The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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. I r :Organ.of the Tobacco Trade of the. United r r I T)le Paper in the_ World. Volume 'VII.-Io 41. I I 6, r ldrll. .. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, Whole No. 354. DO'OliTEB OJ' Pll'li:S. :ETC. : lll4liVJ'AKvutBs 0'1 TOB.I.IMIO. Allen &Jlllie, 186 W' Seooad. Speuoe, Brott. & Ca., 6l But Btl, l Ie .P.,II>U.Oiae4 E..., W.BD!IfBSDAK 'iJ JtLOBNING, bJ,I ,,.. -"T 142 PULTON STREET, NBW YOllX. J. H-K-a. ..................... Editor. Jollll G. GIIJ.J'I' ... Bulin-"sent. b -..t.ertt.log medium, where It fa deslrecl to .....U. poe C!pr antll'obacoo Trade "ot oniJ of'\Jie but countrie s, i t1 tbe beohttatoab1e. .&11 1-elrould be plain1Jaddre-d to 'fu: :rdaoc:o l.&u' PuBLI81lDrreapoodlng am"uot. ab.ou1d,llltvtl'J 1Dtlance, be made qoly b\r Z!i'&DJ: -orilei;, check or draft. BWa are JJa.. ble to l>eatoten, lod aw oulJ be MDI at lbelft&ttst risk to lbe sender. JlA.T.ESOF A.DVB'ftTISI!fG. 1square(lt ooopareilt!Dea)JIIlr 6 ti.oatba, S20;do. .lyear, S86. r Larver Hnltlonneotalo the same proportion, but none unle.!'8 1, 2. S, or more aquuee. 1 Ooe ODi8 J".l', $4. 60; lix montDa, lbree moolbs, $150 Bait OOIUIDD, one year, S:WO; lix monlbo, S181J ; h ree -meut.he, G. _.. -"dnrtiaemenla <>tUbe 4rl& page $1!10 per lquan!IO"fer two wide cOJuiD.ns. an'd nOne takii'JD for J...taan one ;ur, papble f'UJlyJa. litvanee ; two No deviation 110-t}e "For &le" or "Wanted. 211 ceo to per for ,e'f'erY loaerolon. Jlo ardere1clr tdTertftoing...fll ""OClloldered, unleae aeoompanjd J>y -poitcljag 'l'bierule wlll lle adhered to. Bll811Es& Dl&Bb'I'IIRY or JDil&rtsnt u;-- '". (f :NEW YORX. -'l'OBAcCo WAREHousEs. .AgJSew w ct Son!!J_ 284 and 200 Front etreeb. Allen, Jnhen, ) Bamett 8. UT Wa.ter. Bas W. 87 Wa.ter. Benrlmo, D. a\ A. hi w .. ter. lllla.kemore, lb'o ct Co., 4.1 Br.-d. BowneJ. R. & CQ., 7 Bnrlmg Blip. Brod .n. 1'31 Maiden Lane. Bulkley, Jl.eore & Co., 74. Fr011t. Ca.rc}o!"", A. H. ct Co., l,g8 J>e.rl. CbOOklev A. D. ct (Jo., 1'88 Pearl. Oolell, il.1 !Water. Com>olly a; W'loter. Crawford, E. M. '&Co .. 168 Wa;ter. Doban1 Corron &'Co., FtoDt. Dn Bo111, 7/i Eglipger1 LJu1e F. !:!1xtb ave!D'&e. J'a.llb&D a; Co:, '10 and 7ll Bni&d. -Frienol& Co., .B. &G:J.129 Lane. QatNiert & Bro .l60 Ginter'Lanu, s9 Warr en. GW:hrle & Oo.,.22aFJoot,: I & l!)o.,15() Water. G. W & CO., 1911 ,Front Kil>nicutt, 'rboma, 5 Wll.bam. Kithlp, W. P. A Co., 71and '73 Frout. )[remeiberg ct Co,. 160 Pearl. lAmotte A. C., 1 6S Peilrl. Levin, 11. H:, 152 Pe&rl. Haitr"Pd llobert L. & 01?.:1 B.roa.d. Jlart.m &lohnson, 166 wa.ter. J&yer Joseph & Boo 122 Wa.ter. Ja.mee. :MCOdli), Wm., li1 H.->wery. lleier, A C. L. & 0. 48 Banr. x.-eeng' er, T. a .ttdo., 18l a.nd Maiden M.1 19.01d Slip and 73 Wattr. 81angqtar A; .Co, n ho&d. Oatman, Alva., l6G Water. Pearl. Palmer & 8coville, 170 1i Wm. M. 1111. Jl.aid<&ll Lane. Qni.n J.P. ct Co., Sll..tlrO&Q. lta.pp, 'i 6 P'nltoo. Jlead, t.a.U:..( 19 Old 81p, ,.,.. & 99.,179 Pearl. Roo!eowalll 'E. & Bru lt6 Water s&lomon 8., 192 Pent. S!lbeider .J\JImanu U&rl, 188 Pearl. Yetterlein'a Bon, Th. H., 8 Cedv. Weslheim, V. & Co., 1771Pearl. Wrigbt.E.II.,89Broad. L TOBAOOO 'BBOIJden LanP. 7rey Bros., 11 Gold. Gershel L. ct llro., 86 Maiden Lane. Ha$corn,&,148 Water, Hirsch D. & Oo., 2!17 &wary; a.nd 174 Water. Birachhoru L & Co,. 110 Water. J acoby, 8. & Co., 209 Joeepba, S., 298 l!;i'ghtb avenue. Kertie & Spiea, 85 Bowery. J..evy Brae., 192 Pearl. liclltenlltew .81'08., & Co 1:11lllaidea Loll{'. Mendel, M. W. & Bro., 190 Psa.rl. Neublll'ger, If., 49 Riled, L. F., 19 Dey. Sohwe.rz & Lew! e. Beidenburg & Co., 19 Dey. Smitb, E. A., 131 Maiden Lane. Btraitoll, & 16titrm, 11H .Pearl. llnno & 131 Water. 'J:obacoo l1u.tlf&et'nrera Al!l!O., 40 lleo.ver. Costa ,tacinto, BG Laue. Ge.reiP. f., 167 Gonzalez, :t.., 167 Water. -Kelly Robert .!!.. & Co., 34 Be!aver. Kuehler, Gsil & Co., \Valier. lliranda, Felix. 195 Pearl. PascuaJ, x,,_. 117 Maiden LIUJ.e. ll!olomou, 11. & E., 85 Maidea Vega Jos6pb A. & Hro.,1b7:Piarl. WAlter R. 8 .. 2 l 9 Pearl. Well & co., 60' Pine. r r J 'Jbor, -y. If., 116 Cedar 1JD'()liTEll8 OJ' BAN oreJuOOO. Lo:JD&a 41 Croaby, .W&U lll.lmJF.&CTVBUB 01' I!JIOn'. ".&pp\eby t\ 188 Water o.enae, P .t.. & Bro., 828 Wa..m.. t II Boiken, RichiUd, J., 91 Chamber.. IMPOll'l'EliS OF CLAY PIPD. B'\l.jer. H. & Brother, 151 Wa.&er llergmaun, J. H. & Co.; U6 Front. t 01' JD:lllUIC!Itt,Uil Polla.k & Son, IS Maiden lane DIPOBTEB8 OJ' HA.'VA.l(A C191UIII. De B'ry & Kling, 52 Broad. Kau;r 0., 29 llea.ver. Poha.lalu, P. & Co., tel llaiden DlPOBTJmll OP LIOOmCB PJ.B'l'll!. JIA.lfi11'-"C'l'UllKIIB AND lOBCBA.NTS Braahera, B'rowh & Titil; 82 and Si' :&tv, Holiiu!e 25 Wtit1141eood; NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DE0.! 6, 1211. Il&.U .um mG.I.Jl& m Call 1W the Aml.ual Meet.f.Dg of th. Nation&l 'c10.l:U! '!'oba.cco AIIIIOolatton '' in .punmance of vm. of the aonstitution p f S tra.'!!"r, Loa111, 187 .,.. &1'1nit. OmusT. AX. G. J. XUOHLER; [ G. W. GAIL. .lii.OBL:ER, & 0 _0,, u L ( Applel>y & Helme. 138 Water. G1ft'ord, t!herma.o &Jnni, 120 William. Gomez, Wallie & Co., ill and 91 S, P. Harmony, Nephews & Co., 68 ct Oii.,160 Pea.rl. McAudrew, Ja.m .. 0. 12i Front. w. T<>ii4ooo noiui. the National Tobacco Assooiation, amended in Rich-Vorrie .t Raid, Oollege .Bullding. d y D be 7 1870 hieh ,. J II 'gAR:KeVIliLE, TiiBW, :!IJOn a., r w reaaa. as 101 ows : 'L1IU .l'OJI.I..CX-I Glore, J. A. P. & Broe., 16, 17, & 19 w. 7th. ecutive Committee mav dAAinona.te. t.he Annual Power A; Clayton,: Kenton Toblleoo War -.' 1 houee, Meeting shall be held on the first Wedneeda.y after the D _&NBl1llY, CO:NJf, Gravee, G. w. :first Mond&y in December, at which time 9ffioers for .. DANviLLE VA -' the ensuing year shall be elected." "'GOOD,u ".8ETT.U .BE8T,, ETO. r. I 'The Exe cutive Conimittee, at a.' meeting held Wed-_ .. .. Pemberton.IJ.H. nesday, 1, 1871. 111 No.170 Water str\let, I BO 'l '> l. o unanimouslv resolved, 1 1 d .. ,'[ ., E KELLY & 0 0 Hoglep & Petllle, 1 ease's Tobacco-C utting 1 I 1 R.'ft o,& Kngine. "That the Anqual Meeting for the present Jear! be held in th'e City of on Wednesday, Del-I a4f'B;t:rrA":vER( STREET, NE'W YORK, '( rP.f'> (fl 11 ,r t ,. l 1 : .a..J..-._._ .... .--., !!I OF Wileon & Co: lll6 Jefferson av. cember 6, 1,8}1. 1 H "n ;;... 1 1 H L d S -avana wlgars ana avana ea., an ole Agents for the Brand a Arrangements have been made with ihe lfetrr;lpolitan 6 Hotel to furnish accommodation.s for the : J,; trt: JOSE MA"IA VICHOT," Funke. Frea. < A J '-&ff r KEY WEST FLORibA. HANUI'&crunxm. where the members requested to meet d 11 o'Clock Lichtenb,erg,,G. B. .. r ':" E.A.8T HAR,TFORD, CONN. A.K., on day. ... .. r 1 1\lew York. liLUiiUFAO'lUBl!B OP TOBACOO Till FOIL. Croo'ke, J. J., S8 Crosby. -AUCTiONEERS OF TOBACCO, Gerard, Befta & Co., 7 Old Slip. PAOXEilB PALCB, Acting c. w. !AI4dllrt 18 or.l(errlek,lAI:< n & <'o. A J) llLLIS L 18 wllh 11err1 Mien & eo. '' Cbapma.n, R. a; JoHN 8TRAITON, :Secretary. :t .. ... .. L E N E L" L. I s ; CJ<, :B:ARTf'ORD, co:NN. New York, November 13, 1871. I' I '!'I 1:' ., PACltEl!S A.11D DE.ALEBS Bfi-4t 4 TOBA., 42 'ou1h Cbs.rles. Gunther, L. W., 90 .Lombard. Kerckboff & Co., {9 S. Ctirles. Loose, C. & Co., b2 S Charles. P..r ett. 1:1. ]'. & Co., 92 Lombud. I:NDI.ANOPOLIS, IND. bacco can afford to do without. It tbalaieit Re-KANUPAOTUUBs o F PLUG AliD DlOXING. venue decisions, the most eomplete Harket reports, and Smith & Thomas. 65 East Boutb. the most accurate and comprehensive intelligence gener-LIVERPOOL, ENG. IMPORTERS OF DAVAN'A CIGARS, Smythe, F. W., SO North John. ally regarding our interest. It is the only weekly j0urAnd Sole Agents for the sale of LOUISVILLB, KY. nal devoted to this interest published, a.nd, with the EL PRINCIPE DE CALES SEGARS, ToBAcco lUNUl>ACTmums. exceptio n of two monthlies issued in London LiverFinae.r 1. & l!roe. 13 Thad COKMIS8IOJ( KEOOHA.NTS. pool respectively, the only Tobacco penodical in axis-Mariulaetnred a.t the WEST BRAN'CB of the celebrated El Principe de Gal811 of Havana. Meier, Wm. G. & Co., 56 SevenLh. tence. The reasons w'hy ev 1')' Ollol engaged in the cml-Wick, G. Vf/. & Co., Main. JOBBDS m ALJ.IllNDB or KANUPAlortb. Feigner, F. W 90 and 92 8onbh Charles. Hll8hagen,J .v & Co., 27 C&mdeo. & Co., 181 Wet Pratt 0:1' CIGARS. Gnth, Getman. PACKEBS OF SEED LEAF TODACCO Brothers, 98 l.f.lm bard. DEALERS Dl H i\'VAN A AND DO:IIJ:STIO LEAF TO BACCO AND JI(A.};UFACTUREliS OF CIOA.IIS. Marriot.t, G. H. M., 382 WeatBa.ltimore. MA.NUF!.C'l'UBltB OF PLUG TOBACCO. Neudecker, L. H., 67 \VO$t .Baltimore. MANUFA..Ol'UBERS OF SNUB. .E. W. & tlon, 29 South Calvert.. BOS'l'ON. l?isher & Co., 23 Wllorf. Holyoke, C. 0., 12 C e ntral Wharl. M.ulUFAO'lUKEB OF CIGARS AND D.EALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. Jacobson J., 7 Brood. DE.lLEBS IN l'l'OB.\.CCO AND IIU.N UFACTUBEB OF CIGARS. Carrn h C. H. & Co., 46 Ha.nover. DlPOBTEBS Oli' lU.V.lNA CIGARS AND hEAF TO' BACCO. Wilder & Eeta brook, 7 Cemmercid. BREMEN, GERMANY. COMMISSIO:N Westhoff Fred., }r.' BROOKL Yl'l, N. Y. BnclumiiD & Lyall. BOX MANUFACTURER& Sberma.n Brothe rs, 8 to 13 Sedgwick. CHICAGO, ILL. DEA.LEBS IN LEAF TOBACCO CIGARS. Caee, 8 .B. &. Co., 149 South Water. Bobineon, J. S. & Bro., 252 Lake and 277 Wl\ter. DEALERS lN LEAP TOBA.COO. I Kuprowicz, S., 1107 Wabash av. Saoohageu BrOil., 17 W es t :Randolph. llA.NtJF OF :FmE CciT TOBA CCo. Murray & Ma.soo, l7!l ana 176 North Spaulding & Merrick, 9 &nd 11 River. llANUFAOTUBEBB OF _Fmllro OUT rOBjtWING Al!D BUOXING, AND DXALlll!S IN LEAF !l'OBACOO. 'Beck & Watb, 87 and 89 Miohlgo'sve. CINCiNNATI DZ:Ai.EBB m d:o TOBACCo. Besnden.H1lnry & Br;, .. 1Gt-1e. 5 Pearl. Mall,., Rioh & Brothu, 115 West Front. .Meyer :ij:y, ill Front. J WIZikeiman, ll'-t WeaCFront. W,tiabi & OrelcllWII. 68 Front. Newburch, t., 111 w.mat. I' I f, w 1 d MANUFACTURERS DEAI...ERS, :i:TO, 1!41mbarget L. & Co., 3 North Water. ltA.NUFACTURERS OF SCOTCH BNtfll'll'. Mehl & Ratty, 666 N01tb 11th. MANUFACTOREIUS OF SCOTCH SNUFF Stl!wo.rt, Morka. ltalp o & Co., 115 Arch. MA.NUFA.OTURERS OF CIOA.BS. !1teiner, Smith Brothers & Knecht, 225 R .acc. Theobald, A,li. Third and Poplar. INSPECTOR SEED LEAl' TOBACCO. Dicker.oD, E. w., 107 Nortll Water. PITTSBURG, PA. ltfANUFACTUBERS OF 8NUFY Weyman & Bro., 79 & 81 Smithfield. MA.NUFACTURBII OJ.l' FINE CIGAIIS AND DEALER IN MA.NUFAOI'UliEI> TODAOOO. Poertsel, Emil, 231..Fifth QUINCY, ILL KANUPAO'l'URERS OF PLUG TOBACCO, Harris, lleebe & Co. RICHMOND, VA. COMMISSION l4Ell0HA.l(T8. Cbockley & AndersGn. Cnristtau, E. D. & Co. Neal, Tbos. D. BBOREBS, lllills, R. A. ROCHESTER, N, Y. HANUTAC'l'UBEBS OF TOBAOIIO Whalen .R. & T., 190 t>tat.e. lU.NUPAO'l'UB&BS OF CHEWING AND SlllOltlliG. Wm. t>. & Co. DEALER IN LEU TOBACCOS. Mosely D E., Mill street. SPRINGFIELD, MASS. 8mHh H & Co. 20 Hampdeu. ST. LOUIS, MO. :MANUFAO'l'UBEBS OF TOBACCO Catlin, D., 701 Nortb Sooond. 'Lacleae Tobacco Works, 504 Nortla Seaond. TO:BAOCO WAREHOUSES. Dormitzer, C. & R. & Oo., 128 Market. Wall & Belvin, 320 North Second. TOBACCO DBOXE:&. Ha.ynes J. E., 100 North Commercial. SAN

enue, Ivr StlUJ.m_; --'-' Atwb toll to C :" Westem Leqf._:___H .1s qui t. thc...J.' st l eck. The b}:lani.JI.-SpanisiJ tobacco was in f.Ur demand, and sule::1 rue reported as 448 hh-is.. but-iuclud\1 !'J me the sD.les 1,900 Havana at 95c. Q $ 1.15. made eatlun in the month. t T 18 receipts iu NoveJllb e r Old stockll&; prett y out of han'ds, and were 1 ,502 hhds; exports, 3, 7 3 2 hhd!l ; sa' es, 4,()00 ever fuund tslaeld a grtp. The new ls .. hhds, al>out equally divided ue,ween the home and exfirmly held, and shows no s1gn Medium oort trade St.ot::k in 2 392 hhds. grades that a year ago breught w the ne1ghborhood of Price s firm nt om w.h\cll We t after: f 82$c., now,t;ange 95 97i. lit w m.:-u WMk AUur.eK. IILU.U.-I Concemmg bu&mess dnnng the onth, tll.e Tanu ory .... 572 791 739 897 3000 Mall!ml. RMer &-&)n S&J-11 :-" 80aJO Vi inia LfJli e irgjllia toba.ceo1 show very well, but on account of the_, high cost remain :du the aa ately been the f u r present untouched. Sales reach 5,500 b a les at ase. W e n'o e sale of ven+.y-e !!llheadli low Yara' Tobac c o rema' ns without change. g,rades, by a leading house at full prices. 0 The m'arbtl ia very BO&f,YB and .the n e w crop is held appears to be in a state of suspended a:pima.tion and I v of buyers. The crr cular of M essrs J S. Gans t s to de& --;" A g:ood bu,irleBs b ih Hal rtmerlte of e. t fill the ne under re-1 vana F1Ill8ts, WJ.ilii sales of 4 ,50'G bal es, 1,800 VIew. Tbere is to be sure all the time an under-curbales new crop. Our stock of old tobacco 1s very much df oin on, but it. is principally d efic i ent reduce d, hardly any' bein g 'l e ft iq !ll'st The in \fld v Primarily as has often enough cr?p meet s Wtbli favor, aud the.btgh b ee n said this s ug-ri shnes.s is ascribable to the indifpnce. .ll;Sk d the same, ,\la.a been, done, f e r.,nt character of the generality of supplies. B 1t uot:c ; f Tb e of new .that tbi!:l 11lone is insufficient to account for such wide-spreid tii'reO. so'Id hf\v e been Partido tobaccos, u.t pr1ces rang1Utd untimely-in her have to be ing from $45 to $50 ; some at $48 bo sou,.:ht else where. Fmr mcial irregularities have more $52, a of Vuelta ApaJO from $55 to $60 to do with this matter than is seen at the first glance. gold, ID Th10ugh poor ey has made .Matwfaciured.