The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00253 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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I ,., "' 1'. ( !s:f Oi' ,oy ."If II f, T '- ,. """"'"""-" I r) r 1 L ; ) .1l lt h; [ tl t rl ( \ ,, .; i I I f t \ I l I e"' Qrgan of of:tke, NiUtetl"St.rt'tffl: The-Largest SpemahTrade Paper in the W oriel JVOLtiD VL, }fa. 280. .. Bl. owe' .. li' ave. .:"1i.:&'ns LJ:u> TOBACOO'.&ND CIGARS, ...J. ._. Large one year. rf!ble Jallr\ !'f! .. l'c:.\a "'o & Hahn, 1M Watllr. Siwdhagen Bros., i'T West Randolph. U f StateS> Tt l is Cogent; and wit 1 t-r ., 1fact's' aruif t fi4m\:es 't:Natcanotbeginsayed. Jtrisl ol }il>i 'NEW YORK. Artverttoementl un.ciitr roulloo. oon tJame tholle leJ>8 "nterl 111. florin or guilder........ I r ,/ 'I { :111fC1fiB OP GUill Beeuden Beary& -BJ'9. 161-161H'earl. entatiye rpeaJ?pg for a r este .'or ta mg and more rational vie Alrl!TBBDAli,RoTTmiD,..,:t:To.-0 J'd' j DJllJ:RSIMJ.-.1' TOBACco., 1 r b..a.U Jli r-R .1 1 c:Y d ., k' ----let. cent ....... .. : o ,qo:i Yer;ick, T. B J..t;Co. 'IO William r 'Mallay Rich. & Brother W e st Fron J "., ,811 rl.> .. t ll'r"'ely; ted in to b acoq, ah o1,1ld'po1 .. '} e The d1ffe. :reneee t may:-exi t between Messrs. Delano1 IliPOil J:R8 AD DJ:&LJ:l!ll 1 t Meyer ,fly 18 F'ron't. I" "' M 'l< ., ., lrth. rix thaler .... ..... O 'rst 9 t ) Danenberg A. 21 ave, DEUU AN.&' !l.i!h LIIJ.FJ rio-ell;ample to bis fellow-CongressQ} :en apd and Boutwell are doubtless. annoying enough, andj lgrt grote ..... .. O. of sixteen cents, an certo.ui, wnich the former does not appear t.o have a pfund Salomon: fM .\;'E., 85 Maiden Lane. d:y is. I)Ot far distant 'when a majority of, both thought Of,' bnt which,, our opinjon, would have pflllld ' 1. 9 Houses will be -found in favor ef the aqd naturally occurre' d to and earne'st patriot; -:oBxwsi ll'.u.;...Fine-Qut, Plug, Twlet, ToWell' & Co .66 Bf!Je. _cLI!:VELA.ND, ouro. thus at last do justice tSition, he will without deprovided for, ?2c. per lb. ; tobacco Demuth Wm.' & Co., 403llroadway. G DA.NB1IBY, ClONN. i 1 lay tender his resignation to the' President, who excluslrely qf or of leaf, With all IMPORTERS or CLAY. 'PIPES, raves, G. W. stems In and so sold, the leaf not havmg BatJer 'H. & Brother 61 Water DANVILLEr-VA, ONE of the grossest outrages yet perpetrated on a will then doubtless enquire irito the whole and been previousl'y strippea, butted, or rolled, BergO:ann, J : H. & Pe berton J H. tax-ridden and lon!!Suffi!! people is contemplat1ed in aot according to the information obtained. and ftom wb\ch no. of th? stems &NUPACTURXBS OJ' MEKRSCIHUlll ooons. DAYTON, o. been by aiftmg, K&ldenberg F. Julius, 4 & 6 John Boglen & Pease Pease's Tobacco-Catting the bill r ecently introduced in Congress, by which it is But there are other than reasons .why the or iD any other manner, mther b ef ore, _dur-Pollak !i: Son f.f3 .Mai d en lane. Enr;ine. proposed 'to create the Internal Rev en ne Bureau a De-proposed Department should not b e c1eated. The Rev-lng1 or after the process manrfactunng; or BniARWOOD PIPES. DBTROTT, MICH. the 'uht Scheyerli'ng l!o Stllgmiill r, 94; & 96 Clinton. TOBACoo KNIVEs. coincident in power and. 4ignity eL;Ju!i 1 the new Tax Bill have 'been n tobaccowblchhaspalle.,..t oug,, mnJis DeroitNovelty'wo rks. tb D t t h b d f h P. 'd r. t d d d 'lib b sr" die .of "tbitty.six to thjl ,mare '!}Oh De 'Bary Br,;d4 :"' E..t.ST HA-BTJ.ioau, CONN. o er el;lar m en s, w o ,se ell. s orm t e, res) ent s e an passe WI e quttf?. anot er auair 11'0m b;v of siftrog; refuse J d Haie o .2a Be8n,t. ; rAcuils No-o&.&LEns. Cabin,et aJ;lp, advisers. HithertRTEBB OF LIOOR!jOE PASTIL v CONN. epartment, an 1ts actiOn bas been subordin&te tnerenatwna revenue will grow small by degrees and beausand; onCiga r e tteswelgblngnotexceedmg Al>p1eby&B'elme,l83Water. "' ,'i to. '!'his state of s not t tifullyless. The'abolitionoftheiucome tax will out three pounds per 50 jhou Dn'rivier & Co., 9 Whitehall. Haas Brothers, 1!1ijll(8.i.Ji ll\l State : satisfy t!J'e am oiticn of the gentlemen who the. o'"' nea'rly forty millions from its recel"pt at one "low II&IJc!; 'lfhen esceentnjl three Pfunds Echererria, M.. & Oo., 20 Beaver. London & Bidwell, 2.14 1 .u. !-' per ihousaud, $5 nrc' thou!!l!nd. Francia, A. P., 102 Pearl. P ease, H. & Z. K., 16 Marke, t Bureau at, W and hence the extraordinary and still other reductions may be m11de. If, then, the i. Commerce. proposition which, f9.r cool audacity and pure' cheek," machinery of a simple Bureau in the TreasurytDepart-soented, or other,.ure, of aU descnl>' P. Harmony, Nephews & Co., 63 Broadway. Shepard & Full er, 214 State. all tbe circumstances of the case considered exceeds 'merit was, sufficient to collect the revenue it 1tons, when 'Prepared tax Qf 82c. Haussmann G .. 10 Old slip. 1 Sis!On, A. L. & F,, 1 34: J ; an"' 'proposal, 'that has yet anatl'd from an office aruoun'ted to one hundred and eighty millions annually, per lb. And snutr-ftoor, or reKremelberg & Go., 160 Pearl. Wm. 228 State. J \ 1 moved for or consum!Jtlo?, shall be taxed }{orris, H. M., 101 Pearl. Woodrult, .19aepfi S.; 18 Market for and r;lKCeptional it be t)te be!gllt of fpl,ly -to-pretend the as sno!f sball be put P 10 packages and_ Wraver & Sterry, 1o1 Plott. -nuL tits 'IN MANUFAcrunzD' The first practical result of the bill in,queation.woqld same manhinery would be powerless to collect, say, a stamped ID the same manner as muff. SPECI.lLTIES 'FoR TOBACCO iUNCFACTUREJIS !rOB.&.ccos I Tarur.'"-'Foreign Tobacco, duty 85c. per Sterry F w & Co 24 Cedar ., Burnham J.'D. & O o ; 't'T and 79 Asylum, be -to cr9ate a chief officer at a saiary of $8,000 pe hundred and thirty_millions. The bare statement of this pound, gold. Foreign Cigars, $2 per rNs;xcri ,ON. TOBAcco 'paE'ss scREws. annum ; an assistant commissioner at $4i500; fiv e head proposal thus shows its extraordinary stupidity and dempound ver cent. ad Lind.e( F. o., & Co., 76 Greenwich stree&. Lincoln, Geo. '11. & Co. .. b d -,J;>Orted also bear Internal Revenue LrcORIOE PASTE A1ID sTICK. INDIANAPOLIS; 'Ind. of divisions at ,'$310 00 eac -in $15,000; ninetyfive 16nstrates the assurance of tnose who make it. We taX .,c t5 per H., to be J!fud by stamps at the Young Water vANuuCTuREns oF PLUG AND svox:ING TO male and fifty female. clerks; twenty-five .supervisors a't therefore, that the Bill, which apparently represents so C?stom Hbuse. (Revenue Act, !\98.) %ODACCO PRI:SSUS, BAccos. 1 rJ. ( A rtl G th .. C 22' F t Thomas, 86 East South Street. $3,000-in all, $.75,000 ; assistant llUpervisors not to. much persofial feeling and SO little patriotism and Busbte s "ire,ttor 0 ve sers. u ll0'"" o.. u ron I r NI!:W ORB:, liANUFACTunas oP CIGAR BOXES, I:I'HA.CA., N. Y. ex. twe'nty-fiv:S, .at salaries of not more than $8 per statesmarisbip, will be overwhelmingly defeated. In, >;OBAcdo wAitmeusJ:S. Henkell, 'Jacob, 298 and 296 Honree. Grant H. J. & Oo., 1 Eaot State. day, and gaugers, assessors, and collectors. l::Hll'. deed, it would be a very curious spectacle to see Con-Agaew w., & Sens, 284 anfl286 Front Wipke, George, 26 Willet t street. LONDON, ENG .Allen, Julian, l'T2 i'ta.ter. crGAa Bo;x: CEDAR ANn oTHxn woon. TOBAcco co1ui1sswN MERCHANTS also provide. s fi1or th1e 'reduction of the numpe r gress reducing the income of the Bureau in one breath & A 1 w D'n ee p M s th d L & Co. 4 Great St. Helens Benriroo, D. "" ., ate. 1 g cor. 1 x an eWJB. of assessors, who are assigned specially to the assesswhile it increased the of collecting that income Mayo & Co., 41 B1oad. Radman & Hepburn, 216 Lewis. L0111SVILLE, KY. 1 Bowne; R.'S & Oo., 'T Btlrling Slip, r. sPANISH orQ:AR IIIDBONS. Finzer, J. & Bros., ,1. 3 Third. ment of 1ny taxes which shall have been abolished by in another.," Our national Jegislature does many foolish lJulkle y Moore & Oo.,74. Frout. Almirall J J. 30 Cedar. Wicks, G. w. & Co., 102 Main. law "-as if any honest Commissioner would retain things, chiefly through baste and the misrepresentation Cardozo A. H. & Co., 1 a9 r I ,CIGAJI RIBBONS. TOBACCO AND COMMISSION MERCHANT. { Chockley, A. D. & Co., 168 I' earl { [ Fleitmann & Co., '58 and 60 Reade. Meier Wm. G & Co., ti6 Seventh s u bo'rdinates w bose occupation, like Ot@llo' s, was of interested parties, but we cannot think that this parCohn & Smith, 173 Wt>ter. Oscar & ,Co., 25 White stree t. JOBBERS IN AU. KINDS 011 M.&NUFAOTuJ\Eo "gone." ticular piece of folly will 'be perpetrated if it is once Connolly & Co., Water. MANUI'AOTU!>ER OP TOBACCO Tlii'I'OIL, TOBACCO, IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS. Cook & R eid, 5 3 Courtlandt Crooke,.J. J., s s Croeby st reet Tachau & Co., C J 17't Main. Suob are the provisions of the Bill regarding salaries, fairly robed in its true colors. The tobacco trade cer Crawford, E. M. & Co., 168 Water. AUCTIONEERS or TOBAcco, me. LYI'rCHB11RG, "..&.. ana we cannot see that anything is gained in this re-taioly does not wish to see the Bureau become a D e Doha.n, Carroll & Co. I 04 Front. lterard Betts & Co., 7 Old SHp. Armistead L L. 'T W Carroll, J. w. "' spect, save the givio. g of Mr. Columbus Delano a seat, parlment if itwould .,ive the Commissioner thereof ad-Du Bois Eugene, a liter ,/ TOBACCO-CUTTING IO.O.O.HINERT. 0 \,Dills & Co., 1 'TO Water. Borgfeldt & Deghuee, 105 M a iden lane. Langhorne, Geo. W:. & Go. in the Cabinet and eight thousand per annum. What ditional power. He bas apparently now more than I he Fallen stein, Chas. B & Son, 129 lPearl. Toucco LABELS, Tyree, John H. Mr. Delano propos2s to' d o after he gets 1'nto the Cabt'net, ca:. : eyercise, =itrh discretion and benefit to the counFa.tlli&nl & Co., 1 10 and 72 Broaa .. Hatch sliCo. 218 Broadway, .. li'IELU011BNE, .&.liS, ,.. Frauk, ,Beqtitenmueller & Co., 96 Mai\len la. Heppenhejtq e r, F. & Co., 22 North WilHam. Owen, or what it is propose,Q, that any spccessor,of Mr. try, and to add to jt wQuld but increase tbe evil. r N or Gassert & Bro 160 Water. Schumacher & Ettlinger 2 1 2 Murray li'IONTGOl'I.IEB y, :iLA. _should do, we cannot imagine. The Commissioner's, is this so far as Mr. Delano is oonGiebel, F I69, Water T 1 Wulff, Chas .lL 51 Chatham.' W & ll h 8 C Grosse :A. L 131 Pearl. II 1 1 1ToB1cco SEA INS w.u:. arren '!fC 8 ommerce street jlidgment 'on matters and t:r.ings in genera'! maf be cerned i i predecesWM iii labored under the Gunther, L. W. & Co., 110 Pearl. W. & Co.;-.19'1 William, s1fs_ "" _'. but. seem to b e Cabinet, offi ,cers sam, not ,more thin.' o_' ne' Guthie & Co. 225 Front. t. rl ',q I!AGS. r >' 1 HamQurgEir I & Oo., 59 As tel', W B & 0., Campbell, & Co:, 91j< Broad. to run the government, we do not see that 1,qut,qf: a hupdr d of the average appointees to office in Hill&; Mes senoAr Broad. TOBACCO PAPBB w ... anabtntB. U.IIISI:tt&ft:t", 1 .,J 1 .. ,.. .. Hillm'ar;, G.:;;.& Ce., 108 Front. Jessup & i 8 William. -YA.NUi1.AC'WRER8-0F J'JNECU T OHEw'IN'G AND peop\e s,b,ojlld be tQ, go to; t.he c;>fl :addin I v th!S country;w.ould! be capable Qt dischargmg' Keiilgan & .Agnel, Water < KANunciuons o .. mbw >CAsss.l. \ another to the number-like the wheel iO a importiarlti duties devol,ving upon a Commissioner ( lillmictitt Thomas, 5 William G. Wiuter, lerc e Watte \;B. "' "" r r s f:' h b f I!" B f 1 I I f I I I t R r Th' I t th t c 'l .. 73 F .,, :P'A.:Dtrtr.t:.i: let' P '' r, at as t e usmess o .n1s ureau 18 concerni!u1 : n r o ,I r nterna us It IS a ,ac a Kittredge, W P. & o., I "' ro., suSI!I.llf QlllAI!.ITTEJi, 1;. 1 1 t < >r "' ,w 1 ., 11 d & Co., 160 Pearl. 11 0. Bedrossian, 60 John. Thornb crr, [ regarding questions conoeoffd h ; .ney cert 1 I f eVffi'J o't;:cupant omce smce its creation, has nee LamotteA. C., 163,Pearl. INijUltUCB COl!PtNIES. PETEJhBVBHi. 1 b "' f h h 1 ,,, .:t 1 1 d; b p t f: I Levin, M. H., 162 Pearl. Home Llfe,;!li 4 Br9adwl..jl ,' l:t w. & .QQ., .... ,.. '1 come W)tl'"-": fl pp.rvJew o t e y oppre81! e e to I,!.CCO mterest, no rom any Lichtens tein Bros. & eo., 121 Maiden lane I tluums Am uoa rYqung, R .Atr& over by the ohh? is C:om.P ,so to db th?' fact more Lindheim R. iii. Co., 147 :Water.. 6'1 Columbia ,.. ....... 1,, ; tent for the latte r to and demlie coiicenhnk power 1\.ad' attaeheit t:o the positiOn than tlle s-ev: Qo., PAPJ:R CIGAB .CASU. 1 I o t '\. } j I ( > 14anl tnd Robert If &; C!!:J 1 U'tjlo tj" sq. SamueJ,, S \ L. {o hn 1 Anathan, M. 220 North Third. them. 'Of course, in doing so; will turally t [ era! could exe;cise, f1tli ad vab:tagt: to ll Martin &., Jo'linsm;,l,l;\;6 "'ater. I : I. -''. r CIGAR CHINES. .. Bo)ld,.F.ougeray .&; Co.,. & l.NoLtl L!Jlln cf m\:nissiou"er of Int'eroal Revenue al;,l (. r n!'l' tik c t'his the Mr. Deiano will Jloseph &-Son 122 Water. "" < Am,ilrlcan Mnchme Co, 172 Waier )luclqtqr & "' 1n 1 r -'+ ,( n r t.' 'r :1 !? 1 1 111 MoCeftll, Wuf:, 51 Bowery. "tt w, 1 FilIItman, Alva, 166 Water Hamm&', x. liJ Co., 62 1 Sank!: Co., J. Rinaldo, 31 N Water ;'Y out a th1s be paymg d'!larly Jllay suqceed him, to Oiting e r Brothers, 119 Pearl. 1 I Ai.ila.NY N f l Teller H 'I North Tl;ird : vice, valua)>le q.s iy may ? 'l;',hi,s 1theo) y compass their own annoyance and ruin.We l>ajmer&Scoville l'TOWater ,., "' VanSchaickB.r&., 1 'T&l9NorthWater. rt 1 d d fid b "' t t' fi d' th b'l't 'tb C ni' MANUPA"TmmRs OP .ronAcoo AND CIGARS. Yetterlein .1. Co.' .lll ..frch. .. ce amy pre_ supposes: aocor an con ence etween are qu. I e sa IS e m e a 1 1 y e o m18810ner now Pappenbe1mer .. 33 Broad. G '.A & "n r 822 B dwl !'! 1 Par ker, s. M., & Co., 181 reer f Wood'a!'!rd & 9p., 47' the .COtnmi sfoner' il-nd the' Secretary o{ the Treasury. possesses to bring the trade up y the round turn;" P II M R 40 c .. f I j_ .) lj. lU.NUIAC7UBI:RS,f :ETC I o ,. if 1.' u d d" I 1 1 I earsa ., ounnw BaL"elo r Bros 830 ..,337 No"'L Th'lrd 1 f cotu;se a un erstan mg iloes not ex1st be-rf he destres more he must, we thrqk, ctte stronger arPeny, B. 4, !8 Water l ( ... T()IU. CCO ..... jr fCJ,I ., a,r: n.u rrt ( t' ) } 1 'Pollard Pettus & Co. llei Pearl lJeck, DeetJen \!. Hax!l eo 100' Ha,re, 1h,;B;. So'?. j74 a ha 503 tw\)en these officials, Commission11r:S sug-guments than any we have Yilt ,seen advanced. ':f!le Price, Wm. M. & Co.,' ,llll llaiden l&lle. Bolenllts; G. B. 1& Co. 202 West Ptatt. ,. Mtl'hl, ll:enzy, 2,9!1.0 Market. I s t t be t t .:1 r d f h B t D t t ld f4 Re,d,, 101 Pearl. Boyd, w lA; Sl\l!t)uth, StE\iner Sd!itli Biothers & Knecht 226 Race ges !On_ a mes rea ey, ca,va terv an not erectwn o t e urean m o a epar men woP or Bititmaon, G .11 Co.,lll9 Pearl. Brauns, tJo., South :Gay. A. B ; ; Third a d ,. .hav. e thei!! 1due weight; but this is not the fault of the many reasons be a 'blunder, and one Which we think i\Q![ooluf TobaCilO Worke, 1211 W am. Gieske, L. a:, 42 South Oharles. Ral. h TElH sNurr. taz-payers, and they should not be made to suffer th!lreCongress, with all its hasty legislation, cannot' be' inA. S. & Co., 162 Water Gunther, L. 'V. 90 !lombard. p ""' "' J lj.osenl'ald E .t Bro. 14.6 Water. ,Ketckboft' & Co 49 S ',xANUUCTU,RERB f!l' nlls CIGARS. for. It is only an incident of official life, and should duced to commit. 1 .: J3., 1112 Pea;!. Loose, C.

