The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
1 online resource (4 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00267 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.267 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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. .tr; r r 1 noo 'Johrui 1.u: ,hu cs .b ihJ 1'/l:r @t'/ltf .II >ltT!hl I ) !I(} h 1._ J. ;t,; .of> ; I'J;.lu : I '81H .o l -ro1>H ; cl.< <[l'JW:ll'A ,l!olil .c1'I ( l.)J,. ,n fn 1 I l< .>! J. II (1 ,n, 'n .. .. ',..:_L kr!jl TJ'L, d .i; D !; 0 .. '' A _pMiil fa : e a mm. in 11. ,t J Q(,, tqlJ) 1 J lltl ,/ li!s:oiJI '!{j rri '!, if:' ;t !111 1 -; 1J, n rh '{I w 'l : 5 I I J _, l ,, t L I riWnOJ''J;]QPAPlUL. ,'Gana,J.:S:&Son,8 Walt' ;d. ,IJ .I Ho.'.'' In i .i. 11 .. .. l id'6 .... 19Cent.IPnnn,tUD ... .. $4.0t. Osborne ',,, r,; .HEl!erll., l68Sttttl'f.l"l['l'c-.1 1 J :1f- 1 '' d mttn or Rader, ll .& Son, 123 Pew:\. II iti rFisqer & Co,, 28 CentraL :Wbam l I' 1 .. ,c.,,r IJI J llti&J To Bremen, Hambatt, and tile Continent of Sprotto .t'trtllil,ermann,103 MaLde11lane. J1olyoke C Ot12 Ce%rl\\lY!J.arf 1 1 J 1 91 1, 2 ., r \ "' 1,. llarOpe p.08 addltlonlil per llll!lum '' K.yfi!UOTITBBRS 'O'p TOBACCO.< 1 tl' ... v .l'N.A: CIGW dn u:u TO-, 1 r _, r 1 n f 't .'' 1 J 1 OCT. 12, 1870. No Q.rders for the paper conoldered, unless ao-Bt!chner D., 266 Delancy. 'l Wllde'r It Estabrook, '1 CommerciaJ.f r. I 1 1 ;n 1 COIIIl>&nled bytbe S. S & Bro., 213 & 216 Du,ne. N, d r Remtltanoos should, in ,everr Insta,nce, be made M G 1m J H J t dl only: by money-order, checkii.Or d ft. BWI!I aro .rs. tese ann .. u u ow, J ,ij 0 ;c., -J rFnR' A liable to be stolen, andcan sent 11t. the G11lender, A. & Co., ia; 116, and 117 Libert Buchanan Lyali. ,) ) 1 risk to the Goetze; F.'.\. & Bro., 32S Wti.ehington. n J "' 1 d d R BOX'lr NullA TO"Rxit. 0 RATES 0!' ADvERTIBINe Goodwin, W. H. & Co., 20'1 and Watko .Brehni"H & J., 40 Wimer !' I j 'Ji n '11"11: ; I llq'lliU'lll\rl. t t 1[,11,,1 ,BOX ,. 1I :. t 1 ,;, ; OF THill Larjier adtertlsements !D tbe same propor)'IOO, but T H c .. c '[) I Sli R 1 1 I ITOnACCO WARJ!BOUSBS '. 1111 l IJ.I.Jj,.IU, lessthandlle)',Y&ble two Miller, llrs. G.B & Co.197 Columb1'a. Rutrnet & fFoy,85 Water. I !t 'l' I 'I..;HL1 ':Jill .;. '11 ; IDches 1335; three .>J!.chee, IOOQ. l'lo, devlatlon, l 1 I tlie!e terms. Scheider; .1os., '73 :and 7J'i Bowery. 1 j LEAP TOBA.CCO ""ND CIG4RS. 1 u ,,-:)t .,,. OF THE llDdertlle neadtng "For Sale". Shotwell, D .A.., 174 Eighth ave. Case, S. S. & Co., 149 'E}outh Wa\er. 1 ,, .. J 1 Ji 1 Ji' cents per line ror every!Daertion. W H H C pEALERS I!l Lila TDBACQO Allcllana in the' adverllement have to be atts .. 330,332 and 334 berry.. Jt s 11'7 s th w te Nati"onal. To:t;.acco Associatt"on Pa.!,d fer d 'MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS. aap OWJCZ, ., OU a w No ordersror advertising wll1 be consldcre unGershel L & Bro., 86 Maiden Lane. rn Bros., 1 '1 WeJ Randolph. esa accbmpanlcd by tbe corresponding amount. Hartcorn, & Hahn 150 Water. '"' 'U'!'A.CTU!fERS O,F;PLUG,TOBAOC\). 1 J oiT Tliio rn!e wll1 mvARIAliLY be adhered to. Hirsch D. & Co., 174 W ter. Ulman S. J. & Co., 69 South Water. OF THE GOLD :vALUES OF FOREIGN COINS. Hirschhorn L. & Co., 1 {0 :Water. ) 1 n or FINE ouT Toucco. GBSAT BRITAINJacoby;'s. & Co.J 209 Pearl. l>H Murrayl & Mason, 1'74 &! 176 North Water. poun' d .............. '$4.84,(t Kerbs & Spies', 31) llowery. r MAN.UFACTURERS OP )I'UIII OUT CBIIWJNO A.ND UNITED STATES. '1lJ I -. l I l { '1 H. Cp,nstantly on hand 0. Pf'IRSHING, 'r (I 1 a P'uL'J'Ollf BTBE!n. ls. sh.illing ... 0.24,2 LichteM\.;in Bros, & Col 1121 Maiden lane. I ..l AND DEALERS IN LEAF TQBA.CCO. R ayn?r 08 ., ClfVCINNA.TI. 1 J lfr. franc .... .. .. 0.18 'J. D TonJ.cco J.UCTioN wAuaousEs. by working 11.t a? 'f. or ,PWfe t'hat hp.s eve'rits we poidting out this ulcer in"'odr 1c. centime."' ........... O.OO,lS ....,1 .en erg o., 9 ,er,. I Case.r, Wayne & po.,l00-.104. West Front. OFFICE OF THEN ATIONAL TOBACCO AssOCIA.TION, brougl;lt to the t r marl-, AS r" b d ll l d a 'II 'IH ''4 AisT!niDAK. mo.-Sm1th, E. A., 181 Mtiden lane. "NUFACTUREBs ANJ> covM,osON """'CltiNT:S 1 r. r .-r ., .,... .. ,.. o Y DO ltiC, an lD tcatmg. the cause the mo e '1ft fl. 'Jd S I S h .:; & S 1 P I 1) v .,r 1 r-'lro' j lQS W T S N Y d fTi 1 h d 1 ) tl'i ) I ( I,.J.l ) JI J 1 t d it l J jl J 1 orm or gu' er.. ...... o oo tra ton, c or,n:, 19 ear OF MPD. roucco. '. A ER TREET, EW ORK. gar s o ma :an cap.lilcttj'l l't lB des!JJc. 9{ In thiS waYi pnJy-}Vi neeu,e reform and let. cent ........... :.... Sutro & Newmark! 5'11 Mll.lden ' Brashears Brown & Titus 32 & 34 Maih. I, J l.H tdr t' l-!i s k' D -' '' BBEKEN-. Volger&IInnelten 166N'ront Hr Hl' "C 2W'JtS ond Themembers.ofthe Executive Co mmt'ttee of the a e ciea es-energeic on, m ee mg or some purgation. beac;complishedl 1 th ,.;x thaler o 1 81, o mes "'. o. v "" ec c '.l 1 l 1 -:----':,_,------,----r 0 01 0 ( 9 ) MANUFACTURElt !Yt JIINJ: J?-TAN.&. DEALERS IN LEO TORACCO. r remuneratlve a.Pporntment, #bt m performmg'its duties' ,J 1 t 1 R 1grt. grote. De Br"eleer A 96 Beekman B a H. & B 61 1 5 p 1 at, ion a l .. Tobacco Association of tile United are h k h 1 --;:;-, ED ITO 'TS Lmuro, mo.-: C CLO.LR esu !'n e11ry ro., 1 v w o rna c:_ t ll /..ot VCf; IPronunent me.m,ber of an J ., i 1m marcbe.nco .......... 0-35 t l'equestedtom.eetattheroomsofthe.Association,l08. a. b d 1>1) 1 I' ,,, --.. l(f 1ach ........ .' ... 