The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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I 0 1 .J l t, r ( I., t 1 To bitece, Trade Of the .. Papen in I I the Worltl : ... VI., N-o. 30'' TBUS OP TO PAPER. 1 I OF ,TOBAcco.1 BBOOKl.YN' N. 'r. St. eoo 10;, t 'Peradnum ...... Bucbaun Ly&!1: 1-u 1 11 04arldltlo1181per Ilncbner'D., BuobSllQ& llyall I J I l o .: I I I t G. ;r. J:ltOBJ:,J:E. th. c tin t EdmOilston, s. s :&: Bro., C!O.OR _. To Bremen Ham urg, all e on en .o.'--' J H 1 g L dl Brehm H & J "-0 Lo' "'mer ,.11rs., tu u ow .. .,, ; ct 1 1- l I I 'I I j I etc., ta.UIIddltional per annl1llllor A. & Qq., ll4, 116, a!j,d .L1beljty BOX loiJ.Nlii'A.CTURI!:&.q. 1 ld d.. __ Goetze, F. A.. & Bro., 328 Wasjlington. Sherman Brother 8 tJ 18 !leiinlclr .' I (1 ;' .KUCHLER & -Xo Ptn""' :lor the !p&per,. coq ere ........ ae-" ,J w H I. c 20" d 209 w te VHI(J:AGO. ( !:: r: ) lJl I coiiiQAnled P00 1"1'! "' o., 'I an a r. l r I rf l A J t IT. .J t ehoul,. iii inttnce, be made Hoyt, Tliomas & Co., 4n4 Peul. 1 I" TOBACC9 w J.RBoUSI!:S 1 J 1 -""W -u u, I< d r BUl T c v Ruffner & Foy, 86 l:>dllth, Water. I I .T I _. ... (: :II* onlJ" 'or ,rat are & Co., S56 Pearl I 'L>:'J. T6BJ.'oo 0 'III)', C onN. OUD .JWEW "OUM(S"JOJIIIft '' 1\ab"leto he,sfolen anubn only lie oent at be ,c4,!pin D ff ll't Co Avenue D A 1> ( lllu' <3 H I'll .... TifJk w thd 1 .. Cue S S & Co SoUth ._Water.. --l tier, G B. & Co.-9'1 Columbta. 1 ,., t 1 l. '., TES DVERTISI .. ,_ "" "d J "" d 75' B -Ju.u:RO IN .The anpoinment and confirmatin .of,.Gen ..;1.lfr .ed .-.. u ""' 1 ""' P.l er, os., an owerv. Kasprowicz, S., rf7 So\.tb1 Water c ;....-..,,.r To 'f I (l r'l '.. p "1 ... 1 I I u 7 I l I 'I 1 equre (t !nell) do. t'year, i4D. Shotwell, D.":a:, 1 '14 Elghtli ave. Saudhagen Bros., 1'1 W e st Itanaolph. J .Pleasanton Gollectol' of lnt4(J"Il&l for LaJ'R8T advertloem.ento in PTOI!Ortlon, but w atts H." H 330,332 and 634 Cherry. '. VJ.NUUOTUREBS OY Ptuo T:OIIA.CCO. ,. the Thirty-second Disn"ct of New Yorlr (thi citv,) ras "WA!Il"BauJSTR.EE'l-, I 'T ; t noae taken nnleoo 1 ; 3, ,pr more MANUFAC'I'URERS Olf J C(GA,JUI. U! 9 J '"C 69 .o_ >'-W 0 ..., J a:1r :b.dvm'tl .. mente on tnedlrot page per i 1 1 .. B )I .dLa. maa .. o., ,.,...u,.. ,ater. l l n r M 1 Inch ov*r two"1"1de cpl,aiQP'Io'l'ng none tAken Jo ..,. "' ro., "' 1\l)j ne. r: )(J.IIU.FJ.OTU:&BRB; o INfi\ cuT TOBA-CCO. <;JOmmtsswner of Internal Revenue, ll1 plaCle 0 r ) ,. J J lr) fr{ :t( lJ J I I 14-' r i r 1 r 1 ,.. ,) r let18 tban one year, paya)11e advance; two & w' M & 1 '7 W 1 j I lnehee; PIJ5;Jhree lncibe,ti!OO. No denatldn Hirsch JJ. & C'o. 17water. 1 urray & Maeon, 174. 1 B ; Nort'\ ater ; pe ano now Secretary is o 11 l)oai thOle termo. I 1 -I-' hb L '&' C 110 W MANUFACTURERS OF OUT CIU:W'I!', ()Jl!J(JIN,N'A.Tio 1 } )! J b J c r d couldered, un Lichte,nstem Bros & Co., ).21 lane. TOBA,OOO J.uc-rroN WJ.RICBO!l'SIIS. -B, we e U';Te, the fourth ommt881 "1 1 "' 1 l!eidenberg & Co., 19 Dey. 1 BrMbeal'!l Brown & Titu&, 3.2. & 'Main. -theP.o.ttlOJl qualtt es qut"'' as necessary to su cess .tn r A LUES COINS. Sti:lith, tr, A.,J 131 Maiden ltme. f 1 t Holmes & Oo. 26 d. ''1 fi11iog ii AS; those Qy .. GBBT Barum-Sol)mitt & $ic!1'!11, 1\11 Pearl DEJ.LERS Ill LliA.J' TOBJ.CCO. A "-II .. f h D' ....,_ _._ 1... b ., "pouod .-:--. $4 84 9 Sutro & 11'1 ,&l,aiden Besuden H eary & Bro. 161-166 u sora. 8 ""' o t u 18tnet, 1111t recor'-'l.uas een lf!l innate ishone, sty; of.nine:tentlls 'of thb'se 1who I' I' I MINOR EDlToiU.LS. ., ; :IJ r h. ehllliog .............. 