2 THE New York JJfail /says: \'A Shoddyite makes a great display m. hotels pubhc by lighting h1s cigars and c1garettes With greenbacks. PnrvATE QUARRELS.-Is It just that the trade shoqld suff er because the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and the Secretary of the T r easury cannot see thiugs m the same light? AT Lynchburg, Va, the tobacco crop, -together with the gardens, are beginning .to suffer greatly from the 1(&1lt of rain. The ,ground m many places has become Ill) dry and hard that the farmers are unable to THE '1, 0 BAC C 0 LEA]'. RED Ho'r.Washington, during the past ten clays, justify large purchases. Pen'"'118Jlvania bas "-take_n d ff ,ot lik ely to pro ,.in must have borne but slight resemblance to the" happy fair extent 'for consuro "on, but 1t :tJnited S;atel, where. citizenship is 1 o m,ean land of Canaan." Wbat, with the dust, the boat, the doea not lively as forjlwtll Sbi rs are not something more It means m \ 1\is ,Ausri d1rty Potomac water, and tbe other desagreme'Tirll of sam as active as is ueual at this tilDe, prices pei too higli, or even Fnruc,e. There is another prov of thll mer-life in the national capital, Congressmen must have and it' we have, as ,ome beli,,.e;:; aD incr e emand bill iD tbat{s deservmg of IUQU! a had a vivid of futm ity. H oweve r they do for consuroRtion, we sttll tbik e will}. t a iug twtwe, jDUIIJUCb as it provides t t o blast! or: not deserve much sympathy, having waste d ttte early unless can be md to li I tlus, '*1z shal be held responsible an p for portion of the session in fruitles3 debate, and now we tear, they will Dot do /tn Jlriqes bl 1"\ dass, a statute w tleitb compelled, in oonsequence, to ur01l and swelter, reduced." The Cireular of MeMriiT S. Gal\!! & Son--a9\)s ent j ust1fication in e the mercury among -the nineties, in order that certam TLe market has been inactiVe ip'ortersrmve b ought r make eb'a cause hts name an t b:,.e 1 mperati ve legi s lation may be accomplished very sparingly, owing to the fact that the tobacco registered, wtlhout prevwu s clem}Jj,d, with the assistant bac which, so far, has eached the Gm' ro,arkets t1 qot.. atfsessor of thtp +1sid\ which aker OF CoU,RSI<: N OT.-Of CO\lrSe no more plug to co 1 d i. aut 1b n will be consumed, bow that the fbllowin!!: terriblP. warn give ratlsfaction, and f ru:uoed lf'tlY. !I emf oye ; ,. uv za fact g ntemp i unsold, nevertheless bolde : e ere a a general tilin:t aby c1gar-ma who sha l hav !if or refuse iogisroadepublic Let the factories and commtSBIOO t:. --\. -\. -'1 fi P]_oy g!: it houses close their doors af once. ''1lli aooidenr-of bav their t.A mad) ....,... -,-k aed.""N!rmtt"e-< K I singular nature was related to us a few days ago, whieb month, however I,Jave bee ll)4l:d41 at a.concessiQ.n, fi / dollars for each day cigar-maker so offending Havana: Kreroelberg & Co, 244 bales; Jacinto Coata, ANAUGHTYifoBBER-At Owensboro, y.,recenty, b f h formerasking prices has teKcehi Ifthe 120 do; H Hoffman & Bro,40 do; M&ESolomon, Wilham Pate attempted to hors ew hip J F Barber, hill be a warning to p e rsans in the ba it. 0 ? ing_!l dull, and the transact 1 ons have been almost to accomst as no ng t8 as a e IS at east en5 dQ W ro Franke 2 e& eigars A Gonzl\les, 2 do riul. n the tobacco business Barber defended him Jng t?bacco Mr. a eel.maker.Jll Cluslvely for actUal deman -11pecu atJve In !t e 0 soiruire.speCtas an? as no w M W!lson, Henques & Co, 2 do; e Barry y at..e and killing hun. Barber w_ai_ved.. & Cos Steel Works, W:es 0 his way this market at least have cened, ow1tg o var1ght to 'nUke 'tum We obJect of speCial Jegtslat1ve pel-. -.rhug 15 do Q Livingston & Son 21 do Purdv & an ex:J.mmatton and "'ave ball for his future appearance home m Rebecca street, Allegheny C1ty, a con pi? of _._ f b th f h d ., "' weeks aj!:o; when a hors e attached to 8 agJ:>n rapidly of 'Thich ' J .t"-''"r ,.> h "''t,. d e fit 1:.1' a II I 1 W r h f ll I 1 anythmg uti e;UJar'lle 0 0 caa t b h' h h h d h' t h .. t th t' r ped seconds have been considerably less t an ast month, 1 ary 9ll as t ese e co ection bf c k .10 wou ld have u8 1nfer Indictments are not usually 0 acco w I C e a HID b18 mou t a 1 ed nne, 8 lp Connecticut fillers are held at from 15@1 8 c and sec1 of the t.obapco:-tax, we oo t bet'ieil1 a 1,-t ExPOBT8 b d 1 ta y terms and that launched at mto his windp1pe e ecame s rang e a nee, and d d 11 f th h 't 1 1 couc e m comp lmen r -.. wcoagh on getting onds .\lii.AIIIw h sec, 0 ar 0 now pays mto From tfl e p'ort of New York to foreign ports. other tha bead of the offupdillg Dafiey IS no exception to tb ot-;,the paroxvsm of cougbin.,. gracttuttty sullsided. onds remam 'New and Masrreasury. "' I : t. than, Europe!W porta;fort.heyeeluueiqlune 28, wera l'Ule I h F'fi h He however, continued to COU!!h ID spells, with l .. e dormant We,n<'tl9e V:j!ry,rpod is faJIJng_ off a or as follow,. : ToBAcco RETURNS IN KENTUCKY.-n t e 1 t ofeuWocstion and a fee ling of some foreign crate sale8 m new Ohio and Pelifillylv!'nia bl:lacco made qu1etude for the ll#.xt weeKs liS antlmpated. it .Danish West Indie.: 809 lba\ mfd. 298 body t ldglng in the wind wipe, which, too, imparted tbe and otheTII. 'f Ol new State leftf l oh,garlfh.--.thThere, little bthe British W t!Bt' Indies: 1,273 lbe, mid. t325. "' taste of tobacco His distress increasing, he applibd J hUie baa beeQ The ij).., old t 0% airY usy ullre FrencJ;l Weat! Indies: 13, hlids, $2,295. which are valued at 58, ani to Dr. Walter, who after examination, as su red him tb,at been moJC .CV'CJliU IS IJO 4emand for cigars of "} Qu)>a; 'qe, ,533 : I8,053 lbs manufd. 83,630. year li:t $55,325 87. Ofiobaooo the oulSVI e .the ieee oftoliacco which he had swallowed was sticking OhiO and of c p n quahty. ,, I', .. '' '"' "' ,, }ia.}-ti 60 bales, $4.'16. manuta ctu red 2,929,370 pounds, valued at -tl,464.,681f. in tte upper part of his windpipe and would have to made at advanced rateJl l>y New York atR TIOll.e the accident, when one evening he became nearly cbokof ,l!fHateh 9(}/113 ard@o5. atA60t, dl\YS. : 6 cs, '> New York Times very propetly remarka: );'he. Bailey d Tl. rlT l h h d h d d guroents we can nng ort : 01 see e fiDCe '; o. -Suvn 111!'"'1 ............ 8 n wea 4 'II T E "" th ,_ di ,.. 1 k. defalcation has assumed proportions so gigantic that e. vr. nater tat mgt opene t p!pea J ''I''' 8th 15' 4 l c ,1' 69 I Ha :b' 35!@3 ..A o ewee .... en ng.,ay .... -... 1 __ ....._.._ ... tiefaet aiMlremoved oore.o t.ob84loo--measnnng abo pe anuary 1 ,o 5 s, sallf.e ne, '!ft. Ill-,' B'remen: 437hhds,l78hles, 635cs. ttJe p!Hlnt ll!qa te !roii'J., -,.mitt &lltt mvl'lrM ory ex fourth of an inch by one-eighth wide. The patient Wfl CB; do doJt869; 9,62I cs' do do, do do, l!terd'aro, ,., 78t Glasgow. 69 hhds 46 cs. of the manner in whwh It at onr.e freed from hi s aistress / mad e a rap1d recovt)fy, itl66 ll,608CS:." BY: an errol: .w.e bM @ ,'79i; ,,, 3,511 .... oohs, '75 b:xa. manufd, 8 do. leaf, yet been furnished. How was it poe stu e J or tn.q ..,o and was soon able to tef!iune his work in tli ill'otory l June I, ,18'70, aa beng li,OOQt Qf!, E'netghts have beeD ra'tes. dO til nigars. .,. lector of two tn New York to defraud the Gov. "' -l was 3,606 Sales-50 C8 Conn. 18q6 c op,,,25,1} J gageroents w e re as follows: To Liverpool per sail, J H re 869 hhd 5 ernm ent to an amount exceedmg hundred thousand -, 1868 3a0 ilo Ohio I868 ao, IOO hhds at 20a ; to; 704 ;hdscss P c!. cig ars When d1d frauds begin and when d1d THB TOBACCO :M:ABDT ,. r IS68 llo, 350 do Conn 1869 db, 100 state Y86!1i 1 ,tlOCJ London, per sait, 6d; to Bremen, per 'Loqdop 98 hhds 4 9 570 lbs !nanthey end? What kmd of s upervision must that have 1 J" .w: I do Ohio I869 do, 300 do Penhsylvi\Di& 1869 1 do, 2,500 cl>tearoer, 1QO bales t $l and I 50 hhds at 30s, 300 cs; ufactured , 1 been whwh render ed "them possible? The ( cases. 1 J 1 Jl 1 at 1 6d ; oo Actwerp, per same 200 hh{J' at ation of S I X hundred thousand dollars could not qave NEW YORK, JULY .IS. ,., :1 ,,[ in the dull.,JeF.s whichaffects 34s .,, '' ' 1 ; \ ,,, 1 DOMESTIC ll.ECEJPTA ', been effected 1D a BThe7 process Weatern Leaf.The market has a11d all other kinds of leaf and we only hear of of SOJpe aueptlnr our 'l'be arrivals at the port of New York f'tom domestic, ov er yea rs and alt tlte tlm e .m.r. y tO(l8 ex.o e as a h I f 68 hhd Th l f th t 150 bales HaY' a t -111j4 MOIAtiOpl or eeed ,lw u IUrnlehlng the pnce!l tnat' interior aila coastwise ports for the.w eelt ending .tnly D1d he coptnve to outwit his supeliors, stea y, Wit sa es 0 5 s. e sa es 0 e pas C '1J b "\!9 f til n. c 1 houldl\eobtamoo.liythem,at drotband Growe"' cannot u:peet to oeJ. h b ,_ hf. "" ... d 4 'JI' d l h h mont were 4,000 hhds.; 15,205 ; exports, ouc ermng tu e usmess o tne mon we 1rcu ar crops for the oam&pl'l'eee u Ill& ootafaed oh are sale ot u..., here 5, l"ve een 1 -tc, 1,1 1j) cs, ., o c1gars, 1 or was th ell' confidence m his goo ness ess t an t at k a... hhd Of h 1 of Messrs. M. Rader & Son savs :-''Havana tobacco or counecvery re-oale moat ba al ... ""-aad therefore the price ob c,d,. 203 pkgs 2 229 hfbxs 459 three-qtr b:xs 285 oneh ch they affected? W c arc not yet prepared to ad 6,23!1, and our stoc mcr ease o,522 s: t e sa es, d d a l b talnable by tbeJfrow'lf }"'jl be oomewbat lower than our qootaflonl ,., bbl 'li h d' fi 1 w 1 h b h 1 ft1 2,600 hhds. were for. e:xport mostly to' Reg1e and Bremen 1s uH, and \Vlth the preromm on gol ec mmg, ayers -L ht l ear burrmcrt J?ou...U.-Brlgbtq i r bxs, 154 keg s 10 s g ters, cons1gne as o mit, With the World, that" throng out t e w 0 e a air buyers, and 1,400 hhds. to the home trade. Business are shy of operating to any extent, prefermg to buy Sblppmg,co;';;monrug 7.1(@ SJ< ll:rtraJine 0 CGO lowe: there has bee n a cktermmed effort to screen the default h b b I t b as the1r wants abd cons e quently transactwns 1 = : = By the Erie Ra:Irpad: J D Jr, Il2 hbds C er but It must be admitted that the present asp ec t was dull throughout t e mont ut on y lrozen o ac1' ed Th "' I M d t :C Med 28 B F ll & S d S M ,_ & C '15 ol the case IS exceedmg; ly unsatisfactory. Will the co and mean trash were low e r The ma1ket has scarce-fiare 1m1t d ere wa 1 s some y co'}lmf:on ots -: : : tox llJO 20 @ft a eWnstGem h on&, 3C89 o 1 ; d E aMr ... eWr ho, 1 h b ly opened yet this month. Rece1tts are large, but or export, an severa parc e ls were taKen at rom 25 Fwe llX 12 Mooldy. = do, L unt er o, '1.43 o; r1g t, 250 Bureau of Intel nal Re' enue thJOW hght upon t e Sll h d to 2Gc per lb gold 1n bond but '-ove these rates ship Selection lt?(@ISJO Lt2htPreosed, extratb\e M do Blakemore Mayo & Co 228 do J K Smith & Son 9 mostly for forwarding to Europe. hey, owever, ten Lh!htcutttng 111iO.old.. .. t i!o do doe :nx Ject to 1 m pair confidence, and we do not look for much acpers will not pay. Sales reach 2,200 bales w1thm our i!o do' lear tt @20 -Bnght.-147 do; Drew & C10qkett, 118 do; Norton, Slaughter T Tb fi 11 tlvity until they fall off and tha exent of tbe last crop quotatwns. 1,000 bales re-shipped Yara tobacco bas tSJO@ 9Jt & Co, 93 do, Pollard, .Pettus & Co, 384 do; dE Hunt DR PRESBREY AND A UNIFORlf AX.e o owmg b d d k d h c 1 r c 20 ,, .. i C d A D Ch kl & c d S therebv m ore fullv nocertamed. been m etter emnn the small stoc p1eclu Ill"' t e ommon ea "'J>mmon ,, ..,.. & o 19 o oc ey o 19 o aw}{er is the "'I ound fol Dl Pres brev's recommendation for a . "' Medmm lOJO@liX .. ..,.rte r.i'rJunrl. -nlack tax as "'I Y e n by a Washington correspondent. The following 1s a comparison of the sa les of each poss1b1hty of lnucl't change.m pr1ce Sales 200 bal es -' Wallace & Co,Cl40 dod; 32 do&; CL "' d W week during tl.e year w1thm our figures, which are unchanged." The Ctrcn s!"eectione : 18)(@14 Comm;,n to mediUm. 