The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00274 ( USFLDC DOI )
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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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I 0 1 .J l t, r ( I., t 1 To bitece, Trade Of the .. Papen in I I the Worltl : ... VI., N-o. 30'' TBUS OP TO PAPER. 1 I OF ,TOBAcco.1 BBOOKl.YN' N. 'r. St. eoo 10;, t 'Peradnum ...... Bucbaun Ly&!1: 1-u 1 11 04arldltlo1181per Ilncbner'D., BuobSllQ& llyall I J I l o .: I I I t G. ;r. J:ltOBJ:,J:E. th. c tin t EdmOilston, s. s :&: Bro., C!O.OR _. To Bremen Ham urg, all e on en .o.'--' J H 1 g L dl Brehm H & J "-0 Lo' "'mer ,.11rs., tu u ow .. .,, ; ct 1 1- l I I 'I I j I etc., ta.UIIddltional per annl1llllor A. & Qq., ll4, 116, a!j,d .L1beljty BOX loiJ.Nlii'A.CTURI!:&.q. 1 ld d.. __ Goetze, F. A.. & Bro., 328 Wasjlington. Sherman Brother 8 tJ 18 !leiinlclr .' I (1 ;' .KUCHLER & -Xo Ptn""' :lor the !p&per,. coq ere ........ ae-" ,J w H I. c 20" d 209 w te VHI(J:AGO. ( !:: r: ) lJl I coiiiQAnled P00 1"1'! "' o., 'I an a r. l r I rf l A J t IT. .J t ehoul,. iii inttnce, be made Hoyt, Tliomas & Co., 4n4 Peul. 1 I" TOBACC9 w J.RBoUSI!:S 1 J 1 -""W -u u, I< d r BUl T c v Ruffner & Foy, 86 l:>dllth, Water. I I .T I _. ... (: :II* onlJ" 'or ,rat are & Co., S56 Pearl I 'L>:'J. T6BJ.'oo 0 'III)', C onN. OUD .JWEW "OUM(S"JOJIIIft '' 1\ab"leto he,sfolen anubn only lie oent at be ,c4,!pin D ff ll't Co Avenue D A 1> ( lllu' <3 H I'll .... TifJk w thd 1 .. Cue S S & Co SoUth ._Water.. --l tier, G B. & Co.-9'1 Columbta. 1 ,., t 1 l. '., TES DVERTISI .. ,_ "" "d J "" d 75' B -Ju.u:RO IN .The anpoinment and confirmatin .of,.Gen ..;1.lfr .ed .-.. u ""' 1 ""' P.l er, os., an owerv. Kasprowicz, S., rf7 So\.tb1 Water c ;....-..,,.r To 'f I (l r'l '.. p "1 ... 1 I I u 7 I l I 'I 1 equre (t !nell) do. t'year, i4D. Shotwell, D.":a:, 1 '14 Elghtli ave. Saudhagen Bros., 1'1 W e st Itanaolph. J .Pleasanton Gollectol' of lnt4(J"Il&l for LaJ'R8T advertloem.ento in PTOI!Ortlon, but w atts H." H 330,332 and 634 Cherry. '. VJ.NUUOTUREBS OY Ptuo T:OIIA.CCO. ,. the Thirty-second Disn"ct of New Yorlr (thi citv,) ras "WA!Il"BauJSTR.EE'l-, I 'T ; t noae taken nnleoo 1 ; 3, ,pr more MANUFAC'I'URERS Olf J C(GA,JUI. U! 9 J '"C 69 .o_ >'-W 0 ..., J a:1r :b.dvm'tl .. mente on tnedlrot page per i 1 1 .. B )I .dLa. maa .. o., ,.,...u,.. ,ater. l l n r M 1 Inch ov*r two"1"1de cpl,aiQP'Io'l'ng none tAken Jo ..,. "' ro., "' 1\l)j ne. r: )(J.IIU.FJ.OTU:&BRB; o INfi\ cuT TOBA-CCO. <;JOmmtsswner of Internal Revenue, ll1 plaCle 0 r ) ,. J J lr) fr{ :t( lJ J I I 14-' r i r 1 r 1 ,.. ,) r let18 tban one year, paya)11e advance; two & w' M & 1 '7 W 1 j I lnehee; PIJ5;Jhree lncibe,ti!OO. No denatldn Hirsch JJ. & C'o. 17water. 1 urray & Maeon, 174. 1 B ; Nort'\ ater ; pe ano now Secretary is o 11 l)oai thOle termo. I 1 -I-' hb L '&' C 110 W MANUFACTURERS OF OUT CIU:W'I!', ()Jl!J(JIN,N'A.Tio 1 } )! J b J c r d couldered, un Lichte,nstem Bros & Co., ).21 lane. TOBA,OOO J.uc-rroN WJ.RICBO!l'SIIS. -B, we e U';Te, the fourth ommt881 "1 1 "' 1 l!eidenberg & Co., 19 Dey. 1 BrMbeal'!l Brown & Titu&, 3.2. & 'Main. -theP.o.ttlOJl qualtt es qut"'' as necessary to su cess .tn r A LUES COINS. Sti:lith, tr, A.,J 131 Maiden ltme. f 1 t Holmes & Oo. 26 d. ''1 fi11iog ii AS; those Qy .. GBBT Barum-Sol)mitt & $ic!1'!11, 1\11 Pearl DEJ.LERS Ill LliA.J' TOBJ.CCO. A "-II .. f h D' ....,_ _._ 1... b ., "pouod .