The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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/ 1 I ,I the TObaCco Trade of the 1 I ,... J The Largest Special Tlide Paper, in the World. II '.I I I f Hoyt, Thomas & Co., 404 Pearl. 1 (JftiCJAGO. Kinn':y Bros., 141..Wes I 1 'IOUOOO w.taoitotJau : ll?A-Iptn, D. fl. & -co., ?3 and 76. Bcnfeiy. Foy, Geo. & 86 S.Ut.IIWater. :: : llilltr1 )lea. ;G. B & Co., 97 Columbia. DUL:ttB.S r. LUI' 'l'OI!ACC!O .&,liD Sbotwj)ll, D.:..f.,&,Soa 1H Eighth ave. Case, S. S. & Co., 149 Sout!_\ Water. Wlntztlr & vook, U9 'Ludlow. Robinson, J.S. & Bro., 232 lAke & 8'1 Water: 11lAJJUli'AC'l'trmms OJ!' CtGAB8. I Dll4LSJII! llf TOBAoce. G..-.bel L. & Bro., 8G MaideaLut. Kaaprowiea, 8.1 p? Water 1 liart.opra, oil llaliB, liB Wa&er. SanllbagenBroa. ,'17 West Randolph. Kob."911 )Vat,. IIU.MtJrACTIIIIEB.S or' rra& GilT YOBACCO. Hirilclj.JJ .t Co. Mal'l'lly' & 'Marion, f'14 & 176 NMII Water. Hincbhort. L. & eo.; UO Water. Merrie, 9;and 11 RiYer: Jaooby, '8. & Co., !109 :fiel.rl, or I OUT AJID f Kerbl & Spi.. BXOIWIG AND DEALERS Ill LEAl' TOBACCO. Tb f I --. -, --L .. W'"'" 8 .. d 8 II{' h' ose o our city subscribe, rs aud, ad vert ising Lichtenstein Bros .t. Ut llaiden Ia. ...,., .. "' --.. ,an 9 tc 1gao ave. OUenber Broa, 240 8th avenue. (J.lNCINNAT. b .,_ .1o11.t.eQO ,,.&.IIOTioll .uuso11as .' patro'ils w o removed their resi tenties, or pla(l('s of ""'yner hoe. J. & Co., 29' Liberty and 54 Halden Lane: ... b,nsiness, ( Ojl 'ht ;iost. will oblige. b;y Seidenberg .tOo., l9l>ey1 J 1 "rasbeal'!I, Brown & Titus, 32' & 34 MaiD. j Smith, E. A-, 131 Mimen lane. Hafer, Holmes & co.. 2d West SeCoid. giving !18 e3rly I o _otlce or {be I fact, that' 'we' ibay, & Storm, 1111 Pearl. : Ilf YOBAcoo .' 1 '" '' ''' 'I Sotro & New,marlt:, 131 Water. 1 d k th .l.. h d I h Voill;er & Huneken, 166 M-ont. Bel!l en Henry y k J'ahrmanll, V., H MaiD. ; [ n doing this, anli1 in any other com, u"VVr Or ,.,, Fran!{, H. 101 Malden Label : l AI;Ohn, Feiss & Co. West F I I J I r v 71 I II I Lindhei'mu 1 8Wterl :towentbal,S.'&C.o.,76Hain,;, :. s1hou1d tp,, 1, .-. L-,tteof11errll:c.,Allea&CO. ,,, -< .. a l l StrtUI8el' Lbuie.'1S'7 Walnut ' 1 1 ---"'" IXPORTEBS or IIAVAIIJA TOBAcCo, 1 (JL'A.R.KSVILLB, TBNN., trHr: TffliAe<:tO"lfi!!A:P PtrnLtsumd ifc ., fi ' :B N": ''ck E:I. J:LI Ahnirall .. 3o' Cedar. B&8 t r u:w;; OB..CCO B o:&:EBE!.,.) u rt 1 .. J er, Cnas. T. & 00.,'40 Beaver. Cla!'k M. 11 ,, 1 (,, t142 1 Fijlt.on street '1111 < ..., 1 j Coota 86 Maldn Lane, (JL ..... 'BH n OHIO. 1 'Manufacturers of : "---F 150W I ..... ,..A T .o C c o ... ,, """'""' '' Soter. nadH c.UT8 'AIID JOBBIIBII :Or Ji;l' eW YOrk lCuebler, Gail &Co., ., I CI!14MI._ND roaooo. 1, i; I' J 1 >.-: Mlrand&, FelLi, 196 Pearl! B n I ll & C two b M. & B 85 M 'd rail\ "'! nger:to o., ''We C.IJinOt I be,; 1 for 'eomlnunioations 1 ...1 Keu;:"&ber'JL:.eo any'lltbe',aadress .'' .. I [ .. rfl' i'l' 't'l V,ega Joseph_.. & Bro.., \8:11 l'aar ; .iP-er Tob. Wrhe,. Greeaap J 1 we;are a o c FIN'-' (J1JT 'anti U &o boltl In Walter R. 8., 208 Pearl, "DA.NBUBI, ___ ....,.___ nveetoe., Coi-oue)'ear. pr SOBBING T,BA E ONLI SOLICI'I'BD, '(. Well & Co., 60 Pine. V. urnee, G. W. .1: 1 XARlJPAOTUURS OP DANVIJ,LB, V.&. 0 .., ,_TBEI LILIENTII!L ..tppleby & Helme, 1$11 Water. ; Pemberton il. H. I {, 1 __ steadily increased its annual cdutrlbutfo.i toward de-' 1ators, and permit us to live quietly nlo\(lrr it untir' a still .. r I f NEW YORK, ,WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, um. ,' 1 I tq OIJR P&TBOIS. 1 U--1 I' _.. t. i II H I r I I I ANp SPA.NISH TOBACC' 01 p ... T./ 0 J ,. ._. r .. l "' I 12,8 STRE:m'l' ; RBQULTJONS. If o l Exciijlt Tw!Jt, Tobaceo twilltl!d by M.ntl, or' !edllee4 &om leaf Into a condition to be oonsumed, or othetllriee prepared, without doe uso of UJ maabJne or m,.trumen\, Ul<\ without pre-d soree\Sied, and oo all other lrinde of manpfactured otherwiae provided for. he. per lb.; SmokiBg t.ebaooo, exelatli.vilJ! Jc ..,.., or olleaf, wl&h aU die atema inL aa4 80, ..old, t.lle leaf not ha1'111g been pre-.joaiJJ &tripped, buuea, rolled, and from which no .part. of the ateml ban been sepatated by strlpJIIng, d.-lng, or In any maaner, eitbn bef-, _lim< 1ng, or after the prooeea of mao.ufaoturmg ; nne-cut BborlB, the ol cbel ing tobacqO which bas th,.-oogh 4le of thyt.y.4x meeba 10 tbe IKluare bv ptOelifiil of sifting; rer_.Jill an neeplusa of IObtulOO, 18o. pe-r lh. __ :,._ ( T Goeae, F. A..& Bru., 828 WuhiDgson. B1,8J! & The suit in the United States District Conrt for this' thpse engaged in that industry id' the main lowt;r -wte o'r tbetax itself be Boiken 8Jne. DETROIT, !D(JHl D' -. i '1 .'' h b. '., f honest and Joyal citizens, the tampering of abolished altogether. The fa.::t that the great majority r r D., 8:1 Cbam,bers'and"'65' lteade. KAl'IUJI'ACTURERB OF crGABB AliD DBALBRB Is,..Jct, mvo vmg. t e rge sum 0 04,000, brought revenue officials and the enticements to fraud held out of the trade are men of integrity, who honestly desire to On etgan of all descrlpti0118, 0 ob&OilO 01' ,.ny snbstitute therefor, eJ per thou aand on Cipretle8 wjllghlng not e:roeedlng three' pBAOCO Jlfs--roa. orn am, 1 an .aey om. b tecbn'1'cal se1'zures are made, and to th e due 1 Lind F: C & Co G .. v. .. I J;NIUAN.&POLIS, Jatl. e a em ar Co!LMISBIONER 'Pleaso'nton informs a firm in Baltimore e, 78. reenwlch stree\. uaurAP"'uuas .o PLUG ... o IIIIOKIKG. pared us by a com pet, ent reporte_.,_ ... U ntil then, tb t" th t t >th b d' t f th "'In d roBAoco PI\11811DB, .' Smifu &: Thly of city, but banded, above-board dealing 'that should cvl!r c c' --' Wardrop& Dalf, 206 Lewis. < Wm. G. & Co. 06Bev;enth. tile of one citizen towa d those o 'tber In the (Va.), Internal; R ,e,ve_nne Distcint the SPA.lllBH CIGAB :,, I JQ.BBERs 'P' ALL I. & .A:. 124 waser. < Hatch II Co., 32&114 Vesey. Campbell, Lane & Co. 96 Broad. however the, inchoate enactment got were. it not h gher J Again we need a 1 n the Gazette yesterd!ly even{na B'"emore, u a yo &:Co., Broad. Beppenheimer, J'. & Co., ill North William. NEW OKL-..&I 'fS, L.A. f b C 1 d.,. .a.o' h' 11' Th nent merchant of the city this tlii 1 ..... ... Durno&Berry 18NewLevce8treet, beyond the c ,nst, yo t e ha1rman oft h e .. uommittee 11mp e uect1ve ,m"" e .. rL...o 1 f H fi t..f t Bowne, 'll s. a; Co., !J Burling Slip.. Wulll', Chas. A .. u1 Chatha!n., {. k 1 ,... ru.r. u-r11Ye Y o enry oounty, rom w om tne amoua Bulkl\lY ){apre & Oo.,74 YOuoco w.u. fOB"000 FACTORS AND OOH. liEROHA TS. of Ways and, Means Th'e Forty first ad-stamp syst.em been .found to _a,n_y brhlid of tobacco takes its name, is now glf !.. 0 fa 1, Card.o_; H ... Co., 128 Pearl. Zill88el' W. & Co., 1117 tilliam. lrby, HcDaniel & Co., Gravler. 'd h b-"' _. d d d I I f Y a ge, ...., .... ... L- ., JC, w. '1:. J' ourned!and was_ElVI t at there 1 :be no op, met vu, ye_t. Jlnggesteu, or a tlp te ,' 1 n _It 18 a _nd bB& a brother 94 years old,' a 92, and tWJ'n Cbockley ,&..'D. & Co., 168 Pearl. ,'l'OBAOOO PAPIIB XANUJ'.iOTUBBRS OP I'IIIEOUT OIIJ:WlNG .uro 1-. .1.! b }l ed l I Cohn .t Smith, 178 w1ater. Jeaup A: Moore, 128 Wilham. 1 .. rouooo. 1 1 upon sl;> important a sal,ljeqt',-les Qme to W I a,veno 1...e ,wll), vef< .. !l..,..s ,.met 9.,.,o a ung t e to tak,,e place in.St. Louis, on the 14th 0,..u.,.llt the 1 t c....... a111ee,: ,_,._ ."' =ayen, ""...,... ..,_,. Batehelor, Bros ., 830 & 837 ,North Third. b d Tb Tb' "bl b "' 0 li!Jlallll wa. 61 Bcnr..,: Bol G H & Co lOll West Pratt the commerce in t e wee us !lf IS.J.S. t...., ,pro e1_11 t at present. s itself; aod committee havmg met, and fixed wt..& time "or [ m.l... & Co.,lal and USIIalden emus, ., Hare, Th.l.; Son, ll'T4 and 608 North Second. b' h b b ld h ld' h 1 b .11 Boyd W A. & Oo s:r.South the law, the stamp system, was treated as an epe..;w 1 c t e1Dew e .nactm'ent 8 ou approximately solve. o I_ng t e annna to acco sal 1.m'Jttea '"ortl H. 11., ll9 Peorl and 62 Stoae. IIANUPAOTUREB.S 011 BHOKING TOBAcco. -u m ,. N 0 __ ..,n, Slaugbt#Jr & 41 Jbvad F. L. & tJo,, 87 South Gay Mehl & Rattay, 3,019 Chestnut. ment and that of tlie cnidest kind. Time 'Of cour8e, it 'will always be impossible to collect the tax cons1sts of Messra. John N Booth,' el PeltL Gieeke, L. & Co., 42 Charles. II'RvrCTUB."B.8 oSCOTCH I Wm M Ladd Webb M """ ......... -. Oatman, Alva, 166 Water Gunther, L. "V., 90 Lombard. Ralph A. &-Co., 1i5 A;ch. -v have b eli taken to consider it from every p .ossible on e-.;ery pound of tobacco manufactured, but it should unotg xander OUinger Brotbe,..., 119 Pearl. Kerckhoft" & Co, 49 B. Cbarlea. BRou:a. d h b 'th' th f b t d J .. R Errickson, S. M BroW!'( nd J. Palmer & Scoville, 170 Water. . . x-, c. & Co., 52 Sc:uth _CJla.rlee Dickel'!lon, E. w., 107'North Water. stand-pomt an t e accomp'l'nymg provisions !Jlade to e WI e power o ones mgennlty tp evise a Liggett. We that' the coml!i.J tee have Pappenbeimer M., 88 Broad. J;>aul, Wm., 4&1 West BaltiJ:?ore. nNtJnCTuaEas or oBoA:as. confgrm to it and present a homogeneous whole, for pl&n winch shall effectually put an end to this peddling progressed so far as to decide that r18 t Pearsall lL R., U Conrtlandt 'Rosem ld S. & Co 68 E:rchan Place b h b b So b b ll b t 1 '"2 000 t1b .!' Price' Wm. M. & Co., 119M ai.d'en e ge Steiner, Smith Brothers & Knecht, 225 Race. every portion llf which there should have been a sound usmees t roug out t e ut ern country. The trade s a e a ,an-. rincrpasiiig d Schroeder, J"!. & Co., 81 Exchange Plaoe. Tkeobs.ld, A H., Third and Poplar. b d d the amount to at le..t 1 00 Quin J P. & Co.,4S Broa Wilkens a: Klier, 69'80r;tth Charles PITTSBURG, PA. reason based on common eense and the necessities of as JUSt game a ec1s1ve VICtory in the sustaining of lll!u wo o t .... d :tt-101 Pear' lines have si.gru.'fiecl of ...,a ,"l8aac, u roBAoco noroll8. llegraw, E. & Cu., 31 Sixth. both the government an!J. the trade. Instead. of this, it the decision of the U.S. Circuit Qourt by the Supreme b d .. .,., .,..., Utu "' Reiamann, G. & Co., 179 Pearl. Gielllt:e& Niemann, 18 South Weyman a. Bro., ?9 & 81 Smithfield. I eac an It IS ptoblblel that the l'lilroads .as well Roanoke TobaCCO Works, 122 :Water. Ricarda, Leftwich & Co., 88 E:rcbange Place lU.NUJ'AOTUBJ!B OF FINE OlGARS AND DEAL was projected, ai:npng a series of provisions, Court, by which bl?ckaders ha'fe been driven from as other trallsportatton lines, will 'aid In the Rosenbaum A. S. & Co., 162 Water JUllllrACTIIBEBs, RTO. BR IN HA:NUFACTURBD rouOBo some of them others nonsensical, but none their of 'vantage" in the Indian Territory. Let amol!nt. 1 Rosenwald E. & Bro., 143 Water. Beck, F W. & Oo., 130 North. Poertsel;Emll, 281 Fifth av. Salomon s., 192 Pearl. Felgner,'F. W'., eo and 92 Souila Charles. of them framed With : any regard to the new order of us hope that before New Year's Day, 1872, it may be r Bchonrllng H. & Co., Hl PearL Gail, G. W. & A:r, 28 Barre atreeL. IIANUPACTU&ERS or PLUG TOBACCo. th' i t th th t h' 011r pr1'vilege to r""'Ard the ...._1.1 d' c fit J.o tb T TB 178 W t mgs. s I s range, er., ore, a m practice t IS """' IIIW ar 1s om ure or e H TERR.lTORv ,Csv Dvcmvu IN FvoB Schroeder & on, a er. Hashagen, J. D. & Co., 27 Harris, Beebe & Co. ... Bcbubart. H. & Co., 146 Water. Parlett, B. F. & co., 9 2 Lombard. RICHIIIOND, v A. monstrosity in :the of a commercial enactment comparatively few manufacturers ,in North Carqlipa OF THE 'I;'BA E.-In U. 'S. Snpreme .Qoalt Beymonr & Colt, 1L\I Pearl Welsh Wm. & Sons, 27 South Gay. or TOBAOOO. should be., f<,ou, n d in the extreme? Nay, and Tennessee,who, by th.e J .aid of o.ounterfeit e'amps ashmgtop J pdg,e Swayne delivered the r Bplngarn, E. & Co., 6 Burling !JiR: Wllkena & Co., 181 WestPrat\. Andrew & Son, 6 Fourteenth. T b d h d' h d k opm. 10n of..t.h,!l qourt m case of Boudinotr vs. Stein, & Co., 197 Duane st. 1 xuvuOTuna or 919& Mayo, P. H. tr; Brother, 2422 Carey. would not I!JiJ;Ilmpt', wllicb it em od1ed, to override an ot er 1s O!lest evlCes, see to r11in the business of U l t d S r &! ., StraiiOn, & Storm, 191 Pearl. Barker & Chandler 26 South Calvert. OOlllllBSlO:N HEBCBANTS. the Constitutio!l'ando make certain of its. provisionll re-those engaged in, the" the will Dl e t.ates. rmmg the validity of the internal r6tj Strehn & Reltseoateio, Goth Guatav 63 Clarlstian, E. )}. & Co. 1 laws.'in e lnd,ian as ,to,ths tax .. Tag Cbat_lel F & 184. Front. lU.NUli'AcTtmER 011 .BRIARWOOD PIPES. BROKERS. troactive, thus compelling the trade to pay heavy not sacrifice their good fe"' paltry qollars. spmts and t J ustictt Braqley &ad, Davis TatgenhoCrat 1 F. 1 W 8S :::rt 110 Pearl. Klebler, Jaoob, 1 Granby. N J7, and .on, er?'i'B ta1x time_, alone have be_en There of 'course, manya toll'quorsand eet etm, ., KAnrcTURBI!B or sNUPP, m ,.amy IS Be"OD ctax mat er IS st1 unsett e ,an to enumerate now. ouffice 1t to state 'generally that tobacco th .,.t '""b ;;:. Dukehart,E. w. &Son, 29 South OOvert.. r F d Co : 1. 1 ( I reSJI.CC e exempt. BOSTON. sPRINGFrELD, MASS. the members of. the owe It to no law Rf t4e \hat. does not: ,As .. o !lJy t duties are c ... _.18 & Rnete, 1211 fearl.treeL. B!Gwn D-,.,S. & Oo.,.81 & 33 BroaJI. Smith H. & co 20 Hampde'll Stree't. themselves to the 1mq u1tous provlSion from the First: 1,thE\ qld! provis\oDs b ealj.q .,. 9p.-,JIn< liAN'I8 I .-" ..-. 9 I d Bac anal) Y : ) Ferd., 1r, 1 t.t.. Platt & Newton, California nd Front, near! y three years. s 1t not matter .or astomshment, agency o! the, 1s,.a uot without weight.. \, J 218 & m Du,aii6. Y, ; TOBACco. in consideration of all the our ters satisfactorily-.legislatQ.:hupon,.,80d .thlkade !will claimants. Iu a GlllenderJA. &: o. 114, ll6,aod 117 Lt.ber\y' I BUchanan & Lyall: I I ;;t, 11 Cp. G : ,P.: 25 North Salina prospered in spite of persec)ltioll / and I only ask 'to De .'.!.let Mo"rte't ft:lr Hkll & 'dee'athl at 'I' acte_d au I I I N. Y. national ; does, t<>:t:_ Give us egal nght., :rl P1 .... l r t c I' : I ; t. ,1 r.r ..; J 1 l :t>i; :l! _,1 1 ,. ,.> '(. .,.,j !l,iJ,il 1>.1 .,1 111 t .-uf, <.. ,,,..,.,, .1 "" '"'' t iJ 4 J l J : t j 1 ... ,-.. ul 1:.: 1i J # .,d.)) e .. 11 .'ri i ;t .,. ,..,.,..,.""' 4-c,.. c;.. 1 "" .:. .. t":.l, _i t 1 i .. : J C t, 1f1 .,.; ".' '.