-:-In mauufact ure\i was .a. scarcer than the goo<} j f tpe r req, and busifall' ave.r age lms10ess done both 1n and dark ness en fi'nd themseNes hab e at any moment to be w;ork, With a perhaps, m favor of the subjected to the inconTen enoes ll!nd dan_gers of a 1atter on account of sh1pments There were some straitened money market ; an they eonsequently move .salel\.o! black ._a, and some !s and .lOs con with caution, feeling rather goin"' their wa1 ; sumption, and also lor export .. We notwe and this is a temper wholly irreconcilable with that receipts of new s and lOs 1n good 'Condihon and required to give vim and..Wmation to trade. There! loolWlg well, b11t which for.want of age are as yet slow will be no g e n eral revival of business money is more of 1 abundant, or, what is the same thing, until entP.rprise n ts to that goods of old ceasea to be hllmpered by the dread of disaster. Whe-stoc1i-1Lvaneties-Wtll range h1gheJJ. the;r it lies most with the agents of the G JVernment, The Report of. the qommss1oner. of Revor with the people themselves, to hasten this consum1 enu_e both dlSappo!-llted and d!spleo.Aed the trade. illatio n need not here be discussed. Owmg td theuncertamty and energy of the protests From the markets of Virginia there is no news of made by our friends in the Northern cities, as well. as A Lynchburg correspondent writes that by many at the South :West, there reason tll.ere 1s a considerable qu&ntityht not to be noticed at this em1ssartes from h1s Bureau who wer e and have for a t t me. The de atls a s they have reached us from our relong time been predisposed to bring the change gulnr nod llll s o u roe are as follows : 2.040 cs now r e commended, an4 who :sought information ftJ 22ic: 200 Sundries ft1 15t.ll55c: 200 State on ?nl,Y_ t houl?ht they had grounds for b e lieyprlmte t erms: 150 cs Ohio do: 20 cs old Cnn}l ecticut ill g the sentiment of the trade would be ma1uly m do, to t al 2 610 casGB I whh their ow n predilections. Why agents of R ecurring to an almost thread-bate topic, though I were and_ why these ag'nts imag-1 one of eve r present. inberest to the trade-the 1870 med: they ':ere fulfilling thell' whole duty when they stock of s ee d leaf -it is ploa.suro.ble to chronicle the .tgnored, not 'to sa.y shunned, New York, ?ccasional expressions of approval that are vouchs&fed Boston and Baltimore not be in m 1e .,.ard to C onn ecticut tobacco. We have from time: qUJred. It 18 enough to know that these ctrcumstances to publtsbed these expressions as they c a me to' oc.curred, and that it now to be deter hand, and h 'lr e is what a Southern mJW.ufacturer of mmed m wha.t manner the IPerniclOus conseqa ences cig ars writes to a manufacturing firm here who, in the may best be or modified. This is the point at abs e nce of other stock, forward ed with due apo logi es present to be dec1ded by ihe trade. f.>r his u se, a of this commodity : Fron; the of Donglass it is "I find the tobacco you sent me different from what only to the endence furmshed I thonght. I :find it excellent for working and the suffic1en. to JUStify hm1 ill the course he bas pursued ; flavor of it supetior to anyth4Jg I had for a Ion"' but he may be assured there are very many men whose ttme." 0 judgmeat may be relied upon, who, while readily adLik. e of Sir Hubert, this" is praise indeed." purity of his intt:ntidns, feel that he And, m thts mstance, whateve r it may be in most cases, has m th1s made a gnevoll8 mtstake. is justifiable, the samples transmitted 'heino as good as What, for mstance, does he, or any who acquiesce in were to o e had. 0 his recommendation suppose is to become of the val-In support of the remark in our last is s ue, tha t the ua'ble traffic with for eign countries in low-priced man b es t t hing to do with this tobacco was to consum e it as uf ctured tobacco under the drawback system which qui ck l y as possible, that we might the' sooner get to he pro,I>oses in lieu of the existing arrangement? Is someth ing better, a d ea ler su'ggests that we must use it imagtned that on goods worth ten or twelve cents a every p ound o it, we lik e it or not, and adpound, or dealers for will advance duc es the r e asons for his opinion :-The the tax, be 1t er 24 cents, and .wa.1t from six months seed ip the country, of the growth of 1870, all told, is to a for 1ts return ? 1f not, we ask, not over 35,000 cases, and there are nine months to be what 1s to become of the fore1gn trade thereill? Not provided for before the' new cropa will properly be a pound 'will ever be sent abroad under such circum available. The requirements of the trade durina this stances period will absorb the whole of this quantity. 0 The Otgars.-Orders continue to come in from the South product of 1869 is almost entirely exhausted, and there and West for cigars, and the week has been a favor being nothing but the '70 crop to rely upon, it must be able one throughout f o r the trade. use d, r.nd it i s, therefore, futile to .indulge the present BmoAnng.-The same is true of the trade in smoking di s position to ignore it. tobacco. A fine jobbing business was done by all the If there be any error in this it is probably leading houses in the estimate of the stock on hand. There is, of Gold opened at llOl and closed at the same course, no positive data. to be had on this point, but :figures. the quantity remaining is doubtless nearer 45,000 than E xchange has been quiet, bnt firm in prices. We 35,000 c a ses, and this is a margin that will admit of quote:-Bills at 60 d&ys on London, for still further procrastination commercial; for bankers'; do. at shorts1ght, Concerning bt1Siness during November, the circular Paris at 60 days, 5.40UJ5.35; do. at short of Messrs J. S. Gans & Son says:-" Apparently there sight, 5 Antwerp, 5.28lUJ5.23I; Swiss 5 27i has been m @18 Messrs. Rader & Son adds ; "With the exception of two uood to ftoe ........... 10 f2 Hal .. .................... 11 l H,.T'J Shipping L .. r .. @-Tl&ir d l .................... 11 @21 arge transactions, the business1of the month has be e n wralopera, dark ......... 1 0 @t8 F'"" ...... ... .. .... ... 18 @!n slow, and without any important change to communi2g Quarter Pournil cate, eitheT in prices or stock. Connecticub holders Brown ""d Greenlllll .. 7Y. sy. Fine ................ .. 23 seem anxious to dispose of their goods to make r oom U for the new cmp, but can only find customers at r e-Fino opa.ngletlto yeuo.,. 12 Ntgrohw4 1'w!ll ......... 26 @30 d d th b 1k f th "" b nl fi .VarylmesUc. takon ; one parcel of 800 cas e s chAnged hands at good Seed nd Htovllllll, fi,"'ll'es. The demand for Ohio tobacco has not been ,.u. sud Lrol dabpma........ 28 a1y an Yar .. r'"llt H.ll. x.......... .......... to and. 4 to West Indies. We 1epeat 1 '.., Cut .. noiDII>.II!I'T @1 00 EL rebe4................. :1 quotations : l'tlury ,a.nd-frosted, 6_l""'7c common 71. Y ull Cat.. --. @1 lb "G C .c!GIIi cal.. Ill" ll,. -. l! .!latWfuCC..rotl-Tas:ir.lcta. perpo"Q.1. "}".G." 4l0 111 ftl8; good common to middling, ; good to .PowadJ.-lM B oD-BBJOBT. 10 & A 3161b.s. n et.,.... fi d fan 11 2 ll .. ............ n @110 "G.&V." .................. ne re, ll"" lli, cy, 5; upperconntry,6}11 ....................... 21 @SS "WylliaE1."'110l!!Lnet .. 29 30;groundleaves,6t.ll10. Oh1o--common to greenish lllediuoa.. .. .. ......... 20 @22 Ynurrt&" .. .. .. .... .... .. IIOY. an ;z'ill ; me llllll to fine 1 ed, common ................ 23 @21 "I. c. yea"................ 28 d b 6 1 sf d C P mmcn ............... 2! @30 "Z. A." 230 lt;a .... ....... 23 to med um span<> ed 9""11 fine span 1 d to 11 12 Mouldy .... ...... .. ....... .. ... -o UNT 01' '!"'""KO IN lunr YOIU ron.cco rN..-&cll('M Ins pected this week, 691 W.t.JIBKOl::. Va.o\ N C. OWo. )td. To!n'. do previously, 47,548 I 1 )ida. Hda Oda Bds H,,.... ............ ................ 1,1.!1 \" .u,'l .... -:: : : '::.::::::: :::::. .::::: : :.::: S l:>ck In the Brookl11l Tnspe<>hon Warehoulle, Decdmber 1, 1871 ... 4,TIO Tot&Jo:ooll N oembor I, '1871. .............. .... ........... IMPORTS. The arrivals at the port of'New York-from foreign porta for the week endtng November 28, included the following consignments:, AsPINwA.LL:-N. Ramirez, 1 case cigars. lLumuBG.-Order, 10 cases cigars. Albareda, 13 bales lt:af, 2 cases cigars; Waydell & Co., 1 case cigars. fuVANA..-Strohn & Reitzenstein, 122 bales; L Pascaal, 253 do; Jos. A. Vega & Brother, 206 de; Weil & Co., 8 8 do; E. Rose nwald & Brother, 177 do; M. & E. Salomon, 97 do; Holzman & Deutschberger, 426 do; Lewis, Philip & John Frank, 17 do, 1 case cigars; Carl Upmann, 96 do, 4 do; F. Miranda, 96 do, 1 do; V M a rtinez Ybor, 189 do, 4 do; F Garcia, 189 do, 1 do cigaretttJa; DeBary & Kling, 8 cases cigars; G. M Faber, 18 do; Tlios. J. Rayner & Co., 2 do; Robt E. Kelly & Co 7 do ; Char. T. Bauer & Co., 2 do; Purdy & Nicholas, 3 do; Godeffrey, Brancker & Co., 2 do; Park & T1lfora, 12 do; W. H. Thomas & Brother, 40 do; Acker, M errt ll & Condtt, 23 do; Kuneardt & Co 4 do; J. Lazarne & Co 5 do; S. Curley & Co, 6 do; J. Mar tinez 2 do; G. Saff, 2 do; H. Marquardt, 1 do; De Rhun & Co 1 do; Jaa. L i dgerwood, 1 do; 4tlantic Stea mship Co., 280 bules, 33 cases cigars; order, 102 do, 1 do EXPORTS. From the of N:ew York to for eign ports, other thaL European ports, for the week ending November 28, we r e as follows : BRAZILl case cig.trs, $400. BnrriSH Hoi'(DURAS-2 hhds, $536; 10balss, $80,9,476 lbs mfd, $1,445. BRITISH NouTH AMERicu CoLONIEB-25 hhds, $3,000; 4 cases cigars, $644. BRITISH WEST INDIES-235 bales, $3,364 ; 5,469 lbs mfd, $1,234. CANA.DA-8 b a les,$138; 10 cases cigars, $1,6U. Cuu&-10,340 lbs mfd, $2,245. DUTCH WEST INDI-2 hllds, $436. FRENCH WESr INniES-13 hhds, $1,971. J\f&xrco-25 bales, $500. NEw GnBNA.DA-113 bales, $641; 2,142lbsmfd, $530. To E:uopean ports for the week ending December 4 : ANTWEIIP14 hhds. BnKMEN169 hhds, 151 do stems. GrnRALTAu-90 hhds, 240 cases, 4,970 lbs mfd. Gr.AsGow-20 buds. LiVERPOOL-5 1 hhds, 37,115 lbs, mfd. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. 'Ihe arriv als at the Port of New York from domestic, interior, and coastwise porta for the w ee k ending December 5 were 499 hbds, '73 trcs, 32! trcs, 16 butts, 545 pgs, 1706 cases, 3 box e s, 717 boxes, 858! boxes, 42! boxes, 70 boxes, 3t boxes, 1 case cigars, 8 do. licorice consigned as follows :-BY THE EniE RAILROAD: Norbon, Haughton & Co 5 hhds ; Pollard, Petters & C o 12 do ; J P. Quin & Co. 5 do.; S awye r, Wallac e & Co 13 do. ; C B Fal lenstein & Co., 4 do. ; Order, 27 do., 10 cases. BY THE HuD30N RIVER RuL!I OAD-R. L Maitland & Co. 1 hhd; & Gooville, 116 pgs; G. B. Lich tenberg, 318 do. ; order, 12 hhd s. B Y rHE NATIONAL LINE--Pollard, Pettns & Co, 47 hhds ; J K. Smith & Son, 2 do. BY THE NEw Yo n K AND N E w HAYEN RAILROAD.-C. C Mengel, 9 cases ; M. H. Levin, 75 do. BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEW HAvE:s-STEAMBOAT LL"!E.E Rosendale & Brother, 91 cas es; Levy & Neugass, 6 do ; M W est heim & Co, 14 do ; M. H L svi n 6 d o ; L. J essert & Brother, 1 do ; L. Kuntz, 1 do. BY THE NEw YoRtt AND HARTFOl\D SrEAMBOA' r LL'IK.J. B. Cohen, 202 cases. BY THE OLD DoMINION LINE.-A. D Chockl e y & Co 2 hhda; M Ab en heim 12 do; Chaa. Luling & C o ., 89 do; Caesar & Pauli, 47 do; Appl eby & Helme, 12 do; I. C. Douglass, 1 do; Rea d & Co, 1 do ; J D. Evans & Co., 10 do, boxes; Puttersen & Co. 1 trc; Wrr. Demuth & Co., 28 cases; D & A.. B e nrimo, 2 do; E. Hen, 57 do; Reuben Lindheim, 24 do; Richey & Boni f ace, 109 do; L. Ginter, 30 do; Eugene DuBois, 43 do; M M. Welzhofer, 11 do; Bulkley, Moore & Co., 51 do. D. H. London, 10 do; G. W. Hillm a n & Co 32 do ; Lichtenstein Brothers & Co., 10 do; R. Lind.heim & Co 10 do; N. & J. Cohen, 1 do; S. L. M erchant & Co. 1 do : Dane, L am b & C o., do; S. T. Knapp & Brother, 5 do; J B Newton, 1 do; H Mandelbaum, 3 do; Dohan, Carroll & Co 76 do, 6! bxs; W. P. Kittredge & C o., 39 do, 70 do; Martin & Johnson, 33 do, 20! ; bxs; R. Irvin & Co., 23 do, bxs; J. H. Thompson, 25 do, 51 do, 50 i bxs; J Ottenberg & Co ., 1 do, 1 case cigars; Jas. Chieves & Co., 257 i bxs; Carhart Brothers, 55) dxs; Kreme lberg & Co., 6 cases liconice; James C. McAndrew, 2 do; J.D. Keilly, Jr., 2 hhds, 8 trcs, 32! trcs, 165 cases, bxs; N. L. McCready, 20 cases, 30 bxs, 25! bxs; order, 55 hhds, 51 trcs. B Y THE VIRGINIA STEAMSHIP LINE--D H. London, 30 bhds ; O e lrichs & Co., 30 do ; W. 0. Smith, 21 trcs ; Richey I. Boniface, 16 butts, 5 1-3 boxes; G W. Hillman & Co., 11 cases; Martin & Johnson, 5 do; Mad dox Brothers, 2 do ; Bulkl ey, Moore, & Co., 72 do, 65i boxrs ; W. P Kittredge & Co. 9 do, 72 do ; Allen & Co, 1 do, 4;\: boxes, 3 1-6 boxes; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 260 do, 66 do, boxes, 17 1-3 boxes. CoASTWISE FROM BA.LTmORE-Schroeder & B : m, 5 hhds ; Sutro & Newmark, 2 do; F. A. Geotze & Brother, 2 do ; Holzman & De11tschberger, 6 do ; Grinnell, Min turn & Co., 50 do ; Poinde.ll.ter & Co 13 do ; A. P. R osenbaum & Co., 30 pgs; M. J. Eller, 29 do ; M. F alk, 52 do. BALTIMORE, DxcEMBER 2.-Messrs. C. Loose & C o commission merchants and dealers in leaf tobacco, report as follows :-Our market has been fairly active since our and prices are generally maintained, ex cept for new ground leavea, which, owing to less favor able advices from the other side, may be written gen erally about cheaper th&n at the beginning of the season for them. The demand for description though remains fair at these reduced rates. Of Ohio, some of the crop, stored yet on the Ohio riTer, could be shipped to this market, about 150 hbds, but we have heard of no sales of any importance. Nor have we T .tal, Export d wce January 1, l8n, Uoa stw1su and reiuspect e d, I 57,600 hhds hhd>i 6.700 "49,600 Stocks to-day in warehou ses and on.ship-, board, not cloored, --7,940 hhds MANUI'AOTUBRD TODAOOO. Miu k e t inactive and heavy : : 'lhere were received by the following l eading firms :,-Messrs. Hoffman, Lee & Co., 369! boxes ; Messxs A. Seemuller &; Sons 86 cases, 92! boxes, and 165t J;>oxes. M.l)f B s Ricarda, & Co's. CircUlar reports :Dunng laat month th1S mark e t has been very quiet for all descriptions of leaf. tobacco new crop Mary land, wh1ch has contmued active, though plices are decidedly easier and receipts have been unusually abundant for this season. Ohio.