18 !0 Maitland & o, 2 o ; n avemeyer o, It will he seen that th e rate lS not yet roention e e Hbdo Hbde Hhdo Hhds Jar of Messrs J. S Gans & Son add s In Havana MlIJ()Uri -com to Ka'P]I1'rYunrl.8 ex @00 I4 'do; A H1 Cardozo & Co, '1 do; Lewi11 Brothers, should hke to know whether Jt I S 32 c., 24 c, or Hl c.: Jan 11 168 Jan 18 268 Jan 25 303 Feb 1, 302 fill h 1 h b 2 "OO b 1 t lugs 1 Fme .. & C 14 d H B &; C 58 d S lli d ers,., e.saes ave een ,1 aes,a p11ces1ang1ng commonleaf SJ0@9J( Gommon,mcdlum 1 8 @20 o., o; errman, roe o, o; u van, "It appea rs that cl;ypingJ an h are rei Feb. 8, 545 Feb 15, 183 Fel>. 21, 393 Mar .' I, 629 withm okurhquotatio'!s. The harnuaJs 1 hav e been s 1 m 1 adll, .: In : ;; MI &dr CoF _sz1 ,ddo; PGLorillar&d &C Co 2 50ddo; JJ Pp work ed, and put on t e mar e t un er t e Slxteen-cen Mar. 8, 300 Mar 15, 356 Mar 22, 353 Mar. 29, 429 the stoc owever, IS more t an amp e tq meet a e_ 1 :' .. '11"@11 THea do. do 1s @;1 :i!. rwm, 3 o; 1e mg, wynn o, 9 o; tax, when th e law and rulings) they bare sbubject Apr. 5, 407 Apr. I :1,1079 Apr.19,1175 Apr. 26, 895 mands. Of Yara about 250 bales ot II cu t hav-e Quinn 3 do; Unkart & Co, 78 do; A C L & 0 Meyer, t.othtrtytwocentstn:. 'l' etecase M 31373 M 101681 M 171614 May24 685 d d "@ d Ol'h &C d R""Ed d d Th d b 1 ay ay ay change han e." Flllllugo .. 8 @SJO Tlilrtv-1'1MI ... L 1',-00 24 o; e nc 8 o., 24. o; "" war s, 11 o; inreferen e to shorts ese are requ1re Y awto May31, 1004 June7, 464 July 5, 568 Manujactured.-Tiieonlytransactionsfeported last .:.. TRGill1ott, 11 do; BC Baker, Son &Co,26do; T be passed through a uadle of thirty-six notches to the Virgmia Leaf-June closed on an unusually dull week are the purchase of some cheap tens and qua1ters lt Lady .... Rollo -' !10 @88 H Magbee 4 do Order squar e mcb, and yet it is fonnd in the N ew York market month, a perfect apathy prevadmf among th e consum by the exporters Of general businss the1e js httle or w"'J'!,""' .. : 6 By the Rive : Railroad: Pollard, Petten & t.hat sb01'ts a 1 e pnt up and sold in such manner as to f h' 1 f t b 1 1 t' t R t d t 1 b d t d Ohio -ln'or to good eom 5 0 6 Bright Gold Ban do @411 ,., 5 hhd C B F 11 t & S 3 d N rt S p b ers o t 1squa1tyo o acco 1eonyexcep10n o none. ece1psaremo eraeya UQ an,an ourJt\C BrownandGreemsh 6)0@3 RoogbaodRe&dy 29@ s:s uOy s, a ense1p, on, o, o on, take the blace ot chewing tobacco uperVJsor res r ey this remark 1s the fact that there was some tories only await purchasers. Amon<>' the ei)orts of Mediomandftnered S>f@li 0/gar.-:Oomeotlc Slaughter & Co, 5 do; Blakemore, M*o & Co, 81 do; reports t at bu only r emedy f per x .. 40 oo oo ar ozo o, o; awyer, a ce o, 3 to estabhsb a umfoun ,rat e of tax, which would prevent to understand that leaf may be purchased as cheaply We are glad to notiCe that the wrongs of t6b:\CCO Maryland.-F'ot'dtocom do Conn Seed 26 00 00 do A D Chocklev & Co 12 do J K Smith & Son 58 fraud and place the manufacturers on an equal basis 10 here as on the )Vestew or Southern breaks Their agents trade are not altogethar unnot1ced by the pr"s commoa :. s!"d g;::w 20 00 00' do; Fieldmg, Gwynn &' Co, 4 do; Fatmao & 'l every section ot the country Supervisor Dutcher, of having returned empty banded of certain qualit1es of large 'l'he artwle from tbe Bulletm, an able do g do do = 8:l do; E Ledermen, 15 pkgs order, 6 hhds. New York, who assisted ,Mr Presbrey:l investiga desirable tobacco we find them at last condescending commercial journal of this city, entitled H ave the 10 3 Obto do do do 17 oo @23 oo By the Amboy Railroad; Sawyur, Wal-tl.ons endo1-es tl1e lat.ters recommen at10n b 1 l d 1 W h 1 T b R' h ?'' k l Fancy H @Ill Conn FilleraodSt. l & C i hbd M & J I 4 k W p to patromze t e oca ea er. e ave ong tnnce o accomsts any 1g to ta es except10n, Iii a c ea r Upper country ... ... 17 @85 wrapper ... 20 oo @80 oo ace o, "" ; artm 0 mson, 1 p gs; P oint ed out the folly of th1s pohcy as a rule. By a tbo and convincing manner to certain iniquitous provi s ions Ground leaf, new 6 @ll CommonCigan oo @ 18 oo Kittredge & Co 74 do D H London 20 do Cook & AT LAST.-Urged on by the force of m ent the officials have finally commenced s mts agawst the of the defa uJting Bailey. The legal do cument runs as f o llow s : The Pres tden t of the Uniteq States of Amerwa to the Marshal of the Umted Stales for th e Sout hern Dist1wt gf N e w York, You are commanded to take Joshua F. Bailey, George Douglass, George Opdyke, Charles P Kirkland, .Elhot C. Cowdm, and FranCis C. Durant, defendants, If they shall befound in your d1st rwt, and that you safely keep them so that you may ha' e tneir bod1es before the Cucmt ()ourt ot the United States of America for tbe Southe1 n Dist1 ict of New York, in the Se<}ond Cn cuit, to be held at the Oty of New York, m the said Distri c t before the Judge of the same Court, on the 19th day of July, 18'70, to answer unto the United States of America in a plea of t1espass, and also to a certam b1ll ot the United State!' of Amuwa agamst the said for ,000 de4t on bond, executed bv said defendants to the United States ot America a ealtd on the 14th day of August 1 866, according to the custom of the sa1d Oncu1t Court, before the sa1d Cucmt CourL then and there to be exhibited, and have you also then and there this wr1t W1tness the Ron Salomon P. Chase Chief of the Supreme Court of the United States of Am e 1ica, at tl1e City of New York, in the Sou thew District of New York, on the 30th day of June, 10 the yea.r of our I.ord one [L. S] thou8and eight hundred and seventy, and of the Indepeudance of tlw said United States of the ninety-fourth KENNKrH G. WHITE, Clerk. En:w ARDB PIEll.RKPONl, 1(J S. District Attorney. :MAKING TilE REvENUE BuREAU A DEPABTMENTTbtJ New Yo1 k 'l'imts, m an able article, thus shows up 1he of this prepost e rous proposition: at suci, a ttme, and with such a a project 1e acceptable for elevating the Commissioner mto a Cabmet officer, may well be doubted. There .,,.:e rcaPon ll111inrr Mr. ItlcCulloch's management of \h'3 T1eaH11 v'. to rmg the Commissioner in a arger degree independ ent of the Secretary, but these :reasons no loug e r Tbeconflict between Re ,_bhcamsm and JohnPonism is happily over; and oept under exceplloual <:Jrcumstanct-s, a concentration of authority is preferaLle, as a matter of econo!l}y and eftic1ency to its suhdivlSlon. What ought to be a con dualve against Mr. Sl?erman's 1dea i!'> how ever thl! dimmntion of labor :J.nd Importance wh1ch the Inte;nal Revenue Bureau will expen e nce when the new Tax Bill goes mto effect Even bad the Income Tax llee n>tamed the changes wrought by the Senate bill 'W'Onld be e:xtens1ve. Bnt if to these changes be the relinquishment of the tax on ing the total amount of tax reduction off. the internal :revenue-it 1s apparellt that the magmtude of the changes w1thm the servtce wjU so lessen the work and reeponstbility of the. Corom1ss1oner to nay of his status tiDISeemly and It a eimple commissionership was sufficient when the in &ernal tue yi e lded a very large proportiOn of the Dati<>oal revenue it would be absurd to convert the into a and the Commissioner mto a member of the Ca)>inet a moment when the intrrnal t,u: svstem B8'"UU1es much less importance. There will dou1tl ess sull be need ene rgy, intelligenct', and uecutive a1ility at head of the seryi!le, 'ud inugrity an:l !!1lic1ency m th e cmps of subordmates; but Qcre woulJ se em Lo be no. ju!lt1fication fo1 the creation of a new position, and woultl, to .s.Jme extent infrmge upon tbe responslblhtlC'S and duties at prellellt with th.e Secretaryship of the Treaaury I I 1 Connecticut anil JlruBaeh U Cheroots and SI:J:eo 10 00 'l:t 00 ' 1 great anxiety, the very e ff ect is created that buyers of the new Tax B1ll. It IS understoocl to be il oro the Re1d, 3 do roost deprecate -high prices. If, 0n the contrary, it pen of the editor, Mr. Dana: 1 _. 1 ., : :: :g = !t'i 1:: By the N atio'?ai Line C. B. Fallen9tein & Son, 493 was und erstood that purchasers would wait until the However desirable it may be to make tobacco in Its t soo 14 do :floe pllnn -85 bhds; J K Sro1th & Son, 38 do; Bros. & l f h h h h l h I 't fi I h 'b) f h KewY-f ''c & A." :JT5lbe n et. wx By the New York and New Haven Railroad : C. C. d h ')l ) k t l h E d h f d l W estern 1 "W&Il1BEx "41i0 29 ,._, d l I 3 W t Wh' C 2 H oor3, t ey WI eagm y see 1 e sew ere. very sea pose a etermmatwn on t e part o every one e a mg Aootted loto 1)1 @ t S .. J c & c.. 2.5@:16 m e ge cs; es ern 1p o., cs mgar; enry son, howev e r, the same farce is re-enacted, and we find m tobacco to cheat the Government whenever oppor Mootum .... .. 28 "G & F" 29!0 Avery, 1 do; E A Warren, '1.' do; E Howitt, 1 do; the buye1s 1ushmg eagerly southward and wes.tward, tunity offers W e do nt'lt doubt that many .1nd successCom. do 7 8 @ 85 Eliza West, 1 [ do; D Melano, 1 do; Granger & Co, biddmg eacrerly a!!:amst each other, and creatmg an ful attempts have been made to evade the onerous do do Fair do 8S lli 'z Z," o lbs fl'IJO 1 do J. D1ckinson & Co 1 do Chase & Sayers 1 o "" do do Fine do 1 00 @1 05 Z A, 200lbs M ' art1fi01al dearness and an altifiCJal scar city, as the taxatiOn now levied on tobacco, and to conduct bus DoYaraaooorteddo @ "G z'" 23Jt do; J H Sanders,110 bbl hghters. farm e rs, heanng of the hubbub, at once conclude that in ess on a mor e convenient plan than that specified t!;! ::J : By theN ew York and New Haven Steamboat Line; mon ey caJ?. be made by bol d mg off. At present, the by the law as inter111eted by the special Comlll)s Manufactured 'A o c" J. W1tk o rski, 4 cs. tendency of prices, thanks to tho general shortness of mi88ioner of the in his innuro<>rable demswns N ;:;,.';!' ?"": 10:" coo 2!1:x By the New York and Hartford Steamboat Line ; crops, 1s still upwards, and the efforts of manufactureno of so called "test cases," invplvmg certa m obscure legood = Seligsberg, Cohen & Co, 14a cs, Chaa. F. Tag, 5 to obtam quaht1es for then special brands will pro gal points; but 1f the laws are evaded now, the inquisl omm'!n "F N F." ... .. 23 do : J : Witkorski, 15 do, H. Havemeyer & Bro 42 bably keep them stiff well mt.o the autu111n. Meantonal experiment oftightemng the rack and givuig an MoNTm. OF THE NEw YonK AND BnooK-do; .H. F.' Meyer, 5 do; C Lachenbruch & Bro. time, however, a glonous crop is growing, and the era extra turn to the. thumbscrews will not conduce -to LY ,ToBA.CC INsPECTION WAREHOUSES 6 do. of high prices will probably terminate with the present greater honesty on _the part of the tobacconists m Hfl& v. c By the Old Dominion Line: Theodore Victors' year No soeculation can stand against such a yield dealings with the Government This fact has been Stock op. hand June' 1 Sons, 18 hhds; Connelly & Co 4 do, 225 hf bxs; W. as there will be with anything like good seasons, and by Congress, which has roan1fes,ted i m evi1, 1870 ... ... : .. ) 0,668 4IS 19 36 .0 Smith 5 do, 97 do, 20 cs,. 41 50 three-quarter when the manufacturers have done working, and the dent desrre to crush the trade out of ex1stence Hy a sys Receives and unjust impositioDB, tather ---, -...... 3 do; W P. Kittred1i & Co 100 do; Th. H. Vitteragain to reasonable figures. The June inspections at than to roa e it as profitable aa to those en Total .......... 16,0()6 470 19 lein & Son, 48 do; anin & Johnson, 11 do, R. S. Richmond of all kinds of leaf, includipg a good deal of gaged in it, as asp source of mcreased to Delivered since .'... '2 34 14 Bowne & Co., 52 do; A. S. Rosenbaum Western leaf, foot up 3,620 hhds, agamst 6,380 hhde the Government. A provision in the tax and tariffb1ll 1 '--, --rr & Co., 3 do; M. M. Weltzhofer, 5 do; J. Hambsaroe month la5t year, and the total for 1869, thui far, which lately-paSBed House, and i DOW upder COD Stock OJl ha.Jl4 ,I Jib Drier & Co., I 7 do; G. w. Abbott & Co, 33 do; 13,230 hhde, against 16,853 hhds in 1870 This speaks siderat.ion in the Senate Illustrates this even more per1, 1870 ........... 14,032 456 I9 351i4)542 R Lindheiro & Co, 10 do; J W Hillman & Co, 1 do emphatically regarding the crop, which, if entirely fectly than any law now in force. After preBrooklyn InsP!Jction-Stook June 1, I870. 6,664 15 hf-b:xs; J D Evans & Co, '73 do, 119 do, 25 threepacked ju "heav..y" hogsheads, would not, probably, sonbing tthe specll!. t to good stippmg, 1 ff r /..I I Z l")t{f, t, ,,,.... u lllflt r '{C\tll'"l ll