0o 24". Volger' .&"Huneken,166Fronl 8eTeralof ihe' i' ptlQ I' b r a I ,. ,ll I,,_ I 'IJ I-' ,. I ld., ...... ny, _. 028 CTu ...... H a F nracut" n. ea 10 to acco an h w1} out com --'-'-'-r 111 -n ... ,r--IA .. uFA RKR N. HATA.NJ. m.eyer y., I root .. ' b.' f l I li ld' h J "In'""' -J .. I li tl J "}[ -) -1 o:18 iDe Brteiulleer, A. 96 Beekman. nuua IN uu ANn CIGJ.R8: genu emlln w o ermerlv e t lsI yvrta n pare bAe f""olis h .., :th 1..:s ne...:ona i exp" .,.r' L 1 Tkii: TWO KINGS THAT RULB iAMinncA.-Jokilfg 1fr : ..... : .......... i ''I" ,. ..... S "'''h '']jll ..... v .. ..,... -. .-w r<:Y .,,, k 1-tt I I 0 00 'lS Tllll OUI J hrt. ,..,te ................ 0.01,0 (9) A.lmirall J. J., 30 Cedar "1 < ClL.i.RKVILL8, TEIIIN.,-cigar trade has been permitted to pnl'!lue even tda ihe 'mis-pr"se taions' of a few THE death is announced at Richmond, VL mh&, !.uno, lrt'usineu man. I I !1 ( 1 lbe, a Hamburg pfuncl equala Ul6798 lbs Well & c 60 p Bramhall, Ingersoll & IJo., 137 t t k t th b t 1 th tJ.. f Y,, J ''1 1 \ t 1 1 ,, 11 { I> 1 avokdupols o BNuu. co-riNG-TON, IY. was a en row 0 s ac e w;ay _q._ 0 thepriee to proff\!r. We certain as ertions1 but 1 --1 r 11 BxolszTu.--Fine-Qut, Plug, Twist,ToAppleby&Jtelme,iBSWater. Gl9re,J.A.P.&Broa.,l6,17&1tW.'Itb. P)l.l' anx,oua to the 8 mt f)f the t f: ts OJll ask. C S' .._The belle JO baooo I twisted "Y hand, or reduced from G F A &> B ur Power & Pr&gue,Kenton Tob.Wrhs,.Greeoup. ul h ffit h J d-. a J\-.., ld Cl_ e .ac n y QJO"{PIS lPl\Of uses a dollar's worth of1 tob......,.;..r leaf into a to be consumed, or oe.tze, .Graves, a.w Jreg t tra an ,woq te'llt out beagepuin& week: ''She has' entered int'o SI!Veh otherwise prepared, witbout use of Boiken Richard J., 91 .Chambe111. D&NVILLE v .&. 1 knowulgly, d 1sohey any P\"OVlSlOn. e!atll of r not. If thts iii dCine we have httle feat of the reeult;< nial1engagements and. aU have been broken by "()let machine or instrument; and wthobt Demuth Wm. & Co., 403 Broadway. Pemberton cr. H. tllings w'as so from' that which 1 .preceeded it, e iliffi cnity in the' een that ollr cue via mck'l o -tine. '> 1 1 1 ,., pre!Md !lr sweeteoed, and. OD allot er 10 s Siefkes, H. D., Cbambera and 65 e. I DA.YTON, o. ... th t :I: fi r f t' 1i f -ith G Pl -)' ] \ I J ( 1: i I o{ manufactured tobacco n,ot herein otherwise I)(J'OR'I'IIR8 'ow OLY Ptns. H()jt)el! & Peaae Peue'a Tob&coo-Cetting I a a f eebemg 1h,sa 18 ale J0I 0 w eiJ, 'j prejudg.edl ti}.us we. gou).d ,no t offi,ciaj.A ........._ l J I ,. provided for, 32c. per lb., ; tobacco, Bat,iE!!I', H. & 'Brother, 61 Water. DBTROITo I!IIJ(JB. t?n s regtme j\S t !! resu t so.upus.u a ,o_1r tM.t touaoeo...inen were. not everything th_ "t ...-aa t. .:> "( IN the United StateS Circuit Conrt, Richmono, Va., exolasively of atems, or of leaf, w1th all Be gmano J H & Co 146 F t "'"" PA\1 Charlet! W Buttz aRd Erne t A. S H M siema in and eo sold, the leaf l1Dt hanng o 1 TOB.t.cco .xNrvsa. the tr.ade pla.ceq OQ any footmg1 m t,helr l bec!L'use it was their interest i-n too -mahy instaneAlll t(j s h a h b .. 11 ._.