The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
C. Pfirshing, publisher
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1 online resource (4 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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., r Qrgan of ihe Tobacco Trade of the United States : Th.e Special Trade 'Paper in the World. Volume VU., No. alB. u,-:. OP TJill: 81n8:Ie eop!es ... 19 Cento. I Per annUm. ...... 'l'OEnKland and tlle0anad&8, $1. 04 additionAl per annnm lbr prepayment or postage. 'fo Bremen, Hamburg, and the Continent ot Barope $2.08 per anmtm for postage. Te AUatralia, etc., per annnm for for the poper considered, nnleoo acCOIDJ>Inled by the Bem!U&nCrem. Im ported cigars also bear an Internal Revenue ts.x of per M., to be paid by stamps at tue Custom House. Act, ?! 93.) The import duty on manufactur e d tobacco is 60c. per lb ; Leaf stemmed, 15c. per lb. Ill addition to this duty, the ts.x on the same kind of tobacco made 10 th is conn try must be paid. The tobacco must also. he packed according to the regulations govern10g tobacco here. Business Directory of clnrtisers. NEW YORK. -, TOBAOOO W A.RIIRCIVSES. Agnew W., & Sons, 284 and 286 Front street Allen, Julian, l '72 Water. Bass. W .A.\esander, 99 Water Benrlmo, D. & .A. 124 Blakemore Mayo & Co., 41 Broad, Bowne, R. 's. & Co., 7 Burling Slip, Bulkley, Moore & Co.,'T4 Front. Cardozo A.. H. & Co., 128 Pea.rl. Chockley .A.. D. & Co., 1&8 PearL Cohn & Smith, 173 w .. ter. Connolly & Co., 45 Crawford, E. M. & Co., 168 Water. Dohan, Carroll & Co., I 04 Front. Du Bois Eugene, 8'7 W .. ter. Fa\leW!teiD, Cba8. B. & Son, 1211 Pearl. l'atman & Co.;-70 and '72 Broad. Friend & Co., E. & G., 129 Maiden Lane. Gassert & Rro, 160 Water. Ginter Lon\s, 65 Warren Groeae .A.. L, 181 Pearl. Guthrie & Co., 225 F,ront. Hamburger I. & Co., 59 :Maiden lane. Hill & Messenger, 43 Broad, Hillman, G W. & Ce., 108 Front. Kellogg, Overton & Co: 87 Water. Thomas, 6 W1lllam. Kittredge, W. P. & Co.,7l It 73 Front. Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl. Lamotte .A.. c., 163 Pearl. Levin, H., 162 Pearl. Maitland Robert L & Co., 1 Hanover sq. Martin & Johnson, 166 Water. Mayer, Joseph & Son 122 Wat Bowery. Lichtenstein Bros. & Co., 12 I Maiden lane. Ottenberg Bros; 240 8th avenue Rayner Tbos. J. & Co., 29 Liberty and 54 Maiden Lane. Seidenberg &; Co. 19 Dey. Smith, :E .A., 181 Maiden lane. Straiton, Schmitt & Storm, 1 Ill Pearl. Sutro & Newmark, 67 Maiden lne. Volger & Hnneken, 166 Front. MANU:I'ACTURER OP I'INJ: BA..TAJriA. SJ:GA...aS. De Braekeleer, .A.. 96 Beekman, THE GERK.lN CIGAR P.lCURS SOCIETY. Borgstedt & ]\araten, 7 Bowery IKPORTJ:RS .&.ND DE.&.LERS Barnett S., at Water. Danenberg A. F., 21 Sixth ave. Frank; :l\1. 10 l Maiden Lane Lindheim M., 814' Water pn'ORTERB OF IIAVANA TOBACCO, Almira!! J. J., 30 Cedar. llauer,'ChM. T. & Co.,' 40 Beaver. Costa Jacinto, 86 Me.idn Lane. .G!W'a1a .F. 150 Water. Miranda, Felix, Pearl Salomon, M. &: E., 86 Maiden L Kelly, Robert E. & Co: 34 Beave' Vega. Joseph .A.. & Bro., 18'1 !'car Walter R. S 203 Pearl. Wei! & Co., 60 Pine. MANUI'ACTUURS OJ' SNUFI'. Appleby & Helme, 188 Water. Goetze, F .A.. & Bro., 828 WashingtOn. llll'ORTKRB Ol' PIPES, BTC. Boiken Richard J 91 Cbs.mbers. Siefkes, H. D., 83 Chambers and 65 Reade, OJ' OLA.Y PIPES. Batjer, H. & Brother, 61 Wat er. Bergmann, J. H. & Co., 146Front. KA.NUFAC'l'URXRS OF MEEB.SC!UUH GOODS. Pollak & Son, 43 Maiden lane. lloiPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS. De Bary & Kling, 52 Broad Maier 0., 29 Beaver. Rayne r Thos. J. & Co. 29 Liberty and 6<\ Malden Lane. nlPORTERS OF LICORICE PASTE. Appleby & Helme, 183 Water, Duvivier & Co., 9 Whitehall. Giffqra, Sherman & Innis, 120 William. Gomez, W&llis & Co., 29 and 81 S. William, P. Harmony, Nephews & Co., 63 Broadway. Kremelberg & Co., 160 Pearl, Morris, H. M., 101 Pearl. Weaver & Sterry, 10 Platt. J'OR TOB.i.CCO M.A.NCJ'A.Ot'ORBitS. Sterry, F. W & C()., 24 Cedar. BEIIDLJlAB TOBACCO INSPECTION. Linde, F. C., & Oo., 76 Greenwich street TOBACCO PRJ:SS:IRS. Guthrie & Co .. 226 Front. llANUF.A.CTUR:tRS OF BOXES, Henkell, Jacob, 293 and 295 Monr<>e. Wicke, George, 26 Willett street. CIGAR 110X CEDAR AND OTHER WOOD. Dingee, P. M., cor. Sixth and Lewis. Rodman & Hepburn, 216 Lewis. Wardrop & Daly, 205 Lewis. SPANISH CIGAR RlllBONS, .Almirall J. J. 30 Cedar. CIGAR RIBBONS. Cramer G., 26 White street. OIGAR MOULDS. Cigar M. M Co., 463 First ave. Jacoby S. & Co., 409 Pearl. liA.NUFACTUf .. ER OJ' TOBAC C O TIN-I'OIL. Crooke, J. J 38 Croeby street. AUOT10NEER8 OJ' TOBACCO, BTO. Betts & Co. 7 Old Slip. TOBACCO-CUTTING MACHINERY. Borgfeldt & Deghuee, 105 Maiden lane. TOBACCO LABELS. Hatch & Co., 32& 34 Vesey. Heppenheimer, F. & Co., 22 North William Wuur, Chas .A. .. 01 Chatham. TOBACCO SEALING WAX, Zin88er W. & Co., 197 William. TOB.lCCO PAPBR W ABllHOVSB. Jesenp & Moore, 128 William. BUSSUN CIG.UU:TTBS. 0. Bedrossian, 60 John. Kianey Bros., 141 West Broadway. OOllP ANIJ:S. Home Life1254Broadway. CIGAR lUCHIIfE8. .A.merican Cigar Machine Co, 1 '12 Water. PANOY PRINTED G80DS FOR TOBACCO BAGS. Diggles, J. H., & Co, 135 Duane. BU&EIU. TOBJ..CCO :PlPE. Robinson, R. W. & Son, 182, 184 and 188 Greenwich. B.i..TANA. CIGAR I'LJ..TOR. Fries .!.. & Bros 26 West Bro adway. FIRB lllll!lTRANGII Market Fire Insurance Co., 37 WalL ENAHEL FOR SHOW CARDS. < Harris Finishing Co., 35. Dey, liAMUJ' A.CTUBIR OJ' SHOW C.A.SU. Lorenz, .A.., 13 North William : DANKS, German.A.merican Bank, cor. Broadway and ALB&.NT1 N; T. Greer .A. & SoilS, 822 Broadway. BALTIMORE, Beck & Hayen, 60 South Gay. Bolenius, G. H. & Co., 202 West Boyd, W .A.. & Oo., 38 South. Brauns, F. L. & tlo., 3'7 South Gay Gieske, L. & Co., 4 2 South Charles. Gunther, L. 'V., 90 Lombard. Kerckhoff & Ce 49 S. Charles. Loose, C. & Co., 62 Scuth Chs.rles Paul, W m., West Baltimore. Rosenfeld S. & Co 58 Exchange Place. Schroeder, Jos. & Co., Bl Exchange Placol. Wilkens & Klier, 69 South Charles TOBACCO PAOTORB. Gieske&; Niemann, '18 South Charles. M.A.NUI"..lCTURER8, BTO. Beck, F. W. & Co., 130 North. Feigner, F. W ., 90 and 92 South Charles, Gail, G. W. & .A.x, 28 Barre street. Hashagen, J. D. D. & Oo., 27 Camden Parlett, B. F. & Co., 92 Lombard. Welsh Wm. & Sons, 27 South Gay. Wilkens & Co., 181 West Pratt. ll.&NUI'ACTURER OJ' CIGA.RS. Barker & Chandler, 26 South Oalv:ert. Gutb Gusts.v, 63 German. MANUFACTURER OF BRIARWOOD PIPES. Kiebler, J a.cob, 1 Granby. lLUfUFAOTURER uF PLUG TOBACCO. Naudecke" L. H., 5'7 West Baltimore. lolAN!IFA.OTURI!BS OP BNUPF. Dukehart, E. W. & Son, 29 South Calvert. BOSTON, Brown D. B.&; Co., 31 & 33 Broad. Fieber & Oo., 23 Central Wharf. Holyo'ke, C. 0., 12 Central Wharf. IloiPOBTJ:BS 01' HAVANA OIOABS A.ND LJ:U_TO B.lCOO, Wilder & Ests.brook, 'T Comme'rcial.. BREMEN, GER!!r.ANT, OOiolliiSIOH llli:BCBA!Ii'rS. Westhbfi'Ferd., Jr, C. PFIRSIHNG, PnoPBmTOB 142 FO'LTOll BTRBBT NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29, 1871. BROOKLYN N, 'W, M...&.NUP..&.CTUBERS. Buchanan & Lyall. CIO.&R DOX JUNUPACTURERS. Brehm H. & J., 40 Lorimer. BOX IU.N1JJ'.&.CTURERS Sherman Brothers, 3 to 13 Sedgwick. CHICAGO, TO..BA.CCO Ruffner & Foy, 85 ::tduth Water. DE,OLERS IN LEAF TOB.&CCO AliD CIOABS. Case, S. S. & Co., 149 South Water DBALBRS IN LBAJ' TOBACOO, Kasprowicz, S., 117 South Water Sandhagen Bros 17 Randolph. MANUFACTURBRS OJ' li'INE CUT TOBACCO. Murray & Mason, 1'74 & 176 Nortl, Water. MANUFACTURERS OJ' FiNJ: CUT CHEWING ANn SMOKING AND DEALERS Dl LEAF TOBACCO. Beck & Wirth, 95 flou th Water. CINCINNATI, TOBACCO AUCTION W AREHOUSJ:S, Casey, Wayne & Co., 100;-104 West Front. JU.NUJ'A.OTURERS A.Nb Brashears, Brown & Titus, 32 & 34 Main. Hafer, Holmes & Co. 25 West Second. DEAL Tr.RS tN TOBACCO, Besuden Henry & Bro., 161-1M Pearl. Mp.llay Rich & Brother, 115 West Front. :Meyer Hy., 18 Front. llE.tLJ:R IN LEAF TOBACCO AND OIG.lll8. Fuhrmann, V., 17 Mai::. \IANIJJ'.A.CTUilli:RS, lllPOilTKRS1 AND D.I:ALJ:&S IN CIGA!lS .t I .6.robn, Feiss & Co., West Fourth. 1 Lowentb&l, S. & Co., 76 Main. Strasser Louis, 187 Walnut .. CLARKI!IVILLB, TENN., LJ:A.J' 'I'OB..l.CCO BltODR8. Clark M. H., & Bro. CLEVELAND, OHIO. COll'JSSIOM )fKRCRA NTS .A MD 10BB:&RB OY CIGARS AND TOBA.CCO. I Bramhall, Inge .raoll & Co., 137 Superior. COTINGTON KY Glore, J .A.. P & Bro., 1?, 1 'l & 19 W 7th. Power &Clayton, Kenton Tob.Wrhs, Greenup. DANBURY, CONN, Graves, G. W. DANVILLE, VA, Pemberton J. I[ DA.TTON, O, Hoglen & Pease Pease's Tobaooo-Clltling NEW. YORK, 29, t8 71. l THE BULEY DEFUU TIONS. section fifty five of the law of July 20, 1868 It only therefore remains for the1Commissioner to so change the condition of cancellation as to admit other evidence than that contained iii the landing certificates mentioned tn the bond as it now r<>aoi.B. Such alteration is clearly in his power,' aij by reference to the "rules. and resulations, in which the form 'bccuf be seen that thelanguageha.s been alrl!ady A Chicago paper recently its records of births with this item : "In Lag.onier, Ind., to the wife of Ackerman, a daughter. No cigars." John Miller, the oldest person in Westminster, Mass., died on Friday, almost 97 years old. It itl asserted that for the last 90 years of his life he chewed tobacco and swallowe d the juice. several times changed to conform to the alterations Light at last! A Washington dispa'tch announces made from time to time in the statute. The Horace Greeley is full of novel agricultural quirks but the statement that be has brougbt the N ortb Carolina '!arm springs to make a hennery over them, and mduce hens to lay boiled eggs is said to that "the actual cash defalcation of J. F. Bailey, late evidence" admitted in the new bond should clearly, include testimony of the loss of the vessel and cargo a.t sea., be an infamous lie. Collector of Internal Revenue for the Fourth and Thir- which, if, satisfactory, to the officials, should be held to districts of New York, is stated by t?. e Oom missioner of Internal Revenue to be $132,642, made up the obligor from responsibilit;r in the matter. The admission of such proof, it seems t.o m, would be strictly in keeping with the most literttl con-of taxes collected and not deposited ; collections from st'ruct10n of the act. and would certa.inly be approved Too YouNG.-An exchange charges that in "the tobacco lactories in New York, Brooklyn and the neigh borhood there were recently found children only four years of age, half a dozen in a. single room Otht>rs were e1ght years of age, a.nd ranged from that up to fifteen years.'' stamps, not deposited ; speuial deposit account with I t ,he Secretary_ of the Treasury; colleiJt ,ions on sp,irits and t oba.cco unaccounted for; collections on account l. 1 of anii cotlections on accqun t of by the common sens(. of the entire business commu----nity. RICHMOND INSPECTIONS oF ToB.A.cco.-The following But the toba.oco trade is not the only class that is a. comparative statement of inspections of toba.cco in has a.nnoyed by similar misconstruction of the Richmond, Va. from tbe lst to 15th of Ma.rch 187,0, In the collection of the tincome ta.x, and the same p eriod, 1871: 1870-1,210 198 assessors' blanks have recently been :nade ont 'which, tiercesl 107 boxes; 1871-2,286 hhds, 678 tierces, Th. 1 h h 1 1 1 hoxes. ll)crease in 187l, 1,076 hhds., 480 tiercee, 167 IS amount, a t oug not so arge as was popu ar y in several instances, are in direct opposition' io the re boxes. gaugers' fees. 1 expected] is fixed. MaY nOt. quirements 'of th'e latest amendments tot the act. Thns I __ f ll 1 h 0 h h while the latter &nlv 're7quires "toe .=trosil amount of VxaoxN ,u. _LKUl'.--Says the correspondent of an respect u y mqu}re o t e w a_t are t e , ., b f: prospects of ;educing it by 1 t?e atpou'i't. of income, gains : to .he stated,' the c ange wntmg rom Goochland county, Va. : "Tobacco . that are .now bmng sent out reqll-tre "a detailed state-growers .whb have Aold their crops greatly dis gtven by the surettes, wbwh, we beheve, one hun-t f. 0 d fit ., 'd db b couraged at the low prices obtained. Those who have men o 1nc me, gams a.o pro s, as proy1 e y t e n_ot sold are holding back with the hope of ta.king a. dred thousand Let us hope, now the limit of l'aw, arid which was'' fou d to. be a.nnoyinga.nd nse, and at the same time are anxious to know when the defalcation has been ascertained, that not anoth r inquisitorial in the Agllin the, form of an that be. Like all other country folks, believing moment will be lost in saving what may be eollected affidavit is givett which "must be and editors know everything, I should like you to en .1, b h }ft. d a them on the subjec.t. One great question is fro m 'those gentlemen who undertook wha.t proved to eu Y e:very person w ose mcome -""t year i not why It has not "taken a nse'' since the close of the exceed .2,000, whereas the sta.tute makes no 11ubh F p be the extra-hazardous task of insuring the late Collec;ranco r}!S&}an WIJ.r. req11irement bnt simply exempts this class of persons ---tor's honesty. f' h rom payment Ol t e tax. : DEATH' OF .A _MEMBER OF THE ENGLISH TRADE.-,We EXPORT BONDS .AND HOW TO CANCEL THEM; We, tmst, ,since 'the a.'ttention of the Commissioner have received from England the announcement of the Engine DETROIT, MICH. TOBACCO X:NIVES. Detroit Novelty Works. 1 EAST HARTFORD,' C6NN. I PACKERS AND DJ:A..LE&S. r Chapman, R.'.A.. HARTFORD, CONN, PACKERS .&.ND DEALERS. I i Haas Brothers, 282 Main and 154 State. Hubbard N. & Co., 224 State. London 214 State. Pease H. & Z. K., 16 Market Seymour, D. M., 169 and 161 Commerce. Shepard & Fuller, 214 State. Sisson, .A.. L. & F., 134 Main. Westphal, Wm., 228 State. Woodruff, JosephS 18 Market Woodworth, L. N., 21'7 St ate. WHOLES.U.J: DEALERS IN loiANUFACTURZD 'l'OBA.CCOS. Burnham, J. D & Co., '17 and '19 Asylum, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind, MANUFACTURERS OF PLUG ...lND SMOKING Smith Thomas, 85 East South Street. LONDON, ENG, TOBACCO COilti1SS[QN lolERCRANTS Glas.;oford & Co., 4 Great St. Helens LOUISVILLE, KY. Finzer, J. & Bros., 13 Third. Wicks, G. W. & Co., 102 M ain. TOBACCO COMMISSION Mli:R(1HA.NT, Meier Wm. G. & Co., 56 Seventh. JOBOEI\S IN ALL KINDS OF loiA.NUFACTURED TOBACCo, IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC CIGARS. Tacha u & Co., C. G. 174 Main. L VJ'II'CHBURG, VA. Armistea d L. L. Carroll, J W. Langhorne, Geo. W & Co. Tyree, John. H. ___ I hn.s been ualled to the subject, that he will orrler not deat?, KM OXLEY, Esq., at his residence, "Under 1 h sear, esww Cumberland, on Saturday, the 4th of We week called attention to the decision of the' orl Y t es e incorrect income blrmks but the toba.cco March, vt>ry 'brief illness, aged sixty-eight judge in the United District Court of Maryland, exporters' bonds at present in use to be immediately Mr. Oxley wtll her remembered by the tradu on this in which he held that tobacuo lost at sea, it' being made to conform to tl:e statute requirements in such as practically the founder, and for a long time cabes made a.nd provided It is "great h db' th t semor partner, of the well-known firm of John Stewart there fio1e 1'mpossible to produ ce any landing certificate, ,. ar 8 lp, a 1 b'd' 1 Oxley & Co., tobacco and commission merchants of must pay the tax. We quoted the' two sections of the awa 1 mg Citizens sJOuldibe thus annoyed in their London and Liver.pool, from which he retire(i,!