The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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( VOL. VIII.--NO. 3. THE TOBACCO LEAF I1 Pul>lilr 6 moibe, t20;do. 1yea.r, Sanan & Lyall, 64 and 56 Brood. Buchner, D., Delancy. Cook, Vinoent L., 159 Lndlow. Edmonston, S S. & Bro., 213 aud 2U .Duane. Gillender, A. & Co., 114, 116 and 117 Liberty. Goetze, F: A & Bro., 328 Wo.shington. Goodwin & Oo., 207 ond 209 Water. Royt, Thomas & Co., 4114 Pearl. Kinney Bro9., Ul West Broadway. McAlpin, D. H. & Co., cor. Av.nue D a.nd Tenth. )diller, Mrs. G. B. &. Co., 97 ColumbiA. if. m Eigbib u. Spier, sWan "Co., 71 John. Agents for Sm o Aing Tobauos, e, Frey Broo. It Co 11 Gold. Barteon> & Ba.biL 1411 Water. :Uirob, D. & Co., 257 Boery and 174 Water. Rincbhorn L & Co:. 89 Water. .Taoob_7, S. & Co., 209 Pearl. .J'*I'hs, s ; li9S l!logbib a.venne. Kerbe & Bpteo, 85 Bowery. Maode11 Lane. :Mendel, M. W. & Bro., 190 Peo.rr. Neuberger, M : f9 Liberty. Orgler. S., 297 1 Green1t1cb. Pollak &-Son, 43 Maiden Lane. Schwan & Spohr, 189 Lewis. Bolden berg & Co., 19 Dey. Smith, E. A:, 181 :\la.1df'n Lane. Stratton & Storm, 1 9 1 Pearl, Sutro & NeW'I11.tU'k, 181 Water. Tobacco AssOCiation, 65 Broadway. Volger & Huneken, 178 Greenwich. Manufacturers if Fine R .. -vana CigarJ De Braekeleer, A 96 Beekman. Tht German Cigar Pacltrs Socitt.J. ColeP, R 202 Chatham. lmpDrters of Havana Tobauo, Almsrall, J. J .. 30 Cedar. oona J a.cinto, 86 Malden, Garcia, F., 167 Water. Gonealer;, A., Water. Kelly, Robert E. & Co., 34 Beaver, Kaciler, Ollil & Oo., 128 Water, ll.iranlla, l'elix, 195 Pearl. Paacnal, 117 .Maiden Lane. llolomoll, ..._ o11t E., M Y:ILiden l.&Juo Siebell,ll. & Ca., 218 Peari. Vega, Joseph A. & Bro., 187 Pearl, '\Valt.rr, P. S 203 Feu-J, Wen Co 60 Pioe. Weioo, Eller lo Pearl., J(bor, V ll., 26 COCI&r. if Sa Domig x..pu & Crosby; 52 Wall l'danuftMrt" if &ruff'. i. Tobacco Lahti!. Ratch & Co., 32 &:34 V esey. Hf'ppenhe1mer. F. & Co., 22 North Wilham. Wolft', Cbaa. A 51 Chatham. Cigar-Bar Labds and Trimmings. Echumac.har & Ettlinge r, 15 Murray. T obacco &aling Wax. Z in oser, W & Co., 197 William. Tobacco Cuuingz Hammerstei.II, 0., 144 Water. Manufa{turcrs of Russian Cigarutes. Kmuey Broe., 141 West Broadway. u La Ftrme" Rnssi'tu Cigarettes. T. & Eckmeyer, Sole Agent/!, 4.8 Eureka Tobauo Pipts. rood Robinson, R. W. & &ns, 1S2, J84,.and Green wich. Wr atf>tr Bcoling Machir.ts Fairman & Co., 26 Cedar. Cigar and Shaj , 53 German. Pacioon, J., 7 Brood. in Leaf Who/writ Dr Imparter of Havana and Tara T o bacco. Oostas, J'., 134 South Delaware ave. /!anufacturers, Deafen., t.IC. Bamberget, L. & Co., 3 North Water. if SmoRing Tobacco. Mehl & Rattay, GS6 N ortb EleveiLtb. Manufart urers if Sco trh Snuff. Stewa.rt, Marks:, Ralph & Co., 115 .Arch. Manufac turers of Cigar{. Stei mer, Smith Brotbers & Knecht, 225 Race Theobald, A II., Th1rd and Poplar. Inspect or Sccd Ltaf T obauo. Dickerson, E. W., 107 North Water. PITTSBURGH, J>a. Manufacturau MAufMtiU'Irl. Witar, Null & Co. JJTICA, Jr. Y. Miluftr,., if Fjfflll f',MI GitWi..Z J .S..Ai"' ,.._.,, I ", iht iobatts NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6. 1872 :\j A rfl i IN AL ASSt1CTATI9N OF THE UNITED STATES. LEWIS H FRA YSER, PRESIDENT. LORIN p AL!\lER, VICE-PIW!IJ>ENT. JOSEPH HALL. TREASURER. JOHN STR.HTON, SECRETARY. l Communications upon matters rela.tive to the inter ests of the Association may be addressed To the President, care L. H. Frayser tl; Co., Richmond, Va., Or, To the Vice-P.resident, 170 Water Street, New York. j G. J. KUOHLE:R. 'r .: j G. W. GAIL. OB:RIST. AX. G .AIL & CO., SliD AND IMPORTERS OF SPAMISH-TOBACCO .. 