The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ; 36 cm.


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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/ I. I @rgan of the Tobacco Trade of the United States: The Largest Special_ frade Paper in -the W orl I : VOL. VIII.--NO. 1. TH:E TO;BACCO -f.,I>Uhe1f ""' lobatte QI:o., &T 142 PULTON NEW YOBK. J. H..--.H&e:u. ...................... Editor. JoHN G. Ga&.u ..... ,,, ...... Buslnts&A&ent. J.o on adurlising mecllum, wherei tis desired to reach the eigar and To\Jacco Trade Dot only of.tbis foreign oouDtriew, iUaUle beet att&U:Iable. All leitel'!! oheuld beplabll;r addreoaed to T1r1< uu.:r PIJliLJl!BDil'!Y, U2 Fnlt<>n et.reet, Jlew York, 'TERMS OF THE PAPER. 151pl!lPiesl0 Cell!'! ..... Per .Annum $4. 00. To:tDCIIDdond the $1.04additionalper &UDUm for p-aDDam for po.tage To A-.Jiir, etc., f!.O,, Via!llll:r Franciaeo, addit'.paalllft.= JIC*I!lge. No.,.._. eo.naideftd, unless a t>OIII)IIIIied e co,......pODportion, but noae taken 2, s, 4 or more ltree months, $75 Q-.ldverti&mento o n the fir at ps e t150 per uanover two wide co lumns aDd noue taken for le.t.bao oo,. yrar, payl ble tully in ad.vamce j two uaree. $300 ; three squan:s, $4.50. N o tdevla tlon from tbue r erm e Adv ertlacme n e 11nder the b eading For Sate,. or Wanted 25 ce ut.s P"T lint' f o r every ineerttcn. No o rdertJtor }oe.,.e r tisiugw.ll b e oon81de r ed n l eaH"'d 'hy the correapond:io g amo llD!. l'r itj r ole wiiiJRV.llliABL Y be adflered to. DIRKOl'ORY OF ADVERtiSERS. NEW YORK. Tobacco Wareho uJts .Agnew 'W. It Soll8, 284 and 286 'Front skeet. Allea 1a!W>, 172 :&me 8 H 7 W ._t er. :BeDnmo D. &; A., 124 Water. Blak.....,.,, ll.s;ro & C<>., H Broad. BrGWile &: Frith, 7 Burlmg Slip. Bnl4 ll., 131 Maide n Lone. llore & Co. 74 Front. Card.,.. A. H. lt Co. 123 l'e ul. D. It Co., ltlti :Pe&rl. C<>lell B 172 Water. tloaDOIIr & Oo., 4Ji Water. er.,.foril E. M. & Co.1168 Wawr. DollaD, Carroll It Co. 104 Front. Dul!ols BUgent 75 Front. l!@lblpr Louis F 21 Stxth aTenue. Pill,.... & Co 70 and '12 Bro:ul. l'ox, Dlllo It Oo., Water. 'l'nell4 a eo. E. It G., 129 Maide n Lone Garth D-1., II: Qo., U19 Pearl. e.-rt 1. L. &.Bro. 100 Wawr. et>thrie It Qo., Front. Huaburger'I. & Oo. !50 Watct. Hiiiiii&D G. w & eo 108 Front. Tbom&S. 5 William. 1' .& QQ. 711Lild 73 Front. K...,..ellierg &: Co_ 1 !SCI P elUI. LAmotW _A. C lo;;> Pea.rl LeTin M. H. 162 1UUlond Roi.ert L. & Co., 43 Broad. J(artin & Johnaon, 166 Water. l&ayor_Joocyh, Sons, 122Water. ll[eQallllJamoo, 191 Oreelloncb. Jlccatlll WJa. 51 Bowery. Maler A. C. L. It 0., 43 Beaver. ]1[-T. H. &: Oo. 161 and 163 L,.,e. Korrio, 11. )(. 19 Old Slip and 73 Water. Jlorwn, & Co. fl Bro:ul. O.hDML Alva. 166 \Vater. Brotbera, :19 Pearl. Pe.IJD6r &Scoille 170 \Vo.ter. Price Wm. M. & Co., 119 Maiden Lane. Quinn, J .P. & Qc,, S9 r.w. S., ,75 Fulton. Read, J.aaae, 10 Old SJip ReU;mano O & Co. 179 Peo.rl., ROB4lnwa.Id, E. & Bro., 145 Water. Salomon, S., 192 l'earl. Scheider, Joseph, 14i Wo.ter. Schmitt k Wate r &brooder & Bonn, 178 Water. Schubart H. k Co. 146 Water Charle s r .,-189 PearL Sptngara. E & Co., 6 Bnrling Slip. Stein & Oo., 197 Duane street Stratiton & Storm, 191 Pea:rl. Strohn & 1)6 Front. Tag Oharles F .. & SOn, ,Front. Tatle"bont, F. W. & Co., llO Pearl Upmnnn1 Carl, 188 Pearl. VoU.erlein'a Bon, Tn. H., 6 Cedar. : Westbelm, & Co., 177 :Pearl. Wright, E. M 39 Broad. T ohatCfJ BrDktrs. CatiUS & Ruete, 129 Pearl streol. Dreyer', Ed.wa.rd, 127 Pcaxl. Fiacher, Frederick, $2 Beaver. Bou, 811 W&ll. Geldermann & d' l!oaben, 103 Maiden :Lane ){elland, P., I 79 Pes'r!. O.borDe. Charlee F .. Q!d Blip. Raeder )( & Son 12:3 !'earl. Manufacturers if Tobacco. Bucloano.n & Lyall, 54 and 56 Broad. Bucbner, D., 256 Deltmcy. Cook, Vincent. L., \59 Ludlow. Edmonston, S S. & Bro.,'213 a.nd 215 Duane. Gilleuder, .A. & Co., 114, 116 and 117 Liberty. Goetae F A & Bro., 328 Washington. &oodwln & Co. 207 and 209 ''rater. HO}'t, TboiDM & Co.,404 Poarl. KinDe;r Bros 141 Wet Broadway. ll(eAlpin, D. H. &Oc., oor, Avenue D and Tenth. )li!Jer, =G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia, llapp, 8., 7 5 Fulton. 1!1>1/ll"ell D. A. & Son, 174 Eighth ILV. Spier, SW..u & Co. 71 J'ohll.. Ag(ntrfor SmoAing Tohaccos, t iC. Importers if Licor ice Pasu. Appleby!< H,tme, 188 Water Gifford, Sberman & Innis, 120 1 Gom z Wallis It Co., 2Q & 31 8 William. 1dcAndl'ew, James c. 1:24 boDt. Morris, H. M. 19 Old Slip and 73 Water. Weaver 4l: Sterry, 24 Cedar. Sad Ltaf T obacco lnsptcti o n, Linde,JP. c., & Co., 142 Water. T ohtrccrJ P r nHn. Guthrie & C o 225 Front. Manufac turers if Ci ga r Bo>rer. Honkell, J}'OOh, 293 &: 29 5 Honi'Of'. Wicke, Gfo, & Bro., U), 159 & 161 Goerek. Cigar B ox, Cedar and other Woods. Dn&eP, P. M., cor Rixth anJ. Lewis. Dorman, J. k Ce., 135 Avenue 1>. Rodman It Hepburn, 316 Lewis. Wardrop & Daly, 203 & 205 Lewis. Guman Cigar R ibbonr, Cramer, G 25 White. Spanish Cigar Rihloons. A.lminll, 1'. J., 30 Cedar Cig11r M o lds. American Oigar !.f. M. Co., -t63 Fiui ave. Jacoby, S. & Oo,, W9 Pea.rl, Manufacturf!f!" that stands in the path, and there is no reason to believe I !_.DeB U AD 1!1 to relieve tea and coffee of their b m de n s, will be ulti-A well ati!!Orted stock bf f;IAYANA 'and YARA Toba.oco constantly on hand &nd sold at mate ly mor e s uccessful th:J:n the first .cne le nt a I LOSIJ.II T YQ'W:W previous session 1 VV ,& ..,...,..&"'-" .-S. The best :oune our to pursue, seems to be Poet Oftice 'f:loz 2969 188 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. to concentrate all thetr energtes on the work of amending the Committee's report should any other than a six. teen cent uniform rate be recommended. We shall need all our strength for this, and it would be folly to fritter away what influence on the floor of the House #e may have by demonstrations as ineffective as the Pope's ce lebrated bull against the comet! J OUR EIGHTH VOLUME. WEST HAVANA-CIGARS. "SEIDENBERG & CO. 19 Dey New Proprietors etC the FACTORY. KLING, 50 New Streets, New York. OF HAVANA CIGARS,. 1 And Sole Agents for !M sale of EL1 P.RINOIPE DE CALES Haaufactnred at ibe KEY WlJST BRANCH of the celebrated El Principe de Gales of Ba..-ana. I ( If t I Inspector Sud Leaf Tobaeld; drive its ruler again an exile to a foreign shore It is reform that has since been effected. Its disp lay marked frequently stoop; i t h a s alway s paid, i ts way, and thu s Ltaf Manufacturer if F ine C and Dbr, 181! Len. Beldenbergdt Oo. l9 o.,.: Bmi'\b, B A:, lSl Matdeo Iao.e., Straiton & Storm, 191 Pearl, Newmark, 131 Water: Toba.oco' ..A.88oeiation, 65 Broadway. Volger &; Huneken, 178 Greenwich. if fi R .ivana Cigart De Br .. keleer, A., !16 Deekman The German Cigar PacAert Societ_y. Oolell, H : !102 Chatham. if Hawz: a Tooacco: .Almtftll, J, 1., SO Cedar. JlaoorL Cb43, r. & Oo., 40 llea-. CJoota .Jacinto, 86 M .. olen Lo:no, 6u<:ia, F., 167 Wator. ,16 Water. ](eJly, Rober< :E. & ()o., iK Bea-. --.;, i'Jl-..Lue ,, :. .t C..' 2 8;'Feui. ... ... ,lf'tl'ean, I -.-.,lLl!..20Sl'-l, il w.n & tto., eo Pine. rl ..... Jllklr., "f. ,> Jacobson, J ., 7 Broad Wholt&alt Dtalers i n TobaCCo aud Manufac -turerJ of C igan. Carruth, C. H & Co. 46 Hano v er. Importtrl of Ha v a n a Ci'gars and Lta[ T ohaeco Wilder &'Estabrook, 7 Oommercia.l, BREMEN, GERMANY. CommiSJion M erc hant, Westholf Fred. jr. BROOKLYN, N.Y. Buchanan & Lya.ll. 1 B o x Manufactur e r Sherman Brothers, 3 to 13 Sedgwiclr. Tob4cCO-Cutti ng Mac h i nt.ry Wulstein, Henry, 2.S Myrtle avenue. CHICAGO, m. Dealers in Leaf Tohacc. and Cig11rt. Caee, 8. S & Co., 149 SouUl Water Robinsen, J'. 8. & Bro.,262 Lake and 277 Water. Dealtrs in Ltaf Tobacco. Kaoprowioz, S. & Son, 299 State, Sondhagen Brot!., 17 West Rtuldolph. MAnufacturus of Fint Cut TobaCJ, & Muon, 174 and 176 NMlh Water. Sp&u!Qlng & .Y:ernclr, 9 and ll River. M6nufacturers if Fin< Cut Clli-wing ad Smol i ng, and Dealtrs in Ltaf TDbaceo. Bee1r &: Wirth, 17 and 89 Micbipn nenue. CINCDINATI. Ik11ltrs i Ltaf ToOIJCC(1, lleou, F., 82 West Front. ribt lt Cnighto,. 6S W 68t Fl'on' Jfewburgh, L., 51 Walnut. Manuf11Cturrrs if .. !-t"'"' rf .... Dtmv as wall Allen & Ellio, 11 Vine. Bpenee, :Broa-& Co., 2 Uld 64l!aa N. 'M.nojMiM"-' I .j 3m.ff. loiS W& ..... -.r.A.411 ..... I J.pPaU, Wm. 8. & Co Dtalcr in LtaJ T o baccoJ, Mosely, D. E., ;Mill stree t ROTTERDAM, Holl&nd. Laurillard, J. M. SPIUNGFIELD, Ma.u Smith, H. & C o., 20 Hamp.l.en. ST. LOUIS, Ho. Manufac tu r ers if T o baccQI. Catlin, D 701 NortllBecond. Laclede T o b4coo Works, .504 N ortb Beoond. Tobacco Warthous;s, C & R. & Co., 123 Market. W&ll & Beloin, 820 North.Becoud. d:oo11cco Brolttr, Ha.yneo, J E 100 North. Commercial. SAN FRANCISCO. CAmminiolf. Mtrc,antr. P!&tt & Newwn, Oalifomia and Front. SYBACUSE: N.Y. Bier & Co. G. P 25 North Balma. TOLEDO, 0. Tohlluo Manuj11cturtrs. WiCker, Nub & Co. UTICA, N.Y. issue of THE LEAF, furnish all the proof we can reasoncapital. In_deed, d uring the presnt tax-agitation, we have sided its re a l strength, s i nce i t is gene rally known that no ably ask. For when OUT journal was established, the actually seep. an. e'."issary of the Revenue Bureau seduthreats of with d rawal of p atronag e o r the holding out o f trade was in a sorry plight. From being an untramlously canvassing the man\\facturers and dealers for the other personal inducemens, has ever influenced the meled ai1_ d h.ighly .. remunerative industry, it had been avowed purpose of learning their views on the situation, writing of a single line, or the omis si on of a single arti e, in heavily t!J-Xed and singled out as the for all man-but really to obtain their support for the Revenue panathis journal. In occasiona l instances-we are glad to ner of malicious official persecution. Given by these vul-cea for all our legislative ills How great is the signifi say for the credit of the trade that the have been very tures the worst !Jf reputations that they might the more cance of this Bureaucratic throughout -the few-advertisements have been recalled and subscr i p easily prey upon it, the tobacco trade was badgered and country, will OI}ly be fully reaiized by those who recal tions stopped w ith a view either of induc;jng the adoption ,. harrassed on every side, while under the pressure of this to mind the condition of the trade in February, z8usl of a certain course, o r as a punishment fqr adhering to tyranny every member of it whose honesty was not un-and its relations with the office that now at least goes a certain l i ne of conduct, but, i n every case, invariably went over to the ranks of the "blockaders," through the form of consulting it. without securing the d e sired r e sult. and did all in their power to secure the "game" as they In agieving this marked it would be an af-In' commencing a new volume, we are reminded that aifeady had the "name" of rascals A more pitiable fectation to ignore the part played by THE ToBACCO THI }..EAF has, during its past y:ear of. existence, experi position in which to place a great industry coufd not be LEAF. No journal. h owever inefficient, could weekly enced a change in its (elations. The proprie imagined. Ho_unded by the thieves of the Revenue raise its voice in behalf of an oppressed interest without torship has been vested temporarily in a number of Bureau, and deserted by their own representatives in the insensibly producing an alteration for the better, and gentlemen engaged in the tobaccCYcominerce, but who nationallegislature, who, deceived by the false reports so when, as in the present instance, these efforts were have agreed to leave th!;_,Jl!ana ement of the paper with industriously circulated, unwittingly played into the hands seconded by changes in the and in the those who have retained it for the past five years. Beof their persecutors, the honest tobacco dealers ,PusonLl of the office with which the trade has its closest lieving the principles by an adherence to which it has manufacturers certainly deserved that compassion which relations, the relief that has crowned our efforts ceases achieved its measure of success, to be the correet ones good men are said to receive from the gods' when visited ,to be matter for surprise. for its future guidance, it is needless to add that there by unmerite4 misfortunes. But as the longest Janes 1 As to our journal itself, and indepen'ient of the work will 'be no change so long as our journal .remains in have a turning, and every cloud of calamity its silver it has accomplished, we .have cause for the heartiest 'Present hands. It is only left to record that the past lining, so has J.t proved in case-of tbeiDterest we congratulation. Never was a trade paper warmly year has been a prosperous one for resent. Indeed from. the date of the issue of our first welcomed from the start, and in no similar instance have fi:iends having generally remained with us, while many number, the faint indecisive signs of improvemenf were friends proved more faithful to their early professions. new ones have been added to our list. The sphere of visible Slowly bu,t surely our heavily-freighted industry At tht; present m<;>ment we can count on the same unusefulness of THE LEAF is annually extending, and to-day began to make healRvay against the "sea of troubles 11 deviating support of many whose names adorn our it reaches a larger audience than ever before. It is no by which it wasbuffeted. And this was owing partly to coliiDlns, and who, through the years that are past, have longer, in fact, an exper. iment. Its success is favorable changes in official circles at Wasbingto and never for an hour faltered in their efforts to strengthen assured, while its future depends not so much on our partly-to the attitllde assumed by the trade itself. It was our enterprise To have elicited such markS of friendfriends who realize the necessity: of a trade but on so strange a phenomenon to hear tobacco men speaking ship is itself a triumlJlYOf ;whlc:h WI! may certainly 'be the continued skill, prudence, and energy of those who M.lnoftrm if Fi"' C.wC4n.uint and S....M'!J: in their own defense, that the thieving crew were at first pardoned for feeling proud. C:OIJlmercial success from manage it. So long as these conditions are complied with astonished and then frightened-thil! Jauer aJMI wbole the start, THE Lv.r bas never been compelled to resort on our part, we have no fears for THE LEAF. We shall cerPlc-oo, Walllor :B. ,.


