The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00314 ( USFLDC DOI )
t29.314 ( USFLDC Handle )

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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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' .....,.,., .... ,.u ..... me& C::s.ww ..... _:=( ..tJo ,..(lo., n illold. .\Oo.r7 lllp. Bncl a. lSi Maldfta u.-:Bullley, Meore&Co., 74Fr., l6U. Wlter. sm.u.G. KiJIDiAU, Tbamu, a WHham. mtUede, W. P. & Oo., 71118& 'llll'lllm. Kremeffiels A Co., 160 PeuL :t.motte A. 0 163 Pelll'l. Le'riD, ](. B.,1ti Peu"l. Jlaltlliud Bober& L. & eo. a Broad. lbriiD & JGbDaon, 1&6 WaTiier. &Son 122 W&tw. JlcO&mll-.191 Grtienwich. ... JLI1 ... .. Co., 4GS'.,Jirlll .... .. 11011 harl. S'QBAOCO B6ll. BewJ.U .... _. Plll&oa. ........ '10-.ul.O ... """ 88 a.-...,.. .t.UOUO ..... OP Gerud, Ba*&ll & .(., 7 Old SliP.' Wuleteln, laM. Lol.UUI. llatob A Oo., aa 111141 v,.. Beppenbaimer, ... & Oo., 12 Ner$la 'WIIIaa. W1111', Obu. A., 11 a.MbuD. DlLIJIG-"'!L ... ... w. a. oo., m Wiltiam. 2<1tiCCD .,... w......OUa. .. --.utwtllalo.-' 'IO&AQOO u., 1" Water. -llllW.C!111Dl111 OP AUIU.t.B Ill....,.. Xlue, Brol., lU Weet Br014wl.y. TO'NCCD :nPJIII, Roblruon, W. ok Ilona, 182, 18&, &114 1118 OreenWIOII. acoo can dord to do without. It gives the latest Re, lllllct. venue decisions, Ma:rket reports, and Smf*lle, P U. the moat.aoourate 1111d compl'eh'Gub iateJ!igence B c :co. ., ... l;t '"' ., -: 'AND ;! l PGRTER-1.i10F SPANISH T r ._: r r ) .. ./ ; 1 ATER STREET; L I 34 BEA. VER. STREET, NE'W' YORH,j Il':Q?ORTEBS OF Havan a Cigars and Havana Leaf, and Sole Agents for. Brand S ... PERIOR DE JOSE MARtA YICHOT, u 1 1 I KEY WEST, FLORIDA.J2 KLING, 52 and 50 New Streets, New + IMPORTERS OF UAVANA CICARS, A...J Sole for Che le of tJoe EL P RINOIPE OEoGALES SEQARS; ''""nfa.clnred at the QY >W!JST :aRAJIQH of the E1 Principe de Gales !(anufactery o ( JlA."""' T08ACXlO JWIU'.t..,.._ dy regardiDg our intereat. tlae ODIJ'INreld1 jsmr-2lal devoted to this t:lle ---r-. r-_ of two montbliel iastijd Liver-ai.xteen c .eiU:s on 8J.I .grades. 1 And a rate, we f!lel they believe the twenty-four cent rate the best pool r91p9ctively, the ouly T+<*t periodical iD e:r.ia-be .a.OOeptable -all around. It is true one for the trade, why not advocate it by advancing D.LX>, A&b.t.liiD JIOJIUDO 016AII8. tenee. The reason& why ewrJone the cul-many of the fine-cut il!id \(Jave:adish manufacturers positiTe arguments. It will be seen that a uniform 32c. BVEPLtlll. tivation, manufacture, or B&le .. weed, should sub-would gladly 'see a reduction to 24c. uniform, but even rate was talked._ of at Louisville, but did net seem to E. G. & Co., 38 Tllil'd. lllribe for it, too obvi ;)" to need detailed re-they would be r stirl better $&tisfied with the entire gain any We believe that if our friends ...,..._..., )li!888Ditr, T. B. & Co., 161 aud 189 Maiden BO:ROB liOULDIL Oe111bnlck & Co., 71 John. _.Jil.._._,_ihe--"' "'' -BDs 0., oro.lll&. ....--.. ....... t9 bonded 'ljarehoq&es, everywhere would unite in calling, .not for "a uniform Alberding, G. & Co., 98 95 Third. As an advertising medium, it is. without a rival. Its the expression, of opinion was pot fuh enoulfn to eulble r"le aa tltdd be-coftllietAm.t 'lriih the public ne-Umeo Jlorri&. B. }[.1 190Id Slip and 7S Wahr. Korton, Slangt>ter & Co .. U Eroad. Oatman, Aln, 166 Water. Ottiaser BIG$hen, 119 Peold. l'almlir .t. Soonlle, 170 Price, wm.. ](. & Co., 119 llaida LaDe. Quill J. P. & Oo.1 at Broad Rapp,'S., 76 Jrnlton. Bead, 19 Old 81lp. Belalbun. .t Co.,179 Pearl, Roeen'ftld E. &Bro., 146 Water Salom9Jl..B., 192 Pearl. llelielder Jooiofb, 14* Water. 11GiulliU & St..,neelle, 166 Water. l!chnlec1er AI BOb. us Water: llelnabu\ B. A eo.;ue Water. 'P.LT8JIT POC&rr-PJ:!ICIL LIGBT. l!enlll&t., 8. L., 86 John. J'IXED ft&& OlOAB AJID Pn'B LIOJlTJ:Bil. Porter Jlr[atch Mullfactprmg Co., 97 10tb .-v. LIPII JJJa17RANOJI, Home Life, 2M lkoa4way, I J'ID ljr8i7Uxam. JlarileU'Ire lnaUIUce Co., 87 Wall. LYNCBBtrRG, V .L subscription list is constantly enlarging, and now com.infer the gepera.L sent.ime.nt on the subject. cessities"-under which Congress could impose a ftft,r =r-lk L. prises the four quarters of the globe. It will thus b!l Af at Louiscent rate,. and still accede t1!e W. & Co. seen that it offers a medium for reaching ville, we have majority and minority reports. As only of the trade-but Ill earnestly a su:teen lUlWAalt, lll. :s. 1 twenty memberS of the trade were brought together, cent rate, and proving, by statistics, that it would be Btinbingbotrer, W. A. & Son, 88311rO.d.J I MR. KIMBALL JN 'TIQl .WEST. the di:fferAn"" of op\nion w hich. 'this indi, cates, is suffi.-"consistent with the public necessities." This is the Oampbell, & Co., 95 Broad. r-1:':: lllSW ORLllAlllS, LA. Our readers will find, elsewhere, interesting aq..ciently striking. l'.be insist, first, on m1iform-way to command success, d.nd not that adopted by the :Harm lli=-Touocio liD-counts of the oonsultations of Chief Israel Kimba.D; df. ity in the tax..rate, and,second, on "the lowest possible" Virginia "intervie'j'Ved" 'by Mr. Kimball JUIQPACTUBDII o mow OAIIIIII. Irb .. J .,. .. eo 1n ,._ Rev. enue Bureau, with certain representatives of rate being s elected. This, also, w e -think, will receive We should notr be .afraid to demand too, much, as we Kratt & Botrmeuter, .18 North William. ., ""ur&Tler. lWID. OBI8X.&l!iY, lll. T. tl!e in Cincinnati and. Louisville during his rethe 'general o'f the trade; and furnishes a n&ed not fea.r that we shft]l receive more than we ask. Gellii&D-Amerioan, Broadwy & Oe4111'. K.liluP.taruUII8 or oUwlllo AliD cent -:nmts to those cities. While we regret tl:iat our, proo, f th, at six.teen-oont would meet the own opinion, as l;ili'eady expressed in this column oar..:. T. 189 Pearl. lbiJigMO, B. & Co., li Barllllg Blip. lllein Oo. lin DuM etne$.. lint!._, .t Storm, 19l ParL 1 B*roha & Reitze....teia, 176 Front. 'l'ag Oblll'les F. & Son 1M FTont. 8U'Z8; 8Jt! OlUNG TOpAOOO. 1 th t L 1.. t u}d t al} Jlar'riD & Co 265 Bro&dway. Pierce, Walter B. 'friends' could nbt have had more general of his vievrs of Ll!-that the adoption 9f the 24c. rate ro:o&coo .:W..LBUOUIIIIII. PBILADIILPBZA.. was obtained, to establish one or two points temptation to dishonest persons to commit frauds, or would drive the honest smoking manufacturers out of Weetheim, Jr. & Oo., 17'1P'earl. Wriglit., B. Ill[,, 89 .Broad. TO:BAOOQ miOIIDQIII. Be a L. & C<>., 110nlh Charloe. \om: Wail'r. I And thi8for the sufficient reas-ons, among others, that it minority" of,o.J?;e; graded, rate nue om sm.o.JUJ.Jg r1 P acco e re but that .. Herbert, L rlonth-eat cor. Jrourth and Rue. W9uldTneyit .ably drive many of the' manufacturers of thlS I} vef)llymdspme tJie goTe:rnment, r it now be mcreased. This Looee, 0 & Co 611 B Charlee JlcDewell, & Co., S9 Nprth Water. ock t...o. bemg 80 and "" WA th t ks f th ooreJ. B.&J.,lq7Nor t hWeter.'of of the "bl aders, '""' .. l!rl'e no:V Wl Ill wo:vee o e PnJ, 11'"!:b flit W .llaltimore, and 17lleutb. Water. and &lso encourage the general use Qf leaf in the raw system should be extended, and that the rate on smokmeeting of Congress, why Will not our friends every & Co., EJ:cbange Place. uo ..., J .. h ul Joe. & Oo., 81 ElUihange .PlaCe. Teller Brotbero, 117 North Third. state, only tJe aimpl4!St maninulation to 'mg" to. b a ,ooo ilhmiJ.d n 'oi be increased: To prove the lat-W ,, cu.c ate petitiOn!! .for a: unifo rm. sixteen-cent Wilkene a. Kli 69 s. charlee Vatterlein ;q& Co., 111 Areh. t' "' W h ,:;..._000 1 Woo4,ard 6rolhere & co., 88 North Wateri v_ery well the ordinary uses !Jf smoking' tobacco. ter the, that "smoliing tobacco made ; It 1E All the GfNIIa &-Niemann, 78 S .' Cbarlee. 011 .. AJID .. u.&. Te&coo. Looking to this latter point, the Cincinnati trade re-by BitDply rubbing a dry leaf betw'een the hands, is as Sign&. of the tunes mdicate that the oplDl,Onof thej; Bicudl, & Oo., 88 Exchuge Pl-. J., 1U B. Doiaware ave, I will b d sul d ftc. f '1 ll.t.NUYAOTuB:us, DILlLIIIIII, no. solved to: a8k Congress to protect manufacturers good &ll that manufaptnred by the most costly machin-, e an more con te in futw;e.legislation; Beall:, 1!'. vv. & Co., l80 liorth: c : L. & Co., s North Water. against ''th .. e co.nsumption of leaf, or. raw, tobacco at ery." is. adduced, and e.iso the statement that the in-. 8,,0 .let e,m, brace the present gol?Bn opp(lrt. and Pelper, 11. W 80 and 92 Sooth Charles. HJJro.A.Ol'UliEBS OF SKOXING TOBACCO, h h W h nl to 1 Buba.geD, J. v. a,eo., 'l1 Camden. Jlehl & Rattay, 8,019 Chestnut. retail." This, as we have frequently shown, can best be crease in the rate by in 1864 to 25c. was (ol-aun Ig e 0 Y reso the prosWilkeu l ; JtU.RUFACTUliD8 ol' sOO'l'Oll BNUYF. done by compf!lling grow.ers to sell only in bulk, the lowed "by an almost entire cessation of .the manufaeperous future there will ,be !IUch \VW:d as t fail)" Guth GDBtne, 53 Getman. r idea. of Mr Kimblill that<. a twenty five pound restric-ture of smoking toba.eeo and an almost total loss of revu01UIIIS or BDD-LJ:.LP To8.laco. Steiner, Smith Broth era & Knecht, 225 Race, tion 'lfOuld 'cnre the evil, being pre-eminently absurd. enue from that. branch" of the trade. In support of Meeting .r the National Fine Cut Tobaoco ManBecker Brotbel'B, 98 Lombard. Tl;>eob&ld, A, a. Third and Popi&r. We ar, e glad to see that the peddling frauds which we these 'views, which so. far as bonded warehouses o.n, d ufkoturers Association "' D8ALBB8 D1 BAT ... .L J.ND DOIIDTIO x,..