The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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Du: HARD -The offical11-in (th; to-be-oon10lidat.ed Revenue Diatrictl! 1 Ln THE GooD W OBK Go ON.The reiuotion in the Dumber of assistant of the coaaoli clatien <>f internal revenue di to-\hie date{ ia or nearly 24 per cent. of the 'hole in the aerv ice OctQber 1, 18'70 Thill reduction wilhlifect ing to the government of some .2,500 _per diem, or over tl()o,ooo. per ,imum ItJ eetmatecl' that the futurl rechction of quite 200,000 assistant aasiisors will be before the work of-coneolidatio11 is completed ---TOBI.CCO 7"NECESI!Jil'Y -Docton may decry tobacco, but if the war m Europe baa proved anytbmg it bas roved that tobacco 11 the comfort of comforts to the 10 Jer, and a consolation when there is naughi else to console The Tobacco Trade says "One of the most btts of news spread the other day was that the tobacco was runnmg short. There certainly was some difficulty for a day or two, but I believe 1t was merely local. The ;poor Nat1onal Gqards were 'aghast The French sold1er will put up w1th great de privations; be w1lllive on coartJe bread-rubbed with a cloTe of j!:arho for an extra treat; he must, 1f poBSible, have his cannon, his p e tit '!1erre, and his pettt of black coffee, but, abo ve all, next to breaa, the tobacco ia the essential The da:f that there 111 no more \obac co Parts 18 lost!" Pa:seBJCRY AG..UN ON, 1lBE $:..AR PATH -Again w e have an offimal Rtatement of what Superv1sor Presbery's subordmates have accomphshed in V1rgm1a Th1s 1s all very well, and we are glad to have the statst1cs but why confi,ne the pracL1ce to Vugnna.? Let us hear from the other tobacco States as well In Vugm1a from the weed, the total revenue m the fiscal year of 1866 was 8226,938 55, for 1867, *274,692 94, 1868, *'13,912 85;..for eightmonths-nfthe fiscal "Year of 1869, endmg March lst, 8 558,579 42; makmg a total collec tion to the latter date, a penod o forty four months, of:$1,4'73,823 '76 The collections for SIX months of the "P!esent year, ending Dec.31, amounted to 82,153,512 02, .679 688 26 more than was collected m forty four mqntlls pnor to March 1, 1869 The total collections filom tobacco s1nce the incoming of the prese11t Admin illtration being twenty two months, amounted to t'1,220,666 8'7, exceedmg the amount collected prior to 1, 1869, by .5,738 ,871 06, a gain of nearly 1,000 per cent; m additiOn to the amount collected m cthe1St'ate The shipments of manufactured tobacco, m liOnd for eJql..,rt and for bonded "arehooses for six: ;montha pnor to Dec. 31, 18'70, amounted to 12.6 E H,092 Jic?nnds, and the m bond for twenty two months, emce March 1, 1869, amounted to 36,861,920 pounds A large part of th1s, Withdrawn for consump 1ion in N ortnern or other mties, bas increased the rev ettue in the looaht1es in which the taxes were paid to an amount sufficient to make an aggregate revenue to the 'I'reasury from tobacco mamufactured m Virgmia, smce ,llaTch 1, 1869, of fully *13,000 ,000 The past season -there were m operat10n 1 '78 usmg 98 by draolic presses, 1, '7'72 screw presses, 83 cutting machines and 34 hand mtlls. The aggregate sum of the 'Bonds by the manufacturers was 82,833,000 CoNSOLIDATION OF RttvENUB DzsTBicTs.-How NEw YoRK IS AFFECTED.-A W ashmgton dei!J>atch of the )4th says The long-talked-of consohdat10n of in ,ter.11al ;revenue districts in New York city IS at last ef by orders 1ssued yesterday by the President 9en. Pleasonton, the new Commissioner, has been at WOrlt on this businABB ever since he took his seat, and has consulted not only the records of his office, but members of Coagress and promment mtutens from all parts of the country, to enable him to do th1s work for the best interests of the senice. The ordert1 Issued affect New York City, Philadelphia, and eirleinati, and are the firtlt of a consolidation of or dorB. The following is the result in York and the GftioerB des1gnated for the diatrl._,ts The Firat, Seo_,nd, Third Districts are to Deoome the F1rst Distnct, James Freedland, Collector, and James Jourdan, As t ; the Fourth and Sixth Districts become the Sec C)nd District, W. H. Treadwell, Collector, Max Weber, Assessor; the F1fth and Seventh becoJDe the Third District, John :McHarg, Collector, Moris Fried eham, .Asse810r ; CoL C. P. Goster ia transferred as Col lector to the Etghth Dstrict, where A. Ford is Asses 10r, W. A Darling, Collector, and A. P. Ketchum, As eeuor, retam the N mth and Actmg Collector >Hillard Bullard Is DOJDJnated for Collector of the Thirty second District, where Spencer Kirby ia Asaeu >r. In Pennsylvania the Fuat and Third Distncts .to hel'eafte:r known and designated as the F1rst DJatnct, jthe Second and Fourth District to be hereafter known and designated as the Second Collection D1strict. In OJa o, the First and as now constituted to be hereafter known and des1goated as the F1rst D&B\rict (In PenUBylvana the folloWlDg officers are re tamed First D&Btnct as OOUBolldated, J. B. KeiJney as 1 Collecto{, and W m B Ellcott as All88uor. Second J;>istrict as COilliolidated, HoratlO G Syckel, Collector, !lDd Cbas Barrett Assessor. The Ohio First Conaoh dated I>1striet u r officered br, R B. Pullon, Collector, and Lew1s W e1tzel All8888or. In makmg the selec tions for New York the CommiSSioner and the Presi '41ent. have been governed by the records of the officers alid bv the recommendati()nll filed in their They are aN. experi'enoed revenue officerB, whose honestj and integrity cannot be impeached, and whose serv1ces in behalf of the party al"e weU known Col Bullard is the only new appointment among them all, and he is reeom