0.02,1 Borgsted & Karsten, Meyer Hy., 18 Front, 1 I,n-com,mg a :;r.. U\' !lD, Wa lat>t ver m ay b<> r.noet to their If' h= A" N A s w f Salomr.n M & E 85 M de La. e ,., 11 Y -. OlJTTIT.TY 1r,,.,. tll "m of otherwise prepared '!lithout the use o any ., Ill n )I 1 I CI.IEVEL&ND, o:u'to1 hoped there wlll pe a full ttendance. h 1a d h 1 f. b A "'!"': 111 """""' I"' h and without b eing Kelly, Robert E. &I Co., ,34,Beaver. cotnussroll ID:ncHJ.NTS m' 'ioooERii or 1 s ou eem t e atter pre era e, t ere would bc:P ome ustm, Texas, pl)1j, pll.tenteq !1-,r_ ,lf ,r mac me or ms ,,. Vega Joseph .A B 187 P I r f '' r '' presse!l or sweetened, and on all.other,..m.ds W .1 & C 6 'p ro., ea, r ; CIOA.l!S A.NI/ r oJIA.cpo. ,, r Respectfully, i chance o theu gettmg mto government"lodging 'free f e 1 o., 0 me. Ba 1378 'o t '10' o 32 1 .., Smoking"tobacco ll.LNDF.LOTURERsoll &Nun. 1 r m '1- n 6"''0 "' o., nper. r. < of exa t y Sinecures these -and of bemg h t m ... ew with all Appleby & Helme, 133 Wt-ter. i Glore, Jl 292 4t .I'WM. E. EA WRENCE, President. afforded viewing thl;\ world anl i \s 0 leap!! Yt.Q.g m bed setlfh; e th!'l I110squitp --. nd so sold the leaf not havJpg<,l. F A. 328 Washmgton. PdjVer & ll'rague,KentOlLTo.b.Wxhs,.Greenap. : l ff:. h h, h .1. di .' Pe aqd,burued herself to death. r :) (' : -_,) m t ..:.,d butted or rolled Lonllard, P., 16 Chambers. ,QA.NBI'TR.Y 1 r II< aug \ roug t e C,ullSteilmgme lliD of pnsoU-011.1'8. 1 IJ 1.'t ,--r . J I """"prenouSII.t led to these remarks by thjl an .. .F.RICAN is a colored .. db 'ftin' t dressing Bo1ken Rlcha d J 91 Cbaml>ere. DA.NVJL .. E, VA.,' ,1 T\ 11 d c.o .d h' r Y 81 g, e d : Demuth wm.'& co: 403 Broadway. Pembe.rton J. H -J ----n3qncement tnat Umt d States District Attotman 10 ..-:ann e pa.t ) "!'" ; t0r r!!S 1or \iS, or m anyotlter manner, et e e or ur Sl fk H D 8B J.h be d 65 u d DA.Y:J:ON1 .o, n .,_ I' u ., r l J f ot'her t 11e !I!2Q a week iii. a. tobacco fantnry : ..," ot after the of man'llfacturing;; e es, ., "' lUll N1 a n ea e. Hoglen & Pease Pease's Toliacco-C'a fing Oo'R ousiness agent, Mr. John G. Gr(\ff, havmg renev rson 11S a.u911t1 (\1 p su1ts h; : ,.,. T ..,..,, 'cf f fl. t h W nrPORTlilll! OJ' PI4.T' PIPBj! ( l 1 l>:'i I l 1 1 1S .. 1 1 ) f 1 -.,1,-.f Fine-cut Shortsh! th eh r ase Qd :id: Batjer, a & Brothet 1 ""i :; trtrned from his. Eastern to1,u, proposeno go Sout .jlgilflll\"B to tpe 11.mount of over mil-.. J1 }4 --., c j J 1,ing tobo.coo w 10 as passe Be J H .. c' i DE'I'Rv T, ltD CR. l .,;,. .1' d II b h' k '" '. dle of thirhl-six mesbesto the. square inch rgmann, "' o.t !li:Fronf. 1 l v r TOM,Cco .ward onmond11.7. next. Mr. Graff will nsit our patronf!, l'lQ\11 P ars, g1ven f> w 1s ey tobacco men to the .; ; C.ALIFOBNI;A:;-,Jt Wertqeimer, qf,San c.. .. .. r 'ftin' fuse aorapa !Uld ll.LHUJIA.CTUURS OJ' lll!ERSCJu.uil Goons p t t M lt w k ' 1 ll h S h D' N 1 fi fi l h N 1 E ;.oy prQCI:llll oA. s 1 g i re 'Kaldenberg F Julius ll '& siJohn .. ( e roJi:1 ,.ove J'.)_\:;.r 8 r NN'1 the tobacco trade generally, in Philajlelph1a, Vll.rlous co ectors m t e. wt ern 1stnct of ew spea!U!. 9r .C\ 9 9Pll m t e at10na aweepings.of tobacco, lllc. per lb. A.ST .o.;t;.n.'J'FOR'D, CO 1 y k f Co.mnntte" hajl we not ha th 1 of u.... ul') I : Lynchburg, I '( .,. l"Hll' ,epeasum Seei.Jlg biu:eoor.any 't ll Nw' -and ther centres in Pennsylvania, :M'a\"vlana etJ 'riho sflb b ,run eiOIIJ.!J>rgeey-u H'ltJ!e a on 1 ' Bi:fldonCigarettesw.,.,., g Lno ex.,.,.,..wg ,o-,.,. \ 1 .\1. : \ j 1 J H t'l' T !JI '',r fj '' lf"fU'-"t'll[ t"l!J J three'pounde per thousr.nd, 50 per thou-.o:a: B.L'Y.L\i. OIOfAS. ,.._. ,.. P.LCKJ: ..t.Nf! DJ .; 8.,, ,.1 raoCI Vlrg\n a. AB we liaye frQq.uen y rem&rfel'l, 1p HJ'el,'1\ .9J: >Olll the a.rttcles that, there wUll-.A#.\ h dlqtllt pounds DeBary & Klmg 52 Broad nMsnro hers 282.11lam an'd 1.,.. tare. 'r l d 'n1 ( f a "' ..., 'It -'"' t'"'"ed )th =-> > t' J h < +h '!'!" aan.d; lllg .:i= ... d.. l at; ( l 29 Be!Lrar. (, l ... Hubbtird'N'. & Slife[! 1'Jdm" J u apqul' an tours a,re a sourqe 0 .... ;'l .. Jl 8 ... 'IW.IUYOD to t iiee I ,me meet Jlg :of. National ExeeQ.or 'any Rayner Thos. J & Liberty and London & Bidwell, 214 St..UM I 'I'Jdo "asjaction to ousT and tend, to sn:fllotli mJI bGIRls, or 6 iltr"vr," t bon ds 'to iHe ,in. 1;itiJI, P\\Yu WO weeks 9! .,..uu man l d d d Maiden Lane Pease rr: & z K 16 Market I' a LJ f l:l r I ,lh h ') II t J 'Jf b l 1)e pf):'esent. il T l ( BUbstitute for tobacco, ry,d .lliPOIITzilsor,lhRlt' A .LitSA.NDCBnooTs Sellin' 8 '2ssstat, .emaole anJ atobe for the fre uenl! Iell.p-1 o J!i'n11j f l,C w. 'f: -:r.:. s. & .. 1 I il.; 1d9 ant JIOihtmentsl o'f ... career, 'us ie l oJ & qot io H lnd snuft'-fl.our, '!hen sold,. Orr&-ed A. pl'llU'eby & 'l n t ,.n ewed and r e'peated assura.nlSe of the 1'aB1 & .cent 'Ca.n;be'reOOT.ered. .'th of the, eOt:uiDDl}JtiOn,aballbJitax p e, 1111'1tiJ'[ ., (_ 'HlOio.IOl _, J t tf li T J t T l h .. r: ...1 y !"1-&af"A up;ro_ ..,.Vl!! .... =:=tr, be put up in packageB an4 Gjl'ord, &qllllit!l ,rae r) ni., "I: ({'ll r r. v r;lfH 1.& 88 a vliJ.uablE! I!Uppol'ter of -can t : tpll .. lb. tHe rls not. l;lm\1 to for ... tamped in the aa:'lllutr. ..J GOP j{f'l WalliNs &hco., 1 arket &iuim. trade an eOieie.nt ".organizer 'of trme daily papers, that most o'f the lalte were flle.J ei th!i \l}.4p,lJUl1ltYlg &ll 1 aggregate mdebtednelfB 'l<1f neatly two .F, F .E. .Ascbetman, of >$1Lltof t6 pel' .... rt Ai. ; 1 lrH '' 1111 I ''' 1 'lli t d 11 h 'lf fi h.'' .:. th '''l ');L' b Sh ll dv.atom House. 93.) SP ci 71118 l'q:a fOBAQim ; -, 'llhonia 8lS 1itree._ ijons of gratituqe for the l!teady'support and; geinal. onlY O' !), a o w lCu ca.,.not be collill!tewe ers) l a 1!66-tbe!n here u J d ;: nl ufaclured tobaeeo ;slerry F. W :aiO! I II) ... "' ,. b' "I \.! r ., '1 1 "l on the 26th int ? The u : .. l"" 'tib .t 1 uooiio ; ,1 J f r 1 reoepti:on'Wlllilh have hitherto been accorded .as by' the, eu). ana: pro ll.u y ullt a e'ry small nroport10n of.the otb' .. r >u f 1s 50o. per b ; Le B..,..,m.,.., ""' per : TOB.LCCO COlllllSBION llEBCBiN1S I h "l ._.,...,..