzeT, J & E os, 13 rer, on every pound, of whose work si,xteen thirty ,0,' 1 ... i ua'?co l, act Y a order, ablj.n1dant and B-ne,< R 'a & Co'., '1 Burling Sll.l ON .. Wicks, G. w. & Co. 10:! Main. two cents had to be paid to the Go"ernment was be .. the consideratiOn ., i .. the c l-l\St one of qur With !!'QO<} pec;:ts farmers are in U'TI' 0.. .... t CTQA.ll B ,EB R. I ,. I l) (' \Ill"' I; d J J .& l tt .. IJJI .. d ... ,.. Bulkley, Mome & Co ,74 Froht. Fttiltlllann & Co, US 60 Reade TOnAcco AND cou.>rsION ln:RCHANT. coming a serious source of loss to the tobaccclrnanufac-st, A U, e of ::,apd ,busmess ,. '. I J ,--' '' r t HD.&& turi:IO' interest. So great indeed did t>he evil become ha qe n l,lJ,\\ty ,Iegislatioo. t en who kne.w nothing 'of : ;) e from w allhil:!g-tcio COhn & )::\mitll, 173 \t .. ter. I I Crooke, J. J, &8 B>lCOt TOBACCO, lliiPOaun AND CIGARS. that of the the praabical de.liailS> of a d miherbe morel than us!lall y Jn .:l Connollv & Co, Water. or rro. 'l'achau & Co., C J 174 Maio. ., J ..) f r a 1 d 1 tt I t! grow ng, a }jl6 e 1!1 me o JJ .... ...._ Cook & :'P.etd, GB Courl.lanilt. "1 ; I 1 ltera d Eetto k Go, 7 P1<1 Slip. L rNCHBURG, v -' ed to 1t, and etfotts d1ade to. collect be tax m l.Ij h r v g". k en together 1u oppositiOn to any measure, or pohcy, that Crawford, E. M .!!; c .... 168 Water ,, TOBACCO CUTTIN,O lfAOBJNKRY. dian Terlitol-y, as well' as The provision of .. p gl}. a \ hfl l heel might tend to repress the cuTlv a 'on of the weed. r ,, r IV.n. en e ea ulia s er. tlie Fo. ... n,.&; Co., '10 and 72 Broa)l. Will If, Chas .A. 51 Chatham wen, rnp. IZa e however governed. To 'tnis it' was replied that the I ,81; urhents of tortul' ,made use, of by t Duchess ofjBerry' was dead it' isl sat" ha he d!"d!\ n ? .. "' -k T' tt ell '-Cp 96 Malden 1a d m .UN'!rC.:Oll'ER-V, ALA. nf I I. '' b 'J I a 'J r '. u 'j' Fran eumu er"" TOBACC w.t.Jr. W_a.rren & En.cb es Commetce street. there was 00 Revenue officials appointed for Bt eau for our pums With !l go9d Will .were utter a .word, bot merely opened tis golden taoatiJre Gase?t & Ero, 160 WaLer. Zinsser .W. & Co., 1!17 Wtlliam. NEW N.J. J 1 "'1 1 1 a, k b" h fl'i ff. '1 I l f A L 18 { Pearl .,.0a.._ooo. uos. Brl11tzlnghofter W .. & Broad. the Indian Tertitorv and therefore no tb!)y 1 administe,.r d. Tpe sorewa were, turnetl 'with no an 1 too Jg pmc '0 1 sn u ...,, 1 LW&Oo llOPearl &C p l c beU &C 95E d ,, l J 'llf .If 'l '1 '1 Co., J I UGS. amp LA. proper authority to wl:iom taxes CI}Uld be paid. This hesJtatmgcareless ?ongressmen taus b caine HarUt bot been ful' 'the losal irl of our Hamburger I & 59 :Maiden lane J Empire Sewing :Hac"me Co., 2114 Bowzry. De Van & Mason, 104 Povdms St. objection the> Commissioner speedily removed by ap the avengmg deities -{)f an lnd>ustry;-tbe members of of the WasbiiWgton (}lofJeJ1J;e slloula1 hMe bee n endbl H t ll 43 I 1 TOBACCO J'APBR WARBHOOS:tt:. AND pointin()' a Supenpsor and otrher offici ala but the bl.l)ck which were, fl. wli le lbyill tihi!.law-abl ing citizeus. to P,l:ieeent !tba proheedioJs. last wJek of tlie Hdnse 1' r & to q ... SMOKING TOBACCO. aders a rgtfment left was that Therefore, w e say, let us have noiil"Ore hasty legislation ip, I Kerrigan & Agnel, 78 : 1 Sampson 241 Broadway. Pierce, .K.lf, the treaty wbich bad 'been ;ith the Indians If the trade is to be assl'sse'd regularly so(lle wenyy the new: !lib e rto' rep,llir ttl Ki'lnicutt Tbomu; Bl W1lham. ;. liANIIFACTrrr.a:u OJ' snow CAlES. Thorabrn'y, J. w. 0 fi h' r ..:; fi .1 ) f four nc!xt J iilsue ; 1 t.> 1 0 1 '" '' Kittredge, W. P & Co ,71 .t 73 :Fr.qnt. G. Winter, 344 Bl'oome. .. PETt-:nsBVRG. VA, took prece d ence of all Congressional enactments, aud, ve or t Irty mi tons per annum or supyort o I a .J 1 d n Ji l !.::l:a....!n n .. 1 I Kremelber:;; & Co I 16q Pel'rl (I' 'ltUSSI:UC OIOABITTES. Venables w.: Co. thai as m:i tfax do tobayCO was st:ipblated for in' tHe p0 not lire du Hon..l r LamOtte .A.., C., 10'3 Pearl. )i' (); Bedronian 18 Platt Young, R. A. & Bro .. 4 Iron F'roat Bnildlngs 1 1 d t ) f n t r 1 1 n 1 IT Levili,l.!l. Ir Pearl.' ..IN;UIUNOJ; PHILADELPHIA. t11eaty, so DO such impost co ld be imp9sed by.;aJly enJO yr 0 otne, c in the Rous Ltcllt.enste Bro!. & Co, U1 Ma11ieulane ft_ome Life, 2H Broadway. Toucco wAarHovs.:s. subsequent',l\9i ion. 'gt' ot .course, was a let 6 wqr)r,f\lut iT., for abte:< i;t Which 1*c :. : 1 1 "-TOBAcco BARULB ANl! uos. Boyd, Fougeray & Go., 61 North Third. t' r. tb c C t t d il d f th lb careful.. !Q(ie-xlllt..iog; la ;ws andl the\.i" rOOfdffiehtio'iir 1he rrgh.w-6foltlte 1to6acco niterast .tM epbnao,a,t > ..,altla 'nd ;:J.obet ,L. & Co., lllanover sq. Key1s i!'BT1 g ,'IU.Il. J 10 e oppresse e ope !IN Ut: au e to prmt 18 re )(a"er & Son '121! Watt.r. I !1 Ill I l CfBAD --llA"HINIII Eiseblobr, Wm. & Co., 117 Sonth Water. mistlion to them. It gives us' grflat to recodL pot time t/0 t 18 at p es se 8lOn-w en 18 tliere ma.r],.s l}e:U.ia.Sue. I!JAOH ;o: f:r, ) ;. I J ) 1.. l'u B I I "\ ...,., y I '' l ' t' ? I :t. t l .,..r b I f. T, 1 rJ J .., I I rr McOaml, Wm., 51 owery. American Otg'lr 'Ma9bm11 Co, 1'12 Watllr. Geyer & H;Bs, North Front. the fact that the suits have beeg\)ec,ided in favor ofi the Ime ,.._eli, us a avty, a ile;r, p am proVISions, u 11, 11 J : ,tw > 1 .-: u -1 lA McCo.ffil&Barnett,l91Greenwic:h FANUYPRilf.'l:i:boooi>slro(:ronAOCOBAGS.' 