\ome law df July 20, 18S8, to the !object, and show-attempts to obey the law as it staods, and not the years ago. The deceased was widely and ed that they could not be made to bear any such con excuse can be alleged for leaving the forms known, and his will be generally a.nd sincerely struction. It should, however, be stated as a.. partial uncorrected a moment longer than the machinery of mourned. the Bureau ma.y require. ---excuse for the action of the Court, that the bond which DEATH (!)F A VETERAN IN THE TOBACCO TRADE.-At every exporter of tobacco is required to sign, is l:?ased on MINOR EDiTORIALS. a meetin1-" ,f the Tobacco Trade of Cincinnati, Coving this mistaken reading of the statute, and actually ___ ton and Jo:lewport, called for that purp ose. binds, or attempts to bind, the merchant to produce Rev. J. Benson Hamilton. of Boston is lecturing in the tollowmg preamble and resolutiOns were adopted in the landing certificate or pay the 'tax. The language Massachueetts on "SJJ,!.oke.'' :. .. '-"" honor of JOHN 0. who died at his home in, of the bond is :as follows : "Aucl if the said obligors --' N ewport, Ky., on the l9th at the age. of 72 years. 'rhe Owensboro' Ky., Monitor,says that tobaeco conH_e ,,pioneer of t?e Tobac?O of hy themselves, or their legal representatives, shall pro tmues to arrive pcetty liberally in thia market, and Cmmnnat1. Once more m the of duce to the Collector in charge, c .!X[JOrts for the port con eqnently circulates a considerable of cur great law of nature from whose JUdgments there can of------, for the b eing within __,_ rency among our planters. be appeal, the Tobacco Trade of this city is the date hereof, a landing certificate required by --, admomshed by the sudden death of one of its noblest 'l"be Dayton Ohio L edg a th t t b .1 pioneers to pause and pay a tribute 'of respect to' his the re"'ulations of the Commi sioner of Internal + er s ys e o acco see .. . beds are bemg prepared by the growers of the weed, memory, and droP. a tear of sympathy and a word of Revenue,. embtacmg the of :he. ,,ahd the prospect is that more acres will be planted condolence to his family. Thou"'h the whole common of the exporter 11ot the port without the JUriSdiCtiOn of than any preoeding yetr. ity and especially those with wh"om he was personally the United States at which the said, merchandise Ipay --acquainted, are voluntarily drawn to partake of this be landed, together with the oath of the master and 'DmN'T "CHEW RIGHT.';-A yollog m a n at Hopkins:ympathr:, and. applaud his virtues, yet that we may /, ; fi to.n, notieing that his tobacco didn't "chew right," gtve tangtble form to our action and leave npon the mate that such merchandise has been lanuec rom tbe d t d b 1 d fi d h 1 records of the Associatio11 of t11e Tobacco Trade of 1ssec e t e p ug an oun t at a Izard had been vessel in 'Yhich transported, and duly delivered in p 'ressed between its folds; and it was. his drie d flesh this city a token of its regard for the deceased, ..Re' accordance with the terms of the consig11m ent at. the and-boues whicli mad e .the weed so queerly. solved, That the Tobacco Trade of Cincinnati, Covington MELBOURNE, AUS, TOBACCO .&.GENTS ..&.ND Owen, Dudgeon & Arnell, !59 Elizabeth lUONTGOlUEBY, ALA, Warren, Burch & Co., 86 & 88 Commerce. NEWARK, N. Brintzingbofter W .A. & Son, 888 Broad Campbell, Lane & Co., 95 Broad. NEW ORLEANS, LA, Durno &Berry, 18 New Levee Street. TOBACCO FAOTORS AND COY. MERCHANTS. lrby, :McDaniel & Co., 130 Gravier, URISito..ANli', N, Y. l!ANUFAC'XURERS OF FINE-OUT OHI!WING AND SliCKING TO'BA.OOO. Pierce, Walter B. & Co. PETt-.:BSRirRG, VA, VenableS. W. & Co. port'riamed, within the time specified in the said certi:... --and Newport, sadly mourn the loss of our venerable ficate, and the certificate' of the comml, or, of LET THOSE LAUGH WHO Wm.-A Jefferson county, and respected friend, J. 0. Prather, who has so suddenly N .Y., farmet laughed when his prudent wife advised an. d unexpectedly been removed from our midst by the the United States residing at such port, that the. h d f d t.. R l d Th h him, not to smoke on a !Qad of hay. He footed 'it home an ea u. eao v e at t e deceased in his life 8etforth in said decl:i ati6n o'fthe consignee that night with his hair hinged, most of his garments was by kindness and charity toward a.n, are in hie opinion of, full faith and a prey to the devouring element, and the iron work of by unquestiOned _honesty and integrity in all his credit, and the siinature of said con ignee tq the the wagon in a potato sack, and then his wife laughed. bu1nness transactwns i and measured by the true aaid declaration is in his own handwriting; or in case 1 I --L "that the. are great," that this PIPES tbaV' briarwood pipes,". orgamzattou t:ecogmze JD hts the passing a. way said evidence isnot produced, or in case said goods, or which used to be popular among smokers a few years of a. truly great ma.n, who ha.s left to the living an merchandise, or any, part 1 thereof, is the ago-'and are yet with some-are !}early all made from invaluable example of moral worth. Resolved, Tha' U:nited States by them/ or eithE_lr o(, \hllm, by theit; laurel roots, obtained in large quantities a.t very low the sympathies ot this Association be tendered to his procurement, OT OGDnivance, we!lllond truly to pay, or prices in the lower counties of Ma.ryland. Sixty. ,tons in their deep a:ftl.iction,.-and a copy of d he of this material were shipped 'in one lot to Philadelphia these resoluttons .. be sent by the secretary a.nd ca. use to be:J>aid1 to the collectol'll a.forel!ai t amount recently. ; they _also be published in the daily papers df this Young, R .A.. & Bro., 4 Iron Front Buildings PHILADELPHIA. TOBiCCO W AB.BBOUSE8. Anathan, M. & Son, 220 North Third Bamberger L. & Co. 3 N. Water. Bremer, Lewis, Sons, 322 North Sd. Bucknor, McCammon & Co., 37North Water Doh. m & Taitt, 107 Arch. Eiscnlohr, Wm. & Co., 11'1 South Water. Geyer & Hiss, 62 North Front. McDowell M .E. & Co., 39 North Water Moore, S. & J., 107 North Water. Russel James & Co., 11 South Front. Sank&; Co., J. Rinaldo, 31 N. Water. Schmidt, H,, 531 South Seeond. Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. Van Scba.ick 17 & 19 North Waler. V etterlein & Co., 111 .Arch. Woodwarti. Brothel'!! & Co., 4'7 N. Water. ll.lli'UI'.&.CTURKRS, DBA..Lli:RS, ETC. Bamberger L. & Co., 3 N Water Batchelor, Bros., 330 & 33'7 North Third. Hare, Ta.;& Son, 474 and 603 North Second. l!ANUEAOTURERS OE SMOKING TOBACCO. Mehl & Rattay, 3,019 Chestnut. Tlleobald, .A.. H Third and Poplar. MANUFACTURERS OJ! SCOTCH SHUJ'l'. Ralph .A. & Co., 115 Arch. T8BACCO BROKER. Dickerson, E. W., 107 Nort h Water. MANUFACTURERS Oil' SEGARS. Steiner, Smith Brothers & Knecht, 226 Race. PITTSBURG, PA' / M:egraw, E. & Co. 31 Weyman &. Bro., 79 & 81 8mithfteld. lolAN'CFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS A.ND DJUL. ER IN MANUFACTORED TOBAOBO Poertsel, Emil, 231 Fifth av qUINCY, ILL. loiANUFACTURERS OJ' PLUG _}'OBACOO. Harrris, Bebee & Co. RICHIDOND, VA, liANUI' ACTURERS OF TOBACCO. Dowd, .Andrew & Son, 6 Fourteent)\. Mayo, P. H ": Brother, 2422 Carey. COMMISSION liERCHANTS. Christian, E D. & Co. Barksdale, C. R. ROCHESTER, N Y, loiA!IiUI'ACTURERS OF TOBACCO, Wh&len R. & T., 190 State JIANUI'A.OTURERS OF CKEWING AND SloiO!UKG. Kimball, Wm. S. & Co. I!IT. LOUIS, MO, Catlin, D., '!01 North Second Dormitzer,C. & R. & Co., 123 Market. Haynes J. E., 100 North Commercial. Sts.rck, Gutman & Co. 206 North Second. I!JA:N FRANCI!ICf). CO!olliiSS!ON ".EI!.CUAN'tS, Platt&; Newton, California and Fr(Jnt. WILLIAIDSUOLJICt H. N, y, I. B., i1, 1 .Lor!:mer. of td:e on said goods or handise '?f whic1 no 1___ -City, and tn the organ i.n the city evideAce is produced of hayin,g exported in pur. A LIE .. CHABGED oN :A. DETECTIVK.-Three tobacco !ork.' .1BY' the .Association, W. J. Duuha.m, euance of this or w.hicb .shall1be relanded. ,in the mats ot Petersbugh appeared in Underwood's court in United, States contrary to faw1 to_gether with fifty per Richmond, ou F!ir so diametrica.lly from that of the statute? .. ........____. ad d" biro byx h b 'b t th sauce. e of dea.d-wa.lls is only disfigured by Mr. Mtller, but Jt was alterw. ad withdra.wn, ond ht's ing those w o su sen e O em. posters, provokmg, ID the well-regula.ted mind a sense c 1 d a This brings us to the remedy for the difficulty of aversion to the man who so advertises, and 'the arti:' now engage m prosecuting his claim 1 Government for the release of the tobacco in which the Oommissioner finds himself. a. c e np<'n whose excellences he erna.tia.tes while as to t M M'll h b db'll h' -.-.. m_ques_!On. r. I er as seen propertorenewhis faithful executive officer, be can have no wish save to an 1 s, not mg so preJUdiCes a CJtlzen agamst goma 8utt a

>I 2 THE TOBACCO LEAF. .. THJc WEIGHT OJ' SHIPMENTL-A New to bacce commission house makes the following anoounoe meot: "For the benefit of buvers and planters, shipping from interior ports, landings" and depots to the sea board, we advise that they require the weight of each hogsllead at the point of shipment, to follow the hogs to the seabord, so that if there is any undue dtscrepancy between the mterior weight and the sea board weight, the attention of' the factor will be drawn to the undue dtfference and an immedtate effort made to explain or reconcile the discrepancy in the two before the tobacco passes out of reach to foretgn lands." impossible to maintain an7 such figures in face of the admitted infilriority of a large proportion of the crops. The farmers have at last been convmced ofthe unreason ableness of unexpectiog to sell poor leaf at the figures commanded by good leaf, and thus we find that while all that is really valuable in the 1870 ytelds commands very handsome figures-one good crop selling 1n the neighborhood of, 50c. last week-the greater pro portion is bringing all sorts of to use the lao of these on the spot, acoording to quality-so that no standard of quotations can posstbly be This is the result att r two months, skirmishing be buyers and growers, and although it may not be IKPOBT8. The arrivals at the port of New York, from foreign ports for the week ending Marvh1 28, included the tollowing consignments 1 Alicante. A. P. Francia, 78 bales licorice, 2,314 bundles do, 455 small bundles do. Bremen Thiermann, Kuchler & Co. 11 '7 cases H. Batjer & Brother, 949 do pipes; Bampton & Steglicb, 735 bxs do; J H Bergmann & Co., 250 do, Strasburger, Fntz & Pfeiffer, 110 rlo Glasgow: order, 350 bxs pipes. Naples: order, 100 cs lieonce. Havana: Palmer & Scovtlle, 132 ols, J. A. Vega & Brother, IOB do, 3 cs cigars ,:A. Gonzales, 1 56 do, 3 de DeBary & Kling, 2'7 cs cigars; Robert E Kelly & Co, 12 do-, G. W. Fabet, 10 do; F. Garcia, 8 do; Chas. T Bauer & Co 4 do, A C. Lamotte, 3 do; Thomas J. Rayner & Co., 2 do; V olger & Hneneken, 1 do Lewis, Philip & John Frank, Ildok Otto Maier, 1 do; W. H Thomas & Brother, 20 do; unbardt & Co, 18 do ; Acker, Merrill & Oondtt, 17 do Stetzler Bros., 7 do ; L. E. Amsinck & Co., 4 do Park & T1lford, I2 do ; Howard Ives, 6 do, Smtth, Crosby & Co., 1 do; C Hernandez, 2 do, Runie & Van Emburg, I do; W. H. Wilson, l do Youngs & Co, 1 do Doolga & Co., 1 do, Morgan, Kerne & Co, 1 do. Kuchler & Co, 29 do, Reuben Lmdheim, 8 do. A L. 8 do; H. C Schue bel, 8 do; M. 26 Coastwise from New Orleans; C. B Fallenatein & Oo, 1 hbd : P. Lorillard & Co, 36 bbls nuff; been ful_ly veritied, our receipts and sales bemg very 1D exceBS of last week. The bidding was quite spmted and the market active, and there was a marked advanoe on common and medium lugs and trash. BOSTON, MARCH 28.-Tbe Commercial Lilt says DANVILLE, v A, MARCH 25.-Mr. J. H. Pember-that market begins to show more hfe, though sales too, tobacco broker, reports as follows -The market are st1ll. confined to small wants None of the new fj th 1 Connect1cut crop bas made its appearance here and our 0 ." li" ast _week presents no new feature; supply is d 1 d fl fatr, and pnces about the same. The quantity of ea era an say "judging from sam fin.e wrakper_s a. nd smokers increase,.all tobacco sol1d m" pies and price@, 1t 1s useless to put it in the Boston th m k t w t IS mar et Is ID a loose stp.te, and the price of packing ar. e es ern contiBues to come forward steadily, 10 hhds should therefore he taken into consideration W HlTJt VEINS IN ToBACCO -A correspondent of an exchange tLus writes on tbts interestin g subject : which the I870 Connecticut has made exceedingly apropos: 'Russ' asks can any of' the readers of the H011l88tead give the reason for white veins? I do not suwose I c_an I beard several growe rs say that the portiOn first cui, and bung in the upper part of the abed, was more affected wth white veins than that banging in the shed. One tobacco barn, that I now have In mtnd, that ts built on a very damp. site and where the tobacco did not cure down so qmck, entirely free from white v e ins except a portion m the loft that was buug fitst Had the dampness undef thts butldmg anything to do with th1s crop bemg free from wbtte I do tbmk that it bad something to do in makmg the color umform Undoubtedlv the pinching drought bad much to do in producmg the wh1te V("!CUlatJVe a commodtty as Connecticut seed WhP.n there is the slightest foundation in the quality of the crop for an upward movement, the speculators do not hesitate to "pitch in" very early m the season ; but December, January and 'February pass aty'ay any demonstration m this direction, the mtrmsw value of the leaf must be small mdeed. But as the most of the 1870 crop baH now passed into the bands of the dealen, it is interestmg to note what effect the throwing upon the market of so much inferior leaf wtll have upon prices in the futu1e If the new Connecticut bas really been bought as low as IS reported, the problem of cheap seed-so greatly needed by the cigar trade-may be temporarily solved. Certam it 1s that the prices paid for the new Penn,ylvania and Oh10 pre elude the hope that help Will come from that direction. The subject IS an interesting one, and we wait for the development of events. Spanish.The week's sales included 42 bales new Yara and 600 bales HavaM at 85c. to $1. was done last week in closmg out the stock of old blights aud m the sale of good tens and quarters to the exporten who are still very sharp scented for a bar5ain. Indeed they appear to have growndlSsattsfied with the commob work that was shipped so largely in January and February to Cuban and other ports, and will now only look at the better grades. This would be an sign were they equally willing to advance m the pnces offered. but thts they seem unwilling to do,expecting to buy fine and com mon work at the same, or uearlv the same, We note the presence in the city of a large delegatwn oflead mg manufacturers from RtChmond,Danville and Peters burg, engaged in looking after unsold stoclts and pick ing np ioformatton with regard to future movements These report bnsmess in Vtrgima qu1et, the mannfactnnng season not havmg as yet tairly opened. EXPORTS From the port of' New York to foreign ports, other than European ports, for the week endmg March 21, wer'l_ as follows: Argentine Republic: 1 hbd, III30. Bnttsh N ortb American Colonies: 2 cases cigars, t602, Br1t1sh West Indies: 21 hhds, 14,316; I case, !105, 3,454lbs mfd, 11761. Ctsplatine Republic: 28 cases, $1,080 Cuba: 54 casea, $I,600 ; 3,810 lbs mfd, II,309. Dutch West Indtes. 177 lbs mfd, 1148 To European ports fur the week ending March 28 : Antwerp: 132 hbds, 110 boxes. Bordeaux. 