-:--. $4 84 9 Sutro & 11'1 ,&l,aiden Besuden H eary & Bro. 161-166 u sora. 8 ""' o t u 18tnet, 1111t recor'-'l.uas een lf!l innate ishone, sty; of.nine:tentlls 'of thb'se 1who I' I' I MINOR EDlToiU.LS. ., ; :IJ r h. ehllliog .............. 0o 24". Volger' .&"Huneken,166Fronl 8eTeralof ihe' i' ptlQ I' b r a I ,. ,ll I,,_ I 'IJ I-' ,. I ld., ...... ny, _. 028 CTu ...... H a F nracut" n. ea 10 to acco an h w1} out com --'-'-'-r 111 -n ... ,r--IA .. uFA RKR N. HATA.NJ. m.eyer y., I root .. ' b.' f l I li ld' h J "In'""' -J .. I li tl J "}[ -) -1 o:18 iDe Brteiulleer, A. 96 Beekman. nuua IN uu ANn CIGJ.R8: genu emlln w o ermerlv e t lsI yvrta n pare bAe f""olis h .., :th 1..:s ne...:ona i exp" .,.r' L 1 Tkii: TWO KINGS THAT RULB iAMinncA.-Jokilfg 1fr : ..... : .......... i ''I" ,. ..... S "'''h '']jll ..... v .. ..,... -. .-w r<:Y .,,, k 1-tt I I 0 00 'lS Tllll OUI J hrt. ,..,te ................ 0.01,0 (9) A.lmirall J. J., 30 Cedar "1 < ClL.i.RKVILL8, TEIIIN.,-cigar trade has been permitted to pnl'!lue even tda ihe 'mis-pr"se taions' of a few THE death is announced at Richmond, VL mh&, !.uno, lrt'usineu man. I I !1 ( 1 lbe, a Hamburg pfuncl equala Ul6798 lbs Well & c 60 p Bramhall, Ingersoll & IJo., 137 t t k t th b t 1 th tJ.. f Y,, J ''1 1 \ t 1 1 ,, 11 { I> 1 avokdupols o BNuu. co-riNG-TON, IY. was a en row 0 s ac e w;ay _q._ 0 thepriee to proff\!r. We certain as ertions1 but 1 --1 r 11 BxolszTu.--Fine-Qut, Plug, Twist,ToAppleby&Jtelme,iBSWater. Gl9re,J.A.P.&Broa.,l6,17&1tW.'Itb. P)l.l' anx,oua to the 8 mt f)f the t f: ts OJll ask. C S' .._The belle JO baooo I twisted "Y hand, or reduced from G F A &> B ur Power & Pr&gue,Kenton Tob.Wrhs,.Greeoup. ul h ffit h J d-. a J\-.., ld Cl_ e .ac n y QJO"{PIS lPl\Of uses a dollar's worth of1 tob......,.;..r leaf into a to be consumed, or oe.tze, .Graves, a.w Jreg t tra an ,woq te'llt out beagepuin& week: ''She has' entered int'o SI!Veh otherwise prepared, witbout use of Boiken Richard J., 91 .Chambe111. D&NVILLE v .&. 1 knowulgly, d 1sohey any P\"OVlSlOn. e!atll of r not. If thts iii dCine we have httle feat of the reeult;< nial1engagements and. aU have been broken by "()let machine or instrument; and wthobt Demuth Wm. & Co., 403 Broadway. Pemberton cr. H. tllings w'as so from' that which 1 .preceeded it, e iliffi cnity in the' een that ollr cue via mck'l o -tine. '> 1 1 1 ,., pre!Md !lr sweeteoed, and. OD allot er 10 s Siefkes, H. D., Cbambera and 65 e. I DA.YTON, o. ... th t :I: fi r f t' 1i f -ith G Pl -)' ] \ I J ( 1: i I o{ manufactured tobacco n,ot herein otherwise I)(J'OR'I'IIR8 'ow OLY Ptns. H()jt)el! & Peaae Peue'a Tob&coo-Cetting I a a f eebemg 1h,sa 18 ale J0I 0 w eiJ, 'j prejudg.edl ti}.us we. gou).d ,no t offi,ciaj.A ........._ l J I ,. provided for, 32c. per lb., ; tobacco, Bat,iE!!I', H. & 'Brother, 61 Water. DBTROITo I!IIJ(JB. t?n s regtme j\S t !! resu t so.upus.u a ,o_1r tM.t touaoeo...inen were. not everything th_ "t ...-aa t. .:> "( IN the United StateS Circuit Conrt, Richmono, Va., exolasively of atems, or of leaf, w1th all Be gmano J H & Co 146 F t "'"" PA\1 Charlet! W Buttz aRd Erne t A. S H M siema in and eo sold, the leaf l1Dt hanng o 1 TOB.t.cco .xNrvsa. the tr.ade pla.ceq OQ any footmg1 m t,helr l bec!L'use it was their interest i-n too -mahy instaneAlll t(j s h a h b .. 11 ._.