-Nothina' has tran spired which we think calls for special comment. Kentucky.-Sales reach only about 100 hbds, 78 to Regie contractors and the remainder to home trade. Holders are v ery firm and with ntrary views pn the part of buyers transaetiona have been restricted. The stock on sale is about 900 hhds embracing some 600 hbds of export tobacco and 300 suitable to home trade. Vi. ginia.-There have been sales of about 100 hhds new primings and 150 hhds manufacturers' atelllS, both of which continue in fair demand. BOSTON, NoVEMBER 2 .-The Commercial BuUetin re ports :-The market is still quiet, but prices are sus t ai ned, and small sales are made to trade at full prices Havana is at per lb ; Seed Leaf at ; Yara, Kentucky at 8D126c, as to quality. The receipts were 17 hhds, 41 bales and e&Bell, and 49 bo x e e The exports w e r e 20 hhda, 8 hf hhds, 5 cases, 25 boxes to A1r1ca; 7 hhd s to the British North Ameri can Colonies; 7 ba!es, 22 boxea to the French West Indies, 4 cases to Japan, and 7 pkgs to other porta. CINCINNATI, DECEMBER 2.-Mr. J. A. Johnson, reporter of the Cmcinnati Tobacco Association, writes Messrs. Casey, Timberlake & Co offered 31 h hds, 71 boxes at the following prices : 31 hhdi .MNon _ahd Bracken counties common traslh to fine leai 2 at $8. 70, 8 .75; 8 at 10.25UJ10.75; 3 at 11.25tJll.75; 5 at 12{) 12 75; 7 at 131])13.75; 6 at 14tJ14 75; llatl6.60, 16.76; 3 at 17, 19 25, 26. 71 boxes Ohio seed leaf fillers and wrappers 3 at 11 .25tUl. 75 ; 2 at 12.50 ; 16 at 130 13.75; 8 at 14 tJ 14.75; 6 at 15tJ15 76; 6 at 16'1116.75; 6 at 5 at 18t.ll18.75; 6 at 19U19 .75; 5 at 200 20.25; 3 at 21@21.75; 2 at 22.50 24.75; 2 at 25.75, 28; 1 at32.50. M:essrs Phister & Brother offered 8 hhds at the fol lowing prices : 8 hhds Mason and Bracken counties trash to fine loof at $8 95, 9 9, 11, 11.50, 17.50, 21.75, 25.25. Mes s rs. Charles B odman & Co offered 54 hhdB 68 box e s aa follows : 39 hhds M!\80n and Bracken coun ties common trash to fine leaf. 2 at $9.15, 9 .5 0 ; 9 at lOli/10 .5 0 ; 3 at lltiJll. 75; 6 at12@12.75; 3 at13tlll3. 75; 3 at 14 .5 0tlll5 25; 3 at 16UJ17; 4 at 20ll20.50; 3 at 21 3 at. 24@25; 10 hhds new Carroll county lu.,O'S and leaf at 5.55, 6 15, 6.15, 6 85, 6.95, 7.50, 9.10, 11.25, 14. 50, 13 50. 3 boxes Indiana new lugs and leaf 5, 7, 10 5 hhds West Virginia lugs and l e af at 5.95 6 7 40, 8.05 61 liox e s Ohio seed leaf lugs, fillers, wrappers : 2 at4, 7; 2 at 8.50, 3 at 76; 3 at 1i 2 at 13ftl13 75; 3 at 14.50ttJ14.75; 5 at 15.25l1115.75; 4 at 16UJ16. 75; 2 at 17.25ftll7.76 ; 4 at 18.25l)18 75: 3 at 7 a t 20i:l)20.25; 5 at 21 tl)21.25; 3 a t 22.25tJJ 22,75; 2 a t 23 25, 23.50; 3 at 24 tl)24.50; 4at26ftl26.75; 3 at 29.50, 30 25, 39.25. l'lfessrs. Bough ner, Brooks & Co. offered 19 hhds at the following pricea: 12 hhds Bracken county trash, lugs and leaf at $9. 75, 10, 10. 25, 11. 75, 13.50, 14. 75, 1 5 15.25, 15.50, 16, 16 25 17 5 hhds Robertson county lugs at 9, 10, 10, 11. 2 hhdsCarrollcountynew at 9.90, 11.50. I Offerings week ending D ecember 2, 1871 112 hhds 139 boxes Receipts 117 77 Offermgs corresponding week, 1870 166 6 Receip t.s -82 1 Our market ha.s been moderately active aad receipts for the season ha.-e been quite good. Prices hold steady, but not very firm No sales on Thanksgiving day. Weather clear and cold, and not good for priaing. OLA.RKSVILLE, TBNN., D&OEXBKB 2.-li688TII. M. H. & Broth e r, leaf brokers, report: Our sales thia wee k amounted to 15 hhds. Prio611 remain very full, the quality so far is very poor ; bat an occasional hhd. ap pears upon the bre aks, which iadicates that there is some fine iu the crop. 'Ve quote from late sales: Lugs, 6! to So. ; Common lellf, 7 i to S i c ; Medium leaf, Si-to Good leaf, 9t to 10tc No higher grades aa yet offer mg. The loQse Tobacco market seems to have received some new impulse, as we bear of offers of So. rounds, for crop s though Stemmens generally are not offering over 7c. LOUISVILLE, NovEMBER 29.-We report as fol lows :-The imports of the week were 220 hhds, 656 boxes, and the exporttJ were 403 hhds, 1876 boxes. The sales at the different warehouses for ths same time were 335 hhds, as follows:The L ouis ville House sold 76 hhds :-5 hhds Daviess county le af at $14, 16 25, 17.25, 17.50, 21; 1 hhd Da viess county lugs at 12.50; 3 hhds Trimble county' leaf at 13, 15.50, 16.25 ; 3 hhdis Trimble lugs at 7.85, 8.60, 8.60; 3 hhds Henry county new leaf and lugs at 8, 8 50, 13.51}; 2 hhds Henry county lugs at 8, 8.60; 3 hhds Hart county new leaf at 9, 9, 13; 3 hhds Hart county new lugs at 6 40, 7.40, 8.30; 2 hhdsHart oounty leaf and lugs at 8 11 25 ; 1 hhd Barren county new common leaf at 10.60 ; 3 hhds Breckenridge county leaf at 9.50, 9 .60, 10.75; 4 hhds Gray30n county leaf 6 50, 7 10, 7 .60, 7 90; 1 hhd Grayson county new lug11 at 7 60; 1 hhd Warren county new leaf at 8.70; 5 hhds Todd county leaf and lugd at 7.80, 7.80, 8.20, 8.80, 9.50; 2 hhds Hende rson county lugs and at 8.60; 4 hhds CILl'roll county new leaf at 8 20, 9.10, 9.80, 10.50; 21 bhds Indiana. leaf and lugs a.t 6.80, 8.10, 8.20, 8 30, 8.30, 8.40, 8.40, 8 50, 8.60, 8.85, 8.85, 8.90, 8.90, 8 90, 8 90, 8.95, 9.40, 9.40, 9.40, 9 50, 9.70; 4 hhds Clarks ville leaf at 8 70, 9.10, 9.20, 9.40 ; 2 hhds. Illinoi11 leaf and lugs at 7.80, 9.10; 2 hhds trash a.t 5 35, 5.70; 1 hhd wet stems at 3.85. The Pickett House sold '74 hhds :-3 hbds Oldham new leaf at $8. 70, 10. 50, 16.25 ; 2 hhds Oldham county new at 7.90, 8.90; 6 hhds Henderson county leaf at 9.50, 9.60, 10.50, 10.76, 11, 1U5; 2hhd8 Hen del'IOn county lugs at 8.10, 8.50; 1 hhd Trimble county ,at 1U5 1 hhd Trimble new 9 _; 2 Jilids Tnmble county lugs at 9, 9.10; 1 hbd Trimble county trash at 7.50; 1 hhd Henry oounty common leaf at 13; 2 hhds Ba.llard count1leaf at 9.10, 12; 13 hbds factol'1


.i : '' '\ dried at 10ti>l2. 75; 4 hhds Web11ter county leaf aL _9.75. 10.25, 10.50, 11; 1 hhd WeJ>ster lU81J at 7; 4 bhds Trigg county leaf at 9, 9, 9. 70, 11; 3 hhds Trigg connty lugs at 7 .20, 7.40, 8.10; 4 hhds Hart county 9.90 10.50; :2 hhds HArt county lugs _at ,,'7cf, 85, 2 bhdll Hardin county odmmon leuf at 8._ 0 9.60; 1 bhJ Hardin county rash at 5.05; 1 hhd Shelyy county new leaf at 9.20 ; '1 hhd Ohio county leaf t 9.10 shllds Butler leaht8.20,8.50, 9; 2hh Butler 7,70 ; 1 hhd Metcalfe county D at :Breckenridge conntJ. leaf at 8, 8.10; county commo at 7.70, 8; 1 hhd county new lugs 7J;O; 1 hhd Green oounv at 7.60; 1 hhd H e nderson new trull 2 hhds Tennessee ai wn5t!o1ltnt'f. Ind., new leaf.al8'.A :-6 bhds Henry 75, 13, 16.50, 19; 9 7, 7.50, 7.40, 8.25, 8.40, county common leaf at 8; 2 hhds Trim4 hhds Trimble ; 1 hhd Owen county commop at 15 25; hhds Owen county old lugs at 9.20, 11.25; 3 bhds Hart county new leaf at 9, 15.26 ; 3 hhds Hart county common le11..f at R30, ft90, 9.20; 1 hbd Hart county lugs at 7.30; 8 hhds Barren connty o)d leaf at 8.80, 10, Hl, 10, 10. 75, 12, 12, 12; 1 hhdB&rren county old lugs at 7.90; 1 hhd Shelby county leaf at 11.25; 1 hhd Daviess county old leaf at 10 25; lhbd Daviess county Green lugs at 6.20 ; 2 hhds county new leaf at 8.90, 9.50; 1 hhd Warren county new lugs at 7. 70; 1 hbd Logan county new leaf at 9.30 ; 1 hhd I,.ogan county lugs &t 7 50; 1 hhd Grayson county new leaf at 9; 1 hhd Grayson county lugs at 7.60; 1 hhd Simpson county new leaf at 9; 1 hhd Owen county lugs at 8; 1 hhd Adair oonnty newlngsat6.90; 2hhds Tennessee old medium. leaf at 8.40, 9.50 ; 2 hhds fac tory trash at 4.20, 5.60; 1 hhd reject e d. The Ninth-street House sold 56 hhds :-8 hhds McLean county old leaf at 75 ; 2 hhds McLean county old lugs at 8..10, 8.90; 14 hhds Daviess county old leaf at 8.911.50; 2 hhds Mon roe oonnty lugs at 8, 8.20 ; 2 hhds Logan county old leaf at 10, 10.50; 1 hhd Metca.Jfe county new leaf at 9; 1 hhd Breckenridge county new lugs at 7; 2 hhds Bar ren county old lugs at 6 90, 7.50; 1 hhd Barren county new lugs JJt 7.70; 1 hhd:Henry county new lugsat8.10; 1 :q,hd She l by con:Rty new lugs 7.50 ; 13 hhds Indiana old lea f at 8.90tll12.75; 1 hhd Indiana old lugs at 8.10; 18 hhdB rej e cted. The Planters' sold 33 hhds :-2 hhds Owen county cutting leaf at $30.30; 2 hh._ds Henry county new leaf at 11. 50, 17 ; 4 hhds Breckenridge county old leaf at 12.25, 13, 13.75, 15 .75; 2 Breckenridge com iy lugs, 1 new at 8.10, 1 old at 8.30; 8 hhds Hart coUDty new leaf aL 8, 8, 8 55, 8.60, 9, 9.50, 10, 10 50 ; 3 hhds Hart county new lugs at 6.90, 7.40, 7.75; 1 hhd Hart county low leaf at R20; 2 hhds Logan county new lr af at 9 .10, 10; 1 hhd Meade co11nty old leaf at 10; 2 hhds Larne county new leaf at 8.80, 9.40; 2 hhds Worren county low leaf at 7 .70, 8.40; 1 hhd Grayson coUDtyleaf at 8.30; 1 hhd Grayson county lugs at 7; 1 hhd Henry cotwty lugs a.t 7.50; 1 hhd Virginia old leaf at 20. The Boone House sold 28 hhds :-1 hhd Henry oonnty new leaf at $12.25; 1 hhd H enry county new lugs at 8.50; 1 hhd Mason county leaf at 11 ; 2 hhds Mason county lugs at 8, 8.35; 1 bhd Logan connty old leaf at 11; 2 hhds Logan county lugs at 7, 9.10; 1 hhd !Lltcalfe county leaf at 9.10; 1 hbd Green county com mon leaf at 8.40; 3hhdsGreen county lugs at 7.40, 7 .60, 8 40 ; 1 hbd Todd oount;y new common leaf at 8.90; 1 hhd DavieEs county oommon)eaf at 8.30; 1 hhi Hart county common leaf at 8.40 ; 1 bhd Hart county new lugs 8.40; 1 hhd Grayson county new lugs at 8.20; 1 hhd Warren county new lugs at 7 90; 2hhds Taylor county new lugs at 5.75, 7.80; 3 hbds Indiana leaf at 9; 9 .20, 9.90; 4 hhds Indiana lugs at 7.60 8,. 8, 8.80. '!'he Kentucky Tobacc() AIISOciation sold 8 hhds 2 hhds Hopkins county leaf at $9.70, 10.50; 4 hhds county lugs and low l ea f at 6.90@8.40; 1 hhd Henderson county scraps at 3.90; 1 hhd Living ston county lugs at 7.50; 1 box, 13.25. NEW ORLEANS, NovEHBER 29th. We report as f o llows :-There ha.e been no change in the market 11ince our last. The sales having been 2 hhds good at llc, and 3 hhds fine taken f or export, n.t private terms Rates are unchanged, as follows :-Lugs at 7 tv 8c Low Leaf at 8 til 8t, Medium at 9 t1> 9!, Go o d at 9! til 10!, end Fine and Selections at 11@ 1.3. The receipts have been 15 hhds. There h ave been no exports. Higbboard, not cleared, is 1859 hhds. The market for manufactured is very dull, there being no change in the deman 70; medium, 60 til 65; gold bars 12 inch, 6 oz, 7 oz and 4 oz, according to quali ty, 65 f.& SO; common, sounil, 55 'llJ 60; medium and common, unsound, 40 {1) 50 ; half pounds, bright 58 060;dodark, 55; No.1, 5sand10s dark 56; navy,lbs., Ji5; na\"y ilbs., 55; fancy styles, natural leaf, twist, pancake, etc., 65 a 80. The receipts have been 1193 PADUCAH, NovEHliEt\ 30.-The KentucTcian says that the markei is still dull, and but little doing. To bacco comes in slowly the mlljority of it being of a good substantia.! quality, with but little of bright qual ity being on the market. P1-ices are a.e quoted in-oar last, and finn. PHILADELPHIA, D ECEH11ER 4 : Mr. E. W. DickAr son, reporter for the Tobacco Trade of Philadelphia, writes as follows :Sales of Seed Leaf for the past week amounted to 275 cases, viz., 87 ca.ees Connecticut 100 do Ohio, 80 do. Pennsylvania, 10 do. Duck Island, also 60 bales Spanish, and 10 hhds Kentucky. The cigar trade was fair ; the partial ports indicate sales of over one million for week. Sales of manufactured plug amounted to 950 pgs ; of smokiag, 830 oases, and of fine cut, 150 pgs. Stocks on band are good. Receipts per Richmond Steamers : 110 boxes, 26 boxes, and 821 boxes mfd for J. R. Snnk & Co. ; 10 cs mfd forM. E. McDowell & Co. ; 52! boxe s 7 cases for Ftom the East, 150 cases seed leaf .RI ONI>, lliCEIIBEB 2.-l\ir. R. A. Mill s, tobacco ket' and commission merchant, reports :-To the general dealer there is nothing of interest to report. ..ty aU of the old tobacco on the market is of tbe manufacturing grade and is taken by onr manufac turers at full prices. Th.ere is not enpugh of new bacco oft'ering, in llbd8,. to justify quobtioD& ew loose is aoming in very breely o.nd selfuig at from 4 to 10c, according to quality The transactions for the week were 206 hhds, 90 t:rcs, and 24 &xes. I continue my quotations for old, which are fbr the most part nominal: 1 ,..rHE I .... E.AF. 3 The exports were 1 case o the San Is ands. 9 r v.ow 01;1.. t ay to this p rt fr m domestic ts 8' h .f5t eases. t ST. LOUiS, NovEMliER 29.-Mr. J. E. ayne 's, tobac co a.e follows l].bds, Mamst 123 tmt }ftJ8 us .,.aek Oft'ermgs continuli to edlbrace a large proportion of new crop, whioh' iS on .. The demand for old quite bnsk; and van little being p-q.t on the b.reak,s, 'It com mands full r ices, especially cutters. Bales from Thursday to yesterday inclusive, 48 hhds: 1 at $2.50, (11weepingJ) ; 1 at 3.50 (scraps and sw!{ep-, ings); 2 at 5.20 tv5.60; 9 at 6 @ 6 .90; 16 at. 7 @ 7 90; 8 at 8@8. 80; 7 at 9@9.70, and 4 at10.25, 11.25, 12.50@13.25, and 17 boxes at aou. .In the same time, 3 hhds were pa.esed, and bids were rejected on 14hhds at 75c'lJ)10.50, and 2 boxes at 8@10. To-day, demand active, and oft'erings small. Sales 1 hhd old at 9 60; 8 boxes new and 2 do old 8.30@22. Bids re jected on 2 hbds old at 7.80tl)8.80. We quote :-New lugs 5W6, old do 6tv7, common new leaf 6aJ7, common old leaf 7til8, medium to good new do 8'1l!9, mediuin to good old leaf 9tvl3. No bright off e ring. FOREIGN. AMSTERDAM, NoVEHDER 19.