__;_ I ''pped butted or rolled. p llak. ._ S Detroit Novelty Works .. t urs 'tb th R offiCI" 1 lthat "ti r ":'"' c ml t ave een sente ced! to im.prisonment for one """"pre ... ous Y 8 n o "' on, 4> Maiden lane EA.ST :JJ:A.BTPOB:D, (JONN. m ere. 0 & WI 1 e evenue a o, ..... v lJeliev 80 Gen."Plea anton' enters upon 'hts dut1e11 unb th Alb ) p aud lug-tobacco witoout payme11t of taL Jng,or&fterthe process oftnR.nufactUnng; Del!ary&:Kling,52Broad PJ.OURSJ.NDDIIA.LJ:RS. d ftb' t 1:> d tl. t 1b 1 I .,.,_,' [ J Fine-cut Shorts, the refuse ot fine-cut chew-Maier 0., 29 Beaver. Haas Brothers, 282 Main and154-Btate. 0 0 p r (' c 10. ,f0,,. acco '10 minister the' laws for the collection, of the Revenue iD! All;NG ['oBA.OOO F1ACTORIE8.-A : ing tobacco which h&a paBIIed through a_ddRayne r Thos. J.1& Co. 29 Liberty and Hubbard N. & Co., 224' S tate." .. dustry, was evidently, m et>tllll&l!IOI) to 4e tl>e spirit in wbieli were r enacted by CongresS{ mohd p a",ereays that fewer of these esta b!J'shnie .. "'sfWJ' "ll dte>Of. mee_hea to 11\e square rmch M&idett Lane.' London & Bidwell, 214j State. 0'" less a apd a 1-hief-'-i-n jUturo if J not in esse. W"t h h tl th t C ll t If ,. b f: bl b uv of sifting; refuse craps rl(Foarns or llANILLA cJGA.Bs un cax:aoors. Pease, H. & z. K'., ts Market . i "' . er, us or a. o ec1 or. Wl un a':ora y stop work fort is winter h'o.D' bas been the c&se for:f. aweepingsoftobacco116c. per lb. t r Linjngton & Sons, 2\6 Front Seymour, D. M., 169 and 161 Commerce. 1 Tl!Is r IS g!lllm., ,to honest a.nd affected by certam of the statute a numberofyears. More ot will ralso work 'On Cigars of all descriptions, made 0 J'O oF LICORICE PASTE. Shepard & Fuller, 214 State. ai :feel;ng bct.w e e n: tb!l trade "and the officials any:thing j ., 1 : Rd t tt f t bt and stop for a shorte r periou than h&l! been' usual. baeco or any ubsiituie therefor, $5 per thou Apple)ly & 133 Water. Sisson, A. L & F., 134 Main. 1 _. f ,. .-. : 1-fl, we 1etl con.,. en 3 Ill a er q no e s Ig th t b f: t I k f; d sand ; .on Cigsrettee weighing not eJ:ceeditlg Gilford" Sherman & Innis, 120 William. ... WID., State: 11'1 Jhu_ t r CrJmin&tJon I nod re;mmmation I est concern to him so long as the consh:uction e o manu ao oo or. a.r per tbousr .ud, et 501 per tho:-Gomez, Wallis & Co! 29 and 3 1 s. William. Woodruff, Jo sephS., 18 :ltlarket cbanl.cterized their tbtercourHe, impeded tbe--tram;action h t f: E money ma mg-season next year. Tlier:ceeding poun s P. Harmony, Nephews & Co., 63 Broadway. Woodworth, L. N., 217 State. .r b ... \:a' f: bl .,.(_ d iH I I o-1ven IS an ones an a1r one. ntenng why should not 'Price. l," f5 per thousand. .,.. ___ ,..__ & C 16" p rl WBOLUA.LII D&J.nRB""lN IIJ.Nrr.crualln usmeso, an : un avora y auecte egts at10n, h" d .ttL' 11, _. ,.11 J .,-: .-' ct ed f or any ....._re....,..,.,rg o .., ea -.,.. ., unon IS uttes 1n uJB sptnt we Wl natur_.. y m:eet ,.............. On Snun: manu& ur 0 u, Morri., H M 101 P" I TOBJ.OOOB. 1regardmg the w<>eu. AlthQugh the attentiOn of the ': I ; ; P t L .. e-N (J '..___. .... eubstitute for tobaooo, ground, dry, damp, Weaver 16 it. Burhham J .D &; Co -'1'1 and '19 Asy1um. 1 C II .1 -'1 1 ted 'opposttlon m certam1 quarters, a,nd It s to warn RES DENT AWRE CE JOu--LLMJO.l!iTI:D,-A pickled, scented, or otherwise, of all deaer.ip' ate o ector ;pat ey r as <'mam y concentra d "' b Eaper of the _12th ii'H!t.,oontained the fOllowina: h d a ta>: of 32c sPEOIJ.LTIEB l'OR TOBJ.cco lUNcumuuaa. Jl'IDI&NA.POLis. ;Jn4. . h1m ofi LOUS a :verse mu..uenoe11 t at so m.. Jam E Lawrefice E q p "d t f th N 'i' &ions, w en. prepare .or uae, 8 F W & 0 2 C d )(J.tA8t e con 1on citizens, andhas made & host of friends among pound' and "26' per