-'J In additiGn to this duty;, the ReveiDIB ax on Youllg & Bm,ue, Watar. .< 111 Glase(ord .t; do. 4 Great st. Helens trade ofthat sectiOn. We trust to be able to ment the er, Surely the be very neghgent, to use '' 1 :r 'J'I 1 d < thi snnu:u:r TOB ceo IIISPW'OTIOV l .. Tvr:o ZB .. 01JS' BtrT No" INTVT r ... -0'"'"" e .... s counL" d;, ;;-e-r-' Co 7 6G rh 1 KY. t th f t th t :whopeJWlits with ......., "' .... _.........,,...,,. ..... cu.r.s.-try must be paid The tobaoco mu&t alao be lil "'J ') "' ., reenWJc s.ree,, Finzer, J. &; Bros., 13 l;hird. 1 t generous pa ronage lll u ure as m e pas, ,.. '. SuperVISOr Simmons and Assistant Assessor a "TPB.Lcco PB'llssus. Wi G;l w & Co.; 102llain ,. "1 and have ,to:cop1mend <>ur agent to thefa.r;famed the to sucb!11:1 suspicious aspect. If Hayes, who are the raids of the dirty detobacco made here. 225 Front. c ll'A.coo AND JU:Ma.&: IIT. 1 bospitaU.ty of .the South to secure fot we it is tnot the collector's b siness to 'that the bon: s tectiv'es on the cigar '1 : r i, ul 1 ..,., .II. D ', I I I I 0 )' t J' ... ,.. sented, as 18 proper, 'l lU'the ExeoutiVe Oommt"ttee of.the "' r ..... -Rodman & Hep'burn,216 LeWJa. t ArmiStead, L. ; .;,, should be-his4uty to meet it faithfully and o -the best N 1 Tdb .Jr. Alien, Julian, 1'12-Water. T {< ; ,eilA.NIBH GIGAR RDIBONS, CarrolltJ: w I ., !P.I --.--)' ,,,n' r J I i I attOna acco-. seven members Bass. W. AJexander, 99 Water .AJmiiall J. J., 30 Cedar. 'Langhorne, Geo:t. V(."i; Co. 1 '"' It is a ead commentary on the working af,Republican ofhts l&}nlity. We do 'il t know the collector Yf.e a will be able to bepreaent Benrimo D. & A. 124-Water. Cr&A.R RIBBONS. tl' T'"""", J'ohn 1J. ,. ., '' .!"Ill .. t "' Jl r. t' t ( j b a b h l h : .1d l 1 ln this roty a.t the 1 th c h Mayo BJOad. :l'rolsa'Oscar & Co., 25 :Whifle aveet. &US. I ., '' in't?e m9st l successfpi Hamp\e -"? on e1, ut e s o,.. celiY:nnly 26thin;i. ,J h' ''l i:fj .. J ? e ?D t e Bowne, R 's. 41 CD., '1 Bw:llng Slip -.. .A.NUr.LCTOUR o TOB.Lha.beth c -.,, '". ,_. .., he. J r oru J :Cardozo A. H. & Co. I 169 Front. ) 1 I LA.. I ,that the ll.ncbreqality ; of t)1e I ofttcials dll.u;n ; uppn !Ullh. .vlilr. t !aCCeptance of such Can; ( fl'. I 110. Broad. d d I .,_ "1 ffil : 1 1 W re 'lie tp make 'he his We trust be will be 8resent to speak for this growing ... Toucoo NEW LA.. 1t1 a.n corruptiOn connne .to tue stnc" yo ma c ass. 'I 1 1 1 ";!> r 1 u 't/ ii'd N rth h' fallvi Carroll & c:w 1 Front. 'Hatch .i Co., 218 Broadway pn'ORTBBS OF 'l'O;DACCO AND tmGAB.B. The Ie.rn.I ,at9. rs. ,:who, I "re in gre,ll.. t e r<>spona;.ble;" :Qut we tlimk dll.ily jo'urnll.l are wrong in larg' e.. Cthl y,2.6th 0 erf n 10 gene Yl at the meeting on .Du Bo.ia }':ugene, S 1 .. ter. 1 < Heppenheim, F, & do. 22 North.W'llliiLIII Durno A:Bem, 18 New Levee Street. c. t l ,. '7 1.T l. b e 1tnstt. 1. > J Dills & Co., Waler. Wulff, Chas .A..; 51 Cbat'b;:m. oaistt.a.l'lr, 1'1'. 'W. the a.ppr:Jin\Illen _t:ofthe offiiiials, are,.in tao many inlf; mtp .acQO Vfade JlD these : '. ____.._._ [ -1 T;iAJco 11 1 .&.111> stances in no.w;ay tectheir subordinates in the trlUlllailtionl! We ackn9wleqga W ha-ving a fair share of '' J. J, Bagley and K-C. "Barke11 Friend & co., E. & G., 129 ,Haiden (.ane. Zlnsser w. J!.L&B. Pierce" Walter B. & Co. J, splendid abilities they poslless How Not To' :Do It. bla6k 8lieep commercie.l fiock, are chiefof Detroit, both, truly representanvenien among n..--rt & R 0 160 w li .a.. c 2!1 p I PA.DU(JA.H. Kli'. w ., 'J I ll,. I 11 t o I '" l I ,: l 1 d tobacco .. manuflicturers o{the country are the" me t::_ :u-6,bel, F., 1r69wate -r. A.OOeU, "" ., ear Thornberry J w .And yet1th1s was not the -conditiOn of thmgs n 1 rogues l a. &rna. way. 11r arge !lell. ers an manf h ,.T 1 E muera -TOB.Lcco PA.PBB 'W.LRBBouiiB. 1 'r b dl 1 o t e.u.,attona :r:ecutne Commtttel! from this State 'Ginter Louis, 61i Warren JeMap .& Moore, 128 Willlma. VA, the American long ago-within "@"' .r!t J dl .Y' .mep sqsThe inter.este of their seotiob could .not be confide'dl GGrossuntheeAr,LL .. 10 PearL aussuN CIG.LD.IITTIIB. Young, R. A:. & 4 Iron Front Buildings the meme>ry of many now 'living-men of such r stand, s.tJL1ns on thetr b11smess escutcheon"-' better _han dB. o I ntJ i ,, i 1r 0. Bedroeslan, 60 John. ,, PHILADELPHIA.. I f I d r nl<.) n-d it J' b fd dl 1 '+ [ Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. msURA.NOE coKP.urncs. JOB.Lcco WA.RmoueiiS. mg were .to represent tlie people m oufl;N attona.l an o 1 me ornE> a arge nsm ss con ewm e ', !: 1 u 1 r "' 1 ......._... I 1 J.rao .H11mburgm:: L & Co., o9 Maiden lane. Home Life, Broadway. Ana than, M. 220 North Third. and Stll.te iegtslatures-men of such incorruptible princiamo nt)n this 1 Mms.ouJIDi-This Sta e ha.s liill & Mess'enger, Broad. TOBAcco BAJUtliLB A.l'ID u:os. Bamberger L, 'at do., s N Water. 1 r > ,, w th fi l d t' ddl }; J m oonnng forward" at of the National Hillmaz;., G. W & Ce., 108 Front. Keys & Bro. John, Columbia 1 Boyd, Fougeray & co., 6"1 North Third. pies and busmess talents we.-e tq f?.ll qur qlficllS, t;.,f!.re, [ 7re o e 1 e : t t Toba.coo Association 'buiw.e trostr .that tit& Missouri Kellogg, Overton & Co., 87 Water. craAB :W:.LCBINEs. Bncknor, llcVammnn 37 North Water that it Wll.lJ oonsi\lered 11.n honor to occupy 1either 1 posi pf qa,ndS1JP,Qn mterest, 'Wh19h J>t memben .of the Gomm 'tt' _:_Me 'D Kerrigan & .Ague!, Amencan Cigar Machme Co, 1'72 Water. Doh. m &: Taitt, 107 Arch. !. r I d d th' t t I h r c Ii; d J E T l ee j sana. Kinnioutt, Thomae, 5 William. J I' AllOY I'BINTED GOODS FOil B.LGB. Eisenlo)lr, Wm. Co. .117 South Water. t1on. Then degrading mfiuenoe of money baa not ong l:go.rmc:: u e some 0 : e ung l a.t lll;l ";'lggettj :J:,ou-wrll be Kittredge, W. P. & Co.,7l .t 73 Front. 