128 WATER STREET, N'a'W York. H SCHUBART & CO., Importers of' HAVANA and TRACES OF A SCAMP. We have, within the past few days, received letters from members of the trade in Ne.v Jersey, especially in Trenton, who have been swindled out of small amOL:nts by the Geo R Bird-or Biers, as he seems to have called himself in the latter locality-against whom we re cently took occa'sion to warn our friends as hav :ng made his appearance in Philadelphia. In thi s city he PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TO.BACCO H. SCHUBA.RT, No. 146 Water Street. NEW YORK. R. FRIED.MAIY. "" -I ROBERT E. KELLY & c 0., v 34 .BEAVER NE'W' YORH, :IMPORTEHS OF Havana Cigars ana Havana Leaf, and Sole Agents for the Brand "SUPERIOR DE JOSE MARIA VICHOT," is said to have approached one of our subscribers on Eighth Avenue, and attempted to collect money that not due. Our patron describes him as a slight young Send for Price List. KEY WEST FLORIDA. man with light moustache: ---I Vve regret exceedingly that the trade should have been c w ALLIIJI' LateorMemck A.l'f tobacco noW""paying six-KEY WEST HAVANA-CIGARS: SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New York, Pro}nietors of' th> LA ROSA ( FACTORY. <' DeBARY KLING, a2 Broad and 50 New Streets, New York IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS, And Sole Agerds jQr the sale of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES Han'llfaotuloed at the KEY WEST BRANCH of the celebrated El Principe de Gales Manufaetoll}' of Ra.vaDL teen cents, are powerful on the floor of Congress tq prevent that rate increased; many Western members are pledged to vote against any increase, and these, toge her with the thick-and thin adherents of the Ways add Means Committee, who will, in all probability, report in favor of a graded tax, will cast votes enough to defeat the friends of uniformity at any rate, backed although they may be, by the self. sufficient gentlemen of the Internal Revenue Bureau. For this reason, we say, there is not the slightest likelihood of the passage of a uniform rate at twenty cents, twenty-four cents, or any other figure above sixteen cents. In view of these indisputable facts, we ask our friends to unite in favor of a sixteen-cent uniform tax; it is the only uniform rate that will stand the slightest chance of being adopted, and constitutes a platform sufficiently broad for the entire trade to stand upon. The Com missioner, Dr. Presbn!y, Chief Kimball, and others, pretend to be earnestly in favor of uniformity, and still they refuse to unite on the only rate 'that we stand the smallest chance of obtaining, and which we must obtain, or submit for another unlimited period to the injustice of a graded rate. The excuse that a sixteen-cent rate will not produce enough, is, to use a phrase of the street, "too thin." Even Commissioner Douglas admitted in his Annual Report that it would, even at the present rate of productioi;J, place in the Treasury $23,24o,ooo; can be easily shown that it will net, if enacted, at the lowest calculation, $2s,ooo,ooo, which amount is q14ite sufficient for the nece5sities of the revenue, when the tak_en into consider anon. l If, then, the Revenue officials are sincere in their professed desire for a uniform tax, they will unite with us in working to secure the sixteen-cent rate. By continuing in their present attitude, they will only be exerting their influence for the retention of the graded rate they affect so greatly to deplore. We would also call the attention of our Virginia friends who are professedly so anxious that the taxrate on tobacco shall be uniform, to the facts herein set forth, and to the consideration that the sixteen-cent rate 1s the only one they can possibly obtain. Of this they can rest assured, viz., that the tax on smoking tobacco will NOT be increased. Of aqy future event, we can