mended tO fill the vacancy in the Thirtv-second D1stnct occaswned by the promotion of Gen Pleasonton Col Ballard was a deputy Pleasonton for two years aJ)d h1s and courtesy as an officer gamed hjn:l recognition tpe .Department apd an excellent ream 'crng, tu-pa.yers. He is well known as an ()*cer of .t.he Rid Third Corps, and as an actlV e worker aYJ:IC!An' popular apeaker' m the last pohti- l I"" ) A}} b ffi D I ea1 camp181g,J?S e t ese o cera, except ar mg, chum, and K1rby, Jlave yet to be confirmed by the 1n : ate. The ,ne'Vr of thlnt. is to go into .effect on t e 1st of February. n ,, 1 u t. ---, HoNOR TO TBil: MEMORY O:i' llo' w HEALD -ACTION BY iJBE r 'ERADE1 IN N BW Y QRK,, 1 AND We r have not1ced the death of thi11 well-known ,of the trade elsewhere In tljis resolutiOUB of condolence were passed by the ':('q,l'cco Bqa,rd of Trade at itll meetmg last week, and t4e f!!Qrests of the trade we repre8ent The of a family prominently and w1th the tobacco trade of countiJ, for ma.dy f yeara, he inherited the tallte and oapab! i jtiee wbicl in successful effo,.\' fa gent\e, kindly di11p011ition, -a "Bingle devotiOn to business, oono'rableimd all h!l dealmgs, noble hearted and generous in an eminent degree; he among us a an i erely loVea a nil eet 3emed for mlioy good quah1 iaa of head aad h1 art, and the thought that we shall never again meet with him m the busy "1\'alks of life, fills us w1th deep aorrow. We bow-, to know that we are permitted to call to mind the many pleasant hours of his companionship, an ann Manufacturers. Receipt and exporta nate much sooner wh1ch l8 the adva'?tage gam at, a. an for some ears in the commencement of that sueahke amaH, a few new lugs have beeJt.take!l u samples cost of mere fuel and _labor (if there Js any advantage Wul Ho wu for. aome tune .Pre8ldeW. of at 6 to 'Tc and a few new wrappers OJl prtvate erma... tall) ovel"" fall Every"Jllanter Jrnow he he Atla rand Mtssissi i Steamship Company. He 'The new leaf so far bas too. httle body for of selectmg spots of oll and earned succeasful operation the wrappers The fOllowgg Ill a companson of the sales s1drng or b1gh groand, to avo1d overfiows lD tile sfmng furn:ces belon in to the "LeWIS Iron Company;' now of hhds for each we"k dunng year Well pnlvenze acat.tered fi 11 bl t Carondelet ds no of our Clt'V, pro lit; week. 2d'week 3d week 4tn week 5th weelt. tot& over the bed, 111 a matenal advantag:e, prov1ded 1t does er80(; tons of pg iron per day Of tbts Com Jan 672 '792 ... ,t 1,35' Dl)t cohta;n IDterfere the pany fe :as 'elected and contmues to be the Pres1dent Virginia Leqf.-There IS but httle change to note growt o t e to a 00 Pan... w pure see ome And to crown his honors he was, on the 1st January, in the market, although a few transactions in common planters rase two or three kmds .01 tobacco 10 the 1870 elected b a large majority, President of the to good leafbave taken place. But little1s coming mr. me fie.ld, by mu: mg seed. Thu U nio'n Merchanl Exchange of St. Louis Under a very the softer weather not having yet continued lon''I 10 odnr be Itlle 0 qutet exterior M.r. Louis carries great energy, systetn enough to permit the bringing to market any quantity. pro uce a elt er ': sze or kll!' ;{1 80d and 'which have enabled him to perform h1s At Richmond, pr10es haye, if anything, advanced tor as 1t ts p e rs1ste lD. t an one 10 18 esJr many vaned' and extensive operations with apparent wrappers, owing to the contmued scarcity. If, ho,_ able, It should be separate. ease Few men of hislyears are more wtdely known and ever, the manufacturers were not over anxious to buy none more fa.Torably, tor all the qualities wh1ch th.ere would be no advance, but aa they seem gmsh the honorable, mtelhgent merchant, the liberal mmed to commence work very early .m the it is Citizen a.nd the courteous gentleman. For more than hkel y that the1r demands Will keep pnces firm until leaf twenty years he bas been a res1dent of tb1s city, and agam becomes plenty SaTe in a few exceptional cum durmg that t1me has scarcely lost a day from the cares 'there seems to be no good reason why manufacturel'8 and duties of business Yet m the mtdst of mcessant should buy thus early m the season. Certain Jt is that; mdnstry be bad always t1me to listen to new projects the demand for manufactured tob,cco at th1s time does for the development of the nat1ve wealth of the State, not warrant It, and the manufacturers would probably or the 1mprovement of society 'through mstitut10ns of r11ahze more m the end by lying st1ff for a month, than rei1g10n educat10n and chartty To these he IB a by :floodmg the ma.rketJwith cheap work of an unreli cheerfui and liberal giver. Mr Lew1a is st1ll10 the able character As many of the manufacturers do pnme of life as active and energetic m transactmg not seem dtsposed to act thus wtsely, we presume that busmess as be was twenty years ago He Will in all pnces for leaf Will remam stiff for several weeks to prob a b 1htv-certamly 1f the w18hes of his numerous com e Our local manufl'cturers have been holdmg off Jnends to enter upon the next century recently, and the necessity of the1r stocking up, when and see St. Lou1s grown m population, manufactures r e ceipts heav1er will donbtless cause consider and w ealth of all kmds to a rank aecoud only to that of able a.ctvty at a not d 1tant date. A PHILA.DELPHrAN ON THE Toutco T.u:..:.The fol lowmg communicatiOn wh1ch' or1gmally appeared 1n a Phladelph1a cotemporary IS from the pen of a nent Repubhcan and member of the Union League Club It showR that the trade m all parts of the country urespectiTe of party, 1s commencmg to rebel agamst the oppression whch the