The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOLUlo!E 'r


I 2 -i. tJJe -.igorous and efficient Dr.Presbrey a kind ofrov1ng Jnission ae Internal Revenue Supenlsor,. to enable h1m w in sections. Why not carry ut the idea, and d1spat4h1m 1 k after tbe blockade-runners 'ilere ? 1ke itlle &it who quietly went down stairs when be saw preparafions made for kicking him out, woulli proba bly tien they beafil t the Docw ,.Qtite, At an rate, M'r. Commiesionert trt the' elrperiment. NOT DEAD YET.-The Reve-.e .au of late so persistent!}' given the ootd sJronlderto"the self.' elected tpies ,and )!lfotme[S'fho ... themselves_ to the aeh'Ice lik'e barnadles a sh1p, that we Im sgined they bad gone into so!De !Bore reputa)le business, but the prosecut10n ID the Syl ester case shows that we were m11taken. There are, however, DO more to _and &he onl}' cban6e for ga.Hnag a liftlihood ,m Ociious profession is for the brotherhood to to Ten aessee. Fat pickings there, my hearties I A TRIAL oF SKILL....o:it-iS" said that during'the iast ,Exhibition ill Paris, there waa a trial of akill cenain English 1iet.ermm11 :Vi9b. could furniah 'lie adepts. in their nefarious trade. We foiget ,now wh1oh camed ofl' the palm but: a similar est would be wibleased, if spies would '!>ut .take ad , 8.30, 8.tso, 8.25, 8.2"5, 8.10, s, 7,90, 7.95, 7. 75, ., 0 I r l f ,' 1 1 7 :'lff, 7. 7 01 7,60, 7.501 7.501 7.401 'l,':ffi T _otal. .. ; : .. n ,EVANSVILLE, J-ui.T J0UN1al11& 1 The Since Jill. t, and war by"France against Praoasia h!. Ohio; :{' '" : 14,37.1. still' in all markets. Measrs aDd. on shipboard not L 'L.-ve "ad -I ti N 1 d "" .....,.., ... u ...., egrams rom ew c eare 1,900 OrleatJa the Gvman orders were f ... -11t,271 eanoelled, aRd all e!t'ort toba. ooo,ftat. Meears. 1 r ,, tin, Gardner & Co.; thrn'k, however, 'tibat there will be Stock in_ warehouil1 to-day a reaetiori iq a i'ew 14ys, 'a.nd that by the time for the Manufactured TobaCco. -;-Pnce of manufaetured leaf things willliave Lheir former status. fully sustained at Richmond J Market 'here' firm; r'e-Below are tlie quotatioqs u turuiahed by Messrs Mar ceipts increasing and active inquiry for and tin, Gardner & Co,, of the warehouae: Fro common pounds. 1 zen tl'88h ahd lngs .5.00 to 6,00. Thferior to common July 28. as The 6.00, M .O; beav;ya"'od lugs, 6.90 market IS without change; with only of to, 8.00 ; to med.i.nm leaf, S.liO to 9. 50 ; good leaf and manufactu!'fd. We quote u follows: Leaf-10 to 14.261 We$tern-Lugs, lie to 100; common, lot to IO!; me. I HARTFORD, JuLY 25:'-.M:f Wm. Weetphal, leaf dium, 11 to Hi; good, 12 w 121-; fine, 121 to19 f wbacoo commission merchant,, rl!port&: Our tobacco selections, 13-l to 14. Leaf-Virginia Lugs, 6i to 8; marlteL ha8 been doll since mylaet report. Sixty-nine common, 8l to 9; medium, 9} to 91; good, 10 to wrappen have not yet ch&iDged hands. We hue had Ht; line, 1H to 112; 12't to 18!. Seedleaf-very bot weather the put few 'Weeks; the mereury has Conn. and Ma&s. fillers, 13 to 15 ; do wrappers, 45 to been o't'er 100 depooa in the shade many a day. We 5/i; do -running loti, 35 to 40; Ohio fillers, 10 to 12; never needed ,ram more than we do now. Tbis long do wrappers, 25 to 45 ; do running lots, 16 to 25 ; Penn. continued dry season is telling fearfully upon the crops. fillers, 10 to 12; do wrappers, 211 to 45; rnnning Iota, In man! tobacco plants are drymg up. 16 to '25. Mufhctured-ln bond-Bright workLOUISVI!-LE,_ J:ULY 20.-We report aa follows; Common and medium, 25 to 30; good and fine, 86 to The market 1s The war news continues to de66; Biaek work-Common and medium, 20 to 22; presa prices, and buyers :are hesitating, while holders good and fine, 26 to 30, The receipts have been 41 are not w.illing to make saorifioet, and are not presaing hhds, 133 and 202 bxs. The exports were 2 hhds their stocks The importl!l have been 1,145 hbds, 6U to Surinam, 3 bls to Fayal, and 40 bxs to the British bxs, and the exports were 1,081 hbd1!.,972 bxs. The sales North American Coloni'es. J.r-.',"' were 11259 hbda, as follows: OJ! Thursday, the Pickett CAIRO, ILL., JuLY 22.-The P'l'ice Ourr-ent says house sold 145 hbds; 140 hhds Ballard, Owen, Mason that the sale at the Ballard to-day was well Bracken, Christian, Barren, Hancock, Breckenridge' attended, and some of the aample& offered were of su Fulton, Ohio, Henderson, Union, Simpson, Taylor and perior quality. The offerings comprised 20 hhds, Metcalte counties leaf at $8.1!0 to 62, 1 hhd Illinois which sold as follows: 3 hhds sold at .10 to 6.10; leaf at 26,50, 4 hhds Ballard county lugs at 6.75 to 7 bhds, at 7.26 to 9. 