The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (6 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world. Page 7-8 missing.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I of' the Trade of the United States: I The Largest Special r_frade ?aper i11the World. i: 'iRE tOBACCO LEAF .... J.. l Pum.DBD BUY WaDiriiD4T OJmJI!f& aT TID TOBACXJO LilA!' PUBUSBINU OOJU>ANY, a& 141 Jl'lllloo llt.ree&, lllew Yorl<. J IHUnrY u .. na = ...... ....... J:clljor. JBx G. Qa.on ............ Bw;l:aesooApnt. .$-1 an ld .. rtttot ,;.;;t.;., wbereo U !1 dlred to readl Ulo Upr and TobAUo trade nol oaly of ha' forelp coaubiee, U II \be b' &I honlrl be plalaiT add:reto tire l&AY Pu:BL18BIII9 Co'PAin', 142 J'ulton l:itr""1 OF TD PUB&. 1!\ng ldJoplee ... 1M uenta. I Per anaam ...... f4.00. to Kncta.nd IIDCitbeCW>ad,$l.IM oodd!tlonal per onnUDl lor of po""''!d Continent ol To :Orem.ttll, Bam urg, an Europe, p : a, addiUuoal per uaam for II?"' "II Ttl i'\natrah..._ etc .. lt\l.M, "fi& San PranciijOO._ad-dltion.l per annum tor -.11 __ 1 N 0 "r tb. e paper COneide.n::JU, u..LUel! aocomo tuled bf'tbe eorrespon-eriteema181n tloe NF.Je propon!OD, but noiJt' 'aken 1111len 1, I, 3. 4, or JDCJI'e colo mil, nne yeaT, $4&0; fii montbP, S!M: thrt:e 1 uootb. flW. Halfcolamu, one Jear, tst; eb. m oo tbe, 1180; three montbP, 175. 121"'" Adtert.l!emenll oe the11ret _.. flliO per f!QU" re oYef two wide eoluiii.M, ad D9n t.a ken tbr 1-... th&D one Jpe'able h.!I in ad....,.ce \ two ,....,,.,., lft(l(l; tbree tq--. $4110. No donation lri>m theoe termo. .a.averuoemento daaor llle .o.eodlng .. }l'l)r !!ale" e-ta per IIBe lor neryln..Uoo. In the be !No ordlft tor """oldered, llll""' OCA:!)mDID1ecl by tbe correepoadlng &lllOUllJi. 'J"hh n1fl: nt'ARTAtli.T f.O. u'aslaess Directory of' t "-\ YORK. ( 1 ''' .. ceo ll'.alliRQDBIHI. .Agnew W., & Bone, and 286 Front 8treet, Allen, Julian, 172 Water. .Auerb<.ch, S., ISS Water. Barntu l s., 147 Water. Bus W .Alexander, 8'1 Waier Beruimo, D. & A,. IU Wawr. Blakemore, Mayo i: Co., 41 Broad Bowne, R. S & Co., 7 B,urling Slip, Brod, M 131 Maiden Lane. !:Ulkley, Madre & Co.,74 Front. Cardo&o, A:. H & Co. 123 Pearl. CbocldY A[. D & Co., 168 PearJ. Connolly & Co. 45 Wae r. Cra.wford, E. )I. & Co., 168 Wat&r. Dohan. CaT1'011 &: Co., 104 .Fron'Du Bois '16 uio F 21 Sixth a.Yenllf'. Cba8. B. & &n, 129 Pearl. J'atman & Co .. 70 and Broaa. J'rlend & Co. E. 129 Maiden Lane. Gassen & Rro, I W Water. Glnt&r r.oo-, Sil Warren 1 Gqthri6 Ha!'!'bu,rger I i: Co., UO Water. 81'C..., 108 Front. .Kinnicuu, !'hama.o; 6 Wllliam. W ; P .t: Co.,'J1 I& t3 Front. Xremdberg & Co. 160 Pearl ,_., C,, 1&3 Pearl. Jrl.t, 162 Pearl. M.."\tlad ber1 L. & KM1m ohii80D, Jbjer, Jt8epb &Sea JIIIDee, ... 1_61 01'1:6n1 lktl wor:,.' do. v411JMd Oat,man, I \M filflrl Oumger ,Bra\her81 l'aJ!Iler &: Scoville, 1 '10 \Vater. Pri9e, Wm.M. &: Co., lJ9 HaideJ>. Iane. Quin J. P &: lit Jauc:, \9,0\d Blip. I.' 01J lip. Bader, .U. & sOn, 123 r:u,rt. .a.MU ... CTCII&IlS OP TOBACCO. Bo::chana.u & Lyo.ll, M and 5& Broad. Bncbner D., 256 Delancy. Cook, Vinc,ml L., 109 Ludlow. Edmonston, 8. B. &1Jro.' 'US & 'Al5 Dnane. Oillende r,A.& l16,and 117 Liberty Goetze, Jo'. A. &Bro., :W uhington. Good,, W. B & Oo., 29'1 aDd 2M Wa&er. Bqyt, Tl.tomae Qo_. 41J.4. Pearl, Kinney Broe., 141 'Broadway. llcAlpin, D_. fl. & Co., cor. Annne D o.nd Tenth.' Mrs. G. B & Co.. CoiWDbia. Shotwell, D Son U4 EJchili ave. .t Co.) '11 .Joba. IHOXlN6 TOBAOOCIII, IITC. Eller, 1\l. J Pearl lien, E., 411 Iliberty.. '' HAl!ICW'Aal.lJBDII U CNABI!. Brock, M i: Qo., S29 .8o1rery. Castaneda & .Jewel, 7 :& .lbideD LaDe. Frey Bros., 11 Gold. Ger8be1 L & Bro., 8& Jf&iden L&ae. B.-m, k Hahl!liHB WMer BirJM?b D. a. Co, .89wFJ Bir&cbborn L. & Co., Jaooby, B. & .Co., 2il9 :Pearl. Josephs, S., 293 Eigbtlr &Teaoe. Kerb& II: Spiee, Sli llo.,...y. 1 Le'17 Boe., 192 J?ead. LicbteoBtein Bros. i: z,I.A 167 Waler. Kelly. Robert M. & Co., 34 Beaver. ,Gtli! t C-o., 128 Waler. l'.Ux, 195 Pearl, Pucual; 111 M&raen Lane. Wei! & Co., &0 Pine. 1 Ybor, V. M., 26 Cedar. IKPO&U:IIII o) 8.lll DOIIIJIOO TOBACCO. 1 Loynu & Croeby, 02 Wall. IU;KUJ'A.OTIJ&I o ApPleby & Helme, 183 W liter. Goetze, F. A. t Bro., 828 Waahingtoa. llfPORTII8 o PJP&I, STC,. Boilten Richard J 91 Chambers. Siefllea, B. D., as Chambers and 61! Rea-de. IIIPOI84000 JNSPKCTIOR. Ilinde,, F C., & .Co., 1-43 Water TOBACCO PBUiJDS. Guthrie II Co. 225 Front. ll.a.JIUUCTVJIIIU OJ' CIG .. R IIOUI. lienkell, .J'aoob; illS and 296 Monr.,e. Wicke, Geo. & Bro 157, 159 and 161 Goerck. OIGt-Jl 80X OIIDa ... liD OTBIIB WOOD, Dingl!OI P. M., oor. Sixth and Leu. B-&emner, G., fqot of 11th t. E. R. Bodman & Hepburn, 216 Lewis. Wardrop .t Daly, 205 Lewis. DJ:U.A.H CIOA.B B.IBBON9. Cramer, G., 2q White. SPAB18B CIGAR RmBONS. Almiral1 J. J., 30 Cedar. CIGAR IIOULl>!!. American Olgar .M;. M Co., 463 l<'iral ave Jacoby S. & Co., PA.PJ:R TOBACCO BAGS. Howlett Bros., 204 Fulton. K.&.lftr7.A.CTUC..Z:R OJ' TOBACCO TIN.OU Crooke, J. J 38 Crosby street .A.UC'l'.JON&EU OF T9B.ACCO, ftC. llerard, Betts & Co. 7 Old Slip. 'l'OB.A.CCOODTTiftO I.lOBINUT. Wolslein, Heury, 105 Maiden lane. TOHAOCO L.lBICLS Batch &: Co. 32 & 84 Vesey. H eppel)beimer, F. & Co. 22 North William. W ulft' Chn e A .. lH Chatham. TOBACCO 8ULI!IG' w .. :r. Zinaser W & Co: 1917, William 70B .. CCO PAPlla oWABDBOUQ. Je881lp .t: Moore, 128 William. TOB.A.COO CUTTINGS. Bammerslein, 0 144 W:ater. JIANUI'ACTll&J:BS OP BU88f.&.H'-CIOA.Ur'fU. KiDney Bros., Hl WesiBroadway I I :IUBBU 1'01LACCO FJPJ:. R W. & Son, 182, 18., and 186 G,.enwich. OUURWRA PNRII-IWO VA.CRtlfits J'alrman & Co., 26 Cedar. CIO.lll IIOULDS A.JID SBAPI:L Prentice, Geo. J 197 Pearl. B4T,&IIA CIGAR nATOL Fries A. & Broa., 26 W eet Broad "1.1 Oaenbr11ck & Co., 71 ,Jobo. l'A,IINT POCKET l'ENCJL LIGHT. Sam 8 L., 35 Jobn. CIGAR AND l'IPE LTOBTERS Porter Match Manufacturing Co., 97 lOth n. Lin: lNSUaANOE. Keme Life, 21i4 Broadway. J'IB. INIIURANCII Market Fire Insurance Co., 37 WalL INAIIXL I'OR SHOW OA.RDS. Harris Finishing Co. 36 Dey. IIAR'Uf'ACTURIRS OJ' SHOW CABJ:I. Kraft .t; Holfmeister, 13 North WilliLm. B.uiKS. Bank, cor Broadway and CcdRr. ,. SA!yd, W .A. ifr, Co., SS South. Brann&, F. L. & -l)o., 3'7 South Gay Gieeke, L .t Co., U Sonth Charles. L. 'V., 90 Lombard. Kerokhofl' & Co 49 B. Charles. Loose, 0. & Co., Scuth Charles B. F. & Co., 92 Lombard. Paul, W m., 1 West Baltimore Roeenfeld S. & Co 68 Exchange Plaoo. Schroeder, Joe. & Co., 81 Exchange Plaoo. Wilkens .t; Klier, 69 South ockle y & .Anderson. CiaiiBtian, E p. & Co. BROKERS. Barksdale, C R. ROCHEI!JTER, Ill F. IIAIIVJ' .. CTDRitRS Ol" TOJUOOO. )Vhalen R. & T 199 Stale. llANUPACTURI:RS OJ' OBEWlNG A.ND iniOE.IJIG. Kimb&ll, Wm. S. & Co. 'l>EALEB IN LEAF TOBACCO!!. Mosely, D. E., Mill sleet. l!iPHINGFIELD, liiASS. Smith H & Co., 20 Hampden Street. ST. LOUIS, JUO. ll.ANUIACTUUR8 OJ TODA.CCO. Catlin, D., 7(\1 Nvrtb Second. Laclede Tobacco Works, 504 North TOBAOOO W.ARI:BOUSES, Dormitser, (l. & R. & Co., 123 Wall & Belvin, 820 North Second TOB.lOCO BROK'1 Haynes J. E., 100 North Commercia.l. SAN PRANVI!'iCf), C0MJU88JON MXROI.Ali18 Platt & Newton, California and Front. 8YBACUSE, N, Y. Bier & Oo. G P., 25 North SaliDa TOLEDO, o. 1 !f()B .. COO IUijUJ'AClTVUIIS ,lfuh <)o. .Again, we find "'l'imon," lobe W aehiagtoo corre spondent 9fthe Richmond :IJUpalch, t.hus diaoouraing on the same subject: "For two or three days paet t'bere bu been att ex ten sive Mnsultation going on here between a number of In ternal Revenue names have been very pTOminent in eonnection with tlllt service ever since the office of SoperviBOr was first ed, anl the leading officers of that bl'.llueit nf t.l. i ee I here, including the Commislrioner and Mr. Kimball, the of tbt> division of the office which has complete jn'risdiction over all matters relating to tobacco. The discussions re;erred almost altogether to the subject of complaiots which are almost cor.stantly received at the Department from manufacturers and dealers in tobacco of the detriment to the legitimate trade dotie by parties }Vho systematically jivoid compliance with the laws, and who have so long managed to escape scot free from any penalty whatever. These violations of law arise by means of reusing and counterfeit stamping, as well as by the manufacturing of the great stapfe in localities where it is easy to avoid compliance (so say revenue officials) with any portion of the statutes what ever. The question of protecting the legitimate iobac co trade perfectly and bas ever been a difficult Eroblem with the Internal officers here, and Dr. Kimball, who is versed in every single word oftbe laws these interests, has probabiy written and translated more official commnnications to Supervisors and and to manufacturers and traders, on this matter, than there have been prepared and sent out of the offiCe upon any other subject of similar im portance to the Government. It all seems, however, to be valueless, and it is not yet ascertaineJ bow to bes t subserve the Government interests and to protect the rights of the trade. The great subject of stamps that can neitht!r he removed or counterfeited has not ap proached complete solution, although' under the system as it at present stands eit-her is most difficult of consummation. As far as I have been informed, however, this seems secondary in importance to the other evasions of the !awe, for it seems that tobacco, like whiskey, though not to the same extent, is often on the market without any tax ever having beP.o paid, and that without stamps, either old1 or new, or counterfeit, upon the p-ackages; and the wonder is, when does it come from ? The officers of the rtlvenue seHicto do not seem to know, _many oftbem who have jlt work to v10latxon of law have stated tbe1r mabtltty to sop and seize them without the of troops Th1s IS the old story to the e:lfect, as 1t has ever been, that communitie.< shield violat01's of law. It seems that some of these state.mente are accepted by the Depart ment, and recently it has called upon manufacturers to a88ist revenue oflicera-not merely as the request in substance by reporting facts to the office, bot by additional activity. It would seem that legitimate dealers and manutacturera themselves would properly believe that it is tbe duty of the Government to which they pay beav y taxes to use every means to protect them, and .not require them to probe to the bottom every instance of fraud they report. The Commis sioner will very likely make this question, which seems to have swelled to BUCh proportions as to require a Super visors' convetuion here, a paragraph of BQme importance io his forthcoming official report. The Department bas even been assidu\Jus in its attention to the demands upon it re.sulting from the complaints of those deeply j,.. terested in the trade. Less than this could not be said without iojustice, and the courteous and extremely in dustrious gentleman w bo is Chief of the TobaccoDivision gives almost unwearied labor to solving every knotty problem that arises from the consideration n;l, provisions upon guilty, intentional viol.