The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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-Jill .. [ I H l. ( (l -, 'II l1 Led (;': (


THE TOBACCO LEAF THE people out at Omaba,N eb., are Ql.llio, upon cnpi 1aliststo establish tobacco and other (tctorJeB there. I I l'dBACCO!JlABD'.r. I A ,PIPB.-A. war deapatch says I .. I r ammunition, wagon was blown up yesterday near the oaatle at The,1grelltest conaternation waa orea ted The' gates of tae &own were closed, t)Je bridges drawD up, iUid guards recalled o the caatle1 aa it Wal an attack bad madJ. Order. MoD however. Three ....,..,-_. ..... TIGo 1 fine, A No. 1 in the Eastern ma keta, and it 1>aniah W Ia4iel. 4 hhds, .1, 084 ; lbs manumains for our keep up that reputatiou or let f&oinred $4'7., it fall. My strip you f.O'\:Iaooo until Dutch WeitiPdiea: bales, *76, 2,345 lbs manufae-i' ia thoroughly oared. You sold oods to be de tured, t/}86. 1-.. THE first hogshead of nnv t il.f o r' ceived at Clarksville, Tenn., was by a Ulan-Tom .Edwards, of Todd county, K:_ l 1 I IT is estimated that the Pa 1 will sell in the yf>a1 tommen rf,tl tf),t aext, 20,000 hhds of P,resident has II. Chandler and Samuel }I .Annl\ble tob J o for Third Virginia (RIChmond) cl1,t1, t -DuRING the month of Septembt>r, in the Hartford (Ct.) Uollectwn D1st11ct, tobacco and cigar stamps Jf.enLSold tQ the value of $6,134 55. ONGthe bills recent} :Virginia Bouse of .Assembly, was one to revive re-establish the tobacco at Farmville. PENNSYLVANIA SEED LE..t.F.-We learn that all ofctll erop of 1864 Pennsylvania now remaming unsold is \D he hands of Messrs Peller B1 os Philadelphia, who are rapidly 'disposing of it at high prices. BE R6KEN UP-The little "family ar :rangements" by which, in certain as :Boston for example-the Interq_al Revenue Superviso and work into each other's bands, whereby &lie A88essor's son, g qthets, is benefited. .I ... .!:_.!__ ...... TOBACCO GROWER MANUFACTURER OR DEALERI Do r.ou know the on tobacco legislation of the eandidate for Congress you expect to support? If not, as and govern !'C rdingly. Vltt.C" for no man who w1ll not do JUStiCe tb the weed! oon Pifc5SPECT.-Tiie prospect that next Congress will be more liisposed to !P.ay attentiOn to tobacco than any preceding Congress has been before, is very bnght In fi<\t, the CongressiOnal fiel_d is ripe fur the siCkle. Let the tude see that tbis golden opportunity IS embraced to the utmost. ToBAcco AND WmsKY.-A farmer a few days since purchased ia Bangor, Me., some barrels in to preserve cider. Upon rinsing them out he found m a whisky barref seventeen large plugs of tobacco all soaked in whisky, which had evide-qtly been placed to improve the fl.avor and "body" of the liquor! -' WJi..t.T A VIRGINIA To:I!Acco MAN HAl! DoNE..Major W1lliam T. Sutherlin of Danville has don.ated $500 to College-to endow. cha1r of Mechanical EngiDeenng, and Mr 'Wilham Stuart of Saltville bas gi-ven a like sum for a similar purpose. .Major Sutherlin is s-,.oken favorably of for U. S. Senator to aucceed Senator J oh?ston. 1 SBBING THE WORLD -During the late frespet in Virginia an old negro woman, living iB the Upper Shenandoah, was washed away in her 1 oabin, and floated dowu with the fl.ood a hundred miles before she wia Upen being released she smilingly remark ed ; If BlflSB yonr .aoul, honey; I nebber see such times. I donee bin t'urdar. from home thaw I ner was afore, and seed a heap o' places w})ar I didn't know the name on." )-La.' '''J .. J 1 A precociou11 youth Of .Altoona, hav iog earrept1tiously obtained lt'paokage of powder and a ,.cigar stump the other evening, 100n realized the fao that the way oftbeiransgressor is hard. Whlle I!DlOk the cigar stump he saw his mother coming toward him, and at once sfid the c1gar into the pocket contain ing the powder. His hand, the cigar, and the powder got qut of that pocket wit.h rapidity, the youthful hero is now securely bottled up to a few day's rest at home. TRADE oF the m.onths of J"11ly, August and September, Detroit tobacco manufacturers sold 1,205,208 pounds of tobacco, of which 629,550 pounds were for smoking, and 5'75,658 -for chewing. The largest sales made by any one firm -were 162,125 f.ouoda of smoking, and 121,6VO of chewing. The lowest sales of any one firm 8,025 of smoking, and 6, 902 pounds of chewing. The taxes pa1d on the entJ,re amount of manufacture!t tobac<{o during these twelve months to t284,.949.24. Of this sum the firm making theL largel!tsales paid 164,871.36 and the firm making the,emallest 1rere and a great nu bet: in jured. T_!Je q;iused by a spark om a smoker's pipe." ---A Nxw W AT CLARKSVIIX:K V -Thos. D. Neal, late of lfeal's Wrebous11, 'De,ov'lle, ,a., and Benjamin J. Sheppard, late of Seabrook s W reb'ouat, Richmond, Va., w1ll on the 12th pro:r: open a Warehouse at Clarksville, V a These gentlemen, well known in the trade, anticipate that "as aoon as Clarks ville becomes a large tobacco market there will be a railroad bUilt to freight, until: then, we ahiill have cheap transportation b river to Richmond and an ville railroad." 'l'HB Dim tD"ETEcTIVBs the" of M. & A. Solomon, No. 85 Maiden lane, who were re cently arrajgned befQN Shields on a harg% (!{ Olll!ttiqg tQ,. 