'l6; 4.o bhds at 1 o. 25 to 12 00 ; 6 8.50. The Louisville house sold 56 hhds : 1 hbd Virhbds at 26.50 to a.25. ginia bright wrappers at *205; 26 hhds Ballard, Henderson, Warren, Barren, Buder, McLean, Graves and CHICAGO, JuL:Y; Sprague, Warner & Daviess counties leaf at 9.60 to 42, 21 hhds Ma.On, Co., tobacco commission merchants, report: Our mar Bracken, Owen, Ohio and Davie!!! counties cutting leaf ket for tbe week ending today has been moderately at 16 to 24.50, 2 bbds Weakley county, Tennessee, active, with ilales, viz.: Good black, sweet navy, leaf at 12 to 22.50, 1 hhd Warwick county, pounds, navy thirds, navr sixes, quarter pounds, pockIndiana, leaf at 12.75, 4 hhds Hart and et pieces, long ana short tens, and C')lunders, 58 to Simpson counties ;cured leaf at 9.85 to 12.75; l hbd 59c These quotations cover both Southern and West Illinois cured leaf at 40 The Ninth-street house eold ern work. SomQ scrap goods of the style, with 39 hhds: 1_0 hlids Barren, Warre!l, and Hart counties a very good wrapper, have beeb'.sold at 55 to 56c. In shipping leaf at tlO to 11.75; 29 hhds Owen, Dariess bright there is -t.little a few salet1 have and Hancock counties cutting leaf at 1 75 to 23.50 been made at the following quotat1ons: 01-dinary navy, The 'Farmersl)ouse sold 58 hhds: p hhds Barren and thirds and quarters, 61 to 63c ; fair navy, thirds, quar' Logan counties shipping leaf .at 9. '10 to 13; 35 ters, pocket-pieces, and navy aixca, 68 to Owen and Hent:v counties cutting le:lf at 11.50 to 28; 9 inob, hard and bresseu and gold b"', 85c to 4 hhds Weakley county TenneBSee bright wrappera at $110. Fine cuts-Cholue, s5 tti 90c; medium, 75o; IZ. 75 to 30 ; 5 hbds Hart county bright wrappel'l! at common, 511 td lftlc. gmoking-;Killikiniok-ComDI.on 21.50 to 35.50 ; 1 hhd Warr.:q county good leaf at 10. W 28 to 35o; do. Virgiqia, 32 to 38c; good 1.'lle Planters'' house sold I8. bhda : 4 hhas Owen Virginia, i ch9ice Virgmia, 58 to 65c; com clltt.iirg leaf a.t 6.25 to 39 ; 1 hbd Owen county moo stems, 2 c ; Spanish rpixed, il j,Q 25c .; at U ; 50; 10 bhds Hart, Breckenridge and Ballard clear leaf, 25uto {1.7w On'. lfor the next, 'hirt.y county' leaf at 9.25 to 7.li0; .2 .hbds 6oberts01! county days' Wilr _probably be Jru. t e have every at 9.).0 to 9.60. ifbe Boo,ne sold p\'ct fOr a he':vy trade t.hJS J hhds: 18 bhds Owen, Mason, Br.I'Cke,, Christian, Hart, o{JI VI NNA'DI, JULY 1!3.---l\b. J. k. Jblintlon, re: counties ltSr porte of the Cinciflnatt TohoeOI Assdcil{tion, lfrltes llt 9.,20 to '"97 ; 1 hbd Virghtift bright wrapper at as fq\_lQ,ws : n,o ; S hbds lhdiana at 6'.3IY to 10.'1'5.' On ,OIL il bxs ,,u; hli,dil:.4 .hhds In'diaua follo,.a.:n.Ur hhdauew .. Bracken counties leaf leaf L lugs io\t ... traah, .... ., 4.90, 11 at 5;6'o''t6. lugs at'; to 10.50; l bbd OW.n eoun'ty 1'88h at; 5 : 95, -haf'ii.'Os .,,.M, 29 at '{l.o'l-90, 18 & g bitU Warren county 1anct.1low leaf at 6./fo I p to. 9 :95', 4 atlO 10.50, G tt 11 to t, 1 hhd county l,ugs l't' 7 :711; :1 blids 6 audlugs,-"b..Gto:8, 'tiMl 16.25 to 15:50; '1 at 16 ,toi l.6. 76, at 17 to I liouse soid 60 hhds: 21 hhdi :McLean, Breoken-18.26 to 1&.'15, 8 'at 19:25 to 26;26, 4 at 21.50 e, Haucock, l Metcalfe and' D\'e&l!l covntiee; lugs 1 bx.. Mason coun'ty 'at 10.7&; 2 bhds aew'Sonthem at 5.90 tQ 7 :60; 35 hh ds McLean,:Butltlr, Kehtucky !'t D. so to 10; IO. hbda new Misl!leuri at 6.05 ndge, Todd and Barren COUiltiee r IU 7.90 to'12; to 36; 6 b:u new MH,iouri at 12.50 to 36. 4 hhds Breckenridge eollaty re-dried catting le&f at P. H. Ulayton & Co, sold '16 hbds 5. bxs ... 24. ,'the Pickett house sold 60 hhds: 20 61 hlids new Mason and Braoken counties, 3 at 5!25 to hhd1. He11derson, Ballard, Owen and Caldwell OOUQ.5. 75, 11 at 6 to, 6,95, 7 at 7 95, 7 'at 8 to 8.85, 6 at 9 to tieeleafat $8.M to 30.60; .bbds Caldwell, 9.80, 6 at H) to 1 at I1.50,16 at 12 to 12.75, 3 at Grayson 1 and Hart lup t't 5.70 to 8.101 ll 13 to 13.76, ,.3 at.l4o tol4.75,4at 15 to.]5.501 4 .at 16.75 hhds Union med1um str1pr at 111.1!6; 2 to 17.25; 3 hhds Owen eavntyluge frozen at 5 to 6.60, hbds Weakley co1,1nty '11enneeaee 9, 10; 12 hbda 12 bhds new West Virginla 5.10 to 16.50, 5 bxenew Illinois: 5 oonunon leaf at 7.80 t9 9 30, lugs at 5.65 to West Virginia at 5 to 10. 75. 7.20; 5 hbds Union county lugr and trasl:. 5. 70 to Casey, Wayne & Co., sold 139 hhdA as follows :-89 8.10; 2 hhde Grayson co11n'y 01mmon leaf at 8.10 to hhds New Mason and Bracken counties, 5 at .5.50 to 8.60; 1 hhd Henderson county trash at 6.60. The Lou5,95, 7 at 6. to 6.90, 20 at 7.05 to 7.95, 7 at 8.10 to 8.80 isville house sold 60 hhds: B1llard, Ohio, Barren, But-5 at 9 to 9.90, 8 at 10 to 10. 75, 10 at 11 to 11. '75, 5 at 12 ler, Logan, Graves, McLe:au and Daviess counties leaf tol2.75,7ati3to'l3.75,&at1.(,25to14.75,ati5.75 at $8.90 to8; 2 hhds leaffromWest Virginia ai. 16.50, 16.75, 16.75,4at I7.'75, 18, 18.50, 18.75, 1 at 19.and 14 at 50; 5 hlds Butler county logsud 25, 38 bhds new Owen county frozen trash to com at 6 to 7 ; 16 hhds Warwick (l9unty, Ind., 9 htgs. mon leaf, 6 ,at 5 to 5.80, 3 at 6.50 to 6.95, 12 at 7.50 at 6 to 7.90, 7 leaf at 9.lf to 10; 8 hhds Hardin and. to 7.911, 6 at 8 to 8.80, 2 at II to 9.90, 3 at 10 to 10.'75, 5 Logan counties lugs at 1.10 to 8; 2 hhd& lllioQis at. at 11 to 11. 75, 1 at 12. ?5, 12 hhds new Boon connty 10 'to 10.50". The Boon hout!e sold 65 hhds 5 hbds lngs at 6.25, 7, 7.50, 7.95, 7.95, 8, 8.80, 9, IO, 10.50,10. Owen and DavieBS coollt.Jes at 5.20 to 9.60; 31 hhds 75. Green, Adair and Masoo oounties lugs and leaf at 5 .20 Phistet, & Brother, sold 38 hhds 1 bx:. aefollowls : 29 io 13.25, 11 hhds and Hart counties leai hhdsMI&.'DD and1Bracken at to 6.70, 2 at 7 at6'to 13.25: 14 hhdpTaylor and Todd counti86 lugs to 3 at 8.05, to 8.50, 2 10 tq 10. 75, 2 at 12.75 to apd low 1e;J at 6.20 to I 0. On Saturday the Piokett 13 ;75, 4 at. 14 to 14. '75, 3 at 16 to 15.f:JO, .( at 1e : u 'to llouse sold 60 b)ld: 1 hhd Ballard county bright 16. 'Jf>,,lJ a()4t t