, tamly-smce self-preserv at10n LS the first law of Natureendeavor to supply them; and, supplymg them, trust to be able t o record the prosperous comtnencement of many a new volume in the future MINOR EDITORIALS. THE TOBACCO TRADE OF' PADUCAH, Kv, is mdu!gmg ib a shght "on pleasantness IN HARH'ORD and Polland Counties, Ct, (Ftrst Rev enue Dtstrict), dunng the year endmg June 30, r87r, cigars and tobacco patd $74,97I 8o DISGRACEFUL.Mr. Felbess, of Detroit, tned to smoke a pipe in whtch some boys had put a revolver cartridge, and out went his eye. He now sues the boys' fathers for damages. --+--1 PENNSYLVANIA SEED LEAF -The Lancaster (Pa) journal announces that qUite a number of buyers are now in thiS county from New York, Baltimore, PhiLadelphia, and other points But the sales have been limited, holders and buyers not being able to agree m their -Dews. T OBACC O BARN AND CROP BURNED. -The pnze barn of Mr. Walter Johns, on his farm near Jamestown, m the edge o f Ameba County, Va., wtth his entrre ctpp of to bacc; o, which was stored therem, was destroyed by fire Loss heavy, there bemg but insurance on both barn and tobacco TOBACCO Af VA -On the rsth mst., there was considerable ammatiOn m the tobacco market, though the quanttty sold was necessanly small m con of the cold weather and the CL>nd1t1on of the roads The 1pnces obtamed were really htgh, and the planters more than pleased w1th the amounts realtzed There w11l probably be no better t1me than the present to dispose of the common grades ILLEGAL TOBACCO PACKAGES.-In reply to a letter of a. western collector relative to the use of tobacco pack ages made with paper s1des and wooden ends, made m the shape of drums, and used for packing fine-cut chewJ ing tobacco, Commtsston<(T Douglass states that these packages are not legal packages, and stamps affixed to them could not be canceled as the Law requ1res such stamps to be canceled. --+--, 'TOBACCONISTS BURNED OUT IN PHILADELPHIA.-0n die morning of the 14th inst. at Philadelphta, the explo sion of a barrel of powder cemeni set fire to F Roedel & Co s shoe factory on North 'I htrd Street. The stores adjoimng, occupted by Brown.& H1bberd, grocers, J K. Grun & Sons, dry goods, Wastman & E.1glemen, to baccom sts, were destr()yed. The total loss ts '1>7 s,ooo. The buildmgs are fully and the stocks partially I nsured. ToBACCO FACTORY a recent Sunday night ; at Salisbury, N C., Dr. T W. Keen's tobacco fac tory, containing the nse of six hundred boxes of tobacco, a large quantity of leaf, machmery, etc. estimated at $rs,ooo, was entirely destroyed by fire; covered by :ho, o.oo insurance, leavmg: the Doctor's Loss about 'The buildmg whtch was the property of Mr. M. L ; Holmes, was not tnsured The fire was evidently the work of an mcendtary. A CIGAR SMUGGLER REsisrs.-John Talbot was charged, last week, before U. S Comm1ssioner Shtelds With having m the harbor of New York resisted a rev enue officer m the dtscharge of his duty. It LS alleged that Talbot was (\ttemptmg to carry on shore from aves sel a quantity of, smuggled ctgars, when the attentiOn of a rfy enue officer was attracted to the matter. The lat ter mterfered, whereupon he was, as the complamant avers obstructed by Talbot, who, 1t IS charged, belongs to a gang that make 1t a practice to smuggle goods 111 tbe harbor and deal out blows of bncks and stones to reenue officers whenever these offictals attempt to put a stop to these illegal transactions. The defendant was held m $3,ooo bat! for examinat1011 Vrn.GIN1A S ATE AGRICULTURAL SoCIETY -The fol Jowmg premmms will be offered at' the Fatr of th1s Soctety for r872 For the best c rop of tobacco of not less than two and a half acres, wtth a yteld of not less than r,ooo tbS: (well cured) to the acre-Dtploma and $25 oo, best sh1ppmg leaf tobacco, growth of r8p, Szo oo r best manufacturing leaf, do, $20 oo; best fancy wrapper leaf, do, f,2o.oo; best specimen of manufactured tobacc o for general consumptiOn, 'f.2o oo best speclmen of smoking tobacco, 'to oo; to be represented by samples ()[the crop, not less than ten pounds, boxed or cased, and to be accompamed by statement of mode of Clllt:J.vatlon, fertilizers used, yteld per acre, and number o( acr es c ultivated. Best specliilen o f c tgars, f>s.oo." SEIZURES IN SOUTH CAROLINA -Umted States Rev enue Detectives Beach and Alden of South Carolma, :report to the Comm1sswners of Internal Revenue, thirty five s eizures m that State connected with the unlawful manufacture and ale of tobacco, durmg the month of January There se1zures were packages m the hands of dealers, and in lots of forty t seven hundred pounds eacll. The causes wruch led to the set zures were ra1sed and counterfeit stamps-some lots without stamps and some w1th the stamped portion of the package strtpped or tom off. The tobacco had been purchased of ped dlers from North Carolma, and was manufactured in the latter State The detectives report that two thirds of the tobacco in the rural portiOns of South Carolma, of .fered for sale, was purchased by these peddlers 111 fraud e{ the revenue. A:DVERTIS!NG FOR A MEERSCHAUM -The fo!lowmg IS f rom an Australtan paper "To Honest Men and Othtrs -Drivmg from Hole Town to Bridgetown, on S.uway last, the advertiser lost a cigar-holder with the ace of a on it The intrinsic valu e of the mtssmg 1s small, but as the owner has been for t he last few months taking a sort of pleasure in artisti"'otlly converting the young lady from a blonde mto a brunette, he would be glad to get tt back again. If it was. ptcked up by a gentleman, on readmg this notice, h e wJll, of course, send it to the address below. If it was ptcked up by a poor man, who could get a few shillmgs by selling tt, on hts bnngmg 1t to the adgress below be shall be pa1d the full amount of tts mtrmstc value If it was picked up by a thtef, let him deliver it, and he shall. be pa1d a like amount, and thus for once om do an honest actiOn, bemg a penny the worse f>t: it.-Address the Giobt Office, etc WoRDS FROM NEAL Dow-The followmg letter 1s going the rounds of the Mr. Do\\ may :k.JlOW a goqd deal about temperance or abstmence, but ,b.e evidently knows notlung at all about tobacco. Does DDt Mr Dow that the greatest smokers, the Turks are strictly temperate 1 Bestdes, h1s assertion abundantly disproved The letter IS addressed oo. a etttzen of Vermont "DEAR SIR Your letter of the zili arnved safely. I have no doubt whatever that the use of tobacco has a strong to induce a habtt ef using strong dnnks-and many reforllled smokers }lave assured me that. it ts so Bes1des that, tbe use of tobacco 1 s a very great evll, both socia l and national, aJ,Idi do how a Chnsnan can consistently Slll}pPrt such 11 permc i ous hab1 t by hts example There -would be no great difficulty m nddmg the world of thLS r $hameful practice and of mtemperance, if only Chnstian men and women wer e true to their duty and the1r vows 1J ntil then, dear str, you and others must work on, m the fu:m twst that at some day the seed whtch you sow :among many discourage ments shall spring up and bear hit abundantly, under the blessmgs of a most grac10us 'Providence Truly yours, NEAL DOW. I TRETOB&CCO MARKET. MOfl'l .. LT ITATEIIEMT -IBTOCX8 iN THI TOl\.1. AND BAOKLYN TOBACCO E d J and gambling IQ!dier-fashwn; an as1 a consequf'nce, ; I ll(OPKCTro""'""'nouoEs l xporte smce an r, -----------r,839 hhds none of the manufactOTif'S are f\llly employed,. and Ylxginla j Coastwtse atl remspected -----.. --.. rso hhds DO STIC. can not be for the want or cigar..tnakers. Orders of I 0 ::.C.. Jft : = { NEw YoRK, Feln"ll.arv 20 stx and etght months standing;for millions-of cigars, Stoolto.nhand.T .... uoryl, 8M5 497 19 28 t ,l99 Total ----=-----:--------r g8g hhds / h t"ll t "t th t f 1 k lleoe>ed"'!lce -2 .. 1 817 Stock to-day in warehous"S and on shipWesftrn Lta' -Our market is unchanged w1th a small ave 8 1 0 ,awat e 1 e urn JOurneymen, c er s, 1 ..., ':f C and even superintendents, before th a y can be filled,. 4Xg l9 28 -10,0l6 board, not cleared _____ ----s,oor hhds datly demand, pnncipally for common ld stock A ew Stmilar news has been before, but for all 2 049 -Ma11ujadund Tobacco smaQ lots of common new have been taken for that the facts will bear repeating. 1 1872 7 '417 443 19 28 'J.i!: Market connmues but qmet and sales Ltmlted to wants at about 9c for leaf and lugs and manufacturers pte up A case of constderab l e importance to the ctgar trade Stock on bana January 1872 3,t60 for actual consumption, the tax question still pendmg wrappers, as they appear at uc@r8 the latter for yellow under the Internal Revenue law, came up before Judge Recemd 511100 309 BOSTON, Febr u arv r7 -The Commerczal Bullettn from Paducah Receipts contmue small and our stock Blatchford m the Umted States District Court of the 3.769 / slook Brooklyn InsP"Ot>on warehouse, February 1, 1872 2 : : viSo 0 wor ye 0 e a war Y pam. w 27th of Janualy, r871, some 231 boxes of ctgars valued !0,961 @ y ns, 7 do, Thos. J. Rayner, & ton County trash at$6; II hhds new Ind. and the principal impediment to full receipts, there having 't w 1 c was e cond Co, 4 do; Lewis, Phillip & John Frank, do; Purdy Ills common, 8 at 5; 3 at oo, r been but few really good opportu" nities for .handling '? t : c alman ctgars ot man & Nicholas, 7 do ; E, Millington & Eckmeyer, r <.lo ; hnd and r box Boone County, Ky r r so; z hhds stock to advantage the winter. The worst, ISO m t e same room, t eret ;has not mg m w. H. & Brother, 48 do i Patk & Tilford, 28 news Ky. trash so' I9 cases new Ohto seed, however, must now be over, and with the return of t /haw or ;egu 0 e do; Acker. Merrill & Cond1t, 25 do; Schiller & Falk-9 at $5.40@6 90; 8 at h-60@9 oo, and 2 12 oo longer and warmer daya, we shall have, for a while, 0Tht eRse two es 0tht e hctgatr Dusltn!!:S lffin t IS way ner 12 do; Thos. Irwin & Sons, 2 do; Thos. J. Owen, CLARKSVILLE, TENN., Februarv 17.-Messrs. I 1 e evenue DUreau, roug 1 s ts nc. o cers, reC"' d Th A H d H 1 tt & T / r:onstant y mcreastng supp tes. ogmzed the \)'face as a cigar manufactory, and allowed I o ; eo. ave meyer, I o; _ow e orM. H. Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report The Spanish contract, announced ta be given out on the clatmattt U\CW!anufacture and sell cigars there with-ranee, I do-, Fred k Probst & Co, r do, _H. Dorguerre, as follows: We had a high and excited market this Monday, the 19th inst., was fooked f orward t o in trade out ever once aising ObJeCtiOn thereto. Subsequently, r, do, F. Alexandre & Sons, 6 do; Emtl _Magnus, & week, and we change our quotations to record the generally with of both behowever, the ColnmtssiOner of Internal Revenue pro-Co, I do, J. Durant, I do, E. A. 1 do; present condition ot our market. The recent warm cause 1t ":as calculated to tmpart vtvac tty strength mulgated a fofrnal regulatiOn mterdtcting the manu-Atlanttc Co, 324 bales, 6 case& ctgars; or-weather allowing planters to prize is rapidly increas-to the enttre market, and because tt .was a facturmg and selhng of ctgars m the same apartment, der, 36 do, 3 do. ing our receipts, and our sales this week amounted to welcome harbmger of other to follow 1? ... mformatton of whtch the claimant averred, had not EXPORTS 327 hhds tobacco. The quality was better than has French, German, etc. tn reached hun when his property was seized by the From the ports of New York to foreign ports, for heretofore appeared upon our market, and the order succe&SIOn, these several foretgn orders can not fat! to revenue officers. Conceiving that he had a right to the week February r4, were as follows showed considerable improvement. \Ve quote lugs, keep the home market and even buoyant keep unstamped cigars m any part of hts manufactory, AFRICA-4 tbs mfd, $r,2']I. common leaf, medium leaf, throughout the current year. he had been m the habit, after packmg hts ctgars m the BRITISH AusTKALIA-3.722 tbs mfd, $1,007. good leaf, ro@uc; fine, II U @uc; selecSetd Ltaf.-Transacttona m seed leaf have been re-back room of conve}lng therunstamped to a shelf m ,BRITISH HoNDURAS-! hhd, $Z75 tions, 12U@13 and The present condition of stricted to about 250 cases sundries at 2o@55c, though the front ;oom where they were left to season before BRI;.PSH WEsT INDtES-8 hhds, $1,707; 84 bales, the Western markets, closely rl"sembles the same state we of negotiations for State and Ohio which, if bemg stamped and sold, and where the 2JI boxes, were $I, I70; 5 tbs mfd, $996. of things existing at the same period last year Prices realized, as they may ultimately have. been, would agfound at the time of the seizure. These 2 3 r boxes acH:AYTI-r hhd, $z88; 87 bales, $639 then were too high for the views of exporters, and all gregate. a larger total that; the one But even cordmg to the testimony of the claimant and h1s wit-NEw GRANADA-198 lbs mfd. $53 the early western sh1pment1 lost money, the damage With tlus allowance, busmess must be reportea dull, nesses bad been standmg upon tb'e shelf m the front To European ports for the week endmg February was not great, as the shipments were necessarily falling considerably below the point reached the preroom weeks and some of them several months 20 : light, prices then declmed m the West, and remained week, and exhibiting but little p1eference as to having been from ftme to ttme carried there as BREMXN-I5Z. hhds, 8 do stems, 44 cases. at moderate figures. while the bulk of the crop was vanettes. vemence or necesstty impelled, and though exposed to GLASGow-to trcs. passing from the planter into the shipper's hands, and the rumors come to hand that the _rethe gaze of any revenue officer that chanced to enter HAMBURG-S hhds, I33 bales. the result was a profitable season for the Western setved Connecticut and sa_mples wbtch the place, no one had ever said it was unlawful to put LrVERPOoL-5 hhds. dealers. We are therefore hopeful that early losses !teen held back for b1g pnces, are bemg gradually them there in an unstamped condition until the day beDOMESTIC RECEIPTS may a"'ain be made, and prove to be profitable invest-ptcked up at what, may called reasonable figures, fore they were seized. On the contrary, as the claim-The arrivals at the port of New York from domes he ments for the shipper. Should, however, the early which be gratifying to both and seller, ant alleged, the Asststant Assessor of the assessment mtenor and coastwise ports, for the week endmg Feb-shipments pay profits, the Western markets will go an_d especially to the seller, as, by wattJng, the fare divisiOn in which the. premises m question are located, ruary 20, were 6 r 8 hhds, 82 trcs, 1 496 cases, r r 6 pgs, wild indeed, and the planter wtll unload upon the mlg?t ?e worse. informed and assured the clatmant that he m1ght put 1 box, 363 three-qtr boxes, 458 hlf boxes, ro kegs, con -shipper, at pncea which must mevttably pay very Stmtlar report& should ere long be recerred the cigars m that or any other place in hts manufactory. stgned as follows heavy losses. 