cent. ad 'valt>rem. Im-Guthrie & Co 2116 Pront. Wicks, G. W. & Co., 102 Mam-. h ..,. h fb" d d t h and the tax that produces this large amount cannot bu.t The As11ociation is fortunate in having such a pre.:. t be Internal Revenue 'OOBJ.Cco J.lln 1bk$1H.t.BT. owiDg to t e &Ig t o IS pre ecessor, an ye e was 8 t b de d t Tb. h "" te ;; ;:id by stamps at the Meier Wml G. & Co., lis Seventh. able at' an early day to bring things bacK to smoothlyrrove_ a _e ur n up,?n lD us Fy. J 18{ 0"\'-dent." I Custom House. (Revenue A.ct,, 93.) k 'mBBERB IN ALL KJNDs or )(J.!Illl'A.CTUBKD k'. ever, IS shgbt compared1With that'imposea by the numer ._ d f t d t b 0 Wle e, George, 1!6 Willett street. \ -' E CI"'M wor mg Ol"ler ... J r I r, 'J DU ...... JIBS u EJj s 1?4. .The import uty on manu ac ore 0 ace otoA.B oox c.r>A.a ho OTBD wooD. JOBA.cco, _.nlPORTED J..Nn .D(\M sriv : oua "rules &fld :ce,gulat' ons" that ias ue from m.A.U oliO< ... NIIl' TA. BS'Iv"Qulh's.-Th& iiJ 50c. per lb; Leaf stemmed, lGc. per lb. Dingee, P.M., cor. Sixth and Lewis. & l..iO., c. G 174, Mwn.. D In entermg upon hiS new positiOn lt IS. true the o c I Riahmond .Dispateh. tb_e 13th inst, aays: W. t:r Inadditiontothisduty,th e ReveJlue taxon LrNCBBVRG,-VA., theRevenuell!!'q u;r.newCommtsstonercan c_urb W b h u.. the same kind of tobacco made> in this conn Rodman &:)Iep burn 216 JJewis. Armistood, L. L ll ... .. new C9llJmtSS)Oper nQt have the ly.bor to per "fh h b d .. h e er, an tmpecumous 'IV Ite ma'n ; waa tried in the _,_ be sP'NISH oion RIBBoNs. Crroll J r b d 1 d h' h f h' thta current, I e cannot c anget e tax, an 1t IS t ese, United. States Court yesterdavton.,be' chnrg" ..<,; vymustbepaid :t'he.toba.ccoJllust,auoo. "' 10l:mt at evo ve upon Iminassummgc argeo tIS 1 ; F w oO< .wanu..: Pack.ed according to t\>e goverrung .A.lmirall J. J., 3e Cedar. Langhorne, Geo. W & Co. D' .11 h .. d tt 1 numerous and petty commandments that make the fact,unng w,tthont a license. His of-h orG a IIIBBONS. Tyree John H. tstnct ;n WI owever, nee to a v stuay b d b h ,__ 1 fi he c t d b b 1 ttl 1 f b made ere, Frolas Oscarr& Co., 26 White street. m:ELBOVBNE :A.VS. h [ d t tl th t l -f t a ur en to event e onest to .. acco man. e e ons1s e m ru mg a 1 e ea to aceo thl'ougfu t e sttuatiOu an ac promp y m e ma .er o 1n ro 1 1 a 8ifter Itwas verv: clearly pro d b t iJI..t.NUI'A.OTIIRIIB or TOBJ.Ooo TI!Il'CIL. TOBJ.cco J.GIINTJI AND InoanRS. .. Tal!:e from the tobacco the annoym"' regulat10ps ve u 'ue jlity very Crooke,'J. J., S8 Owen, Dudgeon & .Arnell, 169 Elizabeth ducing reforms that are sadly needed tri the Bu-h h a od t ., ld b properly acq,u1tted htm. 'Cannot the' offioel'$ of the taw J .J ltloNTGOJIIERY, ALA., t at now amper .1t, an a m erlj. e tax ,won & 1 ii d bett b ll!l th d J.UOTiollnRS or rosJ.coo, no. Warren Burch & cb 86 &: 88 Commerce reau. a.t Washmgton. Gen. PleasantQn w1ll be the 1 -" 1 W 1 t th t"' ffi f h n er usm a!l runnmg own sltcnoffendera n d _., tts .. Co 7 Slip N y scarce y ,e t. e appea o e execu 1ve o cer o t e as these.'' > : nerar oe "' more free to do tbis'as he owes notbmg o the rprofes .. TOBJ.tioo-ou'rTt!IG KJ.CBtnar. .Bnntzmghotl:e r W ... \. & Son, 883 Broad. . '., government wtth whteh our trade bas most to do, to 1 '---"-- u BOI'gfeldt & D.eghuee, 106 Maiden Campbell Lane & Co .. 95 Broad. Sl(mal po'l,trClans. Nay, the facttLat he was appomte. d -" 1 : h tb" -1 H h th SM:oK,ING AT 'THE WnoN.G TXME.