The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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Missing page 1-6.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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... I THE TOBACCO LEAF 7 LOUISVILLE,LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSIOI MERCHANTS. IMPORTANT FROM CUB:A.-DESTR'CICTIOIII OJ' A WRGE PORTION OF THE NEW CROP .PY Y ARA oM .AmeriC&D Slaveholders iu Cuba. deniea them ; their interests would suffer unjustifiable and incalculable damages; and.after all, the slaves, the R J. mnnrR .t PRAOOPP.. ............ Cntt!ng mADnfactorlng leaf D SPALDING, Ja .......................... O!Ktt!DI Mid maDDfoctor'.ng leal .......... .. .. ... .......... O.I.&IDI""d !DIIIIIfKillrlD&le&f WOLFOJ. K .t ... ............ .. ... ODIIIDg and manafloWEN JiloBRIDE ............ .. ...... ..... Cnttlllg .;:.,;afactartag leaf JOH19 8CHWARTI .t 00 ........ ;cuttln,; ODd ...... ..-...m;c leaf J)AWD BBLI> .................... PI--t P.IICA lioA.QIUR .................... ODttillj(Uld ... atactmlnj{Jeaf KATB.tnVS II llol'BBRSOR ...... uarll bUIJIII: tobo:o oad eblpplq loaf WJB NA811 ........................... Loll \oboe"" .,_mllaloil me"'llallt J'INLIIY 6 BAlUIOUR ......... -llllllcturl and eb loaf 11111 J'BUCD ................... IAaf toba1111t P. IOGUUR ............................... CIIIIIDIIO".f leaf G. ltlKIBJt .t CO.... .... .. .. ... Lolf\obaeeo _.., Cl:l merc1111D11 America, orl the nth of December, 1871, by Hon. N. P. entertam. of III. Equally important reflections -occur on examina-A Bill to carry mto effect Article Thtrt.eeu of the tipiL of the second section. By it every rigbt of pl'0'ly reliable source, direct from ManzaniUo, 400 iasurgents entered, on the morning of January 6, '72, town of 1 I PHitiP InlAND, TOBACCO BROKr.:R. N:mWMARK, ; SEIDENBERG & CO., The... ,... aot dootorad lmllltkmo, wUh lfillcb l!'OVB Vlli6DII& lllUJIIDB. Pa" and nl!oble, Ill .neat Oloth 8octo, the u GOoD,,, u B......-.:R H &ad. u BEIJT" I'Gplt)orlbaQ, ......... .. ..... lona41o,illbe ......... .. pereent. "'!4f.IOIB-;--8ee etrealar, and try. BOAJIIO:U: WOUS, .JCyCa ZA .,_.._ FLJI RR ,. fl J. G I !, ... o 8' All Cigars. made in this Factory are of the VERY BEST HAVANA TOBACCO. 11.E1'lil' AND AGENCY Or the M.wufacture of .U' 229 Pearl Street, New York. I!J.I.EB, A JitZPPBL .&pate, PlsiE VB-FGC GZ 0 J ES C. McANDREW, 124 Front St., N.Y .UI oD Uquorlco MDt 011t, lmporltct qaallty will be re<3ei....ed bock 8ld allowed far. RoferriJ18.., -appointed Jilr. JAJliEI! C. tJI New YOlk our nelu 1ho .Ac and duriQg the last year has established. itsel .f, that the sacrifice of material interests to which it ToBACCO AT DuRHAM, N. c.-The. PIMII., a int o about 1st. That f:lO citizen, native-born o natur-has its citizens, has not beerra 1'r)li ess one new journal just started at Durham, N. C., says, the fourteen inches, not that this ahzed, can. fail Wllhngly cheerfully to any but that it has been aptly and nobly counlenanced by roth instr Last Thun;day was the d&yfor sale of is co" lll!l'1'1' is al.o etther ?f thf! Legislature or the of .the emancipation and regeneration of the slave. Leaf Toliacoo at the Durham WarehOULte, .tllltd :aldaough ifond 't e1 country, which