2 cases. Bremen 452 hhds, 2 cases cigars Elsinore: 29,971 lbs mttl Glasgow 50 boxes Hamburg: 281 bales, 34 cases cigars. Liverpool: 100 cases, 173 boxes, 366 pgs London : 62 cases. DOlfESTIC BI:CEIPT& The arrivals at the pqrt of New York, from domestic interior and coastwise ports, for the week ending March 28, were 2,215 hhds, 36 do stems, '79 trcs, 27-! trcs, 2,876 pgs, 2,245 cases, 2 du smokmg, 4 do mgars; 8 boxes, 5831 bx:s, 503i bxs 6 bundles 3 bbils, 35 do snuff; 20 do lighters, cons;gned as lows By the Erie Railroad; Norton, Sla11ghter & Co., '71 bhds; Ottinger Brothers, 25 do, J. K. Smith & Son, 58 do; R. L. Ma1tland & Co 1 3 do; C. B. Fallenstein & Co, 45 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 61 do, E. M. Wngbt, 29 d(\, J. P Qmn & Co, 31 do Oelnchs & Uo, 3 do; H. Koop & Co., 16 do; J. D' Kelley, Jr, & Co, 12 do; F. W & Co. 13 do Pollard P ettus & Co., Il7 do; 0. Edwards, 28 do, S. M go odtsbbape. Tlbedr_e have been small sales by tbo@e ordering from this market. We quote:-. hTilDpmg_ or e West n 1es at our inside quota-Lugs-common $3 50 to 5 50' medium 5 to 6 50 twos. here 1s a hm1ted stock of 1869 Ob" d 6 i ; in the market, firm at 28 to :l2c. to wrappers 9to 8. li to 7 ; medium 7 to 9; In Hay ana tobacco holders look for higher prices !rappers, ::'75 Bright 8 to 20; and a fa1r demand, on account of the bad news from Havana, VIa telegraph, 19th lost There is but a small EVANSVILLE MARCH 24 -Mr T B B rnee In this market, and 1t he!d firm at a reports as follows ;-Sales for the paat week bav! S g fd'1ce. d wrappers are In fa1r demand 450 hbds wtth a slight decline mall grades Common econ s an. m ers are. very nod are q nick at lugs at $5 to 5 25 ; good $5 to 6; common leaf 16 to our quotat1o ns. There 1s nothmg domg in 18'70 goods. 6-!; medium 14 to 8; good IS to 10 We quote Western leaf, old fillers from 7! to 9c. new wrapprrs, 10 to 1 Oic; new shipp'm"' leaf medium' MARC H We report as follows : 3! to 9ic; fine 9t to l O!; seed leaf wrappers 35 to 40c I The market IS firm and acttve for all grades, though fine wrappers, 58 to SOc; seconds, 25 to 32 c-a the sales have not been so large as they have been late above New York pnces, N bW York fillmgs, 15 to 180 ly. "Ve quote -Fact?ry lugs, light 15 to 5 25, heavy l!.Ssorted lots, 25 to 30c wrappers 3 5 to 500 H 115.25 to 5 50: planters common lugs, light 5 50 to 5 75 fillers 90c to !I.OO, h1gher grades 'in proportion heavy 5. 75 to 6; do good lugs! light 6 to 6. 50, heavy mon leaf wrappers 60 to 75c; seconds and 350 6 to 6. 75 i common sound lear, bgbt 6 50 to '7 50, heavy 7 to 8 ; medmm s?und leaf, hght 7 50 to 8.50, heavy ILL ,_MARCH 18.-The Price Current says. 8 9; fine to chowe.leaf, ll to 12, heavy 11 to -Owmg to vanons natural causes the tobacco cro 13, good to fine c11ttmg !eat, ltght to 20. choice of'70 has b_eeo slow to come forward, compared to th!t leaf, h.ght 20 to 26, bright wrappers, light 20 'to 50 i of the prevwns year; extreme high water throughout TOBAcco SALES FOR FEBRUARY the tobacco growing of the West bas almost The s ales at the auct19n warehou!es the mootli stopped the transportatton from plantations to shipping of February, and the amount realized sum up as pomts, sudden changes in the atmosphere from damp follows : to cold dry winds, throwing the tobacco in and oat of Houses. Offered Rejections. case as rapidly as the sun rose and set have both had Pickett ......... 1, 779 107 a tendency to lessen the receipts Up' to the present Ninth street . 906 49 Value. $14'7,423.18 80,686 '71 88,857.69 119,553 30 84,959.21 38,778.64 date the receipts from all sources have been 1384 hhds. Boone ......... l,ooi 22 Thr'?ughout the season prices have ruled a shade higher Louisville. . 1,325 25 here, tltan any other western market, owmA" partly to Farmers' ....... t,OlO 26 our unequalled cheap facilities for transportation to all Planters'...... 466 12 pomts South and East. Now that the settled weather of spnng has fairly set in, aod our adv10es from all parts of the tobaeco region, adjaoent to our market we can calculate_upon a. speedy movement of the crop in large quanttt1es, and m view of tho! prepar:.tion@ our market we are now new and famht1es to meet the demand Owmg to the low prtccs .of gold the large estimate of the cro we cannot 10 our opmton look for much higher pricef 5 hbds, trashy Jugs, as 85 to 4 25 6 85 10 to 8_6 00, 4 hbds, low leaf, $6.00 to $6.55 ;' i hbd _leaf, as 40; I bbd, medium Ptebald, a15.25: Three reJeCtiOns at 14 .95, $6.00, and a14 25. CINCINNA_TI! MARCH I8 -Mr J, A. Johnson, re porter of the Cmcmnat1 Tobacco Association wntes as follows: Total.._ 6,487 241 t560,258. 73 The receiph have been 1,576 hhds, 368 boxes, and the exports were 1!574 hhds, 1,074 boxes. The sales were 1,358 bbds, agamst 791 hbds with 18 rejections of bids c'!rresponding week last} ear, and were as follows: Ptckett house sold 359 bbds: I3 bbds Trimble'county leaf at 7 30 to 13; 6 bbds Trimble countv lugs at 6 to 7.IO, 6 bhds Henry county leaf at 7 so"to IS;3 bhds Henry county lugs at 5 60 to 6. 70; 13 bbds Todd county leaf at 6 10 to 11 ; 1 hhd Todd county common leaf at 6 60; 5 bhds Todd county lugs at 5. 70 to 6 30; 5 hhds Webster county at 6 20 to 6. '70; 1 bhJ Webster Feb ... 503 23I 41i 1 2,200 llch .. 629 75I 310 573 2263 Virginia Leaf-Quite a brisk trade was done here in last week owmg to the tempOl'ary margm to the advantage of our local manufacturers between prices in New Yotk nnJ Richmond. Thi8 margm has been produced by the recent rise m fine brights on the Virginia breaks, wh10h again has been caused by an impress ton among the planters that leaf was selling below reasonable-profit mark. The moment chis convic tion is arrived at, those farmers who grow large crops and can aff'ord to wa1t, stop sending to market and commence operations with other crops, feelmg confi dent that the artlfietal scarc1ty thus produced will inure to their benefit by lorcmg prices up again. Something like tbts appears to have recently happened and thus we bear from Vtroima that recmpts at breaks are falhng off. The pfanten aesert that buyers have been taiung advantage of their necessities-their urgent need of cap1tal wberew1tb to carry on next sea son's operattons, and that thus a decline bas been estab lished on an artifictal basts, enttrely independent of the intrinstc value of the crop Whether th1s argument ts or is not, based upon fact, its effect upon the market will be, for the t1me bemg, none the less marked. Much of the crop is said to be sttll unstripped and planter11, instead of attendtng to 1t, are turmng their attentton to ploughmg for corn and other crops. With regard to the bonded warehouses for tobacco m whic_h members (lftbe trade are indirectly mterested and wbtcb connection Commissioner Pleasanton ordered t? cease on and after :May 1, we have seen petitions signed by some of the most respectable and largest houses m the trade that the order be rescmded and that the warehouses be allvwed to remain for a tlme at least as at present conducted. We have seen no good reason from the first why such a chanae should b_e made, and it now seems that a goodly maJo.:;'ty of our ctty trade are of the same opmion That opinion w11l certamly be regarded by the Comm1sswner if at all compattble with the strict requirements of statute Tbeexportsfortheweekmcluded I516pkgs (211 108 lbs) of manufactured tobacco sbtpped from th1s P.ort and 236 pks. (33,580 lbs,) forwarded for transh1pment from other ports. Patker & Co 24 do ; Sawyer, Wallace & Co 28 do A. D. Chockley & Co, 1 do; P. Lonllard & Co., IS do, J. Rapp, 1 do, C E. Hunt, Hi do, Isaac Read 6 do; Guthrie & Co I do ; Drew & Crockett, 7 do ; A. Muller & Co 14 do, A. C L & 0. Myer, 17 do; D. C Swift, 39 do, H. Scbubart & Co, 59 pgs H. Hoff. man, 98 do; Havemeyer & V1gilius, 22I do Strobn & Reitzenstem, 50 do, J osepher M,ayer & Son,' 80 do, E. U nkart & Co., I 00 do; Bunzl & .i.)ormttzer 2 do J B. Hobby, 24 do, Schroeder & Bon, 60 do, E. Herz: feld, 14 do, T. 25 do; order 339 hbds, 2 pgs. Messrs. Chas. Bodmann & Co. offered 147 bbds 44 bxs as f'.>llows: 59 bhds new Owen county dama ed trash to good leaf-2 at $2 75, 4 80, 3 at 115 15 to 6 at f;6 20 to 6 70, 9 at t7 05 to '7. 95 7 at $8 to 8 90 3 at 19 05 to 9 50, 11 at 110 to 10.75, 2 at iii to u' 5o' 5 at t12 to I2 75, 3 at 113 to I3. 75, 5 at 114 so to I5 75' 3 at 1116 to I6 75; 14 hhds new Mason county trash to fi0 leaf at 16 60 to 19 75, 43 hbds new Southern lugs and lcaf-12 at $5 15 to 5 .95, 15 at $6 IO to 6 80 10 at $7 to 7 90, 2 at as 40 to 8.60, 2 at 9 ao' to 9 40 2 at 3\IO to 10 25, 1 box new Southern Kentucky Jeai'at $10 25: 9 hbds new Southern Indiana common trash at $4 40 to ? 20; 9 hbds new West Vnginia common lugs to medmm br1ght wrappers-! at 15.40, 4 at 86 to 6 95, 3 at $7 60 to 7 95, 2 at s to 8.60 4 at 119 25 to IO 25, 3 at $1 Lto _13 25, 2 at il4 25 and 18; 35 boxes new West VIrgtma trash to bright wrappers-2 at *4 '70 and 4 85, 5 at 115.25 to 5 '70 4 at $6 to 6 85 9 t *7 to 7.90, 4 at as 50 to 9 35, 3 t1o to 10 75 2 :t III25 and 11.75, 2 at f!I3 '75 and 15.75 4 at $22,50 t 33.75 ; 8 boxes new Oaio seed at $6 05 IS; 2 bbds old Owen county trash at $5 55 and 6 ; 1 hbd old Southern Kentucky lugs at 117 25. county trash at 5 3 hhds Henderson county common leaf at 17 to 7 80 39 hhds Henderson county lugs and trash at $4 to 6.50; 6 bhds S1mpson cou11ty leaf at $6 60 to 18 4 hhds Simpson county lugs at 15.55 to 16 5 bhds Hart county leaf at 87 to 8.20; IO hbds Hart county lugs at $5 75 to 6.80; 5 bbds Cumberland county lugs at 15.40 to 6 10 i 7 hhds Cumberland county leaf at .6.30 to 7.50; 6 hhds Ballard county leaf at $8 to 27; 5 bhds Ballard county lugs at 15.70 to '7 ; 6 bhds Breckinndge county leaf at $6 40 to 7.10; 4 bhds Breckinridge county lugs at as I 0 to 5 70; 2 hbds Adatr county leaf at 116.70 to 6 90; 4 hhds Adatr county lugs at $5 90 to 6.10, 2 hhds Met<',alfe county common leaf at 16 to 6.IO; 2 hbds Metcalfe county lugs at $5.60 to 5.80: 44;hbds Dav 1 ess county leaf at a6 20 to 1.5 25; 23 hbds Davtes11 county lugs at 15 to 6 30; 2 bhds Daviess county lugs and trash $5.05 to 6 30; 3 hhda Green county leaf at 16 40 to 6 70; 1 bbd Green county ln(ls at *5 20 2 hhds 'l'rtgg county leaf at $'7.40 to 7.60; 2 bbds H9ncock county leaf at $6.40 to 6 90; 2 hbds Hancock county lugs at &5 80 to 5.05 2 hhds W arreu county common and lugs at $6 to 6 40, common 3 bhds Umon county trash at $5.50 to 5.70; 1 hhd Taylor c10unty at $6; 1 hhd McLean county common leaf at ttl.oO; 5 bhds McLean county lugs and trash at $b to 5 60, 7 hhds Christian county leaf at fi7.50 to 8.60; 7 hbds Barren county leaf at 6.50 to 8.80; 1 hhd Barren county lugs at 5 90, l bbd Grayson county lugs at f;5 70, 1 hbd Lyon county lugs at $5 35 ; bhds Ohw conuty leaf at f;6 40 to 7 20 3 hbds Ohto county lugs at f;6 to 6 I hbd county leaf at 116.10; 2 hbds Maaisou county lugs at *5 50, 6.65, 2 bhds Franklin county leaf and lugs at 5 75, 7 10; 1 bhd blackfat at 6 10: 2 hhds sera s at 13 15, 1 80 ; I hhd stems at 11.00 ; 2 b 'has Spencer county, Ind, leaf at fi6.1JO to 8 so, 2 hhds Spencer county, Ind, lugs at 85.80 to 6.20; 2 bhds county, Ind., trash at t4.9S to 5.65, 1 hhd W asbmgton county, Ind, at 25 ; 4 Perry county, lnd leat at as 40 to 7 50 ; 2 bhds Pe county, Ind., lugs at $4.95 to 5.40 I bbd county leaf at 116 10, ll hhds lugs and trash at $4 85 to 5 80 1 2 hhds Indiana common leaf at 86 to 6.30; 4 Lhds 1-tobertson county, Tenn., leaf at $6.60 to 7.40, 2 hhds Robertson county, Tenn., lugs at $5.70 to 6 85; 1 bhd Weakley county, Tenn, leaf at 821. 3 bhds Tennessee leaf at 16 50 to 8 70; 2 hhds common leaf' at $6 80 to 6 90 l hhd Tennessee In s at $6.IO; 2 bhdsilhnois leaf at t7.75 1 bhd lllinoisglug Seed Leaf-The reported sales of the week reached 832 cs, d1stnbuted as follows .-275 old Connecticut and Massachusetts at 35c to 65c; 400cs. New Penn aylvama on privattl terms ; 157 cs. New Ohio do. As wtll be seen the movement m Pennsvlvania continues tmd sometbmg is doing 1n Oh10. 'Vbile our report does not include any of the new Con. necticut, we understand that a very brtsk trade bas been done in it in the Valley durmg the past fortnight In fact the major portion of the crop 1s sa1d to be now sold, but at prtcea which do not seem to suit thll tdea ot some growers. At least so we judge from the following taken from the laet of thell' local organ: "It seems as though those readers of The Homestead who are engaged in raismg tobacco, par ticularly those who are selling at the ruinously low prices, at which the dealers are buying some of it, at this present time, are doing themselves and the interests of the grower a great wrong. We do not of course pretend to put a pr10e on any !!:rower's crop, or state what it should bring without knowing the quality; that should decide the pnce. But toe do know that there is no the great fall in prices that toe have seen within the la11t two months. If tobacco was worth 26 oents through mDecember, why istt not worth that now ? What. has happened? What new thing has come to ligbt about the crop that was not known then ? Is the crop larger than was esttmated at that time? or are the crops grown in other !States larj!er than was estimated, or of better quality ? J. S Gans & Son in their circular of Jan. 1, 187I, esttmate the crop of Slled leaf tobacco as follows: Connecticut and Massachusetts 25,000 cases, New York 5,00C; Pennsyl vania 16,000, Ohto 25,000; other Western States at 5 ooo, in all 79,000 cases. In their mrcnlar of March they speak well of'the quahty of Pennsylvania leaf, but the quantity they reduce to 12 or 18,100 cases in stead of 16,000 as they bad counted on. They say the State mGp 1s complained of "as a great many fillers, etc." And 1t appears that some of the Ohio tobacco at least i!' qutte undesirable. "Verr, indtfferen.t tobacco, green, frosted and house burned. These extracts from tbts tobacco mrcular shows, first that the quant1ty of tobacco bas been considerably over estimated, as in the mstance of Pennsylvania as corrected, and there Is no do11bt but what 1t is over estimated m Connecticut and Massachusetts as well as m Oh10. Then here Is certainly a good reason why the prwes should rather have an upward tendency mstead ofbemg sold at such ruinous prwes And then again t be quality ts not provmg quite so good as ex pee ted m Ohto and New York Here then is another argument m favor of ke eping up tbe pnces of our leal; of rbducmg tbellll, as we have satd, to such rmnotis 1figures. W1thout following further these allo'lf u s to suggest the propriety of boldmg on to out crops awh1le. We believe that more remu nerat1ve prices can and wil be given for fir st-c lass leat by and by."-lt ts needl ess to ohs e rve that the ment contained m the above 1s fallacious, but we are more concerned with the admisswns than the nrgu. ment. For mwtance we find that even thls pll.l'tial wri ter to a "great fall in prices" since some enthusiastiC buye r gave "26c through," for small acattered lots 1n Decembet. It has in fact been fourd general trade fell off a httle last week, while the city grocerv demand slightly improved. The dullness, however, is probably only temporary Oigar1. 7 A very gradual but steady increase ofbusmess ts observable, while the sqme reasons continue to ex1st for a brtsk trade in the immediate future mch as lowness of stock@, etc As the sea3ous advanc;s this mflux: of orders cannot be much longer postponed By the Hudson R1ver Ratlroad; Pollard Pettus & Uo., 7 bbds; S. M Parker & Co, I41 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 9 do, Fatman & Co, 8 do Norton Slaughter & 6 do; J. P. Quin & Co I8' do mer & Scoville, 142 pgs; A. L. & C. L. Holt, 207 do, Lederman Brothers, 46 do, W m M Prtee & Co 175 do, F. C. Linde & Co, ISO do; Basch Cohn &' Co, 23 do, G. B Licbtenberg, 108 do; & V1gehus, 210 do. M & E Salmon, 40 do; L. Gersbel & Brotbet, 19 do ; Leoman & Mandelbaum. 