-Not long ago! t 'he 1 'NEW oRLEA.NS LA.. . .1 ,: re1orm a toget er 1s crymg ev1 e as e vower; mllooo LJ.IIBLB. 0 1 sNewLevooS&reet. by the Pres1den m oppos1t10n to poht10al mfl.uence, tl th th" h t.... 'll/ '' body of a deceased nattve was ca.rried down to Ha\eh & Go. 218 Broadwt.y 1 we earnes y ope a. e as .ue b k, f h J E u F. & Co., 22 North William TOBJ.coo FA?TORa Aim oox. aii.d over the head pf the ca.ndJdate. 1s reason 1 an s o t e umna, at tawah, India, to be btirned. Wu!Jf, ( J has. A .. li1 Chatham. Irby, J the more that be should, at the very outset of bis carj! e r ,1 1 J _Pile was and the lighted, and while TQBA.cco suLtt rooJ.cco yr A.UBeusBS. 1 Agnew W., & i:lens, 284 o.nd 286 Front street Allen, Julian, 1'12 Water. Bass. W Alexander, gg'W'ater Benrimo, D. & A. 124-Water. Bowne, R. S & Co., 7 B11rl)og Slip r Bulkley, Moore & Co,.74 Frout. Cardozo, A. H. & Co1,,Jt19 Front. Chock:ley A D & Co. 168 Pearl .. Cohn .t Smith, 178 Water. Connolly & Co., ; Wa,er. Crawfor4, E M. po, 168 Water. Jloban,1 Carroll & Cf! .1 \)4-, Front. B is Eugene, 1\'1 Water. TOBJ.cco PA.PBlf"WJ.RBHousB. Pierce,'Walter B. & Co. -i 0,f the C o mtss1 ?ner,--<; t e wl-'e" 8 0 0 eta. routt?e OFFICE Olf INTERNAL REVENUE, Washington, 13 down. have!' smoke. 1 A huge crocodile. seem1 Jessup 1: Moore, 11!8 William. PET-I;BSBttBO. VA.. and, by the absurdtty of many of the rules and 1870 ;;Jir: In r eply to your letter of the 8th inst. I mgly. watc_hmg_ thetr movetnent, s, rushed out of the u89u C IGA.Ili!:TTES. Venable S..W.&Co J h f b b B '< h b 1 b'b't h f b't' wateratth1s QlDtoftb o d l ,, 1 0 B d Ia &0 ;t, h t f" 1 Young; R.l A & Iron Frpp.t.B.ui!dings -regu at\ons t llio m t em, \"eO ,OJ t jl llreau, to t at t e a-wr pro 1 1 s t e nse o any o d d P 1J e ny, setze 'tne CMpSe Edet-'t 'DWs & Co.! 1'16' Water. n, jli.C., 41 Alva, 166 Water Ottinger Brothef!!, 119 Pearl: Palmer & Scoville, 1 '10 Water. Pappenhei111er ll., S3 Parker, S.M., & ,Co., 181 Pear' PearaaiJ, M. R., 42 Courtlandt Pettus & Co., 115 ; e i ,0!.. '1 (] PIJIL,U).ELP.IHA ol til nuiAanee to thetrade and a disgrace tQ tn,e icountry. Jar, d pum,. k'eg, bag, 'Yfapper, an bac"''. a tremendous fieader into Home ;u,e, 264 BrQadway. TOBJ.,cco ,. Mr rl>elano was the :rnonthpieo'e of 'these_ official llmauJ enVelope, or for tobadpo, or a _the the jaws, leaving the cioJ.a )(J.OBINES. Anathe.n, M. 220 North Thrd.J Jl 1 11. 1 1 secc ;md and every manufacturer of tobabco o fp1Jowers mourners m perfect bewilderment or;, I American Cigar Machine Co, Water. BambergerL. & Co.,8 N. Water 1 fry, and utterance ,regarn10g the tooacco traffic snu:lfisTe uired seetio n 68 t b affill: a l.a.bel onJ" i 1.: PRINHD G Boyd Fougeray. &-00 61 North :fhird b f b' Will r \ Wb th l0d "11 I T I I B I t A PJ.RCY ooons YOR TOBJ.OOO BJ. s. Brem:er, Lewis, Soas, N,Brth ad. was wort Y o } m ot': a t e ra. :; Wl cau,tlom ery, the of l Hlli EN_Ell'ITS OF DVE&TISING.-A bumorduslniter niggie., J. H., & .Co, 136 Duane < 1 .!1 Co., 37No'rth Water I Gen. aJid w1t"!l good ts ti;tat :not toJuse, a ac_kage on such label J,Jeenl itfin an says tt.dvettising goods "is just lile and.186 Doh.m & Tatt, 107 Arch. be shall not allow himself> ito be made the to.ol of an'l fixed time. The obJect and sole purpose of snore' or taking a crym' baby t;() church. If you alee h Eiseoiohr, Wm. & tlo., 117 South Water. 