'Digglel!, .J. H., & Co, 135 Duane. Geyer & Hiss 62 North Front. penneated every department of our public life then But !'Whether these bonds werEl' given bywbtskey1 o to be present m thiB,ctty oo'the.281rh. They eeive c J,tobinson, and 186 character:was held as priceless an4 a manjs i th1e a$11.inst a hearty, ( l'l; nil l I ) :lsthambers. Greenwic,h. Russel James & 11 Front. unrepresentable by any amount that CI):Uld be jlX remams the Tp A9CEP1ED Gn ') Tull E.&.STBBN Truo,:_Massachnsetts Maitland Robert L, & Co. 1llanover sq. Hammacher, STankll &BCqth., J. Ri1 n 1 a 7ldNo, pressed in dollars and cents. But why this chll.nge? file II. J.:ep(e!leqtmg one milhon of dollars beyon.d ;doubt and "Ljttle should be renresertted b v be'tr w e er ro ers, or 1r 'r a t' hil 11 h h'l -t. r J Martin & Johnson, 166 ater. BATAIIA. cmn nuolt. Van Schaiek B. A.., 17 &: 19 North Water. We started out r1ght. The suffenng ofthe:people in >orot>ntn lC 10n,,w :e a t e W I e tlley were not wor'h mel!lbers-Messrs lton and Wtlder of BostonJ W. s Fries A. & Bros., 26 West Broadway. Vetterlein & Co., 1il Arch. I Revolutionary times refined them !fire eepll.rates the the paper on which they were printed f t-> f l Huntoon, of Providence, J. D BurnhAm, of' Hartford, McCatlil'&Barnett,191Greenwich. FIRE INS.acJS'CES7Wa!L WoodwaroiBrothers&Co.,4-'1N.Watcr. fi, h ld d h bli h d ., I f h d h I and James Gallagher o:liNew a'i'en-ill:theNational .... -enger, T. H. & Co., 161 aud 163 Maiden Market 'Fire Insurance o JU.NUUCTITRERS, DB.LLIIRS, BTC. dross rom t e g9 1 an w en we esta s e 11; governn ';1e:I;V q t ese an ot er Blmtlar ,ill it ime Tobacco Committee on the "Sth 1.nst Di t th' -1. IUIIUFA.C!rUBJ!lt OF SHOW C.LSJ:B. Bambere:er L & Co., 3 N. Water. f h t' -"! b h h,e p d h 6 8 ln lS Jlorris, H. M., 99 PCMI and 62 Stone: Lorenz, A 13 North William. Batchelor, Bros., 330 & 337 North Third. ment o our own, we were emp a teat y poor ut OJl fort ress, ppest men everywhere, to cry .out cue ean be Ilo excuse for absence. 'Norton, Slatrghter & Co.,4.-l Broad A.LDA.Nll', N, Y. Hare, Son, 474 and 503 NorthSeconfl. est," 11.nd rll.n it Oi!the same economic11.l principles on and not, 11.g11.inst a syst.em of political favontiim 1 r ; Oatman, Alva, 166 Water. G-reer A & Sons, 822 Broadway. M hl H 2 9HI M k t b ddl h h.L Thi St t .:> 'D..others, 119 Pea-rl. e enry, ar e which the prudent usmess man conducts his 1 private that sa es upon t e nation a set of thieves like unto 1 lN(JIS.-sr a e 'lS .. b.v fiTe member& v "' BA.LTIMOBB. Steiner, Smith Brothers & Knecht, 225 Race. 1 th N t I E t' c J .J'abper & Scoville, 170 Water. TOB.t.oco w.I.IIznousEs. Taeo)Jald, A. H., Thirq and Poplar.. affairs. But the l11.pse ofttme, the of the these ex-Collectors of the Southern.-District of the State tn e a IOD& :rtecu tve ommtttee. Four of them-Pappenheimer :tr{.,33 Broad. & Hayen, 60 South Gay: d h d 1 f li y k T- Messrs. Ili?wenthal, Murray, and PartridgePark"ri s. :M., & Co., 181 'Pear': B lent"u G. H. & Co., West Pratt. ll.LNUP.LCTUBERS ow BHUU. country an t e em ora tzatlOn 0 po tlcal parties of 1{ ew l o:r; r .La lt not, time for a in the 11 k b f h Cb" v R 2 C tlimdt ..., Ralph A., & Co., 115 Arch. h d fi l : a' h d f fill' bl:n "' d are "!"e pown mem ers o li e 1cago traae, The l'ea!Ba I, M. ., .. our Boyd, w. A. & Co., 18 South. nNuncTuuas o nn cxo.a.u, wroug t a gre11.t an un ortunate revo utton lD our a met o o mg1pu ..., owces, an the making as ; a 'test fifth 1s Mr. A. Beebe, of Quincy, one of the largest if not !tiu!8& Pearl '. Brauns, F. L. & Co., 37 SohutChh Ga1 l Fuguet S. & Sone, 229 S. Ftont. minstration This be-in eTery case the honesty and of the candi-the l11.rgeat; manufacturers in the interior of the' Sta.te. -" 'd --Gieske, L. & Co., Sout ar Ill! -ros.Lcao BROitBII. I h d 1' d h d ? B d h' k h We trust to All f th t'-, h _I' oe, Wm. :M. & Co., 119 ., en ..... e.. Gunther, L. w., 90 Lombard. Dickerson, E. w., 10'1 North Water. came oomp ete w en a note po 1t1C1&n an_nounce t e ate ut to> o t l8 we must t11. e t e 11 spoils" from see o ese gen ... men m : t is city on Pearl. 8:.; :: Allen, P A. acted, tq tHe ?u"r tJistribute the i ___._ 1 I. lRoanole :S":: Paul; Win., 'fest .lrlegraw, E .&: Co. 31 Sixth. VICtors m polip?ll.l belong the, spoils. Thts 31\ 11., (or Tlfl!l EXE'flOTIVETGoMMITTEE.-"?! e give again in this Roseab11.nmE, B. W r S. & Co, liS 'Exchtpge P ace,. WeymliD Bro., '79 & 81 Bmlth1leld. thepry was by the leading but as muc}l work to be done for .the tssue the names of the Executtve Comm1ttee of the 1 Rolepwald .t ro., -.u awr. Sobroeder, Jos. & Co., 81 1EJ::change Pl&l:tl.'UFA.OTURER OF PINE CIGARS AIID DEAL. . I Sal?mon,S., 188 Wilkens & Klier, 6\l South Cho.Hee .l r BR m1'Ymnarulum Touoso. men of both parttes, and under 1ts wo kmg m State as for a .n}! prrvate eoconomtcally, tha.tthe trade may com-,Schoyerling.H. & go: ,lwh PearL TOBACCO ucro:as ,. ,, Poertsef,Eniil, 231 FifthaV\ .. I practice our oBi'ce!.lNI!PA.OTDBERs oP PliUG Ton.a.aoo 1 bad to wode, unttl 'we find tl;lem the gE)neraUy, t;onest, we have a bett :c clas B of offiCA-II\en wno ...n11 1 m m .,. 0 .,. ommtttee recetve c 1 p 1 ,. .1 n H a b &C 1 t 1 1 JJ or tf 1 .. .,, .. J, t. r .conno.unications_'o n'trade subjects and not beable to slip. 1!': [; arms, ,e 'v ,&I) I l ot Goy ,E))illiD,\lnt a .. apd ]lQt e:r. lileetmg o 26th in person, he will COil & C:.J, 1'2 Old Sllp. j \ Guf.:.'w. 41 11', ;& Barrestreet. ,dl /Burwell,. Wm P.l u -1 o 1 i' o1<' v r, 1 iihqae wprdsj -they in, a. su1g/.e:term to, the fer a.Lfa.