__;_ I ''pped butted or rolled. p llak. ._ S Detroit Novelty Works .. t urs 'tb th R offiCI" 1 lthat "ti r ":'"' c ml t ave een sente ced! to im.prisonment for one """"pre ... ous Y 8 n o "' on, 4> Maiden lane EA.ST :JJ:A.BTPOB:D, (JONN. m ere. 0 & WI 1 e evenue a o, ..... v lJeliev 80 Gen."Plea anton' enters upon 'hts dut1e11 unb th Alb ) p aud lug-tobacco witoout payme11t of taL Jng,or&fterthe process oftnR.nufactUnng; Del!ary&:Kling,52Broad PJ.OURSJ.NDDIIA.LJ:RS. d ftb' t 1:> d tl. t 1b 1 I .,.,_,' [ J Fine-cut Shorts, the refuse ot fine-cut chew-Maier 0., 29 Beaver. Haas Brothers, 282 Main and154-Btate. 0 0 p r (' c 10. ,f0,,. acco '10 minister the' laws for the collection, of the Revenue iD! All;NG ['oBA.OOO F1ACTORIE8.-A : ing tobacco which h&a paBIIed through a_ddRayne r Thos. J.1& Co. 29 Liberty and Hubbard N. & Co., 224' S tate." .. dustry, was evidently, m et>tllll&l!IOI) to 4e tl>e spirit in wbieli were r enacted by CongresS{ mohd p a",ereays that fewer of these esta b!J'shnie .. "'sfWJ' "ll dte>Of. mee_hea to 11\e square rmch M&idett Lane.' London & Bidwell, 214j State. 0'" less a apd a 1-hief-'-i-n jUturo if J not in esse. W"t h h tl th t C ll t If ,. b f: bl b uv of sifting; refuse craps rl(Foarns or llANILLA cJGA.Bs un cax:aoors. Pease, H. & z. K'., ts Market . i "' . er, us or a. o ec1 or. Wl un a':ora y stop work fort is winter h'o.D' bas been the c&se for:f. aweepingsoftobacco116c. per lb. t r Linjngton & Sons, 2\6 Front Seymour, D. M., 169 and 161 Commerce. 1 Tl!Is r IS g!lllm., ,to honest a.nd affected by certam of the statute a numberofyears. More ot will ralso work 'On Cigars of all descriptions, made 0 J'O oF LICORICE PASTE. Shepard & Fuller, 214 State. ai :feel;ng bct.w e e n: tb!l trade "and the officials any:thing j ., 1 : Rd t tt f t bt and stop for a shorte r periou than h&l! been' usual. baeco or any ubsiituie therefor, $5 per thou Apple)ly & 133 Water. Sisson, A. L & F., 134 Main. 1 _. f ,. .-. : 1-fl, we 1etl con.,. en 3 Ill a er q no e s Ig th t b f: t I k f; d sand ; .on Cigsrettee weighing not eJ:ceeditlg Gilford" Sherman & Innis, 120 William. ... WID., State: 11'1 Jhu_ t r CrJmin&tJon I nod re;mmmation I est concern to him so long as the consh:uction e o manu ao oo or. a.r per tbousr .ud, et 501 per tho:-Gomez, Wallis & Co! 29 and 3 1 s. William. Woodruff, Jo sephS., 18 :ltlarket cbanl.cterized their tbtercourHe, impeded tbe--tram;action h t f: E money ma mg-season next year. Tlier:ceeding poun s P. Harmony, Nephews & Co., 63 Broadway. Woodworth, L. N., 217 State. .r b ... \:a' f: bl .,.(_ d iH I I o-1ven IS an ones an a1r one. ntenng why should not 'Price. l," f5 per thousand. .,.. ___ ,..__ & C 16" p rl WBOLUA.LII D&J.nRB""lN IIJ.Nrr.crualln usmeso, an : un avora y auecte egts at10n, h" d .ttL' 11, _. ,.11 J .,-: .-' ct ed f or any ....._re....,..,.,rg o .., ea -.,.. ., unon IS uttes 1n uJB sptnt we Wl natur_.. y m:eet ,.............. On Snun: manu& ur 0 u, Morri., H M 101 P" I TOBJ.OOOB. 1regardmg the w<>eu. AlthQugh the attentiOn of the ': I ; ; P t L .. e-N (J '..___. .... eubstitute for tobaooo, ground, dry, damp, Weaver 16 it. Burhham J .D &; Co -'1'1 and '19 Asy1um. 1 C II .1 -'1 1 ted 'opposttlon m certam1 quarters, a,nd It s to warn RES DENT AWRE CE JOu--LLMJO.l!iTI:D,-A pickled, scented, or otherwise, of all deaer.ip' ate o ector ;pat ey r as <'mam y concentra d "' b Eaper of the _12th ii'H!t.,oontained the fOllowina: h d a ta>: of 32c sPEOIJ.LTIEB l'OR TOBJ.cco lUNcumuuaa. Jl'IDI&NA.POLis. ;Jn4. . h1m ofi LOUS a :verse mu..uenoe11 t at so m.. Jam E Lawrefice E q p "d t f th N 'i' &ions, w en. prepare .or uae, 8 F W & 0 2 C d )(J.tA8t