' 2 TOBACCO LEAF. KIND WORDS. \ organization. Tall: ToBACCO LEAF is very --trad11 paper, and from appearance of 1ts more fours and fives, h a ving bee n disposed of. A few black navy were sold at good prices, and aome tens at low figures. Real good readily com mand from 16@18c., while negro ork is got rid ofae J.ow as 14o. The receipts, owing-to tlie dillotgamzed state ol the market, oomprise small loti of different W e m a k e r o om for the following flatt e ring notices of columns, should say it is fully appreciated. We w1sh 't d d 't.s anagement 1 the rec ent change in the business rn_anagement of THE 1 contmu e succesa nn er I new m LEAF, wbich have appeared in the leading journal of tFrom Richmond Whig.] tbis nod other citiea : Tz:t.ll: TosAcco Lz..&:r.-This valuable journal, the IJEW YOIIK. organ of the tobacco trade of the United hae brands, prices not encourap;ing manufaoturera to ship to llny extent. With regard the $ro work, we un derstand that Hveral ot the have JJ.I'rom The been eold by ite founder, Mr. Charlee PtirebJDg1 t'? a H AGBa.-Mr. Henry Hager, a writer for the Mecorporation 11_tyled "The Leaf. Pubh11bmg tropolitan pret'l, ball purchased TnE ToB!cco Lu:r, the Company." Mr. J. Henry Hager w1ll to h&ve organ of tb011e interested in the growth and manufac editorial charge ot ita columna. T11a Lu:r deaerves.a tore ot the "weed" in the U ni.OO States. Mr. Hager general circulation among the producers of 1D haa, in turn, sold Taa LBAl'-whioh he hu edited for Virginia u well u the dealers i11 that ataple.. The the past four yeara--to a atook company, reaerving 'to price per annum is $4. The publication oftlce 111 No. stopped, owing to the prices at which their goods have been BOld here. Some or tbe faotoriea that make a better class of work are still in operation. We are inolined to the opinion that the1e 10 giYing away ltlanntaotnred tobacco will be even more abort-lived than 110me had anticipated. To work at a constant loss more capital than mcet of our colored fellow citizens p018811e, and once the market is glutted with the cheap atuft; dealen1 will not be anxious for their consignmentl on any terma. It ia alleged that thia class of goods wu atarted at 16c, but that competition hu forced the market down to. the. prices now asked himselfthe of the sharee, by which it will be 14.2 Fulton atreet, New York. pubhshed Established upon a merely nominal capital, it has paid its way from the outset and, in its seventh year, ie a fair specimen of what industry and intelligent energy may accompliab in the field ot trade journalism. ([From The Sun,] Mr. J. Henry Hager hu Tn ToBACCO Lu:r weekly uewapaper, whio!J for four years he hu edited It will hencetonh be published by a joint stoolc com pany, in which Mr. Hager i11 the largest shareholder. [From The Globe.] Mr J. Henry Hage..!i a writer for the metropolitan press, bas purchiOied 'rHB ToBAcco LEAF, the organ of tholk'! interest e d in the grow:tb and manufacture of the weed" in the U oited States. Mr. Hager bal!l, io tum, aold THE LEAF-which he hal!l edited tor the past four yeara-to a stock company, reserving to himself the majority of the shares, by which it will hereafter be published. Eatablished upon a merelr nominal capital, 1t bas paid its way from tbe outset, and, io ite aeYenth year, is a fair specimen of what induetry and eaeray may aooomplisb in the ield of trade journall81D. fli'l'om Commeroial Advertiser.] Hr. J. llenry Hager having purcha11ed ToE ToBACCO Lu, the organ of those ioteNsted in the growth and mana facture of that product, has, in turn, 110ld THE LEAY, which he has edited for the put four years, to a atook company (reaerving to himself a large intereet), by which 1t will he hereafter published. Tua ToBA.cco Lu.r ia a alipifteant example of what industry and in, tellient eaergy may aooomplilb iu the ield of trade jooroalilm. [From The Post. ] TRE ToBAcco LuP, the representative journal of a most imponant element of our commercial greatness, has past!t!d recently in grest part the ownership, and wholly under the editorial management, of Mr. J. Henry Hager, a writer for the metropolitan press, already well known for talent and energy. [From The Star. J Mr. J. Henry Hager, a writer tor the metropolitan press, has purchased 1'HE ToBACCo LEAF, the organ of those interested in the growth and manufacture of the "weed" in the Unit.ed States. Mr. Hager bas, in turn, sold THE LEAF-which be bas edited for the past four year11-to a stock company, reserving to himselt the majority ot the shares, by which it will be hereafter published. [From The Mail.] Mr. J. H. Hager, a gentleman for some tiine oon aected with the preaa of this city, bu lately completed the puriJhase of THB TOBACCO LEAP, a paper to the intersts of the tobacco trade, aud has resold it, re aerv i ng to the largest proportion of the stoek II' [From The Home J ournai.J Mr. J. Henry Hager, a well-known JOUrnalist and dramatic and musical critic, lately purchased THK ToBAcoo LEAF, the organ of and con BUrners in America, which he has edtted for the past four years. Mr Hager, after the purchase, organized a atock company and aold a portion of the paper, reserv ing for h1mseli a majority of the shai'Pa. THB LIU.J' has been a prosperous and well-conducted journal from the tttart, seven yeara ago, ana under the management of Mr. Hager will ,uadoubtedly inc1-eue in influence and suooeaa. [From The Hopkinsville (Ky.) New Era 1 EDITORIAL CaA.lfGK.-THB Naw YOBK T'oBACCO LEAF hu changed liaPda, Charles retiring from the proprietorship aad the paper puamg under the control of the Tobaooo Leaf Pll.blillhmg Company. Mr. J. Henry Hager its editt)r. THE oo LBAP' il!. perhaps, thelarge.t apeoial paper m the world, and should be in the hande of every dealer in the great staple. We are glad to learn that the paper is pro11perous, and its advertising columns show It to be in a flourishing condition We wish it con tinued suoceu, and increased THE TOBACCO MARKET. Some interest was excited last Thursday by the award of the Indian contract for navy pound a to a leading Philadelphia bonae, Meaars 1 Dohan & Tait. It ie understood that eome twenty firm11 entered into com petition, and that the samples oft'ered were generally of an unusually good quality, the dift'erence being frequ ently in the filler, 110me being straight and others 110rappy. The bids ranged from 50o to 75c, delivered in this city, but the quality varied so much that 110me work at 60o wu cheaper than 110me at 660, owing to the .. lltBaTJc. better quality, while a few oftbe samples at 55o were a NEW YORK, Mu 9 -better bargain than those oft'ered at SOc, notwithstanding w ESTI':RN L&u-Continues in good demand the the dift'erence in the rrioe. The experts tinallr decided sales amounting to 1, 021 hbds, and would have been in favor of the bid o the house in question at 55o, and more but for wau of atook. Ot these 320 bhda. were it wu the general opialoil that the figure wu low con for Home Trade, mostly old Fillers at 7-!o to 9-lc, the aidering the fine quality of the work. to Exponera, low Lei{ and Laga, at tic to Among abe exports of the week were included 792 7c, and 5tc to 61o. Tbe demand Jor bright tnllh aeema pkgs (l25,6741ba) of manufactured tobaooo. to have a haMel. WitiiQt. any disturbing in&a,..ces Smoking.-While the atorm lut week made the city tbe market aad M8IU Jn a gGQd rade dull, the State and Western ordera came in with condition for fresh -considerable freedom, and the dealera have no good lot week. ld week. week. 4tll ...... lltii....U. Total. grouoda "or complaint. Jan .. 672 712 789 952 3,000 '' Feb 503 tal 451 2,200 continuea steadily improving with M h 8 uo feature o 1Dtetest. to rekrt. It would seem from C 629 751 310 573 292 2, 56 h L A 11" 632 572 1 '1 1 267 'OilO pre11ent appearances t at t e retailers will etoo-. up pr "' .. .. d h h u h b d May.... 339 1021 .. ,, . . 1300 dvery grdadually, an 1 t aht t ere w1 tAus e no su dden Viryinia T .; but little doing here, at : em an or unusua p enomena. t present tra e seems to be done on a healthy b(lllis, w-hich is preferthough May should be one of the busiel't months of the able to a great expansion followed by the inevitable year, our local market being in marked contrast with collapse. 1 the animated appearance presented by the Richmond "breaks." From there we learn that the more de-Gold opened at 1lli and closed at the same rate. sirable grades of leal con t hiue to he Hold at. high JJP&hange ia steady and is held at advanced rates. prices, bright wrappers having brought as high 18 We quote :-Bills at 60 daye on London, 109t@l09t for t85 dollarK. So wide, indeed, bas been the margin r e commercial; llO@llOi for bankers'; do. at short sieht, cently between New York and Richmond, and in favor Antwerp, 5.29@5.13-i; Swiss, 5.1ft@ of the latter city, that a lot of 60 hhd@ is about being 5.13-i; Hamburg, 37-i-@36 3-16; Amsterdam, 40i@41; reshipped there, where it wu originally purchased, the Frankfort, 40j-@41; Bremen 78f@79f; Prussiau thalers, market having meantime advanced. Medium wrap 71!@7ll pers at Richmond command from 25c@35o, and com.Jilreights.-The market remains quiet, without change mon to good smokera 10c@20c Abont a third of the in ratee. The engagements have been as follows: To crop is estimated to be marketed, and probably the Liverpool, per sail, 69 hhds at 32s 6d; to Lpndon per are not anxious the large receipts, .or any sail, 70 hhds u.t 30s; Hamburg, perateamer, 260 bhds other event tliat would check the present tendency to at 35s, 50 bal e s at $1; to Gibraltar, 200 hhds on private high prices produced by a scarcity, which may prove terms h t'fi 1 1 th t t b d t W"Growere or -.1 J.ear tobacco are eantioned agalnot oeeeptlng our elt er ar 1 ma or "l'ea 18 e crop urns on a un an reported ,.J .. and quotation or a eed leaf .. Cnroloning the prices that in the better class of leaf, or the reverse This tern ahould be obtained by thooo at llret hand. Growero cannot o:Jpect to eel! porary Uncertalnty holdeare makt'ng the most of, their crops ror the B&lll u prtceo ao are obtained on a re-oale or tbe crop here. o or conroe every re-oale mnt be a tan advance\ and U.ererore tbe price obtain as is natural able brthe .. :::b':J. ..... Seed Leaf-The B&lea since the ht instant have Medium: .. : ............ tO @'II d Sblpplua, common luge 6%: NafJJI HtJVPrw.niU. include 50 cs 1870 Connecticut seconds on private Common lear......... 6 @ 7 Fine .................... :111 @80 terms; 120 cs Connecticut do., 187 cs 1870 Penns vi-Medium ............ 7Jt@ 8 Fancv 7'ol>ac:ew d .r Good .. . . .. .. 8)('@ 8" Lour 10'o .... ...... .. i4 @i'l vania o ; 283 cs 18'10 Ohio do.; 58 cs do. fillers do.; Floe.......... .... .. 9 @ IJt NVJ.J!'oand3'e ....... i4 : 127 CB Connect t fill d d d 1 '0 1869 8electlono_... ........ 10 @11 LadJ Rollfl ..... 45 lCU ers an secon s o. ; .. 08 Light rottlllg 7 @ 9 Pocket Pleeea .... ... ... ll5 aundries at 35@65c; 100 cs 1870 Wisconsin, on do do leaf..... ... 9 @1t Bright Twlat (VirJJlnla) .. IIi @40 Heavy lear Brlilht Gold llare, do I'! @83 private terms; 100 01 1869 Ohio at 22tc-in alll165 Common logL ....... 6Jt@ Jtongb and.n-dy .. .... llt @I'! CB, a very fair week'a buainesll, considering the weather, Common leit 6.l6'@ IIJ..A.c&. Medium ... . .. .. .. 8 @ Naey Prw.nd#-Vli'JIIIll&, ex ll5 @IS which aye exercises more or lesa influence upon the Good. ............. .. t J"loe .. ............ ..... 18 tt market. Aa will be aeen trom the sales the new cror,s Floe ... .... .. ...... 9 10 Common, medium .. .. .. 16 8elect!ono . . . 10 11 Hal.., .. ................ .... l'f @to bave been almost exclueively dealt in, only SQme o d lllaaoorl ... .. .. .. .. @-7\\U'dl ................... Oil Ohio and sundries having been sold. The new Con-7 tBJt .:.:. ......... 18 CIS is coming forward, and desirable lotlwill prob.... :::: ::1 ably command an early if not an immediate sale. He&TJ !:lblpptng Leaf. .. Common to medliUII .... u @II The preetige of the Valley leaf is too great to be deWrappere, darlii.' ..... 10 u 1\lchtl'locu ........... :13 @I'! do. bright...... lJl N<{lf"'OIertect developmllnt. Tobacco ... ..... .. 18 II 'G. 0."' lltooK reservin{ to himself a maiority of the may require more than any one of these, but in Ravena FJJ'npom @ 88 ''F. G." 4110 ... __ ,. l do do Fair.......... 1.'0 @ Ill "C. & A 8'!6lbe.11et.. .. .. ttl" HB ToBAcco EAP il!l the organ of tbo11e inthis proceH .of eihautioo tbe w ....... is not emgo ar, do do Pine ... .. ... 111 "W&!a.Bx." 41! tere&Wd in growth and manufacture of tobacco in and same system 'of manuring ani top-drelleing 00 OiiJt '&he' lf. ted States It is now in ita seventh yeal') and that r1estores the 111btracted elements to the eoil in the Yara n Cot .. ..... 115 @t !10 "Ynurrla"........ .. .. ..... li5Jt 'L. ....lo&d fi b fi f h 1 'll d th t f h Jlantdilt:tvr<.-Tu. 8!c per pound. "K. "' Co." .. ... .. .. .. lilt au 7!" 1M way rom t e rat. ease o t e cerea s WI o 110 m a o our muo -Prw.ndi.-Ilf "Z. z." 440 Jbo .... .. l'l}( -lll II! aligned staple. Still it is to' be observed that Bxtra llnQ .. .... .... "Z. A,"IIIOibo .... :13 [From Watson s Art Journal.] although lhe Connecticut Yalley farmers may raise :li '1. :flen'l' Hager, a strong and elegant wr'ter, 1'8 excelltmt cropa io future seuoo11 u they have ever Medium ................ tO "F. G F.". .. .... .... ...... ts and a clever and experienced editor, has pureh .aSed done, they cannot escape the fact L h f h d h b 'II b d t t t th Llgbt Preelled, exa.ra llne. 45 "R. R..,.. .. . .. .. . "" THE ToaACCO BAF, t e organ o t ose mte reste 10 t e t ey WI e expose o a stronger compe 1 100 ao .. 85 "C.G."..................... liiiJt 'oth and manufacture of the "weed" in the United has thus fa r beeo We have referred 7'hird8 81 .... ..... 45 "J. 8" ................. ; M ., 1 _,. 00 "P. N F.". ......... .. .... !13 atjlB. Mr. Hagef bu, in turn, sold THE LEAP-which to tlte eiCellenoe l of the see -1\lltf g.rown iu lledtnm, fiCfllce .......... ll5 "W. S." .... ....... ... l1ll he has edited for ".....,t four years-to a stock comN:e w York, Oh10 and Pennsylvania, and steps once Common ... tO "M. !!'."........... ......... 11 ...., ..-Na1>11Prw.nd8.-Flne .... lli "R. &"... ... ... ....... U flany, reserving to himself the majority of the shares, taken in a certain direction in such matters, are rarely, JMPOBTS. by w.hich it will be hereafter published. Established if ever, retraceq The question that remains to be de-The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign a pod a mf>rely D?m.infl capital, it its from cided whethe r the yield : last season in p o rts, the week ending May 9, included the followthe outset, and, 10 Itl seventh year, IS a fatr specmi e n of Oh10 and Pennsylvama was merely owmg to excepmg cons 1goments :-what: industry aud intellig ent energy may accomplish tionally propitiqus climatic conditions, or whether Antwerp : order, 200 casee pipes. in the field of trade joumalisru. they were, to a great extent, the legitimate result' of im' Bremen : Aug. Rolker & Son, 500 cases pipes ; order proved methods of cultivation and carefqlness in the 110 cases leaf. [From Th e Ti-Table.l application ot those methods We are inclined to Nass au : Ricardo Lunces 2 hales leaf. UHANGE.-THToBAooo LEAF, the org a n think that although the weather has much to do with Para: J C. Rodriques, 1 bdl tobacco. of t a ose inte rest e d in the growth and manufacture of every lal'l{e and fine crop, the growers are gradually St. Domingo : E N olting & Co., 205 ceroona to the and one of the largest and most influenlt'aroiog the a r t of their Eastern brethren, and that bacco; J. Schon & C'l., 1,100 do; for Hamburg, 100 tial in the country, WR.S recently before many years the character or the Pennsylvania do. 