The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Organ of the Tobacco Trade of. the United States: The Largest Special. Trade Paper in the World\ Volume vn., No. 26. THE TOBACCO LEAF ,. Pc'BLIMml> ZV.BY WEDNJ:BDA.Y MORN'JSQ BY TB::JC TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHING COilPANY, at 142 Fulton Street, New Yorlt. J HENRY HAoER ... = ........... Editor. J0u...'i G. QJU.r:r ............ Bu!lneee Agent. AP. an advert.IPtiD!:: wbere tt 11 dee Ired to reoch the Cigar and 'fubae<>o trade no\ onl y or tht but countnes, It le the beet at tainable. .All le To:u n bonld be plo l nl.r addr .. d to the A1l PuBLl&BlliG Coli.PA.)i!T, 142 Fulton York. 'IUJ(I! 01' THE PAPER. .. lW Centa. I Per an nom. ........ 00. p tbeCanadao, $]. 04 additional per oayment or pootage. Hamburg, and tbe Continent ot r.r annum for J)<>8tage. ete., tS.l addlUonal per annum for No for tbe paper conefdered, llllleoe .C. by tbe corr .. pondlnu: amouat. Remlttan.,.. obonld, In every lntance. be made only by money-order, ebeck, or rlraft. Blllo are liable to be otolen, and can only be oent at t.:Je gre&teot rlok to the RATEB OF ADVERTIBING 1 oquare (14 nonpareil lines) for 6 months, $10; do 1 year. P6 rtl b t Lallier &dvertloemonte In the """'e propo on, n none t akeiL nnle 1, t, S. 4, or more "qo.aret'. One co1nmn one year. 1450; b montbll, $260: three monthfl. 'ttro. Half column, one year, 1240; olx montbo, ti80; three montb1 115. 150 ,_-A.dvert.llemento on tbe n,..t page ., per are over two wtde colnmn,., and none taken for 1':.'! than ooo year, payable lnlly in advance; two oqa.o...,., three quarea, f450. No deviation frvm thete term. eadln "'p Sal MTertteemeJlta onder the n g or e "Wtmted "il5 cents per line for everyinsertlon. orAll cllaniee 1n the advertl!eiD.entA be paid for extra. be ld- un No orden tor advertlolng will con eos a.ccomJ)&Iliod by the correopondlng amount. Tlit. role wlll rNT .UUAHLY be adhered to. Bllslaess Directory of Uvertisert. NEW YORK.. 1 TOBACCO W ARKROU8.t8. w., & 8on8; 284 O.Iiu 286 l'ront .A.llen, Julian, 172 Water: .Auerb&ch, S., 138 Water. Be.rnett S., 14 7 Water Bus.'W. A\exari4er, Benrimo, D. & .A.. 124 Water. Blakemore, Mayo 1 Co., Bowne, R s. & Co., 'T Shp, .Brod, Jl., 131 Maiden Lane. Bnlkley, Moore & Co.,74 Front. Cardozo, A. H. & Co., 128 Pearl. Cbookley .A. D & Co., 68 Pearl. Connolly & Co., 45 Water. Crawford, E. M. & Co,, 168 Water. Dahan. Carroll & Co., 104 Fron' Du Bois Eugene. 7 6 Front Eller, M. J., 177 Pearl. FallensteiD, Chas. B. & Son, 129 Pearl., i'tman & Co., 'TO and 72 Broa!l. :Friend & Co., E. & G., 129 Lane. Gassert & Rro, I60 Water. Ginter Lou\11, 89 Warren Guthrie & Co., 226 Front. Hamburger I .t. Co., 150 Water. Hillm&G, G. W & Ce., .Front. Kinnicutt, Thomas, li Wlbam. Kittredge, W. P. & Co.,'l1 It Front. Kremelber& & Co., 160 Pearl Lamotte A. C,, 163 Pearl. Levin, .M:. H., I62 Pearl. ::Maitlan!l Robert L. & Co.) 43 Broad ).h.rtin & Johnson; 1611 \\ ater. )layer, Joseph & Son 122 W_atcr :McC .. tlll J llmes, 191 Greemnch. )lc:f N'o. 8'7 S'tree't, Oh1oa5o. We are maklo.r a peclaU;v or FINE cut ('HEWING, and u:uarantee It to hold UM oriJI'Inal moltnre and weeCne- for, ope year. ;:Y'" .JOBBING T .RADE ONLY SOLICITED. I DeBARY KLING, 52 Broad and 50 New Streets, New York. IMPORTERS OF IIAVANA CICARS, A :nd &ule Agent. for tl&e ale of the EL PRINO.IPE DE GALES SEGARS; Manufactured the KEY WEST BRANCH of the celebrated El Principe de Gales Manufactory of Havana. I We think the .. manufacturers of cigars wi'n have AcciDENT.-Mr. Otto Maier, importer of Tlavana ci- 1i d at No. 29 Beaver fell down a l.ast first to secnre such a treaty, or convention as IS. re erre week, and sustained senous., though not fatal, IDJUrles. to, between this and Spain, before they can He is progressing favorably, and we are glad to learn.... seek legal protection for their brands in the United will probably soon be out again. States Courts. Having thus at the law and the facts, Jet us ERRATUM.-In our published returns of the h h by the Chicago tobacco manufacturers during the six : add a few remarks. Every one w 0 .. as months ending with June, 1871, Messrs. Beck and watched the of the cigar. manufacture ih W 1rth were wrongly reported. The figures should : America mrtst. have been struck by the have read thus: I I it has recently made, and by th!l bumble beginning Snuff. lbs. Beck & Wirth ................. 4,280 Tar paid. $84,220.64 Wiggington, E G. & Co., Third. IN LEAF TOBACCO AND FACTL'RERS OF CIGARS. MANUUnited States. In the first place, the class of customers it originally had. It waR not so very long ago that an American brand was ahnost unknown. The consumer wo'.lld scarcely tolerate a domestic cigar, and to be sold it had to be packed under some for eign mark. Now, bow changed the of the trade! The high import duty and the corJstantly-in. creasing excellence of our seed leaf have combined to enable the AmeriMn manufacturer to make a cigar as constantly enhancing in respect of intrinsic value Thus the American manufactnrer,wbo at first was com pelled to copy a foreign to sell his cigars, is now largely master of the situation, aud regards his own brands as very valuable property. Let us apply these facts to the subjeot-under discus sion. What would be the result of the success of the present effort to deprive the American manufacturers of the right to use certain well-known Havana bn1nds? Simply increase of the sale of American cigars and the decrease of tLe sale of Havana cigars. The manu facturers would still more' closely" turn their attention to pushing their own brands; they would still further 1ncrease the excellence of those brands--they would de clare war, in fact, againMt the Havana manufac turers. Tho consumption of Havanas is, even under the present condition of things, rapidly decreasing; let Mr. Mallo! succeed and the rate of decrease will be :':'DEATH 01" MR .fOHN T TAITT, OF PHILADELPHIA.,... we regret to aR we go to press, of the sudden demise of Mr. John T. Taitt, formerly of the firm of Dohan & Taitt, of and a member of the firm oi Dohan, Carroll & Co., of thi8 city. The Tobac_ co Board of Trade of'Philadelphia met to pass resolutions of condolence yesterday, which we will pubEsh in our nex t issue. Mr. Taitt leaves a void in the trade cannot easily be fi.Hed. Mr. Taitt's funeral will place on morning at 9 o'clock, from his late residence, 1518 Walnut. st., Philadelphia. Alberding, G. & Co., 93 & 95 Third. L YIIICHBURG, V .&, Armistead, L. L. Cdrroll, J. W. l, anghorne, Geo. W. t Co. Tyree, John H. ltiEL BOURNE, 'A. US, TOBACCO .&.GENTS .AND lliPORT:IRS. Owen, Dudgeon & Arnell, 169 Elizabeth MoNTGOMERY, A.LA.. Warren, Burch & Co., 86 & 88 Commerce. NE'WA.H.K., N. J, Brintzinghofter W.-\.. & Son, 883 Broad. Campbell, Lane & Co., 96 Broad. NEW ORLEANS, LA., Durno & B e rry, 18 New Levee Street. TOBACCO FACTORS AND OOM. MERCHANTS. irby McDaniel & Co., 130 Gravier. 1 UKISB..AN I(' N. 11, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE OUT CHEWING .i.ND SMOKING TOBACCO. Pierce, Walter .B. PETt-;RSDtTRG. VA, VenableS W. & Co. Young, R. A & Bro., 4 Iron Fr<>nt Buildings TOBA..CCO Anatban, M. & Co., 220 North Third. Bamberger L. & Co., aN. Water. Bremer, Lewis, Sons, 322 North 3d. Doh.n & Taitt, 107 .A.rch. Eisenlohr, Wm. & Co., 11'7 South Water Herbert, L., south-east cor. Fourth arwl Race. McDowell M .E. & .Co., 39 North Water. Moore, S. &t J., 10'7 No\h Water. Sank&; Co., J Rinaldo, 31 N. Water. Schmidt, H., 531 South 'Second. Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. VanSchaick B. A., 17 & 19 North Water Woodward & Co., 33 N. Water. DIPORTER OF HAV;ANA .Al!fD Y.A.RA TOBACCO. Costas, J., 134 S. ave. liANUP..i.CTURERS, DB.lLERS1 ETO. Bambere:er L. & Co., 3 N. Water. MA!IUJ'AOTURERS 011 SMOKING !tOBACCO. Mehl & Rattay, 8,019 Chestnut. KANUJ'A.CTURli:RS OJ' SCOTCH SNUPP, Stewart, Marks, Ralph & Co., Arch. ll..t.NUI'..t..CTURERS OJ' CIGARs. Sfeiner, Smith .Brothers i; Knecht, 225 Race. Tlleobald, A H., Third and Poplar. IIISPKCTOR BJi:Rll. LEAF II:OBACCO. Dicke.rson, E. W., 107 Water. PITTSBURG, P ,A. OJ' SNUFF. Weyman & Bro., 79 & 81 Smithfield. HAl!IUl'AOTURER Of FINE CIGARS AND ER IN MANUFACTURED TO;BAOBO Poertsel, Emil, 231 Fifth 'av, ClUINCY, ILL. who buy Havana cigars are not, as a rule, so stupid, as to be deceived by a brand-a bit of paper that any one can affix who takes the trouble. Besides, no one buys a box of cigars without first smoking and if Mr Mallol's friend did so, he formed a very exception to smokers in general But pre suming he on ly used his eyes, were t be evidences before him? First, there is a very large andprominent "caution label," which no one but a blind man could help seeing, and, in the second place, the genm11e box of Havanas wi11 bear the import stamp affixed ou its. passage through the custom-hOIJSe. In the or absence of these marks, lies the security qf the con who must be stupid, indeed, if, disregarding them, to say nothing of the: name of the American manufacturer, branded in the wood he accepts a box of Conchas, or as genuine, because the brand of the Havana manufacturer has been imitated. We do not assert that now and then an ignorant or illite,rate J>erson ,is not deceived by the representations of disboneat dealers; but that any considerable portion of the cigar-consuming. public are led astray by the simple fact of the preBence of the J!avana brand, yrre stren uously deny. The class of persons who can afford to purchase a hig-h-priced Havana, are generally i .ntelligent enongh to guard against deception, even were any attempted to be upon them. So much for the facts. Let us look a moment at thA Jaw bearing upon the snb.)ect. Our Cuban censor motum quotes a decision in the case of Taylor vs. Carpenter, wherein 'the judges held that foreign and native owners of trade-marks were entitled tp equal protection. But this, it should be remembered, was rendered long ago, in 1846, under the common Jaw, uo United States statute having been then enacted. We are now living under a special enactment designed to cover this very the subject of trade-marks, for the first time in the history. of this country, are made the subject of and exhaustive legis lation. This law provides: Co-OPRBA.TION IN THE Rii:vENUE SERVICE.-Commis sioner Douglass bas written a letter in the interest of the complete co-operation of revenue officers in the ex-. ecutiori o1 the laws, stating that there should not be any ant<>ll;onism between different classes of revenue offieen, equally and especially charged with the duty of that the Government revenues are thoroughly and fatth. fully col,le..:ted. Without the united and hearty co-operati n of all the revenue officers, conclurles the Com. missioner, there is reason to fear that a large percentum of the tax imposed upon the manufacture and sale of cigars will fail in reaching the Treasury. THE TRADE IN 'l'HE EXPLOSION.-The tobacco trad& was unfonunately represented in the terrible Wesqield disaster. Mr William Broadhurst, well known in this. city as a broker in Cavendish, was standing at the tim& of the explosion on the huricane deck and was blown into the air. He was picked up insensible, badly scalded and with a compound fracture of the thigh. Fnrtunat!;Jly, however, though well advanced in years, his 11ystem rallied from the shock, and he is now pro gressing so favorably that he anticipates attending to business again in few a weeks. His escape f'rom instant. death w-as little short ofmiracnlous. Holyoke, C. 0., 12 Cen'ral \Vhatf. lliPOII.TII88 01' HAT AN.i. CIGARS AND LE.U TO -JlANUI'AOTURERS 01' PLUG TOBACCO. Harris, Beebe & Co. r ''And be: it further enacted, That any person or firm aoQiiciled in the United States, and any corporation created by the authority of the United States. or of any State or Territory thereof, and any person firm or cor poration resid ent of, or located in, any foreign country WHICH BY TREATY OB 'cONVENTION AFFORDS SrMILAR PBIV ILEGES TO CITIZENS OF THE UNiTED STATES, and who are entitled to the exClusive use of any lawful trade-mark, or who in ,tend ito adopt and use any trade-ma1 k for ex clusive use within the United States, may obtain pro tection for such lawful trade-mat k by complying with the foflowing require_ments, to wit." largely augmented. To-day American manufacturers would greatly rejoice if they could sell their own bran as now dispose of the 'foreign imita tions, but a few dealers Rtill call for the latter to suit a certain class of customer-s. These, however, would perhaps be less clamorous for "genu.ine" Havanas, if they knew bow many of them. were made in Europe, !'hipped to Cuba and to the United States While Mr. Mallo! is descanting on the immo rality of our American manufacturers, ,he inay be will ing to throw a little light on this scarcely-honest pnic tice. Iri short, we think our friends can possess their souls in patience 1or some time to come, and await with calm serenity the further display of the legal ar ti11cry with which it is proposed. to annihilate them. Until more terrible than threatening circu is launched against them, we propose to dismiss the. subject, commending to the Quban manufacturers and their agent a thoughtful consideration of what we have written. DECAPITATED.-The follo'l'l'ing Internal in the city of New York were last week removed from. office: Willard Bullard and Alexander N. Lewis, detec. tives ; George W. De Costa and E. J. Wheeler. special assistant assesRors for the Frst district; L T. 0' Brien and John Glynn, special assistant .assessors for the Second! district; R. M. Uooney, Anson Atwood and A. W. Starsburg; special assistant assessors for the Third trict. This action was taken full consultation be tween SuperviRor Dutcher and the Commissioner The appointment@ were made out of the regular order, out Lhe recommendation of the assessors of tbe districts or of the supervisor. The saving to the government by this reduction precisely f!l50 per diem. BACCO. Wilder & Estabrook, 7 Commercial BRBltiEN, GERMANY, COliMIBION l!li:RCH.i.l!ITS. Westhoff Ferd .. jr, BROOKLYN N. Y, Buchanan & Lyall. ( BOX llolNUI'!.CTURE.BS. Sherman Rrothers 3 13' Sedgwicl.. CHICA.GO, ILJ.. DEALERS iN LEAF TOBACCO AND Case, S. S._ & ,Co., 149 South Water. Robinson, J :S. & Bro., 252 Lake & Water. DEA.LBRS 1N LEAF TOBACCO. :Kasprowicz, S., 11 '7 South Water Sandh.,.gen Bros., I '7 West Raadolph. lllANUF.ACTURliRS 0!' ;FINE UUT TOBACCO. Allen & Ellis, 37 Rivet. : }{urray & Maeon, 174 &J76 North Water. Spaulding & Yerric)<, 9 ,and ll River. MANUFACTURERS OP FlNE, CUT CHEWJNG AND SMOKIKG AND DEALERS 'IN LEAF 'l'OBACCO. Beck & Wirth, 8'7 and 89 Michigan ave. CINClXNA.TI. OJ' TOBACCO. Spence, .Bros. & Co., 62 & 54 3d. JU.NUF.i.CTURIIRS< ANI> TUJIOIL\l(TS, Brown &. Titus, 32. & 34 Mllln., Hafer, Holmes & Go. 25 West Second. DE..U.HiRS JN LI:AF TOBACCO. Besuden Henry & Bro .; 161-165 PearL Mallay Rich. & Brother, IllS West Front. Meyer By., 18 .Front: Wankelman, l!' 82 West Front. RICHMOND, VA., MANUFACTURERS OF TOBACCO. Dowq, .Andrew & Son, 6 Fourteenth. Mayo, P. a .t Brother, 2422 Carey. COllldiSSION llERCHANTS. Chockley & Anderson. Christian, E. D. & Co. BROKERS. Barksdale, C. R. ROCHESTER, N V, lfANUrACTURIRS 011 TOBACCO, Whalen R. & T., I90 State. MANOJ'ACTURERS OF CHEWING .L'i!D SllOKI!fG, Kimball, W m. S. & Co. lJEALER IN LEAF TOBACCOS. Mosely, D. E., Mill street. SPRINGFIELD, ltiA.SS. Smith H. & Co., 20 Hampden &treet. ST. LOUIS, MO, MANUFACTURERS OE TODAO.OO. Catlin, D., 701 North Second Laclede Tobacco Works, North Second. TOBACCO WAREHOUSES. 