1 other quarters. More of the new State, Penns}lvama, This, m bnef, is the case as 1t was presented for the Bv THE ERIE RAILROAD-J p Qum & Co 46 hhds, CLARKSVILLE, VA, Febntary 17 -The Roanokt and than has bard clatmant. Fot the Government 1t was contended that A H & Co, a do ; s. M Parker & c, 2 6 Valley says The Tobacco market is very lively at old on t e way to mar et Y t IS ttme, an wou ave the manufactory was the place where the cigars were do, Fteldmg, Gwynn & Co, 88 do, Pollard, Pettus & Clarksville whenever the seasons will permtt of 1 ts bemg been, but for the mistaken notion prevailing in the grow-actually made, whence they could not lawfully be re-Co 36 do; Sulltvan, Murphy & Co., 3 .do, Drew & handled. On last Saturday there was a good sale, and ing regions that, by holding off for higher rates, they moved wtthout bemg first packed branded and C k d Bl k M & C d D J on Tuesday there were sales at all the houses, pnces would finally be forthcomin.,., whether the tobacco to stamped as requtred by law and that conseque'nce of roc ett, 2 0 a emore, ayo 0 4 j b '" Garth, Son & Co., ro do, M. Abenheim, ro do; Oelnchs range about as high as can be paid to leave any margm be sold was desira le or not. havmobeen removed wtthout complymg wtth the law & C 8 d G & c d K tb & c for the handler, as follows : prunmgs 6o, lugs, It is sa1isfactory to be able to announce that the new the ctgars were forfe1t to the Government of the Umted do' J 2 Ko ;S ?to w&mS 0 'd5 0E' Mremwe ehrtg .. 4 leaf, .t7 The:re are 15 or r6 E t 1 f 1 d dl h 2 5 o m1 on, 2 2 o ng r 3 o ,. ,. _as ea IS cunng Y an. rapt y, s owmg m-States, and they had accordmgly been made forfett. Sawyer Wallace & Co. 7 do Norton, Slaughter & Co. buyers m the market who take all that comes at fatr dtcattons of much ear her matunty usual. From The exammat10n of thts case occupted two days and 1' D K 11 J d prt"ces. t 't '11 b h d et y, r., 12 o. presen appearances t Wl not e very azar OifS to when given to the JUry the chances seemed as much in B H so R vtt RAILROAD.-Norton, DAN"ILLE V p, 7 M p be pxedict that by the fir&t of July a considerable portion favor of the complainant p.s the Government. The JUry Sl Y C UDz I R '' A. eor uary 1 .-essrs. em rof the crop will fit tor however, were out. scarcely ten minutes when they aBuYg TeHrE NAoT.;ONAL trNE.-P. Lottllard & Co. ton & Penn report as follows: The receipts during the may, therefore, drspel a part of tbe1 r anxtety _regardmg turned wttb a verdtct for the Government hl d p 11 d p tt & C 3 d T K S "th'&9 last week have been large, hut quality still medtum; 1 1 k h ti h f 1 f G d r / d I d 1 s o ar e us o., o, m1 color dark, We quote as follows: Luga-'-Common matena to wor w1t or w1t a gam o a coupe o o 'd opene at 1lo72, an c ose at Son 9 do. Norton Slauo-hter & Co 4 do. Sawyer to medtum, 5 @6l..c, medium to good, 6l..r->8J.. Leaf months in the use of the new tobacco, they have that Exc/zange bas been firm, though at the close pftces W 1 1 &' C 4 'd F" ld" G '' &'c d !I I I d d c: c: ed 1 h 'V B 11 a ace o, o; 1e tng wynn, o., o; -common to green, 6@7 medium to good, &r.:;.r I, muc 1 ess to rea .rom en.orc re 1auce upon t e were not so strong. e quote 1 s at 6o days on A S J d K hi G 1 & C. 27 F old.. This prospect of escape. _a dis!'greeable neLondon, ?( for. commercial; 109 'B) a.;;! 9 C,:;DE:c good to fine, 10@ 15 ancy-smokers' common, 8 @ cess1ty should encourage a dtsposttion-If encourage-for bankers', do, at short stght, r ro78@rroU; Pans 3.1 H & v 1 p 1 & S .11 rz ,'do good to fine, IZ@3 Wrappers-medtum to ment be needed-to'make the best that can be made of 6o days, do, at short s1ght, 20 tge tus, 4Z pgs' a mer coVI e, good, r8@z5 1good to frncy, 2 5@75 Fine Wtappers e_xtst_ing and accordingly, we loak. tor a Antwerp, 5-25@5 217(, Swiss, 5 25@5.2rU; Hal[lburg: 3 B; THE NEw YoRK AND NEw HAVEN STEAMscarce and would sell very high. hveher competitiOn hereafter for the better spectmens 357i@3678; Amsterdam, Frankfort, 4oya@ 1 L & E W th 8 H HOPKINSVILLE, Kv., February ro.-Mr. I. W. of the t87o crop, some of which, after all, are not by 4IU; Bremen, 78ffi@78f8; Prussian thalers, 7IY8@ BOAT 6 .d eo 3 a;eDupuy, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports The weath e r any means so bad but that they might be worse. 72 U. Me\V th Ige &_u(; 9 8 ;car 1 em, 4 do; warm and pleasant, and SUltable for handlmg tobacco. fipamsh.-Havana tobacco has been in fair demand, Frezghls remam qutet and w1thout any notable change M. H eL e_Jm 7 t' 4M 0J unt 0&B zed, r 5 o 7 ; The farmers are bustly engaged stnppmg and preparing and sales are reported to the extent of 700 bales at 95c Among the engagements were so cases to Hamburg, at d D 2 & 0d h b ppen F ..;o I er, 1 for market. The dehvenes at this place have mcreased @$LIO. There was some inquiry for Yara, and we 255' and to Bremen, 2oo cases seed leaf on pnvate do; L malnh &c Cers e6rgder, 2L od' .B vesh, 42 since the weather moderated. Receipts for the b d 6d o nsc 1 orn o 2 o e erman rot ers k 6 hhd st 59 last week s tes 6 hhd note the transfe! of twenty-five ales of I and II cuts terms an 13o cases at r2s 6 'd E R ld & B tl 8 d B h' wee r4 s agam a 9 s 0 at te s I o i osenwa ro Jer, I I o; asc agamst 83 the week prevtous. The market throughout nMi.pnv e rm As th Q-Growera ot .-lleot tobacco re eautlooet agaln>ll-acoepting o11r roCohen & Co., 40 do ; Lichtenstein Brothers & Co., 7 the entire week has ruled finn and active, at former anufactured.e season advances the comported oatea and quotation ot -loaf the pncea that Bhould d L & M d lb 6 d D & A B t d t b d ll beobtainedb:rlb.ematftrothand. GronroC4DnotexpecttooeUthetreropa o; emon an e aum, I o; ennmo, quotatiOns, say for common lugs, lugs, 7 merce Ill ure 0 acco gra ua y Improves, for the B&JDe pr'ce ubtailled OD. re-oale Of the crop here or couroe d M & E s I d J L G t & .. despite the many adverse circumstances with which th-retore obta!nabl9by BIO tho; d .L aGomonh, 119& Bo; tl. adsser E @8; common leaf, 8@8Yz med.tum lea' 8 good the trade is obliged to contend. During the week quotations Hrolf er, 2Is do; H. Felrksc et rodler,E49D oH; r' leaf, fine .leaf, roU@ro%", chotce leaf, II@' lh d t d d ti d k r/ d o man, 1 o ; a ens em, r r o ur 11 r L ere was a mo era e eman or ar /4s., 10s., an QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PlUOEs, b t 8 d F B 1 7 d G W ht d 7 2 I2S. for export. Of the former, sever:.! good lines w-..L!glltletof L!htpreeoed,extrallne @M uB, 0 N. ow yes, 0 H ng 2 oS. NEW ORLEANS, 14 -We report as folld d th 'd b) .-Bh!pplng,commonlugs. T K @ L!ghtPreo&@10 Qooarnr .ft>un<: e mar t' ere tas L!abtcutl!ng lugo ...... 10 Hedlnm .. 19 Bv THE OLD DOMINION LrNE.-J. A Pauj,i, 23 hhds, s new ngs a c, an mm ea' 10r been a perceptible ,chmmutton of stocks generally ilo do leo! .. u @:10 llaoy Haif PWndl.A 1 b & H 1 d p Ll d p ttu & C d Genoa, at ro U Prices retain their former positions; th th t th ti k t 'th t d" Beav:rleat Fille...... .. 2s @28 pp e y e me, r 5 o o ar 1 e s o, 12 o, W te Lugs at 7 '.L@Sc low leaf at g r/ c.9 me Wl 10 e pas or o!'lr s, no WI san mg tugo ..... .. T.!(@ s)( Ftmcy A. D. Chockley & Co, 3 do, P Lonllard & Co, 19 do, e quo apparant torpor m busmess cucles, and m_ay be ... .. 6., 211 @80 3 trcs, W. O. Smith, 25 do, rS do, Reed & Co, 1 trc iY' at @I r }.{; and fine and sesatd that several of the lower grades are begmnmg to Good ............... Led! F!ogers. Bolls :: Martm & Jt>hnson SS cases Allen & Co 43 do Even of low ros., and us., 13 @H Bowne&Fnth 2sd'o Reuben'Lmdhetm 30'do RICHMOND,Fe bruary 17.-Mr. A.Mills,Tobacco which are usually to be had when other sorta are Bright Gold Baro. 6mch @SS han Carroll & Co, 10 do, L Gmter, 6 do; A S RosenBroker and Commission Merchant, reports: Our market scarce, there are none too m11ny now in market; all Fnnk> lngo .. t'<@ & Heady 22 @27 baum & Co ro do K Kuhn rs do Connolly & Co LS Without any noticeable change. Our receipts continue ?f Vlhich to ?ne conclusion, and that is, that Naoy.Au!tdo-V!rg!n1a,ex 2'J @2T 47 do, M M Wel;hofer, 7 d;, H w' 1 do: very small particularly for bnght wrappers, which are tt only needs a answer one way or another Good to ttne...... ...... @12 Fine 1s @20 Rtchey & Boniface, 6 do, 92 three-quarter boxes, E wanted hence prices are fully up on all bright wrappers. C d I h r. Be&'f111hippiDA: Leaf @ommon, medium ... @18 b I b ti 11 rO!f! ongress, regar mg t_1e tax,_ to set t. e manu:acwrappero, darli ....... 10 @tS Hal,.. .. 11 @:10 DuBois, 40 do, 172 do, w p Kittredge & Co, 5 do; Stemmmg to acco tas een commg m pretty u y and wheels m motiOn agam as raptd1y 2g : ..... ::: g 6 7 half boxes H. K Thurber r box, J D Keilly ; Jr. recently and the market' is very well supplied wtth that as 1fthe passtve pohcy ofthe past two or th,ee months Browna.,dGreemol!. 7 @ QuarltrPo'"'"'-23 7 hhds 8 trcs 71 cases. N L McCready 3 trcs 10 description Black wrappers are rather scarce and had never come like a paralyzing nightmare to cramp, ::.:.: ... :: .... 18 cases 'order hhds 26 trcs 32 cases command good prices. In fact pnces for all grades aret and. clog, and stifle the and resou;ces of our Fine opang)ed to yellow Ill @liS Common to medlWD. 16 @17 BY THE v:RGINIA LINE -Chas Luling & firm and fully up to my quot ations. Transactions for busmeas men, manufacturers, merchants, JObbers and 1 @ Co 14 hhds Oelrichs & Co 10 do w 0 Smtth 23 the week were 632 hhds 141 tcs., and 24 boxes. I the rest That we have n?t such answer I_s not the .......... @36 22 cased; Martm & 4,3 cases, J. Ottenquote: fault of the trade seggregahvely or aggregattvely. It Medium ..... 9 Fine ............... 20 @22 berg & Son 2 do. Dohan Carroll & Co I 58 do 340 is due solely to the ingrained, ineradicable, and inexto line red. u oci ;,;e.uu;n : il hlf boxes ,Richey& Bonlrace 34 do 3; do. M;ddux haustible pure cuSiedne_ ss" of _Congress. If this be cowur:r :. ... f s ... ki..,Brothers, 's do, ro kegs, Bulkley, & Co., roo d d t It be b d h Grouudle1of, new I @ 9 Ou Frit eeme as rong expressiOn, e 1t remem ere t at r ..... 60, ss. 70 three-qtr boxes 'Vashington & Co 19 hlf boxes. it is leavened w_1th th. e saving grace of tr.uthfulness. Sud IA:at-""'" OigarJ-fl<>meotle. BALTIMORE, February C. Loose S k L k Fille Wroppers . Seed and Hav ...... mo mg.1 e 1ts compeer chewmg, smoktng SlctiODB .. 4S @60 per M ... ... 40 00@76 oo & Co CornmLSsion Merchants and Dealers m Leaf tobacco is t?rmented with th.e spectre of change, :::1::':-=;g g;; report Our market 'for the past week has posstbly _po,sstbly near, but change Now 8 2 New Ymk Seed conn contmued to be very macttve, owmg to small receipts, certamly, and be .. ... 21 Pe::"Kr'c{o do:: ::. g:: wh1ch, as to Maryland, almost amount to nothing, and somethmg pleasmr to CongressiOnal vtston m the Lt4.!-" @16 it: 17 0 .@23 oo were composed m 9 stty, ofOh1 o and Kentucky. Of Ohio spectacle of a great industry struggling_ with heavy Wnppera 36 @"' wrapper 20 00@30 oo some more sfuall 1ots, mostly of mfenor and common through the mazes and of g:: descnptrons were taken by buyers for France at un-tamty, and 1f so, for a reasonable time, perhaps, 1t m.w SNd. Lld8 -t" BoND -Barou" "Wylllo Ex 4110 ll>o net 29 to fine red, 9@12 common to medmm spangled, g@xo, fi I l I b Extra fine 45 @50 I c :rca". . 28 l pro ts, w 11c 1 oug 1t not to e m seasons of active F De .... ... ..... @: Ynurrta .... .. .......... 25y,; fine spang ed to 12@25. Kentucky-common trade; whtle much the same p1ay be aaid of our imGood z A." 230 ftlo 23 to good lugs, low to medium leaf, clear portmg houses, whose patronage is beginning to be : :: g @ .. ::.: ::::.::: to good, fine and selections, II@r8 Virbetter than etther their profits or facilities; the Latter dy .... 10 w 5" ..... .... .......... 2G gtnta-commpn to good lugs, ; low to med leaf, becommg restricted, in some degree, for the want of or noou or ou'moHroucco fa1r to good, selections, Ir@r3, goods, every day that the troubles in Cllba are proHavana Qub&, SagQa Yara. O eaf. pnmings, stems, good to fine, long_ed, it more difficult to obtail1 supp1ies. B1a. Bi.o' Bi.o Bl.o. Blo Tobacco Statement. An 1m porter JUSt returned from Cuba, and previOusly 1 '2113 18 Jan'r, I872 -Stock m and on long a restdent there, gives an unpleasant account of Total. 20,112 1 ,238 460 shtpboard, not cleared -----5,745 hhds the cigar businessm Havana. He says a good portion Sa:tMoiiire-w-tato.r ... 31,187!. 5 ,il5 1 ,138 1:10 Inspected thts week 243 hhds of the best workmen who we1 e left after the exodus to Slock on band February 1 1872 11,200 : -: 310 Inspected previOusly. ___ .. __ ____ r,oo2 hhd.s Key West, were forced into the servtce of tl e Home Stock on band Felmuu-J 1, 18'11 20,553 173 Guard, and are now alternately paratlmg the streets, Slock 00 band Fob