'I purchased by Mr. J. H enry Hager, by whom it bas, and Ohio crops will be permanently improved. What 'Havana : C'. W. Wilkins 50 bales; E. M. Crawford durinothe pa s t four years, been so s u cc essfully edited. bas been done may, in nine cases out of ten, be done & Co., 7 8 do ; Strohn & Rcitzenstein, 46 do ; F. Mir .... r. H"'a.aer has, in turn, sold it to "The Tobacco Leaf again and the seed growers outside of the favored anda 223 do M & E Salo 0 6 d R bt E ,.., ; m n, o; o .. Publish ing Company/' incorporated under the laws of Valley will hencefbrth not rest satisfied unless approxKelly & Co., 21 cases cig ars ; Smith, Crosby & Co. 10 the State (reserving to the majority of the imating to a standard of excellence unthought of do; G. W. Faber, IO do; DeBary & Kling, 7 do;' shares), by which it will hereafter be published Tna before. Purdy & Nicholas, 5 d_o ; Chas. T. Bauer & Co. 3 do ; LB A F now in its seventh yt>ar of publication, and we 'The sales of Ob io wt week, new and old, form an Schroeder & Bon, 3 do; Joseph Mayer & Son, 8 do; are uonfident that, under Mr. Hager's able interesting feature, }!roving the predil}tion11 correct Lewis, Philip & John Frank, 4 do; J. R Mesa & Co., it will more than sustain its I.igh reputation 18 the ad-that anticipated a bnsk business ill' this yield so soon2 do; Livingston, Fox & Co., 3 do ; Acker, Merrill & vocMIB qf one of our most important indostrie11. as the samples &hould aft'ord an opportunity for a 16 do; Wm. H. Thomas & Brother, 15 do; ---fair judgment of the real character of the crop. The P. A. Madden, 6 do; Park & Tilford, 10 do; A. OITIEB. most of the week's B&leB were on private terms," zal s 6 d Ho-rd 1 d A F M & c .. A.. e, o; "a ves, .. o; ae1u o., [From The Lyo_chburg Bepublicau.]. lfhich precludes any very accurate opinion being 3 do: D. W. Mabee, 1 do; J. G. Welah, 1 do; G J. Ts:& TOBACCO LuF.-This valuable the organ foruied as to their probable eft'ect upon the market. Muller & Co., I do; L. Pera, 1 do' ; ,Galway & Casado, of tire tobacco trade of the U nited l:$tates, has been sold Spani&h.-The wee included 500 bales Havana at 1 do; B. H. Herrell & Son, 1 do; S. Gittel & Co., 1 by ite founder, Mr. Charles Pfirshing. t.o a corporation 86c@ll.05 The recen' abort crop reporta from the do; A,tlantic S. S. Co., 11 T bales, 2 oases cigars; order, styled "The Tobacco Leaf Publiehing Company." Mr. Island do not seem to have had much eft'ect thua far on 97 do, 45 do. J. Henry Hager will contiPile to have editorial charge pri cee, doubtless owing to the depressing influence on of its columns. the market exercised by the large accumulation here From the port of New York to foreign ports, other of the last crop. It is true, this stock is not, as a rule, than European for the week ending May 2 : [From The Boston Shipping List.] CHANGE.-TnE ToBACCO LEAF n e ws pape r bas been pur c hased by i ts edito r Mr. J. Henry Hager, who has, in turn, sold it to a corporation legal izedunder the laws of the State of New York, and known as "The Tobacco ,Leai Publishing Company," retaining for himself a controlling interest in the new desirable; bat, be its actual character what it may, the a s follows: simple presence of eo considerable an amount which Brazil: J case cigars $150. in som e way be got rid of, has an inevit a ble British Australia: 57,080 lbs mfd, $14-,006. e ff ect These r-emarks do not, of course, apply to British North American Colonies: 7 ,017 lbs mfd, Yara, the stock of which is light and in few 1 1,342; 8 cases cigars, $ 1 ,1. Manufactured.-The busin ess in brights la s t week Briti s h West Indies: 16 bales, $227; 1,293 lbs mfd, was confined to the better grades some pounds, but $314. Canada: 5 bales, $215; 4 3, t905. China: 9 cases, t945; 5,4 t1,057 ; 2 cases oigars, 1200 atiqe 'Repu lie: 24 ca@t 7 6 nDfiJ', 13 8 '----; I -'66 '}aMes, 12, so ; 5,484 ,fd, f58D. French West Indies : 27 hhds, $2, 76. Hayti: 1 bhd, .206; 37 tli66. .New Greada: 9 oases, t332; 96 hates, ,746. 'l'o European ports, for the week ending May 2: Antwerp: 9' hhds. Bremeo : 33' hhds, 18 ca8811, 66 Bristol : 62 package11. Genoa : 20 hhds. Gibraltar: 190 hhd&; 100 boxes Hamburg: 2q6 hhds, 59 balea, 7 cue1 oigara. Liverpool: 250 hhde, 27 troa, 117 cues, 611 pugs. London : hbda. 48 ol8el. Rotterdam : 36 hhds. DOliiBITIC BECBIPTB. The arrivale at the port of New York from domeatic interior and coaatwise porte, for the week ending May 9, were 1,290 hhds, 27 trca, 6 bales, 2,655 oaset!, 682 pgs, 13 boxes; 1,081-i boxes, 252t boxes, 865t bo:xlia, 123 1-3 boxes, 131 caddies, 1 box snufi; 2 cl8e8 cigars, 8 boxe11 ,am plea, consigned u followll: By the Erie ,Railroad: W. H. Goodwin & Co., 4. hhds; P. Lorillard & Co., do. ; Norton, Slaughter & Co., 61 do.; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 77 do.; C. B. ]:i'al lenatein & Co., 24 do.; F. W. Tatgenhorat & Co., 61 do.; A. H Cardozo & Co., 13 do; E. M Wright, 46 do.; J P Quinn & Co., 119 do. ; Hermann Brothers & Co., 9 do ; Pollaro, Pettus & Co., 88 do. ; T. H. MEs; senger & Co., 2 do. ; J. K. Sm1th & Son, 49 !o.; Blake more, Mayo & Co., 51< do. ; J. D. Kielly, J.r., 20 do. ; Drew & Crockett, 2 do. ; S. M. ParkE'r & Co., 3 do. ; Hill & Meaeenger, 12 do,; Ottinger Brctben, 3 do.; A. C. L. & 0. Myer, 16 do.; Oelrichs. & Co., 67 Kremelberg & Co 39 do. ; S. Rapp, 1 do. ; Bonzl & Dormitzer, 26 pgs ; E. Hoft'man, lOll do. ; Chase, IBherwood & Co.; 411 do. H. Schubart & Co., 21 do ; Kuohlen, Gail & Co., 11 do. ; Order, 164 hbde, 6 pg& By the Hudeoo River Railroad: Fatman & CO., hhda; E. M. Wright, 86 do.; J.P. Quio & Co., 3 do.; A. C L & 0. Myer 11 do.; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 8 do. ; Drew & Crockett, 1 do. ; Pollard, Pettue & Co., '8 do.; J. K. Smith & Son, do.; Norton, Sfaushter & Co., 26 do.; Sawyer, Wallace If Co., 38 do. ; A. D. Chockley & Co. 26 do. ; C. B. Fallenstein & Co., 4 do. ; IL & E. Salorpon, 14. l pgs; J. S Gans & Son, 16 do. ; N, Lachenbruch & Co., 98 do.; J. Kielly, Jr., 380 do.; A. L. & C. L. Holt, 1:! do.; L. Bosh, 16 do.; J011eph Mayer & Son, 102 do.; Order, 11 hhds. 24 pgs. By the Camden & Amboy Railroad: M. & E Salumon, 11 pg@, By the National Line: Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 33 hhds; Kremelberg & Co., 189 do; E M. Wright, 14 do; Oelrichs & Co 6 d!J; J. K. Smith & Son, 5 do; Ottinger Brothers, 1 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 3 do ; A. H Cardozo & Co., 6 do; J. Gamble, 7 do ; Fatman & Co., 8 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 31 do ; Drew & Crockett, 14 do ; J. P. Quin & Co. 7 do; for export, 16 do By the New York & New Haven Railroad : H. Schu bart & Co., 51 cases ; R. S. Walter, 1 do; Seligs berg Uohen & Co, 36 do; A. L. &; C. L Holt, 23 do,'1 bl. Bv the New York and New Haven Steamboat Line: Levy & N eugass, 247 cues; E. Rosenwald & 40 do; A. L & C. L. Myers, 3 do; Wm. M. Pnce & Co 9 do ; eriler, 2 do. By the New York & Hartford Steamboat Line : Seliga berg, Cohn & Co 62 cases; E M. Crawford & Co., 201 do.; D. & A. Benrimo, 134 do.; S. Salomon, 9 do. ; Joseph Mayer & Son, 116 do.; Jos. Sus pen mire, 6 do. By the New York & Philadelphia Express Prot:ller Line: A S., 39 cuee; C. Sprotto, 6 do.; Bulkley, oore & Co., do.; G. L Schwardtfeger, 10 do.; J .. G. Risner 2 do cigars By the :old Dominion Line : Hill & Me88enger, 1 hhd .leaf.; D. Buchner, 4 do.; M. Abenhei!D, 4 .do.; Oelnchs & Co., 26 do. ; Isaac Read, 4 do., 1 trc do> .. 14 Samples; P Lorillard & Co., 36 do, 16 do, 2 do.; DeWitt & Duncan, 8 do, 1 box samples ; Patterson & Lrons, 32 do, 83 cases mfd, 2 bxs samples; H. A. R1chey, 4 do., 103 do, 2 do smoking, 12 -f bx11; Buchanan & Lyall, 8 trcs leaf, 1 box samples; R. Lind heim & Co, 7 caees smoking; A. S Rosenbaum & CO., 15 do; L. Ginter, 37 do.; R. L. Bowne & Co., 10 do.; Cook & Reid, 20 do.; E. Hen, 103 do ; John McCatlll &Co., 1\) do.; Thos. Willetts, I do.; G. B. Lichtenberg, 10 do; :fteoben Lindheim, 17 do.; Platt & N ewtoo, 15 do.; Martin & JQhnson, 10 do, 8 pgs; W. P. Kittredge & Co., 12 do. ; c(3 ouea mtd, 42 t bxa; Dohan, Carr..ll & Co., 10 db, 40 do, 116 t bxs, 60 t bxs; J. H. ThompIIOD, 105 casea mfd, 30 l bxs; Bulklu, Moore & Co, '6 do, 9 t bn Erigene DuBois, 58 do, 116 l bxe, 129 t bxs; Connolly & Co, 61 do, 21 bxs, 29 t h:xs, 31 i bu; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 100 i bxe; Wintzer & Cook, 4 hhds scrape; Moore, Jenkin@ & Co., 1 box snuff; J. D. Kielly, Jr., 20 bbds lea(; order, 11 hhds leaf, 4 tos do, 1 018e do, 1 do smoking, 2 boxes samples; for export : 19 hhds, 117 ca8t!tl mfd, 603 1-bxs. Boston : 8. Tilton & Co., 78 H. Car ruth, 2 cases smoking. NeW' Orleana: ,Wackenbarth & Joseph, 10 cases mfd ; S Hernsheim, 10 do, 15, do smoking, 100 !bxs; J. J. Irby & Co., 85 do, 3 do, 11 bxs; W. Van Beothuyaen, 131 osddies, 15 f-bxs. New Haven: James Gallagher & Co., cues smoking. Pinoeton N J. : C. G. Van Meter, 1 case : : R. & T, I case stQokirJg. Mob1le B. A Vasselo, 32 f-bxs, 6 ibxs. Perth Amboy : W. A. W at sen, 1 case smoking By the Virginia Steamship Line: Chas. Luling & Co. 26 bbds leaf; W. P. Kittredge & Co., 2 hhds, 3 trcs leaf 39 cases, 2 boxes; Oelrichtt & Co., 49 stems; H A Richey, 5 case'; vV. 0. Smith, 29 do.; Maddux Brothers 3 do It bxs.; Martin & Johnson, It do., 5 bales, 15 l-S boxes; J. D Evans & Co., 44 do 93 !bxs, 92! bxs; Dohan, Carrol & Co., 295 do., 15. 1 1-3d bx8i Connolly & Co. 62 do., 60 1-3d bxa; Bulkley, Moore & Co 19 do., 140 fbxs. 142 !bxs; Washington & Co. 5 New Orleans: S. H e rishein, 5 cases, 55! bxs; J. J Irby & Co., 5 do 20 tbxs; W. Van Benthuvaen, 70 p egs ca ddies. Boston : S. Tilton & Co., 18 easel!, 45 t bxs. Galveston. Texas : L evy & Co., 4 cases. CoastwiKe from Baltimore: S. Goldschmidt, 1 hhd ; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 1 do; H. Hotfm an, 10 do i J. A o ler, 1 do; M. Falk, 29 pgs; M. J. Eller 1 'T do G. Voight, 21 do. Coa s twi s e from New Orleans : order, 1 hhd. I > BALTIMORE, MA>Y 6. -Mes srs. C. Loose & Co. commission merchants and dealers in leaf tobacco r.;. port : Our market has been for the last few days less active, owing to an apparent reserved n ess of buyers especially for commop grades of M aryland, for which owners seem inclined to make concessions. Receipts, especially of Maryland, are free. We report sales of 600-800 hhds of Maryland witl1in quotations, though favouring slightly buyers; 100 hhds Ohio, in lots to manu facturers chiefly; 125 hhds Kentucky low grades and fine, at reduced fignree for the former, t'ompared to our previous quotations Of Virginia, small sales barely at quotations. There is a fair stock of Virginia leaf, hut. very little dark rich grades which are wanted. lnapectioos this week : 1,119 hhds Marrland; 222 do. Ohio; 103 do. Kentucky, and 37 do. VIrginia. Total, 1,481 hhds. Cleared: 393 hhds Maryland; 29i do. Ohio ; 59 do Virginia ; 117 Kentucky, for Rotwrd!\m Q90 hhds Maryland; 25 do. Virginia; 23 do. Kentucky; for Amsterdam; 10 hhds to West Indies. Total, 1,393 bhds Maryland 297 do. Ohio; 8 do. Virginia; 140 do. Kentucky: Also, 404 hhds stems to Rotterdam. Quotations: Maryland-frosted, 4 to 5; sound com mon, 5! to 6; go od common. 6! to 7; middling, 7! to 9; good to fine red, 10 to 13; fancy, 14 to 25; upp e r count ry, 5 to 30; sou n d leaf, 5 to 9c. Ohio Inferior to good co mmon 5 to 6 ; greenish and brown, 6t to 8; medium to fine red, Si to 12 common to medium spangled, 7 to 10; fine Kpangled to yellow, 12 to 25c. ,Kentucky-Vomrnon to p:ood H to 6 t _coli\_-.., n to medium leaf, 6-l to st ; f&1r tp _good, good and prime leaf, 10 to U and u;c. '\'irginia-Common to good lugs, 5-f to GJ,. ; common to medium leaf, 6i to fair to good, 8t t o 10 i seleotiooa (shipping), 10 to no. ; atem.--good to fine, 84 to 4.75. TOB!CCO ITAT:ml:mrf, Jan' 1st, 1871.-Stock io warebouaea and on shipboard not clea!'\ld ..... 9,861 hhda lnapected thia week .................... 1,,81 '' pre'fioualy lO,IlH Total. ..... 21,138 hhda Exported since J au. ht, ........ 7,861 hilda Coaatwiae aud re-inepected 1,260 t,101 '' Stook in warehouaea aud on ahipboard not cleared this day ................. 12,18'1 '' lt!AliU:I' .ACTUllii:D TOIUCCO Market wu nry dull this week. Fair atock of new with little selling. BOSTON, MAT 6.-The Commercial Bulletin reporta the market u follow : The market i quiet. The atock of Bavaoa baa been sold into consumption, aud no fresh inYoioea bave been received. continuee to accumulate slowly without export inquiry, though the local trade, conaidering their avenue!! for retail B&lea, take fair lota .at good prices. Seed leaf still rulea quiet. Manufactured, with the grocery trade, ia doing a 11mall, healthy buaioeu. The reoeiptll were 8 hhds, 211 boxes, and 185 bales and oaaea. The exports were 7 boxes the Barbadoea, and 6 boxes 28 package to the Briti11h North Amerioaa Colonies. CINCINNATI, Mn 6.....;... Mr. J. A. re porter of the Cincinnati Tobaooo Auociation, writes 111 foUowe: Kllllrll. Chu. Bodmann & Co., oft'ered 13' hhda. 17 bu u follow11: 21 hhdl! new Owen county traah to good leaf: 2 a' 15.45 to 5.50; 4 at IUO to 7.80 2 at f8 to 8.25; t9 to 9.50; 5 at 110.25 to 10.60 ;' 3 at to 11.75; 1 at 76 hhda new Muon count7 common traah to fine leaf: 1 at 95 ; 4 at 15.50 to 5. 96 ; 11 to to 6.95; 9at to 7.90; 10at.8to8.95; 8 at9.15.to9.75; 10at,I0to10.75; 5at$11to 11.75; 2 at ; 3 at to 13.50; 5 at to U.75; sat tl5 to .50; 5 at .25 to 18.50; 1 at ; 4 at t18.25 to 18 .75; 1 at .19.76 22 hhda new Southern Kentucky common dam!.ged logs and leaf: 2 at .3.75 to 3.85; 6 at : 20 to 4 .90; 9 at to 16.90 : 3 at .10 to 6.M; 2 at 17 .05 to 7. I-6. 16 hhda new W eet Virginia lugs and leaf: 8 at $4.85 to 6.46; 2 at 16 .35, 6.95; 2 at .7.06, '1.30; 6 at $8.16 to t9; 2 at $12.50, 15.751 9 boJ:ee new West Virginia lugs and leaf at .2.50, s, 5, 5, 6 .95. 6.25, 6.80, 7.20, 7.80 8 boxes new Ohio seed at &5.05, 7 .1iO, 7 60, 8.60, 13.26, 14. 75, 15. 50 16.60 Messrs. Boughner, Brooks & Co., offered 67 hhds, 10 bxs 18 follows : 28 hhds new Owen county traah to good leaf: 4 at 14 to 5 95; 4. at .6.70 to 6.90; 4 at 17.10 to 7.70; ol at*9.60to 10.75; 6atl11.25to 11.75; 3 at 112 to 12. 7;;; 3 at .76,16, 17.25. 3 bxa new Owen county trash at t3.50 to 5.30, 5.90 2' hhds new Mason county traRb to good leaf: 3 at 14.90 to 5,Ji0; 5 at 16.25 to6. 85; 6 at to7.40;