-tions ; in fine, b:y a and united effort on the part. ot all revtonue officel'l!, with the o.o-operation of the honest tax-payerP' the fra111ls complained of, he says, can be SjJppressed, and the illicit manu facture and sale of tobacco aoq cannot be carriei on .to an that will greatly di min ish the revenue, or seriously injure the business of honest manufacturers and dealers. The Commissioner bas also issued a oircolar, -in order to remedy t4e com plaints of manufacturers of ping tobacco and their selling agents, that, in olfering their goods npon the market, they encounter tobaccos which ar. e sold so low that it is impossible for to compete with such prices and the prevailing opinion is that these low priced tobaccos have been and are being put upon the market without)he of the internal revenue tax. On this state of facts we thil)k we are warranted in heartily congratulating the trade at the prospect of a. speedy termination' ,of, the infamouR operations ofthe blockaders. ThisJe-:t ,ubject i.JI which every dealer in manufactured tobacco is certainly ,interested, for the rascals who peddle illicit goods over the country not only cheat the government but do their to ruin the honest, tax-paying portion of the trade. To circum vent and bring grief'is put.ting money into one's own pocket directly, as wejl as indirectly by aiding the State in obtaining the proper revenue from the weed. It is to be hoped, now th!Lt the officials have pot their band to the plough, will not back, persevere until "blockading" is virtually squelched, Ir the civil arm is powerful enough to compass then let military force be invoked, and the law carried triumphantly into eftect. We say this can be done; the officials hav e s ,et no im possible tRSk. to the e .nd only is re quired; with it, success is certain. The of, and dealers in Cavendish, have long enough suffered from the illicit operations of the men who make money out of their honesty, and the government leave no atone untorned to accord them justice of w hiob they have been so long, so carelessly and so wickedly deprived. We write with feeling, for we have seen the results of official supineness on every band, and long been disgusted by the spectacle of honest tax-payers compelled to urge officials to execute, without fear. or favor, the laws they are appointed to carry into effect. We think we see the end of this sorry exhibition in the not-distant future. 1 THE PETERSBITR'\ iSHOR1'-WEIGHTS. The passing remarks :made n our recent reports of the New York market Virginia leaf on the disagreement between the marked and JiCloal weight of hbds. inspected at Petersburg, s.eem to have fully aroused the trade in that locality to the jeopardy in which the tricks of a few dishonest men may, unless rebuked in time, place the now :ftcurisbing commerce in leaf tobac;co whicn bRS long been transacted there. la commenting on the paragraph in THill LEAJ in yhieh in w eight ofl, 700 lbs. in 17 hhds. was to, the Petersburg Inde;:e says: "The trade in tbiM city is by no means pursuaded that any wrongd\Jing in the pre mises mm h., traced .. to their doors. It ida aeneral and well -known practice to bu7 and by sample tobaccos weighing. The sample tells tile date ol the Hlflpectwn and and if thll article is held for months and then sold by th<: original weights, both seller and bur er. know that has occurred, each party mates that ebrinka:14e lor bimlll'lf and allowa for it m the price offered and taken. Snch operat.ioos are com mon in every Tl!arket, the weigbta marked and:nown to have v1oried, the date of t.ha weights ia on and no one auffers. ThiR practilll', however cowTDQD, is a bose one after all, and rather to be tolerated than commended, If advantaye bas in any manne. r been t ken of it. by any of the trade here h will be at once diPoovered and exposed. The tobacco operat.lves of this city enjoy a lrmly-establisbed repaLe for probity and correet dealing, and it will aurprise no oull who koo"ws toem w lt.arn upow the &\JCB\ion of Exchange being dr&wn t11. the charges made by. p.x ToB.\COO LEu' steps 'vere immediately taken ;.o !fee, if' any, what and by whom, misrepresentations baa .been made in selling by sample and weight. On yest\rday, at a meeting of the Tobacco Exchange, the followillg resolutions were unanimously adopted: Resolved, 1. That the President of this body be, and he is hereby to correspond wiLh the editors of THE ToBAcco LEAF, and obtain the numbers of the seventeen hhds. allude d to in an issue of the same paper as' having fallen short in weight an average of oite hundred pounds per hogshead. 2. After obtaining which he shall trace t.hem to the warehouse out of which they were shipped, the length of time they were stored, whether or not they were reweighed before leav ing the warehouse in this city, and, in shor,, all about them. 3. He shall report to this Exchange all inf o rma tion on the subject with as little delay as poMible 4. That it shall he the duty of this bodv, after thoroughly investigating the cause of loss and the culpable party, if any, to publish the same in THII: ToBAC tween ti)e stated weights of their invoices and the actual weight of the same On a recent occasion an invoice was reweighed, and was found to tall off from 60 lbs to 160 lbs per hhd. This the dealers here consider rather steep,' sinr,e the usually and liberallt allows for a difference of 20 lbs. per bhd. The fact that this 'accident' has oc times of late, makes it important that our Petersburg friends should look into \be matter if only for the sake of their own as square dealers." W c are also informed that buyers for the Richmond "breaks" assert that they have frequently bought leaf in Petersburg in the afternoon, bad it shipped immedi ately to Richmond, reweighed it on its arrival there the next day, and discovered a considerable discrepancy as the result. In this case, it will be seen, that there could have been no shrinkage through prolonged sto rage such as the Index. refers to. Here, certainly, are facts enough to call for th6 prompLest action of the Petersburg Tobacco Exchange. That frauds are per petrated, there seems to be no doubt, and tho only un certainty that exists regards the parties t"bem. We do not, however, believe that any g eneral dishonesty the transactions in leaf tobacco at Petersliorg. On the contrary, we feel sure the frauds can be explained by an hypoth.;sis not inconsistent with the. strict integrity of the entii'e trade of that p)ace. More than this we do not care to say at this stage of the case. Be it understood, therofore, that we make no obarge against "the business character of the citizens" of Petersburg, as the Indez charges. Nor are we guilty of the negligence charged by the Petersburg Progress, io referring to the subject. Now," says the Progres8, "if such mistakes as tile. above are ot frequent with Petersburg in


\ 2 .rflE TOBACCO LEAF. epections, then we desire to krnow if the trade of York city and thAir organ, TaE ToBACCO LBAF, wh1ch has always claimed to ue the protector and defender of the 'l'obacco trade, bas not been very negligent in not noticing the fact before. If this be the first occur rence of the kind, would it noot have savored of justice to have merely called attention to the fact, and to have suggeste d the proper n:medy ?"-We referred to the subjeot in the first issue published after hearing of it from one of the leading dealers in Virginia leaf in this city. As to suggesting a "proper remedy", we eould hardly have done so, when we were still ignorant of the cause of the effect noted, and not on tbe spot where the remedy was to be applied. We are o f opinion that the proper agent has now taken the m atter m hand, and that if the seat of the difficulty is where we suspect it to be, the Tobacco Exchange will be able to take s11ch steps as will speedily put an end to the E!Vil of which we complain, and dispel the cloud ot disgrac e that, however now rests upon the fa i r fame of P e tersburg. THE TOBACCO MP-RKET. DOIIIB!ITIC. NEw YORK. StJ:PTlDlBEB 26. Western Leaf.-1'be market continues quiet and without llnr large or noteworthy transactions. Ship pers are do1ng less, but the home demand is increasing, both for manufacturing and cutting. It is difficult to find wrappers, and Mason county stock is almost exhausted. The sales are 904 hbds, ot which 250 hbds were for IJXport. Prices very firm. let weclr lid -lr:. 8d weelr: 4th weelr: 5th weelr:: Total Jan .... 672 '792 '139 897 3,000 Feb .... 503 231 451 1,015 2,200 Mob .... 629 751 310 573 592 2,855 Apr .... 115 632 572 1,414 1,267 4000 May .... 339 1,02-l 1,21 'T 1,009 1,614 5,209 June .. 1,14 116'10 2,6'75 1 ,16'1 544 7,200 July ... 1 933 1,'731> 2 029 1,103 6,SOO August.2,25B 652 956 1,4SS 1 446 6 800 f';ept. 645 3,157 S46 904 5,111i2 Virginia Leqf.-While the receipts at Richmond are daily diminishing as the last quarwr of the 1870 crop is b eing marketed, prices se e m to be as steadily advancing. Tbe latest quotations are as follows: Funk lugs, 'ljc to Be; sound do, B!c to 9:fc, short :aiiBOB. EDITORIALS. .._, 1shipping leaf, 10io; .good to fine do, lit to 14c; dark B "LAFAYETTE."-On board the Jl'rench 'fillers, ate to llc; ?o, 12c to .l7c; dark wrappers, URNING O F THE 12tc to I6tc medmm bngbt to bngbt do 20c to 31 s t e amer Lafaye tte, burned at her dock m Havre last week, 5 t 51. I tb k 1 k' d h f new pnmmgs, c o "2"0. n 1s mar et ast wee w e r e 5 7 hhds o f to b acco an t r e o c ases o c1gars. 70 hhd d' d f h b some s were aspose o t e pnmmgs nngmg No LONGER A. Ton A cco WARE HOUSE.TheN orfolk and Portsmouth Warehonse Co, has leas e d for a term of three more yea.ra, the city property in Norfolk, Va., known as the tobacco warehouse and wharf property paying $4 150 per annum CERTAIKLY THE Y GuowL -The Winston (N. C.) Senti n e l remarks "New York tobaccomsts are growling be cause North C3.1'olina. tobacco manufacturers run the block ade to thA IDJUI'Y of the Ne1v York tobacco trade, and threathen to have the 'vag on peddlmg stopped." RETllllNED HoME.We are glad to note the safe return home from a. fourmonths absence in Europe of Mr. Alva. Oatman of No. 166 Wat er street, a gentleman well known to the trade. Mr.Oatdlan went abroa.d with health seriously affected, but returns qu1te resto:ed through the beneficial e ffects of a course of treatment at the German baths. Sic to 6c and the lugs 7c to stc. The maJority ot the lugs w e re unsound. Scr--'pS b eing 5io to 6tc. There was a heavy fro,;t in the vicmity of Lynchburg on the 21st inst which is reported to have done considerable damage to the growing crop. It is well. however, to distrust these early rumors of d1yaster tu the new yield They are as invariable in their annual appearance as the succession of the seasons we are certain tnat the new Virginia will be a short crop just as we know the Connecticut this year will be a :very large one, but beyond this we cannot pronounce positively. Precisely ss to its quality we are unable as yet to speak with any degree of assurance. It is much too soon. Meantime the holders and speculators are making the most of the succesMion of two short crops. They have already forced prices up to a point at which the manufacturers despair of ma.kinll( a profit and a still higher notch is talked of. It would seem impossible to much longer keep the quotations for the manufacturP.d article at MORE EcoNOMY.