to the extirpation of The above is the more feasible from the fact of its the weather very bad and unsuitable fo -.u.g or th Ug "'"'d. lllavea. If they have 1ritinued heretofore interested, harmony with the princioles of For h dl' tob th some 5 000 sold '!. .ue d' 1 d' 1 'd f h 'sd' an mg acco, ere was x ,..,_ ar-t 0 trect m y, m aves, outs1 e o t e JUn tf the slave, as property, 1s classified in the category Prices v n from 4 20 to ,13 25. As seon as the Qne in gn(lou ana 'thi f Mhof the States, the has been no as effects, furniture, chattels, or other jersqna/ pruperly :ermit the sales no doubt will be heayy r hi 'at law o_f thetr own prohibited the holdmg gf ( Mo!Ji/ia,)' the government of the country which the The present efficient managers of tbie ware-fwiuse, Henry liylttii -turn the of any number of slaves m owner hails from, could not be nght to comA. Reems an bJ"eakfast in Ill of the constituted authonues of those ptaces, er its reasoning correct. We will simply add, by way of ing of fine tobacco Lyon has been noted for be or the last twenty-one m so dehcate and dangerous a matter. (*) corrollary, that _this bill of Mr. Banks be enacted years in tJie and Danville markets t0.: receiv years, won't !IP until (*) As proof of 1h11 fact, it may be ttot..d, that in the year by Congress, Without the .amendments vie ing the highest prices for tobacco,and is not he has finished hiS breakfast 1779, a gentleman, now in New York, and then about to leave the or others by whtch the grave ObJections wh1ch far behind. Lunsford and Lyon are popular men and we At the time of the. Irish Island, deairious of giVing freedom to ele .. n slaves could ... r find a It contams be effectually overcome, the result wota! be bespeak for ..them a brilliant success.;, We that Notary Public to take hia decloration of aucll1 act and was com that t" U 'ted St t th 1.. li bl _. rebellion of 1798 he was a -"-' -have ... th L L m a es, roug .. an mexn ca e ne anon. they intend dealing heavily themselves ia tobacco and ,........ ov 10 "'" tllp)Oiltlon at tm:y aaa -awn a po1ae m f!o th 1 f l'b ld: hil ., th man of thirty two years. the among them, an4 that each S+e-o as the price of hla m ab 0 1 erty, wou e eu especially fine leaf-which will .enhance the-sale-of that He is lUlquestionably one of freedom, ,zen.s ro Wlth seventy, make gifts of therr artic;le in market. When the market ope. regularly the olGest, if not the oldest 2. That the thought which institllted the recommen'l!iaves to slave hqkhl'lg powers we will keep the readers of the Plant posted ia man in America. dation, contained in the last Message of President Grant, f\Te r.espectfully call the th15 the prices of tobacco by a statement -:o:-that Congress should prevent, bymeans of suitable reso rmportant matter, that Its _ill_ be dtctaedt every week of all tobacco sold m this place. 'lbe THE Committee on Ways lutioTs a,ll American citizens from h.oldmg' trading or by the demands of JUStl:le and of pubhc opunon. mond and Danville markets will also be .; .. ., ............ and Means have. agreed to oeing otherwise interested in slaves abroad-as also the 1 cluolge their x:ules as to the pu.wose of the bill proposed by Mr. Banks-can be none MiliOB. EDITOR;TAI.S. secrecy of the. meetings, so other than the beJlefit of the -slave, not tne inJ'ury' of his PLAIN TALK TO THE VIRGINIA CoNGRESSMEN.The r d f WE regret to notice the death, at Richmond, Va., on p b (V ) r .. h Jd r. rth th 'ty f 1ar as to a mit a reporter o owner: The noble and object which Congress, eters urg a. .Lnatx o s 10 on e .ecesst o the Associated Press on all in harmony with ilie suggestions of our First the 16th inst., of Mr. R. H. P. Robinson, of the firm of imm diate tobacco legislation in the foUowing flat-footed, occasions when individuals should seek to attain, is the freedom of the slaveTaliafeJro & Co., commission merchants, of tha't city. square-toed style.,: "Representation is a tlliag our right. or delegations appear before damages which may accrue to slave-holders, in the at-He had been confined to his some time. The to which no man denies, the advantages of whiCh we all' C f deceased was an amiable and po ular gentleman, and k 1i t d F d b d th the ommxttee to present tamment o this desirable result, are simply inevitable ta e or gran e or years we were e arre e one arguments relative to the evils. his intelligence and energy would have become con-and suffered for lack of the other: A.t length we gained spi'cuous among our leading mer.;hants had his been h h d v -_. h t Tax or the Tariff laws, and II. If the foregoing points, which we believe irrefutable, t e ng t, an Irgm1a tu-uay as en representatives on also to allow member& of the be accepted, the first section of the proposed Bill, though spared. the floor of Congress, six directly chosen by the damCommittee to inform corresadmissable fundamentally. is inadmissable in its details. ALEXIS r-s A his recent tour westinant, the Conservative, party, and four to represent the pondents and others as to It is just to prevent American citizens from holding ward, -says a correspondent, Alexis smoked constantly, Ra after the mterests of Vrrgima, .and yet spectors 5 per _keg fol' therr services handlir!g were annually sup_Qlied' with only ,'1Zo worth, exclusive at once. must be swearing horribly," continued the master. of this rmportant matter, tobacc.o, th': tobacco shrpped m bond from the East, of 'of utyJ manufacturers would have to prepare for the It will be observed that the section of the bill to which "Alas! sir, that is his only consolation," criea the dohave ?one .1s yet to !'-fr. _Platt, It mus! Ill }UStace Whtch they hllve been compelled to pay two t hrrd s of rnarkets i s,J6o,ooo worth; and if the average profits of we refer not only prohibits the possesion of slaves, but mestic. "Why does he not smoke?" asked the master, be s::ud, did exert hrmself m this C n e. to whether tobacco .which had been stqred in a factory, A diminish its consumption. If men will use the Indian weed, whose is said to be of satanic origin, it' i s well they pay J!i,berally for the privilege State appears to be espectally adapted to 1ts growth. by enable not only to manumit their slaves but to asstatement has )Jeen the of pri1K:iples and international _..but the n-:groes Crops of fifteen hundred can be easily sure ves that the h'berty they was real, Revem;e .. The from tobacco m the thu:d, and who voted for Mr. Platt, knowmg nothing and if upon an acre, and