61P.ltii ath this Association has lo11t a member who, by his unyar_ying affability and courtesy, his frank and generous mannE:r, his and gentlemanly deportment, and his high sense of honor in all the trans actions of his life,: won the sincere affection and high regardofall who Jmew'him. Resolved, That in the death oft.his most estimable gentleman the business community has lost a useful and valuable and honored member, anCI. Richmond a truly good citizen. r Resolv!!d, Thap we extend to the afflicted familY. of the our heartfelt condolence 'this their 1 hour of much sad bereavement, praying to au all merciful God to them that consolJI.tion b which they stand so in need. that ,.we will at. tend lD a the funeral r Qf the deceased R l d I Tli .. !._1,1 ,. !J h I J \... .\( J I eso ve .a1> t e c auman or t4Is meetmg appomt four J)all to accompany the remains to the grave. Resoi ed, .' .llliat the Secretary transmit to the family of tbe, departed, a copy ofthese resolutions, and that \bel J:>e the da1ly; p,aperl} r ;t'he a,lf pomted the followmg paUl>earers : Messrs. 4rcher1 1-tobertson, .B'aFtt; and Peytob. "The then ad jotHned. At a meeting of the Tobacco Association : h.eld in ,their&cbange, Octobilr > 2fith; lllll70, E. 0. N olt ing, PresideQt, in ,the chair, R. A. Secretary. The President, on taking, the chair, aqpQunced to the meet ing, ih appropriate terms, the sad' 'intelligence of the death { on Wednesday m'drnh1g ; 'the 19th instant, of eu z esteemed friend and associate, N. 'M. Martin, Esq., and A .-LNCINNATI CIGAR C..t.sE.-The Cinciimati En askei:l what act.i;oil the 'trade would take on the matter. $3, '-'-' On motion of !>Bolhng, Esq, a committee of three rt McMurray, ...... 6,000 1 4,900 Charles F. Meyer.... . . f, s ,OOQ Dav1d :McClosky.... . . 5,325 rc1 r 5,00P N W Reynolds.............. 5,000 r1 5,000 Jobri .A. Sachs .. : .... .. 1 4,700 Jacob SchHlidt. 1?-. 4 500 1 '> 9 1 3,900 James '1' W1lson ...... ... : 3,3oo u rw" 4,000 Dietrioh Otten. . . .. 3,100 ,rrur, J 2,9;0() ... ........... 1 2,250 nJrJrfl.J.OO nottfriad Aufderhardt .. .. . 2,200 1 l 500 '1 I .t 1J .; I J.. I ---... 1 : : 292,U't5 1 r J 293 : soo In thia dJStl'ICt the total amount of tax collected frow tobacco during lihe same period was $46,264. 11 ,!,! NEW OQ't, \215. I I been in biprqnd 11al's amoa&Po.l tp, hhds. Of 1bele tabk 375 hMJ. dry Bu'Bply. expo .ners at their prices, and still consigned as fol1ows : Marc!-300 356 353 429 206'7 Aprl 1t 1079 ll f5 895 3556 May. 1681 1614 685 635'7 June.. 1235 803 1022 3524 July.. o\s 1990 ll04 53'7 4199 August. 766 254 1063 52'7 118'7 Sept. 983 ( 2443 144'7 993 \ 62 '' -71,68 October H82 453 '7'11 2706 leave a reasonable margin of profit. At present thit! By the Erie Railroad: Hill & Mel!senger 1 2 hhds. seems difficult Buyers for fore1gil markets want a very N orto n Slaughter, & Co 21 do. ; s. M. Pa;ker &; co: good article at lBc ;aa an outside lunit, wheu the same 49 do ; E. M. Wright, 8 do Pollard, Pettus & Co., '72 goods but a (ew weeks eas1ly brought 22c to 23c. do ; Sawyer, Wall ace & Co., 43 do., A. H Cardozo & As the mountain will not. come to Mahomet, Mahomet Co., 1 do C. B Fallen stem &; Son, 13 do .. J. D Keil Total amount o f sales so far dunng the year 35, 536 must fain go to the mountain, and thus the only chance ly, Jr., 24 do ; A c. L & 0 Mver, 29 do., M AbenThe exports of the week i nclude 409 (54,656 of stimulatm g the deadened export trade seems to be helm, 17 do, ; E. Runkbart, 7 do Order, 62 do, 27 lbs.) of .manufactured tobacco. in getting lest cbeap enough to afford work at the pnces pkgs '' I .n offered. This manufacturers will soon be able to do, B b H Vlr!Ju ,ua Le_aJ:.-.At la ,st the new leaf coDIIng for 1 and fortunately for thern the stock of old work on hand Y t e udson River Railroad. Pollard, Pettus & m quant1t1es suffiment lower priCes?. and fine 18 not large. Frqm Vu glnia we continue to ber of Co, 11 hhds order, G9 pkgs. bnghts <:'an no:. purchased at a considerable r educ1 stpppn, g there being but little encour By the Camden and Amboy Ra1lroad: M & E Sole tiOn. from the famme of a few weeks ago. Tire agemeat to go on rn till! nresent as eat of the market moo, 16 pkgs; Chas. F Tag & Son, 6'7 do W P. specimens of the 1'8'70.yield th!.t h_avereached here fully It would be well 1 mole \vould fofiow their exam le Kittredge & Uo, 10 do warrant all the complimentary tlnngs that have been d h k P By theN atwnal Lme: L W Gunther & Co 2 hhds a f 't d th a t f d d b d t an not waste t eu tune m wor mg the new pnmmgs, Kunhardt R, Co., 10 do Wallace & co'., 2 do.,! sal o I, an e ,ver 10 o goo an a un an r and thus r loading the market with chea oods, to 'the that bas been P!onouficed Alongs1de some P,f these 1 detriment of eally valuable work here. E M. Wright, 1 do., C. B allenstein & Son, 10 do. the Western br1ghts, when they have been It 1 thl's k' d oft h 8 ld b fi 10 Yd By the N aw York and New Hann Railroad A L di I d d ". k d I h d 11 m s o any,-w ere rom c. own & C L H It 8 A St & C 1 d 0 H sco ore al! 10 e up, oo rat er mean, an Stl 'Vf!ords, that has cloggeq up English markets and o cs. em o o. am mernot WE!r!'l only t?o glad to weighed down ali kinds of work It was not a very ein, 2 do. Bonze! & Dormitzer, .2 do ;' Lichstenstein buy this des1rable to, b acco &t good pn?es No brilliant piece of strategy to ship it here under the cirBros. & Co., 5 do. Clark & Soripture 3 do ; Western need any the large quant1ty of cumstances and suicidal to bu it u and ex rt it W111p Co, 1 do. mgars, Bidwell & Farwell, 1 do ; W. new V1rg1ma crop will overstock: tbe country, and tiius arrivllol Y P, po 00 B. Drake, 1 do ; F1eld & Bro., .I dQ., B. Sommers, 1 do. depress prices below a paying standard. It is a fa& 1 'wBy the New and New Havsn Steamboat Line: that a crop of bright1 leaf increa11es. the demand ..Smokmg.