'Doi'mitzer,C. & R. & Co.; 123 Market. Wall & Belvin, 320 North Second. TODA !)CO BROKER. Haynes J E., 100 North C?mmercial. 8A.N F'RA NCI!OCO, COMMISSION MERtli.AN'lS Platt c!; Newton, California and Fr:.nt. S'YRA.CUSE, N. Y. Bier & Co. G. P., 25 North Salina TOLEDO, O. TOBACCO l'ACTURiilRS. Nash & Co. Now it is absurd to say,' a;; does our qritic, that this very plain language of the statute is rendered nugatory by the saving clanse at the end,-which is inserted in all laws alike,-viz.; "That nothing in this act shall prevent, lessen, impea...:b, or avoid any remedy at law or in equity, which any party, aggrieved by any MINOR EDITORALS; AN EDITORIAL VISIT.We have to acknowledge the compliment of a visit from Mr. John Graeme, Jr., of the Richmond Whig. one of the most enterprising and in telligently-managed journals of the South. CAN'T Do WITHOUT THE LEAF.-A Virginia cigar manufacturer writes:-" I can't do without-THE LEAF, as it is as necessary to my business as Yara tobacco. ShaH ad verLise when times get dull, but at present can't fill orders as fast as they come in." wrongful use of any trademark, might have bad if this ExiT PLEASANTON,ENTERDouGLAss.-The long act had not been passed." If this were' so, of what use gle at Washington has ended, and the change in the Commissionership of the Revenue Bureau, so long ex inserting in the statute the words "which by, treaty, or pected, has at last been made. Gen. Pleasautoa was convention, affords similar privileges to citizens of the last week displaced by the President, and his deputy, U riited States?" On the contrary, the law very plainly Mr. J. vV. Douglass, appointed in his stead. While the says to foreign countries, : We will protect your cititobacco and cigar trade will genera11y regret the retire zeus in certain riO"hts, if your government will recipro-mednt of Gl ep. they hCope fo.r t.he wisest rules "' 'l'bi 1 an r_egu at10ns t e om miSSioner .. cate by protec.tmg our Citizens R Y IS a oertamly bad abundant expenence and we tbmk IS msquare and fair arrangement, and one wl!wh, 1D our I clined to patiently examine the tobacco question and opinion, Congress was perfectly competent to make. mete out even and exact justice to our interest. ExTF.NSIVE CIGAR SMUGGLERS DETECTED.-For some time past the honest tobacco importers of this City have been considerably annoyed by the operations of a. gang of smugglers who have been engaged in bringing large quantities of cigars into port and clandestinelv putting them in the at reli aced rates. Col. Frank E. Howe, Fpecial agent of the Treasury Departwent, has been diligently occupied in ferr e tin g out the extensive frauds, and bas succeeded, so far, beyond his most sanguine The result of his labors. will probably be to suppress an y furthe r trading in contraband cigars for a long time to come. During his investigations he d1scovered that a c. dnning-ly devised conspiracy existed among several illicit tobacuo dealers and speculators for bring-ing c igars from Havana free. of dnty, and that a number ot sailo1s and others be-. longing to aided in the' smuggling_ He found that more than 100,000 c:igars of various brands have been >UITeptitiously brou()'ht here within 1. shurt periqd, and measures W\lre taken to capture and pdni sh the priocipal offenders. Among the prisoners already arrested are Francis Donan and Julius in the tobacco trade at No.21 New street, and Frank Nicholas, a sailor. Donan and Nicholas are now confined at Ludlow street jail awaiting their ex:.mination before Commissioner Davenport Warrants have been is sued against several other ac cused parties who have not yet been apprehended


2 SEIZURE AND S lLE o Toswco -H M Goodell, As SJStant Collector of Intel nal Revenne, r ece ntly smzed a wagon load of nnstamped tobacco, belongtng to D H draws, of Stol,es county, NorLh Carolma The wagor., horses, hnd t obacco "ere solJ recently at Bustol, same State A SERIOUs Loss.-We n('glected to note l(l.St week the destruc tion by fi1e1 on the 6th mst, of Mr D 0 Sa.lmou's tobacco factory and \urehouse,tn 8) racusc Loss on-buildmr; and stock, $40 000, $30 000 M:r Salmon has our hearty sympathy m Jus nusrortune A DRAWING RooM SlfOKING C.AR -The unrortunate smokers on rath a1 e generally sbo1 cd mto the lenst comfortable c.u on the 11 an, as though they should do penance fot wdu gwg m then favorlle recreatiOn Now, howevet, tt ts ptoposed to "change all that '!he W at Is destned to mcrease rapidly and keep' fully up w1th the dt:mnnd When this 1s accomphsned, we see m'ore pr1ce1> Glft!!gow; 35 hhd4. 8 ca8e, 39 boxet>. Hamburg 9 hhds, 114 bales, 1,681 caseJl, 52 do mgan H LVI e 277 hhds L1sbon 374 hbds cerooos, Fat man & Co, 9 do; Kremelberg & Co, 11 do Blake more, Mayo & Co, 34 do, C B & Co 32 do, Norton, Slaughter & Co, 6 do, Pollard, & 22 Co, 14 do, W 0. Snmh, 26 do, Sawyer, wallace & Co _l2 do; A S. Jarv1s, 2 do, P Lon! lard & Co, 11 do remam unchanged and ery firm '-"panull1-Busmess m Havana to have tempo ranly declmed, and we note the sale of only 250 bales at 88c to 1.05 LIVerpool 497 bhds, 30 trcs, 502 pgs. J,ondon 56 hhds, 43 trcs, 214 pge. Rotterdam 47 hhdt< 1t week ld wek 3d weel< 4th weet 5th weeli: Tnral }Janufactured-The market still wears a Jan 572 792 739 S97 3,000 aspeot sod prwes favor buvers W11l not some enterar"Growero nr oef>d lear tobacco r cautioned ogatntt our Feb 503 231 '51 1,015 2,200 p111'tn!! md1v ttlualllaSt"n t"o take ndvanta'-'e of th1s fact, reported uleo and quototiono or oed loar 80 ruruioblug tbe prce that ":t ., "' '--0 be obtlnerl hy tbt!m at band Qro"'e"' cannot expect to sell Mcb 629 751 310 573 592 2,S55 w hwh we 1m part 10 the strictest From heir crops lor the oam prrces are ohtalncd on re oale or 1be c'Op bere V Of C< Uht' CTery r e.F&Ie be "t 80 advance, &nd tbererore tbe price obtaiD Apr 115 632 572 1,414 1,267 40110 trgm1a we learn that manv manuracturers, weary of ablebythogrowr wlllalwayobesomewbatlowertbauourquol.&tlon May 339 1 021 1,217 1,009 1,614 5,209 turning out work tllat cannot find a purchaser, are very -QUOTATIONs OF wooLBSALB PRICES June 1 ,14 4 1,670 2,675 1167 544 stmstbly stopp1Dg tor a t1me The prtee of leaf July 1 933 1,735 2,029 1,103 6,800 !rtghtens them, and they find httle encouragement 10 s S!t Flue rn .August 2,258 652 2,910 the fact of a short crop, which seems to ha\e become Gnod ;: Vt? gtntaJ Leaf-Sales IU this market seem to be almost u.fazt accomplz There are a few Southern 17 t es m the monthly statement JUSt 1ssued a luctd statement of our expor t trade, as rl'gards home products, dmmg the calandar year ended Dec 31, 1S70 It gtves the names of the countrtes to whtch pro ducts are exported, and states the value and quantity of the several commod1t1es wb1ch tbey purchase. Wh1le these partiCular s are of specml value to the mercanttle com muruty, they eloquently confirm the Wisdom ot the Protec ttve pohcv, whtcb ts gradnally rel e asmg the country from the cap rtces of fore1gn markets, wh1le It IS mcreasmg tbA matt'nal wealth of every sectton of the Umon 'l'akmg breadstuffs first, these returns show that the fore1gn aemand 1s not encouragmg The c1ty wtth Brooklyn and J ersey Ctty consumes annually more Amencan corn, wh( at, and flour than all the nations abroad The value of the breadstuffs exported last yeur was only M4,076,049, and of tb1s amount the Bnttsb Isles recetved $34,736,049, or more than half. And as the prtcA abroad IS gradually aJmmJsbmg, and Rus, and Braztl and Egypt each live umes more cotton to Eng lana than they did m 1S54 1'he exp01 tatton of tobacco r.eacfud 3116 629 904 tn 1S70 The returns show that of tlf these we sent abroad quantlttes valued Ill tbe aggregate at $26,070,089, Great Brnam purcbnsmg more tha n one half of that amount .Agr1cullUra! Implements, sewmg macbmes, and wood manufactmes are named m the export l1st, and show that whCie sk1ll alone 1s the test of supe r1ortt1, Amencans cau compete successfully wtth tbe d L 1 I 1 h I k of d Upp t r Cou try 5 @80 Negrohead Twist 25 @.'lO \\ ho fin t erose ves e t Wit a arge stoc non eC1gars contmue to reach the manufacturers Ground !"or n e w 5 @ 9 Thl t 1'woo ao ,., d ld Cc ct! """" sc11pt, on han the re wou seem to in cons!deravle abundance the de!llers subm.ttwg n::eu Fine @WI be some fnundatJOh of truth 10 the representatiOns of a gracefully to the recent nse, as to the mev1table 110 Good 17 much plantmg than last owmg a 1nctease .n the pnce we slated last week at t2 Wroppery lots, old !8 14 @ l 6 of plantA, and of the present poor appearance perM on fine domestic and Havana mgat s But it ..... old aM:d Bvana 40 00 00 of mu c h of that set out These statements come to us -hould ha\ e r.-ad 85 perM on the latter, which bas do do new 15 do Conn Seed 2S oo @40 oo fiom the ne1ghbo1 hooil of Rtobmoud, and In the latest been occ1s1oned by a eorrepondmg :nse 1n !eat NdY so! 00 @llD 00 1ssue of the Danv11le (Va) Register, we find the folA correspondent wrttes us as follows regardmg the New Yorl:&td L0 MANUFACTURED TOB.ACCO average cu tmg IS ac ts avwg 1 8 e ec on e and not worthy of any fm tber contradtctton That Ford!Jf'- c & A" 875lhl ... t !9!0 market pr16es .Already the RIChmond markets have a few retail venders lD a small way do sell domestiC ::8 : net Market bas not been very but maybewntten an upward tendency Not more than one tbuJ of last for Imported ctaars we do not deny, but does Mr oo do Fine tn;o 05 'J cy C" IS steady, and sales for consumption have increased ld A f f"'l Yara -@ uvnorrla" 25}( BOS1'0N A W years crop remams nnso s pr1ces o any commo Mallo} suppose that thts wtll be dtscontinued w 1th the Yara r & 11 Cot, aoot 1 oo @t OJ>t "Z A." 23tllbo t'l uousT 12-e report as follows dtty are always regnlated by supfJly and demand, It IS dtscontmuance ot the imitation of the brands? The : There is not much doing, though quotatbns r1 mam at evtdent, constdermg the small quanuty yet unmarketed fnend ol Mr Mallo!, who was deceived about a box ol "W s" iS their former figures The demand lor Kentucky is not and the prospPcts oi the e-rowtug crop, that prices w1ll cigars, must indPed have been a deplorable "green DoMESTIC RECEIPTA so good, but prices are firm The receipts have been contmue to advan"e "-Tins may be good news for the hom." thongh It might fave been a wholesome Tb 1 h f N y k t 121 hhds, 124 cases and and the exports were 2 d D II h h I f II b e arnva s at t e port o ew or rom domestic rarmers aroun anv1 e w o ave ea to se ut 1t 1s to htm -nd saved htm probably from greater losses in _} d fi h k d cases to the Bnush \Vest Indies, 10 boxes to the r h r mter10r an coastwise ports, or t e wee en 1r.g Aug melancholymtelhgence .or t e un.ortunatemanu-the future If M"r Mallul bnys cotton goods ior stlk, 15 6 hh._, 1 S s 1 French West'Indtcs, and 10 hhds, 95 cases to other t h d d d were .. ,as us, 3 trcs, 4 se.-oons, 1 552 cast!s tacturers who, w1th the pnce o t eJr goo s eprePse for "Old, and bebbles for di_.,onds, for the sake, 1 b 10 s b 1 0 1 _.1. b 1 _.1. b ports. d d fi d h "" ._.. ox, 24-. oxes, 2 oxes, 39 -. oxes, 5 1-3 to a verv low ar are con route Wtl .amme may be, of gettmg argains, who is to blame, but btmb 2 k d "11 CINCINNATI, AuGuST 12 -Mr J. A Johnson, so h 1 F h k t t b oxes, 2 ell's, cons1gne as 10 owA: rates or t e raw matena or t etr sa e 1 IS 0 e selr? It is the purchaser's business to examme what he By the Erie Ratlroad E M Wr1ght, 149 hhos; J. porter of the Cmcinnat1 Tobacco A!lsomation, writes as hoped that the crop Will turn out better than buys, and it the smart friend of Mr .M had first tried p Quin & Co, 41 do ; s M Parker & Co, 5 2 do, follows: at present seems pr0bable, and that the few weeks the cigars before purcha11mg, as any '!ens1ble man would Norton, Slaughter & Co, 47 do; A D. Cbockley & MeRsrs Casey, Wayne & Co. offerlld 237 hhd11 1 box that now rem am before harvest will serve to transmute have done, be could not have been taken tn But 1t 1s Co 31 do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 69 -do; c B Fa!as follows. 151 hhds, 1 box .Mason and Bracken 1t 1nto a more markdable condttJOn undoubtedly one of those concocted stories to smt the lenstem & Co, 57 do J v Smtth & Son, 146 do A count1es common trash to fine leaf, 2 at $6 50 to 6 95; Seed Leaf-Tbe sales of the week include 450 CR occasion, because the domestic mgars, whiCh tt ts satd H Cardozo & Go. 9 do ; Brothers & Co, 13 Sat 7 to 7 95, 9 at S to S S5; 9 at 9 to 9 R5; 14 at 10 1870 Ohto on prtvate terms, 200 cs do State do, 150 cs the Cuban bought, have at the bottom of the box the ,do ; Blaktmore, : Mayo & Co 141 do ; Pollard, Pettus t0 10 25, 14 at 11 to 11 25, 20 at 12 to 12 75; 19 at 13 sundries at 16c to 55 e-m aiiSOO c s The market is with-name of the manufacturer burned 1!1 wtth d1strwt, &o, & Co., 48do: Kremelberl-{ & Co, 52 do ; Drew & Crock to 13 75, 19 at 14 to 14 75, 11 at 15 to 15.75; 8 at 16 out ammat10n, the tnqmry _bemg at confined to and a large cauuon label, whiCh anyl-ody who IS not eLt, 41 do Batelay & Ltvmgston, 27 do ; J. D Ke!lly, to 16 75, 7 at 17 to 17 50; 3 at 18 to 18 50, 4 at 19 to Oh1o and State Counecttcut and Pennsylvama are blind see as It covers almost one half of the bot-Jr, 86 do, D c 8wJtt, 165 do; Henderson Brothers. 19.75, 3 at 20 t o 20 75, 1 at 21.25; 1 box at 12 50 for the t1me neglected Much 101erest is mamlested 10 j tom or s1de box and the talk about a miCroscope 36 do, F w Tat!!enhorst & Co, 25 do; R A Matt-43 Lhds Owen county common trash to fine leaf 2 at the growmg c1ops, concernmg "h!Ch the accounts are and so on IS a of facts Bes1des the 1m ported land & Co, 4 do, Guthne & Co, 1 do; Cballes Luhng $7 05 to 7 95, 2 at S to 8 85, 7 at 9 to 9 90 4 at 10 generally cheermg At the head of the States stands OH!ar bas a red custom house stamp rdnnmcr around & Co, 1 do; A. c L & 0 Myer, 1 do, DeRham & to 10 75, 6-at 11 50 to 11 75, 5 at 12 to 12.25, 7 at 13 ConnectiCut, whtch h satd to be at present maturmg box, which 1t 1s proh1bned by law to place on a Co, 38 do ; A Moeller & Co, 17 do, w H Good to 13 75, 1 at 14, 1 at 15 50, 2 at 18 3 at 16 to one of the finest crops ever grown. The progress of domestic cigar box. wm & Co, 1 do, D Hirsch & Co, 20 pgs : otder, 299 16 50, 3 at 19.50, 22, 24. 