'B I such label 'or caution notice' as 1 apprehend pnt in church .and don't folks on the bac Gr;een;wic ';'I Geyer & Hiu, 62 North Front f person, or nl the urean. m the tssue of -rules Jl: d at de t h' t 1 or m thegallery..,. ,to know you are tllere p and i A t c B k Nworthte Wa!er .redarding the commerce in the weed, d t th bab f. lks ld Hammac er, o., 62 ee man. i f ""oore, ... ... a r. t I ,, I p \ 1 r ) "' I IUA lD regar. 0 e y, 0 won never know' you. 'Fries ;,_ & Jam f s & Front: 1 i" thf Y of the ?r a.' se'cond time, but from could ratse one, If, when u.rse takes him to chumh he FIB:I .... Sa. & y ,o., i. 31 N Water. 1 I discnnton. :From all offic 1 ala who thmk tb. e paclcage under any ctreumstances af\er the didn't begin to let off steam: But when._he vella 'out _.._. "-'- 1 Scnmid..: H 581 couili'Second "' .... r h b hd S h I good and st o b d Market lj'l re I n'surance Co,. 37 ,W;a"!L 1 Teller 11 '7.N.orth ;:J ., I 'they _..the pf tl;re t;rade, aJ;ld I!Ssay once Wit _.,.rawn. uc' r pg, every o Yl a.nd aUI feel ...... umUBaa or saow oA.S.a. 1 Van SChalck B A 17 ,. 111 North "' t th 1 ., .._ 't h -"tb d Ill, clearly and pos1ttvely forbtdden and prohtl'nted. In g?od. They look at htm, aad say tO themLorenz,A.,13 NorthWilllam .J "' 1 _.,... tom.erpre e awomcon.ormty .erewu .goo Itt t t''tht Lf:' t .:1 ffi t selvesFmebabythat by hob....._ I l 1 'V etterlein &: Co., 1 V 1 -h-r 1..1.. 1 y\)ur, e er s a. e a manu ac o ne-cu a.o:y a regn liii young ALB v." 1 .-yoodwarj & C'/; 4o'f N, Water : Lor'!_ dlll!yer us YY rather, a 1 tobacco send out ten-pound palls or'buckfits tt br:.gum ; The more he bellers the more Greer .A. & &lnll. 822 ?Jroadway i Jil!fuuoruRIIBB, l:I11A.L11RS: :nc. t,rust tp the commo senrJ of the most 1torant of their customers who'sell out the tobacco destroy tile the peo{lle know tt, and 'the mere they knew it mor v & Co. 3 N Water 1 : d b t th ,., 1 t tb' f: they thmk about' it.'' 1 '' ,: 1 1 e I BALTII!IOBE B&tohelor, Bro s., sao & 3$'1 North. Tbl.rd. Com}IUSSlODerll-lgnox:ant 80 far as meal stamps, an t en re urq' yBl s 0 manu aoturera, Pratt. I Htre, Th.:& Son, 4,74 and 503 'of oar interest is concerned-than to -the J tOj p M e .. and that thnl process IS repeated, I o E sxoKUfo TOB, :C 1 h h d openmg a wtde door to frauds o n the revenue by the Tnm BuRNING OF Ma. McALPIN's F ACTORY ..,.....A Lll!'B: BBoyd,,\YF AL. I 1 Mehl, Henry, 2,910 Market. .... I of .these who,, t eones, an I of the same stamp 'and p1 ackage. of reply that FOR. A DOG .. -On the 15th,inst. Cororlor Keenan he' ld rauns, "" Uo: u.,.. a:r d h > 11 6fl h 1 Gieske, L & co., 42 South Charles. Steiner, Smith Broth;erli & :Knecht, 225 Race. being personally mtereste m t e co ect10n t e tax the ]a)V'has anticipated and l?ro ided fot:just this stat' a.? I? quest m the. case of LeOn Thistle, the lad who was Gun,her, L. W., to Lombard. ip. Districts, W9f11d the' official ut'ter of facts; an

, I l 2 T 0 J3.AC C O pEcEMBBR 17.-Messrs. U.'Loose Co., comml ,!!SlOp merchants and dealers in lea tobacco, report: 1 lea[ u nder. hght inspections, a11d small stock .. m hands, 18 held steady, though is very lirD:tted demand from shippers. For Obio there IS no Inquiry from shippers, and only a few hhds have taken by manufacturers, the market Is dull, with prices nommal. In VIrgmia. leaf there VI ere some small to manufacturers and exporters; good low grades are In demaDd from shipp e rs ; but sales are hmited on account of hght receipts There is notbmg te quote 1n Kentucky leaf beyond