not speak with more certainty than with regard to this. It can, in fact, be regarded as settled beyond a., peradventure. If, therefore, this is a correct view of the situation, uniformity can only be secured by "striking for sixteen cents. Why, then, should not the entire trade unite lin laboringlfor this great boon' ? Why should any oppose a reduction of the tax ? Before that impost was placed upon the 'weed-in the peaceful and remunerative epoch before the war-had any one of prophetic vision predicted an era in the history of the trade, when, after enduring all the ills our industry has suffered during the past ten years, any member of that interest would be found who would, in his senses, oppose an fllleviation of those ills by a reduction uf Its burden of taxation-such a one, we say, would have been deemed more lunatic than the craziest of our asylums. And yet, such is the position occupied by those of our friends who oppose a low uniform tax of sixteen cents on all kinds of manufactured tobacco. Even many of the cutters who believe, on principle, in )


\ a graded rather than a uniform rate, have umted m the movement for the general good of the trade. Many members of the National Fine Cut Association, we happen to know, are in lthts position, thus settmg a noble example that all should follow. Let us therefore lJntte tn one last effort-whatever then shall result, the responsibility wtll not, at least, rest upon our shoulders THE TOBA.C(JO LEA. F. ,_ THE TOBACCO MARKET. -havmg perhaps, read of certain "footprmts on the r do, H. DraugetisJ r do; P. A sands of ttme," reported a bill to the house compellmg ttc Steatnshtp Co, :zoo bales Atlan-' Ohio some 400 hhds have been sold, composed chiefly of lower descriptions, at full prices, partly to France, partly for Duisberg. In Kentucky we have heard of no movements of Importance, holders being very firm; neither in Virginia, which remains quiet but firm. Total inspections were, 138 hhds Maryland, 565 do Ohio, 30 do Kentucky, and 4 do Virginia-737 hhds. Cleared same period 4 hhds to West Indies. Were peat quotations: Maryland-frosted, 6@17; leaf-tobacco dealersto re-weigh an d re-mark tobacco be EXPORTS. fore selhng Lt. Unfortunately for the legtslators' fame, From the ports of New York to foreign ports, REVIEW OF THE MONTH. the idea, though mttself commendable, was rrnpracticable. other than European ports, for the week endmg Febru NEW YoRK, March, 5 Not wishing to have their business thrown into inextri-ary 2 7, were as follows The tnonth of February shows a fatr average amount cable confus ton by the vaganes of mexpenenced law-BRAZIL-I case cigars, $383. of business done in all branches of the leaf tobacco trade. makers, the trade, after a considerable expenditure of BRt;FISH HoNDURAS-4 hhds, $835 25 bales, $z7o 1 time and money, succeeded in convmcing the Assembly 1 ,6I 9 lbs mfd, $p5. 1 DOMESTIC Receipts have been light, and assortments more or ess that the btll not to pass and the proJeCt was dropped BRITISH WEST INDIES-6 hhds, $I ,:zoo. What Dr. Presbrey Knows About the restricted, but sales have generally been effected wtth for that sesston. The next sesswn, however, saw the CANADA-I3 bales, $SSO Tobacco Manufacture in Virginia. tolerable ease, and pnces have j: hroughout been well scheme revived, to be again extinguished by the same CuBA-r case, $84 common, 7@8_Yz, good common to middlmg, 8Yz@ro, good to fine red, II@I4; fancy, 15@25; uppercountry, 6Vzo; ground leaves, OhJt?