e con 1on citizens, andhas made & host of friends among pound' and "26' per cent. ad 'valt>rem. Im-Guthrie & Co 2116 Pront. Wicks, G. W. & Co., 102 Mam-. h ..,. h fb" d d t h and the tax that produces this large amount cannot bu.t The As11ociation is fortunate in having such a pre.:. t be Internal Revenue 'OOBJ.Cco J.lln 1bk$1H.t.BT. owiDg to t e &Ig t o IS pre ecessor, an ye e was 8 t b de d t Tb. h "" te ;; ;:id by stamps at the Meier Wml G. & Co., lis Seventh. able at' an early day to bring things bacK to smoothlyrrove_ a _e ur n up,?n lD us Fy. J 18{ 0"\'-dent." I Custom House. (Revenue A.ct,, 93.) k 'mBBERB IN ALL KJNDs or )(J.!Illl'A.CTUBKD k'. ever, IS shgbt compared1With that'imposea by the numer ._ d f t d t b 0 Wle e, George, 1!6 Willett street. \ -' E CI"'M wor mg Ol"ler ... J r I r, 'J DU ...... JIBS u EJj s 1?4. .The import uty on manu ac ore 0 ace otoA.B oox c.r>A.a ho OTBD wooD. JOBA.cco, _.nlPORTED J..Nn .D(\M sriv : oua "rules &fld :ce,gulat' ons" that ias ue from m.A.U oliO< ... NIIl' TA. BS'Iv"Qulh's.-Th& iiJ 50c. per lb; Leaf stemmed, lGc. per lb. Dingee, P.M., cor. Sixth and Lewis. & l..iO., c. G 174, Mwn.. D In entermg upon hiS new positiOn lt IS. true the o c I Riahmond .Dispateh. tb_e 13th inst, aays: W. t:r Inadditiontothisduty,th e ReveJlue taxon LrNCBBVRG,-VA., theRevenuell!!'q u;r.newCommtsstonercan c_urb W b h u.. the same kind of tobacco made> in this conn Rodman &:)Iep burn 216 JJewis. Armistood, L. L ll ... .. new C9llJmtSS)Oper nQt have the ly.bor to per "fh h b d .. h e er, an tmpecumous 'IV Ite ma'n ; waa tried in the _,_ be sP'NISH oion RIBBoNs. Crroll J r b d 1 d h' h f h' thta current, I e cannot c anget e tax, an 1t IS t ese, United. States Court yesterdavton.,be' chnrg" ..<,; vymustbepaid :t'he.toba.ccoJllust,auoo. "' 10l:mt at evo ve upon Iminassummgc argeo tIS 1 ; F w oO< .wanu..: Pack.ed according to t\>e goverrung .A.lmirall J. J., 3e Cedar. Langhorne, Geo. W & Co. D' .11 h .. d tt 1 numerous and petty commandments that make the fact,unng w,tthont a license. His of-h orG a IIIBBONS. Tyree John H. tstnct ;n WI owever, nee to a v stuay b d b h ,__ 1 fi he c t d b b 1 ttl 1 f b made ere, Frolas Oscarr& Co., 26 White street. m:ELBOVBNE :A.VS. h [ d t tl th t l -f t a ur en to event e onest to .. acco man. e e ons1s e m ru mg a 1 e ea to aceo thl'ougfu t e sttuatiOu an ac promp y m e ma .er o 1n ro 1 1 a 8ifter Itwas verv: clearly pro d b t iJI..t.NUI'A.OTIIRIIB or TOBJ.Ooo TI!Il'CIL. TOBJ.cco J.GIINTJI AND InoanRS. .. Tal!:e from the tobacco the annoym"' regulat10ps ve u 'ue jlity very Crooke,'J. J., S8 Owen, Dudgeon & .Arnell, 169 Elizabeth ducing reforms that are sadly needed tri the Bu-h h a od t ., ld b properly acq,u1tted htm. 'Cannot the' offioel'$ of the taw J .J ltloNTGOJIIERY, ALA., t at now amper .1t, an a m erlj. e tax ,won & 1 ii d bett b ll!l th d J.UOTiollnRS or rosJ.coo, no. Warren Burch & cb 86 &: 88 Commerce reau. a.t Washmgton. Gen. PleasantQn w1ll be the 1 -" 1 W 1 t th t"' ffi f h n er usm a!l runnmg own sltcnoffendera n d _., tts .. Co 7 Slip N y scarce y ,e t. e appea o e execu 1ve o cer o t e as these.'' > : nerar oe "' more free to do tbis'as he owes notbmg o the rprofes .. TOBJ.tioo-ou'rTt!IG KJ.CBtnar. .Bnntzmghotl:e r W ... \. & Son, 883 Broad. . '., government wtth whteh our trade bas most to do, to 1 '---"-- u BOI'gfeldt & D.eghuee, 106 Maiden Campbell Lane & Co .. 95 Broad. Sl(mal po'l,trClans. Nay, the facttLat he was appomte. d -" 1 : h tb" -1 H h th SM:oK,ING AT 'THE WnoN.G TXME.