the sales of several small lots to ; no mqu1ry for export. InspectiOns th1s 191 hhds Maryland, 1 '1 hhds Ob1o 25 hhds Vir ginia, and 9 bhds Kentucky total, 24.2 hbds Export ed 43 bbds to London 306 hbds :Marvland 20 hhds. Vugmia, 10 hhds Kentucky, and 159 hbds' VIrginia. stems to Bremen. We repeat quotations as follows: .Marylana-frosted 5 to 6c; eound common, st to 7t; good common, '7! to 8t; medium, 9 to 10; good to fine brown 10 to 13. tancy, 15 to 35. Oh10-infimor to common 5 to 7 greemsb and brown, 7 to 9 ; medmm to gled to yellow, 15 to 25 Kentucky-common to good lugs, 8 to 9!; common to medium leaf, 10 to 12! i good to fine, 13 to 14; select leaf 15 to 25 Virginia-inferior and frosted lugs, '5 to 6 and shipptng, 12 to 14. TOBACCO 8TA.TEKBNT. Hhds.. Jan. 1, 1870, stock in warehouses and on ship board, not cleared ............ Inspected this week ............ .. 1 previous! :r. . ......... 5,718 1 242' 40,778. 46,73&




Kanllfaeturer of pb;' / 'No. 96 Beekman Street, ........ -NEW YORK. (. ( Jnj-=!f 0 B A eiJ 0 IREMELBERG l CO., 1 i 1 tl aD F. L. BRAUNS &: CO., BALTqiOU. Commiwon I Merchants. &nral b....W of Lleorlce Patc, di....,ll""J'Jf",.,_ tlcm, eonata.tly o n liand, and for sale, In bttDd et duty ? aid; In lot. '><>-ow pUn:hasero. 1 I 12-11' .. ;ISAAC !BEAD,' : ,(lin.__ to euuuo.., AIID DEALER,INJ LEAF, I llan'nfaotuied TobaooO, Licorfoe, Gum etc ., .I!EABL STHE'*' N v. ., .,... ... r ,. 'r -' II w. ALl! BA.SS (Late COKNO,LJ A OV., alld CON.!\IOLLY J. :BA.sst H l t '' E. & G. FRIEND & CO ''U J 1 I ., m Leaf.'Tobacco, I .IJi(' 129 :MA-LDEN, LANE, Gut. Jfan:Nn F .m'i"D, t EDw.&aoFnu i>

,109'118 OO'IOfillllOU !8! 'fm OBI CJ ,U.S:O'ITSB.H. --_ _.... __ iJOJil\1 ALLEN, tOBA J!O l44G & l44S FRANXLIN STREET, RIClmOND, VK. TERED FACTO:&Y<, Jio, J o'JJ, !)UO HUO Y3:8 J -.r 1-4 lb. :_Di'unis, .v.: ... .aaor. 1:. __ .,, ....... I oz. Bags, / I. .. J a l Leaf,. .. -SEYMOUR I COLT, Leaf. 'obacu LEAP TOBJ.OOO & BEGABS, 1 WATBB STBll:li:T, IIIIWYo ... l & SONS, IDd Cc+nn!issioo lie4. aDd 880 o' )!Gersc Pipds?f 1 .Cigr Ambet Moutb Pieces; Pipa snrer .b4 .n Obolce Aniclea In Smolttra' IUie, WlloleuJ. Mil Re*all -llla1e and Betail d Wareroom, 4 &:ld 6 -Tohn Store, 71 N ua&u, corner John Street, NEWYOEJE.t. L' B.eallleerschaum Pipe Bowls, f. ftt()NOGRAMS, CRESTS, PORTRAITS, ETC. JLKf A.IILD(Il, MOUNTING, etc., attended 1o. -* to &11 of. dlf ,;: ._," t e R. B-I b Bole Jluaticturer ot GJUIOplll XQR80HAUK .AJro ..umg ... Tnide .... t1111W..... 1\lauUIU ctUrer of Lorlli&'d s U..lebrated Yacht club Pipea given away with hil Yacht aull S mokJoll: Tobilooo r DANENBERG, 11 .. UOLSALE TOBACCONIST, IX1'11 AVB., Y. ,. LEAF TOBACCO, ... CliPAL DUO'!' .... B. BIIIIIOD'II 162 Pearl St. DNI' lfall IlL tntn..., .... Ct. k m .. .. ---, .._ REW YORL -DANIEL LYONS, Jr., u'UA.Jfi:A.LLEN c .. CHAS. F. TAC 4 SON, ., ..... alilt ........ Seed .:Leif a.nd HaV&.Da et.BPBIBB, "'-all kinds ot COVVISSIQN DRCHANT .. Tf?.BAOCO, I LEAF TOBACCO, r 'Whol.-!e NB. OLD SLlP, 172 WATER STRftT, w f(, Y. 184 Front Street, NEW' YQR.K CrrY. 8 &lx11lBireel, l'a NEW'YOBX.' G. REISMAN'N & co. ommtsstoa '"''at,, DOIESTIO andJmporteJa of SPANISH TOBACCOS, 1'1/J r...-Street, Nett! ........... 81 Welt Seeoa4 tMree&, om:;:::: 1: HIB.BGHORN & 00. ... ,.SEGARS, L l TOBACCO, ... -lr.A.'l& l'l'aU'J', Wal -. I N:rtr l ....w. ....... r Jew-Yort. O'r.J.'IO 1JLIER.. H B.IU YEB ....... fll B.l YB.l BIG.lU .. ....... Dl TUICW J ..... ....


