The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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. t _.11 .. "1 n ""f'!' 9;'iv o t efr.J /'H) ....

' T 0 :B.A.C c 0 .Us. 6d.; to Seville, 300 hhds on prinle all kinds since jan. Ist,, II,Jllonuting to onl'f6S bbds, 5 leaf at a9; -.S hbds Barren county lug and rnebiBg PennsylYanialeaf is gettins te A eb dlOO t f ,. Southern of w.ltich were reinspected. Demand from shippers $6.4,0 to 9.50; 2 hbda Warren and Sitlf}IIOD contttlll!' !ea?ot>. / ........._ D. !'OB.A.CJCO IL\BDT. z \ E:;ope, on private 1;gbt, necessarily fC>r wap\ of 11j:ock and likely to eon t 88.40 ; tp 9;110; l bhd Te e see lugs, RFJ) IUVER LANDING, Teun., January 12. dlll'lnrr YORK, Jan. 24. term. tinue until tbt> opening This 1! e!peciafly tlie at" 6.50 Tffe Ninth <"'Bttee W'fj. r .porl aalea follos: Harnden A ClliDB, "UTAT lUl&tbe bas been un1&'1'orabl.IJ ClOOTATIONB oF 'lfliOLEIIALB PIIJCBS. C!J&e with rPgard to Maryland leaf. In Ohio we report. hhds' 2 hbds Henry county lugs, at ae, ]It! ; 1old 15 hh4s ae 1'1.60, 7.26, 7.25, 7.1 0, 7.10, ==---"'...........,. _, b k t ha '"1iee very ugmar. -111 01111 sales of 50 to 60 hbds. taken by pers and .manu $6.90; 1 bbd Hart county !t'af, at 1 6.75, &.60, 4.36, 4.00, 6 80, 4.90, 7.00 7.00, 4.75, e.oe. for handling l!amplet!, an .. t e mar e 8 0 7 @ 8 Commo.: .... :::::::::: 10 0111 b' d hhd V b h 1 f 0 F d th Pwket.t Abarcelof312hbds commo!l a nd Biaein ... ... ....... ..... '" .......... ........... .,..... at present not au cten y a .rae tve o m uce uye o u uY r Th k' LISelectiOIIo. .... ... .... .. 11JI 18 Foncr 7blltJcc:rfc. 6old. 'I' 1 9 '17 bdd and Logan counties ocmmon, leaf, 6 bhds Hart, Green, consigned as follow :-By. River _Boats: Nortbem 1 0,___ as e I' Fill ere ... .. .. .. ,. ... :. 11 "B. :11. llorrlo" ll. a. lf.... M ota ....... .. ,.., I p k L b 1 R J J S L R. R. b Southof rankhucountytherets l'tnnlylvaniG&IdIAaf. -::, DonQuljote II Ex6orted aince Jan. lst, Maryland and andLoganco11ntiescommonlng Oa ac et a:es; ... t .. ,10 ona; WI l 'tttle lloing, and no eale1ofan'! account "The_ C 18 2 hbd Monday the Louisville Hou11e Kold 11 hhds: 10 hhda By the PaCtftc Ratlroad: N. L. Ewmf & Co. 1 bhdJ 118 hio 2'2 s hhd M F d ._ C 1 b 1 B h d' 1' ,. ersof .first qia.lity,'' aaya aloeal jour.nal, "need_not nuero ................. 11 111 B. ll..... Coaatwl8 e and 00 shin board not Mi11100ri, lMf at .7.20 to 18, 1 lugs at t6.90; 1 ma1_1.., o., a e. y .t e n tanapo 11 an W h h 1 1 Oh.IIJ&Id-IAaf.r :&.:.relined.. 111 ., a Tb F St L Ra I d C & R. D t & Co 25 bal e s ould sayDot, aeemg ow tte .... ... E .... cleared ...... ............... 5hhda2,4,27hds Barre'ncounty frozen lugs at 6.10. o armers troa :d. LA ., rdell; _intbecroy,and howt.hescar A .. on. ... lciw, ........ .. .... "' S k h od --' b' House.sold6hhds: 2bhdsBarrenceuntyoldcommo11 ne.meter,26 o; tetnc ,10ouea;o er, ...... "!' JO Flllore, ............ : .... 