-, DIBPJ:CTOB SII:ED loli.LJ' TOB&OOO, ( "' 1 l, 8;,188Wa.ter. -B!ook, Ilk .t Bowery. Outallode .t. 12 lll&llden Laue a&ooo aD 011 CI:G.lllll. Dioilere011, E. w., 107 North Wr.ter. have so long and persistently shown up, at ,length smoking tobacco ;are c9nce:rned are. very sensible, Mr. A meeting of the members of the New State, G. B. 882 Weat Baltimore. :'!;..,. beginning to attract the notice of l;he trade and of the Robinson that. he was "the only one in Fine Cut Tobacco Manufa.ctnrers' was held Weyman & Bro., 79 &.81 Smitb11.eld. officialS. The second Cincinnati calLs upon the cutting-trade taking an active pa,rt in .the meeting, at Astor House, this on Thursdil.y, the lBth llree., ll Gol, v A.. pa?kage, according to his interpretation, but. like the which would. be total).y lost." "In the competition be: Lawrence. Wilder & Betabrooil, 7 Cetpmercil. d rful k th oolDD8sroNJt!J:BOJWIT8. widow's'cruse of oil, this won e ,"package: is tweencuttersto eep eirmacbines>going,"hea.ddeq, CQnsidera.blebasinessofimportan t ted ooiDII88XO:R JIJ:llmu11u. never emptied-\)eing constantly replenished ere its "they would furnish a. good article of fine-cut chewing a pertion of which was ad 't. ee ransac Jr. Neal, Thoa. D. t 'te :r.h ted b f t' 't t th f 50 h' h uld' te 'all affi t th 1 f op ton a new name I BROOKL Ylll, lll, Y. BBODllll. s q:l. Th!ISthi 'd Y.. -v; o e c.,,;" h y ec d et sa o 'for the Associa.tien, which is to be' h!)reafter as BucJu.nan L;rau. .ilia, B. A. C1 m": ach t e fu on af st ordpter'ho rrc. f o oomCl em the Na?on&l Fi.rte out Manufacturers' Association, and BOX IWro'I'ACTUII1!1l18. BOQBE8'1'11R, :r. T mission IOr. t e rec expo..-on 0 .manu ac ure 0- VIews, expreSSl !S' lmBe ID 0 .a 16c. rate the election of a President. Sherman Brotbero, a to 18 Bedgwiek. o TOBAottO. ba.cco to foreign countries," withQutjts h f\ving to pass and the th()1 present system of bonded l'fr. Davi.'l Campbell of 1\T k N J cmc.a.oo, ILL. Whalen R. & T.,.19013tate. h t bo d d h A h ..... D _u,_ h h dia' f "" ... ,ewar ew ersey, was DJ:ALliBB IN LUF roucco .LIID 010_..8 JUliUUOTOIWIII oF cw:WING .um sKoJU:RG. throng an expor n e ware ouse. Blml. ware ouses. .w.r. ea.n, .... ""aug e npt a.vor the made President of the Ass t' Th 1 adi Kimball; Wm. 'S. A Co. lar '1 t' f rt' f th 1 tf b d d h te ted t t OCJ.a lOD. e e ngfine D:ll oZmwi ClGAJI P'-CDBS IOCDITY. '2V2 Cba\.haJ!I. DIPOBTE1t8 .DID Caee, s. B. & Co.l 149 Sooth Wo.'-r. I D:uLB& n( LILI.PTO:uooos. reso u oTrmbs a o de p ba li?rm ond 'eh .otusedsys ...._m, wa.nb bl a su eel}-cen rate, I Q.l:ms of this city-and State wer.e repreaentecl at the J. 8. & Bro., 262 .Lake IUid ](oeely D. E ,llill.trtiet. of the Nation.... 0 "'""""la ton, an Wtl e C(ug 1 s a a Further resolu-meeting. ,; -BPIUNGFIELD, MASS. meets with acceptance. The fourth resolutiOn tions ,were then urgtng upon C6ngress a final The following] resolut'ons d b c l'r.U, ](. 196 fear]. 'DIPOB'l'DS OP JU. T.llU roBAIIOO. Aiunian J. l., so Cledar. Buliii'J Qau. T. & Ml'Bener. Clollta Hai1161l1Awe. Garda.ll'.,t.,., water. GoollAWII. 4\1. W Wt.tor.. .E .t. Co., 34. ler, Gail & 'Co.1...118 Wo'a.ter. llhUda1'PeU, 19& ro-1. Pai.CIIal.._l;!:;, 1171laidep LaDe. lolomoo, & E., Silaiden Lane.' 'Vega Joseph A. & llro Pearl. WaJter R Pearl. Well AI fJcl, 60 Ybor, : ,26 Cedar. OJ' lUll DOIII:iBoo :IO:UCOO. W,MS & Croabf, Wall. KANUl'AOTUliEIIB llniJ7, Appleby & Helme, 188 Water. Geetze, F. A. & WaelUDgton. i' ;. Smi&b B .t.(Jo., 20 Bempdflll. .. 1 were y a comST. LOUIS, KO. respectfully requests Congress to abol1sh all assess-settlement of the a prevep.t10n of the pedmittee of members and re d....;th OOMJt!J1!810lf KBBOB.UITII. & Newton, Gal{ornia and Froa&. Y. A Co., (l. P., North Ba.lwa., TOLSDO, 0 TOlU.OOO IILU\UA.OTOJibB. lbshl& Co. ments on sai.s of leaf, or manufactured tobacco, snuff, dling frauds, and the abolition of theta; on sales, when proTa.l. of the .A.saoo'iation. e unanunous a.pand Thi& also, we believe, coincides with tlie the informal gathering adjourned. WhereiJ8, We have learned that ff, ts be' of the, trade ')Verywhere To tax tobacco from the. above brief review it will 'be seen that, made to advocate the passage of :t toar:acur mg .by impqrt, and then, in-limited as. the attendance at these was, uniform rate of tax; e a directly, by a tax on sales, 18 monstr.ous and oppresdebates giVe no ground to the on which Resolued, That tl;te 'Nattonal-Fine Out :AssoCiatton do siva in. the extreme. Regarding the tax-raw and the to base the movement for a uniform tax of either 32c. hereby:_pfrotest agat mbst such an act at . any un1 orm ra e a ove c ; mn er that we recom bonded warehouse quest10n, the Comm1ttee on Resol_uor 24c. Afthough wetunderstand that some of the Virmend to ConQTess that the of u; t bli h a.d -tem t fr th f t f th t t f h 0 x as es a. s ed e no. s .... .om e. ac a avort e July20,.1868,.be adhered to, unless, in the opnnon of the Cm.cmnati 18 diVIded. Sttll, as nor any other section of the have come ou in therr opm1?n, the. eXJgenCies of the 'United States we have said,' the<>pinion th&t the tax on smoking should plain terms and said so. They call ior ,"a rate Treasury wip. permit of a reduction to 16c uniform. not b.e increased, seems It follows, therefore,. as. be consistent the public of these recommendations the that if we are to have unifol'IIllty, the new .-ate must be t1es, which 18, after all, only beggtng the questton. If Fll'St. Because a uniform rate of 24c. or 32c. would


' -. THE TO.B.A.OOO LEAF, ret.ult in tl.le daurto&:19 of the tr&iti.c .in cheap amolriiag J::t i:. r O.SACOO MARKET. tue 1luol'"tate& to wide to take in the ton & Svna, 2 do; Purdy &, 6 do; .Toaeph WBI'JI i,baull to Honduru, and 813 br.lae, IS :tobacc:>, ahorta ud thereby '""'O, .; C010. 75; 5 at $llfJ. mere ol the prelllllt 16c. elaat of amolring) to compel llaw..,t. 24weei". -.. ._ ... Mllw .. 'L tell...... poimil of ilaey mauufactur.-in a bonded poria, for the week ending No-..ember 14, 11.25; 6 at $12.25012.75; 7 at *13fJ13.76; 6 at $14ft Jtbem to P.Y .. high. :rate on the lowest class m -m = the .ta ),i ball of-the in aome Wtlreasfollowll: r-' 14.75; 4: at$19.25 bacco, as '.a exacted _from the wealthy for beat arti Marob ......... 6'J9 7111 310 673 asss of the ooliJib! 't!ill be paid, -Thl8 26,588 lbe, fJ11J.75, 4 at $20QIW.75, i .i,hhda Owea ele. To_: 'l'lle....atems from :wb1ch April ........... 1111 WI 1000 meni -.,.y put acime of 'the manufacturers to 1 nconm f d, $5,059. county traah and leaf at t8.86al7.25, 2 hbda Qarroll ampki11g are wortli about 1c. per lb. ; 'l!ay ........... 339 -ur.n --1009 161'-Gm veniellbe, -but, lib--eUler good, they mut hhda, tl,200. trash at $8. 70a1UO; 7 hhda w-.rel;J.onae. a weep obMco.24o, would be 2400 per cent.; _to :::::::: = Bil6er cammon weal Jluufactori811 that can BB.ITISa NoRTH AIO:tuOAN Cow!ililfr-l24 lbs; $72. --mga $UOaS.75; 5 hhds l8$,f .at t &t would be 3200 cent. on value; while .Aagut. ....... Mi. .. 966 lMl8 { 1116 6800 no.t comply ''llfltQ isuolt a regulation should cease to Wl!BT htniD-13 hbds, $3,535; lbll, $ 7.90, 8.05, 8.50, 8.60, 9.65; 7 hhds So11them Iadiana tbt leaf awW*I worth 10c. to or September . IWS 3167 aM M& 6600 ex18t. 'Pbe liet 't\at-'tbey are out of .the w11y, and mfd, $2,428. !!Craps and trash at $2.75, 7.35, '7.95, 8.25, 10.!16, 10.26, au. average-ut Iio.per lb.; 1n other 'words, only about Oorober ......... 645 735 .1003.. 917 .. '.,.. ... 3300 cannot be easily reallhed;ill the -..ery reason why they CAliADA-12 bales, $720. 10.50; 2 lrhds new Carroll county-trllllb at tfi/75, 6.-60; 200 per cent. -on value. Again, to tax aborts at aame ; 458 1303 570 : : :" '2331 shoUld be brokea.ap. I reapeetfnlly submit whether OrSALPINB B&PUauo-25 bhds, $6,050; 8,582 lba, 9 hhds West Virginia leaf at $7 ISO, 7.80, 7.90, 8:80, :rate as chewing woul(l on the Leaf.IS nothmg of to .it ia P,:oper, When to every legitimate intemf!l, $1,825. 8.90, 10, 10, 10.60, U. 75; W eat at the same ev1lll aa we formerly labored under, vu.: wareIn leaf market-this time. that manaftietories should be pennitted to CuBA-5 800 lba, mfd, .2,274. $9.05; 1 box nell' West traah at $5. 75; 19 :house s full of the obliged to dunng the. }laf!t week waa netther better remaiD, beoauae it h inconvenient DA.NI8H WBST bmm-186lbs, mfd, $7L .. boxes Ohio seed leaf, fillers and at $20,20.75, 1mrn, dest1 oy, ?r sh1p of _Umted States, at. a nor worse than dunng its We hear .to get to them? We hope, however, that you will DuTcH WI!ST INnr-32 bales, 23,288 lbs, 21, 22, 22.50, 23.75, 24, 26, 26.25, 26.50, 27, great lo\s and mcon-..emence to all mterested. of some few wrappers and lugs havmg, been sold-at appoint a co'Uecror near or within every mannfacmfd, $5,663. 28.25, 28.75, 28.75, 29, 30, 31, 34, 36. Fifth. Experience haa shown tax on amok prices for. home oonanmp?on, but aside turing neighboraoorl, the be bond-FRENCH Wur INDIBS-25 hhds, *3,523. Me881'8. Boughner, Brook:& & Co. offered 37 hhds 3 fostered a large number of illegitimate manufac-thts 18 little of general mterest to commuo,ted and sent to a ''Warehouwe somewhere. HuTI-33 bales, $299. boxes at the followmg pnces: 13 'hhds Mason and \ulerB, who in the busineaa solely with a view cate, we are at a lou 00 ftnd an excllBe' for those manu-To Europeai! ports for the week ending No-..ember Bracken counties lugs and leaf at $12, 13.75, 14.25, 1o defraud the go'!'ernment, aa low of BII!-oking From Richmond the news is about as previously .facturers who pr,efer that the tax should be paid at the 21 : 14.50, 14. 75, 14. 75, 15, 15.25, 16.60, 17, 18, 19, 19; 2 tobacco can e&Blly manufactured mexpenenoed reported :-firm prices and sma.ll offerings, the latter manufactories andnot at a bonded warehouse; when hbda, 77 do, stems, 14,600 lbs, mfd, l hhda Owen county trash and lugs at $8.60, 10_. 75_; 1 pe:raon, and m a manner to. defy -; item referring to old tobaoco. Of new stock a goOd : they know they are being cheated through that chancase c1gara. box Owen county trash at $7.20; 2 hbds West V1rguua That thl! appomted b;r:_ this Asdeal is now coming in loose; witb .BOJlle advance. in nel every day; By letters received, we find that lba, mfd ; 1 caae CJg&r& leaf at 10, 10; 20 hhds Robertso. county tO represent th.e annual. meetmg of the prices within a few days. manufacturers Jn Danrille, Va., oppose bonding,all LIBBON-99 hhds. 1 and leaf at $9.10, 9.35, 9. 75, 9,95, 10.75, 11, 11, 11.75, Nahona.l Toba()OO A.BBOCJatiOn n;t Waahmgton, Decem-We advance quotations a trifie on Funky and -but onein 'Lynchbtlrg, two in Peterab\ll'g, -and many, LIVEB.POOL-'-37 hhds, 107,976 lba, Irifd. 11.75, 12.50, 13, 13, 13.50, 13.50, 14.50, 15.75, ber 6th1 be requested to use their best efforts toellforce Common to. Good lngs to meet the altered state of not m:o&t of tbem -iu Richmond. We do hesitate, LoND9N-96 hbds, 19,000 lbs mfd. 16.25, 17.75, 20.75; 2 boxes new Brown count,., Oh1o,_ tlilese VleWB. the market in thiS city. Other varieties are UD-however, to aOOredit these gentlemen with pul;ity_cif DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. f5!Meen trashChat 31,' 3.Bodman L 1 M. Mur, of thi.