The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

Material Information

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
Place of Publication:
New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00282 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.282 ( USFLDC Handle )

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University of South Florida
Tobacco Leaf Journal

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..... TOBACCO IUBDT. ... I /


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/ ;Rja&iJmi'toil!lm c& >>hiJii0 J,n.c "l'JV'IJ i::l U 'I odJ 'J:>btw VI Oil Gi r' i ,.oO til: 'i1 oJ m dt !JtiJ lo ooJ.rsn erl JIJ"JOf1 OJ OVrt STiliiT, N1.w Yon. J l 1 lmnq ; E:nod 88 BQ [ ,al:H.IJJ OLABBBVD.t.E, "1'IDOL


'!IAJ:.I -Ill :ira TUOITo:iHUWO ,ea.uods1..a 03{)doT I .taa1ja s o1ammoO rar f>Irs ear 1 .2nnwq u blla bn.uorz !HTQ .M .a ---T8A3: .TUJf J3J Yi f) 2-oz. Bags, t .1:-oo a t 0 0 0 A'" "'DX"ll::...l' TObacco, TABDW Llll' BDILDlN&; B'I"OadwtriJ, coMtet t:lar S(reet, New York CUr/. c. .., I --"" '1itOlR.K, .. -1 We Mile the libertY of r.clclrlioiiJI2 yoa Ill thlo mllllllll', the better to call 70111' attentfoa to a tuul'iO.nyllie ill 118 ,o, llty. We haw, dnr1D1 maayyeore, patlently &Dd peronerlqly lnotltuted uperlmlllllll having 1 direct upon tho maaulactnre or Tobaceo ; we bue lruly opareol t1ae lior mooeJ" ill theoccomplltbment of oar JlllrpoM, &Dd trom a uQI,p ell.'pf'l'teDee inltt-tlptloal, are con..tueell that the only !rue and ]troper wal' to m&JiUfactpre t. aDder aar proce!!ll ol -nuflctaring. It proteOtl the Tobeceo from tbe :t:Nf.uld!Jii. H.f v andrpeatly Improve die' q.-..q.. aid Jft&?Or; eq_ e M ruand to be better tbllb a w Wll at G.ret (. J n oL peo J uw at Ita blgb merit, that we now place U t 'ttl the t'-tmfftdeltce eompet.ltlon .W,,Jtla[ ;e.riMle UIMflil) ""')r,,Q II lUI oJ.Un!ler "o clrcnmotanee wtrtli .. Brll@dli M Lowered or De&el'loraled. 1 11 ., --, u I 1liJ L I t'< v. f. Caution CoiUJtlft"f8r ""rit!lotlor ll'!'l>aeco pat np ror deC<;illll q8illialiir Jlnire ror W CO.'S 'I'Vall YJD.LTh woon, J 293, M 2p4 :YORK. ( Cigar Amber Mouth Pieces1 fipe Stems, Silver -.JUJJMrioe okera' line, Wholesale &lid RetaiL .. N fu OJ-B'hiD, PnAnr, ..&JI.U, :J.UQY c;IQ.A..l order by oontract, &t lower pJi -J!DJ!!IF)ed at. I i.aijil, a ftrYlargestock or I aleo make t.o ordlo' '_ ba.p, ft-I I r 1 '1 l tf\ONOGRAMS:., ORMAiTS, ETO. REPA.IllllV:t BOILlJifJ KGUNTING, ., attended "t.o: Goode eeni 't.o all peria f1l ... Cilculara aent eDQ)Ofllug atunp. t.lf. B.'-l am &be Bola )lanufkekuw 111.. GXliiUllO lfMJUWJHAUJI Am> .umD frW In tba lJDI.tecl -0 1 .l.u JoJ' "'" i.. ... l.trlit C l ub F i Je, given awe.y with bis. Yadl\0 'Tic & sc(li, ...... "!'fill B!I'AJruiB, DeWera In r.ll kblds <>f '. :UM Street, nw YORE:. [L. HIRSCHORN & CO. I S::B-:G ARS, AND TOB1-CO