-Buemess was very f&lr the '!'l'eek M. Pnce & Co., 30 cs; A. L. & C. L Holt, 30 do. instead 1of over.Bowering an,d swamping it. 'fhe re.soq, and correspondents from the W eat write. that their Or By the New York and Hartferd Steamboat Line; L. is simple. Wlien brights are as high as they have been derS' have been larger but for the tightnees of the Ger9hel & Bro., 21 cs; Charles F. Tag & Son, 17 do; for'lt year 'past, m'anufacturer11 of moderate ll\eans are money market I. Hamberger, & Co., 41 do; A Stem & Co, 8 do; E. shy l)f\..,.orlcing leaf oflthis character, but when 'the best an impronment on last week, the Rosenwald & Bro., 19 do; E. M. Crawford & Co. 43 br1ghts are cheap and' abundant, these men can aft'ord manufacturers being generally pusy. do; & Qolt, H do; R. A. Chapman, 49 do. to invest in them. Thus a large crop always increases (}oW, lllf, and 10t noon was the same _By the York;and ,Philadelphia Express Propeller conanmptioP u1t as b1gh Rrices curtail it. the, .&change has been in better demand !and is now held Lme : Th1erman, Kuchler & Co., 25 cs G. Reismann new factori that are spnnging up all over the "We11t at' L a sUgbt advance. & U<;>., 3 do; H. Colell, 5 do; Sprotto & Gelderman, 3 will naturaHy prefer good Virginia to the inferior leaf We quote:-B1lls at 60 days on Q London 108@ dv c1gars; G. B. W1lson, 50 bxs snuff. grown in their own section. Lallt year they could not J.OSf for commercial.; 108!@109 (or bankers'' do at By Old Dominion Lme: Connolly & Co., 3 bhds; Virginia, and had to put up the Wesfern, short sight, Antwerp, 5.2li@5 15; Swiss, IJsaac RMeid. 4 do, L to; Drew & Crockett, 2 do, 3 do; whiCh was soaroe and poor. But 1t must not be m 5.15@5.1.31; Hamburg! 35-!@35-l; .Amsterdam '40f ames cGuylier, 13 do, 8 do, 3 bxs; A. D Chockley ferred th!'t enn brights will. go & begg_ing. @40f; FranKfort, Bremen, '7fi@'7St;'Prus & Co., 10 do, 32 do, 2 do; Huffer, Toel & Co., 253 do, The English market, whiCh ab!orbs considerable bngbt sian tbalers, 71@'711 1 2 bxs; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 1 to; P. Lorillard & leaf ot a medium grade, IS now almost bare, and conse-.Fteights.-There has been more inquiry but ratea Co., 10 do, l bx, 65 hf.-bxs; Allen & Co., 10 cs ; Th qnently there' ll soon be an -active demand. Now, ar-e aboutJthe same. The engagements .,;ere as fol-H. Vetterlem & Sons, 5 do; Maddox Bros 5 do, L the Western leaf ia quite as good in quality as the laws To per sail, 84 bhds .at 30s. to Bre Ginter, 15 do, Joseph 1 do; J. H Thompson Enghsh manufacturers are willing t{) pay for, and a men 400 hhds at 35s. 45 do, 75 boxes, J.D. Evans & Co., 40 do, l6L three, consignment of the finest Virginia brights would net a 'QUOTATIONS oF PRICES. qtr. poxes; Dohan, Carroll & Co, 11 '1 do 144 hlf-bxs loBI!, simply becau11e the consumer could not afford to 33 bxa, 200 one-third bXII; March Pri;e & Co 10? Pay their value. Our' Western is bright enough for 7 C s Fine ... l!O bxs; W. 0. Smith, 25 hlf-bxs, John 30 do, iliaCI< Frosen 6 @ '1 'ileundl l kegs; N. L. McCready, 102 cs, 20 bxs, 20 hlf-bxs fore, for the superabundant Western ana.. the .. ::: :: : : .. ... : .:;::.::: 2: 'B011ton, G. W. Abbott & Co., 10 hlf-bxs; Rochester accident that opena thls market to them IS a fortunaie Selection .. li.ll 8 Naey Half-l'l>uadl R & T. Whalen, 1 cs. Ll.d 'v. 'oo oo' 1 U!!'B,n by, a not ascertai'ned. that even r these II(av l sell &.gJlin. atJ a but .the ,_ "" vp "'J;'J ::> ;:-1 CommonOlgaro .. 15 00 lS 00 ugmia 18 qUlet, some htt e m _quiry for export, but D?argin r be very qonsiqeripg ,the I high I Wrap 1.881!, .. .. ". 135> @66 Cberoote an(l Sixes. 10 00 1:1 00 -w. d 1 P tices orio-inally giv'' en. B.nt th18 IS sp,eculftti'on, and do 1869, .... < co -4!15 o-90 pnces o..,.ere ""ow se lers' views. ,., .-Second 1869 211 @36 Rappee, French -@ 1 00 I t' th k 7 hhd M the risks are accepted 1by the who is quite FU!ere1869 ... .. 16 @20 do dne plain -@-85 / nspec IOnS IS wee 89 8 aryl and, (1 0 reas able to judge of the chances of the future as we New York &.d.-Leaf.-Scotch &Lund;rfoot -811 -90 mdeoted), B2 hhds Ohio, 56 hbds Virginia, are. The fact, however, al'gues an unusual con:fidennc Gold ...:.1 8 hlidt1 Maryland, 21 hbds Ohio and 4 bhds in the prospects of trade" during 'the next twelve do 1868 10 @12 "H.M ltorrl.o" M. & M. S4 y t L 1 H months. Don Qullote:" 1111 lfgm1a, o Iverpoo, :per ochelaga 1 645 hhds Wrappere1800 -80 LaCoronade Mar:yland, 50 hhds Oh10, 71 hhds Virginia, Among the sales. o.f the week we note 132 cases Con-BIDden., .. :. 