-oity haa patented a tobacco pipe. ---. A Nuraoa.._:.()n Island, manufacturers of eigars comvlaiD.of the inconvenience they are put. to lly being obliged to go to Brooklyn to purchaile stamps. To fh oft'ered 86 hbds 12 Learf.-A total of 750 cases are the reported. We ne.-ertheleu tielieve they are miataken in tl1-e mter10r and OQ_astwtse ports, for the week ending No-at the ... 76 hfihds Muon and -position they occupy. Tember 21, were 443 hbda, 13 troa, 60j trcs, 1878oaaes, r ....... en conn ea common tr ...... to na leaf-2 at 7, sales of week. The has been .pretty The members of our Board have had to contend 1 bale, 608 pgka, 42 boxes, boxes, 321j 191 7.85; 2 at $8.30, 9; 2 at $11.50, 11.75; 5 at $12.250 evenly divtde.d Co?necticut and the against illicit tradA t.hmugb its various phues. Many bo:i:es, 88i boxes, 2 0&1188 cigars, consigned u : 12. 75; 5 at 13t!l3. 75; 11 at $14014.75; 8 at $15fJ15.50; sh,owmg cs. at 20c .. and !5 cs. tine of them refused to buy or receive tax By the Erie Railrqad-Thoa. Hoyt & Co., 4 hilda; 2 at 11 at 17'11!11:75; 9 at $1SfJ)l9.75; 7 at $20ft on pr1yate terms, and the la.tte1 aoo es. 2lc.a27te. paid Tobacco unlesa 5 estne lrom 8 well known and Jno. F. Flagg, 5 do; E. Goodwin, 2 do; A. w. Lindsay, 20. 75, 6 *21021. 75; 8.15, 8.15; 2 at $22, 22. 75; 4 at 33 cs. chan.ged hands at 27c., and 200 cs. honorable source. They were not only afraid of ita 34 pgks. $23@2360, 1 hhd new Kentucky, damaged ?rought 16c : a50o. -: and break up-the means By the Hudson Bi.-er Railroad-G. B. Lichtenberg, at $5.20; 9 hbds Northern Ohio lugs at $6, 6, 7, 7.55, future prospects, little sa1d that of this unlawful b1lllin8118. And now we find a threat4U pgks; order, 12 do. 8, 8, 8.15; 1ta Ohio fillers and has, not already been subJJ?itted. is one ened < medium opening to fraud with peniiciou11 conse-By the N11ti.onal Line--J. K. Smith & Son, 12 hhds; at $12.50, 1'; 15. 75, 15'.75, 16.60, 17.25, 17.75, 18.25, conse.guen?e of the gr?wwg soaJ ; cnty of d681ra"ble quencea a hundred fold more ita Sawyer, allace & Co., 1 do; Blakemore Mayo & Co., 18.50, 19.25, 20.50, 24. m!ltenal will be shown" m aR :early resort to the new we lla.-e a nght. tl) of 1 do; J-arns & Oo.,19 do; E. Gompertz, 6 do. Messrs Clayton oft'ered 37 hhda, 3 bo:r:81 at crop. :Mahufacturers must have, and in the. nature frOm this n.:.w engine of de-1 By New York and New Haven Railroad-Bunzl the :-18 hhds Ma90n aud Braclen of things, will have, if it be procurable, good toatructive 'teniliMioilia: 'think the rate of tax. high Domutzer, 111 cues; E. A. Smith, 3 do; M. H. Le-conntles lugs ana leaf at *12.25, 12.50, 13 25, Ill 75, AwOTJrD Rv...-n 8VPBBV180B Gon WBOlfG.-U ia bacco, and as great expectations present to jwdify -a 6ia&btinuanoe of many of the Vll1,. 1 do; S. Barnett, 6 do; Jaa. McCai!it, l do; Pratt, 14, 14.SO, l4.60, l4.60, 14.60,15.75,16, 16, 16.25, 17.75, atated at the TreMury < Qepa:rtment that an indictment resources are neither entertained Oli admumible, it of Tobacco. Atw11ter & Owen, 1 do eig&n; American Whip Oo.,1 do. 19.75, 20, 20, 20. 75. 10 hhda Southern Kentucky leaf been filed in oourt against General Krzyzanowslri, 1:1eems to be tolerablv certain that the growth of Toe pnce of the export: atamp 11hould be rednced to By the N11w York and New Ha"en SteambQat Line at $8, 8, 8.05, 81.0, 8.30, 8.35, 8.65, 9.05, 9.05. 9 late aupervu of ioteraa;l revenue for Georgia and 1 871 will be b ht t tO :th all tw'o dolla:ra per h'lllldred4nd one inspection will auf.._Eggert, Dillll & Co., 50 0&8811' D. & A. Benrimo 55 hhda West VIrgm.Ia leaf at $8. 8, 8, 8.75, 8.95, 9.20, 9.60, Florida, him with misappropriation of governtlie case with :S!ot!.. lice aa a perfect to the do; ;L. &E. &Neugaas, sa do 9.60, lL 2 boxes lugs at f5.31, 7.50; Ulent property. worthy fact that the exigencies of manufac-, ..St .each Thffie lading tt & Vige: ugs at $7, '7. 1 box_ DeW t d d al d 1 te h u-.:1 &88 18 lj:UO lg aJftl ..... rnoes 0 BUw. an 0 cer un-.... !'!" q; rQ er. n, X:.' 0"' -'-__ ..... N J>u:HIDMB AT HoPKINSVILLB, KY.-At a Fair recently urers. unng a :years ave ....... bEKii98sary in the trarfapdrtation of Tobacco in, this coun. ,By the New York and Hartford Steamboat Line-w ....... """mg oy. 18. '1871, :US hbdll, 89 bu. held here, the following were awarded : Premiums on a deVIatma 1!1 this respect from former practices, try, under bond. "We-la,e--no objection, howe-..ei, 1o Cliaa.. F 150 caae11; M. H. Levin: 56 do; " 9 1 :. 77 :, best 25lbe shipping leaf tobacco, to be exhibited on the recourse havmg been had to. new supphes aa many offioera aa tM may please to apSohn1itt !', Steiueoke, 8 do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, 5 oorrei!J!?nding 1:3 f: Btalk; no to baTt leu than 8leana, :H. A. Fritz. sooner than was before e:xpenpoint, we object.. to p!lf'ailch as render an lillnecess ary do; A. Oatm&tr, B-do; -(t' Bins; 2 ao. The market slackened off this week, and Second t-t, G. w. Jesu:P, Beat 2 lbs manufactured ence had demonstrated that It IDight safely be done. On l_>eh'aJ!, Tobacco Board of Trade, l By the Old Liae--A. D. Chockley & Co 9 there W., 41 do; W. 0. Bmtth, 13 do; tobac(.'.o, and sold somewhat lower. Reoei ta light. ToBAcco BuaNBD.-On Saturday night, the 2let ult., the consumption o -p}eaae let. you on the subject at your H. Koop & Co., 1 do; Patterson &Co., 38 do; Oelrichs Prices firm for other grades. p tile tobacoo warehouae belonging to Charles B1amble and thiS, so far as IS generally known, mearliest convemence. & Co. 92 do; Appleby & Helme, 2 do, 2 trcs; P Lo:ril-LOUISVILLE N 15 W nnd A. Ashcraft, near Olaysville, Ky., was destroyed by jurious .or unsatisfactory results. What has hereto-.,s'Jt16king.-Busine88 'in this department o.f trade has lard & 4 do, 2 do; J.D. Evans&Co., 8do, 50c8888; 1 Tb h b ovEVBn littid .e report as folire. It contained thirty-nine bQgsheads of the fore been done, then, may, and is likely to be, done beeh even less bnoyaftl: than usual, sales haviDg been E. DuBoiS, 506 trcs; 8. Bapp, 50 caaea; D; H London, h as ts e omg, 88li leaf tobacco. It waa the work of an incendiary. No again now that the occasion is-urgent T.b.e essenneither numerous nor tlnportant. 6 do; Tbos. Hoyt & Co.1 3 do; B. Lindheim & CO., 10 1th"'t. a.-:, amtak t fulllp are vTery g. ts f 1 ibo t *6 000 h ll. d d 0 A:r 'thout. d t.e h tl :L lin do Richey & Bonifa 16 d E H 61 d Re b a IS ouere 18 en a pncea. ne recelp or lllSur.wce ; 0118 a u tial. requrrement 18 to ave tobacco we sweate an e WI 1!10 e_ra c long .. me ce, o; en, o; n en the paat week have been 165 hhds 395 boxes ana the 1--if this can be accomplished early in the season it mg, if etther way, pro\laJ?Iy w the direption of less acLmdhe1m, 55 do; Wm. Demuth & Co., 29 do; Schroee rt 332 hhd 1945 bo Th at' f th ToBAOO? VA.-Sa:rs. the Republican of prooably makes little difference-certainly not as tivity, conformity in this respect to the prevailing tender & ldo; N._ Wiae, 6 do; D.&. A. Benrimo, 6 the diff:;ent waleh:Ses w::e 15th quanbties of new._tobacco much as used to bs:-haw soon it is turned over to dency. 5 do;. Martin & Johnson, 64 do; Moore & Co., 45 as follows:, ; mloose are market, the manufi\Cturers. How much of the last vield is Gotd opened at llOf and clolled ':'t 1108. H. Snell, 2 do; De Wltt & 1 do; W. ,P. The Farmers' House s ld 40 hhds 2 hbda Bhelb nry good pnooa, cons1denng the quahty, whiCh 1s f h t f J1 Euhange ha8 'firmer, w1th a tendency to K1ttredge & Co., 19 do; Baby & Green, 1 do; L. Gm- 0 Y generally inferior. notice d about one hundred 0 c .aracter to warro.n 0 ear Y maadvance all week. Th.er8naa been a scarcity of comiei, 17 3i boxe11; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., 8 do, 231 county at "1150 7 5 ; 1 hhd Shelby county lugs piles, oompriaing leaf and primings, at Plante:ra' Ware-tunty IS not, of knoWD at .time to any-. billJ; which \l6'aotibthu given the Ill-&rket a boxes; Connolly & Co., 35 do, 66 do, 781 boxes ; Bed-at 7 10 3 Frankhn county lugs and loaf at 7.90, :Qouse yesterday, w,hich.wiJJ be sold this morning. 0 18 an average better tone.!We quote: at 60 daysl>n Londono lish & 1 bale; C. & Qo., 1 10 75 1275' 8 hhds Barren county leaf at 8, 8.40, --. a Prtmi?t appro .ation Of this wfll the for bankers'; do. Carhart Brothers, 40 do; Blakelnore, Mayo & -t1o., 8 90 9 9 10 1Q; 3 coqty new "WoUilfG" TR& SuA'rll FnuNcB eo-rTTBB.'7A !Do7e speedtl:y ter te e.t;nbarrassment at short Bight, lJ.Oal,lOl;l.Paria at 60 days, 5.38fa5.33f'; 100f boxes; J.D. Keilly, Jr., 12 hhda, 7 trcs, 172 cases, lugs and leaf at 6 50 8 : 9 4 hhds Stmpaon county Washington dispatch saya:-The distillers and tobacco IS hkely to arlSe from the ensting liiDited supply of do. 'll.t short 'Bight, :&3o.5.28!; Antwerp, 5.28fa5.23f; S55f boxes.; N. L. McCready, 23 c11.sea; order, 83 hhda. leaf 9 20 9 30 9 .60 4 bhda Hart COUDty. common have already commenced lo lay their good material. Swiss, 5.27ia5JU,!; Ha.IIll:nll'g; 357&361; Amsterdam 2 trca; Dohan, & Co. 155 do. to medium leaf at '8, 8 10,, 8.2Q, 9.60; 1 Hart grievance before the Senate Finance Committee, in tobacco of all available varie-40!a41; 78a79i; By the Steamship & Co., 38 funty commof 1? the hope dlat' U.ey will tU:e the11hape of legialatio ties and grades was in fair,request, and we a sian thalers, 72.!o.-72f. I hbds; Richey & Boniface, ao caBellj L. Ginter, 15 do; 8nro ea. a I t.beir present burden of taxes. The dissale of 399 bales S.t. Dmningo on. private terms-in Freights bav e been tirin, i!a. therehBS beetu scarcity Martin & Johnsoll., 151 do; Connolly & Co., 47 do; Al-hhd M ad a\ m county :;mto7 n 8 1 0 ea 7f90at 8.340hh;d2 tillers are very in their appeals for relief and a bond. This transaction because of its magmtude, of berth-room. l1ii. & Co., 16 do; W. 0. Smith, 10 do, 100 .a boxes; W. W 8 e e ctouln Y comdmon 1 af. 't 7 90 ; 8 8 18 -1. f th 1. J p Kitt edg -C 9 'l arren coun y uga an common e a 'lllllllge o e ,...,.. IS qmte a new feature In the market and serves to_. Gro.. .. ... eauuoaet !'P 'un oJSP ,.. r e "" o., do. 92 i boxes; Moore hhd G t 1 t 6 60 1 hbd s' d f f t h s't D to poned .. ,,. aw1 quo!alfun ot !1004 1o&t .. ell pnoeolh&t lhoald & Co 42 do 2 5 do 1 pkge D h c ll & C 256 rayaon coun y ugs a ; umner remm one o ormer tmes, w en ommgo l\ml! e&nnotoxpoct to ... ulhell' crop 0 an, arro o., county Tenn. leaf s.t 10 75 C:.JNSOLIDA.TllfG IlfTDNAr! RIIVBNU& DrSlfRIOTB.