35 do ; E Rosenwald & Brother, 59 do; order, 60 do Gold opene(at 110! and at noon was 110-f. .&change has been steady. We_ quote:-Btlls at 60 Jays on London, 109@109f for commer Clal; I09!@109i fer bank.,l'l!', do. at short sight, llOi@ ll ot; Antwerp, 5 1 '7i@5 13--; SwiPs, 5 16t @5 12!; Hamburg, 35i@36t; Amstetdam,40#@41f Frankfort 40#@4I; Bremen 78i@79k, Prussian 7If@72: Preights are a httle firmer under the hght supply of room. The engagements were 50 bbds to Bremen, per steamer, at 30s.; 60 cs to3Antwerp, per sail, at 27s. 6d. A Br. barque, 5IO tons, bas been chartered from Bermuda to Santander or G1jon, Spain, with the cargG of a condemned veBSel at I,100, IFGrowen of ooed leaf tobacco are eautloned ogalnot accephug our reported oalea and quoC&llon or oeed lest ao fumlmlnc the prlcea that ohonld be obtained ll;r them at Aret lwld. Growen cannot expec;t to ..,1 their tl'O]>I for the oame prlcea ae are obtained on a re-oale of tbe crop aero Of COIU'OO every re-oale maot be at an advance and therefore the prlee ob ta\1111bl8 b)' tbe CfOWen Will alW&)O be ""11\0What lo'"'r thaD our quotat\ODO Q.UOTATIONI! OF WHOLEI:!ALR PRICES. By the Camden & Ambo,y Ratlroad; H. Leoman & Mandelbaum, 16 pgs; Havemeyer & Vigehus, I 51 do. By the National Line: Cardozo & Co., 75 hbds; Ot tinger Brothers, 5 do; E. M. Wr1ght 33 do Blake more, Mayo & Co., 98 do; M. B 8 lat d & Co, 60 do, C. B. Fallenstein & Uo.,' 66 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co 58 do, F. W. Tatgenhor8t & Co., 77 do, R. L Maitland & Co, 4 do A. C & L 0. Myer, 4 do, J Morgan, 1 do; R H Arkenburgb, I04 urger & Co, 4 do Lich t'enstein Bro's & Co, 8 do, A, L. & C. L. Holt, 2 'dq ; C. C. Mengel, 1 do; H. Wherum, 1 do; .Theirman, Kueb ler & Co, 99 do, Westcott & 1Kent, 1 d ; W. D. Drake, 1 do ctgars: W. F Trice, 1 do; J. F. Browne, 1 Robert Hllls, 1 do; J. H. Saunders, 20 bbls. ltghtera, order, 5 case@, \ By the New York and New Haven Steamboat Lin&. E Rosenwald & Bro, 24 oases; M. H Levin 62 do' M. Westhein & Co, 26 do; Havemeyer & ss do; A. Bijur, 37 do; A L & C L. Holt 44 do Bunzel & Dormitzer, 106 do; L & E l(J do; Palmer & Sc to 7 50, Messrs Power& Clayton offered 161 bhds 24 b follows 31 bhds new Owen county trash to' fine as 3 at $6 to 6 50, 4 at $7.2Q to 7.85, 4 at $8 05 to s 75 '7 at 19 40 to IO 75, 3 at Ill 75 to I2 6 at $14 to I5'24 at 116.25 to 18.25, 12 new county Jugs !eat at $6 40 to 18 25, 12 hhd' new Bracken count trash and lugs at 116 to 11; 66 bhds new Boone conn? common trash to commou leaf-2 at 114.30 and 5 75 a$t $6 to 6 95, 26 at $7 to 7.90, 6 at liS IO to 9 40 3 at at $5. 75. The Louisville House 316 bbds. hbds Breckmridge county leaf at *6 10 to IO 25' 10 bbds Breckumdge c'?unty leaf and lugs at $5.85 to 9.30, li hbds Breckmndge county lugs at 85 55 to 5 80, I5 bbds leaf, lugs and trash at $6 to '7 40. 8 bhd Warren county leaf at $6 20 'to 7 .60, 5 hbds Warre: county lugs at *5 25 to 5.50; 8 bhds Metcalfe count leaf at $6.40 to 9.50; 3 bhds Metcalfe county In s ar $5 85 to 6.IO; 3 hhds Cumberland county leaf at 10 to 7 80, 5 hhds Cumberla.nd county lugs at *li 55 to 6 13 bhds Grayson county leaf and lugs at *5 55 to 6 90. 2 bhds Gra' es county leat at $Il.50 to 14; 4 hbds county lugs at $5.80 to 8 40; 6 hhds Daviess county lf at 87 6(1 to 1I ; 5 bbds Daviess county trash at t4 70 to 5.50; hbds Davies11 county lugs atti5.60 to 6.30 i hbds Ohto county leaf and lugs at $5.40 to s; 3 hbds B11tler county common leaf at 20 to 7, 3 bhds Ha cock cennty leaf at $6 70 to 8, 5 hbds Hancock conntn low leaf at 16.10 to 7 I 0, 13 hbds Hancock county tu/s at $5 25 to 6.30; 4 hhds Green county leaf at-$7 t 7 .30; 4 hbds Trtmble county leaf at $10 to I4. 7 Trtmble county lag11 at *6 60 to{) 40, 4 hhds Ho kios county common leaf at $8.I 0 to 8 90 3 bhds Hopkins county lugs at i5.ll0 to 6.20; 1 bhd Allen count/In 8 at 5.60, 3 bhds Logan county leaf at 16.40 to g6 hhds Logan county lugs at .5.55 to 6 50: 4 bhds Franklin county common leaf at $7 50 to 9 40. 5 hbds Henry county lugs at $6 IO to 7 30; 5 bbd; Henr county leaf at as to I5 ; 7 bhds Henry county low le and lugs at 115 to 6 70, 8 bbds Barren county leaf at $6, t? 6 95 1 hbd Barren county lngs at 115 45. 5 hbds LIVlngtson county lugs at .5.35 to 5 60. 3 hbds Monroe county leaf at $6 40 to 6.50. i hhds Monroe county lugs at t:5 80 to 6 10; 6 hhds Hart county leaf and lugs at *6 10 to 8 IO I6' bhd s I d s pencer county, n lugs and leaf at $5 30, to 7.IO, 44 bbds lnd1ana lugs and leaf at 85 10 to 7 40 2 "hd H T s enry By the VtrgiDia Steamship Line: Patterson & Lyons, 6 hhds, J Thompson, 19 do, 36 cases; H. BatJer & !3rotber, 38 trc, A D Cbockley & Co, 1 do, W 0 Smtth, 11 do, 7 cases, 19! bxs, Eugene DLtBms, trcs, 41! 45, Buckley, Moore & Co, 55 do; L. Gmter, 1 do, E. Hen, 36 do, Martin & Johnson 17 do Maddox Brothers, 12 do; Allen & Co, 5 'do; Connolly & Co, 36 do, I05i bxs, Rwhard Irvin & Co, 53 I5! hxs, D. Evans & Co, 45 do, IOO do, W p t Ktttndge &: Co, 1IO! bx:s, H A Richey 2 P""S Washington & 'Co, 2 trcs,'79 cases, 20 pgs ISO-! order, 3 hbds, 1 trcs, I bbl. coastwise from Baltimore, A. C. Lamotte 1 do! H Hoffman 7 do ; L Go l dsmith, 3 do, Gnnneh, Mmturn, Co 60 do, M. Rader & Son, 25 pgs, Tbiermann 11 50 to I2 50; 5 bhds new Southern lugs and leaf at $5 25 to 17 ; .:35 hhds new West V 1 r ima lugs and leaf-5 at $5 30 to 5. 75, 13 at $6 to 6 sf5 8 at $7 to 7 60, 5 at $8 05 to 8 55 2 at (!g to 9 55. 2' at $13 25 and 28; 23 boxes new West Virginia to good brtgbt wrappersI at 4 55 8 at 5 to 5 80 5 t to 6.90, 2 at 7, 2 at 10 and ll, 2 at 17 5!J anad $3 at 25 to 32; 1 box old West Vuginia leaf t $15 50 a county, eno, common leaf at i6 30 to 7 IO; 5 hhds Hemy county leaf at 116 2() to 13 50; IO)lbd s Tennessee l ea f and lugs at $6 10 to 9 40 I llSl -n ccnnmon leaf at 8 30 lbe Boone House sol 298 bhds 6 bhds Henry county common to g'ood leaf at t;7 to 15 25. 3 hhds county lugs at $5 60 to 6.::!0; 3 hhd; U moo leaf at i7 20 to 8 90 ; 7 bbds Union county low lugs at $5 to 5 20; 13 hbds Logan county leaf at *'7 to 9, 7 hhds Logan county commoulugs at 116 90 to 5 90. 3 bhds Logan county common leaf at $7 to 8.20. 1 bbds Logan county lugs at 115 to 6 so: 5 bbds Ta ior county common lugs at $5.55 to 6 so; 3 hhds T t 1 Jro "' Hhds. Bxs March 25 571 106 same we e k m 1870. 270 59 -1otal recetpts, country, week endmg March 25, I8'71 .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. 467 I07 ,, .... same week last year. 27 5 42 Our part10ulars this week's work have


THE TOBACCO L E.AF' county lugs at t5 40 to 5 90, 1 hhd Todd county leaf at H W1lson & Son, 22 do, HaddQn,.O_v.erton & Bu.ich, 10 grts 50 hhds at 10_grts !bout Cigars. ---$9 25 s hbds DaVIess county common leaf do, John E Kmg, 99 do, J C W11son, 2 do, grts A em an ex1sts 1 'n at *7 to s 30, 10 hhds Dav1ess county factory & Garth, 8 3o; Codebuck 22 do, tacky Stellis notli tng has been sold vet as they IT IS strange, among natwns of smokers other than trash and low lugs at $4 10 to 6 50, 11 hhds Green K1rkpatrulk & Ke1th, 88 do, L Gunther & Co, 80 do, have not be e n dered on the market 28 hhds the Cubans or Spamards bow little understood a 1 e .county leaf at *7 to 9 20, 15 bhds Green county com R T Tonan, 71 do, Davison & P1tcher, I do, of Vu gn11a Stems w ere sol shades-as, Colorado Claro (light brown), Coloraclo Maduro (dark brown) These gutdes to color are, howeve1, not very accurate, as the 'hght brown" of one box may open as dark as the sample, brown," of anothe1 :\. still lighter color than Ctaro-seldom seen here as 1t goes !COstly to Spam-1s PaJ tzo or str:lw-color,-a very m1ld grade of the "weed,' whch, 1f rny memory se1 ves me, used to be known as InJun ado W1tb thes e explanatiOnS then, It will be read1ly underRtood that if a fnend offers a Regalia del Rey Cabarga, Colorado, Flor, h e tenders a Ca barga s, Ktng R egalta Brown, F trst Qualtty and I can only add, that 1t 1s ha1 d to beat FashiOn Is fickle m ctgars as m other matters, and the brand or shape m vogue to day IS out of favo1 to morrow The once popular Normas and Nonegas have dtsappeared, hke the T ra bu cos and Panetelas, and that old favonte, the httle black Prtnctpe, of fine Yara tobacco, w1th 1ts snow white ash, IS no more see n of men In those days, too, a first class mgar could be had for th1rty dollars the thousand-the g oo d vld times t't Eh:eufugaces! How have the smoky nsen I Useful Book fer 3 M::ny w11l be r e ,uly doubtless to laugh at the plirase, and to conclude t hat only an ent busms t aiiil a fanattc could apply 1t t o -the appruentl y s1mple process of consummg a dred weed m a bvwl of wood or clay by draw mg mto and c:xpellmg f1 om the mout h the fumes 1t g1ves off In burnmg But th ere IS a ll g ht way and a wrong way of domg everythmg and the knowled;e of the rtght way IS unqnestwnably the o f the thmg, "batever the thmg may be Smok ers w!ll apprec1ate the care w1th the author d1scusses the q uest1on he takes m hand and 1 t 18 for the1r sake rather then for the behoof of scoffers, that we condt:ns e hts comments and recornmendatwns Ftrst wtth regard to the chowe of a p1pe be remarks that three thmgs are essenttal -"That 1t he between the teeth secondly, that 1t be nmthor too broad nor too narrow m the bore of the stem, th1rdly, that It be not too heavy" Amongst clav ppes be recommends Milo's 'cutty as bemg "about :five mches m length, mth a well sh'aped bowl, and about nght m the bore and urtres the n t f h o y o a:vmg a co':er-of md1a rubber by prefe 1 ence-for tbe mouthpiece, to prevent the InJUnous act1on of raw clay upon the enamel of the teeth He becomes very warm 10 com mendmg the meerschaum p1eferrmg a p1pe of the shape of M1lo s clay, made of the yellow kmd of meerschaum w1th an amber mouthp1ece In refer e nce to the d1fficulty knowmg real mee;->chaum from false, he m ake s tlhg valuable suggestwn -Never buy a supposed meerschaum wll.bout sat1sfymg yourself-that 1t IS the good rneei'Schaum 1 t pro f esse s to be You may eas1ly do so by the apl!hcatwn of e1ther silver or gold to 1t If 1t be good, they w 1J1 leave no m a1k on 1t, 1f compos1t on, of any th ey will mark It as 1f With a lead penc,J Thls b e us IS an mfalltble test "A Can tab '' prote sts that, m dwelhna upon the best system of colormg a ppe, he 1s not up the posttJOn that the p1pe 1s of more Importance than the tobacco but merely showmg the best way to use a p 1pe, 10 order the greatest satisfaction and benefit of the smoker One or two extracts w1ll amply repay perusal As to the smokmg of the meerschaum, he says,-" Never lay 1t down on one s1de. wh1le hot, and above all never put 1t 10 the case Th1s 1s a very comfortable bed, and a very safe one too mean the 1eather case lined w1th velvet or silk) for the.ptpe when cool but tlie commg m contact With e1ther velvet-or s1lk w hile bot, marks and blotches It and retards Its progress very touch When y.ou have a ptpe out of It, la.y 1t down m such a pos1t10n that 1 t may rest on the mouthp ece and the nearer edge of the bowl By th1s means you do not affect the part WhiCh 18 co!orin Never tt>ech t while hot With the fingers There 18 g1ves a p1pe such 1 a dll't y appearance Ias finger marks espectally If 1t be tolerably well advanced m colormg' Never smoke more than one pipe out of 1t at once, because If you do, you are more hkely to burn than color 1t. As soon as the pipe Is well saturated With 011 from the tobacco the oil shou l d be allowed as 1t were a regular ebb and throughout the meerschaum, and by smokmg too qmckly you will bake all the oil out, and then probably burn yopr p1pe Never let your p1pe cool m a draught, because then the part most exposed to the a1r drys quwkerthan the rest, and the colormg becomes trregular Never.Jet a. drop of water touch your p1pe wh1le hot Water commg upon meerschaum whtle soft from heat suddenlv hardens the spot where 1t touches t, duves back the od, and you have the sat1sfactwn o d1scovermg when your ,ppe cools that 1t has assumed m that particular place a spongy green colored mark A bove all, never let any one else smoke a favor 1 te ptpe of your own Independently of 1ts bemg a dtrty 1 dea that two p e ople should put the same p1pe m the 1 rmoutha, you will haJdly ever find anybody who smokes at the same pace you ao yourself, and 1t IS essenttal to colormg a meerschaum well, that 1t be smoked always at the same pace And lastly-nevet smoke a meerschaum too qmckly espemally at fit'St By dowg:so un; great nsk of bum' mg 1t Afte 1 a few days' smoking, a meerschaum becomes hoed With a coat of burned tobacco If th1s be allowed to rema10, 1t prevents the oil from saturatmg the meerschaull!, and becommg mtensely hot very much endanaers the safety of the ppe It may, however, be m the followmg manner Seal up the mouthpwce with common sealmg wax, pn the p1pe w1th spmts of wme pourmg 1tr 10 a.t the bowl, pla ce the pipe so that 1t may on the back of the stem w tt h the mouth of the bowl upwards, leave 1 t for about four and twenty h ours thus and then after pounng out the sp111ts of wme the w h ole of the tobacco coatma will come off on bem g gently scr ape d w1th a oenkmfe By the use of a thm f e ather you may also clean th or o uah l y the stem through out 'l'he spmtS of wme w1ll not m the least affect the outs1de of the p1pe, a1.d by passmg a httlfl cold water through It, all taste of the spirit IS removed Care 18 requued m scrapmg the ms1de of the bowl not to smp 1t, becaus e If one part of the meerschaum be made thmner than another that part c olors qmcker and consequently darker than the remal!lder Lastly--and tb 1 s I shou l d have mentwned before-never buy a meerschaum whiCh 18 not m the bowl at least twiCe as thtek m substabce as an ordmary clay Unless th1s be observed a very little he at wlll crack and totally rum pipe" In colonng be recommends what 1s well known as "the plug and button system about we may have som to on another occasiOn Strenuously he obJects doctormg flaws as usual a.nd lDJunous Then w 1 th re gard to the effects of smokmg on health and he gves tbe followmg excellent adviCe -" I should hke be fore I close these remarks to say a few more words on the subJect of health and cleanlmess as regards smokmg Smok mg never wlllmJure the health If 1t be done after eatmg It produces great weaknes s and nausea 1f the stomach be t.mpty at the time, especially first thmg m a mormng Be careful not to smoke leanmg over a hot fire smokmg m a thiCk atmosh ere IS most likely, and over a fire 18 most certam t o produc e head ache W1th regard to cleanliness the smell of the p1pe may be nemoved m a very little With pwper care If you are m the hab1t of assoc1atmg much w1th ladles you sho uld by all means hJt,ve a smok mg c oat mad e to button tg htly up to tha throat You should also have a skull cap or a hat on y our head 1f smokmg m doors, because tobacco scents tho ha1r most _powerfully After you have fimshed your ppe, change your hlt and c oat and take a tur n m t he open a1r for a few mm utes If the weather prevent th1s, stand or walk about m a draught for a shot t t1me If your constitUtion take harm from tbts ate too weak to smoke, and I have done w1th you Don t fo1get to wash your hands and face after smok m g otherwise von w1ll 10 tJme color yourself as well as your p1pe these ptecautwns you will be pme and free from of smoke as to your outer man You may easly get nd of the smell e ither by an omon or 1f you prefer to peppe1m1nt As h owev e r these are 'ques twnable remed1es l shoutd recommend prefe rence one of those small stlvery globules known by the name of 'each ons They ar e 'ety pleasant to the taste and remove en tu ely all t races of the tobacco If th ey a;e not at band a. little celery or lettuce Wlll do nearly as well If these be not w1thm your reach, a l1ttle plam bread w1ll dmm1sh the smell of the Tobacco very much If th1s be not m your pow er to obtatn, you ought to be ashamed of y ourself formdulg mg m the luxuries Without bemg able to provtde the neces rtes ofhfe aud I have done w1th you" The pamphlet con tams mu0h that IS useful as to the TariOus kmds of smoking tobacco m use w1th reason for prefer mg those whiCh the wnter espec1ally favors bot With this part of h1s book we have not at present to deal Cope's T obacco Plant hhds do on pnvate terms We quote lugs at 5i to BREMEN, MARCH 10 -Our spemal correspondent 7c, low leaf at 7 to 7!c, mediUm leaf at 7t to 8c, wntes -On the.3rd mst I had the pleasure of sendmg good leaf at 8 to fine 9t to l Otc you my monthly report, whwh wtll have posted you Manufactured 1s qmet The stock of extra light and about this market To day I am very glad to be able medwm ts small arud these are m demand There to mfonn you that barco busmess wthm the last 18 a fa1r supply of medmm and plenty of the common week has Improved considerably, m consequence ot kmds, these are dull We1 quote: Extra No 1, lbs whiCh sales of some extent have been effected The brtght 80 to 90c; good medmm do 70 to 75, medmm sales of Kentucky dunng the week are as follows -do de 65 to '10 common, sound 55 to 60 medmm From the store-55 hhds at lligrts, 93 hhds at 101 and com utOn, unsound 40 to 50 half pounds grts, 19 bhds at lOt grts, 46 bhds on pr1vate terms 62to'15, dodark55to 60, No 1 5s and lOs 57 to total213hhds, to arnve-164 hhds at 8i grts; 31 62 navy, lbs 55 to 60 navy! lbs 55 to 60, fancy hhds at 10 grts, 20 hhds at 9 grts, 50 hhds at lOt styles, natural leaf, twist. pancake, etc 65 to 80 There grts, total 265 hhds Of Vtrgmta, 18 hhds were so ld have been no exports The Imports were 4,000 01gars 'to arrive' and 13 hhds from store at about 9 grts to Schiffer & Co and 6 ,0>oo;mgars to Leon McCarthy The Sales of Maryland are as follows -50 hbds at 9t from Havana. The domestic receptA were 638 hhds, grts, 6'1 hhds at 9i grts, 20 hhds at 8!