14 Eopana 26 necticut fillers and se onds at 22c; 30 cs do. seconds .... :x 49 R hhds d Kentucky, WO hhds Virginia stems, at 25c ,' 35 cs fine Conuecticut wrar.pers at 75c to SOc, Ohio &.rlLeaf-"G C." 460 lb. caees wx to otter am, per Huonica, 500 bbds Maryland to l" 1869 Wrapnen! n @36 "F G.. 4110 .. .. .A t d H 1 t' d hhd D 150 cs do at 45c to 60c ; '75 cs State on private terms; 1868 -25 @45 "C &A "875Jbo net wx ms er am, per eve Ia; au .. s to emerara., 100 cs Ohio at IR!c; 100 cs on private Aoorted loto.1869, .. 16 X "WallleEx"450 .. !19 per Chesapeake ..!!!l!nr";!0 : : ...... L1 0 ,;;GJ.&C.F&,.C" ... ......... 25@i6 We renew Juotations as follows: Ma.,.,uland-frosted terms; 101 cs do.-in all '72ihcs. stx Havana Fll'ra Com doss @ 92 "Ynurrla" ........ .. 5 to 6c ; eoun common, Bt ito '1 J..., good common, 71 to lit Week :1<1 Week 114 Week 4tb Week Week Total do do Fa'lr 'do 95 @i 00 "K & Co" 1 :lt.l( 1 d Jan.. 16e8 2960 do do Fln.e dl> 1 "Z z," 440 lbs :rrx me mm, 9 to 10; to fine brown 10 to 13; F b 355 1"09 220 501 2085 Do.Yan&l![!qrteodo @ > "Z A,'' li80Ibs ..... :14 fancy, 15 to 35 Ohto-mft>rlOr to common 5 to '7 e y. .., Yam I. Cut do @ "G Z 23.l( h d b M h 110 4.38. 100 -Log 493 1550 Yara n & mcut do 1 arc Man!ifacturea "F G F.". .. .. 13 12; common to medium snangled, '1 te 10 fine 'span-April... 140 5'94 313 630 1677 .Pounrl8.-1NBOND.-BBI&HT. "A 0 C" 21X r M 1245 1245 --635 605 532 B.xtrallne 415 @50 "MF.''...... .... ... gled to yellow, 12 to 25. Kentucky-common to good Jua:e.:: 363 359 oi250 d 650. ............ ......... a to 9!; commonto medium leaf, 10 to 121-; Jul ,., --Medium .... 23 @26 "J H." .... .... ll6 good to fine, 13 to 14; select leaf 15 to 25 y.. 362 461 1 J aoo I ..... :: .... ;r." ... ... ..... and frosted lugs, 5 6; commo: August. r 173 759 I J LlghtPresoed,e:rtrallne 615 C "M F."..... 21 and sh1ppmg, 7 to 10; common to medium lea r 785 90 fill:: ... "R .R." 71to lOt, fine to good shipping, 12 to 14. 1 rt.J.LLL.i.) I 1 1 IllBOBTB. -. 1'0BAcco S1;'AT.Il:IOINT. 1 1 Hhde. T tal t f 1 1i d; th fial, 2 5 94o y Jan. 1, 1870, stock in warehouses and en I ship o amoun o aaesso ar 1 unng 1ey_ \ .... 1 _fro1mdfQdreigbn board,notcieared ............ '.: ........ I me van ill c p : a1 le'r' Eor .s, prcl t. e. \'"iv.eelf' cto'l'!r 25 IDO u t e Inspected thill ..... ......... r : ... .. county correspondent writes "The tbbacC'o brop dfll ollowmg pre viously ............ ......... 5,718 945 LancaatBP-oonnt,.,. which is the finest in quality 1 and th.el Bordeaux Dunvier & CJ0., '6'1 ca1icqnce Ilaste, E. 1 ,, ; . C. Fogera 15 tlo 'r.! ,.. o If 1 J m growth, evet: ra1sed riD this p d lpa.l r b c "" ... otal .......... : ... : ... ... .. 43,504, now rapidly by packers principally r fll0 e 0 : !. _au,, l X paper Cigars.. f Exported aiace Jan. 1 M&rylaqd J( ew York 'and are DO Malaga: w 1!-lhs & Uo., 3,525 bdls hoonce Ohio ........ !' ..... .. : ... -.. .. .. 24,058 y 1 1 J u ,. .. t no root 1 P 1 H C d buyers m Jthe field to an except SICiles M., 'Jl : E ;W &-Co' 25 b r H 1 9astw111e" 11ln on shipboard not & Frey, who have purchased largely J4'lie m6v6me'nt arsei rry ., xs 100 ce ..................... ... 1 3,900 commenced: September 26th-two weeka 1 ag.o--urd Pal 'fer Sc.ov;lle, 143 bales J teha9QO; L. l ,{, Jf 1 1 --" 958 pr,ol:w-P.lyd 12,pqo tp, 14,000 have !t dp1 Jfranm co 62 I' r ,., 1 1 bougqt Never was there su,oh a .qut,nt\y,,pur IJo, 1J & 139 do, J .A. Stocliin war houses this ..... 1 ..... 15 54.6 chased 1 in s'llort a time. The pric11s paid Mr Veft'&o.Jlrother, 1 135 do;--.AntoniO' 11 If d'o; .Manufactured Tobacco, -Market presents very little ... crop higher than heretofore, ranging from '15c. lid E & 111 do; F. Muand_a, 1?5 do; change from the previous week. BltA('k goods continue 206 through, for wrappers and fillers. Some purchases w: ?o., 369 do! J. R. 30 do,, Kremeldull and neglected, with the exception of a moderate made at 20o to 25c. Last week prices ran1.from bfJ g i Co., 180 do' E. M .. Crawford & Uo., 3 7 do; for expor.t. F_me bright gqods of all descrip '>Qo and 22c to.> 25c around the latter price for fancy, Schroe er & 9 do, 7 cs Thomas J. Reyner t10ns are scarce, and 1n demand. In recent receipts On Saturday last a' promment cigar manufac & Co_., 3 cs Robert E. Kelly & Co., 3 do i C. new wrappers haye found their way to this market. "" turer of your ctty bought of Jacob M. Breneman, of & Uo_, 2 do' Thomas & Brother, 11 do; BOSTON, OCTOBER 22 -We report as follows the Green Tree hotel Manor township acres of toAcke '1\1errlll & .Condit, 14 do Park & Tilford, 13 do, The market 1s without cha.nge, the demand for both bacco, at 32 cents pound for wrappers and fillers e Ba.f' f !hog, 14 .John For.dham, 1 do' leaf and manufactured bemg moderate. we quote: H1s crop still bangs on the poles, not yet cured This oses, ay or Co., 1 do' eld & Dowlmg, 2 do; G. LeafWestern.-Lugs 8 to 8!, good 11 to 11!; com is the highest pripe ever llaid f\1r a cr9p of new PennW Faber, 2 do' M., & E. Salomon, 1 do; L. Perea, 1 mon 9 to 9i; fine 111 to 12!; medium 10 to 1 Of selec sylvania tobacco. 1 It" Is a very fine crop, free from do' Pur,dy & 6 d.o ; W: .H. Wilson, 1 do; t10ns lZf to l3t. Leaf-Virginia.-Lugs 6t to '7!, grassboppel' or worln boleft-1 It be understood Howardr &', : n do;r,LE\wis,Phillp & John Frank, good ,9t to 10!; common 7! to medmm !!f to that a r r as in this l'nstanc '' e l can'"'ay frmni 8 do. c. w ... & .. 