tobacco tax and the consequent restnct1ons upon the traffic m the weed mvolves Need we say that we cons1der this an encoura.gmg s1gn of the times ? "In an edttor1al published m the North ,Ameri ca n on the 19th nit, the wnter shows the result the pers1stent efforts of the government in collectmg the exmse tax upon4tobacco, and the large amount of revenue derhed therefrom But he fails to show that the large tax: of thuty two cents per pound IS just to wards that f Deputy Collectof'W. A the trade, has been the cause .of the slightest lou to) zens, devolved the care and suppof1; of the httle famliy of the Fifth Collection District, in this citJ) tlie !Below we print v1ews o(a cor-1 He was but eighteen ot age, but wtth the w.1sdom created throughout the whole commumty consJderabl l respondent who thinks so well ofthe bonded warehouse and ot veLeran he br1ougbt thela1Jlllyr t o1what sensation owmg to the f11ct tJJat he had been system that he .. would have 1t extended .to cover the was then the far West"..::.Missour1, then and now r a w1th embezzled or stofen the large sum of $:10f of Cavendi#I Whije we may lana of p r omiae" 'to the llotneless and the Jloor .I They 000 or thet;eabd uts, the prope"y of the Unitea1 all his 'viewJI, we Ilia oommumcation"lu_t r!ettleli m Howard county ahd1 engaged in gov'ernment It appears that the" alleged fraud Wf ShQwing way the of the trade w thei r former oocnpatiou. r Soon a.fterw.ards, ,Mt>, rB. tN 1 in t is 1 J)lanner: Phillips had charge1 oflti tendng P 1 11 Lewi.s pPmmenced the tobaqcp of tob a cco stamp bul'eao In the collection dtatnet To THE EDJf w, change there would 'be no necess1ty for such a stamp), o6 w.bioh were largel;r shared by &be public He per some from the well known character of the ace would be saved to the manufacturer on every ene ceived earlier than many othere the Inaidioo8 and ra'pid some from the reported of the po on hondre4 packages not less than twent_r doll_al'il, aadJ I\ '!'fay of the of State, the he hi aociety, 1lmd, many fro1 he the of leaf sold for "purJ operations of the-Eastern L1fe Insurance and frequan9'f wh1ch the governiiUjnll niB< me y boael, qther requuements o( the' present law, 0 k':Umptly used biB best eiforts 1>t2 remedy: evil plund(lred aqcl few p198toqtjons tbere are for CU woufa also l)e a olisbed. I could say m;u'cb. more, "b.IJ.$4l y 1ears aince,r wheu our '1 8tt J :Milthal" W'as lati.on and diahoneat:y in public u; "' mt.elligeuf toiadlrwill Ddentaild.&lial;


,, ':F "'---L E A: IT'OBACC --. .. Ho a T01'! MEMBER oF THB Nl:wARX: Ttu.DE -"" l ..... P!&vld Camplkll, of the well known firm of Campbell, Lane & C ., haa been cliosen President & f-th 'Newark 1\0JI'd of Trade. -


'" d I ; ; 1 I, oJ l r 1 J ... 'u T .L 'JJ I : .. j, } 1 j J lf I (, I .. .., u< 1 e ., 1 ( "' t. J 11 : 11 I r 11 ; t e.:J (lj 1 "c. il j,l 1 :t .) J 1 ( 1 -.i'.(?.<.c: I'', ('II '( j J I 9Jl l if!' 'I ,,fJ:J ... JJJ ,{! '"frl v i 01.()'' I Ja.,! dJtfI LUl,!l J a ing.c a


I ':Fbi. -. 3. OBQOBB, lt.A:lmrACTURJ:R O:r '[A-.I-cr:r::a:g TUOITO::Z:tfPIOO tea.uo.denn do T 1 lti?'l ..... ..... 'iL SIAH I .ui o lJPJ 1 0 l l lfl').?. r-.,r.tru'r Jmc h .lP'"l !.1 u Jtl r I .A .) l:4 lb. Drums, -L 4 ... o :v.r ... :o...-, I lo. Bags, .o afiO'ITHAH TBAa-lhliS, J:.:tr o:> lib. I (I r Gl ;.&. I


J .D. .&. V .&N' IFQII.&ICK, .n .. Wholesale'Dealer in Ha'IJana l' .-.. ) .. 1 Le .. a--f -Tobacco AGEB'T FOR. LORTTJ.ARD'B BlfUl'F Aim TOBAOOO, H. WIL-K-zl.\TS a 00., City Toba.oOO Works, lo,; t81 WEST PRlTT STREET, BlLTI.ORI, .D. .,_<4J ....... eL L]jAJf. = iS Brashears, Brown & Titus, .. ..-' Wholeoale De&lcn and -' a. llenlluti Ill Sm.oldu and ,OhewiD& Tobccoa, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW RK. MAIIt!!fACTURI!:D _TOBACCOS, 161, 168, 61.166 l'&rl Stret, (OOBNEB. OP BLX 'i!Tum,) i -t -\ Krohn, & Co., ll'o11. 32 & 34 Kain Bt., Ohio. StaiDelL', Smith a Kuaclit; Q. & LO.UIS STRASSER, 8e d b D!!trpa Dr .w. : mme '1 0 I G-AB. S r -ro.-t.COO 'Manufacturer CIGARS. gar.' s an .. To acco. 17p a. 19 North ater Philadelphia. -r "'r:"11 A -r.n1 ..... 0 A. 1/1"""4 111"""4.,....... AndJobberoin A AND ...... Leaf and Manufactured Tob8.cco'1 c 0 m h And dealer In Leaf, Plug, and Smoking Tobacco, bd Mtmu/actsf'llf'll ,, a.rtd Dealer '" CI{JGI'II. No. South calvert ommlSSlOD ero ants. BALTIMORE MD SMOKERS' ARTICLES AIID IMPORTED HA'!AIIA CIGARS, RACE 8 _TREET, PHILA_ DELPHI,A. -78 SOUTH ClURLES STREET, -. .Importers of Slilolters' No. 53 WEST' FdURTH ST., CigarB. Sp ec ial Brtnda mannftlctured to order. B.d.LTIIOBZ, .D 287, !" .ALNVT sx: ; ?"'ci,.,...ti, OMo, WELSH & SONS, & &Olifllll& 1 .uoeii.W.I.T, -.. CINCINNATI. o. "s. soNs," LEQDIUN;c;;A,(;00 -.r.o,-.), 1.w..r1., ...... HAYANA .. .. .. roBACCO, SEGA:a.e Alul Lea!., Tobacco, l .t illl h s. LOWENTHAL .... ta-,1 n atta, FINE .. scARs 229 South Front Strret, Philadelphia. ._ ... .._ ,_ w. Mtllllla --.., ....._ Nee. US nd 117 Weal Froat-atreet, WlloliAie DMJ.. 1111 q.USTAV GlJ.TH, F. -L. BRAUNS & oo !!!!!..-Baeun't.T&:m, KentOn Tobacco Warehouse. llo. 47 Borth Water Street,ud llo. 48 lforth Delaware Avenue, CIINrU BALTIMORa,IIDt Dl....,. hnponero of lhe brancll FJ.;D, o CAlEY '1t'.l1lll ,. IVIo -"-"'TODa and B.ftl: F (l Lleortce Pate. Y o r oale in loto 11 .,.... .,._,JJUI.Da .. Connecticut Seed-[eaf 'OB.