-Not long ago! t 'he 1 'NEW oRLEA.NS LA.. . .1 ,: re1orm a toget er 1s crymg ev1 e as e vower; mllooo LJ.IIBLB. 0 1 sNewLevooS&reet. by the Pres1den m oppos1t10n to poht10al mfl.uence, tl th th" h t.... 'll/ '' body of a deceased nattve was ca.rried down to Ha\eh & Go. 218 Broadwt.y 1 we earnes y ope a. e as .ue b k, f h J E u F. & Co., 22 North William TOBJ.coo FA?TORa Aim oox. aii.d over the head pf the ca.ndJdate. 1s reason 1 an s o t e umna, at tawah, India, to be btirned. Wu!Jf, ( J has. A .. li1 Chatham. Irby, J the more that be should, at the very outset of bis carj! e r ,1 1 J _Pile was and the lighted, and while TQBA.cco suLtt rooJ.cco yr A.UBeusBS. 1 Agnew W., & i:lens, 284 o.nd 286 Front street Allen, Julian, 1'12 Water. Bass. W Alexander, gg'W'ater Benrimo, D. & A. 124-Water. Bowne, R. S & Co., 7 B11rl)og Slip r Bulkley, Moore & Co,.74 Frout. Cardozo, A. H. & Co1,,Jt19 Front. Chock:ley A D & Co. 168 Pearl .. Cohn .t Smith, 178 Water. Connolly & Co., ; Wa,er. Crawfor4, E M. po, 168 Water. Jloban,1 Carroll & Cf! .1 \)4-, Front. B is Eugene, 1\'1 Water. TOBJ.cco PA.PBlf"WJ.RBHousB. Pierce,'Walter B. & Co. -i 0,f the C o mtss1 ?ner,--<; t e wl-'e" 8 0 0 eta. routt?e OFFICE Olf INTERNAL REVENUE, Washington, 13 down. have!' smoke. 1 A huge crocodile. seem1 Jessup 1: Moore, 11!8 William. PET-I;BSBttBO. VA.. and, by the absurdtty of many of the rules and 1870 ;;Jir: In r eply to your letter of the 8th inst. I mgly. watc_hmg_ thetr movetnent, s, rushed out of the u89u C IGA.Ili!:TTES. Venable S..W.&Co J h f b b B '< h b 1 b'b't h f b't' wateratth1s QlDtoftb o d l ,, 1 0 B d Ia &0 ;t, h t f" 1 Young; R.l A & Iron Frpp.t.B.ui!dings -regu at\ons t llio m t em, \"eO ,OJ t jl llreau, to t at t e a-wr pro 1 1 s t e nse o any o d d P 1J e ny, setze 'tne CMpSe Edet-'t 'DWs & Co.! 1'16' Water. n, jli.C., 41 Alva, 166 Water Ottinger Brothef!!, 119 Pearl: Palmer & Scoville, 1 '10 Water. Pappenhei111er ll., S3 Parker, S.M., & ,Co., 181 Pear' PearaaiJ, M. R., 42 Courtlandt Pettus & Co., 115 ; e i ,0!.. '1 (] PIJIL,U).ELP.IHA ol til nuiAanee to thetrade and a disgrace tQ tn,e icountry. Jar, d pum,. k'eg, bag, 'Yfapper, an bac"''. a tremendous fieader into Home ;u,e, 264 BrQadway. TOBJ.,cco ,. Mr rl>elano was the :rnonthpieo'e of 'these_ official llmauJ enVelope, or for tobadpo, or a _the the jaws, leaving the cioJ.a )(J.OBINES. Anathe.n, M. 220 North Thrd.J Jl 1 11. 1 1 secc ;md and every manufacturer of tobabco o fp1Jowers mourners m perfect bewilderment or;, I American Cigar Machine Co, Water. BambergerL. & Co.,8 N. Water 1 fry, and utterance ,regarn10g the tooacco traffic snu:lfisTe uired seetio n 68 t b affill: a l.a.bel onJ" i 1.: PRINHD G Boyd Fougeray. &-00 61 North :fhird b f b' Will r \ Wb th l0d "11 I T I I B I t A PJ.RCY ooons YOR TOBJ.OOO BJ. s. Brem:er, Lewis, Soas, N,Brth ad. was wort Y o } m ot': a t e ra. :; Wl cau,tlom ery, the of l Hlli EN_Ell'ITS OF DVE&TISING.-A bumorduslniter niggie., J. H., & .Co, 136 Duane < 1 .!1 Co., 37No'rth Water I Gen. aJid w1t"!l good ts ti;tat :not toJuse, a ac_kage on such label J,Jeenl itfin an says tt.dvettising goods "is just lile and.186 Doh.m & Tatt, 107 Arch. be shall not allow himself> ito be made the to.ol of an'l fixed time. The obJect and sole purpose of snore' or taking a crym' baby t;() church. If you alee h Eiseoiohr, Wm. & tlo., 117 South Water. 