1 do. 91 d l 1 :fi jl_ u v r v 1 11' goo z to 0-z, ne 11!. ; selections 12 5,c to l Oc per. pound m01l e tlian the packer, a& the latter J "'' 1 EXPORTS. to l2t. Seed Leaf-C .1 0 wrap'pers 16 to 35 to, the JOQOe;r, who am sells t!o the manUfacturer; 18, w e re as follows: rumpn_g lots 15 to 18; Pennsylvania fillers st to 10. whete, if'the 'tr. m hand hEir ca:iP sdte ct' Argent'neR!lpublic: i 1,920 lbs manufactured, '85,19 ,616 to 35; running lots 15 to H!; his> g.oods and afford to pa'Y a feWC'ents fiiolii Australia:, 115,311) lbs manut;ctured, tured, m bond-bnght work: common and medium pe.r pound. 11h.e, c.rop w1ll probably reaqh r l6,o oo ; te; $45600. J' :' ,r, .JJJ' 25 to 80 :.1,1ood ll!nd fine 55; black 'work com-' lSiOQ,Q and 1\t, a to i6. 5 tBri,!,i$)1 Guiana. 4 hhds, $1245, 5.052 lbs ,mp.puf!lcmon abd, 20 to 22; and fine to 30. f:'Yl r amOll;nllt to a r 1.::-Jfnlf ye turBed, b .A. "' '' ,il U ,u, The hbds, 642 boxea and 568 oases' the armers WI now ta e spema pams to stnp tue1r crop,s nt1s ort mencan 4po hhjs, e;x:ports were as follows: To Caloutta, 306 cases. to ail'd eeparate the fillers trom' tlie wi:aiJjrers, I tbiiik:1'We .69,006. I 'I I Melbourne, 1 hhd, 30 hftiercei!, 10 to 'the oan1send to New Yorll: as g'ood a orop 40 Cli, $1,373; British Nortll Arp.gri 1'4 5 1 bx ll.Jly State in the UniDn. Pennsylvania r tobacco, ifJtda f114t18d., U:lll!man.ufactnred, *3/779. ,., q" to Port-au-Prince, 100 bales. ' r r r {f '{f I i'I I h -t I 1 I r'JJ Vt.t j ...; I I 1f l rf I f


) J ( and of social intercourse in their interval, pre a scene of harmony and good wit "'" of throughout the land. In closing we must !DOt fa1l to allude to the recent report of the Relief Committee, giving a full account of their labors in the istri ution of the fund for the relief of the ?m. the catastrophe at the Capitol. ot 'Withm the 11phere of the duties of a purclv eom ial body, yet, without reflection on any bui. tli of humanity, this Chamber spontaneously u1 d rtook the of that and through its Visitiug Mld Diij.arrl!'nged for the proper care o It, Its fatthful applicatiOn in aid of the injnrPd and dest1tate s?fl'eren. How that has been peftOnned 'be ely of the Relief Committee erlli "ta m Extensne and interestirg statistics hav Anction In Oweneboro, on :Mondsy, 14th November next, the TobaCcO l'liel.Ory ot twelve with brick and three frame torie above. belong in es If the late John A. Dunlop, together with the lot on which t f!t&nds. so Brick two story building on lot. At sam,\ tl e sod place & froatlwc on, AlAh>, aud the Factory upon which there hro.olor1.1fi'ame.. bliildiog. lmmeadt ale &l! .. n w.-. be gtven and terma announced on day of N.le, f11rther pu&lcnlart! apply t.o the undereigued Truoteeo. :h O')J"tfoT ""1'1 195 4t


; ---J.'V' :m 'VV "Y <> :a; I ll if. ORA WFORD & CO'l ...... .., l. B. :r .... ,., l.B. Blakemare. BLAKEMORE, MAYO a. CO., 1 I Tobacco and Cotton 168 WATER STREET, NBW .... ca oale all ldnds o f Leal Tobacco for Export &nd COMMISSION MERCHANTS, r :1 'St':eet, ........... ,'' ....... l I i 'J I 1 J I For Smo.klng and Manufactured r Tobacco, w (f .... 1 .f J. .., Oo.,' I' BroadtDG1J (Herald Building), Neto York, .&wr o-a.:m.a.wrx.v 1 26 WEST BROADWAY, NEW YORK. I 0 '(I J' 48 and 50 East Second Street, -Cincinnati ., J. a. UIIDB. C. B LllfJ)J: fr) d.: s:xA.Ii&eo.!lll: NEW i:, '.' /'1 Sded-Leaf Tobacco. Inspected or 8allq)led. gi.ven for E\V6l'YJ case, and del,ivered, b7 O&lle1 a s to nu mber of Certificate N.B.1al8 o in Olf" l J I ,, F. c. LLINDE co., lr.A.REHOUSES-142 and 74. 78, a.nd 78 GMmwich Bneet. or.FIDB. !lU WATEJI aTaat:TJ I I ....... KJ A DEBRAEKELEER, llADalaeture r o r JI'!J:w V ANA. CIGARS, No. 9G Beekman Street, IIEW YORK. AND CENERAL Commission Merchantsl :au l"84llla 8"l'IUIJIT. 1E' L. w GUN'1'111111, P w .. T.LTQII IOIOilll', Baltbn o r e ew Y oclr:. L. W. Tobacco & tffineral CommisSon r MERCHANTS, .. h llO St. } cor. Hanover llnnf yo a K mt THE TOBACLCO LEAF.' /_ OMAtt LRAYNER &r. UA.NUfiAOTUA.aRe O F J p,x.N"E SE.G-.A.E&: & -' 'I 1 I J. 'AID .It 'II ; attention SpecJa! rpr, Grooen .t \Toben.. IJ Ah.P.tu StrfUlt and! o4rr Lane, New Me, .. : -. ;;B.l14 ltight. 13_(r?ler, > c w .. _'1 :. Germana, Killickml c k V 1rgm1a Cut 1 Br1ands !Danufactured t,o o r der for Dealers who des1re to c ontrol own Brands 1 1 ,65 w ::/ __ ...,...._. ;DE aA.I\1(& ( B:LI N G : I oo' _,';:, ... I I I I 'IMPoR'tER8''0F'' If d -II I L,.A AFH.X'CA.N" .a.. ; b4 /11M tJRd pojnllt.W ln'cantls of HCitiCifiCI 8e(JfW6t Ill .I, I 1 a t b'"tt.ntl! of L.tcorlce-P a111tc, tnn., p.pftl't,'.antly 110 b