T O ,BAC C 0 LEAF ... 4 hhd l f t $12 7 3 do lugs The Pickett bouse sold 82 b1ds. 28 hbds Ballard, TOBACCO STTEMENT. Hhds. Breckenridge county-1 s ea a o d C d 1 f d fi 6 o 6 B" d 1 1 f and lu"'s at 7 McLean, Daviess, Henry, Hart an ntteo en ea at Jan 1 Stock 1n warehouses and on shipboard, an rozen at 5 to "' "' o ow ea o H 1 5 '718 to 8 60 2 bhds Indiana leaf at 7.10 to 7.20, 2 bhds 8 to 20.50; 7 bhds Ballard, McLean and aria ngs at uot cleared ........ .... .... .. "..... 990 Adair iow l eaf at 8 50 to 9.30. The Farmers' '7.10 to 8; 28 bhds Davie88, Henry and Ohio lugs and Inspec ted this wee k ........................ 20287 told 38 bhds 9bbdsWarren aed commonleaf frozen at4.95to8; 15hhdsind1ana,14leafat'7.'10to previously at 6 .30 to 10 1 bbd Ind iana lugs at 5 ,30, 5 hbds Taylor O, 1 trash at 5.60; 2 hbds Ohio common leaf at 8.30 connt.y !lDd Green River. common lelrl' at 7 10 to 9, 4 to 8.40; 2 hhds frozen at 5 to 5 25. Total. hbds Bkren leaf and 1 gs a t 7.60 to 10, 14 bbds Hart, Manufactured o.-Stqcks are fully up to the Prepaid by stamps ; In March .............. , .. 11 '7,593 In .................... ,129,-j.-8 0 In y ....... ..... .... 88,51 3 335,586 3 JUSTICE A.T L!ST. .t. BID to Hef'ond Taxe11 Unjutly Collected-The Seeoad. Tax 1o be relnl'Ded to the A. Wle and Beneftclea& JIIeasu:re. Total to J nne 1st, ''70 .................. 871,674 1,'he following bill to refund taxes improper l y colSame time in 1868 69 .................. 36'7, 229 lected, was introduced in the House of Represeutives since. Jao. .. 10 936 Adair and Metcalf e at 5 2 5 to 10. The Nmth-street requireme11ts-of the rade, and Virginia brands range Oh hou&e' sold,!OI6 hhds: -16 ds ,Breckinndge, Daviess from 63 to 1.15 per lb; Kentucky brands from to'75c Coastwise and on shipboard not 8 4 8 Hancock, Webster, and W arre n new lugs at 4.60 to 7 20, per lb. Do do 186'76 8 .............. .... 124,815 JuneS, 1870, read twice,referredto tbeCommitteeof These figures indi cate a continued rapid growth of Ways and Means, and ordered to be printed. the manufacture of l eaf tobacco in Richmond. The Mr. Judd, on leave, introduced the followiRg bill: cleared 12, 7 8 4 3 bbds Daviess and Breckiii,l'idge new leaf at 8 to 8 60, NEW ORLEANS, JuNE 20.-We report: There 7 hhds Indiana-5 hhds n e w lu g s at 5.50 t o 7.50, 2 do not been much activity in the market, and the low rate d 14 191 new leaf at 8 to 8,10. The Boone hou s e sold 38 hbds : of !!old, and the scarcitv of frei2:ht having a bad eff ect. Stock in warehouse to-av .' 1 75 19 hhd J W d f: b S ness 2 hbds Hart ordin ary w1a pper s at 6 to "' s The stock is good, especiallv. in heavy tobac cos suitable Manu f actured T obacco -e report a goo all' u 1. 0 bhd L for the past week at fnll prices; good aemand for bnght Ballard d a 1 k wrapp e 1 s at 1 3 25 to 20, 1 s ogan, for the German market. We quote as follows, goods-Blacks neglected. Rece ipts, 317 bxs, 3 0 1Metc alfe Taylor, and Gre e n e l eaf at 8.10 to 11, nominally; bu 40 cs to Hoffman, L e e & Co. 1 hhd Logan lugs at 7.90, 5 hbd s M e tcalf e and Green e Light 1 Th k t sound lugs at 6 4 0 t o 8 ; 14 hhd s Spe ncer, P erry, Frost e d ... ....... ... 5!@BOSTON July 2.-We r eport:-e mar e re k I d d 1 t 6 t 7 50 9 solt ro C d 1 7 @ 8 a 1 t t W a rwic c o s o ., 5 souo ugs a o ommon to goo u gs ....... m ains in about the same con 1t10n a s at our a s 1ep o r d f 1 d 1 L 3 L st @ 9 t zen lugs 4 .8 5 to 6 60; 2 hb s ay or c o or mary ugs o w lea f ... .. .... . 84@ 9t We quote : Leaf-W es t ernd 111 at 6 to 6.60. Thc Ptckett bou se s ol d 60 bhds 1 9 bhds Medlllln leaf .............. 9t@l0i Co-moo, 91i@10 medium, 10t@1h; goo 4 c d H u B k a T o dd G a d 11 @ au 1 L f V B a lla!'d, rttte n e n, a r t m on, r ec e ort ge, oo o . . . . .. Heavy. -@ 6tc. 7t@8J c. 9t@10 c. 10 @11 c. @ 1 2 c @121, fine, 1 23@ 1 3 s e le cti<>ns 13+@1"' .ea --1rgmta d T 1 f "90 t 16 75 8 hhd s B al F d 12 @1' 1 1 d 9 1,.,.,101 an rigg coon t t es ea at 1 o ; : me o.......... .... .. .. .. -Lug8 6a@st common, So;@9o,; me mm, lard Oritte nd e n H a r t T a yl o.r, and Hend e r son counti es M e s s r s Durno & Berry, tobauco mer c h an t s r eport ioillt ; fine, lll@1 2! ; sele c tions, 1 2i 13t at 5 6 0 t o i 50, 2 bhds co. leaf a nd manufacture d tobacco, a s follows: W e not e httle 1m eedl eaf-Connecticut and Mas sachu setts fillers, 13@ "' hhd d lugs at 6 20 to 9.10; 1 hhd U niou cQ. trasn at 6; 2 s provem ent in general, bright medium s ttll s ca t ce, a n 15; do wrapperS, {5@5 5 ; do )'Unnin g lots, Ilhno1 s lugs and fr o z e n at 5 to 7 5 0 ii! 6 jlhd!! in d emandat the advanc e Our nro s pe c ts for g ood c10p Ohio fillers 10@12; do wrappers, 254 5 ; do ruomng ridge, Da' ieAs an d Ohi o <;Ounties ugs an d f.roze n a t t> of S outh e rn stapl e s arc flattering at prese n t the r e for e lots 16 @ 2 ,:. Penosylvaniafillel'h,l0 @12; dowrappe r s I d 3 fi fi d d h v b to 7 .95 7 count1 es o we may con d ently look or goo tra e t 1s commg 25@45 ; do running lots, 1 6 @ 2 5 There have een 0 leaf at 8 to 10; 3 1ugs at 7 to 1 trash at 5.40; 5 season, with no accid ent Our market i s pretty well exJ)9rts. The receipts were 3! 290 bxs, and 5 2 hhds Ohio and Hende rson counti e s 11-t 7 (I suppli e d with fancy goods, such as gold bar and bales. to 8.60 The Louisville hous e sold li3 hhds: 8 hhdlil We quote in lots to the trade Extra No 1 fancy bnght CINCINNATI JuLY 2.-Mr.J. A ,Jobnson,report Barren Daviess and Cumberland leafat 10 to 12.75; $ 100 to fine ch e wing at 80 tox 8 5 ; good erofthe, Cinci lt na.ti Tobacco..Assoeiation, writes: 2 hhds 'Weakley co. Teno leaf at 10 75 to 11; 20 hhds medium at 72-:V-tp '15; medium bright,at 67! to 70; Powel & Prag ne sold during tlle week 14 7 hhds 7 Indiana 10 a\ 8 to 10; 10 tl' and ugs common at 60 to 62!, extra brigh _lncaddies at bxs, a11 100 bbdR new Mason & Bracken co., a 6 ts-hhds Green R1ver and Barren eo. lugs at 6 1 67i)to 72; ; exLta 14s caddies, at.,f.i? 0; med. Ky and :Brbwn eo Ohio, froz.en trash aoG-irie IeM;-45 t o 8 30; 5 hhds Davie s co f tQzen at 5 10 to 5.85; 4 h ds bright 14i! tlo. at .6.5 to '70; common t s, at 60 at .5.25 \ O 2l 2 2 ; 11 hhds new Pendleton co., frozen Breckencidg"coiiftllOn at'to 8,90; on Saturday to 6;> ; !Navy,!, t,tlb at 55 to 65; good s out of order, ,..'1!-1\d good, lugs, pot t5 2.') to 9. 15; co., Ky, trash, Picket liouse sola 5 9 llbds: 181rhds Owen, Trimble, at 3'8 to 55; tw1st and gold bar, at 77 ,to 1nglt'and common leaf, at $11.60 t 10 .11, 7 hhds new Barre n Breckenridge an d Todd leaf at $8 to 17.50; 15 have been no exports. The impb1-t8" were the Owen co. at $ 5.7 5 to 16 '15 ; 3 bbds new lnd1ana lugs, at bhds Owen lug and froze -following: Frou:l. 'Havana.-J. Santini, 1 cs cigars; J. *7.15 to 8.05, 3 bbds new Southern Ky., coiD!Ilb .and, $-l.50 t 7,60; 1 lJ4 D'tb le lugs to 7.70; MaYi, 5 do; L. McCarthy, 3 do, F. Lange; t do; D?n fine leaf, at fll to, 58.75; Eastern Va., 1 hhd nght .o hhGe nioD, 1 rom leaf at t7:90, 51l't-ll-90 t-o Josepomingo,.,3 do; F. Ulasech, 17 S .. Tornaio, @30 3 b'xs med leafa:t$21 to 26; '7 bhds West Va at 6 16 hhds Illinois 10 lel'fat $8.10to ll, Slugs and 1 do; Brothers, 1 do, E. Trol8gl',Pls, 1 do; $6.Z5 to 16.50, 2 bbds W es t Va., at f 3 0.50 to 30.50. ko:dn at,-15.10 to''1:ib. (l'he Lauisv iil:e house sold 49 S Herosl:ieim, 6 do; Mayer Brothers, 1 3 do. The Phister & Bro., sold 27 bhds as follows: 24 hhds new hhds 2 hhds Owen leaf at *10 to 12.75 12 domestic have been 1 ,607 bbds, 5 tubs, 70 bxs, Mason and Bracken county froz e n .to good lugs at f5 Indiana trash lugs ana s ound leaf, at $6.10 to 10 25, hf bxs!, 14 os, 49lpkgs,, consigned as f o llows :-By to 16.50. 3 bhds new Owen county common and 10 hhds Daviess trash lu g s and-common le"f at-15 80 lR1ver boats John E. Kwg, 253 bbds : Blakemore leafat 13.25 to 16. _, to 10. 1 hbd black fat at $ 7.80; 24 hhds Todd, Brothers' & Uo, 63 do; H. H. Bryan, 56 do; Beadles, Chas. B'odmann & Co, sold 124 hhds, 2 bxs, as follows: Metcalf a n d Green River lugs and com Wingo & Co, 158 do; L. Gunther & Co, 75 do; Had11o hhds new Mason and ) Bracken county-leaf, lugs and moo leaf at $6.20 to 10.25. The Ninth-street house don, Overton & Burch 94 do; E C Roach & Co, 55 frozen trash at &5.05 to 23.75. 1 bx Mason county, sold 28 bhds. 21 hhds Warren, Danes do; E li. Wilson & Son, 255 do; W oold, 62@75c hf fus Vir, the provisions of the third section of the act of April gm1a fu, 6!'@7 5 ; .12-mch hard pressed, '10; teo, eighteen hundred and sixtynin e shall be do c hotce, 80; 9 mch hght pre s8ed, 8 0@.85; Conentitled to have refunded to him1an amount of tax: prel eaf, 25@60 solace chewmg, 9.50 ; viously paid thereon equal to the value of the stamps smoking, tR, is, 35c@tl.OO fhere have. been no ex affixed before sale, and the Commission e r of ports .. There ncow on the way to this .port from Internal Revenue shall be, and is h ereby authorized, domest1c AtlantiC ports 1, 725 cs on appeal to him made, to refund and pay back a. sum FOHBIGJ.III, of money equal to the value of the stamps so affixed, AMSTERDAM, J ONE 21,-The sales were 45 bhds upon satisfactory evidence submitted to him that the Maryland, per Fiorella, 3 9 bhds do, ptr Arnold Berintobacco, snuff, or cigars have actually been a88essed, ger, both from first hands; 1,154 pk gs Java, per Corand the tax, imposed under the law in force at the time nelia, by s ecret t e n del of their manufacture or importation, paid; and that the ANTWERP, J UNE 18.-Ther e has been little or claimant bad, in all respects, complied with the internal nothin g dooe,durirrg the past w e ek. The stock on band revenue laws as far as they have been or may be is small. The sales have been 78 hhds Kentucky, the applbable to sueb goods. The Commi s sioner of In larger portion of which is oflate arrival, and at very ternal Revenue is hereby authorized and emp o wered to firm prices. "\0 about 1,000 hhds, whtch makes the 76,720 pkgs' cigarettes, Santander, 4.200 cigars ; Vera Oruz and Tarqpico, 8,400 cigars, 28,000 Jlkgs cigarettes; Seville, 4,500 cigars. I LIVERPOOL, Ju;;;i 21. -11-Iessrs. Wm. Brandt's Sons & Co., their BJ?ecial r eport say: The market for American Tobacco ts_fail'lv active but the dem and is chi e fly for common e xl?ort leaf, or low-priced fijle AN Eastern editor sent a. note to a not-w e ll-{!osted subordinate to" write a ne en 10 lugs at 6.40 to 7 8 0, 3 leaf at 8 5 0 to 9; 5 hhds Da... wrapp e r s Belew I give transaction s a nd quotation s l e ss active, Wlth pric e s The quota tio n s ai e as v1e ss tras h at 6 1 0 to 6.30, 5 hhds Heode ; s ou trash and 896 hhds. 2 4 5 t cs, 32 bxs. Common t o $71-, follows: Virgmm manufactured, soc to 1 25; Weste1 n, t o zen at 5 S O t o 6.80, 6 Breck eundge leaf and st, t o 1 0 ; common t b good leaf at 9 10, to 1 5 ; bright 60 to 90c; Smoking, 40o to 1 5.0; Garrett's s nuff, 4.15 lugs at 6.10 to 8 60 The Nmthstree t hou se sold 18 c o mmon to good s mokers at 15, 30, to 55; bnght com to 4 25. The stock 1 s ample. hhds: 3 bhcls Indian a n e w lugs at t4.B5 to '7.10, 6 hhds mon to "'ood wrappers 'at 20 40 t o 70 bright fine to LOUISVILLE, JuNE 29.