seventeen to eighteen hundred IS not an,d was shielded from the danger it might incur at the fifth districts of Vllgtma for twelVe months pnot to possible less for these things and not only uncommon. It sold last year at from fjfteen to twentyhands of slave holding powers were certain precautions December 1 1 87x, amounted to $4,144,543; for -but 'feei when the tobacco:factory is shut. ADd die cents per pound. It is scarcely ever injured by frost and not taken. months prior to December x, x87"o,. $3,424,7o0.99 white 'fho voted for Mr. Duke and Mr. and the tobacco worm is not so bad as in other places. All once to declare what been legal, criminal, -an 11?-crea:'e m r87 over 187ct' $p_g ; 842 :_29. The Mr. Johnston, though they may know more of Catal:llZy Good crops were made last year set out m and even to penalty upon its commission, collections m the entire _State of from and Concha than the laborers they employ, yet t!M;Y as late as the first of August, but of course 1t would not without gJVmg the suddenly created delinquent time to the tax on tobacco for thirty-three months smce March also depend upon tobacco and know when the fa-ctory ts safe to set late every year. The month cf June prove by his acts that he respects the new doctrine, time 1 r86 g, were 12o557 I6 ; for forty-fo.ur montJ:ts squt. This, our chief production, we are aware, is to be ts the common tune to set out the plants and ninety days to improve his moral status, or, so to speak, purify him-pnor to March 1 r86g, 76-an mcrease m at great burdens, but, in heaven's name, gentlemen of Will make crop. Farmers wishing to engage in the self before the law, would be .an outrageous of fil:vor of present admimstration of notCongress, let us know what that burden will be. Bestir tobacco busmess, would do well to see this couhtry beevery principle of equity. Our citizens would be conWithstandmg that under the former admmiStration the yourselves, and if you can not jump througla the wall of fore settling elsewhere demned for an offense opportunity to amend which was tax on plug tobacco was one-fifth greater than under the this matter, at least jump at it. esent. I


I I THOMi\.S HOYT & CO., Fine Cut Chewing SMOK_INO TOBACCOS & S!IIUFF, OUR BRAiiDS CHIWING; IUSNYSIDE: HEARTS' DELIGHT, Ni\TIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. 404and 4o6 Pearl St., New York City .._.a Bon. 0a&DUB 8.A.Itf(ltD. JOSEPH M. SICHEL & CO UIPORHBS OF H A V .A. N A T 0 B .A. C C 0. \ D. A. SHOTWELL ct SOX, JhautaoMarere ot Tobacco and Segars, "'"" I uw. ""'-,_,.., r......u of HERO and UNION FiDe Ohewing Tobaooo a.nd Echo Smokiag. 1'14 Eialtth .A11etnu. New Y&rk. ,... :GOODWIN & .CO., IW'IUPAOifUBBBII OF l'Jli'B.atrr TOBA.CCO a:a:u.ft' .., e:t.aar, And deele1'8 ia allldlldo of THE TOBACfJO LEAF. Acknowledcod by to be the best ia t.ll market And for \be bra.nt of LioorH:e Stick INODL & 00., In all reepoot11 eq_ual. to CALABRIA. We h&Y.'8 no Agents. Consamers and Jobbers wo\lkl. do well to a.pply ditecl Liooriee Root, aelect and ordiaary, ooututly on haoi GOtOI'Il, WALLIS & CO., ... 