'B I such label 'or caution notice' as 1 apprehend pnt in church .and don't folks on the bac Gr;een;wic ';'I Geyer & Hiu, 62 North Front f person, or nl the urean. m the tssue of -rules Jl: d at de t h' t 1 or m thegallery..,. ,to know you are tllere p and i A t c B k Nworthte Wa!er .redarding the commerce in the weed, d t th bab f. lks ld Hammac er, o., 62 ee man. i f ""oore, ... ... a r. t I ,, I p \ 1 r ) "' I IUA lD regar. 0 e y, 0 won never know' you. 'Fries ;,_ & Jam f s & Front: 1 i" thf Y of the ?r a.' se'cond time, but from could ratse one, If, when u.rse takes him to chumh he FIB:I .... Sa. & y ,o., i. 31 N Water. 1 I discnnton. :From all offic 1 ala who thmk tb. e paclcage under any ctreumstances af\er the didn't begin to let off steam: But when._he vella 'out _.._. "-'- 1 Scnmid..: H 581 couili'Second "' .... r h b hd S h I good and st o b d Market lj'l re I n'surance Co,. 37 ,W;a"!L 1 Teller 11 '7.N.orth ;:J ., I 'they _..the pf tl;re t;rade, aJ;ld I!Ssay once Wit _.,.rawn. uc' r pg, every o Yl a.nd aUI feel ...... umUBaa or saow oA.S.a. 1 Van SChalck B A 17 ,. 111 North "' t th 1 ., .._ 't h -"tb d Ill, clearly and pos1ttvely forbtdden and prohtl'nted. In g?od. They look at htm, aad say tO themLorenz,A.,13 NorthWilllam .J "' 1 _.,... tom.erpre e awomcon.ormty .erewu .goo Itt t t''tht Lf:' t .:1 ffi t selvesFmebabythat by hob....._ I l 1 'V etterlein &: Co., 1 V 1 -h-r 1..1.. 1 y\)ur, e er s a. e a manu ac o ne-cu a.o:y a regn liii young ALB v." 1 .-yoodwarj & C'/; 4o'f N, Water : Lor'!_ dlll!yer us YY rather, a 1 tobacco send out ten-pound palls or'buckfits tt br:.gum ; The more he bellers the more Greer .A. & &lnll. 822 ?Jroadway i Jil!fuuoruRIIBB, l:I11A.L11RS: :nc. t,rust tp the commo senrJ of the most 1torant of their customers who'sell out the tobacco destroy tile the peo{lle know tt, and 'the mere they knew it mor v & Co. 3 N Water 1 : d b t th ,., 1 t tb' f: they thmk about' it.'' 1 '' ,: 1 1 e I BALTII!IOBE B&tohelor, Bro s., sao & 3$'1 North. Tbl.rd. Com}IUSSlODerll-lgnox:ant 80 far as meal stamps, an t en re urq' yBl s 0 manu aoturera, Pratt. I Htre, Th.:& Son, 4,74 and 503 'of oar interest is concerned-than to -the J tOj p M e .. and that thnl process IS repeated, I o E sxoKUfo TOB, :C 1 h h d openmg a wtde door to frauds o n the revenue by the Tnm BuRNING OF Ma. McALPIN's F ACTORY ..,.....A Lll!'B: BBoyd,,\YF AL. I 1 Mehl, Henry, 2,910 Market. .... I of .these who,, t eones, an I of the same stamp 'and p1 ackage. of reply that FOR. A DOG .. -On the 15th,inst. Cororlor Keenan he' ld rauns, "" Uo: u.,.. a:r d h > 11 6fl h 1 Gieske, L & co., 42 South Charles. Steiner, Smith Broth;erli & :Knecht, 225 Race. being personally mtereste m t e co ect10n t e tax the ]a)V'has anticipated and l?ro ided fot:just this stat' a.? I? quest m the. case of LeOn Thistle, the lad who was Gun,her, L. W., to Lombard. ip. Districts, W9f11d the' official ut'ter of facts; an

, I l 2 T 0 J3.AC C O pEcEMBBR 17.-Messrs. U.'Loose Co., comml ,!!SlOp merchants and dealers in lea tobacco, report: 1 lea[ u nder. hght inspections, a11d small stock .. m hands, 18 held steady, though is very lirD:tted demand from shippers. For Obio there IS no Inquiry from shippers, and only a few hhds have taken by manufacturers, the market Is dull, with prices nommal. In VIrgmia. leaf there VI ere some small to manufacturers and exporters; good low grades are In demaDd from shipp e rs ; but sales are hmited on account of hght receipts There is notbmg te quote 1n