-inferior te good common, 6@6!; greenish and brown, 7@8Vz; medium to fine red, 9@I z ; common to 'medium span-s stained means. And so the thmg has contmued from sesswn DuTcH WEsT INDIEshhd, $21s; 30 bales, $4 o 8 '-From the following letter, we learn that Internal Rev-In 'Vestern leaf, transactwns have been about equally to session, unttltt has become a n'msance that calls aloud I 2 ,55 I lbs. mfd, t.2,g40 enue Superv1sor Presbrey is an earnest advocate of a d 1 1 for abatement. Of one thing the trade may feel assured; FRENCH WEST INDIES-24 hhds, $2,995. gled, 9@1 I; fine spangled to yellow, I2@2S Ken tucky-common to good lugs, 7@8_Yz, low to medium divirled between the home and foretgn de man ; t le tota thiS bare-f:aced extortton wt'll be practiced ]. ust as long H b I $ uniform tobacco tax. Thts bemg so, why does he not d AYTI-z hhds, $450, 20 a cs, 312. sales reachmg 2,2oo hogsheads, agamst 2,300 hogshea s as anybody can be found, who, for the sake of avoiding To European port r0 r the week endtng come out and stand wtth us on the sucteen.cent platform? f 1 March leaf, 9@9_Yz; fair to good, 9t@Iol; fine and selections, II@15. Vzrgmw-common to good Lugs, 7@8Yz; low to medium leaf, B.Yz@9l; fair to good, 9l@rol; selec tions II@IS; primmgs, 4Yz@5; !items, rood to fine, m January, and I,soo hogsheads lnDecember; whereo, vexattous mterference, wtll gtve money to preventit, and 5 : We commend the subiect to his thoughtfu1 attention and 1 Th t d 1 th th I,ooo hogsheads were for consumption, and r,200 hogs-not a moment anger e :proper way o ea wt ese ANTWERP-50 hhds, 50 cases. ask hts atd: heads for shtpment, partly of new crop at 7 for Micawbers of the Legtslature, IS to denounce them Ill BREMBN-40 hhds, 36 do stems, 94 cases. UNITED STATES INTERNAL REVENUE, SuPERVISOR's the pubhc prints A few good doses thr<}ugh the newsGLASGOw-8, 134 lbs mfd. I OFFICE, DISTRICT OF VIRGINIA, WEST VIRGINIA, AND lugs, and ro_Yz@r3<; for good Clarksville, the latter despapers Will speedtly purge them of their ambttton to bales. DISTRICT oF CoLUMBIA, Washington, D. C., February tmed mamly for the Afncan market. Of old stocks the profit at the expense of the tobacco merchants LIVERPOOL-23 hhds 12 5 3 I 3 lbs mfd. Tobacco Statmunt. Jan. 1, I872.-Stock in warehouses and on shtpb,oard, not cleared. __ __ ---_ _-. 21, 1Bp. John T Hamlett, Esq Dear S1r-l market has but a limited supply, but the prices asked Concetning business during February, the circular LoNDON--8 hhds, 3,417 lbs mfd, 30 cases ltcorice J:OUIS of the 2oth, and a copy of the J'ownalcontammg for new are such as to offer few mducements to sh.:ppers of Messrs. M Rader & Son says "IH the early part of paste. Inspected thts week _________________ 5745 hhds 137 hhds 1,697 hhds your arttcle on the tobacco tax. I have read it, and inthe month the demand for old crop had beensome RoTTERDAM2 ) hhds. dorse every word of tt, and suggest that you keep the The Spanish and French contracts are now promised what checked by the auction sale of the previous SnviLLE-.33 8 hhds. Inspected previously---------------matter before the people. I send you the following facts for the 9th and I2th mstant. month, but a fair demand sprung up later, with sales DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. and nems relatmg to the trradel and the taxes collected Some tmprovement upon the business of the preceding of about 2,4oo cases, v1z cases Conn and Mass, The arnval a( the port of New York, from domestic, Total __________________________ B,I79 hhds Exported sinceJaq. r, ________________ r,8j6 hhds Coastwise and rcmspected ---.-- --. r so hhds and the revenue denved from tobacco under the present month ts shown m the aetatls of the seed leaf trade, n@IjC for fille1s, 22@25 for round lots, and 40@55 mtenor, and coastwise ports, for the week ending March law for thtrty-four .months smce March r, IB69, under 2,400 cases having changed hands, against I,400 prefor wrappers; 200 do N.Y. State, 3:::@55 for wrppers' s, were 70I hhds, 69 trcs, 6Yz trcs, SI 7.