' I ; THE TOBAC()O LEAF. 3 ._, Inspector have amounted to the monthly sum of$r,zoo $1,8oo-; whereas, under tbe law Clf nve cena per package, the regular Custom-h?Juse per diem would suffice. The market for both leaf and manufactured is at present very quiet, and prices remain as heretcfore noted. The exports were r c.ase. 4 do pipes to Victoria. There are now on their way to this port from Atlantic ports 182 hhds and 451 cases. ST. LOUIS, February 14.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, To bacco Broker, reports as follows. Rece1ved I37' hhds, against 70 the prev1ous week The demand has been good, and pnces full for the quahty offered, which was low The offenngs on the break from Thursday to yes terday were quite small-less than half those of the corresponding days of the prevwus week. Sales for the period named, were 37 hhds-8 at go 8 at $6@6.go: II at $7@7.90 j 8 at f,8@8 go, and 2 at f,g go @II, and r4 boxes at f.4.xo@q so. In the same tune, bids were rejected on 7 hhds, at $6 40@9 30, and I box at f,5.6o. To-day the market was active and prices full on the low qualities offered. Sales r8 hhds 7 at f.s 6o @5.90 j 3 at$6.Io@6.2o, 6 at f.7@7o, and 2 at f.9 20 @19.25, and I box at $s,so. Bids rejected on 2 hhds at $7. soJo, and I hhd was passed. We quote inferior and hghtwe1gptlugs, $; factory do $5.75 to 5 xo; plan ters' do $6.oo@6.75, common leaf at $6.50@7; me dium do f7; gooddo f.9.5o@12.5o Little good or bright offenng. FOREIGN. LIVERPOOL, February 1.-Mr. F. W. Smythe' s monthly circular reports: 'In all January the transac tions in United States tobacco were of more than average extent, deliveries being r,6oo hhds, against 1,186 same time last year. As usual, exporters took leaf al most exclusively, but manufacturers and dealers bought a much larger quantity of strips than of leaf, all on basis of previous quotations ; so that on the whole there was unproved demand and steady prices. The present stock of American tobacco here is 25,697 hl)ds, agamst 17,712 twelve months ago. In London the stock is r8, o82 hhds, agamst 13,984 on JISt January, 1871-making the total stock in both ports 43,779 hhds, compnsing as fol lows: 2312;>3 hhds strips, and 20,486leaf. Western Leaf and Strips, were purchased for home use, preference bei,ng given to the latter at firm figures, espebially to such lots as could be had at low pnces having part wrap per and part filler. There was also a good business done in leaf suitable for Afnca, besides moderate sales of common and mferior leaffor the Gontment. Virgmia Leaf and Strips-Not much done' in either, although filler strips and the better grades for were m quired for. .Maryland.r-Fine colory selectiOns free from sand were wanted, but very li ttle of this sort could be found in the, stock. Other Growths-In hmited sup ply, except Turkey. Caveudish-Dull. The quotattons are as Virginia attd KentuckJ Strips-common, 6@-; medmm, 7@8; good, find old, @10; Virgima and Kmtucky Trade Dry Leaf-dry short filler (sound), s@-; part wrapper, good, fine colory, Virgmia a11d Kmtucky "'Export Leaf-continental common, do good, African good to fine, 5@7. -The parcel lately imported was sold at our publ.c auction fbe 25th nit, and realized fair rates. Fur ther importations may be looked for, but nothmg defimte is yet known as to the quantity likely to come forward or the tJme of arrival. This growth w11l come to a good market, owing to the very small stock o( substitutes offermg. In Turkey there has been more busmess done, se'\leral small lots possessing a frur amount of color having been placed. Macedonian contmues in good demand. The bulk of the recent arnvals provmg bright m color, free m character, and generally better assorted, were taken by the trade readily. Greek-An tmproved busmess has been done, holders having m some in stances made a concess10n m pnces. Porto Rico, Arracan, Brazil, St. Dommgo, and '"RIO Grande-No stock of either growth on hand cuttmg descnptwns much needed, and would readily find buyers. Dutch has been dealt m only to a moderate extent, the assort ment offenng being but tnflmg. For German there have been many mqumes,-but suttable sorts are difficult to meet With. Java-Owing to the great dearth of useful workmg classes, transactions have been lim1ted, pnces ev n for common sorts rule htgh Japan-Some few parcels offered at sale during the past month found buyers at current rates. The Englebert" has with about 2,7oo bales, which are in course of samplmg, and will shortly be offered on the market Hunganan has sold moderately j well butted and leafy descriptiOns much sought for, but not to be had. For Latakia there have been several inquiries, resulting in a fair business. Negrohead in good demand. Cavendish has remained quiet throughout the month ; some useful sizes of good quality are now offenng. Stalks in good demand Smalls difficult to place. not he taken out too early, let it be pretty well developed so that it may be easily grasped with the thumb and forefinger. This is a matter of some importance, as it gives a greater length of stalk and a more through exJ;!Osure to solar and atmosphenc influences Some di versity of opinion exists in regard to the proper distance that should be given the plants on the land. My opinion is, that three feet each way will insure a much finer tex t'tue of the leaf, but not so much m weight. The ordi nary rule, however, is about three feet by three feet four mches. The observance of these simple suggestions with a fair season, w1ll almost certamly insure a fine crop on the hill. Much might be said in regard to the best method ofraiS 1g the'plants and the management of the crop m the process of cunng, but as I designed to con fine myself sun ply to the cult!Vatwn of the crop. 1 will not mcumber this article by the coos1deration of those subfects The Folly ofthe Rules for the Expor tation of Manufactured Tobacco. To the Hon Chairman and Members of the Comtmtlee of Ways and Means, House of Represenfaltves of the United States-Gentlemen: We beg permission to impress upon you the necessity of relieving the exportation of .Manufac tured Tobacco of the o verburdenmg, in many cases pre clusive and, in our own humble opimon, peifectly us'! less formalittes and expenses, w1th wh1ch It Is now hampered. The exportatiOn of manufactured tobacco has to contend with excessive and protecnve dulles m most foreign as even those natJOns which have abandoned the protective make an excepton m regard to tobacco, of which they tax the m :wufactun;d article at from double to five times tht; rate lev1ed on the raw matenal. Under these Circumstances 1t Is not to be wondered at that our exports of" manufactured" are comparatively small, on the contrary It 1s rather wonder ful that they are not smt1ller, m spite of the natural ad vantages wh1cp our country has for the prosecution and great development of that mdustry1 Hit would be therefQie sound pohcy for our own Govtgpfllent to avoid all measures whtch create additional llfl:i ediments to that export trade Thts IS not done under' the laws '!nd reg1,1la t1ons now m force, which are rather an endless accumu lation of impediments and and which is the worst of them, perfectly unnecesary, as we hope to con vince you. 1 Let us first look at the mode of procedure as now en forced: Inspection fee., I44 lbs, at ro cents. __ -__ Lading officer's fees.----------------Comtructwe storage in bonded warehouse Landmg certificate S5 gold at ro pr cent ___ 0 I5 1.00 047 5 Total. ... -.. -.. ... -.. -S9 1 2 or cents per lb, or 9 per oent. of value, or or.e fifth of tax. But is only trifl i ng, compared with the expense of shipments, which have to be exported 7 Jta anoth e r distnct, for want of direct shipping. On December 22, ,I87r, we exported to Valpara. so, Chili, vta B os ton, 6 cases smoking tobacco, class I6 cts., contammg 634 lbs's. Amount of bi!J.. ________ ______ $2ro.7o currency. (Tax would have been holr,44.) EXPENSES BY REGULATIONS In Balftmore 6 export stamps, at 25 cts .r _____________ J 4 blank papers, at 5 cts __________________ o.:zo Stamp on r bond .. ---------------------0.25 Inspection fees, 634 tbs, at 10 cts. _--___ _o.63 In Boston, a.r per btl/ 9 blanks, stamps, and fees.--.. -.--. ----3 7 5 Inspection and Jading fees .. -.. -.. _--_ I 45 Constructize storage ___ ___ _______ _ r oo Half drayage ---------------------o 75 Forwardmg commission and givmg bond. ___ ro oo In ValpRraiso Landing certificate, ounce ($8) gol at Io per cent..--.. ------. -- ----8.8o Total -.--------------$28.33 or 4 cents per lb, w 13 46 per cent. of value, or about 28 per cent. of tax. We are correct in mcludmg the whole forwardmg commissiOn, as. it is only on account of the revenue formalities that we need the services of a farwardmg agent, for without them the agent of the transportation line would attend to the forwardmg without charge, and we are also correct m including half drayage, as under the regulatiOns the goods have to be drayed to and from the bonded warehouse, while otherwise there would be but one drayage. It comes still better. On. December 20, I87J, we exported to Kmgston, Jam;uca vu:: New York, 2 bbls, containing 125 tbs, smokmg, class 32. B ll.-------S 67.83 (Tax would have been EXPENSES BY REGULATIONS. 1N TRIPLICATES EXCEPT THE BOND. Itl Baltimore when a manufacturer wants to ship one or more ., f b [. h h b d t 2 export stamps, at 25 -------' 4 blank papers, at s cts._----- ---. 0.20 hethenleaveswordfor the in Stamp on bond--------------0 2 5 d h h h h ffi Inspection fee, 12 5 lbs, at zo cts ___ .. _.. o. I 3 spect r to come an mspect t em, w IC t at o cer does, charging therefor 10 cents per 100 lbs This inI1z New York as per b1ll: spection ts only nominal, and consists in stendling his Cartage to store (bonded warehouse), name and office, and the contents, as stated to him by lading and inspection fees.-:---2.25 the manufncturer, on the packages and signing his erWarehouse entry and stamps.------3 tificate for the same. The manufacturer then presents Export entry and notary fees.---------5o this certificate to the Collector, and applies for penmsStorage and labor at bonded warehouse.--1.25 sion to remove the goods. Before this permission IS Fees to lading officer--------r.oo given, he has to execute his bond with two secunties bond ------------------o.5o aiid in presence of two witnesses The permit is then Comm tsslon----------- -- 2 .oo issued to remove the goods to the bonded warehouse. In Kmgsfon :Jamaica 1 ALL IN DUPLICATES EXCEPT THE BOND. l-andmg certificate gold at 10 per Cent. 5 The transportation to the bonded warehouse is a mere ... farce, as the goods neverleave the dniy, but are only TotaL.-----------------$ 22.83 halted in front of the warehouse j nevertheless all the or I8U cents per lb, or per cent. of value, or 57 paper-formalities have to be gone through w1th, consist-pr cent. of tax. ing of You will perhaps think that we have been overcharged rst, the Entry; 1 by our but we can assure you that we have zd, the Order of the Collector to the Storekeeper, to tned a number of them, and 1f ever we found one to do receive; it for less, it was only for the first time, he soon claimed Jd, the Order Of the Colllector to the Inspector, to as much as the others, on account of the troubl he had, again inspect; and the responsibility bond[ which he had to assume. 4 th, Cert1ficate of the Inspector i We have frequently to refuse small for export, as 5th, Certificate of Storekeeper, of having rece1ved the the expenses would exceeds goods; But now we come to the question, whether all these 6th, Warehousing bond with wo Securities and two impediments and, vexations to trade are necessary for Witnesses, the protection of the revenue, this Being the only object 7th, Withdrawal Entry : which they could have. 8th, Order of Collector to Storekeeper, to deliver the Since the introduction of the stamp tern no tobacco goods to the custody of the Inspector or Jading can be exposed for sale wuhin the Umted States, with officer: out bemg packed as by law and stamped, 1f 9th, Certificate of Inspector (or lading officer), of re-found otherwise it is subject to tmmediate seizure. and Rem.cva.l. NEW YORK CITY.-The To!)acco Manufacturers Assoc1ation, have removed from 32 Warren St, to 65 Broadway New FirDl. NEW YORK CITY -Read & Co, leaf and manu factured tobacco dealers, Messrs. Clement Read, Isaac cl, and T. A. Moody, ha\Le formed a um'er the above style. Chances in' Business. NEW YORK CITY _:_A P Francia, general commiSSIOn merchant and importer of hconce, retrre s from active busmess ; the firm w1!1 be hqmdated by htmself and Alexander Raabe,.by procuration CINCINNATI, Omo -Maddux Brothers t o b acc o comm ss on s, d S3olved; Messrs T. W B. Maddux retire the other partners continue. :Meeting of Cipr Manufacturers. An adjourned meeting of cigar manufacturers was held on Priday, the 16th instant, at the office .of Levy Brothers, I92 Pearl Street, th1s city The call for the previous meeting, which declared that "matters o f importance to all cigar manufacturers would be brought before the meeting," was read by the Chrurman, Mr. Harris, after which, on motion of Mr. Benjamin Lichten stein of the firm of lLichtenstien Bros & Co., Ma1den Lane, the gentlemen present resolved themselves into a pe'rmanent organization, to be known as the "National Cigar Manufacturers Association of the United States." The object of the Association, as expressed in a lution submitted by Mr. Lichtenstein, is, tQ foster and protect the interests of the manufacturing trade. The followmg gentlemen were chosen officers of the Association. BENJAMIN LICHTENSTEIN, Presiilent. SIGMUND JACOBY, VJce PresJdent. J. LEYY, Secretary. L HIRSCHHORN, Treasure r EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Louts Spies, Louis Ash, S. Jacoby, S. Auerbach, L Hirschhorn, E. A. Smith, The Assoctatton compnses the followmg well-known manufacturers: Lichtenstein Bros. & Co., S. Jacoby & Co., L. Hirsch horn & Co., Kerbs & Sp1es, Sutro & Newmark, Charles Bondy, D. Hirsch& Co, Bondy& Pro haskt;' M. W Men del & Bro., M. Brock & Co. Loms Ash, Frey Bros. & Co., Schwarz & Spohr, Auerbach & Menderson, E. A. Smith Levy Bros, L. Steinhardt Bros & Scbolnank. FIRE IN A BROOKLYN FACTORY.-Early on themornmg of the t6th n;st., a fin; broke out in the tobacco factory of J. Lonllard, m Sedgwtck Street near Columbia. It orig mated m the furnace-room and caused a damage of whtch was covered by insurance. TRADE BENEVOLENCE.-There was a distribution yes te rday (Tuesday) among the disabled Jeterans at the Soldiers' Home, on Ward's Island, of several hundred pounds of chewmg and smolrt Leaf Tobaooo of all grades. r .. ibernl cuh advances made on conEignments W our hou!le o r to oar friencs in England, through us. A D. OHOOKLEV, J. H. Richmond, V& New York CHOCKLEY & ANDERSON, Commiasion Merchants. RICHMOND, VA. Oonoignmen,_ ofLNfTobacco, Grain and other Produce oolicltecl on which lt.beroZ &dvanoea Wlll be made. Will execute orderefor the purcbue of IMfTobaect) in tho Richmond Alar .. bt for the UBual comarlaaion. Dealers and llanutac&urua wHl ftutl Jt to tb<>lt l.nterel!!lt to f.Ye u orders, h1eh can be to 1111 or tbroUQ.h A &.. CBocnar .k Co.. our lfew York Houae Shtppera will have tbe of botb m eta in lhlppJDg to either hOUie, and onJr ODe oommiatuou l'!t\&rged.. ., -. EXCISE TIUI:, Fine-C"t, Plug. Twist, Tobacco twioted by nand, or reduce1 from i. oond>tlon to be corummed, or oberWJ8e prepared, \\'1lhout tho nee of any machine or ID&trument, &nd wtlboui bemg 'p.:eosed or sweetened, and on all other .kinde of maanfaetiU'Ed tobacco not be rein otherwise pro'f!ded for S2e per lb.; Bmokmg to btl reo ezclu otvely of a :.ems, or of leaf, wttb all the etem1 in so aold, Lhe leaf not ha.ving been preVlonaly atnpped, butled, or l'ft' lb. r On Ctgare of &II deecnptwne, made of Tobacco or any eubeututo therefor, S5 per thooo&nd; on Ctgarettes weighing not three potlllds per thouB&Iid, :1 60 per ihonaend; when we1gtung ex ccedmg three ponnd1 per tbonBUid, 16 per thoueand. Ou tonuft' manufactured of tobacoo, or any subautute for tobacco, ground, dry, damp, pckled, ocented, or otheronae. of all descrJpLIOnB, when pre pal'fld for use, a ax of S2o. per lb. And enulf-fl 6ur, when sold, or removed for use or ooneomphon, ebll b!Ytnod as sntdJ, nnil ball bopnt up ln packages and eumped to tbe eame manner as 4 Tuxn -Foregu Tobaeeo duty Silo. per iJlOUnd, Foretgu f1tgt. e, S2 5U per pound and 25 per cenL ad valm '"' Imported e1gars also bear t.n Iuternal Revenue tax of $1) per M., to bo poud b7!' at tbe CnatomHouoe. (Revenue Aci, The Import duty on tobacco 18 50e. p e r lb.; Leaf, stemmed, 15c. per lb. In addition to th1s duty, tbe Rtvenne tax on tt e sam e kmd of tob&eco made m th18 country must be The tnhnco must also bo packed accordiDg to the regulatiODl! tovennna tobacol mde here.