11 5 "C.IIA."IIIIIM.ael....... lOll toe 1n ware OUIIeB t ay 811<.1 on II tp s 10 d B Oh d M' Rail ad .., d bl art1 1 a1 gulate11 ttl cost.. ,.,.__ "WallloBx"4150 .. .. 10 bhd leaf at ".60, 8.10 4 bbds Larue and count1e11 o. y t e 10 an 188I811lppt ro : .... oraa 811lra e ce uau H&onaJ'll"rrCoa.iiewas 0 ,111 "J.C.&C." ............ 111018 boardnotcleared .................... 6,990 s .., &P 11 hhd J C F B h S With rejpl'a tq \he of the 1870 yteld, qUJte a do 40 p..,. 10 1911. "G.&F ......... T....... H KANUPACTURED roBAoco. Jugs and leaf at a6.50 to 8.40 The intb street owe 6 a; rtemeyer, 1 pge. y t e '-' baa amo. ng th, e Vall.ey farm do do l!'lne .d.o.. 1 "Yuurrl&" ................. _. IIIli House sold 7 hhds, 2 bhds Meade and Missouri Louis and Vandalia Raifrad: J. W. Booth & Son, 1 _.. ......h b A:h d t vara nee 110 IIIli "K .t ce." ........... ...... ISH Demand baa been moderate t.he past week, no cargo hbd .., d hbd B th Atl t' d p 'fi Ra'l d n.11 ... 1 ..;... some one ot \heir num er haVllli t e ar"t 90 o vara L eac do Ifill 110 "Z. z," "" 111e .... .... .. .. ftll p d b h f b ceunties new lqgs at 6 to 8.60 ; .., 11 -e e, Y e an to an act c I : _.., b b t 1 f b d ,_._ n in f.-B .... "F. Ill'."... ............... era, Tile Boone bouse BOld 6 hhds: 3 hhds Han and" Chri Joe Bogg & Co 1 bo](; J. H. Gregory, 1 do; J. C. uklin County w ose ea seems "" ..., Fine .... ................ 881 .. .. ............ ,. llll fi bo h ti d ,.. \ J'i b h d -\.::C tolerably :&.:traan. ............... e "J'.G.J'. ... .. :........... 13 BOSTON, JAlii'U.UY 21.-We report :-The de-tlB' n COUII'I'es)e .. a .8.35 t 11.75 3 hhde ehrilltian, Hatch & Co., 1 do. Bv the North Mi180uri Railroad: Jent writes 88 foilQl\'B fact is 'tbatthe Good ............ ...... IT "JIJ'." ..................... 11011 mand continues etea y or t manu acture GreeD and Hart co.unties at .6.110 t"o $7.:.!8 .M. D. Heitr:ell & Co., 5 nbds; M. Friedman & Co., 1 belle; ., t t f KediUJ., ... : : ......... "R.R." ..... ................ ll and leaf. We quote aa follow :-Western The p 1 cket hou-sold h d. 4, hhda Davie1111 J. N. CroQCh & Co.,10 oacld, S. 'F,Weller,4,0do, of 1870 i1 v11ry nneveu, owmg. o a Y? 0omm011 ...... ... ........ 111 oc.G." ......... ,........... IIH d' c ---t)lerebeina1111meuaood aawaaeverratsedtn lfoold,y .... ............. ,"J.B." ..................... 18 leaf-Jugs 8to8J; common9to9!; me tum 10to and Marion counties leaf at a& to 8.60; 1bhd Laclede TobaccoCo.,4. pail11, 1 1 .,.,..., ., "'-'b 11 !! "F."tf.F." ..... :............ 18 1,.. ood fi IIto 12! -lecional2li 0 poor as uyet LIbU'rlllet;llne ..... ,nHiii 1"W.8." ..... .............. Ill "''; g "" ..-; ne ; Brown county,Indiana, leaf at M.60. n O&le011are. .,.ud deafre to aee, .but_on the whole ie Car IIUP.Srior tQ ;:{ ::;:: : :;;::::::::::::::: : to-13!. Virginia leaf-lugs 6 t to 7f i common 71 Toeeday the Boone BoUH sold 10 hhd11: 7 hbda SAN FRANCISCO, Janii&IJ' 18.