( trcs, 404 pgs, the present adtmmstratiOn. You are at hberty tO" f, 1 f 400 do Pennsylvania, 25@35 for round lots: I,300 do ISI7 cascs,l 254 3,: boxes, 9 I 4 Vz boxes, 13I t boxes, 8 Total __ . __ _--_ 2,006 hhds use these facts m any further articles you may write. vwusly reported These. trans ers are exc ustve 0 522 Ohio, for round lots, 30@55 for wrappers. 74 74 Stock to-day in warehouses ana on shin.. f h 1 Th 72 caddtes, 1 case ctgars, consigned as follows r There are in Vtrgima, 1B5 factories wtth 98 hydraultc cases dtsposed o at auctiOn on t e rst u t. ey com-(N. B.-These quotations tndtcate old weights) ReBY THE ERIE RAILROAD-Pollard, Pettus & Co, 109 board not cleared-----------------_ 6,173 hhds Presses, and 1,7B9 screw presses These manufacturers pnse the following complements and assortments. cejpts of the new crop have been somewhat delayed by hhd J K S h & S B d D J G h S & .,. .r. d ""b G h f 1 f s, mtt on, 2 o; art on ..1. q acco. -..ave executed bonds to the overnment m t e sum o soo cases Connectt'cut and Massachusetts At Iz@rsc t te severe winter weather, still 400 to 500 cases o C 88 d F ld G & C 8 d Bl k -'b d 1 o o, te mg, wynn o., 2 o; a emore, Continues to e ull as previous y reported, D.or is "3,ooo,ooo .. They have paid taxes, by the purchase of ror fillers 22@zsc !ior round lots and r0 r different growths have been taken tn &mall lots, to be M & C 8 d S '" ll & C E M db h .P r 1 '.::1 1 fc a yo o., 5 o, awyer, a ace o 9S; there any activity expecte e1ere t e tax question ts stamps, dunng the penod above named (thtrty-1our forwarded as sample lots t() the Continent. Pnces or \" h d K lb & C d D ,., & S Cases York State for wrap '' ng t, I7 o; reme erg o., 24 o, r"w finally settled by Congress. months), up to January I, IB72, amounting to I,69o,wrapper ; 200 oW '.::1 -Western seed leaf range between Io@ r :zc. 0hio, 12@ 24o.s7-bemg a gain or excess over collectons.for forty-pers, 400 cases Pennsylvania at' 2S@3SC for round 1 5c ; In view of the large crops exporters look for a &CroSckett, 4 d doS; TMhosPHkoyt && Ceo., I 1 ddo; WJmPAQgn:r CINCINNATI, Match 2.-Mr. F. A. Prague, Tobacc() 6 f ., 6 6 B M J S G & ons, I o ; ar er o 20 o, um I r ll Th b h' h h four months pnor to March, r8 9, o pi0,22 ,41. I lots, and 1 3oo cases Ohio, at rsVz@r8c for round lots, lower range.'' The ctrcular of essrs. ana & Co., I do; Norton, Slaughter & Co ., I do; Bunzl & nspector, reports as 10 ows e uoyancy w tc as fact speaks well f?r the admtmstra-and 3o@ssc for wrappers :'Enough was done on shtp-Son adds: The market shows but little anima-Dormttzer, 3 pgs, Wm M. Pnce & Co 2 do; order, charactenzed our market since the first of the year .still tJOn and tts officers. In addttton t() thts tmmense amount h h tion; the absence of real desirable wrappers is restrict 8 hhds. continues, though recetpts and sales are largely on the paid in the State, there has been shtpped m bond to pers account durng the month to t at t e 'oretgn. ing business. The transactions, however, have been Bv THE HunsoN RIVER RAILROAD.-N orton, mcrease. Pnces have ruled htgh and have generally northern or other cities from these Vtrginta factones trade needs for tts revtval only a readJUStment of pnces. in excess of the preceding month, independent of 5:12 Slaughter & Co, 1 hhd Pollard, Pett4s & Co., 2 do, given entire satisfaction. The quality of the new, dunng;the same period, sg,o65,o79 poundsof plug tobacco, At present they are generally beyon.d the views of buyers. cases disposed 6f by auction. Sales--Connecticut and E. Gompertz & Co., 34 do, Bunzl & Dormltzer, 100 so far recetved from the cuttil\g districts, has been of whtch tt ts fatr to say two-thtrds, or 38,7 ro,o53 poun?s, For