. THE TOBACCO LEAF. I I!llerohantiJ. wx.&. KrrrKJIDG.' B.C.WBBELocs. DOHAN CARR. OLL & co WM. P. &. CO., 1 e Virginia Tobac,co'Agency 1 I nrO:BA.Coo TABLittHED IN 1836, n'Y CHARLEs .M. CoNNOLLY. -PVLAa liaANas o TOBAcco. Tobacco ... ---'-"'-ts 71. and 73 Frot Bt,, /' _.... ..., irir;.: Commission Merchants, ...... ........ V.enm, S, 1, llcoM, Sal.len' Fuorlte, Cllerry, OlflfOLLY & r,; Eadora, IDcf!aii Star, Wblte J'&WII, I LouloU6'Noire, Natloa'o'Cboloe, Prido ol tbe Boot. 0, P. Worcl & Son&, Commission lYierchaD.ts Glclen Rule, Wide A wke, CutrenCJ, Jobu R. Allen -\ uderaon, B. W. Harne, NaJ'll Cltolce, I llattlao d Twl>rotclr, Old !Sport, Wblte Feather, C al o b Tle, 8.-lwhrlRht, Young Swell S A. kott, J w. Ed .. artll, Legal Teoder, K. J. -rlatlan, Cali fornia Gold B&ro. G. a. CraiDp, tltraltberry, Flora Temple IN EAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 45 WATER ST., NBW YORK. .. Bx. Noln'Ol( Taoa J. 8L.&.U&HTR. B. n W18DII EDWARD M. WIIIHf, NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., e respectfully call the attention of the trade to the following STANDARJ) DS Tobacco for w e are Agents: 'WP u M '!l WllfE SAP, Lbtl. OPTDIU, Light Preued. GOLDEN APPLE, 4s s.nd 5a GO. UI:Elr lEAL HOKESTEAD, Bright 81. BON TON FIG, GAI.LBOO, '11 'IORT01SE tiHELL NAVY, BUFI'ALO CHIPS, ."!STE:&'a .l.NVINCDILE, PACK & STOVALL'S ROUGH GOLDJIARS :ttl!'AL 11 AlfD :&EADY TWIST, POJlOl'I'A :iU.I.LY HOI 11 PACE & STOVALL' S EPICURE UNIQUE, 1-4&. ,.,.,..OU, 11 BORODINA .....,.... 11 41ud6a. BLACKBIRD," 'IJ,'BQllADO, Light'P,-d. .., )(ARY'SOWli, .. llAGliET, .. \-'f1 sc&ao DER a BON, ;M:ItEJULDA, r. COJ[I]('THRO THX RYE," UIWD:BER l4.;'1.0SE, '' YACHT CLUB," "'78 WATER STREET NEW YORK Var10W1 Brandl, Bnght and Dark 1, -, lfl!:GROREAD TWIITS, VARIOUS BRANDS FOR ExPO: Bl'.. ..,_e also on hand a large assortment of other brands, in all styles an(l 01' HA.ISJI General Commission Merchan Tobacco anrl Cotton Factors, -AND39 Broad Street. (!!;.omtnissi.on Bterc!rants, RBW '!'@llB o NO. 41 BROAD STREET. IIB:W TOll&. P o. ac:ix, 48158! AND Jbes. suited to all markets .t a l Packers of t A PDf:& .A.NORTilDT 0'1 No. 104 PROHT STREET, \1. J. DoHAN, ALEX. s THOS. CAitROLL, JNo. T T AfTT. ![ants for tke fullowin[ well known Vir[inia_ Mannfactnrers: J. B. PACE, HARDGBOVf, & SONS ell. YAC'E & CO. J. H. & CO.. RAGLAND. & JONES, I JOHN aAGLAND & TOSH, TURPIN' & BB!i-. & CO., D B. TENI'I[.tN1' Itt t!J ., WINNIE, & TAlBOT, L H. FRJI,YSER & L. W. WISE, R W. R A. PATTERSON & CO., 'll. G8EANER J. P W!l!.LIAMSON, .RY 0 i .. L ,LOt'IIER.,' I KREMELBERG & CO., NEWYORKt UD y. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIMORE Tobacco lerehantt x6o PEARL STREET, NEW YORX. ISAAC READ,T Succoesor to READ, EDWIN '' 1 Sole l.gents in New 10rk an. nom < BmUIJ$, t> .. anq Poo.ket Pieces. Also for John V( Oarrou \ Smoking Toba.ooos, 1 Commission Merchant; Lone Jack & :Srciwn Dick, etc. A....t DM!er in Yorul .. iZ. 0 0. HAllJ.I.irON, B Ab.U.CBOPr. NEW -y':Q-RK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. 11118cco Inspected o r Sa01pled, Certificates given for every case and de ltve \9d as to nubber o r cerLificate. N.B.We also sample in own Store.s. tlwd F. C. LINDE ct. \CO., 7R1N(lJPA.l, Ot' f H JE-l 42 Water S&ree&. W AKEHOUSES-142 w ... ter, 1 'T3 Wront, 'T4, 'T6 and 7)1 flreeuwleh St:re<'t., aa '1 JHHf q Rlvt!r Ratl Road 'DePj't,11t .J'nllln'M .. Ark. FATmAN & CO JOSEPH M:. &'ICO. IM1'0R1Ell8 OF I Cotton and Tobacco HAY AN A TOBACCO. Factors, AND wHoLEsALE nuLE.BS' IN MD COMM ISSIO,N MFRCHANTS S d Lea:f nw b '70 & '2'!1 BROAD STREET, ee .a. 0 8CC0 NEW vo:RK. 218 PEARL STREET. fiEW YORK: -----------JOS. 'f.RIOHEL. JNO. M :C, f: NEW YOfi TOBACCO PACKED IN IIOGSBEA,DS. 1---..a...-.---:-. HOMA INNI A. STEIN & oo.,. i S K CUTT, Commission Merchants, K.entlltlkT -4 Vtrpala AND D!:ALZB8 IN ALL D.ESO BrPTIONfl OF GEAF TOBACCOJLEAF TOBACCO: jra. 6 Strtiet, 197 Duan&-atreet, MEW YORK. l New':' lY ort. -Cigar manu!aoturerti opartioulat'lY favored. Go1Udss1o No.' 47 Broad E SPIN.G-!RN' & CO., J AVANA & DoirESTIC TOBACCO. No. 8 BU'RUNC SLIP, NEAR W A TF:R-STREEJ', NE'W-YORK. Adu........, o n COn!JI'm8nta to Kellin. W A A: G. :WAXWBLL a. co,., ftiBERSCH!IIM P.IP:EIS. BRIER WOOD and otber stylee ol PIPES. PIP. BOWLS, CLAY l'IPES, Oherry Stems, CIGAR CASES. Tobaeeo Boxell, BHOW O( all killdB, dbo., '.&a., E :R:osENWALD.&BRQ., Importers;.; of Spanish, A.ND ACKEJtS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. 1 45 Water Street; N. Y STRAITON, & STORM:, )fAlfUF A 10TURER8 OF B E Gr.' .A :El.S, AND t DEALERS IN L:S A F TOBACCO, No. 191 PEARL STREET, New York lOIIN S'I'RAITON, 1 OEOR(}I! STOlUC O!:ORGJ: WICJ::J:. 1 WILLIAM. GEORGE WICKE ; J MANUFACTURERS, O.F, S E G A R B 0 XES, .. 161, lo9 & 181 GOERCK STREET, NEW Best Material and Superior Make by Self-Invented and Patented ----------------E_W __ HERMANN BAT JER & BRO., A. DE BRAEKELEER,. P w .. x.uumrumm "" F. W. TATIENHORST & CO., VAN A CIG ,Tobacco' & General Collliilission 96 Beekman St. -MERCHANTS, No. I l 0 PEI\.RL STREET, kl, QW 't1 Dor. llanover Squue, NE'W YORK, OOirUIIS8lON M.ll'lOHANTS AKD DIPOR'l'ERS 01' CLAY PIPES, 91 WATER-STREET. tt('nt i o n of Jobbers; always on hand ill lbs, '.lalf lbs pieces &c. Importeuof BP.A.NI8H,and Dealers in 133 Water and 85 Pine Streets, New York. 'For Price List, address or apply as above. OTTO 29. BE A. VER STREET, NEW YORK. IMPORTER OF I HAVA NA CICARS. Sole Agent of: "BOUQUET DE TOBACOS,"_ "JOCKEY CLUB" and "PHIL. LEAF TOBACc;JO 184 Front Street., NEWYORX. PASCUAL, HAVANA TOBACCO. 117 Maiden Lane, NewYGrk. CAR. L UPMANN," TOBACCO and GENERAL R. S. Importer o! ; HAVANA 'TOBACCO, PEARL STREET, Near Maiden Lane, NEW' YORK. WILLIAM M. PRICE &. CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane, W H. l'RtCll, l F A. J.uNs. r NEW YORK JOS. MA !ER'S SONS, "trthauts, 122 W .A TEE New York. J H. BERGDIAH The Straiton & Storm" Segar-Wrappe r COMMISSION liEROH.B.N'l. B 0 0 K I N G m A c H I N E Dil'OllTBR AlBALitB Dl I Scotch, Gennan, and Dutcll ?ATElNTEJD_ CltAY .I.BS. Foreicn aad I>omee&io Leaf' TobaccO, FJlf Sale only b y F.A.IRJIAN & eo., :G CEDAR ,No. 5 Street, Philadelphia. ,.. J. KRAFT &. H OFFME;ISTER, to A.. J, 0 R F. N Z. Mu.uu!-aa.cturen o f rui entire oew atyleoC 8ECARS. 'ROBERT_E. KELLY & CO., w ... 148 Front-Gee;. METAL AND WOOD W CASES. NRW:0fta ----------------------lOSU'.S: A. VEGA 4t BBCl ( I I .AZ'fD Patcnteu April22d and Aug. 1-2th. 1362, -------------------1 :J NORTH WILLHM ST., N "'{. OITY D J. GARJ'H, SON & CO. .,.,,..,; eo................ Ch } T B -& Oo. (Suoceooors to c ......... B ll'4LLBM8r-&; Co.. STROHM A :es. auer I Oommtssion Merchants, (!;.ouuuiJI-i.oa Commasston Merchants, And Importers of No. 129 PI!ARL STREET, .wiO ,_,_... H N.flw YORJC. n o J r a avana Tobacco & Segars, FOB.mGN TOBACC(Jo, No. 40 BEAVER ST.1 : n 176 li'RONT ST., N Y Nllr J!QIIK Cl2'T. D. 1 Godll, Cbas. II( Gartla Heou Bl>Mldor.