' 1 lb. BaD'S, 1-2 lb. Bags, b. T 0 1-4 Ib. Bags. J4,lb. Ban llb. Bags TD. I. VE1TERUm :19 r T H B TOBACU) LEA F. con:lideJntly guarantee them any funk, or mildew, provided they are kept in a eool, dry place, everything of an odorous character: t'll)t.B'ff 'i l>n hw.,i 1:_. :& Bra d11 for Qrl!!;Jat Good!I.-"Loln11ard's l>remlll ', 1, -. Ue ot, H bu ri, Navwal 1 1 1 Bra di for Dcfiy," SouihM'n-B Be&bty, The Rivals, Blonde Belle, Cho ice Oronoka and Othirr --Bnl.Dill fq.r Dark Delight, .Forest King, Sailors King of'the West, Otnc Ch6ibe, Excelsio f !l>01llels; ::' "' 'J' Brandl Cor Flrlll Grade Dark,..!..liuc1tnor, Orange G i rl, Mechanics' Delight, Our Own, Centnry Salad for the Solitary Lu sc10us Luxury, Little Sunshitae /, Century, MagDOlia, RobiniiOP'S Orouoka, and others. Branttll Por second and ThlrdGl'Bdes.-Catawba, Zouave, Delight or Uni veree, Veterans' Choice, Triumph Isa!Jelta, Champion, Dew Drop, Jubilee, Neptune, and mauy others. 1 The abOve gpo<;ls pre. put up in_tjle f<;>llowing ize s and called as indicatea; :lo noid error and 'RB.tslon,,llyties wl!l_plea se A Nos. 70 and 72 Broad /' .. .. b ()< 181 A }.18 JlAIDU YOU. DOe. Jr. ............ l. L. QA.BSJ:R'll. J. L. GASf!'J!BT & BB.O., J J. r .. .. COMMISSION MERCHANTS Leaf Tobacco, No. 160 Water Street, New York. YOLCER _. -HUNEKEN\ "' "*IWNH fll ( Segar, FIP:IDII .a x.m TOD..&.CC:::O. -1M ,...,., ......, -r-11, .......... Dll'ORTBB. 011' H4Vi"A LEAF. TOaACCO, 1 I UD OJ' '.\'lD: 9J' SBOARS; "RITIOA," ... J 1915 Pearl S;iireet, NEW YORK. B. LININGTON & SONS, IKPO.&'I'al o Mauilla Sa.saa AND CHEROOTS, Ia 11a1111 or did!' paid-A la11re et of llan11a 8..,. eoDIWl\IJ on huul 916 FBONT STB.EB!1 :DTe...,.To:rJ&. OA'l;:'MAN, I 8u-..or to OAT:IIA.X 1 :REID, ll HAVANA ... o ....... ff! A.IID DUI.D IS :N'::m'VU' GBO W. lliiLII.& SP A.NISH WINES CIGARS. Also or the well-known Brand ot Cigars La Carolina,'' ISO WATER STREET, NlllW YOBX. A. S.ROSENBAUM&CO., ()OII!IUMIOJf c u aWl 0: DOII!&I'IC LIAJ AND &lllJACTUREDflBACOOS. 66-90 162 N-ew 'i rk. .... D. & A. BENRU40, ,.,.._..,,i,. ,.. r l .um ULaS m or LEAP TOBA.OOO, _, La<& W .&. IJJ:Jf. YO &.I; ltate ca '-a. &II -otta.u' NBAOOO rw UPOitT IDd ..-)08 ,! I No. 42 COURTLAIIDT ST., "LA .BBTB.B:L:LA: NEW 'rORK. W'. MAll'riN. PRBDBII.ICK H. lOBN80N. MAB.TJ:R 'VU' GQnunissi .... JJ'OR QJit ALL Standarc1. o(iugihia Nqqjl Carolina a.r'ft,IJN tw. AGENTS fur the Jale of die following of Meemi. :,rnoxAs &; 0Lxn:K, and D. C. M.\yo &; V a..->II MANU MANUFACTURED Virginia Beauties, H/s. ,J II I II' i (bs. c, Olive, i lbs. Virginia 's Own Poek:et Piece&. Choice !' Che Haw, Fig's. Roee Twist, 6 inch.! J. Y Walker's Extrl.'l Bright Twist, 12 inch.: La Favorita Rolls, 6 inch. Jr., 9 inch,light preued r II hard 12 4loh lbL II U Aga11111t purcbll$J& an Inferior Tobaeeo l"'t up for o!eeeptlon, uolmllatlng our Tnlde JP&rli: 1!0 elofiCly, the tmpoolllo Ia ODf.Y dJocovered by the uoe of the tob eco ltoelt', tn ttfl nUt" Ctl..t.DtiWtrlr it thtJt wlll pl_ease, &nd to prevent the impo!!tt1on Of """'ivlng a purious article, please to be when calllne for .Fl..., Co", 1.0 Iuquire for W. II. OOOPW'III CO. 'I PllB8 y_,.,.-B.toll< and><$ Toaooo. 189 PEARL ToUI'I, nry rupecttUU.r, W'. H. GOODWIN & CO. WM. AGNEW & SONS, and Cominismo Merchmts, 118-4. and 1188 Front CJL\o &U.II .u.r. o:r .J (UTUAL,) No. !lll4 BBOADW.AYt NEW .YOBK, In every respect Institution. 5 --. ....,. FIRE INSURA:troE On the ParttcipatioD Plan. lUAR:B.:m-r Insurance 37 ,W4LL STREET, lTEW !omt CI'l'Y. CROSS ASSETS, t719,61S 1.621 CAPITAL, S200,000.00 ACTUAl!. SUR,-LUS, f465,1S68.16. Over 1112,.-per cent. on the Capital, and comparing m011t ravoralJiy with oth,er Companlee, eopeclalfl 111 I lwlemnit,J alfered In ltal'olic1 ofl.DI&nrance Insnra.nce on-the PARTICIPATION PLAN, or In the Old Fa Way," on \he most tavorable terL -. Policleo not Participating In the Prolltl! have all be benellt or the extra ecurlty of the ScntP FUND. Tile Prompt and Llberal3<\lutment or LoBSes, &lid Square," Is !he specialty of this \>--.. P. :r:BEEXAN, llJ'II Al'lHEB 'l'AYJ:.OB, .l'lru't, -JACOB EGARBOX IIANUFACTORY, (Superior Make &nd Prime Qne.lity) OF OEDAR WOOD, BN alld 2N MO.NBOE.8TBEET, :NEW YORK. CirASSFORD A CO., FOIL. lobatto .. -CBOO .. E .. GIUIAT BT BIILJI:NB, .. .U.A-. .. o ,a, (BII'I'.lliLUIIIIDllllit.) -:LONDON, Bolielt Conolgomenta to London, Liverpool, Mel-bourne, and Sydney, or Manufactured Tobacco oult rnoA"ro fOil & DOTTlE "APS lillie f<>r NJ 1, (, D 1, no will advise of Toblcco wanted in llaalu>.d Cololllu. No, 38 OROSBY ST., NEW YORK. I I e Ciglr Amber Mouth Pieces; :A.nd lil1 Choioe Art.1C1ee in the line, a WhoJeaate Retail and Retail Factory 6 o 1 lv, .. r Btore, 71 B' 181&-u, oomer John Street, -[Established 1853.] NE'W _Real Meerschaum Pipe Bowls, LONDON STRAIGHT AND. BEND, PLAJN, AND FANCY CIGAR HOLDJNli lllllde to orter by special oontraet, and at lower prioes than they can be linported al I ha always on hand a very large stock ot all patterns. I eJao make to ordtP!' MONOGRAMS, CRESTS, PORTRAITS, ETC. BOILIN/l .. llOUNTING, etc., attended to. Goods sent to all parts of tlw country. Cireularl by eDcloelng stamp. e I il N. B.-I am the Sole :Mauufactmer of GENUiliiB li.BimSOIUUlL AND .umD GOODS to tile Trade ill the United B&iteL Y!IIlufacturer of Lorillard's Celebrated Yacht Club Pipes giyen. away wi Smoki Tobacco LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, NEW YOI!.X. ECCERT, DILL& & Ca., DO.MESTIO and Importet:6 of SPANISH TOBACCOS, 17$ Water St-reet, New York trllnuaeJa, 8! 'west Seooatlltnet, L. HIRSOHORN & CO. S:liJG .ARB", .uw LIAr TOI4CCO, UO W ATBR lll'l'll.U'l', lfi en Wal! l!t,J \U!t G. RE MANN & CO .. onuatsstou 179 B.a._. Pifto cn4 Ooddr ,,_,., OtfS1T UJSJU.Ia, } iu:rr 'New York. MAIER.. 29 BEA VEB ST., ra,..._ot B.lYARA ._A&WSot ,.BOUQUET DE TABACOJ ,, "o. cn.a..