Spanish tobacco there was a steady inquiry Masschusetts, 500 cases; New York, 200 do ; Pennpgs; order 13 hhds, 26 pgs largely of mfenor and low grades, whtch we fear mdt have been for consumptiOn, and upon wh1ch throurrhout the month, wtth sales amountmg tt> about sylvania, 400 do; Ohio, I,3oo do--totl'l, 2.400 cases; BY THE NATIONAL LINE -J K Smtth & Son, 7 cates that the crop will not reach that standard of ex the taxes, amountmg to $r2,3B7,216 96, have been patd "'b 1 f H d b b 1 f y aud by auction, Connecticut, 6o cases, 15@21 %:c, hhds, Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 34 do, Pollard, Pettus cellence that the trade hoped for. Old cutung has been into the national treasury. If this estimate ts a just one, a es 0 avana, an a out 200 a es 0 ara. Pennsylvama, I :lA cases, 14.t:@3o.t: ; Ohto, 338 cases; & C d J p Q & C d E M C m better request thts week at an advance m price of h f h b P t d fi all de T 0 8 0 um o 1 0 ; raw rL S 1 fi th k hhd d 8 the total contributiOns to t e revenues o t e country y nces con mue rm or gra s nl@z6c. Total, 5:12 cases. New crop-Connect!-ford & Co, So pgs, J. L Gessert & Brother, 33 do }:. to rc. a es or e wee were 502 s, an 11 manufacturers of Vtrgmta, for thirty-four morlths, In manufactured tobacco there was rather more dene cut and Massachusetts. There are yet in Fmmers' BY THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY RAILROAD -Chas. F boxes, as follows. a.mounted to the sum of $24,077 .457 Surely than m January, a better demand haVIng ansen for low hands about 7,000 cases, whtch, wtth the 35,ooo cases Tag& son, 40 pgs Palmer & Scoville, 35 do; Krem-The followmg are the sales for the week endmg Feb-an interest as this demands at the hands of Congress and medtum grade black work for export. d1sposed of, wtll bring the crop up to 42,000 cases. elberg & Co, 40 do. ruary 24 and the country some constderatwn, and the legtslation, Western Leaf.The business of the past_ month prices paid for the same have been high, but BY lHE NEw YORK AND HUDSON RIVER RAILRoAD_ At Bodmanus warehouse no hhds, 74 boxes, as folin JUStice, ought to be of such a character as to msure summed up as follows: Receipts 2I 63 hhds, exports, nevertheless the fine quality of the same, M & E. Salomon, 2 cases, M Abenhetm, 1 do; Geo. lows rB hhbs, old Mason County Ky. trash, lugs, and leaf protection against flooding the market with a class of hhd 1 hhd d h k and t e scarcity of real fine gtades in the other Bence, 13 do, H. Woodford, 1 do, J Klemschmtdttger, -1 at $9.45, II at Io.oo@r4.75, 4 at 15.20@18 so, 2 .,.oods, udder an mfenor rate of tax, that even sell.s at a 346B s, sa es 2 200 5 an t e stoc Ill mspec-o: k bl fi 1 t t t d at 2I.2S@2J.OO 9 hhds and I box new Mason County e tions decreased 894 hhds. Of the sales, I,joo hhds growtus rna e reasor.a e pro ts a mos 3 cer amY IS o .b:ighter rate per pound than plug tobacco, and wtth an h In Ohio there has been loss doing pnces are gradBY THE NEw YoRK AND NE:w HAVEN trash, lugs and leaf-6 at 6.9S@7 7S, 4 at 10.75@ artl.cle that even takes t'ts place, and drives it out of the were old crop, and the greater part, as eretofore, of 11 I p 1 h f s 5 hhds new Owen County Ky trash luu-s and low grades, r,150 hhds were for export, 300 hhds ua Y gtvmg way. n ennsy vama, we ear 0 a conLINE.-L. &. E. Wertheimer, 76 cases, M \Vesthe1m I so, 0 "' market out of consumption. Nothtng Ius than umtinuafon of sales at former stated ratea fillers sc & C d E H ffi d medium leaf, 21 at 7.oo@8 75, 10 at 9.oo@I0.75, 9 at formety of tax is powerful enough to secure this result. rs@zse, makmg- the average' pnce fo; STEAMBOAT II @12.75, 6 at 13 25@I4 15 4 at 15.25@xs so, 6 My earnest desire is that this may be accomplished, o'd crop ts offered cheaper than the new, but the quan-round lots, r6@I7C. In New York nothing has been LINE.