.9h.e .!?laiLacca ,.;flanu.f.a.d.u. af.}teut. !!J.U!k !Leg leau.e ia call the t!R.p.f.wn af tJte f. a. s.f.acl. af. Cigars, a f'a l, manu/!a.citt'tecl in t.heit. 1Luil.dii1;!J-, and af-j:'eted fat" D.ale at ft.ttcea L';-!tich. it iA uclieu.ecl mutd ue en:f.Jte'H-satLD.'j.ialatg. ta ...._ PALMER & SGOILLE, UIHBTBBS Gl' LEAF TOB.A.GOO -' No. 110 Water Street New York. L. PALMER 1 A.. H. BCOVILIJf, Connecticut Seed-leaf Wrapper of our own ptioking WATER STREET NEW YORK. AMERICAN CIGAR MOULD MANUFACTUR1NG CO., No. 463 First Ave., NEW YORK. r I 0 AVVO l'!HlD&RICK D. JODNSON. WATER STREET, Tobacco c ommission Merchants AGENTS FOR. THE SALli: OF ALL THE Standard Brands of Virginia and lfortli Carolina MANUFACTURED TOBACCO; And SQLE AGEN;TS i>r the sale _of the foliowing brands of Me81!11L THOlfAS & and D. o.lienry, Jr., orees.d u hB.rd; 12 inch lbs. MANUFACTURED King Bee, 12 inoo lbs. Prid e ot' the Nation 12 inch lbs. Reward of Industry, 12 inch lbs. D. 0. Mayo's Navy, lbs., t lbs., and lO'a Conestoya, 5's. SMOKINQ., Billy Buck Choioa. Virginia Belle ., Rose Star. Oli' Grand Duoh. Bug .9h.e #amflan!J. i.s. enaiLle_cl, IL!:f meana of: i fa.c.ililLJ., t.a o.ffef a J!.iefLIJ uatie!J! 4 w.e{l made lfi,BP-tD., at. 'fa!e4... f!!:f cdd'lltf ket flticeD.. and {a ezeeute all otdeta tccet"u.ed. Purfl Virginia, "" u inAmerio11o. l!Jureko, .. PERIQUE. -AJ! styles .of and SraolriDf 1'obaec o put up under special bnnda for tbl sole use of owner 85 Broadway MERCANli[E. AND COMM a t AGENCY, J. ARTHUR_S & CCt. 111 Nassau Street,New York. of every businesa in the UNITED STATES. L iat of Names in ol" aaufaetare:na, ProfeuionMen; :Parmen. AND ALL AliiD R.l!TAU. TllADI!.S SUPPuRD T6 PARTIES DESIRING TCT:IMCREASE t TH!IR. BI!SINESS. Circulan, Ennlepeo or acjdreued at cbarcei to tine or Trade in the States ao4 Canah ror parties ..... may prefer a cheap a11<1 elfectie mo for MESSRS 08EIIBRVCK & co., G erm any lind fu '\'IND& IIUI:TNEN, Z"ischenahn, llirp>&n)!. O B():t 500i. 71 John Street, N.Y. -FOX,. & CO., SUol. .. n. L. u.&;:,:e rect trom1 the betlt maznafactoriee of Vtrcmi&. tor .... 3. L. GASSEll'T & BRO.,"" "" Iota 1o oalt -pom"-o. Aad ta Domeott\. COMMISSION MERCHANTS 'M, WESTHEIM & CO,, LEAF TOB .. CCO, D&ALJ:RS 11< AND Dl'JALER8 II< ALlolUND. 0.. SEED-LEAP A]f]) HAVANA Oli el''e Old .. .. BENNET_T'S ... P '' TOBACCO -PIPE. Patented ApriUth, 18'1'0, This novel Rnd "is claimed to be thAI most perfect device for Bm()klng loose tobacco ever oft'ered to the publlc. By the simple arranl!"meut shewn, th1! saliva, instead oi running Into the howl, wetting the tobaooo. and thus fouliarate from the bowl, nnd haTing no communication into it, evapdni.tlon from it int() the pipe is prevented, and the tobaooo is kept and way be readily consumed to the IMt particle, whHa the great objection to the oommon pipe-that or the nicotine arawiog back into the mouth-is entirely obviated. It differs in this from all other pipes, and muat commend itself at a glance to all emoket'll, :Et0vV. ROBINSON & SON. 1 182184 & 186 Gree"wich Shect, J?.:ew YJ1lc-1 Liberal arrangements willl:e made ,.Eh desiring c:.:ch:cc;.ve Ma.:auf'actura.a of Piaa Ol&a::rs, AND BllAI.BBI LBAJ! TGBAt:oLPK X-, Lout. BP:maa. o:r' 192 PEARL STRJ!;ET, E. & ;E!RIB-.ND & CO., DEALJCRS IN Leaf Tobacco, 129 M4..UJEN LANE, l N EVi YORK. BD'W..LBDl':at:EliD,J:Lf WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobaooo and Oommissioa Merohan1& Jl84, a.nd ase Front l!ilt,....t. NEW YOBK. NEW YORK. I RICHARD SOIKEN, MEERSGHAUM ABID BRIARWOOD 91 CHAM:OERSST., N: Y. And Dealer in Leaf Tobaeeo for Export and He1110 ITa& hot Led Leaf T()bacco baled in any package by hydna 189 Pearl street, ic press fur export. NewY ork. SPENt) BB8TIIRS & Co. MANUFAcTURERS OF THE ORLEBBA.T.ED ANd vano.. oUYr B ..... or Fine Cat Chewing Tobacco, .1: IS4 .Jrcut XMrrl St..-, CINCINNATI; 0. Bei g lqcated at the CffiEA'r LEAF MARKETforCUT'l'ING ToBA.OCO, ou r facilitieS for the TRADE with ALL GRADES OF FINE e Cu'P and S OKING e unsu:rpassed. THE GERMAN AJI..ERICAN "EQUITABLE LIF111" BUILDIBG, Bt-oadway, corner Cedar &reet,.New ) CAPITAL. 1.000.000. BENE,J:IT SAVI CS BANK, J66 Nassau Street, Sun Build ing, PP..OSI!l\E CITY H-ALL, NE YORK!. I!.--rEREBT six _per cent. P!lf annum, OD..Ulejirll qf --r .....t.\, i.oatead of the oJ4 qlun...,_ plan, here there is often great loss o to OK 8PEOUL DEPO@ITS, four per C(6B inte""'* -. .,.,--.,... Olida iD wa ,... a-...-ClleMIDc...,..... B&N OPJQI dally !rom 10 to 3. AlaO HOll4ay IDd 8a-&J' from to 6)1; o'clock Bank Dooka in German French aDd Engl.iah. OEBJJUJr ClerluiM the coomtelt. G, H. RJQIRlliOT, Secretary. OH.I.BU!B K. GRABAK1 Prcoidenl. ---,JACOB HENKELL, BEl AR BOX IIANUF ACTOR Y, (Superior :Mue and Prune Quality) OF OEDAB. WOOD, 293 and 295 MON.IlOE STREET, NEW YORK -ci_ e t INSURANCE COMPANY,, NO. 37 S1.1Rij]ET, INCORPORATED 1872. WITH A CAPITAL:OE $2oo,poo, r ALL PAID UP Is now to issue Polieies to re peetuble parties on Jtwell ings, Furniture, Stores aud Mel'ehandise, aol the better class of"Rl .. generally, upon the most Cavorable terms. ---DntECTORS. Taylor-President PHILETUS H. HOLT.--------------lateofHolt.-& Coat ny. SILAS DAVIS-----... .of Davis and Beaton,. STEP HEN W. GAINES.---._------. :Counsel, z86 Pearl NELSON SHERWOOD.-----Marble Works, 466 Cberry Str,et. f HENRY G. REEVE-__ ----_------.of Osborn & Co. DANIEL T. Willets & Co. JOHN M. BRUCE.--------------------of Bruce &Cook. -----of S Linington & Sons. EN09H KETCHA.M-----E. Ketcham & Co. WM. A. CU'MM GS---:---------late of Beards & Cummings. HENRY LYLES, jr.-------------------Polhemus. GEO. B. WHITFIELD--------.forme rly of G. &J. Whitfield. EDWARD Edward Bill & Co.: ,{ FERDINAND A. CROCKER-----------oJ Crocke r, Wood & 0>, EDWARD L.KALBFLEISCH-------of James L. Morgan &'C o ," JOHN P.. DOUGLASS.-----------.o( Douglas lJettS & Co. HENRY P. FREEMAN.----.-----.-------------STEPHEN VALENTINE------------of S. Valentine & Sons. SAMUEL RAYNOR ______ ________ ______ of S. & Co. SYL.VtSTER M. BEARD. ___________ ofBeards & Cumming JAMES S. ----ofJ. S. Rockwell & Co. FRIEND P. 1TTS.---------------------of Fitts & Austin. HENRY H. H. Crocker & Co. 1 MITCHELl. 2 ACKj\RD. __ .. _Packard & Jamea. LORENZO C WDpDHOUSE_ _____ ofFi d, Leiter & Co., Chicago. JOHN M. HARLOW __ .. -------9I Eighth-Ave nue. H. PARKER.--... ---,-----.of Watts, Parker & Co. CHAS WALL..---.-.. -.--.-.--.. ------.of Wm. Wall's Sons. IGOURNEY W. FAY-------.of Perry, Wendell, Fay &Co. HENRY P. FREEMAN, SeereiBry. SPIER., d! CO., l u.u:m. 'u 167 WATEP STREET, Do M"ES T I C r HAVANa li.EiiroaAcco. Tobacco AJID 0. TU BII.UID 01' BBG.AB.s; lliTIO.A,' ; NEW YOiblo .... JGGa; NEW Y'ORK.j :&. H. c.&:anozo & I Tobacco & OOIIIIIII!III .. Oeneral Comaisaion llterch&nta, ....... i!rt:, lt-:165 Water Street, 172 WATER STREET, \ 1. SC[[){l'M"t R. ST&L.'fEOD:. )lEW YORK. HOME INSURANCE COMPANY, .Yo. 26!1: BROADWAY, NEW YORK. First-class Institution. In every reSJJ8'1 a ( \ ASSETS, $2,800,000. AH-Proftt8 DIYtded Annually amongst t.,e Assured. a W .ALTERS. GBII'i'ITH, Pre81dent. J, H. FROTI:NGHAJI, .Treuurer. GJ!OBGB C. RIPLEY, Secretaey, WILLU!Il I. COF.PIN1 A.etuaey, GOOD GERMAN AGENTS ...,.._b,Poat,P.O.BGit,NTL o. 12S Pearl Street. NeW' YOPk S.OOUlatteDUoa pMatotlle ..._..... lll ,_... .......................... loforelpOOUillrie&. L B, CAB_.., .... 'll The sal& this popular Tobe:cco has oauaeci it to be extensively counterW. T. BLACKWELL, feited, and to prevent impoai.. Snoceooor to J R GREII:NE & CO sition when purchasing Durham, DURHAM, N. C l:le partlcu1ar to enqtl!l-e fit&' W T. BLACKWELL'S BULL c.p7nsht ,,,.,, ... JBRAND, and see that it bEllilf my Trade Mark L. CERSHEL & BRO., .AUERBACH & MENDERSON Also all Kinds of Tobaoco, No. 86 MAIJ}EN L OB8811ltL. } w Yet, mW YORK ANTONIO ltU.L" ZAL&, IMPORTER OF Tobacco ; AND CXG-A:R.B,_ .. 138 Water !iltreet, New Yf'dc,. a S&LOa Olf J)i, .,A.J.AIA\11& M & E. SALOMON, IrnJ.>o;tw ef Havana Clgats ; Leaf Tobacoo AND FOREIGN LIQUORS, No. U MAIDEN LANE, NBW G. R.ISMA..N.N uu 4JDDI11i-'Sit'll HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO AliD DIULEilS UULL XINOS OP .. u D LEAF ,TOBACCO .. -L. OABV AJAL'S CIGARS, 179 PEA.RL STREET, 187 WMer Street, New York I I


, Plailaldelphia Smith B1-011a a KDacht, UAI ... IR' .t.LL I!JNDe OJ' .., LE.A.:JY TOB-ACCO, Atul of' flftd Deale-r ,,. C't/ar& a25 RACE STREET. ,, o STEW & CO.,. TOBACCO, SNUFF, dJGARS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, SCOTCH SNUFF, 115 .Arch. St., Philadelphia. Packftl's, CommiSsion Merchants, and 'Wholesale Dealersln Po:reiiiD a:Dd DoJDastic Leal' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. L BAMBERGER & CO., DE.U.US IN LEAF TOBACCOAnd Man4facturers of all Crades of Cigars, 7 (.o. 8 N. Water f:H, Philadelphia, Pa. I TDE TOBACCO LEAf!.,. Baltim.,ore Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Hartford AdvertiseJD.eiRs. I -. I RICHARD MALLAY. JAMES}{ALLAY. WM A. BOYD, & co., / R AL WHOLEULE DIIIALIER8 A y & B R 0 llANUF ACT'O'RED AND L'EAF TOBACCO, CIGARS, &C., I Dealers in 33 SOU'I"B STB.EE,., LEAF TOBACCO, WM_A_ BOYO. 1=:;--H:-;::.:;:i.oci"':;:ibiJ: .. 1 16 and 117 West Front St., H. WII.KEI\TS, a CO., I Between Rnoo ad Elm, Mon'1l,l;Xlental City Tobaooo Work.. oiNOINNA TI. o. llo. tat WEST PRATT STREET, BALTIMORE, D.. Brown &, TitUS, -,__ I.U......,. et Ohawt.q Tobaoooa, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. CASSIUS wm.LB8. L :S. B.\.4>& Henry Besuden & Bro., c. wELLEs a. co., .. )).a..t..I.ZM llf -CONN. SEED LEAF LEAF TO.BACQO, 161, 163, & 165 Pearl : atret J. D. B1JBN11AM & 00., (OORNEB OF ELM STJU:ET,) H.ullllldmeft &Dd Jobt-. in' c 1 N c 1 N NAT 1 Tobacco, Bnuff & C1g-ars, __ ADd Wholeeele D., len in K h f &C TE.A.S, ro n, e1ss o., i-. =::!!:} 77 1r: 79 Asylum st., ll.o.Rl!YAC7UUIIS o :: :=..-:: HARTFORD, COM Who!31!8le Dealere aod Gesloa Bwellaat 154 State Street H.I.&TJI'ORD, CONJI', FRED'x. WILXENs 44 /liJ'iL/r_ent. & XLiu' GIESKE_ It, NIEMANN FllED'K Kwin. G. GIESU. ED. NIEJIUNN Segars and Tobacco R<11, 82 & 84 Main Bt., ilincinuati, Ohio. 1 LEAP TOBB.ACCO AND -LOUIS Importms of1bura' ArUoles, C9nnectioot Seed-Leaf COMMISSION MERCHANTS, :No. 69 SOuth Charles, near Prat', BALTIMORE, MD. TOBACCO FACTORS -And Oommission Merchants, Manufacturer of CIGA.J{S; No. aa .wEsT FOUBTH ST., r:;r<>BACCO,. And deal..-In Leaf, Plug; and Smoking Tobacco. SMJKERS' ARTICLES AND IMPORTED HAVAIIA<;IGARS CINCINNA.T:l, 0. J6 Market Street, Hartfbrd, Cenn, '18 South Md. G ..-. a:USTA v GUTH, """ B. co-.:--187 WALNUT sx Ciotcinnati, Qlio, & ......... jl, .m. .. .... w.-. .WESTPHAL, ..... ., .llanntaCtUrers Smokfna & REID, s. 6 co., Comussioir :ME:acHANT1 0 X G--!f!a. R.-. .aaa LM!.-.r .... ., LEAF TOBACCO p .. 8 E cAR 8' LEAF & II"Qeqa.u StaNt, FOBEIGR 6 DO.IIESTIO SEGABB. ut........., .,..._ .......... ...... BROKERs, w,w: TOBAcco. T b .a. o o o, DA&. TIMORa, UDe .,_ _, ........, ......._ _., ...._ 5 78 v.a_ -------------_..:.___; !!!!J!L 4 COLLEGE 0. OIIAUI g.rfet, uwcUmati, 0, 228 Mate 8t J[artford, Conn W. -FELGNER. F L. B&AUNB A 00., c1 t1 A L F ..., -F. WANKELMAN, c-. P' EL BISCHOFF 37 South Cay Street, V., WHOLESALE DEALER ._ ... ,.. a:ad Dealenta. BALTIMORE AID., W'lldera:edealerln Deu!c!:'[. T 0 B A C C 0 -Tcbac;;:l &. 00 n n Lea 1 buTB cHAaJJu z. Commission Merchants. e:IGA:e.s >"0 st wEST IfaoNT s'I'R.EET, 1.8 HABKET sTREET, thUted States Bonded Warehouse, First Collection District, Pennsylvania. DA&.TIMORL C4.',. No.n M.A.IN sTREET, ... nati, o. r:""'"--'' ro., L..F. a/(etzl, 2 I 6th ave., N. y &. B. BOLBJrttJI t:"""' T obacc o. 1:11-188 HartfOrd, Conn. weeawua ... -r 6 c.. ,....... .,....,. HENRY MEY 'I-. B. WJUQKT. s F CB&!GHTOI\". ------: B.GF. .. at ,oo.,, LEA,. T 0 8 A c c 0' I WRIGHT & CREIGHTON, WOODWORTH A STRONC..Tobacco n'l'\.:1 General Comim'ssl'on. CO-MMISSION MERCI'IANT Deeleni Qo.1.U1 JU. MANUf').OTUR.D LiliA .\MD .MOKINO ADd Whole88lc Dealer In Dcalen in n B..&CCOS .... rr--..Teca.,.... ...,. LEAF TOBACOO llo. 33 orth WJLter Street, and llo. 32 North Aveootl, T 0 _..... '-'"e: OHIO & COlfBECTICUT VIRCINIA AND KIIINTUCKY PHILADELPHIA, PA. I!Je&'anlo Pipe, e'to. 'puft BTllDT. LEAF TOBACCOS, E. w u DuKIIlAJI2. LJ!L.tF TOBACCO, No. 63 West Frunt l.Vo. 217StateSt., .l.JUNALDO smell 00., DOHAN & TAITT, E. w. rUKEHART &. SON, 46:Froat St., Clnclnnati,O. HARTFORD, CT. AZ'".: ..0:::::.. C: Tobacco Commission Merthanls, ---:;-o r. .:..;.:Kenton Tobtlceo Wareh......,, R. A. CHAPMAN, .. L L 107 ARcH sTREET, CG.b Yf."j' cuT "'=..:, Conueclicul S;dleat Tobacco. ,_..,..,......_ Waaa.-., ._..._-PlliLAD;ELPHIA. ll!lO llttO' GREENUP l!!'iTREET. JlJLIUS VETTERLEIN &: CO., 1Buece860re to VETTE.BLEIN &.CO.,) .. .om DZALE118 Ill Snuff la.Jofaetorers, 15, 17 and 1'9 West 7th Street, Intern' I Revenue Bonded Warehouse Md. Be Ohio Lear Yo. 29 s. Calvert 'St., BALTIMORE, .. MP-COJING%'0N0 JI.Y. Covington, Ky. EAST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. TOBACCO MERCHANTS, Baltiwore. O;F M. E. McDOW.ELL 4 CO., (Flrat Collection District o!Pellljoylvanin.) IMPO&TEILS "A;;ANISB TOI!C()O, T 0 b c c 0' BECK $. HAYEN; lmpotten Dd llneral c._llutll lercllllllo AJID JIIWo1IM llf L. W. GUNTBBJl, CENIERAl. Commission 'Mere hant, 'Detroit Novelty No. lU Arch St., General, Commission Marcha.nts, No. 39 North Water St., PhtladelDhi& A.ncl TOBACCO F \ CTo.;. No. 90 St., ( e1.eorje 0dwards, L. BEaB"i:R.-r, _;({e/-chant in .!:Reaf Dealer in LEU TQB.&:CCO, No. 60 SOUXHGAY STREET tnJ IIAL TIMON. MD ( 07'{ dour west qf ]JlaC' ...... -o BALTIMORE, MD. _"Eq __ n..t, CheWI'ng SmolTh.. moklntr & .. ew nt; 0 LCfO, PACKERS 8c DEALERS I'N \ .1: WVVU. ur, Q .Jid All lilncb of 811lokcrs' l:.BAF 7'0BAC1CO. LOUIS GIESKE l CO RICAROS, LEFTWICH & CO., Tobaooo, 1ffilickinick, &c., Arttcaes, lonuui,,iou -trt;'Jant T ... ,. ._.. ....... ..-&. ,. 123 Market &reM, bet. 2d and 3d Bt-\ta, 111 so. water street, it, '1'\\:'I')CC O Factors ft.z.ovta, sT. Louts. Mo. PHILADELPJIIA. -DIWollllll Ill w6iW. '\J IJ"" W. En&NLoHa, S W C p L f T b G. W. 'GRAVES. Fine Connecticut, Seed-Leaf To c cot Danb"'J, Connecticut. --. ....._ H. smm & co., G011111lissiDn lerchants and .Jobbers CONNIIICTICUT LEAl' TO.ACCO :.o. 20 Hampden mmGriELD. lWS. Louisville Advertisements. G. W. WI C K S C 0., Jil&nllfi!Ciuren .6gent8 fot the Yle of Vlralnla, Mlaeourl, and Kentucky IL ANA111AN & tJO., H s AU, HI BoNN, ea 0 acco, 83 EXCHANGE PLACE, CHMIDT, U "-"' c Aarlu Street, ""'timore" LEAF T Q B A C C Q" aai.. TIMOR a :.. P A. A>.aooE, :M. H. CL.ARK & BRO., LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, OLABKSVILLE. TENN. PH:lLA.DELPHU.. 1. B. LICHTENBERG -MEBL a R.A ...... Y u. s. Tobacco 'W'orks. ,.. JlUITB.OIT. Mich. -.a; .& llanujaclarer or sNuFF, fine Cut Cbewing AlIeianono enpplld wlth var In large and mall qnanlltiee. Wi:ll t>lk.e AGI!liCCI ES lor efteytbing con u ced with the CIGAR TRADl!.. Will he g-lad to Ret att here to procure conAign JDeJ>t. for" lhn-clua boaoa ill the l'taleo. I