-grts total, 10 butts, 20 cs, 11}5 pkgs.10 hf-bxs, 200 cads 137 hhds Scrubs-50 hhds at 9t grts, 6 8 bbdt! at as m f ollows Bv R1ver Boats lBryan & Haramg, lOt grts; total, 118 hhds Of Ohw, 358 were sold as 51 hhds, Blakemore: Bros & Co, 48 do, E follows, -153 hh d s at 9t grts, 90 hhds at 10 grts, 40 END oF THE PAYN CAsE -The charge agamst Mr Payn of Albany, has, as w1ll be seen by an artiCle quoted ebewhere, been w1thdra.wn ReO'ardmg the matter, Mr Payn thus wntes to THE "En closed I hand you Lhe end of the mahcwus proceedmgs agamst me, commenced about t\\o years s1nce The takmg, and secretutg my abstract pook for stXteen months, deprived me of the pos1t1ve and con clusive evtdence that the assessment and eVIdence produced on the tnal was a forgery, and the ev 1dence sworn to by the was perJury, hence the delay 10 vmdwatmg myself I trust the enclosed 1s suffiment for you to give your readers (who have seen the charges agamst me), the evtdence of my mnocence The men who got th1s up were the worst enemies the government or tobacco trade ever had, and I thmk most of the trade so understand 1t '' Fourteen vears ago (1856), ''A Cantab' published a pamphl et of mne and twenty pages, entitled The P1pe an d How to Use It,' wbwb IS worthv of much w1der fame and morCI la stmg favor than 1t seems to have attamed The author appears to have been trouol e d 1 by the f1equent and not too woderate onsla ughts whiCh were made upon the p1 actJCe of smokmg at the t1me when tobacco was commg mto mor e genera l use and usmg mto more w1de sptead esteem tha n ever befme m En g land, and "hen men were l earmng to be manly eno11gb to g row thelf beards He ded cated J ns httle essay to "Strong mmde d Authoresses and T P 's" By the latt er term we unde rstand (tbou<>h we may lle 10 error) the Cambr1dge slang phras e :=: Tea Part1es) apphed 10 the ant1-Bacch1C pe1sons who were fond of tea and loud m t he1r dec lamtwn s of pr efe r e nc e for that sttmulatmg mfuswn In the approved and much abused fash wn of modern essay wn t wg ac cmdmgto a rule" more hon ored mtbe breach than the observance," th1s "Can tab" b e gms by telling us what he should have to say 1f he were wrttmg upon another toptc If I wei e about to wr1te an elaborate defence of the herb called 'l'o bacco, says he, I should begm II om Its earliest mtroductwn mto thts country, and trace 1ts h istory down to the present t1me' That not bemg h1s obJect he nevertheles s takes th1s left handed opportumty to make an observatiOn wh1ch, we thmk, dese1 ves quotatiOn -"Tobacco,' h e o b serves, when 1t was first 1m ported t;Ito the Br1t1sh Islands, was confined almost entirely to the upper classes, and thou9;h many people of the pres ent day look upon 1t as only: fit to be uslllt J:>y the loJV,er orders, our forefathers considered 1t m a very dtfferent hgbt." It may be added to th1s statement that the reason why, m Raletgb's t1me and long afterwards the use of tobacco was confined to the upper Circles ot soc;ety, may not unfauly be sa1d to have been 1ts enormous cost, and TOBACCO FACTORY MACHINERY FOR SALE AT RICH obectors who lay stress on the latter part of our author's d Va -Machmery of latest patterns, oomplete and IIUle J u e ty 8 000 lh per dierq ready for work Terms hberal Tile,.._ statement may be remmded that there are always p le nty of tory "' ding can be rented on moderate term$ Apply to J L A THE TOBACCO CROP IN Pn Th M t f t d d d h"" Real Estate &c' Rlcbmond Va (818p,p8le':")n, ... ussu.e lOIS er e conce1 e purse prou an i>llected people who dep1se what Agricultural Afiaus, at Berlin, has JUSt published the can be enJ oyed by the poor as well as the ncb Even sea SALE -ONE OF HOGLRN & PEASE NEW IMPROVBD sBLP result of the offic 1 t t f th f b d fi 1n M..a.etunes Ba.e.K:eye N o 3-nearlr 1a mves 1ga IOn o e quant1ty o reezes are IStaste ul to some folk, when they can be mKsoN F h2's.r and tbnty-five government d1stncts of the Pruss1an Cantab" ptoceeds, still ep isodi cally to argue that smokmg VIRGINIA BRIGHT WRAP}IERS AND monachy, whJCb shows a great mcrease over the preIS not necessartly a costly, an unhealthy, or a dirty S v1ous year Puttmg down a full crop at 100, the practiCe, and that, with the m oderatiOn proper 10 all MOKERS' FOR SALE. avetage quaiJtlty for the whole kmgdom IS 96, agamst thmgs, It ne ed not be a nm sance to anybody, 01 lea d 1 ts WE keep a large stock of Bright Leaf on hand, d very low only 68 lD 1869 The largest crop (125) was m the votartes mto evu or d1sstpated bab 1 ts From thiS pomt h e pnces Bampleooent to manufacture ... oat or tteclty b y provmce of Pomerama, the smallest (82) 10 proceeds to what h e calls "The SCience of Smoking" A


r \ ) T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E K. Wa. P. KITrRBDOB. B.C ...... OCK II. P. ICITTREDCE 1: CO., TOBACCO lfew York Co:mmlaaion Msrohants The Virginia Tobacco Agency EsT.A.BLll'HED IN 1836, BY CHARLES M. CONNOLLY. COIROLL Y &. CO., c!tommtssiott I I Com:Diisslon Merchants .&GENTS FOB ALL THE DORAN, CARROLL & CO., TOB.ACCO Oonuriission MerchBrits, :' u I No. 104 PBONT :sTREET, VIRGINIA 1 TebaCM'" CommiHioD :Meroh8.ut1 ... IN" T '.,AGG" O POPpLAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TOBACCOi THOS. CAitllOLL, LEAf &, MANUfACTURED TPB. '!J-& 731J'rootSt.; REW YOR.JL JNo. T. TAITT. ![ents for the fnlloiin1 tell kno111 Vir[inia lannfacturers : 45 WATER ST., NEW YORK. We respectfully cal\ the attention of the trade to the following STANDA.RD BRARDS ofllanufactured Tobacco for ;which we are Agents: &ILLIAJl'l Wllfli lAP, Lbl, OPTIJlA, Light l'rNad. GOLDU AI'P.LB, ud h GOLDEJf IBAL, BOllUDAD, Bright 81. BOJf .TOll J'l&, GALLMO, TOBTOIU IBELL Jf.&VT, BUJ'J'.&m OBIPI, aDYITD'IllfVIJfCIBLE PACB. II ITOV.&.LL'I BOlJGB GOLD BAB.I, JIO'fAL ITA.liDABD, AJrD B.EADY TWIST, POJlOli'A, HOI PAC)J & STOVALL'S Bl'Ic:tiBE 1-41, :IDXOU, TWIIIT, BOBODDrA, CDIA.I. JI XUJI'B, BOYSTBB'B 'J'BlJIT, 4.1 and 61. BUCXBIBD, :IL IIO:&ADO, Llgh&PlWHd. JlAB.Y'SOWli, .. JlA&DT, EIQRALDA, COJllB' TBB.O' 1'X1 BYE, UDIDEBB, J.l. :BOlE, YACHT CLUB, OBU'JlPTOlf'S TWIITB, SEA XlliG, lilA VT Lbl. and Hal! Lbe., J;'OOXET PIEOBB, Varioua Branda, Bright and Dark, :NE&BODAD TWIITB, V .&.BIOlJI BBABDB .Fo:8' BXPOBT. Rave also on hand a large assortm:nt other brands, in alf styles and lizes. suited to all ,.. BOBBRT S.BOWNE Be CO., TOBACCQ lYiercllUts, 7 Burling Slip, New York. Th. H. Vettarlein's Son, .. TOIACCB. 0, P. LINDB. C IIAliD.LTON. 8, x..uwoso. I NEW YORK Seed-Lear Tobacco Inspection. ,_No ..... Poullda lc Q-Puoy, l .; TRio Tb YooDI!IIwell, Qaril*= Jue APJ!Ie llano, GoW :!Uc!le. J P lt'l!l....._, t, Publooi Gold. do Blue Jacliet, lAdy Flngenodo. BedJaelual Eagle. Cbriotlan Premilm: LUUe All Right. JobD Hallcocll: ..U..o, JICII Fk! NfWJ/ S,_, ..... ..... I EDWARD M. WIIIIHT, NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., 1ll::r NoaToll. Taoo. J. Su.usarxa. B B.. WteuoJ. B. PACE, Y.RBROU.GH & J. H. GRANT & CO. JOHN ENDEI\S, TURPIN & BMI., D. B. TENfl(iNT & CO.; L. H. & CO., r. W., OLIVER, GREANER EDWIN WILSON, TBOS. HARDGROVE, i., !\, PACE & CO., JAGUND & JONES. RAGLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO., WIJ'NIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATTERSON & CO., J. P. W!U.LIAMSON, L. LOTIIER, Bole Agenta in New' York tJr lJG'.fth BOtrOtiB, 41, e., and Pocket Piece& Also General Commission Tobacco and Cotton, AgentsforJohn KREIIELBERG & CO., JIZW-YOBK, 'IJID F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIIIOBE, Tobacco Commimon lerchants. WAAC READ, c.-a .. b.U>,) Commission Merchant, AND, DEALER IN VIRGINIA 6. W[STERN WF, .utJI Ma.nufaotqred Tobaooo, Lioorioe1 Gum, etc., NelOI PEARL STREET, N. Y. Lone J a,ck &, :Brown Dick, ate. 2 HanoTer BIJ,ildlng, Hanonr Sq., (_m.mtl :.O'nmttSStO'It at rc'-ms CARL up MANN I ,!!"' ; In dark work to our "Thistle", Brand, so widely known in ma.ny parts of eur p, Boll, 48&S. aw TOllK. l IIO. 41 BROAD STREET; Count ry for its beauty of workma11Bhip, delicacy of chew, &c., we would invite the TOBACCO and GENERAL attention qf Jobbers; always on in lbs, half lbs. t h rees pocket pieces, &c. C 1 G I ... ornrnission Merchant, SCHBODHR & BUN, APP.tEBY :& HELME, I ,, TOBACCO 1'18 Water Street, -New York. lf15-8) Q$ IUOB.!f.II.B 011 UA!fmll 1\IEW' YORK: AND I A FINE A SSORTilENT OJ' IU. v ANA CIGARS and CIGAR RffiBONS con s tantly on hand. I Packers of Domestic Leaf Tobacco. SOLE AGEN"TS1 FOR :K. C. :B.A.R:KER & CO.'S 1\.-r L MAITLA.l\rn AND COTTON FACTOR: 00-, AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 1 HANOVER BUILDING, HANOVER 8Q.UARE, NEW YORK. AdV1\.Dce8fmade on COnettrnmeota to Me!!osrt. W. A. &: G. MAXWBLL & CO., LTV':EitPOOL THOMAS J. RAYNER. PHILIPP HILKE. "THOMAS J. RAYNER &. CO.," WA.NUFA.OTUREFla 0 ... FX:\TE AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. ParUcular attention to Special Brands for Grocers .t Jobbel'llo 29 IAberty Street, and 84 Maiden Lane, New York. \\\\:LM11N 4 CODISSION m:Rc:!Wm -DETROXT .. ,--..._ ilttttt late FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, I MANUFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRA TEO RAILROAD MILLS I -SNUFF, ,.... AND Dealers in Virginia Smoking Tobacco, Black Jack & Ida Lewis Brands. '' ALSO, ... ., ,o 168 WATER STREET, NEW YOBB, on eale all kiDde or Leaf Tobacco and 1 r nome nee. Ottinger & Brother, KENTU([lK.Y Lo&l 119 PEARL STREET, NEWYOBK. E. & G. FRIEND & 00., DllA.LERS IN LJeaf" Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, EDwARD FRDlND, l NEW YORK. R. S. WALTER, Importer of HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 PEARL STREET, Near Maiden Lane, NEW' YORK, WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane, W.M. M. PRICE, f F. A. JA1."NE. NllW YORK'Tobacco O r Sampled. Certificates given fo r every case, and delivered, case by case, as to number of Certificate. N'.B .-Ialso ample in .Merchant' s own &oru. iANUF AOTDBED TOBlOOO, 108 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. I:N CIGARS a PLUG TOBACCO. ,. JOB. MA Y:ER & SON .A.llD DB.ALJ:B8 IX F. C. LINDE &. CO., WAREHOUSES-142 Water, and 74176 and 78 Greenwich Street. OFFICE, 142 WATER :ST., and 2, 7 and 8 St. JOHN'S PARK, H. R. R. D. ::F-A T:Lv.I:AN' co., __ COTTON I: TOBACCO FACTORI, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, & CO., 2211 J'ront-nreet, tommission Merchants PRESSERS. Lear Tobacco pressed ln b&Je1 tar t'he West WJII, -. Oeairal, American, aod other market& 1 PACKED IN ROGBB111A.DB. '1HOMA.S KINNICUTT, K.entuck)' autl Vlqlnla :Dii'E"''ggV OHAS, B. F ALLENSTEIN & SONS, TOBACCO AND CENERAL Commission Merchants, 129 PEARL STREET, N.Y. A. STEIN a CO., Commission Merchants, AND DEAL'XRS lN .A.LL DESCBIPl'lONS OP (,EAF TOBACCO, LEAF 197 Duane-street, ... 6 WUUam Sweet, BTB'" L NewgYorlK. B. WA.I!SEJUIAN. f NEW Cigar manufacturers particularl;r favored. __ .. __ ---DJ::ALERS IN E. SPINHARN & CO., SAWYER, WALL ACE & 00., assto llleell._ HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No.'5 BURLIN'C SLIP, No 47 Broad Stree NEAR WATER-STREET, j,' NE'W'-YORK. NEW YORK. \. JEBRAEKELEER, Manufacturer of Fine 9:AVANA CIGAR No. 9 6 :Beekman Street,. M&rJ'ear!. N .EW YORK l. IPINQ..uiN. .&.J.EX .EI..A.UClli:IA US. S.lK. X. 8PlSGARN. (.. W. GtJNTBEB, Baltimore. F WK. TATGBNBOltBT, New York. r-yr TATGENHORST .Fo., Tobacco & General Commission MERCHANTS, No. I I 0 PEARL STREET, :--... Hanove r Sqnare. NE'W YORK. Have always on hand a large Assortment, for sale onLiberal Terms. d ERMANN BAT JER & BRO., COliUIISI!ION ME!!CHANTS AND IMPORTERS OF CLAY PIPES, ATER-STREET, -NEW-'YOBK. E. Importers of Spanish, AND ACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. Cfg,.., Bib"-.,., .... ) taro-till em Aa..d. f 145 Water Street, N. Y. STRAITON, SCHMITT & STORM:,. )IAKUFACTURERSOF (I S E Gr .A. AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, No. 191 PEARL New York. JOID! STRA.ITOX, JOSEPH ,SCBli!TT GEORGE STORll. WIOKB. I 1 YJLLUll( Wl.OJUI. llANlJll' ACTUREllB OJ' !i: 6 WILL ED ST., NEW-YORK. .Best Material and Superior Make by SeH'-invented a.nd patented Machinery I DB I 62 Broad and 60 New Streets, IMPORTERS OP' 4* LA. A.FR.XCA.N" ..ttwl otAw fttM and popultw brana. oJ' Havana Sflfltw .; AND SQLE FOR THE SM.E OF THE PRINCIPE DE GALES SEGARS, MANUl.!'ACTURED AT THE KEY WEST OF THE OELEBRATED PRINOIPE pE GALES JWrnl'AOTORY OF HAVANA. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCBANTS, AncJ Sole Ag ... tt f o r tiM following OELEBBATED BBANDS of 'SMOKIRG TOBACCO Smokers' Comfort, Plantation Belle, PUFF, Wild Cherry, Our Jack. Also Sole for D. Silva and Co.'s Cuban Cigar Manufactory. from nbove factory warranted clear Havana 87. Water Street, New York. WATER STBEEP, New York. J. H. BERGMANN CoMMISSION MERCHANT Mcotch, Gennan, and Dutela CLAT .I.IUJ. Foreign and DomeatiQ Leaf' Tobacco. Aleo, Importer and M&n-r e! SECARS. ; lfo 146 Front-street, :nnr-voB&. L. CERSHEL &. BR0.1 Wholesale Dealers In -: HA. VANA. A.ND DOMESTIC lo. U JiwDD LAKE, L.GnDL. 8. Guo.m. IIJIW lOSBPH A. VEGA A B'&O. ....,.. llavaDa Tobacco .A.l.'fD Slf IIEW YORK. r t t I ROBERT E. KEJJ.Y & co .. ADOLl'B B'l'ROIIN. QU1BO RBIU:USTIUK, STROHN & 1 M.'H. CLARK & BRO., CLABKSVILLE, TllNN. LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, HAVANA LEAF. DOMESTIC AND I:W:PORTERS OF FOREIGN TOBACCv 7; l70 FRONT ST., N Y I ALSO DJal&RS Ilt I 34 BunR STRUT, NEw YoRK. 1 ...