-We r.eport: The D?-arket Warren, T o d d and Hancock n e w lugs at 4.85 to 7.95, extra w:'appers at 75 90 to 1'50 s u n cdred common to has been quite active at steady pnce s, though It has 9 hhds Hancock Monro e and Trimbl e new leaf at 8 to good lugA at 9 to 15 ', c o mmon to good leaf begun to slack a little The imports w e r e 2,920 bhds. 13.7 5 T he Boon e hou se sold 3 5 hhds : 1 6 hhds D a at 1 2 to 2 5 1 -6 7 3 bxs, and the exports were 2,4 5 7 hbds, 1,36 8 bxs viess and Rus s e ll lugs a nd low l eaf at $ 5 .10 to 8.85, 3 The quantity of chewing tobacco sht p pe d from Rt<'h The sales were 1,863 hhds, as ii>Uows on Thursday, the hhds Ind1ana at 4 90 to 11 5 0 6 hhds Gree n leaf at mond m bond. from 1st October '69 to 1st March, '70, as Planters' bouse sold 16 bhds: 6 hbds, Oldh am Log an, 6.5 0 to 11.5 0 9 hhds Hart, Muhlenb erg, and Breck e n here tofor e reported in the W tg, wa s ..... 3 ,202,5 6 2 lbs. Metcalfe and Hart l eaf at $8 8 0 to-1-1 ; 4 hbds lndiaoa ridge at 4. 70 to 10 75 ; 1 hhd factory trash at 4.10 Pre paid by stamps .................. .. 1,'756,296 htga at 8.40 to 10; 2 hhds Adair md low lea The Farmer house sold 3 6 -hbds: 3 1 hhds Barren, ___ at 8 10 to 8 .26. The Ninth-street house so l d 23 hhds dair, Hart and Green riv e r lugs and l eaf a t 4 958 ,859 21 hhds Warren, Munroe, W e b s ter, McLean, Daviess 5.75 t o 10; 4 hhas Indiana lugs and leaf at The Marc h bu!iness was: and Butler new lugs at 4 90 to 7.80 8 Warren, 7.HI to 1 hbd H enry county lugs at Shipp e d in bon d : 50 5 8 6 7 Webster, McLean, and Daviess leaf at 7.86 to ai. 5 .30. On Wednesday the Boone honse sold 46 hhds: Prepa id bv stam s .452,17 3 hbds Indiana. new lugs at 4.65 to 7.10. The Lomsv1lle 5 hbds Marion leaf at 8 10 t o 10 2 5 ; 17 hhds Taylor -1,048 ,04 0 house llold 6 hhds .. 16 hbda Graves, Monroe, ButleT, and Greebe couaties lu gs and leaf at $6 to 9 00; 2 2 Tb .. 1 Br k d Oh d M t lfi d e ApTil busmess was : and Davl,ss leaf at 8.10 to 37 1 8 hbds Monroe, War hbds Russe I, e c en u ge, 10, an e ca e an d 7 ,. .,. 1 5 0 2 hhd f: t t Shipped in bon ........ 8 5 6 il ren Cumb e rland and McLean lugs at 6. 70 to 7 80, 10 Gra on count1es at 6.9 0 to 1 ; s ac ory a d 0 Ni h h ld 34 hhd Z:S J:\hd Prepai by stamps ... 445 ,99 llhds Daviess trash and lugs at 6.p p to 8.00, 10 bbdll. The mt.,..4street onse bl sd: M L s ; ---1, 3 21, 661 '..,. __ ;,: .. tra-'-and l"""S :nt 5,0 <0 ,40 5 bbdt Cld .Ald r, Warrell, ...,avJe s s, BJltler, ... e, an .o:;;C eao = .. _.. "-' ; 7 9 hbd Ad W B t The May business was Well t rash and frozen at 5.40 to 6.10 The PwKett n e w lugs at $5.1!5 to 0; 9 s air, arren, n d. b d 7 0 't bl C ld 1 d T. Ll t l fat 8 to 11 o Th.,. Sbipp e m on ....... 9,. 5 8 trips, and these B:inds bemg rathe r s carce, the transao tion s are not on such a scal e as might otherwise have CINCINNATI TO TUE REscuE -The Queen C it y of the been the ca se .Prices continue firm. Cavendish West is Tery largely interested in tobacco, and it thus lbs in case, is scarce and in d e mand. becomes neces sary for her to protect that staple in C on LONDON, JuNE 21.-Messrs. Wm Brandts Sons gress. Will our friends s e e to it that only m en pledged & C o in then s pecial rep ort say In our m arket for to give the weed a f air show are sent to repre Am eric an T o b acco sinc e the b egmniog of this mon t h, sent them in Congress We h a ve had quite there ha s been little doing; retail sales of nearly all enough of l egislators pretendmg to represent grade 8 hl}ve be e n mad e at curre nt pric e s, but the only toba cco distric ts, and all the t1me voting, transa c tion worth r e p orting i s th e s al e of 5 0 to so hhds in dir ect oppositwn thereto. L e t us re form it a ltoW e s tero strips, at about 8 } c. p e r lb. gether. MONTREAL, J u L Y 2 .-Me s s rs. B athgate & Bro., ARE TRE Y BouND ?-Two b onds were giv en for Coltobacco c om mis siOn m e rch ants, r eport: A moderate lector Bail e y th e fits t on May 5, 1 8 6 5 f o r $ 00,000, t he but steady demand for tlJe standard bra nds of manus ur eties b eing Messrs. George Opd y k e F Du factur e d bas pre vail e d since our las t report A r educ rant, August u s Sch e ll, Elio C Cod win and C harl es P tioo, .how e v e r, to the extent of fully 1 c p e r lb. has Kirkland, th e se cond on Augus t 11, 1866 w ith the take n plac e on blac k w o rk. The general impre ssion, s am e s ureties, ex c ept that Mr. G1iorge Dou

I 4 THE TOBACCO L H A F. ( Wll. P. KITTREDGll E C. WHEELOCX The Virginia Tobacco Agency WI. P. KI. T .JREDCE i CO., T 0 If A C C 0 ., CO., C!to,nmission EsTABLISHED rn 1836, BY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. :CONJOJ.L t &. I Commission lYIQrchants ,LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 45 WATER ST., NEW -:'f"ORK. Sole Agents for the following Standard Brands of Manufactured Tobacco WINE SAP, COLDEN SEAL, CALLECO,: ROYAL STANDARD, I NTERNATIONAL, YOUNC AMERICA, REINDEER, COLDEN ERA, WINSTON, SEA-KINC1 PEARL, NOSE CAY, FAVORITE. EVENINC STAR, RED MORE, BLACK BIRD, YACHT CLUB, CREAT SEAL TALLYHO! TWIN SISTERS, FLOWER QUEEN, .aM .Agenu {Of" the Yariou Bran(. of tJu following Celelwated liCan .ufaotu:rerl-11-b 1 GEO. W. GILLIAM &: CO. JAS. H. GRANT & CO., JOHN H GREANER, R A PATERSON&: CO., T C. WILLIAMS & CO. WINNE & TALBOTT, ROYS TER & GRASS WITT, PACE & STOVALL WATSO N & McGILL, JOHN K. CHILDREY, WK. CRUMPTON, C. J. BALDWIN & CO., -AND OTHERS..lnd also have constantly on hand a large assortment of Manufactured '!'obacco, of all styles and sizes, to which they the attention JAM:ES A. CONNOLLY of the trade. J. FRED. OOWAH. ROBERT S.BOWNB & CO., TOBACCO Commission lYJerobants, B _ur_li-=-'ng Slip, New York. .TH. tl. VETTERLEIN &. SONS, I ,, 172 PEAREr STREET, AGENTS FOR ALL THE I POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCO, '11 & 73 Pront St., 1, NEW YORK. Poundz;. Half Pounds & Quarter1 Fancy. Tens. The Yoana Swe ll, Garihaldl, June Apple llars, Gold Ridge, J.P. W"tlliamson, Little All Right, Fashion Gold do. Blue Jacl:iet, Bismark, Boheinlaa Girl. Lady do. Reel Jack et, Velvet Rose, Fresh .Peaches, Temptation do. Peach. FnUer' Pet, Piide ofthe Navy, Atlantic Cab l e Twist, Tom Thumb, .Timmie, Morir9.n, Admirution do. May Q.ueen, Peach Basket, Imperia l,Fonrs, Cable Coil do. Alexander, M88 1.150rGe;'"c'hoott1 0 0 Natlenal Eagle, Go ld Medal do Boston, J, Cuffee's Chridtian s Comfort, KearE:argc. Ror:n Fulle r, Moss Rose Nation's Q uecu of Trumps. J. T Smith, Chaplam' s Dcltght R. J. Christina Kangaroo Do g House, Pine Apple, Eleven O'Clock, Mr. Toots' J e rry Prichard, Ro)al, Amore t Bars, Brown. Jones & Dick Swheller, Old Sport, Bendit ro, Robinson, Ma r k Taple y, Sancho Panza, 'Mi ami, J erey White, McCorkle, Venus, Pride or tbe East 'l'he Old Sport, S. E. White, P each Bloom, Flora Temple, Dexter Chall e nger, C L B ro wn. Cberry F ours, Whit.e Fawn, D:wtd Hnkert Co l orado, Pa.ltlletto Fours, :Black Plum e, Char l e s Harns A l e xan d e r :ra.Jmetto Sixe San c ho Panza, Victoria., Twin Sisters, 1 E. M. Williamson, Bcauti.fu l Sta r P ecrlCI!E', Indomitable, Four Thumb Bars, C. L Jones, Fa\orite J,re m1um, Oseola, Delta Pocket P iece Ca1)Stone .... '\Uoual Eagle. Ch ri stian Premiun: Little All Right. John Hancock. A.lllo, May ..4pptt!Jfl1 Peoket,es, Fig, Nav y Sizes, &c., et-c. NoaroJJ. Taos. J Su.uoHTu. 1k B. WmDO& SLAUGHTER & co.; EDWARD M. WRIGHT. General Commission Mercnant, Tobacco & Cotton' Factors >I I -ill>-I / 2 Hanover Bt,,_ lla "'ov,cr Sq., 6trurnl tl!:crrtnni:c:c:'i.on onr t 1 ., s 0. Box, 4853. I'l!E;.W' j T O.l.tli: i e NO. 41 BROAD-STREET, 1 ( New York. 1'1' m "'gV "Y. <> :R. :a: 17 8 Wate,r "' OV UUIIIII E .ui ORA VvFORD UO. TOBACCO I l A-:&-D Tobaooo and Cotton UD ml-uthants I COM.MISSiON MfRCHANTS, 168 W .ATER STREET, NBW YOKK, .line on 1!8Je. a\J kinds of Leaf Tobacco for Export and (Or .Home uoe. 41 BJt'oad Street, ............ TOBACCO For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, RaKIIIIBD : r db Co., Lithographers, 218 Broadway (Herald Building), New York, .A.T G:E't.:J!JA.TX."2" JR.ED"'D"O:EI:J:J P:E't.XOEI&. IE. 8. SUTRO. 8. NEWMARK. 1111 SUTRO a l\lBwbiARK,'' MANUFACTURERS CXG-A.R.S. And Dealers in Leaf Tobaccos, 61 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. I. I. PARKER i CO., COTTON AND TOBACCO FACTORS A.ND COMM.ISSION 181 Pearl Street, corne1 of Cedar, 196-246) NEW YORK. 7. 0. LINDE. C F. 'LINDE C, HAlllLTON. 8. HAROOBO, NEW YORK Seed-Leaf Inspection. I'obacco Inspected or Sampled. Certificates given for every case, and d,.elivere d, &:aae by oase, as to n umbe r of Certifi..:ate. N.B.-I also sample in Merchants' own Stores. F. C. LINDE &. CO., WA.BBROUSES-14:1 Water and 74. 76, and 78 Greenwich Street. OFFICE, WATER BTR.ItET. llele .&paOJ' eC I, Wo GarroD' "LONB I.&ClJl" -4 '"BBOW.l'l DICli" Tebaeeo, II BRit Y r.: P Jillt ltY no. ....... TOBACCO, AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE, '18 Strut {P. O, NEW YOBK. CONSIGNMENTS SO"L.ICITED. GUTHRIE & co .,. DE BRAEKELEER FOOTE, 225 Front-street, -t or Commission Merchants ::a:a.-va:aa r. so Partagu, Espanola, La Rosa, Figaro, TOBACCO PRESSERS. Leal Tobacco pressed in b&1ee tor the West. :qdl-. e:. \can. Oeat.ral, American, a.od other ma r kets. PACKED IN HOQSH:EAIJS, Bole l'roprWma orua. c.Je"blaW4 Bri.D4I Hyacinth, El Co5aulero, El Contesto1 0"' STREET. Packers of Domestic Leaf T9bacco. /J. FINJ: /J.SSORTl!ENT 01' -i B.A. V ANA CIGARS and CI, GAR RIBBONS consl.ant!r en hand. ... ',, '' I '\\' I 'iftJ' COWotiS1\ION UERCRANTS Q MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 108 ST., NEW YORK. 0 Hr llave always ori ha.nd a large .Assortment,. for sale Terms. -----------------------. WINTZER & A. D, CHOCKLEY & CO., DB..f.LEBB .IN KBNrUOKY COlt!MISSION MERCHANTS,. 'Ill. a ..J...DIA For S a lle of" LEAF TOBAC.CO, IJ William Street, "Y"OH.K. 168 Pearl Street, 5ew Commissio n M-erchants o .n a IMPORTERS OF HAVANA LEAF Also Dealer s in LEAF TOBACCO and SEGARS, 01gar R1bbons oon} 1 45 w S stantly hand. ater treet, N. y. IOgiJI'fT a IT a, jAANUFACTURERS OF ffF jtJtp; ANJ>. IN Ltir tB"OGI, No. Hn. .!:"'EARL STREET, New York. ..... CARROLL & CO., N. Y. Commission Merchants. 000 BULKLEY MOORE CO COMM.IBSTON MERCHANTS, I VIRGIN lA Tobacc? Com:lnission Merchants. f j NO. 104 FRONT-STREET, .,NEW-YORK, AGENT,S FOR THE S..u.J: .OF The Following Well-known and Justly Oelebrated Bta.nds of Virginia GRANT & RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H. & CO., TURPIN & YARBROUGH, J. 3. PACE & THOMAS & OLIVER, GREANER & WINNIE, CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, 'GILMAN & MALLORY, CHEIVES & OSBORNE, DAVIS & SOt DUKE OF ATHOL. & ,., ,' :l LEAr ,l I I t I r I Na. J..70 Water Street, New York. ISAAC"' READ, (illC. ..,. liT. .Y, r ...

