The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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Physical Description:
1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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\ 2 B E A R IT I N M IND -Mt Cl a r lrder restr1ctmg the sale of leaf to bacco, to learu .that no one 1n the trade bas yet been found so poor in spant or pocket as to do 1t reverence. It is universally d1sregat"ded In v1ew of these facts, and u THE ToBACCO LEAF would hli.e to' see all good laws enfOreed, w1ll not the Commissioner oblige us by malung a test case and establishmg tl\.e real character of tbis "l!equest," "requuement," .or "-rule" He will then disoover bow much his conspuacy to defraud pen alty w1ll apply By all means let the "request," "requiftment," or "rule," be pronounced on by the eourts. TOBACCO LEA]'


4 .:_":".... THE -:rH. fl "-SQ_NS, -.rr 'Jr .I PEARLI ( 81!R .EET'. { .. 7 f./' I .. I I ; !.. ( ::m y <> :R. :.i:. :& ) 'HI I ...... lUI.lwun, ,f.)L!'.Jl9e, M. OR:! WPORD & CO" .' fll.AKE. MAlO 11. c iJ., .. TOBACCO ommi,ilH;-.. :and .cotton 188 w f:"':.:-tu:e_ollklnda qf Lear for kport and 4.1. SWeet, '. I 'I o 0 [ '> %oiit.:JC ........... I 1 I' I!'OBACCO 'ABBiiS J 'r 11 l I ':1'1, 8 Water Street, a f 'JLJ 11[ll ... ft'Dl-'lii'Dltll:l AD aD&WT v liHr'.a.M&BJI }. 0 1 AND ot:;:Qomestie Leaf ..: y I I 1'110 .us0B.'l'llllft 01' I' p '' CIGAR BIBBONS ,coiasf.U.tl7 m huid',' l ; lift 1 ; : I ,. ..,. 1 I For Smoking and Manufactured TobflcCO, : ..--n. ... "to h. db I i l.ithogr-.pliers !IJ.S {Herald Net.D YM"k, GR. ::P :::. ': I Manutactwen of c 0 I (> V .&1\l A 'fr,CIGA. R 1 : 1 28 WIST NEW ,,c 48 and 60 Second Btnet.i Cincl.ni1a.ii: r. '., t:. H ;;:__, ,i_i0lli ; I :I. PARKER 1: co.,.,'.:<: AND TOBACCO FAC';fOJiS .!. :L 1. UD I I CQMM.ISSION .'\ : I ,. j 1 I l 181 Pearl Street ,oJ !Cedar,, u.. I 1. l ,.J)i .-r NEw =voRK ... 0, LIIIDB. I 0, P. Lll/, z:.f I 'J SO:l:.ICIT::jll;D.'' l ;, r I l, III!W YeKl IN LBA.F AND MANUFACTUBBD T o baoco, ]Vo 99 Water St., Y., I I ; 1 :R. :1. o :a::a. <>:a. d. :a r a. :.:a-o h., W. ALEX. BASS & CO., 'OommisSion Merchants and Brokers IN I.EAF AND MANUFACTURED 1300 Street \ Richmond Va. KENTUVKY J i J r c. 4 _. Loaf l il .l l 1 .19 iPEA.BL STREET, I I NEW: YOBK. I I 1 LEAF 1 ( f 1 I; 1 1. J! f j (tj I I .a I d 34 BIA'vJ:R. STanT, NEW Yo!Ut. [ tr, r 1 1 \ R. 8 ,' W4L : 'r. .JH I H2 l w ATEB I I r f, York.' .11.. : '. l In ; 'AtWI ... 1 ...... ;, J I' ,:,, I, ..... WI, I I L: GDitllia.: I l S .Gf"" UL. .... 1rOJ!liL