' TH. & SONS, I. t .,. C 78 PEARl. STREET, I J J a. 11'. aSn;-. l. JL F.llaJIJ. l. B. B1a1ce1Dora. E. M. OR! \Yf'ORD & 00;1 BUIEMOIE, MAYO' & co., TOBACCO T 1.....-.......... d C tto .UD ouauuu an o n COMMISSIOI MERCHANTS, OW YOKK, llle.allldlldl or Leaf Tobacco for JCzport and ..... -. I. PARKER -a: COTTON AND TOBACCO FACTORS .urn COMMISSION t 181 Pearl Street,' corner of Cedar, NEW YORK. r. 0. LOrD&. O. Jf' LINDJ: O. IU.JDLTONo S. KABCOBO. r. NEW YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. lntpeeted or 8aoipled. given for every case, and d elive red, b7 as to number of Certificate. NJ/3.-I also sample in X er chanl$' own SWres. l j .1. ; ,. 'rl }J.. 1 ( ) ) I -----.. } SCHBD ER & BON, 1'18 Watm_-, New York. llf[PQJtl'D8 01' D..un&JI I AND Packers of .Domestic Leaf Tobacco. .&. n:n .USOBTKD7 o HAVANA. CIQA.BS &D4 CIQAR :annscms cieu..;_U7 ID hull. 108 FRONT ST., NEW .YORK. c Br Have always on hand a large Assottment, for sale onLiberal Terms, SPROTTO & CELDERMANN,' TOBAC-co BROKERS, Agent:s for WILKENS & KLIER, BaltiD1ore, 101. MAID;kN LANE. NEW YORK. F. CtNDE & CO., .., w &teund 74. 78, &nd 78 .9reenwioh BUeet. [ r. !Always on a !Ulla sortmcnt of BAY, MARYLAND omo, And VIRGllnA TOBAC 00, IOitab le far the home trade. lo .,._.,_ "LOIIOI l&dtt p4 ......... DKl&" .. eklq .......... I .L.. ....... : ......... 01 '1 ........ ., !01!000, AND OTBll& ,SOO'fHBRN PRODUOE, i' fll .,. ........... '0. roiuc. CO:MIDG eO'ldCJ:TBD. & BRO Commission Merckants o.nd IMPORTERS I OF HAVANA LEAF, !J1 LBA,I' TOBACCO and BBG.Ali.J, -' Cijj:..:r Ribbons oonl 1 46 W t St t N y stantly on hand; f a er II frDllam Btre, L J 'fl & tJtJ .. 1 ;acr.No. HJJ. .t"'EARL STREET, New York The Following Well-knawn and Justly Oelebrated Blanda of Virginia r ,, T0BAC0b: .. GRAlff & WILLIAMS, RUSSELL & ROBINSON, J. G. DILL, J. K. CHILDREY, L. H : FRAISER & CO., TURPIN & YARJROUGH, J. 3. 'PACE l co.,' ., & OLIVER, GRANER & WINNIE, BARRATT'S CROWN, REUBEN RAGLAND, GIUiAft & MALLORY. CHEIVES &: OSBORNE, DAVIS & sot ,. No. 1'10 Water street, New. York -' H. sboVILDE, I L. PALMER 1 1 Connecticut Seed-leaf Wrapper of our own packing II Alai;; of other F&IIIlJ Finli-Outs, Xiilikinn!ok, &lid Out b.omr To._. : tf. -u "" .. ._ .,. c 1(119:-:R5UfT I ... f ( ',. I I r DB' BAitY a KLING 52 Broad and 50 Streets, IMPORTERS OF A.FR.XC.AN' .dlld other ftne and popular brana. of HatHJna Segar,. AND SOLE_ AGENTS FOR THE SALE Df THE PRINCIPE 'GALES SEGARS, KEY 'WBS-:[1: :QRAHCB, Ol' THB CELEBRATED .l'BIJlOIPE DE GALES lUBUFAOTOBY OF HAVANA. KELLOGG, OVERTON Be CO., TOBACCO 'cOMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1A .nd.Sole Asents,for the following CELEBRATED Brands of l N ,.... ... ., roJUL KREIIELBERG & 'CO., JO:W-YOBK, I i _.. F. L. BRAUifS & CO., BAL'l'IIIO:aB, Conilion lerchants. CommiSsion AND DEALER IJI VIRGINIA & WESTERN LEAf, .lliD .lla.nllliwJtued ToiN!ooo, Lioorice, Gum, etc., PBJ.RL STREET, N. y, W. ALEX. BASS (Late CONNOLY & Cu., and & !lASS) 13ROKER IN LJIA:r AND IA.NUFAVrUBJID 'I' o b a c co. 99 Water St., N. Y. a. :1. 0:1:1.. xa. 0 :a. d :Ell ::r & :a. 0 h., W. ALEX. BASS &: CO., Oommission Merchants and Brokers IN LJIAF' AND .llANUPACTURED .roBACCO, t3do Cary Street. Richmond, Va. I Ottinger&: Brother, I KENTUCKY Loaf 119 NEW YORK. ROBERT E. KELLY & CO., HAVANA LEAF, 34 BEAVER STllnT, NEw Yon. R. 8. WALTER, LEAF 203 STREET, Near ll&id ... Lane, NEW YORK. WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., Glan ntoD.lVID D'IEILL 6 00.> LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Malden Lane, w .. NIIW YOBII:. 1'. A. .14. Til&. JOS. MAYER & SON lltrrklnts, .lBD DI4L&118 IN :1.22 W .d.TEB BTBEET, New York. S -MOEIHG ... OB'A"CO J. H. BEBGliANK i&' I v COMMISSION MERCHANT JOBlf BTBAlTOR J06EPH SCHlliTT. GEOBGE S'JOIIJI. 1110IIAS KlftNICUT'l',; t-& p iA,. T:LYJA:N' db.-. <;)0.,.. HENKELL, '?. COTTDI'I: TOBACCO FACTOR 1 SEGAR CER8HEL & , Havana and Domestio LEAF TOBACCO, L F TO AND t IIU'OB\'DS or 1 ,68 Pearl Street 98 IAIDD LANE, FOREIGN TOBA.00(J, A D CBOCJ<:UY, ..... 150-1'1$ l(J:W YOtut. n 178 JI!BOlll"r ST., N.Y. C. A. BuJUULL. a OW' .!!. QJrae WILLETIST.,. Ill "' Best M:&terial and Superior ll&ke by Self-invented and patented Jlaohinery,