-Tbe Commercial ''1:.tfM of 1865 or 1866. Many eftbe growers have FIDe ......... .......... Olll5 to 81; medium 81 to 9-i; good 9 t to 10!; fine 1 Of Christian and Adair counties lugs, at as.IO to 6.20 ; Herald, in its re"Yiew up: Imports, 11161, thi year u pare a, qnality of leaf, and as gooa a DD'OB'l'll. .,. to llt; lelectionll 1 2 to 12! Seedleaf-Connecti<:ut 3 bbda Adair and Larue countieslea(,tat 8.00. bhd1, 56; .bble, 87; balea, 5,44,7; '1,,36; boxY l ee1or ai waa ever and aa heavy a crop u was The at the port of New York from ro reign anli Mallllachuaetta fillen lli to 18 ; do. binders and The Ninth &treet Bonae 10ld G hbd1: 3 hhde Stmpaon, 4.0; pkga 3,271: 1870, hhda, 7; bble 211; 'balee, 2,098; ;' ....,. in thia co ant.y; and of real by torts, for the week ending Janaar.,. 2 4 ineluded the, 1e00oda 26 to 32 ; doNwrappery Slots 0 1 ; do fine Henry and Breckenridge counties new lugs, at as. 75 w cases, 9,4.17; package. 1,672; ExpoiW 11191 pkga, -'--'-'1" Tbte 18 a more faverable wrappers 46 to 55 i ew York tate e\'11 2 to 15 ; 6.20 2 hhda .,.an'on and Hen..., counties new leaf, at 1,4, .. 2 18"t, .. ...,aceo 111 yefliiWIU ollowing col)8ignmentl : t d 1 18 t 30 d 20 to 3" ... v 1 (1 onr pnvate information will allow Bremen: J. H i Bergmann & Co., 500 bone p 1pee; Po &'fera 1go. Oh? fill; 012wrapplered "; $6 90 to 7 .20; 1 bhd' Tenn4llllee oli leaf, at _a7.50: The Collectoro'f lpternal Kevenne for thia Diltriot 1 1 ,bnt, )t. may be that .the ts Job a KaufiCibe, 32 boxee do. 1 enn 6Y and 10 ers 2 .. ,_ 4 ; 0 fiavteragde The Louisville Hou'e sold 27 hbdt: 10 bbd11. Mialoun reporta the tax paid ud colk.cted ill Lhia eit;r for 18'10 1 -_ fttlht and w are "Wrong. Perbap1 the tnith het l>e Bordeaux : nuvivieJ'o J Co., 100 cuee ii9Qrice otll 1 to T; 0 wrapJI'n! "" ; manu 80 urP. leaf, t t7 to 12.5\); 11 hbds Christian, Benr;r and at $686,637. 7'1 ; $698,624. the year previous. 0 .'; n8811-a11 our information 'would-be Lisbon: C. 1 box earilplee. 1 in bond, brigh6t 'WOrk medkium 25 to 30 ; Breckenridge eoontiee Jeaf, a7 to 8.50; hhds The11tock of manufactured, aa weU ae of W lMai.ers, while -the correepoudent hu l4!iif to Manilla: Br.ts 25 cigan. 816dt 01 e 9 35 dto 5ood5 ; ...,d fi"Wor20 ootmm2?0 aTnhd Christian county lugs, at ti;.SO to 6.30: 2 bbdeiDdiana ena, ie comparatively light, our dealers aeemingly pre1 medtqm 0 ; 0 g an 8 0 '" e lufe, _. 20 to 6.85. The "Piokett House f1errm'1. to 1'mport oil orde-from the Ja-1uch 1 Rotterdam: m. Demuth & Co., 22 ouee i ... h b 3" hhd 197 b I d 128 -.., + ...,....,. -, 'l'h wk'ssalea cpmpriaed 20 ea.1lllers ... 22c i 1110 J:. Hen, 210 boxeado. a. Bat;er & Brother, 680 do., borecetp ... !"'eb een 'f I .. L .t'.JJ. ell anTcaapes, 1!0 d II hhda: 5 hhdll Chrilltian, bran II and stylet .. are beet fitted \o their peculiar t ',.. Cooneot.iout and .Maasaehu 'aettl at 35 to '7 phds, &23,688; 57 bales, aBifl i 30, 8S1 .5.55 to au.n; 9 bhds old Pendleton county trash lugs at $1i.9Q to 6.SO i 4 bbdll "' Chmti'an very well / pricesrangmg from 20 up to 6o0 for binders Jaw until it is amended--6 movemeat in which the lbs mfd. $5,113. lugs and leaf at t5.30 to 20; 6 hbds Southern Kentucky and .1 Lame leaf at $7.60 to a"T.SQ; s )lnd and ,have about the same friends of the pr811ent syatemprepoie to take part. As Hayti' bhds_, a348, 27\S bale&, $1.761. lugs and leaf at ae to U; 13 hhds> old West Virginia hhde Davieel coupty:. 