Ohio AID i 1 1 Pennsyrva1i1a .a .t I Our Own Paokiiig. GBOWTH OF .. I" .I. 1. ;;...;{( .I.J\'" LOXS FNOT LESS THAN 100 Cases. 'By A. S. ROSENBAUM & CG., .l62 WATER' ST., THE HIGHLANDER L. l. ARMISTEAD, -.t Lynchburg, Va., \ i1 .lj H !llfJ'Oft'iBftS .JOBBr AL KINDS o:Pil' w /51.1 .. I.:AF ''ToDAC ..... ..... .No. 1'10 Water New= York. L. PALMER A H. SCOVILLE, Connecticut of our own ZI orJOIIN F., MANUFACTURER, 1446 &; 144S FRANXLIN STUE'l', lUCnxOND, VA. ; NQ, .. 1l 1 M,atchless) .. Wait for -Me, (' Bud and_ Blossom, Rig-ht:s-ower, .. t Imperial Durham, Old Plantation; EMPIRE r CITY TOBA_ C _CQ -WORKS, w ra &: ra BOUJery, New .YtWk I ..,--------Joseph lU.NUFA.Ij'TURER OF TllE r )[ ( "'l [ CELEBRATED CUPID TOB A -CCO, & TO -MANUFACTURER" O:ft 'llHE CELEBRATED .RAILROAD MILLS' "": r MACCOBOY, F.RE:'iCH RAPPEE, SCOTCH AND LUNDYFOOT SNUFFS. MACCOBOY A.'ND FR:iNC.II SNUFF FLO UP -. ..... ALSO liANUFACTURtRS Olt THE FjNESllllRA.NDS OF SMOKING TOBACCOS, CIGARS, AND PURE POWDERED LiCORICE. ) 133 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS, NEW-YORK. I T. H. MESSENGER & -CO., FOREIGN&, DOMESTIC TOBACCO, .... LICORICE. Ill & 118 KAID:Bli LAlfE1 NEW YORX. ....... OL 3". L.-GllSER'E. H. L. UASSER'I) J. L. GASSEB.T & BBO., COMMISSION MFJRCHANTS AND DEALERS lN ALL KlNES OM' Leaf Tobapco, No. 160 Water Street, New -York. EUCENE DU BOIS, Commissson Merchant FOR THB BALB OP. :;l Leaf, and Sou)ldng TOBAC G .O, 8'1 Wa.ter St., New York.' Manufactured Tobacco or all Btyl r and Qnalltleo, dlfrom the 'bet manul'&ctorleo o V!rglnla, for ulo In lots to oolt purch!Uiero. F.EL.JX,.-CARCIA, Dll"QRTE:K 0:1' Havana Leaf Tobacco, S:FA.NISH WINES AND CIG!RS. '"' .A Also ot the well-known TO:BACCO LEAF. -s.}10088801'8 icr :muw AJ! "' .w.: ... 166 WA sTRRFr, Tobacco rMerc.hants. BENNETT'S Billy Buck Virgllli& 'BeDe. Star. Grand Duchess ,.',. a I H tll "EURErAH 8BACC6 Thia nonl and claimed to be the moat perfect device for 1\fDDking; looae tobaboo ev.# oft'ered''t'O tlie public. Ey' the simple ell.9-wl, ;wel1!ug the tobacco, and thus foulin whol e pipe, is carffe'd thro'tlgH the-.'ihder1tube into the ball or cham be r unde r .wblle J ther smoke, e ntirely d enicotized, p&aaes stem to the mouth. This oo&Di-' '.an_ enti r ely separate the no communication into JBH fro m,!t illto the pipe ia prevemed, .and the is kept m a y b e readlly consumed to' tlle' lah'1Jie-rticle, while thetlgr\!U objectio n to the comm o n p ip6-::lha t of .the moJtJl..lis O b viate d it differs in aU and must commend'itself a:t a glance to all smoker s; R. W.ROBINSON & -SON, 18.'! 184 & 186 Greenwich St1eet, JYew 'york. arrangements ,;.ill be made wlth"paxties oxc!bJve We take the liberty of addre!olng rosin thll manner, tbe better to ean :roar a ttention to a T olla(co onnually line In Ita qu llt7. We baYe during many yea '!!_p a tlenU y and p erseverin gl y Instituted experiment having direct upon the manutactnre or Tobacco ; we bATe tmly FpP.t (' d neither u time n o r money" 1n the accompUebment of oar purpose, and from our pae& experience and inveetlgationo, are ronylnced that the onl y trne aoct_ proper way to manufacture Tobacco 11 nnder our proce s e or m anura ctnr ng. It protoota the Tobacco from the atmoophet'l; prJOY81ito I'" from moulding, and greatl y Improve _the quality aud 4a1'or; 10 mutlf lo! that the 4Me l package In our box eo will 1le f ound to 1le better than that wh eh wa a t flr.t taken out. Bo t poeltiTe are we u to Ito. high J!ll!rlt, th&t :we now place It with t1le greatest confid en ce to rompetlt.lon wttb any a 'rtt ele 'tl!At le now manufactur e d ... U n d e r DO clrcnmetance wlll the 8&aDdard or 6'llr lkanda be .. owered or ; 4 I I Caution to I. .6.plnJt purchaelng-an Inferior To b aeeo pat up ror lleeeptlon aeelmlla tlnr:; oitr Trade mark 111 closely, tb&t the impositi o n is only d ie cove:red by the U!e of the tobscco itaelr. W e gua.rantee to a.U 01U" Custome1s a Tobacco that "''U pleaae, a nd to prevent the or a Ppttri o u s articl e please to be pa rticular, when calling for Pi...e Cut, to i nquire for W. !!. GOODWllf CO.'S Ptraa Y&LLO B.o.u; and WELCOH'l Toa.&.coo. Yours, very r eBpectfully, 1 W : H. GOODWIN & CO .. ,THE AMERICAN Water St., New ork, Are now ready to recei v e and execute Orders for their Cigar Machine ... WM. AGNEW & SONS, SEYMOUR & Tobacco and Commission Merchants, Leaf To. b&CCO. 1IA. VII: ON SALE ALL DESOlUPTIONS O:t ... THE GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, "EQUITABLlil LIFE" BUILDING. BNJddwa1J, cprner eedatStt-eet, New York OU,. LlJ t $ 1 M .'l!. LETnr FIIBDIIJIICK )(, Jlu.l. Jl'.lr.t .. IIBB &Ot. BIIIL 1Us:tn111 ..... .... ........... B. Jlagau & 0.. EDWARD l'Bnula ................... Balteoi41tl!lll OD Dum t;ALOKOX. BKIL S.o. u:n. ..... late of Kaml&h1 Bauer & CC JoeBPa S:&LIGXAli ......... J & W.l!ellgmaaiiC., W. G. T.u.u ..................... Jl<z .. & Tl!cit ; P'II&D8BIOit VIUIAL ElollL SAUER, Prealclent. -EENKELL, 1 it nr r ? SEGAR BOX MANUFACTORY, pj II. I V (Superio! .._ Mt> YTOOD, 'J. P,.._,j 29ii -NEW TO:QK. 81 GL.ES & CO., m.v., : .:1 AG.ENTS AND MANUFACT-URERS Of ALL K 'INDS OF n u!r ..., .... ., _) Cigar Holders, Amber Pieces, Pipe Stems, Silver Mounting, .A.nd all Choice Articles_ in the Smoke rs line, at Wholesale an d -......... -' Wholesale and Retail Factory 4 and 6 J obn Streetr Store, 7 i"Nassau, corner John Street. I I NEW YOBX. [ Established 1853.] -.." Smoking Tobacco: YOLCER A MtMflrhrnnfll Brand of Cigars La Carolina,'' 150 WATER STREET,. "'and owt oJ' Bond, Leaf Tobacco for Export and Home Use. Real Meerschaum -Pipe Bowls, LONDON STRAIGHT AND EEND, OARVED, PLAIN, .A.ND FANCY OIGAR HOLDERS, made to order by special contract, and at l ower prices thim they can be tmporle d at. I haTe always on hand a very large stock of all patterns I also make t o order Segars, NEW YORK. fSg PEARL 1<' Lea f Tobacco baled in any package by hydrau ---'--,---......,.___,,__________ STR,.ET, N. Y, __ WESTHEIM & CO., HIGHLANDER, DICK TATER, IRED ROVER, REVENUE CUTTER, AND :NOT FOR JOE. ._ Specia l Notice is herewith given P:IP::BI8 .. IiJ!lAF Fronl Bfreel, York, .. fQUlD, FELIX MIRANDA, IMPORTER OF SEGARS, "RITICAt 193 Street. NEW YORK. A. L. GROSSE, DEA:LERS JN SEED LEAF AND HAVANA ll }- T a / o &o, I 77 PEARL S. T EET, c .L 1lJUai.Il10. A D. &A.BENRfMO.-' un :D:BA.I.ZM 111 .i.LL IDliD8 or TOBACCO, L24 WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK, Have o n olile aJI 'klnds of LEA.J!i TOBACCO for EXPORT IDd HOME US!!. 02-108 Kentucky LEAF TOBACCO, 1.81. PEARL STREET, :M. R. I Importer aad Commfnlon IerchaDt r 226-22'1 :asre"m7 'Y"<>rk.. HAV A.NA. SEGARS to the trade generally, that by VIRTUE oF A. .l PATENT received am the SOLE OATMAN, LEAF Succeftsor to -A.ND-:J TOBACCO! MA.NUF ACTUREB ;.F THE OATMAN & REID, Genuino Tobacco. OJ' HAVAN'A ..urn DB..lLEll nr SOLE ACENCY : : DOMESTIC M. LINDHE'IM, Leaf Tobacco, 148 W atm Stteet, 166 Water-Sreet. NEWY0RK NEW-YORK-' No. 42 COURTLANDT ST., "LA ESTRELLA." NEW TOJJK. A. H. CARDOZO & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors. AND General Commission Merchants, N o 123 Pearl $treet, New-York A II. C.A..RDOZO. FRED. DROST Oect fi!Ji9 DF ALL FOR n .rl)o ,'fi ( _. (Jf"! ctJ SEGA.B BOXES, Furnished in quantltl ee to nit, by ::R..O:ODII:A.N d:t EEEF.En:;:r::a.N, 216 LEWIS' STREET, N. Y. MONOGRAMS, r CRESTS, PORTRAITS, ETC. REP AIDING, EOILING, etc., attended to. Goods sent to aJl parts of the country. Circula r s sent by enc lo sing stamp N. E I am the Sole Manufacturer of GENUINE MEERSCHAUM AND .A.MBER GOODS to the Trad e in tho Unit e d States. Manufacturer of L orillard's cel e;brated Ya?ht Club Pipes, given away with his YAOBT CLU3 J'\MOKING TOBACCO. OQ,HN & A. F. DANENBERG, I :M. l!a .. .. and WHLESALE rro:s.A:coo."l It BIXTH An, l'-' LEAF TOBACCO ...... LEAF TOBAOOO & Wholesale Only llor 1'. B. BI8BOI'rl t 172 WATER STREE'T 102 Pearl st., near Wall st., 1 -"' l'elp; } 114. NEW YOR! Branc)l Store, 8 SlxthStreet,l'lUebllCiillo-1'& 178 WATEB STREET, JIBWYOaR. J ULIAl< ALLI:li-' I :uo fiFE No. 2/J!I: BROADWAY: NEtJryJJtil! n::>Y' y, r J'JO.A<'.I.O'I' In every respect a First:GlassoJmtit_ution. .., I.J '-"' .\84 Front Stteet: NEW YOP..X. ASSETS, $.2;800;000. -All Profits Divide'd Annually amongst Assured. 1 ,, L. HIRSCHORN & 00 Sl1JGARS,, AND L I AW J WALTERS. GRIFFJ:TH, J H. J-'ROTIXGH.A.M:, Treasurer. GEORGE C. RIPLEY, Secretary. WILLIA.M I. COFFIN, Actuary. GOOD GERMAN AGENTS, W NO. 110 WATER STREET, (Near W a n;st. NEW YORK. I G. REISMANN & CO. AND DEALl:'RS IN ALL KDI"DS OJ' LEA. F TOBACCO. 179 PEARL. STREET, 13etwem Pine ancl Cedar sl1eeU, VUBT..lV BEIS:M.AKN, t HERMAN KOENJG, f NEW YORK. OTTO MAIER, 29 BEAVER ST., Importer of So1 e Agent of DE TABACOS" AND' '" @l!.WD.


r.IiHE T 0 BAC 0 0 LEAF ADVERTISEMENTS I f BALTIMORE .AnVE'RTTsEMEJVTS CINCINNATI, ST. LOUIS AND WESTERN ADVERl'ISEMENTfl Tll.lOO' v. L:16 K.ABKET STREET, HARfJ'ORD;. CONN. i & &Otltlw& BIOILW>>uLi.n. J.l.lla>u.u.n. CINCINNATI, 0. < "s. Smokiq I.LowaftAJ. I. Wan. ILWia. WM. WESTPHAL, COMMISSION liEROHANT, HAYANA ... ... ... Aa4 us:m. llo. 47 North Wter Street, and llo. 48 North Delaware .A-..eime-, ...... BAL y.I.W.ftllr ;.ID' "im.- Importers of the aupoftor brandl PLB ............ -..... ""' PBO ...... '"""""' .... '&Dd BD J'() Licorice Paate, l'oLaalt,ln II '--au n.aa'".a .. """" &;AU>.LV"""' .. A. WOODWARD, } ... HILADELPHIA PA I ouUbQ7en,lnbonderdut.rp&ld. 'BBO. H. WOODWARD. r F. W. FEL\.:j!NER, lllo1.100, 109, & 104 Weat Front, ... 0 1, G. ll, 1: CO,. CINCINN.&TI, Ohio. Batoh.e1or :Bros., A.UOTION SALEs DAilY ManujacturerM of FINE CIGARS, and Dealers tn F. BIBOHGFP,. L' E A F T 0 a A c c 0' X.. E .A. F T. 0 B A. C C 0 Deutscher-Rauohl$bak, MEYER, 330-337 North 3d, 23 North 2d, and 837 Chestnut Sts., AID OT1IEI CfiO!Ct: wlil, ,lla .. tacture A Cl_.a:n, COMMISSION MERCHANT, And Wholesale Deal e r in ::P::S::J:X...A.::OEX..:P::EI[:J:.A.. ' ALL KINDS or Tobacco Commission T 0 D A c cos, s o x N" LEAF UD J.Wl:UFA.OTURED TOBAOOO, Sea-ar&, !'!pe&, e-tc. mob1ttt0 1 It Water St. and 18 N. Delaware, venue, 107 ARCH STREET, OOIDIIBBIQJJ KEB011A.NTB FOB BALE or BAKE. AIID euPP, J P GLORE PEUL..A.DELPH::CA 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., aB&IU! ft D.Alll'DIQU, Jm J. A. P. GLORE & J.c.llaC.-011, L DOHAN, B, F. PARL-TT, B '' ManufacturersofB estGradesor ao. T. TJ.lTT. PHILA.BELPHIA, M D SAVIN, 4%a'I':U.OBD, liiDo ..._..1 'WIIIl manun, 11:.6'c:m.lll a co., fl//(" UNITIID STATES BONDED W:AREHOUB.. T. FOWLER. .._..... Oonolgners can forward tblr Stocke "IX .., .. --1J8 Yaw Btteet, lllew York. '8!bout prepaying the Gonrnment Tax. TELLER BROTH 6R S, M ANATHAN& SON 1 C'&. iw.GuNTilifit LEAF TOBACCO, 18 Front St., Cincinnati;-0. W II. GLOit!!:. c 0 GLORI!I. PLUG AND FINE CUT KENTON TOBACCO WAREHOUSE Tobacco Warehouse, 159 and 161 Commerce street, POWER & CLAYTON, one ponnd and upwardo. Nos. 214, 216, 218 and 220 GREENUP STREET, i l\j Covington, K?t D. M. SEYMOUR. A. L. & F. SISSON, Paeken and Dealera 1n Connecticut SE;led Leaf TOBACCO, FINE SEGARS, 134 Main And Dealerinalllrlnds or HARTFORD, CONN. EMIL POERSTEL, Manufacturer of '120-188. Chewing, Smoking. & Leaf Tobacco. H. WILKJ:Ns & Co' s Cel ebrated Smoking 231 Fifth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa. ........ B.B.KJIIILD WM. 8, KIMBALL & 00., )(anllllt.otJJNIW Of lllo OllabN&e4 Peerless & Fancy Plain TOBACCOS. PLAUt TOBACCO a speclaltJ. B.oehuter, :&'. Y. JOSEPH S. WOODRUFF, DE.l.X..:B OJ Connecticut Sud-Leaf TOBACCO, 18 MARKET STREET, lURT'FOBD, CONN. 8. SELLINC & SON, Packfll'l and De&lfll'l lD w.J:IoLESALE DEALERs m LEJLF Qt.ohaua QCamnusston :Bttuga:nts, C?ENERAl.. ooriNGxox, xr. LEAF T B A C C 0, s :a R s 4ND l>ULEBS m SEED SEGARS. No. 117 North Third Street, :Md Be Ohlo Leaf. No. 90 Lombard st., Detroit Novelty WorkS; LEAF. TOBACC01 7 PHILADELPHIA. 1 c 0ne doone m of ptau), aGO NOR"I'H TIIIJlD. ST., ----'------:BALT I MORE, Md. DETBOITo H:IOU:. 288 8-to:te Street., HABTFOBD, -CONN. PHILADELPHIA.., P.A... No. liZ Soutlt Chari.,. St BalUmore. t:JrLlberaladV11l!cements made on Conslgnm ente to my addr e s s L BAMBERGER a CO., Dealen Ia LEAF TOBACCO MIT I ............. .. Bo. 3 North Water S1ree1. PIIIL&DliLPIIU, ... JAMES RUSSELL & CO., (}ommission Merchants. .Large 8880rtment of Clay and Glazed Pipes, L at reduced prices .Xo, FRONT STREET, PHILADELPPIA., PA. S. & J. MOORE, .. TOBACCO Commission Merchants, North Water-street, PHII,.ADELPHIA. J. RINALDO SAN;Jt Intern' I Revenue OF M. E. McDOWELL 4 CO., BECK .t. HAYEN, Importen and Ge11eral Commluutt IIerehantl, TOSACCO KNIVES/ GEO. KEBORIIOPJ'. OEO. P UNVERZAGT. G. KEROKHOFF & CO., Wbol .. ale Dealers In "THE VERY BEST." CONN. SHD UAF General CommiEsion Mercha.nts, No.60SOUTHGAYSTREET 49 South Charles Street, llound City Tobacco Works. No. 39 North Water St., PhiladelphifJ. (110-11'1.) BALTIMORE, MD. BALTIMORE, MD. c AT L 1 N, L. N. WOODWORTH, Dealer In TO:BACCO, No. 217 State St., WHOLESALB D EALERS IN HARTFORD, OT. ---------JO>l.. SOliBOBDJ:R. A N ICOLASBZN H oPF!I(AN GILMO R. F R A N K GrnsoN. llJ.JI'ITI' ... ,...,..,. cw ..... D...,......,..... Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, Wm. Eise:clohr & Co. JOSEPH & GILMOR & GIBSON, Fine-Out, Chewing & Smoking smoking & Chewing Tobacco, R. Oommieolon &!lLPORT E R S OF T b Killi' k' k & ond All Kinds or Smokers' CHAPMAN, DL\LD llf DEAWRS m Leaf and Manufactured H S 0 8.0001 C illlC O,, Articles, j Tobacco and ()igars, a v aJra .. e gars' ... 701 Nortla Second_Strect, I 123 bet. 2d and 3d St-".fjta, Coonecticut ....._ __,,. """" .. I'll ST. LOUIS, liiO. ST. LOtiiS. MO L:e;l: A F TOBACCO No. 81 Exchange Place, And General CommiSSion Merchants. STAROK, GUTMAN &. 00., SMITH & THO:MAS, EAST 8 "' No. 50S. Gay St., .Baltimore Imponen til "an- cturers or all kin'" of .. I 17 outh Water Street, s k m WA CONNECTICUT. PBIL!DELPBIJ. Louis GIESKE & co., Fun'"' WlldDtiLDim .a..-: "' 208tiorth Second 8Uee&. 85 East South Street, Leaf Tobacco, oonrrssroN :M:EROliA.BTB. IT. LO'O'IB,... INDIANAPOLis, Ind. SCOTCH SNUFF." 42 South Charles Street, No. 69 south Charles S .. t., near Manufactured by BALTIMORE. llii!D. CHICAGO AND SOUTHERN ADVERTISEMENTS. Seed leaf Tobacco, HARTFORD. G. W. GRAVES, Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf T 0 S"'A C C 0 -I t .A. B..I.LPH SOUTHERN ADVERTISEMENTS. p. Lorillard's Western Branch. .Arch Street, Phfladelphla. TObacco and General Com. Merchuts, 115 RUFFNER &. FOY, c. A : J .ACKSON Be: Co., Danbury, Connecticut. a .-.A ...... ,... .....,, 11114 .... ,.., ..... ..-. PHILADELPHIA. kpon Bonded No. L ................ A.*r. 'tHoMAS & SON, ., : ') rw&:OI.iSALB DBA.Ll!:R8 IN 1 ALL KDfDB o:r lOREliGN A ND DOMESTIC -lEAF AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, I,!NUFF, SEGARS, ETC., No. 474 and 503 N. Second St,A '\.-for Gall & Ax's Tebacoo and Snuft A. H. THEOBALD, 'IUlfUJ'..lOTU.aa OP .lLL Kl!fDS Or .. .. U D DKJ...L&B.UJ SPAlii'ISil ANJ) DOMEBTIO tear L'tcffi; Snn[, and Brier Pipes, oor. Third and Poplar Ita., Philadelphia, MEHL & RATTAY, Manufacturers of all kinds of SMOKING TOBACCO 3019 CHESTNUT S'll'., PHILADEL.PHIA. E. W. DICKERSON, & Manufacturers' Agent: --' SOLE ACENT FOR BUCKEYE TOBACCO WORKS, TOLEDO, OHIO. J)epot, 107 North Water St., 1'11ILA.DliL1'DU.. H.-SCHMIDT, "LEAF TOBACCO" w AB!IUOUSr:. I ,Also tuii lines of Segars l\fanntactured ana Smoking Tobacco. No. 153l South Second :uflght. Corner IIigh Lafaye'tte Sts., MANACERS1 TOBACCO, IIUFF AID So SfYUth Water Street; CHICAGO,-IU. ===="""""""""""" .......... """ SANDHAGEN BROS., Wholesale Dealers in all kinds of PHILADELPHIA. I J. W CARROLL, LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, "IRED RO-V.JR '," DICK TATER," Sole ];i anUfactu r e r o r the Famou s a.nd Wor ld SEEDLEAF TOBACCO '46 TOBACCO. WORKS." ... R C. HURRAY, !ale of v .. Horn, Hun.., .t: Oo, HI.U. MJ.SON,Iate of Walt .t; Muon, Tobacco. 1 dB d fV' .A.ND Whol e eal e De a lers in 1 renovme ran s o trgmia Smoking Tobaccos, '' ::J:..... E .A. F '' '!'heseeetabllshcilTobaccos,so and favorlu.Jr I LO.NE JACK and BROWN DICK. CIGARS, MURRAY & MASON, 1 ktiown,areputnpln.l(,.)O,and1Ib.bal""orponches 17 W t Ra d 1 h St t .um atdln bulkthuseu!tlngtheretallerandjobber. 