11b JJnlLtl, 1-2' lb. Drums 'r 1-4 lb. Drums, 1-4 lb. Bags. 1 lb. lap, 1 lb. Bags, 1-4 lb. Bags Jommonwtalth 2 oz. Bags, 1-4 lb. Bags. J-2 lb. Bags llb. lags! l SOLE AGEBTS, R a111r York. AI :J!actory No. 3, Second District, New York, llAHUFACTUBBRS OF II:J;:Iobaooo OF A..LL S M 0 .1::<. 1 1\.! G TOSAOOO f Of' Style, Snull"s of. Superior Qualitl", AND DEALERS IN CIGARS, At Factory No. 1, Feurth Nfltll Yoril. THOMA. ,,RAY PHILIPP HU.K "THOMA$ J. RAYNER & CO.," MANUPAOTUR&Aa 'F:KN"E SEG-.AR.S,. liD DULERI IN LUF TOBACCO. l'artleiiJar aU.eatloB to Br.Udll' GreMn A leJiben. 29 Street, and 64: .Maiden Lane,. New York. This novel. and newly patented inveiil:i 0 n is claimed to be the moat perfect devke foz B{IlOkiug' loose iobacco ever offered io the public. By t!:u! l!imple shown, the saliva, instead of running inio ihe bowl, welting the iobacco, and thus fouling the whole pipe, it carried through the under tube inio the ball orcb&m ber under the bowl, while the smoke, entirely denicotized,.pasaes dry and clean through the upper stem io the mouth. This cham ber is readily detached and .emptied, and, being entirely separate from the and having no communication Into it, evaporation from it inio the 'pipe is and the tobacco is kept dry, and may be readily consu.ed io the last particle, while the great objection io ihe common pipe-that of the nicotlne drawing back into the mouth-is entirely obviated. -It differs in this respect from all other pipes, and must commend itself at a gl an ce to all 81110ltera. 1-JlJW..APPLEBY. GIO. W,HJILIIII, R. w. ROBINSON & SON, APPL:EBY & Ll!'::184 NBtDYor eucc:.mssoRs TO .. I > t. SON, RAILROAD --lVRLLS /SlfUPP. JU.CCOBOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, SCOTCH Aim LU'NDYFOOT SNUFFS.' IIACCOBOY AND FREjC,f., SBlJFF FL?UR. .., -.u.eo MANUPAOTUBER8 o.r 'THE rmJCST BRANDS oJ' SMOKING TOBACCOS, CIGARS, AND'"pm POWDERED' .LICORICE. 133 WATER. AND 85 PINE STREETS, ;'-, NEW-Y6RK. ... aeld .Jobbel'll only, f.' AI..IO DIUaU Ill AND OP TH. BRAND OJ' DOIISTIC LIU !NB .lmrJACfUUD rtB!CUOS. 189 WaterW.....t,lfewYort'. SEGARS, RITIOA," 1&-DIO. A BP&UIO. lOIS Pearl Street, D. & A. BENRIMO, "NEW YORK. B. LININGTON & SONS f DD DULDS II( &ml)8 o DIJ'OllTSILI.,. -'' LEU 'TOBACCO lll a D. Ill a S e B a 2.- Ul4. wA.T.IIB-sT:aiiBT, N&;.-rollll, Alii D CHI ROOT 8, Han on oale Ill tlncla at LBU 'l'OBAOOO for BXPORT la ... orcJUrpald. Alarreu-elofall ...... 1114 BOHB UBL ol s.c-_,llaDUJ OD baad. :,'BONT STREET, I M. R. PEARSALL, _. ...,. TorJJE.. OATMAN, 811aceuor to -OATKAlf dr. .B.EID, -.,. ... HAVANA HAY .A\NA SEGARS .-AND-LEAF TOBACCO. .KD. 42 CODRTLAifDT. ST., "LA EBTJUIL:L.A,." 1 fii!W 'Z'ORK. .1... 0. J.AKCfrfl; no MTE 1 c TOBACCO Am> cioD:rssio:r Leaf o acco, MERcHANT 166 Water-Sreet. .um J)UJ.D Of i"' NEW-YORK. -- -. -... 163 PEARL STREET, BEW YOBX. Cimrrr&a: We iake the llbertJ tiL llda.-!Q ,... Ill thla maDDer, tbe better to eaD ,.,.... attention to a 'l'obo(.oo aniUD&liJ'-Ill. he qaolll.y. We !lave, dnrlog IDU>JJ ...... patleot11 and peroeerlllll7 loatltat.Od eipe!imeta ba'fillg 1 dlrell\ apon the III&Dilllactnre of !l'oiMI<:co ..,. ..... ft11 opar..l neither" time """mono" Ill the ii oar 111t1 from our put experience and la'f81tlcatlono, are con'fillced !bat the ouly true and roper .....,1 Totileco Ia ander of 81&DDfactarlng. U Tobacco 1kma tbe atmoeJ>bere, JINYellla I\ !tom mouldln and lre&IIJ l111pro-tbe and li'IWI 10 JDaola 10, UaM u.. P&Cicaplll earlloxee will 11ci (ollfd to 'be better lhan IIIII& wblch wu at fl.rot taken out. So weltfw IN weu to Ita blgb -.It, lbat we aow p!Me 11 with tbe gresteM eon!d....,. In eompelltloo wlt.b ID1 article tbat to now manufetiired. Under no clrnmotance wiD the IHalloi&N ot Braa.._ .. Lowue4 or De&erlora&ell. Caution to Consumers, Agatn1t pnrchatng an 1of erto r Tobaeeo pat np for Wn &Mim11atlng oa.r Trade mark eo closely, t ba.t the impol'liLiun Is only disco vered by the of the tob c e o hee l f. W:e to all our Cufntnerlf Tobacco tlud w'ill pl-t:a6t'!., and to prevent thP. or al{ a ttpurtout article ple&!e to h e wltcn calUnl! for .Fttte C"t t 1 b qtllre for W B. 'OOODWlN CO.'S PuRE YELLOW B.i.:NK. an d \\1LcOl.!.:ll ToB"'-CCo. 1 LIDS THE AMElt N CIGAR CO. .. 172 Water st.; New tor Are now ready to receive and execute 0 /'ders for their Cinar Machine. I. c WM. AGNEW &. SONS, Tobacco, .'obaeco and Commission Merohmts, { .i-. u:..u L u n oa lliliO&IPTio o I 75 Pearl Street, Leaf Tobacco Cor 11d Home Use. Lear Tobotoco b.W Ill UT ..... b7 lie.,... for 'i4-&\ NEW YORK. ,I'OR SEGA..B BOXES, Furnished In qnanUtles fo lllllt l>y R.O::ID::Ifd.A.1\T dt :EE:IIIPEI'D'R.N, 216 LEWIS STREET, N. Y. &; No. 2114 BBO#DWAY, NBW re,tlect' tt Instti-tition.' .. KT8, U,ecM),OOO. A88URI:D MI:M8EII8, li,OOO. Oli'JI'J:CEB8 I W.QTD PD'IDII, ..._..ent. 'H. 