.. .. THE TOBA()0 LEAF. LOUISVILLE LEAf TOBACCO DEALERS -AND CUMMISSION emb raced to sow the seed, but about the middle of Febtity was seized in th1s by the Gove ( nmentofficers, whtch the entire body of person s employedm a coal mine 11 J. UBIIER & PRAGOFF ... Rd manuractarlng leaf D. SPALDING, Ja. .. .cu-ttln11 a11d monuractu'*g l eu wary is the preferable time. If the ground should be-on the plea that.1t had only paid a tax of si.Jr.:teen cents, are suhjected by the pas sion of e ve n one man for his pipe 1 AS CLARK Cnttl"g aud manuroetur1ug leaf WOLFOJIIr & GLIINN ..... Cuttltllf and llldotactr.nae lea come frozen after you have comrleted your bed and the but was in reahty of quahty snbJect to a tax of thirtyof tobacco, is fearful to contemplate. It might be thought OWEN AloBRID R .. .. .. Cutting and mODufacturiug leaf JOHN SMIDT SCHWARTZi & CO .Cutting und leu 1 d d 11 fi 11 1 1 d af b h ld r 1 1 h f J H VoiD BELL L eaf tol>aceo commtton merebant P. : . .. Cut and mannfactnr,J u leal P ants are up an a ry spe o ows you may ca cu ate two cents; an ter emg e 10r some time 1t was t 1e regu atwns agamst t e use o naked light s and the MATHEWS & M uPHI!RSON Dark bAling tobacco and oblpplngleaf II! B NASH Lear tobarce commlslon ""'"'bam on many of the plants being killed. As soon as you are finally released, because of the rmposstbthty pf determincompulsor w employment of the Davy lamp, would be ef & BAR:30U R Cutting au ohlpplngleaf LOUIS FR.\NCKE ............. Leaf tobaceocommliP l o n merctant fi d f b fi h h T p M&GUBR .... .. .... Cutting and manafuetrlng 1 .. r W.M, O MEIEH & co Leaf tobacco comml.,o:> mercbanu satts e o this, sow over Immediately At t e rst apmg w et er It con tamed the stems or not. This, we fe.ctual m preventmg the men from smokmg when down W MARK PREPARATION OF ToBAC as fine a's you can get it, but not in large quantities agamst the Government, which we now seek to correct they turn the means of safety into a source 6f risk by SUTRO & N E c o :BEDS.-As the season when the plant is sm11 l, but apply frequently For the by having a uniform tax This brings us down to your hghtmg;, their ptpes from the Davy lamp itself. The has now arrived for the first two or three applications the manure ought to be mquiry: "Is it fair to almost ruin one class in trade at l a mps are all locked by the overseer of the mine, so :bCA.'lt.UFACTUBE.ll/l OF A.:'iD DEALERS IY LE.A.F TOEI.A.CCO,. preparation of tobacco beds, we_ll rotted, main thing is to it either ?Y the request of their opponents in business?" That questhat they can not be opened. The mmer, however, gets says Agricola" in the flatl s or rubbmg wtth hand. !hts 1s ll; cntical tion suits us exactly; and now we ask the cutters and over the dtfficulty by canting tbe lamp on one side, and Farmers' Gazette, will give, of time and any neglect m attendmg to thts duty will be and our law-makers, if, after having caused the ruin of sucking the flame through the Wire-work, whtch 1 s the for the benefit of your readal'Uost fatal to your labors. Some planters use sulphur so many already, you will st1ll demand the entire ex' ordinary source of protection. It IS w ell known ers the 'modus operandi' and tramoil and other specifics to drive away the insects tinction of the plug m,anufacturers merely because the numerous explosions of fire -damp ansen from the whlch has been from the whrle. others believe that the only cutters "-an interest almost exclusively NortHern and above cause1 and, although seve ral methods have been tried m this county and safe way to avotd them 1s to push the plant on and at sectional-demand an advantage of us? We say No. dev 1 sed for guardmg agamst t lu s u se of t h e D av y lamp, w 1th great success,' and the same time keep them hid from fly. to it The sentiments of .all honest people respond No YO!! 1t has generally been c onsi d e red tha t tt IS 1dle to attempt w ith favorable seasons never that the plants are kept well weeded; 1t requtres a good further state, as an argument in favor of to combat thl': smo k er's m g enUity, and t h a t w hatever failmg. Select 1 f convem -deal of labor If there 1s much grass or clover in the beds. cutters, that they use over one thtrd the value of all the security i s attempted w1ll ultuna tel y be o utwitted by the ent, a southe;rt The seed should be well m1xed wrth ashes and d t strileaf grown m th1s State 1 and you might have said, with men Gr e a t caution and watc hful ness o n the part of on a branch, of dark mellow buted evenly over the patch, t hen tread or roll the JUSt as much truth, the plug manufacturers use three emplo ye r s a n d f o r emen are t h e only reason a ble s afe so11 As soon as the ground well. Some planters then cover t h e beds wtth tunes the value pf the cutter.20,as not coming under the head of necessaries of life but grades of smoking tobacco, of pure leaf, can be found m gm for luxunes, w_tthout the subtraction of an extqrtionooo, agamst 4I8, wtth habtltttes of $2I,37o,ooo m I87o h f 1 d every tmportant market of our land wtth thtrty-two cen t ate tax The pohcy .of Government should, m har-Th : 1 th h t th St t h ratner, m t e estimatiOn o many as uxunes, an not a th th t e stin t f ti d h t e at ures roug ou. e a e s ow an m few class them under the heading of articles injuriou s to stamps unon them. Tobacco prepared of leaf with the mony WI e ru m c 0 JUS ce umam y, number, but ad_ ecrease m amount, .vtz., 309,_ w. Ifu habthtles the human system. Be thi s as 1-t may 1-t ts not our pro'i d t th' ty h h d render luxunes to the workmgmen as eastly accesstble f $ 8 d 88 h li b 1 f $ stems IS require o pay 1r two cents, w et er rna e t bl B t 'f th t t b 1 k t 0 7oiJ5 000 m I 7o, an 3 Wit. a I lttes 0 56 9 2,vmce to sit m judgment but as a large number of landinto chewmg or smokmg. After bravely misstating ti-e as 1 e th u 1 1 e wn : .1 e \h ax 000 m I 8 7I. The other States show 1l:n holders are engaged m which thetr forefathers pomts in the struggle," Mr. Robinson says the plug gam ng, or on e socta evi -a con onmg WI sm 0 Aj_aban:a, hi: Imp;esston, an were m u gt_ng 1U. g oomy apwas one of the staples of our own and ne1ghbonng way, the tax to remain as 1t IS, and to prove it, we will our legislators netther tax suppress the other pre enstons. ror the The fact eastly forgotten States. A writer on the subject says that by a httle dllremmd you that when Mr. Israel ,Kimball was 10 \J ur tw?, thus so far as thetr acts t11a;t there tst a igence and attent ion in locatmg, preparing, and nursing city last fall to confer with tobacco manufacturers on usmg tobacco ts the most pestilent evil at ur a lsthas m; rr.ra e 01 ea s their plant-beds the great loss frequently sustained can th1s subJect a committee was appointed to prepare a of the three, and must be pumshed, the others go 0 ter 0 e 1 e. s vanaf be avoided ; one of the greatest drawl:iacks to success report of the sentiments of the tobacco manWe should be very glad to learn what reasons 1 s e teretnhce m tt e :gree 01 bemg the neglect of plantmg in time The late free zings ufacturers of this district, and you were put on that com-can be urged m favor of the tax on In pu 1 en on w tcl 1 giVen 0 e,.. rna er a specta m spring and the fly are the main obstacles to be ov.ermittee as a representative of the cutting mterest, which to !he use of tobacco, to us, personally, It ts JUSt a smal .mcrease m the rates of mortality come, to avoij.l which it t s recommended in the first was then known to be opposed to any law placmg the Ill Its form and use, whether of ctgars, pipe, or ll: qeep mterest an place to select a hill side facing t h e south and the loca-plug tobacco manufacturers on an equality with the cut-chewmg' and if, wtth JUStice and propnety, ItS produc, ep1dem1c 1s about or IS feare.d. When we constder that b bl b b d h'l h h t \"t' th the "o ti o de d fi 0 M K' b 11 tion or use can be suppressed we shall hail such actwn tb. b f f: 1 d th t r bT 1 t10n can pro a y e est rna e w I e t e snow 1s on t e ers 1 11 nna n nve r m r 1m a 'tl 1 d f: B h e num er 0 at ures an e aggrega e ta I ttles ast ground, observmg where 1t melts off the first, and if the the committee wanted to report m favor of a uniform WI 1 unmmg e action ut as t IS Iruquttous tax year no;h above of thofsethof several soil is at all it will be the most f o rward location tax of twenty or twenty-four cents, but you refused to ltt no way or extent tends tQ that result but, the years e ore e war, w en e usmess ? e country you can choose. 'It is not the strongest l and, p e rhaps, concur in such a report but agreed to s1gn a report contrary, greatly aggravates our dtsgust by the was not much more than half as large as It 1s at present, th t. t t bl r 1 t b d b t th k t recommending a tax of sixteen cents and, in duct1on of mfenor. and rotten tq.bacco, df cigars the stat t b es II th I a IS mos sut a e ror P an -e 5 u e qUic es t d th poisonous dr gs the e f th th tmen f: J more encouragmg. made strong by manurmg. Burning filant-beds ts very order to be umted in that report, the other four mem-permea e WI u nemi_es 0 e use e pa!l c year? 1 57 e a ures reached 4,932 wit trying to the constitution ; but 1f compelled to steal t i me hers of the commtttee consented to accept your demands ohf tobacco!' as Its consumers are mterested 111 _The fact to from the night take it towards the morning, as the cold recommending a uniform tax of cents But t e 0 ax : s; t IS h alth Y f mght air after being overheated all day is very injurious when you were called on the next day to sign such a re--------d n 1 c?nd ubct ed on a ea .t Y as 1151 t de mass.;'. hm -A planter mforms us that before he adopted this plan port, you refused to do so, but offured a minority report SMOKE AND FrRE.-Among the many objecttons VI ua m e e ness 1s qUI e as m1 e as we ave h b 1 b d h k' 1 ld r t th ty f th 1; d th t' f k E [' h t b 1 th t t _,. ll b I e never urnt a p ante w1t out ta mg a VIQ ent co opposmg a umronn ax, e maJon o e omm1ttee urge agam$t e prac 1ce o smo mg, s ays an ng IS any reason e teve a 1 WI e agam. I n Have your ground cleared off and wood piled the eve having rec-ommended a umform tax at the lowest rate journal, there are some which are entitled, in a certain short, the people have made up their mmds that we are nmg before, and the heap well bott omed with kmdling cons1stent w1th the requrrements of the Government. sense, to constderation. Few senstble people can have now on the road to a high degree of prospenty. wood so that a hand may go a t day-break and fire the Hence, havmg receiVed unmtstakable evtdence of your much sympathy with the rabid opponents of tobaccoThe _sound and mteHtgent portion of the busmess com-heap 'raptdly By this process you may burn the heap msmcerity then, which we accepted, not only for your with those who look upon the pipe as an instrument for mum.ty not but. the economtcal tentap1dly. The apphcat10n of large quantities o f guano self, but in behalf also of the cuttmg mterest ;which you the debasement of mankind, and regard tobacco in any dencles wtth as bemg precisely such as were wtll succeed well w1th the beas, but expenence teaches represented, and now agam having you oppose our very shape as a wicked device. But there are time s when to have anttC!pated, and prepare to meet the that burnmg quickens the l and, and it has the effect also reasonable demancis, you must 'pardon us when we say the most devoted smokers wtll admit the 1mpropnety future wtth prudence undoubting confidence. They of destroying the grass-seed in the bed. Chop the we can not believe you any more smcere at this time of the practice, and who will condemn the uncon know that befo;e the tghestt degree of p _rospenty can be ground over frequently with grubbing and hittmg hoes when you say "tl!.e cutters desire a umform tax of s1x-trolable passwn which prompts men to smoke when reached, there IS .to be a retmrn to specte payments and and rake off all the roots that are displaced thereby teen cents," than when you then said so, but "went back they should not Who can say how many fires have a shrinkage, notm the and resources of Any quantity of manure can be applied to the beds, but upon us" In the event of uniformity, you further say, arisen from carelessness wtth the ptpe 1 Workmen are but only 111 th.ei.r nommal and that nothmg containing grass-seed should be put on the beds ."it wtll depress the price of lugs and low grades of leaf employed about a -bUildmg or factory. To them the thts adJUStment of the maclune1 151 so Some planters deem it important that the subsoil should fully thirty per cent.," and offer in proof that "when the pipe is in most cases the only luxury withm their reach. dtfficult as many of the w lC ave a rea Y een not be brought to the top of the bed-plant. Whether tax on smoking was made twenty-five cents Jt produced If they can no{ smoke openly, they will in secret, taking safely passed through. this is a mere fancy or not we will not attempt to decide. exactly that result." In reply to which we beg to in-up a Iflatch or a lighted shaving of wood or paper to To avoid grass in the manure from the stable it is adform you that is not the price paid by the cutters for light their pipes, and throwing it aside without a moment's ToBACCo FAIR AT LIBERTY, V A.