12th Streea. __ 6S n 0 P ree, IU.liWJ'..A.CTUUR8 iJI'D DJ'..lLZRI :c' IJ. KDI'DB O:r Chewing and Smoking,--Tobacco, MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, Manufa.ctn}"'d only at the steam WO( .L. L. LYNCHBURG vA.. CHICACO--:iLLINOIS. No. 322 North 1.'hird Street,!TEAD. Lynchburo:, Va. 174 & 176 Water Bt. Oh!Oar TOBAOOO & OIGARB PLUG TOBACCO, ... OBA,..CJO ,,1,." [YNCHEfORG, VA., J j And Dealers in Leaf", .&. IY IUchmotul, Va. Jl: __ c..,atauil1 .., band and for we au Jll'llclll of IU' Sotlth Wat.r St., CHICAGO, ILL. n i N 27 VirglnlaSmoklneTobaeeo. ,UIDcy, .uuaO B, O. CAMDEN STREET, Wlll contract''lll'itb jobbors.liiiD& Uullr ol!nlul. J H. PEMBERTON B ltl Md E D Chrl'sti'an & Co or 0111'1, u u..,...,. 4IIIN. T b c M h. .. ..... TOtl'KG. J.D. T01TKG. a more, ., o a.cco omm1ss n ero ant R .umD,..nown. .AJtDuw.DO'II'D. V.-IHlonlllerchaatforthe"Parelu .. e" t .... xna. MOIIUMIIIIT .... L D-ro. DANVILLE, VA. I A. YOI,JNC It BRO., Snuff Manufacturers, No. 29 S. Calvert St., BALTIMc;>RE, MP, 0 Ste:m Tobaooo Work.. Orders for promptly attended to. Geaeral (Jommlsslon Merebants, "VIRGINIA l[A' F TOBACCO IJ Blt&blilbedb)'BobeltA.X.,O,la RBP'BD8TO [ 1d'esoro HEALD & MILLER, New York. J P H MAYO & BROTHER )(......,, G HETh"EKEN & PALMORE, New York. Sollclt ordero for pnrcblloe of @ottollll l.llllt blacl< &lid brliht Obeii'IDc Tobaooo. W.::JM"'" E. VENABLE & Co., Petersbnrg Sycamwre St-reet, tt Petersburg, Va. CLEMT.R.BARKSDALE, Formerly D.&.RXJJDALB & Rli.A.D, Tobacco Broker. All Orden faitbfnlly executed for Baying and Selling Tobacco Exchange, RIOH:M:OND, VA. R agl a n d P e t e rs burg Va.; J M E. Venable & Co. d o .; Chieve & O sborne, do. ; c E Hont & Co., N e w Y ork: A D C h oc kley & Co. do. Haj. W T Su t h e rli n, Danvill e ; B oo. E. M. Bruce' Loni svU l o : d o ; Clay b orn & B-unt, d o. N 2424 CARY BT.BBEr [J3ox432.] Richmond, Va. -. .... .. H. TYREE, PL.l\ITEBS' LW.VDOU. .. P.JLUIIL'l'OB. SaJa 8. W. VEl{ABT,E II. 00., 10 111101 MEIGHAIT, ._,, vr..,,.,., COVVTSSTON WAREB:OtJSB, PLUG TOBACCO WID ilh'l Ml ,._.. ....... _. HIINDIIRSOII, KY. L'ETEBSBUBG, Y..t., UAJr MJU.aao. JoHN FUNK & co. ...a. )1&14 t1 Orden b I:M fll 11'1, and OfelJ' nr!et1 of Flrtt .. Clal!l Wack. ..,_ paUo itripo, S11amo, II: ....... ..... Qooda & Ill eTOIJ LOUISVILLE, KY., U. S. Bonded Tobacco Warehouse No.1. -GEO. W. WICKS & CO., Kanutactnren' Aplite ror Sale of Ytrginta, Missouri, and TOBACCO, Allo Dealfll'llll ., Le1f Cfc 102 M ,AIN STREET, [Bd-8d and 4th, ] GEO. w. WIOKO l L tl K t k N .I'DRRT r ouiSfl e, en uc J B. ltEGRA W & CO., IWIUFlCTUIEII II DEAUII Ia Tobacco, SlUFF AID CICA88, Ia 18. 55 lbud Btree\. 81 ...... PI'1"rrJBURGK. P.A. .nve Brothers rocacco w orks. JoHN FmTzo. BEN. Fl.NTZSB, Fun Fllf'TDB, RUDOLPH FINTZ.BR, NICHOLA. Ft.MTZKR JOHN Fl NTZER 4 BROS., MANUP.A.CTUI!ZRI o-, Virginia, :Etentucky, and Misaouri PLUG TOBACOO, 18 Third Street, LOUISVILLE, KY. Ferd. W esthofr, I r ., FORWARDINC ., l't.. BREMEN, Germany


SUTRO & NEWMARK, JICA :JiUF.-tcxrr&.rns OF C :1: G .A. OR 1:1, -A.XD DEd.LET.S IY LEAF TOE..A.CC<> MAIDEN LAN!!, NEW YORK. THE TOBACCO LEAF. We laughed at the jest. Such a little tribute was only Bow to Gel tile MeD to ()lnareb. DEPARTMENT o:r JusTICE t due to him after the generous declaration about us. w ASHtNGTO.N, M.A..RCH 1871, r "Give me a Ji..,ht," he said sticking the cigar intothe "My dear parson, I am with yonr sentiWm. Dorsheimn, Esq., U. S. Att'y, Albany, N. Y. hole in the extre;e corner of his mouth, a position which ments," s:\id the professor, confidenttally, as walked Sir :-In iutswer to your letter of the 1st inst., in relation fanatical smokers are fond of: together into the room, ''they have me so to the case of Benjamin Payn,. of Albany, N.Y. indicted for I drew out my bundle of matches with triumph. "I have mu c h plQI}Sure, that, in return, I must commumeate to you having made certain false tobacco manufacturers' monthly boxful in my_ pocket, I said, "It does to be an important secret It's a scheme I have long returns, I have the honor to say that theeommunication, a wi.thout f.. d I rub..2_e4 y ne _on m boot h eel,It .for setting the Church of Its legs copy of which you enclose from the Acting Commissioner Tebacco, missed fire. I tried another. It missed alsD. I tr1ed a ''Sir! eja culated the diVIne, md1gnantly, "It can stand of Internal Revenue, makes it proper that you should dis f third. It missed again. perfectly well without your help, I do assure you. The continue the prosecution. Very !respectfully, "Much meat doth gluttony 1 A T A A G 1 "What are you about?" h e said testil_v. "You're very re 1g1ous census. KERM.&N, ttorney enera procure awakward; I thought any foo l could stri,ke p match--" '' good Str, the professor, that counts TRE:ASURY D EP'AIITMENT, To feed men fat as swine, "My boot is damp," I s aid n e t vous l y. "I'll try the the,ladtes There 1s no do, ubt that a OFFICE OF INTERNAL REvENUE, t Bot he s a frugal man indeed w a ll h ete." I did s o and failed with three more in succes number of females do attend the serv1ces of the Church W .A.SHJNGTON, Sept. 27tb, 1870. f That on a 'plant: can Jine. si on. but, unh a ppily, if you glance round you even from your Sir: At $-e request of Mr BenJamin Payn, as also oC He needs no napkin for his He now lost all patier:tce. "You are a more own pulpit, see many more bonnets than bare Mr. Tremain, his couns el, ]; have to inform you that Mr. bands, fellow than I took you f o r Here, give 'em to me. He 1 c o nfess 1 t. T,he men d?" t come aa they do Payn was assessed by John G 'Fread well, late Assessor His fingers' ends to wipe, tried himself but in vain: they all failed on'l after the f ''Well, then--for arguments sake 'they don t of Internal Revenue, for the fourteenth district of New bath his kitch'3n in a box, other. r'felt my heart sinking. "Jus t so. Now r I've a to York, jntetnal revenue tax of t2:, 781.36 upon tobacco His roast meat in a pipe." "The damp must have got at them ," I falter e d tryin g "Some n ew absurdtty of yours I m manufactured a.nd sold dur ing t he ye&r 1868, but notre- again "Not at all, my dear Sir. I proP<>se 'tO an old turned for taxation, which tax he paid to the Collector of OFFICERS OF THE fAN "I bate delays ba said in a passion, it spoils my smo'KJ: \and r e v e r e d : custom, which is &poke n m by Str W said district. VILLE, VA., TOBAcc o 880 Are you n. noodle?'' as being in lise in s Ome o f the out of-th e-,way k1rks Mr Payn clai med t h a t th i s trur was e rroneously assessed, -At. "Why," cried Jessie, who had been l o oking one at m I 'abote the fll!SS. If you and in May, 1870 pre s e n te d a.t this office h i s claim for a meeting of Danv dtlle of them closely they are safety match e s 1 Th e y light will only adopt .1t, I pr omiS,:l yo.u would get nme mal e refund to him of the tax so paid, which tax is reported 00 Assocmtton, hel on Aarc 1 tb b' hearers wher e you now g e t It' s nothing wrong as him o n page 39, li n e s 1 te 11 i nclusive, of the list the 2d th officers on Y upon e ox. '' d -o' e. 0 1 1 d Old F o x b e rry :flung his ci"'a r ov e r t he wall i n a fury. y ou t h ink ; it's somethin g we ;tr e JUSt a bout to o our on form 9 7 f o r Ma r c h 1869 o n file in the office of the II w ere Y He g a v e me one look and walk e d a w a y t o th e c ar ria g e I selv e s. Her e dropp e d his vq i ce to a stage Asse ssor of .sa i d district ; r Th rus hed i n dispair to the coachman a n d th e footman. whisper-' Let' qq. sm o k e After a car eful e x amin a tion, this o ffice allowed, and, on I B e D er r;l ; t 1 F o r Heaven' s sake, a mat c h I Twenty for one, the 9 th d a y of June las t p a id! to Mr. Payn the sum of t2,. oe, te e r e st T I whisp e red hoarsly. .. End of the Payn (;ase at !lbn"'..-Tbe Trial 781.36 in full o f h i s s a i d c la i m for refunding J. Patrtck, Sectet!lry: 00 Lord b less the man I" said the f orme r, s ta rting, wha t V ery resp e ctfull y surer. 'l'he standmg cooumt d' 'm ?'' Discontinue,, r. J. W. DouGL.A.St Acting Commissioner. tee is comnoseQ. of ;Me88111. y e you e 11 h ...-!' N vG H 1 1 "1 "-A mat.1 HYper' 8 2 per 16 per 82 per tte $sSCssor of the 14th district made an assessment making transactions on them has afforded facilities for swinin "larg e cap s," and in large figures, too, in his testament. ct. rate. 'Ct. rate.l. rate. ct. rate. against him_ for about tll,OO; th_lla.BSessor, dlers at various times iD: New York, and vesterdav an onAP. .Robinson. etc.. 248 23,339t 248 23,339! . $ 7 d b h r'!'I'll next F >xbeJTy smoking to reduced tbts assessment to 2, 81.36, an t 18 tlme t e ation of this sort was got off here on one of our banks 1IJ ; 1 W i ssenger, elc .. 12,812 18,376 4 04 9 11 t lied Mr na n to pa The as 1 c.< b k ed, e ----20 031 co ector a once 09mpe ...,, J Y the morning, short y l wter an mg operatwns commenc "Wh y d on't you n a me a Be bold man aliv e Flriger J., & B ro.I4,7 3 8 was followed by an indictment for making a young man about twenty eight years of age, Pluck up don'J. st11n d s hillysha llin g You won't lose b y it Curd, ,V, E 3 285 tt falSe re1.urmf and: Mr P,J.yn was the Albany of gentlemanly exte r ior and dreBBed in a. """"Y "" h d fi 1 I 11 h h C unnin g ham, P 244 773 69 h ld b J d H 11 d h ,. ..., i n the entr. e sai S l0 17Di ca nt y t e you w at, e October term m 18 e Y u ge a an t e suit entered the Third National BO:nk, on Sout.b. Gilchr i st & Co... 162 260 a f Th a s ai d "I've 1 got a ne w box e f c i g ars over. W e'll m ak e a jury brought in a-ver 1ct o gm ty. e ver tot bowstreet, n e ar Second, and presented to Mr. A.M. Carter, the lit t l e part y f o r 11 drive to Three-cross Abbey. G e t her to Holbrook, E Jr 59 732 66 3 6 4 ever, .was against evidence that Judge cashier, a tetter purporting to be siuned. by L. B. Coltin.,.. h 1 ll ff d h Jones R. R ..... 20,265 22 705 d d M p d h fi' d ., meet yo u t e r e ti ett e 1t a o han try t e n e w ctga r s Hall sus pen e sentence. r. ayn an ts nen s ton & Co. of New York, introducing him as John B. d h. K e rb e r!! & App .. 1,050 5,250 h b db d h h b k d and ha ve one w1t tt. J claimed that e a een surpnse -t at tB oo san Thompson He e ntered into conversation with Mr. Carter:, Land ram & Co .. 898 1 6 17t 1 b d b h h d f h ffi b d I was enchanted. This indeed, looked like bu si n ess Lo u T.Manuf. Co. 3 ,482 13 911 p a p e rs whtc l a een Ill t e an s o t e o cers a informi11g him of his intention to enter into the toliaooo I wrote off a hasty not e to Jessi e her aunt, tellin g 1 not all bee n returned to him, thus depriving him of the business here, and tal1ring about the different descriptions M c D o nald & C o 16,907 9,959 fa h h d h f I th e m much de pended on th(;'ir coming, and imploring t h e m 2 m e an s o 1sprovmg t e c arge, an t e court o nter -of tobacco, Kentucky and Virginia products and other matMusselman, S. V. 1,561 ,568 k d A to attend. I wrote also to a jeweler for a coup l e of litt l e nal Revenue was as e to mvesttgate n exammatlon ters connected with th e tobit.cco tra de. He referred. also to lockets as I wanted to .make a t e nder offering. I was very Musselman & Co.' .. t.. 39!75 t ordered, and a long and searching investigation a firm in the trade in Baltimore, with whom he had negohappy and ex, c i t ed. Mr. Fox berry grew mor e a n d more O Banuon A & C o 1 69 followed, the res'ult of which was the entire exoneration tiated for a store. He desired to arrange for keeping his T ayl or F & Co 1 ,243 4 ,809 Jl fi d f t d Tb ben i g nant. of Mr. Pa)'n from a r a u or o rau e account with the Third National, but seemed somewhat "There are pipes, he sai d tha t I kno c k abou t an y --220 ------tax of $ 2,i81.36 was-refunded to him in Jnne, 1870,and a t spleased when i n f orme d th a t the bank would not allow T o tal ....... 133 342 23 339'2' ,34 9 23,3il9t 4 049 1 f h U d S a d w ay, and t h r o w down after I ha v e sm o ked them The r e the :Attorn e y Genera o t e mte tates treote interest on his dep o sits. He finally, however, decided. on are ot h ers I take care of, and put b y -c ar efull y. Y o u are a 1 CIGABS. District Attorney Dorsheimer to enter a n olle pro sesele c ting t h e bank as his depository, an d deposited a certigood fellow, Bob. Will be a capi tal smoker one of th e se Name. M ade. Sold'. qui upon the indictment. Tile District Attorney mad e fled check in the name of L B. Col tington & Co. on a d a ys, and I'll tak e care of you ." Alb erding G., & Co ............ 90,005 62,700 the motion in open court, remarking after 'he had read w e ll-known New York bank, for $1 3 ,000 The man then I thanked him cordia ll y Anthes C ... 2,500 Z,OO O the letters from the Commissioner of Internal Revenue left, but in a few retur ned, aud remarking that he Well, the morning came and the carriage was actually Bam berg er, J C. 2 5 100 20 150 and Attorney General Akerman that' he had stated the had immediate need for some money drew a check for at the door Just then post cam e in with two Bobzein, C .. .. .. .. 16 400 17 100 whole case in open C>rder that the 'final dispos-$6 500, which was to him in currency by the cashier. lett ers and a littl e reg stere d c ard l:o trd box. One Beyer, B : 6 600 9,100 ition of the case, which was a of Mr. After he bad left the bank the second time, in reply to a was from Jessie, s a yin g that she was delighted to Bick el & Co. 22 400 25 000 Payn' s character, should be as p11blic as was tlie trial telegram sent to the New York bank, word came that the come. 'l'he other was from the j e weler, saying that be Bonkfosky V ... 7 200 6 600 and convi:ction. Judge oodrufl'granted the motion." draft for 113,000 w a s a base forgery. The detective sent me two lockets but that be wanted one back "for a Bierm a nn & Millinger .. 11 8 00 7 200 The followipg is the correspondence referred to, with officers were at once on the alert for the succeesful brid e maid s ord e r The lockets were very pretty, and I B ec kman, H B. & Co ... 19 300 16 500 the official entry on the court records: dler, but to a late hour last evening he had eluded arrest. admir e d the m greatly. It was hard to choose between Bo c k H e nry 9,105 8 000 them. I was in difficulty when Mr. Foxberry decided me Bonk o wsky F 5,000 5, 000 by r o arin g out from b e low that h e was ready th a t the Cohn L 9,900 3 900 cigar s were in, and that w e were losing the :fine day I had Dill er, W. 7,100 1,300 thus to make a h a sty c h oice. So I chose one that seemed Ebert, C Bi. 20,200 24 275 the most elega nt, rolled it up in silver paper, and packed it Epstein S. 2 ,1'100 2,600 up i n 11 neat card board box But how was I to send back Falk G 2 80 0 SOO To Foreign Ports the oth e r locket? A capital idea I 'rhere was a matchGur2eler S. 3,000 4,300 than If .. ::!' box on the ch i mney-piece, which I e m pti e d packed aw a y Gaertner, F 10,400 5,600 other .. ;a;i ,.. .,..: 1 k d 1 d l b :h' Gn mme B 7 000 9,000 ;J.,g-g"'.., ., ... ".,.c g.;1 .,,.. ., the oc et m It, a n s e a e t t e ox m w 1te note-pap er, .. .... Europ"" ... Ports ... <> .., .., ... .. .., 1: o ... G h A 5 301) 41"00 .,.._ ,t>-"4" 11.1.!! "' 11.1.: 2_JI.$ tying it r o und with tap e. ugen elm, .n. .. iil ... "You,"Isaidtoa handful of t h e matches, "must not Gall, J A ................. 2,875 3,000 ,, II; II; !!:: settbe house on ftre1 and will be of no use in my waistcoat Helman, M : ... : ; 5,000 5, 000 ------------------_.............._ _______ l--7 -t pock et." A pd ther e I qeposited them Homir e, J.: .................... 28,575 25,'000 Africa:.. ......................... lOS. 140 .. .. .. .. .. 4 ...... ...... :-1 ... : i .. .. 1 ,u5 35,?97 H e sEJr F-:o ......... : ........... 28 000 30, 000 Argentine Repnb........... 1 1 1 ........................... .. ........ 22,891 My revered friend, a little out of humor, was still p;olling 17 843 13, 700 Brazil ........... .................... .-.... 22 ............................ ... 1 "" 6,668 ti,168 Harris A ... :. : : B A t I' t ; ;, F;,!J 43 085 96 SH forme Icamedown.withJllanyapologies,and away we H t W 19700 19 ,100 ..... ...................... '"'io'" .... ...... : : ....... -.:-.... 1 3 134 drove. Before we had g ot a quarter of a mile, be call e d ... : .:: : ,::::::::::::: 14 ,300 :::::::::::: :::::: : : :::: : ._ .. .... :::: .:::::::::: .. "8' ::::::: ::: ::: ; : : : :.:; :::::::: '646 out : Johnson R. M., ............... 