-Seven hundred Assistant Assessors the1r present range in the face o! this decided and un ofinterna l Revenue h a v e b e en d1scharge d sinc e lnst Octocompromising advance. ber. Under the law consohdatmg Internal Revenue d 1 s Seecl Leaf-The market has again been vers active, t ricts, the pay or these officers in the Northern S tate s is $5 the activity being chiefly in State of which 1750 cs a d ay, and M p e r day in the Southern States By t his were sold at 28 to in 100 r e duction the annual s a ving to the Government i s over a Thus have the three yaelds, Ohto, Pennsylvama and m illion of dollars State each come in:Cfor their:;sbare of large transac S1wmaE oor SMUGGLED CIGAas.--One evening last week i n this city Jacob and Solomon Seebacl;., G ermans, were arrested, by some of Col. Whttley's U. S. detectives for offering several thousand smuggled cigars for sale. While looking for customers the Seebachs met a Secret Service officer in the guise of of a cigar dealer who offered to pur chase several thousand of the smuggled cigars, the money to be paid when the cigars were de1ivered. 'l'he men were piloted to the office of Col. Whitley, in Bleecker street, uear Mnlbeny, and ushered into the presence of the Cbief who ordered them to be detained. The c1gars bore ueither stamps nor labels and were confiscated. THE YIELD IN THE CoNNECTICUT VALLBY.-A corre spondent writes to us : The tobacco crop along the Hoosa.tonic Valley is unusually good this season and is generally well harvested and bids filir to be of a superior .quality. The growers of tobacco have folllld out. after ..dozen' experience, that it will p:ly them to enrich their laild and cultivate the crop well a.nd take pains in handling it carefully, and some of them now understand how to s1 rip, assort and pack it very well, so that it sweats right. There is now a good deal of last year's growth on band that is ready for the manufaaiurers or speculators. There are five good sized tobacco wadehouses in New .Mil ford where they buy the tobacco of some of the inexperi .anced growers m the bundle, assort it and pack in the best manner for sale ." T. A. W THE NEw 011!0 LEAF AND ITs P RICE -The Germantown ( 0.) Dollar Times thus dilates: The -.bacoo 1s neRr!y all housed now, and is curing up very mcely We have made many inquiries concernmg the quant1ty and quality of the crop and find that it is equal to any ever gathered in th1s valley. The question now agitating our growers IS, What shall we get for it? The prevailing opinion among growers is that they will get fully as much, if not more, than they received for last year s crop. No purchases hav e been made in this section that we know of, although fifteen cents have been offered for two different crops. We e arnestly des 1re our growers to receive the highest puce possib le, but we doubt the propriety of refus ing 15 cents. That is far abo v e the average price last year. when the demand _for Oh10 leaf was greater tha n t his year The termmatwn of the FrancoPrussian war gave to our mark e t a lively mterest, while the failure of the Connecti cut crop, and the poor crops of Massachusetts and other states, greatly enhanced the value of Ohio. From reports published m tobacco JOurnals we are led to believe that the crop is generally a gteat deal better than that oflast year, and the demand in Europe f o r American tobacco Will not be so brisk:. However the warehouses in this country are all cleaned out, and this year's crop will find a ready market at reasonable figures." THE WISCONSIN YIELD OF SEED LEAF.-TheJanesv11le (Wis.) Gautte says The past few weeks have furnished "' a season of unexamplad activity to many of our farmers The work of harvesting an immense crop of tobacco has taxed to the utmost the capabilities of growers, unpre pared as they were by previous experience in the culture o f the weed The amount of room necessary for drymg the plants was a mere matter of conjecture to the maJor ity of those who have cultivated large fields of tobacco this year as the season bas been an unusually productive one, most of them have found it necessary to erect addi tional shed room, even alter their harvest was completed. This bas of c ourse, delayed operations, and the threatened danger of frosts has rendered the crop an object of anxious soliCitude, not only to those directly ia terested by ownersb1p, but t o the people generally, who are looking to the tobac c o produ c t as a. source of revenue which will eventually enncb this portwn of the State. Thus far we have been favored with winds and clouds which have averted the threatened danger from frost until the crop is neatly secured, but there is yet enough staodmg in the fields to result in no inconsiderable loss In the event o f freezing weather. By t he end of the present week most of the plants now uncut will he safely housed anu the crop will be secure from 1ts most dreaded enemv, frosts. Vari -ous EStimates have placed the yield of tobacco in Rock, Dane and J eff!rson counties at 20.000 cases, those figures being based on a n average of 1,500 pounds per acre. A case contains a.b11ut lour hundred pounds, which g j ves us a total of 8,000,000 pounds of wbacco. The estimate is too l ight We have taken the to travel ove a portion of the tobacco producmg districts, to ol1tam faets .and figures, and to talk w1th those who ar e m 'a position to -obtain reliable data regarding the acreage planted to tobac co this season and our lowest figures are 25,000 :Most of the fields have y1elded more than 1,500 pounds to the acre, and but few less tlian that amount. E1ghteen hundred to 2,000 pounds is no uufrequent yield, while we seen many fie;ds which experienced tobacco men h.we est1mated at 2,200 pou oiliper acre, and so certain were they of the correctoesa or tboee t.Mres that they have backed them with standing wapii;' op.-to any person who chose to pat up the money." tions. Some 450 cs Ohio were als o disposed ot and 100 cs Connecticut wrappers, the latter on prt vate terms. A running lot of Penney! vania, 200 cs brought 25c, the only transaction in that crop we beard of during the week. The high fill:ures brought by a portion of the State excite general remark, as 38c tor a round crop sends the fine wrappers to a very respectable figure. As to tbe old crop-we mean that of 1870-and the effect the present year's growth will have upon prices, it seems to be generally conceded that we entered on the new seed-leaf year commencing with the current month, 10 bare of old stock, that the 1870 yields will not any more than keep us in tobacco until the 1871 it ready for market, aud that thus present prices, high as they may seem, wm be maintained for lOme time to come. There appears to be no movement in the new (1871) thoup:h a few speculators are nid to be prowliag about the Valley, the crop being now all housed with little or no injury In Ohio high ligures are t..lready talked of but the local press remark that reports from competing aources apparently do not justity such prices so early in the seoaon, though prospective demand may warrant them, in the opinion of buyers. Tne deficiency caused by the failure of Connecticut, last will be more than supplied by the excess in the present crops of that State, while Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin will swell the aggregate to a degree far ahead of previous vears. In this valley the crop promises a quality of leaf much finer than that of last year, and, being almost entirely free of worm holes, many planters argue that it shou l d command higher prices, but It should be remem bered that the law of supply and demand frequently renders quality a matter of minor consideration. Some crops in this neigbborboed are already in condition for 'stripping' and a very fair estimate, from their char acter, may be made of the crop throughout the valley." Spanish.-There was no especial activity in Havana last week, the reported sales reaching ISOO bales at 95o. to $1.05. In Yara we hear of no transactions. .Manufactwed.-There appears to have been a de cided lull last week after the excitement of the week before. Whether there bas been any actual advance in black work seems a disputed point not yet determined It is generally conceded, however, that the recent trans actions have bad a wholesome effect upon prices, and by at least temporarily withdrawing a large amount of tobacco from the market, given holders more confidence and left them less completely at the mercy of the buy ers. Some fours and fives, in bright work, were dis posed of to the California trade, but at no advance on prices ruling a fortnight since. J.ow grades of brights are, however, reported scarce with an upward tendency, w bile the medium and better grades are unchanged. A correspodent ot the Lynohburg Republican tbns takes exceptions to certain recent statements in this coiumn. The communication is as follows: To lhe Editors of The :-You published an article in your last Saturday's issue from THB NEw YoBJt ToBA.COO LBAF, which does gross injustice to the Lynchburg tobacco market. The error in said article is a.s follows. "At Lynchburg, Va .. we undarstand, the sales from the factonea this season have reached the usual af(gregate o( 200, &oO pounds At Richmond, Pe tersbnrg, and other Virginian tobacco centers the man ufacturers have also largely supplied the Southern trade, and at prices, in many instances, actually above thoee asked for the same quality of goods in this mar ket. If this suits the Southern trade, we should be coo tent, but it is scarcely consistent for manufacturers to complain of the low figures obtained here when they are doing all in their power tu divert trade from us Tbe great advantage of a market hke New York. is that it has both, an export and a consumptive demand, so that when ode fails the manufacturers have the other to fall back upon; but when they rob u11 of our con sumptivA demand it is readily seen that when our ex port trade falls off we are at the length of our tether." So far from thi' statement being correct, I oao state with entire tcuth that the sales of manufactured tobaooo the factories in Lynobburg for the last year reaches at least one miUion pounds, instead of 200,000 pouude There are at. least three manufacturers in this city whose individual sales will amount to proba bly two hundred thousand pounds! Perbapa tbe editor of Tux ToB'-CCO LBJ.J' has fallen into this blunder from the fact that Lynohburg does not ship to New York the quantities of tobacco that she did in other days, and is therefore considered a small market. BeforA the war, our manufacturers shipped the greater bulk of their tobacco to New York aud Balti more for sale. Since the war, and especially Within the last three years. only one of our large manufacturers ships to New York. The balance either ship to Baltimore and tbtl South, or s6llthrir tobacco at hmn6! Boyers from all seotions now seek our market instead of our mannfacturers bein_g compelled to seek their markets as in other days. Tb1s is as it should be, and ilo is no iojastice to any one to say tha\ this healthy state .of has principal)y introduced and I !09@ 109t; at 60 days, 5.30@5.26!; do. at eatabltsbed by the bnsmesa enterprise and energy of abort saght, 5.23!