1 lb r;:. r 1-2 lb Drums 1-4 lb. Drnm.s, 1 lb. Bavs, ., 1-2 lb. Bags, : Bats 'T =t ,1. ) @Uouuuttnwtaltb TUJ OJ 2 oz. Bags, r y THE TOB.AC0) L E .A F. run Beln extensive! en a ed i<> tl:e manulndure of Plug Tobacco,, are t.b.e following popular /rands, of are BO) e proprietors to these goods, their quality, style, fin ish, and ayru!/ U ni'6ul'd sourness, confidently guarantee them against any adulteratwns or permet qll8 flab salt, and funk, or mildew, provided they are kept in a coo} dry plooe, ana apart 0 a, everything of an odorous character : :; < I'OJ," Fancy Dtll(ht tlood8,-LorillaTd.'s Premium, Pear_ Nect: rme, Me lfot,'lloari, A.rom&Lie, Naii!Jll Uef, and othe11'. "' I 'mil Nectar Brand ror llledlom and 'lteara Bri8Jat Leaf, Pride of Virginia, Belle of the East, Golden Butterfly, Southam :Beau y., The Rival:s, r Blonde Belle Choice Oronoka. and -=l ill' Del' h+ King Sailors' Brand 'for Estra Grade Dark G_oo .... -qa o -g ., Favorite, King of tile We, st, Our Choice, Excel'llor, lanclk therOs. G' 1 Mechani"" Deligt.t Our BrandA tor Flrlt Grade Dark -Buc nor! rang e .... ..- Own Ceotury,l;!alad for the Solitary Lus cious Luxury Ltttle Sunshade, Beauty, Cen t ury, .Mag Robilli!Obltt' Or&n6ka, and others. I r h f u Brandl For Speond, and Tblr4 Gradei.-Catawba, Zouave De ag t 0 mverse, Veterans' Choice, Triumph, Isabella Chkmpion, Dew Dr o p Jub1lee, Neptune, and many others. l r 'd d Tbe abdte go;jda N-e gut up ip the following _s! zes and called as 1)1. ; _to _av01 error an. co fusion parties will pl e ase specify clear y thEj the grade, the pr i ce, the IJZe of re quired, to be packed and shipped BlEil. WEIGHT. PAO KAGES N d 3 12 14 ounces. f and i bo1iir cent. on the Capital, a .IOI\ eomparlng most 1\n-orably with. MPI'!!!e!IY J lademtllt.J-GII'ered iD Ita ID.aurance on the PLAN, or In the" Old Faohlo!:ed 'Yay, o.," )be moot tlr.\'QI'&ble term.:Pollclee not Participating i n tbe Proftlll lfav"e all be benellt or the e:riNJ ucurUv or tbe ScRIP P m m &1101 Liberal &r Qenalue :rtnt Qaallt.r SKOXING CLOVER JlJST FO' L'UQj[, soOW CL'UB, ,No.' 53 Oo'rdandt New W 4 a:it1 6 tort. 'ft N a.ssau, corner J obn Street ,. ....,., r.., rr$ t'.l oL_ 5zt oao .. JMI;eerschaum .._.. LONDON BEND, CA.RVED, AND :E".A::NCY C_IG.A.R 'HOLDER! 111ade tfJMilr by .. pl;'clai at lower prices than they can be lmp(>rted a t. L.hav .. I. L. GASSIIBT &. BBO., COMMISSION MEMH-AN'lS .All]) l.l&Al.aBJ 1M ALL,IUJ/\ .. 1 0W :r.ear Toba0!19; I iilwa,;s on d a very large sto c k of all pattemL I al'!Q. make to ordfl" u..,.,_J.rlfirl.-t MoNOGRAMS, CRES.TS: ETC REP A.IRI&A. BOILINI'l MOUNTING, etc. l atte di..t s Lent to ail plirll (If) )lit.,.' AND OP THB BRAND OF SEGARS, 191S Pearl Ji!H;r-t.. _,_ ... 'YORK. 8. LI!DIGTOW & SORB, --JII.D' lla 1Se. >AND CH.ROOT8, ................ otal!JBIIII ;f. gartau41ilblttl, I J.I.UIOIUI.liUm DOIEMIC L,IU m JUUlA.ImlJID 'Y&tet;-, llew,Yerk.l'! otB&...U ..... -....&IJGallu4. FBO.NT s JM. R : J>:EA.RS'ALL, t 1 .... ._. Tozo,JL tmp0rt4r ,.-":-!''""'" of A. ) r HAVANA SEGARS '"'' .t J.o'. 0 ., LEAF TOBACCO: 1 __ ./ "'HA. V.ANA "LA ESTRl!!LLA." TOBACCO, WboleMie j J WAtER STREE'r, It, Y. oonatry. Cfrculan by enclosing ., i4 N. :Jt-"'1 .11111 tlie Sole Manufa<1UJ'er of GENU't:!d"'Mili:BSCB.'A.U'}{ CIOND ..uLB:&a GOGDi--to the ade ill the Unit.ed .A Ml!nu'ract e r o LOr illard's Celebra t ed Yaclit Clll!> 1a""' OJpb Smoking 'llobadia f r : I I G Importers of 8P .ilnsH, u