&GG01 16 KABKET STBE.ETf -HARTFORD, CONN. WM. WESTPHAL, COMMISSION ItiERCHANT, An4 Dealer In COINECTICUT SEED LUI T.obaooo, 228 State St., Hartford, Conn. COllliECTIC]JT SEED-LEAJ' Tobacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 Commerce HAB.TFOB.D, COD. Beat Connecticut Tobacco Seed tor oale In qaaaUU. et D. II. SEYMOUR. A. L. A F. SIStfON, Packen anol Dealer In Connecticut Seed TOBACCO, 13 Main Street, HARTFORD, CONN. 1126 l SS. 288 State S-tree-t. HAB'J!FOBD, :. r "CONN. -QDWOR:nt, Dellor1R TOBACCO, N' o. 217 State St., GEO. W. WICKS & ldanuractarera' Agents to r Sa l e O!f Virginia. Missou.Ti, and Kentucltf TOBACCO, Aloo Dealen In Leaf 1ili1ldl 102 MAIN STREET, I[Betw-Sd anli 4th, ] GEO,W,WlCKS.t L "II K t k N.FunP.Y. r e, en uc J & co., IAIUFACTUIEIS A DEALEU II Tobp,ooo, 8SUFF AID ClCAB8t 1-.&8665 BlmlBtnd&Slmu. .... :1". R. ... YOUNG. _1. D YOUNG. .rm DOTHElUI TOBACCO WOB.D _:_ R. A. _YOUNC /It BRO., SOLE ACI:IIT FOR I roLBDo. pHzo_ ;; No. 2r CAMDEN 1 STREET, ;Dqof, tfJ'r' l#Toi'A llY..4t61' St., M,d. IIIL&'D'&UZIJA. .ummnr DL"'i".,._, 11!...!1\AAO r r,'!!'r) '01!1 "" llll.,. --[Box 432.] :NO. 4 (IRoN r:a'oNT BUILDING,) P L U G T 0 B A 0 0 0 S'!)camore Street, .. ll'ftdle ................ I F10RWARDINC= ., .... ) ....... .. BREMEN, Germany. )


., lll MERCHIITS tuted irt place of the hoe, and the grass growing near the lie around the incense,: head,, and f:hus A Goon 8uGGKS'l'ION.-Tbe New York 1tmu make'i -. LQUISVILL LfAf TOBirCO AND CQ(IJMISStp.n p1ant is pulled out the hand. the 1ahale the vapor: A tr1be of Indtans mhab1ted the following exctJl!ent suggestion: 'We are not snr-. fti(JOri ................... pliutl becoming too large to adm1t of horsea betw!len whose chtefs. ana great m-:_n had servants blow pril8d. W hear that tbe con3oJidation the internal fJ: OLA.IUt ...... .... c. LONG ... .. llDcloblp ,:r rows, tbe hoe' l are resumllil until the work is Th(l tobacco smoke ]n thetr faces, m tbe luXU1')' in revenue fieroe oppoaitioa from tb .. .. the "blo810ln '! ap,;e&ri, afu1r a. few or no other way. Hawaiians. babttllll.lly swalloiY t!t& ?ftioers be and from llleJDben of owu Xc._ .............. .,. .. .......................... plants are selecte. LOUIS J'RANCKB00 ....... ... ... From tbis time un'tll 'the crop is safely holl5ed, I tis a soruce ebr1a1ton.. Th11 JS an economical m9de; for a smgle pipe, reaaoo for abandonmw ven postpooiDg the reform. ... ::-."Loalt.obacco ooloD Wll. G. JIBJBR& .................. p Qi.qr. He is.,fe&rful of .it i!l. by .bein g passed !"rom mouth I ba' it may valid artumeot for 10 ameudiDg RK C ., 1 -"'f "-.Qt. ofwornis. ---'-hi...,:worat 11nem-...then \he suckt;J):!I mo1,1th m fJUICk success JOn, w!ll serve to gratify a numb,-of 1 the as to make the ----...lua:on oom r. 9U.ft81!: UT--.I!.IJ'JIECTIVIII. ,..d!..u"'l ..,...--;ro I ( 1 Th N >1.-,A..,! I d' ba -.:1 tJ:i. kill l .A ".....uu as fait ""'"'v -,;n ld soon destroy t e tney al'e ma e, an t ey ave a so ess e 1cacy an won re nee t e cost ot.J.h11-servJee .a.t ...... a Ju.J.r tt"eJOIDe ..w1e gen emell--'o!' se o "' I f d '"h '--" f b -.... f h .t.. d l mli 'L L'> 1.0 t "- 11 r d th crop Turkeys call I to ,rud the ne"'roes 10 the ex-o es1gn. .L e tuu= o t ese pipes w,.e o ouow wGo e IDtel'llat reveuu organization no"W grea .lv excee:t-. sDir, wto. e se rs,h relp te,._ de terrdination and heir i,nau t.rv and pArsev;rance are quite from twE)nty inches to three feet in an the of Goverrrnr ..... t llle ... oc r a Jt e 8 arpy--u.n ;;.1 I ...! d 'h"""'d d h 1 f"'d d 1:-:.t -._a_).ll._ --;z' h b d 't animating Tiley ,eat thousands, but seem to enJOY the fuHy ornll.ITiente wtt """" s an t e p umage o ou-s, a conso would enect to e because .:. r:z 1., 1{ '/t f of killing-, fo1 the 11-If.DSement '.ttlone. Upon the surpa3sml in beauty and pictu resqne effec t all modern jipes Q.fficeholders are averse to their o ri'hlm o al, l o because a ow t tn 3 appearance of the-'' second !hit, the-plant is too high to except of the East From of unwilling to surrender a Bingle alice of W --h .. a. allow the eMJny: to cornu within reach of even the tallest ihese rehcs It IS tnferable that, among the mound build patronage. v HEbRE nldexcc ;">' rrobblers the labor 'therefore devolves upon "the g ng," ers" as among all the tribes of North America, tobacco was serts t at an o a 1 orman ,., d w h th h 1 D ,.. f 1 0 h the merutiers-6f whiclrare constantly on th!l watch destroy-1 ow n and use tt e w o e race, and lrom the A ELICATE HINT TO THE !fsADK.-A iVOm .. n 0 ..: IS IOrever c ew ,. N h r t t' h th d t 1 t f d d cut.' ? ing the eggs and the just developed msect. o ot tme,It e was ever e1 gradn es Impt o; mo est correspon ent from Burkeville Ky. writes as business for the time is attended to the destroy e r IS 1p omacy n ma mg wm or u mg I p e r.orm follows to the Louisville Courier-Journ'a!: ,:l'he crops SPAifTNG Tli:E generally con quered; and-,...ben 4is'a.ppears the. an important their public as as o!l the _Cnm?erland are good-the tobacco crop espe exchange remarks the Mother's second time, they are no longer a of to1tb_e had t l?,E! s':'Joked. no treaty was duly stgnalmally, tt bemg all housed and cured before the Fr, d growing crop When the plant Is thorou<+hly r1pe, aud zed \Vtthou.t the handm6 round of the calumet. The trans To.baoco?merchants naturally ask, what markes do yo" ten says never reprove a & 1 fi b l' f th h .. '1 child harshly for chewing or b egins to yellowt "the is cut-off close to the J'O nd fen>ft 1e t IP;' o one p .lrBon Ito ano was a s to For 1se':eral year past, our far.mers smoklng, or swearing." No, and taken to the drying-bouse or sh.,.ds and hung up. Once to. ken of fmnd,sh1p, a ..,of mong chivalr"b11,8 Nashville, ew Louisville, di ne vel' reprove him harshly dry and \ we l cured, the stem of the being f ree from sons of the that. ;was neve.r It wa( 1s _sa-vidmg t he1r sendmg a .pol'tion}o one place and a 'l'he only way to cure him is sap it is stripped from the ptalk and tied m of a cre.d. B.!l taktng .sa!t wt.tlr the chtldren rof t _he desett. n. all