THE TOBACCO tiona-Common sound lugs, light, 14.50 to 5.00, heavy, inquiry for the new crop. The sale s have been !22 our dealers are importing parcels from the over Extensive Forgeries At Lynehburg V 5 25 to 5 75; good sound lugs, light, 5 to 5 7e, heavy, 122 hhds low to medium leaf, old, at 7c.; 2 and 2 at 7-fc.; land, duty paid. 'l'he stock of Manufactured Virginia ___ a. enth hand led a d d hhd b 1 S. 7 5 to 6 60 ; common leaf, light, 6 to 1 heavy, 2 at S!c., and 6 and 2 on pri vale terms. We quote ia moderate, and is largely distributed among dealers : A correspondent dating from Lynchb V M 2 ter, premi urn by the trade 0 b Yh a 6 .50 to 7 .50 ., mcdt'um sound leaf., lifbt, 7 to 8, heavy, new tobaccos as follows, viz.: lugs 5-l to 61 and 7c.; selling at 60c to 80c; Connecticut leaf is plentiful at writes "On Thureday last qul'e ay and prizP-d bhd. premium 'ch 'srecoOnffi anpe 1 l f 7 d" 1 f 7i d 1 f 20 t 50 lb Th b a sensauon was W rome e ce .,25 re 7.50 to 8 .50 ; good sound leaf lig t, 8 to 9, heavy, ow ea to me mm ea to 4'-i goo ca c o c J1e! exeorts were 3 oxes, 4 created in the business circles of this city b the dismiUm .H. Drane, $25. Premium Fox: & s:Oitb 125-8 .5 0 to 1150 ; fine sound leaf, light, 9 to 10, heavy, a to ate.; fine 9! to 10tc. per lb. ctgars, 3 do p1pes, to V10tona. There are now on tbeu covery of numerous alleged for eries wh h Y 175; th1rd best hand led and d 9 50 to 10 50 Our market. within the. past four weeks There have been no exports. The import& were .the way to this port from Qomestic Atlantio ports 136 mitted by a former prominent tIM wre by Blakemore Bro & Oo $?.S has shown much irreg' ularity, and wtth a following from Havana: Mayer 54,000 bales, 3 bbls, l,'ll4 Woodruff, well known as the senior n t r rtohse *25-150. Eighth .Class..:_B yf h h d t t cigare L McCarthy 41 000 do Borma Brotber11, POII.IIIGN. 1 t Jl par uer 0 e premium b B k es ve s 0 t mr 10 tendency in prices we ave our quo a tons 11 ooo' do." The were 514 hhds, 3 2I ....:....{)ur special correspondent h rmt o M oodWruffd& ffCoi.' and the trade Clarksviile, premium bT cordingly Dry weather, until the part of t e but&s IJO c... 71 210 caddie 81 boxes, 382 wr1tes as follows : Smce my last report of the 14th c an s r. ru .,.as for years past been kind Bedond best tive hhds of thetr month, preventing 'farmers _from P.nzmg, tempor-By Rfver Boats; Jt. T. inst,,. the has agai!l_ been pfftt.y active i P.rices Whl.tbh the of city, and lihd; by the trade, 00; third best five arily checked the inoreaae a To-;t'an 109 Hhda. L. GnJttier 1!0 do. Br an & Har-J,D the lfi:Yoor of bnyertt Ttie eales lie' !lg posi.tJon In as well as best five bhd md, P!"m!um by t?e trade, aso; fourth aboVII statistica, ahow a considerable falling ofF. he ding S2 do. Beadles Wingo & Co. 26 Blakemore wlthm 't1iis week a'l'e as f611ows: Kentucky to arrivek lug atbleat dher lhn dmercant!le transactwns. It was Ninth of heBrr krnd, prerntum by B. 1'. Coulter, cold .. ll on the 22d ulto., we learn, has done no 'ct H: d 0 &.. h 76 blids at at grts. ; 50 at 'lt do -'3 at Sf do. so at '7-1 nown a e a recently been eogaged 10 some assest hhds of their kind Pre-materiifinjury to plant-beds. & Co 23 o; en, vertion n do.; 55 at st do ; 12 at 8 do.: total, 266 hhds'. Froio very heavy financial operations, arid kthNe or four. mlum JJank,JlOO; pr8miu, by the trade, )[r. L. Franoke' report aays: With full 10 t e trth9 5do: thtJ hhds at 8J grts.; at-lOt do.; 26 at-at mont.hs past had so pecuniarly embarrassed that *60-:a1o0' l!ecood best three bhds of their kind, earlJ part ortb4!' month, t.he market Kirkpatrick & Keith, 29 do: Carey & gWilson, t' .do; do.; 37 at 25 at 7t d9.; I a\ 8 do.; tot&t;. l.f.l !d to monetary $75; third best .tbretJ hhds of Beaumont Fakes & Co. 2 do, Suinott -& Adams 3 bbds. Virglma-46 hhds at 7 grts, and 80 hhds at 7t go h thta, 'bhds oftheif JY. tbt_ &rade, $50; bqei 3 ........ J. r-butts S 'L Nasit 16 iu 8 J p 56 do grts.r Xa.rjilmd11,...from &he Bt.ore-32 hhds on pri"ate .. &II as aJJ onora01e and correct Claa Bro.l25. Tenth oft' of receipts, pricee t.Qok. au upward tendency J Y'f do 4"j_ 'J foil Gibbs SO cads' terms; to arrive-IIi bhds at 7f grts.; 20 .at 7! do. 50 busl!'ess who was P OBBelllled of sufficient means to the per.ton who will have sold on t.hia aad firm at quota.Gons below B t.h 'Ne J "atfci 'Nort.her; at 10 do.; at'JI QQ.;. \<>tal, 1111 &hds: Soru\l8 5 hhds extncate finanolai'Qiftlulties, and tpe 111 the greateat number of hhds of The exports were 1,284 hhds, 96'1 bxs, and-' i:ibb-d; : J.. T. h bhds ; Hadden, Overton &., to arrive at 9f and J6 h .. ds from the store, .at 9l grts. ,to Ji1s cred}t_?l'B for his failure to !'ho will t'be trade, t200; to the pereon were 1,035 hhds, 322 bxs. The sales were 756 hds BIU'Clr 12 do. Wooldri' e & Garth 1 do. B :an & In consequence of t.he good demand contmuing for JS ? lg&tl?ns allayed and lulled them miu b so the second greatest number, preagainst 1 ,574 hhds corresponding week last Har.di'rig 12 J p 10 S Hern7heim stems, the following sales were effected at firm prices: mto toe he would eventually be able ld ';h Y $100; te the person who will have wereu follo'W'B: lrbe Picktt't. House Hold 188 g 13 d0; J J lrb:y & Co 63 Virginia-35 hhds at 7 thlr; 39 at 6 do. 7 at ot do. .. 1 hus matters : -remained until Sunday, the & C n : greatest _number, premium by R. s hhds Henry oounty Jeaf at a7 to 22 ; 3 hhdll 60'! H Sllinott & Ada 40 h:.. w hhds at 3 thlr.; 20 at 21 total l13 3 prt whell> Mr \! oodruff left this citv, OSt-.!nsi-. I o., 21) ; premium by Rioe, Broadus & Co. count)' lugs at .5 3 hhds Henry county t &t & J t liO. f b !Wit .J' hhds. 30 bhds Virginia sterns were old arri;e at bly W ,be a days on' private business, to person who wiU hne IQJd the fourth 85 to-e. to i a bhds Tr1gg eounty leaf at $7.10 to n uysen, 11 oxes. .. 6t t.hlr. at the depot he borrowed fit\y dol premium 'by Bar\er and 1 bbd Trigg eoollty lugs at &5.80 i PETERSBURG, M.a.Y 6.-Mess R: A. Yo110g & HAVANA, APillL sales of theweek have Iars a whom be met there, promising $25. Eleventh Clau-To the county. leaf ... t6 to 6. 70 j 19 hhds Davless ooun y .... Br?ther, ?. co:nmission meroha:uts, report: been unimportant, comprising small lots only for ex-to pay him on -';118 ,retura. he did not w 0 wlll have sold this market this l!eUOll the and trash at 84.16 to 5.95; 13 hhds Henderson a'be I& dectdedly better for ro.rt as w;ell as for home consumption, the continued back as as mtght be ia. a number of blids tobacco of bid own oro leaf at 86.20 \0 '7.70; 14 bhds Daviess county lugs an bright wrappers and dark wrappers are m act1ve of holders of tbe moderate stock lett being bosmess man and nothmg was hearJ fr.,m lma until by the trade, 100; to the plantel' who wi'ii trash at 13.70 \0 6.20; 14 bhds Breckenridge county demand. 'The manufacturere are all at work, and still a check to bll8ineu ,on a largAr scale. The acT.hnl'llday last, when hia brother received a Jetter from ave, sold greatest number premium b Bloch lugs at .4.1i0 to li.20; 5 hhds shipdn have entered the market. Planters ..hav!og counts from Yara aay that there is 00 tobacco in that htm, ?ated New York, announcin;; brieRy his purpose a25; premmrn by W. M. t25 lremium. a ; 2 bhda Logu county lea and luga t-\0 ceO may therefore feel f&BIUred of gettmg section the drought having been very severe The to sa1l for Europe; never to return. T,be Y outhero Hotel, 125-875. TQ the who will 6 h lVaruD oounty leaf and ,logs at Mtisfactory pricea; as good if not better here tllan in two sO:.Ulotsofnew leaf which arrived two a. 0 receiyed no o.rdinary degree of as have sold the number, premmm b the trad t4.91i 't0l ..(0; 7 hhda Hart county leaf at $6.90 to any other market. We qote common lugs at *' to remain b{\yer from Boston hts family nor fnends haq had auy intimation 160, Thefollow10gr. ulesWjU be observed : 16.25 ; i county lngt\ at .a5 ; 5 hhds 5 25; good lugs, 85.50 to 6 .25; common leaf, $6.1io-to been in the ijket but bas not' been able :we think to mtent10n to cross the ocean. The news among tban the growth of 1870 will be 2 Each lifetbalfe at *4 to 11.25 ; 2 hhds Mci..ean e7; fair to medium, $7.50 to $8.50; to goOd, secure: Y. jp the qranufaotute;.; have tfieir hts creditors naturallY: gaye rise !-0 BDspicion, which bhd mut ma!ke broker, reports: Tllere\WU a fair busiueu do-their tJips, thus closing for a time rowed htm t!lse and obtaio.ed each hogMhea.d a?d box, es:cept in classes 10 and ll. cattmg leal at $16 to 24.50 ; 4 hhds Owen county iog last week, but I did not have time to collect the usual the outlet m that duection. We had expected a better by breaches of tru also soihted away. .wdl be entered J>y the warehouse that medium-cutting leaf at *10 to 13.25; 12 bhds Owen reports, so cann.ot give fig urea yet \here appeared enquiry this month, but general business has been dull, the losers I find that the; Sa'linga Bank It j 1t wlll be en erf!d in We of tbe owner oounty oommon leaf and lugs at 15.10 to 9.65; 2 hhds to be more plevioul Buyers are and this staple hlill not been exceptional. Robert, to tune o_f 82,000 oertam, and probably 84,000; t e warehouse Will pay the entrance fee, and Henry county at $17.75 to 20; 6 bhds in the marll:et ior new (1870) crop leaf,)nd it is chang which from New York for this port on the 2 3 rd the FlrBt Be:nk 1500 ?nly-anotber note it the same to the own .er of the tobacco. 11. O n Henry county med1um-cntttng l eaf at to 13; 8 hhds ing bauds here, but just. how much changed hands September, has not yet arrived, and as he is now for 11,000 bemg genu!oe; t!Je Lynoflburg &th. H. Claik &f Bro., will be the judges 12. Henry county leaf and lugs at *6.30 to 11.50; "I hhd henj lut I ao notlknow at this writing. The about 160 Oij6, ftlari iu:e eurertained Natwnal L Mes11rs. Miller & Franklin Glasa 10 rs to the owner of the tobacco and not to McLean county leaf at 9; 2 McLean county facitory cigar trade amounted to one and a half millions; de-Twist-T!Jere lias not been tliat aemand during bankers; w oo1ftf & Spence, brokers; that ,sells it. Either of the waretrash at t3.65, 3.80; 4. bhds Metcalfe county leaf and mand fair. Manufactured is steady ; sale'.! of about present tnat es:isted in the past month. Importers are Mr. P A. KriSe broker, has had au attachment wtll tobacoo for the Fair: Curnberlanl:l, Jugs at .4.1t0 to 6.90; 22 hhds Tod:l county leaf and 350 boxes j prices uncnanged. firm in quotationl.l but the trade do not exince of $1,800 on Woodruff's to COVtur pnces. ,Oifere ba!e made for parcels, but with 1 forger, lose 13,000"' :&ichartr athewa, ; Mrs. uby; Red River Landing, J. J. Thomas'& Co. leaf and -logs at 14.50 to 7 ; 6 hbas Robertson countr, brisk this week, and continued for .. few out Ieadmg to busmesa A parcel of St. Andl'ew 's and Breson, & C:Jo., at,liOO, and a case .M V D N. KeNNEDY, Te.JlD., leaf an. d lug, at a4.25 to 6.80; 8 hhda Ada1r day, hot became aomewhat stagnated at the close, Raven been quitted privately, at a price not dieof pecuhar bardsh1p Is t at of Mrs. George W. Lee, IGR!H.ut, Rec'r-!Pree. Board. of Trade. Cl?onty oommon leaf and lugs at t4,.91i to 6.40; 3 hhcl1 from the fact that there was a large quantity of reviews closed. Tens-Beve':ll lots of Cameron's, in trade ho.bad Wocdmft a1,400, of years Stmpson county goQd )eaf and lugs at' tli.20 to 7. 75 ; thrown upon the market, a good many of which proved have been qu 1 tted. A Ia.rge parcel of fal-tOJ a boardmg-house keeper h )S to say ,Baslaess 2 hhda Green county medl&m leaf and lugs at a5.15 ; 5 to h.! in bad condition; lienee, prices drooped a good, 1n half and three-quarter boxes, was offered at w much of, the amoun.ts alr_eady and be-PHtLA.DELrHIA, :P A..-M. A nathan & Sou h 1 1 hhda Grayson county common leaf at 85.05 to 590. The little, t alao receipts are quite fnll, and must increase, auction, but the entire lot Wll.l! passtd. The bu!Jc of heved to be Josh was re{'hzed on genuine endorsements, dealers in leaf tobacco and Mr e Ninth Street House sold 54 hhds: 1 hhd Warren there being large quantittes of tobacco in the hands of the Tobac0011 were toosoft., and badly handled Had and how many and what amount of the notes giv11n admitted into the firm which is u d th ryef county old leaf at 17.20; 3 hhds Warren oounty new planters, they having shown a disposition to hold their they been well made the greater portion wouid have are spurio?s The of the forger in Amherst M. Anathan & Co. 0 er e aty e o leaf at 86.85 to a5.80; 8 bhds Watren county new lugs tobacco, not being willing to take the current prices, been sold readily at satisfactory rates. The county, wh1ch Is been levied at M.90 to 5 15 ; 3 bhds county new but they will be compelled \0 sell during this season. brands offered were quitted privately after the sale on meet these habtl!ties; but already CENERAL OF FRANCE. lugs at a4.60 to 5.10; 1 hhd Breckenrtdge county new The complaint is almost uoivereal from the country HaJf.ponnds-There has very little epquiry during previous mortgages on 1t to a constderable amount-. Exo"tio leaf rrt $6.30; 7 hhds Barren -county new leaf at t6.60 h h .., h b d t t" t th the month; only the firmer sorts have been quitted. to the full value of it. A m'eeting of the -. .... 0 T to .15 4 hhds Barren county new lugs at U.90 to 5.70; t at t e uy as een very es rue tve 0 e young There has been little finely-handled work credttors of Woodruff waa held la s t iabt to ascertain ..L-.. ICE TO h ds plant, some saying that they cannot plant half a crop; h 1 f ., 3 hhds Carroll county new leaf at .6. 75 to 7.30; 5 h but I have I)O doubt that the ravages are exaggero.ted. i? market, aud: the demand has only been to a t e actua: .status o his i.rannctions, at wpich MERCHANTS \VHO HAVE THE INTENTION OF SELL Ca.rxoll county new lugs at 16.75 to lO.IiO; 5 hhl}a Should it torn out balf as bad u.s represented there hmtted extent. considerable parcel of a propos1t10n waa submitted by h1s brother to assume arebereb countr leaf at *10.75 to 20.50;. 2 hbds Clarkscannot. be a full crop planted. Below I give the trans-Manillas has Stocks are lltill f11lly egual the to creqitors in instalv1lle new leaf at e&. 70, 7.80; 3 hhds Davtess county new actions Of the week and quotatiens: 809 hhds, 310 tcs, to trade reqtnrements. Ormond's Swiss Cigars are menta, stx per cent. mterest, provided they Vagtnta Le&t, crop oll8'l0 the lugs at 84.50 to 6:50; 1 pbi Ballard county new leaf 57 lixs. scarce, and prices have advanced considerably. Havawou ld allcla.irns whatever agamst the forger ta lot ......... :1.,000,000 at n; 3 hhds .Tnmble county new lugs at 16.30 to DARK. SHIPPING. nas haye come forward. only in small qu.Utities, and and_ _Qodrut' & Co. In the event this proicllot ...........,ooo do. 7.30 ; 2 hhds Trtmble county new leaf at al4.50. The Lugs common to medium.... . 4 li} quotatiOns have been fullv maintained. There has positiOn 18 dechned then th,e brother to sur or crop !r"':::Jte:i..IIAr to good to fine ........ ........ 5f 7 6 .. at 14.25 to 5.50, 5 hhds Hutler county lugs and :-1 a quttted. The fiat. work made by our }ogal manu-IWease,dbu!_ the dowe':B of t.he respoot1ve wives of the t..:i:lecl propo'l:l moot be made ror leu at" 14.15 to 7.90 ; 1 bhd All':ln county leaf at 1.5.90; 8 .. 10 facturera baa met W1th a ready sale. Some parcels thbt oo rumo. to be d. A oomm1ttee was appointed meat1nnec1 table oo theabon d I f good to fine ... ... ''' .. w t rt tb d b ed Ill r 10 -P.,. """ be... t thU! 8 hhds Gra;ri!QD c-ounty logs an ea at .5.10 to 6.60; DARK llA.NUFA.CTURING. have come under our notice exhibit great care in o am e entire 10 e t ueu and report, to the to!!_JL 4 ) n a 3 hbds Meade county leaf at 15.50 to 6.20; 9 Lugs common to good .......... : 4 6 handling., and are competing with some of the middle credttors. the forgeries many will s .... L or Tllll 1 or Frauce. hhds Owen county leaf at $10.50 to l7.60 ; 12 bhds Leaf ,, . . 6 8 brands. The following private sales have been made startle the people still more 1f diBCOvered and confirmed. bPvauo or Ptu.wm. New TOJ"k, ll&J 10th, 18'71. Owen oonnty lugs at $6.10 to 9 .20 ; 3 hhds. Christian ll during the month : 25 cases .Belle-of Vimnia Pocket ;A-mbrose. R. oodrufl appointed guardian for the S county leaf and lugs at .4.90 to; 2 hhds Weakly Black wrappers.' 9 15 Pieces; 130 three-quarter boxes Ragland'fs Tens ll7 mfaot be1rs of Samuel Mrller, deceased, 1ix in number Gtlrman, county, Tenn., lug at $.,65 to:5.1 0; 3 hhds Monroe Mahogany .. 10 halfbous Dexter's Tens; 35 half boxes Great and Mr. Miller in his will bequeathed to them. about famUiar with .,..,.. 1n all ta. bn.ebee ud enttre17 oonnty lugs at l4.25c 5, 3 hhds Indiana lugs and leaf Sun cured lugs ...... a 12 Railroad Twist; 60 three-quarter boxes Two Worlds' 170,000 each. lepcy conaiated priuoipally of sr at a4.60lto 6,10, 2 hhda Metcalfe county.-good Juga at '' leaf. 10 20 25 Tens; 7() three-quarter boxes Onr the Water Tens coupon bonds and 1t baa not tet transpired whether iD4 oal'ar.ceouotaot, can giYe uodoabted bookteeper Stemming common to good 6} 11 Wood ""b h necetaary booclllf tz;,1li, 5,26; 2 hhds Adair county lugs at .5, 5.25; Twist-The qaotationa are as undet : Northern, 5d. to ruu as tampe.-.... ."flt t em, u he did with all B D Box 4.110CSo;'ioork P. o. hhda Henry county lugs at 84.80 to 6.60; 2 BBIGBT 'JUlii'UFACTXBING .AND SKOKING. Qd; Western, 6d to 7d; Southern 111 to 1s 2d. Barret's other that came mto h1s banda. If he has, the vieas county leaf at t6.20, 6.40; 12 hhds DaYieaa Lugs, common to me tum 1 8 10 Anchor, ls 6d; Black Swan, 11 2J; Raven, Od ; St.. will be enormous. The causee nnivers. BW: The co-portnerelltp horetorore extouog .::::; 18'11. unty trash at an average of 4.65; 10 hhds Bassen good to fine.'" .. :,'' 12 lli Andre;vs' 1a 5d; Kerr' and Queen., or the ,South, 1a a! on of btgh and honorable Geo oouQty leafand lug at t5.15 to 6.30; 8 hbds McLean ::::::::: 20 Q-!d to 18 Hd; 8hellard's, Is Hl to 11 2d ofbhia relattvea 10 soctety, though, of wlllotp 0 llqotdatlon. nor rge Storm county Juga at $4.90 toii>.05; 6 hhd11 Ohio eountyJluga d fi lirnits-q.notations nominal. Tens-Northern 7d to no teproac can attach to them." JOBN BTR&IrON at: l. 75. .w 5.25; 1 hhd Ohio county 5,25; 1 hhd Ohio goo toti ne 255 570 beat brands; medium, 7d to lOd ls to ., f 86 20 3 hhd G l extra ne. 6 1 5d ... _, b .. u..... ... :A .... _. Cnr. N D oounty __ ,ea at ; s reen county ngs at s, .,.,t ran.._ .u.aupouuua-.._""'"" 4d s.a ....... y ..... liCTOn FOB TH:B INTB IBT:BICT.