30 hhds Pendleton county the plants when first set was slow, but recently they Commg to the morahty and common honesty of tile bbd8 lngs to fine leaf 3 at 7 60 to 7 S5, 1 at S 75, 1 at have gone abPad more rap dly In a few days cutttng tbmg bow about the Cuban manufacturers gettmg By the c3moen and Amboy Ratlroad : Havemeyer 9.85, 1 at 10 50; :; at 11 to 11 75, 1 at 12 50, 3 at wlll begm From Ohto come better accounts than we made up m Europe wtth their labels trade-mat k E & y 1gehus, 42 ca8es. 14 50 to 14 7 5 2 at 1 5 7 5 1 at 16 75 5 at 17 to 1 '7 75, were favored wtth The prolonged drouth 1n &o, on and sbmped m bond to Havana there ex' By the New York and New Haven Railroad 2 at lS, 3 at 19, 20, 21 25. 9 hhds Robertson county the Mtami Valley "mch dwarfed the plants has been ported all the world over as the genu me "s1mon pure" Schroeder & l>on, l 01 cases c C Mengel, 10 do, c lugs to fine leat at $9 10, 11 '75, 12 25, 13, 13 50, 14 75, succeeded by refreshing ram8 and already they art1cle? .And IS It not very likely that the "fnend" got A Harren, 2 do. 16, 18 50, 20 75. 1 hbd Southern Kentucky at $7 80 shvw the good effects thereof The plautmg was very hold of such a box of whiCh would have been a By the New York and New Haven Steamboat Line 1 hhd Spencer county at $7.95 2 bhds West large, and the crop, though perhaps not equal to the poetical retribution! That a JUdge has once dcmded Levy & Neuga8s, J(l5 at t6 95, 7 45. exceptiOnally good one uf last wtll prove a very th1s way or any other way we have not t1me to exam me By the New y01 k and Hartford Steamboat Lme; E l\1essrR Pl11Bter & Brother offered 45 hhds as follows fa1r one. From Wtsconsm w2 have no later The manufacturers in this country will take no notice M Crawford & Co, 100 casPS, & Stemecke, 2 9 36 hhds Mason and Bracken counties common trash to deta1ls than those printed last week, but though the of the threats of Mr Maloll and the moralmdtguatJOn do; Jas. McCattil, 10 do, E Rosenwald & Brother, fine leaf 1 at $7 50, 1 at 9 SO; 3 at 10 25; 1 at 11 25; storm was no doubt very destrncuve 1n the section of that gentleman bas a tla; and !\ purpose when we 5 do 5 at 12 25 to 12 50, 7 at 13 to 13 75; 7 at 14 25 to over whiCh 1t passed, the planttng In Rock aod Dane con81der the latter part of b1s ctrcula;, for we By the old Domtmoo Lme T H MessP.nger & Co, 14.75; 2 at 15 75 4 at 16 to 16 75; 3 at 1 '7 to 17 75, counttes was so large th1s year, t'Pt there Will still be think the whole contents of that document but a new 40 hhds, A c L :.1eyer, 27 do, Odnchs & Uo, 6s do 2 at 18 75 to 20 25 S hhds Owen county lugs to fine a ve1 y fatr y1eld Regardmg ennsy vama, we are dodge, and a very one, of advertl.Smg h1s G Rensens l40 do AJ plebv & Helme 7 do. G w leaf at $6 35, 8, 9 55, 11, 11.50, 15 25, 1S 2\ 23 75 tnabled to speak more m deta1l, owmg to the kmdness :firm and the wa1es he bas tor sale H 11 & c lS d M Ab h j4 d G B l bhd Southern Kentucky at 12 25 Messrs Power & of a correspondent m Lallcaster county, who sends the .M 1 1 m 4aond Ao' D Coh, kal x & eCn etm 23 d 0 2 ; 1pn-Cl "'" d r II I t t h "I h ld .ANUF.ACTURII:R. BQll, o, t c ey 0 o, trcs, ayton ouere 154 hhds; 104 hhds Mason and o owwg n a prtva e no e e s lys s ou Gold opened at 112-! and at Lonllatd & Co' 5 do, 4 do; W. 0. Smith, 32 Bracke n common trash to fine leaf 2 at 8. 75; hke to hear a. stmtlar report from the d1fferent tobacco .&change IS held at lower rate! do 32 do J D Evans & Co 1 do 4 do 7 at 9.10 to 9 6:>, 5 at 10 to 10.75, 11 at 11 to 11 75, d1stncts'' Weechotbewtsh: : 12 t1?t 1275 9 1 17 I f tb I f 500 1870 We quote.B1lls at 60 davs on London, 1081@109 182 boxe .. 23 ..\-boxes; Mareb, Pnce & Co, 3, a o at 3 at 3 5, 9 at 14 to 14 75, OhAs we go to press we earddo e ted for commerctal, 109-!@1 09f for bankers', do at short do, 45 i boxes: Dohan Carroll & Co, 20 caseO, 10 at 15 to 1"5 75' 7 at 16 to 16 75' 11 at 17 to 1 '7 75, b 10 on private terms, m a ttlon ose repor Paris at 60 days, 5 22!@5 20, do at R J Bowne & Co, 55 do, G B Lichtenberg, 55 do; 4 at 1S to 18 75' 9 at 19 to 19.75 i 3 at 20 25; 2 at a ove short stght, 5 1Si@5 16-l; Antwerp,5 2:.!!@5 lSi, L. Gmter,, A F ROI!enbaum & Co, 5 do; H M. 21 75 2 at 22 25, 23 50 25 hhds Boone county lugs To the Edttorof The Tobacco Leaf -Behevmg that a 5 20@5 17t, Hamburg, 35j@36i ; Amterdam, 40i Morm, 4 do, Bel c, Park & Co, 9 do, R Lmdbetm and leaf 3 at $7 to 7 65; 4 at S to S 95, 3 at 9 10; reliable report of the present Pennsylvama tobacco crop @41; Frankfort, 40!@41-l, Brew en, Pruss1au! & Co, 9 do; M Falk & Co, 30 do, E Dubots, 40 do; 6 at 10 to 10 7a; 2 at 11.50, 1 at 12. 3 at 13 to 13 75, m1ght be acceptable to your I will endeavor to thalcrs, 72@72-l-Mart111 & Johnson, 46 do, W P. K 1ttredge & Co, 33 2 at 16, 17. 17 hhds Owen county ttash to nne leaf at mform them, as far as I am able to glean and are \Htbout much change, either in demand do, Maddux 1 flo; W. A. Robmson, 2 do; *6 30, 7 15, 7 50, 8, 10 50, 11, 11, 11, 11 75, 12 50, 14 75, condense the facts The plantmg season was un-or quotations Alexandrt> Bros 1 do Moore J enkms & Co 55 d'. 15 25, 16, 19, 19 50, 21, 25 25. 6 hhds V1rgima at 0 1 1 h 0 v, favorable, 1t IS true, m some oca 1t1es t ere was IMPORTS Webb & Rountree 1 do M M Wetzhoffer 2 do L ..,7 50, 810, 10 25, 10 75, 18 75 1 Lbd Indiana at $7 ram, but as 8. general thmg early plantmg was done The arnvals at the port of New York from fore 1gt. F Elling-er, 1 do; .Moore & Ce, as' do, 5o i 2 hhds Southern Kentucky at $7 10, 7 15 wttb water, hauled to the fif ld ar;d by ports for the week endmg August 15, wcluded the follow-boxes Richey & Bomface, 50 do, 53 t boxes, S2 t Messrs Br;)ugbner, Brooks & Co. offered 188 bhds, 9 hand About the 20th of June we had rain to plant 10g consignments boxes, Connolly & Co, 19 do, 164, do, 12 kegs; Chas boxes as follows 145 hhd11 Mason and Bracken counties the general crop, 1t then became very and until Bordeaux Marc Dagny, 1 case Luhng & Co., 23 trcR Ja8 CheHs & Co, 153 t common trash to fine leaf 2 at $5 60, 5 at 6 50 to w1thm about twenty days, appear.anc:s not LPghorn order, 200 oases ltquonce paste boxes, J D Kt:tlly, Jr, 97 hhds, 12 trcs, 50 cases, 118 6 S5; 17 at 17 10 to 7 95, 13 at S to 8. 75; 15 at 9 95; over one-thtrd of a crop. About the 1Dth of July It be Rotterdam J. H. Bergmann, 475 boxes pipes, E Seroons, 428 i boxes, N L McCready, 5 trcs, 43 17 at 10 to 10 75, 10 at 11 to 11 76, 7 at 12 to 12 75, gan to ram and since then has ra10ed every few days, Hen, 160 do. 279 t boxes, 26 t boxes, order, 12 hhds, 21 trcs, 15 at 13 to 1 3 75, 12 at 14 to 14 75, 13 at 15 to 15 75; w1th very warm weather, startJDg the late tobacco as Havana Wei! & Co, 638 bales; Felix Mtranda, 363 seroons, 65 cases, 10 t boxes. 8 at 16 to 16 50, 4 at 17 to 17.25 4 at 18; 3 at 19 25 by magiC and the growth to this time bas exceede? all 168 do; D & A. Bennruo, 107 do, Oelrichs & Co, 70 By the Hudson Rtver Railroad. E. M Wrtght, 8 to 19 75 25 hhds Robertson county trash to .fine leaf expectatwns, so that the present appearances md!Cate do., Godeffrey. Brancker & Co, 2H do; 1 case 01gars; bhds, S M Parker & Co, 14 do, Norton, Slaughter & 3 at 87 30 to 7.50, 5 at S to 8 80, 2 at 9 50; 1 at 10 2 the largest and fineJJt crop ever rmsed State Kremelberg & Co, 2 cast:s e1gars, Robert E. Kelly & Co, 4 do, J P. Qum & Uo, 5 do, p If)rlllard & Co, at 11 75, 12 75, 3 at 13 75; 2 at 15.75, 2 at 14 75; 2 Then are several reasons for th1s conclusion; prmc1 Co, 13 do; G w Faber, 7 do; Purdy & NICholas, 4 12 do, G B Lichtenberg, 323 pkgs, A Cohen, 1S do; at 16 25, 2 at 1 8 25, 22 50 19 bhds WeMt V1rgw1a. pally, however, th1s one faot-tte excessive wet weather do; DeBary & Klmg, 6 do, S. Lmmgton & Son, 3 qrdt>r, 5 do 1 at *5 90, 4 at 6 30 to 6 90; 3 at 7 to 7 95; 4 at S to has raptdly mcreased and. matured the early plantmg do; Thomas J. Raynor & Co, 2 do, Joseph Mayer & By the National Lme J K & Son, 49 hbds; 8 75, 2 at 9 55, 3 at 11.25 to 11.'75; 2 at 19 50, so that many are now eutung and the late plantmg 1s Son, 4 do; 'tV B Wilson, 2 do, John Karsche, 1 do, R L. Mattland & Co, 13 do, E M 93 do, 22 25. 2 boxes Owen county at $S 50, 13 likewise growmg very raptdly, wbtch necessanly w11l A. c Lamott.,, 2 do; Park & Tilford, ill do, c B Fallenstem & Co, 188 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co, Messrs Cbas Bod mann & Co. offered 23S hhds, 21 make a fine leaf, 8econdly, the area planted 1s fully two Mernll & Condit, 25 do, Kunhardt & Co, 26 do, w 114 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 107 do, Sawyer, Walboxes at the followmg pnces 228 bhds .Mason and acres to one of last year j thirdly, there are no worms H Thomas & Bro., 20 do, F Marquez, 12 do, Lewts, lace & Co, 86 do, W. 0 Smtth, IS do; A H Carozo Bracken counttes common trash to fine leal. 1 at $5 05; or grasshoppers, last year the crop badly damaged Pb1hp & John Frank, 9 do; F Garc1a, 2 do, Hewlett & Co, 24 do, J. D Ketlly, J r, 46 do, F W Tatgen 2 at 6 75, 9 at 7 to 7 85, 18 at S to S 95; 14 at 9 to by msects The to a lull crop 18 hat! storms and & Torrance, 3 do, F. Calva, 1 do; Howard Ives, 2 do; hort't & Co, 5 do; A. Moeller & Co., 39 do. s. Rappr 9 SO, 17 at 10 to 10 75, 22 at 11 to 11 75, 21 at 12 to late planung; we have had five storms JD the tobacco Chas F Tag & Son, 1 do, E H. Faulkener, 1 do, L 3 do; Norton, Slaughter & Co, 7 do, E p Freeman & 12.75, 8 13 to 13 75, 17 at 14 to 14 75; 15 at 15 to dlstrtet varymg from half a mtle to one m1le m Width, Pera, 1 do 1 R Franc1s, 1 do; J M Orla, 1 do, F c Co, 25 do; Htlrmaun Bros. & Co, 5 do, 37 pkgs; order 15 75, 13 at 16 to 16 75, 5 at 17 to 17.75; 15 at 1S to and from two to ten m1les 10 length, damagmg from N1 eLuhr, 1 do; E D. :Morgan & Co, 1 do, L W. 6 hhds. 1S 75, 11 at 19 to 19 75, 5 at 20 to 20 50, 9 at 21 to 2,000 te> 2,500 cases second, late plantmg A great Morns, 1 box c 1garettes, Atlsntlc S S Co, 1,439 By the v1rg 1ma Steamsb1 p Lme Oelrichs & Co, 5 21 75; 1 at 22 75, 3 at 22 75, 3 at 23 75; 4 at 25 50, deal of tobacco wtll be topped from the 20th to the bales, 6 cases c 1gars; order, 61 bales. hhds; Huffer, Toe! 0 Co, 45 do, E p Beach, 26 tree, 26 75, 27, 28 25, 16 boxes Mason county at $2, 2, 2, 25th of .August, this to hasten matur1ty must necessaEXPORT!. w. 0. Sm 1 th, 9 do, s Martm & Johnson, 14 5 SO, 6 50, 7.30, 15 50, 16, 16 25, 16 50, 17, 17, lB 25, nly be topped low,and some" ill rem am short, thereby d1 other Maddux: Bros 4 do Rtcbey & Bomface ss do. 19 50, '20 50, 20 75 S hhds Owen county lugs t" fine mtmshmg Wl'tght of crop Last year the Pennsylvama From the port of New york to foreign ports, J H.' w 5 do; 1T w' U psher, 2 do, & leaf at 17 90, 11 75, 13, 1l 50, 17 75, 18, 21. 75, 27 75. crop exceedPd 15,000 cases, takmg 1t at double the area polts, for the week et:dmg Aug 8 were Co, 67 do, 32 i boxes, Dohan, Carroll & Co, 259 do, 2 hhds V1rgm1a at *6 70, 11.25. 5 boxes V1rgmia would gtve us 30,000 cases Tbe mam crop will be cut B A 2 lb fd 7 260 do, 65 boxes, Bulklev., Moore & Co, 57 do, S6 11. at *6 55, 6 75, 785, S 10, 9 75. t: b 1 h 15 h f S b L ntisn ustraua 8 6 9 s m "' 162 4 4 Th k db k b d 1 d rom t e st tot e t o eptem er eavmg out Bnush North .Amencan Colomes 2 cases boxes L Gmter 11 do 5 1-3 boxes, 10 kegs p Lortle mar et opene riB ut ec me towards the the danger from frost, tt. w1ll stand as follows Full *465 cigars, lard & Co, 100 t' boxes w. p Kittredge & Co, 65 do; end of the week. There 1s little demand for common crop 30,000 cases, deduct for lolll! from late plantmg J H Thompson 35 do A D Cbockley & Co 1 box. lugs and the pnces remain about the same. b 000 h "11 b t 25 000 Bnt1sh West Indies 16 hhds, $4,B3 231 bales, a out 5, cases, t 1s WI g1ve us a ou order, 16 hhd9. CLARKSVILLE, TENN, AuG. 1.2-Messrs. M H. b f 13,318, 2 ca&es, $270, 24,125 lbs. mfd, $4,455 as t e crop o tbe present year. Chma 3 001 lbs. mfd, *376 Coastwise from Baltimore; F W Tatgenhorst & Co, Clark & Brother, leaf tobacco brokers, report: Our CoNESTOGA. Cuba 31 702 107 hhds, H Hoffman & Co., 31 do, Cha.s Luhng & rece1pts and sales contmue to lesJ>en 1n amount, our Conestoga, Lancaster Co, Pa, Aug 10, 1S71. "' C 256 d .All & C 3d E B 1 d M J 1 th k dd 114 b""' b L French West Indies 6 bhds, $1,000 o, o; en o, o, erger, o; sa es Or IS wee a mg up h

THE 'TOBACCO I.J E A F. 3 says The market ha8 been acllve durmrr the entue week, and pnces been fully main!ained The of the growmg crop IS not fhttenng; esttm. t e s do not place 1t above thrEe-fourths of last yeat c op, and unless the weather at an early day 18 more Jaorable, 1t 1s d!oPLtful 1f more than t" o-th1rds of last year'e product wlil be harv.,sted It ts not sur Lnsing therefore that pnces 11hould rule firm, or that Tb olders should contend for extreme pnces. 