-Since bacco was an important staple here As well in t>r tb ... ame prioe .... re.oblalllell oa r.e,aaie of elle crop bel' officials_ _. J l t' tfr ti b f t f Llgbtcuttlngl"lf ....... 10 u rtoe ..... ...... ... .... ti @28 o.,commiSsiOnmerc an,..,an e ersm ew acco, co t 1 f t. 990. 7 hhdll D'. t leaf d ___ an ear y re 1remen om ac ve usmess or wan o .do, tAo ........ 311 llooocJ r eport.; Our market during the paat week haa remained un Y ea. a aneaa conn 1 an patronage. Now, and for several y.ears past, few lap .. ,. .... ; 7 -': i::I::; .sil;---: active and firm, fo,:-all grades. The receipts of M lugs at 1 4hd Green Co. new at 9.20; 1 NOT a City meJ'ohants give, or have given, much attention to. CGUe --mos en ell s lp!ll&n recelnws g t, an Ollio-ID'"" to soo4 oam.. li'ID6 -,._ :6. ad 't' h 0 ., leaf at 8 60 7 hhds H-....L county "' "'--0 .. a---ll tai ad B fl. told this' Bnnrn'-GNeaid ... .. ,,. ............... -,_ ner gr es, no. sw mg 11 tppers. wnersrem81Jl TBry ...,. ..... -: pncesf;eneraywe sus n: ney lledii&!D-aadapeND&........ low to medium leaf, 81091 fair to good The Boone House sold 9 bhds: 2 hhds Hart county ater be waa by the alarm of .the gun, and, orgamzabf>n,:publiShed by week. It did not 9i'IJ10; selections, lltU2j; stems, goodtofine 3104f common new leaf at 9.40, 9; 1 hhd Spencer county l?arn, .found the .-ery Jllan he m t1me to appear 4ocnment to g::: =::::.: BTATMn. (Indiana) low lugs at 6.60; j Logan oouniycomold I88Ue free negro. by tbe name of PettiwhiCh It refers .and belong!!, It will Po...W.-lBom.-:;BaJ.""" ;;c A .';,STs "-""" .. :tvK Jmu&ry 1, 1871, Stock in warehouses and mon leaf at 9 8; 2 hhds Logan county lugs fnollt-:-frolyma_ a corpse .m. of the door, the read now Willi as much mterest and advantage ... :K on shipboard, not cleared, .: 9,361 hhds at 7 .40, 7.30; 1 bhdLarue. county newluga at 7.70; 1 m 111.1E! wuung w his bre.ast and if it had been more opportunely presented. -Good ...... .. : .. 2ll u ::.1. c. 1 ....... _. .. : ... -:as Inspecied this week, 954 hhd: Larue cdunty new leaf at 8.10. mg through.liirt body! produCI!lg death mstantly. A HoN. J. W. DouoLABB--Dear -Sir; We had the en=: : .. do. previously, 46,225 'Dhe Ninth street Ho1188 sold 8 hbds: 1 'h4d Graves sad JWd ternble .warnwg to evil-doers. closed communication from the Tobacco Board of ltl_ouldr .... ..... .. -;:au:;;..... ..... .... .... 28 oonnty leaf at 11.75 ; 1 hhd Graves couhtb lugs at d tha ht _. 't il LRbtPre ... d,ennllue"' II B..lL .................... 28 760 1 hbd Lo 1-1 hbd Trade pnnte t yon mtg re .... 1 eaa y. 1 L!lht-.t, ane .... "W.s.".................... 28 Total. 56,540 hbds ; gan, county new e .... at 8,7 ; 1 THB ToBACCO -MiNUJ'ACTUB.E AT DAimLLB, V A.-Th.e The membet:a of the ;Board have entertained tb,e JMPORTS. Exported ainae January 1, 1871, 41,370 hhds DavieBB county leaf at 8. 70; 1 bhd Davieaa county new aays:-"The tobacco factories .in town have belief for the laat t:wo years -that the only methof New York from foreign Coastwis11 and reinspected, 6,500 "47,870 lugs at 7; 1 hbd Hart county new leaf at 7.90; 1 hbd a!-1; wtth the exception of one, closed operabreaking up the fro1.uds in tobacco was to carry' ports for the w_,ek endjng November 21, included the Barren county lugs at 7 .80; 1 hhd county tiona for the Wlllter. Thus hundreds of hand11 ha-..e, it through a bonded warehouse directly from the following collBliJilment&t:Stocks tl>-day in warehouses and on llhiP-new lnga at 7.40. usual at end of evl)ry working season, been left manufa11tory, and that justice to .the whole trade de-Ce.holan, 1 case muft'; order, 200 do. board; not cleared, 8,670 hbds NEW ORLEANS, NoVEKBIIB. 1ii.-We report aa fol. regular employment of-stemming, rolling, manded that the t&x should be uniform on all d!)licorice. HAl!Ul!'ACTURED TOBACCO. Iowa :-There has. been no change in the market, the the weed, and will have to seek other work scriptioDB of manufacttired tobacco. The time has & Co., 60 CaSeS licorice Market baa been but quiet and s&lea limited to the oft'eringa owing to the acantyauppliell. The nntll opens. The factory get good wages when they should give expr!!ssion to these ; H. Stephani Co., 50 do. licorice stick ; R. aotua.l wants of trade. There were received by the folsales have been 27 hhds, of which 3 were at 10fc. ; -, f!.Dd if. they liB& any economy whatever they can conVIchons. Oliva, 12 do. lowing leading firma : Messrs. Lee & Co., 1 at 10i ; 2 ftne at 12, aud one and 20 on pnvate terms eaSily lay up enough money during the working aeaaon In justioe to the trade, and in justice to the reve& E. S$lomon, 6!! bales ; A. Gonzalez boxes, 1201 boxes, 22 cases ; MeiiBl'S A. Seemuller & Bates, which are fully maintained, are as follows; than support them through nue, proper we should ctill the of 308 do; L. Pa:acual, do; F. Marquez, 94 do; Sons, 107 casea,_and 74! do, smoking Lugs a:t 711J8c.; low leaf at 808i.; medium at -@9, llut the colored people, as. a body, are unprovtdent. ComUllsSioner thsse two important pomta part1Palmer & Scoville, 10i do; J. J. Almira.! lli8 do. F. tobacco. ..... good at 9tll0 ; and ftne and selections at Manl'Yiost of them are let their wages go cularly, which are in many respects vital in their re-B. Caaablanca, 124 do;._ V. Martinez Ybor,' 293 do; A. BOSTON, Novnma 18.-The Oom:m6'ciol BuUetin ufactured remains dtill and at unchanged prices. We l'oS as ;hey at e p8ld, not ca.nng to lay !JP for a sults. B. Bosenballm & Co., 1lJ3 do; Robt. E. Kelly' & Co. 126 reports as follows :-The market haa retained ita inquote : Extra No, l,lbs, bright, 80086c.; ftne, 75@80; 'ram;r They however, to get through It is clearly seen that the Supervisor for the Soudo., SC&BeB cigara; Leiria, Philip and John Frank 51 active features, but prices are BUBtained, and small fine medium, 70'1)75; good medium, 65(1)70; medium, wwter '4ter by doing litUe jobs and rely-them District, if he makes any efforts at all, ia ando, 6 do; Carl Upmaun, 210 do, 4 do; J. A. Veia, & sales are made to trade at full prices Havana ia at 60065; go14 bars 12 6 oz and 4 oz, according to mg on the. sublimitY: of luck ; a1_1d when the SJ!akils tirely impotent to destroy'this illicit traffic under the Co., 255 do, '1 do; A. :If Ouville, 1 case tobacco; Chaa. 85c. tt $1.5 per lb. ; Seed Leaf at 18 o 55c.; Yara, quality, common, sound, 55'1))60; medium and crawl ou' m the, the are all Ol! Iiand, present system, and yet, strange to say, aa we are. T. Bauer & Co., 16 .do eigara; DeBary & Kling 13 do 98c ft.$1.3; Kentucky at 8 f! 12jc. aa to quality. The common, unsound, 4005{) half pounds, bright, 5'8o60 ; :ready to mU:e the lu,gs lly agam informed, he is advocating a system which ia to open G. W. Faber, 1 do; A. C. Lamotte, 2 do; B. receipts have been 4 hhds 4 bales, 188 boxes. The do dark, -G55; No. 1, ilia and lOa dark-G56 ; Navy, ,)


THE TODA.QCO LEAF. 3 lbe.,'-fJ55; Na'f1, llbL, -Q$1; lmey at;yles, uatural &ern and :Hilloari leaf, good tiweeUllere and wrappery IICriptiona. The importa are ti68 h1Jda, aDd the de-taken small quantities from the la.'lt import, cbiefty any Q9nsiderable aua.teru ent in quota tions. ltaf ; twis t etc., 66080. lpiDnerB mOIItl,Y for. Til"! new. arop hu liveries 1563 the 19:00'1 hh'tnctillb m pr1ce Havana,Segara-U1e Jt.te import. are indif 15080. ANTWERP, No'VniBER 1.-.Mr. Victor Forge, imbeen in rttail demand. for B rd's-eye lS but tn!fing In other brands there bas been a gOOd feteut; if Go:ri:nan .and: Pori.o J1ioo i8 bein freely im PETERSBURG, No.....-18.-lfeana. R A. Yo:upg porter of tobacco, reports ;-The market has not been moderately In eoft leaf for Africa the inqui ry, which haa resulted in consi J e rnble sales. ported into the i&ljlnd, this may account for it. A.m .l: Btotber, tobaeoo oommiaiou :merchants, report ,a.s as lively as month; and quotations remain bas been limited, as &lao i.i the kiuc.l.i. Our Mo n thly Circular l!>ays :-There ha.s been rather b!Uemo, Carmen, Giron-have bee.u in m ore demand lollowa :W no*e ocouional aales of old, but the stock changed. Sales of the month, 306 Kentucky and Srips haYe been taken' to a moderate Mary-more activity in the market during the month, ana and 8pecnla.tora have !'&Used ee yeraJ large to on hldld ia ftr1 low. Loose coming in more freely. 36 do Virginia.. Receipts, 394 hbds 87 do la!).ds have been in good demand, p!U'cels when the total sal e s of North American Tobacco, although change harid8 ; : prices Palmyn-iuquired\ We eoD&inne qaotdi0118 : Primi gs, loose, $3.50t:ll4. 60; Virginia, and 15 do Stems Stock to-day, 486 Virginia, colory and free from sand. hr,ve ..)J een reailily pla.ded at not large, show an increase on the previous month. for, and good realizing hlgll!at ra-. Esmaralda-hopheada, j,l){)fJ6.llO; New Leaf, tair to good, 6.50019; 881:Kentuoky, and 15 hbds Stems. Sales from jobbeni steady rates. The. of the new crop Home ltrade secured such as answered wanted. Manila-in Btea.dy ; furlher sales at Okl common and medium lugs, dark, 6.750)7 ; Fair to hands about 250 hbds. : has made steady progretl8 dnrmg t.b.e month, and there their purpose out of the Jaat importation immediately highrates taken plao'e in Manila, in firsts only good lugs, dark, 7.25 f.ll7. 50; Very good and fine, dark, Nov. 6.-Dnring the past week the sales amounted to is now a fair selection of Ute dift'erent growths on the they were sample.i; but haYe chiefly confined them-that not sold being refuae Manila Segars and Che8 .fi(l@9. 