@6.22!; Antwerp, 5 30@5.25; our Mr. Thos. L. Johnson, who has worked 5.28f@5.23i; Hamburg, Amterdam, 40i@ hard to bu1ld up a home trade. Tnx ToAAcco LEAF 41; Frankfort, :.U@41J Bremen, 7'1!@7Bt Pruasian !aiiM int? error, or states a .fact which, if true, thalers, 'TZ@72f. ts. very anJur1ous to New York and 1ts trade, and ere .FJ-eight8 been dull, but at t.he close of the week d1table to .. It says that Southern more activity was shown. There haa been some in can now be bought ID .New York cheaper. than, quiry for chartering purposes. Southern markets. If thts be true, then 1t 1s certam that it is not Lynch burg brands that sell so cheaply, but the manufactured tobacco ot other cities which cannot compete with ours.-Besides, if Lynchburg tobacco sells so oheaply in New York, then it shows that Lynch burgers cannot afford to ship tot hat market, but should continue to ship South or sell to order at home. It is to be hoped that this state of things will continue, for it is unquestionably true that .Lynchburg manufactured tobacco is, and has been, the best in the United States; and there is no more reason w by our manufa0lurers should seek New York markets and pay New York commissions, than that New York and Baltimore importers should vhit Lynchburg customers with their goods, instead of compelling Lynchburg customers to visit them. Of New York is a great market, but our manufactured tobacco can be bought cheaper from the factories in Lynchburg (at least to the extent of commissions,) than it can be bought anywhere else and our friends in New York must not complain if we continue to look to HoME ENTERPitiSE. 'In reply to the above we would state that our re marks were not intended to discourage any home enterprise" the Lynch burgers may exhibit, but to set the facts before that class of manufacturers, who, pretend ing to do through factors here, and depending on them for advances, by which to carry on their facto ries, turn around when fairly start('d and sell at their very doors to the customer3 on whom their.factors depend to purchase the good s on wMch advances have been made Ifthese manufacturers would cut loose from NewYork altogether and "paddle their own canoe," we might think them injudicious but could not charge them with inconsistency ; bot when we hear them peevishly com plaining that New York 111 "the worst market to which manufactured tobacco can he sent," while they are do ing all in their power to break down prices here by ta king away our consumptive demand by factory com petition, we feel inclined to characterise such conduct as it deserves. As regards the Lmchburg manufacturers generally if they tbmk they can do better by sellmg at home let them do so, but not quarrtJl with us and others for maintaining a different opmion. There are many of the Virginia maoufacturerP, if not a majority, who con sider th e services of an iotelligeqt and factor of the greatest advantage in the conduct of their busi ness-who, in fact, find in him an indispensible adjunct to its succes s ful prosecution These, at least, w1ll see that the pres ent quil'tude of the export trade reoder8 a strengthening of the comsumptive 'demand in this market all the more imperative With regard to our remarks last week on toe onera tions of the Petersburg buyers, "A re quests us to the following communication. 'Ve leave tho matter, as between us and our correspondent, without comment to the reader who is quite able to j11dge of the justice of tbe views critteised and whi.:h we may add in passing, seem to have met the hearty and general concurrence of that portion of the trade wit.h which we have sinoe come in contact. To the Edikw of tM Tobacco Laf:-Ailow ua to Offtlr a few remarkll on your market report for .Manu factored Tobacco," u it appeared in last week's To. B.&.cco LIUF. In the first plaCe, we premise that the of roar valuable paper an; endowed with or dinary 1ntelhgenet>, aod can draw thetr owo conclusions from a simple atav -.eo& of facta u oooor in the market, without your ft,POrter setting forth hie own opinions to away or b1as either aide. lu the IICCOnd place, we conceive that the "Petorsburg Combinat.,ion" (as you are pleased to style it) has certainly benefited this market by withdrawing from it a certain quantity of goods which were foroed upon it at prices that nec el.'sarily entailed a 10811 on the manufacturer, and room lor further supplies at endbanced prices which are now being realized ; what possible there fore, rour, reporter .have in stigmatising them a& a "Rmg,' and pred1ctmg an unprofitable operation we are at a loBB to conceive, and we feel assured that iu inditing that market report he not only did justtce to the gentlemen who relieved this market, but to his own patrons, who will doubtlePs remember him in thetr turn. A SUBSCRIBER. Smoking .-A very fair business was done during the week, orders coming chiefly from the W estero State and City trade-the State, especially, being in its patronage. There seem to be no new develop ments r<'garding the general rise in prices so C'>nfidently anticipated ,by 110me. Ciga rs.The demand continues active the only ob ,stacle to succfssful business being now found in the expected scarcity of desirable stock before the glorious crops of the present season shall come upon the market. crurowen of eeed leaf tob&eco are C&UtLODed .lnst &eeeptlD'( OUr reported oaleo aDd qllOI&IIODB OC oeed leaf &I! ftlroloblng the prlcee that ehoold be obtained by them at ll.rot hand. fJrowen cannot expect to aell tbetr erope for tbe aam c prlcea u are ohta1ned on a re eale or tbe C"OP bere. Of ooarae every re..ale matt be at an advance and therefore the price obtain able by the growers will always be eomewhat lower than oor quol.&tlooo. QUOTATIONS OF WHOLIISJ.LB PBICBS. w.,,.,.,._Liabt Jeat. TAirda 9 u. . . 411 @5I> 8blpplur, eornmou Sl( ao @'16 Commoo lear. . S)t e u.m .. .. .. .. B Kedtum .. .. .. 9X 10 flommoo . 10 Good 10 11 N4"tt l'bundi-Fine iii Fino.......... ..... 11 11 lledlam 10 Selecttone . 11 Na.,., Ha4fl'Domdl Light CDitlag lugt. 10 II l"tne .... ...... t6 @Ill do do leaL Ill 10 Fa11C)J Heavy loaf Loug 10'o. ... ...... 14 Common lag& 1!1( S X and5'o ...... :U 7 Commoa leaf .. 9X Lady clu"'n, Roll! ... 411 Medium . X II Pocket Pl-. ........ lll5 Good..... .. .. .. 11 ltH Bright Twtot (VIrginia) .. t6 @811 Flue . . . 11 1! BrQbt Gold llan da l17 @113 Selectloo .. .. .. 13 .11oogb aud RMdy u @l17 MloOODrl. .. .. BL&or< Ylrg!nto .-Pr!JDIDp,new 6 NmJV l'bu,_VIrglnla, ex 25 @'8 Fauay !ago .. 1 l"lne . 18 @ti Com. to good logo. . 8-" Common, medium ... 15 @11 Lel & Co., 82 do; E. Hen, !10 cases ; Blakemore, Mayo & Co 29 do; 0. Goldsmith 1 do; Martin & Johnson, 65 do; Ma.ddux Brothers, 4S do; S. Rapp, 20 do; Raymond & Hosford, 2 do Richey & Boniface 30 do, 265 t boxes ; Bulkley: .Moore & Co., 34 olo, 118 i bo.a:es; J H. Thompson, 100 do, lS do; W. P Kittredge & Co., 29 do, 30 t boxes, 1 -/r box; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 194 do, 7 5 d&, 35 do, 25 kegs; L. Ginter, 2 do, 20 kegs; E. DuB-ois, 50 i boxes ; .Washington & Co., 5 t boxes ; order, 11 cases. Coastwise f;om Baltimore : W. H. Goodwin & Co., 6 hhds; E. Roseowald & Brooher, 22 do; Sawyer Wal lace & Co 95 do; J. Kasprowitz, 2 do; M. J. Eller 44 pkgs; M. Falk, 26 do; R1chey & Boniface, 7 do; L. F Eglmger, 8 do; order, 215 By North River Boats: Norton, Slaugh:.Cr & Co, 21 hhds; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 31 do Pollard, Pettus & Co., 1 do. BALTIMORE, SEPTEMBER 23.-Messrs. c. Loose & Co., commission mer.Jh100ts nd dealers in leaf tobacco, report :-Our market for the past week has continued active Marvland is still in good demand for export and prices :tl:rm, especially for lower and medium to baccos, which continue to be very scarce. The receipts have been but very small this week. Sales of Maryland amount to about 400 hhds, within quotations, in 10me instances a little higher for medium tobaccos Of Ohio the crop is pretty nearly all in, and the present stock in factors' hand11 is mnoh reduced by the late active market ; this week aales amount to about 350 hhds for Germany and home mannfnctnrers at full prices Kentucky is held firm, but sales are small tbs iooonaid erable receipts. In Virginia we have heard of no move ment of any importance. Inspections for thia week ; 1414 hhde Maryland; 247 do Ohio ; and 2 do Kentucky. Total685 hbds. Cleared in the meantime, 28( hhds Maryland to Amsterdam and 5 hbds to Demera ra. We repeat quotaticne :-Mary laud frosted, 5j to 6!; sound common, 7 to 7!; good common to middling 8 to 10; good to fine red, lOt to 13 ; fancy, 14 to 25; up per country, 6! to 30. Ohio-Common to greenish and brown, 6! to 8; medium tu fine red, atto 12; oommon to medium spangled, 8 to' 10; fine spangled to yel low, 12 to 25. Kentucky-Common to good lu"e, 'lt to 8; heavy do, S to st; medium leaf, 9 to "* f fair to good, 9f to lOj; fine to seleotiooa, 11 to U. Virginia-Common11to good lugs, 6 to '1 ; COIIUile& to medinm 'T to Sl; fair to good, 9 to 10; seleotlons, IOj to 12; stems, good to fine, $3 tLo ol. '15. 1 TOBACCO ST.A.TIBilii:JIT, Jan. 1st, 1871.Stock in wa. rehonaes and on shipboard not clear10d ............. 