The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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\ county, r Ind., luga E A-F:---6s OF 188]. Dated 1861, and redeemable in 20 years fro January; Julyji of that year. Interest 6 per cent.-'inl gold, able January I and July I. These were Issued m three series: Under act February 8, 1861 (elated.-variously in .. .. ............... -........ 18,415,000 "0'nae Act July 17 and :A.agus& s; 1861 (dated November 16, 1861) ..... ...... $139,317,150 Act March 3, 1863 and made espen Ciapy p y iu gold coin (dated une 15, 864) .. ..................... t75,ooo,ooo 5-20s OF 11362. 1, l 86;!. Reileemabfe after 5 years, and 20 years ;frOm' date per ct;pt.;ingald. payable l!lt Mi!.Yli>Gd Novew ;tJer: If!sued 4-ct of February 25., 1862, Ul..&, 77J', 600. 5s 9F 1864. N ovembet I 1'864. Redeemable after 5 arrd payabte in 20 yea!'!\.. Interest 6 per cent. in gold, payaole ToBAcco IN lNDIANA.-The Albany (Ind.) Leafer gives the following report from tbjl tobacoo growing Bections ,of Southern Indiana: The area of land plant ed this year is greater than any previous year, and in the counties of Spencer, W arnck, Pike, Gibson, Du and Greene, more tobacco will be grown this year ever before. The farmers had plenty of the best. plants, and the season for transplanting them wu favorable. The weather ot the latter part :Of I !!De and of the month i8 hringing the ..,.-op forward rapidly, and if the weather continuPs favor for the nex t four or five weeks, the yield will be very heafy. 1 st and November: IsSued under Act 3 1864 (pribcipal as payable in gold).'. : ... : ......... : .. Ealt Auroi\1 'Ttigg crops in ooaaty were rlever county was created, except the tobacco thinks will yield only a half ayerage. .>fitOY : o td'l:lotftl!'. or waiting until many of them depe tb.e-bil tHe p ants after the topping; of having_ as muuh as possible 'Ill e lili4dk that they are surer INE car loadij ef manufactured tobacco were ship-A,lll'.d' lives in _ate a hearty supper, .smoked .two oigars, went to..a uonfectioner's and swallo-wed pints of ice cream. drank two glasses of ice-water, ate an apple and two bananas, with two thrown in. Then he went hom e ate half a pie, drank; a cup of tea, and before retiring took two gla88es of lemonade, with a good-11ized stick in it. He still lives. by waiting until thestalk gets .large and ce)llride!liirle 1Ji ti'et e In to this : .. top Ieavee as .e hve ever seen, whe1'e the buds were pinched out, and have thonght hat they not thick as when the plant was treated differently. We are satisfied that it would be folly in Uij to to lay down; by universal appli cauon to all soils, and. to all times in t -he season for topping; but generalfy we would prefer to top soon after buds make their appearance, and not to be too an:nous to get enormous great leaves on top. from Lynchburg ou tpe 2nd over railroad, four of which go to New York, with-out care, three to Baltimore, and two to St. Louis. \ .,.