6 actory trash at to throughout the season, eome small lots of very fine 'ftK&rde the export-etamp eontrovers'!, nothing dould Venezula: 2 hhde, aliB4. lugs at 14.66 to 8 .30; 4 bxs old. Virginia \ngs at 5 66 ; 2 commoif leaf at a7.60, 8.70. The Plantel'll' selling..from 56 to 60c. The stook now on hand is not 'M more silly than the argument. advanced by same To Eur-opean ports for the week ending 24. .2J;5 to 6.65 ; 1 bJ: 91d Bracken at at35; s House sold 9 bbds 1 libd tJreckenridge county leaf large, out is all that the manufacturer will require for l(elltlemell that each cue a'nd not each package 1hould Antwerp; 8 blids. bbds new lugB and leaf t5 to 11; ,&t $l0; .hhds Hentlerson and Breckenridge conties a few: months. From Pen.nsylvania, New York and 1te etamped. Tbe law saye "each the Bremen: 551 -hbd Total offenngs for week: 113 44 bi:s, to Jow leaf at .'1 to 8 ; 2 l il,td!t Henderson and BreckeuObio, the arrinla have oeen quite heavy during. th 'Word package bail a determined meaning m the trade, Glasgow: 54 hbds, 25lbl. 86 hhds, 4, offered same ttme last year. Receipt& ridge counties, luge at $9, 6 80 year, and,,Otb a e:ooddemaod prices ranging from 11 eigbt c-, or caddyDoJ:oel, beinf under!Kood by the Hamburg; 112 baskets. for the week. 34 country oompared to ,,, Manvf,aciured Tobacco.-Stockl are ample, and to 36c f1Jr' l for 1868 crop, 110me very !> 1 '1erm. Tbeee eight eallfis form on y one "package'' and Liverpool: 95 hhds. 69. hbds, 1. bx, same .. r prices ,are uncbapged. _We quote: Va. extra lbs and Jine baa aold at 60c, but only in 1 malllot.a. t Jlan boi'De but one eJ:pert .stamp placed London: 134 boxes ; .cetpta are tml,lrovmg but slo,-ly, as the _weatoor IS sttll fanoy ai,OO 1 ,15; Va. :finelbright, lbe and :t'O.BIGI'f. 0 :e. outside of tb package. ['bey are Marseilles : SO bhds, 1.47 caiee. too to bnng tbe tobacco 10 order, et1ll we present a twist 90 to a 1 00. Va. 1{edium bright tbs twillt., 71 D 1 Th d d d y ., regarded iu 'the bonded-w.areboutleR, I ,l>OKK,STlC, Rl!:CEJP.'.Ts.l', i : favorable showing as against '15 hhOpponent only Ulle arguments aa a: blind. Tbis whele eases, 253 pgs, 2 boxee, 210 1 hi boxes, 50 thre' quarter Our for ol.d, remam steady and uhcbanged bright, te and as, 65 to 8 ; Ky. black, sweet, lOa and :-W1th ,to Ir!Y last mouth I! report to-day againat bonded warello1111e1 and w increase boxes, 2 s one third boxes. 8 cadaies, 2 cigars, and prtces, are very is, 112 'to 65 Hy. navy, lbe and t lb1, 70 to 71 ; but1httle of 1mportance t.q be trans .llaeoost of export is evidently 2 boxes samples, as foll6ws. ,' QLARK,SVILLE, TENNESSEE, January 21.