'l'reullfW GEORGE c. mLEY, L mrm, A'ctaarr. GOOD. GERMAN AGENTS WANTED. St., R. Y.,' r. II.NUfACTUa.ERS OF AU KIIJDS Of Fa# -Printed Oottof:iA Goods FOE coo l!ele .6pat8 lot llelulDe Pini.Qullt7 SKOICNG TOBACCO, CLOVER Jl18T DB. L'O'CE, SCOW CLlJB, No. NewYork: [F J.UiJTIS KALDENBERG; Manufllc"tttrer '-of" Warran-ted Meerschaum Pipes, .I Cigar Holders, Amber Mouth Pieces, Pipe Stems, Silrer Mountings, AD4 aU Choioe Articles iu tile line, at Wholeaale and RetaiL Wholeelle and' an4 W a.reroom, 4 ud 6 Tohn Street; Store, 71 Nassau, comer John Street, NEW YORK.. 1.. Real Keersohaum PiP, Bowls, LONDON STRAIGHT AND BEND, CA.RVED, PLhN, AND FANCY CIGAR HOLDERS made 1t.r-epecial contract, tnd al lower prices than they can be imported at. I hav lW&yr Oil hand a very large l!tock of all patterns. I al8o make io orcl .. ( -.:J- CRESTS, ORTAAITS, ,ETC. BOILII!Hl llOUNTING, e5c., attended io. Goods sent to all parts ot tht oool'lltn/' 1 1 "I Circulan sent by enclosing stamp. :.J 1 N. B.--"'1 am the Sole Jrlan.ufacturer of GENUINE IIEJ:UlSCHAUll .AND .A..llBU GOODS to &he i.n the United States. Manufacturer or Lorillard'a Celebrated Yacht Clulr-Pipee, given away with hie Yacht Club Smoking Tobacco Ca::ASSFORD 4 CO., .. QIUI.&'l' ft, BIILlll\1'8, {EeTULIIHD 18!11.) LQN,DON, Solicit to London, Liverpool, Mel bonrne, and SydBey of :Manufactured Tobacco ouit able tor theoe mtrf!elf Caeh roarle bJ: ". 1 .J: :J>VF-R' I w"ID imiM .or Tolllllloo wanted In England aad tb.o olooleL M. H. LEVIN, I JII.IVa'ra Of Tobacco and-Segars; U'D DUl.a ta AU. Ill-cw L E A F T OB A C C o, 181 PE.AB.L-ST, near Wallat NEW YORI. --::-:::----::----c:----:-------w .. Q. XnaN.ur. P. W'. MDI; J L CJASSI:BT _._ BRO KERRIGAI 6 AGHEL, ..,.. ., i'OIWJCO AND Gm&AL OOMYIB8ION DCHAm COMMISSION 'MERCHANTS ou AoNn TH A,.;, DEALERS IN ALL KIN ... 0., Gold Dust, Scartallettl, Leaf Tobacco, No. 1 60 Water Street, New York. JULIAN ALLEN Seed-Leaf and Havana Wll-'-'e Only, WATER STREET, M. Y. AJ. a-kblc u4 Jlaalfaetln4 or--. '18 Water S'rHI, lew Y .... G. REISMANN & CQ ... lbul ,. ........... 179 PEARL-STREET, .u.... 1'111 (fll$ Ol4ar -aiiSII.&XDt1 t ,....,APuw. !ew-Yo.rk. L. HIRBOHO}tN I & 00. ._. SEGA:RS, LIAr Tos.A.c-co, J. B. STAFFORD & TOBACCO ....,.uau. Commission Merchants, No. 1D 8Up, LYON A 8TUroHD, NKW YOR .. -OTTO MAIER., 29 BEA YEB /!JT,, lm)lui'W al 6Ll Yl.RA SIO:IBS, lole ..... al 11BOUQUET DE TABACOS" AND ".JOOlCIT OLVB.


PBILADBLPHIA AD:VB&TIDDJITS TH. H. VBTTXRL'KIN. TJOO I TI:TftBI.alN. VETTERLEIN PHILADELPHIA, PA., llerQhants in Leaf and Mannfu.ctnrad Tobacco, DO't'LE9TIC .AND IMPORTEU SEGARS. I ean f o rw a rd. i r Stocks wit h out p r e payin g t h e Gevernment Tax. THE TOBACCO LEAF. CDICIBlfA.TI, BT. LOUIS, A.lfD WEBTBB.I A.DVEB.TISBD:I'TI. WM. A. BOYD, & CO., BODD.IAl\lli"SH rBes de & 8 WHOL.aAL. DUL '" Inspection & leatiobacco enry u n ro., KA.lrorAC'l't1ltiD AID ToBAcee, ClaAU, ic., DULBBB Df 33 SOUTB STBEBT, LEAF TODAC.CO, THOS. w ORO"'"" Baltimore, Md. .. oa.u. IIODIIAD oo.. D liA'B.Tl!'OllD A.DVB:aTDBIDD8 L. a au.a. Jl' a. aua HAAS T II.Uell CONN. a -u ..porW Domestle mgan, 154 STATE and 282 IUilf ST., HARTFORD, CONl.'ll'. AN SCHA:ICK, .AGENT FOB B. WILKENS a CO., Monumental City Tobacoo Works, Ito. tat WIST PRATt STREET, BALTI.ORI, D .. Brashears, Brown & Titus, 161, 168, & 165 Pearl Stret,. J. D. BURNHAM & 00., (OORNE R OF EL Y BTBIIET) llanutacturert an d Jobbers I n -r- .,., .,... t Who lesal e D ealers and .. .. CINCI,.'NA:rl. Tobacco, Snuff & Cigarsr Lorill 's To-ceo & Snuff, Cigars; Havan and CQnnecticut JLeaf, LO".CS TO surr. & 19 NORTH WATER STREET, PJULADELPHIA. Ordera I!!Joltolted. and.,Chowlns Tobacooa, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. WM. WELSH & SONS, G GIE!>KE. ED. NIEMANN .... llllmpertedi..., DooMIUI LBAr '!rOBAOOO MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, Nos. 32 & '34 M ain 'st., Ohlo. Krohn, Fei&& & Co., .LQUIS STRASSER, Manufacturer of CIGARS, Segars and Tobacco. .(' ) And dealer I n Leaf, Plug, and' S m olAOIIS. &. A WOOD W.ARD, } f H M R ou!l bllJ ero, In bo n d or duly paid. v JIEO. a. WOOD WARD. IP,tiiLADEI.P IAf PA. B. F. p ARLETT & CO., .,os.100, 102, & 104 West Fl'ont Street, (/2 C l .AJ (/2 C INCINNATI, Ohio. Da "tcb.el.or Bros. w. 0 -wo., Manufacturers of FINE CICARS, and Dealera in T 0 D A c c 0 s' Qtubaun ,QCnmmission ;Jleulants, LEAF TOBACCO, sea-ars, Pipes, et.c. M 330-337 North 3d, 23 2d St., Philadelnhia ooDIBBio:a roB or s.un:. """: DJU.LEBS"' coss1ott MERcHAiliT, grThe oRly m a nufacture rs of th e ce l ebratelrd* DOHAN & 'l'AITT, Tobacco Commission Merchants, OB.l C 0., No. 60 SOUTH GAY STREET J .P. GLORE J, A. J>. GLORE &. 8ROS., Manufacturers o f Best Grad es o f PL'C'G AND F I N E CUT i'l@ 15, 17 and 19 W est 7th Street, C OVINGTON KY. W. 8. Enou.u.. B. B. KDLD WM. s, KIMBALL A CO., Kanutai:turers of the Celebrated Peerless & Faney Plain -TOBACCOS. PLAIN TOBACCO a specialty. Boehester, 11. y. LEAF TO.BACCO -AND SEGARS, a-sao North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA. L. BAMBERGER I CO., Dealera Ia LEAF TOBACCO : AM Men ........ fliiiiiNCI-. til SEGARS, lo. 3 North Water street. l'BIL&D1lLl'JJIA. cNERAI.. Commissi()n Mere ant, Commieeio n and wiloleeaie :DE-'LE"" l "c JWIVI'J.Il'rtiJIDOULLD--- Leaf Tobacco & 1gars, R. A. CHAPMAN, Fine-Cut, Chewing & Smoking smokin!J & CbewiniJ fto. 33 NORTH WATER ST. ADd ISS BORTll WJIARVEB, Pa. JOBB)IIOO B&. S. & J. MOORE, TOBACOO :Merchants, 107 North W a.ter-street '4' 118-11. PHILADELPHIA. J. RINALDO SANK & 00., fobacco and General Com. Merchants, LBAF TOBACCO BALTIMORE. AND SEGARS_ Nu. I 1 7 North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA. Intern' I Revenue Bonded Warehouse M. E. McDOWELL & CO. --(First C u nectlon District o fPeanoylvanlaJ TOBACCO .urn General Commission Merchants No, 39 North Water S&reet, PHILADELPHI4. Wm. Eiseclohr & Co., DF.AL! tRS IN JACOB KIEBLER 1 Granby St., Baltimore. P1l11D'K K.LrJ:a. WILKENS &. LEAF TOB.ACOO .urn OOMMISSION MEROHANTS, und All Kinds of' Smokers' GILMOR & -GIBSON,' Tobacco, Killiokinick, &c., Articles, Coonect1'cut Seed Leaf Tobac"" l>LPORTERS OF Wo. '781 8eeona 8reet, 123 M arket b e t 2d and 3d Str:"(\tB, IIUJ Havana Segars, sT. Louis. Mo. STARCK, GUTMAN &. co., SMITH & THOMAS, EAST HARTFORD. And General Commission Merchants. No. 5 0 S Gay S t. ,Baltimme. SOUTHERN ADVERTISEli:EliTS. "HI GHL ANDER," "RED ROVER," "DICK TATER," 8JnOkinlr Tobacco. T b esl&bll!hed T o ba,ccoe so well and fav orabl y known, are put up }9, and 1lb bal es or pouche s and In bnlk thus suiting tb.e r e te.Uer and jobber Manufactured only at the eteam works <>f L L AlUUSTBAD, va. L. ,L. ARMISTIIAI;I.L.-.J. W CARROLLr CONNECTICUT. Importera ot Manufllctnrers o f all k inds of Smokers' Articles, PLU(;} oro::1:=.::u.s. TOBACCOS, G. ao6 North Second Street. 11'1'., Ka. 85 E a s t Sout h S t reet, IND IANAPOLIS, Ind. CHICAGOIAND SOUTHERN ADVERTISEMENTS P. Lorillard's Western MAN'AOERS, AID 86 South Water StrNit,._ CHICAGO, Jll. S'ANDHAGEN BROS.,' Wholesale Dea. lors in ali kinds of SEED-LEAF TOBACCO CIGARS, 17 W est Randb}ph Street, CHIOACO, ILLINOIS. 76 10BAGCU WHRH." E. 0. H UI1JI.l,1ate o t y.., Rorn umo6 .&. l Mill M A S O N, I a to o f '!nit 4 Muon T MURRAY& MASON, 1 74 St. Chicw lli Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf To c cot Danb\llry, Connecticut. CJlr'" N ew ba:od 208 cueo cro p '64 and '615. [ 1 09-121 -.......... LOUISVIl.LE, U S. Bonded Tobacco Warrhouse No. t. GEO. W. WKKS 4 CO., Agents for Sale o f V i t g i n ia, Missouri ana Kentuckfl TOBACCO, A lso D eal e ra In lAd! 0ti;1r1. 102 MAIN STREET1 (B:ehtJee10 8<1 anada t r e et. Doton. N 242 2 & 242 4 CARY STREEa' ; Wb o leaale D eale r in .FlLlll.D: If!lr. W .i.!lA., Y ARA & SEED lEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, 117 South Wattn'. .St,.., CHIC41l0, ILL. J. H PEMBER'I'ON ,TobaCCO Commiss'n Merchant DANVILLE, VA. I Orders for Le\\f promptly attended t o, lfeesrs HEALD & 1 1>1esm G. IlElNEKEN & PALMORE, New Yo r k 1 M esel'!l. PLEASANTS & SoNS, Baltimore. I Mr. J'OS. 1 MR. GAltRET F. wAT.,ON,_ .:\' T M essrs. J E. & CO etersbnrg. 209-234 A. A. ECKLEY, Ya. -S, Jill : j' m h J.. H. TYREE, ... .WU attt; COMMIIIIOI M{RC,HAIT LEAF AND MANUFACTURED 1 COMVD3SION W AREllO'C'SE, 0 B .a. c c o, ww -''" ... penonal to ... .... ... HENDIIRSON, KY. .: WHARF, 1aJ1LUr IJ'OJLl.CJGQ. JOHN FUNK & CO. "tf --- "" -J30STOM 1 heclalattent!Oil paid kl Orders tor the til -t ur-Liberal Adtan-mad 011 Oou ...... tL.... .:.laharlolll padN, SlrlJll, Stema, liCrapl, Empire Tobacco Works. HARRIS, BEEBE &. CO., :rtranufactu.rcr s of Val,'ietyof PLUG TOBACCO, And Dealers i n I,; eat", Quincv, Illinois. R A YOUNC A BRO., Ge.oera 1 Commission '"'"''D .A.OENTS FOR Tt:B' Si.t. E 0"1' VIRG I lA ANll";!WiilTH CAROLINA Leaf and .Mal!ufactured "'o. 4 IRON FRONT BUILPINCS, l?ETEJ RSBURG, VA. I. W' .aHLB. &.l".JI.AliJLTOR. S. W. VENABLE &. CO., Deal era In L&U' II1Ul llantactnrera or PLUG TOBACCO, PETEBSBUBG, Y .A., Solicit O rde n at the l'actory r o r Extra Pine Navy P oundo. Hai C P oandt, Black and Bright Qaartero, Loti 10' 1 and everJ variety or Jl'lrot..Cla" Wort. g-Gonda Gaaranl&ed In OTOlJ' Particular, If IIEGRA W & CO., IANUFACTUREIS & DEALERS II T.ab smm A tt CtcJBa. Ia& 68 & 66 Hand SUed & 81 Sl%tA Btozwt. PrrrBB'ORGH. PA. riVE BB.OTHEB.B TOBACCO WO:&D ... naaa, --.... _....., ........ --. .JOHB FlmR I 11ROS... ... ....................... PLUG ...... .. J, W 'THORNBERRY, Tobacco Broke;-, KY Ov IHibt oll'erw Of llelee&l!b.lppblg Leaf, JlaD1llactUiae F1llell .-nil BJ'Iihtl Wrappc&J