'H'c'Dowei)' M E &Co ,89North'Water. I l < -il i d lJ)I ,.,. d of b' t SV.)J"" h ,..... nd" d' d)COJ wtdts" :r. llT Messea&er, T H. & Co ; 1s1 UI! US I>iggles, J. H., & Co, Ia5 1Duane. illoore, s. & J 107 No?th Watet. Revepue, I'D,d !Jlaj;, busirless1o f the ex pres e r .< Di !lCI an, : a N ...j.:ep fiJDI!I J Ie 1 ) Morris, H. H .. 99 l';:..ri and 62 Stone. ,1 ., r JBIIREii TOBl.cco'PIPE. SanJci& Co, J. r .atdo, 31 N Water. illicit manufactute oNobacco in the Indian ' busy Legisla larg!) isgh:ea tcr.:lJis son4 Grandison SRrll'tt : a-r' Brothers, qg Pearl. or TOBAOCO AMD c lGA'ItS. Wood waul Brotbe!'ll & Oo., 41 N. 'fater, g raphs s;ipervisor McDonald I who is evidently an ear:' wilT 'fiqd oppottpnity to giv.e this important sub oLomsyille. hf..J) I' !J Palmer & Scoville, i70 Water. Greer A & Sons, 822 Broadway. llANUAC','U'tERS, nULKR8, J:rc. r i I f h 1 bt I I [ I I .......--L.. ['o '"I I "' PapJIIlnheimer M., 33 Broad. 1 1r BALTilllctBB. k Co. 3.North Waler j nest and efficient officer tare utterly mul!hed abd. tbe Ject a e 0 t Ta ua e time ttentwn. I II 'I" <' ) s. M., & Go., 181 Petrr ., ,roBAIIW 1u..,sousn. B t h 1 & 33, N th Thl d J n 1 i t g OR 'I!BB Tn.AD-.-'-Att "E.-a\lsvilte Pearsall, H. R., 42 Courtt.ndt f Beck, TieetJen & iO South Gay., '\::: N T rth T:;'rd. r1 laws are triumphant. holds'. that the [ ,{, '' t '' ,,, ; 11 'I I 4., & Co.: Planters' tt> '. Perry, H L, 78 . JMeniM, G. H : & Co, ,202 West Pratt. Hare, Tb 508 laws of (Jongress are to any '1 1 1 baccq e,WIIt\'llPOJ1.}l,obil.v.e ?Desented' M essre. Pollaru, Pettus & Co Pd!'rl 1Soyd, W. A. & Co., S3 Sontla. Me?J, Hen'!, < ,910 domestic or fbreign and that al the Internal Revenue 1 1 --' Ki.y. 'each witb ""o':A Price, Wm. M. & Co., 119 Brauns, l'. L. & IJo., U .Stemer, Smt laws relfiting to to all persons in the In-' r __:_ 1' hea Q!J,np,r!lg tl4tJDbr ,0 thej.l'l he tti1;, Reilllllann, G-& eo' 179 Pearl. Gunther, L. 'V' 90 Lombaril. o' Rat pr hSCOMJi ll'lluw. dian Territory. The jury, without leaving their seats, t:J ,a or. in Mis ,fs\illJ:m > ; h ta\1 dSr Roanoke Tol.ncco Works, 122 Water, Kerohotr & c,. S Cbarle8.1 p "' o., ... e 1 I ;:1 11 P T _.rr "'.'"V l'il 1, (u IIJ .. Roslll!b"'um, A s. & Co, 162, Water. Loolie, c. (lr, Scuth Charl1111 ; liANUFAcTuans OJ' nl'll OioARs. fo11nd a verd1ct for the Government after lnstructwn. s s,o1u ( 1 t 1111,11,, 1 ,,J tl t t 1 r 1 'll!l r) '( 1 n1l "''' J. Rosenwald F.. & Bro' 145 Wate,rPaul Wm., 461 West Baltimore. ,, Fugllet s. & Sons, 229 8 Front. I. from the Court." .A11 tlle property of the blockaders ) .r. I',+. !I J I I J .dl .' I 'I o;tQ 'writel!!ti!J Jr Salomol. S, 19J Pear1, s. & eo;11131j:s:obange Place. ToBAcco -Biloua. t l vv .:yrONE -f ,epn. bJ.'S patented tobaCco I -. 1 Schoverlin'!;H .tCa.J,UI2Pea1rl. 1 Dickerson1E.W. 167NorthWate ,) seized bytheoffimals1sthuJS confiscated to the 6ov.:. r 11; ,, h '' !.. ) are abun! .., 1 ,0"' 1 P )J 1 ro mg mao me. f r 111 o!J 1 t 1 1,. fi 1 u .. th h r Schroo:uer .. DOD,,< 'l'l' ,..a er. yyilkens & Khel', 69,;:;ou Cbarlee I Pl:-r,I'SBURG, Pt-. ernment and the blockaders them&elves amon"'thenteil d I b 'I .. 1 I n., (,....___ an ue y, un .. as er& as een DO rmiL Scbnba h H j ,, TOBACCO'"FACroBs.' ... Allen,Juhan;I!SuthAv'l I 1 ',, ,. I' ,, .,., l'l') ,(.,I t q<... l (fiJ r for f.b.eJlgroundtoould 'llot be t Seitz c & F A., l.GO Water. & Niem&DJI'I' tll'louth Charles: J Megraw, & Co., 31 Sixth.'/> Ol;nef, the euphomous { ,; 'tfiE 1 06El)' for womeq the .Phtladel bond' tfon. Jh-4 be SeympUT 1 Colt, Bea.-l 'I .. uuucTuaua, rrc. Weyman & Bro. 79 k 81 f Sandy Walker; and their employees, hlave been mdict d g g r tor U)a'!i l ; ti;Ie sent, oto. I Iti the Southern part of the ome fields hive been Sichel & Giebel, 169 Water. Beck, F. 'W. l:lo., 'l&o North. ; r )(.lNUF cTpru:a OF Fl,l;E C!GiRB ANilf DE L Havana I I / 1 forviolationoftlieRevenue1aws. 1 ,., Jt 'IJ.:' <:, !lfJ 1 l'Ji ,, 1 ''!d. 1r--, Spingar n E & Co., 6 Bur).ing slip i .Go.iT;oG. w. & A-.:,28116ore I .Poertsel, Emtl, 231 Fifth av, ) J i moral as well as mater-ial result of this l 'llrr'' Jn J ,, ['A"'' )ha. d b toP4 no chance, and 1f any wel'e fools --1 1 1'ese 'nt:l.ti v es fot t { n:.opoSition, 0 ab' 1 h'\h b t.n P 111. & Oo. 1'1'7'Pearl. I r .Kie,bJer !' Granb"' D., 701 North Sec;nd t enoug 'to r.espect t e Jcta es Ot consmence m t e NT nEV.Ef!JE FOR e o Ui sev,enty two' I fu' lllbers Voting to continue it another Wnght,E M, 2 Hapover Butldlng, 11Jrowh''D. It & o & -sa Dorm1tzer, c & R. & Go, 12B Market. matter, they paid for their weak-Kneed pc1sillan ternal Revenue for the of May $21, 122, year. The amount of exemption was increased to Cattus & : I r WU:arf.l imity. Their goods found no purchasers and ruin stareu f moq,thflMn l869,7tbeyf $2,000, the tax reduced to 3 per cent' and the amoun1; B 'ld' egga, u son o ., cor. an me f: Tb d werE\"' or a gam m avol o ay, 18 O, o of rent of homestead limited to .,500 A ro "t' Fischer, Frederick, 2 Hanover m mg. BROO.K.L YN N. Y. Starck, Gutman & Co., 206 North SeCCind. I them m the ace. e a optiOn of the stamp system I $4 79 9 9 13 'I' he aggregate receipts for the fiscal year h G "':fi P P081 loa Gans J s. & Son, 86 Wall. JLANoFACTUIIJ:RS. WILLii\lliSBUKGH, N. T. d f b f C to tax t e mterest on overnment unds 5 per cent was Cha.s. F., 11> Old slip. Buchanan & Lyall Douglass I. s, 31 Lorimer -a boon grante a ter muc pet1t10nmg o ongress, endmgJ une 30, 1870, are nowest1mated at $178,000,000. voted down, 7S to llO CBBIBT. AL