-Messrs. K'!. nny, lbe\wd llbs medium, 63 to 15 ... : a.ctlons or kentucky 81ieeted wJth_rn th18 month "'the Virginia by a few rl'fal 10 this VI By the Ene Railroad: Norton, Slaughter; & Co., 15 H. H. Clark & Brother, leaf tobacco brokers, report as u amount to while was but little demand for -einity. By plaeing one exporh\amp, (value twenty bhds; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 42 do; E. 33 follows: Our sales eontinue emall, and the demand beNEW reportaefollows:-;other Belng _ugam at the of the year, I cents) on each case, or caddy, the do; Barclay & Livingston, 7 do; L. Abraham, 24 ing strong prices have been pushed up accol'diogly,and l)as ?omg lD the market, beg_ to, subJOin a short rev1ew_ of bnsmess transacted .II 1 Brooklyn manufacturer woald have the ad do; J D. Jr. 5 do; B. L. Barwell, 1 do; order we-mow quote: Lugs, 5 to S-tc; common leaf st to 7tc; be10g very httle 10qwry etther from exporters or ct:y the t_he commencement of year ._.10tage onr the manufactuer. 3 do 10 pgs lqw medium, 7! to Sic. Higher grades are etillabsent been 9 bbds at 10 ?en:;e busme1111 was not.flounsbmg and although 1t was of o'fer a cent per r:,und,as to bon bta tobacuo, Blld thus By the Hudson Rinr Railroad: Oelrichll & qo., 11 frm our breaks These price& are mainly speculative and 31 blids to a on a LIWW ... "'II do J. & 'w. W111e, 9 do; 'ReT .111.'P. Yates, 1i d9; J. E. wr 88 follP,WI .....On Thursday the Boope boule BOld market 11 qnt'e aettve, beiD& qUJte auto e genera JD Df the erop, the article J.wer. I smith, 1 do; c. D. Schmidt, 10 do ; Doban;carroll & 3 hhds of piug.i d leafat .6.1 0 to 7.20. The Loais ions 'to? ,lay in m 1 ortler to get to work. The remameil I& a &o&Bl W&Di of the Qo., 22 de, 541 half bxe i B. K. :Morri, 7 d?J -40 do;' Yille bouse aold I ] hhds: 1 bha Barren' oounty' old quotation!! are fo\lows: L?:, $5 \o 6.50; medina ::; dcfsenhtions, bardly; ...,D!t 110 the .icrht, lll@llOt; Antwerp,5 20 @ 6 .16t; Swillll,ll.16i@ .Martin & Johnson, 67 do, 25 do; Backlet, & leaf at ; 1 bhd Mi.wari old leaf &t *lP ; 7 bhds goodle..f, rk,l9 tu12. Th r' ose 0 f'Untwcky.-Utl; Hamburg, 36!@36!; Amsterdam, Co, 15 do, tbree-quartftr bxa; W. W. & MiBBOuri old common leaf at $7.10 to 8.50; 2 bhd1 PHILADELPHIA, JiaJt. 23.-Mr. E. w.'Dickenon. ::t r.P,:ntil Prankfort, 4,0i@4,l; Bremen, 7 81@78!; Prlllll&ll Co., 2 bxa p1pea; N. L. KcCready, 103 Cl811811, 8 caddie, llcLean county old lugs and common leaf at .5.20 to tobocoo broker, reports 811 follows: There wa1 1 fair of which, bo!n late] i tlPLnw, 7lt@711 2 bxe; order 41 hbde. Botton: G. W. Abbott & Co., 7; 1 hhd Todd county new leaf, at a8.40; 2 hbds doing lut week Salee ef leaf 140 h rt tim Y s?p1 esh 0."' 10 Y or a lfeif!h.U.