60; Low and medium leaf, 8flll0; Fair to good 93 hhds Kentucky of which 6a were resal e s ; prices 'market. Shippers still seem unanimoualy Iota or selections, and there has been root&--quiet. Japan-being freely U8ed by the Trade let.f, 10@12.60; Very good and fine, 13.50tU5; Bright firm on all grades; the demand is principally for low pricet1 beillf!' higlJ.qin tlieEnglish..m&rketa, .no wc;>rthy_of For e _xport some p a rcels via. Cape off eri n g. lugs, j Fancy leaf, medium to good, 160180 ; grades f>ut on f6e other ha.n!l1t m111t: be tha.t un spections f Q r the past week and also for the S&IIIe time dent writes as followa :-Confirming my report of erably more than a year'11.. cou.sumption. The quality termed B!Jbshtntes there. has been a good inquiry ; for da.ntly but with f e w exc eption s is much mix e d with last year : the 27th ult. the market ha.s remained rather quiQt of the crop 1186mB to be impmliaiJ as tbe !at& samplings suitable descriptions : Yery high prices are paid, and Scraps, and must cau se continual dili &atisfa oti o n to the JimewL Becelpt.o. Tol Inap. ToW TDIJ>. since, on account of the insufficient choice offered ; come from tl;Je docks bat il qiPt e c!ear large ready sales hhds. Trade. Greek-in demand. Hung ari a n Oak'e .. .. ........ 8 ........ 38 ........ ........ prices are uncha.nged and firm. The sales effected proportion ofWeatern. Strips and. Lea.f, in -947 hbds 889 hhds in the 110ld *? some e x t ent. r ates are deOeaue : ... 29., .... : 2 ........ 18 ........ 234 ........ 17j within the week are as follows hhda many caaes well-grown and lt!Uy,areooa.rae andvemy;-month of last year. Stock-19,288 hhds agamst manded. Algerl&D-none o n the market. Ge rruan .. Hoor, e .. 15 ........ 6 .... ... 10 .... 174. ...... 118 at 12! qrts; 18 at 9 i do ; 26 at 101 do; 20 at 12 do; smooth Tobacco being an exeeption, and chiefly from 15,494 hbds in 1870; 18,884, bhds in .1869; some desira b le Segar Bt:LPHIA, Novumlfa 20.-Mr. E. W. Dickerland-60 hbds at,ll! qrts ; 12 at 7 f do ; 50 at 9! do ; been several in_qniriea for Jan and Dntoh : of the have been effected for parcels ronneL Of 'dark heavy Tobacoo Trade of Philadelphia, totaJ 122 hhds; 30 hhds to arrive at 11 qrts. Stems former there are none to be had, and the latter only in tobacco there is none on the market. Strips of heavy HR. Oms AT Bo-day :-8 hbds Bay, 2$0 do Obiq, _do Serubs, 237 Messrs. John Grant H-ec)pon & Co report :-There but for ?Xportation there has. been been but before New York audiences by New York managers. The cigar trade amounted to over a million; atocli of do Maryland, 639 do Virginia., 2603 do and has been a very good for nearly all deScrlpFor Strips there lias been a moderate inqUiry,. which TimeS, howeYer, baYe changed. RDd Hr. Booth show s fine cigars is moderate ; pricetl steady. 469 do Stems. tions of American TQPac008 last month ; but nearly cleared the market of all the parcels of old himself'inore liberal than his predecessora Mr. Ow ens Pl'llg was in better demand. &lee for -the week were l,iA. VANA, NoV1!MBER 10.-lllr. v. F. Butler, tobacco the high prices demanded by holders checked sales, 1mport that. were offering, full rates for whicJ;! were is playi:qg this week two of his mo s t chara.oteristill 720 boxes ; of smoking 180 oa.aes, and of fine cut, 175 broker, reports a.s follows :-The tobacco marke t con-and manufacturers, as a rule,J .,. .........,!Dr ooporior makoii, """'"""! by lho d ..... of by notiog Jowv: Our receipts and are small, the old United Sta,tes, lt disc. r have a. better ,..s h'as refuSed to accept t)le lower gl'adea except, the stains on the carpet made by tobacco juice. tnp being pretty well eU&W!ted and yery little of the been a fair inquiry !IJld olso at a great reduction in asking prices. Havana. When there is anl doubt, they begin : Senator Chan. new crop has found its way to markets, except in loose good spinners. Virginia A faii-buame88 .W.U Leaf...-..There is new to report. Stock unmistakably marked, and count Our plaritera are. holding and do not here to-day is 29,007 hbds United States Tobae6o : indone in fillers, which ware .Y at g'QQtllt 1!881'8. a.rry ro 'll!' J ll'C says :-d oed on e 18 now .OOnBI era y mated at about two-thirds of a crop. In Crittend e n it It-""""' -c....... 1068 16&1 1M3 lll8.. .. 17 1102bhdl. theftrathalfofthepastmOJi.thtbia market for North re n pnoes are steady for both d escriptio.T;l8. iS said to beabouta ha.lfcro El wants of our manufacturers, and m abeence of all out-Not plea ... lotl 11168 6818 !m .... u u American Tobacco wa.s quiet, but in .the latter half '1'9'e Manilla Lea.f-H;as had a.ttentio ii from buythe crop is said to be of crop rtssewfhete Bide orders, the market is quiet and rather in favor of Total stoei. .. 2&9 22ii "loiie !Wi lUi ;,;;; bhda. haYe had a better demand, pel a fair P.ttsiness done for ers ; there, however, been numer at &be TO:BACOO x.u. oe.e, ut:ru-. .... C done in tbe lower grades for filler, new and old, qualities for s hip Cially ill the higher grades, which the market has MISSOURI FACTORY bklrm&-90 days (gold) for all sums over $500. The the former commanding same pril!es 11.8 paid for the Hr. J A. Bryson's Montlily Circular reports as folpretty well lea:nng some short and d nfe-Rhde. in 'Yil'louo lot.. For &f.'!IED LEAF.--BeYenty-five "!as not spirited, and _oBly a portion of the latter. .Maryland&Were taken to a. fair extent, wh e n lows :-There has been only a moderate demand for r10r parc els, however, the trade are glad to S4D: u CHAS. B. 'l!'ALLENS'rl:lW., co. 1 Pearl otre offermg disposed The fact IS, eur receipts of late clean and colory, at full prices. Other Growths--Meet tobacco during the past l-lhnth, the agsregate aa.Jea take at comparatively low prices. The arrivals ha.:ve FOR SALE.-TOBACCO CUTTINGS, FOR EXPORT IN via the.P&Clfic Railroad ha.Ye been of considerable imread for cutti,pg but very of being probably not: far from. hhds, _taken nearly been. by various shipments from C ape, Bonelr tndo and JIQl'<;huo Tobacco following are details of the auction sale of fine The n!w a. Addre11 T obacco, .Bo" !&&0'1 s"'te ltta 1o giBia manufactured, all guaranteed in prime lory SC8j. Virginia and Kentucky Export Leaf.-Conat first showed but poorl i improved, and the offer':d by auction on the 16th instant. .AI. A GUOD THING. :sees; i:vy584\s,C ;5'f'io tinental oommon good 5'115!; African, good quality of a good deal of the recent. Bamples is very gerl&n--Continues to be with favor, and for L W W & Co tQ fine 507.!. .. satisfactory. The Imporl lii's !>een 2,258 hhqa, again co lory and dry sorts htgh. pnces are obta.ina.ble. to hi pertect oattatactton. Price oniJ 11, and It will pa:r for tt.oelt on the lie .'s "Bettie's Own, 1 in bright Mees:rs. Rol;lert Edwards & C c report a.s follows : .In largely exceeding last and raising our stock to Turkey.-Although large arnvals have come in during c;lgan. ,.Addreul. J. PhiladeJph.ia tWist, 65'0 ; 2 C8 D. Baker, Jr.'s .. Temptation," ea 8 the ear. of the past_ month the mar. ket for N orth 29,00 7 hlfds, of which 11,808 hhds remain. UnBampled. past mont.h, a. very great pro. portion has been caddies bright quarters, 57ic; 27 qr bxs D. Baker a-:. b Dnrin th h n hL!""' h mu.ed d b 1 d f th COPE' S TOBACCO PLANT-A HONTHLY JOURNAL Jr' s bright pounds, 12-in, 59c; 2 ca D. Baker A.Wencap 0 acco.was qmet, butla.tterlythere has been a g e mont 7,.77 lll""' ave ......... sampled. On an rown m co or, an pnces 0 ese classes l or@moltul. Poblllhed at No. 10 LordJTollon m.,et, L tverpool .l!ng "Pearl a.nd Ruby," ea 8 caddies, gold bars, 6 0C: 1 cs good general mqmry, ana, on the whole, a fair amonnt of 7th ulto the Bank of Engl4nd wae compelled 'to adbe quoted somewhat lqwer Only a small quan-or to the UOie d .t.:r lhe T1wt rn1e will San to Menco, and 15 cases, 1 do cigars to the impqrt, !Wd a. fair seloo#on of 'nearly a.ll sorts is now Strips.-have been very offered but have eold oela are on IDIU'ket, only m.oderate business _______ _, ............ >==:..thi dWlch Islands. There are now on their way to offered. There remain how e ver 11,000 hhds fairly at previous quotatiOns. Western Leaf.-The has. been done. Macedowan .-There have been n o .... l. ca:eiri from domestic Atlantic porta, 8 hhds, 4 54 still to be sampled. The quality of We stern Strips ha.s new import is mostl.y of excellent qualifyand:1a -ofTered-meet the;n-gent ?'!ants of for .A.. D. 01\0CKLEY A co., ST LOUIS 16 Mr J E H t bao-' improved ; but the proportion of smooth spinning sorts a.t very moderate prices, and a fair business has been this Hnnga.nan-Of fair quality and m good C 0 M M 1 8 81 0 N M E R C H A N T S co b;o'kerre asfoll ws :-Re d Laynea, 0 it' amall, and the bulk of the crop e-vidently done. Pricet1 just steady. Colory in deconditiOn IS m moderate is 139 P 0 celve 6 9 hhda. agamst .proii118e8 tG be red foxy colored, much of it veiny, and ma.nd but steady. For export there baa been scarcely extremely and sales ummperht nt. NegrQhead. .0 local the There has been a steady, gooa better suited for the purposes of cutting than for anyany demand for the Continent, buyers pay -A ha.s been There is very little ..a. S '-.1 tbeberene thing else Missouri Le,afopens, coarse and bony, and the enhanced prices wed'by holders. Africa.n little offenng has a. slightly imNo. 168 P.EARL TBEET, NEW Yonx. was no shipping or speculative dem;_d. Sales from much of it is heavier in the stem than usual, it also inquired for, and buyers very fastidious both as proved demand, chietl.y for exEortation, amd considerThursday to yesterday inclusive, 75 hhds: 1 a.t $llO !!LekS gum, a.s well a.s being deficient in the old-weights and quality. Virginia Strip-Have aold fairly able sales have been S alks .-Not much in detrade Aho B zpnr-1 Leat T obacco or a11 grade. ( ee ) 4 t $5 20Q5 00. 14 : fashioned complexion. We think, however, that it is at about last month's prices. Leaf has been in immand. Smalls.---:-littl? doin!l' .. OD 1o our hou.oe, or to onr a:'$7,J;t;. '21 :t 90: 7 z .tobllooo which will work profitably. Virginia stripe are proYed demand for ftllery sorts and a fair business has _We_ spmners $10011 d 22 b '$3 an a turning out poor, with very lit.tle to recommend them been done at fnl! rates. Haryland.