THE TOBACCO LEAF. QuERY.If rasla1 s are u s ed in the set\ ie1' arrested, tried, and, upon their evidence, sent to the iug interest, and tends to fasten upon us a lot of cheap From Balt1more we learn that quhe a flurry of ex as in Philadelphia, who is going tu watch the 1 a s ea l s ? Penitentiary. This was done to show bow efficient the grade, which will ultimately have to be sacrificed. The 01tement waa there by the 8 )[ s, S79 bibs manufactured, ; sy stem under which..sun'unmitigated villains -J.. is e a 11noe J 1 3 Ojt t h v 1 f f -t,129 I s manufactured, U 259 ,... ..,... an. 1, are on y agams e .e a 8 o s1xty pac v'n a ; Hayti, 3 hhds *785., 17 8 Ex-CoLLECTOR P uTNAA r 's di in are happy to learn ee I d ri same peribd last yes all'll, owing tobeoco, manuftictored in North Car Ji b beating a fi cannot afford to a ssume the J e of the fo\h' scoundrela,have been arrested and t he igb pricee faid here fOJJ !lOme lots, they still lie namencl add son the cautio Jaibelalad couhtef.. \ nu actured, *109; New Grenada. of Internal Revenue, and that to follow vic n:r o his place of duress T '7 nOt? u olll on the oiber side. This is certainly not an in fe1t atampa. found in thetpoesesllion of arered, 254 Peru, 9,l'l28 lbs manuaftord to m di s hon es t 1 t e tninds us Why should a set ofmen be permitted to and the exp?rt business. and, if 1pectable whol-le grocery bouse, at\4 theofticers are cnezuela, 376 lbs manufactured. of the plamt of the ol d bac h e l o h() as a reuon urge their fellowoitizene'into crime because they are persls_ted lD, must certamly result lD loss. What we now engaged in looking after" morefthe lame sort.. orts for the w eek ending June 7: for hie ceh bacy, that the gtrl s "hom he would have, employed by the Government ? The FlqJresB bas al need 11 'o get rid of such ol our low 11'rowthl as will and ally "nl.a 'ad t b d 348 ceroone, 2 6 bales, 9 8 1 cs Co. d h h d I q Jrg .. m c o accotsun e bales Hamburg, 2,ll0 c e roon" wouldn't have him, and t h oi!e who would have him, ways mamtame t at t e etect1ve system JS a curse to not be consumed to the fore,tgn buyers with 1 loot knowing the ""al fpot 4 08 lb d _, the d--1 wouldn't have! every community among whom it is all owe to exist. lwt homt sudob 1bs m1 demand11, and tQ put ';lP prices httdle doubt illicit tobacco w auh./}i Hau.e, 8 dt!; 9 ; Instead ot preventing, it fosters and crime. o .a. s an ar w. lC t e atter Wl not end'orse, 1s s1mply an never passed through a bonded warehouse. Indeed, hhde, 3 5,52S lbs manufactured A PIECE OF SMALL TYRA'..,NY -'The Superintendent In stead of decreasing, it enlarges the number of Til 8UlCidal as a policy lt would have been RC(St to an impessibility-f' o r it to be r of the N e w J e rse y Railroad has issued the following lame." On th1s and collateral subjects, the ,Circular (Messrs. ampulated in oqe of those safeguards of the GOvern ... DQMRSTJC Clal"ffl. onler: "Employees o t t liis com,Pany are prohibited the S remarks d "There has been IJlentand the tobacco trade. 'J1lier 1111 tbing to prevent 'l"b. e at port o f New York from domestic, ase of smoking t o b acc o, in any f f its lbrms, while on A LITILE Biww l-oR En.NSVILLE, IND.-In adber an act1ve for old C. wrappers, the a dishonest manufacturer from affixing cou n terfeit rnt enor, anacoastw1 s e potts for the week end ing J nne duty. Its use is a hindrance to, ana With, ing to our rule to give all Jocalit1es a bearing, we COI>Y stock of.!: hl.h 1s ra .dl t.obaoooto his canob am f em;he can also 7 8 tcs, 36 lif-tcs '1 butts 3 bbl s 64 the duties of all anch .aa...oome-iB rom--th vnmn e C ourie r, of the l'Oi liome consumptiOn 1s d1V1ded between sh1pthem ftom h1s factory with slight risk. Th e whole bales, 5 9 2 pkg M 2,079 cs, 100 cad s 14, 1'do samples, 'contact with the travtillipg; p\hiJlic, the order has addi 1 5th inst "It 1s now a httle over ,a year ago sec onds and a few parcels Western, system of allowing the manufacturer to s tamp and Pell 25. do snuff, 1,395 hf-bxs 245 three qtr do, :!16 one tiona! from to so many of the latter the first tobacco sales warehouse Evans rumimg lots, w1th here there a of Ob' 11om_ ill facto;:y immoral one a,A..;._; 0 kegt!, CO:tsigned as follows: tobaf t.h ofPennsylvama;part packmg o a ew Yor)r tends to encourage fraud The singular thJDO' By the Erie Railroad: Hill & Messenger 32 hbds oJ' the .great 11tapla at Ksut.uoky M-eugh Jobbmg bouse, has ?een taken on speculatiOn by aLan1s that the Government with the curmulative C B Fallanstein & Son, 263 do; A H & Co' 'Pl!I E -e ync urg, a says: the bands of our forwarding was sold caster, Penneylv ama 'f!rm. For e.Iport tba principal deu c e whwh the progress of ev ents is c o n stantly filr 11 'lo; Sawy er, Wallace & Co, 54 do; Fieldmg, Gwynr: "Havini be jl ten everybody el eejnge.tting big prices for untiL lJia' 'year. n The business was r8t'l'leilifti8 H 111st y J ar, sale11 hne new Oh10, and a few small parcels mshmg, does not see and act upon this FACT! On the & Co, 1 7 do; Sullivan, Murvhy & Co 99 do B C' t.ohacco,ouroldfriend, Col Hamner,ofRucker,Hamner b eing the commence ment of 1t, but how it is increae ';ork, and Western tobacco. Salesother hand, it is equally well proven that no 1\noh Baker, Son & Co, 49 do Nort0n Slau,.hte r & Co 77 Snead, turned nd y terd ing, and maY, b [ f!Ctled ase may be judge d COonnectJCut and crr a fireman opJ>oard now to be ound....a o-q,.qd b e 4 ost e very d out, of, the _mark?t, these figures are_ 1ei!'B1 The e.J;p6}Es of the week include 2ao pkgs., or 28 282; By the .Hudson Rivet' Railroad : Fatman & Co 1 28 of the s eie 1JIS; Ja've usa&, --We w \11 a !tttl!l;, C onnecticut lbs. -. I I .. bhds, Blaken;tore, May,o & Co, 33 do, L w & 'lteen found in po88esslon ot two bags smug ) '8ec 8 n\3e and filleN, of whtcn we not1c.e, salt!