-The N -.,._,...,...,.. "" !<' 1.7 h J:l COPARTlfBRBHIP aw &08&, X..r lot, 18'11. 15.50 to 5 hhda Hart county leaf at tll to 1'1.50; ST. LOUIS, MA.T 3.-:Bb. J .K. ij'aynea, tobaooo Southern (To 9d to Is; Southern (black,) OTu o t l! t mst says: During the last few The underolgoed have thlo day formed a co.'parlnenbl do 11 bhds Henry county, Tenn., leaf and luge at t4,5G \0 broker, reports 111 tollo'W'B: 179t. 11d to 4j:l I AFOil!!tJoO-,W td' sd; eeks ..... ,h.a&. Ib,e4lnr q6nsiderable speculation as to oame or BTRAITON .t STORM P au the !llrm 7.50; 6 hhds Warren county lugs and lMf at 14 to 355 the. previous weeK. Tb1a large railing off 10 Pounds, 7a to ad, nominal; Southern Pounds 7d to wh o would receive the oflioe of Collector of the Ninth aod will coouoae tbo buetneee oruaelate arm at 19 1 PEA.RL STRERr 1 II ; 2 hbds Simpson county leaf and lugs a 6.S 6.'10; receipts s in consequence or the continued dry spell 9d ; Light dreaaed Pounda, scarce Halves 7d to 10d District,. vace:nt by the appointement of the aod the trade geoeralty, will ahvayo And a complete "ioort. hhds <;Jrittenden county lugs at &6 to 5.25 ; 4 hhds of weather, which a, general the West, and Twist, 9d to Is; Pocket'P"reces, Bars, 9d Hon. Wilham E. as Appraiser. The friends HAVANA TOBACCO, Breckenrtdge county lugs and leaf at 15 to 7.20 ; 1 hbd hiLS caused receipts and oft'ermgs to be remarkably to ls 2d; Navy half-pounds and pounds 8d to 1s. of a number of cand1dates when O':! to W asbington COSNECTICUT and OTHER DOVBSTIC TOBAcco Meade oountL leaf at .6.30; 2 hhds a trips at .4.55 light for the season of jear, so that our manufacturers Eights, Sis:es, &c., none in importers to their claims on the ;hn,t they failed 1.!:. or tbe .I!'INB 4 .90; 1 hhd ogan county logs and !edt t $6.75 find it. aifficu t to auplly thei_r wan.ts, and manufacturing wash-, Calcutta Leaf, td to 1d, nominal, 00 demand, a new ca ndidate appeared in too pereon of Every ellort .. m be rude to oupply tbe wa 1 1 B H ld 1 8 h b d hhd .,.... ""' Th k fi Pl L M R d h b ld h ffi f h" f and a cont!ouauce of their ravono lo oollclt0 0 maoal'lleturero and dealen The oone ouse so L 3 l s: s .nency are tbf;)refore ., rmer 10 l?r1ces. e. mar or ugs, lz to 3d. eat; 2d to 4d; sweepings, ld to aJor :ffu ar w o e t eo ce o o 1e -clerk under Yery";'pecttaJJy. leaf a6.90 to 16; 2 bhds Hen y county lugs lugs and shipping grades however, 1@ weak, ltd per box. Leaf or mauufactaring--id to ls.ld. Pleasanton when. tile Bi'il.ey -.11 J'OHN BTRAITOll at tlo.40, 1 hhd Montgomery county, Tenn., prices have drooped, 'the ad nee from the East contmNo. 2, 62s 6d to 65s, nominal; Manas of, the D1str1ct. MaJor GBOBGE STO.RJL!J maoufacturmg leaf at 120; 2 hhda Montgomftr oo.uoty, uing unfavorable. Sales from ThUI'IIday to yeeterdav lllas, H. ,s., 65s to 67s, according to weight, nominal; res1gn oo .arifi : accepted the A NEW t ATJIJNT MODE FOR MANm'ACTU.RING CHE W Tenn., leaf at 17. 70, 9.20 ; 7 hhds !'f1!. or smoking, either common or Kdiic'b lbs. ?f nw aa.50; 9 hbds Logan county at $4.80 to 16.40; 4 at $a to a 70; 1' at 19 20; 41at $10 to 10 25; 3 at $11 b LE.AF CROP We have received and kept a sharp eye upon the now filled by &ddreos s. G. RIOB, n" or partcul&n hbds Logan county leaf at tfi.SO; 7.65 ; 1 hhd Trimble to 11 3 at .13 to 18 25 ; 3 at a14, 50 $16 50 to 17; t e To the. Bdztor of tJhe Tobacco Leaf: Dutcher;' but when Mr. Darling becaine 323-4t 1126 South county leaf at a7; 2 hhda Trimble county commoa lugs 1 at $2 5 : and 2 at a25 25, and 5 boxes at $3 60 to Sm-I observe an artwle on the. Yf estern 1AJ_>&'ruser Maj?r w<_>rked for the vacant THE COP A.RTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING BE at *6, 6; 13 hhds Green county lugs at M.70 to 6.50; a10 75. In the same time 10 hbds were passed, and cropon page seven edttiOn, to whiCh lbeg col ectorsh1p. It ts that he was appointed the tn11thg 5 hhds Green county leaf at 16.90 to 9; 1 hhd Taylor bt"ds were reiected 00 26 hhds at *3 50 to $71-the t,,0 draw attentwn.. Your Coi:respondent. says: successor. of Mr. Darhng yesterday. Toe information olved th,. btday or May, 18'11 by mutual coooeot. Th beg u 18 dlov The LoUIS\llle bllyers ed d tb b d fr b carrledonatourformerplaceo1b""lneBil l05Mald I e boe!oe will be county at $4.50 to 6.40; 1 hhd irginia bright outside price being the highest bid of the season for J r uce e1r crop esttmates, wa.g o ftame om anum er of revenue vfficers who HENRYWULSTEIN. leaf at $20.50; 1 hhd Meade county old leat .at a10.25; fancy bright, and 1 box at as 30. To-day, manufactuanuary l, to l60,000 and 170,000 hhds; the West add Majo: B';lllard has filed bond a& Uoll'ector HENRY DKGHUEE .I!'ELDT, 1 hhd Meade county new leaf at 18.55; 2 hhds Meade ring grades were active and firm lugs and shipping wants 45 000 to 50,000 hbds, the seaboard wants 20,01}0 of the Nmtb D1Btr1ot. THIS DA'l'E MY SON HI!:NRY county lugs 'at 14.65, 5.10; 4 hhds Spencer county, leaf dull and unchanged. Sales s2 hhds 1 at 13 90 the stammers \\'ant 30,000 to 40,000 b_hds; the quanWJ.Il bave an tnteret to my hoeineso aod th ll .. tltV therefore to co t th b d 11 d T C knowu under the or 111. METZGER & SON. e rm wtll hereafter he Ind.,factorJ'trash at 84.25 to4.55; 6 bhds Spencer llat.4to 490,at8540to590;2ati650to670; me 0 oar. WI uotexcee HE LARKSVILLE,TENN.,F.AIB-Thefollowingadver M ME I h hhd G 90 000 hhds leaf tOb"-"CO rhe t t b d f b New York, May 1 18'll. l'ZGER, 1 78)9 Wer S rree't. county, n ., tras at 13 to 4.10; 3 s rayson 4 at 17 10 to 7 60; 2 at ass 10 to a 80; 2 at $10; 2 at ,.., : rece1p s a oar t1sernent o t e .atr appears 10 the local papers: "The county common leaf at 86.40 to $6.70; 6 bbds :812 25 to 12 50; 1 at 113 liO; 1 at $15; 1 at $20; 1 at 10 1869 105 000 10 ;870, .85,000, and th1s last Second Annual Fair of the Tobacco Trade of ClarksTHE FIRM OF SEYMOUR & COLT Is Tffid Day DI Grayson county lu.,crs at 14.95 to 5.85, 4 hhds Ballard o44 and 1 at "69-a tub of fancy bright fiom Western s owed a very short crop. Is lt possible that. you ville, Ten _n.,_ will be held on. Tuesday, July' 1 L, 1a11. ootved, Mr. J. B Colt retlrinll' The bnotn 111 b S ., cou ld Jac th fi b fi d T. Seymoor, &t the oa.i.e place, Who.will sii{Il in elht;;d&tloec.loed b y Ch&rlee county leaf at &8 to 11.25; 1 hhd Hart county bright Virginia 2 hhds were passed, and bids were rejected h" k. P ed ese. e ore your rea ers wtthout No restnctwns aR to locahty. Comp e tition invited CHA wrapper at &24. 75; 1 hhd Hart county common leaf at on 12 hbds at $3 60 to 19 50. t 10 1 !lg an '7'entJOnmg those receipts of 85,000 from every Tobacco growing State. 'fotal premiums 100 .7.60; 7 bhds Hart county lugs at l4.aO to 5.50; 3 hl:.ds We uote: Interior light weight lugs M 00 to 3 50; hhds 10 l870 mcluded the an_d stems made that nearly three thousand dollare. First Class-Best hhd 321-8!3) Marion county lugs at 5.:30 to 5.50; 1 hhd Perry county, factoryqlugs 83 75 to 4 25; planters' do *4 50 to 5 50; a:d that, therefore, lt ts fatr to presume that, bright or mottled wrapper, premium by J. J. Crush: A. & L. ANDERSON. Ind., leahfhadt 8D12; hhds Tod 1 d cof un;y 1 0eaf a$t 7.2 7 o to dark leaf $5 25 to $6 25; medium tdo good do man, dl7b5, & Alley 175: total $150; A. D. CHOCKLEY .& CNOew Yor>:. 7.80; 4 s av1ess connty ea at .,6.9 to 10. 5; 4 a7 50 to 10 00; fair to good m anufacturing o 112 00 ru, o ,v s e secon est r1g tor mo.ttled wrapper, premium m ., hbds Daviess county lug r s at *5.40 to 6.10; 3 hhds Met to lla. bright do $20 to $35 ; fancy bright *40 to est!mates as ot the sternrnersw1H also by T. H .. Hymsan, $25.; premiUm by T. H. Mallory, calfe county lugs at U.65 to $5.10; 1 hhd Posey county, 160 arnve at the seaboard m thesbape of strips and stern9. $25; premiUm by Damel Gold, 25-$75. third best ...,., nu.LliJIS m Ind., factory trash at 13; 3 hhds Posey county, Ind., STATEMENT." Yours, etc., AN OLD SUBSCRIBER. bhd. bright or mottled wrappe.r, premium by robacco-LEAF TOBACCO, lugs at $5.40 t11o 5.95: 1 1 dhhd Barren county lugs at $6. Stock on hand Jan. 1 st, 1871 ..... ..... .hhds. a93 A CoMP""'ENT M B S h Leaf?ffic'!'.$2M5. SCeco&nd Class-Best box bright wrapper, No. 168 f'EARL sTREET, NEw yoRK. Thii-'Plaoters' ouse ao 60 ..hlida: 1 hhd Hart counly J 1 t W h 2 a84 AJOR ULT,ARD.ays t e prem1um uy .. L. R. R., $50, second best br1 !!:ht r r J' Received since an. st, a are ouse .... Revenue Record .... W"ll' Bull d h b Always on hand a Jollaswrtment or VIIIGINU and w 1 ; ,!ht leaf at 130; 14 bhds Hart county leaf at $7.10 to : .IWIJOr 1 tam as een wrapper, premiUm by G. A. Roth, a25 Third Ciass pen and Smokero, particol.rly .Bright. and Bright. MJJ':Jrur Wrap. J : 4 hhds Hart county lugs at $5 to 6.40; 5 bbds. 3 ,7'l7 app ointed by the President collector of the Ninth -Best hhd. cutting leaf, premiu.rn bL Bank, the man!ifad.uring trade. A lroB4Ji:>rt.LeofTobacco or all g,!:llted to "d 1 f t $670 t 110'0 6hhd New York District, viceDarling. Maior Bullard is a 8100 c d b t bbd tt f. .,, .:eon ge couoif e a o i s Delivered since Jan, 1st .. ... t ............ 3,138 f b"l" ; e on es cu mg ea, premium by Breckenridge county lugs at $4.55 to 5. 75; 2 hhds e :r.oung man a 1 ty and active energy, full of ambiStonewall Lme, $50 Fonrth Clas11-Best bhd dark G t 1 f t 66 90 8 60 1 hhd Ad t tlOn and pluck., and will make a good collector. He bas a e b N p "d s rayt>on conn y ea a ; a1r coun y Stock on band May 18t ........................ 630 1 d bl b "r pp r, prerntum y ew rov1 ence Insti-l t 4 3 0 1 bhd s t 1 l f 66 2 a rea Y esta IS ed an e.ll:cellent record as a revenue t t" <>100 b Cl 'ugs a ; rmpson coun y ow ea at" ; Total oiferings to May llst .................... 3,39 ffi d ha d u wn, ; premmm y ar .. nl & & Now Provihhds Christian county lugs at $5.50 to 6; 2 hhds Warren c_er, an s game much e.ll:perience in the duties deuce Transfer Co., *50-$150; second best hhd county lugs and leaf rut e5.05, 6.50; 5 hhds Logan SAN FRANCISCO, APRIL 2a.-The Commercial of hts new office as the assistant of General Pleasonton da.rk wrapper, premium by. the trade, 17 5 ; county lugs and leaf at $ to 7.90; 2 hhds Hardin Herald says that the mar}-cet appears to be undergoing Fourth District and the Thirty-second Disthtrd bhd wrapper, premium by county leaf at ts,; 1 hhd Trigg county leaf at 87.30 ; various changes upon th1s coast. The heavy bonded W. C. Smttn $25 Fifth Class-Best hhd. shipping 14 hhds Green county leaf and lugs at $4.95 to 7,50. stocks that we have been carrying for a long period .premium by srade, $150; second best hhd have all disappe:ored: evel;l the qovernment Bonded AcCORDING to the statJstJCs of the Agricultural Bureau at shippmg leaf, prem1ur:a by the inspectors, $50 Sixth NEW ORLEANS, MAY 3.We report as follows: warehouse has been clos e d, the little business doing Wasbmgton, V: ermol!t las t y e ar rais e d 72,671 lbs of Class-Best hbd Swiss wrapper, premium by M. H. There has b e en a fair demand for old, but without any therein not justifying its continuance. Now, some of I tobacco, and WJSconsm 960,813 lbs. Clark & Bro, 1 fine gold Swiss watch, value, $100. Sev- '. A.. D. OHOCKf.EY, Richmond Va. A. L, Al'iDII:RSO N', New York CHOCKLEY & ANDERSON COMMISSION MERCHANTS RIC::S:::MON .D, V .A. Cdlltrignmeots of Leaf Tobcco Gra!o aod th p on whicb IIIJeral cath advaucea will be made 0 er roduce sollc!tea., Will execo t e o rder for the purchase ot i.ear Toboeoo mond Market for the lisual commioslon Dealers 11>11d in the Blc4. W ill lind It to their Inte rest to g t v e no orders w hich Manbo u faeturere o r tbrongb. A. D & c O oar can sent to aa Shippen will hve tbe adv.ont&ge of both pl.York Ho...., and. o.nly one eo m mi!e lon charged. P to eltb.e


' I' I THE I TOBACCO LEAF. == New York P. 0. Bo:r: .(,198. 6 CEDAR STR.EETJ NEW YORK. W, D. Bateh, E. I'. 'l'broop. Theodore A.. Liebler. 'rOB.ACGO LABELS, r For. Smoking antt Manufactured 1'obacco to b. db 06.; Lithographers. 32 & 34 Street., New York. .A.T ALEX: FRIES & BROTHERS, Maanfa.cturera or H:a. V JLN' A CIGAR. FLAVOR, 28 WEST BROADWAY, NEW YORK. 49 &ad 50 East &eoond Street, --Cincinnati f ------\: FA. T:at.I:.A..N" db CO., COTTOI 6 TOBACCO FACTORI, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, CUTHRIE. & CO., ,. FRONT STREET, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, OHAS. B. FALLEN STEIN & SONS, --roB.ACCo AND CENERAL AND 'l'OaAoco Merchants, Lear Tobacco preesed In bales for the Wes t Indies, X,.XicanandCentralAmerleanPorts,andotbermarketo. l29 PEARL STREET, N.Y. TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSHEADS. A. STEIN a CO., Water Street, .. New York.' I I IUORHU, OJl &A.1811 ,, '/. AND I AND G ENEBAL COMMISSION .tm,J!NJ!Il-i..U .a..Ll on Con o:<. GEoRGE sTaR.". .:.':.':..JUU.... ew .. JL or NEW Oipr manufacturera pa.rtioulndy favored. SAWYER, WALLAOE&OO., E. SPINGARN & co., DEAL:KitS I N ... HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No. 4 7 Broad 96 Beekman St., Near Pearl, NEW 't'OBL No. 6 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR WATERS TREET, NE'W-YORK. II SOLE AGENTS FOR ;[, i 3 ll FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, MANUP'ACTURIERS OP' THIE CELEBBA TEO RAIL.ROAD MILLS .. F, KIEMELBERG l CO., JIBWYOKK, .UOD F. L. BBADIS l CO., :a<IIIO-.., Tobacco I .Conimn lriants. eo-.aJ-of Lleerlee PUte. dlrdW..,_,. '""'' I ODla.Dtly liD, &o4 (ut MJ.; la bood. er IJI7 ,, l b l(,tt w la parehaHn. 1!-11 1 IS.&.&O RBAU, "' llaADJ Commission. Merchant, AND ,DEAlER I N I. WUTEIN WF, Ianuflatmeci Tobuoo, Lioorioe, Gum, eta., Nal81 .PBABL STB.DT, If. Y.# CARL UPMANN,', TOBACCO a.Jid G:JCNERA.t.., Ottinger & Brother, KENTUCKY Loaf 'flctltaeee, 119 PEARL STBEET, NEW YO;BJ!C. I E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Leaf Tobacco, 129 JlLJ.IDEN LANE, BDw .. BD FIIIDll, l NEW YORK. R. 8. Importer ot HAVANA TOBACCO, 203 PSABL STBEET, Near llaiden Laue, NE'WYOBK. AND WILLIAM ll PRICE &. CO., I ...... .. .. .. 1 :i:J:l: :brands of LEAF T 0 8 A C C 0, Pure : 119 Xaid(m I RAtLROAD MILLS, W.o NIM \'IRGINIA:. FLO.WER OUR .CHOICE. F A J#.YN&. ;:: t..: r ............... :.c .... .......... I IN OIGA"BS:AN:D 'PLUG TOB'ACCO. AND JOL AGEil'l FOR THE SALE OF THE PRINCIPE DE G.AIJ:S SEGARS, ,. AT THE KEfY WEST BRANC_B, Ol' THE .OELEBB.A.TED PBIBOIPE DE GALES llA.B'UFAOTOBY Ol' HAVANA. KELLOGGJ OVERTON & CO.' TOBACCO COMMISSION MEB.dHANTS, And Agtmt6 f o r tlH foJiowing (JELERRAXED BRANDS of SMOKING TOBACQO Smokers' Comfort, Plantation Belle, PUFF, Wild Cherry, Our Jack. Also Sole Agents for. D. Silva and Co.'s Cuban Cigar :Manufactory. .: Cigars from above factory warranted clear Havana .. ; 87 Water Street, New York. { . . . lOS. : lU. YER & l'trtb11tf, 1 UD DULSU Ill' LQ@.f :1.22 W..dTER STBEE'P, New York. J. H. BEB.GILU'lf COMM.ISSION MERCHANt Scotch, German, andDutda .. J'orellrn a.nd l>omeltla Leaf Tobaouo., .Also, :Manu.tadlll'er e! 8ECAR8. Io. 146 Front-ldnet, N"BWVORK L. CERSHEL & BRO.!i Wholesale Dealers In HAVANA. AND DOMESTIC SEGAR.S. lOSIPH .A. VEGA 6 BBO. .,....... .. Havana Tobaooo .AX w YOR&,. .. ...... ROBERT & JCEJ J.Y & Co., U>OLPII ""'01111 ovmo ... -&1..... I. HAMBURGER & CO., .. STROHM A DUI.Bll8 Dl 'I HAVANA uwr. LEAF TOBACCO D 0 ME S TIC 1 .. lln lMPoRTUS 00 "'IJO "07. teJo Sf FOREIGN .._ .-.r.t! Bu.-.Jta STilnT, N1w YollL 71 11 e FRoNT sT., N.Y. ll. W.u.LZRTllllf,t NEW Yon >J""' L 'llJ,.JIJ!VBG.U. f