1s re port of the growmg crop of tobacco agrees very w1th tbf! we are rece1vmg ftom vanous sect1ons of the WeFt Our reports from the Henderson dts tnct the Green River country, Ilhno1s and Indiana, as well' as the Clarksville distnct, are all the s11me, estl matmg the crop at two-tbJrde of the crop of 1370, un less it. should be curtalied by frost, of wbtch there are some fears, as there are indicatiOns of an earl>' fall The crop, though planted moderately early, owmg to the unfavorable weather of June aud July, IS not now forward There is great compla10t thts seaso!l ot an unu11ual quantity of horn worms, who are eatmg up much tobacco but such complamts are not unusual The great 1s, that a full crop is not vlanted Our tobacco planters are hke tbe cotton planters, when thev are forced to sell one crop below the cost of producuon, as they d1d this year, they cannot b"' m dncld to p1tcb a second large crop the season follow mg, We bad a good rain yesterday, whwh we trust was t:a1, as it would be of much benefit to the small Ia the fieid. UISVILLE, AuausT 9-We report as follows matket has been moderately acttve and has antamed a firm position Rece1pts contmue hgbt, 1mt ate of better qahty The 1m ports for the week were 1548 hhds, l 054 bxs, :nd the ex ports were 1448 b b ds, 1651 bxs The sales at the dlffueut warehouses for the same time were 825 bhds as follows The LouiSVJtle Honse sold 205 4 bbds Hart county leaf at l 0 5G to 27 50; 4 hhds Hart county lugs at 6 90 to 9 10 4 bhds Owen county leaf at 9 1 0 to 17 25 2 hbds 'Owen county lugs at 7 90, 8 20' 2 hhd, s Graves county leaf at 11, 14 50, 21 hbds Dav1esscoun ty leaf luge and trash at 6 to 11 75, 9 hbds Hancock county leaf at 8 &0 to l 1 50, 3 hbds Hancock county lu"s at 7 40 to 9 5 hbds Warren county leaf at S 70 to 1 bhds Warren county lugs at 6 60 to 7 60, ll hhds county leaf at 7 50 to 10 25, 9 hhds Bar ren co:mty lugs at 6 70 to 7 90, 2 bhds Breckenndge county leaf at 10, 11, 21 bbds Breckenndge .county lugs at 6 50 to 8 90; 6 bhds Butler county leaf at 8 to 11 50; 5 bbds Butler county lugs at 6,80 to 7.40, 4 bbds Muhlenberg county leaf at 8 to 50, 2 bhds Met"alfe county leaf'at S SO, 10, 5 bhds Metcalfe county lugs at 6 50 to 7 40, 4 bbds Hardm county leaf at 7 90 to 10; hhds Hardin county and trash at 5 to 'r 911hds Webster cobnty1eaf a.t 8 30 to LO, 4 bbds Webster county lugs and trash at 6 SO to 8; 13 hhds Ohto county leaf at 7 60 to 9 20 ; 3 bods Ohio .county lugs at 6 80 to 7 75, l bbd Cumberland. county 8 bbds Cumberland county lugl! at 6.50 to 7, 3 bhds M<'proe c;unty leaf at 7 45 to 8 20; 3 bbds Mon roe county lugR at '1 to 7 60, 1 bbd Adan county leaf at 7 RO, 3 bhds Ada.1r county lugs at 6 40 to 6 50; 2 bhds Meade county leaf at 7 40, 8, 2 hhds Meade conn ty lugs at 6, 7.20, 2 bhds Crittenden county le3f at 'f 10, 9 50; 2 bbds Cnttenden county lugs at 6 30, 6 80 5 hhds Henderson county lugs and trash at 6 50 to 7 30 2 hbds Tennessee leaf at 7 80, 9 70, 4 hbds Tennessee lugs at 6 60 to 6 90, 1 bhd Ind1ana leaf at 8 70, 3 hhds Indtana lugs at 6 &5 to 7, 10 bhds Illinms leaf at 7 80 to 11. Tbe PtckettTiouse 11old 167 bhds 7 hhds "''nmble county leaf at 25 to 16 25; 3 hhds Hart county leai at 7 70 to 13, 1 hhd Hart county lugs at 6 10, 10 bhds Henderson county leaf at IO 25 to 13, 5 hhds DavHss county leaf at 7 20 to 11 25, 8 bbds Breck enndge county leaf at 7 20 to 11 75, 2 hhds Breckenndge county lugs at 6 60 to 6 't5, 3 bhds Muhlenberg county leaf at 7 80 to 10, 1 hhd Muhlenberg county lugs at 7 4 hbds county leaf at 7 10 to 9.30 I 37 bhds Webster county leaf at 7 30 to 9 30 3 hbds Webster county lugs at 6 50 to 7, 22 hbds Un IOn countv leaf at 7 30 to 8 40, 2 bbds Umon county lugs at 6 60,6 SO, 4 Warren county leaf at-7.10 to 8 5 hhds McLean county leaf at 7 80 to 9 40; 2 hhds McLean county lugs at 6 55,7 20; 2 hhds Todd county leaf at 7 20, 9 30, 3 hhds Admr county leaf at S 50 to 9 30 6 bbds Tngg county leaf at 7 SO to 8 &0, 2 hbds Tr1gg county lugs at 6 70,6 70, 5 hhds Metcalfe county leaf at 7 20 to 9 10 ; 2 bnd11 Metcalfe county lugs at 6 SO, 7 60, 4 bbds Caldwell county leaf at 7 20 to 9 30, 1 bhd Caldwell county lugs at 6 55, 3 hhds Stmpson county leaf at 7 10 to 7 70, 1 hhd StmpsoiV county lugs at 6 60, 1 hhd Fulton county leaf at 7 80, 1 bhd Ob10 county leaf at 8; 1 bhd Cnttenden county leaf at 8 50, 2 bhds :Butler coul!tY leaf and lugs at 7 ,"8 40; I hbd Tennessee lugs at 6 80, 3 hbds scraps at 3 to 5. county IE'af at 28 50, 1 hbd Owen county traoh at 1 25, 3 bhdll Hart coontv leaf at 7 20 to 14; 3 hhds Hart county lugs at 6 50 to 7 90; 7 bbds Barren county leaf at 7 60 to 10 75, 1 bhd Barren county lugs at 7 GO, 1 hhd Henderson county leaf at 1 l 75; 2 hhds Brecken ndge county leaf at 7 40 8 '45; a hhds Breckenridge county lugs at 6 65 to 7 30; 2 hhds Ad:tircounty leaf anrllugs at 7 20, 9 10; 2 hhds Logan county at 7 40, S 50 3 bhds Logan county at 6 60 to 7, 1 hhd Caldwell oounty leaf at 7 90, 2 hbds Triag county leaf at 9 20, 9.70; 1 bbd Taylor county leaf at 8 50, 1 bbd Green county leaf at 8 10 I hhd Metcalfe county leaf at 0 40; l bbd Hardm county leaf at 7 70 ; 1 hbd Cumberland county leaf at 9 10, 2 bhds Warren county leaf at 7 80, 9 30 2 hhds Grayson county lugs at 6 90, 6 90; 7 hbds lod1ana leaf and lugs at 7 to 8 50, 1 bhd Tennessee leaf at 7 50. PETERSBURG, AuGUST 12 -Messrs R A Young & Brother, tobacco commissiOn merchants, report a11 follows -We have to report another act1ve week 10 tb1s article, the sales reaching 650 hhds, a large por t JOn of which has been taken by sb1ppers for export to France, Germany and the Contment. The manufac, toters bave also bought f1eely th1s week, bav10g bad fine selectiOns to work on The exports of leaf tobacco from tbts country are now very large, averagmg about 4 000 bhds per week, wbJCh If contmued long must re dote the stock fnr home consumptwn very matenally by the end of September. The recetpts are now hght, show10g the stock 10 bands of planters qmte sma\1 and we look for past pnces to' be fully mamtained the balance of the sea8on The stock of bnght tobacco 1s qn.tte wblCh, wth a good demand from the trade IS held very firmly We quote the matket as follows Common and medium lugs' dark 5 50 to 6 50 ; fatr to good lugs, dark 6 50 to 7 35, very good and fine, dark 7 50 to 8 00, low and mediUm leaf 8 25 to 9 75 fair to good leaf 9 75 to 12 00 very good and fine 12 50 to 14 75, br1ght lu'Ss 8 75 to 20 00, fancy leaf, medmm to good, 20 00 to 37 50, tine to very fine 40 OOto 80 00 Belo;w we append the mspectlons ior the past week and also for the same t1me last year. Total Total Inpectlons Reviewo Receipt. Oak's ... 159 Centre 150 West Hill 1 0 l Moore's.. 28 31 16 8 1 149 126 106 28 4.990 1,015 2,611 1,718 2,010 1,449 814 1,555 447 66 409 10,425 5,737 Receipts last week ........ ........ 42S Total sin(le October 1, 1870 ..... 10,903 PHILADELPHIA, AuG E W Dwkerson, reporter fO'r the Tobacco Trade of Phlladelpbla, wr1tes as follows -Cons1denng the seai!On of tbe fear there was a good husmess done here last week Sales of Seed Leaf amounted to about 400 dJstTtbuted as follows v1z -95 cases Conn 120 do Ohio, 180 do Penn other leaf, 80 bales Spamsh, and 10 bhds. Ky, and 6hw.' Sales Of domestic u1gars amounted to 1,400,000, 'besides orders no filled Our mgar manufacturers are busy Sales of smokmg tobacco amounted to 265 pkgs, 'Of pressed wo1 k 950 pkgs, and of .fine cut 200 pkgs Receipts for tbe week rt"ported are per Rtchmond steamer -60 65 t 23 cases and l 1 kegs mid. and 20 eases smokmg for Dohan & 'l'a1t 114 t bxs 20 20 i kegs mfd for M E M.cDowell & Co 65 bxs 105 t bxs mfd for J R ,Sank & Co attd 25 boxes for 'I'. W Woodward per Edwm Forrest, 50 casts, Duck Island for L Bamberger & Co, aud for _B1tners & Co 48 cs for L Bamberger & Co RICHMOND, AuGUST 12 -Mr. R. A M1lls, tobacco J>roker and commiSSion merchant, reports -In re VIewmg our mat kct for the past week I have to note a contmued firmness and ammatwn, and prtces show a demded upward tendency There a1e var1ous causes brought to bear at present whwh are calculated to keep the market fi1 m, one of wbwh 1s t-hat the old ct op Js nearly all m, and another JS the unfavorable conJttwu of tbe growmg crop. It ts nGt generally believed that there wtll be more than two tbtrds of a mop made th1s year, reports hom all sections of the State bemg very unfavorable to the g10wmg crop I do not thwk myself Lhat there w1ll be any matenal f10m ptesent pnces; m the fi1st pla..:e, there 1s a suffiCiency of tobacco on the market and m the country to meet the sh1ppmg and mauufactuung demand, and should we have at all favorable seasons tor the balance of the season, there wtll be an average crop housed tb1s year Tlie transactiOns for the week were 1,270 h!Jds, 426 trcs, 51 boxes 'l'be quotatJOLS are as follows DARK SHIPPING Lugs common to medmm .good to fine ... Leaf common to medmm ... '' good to fine ........ extra contmental Enghsh slnppmg DARK MAYUF.ACTURING Lugs common to good ....... Leaf ...... Sun cured lugs leaf 5t 6t 7 8 8 9 9t 13 12 15 ... 9 12 14 6 8 st 12 8 15 10 3(') ::. The Boone House sold 139 bbds -1 hbd 'l'nmble county leaf at l 6 75, 1 hhd Tnmhle county lugs at 8; 7 hbd11 Dav1ess county leaf at 8 10 to 15 50, I bbd Dav1ess county lugs at 6 90; 2 hbds Breckenndge county leaf at 8 80 to 13 2ii, I hhd BreckeoTJdge county factory trash at 4 70, 12 bhds Green county lugs and )eat at 6 50 to 12 75, 10 hhds AdaiT county leaf at 7 10 to }] 25 j 4 bbdrl Adair COU'IIty Jugs at 5 75 .JIRIGHT MANUFACTURING AND SMOKING to 6 60, 18 hbds Barren county leaf at 7 to 13 25, 2 bbds Lugs common to good . 8 15 Barren county lugs at 6 90,7 40, 30 bbds Logan county extra smokmg . . '20 30 40 leaf and Jugs at 6.30 to 8 50, 3 hbds Taylor county Leaf common to wedJUm I2 25 leafat 7 90 to 8 40, 3 bbds Taylor county lugs at 6 60 to good to tine 30 70 6 95 1 bhd },!anon county leaf 7 40; 1 bbd extra. 100 county leaf at 7 50, .5 bhds Butler county leaf and' lugs at ST LOUIS, AuG 9 -Mr J E Haynes, tobacco bro 7 20 to s 90, 2 bhds Monroe county leaf at 7 60 to 9.20, ker, reports as follows -ReceiVed 929 nbds, ag:unst 2 hbds Cbnst1an county leaf at 8 90,9; 3 bllds Obw 752 the prevwus week Tbe demand contmues good county )eat at 7 30 to 7 90, 4 b},ds Mason county lugs and the market 11trong on all grades, wtth very little at 9 70, to 13.75, 4 bbds Umon county lugs at 6 40 to cbaugP, 1f any, m values smce our last Sales ftom 8 20 2 hhds Grayson county lugs at 6 BO,S 10, 1 hbd Thursday to yesterday mclusve, 429 bhds 5 at $2 60 Henderson county lugs at 6 70, l 1 bhds, Indiana leaf to 3 Oli, (scraps), 4 at 3 60, 3 05, 4 30 to 4.80, (scraps at 7 to 1 2.2&, 3 bhds ludtana lugs at 6 50 to 7 30; 3 and lugs mJXed), 13 at 5 to 5 95; 113 at 6 to 6 90, 97 bhds Tennessee lugs at 8 10 to 960 at 7 to 7 90, 101 at 8 to 8.90, 34 at 9 to 9 90, 10 at The Nmth Street House sold 128 hhds -6 hhds IO to 10 50, 1 at 11 to 11 50, 4 at 12 to 12 75, 2 at Ballard county leaf at a;7 60 to 27 50, 8 bbds Owen 12 to 13 25; 5 at 14 to 14 25, 3 at 15 25 to 15 75, 3 county leaf at s 10 to 13 50 2 hhds Owen county lugs at 16 to 16 is, 2 at 17 to l 8 25, 14 at 20 to 28 50, 7 at 6 90, 7, 24 bLds Breckenridge county laf at 7 50 to at 39 25, 30 50, 32, 33, 34 75, 35, 35 25, 2 at 36, 1 at 13 25; 13 bhds Breckenndge county lugs at 6 30 to 38, 2 at 40, and 3 at 50, 54 to 52, and 30 boxes at 4 60 to 7 20 14 bhds Barren county leaf at 7 50 to 12 50, 7_ 24 75 In the same ttme 43 hbds were and b1ds bhds' Barren county lugs at 6 35 to 7 10, 17 bhds Han were reJected on 82 bbds at 4 10 to 49, and 2 boxes at cock countv leaf at 7 75 to 15 25, 4 hbds Hancock fl10 to 6 90 To-day, offenngs were large, and com county lugs-at 6 70 to 7 20 6 hbds Hart county leaf moo and medmm leaf but w1thm tbe range of at 8 so to 11 2 bhds Todd county leaf and lugs at our quotations Other grades steady Sales 112 bhds 7 60 12 25 4 hbds Butler county leaf at 7 40 to 8 40, 1 at 3, 5 at 5 10 to 5 SO, 40 at 6 to 6 90, 25 6 bhds Butler county Iuers at 6 70 to 7 20, 3 bhds Old-at 7 to 7 90; 20 at 8 to S 90, 4 at 9 10 to 9 80; 2 at bam county leaf at 9 to"'to 1 o; 3 hhds Old bam county 10 to 10 75, 3 at 1 I to 11 50; 5 at 12 50, 13 50, 13 75, lugs a1i 5 so to 7 90, 1 hhd Tnmble county }eat at 14. to 14 50, 2 at 23 50 to 25, 3 at 28 50 to 28 75, and 10 50 2 hhds McLean county leaf at 8 20, 8 60, 1 hhd 2 at 36 50 to 43, and 8 boxes at 5 to 8 50 were county lugs at 7.10, 1 hhd Wan en county. reJeCted on II at 6 to 17 50 leaf at 8, 2 hbds Warre.n county lugs at 6 SO, 6 90, 1 We quote Inferwr llght we1gbt lugs 5 00 to 5 75, bhd Metcalfe county lugs at 6 75 factory lugs ti 75 to 6 00, planters' do 6 00 to 7 40 ld hhd 5 hbd 0 common dark leaf 7 00 to 8 00, mediUm to good do The Farme1s' House so 121 s s wen 8 00 to 11 00, faiT to good "manufactnrmg do l2 00 to county leaf at 50 to 26 50 8 hbns Owen countv b b d lugs at 6 GO to 11 ; 6 hbds Hart county Jugs leaf at 2 0 00' ng t 0 20 to 40; fancy b,l",lght 50 to 100. 6 30 to 13 75, 18 bbds DaVer \e=tf and lugs at 7 10 S 2 2lst"tnstant, a hvely busmess hasagam been transacted leaf and Iuers at 6 30 to, 8 30 a5 thil!' matiel TithJD this week Pnces are In favor of .II' he :P:C.nters' Hops{ 491 hhds: 1 hhd Owen the owners and for ordinary de'scnpttons there h been an advance of t grt The sales of Bay were 27 hhds bas been a fatr business done, but the common sorts are I THE sale and plantm"' of tobaut httle on the market w1tb uo LIVERPOOL JuLY 29.-Mr F W Sm the tobacco prospect of a better supply for some ttme to come Y Japan -There have been no fresh arnvals, consequentcommsswn merchant, reports -In tbe ea1ly part of the ly no transact f t t t th k d d 1 t U :. S ,__ 1ons o 1mpor anctJ o repor ere 1s wee JUSt en e ea es o mteu tates tocacco were a good 10q01 fi r, 1 f 1 b h ld b of stnctly retail character, but durmg the past two I full rates Aryt air eP Y1parcbe stlw tc woud bnngb d -.n 'V f d dl f d ur. erarr1va 1ss or yexpecte ,w 10 some n estern anu 1rgmta actory ne ea an no doubt w"ll d 1 fi db AI Wh k .S. d 1 rea 1 y n overs ger1aa en stnps were ta en or use and to r Irelan There hght 1n color in request There 1s nothmg now on was also somethmg 1one m undr1ed With j the St D C t d d t P t bl b ..._ ommgo-on mues 10 eman a exporters rwes are no quota Y ower, ut w'fen cnrrent rates. The stock 1n first bands 1s now qu1te customers are Wllimg to do more than to the commop exhausted T k Of fi b Lt 1 b 1 b ld d k ur ey --ne ng co or 1s roue retat extent, 0 ers are quite prepare to rna e reas wanted; for some ttme t1me past there has been a great onable concesswns Maryland and substitutes are m scarmty ofHuch A parcel of medmm color has lately small supply &nd much wanted, the former, however, come to hand a ortwn f wbt b h b ld r chadiy when br1ght, useful and free f10m sand Uavfi 11 G P 0 c as een so at ve Y endlsb dull and saleable only in a way for shop u pnces reek-Contmues. to be taken both fo stores O ur Imports have been large beyond prece borne use and exportatiOn Bnght leafy descrtptwns bnng fatr rates In the present scarc1ty of colory tosay 10 all tbts month so far, 6193 bhds, agamst bacco It 18 ex ected that th t k f tb th 11 2041 tn slime last year. Exports, 274, agawst b P e 8 oc 0 IS grow WI 124 warehoused 4 362 a amst 2041 deltvered 1 550 soon e considerably reduced Macedon180 -Wtth no t 1 221 g we have no to agams .. -wo ld t d k h I b MONTHL REPORt ,_ f u come e a goo mar et n,qngar1an-I) t e ,. abseum { of other substitutes, thts growth, has been AuGusT 1-Toucl!ing the or tlns tobacco mar freely d.,alt 10; when dry and well b'\tted we under ket, 10 all July, although there bad been occaswnal1n stand 1t IS favorat>ly looked upon by some manufact tenals ot macttvtty, yet ou the whole, busmess was urers Latakta-A parcel lately was sold at done to a satisfactory extent Pnces were not quoted a full pnce There 1s but httle to be bad Negro lower but wlien customers were dtsposed to buy somehead -Of good and well known brands bas met a ready thmg beyond the common retatl Jmtts, holders were sale upon arrival The stock 1s now very tr1flmer very wtllmg 1 o make reasonable concesswns Tht>Cavend1sb.