-Mr. J. M. Laurillard, tobacco broker, reports:-105 hhds have been sold here, and of Java, 1893 bales. We have re ceived 668 bales Java. ANTWERP, NoVEMBER 13 ..:..:.Mr. Victor Forge, im porter of leaf tobacco, reports a.e follows :-A regular demand has prevailed for North American tobacco. s8.Ies amount to about 250 hhds from first hn.nds. Prices, although firm and high, show no margin be tween thfl Am e rican markets and the Continent. NoVEHDER 20.-As the supply of all grades of West ern toba cco is continua.Jly reducing without any pro spect f o r r.n increase, the American markets being to high in some large manufacturers and dealers taught rather freely last week, and sales amounted to 309 hhds o f wh:ich 28 from speculators hand!' In Virginia tobacc o little has been done only 20 hhds cha nged buds; holders o f that leaf are not yet inclined to sell No receipts of any kind BREMEN, NoVEMBER:17.-0ur Special Corresp ondent writes as follows :-There is not much to be re ported concerning l as t week's busine ss ; buyers remain Tery reska.ined, as owners do not show disposition to m ke ay concessions in prices for their J'resent not well a.esorted stocks. The consequently of Kentucky are v ery insignificant, and not worthy of mention. Of Virginia the following were sold-100 hhds at grts ; 100 at do ; 30 at 81 do ; 15 at 12i d o ; total, 245 hhds ; besides 25 hhds, to arrive, on private terms. 134 hhds scrubs were sold, to arrive, at 9! and 9! grts. Stems remain in good d eman d and sell at good prices ; the following lots were sold with in the week :-22 hhds Virginia stems at 61 tha.Jer ; 15 do a 71 do ; 10 do at 41 do ; total, 47 hbds. Stocks to-dny :-8 hhds Bay, 274 hhds Ohio, -bhds Scn1bs, 222 hhd s Maryland, 376 hhds Virginia, 3023 hhds Ken tucky, and 511 hhds Stems HAVANA ]'foVEMBBR 25.-Mr. V. F. Bt1tler, t o barco broker, reports as follows :-Leaftobaccoof goodquality for the States is much sought after, and some sales have be en made at high pric es. There h as been much inquiry from the States for Porto Rico tobacco and some large sal es made, a.e it smokes very well an'd has an agreeable flavor and good color; large quantities of this same tobacco have been sought for in G e rmany. There is a little Ya.ra tobacco here but the prices are high. Cigars. The business is good ; we have plenty of orders for the next three months, but the trade is not so profitable as formerly, owing to the high prices of tobacco. The exports hav e b een to the United States, 106,700 cigars, 257,800 lb3 tobacco; to Spain, 14,500 cigars; to South America, 52,500 cigars, 108 ,700 lb s tobacco Exchange on Londo n, 22 per cent. pre mium; Hamburg, 40 do; Spain, 11! do; 60 day s cur r ency, United States, 1 per cent premium; do, go ld 10 per cent premium. LIVERPOOL, NoVEHBER 18.-Mr. F. W. Smythe tobacco commission merchant rep orts :-During the past week this Tobacco Market "has been quiet, manu facturers buying ,' from day to-day, only what they re quired for immedi a te use, at previous Th ere has been inquiry for export leaf for the continent and one customer would have bought probably 100 or 200 hhds, if he could have done so at his limits, which being too low to meet the of holde;rs nothing could be done. O th er growths are still scarce, w1th littl e or nothing doing in them-Cavendish dull at present low prices. LONDON, NoVEMBER 16.-Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co report. as follows :-There have b een no transac ti9ns of importance during the past week in American T obacco; some few small parcels of Western strips of the last import have been. placed, and there have been inquiries for le afy light descriptions of previous im_PQrt. i[n Western L eaf there ha.e been but little aone, fine bright bring full rates Vir ginia Strips of rich quality are in demand, and some few sales hav e been effected of the light classes. Vir ginia Leaf, both light colored and dark spinning in de m and, but litUe of the last import turns out hen.vy en ough for spinning purposes. A good steady d ema nd exists for other growths, of which the market is now oompa.rati'Yely low. RO'.M' RDAM, NoVEMBER '1.0.-Mr. J. M. Laurillard, toba cco broker, reports: have be e n sold 35 hhds Maryland There have been 2772 pgs of Java received. There is to be a sale of 160 hhds Maryland ex Ene rgy and 18 hhds Virginia, ex Annie McCann, on the 20th. For all sorts of tobacco there is a good Jemand at high pric es. Y"'U' H u d d Jnne so, 1Y, rr ru ... e or svor\ 1 8 ,:97 5 ,.frpm, a comol.idation of 1he to.x 011 tobaccn, and to be:ore s uit w .1s the sureties hav';' e&lomv ........... .. .... .................... .. ____ compeus; .tJ m part to the revenue the e :s:pecteJ j either n o t be e n foun l l on process if I"""""e trom-... t.,-.,t'.,xr-r+ 'IIJ,{--!11 1>. l arl-le loss ft--om expiration of the inoome tax f?-und, a retum of .no .goods on tillil.l process b'as rea-1221 661 9 dunnl" tl : e oul'l'eut fison.lyear, and the furthe r hzed to t .he Governmeoy a total loss of its supposed Yea.r llded Jane 80, 1870 receted rrom duh r illlf t eri1.1.l oss from .Articles and occupations form e rly security. tobacco .......... ... ................ .. ... : __ but now exempt," (a itru STAMPS. lncreu., d collecinn rrnm deo.Jera in leo.r t.o b coo . 21 .8 44 course.) I would advise ooneolid e eport tht Corm -. or:, Y ear 0 : S9711_b17 96 b1 tax t '32 cents per1 pound. contracts have been made for printing re\'enue Year euded so, from .... ioma.: n c J ,929 ail r.4 PEDDLERS OF1 T?BACCO. stamps as. follows,. viz. : With Mr. Joseph R. Cat'P<:Jt-wb&coo .............. ..... .... ......... ------I am satisfied, from-the evid e nce whiCh has a ccu-ter, of Phila.Jelphia, for documentary and propn(j-noreued colledirn from deaiel'8 in manufa.ctnnd to- ,mqfu.ted at't!'iis much Efbud abo tary ; 't'b. &Ilk ot "Ji o, 12!> 32 n,tferred to is throhgh t str .' ew ork f i for: diS ed. ani! cl g r mannlc'41n ......... ........ $162,967 ss In order top IS Ill mts d Na4i al nk erH.Itod Juo .. SO lo'70. from Bpeod tae uf \Ob&t e& '&. dd' 1 J 1 d te aoodga.r manui .c.Lr r ........... ........... : 4 168 7!1. ra some a I tiOna e u. lOU s r qu11e o p&ft1', ew o nrrl1ftg t1 for ., ..:! ,_, 1 ,?1---. -. wo that e r ,P.ers who bee st mps. These contracts were awarc led to Jncreaeed COIIOOhOD frow lp 0"" bxee of toll"""" fP:" '8Eolls or offerS t0 sell W st bidde h d <7 tl ............. ........ ... .... 9,118 59 e Alr.c. .....,.. ow: OID0 1e a total inqrease of $2,228,199 30 over the or from wagons m the manne_r of peddlers work, due pubhcatwn of for tota.J amount of receipts from the ame' sources for the trave.tmg from place to plac hB pay .W tlie of the vaqous leading preoeding tiscaJ year. '1;3pecial tax of $1/i .... or $ 0, a the in the Unikd 9t e. ANNUAL t travel, 'with hrOJ D'l more Jfor8es or mul68, an Iirlportant 1rav.e been ade in the mateThe total amount of manufactured tobacco, repres-to comply with such regulations as may be prerials and manner of preparing stamps in ordor to ented by the 'amount of collections for Ule fiscal year scribed by the Coamri11sioner of Internal prevent fraudulent is s ues, oountedeitin"', and re-use. ended June 30,1871, was a.efollows: SALE o'F'l.lM.F-TOBACCo TO CONSU:KERq. Heretofore nearly all the issues of stamps Pounil. For las. three :rears this office has.been in have printed in a color upon. ordinu.ry Chewinswb&ooo, .. .............. 6l,617868 p 6 1 1 th t 1 d commercialp f h b th d llmokiog tobaooo, ecr&p!l, eborte, &o., clo.eo 16 cente .... 80,1117,836 o sess1oo o,. WOrtn&.IOD a a arge an illcreasa per urms e y e partie s omg Add t.o thla the quantit y expor&ed ...... ...... ... ........ 10,621,032 mg amount of or leaf-tobac. c o,.in portions of the the printing .By the. ch. all!!es re'eired t'"l, the Go:vAud es0011 mm&lll11J8 in warehonsee June SO, 11!'71, over t b ld t t 1 di tl to t d d t 9 Juoe80, 1870 ........................ ........ 1....... 72,m conn .ry, was emg so a r e m y provJ es a IS mctlVe paper, and p ermits ers without the payment of tax. EVIdences of thts the pnntmg of stamps upon no other, auJ requires The traffic have, from time tO 1time, been furnished by that all stamps shall be priuted in two or more. collected wae assessors and collectors, and more especially by suore It is well known that the revenue derived from Tbe steady and unifonn increase, from month to 'rho, in taking transcripts fiom the books stamf!S has serio usly s11ffereJ by the fraudulent rc month, in the revenues derived from manufactured by law to be kept by leaf-dealers, have re-use of stamps. It has been found no difficult bacco, cigars, &c., since the present law went into ported that they find scores of pages of these boob ter on the part of evil-di!>posed persons, by th0 operation, by which the mode of collecting taxes on where entries were made of sales from one-half of chemic.als careful ly manipu.lated, to remov e th9 these articles wa.e changed from an assessment after d f II removal from the manufactory and sale, to aypout? to our pounds each; and I a.m constantly in cance ahon marks entirely without injuring-the :rpment, by means of suitable stamps, before the goods receipt of letters from manufacturers of tobacco, pearance of the stamps, thus enablmg dis honest are removed from the place of manufacture, has fully complaining of the injury to their business arising parties to re-use them, or to sell the stamps for redemonstrnted the superiority 0 f the present system from nell sales, and informing me that in some use, and defraud the Government to that ext e nt. over the former. Fewer frauds are possible ;where t.he localities where they formerly received frequent and It is believed that the stamps now b eing taxes are reqnired to be pnid at the manufactory, aml large orders for tobacco they now u:r;tder the to, cannot Le tampered before the goods e allowed to go upon tha market make the same parttes who made these w1th. :Especia.lly 1s th1sthought to b e the case with t: and where every package is required to bear upon it orders, now ordering instead supplies of natural leaf adhes 1ve, and tobacco snuft; a.;nd cigar stamps printed the evidence that the tax has b ee n paid. But, notwithhom the wholesale leaf-dealers. Against this traffic, upon pap er. 'Ih1s so standing the encouraging progress that ha.e been made grown to such large proportions, so injurious to their chang es Its color upon the of chenucai toward a thorough and complete collection of the business as manufacturers, and prejudicial to the agents employed for re,-tls e revenues from this source, I am forced to the conclu-interest of the Government revenue they ask to be as to restorat1on to Its or1gma.l state 1mpos,1ble. sian, that, during the lasp 1iscal year, much tobacco protected. To this end, I would ;ecommend that In the afforded this a has escaped taxation through the retilling of empty t tJ9 f th t f J ul 2o 1868 be ded soluble mk IS used m the preparahoJJ. of adh es n e stamped packages, the second use of stamps, the use sec 0 e ac 0 1 Y f $5 80 amen sta.mPit This ink contains the ingredients of ordinary of counterfeit stamps, the removal of small qnantities as to Impose a. speCia. .tax 0 00 ?n every person writing ink; any acid or alkali of sufficient strengt h to from the place of manufacture without stamps, and who shall make a busmess of selhng raw or le9:fremove the cauC'.ellation made would destroy u.lso that a.e 16-cents, tobacco which, under the toba?co to persons other than those who have paid p o rtion of stamp -w;hich printed .'n the soluble law, should have been stamped at the rate of 32 cents special tax as or as manufacturers of wk. By P!mtwg stamps ill two or more colore, per pound, tobacc?, snuff, Cigars, or who shall sell leaf-tocounterf e itmg, wh1ch b'*_ln largely practic ed by UNIFORH RATE OJ' TAX. bacco m qunnt1ties less. than 25 or who 1mposs 1 ble. Another f eature in The present law imposes on all chewing tobacco a shall sell such tobacco directly to consumers, or for the present 1ssue 18 that., with the exception of th e tax of a2 centll per pound, and the same rate on all without its manufactured. And and proprietary stamps, none are allowed smoking tobacco from which any portion of the stems If this IS not deemed suffi.Oient, I would further rec-to be ent1rely prepared by any single esto.blishm e nt. hn.s been removed. But practically all smoking toom mend such a tax on the sales of such dealers in The York Bank Note Company print the tints only bacco, with slight exceptions, is claimed to be taxable excess of $5,000 annually as would be equivalent to of st_amps, wh1le the Bureau of Engravin g a nti only at the rate of 16 cents, and no one except the the tax on the same amount and value of manufac-Printmg fimshes .and delivers them to this office, Jroru manufacturer knows or can know whether it contains tured tobacco. Such a provision of law will not only when<;e are Issued to collectors. Tbe use d all the stems whieh are natural to the leaf, or a less give the required protection to the man\tfncturer for prmtmg these stamps was adopted especmll y for quantity. The natural leaf, cut with a.Jl the stems in, who now pays a special tax for Cl\frying_ on his busthat purpose by of the. Treasury, upon is, previous to being so cut, put through a process of ness in addition to a specific tax on all his produds the recommendation thlS office, and lS manufactured tAl t tit 't f h th ki but '1t w1'll alao 1 am persuaded tend lar.gely to ill. by Me!!srs. Jas. M Wilcox& .Co., ofGl.enn Mills, Penn. swee mng. 0 1 or c ewmgpurposes, us ma ng h Gn under Governm.;nt supervJBlon. It lB not lawful for it actually chewing tobacco, though sold under the crease t e overnment r e v enue from tlus source. any one to manufa t th' to ll 1 name of smoking tobacco, and stamped class 16 cents <'rue 1S paper, or se or It By the manipulations of some manufacturers, the fineEXPOW.r BONDED WAREHOUSES. m possessiOn, except by authority of the Department. In the absence of any provision of law It may be added thot the of th t cut shorts, "which have passed through a. riddle of A -., v e pre s e n for drawback on manufactured tobaeco snu senes of stamps1s cons de bl 1 th d th thirty-six meshes to the square inch by process of sift.,.. 