Kentucky leaf beyond the sales of several small lots to ; no mqu1ry for export. InspectiOns th1s 191 hhds Maryland, 1 '1 hhds Ob1o 25 hhds Vir ginia, and 9 bhds Kentucky total, 24.2 hbds Export ed 43 bbds to London 306 hbds :Marvland 20 hhds. Vugmia, 10 hhds Kentucky, and 159 hbds' VIrginia. stems to Bremen. We repeat quotations as follows: .Marylana-frosted 5 to 6c; eound common, st to 7t; good common, '7! to 8t; medium, 9 to 10; good to fine brown 10 to 13. tancy, 15 to 35. Oh10-infimor to common 5 to 7 greemsb and brown, 7 to 9 ; medmm to gled to yellow, 15 to 25 Kentucky-common to good lugs, 8 to 9!; common to medium leaf, 10 to 12! i good to fine, 13 to 14; select leaf 15 to 25 Virginia-inferior and frosted lugs, '5 to 6 and shipptng, 12 to 14. TOBACCO 8TA.TEKBNT. Hhds.. Jan. 1, 1870, stock in warehouses and on ship board, not cleared ............ Inspected this week ............ .. 1 previous! :r. . ......... 5,718 1 242' 40,778. 46,73&




Kanllfaeturer of pb;' / 'No. 96 Beekman Street, ........ -NEW YORK. (. ( Jnj-=!f 0 B A eiJ 0 IREMELBERG l CO., 1 i 1 tl aD F. L. BRAUNS &: CO., BALTqiOU. Commiwon I Merchants. &nral b....W of Lleorlce Patc, di....,ll""J'Jf",.,_ tlcm, eonata.tly o n liand, and for sale, In bttDd et duty ? aid; In lot. '><>-ow pUn:hasero. 1 I 12-11' .. ;ISAAC !BEAD,' : ,(lin.__ to euuuo.., AIID DEALER,INJ LEAF, I llan'nfaotuied TobaooO, Licorfoe, Gum etc ., .I!EABL STHE'*' N v. ., .,... ... r ,. 'r -' II w. ALl! BA.SS (Late COKNO,LJ A OV., alld CON.!\IOLLY J. :BA.sst H l t '' E. & G. FRIEND & CO ''U J 1 I ., m Leaf.'Tobacco, I .IJi(' 129 :MA-LDEN, LANE, Gut. Jfan:Nn F .m'i"D, t EDw.&aoFnu i>

,109'118 OO'IOfillllOU !8! 'fm OBI CJ ,U.S:O'ITSB.H. --_ _.... __ iJOJil\1 ALLEN, tOBA J!O l44G & l44S FRANXLIN STREET, RIClmOND, VK. TERED FACTO:&Y<, Jio, J o'JJ, !)UO HUO Y3:8 J -.r 1-4 lb. :_Di'unis, .v.: ... .aaor. 1:. __ .,, ....... I oz. Bags, / I. .. J a l Leaf,. .. -SEYMOUR I COLT, Leaf. 'obacu LEAP TOBJ.OOO & BEGABS, 1 WATBB STBll:li:T, IIIIWYo ... l & SONS, IDd Cc+nn!issioo lie4. aDd 880 o' )!Gersc Pipds?f 1 .Cigr Ambet Moutb Pieces; Pipa snrer .b4 .n Obolce Aniclea In Smolttra' IUie, WlloleuJ. Mil Re*all -llla1e and Betail d Wareroom, 4 &:ld 6 -Tohn Store, 71 N ua&u, corner John Street, NEWYOEJE.t. L' B.eallleerschaum Pipe Bowls, f. ftt()NOGRAMS, CRESTS, PORTRAITS, ETC. JLKf A.IILD(Il, MOUNTING, etc., attended 1o. -* to &11 of. dlf ,;: ._," t e R. B-I b Bole Jluaticturer ot GJUIOplll XQR80HAUK .AJro ..umg ... Tnide .... t1111W..... 1\lauUIU ctUrer of Lorlli&'d s U..lebrated Yacht club Pipea given away with hil Yacht aull S mokJoll: Tobilooo r DANENBERG, 11 .. UOLSALE TOBACCONIST, IX1'11 AVB., Y. ,. LEAF TOBACCO, ... CliPAL DUO'!' .... B. BIIIIIOD'II 162 Pearl St. DNI' lfall IlL tntn..., .... Ct. k m .. .. ---, .._ REW YORL -DANIEL LYONS, Jr., u'UA.Jfi:A.LLEN c .. CHAS. F. TAC 4 SON, ., ..... alilt ........ Seed .:Leif a.nd HaV&.Da et.BPBIBB, "'-all kinds ot COVVISSIQN DRCHANT .. Tf?.BAOCO, I LEAF TOBACCO, r 'Whol.-!e NB. OLD SLlP, 172 WATER STRftT, w f(, Y. 184 Front Street, NEW' YQR.K CrrY. 8 &lx11lBireel, l'a NEW'YOBX.' G. REISMAN'N & co. ommtsstoa '"''at,, DOIESTIO andJmporteJa of SPANISH TOBACCOS, 1'1/J r...-Street, Nett! ........... 81 Welt Seeoa4 tMree&, om:;:::: 1: HIB.BGHORN & 00. ... ,.SEGARS, L l TOBACCO, ... -lr.A.'l& l'l'aU'J', Wal -. I N:rtr l ....w. ....... r Jew-Yort. O'r.J.'IO 1JLIER.. H B.IU YEB ....... fll B.l YB.l BIG.lU .. ....... Dl TUICW J ..... ....