-Although they bave been no very large oflimal returns annexed show that the Imports for the transactions, tliere has been a fa 1 r busmess done month were unprectJdeutly large, say 6,492 bbds ag8lnst Puce are rather easter Sialks-Contmue in good 2,041 10 July !870; a9d that dehvenes e:..ceeded tbe demand Smalls 1 s li,l.tle mquiry. monthly average considerably, say 1,800 bbds aga10st AN ExTENSIVE SMOKE -That custom e r Old Boreas, wdulged 1n an extenst\ e the othe1 'day, d urmg the burnmg of the cigarette facto v of Messrs Kmnev Bros ,No 141 lrVest B10adway The firm lost ,7,000 but w1ll not even temporarily suspenrl busiuesa operatiOns 10 consequence of their misfortune. A MEMBER OF THE TRADE Th1s startling we have never before been compelled to print m THE LEAF, and trust that we. shall not be called to do so agam On Monday mgbt of tb1s week r H Hogemann, a well known Kentucky tobacco b,roker, was found! dead in front of bts restdence m J!:ast Fourth Street, abvut eleven o'clock He had returned home early 10 tbe evening, but feelmg overpowered by the beat, had gone out agam to take the atr. Nothing is known of h1s movements from the moment of h1s leavmg the house unt1l he was found as stated The fatal wound had evidently bet:n made by some sparp mstrument Mr. Hogemann was for rnerly a member of the firm of Hemmelmanu & Hogemann, wb1ch su'Jsequently d1ssolved. He was au ex pert man ot and was well known to the trade to whom b\s vwlent dtJatb w1ll prove a severe shock It 1s to be hoped that the perpetrators of the deed Will go un-whtpt of justiCe Remevals New York Ctty.-Jas. C. McAndrew, of hquorJCe paste, bas removed from No. I32 to N 0 124 Front at Agents Pbtladelphla, Pa-Stemer, Sm1th Brothers & Knecht, 225 l{.ace &t, have been appomted sole agents for the State. of for Straiton & Storms, Segar Wrapper Booktng-Machines. SouND ON MoTHERS IN LAw -The man who respects b18 mother m law has at last been found He turned up at the Round Lako camp meetmg, and told about findmg hunself m a ball room one mght when "all at once I thou"ht of mJr mother 10 law and how she had been for years for me I got converted r1ght straight f10m that." A Goon JOKE ON MosscROP -The Brooklyn Eagle tells the followmg Among tbe borde of revenue offic1als wbo make a l1V1ng by worrytng the tobaccomsts and other store keepers, under the mnurnerable of the vexatwus stamp act, 1s Mr Mosscrop, who used to be m a better bus 1 ness, as a tohaccomst himself, but who, apparently conclud that the functwnanes make more out of the tobaccco tl"ade than the storekeepers, has changed hts vocatwn from the latter to the)'ormer class The other day he was walkmg down_ Grand. street, E D when h1s lynx offic1al eye d18 coveted tobacco bags m a store w10dow, wb1ch bad 00 stamp "On tliem A heavy fine on the unl ucky store keeper aud a handsome bonus to the mformer, f11ckered m h1s v 1 ew. Entermg, be called for a packa9e of tobacco, 10 one of those ornamented bags The man handefl b1m one from tbe drawer, correctly Not that, but one of thos<> 10 the wmd01v," says Mr Mosscrop "Th1s 1 s good tobacco-that I don't war1 ant," says the store man Neve mmd, I'll take one from the Window'' "All rwht" tbe storekeeper; handmg out a bag from the and rece1ved Sixteen cents Mosscrop hastened to headquar ters mustered a posse of "Gt'Unt Chili" confederates and was proceed1"g to put 'lit force qftbe &tam'p act, by makmg complamt, aflidavrt and what not, when 1 t oc curred to h1m to open the bag, when mIt he found, not to bacco, but sawdust The storekeeper bad made a great dts phty of un, stamped tcrbacco bags, filled w1th sawdust m bts wmdow; wh1le h1s bags of' tobacco, ms1de, were all duly stamped ] 221 same mouth IMt year each 1tem showlllg a very MONTREAL, AuG 12 -Messrs' BaLbgate & Brotb nicrease 10 tobacco of er, propTJetors of the C,ut Tobacoo Works, re JlOrt In tile spemticat1on of stock in the warehouse port -Manufacturers contmne moderately actiVe and t:o day reported 19,200 bhds., agalllst 13,960 at corres have also succeeded m estabhshmg an ad vance of 1 to pondmg penod last yea.r, It appears that there are 2c 10 several standard brands. Pnces st1ll, however, 7,875 hhds. not sampled, without d1s contwne ndwulously low cons1der111g tbe present btgh twut10us but thmkmg 1t desirable th11ot the dtsleaf market lrVe quote 1 Os from 12! to 18c for bngbt, tnbuuon of unsampled tobacco should there IS autually no quotatiOns, as pnces for thts class giVen, I have taken pains to ascerta10 1t as under vf IS qmte 11 regular As a. new feature ot the to, Other bacco trade here, we note a large mcrease m mgar CONNEeriLJUl' 'l'OlU.CCO WAREHOUSE PUBLIC SALE. Mds Sorts To at manufacture, some two or three new factones The stock IU this warehouse Will be at pub!Ja auctwn VL Sample 1013 Not Sampled 794 vs 11'11 560 KL KS 4114. 2929 3578 795 1 1,325 bavng gone mto operaLwn, encouraged doubtlessly by to the highest btdder, subJect to owners' acceptance or re9 5 7,875 \be fact:oftbe comparatively small tmportatwn of GerJeclwn, irom stnpped samples drawn and gaaranteed by man mgars tbts year Whether the effurts to compete Messrs F C Lmde & Co, mspectors, of New York, for 1807 1731 7043 7Sl 0 804 5 19,200 w1th the low prwed German goods be succe11sfuler not cash, commcncmg on Tuesday Sept. 5, 1371. at 1D9 and Western Stnps-Delivenes 802 hhds, po1ntm"' to a there can be no question of the benefits accrumg to ou1 hComme,rce stteet, Hartford, Conn, at 10 o'clock, AM er0od amount of buswess m tbts art1cle the descr1pt1ons mdustTJal populatiOn from the establishment of th1s ac owners crop wtll be sold sep a rately Samples can be ;'old were mostly mt:dmm and codtmon Western manufacture and sohd and extensive bas1s Srnokmg m exammed on and after the first of September Tb1s sale Leaf-Factory dned leaf bemg hm1teJi m supply and steady demand, wtth unaltered quotation Leaf qu1et to. buyes the only chance to obtam the1r supphes from poor 10 assortment was taken for home use only 10 a With 11tocks all m hands of manutacturers ;st Shands Much of the stock IS the finest crop grown m small way In undrted Planters' Leaf. tbere t e t.ate Catalogues ready September 1st I 333 St. D was soll)etbmg done for Afnca, also for the Contmant M SEYMOUR, A uctwneer and for other pa ts VITgtma Leaf and Stnps-Me-WHAT ToLEDO Dw IN JUNEThe following are the dmm Leaf for wrappers, and a small qaanttty of Stnps tax teturQs of the three tobacco cutters m Toledo, 0 for the month of June were bought at about prevwus prwes Ftllers were asked for but the offers made for this sort were too Bronson & Messmger, 32c class $6,348 64 low to lead to busmess Marylands and Substitutes16c class 9,474 00 ti5,822 64 Stocks small and uusmtable, httle or nothmg done Chase, Isherwood & Co 32c class 11,660 80 Cavend1sh-Selhng only for ship stores, at low pncea. 15o class 8,920 00 20,580 SO AuGUST 3-Smce my aboye mrcular made up Wttker, Nash & Co 32c .... 7.995 20 about 1,000 bbds tobacco have been 1m ported and added 16c class 6,S80 00 14,875 20 to our stock, whwh at present IS tbe only Item worth mentwmng, market bemg quiet and..prwes unchanged JUJ Y 29 -Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co report as follows -There has been a httle more busmees done in American tobacco dunng the past week parcels of old 1mpots have bad the preference wtth bu1 ers, and the stocks of such are much reduced VIrgmia stnps of 1S68 and 1869 1mport are now difficult to obtam, and those of later date are not 1n favo1 w1tb the home trade buyers, 1lso appltes to Western stnps, a.1d good leafy old descnptwns are 10 request W e stern leaf suitable for exportation bas been 10 fatr demand, buto()Ur market offers but a poor assortment, whwh has of late compelh,d London houses to execute thetr orders 1n oLher markJts, but some have operated rather f, eely m L1verpool Pnces of all descnptwns are firm, nad holders have no mclmatJOn to submtt to any concessions Total $51,378 64 TrrE 1871 CROP OF VIRGINIA -The Danville (Va) Register says: "The leadmg staple of tobacco will at all t1mes and seasons command-mterest 111 tbts sectwn of country In a few the first Tlpemngs of the crop of lSi 1 wtll be ready for tbe knife, and the appearance of the plants upon the hills IS satd to be not at all en couragmg There was certam1y less than the usual area of ground put m tobacco th1s year, and very many of the fields are domg poorly In v1ew of the prospect of a short and 10ferwr crop, we suggest that It behooves the planters Qf tbts fine reg1on to use extra ex ertions to make the crop now 9" the h!ll turn out a good quahty for market They may by labor and at tention make up m qnahty and pncewhat they tall short in quantlty, and thus realize hke tbetr usual10come from th1s money crop The smaller tbe crop the more manageable 1t IS 1u every respect. If hght, 1t may be allvwed to stand longer on the b11l and npen to perfectwn 1t ean be cured m the barn m a more satisfactory manner, and can be bandied wtth more care and to m the stagP,s. Sometimes when the crop IS ver:J!:heavy, tobacco, whlCh was bnght and otly when taken from the field in September, from sheer neglect comes to the warehouse red and rough the next Sprmg Messrs G1 ant, Chambers & Co's Monthly C1rcular says '\Ve have agam to report a very qu1et market for a-ll descnptions of North AmeriCan tobacco, buyers bavmg generally purchased only as in need, and re stncteil. tbe1r operatwns to 11electwns of the older Im ports 'Of both leaf and Pnccs remam steady, and holders of co lory descr1_ptwns, possesog substance, are firm at top market rates In substitutes and other growths, constdenng the very hmited stock m the mar ket, there bas been a fatr busmess done at full priCes Imports-1, 458 bhds Deltvenes-944 bltds agamst A REVENUE CoLLECTOR -The W10sted 999 bbds m tbA correspondmg month of last year (N C) S entmel thus comments "John Crane, the Stock-l 2 002 bhds aga10st 12,'988 hbds IQ lSW, 11,416 carpet bag ex-revenue collector of thts d1stnct, IS re-bbds m 1869, 16,f>5l hhds m l 868, 19,592 "hhds m ported by the department at \Vashmgton as bemg a 1867; 22,982 hhds m 1866, and 19,484 m 1865 V1r-defaulter to the amount of $166,000 We reco-llect gtma Leaf and Smps-Of tbe former there IS scarcely when It was firat reported that C1ane waey a defaulter any offermg, consequently there has been but little that D H Starbuck, the U S Dtstnct Attorney, went done For stnps possessmg substance, aud of fatr even dow,p anQ. Lgvesl.!gated hl8 accountl!, and reportAd to brown color, there bas been more mq u1ry, resuhmg m W asbmgton that Crane was bebmd only about :li9 000 sales, whwh have left the market v<>ry bare of supplies, or (110,000, an.i that h1s bond-was amply good for the fine rwh leafy descr:ptwns are dtfficult to find, and amount, and t.hat defalcatlon was oc aswned by bts de-brmg full prtces 'Kentucky and M1ssoun Leaf and s1re to ass1st manufacturers, by sellmg revenue Stnps stock of leaf, both col orr and spmmng on cred1t. U pan th1s report, Cmne was permitted to is very small, and those desc11ptwus su1table pack up and depart w1tbout bemg H;ow dtd for expm t purposes form but a small1tem m Lbe stocks, 1t happen that Starbuck repotted" only $1 O,OOQ buyers consequently have bad to complete the1r orders when 1t was over $166 ,000? Wonrler tf'any one JS uu m other markets, ;yhere they have operated freely cbarttable enough to presun:le for a momAnt that CraNe The transactwnll 10 stnps have been but small, and pa1d Starbuck a.ree for makmg that JY.pOrt have been ch18fly confined to the old Imports, reJucmg IS too honorable a gentle!l)an to do such a tb1u"' He the stock now on the market to a very small compass; is an honest offiCial and a acco of all 'a to Ltberal caeh ad\ made on to our ho friends in England, tb.rongh a.s. ue" or to our A D CHOCKLEY, J H ANDERSON, Richwood, Va Neyr York. CHOCKLEY & ANDERSON I COMMISSION MERCHANTS. BIOH:MON.D VA of Lear Tohseco Gr&tn and othe p ..... ..t on wbtcb li{)eral cah advanceo wlh be made r oohclted, W1ll e:c:ec 1te orders ror tbe purch!Lfle oJ Lear Tob!ICGO i tb mond Alarkd ror the n<;l;nal Dealel'll and 0 e RicA w l1 tlnd iL to their to li{lve ns orders whlcb. C& direct, or A. o CuocKLKr & 00 0 u tlent to 11! ISblppers wUI b!lve tboadvd.Dt&ge or botl:l msrkeonr New York boat-e and only one commll!lsloo cb. \r 2'Cd ta In to ett .. b.e


EsT.A.BLI<'HED L"' 1836, nY CHARLES :M. CoNNOLLY. 45 W ATE, R ST., ALEX FRIES & BROTHERS, Ma"Rnfacturere of ( HAVANA CIGAR FLAVOR, 26 WEST BROADWAY, NEW YORK, 48 and 50 East Second Street, Cincinnati. 0, LINDB. C. F. LL"iD.II. C C. ll..l.MILTOY. 8 li.AltOOSO. B .U.JiC.ROJ'T. NEWY ORK Seed-Leaf Inspection. Tobacco or Sampled, Certificates given for every case, nnd deiivered case by cJse as to number of Certificate. .N.B.We also sampk in M<'l"chan/.8' own Stores. oJI F. C. LINDE & CO., JPRINCJPA L OI:'FICE--1 4!l Water Stred. W.\UEHOUSE-14!l Water. ITS Prout, T l, '78 and '78 Greenwleh Sueet, aa& .... 2,. 7 and 8 Hndon Rlver Ball Road Depo'l, St .John' Park. .F .A. T:Lv.I:.A.N" db CO., COTTON lc FACTORS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Nos. 70 and 72 Broad Street, :LV::EJ"'gV" "'rO::R.:S.. CUTHRIE &. CO.; 21M FRONT SIREEX, O:M:MISSION :MERCHANTS, .wiD TOBACCO l"Bll8S:mt8, Leaf Tobacco preoeed In hales for the Wet Indl .. -.Xextcan and Central American Porte, and TOBACCO PACKED IN llOGSREADS. 'tHOMAS KINNICUTT, OHAS. B. F ALLENSTEIN & SONS, TOBACCO AND CENERAL Commission Merchants; 129 PEARL STREET, N. Y. r A. a _CO., Commission Merchants, .4ND IN ALLDZBCBlPTlOMS OP Keotuck,-aod Vlraiola t.EAF TOBACCO LEAF TOBAOCP, T H E T 0 B .A 0 0 0 L E .A F. CELEBRATED RAILROAD MILLS f t l ( COm.tiSSION DRCliANTS MANUFACTURED .:EOBAOOO, SNUFF, A.ND .in; _t-he following Brands of Pure VIR.C.I. NI.A : SMOKINC YOB4CCO: BLACK TOM. . RAILROAD MILLS, PRIDE-OF HENRY CO. OUR CHOICE. IN CI.GABS. Al\TD .PLUQ TOBACCO. 108 FRO"T ST., NEW YORK. r We have 'alw!Lys 01, 1 hand a. large Assortment, for sale on Liberal Terms. -.ALSO, BATJER & BRO., I C>T.TO. .-MAIER COMMISSION AND IMPORTERS OF CL4Y 61 WATER-STREET. NEW-YORKr f ACKERS OF ClgGr JtlbbfnU 00,._ ta,.ll If o" hand, f STRAITON, & STORM, f :r ,..l J ) ? I 29 BEAVEB. STREET, J r I SEGAR :4\ llA!iTFACTURERS OF I ) ,f: s E G-s B '1\'Jr 'h EALE1Bs IN iE:A:P. Tobacco Commission Merchants ,. KREMELBERG & CO., XEWYORK, J.:IID F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIMORE, Tobacco Commis&ion leuts. ISAAC READ, Su cco$sor to READ, "' Commission .... .. '"r ... AJO

