The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. \ / I --- ') 1 Ti!!:Iltr. oa r t ,::: 1 ) I rJ ,!'1 j 1'1 Jt 1 f J t ,. I uJ H;.Ip 11"[0 lll'>'{ '1 iT--IJ,x 'ptEtB 011 A.DL lrnfDtl OYI< 1 J 1 1) I I irl 0 I :d;"IIJ(( 91f J d i01 I ill 1 l'l I 1 >I J'l ll '( < IBr 3 '1 l/[ J 1.,il 7 r .jz > rr I IL c. on ;.u 1. 1'11 1 I II I A I u J:oBA.t:co. F A.i'J'roi}IU R:anA,s.m>. arQ whiQh were eeizef). b:y' j)ity a ;few daya ago hav:e of them ate now )If f' )JI' I "J J :fl ,j ; J1 of 1i 1':1,-(U b 11 It/ I> Rli:vjBNUJ; LAWS lGNO,JUNUK The AlpaDlf (N. :-) of *t he.a fl)l rowing : "an inricate 'Q&&e 0 &Q4)ged violation of the revenue o be! e U S. Commis sioner. 'A. J .ParJc,er, Jr.; at offi.cs 'fhe charges are five in mp't ber facts in the are as follows : Geo c.,gsterhout forme tl;r ke_pt a St9re at 3 2'l South Peart of cigars saie of out 1disp?sed of thp stqc,k &f!d1 pf the to Damef ,E. God frey, of 145 1LJlmber 1street, for the sum of soq, receiving ii( and a chattel mo.ttgage on the having until pext May; to r n, as security for tlie remaining $300 :Stipqlation agreed on between was, that Osterhout, .should remain connected the' concern for a time r and give God f e1, the' benefit of, his experit>nce by in ,u t'he details appert:Hning to tlie manufacture and sale af cigars and tobacco, as well as r thoroughly post ,Aim in regard to ,all the laws and regulations After the bauk had cloeed, last Saturda y Osterhout, 8s is ; alleged. a demand on Godfrey remaining .300, to fore-cloee the if it was not acce):led to qodfrey could not al)d was arrested on a charge of having violated Rev.epue Laws, in opening atamJMr


BOOn u the Secretary of the abe arrangements for furnishing ToE CINCINNATI TRADB.Ciocinnati tobacco market ill carefully compiled and o ral .._ __, TuB WAR AND ToBACCo.-We call attention to an e on t s dect elsetl'bere frollf a member of the ) radQl t. i thoaJbtfnHy written at:d claim tb.lllelfectlhl oonllideration of the. 'IA.JauBTtls doing businet111 as a cigar dealer at fl. Water street, wu on the 9th in st., brought up before W 'D!II'tl'tl!t Attorn on a oft'eritrg r e rs m oxes without the same aving toe l sta.mps &fii .He was held 1o in sooo. 20,938 21;640 6,470 2!,500 I5rl8l, 8,a54! 0Hl0 ''


Though the sea God's sway HiS ed .-..y, The spell doth still remain; And the pipe s sweet breath t Ho1-a!il '101 '7,90 1 '7,50 7,50 Good nurg eaf. .15,25 16,50 16,60 \ 18,00 18,25 .t... 18160 18,40 8, 7,7,) 18, '75-.. or lJl} as a.nythmg revenue, and system of- .in. some I \


Virgini& 'J'obacco J!moA:BLISHBD IN 1886, BY QHhLMlf. (JonOLLY.' f{ l. v :J -:1 &mmlsslon ")( I ..r to, DO lllb'an -II.W YORK. w Y. -otr..--pij. VIRGINIA Tebaooo Commission Kerehantl. ..... e r.e 110 ... ijJ1l(t "l"'(l ... i ...