-Has _.been freely do ordinary to middling, f o r fine shag 1 B. A:Rnii:BSO.M 8 hhda '::: except bone-dry condition The leaf is better, take n by the trade, and prioea are steady. SplDlllii:g, for common black swe e t scent good CHOCKLEY .g_ ANDERSONeNwY, orlt. $6C25 .and two at $a don nl 2 and some of it is well adapted foe spinning. There is Messrs John Stewart Oxley & Co report :-This tonch snuff leaf, do, ordin!'l'Y and UL and 1 box were on the b eak. Sal ot'hl:. Y s a.lao some short, neatly put up Leaf, with small stalk, a. bacoo market has been fairly active during the past part faded, &tl'lpt l.ea.f or .fine Commision Merchant.. and 1 box: at $4 60 .. Bh : ted es, 1 hbdd tat *107 (() 50 kind of which has not heen seen for some time We month, and every grade has Bhared in the demand in a ordinary to middling, 7,idOJ9d. KenRICHMOND, v .A., We te lnf d reJeC on a are sampling a small cargo direct from Richmond. tolerably even proportion 'l'here is also in this tncl:y-Stemmed, rfine short tQ middling ... d other P<<>ducdollotte d on wbl.oh $6. ':, bght ; The import. for the 'month reached 2 258 hhda., and the ket a grea.t scarcity of sHort .-weet fill'era, both Leaf 7idOJ8id; short aor11.ppy, 6!dOJ6ld; 'leaf, good to W tlloxecute order for &be pnrcb-otLMIToba""" 1., the RiM-..dJI,.r. medium to good do ts t ood ufa ; deliYeries 1,563 hbds ; against 18,836 hbds at the S&IIIe ud the recent import conlliating chiefty of IOil-7ldtd; ordinary to mid9ling, 4ld'lJI6d; caven-turin '""18 b ht d 20 30 lrf 0 g mao. c-period of last year. Virginia. Leaf and Strips.-In the dium w fair, though very .Iatle posa888es brightneBB of dish, 5dil!12d; negrohead, hea ted, do good; do Ooo &LIY .k C o., our New York Hono e l!blpperl ww llae the ldvantage offer!; w ng 0 @ ancy bnght-none former only a small extent of business wa.s done; but color. Maryland& their value, a.nd several fine, 1SdOJ14d. Maeyland-Fme yellO'Iy, 8idOJ9d; yetmarJtota in eiu:"r h o .... ODd oul:r 0110 ooDUD!ulou r o a B 1 G .II' in the la.tter the transactions were on a larger sca.le parcele have been placed. In Caveadiah there is little low .8d'l.IJ8ld; Lbrown to 6ld0l7id. than for some mcmths Western and Missouri Leaf-15s 6dOJ10s; Porto Rico, 4idll!6d; T\ll'key leaf, -EICII!IE TAX. "' l'ORmGl'l lURKJtT IIUJOURY Leaf F th th NOON N 3 .... G + nL--bers 5dOJ9d seed leaf Od to Od St. lJo a ftl 4d 6d P'i!18"Cnt, Twill!, Tobacco by hand, or rednoe1 from [Uier!4 by M4il.] .-or ese e mqturies were numerous, and o-.-.w.ell81'8. ran., v.......... ; m111go .. e--tlJ ; ler.tmto a oonduion to be Cp,ared, witho ut Lon chiefly from Ireland ; but the pusiness done wa.s only & Co. report :-There haa-lleen a little more a.oti'Viiy in Yara, 15 8dft)3s. aegars, 7sll!22s; Kentucky t.he nee or...,,. machme or Jlll!t.roment, and "itboul being preosed f during the month of October moderate in amount. African purcha.aers bought about North American Tobacoo dmiag the preeent week ; ataJb, 3a 2d; Vn-grma do, 3s 2d03a 3d; mixed do, 'd!: &ll'l,f a ve. or export there was but little 100 hhda, a.ll of good qtrality, and chiefty of light Home trade buyers having found among the last im2s 10d'CI)2s lld; smalls, 2a 4do2 8d. aively of o:ema, or of leaf, witn aU &be at.emain a.nd 80 oold t'be teat e in United States 'I'oba.cco, bnt the home trade weighted hhds. For the Continent, only one or two port some few parcels anitable to their requirement.,' M:e88r& Horatio N. Davis & Co/s Price Current bariog been pre'riool!)y !!.tripped, 'OJ ro.lbld, .:Ud !rom purchasedwithtolerablefreedom. Lateimportsgive allsal -JSO--'--d,th _, ti d f b l d l h -Th k t1 th wbJehnopa.rtottb e atemahavebee; naepa.ratedbjeltting stripping t J _.,. be' es were ,,J.,,.,.., e Ywua on 1 ea.s o uyers 11.8 co o:r-au genera 'C arac..,.--WJJB more pare.mar e e new anpplies ma. y be considered dreaaing, or in any o"!er m&llner, eit.he r darillg, afwr sa 11".'*''1011 mg, as a wb,ole, well adapted to the bemg from ld. t6 Jd. per lb. below those of holders. tioularly a,pplies to Western Strips, the. S&IIIpling of to ha.Ye opened during the past' month as sales to a PL'()Celll ol manufacturing; Bhorta, the retua of 1loe-cot trade. western stripe were sgaroe; VirWej!tern Strina were in fair request, the preference, which has now universal progress. For Leaf moderate extent in almost aD denomma 'tions o oonrred chewing tobacco whloh hu puaed through rldcJle of thirty-six gima leaf and stripe ha. be d d d d h r, meehee to the aqO&re inch by prooeu of lifting ; relnee acrapa o.nd fine "e en 10 goo eman an owever, was given to old Tobacco when it was to be there has been a inquiry for medium classeB', for prices, consid!lring the Tobacco necessarily was fresh aweepinga or t.ob&cco, 16c. per lb. Colony leaf rangecl high. Cigar leaf was in met with of. suitable quality ; good sweet 1i.llers and Ho_me. use ; little 18 now to_ be had-tin_ e bTf' Jng dewere fairly maintained. There can be no question, On Olgara or loll deseripUona, of Tobaooo or any liiWted supply and demand. M11.rvland and Ohio were h tl 1 t ti ht .. d d f 1870 tbereror, SIS per tbousao4; on Cigaretlea "elgbing not e g od est, d -, wrappery :were t ose mos y sought Or. Colory sonpbons are no so muo soug ... ..,r, e eman crop o proves well suited for the requirements of three pooodll per t.hooaand, ;uo l"r thousand ; when weigbin ex-. ill: to= -: cutters found rea.d:r sale at full rates. f<_)r Virgini!' Smpa, d!'l'k suitable for spinning, still con-the T':lode for all ol"dinary purposes, posaeBBing freedom for tobaooo considerable has been sol i d. lands JJ?-et With a. Yery f&ll' demand, and full pnoes tinues, also of salee and Real1y light will be ground, dry, damp, p ickled, acented, or ot.herfriae, of all d eocnptione; p&d for oolory parcels, clea.n, free from sand, and been efiected m bnght leaf, which to scarce 1n Western; hence all light Virginia. Leaf and wbeo prepared for nee, a 32c. p e r lb. 4ncl onofr-lloor, when N .Live7p00l.-United Statea Tobscoo in warehonae Without tail. Ca.vendish.-A moderate business was rnle high. In Cavendish there has been but little Strips were eagerly bought up. There were large in-axe d ae onutr, ovember 1 2900 7 hbda 18,836 same time done, chietl.y in good to store, dealers. ':or Substitutes and Sagar there is a. qniries during the month on lthe part of dealers and, llllllf. w .llalll6 m&lluer"" year; in London, 19 ds against 16,494 hbda, Messrs. Urmson, Elliot & Co. s Monthly Circular 1nqu117. mao.ufacturera, but holders were not inclined to push Ci Tau:r, ... Tob&oood d' 800. per pound, gold. Foreign aggrdsegating at both ports 48,295 hbds, whereof 21,262 says that th aJ f .Am T b d th t N 9 Th k t f 'N rth A.m T _, Th to k f Stri h U gars, .. .,.., per poon au ..... per cent.. aa Jmporled hh 1 f d 27 003 hhd 6 s es 0 encan o acoo urmg e pas OVEIIBII!B -e mar e or O encan os ... es e s c o pam t e mted Kingdom IS cig>U"a &lao b ear a n I uternal Revenue tox or 15 per .111. \0 be paid by were e a a n s strips. 00.: month will amount, as far a.s can be o.scertained, to bacco has presented .no newfeatnre during the present larg e but holders argue with some show of truth that at the Custom Hoose (Rev enue Act, baooo port s of the kmgdom the stocli: on hand is estib t th' b tb h th k k rth f articrilar -t. M uf t d th tial.i The unport duty o n \Obaceo ,. 110e per lb Leaf. mated t 6 000 hhds v 1 af ha OU an avllerage monted S oug e mar et weef '=kin: ho ,P f Wmomen S..! an tha.o thOOnsi ermgf e q ty superror to former years, atemmlld, ltic. per lb. lu addil.iou t o this dnty t h e Re e nne. tax o,; a. more, trguua e and strips as genera y presen a qmet appearance througn-pre e r t e Imports o estern ..... pa, e stU the r egolal.ione governing


THE TOIJ._.\..:.cco. New York The Virginia ,f K f t EsTABLIHED IN 1836, BY CHAHLEB M. 'I jl ( .AND j .. .. t THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF I :_"{ ... J .. r ..,.., t \ r r 1 f 1 BLACK TOM,' RAILROAD MILLS, .. PRIDE OF'.HENB.Y CO. CROICE. TOBAcco For Tobacco, ,, : ....:.: .. J Eia.."tph .. QQ!I', < .... ,. : lliDlmlG'IIBEll t JeouiLL ... w _r .. r,r 1 t .\I 1 1 8 ALSO. ..... KREJIELBERG Co.: EWYO,aK, -.lim r F. L. BRAUBS & ,CO., .. BAJ.TIIIC)BB, .. I.I< .: i 'rT, r J ot .. ) .11 -JQS.,, &> SOH : 1 .. .um ':D-.u. :rir T New ..... ,,r


, J. Arthurs Murphy&. Oo .. 1.1.1 Nassau SWeet, X. Y., OF E ER-Y BUSINESS IN THE,; ,J. UNITED STA_T ES. LISTS OE. NAltiES .IN MANUSGRIPT 0:11 I PROFESSION XL ON, FARMERS; .. ... \ AND .ALL AND RET -'fRADE'[. SUPPLIED 'To Pft.RrflE& DESIRING TO INCREASE : THEIR" BUSfNESS. M, __ ; CirculaiS, JlPpers addressed at moderltle c line of Trade in the-U Aited ta.tes and Canada for parties who a cheap and mOOel f a.d.V'ertising. JUST..P.UBLL8HED. List of Je_ welers &c., in the V. S., Price $15.00 : List of P.aper .&c\ .. so.QQd), J ., r rr T .... : lt,tJ.-1 'i{O. Yof!k'"' L PALMER A IL SCOYJLL'!, 'hh<'79',.,,.. nT, ... own P$oltittg ST., .Oe;,otfor-dOttrtJ' Allen'eoelebrated ofY.ita:hda. ,No. 14 .. MAIDE-N NEW YORK. SMOKERS' ARTICLES AND CIGARS. AMERICAN CIGAR MOULD MANUFACTURING CO., f No. 468 Fi1st A'l'e., NEW YORK. s;;G Ma.nufaoturers-:in America. EUCENE DUB FGIEIIN iiitiiliiioiAcco, Coimnissson L I o oR I 0 E. .. J.L.-. J. L." CJASSJ:Iftl & BBO. .. CODISSIOlf'. :MEReHANTS .u na.u.ns nr ALL KINDO or Leaf .. No. 160 Water Street, New York. YOLCER )(aDallelurera or DOMESTIC A.allllporWn 01 H A V A N A 8 E C A R 8, ADd Dealera ID allldlldl of LEAF TOBACCO, .. 178 Greenwich St., New York. G. VOLGEB. C. HUNEUN. FELIX" MIRANDA -----------------------177 PEARL STREET, List of Machidists a.n:d lion Fdundei'B in U.S., Price: 120.00 HAVANA LEAf List or Hardware Dea.Jers, :.Plum& AND OF THB BRAND OF G1IS Fittent, in U. B., ;E>rioe, 15.80 .. -. -List or Print$'& and Publishers--in New j SEGARS, "BITIOA,'l York City, Price, 193-Pearl 1 A D. &A. BENRIMO, Charl-es T. Bauer & Oo.; Commission Merchants And Importers or Havana Tobaccu & Segars, c No. 40 BEAYRR>&T., N.BW 'fo.aK fiit. .J Samuel-IIA.lft1B'AC"l"UBEB OJ' Importer or And Dealer in DOMESTIG LEAF TOBACCO, J.!NJ Pea'l'.l'St., New York. SIMON SAL-oMON. AND S .ltCA.RS, No. "PEABJ-<;,STRE!:F.,r, NEW :I'OBK. Broadway,CO'NWn' Ceaar YorA a... CAPITAL; 9;1.000.000. ,. 4-QOB .WNKELL, Y (Superior Make e.nd Prime Qualit7) OF OEDAR WOOD, 293 and 1.!9 MONROE STREET, NEW .._..}'",'",.,-. .. ,s. I J