1 ra Y ess per ousan an ing," constitute the bulk of their products, and are when exported, the law has provided for a system thjt of the previous issue. used as chewing tobacco, though paying a tax of only of export bonded warehqnses to be established at t frequently happens that tax-paid stamps are 16 cents per pound, while sweetened scraps, a prodllct any port of entry in the .United States for the lost fro!ll packages of spirits by unavoidable acci of plug manufactur e rs, are _put up in large quantities storage of manufactured tobacco and snuff intended d.ent, <;>n the part of the persons inter and sold under the 16 cent tax for chewing purposes. for Uniler this provision of law there ested, spmts bemg thus exposed to seizure and A uniform rate of tax, while it would allow every manu-is now in opt'ration 16 export bonded warehQuses, dete ntiOn. The present law makes oo provisio n for facturer to manipulate his products in his own way, two having been established during the last fiscal ;restamping such packages, exoept on tlie repayment without restrictions being plaet!d upon his modes of year, viz., one at the port of Mobile, Alabama, and of the tax. Inasmuch as the stamp t \ device to manufacturing, would effectually close the door to the one at Portland, 01egon, while one of those protect alike the interests of the Government and perpetration of fraud or the of taxes by their previously estabfulhed at Philadelphia has been the tax-pay_er, it is oonsidered that authority improper classifications. discontinued. be gtven to complete that protection by rt>-REsULTB OF A. UNIFORM TAX AT Dll'FERENT RALEB Less than half of the tobaCCO, &c., r eiJlOVed in stampwg. From the tables presented in this ;report it will bond from the manufactories, is actually exported. COLLECTORS' ACCOUNTS. be seen that more than two-thirds of the manufac-From the eight bonded warehouses established at coytplaint which has:here tofo're eXisted of de-tured tobacoo which reached taxation during the tlte several ports of Philadelphia, .Baltimore, New lay ill the settlement of ex-collectors' accounts ha::l last fiscal year paid the tax of 32 cents per pound, Orleans, San Francisco, and Pmtland, Oregon, in it is believeJe term at lha TuBA.coo Lli.U Oll'.< o, m hltou ceipts in the sums respectively of. $ 2,728,018 71 ascertiWl, it is the opinion of manufacturers of HmHEST CASH PRICES PAID FOR TOBACCO CUT-and $10,338,859 03. I am aware that it is contendtobacco geoerallr, that the present system of expod as, lor J;qoo. t, Ia bond b d d eli be t 1 b th a.J --Uit..A& S4ltliCEJIST.IWI, 141 Water st., N ew York, ed -b:y those who advocate a reduction of the tax to on e war ouses can ep ll'e y a o e r e ____ __ a uniform rate of 16 cents per poUDd that the in-interest both of the Government and of the ,mauu-.A. UCTION BALE OF 200 O!BES creased consumption which would result from such fa.cturers. R tao at., o u Fli-a reduction, and the greater number of pounds Unger present system all the tobacco bonded ... which would reach taxation, would nearly, if not at the warehouses in Richmond, Va., is exported v ery coreruUy ,.,aorled IIDd well oweat. WI;! be eold In elwht lcto, each consisUng of twenty.ft.v e cases. quite, compensate 10r the reduction in the Iat e I without ever entering-'the wruehouse, and the same Bompleo can lk1 u 01U w &Df time previous to hour or sale. a m able however to """' ll 1 d t f h f th tohru. b d-.:1 N y k Terms or approved notes at a m onths wU.h intel' eet added. ""'v any we e rea-IS ru o muc o e r.--CO on oa m e.w or ., BARNES JEROME. son fo1 such a conclusiOn-first, because such a re-.By aoolishing the present of export bpnded a ... nmw, N av. 2 8, 1 87! duction would have little, if any, tendency to in-warehouses, and providing for the exportation of ()OPB'S TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOUHNA.I. crease the consumption of. smokinSbtobacco, as nearly manufactured tobacco, !muff and cigars, al:! other emuler. P ublirued at No. 10 Lord .Nelecn strc,, -11 k' t b t 1 6 ts ta h di ted }) d b k J,md. wt.ere eub!50 r ilJ Lions way be addJ.esaeU, or to the TOBAt..CO LL\.r' l tu1 smo mg o acco .now pays u cen x, mere an se IS ex:por a oWJng a raw ac o P rtcc two (ugli,h)PH unum. such a reduction a lone would not tend to the tax paid upon proof of landing abroad, requir' l 'rale w;,: TERN AL REVENUE. consumers is used 'for t11m : poses, 3\ld the str9yed by 8f\id officer to prevent relanding, it is A.'o. caocRLEY. R OVER THIRTY-THUII: AND A HALJ' .IOLLIONS A YEAR FROM TOmotive to Smoke U:J\tilXecf leaf Would not be fedUced believed a, l&q5e portion of the expenses nOW inRichmond, Va. J. BAcco-on sERVATIONs ON A GRADED AND UNIFORM RATE oF or lessened by diminishing the tax on chewing cnrred by the manufacturers in exporting their A. D. CHOCKLEY k CO., TA -TWENl1.YFOUR CENTS OR CENTs aEcoMtobacco ; thirdly, because Whatever in congooai would be sa.ved, th&. Government w!)uld M I 8 81 0 N M E R C H A N T S, DED-PK'ODLBII8-THE coNBtporrrroN OF RAW LE.LP-sumption there might be from sucli a r(i(tu.c'tion in ceive the taxes on till goods when removed from tlie &Nn DEALERs IN BORDED WA1UII:OUSIIII-STAMP8. ) t ---..!1 Lf .1.. 1..... r we 1\ppend so much of this Report of le ra. e ...... o uuewmg of place of manufactwe, all jobbers and deal rs io, "" f LEAF Douglas!!-tbe largest par*, by the way-as refers to do61out, &o., and of moif, and of tlleee manUfactured be placed on the same \ No. 188 PEABL STRDT, NEw You tobacco: the consumptio:q.-wou1d ha"'{e to be doublii m{iking fOQtinf with to the traffic of tax-paf goodS N A.'warr. -tillll'dtuiiiMOrtm ... .,,.,v,.., .. u ... d wuna..wrappe,.. nd lt 128,000,000 pounds, where I t Is now nnly '",000,-d t il I d d ta d' i'tnPketf, parucnla.rty Bri!Jhl and B"'tt/ttltloUIl, ruited "' t.he The total receipts from tobacco for the fiscal year '"' U':l: an e speCI priv eges an a. van gesenJoye ,ttllde. DARK SHIPPING AND MANUFACTURING. Lap, oammon t6 medium good to fine Leaf, commoB to medium 7 8 81 12 10 ended June 3()11871, W{ll'e 18. As com000 pounds, in order to obtain the same amount of by a few individuals and firms would be removed. 011 eo..>lgllllleDI to lloase, o r t o our pared with t e 'receipts from the same sottrce for the revenue as was colleoW the last fiscal :year. Suoh I would recommend that Congress provide that 71 preceeding fiscaL year, the accompanving tabl es show an .increase in the consumption of chewmo tobacco evidence of the loss a.t se satisfa.otory to. t .he Com-A P. ouocxLEv, J. H. A:snRSON 9 "' b -.l .. --., Rlcllm1nid, VL Now York. the O!Hlwing resnlt'i: 1S not to e expec-... of Internal Revenue shall have all the CHOCKLEY & ANDERSON good to fine Englibh good to 1irne SU:S CURED, Lugs, common to m edium good to fine Leaf, common to medium good to fine BRIGHT. oommon to mefined petroleum, under .uur .u., ,.. I .. f 1 ld be J.. r v o r of aU kinds of &ed L""IJ i the bae weed u tor three Showing an ncr'&!!<' r:D Oi!!'lrl, a.:t., 0 .... ....... SS'W,393 mterna taxee ou materially decreased similar systems to those woposed. In a large ma-to bis perfc d oatlafacllon. Pric e onlJt6 ,oiHllt 1lill .... for ila<'lf' oat'" Yen.r endoa Jane :!o, 1M71, rec'd from sale or eX}Y)rl I d ll ot lho d cig ro A.ddiUI J L Bea -.a'-il'*l Mt&l11Jl8., ........................... ............ ; 66.147001 then, k> acoompww he e able results expected jority of the ci.\SeS, the p being insolvent so._sa:an on, t 10 15 25 .0


4 ( Th V Yo:'Coimnirrasbion P. KCITTREDCE co.:'.O.WBRJ;:I.oc::; no QA_ RRO LI. Po .... ..... oon1a o acco gene > /' T<>B.A.oco --J< '"'x,: 8 .Ue. I "'. OOMMIS'$10N MERCHANTS,.. ) EsTADLifiHED IN 1886 BY cHARLES M. coNNOLLY. nnnoa,.u...... & ..-I 1 1 POP11L&B BBAJIS 0.1" 'W'IBt.II!U..t. TOBACCO. C .. u xw o LLY a e o ) .. .. Co\'om l ml,blls'$ .l.cron Mo r c -. r ,, ,j,) =re':! I i PrutiiiiaJJ'JO .Bed.Tacut,.. .._, Jilefta oCiiitk.. l'IIWe-ot "' u.s. ... -. .,...,.., ..... WI-' Cher'T,; 1 ., t aadora, I bllll&aB t ar; .. Wblte.-awa, Commission s NQ. 104 STRBBT, 81""11: Plame, Black Star, Orwea....... 0 P':Word'a Prem!aa, ,I:N l 7.... JollaiL411ea, 1 ; 1 ) .I LEAF & TOB. A :GCO,t&. 4:5 wATER ST., HBW YORK. -'EDWARD P!l. !Ients for 1the folloliD[ well lion Virvma Mannfauturers: snNDAR General Commission Merchant, T an d CoUon f actols, ,.aos. HARDGRovE, .Ill>-r II& VR"' .Ia !t. PACE co., .,XI.uxa wno SAP, Lt.. OPTDU, tightPreued. OOLDD APPLE, 4uadk 39 B ad St t m: 1 1ft' -; J H GR.a ""T ._ l'ft RA611 '' BOX:BIHAD, Bright sa. BOB TOlf no, ro ree w.m.tfll \:II.OntmtS$lOU_ IJtfCWmfS, ''"1 'c & JONES. GALLEGO, .. TO:&TOISB IBELL BAVY, BVD.&LO Cliil'll, JOHN 'rilrDERS j RAGLAD -TOSH :aoYBTE:&'8llfVIBCDLB, .,. PAa STOVALL'S :B011GB GOLD B.A:BS, P.O. Box, .... 'I'O&K. 0. BROAD STREET. .. II& :&OYAL S'tABD.A:BD, AJrD JLJ:ADY TWIST, POXOlfA, J -"'' .. "'''.a. TURPIN H l WALKt:R, ,TAYLOR & co., :: D. B. Wll'fNIE & TALBOT, mAI.:B.XEElf'B, :&OYeTU'S!'R11IT, be.nd5s. BLACKBIRD '' 'I,' 1 L H FRAJ',SER & CO L W WISE : : : f SCHR.ODE. R a BON, a'.w. (iiLIVEB, '' ... R. A.' PATTERSON & co .. .-JtOSE, YACHT CLUB, ) ( R clurm:Prolll's Twzsrs, n A BAVYtbs.andBa!!Lb .. Pocnr PIECES, tf 178 WA_TER STREu ET, .. NEW Y.ORK, 'Y. GllEArtE ; J. P. 'Vario11.1 Brandl, l!rlght and Dark, ]) L, LOT.rJER lfEG:&OHEAD TWisTs, vuzous llllANDB :ro:a EXPORT. 0 01' UAKiflll EDWII'f WILSON, t BULKLEY MOORE & .CO. VIttGJ:Nt' A J TobaccO CoJnmiujon llemlumta KREIIELBERG l CO., KEWYOBK, UD F. L BRAUNS l CO., B.ALTDIOBZ, robacco Iemants. fleTerol bnof LlClorlee Patc, tJtr.a ton, <'On&tanuy on and. Cor aale, tA boa4 H> tl.u.'f' aid, i!llvt.o \0 olllt purcbuoro. li-H4. ISAAC READ, Succos110r to Qr.t.IOI!IT RKa.U, Merchant, 1 Have on .band a large assortm:nt of other brands, in all styles and i 1 -llzes. SUited to all markets . I .A. N D Sole in YMk ib7 nom iiOdUaB. 41, o .. and l'ocket Fieces. Also f'l BOBBRT S.BOWNB QO., 1 .P.ckers of Domestic Leaf Tobacco, .. Agentsfor' Johi ..... ::: .. .. t OI?ABS on ?'F In ... 19 .-..ommission. :JYierchants, 0 ') Country for its beauty of of chew, &c., \VC woul(1 invito Lhe CHAS. F I TAG & 'SON, V v '-7" if:f,'j' at te nti on of Jobbers; on hand in lbs, half lb !l, thr e es, piec es, & c Importers of BP ANISH, and Dealers ln all kind. oC ., 7 Burling Slipl New Tli -ll= -=-:-c-VETTERLEIN'S SON, f t V I II') J .# TOBJAGOO, COMMISSION MERCHANT, \ < ( ( L. 1V1.4.ITI.I.A ll'P L. F. s. MACLEBOS: o&n 4 ANDL00,TTO!i FA(!TORS, 0o., I I ; 1 1 1 1 1 AND u v c I I I ll.3 Bnol:P st .. New Torll. P. 0. Dox4.19R. 6 C'DAR NEW YORK. Blakemore Mayo -&co..-Jomu 1'. Qut,.,.-, CHAt. E. BILL. il r "' J. P. QUIN & CO., V. M A R T I N E Z Y B 0 R, -_ToBAcco AND Cotton & Tobajcco FaCtors! OF HAVANA t.EAF T ,OBAcco & SECARSt COMMISSION MERCKAN TS9 And General Oommillllion ';7,f And Manufacturer of the EL PRINCIPE DE CALLES BRAND. re 41 BROAD j3ROJI.D. fT. .,_ _CEDAR J'OlU{. ReaoonableAdwncesmodet NEW YORK NEW YOBK. onllblpmcot,s. 1 W. D. Ilatell.. E. T. Th.roop. Tlteo4ore A. TOBA.CGO LABI:LS, "For Sm'oking and Manufactured Tobacco, Jro&.YfSHKD BY --to h. dJ Co.,, Lithographers, 34 Vesey Street, New York. ..A.T .. ALEX. FilES & BROTHERS, .. 1 1 108 FRONT ST NEW YORK : BA. v .&N: A CIGAR VOB., ., W e have always on hand a large Assortment1 for on Liberal Terms. 26 WES'I" BROADWAY, NEW YORK<. -4S,a.nd so East .. Cincinnati EDWARD HEN. 43 Uberty Street', New York, Agent FOB F.. T. PILKIYTON'S ( RICHMOND, n ) S:UOKING TOBA.CIW'. FRUITS AND FLOWERS, GOLDEN SDEPTER, PLANTER'S PRIDE, &c. All grades ot ll:lannfaetured ueh as !FIGS, aoLD BARS, NAVY, TWIST, FANCAE:E, &.c., &.c. I IliPOBTEB OF AND I I t t I 8DLE PROPRIETORS OF .ABOVE CELEJBRA,TED B,RAND 1 161 !U:AIDEN LANE, NE-W 'YOBK. NEW-YORK. 96 Beekman 8t., Oommtsaloa BenlaUI, m, lit and 161 GOERCl &TIBET, hrl. NEW' ':i'Orut :BREMEN, Germany. .. M'a&erlal aad-SuliperiorVvebyiiSeU-m:981ltedaniolpailllt.!nteiiM:achi'nerv!l .. .. MANUFACTURERS OF THE I I : CELEBRATED RAILROAD MILLS 117 Maiden Lane, ---..... SNUFF, New York. CARL TORACCb and GENERALr AND Commission Mercb.a.Ut THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF S'li'REEV, Pure ViRCINIA SM.OKINC YOBACCO: E'.o.llox.2969. New BLACK TOM. RAILROAD MILLS, E. M. ORA WFORD & PRIDE OF HENRY CO. OUR CHOICE. TOB!CCO ALso. S.onuuhlssi.ou 168 WATER STREET, CIGARS. t Q$ NBW YOKK, H '"" 011 O&leall klndaofLea!Tobacoo for Exp<>rtand ror Home uae Ottinger & Brother, NEllll' YO;RK.r.oa.f SOLE AGENTS FOR X. C. :SARXER & CO.'S OTTO MAIER, 29 BEAVER STREET, NEW YORK IMPORTER OF RAVANA CICARS. Sole Ag-en-t o' For,' Sale only by I F .AXR.DI:A:EV' ctb 26 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK.. Sole Ag.ents in the united States and Canada. E. KEIJ,Y & CO. 119 PEA.BL STREET, NEWYO.BK. I R. S. WALTER:; :Imporier of TOBACCO, 11 H 1\laiden Lane, Wio. M. PRICK, ( F A J AYN<. I NDWYOBK JOS. MA. YER & SON Pnttmut$, .um .DULlUI& IN L@@.f W 4TER STBBBT, New York. IOSBPJI A. DGA 6 BB0. BavaDa l!l'obacoo AKD C, .., ... NKW YORil. I HAMBURGER &; CO., STIOHN & DULBBI nr J;EAF TOBACCO HAVANA L!.AP, n J.50 Water Street,l DOMESTIO .. _. POB.EIGK TOB.A.CCtJ, M. W.U.LUI!Tml',l 11 l'le lr.BOJf'l' BT., Jli,T, L HAllBOBOHU f i11W" lnCW YOSX. ... .;_, ....