& bas been a little dull since Co, 19 do; Fielding, Gw ynn & Co 7 do n H Arken zled cigal'l' was discharged ao 1 THREE MILLION DEFALCATION Is A ccou N l c:Jseili .have .partly Ueed re-sold twice and last wrote, but ?ea, Iers expect to do con l uderable vet burgh', n do; 9 B Fallenete in & 21' do D e an Me !llr' 1fany, reached 'the nlimufacturer, and before the summe.-dullness 86ta in. 7 Ginqis &,1Co, 114 do, Norton, & Co 8 db: J uy the mtli Auditor of the Treasury Mr Bat row. andi !' lt, doeft tJle pr1ce, Juu .neoeaanly been1Iio much O tgarB.-'fhere is scarcely any demand for common K Smhh & Son, 62 do; R L Maitland & Co' 14 do! S a remedy_pl'Opb sla for tlic cviJihe 01 pe tltis article .with the goods, but the inquiry for seed and-Havana's 18 u p usu M Parker & C6, 8 do; E M. Wright, 1 do; P the, of. a new. r.cvenuc ooltM t d f l tfrttJei''tbe east cbance a profit. Oh1o whJCh at the ally The tactoriea are all working with their lard & Co, 5 do; E Hoffman, 32 pkgt! Palmer Scoville law, as 1t no}V 1\IQilO)Iectied taXJlitt s ue de.l of the season met with a ready, demand comphment of bands, and the Union men are desertin 63 do livered fnqol]lmi collector, hut he is noi; chargep ffr dnppmg: purposes, 'hae been wilfully kept back from their organization, which has done them 80 much har! .By the Camden & Amboy: Railroad. G B FallenUlt1m01l: TomO(lO' f"EANs.-"Tiie following is a ;etateDJt!nt. oftevenue receiv ed from tobacco and cigars in Ncw, Orleana, during :.Much, 1869 and 1870. 1869: 15,2'751 pounds fine cut tobacco at 32 cents, *4-,888.16; 11826 pouods snuff to l:lacco at 32 cents, .684 32; 40,193-l pounds lmoking tobacco at 16 cents, $61430.92; 11187,600 cigars a\1 $6 Jlf'l' thousand, 16,937.50; 7,000 cigarettes at .1.50 per thouaand, $10.60. 1870 45,378 pounds fine cuttobao co at 32 1,995 poundaanufl'tob&eoo at 32 oents, $688.40; 41,612t pounds11WDking tobacco at 16 cents, $6,668; 1,477,750 cigan at 7,388.71!; 31>,1>00 cigarettes at $1.50, .1!3.25. IN this city, on the 4th inst, Nehemiah Goldemitb, who carries on busine88 at 209 Ninth avenue, wae brought up, charged with having attempted to smuggle 200 cigars on the 16th of last month. The state ment of the pr1soner was--admitted. He said that h9 bad retirtd from the business of manufacturing cigars -that those 200 remained on hand ; that be took theU: to 16 Chatham street to have boxes made for them. as it was imposli)ible to make the boxes from sample. The Commissioner not being able to understand why they -could be made from sample, adjourned the case to :Monday to enable the defence to produoo ooxDiak:el'l! who could testify to the the statement maae by the accused. t' with t'bem, or .held repoQsiblc by the Gove1pment fqr t le 11l erder to produce a scarcity; and latter and so httle good, by so<>res. The complete failure of stein & Son, 7 bbds. them. The outgoing collect othas alreadv been charged 1 ly o!lly made at an advam.'C from the "strike" Is now acknowledged on all sides; and By the National Line ; Ottinger Bros 56 hbds with them, and tlie Gov ernment continues to bold him 10 to 12 per cent., winch 111 more the can a general meeting is to be held this evening at which Blakemore, Mayo, & Co, 76 do; C B Fallen;tein & Son' and his bondsmen for the amount, untiholuntarilfac'. and hen c e late remam unsold an effort he made to allow the men to to the 19 do; L W Gunther & Co, 18 do; A D Chookley & for _!>y tbe D':W r .' Milljoos; of :dollars m Bremea and Hamburg, owmg to there bemg no de : shops. 'It will be found, however, now that Co, 28 do; J K Smith's Son, 9 do; Ballard, Pettus & are lD (I 1 ; he syltcm 18 rand COD?mon except a s ,very lt IS}OO lat.e, that the shops "closed" against them. Co, 2 do; Alva Oatman, 50 pkga; J L Gaasert & llro wrong 10 pnnmple, and works badlr. in every way .ow pnoea, whtlst the same are on a steady G old opened at 114 knd at noon was 11 sa-. (6 do. The new collector, bavibg at the. pl!'cQ of produetion. Penh .Exchange bas not been so firm as the 80 1 of By the New York and New Haven steamboat line: with wbieh he is not cbargea, cab', if>J'te' chobeea, the 1 obacco been handled, bllls il\ increaein lf. we quote: Bills at 6KPJavs Bunzl & Dormitzer, 7 cs; M n Levin I 04 do: M first months of his admiotstration ; rdepbl!ili' enough ,to on speculatwn,_ shtpments of the same bav on London, I09i@109jfor commercial 1 09-i@109i Westbe. im & Co, 2 do; Seymour & Coli, 32 do, 'Eg keep the U uited iB debt. to as far u .the 10g entirely ceased, for there is for bankers'; do. at short atght, llOi@I'I O f ; Paris at DlUB & Co, 1 do; M A Adenbeim, 13 do; Meyel'l! boo&s show, st1llretam h1s possel!fOn. as there talikew111e for Obto :fillers, 60 days, 5.18!