THE TOBACCO L E .AF. ERCANTitE 111 Nassau StJcet1 N. Y., PUBLISIIE lotS OJ;' AND iliracto_rios OF EVERY BUSINESS PALMER' I IMPORTERS i' A."'TD JOBBJI:US OF ALL KINDS OF ,I.IB:AF Dealer in LEAF TOBACCO I r ... 1-.4 Street, NEW YORK. 39 W ARBENi ST., New-7ork. J IN THB UNITED STA:rES.-+rDepot for John F. Alle'n's celebrated brand of Virginia SmoklrigTobacco, factory No. 14 Richmond, Va. --LISTS OF NAMES 'IN MANUSCRIPT OF .MANUFA CTURE RS, PROFESSIONA L MEN FARMERS, AND ALL WHOLESALE AND RETA IL TRADES SUPPLIED TO PARTIES DESIRING TO INCREASE THEIR BUSINESS. Cir cula rs Envelopes or Wrappers at charges to any hne of Trade m tbe United ::hates and Canada. for parties who ma-y prefer a cheap and etf e ctive mode of adver tising. L ist S., PriM, $15_00 List of Paper Mil1s, Pu!Dltshel"s, Printers in U. Price, *30.000 List of Machinists and Iron Founders in U. S., Price, *20.00 List of Hardware Dealers, Plumbers & Gas Fitters, in U.S. Price, 1 5 00 List of Printers and P11blishers in New York City, Price, $1.00 J. Arthurs Murphy & Co., 111 ST., :New Yo1k. S. BARNETT, DEALER Havana and Domestic LEAF TOBACCO, 14'1 JY .tl.TEB -STBEET, NEW YORK. J '" ,. ';' I CH?ICE PLUGS. OEN"C'INE AN:O OP.IOINA:. PO'W':EA'I'.'\N PIPES. 43 NEW YORK. PIPES, SMOKERS' AND CIGARS. T. It l'ttESSENGER & CO., roa,.... ._..D Da.4.1..B8 m J FOREIGN .i DOMESTIC TOBACCO, .... LICORICE. Ill KAIDBN LAD, lOW YOU. AMERICAN CIGAR MOULD MANUFACTURING CO., No. 4G3 FiJst A't.le., NEW YORK. Sob Manufacturers in America. Orders attended to promp:ly EUCENE DU BOIS, Commissson Merchant FOR TUB SALB OP Leaf, Manufactured, and Smoking TOBACCO, J '16 FRONT St:, 'New York. 1. L. G.L88:BB'I), U, L, UAS8UT Manufa-ctured Tobacco or all BtJh nd Qaalttt.l, at: l'tt w MENDEL & 'BRO. J'. L. GASS:ml'T & BBO., reel trow tbe beot monor..ctorl"' of V!rJrbiJa, tor lota to "' S & L r T b., COMMISSION MERCHANTS. FELIX CARCIA, egars_ ea 0 acco 1XPORUR o HAVANA lEAFT{)BACCO, -190 PEARL STREET, CHARLES A. WULFF, Lithogre.pher, Printer, &Dd Ma.nuiacturer of I Leaf Tobacco, ':. SPANISH AND CIGARS. J l Al so of the well-known No. 160 Water Street, New York. Brands_ _of Cigars, "La Carolina. YOLCER &. HUNNEKEN, Henry Paz Manufacturerso! 1 167 WATE9 STREET, D 0 M E s T c J --- JIEW YOBK. ADd Importol'll ot H AV R S' M, WESTHEIM & CO,, LEAF TOBACCO, 178 Greenwich 'St., New York D:Z..U.EBS IN SEED-LEAF AND HAVANA G voLGER. G. nuNNEKEN: T o b a o o o, FELIX MIRANDA 177 PEARL STREET, IMPORTER OF HAVANA lEAF TOBACCO, J05-EPll '\\" }fAll'l'IN. IM':DEI:ICK ll. JOHNSON. JOHNSON. .. lobacco Commis-siun M-erchants. BENNETT'S I" TORAC,CQ leE. Patented April eth, 1870. t This novel llnd invention 1is olaimed to be the m oat perfecl device for smokiog loose tobacco ever offered to the pul>Hc. _lly simple arrange111ent shewn, the saliva, iosteaiLor runniDg mto the bowl, wetting the tobacco, and -thus fouling tho whole pipe, is carried t hrough the uoder tube into the ball or cham ber under the bowl, while the smoke, entirely ilenlcotized, passes dry and clean through the upper stem to the mouth. This cham ber i re adily detached and emptied, anJ, being entirely separat e fcom no communication into it, evaporation from 1t mto the p1pe 1s prevented, and the is kept dry, and J;>e read1ly oonsumed the last Jlllrtu;le, while great obJeCtion to the common J>lpe-tbat o f the mcotme drawing baclc ioto the m?uth-is eotire ly obviated. It differs in thia zspeot from all oilier p 1 pcs, 1111d must commen d itself at a glance to all amokera. R. W. & SON_ 18.-z 184 180 Street, New York. e 0 -----Llbm.l arurem&tnrilT co mat!o wl!h rutlea aclurho tonitory, iiW= .,u 1 0 Bl1Dil08814JI. I AJ-... el ltle JDICIIT JllWU;)8 ot TUUISB, G4fDaaa --u,-Iliad, a&_ WHOLE/1-ALE ..4.ND BETh; 1 TUI1.KISH and LATAKIA TOBAOOOS in tne e.t WHOLESALE. FACTORY, 74 STR&S1l\\ POST OFFICE l!OT, 6,785. -t.'(HonsesiirConstanttnop lc and York r r o 1 LEVY Bl\OS., :Dt:Ea.::U u:ra.o'turer& /i :r ... ___ PEARL STREET, -NEW YORK. HAJ ANA CIGAR FACTORY. : ---KEY WEST SEIDENBERC & CO., ) J I :19 Defl Street, New York, Proprietors of the Brand ::E=l.osa Espa:1:1o1a. t:r' Al!Seprelll!deio thl ; !"tory are of .\l.o VBH 'I!Esl' HAVANA TOBACCO, Chas. T. Seymour II IMPORTER -'OF WM. A:GNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commission Merchants. V4NA And Deale r in hd 189 Pearl stt"'eet, New York. :Z84. and Front St;roet, .BEW YOBK. HA. VE OS'. SALE ALL DESCRIPTI:ONS G-. Lea! Tobacco for Expl!l't nnd Home trae. Leaf Tobacco baled in any;illckage \i.e press for "elJW.Da Ill .lLL..,.... 0 TOJ3A.COO,.: S E. & G, FRIEND & 00: LEAF TOB.A.OOO, Wboleeale Only, & :Wrappmn Slt'aper$ Dll.u ... ":'nr -l24. wA-rzB-sTBlllmor. EEw-rollK, 165 Water Street, 172 WATER STREET, f(, v. L f T b -Jlave on nle .U ldndo ol LIAJ 'I'OB.lCOO for J:XPOR'l J SOtrnl'rr, Bran c h Store, 8 S!xthStreet, h TIN:F'OIL. ea 0 acco, IDol HOHJ: U8JI. x_ ._sT_E_INE_c _u_. ___ _J_IJLl_ .. _"_A_LLE_,._. _______ ---. !-:?9 MAIJlE!f BROCK. .. BltUBliL I .JOHN' 'J. CBOOBJ: Et>wm Fmm, l 1 M BROCK ._ CO G oe.l!Jany 37 W A .LJ.. STREET, N.Y.' FIGlJllES, .JULY I, ISTJ. -CROSS ASSETS, 1751,628-79, I $200 000.00 1 1 ACTUAL,;SU.RPLUS, 1$503,286 ._9 Our 250)J tluind4m 'llity o.fered in it6 Iron O !ad" PolicU s of lnnrance on the PARTICIPATION PLAN, on the moo.t..favorable tertii!.: ............ Pollcl e not Partici pating in !be'l'rotlt, have a JJ tlie benetl.l of the ""'Ira stcurlty of the l.o.KGJ:IIciiiP FUND. The Promp t oM Libera l at'J'"""cnt o r Leo"" wheo "Fair and-'>qn....,." 1.the opeeloll y otthlo Coms-7. -llENBJl 1'. Jo'JIEIEJIIAN, Beo'll L '.ASHER TAJlLOB, Pr'' TT! ... r;JAOO -r:HENKELL .. T SIG AB' .. (S11.perior Kaku11d Prime Quality) or CEDAR WOOD'; .. J J -' 298 a._d STREET, :NEW YOB.K. 1 '' o Genuine Meerschaum Pipes, Cigar Holders, Amber Moutfi Pieces, Pipe Stems, )Silver Mounting. And all Choice Articles in the Smokers' line, at Wholesale and Retail. ___ ..,.,_ ___ Wholesale and 6 J Street,. [Established 1853 ) YOn.& Bowls, LONDON STRAIGHT AND BEND, CARVED, PLAIN, .AND FANCY CIGAR HOLDERS, made to order by special contract, at lowe r prices than they ca.n be imported at. I haft always on hand a large stock of all patterns. I o.lso make to order MONOGRAMS, CRESTS, PORTRAITS, ETC. -REPAIRil'

"' TilE T 0 n .A 0 0 0 IJ A F: = F:!ARTFORD ADVEBTISEMENTd PHILADELPHIA. A.DVB'B.T!i!EMENTS. PALTJMOB'R B. .. .. 1 wM. '!k' cO., 1 CINCINNATI, RT. LOUIS, AND WESTEB.l'J ADVERTISEMENTS. T 0 b a, 0 0 0 1 MANUFACTURED AND LEAr ToBAcco, CIGARS, &c., 1 33 SOUTH Dealers in, tEAF TOBACCO, AGElTT FOR LO'B.U,LARD'S SNUFF AND TOBAOOO, 17 a,' 19 North Water St., Smith Bros. Knecht,. nau pa JR ALL JWUJI OF TOEJ.A.CCC>, b4 of t11td Dealer '" C.,artJ. e 225 RACE STREET, PHIL.ADELPHIA. States Bonded Warehouse, First Collection District, Pennsylvania. weDWABB, & t(lle., '!robacco and. General Commission .. Merchants, !Jo. 33 North Wa.ter Street, and !Jo. 32 Borth Del& e Avenue, PHILADELPHIA, PA. TELLER BROS., ... MARKS, RALPH &r. CO., Jlanuractnrers and Wholeoale Dealers In -, TOBACCO, SmrFF, CIGARS, and S:MOXERS' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF 115 Arch Street, PHILA.DELP.HIA. RINALDO SANK & CO., .. r obacco 1e x. Del-" A.-, r f tlj PHILADELPHIA.. I&; tip011 Waieliouae lfo. L ............ ... .. .A."-J. .. lllrotla. .. WM.A. l!tOYD. WM-A. BOYO, Jet. THO&. W, CROMER. Baltimore, Md. H. WILKENS, a CO., Monumental ;Qity-Tobacoo_ lo. 181 WEST PRATT STREET, BALTIMORE, D,. __ ,._.., ........... ., Sm.oklDB and Ch .. wiDc Tobaccos, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. Between Race and Elm, OINOINNATI, 0. -Brashears. Brown Titus, Wholesale D ealers IKld LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, (COR.:n:R. OF ELl! STREET,) 154 _State Street, HA.RTII'ORD, CO'-'l'f, J. D. BURNHAM & CO., lronu!actn"'I'I' and Jobllere in CINCINNATI. Tobacc.(), Snuff & Cigars,. And Wbolele Dealers iJI Krohn, teiss & Co., TEAS, A. A. B!JJINru.><, Qommisslon ltlerollaats .. .. ci E'SifE ci NffiANN MANUFACTUR;D TOBACCOS, C! ... b c s Sl TOBACCO FACfORS Nos. 32 & 34 Main st., \Jincinua.ti, Ohio. an 0 acco. J.D. BtlllNrux,} 7.7 & 79 Asylum St., E D w, .. LA. con J H. BtrnKBA ll. '' B. a Z. K. PEASE, DJULaal Of Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, Importers of Smokers' Articles, No. South Calvert Street, And Commission Merchant, LOUIS STRASSER, B y ron 78 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. No. 53 WEST_ FOURTH ST., Cigars. Spccia!Brandmanufacturedtoord cr. 1.\'ianufaoturer of CIGARS, Connecticut Seed-Leaf 'RORA.GGO, :Z.6 MARKET STREET, HARTFOR-D, CONN. GUSTAV GUTH, B. And d ealer in leaf, Plug .. CINCINNATI, 0 'ManniJodareror Manufacturers Smoking ARTICLES All:J IM?oano WM. wEs1'PHAL, .l'""t 'W' .I'""C ....A.c c::::a. .&.D4 :1s7 rr,u:.xur sr., ct,ci,nall, Ol&io '-r..narr..u.. z wan.. lL ,_ """' ... '-2' -&3. ... s. uo., COMMISSION MERCHANT: NO. &8 Germ&D Street, FOB_!:.I_ & REID,alllcauwl ol And Deakr In II!' I N E S E C A R S co .N.NECTICUT LEAr SAL TIMOR., liD. ........ taDtl7....... LEAF y OBACAO U I Dealenla: -:f.W 0 p a, C Co, F. W. F. L. BRAUNS-&. CO BROKE .. RS' -'lil--TOBACOO, 228State St. Hartford, Conn F. H. BISCHOFF, Deutscher Rauchtabak, TOBACCO 37 South Cay Street, ,.. llo. 76 llain Street, Cincinnati, 0. ------------:pA.LTIMO'KE AID., 0/Jlce,No, 4 COLLEGE BUILD;I.NG, L. &, F. SISS'ON, C lntlnnatl, Ohio. Packer and Dealer 1D MD OTII CHOICE BRANDl, h souxH ctr.niLBB r.. Commission Mere ants. V .. WANKELMAN, Seed Leaf 'Who l ofaledcalcrln 'vVHOLEBALE DEALER TOBACCO, Havana. and seed Leaf Tobaucti, Inallklndsof 134 Main Street, .ALTIMORK. G. B. :BOLElfitJS & C(\, Leaf TcbaCCO, Cigars & .Snuff., B. F. PARLETT & CO., 'II'JIOLa.U.B D1t.lLKal Ill Y MANUP'AOTURIED LEA..\ND SMOKING TOBACCOS, AJID ....... Ill TOBACCO, ilanufutue4 Tobueo & 200 PRATT BTB.EBT. BA.LTili:OB.E HARTFORD; CONN. No. :17 llVti.Y STREET, Cincinnati, 0. ,JiiiO, 82 WEliT .FRONT S'J: '&EBr, '126. Clndpn", Ohio HENRY MEYER: .... JOSEPH S. WOODRUFF, 'T'.ros D. ""IUQUT. S. F. Cu:auoN. ns.lL.JU( m --.. C -OMMISSION. JNRIGHT & CREIGHTON, Connecticut Seed-Leaf ij,Gw. GAlwL. GA. IL. &CHA!liSTXIAN AX. 01110 &d cONNEctiCUT VIRCINIA DAa:: :V.TUCKY T 0 B A c c 0 LEAF TOBACCOS, 52 & 54 ANN STREET, WOODWORTH &. STRONc_ LE.4F TOBACCO, No. G3 West Front Street. llA:R 1 Cincinnati, o. TFORD, t'ONN. 18 Front St., 0. J .P. GLOD w II. GtOP.E. J, A. P.-. GLORE .t BROS., ... a co.. lntern'l :Md. Be Ohio. Leaf, .. r' CUT 'La A F 't 0 B A C C O -, .. .. 5 ao'Uil C:Jilarlee .,.. 'f@ WAREHOUSE LEAF TIOBAC00, POWER & CLAYTON, Nos. 214, 216, 218 and 220 GREENUP STREET, ....,.. ..,........... M. E. McDOWELL & & W GTTNTBER !EG.A.BS, BECK &. HA-Y. EN, .11..1. c:-:ERAl... 15, 17 and 19 West 7th Covington, Ky. iJio. I ftorth Water Street, T 0 b c 0 tmpiifeH lid elfml Cemmlllltlllerellull, Commission cpY.INGTON, :KY ---.... I'IUWJ)KLPHLt., ..... General Commission Merchants, .un> .&nd Tou..icco Jl' ---;::;:; Jennoou No. 39 North Water St.l PhiladelDhia lkZ4F T(Q)a.&CC@., Novelty works; ....,._ e S. & J. MOORE, lYiercb.ants, 107 North Water-street, fi-11' PHILADELPr A Jl AN A'JliAN & t;O., WHOLESALI'i: DE .\LllES L.HERBERT,. Dealer hi. LEAF_ TOBACCO Southeat CornerofFouf'th and .Baoo, PHILADELPHIA. No.60 SOUTH GAY STREET I (ao.m..) BALTIMORE. MD. 10'0. Son:ROBDER. A. NtCOLASSD QEO. K.BilCKHOFE": -:BALTDIroELL. SI'EUiGFIELD, KASS. '134 S. DELAWARE A VENUE, Philadelphia. lEAf TOBACCO BROKERS, 85 East South Str.eet, INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. G. W. WI C K S & C 0., lrann!act-nre111' A genii! for the oale of VlfKinla, IM!aeourl, qnd Kentuckw tulJ llneo of Segar s l\rannfactnred and Smok!n2 Tobacco No. IJ,'Jl Seconcl Streefi A. H. THEOBALD, PHILAI)ELPHIA. IUJCOI'J.CTD&U OP LL DNDS Of ____ LEWIS SONS, SPA.NIISii AND DOMESTIC' WbolesaleDc>lc"'in .... ft:J.. 'W::'W '' Leaf robaccoJ r:llewing Snuff: .......... ..::.... ..:-.A.:SD Me?rachaum and Brier PI pes, W. cor. Third a.nd PoJil&r ata., Phila delphi'<. PHILA.DEL'-FIIA INSPECTION.E:mD LEAF TOBACCO. E. W. DICKERSON, INSPECTOR J'OR THE lOBACCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA OFFICE AT No, 10'7 North Water Street,. P.HILA.D.ELPHIA. MEHL & RATTAY, .. MJl'nllfac.tnrers qf alii; Indo or TOBACCO 3019 CHESTNUT ST., PHILADELPHIA. 70LEDO TOBACCO WORKS. NASH & 00., Dealers in 'Tobacco Snuff and Cigars, T01,EDO, O. MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No. 322 North 1.'hircl Street, PHILADELPHIA. t!r A large assortment o f all kind s of Leaf Tobacco co ustar. t1y on hand. J. D. HAShAGEN & CO., Manufacturers o r ancl Fine Out Oheu;in!J TOBACCO, No. 27 CAMDEN STREET, Baltimore, G.DUKE!U.lll'. Jlan.ofactorers, 29 s. St., BALTIMORE, MD. ,..., nw:a. 4. D. -8. l PLAl\TTER ;u... s.. Tobacco Workl!l. !.l'obacco BaletJ Jlfm!Wicturer of .u ina c.Ut Che_ wing lll J'OHN FUNK & CO. .. "-..._ DlilTROIT, l!lliob.. ii:Mpada a-, a.:n,._ CLA"RBSVILLE. TENN. SOUTHERN ADVERTISEMENTS. C. A. JACKSON & Co., hlannfacturers of every descr iption o f Bright and Dark PLUG TOBACCOS, Corner High and Lafayette Sts., Gr, 'V' H I G l:1 I. A N D E R ," ROVER," "DICk TATER," S:rnoklna-Tobacco. 'l'beee establlohed Tobnccoe, oo well and favorab)r k1 own. aru put up in )r(, M anclllb. bales or pouches, u d \u bulk thus oU:ting the retailer and jobber. U.anufactured only at the stMam works 'mm:w'Dow:" ANDaEw J D'!w: G, W, LANGHORNE & CO A-ndrew Dowd & Son, IUNUJ'AOTUILJJ:JIO or g No. G FOtmTEENTII STREET, :Cep o t Richmond, Ya. E. Do El:iristian & Co., Cmnmlslon Jllercltnnt11 for the "Purcallft" of VIRGINIA tfAF. TOBACCO I TO:PACCQ ___ Richmond, Va. 8mnking Will COQlrO.CL WILh ...U0C IMlt IIUcll or on r. tbey may Cleillre. ...... ra. MoNUMENT .... : ... ro. Steoa:rn Tobacco Work Btt&blilbed bJ Bobeit A. Jlayo, 1883; P. H. MAYO & BROTHER, r,ropmtoMI and :ara...,r octo"'ra or Robt. A llayo'e D. S NAVY Tobacro. and Ill oCher atyl eo f blaclr. and brlgbt Obewlng Tobacco. N, CARY STREET R o 111URR! Y, l a te or Van Horn, )fnrns .t Co. LEAF' liOBACCO & CIGARS, MlAL M&SON, laut o( Wa.L\ k AlUOn. II il'er lt. MURRAY & MASON, 102-M.nxsTnEET, KANQiYJ.OTUUR8 J.ND DI".U.US ;."'( .&.l.J., :DBDS OJ' (Between 3d and 4th ) OHI CA. G 0. Chewing and 'Smoking, Tobacco, Go. w. W10xs.} Ky. 1 u & 11e w st. Oh!cavo-m. -=N.=-I!"o-a_r-= :---:-::---=--=----===---=-DANll'" n .. nma. lOJIL H. BARIUI. BUB<. Five Brothers Tobacco Works. Fl!.Bb: W AnrA-1 E 'mplr.e w'orkl3. Y ARA &: SEEI) 'LEAF CO., TOBACCO & CIGARS, PLuG. TO 8 A c co, _l_u_s, o _ut_h_ w at w s e _.,_c_ H _IC_A_G_O,_ I _LL_. And n e a 1 e r s in L e a.c, Quincy, lllUlois. J. H:. PEMBERTON 0 Tobaccd Commiss'n Merchant DANVILLE, VA. I Or<:er s .for Le':'f promptly attended to. R E FKR8 TO llie8T1! HHii:Ln &-'MI.LLER ,New Yorl<'. M e .. rs. G. REil'\'EKEN & PALMORE.-NewYork. Mesm. 'PJ.E ASANTS & SONS, Baltimore. lllr TOS. TTJOMAS J.R., Ri c hmond liiR. GARRitT 'F. WATSON, :.l esrs. ,., E. VENABLE & CO,, Petersburg 209 :R. A., Y01JlflCI8 K F!SKEB, D J. li'lltl.. S. BROWS. J..t.S. BROWN. 1R. 1.0\\'D. S D. S. BROWN ck CO., IKI'O&'I'a.a DO lr.IOLBS.U.B D&ALEBS ll!F,. Lea:f and Manufactured -TOBACCOt RAVANA PRINOIPE. A1ID. DOME8T10 OIGARS And Briar P ipea aad slnokers' .A.rticlee G t'nerally R_'l:cluslvdv Wholesale. 31 and -3.$ Rroads&reel. Boaton. CLEMT. R. BARKSDALE,. Formerly BARK SDAL-e & RsAn:'"' T:obacco Broker. Richmond, .:t J' H. ,.. .. .... Jr., COMMIIIIOJI MERCHANT' FORWARDINC C. HOLYOKE, . Peerless & Fancy Plain Q 111 ... ... ... TOBACCOS. Commission nterehant, f PLAIN TOBACCO a specialty. lliir "-llade .. Qoulpatlllg, ... Jl.ochelter, IJ. y, COMMISSION :MERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, BREMEN. 1..2 Central Wharf, Boston.