9,361 hbda Inspected this week.. .. .. . .. 6S5 previously ................. ol0, 996 Total. ....... 51,042 hbda Exported since Jan. 1st, 18'11. .. 30,88'1 bhda Coastwise re inspected. . 41500 '' 35,387 Stock to-day m warehonaea and on shipboard not cleared ................. 15,655 '' li.A.NU.F.A.CTURII:D TOB.A.CCO. The market has been quite a.ctive for all descriptions and common grades are compa.ratively scarce. BOSTON. SEPTEMBtt:R 23.-The Commercial BuUetin says that the market retains its activity and prlces are firm. Havana is selling at 98c. to $1.05 :tl Jb; Ken tucky at '7! to lie. :tllb; seed leaf is in good demand at 24 to 27to. :tl Jb. The receipts were 133 hhds, 176 cs. and bales, and 1,175 boxes. The < Xports were 15 hogsheads to Goree 1 balf-ho,rsbead 2,325 lbs manufactur"rl to Hayti; 10 bhds 1 case, 2 boxes to the British North Americln Colonies and 3 bales, 37 bo xes to the French W eat Indies. CINCINNATI, SEPTEilBER 23.-Mr. J. A. Johnson reporter of the Cincinnati Tobacco Assooiation, as follows: .Messrs Bo:Jghner, Brooks & Co. offered 152 hhds 5 boxes, at the following prices :-104 hhda Mason and Bracken counties scraps and trash to fine cutting l eaf: I at 85; 6 at S 15 to 8.90 6 at 9 to 9.50; 8 a t 10 to 10.75; 5 at 11 to 11.75 ; 14 at 12 to 12 .75; 17 at 13 to 13.75; 6 at 14 to 14.75; 7 at 15.25 to 15.75; 12 at 16 to 16.75 ; 2 at 1'7.25, li. 50 ; 5 at 18 to 18. '15; 2 at 19.50; 4 at 20 to 20.25; 3 at 21 to 21; 3 art 22 to 23. '15 ; 2 at 26, 26.50. 8 hhds Owen county trash, lugs and leaf, at 7.30, 9 85, 10, 10. '75, 13.25, 16.50, 20.50, 21.50. 3 hhds Harrison county leaf, at 13, 13, 14. 8 hbds Sou them Kentucky leaf and lugs at 8.051 8.25, 8.35, S.35, 12, 14.25, 14. 50, 17. 50. 20 hhda East Virginia leaf, fillers aad wrappers: 4 at 8 SO to 9.10 : 2 at 10; 3 at 11 to ll."oO; 4 at 12 .25 to 12.'15; at 13.25 to 15.50; 3 at 21.50, 34, 43. 9 hhds West Vir ginia leaf at 7.80, 8.25 9.05, 10, 11.50, 11.50 11.50 12. '15. 5 boxes West lugs and leal; 10, 11.25, I '1, 28. Messrs. Power & Clayton offered 104 hbds 1 box at the following prices :-78 hhds Mason and Bracken counties leaf, lugs and trash: 2 at t'1 30, 7.50; 2 at S, 8 .50; 2 at 9.55, 9 90; 4 at 10 to 10.50; 4 at 11 to 11.'75; 6 at 12 to 12. '75, 3 at 13.25 to 13.75; 9 a 14 to 14.75; 11 at 15 to 15 .75; 5 at 16.50 to 18 .75; '1 at 17 to 17.50; 7 at lS to 18.'75; 3 a$ 19. 50 to 111.'15; at 20 to 20.75; 4 at 21.50 to 21.75; 3 at 22 to 23.50; 2 at 24.75 to 26 75 1 bo x Mason county lugs at 9.S5. 22 bbds Southern leaf, fillers and wrappers : 1 at 8.55 ; 'T at 9 to 9 90; 3 at 10 to 10 .50; 3 at 11.25 to 12.25; 2 at 13.25, 14.25; 4 at. IIi to 16.76; 2 at 1'7.25, 19.50; 4 hhds old West Virginia lugsat7.10,, s, s.os. Messrs. Phi11ter & Brother ollered 64 bhds at the following prices :-64 hhds Mason ud Bracken coun ties leat; lugs and trash : 2 at as.50, 9.5& ; 7 at 10 to 10.'15; at 11 to 11.'75; 13 at 12 to 12.711; 9 a\ 13 to 13.75; 8 at 14 to 14.75; 4 at 15 to 15.'115; 3 at 16 to 16.75; at 1 '1.211 to 18.25; 2 at 191 19.50; 4 at 20 to -20. 75; 2 at 2LISO, 23.50; 2 at U, 2ol.50. Meurs. Casey, Wayne & Co. oft'efed 911 hhds. ( 'Jjoxes at the followiog prices :-58 hbda Kuoa and Bracken counties scraps aod tratb to fine leaf: 1 at 14; 3 at 7.90 to 8.90; 3 at 9.15 to 9.65; 3 at 10 t. 10.75; 2 at 11 to 11. 'TIS; 6 at 12 to It. '15; 2 a\ 11, 25; 9 at 1 to a.'115; 6 at 15 to 15.75; 6 at. 16 to 11.'16; 3 at 18 to 18.50; 4 a' 19 to 19.71; 8 at 20 te t0.50; a at 21 to 21.75; 2 at 22.75; 3 at 23.26, 13.21, tt.51. 12 hbds Owen nounty leaf at 14, 111.50, 18.60, 1'11 1 'iii 17.75, 19.25, 20, 21, 23, 23, 23.'75. 2 boxee Carro county trash at 7 05, '1.05. 3 hblta Soutltern Kentacq leaf at 8.50, 10. 75, 11.50. 8 hbds Spencer oouuty, Ind. luga and leaf at 9.05, 11, 11. 75, 11. '15, 18, 13, 14.25, 15.25. 2 boxes Spencer conuty, Ind. at 9 0, 16.50 10 hhds Wayne county, Ill., trash and lugs at '1.75, 8.50, 8.50, 8.50, S.60, 8.75, 8 80, 9, 9 30, 10. 7 hhda West Virginia leaf at S.3o, 8.60, 8.90, 10.'151 11, 11.25, 12.50. Messrs. Chas. Bodmann & Co oft'ered 143 hhde, 28 at the f o llowing prices :-Il9 hhds Mason aud Bracken counties trash to line leaf: 3 at tB.30 to S.95; 7 at 9 to 950; 8 at 10 to 10.'15; 8 at 11 to 11.75; 11 at 12 to 12.75; 13 at 13 to 13.'15; 6 at 1 to 14 75; 3 at 15.50 to 15.75; 3 at 16.25 to 16.50; '1 at 17 to 1'7.75; 5 at 18 to 1S.25; 6 at 19 to 19 .75; 'Tat 20 to 20.75; 6 at 21 to 21.75; 4 at 22 to 22.25; 10 at 23 to 23.75 ; 5 at 24 to 25. '15; 4 at 26 to 27.75; 3 at 28.25, 28.75, 29. 24 bbds West Virginia lugsand leaf: 4 at 'T.SO to 8 .80; 3 at 9.05 to 9.65; 3 at 11.'75; 4 at at 12 to 13; 3 at 15 to 111.211; 2 at 18 .75, 20.50; 2 at 22, 22. '75 ; 3 at 24.25 to 25.50 2S boxes Ohio seed leaf fillers and wrappers at 13, 15.75, 16, 16.'15, 1'1, 17, 17, 17.25, 18.25, 18.25 18.50, 111.25, 20.50, 21. 50, 21.50, 21.50, 23, 24, 24, 24 25, 24 25, 211, 25.5G, 21J.50, 30.50, 34, 37.25, 40. Offerings week ending September 23, 1S71. .......................... 561 bhds 38 bn Receipts Country week ending Sept. 23, 1S71. .................... sa 12 Offerings corresponding week ending 1870 .................... .' ..... 263 23 Receipts .Country corresponding week endJog1870 ............. 213 cc 73 '' The market the past week bas been moder ately active, w!th decreasing receipts and aa.le11. To wards the olose ot the week the'market was easier ancl buyers were disposed to .. lower prices a little, there was consequently a larger proport1oo ofrejeowoua. During the week considerable manufacturing tolllaooo was ol whic.b ?oes not find so ready a sale as the cuttmg deacnpt1ons. We bave had one slight froat so far, bot not enough to do any damage to tobacco. CLARKSVILLE,'.rENN., 23.-M-rs M. H. Clark & Brother, !eat tobacco brokers, report as fel lows:-We can hardly now be said to have a tobacco it bas rarely bappeqed in this seotion that tile eot1re crop has been shipped out at this period. Our sales last week were 5 bhds tobacco aad this week hbds tobacco. We have now reached a point from which we can count the tobaooo crop of 1870 and closely estimate the crop of 1871. The orop of 118'10 can be nearly arrived at by the tollowiog figaree: Louisville sales will amount to about a 000 hlid1 Cincinnati " 18 '000 St. Louis " Cl'lrksville " 14 000 Hopkinsville" " e:eoe Pad .. cah 18 000 Evanaville " t' 000 Cairo 1;500 13.,500 Strips, 19,000 hhde; equal ialeaUo lfi 000 "' Dried leat for export; 6 000 hhds1111al to 5:001 "' Direct sbipmentefto seaports,' 16,001 Deduct re-sales in Western markets, 45,000. 1'19,500 10,001 .. Weatern crop of 1870, 161,500 Which, taking into aoooant the lishter weigbta seaiiOD1 ShOWS that OUr estimate early in ae&IOil of 160,000 to 165,000 hhds, wu not far trom correoL The 1 receiptl at. the seaboard c.hia eeuon will proltaltly toaoll


.. THE TOBACCO J.J E A F. ll5,000 bhde .A portion of the above figures t.ak12.110; 2 bbds Grayson county 'leaf at 9.70, 6 en from the circular of M. L Francke, of bhde Grayson county luga a\. 8.50;. 18 bbds Simpson Ky., one of the most reliable tobacco brokers ID the county leaf at 8 to 10.75; 9 bhds Srmpson county lugs West. The crop of 1871 will probably amount to at '1. 30 to 9.40; 15 bhds Butler county leaf at 8.30 to o-oo bbde, (if it escapee froat) of which perhaps 80,000 10; 1 hbd Monroe county leaf 10; 3 bbds Monroe hbds will reach the seaboard, leaving 'lt!,OOO !,hds for county lugs at 7.70 to 8 .30; 2 hbds Barrl'l! county leaf Western consnmption. It is now verv apparent to at 8.50, 8.85; 2 bbds Hart county lugs and leaf at 8, close observers, that the stocks iu the West of 1870 9. 20; 2 Carroll county new luge at 11, 75, 13.25. crop are not 10ticient to supply the Western demand, 1 bbd reJected. and thia accounts in part for the relati.nly higher pri-The Planters' House Bold 15 hhda :-4 hbds Hart cee ruling in the West for manufutar1ng grades, tha. n leaf at 10.75 to 35.50; l Hart county the same grades are bringing in your market. It 11 bnght lugs at 10.50; 1 bbd Breckenndge county leaf evident that our man\lfaotnrers will be compelled to I at 10,215 ; 1 hbd Barren county low leaf at 8. 90; 1 hbd draw a portion oftheiraupplies from the mar-Logan county low leaf at 8.70; 2 hbds Logan eoanty lr.ets, mainly fillel'll and smokers, using the wrap-! lugs at 7.80, 7. 90; 1 hb? Hart county lugs at 8. 70; 3 ners of the new crop for their dark work. It Is Interest-bbd11 at 7.95 to 8.90; l nbd lnd1ana leaf at I3. 75. fnto watch the st&acJy and rapid growth oftbe manu-NEW ORLEANS, SEPl'lDD!:u 1.6.-We report. as &!ure of tobacco in the West. The average Western follows : The baa been InactiVe, the sales bemg tobacco crop from 1850 to 1860 was about 80,000 bbds, only 33 bbds, of whiCh 10 and 3 bhds were sold at llc; of which thPre was mauufaotured annually in the West l I Oc; 1 at Die, and 6 on printe terms. The quoaboat 10 000 bbds the bulk of it being cutting totat1ons are unchanged, and are as follows: logs at 6! baooo, the worlr. made in MiBBonri: to 7!c, low leaf 'It to Be, medium. leal' 8 8-fc, good breaking out ohhe war in 1861 cutting off the V /leaf 9 to 9-fc, fine 1? to 1 Oio, aelectiona 1 ot to manufacturers from their Northern and, lito per lb. There IB no change m the for man gave an immense impetus to the manufacture m the ufactured. quote: Extra No.1, br1gbt, 75 to west, and the high pricea for the raw leaf 80; good medmm do, 65 to '10; do, do, 60 to the large growth of tobJcco north of the Oh10. fiver. 65; common sound, 55 to 60; and common, The result is shown in 18:'10, in a manufacture 10 the unsound, 40 to 50; half pounds, br1ght, 58 to 60; do, West of 60,000 hbds per annum, an increa11e. of 500 per dark, 55; No. l, 5a and lOs, 56; navy! lbB, 55; navy,! cent., and of a growth of160,000 bhds, an mcre11se. of lba, 55 ; fancy styles, natural leaf, tw1st, pancake, etc., 100 per cent. 1871 a\&rts with a Western conaumpt10n 65 to 80 of about 70 000 bhds and the decade ending 1880 P .ADUCAH,SEPTJ:JIBJ:ll2l. -The Kentuckian reports promises to ;how a in the West of 90,as follows :-The receipts are exceedingly light, but l.o 1(.0 000 hbds annually. 