@5.13!; do. at short sight 5 1Si@S.llt oneuego & Co, 64 bales. Not being held acoount 'ab le for these old lists, he has wt pru;ell asked are beyond reach of purchasers. Antwerp, 5.18-i@fi.I3f; Swise, ll.I8-l@5 l3f. Hamburg' By New York and Hartford steamboat line: I M. not.suffioient motive to pay. over prompt1y : 'b'r for col, he!l now,. under sue? circumstances, baa been 35f@36t, Amsterdam, Frankfort, 4Dj-@ H LevlD, 293 cs; Eggert, Dills & Co 39 do Levy & lectmg the scattered and difficult portiOns, or having a quietus given to ,very exports, n Bre men, 78!@79:1 Prussian thalers, 71 @71-f. N eugass, 68 do; \(Jharles F A uitz, /o do; Schroeder the items abated and olosed out. Large 3 006 up to agamst 1 0,839 cases last year F'retghts are strengthenmg, as the receipta are increas & Bonn, 10 do. amounts stand. charged to the ex collector long. aftel'l at this perlod, &8 under 1ts proper bead, the ing !he engagementswera as follows To Live 1 Brthe New York and Philadelphia Express ProPel they should have been accounted for. The injustice of Qnly chance for d18posmg of low of Peed leaf p e r sall, 60 hhds, at 178 6d, to London 25o hhds ler hne: Bunzl & Dormitzer, 46 cs; Tbierman Kuchler holding the1 ex-collector and his su reties reponsible for tbobacco would be home consumpt1on, but' we do think 6d; to Bristol, 40 bhds on private to & Co, 6'1 do; H Havemeyer & Bro, 89 do; J S Dougt-ax lists delivered by him: to his sucwcr wmatwaya be eomowbat !ewer tb&D oar qaotalkma Stafford & Co, 80 do; R S Bowne & Co, 10 do Martin wpeoimen lying \lffQre us, to whioli we ftlferred in out' is 1real, and ho:w tpuo4 no]Jli-t;JJI, until these :r'te Cin;ular of Messrs. M. & Son _addl!: There ..... 18 @19 & J ohn8()o, 37 do; K Overton, 1 d07 R Lindbei:n & Co last issue." The Alta says: "IJ'Il868, 108,000 lbs of old hsts are closed and voluntarily accounted for by 18 httle. of moment to be sa1d of tb1s artJCle, the Black Frozen 1\>f@ 7 Extra line 0110 43 do; J C Au11tin, 1 do; Maunce Levy, 1 do, J If tobacco were raised from US--aores in California, an av each is usually and some durmg the month, although considerable :.: .: ..... : ........ :;::: = Tbompaon, 28 do; E Hen, 13 do; w Alex Bass D do erage of 780 pound!! to the &el'.(lj The generalq_uality: times ne:ver. Ifthe indebtedness is real, u gives the m vohune, of a slow and nature, ana Good Medlwo... : .. as @26 M Falk & Co, 6 do; A S Rosenbaum & Co 5 'do A of Californian tobacco js poor, aome of it becaol'e .of bad ;rstiring collector 3nd his bondsmen p-l(mty bf time to does not exb1bit that heal. thy feehng amorfg dealers r!J'.=:u;,o, ... .. :: .. Golql'tein, Quebec, 2 do; H A Richey, 84 do 5o ht:bxa curing, and the other becaa1e' of '&.be unfit obaraote:r of of their property; if so j uoliued, before the .we should expect at th1s of the year. The laco. old. .. 9 !M Llfo1J"-eo!. extra nne J D Evans & ,eo, 130 do, I 06 three quarter bxs; L lhe soil The present appeall&Dee&are that the cilltiva Umted States ofllcers can proceet;l Be fact 18, buyers both for home trade 1!-nd exHort have leaf ... 1 B1H@46 as do, 1 do; G 'w Lawrence & Co, 10 kegs ; Lovetion of tobacco will not locreaae much. A laroge part of b e relee,sed by laches. Any not ytlt been convinced that prices a1e lC?w ::::: :J = J0Y Son & Co, 14, Eu,gene DuBois, 64 hfbxs 100 onethat grown at present is used-for washing sheep am ount founii l due the foP compen and they have ordete to till are loth to stock Medium. .. tO.l!(@lJH c ommo n *l !iii qtr do; A P Francia, 100 do; N L M'cCready. VI-, "1 1 satiou .or exp\ m11ell, is n>ellceeeatily withefd 'llntil tlie tax up; whtle on the other hand, holders seem to be sat is = :. .: .. :: : : 2'T @30 3 tcs, 3 bble, 104 cads ; 8'! os, 1 htbxs; orde r 36 bf. T.oo QmCK.When the .Marauis 'li' An'cletarre ,had lialll charged against him are aeconnted for, and: wberEjl fi!ldtthatt the .crf,opsfibavhe be!n over-estimated, and 'are ,111K H to mediUm. .. :g tcsC, 641 43fi1 hl-bBx!ll, _ISO tbrHee qtr dft"o. the inde ,bted, ness proves to have lJoen only uo-"'-al, the c on en to w.a1t or urt !lr ...,evelopmelltlf be_fore acced 7.1(@ BloC Naeyl'mJn iU ... 7 oas.WJse rom a tlmore : Ho man 2 8 hhds 'tlle other day that famoul audlence with N&oleon ... .. ,.. .. ....... ..... f b c 0 I at su: 9.1{ Fin e-. -. 1 s w II & .L. fl...> Tb'rd of the pav for years i s nnJ'ust. These m. g to tue VIews o uyers. The deahogs m Connec .:'mm 11 e '" ... ... 23 6 awyer, a ace s :..., ; 1 va-uer, 1.18 ...J.. .. s. I 1 lD order to remonstrate in the name oft e Lefi ,. 11 "' h b ... edtum -: .. .. 9>i IOX Commo n medium 1s C fi N 0 1 r;,; can be remedied by a provision in the ia\ v to' tbefollow ttcnt ave. een. confi. ned to .and s e conds, whwh Good ....... ,...... tO" @ II"' Halw In eases, black .. Wl @'II oas.wtse rom ew r eanE.; Sawyer, V1' all ac e & Centre agamst the Pfebilette policy which had driven ed t 1 1 b b b F loe .. 11!0:@11 do do 2 0 Co 60 bhds Ord 212 d Count Darn and M Buffet from the Cabinet, Napoleon euect a collector has been quali mov qm e 1ve Y m t e egmn_mg, .. ut at the close S elecUo n o .. Fi'Dt. "' .'Wll'l.'' 1Jieli!'t&l '! dt!fipult.,m&4ter l asjolibei'B, 1nr-tbe ofl af! ........ : ; .. : ; : Jg 3: ... .. :: .. : :f, Jan. 1 shipboard HhdM:. --creager, ct al. w cal\ed _ap. Plaintiff rowning ateao.l hJMiJII )' generaUy to bu,ing nnlell8laH'ery lo...I ....... 1 ', 1 11 b1 d n c 'nnati d h I ..., J'efl. I! llarcbl Man;ltllptipes. 800 6ales e hi lid" h I I .J.J>U'0Irl'S. l ot eare ... r....................... 5,718 IIB'! J!IIdBig .anange ,j t.39;Jb4ds. ""629 hbds. r 800 lihlli."' un; t i: re ,J! ppe neet; Theartivals InapeF ted this week .................. : 2186 and'maehine I I"' ''"itrt)h.,d ''' YaTti lb.d ports, for the week Juno 7 i,uoludl!d the follow previously .................... 