-.!. St_.a_., B 8w A' Klleoht, ""j!. Ui. I:DQie 01' LE.A.:D-.... ... RACK 'J QO.,. ;. .. I STEWART, MARKS; RALPH & CO., M tal Oity T b W Benreen ud Elln, (ooana 01' nx STUft,) # C onumen o &.COQ or ___ _1 Tobacco, Bnuu & i.gars, loot WIST PUTT STREIT, Ul.nQU. D. OlliOIDATI, o. .CI CI'NN'!'TI. Kanu!adurera IDd WJtQI.,oale J>eelera in -J'Ii f' a a fll ........ ef I .... _....__, .... a Brashears, :Brown &Titus, "'P'' E A::&---ARTICLES, Smok'n aDd: .. o K .... a.... f & I ... Ja!: "RAL P H'S,-' SCOTCH SNUFF, H M. FALK & Go., 143 WATER.STREET IW YORK. ..... -A fmnr,. eiSS .-77 19-a., -:tat;; a........ ........ . : -'\ an'ftiOIII.'- l,..m 11& A:rch St., Philadelphia. Fruw'x. W< K.Utf, JUns.1 G. GIE8U. Jg), ---o. \ 1-D .. BIESKEit,NIEMANN c r.' ./. -.. i a ,. L EA/Iff.F'iL/u;:O&B1a.BAie;-CJ co QOOOl-g, and Tobacco.. ... .. -' .. ::: .. ... AND I TOBACCO FACTOR S 1 NcL 81. & 84 et.. Oinainuati, Ohio. CGnneCtfcut Seed;;.Lear 'tEJ.J,ER BROS., A'Jd. Oommissi' a 9 o o, L :F::. T 0 B 'A.. 0 0 0 ,.. F. w. FELG EB. a.v a. I I'W: TOBAcco. i 298 state st.. Hartford, eonn. And Manufacturers of all Crades of -Cigars, 1 Alllllllleeailiir at aWth cay &tTeet ,. BRO.KE Si ,...o. 7& llaiD Street, Cincinnad, O \." 'In' a. 'In' W f Bt Ph&'I-' Cl I L l p F. B. BISCHOFF, 4 00 A"' .... 81880A, .a.Ow B e:r ; .. e p:u. a, a. k 0,._ F WANKLMAN, .Paeken .. . Deutscher 1 0 Q A c co -\1\/HOLESAL E DEALER' Wed States Bonded first COllectiOn District; AID 111111 CIOICI IUIIDI, ''' r. I T .. lfVIIRUABBe t -, lllallklndoor j ... .......... Baw....._s., .a.-11.a ...-. .. orrrH .. s. 1 I r T 'I..AA Ci. 11_ S .. # .. .a. .IA\1'. -.vv-.-- "Yv., MLTIMOIIL, Havana:IJn.J b gars"' lfi.W., 134 .Ma1n Street, 111-1. de a} .. ,. v. L.F.J!' B F PARLETT ac co .. ,_ .. ' : I' -;:------:------,. IO: 38' a:orth Water Street, 31 ,Iorth :Qelaware Avenue,. : WMiJlPU.W IJW.U. ,:. .''. L. T o a A C C O' N!" :rt o. .JOSEP. H s. WOODRUFF, } I ,&.;ADE p .. MAIIUPAOTUR&D LEAP ,\1110 Clpn, ar Brand of\'!rg'Db Tobcco. II. 1'. Q_:..... IJJLU.aa .. :w.TIJlOD WRIGHT l CREIGHTON, Connectit:Ut&M-:r-t Jallll.lLDO BAR. oo., n o H AN & TAIT-T, ae......-. Pip.,., e't& r --t0MMI8810. I T 0 B A c c 0 &. vt. 1 AD4 lp._ v..oaA AIID ltUTUOtt\' I ...... GenAral Com. Merchants. a .w. l:'OJ$!!-!T &.SON, OHIO & CODIECTICUT LEAF JOBACCOS,i M -&2l s. .... :":"..:.. ...... l obacco IULa.IOIUI, ... 0""' No. a1F'l Street. 'I lU.BTfiBD, con. L 'EA F TOBACCO, Olftolftnatt, o. ----------( PHILADBLPHIA. 107 AK.CH STREET,

. _!!lolmcro,'-l, I!ealertn BALTDIOB.E, :ltd. Detroit Novelty EAST HARTFORD; CONNECTICUT. C a No.60SOUTHG.AYSTBBBT 011 CODoignmtDta .ft'a. 33 ../lffth.llffatel-dtl-eet, LEAF \ JOBA C m.) ALTIMoL MD. SPh.iladeLflh.ia.-. : .-. .... ,. ..osiPi sm&ODEI( &oo:G. KERctHOFF & CO., G. W. GRAVES, DETROXTo :ltlXOEL I ill -'--.&D D' .; ........ ................ Cl PHILADELPHIA. ............ODuwl'llbolaM!idelllmllll. ... S. & J. MOORE, TLebaf' and CONN. SEED !EAf TOBACCO, Fiile Connecticut Seed-Leaf TOBACCO KNIVES r 0 B A c "" -.VIm. Co., I aeeo tJ gars, 4o Sotdh ClwWZes Street, "' DRALJ.IRB Ili Danbury, ConneQtlcut. to c c o t "THE VERY BEST." Jlerchants, SEED, No. 81 Exchange Place. BALTIMORE; MD. ---:,--.,..-_..., v-. '-107 Iorth W&ter-ltreet, .t.l'ID Y.t.B:& :sG_,I_ E ... RIIARDS, & co., Koucl City TobaCco Warb. c.& R. DORMITZER & CO., H. SIIITB & co., .au TOB.A.CCO' .,LOUIS S. .. ., ,.. :/!. O.ATI.Il'f I ll A 1\1 l '1,8 1 .T L10., 'I. 7 South Water Street, .. .... Leaf Tob&oco Factors f Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, CDDIIIlissin and Jobbers 11 a 11.11 .., '-' PBIL!DELPBll. ..... -.. fiM,Out, Chewing & BmokJDc 8moklq & Cbewtns Tolmcco, .. w 1111001o1n. s. w. Clark Phil. J:loU. L f .... b I 83.'EXCHfNGE PLACE, 4 T Kill' kini k A.,. and All Kinch of_ Smokers' coYTcUT LAP ToaACCO 'WBOLRIIALB DRA.Ll!P.S IN 88 .a. 0 BCCO, \ 10 0 t ur.u.,. A.rtieles, to Hampden Street, B. SCB._-yD ... .. BtltltA Cllarlu Street, Balti1'1'10re. ... ftt l!ror&la tteeoacl lnnat. .. 123 Marialt bet. 2d an 3d &W.&.&. .a. L.So ... rr.z.own._ ST MO -BAL TIMOR..!:._ P .l. 1 IDWDDL 1 ---, LEAF TOBACCO, AND SEGAR. S .. ;LEAF roBACCO" .. R. A. .ALBRECHT &-SCHRODER Sm & TliOltiAS LOUISVILLE PHU.ELP:o:IA, P.A.. W'AP'RROVIIJI, TOBACCO BROKER .. & _-_BELVIN J COSTAS ,4-loofnllU..ofBecan,JI'ADnlactmedao M TOBACCOS J1ua. JOHN FINZER & BROS., o... V"1rginia, !.entucky, and. Kissouri PLUG 13 aftd 1/J Third Slreet, LOVDVILLIL Jn", I A. "t:::>_"1\.. II '76 TOBACCO WORKS." ..L...J ..L...J ..LV..L 1 .ADVERT ISE:MFNTS TOBACCO MANUFACTURES 1 c. JI'UBUY, 1aseor v Rom,.,..,...," eo. I Sales E .D;._Christjan & Co., J. pARR.OLL, .a. II ..... ol,al'"-" FISHER & 00;, COKKISSION w AnEI!OUSE, c---e:rellaaC8 for Ibc "Pa:rebaae"of Bole Manufacturer of the F&lll(>\l8 and World_ .,. I JIL ---! Comm"ssl'on lllerchan"'s, I reaownedBrimdSofVirginiaSmoking'Tobaccqs, ---------II s LEAf --... 230entral Wharf, Boston. TOBACCO tnOIIBURG, VA. ( L KASPROWICZi FD11D. P'UBD. Richmond, Ya. ...... .. 1on.u ......... ; ALBJrnTu." FIIAII_cna_K_.FD_....., ____ ;r_ ..... _x._:r_ ......... PHILADELPHIA. TOLEDo TOBAcco wo!IKS. Ferd. Westhoff, Jr., THOS. D. NEAL, TOBACCO BROKER, Lock Box 217, RICHMOND, VA., ..:w.w l'l(IIJi: Ill. Y .lBA.1 t l!mpfre Tobacco W'Orks. G. w. LAN(JHOR!E & 00. YARl Jl SEED 'LEAF HARRIS, BEEBE & co., D. wl'lUn. NAa:E & 00., FOR,ARDINC Tobacco Snuff and Cigars, CJh8loa Berellaat, -GTTAWA ST., TUL.EDO, c>. 1. B. LICHTENBERG, u. S. Tobacco Work& IIIJIIIlactarer of fine Cut Tobacco, 1 .DUl'l'BOI'l'' lll':iGla. BREMEN. Germa.ny. A, C. L. llzn:a, J. F. 0 Mrr:EB. !. C. t. & O. MEIER, FORWARDING AJbl:ra. tiUa 111m-..... EMIL' POEB8TEL, ,.. ....... t-.. aa:K-. .. .. H. T y B.EE, lfannracturer or II. 8; IU.8ALL A oo., FJNESEGARS, ... OKKISSION Jm,CHANT v-AndDealerinnlHJnd&of !Peerless & Fancy Plain c w --= 1 f .. :J ...... _. Chewing, Smoking & Leaf Tobacco, I TOBACCOS. In LEAF and MANU!' ACTURED uu Mlli.GCJO. ll. & Co's Celebratell Smoking I I'UIN TOBACCO a speclaltJ. TOBACCO, 231 Fifth Ave Pittsbura, Pa. ........... I ..,. U Central Whar.h Boston. _. Qne'llpMta. ..-.......... er. .... 0. HOLYOKE,


I THE TOBACCO LE.AF. 7 TOBACCO DEALERS AID ..., Celtlll teat D IIPALDllfG .JL .. "' ....... ............ OIIa:UDI -,.. B:-.J. uana & PJtAGOI'I' .. .... .. .. oawal .., ,..,...,,ariJJIIeaf woLrOI .Jt a GLB!I ..................... -D J/!Jl CLAJtl[ ..... ...................... I .JOBlfSIIIIOT SOBWABft aOO ......... CIInlaK,&D 111&1111 o.'iOM..JicBIUD.I ...... ... .. .. ... .......,, P.1101LUIIIIPBAOBIIB : ....... ,, ...... .... Oultiq 184 -:""*"rill!(.::' .. loar X. B.JU8tl.... .................... .IUo: 9 ... iPil-.. .. ..... -lilllarftlir ud LOOII Jl' .................. ,,._ lo Cllllllll ro aa. ftNL & BOU!l ....... ... Cdlq, OtUtiotl ... .....r.oowtllllut WM.G JllllBR o\OO ........ .......... Liaf"""'-commt.tla:lmen:b&llll J". illiall to, and disconnt, :iJi addiin a untform an exhibited of aible ratio consistent with the requirements of the e.nng ae tion to the ordinary cost of good and bad tobacco, illus b aijumeni their Government would be more acceptable to the trade in confer with them upon th?H we -= It baa to be prow li.Wility taution to t)le un-tender our_ thanks to Mr. for patient, observed that tobaaco, after JUSt of the tax upon e ilug monufacturers. general; ultimately increase the reTenne on tobacco, and court..eous conference Wlth us.. having received a.U tile labor The cntters, could uae tobeooo in their 1md great ex leesen object of temptation General SpeedS. Fry addreBSed the meeting, -..c which it requires to bring it branch of the tnde without de&rimeal, if Ule plug to to or evade the upon the manufacturers that it was to their inten.t into the condition ready for pranufaeturers pressed the poor material in with the iaw where a high exists. keep against the perpetration frauds. 'nlere the consumer, sbould be sold the good oould not, hope pa;y-ing prices A. B. waa a among people that 1t. was not hoJ?-orat frQm 6d to 7d per m leas for the mtxture. They mlllt good tobac90 -4-, able to giVe mformatlOD ?f Unltecl the duty whicli llaa been always, and taking t.hia vie 1fi.p t e case, aome d1s-. There waa a preJ.udice gmng informapafd nJ:?'o or qu.uo lb duty baa to be pa1d on all tion. Tile -government would do w to at m t e ear a. ....... an e one now ; an 111 d ll o tobacco!} alike ; nnd, further, manufacture of tobacco for purposes, from the support of this belief we call the o.ttent1on of the trade a number of ye.ars, an am we acquamted Wlth almost. decent leaf will not carry factories, and the gentleman aaw no reaaon why under and tb'e Deparfulent otlnternal revenue to the followevery tobaccoBist of any consequence. I take pleasure. water aUJncient to eo&ble the such a condition of eJJa.ira a trade should not grow up ing well-known bets, viZ:: therefore, in informing yon of their present locationa LIOUORIOB p AST.S. manufacturer to send out in this vicinity which should eqwil that of any town in l. Smaking by simply rubbing a. dry and their general way 0' r doing business Iince the greaL ._. shag at 2s Sd In this dilemVirginia TM BY8tem f!wuld. be abolished, and le!d between the hands 18 as good as that manufactured nAa ti A th I b t th h THI:l IDlDDSIGNED 4UNT IN NEW YORK FOR fHII JIANUUOTI!RUS Ol\' TilE ma a class of leaf of exceedthe sale qr leo/ for immediate co118Umption stopped. by-the most machinery gra. on. mong ese eg o ose w: o aet ;rt was in the inter.est of in .Dne .cat. and ll,'CongreBB, an act June l!:.av'l! resumed bDBmess. I on the sontll .. to be put mto requiSitiOn, othe111, that such should be'the ....... and this matter -so, 186A advancmg-th. e -tax on smokiDg tobacco to s1de (Michigan avenue,) where they have put up tam-)Mit cuL oru.-..; To 1N ...... ..-.... oblaiDID1 tbe ..._, %o Pure and Cenulne J Cy ca, RR and Ml' Brands of Liquorice, whose porous peculiarities was a most difficult one for cent+ Thta act was by an almost porary buildings: Messrs. Heartt, Wait & Dodge, pro-houJd either taM.