-There has been a better demand a ad 10 half' bu. Qlleh.c: 0. Goldat.ein. 1 OMe. Gray110n and Breckenridge countiee old lug11, at a6.50 cae Ohio ; 80 caaea cdnnectieut 75 011811 Pennayl-bette; Jnng, 1h.;"ce1 yter u!: "(j. .are llteady. The 61ngagementl "Were 88 felt.w: 1 BALTIMORE, JanUJ"f Looae & Co., w 8.80; the Piokett H;oue 10ld 4. hhda Christian, 5 hhda ud Ohio; and 100 balM war, 88 wt>llaa 'f: Jae..,. a cro ;1diO bllds &o Liverpool ., 27s. &d. Tbe charters are : commillllion meroaante ana dealers tn leaf tobaooo, re Lame, Hd Bart counties leaf, at ... 20 to B. The Spantsb. Bales of otgars reached 1,1100 m for the "Week. declined when buyen i d' 'ti Pt Jlar4JDII, 4,11) bhd11 hence to Gijon and Santander at port: fuceipte are nry light, the wtal iupeotinDI ot J!'armen HollH 10li 8 hhd1: t hhd1 Logan eouy w Pricee tirm. Jlanufacturecl iJ Ill 1teatl;r demanfl. &lea to supply t.bem'.elna. The c;'.:'d: t'.,-4 \


TaE Touooo Gl' TBADB o TilE LATII HoWARD HUL.:_At a meeting of the Tobacco Board of, Trade'' of this City, held January 11, the .and Rea9lutiona were uoanimeualy adopted:It is with-uDileeMd. grief that we have beard of he death of ourfriend, Holf'atd Heald, late of Baltimore, and while we recogoile wi,tb revereace and humility this vtlitationlof Divine Proviltenoe, it seems fitting 'taat we eboU\d take auoh appropriate this elancboly ocoasiotr' anggesta, Therefore be RMolved, That in the death of Howard Heald the Trade bu lost a IDDBt :fslwil bunlliber, and each one of us mottl'Da a cherilu.h friend whose ,ut"e w a distiuguiabed for generoeity, good judgment and e en temper and lltricken down in the meridian of Ilia aad uaerulneaa. hJt..hai' acoompliahed that which would have honor cf"riper 'yea1"s. To his stricken alia befeaved family whose &entle banda hne miniatere.i th loving tendernesa throughout his lo and sicknto all Ilia wants, we extead our sincere sympathy, and mourn 'l!ith thll,!ll in their sad aftliction (Signed) J.u, D. Evus, Preside11t, BAm AUBOtrltM.-Tiie following is the '"p t Brooklyn manu facturen preeented to the &venue Bureau bj tbeil' GoT, W oodtord. "We, the bews, manufaoturen of t.obacoo in Brooklin, clo ra.thiiv fully and earnestly proteat gai1111t the con nnano4' bonded warehouaea for tile storage of to"J.aoiQ snuff in bond that are not loJO.the pu o-, 1 the lac ley ahall pe ; and we do tur er p ,rotelt' ..... fllrther remo'f&l!l of or- ooi, unlua export tampi are e, &1 the law says there KEB ToB4000 CoHPJ.NT, BtrcRAIUN & LYALL, W, BABIOIII, All of Brook lyn. n aommerl\il'l on tho above, the Wubington of the of adda; Hunt, of the Pioaeer Vi orka, says that what he deaignates as the evuion of the law. io to bbbrl ..... reboatea b!is "'iJlllled the to faoturiog Interest ot N' e Y ott.; till it hu been red from tea manufaotoriea in kl865, fQur _ia 1871." 03:1 8 T THE TOBACCO 0 o -,'II.MJ AY.AVAH LEAF. oloaed amid reverses which greatly embittered bill latter days, ancl which would have entirely crushed less and sanguine nature. As 1s generally be wa s at the bead of the olll tobacco bouse of Messn1 G. B. Miller t\ Co., ot c1ty, history of which, ill_ll.assing ma be thus bnedy epitomized :


