The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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--.0 : r r i r! I Qfg8Jj" Or' the Trade J ,) [ol J I() Y t I UafgeSt_ rapeD in the 1V oclL 2, 1870. J' r > ()o)') r'><"l'IUo.!l'l* :guhu 1> MKRtn. II I ., .-


mt Tobncoo of No nouu.Je<) the be st, l}P aur pta ters have & We Jearn faom the Pearisburg Gazette that a tooacco brn, belonging to Mr George Rogers, f countf, Va, and conta10ing about a thousand pounds of fine to bacco, was con drtlr-nlll!! "sa to 14r R., be1 g e resul .or1 bard year's wori 'llle :fire was accidental m its origin L E .A.F ..


0. Uom r. Dark l'traJn alto11t "Cnirou.cRuc il'oa SALt .:_For the Fund for the Relief of


I l'. ... 1 "-B:aioh ., wu.c;c;:) -,1 Broa(l1DCUJ .1\':tfW r r 1 I: "1". .&."1" lf1.21:J:n70.:J:II p 0 '' !. ,. ALEX. FRIES & BROTHERS, llanufadurertl or 1 l I B.a. V .&l\T A ., PL.& .26 WEST a.'h0a1pwlv '1NEW '-oRk. "d ''1'' t l r 1 t 48 and, 50 Bast &eoond Street &a:eey w. Cat'roll LOR _..._,v_" ... oklJII: Toloaeeo. J IIBllltY L&" PBitllY & _,' I (I 1 Commloelon Jlerclaant lbr tbe'SaJe-...U.O, M. I J .. B.\.000 Ill J.EAF 6 WUUt.Hia /Jtreet, NEW v '4' '' lAWtER, WALLAOE 415 00., .. ...... drcn?'l, ... llanufaeturer or P'l _liAV:ANA CIGARS, No. 96 l3eekman Street, 'I NEW YORK. r I Commission Jlercbants I :&U l'1l.&aL ftiUDIS'o 1r L. W. GUJR'BJIR; W. TJ.7'!mm911ft', Baltlaore. New York. --.. J Vt V L. W. CUNTHER. A QO., TobaocO & General Comlnission .. .. :MERCHANT,S, .. I I l'o, 110 St., cor. Hanover Square, l'!BW YORK. IJberal ad.Tanooa made oo conelgnment1. ,.J'O;IJJ.\l i F,. .&X.X.I:N / j rrTOB4CCO 1 H46 1& 14481 .STREET ltiCDOND 'V:A.. ; .... _1 al .LQf w.e, . r : .[ Bud.and.Blosaom/ :sower, ; '.,Imperial, I)qr)lam, Old Plantation, Germaya: Killiekinick l':trgioia Cut Qave ndisb S_pecia1 Brande manufactured to J. 1 .torder who d,esire to control thei r own B,ranI] CbmrpissiOh AN& DEALER IN VIRGINt* A: '\WESTERM .... 1 .... ..... -T T : G ,.,. .,_......,..loUI1IIlc o .wuunoe, 11tc., cNQ'\RI;EBA..B.L sn,nT, N, t. --. :.'',(_.ALEX. (LaU:CONNOLY & OO.;aal 00Nl'IOLL1j __ .'B .. E 'IN :rJl.&J!J UD J/Lv.rvi.4.0Tfnl.:#IP To.b a c c-:0, rl Nv/1'[!9 Water N. F. 1 ; '1 1 ur a :1. o o u. :a :r .. :D.:O h., .J "BASS & 0oJDIIll8810n Merohants and ltrokers l "I' 1 INLBH' rAND JUNUFA "" ',..,. ,1 I; f: HAVANA LEAF, o. H 0 ) Ji R. 8. WALTER, I .v ,l Ce>nnecticut, Havana &: Yara .v .. I J fr T.EAIF TOBACCO, I 2()3 PBABL STBE''2, l Near-:Matden Line. -NEW YORK. ", I I ii WILI.:Ill M.' PRICE & CO. r "i,J1 } .-i \ LEAF TOBACCO, ui '119 Malden Lane ) 'I' ) TJ I w..: .. .... vo-. #.&..Jua r-