of the ciT o1JaaxJ TI-IE TOBACCO LEAF. MARTIN a PALMER" & SCQVILLE, IBHBTB.S. Gi' sARIIB. AlQ) 101181188 OP .ALL xnma 0., SUCOiaOl'l to 'R A VFAT.I. 8G 00. t88 WATER STREE-T, LBAP No. 1.70 Water Street, New .York. Tobacco Commission Merchants. L. P ALllBR A H. SCOVILIZ, AGENTS TI'OR THE IJA.-LII OB' ALL THE -------------laorBIBS & Co. MANUJ"ACTutums or !'HJC OBLEBRATBD AMBfl081A-.Attd-....... o"-Braft.M o' FiDe Cut T!lbacco, &anujacture-rs/ ef!ss{)()_iatitnb,' Conneetiout OWJl paoking 0. ;;; sfu !!Jhe ..Jta.ruifad.u n.uLKa IN And SOLE AGENTS h <e sale of follQwing brands of Mesas CuT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. tet.s! af. fteuL f]J.a_i-k T mOB:!i.CCO, I :'J'HollAS & OLIVU, and D. c. Co., Richmond, Va.: ltc!J LeaLLe ta call the a.tteniLan I ..&...:f ,-r'l'l QE'D 'M' A U AJIE'DIC A V B af' fh.e Trade to. th.eit-s.tack af--MANU .. ,. MANUFACTURBD A a.J.' A A.L' 0 h T E R VirgiQia.Jleaut"': l'a. KIDg Bee 12 inch lba 'ttga'rs, canz,LnsUl!f a. s-ene-I 4 4 W A 8 T R E E T I lib&. Pride or the Nation, 12 inch Iba. ral lL.'{s.attment, tna.riu/!aclu.ted NEW YORK. !be. Reward oCindustry 12 inch !bs l ... t 't.n:-< ltuifdi.nn, and a-fll!nted Vlrgini, s Own Pocket Pieoet. D. C. Maye's N .. vy, 1lba,, t 1811., and lO'a ''-'""""'<-::;y rf-C-1 Thomw/ Choice Coneatoya, 6'a. J'ar-aa.Le at jtlices. JJ_Lhidz i.t .iA LOYNAZ & CROSBY b.e en'l.t:eL!:J J. M. Walker's Extm Brighi Twilt, 11 ill& Billy Buck. Virgin i a's Choice. 16.cfat!:f ta ..,. La Favorita Rolls, 6 inch -', Virginia Belle. Rose .!!Jhe #amjta.n!:f i.s. enab.led, IMPORTERS Of SAN DOMINGO TOBACCO, Duchess b.g. means. of' itD. ex.terLAiue 52 ...., l l'ure 12 inoh lbll. PERIQUE. manufa.ctu.tins faci.Liti.eJ, ia ..,-ALL STB.EJ:T Eureka, All styles of Manufactured nnd BmokiDf o.f!l!ef u.atiei.u af w.eLL. Oli-:-er's ChoiC(> 1'oba ceo put up under special brallda for thl t+' :::r A Lar&"e Assor-tn1ent Al._ays on Hand. Old Kentuck. sole use of owuM. made, at taieA ___ B_E_N_NE __ T_T_'_S_. _P_A_T_E_N_T ________ /uam!dh all otdeH lee iued. LB1111J:S e GD.\TTBR, "EUREKA'' TOBACCO PIPE, Tobacco Comm-ission Merchant, Patented April 6th, 1810. ,; 0 2 9twet. 39 W AR.REN ST., New York. MERClNTILE AND 111 Nassau Street, N.Y., PUBLISHERS 0]1' Jtftrtutt Joohs AND Diroctorios OF EVERY BUSINESS IN THE UNITED STATES. LISTS OF NAMES IN MANUSCRIPT OF PROFESSIONAL MEN, FARMEBS, Depot for John F. Allen's celebrated brand of VIrginia Smoking Tobacco, factqry No. 14 Richmond, Ya. 43 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. : AMERICAN CIGAR MOULD LEVY BBOS., MANUFACTURING CO., ]Wa:a."'.dao'tu.rer o-r No. 463 Fi1st Ave., CIGA.R,S, NEW YORK. I 192 PEARL STREET, Sob Manufa.oturers in America. NEW YORK. o.,,rs attended to J F. 0. liiUEB. T. H. MESSENGER & CO., EUCENE DU BOIS, A. C. L. & o. lUEYER, FOREIBNADOMEsmfoaAcco, Commissson Merchant Fonw!:DING ... FOR THB BALli o C M L I C 0 R 1 0 E Lear, Manufactured, and smokO. ommtss1on erchants, T 0 D A C C No. 43 Beaver St., New York. 1116 Ull JU.IJUI:ll' L.A11E, DW' YOBX. J Addrlll!s by Poet, P .o. Bo:r, 5171. ,..6 FBOY'TSt NewYor:w. Speetalattenti?np!lidtotbeforwardlngofTobaeco 91 CHAMBERSST N y # ..c. ., ,.,. to foreign countnee. _._ __ "EQurr .A.liLE Broailway, corner Cedar Stt"eet, New Tori CAPITAL. $t .000.000. Oaahler. eo--O EMIL SAUER, Preelcleftt.L 9 ..,..,. F' DIRECTORS. 1>1 AUNonT.BoW1Cif .... ... BowenBro..,Chicago. MJOlSSN"IL ........ Meisoner, Ackermana&O.. ADOLPH KooLBR...... ...... Kremelhero: & Co. ElnL MAGNUS .................... E. l!Ajplna&O... Scbnyler. &Graham. EDWARD Pmua ................... Biaeat!Ul& 0.. J A-NSSE" ... Jalll!OeD, Schmidt & Rupert!. I J. J RIBO!I ................... Ribon, lilnn011 & 011. FallDBlcJ< KUHNB .... ,Knauth. lllarAO tiO!INIIliOIU! ................ SoDDebonl .t1 Qt. ALU'B Ii:LIRQ11."'BBBG, Kitlel, 'Kl Dgellbelll & Co. DAVID tiALOXOR, J_,oo L.:nxAN>r .. Bnd&'e, Schilt & Co. l EJIJL SAUER ............ l&t&ofKamlobli!Aer &0.. M. H. Lzvu<. JoBBPO: SJOLJGJU.N,.,,. ... J. & W. Se .tiO.. FRBDCRlCI< Ill. Mils. w. ..................... Ballaer&Tullll. D IIBJID Vn.ILUI. PmST-CLA!S FmE INSURA!IQ 0. tbe_l"articipation l"'llh Fire Insurance 37. WALL STREET, N.Y DGIJBES, .J1JLY l, 1871. / CROSS ASSETS.- 1751,828.79 I CAPITAL, ACTUAL SURPLUS, -1503,286.99 e Owr 2150-W oent on. tile MpU_al, and comr>arinu mOBtfawrablytoilh other romptJ..W, 6o t.u I""-n;ty oJ'erod tn it1. Pollciu of In&ura711>'. InolUUlee OR tbe .PARTICIPATION PLAN, on th<> moot favorable termo Polll:les not PuUclpo.Ung In the Profits, have all tte benetlt of tbc "-"WI86CUrlt'V of tbe r..-S... FuND, Tbe Prompt and LlberaiAOJB .. uleDt or J,os .. wben " and '3qnare, I the pcclaltl' of tble HBNBY 1-' .FRBBMAN, Sf:O'IJ I) ASHER TAYLOB, p...,.,.. Q JACOB HENKELL, SEGAR BOX MANUFACTORY, (Superior Make and Prime Quality) OF CEDAR WOOD, 298 and 29_3 MONROE STREET, NEW TOBK.t Long Cut Cuvendlsh. Greea Seal l!leei'IIChaa-. Golden Bar. =Old Cro'W. Ill Enallsh Blrds E-ye. .F;1rtghtCutCavendlh I Factory, '11 John .Street, New York. CHA.S. E. SPIER & .co .. [SUCCESSORS TO H. VON HOLTEN,] IMPORTERS OF German Cicar Moulds, General AJI:enta for the United Statea and Canllode. for li"BfiRivt., 0 ENBRUC:K:: urchaaero. WM. AGNEW & SONS, In Cases of 6t aad 101 IIIII. Circulars Envelopes or Wrappers addressed at mod e rate charges to any Hns of Trade in the United States and Canada for parties who may prefet a oheap and effective mode of adver tising. JU..,ST PUBLISHED. List of Jewelers &c., in the U. S., Price, $15.00 List of Paper Mills, Publishers, Printers, &c. in U. S Price, .000 J. L. CJASSI:BT & BBO .. COMMISSION MERCHANTS nfD DEALEBH IN A.LL XINDS 0 Leaf tobacco; No. 160 Water Street, New York. VOL'CER &-HiJNEKEN, lilaaur&cturen or DOMESTIC .And Importers or H A V A N A 8 E C A R S, .And Dealers In all kinde or LEAF TOBACCO, I'7B Greenwich St., New York. G. VOLGE'R. C HUNEKEN. 'IN PRESS.. FELIX MIRANDA FELIX CARCIA, Tobaooo a.nd :Maroha.nta. Chas: T. Sevmour The unprecedented sale or thispopularTobaccohaaCHIIt nuot:nn oF 1184. and Front street, IMPOllT.ER 'OF it to be extensivelf counterfeited, and to prevent impollio HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO NEW YOBK. IIAV ,A A sitionwhenpurchasingDurham be particular to enquire Re t HA.Vllo>rs:ouALLDMOIUPI'IOIIII4W And Dealer m' W. T. BLA.CKWELL'S BULL BRAND,andseethat it be111f SPANISH WINES AND CIGARS; L _1 T b Also or the well-known etu 0 acco for Export and How tTl& .... I'.Mt my Trade Mark. TRADE MARJi:. Brands of Cil!:ars "La Carolina, Leaf Tobacco baled in any_packa,e 111 bJttna 189 Pearl stt"e!t, ANTONIO GONZALEZ Henry 'Clay ;md Paz \icpressforexport. NewYork. _, CHARLES A. WULFF, de Chma. 1.. Ol' Printer, ud Ma.nufaotuer If 167 WATEP STREET, ----------------------r-----lfBW YOBK. h. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO' ___ HE_I_u_&__ 9"'t3-1& AND M. ... CO., f!!/19 aF ALL DESCRifTiols, ,. L. CARVAJAL'S CIGARS, ... ..... SEGAR BOXES, SEED-LEAF AKD HAVANA 167 Water Street, New York. P'uml.ohod iA qlW>.titles to ani t, by JR.O:Dlt.A.:N' db &, ......... I A Large A ssortment Constantly on Hand. Tobacco, U9t ot Machi11ists and Iron Founders in J IMPORTER OF I 77 PEARL STREET, NEW YOBX. U.S., Price, *20 '00 :HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, List of Hardwa.l'e Dealers, Plumbers, & -------------Gas Fitters, in U.s., Price, 81S.OO 1 AND OF THE BRAND oF LB.onto. A BaaDio. 216 LEWIS STREET, Ill. Y. 8"WttKU ond Cedar Depoe, 465 t<> 415 East 10th,, ond 410 o 476 Etut 11th St6 .. JiYlllfB\ &1 Chatham St., cor. William, 111. Y. I List of Printers and Publishers in New SEGARS, "BITICAr D. & A. SCHMITT & STEINECKE, York City, Price, 81.00 1915 Pearl Street. Importeraorneatenln l!l. SALOIUl.DS or .w. KDIIIII o Leaf Tobacco, .111 N.ASSA.U York. E. & G. FRIEND & 00., LEAP TOBACCO, TOB.A.COO \ L. CERSHEL &. BRO .. Wholeeale OniJ, Wholesale Dealer in Havana t.nd Domeotlc Havana Cigars, Leaf Tobacco, AND D:ULIWIIN l24. W.A.TEB-BTBlCICT. :NEW-YOZJ{, 165 -Water Street, B&-re oa l&le all kiDda ot LZAJ' TOBAOOO for Kn'OR! 172 WATER STREET, I. Y. SEG-A.R.B, FOREIGN LIQUOIIS No. BD MAIDEN LANE, NEW vcnar. Leaf Tobacco, wd HOME USI. M-103 1. llOIUUTr, Branch Sl

6 THE TOBACCO LE..A.F. HARTFORD ADVERTISEMENTS C. WELLES & CO., CONN. SEED LEAF ore>:a.a..oo<>. GCO,I 154 State Street DA.R'l'PORD, ClONNo J.D. BURNHAM & CO., Knutact..._ and Jobbera in ( OOll! OJ', B. a K. Sega anq 'r baeoo. IN COMMISSION MERCHANTS; LOUIS STRASSER, : .or Smokers' Articles. And Merchants, No. 69 South Charles,_near Prat'-, MD. 78 South Ch!{1-es St., :Baltimore, Md. Connecticut Seed-Leaf TOBACCO,. Pactrers, Commission Merchants, and Whole38.le Dealers in Poreisn and Dom.estic Leaf' Tobacco,. 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. a W. G US'I .A. V G UTH, 8. ROSENFELD & co., .. DO&iioD Ill No. 63 WESX FOUBTH ST., Manufacturer of CIGARS, 16 MS-fket street, Hartfbrd, eann. CINCINNATI, 0. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALEilS IN TI E A. F T 0 B A. 0 0 0 7 And of aU Crades of Cigars, No. 3 _1\T. Water St.,. Philadelphia,. Pa. t Ro.ll Gei1D&D Stnet, llallaactllnr ot Manufacturers Smoking C X G-.A R. &I .. Aa4 Leaf' Tobacco, .uD \ FOREIGN & DOMESTIO BEGABB. Ne.U .... f .AL TIMOR., IIDe Plpea 0114 .......,... AllkiiM ..,.IUdlr ,. ..._ ------=-=::=--=--==:-=--And deal..-In Leaf, Plug, and Smoking Tobacco, SMJKERS' ARTICLES AND IMPORTED RAVAlli\ CIGARS au.. ... IN.Mef MORRIS & REID, F. I. E 8 E C A R LEAF TOBACCO Ad Wllol ... Ihlllln LEAJr TOBACCO. WM. WESTPHAL, COlllllliSS ION JIERCH.ANT And ll JJ ao o o, BROKERS, .14'. W. P. L. BRAUNS& CO., 11i. ..........__ oao1 ea-.. 37 8outtt Cay Street,. F; H. BISCHOFF,' B"'LTI-ORE D OO!_ce, Jlo. 4 'OLLEG.E BU:CLD:CNG, No. l8 Lin Oinoinnatf, 0, 228 State St Hartford, Conn D h R htabak ,.. ... ,. F. WANKELMAN, A. L & F. SISSON. I F ael. e rr a.nd Deal era in lnited States Bonded Warellouse, First Collection District, Pennsylvania. W'GGBW'ABB, BBeYBBB A Tobacco and General Commission Merchants, eutsc er T 0 B A c 0 Cincinnati, Ohio. r V'I/HOLESALE DEALE'R c ct t s d L f AIID OTHEI CHotC IIIAIDI. c _t::; h t V In all kinds or 0 n n e 1 l C U e e e a ..... orrTB CH.ABT.M ... ODlmlSSlOD .m:erc an s. Wltolealeclealerln ,,rr TOBACCO,. e. JL BOLBmJa ct.. Havana and Ltaf Tobaccos, 1s sTBEE'I\ -' ( C lnr'" ,..,_," Hartford, Conn. Io '33 liorth Water Street, and Wo. 32 Worth Delaware Avenue ; F. & L E A F T 0 a A c c 0 No. o. _1 2_11-1 _88 _______ } PHILADELPHIA, PA. MANUPACTURIED LilA., o\JID 8MOKIJIO Banfac&ue4 Ttkcct A Cfran, s;:F CelebratedB,.;ndeo!VirglnlaTobacco. JOSEPH S. WOODRUFF 1 OB.ACCOS, 100 PRATT BAJ.TIKOU HENRY. WitGHTT. & CRE-IGHTON, .l RINALDO SANK & UO., otlkcco and Genara.l Com. Merchants, DOHAN & TAIT!I'; !i!pe .. e-te. E x.dr. G D COMMISSION MERCHANT, Dealerain m 0 B A c 0 0 OOIDil88IO. JIBBORlftB ro:a B1LB OliAJDI. 'i w 11IDHAR T & SON' .And Wholesale Dealer lu VIRCINIA AND KljNTUCKY ;&. Tobacco Mercnants, J 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., VIELIE8RATIED OHIO & CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCOS, 52 & 54 ANN STREET, ..;.v--... 0 LEAF TOBACCO, No. 68 West Frout tl, o. H.lRT'FORD, CONN. r PHILADELPHIA. 107 ARCH STREET, & L hpen .)e4ed Warell .... lfo. 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CHAPMAN, DliLERIN Conaecticut Seed leaf T obaccu, EAST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. G W. GRAVES, Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf To c co, Danbury, Connecticut. H. SMITH & CO., WHOLESALE DEALRP.S rn F TOB.A.CCO Jll'. i I 't L f T b F t .D 0 AT Lll'f I 17 South Water Street, I '' .OU. au ll, ea 0 acco a,c ors .. ,,: PHIUDuruu. UIJil>JW.Da m Fin a t, Ch & s lriw. Leaf Tobacco & Cigars, Commisxion lerchants and J obbcrg Smoklnlf & Toboceo, and All JUnd!l or Smokers' 1: AF TOBACCO, AND SEGAB. S .. 880 NORTII 'I'MRP 8'1'. PHILADELPHIA. PA. J. COSTAS, DIPORTER OF HAVANA and YARA __ TOBACCO, !34 8. DELAWARE A VENUE, Philadelphia. A. B. THEOBALD, uur.t..OT11SU OP LL IllQt& ,,. SIEG-A.E-c..Si. .UDD.u.LER D1 AND DOMESTIC tear mwwin! Tobacco, Snll1f, .. ejlllllehaum and Brier Plpec. 3,w. ftlrd.llllll. Popl&rna., Philadelpld& w Elellnlohl. s. w. Cl r k Phu. lk>na. 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RETAILER AND JOBBER. Manufactur ed only at the Steam Works of L. L ARmsTEAD, Lynchburg Va. Wo, lOT l'for&h '\\'ator l!lheet, L. I A "'R "'1"\. A"'IC:. TF 'AD ...--PHILADELPHIA. JOHN FUPNKL. .... Tft'IERJ.SED. ; A.NKEN pli .... ..L-V_..L ______ lYIEBL RATTY ... s. w. VENABLE : I R 1' HAML LV.ti. TOBACCO MANUFACTURES, u '76 TOBACCO WORKS." .. ll. 0. JIURRAYjlate of Vn Horn, Huru.:r 4 Co. 1 IIUL M&80lf, ale or Wi k ll&aon. lz II B erlt. MURRAY& MASON, ..&.ND DU .LKU ..t..U. Z.DCD8 0 Manu!'aeturero of -' Sales $. "W' VENABLE r & Deal e r. in LEAF a11d Manufacturers of WALTER'S SCOTCH SNUFF," COMKfSSION WAREHOUSE, ul:. L u c .,o B A c c 0 .lND ALL llllWd De&lert! In TobaccoSnuifandCigars, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, errAwA sT. xo.LEDo, OLABKSVILLI:, TllNN. -1.B 1------L-.----J .. H. TYREE, u; 113. Tobacco Works. Jwnuactureror CO.MIIIIOI 'fine Cut Chewing ;-:-::-...: .. Tobacco, Ull' MMGGO. --.... ,.... ---0 .. Is: .. O..m.ionlle:rcbn.utti-J"o..-tko Pu"t'cbaae,.er 11 LEAF TOBACCO 'EXOHA.NGE, Richmond, Ya. TIIOS. D. NEAL, TOBACCO BROKER, Lock Box 217, RICHMOND, VA., lias l arge experience in LEAF TOBACCO ot eveey deBi:riptlou. Orders to buyrespectfully aolicited and promptly 111led. Refers, by permiseion, t o wm. T. Sut.hnlJn, EEq. q ... rs. J. W._ & C. 0. H oll&Dd, Johll H, l'emb<'rton, Esq., Duvillo, Va Jdessro W. J. Yarbro"Bh &: Seoo, L. H Fnyoer, J>J-.'1. }'-al To,..,o I. B. 1'11 .. bQ., Keo11111. Wlllo Brollltn, D. T. 'Wllllamr, Eeq. lllebmmoil, .... @