31 Soath Wtllta M Licorice Paste and Sticks. I () G. S. LICORJ:OE. TOBA,PCO B.ROKERS. CATTUS & RUE'lE, ij[obattP No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. EDWARD DREYER, MISCELLANEOUS \ LICORICE MASS AND STICK, ; JTA.LU.N, SPANISH, GREEK, TURKEY AND SICILY, t FOR SAI;-B .BY HENRY M:. MORRIS, imporlN and .!lJem for th-e u. 8. an4 No: 78 Water &treet, and 19 Otcl Slip, NEW' YORK from the !MdiniJ Manufa1a Paolor7 .... of Oloo V : "UtJ' ILI.VARA '!'084000. 127 Pearl Street, New York City JIISCELLA.JJEOUS. HENRY WULSTEIN, < .. un .. .,..... ... c :c AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Leaf & Plug Tobao o, !J0'7 W A TEll WI', :DoTm"'llliiV" Seed :J:,.eaf Tobacco D. E :McALPIN & w.s F.w.s. Sterry Extra. FBED'K FISCHE.B, Belt Pressing CIGAR MOULDf. .218 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. lOS. M. SICHEL. 1NO. lloOAI!'PfL I .,. 'lw. QBL'II:-ATED ftNB-CliiT P. Baraooo and Pignatella. De Rosa. 0 Excelsior Mills and Favorite :Mills fiPITin Leaf and Navy Powdered Lioorioe. 62 Beavm PUeonted Nof. 18'JO au.4 1: ,s'rl. .a c ..-. .... Oo. Jian.aa "'Domullcl OIQARS, ll BOWDY, ft. Y. [i!BE SEVDTH PAGE.] "'RS. G. B. 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TOBACCO BROKER,-Importa. aod lllanufldarwl ol Manufaoblred at Pougt!1c'eepaie, New-York, Ife. 15 OLD SLIP, UlllO GIFFORD, 3HERIAN & INNIS .... _., .. ...._.. ... Clgare, and Cigarettes, llloWILLux-sT::a.n'!o .... voll. No. 141 W'es't NEW-Ymt; )1, JlADER & SON NEW YORK. LIOOBIOE !'.6.8'1'& } VIJCENT L. COOK, 8UB, Patented Jan. 12, 1869, and May 23, 1871. I In lheee Kontds to the puhlic I deeire briefl7 to taw $lte ad'l'lllltapl daey p-.ot OTer tJl other Kfllld1_ or Oipr Mr.ct.m. in ue. l lat. Bimplicitr of coutrttetloa. u IUutrMed ltJ tho out. td. Durabllilf, aomp.etaeu, ocaa: pJiq b1ll litUe opooe. 3d. l1llltonaUrta aa sizo or llle ciCK W., Tile baacllla JUC!e uta OI\IIIIJP 1:7 work, 'ad, Dlece4 'Ill the ollolpiDg moold,ftlcll at the end ronofai the bMd Ia fiUIIllhecl1i1tll a die Wlth the tile---.u. ot the ei-Alter the Ia formed ill tile IIIOIIId placed ID a metallic retaiDer, which Is 1 ol &ll 1acb Jaraer iJJ. dlame\er thaD the alulplng moo.ld, thno R'i'PID&' an opportunttr for 1M aalaral exj)&oolon of the toliMilo. lllld -ring wltll _..."'the -attnacqulot Uae ctaar. Thlei retalaent are IDIIde Wltil be eled edgell, eo that Uaere lo ,no--iJJ. tbe clg&r, and bo'lrll! telt perJC"CUJ emooth aad ready for tbe'll'l'&pper. 6tb. Thellni-form ch&racter or the UllllllbnDed enablee tke operator tollllloh them 'll'lth great rapldlt,., and wltll onch e.uctneeo o "" cann d tl>e attaklecl hJ&Drother known meana Theee points emhreee all the -llal one1 In tile ohf clgan, there are """'Y collateral advantlgeil which add..UJ to the pnw:tk:al valae olt.hese BJQ!II ouc u economy or tobacco, tbere belli&' a oav!nQ:. <>I at leaot two pounds or 'I!'NPPIIn.., each labor can be employed to maly aoy other -od. Price, I ... plq lloald. aad iOO Betlolaera, .100:00. omce comer of Pearl Btree$ ..,d llaiden Lane, New York, where the practical operation of the Jloulda can be at all ti mes wimeallftd S. JACOBY & CO., IAMPBELL, & CO. Wllt ZIISSER & CO., .WARDROP ct. DALY. ?m allll IVj LEWIB St., NEW YORK. Relieblo h-11117 &ppiJ rot: JIIIIIICIIa tile principal clti.N of tbe. Ulllted States. GEO. J. PRENTICE, General Agent, ftC'nllllll AT W BROAD IT., IIIW'.IIBK. -.... Dealflr Srjulf, Plpu, ., El Baco and Brands, 209 PEARL-B'IB.EET, Tobacco .Sealing Wax. f 197 WILLIAM STREET, And In CaldweM, J, Onr Malden Ne'W'-York. iBB' Alii.J!:lUED 183'7] JlARTCORN ct lLUIN. SCHW .ARZ & SPOllll, Wood Brokers, HMMIIIIDI MEIIIIAITI. SPANISH CEDAR For Olpr Boxes, tumlabed tn qaaatltlee to Bull. Oootalpmenta of Walaut BeapeoUullr Solicited. P. M. DINCEEr -(1orner Sf:t/tlt, and IAfi1M Streets. C:OMIIIISSJON MERCHANT. 