......,.fl Manutact-llrer ot and Dealer n C(gars. 225( RACE I&TREET, PHILADELPHIA. "s. FUCUET & SONS," IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIOARS AND LEAF TOBACCO, AND MANUFACTURERS OP' ..i, CXG-.A.R.S. r Umlc r our (Copyrighted) Brands, or Special (Private) ones 229 South Front Street, Ph'iladelphia. States Bonded. Warehouse, First Goll.ection District, Pennsylvl!nia. .. QDWARD BROTHER ceo and'0 General C .ommission a, LE.A.F TOBACCO, 330-3S71'orth 3d, 23lforth 2d St., Philadilnhia I .... '!'he ollly manufaoturvra of the celebrated YAR.A. YOUNG ..lMERIOA, )UR HOBBY, YARA LITTLE ONES, PIGKWICK, DAISY, and other oC ci'ara. --R I. ,l A e. H IUCKNOR, M.;QAMMONit-. 00. .. TOBACCO' )OJ[UISSil1N MERCltA ... U.ll CIP J ( LEAF AND JUJI.UFACTUBED TOJ!,&OOO, f1 N. Wftter st. and is "N. Dtlaware !Tetli, J?::S:ILADELP::S:IAI I.O.X.O.U.Oif, 11r VMTIID STATBS BOMtll!D W:AllDOUSJL WlL C RAID. U..:tte'd Slates Bontled w.ueo'"'7 BOYO, F'OUGERAY l CO l&ern\\.a.\\.\'6 Clltlf8ll.-. can forward II.... _., c DOHAN & TAITT Al\TATBAN'," I Late Tobacco Commission Merchants LEAF TOBACCO 1 AND ) sasao North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA. L. BAMBERGER I CO., IIMleN ta LEAF TOBACCO \ MIJW..Mp_., ....... ., SEG.ABS, 11 Ita. 3 North Watw Sinal. ...., PIDLADJILPIIIA, .a. JAMES RUSSELL & CO., 107 ARCH STREET, s. & J ; 0 B A c o-\) Commission A)iD 107 lloJ1h Water-street, General Commission .llllEircillrultl H-la -, PHILADEI,PHIA. J:rJL_N:_ o _j J, RIN.A.L1>0 SANX & CO., Tobatco and a ,.,.,. ... ,_ ..,.,, aa4 o x. Del- ... ...__, A. a : i'mPBAJ.D; KANUrACTUABil O P .J.LL KINDS O f s lilo...&R.& .. SPANipii Al('D DOMESTIC 1Leaf CbcwiB! Tobacco, Snnrr, Me-3 schaum and Brier PJpes, .J!1.w. oor Third ud Po;pl&r eta., Philadelphi11.. I SMOKiftG ) I J,erd' Broker & 'M.ahuf&eturm' AK_, aoLII AOSRT FOR ----, ) ..... TGBAOGO WfDliD.j OJUO. v,pot, 101 North Watmo St., a'l.tltLAllLllJDA. W m Eis.eclohr & Co., DRAL JlRS IN co., G. CO., .... ,. L E A T 0 B A C () 0, --tmper&en-.. -.t.ID-111 LZ:I.I' TOli.I.CCO. 'rr 'a!Onl.1\1.1\T'S 1 t rl 'ow B -. ,;.,..-;, J f: : I tfe_ fll)' & .: ,r;q., -lospectron_ ,Ct..a::ea ."fobacco .. '"' .. Jl ,_ ., .. ,,., u 1 1 1 J .: <, ,J 'DIIiLEBs Ilf' 1f I '' :>1 li'l 17,.'6t,ll'I8Proatudi!,fUaeewater, : u ..._JIM 1M Wllul-. I TOBACCO 01148. BODilANJI oo .. l'rllpriMraa ' '. I ') T J I & Titus, and Ge..aslea .. Mereuta 1' J I : MANUFAC'TiURED: TOBACCOS, I 1 J I Nos. 32 & 34 Main St., IJincinuati, Ohio. ,. .. I r 161( .168,, & 165 Pearl <,?F, STREET ; ) ) .. ) I F eiss Co., LOUIS STRASSER, of CIGARS, Segars and Topacco And in Leaf, rlug1 and Smoking Tobacco, SMOKERS' ARTICLES AIID IMPORTED HAVANA CIGARS, ,,I;/ I J 1.87 WALN_UT ST., Oincinnat>, OM<>. JAldS KA.LL.lY. o'r 8-ITOH LEAF TQH CCO, ,... t ..A 18 Front St., Cincinnati, 0. Importers of Articles, No. 153 WEST F01JRTH ST., I I 0. I B.W'-5. LOWENTHAL & CO., of POWER ct. PRAQU Nos. 214, 216, 218, 220 Greenup r) COTJilltGY KT. J P GLOB-. W H GLORK. C 0 GLOIIJI. W'll. 8. amuu.. B. )[.-J, A. P. GLORE & BROS., WM. 8< KIMBALL & oo., Manntacturers of Best Grades or JI'Dlll'l.._ of tbe ., ... .., PLUG A;Nn FINE cuT Peerless & Fancy Plain Ollwiac llo.a.MOa TOBACCOS. 15, 17 and 19 West 7th street, PLAIN TOBACCO a speclaltJ. oon:NQro11. r. Boohtll&er, 11. Y. -----Detroit Novelty Works, DETROIT, MICH. c,.. .,. ,, _, r ;. ... a -.. YOJJ,!iSl Genmal HAAS,BR DIW.D* Ia CONN. SEEDLEAF TOBACCI, Imported all fiomestle CJgan, f54 STATE and 282 MAIN ST., HARTFORD, CONR'e WM. WESTPHAL, Co:mussxox lYIERc T, And Dealer 1ll IEED LEAr Tobacco, 228 State St., Hartford, Conn, CONNECTICUT SEBD-LE.AF Tobacco Wareho s f' 159 and 161 Commerce HARTFORD, COlflf, Best Connec ticut Tobacco Seed tor oalelll quantities of one )>Ound and upwards. A. Dealer In TO:SACCO, N' o. 217 State St., Coonecticut SeedLeaf T EAST HARTFORD. CONNECTiC .!O Q. W. GRAVES, Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf r o c ; tt;, Danbury, Connecticut LOUISVILLE, KY., U. S. Bo/lded Tobacco No. 1. GEO. W. WICKS &.CO., :Manu!11cturers' Agents for Sale ot Virginia, Missottri, and Kentuck' All!O Deal0r1 In nvB BB.OTBEli.B 'l'OB.I.CCO WOBD _......, .... -. _....., ... ............. ---. PLUG TOBAOOO ...... ... ... lllnlllltt .. PADUCAH, KY. 0....-bt..._. opeclallnci _. ... IIM,..._ ot hla* lblpplng Lear, Man..,.._.. :rm.. Briabla W tap per&.l