13:UIS r ou t1pg pa a, to uou i atld ran one in hna11. rsa h s. ..29 r b s J a sma JO mg eman mg consigiiments '' 1 their establishment Qlt joint accouht / whiclr wall dotH>, !,, nr' 'lllaprlll. A!Ml jlt .. "Al>tll ill 1 II !cuts. f '99o. to $l.OZt. The clrc'rtfar 'o'f ; I I T and nerything was 'ill Aprtl last when ur, r t lfesM rs. AI'DI & Son adds: "In Havall'a It'illers wel bave" Ltvcrpcwl. Order, 146 os hconce pa"te. E otal. ...... .. .". : .... 21,016 Crear,r len udpenlyad the hhds mention to matoeriallly affect the nlarlret Loudon: H x&ored 1 Maryland and Not Jcitting it, he 1 it foreibly .by l re,te;t'tf ifMued' 1' J1, ,1 H tit !y 81. have been nearly 2,600 bales, at pJiices about1 b H. Co, 625 bxs pipee; 8 503 from Carter'.-diDo., but beiOte, the _'885 llb'ds 1,004 hhds 'lilst month. Our stook is yet ana : o:lfeli it during the fair, which takes, -I e ne i ;sJOn r. prospec i d Jmmense gat ,ns anu.-.JIDmnt11ty o the exct!eliient in t fl_ilers and secon:ls, tne large IIOale, a11d i\ is probable that th" cultivat1on of t \ued, $1,736; Bnt111h North :Amencan Colonies, 22 day. Tlle aales colD rised thirt tw:h": h t. great 1!Ca rc1ty 0f cheap leaft up prices to an ex the cereals will hel'l:lafter brio$ in larger and' mbre hhds *3.475; Canalla, 24 bales, *908; 1 cs cigars, &SJI,Q tollp\Vff!g, ,eplepdid tlda' d r6 7 e5 1 a8th50 e .... 1 .... is i'nimiciil1to tpe expori-certain xeturns the gold ever hay,e do1}e, Cuba, CIL 'tl,600; 1,984 lba manlifactured, JB.hhos at .OOto 18 7 hhdsat 14to 18 26 Th; t 'I I I grea ex 11 l


A DESIR F S:TRIPS A!f From!OO ti l a r !J,ogoht;_ g, el!l) IE rJ)adt !< iQ>m&dlat

4 T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A F. WM. P. li.1T'l'RBDG1 E. C WHBBLOOJ[ 172 PEARl. STREET, E. .M. ORA WFORD & 00.1 TOBACCO ouanhsias HIS WATER1'"STREET, NBW YOKK; lfaTe on lila aD ldno!a or Le&t Tobacco rorlb:pOO" and -bBome-. e. w.m .... -. 1. :s;p,..,., l.JL BLAKEMORE, MAYO & CO., 'robacco .and Cotton COMM.ISSION MERCHANTS, 4!1. Broad Street, p'W' j lZ"0']:;2."Je. 1'18 Water Ht'feet, I 1/ 1 I ( New York. IIIPOJti'Ipll 01' UUI&II I .AN"D Packers. of Domestic Leaf Tobacco. ) A. FDI8 A.BIIORT1011T 01' T(i'iAOOO. ... :.' .!'1\ BELS I; iiii ... iiiiiL.iii, ) Commission Merchant," AND DEALER IN VIR611tiA & WESTERN LEAF, .AJID llanu!actmed Tobaooo, Lioorioe, Gum, etc., No lOI'pEJ.RL STREET, N .Y. _._ OTTINGER. & BROTHER, Lo&f PEARL STREET, I NEWYOBK. ROBERT E. KELLY & CO., I LEAF. 34 Buvn STRUT, NEw YoJUt. R. 8. WALTER, BEST .. Connecticut, Havana & lara EMPIRE ciTY TOBACCO WORKS. 7 6 Bow.ery, New York. Joseph Scheider & Co. plANUl!'ACTURBRI:I 011' TBB CELEBRATED CUPID Also, of' other Fancy Fine-Cuts; KiiHkinnick, and Cut Smoking Tobaccos. We '""" Ule 1e -" ....., _,..,.., _,. taotnmenia to Meoan. w A.. A: G. liiAXWELL A: co., T..m!BP09L : 0 acco 0 on ac ors, L ... b SUTR.Q a ... llD. ea.& .a.o acco, No. 211 White Street, lOIW'yORX. r IIANUFACTU.ERI "' a; M .tiel H H \\\\1t. All (D lnlJLJIDBN':Lhm, JQW 'YORK. .. .' ... :;: ; 1 .'I. I. PARlER. 1: {l coTToN : :MftHFAOTDBED ITOBAOCO MERCI1ANT8, .... .. ... 181 Pearl Street, corner oj Ceda1, ) I I I '1 J I 1 1 1 J :r N 'EWI. YORK. I .. NEW YORK. NEW ;1 : Hr brid a lalge Assortment, for sale lllli-IM) C.LDID8. I .L I I I Seed-Leaf .. T9pacQo ,. a. cooK, A. D. cHocKtEv & co .... INiccO lntpected, or Sampled. giv&n for every case, and delivered, IN IBNTUpKr COMMISSION MERCHANTS -by oaae, u to number of N.B 0 .._.I alw eampk ia K..-clumt.s' own SWru. Wf' .t \\a. 1 For the Sale of' 1 F. c);; LINDE) a, co., I 1 TOBACCO, W.!BEHOUSES-149 W&ter &nd 74. 76, &nd 78 Street. '11 1 11 lJ 1.68 PeO/I'l Street, ODICJO :11-W.&.TE& II'I'JUI:&'I'. A. D. CDOCBLn", --Val' .... :tie W, II 1.01118 :ti.&C .......... -CJK" I Te..._., aY ra. ,;.nlsd ............... ., mBAOOO, A,Nll oTHER SOUTHERN PRODUOl'., 18 ....., (P. o. lfBr roBJL .OO:N81:GNliUDt'IITI!I .... ICJ C. ct. F. A. SEITZ, eaf Tobacco, 1.50 Water Btreet, lU I"IIAJtL 8TJUIJI'I", .. y L. F. WK. TATSDliORtn', NewYerk. L. Wi CUNTHER A CO., Tobacco & General Commission ltERCHA.NTB, l'o. 110 Pearl St., cor. Hanover Square, NBW YOilK. Liberal ad.Yanee1 111ade en T9R.B:. C. A. BUJUULL. ,_,_ 6 .. WILLm S.T., NEW-YORK. \ General Commitaion Kerchants, 1.31. PE.4 RT, SPBKET, No. 1.69 l.l'ront-etreet, Ne-w--York. 1 --NE'W YORK. DE BAB.Y &KLING 0 62 Broad and 50 It'ew Streets, IMPORTERS OF x...A ,.,. ,. ...tiWI ftrt,6 and poptalar lJra.W. of AND SOLE AGENTS FOR THE SAL OF THE PRINCIPE DE GALES SEGARS, M.A..NUFACTURED AT THE KEY WEST BRA.HCB, Ol THE CELEBRATED P:&mOIPE DE GALES IUIUl' AOTORY OF HA VA HA. -M. ICHDnEIFELI & 'CO., 232 CHURCH ST., w YORK, IUD'IIl1MI&IINIII or, 11114 Dealen 111, Ole lollowiag Well-known r.nd. Oelehrated Branda tJl vm.GINI.A: TOBACCO. Captain Jinks; Champagne Charlie, YIJ'glnla State, Globe, .Cont1nentat. Jte., Etc .. AJao, all klDd I J I PX..UG TC?JB..A.QCO. I I JACOB HENKELL,. I SEGAR BOX IIANUF ACTORY; or.ra ......,... eauo ............ KREIIELBERG & CO., snOHN xzw:!ORK, 'OUUUiJitli.OU F. L. BRAUNS & CO., .u.10....,.. m BALTIKORB, no o Tobacco Commimon lerchan4 18 K.AIDBll LAliB, FOBEIGlf TOBACCtl, 8nera1 b .... .,..rLteortee ... te, dw..tlmporta. n 17 ROJIT ST .. N.Y. ;(,m, eonsW>IIT on lind, &ll4 fur l&lo, La -..