part to ,As. a thmg, howevef,.tney to him within an inch of quarter of a pound weight The leaves, as may be111up,p.osed, c eremomes tt was produced w 1 th d_?e pleas&9 wtth tl:ie Loui11ville market, and if Lou?.. his life. present different degrees of excellence, and they are ,duly and. tts fragral_!t cast toward lteavlm as grate _v_:tlle_ tobacco men would manage eo have some gentleman assorted and known as "yellow," "bright;" "dull, r' etc, ful mcense t.o.J;be great spmt. I this river oountr11 appointed inspeotor'j-tton, but novelty, allowed Rale1gh to smoke m her presence, and even credit of new CommiSSIOner, that he took charge -:1. ') .. Y I :. ::' .,;;;;;:._ R For a pl,nt so w e ll known to coun,trleS, and by also ip. the ratio p e r individual! The most 'Yeot to, use a v:alnut s?ell and straw in taking an of most districL in the United States at ----PL&NT of the '1'\'0fld I Qpj!mgpohte, many to g row else, to say the largelr i n t he staple at present; are :Vtrgu)Ia, Kentuc ky, a.l puff herself. It was m theee halcyon days ofRa.lmgh hts a time. when Its. accounts, as left by ex Collector Bailey Whose fragrance-pu'ie delight best 'developed 10 ..:r.ennessee, Maryland, N Carolina, anti Ohio. I Singular tory that he i s said to have bud a wager yitb her Majesty1 m. anythmg but a credita.blQ. eondition. An, d peace 9f mi d.. I -------F.uropean .hav:e m most as it may se em, Connecticut raies tobacco he would glve the exact weigh t' of all the smoke that of the new Commissioner has also betln ad-When frie d ihf: o .frowns .to prolithlt. !ts c ult tva t!on 10 their f\xcept and much of it is _of the very be\,lt quality known to the came her pipe This.. he did by weighing the to mirably in the manner lie has takelj, hold of On peasant head or kingly c1owns, .a m hm1ted preferrmg t'o abroad, trade. bacco and afterward the ashes, and decidmg tnat the diff e r the details of tne Bureau." It jo y can fiJl.!! oT ,0.. e ( It.?-sourqe of revenue. ,It of EXPORTS AND DUTIES. ence between the two was the weight of the smoke. The the s outhern and :western parts of Russta. In Holland and It is a curious fact in its history, that the exports from Queen upon p ayin"' .. the wager very characteristically re THE DANGER 01! CHEW,JNG G-.;rx-Durin.g the servioes it is, only produced .for the .leav e s used as t?e this country have varied but very little in the last fifty that she had known many laborers who _of a. prayer !neetmg at Fall Rtver, lj{ass., a messenger Th.!J i mivsrsaJ expand, Whose branch e s spread o'er 1 nd Ana ev'e'ry c1 cigars. In and France years in 1790 our country in round numbers, sent abroad had turned gold into smoke, he was the first she had found to sum !liOn an M. D. who was present to attend culttvatwn IS pr ? hibited .. Spam gets her supply one an d eigteen hogsheads, ir. 184.0 one who could turn smoke hi to gold." a httle. boy who appeared to be attacked, after a shan / In th ee do an bel ieve an 1iles the Giver, And on the of life's dark We snw the seed. Deist, Christian, Turk, or Jew, Brahmin, Fa.kir, and Dervish too, from Cuba, Braztl, and Umted States. I England hundre and nineteen thousand. This is one of the most To be Continued -: With s:rmptoms of paralysis, to the great oonsteJ<. tobacco is now allowed to be grown. Sir Walter Ralcurious fa cts in statistics, nnd may probably be of his &ll_ one hand was plaoed againn eigh introduced it into Ireland with the potato, directly traced to the fact that the population and wealth. of 'l'HJ: ToBACCO TRADE OF 'Whig h1s pead and he .. he .could not remove it. The r 4 produced both, side by side upon his estate at Goo galL In European countries h a v e not increased, and that the, du t t es The of the tobacto of this city, doctor hastened to his rehef, and, upon examination.. it Mexico it is a government monopoly, and h e r citizens are levied-upon its introduction are as high as can posstbly be published in the Whig, are alwaj;e' dated, from 1Rt was .found that the hapd,, w:as :firmly fastened ..;{th r All thee adore. 1 The soldier, sailor, !dog or prince I Thou .hast no trouble .to convince 1 Of thy great W"bate'er opinions they profess; Whate'er their tenets, numberleas, Orthodox or heretic, not allowed even to import 'it without in curring heavy borne. N 0 a.rticle of commerce pays a duty so enorfnons, October of each year, that 'day being' he commence-chewmg gum. ;::t / 1 penalties. It has been successfully cul1-(vated every compare with its home p r ice as American tobacco ; ment of the "Virginia Tobacco Year," as prescribed by "1 State of our Union; but with Virginia it is 'IQore par icu it is d e ed an, import4nt part 'Of the revegu e of 'li:lfubst law' s t:_gulating the inspectioo, .. etc., and being also QoLLECTOR BuLLJ.Rn.-The selection 'Of Major Bul-larly associated in historic interest; for h!)r Dame, in early every European Government. In Great Brita in, the imp?rt the most.cQuvenient time for dividing the 'tatistios relard the Pleasanton, in the Colleo times was synonymous he plant itseu; ,.;. .t 4 duty is three shillings sterling per 'lating to each year's crop. The .quantity of chewing torshtp of .thiB D1stnct, a descent in military IN VIRGINIA pound-about tweh;e per'' cent. upoll the original tobacco from Richmond, in bond, from 1st Ocrank, 1s very appointment to the cost--and1two do11ars per pound on mannfactured ,to.bacco, tober to 1st December, as heretofore reported, was trade-wb1ch Is suffimently demonstrated b"' the ....... previous to I6I6, there seems to have been no systemattc -11; f b th t t th h J cultivation of tobacco in that State; but in that year Si thus for whaj; her people give us less than two mt't' ... ... .... 