' 4 -.roB.aCco' For and Manufactured1 T,obaeco, r I -0: cl:t fl18 Broadway (Herald Building}, _.., ALEX. FRIES & BROTHERS, 1 Kuiulacturen or .HAVANA CIGAR.. FLAVOR, 26 WEST -BROADWAY, NI!W YORK. 48 and SO But SecOnd Street. c r 0i 'il .... : lllClllll&U. I. 1. PA-ER 1: COTTqN AND TOBACCO. _,...... ....... .t.JID l 1 '{I' 0 ( 1' C0)>1:MISSION 181 Pearl 8tre, oi' Cedar 0 .. 11MK6) t II Niit_-voRK: 11. 0. LIIIDL 0 J', LlNDJ: 0. ('"(l OC. 8 1 K4RCOOO NEW YO...KK ,-.,,:. :.: Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. "l'obaceo Iospocted or lllampled. Certifica'Uls glveri for every case and delivei:d, -by oase, as to llUII\ber q f Certlli..:ate ,N,B.-I also SIJ'lftple in HtrchfJflt8' om; SWres. c [ I' I)C I v [; F. C. _LINDE & CO., c, W AREHOUSES-142 W ,ater 7 '16, and 78 CJ:reeawioh Street. ePJI'ICZ. u WATER aTaJ:ET. Tile ttole .A.pae"T oc :6, W, Carroll 'LONE IACJK.H -4 "BBOW!I DICK. -elkin& Tobaeeo, 1 JIRllfJtY,:Le" 1 Commlu!OD lolercbant tor the Sale of TOB.CCO, AND OTHER SOUTHERN PRODUCE, '18 WatM" Street (.P. 0. BoaJ 6,'139), NEW YOBK r CONBIGNMlilNTS SOLICITED .,;., 9-:UTKB.D & CO.. 1 Ul5 Pront-arMt. 'lllillo r erchuta, AD .......... I .. .. .......... --. ... PA(l][m) Dr KOCHJIJI.Al:M. l 1"HoltA.S IUNftlCUTT, 1'1 I llent-*J-......_.. I 'EAF TOBACCO, til I I \ ...... 6 WUUcun. 1JI:r6t!t, NEW YORK 1 u.wn."Bt WAJ.LAOE &oo.; ........... ? .. Jli ., I ilm ., ... A DJBRAEKELEElt, I KAnntacturer of Plp.a LA;VANA CIGARS, No. 96 :Beekman Street; -.r'Pot.ri. NEW Y 0 R K. ,. I ,.._ I 1 ... :: ; (' I I HAVANA LEAP t I t ',, I 34 Bz.Avn. STR.liT, N1w Yoruc. I R. aEsT', I Ha,vantl -' -1-LEA.F TOBACCO. ; Near llf&ideD. I;ane, '' NEW YOll K. 1 I d 'J f I


-o f 1-2 lb. Dr11U1i.,. x l1.. 1-4 Drums, a 1-4 lb. lqs. 10. --. ( I .TU:lH ltntOJ 2 oz. 1 i:to Q J .. lb Bys,------:-I At Factory No. a, Second Districb New York, #or f UF..lCTUBldls 01!' "" t '"" 0'1.1-t -1:-obacco OF ALL GBA..DE8 l'f1 0 I N G ? T 0 B A 0 0 10 Of" everor Sty e &Dull's of N]j DEALERS IN CIG:A.RS, At o. -Fourth DUtrict, NettJ YM'k. ELLER, r-iO .. i a -.. vana Segars and Leaf. Tobacco, I '"' t -ee $1"ATE STREET, Importerot &lja'liJ .:H.nlf J J. RAYNER U"'NUJII'AOTUFileAa FXN'E SEG.A.R.&,. ;.. < liD DEALERS IN UlF TtllCCO. :ParUcalar att.eatloa &o Special Braada for Grocen A .Jobbeno TAltM'jllf 8tr6flt, cmd 1$4 New ::(9rk. We take the llbertf ahdclroeolnJr ,.,. ID thla momaer the better t o :roor auen&lon to Tobo{.co uao1U1111 he Ill 118 qaUtr. We buh-. prenDIII It from mouldi n g opd. INMIJ' IIDp-01 the qaali&J and lla.or; ., alldl \be lot pAckoge ID oar bozN 1rill be !OODtl to be better than tloo& --a& lint take n ou. 8o ate we u lo"lla IIIah lllerlt, tha& we -n.,. ploee II with COilllbacl ill compet1Uoii with IDJ artlele tbat Ia DOW IIWUJ1Jietnr ecl. Under DO elrctlmi!&&Dee 1rill the -dar er ear ar-4 h .... ...-erMel'loralell. J Ca"'tion to Cohsumers., \ p nrebaJIDC an Inferior TobMeo pat up for eeeptlon, ... l mlla U n g oar Trade mark 110 c lo11eJy, that t he i mpo!hion ltnmly discovered by the u ae of the 'tob acco itself. ,, ':l lF'e Vl""'tee e o aU our c Tobaeco tha.t tci U JiU ae, a n d to p r event the of 1 l. a puriou a rtic le, p lease to e whe n calll u g fo r :Ptne Cut to in uire for W B. GOQDWD1' OO.' S 'Puall Yar.ow Bull'. and W n Toacco. r ....:; 'FIIIEIGM & DOMESTiCTOBiet:o, -,. L 1-O R t 0 E. I 18l.UI8 ILUDU LABE, DW YOBX. WM. AGNEW & SONS, I 'CP Ortera