'l'he production of tobacco prices are good and the market firm. From all onr in tbe1West bas perhaps nearly reached its limit (ex sources of information we learn that the drought and eluding the cigar leaf of th'l N ortbwePt ), and we are worms have <"ansed great destruction to the growing rapidly apJ!roaobing a time when the bulk of tbe.Weat crop. It is estimated that there will not be more than ern crop wJlf be and consumed ID the two-thirds of a crop, and the prospect now ia that the West, and when tlie price. of the raw leaf will be regu-present crop will bring good figures. The sales at the lated by the regular laws of supply .and demand, and three wa.rehouses during the week ending yesterdav not aa hall been frequently the case 1n paat yeal'll, by summed up 69 bbds as Jollowa: Messrs Kay, Cobb & the 'figures of the" Regie Contracts," made sometimea Sebree sold 18 hbda aa follows: 7 bbdalugs at $6 50 to ctually below the <'08t of production, by the underbid7.80; 7 bbds common to good leaf at $8 to 9.80; 3 ding ot'tbe competitors for those contracts. We. may bhds fine leaf 812 50, 13, 14; 1 bbd new primings at look, therefore, to the manufacturing interests, to lll.ead-$5.60. Messrs Hale, Buckner & Terrell for the week iJy and rapid_!y_ give a more healthy tone to the tobacco weelr. ending 19th, sold 33 bbda as follows: 12 trade of the West reducing the speculative element, hbds good shippers at a1 0 to IS; 8 bbds low leaf at $8 and giving a steadier compl'nsation for his to 9. '15; 13 hhds lugs at .6.65 to 7.50. Linn Boyd labor. The businees then will be npon a safer and W arebouse Co., for the week ending Sept. 19th, Bold more legitimate basis, for while the will be 20 bbds as followB: 0 bbds lugs at .60 to 7.50; 4 bbds smaller, the risks now Jrequently so great, Will be vastly common shipping at .7.60 to 8.80; 6 bhds good to fine reduced... at $8.60 to 9.90; 4 bhds common piebald at $10.25, 'LOUISVILLE SJ:l'T !i.O-We report as follows: 10.75, 10.25, 17. The dt'mand the past week has been. very PETERSBURG, VA. Sxn. 23.-lfeB&l'll. R. A. Young but the safes have been small, as there 111 veryhttle & Brother, tobacco commiBBion merchants, report as fol coming in. Prices are very firm and have an upward lows: Since our laet the market bas continued strong tendency. All grades :find readv The reoeipts with light receipt11, Both shippers and Manufacturers for the past wet'lr. have been 457 'hhds, 904 boxes, and are still buymg freely We bear a business bas the exports 9'76 hbds, 2 903 boxee. The sales at the been done in mannfactnred tobacco, which gives confi cllirerent wareboutn 76'1 hbdP, 'liS follows: dence to the trade, and our quotations are well sus The U:luisville House sold 165 hbds: 2 bhds Owen tained for all gralleP. Primings are coming in freely county leaf at a26, 13.25; 3 hbds Owen county Jugs at and selling well. The bnsinees in bright tobacco has 8.40 to 12.60; 18 bbda Hancock couuty leaf at 9.40 to been quite large, and the market is quite active. We 16.50; 4 bhds Hancock county lugs at 8 .9+1 to 9.50; 5 quote &8 follow&: Primings, loose, $3.00 to 4.20; hbds Ballard county leaf at 10 to 15.'15; 12 hbds Grayhogsheads, 4 50 to 5.00; common and medi aon county leaf at 7.80 to 15.60; 2 bbds Grayson connum lugs, dr.rk, 5.50 to 6.25; fair to good lugs, dark, ty lugs at '1,50, 8; 8 hbds Breckenridge county lugs 6 50 to 7.-25; very good and finP, dark, 7.50 to 8.00; and leaf at 7.50 to 13; 15 bbds Barren county leaf at low and medium leaf, 8.25 to 9. 'lq; fair to good leaf, 8.70 to 12; 6 bbds Barren countr logs at '7.65 to 8.60; 10 to I2; very good anti fine, 12.60 to'H. '76; bright '1 hbdB Warren. oounty leaf at 8.80 to 10.50; 3 bbdiJ lugs, 8.75 to 20; fancy leaf, medium to _l(ood,,20 to 37.50; lrlablenberg county lelilf at 9.60 to 11; 'I Muhlenfine to very tine, 40 to 81. Below we a-ppend the in berg county Jugs at 7.20 to 8 .60; 5 bbds 8impMII apectiolll for the pu' week aucl alaio for ume time ooutJ leafa"lto 10.25; Lbhd Simpson county lugs last year: Tetal ToW at 7.80; 3 bbds Metcalte county leaf at 9 40 to IO; 1 ......-4i*id u. mopeeU011o, hhd Metcalfe countJ luge _at 8.60; 4 bhds Cumberland 0 uno. connty leaf at 9 to 10; 1 bbd Cumberland county luge ak's ... .144 24 146 5,889 1,420 at 8.50: 1 hb4 llcLnP county leaf at 10; 4 ':ilids Moo... :: 8 31 8,224 1,9311 r(le county leaf a\ 8.1>0 to 9.96; 1 bhd Hard county Moort\ ... 12 : a! leafat9.11 .0; 9hbdsHardinoountylugaa\7.8&eae; 1 .... 4 hbd Logan county leaf at 9.50 ; 2 hhda eade oonty --lugs and leaf at. 7 90, 9.35; 1 hbd Butler couuty leaf'aL 88 221 12,476 6,617 ST. LOUIS, Sept. 20.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, tobacco bro ker, reports as follows :-Received 28i> bbdP, against 277 the previooR week. Continued moderate receipt!! and unfavorable reports of the growing crop, have tend ell to a strong and ap-.ard market. Prices hve ruled uniformly firm since oar laBt on all grades offered offering@, however, have cbiefty comprised low grades. Sales from Thursday to yesterday iBOIWlive, 284 bbd1: 1 at 811.50; 19 at 1.10 to 6 .90; 611 at 7 to 7.90; 56 at 8 to 8.90; 29 at 9 to 9.90; 18 at 10 to 10.90; 9 at 11 to 11.75; 2 at 12 to 12.95; 4 at 13 to 13.50; 4 at 14 to 14.25; 2 at 15 to 15.50; 2 at 16.25 to 16.50; 2 at 17 to 17.60; 3atl8.26; 2at19.25to19.'16; 2at2eto20.75; lat21; 2at22to22.75;.2at24to24.50; latSO; 1 at 35 ; 1 at 36 ana 2 at 40, and 9 boxes at 6.40 to 21. In the same time 5 bhds were passed, aud bids were re jected on 49 hbda at 6.60 to 27, and 4 boxes at 6 .90 to 10. To-day tber't waa not quite 110 mach animation in the market as of late; but prices were pretty steady. Sales 82 bbds: 2 at $6.40 to 6.90; 14 at 7 to 7.90; 10 at 8 to 8.90; 36 at 9 to 9.90, including 28 factory dried -24 at 9.80, and 4 at 9.30 ; 9 at 10 and 10.50; 2 at 11.25 to Il.75; 2 at I2.75 to I3; 2 at 14.25 to 15; 2 at 16.25 to 16.75; 2 at 25 to 24. 50, and l at 36 .501 anO. 1 wagon load loose at 6.10. 1 hhd was passed, and bids were N'jected on 12 hhds at 6.60 to 53 We quote: Inferior and light weight lugs at 16.25 to 6.75; factory lugs 6. 75 to 7.00 ; planters' do 7.00 to 8.00 common dark leaf at '/.25 to 8.25; medium to good do. 8.5!i to 11 ; factory dried do 8.50 to 10.50; fair to good manufacturing do I2 to 20; bright do 20 to 40 ; fancy bright 50 to 100. POBEIGJif BREMEN, SEPTEHBEB 9.-0ur special correspondent writes as follows :-Since my last report ot the 1st inst, the market has again shown great liveliness and bas fully maintained its position respecting prices, while it has exceeded the amonnt of sales transacted the pre vious week by abont 400 hbds Kentuckv. The sales of Kentucky are as follows:-144 1 hds on private terms; 62 at B! grts; 34 at I2 do; 38 at 9! do; 50 at 8-l do; 47at9!do: 20at9!do; '17atlotdo; 33 at9tdo; 40 at 9 do ; total 540 bhds to arrive; 146 bbds at priv ate terms ; 15 at do ; 92 at I 2! gi1B; total 258 bhds, of Virginia, bat 12 bbd wera sold, to arrive, at 121 grta and from the store 24 bbds at 7-J grts and 13 on private terms, total37 hbds bay: 15 bhds at 101 grts and 15 at 9! do were 110ld. Ot Ohio 65 bbds were wid to ar rive of which 25 hbds brought lOt grts and 40 bbds at 10-f do ; Maryland continually meets with a good and lively demand, the latest in ports were immediately tak en out of the m arket at paying prices The sales are as follows : 25 at 9! do'; 25 at 10 do ; 60 at 9! do ; 25 at 10-f do; 20 at 91-do ; total 180 hbds; to arrive-26 hh'ds IO-l grts; 25 at lOJ do; total 51 bhds stems: l)O sales have been effected this week. Stocks to day : 12 bhds bay, 147 do Obio-scribs-Maryland 610 hbds; Virginia 2,090 do Kentucky and 1,496 do stems. Up on closing my report a lot of Ill bbds Kentucky of better descriptions are sold to have been said, the par ticulars of which I shall give in my next. HAVANA, Septemberl6.-Mr. V. F Bntler, to bacco broker, reports as follows :-The tobacco market here has been very dnll this week, but prices well main tained. The cigar trade has been improving; good orders having arrived from the States and Europe. The exports this week have been Leaf tobacco to New York, 14 7,376lbs; to Baltimore, 10,000 lbs; New Orleans, 13,390 lbs. Cigal'll to Boston, 45,0.00; to New York, 129,400. I expect that we shall see a great many new vegaa:of tobairoO planted this year aod next as the Wel!teru railway (Oestr.) have made a loan in London of three and a halt' million dollars for the continuation of the railway to Ponar del Rio, passing tbroujjtll the beat aud richest land in the Vuelta Abajo, most part of which i1 uncult.ivated, the prospecls of the bnaioel!ll are !0 the shares of the railway b"ve aaore tban doubled m valll6 wi,hio the laet month. It iswhiapered here that 10me well known New York railway BpeOIIIa&on are bu'J'iag Exchange on 25t P., on New York, 1 P 9 5 hhds Christian county lugs and leaf at 7.20 to Receipts last week. ... 3119 8.9o; I hbd 'Adair county leaf at 8 40 ; 1 hhd Taylor Total since October 1870 ............. LIVERPOOL, SEPTBVm:ll 9 .-Mr F W. Smythe, countyJeaf aL 8 20; I bbd Hart county Juga at 8 .50; 2 PHILADELPHIA, SJ:l'ftliJIBB 25.-lrfr. E. W. Dicktobacco commission merchant, reports-Since 1st inst. hhde "Trigg ooaaty I!IP at 6 90 7 ; 6 bbds TenueBSee erson, reporter lor the Tobacco Trade of Philadelphia, the doings here in tobacco have been chiefly leaf at 8 .90 to I0.7 5 ; 2 bbds Tennessee lugs at writes as fvllows: in Western Strips of common to medium classification bd I d Tbe1e was a fair business done in all branches of the for home use, whicb being sampled portion of onr 7.90; 23 .1bda Indiana leaf at 8.50 to 13! 2 h s n 1tobacco trade last week here. Sales of seedleaf stock, were sold at slightly better pnces, but not a ana lugs at 8.50, 8.80; 1 bbd Indiana sweeping at 3.30; am9unted to over 375 cases, as follows, mounting to a quotable advance, market quiet. Im 1 hbd weepings at 5 75 viz. :-96 cases Connecticut; 165 do Ohio; llS do ports this month, so far, 2,514 bbds,deliveries 20 I hhds The Pickett Holl8e sold 235 bbds: 26 hhds Daviess Pennsylvania; 20 do Duck Island, also 90 bales SpanBoard oftrade returns of unmanufactured tobacco county common leaf at 810.35 per 100 lbs each; 54 ish and 10 l.bds Kentucky. for eight months endin,;r .Augaat 31st, 187I, compared hhds Breckenridge county leaf at 14 per 100 lbs each; The Cigal'll sold amounted to over a million: and a with the same period of 1869 and 1870. 8 hhds Henderson county leaf at 8.80 to 16 .50; 6 hhds quarter. Imported .... ,,,, ,47,588,852 11,346,106 I3.006,55& Henderson county lugs and trash at 6 to 8; 61 bbds Sales of Manufactured: 1,346 pkgs smoking tobacHome Consumption27,448,1'77 27,040,555 25,'750,143 county leaf at 8.80 to 16 i 2 hbds Breck-co; 450 do fine -cut, also 300 pkgs other kinds. Exports .......... 10,333,673 11, 250,062 6,475,551 enridge county lugs at 7.40, '7.50; 19 bhdH Grayson Price9 are very uniform, and stocks art ample. Stock in Bonded county leaf at 8.20 to 15; l hhd Grayson county lugs Receipts reported for last two weeks arl.', by Swift Wareboaaes .... 