' StalDm-, K:aacht, J EEA..xs-Mtmf&tttcturer !Jf au Jj,akJt., 4n Cfflar. 225 RACE 8TREEJ, .PH "8. FUCUET & SONS" OF HAVANA CIIIARI AND LEAF TOBACCO, A ND FX1'1\TE under our (Copyrighted) Jlrand s, or Special (Private) ones 2 2 9 South Frout Philadelphia. nited Bonded Warehouse,_ First Collection Di!>trict, Pennsylvaaia. wpQDWARP BROTHER !'Ubaceo and General Commission & co., Merchants, WM. WELSH' & SONS. ..,....... Deai .. .llllmpertec!A 'II.....a. I f LE.&r,1 I TOBACCO .... SEGARS. No.H BOlliA GGfl Bllwl, B_,......, w........... .: ... --I'D) B'o. U ortJa Water Street, and B'o, 48 Borth Delaware .Avenue, ....... -__.... __., ____ -+--__,....;._ and llJt( J: () Lleortee, ._.,._,,!' .F"'j !llfl l t1 } PHILADELPH.IA, P.A. +:. ., -; .B. WOODWARD. F. W .CJ,' JI. : BOLBlfi0'8 +o..._e1-r --==-r--==-.... ._... ... "' ioIJ,.,_' II ......._., --===-' 11 ,, ww.aleDeelinJ.IIJ t. u M&Rfi/GC!turw of FINE ClG.ABS, and Dealers n DAiwtscF. hH.erBIRSCaHucoh"''taF,bak,' ... E .. A F T. 0 a L A c LEAF TOB.A.CCQ. ".. 330-337 .North 3d, 23 North 2d, and 837 Chestnut : AID OTIIEI CIOI" IIAIIot. Bu.(actarM. '. N ... OB.48"M ... 100 P)l4ft iTBDT. Ji.AI.Tl][OD a-The only m&DIIl&cturera of the celebrated YAltA YOUNG AllXRICA, YARA, OUR lfOBBY, YARA aAI. TIMORL G. w GAIL. CHRISTIAN AX. LITTLE ONES, PICKWICK DAISY, PUNCII, and other copyrighted braildo of c lg aro G W. GAIL & G. KERCKHOFF & CO., M. E. McDOWELL ct. CO. ..:# (l!'lnt C<;Uectlon District orPennaylvani&J AND Wholeeale Dealora In ILE.&FUDTOiicco. CONN. SHD HAf fOBACCO_ No.60 SOUPHG.AY STBBBP PIIILADKLI'BIA, p._ General Commission :Merchants, No. 89 Norch Water street, PHILADELPHIA. -111.) BALTIMORE, MD. BALTIMORE, MD. J AMES RUSSELL & 00., Commission Merchants. Large assortment of 0\ay and Glazed Pi pea, L at reduced prices I .No ,11 SOUTH FBON':l'IJ':l'BBET, PHILADELPPIA, PA, S. & J. MOORE, TOBACOO commission Merchants, 107 North Waterltr eet 11-lU PHILADELPHIA. l. RINALDO SANK & 00., ,obacc:O and Genera.l Com. Merchuts. ............ ....... -) .................. I tJ 6 PHILADELPHIA. lit & Bs}lort Bacle4 w .. & t ...................... ,.. ...... l'liOMAS HARE & WBOU8Ai.11 D:a.u-.88 Ilf ALio JUilDI o.-I FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC lEA AND MANUFACTURED JN;UFF, BEG ARB, ETC., !To. 474 a.nd 503 N. Seoond St., PHILA.DELPHX.At... ""'"for Gal t & Ax's Teb8cco and 8nutf. IIJDilY ... I.e M :;n(llk:buc ol ot: I .,lUll I JU R lC'ETi "' # .i.JI_ 1 -P.lll.LAD_ EllHll E. W.{'D1CKERSOI. & llfi.Ilufa.oturers' Agent: SOLE ACENT FOR BUCK.RYE TOBACCO WORKS, !CQLBDO, OHIO. /)epot, 107 North Water St., PliliLADI\LPBU.. 7,JoS. .,.