TU:.U:T:J:!UH!O:J taanm:far.s W 09o.adoT l't\\)ta fi' t' HH brr.n ear J .. .Y ... Il JIAli 1of!J!Hurnup HI fa ':f''lb ... Jn. ;tqa boo !>ruo! on\> o o r t :-J, .v:-, O'J a ,<.DIOr.rT.HAH 3: 2 oz Bqap t ). Bo.171 PB&lWSntlmT 8IZ:I. { ; .xa, 9 1ncli ;-3 x -Thick9-inch light pree\1 3 x 9 t :. .. 3t 6 "4.B ...... ...... 6x2 611 : ..... ,. j(x ,lt 11 68 .. .,. 4. X { u .Sa ........... 6x 1 11 !II!_' : 3 X J Long lOa, .. ........ 6 x 1{ T lOa, old etyle ..... 4. x 1 5-1 ..... L tO 0 R I 0: E < 1111 181 ll&m:u LAD; nw ton. ............ No. T .IC.a oli&oco P.6.0I46M. 'J, and-t benlr. t and t I 1Lf t II 9JIIIdiM!. n i I. l A rT,, t .... iJ H II U j "'" ; nl .> 'f, t, ahd t r Caddies. .. Aio1 of lbe weD-lmown Bl'alld of "La. Carolina.,'' 1lf0 WAT.A ITII To,!. nr"' LEAF. 5 :rmmERICK II: JOHNSON. FIR-E INSURAI'-CE Oa tb!_ l"articipatioa I"Jan. l&.A.R.:R.ET 0 I" lnsura Ge-mpany:! 37 STREET, L5 ufd'un 1 1 lt:aw wo:u n '?..Hlirlf! 1 Cll ASSETS, t'719,61S i CAPitAL, TUAL S46S,soa. tllo ( WK. AGNEW & SONS, aud CIJIIIJiriWoa llerchmrts, ..,._ -4'"1188 lr'i'Ont J. Over IllS}( )er' eeat. on Ule Caplta1, and comparing moat favo wltb other C'o nfeo especially In #fl Indemnity od"ered In Ito Folley of lneDnDce oolbe PABTICIPATIOlf PLAN, the:;-Old F2oohioned Way, on tbe 10011t fayorable tc._ Policlea not Participating In the Proftte, have .Ji""he beneftt of tbe extra ucurltv of the lk:RIP Fmm. ..,....1ntrUidSquare,"le tllel(le!:IIIIQ' ofWII .f .. .JI.BY :1!'. 7BEEXAN; .llec'fl ASH.BB J'A F.LOJt, JIN.'' -.crJ .. HENKEl!JLj .. J ..... 1r' t' ROX liAliU A Olt QQ91( ct/ aao. Sole .a.a-w 1br Gelllllne Ftm c;L11aliliJ' -D'C'ItHAlf SMOmG C ;q.VERr i.EAF, .. lUST FOR L'UC][, SCOW CLlJB, ,u 53 Oprtla.ndt New.York. .o L

TH. H Late of,.. CO., ( (' 0. 1 LEAF TOBACCO AND I SEG.ARS, !120 North Third Street, PHILADELPHIA. L. BAMBERGER & CO., :Dealen Ia 't.EAF TOBACCO .b4Xau!MtuNNCIIaB ..... tl SEG.A.BS, lo. 3 North Water Street. PlllL&DBLP:JIJA. 1'.1. 107 ARCH STREET, X I I : n6a: N I' ':J l .:u.t mo." \'.\IT T PHIU.BELPHI.A., Md. J. GLOD. C. 0. GLOB& A. 2. GLORE A IUS., llanulllcturers ot Belt Gndeo of UG AND FXNEY'CUT 0 ........... .... g ;c II .. ....... u NIJ. 5'8 W.ES!IJ .F01J'RTH r.a r ). ............ li,J 1 ... cr.J:J.rc:rNN o. 111 CONN. SEEDLEAF TOBACCO. Imported ..,omestle Clgan, 154 STATE and IIAIN ST., HARTFORD, CONl'fe i. 77 & 79 Asylum St, R : f=:;: BARTFURD, B. a Z. K. PBASB, 1.6 H.ABKET STREET, HARTFORD, CONN. WM. WESTPHAL, COMMISSION MERCHANT, COlllOCTICU T SEBD-LEAF Tobacco Warehouse, 169 and 161 Q.oJilllleroe st t, t .L BestConnecticutTobaccoBeedf o r sale In qllllllt!Uee of one ponnd and upwards. D. II. SEYMOUR. A. L. &i' F tiliSON, Paeken and Dealer In Connecticut Seed S 4 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. 12&.1118. S. WOODRUFF, DE.A.LEB Df CAnnecticut Sud-Leaf C o 18 SJREET, CONN. LLINC & SON, Dea!Olllill 1 LEAF TOBACC01 o. 217 State St., HARTFORD, CT. EAST HARTFORD. CONNEP.., xo G. W. GRAVES, DIULU Ill e edticut Seed-Leaf LO {y,,-U.S. Bonded Tobacco Warehouse No.1. GEO. W. WICKS & CO., Monufa cturers' Ae e nta for S al e of Virginia, Missouri, and Kentuck1J TOBACCO, Al so Dealers In -..-. -.-. ---. --. ----U,ERrfil t, ... -.. PLUG TOBA.OOO. .. II ftJd ... IA1IIinllkt \


THE TOBACCO r t J .. t


.. -THOMAS HOYT ,, iUNNY'SIDE, HEART'S DEL ,IGHT, SWEET OWEN, r' t' ,. II I'' NAJ:I0lf4L, n'HE r 0 TIAC G 0 .. ). -.-,e-.t Clll ... ttriiUl co .. L I ill & i-' Jr.n11. W!lli&m Btree\. Bw Ta '' O$CAR PROLSS & CO,,' { J v IKPOift'BBI OP KqiD8 Or I