\ THE L;EAF.' f ew:G PHIL.AD:ILPBIA ADVU.TIDDITS 'TH. Lt. ; J!:'l' l'!N. THBO. I. V.KTTRRLEIN. B. T V e"t:ter .tei .. -"' Co.., j TOBAicO, DOMESTIC o Jt.:. .'lt Al,\tr '.! Wlwlesale in Connecticut d: Havana L ... T .ob''aoo. SEGARS, 220 North Third Street, PHILUlELPHIA, PHILADELPHIA. -... B. Griiui. BIIOBY 'Ill& RCR. STREET, Md. L. BAMBERGER I CO., HISS, -L E 0 a A 0 0 0 to B, ANTBLO .. Co.) L .. andll., 'TI 0 B C C 0 BEG .us, .. 1 r M J. lo. 3 North Water Stieer; 'lilliiCll PIIILADKLPB:'I., P&. fQ N. F..Ot, P,.IIL.t. ELPHI.t.. -o_TELL BROTHERS, TELLER, .AlfATHAN & 00.,) W1w!esa!e Dealers in JAMES RUSSELL & 00., l Merchants. DUiol& CONN. SEED .. L ADitt laported a1d Dtaestle C:Jpn, t54 STATE and 282 IIAII'f ST., .; VOl'fl'lf. J. D. BURNHAM & CO., Vuur.ctal'8ft and .Jobbera ill 77 & 79 Asylum St., HARTFIIRD, OON! B. a Z. K. PEASE, -Con.Q ecticut Seed-l f WM. WESTPHAL,. COIDUSSION :MERCHANT, And Dealer ill A. L. & F. 81880N, Connecticut Seed TOBACCO, 134. -street, HARTFORD, CONN. ) 126-lllll. ... '"' WOODRUFF, .. Connectlcul SUJd..Letlf TOB-4 0, 18 MARKET STREET, JUBTnBD, oon. 8. 8ELLINC & SON, l'acUra lllc1 :n.Jon bl S .d[EAF TOBACCOJ .QsS _S-ta:te HARTFORD, -CONN. .... ,.,..,o, 1\To. 217 State HABTifOBD, CT. EAST HARTFORD. CONNECTICUT G. W. UD DULI:R Illl F.l.rut C cut Seed-Leaf t o a"'a c c o t Danbury ectlcut. ............ LOUISVILLE, KY., U. S. Bonde o.WArdJOuse No. t, GEO. W. WICKS & CO., Manutaduren' Aj(enll for Sale of Virginia, Missouri, and Kentuelllf TOBACCO, Alt!o Deal.,.. ill LOJif 111dl I 02 MAIN STREET, [Bet101-Btl Oft4 4th, ] } Louimlle, KentuckJ. AKUFA sli Tobacco, BlUFF MD CICAB8t l01. 63 & &I Bud Btnle\ & 81 Blnh at.t. PrrrsBUBGH. P.A. nvJ: BB.OTliEJLS TOBACCO WORD _......., ---.--. --. ---.JOBll FllfZER l BROS., ... -P .. 18 ....... ....,.... ...


UQII'(Wl:&pi. B. r r..toa'lENSTEIN nos. a.. oo., < I MAIUFACTUIEII DfrCIUII,. r Aim DJU.LaJIII m kinds of ltaRUfaotured :J.fU. MaU'len Lane, Net.D York. 7 JIANUPAQTURRD lilt. 1,424 722 679 22,356 .i7,23l 51,94.8 260,933 ::. Exports of Tobacco from all Ports of the United States. I -BOGSJmADS, ETC. CASES A.. "ill BALES. PACKAGES AND BODS. XANUl'ACTIJRJm !btl.


I 1 Composed ot l'aoMAS HovT and JoHN F. Fuoo, I !io. 404 PEARL iNEW YORK., iianufacturers '"Cffall kinds ol 1JNE-CU T CHEW ING AND ,.SM0KING TOBACCO KANUFACT'URE:B.S. Anhur Gillender & Co., : LA.t.coRICE P ft) 8 I ._ ..s oo. 1 -V!f A,LLIS & CO. EXTRA. u S91.!11'1ePI'Iewr ot &he Ce lcbra&ed .Branda ot Ollewtnc Toba coo, 1 "HERO" and "UNION/' 1174 E4ghth Avenue. / TOBACCO L E .A F LIQUORLCE-HENRY m:. :m:omiis, Nos. 99 Pearl and 62 Stone 8&ree*' NEW YOBB, IMPORTER t 1,1 or ADVE:B.TISEDNTS. MISCELLANEOUS. FACTORY F. w. Co., 180 Borth st., :Baltimore, MeL, C 0 r n .. .. : ., ----), .. .. BtrMt, NIJUJ' Y.or.k, .., BrtMd Go .. "17 :E .Jill ....... .... I .. '= "' liO., L -ABELS Ne*' 'J;>atented Articles 3"ust Received. ') ( For Tobacco 'lind Clgara. ,., .. + .. A large 11111011Jpent c:GIIala.ntl7 Oil band AJl!1 to 'r.ABLE .PITH :PIPE I STEM:, order. llll & 14 anh '\VU!lam Btree\.llew from tll e Corn absorb'jnt---lhe best Stem ever offered I ,{I SMOKER'S OOJ.YIPAl\TION, A and oompi.ct pocket pi!'ce, containiljg Cleaner, and Bolder. BRIAR PIPES with RUBBER BITS, OSCAR PROL88 A CO., SEGAR RlBBONS, :liJ 'wh:tte, treet, -" An article long needed-for perfection it has not its equal. These' articles are' highly commended for Smokers. 117M. DBMUTB a 00., and pealers in Smokers' Articles. lDIWYOBX; r:ro ..o:l03 D .\l.?ADWA.Y, NEW "110BK, 1 '" j/ SbLE AGENTS. t (


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