-Jos. Scheider, So cases, S. 8 do. hhds Pendleton County Ky, trash at 7IS@Io.oo; 3 hhds for I see m tts failure dtsaster to an mterest that involves tity suitable for export IS reduced very low. Of the dcme. In Wisconsin, soo cases have been bought for BY THE OLD DoMINION LINE.-Pollard, Pettus & new Boone County Ky. at 6. 7 S@r I.5o; 8 hhds and 3 boxes "to a great extent the welfare of not only the manufac-new, the sales were chiefly of the lowest grades at 7 z( Baltimore account at very full pt ices. In our mlirket Co, ro hhds' P. Lorillard & Co, 5 do, 16 trcs; A. D. new West Virgtma-s at. 6.7;s@8 IS ; 5 at 9 oo@ro. 75 ; turers and the planters of the State, but at least tlurty /4 we bave to mention some s:tles of new tobacco, I 2g Ch kl d d w 0 S th d 7 d D I at I9.5o; 19 hhds new Southern Indiana trash and thousand operatives, many of whose famtltes must but Include a few wrappers at II@18c, and Oh' I tL d 1 oc ey, r o, t o; mt '32 o, o; elow lugs at 5 so@7 rs I hhd and 3 boxes Vinton small lots of substantiaJ leaf for Africa and Gercases 10 a runnmg ot at I47zc, an near Y 200 Witt & Duncan, I9 tree; M. Lindheim, 74 cases; D. suffer for the want of food and clothing, because many on private terms. Since Ist instant the cases, both Ohio and Pennsylvania, at from 12@15c, & A. Benrimo, 6 do' K. Kuhn, :J5 do; Martin & County Ohio at II.5o@16.so8; 54 new Ohto :e:d paralyzation of thts great manufactuung mterest. s 1 d 1 n small parcels to be sent as sample lots to the Euro Johnson, :ZI do; H. M. Morns, 12 do; E. Hen, 35 fillers and wrappers-2 at S o@s 5, 22 at 6.o5@ o, Sal.dberore,youareathbertytousethesefactsfurmshed salesreportedare124hhds. Wecanscarceyregar our k A 1 f w b rs 7 Bat hi market as fatrly opened for new crop. If the Gov penn mar ets. sa e 0 5 cases estern, at a out do; Connolly & Co., 57 do; W P. Kittredge & Co, '.::1 '.::1 '.::1 by me many way you choose. My heart ts thoroug y ernment c ... ntracts are awarded, -e shall probably soon roc, has been reported.'' 20 do do; Schwartz & Spohr, z do; T. H. Messen-9 cases new OhJ..o seed wrappers at pnvate sales at I6.oo in thts work, and no stone should be left unturned to m" s:-A h H t b h t' d d d B round. :6uence and secure the desired results. have more doing in it, and be able to give more re-ranzs -avana o acco as con mue m goo e ger & Co. 4 do; Carhart rothers, :ao do; Allen & At Planters Warehouse, IIo hhds and 35 boxes 93 Y tfi II OTIS F PRESBREY !table quotations. mand, and the reported sales reach 500 bales at 95@ Co, :J do ; Drinkman & Scharsberger, 7 do ; Roeft & hhds and 4 boxes old Mason County Ky. traah, lugs and ours respec u y, r let week ld week 3d week fth week Sth week Total 1.10. From Cuba there is nothing on this subject Ludemann, II do; M. M. Welzhofer, r6 do; S. MINOR EDITORIALS. BRISTOL, Va., will shortly commence the construction of a mammoth tobacco factory THEIR BACKS UP -The pnsoners m the Idaho peni tentiary have announced that they will not remam m the place unless they are supplied wtth tobacco INFORMERS' PROFITS.The amount paid by .the Internal Revenue Office as mformers' shares for the year endmg wtth November last, was THE GoATS of R1chmond, Va, are sa1d to have a P.enchant for cigar stumps, tobacco qutds, and theatre posters. -A WEEDY coronet made entirely of cigars i!! displayed in the wmdow of a tobaccomst on the east sjde of thts ctty Is tlus a vlle attempt to msmuate that t\l.e aristocratic institutions of effete Europe are about to end m smoke? A RARE CHANCE-The attention of our readers is called to the advertisement on the third page, headed <1 A Splendtd Opportumty." We have reason to beheve :It to be on,e seldom offered to youthful energy and perseverance. THE RUINOUS SALES-OF LEAF FOR CONSUMPTION.