FRUitS 1-8 lb :Qnuas 1-4 lb. .., lNG. J 2 oz. Bags, .A E. J -4 lb. Bags. J f ... .l J ,2 lb. llb. TB. B. V.ETHBLE'IN /JQLB A GEJflTS, THE OF Fin.e Cu.t Tobacco OF ALL GRADES. I SMOKING TOBACCO Of", every Style, SnuB's of Superior AND DEALERS IN CIGARS, At Facto 'ry No. 1., Fourth District, New Yo1'k. T01SA(J0j LEA F. New York CoDlDlllaion Merchants iOIIBm w. AR1'IN. a PimDERIOK H. .JOHNSON. JOHNSON. STREET,. if JobaGco tommission -MaFchants. AGENTS li'OR THE SALE OF .&:LL THE Standar.d Brands of an:d North Carolina IrAN OF ACi'URED TOBACCO. An LE AGENTS for the sale of the following brands of MessrS. :r'HOMAS & OLIVER, D. C. MAYo & Co., V a.; r MANU \ MANUFACTURED Virginia Beauties, 14's. V K.blg Bee, 12 inch lbs. ., t ibs. Pride of the Nation, 12 inch lbs. Olive t l bs. Reward of IndustrY', 12 inch lbs. Virginia 's Own Pocket Pieces. D. C. Mayo's N a vy lbs., t lbs., and lO's Thomns' Chaine Conesto;ya, o's Che Haw, Fig s 1 Rose Twist, 6 inch.! SMOKINC. J. M Walker's Extro Bright Twist, u inch. {; Billy Buck. Virginia's Choice. La Favotita Rolls, 6 inch. >: Virgiiiia Belle Rose. Chas Henry, .r r., 9 inch, light pre888d Star. Olive A bard Grand Duchess. Gold Bug. '' 12 'iac9 lbs. l'ure Virginia, Eureka I< PERIQUE., Oliver's : ,. \!. :xn 8t;y1es of anufactured and Smoking Tobacco put up under special auds for the sole use of the owner. \ UCCOBOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, sco B AND L UND Y FOOT SNUFFS. ,\_ KA.eOOBOY AliD FRDCK 8111JFF FLOUR. ""' 0 .., ALSO MANUJ!'AOTUBERB O&(TilE :fmisT :BRA!WS 011 1 SMOKINB TOBACCOS, CIGARS, AND PURE POWDERED LICORICE. ,_: ,,.., 133 )V.A.TER .A.ND 'l "L"-iNEW-"'Y' .fitKf "' T. H. MESSENGER & CO., 1 EOCENE DU BOIS, FOIEIBNiiioM1snciaaAcco, Com issson Merohant ..... LIOOR CE. 1811: 183 JlAIDElll' l'IEW YORK TBOIJ. B. 47-61} lllHfEY LA RRAMOR"f!, SMITH, HENRY & SHEFFIELD, TGbacoo a.nd Ootton Factors, A.llLioJ.BilatS HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, I AND OF THB BRAND OF 1 65-90 162, New-York. "RITICA," I 191S Pearl Street, NEW YORK. 8, LININGTON >& SONS, IEL B.KlfRIMO. A BENRI>IO. D. & A. BENRIMO, .um D.KALBRS m .u.r. XIIDB or JakCMiYW o Manilla Segars l24 Patented AprU 5th, 1870. This novel and invcntio,n is claimed to be in perfect for smoking loose o'P.acco ever 9\fred. to the public. By the Sim,.Ple sh own, the '!I itva, instead of running into tM bOwl, wel:lliig the tobacco, and thus fouling tho whole pipe, is carried through the under tube into I-'ll r ber ulllier the bowl, w hil"' the smoke, entirely denle llpper stem to the mouth, This, cham ber is detache .U,dl emptied, and being entirely separate from the and having no communication into it, evaporation from it into the pipe is prevented,Jmd the tobacco is kept dey, anll may be readily consumed to the last particl e w'hile th13, great objection to the common pipe-that of the nicotine drawing back in({) the mouth-is enprely obviated. It diff ers in this respect fr{)m all other pipes, and mustcommend itself at a glance to all smokers. Caution io Consumers, Against purchasiyg an !ufe rlor T obaeco p\np for deceptlqn, &l'olmllatln g onr T rade marl!: 110 tbat tbc impoe.H.ion is only dt cover ed by the use orthetob a cco itself. We yna, ee to nll. nur "' 7 'o brt.f!CQ tha. t will and to prevent the imposition of a tapurioutJ article, to be p H rfi cu lar when calling for Fine Cut, to iuquire for W. E. GQODWll t CO.'S Pua YELLOW B.AMK and \V:ta.oo:aa-TOBA cco. Yours, very respectfully, W. H. GOODWIN & CO. AUNEW' & SONS, :ob d Commis-sion .M.ercbots, 2184. and 286 Front l!ltreet, BA. H OB BA.I..I .ilL D401UP'riOIQI or 9'-p.ish. Ceci fi/19 OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, FOR SEGAR BOXES, 1 Furnished in quantities to suit, by :ELO:J:)Jlll.r.A.JST .,., 2 16 LEWIS STREET. N. y, COHN & SMITH, GEO. F. HILL. ....... ., lHILL & W:V. S. M;l;SS ENGER. LEAF TOBACCO & SEGARS, Commission Merchants, 1 '18 W ATEB STBEET, 43 BBOAD STREET 5 135 Duane St., 1\T. Y., AGENTS AND MA,.UFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS or Goods .!18 0 ICC KEY WEST ALEJANDRO CIGARS COOK 1 REID, Sole Agenta tor Genuine Firat Quality DURHAM SKOltlNG TOBACCO, CLOV-ER LEAF, JUST FOB. L'UCX, SCOW CLUB No. 53 New York. ne Pipes, 0 .I Cigar Holllers, Amner Pieces, f,ipe Stems, ilver Mountings, / And all Choice Articles in the l:lmokers' line, at Wholesaleand Retail :... ., Wholesale and Retail Factory and Wareroom, 4 and 6 -Tohn Street; Store, 71 corner John Street, NEW" vo:o.K. 'Beatll riclulum Pipe,Bo.-ls, LONDON .A;N CAJ}VED, PTIAL.'i. AND CY CIGAR BOLD made to order by specml 'snd 1 at lo;er pric es than they can be imported at. I have always on hand a very large stoc\> of all patterns I &!so make to mJer MONOGRAMS, CRESTS, .:PORTRAI-w:S, ETC. } BOlLIN(} ;UNTING, etc., attended to Goods sen1i to all parts of tile -couutt Circulars sent by enclosing etamp. e N :B...:_I am the Sole Manufacturer of GENUINli: MEBRSOHAU:W: AND .ABB& GOOD to the Trade in the United State's. Manufacturer of Lor1llard's Celqbrated Yacht Club Pipes, given away with his Yacht Club Smoking Ci..ASSFORD & CO., ot; Q.lUIAT ST. B:EIL:EI:NS, {E8TA11LIJ!HIID 1851.) LONDON, SolleU Oolll!lltnmeDIB to llondon, Liverpool, Mel bolllll9, ud tfy4Dey of llallllfactured Tobacco aQit able !or theoe marke1. Caob advances made by J. DUFF W A.LLA.OE 5 Bowlinl Green, who will advise Shipper as to lbe tylee ot Tobacco waated ill Baglawl &Jill \he Coloalu. 1. L, GAS8BR'Il. H L. GABS'I:R'C AND DEALERS IN ALL KINES 0!' Leaf No. 160 Water Street, New York. .Jlranch Store, 8 Sixth Street, Pittabwg:!..l'a JULIAN ALLEN. FELIX GARCIA, Importer or Havana Leaf To baoco & Cigars, ALSO. or Ute weU knoiDJ. brand ot M. H. LEVIN, -Jlll.eO&l'&ao Tobacco a .nd. Segars1 AliD w.ll.D Of .u..L UJIDII 01' "; L E A F T OB A C C (J,;. 181 PBAB.LBT, near Watt-st., l tfEfi-YORp w .. Q. x-a. x r. w.,..... KBIIUGAK AGftEL, TOBACCO 00 GmR!1 COMMISSION MKBCRml 80LI: AOI:Nf8 FOR THI: Gold Dust; Scarfalletti, .1J.10 oLbr S.U.IdDc u4 Jwnlfaemed '18 Watmo Street, lin Y ..... G. REISMANN & CO-<. L. HIRSCHORN & CO. SJ:iJGARS, AND ti!J TELlCCO, NO 10 WATER STREET, "LA CAROLINA," (Ncar Wall St.,) W'ater StJeet, < NEW YOBK _'5 8 _________ N_E_W_Y_o_RB: BOHOVERLING & co., GRAS: F. TAG, IMPORTER OF Leaf 192 Pearl Street, NO. 184 FBONT.STB.EET, l'lew York. aT-6S f\1110 CHEROOTS, Haveonoale&ll klndaof LEAIITOBACOOforEXPORT Ill bol!.t or duty pold A large ao-..t or all p114e1 1 ond HOnE USE. NEW YORK. (ltl-l'f') P, 0. Bo:s:6773, of Havana S.ea oonol&llt17 on hand. FRONT S!I!BEBT, :Dil'e"VV Y"ork. A.. BuCQQIIOr to OATKA.K & li.EID, HAVANA DOMESTI'O M R. PEARSALL, Importer and Commiaalon Merchant bf HAVANA SEGARS -ANDLEAF TOBACCO. lfo. 42 COURTLA.lfDT ST. 11.4. .BOII.A:BZXO," NEW-YORK. A. F. DANENBERG, WHOlESALE TOBACCONIST, Be. 11 SIXTH A. VB., Jl'. 1'. I'BIKCIPM. DIIPO!' IW r. R. BWIO ... JLaaet trlkcJ. -=-"r:t. ......... -


.. THE LEAF. :; # PHILADELPRIA ADVERTISEDN TS .. CINCINNATI, ST. LOUB, AND WESTERN ADVER r r8EMENTS. \ BALTIMORE Al\VE"RTli!El1ElllT8 u. \'HT1.};i:.Lk:1S 'l'BBO. ;s. VETTERLEIN & 00_ PHILADELPHIA PA., 'OJ.nmission MerchiLilts in Leaf anO: M DO:l'LESTIC AND IMPORTEU SEGARS. wM, & KANUF ACTtm:ED AND LEAF ToBAcco, CIGARS, &c., 1 33: SOUTH STBBET, BODMA:NN'S H Inspection & LeafT obacco enry ovsuden & WARIUCOU8.. DEALERS IJf 67,:ot, 81A88Frontud621NA88Water, ...,_ TIDe_. Wllluat 8lnl&a. Dally IW a& Aaetf011, and a& Priftte 8$ Or Vb&lllllo IDdlaDa, Xt.eourl 1111.11 Oble 'l'et.ccO.. LEAF TOBACCO, J..B u.s. )', JU.M HAASBROTHERS. llUt.lllt U1 CONN. SEBLEAF TOBACCct Imported aad Domestic CJgan, f54 and 282 IIAIN ST., HARTFOBD, VONl'f. f U .. ITI:D 8Ti.TES BO:'tDII!D WAREHOl!SE. :Consigne.ean forward tli e i r Stocks without prepaJing the G&;ernme t T ax. A. VAN AGENT FOR Lorillard' s Tobacco & Snuff, Cigars, Havana and Connectic_ut Leaf, IN LOTS TO SUIT. & 19 NORTH WATER STREET, P:RILADELPHIA. Order Sollclted. Steiner, Smith Bros. a Knecht, 'DJ!U WB8 lR ALL Kll!WB Oll' :J::.E.A.P" TOBA_OOO, Manu.tacture'l'lf. o.t ancl.Deaw 'n Cigars. 225 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. BOYD. WM. A. BOYD, JR THOS. W CROMERBaltimore, Md. .., CJIA8. BODXANN A Praprl..._ Brashears,, Brown & Titus, Wholesale Deal e rs and Commission llle e a ts IN 161, 163, & 165 :Pearl Btret, J. D. BUINJIA)( & 004i (COR.'IER O F ELM STREET,) ad Jobbera in CINCINNATI. Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, .And Whol esale Delers In TEAS, J. D BumauJC,} 77 &: 79 Asylum St. A. A BURNHAM:, J. HARTFORD, cog, WM. WESTPHAL, OMMI 0 lallllll'fljltll'f Tobacco, 228 State St., Rartford, Conn. AID OTHER CHOICE IIANDI, \.jo\'-mVo.'i'.\.oX\. CONWECTI'CUT 8EED-LEAJ' Tobacco War Quse, 159 and 161 OoJJUI1erce-street, RARTFOBD, COJlli J0 BOUTH OHABIJUJ 82'.1 No. 47 liorth Water Street, and N _o. 48 North Delaware ALTIMORK. WOODWARD, t -PHU.ADELPHIA, PA. pA 'D rn-1BEO. H WOODWARD f B. F. .n..n.LET ..&. &; co., WB:OI.aJ..Lll DEALli:RII ]]II' Ba. "tol:l.e1or Bros. Ha.nufaoturera of FINE CICARS, and Dealers in LEAF TOBAOCO, OUR. HOBBY YARA LITTLE ONES, PICKWICK, DAI SY, PUNCH, and other copyrighted !.rands of cigars. IUCKNOR, & CO,, TOBACCO -COKmSSION MERCHANTS IJif .&LL DBIOBII"TIONS OJ' LEAF JJID JUl!Ul'AOTURED TOBACOO, X lf.OYU. AU'l'JIU R It. FOUGJI:IU l.. w:u. C. PEASE, United State Bonded 'Vo.rebouse, BOYD, FOUG:.ERAY & CO.J .&.l'm WBOLE!Ll: DBALJ:BS JK LEAF AND MANUF ACTUREL. t MANUP'ACTUIII:D LEA,.. .\ND SMOKING TOBACCOS, Pipes, etc.' AUO OOlllUSSIOlf K.EBOIIAlfTS FOR BALE OF ,BAKE. 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., B F PARLETT, BALTIMORE JIU), M. D. SAVIN, T. FOWLER. G. :BOLENIUS & CO., W)loleoale Deal ero;t n TO ltlanufadured TobactlO at Clgan,-17 N. Water St and 18 N. Ddawan Annne, F:S:IL.ADELFHI.AI Tobaccos, Segars, Etc., 200 PRA"'T STREET, :BALTDtOB.B BECK. DEETJ.EM ct. HAYEN J. c. llcC..-..o, .&. 1 lr., \\'. HJ:,:ta't' N pr STATES BONDED Coneignere can fOrward thti.r t:;t.ocJu '* 1N .o .. -'thoot prPp.ayln2' the GoTern.meat Tax. AN' A THAN,'' Late of the Firm TELLER, ANA THAN & CO. WlwleD*cOO. D. M. SEY.IIOUll. N'o, .76, Kafn Oincinnati,O. A. L. & F. Paekera and Dealer In f HENRY J\1.EYER, ac.,..A'NT, B. F. Po...... F. A.-P&wuL Cop.necticut Seed & CONNECTICUT Kenton--rT_o_b_ac_c .... o -=W......_ar_ehous.e. 134 8. w GAIL CHRISTIAN AX. LE:A..F TOBACCO, POWER & CONN. AIL&AX XANUl'ACTURERe OE' ALL RINDS 0!' :7 n i&obatttt AIID 8NUPP1 1!8 BAlD S'r., :BAL'riKOU, MD. L. W. G UNlJHER, CENERU .. Commission M nrc bant, And TOBACCO P .. No. 90 Loml:n-rd St., (One dwr \OUt of ptac1), :BAL'l.'!MORE, Md. pr-'Lib era l advancements made on Consignmente to my address. G. KERCKHOFF & co I 18 Front St., Cincinnati, 0. Nos. 21-l, 216, 218, 220 Greenup St., C. 0. GLOBB. EMIL POEIWTEL, W. II. GLO. nE. J.P. GLORE J, A. P. GLORE & BROS., Manufacturer o f Ma nufactnr:rs of Bes t Grndcs of FINE. SEGAR PLL"G AND FINE CUT Detroit Novelty Works; DETROIT, TOBACCO KNIVES. "THE VERY BES'P." JOSEPH S. WOODRUFF, DE.&.LE.JS. IB Connecticut Seedeat TOBACCO, IB MARKET SlREET, HARTFORD, CONN. 8. SELL I Nc & SON, Packero ADd Dealero In SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 238 State Street, CONN. J. SIGNOR Connectfcut Seed-Leaf Tobacco, SEG.AllS, lo. 3 North Water Street, PIIIL&DBLPBU, Commission Merchants, G2 N. Front, Plli"tt'" 0tl Utttt, Mound City Tobaeco Works. EAST HARTFORD, CONN. .-.A..ll tdan anoatlo4 \o wi\lt. IL. & G. W. EDWARDS, QOMMiiJB:ION MEROHANTB IJI i Lo&f TQ'bllQQct, .o. 33 NORTH WATER ST. ._. lat :IOBTK Wli.ABVIII. Phlladelohla. Pa. JOID JIOOIIE. S. & J. MOORE, TOBACOO Commission Merchants, 107 North Water-street, PHILADELPHIA. 62-lll J. RINALDO SANK & CO., Tobacco and General Com. Merchants, Nortiio Wo,_ Street, and PHILADELPHIA. 11. 8. Export Bonded Warehouse No. 1. 6. BIMNIIIIAU. Wm. 1L AbiM!r. Ja THOMAS HARE & SON, WHOLBBA.LE DEALERS IN ALL KniDS 01" TELLER BROTHERS, (Su0C8110re to f ELLER THAN & 00,1 ) Wholesale Dealer& in 1 LB.&F TO.BACCO AND SEGARS_ Ne;,, I 1 7 North' Third Street, PHILADELPHIA. Intern' I Revenue Bonded Warehouse OJ' M. E r.lcDOWELL & CO. -. (First Cvlle ctlo n District or Pennsylvania,) TOBACCO _.ND General Commission Merchants, No, 39 North Water Street, PHILADELPHIA. Leaf Tobacco, 1o2 South Charl es Street; BALTIMORE. JACOB KIEBLER [""-or ,. ro._ .ftpe Co.,] 1 Granby St., :Baltiinore. Fmm'K WILUMS, WILKENS &. LEAF TOBACC, O AND OOMMISSION MEROHA.NTS, W m. EiserJo h r & Co., DEAL!ms IN No. 69 South Charles St., near Pratt c 0 NNE c TI11 UT sEED, ___ Ili_A_:t.'l'_li_M!_O_B.E--'-.. _MI--::-D>.-=--_ HA AND YARA ll. W. Dmmr.ut1'. G. DUKEIUJI1'. LE 4. F TOB.A.CCO_ E. w. DU:KEHART & SON, CELEBRATED I I 7 So.uth Water Street1 PHILADELPHU, W. Eisr.nloln. S W. Clark. Phil. Donn. FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC "RALPH'S LEAF AND MANUFACTURED SCOTCH SNUFF TOBACCO, JNUFF, SEGARS, ETC., Manufactured by No. 474 and 503 N. Seoond St., ..4.. RALPH&' CO., '\,lUI to for G all & Ax's T obac:c o ADd 8nutt A. H. THEOBALD, .IIIA.NIJFACTURIR OP A.LL IINDS OB' A.lii'D DJ:.lLEB IN SPANISH AND DOMEBTIO Leaf Tobacco, L1lewiBR: Tobacco, snnrr, Meerschaum and Brier Pipes, 1l!.74W. cor. Third and Popl&r ata., Philadelphia. !ol ::.n1lllu:taNR or au klad of SMOKING TOBACCO, 11,91.0 kA RKBT, PHILADELPHIA. E. W. OICKER$DN. 115 Arch Street, Philadelphia. Snuff Jlanofacturers, No. 29 s. Calvert St., BALTIMORE, MD. BOSTON ADV b.R T !SE MI! NTS. FISHER & CO., Commission Merchants, 23 Central Wharf, Boston. FBANcrs FIBIIB'R, FllANCI8 K. FISBBB, HoRA C E N. FisHBn, JoliNtN. P'lelllm. 6. ..,.Owtl. JA.S. BROW!'f .JR. KDWD. 8 Q01Jl.8J'(W. D. S. BROWN &:. 00.1 IKPOllT.DI UD W30LBS.A.LK .JB, Leaf and lOS!CCOt 111V UJ. PBIJI'(]Jl'E. 4tiJ DQDifliO ..oiG.Di lleencbaum and Brl&t> PiPes, and Smoken' ArUclel Gttlerally. Bxcluelye-ly Wbole eaJe 31.._ No. <19 SoutJ1 Charle1 Street /kD 0 A T L I N BALTIMORE, Md, FRANK GrnsoN. Fine-Cut, Chewing & GILMOR & GIBSON, -Tobacco, Killickinick, &c., IMJ?ORJERS OF lf .. 7'Ql 11l llefOD4 Ha van. a Segars, l'll' n-.s:.OUD,.o. ITAllOB:, Q-UTMAN II. 00., And Gerte1'al Commission Merchants. Importen or 'No. ao s. Gay St., ,Baltimm-e. Slliokers' Art1cles, HOFI'MAN GILMOR. SOUTHERN ADVEB. TISEM:ENT!f. 1 I'IIICJ Goe4l. Del Dalen Ia "HIGHLANDER "J:'ODAOCO and SEGAU.S. .. RED ROVER .. .. DICK aoe North Second Street. liT. LOUill, llo. S1nok:lng Tobacco. 1VHOLESA.LE D.E..U.EB.S Leaf Tobac'Co & Cigars, Smoking & Tobacco, nod All Kinds o f Smokers' f I Artc es, 123 Market '8treet1 bet. 2d and ST. LOc.iiS, MO. SMITH & THOMAs ; Jl[anufaetnr ers of alUdnds of I TOBACCOS, I 85 Ea,st South Street, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind: EAST HARTFORD CONNECTICUT. G. W. GRAVES, P.&.CE:D.,.\.G D&UJtR IN Fihe Connecticut Seed-Leaf T hese establis h ed T obaccos, so well and f avorably known, are put up in}(, 'Jl, and llb. b&Jea or ponche&, CHlCAGO l AND SOUTHERN ADVERTISEMEliTS. r c cot Danbury, Connecticut. aud in bulk thus sultlng the retailer and jobber. Manufactured o nly at the steam wo rks <>f L. L. Va. L. L. ARMISTEAD. J. W Sole :llannfacturor of the Fru:nous and World r e n ov.'ncd Brands of Virginia Smoking Tobac cos, Lor:E JACK and BROWN DICK. ltlo.nufar.torT, 12th Street. LYNCHBURG, \ ".A. Onle r s rcs p ec tfnlly solicited and promptly attended to. e 1r L.ANGHO:&N:B. J OHM D LA.NO!lORNJ:, N B J'OBN!!TOK. G. W. LANGHORNE & CO. XA.MUJ'J..CTURERS OF SMOKING TOBACCO, FACTORY No. 6, LYNCHBlffl. ; VA.,.J Ke e p consl&ntly oa b&Dd ounl fe -.loa all grades of Virgi nia Smoking Tobacco. Will contract Ibm own bNncJa or OW'S as they may dooir8.: I P. Lorillard's Western c- crop '&I and '6:1 [ 109-121 RUFFNER & FOY, -==--T 7...1111iii.:.. LOUISHLLE, KY., TOBACCD,,IIUFF AID U.S. Bonded Tobacco WarcJ10use No. t. GEO. W. WICKS & CO., 8/J South Water St1eet, CHICAGO, IU. Jt[nnuf'actnrers' Agents for Sale of 111 issu1wi, ancl Ke11tuck p SANDHAGEN BROS., Wholesale Dealers in a li kinds of SEED-LEAF TOBACCO C I G R s, 17 West Randolph Street, CHtCACQ, ILLINOIS. J. L. SMITH, Tooacco Manufacturers' Agent, 11 & 13 Wabash Avenue, CHIC .AGO_ sold to Jobbers only, TOBACCO WQR_KS.; \ QrwMn, ll'o, u4 m1rJ 'I'Uia&7 ol J'!nt.()luj Woiir. ar a-. a-Me4ta..., l'vllca1rlr.