I .. \ PHILADILPHIA ADVERTIBEJO:ITS ,.,..u.. 1 1 TB.-:KO .S. VJ:'t_T.J:SLEIM '1'. TB'l'Y&BJ,.,&I, VETTERLEII:'J & .00- .PHlLADILPHIA, PA., I in Leaf and M anufaotured DOMESTIC AND IMPORTE:U SBGABS. 8Tt.TIE8 BO:>IDID WAR,HGI.!81. IIJ" OonaigneWI ll&ll rorwo.rd ther Stocks without prepaying the Goverament Tax. lifted-Sta:tes B"onded Warehouse, Fii-st Collection=urn;friq, wo DWARD BROTHER & CO .. and General Commission Merchants, No. !'l JT h Watef Street, ad::lio. 48 Borth J ,1 u .. .'"t. "I!HILADELPHIA, PA. THE T 0 BAC O 0 U. WILKENS A 00., :l\ll9num.enta.l O!ty Tobaooq Work's Jlo. tat WEST PRATT STREIT, D., ._ .. ,_ .. ,..., ...,.... ., SmoldDa aa:d OhawlD& .Pobaccoa,. M. fA -It-& GO., 143 WATER ST NEW YOR"; 1 J F. H. BISCHOFF, Deutscher Rauchtabak, 1 .DKALERIJ Ut 0 I ) R..dl. ., .aJ M LOUtS GiESKE & c.o. .G. KE'ROKHOFF 'I .. .. Y BEBT." SEG.AilS, ... 3 ftorth Water Street. .... PIIIL&Dm.PBIA, .... IL. & G. W. EDW .ARI}S, CH>MMiiiBl:ON MEROHANTB llf Lo&f 33 NORTH WATER ST. .b4 111 :aoam 1nwn-. PhlladeiDhla. Pa. S. & J. MOORE, -. TO B A CO\l.T Commission ller,chants 107 llorth Water-street, a.;n, PHILADBLP:R,. A. RINALDO SANK &_,00., llllacco and General Com. Merchants, 1.atJ Broker & 14a.nufaQturt:n' Agent e,oLJI ACEN'P. It m womm, "z..:Do, 101 North W iater St., IIIL.&:OKLI'BJA. aener m ) .,, I 0 N. Front, PB&.t.DELPDIA. JttllTELLER BROTHERS, L :r"TAL"B8b!X No.1luau Dea'- "' 42 South Charles HuFFMAN GILldOR. FRANK GJDSON LB.&F TOB.&COG BALTIMORII!:. .JACOB KIEBLEB G ILIIOR & G IBSON1 Illl?ORTERS OF M-o I 17. "orth Third 1 ftre l'HIUDBLPBJA. 1 1 .I 0 lntern'l Revenue Bonded WarebousB RUFFNEtl lc. FOY, ,,/)J IJ8;.1 1')a ,, f 'r -r '"\ r l r f } """' -q f uO.::a?:P.II Street, CHICA'90j ft. .SAND'iJ::AGEN BROS., Who! ers in all kinds $E OliAOOO 't"' 'AND r:'.l IG 17 West Randolph Street, "';'\, c_HIC'AcU:S,r ILi.iNo18l.T 'l1 ., .. ,, I s. KASPROW1C%, I Dealer iD -YARA &:.SEED. 'LEAF TOE oan. CIGARS ll'f Soutfi. f,'llfM-s/:! J I J. H. PEMBERTON -;-: : Tobacoo Commiss'n Merchant' '"' ... DANVlL"l.E --vJ --. G for to. ene I 'l P. {LUOLTO:R. s. w.LB'i oo., De&len IJa llU81fl9.Ulren .t .LUQ, T TOB.&C80, "'' PETEBSBUB.G, Y.A., .JOHN FUNK & CO : l!lollclt O!*n "" Gle I'Atloty ll>r Jhtra I'IH CQM. M-IUKAII-T1 n,.;,lma, wm 11ft .., -tW. &o .._. ....... pareiiiM ot 04.JI MIU.GGO. P vundo, Half P.mnd, Black and Brlgbt Qa.rtel8, l.-elaiiUiellt!Da paid'"' Orden a.r 1M .,o.n.u. fll 18'1, 8114 err Y&r!et7 or l"tror..Cia Work. --Llllerll -..... Llll'eltarloM ....... llltpe, 11-, W .... QOOCII GllariD&Mdla rtery P&rtlcalar. .:,. L ...... .. ... ...... "r La. JI.U.I, tiAA DIAWI CONN. SEED-LEAF TOBACCO, laported aad Demestle CJJpn, 154 SUTi IJil 282 M.llft ST., HARTFORD, CONJ!f', J.D. BUlllQIAJr,} A A. Bulurau, E, D Wu.LL\ .. J. H.BuuiU B. a Z. K. PB.&SB, .... DSALDIIII' f -HARTFORD, CONN. WM. Co:oussioN MERCHANT, And Dealer iD CONNEC1'ICUT SEED-LEAl' Tobacco -Warehouse, 159 and 161 CoDmlerce-street, HARTJ'ORD, CO Best ConnecUcot tobttc eo O""tt ponnd 11pwerd111. D. M. SEYMOUR. A. L. lc. E N, Connecticut Seed /Leaf TOBACC 13 treet, HARTFORD, CONN. 126-138. WOODRUFF, DEALER L"'i Conuecticut Seed-Leaf 8. SELLINC lc. SON, 8 -iiTI&n DTOiDBACCO, 238 State Street;, HARTFORD,CONN. SIG'NO. R cot Danbury, Connecticut. U.W-121 LOUJSVTLLE KY., U, S. Bo11ded T Wa cuse No. 1. __,.,..__ I G w. WICKS & co., Manufacturers' for Sale of rirginia, ana TOBACCO, 1 Aloo Dealen iD L11f and Cti;ara. 102 MAIN STREET, I [Betw.,.... Sd "'"' 4tlo,] W,WJCI