a 0 FRUIIS-1-2 lb. Drums r 1-4 lb. 1 lb. Bqs, THE NEARLY 84,000,000 TAXES PAID THE GOVERNMENT Ill Ll_!!!_IUI! YEID. OF C-u. "t OF ALL G:RA..:i>ES. SMOKING TOBACCO Of' every Style, of Superior Quallf, J A lND IN CIGARS, ..4.t Factory No. 1, Fourth H&ving purchlllllld the Factory of llessrs. ROBINSON, G A.BTH .t 00., together with rill their famous Brsndo, we &re now offering Plug Tobacco &t prioea below the uual IIIIJ'ket rates, to which we invite the attention of close &nd large bu7e1'8. ESTABLISHED 1 ?'60. MAURICE "'filtA ER, ,.. -.-au ... I '" c I Segars Leaf Tobacco 168 STATE ST_REET; BpSTO .... Sole Importer of the A No. :1. 8ega't'& C"f SUCCESSORS TO L. APPLEBY'S SON, THE OLD lPOIT Smoking ; c TOBACCO W. P. IITTREOGE & co., 71 & 73 Front St., MU AIIITI Far thil OsJ.InMcl BIUcl. LEAF. We IJI the ,_ ID tbla ........ Ule .._rto'ftll J001r atteot!Oil to a 'l'oiW.cO 11!'1 ID lt.o qaallq. We baft, 4 I _,, years, patient!)' ad JIII=Di!J IDotltoted bavWar:: I direct -.!oa apon 111e or Tobacco .,.., ... INI:r ..,...,. neither time nor money" ID the accompllohment of I>V J>lli'POH, Ulclbam our u:perleooe Uld lavestlpt!ono, &N CGD'I'Ineed that tile ODIJ true Uld ,_.. WfJ.'f to n-.cture 'l'lliileco ,_. ot .. Dlll'aetttrlag. l& tH.,.,.,.... """' Ule -p....,..ta I& from mollldlng lmprona tbe qa&IU:J. and vor; oo maeb 10! tbet the J .. l paok&p IG "'' ilene wtiJ b8 MDil loloe lletter thUI Ulat wh ch wu at lnl taken 0111. Bo positive are we u to Ita high merit,_......, now pU.:. It eonldeoee Ill eC>81PCIUlon with aap ...Uele tbet to now nr=. Under no wUI tho S&all4ar4 of l:al' lll'aau lte Lowered or Deterlora&eol, 'T.l1 H. MESSENGER & CO., EUCENE DU BOIS, FOREIGNiiiiiMEsricros,\cco, Comltiissson Merchan1 2 oz. Bags, o .L r.; 1 u:n :> 1 1-4 lb. llags. J.2 lb. Ba d lib. Bavs TH. B. VEftEBLEIN lfo.172 PEARL STREET, l\law .,.. POR THE SALE 01!' L 1 0 0 R 1 c E Leaf, Manufactured and Smokd 181t:181 LANE, NEW YimX. T 0 B Jl C C noo. a ., ..,NGEB. tr-69 olD!JsY uaiUxou., 87 JVrder t:;t.,NetQ York. ..ITH HENRY & SHEffiElD Mannfoctorof aii.Stylt .. odQlll.lltl,. tJI. 1 g, I '""' tro" !Ita bdt morll rr;clorlto vf V!rglul&, f or o ale e aooo an o n ors, : l I' .l T b d 0 tto 'r' t I'" Jut, tn .ntta,urcb ( .&.MD 1 C h to ELBREOH, SIEBERT&. CO., WM. VIGELIUS WM. AGNEW I OIDDllSSlOn .w.erc an-. MaMifaCtll.l\!ro or _!0 49 UJ(llfEJ Leaf l'!obacoo,. .'ob::mco arid Commission llerchmts I q I VOLCER & HUNEKEN, J.I4PO&'RR or HA.VANA I. DOMESTIC 79 WILLOUGHBY STRF.ET, -.lND--LEAF TOBACCO. :No. 42 COU:&1'LABD1' 81'. ,.._ .BO .._BZXO," NEWYORK. A. C. LAliOTTE, Leaf T b 'l'O:BAcco AND coxmssiON O &CCO, MERCHANT, 168 Wa.ter-Sreet. 1110 ___ .,... and :;tee Front-t!Jtreet, J 75 Pearl Sweet, JUn 010 07 NEW YORK.. No. fl/J4 B.BO.ADWAY, NEW I a In respect a First-Clasa Institutiol(. ASSETS, 182,1500,000. ASSURED MEMBERS, 11,000. OFFICERS 1 w AJ.TEB.' s. aniFFITR, Prllsldat. ... H. FB.OTDGI!11, TJ"NNUU'e1'. GEOBGE C. BJPLEl, Seeretal'J. wu.r.uM L COFFIN, A.ctuarJ. GOOD GERMAN AGENTS WANTED. 5 Ia& Duane St., l.V. Y. AGENTS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS Of alley Cotton Goods FOR F KALDENBERG, 1 Manu.:fb.cturer of" "Warranted Ganuine Meerscha,tlm Pipes, Cigar Holdersl'Amber Mouth. Pieces, Pipe Stems, Silver Mountingsl ADd &11 Cboiee ArLicles in the Hmokers' line, at Wholeeale and Retail. Wholesale and Retail Faotpry aud 4 and 6 Tohn Street; .. Store, 'fl Nassau, oomer John Street, {JIIitablished 1863.) NE'\V 'YOBIL. !leal :Meerschaum Bowls, LONDON STRA.IGDT AND BEND, C;(RVJi:O', PLAIN, AND FANCJ mGA..R HOLDBR8 made to ortler by specio.l contract, end at lower prices than the,. <;an be al. I h& always o u band a vefr7 large stc!Ck: of all patt.erns. I al.!!O make to order I MQ.NOGRAMS, CRESTS, ETC. REP AIRIX' MOUNTING, etc., attended to. Goods sent to all of tlw country. (. Circnlll1's sent by enclOii,g t!tlllllp. e N. B.-I TJt the Sole of GEN;.lllE lll.ElillSCHAU:r.t AND .ilWJU& OOOD B to the Trade in the United Sta.1ea. tiJ Ula'lllul-d't! Celebnncd Yacht Club Pipes, gi en a.way with hi s Yachl. Club ..... liL s..... ,_ ._ SICHEL & GIEBEL, rmpon.on o1 ao1 D.!-1a an ldlld8 ot LBAP TOBAOOO, .ufD DBLDS m .rm. mca.u, 189 WATE. R STREET, .......... .,. J. B. STAFFORD & CO.; TOBACCO AlD eusau Commission Merchants, W'o. 1GI 8Up, LTOli ... 8TAPFORD, NEW YORK. &lllmore. OTTO MAIER, :l9 BEA YE.B ST., :Impart of BAYA.N.l Ileal ......... *BOUQUET DE TABACOS" AND JOODT