THE TOBACCO LE..AF. 7 L.OUISUILL TDBA"ttn AftD _CnMMISSIION MERCHANTS. said "J:Tnited States and dignity, and 3gainst the form raised by a population hving under a low standard of civil An Interesting Case-How Many Pounds or Tobau:o ... 1=-'-VU -au;. UJU ll of the statute of the11aid Unilell States in such case made ization, and that a high .civilizat.iru:1might :be accounted well &o a 1'hcuasatd t;lgars-The True Es&lmate or-c 1 d r turing lear D SPALDING & SONS... .. ............ Cutting and mmnfactorlng lear and prov1"ded. bought :.t the pt;ce of a lower producu The B. J.'B&GOFll' ................. utt ng an leaf JOHN 8MIDT SCHWARTZ &CO .. .... CeUh:g, manuf'tne, and ohtp'g leal 'o w v rett JAS. CLARK ............................. cu=tLinKna Sl'.BNCKR c. LONG ...................... FJFTH cOUNT. principle then of providing for the l arges t pmcticable pro ... \ ...................... co m 11-1 .. r woLPOLK&QLBNN ................ .... cuttl!!gaudman.U.octuriDslaf d f lth. b 1 b t d t ThefollowingisacorrectreportmadeforTHELEAI!' A co .... ................... lear' P. scS4NZBNBACBBR .................... c,atUgand -.o:u"'ngblea: And the jurors aforesmd, on their oath aforesaid, do furc uctlo o wea JS not a.n a so ut.e one, ut 1 IS omman OWBlli MoBlUDK ..................... mtmlDaut M"UB .......................... Leaf oobec:co comml i onJaerc ..:!:t ther present that Joshua F. Bailey late of the City ana within its own legit.imate range--aU other cir Of an inti) ting case just decided in the U. S. Circuit 1w 'I-t tobaecoeommlllolon mercbante LOUIS J!'RANC.ItB .................... c f N y k h D" d c "t r a hoi II.," the same. Those rezulations of industry which inte r -Court: ... ............ ............ Leattoballcocommt .. lon merchant :MBIBR & co ....................... 0 _.. 01mty o ew o,r th t e 1stnct an trcUI atoresal U d S. d P.ll'. SIMop.......................... V 2 & f yeoman heretofore, to wit on the lst day of January, in tlle f e re wjth the of its yield are vicious and call for n?te tates against 62,870 Cigars an other prop J1. LICIITDBTmlf. A. pOBBKL. "' f -..r 1 Tb th 11 b f tb at 384 Pearl street, Otto IJ. Lehman, Claim U'oBACCO W ORMB.-A 'Corres year of our L01d 1870, at the Southern Distrwt o ew r em ova ey lDJure e we emg o e recetvers as J.' h d ll Sor th "b 1 1 11 '' Th t' as ant; Information for forfeiture for violation of In-p ondent writes: In the York, and the jurisdiction of this Court, t en an we a e ,. o e peop e genera y. ese no wns, '1 1'. h 1b < k stnted 1 n the above t d t l d t en ternal Revenue Act. ; information contained allegations J"eclime useleas; that all the 6 1... l ( QJe8n :v'JCto tbWe i1 IQf: too Dfq li)() ljjaf as entefild and purchased at marked first two, was not able to fly at of public moneys, u,U: fl ly lfl11 felotrio\lsly did ,_.6 n Slons 0 v ..1 ,-i!s Weigbt, whereas it from 40 to lOQ lbs. per the expiration of I ours, and his own use nd elnbezzle' J portion of skid pnbl'c mon,a.}' bas ?een felt to a extent; an s made 1 elf" He further testified bat 1,238 ltis. cnUillg ., and Dealers in Sm kers' Articles, BBOA.DWA.Y,. NEW "llOBX. SOLE AGENTS. died abo" ZO ho alter being entrusted to b1. t"hQ said Jnshu w. ailev, for afe ke ife T_. UUIO 'whiCh, as obser.v d twe,ek d b h d ""' II\, "t' .-, h b te f h 1 t b n t at e was not an expenence Cigar ing, tr fer, the sumo0$1001000 ':"?. een, n...spl .0 e ws Y. ma; uf: curer, but rather a novice, in the and sbol." As they liv with their in United States n = .,a;d ""0''.8 being at tile ime of w1UJ ,,ncbmmon. kmdness an_d ) d b "h beads oft'; IO the committing ofothtl afore8aid, the prop ty of the on. r :6,unrrY1 ra es .t'!-'P"" no q oppos 1 .100 factu'rer 0 expenence. .....,. ""' 1 ti I t. I d Uh ""'--.are t t thus may \ave co. nsume more to acco t.,.an a ho'urll; .. tbfther evi United States of America, against the peace o the said t:o law, ':ither s teor federal, and m of their occasiOn Mr. Hartcom that he was a cigar manufac. ____ -;__ _._ deoe of t!Hs -....;"" effected un1 ted _, It'"" ?" 0;.v, .-. the f6riiWoHli exercl@s pf tyranny ove !JOD. umon men, hav.e don e. a h k' d f h fl """'""& .-.r, """ u:; .l:' "'"' ld f od k 1 y ti turer anj,} knew t e m o mga1'8 .Le man manu SC manv fl.i were found Wl theteba.coo groui; tljHDe dying, e dead. statute of th sa1d t1ni Sl:ates in such case ade wor o !?o among wor mg cas ., et, m }'l .on tureCI ; it takes not less than 30 lbs. of nett weight Since that h e kept up the poisonins ill i,t.s season, and-atn sadsfied if all provided. .ta t!Jes 'P o .I l'!WQ.IL ma;y as to e;ta":lme of tobacco to make 1,000 cigars of the size that Leh FACTORY, tobacco gtowers wauld attend to this, tbe worm would in a fe years be of ;.j .... J llE'I' t TH COUNir. r r (J .r rnt? e_conOIDIC O? whiC orgamzat\?ns man tJlade and invariably bbught little consequence A stwill bottle with guill and oork, as in a pepper sauce a' -'-. ;..J'-'-._j J -: "'-'""' r 'e:nsl;' 1f, i'ideed, eDS't on n t l8 Important tnat d -cbottle is very co ve.ilient for distributing the poiiiOD 1n the blossom An the JUrors aforesaid on oath afores d,. do furthe aims of these sort of societies which so closely affect the weights,.cases of tob:'cco }?sing from 4.0 to 100 THERE !&said to b'e an active movement Qf the tobacco crop in Dubois county, Ind., and the extensive s mmer1es at Huntington burg, we are ther present that F. llt.te o: OQ' 6 0 0 muoi ho be looked into. u County of oPk, 'b1str1ct lll!d C1rcUJt As we have stated above, w ere dense exist 1The was ably summed: up. His honor, Judge yeoman t_? w1t: On the 1st day nuary, m (and !J.?ade Uffions rarely exist elsewhere) the quantity of Blachford, charged the jury, in substance, that the In D. BIRSOB lr. CO., formed are urchas1ng all that is offered. F."ve or ,hun9ffillfog!Jhea1is'wJ probably beWl!lde for the Eastern and European markets at these The tobacco crop of Dubois county is an important and ; able one, and IS incr eas ing in q nntity every year. ... t ""0 '"' (. --The Petersburg, :f.l!ie county, Mo Press says, the past week has been a busy time to the tobacco rowe rs in that coqp ty. !he rains have made greund in execl"lent order to set ou the youn pl ntB. 'In a few years "P1ke county will be among tl:ie larges t tooacco gro win g counties in ihe State; ano be yeat of DJStrl t of New weal produced or producable is limited. The number to ternal Revenue -law t uired the manufacturers to keep ork, w1thm the JUriSdiction of th1s Court, then a_nd1 m is<:\ ution, in con sequence, affects, more or au entry of all the tobacco purchased, cigars manufac there bemg officer of the iWm _d States less the position of each member of the community. The tured and sold, th11-t the officials may be enabled to as the safe-keepmg, transfer, _and dtsbursement of. pu.blw -question is, of i)rse, on of bodily sustenance. And, certain the quantity of tobacco consumed and what de moneys, u lawfully to _hl!f oW'n reasoning from this theorem, it is terrib(e to contemplate ficiency remained to be accounted for, 3nd that it de us_e _and f New York, bas iesued by Trade. ... . .. ... .. ... .. ... .. .. .. .... ... .. 150 April, in""the year of our Lord 18\0, and contmued by ad $3, and of the value of $3; one hundred prom1ssory notes Curing fellow Tobatto-TobattO Not an lmpov-orders that all dealers or venders of the prize packagef! SECOND CLASS. Journment the 7th day, in the .year for the payment of mon ey being then and there due and erisher of the Soil. manufactured by him, J. Scheider, shall be made to pay ., fi d ( d f th k d k u "ted State b = l t f h'l h t t mlum by the L o amllle Hotel.. ......... .. .. ... ... .. c o o f o u r Lord 187u. e an o r e m nown_ as. m s Mr. -Your correspondent, S. 0. D., r e quests t e sp.,.,la ax o 'w 1 e sue requrremen s are no : 150 flouthe-M. District of New york, ss. : The jurors of the UniN atwnal Currency Notes) of the denoilllllatwn of $2, and of some-"Person vers ed in curing yellow tobacco, to give his made-in the S outhern District, nor any other part of the THIRD CLASS. ted State of America wittin and for the District and -Cirvalue of $2 each; one hundred and twenty pro modus opemndi, that others mtght profit Now, I Union. Mr. Scheider bas been referred to you, and you 250 oni,_t afore o their oath present that J oshua F. B ailey, mblssory d nothtes thed paymt_enfit d o(f dmonfeyt,b I do not profess to be au adept in tins art, although I have alre ttot eaSecond In Owen co= alstrlct,Prelate of the City and County of New York, in the Distr ict and t en an ere ue an IS e an o e m bail years of expenence ; but will give the practice of a c ose m IS e ens su c1en Jus I ca Ion o e coune 100 Circuit aforesaid, yeoman, heretofore, to w it, on the lst day known as Umted States N Currency Notes), :>f the most successful curer, who generally obtained the highest punued by Supervisor O'Donnell, respecting the " tfie Trade ....................... '".... ... .. .. ..... ... 50 of January, in the yea;r, of" our Lord l8'i0, at the Boutbe denol? matwn of $1, and of the value of :tn each: one prices m Danv!lle To cure yellow tobacco, you must use likinnick" Smoking Tobacco.'' The said label asserts FOURTH CLASS. Dl"strt"ct of New York, and within the J uri sdiction of this promissory note, for the paym. ent of ID9ney (and of the charcoal for the leaf, th e stalk and stem may be cured that ".from one cent to one dollar" may be found in :Best Hogshead Cutting Leaf, grown in M:ason and Brac k e n Coontletl cU.. ) b b d th d d ,.... d h ffi ift trict. Premium by tbe Trade...... .. .. .... . .. ... . .. 250 Court, then and tbere being an officer of the United States, kind as bank notes emg t en an ere ue an seasoned wood. The body of the barn should be made as eve'ry paper of it, an t us o ers a g or prize. of uncharged with the safe k ee ping, transfer, and disbursements unsatisfied, of the value $100: one .promJssory note, for close as possible. Many planters around Danville have certaii\ value for and in consideration of the purchase of Co., Frank Carter, Snp't ......................................... 100 of public mol)eys, unlawfully and felonious!JI did convert to the of money (and of thlf kmd as bank cabin rgofs on their barns, covered with boards, which per another article (Section 79, paragraph;41). Respectw his own use, and .embezzle a portion of said public :moneys notes), bemg then and t?ere and unsatisfied, of the mit the escape of heat much better than a shingle roof. ing the papers or packages of chewing tobacco called, FIFTH CLASS. intrusted to him, the sai d Joshua F. Bailey for safe-ke epi ng, value of $5,0; two _p_rom1ssory notes for the paJ:ment of When you cut your tobacco, put eight plants on a stick, on said label," Cupid," no decision can be formed with transfer, and disbursement; to wit, the sum of $100,000 in money (and of the kmd. known as bank note s ) bemg then and place the sticks eight inches apart on the tier poles. out further information. Yon are requested to obtain the Traae ...... .. .. .. ., ........................... ., .... United States notes, said moneys being at the tim e of the. and there d_'li.e and unsattsfied, of the value of $20 each; If your tobacco ripens yellow, commence the heat, by a this. If every palev,ue, Ky . .. .. . 100 provided. bank 1Jot es ) bemg then and _there due arrd unsatisfied of the see th a t the tobacco i s well sapped," and the tails begin to of said packages are not subject to the special tax. But To tb.e "'"'erofthe Tbtrd Beal Boge!lbde, Cutting Leaf, Premium SECOND couNT value o f $5 each ; proiDJssory notes for the pay !Dent of turn and get a little dry at the ends (for you.,. cannot cure there i.s any appreGiable in value of tne by theTra4e. ......... "im-vBNTli ci.:\ss.'" .... .... ,150 And the jurors afor esaid; on their oath aforesaid, do fur money (and of the kind as bank notes), b emg t h en yellow tobacco until you get the sa out of the leaf) ; then gi_fts, or 1f somA packages contam _g1fts others. are Best Hohead Shipping Lear Premlam by the Trade. .. .. .. .... ... 11M thor present that J oshlia F. Bailey, Hite of' the City and and there and of the value of $3 each; traise to T20 deg e s,. and keep up for three hours ; and wthout then chance and mequahtt enter mto -100 Countv Clf New york, in the District and Circui t aforesaid, fifteen prom1ssory notes for the of money (and of h en to 130 dewees, for the same l engthofti me. and then .transact10n, and 1able. to the Lear,!Premtnm b;rtbeTrade....... t10 heretofore to wit: On the ,fP'i;!t day o{.January in the year the kmd as baq;k t her? due up to f40 be continued ,the leaf tax. If Mr. 'Yill furntsh to .th1s office w Black Be.P....entauvee of New of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy, at the and unsatiStle'a of tlie value o $2 eacb ; tll1rty J?rOmJSsory, is cured. You may..! then take out the thermom e t er, and of any cases m of the York and New Orleane Tobacco Faclora ........ 100 So nthe,rn DistriCt of New york, and within the jurisdiction notes for the payment of mqney (and of the kmd Ja:town make yeur'fires as iiot as you please, to cure the stalk and tax lll!pose? up1m all ol enter. Second Belt B<>ibeud, by tbe Trade. tiO of this Courl, then and th'lre being an officer of the United as bank notes), be1ng there due and A wet season cause a bas om1ttedf'i)t atten. ... .. 