\r-orby f()Pwarding the letters to the President & 1111 Pea\-L'}. Parlett, a ,f. & co, 92 Lqmbal:dl J. r "i lla:ro H. pllun, unn.-tdttil'j a truth. They express, too, the ln6Vl hereafter 111' fi;t life "of ease. When. & htgher A88ocia.tion l I:) '1 ''I E... r I" $traiton, wnu, WelSh Wl)ll .t SQna, !7 South Gay. :'1 w-:r.t: 0 t:t r ::l h b r i[ f I ( I f r ( 1 ,,, 'j ;l i l Strohn & Reitzenstein, 176FrODlJI I r < & eo.: 181 West frau. __! OJ' I:OB.LOOO. 11 0\1 l a l erdtem t nog no }tself the w :asm ,gto, 'l'a.c 'J'91lwt. .r 1n 'I Ill' oraAJIB. Wha\en R. &' T.., 19 State. '" than shl'ffi-Jl and liuupl at1 11 every to be Mew;:a, of the UN TBE Tsu:Bs.recent London paper Co.1 128L: .ater. f, Gennui. od )J:>0 Jl 'K.Liulf. urruaJ:u > 1 r. y ha. Is l "' -"' '' .: .. T.J.ll n '.n-: aays:.C!.A;. conple of&lgian sailors, in makiDg ail attempt c '1 1 ... 1) r )(J'OBTIIfll p, a'f.l'.AB!:Kimball, Wm. s & reo. ,. 1 ot O('i r 1 r fl< "out the ,aJI.Y1 of to smuggle toba.oot> from & vessel inthe river were W' Pelll"L 1 mU 'q ,, 1 11: t 1 fT O:l!D, M:o,' 'l, l ,f> respoDilble ) the publio u .eo many deBs r)life ,rare. conatdered oompel.ent to iill IOllle 'onrtakell by the police; they threw the over.i OO.kl; ,ll.illiaa .' I) >() l'IPJf1. 't I 1liliet!!. ill rewd Golreriiment poBitiop-tlleb, and Dc)lj ttntj.11 thinking thus to escape punishment. The Di'ag '1(' J G-'ro8l000:n n1!! 11 ei J.'E.; { 1ooliorth 'oommeN!r.C r 1 1in offiP,e. fo>f .& oha.lure. -IV; iiu.vb6 '1hle, che iatrate told them that'W&II a great mistake they. oould TO!t,A-000 -p-r ... U A a.uDaa. Oo tO Kurili 8liciiM ou I !"' .. '' t, ) ..r i IW-.., .r J I "'' H bel prootieded ia three-dil'erenhratl He finet RuMe, 129 Pearl Wee\, f, [ t l(pdeal L.lf,,' IIJ BalljmQN. 1 'J WA .. K. Yo 1t ia thia rabia ory for pl&Ce OD t'fle Gf, ,.1 of eYil is destined to WCJl'k ita own 1!J1 \hem 25l. ot m moatJlsf im,W.onment, for O Drey & 117 Pearl:.,1 .. ,_ D'-a::"ourert hu,:!t &, n Lorlatl dle houda who oould aot keep body aodaoul bave nearly reached the limit of .At all l!truotiog the polioe ia the e::z:eoutioo of their duty." J'lloher, Fredok, llli&Donr Bw ..... g. .... e-.,... .. """' ) f


2 SUPPORT 1HE ToBAcco CANDIDATES.We propose arranging for the benefit of tobacco voters, a. hst (If those Coni'TressJOnal candidates whom we know to be inclined do JUSttee-ev @85 Rappee, French. --@ 1 oo The Sl.ght of tobacco measun'ng twenty st'x rn' ches h k d h 1 t' d h h t t tb t t d' 11 Flllera1S69 ... 16 @:.1 do Jlne J1laln --@--8ll eac wee urmg t e year. a 10n an sue t e exc1 emen a ex1s s regar mg a NWJ YorA:Ike .... iilll@ll6 ness, have selected Boston as the theater of their subjects at the meetmg of the Executive Comnnttee of Sept. 983 2443 IU7 993 1302 7168 very well for the beginning of the month. do 88 @ 92 : opera'ti0'11s, and are "going for, tl:.e unfortunate cigar the National Tobacco Association in this city on the October H82 1482 The tbllowmg is a comparison of the sales of cases do do Fur do 95 @1 oo "K & co" .. DX trade of that city. The leaf book seems to be the 26th mat. we trust that our friends everywhere will for each week during the year. .. 1 f::: ::. :-"" excuse for the most of these raids, lt not having been not fatl to at once correspond wtth the member of the Total amount of sales so far durmg the year .. 34,312 ht week 2d week. 8<1. week 4th Week 5th Week Total i:::h iP.fu:c11t 1 .. .. !ISX k tl th ffi 1 t t. N h t Committee who may live nearest him, or with whom The Circular of Messrs C B. Fallenstem & Son, has Jan.. 456 816 1688 2960 .JI'anqfaclurfd -T8ll32cperpolllld "F. G F" .. : .. : ept eorrec Y m e 0 Cta es tma 100" ow w a we he may be personally acquainted It is very import-th :r. 11 ,. b d h b F b' 355 1009 220 501 2085 FounR. Martine, i Gf Presidential tobacco smoke upon public notice. tiole ,nil be quite low. A latge Jbantity of tobacco No new, except Virginia priminga, having arrived in shown to get na of old stocks eve_n at a do; Hewlett & Torrance, 1 do; Mackay> & Phillips, 1 Certain reporters, who dog offipiai greatness from has been raised in this seotion, wht h has turned out sufficient quantities to judge by, we haTe to suspend fice m che.aper leaf next operatton, do; Crosby & Co., 1 do; Muller & Bastian, 16 w Beersheba, delight toshowup.the bead ofthenat1on well." .,..-L r our own judgment. It 1s to be expected that prices though good. pohcl on the. buyers, do; Atlantic S S. Co, 28 do: order, 648' bales, 1 in smoke, and seem to prefer, d we understand them, a r '> ,, may open and rule in accordance to quantityr pro cannot be Bald to ave an effect upon the so cs 11nent smoking, smouldering volcano to a living man. A CIGAR-DEALE:s's So;N 'VtJlU{S1 O;tJT, A RABC.u.duced, although extremely low views, as entertained market as a w?olll. Indeed lt, 18 to see how, at ExPoRTS We h'ad1 better have a barij. smoker than a liard drinker On the 6th inst, detective Simington of the Central by some, will probalily meet with disaJipoint the P.reeent pnces of leaf, manufacturers. sup_'P1 Y the From the port of New York to foreign porte, other at the bead of affairs, we admit; but .tberpnvate depolice squad retumed" from Bangor, Me.,' having ni ment. Our western friends, if not interfered Wlith1 by at 17 c J0 e:ll(treme hmtt. whwh _the ,than European : ports, for th.e week ending October baucheries of Frank Piel'ce and Andrew Johnson charge on an taoousation '-ofJ:.gran'd f la'fcen'y, f sea coast operators, will. doubtless establish 'a lflafe basis, latter exce6d. ).r.heh that prices 01! the 4, were as follow : ,. ; ( lel!s pos&ble, w the good taste of nat1on Genne,t,, aged, JBOn i>f/ Louts Gennert, taugbt as they are J:>y 11ad experience, ,ha;w dangerous otberl8tde < w ,1n not t eu grvmg any m.or.e ltber Africk 4 bbqs *600, 