-tloetr orden to tbe aaderolgned Ia New 1"4 .... or to the h._. '" tbe 1t capable of r bing A license tax of $6 on each should be 1m posed, 11nt1re cessalum of the mantifacture of tobacco, and prietors of the Lake Shore Tobacco Works, lia-re Uutted no-rorlbedlotrtblitloD oil, ftepraol.l OJ Ca 1a 111c llold. an unlimited aup,!!lY of moia-and othe r taxes abolished. Mr. Kimball now addressed almost total loBB of reveaue from this branch of the t--'--d f Eld d C--...L d ,.., 'h.;_..; llle DO\ 00 lbt oaJe n aad 01111 111 ture. This de8lderatum is the meeting a. second time, alld 1 waa of the opi'!lion that tobacoo .trade. Tlle reuon was simple. All through 8 .... "" comer ? n ge uun an 0. }.24 front St.,.N. found in dry, gnmless, flavor-taxes on sales should be repedli. So far aa he could the Weat Northwest, where hitherto the growth avenue: their factory 1s some four milOB. out; oa AoJ rutee .. perftlct lalltywiU eltherber-hed Uondtor leBB JavaorJapan, or inferior judge, it waa the p ev ailing seDtiment that bonded of leaf waa almost unknown, farT114rB began to grow a the side. John H. Meyer he.e a plaoe alao on ....... .. .... B. ae.W. principalcha:r warehouses were without Bmall Pfllch. of leof for home consUmption. s? apparent .. .. .. ... of license a gnevous 'tliat shoUld be stamped was thlB result !hat. althongh still held up hereafter. Next to him we find the old firm of Beck & .. II&. J:.cld, Mo.,_ .r. w. &BoaL bemg therr sponglDeSB, whtch out ofleXJ8t.ence, and that the sale of leaf to-the tax o'!-tJaey reduced to_Nturt ce7Ua. -.......... JAllBS c. KcA.MDRKW or" York.-enables to carry aa bacco should' be checked, and-the article compelled to Vfe 1t will _be most.unWl&e_to repeat an exWirth, this firm 18 rebuildlllg _the old facto1'1, yn Noda-'tselllll .. .aa-&ha tile UDted .._ lllr u....wo of our ol CJ Oa, RR, IfF .... d.n ""'"' br .... .u ufl.lquurtce much as forty-five per cent. of :take its regular course the M&ntlfactories m 1872 whiCh proved ao disaat.rous both to Clark street. We proceed a little northward and t1lere &eretoron Jlla!lllflc:tllnll 117 u. oT A.o Al'lltUW,. co Lo-. .._1..._ moisture I The. simple result On motion of Mr. Simrail, il11!' Claair then appointed the revenue and manufacturer in 1864. find the well-known house of Jno. C. Partridge & (b. '' of this is that cheap shag Mears. Speu.ce-ancl Bio}i a committee to 0; RoBDI80Jr, in !nll and to make np for /l) __ _c;r .flJ 7.' means lea and more draft eipresaivll Of the aeDBe of the meetSec'y Rob1naon Tob. Mfr. Co. &Stevens, d.ealeia,) are OCOil. H. 0.f Vt/nye1) I water,land it is inevitab}y ing, after whi?li an die w!"' eft'ected. Mr. W eiasinger lay the minority report .on pying .part of their, building. essra. MIJ!r&Y & Huou. DBALBB Dl bad shag as well aa wet shag Theae reaolutions, when prepared; will be given to Mr. the table.. propnetors of the 76 Tobacco Works, Wlll l'ti81UM Dlitaksalt iabatCO' 'IIO'ttSt Were (l:eta.il_ rewho upon his to Washington, will pre-against taking this blli;Uless until after Years; I regret to tba&o s-d &lid i/!J ally to mqutre 1nto the Bent th!!DJ. to the-Com!ill88101ler. A;8 to the proposed and, DO one ;Proceeded to that, while therr .108868 ha,-e .been rmme!lsely heavy. ct. LI:AF TOBACCO, KO. lll BIZ'l'll AtMiiull, BBW YORK 1 itaofthisqneetion, they would uniform rate of taxation, he will report diversity of the tdfect. of conaolidation of the taxes mto '?ne tax of Merrick.are_puttmg up. therr factory aga.m ,on .a..IIBII'l' .AJm -.. without doubt, exert their in-opinion. thirty-two cents would be a. matter of only a little more street. ; 1t Wlll be somettme, ere they H 1"12 Water Stteet,, F H BischOftCJI:brated o...gn11w haCCO ftuene;e in a sale Among those present at-the meeting waa Mr. R. G. aale for to.bacco, it would be death tD t,he read1, for Allen & Ellis have made tlie NEW YORK. !' 1.1111 1!1 for th1.11 delusion. Corwin, SuperviSor of thiB 'district cntting_ ?"de, wh1ch would be totally lle. Smolcing aa tip tb.ia great_ A!Qerjcp staple. MJ-. J. T. tobacco could not bear more than Bizleen cents per pound Sullivan occupied the chair, aJDd Mr. W. T. Hanks perta:&ation, &nd if a uniform rate were adopted, this amount formed the duties of Secretuy. Mr. Israel Kimball, would b6 increased, resulting in a. de-struction of the law of the Dep.,rtment at Washington, who has ftil imwi:ing branch of the trade. Smokers, diamayed by been llellt on here with a. viewto ascertaining the needs the high price of their cherished luxury, Wbuld be and desires of Western dealers, was the first speaker tempted to grow the weed themselves, and the difficul The first portion of his address was in the form of an ties of collecting 'the full and proper revenue would inquiry as to bonded warehouses were desir' thlis be materially enhanced. Further, if this in able, or whether manufacturers would rather export crease follow, and the trade be demorali2e:l, the weed direct from their own establishments to 1my .in consequence, a vigorous effort would be inaugupoint neceBSary to be supElied. Also, as to what view rated in less than a twelvemonth to secure a reduc by the gentleme assembled of the propoatid of the tax on both smoking and chewing nn1form1ty of the ti\X me,asure which will be introduced tobaccco. The trade of late had been progreBBthe next sellllion of Congress. Personally, the speaker ing very satisfactorily, and as an agitation of the favored the measure. One of the great difficulties in snoject would render it unstable, it was a.dTisa.ble the way of the full collection of the tobacco tax wu the to allow matters to run on in the usual way: Mr. J. traffic in the artjcle, which was so exte.nC. Gedge, one of the oldest manufacturers in Coving Slvely earned on by unlicensed peddlel'll. A spemal ton, was the next speaker. He first ex_preSIIed a desire tax should be imposed upon every man of this class; for enlightenment upon the poixit 'as to how tobacco he should be reqUired to register his name and occupa oo ald make ite in th& Ill'ark&t a.ard be sold drafted by the Committee: they would furnish a article of fi:nt;ent known-br:ands. J. Friedman lS at present loc:atecl 01t .Resolved; That we respectfully request Congress to chewmg tobacco for fifty cents, which would matimall.v ween 16th and 17th streeta, where he 11 pass such laws aa may be expedient and necessary to affect the sales of tobacco. It would, also enstock of .leaf tobacco. Rothschifd. protect the interest. of the manufacturers against the the coDBumptmn of tobaoco, wh1ch would SemOder & Eliel are holding f?rth ..t Nos. 47 and 49 consumption of leaf or raw tobaooo by sale at retail. certamly not do the plug bUBlness any good. South Jeft'erson street. Determined to forget thepaat. Resolved, That. we respectfully request Congu88 to :rhe. to lay the minority rept>rt ? on. the table J tliey work with all energy, and in a pa98 suoh laws 1.11 may be to prev11nt the bemg agam up, Colonel Buckner that the. few years they will probably be m aa good shape fraudl occurring from the peddling of manufactured eft'ect oi the motion waa to cut oft' ut and cheWing, for which the. detrla.n.d was Tfl1rT AS rr IB-TD SOJIDED wAB:mousi f SHOULD B& he represented a large class of men throughout the cop,nlry: h!lavy. Detroit, Mich., the nearest gooB tobacco mar Mr. W eiasinger said that the meeting was only for ket, has done nobly) in supplying tae necessUi811. Jlr. RETAINBD AliD EXT.IINDED--WBY .1JUNG TOBACCO WILL_ f ufa f NOT BIWI AN :r'AX-DITEBE8TINO DEBATJL the purpose o giTing expression to the views of tpe G ..B. Lichtenberg, man ctt1rer o celebratea of Loniavill.e,. and the bnsiceBB of the meetmg "Morning Glory hai tm11lxpre88 lellfo Mr. Kim,l>all t.o liave I.ouisville on the was to consult the mtereste of the trade here. off for the doomed city the DJght q1 -the fire M,.ny 14th inat., aa--we :tirld the follo1!'i;ng record of his proMr. Birch thought that. ll'ia:teen cents are therefore Ulank:ful to Mr. ,Liehtedurg for hi& un-ceedings in the LOuisville papers of the day follomng : -wotdd be high enough. for the ta:&. He referred to the tiring enterprise. 1 A meeting of the tobacco manufacturers of this city subject of warehouses. A mouemem uw on foot : On m y next visit hope t.QgiTe more l.i'' was held yesterday at the rooms of CoL J. F. Buckner, to do IIWI'JY with. these warehouses, he thought that 11uch tnteresting notes. TrustUlg that yon will awe my i&. ;; Collector of this District, in the Cu.Btom-house, to a measure W01tld be diaastrous to the mamifacturers with port a space in your valuable -colWDD8. I remrun v&rr meet Mr. Israel Kim'ball, a. special asent of the small capital. He hoped that the seaport bonded waretruly yours, etc., s. WGBDOU', Revenue Department. CQL Buckner wu called to the houses would not be abolished. General agent of the Highlauder J.'gbacco chair, and Mr. A. B. Dea.p waa chosen secretary. Bon. Mr. Weissinger motion to la.r the minor( L. L. Armistead, proprietor,) Va. Speed Fry then introduced Idr. Kimball, who proily 011. the table, which was carried. CHICAGO, Nov. 10, 1871. 1 -.


l iJ1S ABLiil!Ul.P l N llunalladaren o b '< 'trll\IE s-.a:uts, And, Dealf? \. 883:BRO!D J : V. F. BUT1iE1!, iTobacco &Ciwar & Wed,.. Tl mliJiyof tije .,...,, ........ e 5 r-r ....... dii-:DilM, I:IA.BAN A. ell IewYork. 'lbn..ktken ooppHed with Lea! In large and nnall .L.[...W {Ur' ---.1.-y 86Je:f..-,+> .. i!U..t.lt1ee. C:>D .V:.;;i fto t e -., ncted wiUa the OIGAR TRADB. Wo. Broad St., BOSTON. wm belll&d to act.,. beretoproeureCOII!IP c -Ia for a tret-clael bouse In tile Staiel. :S. S. ( EDMONSTON & BHO .'S UJLal1111&l, .. c PHe' Sledged! cannot be Weclged Cannot be Drilled-1 chines in U8ll lq'the belt-.,\IOWies!n Ule atteat the vale of them. l!aviJig In uoe <>Tel' four y...,, ., been thoroughly teoted, and mueh tmQ"' ) PAPER TOB. 'AC'"O'.BAGS, t .to JV or Tobllcco ae lh<\ beet aDd the mo" 1 ....1.,.:,. 1... ..:.l..O.... eeimomlca!li'acinneforthepurpooeiiow J!'U,;;TON l!l'.l'KS'J., !mown '', } J t'/ Cbntlnuouo.feed;noloeeor.bute,more )IIW YOR I I ''' c ud IKiclllel-' Tobacto, Ulan with &Dy p-LJ N K '8. other Cutter>lll the world .. "J :. -iltiR :.JRIMMfR .. ,4Jil) '\ Tbos. H. Chalmers& .Co., 'Aeon, 1\'o. 44J CLIFF ST., Ne"' rorrc, A Fin.x.. Qj. J!XT:&AS ALWAYS ON RAlrn." TU'CX SPLITTER. Tile Tf1t'J 'MeiiiiiCIIIae ror tte purpoee ner inellEd. Warraated to be the beot: BveJy Clgv Jlalter ob0al411a've lt. l& will pay for Uoelllll lhirl daye. Jllanllfaclnrel'>ll Of Jlo11idecl Clgare UJ that \hie l o the C1111J Macatne Ia Ule mart<"' thet gt-tbem entire tlolll<:t.lon. 1 l :ro:a It"CJU 1 P"':lfTICVLUIB, A',DBifiJII 1 Never geie ollt tiC Onler-.....Js wei Mllt.-Bladee of Celebrated Diamond Sleei.-&T.., Time aDd m1111ey. ror tile 1"'lddry ,,_ oepANtUig H.OGLEN &. PE.ASE, Tobacco Machine Works, DAYTON, OHIO. Uae FllleJ' !rom the Blllder and Wrapper. Jl'orrun particulars and woodcut, addre10 ..... e FRED. FUNKE, Detroit, llich-


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