I ,f: llov H II (I IT 0 B A c cv0 I "' 1 .II P. KITTREDG '1: azan; -(lilleceuor to Cuaou'l' :Ra.uoJ Commission Merchant, AND DEAlER IN VIRGINIA II WESTON LEAr, n .&JiiD Manuf'alltmed Tobaooo, Licorice,' 01QII, Btc.; 'ja.l-01 PEARL STREE'l', :ft. t ')-1 t f '"W. ALEX. BASS .. VRIES & BROTHERS, 1 i !M&IInir ct nrel'B ot .. P:LAvoa;l 2e W-EST 'BROADWAY., w tt. 1 "' 1 J; c 1 1 1 r .1 o ( l I r 48 ani Ea'at sec6J{ct 9 ( I iJI,..Qinnati. ,.., r.r 't .1. I AID 1 Pcrtle81ar "'"'"'"'"' RAYNER ct. CO.,'' .... ,,u,. .. n-nJ

1-4 lb. Drums, 1-4 lb. Bags. l lb. laP'S, :j 9t=4 lb. Bags :rr. /:() ) < < l. TSI 'tJmmonwtalth : ) J lb. lib. c IL'lU119D I I No. 1'10 Water Street, New York. I L PALMER A H. SCOVILLE, ConnectiC'!lt of our own pa.oking JOHN F ALLEN,. SMOKING JOBACCd MANUFACTURER, 1446 & l44S :FRANXLIN lUC:m.tOND, VA. FACTOR-Y No. ,&, Matchless,.. Wait for Bud and Blossom,' ]ewer, Imperial Dutba:m, oTd r a nds..manufactured t o 4s. a en I KACCOBOY, FRENCH RAP PEE, SCOTCH :AND J,UIIDYFOO't SNUllFS. \ll MACCOBOY AliD FRENC SNtrFP7tOUR. "" 1 r -'.4..A ) 1 ..,. SMOKING 1188 WATER AND 85 PINE STBBETS, NEW-YORK.'. n 1.-:rlt & c 9., DO'OaDaa ... D r11 FOREI & ,JJ jL roo R.I..O c ... 1M IU.mD LAD, DW YOB.X. FELIX CARCIA, I l1U"O'RTE B 01' 1 Havana Leaf Tobacco, York. SPll'ISH iWINES AND CIG.lRS. Aleo of the weR-knOWil YOLCER & -HUNiiKEN, Brand of Cigars "La Carolina,'' xan-,wwul 150 WATER STREET, & e g Q, &, { NEW YORX. c. T oiJacco C-ommission \ oa .-, THlll MAll RDo Viginia. Beauties, l,&'L u u t lbs O!iY'e, i lhR. V.jgipia'!ri>w n Pocket Pie-. Thomall'1())1oioe ')!;I Che Haw, F ig's.' tt, La F avan Rolls, 6 incl'i Chas. Henr. Tr., 9 inch, light aJI .. b8l'd t, :H. 1 '' 12 well lb&. Pure y !.l'ginia, Eureka, Oliver's Choicf Old K e ntuck, u u .. BENNETT'S PATENT "EUREKA" TOBACC PU!_::;::::=U:ccq. A S. Btreee, Nt1111 York, f'

LEWIS. BREMER'S SONS, "LwEAP. I ''-Ul> THE TOBACCO LEAF. LOUIS STRASSER, l't1a nufact er of C IGARSJ Segar s and Tobacco. HE COMMISSION MERCHANT, An d Dealer In CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF -:1." <> b ac co, 228 State S t., Hartfo rd, Conn a se, 159 and 161 Oommeroe street, HARTFOJm, CONN. Beo t Connectlcut TobaoooSeedf or' l!&le ID qaalllltlelof one poun d and o pnnlo. D. It SEYMOUR. A. L. & F'. SISSON, Pack.en and Deale r J.o De&Jer 1 ', '\ '! of .,..::.;;. OHIO & "'ONNECTICUT FINE SEIAR J P OLORB W. H GL\)U J. A. P. GLORE II. BROS., Manutactorc rs of Besl Grades o f :PLUG AND FINE CUT And Dealer i n all tJnda o f ...... .I .. B. 11:-..a W., .. Klii!.ULL & 00., w.At.i Peerless &-Fancy Plain TOBACCO&. TOBACCO a speclaltJ. Boohater. y. 8. SELLINC .t. SON, --------LEAF TOBACC01 DetrQit Novelty DETBO:IT, :UJ:OH. Fine-Out, Chewing & Smoking Tobacco, Killickinick, &o., 11'1'. Jm. STAJWX, GU.TMAN a. oo.,._ ol Smokers' Articles, ..._ ....... Ia a.ncl SEGABIJ, HABTFOBD, -CONN. ] L. N. WOODWORTH, .... l e rln LEAF TOl3ACCO, 1\T o. Si17 State St., HARTFORD, CT. L eaf Tobacco & Cigars, Smoking & Cltcwlng Tobacco, R and All .IUum or Smokers A. CHAPMAN, Artleles, 123 Jlarket 24..!!!d 