6 Cigars, and Connecticut i.eaf, IN LOTS TO SUIT. & 19 NORTH WATER STREET, Or.i.eN SOllotted. WOODWARD BROTHER and Geael'&l No. 17 !forth Water Street, and No. 48 North Delaware Avenue, f. A. WOODWARD, } PHILADI='LPw.IA mEa. H. WOODWARD _, T"7 1 '1" I Ba"tchel.or Manufactluera of FIN. CICARS, and Do&lers ur. DE.A F TO;BA.OCO, AilEJUC4 tUR HOB13Y, Y .A.RA LITTLB ONES, DAISY, PUNCH.t 'W!d Qther rrighted mmds of cigars. _.;..-'I IUCKNOR, McOAMMON & CO,, ""''"" >L J>oYl>. wx.-?. P:..::: uun n T 0 B A C C 0 8&alll3 Bonded Wo.reho."" :ODISSION MERCHANTS BOYD, fOUGERAY &: co ALL DdCaiPTION! OJ' _, _..._ 1 .. h. "'' LEAF .AliD JWltJFJ.OTUA.ti.U :roB 000, I h: .Acl.rttl'tEL! lit. \Vater St. and 18 N. ,Dela.ware Annne, rnoba,ce@s, Segars, PHILADELPHIAI rmen' AJenta for iSle l&le of Connecticut Aeed J.C.Ik<::.....oJ'I, A. I. Bvc:uoa,lr., W.HuaYN.uu. lea.f'"'Tobacco, ,-1!1UTED STATES IIONDED W AREBOU8B. Sl Nonla Tllllr:--a&., can r onratd tbr-1r Mtockll m :aon" DQ"U' A '1\T & 'J. ITT L f d TOBACCO lob ''7" : Jl:l!.Y.l.'Ml d F acco liOflliiUSSIOO MGI No. 81 Exchange Place, mestican oreign :B.A.DTX:ad3:'t. G KEB:cx;HoFF & oa, ABD BliG.&JlS. U If, Wakr 81., .. 1811. in., '' bOU!S & L : 1l ?' ':'EAi&Bs IN ,n ... Third Street, W: fPblu. lttd Ill) DKLPMIA, Pa. AND nuu:... ... T l .:I. .,.. H,Otrn., :a.ou !Ilk L f T h 8ouUI Cbarle Street L BAMBERGER A CO De&lerlla EAF TOBACCO ... ..........,_ 111 all padM Ill SEGAli.S, lo. 3 Nortb Water Street, I'IIIW.DBiol'ID.t.. P&. 1) IL. & G. n. EDWARDS, IMMiiiiSION MERCHANTS Ill Lloa.f 33 MRTH WATER ST. .b4 1811 lrORTll WBJ.RVES, Pa. --,---KOOU. IOBIMOOBa. GEYER & mss, ea o .acco, (Sncceeeora to :MliBCIIB, Al b a coo, 228 State St., Hartford, Conn COliliECTICUT Tobacco W 159 and 161 Cawneroe-street, HARTFORD, COJllf. Pack:.,... aa.c:s DKALBR IN Tobacco, Killickinick, &c.,--Articles, ;; -c t' t s d l ;;tT b ?'01 23 Market bet. 2d 3"<1 oorrec ICU ee eat I 0 a ceo, 1'11 ft. LO:J''B, ST. LO&iiS, MO ft.Allmt, &: co., r .. Impor:&qo, I SmokQ:s'1 Articles, _;PL N:G w.. Goecla.llld Wllol-.1 llaalen .. TOBACCOS TOBA.OOO and SEGA.R&, 206 North Second Street. 85 South, IN]) IAN AP!)LIS, la1d. SEED i T ..... CIGAR-s, 17 "fest J:l,ando4>h Street, ...,.,...,,....,. OHieACO, ILL;I ,NOJS. EATT HARTFORI). CONNECTICUT. W. GRAVES, r o c co t Danbury, Connecticut .... !Cln rron hand 208 eueo .,;..,p (.iea:t LOUISVILLE, J(Y., Bonded Tobacco Warrhouse No.1. antl Kentuckfl Also Dealer in 02 MAIN STREET. R. A YOUN..O & BRO., J'IY]J:".QJlOTHDB 'l'OBACCO ,VO:aD r M ch +n ........... er oiDBB FIRZER l BROS., .ot.m> AGENTS li'OR TPZ IA."f.F. 01" 1 Q ef "rrTn"""' AND NOP..TH CAR OLINA ._....,. .,.,_and Ma.nufac&ured JtbaCA, P L U G T 0 B A. o 0 0. "'o. 4 IRON FRONT BUILt'IINCS, .. 11 .,.IIIIYIDet "?ETERSBURG. VA. I W, B. P. BAJIILTOII. r 1 I 8. W VBN ABTeE &. 00., I Deai,.-ID LB.A.ll' and ...... -...or PLUG TOBAOCO, LPETEBSBUBG, 'F.A,1 1. 'Yf THORNBERRY, To-bacco Broker, PADUCAN, l!ollclt Orders at the faelo!y for htra Pine Na9J' Ponndo. Half Ponndo, Blaelr. and Bright Qnarten, Lon& Olr--.& den opeclaliDdllcemeDiiltJr ... .,....._ IMCialaUeuttnllfJd to Orden ror the pllJ'III-. fl 1Q't, and every .,..rlety of Fllot-Clase Worlr., 11 w 8lllpplllg Leal, KMnft!c ... l'llllll z...lel .,....Wu padoo, itrlpa, StemA, s-pa. Goode Guoranwed Ill oTe17 PorUclllar. and Br!ihl:a ... J -I 1 r.




NJW lUI! .TtlliE l'HOMASHOYT&CO. Composed ot ..,MAS HoYT and JoHN F. FLAoo, flo. 404 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. i\ii.nufacturen of all kinds of .Havana. Slxe, Cheroot., .256. Delancey St., New York. Jlanu!actorer ot t h e following bran d s }7ide ortbe u : B., :Sue Ball, Wincheste r, 1 'Vugtnta L eaf, G r ec ian 1 lmprevemen 1 Ra)lllll baa DOCk. Buchaaan & Lyall, 14'4 WAlt:R-STREET, .. ..... ,.,t: ........ II<>.,. .. ....._ A.u.a,'do II. 1 .,..-NOTICEo 1f......Ld1Dg t!W oar ,llludl,. PLAlllll'l' -!!I.&ILOB .. bawe been 10 alaoel:rlmlltoWd !Ia 1o d-"e-of&M'frMe,IA lll.sun tllo pMbp will .. _peol ___ BUoiu.B.AH 15 LYALL. Jlew-York. MD W. lldi&OY, Sole .&rat, !lo. 6 Ceatral VlaarfO B08'l'01t. I TOBACCO KAliUP AOTVB.BBI Anhur Gillender & Co .. --'Ill I I > SOLACEADOVTOBACCO, 114, li61 and 111 LIBERTY.STR&Rf, .. r LIQ'UOB.ICB. ,. L!co:aiCE P A.STE WALLIS&. co: EXTRA. (, TOBACCO I I LIQ.trORICB I 11. liOB.Bia, Nes. 99 Pearl an4 62 Sten street, N ,EW YOBB, IMPORTER or Dtpot wWa Uld Orden taken b7 H. A. x-r..., IMPORTANT I I ... KANt!JI AC'l'tmmB OF l A l a rg e con s ta n tly o n hlllld and p1iuled to order. t. I 22 ill M Jlll"\la W!llia.m 1'1"" Yerll:. SDOW CAl\DS ... CIGAR, TOBACCO, AND CADDY LAB ElY s-Of n111 cluaDptiGD, In ft7le. J I scHUMACHER a. EnUNOER, LITHOGRAPHERJ I A Murray Street, t CAST :IHON TOBACCO PRESS SCRE'Y aotnellee toq. 3lDehee diameter. .wu P:E'I.XOB .. --lllaDafaetare. at PBCE!IJX UL0N WOIUUI. GEO. P. LUWOL!I .SO (JO.o ,,1 o.l') :.A. (0., Agents1 1 611 Beeiluaan lit., N.Y. 'JOHN KEYS & .BRO., r MBllufaoturen Of r tv Half-Barrels, Kegs, i 1 Also Dealers In lmRAL COOPER.AGB STOCK AND MlmJ!L. liT and 59 (Jollumbla Street, 040 56 an 60 Sberl8' S&ree&o ..... lClB, 'T (JO>IUDibl StreP-1,


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