59 500 4 5,300 Brit.N .A.. Col......... ........... a7 .... ..:0, ................................. : ....... 3 ,561 6,604 like mel Forgotten my fusee-pox. Drive J obnson, A. L ........ :.. .. . 6 000 Brlt/W Indies ....... :..... 21 3 3 I'" 97 1 43 464 .................. 3,454;, 8,954 49,403 Exports of Tobacco from the Port of New York. PACKAGES AND BOIES, llANU J' AO'l'URIID lba. HOGSHKADS, BTC. CASES AND BALES. Wliataver can be lip?" you ask, With countenance alarming; Though I bad been brought to task F-or tbeft or baby-farmillg I I said, smiling, ."! hav e thought of that ; :-:::.: .:: .: ::::::. : ... : ::::::: u and pJilled. out a match froUl my pocket. He wpuld have K h h 1:1'.. 1 6 ,500 China .................................................... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. 17,46' h ed. fi th f th ht.. H a t 1,1 a h na 11 .u. .(Jrr> ''' ..... "' '-.!. oo i ugg or_ ore 1 1 s owe sue a A;: .... .... i 500"" 1 ,500 Ci2 pltine Repub .................... ......... 28 ll64 129 8 0 ........ .'?! .......... :0 ,;.6 1 ........ .. "Spook out?" I. will speak out, My .bL'Dji;l i,s O.Ij the rack-ob.l This awfuL.tootMc:/u will not end, And I have no TOBAcco. Only oa a Box. my friend;-true smo mg mstmct v certam y "' l E 50 801) Cub(a ,._ ........ .. .. ,_.. 54 ......... "trW.;: A,BlO 1 ,.. 180,39'1' Kuhman .;,:r .. .,.t: .... r ... '""'h'Wid's' 9 ow 26 28 2661 "Just fancy h e said, holding up his cigar; "I shou l d '-uams n te ... .. .... .. .. "" .... u 1 have let this ou and where should I have been then? W e E '' 11'200 6 400 Dutch E Indies" .. "" ,:: : .. ...... r "" .. : .. ..., Leopold, M :' & Co.............. 29,450 Dorch W Indies .... .. ... .. ... ... 2 .... 25 ... .... ....... ....... ,171 177 15,011 d o n t pass a village or even a cottage on the road to T hreeMarshall, R .............. 19,65El 17,1 0 Frenph W. In, d ies.... .. . . . 84., 165 ... .... >1 "jr ....... : .. .... : .................. .. cross Abbey, and there s not a house withiJl..miles of it. u M J s 23 700 X J "''500 tlaJti ... ,......... "'""....... 1 r .. J!. t 4 .... 1 60 I k ...... .. .. ; ...... .. .. .. .. 8911 am ........ t ""' J .... 1 11. Or else he added reflectively "I must have goo on M k H 4 300 21 900 -1\pan .... .. '1 .... .. .. ... "" .. .. .. """ .. .. .. .. d ar enry ................ -, Meco 35 1390 ... '"n smoking the whole day a n whole of dinner. r te !l y o u .. .. .. .. .. "" .... .. .. .. .. Miller, J ,.,................... 7,200 8,000 :New Granada ....... ;........ ... .. ...... .... 1 196 673 .. ... .. .. ... .. ..... .. ... .. 731 64,879 solemnly, Ithinklsbould die if I lost my after-:dinner .................. 4 900 Peru .......................................................................................... ... \ ............. o sm'bke." McGill, B H ........ ...... 22,540 13 100 Porto.Rico....... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. 3 3 .... .. .. .. .. .. .. 2,'S39 :1,8311 I was a little facetious on this, making imaginar.y plans McGill, S. B. . . . 244 2 0 0 0 Swedish W. Indies ..................................... ... : .. I c : .... ... ..... .... ... ................. .... .. A St'OBY FOR S:W:OKEJIS, ..,.\ J. as to bow the sil.cred fire might have been kept il!, or pro-M J H & C 4 600 '80 0 Ve,.ezuela. .. ... .. .......... ... .. .. 5 6 3 .. ......... ...... .. ll,855 5,572 t!le world. pagate d making the coachman keep it alive du rin0"' dinner, eyer, 0 Other ports."" .. .. "" .. "" "" .. : .. ll,497 Meyer,A. J .................. 9,ooo 2 :r ----------------,-----r,.--.---.--------and the man-servant during the coachman's dinner, and I Miller, J .... ...... :-: ... L 1 0 500 14,20 TouL .. ... .. .. .. 22 243 605 .83 456 2,411 ..... .: .. ?,441 U6,149 5!6,707 "'Any one got a light?" my boy I The best matches in Safest thing you can--"What, those things I Won' t _let them ll811r me I I'd have the patentees burnt with fag o ts of em. Why, I paid for a box of them, and J' essie paid too, how much do you suppose? Out of a shop mind you." "I can't tell, I'm sure ; some fancy price." "Only fifty thousand pounds. I'll tell you how Wait, I can't give up my smoke, ev e n to gratify so just a. vendetta. So for o nce I use the ill-omened thing. I remember the last t i me I used, or tried to use them,-but you shall bear "You remember at thetime when I and Jessie were going on together, o!d Fox berry, the millionaire; so he enjoyed the credit of being called, though without any claim to the title, as it proved, for be bad but seventy thousand pounds, ., and a mi)liopaire, even lby ought to show at least two or three hundred thousa'!11!. However he took all the !'irs and e njoy ed all the respect, o f one and so as far as he concerll.ed to th e thing. He really show ed a grea t interest in ouT c ooing and wooing ; quite beyond what mi ght be expe c ted fro m a money grubber suc h as he ha:l b e en a ll hisl. i f e The liking began on his side, through m y pre s e nting him w i th a pound of the very ch o icest Turk ish wh i c h had been sent me as a present. There was his weak place H e emok ed-smoke d d a y and night, not like a. c him ney wh ic h often has its banked up, but li ke a moun ta in of fire ," "Yo u like splitting hairs eir I see "Give m e my pip e," be would s a y taking a rather sel fish vi e w of th e cosmog;ony, and I t.lon't care if the world turns upsid e -down." A rather weak logicia n onc e r e torted on him, "But, my dear Mr F o xb e rry, i f tlhe worl d turns upside down, you and your pipe must turn uposidedown w i t h it." But Mr. Foxberry ban him in a moment. "I say, sir," he roared, "if you had taken "the trouble to attend-! sti pulate for the quiet enjoyment ol my pipe. You like sp li tting hairs, sir, I see." 1'6lieving both. ,. _, &'l Ob G 4 200 2 700 --. ) r .,, ., unl" e rmetr, .. . . . . J r Jl "But only think of t h e risk," he said: "suppose the O e ding, Charles ............. 1 4 200 4, 20.0 -' I .,. .:.t r i 1 .:a cigar got chok.ed, or the fellow got dr11nk, and let it go out. Pirrmann, M-. . . . . 2 500 2,400 What would become of me then? I declare,' h e said, Prac ht, M..................... 5 000 5, 000 with f e rocity, "I'd have the f e ll o w br o ke and dismissed Prussmei er, A.................. 5,000 4 ,101l I'd work heaven and earth to punish him." R e iss J. A ......... : ... . 3,50 0 2, 70 0 "Qui te right," I said laughing "But I'am h a p p y to R ehm, J ..................... 14 000 14 ,30 0 save the poor devil from su q h a fate .;' L. H. . . . . 1,525 "You would not," h e said ste r nly "Where my pipe R o senb!lrg, G.. .............. 3 000 is concerned, I'd let Nothing stand in the way. I r e a ll y Ram s brook, W .. ...... ... .. 6QO believe it to be the elixir of life ; and any one that int e rf e res S teinb erg, J ....... : ......... :. 15, 0 0 5 wit! ) that suppiy of vital energy I loo k on as interf e rin g Scblenb a cker, L .. ......... _.... 7,600 with my life. And I would deal w ith him a ccordin g ly Stilling, M E ... ............. ,.. 4,100 The cig a rs were certainly vory good, and, after smoking Sch o tt, J . . . . . 4 8 00 two, he said, N o w my boy for a bit of self-deniaL Not S cheur e r & Hotoff....... . 1,100 one till a fter lunch, or dinner as we marcall it ; and Steinbe r g & Bro ........ : ..... : 6 1 5 0 t h en bow we s hall relish it I That s the real for eD>-Sc hmidt, J .......... : . . 7 7 125 joyri:Je nt;." t 1 Sti er, J H ................... 1 900 We wer e now on Three-cross Abbe y, a rnttle old ruin J G 3 3 00 Sc h oppe, ..... . I in the m i d dle ofa sort of' waste or c o mmon, with hardly a Snyde r, A.M ..... .......... 19,500 tr ee or hou s e n e ar. It was a favori te s pot for a p i cnic ; as Schmitt, J, J & Sori ..... : . 2 ,700 the ruin was picturesque, and moss-g rown, and shad y, Steit J. T . . . . . 30,5 00 I sh e lt e ri b g us a ll from ttie s un. J e s s i Q and he r aunt we r e Stt>ns bach, J..... .. . . . 7,100 there w a iting t o meet us, J es sie looking lov ely as indeed., S teinme ir F .............. .. 2, 200 1 old F o x berr y a.s goo d as told her durin g l unch. S c h a urer, A........ ........ 4 400 W he n y ou' re b oth insta lle d in a fine h ouse she 'll l o ok Sc h ae f e r C . . . . . 4,150 all the better f or such a fr a m e Some one," he a dded, T e is, H .......... : .. ; .. .'!.... 9 000 with meanin g "will tak e car e of y ou both. Thiele,r C ; ..... : ..... : ..... 1 8, 900 Din ne r was o v er and be c alled t o his m an to bring him Vaughn ; G.:.-P .. ; ....... : .... 1,600 h i s cigar ca se o u t of the carriage. Wellma n A ..... .............. 10,000 I nev e r was in a b ette r humor for a cigar, a nd f or a Whi te, W.... ... . . . 4 300 good cig a r ," h e said. 'Afte r th a t lit tle r e past, too I shal Wjacker, W .. ..... . . . 27 500 enjo y it t h e m o r e Here is a goo d cqrpule n t one for you, Wle idemann J.... . 2,500 and ano t her f o r me. I al ways say, give me my smoM .. and Z none, J. T......... . 7,400 the wor ld ma y turn up sidedown Ay, and every human being i n too," he added. Total . . . 4 ,5 0 0 1 000 11,100 /1J400 3 ,000 6 ,5 00 900 5i,OOO 900 5,000 21, 6 7 5 1, 8 00 27 250 8,000 700 2 ,3 0 0 2 000 3,000 8,0 0 0 2 ;8 oo 5 400 4 000 2 8 2 00 3 400 8 500 844,575 '\ .,..; J ..i .f, Jf !! Jf, n ... .Alic ante ................... :l:-1 4 1 ............. . ... ....... ..... .Antwerp ... .. .. .. . 1 3 2 -326 -6 1 0 ....... 103 110 110 110 .... .... ... Barcelona .. : ....... ; "' . . t .. .. ... : Bordeaux .... 1 c.:. .1 ...1:........ .... 2 2 2 ..... o c < Bremen. .......... ........ 2,015 3,081 .. .. 481 1188 ..... : ... :: ......... 9 ,., ....... Bris t ol. ........... .. t .. .. .. a. r "'"' t ; Copenhag e n . ... .......... ., c. ........... Corunna . 364 o .......................... '- o o o ............... Cadiz o o o o 1 r f o ..... o .:::::::::::: :::::: ::::::::::::::::::::: ::;:::: :::::::::::::::::::.:::::::::: Gibraltar ................... ,., .. 96 218 .. ,.. .. 112 112 ....... ........ \00_ .... A ................ _.. Glasgow .. .. .. . 2 .. . 10 11 !>O 85 5 9 9 ..... .. .. .. .. Hamburg......................... 11ll 112 281 1158 5 ,990 ............. 92 ..... ; ... ...... .. ::::::: :::;::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::: Liverpool ....... .... ,.... .. .. 249 967 1.00 HS 1,305 539 1,710 4,394 ........ 26, SB 438 London ....... """. .. ... .. 268 313 62 204. 2 3 9 .... ;.. 139 4 7 8 ,.. 20,576 Wndonderry ...... ....... o f t I, .. 1 M 1 I ; : r:.-: :::::: : : ::: ::: ::::::: ::::::: :::r:::: ::t:::::: M a r s eille s ... o. o. o., ,. 30 :. ,.. _.. 14-'r o 0 ............ Naples ..................... oo 1152 664 ._ ot. 1oo ... (),, .... r.;o 0 ... ., .. :::::::.::.::::::: ::::: : :.: .:::: :: .:: :: ::: ::::::::::::: : "2o : : :::::: ::::::: Rotterdam .. o.oo r 58 14.2 ... t :. ....... .... 58 .. o ........ Triesto ....... o ; 0 .... "- o oo. 0 oCii .A,_ale.nt t a ..... o o r-, c c c ..... 1 ..... Vemce ...... r.? ... ............. ., e ... 4"\ ,.. ............... f ................... e Vigo :....!. c: .... t"ar- .... ... \..__ ....... o .... ,. ...........

8 .Jr HE HIZABETHTOWN .. AND rAnucAH TOBACCO .liUBUFACTUB.BRS. B-='ad. rx: k Anhur Gillender & Co LICORICE PAST-E &U.lO o entuc y, '1'0 FIR.ST. MORTCACE laB ;;,-a:. ., WALLIS' & CO. EXTRA. li(ht ver cent. Convertible Bonds. MRS. Tobacco S. __ ..... SOLACE TOBACCO, 116, aat 111 LffiERTY.STREEt, -111 .&.r1bV GDieod, Napo l..,oB.Itu.... Joerepb W. G?lt, looepbX.. L .... D. A. Jl&llllllact1lteral '. 7ZJI. Oflr.UBJIW:CNQ; 4.11 OJ[,fj,., Tobao.oo a A.l'!fD IGARS. r. llolel'l'epote&orotthe Celeb.--ota..wtq Tob&ooO, 'HERO" and "UNION." ll74 E'uhth ...ttienue. Havana CAMPBELL, LANE & CQ, LEAF TOBACC. O TOBACCOANDCzGARS, I w .aVER 'l '' l .., .. 1 NEW rt)RK, .' J l I Oneida Tobacco Work8 and Seifar .. ,. Manuftultory. "'D. BUCHNER, '(lk,ouot' to BOBITCHECK & TA.U88:CG) ..U.o. 'in Snu1f, Pitpu, I PACTOIIID AT14U BROAD IT., NARK, I And, In Cald"'!eN, f!l .1, .,, [ESTABLISHIID 1887.] Tobacco manu facturers and the trade in general are particularly requested to ex amine and test tho superi or properties ot this LICORICE, which, being now brought tQ the highest pe rfection is offered unde r the above style of brand. W e are aJso SOLE AGENTS for the .bl'8Jid r. G. Acknowledg e d by consumers to be the best in the market. And for the brand of Licorice Stick &. B. In aJl respect.s equa l to CALABRIA We are also AGENTS for t.he brand G. Z., which will be found constantly on hand Licorice Root, select and ordinary, constantly on hand. GOMEZ, WALLIS & CO., 89 .._ 81 South WUJiamS&. T 0 ItASJ C 0 L E .A:F. LIQUORICE HENRY 11. MORR IS, Nos. 99 Pearl and 6! Stoae Street, NBW YOBK, IMPORTER Spanish Mass Licorice, N.EW YORK. MISCELLANEOUS _KE_Y_W_ E-=ST. HAVANA CIGAR FACTORY. SEIDENBERC co.,. u Dfll/ BtretJt, NtJto York, ProprifJtora of the BrmMI La Sspa:n.o1a. Universal Self Pressing CIOAR MOULDS. -o-For Sale by AGBlm!, 209 Pearl Street, NEW YORK and SMOKERS'' ARTICLES Lette?" Box, 5_,84:6. --.:..::::...:..._AM-ER-IC-AN-CI-GA_R_MO -ULD .............. s-n .. ,.., MISCELLANEOUS. F. W. BECK ct. CO., 130 North St., Baltimore, MeL. .ADd D\ker well-Jmown Branda ot Smoking Tobacco, PACKED IN POOKKT POUC'--t:a:a. Pa'-ted Deo. acs. 188'1 S E GAR R I 8 8 0 N S, No. White Street, NEWYOBX. CHARLES A. WULFF, Lithogra.pher, Printer, and lla.nn!actnrer of A Large .\ssortment Constantly on Hand. CJI Chatham St., cor. William, N.Y. r I "' JlANmA'C'l'tTimB o'-, : .. 1 :MANUFACTURING CO., W.A.BRINTZINGHOf,FER &SON 24 .cEDAX sTREET, Charles T. Bauer & Co., llanuractaren ot NEW YORK. m F :IN" E c -q;, T PINE SEGARS, P.o. Box 5027. f Commission erchan. ts, No. 4:63 Fi1st Ave JESSUP & IIOORE, Chewing -and Tobacco T c.; 0 0' P---OW-DS--::-tlS 0 -tl-QU_O_R_tC-rE. Havana rob-ac; & AND CICARS, 113 BROAD sTR.Er,IIEWARK, a .L FINEST QUALITY. _No. 40 BEAVER' sT: Havana. Sixes. Cheroots, ROANOKE TOBACCO WORKS, Manufactured at Pougtlk eepaie, NewYork. R ... O l B T'YokxH 0= -o .. 8 'T to promp t l y St., New York. Facto<7No .22 5thmst. Virg>ma. GIFFORD, & INNIS llan11111ct1uerofthefollowJngbrandoofK:u.uammm.: J, P, HAWKINS & Co,, D!N\'ILLE ; V!, 120 WIIJ.ux-ITBU'!, -Man\if.i..ft1,of Sole of the .. PHCEbTIR" EI Bac6 ,and Brands, CHEWING TOBACCO} I' 21Jg I &. 8.-EDMON8TON A BRO .. I I 113 IL 115 DuaDe 8t,. .ljB1V' YOBK. : P. M. 1 HARTCORN & JIAJIN. and 1 r .... .. o.. r.. .. MERCHANT: FINE'-sEG SPANISH rto. 148 Water A!ID ALL NBW YOBJL FOREIGN & .DOMESTIC WOODS. WARDROP & DALY. 205 Lewis St., New York. wood GDrlMIIIIDI lAili. .. I Sl? AN ISH OEJ:>A::e. >r Ctgar Boxel!, furnished In quaot!.ttea t-o sutt. l!P'meute ot Black Wa!Dut Beopect, tull,Y ilollc!ted EDWARD A. 'sMITH, llanufacturer of NEW YORK. FiDe c.iiian, No. 249 Eighth Avenue, Branoh, No,'l york Oity. ........ ... I J. .. ............ .. Tobaooo Boxes and Caddies. SHERMAN BROTHERS, dealem iD. Lumber and -lhnu&cturera of all kinds;;/ .... .. .. .... ..... 1'1 ot. u.o. Colamblt 111!!11. I to 18 ....,._4., LIN I f I Hundreds o r these lla. chlnee in use ln the best houses in tbe roun try atte s t the value or t hem. Having been in use over foui yean, been thoroughly teoted, and much lm prorotd In alii to parto, wecanconli.Jie n t-1)' .,..,mmen d It to the manllfactorera ot Tobacx:o as the b eet and the moat e oonom lcalMachlne forthcpul-poae now I Cont!nnouo f eed, no lotrs of 'Duto; more eat with leu labor more ebtllgeo or cat, and brighter Tobacco, than wUh any other Cattor In the world. ln: J..LSO JU..NVJIACTUBB Plug Machines, .Stem :B.ollers. Tbos. H. Chalmers & Co., A&IDI'I'O, 1\'o. 46 CLIFF ST., N-York. A Fuu. BUI'l'LT oJt. EXTRAS Olf :&:&liD. :roB J!'ULL ADDBZU> HOGLEN .. & PEASE, B0 3TOW ADV.BRTISBKB-ll r8 I FISHER & ,; Commission 23 Central Wha.rt, Boston. Flu.xms FmrBR. : K. 1!'18BlKB, Bmu.011 N. l1'lmnll( JoWl N. !!'....,._ DA.WI&L B. 1.a S&OWN. J&. aDWD. 8 Ot)tJLftOII. D. 8. BROWl!f ck 00., DII'O&'!'aa AliJ) DULDA Of', Leaf and Manufactu'red TOBJlCCOt Ill V .lJIA PRE!IOIPB, ,lJID DOJlB)I'l'IO 0Iew&a Meenobaa.m a.od BPiar Plpel, 9eaeralf7. Is:clolf.y el7 Wholeule. 31 and 81 Broada&ree&. Bo&otl C. O. HOLYOKE, CODISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and MANUEAOTUBED / Buckeye 'l'obaceo Machine Works, TOBAOOO, : :z.. eentrral DAYTON, OHIO.


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