THE TOBACCO LEAF. ,,, LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Q R J. U8BER a. PUGOII'll'.. ...... C..ttlng and ID&IItlfoemrlnl' l .. f D, SPAL'l)TNG, Ja. ... ..................... aod JAS OLABK aud mauofaconriug leaf '\\ OLII'Ol.-K & GLE N ................... ..,..C..ttlDJI&ad Dll118ftlclar1Dg leal C:eadly and poisonous tobaccos-had been introduced for the purpose of increasing the revenues. The Bill, he understood, was ln"Ought before the house when least expected, and carried into law, the result being that the revenue was increased ,000 beyond the previous year. Simultaneously, however, with this, was the loss of physical energy of a great number" of our population. TakiDg thi11 into con!lideration, he connection beheen the habit of smoking and the pbilsection 1, act of 3, 1863, ch. 76 (12 Slat.. '137) osophic effect, to cause the results' to assume the eon-A. W as claimant, ancl filed a. pe sistency of a public impression The DUtch set-that Mtd gGods m1ght be ddi vered tOo him upon tied in America were known by their stolidity and \heir filing for their appraill8f value, and that ta long pipes ; and their stolidity and sensible ta.citurnity be ordered to aiJ>raiae said goods were evidel'ltly considered by the illustrious Knickertherr value m the bonded warehouse less the amoulli OWEN McBRIDE::::: :::::::::::::::::::: :cutting and mauufocturlng ltaf JO!ll'j SMIUT'SCHWARTZ a. 00 ........ ,CUtllop;aod leal nro BB:LL Leafto!Noccoeommuolon merc:baol P.llChAliZBNBAOII&B ................. Cntllnl!l&lld m&llo!Malrlngleol JU.THI!!WS & ji0i>iiiihli0if:::::::D&.rt.battngtobacco andebtpptngleaf ll. B. NASH .... ... .... ..... .... I.aftot-.. commiMloomercll&nt FltiLKY & BABBOUR CuWag and ohlpplngleaf LOUIS FKANCitB .................... Leattobaococommt .. ton p. XB:GUIAR ... _, .... ."."."."."."."."."." ..... : Cutting ancliiWlDC.Cttitlll!lle&f W.!l. G. MElli: It & 00 .... ...... .... Leartobaeco commloelo:> mercblllfl bocker to be owing to the pacific fumigatioa of their of duties payable thereon. .. & NEW14ARK, l/L..LNU7.A..CTUBEBS QJI' G.A.IHS, ..t.'iD DEALERS I Y -ro:a..A_cco. 131 Water Street, .. NEW YORK. BENEFIT 166 Nassau Street, SAVINCS BANK, Sun Building, OPPOSITE CITY HALL, NEW YORK. ln .. ur els per ....,tper umUia, commnoing .;,. tbejlnt of.-,Instead of U... old quarterlr Jllaa, where there Ia o ten great )OH interest to the depoeUor. OH 8PBOU.L DltPC)pft"' foo. per cenL lntereat all"""d ""the flGilr balanees. Check In thlo l>epartoeat puo through the Cleulng H-. IIANil OPD dally from 10 to 1:. At.o llondoy and 8ocurr. G, H. ,Bmlmior, Secreta.J. CHABf..EB X GB.I.!UX, ProoldmL LIQUOBICE. LIQUORICE PASTE. TH:IS Ur-.'l>ERSIGNED AUE'NT IN NEW YORK FOR fBi: llANUF ACTUREBS OP TIIB WJ!:LL kDow11 bnDda of L lqaerlce J biiC"' -nr.ctarertlg.oloot naiDtr &IIY or tbe nnmetOUt brudl pllr!iPm tblo Um ronrard tho above l,raado of L iquorice will no oo oll' S.D&B l'BOX THB asfted, what would the state of be? He bad N:n y01\l[ TmBUNE.-This expostulated with Mr. Gladstone on this question, f t the Prime Minister of England h4CI confessed himself do not very 0 ten ge unable to understand the learned lecturer's meaning. on the tobacco question and He had not, however, yet done with the question, and so quote the followiDg, Mr. Gladstone shonld hear of it again. He concluded which gains additional sighis lecture by: advising to smash tl,eir pipes nificance froni the source and apply a sponge filled with cold water to the tops whence it is derived : The of their heads. The lollowing resolution was then p14t to the meeting, and carried : Great Tobacco Controveray Whereas it is manifeat from medical and other continues to agitate Great testimony lbe employment of tobacco by smoking Britain. The Dublin [7niis adverse to Odvancement in the physical and social. ver8ity AfagazineforSeptemscale, and thereby contravenes the benevolent designs ber takes up the subject, of the Create and Proprietor of the family to which saying, by way of apology, we belong through ;violating the la,ws which be has "Our desk is littere1 with ordained for conserving the integrity of our race ; and books relating to tobacco." as smoking aiUi toPe evils-particularly that One thing seems to be suffiof leads largely, ..contribute to the ciently evident ; few habits present pauperisation among the maBSes, which is exare more expensive than the citing the concern of OIW leading J?atriots and philanhabitof smoking. Tobacco thropist ; tbere is no)lhing in more to b8j is shown by official figures deplored than the preva.l.ence of smoking? and nothfug' to cost more than bread in more surpiising than tile apparent in fference with "Germany, Holland, the Uni-which this impediment to 'the matureness of body and ted and England. dignity of mind, without wll.ich there can be no true The total expenditure in the felicity! is viewed by those who are avowedly desirous country in 1868 of preventing the decline of their fellow creature& in for tobacco and snu1f was the physical, social, and religious scale of being." ,438,299. These figures Printed placards pretty freely distributed about the are but two town announced that the question of "Tippling and things should be rememwould be open for discuBSion. The chair bared. The first is, that man and the called for such iliscussion ; but all awegates, of expendiwhen Mr. Saltmarsh desired to know how U was that ture l:>y a nation are startthe Germans, who were the greatest known smokers, ling. It wonld be the same and yet admitted to be the deepest thinkers and of with the cost of a country's great physical capabilities, he met with a wave of buttons or pins, or friction hand from Mr. Reynolds, and a cry of "At l:ome,'' matches. The cost of tor meaning, we suppose, that if Mr. Saltmarsh would bacco is not large, if its use accept from Mr. Reynolds an invitation to supper, he be in any way serviceable. would fully explain the matter. Sew.ral gentlemen, Is it? Our writer says that inclading a clergyman who was present, expreBSed it is not. It is poison. their desire that the question should be dealt with ; "It may call henbane,'' he and at last Mr. Reynolds jumped up and said :-"I says, "consio, and claim don't think it is fair for us to discuss sentiments which k inship 'IJrith belladonna." are not in the lecture ; but there has been a conference But even this fuct is n o t of physicians, whose decision is this :-That smoking conclusive, because there is has ?a used more than half the deaths of the young poison in bread or in most men m Gilrmany under 25 years ; that there is more other articles of food. It is nervous fever in G ermany tnan all other places ; that undeniable that tQere is poithere is more lunacy in proportion there to any other son in tobacco, but it is not place; that there is more dimne&S of vision nnd more a poison which rapidly spectacles in Germany ,than all the wvdd besides." and fatally, and ii iso only A collection was made at the close of the proceedin individual cases that it ings ; but we are afraid the amount netted by Mr. acts perc,eptibly at all. HowReynolds was a very small indeed. minds. l.ookiBg aUhe of smoking upon the inLowELL, J.-Tbese imported goods having beea tellectual character of turbulent and ambitious races, seized in the bonded warehotllle for aa there is reason to suppose that the German understand-Qf section 1 of the act of March 3, 1883 12. Stat. '1st. ing, like a sound Westphalian ham, acquired a new flathe claimant applies to have them to vor by l.Jeing smoked. the W!l.l'ehouse upon his filing a bond for valuBj aai To desoend major things to minor, there are that the appraisers be instrncted to estimate them ali analogous indications, li.Ot uninstructive, presented in their market price, less the dutiea. The disbict Mtor the species of literature which from time to time we ney maintaii}.s that the value shonld be the full market; have intronuced to the notice of our readers. For inJ1rice .. question has been decided dift'erently bf. sta.'nce, there is our constant care, Mr. Reynolds-the two dl8tnct JUdges of learning and ability, and this uncomfortable editor (we allude to his editorial anxie-want of agreement will necessitate a new examination ties) of that uneasy Anti%bac o o Journal, which we 6f the question. J p.dge Blatchford's opinion is in faTor have sev ral times done the service of bringing under of the claimant's position. U S. v. Four Cases of Sillt the notir::e of the pu'blie-do not his peculiar v.aticina1 J?ened 214.) Hoffman has required1 tions illustrate an abnormal restlessness of the mental the pond to be for the full market value. (U. 8 Y. s ta.te? Measureless imputations against society, a 12,347-bags of Sugar, 1 Abbott, U. S. R.; 407). eaT morbid of the s9cial habits of the people, peevout of v1ew_ the ,q:uestion of a possible and feeblen es s of complaint at their want of t10n of the go?ds, wmch I shall speak, of later, it is verr Anti-Tobacc d conformity, certainly imply the want of clear that an 1mporter who h!!.s committed some frauil some 1\n.opYI\e. The n there is the famous North of or by which his goods are forfeited to the England Anti-Meerschaum Association, which wants a Umt.ed loses the full value of his goods a t the thousand pounds and do es not know how to get i t and home market, and not their value l ess the duties whioli whose lJlembera make wil and quernlous speeches, is a compromise between the home and the foreign and scream at society)ike a high-presa1JI'e railway enThis is admitted to b9 so if he has paid the gine its stoker but hatJlost its driver. It duties ; and he ought not to be bei\Ofitted by is clear that lilly herb-if such there be-which cou d smuggled tne goods, or by h:a ving neglected or failed aiTest this peJ;ilgu_ij impetuousity and give it time to for any reason to pay the dutws. 'l'he duties fdrm pari pause, if H did not give it sense, would pe a public of the value here and whether the goods. are seiad adv1ntage in pz:ivate 11.8 wel.\ as public life. befo1e or after. entry the is utbie., pi the incoherent rage of the mind, which lii-t? pay the duties ; and to avotd Circruty of action, seo things set in motion and grea Ulings do not tl?n of Stat. 1690, 1 Stat., 696, requires that upon steady but stun, there is evide'ntly h1s bond for va lue h e must also pay or secure fqngoid develoJ.'meqt '.or parasitic fruitfulness> the duties before receivinc. delivery of his goods. That; that state which often exists in the vega.table section I consider of the commo n law be world, when fumigation is had recourse to in order to cause the duties are a debt, for which the Govern:O.enl; repress or ch eck the pernicious and diseased devefopwould have an action whichever way the suit is decided. ment. Looking at the pecu.iar mental phenomena we and it also has a lien on the goods to recover the payhave indic ated, we venture to think, if analogy is to be of that debt. n has, therefore, been the usual. ever, if the use of tobacco does produce morbid affec tions of the body, is well that eveeybodyshould know it-even the ladies, sinoe this Dublin writer a.ffirma of his own knowledge that many ladiea are in habit of smoking privately. Now let ,it be distinctly understood that the use of tobacco pro duces I II we may judge by its impressive name, this must be a frightful disease to have. It may be explained that "locomotorotaxy means no more and no leJS than a paralysis the nerves supplying the m1,lscles." Thei'efore, good Sir, if you will pu1f your meera schaum filled with "Lone Jack" or Uorporal" in a. state of ignition, understand that you may be seized with locomoto rotaxy any moment, and rendered ever incapable of figuring in base-ball matches and othe r games implying the of a h6al.tby bi ceps. But this is not all. I If you will smoke you must trusted, that a fumigation of the understanding may as 1t 1B the proper, practice to appraise goods seized not be without advantage The diseased and morbid before entry, or before the duties are paid, at their full manifestations of civilization itself, which pervade some and to require the duties to be paid be periods of the human race, may be concluded to stand Bides. It IS a fallacy to sav that the importer is th in .need of some such remedy without any far-fetched made to pay the duties twice, for they area pad of the analogy The unwholsomeness of the mind in many ori_ginal price, and does not lose the goods and their states is no mystery. It oftimes has an infectious irriprtee too. Take this case, where the duties are forty tability about it, when, as experience proves, its fumi per cent. of the whol e value of one hundred thousanlt' gation is a sanitary precaution The pleasantness, the dollam If the importer gives a bond for sh:tyl;hou peace, the healthineBB, which so frequently supervene ljand dollars, as he asks leave to do and then forfeits on the use of the cigar, show that.there 18 something it and pays the duties he has lost sixty thousand dolreal in the fumigation of the understanding. The inlars, and not a hundred thousand, nor a hundred aru1 tellect concentrates i t s powers. It certainly acquires six:ty, because he has received goods worth a hundrecl sweetness-if regard b e bad to the temper-and sweet-thousand on a bond for sixty thousand and out of this ness, Mr Matthew Arnold w!ll t_ell us, is nearlY: allied has the d_aties and the and his 1011"' to bght We are,_ then, to mam_tam that ts _the ongmal Bllrty thousand :which represents the Tobacco WISely used IS Fwm.gator of the Mmd .. _Be-prtme co_st abroad, and the freight and charges, noli yond all doubt or question, coffee and tea have m1ttgathe duhes ; and the Government has receiv,ed the ted _the b eve r ages o.f !he and the daily duties, it was _entitled to iu any event, and bas habtts of the lemmme. of m1ll10ns of hous ethen r emitted tholil. .m favor of a fraudulent importer. holds; and when phymcal mfluences ate more a:deThe mode of app!"iWiement which 1 upheld reenlts 80 Tobacco-Smolling Rt..ces. quately a!ld fairly estimated shall see some fttture inev itably fr .om the that-the goods are subject to I just make up your mind to 1 submit to one or all of the : following diseases : Giddi-neBB, sickness of the stom ach, dyspepsia, diarrhea, angina, pectoris, liver complaint, Sir Charles says Cope's Tobacco Plant, has tf eshmate the Influ e nce of duty for the rmp?rter is personally liable, aa4 g1ven the world swift and pleasant records of the habth!l Cigar on ClVllizatlon. are also subJect to forfmture if illegally imported, tba its of English-speaking peoples. He has made ,thf There is much truth in the Reader's remark that the it seems impossible there should be two opinions npoa phrase proverbial-indeed, naturalized it in literature. English are a shy and reserved race. T .. his is indiit. The true rttle is ably and learuedly maintained br It is to be feund in the first volume of "The Speaker's cated by their recourse tc5 stimulants to get up the ca-the court in U B. v.--segars, 3 Phil 51 T. NC. Bible," now issuing. The day cailn?t of talkativeness. This, howe:ver, is a poor ex:-has given, nor can I find any, tb&im when some Lew, es or Ralston may grve arm1lar stgnifipedtent, and leads rather to explostveness than con-porters position should be different if he has ginm cance to the phrase of "Tobacco-smoking races." Unversation, and very frequently explosiveness of an ex-bond for the duties, from what it. is tf he has paid: them til of late, Tobacco has bad no literature of itS own ; ceedingly i nc onvefiient and unmanageable kind. The or neglected to enter them. Whenever they happea yet it has a history, and exercises an influence over the utmost that stimulation can do is to produce loquacity to be seiz ed, his position is the same-he must pay the! temper of mankind, second perhaps to no other physi-or garrulity-'-ma.nifestations which have no relation to duties if he has not already done so and if be M. cal agent known conversation, which depends upon qualities of a. very committed the fraud, he loses the and if not, ha There is one thingtobesaid infavorofTobacC".o which different order. The impetuous have no time to marsaves them, neither more nor less. It admitted that' can be ; of no other product of nature in the same shaJ if tb:ey have 'ny ; but under. the solace of Jf _tha Government holds goods, and they are, for degree-It IS the Herb of Repose. It does not exalt the cigar, the mmd ha,s ttme for observo.t10n, and those fe1ted, the Government will receive the full value tmll and make nQisy, aloohol ; nor entranee and depress who see what to say are soon incited to say it. But collect the duties besides fbut it is inJ>isted that u; th&' ll!'e It has no ; and diet and only the sociable this state. Repugevent the will hut sixty thousand dol.J.ars. disc1phne,. can more easily regulate Its use t .han any nance, anger, vehemence of oprmon, soon turn talk though the Government Will have gained the htmdred other or accessory of recreation. It might into'an attack: on the othir hand, is an thousand. This is a mistake. It is impossible' bear a higher name-that of being the Herb of Sointercourse ?f friendliness.. It is in the kinship th_e Government should gain more than the claiman\ 'i' bnety. of good that the acqmres the confidence wtlllose, or that the claimant's loss will be 8llJ" lssa We remember, 1n the days of the Reader-when of aommumcatwn. RepulsiOns separate and freeze; than the value of the goods which he forfeits. or thak edited, if we mistake not, by Prot Masson, a. writer placidity invites contact, responds to overtures, and the loBS will vary, excepting so far aa iutereat on his who an .intelligent apprec :iat ion of a readily el?