Ohio UD Pennsylvania Our Own Packing. GROWTH OF 1870. LOTS I'' 1100 'By A. S. ROSENBAUM & CO., :1.62 WATER ST., THE HIGHLANDER I. .I PA:LMER L AND JOBBERS OP ALL KINDS OP I ) I r. I I\'' J l I f.IBAF No. 170 Water Street, New Y-m*. r L PALMER --A H. Connecticut Seed-leaf of our own paoking pUJ _.:JOHN I ALLEN, SMOKING-,TOBACCO MANUFA'CTURER, & l44S BICDOND, VA.. J .. A.CTORY No. 14,, W .J91' Me, ... Bud aria Blossom, Right Bower, ImpertaT Burham, Old Plantation, German,a, K illickin ick, Vi rginia Cut Ca vendish Special Bra nd!fman:ufactured to order for Dealers who desire to c o ntrol thei r own Brands. Depot in N e w 65 Warren Street. .. J LEW f41"ER, .. 7 a & r IJ Bowery, NeW Josepli Scheider, cELEB' Au rm A D'nb; < I Also, of Fanoy Fin e-Cuts, Xillikinnick, and Out Smoking GEO W HELMI, SUCCESSORS TO APPLEBY'S ...... li[ANlJFAOTUREBJil OlP THE CELEBRATED RAILROAD --LLS S:SUPP .. liiACCOBOY, FRENCH RAPPEE, scpTcH AND LUNDYFOOT sN-uns. ..., MACCOBOY AND FRENCH SliUFF FLOUR. "' 0 ''I M.80 011 'mllJIIBSi:.-'BRANDI01'---SM KING TOBACCOS, CIGARS, AND PURE POWDERED LICORICE. ll33 WATER AND 85 PINE STREETS, ( NEW-Y.ORK. T. H. MESSENGER & CO., 0 EUCEN DU BOIS, Commissson Merchanf FOR TIIII: BALE OP llli'O&nu Jm m _, FOREION &-DoMESTIC TOBACCO, ... LICORICE. l. L. iRMISlTAo, / Leaf, Manufactured, and Smoking TODACQ.O, Lynchburg, Va., 3. L. GASSBRT & 75 FB.O.N1. l)t,, New )lanafact urecl T obac co o f all S tyl e nd Qaal,ltiH, direct 11om the bet manuf&Cidrlee of Vlrl!hlla, fJroprieior. COMMISSION MERCHANTS I Smoking Jobaccp: DICE IRED ROVER, AND D:BALJ:RS IN ALL EI!at8 Or Leaf Tobacco,. No. 160 Water Street, N-, :....:..:.1'----'l. .bll r...--, .... DoUIIa Ia' :PXPBS .-x;EF TOD.A.CCOo bortllltrM, N_ew York, .. '' FELIX MIRANDA IMPORTER OF-SEGARS; "RITIC.A,'l' IS Pearl Sj;_reet, ____ NEW YOArt. SEED-LEAF .AliD HAVANA I Toba,'cco, I 77 PEARL STREET, .. -...w. "ffil-D. & A. _BENIMO, __ ---A-. --L-. _G_R_O._,S,.,-S E REVEIU.E CUTTEr., Kentuckv w. .YEw-YoRK. 1 lla..., on We all ll:lnda <11. TOll4000 ftr EXPORT AND _! lad IIOME Ul!1 3!1-108 LEAP 'l'OBAC:CO, :NOT FOR JOE. 131 STREET, ,M. R. r I # r Special 1'l' .Q_tice given t.o the trade generally, that ).ly V:I'-TUE, oF ..&.. PATEN't roceived, am. the SOLE KANUFACTUREB. CF THJ: 1.11:8 Wat4er Street, NEW YORK 1 ud eo-nnwn Kenhanl c-;:;.'3Sre::; HAVANA-LEA ,:;;BACot, lluCICI"faor to -, "j'l OATJIAll No. 42 COURTLANDT ST., -'r- "LA ESTRELLA." NI:W TORK. .. A. H. CARDOZO & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Fac ors, JJID DIU.LD 0' DOMESTIO Leaf Tobacc4,' J 166 Water...Sreet. ..... .. No. 1.23 Pearl Street, New-JYork I \ J NEW-YORK. ..... ....-. --/ LEAF. mARTIN JOHNSON. ,( Successors to UAMIIAIJ. & CO., r WATER I THE O..J" -1;L lt. I 1 l..o r ndard Brandt of Viigin.fa and, NOrth Carolina MX ACTURED_ And SOLE AGENTS for the sale of of Mea&'IL & OLIVER, and D. C. MAYo .-Ri a. ; ;:; Vi11ginia }lba.. f O li e i lbs. f ifook'et l'ieees. Thomas' Cho ice 11 5 ...... Che H a w, Fig s. Rose :rwist, 6 inch.l J. ll. "WaJker's'lll:drf\ Bright Twist, 13 inch. La Favorita JWlls, 6 inch. Chas. Henry, Jr., 9 inch l ight prell8ed n u 'hard I I Billy Bnck. Virginia Belie. Star. Grand Duchess FIRST-CLASS FIRE INSURANC .. --On th11_ 'l>l.:D. 111. r1 __.... Fire :Lnsurance Company_ 37 STREET, lTE'W YORE: CITY. CROSS ASSETS, S719,e& 1.621 CAPITAL, --- t200 ooo.oe ACTUAL SURPLUS, S465,&88.16. Over 282)0 percent. on the Capita l and comparing most favorably with other Companies especlaij-In ... Indemnity ofl'ered in it8 Policy of Insurance. j Insurance on the PARTICIPATION PLAN, or Fabloned. Way," on the most favorable lfllt Policies not Participating In the Profi ts, all benefit ofthe ea:tra BeCIU'it!f of the Scru:p :fmm. 12 inch lbs II The Prompt and Liberal adjlll!tmcnt of L essee when" Fair and Bqnare is the specialty of this Cilll:::.;;:r; All styles of and Smckiniirll HENRY P. FREEMAN, Soo'!l ASHER TAYLOR, Pt'e't. p -PERIQUE. II .. 0 Toba cco put up uuder special brands for sole use of t h e owner. BENNETT'S PATENT -"EUREKA" TUBA] CO PIPE. Fa tented April 6th, 1870. This novel 1md ne'\yly-p at.ented mven tion 'is claimed to be the most perfect device for smoking loose tobacco ever offered to the public By the simple arrangement shejVn, the saliv"'. instead or nning into the b o wl, wetting 'the tobacco, and thus fouling thO whole pipe, is carried through the under tube into the bailor chaw. ber under the bowl, while the smok;e, entirely d eniootiz&d; passes dry and clean thTough the upper stem to the mo uth This cham ber is readily detached anc;J. em,ptied, and being enti r e ly separate (ro m the and having no communication into it, ev aporation from it i.!Jto the pipe is and the to5acco is kept dry, a n d may be readily consumed to the last part icle while de ttre11t obj ec tion to the common pip9:-:-that of the nicotine li&ck' into tbemouth-is entirelyobfi' ated : 1ft diff ers in this respect all other p i pes, and must oommen d its elf at a glance to all smo 'ke rs. R. w.: RoBIN86N--"& '' so.N, 282 284 &l Greeftwich Street, (Yew JZ'ork., ...,...--Llral will be mado with p&rtlea WEtCo-ME --------1 We talre the liberty oflddreeelng roa In lbll monner, the better to call yonr attention to a TobaGco a.nnsoa11y line in tte qu a lity We b&Ye, dudng ma11y Yre1 patiently and perecv c rlnflly lnotltuted experlmenta a d i n .. -ct beanug opon the manufacture of Tobacco_;_ we baYeJ tra)oy epa re4 time n o r money'' lD. \be accomplllhment ... oar purpoee. llld fr o m our experience and lnYeltlgatlone, are convinced that the only true a n d proper way to mannracture Tobacco ia onder oar proeeu of manufacturing h protect the T obacco fl'om thl atmoophere, prueota-11 fiiOm IDQII)dlug, and g reAtly lmproveo the quality and li&Yor; oo m11eh "!'z _that the last l>ckg In o11r bo xee ..UI bti found 1o be better._ t.ltat wtm:ll wae at llrot !akon o u t. So poaltlve are we u lo Ita high uwrit., tba&-'Wa DOW P \OC:e It with tf>e conHdenea In eompetltlon wttll OJ' artlo that ....UlJ>UIUI, and to tllelmpool.tiOD of """'lvlng a pmlouo article, please to be pArUcular, when ca111na for JI'Uw C..t, to Inquire lor w, 1. IIOOVnll II 00.' 8 P'au YIILLII.,. &-Ud Touooo. 172W:ater St., Ne Ypri;, J .Are now ready to teceilve and execute Orders for their Cigar Machine. 9-.0.ish Oeef DF ALL PCB SEGA..B "' 0 .Furni shed In quantities 1o salt, byn .ro rom::E'I.O::J:::.:ati:.AM' .-, 21" 6 .. LE,VIS Y.' -----.,..,.-----..,.....---f .;! I _OOHN & SMITH,) .......... 178 W BTBD'l'1 0 1... ._,. i ( J AOOB HENKELL, SEGAR BOX MANUFACTORY, (Superior Make and Prime Quality) OF CEDAR WOOD, 293 and.29ii MONROE STREET, NEW YORK; -.J ... J CLASSFORD A co., IILSALOKO!f, nt M. & E. SALOMON, ,-Importw of 4 BIILIIIf.B, to London. Havana Cigars, Leaf Tobacco, boume, and llydneJ. of Manalactored T obBUO llllit-AND all\efurtlleoe-rketo. Ca ohldvan...,madeby FOREIGN LIQUORS. J. DUFF 'WALLACE, No. SIS MAIDEN LANE, wanted In .BaelaD4 &114 the Coioii1IL NEW YO.BX. Manu:fac-turer of ''Wa:rrauted. Cigar Amber Mouth Pieces, Pipe Stems, Mounting. And all Choice in the Smokers' line, at Wholesale1 an d Retail. __ .......... ...,. ,....._ __ Wholesale and Factory and Wa room, 4 and 6 ohnStreeti Store, 71 Nassau, corner John [Established 1853 ] NE.W YQBlL Real Meerschaum CHAS. F. TAC 4 Jmpoand Dealer. In .... .u IWfdi Ot LEAF TOBACCO, --. -----I l84 Front 8: c nw Yon I L. HIR&CHORN') & CO. .....,:;. 1'10. WA".mt. STRBBT, DWIYOBL -- AND DJIALEB8 Ill' .ALL KIND! w -I LEAF TOBACCO. 179 PEAi.L STpET, 1'lrN ond Jlldtw .,..,. .,. .... ,. -,..,!: .. NEW BUILUf Jr.OUIQ. f U ,D,.D.a r .. --::=:-'-8-T., --Importer of BL1 VARA.. SIG:lBS. I Bile A.po\ ot 1 .. BOUQUET D!OJ' ABA COS" \ "lOGKU' CLft." '.:ti


' 6 THE To B Aero o LEAF' c: BALTTMOB.B AllVBBTTSl!:.:BWTS PHILADELPHIA ADVBB.TISEDNTS CI'NCIJfNATT, ST. LOUIS, A11D WESTERN ADVER1'ISEJ011T8. HARTFORD THEO. J. VETTERLEINB. '1'. VET1'EHLEIN. -r:::wM A & m. B. VET'l'ERLEIN. I ..L Ve"t"ter 1ein. ctb Co., wHoLLIE DIEAL ,,. pHTL.ADiLPH.E.A, P ,.A., \ KANUFACTtm.ED AND LEAF ToBAcco, CIGARS, &c., 1 Merchants in lEAf and Manufactured T _08ACCO, w;._A_ BOYO. 33 S01ri'B DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED r Baltimore, M d. BODMANlV'S H Inspection & leafT obacco enry Besuden & Bro., WAIIIEHOUS .. DEALimS Ill ar.:u, eta a FroataJta a, u ata wa.r, ....... ........... -. LEAF TOBACCO, ....... HAAS BROTHERS, DI.U.Ue r CONN. SEEDLEAF TOIICC& ... ported u Doaestll eJpn, f54 STATE and 282 M.llft ST., H.A.BTFOHD, B. .&. V .&N H. WILKEl\IS, a CO., Monumental Oity Tobaooo Work-. llo. tit WEST PRATT STREET, BALTI.ORI, D .. ._,__.. ., 1111 ........ Brashears, Brown &. Titus, Wholesale Dealera IDd J. D. BURNHAM: & 00., llan111act1Uen and Jobben ID 161, 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, I (OOBNEB OJ' ELK _sTREET,) CINCINNATI. Tobacco, Snuff & Clgar8, Wlwksale Dealet' in Connecttcut .& Bavana --. Tobacco .,......... Leaf And Wholeoale DeoleniD MANUFACTURED TOBACCOS, SmoktnB aDd ChawlD& Tobaoooa, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET, NEW. YORK. .._ Krohn, F eiss & Co., T E A 8 NoL 32 & 34 Main St., Ohio. 77 & 79 Asylum st., AGEBT FOR SlllJFF 11m TOBAOOO, 17 a. 19 North Water St., Philadelphia. ..... K. :IIAJlKD. Jr. P.IIIUlm= ._, ---OJ' JB .. BD .. BAJlTDARD, -BARKER 4 CHANDLEE, Q. WBIJJCI. JID.JDWMAD. _u,-u-n .._,. -StalDM', Sm.lth BJ!IOs. a Knecht, llanutacturersandWholes&lenealersin GIESKE & NIEM.Al1li, LOUIS STRASSER, II a z K PB.&----0 I G .A.. :El. B' ....... OOO .. .&OTO... Manufactufl_ er of C-IGARS,.' Segars and To. baec.o. .__, AndJobberain AND C t t S d Leaf Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, Commission IYierohan'ts And dealer In Leaf,' Plug, and Smoking Tobacco, ImPorlers. or Smokers' Articles 0 n n ec ee 1l11" '08 1B ALL :IIlQle o LEApw TOBACCo, N 26 South Cal vert; Street, I SMOKERS' ARTICLES AND IMPORTED HAV AliA CIGARS, 0 D & .,. G 0 t BALTIMORE, MD. -.-M-..V Manufacturers or the Gold Medal' and Lord Byron' 78 SOUTH CHARLES STREET, :1.8'1 ,. ..4.LNU7! si., cw.m ...... e,, OMo. No. 53 WEST FO UBTH ST.. 1 MARKET STD VltmT., bel MGnU.facturf/1' of Gild Dealer 4n 041- Special Brand s manufactured !.o order. :B..LL7!IIOBB, U' WM. WELSH & SONS, & lfoOI&tlwa arCJUAD>ULU.Y. J..,.,..,..LLn. CINCINNATI, o. HARTFORD, CONN. 225 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. "s. ... soNs," Mannfaetlirei=S .. smokb;g R.llallay&Bro., .. r.w-.r. I.Wm. ......... wM. wEsTPHAL, .un> .&Del Leaf' Tobacco, "-J>tiL""""' S. LOWENTHAL & CO COlDliSSION MEROHAlfT, HAVANA CIOARI ,AND LEAF TOBACC01 AND MANU ... AQTURERS FXN'E CXG.A.R.S,. Under our (Copyrighted) llrands, or Special (Private) 229 Sottth Front Street, Philadelphia. SEGARS CJr .f t;.7j' h No.n B;_ ....... d" .e a Jl w n lt t,t 1l' F I N E -BE c A R 8 .. Wellla. 1 -W'. ,....., .uuer. Ills&. Noe. 115 end 117 Weel Froal-alreet, Aa4 lt'lloi.U. DMIIn ta: GUSTAV GUTH, F, L. BRAUNS & CO .. BoftA1daco ,........ m to. a .. C:.a;!, Stnel. Tob o o, L:e:.&.r Toa.&.cco. CONN. SHD UAf Coonecticut Seed Leaf Tobacco, _., I'IIILADIILPIIU, General Commission :Merchants, No.60SOUTHG.AYSTBEEP 49 South Charles Street, Kound City Tobacco wora. C.& ft. lJlJRMITZER & CO., EAST HARTFORD. No. 39 North Water St., PhiladCIDhia. --111.) BALTIMORE, MD. Horl'llAN tD. a AT I. I N. WUOLBS.Ll.O DI!&LIIBS Ill' CONNECTICUT .TAMES RUSSELL & oo., 1 .... SciiROBDER. ...... NooLASBBR --.....,.. ___ uu- Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, Commission Merchants. w -E--,-hr-& C--JOSEPH S:BROEDER & co._. GILMOR & GIBSON, Fine-Cut, Chewing & Smolrl"',. & t:hewtnc Tobacco, ---------m. o., o-aioo!Oilllld wiloleNla deolers ill Illl' ORTERS O F AIU6 All Kinds of Smokcn' DEALJJRBlll Leaf and Manufactured H S Tobacco, Killickinick, &o., Articles, G. W. GRAVES, Large assortment of ClAy and Glazed Pipes, L at reduced prices ... U SOUTH FBONT BTBBB7', 'J.,obaeeo and fJigars, a van a e gars' 701 J.IfeJQ Mree.. 123 bet. 2da.od 3d 8*--:-4\ta, ... cma ilD DULU IN ...... """ .IS.n., ... .... And General Commission Merchants. -n. LOVIB,.., ___ Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf I ___ P_H_IL_A_D_EL_P_P_I_;A,'-P_A_. __ LE. A F TOBACCO, __ No. 50s. Gay St., Baltimore. ST.AB.OX, 6. oo., SMITH & THOilAb, r 0 B""A c c 0 t -:s. & J. MOORE,OBMJII)()U. \117 LOUIS GIESKE l co., l'RED'"'WILI
l>IULBBII.. LEAF TOBACCO 'rODA.OOO &lld IIEGAB&. H. SMITH & co., Commission Merchants, u R ALp H 'S Leaf Tobacco OODISSION...., M:EBORABTS, :;;;1;;;;;;0;;;;;;6 Commission Merchallts and Jobbers Borth Wa.ter-street, SCOTCH SN-U F F "'-9 ... Char--Strettt, ,_,. ...,.. No. 69 South Charles St., near Pra'* ., 11-m PHILADELPHIA. Manufactured by BALTIMORE. D..U.'nlDOll:L liD. CHICAGO AliD BOUTHBB.W ADVEB.TISBDliTS. sill & 00., .A. RALPH ct -=---MUTRBRN ................. __ P. Lorillard's Western Branch. rcco and General Com. Merchaats. us Arch Street, Phftadelphla. I A 'I h .s ....... -.......... JACKSON Be Co., RU-:FNER ct. FOY, MANAOEI't.S1 CONNECTICUT LIEAF TOBACCO, No. 20 Hampden Street, SPll.mGFIELD, JWS LOUISVILLE KY., U.S. Bonded Tobacco Warehouse No.1. r ;r H. SCHMIDT,. 8 h dMannoracturerksofevperylde uscnc ptionTofOBACCOS "LEAF TOBACCO" rtg t an ar W.I.JUIB017811. C?rner High and Lafayette Sts., GEO. W., WICKS l CO,., THOMAS HARE & SON' fnllllnea or ana Smoking 'V a -Apnt. for 8alo of wHoLD.I.Lll D.I.LJIM IN ALL KDIDfl or yo. IJ8l South Second \ lll' H CLA.RK & BRO '76 TOBACCO WORKS." VIrginia, Missouri, and Ketatuollt c;rr./QRELGN AND DOMESTIC PHILADELPHIA, "HIGH:l:. 'ANDER, J. W. CARROLL, JU.o 0 '' TOBACCO, f .. TA0ND8 MAACNUCFA0CT' UREO LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, .. RED Sole Manufacturer of the Famous aud World 1 _.....D..._ In DTUFF, SEGARS, ETC., renownedBrandsofVirginiaSmokingToba=>s, lEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, MURRAY & "AI' ASQN Le1f 1i'ObiCCO lltld CIIIH. d ,.. -.::'W A., '' rheoe eetabi!Bhed so well 8Dd tavo-",. LONE JACK and BROWN DICK, J.Y.Lli. t I 02 MAIN STREeT v 474 d 603 N Seoon t ....... .-;:..., .&:' -. -... IWIV.O.OTOUU il:D DULDI "' LI, IlB'I/11 -' ao. .Lley, Utb 8tr.ea. cm&BKSVU.' D, TENN. Ch d 8 oki.n ,., I [_ ....... TOBACCO, wotka ol L. L. LYNCHBURG, VA. &F1f.ra CJhlta. LouisYille, KentuCkJ. lifo. 822 North 7 'htra Strut, L L ARMISTEAD Clrdetre_,.,.tfull7oolleltedllldpromptly-.Jedto. I.A. B. 'DJIEOBALD, 'I IPBJ:L.&J)IJLl'KIA. .. I 8 KASPROWIC' ; r &w ..... -.f ... D cLAaOS-........... -. -. JO ... E.IUBBta, D.UO:IELBJ.RI'.IS .u.BSRTBEEBE ..... -...cnrua,OP LL 9' rF" A large aseortment of all kinds or Lear Tobaeco A d D d &: S SEGA.R.S-couolantlyoubond. n on, w. ,!.ANQHORNE & ... ,CQ. (111'\.WI;.. mr Empire Tobacco Works. -.: 11EGB4.W & co., il:D D ....... J n HASH GEN & co 6 t -*' auaw HaRRis, BEEBE & co.1 IWIUFACTUru DEW111 Snntr, v .. or ., g Tobacco, YARA &: SEED 'LEAF Mann!acturersofEvery\Carietyof T 0 b a, 0 0 0 --Me-.:rchaum and Brier ,ana 11'4ne 0!!! N G FOtmTDNTli S'l"RDT TOBACOO & OIGARS I PL U 0 TO 8 A C C 0, SlUFF AID CJCA88 .-w Third dP 0 .. LY'N\#.ftBUR.G.,. VA.1 'And Deo.Iers in Leo., ....... ,... __ _.--.,681 ....... "-.lll-'i oor. an o)l&r Ita,, Pllilr.delphlo.. 0 B A C 0 0" B4chmm&d, Ya. &eep conofaDtl.J !Ill baud and A>r 111e Ill IIU ot IU' SoutA .,..,_ 81., CHICAGO, ILL, uv "" __. uww mAIII Quincy, Dlinois, PrrTIIBUBG:U. P.A. No 27 CAMDEN STREET,, J. H. P.EM:OEBTON,. ==----==--___::._:__ ____ ( rtJaltlmore-, I E. D. Ctiristiafi & Co., .. .. u.,._ Tobacco Oommiss'n Merchant vo'UN'c BROYOVNG Five Brothers Tobacco Works. Am>UWI,.,..,_ _J ..._' lllo...mtaaMerehaatofortl!e"P ........ "; ._ .. MOIIUMIE T ... L .... n. DANY_I,LJ.IE VA I ., ste'IUD Tobaooo Work.. Orde; s for J18Pof aitended to. ()ollllisslon Jlerehants, JoliN Ftnna. Bu. FlnnJ!, FuD Frnza, Ei-w!:St1iiEftA!tT uviRGINIA lfAF TOOACCO," P. aG19 QHDTNU't OCIELIE8RATIED TOBACCO EXCHANGE;' No.4 (Ill.ON FRONT BUILDmG,) V'll'ginia, Xentueky, a.nd :Missouri PHILA'DEL PHI A Richmond, Ya. otylea ..r blid< r.nd bllgbt Obowtng J::J:'" l E VENABLE & co., Peterslmrg Sycnmore Street, <'! PLUG TOBACCO, N. Z41lf8 cf 2424'C.ABY STREET I [Box43li J Petersburg, Va.. r 1.8 Thilrd Street. E .. W DICKER_ S ON CLEMT. R. BARKSDALE, Rlchmol'\d, va. .. -,. P-L.&l\T ... ER. .. 8-, ..... HR .u.x.a. .... ;a.... Lou1sv1LLI:, KY. .. ., -J'ormerlyB.umaDALll & RIIAD, .. H. TYREE .. 'I:' d w th J J;a&fBroker&Manuf&oturers' Agent: Tobacco B:.oka:.. I t !l06acoolkl1a s. w. VENABLE a, (.. es Ou, r., SOLIEACENT FOR, s ff V f AIIOrderatalthftrllyo-rorBoylngand DMMIIIIOI MEICIAIT1 ,... I no lti3DU VA. ... -.. .... COVVXSSION WAREB:O'D'SE, PLUG TOBACCCl, FORWARDINC &fprencu R8Jlb1.R&"Ian Petersburg Va.J18.E __ ,__ ,,.,,_ MIENDI:RION, KY. ,-.rBT.,.BSBUBG, ....... t, '1.0'1 North Water St., N(h29 s. Calvert St VODable&Co .. ---. i HN' -.&> r-4 ....,.._ ...... n..._... BAL'TIMORE MD '., wouaao. p FUNK & co G ......... .. ,.. ---I Louis,-llle; Zluzer Broo., do.; Clayborn & Bunt, do. Ll paid .. Ortlen lbr Gilt ,.,..... lll'l and eYer,' -nrioly of ll'lnW ... o Wora ...., .u- Qonotp-tL _.. __ ..,.._ isd&Je. s-. ....,. w-Qooda ...... .,.., JlEHL A RATTAY, llanu'n.ctnten or all kin do of BREMEN, Germa,v.