RUITS 'fiAS:.I-0: 3:8 ,aauoda1 1-ta o:nomrn:oO I8I naa eCI lib., USIAH '-aeUJJtr.tap nl efr. 1 bas<' oIICfoT lll:l a.ltrawqu bnllJ,rnn"l eno .aJIO'>:ITHA 3' TRA I .:I ) VltlO:l 2 oz! s, .. PALMER. SCOVIL!, 'POBACCG, No.' :1'1-() Wate'r NtrW York;. L. PALMER !A, H. SCOVILLE, Seed-leafWra.pperofour own paOktqg F. ALLEN, MANUFACTURER, 1446 i-ius rn:a S'l'BD'l', VA. :REGISTERED .FACTORY No. U. Matchless, Bud and Blossom, Right Bow.erj .\, Im:peFial .Old Plantation, manufactured-to ,Bran W &t'A.eP-.. Street. IOidf'B 1V. )IUR'1'1N, PJUWWCK B. JOll;II80N. _cl\ OD tJae J'artic:ipatioD J'laDo 1Rire _Insurance 37 n nw ern. .IJt: 1 1 1 I l:t'AL 200,000.00 I(URPL1nt t4 888.1 e .. <&ber c-.,..s-, ..,..aau, .. IIICIII!!!tJIIf..ellll!!! red Ill ltal'ol 1-..Dtlt. x OLD SLlP, N.Jil'W" YORK OJTY,


"V .J.J .n. v v v BALTTVORB ADVEBTJS:B.EliTS T.up --.n tKOlay l a&; ndllCeli prloel :zr. :U BOU'EH FBON'r ll'EBEE'r, ClliCDilUTI, ST. LOUIS, AlfD WESTERJJ ADVE:B.TISEJIElirS. 1 18 Front St., J P GLOid w H. GLOIUI. c o Gr.-, 1. A. P. GLtRE a. lUI., Man ut.cturero o f Beot G rwleo of l?LUG AND FINE CUT o .............. ........... ww.... ....... TODAOOO aDd IJEGA:a&, 108 North Beoond Btreel. .... -... .. x-... WM. 8; IUM8 & oo., I nO ..... ., .. w ...... & Plain TOBAO 8. r .. ,. IOIACCO a speolaUJ. Be b y. ... ... ua. HAA B DUI.Ut .. CONN. SEEDLEAF TOBACCO, Imported and Domestle tJgan, 154 STATE a n cf 282 MAI N ST., HARTFORD, CONWe WM. WESTPHAL, COJDIISSION liERCHAlfT, A.lld Dealer Ill BeotCOIUiectlCiltTob.cco Seed tor ODe _...t lllld upwalda. D K. SEYIIOUR. A. L I N, Paeken Dealen Ia Connecticut Seed Leaf' '1'9BACCO, I 134 Ma'in Street,, HARTFORD, CONN. lllt-188. JbSE'PH'!. WOODRUFF. LaB Df Cotanectkut Se<-Lllf TOBAOOO, 18 MARKET STREET, ;IUBTl'OBD, COO. <' a. 8ELLINO & SON, '* .... M4 Dealtn Ia<' SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 1Vo.Bl7StateSt., HABTFOBD, CT. EAST HARTFORD. CONNECTICUT ING ___J=:-..=... m u S. Bonded Tobacco GEO. W. WICKS&: CO., ll:anllfactarwl' Apata lbr Bal.:ror Virginia, MU.ouri, ancl .Ken,._, TOBACCO, A!lo Dealen lu Leaf Tob1Mo awdl Clpn. 102 MAIN STREET, 1M ...... 4th,] CEO. 'Y WJ CK8.L L f'll K t ckr uRP.Y. r ou1s 1 e, en u BBEB'B &. co., IAIIUFACTUIEU DW.UIII Ma nu!advel'!lotltveryVarletyof l T b O 0 O, PLU1J TO B I 811UW A1D CtCA88, And Dealers I n 'LeaC'. 1-.eaUJiallllltzeda181z6._ .... -...-. ... -. --.I _,...__ liiiZII l 1101.; PLUG TOB ............. .. ......


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