'tJ' 1,999,657 1 s a a e t e of appointment Thy inceose offer to the skies, Thy glorious fumes from all arise, For tbo11 art Catholic. Francis Dale commenced planting 00 an extegsiYe sca.le dollars, ther .Pl}-Y gwn Government; for. the liy stamps .. ... ':; \ ., S8q,83 7 11 I here, a pe\1t1on askmg for that bOOn wu in of using it, twenty-two millions of dollars, whteh 1s twtee ---Circulation among tobacco. men. It is to 'be hoped and only seven years afte1 ward a large quantity was ext ., all h th t th 1 the sum realized by the American producer ,or t e 2,880,4:9{ 11 a e more peasant relatton!l between t.he trade and ported to the mother country. In 1639, the Grand Assem ld 1 th 1 1 .., 1 None doubt thee, for thy religion s goOd, For thy fame hath stood, This is the teat, all men, 'for, :Y .r':Eacli thi h ks his own peculiar brand, --"The very belt." The strongest will their voicea raise, And lift on high their meed of praisE> To pungent Cavendish. The languid swell, who hates exertion, His_ off'rin t tends to glorious Persian, .... Or dreamy Turkish .... .I -._.. il so we a.ll smoke, a.ll ha : ve our choice, Yet all, without diSBentient voice, ,Thy fame ;; And land thy ..-1rtuet1 everywhere, From land to l1.41d, from ytar to year, All sing the same. The glorious weed from sunny lands, In varied forms a.rrd beauteous brands, To EnglAnd's shore It way, unconquered still, Bending the strongest, mightiest Will, And for evermore. Copt's Tobacco Plan.&. a f h f 1 tobacco w ever.y part of the wor ,t;o u The, December busmeas was: e oca revenue omc1a s maugurated by tbe late Col bly. in const eration o t e exesstve quantity o I ater I Shipped in bond.. 581,219 lbs. lector, will be continued under the new one. years" planted in the colony, passed an act that all tobacco LONDON TOBACCO WHREHOUSES. raised the pres\)nt and two succeeding years l:e absolutely All might be supposed, the most stringent laws ,gov.,ern Prepaid 306 902 888 121 11 1 destroyed a.nd burned, excepting and reserving so much, in its introduction into that country, and a large fieet o tiilii ps 7 9ANCELLIN<> 8TAHPS.-In reply to an in equal proportion to each planter, as shall make, on the d h - .on .any w9oden'ruu.kage of -associations may be said to form the basis of their history. to 'A"--The" ten'ors such vast areas 0 0 b or--..,. or s rmg ..,.._co. Ir m """' Ist October. The quantity pre}*id by stamps' was as acco; .uut any steel dte that will oanoel the stampa It was the direct source of their wealth, and became for a of grou11,d hat they become bewilderiitg to the eye, and follows: as reqmred b 1 be ed C while the of gold and silvk; th e standard they never had any in size until the erection of the h 1 1 a '11. .,_,' lUI uttingo 1tamp11 h' 1 1 I 0 t b d N be 1870 I 9 '31 1'--_Wit a chlse IS not deemed a pro-r oanoellatl"on. value of other merchantable products; and t IS "tra-Crystal Palace' : Almost as far 'as the eye can rer:ch are n c o er an ovem r, "" __ r-: dit!on" was further preserved th e P alleys or'hogsheads, wbose n\unberis In In December ..................... 92,242 tobacco leaf upon the old continental moaey used in the veniemt J:!la.ces t re U!gether. 1 I i --" T?BACCO IN :P Arus .-.A ootemporary thua l.Doralizet Revolution. ' wives of a number of the first colonists other appa.ratos.cOnnected with tlle 6peration of exammmg 'Total to 1st January. 1871. .. : ... : ... 28'6,673 If tt be 1t4] deal out. the to-_ of Virginia,' it will be rcmeni15erea', w ere exported from thA staple. To accomplish. this llFJlC!Se, a hogshead having Same"time > 1869 .... : ............ '!.c" 304,491 .. bacco Ill P-ariS It will pllt mao.r a pipe out. "' England st the price of one honored pounds :or tobacco been selected, the head 'is Jinocked out, some of the st.wes """ ........................ 36,1 37 foor fellows. will get but a bird's eye v1ew of a good h d th "Go f th C 1 1 ,_._, d h d I867 63 015 smoke-possibly may have to cu cavendish whether eac ; an as e vernors o e o ony se ecwu loosene' ,d,'' aitd4iy a ex tet'ou s m ovem ent; t e woo elf cov. .. .. .. v h 11 ded tb '1 h 1 mh t f'l f t b th" t f 1 t they choose or not. Pigtail will become the t' ale of an young women w o were we recommen 10r eir erinu is taken completely 0tr, 80 that t e contents rem am .. e mspec Ions o ea o acoo m 18 CI y1 rom s virtues, education, and demeanor," the demand increased, lltanding .. dense imp enet)'able mass of to 3lst. Deo., .inolusive were: idiot:_signifjing nothing. As for it will d h h lad! h bl .U;P. be a case of small profits 'and no retu-s ,;, an tg er pnces Btl were g Y giv,n 'or sue agreea e leaves. Supposing tbat; upon the W.arehonsee. 187Q.' 1869. 1868. 1867. u 1 "help mates." Among other things illustrative of' the tor's" find that the exterior, through the action of sea-water, Sliookoe ........ 779 1 30 305 7t5 .. ,... times, the minister's salary W&$ paid in and the bail packing, or any otber cause, has.-becomedamaged, Mayo's ............. 363 506 452 390 C.&NCKLLATION OF INTERNAL Rxvmrox STAMPS OIC claim had priority over all other debtS; and whoever was call in "!hq'Chop the defective p;trta away. Thts Seabrook's .. .......... 341 263 385 380 bt:POBT.KD, CrGARS.-lu addition to the existing requireabsent from church without a valid excuse was fined a cc.lmplished, the remainder is weighed, in that the Public .... 392 429 329 !Derits for t}Ie of ioter.oal on pound thereof; and lif ahsen a month, fifty pounds; add duty accruing to Government may be determmed upon ; .. 349 I65 96 169 I!flported O?gars, It Is prescr1bed that each sta1Dp, at the for abusing the minister the penalty was a forfeiture o( the the hogsbe1fd"is"teplace!1 and the "purged contents" are myers' ............ I99 172 6I Ill time _?fdehvery to the ofticer to 00 placed on "r; rej_gy to --l --the bOx, shall have the Signature importer and ,,-_ VARIETIEs. ,; "'" (0 m of tgars The liama;ged tobacco, )Vlltcli: Totals ........ 2,393 1,5 7 1, 766 the name of the month and the year rilql;r ,wrlttea There are more than fifty kJlOWD V!ll'leties of tobJI,Cco; bit accumulates in v:u't 1\:.0illd ... be of The inspections for the same period, for fi. v years ""' the mainly the result of climate and the mode value if thrown mto the market; IS all burntd up wtthm th beforet'he war were 1'855 1 242. 1856 I145. 1857 _.,.,.._,._ 1..,. ,,, I< .,,,,1, ,, r -.-,:t -of!cuUure. 'r.he plant is an an[\nal, p.nd may be generally walls of the warehouses, Jest its sale should diminish the 1170 -,o58' i 532.:1859 1 l3G7 It Puux J.ND.' Ciri iMISSIONAiuBs -Tlie I' r r .. ITS HISTORY AND MYSTERY -;< 1 kil b' h b d ..... I I p ..... ?{ N h described as having a erect stem, uxuriantly r e venue of the kmgdom. The n m w tc t e wiU-b!lseen from these .figure& that the mspeotions of LIBS1?Dary orw-IC Conn., enjoys a flowing foliage .... 1The feaves are of a rich green1 and grow takes place is called the U Queen's tobacco-pipe." 'As tlie the fast-threl! months>were over I 000 hhds or 75 per oooasionally, nt after trying one the other day which a alternately on''thEfStalk, at ioferv&ls of two orthree inches; smoke might be deleterious, the stem of the vast :PipJCic&nt. ense height. The that remain after spondiog. period of :the five years preceding the war. that Jt had been previously filled with red he de-It W D. d-B It I U dobtain length.oftwentfmcheS, and tliey gracefully dethe conflagration are &old to endeh the garden beds in the The..average inspections ofthe same time, .fo t clar&, soon a.S he was to it was a !}1......_,. :,s. "I G 8 se in size to tbe top of the plant. The fiowers are ex vicinity i of all the ports. a four years were 1 838 hhds. Before the pfanters grel oti'trage. <: W .noli'llse J .a.t-OW t II rown, ternally yellow, and red and crown the Ilyramidal fo until the spring an. d su!ll- ---. 11 r '' ]Janufaotur'ed, and Sold. liage-in rich clusters, whteb are succeeded by a .H f J b ..__ r "0 1 h t f mer. 1 Since t'be r wl\'r their necessities have' c lfrrtp ue!Pea' JGOOi> EFFECT OJ' A Goon 0RDER.-A Wasbin.rton "' 1 '-"' f' h b 1 h 1 f b' 1,1 a ulteratton o to acco torm a nove 1 ory o "' d dispatch sai "The """" r fC !.. n 'PI B .,..-,--, q n 'Pfl l:apsu..,.. a n ron n co 0 JIV 0071l! Jr. 'w k -lrt "'' t' 1 l'ttl f tb t t them, m many: mstances, to sen their product to .'m"e o omullSSiou er easanton '. 1 1 11 ( Conti1&ued) I "" ten most minute but perfect seeds-the umted I e : e pow u. 1 7 b e ::,x 1ft; r mar d,die &J Tlie aP J f,fjg!,lreB "ndi officers to leave their posts has al. 'li number .of plant averaging one hundred and fifty tho us this fraud 10 t?e Stares, e st:ap e emg nn cate the extent of thill practice and itl l!hi)Wa t cont epf of diminishing the VIsits of thil class of w lltf>rs. who have spent mu,ch and i Of all known. vegetable prOd\)ctions," says an dant It an In Ehngland by; those wha re predicting the total inspecoffietals at the and-it ill expected that time rand Ilf tne endellf'& to prove enthusiastic writ:er, "tobaqco is constituted and composed the creaiJOUli-"() e&!TI on Wit won tiona of ,.\,he curreu "T bacco Year.'' the accounts of collectors will her:eafter be more was. centuiies the Eastern o of tl'w rich!lst strongest/ most delicious, and deligbiful in derful mgenwty to the rule ll (, 1 '' tl lv. '" _,.._ r Y. 'promptfy settled." to Idea has ever gredientlc alchobol or spirit; the oil and opium, to find a &]'tiy}tl. I!! of London. lNTEBNAL RBVE:t:fUE D ENTITLED TO REWARDS been ehmma.ted. 'The use o1 pungent herbs m the form .of suga r or matter the mucilagm' ous wax or gums An extenstve trader was on one occaston arrested upo!l the I .. s 0 ., he I t 1 h fi J l:ia l:r"' .. :o:-u8ata 'hh. Jll..,o:axEBS.-moe ... e r.gamz.,...wq Q n"' nerna. olrilvlil' a vfJ!i m i or ev u the acids an'ii nitre, with mapy other of the volatile salts, charge t t .ecmmR" e CC(l w1 15 Revenue Bureau 'the law officers of the government tlie tu;ne sneezmg pow ers, or stemutatones, au bined, constit?te this the richest on th e tnal he :!!'as diQcha.rgea, he demonstrated have 'never been a'b1e to decide who were justly entitled are Bald to :wi:Jas been supposed that most delici us compound ever en.,...l).dered and generated tn that he dtd ,1N anultetate: to'llacii'o, havmg never used t4e t r. h b th S4akesDUl.I'e refe custom in his play of.Heury the one jpln t .. ..-article at ttH-in his manufacture:By many the delicate yr'll. b o mfiot rdmebrs .... w -:as ..,. > ... L 'b' f th 1 day ... -.., "' / 1 h b ts th t liar to tob 1 V"' ene e y e gtve!J. pimon auer "'Ounu, nen, m escr1 mg a OP o _ose ear y S 'ue. ': BOW GROWJII owJs rown B!l9 a are pecu some acco ea _,!1.. h b 0 th .A.tfa G I t saya-a: I 1 '; I e considered a. sign ofl superioi' quality; this idea very oplmon as 9;9n gtven. y e rney-enera s, re BAILI!:Y-Htu:RD FROY.-The ;apers.: havinl.-take!l the Bailey ease lD hand, publish the usual contradictory rumors. The latest veriion i this "Tbe defaulting New Y_?rk Collector, Joshua F. has pnrchaaed a c?untr.y seat nea.,r Wilhelm.hohe, whel'}l he 1s hvmg With h1s family." "He was perfumed like a milliner, the miltivatton of tobac?o the very best are re enerall revails, and i lia s been asserted that they there cert_am left untouched which And 'twixt hill iiiiger and thumb he held 1 .PII quirOOJ Every one has notiCed how large a portion of a lgh thy P lt 1,nGn '!Ita le -A. deal-_tL, lJDposstble the 't'reasury De_partment to DB.ATH OF..