/ THE TOBACCO LEAF. LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. out-aud-o_ut public-ho_use staring at us in the face, with ,'' Tile S&ar t;ltaaiNlr," er Parllaaea&ary Reperters' t d h n :::::::J a.r. UBHBR &PRAGOFI.I' ................ Cattlogand maoutactorlog lear D SPALDING & SONS.... .. ........... Cattlugand mannn.etorlng leaf doors facmg the pubhc thoroughfare, and where all cus Saeklar-Reoa ll:lld elegantly 'turned compliment D011'" .JAil. CLARK ............................ CaiUDg and JDADufactarlnM leaf .JOHN 8!11IDT. scnw ARTZ & co ..... CattLg maoof'tng, and obip'K leal torners may be seen making their entrances and exits. ___ en pu es on good terms with themselvea. PJI'l'JIR SPBl'H ............................. maoofactadng l eaf Sl'll:NCBR c. LONG .... .................. nd btpptog 1 '!'bose hosts and US m reg:_trd a conscious swagger. On rea_chmg two lolslmg g lass doors fall in an emergency to recoll ec t l:t on the The first p1pe IS of t he usual form of the early tobacco t? a d1ssolutwn of the assoc1a-at the further end of the prem1ses he asunde r exact words of a rare quotation fro! the Greek or Latin pipes, and the smallest I have seen. It has the flat base twn, be ad?pted. In support and enters At that we catc h a .. o_f a ctassics, th e mos conciliatory g e vtleman at hand is sent as und_er the bowl, so that when placed on the table it stands of the motwn, he urged that gorgeous apartment wtthm, and two such nobhy' g1rls. an emissa ry to th'ls laconlc authorJ't nd t t uprigh t Standmg thus the bowl measures but one inch m th t l d d Tb t t beh d b W b v, a IS sure o r e urn h ht, d e rec_en a twns a. opte ey ar_e, s range o say, m a ar.. e t ought th1s with the exact t e xt. Here then, he "sits-alwa s a art from elg an .It may be readily guessed the interior is no to mspectJO. ns we r e m th e was a mgar shop, and, wondenngly a t the youth the res t (for the others resrect hts love of and very capacious. stem has been broken off, and now mterest of a smgle of ,the _counter, ask-What ,Is that room beyo nd?" ref ra in from intrusion upon hun)-and for an hour ore,so h e meas?res about one mch _and a in)<'ngth On the flat th e trade Under the circum That ere IS the bar, answer s the student of wdl calm l y diligently Slle t l k th f b 1 base IS stamped the followmg mscr1ption: IOHN HVN ta h f f L' dl M b h' d th n v: smo e e pipe o a so ute 1561 '' A,. I -s e was m avor o er urray e m e couuter, castmg upon. us a peace, till, .his duty calling hiiu back to its s here he _Itt e btt has been chipped oft' the edge, and allowmg men to buy and sell wllhenng glance at We. des1re to out the light, packs up the pipe, and dumbl de ria. bra bas carried away the last letter of ,the maker's name, tobaoco they please. refresh, and, followmgthe v\s10n, find ourselves m--very different type is a stout, fa ir-face :I, y Iea!':nts oken wh1cb I have doubt was a "T "-making it JOHN The Cha1r ruled Colonel CuuA palace of ease, and-vamty. For th e elderly man who sits like an e loquent alctato p tl !3-UNT. It 1s probable that the Nand T were combined BALTIM 0 RE ningh am's motion out of t>rder, "nobby" ana "nobii'y" boys to see their mi:k-and fire. He bas a 'l'l'ord for everybody fro thr nearll m one. I have never before heard of a tobacco pipe bear. as Mr. Watkin's resolution had water smiles repeated a hundred times, th e re are mirrors menial who bfink!s his gluss or his cu from es, a date so early as 1561, and it was that fact which struck been d1sposetl at the m.eeting. H. C. Watkins then offered the hung the room; to show bes t adva?tag_ e t h e l,lp!ttairs, 1:1:> the inost appr o ved autograt of the me rn_o;e as being so interesting. 83 EXCHANGE PLACE, GERARD, BETTS & CO., GENERAL AUCTIONEERS .AND Commission Merchant:;, foll?wmg resolutiOn, and m domg so he satd those who were oppose d to the c heap Jewelry whteb the nobb y g1rls have received from sens itive community. and if he is alwa s d It IS poJmlarly supposed that Sir Walter Raleigh wu action of the the last meeting represented fifteen-twentieths the nob by" boys; to show the polished brass rings round dogma tic, as it cannot be denied he is the fi!'9t :vho introduced tobacco into England; but the date of_ theplanters of V1rgm1a: R esolved That the Tobacco Association of the handl es of the beer pumps, and to show the dazzling off e nce at wha t be says or long f ail t.o disco th b f on th1s p1pe would I think, point to a period before his Richmond be abolished on the 5th of May next, and that dealers, buyer8 goblets and the coffee urn t,?e place i s lighted. good which lies beneath the questionable I am. inclined to that tobl!JlCo was importe4 and proceed to _trad_e for tobacco anywhere to them seem F?r the ease of the 'nobbY: boys who may des1re to !e affect ionat e ly caresses his long i e, u turnin his face mto 1q l 560, by S1r Francis Drake. If such is best. Mr. Barksdale mquned wh a l was the necess1ty for abohsbmg the cl111e there are lounges provided; and for those who wish ceilingwards betw ee n the puffs ar.!I fbe p!'ss g f he the weed" must soon have found its way into Exchange though gentlemen were all?w?d to and se_ll els ew here. to _be perched the and bask _in their iation, he seems to be the smoke the. W es .t, the pipes become a W1se then moved that the assomation adjourn; whJCh was car smuks, there are b1gh stoQls whrch bnng the knees m close ideas he evolves iu one ani the s ame scales Wh t to busmess. S1r Francis Drake resided m this neighborhood, One doorfromiiannversquare. NEW YORK. rted. contact with the counter. There is variety of liquor of experience he has 1 He seems to 9 and it may certainly lie inferred that tobacco found its way to tears, and a re neat little boxes of neat through all th e great political conflicts of pr!ent here as soon as 7 OLD SLIP, checks the vigorous growth of the plant. Top as early little Cigarettes behmd the counter, wher.e stand generation, and a great part of those which belonged to the The second IS larger, and much rougher in as possible, so as not to bruise the sma ll leaf of the bud, two Iadtes of the bar. One Is tall, with pr\!SBnt generation's fathers. Hear him tell of battles of manufacture. This _Pipe had apparently been moulded and and take out all leaves affe cted by the i r nearness to the hair. wears that pert, saucr, woulll-?ewords between the whose names a..-e enrolled in the aft_ erwards Into shape, the marks of the operation bloom. It is supposed by most tobacco raisers that ten grand air of _of the unc onscwus boobies fame of the last half ceh tu'ry s legislation, ana those other bemg clell;l"IY It bears no inscription. leaves on good land will make more than anv other num around her. In her her manners soem fitted giants who, as strong an d as earnest iu their time, have The third pipe IS of the sat;ne type as the others, but her, on thin land a less number is better. If the fo: a countess. her mien diSgrace a cotton incurred the inevitable penalty of faHure and been for otten. larger: up_ngbt, the bowl measures an crop Is large to your force, commence topping high and top spmner. Her hair m a fantastiC form. too well It. is as though he brought them : from their to and a m. heght, and IS of corresponding dimenlower g? over the crop, so as to make every plant known to need descnptwn-as the newspaper cntws fight t h eir battl es o'er again," by the aid most Slons. This IS no of much later .date than the on a given lot ripen at the same time Taking oft' worms when they want to get out of a Fro?l eloqpent tobacco pipe; and, 'IVith the same magic wand one first and evideJtl.>: kept pace with the times and suckers as fast as they appear is a labor much dread there bobs a?d bands of alurnmum, 10 the stde instead of a crutch, he emulates Goldsmith's pensioner' :When permclous weed, agamst which King James ed, and the crop is more neglected in this respect than any the re IS a camel_ha, placed there by the ammated clothes grows e oque'nt again, and "shows how fields were won/: Issued his celebrated C ounterblaste," became more plenti other. The more the sucke!"B are allowed to grow the block who JUSt On_ her wnsts a set ol Late in the evening, in strolls a neatly dresseJ well It the stamp: "R W TA VNTON," will be the leaf; and do all you can to catt:h bracelets! which attentiOn .to _by pulhng th e m shaven, trim-built man, whose iron-grey hair shows that his hues. Tliis was probably made by R. '\Vebb, as them, the worms are sure to get more than their share. up occasiOnally wtth a hand warrauted years are not few, while his elastic step, quick glance, and pipes With that name stamped on them have fonnd in ?-'he best plan is to try and catch them all wliile small, or not to stan_d weather. Now, thts lady 18 a m!str e ss of the ready speech you that in strength, in spirit, and in m the eggs but should they become numerous and larg9 art of custot;ners, and she ki.QWB preCISely the mo intellect, he is vounger than most of the juveniles about the With reference to the pipe bearmg the name of John they should be_ hunted in a rapid manner, in the early part ment m ?onversatlon ,,when to "I not" place. No sooner does he make his appearance, with his before menti?ned, the Hunts to ha'!e been of the day, wblle they are eating the top leaves, and---are Yankee), Joe (m I!' very high key sheeny 4Iat slightly tilted to one side of his well-balanced family of .tobacco ptpe m_akers. m the seventeenth more easily found. It is an easy matter to tell when the note) you, a "No, bead and his choice cigar daintily balanced between the century ppes were made 10 .the 11e1ghborhood of Bath, and plant is for the knife. To many farmers the signs you t (ver! much -_hke Y e.s, you may ).,and 'Wel_l, thumb and index-finger of his right hand, than some one some ha;,e been fou?.d _the name of "THOMAS of frost IS the time to cut the tobacco (even in this latitude WI!! see by, lf you re a good. 00.>: Her calls across the room for his opinion as to the probable issue also T. H. P1pes have frequently been. 36 deg. 30 min.) but if you have had e:trly plants and co ea,ue ar .-strange paradox--:-with Jet-black ha.Jr of the latest Government embroglio, the chances of the last oun this co:unty the name of "IEFFRY tended the crop well, you may judge of its ripeness by ?Jed figure. IS not yet an. adept, Opposition scheme, or the prospects of the billlwhich is and a J>Ipe bearmg the name of" IOHN HVNT" 1ts appearance. As the plant ripens, the yellow spots ap u mastermg one 0 _the most Important pomtsin ba.rbeing discussed in committee of the House upstatrs. If as been .found 10 L_ondon. pear, the leaf thickens and will break on the under sitle ele vatmg the eyebrows, you are a stranger, you may suspect as he answers the We a few pipes of the sa!De class in the Museum, when pressed between the thumb and finger, and the stalk Iookmg mtense_ly langud and stupidly vam. that he is assuming too much, and speaking found 10 other places. one. found at Charter" becomes h ard and woody. It i s best not to cut for several er 8 am-Je wels are m number less t ha n b eyo nd the warrant of his knowledge. But the attention House Mme on the Mendtp Without any stamp. days a rain The sun and dews thicken the leaf. A on the d but, poor thmg, IS young, with w hich he is heard will show you that these auditors, of very SIZe, bears the aforesaid beavr rain has opposite effect It is best to cut in the you. now, an t ere room and time for Improvement. .vho are approved-judges ofautborityand pretension in such and the IN TANTON," the "V" being eyenmg, just enough for it. to wilt, and place in sm all al m the _of bar With a think far otherwise. This man who takes things s.Jghily has the It is all I mportant in this crop to have an abundant sup p1Ies, put up m large ones m the morning while the y 0 s 0 en rom patern a care and IS sur so eas1ly and often speaks freel y the things which are N CHARD. The town of Chard is not ply of early plants Farmers have some years found their plant IS cool; place on sticks in ihe field; hau l and hoist when h e should be under the care of the nurse. secrets to most of. the men around him, has the ear and the many miles distant from Taunton, and the Geo Webb of later tobacco large; and heavier and this has frequently irnmediatel,r into the barn. Give the sticks plenty of room IS amtable young man she salutes as Trotty,' and confidence of leading men o n all sides of the two Housesbelonged to the same family as the Teltuto aad How to Grew It. made them too careless in prepa;ing for an early crop My say eight inches. When cured c lose up and make 11 T tt 1 te th 1 of statesmen, whips," intriguers, and hangers-on; and if PIP; 0 aunton. W. BmGooD, experience IS that there aro more failures by of for the last cutting. As soon as the leaf, or the largest "Y e ,', Yb your a r an to mght." he be wrong, as he sometimes must, be assured there are e st, 1871. Museum, Taunton. .., scarcity and inferiority of plants than anv other cause Too portion of it, becomes yellow, commence a slow dryin g "th' 1 a s 8 he el m o re fro esswn11al others, to wbo se lightest word the outside multitude is r fire lior tw th d ad all IS 1 e mmx as ueen 0 "10g 101" you a nt.rht." b t to 'II' to b d th d k f muclr care cannot be taken 10 selecting the ground and o or ree ays, gr n Y mcreasmg unttl the "Oh 1 h h ?" l h th r 1 "' u 0 WI mg en e ear an nee o poh tlcal How They .tre. M&lle. P reparing beds for plants. A southern or eastern exposure leaf is cured. Then let the fire go out and the leaf 1 1 as tsTe t e lite mmx, a faith, who are even further from -the truth than he. ---. 6 ft y 'II h b "ld h fire d ong IT ance a ro ty w 1c causes a perc ept1ble flutter 1 n 0 f b b h h 1 Th 1 1 is generally most forward, m a dry spring a northern o ou. WI .t en re m t e an dry the the shirt front of tbat oun entl ne o t ose o ear 1m most attent1ve y a man of e Itt e wooden shver know as the lucifer match, and is best. A J!:ravelly lbam IS the quickest but agam, repeat10g thiS proc ess until the stern 1s cured Th1 s b" th h d k Y h g Then cowmg mtddle age, w1th much of the mann e r of youth still rern am umversally regarded as one of the most inestimabl b most of the soil of the woods, if well burned, in a p1ocess wil! make the richest, heaviest and most elastic him WI er ta ar eyes, e ?" s ou naughty boy, ing, but with no pretension-to the graces or tlie confidence in common life which modern invj'lntion has b e dry time and finely prepared before receiving the seed tobacco, but if a bright e r and more fancy article is desir ed s 1 fl d of the speaker, Thi ir one, who scarcely takes the coa l pass, is more largely manufactured in America tbroul? will bring good plants I belieTe in a hard burn ina in Jan: the fire should be kept burning until the leaf, stem and :g e ,' squea or toe e ged chicken, "my bla c k pipe from his lips for a s econ d in the hour, can tell other country and by the most simple proces:n nary and Febmary, some lighter m March "'Let all stalk are cured. should be taken down and bulked me e t e gals out, and that's yo u of adventure on two and far in the interior planks are cut up into blocks double the length f the ashes stay on the ground and in digging up the bed keep the first season af>.er 1t 1s thoroughly cured; this will preserve a aw. ld be b of the ne.w world at the Antipodes; of many a storm ip match, an ut one at a time the cuttin h" e the top soil on top but stir deep and pulverize as much as the color as you then find it; 1rhereas, if it continues to t:!':: w: a r ore to take me out r' distant seas; of perils and vicissitudes of1 fortune in the Two Jar e knives converging at the g _mac me. Possible. Make w'ater drains around and through the bed. hang in the barn, the damp weathP.r will cause the colors eJacu a f 1 be m a ter a Itt l e prompting from her climates of Northern Europe, in the tropics, iu cities driven 1 back and forth upon the block, and numpe 1 a.rettl to th t th b h II corn pam on o e ar d I ,. d d hi! h fi rous I e Rake m with a hght rake and tramp the bed smooth and run, a 1s, e. r1g t spots w1 become darker. It also '' an m pnmeva so es, an e waits for lus amps beneath, w1de enough apart to allow one match b solid with your feet. Any strong manure, from sta.bles or :weight by _frequently dr1ed and damp ened. After Trotty .assures her -that 1t wo:ul not_ ; htspers famt next c.all of duty m "the House; wliere a prosy, stupid tween, are pressed up, each taking oft' a match at eve e hen house, free from trash or seeds, raked in or top dress str1ppmg and mto three classea and tying in small, echoes of those whwh he has b e ard IS blundermg through. a his constituents passage of the knives, at the rate of l!ixty ami Trf ed, will m!lterially hasten their growth, especially on thin neat.bundle _s, 1t should be bulked for prizing, if in good or by o l er hands than pro tes ts t h at lib never read or hear of, he.q.n tell you more of the are packed in square frames, and in : or cold lands. I have