\ THE L;EAF.' f ew:G PHIL.AD:ILPBIA ADVU.TIDDITS 'TH. Lt. ; J!:'l' l'!N. THBO. I. V.KTTRRLEIN. B. T V e"t:ter .tei .. -"' Co.., j TOBAicO, DOMESTIC o Jt.:. .'lt Al,\tr '.! Wlwlesale in Connecticut d: Havana L ... T .ob''aoo. SEGARS, 220 North Third Street, PHILUlELPHIA, PHILADELPHIA. -... B. Griiui. BIIOBY 'Ill& RCR. STREET, Md. L. BAMBERGER I CO., HISS, -L E 0 a A 0 0 0 to B, ANTBLO .. Co.) L .. andll., 'TI 0 B C C 0 BEG .us, .. 1 r M J. lo. 3 North Water Stieer; 'lilliiCll PIIILADKLPB:'I., P&. fQ N. F..Ot, P,.IIL.t. ELPHI.t.. -o_TELL BROTHERS, TELLER, .AlfATHAN & 00.,) W1w!esa!e Dealers in JAMES RUSSELL & 00., l Merchants. DUiol& CONN. SEED .. L ADitt laported a1d Dtaestle C:Jpn, t54 STATE and 282 IIAII'f ST., .; VOl'fl'lf. J. D. BURNHAM & CO., Vuur.ctal'8ft and .Jobbera ill 77 & 79 Asylum St., HARTFIIRD, OON! B. a Z. K. PEASE, -Con.Q ecticut Seed-l f WM. WESTPHAL,. COIDUSSION :MERCHANT, And Dealer ill A. L. & F. 81880N, Connecticut Seed TOBACCO, 134. -street, HARTFORD, CONN. ) 126-lllll. ... '"' WOODRUFF, .. Connectlcul SUJd..Letlf TOB-4 0, 18 MARKET STREET, JUBTnBD, oon. 8. 8ELLINC & SON, l'acUra lllc1 :n.Jon bl S .d[EAF TOBACCOJ .QsS _S-ta:te HARTFORD, -CONN. .... ,.,..,o, 1\To. 217 State HABTifOBD, CT. EAST HARTFORD. CONNECTICUT G. W. UD DULI:R Illl F.l.rut C cut Seed-Leaf t o a"'a c c o t Danbury ectlcut. ............ LOUISVILLE, KY., U. S. Bonde o.WArdJOuse No. t, GEO. W. WICKS & CO., Manutaduren' Aj(enll for Sale of Virginia, Missouri, and Kentuelllf TOBACCO, Alt!o Deal.,.. ill LOJif 111dl I 02 MAIN STREET, [Bet101-Btl Oft4 4th, ] } Louimlle, KentuckJ. AKUFA sli Tobacco, BlUFF MD CICAB8t l01. 63 & &I Bud Btnle\ & 81 Blnh at.t. PrrrsBUBGH. P.A. nvJ: BB.OTliEJLS TOBACCO WORD _......., ---.--. --. ---.JOBll FllfZER l BROS., ... -P .. 18 ....... ....,.... ...


UQII'(Wl:&pi. B. r r..toa'lENSTEIN nos. a.. oo., < I MAIUFACTUIEII DfrCIUII,. r Aim DJU.LaJIII m kinds of ltaRUfaotured :J.fU. MaU'len Lane, Net.D York. 7 JIANUPAQTURRD lilt. 1,424 722 679 22,356 .i7,23l 51,94.8 260,933 ::. Exports of Tobacco from all Ports of the United States. I -BOGSJmADS, ETC. CASES A.. "ill BALES. PACKAGES AND BODS. XANUl'ACTIJRJm !btl.


I 1 Composed ot l'aoMAS HovT and JoHN F. Fuoo, I !io. 404 PEARL iNEW YORK., iianufacturers '"Cffall kinds ol 1JNE-CU T CHEW ING AND ,.SM0KING TOBACCO KANUFACT'URE:B.S. Anhur Gillender & Co., : LA.t.coRICE P ft) 8 I ._ ..s oo. 1 -V!f A,LLIS & CO. EXTRA. u S91.!11'1ePI'Iewr ot &he Ce lcbra&ed .Branda ot Ollewtnc Toba coo, 1 "HERO" and "UNION/' 1174 E4ghth Avenue. / TOBACCO L E .A F LIQUORLCE-HENRY m:. :m:omiis, Nos. 99 Pearl and 62 Stone 8&ree*' NEW YOBB, IMPORTER t 1,1 or ADVE:B.TISEDNTS. MISCELLANEOUS. FACTORY F. w. Co., 180 Borth st., :Baltimore, MeL, C 0 r n .. .. : ., ----), .. .. BtrMt, NIJUJ' Y.or.k, .., BrtMd Go .. "17 :E .Jill ....... .... I .. '= "' liO., L -ABELS Ne*' 'J;>atented Articles 3"ust Received. ') ( For Tobacco 'lind Clgara. ,., .. + .. A large 11111011Jpent c:GIIala.ntl7 Oil band AJl!1 to 'r.ABLE .PITH :PIPE I STEM:, order. llll & 14 anh '\VU!lam Btree\.llew from tll e Corn absorb'jnt---lhe best Stem ever offered I ,{I SMOKER'S OOJ.YIPAl\TION, A and oompi.ct pocket pi!'ce, containiljg Cleaner, and Bolder. BRIAR PIPES with RUBBER BITS, OSCAR PROL88 A CO., SEGAR RlBBONS, :liJ 'wh:tte, treet, -" An article long needed-for perfection it has not its equal. These' articles are' highly commended for Smokers. 117M. DBMUTB a 00., and pealers in Smokers' Articles. lDIWYOBX; r:ro ..o:l03 D .\l.?ADWA.Y, NEW "110BK, 1 '" j/ SbLE AGENTS. t (