THE 1 ;r->'1 [lA A seat was tendered n ha fioor of the Georgia. Legislature recently t o Char les S. of New York. 1 ob .:4 --An edt tor m New Jersey re cently published a l ong obituarJ natlee f Blk.nncle f .hil!'.:oY<"ha < died out in Australia and left t!00 ,0()9,0 00 to hts only neph The acquamtanc es M tbe 0eatwr' mgard a tlps !tory ,utthe prEtltmioary measure of a t:at'efully dev ised scheme to get trusted. for a couple ot wmter urlders!hrts. Persons who L------.,..---,-. -.......,. -----,...:) such arildtJs for .sale are warned no to g,!,VS cre1ht to .Uch a story, he has with Dim t Ei d ad of his upcle: wtth the m.gpey in tne pocket of the c Ip e ,:!r:!I:D. Jlm.SOS: & 00., W .a.!JiwB STB.B'I'o IIBW TO ONE ha l f L nchb urgh (Va. "Repu'(Jhcan" Is offer6d J r sale. A youthful Mwh1gander tued to leam to smoke, the other day in the se eluded ecess "''f.., e parental barn As soon as the foundation get cooled off en ugh, lu ather wtll begin to bUild another ?ne TOBACCO LEAF. ) ... 7 ExpOJ!ts-ot' -Tobaooo from tlHt Port ef New :0rk. '? CASBS AND BALES. 1022 25 411 1633 105 60892 273 6294 I PACXAGB8 AND BOXES. 1165 230 28270 2,643,589 9 47,514 101 31 2055 5,61( 1


r I -____ .;..__ 8 LIQUOlUCI. ;HENRY .. OltRII;l;. I H PearlaiHI 81 8&ne Sfret$,1 o -= t w rnor L IIDW YOaa,,:.1,. li:E W. Y r R K If .AN U :F A l l 'lll :R 1 F. S. 'l'O:U.CCO JIAB'lJF AC'l'UB.EB.S. Anhur Gillender & Co.. e ... W .A.L:LIS.,.G& CO. I -ICiD .liDBJIIOII-.. 00. -txTa.o., 1 :' 1 Ol y -S!REEf mine a.nd test the superior properties of n ., 11., 116, and 11 I this -LICORICE,. which, being now brought pan'I's' b M 'ass Ll'anrl'ce, to tlre highes perfection; 1 is offered undel' vu 121" the abOffl style of branli. ,, "nburQUI ... der, yan..-w e are uo for the Nap' o!eon B. Jtllka.. nw-VM..OU. looeph W. Grq, ()" .. Jooepb L. L WOK 4f-ai l p, CJ; t I THOMAS HOYT &CO D A AcknowJedged.:b:r cOnsumers to be the .. .. G : best in And. for the brand of Composed ot Hanolloctuter of S k F JfiNoUT.OHBWINGA.ND BIOKLlffl, Licorice. tlc H.! i HoY:randJoHNF, uoo, ..... 0 ...-_.. .0 -s G. REE'T' ..L-0 '-' -In all respect(; eqnal to CALABRIA .. 404 PEARL ST At AND FINE CIGARs. .. >JEW YORK. . G. Z., I f d Jllanu&cturers of all kinds of Tobacco, whicll will be f.ciund constantly on han LIQ.1JOB.ICE U HERO" d "UNION Lioorice Root, select and ordinary, constantly CHEWING AND an on band. .. :-a., 1174 El.ghth .At1enue. GOIIEZ, WALLIS & CQ,, BW Yo:aE: BROKERS: SMOKING 29 & s 1 Sou&h Wli!JAJR as. ... A ,......,..,. I .... ..Mrs. J. H. cn!sELMANN, .. :-: .. ... cATTUS & RUETE, &'-'.._,. .. TOBAcco, tiQUORIC[ PASTE, OCnhactn SNUFF AND CIGACROS. 0 THOMAS HOYT & .. TOBACC EXCELSIOR MILLS No. :129 Pearl Street, Composed of 1'HOiiUS HovT and JemN F. SUCCESSORS TO HOYT, FLAGG & CO., (105 S'ECOND STREET, .... LouiSVILLE, KY'. : .. :. OUR Fii): lllNNYSIDE, ::HEART'S DELIGHT, .... iWEET OWEN; : NATIONAL. ROSE p>. 159 Ludlow Street, New YoM. WM H. GOODWIN A JUNUFAOTUB.EBS OF FmE-CUT TOBACCO, &:a:u.:f!: .., 01sar, And dealers In all kinds of Leaf & Plug To baceo,& t109 'VATER ST. .I.JNGS OOUNTI TOB!UO WORD -.. l I. S. DOUCLASS,. llmnlaetarer o1 an klnda o1 JINE-CUT, OHEWIHG, !ND SMOKING 29, 81 d 88 Lorimer Powdered Liquorice; NEW-YORK. r 11


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