&. M:umER OF TB.E BALTIKORB TBADB., A ever ILDd..a.DOil !:I !:'9:. is .at least onef?urtb or fifth ofthe :r :tJ"' a fortune by the amounts due a,!ID moietiE$. The )'i{r. Ho:,>vard Heald, 8 well-known wholesale tobacco He gave hlSJ,lOSe. """ w1iole wetght of the dried leaf. Now, these ashes, so care kl' h w'th a d'stem p er tliat c!o'sely imitated SoltcttO f GeJJI!rlll, m the absence of the merchant. o .f, i more, died at his residenoe in :that I u "\.':<.:1. -1 1 h d f th t rta t sprm mg lS Cigars 1 I 1 l d t Iii 1 k :r. Tlie .. Chinese; a,ccol'!li t rown awp,y, are compose o e mos 1mp.o n these admired Another merchant offered a large era,, was y eque11te .o gtve 1s ast wee u:( h1,11 year The, deoeaaed 'Was a mem-tend to have been acquainted for many ages witli 'tobacco. for. .vegeWton; and Vl):st reward to a celebrated chemist; if be would p roduce an arthe'"q.Jestwns detectJves, the lljl her firm of Jacob Heald & Co., and waa mlob is the plaqt fh!ll! In -qll&}Itttr.;:Jv hen conSJdered relativeli'to the crop, ex ti'ticial but permanent imitation. Without experiment, the reyenue servtce, assessors who game3 respected by the dia ( to wliich country ii"was conveyed by the P-oses the why, of all. vegetabfe .P.roducttons, tobacco task appeared easy; but the most protracted exertions to tnformatwn m the c _ourse of as no allusions to it are found in any authentic On. ental IS most exh a.ustmg to the soil. To facilitate the adV!lJICe 1 h 't ult d m the books of delmquent. parties, were ent1tled t o a B B Vaughan biB. been a 'n"'-"' "' .. .., .,., .. , 1 b 1 te 1 h t accomp 111 1 res e 1 h h t" rib4"' b the 1 pp01 ""'-' uy """' overilol" works "\vtttten prevwus tq the thhe of' this tp,en t or1 Ffop, t e p an r, y sprmg, prepares a o 1 -il m t e mote presc .,.. y revenue ws. IJY!peotor of tobacco at West Hi:U warehoa p The reader will also that the sltories of the Nights, &eal for a.nd thus anticipates the season. SMOKING. BriBtoW of 'he opinJ .on 'all olfi. ourgh, V a., on the part of the owners. 18 alt.bpugh illustrating the social babits customs o! a peo. The they.a:e IS carefully The most common way of using tobacco is in the foroi of etals are as first toronehal( of the .L._ '-:._.F ... ..f C ':' pte no1v proverbially folld .9f. tii>b&aico, make not a smgle aJ. plowed, been done, smoke, to accomplish which many expedients have been refor the detect1op tOf frauds. T ere is a moveDI,ent on foot in:-P'ail llAh X '>f. 1t11Sion to the custom pf Turks must..bave par!Jllel (urrowa""Wlth.!" )lmall seedmg P!ow;.. t1io sorted to. A tribe of Africans, known as the Bechuanas, the Department commenced papng make Mr. Meyer Nelt/weH k ifown iU .ll receieved the commo4ity from Europe about the same .and' a -half feet part; 'tllen crossed agrun at rtght angle have a way very charteristic of tp.eir $ent!ral intelligence. th1s class of cla1ms, some of which of long stand trade the next Ma 0 of tha te . &CeO time that Persia received It &om the East. Sandys-an which. divide into squazes. 'l1he raborers They ta4e a limber : twig ; and1 Mlitdi'ng-jt in fOJm or a in_g, it is e:X}X'Ottd that all o them w!ll be. T '!. L h .. !'_ren -Me OHenta.l traveller, who was in COnStantinople in 1610-says, then combtence With: tbe hoes, and' dr&w tbe eartb m each semi cirqe, r lfury it in the mud, bavmg pound Withm two months. A party niLmed _Pnme claims a .7oT.,_ ,,. ,-, "' ., < '"that-the Turks delight in tohl,:co ; which take through square in:tcfi hill on the top, paUed _EY. one d.Jlmvn tM earth to suftici lmli hlirdJet!s\ they the moiety of about t5,000 on a penalty on-A. dler, a&n ,us crop-.; ?C reeds, have joined unto. them grea.( heads of wood to blow-of-thenoe. Upon the first fine, tlie plants twig, and thus leave a hole. that answers tlie purpose of a Rosenburg & for practiBedi lila. recti yr \8'7.0, contain it; and learned the custom ftom the from the seed beds, and are deltcately plac"J m pipe-stem ; a little -toQac:po Ill thea. am on end of Under the OplDlOn of BriStow, iille>. ;as eo:g_ntry, and 111 euthuaiastie son of the Emerald Isle became inspll'ed each If the has been this tube, a.nil hJ_B Treaaury Department as not1fied :Selkna_p, e Y the idea of to -his country(Den ttifl hOiili Ql. MC\l!!Sa y, and IS ID. Now to thtther, up th!},&uj<*:ll _entir8. satl8faction. w!w was 9ollector of the second lowa dlfl !It ',. &ll.tht liQJltll and attempted the constant la'bo off cu 9 ail') lnJx a tnot, that. ent!tled to fortY, frve aollars :and ten Touoco IN ST.ll to prove the fact b,t _!llleg!ld of to awaj i/nd the SOil brbk'e. witli thfr pungeD:t ana dtggmg a large hole m the as J;Dtnety. 1n .a. ,oa!!8 iql:Ua.infQrma-t.:e!! Dalml to tli&t t.ime. ap. 48 iQ'e young plant ,st.r th -P}ow, r.e J ground, fut them m 1t and set them on fire. The {11rD1Bhed D1 1869. 1 .) .., y E 'fj' t IBtnct o ,amr r liJ m i:>J 0 ed'l' ,f\0 0h.8:0 l' / Ti. (" I' t i \.. .J51"Y.'lfllOOvn r 11 ;\t H"' { U!'!'J l I' \ \


-..... I ......... ... .. T r CATTUS < : I I H1 ,) I llf .... t 1 No. 129 Peart. Street, .' ) t I .... '" I II .. f I ) _, J f (": I I I r. 1 p'lur' If 1j t f ,, I ... ,, j I Pear. l :.:' !'jew Y,'ork City. I /' lllti &!14 Ang. 12th, l&;j, \iLrl:l.;)ll3 NORTH-WILLIAlf:ST., N.Y. (JITY f HEPP.EIIHEIMER .. a,' co., I .A.EIE.LS'"I For Tobacco and Clgare, A.11arge ueortment conaialltl7 on hand IUid priated to ordez. l!ll & 24. Borth William Street. :New York. I OSCAR &,_co., O:P .&.LL EJ;]JDB or S EC. A R RIBBONs, 25 white Street, Wharf, BtMUm..


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