-ters i1;1to the pleasant of good payments is _wh.ether t}J,a duties are paid. reading thl8 passage : A pleasant eaaa.y m1ght be taste, which spnng out of good feel mg. It IS thus that before or after the smt IS decided, or before or after written on the genial and humanizing effects of Tobacco the social pipe supersedes the social, or rather unsoseizure. The value of these goods in the warehbua&; 88 upon our rather shy and reserved race, and the singular cial glass ; which, lhough it may commence in genialthe attorney has' well shown is one hunared and quiet revolution which has caused the social pipe, ness, soon degenerates into maudlinism, and com-thousand dollars, and not sixty A amongst almost ll;ll,educated men under to take monly in none of t_hese at t:he price f?iv:e satisfaotory indemnity t:he place of theso01al glass." We shall no doubt, one perplexmg and perilous vagane3: It ts always somable agamst the Importer's hability for the duties, day, see such an eBBay written. A far greater change and sensible. It unbends the brow of care ; it draws is, in fact, a part of the price, whatever the form of the in the national habits has sprung up, owing to the in-in the freVul quills of the porcupine mind : both pain sale may be. Such a. purchaser, if the goods were for troduction of smoking, Ulan any one taken the and darkness are dissipated by it ; and the fruitfal feited,'woufd lose one hundred thousand dollars if tha trouble to estimate. communicativeneBB of a composed understanding, mas-importer could enforce his obligation to pay the duties. Smoking and Tippling. ciples of tobacco had taken off more than half the know:s that old form of hilarity and ter of and its constitutes in due course but if fraud of the importer absolved the purchUO: conviVIality was wme-drinkmg. Every novel tells us a. new nat10na.l cha.ra ctertstw of the race. from thts, then he would l ose sixty thousand dollars how the plans of the hero and his advisors were dis-The waste of power in Efociety, by men overshooting and the importer wonld lose forty whioh cussed over the claret cup, and the schemes of the ban-their own aims, is much greater than is generally sup-together make up the hundred thousand. Neither dits, confederated together to capture or plunder him, posed. \Ve are probably wrong in saying so much ; more nor legs in any event, and by whomsoever borne were concocted over potations of more dangerous drink for it would seem that very few persons r e flect upon will be lost by the forf eiture of these goods than Disagreeable projects may doubtless be matured over it, or make any supposition upon the subject. O'Conexact value, unless, indeed, they are bonded at less thaa the meerschaum and the clay pipe; but desperate and nell ouce said, "Wheu a man aims at ncthicg, he com-their value. If it were true in fact the value of bloody schemes seem incompatible with the mild, re-monly hits it ;" but the fault of most persons is that these goods to the owner is less than then value to th.& flective, and pacific pastime o! smoking. Certainly, they aim at too many things at once-maim many, Government-which is not only not true but im oa modern novelists have very much improved the characmiss more, and fail in hitting the right thiag at last. sible-it would by no means follow that h; shoUld line ter of their heroes, by making the rejected or disap-For the wiser purposes of life, a man should select his them by giving bond for the lesser value. It is nenr a pointed lover coasole himself With a. cigar instead of objects, restrict himself to a few, and pursue them question in judicial controversies of value to the 0011 the old inflammatory liquids of revenge These are steadily and dispassionately; but under excitement, party or to the other whe n there is a market prioe slow signa they d enote a national is il_npossible As a rule, a ca._n o.nly dispose but even that it were, yet the Government o: transformation of habit which grows and spreads for a himself m repose The conduct of life IS like a game any one else havmg possession of property and long period before there are seen those literary indicaat chess : the hasty make a. bad disposition of battle. asked to give it up, must have an It ia tiona of it to which we have referred. Habits, we all There requires deliberation, forethought, re1l.ection, to nothing to the ; plaintiff that the defendant does not; know, cover a very large area of life before history takes determine the best positions, ,and occupy them. If estimate the property at its full market value or ihat. notice of them. There must be a new agent in opera-there are physical means .of receiving this capacity, it has not cost him so much, th.e plaintiff iiJ eO:titled to tion to produce so great a change as which litera-their employment is a part of sound policy as well as that value before he it melior ctmdilio poe A few days ago, we read in a recent number of people of this country. There was .nothing which. in Cope's TObacco Plfl.nt, Mr. Thomas Reynolds, Founder terfered more with the action of the heart than tobacco and Secretary of the Anti-Tohacco Society, and Editor because smoking increased the heart's action, and of the Anti Tobacco Journal, visited the fashionable there was a subsequent reaction from 98 or 100 down town of Tunbridge Wells, and one evening at the Town to 40 a He had, he said, used this argu Hall, to an audience numbering about a score inclnd-mellt With mediCal men, clergymen, a.nd o t hera, and it ing some half dozen boys and three old always been a most convincing proof of the in maids, he delivered a lecture on "Smoking and TipJUnous effects of tobacco-smoking. It had been shown pling, the Twin Vices of Engla.nd, and the Factors of that bugs and fleas would not bite a man who smoked, Disease and Penury." Had not "tippling" been tacked because of his flesh being so tainted and his blood so on, we are afraid Mr. Reynolds would have had even a polluted, and in this state he was of course in greater much more linllted attendance. Mr. W. Macfarlane danger should disease overcome him. He condemned who expressed himself as an "out-and-out ministers of religion who were smokers, and endeavour presided, and gave it as his opinion that it would be ed to show that if they indulged in such habits they to give ev{lry householder the option of could not be true Christians ; relating an instance of making his house a beer or Tobacco shop, as in that one tobacco-smoking clergyman who had robbed his case it would tend to the production of better articles. congregation, his Maker, and his church. Medical He explained in a temperate speech that he did not men of would not put their veto on &moking, agree with those who would in such matters use coerbecause if 1t were not for the smokers of this country cion ; but thought they sbonld try and convince those half their revenue would be cut off. Then, again, he who time and money on habits which to show that smoking and its attending evil, were lDJUrlOUS, that It woUld be better for them to give tippling, were the great fosterers of pauperism indeed up those habits and pursuits. his friend, Mr. Samuel Morley, M P., bad Mr. Reynolds then entered upon the subject which have nearly one million of the population who are he had annonneed he should lecture upon, using all his paupers to provide for." This was shocking to con .old arguments, minus the horrible cancer details which template. Instead of diminishing the drinking habits have turned out to be all. smoke. He commenced by of the people, they were constantly on the increase ; appealing to the three middle-aged ladies present to and unless smoking could be repressed there was no discourage smoking, to keep aloof from all young men instrumentality in operation which could check the and no means marry .one who indulged increase. He next ran foul of certain temperance so m such a vile babtt. He then expahated on the concieties who allowed their members to drillk coffee and principles of Tobacco, and their modus operansmoke tobacco. He wanted to know how they could dt on the component parts of the bodily frame, particucall that teetotalism ? There was, he said, more in larly on the heart and the circulation of the blood, on toxicating matter in a single pipe bowl of tobacco than the brain and the whole. of nervous system. He in' a of strong ale. Theonly hope for England contended that the empyromatic oil was intensified by was the Band of Hops-no tobacco, no alcohol. He heat, and that meerschaum was the worst kind of pipe next expressed hia surprise at the large numbe r of ven th!l't be used, because it absorbe d the poisonous ders of tobacco there were in the United Kingdom, the pnnmples of tobacco, especially this empyromatic oil, _extraordinary prices demanded for fancy pipes, and which was retained to a very considerable extent in the the splendor of the shops generally. Superintendents atem of the pipe, and inhaled by the smoker. He re-of Lunatic Asylums had stated that 90 per cent of the lated an anecdote of a gentleman who rinsed his inmates had been smokers, and that at that time there pipe, and with a small quantity killed a were more than a thousand out-patiente at the Pa.ra cs.t. w1shed to explain how it was that blood belytle Hospital .in Queen's Square, London, as well as came p01soned by tobacco, and to do this he said he the rooms filled; to such an extlintltad tobacco tended could not do better than introduce th9m. to a medical to increase paralysis. Owing to the cruelty of Mr. gentleman, who had stated that the pernicious prin_ Gladstone, Cavendish and Negrohead-two most ture recognizes, and doubtleBB that agent has been the of pleasure. The social glass" never did this : it sidentio. one which Raleigh imported to this country. did the contrary. It produced local disorder, social I have considered the case thus far as if the good& One of the obvious evils of modern society is impet-disorganization, wild energy, and futile reaction, out-were intended for home consumption and I appreh&ll uosity ; and where -there is not sufficient strength of rage and subserviency. The "social pipe" is a very ded that they must be bonded as if they were 80 in character for that, it assumes the form of fuBSiness. different agent. The pacificness it proll)otes is unand this for several reasons : "Whatever promotes patience and repose is advantachanged, continuous, and yet devoid of feebleness It 1. Most goods that are warehoused are in) fact 80 geous. The medicine which ministers to minds so dis-concentrates the powers of the mind, without infla.mdisposed of. eased has an efficacy which might be extolled very ing them. The ends of social recreation are an2. Goods really intended for re-exportation will not highly. Business, ambition, competition, necessity, the swered. There is the allurement which leaves anxiety be fraudulently imported, unless in connection witil tenor of the times, all incline to excitement and unrest. behind, and there is the pleasure which causes the alsome allied domestic fraud because there is no motiye. After excitement comes reaction, and that reaction is lurement to recur, a.nd those who enjoy it escape alike to commit any fraud in their case. exhaustion and depression. Hence arises the use and rage and enervation. Conversable, reflective, 'and pa3 If the rare and improbable case should happeD. of: popularity of stimulantF, which, nl;as! create new cific habits, implying progress conditions which a frand, real or in the importation of Bll.f)b ment; and lead to further exhaustion Whatever soothes are not only tolerable, but seductive, are wholesome goods, the rule still holds that the owner should. giYe a_nd mitigates,_relieves and without traits, not traceable to any othe r physical so an equi_valent for what Government releas!lj, and tlon, must be m man1 senses beneficial, both clearly as to Tobacco, _Herb. of Repose, of Sobnety, theoretically he lo s es r:otbmg by the application ofttla and mentally. if the anodyne be one wh10h of Thought, and of SoCialit y rule, he obtams goGds for their exact 'Yalue. ble when the excttement commences, the exha.ust10n Is THE WAY CASE IN BOSTON. Practically, he maybe obliged to make a larger inTeafi.. averted ; and when this agency has operated for a long ment than he had intended, and this is injU1',1 and over whole r!lcesof men, a change innati?nal SAMUEL A. WAY PBTITIONS THAT THE Touoco MAY B& he sustains. We must have a general rWBj and :the habits becomes npprecmble to the observer and h1stoGRANTED, BUT" THE TBUE CASH VALtrE" only safe and reasonable rule is the market. va.J,Je here. rirn, There was a time not long gone, when potatoes l!(US:r BE ASCERTAINED BY THE APPRAISERS-THE DUTIES It is agreed by both partie s that the goodS should had a place in politics, as Corbett made us know. The cANNOT BE DEDUCTED-OPINION OF JUDGE LOWELL. properly be qelivered to the claimant ill the bonded effect of opium on the Chinese constitution and chara c The following proceedings in the Way case at Boston, w:1rehouse, and subject to the bond the dlltiea ter has long been estimated, both by political and medwhich has already been fully reported in these columns, or re-exp9rt the goodB, tha.t bond being a sufficient se ical writers. The effect ofspirits upon savage nations, will be found of interest. As before stated, the trial curity for the duties within section. 89 of the act of when introduced, is to change their character and of the case on its merits will not occur before next 1799, ch. 22 (1 Stat. at large, 69&) i1 that section ap. their morality, and hasten thew extirpation-in fact, Spring. The opinion was delivered on an application plies to this case. It probably n.o.t appi.J. bizf; to determine it. The violence and viciousness of the to bond. the common law reaches the BJlme conclusion ra British races during the last two centuries were char-This was an information, says the reporter, CQntamquires the claimant to b0nnd iq caud for th.s acteriatics by which they were known in every country ing several counts against 1,291 bales of tobacco seized full home value of the goods, besides bound to which they have penetrated. The effect of Tobacco while on storage in an United States, bonded ware-to the Government for: the duties. upon the German races came to be aBI!igned o.s a cause house, and alleged to be forfeited to the Government The application t.o bond is granted but the apprala. of their meditativeness a.nd of the philosophic hn.bits because entered by means of a. fa1se 1nvoice and other era are to be to in the true of the educated olaases. There must have been a strong false and fraudulent practices and appliances under of the tobacQQ \v,_ th.e


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