ITJjast System of 'J1antlon-B9w the Fues of .Por art Gro d .While 'be Kld1 ge Nearly 'f h The method by which our revenue i1 railed affords a ng to and futid This method has me down to aristocracy of' the past, and has the vile of age to sustain it. This method is known as ""'""r,Pm. taxation. Its at fil'St, as 1ts object is was to $be people provide the revenue irre. ,,, of wealth or poverty. It is taxation of consumers, so that, as those who have 11othing but low es must consume food, clothinit,&c. they will be compelled to contrib the Ptllli reasury:. We I.:JlM-i!li' f tlf!e"-t. know: it is for ile advantage olas i t tQis sye&em :ii:vkept up, auq we now also tti nblill'bers de end pablie patronage for j their profits, mu !(!eli o'hiefly ro the wel,b-to-cfo classes for their. paLrona.le. In-: adi6catiii}J woat we \ metli:txl of. taxation, we kaow that we :, against the eelfi&llness of 1.hese claues; but there aN very few ot them Wh would be ..... uu'" to knowingly do injus tice. If, therefore, we that t.hia J!letbod i8 UDjust, we bope't'o void any honol'@ble Dtan. Let the be a rule of justice in taxation that the property and income ot: the country all fhe revenue ol the Govern ment, from tlie bauonal down to that of the r.oad and school district. We that n 9 one will deny this. Is our revenue 1'0 raised ? On the contrary, let tbe foJ'.. lowing estimat U'rtfie extra cost of ani tlll the Lynchhnrg News, contaiDII the following : "William Creasr, of Amhetet, was the boatman who took tobacco dow the river to Richmond: He used aUirst two canoea .. hed together, and rolled" the tobacco on them, carrying in tho way, 4. to 1: hhds Batteaux were iptroduced in 191; freight then was eight shillings per 100 pounds and tiirnlahed provisions for the trip-a.y sixty pounds bacon ami iwo bushels com meal, !which custom was continued until the co.nal was completed; but friegbt varied vefy much, sometimes as low as six and a quarter 100 lbs. At the of the co.n-al, there about 500 bv the propelt less clan, and .. co on who have nothing, answer : 1 Matches ......... .. : .. ............ $ 20 Salt ...... ; a : --: .!..?. ..... -; ... 1-' ou' Sugar ........................... : .. 6 00 Tea. : .. -':. . 00 Coffee ...................... ..... : 4 00 Tobacco -.. i ... '-;:r.;- r :": .... . 5 00 Calico and sheeting ...... : ....... z-oo Otber article . . . 5 no I


8 THOMAS HOYT & Composed ot i l'llowAs HoYT and FLAGG, llo. 404 STREET, NBW YORK. MI!!Ufacturen of all of FINE-CUT CHEWING AND SMOKING TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS HOYT & CO. Composed of 159 Ludlow Street, N6tD THoMAs Hov-r and JaHN F. FLAGG, WCCESSOJlS TO HOYT, FLAGG & CO., __.JO I 105 SECOND STREET, LoUISVILLE, K'l'. OUR BRAND. Fine Cut Chewing, HEART'S DELIGHT, SWEET I NATIONAL, .RS. G. B. MILLER & CO.; 'l'obapco ManUfactory, (Wll. B. LAWRENCE, 1 I 97 -Columbia. "NEW YORK, o nm lin. G. B. Co. OhewJDc 111!11 lmoldnr lobMoo; the only Genulu ..lmerie&ll lad; Kra. G. B. Killer 6 Co. llaoc.boy ad Soo&ch &d; .A. lL lllclrle 6 !Jom' J'olftl &-and Grape To'-oo 1 Kra. &. B.' lll1ler I 0... lteaene &lokiJic OUwiDr Tollaoco. IF ..lll orden pl'OIIIpiiJ aeqlltecl. ,.. C. LANGENBACH & CO. Maoufacturera of Fine Cot fthtwingt Jmolring AND SNUFF, Und Dealers in Leaf Tobacco IJ6fl Peorl Bl., NMII rorlf. -.. L.UfGitNUCH, 108UH SOI.n'XCHD, J.I.COB SU.!QIIAK Oneida Tobaeeo Works anti Se.rar _Jianutaetory. Kanalacturer of the following !>rands of Pride of the U. S., Baae Ball, W!ncbeater, I VIrginia J..ear L:rono, Grecian BeDel. Jmprovemenl, Buchanan & Lyall, 144 W.Ut:B-STREET, 11 .U a IDS :DW.&Jnlll'l'., or ... 4! Br.n(ll ltii:VIVU, aa8DCT1 -Wit. H. GOODWIN & or TD ... 1 1 CELEBKA.TED FINE-


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