64,528,'l02 38,636,583 40,952,913 at 7.70; 27 bbds Webster county leaf at 8 to 10 '75; 1 Sure Line: 245 cases for L. Bremer's Sons. By F The Stock in Bonded Warehouses this date, does not hbd McLean county leaf at 10.75; 2 bhds Daviess Hartford Line: 39 cases for L. Bamberger & Co. Per admit of comparison with like statements for 1869 and county leaf ,at to 11; 1 bhd county leaf at Richmond steamers to Sept. 23: 73f boxett, 62; do, as in years, tb.e imports ncot included 10; l bhd county leaf at 9.50' 2 hbda Taylor 24-f kegs, 48 cases manufactured tobacco forM. E. Mem the stock, unt1l the landmg accounts were made up; county at 8.30, 8.95 i 2 hbds lugs at DowU & Co; 1801 boxes, 174 t do, 42 cases, 26 kegs under existing they !'re taken 7.20, 7.60, 2 hbds Logan o?unty leat at B, 8.80 I bbd manufactured for Doh am & Taitt; 118-1 boxes, 220 t do jmto. the returns from tbe date on whiCh the 1m porters' Logan countr luge at '1.30, 2 hbds county for J.. R. Sank & Co; 6 cases BJDoking, 40 pgs manuentmls are passed at the Custom House. lugs and leal at 7.50, 8.80; I bbd MariOn county leaf factored for other parties LI E POO at s 20 1 bbd Ohio county lugs at 7 50 1 hhd CritRI V R L, El'T. I7.-Mr. F. W. Smythe, tobac. 1 780 1 hbd'M't Jr. CHMOND,SEPTDIBEB23 .-Mr.R..A.MIIls, tobacco commission merchant reports Duringthe tenO, '1.60; 1 good to fine.,., ..... ,.,,.;,. 12 15 m sells readily-pnces for all descriptions hhd .Adair county luga at 7.50; 1 hbd Taylor county English good to fine ....... 10 l4 contmue firm, and for tine selecting holders obtain very 1ugs at 8.70; 2 hbds Tennessee leal at 10.25, 10.75; 2 BUN CUllED. full rates. In other growths there bas been a fair hhds Spencer county, Ind., leaf at 8.50, 10 .. 50; l bhd Lugs common to .. .. .. 8 10 business done, these descriptions as Spencer county, Ind., luga at 8.40; 1 hhd reJected. good to 6ne ... ......... .... 11 1 5 whe';' dry and moderately leafy, brmg an adv:mce on The Boone House sold 65 bbds as follows :-2 Leaf common to medium ......... 9 13 previous rateP. Hartcountycommonleafat 10.75,24; 2hhdsHart "goodtofine .................. l5 20 MELBOURNE, JuLY 14.-Mr. H C. Fraser,of oouDt.Jlnga at 9, 9.20; 1 bbd Logan county new crop Messrs. Fraser & Co tobacco brokers, reports as fol-at12; 5hhdsMonroecounty leal at8.20tol3.76; 8 LugscommontomedtUm ........... 8 10 lows: More act1vity has been efinood -during the hhds Barren ment of "Childrey's .Aromatics" was Taylor county common leaf at 8.80 i 2 bhds Taylor extra .................. '15 100 quitted privately, at a full price. Those shipments of county lugs at .7.90; l hhd county leaf at New primings .: .... ............ Iii 6 aromatics just arrived, ex "Game Cock and Douglas" 8.95; 2 hhda Cbrisuaacounty leaf at 7.90, 8; .3 bhds SAN FRANCI:::!CO, Sept. 16.-Tbe Commercial (the lattf>r vessel from Liverpool,) are expected toreDavieBB county lugr1 at 7.30 to 8.10; 2 hhds S1mpson Herald reports as follows: The market for all kinds of alize full rates. Sorue few lots of aromatic pounds and county logs at 1 .hbd Barren county lugs is well :with no bara have been purchased during the month f'or ship at 7.90; 2 bhds .V:uguua bngh.t wrap.per at 21.50, BBles tran11pmog. The JObbmg trade Is qmte active for ment to London; our stocks have been matenally de 86.50; 1 bbd Virg1n1a manafacturmg leaf at 15; 2 the seaaon, with no changes of importance in price. Leaf creased by shipments thence during the put few Speacer county, Ind., leaf at 9.70, 12; 2 hhds Ind1ana in supply at former quotations. months. The quantity ot mall plug black work is lugs at 8, 8.80; 1 bbd Maryland leaf at 10.25; 4 bbda C1gars-.An auct1on sale ot 100,000 Havana was held very large, and prices are easier. The oonded stocks factory at 2.90 t.. be realized T ens-Several parcels :have been sold at' Kr'lltz p au. tion, but at prices showing a decline on previoa! K "' 450 4,100 t h b nabeschuh, H ..................... 1:, SO(l ra dsi co;.sequent fn t e excess1ve quantity in ond Kahle, J. F. . . . . . a : j 00 10, 000 S,600 8,950 4,800 abo an as 1 be noted from the stocks given Kuebler, M .... ... ........... l 3 725 a ve. n ess fall off no imKrpfer, J .......... ........... 6 4 0 0 ca?, A oho ed for 1110me timl'. A parcel of E. .......... . . 1 400 .-oxes nc or" ten11 was qnitted privately. L1tterer, P ...... ,............. . 200 still bare of finely-bandied lots. Me G 200 4,400 2,900 8,000 8,000 1,1100 4,900 Aromatics-Several tro.nsactions have transpired in this M '' 3 ,600 description, aod: prices are higher than those ruling Mfirer, : month, but the demand is confined ch1edy to finely Me e A J' handled lots, which realitie full market rates. Cigarsy r, 4 5!10 been no transactioo in Manillu, the demand J. C. 1'470 bemg very small; consequent on only heavy weight J. 5:,Zoo being on hand, light weights would sell, esrll, B H. '' : 6.loo pe.nal!y H!lvana-sbaped. for which there is a present l s 2 16 9 : 877 5 trade mqu1ry. Tw1st-The quotations are as follows: Miller F : '' '' 00 Northern, 5d to 6d; Western, 6d to 7d; Soutaern, 1s '<} 1 1 600 to Is 2d; Barret's .Anchor, Is 5d; Black Swan, Is 2d ; Oed' 4,000 Raven Is 5d St .Andrew's, ,Is 4d; Kerr's and Queen 0 mg, 3 150 of South, 1s Ot to Is lid; Sbellard's, 1s 1d to 1s B. '. '' 5 : 300 2d; .Importers' limits-quotations nominal. Tens-p 2 1100 N ortnern, 7 d to Sd, best brands ; ruedium, 7 d to 1 od ; prWIImeler, A 4 000 Southern, h to 1s 4d, beat brands Half-PoundsJM.i 4 ; ooo Northern, 4d to 6d; Southern, (Tortoiseshell,) 9J to R 1 600 18 3d; Southern, (Black,) lOd to 1B 4d. Aromaticosenberg, E. .. 4 000 Weatern Halves, 8d to 10; Pounds, 8d to IOd, norniL. H .. .. .. .. 2,750 nal; Sout.hern Pounds, Sd to ls; Light P1essed Pound!! e m, J .. '' 9 200 scarce; Halves, scarce; Twist 9d to 1s 6d Ramsbrook, C. '400 Pieces, Is Sd to 1s 5d; Gold 1 Od to Is 2d; Navy Schott, J. 8,900 Half-Pounds and Pounds, lOd to Js 1d; Eights, Sixes, Still M. E. 2,200 Is 2d to Is 4d Sheepwasb-Calcutta Leaf. ld to Lewis .. .. .. 6,800 ld, nominal, n.o demand; Plugs, lid to ad: Leat, 2d Smith, Wm. 4,000 to 4d! Sweep10gs Id to ltd per box. Leaf for MannSchappe, J. G.' 9 850 factunng-Sd to ls ld, very scarce. Cigars-Che Snyder, A. M. 7 450 roots. No. 2, 57,; 6d, nominal; .Manillas, H. S., 60s to Sc.bmius "Hendrick Hod-one, J. T .. .... 3,100 4,000 8,000 5,300 8,000 4,000 80,000 2,200 6,000 8,050 3,600 son's" tens, 9d; 7 three-quarter boxes "G. Gordon'' T. ---tens, damaged, 9-ld. July 13-EJ: Carnarvonshire : 50 ;otal 981,150 three-quarter boxes Barret's "Crown" tens, 11d per lb; 105 three-quarter boxes do, do, 2 cases Bar ret' s Negrohead twist, lld; 4 Clllell Navy fours, l I cl ; 1 case do do fives, Is Old; 2 cases do, do tens, Is ld; 8 cases do, Is ltd; 5 cases do, po"k e t piece11, 19-icl ; 8 C&lll'll do, 3-incb pocket 1 case" W31terlily" navy fours, Is lid; 19 cases do do, pocket pieces, Is lid; S ''Sunny South" do, 1s ld; 7 cages ''Harvest" 8-ioob pocket bars, Ill lid; 1 case Cluster Cherry ftounders, Is O!d. All the goods at this day's sale were sold on account of whom it may concern, and for net cash. Note-The Quotations are all in Bond. Tt)ac:c:o Retuns in Uae LisYille Revene Dlstric:t. The following statement shows the amount of tobac co aud cigars made and sold in this district for July, 18'11, as appears from retu1111 roaM to E<>r...,pondinl amou1. Thlo ru1 Invariably be adhered to 8 ""' FOR SALE. -TOBACCO CUTTING.:i FuR RXPO.lH IN Bond lm-884 OSCAR BAMMBRSTBIN. WI Water8t. Jlow Tnrir. FOR SAL E.-A Commodious Second hand S.fe for Sale on very reaSODable lei'IDIIIt Tftll TOBACCO 1.XAir Olllce, 10 Puiton St. A D CHOCKLKY, T B. ANDillSON. Richmond, Va. 4:-:y Y : : ..... A. D. CHOCKLEY 4 CO., Korof&aat.t1 (.um D;<4L&U Ill' LEAF TOBACCO, _Jio. 168 fEARL. fTREET, _Jiaw yoRx:, AI_,. on baod a lull aooortmont or VDI

, 4 T H E T 0 B A C C 0 L E A F. The -'ilL P KITTREDIE 1: co::-DOHAN,' CARROLL & GO B. t. Merclianta BULKLEY MO.ORE A CO. I I c 'Omnil.,siOn I lN CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. T 0 B A C C 0 C0:5NOLLY cl CO., Commission COmmission Merohaats AGENTs FOE ALL THE ... l04 LEAF & TOBACoO, rr I 45 WATEii ST:::. NSW ;roRB:. .. 'rrents "ollOlllli' 11 .. ell' Vt'rvma annt,acturers. . . . . . Cotterell, Admiration, LegarTender. BendlllfJ, li& 11 (I 11 W 1 JJl Ull ( Premium, Pine Apple, Strawberry Cake CbrVtiau'fl Comfort, WerespectfuHy catl'tbeatteJitioil 'oflhetradetotbe following STANDARD S.U.cboPIIIl:, Natlon'Prlde, F BRANDS of.anufacturoo tot.ft(:C(,'{Qr, whicbwe' areAgents: J. B. PACE; HARDGROVE, ..... Wl&t.DeNoare TomTbnmb, Tile Hub PlaeApplftl ... "'"IJfD ... .J'D .. ... Flake, Wide A Wille. Jerry Prltebard, CaiUonll& Gold Ban. 'Ill ... u., TA ... _.. __...' ....... .... ....... BlevenO'clocl<. J.H .Andermn D w clf(JEB R l. PATTER 0 --. YAca:r cLlJll, L 1 11 .c..t...-... 4. S N & CO., CBID( 'l'Olt'S TWISTS, u:a: xnre; LIM. udllalf LIM.: POC:O:T :PIECBB, ) l!:x. Tao. J Su.uonT&l<. B li. WUDv GlEANER "' P. Wli!.LIAMSON I \ ... ... VariDU .Brri.Julll Biight &Dd ll&rk .. I ) r UPO:&T. .. 1" EDWARD r, .. wai.HT, NORTON, sLAUGHTER & co., dRY BR(!IS., : t. Lonu,:a.Have ofotber : brands, styles !'nd : r 'omm' 'I"S'Io" n Tobacco and Cotton factors EDWI. N I KRE!IELBERG & CO., XJ:WYORK, U1l F. L. BRAUNS & CO., B&I.TDIOJU:, Tobmo COimiuiot lerchants. Jlzes. suited? to all rnarMts : .... ( j( l -' I : 11 't L ll I? I I Sole Agents m New YOlk jJir i!OJI'OBIO 41, .. and l'ooket Pieces. AHo ... .. lftjftift : : a .. "'KJ"'U'I:!I ..... .. I 39 Street. 8tntral ... nf"; Agen_tsforlohn VfOmo, .AJod Deakri .. n...,{odo ....... ...,_ ,., "' 1 -; 1 10!111 ... IU c!!! .. u-1:!" ,., T .,._ J ,.., O '!J D k 1 'l /: .. .. :"a .. :; BIIOADs;;TTOK. .wv.u.e ,Q(f .grown lC etc. .1 I .. r J 1 O'l''.r,r ...... ................... J 'T : G n work to our "Tnist.J;e1 ; r '. s')c IB"j,;f,U;,D ... B & B I ,y liZ ... CHAS. F. TAG& EON, '"; 7 lJJu'ling 'Slip 'll8:'1f,4] Ork. "" "y, ' n 11 -M -t# .. liZ PEE .. B q J r a_ H_I[.E\..b .ME ' '' 1 -l.n) I r1]! '' !J /.' l ; M 'EftGHiRJ:' !.7f u .;..;;;. York. J.' L.!.':!C.. .. 1" ",:\ (\"' .... ,. I t ( J I It .AND HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO ALEX. FRIES & BROTHERS . '' 4-; ,. Maanlac t urers or . t J II.AV.&NA CIGAR. PLAVOR., CELEBRATED liAILROAD 26 WIEST BROADWAY, NEW YORK. 1 : JD ..... :. Impor-ters of Cigrrs,!l CODISSION, KEB.CKAN'l'S C#J SNUFF, ) NBW .YOBJC, u ... I R. S. W.AL \ Importer of .AND P. POHALSKIE& CO.,. .. q -A(J Ancl Sole Proprieto1s of Above Celelnated Brand. -,---.-- s i Maiden Lane, New vorl<. ___ TOB.ADnO lll.llltU au U t _he following BrQJlds of. <'r HAY AN A_ 19 BA CCQ, SMOKINC YQBAOCO: 2oa 7'BABL BLACK TQM, RAILROAD MILLS, Near Maiden Lane, NEW' YORK. Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. toe NEW Tobacco lnlpcpted or 8ampled. Certificates given for deliveN We have always on hand a large Assortment, for sale on Liberal Terms. .. F. c. LINDE a. co., I 11\T CIGARS AND PLUG TOBACCO. ..