I LQUI.SVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSJOrt ft1ERCHANTS. R .J. UBHBR & .................. Catting and manul'actarlng ::r:>.:!Rz &'co::::: l:J JAB. CLAU -' ... .. ..... .. Cutting and manufactllrlng 1 f 8PBNCBR c WNG ahlpplnc leaf PBTBR 8PBTH ... .. ..... .. ud manalacturlng leaf WOLFOLK i. GLBNN.... .. ..... ... .. Cutting and mauntlactnrln& leaf VAUGHAN &I 00 ....................... : .CnttiDR udmannractnrlng 1:, P. SCBANZBNBAcwm:::::: : ;::::::::: : :: cutting and manu!uturlng leaf OWBN lloBBIIa ......... ............... K. B.. NASH J. G. DAVIS,.. ...... .. ... ,LIIIf tobacCocoauiiiMion ..._ ballta LOUIS n.UfCkij ................... ...-. Leet.IOI>aprters and Dealers in Sm.okers Articles. I No .aoa BBOA.D"W'A.Y, NE"W' 'l!OBK, SOLE AGENTS. A N zw ORM. A correspond ent of the New England Homestead writes from N ortiUield, Conn. : "The CJ'Qps are looking finel &aero espe. ciaUy, which has got a fine start, and bids fair t o give a good yield As to .Jf whi are so many, eac h claiming to be the best, how we to de c ide which i s the best one for our s oils but by actual Xpllrim ent? I an pxpe' riment in a small way s ea.son, am not swe that one trial will be sufficient. I have used seven different fertil 6 of them 100 p)ants each, and 2 50 eacb, 12 pounds to each 100 plants, all side by side, the same treatment every other way. There is more than double the growth of some kinds here than others. I intend to test quality as well -"S q uanity, and will inform the leaders of The Homestead of the result after the tobacco is stripped. I wish to ask some of tbe old tobacco growers about a worm which I have found in my tobacco. I have never seen it pafore and would like t.o know what it is, ___ __ _, its habits, etc., a lso whether it is geueral:y well known in tbe Valley, tor with over 20 years: experience with the weed I have never met with. it before. I have found It from 1-4 to 3-4 inches abollt one-ba.lf of i bodf from its head is black, with a 2.rownish white stripe running the-whole length of its Tlie m:ij.lld'r .or 11i I'Oi'l,r is striped It his six:tlair of three forward aqd three and. It enters the stem 'of the leaf 1 the stalk itself, a.nd the p1th and dea,j;li to ihe PJant wherever it ope '!tes. What 1s 1t? OllAR w l A :J TOBACCO ohn Funk, Hehderson; W F .. Wet.ker, Totedo; Riely1 Cincinnati; Ho)mes, Cincinnati, The pi'emiums were a.s follows: Best hhd cutting leaf, grown ih Owen county district, P,Y the trade, $250. Second best hhd cutting leaf, grown in llwen county dis tri "'Premium by LouiSville, and Lexington railroad Gin, Sup't ) '$1 00 Third best hhd cutting leaf, grown in Owen county district, premium by the trade, tso. The iin!t ',Premium was takeu by the Planters' House for J. W. Alexand' er, o f Owen county, and wa.s sold to Peter Speth at $39 per 100 pounds. The second premium by the F a rmers House for J. A. Stafford, of Ow e n county, and sold to & Co., of New York, for -$30 p e r W(\ pounds. The th M I premium was t a ken by e Jioone se for J T. Yancey, of Owen county, a n d sold to Peter Speth & !Oo. 131 J>er 00 pounds. 'FoUJTH CLASS. Committee&Iter Glenn, Chairman; D Spaldilrg,'' .-jr; Peter Spe1ih, H enry Jlirgman, J. F. Heinsohn, R. H. Spalding, m. jjlla'rk ; John Sullivan, Ky ; F Besuden, Cincinnatti 0. ; Jas. Fishe r Covmgton. The premiums-were as follows: Best hod'gshead cutting leaf, grown in Mason and Bracken counties distri ct, premi urn by the trade, f250. Second best hogshead cutting grown in and Bta.cke counqes district premium by Louisville and C incinnatti Mail Line Co (Frii,nk Carter, Sup't. } 1100. Th1rd best .hogshead cutting Jeaf< grown in Masqn and J3racken pre mium by the trade, $50. The first pre!Dium was ta.j{en by tbe Pickett House fot Bradford & Eldridge of Bracken county and sold to W S. Kimball & Co., of N. Y., at $30 per 100 The secuqd premiu111 wa,s taken by the Boone House for B Clayton & 1 Co., of Bracken co unty, a.nd sold to Peter .Speth at per 100 lbs. Tile third premium was taken by the Boone House for Dr. Charles S. Savage, of Bracken count y, and sold to J. '!' Sullivan at t29 per 100 1ps: _' J FIFTH CLASf!. chairmall; ,John A Faulds Owen McBride-, R obeFt T' mons; J. J Mc Fall, W. S. A. Falconer, Wm. D. Spalding, G F. G. W 'McAdams, Hawesville, Ky; W. jr., Henderson, Ky; David L Wallace, NewY.,ork; New, lJrleans ;).l-1 G View, Ind.; -na.rn:s, Owensjoro. The p ere follows>: Beat h'Ff ead cutting If& W.A.TII&....-..r(-W YO:aK, .. 1' 1 J t4Jel'l'wR ...... '., .... .... The Sub-Treasury clerks have .75 ,ooo,ooo in gold to count, at 069,3 m 2,59'a bars; d ou,rrencr terday $200,pop : m silv r com "\fa.s countl'!d. Ie$( grow ilt ny u ty, of Louisvnie, in Kentucky an ( f in Tennessee1 Illineis, p ep:Uum' by t he 8ecorla best" hogshead cutting 1eaf, '-1 Jiiil:di::o).l.ntv south of Louisville, in Kentucky J;Uilloia()'l!'In! ; premium by Henderson mp ny ,R. H Woolfolk, Superinteudent), $100. 1 )1,1 { ld .1 00 annua'l:lyft'o ..... ....... r FA:IK, [ I TO lBB HBLD 'L on .August a, 1810, l In the City of Obiclnnati, b& .......::.::.._ 1JNP11ULLELID C.lSB PIE.1JM8 OFftB. TOTAL, LJS'I' OF PREMIUMS : (.. FIB.ST CLASS. 'BRIGHrw;&A'PPER .. $!50 !econil se';t"fiogl!lle&d, Premlnin by .J. B. :SBNJ.'II&TT. Boq for Andeo lnPJu&Doo Compan}', 118 Fonrlb Street.. ......................... .. 150 "rhlrd Bel\ BopiiMd, PremlWO.h1 the ASSOCIATION.. .. .. .. .. .. .. 75 SECOXD CLASS; The 1Ninth st.ree arded the first premium for W olfulk Co l trell of county which was s old 4.