seen fine results from a top dressing der, 1f not, 1t must be rehun g and allowed to become thor not :wen treate.d:.; _gets. hiS ted ex;er' titstory of "the House for a generation past, more of the kiln-drier over' the furnace, where they remain t .fi of fresh stable manure, immediately after sowing. The oughlJ:' dry, and J_>e taken down as it. Prizing 10 taproom fl1 rtatron; 1mb1bes copiOusly; ret1res general progress of the world at large mofe of the men and hours. After this, they are cqi l ed upon an ordU:::en rains carried the principal strength of the manure into the order md!cated by the leaf bemg so soft as amidst the of those> who h1s many the facts and the books the wor ld cares for, than that prosy band, and, when a coil is made up, the e nds arC: ground, and left the fibrous portion to keep the surface not to break m handlmg; but the stem should break when weaknesses-If weakness can satd to e :nst where tpere member and half "the House' besideS e dreamed o1' do Q! even d put upon a hot iron which ope th p moist and protect the very small plants from the frost. A bent. Warm weather is best for l)andling tobacco. In cold was strength; makes his father use bad language, Near him is a young looking v e ran, who has been on of the wood. Both ends are dipped e "ck covering of fine brush laying close to the ground is or damp weather tobacco always has more moisture in it his mother cry, the servants talk, aud goes to Bleep in his many a battle fie!d, at many a state in many a. brimstone into a composition of phosphorus 0 :eth necessary protection fro'm too much sun or drying than it appears to have. Too much pains cannot be taken clothes. land which takes a prominent place in rec ent history; who materials and hun" up on racks to dry The co-'t an er !rinds. This should be removed by degrees, or just after handling most troublesome crop, alwap keeping the But such are not the only habitues of th a t cut ty pipe Y?U see him smok:ng lie?. the matchea put back in the. square 1 rain and at sufficient times to allows plaats to harden a leaves stratght and smooth and the bundles m a round form. these modern diva ns, there are those who seek for plunder and finds m 1t some atd m duties arduous-so far as the m two m the middle and packed read fi e, w ittle before transplanting. Everybody who has cultivated it Although a good plant of tobacco need not stand on the at games of chance, and ?De, class are known in all ltost of newspaper readers is concerned, for how should ment. 1 1 1 P" 'IIOWS that it takes rich land to make good tobacco, a nd ground longer than three months yet in one way or an rlaces _where there are barmatas. men will know the anonymous who do tbe work 'for ..... ince there is so much labor spent on this crop it Is folly other the crop manages to occupy near ly the whole year, mmediately be recogntsed m and It IS scarcely them--as ever a badgered JOurnalist had thrust upon him. SENSIBLE TALK.-The Ro k v; lle 1 plant it in any other sort. While the fresh cleared frequently much to the exclusion of stock and other crops. necessary to say they are not They are a Hush I do y Q u say? "'.I,' he is no occasion to e (V'a1) very sensiblll;: : T1' "* lnd is the surest for a crop of moderate yield but of a wily, crafty race, wrth strong paeslons whiCh they never cry 'Hush!, you can't h e the sound of your spring in which we do not hy yf ih fa"! ere IS se dom a oright and beautiful color, the old manured Jots give us l:efluettes anf ttrarettes, seek to co _ntJ:ol? and their presence is noxio?B to_ virtue. o_wn voice while that. is talking." You are quite the tobacco !ant bed but e 1 ure of many tobacco of more weight and body. It will grow well after How is it that everything, now-adays, requires more or Byd snares many g1rl falls, rrgbt ; the IS est.Jrnable E>nough-; 4as friends, to all th 1 enough left Ill most. crops, provided the land is rich andis not less o f decepti o n about it to render it successful? The an d.19 tlmately cast upon Wide, Wide world to starve, and _they respect him; but he ne:er room w'lthout p antea and more too. We hea: old t to be too light or full of trash. I have s.:.en 1t grow well year little children de?eive us hair, is put to te, _or worse. than live. puttmg. a to all the conversatiOn gomg on and absorb-failure of plants, but we know of some 18 of a.fter year on the same ground also do well after com under the operatiOn of the cr1mpwg Iron every morning so Whilst Wll huger In the divan a young man whose mg the attention of all present by>' .( lle'Ue&tfeme loudness. twreo very mdfM! interested h" h th 1 rl whtch we h d h d h b b h classic feat k h. b l th o' h. H b Id f "b' m w IC e Pants cal!le up but, next to fres groun w eat or ol meadow land IB t at y t e timet ey reach their majority they are obliged urea mar tm as e ongmg to JS race enters 18 own vowe. e o s a .P esponsi thty beautifully are now out of" dan er ti th d preferred. The lots set apart for this crop should be plow to seek a false crop. In maturer years they d ece ive us by and, after an easy salutation, seats himself at the' upon the journal which has most creaitabfy acquitted itse l f leaves on large as a silver !ollar"9mW e hy, have ed early and deep, but not turned over. A plow that large and brilliantly-colored chignons, with so many tnrns and chats fluently with the more professional barmai8 by the exactnes of its correspondence during beds also, which have done fine! and ear 0. other edges its kerf is best. It should then be keep clean, pul and twi3ts iii them that their number is sufficient to puzzle they play a game of chance across the war; and to my know ledge he has served \bat apprehensiOn need be felt of a f th not a111. nrized and from beginning of spring to time of the calculating power of the most clear-headed mathemati wrt.h some the young lady JOUr?al' m both Years ago I met him in the of the &ea'!'city of piants." 0 e crop on liiOOO.Wlt' p'laating. I don't believe in frequent stirrings with turning cian. And the flowers they wear in their hair are not the .. She wtns to JUdge from the joyous exclamatropiCS, h111 vo1ce just as loud and he made 88 ___,.... .-Onro LE.A.F.-It is in tire Miami at least half a milhoo. of dollars have J)eien. UJStrlbuted among the farmers for tobacco within the two months. pas plows this time of the year for any crop. I prefer the growth of nature but the production of art. Their sylph tions m whtch she mt1!Dates that there is so much owing mucll. use. of h1s eyeglass as he does now, and harrow or cultivator, when it will do the required work. like figures melt away after marriage, and are discovered to l:er ; howe:er, notwithstanding this, the young descend he rode. a httle pony nearly to death and wore out .A}l. the you. can scatter over surface before but. to been by judicious 'Jladding, while ant of race does not seem BD'Xious to regain h 1 s mnumerable parrs of French by dragging hilling thll groUJid the better. The old practice was .to make thmr high msteps cause them years of agonising corn m a th1rd for he plays badly and throws away them through the hot '!8Dd as the patient ammal he bestrode large hills with the hoe, and to save this labor many farsufferings. When pecuniary profit is the object, these h!s chances: It us, he places a cigarette between plodded along under hJS long limbs. When the late war mers recommend bedding with the plow, but the opinion in deceptions are not to be wondered at; but in the his bl&ek frmged hps smiles beoind a serpentine stream broke he went to France and astonished the natives; this respect is I prefer to for com, and young lady of the 'Sunday-go-to-meeting" family they are of smoke, that h1s is the greatest but he faded to reach at Rbeims tbe officials A man in Detroit has a pipe whioh a or make a small hill m the cross. ThJS lB!IS trash unaccountable, and but the result, to put the mildest form that he will. wm h.ts game 1n the long run And Sll8pe<.:ted _that temble vo1ce of b1s and he was sent away tobacco clods under the plant and sets it level with the general upon it, of bad taste. busied With these we sit musing and smoking-to H_avre 10 custody of a gen_darme, th-::refrom to be shipped of the land, and gives better protection against dry In the deception we propose exposing in this article, flO amongst the custc? hrs ?at1ve A nrce gentlemen, who smokes hil weather. The cultivator should be run between the rows, these dressed, painted, and stuffed dolls are necessary. tomers us that It drawmg near rniunigbt. We c1gar w1th but you won't hear yollrl61f talk or feel ud the hill hoed very soon after setting out the plants Yes; be it said to the disgrace of the shallowpated youth of hearing BOrne one asking, yourself tlunk ttl! goes away, the jarring echo ol After this, plow and hoe as often as the condition of who promenades about town with his senseless laugh and m a shghtly frre1gn accent, If he may be allowed -to see a ho!"Be behmd h1rn. "How d'ye do, General?" ground, grass, etc., require, taking care never to break the listless stare-be it said th e y are necessary to attract him. some one else and 88 we are called b&ek to ou!"Belves The GeneraliS one of o_u.,r best friends-a Irish gentle. plants, and finish this part of _the cultivation by pruning Oh I what a pity that the gold of this world, which should we see the. retreatmg of the late antagonists in the !Dan, as and genial_ as gallant as any man oft' bottom leaves and making a neat, flat hill around go to the support of the miserably clad, food-craving family, game movmg away rm m arm. Europe. I ve seen h1m 10 broad stop and lift the stalk. In low, wet lands, or. bottoms liable to collect should be in the pockets of these pitiable offspring of Old The sbuttei"B are closed and we step over the bar in hiS hat to an orangewoman, asktng to be perl}litted to pick water, a different mode of c:ulti:n.tion shoul d be practiced. England to throw away in living doll shops, where the dolls front of the door into the street and the clear night air up the oranges had. dropped from her buket and 111111ist Here taller hills or bedding is of course preferable. We hand glassett of vile liquor, and ss.y their litUe lessons in once more. the crossmg w1th her load. He has no po!itical 1hould avoid pruning much above ,the hill, until we com coquetry over and over again to the young, and, what is opimons. If he had he would abandon them in menoe topping. as the stalk thus exposed hardena and more disgusting, to the old, fool We like to see regular -" Spitoo.U." is the la for an .. ..........t.. !"' yo11r1.. He hatea but if t'lJ"o _of his friends -rv-mdlllge Ill one he 1rill ail amilcnil it he e lljoyed Tos:'-oco MANurJ.oTrrBB AT Roon:ur.u, N. Y.-The Collewmg etatement of the tobacco tax paid b y the of :aoohester during 1870, will be too.nd mwrestmg. w11l be seen that the well-known hol18e of W m. S. Kimball & Co leads the van. During the three ot 1871 this house paid 703 20 1nto the national treasury. J'tae Onl. Wm. 8. Kim 'ball & Co ........ lM,,lllt I. J'. Htao .................... IIIJ,IIIIil B. .. T. Wbaloa ............... .U,Iil4t .. ...... u4 &. D.K.uoG f .......... II, 'l88i 'l'otaiLbo. 118 t48f MO.IO'l lll. 'llllt ll',IN 'II,Gq 'l'ollll .................. (111,8110 .,..,... Dln;i;ii


, '' L 8 AND fAOUCAH TOBACCO ltailr()ati ; Kentucky, Arthur Glllender & Coi1 .MORTCACE ..' ::;.00: ; :' Jail >., Convertible Bonds. V I connecting the lm)>Ortant pointe at .Lon!&,. 8ad l'adliCIIb, 1o 185 miles long, and paoees throngll aertcaJtural and mineral !ectlon of the Blate of ._..elf7. 'Pbe trafllc wm be abandantiJ remnneratlve. TOBACCO, 1141 ll61 ani 117 LIBERTI-8TREEf1 ,u.. J 8:CJ'allee ofthla.rolldare alreadJID -fnlop. 111 c:mDAB.-BTRD'I, __.and 1\ Ia that the line will be opened t.rilulr 911lllllder, .. Grei!D'Ojlle, 9S mlleo, In July ne:rl. The weotenrend JIIWT &B,Jt 41'aellno (on which a consld erab! e &m01Ult bu been IOHPh L. L .W' .... 4QIIl4ed) will be pnshecl vlgozonaly 'to completion """c=-=c-=--: 'BeCoiDpaa>Jllave In goldnd,_ stoekoab--D-:-A. SHOTWELL&; &1110111lt1Dg to r)U,I)Wli1000, of which the Loul'111e 111becrlbed ,,ooo. are the onq upon the propert:r and ..:hteee or the ComPIID7,:>nd 11aan additional eafe. to pnrcha&ers iepoelted with the UNlTRD a'l'ATBI! TRUST COJlPANY 011' NEW YORK, whieh ,W P"J over the proeeect. ,to BaUroad Company el71D the ratio orconei'rnetfiin. Ma.n)llacturen of Tobacco and Segars, .Aftd of tluJ oeubrote4 bt'Gft4 o.f HERO and UNION 'Tile manarement 1111n the hand of moot reapon!ble Fine Out Ohewing Tobacco a.nd Eoho Smoking, adlllwrably known citizen or Kentueky, with the 174 IJJighth A.ventre, New York. a-azaty of their able and tattbiW direction, and with 11lo l&lge amount of !lock oabocrlbed, theee Bollds form "f6ey ure and desirable De con pone are payable on the first dayo ofllarch lad September at the Bank of Amerlcs, New York. The Benda are now offered at the low t>rlce or 87i .... ta and accrued iD.tereAt, and we with con.tldence :recommend them to !nveotors as a thoroughly safe eutty. 110RTON, BLAUGH1'ER & CO. 41 Broad 8\OTHER Flarorings for Tobacconists'' Use, FOB I!J.ALB BY 16 Platt St-reet, N. Y. l.J.CORlCE PASTE. ) 1a. ar-A.11 8eprs made in tbilJ Faetory axe or the VJ!.RY BES1' HA. V ANA. TOBACCO. Self Pressing CIGAR MOULDS -oFor Sal6 by S, JACOBY It, CO. Soi.z Amnrns, 209 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. BY O. D:JIIi)Jl0881J. 130 North St., .Baltimore, M:d., Tobacco, P&teMed Dec. 3d, 188'1 Dlpo$ wlla -Olllln tat. ., H. A. RICHEY, ,_I'.,.. TOBACCO MACHINERY,"7 HENRY WULSTEIN, 8IJCCJ:!80B 'TO BORGFELDT & DEGHUEE, -N 105 liiA.TDEN LANE. A. LORENZ, Manufacturer of an entire new style ol or, TUllKISB, PBRIQua, ... ow GAVDDmB Metal and Wood Show Cases. I WHQLE$.A.LE ..A..ND BET..UL. TURKISH and tATAKIA TOBAOOOS in the Leal a.t WHOLESALE. FACTOR,. '; 80 JOHN STREET I POST OFirtpt rl!ox, 8.185.' (II-1a Oonat&DUilople and New Y..k.) I. HAMBO HUEI.l. .. Patented April22d and Aug 12th, 13 NORTH WILLIAM ST., N. Y. OITY F. HEPPENHEIMER a. CO., -.MRS. G. 8. MILLER & to.: Tobacco M:anufactory7 SMOKING TOBACCO. .. IJegtJrll,' Plug Tobacco, Snuff, Snu_,if Flou,., cl'o. l!lANUFACTORY AND SA.I.Ei!ROOM, 73 & 75 BO'WERY, DU VIVIER & 00., 9 Whitehall St., New York. J S. CANS & SON I 15o 'WATT-;R N'I a o 0 o, POWDEllED ttQUORlCS. No. 40 BEAVER ST.,: ",;. stxea, Cheroots, ,. 183 BROAD STREEI', }IE'j\'JARK. B J. ',, r F:I,NIE,ST FOBK o.1rr. 256 St., New York. 'ROANOKE TOBAc'co'wo:a:Ks; Manufaotured at. Peugntceepsie, New-York; ROBERT HERBST, Factory No 12, 6th Diet. ; VIrglma ,"., u l'rlde of the U.S. BUe,Ball. 1a Iat, Lyons, C.reclan Bend J>IO'i'-t. Bappabannocl<. L o" lU' WATER-STREET, e1.J 1 1 I J, P. HAWKINS & Co., DANVILLE. VJ.. .Proprietors and Mannfn.cturers of the Tob.a-rco.: ll. A. BlCHEY. Ag't, No.122WaterBt.,N.Y. iltJlJbwl U>UA .l1ptcial Bro:MI. -' '' ., < New-York GIFFORD1 SHERMAN & INNIS I. 12q I 66-67 NEW-Y-e-RK. I UCORICE PASTE. --....----A CO., I u IKPOB'IWM a. a K ,' & a and ;1. 0. 1 Oa Brandi. oll'er lbr l&le to mUntaetUren Uld tho lnde ta pnenrJ. .I:be aDd well-eeta.U.hel branct. ol Ll<=!C41 Pilot& ![, 0. ud J. 0. J C&, JUdlo for thla'marlroi&.' t.iul plrfecUJ PlllL I lltl:snuf&oturer of .. Bavana!J'Olaars. ,, ( 99 WEST< ,TttEET' Oppoolte Oentral Bafuosd ll'errt, NBW YORK. M: FRANKl' Importer of V 'A:N' r4. And Dealer In 1 DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO 43 AMERICAl 11ANUFA No. 463 Fi1st Ave., NEW YORK. Sob llanufa.oturers in Amerioa. PAPER WAREHOU .. & Orders attended to promptly MATCHES SUPERSEDED .. PATENT POCKET PEiOIL sLIGHT I /'U,.,.,, 'Several New Just' Received. \fEGETABLE PITH PIPE STEM, Made from the Com Sta.Ik-htgb.ty absorbedt-the beSt Stem ever o1rered. rrr A. neat and 00\'taln,lng Pipe Stopper, Pipe Cleaner, and Cigar Holder. m!irBRIAR ;'W'I'rll RUBBER BITS,_.. 1 1 '-.> j An. artlel& .needed-tor perfcotlon tt baa not its SMOKER'S COMPA.NION, THESEJiAI!ITICLES ARII; HICHLY FOR SMOKERS. I CIQAR MANUFACTOilJ, I DlJll:iml!1J!JBJ: & I I .L ,.c ._ tl I r I rt ,. IMPORTERS and DEALERS IN SMOKERS' ARTICLES, D. HIRSOB .. ao WlL 4;-CO., M.EW: YORK. 1 ,No. 403 B:n.OA.DW' A. v, NEW' -r ,,, .l!!!!!!!!l!!!!!!!!!!!!ill!!!!!!!!l!!!!!!!!!!!!!!l!!!!!!ll!!!s!!!!o!!!! .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. :c-.te.-1ot De$Oier in a --' T .. P .. o_'ra c c o Wax. L_. B ,AP_ .,ni:(a c c l o... l'. .. DD'lAN I "lo .. CJ!WPt.MAWJr ., I CLawotpon Oo I ... ALSO Plug Machines, Stem ltaller8: I f I d I J. I ,., Thos; H. Chalmers& Co., 1 No. 46 CLIFF ST., .I NtNJYot'k. D. 8.' BROWN & CJO,, ltiPOJi.'NQ UD7-w"30LD.U.II Du.LUa L e .at a.nd Manufactured .,. ,. T 0 B 4 C C "' I I I t 1 I .IIAVAU PRIIJOIPE. AND DOJIBBriO OIG.&JI Meencbaam mel Briar Pipet, ud Smoan' 4rUGioe Generally ExcltueiT e ly WboleaaJe. Sl and 3 $ Broad&r-&., Bo--., Ill" 'A Fuu. BtlPPLT or .' 1 1 1 J (if. C ,, 0. 'HOLYOKE, I :I!'OB :I!'TJ;LL AL!.:fPFI!J8 :-r I ... '""'": ... 1-:IJ, CO'"mSTQN """'CH 'NT q1 .r::1'. -r. d"'lt!i"'"""T "'''J' C _>' I 9'1


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