-Liberty, VA., says vised in saving it to litter the stable with tobaC'co stalks this grade ofleaf tobacco which establishes the market consideration. Let the penalties and restrictions against an exchange, seems to be very wide awake on the or wheat straw and .fted on corn fodder; the manure value for it, nor do the cutters use one-tenth the quansmoking be as severe as possible, men will always evade tobacco quest1on. Her citizens have not only built a made should be sheltered in an outbuilding, or anytity of this description of leaf tlt'.Lt the plug manufacturers them, regardless of the risk incurred. What is more warehouse, which has done a very large business already, wliere so that it will not be exposed to the weather. do. It is the European demand, coupled with the home Gommon than for a wot king-man to take the pipe from but they now propose to hold' a tobacco fair o Thurs-Guano _is said to be a good substitute for use on consumption of 1t, for plug and twist, that establishes his lips, and thrust it, wtth the tobacco still burning, da,-, the 9th day of May. It is proposed, as learn patches where land is inclmed to be spongy. One hun-and sustams a fair demand for th1s particular grade of into his pocket. In Manchester, and m other places from tb.e published proceedings, to offer to planters dred and fifty pounds to five hundred yards has been tobacco. And we wtll here remmd you and inform the where cottQP is stored, it is a very common thing to the counties of Bedfurd, Botetourt, Roanoke, and Frank-found very successful m its results. As to seeding, th1s public concerned-that the cutters can and do use a find old taliacco pipes stuck between bales of cotton 1 lin, the following premmms: For the best package of a matter that ptanters have their own distinct views leaf costmg twenty-five -to fifty per more than that and, in instances, thrust into the itself. It bright wrappers, weighing not less than 6o l:bs, $6o.o8 about. One farmer thinks that half a pmt of seed IS used by the plug manufacturer, and sell the product of it is true, the chances of the cotton Igrutmg are very 2d best package, same eight, f4o.oo; 3d best do not too much for a bed of five hundred square yards. put up under thetr process for actually less than the remote, but it can not be demed there ts an unpleasant f2o.oo. For best packag fillers, weighing not less Another deems a tablespoonful of see'd to every one taxes we are compelled to pay on the same materiaf, sense of in such recklessness. The most senous than 150 l:bs 2d best do, 3d best do, hundred square yards sufficient, and thal1t is best to and that large quantities of this -tobacco under a sixteen-risk of all is caused. by smoking m coal mines. The J1s.oo. l"or best package 'smoking tobacco, not less have two sowings to secure as equal a distribution as cent tax are now so manipulated as to afford a very wretched existence passed by colliers ; whether or than so lbs, 2d best do, $25.oo: 3d best do, possible, and that the first good weather offering between gond cJ;!ewing tobacco, samples of which were submitted below ground, !15 almost excuse e_nough far the mdullls.oo. the middle of January and the last of March should be at our meeting with Mr. Kimball; and that a large quangence u6.der any circumstances but the frightful danger \ I have wondered whether there are any fnends" ttJ the sweating, t01lmg tobacco grow ers on th1s floor. Sir, I represent a c onstituency who annually slup nearly one m!lhon pounds of tobacco, cluefl.y to the Louisville mac ket, hente the tobacco inte1es tw1th them 1s a great and vital mterest, and I undertake to say, here and now that not a single man of them has ever given, or wiU ever gtve his assent to this meaSure I feel that l should be unfaithful to a very large, enterprismg and intelligent portion of my constituents, if I dtd n o t appeal to gentle men who profess to feel no dtrect m t e r est in this measure, to reflect well before they fasten on the tobacco-growers of Kentucky, the provisions of this singular charter-a char ter which I assert is without a precedent or parallel i.J1 the lustory of our State legislatiOn Regardless of what may have been the course of precedmg Legtslatares, I am unalterably opposed to mJXmg banking and commer, ctal pnvileges in the same charter, and I hold that to do so is to say the rights uti mterests of the masses of the people. This singular bill not only creates a great c orporatiOn combming at once the bankmg and c ommercial priVIleges but has the appearance and many of the essential elements or a great paw n broker s establ i shment. Str, I deny that this IS tl1e people's measur e I should not be surpnsed if some of the gentlemen whQ are so clamowus for the passage of this btU are to be benefi:: cianes or corporators under and by virtue of 1ts munificent prov i sions To adopt the apt phraseology of th e g e ntl e man f rom Woodford, I believe this meas ure w1ll v icttmize" the t obacco-grower, and place him the merc y o f the c oroporation The fifth sec tion of the bill is mgeniously drawn and sugar coated I t 1s a l uring b at e thrown to catch every body. It oflers se d uct i ve and flattenng terms to the tobacco -gro wer i ndeed. I t gives 1the producer the in estimable pnvtlege dfborrowmg money from this banking institutil)n upon the pledge of his crop as security, at ro per cent. mtere:;,t Verily, this is generous! But they must be pa1d for their apparent generosity The tobacco-grower, the money-borrower, must then 'ship his tobacco to this banking w a rehouse ; and so soon as the advances fall due, thts corporatiOn assumes to itself the right and power to throw your tobacco on the however dull, sell 1 t out and ap propna te the proceeds to the payment of the prmctpal and mterest of advances made. S1r, there 1s not a tobacc o w a rehoose m Louis ville to-day but what is as 'generous m a dvancmg to the producer as this conceQJ. prom1ses to be, and at the same time far less exactmg When the gentleman from Wayne0 ever ready as he is to the inte r ests toiling millions, proposed an amendm e n t to bill, prohib1ting this company from forcing the sale of consignments, ex cept through the interventiOn of the courts, the "fnends of the bill" promptly voted It down. Sir, I am opposed to so much legislat ion in the interest of corporations If we persist in this course we shall find too soon that all matl(nal prosperity, and even the rights and liberty of the people, will be crushed out by these huge monopolies. l'he emotions of pity and compassion t)lat mtght reach the heart of the most unfee li ng millonaire can never effect a corporation Corporations are unreal, imagin ary persons, merciless, heartles s soulless. I hope and trust, sir, that the tim e is not far distant when the great toilmg m a sses of the people may be c ome aroused to the necess1ty of reststing the encroachments of these mon sters. And, belte v mg as I do, tha t th1s 1s a. measure by whtch a favored few are t o grow nch out of the hard earnmgs of the tobacco-grower and the laboring man, I shall not be c oaxed or wAeedled into 1 ts support, however numerous or power f ul its advo..: a tes and fr1ends. TOBACCO CULTIVATION I N INDIA -The unportance of the cultivation of tobacco in Indta and the 'progress that has recently been made in its d e velopment and ex tension, have apparently assum e d of late features of great interest in that country; and we have on previous occasions alluded to the subje c t as r e ferences to our back nrtmbers will show. Naturally feeling interested in the extension of the c ulture o f tobacco, apart from any particular local influence, we a re gratified to note that the Indian Government is taking some interest in the cultivation of tobacco m lndta, and we are informed that some reports on the subject, containing notes and minutes recorded by several public officers, whose opinion on the matter IS decidedly valuable and authori tative, have been prepared. They are compiled, it is beheved;'"m the fi.nanctal deparbnent, and refer to the question of mtroducmg a tax on tohacco throughout Ind1a They llave been transmitted to the Secretary of State, and to the several local governments and administratiOn, and as soon as practicable we shall more spe allude to them REVENUE RArm:NG .rN PERSON CouNTY, N. C.-\'V. Deputy Marshal Bosher assisted by officers Berry and Owens and Winn have recently raided m Person County and we learn the following results : Huglt Woods, tory seized with five hundred and sixty-six hoxes of to bacco, and all its fixtures. Larkin Brookes of eighty nme boxes of tobacco, five hundred pounds; trash smokmg tobacco, one thousand pounds, and all its fixtures Greenway, a wagon and team, and eighteen boxes W K. Thomas, tobacco factory sixty. one boxes of tobacco, one hydraulic press, four hundred, pounds trash, and other fixtures r ..


I' ,. I 8 THE TOB.ACCO LEA .I'. .,_. laD u -\ un. ......... ...... SOLACE .! U4, 116, 8id 117 1 1 t r 1 J ; Ill. . a:a."U1!' ..,, 1:-ioo.rice Paste and Sticks. And dealers 1n all kinds of HE.POIAND AGENCY Of the Mtmufacture of Leaf & Plug Tobacco, 007 & WATER ST. Y'C>JR.:ES:. D. It McALPIN & CO., G. w GAIT. &. 4. 'V' w .......... ....: .... > I .._., PINE;CVT BALTIMORE, I 229 Pearl Street, New-Yo,rk. 'WEJss, ELLER II; KAEPPEL, Agent& I 'l WM. McCAFFIL, Successor to CBICBBStEJl k Oo Havana & Donesticl CICARS, IH BOWERY, II. Y. Vir[in Leaf and Navy Chewin[, SMOKING TOBACCO. ... JJD DILI.L:KIS IX /Hg(I;J"8' PJug S'HA.1.tf1 SJtu Elour, &:c. MANUPACTORY AND SALElilROOM CORNER OF 0 AND TENTH STREET.' NellY York Cltr. F GOETZE & BRO. TOBACCO & SNUFF. MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS, lll8 Willllillgton lOW YOlllt BINNEY BBOS., I lmporten and Manu!acturen or Cigars, No. 14 1 'Welirt Broad"'WBYe NiEW YORK, VlNCENT L. coox, 8Ueeta01' to BODIXCHECK & T_AUSSIG) ll.U-uFACTUBEl\ OF F;l::N'E CUT Chewing-and SmoKing Tobacco AND CICARS, Havana Sixes, Cheroots, 256 Delancey St.; New York. llfam,llt,cturpr of the following brands ofKlLLICJ OP 'I'BK Raoouln', :.e. W .AIIIl1lf&TOR, )('e. .I.N11, 10.. l'Kcu_.,.L1oe. BBI&IIT. Pn,)tl, -.Jii.AVT, lbll. 'DB, do., ea. Jeiiii .6.J.ugr, to., NOTICE. ---r-J!ouis r/7. r$fflr:n.;er1 Joust, NO. lOll SIXTH AVEJilOE, NEW YORK .AGENCY Al{D DBPOT e:r F. JI. Biscbofi Celebrated Smobn! Tobacco (ll01 F. W,li'eJper), F. W. SMYTHE, Commission Merchant,. PKllfOB'II BmLDDUI, ao KORTH JOHN sTDET, lnrsi...lJII:D. 191 Grem&tllkh St. NE'W'YORK. THE HARRIS FINISHING CO/S ENAMEL WATER PROOF FINISH SHOW CARDS, Show Cards and Plctureo mounted or framed In any style. Specimen CArds free o I ch&J'lle.' All orden promptly executed. Canls oecul"'lY packea avd cor rectly shipped. 35 DEY ST., NEW YORK. 123 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. Miscellaneous. TIN .JOHN .J. }i"'OIL. CROOK I llANUFACTURER G::r fOil & CAP No. 38 CROSBY ST. NEW YORK. WARDROP &. DALY. 203 LEWIS 8!, YORK. Wood Brokers_, OOMMISIIOI MRCHAIT8. B:J1ANIS:H: CEDAR l...,or Clp:.r' BoxeB. furnih e d i n quantities to suit. Coneignmeots of Black Wa.Jnut ll :Myrtle Avenue, Blaold.yn. C...tantly oa Raad Clae H..,. a>od Steam llfaclolau t'or Cui.tln11 alld J Tob-.-. 209-Pearl Street, Near :Mniden Lant::. NEW YORK. S. JACOBY & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS .., 207, 209, and 211-Pearl Street, Near Maiden La1ze, NEW YORJi. PRENTICE'S CIGAR MOULDS, Patented Jan. I 2, 1869,and May23, 1871 D \ In presenting "these Moulds to the public I desire briefly to state the adTlntagea they presem over all other MouJds or Cigar Machines in use. . Jst. Simplicity or conetrnctlon as Ulustrated by tbe acco.:npa.nytDg !ld. 'Durability, compaetnees, pying bu t litUo space 3d. Unlformlty iu weight e.nd size or the ith. The bunch is made as in OldlDAry band work. and placed 'ln \be Pbap!ngmould,whlch &t the end forming \be btod io furnished with a die With .a ehear edg;e, wtli<-h cote the head ))t!rreetly. but lea the baiAnceot the binder fur enUre of th,e cl gar anea\.1 'lith. Arter th e cinr i11 formeS In the mould it'ls placed In a metallic re-,.. "lalner which Is 1-16 of an inch la rger In o!ametertban the ohaplng m onld, thus J!lvlng an opporta olty for the natural exl)aneion of th e tobacco, and eecuriog wi1h eertalnty the qual Ity of the cigar. 'Phese re talnere aro made w!th ber eled edge. so that there lo .J!O cre&fe In the cigar, III!d Its entire left per. t!ectly omootb and ready !or tbewrapper 6th Tbeunl form character of the cW>r thns formed enab l es the operator to llbiPh them with great rnpldity. and with sncb exac t ne s .. as cannofbe attained by any other known meant. These poinUI embrace all tbe eBSential ones in the manurttcture of clgaro, ba' there are many eolloteral advantages which add greatly to the practical valne oftbeoe mcqldo. ouch as economy or tobacco there beln2' a 8f a t of wrapperlil on escti lOOOclgan labor cau be empl oved '1u maklnt!' ihe bunebett, aD' d ek11 ie. rl'qutre d lo thAn by the ordJDar;y methode. Tho cigBrs made by thf:f'e monlde horn wH. b a freedom aud un f form!ty not n bioable by any ot:.her m ethod. Price, 1 Sbaptng Mould and liOO He"-lllcrs, $1 Offic e corner of Pearl Street aPd Maiden L a n e New York, 'jVhere the practiCal operation of the Moulds con be at all times witnesSP.d. R e Uable b?uses m., appl,-fol &&enclesln he pr! nclpl cltlee of the U n ited States. GEO. J. PRENTICE, General Agent, 197 Pearl St., Cor. Maide n Lane, New York o.w.LU-oa.w. io .. nu .... aoua. J. H. P!MB!RTOI<. J.As, G. P.t:NN, G. W. LANGHORNE & CO. o SMOKING TOBACCO, F.ACTQBY No. 6, ,LYNCHBUR.G, VA., &eop conetantly oa baod ud ror Nle &II cndeo ol VIrgin!& Smoklna Tob&cco WUJ ecmtraet With Job bon. aalq llielr owa -&1 .,..,, u!M:J .....,. ileoll& Pemberton & Penn, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, with a long experience itz business, offer llteir services to fill orders for Leaf or Manufactured Tobacco, DANVILLE, VA. A. TOUliG. 1 E. D. Christian & Co. R. A. & BRo., General Commrssion Mer.,hants, Commteston Merchants 'for the "Purchn.I!IC" of Solicit orde re"for pnrchase of 11 VIRGINIA lEAF TOBACCU @Qltt\)lro 11mdJ .I lfo. 4 '.od fn all its parts, we can confident, Jy recommend it to the manufacturers ot Tobacco as tile best and tbo most economie&IMachlneforthepurpol!C now POWn. Con tinnoM feed, no loss of bnta; more cnt with letoslabor,morechanges 9fcat, and brighter T obacco; than with an y other Cutter In the wo rld Yl$i .&u'Q llAYU:I'AOTURE Plug Machines, Stem Bollers. I Thos:H. Chalmers&Co., ,, C"' N 'o, 4G CLIFF MT., x .... :r ... A Fm.J. St71'PJ.Y 01' nriCAs uw.nao. l'OBc-.P11LL ... .ADDBE(j6 HOGLE' N'L'& .. I Buckeye ."U ,achine "YV"orks, 1 ___ I \ ... .... I OHI .. ../l.,f .... r 1. r J ... l .,, t!"(1fll! I( )I F. tf.. liO., L.A.EIEL8 For Tobacco and Cigars. A .....,rlment conolaDU,on band ud pt1uted t o MARVIN'S PAT!IRT Alum & Dry Praster FIRE PROOF SAFES deair&bla for quality, finilh and price .,._ t rl MARVIN'S SPHERICAL ."BURGLAR. SAFES bnnot be Sledged l ,, Cailllot be Wedged! C8.IIIlot be Dr,Ulecl aANK VA.UL TS, VAULT -DOORS E.XPAESS BOXI!B, FAMILY PLATE SAFES, COMBINATION oend ft>r & cal&logile tot (ol


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