-RINCIPA.L.OI:'I'{f-JU waur S&ne&. e HERMANN BAT JEll & BRO., I ... <"""' :-::-:-;J W A.KIU!IOIJI!l,l;;l!l-S Wa&er}l 7.S Fron&.-.7..&1 76 an 71 Greenwleh StreeU, .... [i 1. 2.. 'l' arid 8 lluobon IYer Hal JJ.o Depo&, 8&, ;Jnbn Park. < 1 COHHIS810N I PRIDE OF HENRY CO. OUR CHOICE. I '('ALSo, WILLI.Alt 14. l'RICE &. LEAF 119 Malden Lane, .1 w )(. PR1o:lo, f F A. JAYlfB. -F.a..T:t\.nw.n. .. --''' hr ur Nos._ 70 and 72 Broad _:._ __ E. ROSENW. A LD .R ... BR. Q. Lo&l"t ...... -... l2.( ,,.. CUTH.IE .& CO r HAVANA 01,-... 1 OHAS. B. : ......... Importers of Spariish, '--4 Jl-\. -22/S FBO:AT s:r:BBEX, I I .. .. I ; I 1 l .:. h .. TOB40(JQ;"'" ............... u ... satell TOBACCO PACKED A. STEIN .. : ... :-STRAITON, & STORM, I : i I!!.!.':' ... :: ...... s:EGAR.ei. ,., ....... E'' LEAF; TOBACCO, LEAF TOBA!JPO, DBAI.EiRS IN LW u R&A ":' : .._ 6 WflU,tjm, Btreet, 197 .... No. 191 PEARl:, S'l'}tEli!T, New York .. I ,STBAI'EON & STORM'S f,ATENT. ... -' 8TZU<, \ r ll,1.,._,._Yorl.- 'JOHN IJ1'KA.'IT01i ., j ' 'r B, lfABSJIBIU.N f ..l.1111Jft' &e r) JJ1 (\B()Q.G STOlUC:. ___ SAWYER,.WAJ:.l,AOE&OO., E. SPINGARN & .. _: iiQJlig I. WtLL"'""''o .,._ .,... _..,.._ HAVANA& D'iiifs'TIC ToBACCO . .. ..... RlRO. No. 47 Broads+...No. D au._L.NC SLIP, : ::. :::::::: -"""'"' NEAR W A TER-STREHT, NE'W-YORK .. Ew YoK ... -. .u.u: .... ...... soAaN : I. DE BftAEKLEER, r 'I!' Av .-;A ...... IJUcR x""' RS ,. w. :a.a. A.n Tobooco & Geneml Commission :. Hi, (ihlti6i GOX&Cl lf&llf, .. .. .... .. .. 1\ NEWYORK MERCHANTS! :: 96 Beekman at., .o. I 10 PEARL STRUT, '!t.Bea JraWriil iiid fkapedor Lb and pMonoteU llacbinery NJW' \'Qii. Cor. Baacm!rSquare, NE'W' YORK, .. -"-' .Fqr .$ale only by I' 26 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK:. I Sole Agents In the United 8tatea and Canada. .., I


C.l. Warehouse of the .) Po1xuxo M. .E' !)lan.ufai:iur! :fls.s.acla#dl'i. af-_}feliL !!Jfz!k li.i!J led ) H! t a da.ll t!te attifJLan af' th.e ta their stack. at' Oigttrs, a Ln li.uddmg., and af-le.t.e.d fa!'-aale at jtt.ices. whick it i.!J. li.elieflecf mtu..i ILeentit.e.l!:J f-acioitj 'ta"tL he #.o.mtza.n!f is. en.ali.le_d, li.!:f means: Of. diJ. e:xl.e.niw.Le manufactu ing. ftrc.i.LitiRa, ta. a f/e.ta'ef.!J a f ULeli made. IJ!, dt t.aie.a uni.f-at.mlg. Law.ef-t.lw.n CJ.Lt.t.enf. mat. ke.t j u ice.i, and to. e.:xec.ut.e. fuamfz.illt' all at.rle.t.IJ. le.ce iued. $2 IJPaUen a:nJ ct ..dl?t.uer. MERCANTILE t ABERCY, J. A urs Mutphf i G ., })1 s u' '":i: Y., h. I PfhmiS 1m! 6F J :,) Dinictifl1os (}I :y n O c i'IU .i EVERY BUSINESS .CJ TN THE UNiiED STATE .Lg;Ts OF N IN }.{.A.NUSCRIPT OF ,._...... PUOFESSIONAL JIEN, FARMERS, [1HE TOBACCO LEAF. ISP0l\'rBI If ( 1.40111 .. 3J :AND JOBBliiiiS OJ' ALL KINDS OJ' LEAF No. 170 ;ater Street, 'New_ Yo>nk. A A I o t71 ,J ............_.) ..... .... "J 0 LE'WIS GINTER, T ob'acco Coinmission Merchant, 39 -W A:1f.JfEN ST., New York. Depot for John F. Allen's celebrated brand of Virginia &molting Tobaeco, factory No. 14 Richmond, Ya. ; I FULL LINF;S o. CHOICE VIRGINIA PLU S. (" ,' -.A.Nir POWEA'rAN PIP3S. \ ..... ....; .-. ... M.A:BTIN1 Ill' :JGIINSDJK. 166 WATER Bet..,een 11Ctofden z,...., "" JraU lltree11 r r '=-,... -.. Tobacco Commission Merchants. A:GENTS FOI't THE SALE OF ALL THE r t Standard Br&.nds of M.AiNUF ACTURED And SOLE AGENTS for the sale of the following brands of Mei!IIIIN. :'!'ROMAS & OLIVER, and' D. C. MAYO & Co: Richmond, V a. : J MANUFACTU'RI:D tie a's King Bee, !12 ihch Ib s ' t Pride of the Nation, 12 inch lbs. lbs. f. Reward of Industry, 12 iDCh lbs SPENf3E JRO'(BERS & Co. MANUFACTURERS THE CJELEBRA ED Fine Out Chewing Tobacco, li!J 64 Etut Tll, Lrtl Strut, located a t the L E.A.F M.A.RKETforCUT'.I'ING ToBAcco, our facilities fop s upp lying the T-RA DE with ALL GRADES OF F INE t "' CU9'"-flnd liiMKING are uns urpassed. Own Pocke t Pieooli. D. C. Maye's Navy, lbs.,-} lbs. and lll'a Thomatf Choice C o nestoyn, 6's. 1 c A F! IT A _L.. a 1 000 000 8MOKINQ, --- J. M. Walker's E:drn Bright Twist, tt !ncb. ,.!!_1!11. YirgJnia'a Clioiol. A. aOHitKIIot;'lt, Caohler. -o DlltKCT'"'Ite-EMIL SAUER, Pree!pen'=, La F ta R 11 6 vrrgt m a Belle Rose a y .. ,. .,.. ,.. .., avon o s, men. Star t Olive Ca:atm J .. RI!81111 JI.Il-,Schm1dt&Rupertl. I J J RIBON .................. R ibon,Jfonoz&O... PER QUE. FADERIOK KuBllli ..... KII&lltb,JIIChod &Kohne J01uoSo,.,.,._,. ............... Bonneboni&C... P u re Virginia, ALU' K KwleiiiCJIDO .. Kittel, Al!Dg811ber,r_& Co. Dnm SALOKON. Eureka, AU styl es of Manufactured and LoL8BJW11t ................ Bud&ie, Scblli'&Oo. :BIIJL8Atmo ........... ... :"'c.. 01' Ch .. "' b de 1 b d "-M H L!m llalall.lll .. J .... w .-a.. tver s otct> acco put up un r s pec ta ra n s ,or .a FRED Rtcx iL Mill!. w. G. T.uxs ............ .......... Old Kentuck, s o l e uee of the owner. J'UD-OJt VILK.lR. 1}Qvel :md newly. petented i!lvetion l g claimed to be tlw mo s t p ei'rect' d'eviee tor s!!Joking loose tobacco ever offered to the public. By the etmrle arrangement shown, the saliva, Instead of running J)lto th11 Wf. toblocco, abd thus fouling Llw whole p ipe, is ca rri ed throu g h the und e r tub e iqto the ball orchalrl. ber undo.r the while the smoke, e n tirely d e nicctized, paB808 dry and cle an t h rough the upper stem to the mouth. Tllis cha.m ber is readily detached and emptied, and, b e ing entirely separate fr o m the bowl, and haTing no communication ,into it, evaporation fro m it into the pipe is preVl!nted, and the tob a ccc is kept dry, 11.nd m a y be readily consumed to the last partici e, while the gre a t ob jecti o n to the common pipe-that of t h e nicotin e drawing back into t he mouth-is entire ly obv i a te d. It d i ffers in this res pect from nll other pi pea, and mustccmme n d itself at a to. all smokers. B. "\V. ROBINSON &-18.'ll84 .:C 186 Street, New York. 'i Liberal will te ,..Jth parliea deairin8' cxo!Uive Ba=--ue-r-=&--=eo.=---, of Commission Merchants, v And lmporlerl of And Dealorln Havana Tobacco & Segars, ooiiJEstc LEM' No. 40 .EAYI!R ST.,. NBir"YUMif Fzxr. l ----FmE IBBU:&AWUI Dtt the Pia-, -'J' .1;...... -"" .P.lJ -.. ...1 Fire '\137 WALL STR.EET, JIJLY 1, :18'11. cRoss ASSETS. $7s ,e2s.79 1 CAPITAL; -ACTUAL SURPLUS, $503.286.99 0varlny rn08t]apD, ,-.'. J! II.J!'( lll''' ', J *'' Z98 and 2N MONROE ..YCJJ[. ,. -.-r sriOJto:r.-. Fill IE I)OMESTIC :t...f. "':" -.r. lt. Dxcellent. nack: and Tan. CalH'ornia. Greea Ileal_......--. II' Golden Dar. 43 ... NEW. PIPES, SIIOXEB.B' ARTICLES AND CIGARS. 166 Water Street, IIEW YORK. AIERIGAll IGAR IOULD IAHUFACTURIHG CO., l No. 463 Fi1st At.te., NEW YORK. Sob Mannfa.otnrers in Amerioa. Order s attende d t o pr ompt ly' General Commiaaion Jlerchanta, No. 123 Pearl Street, NewYork ... H, GAJ&DeaO, --"' ., LS AP ii6BA.OCO HAVANA. ..._ ," .il8Q>'()Rt:IONAlCDDOllfU!'IO AND 8ECAK8, X..E.A.F TO::EI...&.OOO. No. PEARL STBE...,..,... No. '293 f-iu111..1J r .lf7f]V WBK ;,EW r 6iut. I: ;;J;;! 1).' J m;. -, NEW RIC..HARD. J. BOIKEN, DlPOBTliR OJ' .... ._.... .MBERSORAUK AND BRIARWOOD ::Old Cro-.v. G 1 L(.nlf Cut Cavendlsb EnrrU.h Dlrd' :Eye. Street, New York. t 43 LIBERTY ST. 85 S. WATER ST'. ..... Put up in J, t. 1.-lb. Bags. In O asQs o f 6 0 a?d 100 lb!r The of @ Jll A 0, @ e t h i s po pul a r Toba cco blul caUIIIIIl it to be exte n sively coun ter W. T. feit.ed an d to pl"e.en't S ncceeoo r to l. R. GREENE & CO. .,.._ g[tion whenpui'Chas in" Du rham R Au N C be part ic ular to < e nq mre w r. ., DU H "'" -be W T. BLACKWELL' S BULL,\1 "".,.. ""'"' g,. and it my Mai'k 1 I' I r-J B RIO:&,. CHAit LEa-A. WUL wholesale Dealers in Havana and Do]llestic Lithographer, Printer, ud lhDufictlllV .r ..4.nd .. u ko...U of uaf XobtiCo>, :W 1\o. tt Gotd Street New York. L. BIRSCHORN & GO. 'SEGARS, .urn TOB.l(!tO, L .... .... DIPOBft1111 OP TOBACCO AID i ESARS m rn.t:.EJRBe or LEAF T-OBACCQ, 162 Pearl St., ear Wall H., : ftEW YOft. ;. G. REISMANN & CO ... 1 llttfbltf# -v D&&LDIS Dr ALL ltllfD8 o f :E : r r os,rc:co. If.. 1'7i l"fl4Rlr atft>Wrtt, 1'IIN GAd C "'./ .J '-'"'jo Q obacco O:J:Q..A.R.&,: NO. UO WATBR : IITBKET, Ill ; ,;. Near :uw'YuRK. 138 Wauer Street, New y..._ .-" ..


6 THE T 0 n A C C 0 I1 E A F ---c: .PHILADELPHIA ADVBB.TUEMEN 1'8. BALTTliOllE ADTBBTJSEWlllfTS CI:VCIJm AT!, liT. AliD WESTERN ADVER riSEDNTS. HA 'R TPO:B. D AD VI B. TISEDNTS IIM!ers in A. VAN SCHAICK, r::WM. A. BOYD, & co:-f Wholesale IJ6aler in Connecticut Bavana wHoL .. AL DEAL "' : I -r 0 b a c c 0 lL\lm'A.CTtmED m LEAF ToBAcco, cmAns, &c., 1 33 SOO'I"B BIIJ'BEE'I', B. .A.GEIT FOR LORUJ.ARD'B BJI'Ul'F AND TOBAOOO, WfYJ. A. BOYD. LEU TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, Tc:> 154 State Street, 17 a. 19 North Water 8t. Philadelphia. WM-A. BOYD. TMOS.. W. CROM&Fit. Baltimore, Md. HA.&TPOIIJt, VOJflfo StelDa!P, Smith B.oa. a KDacht, Mu:pa D' .lLL J[IJIIM OJ' LE.A.:PI TOEIACOO, .AAfl M-ufGfJivr or Gftfl Dealer ,,.. Cigar. e 225 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA. H. WILKEI\lS, a 00., Monumental Oity Tobaooo Workal. IO; tit WEST PRATT STRUT, BlLTI80RI, D. OIIIOIDATI, 0. ._l'lflu a e1 .n .....,. e1 .... SmokiDB aDd Oh81lllbl& Tobaccos, Brashears, Brown & Titus, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. Wbo'"""1 Dealers aod 161, 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, (CORSER OF ELl STREET,) J. D. BURNHAM & 00., llanu!acturert! ODd Job bert ln CINCINNATI. Tobacco, Snu1f & And Wboleeale ill TE..a.s, A. A BURR'B..l.X, Krohn, F eiss & Co., J D BUIUIJU)(,} 77 & 79 Asylum St., E. D Wn.LU H'RTFURD """ J H. a llliJ'" tJIsSIGD ......... MeWoaTON. JOSEPH MANUPACTUR.D .\ND .MOitiiiQ 116 Arch &beat, PHILADELPHIA. &ec&.nf. etc. 100 P.I.ATT 8T.B.Bft. BALTIIIOU COMMISSION MERCHANT, .;:: WRIGHT & CREIGHTON, Connecticut "7 J. RINALDO SANK & 00., ..tbacco and Genara.l Com. Merchants, .. ..... 1114 .. ---. r t PHII.ADELPHIA. & L .&>nded Wareholllfl No. L I .. W'& ........... ......... L BAMBERGER I CO., Po&lerr Ia LAF TOBACCO .... ........ ., SEOAllS, lo. 3 Worth Water saner. ..... f" 8. & J. MOORE, rOB A COO OOIIJIDIIIIOll JO!J!IlBAWTS FOB. 8!LB OF BOll. CHRISTIAN AX. And Wboleeale Dealro of Smoking and Fine Cut Chewing No. 27 CAMDEN STREET, Baltimore, CHICAGO AND BOUTH. E Rll1A1 1DVERTIBEIIENT8. ''-fr1itJ A\ '"'a) A, l'rfJ A\ .. oSOUTHERN .ADVERTISEDNTS. .-...... TAOB1J'A'ccoDfM8ANIIUFDACTaURaEsiGIE aWORKS. AlooDealersin I HUb ll.aSON, 4 ::;.!."'ra,y A Co, [.AF & C/.CAR' "', llannfacturers of every description of u II .. .... MURRAY& MASON, '102 MAINSTBEET, ,J. W. CARROLL, HI G l:i I, ANDER," D ROVER," renowned Brands of Virginia. Smoking Tobaccos, J;OJIE JACK and BROWN DICK, lllaaaJiar.tory, 12th Street. 1 >Wt1JUmlf...... o acco ommtss n ere an "A. ro""" D. Al& Ollewlllf 'llollloco. Tob&ccoo. lO'o, and everr Tarietj ofFiltt-Claao Work. n.Loai 11..-uoc1 Bdar PI-u

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