17 bales l2ll. :,, than this daily paratical or ttntowa.r? complications, hng at !l)o.!ls, or not at all In .thJs state of af. British North.American Colonies: 2 cs cigars, *2'4 secret, if at and smoking is one. If the1P,!e1hd.ent 1y from tlie city', .lma about th'e same time or through 1 w'ant of general compet1t10b la8t faus It lS to how the opemng of Ger British West Indies: 10,652 l bs manufactured $237!1 ,11bould betake bimJ!elf to some club room or, smoke Mr. t Gt>nnert, Sr., missed between 1600' and 1700 in month amonnt to 5,800 hbds against 7,000 same period man ports IS gomg to help_ those who attempt to aupply Canada 10 bales, 400 2 cs cigars, t9I. room and do up h 1 s fum1gations, then he :might give money. He re rted his loss rto Captain Kelso, and last y:ear. Receipts to 3,500..hhds (including New Or th!lm Busmess, however J 18 nearly over, for the .season, French West, Indies 8 hhds 1668. reporters _less occaston to ring changes two pf he, best fficers o( the sqttad-detectives r Stmleans and VugJDJa) against 6, 775 bbds, wh tlst st9ckstn and manufacturers will probably work along, until a sup Hayti 50 oales, t850. ihe. "inevttable c 1gar," and do leBI! tD-j)OIJIOU our _ohil ington aud Farley"":"'; were d,etai.liito recover the prop in@pection warehouses are 25,191 against 21,687 hhds. ply of new and cheap leaf them to put up_ tobac-To European ports for the!week ending October 11 drcn by his perniciOUS example. 'JNJOJn obly do etty, an'd 8Jcure the alleged offender. For several days in both inspections is only 1,191 hhds co to greater. advantage The black work sold durmg the Antwerp 136 hdds. t:ditors take advantai!l of thlB weakne88 ot Prest no clue as to the taken by Jhe youth was ob the m6nth, butl a large amount ot last and p r e week tens and quarters-navy pounds and Amsterdam. '30 hhds, i76' bales, HH cs. dent., but tobacconists, greedy of gain, are ,subjecting tained, but finally 1t was discoved. that he had gone to v1ous months' sales has not been deltvered, hence' the half-pounds unusually flat and dull Bremen: 451> hhds, 8 bales 1 cs cigats. it to their sordid p'l)rposes. Hitherto these gentlemen Bapgor, Me, where, ,it is alleged, a lady awaited r His real dechne will sh_QW l;lter on, probably on tbe first of Smoht_ng -Bnsmess fell off '& hetle week, 'but the Hamburg .1. 1642 ceroqns, 146 cs. have the public taste by posting at their s'hop-Supipgton a:t once left. for-that city, and next month, when 'l!be continental steamers, now adve r depression 18 probably only of a temporary character. Havre 12 hhds 1 doors some savage, some filthy s.quawj or on arnving there, found local ,office bad already, as willing to resume their regular trips, in f?f The fall trade fl'ecently has very good Lisbon: 3 hhds, 3 bxs .,thly and J.mage to invite attentiOn to arrested young Gennert, as lDilta\lcted by telegraph the venture, and neutral sailing vessels, now in the Otgars -There has been qu 1te a off 1!1 the Liverpool: 297 hbds, 2 carks, 76 bx:s, 12 cs cigars 1heir wares-tb'lltr mgars and, !Jegro head" tobacco; from New York. Gennert volunteered to return to 'Course ofloading, will have had time to clear with to ders and s.evera:l .manufacturers are London: 50 lihds, 47 bxs, 1 cs cigars. and all ibis seetped appropriate.'' cupidity is audathis city and surrendered t691 of the alleged stolen bacco IJ'eady for shtpment. Among the sales of last hands. It 18 not hkely, however, _that the, dullness wtll REtlgb a mighty captain, is the YJCtim, and. :we silk Cuban flag, made by herownfairliands; the Lillian 'jobbers 10 hhds .black and mottled wrappers a.t from York. Our and salesrooms are Jnl:th 18 do ; C. B :fallen@tein & Co 10 do. Th H. Vetterb ... l ... the unwilling VlCiJm, of a despotic and degrad was seized, and the as alleged, was taken from llf to l8c to manu(acturers; 25 hhds logs and weatem thuty second d1stdct. We make .no sales m the seoond 1 & S 10 d B C B k S & C d S "' "' """!5> a 1 af hhd d 1 d fifi h d t b t h em ons, o. ; a er, 00 0 1 0 ng habit; a h_abJt wh!ch kings into one ot the officer_s' trunks at ;I:f asaap, subsequent to the fi Jstnct e P t i 42 f t ot L o ug11 and leaf at 8lc d t d1sdnfts, u ad as t adre lllade, Parker & Co. 100 do. ; C. E. Hnnt & Co 63 do. ; N'Or and "binds prmces atlts pleasure" Ltpcoln, Aeizure. Madame Vlllave1 de1 )lav1ng heard that one or i 97 hhds o leaf Jugs to a plua oxe an Y stampe ey are rans erre to our ton, Slaughter & Co., 18 do. ; Blakemore, MaJo & who abhorred tobacco, otten besought General Grant Diego Diaz liad flag in tbls city, sent him i note manufacturer at 7fc., 11 hbds westel-.n distriCt l leaf Jt salesrooms in the thirty-second district, where the]' are Co' 1 do .' ; Gassert &, I9 pkgs; E. Rerzfeld, ,33 t.o giVAl 1 t up, and the General, we have been told, requesting h1m to send it to her. He declined, and Ili for export, and about 120 hhds of' assorted leaf an'd sold to our customers, and from there are delivered and do.; order, 320 hhds, 4 pkge about .as often promised to do so, when t.he exigenc1es was arrested at the instance of Senor VIlla. verde, who, lngs at 8 to 8to. rrhe English market is steady a\ forcharged 00 the regular Firm's books Heretofore the By Ute Hudson River Rafirosd Chas F Tag & Oo., of war would allow. You11g America should not however, swears that be merely applied search mer ru,ling pr10011, put as' manufacturers are W&Jtmg fur tax ofJ ,two -tenths of one per cent. on the am'ount 75 pkgs; Bunzl & Dormitzer, '75 do.; order, 28 do. bad Jn low places or in high places, warrant against Diego,tand was not directly iostrumen-the new sampling, and this on account o( extremelv manufactured bas been paid by us in the second and By the