I VETTEFii::EIN I & IIHILA'DELPHIA PA., '-:'".ft 3ommission Merchants in Leaf and M anufaotured Tobacco, Do...,..ESTIC A.:'S"D IMPORTE:U SEGARS T f 1 -UiliiTED STioTES WARIHGI18t:.-troOulgnMfi ean for..-ard \heir Stocks without prep&yiJlg the Gl'vernJDent 'l'u, ;.O ..... .,, I'll MA ntcm!, 1 { .ll -PHILIDELPHJ4. E. W. DtCKEftSOM, & Manufacturers' Agent 80Lii ACENT FOR I r THE TOBACCO-l!ALTJMOB.E A nVE'R TTSEMEJJ TS WM. A. BOYD, & oo::--J WHOLESALE DEALERS IN ... I Aettrnn Am LIA.F TOBAcco, CltARs, &c., 1 3S SOUTH S'I'B.EET, y 'I WM.A. BOYD. U.altimore Md. d General Commission Merchants. No. 50 s. Gav St., ,BalttmtWe, -JOUTdii: iDfiB.TISIDIT8. .) "HIG}{LANDER," <7 1"cRED ROVER," "DICK TATER," SD>.okl:n.IJ Toba.coo. These eotabllohed Toba<:coo, oo well llld l'll...,...blr known are put up In l{,*. and lib. b&leeor pooches, and In bulk th110 imltlng the retailer and jobber. Manufactured onl y at the llj&m wot L. L. All1f .l8T&A.D, Lynchbu"(, Va.. L. L. ARM,STEAD. W. CARROLL, ( t j LEAF. Drashears, Brown Titus, r Wholesal Dealeh and 1 SIOIJJI, lllerelaail$ -.. J.P. GLOBB w H. GLORE. J, A. P. GLORE & BROS lllanut'acture rs of B s t Grades of PLUG AND FINE,...GUT Segars and ImporterS .. or Articles, i No.: 53' ST.; I I 0 i I .. .. l 1 ... r :16 MARKET HARTFORD, CONN. WM. WESTPHAL, I COlDIISSION :MERCHANT, CONNECTICUr SEED-LEAF Tobacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 081J.Dl(lro ... str t I HARTFORD, COd. Beet Conne cti cut peed for Fa1e in quantities o f POWER &, PRACUE, onepoanl\and'P"'ardo. 1 D. M:. SEYMOUR. e 1, A. L. & F. 'SISSbN, .._,-.,.......-;-;.____,,_::""""Tj....;...;:,...:..;.._.;:.., ,...Q...,;..;:._;.,....---1 Packers and Dealers 1n :mMILe oERSTEL. Connecticut Seed Leaf Manu facturer o f 1 TOBACCO, a.B.KDLmll WM. a. KIMBALL & CO., I J(tnnr.ctarera ot !be Olltbn&ecl Peerless & Fancy Plain TOBACCOS. PLlll TOJACCO a specialty ........ Y. 134 Main HARTFORD, CONN. 1211-188. OSEf'H S. WOODRUFF, DtlA LY.R lN ----I SEED Detroit Novelty Works, I LEAF TOBACC01 .ess State Stree-t. .ACCO lNI 8 5 East South Street, 11'. LOUIS. x-. .INDIAlV Ind. CHICAGO Atrn SOUTHE'Rll A]).VE'R.TISEIIEliTS, 'It .!'s Western Branch: ,... ,.. -L 'W'. 'RKOL& B. P. HAJIILTOB. S. W _VER' ABT.E II. 00., n.Jen Ia U&l' &n4 Jlanlaetuelw .r PLUG TOBACCO, PE'I'EBSBUBG, J" ..4.,1 I!Gllclt OrdeN at lbe f'actAn' tor btra J'boe Nny Poando, Ha l t Black aod Brllrbt Qnarten, l'Aa6 '!tot ..-Goocla G 1 aranleed In enf)' Partlcalar. EAST HARTFORD. CONNECTICUT. G. W. GRAVES, P.lCI D J..lfD DULD Ill' .FW.e ConpecJ.icut Seed-Leaf T 0 B '-'A C C 0 t Danbury, t. tF: Now on lwld 188-orop llld u.i,T.. Irv .. I U. S. Bonded Tobacco No.1. rin DOTJID.II TOBACCO WOJLD --.... ... -. ---. --. -...-. JOBII FIJIZIR I BROS. .. J ... W. TB;ORl"{:Q;ER.aY, Tobacco PADUCAH, KY.