150 States, charged with the safe keeping, transfer, and dis o{ the of il each' bank bills of banks to the of Sljop m the tobacco, and Wlll exerc curer'spatrence tJOn shall be given to Niem. ... To the Lad:r to wbciile name 1a ""'-"' the second BeH Bagobea4 ol b'ursements o uq ic moneys, unlawfUlly and feloniously dift .1'8 unkno and of a number and denQ!llhl1i in J,et lowing and drying; uring is the most successfnl, r C. D.a:LA.No, Comm1s10ner. U.iil' eiij':" ii;,;.;.y\v 100 convert to his own use and embezzle a portion of said pub twn to II of v alue o w Tist the weather is warm. If your tobacco rippns green I GAl, &co .. J. L.r=" & Nlcbolai,W. B. Slaagh lie moneys entrusted to him,-the said Joshua F. Bailey for $1,000 t ollars. wo gola coms (of the km,1 usualiJ at 80 de gfee s and keep tluAt point for half WHO IN GLASS HousES, ETc. "-A w safe-keeping transfer, and'ltisbursement, to wit; the sum of known as double eagles) the value of $20 I li; a day; tllen at 90 and proceed as above. o I have Panslan cntic, notiCmg the recent anti-smoking meeting in cJ .. one hundred thousand dollars in National currency circula three gold, m8 (of tile usually k?Own as succeeded admirab ly by letting the tobacco hang in the London, rema r ks if those good people would only finit set 300 ting notes, said moneys being at the tim'il oftlre committing of the valu .o't *10 each; SIX go1d co1n's (of kin b:trn till as y,e li)W ItS ecessa and men starting the tkei.r faces against the disgusting condition of their capital .... '.rp 'iii.iioiieid..-oi iMf "Tob8cc(i ;, r iti 1150 of the felony aforesaid, the property of tbe United States usually .lo)own as ha_lf, eagles) of the value of *5 il.cli; 15 fires at l 20 and ,_proceeding as directed. Fo.r a barn from the smoking factory chimneys, they would be more ...... r... c ... I l ..................... 100 of America, against the peaceoftb.e said United Sta&es and gold co f n aa o mxtle or went'yfue h{l.vethreerowsoffiresandthree sensible. ._ IILB:P:.TJI...CLASii. : th 1 .., 0 :> t:.:.f" .,__k d ll :r 1'o tM -.of tlidleoHI'l!oe LeaPTobaeco of ltul .. e, their dignity, and a,<>ainst the form of the statute of the said e va w g\!!1.1 coms \""......,.._ 1D ,!IS a. Y fires in a row. As soon. as the tobacco comes in order, TOBACCO Preanwn by the Trade ....... ................. .. 2110 United States in such case. made and known as. $3 p1eces) o ; value of. $3 each; 30 gold coms cro. wd it as clo_ se as. you can-cor, put in balk the KAinJP ACTUB.B]I.S' TAX-:B.BTU:B.D To tile oWBer of*" s.-4 Belt ill'in of JAaf Toboluo of ,. ( h k d 11 k !fW $l ) f h al PO B. IA Y 18'10 111 clue Prelllllllll b:r tbe 'l'rade... .......................... -IOO THnm COUlfT. oft e m Y' !'! 88 P o t e v ue o and let 1 remant uhtll the 'weather becomes by of the Beet Led Tobaec:o ottto And the jurors aforesaid, on their aforesaid, do eaeh; gold .cola: of -00 to t!ie Jurors -which time the coldr will 'be fixed ; for if you 'let it get 'in .,..--... ... tl;_ 'tiiftieilb" orLe&i.i'ob&OO>"oi' 100 ther present that Josh F. Bailey, late of the City and and a more parttcular desonp.til>n ?annat be high orde soo after being cured, the leaf ; will turn red. 111 class.................... .. ....... .... ....... ................. 5G County of N e w York, in &he district and circuit of the value of ,SI,OOO. SIXty stlver cams (of the It was once the custom a ong the plant 17? in the region of alel,PILLotttcb,Pbrenixll<>tei,Grat&we7d, yeoman, heretofore, to on the Ist day of January in usuall:r known as of the value of $1 each; 60 Jl. country around Danville d keep t eir Joo!'8 shut when the year of our Lord 1870, at, the Soutliern District of New ver coma (of the kind as of the-yeiTowilig toe f; but a planter in that section D.U. .............. ........ ........ ... .... ..... .... ... .... 100 York and within ..I. the jurisdiction of this Court, then and value of 50 cents each; 150 silver coms (?f the kind usually told me last y e ar, thq.t-this practice was to one 1 Jlath .,!:S ... there being an' omcer of the United States charged with as _of the value of 25 each; more rotional, which c o nsisted in le doors remain,attdtlioetorwhlcbU lolntendoo. the safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement of public 3PO s1lver coms (of the kno":n t:IS d1mes). of open during -Jbe yellowing ) n d d(yi'ng pro ss; conse ll. AIITo-lbould evlyatJayur.:elble. moneys, unl awfally and feloniously did convert to his own the value of 10 cents.each, 600 s1lyer coms (of the kmd qn()llce of which. the tobacco was not subject so severe ni \t!';.: use and embezzle a pomon of said public moneys intrusted usually .known l_'S half dtmes) of the value o:{five cents en,o ; a and the tJ.eaf dried more speedly-the necessaey o .lllack to him, the said J oahoa F. B!tiley, for safe-keeking, trans 1 \ 000 Silver corns (of the kmd usually as cent result of-the admission of air. 1 fer, and disbursement, to wit, -sum of 8IOO,OOO in pteces). o&_the :valne _of"tJnoee cents each; sliver ofJ. V. B., in curipg t6ba have witnessed theexperi ro:. bai!Maa Pftlllilllll at IIV other fair C&ll be entered money, a particular of which is the jurors to 'the JUrprs and a more part1ool&r ment so far as the removal l"'severa courses of shingles G. _::b 1181 ofbophlllleb._petlng tbr)INill11uDiin c:Sau. lltb, lOth llth aforesaid unknown, said: moneys being -at the time of the descnpqon whereof be g:1ven, the value of t\50. f ro!'l ,the apex of the roof gut it was a failure. I agree ' committing of the felony aforesaid the property oft Three tPousand copper coms (of the kind usually as entirely with W. A. G. that tobacco is-not an impoverisher 8. -opea to a. eii&IN OoiiD.IrJ, except where otherwise Statetf eace of the said of value of. one ?ent each. The bemg at Jbut,a.n :Improver of .the soil; for I have observed all or the w1ll Receive, and lltciN 'l'll1lbl) JilO &ate's a d the,ir a.!fd agaiT.t the forllfof J;ha j;ime com ttm_g the proper life-:-and I am now an old man-that corn wheat, &c., such BzhlldttaL 'fte Jlnuance Fee on eac11 .... ead. wm "be he f the smd United SPfll!JI in, fliMl ca made AUld ty_ of UniUM-States df agamst peace of the ceeded !:letter after tobacco than any otheArop. Tile finest, t provided. sa1d Umted States and and. agamst the form co I have eve mad was on J ftesh llimd, which FOURJH oou of the of the saui United States m such case maae bAd n in to-reo!(o the, wo P.receding years, no manure ftl.llt PAGB a. co., 1. s. PRBLPS & co. And the jurors aforesa!_d, on :$ejr ._oath aforesaid, do and provided 'taving been app1ied to the land. Old tobacco lots were further present that Joshua F. Bailey, late of the City and Eo_w A.RDS PII!:liR:RPONT, U mted States Attorner ru .. e succee.sful Y e ago, some of my set.vants had a THE .Loui8'1JiUe CO'Urier repQrts that a little bpy six County f ew York, in the District and Circuit aforesaid, of tobacco in a bottom, at the foot f a bill, applying veartl old -writing from Waahlngton to his !fatldfather yeoma li'erelOfore, to wn., on.. the first day of Trade ITnlons-Thelr Ba a Good !sped!J, no which had be e n in for at least fifty i"n f,UB: toek me to 's o $e of our .at th& tobacco inferlllr, of course. The next year see T:iil He ia .a nasty dirty mMa. lie 1sb' o ew o and w1thm the JUriSdiCtion of thl8 A recent article in ; ,Bltukwood's on the subject this field was put in corn, and I conld tell the as mid<\lfl 0 Elill w Gen. Grant was talking to Court, then and there being an 01flce of the J:Inited States, of and capit&l, tersely c.tes sPJDe of the cases, in far as I could see the corn; that portion on "fl1lich the to him, and the ad1es wve Iookiug at him, he to wit, _of Interiitll Revenue, for the Thirty-second which it may very justly be held that, under certain circum baceo was gTown being of a gr .een color and very toned his pantaloons Ill his stomach With h1s Collection DIStrict of the State of New York, then and stances, the production of the greatest amount of wealth thrifty. An int e lligent,.neig bo bad previously-observed to Tsat in Spotted Tail. ,there charged with the safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursemight, on account of the employment of immoral, ot of at me that be thought we might put poor land in tobacco, giv 'J ment of public moneys, UB"lawfully' anw -m:. WRITEs.-Two white gentle-vert to his own use, embezzle_a. portion of said public "It is possible th'Ttt in a particular country, the institution the result would be' satisf.,; tory. The above fact sustains men who were sitting in a secomd-class oar on a railroad moneys entrusted to him, the saJd Joshua F. Baley, for of slavery might bring out the creation of the lar gest quan. his view.W. 11.. Hatchett in Southern Planter and Jihrmer leading into Savannah were imvited out of it by 110me safe-keeping, transfer, and disbursement, to wit, the sum of tity of wealth; yet it would be justly inainta.ined on the negroes who claimed that tlnat was their exclusive tlOO,OOO in United States notes, said moneys being at the other side that it was better to be poorer than to have Jrlace, that they didn't liker to be sitting with white time of comm itting of the l_'foreBBid tbe property slaves. It is equally conceivable that in certain states of folks who would I.IJlOke cigars. of the Un1ted States of Amenca peace of the society, the largest amount of agricultural produce might .. .. l ., c' New Flra. <.{" ".L NEw YoRK CITY:LDr., 1er & b,.m, 12'1 Pearl street. I I J; .. Plug -;!' .. Tobac-0 i i t;oNO. OF DISTRICT. ro .. J co Tax l>} 1 s Paid. o ,2 a:;f nc. .., ate. Hie. ate. t;oundo. Potmde. Poundo. Poundo. P'do. -----------. 1 1 : I tm Dll'l'lllCT, BBOOIL,:CB, N T 1 Pioneer Tobacco Co .. 286,857 .......... 8,800 ... ... 81,08!1 H v1Bacbanan & Lyle .... { '-'!25 U51,116ll 48,481 -48 16t. MO 0 0 0 0 0 o .... 8,175 8 P. Lorlllar

THE rOB.ACCO L E .A F ( Compqsed ot Dlotus HoYT and JoHN F. FLAGG, IJo.404 PE;ARL STREET, NEW YORK. TOBl}CCO, SNuFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS BOYT & CO.' '' Compos c d 'of" THOMAS Hon and JeHN E FLJ!.so; SUCCESSORS TO TOBACCO MA'NUF ACT U & E RS Anhur Gillender & Co., 8Vooa!OI8 '1'0 IE,\ lOD' .PDEJ.SOB 6 00. ... 0.. ,.. SOLACE TOBACCO, 116, aad, 111 LIBERTY -STREET, 121 CEDlllB'l'BEET, Artbar N a poleon B. Kukol.., !fiWT -9-RK, Jooepb 'IV. Gray, LIQUORICE. LICORICE PASTE WALLIS & CO. EXTRA. Tobacco manufacturers and the trad& in gene ral are parti c u ? arly exarr.ine and test the superJor properties vf this LICORICE, which, being now brought to the hi ghest perfection, is offered under the a bo..e style of brand. We are &lao SOLE. AGENTS for the brand. looeph L. IL Woo4. "_. F. G. D A '""' OT W E L L Acknowledged by consumers to be the a H 1 best in the m ... And for the brand of FINJ& 0 ux SMOK.CBt; IJicorice St1ck G. B. Tobdooos FINE CIGARS. In aU respects eqnal to! We ai:e also AGENTS for the bl'Uld G. z.; which Will be found constantly OD blind,, 1. Licorice Root, )!el ect' and LIQUORICE HENRY 11. IIORRIS, Nts. 99 Pearl and G2 Stoae Street, YOBK, IMPORTER or .. Spanish Mass Liegriee, on hand. 1 d 00.11:0, WALLIS & :SB'W,, YoRK ;&ROKEll"'' 'l9 & s1 s;-u,-. wm.lil R. tA I. a. r' 'C:A:TTUS 8i RtfETJ' ':..r': I l ,\&J A-l--l-.u 1\.t .. I, J ... I ( I L J POWDERED'' No :i.{$9 L-u4lo1f Sweet, N6W GUM ARABIC,: NEW I I J' I ), t. I l I '. ,, [I I v.T j I DREYER &"' O,A.SSEJJOlnl ... .. I ,HOYT & CO., :los SifGOND .STREET, Wlf. H."GOODWIIf I. co., 'OT""' OIL, TOiTQUA'D ... ;..wB, .. I '>u. ............ Of.._ j { j ., .ua;' '.1.1 '.PL4Jll lt __ Wtaf nb, fi01JBpr : WEAVER & STE:RIY;, 127 Pear_ J ') I 1. LouisviLLE, KT. ,OUR BRAND fine Cut Ch .e:'Ying, I WO'I&IOVWATEB-B'J,' .. .J... New York-City. ,, 1 "llVniL: 16 Platt Street. N. J I HEART'S DELI GMT, 1 SWEET OWEN, r NATl0NAL, liNGs touNTtToBJ.cco woalis: FREDERiCK FISCHER, : :rouNc & SMYLIE, TobaccQ I :Q rok$ r,-IMPORTERS ANO DEALERS IN RE>SE MRS. G. B. MILLER & CO. !Tobacco Manufact.oly, (Wll. E. LAWRENCE, Prea'q 97 Columbia Stlfeet, I. S. I;)OUCLASS; lllallutacturer or all klndl! or Paste a.nd Stick, flliE-CUT, CHEWING, AND BMOKING TOB!CC08 29,.31 cf 33 LorimM" Street ( 180-181) WILLIAMSB.URCH1 N.Y No. Water sweet, NEW" YORK. D. H. McALPIN & co:, P. nPHEws co .. LICORICE PASTI!. No. 2 Hanover 104-129 NEW YOR.K, J. S. GANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, IO. 88 WALL-STREET 81 B.road..-a:r, !!few York, lira. n B. Miller" Cp. Chewing and .. OP UJI Bertocoll theatteutlonot Tobacco lTontlne .. 8u111dlng. lob-oco; the onlT Genuine American O.ntl CELEBB.&.TED FINB-C1JT Llcurtceot .. ,_ :jililW-YOR.K Snull'; Yra. G. B. Killer A Oo. llaoaaboy po .... espeez 1 A Leaf .and Na_vv Chewinr, lllsothneryfavorttebrand CHARLES F .. OSBORr.E, J1o. and Grape TobaQCO! .B lllller J II WJf. Z Z n.. Reserve "molr'ft" .ft "'"-'ft" To'---,.hlch IB to pooseuthe bid ... --If JAJIIES G. OSBORNE,. ..,.... "' ;-"''"'"_, .....,._ .un u. IOliD8 o the belt 8pa.n.lah braDda IDiporled. ..-All SMOKING ':I,"OBACCO.. FB.UW York CJ t y :,43 uLANE, I J,,. NEW, YO .RK. lxroRTBBS OJI ,-OJt Briar & Meerschaum -SEGARS&' SMOKING TOBACCOS, PIP:BS,. SHOW FICURES, S MO K EB S' AB T LCL ES, GOld *-WALKINC C'A'NES. ean InUtute, ror Show l!'lgureo. .. 03 A'?f, X. W .l.LLDiiTJ:IB. HAWIBttRCEfl' & CO., Import ... 8 and Msrtufo.tJt- r I ::E E 131 And .Deal'"' ,,. aU klnd.o of LE.A.F TO:EIA.CCO,. 5D MAIDEN LANE, NEW" YORK. ) 1 I RICHARD J. BOIK.EN, MWTOIIL I ll' A Ltrt1e O.Ut


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