>...4. (}'alfi fit tr 3(1 oo lb '.llfl eorr Wits y he Pickett Muse or J. 11o r an, cock and Wlil:l BOld to .S. Hein hn at $25 ll t )OO lbs. :IJI;'T"'-,u;;,;;;;:.;_ BWBBPI!TAXBS. .. T HB ;J!'OLLOWDIG RULES .u&TB'B OBIERVBD. l-Each Hopbeld muat be dlotluctJr-ked ,.uti the-owner' name &nd the I-A be t forward u as o111lo. of to &10 pounds net. 4-No B<>jphead of Cutting to le88 tbau '!00 pound net. &-2No Hlli!fbilld of Black Wrapper to weigh leu than.l,OOO pounds net. .8-:I'o Cal!e of Ohio Seed to weigh le88 than !IIIII 7-lllo 8011f9 Yet Northern Ohio to weigh lou than 6CO pounds net. 6-No Bc.a Cl Wrapper to welgb. Ieos than 1,000 poondo net. 9-No 8ojiB ea caii tike more than one Premium; .nor can _soy Hogshead that baa taken a Premium atanr otller Plllr, be entered for a Prom lam. In tble; and the 10 best, 5 best, and 9 best, clal!se& 6, 7, and 8 muet each beloDK to oue 'party. 11!-NOI:Ie bat tllelli'OWth elf 188!1 can compete ror theee PremlolllB. 11-Borrl ... "P!!B io \lie hole United l!tates, nnle10 othentl" speclted. BNTBANCB )'JIB-t5.00 per ana $1.50per Cue. Tbe fnllo-.rtn. W &rehOIIMll will receive anounds. be second seep at a glance, and as a there was minm was taken 'tly 'tbe fo Wilson & little difficulty' iri arrivin g at a conclusion At bout 11! m Gra t OOo tne names of:thcomm,lttees we eteall Jkge WI$ ,. ot t.he.:MalsdJ i h and the gentlenl a >re'spo nii ed Obion county, rreg: lfJ a.tonce into fhe small ball and e ntered upon their at 4112.75 pen I (JO duties. exhibition, all things considered, wa.s really very fine, and in some of the classes uired consider able de4beration and a ni e to e nable the judgea to make the a perf4?rmed in a short time, the after wbic!Hhe sales of e premium ie a list r the an account::Of the sales: '' l T !NTH CLASS, Committee-P. Maguire, Chairman ; G. W.' 'Wicks F. Beot .. d CBNTRALRAILWAY ........ 1110 : .......... 100 Janssen, Dick M. Lewis, -McCrae, David BeD, S M<; Pherson, Wm. Bryarly, J.P. Vaughn, G"!rynn, Bethel _. I;' r''l1lB .... .. ... 'ni TliBfH CLAIJ&' CfOA'R WRAPPER., OF SRJID 'LBAF Bd ... hemtrua by llftAIIP BTONA.... .. ... : ...... .,econ I 'llrmgt:o drying' and re-handling tob co. W e have no t the data at 1 do !lot 11. 25 t!> A dore Schwartz, L. Francke, Wm. H. Wir-gman ; G. 0. Whittingham, Mr. Ottinger P F Semonin, W m. Beishaus, A McPherson, B. P ciaypool, R. M. Lewis, P B Bate, L. H. Roberts A :P. 9e<>rge, Connellli. McCraw, Robert Meyer, Bartlett &:Weiinger. WliiSTERN LEAF FOR VIRGINIA MANUFACTURERS. 1 Among the buyers io this market whose names do not ap. pear in the regular list is the fi. rm of Messrs W. Wicks, & Co., are constant purchasers for Th1s 1s. a of the t .rade of specialsignVicance and, is likely to mcre as e m magmtude a.s Kentucky planters prove the quality of the lea[ That this is being done to a degree gi ves the highest assurances of equaling the. best those who were at Fair are entire! sat1sfied. 1 THE LOU I S V ILLE TOBAOOO BOARD OF TRADE. olle of the most_ efficient business organizatipnll in the c1ty. was orgamzed in Febru try, 869, anA its meffi:be.rsh,p JS made up of men who mak ing tobacco a spec1ahty, a re. thoroughly podt,ed ,l\II9 i'dl>:ised in all matters bearing dir ectly or indir ectly upon th!l Mr. James now-its President, and Mr:.!M. B. Nash still holds ou""""'""'u of,ar;v Qttice o } ,the Bo&l'Ji Q st. reet, near M am, is to be Hr.w 1 ;bemost" .2!.... the of and 'I ..1 ,;) I ITS MEMBERSHIP. We the followin g as the list of-Irlemliership as it now sttands on the books ofth e Co.' Roli,81U, Brother & IfbertDunl(l)p SJ?rntt& Co., & Co., W. H S mith, E H o lbrook, d r., John A. Glenn P. F. L: Le'lri A !Y aughan & Otfinger, W d. & Co Robinson & Coledfan uW. O TiilS fact bas had a. direct and a .beneficial influence u on the and hMirJg hul ixlllaibp !iices well a, the elllelit in d 1il' ltlYJ'atoo:1i phlri .. ELEft.TB Tbel prerniums wefll as follows: To the owner 'Of tlie ten hogshea.Us of leaf tobacco of its class, p emium by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad, $300 to the1 owner of the second best 1 ten hogsheads leaf tobacco of its class, premium by the trade, $150. the owp e r of the third best ten hhds of leaf tobacco of CONCLUSION The fair, a.s a whole, Jh grest-sY:IcCes ip; J!l n e st ibililifested, and the prii!les obtained, when. the tit! of the cr o p i s ta]ft!n into consideration N e x t year with a full crop to se l ec t fr o m the exhibit i o n of tobacco a t Louis v ille should prove a n unprecedente dly fine one Ym.llOW NORTIDHN! OHIO. f Prfmia by B.ALTDlORE & OHIO RAILWAY ... ... 111 q&A8i .UIIHARD'I', Saloon, No. t ............... ..................... ......... .. class, premium b y the trade, t100. The first premium was taken by the Ninth-street house for Wilson & Bagby, of Barren county, and wa.s sold t o W. 4440 120,9'73 48 $493,474 96


TOBACCO, ''' t ') \ -( 180 North St., :Baltimore. Kd., r ., a..-... '17 :E:.*'lll order. & 24 If orih Willir.m Street, Iew York. SEG A R RIB.BONS, l 'No. '26 Wkite .. I J n JOBICCO BOIES, Jl'Mentlla Aprlll!6, l8fl. 1 ,, A. & (0., u lkelllllllallriK.J W.'l.


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