197 Pearl St., Oor. M:a.i.aen Lane, New York. HERMAN!{ BATJER & BRO., COHKISSION AlV'D IMPORTERS OP CLAY PIPES, llanuf..,turen or FINE SEGARS, IIAJIVI'A.O'l'VUu 0 .. .u.r. FlllE SEGARS, DOMESTIC SEGARS, BI'ANIB! .. LLCEDAil, rto. t 48 Water Street, NIJW YOBB. 61 WATER-STREET. I A NEW-YOBL ... G ....... W_LAN,_,G H .... OR-NE, ... &,J.,.,.oo-'l'obaoco Commiss'n Merchant I -J H. PEMBERTON And Dealert! In -r' o .baooo, BltO STREET. NllW A.l!.K, li. J Workt-d !letiU' Baaulae,ory. 0. BUCHNER, to d; TA'UIJBIQ) KA.NUJ'A.OTOB'&& OP FIN"E OUT Chewing and Smoting Tobacco AND CICARS, Havana. Sixes, Cheroot.., 256 D&a.iioey St., New York. ofthe fol, lowlng brands of K'n.LtCJ llSOICE, have been or> imiWed. aa to d..,e! ... m&nJ or the Trade, iJJ. tutare the ,.mage will be stamped with our name. .,.'BtJCHAl!I'AB & LY.A1-lL.lfewYork W. JlclWlOY, Sol&, ., No. 21 Broad P:>ST X, Commission Meroha.nh, '1 OLD SLIP, ()nedoortromHauoveroquare, NEW YORK. .J!!ouis ciP: DJkaltsalt tobuta Jouse, NO. 21 BirrB AYEN DE, NEW YOB.K F. B. BischoD Celellrated Smotillg 'lollaOOJ. (aew P. W, F. W. Comrrussion 80 liORI'H .JOHN STRBE"I' fii:W YORK.\ JAMES M'CAFFIL DINM.. W &JID RALa' HAVANA AND DOMESTIC. LEAF TOBAOC.OS! 1 M. NEW' YORK. FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. DANVILLE, VA, ......,.._.,,,.va .. o'" Ort!e Le'\f promptly attended to. SVQKJNG TOBACCO RlULD t!l: If[ 1 ){""""' G. H&il'i 'EKEN t!1: PALKORK NewYodc. /"'off tf nO No. tl, )(eo.,.. PJ..EASANTS & SONS, BalU;,.ore. \!:{f Q;Z!, "f/U/ H/ f!Jl / LY N C H B U R G VA llr. JOB THOJilAS la Rlclunolld 1 I MR. GARRET F. WAT,OJJ @eafet-1!. in AJJ'a.rui, CJd all ,..acit o1 # B. VBNABLB {.; bo., Petenllala ..... IWr-...... 1------------io. to. .wi t :Jli1!.a1 ,;;;,_..... .. _..., ___________ !:falt.eLIL, 3u-if_a and Elil.t.!I.an1. ..){a. 1 gg :flu. @,_;Yew. !Jj.r11'-k. E D. Christian & Co., Com.leelonMercattt fo-r the ''Purehue'' er THJII GERMAK ..t.. Y011'1fG 6. D. YOtnfQ. R. A. YOUNC It BRO., aenl Bereuats, Solicit Olden for pardoaoe of II VIRGINIA TOBACCO," .THE HARRIS FI ,NISHING CIGAR PACKERS SOCIETY OO.'S ENAMEL WAT;ER... ,.,. ..... orth TOBA.OOO EXCHANGE, Cottu 11nd No.4 IIJ ID H. OOLELL, 202 Chatham. Box Mould Boxee and Caddie& SlllllllUN BROTHEIIS, doolm ..1 ,., __ W'lllell_ THIRD STREET, BETWEEN HOYT ADd BOJJD CIGAR AND PIPE LICHTERS. PROOF AGAINST WIND OR RAIN. ---l!lallulac&ared. Solel:r :r Porler Match Maiufacturin( Co., VllSUVIA.N WOBXS, No '79 TENTH AVENUE. Cor, 16th St., New York, Richmond, Ya. [Box 43t. t HOGLBl\1' a 'I PEASE, Pease's Celebrated Self-feeding T obaccn-Cuffing Engine, f Hundreds ot these Ka. chineo In uoe In the beltjouaeco ceaatr,. attest the 1'A1Re of lbeta. Ba'fing beea In u .. Mer four rears, ben thorough!J teated, and mucb. lm prooOH ore. moaaW. Warraboclte 1te tU beat: lh'Cif7 Clgv Jllal


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