--;;-Scmw-. -.,--""--------A:-. -:;N-100-LA- -= .... -=-HOPF1UN GILMOR. FRANK G lBSO!f, Wm. & Co., Jos!!! ... SEED, HAV"NA AND YARA N 81 E h e Pl And General Comm1ssron Merchants. LE .q. F TOE.A.CCO o. xc ange ace, :e.A.LT:X:a.2:0a...odL Baltimore, \ I I 7 South Water Street, PBIL!DELPBIA. W ltillonloht. B. W Clark. Phll. Boll& )(uufa.ctured b;r i ,A. B.ALPH CO., 115 .Arch Street. Phftadelp}lla. u. solrivlmwr,_ "LEAF W ARJIBOVIIJI. AJoo fnlJ lines of ManuJllctured and Smoking Tobacco. No. IJ8l South 'secontz Streel, PHILADELPHIA. Snuff ftanofactarer.s, No. 29' S. Calvert St., :BALTIMORE, MD. LOUIS GIESKE & co., Wo.un.-l'aD'It Xu& ., wrr.a F#NB a. PTER. 1 ... ANl> D,. ..... ,.,.. Dl >nEAP Leaf To'tia-oco; 1 OOlllfiBstoN.t.liJ)MERORANTB, 1 -42 Suutl Cltnrles No. 69 so.rth Charles St., near Pra" !fJ? I .<>:t I .. l;bOU'THEltN ADV)!:RTIS I 4.1 .f ,r, "y"' .. .,G .... _J-A. J Be Oo ;Bright Corner H,igh and Lafayette-Sts;-,--::E!:JIIT::m:n..s:eu:n.o-, 'V' a_ \ CONN. SEEDLEAF TOBACCO: r.portH an Domestle CJpn, f54 STATE 82 IIAIN ST., HABTFOBD, COl'lrWe J. D Bt'llNBu<,} 7 7 a; 79 .Aqlum St., A A BURNB..UI, E. D., HARTFIIRD1 .,.,.. J. H Bl11lNRAK. Ull'lft B. a Z. K. PE.A.SB, lOIIl.IIBit .. c HARTFORD, CONN. t WM. WESTPHAL, -.. .. ,_ I s. LOYIENTHAL1'6 ,CO., I COlDIISSION IIERCHAKT, .. ........ fll And Dealer In COiniECTICU'T SEEDLE.Al' Tobacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 Commerce street. H.ARTFO]ijl, r BeotConnectlC'Ilt Tobacco i!l!fl& r:.Nale qaUiilllelet one poOJ!d. and upwardo. D. It SEYMOUR. A. L. A F. 81811. N, Paelr.era anil lit Connecticut Seed Leaf CO,. 134 JM:ain :Street, HARTFORD, CONN. '126-188. '--' .... ..; JOSERH S : WOODRUFF. DBAI..BB 15 Cot&necticut Sud-Leaf T 0 B AGC. 0 ; 18 MARKET STREET, CONN. 1\l o. 217 State St., HARTFOBD, CT. G. W. GRAVES, / ..10) DBJ...LD Ill' T 0 B'"'A C C 0 t 1 DanbuFJ C ---. -.. 'S LOUISHLLE, KY., U. S. Bonded l W olse No. 1. GEO. W. WICKS & CO., Manur..cturen' .Agenll for Sale of Yirginitt, MissQuri, and Kentuckf I I


HE T 0 B A CJlQ __ c_L_ E A F. BROS& d ..,ebtO .baa Uw IOC(1'Q Otn .A .H & M.ti "VF.tiCTUBE.RS OF


8 U3.1& U5 D1UUUI Bt ......__ .. riNi.ciJT, unantnuc R9,81-e :J '' lQ\J ,,.., i' PASTE W AL:CI$' & COL I EXTRA. t9 '! lJI I IV B.. ;sr 0 B B, ( 'l'&bacco ma.nufacturers md the in general 8J":l r part.imrlsrly examine and test the s'u-perror prope rties of ibis LICORICE, which, being now brought to the higb.esti!p erfection, !s abovoe ltyle of brand. We are a1ao SOLE AGENTS for the '1 ': I, J ) '! /1 L or I ,, 'oJo .,, I ... .. nwr F. W. SCK a. CO., 130 North St.. :Baltinwe. lid..


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