Camden and Amboy Railroad: Sawyer, the Very vict 1ms of the "weed w,arn them not .to do tal in causing his arrest. Diefo claimed to have warm w.1eatqer, slow If, 1 sales tnflm..C. fifth dtstriets, and again when sold in the tbirtysecond w lla & c '9 hbd W p K t d & C 127 B k h e a t t ,, A 1 bl 1 h' a ce o., s, tt re ge o., it. "1 haJ.e been, a sbve to 'obacco twenty years," purchased the flag for $25 at: a sa e of the effects of the' remen has no etoc wort namtng, 1:lut reports occats rtc re we now 1a e or t JB second tax under pkge Allen & Co, 5 do. aaid a father. "I suppose I shall die a slave, but if my steamer, and was di,charged, and 'now sues Senor l!ionalsmallsales at fully r forrher Antwerp the loterna,l Revenue Laws as amended and approved By the National Line. Blakemore, ,Mayo & Co' 6 aon should uae it I would dteinhent bUD. It. i1 bad Vtllaverde for false impnsooment. The'-el'idence in aeems Jto be in a similar position. I The opening1 of July 14 187 ?-Your obedient servants, hhds; A. H. Cardozo & Co., 16 do; E. 'M. Wright, 11 enough that his father ehould hve and die a slave i t,h.e .present ,cal!!! !did 1 not" dtsclose !lDY, QJ.ahce, on I and !L9rrain1,1 .to !free r"trl&lie by, Germany, has 0 t 'b 3 1870 STaAITON Sanurr & do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 25 do;' C. B. Fallenstein Said General Grant to certain gentlemel! who pre; qf and[Judge Grosl!, ,ctu"eo c 0 Jer ( ] & Son, 1 do; P. Peters, 1 do. .ented btm wit&., a !Deersohanm m frt;J o case was in 0 mto t ose parts,. pro a over, r 1 "' By,the New York and'iNewHaven Railroad: L. Petenbllrg. "Gentlemen, 1t lB true L smoke; b"ti 1' 1 'betmy 'ea'i strong for th defense, and aft11r balancmg the retnr11 of coniitlcated there In to your letter of October a in Schottenfele, 12'cs; A. E !1& C. L Halt, s 'dQ; 0. Hama bad and I propose to dTJ.lp it. l You ban pnl tot t e\,ulle bitter rein arks bf cdu'nsel for-we. au.d IO'tlherJ pa"'s-bt 'France, aDd-the pellaianent ificorpbrrelatiOn to :he taxon r eale.s of, manulacturm, of, and ruerateiP., 3 do F. BliBS; I 'd6; 'L. s. dommans, 1 r IJ'l ,"' J :A C -" ., 'I! 'i II! Lit" """r'i ,o:r---.r El'r.'-'f' ,.._..,.... .,.._ __ ... .,..r 1 -ue w Vlllll w "' : ct1'1g '-tL 1q,.. 1 m :"'J ) 'l'b'JIUIJJ J' 11 eu., 1 1 lfll :.H1.c1;.;lh0l 'u 1HU'J ,tJuua(onal[ol1ll'J>fJonLr nfn '"""rlluo

, ------------ isses-well I remember them in the comer WE.'re fleetest 10JSweet th011 _,1on 'If ',tJ[ In the dark were !weej;est. f' d I!! I Anna lS gone on a mission 1 u 1 Off to the South Sea n -w.L. Nell is wido.w, Cot>kS own \ Charlotte, an, gu&,an, Ma.v, Jane,'Lucy, and "Maggie; _Four are' married and Maiden and soraggy. 1,\'t't ,_ Carrie is_ dead l Bloom r Y e =gnonettes over her rest I Her I Joved.. deJ!orl and truly,; Last a nd ,; Thuf! I sit"ffilooking and thinking, A bael\.etor frigid and lonely; I kiss the end of my pipe stemThat, and that onlr We copy the following from the Monthly Report of the Chief of the Bureau of Statistics, Treasury Department: J!'oroia,. Tobateo hnportei into the United Statu during the Month ma.d..JIIM 80, 18TO, and the twelve month> ended the samt, tompar64 with the corres-ponding pe71ods of 1869 corrected 1<1 .Auguat 18'l'tl-declar64 guantltin Clll4 . QU ANT1TIB8 Month ended June 80, 11 Mo. ended Jaae 80. 187(). 1869. 18TO. 1889. 282,111 109,1>1.2 6,810,8!8 5;981,868 31,888 43S,193 ,4156 1,822 21,917 16,767


THE .The f' :TH. rt. VETTERLEIN &, SONS, i1 eoi ,o r }, 172 STREET, r t 0 I Manlll'aeturers of I H:a V A:N1\: "i CiGAR FLAVOR; -1 26 WEST BROADWAY, NEW YORK. 48 .and 5 _0' East Sec. ond Street, Cincinnati. ......... ... .......... AND CERERAL ( '>!'; 1 ,, It ... 4.7 BnJad St!eet, Merchants, I ,; J I A..f f lJ L. w. Gmrrmm, 11'. w .. Baltimore. J11e,. York. L .. w. .. ER. A :cd .-' Tobacco &-General .. ;ri Jro. ni'tl'earl .eor. : er !Pmw YoRt. r 1 J' .fl cQnslgJ111lenta. [ 1.0 Ju t ,... .,, "\ A. DEBB.AEKELEER, I l[analaeturer ot FI.Da 7 Q:"V;'PJA CIGARS, c ;Boe'msn -..r:rty .. "I"' :'O.R : .. 'L :l'oreJp and Domeetio Lea.l :To.'bacco, Also, Importj,r ana. lllanu1lu:iuer ot SECARS i'J.:r llci 146 Front-ltreet, NEVTOR&. j L.,CERSHEL &. BRO., .I .:. I L Wholesale Dealers in li.L .. dl / 'HA. VAN A. AND D OlUS'fiC < t Jl .. ,. I ; I l t 1"fl of_ LHifXobtsfJOO, r Bo ... IWDD LAIIEi L. .., s. GllliSIDIL. J!:EIW TO aL 'OS]UH A. VEGA a: BRO. I I ol 1 DIPOJI'1'Bli80JI .A.l"fl> f U1 P:JUBL 8T.BJIIB2',


I lib. 'Dn,w, .J t e.rj 1-llb. Drums, t11 ,J ) 'VH1:00 .u n 'T' r ll T8.A::il 2 oz. -Bags, :> ar llb. Bags i SOLE .A..GEBTS, l .-l'o.l '72 PEABL BTIEIT 1 .il}! THE I T. H. & C O llr.PO&n&a DD IW FOJIIQ" DOf!4EStiC. ..... 1LICQR' I d .E. 161 I; 163 II:AIDBN LAD, NEW YORK. noe. B. JIDIIINGEB. f!-59 3. L. GASSEBT & BBO., COMMISSION MERCHA.(i Leaf Tobacco; No. I 60 Water Street, New York B. LININ(JTON & SONS, III.PO.B'l'DI o IYiaailla Sac AND C,HI!ROOTS, A. OATMAN, OATMAN & REID, H.A.VANA D II ) < HAV A\NA SEGARS .-ANDLEAF TOBACCO. -No. 42 COORTLA.NDT ST., "LA. ESTBELL.A...' NEW '2'0RK, Yours, v e r y r e sp ectfu lly, W. H. U T U.A. L,.) 'I'. No. 264 BRO.A..DWA.Y, NEW YOBK, I r W :In every respect a First:.Ciasa Institution. 5 -FIRST..CLASS FmE INSURANCE .. ;_ On.tlle_ ll'artlcipation l"lan. Fine :Insurance Companir 37 WALL STRilET, lTEW YOBX CIT'!. 1 -.,.,.. ASSETS, t719,GB I .621 CAPITA -'""00 0 00 .... oo :>:"'!' h1ornm ACni"AL SURPLUS .485,Geq.l6. tiil the Caplllll, moot tllvorably"With otberCOmponles, eBpeei&JJ.r1il-,._ ,; demu1ty otJered /' ot Insunmce on the PARTICIPATION PLA..."!, or In the Old FIU'hioned W a y," on the favorable t4 alit In the ProJit s, have all he benefit of th e iix'tra aecuril y of the S cRIP FUJI'n. I I and Liberal &