., THE TOBACCO LEAF. T L1QUORIC&. PASTE. TonAcco IN ST. "LoursTnere were collected from to bacco durmg July m the St Louis Revenue D1stnct 153 83. DEATH OF AN-0LDTOBACJCO cal l ed upon," says the Petersburg, Va., In.dex of the 25th ult., "to record tbe death of another venerable CIYZas agatn successful. the breaking out of the war he had realalized a considerable fortune, but It Nnn-mJLK poliCemen are not allowed to so10ke while on ToBA.cco IN VraoiNIA.-In the Second Virginia Reve-duty, nor arc they allowed to travel m patrs. nue Distrtct (inclutlmg Petersburg) during July, *4S,848.3f were collected from tobacco, snuff and cigars. NE. w ToBAcco CuTTER.W. T. Fa.rre, of Montreal, Canada., has patented a tobacco-cutter at Wasbmgton. r W .ANTED A. SMOKE. -John Lee and Charles Sullivan were recently on a charge of forc1bly entering the premtses No 105 Mat den lane, by breakmg off the staple on the and stealing thtrty-stx boxes of, valued at $200. They pleaded gutlty and were commt ted for trial. HAMBURG is connected w1th other ports by twenty-threa steatrier lines, of which only s1x are German. Ten are Ell. glish. NEWS !-TheN. Y. Commercial Advertiser has made a dtscovery. It says: "R1chmond t.:oba.cco crosses the oce&Il twtce to be sold by English traders to EngliSh coloniSts.'' TilE UNDERSIGNED AuKNT NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE W!:LL k.Down br&nclfl or Vqo .. ril:t:' J cy Ca AR o.nd r.F', de&lree locautlon TobaCt";Q manufactUft'li!o ng!itDit using anr oft be numerooe bran de pur.-1rl,: orHlinll.l and genulne brands or L\qu.orlce, lJUt whtCh areatfulrenl.Mi h116 br-tnde r ebmled in thl.S et,nntry, and in eome lutu..ancea contalniDg but 4.CI.Y pt:t ceut. of To inl!ure obtalDtDg the Puro and Conuino J Cy Ca, RR and lVI' Brands of Liquorice, 'l't'f':V Phonld eilher addret ti,eronlt!rfll to the undert11gned In 'New Y .-w or tn fhe !1 Uowtnqo houtefl the United o;w ... who&N appolnA I.V TOB"A.CCO,. DEFIANCE ___ SwF.ET .A"RI': Tin: UsES OF ''Ann.IITISEMENTS "-In tllustratmg the frutts or advertismg an exchange says: "A fam1ly m Flonda lost thetr httle boy, and advertised r,r him in a d.,t l y paper That very after noon an alhga.tor crawled up out of a swamp and d1ed on the front door step. ] n his stomach fottnd a handful of red hair, some bone buttons, a pa1r o( boot heels, a glass alley, a pa.i! of check pants llnd a paper collar The advertisement dtd it." eiGAR MANUFACTORY, D. HIRSCK lr. 00., 25'1' BOWU'J' -ill6'l' Water 8&4t NEW YOBIE.. Domestic Leaf Tobaccos, Mal Street, Boche8ter, N. Y. DoN'T BELIEVE IN IcE MACHINES -An old colored stster of Atlanta., accordmg to the Sun, thus accounts for the recent destmcttye storm in that ctty : I can JCS tell yon what ts de reason for all dis bail and wind and nun what de good Lord has poured out upon us poor smners-tt all comes of that 1ce meersheen what the whtte folks hab started m d1s town. Its a,;m natur--makmg a. freazm cold tce here in the month of' July, ond de good Lord is punishm' us fur to be trymgto be smarter dan He ts. He don't make tee m de sum mer ttme and when poor sinful man gets to gom agio de .Lord, den He's sure to pumsh 'em wtth storms or hail and ram and wmd and tarafymg fevers -bless qe Lord J" :SOle Proprleto,; ot the by IMIII ANTONIO GONZALES, Brando: IMPORTKR OP' DIH'IANca, EL lllii'BlSTO, :PAL8TAFF, JUPITD. 'l'llB LION, UNIVERSAL STA.BD.AltD, -GULI.l VBR. U C.&SS HAVANA 'LEAP TOBACCO LEGAL TJI:NDER, LONB STAR, AND GAME 'JB. PKLICAK, l'OWER OJ' J' :LBJNil .U.S;) DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. L. CARVAJAL'S CIGARS, t67 Water Street, New York. Officials Selilng and Cigars-The Conllid I or Autllorlty. To the Edttor of The Tobacco Leaf Iii gomg over THE LuJ<' of }'esterday's tssue, I find on 1ts third a compar1sou drawn between the rulmg of the CommiSSIOner of Internal Revenue. of June 30th, regard ing the sale of cigars by a shcrtff under and by v1rtue of a. Stat"l Court, and the authonty gtven m satd rulmg for the pmchase of stamps, stampmg and cancell,ttiOn by the shenff, of c1gars, not yet so stamped and cancelled, and the purchase of stamps, or rather the borrowmg of the st.amps from the government by the U. S. Marsha.!, for the reason stated m the rulmg contamed m the Washmgton d.:sp'\teh relened to, umely "It oftentimes occurs that tobacco so seized and forfeited, decreases in value by reason of the action of the weather and when offered for S!lle wtll not command tbe amount of tho tax thereon There IS certainly a. plam di!Terence between the. two cases. In the event of a sheriff" buying and affixing stamps to cigars the necessary amount of mJney for such' staL?ps must cowe primarlly out of the pocket of the plamttff m a ClVll su1t, apq aut of the sale of the mgars se1zed a.nd sold. In tlus case the government rece1ves all taxes due on such c1gars, whtle m the event of tobacco se1zed, forfetted and sold by and f01 account of the U S. Govern ment, there may arise a loss to the g vernment for the reason quoted above. 1 v. There is another reason why both rulmgs. are correct liB regards the :power gt ven. to the sbertff 1 n the ruhng re ferred to ol June 30th. You must concede that by thll ex ercise of tbat power, the orders of State Courts can be executed to the full extent1 wh1le m the absence of such power, any c1gar manufacturer m1ght laugh a.t hts cred1tors by keeptng h1s ctgars m a.n unpacked or a.n unstaomped cond11ton, and the Internal Revenue laws would act as a bar to the State Laws, for which purpose they certamly were not enacted. If, on the other hand, the government seizes, condemns, and sells a. lot of tobacco, any rulmg by wbwh the U S. Government can only ga1n, and nobody be injured by such rulmg, we must cons1der as best. Hopmg that my vtew of the Oonflwt of aut/tority meets your approval, I remain, respectfully, your obedtent servant, w. B MOSES. Baltimore, August 3, 1871. A YouNG HOPEFUL.-A. Massachusetts boy cut off his young sister's golden curls while she slept to get money wtth whtch to go to the A SPECIAL PROVIDENCE -A co temporary thus moral izes ''While an Illinois coniitable was on Jus way to ar rest some thieves, a. spark of fire from h1s p1pe !ell mto h1s pocket and burned up the warrant Thieves !-they couldn't have been less than members of the Young Men's Christian Assoc1ation, or they wouldn't have been saved by any such spectal Provtdence as that" ALOFT.-This is the home of the tobacco plant, the place mayhap of its btrth 'lnd its favonte place of ab1dmg, says the Petersburg (V u..) Index. Over one of the thtrd story wmdows front111g on rabb street, of the warehouse of Mcllwame, Sons & Co, blooms a. tobacco plant brtght and green, Its roots in the mortar of the bncks and 1ts leaves wa.vmg m the wmd. It is p1etty to look at so Jar aloft, and so green and fresh in Its :solitude. __._ TrrE LYNCHBURG "BREAKS."The receipts of tobacco, a Lynchburg (V a.) co tern porary,for the last few days have not been so large as fonnerly, but prtces have materially advanced, espectally for shippmg and tine manu factoring, and the quahty is generally much 1mprowed. The planters, wtthout except1on, express themselves well pleased With present pnces, and return to thetr homes resolved upon carefully nursing tl .. groun'ng crop, which IB sa1d tQ be very unpromumg. !bout New Jersey Seed Lear. To the Edttor of The 'lobacco Leaf The nrtJClo in your last number m regard to the yield and pr1ce per pound for tobacco of the different States ts not over stated m regard to New Jersey. 'l'het e were over one hundred cases sold from Duck Island alone, in three dtf ferent lots; the several pnces for the round crop were 35c, 33c. and 30c., and the y1eld was over 1,300 lbs. per acre Thme were over 1,500 cases grown m th1s vtcmtty Ltst year, a. part of 1t tn what IS known as "Penn's Manot," m Pennsylvama. The quantity "ill be much greater thts year. -'!'he prospects are now that the crop will be very sound and very fine. We have bad less worms than were ever known here be fote. I th1nk there will be 2. 000 cases produced m this imrne dtate ne1gh b orhood th1s season. We have commenced to house out tobacco already, wh1ch is rather earlier tha usua.J. Respectfully, JOSEPH REEDER Bordeptow_n, J., Aug. 6, 1871. CoL. ByRD LuNDIE, residing near Petersburg, Va., re cently hts ent1re tobacco crop, valued at through t!ie vtolence of a. recent storm How SliA.LL WE PREVENT GRASSHOPPERS FROM EATING ToaAcco ?-Grasshoppers are one of the fe'Y iqsects that mdulge m the use of the weed, wntes a. correspondent, and the1r manner of takmg tt is rather damagmg to the growmg plant, for unhke the worm they do not eat clean as they go, but go w1Lh a skip and eat where they please, darnag mg more than they devour. To attempt to catch and ktll them be quite too br1sk a "busmess to be both agree able ami pt'Ofitilble, so some other means must be resorted to m order to prevent the1r depredatiOns. A few days ago we ,saw a farmet plowmg a stnp of ground bestde h1s to bncco field to keep the JUmpmg rascals from his preCious weed, but hts netghbor says It will do no good, unless the plowed strtp ts several rods wtde, and says sulphur sown on t!Je plants when wet wlll keep them off, as they are not yer used: to brtmstone Another farmer says sow ashes or hme lreely on the tobacco plants by the s1de of the grass land, for they Will adandon the use of the filthy weed, unlese free f10m all alkalies. But we confess we have more confia('nce m a flock of fowls to devour the grasshoppers than any other remedy, More Cowls and less grasshoppers IS our 1dea. THE SAssuaA.s OIL THAT ToBAcco Is SoMETIMES Fu.VORED WITH -Richmond has bad for the last two years a sassafras oil factory, located m the vicintty of Rocketts and uoder the control and management of M K. Demortie & Co, colored Smce the mst1tut10n of th1s manufactory m the c ty sinular enterpr1ses have been started elsewhere m the State, one at the half-way stat:on, on the Rtchrnond & Petera burg ra1hoad, and another m Lomsa county, on the Chesa peake & Ohto. 'l'be propnetors, after expenmentmg two years, think the busmess one whiCh can be made profitable. They gtve 30 cents a hundred for the sassafras root, and the county hands have in instances made *2 a day by the sale of the raw m, tenal for the factory. The capacity of the machinery 1s 40,000 pounds of the sassafras root a week, 10,000 pounds a day, the st1ll workmg only four days m the week. The quantity of oil manufactured is about 2 per cent of the stock used, makmg from the 40,000 pounds 800 of unrect1fied otl 'l'he clea.nsmg from sedtment and 1m punty lessens the amount. A gallon of oil weighs ten pounds, and after makmg every deductiOn forty will be a. !aU" esttmate of the week's work. The stock Is first cut up fine by a ch1ppmg machme manufactured by H M. Srnttb & Co., of tltchmond. An Immense tub 1s filled w1th the raw matertal and closed. The process of dtsttllauon IS effected by the mtroducoon of steam, wh1ch 1s afterwards forced through a vermicular copper coil wetghmg nme hun dred 'l'he oil thus made is used mostly for medi cal purposes, in acenting toilet :;oap and m flavoring tobacco. Copenhagen.. .. ...................................................... l .. A PnoFJTA.nLE INDJA.N.-There ts, says a City con tempoCorunna . .. .. .. . . 646 .. -. rary, a German gentleman on Eighth avenue who has reCad1z ................ .. .... ......... .................... u cently d1splayell ht! geh1uS m the management 'I! iilittle a.f Fmme .. .. .. .. ... .. -.. .. .. .. .. ..... fatr of peoumary profit whtch faT exceeds-m cleverness e ven Genoa. .. .... .. .... 2 0 76 .. 29 .. .. ..... Gibraltar .... .. .. .. 92 .92 2,103 13 Hl 623 239 239 874 ....... -.. 17,111 tht> refrcshmg mventtveness evmced by the New England Glasgow .. .. .. .. s5 161 1,l16 s s 43 89 39 638 ... .. gentleman of clock ann wooden nutmeg noto11ety. The_in ..... 9 so 1,620 1,817 1,886 12,895 100 701 ................. .. dtvtdual m que t10n IS the proprtetol"of a small c1gat-store Havre.................... 277 271 2,161 ..................... ........ on E1ghth avenue, near the scene of the late nots In front Leghorn. .. of the Cl0!!ltr merchant's!shment IS st, ttumed an effi0"Y, Lil.!sbon 'o1" 35 72 47 2 1.122 "' .. .. .. .. 20 ...... verpo .. 9,298 .. .. .. 50 4,468 602 1,011 10,684 ... 88,.a& -resemblmg as well as wood and a. lav1sh apphcat1on of pamt London................... 99 490 4,841 _..... 1,140 214 262 1,14'1 ............ 27,875 can n:ake the figure, 'the form and features of a rather m1ld-Londonderry............... .......................... ,.,._ lookmg Ind1an ch1efta1r1. Durmg the nols, the tobacco store, Malaga .. .. .. ... o .. w1th tho so in the ne1gh borhooP,. ""as clo$.e..d and doors barred alta .. .. ... : ... The Indmn was wheeled IDSJde but fiew momC'nts before Marse lies 127 906 .. Naples .................... 1,102 ., 1,666 : .. ...... 6198 ........ ....... the musketry began to ruttle along the avenue. The c1garOporto . .. . . .. . . ......................... shop was literally perforated, the balls passmg th1 ough the Palermo ................... .......... .. .. .. .. .. . ........ .: ... window shutters and heavy panels of the door Upon the Rotterdam ... ... 4'1 47 284 .. .. ............. ..... ..... ensUin0 day the store opened as usual, o.nd untouched b.v a ... : 862 .. 596 alentta .. ..................................... ....... ,. ,., .-.--.. .. smgle bullet, and still preserving hts placid1ty of expreSSIOn, Venice ............................................ ... ........... .. .. ....... -......... the Indtan was wheeled oat-doors to h1s accustomed stand. Vtgo .. . .. . . ... -.......... . .. Otber :: :::::::I 6 6::.. .. ... ==:;.:.:: .... lucky drove a brisk trade. Closmg for the n1ght, and while wheelmg the fortunate savage back to hiS place, I some one remarked the wonderful fact that Osceola, or Te cumseh, or Black Hawk, as be chose to call h1rn, bad es caped the rain of death unharmed. A haopy thought slowly se1zed possessiOn cf the German. Black H,twk was mtro duced mto the back yard, and statiOned at the furtl!er end of the fence Wtth grmning sat1sfact10n the delighted Tenton produced an anctent revolvt.