3d ST. LOlliS, MO. Coonecticut Seed leaf Tobacco, EA.ST o f a11 kinds of CONNECTICUT. PLUG AND SMOKI G ------------.TOBACCOS ; G. W. GRAVES, AD 206 llorth Seoond Soutn Street, OODISIIO:! JIElWilAHB, ft. r.oma..., INDIAN / P.lO&:Ka UD DUJ.a U No. eo South Charles St., near .. .. CHlCAGO AlfD 801JTHERN .ADVERTISDIENTS ;-, ,---: C. A. J A OKS ON Be Oo. J. W. CARROLL; &le Ma nulkctnoor of the Famo u s a n d World of V J a moking T obaccos U flt E Jtt.CK and BROWN DICK, P. Loril.lard's Western RUFFNER .t. FOY, fiG TO.ACCO, siiUffRIID ., '85 Soulh Water Street, CHJX] JtGO, IU. BROS., Wholesal e Deale r s inall kinds of SEED-LEAF TOBACCO AND t::IGARS, 17 West Randolph Street, CHICACO, J,LLINOIS.. I 8. KA8PROWICZ1 ---:Whi!Mal e Dealer ID B Y .I.U, OY :.rnarrra ..r H :t'i s r "'76 TGBACCO WORKS." R. C MURR.A.Y, late et Vaa H orn, lilurrar .l Co. MIA L lllAB ON, Jaw or W al l .t IIIMon. MURRAY& MASQN, .&XJ> ; w .A1.1. Oliewwg. a n d Sino1rih g '"'Tobacco. 174 & 17 6 V{ ater St. Chi oll<'O D!. J"O B N E U.t..ll.RIS. DANJEfBARf.[... EBE. Empir e cp., ::llant!fn.ctmehi o f Ev:9Valioty o f PLUG TOBACC0,1 And Dealers ln. L eaf", Qaincv, IlliDoil. I B .&.. YOVB'Q. J, D Y O lJNG. R. A. YOUNC BRO., Geaeral .. tsstea Ierehu&s, Solic i t Older8 for purcbae of Ck1ton and No. 4 (lRONli,.ONT BUILDING,) S11ca ure c [Box4llll. ] Petersburg, Va. Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf r o c co t Danbury, Connectlcut. I..OUl SVIL L E .KY., U. S. Bonded Tobacco W No.1. GEO. W. WICI{S &: CO., H a o ulac .m.r.' Appa. for Sale of Vi-rginia, bli s so u1i, ana Ketttudl:f TOBACCO, Also D ealers tn lmJd @l;ara. 1 .02 MAIN STREET, [Bet"'"" .. 3tl mtl 4th ,] Lou is-:Hle Kentuck;r B. DGRAW & CO., IAIUFACTUBERS DEALERS II o"b po-o, 81U1F CICAIIt J-.58.65 Bud8treet&81 .. P:r:l'TBBUBGH. PA. nvJ: BlLOTD:U TO:U.CCO. YOBD _....., ... -. ---. --. ---.I1 0RI 'Plmw a nos. -.. .......,._. 2-----PLUG .. 181 'II'Mie ... ...... .... Fred. Westhoff, J r .,'f FORWARDINC =


J1.. B IJCHTBl'JSTmN A.:ll:'llJIIBBL. v BB.os. &. oo., MAIUFACTUREU OF CIIAII, and all kinds of llanufactuted Tobacco, 1!H .Maiden Lane, New York. TH: E TOBACCO


1 Compoeed ot uaHcrrT :r. 'i'LAee. : ... 4P4 PEARl. SThBT, UW YOU., .' ilanfactllren C>f !ill tiada of I j.\'JNE.CUT CHEWIN'G. AND I SMOKING TOBA.CC0, SNUFF AND CIGARS. THOMAS HOYT & CO. I 11 Composed of THoMAS HOYT and JoHN F. FLAOO. SUCCESSOR.& TO --' HOYT, & CO., K T. OUR BRAND l fiDe' Cut Chewing, .lDNJ'I'YiJIDE, l j DELIGHT, OWEN, NATIONAL, llOSE and SmOting Tobacco AND CICARs l I JEI:ay-a l!llz-. Dela.nooy _!t., New York. .......... aftllajbllcnrt,. bruda O(Kn._.,.: ;l'rWe ollbe U. &;; Bue 11&11, Wlnelleoter, '!llo8l* Lelf, ..,..., ONalul .... I kzi 1&,_ IUChaaan & U4 WU.ER-STREET, I N ._..,....;..,. Cetil Braau or IIAIIn'-OP i AI. Suced!On to a. .I .... ......_ af alldadll ol I AND SMOKiftG TOBACCO. ll"&etor:y and Bales room, HARTOOB.Ii & HAD. IUirn7 .... 0111111D8 ... : I & SNOI


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