'lll, rU-\..lli'J.'I EULKIN. THJIO. l. 't'RTDI&IN. 'I'. rrai .. 1 ."V r PHILADi:-t.PHIA, ";-, :rlerohants in Leaf and Manufact "'.'eb!W 1 DOMESTIC A_:N'D IMPOBTE}.) SEGARS. ::J ') U.III ,Tii:D T.t.TE8 IIO:IDI:D-WJtt.RfH(}l!!ll! J i!. 0"0 I tr Gooalgtier4! ea.,. forward their Stocks .the Government Tax. 1 .. 0 I Al\TATll .. l\1','' Late of tlte.Firm TELLER, & CO., JJ'Aolu,.z. l>H'-rM LEAF TOBACCO AND I North Tlaird B'b:eet, I PHILADELPHIA. L BAJIBERGER I CO., DoaJen Ill .. LEAF TOBACCO ...... ,,.. ... old..-"' SEGA.llS, Ito. 3 North Water Street. PIDLA..DBiti'Jitl. .... JAMES BUSSELL & 00., Comm,ission Merchants. Large &81J0rtment of Clay and Glazed Pipes, L at reduced prices SMOl{ING I TQBACCO, I .,91.0 PHILADELPHIA. 'Leaf Broker & Manufacturers' Agent 80L. FOR-' : .... '1'0114000 woaa, .r.&DO, OJIZO. IHJ)ot, 1or North water st., JPRILAJ)Uoi'XU,. / & TAITT, I Tobacco Commission Merchants, 107 ARCH STREET, X. I. DOHAN, MO. T, TJ..lT'r. ,._.B. GilDa, P.HILASELPHIA,1 WM. ... (mptlteri Ul4 flelfiW Collllllili101 lerebl111r DeJI,Ol 1 '111111 'J1111111AD, d'c:m.lll A C:0.. It Tmnaurw, G. w. G41L,I G. 'l:tlcBIDii. .U. I.J:D TQBACCO, No.60SOUPHGAYSPBEBP L.W. GUNTHER, BALTIMORE. MD. GENERAl. /01;. BmmoBDBB. A. NICOLAIISJIII. Commission M .erchant, JOSEPH SCHROEDER & (:0,! A.ncl TOBACCO Jl' LCTOil, Oollmliooton and 'll'iloleeeie de&len Ill No. 90 Lombard St., Leaf and Manufactured .. ZqfExchar .g e piace) e> 1 BA.LTDIORE, lid. TQbacco and, ()igars, made on Coneignmentl -..JIJIIICKIIOrJ'. a:so. r No. 81 Exchange Place, 'G. KERCKHOFF & co I WHOLESA.LB DlCALERS IN 161, 163, & 165 :Pearl Stret, I (CORNER OF BLY BTRE;,) I I ) I I Krohn, Fe1ss & .Co., ., .. :Z.8'1,.W.A.LNUT 8T.1 CinriA'1&ati1 OMo. _No. 58 WEST J!OUBPH SX,, .J. ums K.A..I.u.:r. CINCINNATI, 0 s HA Ul CONN. SEEDLEAF TOBACCO, Imported Domestfe Vfgars, 154 STATE and 282 MAIN ST., HiBTFOBD, CONl'fe WM. WESTPHAL, COMMISSION JIERCHANT, And Dealer 1n CDNfUCTICUJ IEED LEAf 228 Bta.te St., Hartford, Conn. CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAF ., Tobacco Warehouse, 159 and 161,0omnerqe-street, HARTFORD! COllli. Beet Connect!cnt tobaceo s eed for sale In qaautitlel of POWER &r, PRA Q 11, E' one ponnd and upwards D. M. SEYMOUR. Nos. 214,216, 2].8, _220 G.reenup St., ________ ...... 8. KJDAu.. B. B. ltiJUa 8J KIM8ALL & co., I Xtna*otaNn ot .. Olltllra&tcl PLUG AND FINEr-CUT Oll.o'W'i.Q h'aGM, Peerless & Fanoy Plain TOBACCOS. ': 15, 17 and 19 West 7th Street, PLAUt TOBACCO a specialty. COYINGroX, .lCY. B.oahelter. ]1, y, Detroit Novelty Works; DETROIT, HICliL ..,:',.. r ) TOBACCO KNIVES''THE VERY BEST." 0 OHlj'f RUUill A. L. & F. 81880N, Packen and Dealer Ia r Connecticut Seed :TQBACCO, 134 Main HARTFORD, CONN. I 126-188. r JOSEPH-S. WOODRUFF, Dl!:.a..x..&B Ili Connecticut Seed-Lzf TOBECCC>, 18 STREET, ., ......... -" .:_ CONN 8. 8ELLINC & SON, !'Wen and Dealezeln SEED LEAF TOBACC01 RSS Sta-te S-treet;, HA.BPFOBD, -CONN. ) N. L. WQODWORT. H, .._. Dealer In LEAF TO:BACCO, 1\T o. 217 State St., HARTFORD, OP. C ... DBAL1IB IR Connecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, EAST HARTFORD. U.S. Bonded Tobacco War.1-tcuse No.1, GEO. W. WICKS & CO., A g ent& f o r S a l e of Virginia, MissQuri, and TOBACCO, Empire 1 -DGBAW& CO., H.AR.RIS, BEEBE & 8 co., }[anufactn fers o f :i!:ve cy V riety of P[UG TOBAeco, And Dealers in L f,p ") "' A_ j .!. ,, f.-.()d' Cl I QUJDcy, llliBoi& 1., 1 l:.... lO ., .:;. IAlUFACTUBEIS & DEALERS II SNUFF AND CtGA88t Ia 68 & 66 &-Jl Blnh sa.., I'IVB: BROTHERS TO:BACCO WOBD .... :Mna, ... -. .... _...,


DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, D. BTRSOB &. 00., The New fork Seed Leaf Crop. .....To THE EDITOR OF THE T oBACco L EAF: The 1 8 70 tobacco crop grown m Onondaga, C ayuga., and one or two adJacent counties, IS bemg bought up w1th greedy hands. Baldwmsville, a p l ace of between 2 800 and 3 500 mhab1 tants, and 12 m1les by rail f110m Syra c use 1s the chief centre of the tobacco exc1tement, and lhe buyers come here from all points They are here now, and never have ap peared on the ground so early m the season before The crop 1s not yet stripped, nor is there : mu c h of it cured on the poles at this t1me. The crop here will not probably exceed 4 500 cases all told, and m the whol e State not perhaps 5,500 The crop is good, the leaf 1s fine, the co1ors are good, and the growth generally large, though crops run unevenly 1n growth, there being :many very early attd numerous late crops A throng of say from 18 to 25 buyers are purchasmg green leaf, and many promment to bacco houses are represented here Your readerswill want to kilow about the prices bemg pa1d. The range is high. We note sales at 15c, 17 c, l9c, 2qc, 22c, ':h-tc to for round runmog lots, J mostly at 20e, to be dehvered as soon as the crops are m merchantable condition for the market. These are remark abla.pr1JOII&er re caused tbe addfti,Qn, o f l)i}a penderovdl t'L'J.: :rJl "' u ""' "'"< I IN the rB e Court in N-. J on Mo?Jqay: contact 'Wlth water enporaliion is wrung frOm seas1db remov,ed an ol4 the J j"..,....f..-i' 11 iW":r!JtiiPI!t They ba?. t t of SouthaM suM bas OO'Ql.e Jllto 811ch contaet. On the contrary, tile reto a yard at some lA!. ., l bpjiQ.; Y, to it is that iT Louis. A man put hle lighted ci mto e $10 oo'o ports banded in by seamen are all to the effect fastening chains; we1ghed tons, an ranee needs men, she doi/t conscript "them Bois1l d n W lie w t on accou t f the d!!&tk of Miss Southard by dro'lf.n:ing froln PeeD uuallally eeQ ltlle preSent b9iler on the wago stood ,' zCBflt JY I p logne l steamer on the, 1869. --rf' 0y M'! I


MISCELLANEOUS. L,A.BEn L 'Iii j I I I I + Jlateated Aprlllfl, 1&0'1'. A. HAMMACH.ER & (O., Agents,


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