ITmB. LIOB'l'BtiSTEIN BllOS. & 00., MAIJifACTUREI' Of CIPII, ABDKU.8MU Lear and all kinds of Manufactured H1 Miden Lan,. :a,. .York. ........_ .r ........ .A.L80 DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. H. & J. BREHM, Jl&llufactarera or aU klii.U of Prime OI.&Gl"v CIGAR BOXES, THE TOBACCO LEAF. T.lle 014 l!orporaJ, With shouldered arms, and cheerful face, Forward, my coml'llies march away I have my and your Step our-l'vE! to-day Twas wrong to be a. s-oldier still When in:tlie service old I'd But .rou, the lads I taught to drill Will miss my old familiar Conscripts, keep step, keep step, 1 say ; No tears for me-march, march away. A boyish ensign, fresh l'rom Insulted me-l broke hia head For that ttrey tried me-'tis the He's getting we]J..-..1_ die jJ,!stead. With passion and-with nuidy nerie me flY life, '--Let liar sool iO G6d. Z Can kee N.o"tears ftir memarch, marell 1--l (.I "-l Murbleu.l 1111' pipe:is fear ; Not yet. So be &wn. Now to the sq\l&Ie W:_l"'re !Wog near ( D n't blin a my be& my men: I fi'iehds' i to%re tblll!, B\)t most of all, @n't'fire too low. .J 1 My time has come now Jio more fll88 J keep you all-to Heaven I UOnscripts, keep step, keep step, I 8ay ; Np tears for me-march, march away. f, r > ,. .. t: ,., c .l Ia luslaeJS, r-0 r .,. --, 'm'r\ N J:W y ()RK CIT:Y ellogg, Overtorr & 10o., tO!. bacco commi88ion merchaate, admitted A. R Mora; style of firm the eame. r. I ... ,, l .. ,,:. le:w rt.ra crrr.-;-J : R 111esa & Cd., cronmuBSion ,, 1moorters of Havana cigars, 183 I"earl t !\ ., ") t ) ... .. .!"ti&a Sales. ""' J.. n r .' By Gerard BeLts & Co., No, 7 Old slip on Friday; SepJ;ember 16th, at 11 in ftop' t of the st.or'_e, 1& xtra ne stock L1conee, 25 cases Spanish l'nass Ljqqnpe. -


.J g 'THE r ..1 ceo D-E .A F LIQUORICE HENRY" M MORRIS, I I Ji Ji ) '' Nos. 99 Pearl aod G2 Stooe Street, IIIW 'lOlL MISCELLANEOUS F. W. BECK & CO., 180 N ortli St., 13a.Itim'oJ"e, Md.,, ,.. .. . ".'I < 'J[ _,,...._ ftlll I ) 1 01'. ,, )J, J G I For .TobaQco and Clears. "tl ) f'. onf"'O and pliDted to I ..22' & ,wuH.m' .,Ycrk. .-. oscAR I a. co.,


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