>r, and qutetly proceeded to open fire upon the doughty warrior. The bnsk fire of lhfl c1gar man \\as prolonged throughout the mormng, unt1l the Indian was almost d1sfignred by bts severe battenng of bnllets. After''the firmg had ceased, Black Hawk, covered wtth honorab l o wounds, was borne to his wonted statiQn to advertJse h1s owner's wares. The sun had hardly tisen before the crowd began to assemble m front of the store. The Indian attracted the most mtense attentiOn, ar.d hundreds thronged the streets to wttness the supposed effects of the E1ghty fourth's musketry fi1e Never was there known such a. demand for a d the results of the early orning's pistol-practice m the form ol bullets were eagerly ptcked from Black 'Hawk's body! and sold wnh rap:d1ty at from seventy-five cents to one dollar per balL Notwtthstandtng a has elapsed since the not, the most arduous exertions and the crowds of trophy-hunters who have thronged the' cigar man's, it seems impossible ev r to get all the bullets out of that poor Indian. Indeed, 1t IS hmted that the German wheels Black Hawk mto the back yard regularly every mornmg, and puts btrn through a temfic course of peppenng w1th the antiquated ptstol. It is also currently reported that the cigar man, as soon as the excitement slackens, and bullets become less saleable, m tends presentmg a btll to the C1ty for the IOJUries sustamed by Black Hawk. ToBAcco CuLTURE-" ToPPI:>G" Asn "SucKERING." Toppmg of tobacco, remarks the correspondent of a. co temporary, consists in the removmg of the blossom b t'd wtth as much of the stalk as IS constdered necessary in the grower' s JUdgment, to g1ve to the remammg leaves the best results by throwJDg the now vtgorous and rapid growth en t1rely mto them, unttl the t1me for cutting. Thete nre a divers1ty of opm1ons among in regatd to the t1me for perforrnmg th1s Important task. If too mauy leaves me left on the plmt by toppmg too h1gh, an mep amble loss IS sustamed, and, in my opm1on, the fault 1s oftener m high toppmg, than in too low. We are all eager for gam and when toppmg tobacco we hesitate before preaktnr, the top, fearmg we are gomg to throw away a leaf that might help to weigh, but such IS not gene1ally the 'base, as we1ght and more than exra quality go 1oto remammg .Weighing plants when first cut from the field, wtl! convmce growers that the short plants of "bout fourteen leaves wmgh beav1est From fourteen to Sixteen healthy lcjj-ves ie all that I allow to mature on the greatet pnrt of my plantS, and is in fact, that will mature to advantage If we go e1ghteen, twenty or more leaves to toppmg, we have from one to four leaves that are thiCk aud bl!LOK, unfit fo.r wrappers, anll the balance of the plant not fully diwelopell. I generally letmy early plants get to the tb1rd or fourth bloSom before topping, as I think tt saves labor iq suckerJng and' makes the field mature nearer to5etber tf une\'en as all buds in Sight can be broken off at same tune op later plants. The smaller the plapt the fewer the leaves to be left on, that all may mature at nearly th. sam,e j.hat are adJommg, that the fielll ay be cut clean ns you go Ir the tobacco is considerably un even, the toppmg of the smaller ones will have to be left for a. few days, then go over It agam, topping all that will possibly do. .A small plant ought to mature e1ght or ten or more leaves, in proportion to the-'condttlon of the sotl, and the fot ward ness of the plant compared wttb the rest ol the field. The top 1s best removed by breakmg the stalk wtth the hand close to the remammg top leaf, bein"' careful not to tear or injure the rema.tnlD"". Put the tops thus removed between the rows on the ground and not on the leaves tv yellow them. In a few days from l.he time of toppmg tliere will be little shoots called ''suckers" start out from the stalk on the upper s1Je of every leaf, the top one being most vigorous. When you see these begm to start, begm to lay in a large store of patience, as you will need it all rf ever, from th1s ttme till your tobacco 1s housed. When the top ones are about three mches loner them off about half way down the plant th1s time In o.bout thirteen days from toppmg, break all suckers oft ftom top to bottoms of plants ready for cutting. It ts best to take two rows at o. t1me to save breakmg the leaves m extra. passing through which IS unnecessa.rv. Work wtth both bands and then It will last as long as yoii.r store of patience, as you wtll have at both times of sucker mg about 150,000 suckers to break from an acre, puttmg these also on the ground. In the meantime, the worms and all sorts of enemies wtll be trymg to 'destroy what you have almost idolized, nnd at thts critical point if a new be ginner don't lose bts pat1ence and feel dtscoura.ged, he has greatly mtssed his calling, and ought at once to start m better busmess, say a "mtsstonory to the heathen" or teach a "dtstrJct school." It would be well enouah here to sal" to the "hfe msurance agent'' who thts, that 1t 1s it. very bad time to show forth tho vast amount to be made by takmg out o. policy with them to new tobacco growers when suckering, and further, 1f bound to introduce thetr business at all hazards tt would the safest way to "off coat" and break off suckers at least half a day to convmce htrn that you are really m earnest for h1s welfare, and then stand well back and break the news of your miasion gently, and a. down htll grade for a few rods in cases m1ght be worth takmg advantage of. Tobacco wtll generally do to cut in from fourteen to 11ixteen days from topping. I To Foreign Ports other than European Ports. ETC, CASES AND BALES. .. ""' "" -ao "'" PACKAGES AND BODS. .. Atnca .................... -- Argentme Repub ...... .. 18 .. .. .. 23 ................. ... 30,155't Brazt1 .................... ... ....... ....... ....... 6 ....... ....... ....... .... t,.fOt Dnt. Australia............. .. 39 .. .. .. .. ... 28,649 28,649 585,1o.l. Bril Gume& . .. .. . . .. . 20 ... ll,lSI. 1.'t. HLndurll!l .......... .. .. ..... J 5 .. .. 8 ......... ,. .. 11.0t'r Br1t N A Col ........... ....... ....... 216 .... ....... 7 ... ....... 88,101 B1it. W Indies .......... -.. 16 16 176 233 233 ?78 -. ,1 131,02't Canada ....................... ,., ................... .. 681 ... .. Ceutral A.meriaa ... 1 ......... _... 10 ............ .. .. ,.. 68 .. Chili......................................................... 133 .... ... -- ........ Cbina, ..... . ........... ......... . .. 38 .. .. 31001 3,001 Ciepblune Repub. :......... ..... ...... .. .. ...... 101 ................ . ........ n,43l Cuba ........... .' ... -................... 31 81 658 ................................... 498,H. Damsh W. Ind1es .......... .... ... ... 49 ...... .. 40 .............................. :..... ,,&If, Dutch E. lnd1es ........................................... ...................... :.. S,09't Dutch W Indlea.,.. .. .. .. .. 11 ...... 18! ............................... 63108$ French W. )ndLea. 6 6 IH5 .. .. ................... ................. ..... 11214 Hayti. .......... ',.. .. .. .. 21 202 202 3,839 .................. .... St'l-...... ::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::: .... 36 :::::: :::::::::::::: :::::: :::::::: ii,Mf New Granada ......... ,, .. .. 2,089 ..... 98,91a Ptn>u .. 216 :. ....... 4.8,62l. Porto Ri(..'O 33 314..,l Swedish W. Indies . .... ., ................... ............ .. .. ,. ....... ......................... Vet.oezuela ... ....... .................. 6 .......... 154 .. .. .. .. 12,M& Otber pons ....... .. .. .. .................... .. .. .. .. ----------------------1--Tou.L .............. .. 22. 22 1,326 U6 9,005 55,775 I Exports of from all Ports of the United States. HOGSHEADS, ETC, CASES A.BD BALES. Where to. ..; PACKAGES AND BOXBS. liANUP' ACTURXD 1bL 81.:' ., .. -"' "'li .... -----------------------------------------------. Ahcante.................. . .. .. .. .. 141 .... .. . ... .. .. .. Amsterdam ............................. 1565 ....... ....... 218 ....................... ::.:::::::::: Antwerp .. . .. .. .. 14 2960 .. 103 ..... .. ?66 .. _.... 111121. Barcelona................. . ............................... ..... ...................... o '"9o .. i2os :::.: .... 5o ;52::::::.:::::::: : :::::::::::::: ::::::::: Bremen................... 589 1878 30414 307 2120 4958 ........ ,. n7 ... .' . .. 2115 ::::::: : : :::::: ::::::: : ::::: : ::::::: ::::: :: :::::: ::::::: : :::::::: Corunna... .. ............... . 946 ............. ...... ............. .Qenoa.: ................................ 3120 .... ....... 29 ....... ..... 103 ::.:::::::::::::::::::: ........ .. 92 2103 13 623 239 ..... '!388 ......... 1'1118 Glasgow .. .. .. ... .. .. 35 116 1116 8 .. .. 44 39 638 .. ... .. . .. 89Tt !Jam burg, ..... ... .-. 9 21 1608 1817 69 1H08 100 467 .......... 1808G Havre.... .. .. 277 I ; ...... 4659 .. . 3 .... . .. .. ......... .. .-::::::::::::::: ... :::::::::::::: Lo!!don: .......... 410 391 7<186 .... \ : .. \ 3193 214 38 1267 .. .. .. 21075 :::::::::::::: :::::::1;:::::. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Mal'8811les. ................ .... 121 3029 ... ....... 147 1 .............................. Oporto ........ ...... ....... ....... ....... ...... ....... 20 .. ................ .. Paler1ao ................................ .................... 1..... .. ......... ... 162 ...................... Rotterdam.... .. .. . 1038 11964 .. .. .. 42 .. .. 81 .............. ::::::: ... ::::: ... ::::::: ::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::::::::::: Afnca .... .. .. .. .. 807 . .. .. .. 1>2 . .. .. 182 3638't Argentine Republic........ .. .. .. .. 19 .. .. 210 ....... 1,. ...... .. . S065t :::::::::::::::::: :::: ::: : :::::: .. 2o ::::::: : : :::: 27 :: :::: ::::::: ::::::: ::::::: :: ::::: .. ;;;i Br1t1sh A.uetraha ............... ..... :-. 128 ... ".. .. .. .. Q.6_.,..... .. 618 2849 .. 11H04. Bnt111h Gu1nea............. ........ .... ..... .... 20 ....... ...... ....... ...... ... 856'r Br1t1Bh Honduras........... .. .. .. 5 .... ..... .. 18 ....... .. . . .. ... 3101'l Bnt11h N A. Colonies....... 24 190 ; 7 460 .. 107 693 ..... : 19220 9939 llr.uah West Ind1es......... 16 6 289 235 10 1094 . . 133 2H2f> 583 (83J1& Calcutta......... ...... ..... ....... ...... ...... 470 ............................... ,., ........ Canada ........................... ::... .. ....... ....... 675 ....... .. ....... """">< Centra\America............ ...... ....... 1 ...... 4 40 ....... .. 11 .............. Y.41';vit80 Ch1h ............... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. 133 .... .. .. .. ... '- Chma........ .... ...... .... ....... ...... 6 .. ... 108 ....... ....... ....... 8001 ... 3M3t Clsp1atine Repubhc.,..... ... . .. .. .. .. .. 68 .. .. ... .. .. .. . .. .. ... l-iST( Cuba .......... . 1 Sl 17 636 ......... .. .. ...... . 9015 866818 Damsh West Indies .. .. ... .. .. .. 28 . .. 50 .. .. .. .. .. . . 6329 Dutch East lndtes ....... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . 88 .. .. . . . .. S09'r Dutch We9t lnd1es... ... . 1 15 32 H7 8291 39903 French West Indies........ 6 ....... 460 ....... 2 286 ""io' .... 71 '"269' :::.:: ....... 8SI Hay!1 . .. .. .. . . 50 202 258 4!07 1 ... 891 .Tapan.... ................ ..... ....... ....... 1 li5 .......................... Mexico..... ............. ...... ....... .. 2 1 76 ....................... ,,. .. 6911 Montevideo ............................ _.......... 44 .............. 266 .............. 1504 New Granada .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 2381 .......... ., . ... .. ... 22392 119 129 New .... ,....... .. .. .............. .. .. 4 ................ ..... 16228 Peru........................... ....... ....... ..... 236 ... ... .. .. .. ........ 11lat Porto Rico ...... .. .. 2 .......... .. 6ll .. .. _., 112 ............... .. Sandwich Islands........... .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. .. 231 .. .. .. . &1 .. . .. ....... S.vedsh West Indies ... ,. .. . .. .. .. .. . .. ... .................................. Venezuela ... .. . .. .. .. .. . .. 8 .. .... 99 .. .. .. . .. ... 11874. OtherPortl>................ 10 1159 6.1.14 95 4 1245 ....... ....... 511 .. .. 6USI ............... 381l.t ---rns-98373 2mm Where from. New York ........... ,..... 24M 4330 51'187 2611 2380 22113 647 13876 55776 59501 2118868 llalt1more..... .. 1449 1336 3334l ... .. 513 ....... .. 375 ..... ... 63191 Boston .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. 10 2 820 97 189 380i 10 -71 1368 ... ... 50t .. .. .. .. .. .. 9o 12425 .. 61 ut .. .. ... 42 .. . ?3 G ::::::. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::: ::::::: :::::::::::::: ::::::::: San FranCI800......... .. .. . .. 9 4 850 .. .. .. 10'1 441 ..... ........ Ot.her Porte.............. .. . .. . .. ..... ................ ................. Total .... ........... 5i5SJ 988'13 2717 2624 27894 1004 ----s2'616i08


,. ... "r II E T 0 B A 8 0 0 L E .A F. F! TOBACCO MAIIUPACTU:B.EB.'3. TOBACCO JUNUF.AC ruRERS. -......,----=--------Anhur Gillender & -IVOOifi"OU TO ... ADaiiOB OG. ) H4, 116, an4 111 LIBERTY .. 12 &nbv Glt\eo d er. N opoloo 8 lluku'*o 'r'li'W-TAU'Ir loeI, et_ ... :NOTICE. Bralldl, PLA.NET and l!l>i.ILOKS' CHOICE, have b ee n oo cloely lml-UJ.ted as to dCc'eive man y of th e Tmde, in future the ; tnmped wltb our.uame. 1 'BUCHAlf;AN W JllcELRO.Y, Sole Agent, No.-2iBtoa d S t., llOS'l'O:Y. l oJJ. El Baco and Metrovolitan Brands, 209 PEARLB'IREET, Cor. !J&lden H4RTGORN-& HAHN .... LICORICE PASTE. KREMELBERG & i CO., __ ......,.._._ I K. and J. 0. 1 Oa Bnmda. 'We oll'or far le to IDIIanracttlrera and l he : trail Ia reneral lb .aapertor &lid brand ol Llconce Pule 11:. A C. and J C.7 Ca,expreoa!J"r lolita maruc, u.d warruted poan. W!l, ZI & CO., JUJ baco-<>, 8ll3 BROAD BTRBE'!'_ 1-.'BW J.P.K, U. & B 'ROD v. F. .. j_) ... ... >roUOTUREBs OF Tobacco & Cigar BroKer & Snippe r I! T0BACOU -I HADAN'A. MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS, sp-eet,, NEW YORK. I [.:a.. ""l'[T ..-Y.Il.: '-P' -"A. .... .....,_ J. .... Packed in.EtJerv Peper of -dHE\Y-i:N& :-'FbBACdb, ._&. S. EDMONSTON & BRO. .IU3 &. 11115 lluaile St., .NEJfl' YOBK. Mannractnrrrs wi'h L PJ\f in And FmaH W ill for c\crytblog CJnD t Cted with 1he r Will be glad to HCt as auent tnc fo_pr ocnre me 1ts for ll ttn n se in theSt>t..Wfl'. F. W. SMYTHE, cammission Merchant, PRIJIIOES BITILDI1'iQ, 30 NORTH JOHN STREET, 1,1VERPOOL1 ENGLAND. __ "ll BRO-. 'l a ;ruw-123 Pearl Street, .NEW YORK. Charles T. Bauer & Co., Commission Merchants, And of Havana Tobacco & Segars No. 40 BEAYEII ST., NllJW YOBK C$TY. -----'-----------Manufacturer of, FlN. E DOM.ESTIQ,; And ImJ;iorter o! HavanaCi.&a:rs. 99 WEST STREE,T; NEWYORX. M.FR.ANK, Importer o f 1 HAVANA, And Dealer In DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, t I t I .... I 195 Pearl St., .Ne.?, ,81.9N j 1 fmport""; oj' """' jn.. LBA.F No. 192' STREET. 1 f NEW .l'(!BK. .. .. I THlll CIGAR PACKERS SOCIETY -. Jleepeetlti!IJ tile Clpr Xaalll'aetnl"N or Uulled 81&S. l.lla&IIM:r aro Dow able 10 1111 au ord n tor droki&M helton with 11-ben of U>m 8ocle1J ApplJ 10 ._ BOBOII'l'EDT .. Uli8TD, ? BnUJ 1 H. MEYER, 582 Hudson street, NEW YORK CITY. No Box iYiou:ta TobiiCOO Boxe8 and Caddies. SHERMAN BROTHERS, dealel'!l in Lumber, and Manufacturers of all kinds of BOXES .l'rD BOX-8DOOKS. P"' ap and !hlpo Ped to r tbe Southern Market. "\Ve &ttento the manufactllfO of TOBACCO BOXE!e!anr Clgar Boxes, furni.J!Jcd to qu.s t1ttea t.o suit;, .:. .w.Ummenb ot' Bla"k Walnut RespectfuU:r SollcJtM SPANISH, G:R'EEK, TURKEY AND HENRY M. MORRIS, Importe r and .!l_tent for the U.S. and' Canada, No. 73 Water Street, and 19 Old Slip, NE"W' YOR1"=. frOm the leading Manufacturers In Virginia, North parolina, Kentucky Missouri, Indiana, U!inoi s, New York and Canada. I Warranted Licorice. Universal Self Pressing ClfiAR MOULDS. -oAlUI otller weD-known :Srando o! Smoking Tobacco,. PACKED IN POCKET POUCI-4!:1. l'ailmted Deo. 3d, 1887. DlpM wllll..t Ord.n tatea ),y H. A. RICHEY', ur-x-r.:... 18H. TOBACCO MACHINERY, -o-For Sale by S, JACOBY' CO. HENRy WULSTEIN, SoLE .AGENTS, 209 Pearl Slreel, r N-MaldenLane. NEW YORK PRENTtoE1S ci]GAR m:out 12, 1871 I I I A In prese ntin g these Moulds to the publio I desire briefly to atate the advantages they preaent over .. u other Moulds or Cigar M&ehines in u sc. (' tbDll "rmed enableo .lhe QJI'lr&tor to with g r eat rapldit,, and by any other kno.,a meano Theoe polnb! embrace all t he oneo-lo the there are man y collateral advantag e which add to the praetlcal valu e ottheee &8 economy of tobacco, tltere being & of at lea!'t two ponnd11 or wrappert' on lOOOclgar@. labor can be e mpl oye d In maklntr the bunebeo and )eM okll I re qnl red In dnlobln g than by the ordinary met b.ode. The cigarl!! l:nade by tbef.le moulds hnrn w\th a rreednm and untrormily TJot attdnsble by any m ethod. Prlee, I Sbapln".Jmouldand 500 Retainer., $100.00. Office corner of Pearl Street ard Maiden Lane, New York, where the practical operation of the 'Moulds can be at all t im es witnei!BP,d. G ; Reliable houses may &llPIY f or I h e prlncl!lftl cille or the Uolted Slat-.. GEO. J. PRENTICE, General Agent, ,! 197 P earl St., Cor. Maiden Lane, New York. HERMANN D. SIEFKES, (Late of '7 ElEFii-ES). '' Importer EriM 1 China 83 CHAMBERS & 65 READE STS .. NEW RICHARD J. BOIKEN, WPORT'l:R OF MEERSCHAUM AND 'BRIARWOOD 91 CHAMBERS ST., N. Y Drier. We CliU the atter.tlon of Maautaetur ers or Cut Tohaeco t o our Patent Drier., I.IO invented by us In 1868, e nd in eontant ul!e by other maDilf&ctorere as well as oureelveP. One ott hue Drier8 w lJ d ry Tobacr.o faoterlban lo can be ant bt any cutting mac> ne now In \'/' Tbe to baoco-lo by< a natural 1 -roee... It occnplo lc thn t en oiqn'!"e .feet or I labor of one hdrefeer," and makcelees than half the made by the ordln ary proceoo of drying. The proc ... 9r dry ing 11 eo fltnple and natural that It muot !tile!! to every lntelli mannf u ctorer: N.B .:....Mn.nurac-.nrere Colterlll. Feuner & Co.' Pateo Tob>ieco Dryt-r by o


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