-A correspondent writes: "Fight harder for the sixteen cent uniform tax The leaf trade sales for consumption wtll rum the manufacturers if it is not stopped To gtve you an tdea, we had reported to us two houses m Atlanta, Ga, one sold 35,000 lbs and the other rs,ooo lbs leat for consumption m the month of January last. What V(tll become of the lrade tf this goes on? l?ADLY SoLD-The followmg "good 'un" ts from a paper: "A tobacco buyer who was recently figuring m a Massachusetts town came across a man who had sold hts crop for 15 cenls. The buyer suggested to him that he had not got enough, and wanted to look a t his goods, askmg if he was bound by money patd Fmdmg that he was legaHy free to sell agana, he offered htm five cents a pound more, and would gtve him a hundred dollars to bmd the bargam, whtch the farmer accepted As the buyer was about to leave he inqmred who had previously bought the tobacco On bemg in (ormed, he exclatmed, Good heavens, that ts my I'" January r990 403 349 377 r8r 2 300 later or c.ltfferent from the information publtshed in :J do; L. Gmter, 3 do, 8 caddtes; Richey & leaf, much of which had been damaged by fire, 6 at F b 6 6 S! B our last Prices are firm and are hkely to be fully Boniface, 88 do, three quarter 5 1 half boxes, 2 oo@4-35, 2 7 at B 5510 5, z6 at II.oo@r3. 7 5, e ruary ----I 9 S79 420 4-t 3 4 z,2oo b ..., at r 4 oo@I6.7S Io at rr.oo@z3.oo; 4 hhds new March _____ 124 124 sustained. E. DuBcis, 83 three quatter oxes, 24 half, 50 Owen County Ky. lugs and leaf at 9 .oo@IS. 2S; 13 hhds Vzrgema Leaf-There has been a fatr inquiry for Vtr- Concernmg busines' a'JJring February, the circular quarter boxes; M. W. Mendeld & Brother, I case ci-and 3I boxes new West Virgtma, dark and bnght f d k I d d d ofMessrs.J. S. Gan & says: "The demand for Hagars J D Ket'lly Jr 6 half t1erces 51 quarter trc gln ta lea unng the wee JUSt c ose an mo erate manu"actu;ng lugs and at 5 3o@B. 8o, 12 at vana fillers has been fatr, with sales of 4,ooo bales. h b N L M C d '"' sales of both old and new stock have been effected at 45 cases, 74 t rec quarter oxes; c rea y, I 9 at 13.75, 8 at r6@27. good prices. Manufacturers m the vicinity of thts We notice considerable inquiry for good wrappers, hhd, 3 hcs, 15 cases ;order, 2 hhds. At Morns' Warehouse, 6B hhds and 3 boxes market are takmg a constderable portion of the stocks which are exceedingly scarce. y ara remains negBY THE VIRGINIA STEAMi:>HIP LINE.-Oelrichs & I4 hhds old Mason Co. Ky. trash, lugs and leafoffered here, though It can not be satd that either 00 their lected; the sales, whtch are entirely of a retail char-Co., 10 hhds; W. 0. Smith, 23 trcs, Maddux Bro6 at 9.os@u 75, 4 at 12@ at 15.22_20; or exporters' account the transactwns indicate any apacter, amonnt to I75 bales. The circular of Messrs. thers, 37 cases i G. W. Hillman & Co, 34 do; Con I hhd new Mason Co. trash 6.85; i7 hhds new cJwen prectable degree of activity Improved weather has M. Rader & Son adds: "The demand cotlttnues nolly & Co; 3I do; D. H. London., 1 5 do: Martm & Co. Ky. trash, lugs and low leaf 19 at 6.80@9.95; 9, Io, served to increase receipts at the Vtrgima "breaks," good and receipts are large. Prices on the island Johusou, 3 2 d:> Moore & Co,46 do, 69 three r2.5o, 2 hhds old Owen Co. at 10.25@I2, 8 hhds and 3 those of Rtchmond beginnmg now to show signs of steadily on the increase. Sales to the amount of over quarter boxes; Rtchey & Bomface. 30 do, 4I half boxes new Pendleton Co Ky.-3 at6 .55@ 7 55; 4at9 To@ th th d pect of d fi 11 Th 4,000 bales were made at prices as per quotations. boxes; Dohan, Carroll & Co, I35 do, 71.7 do, 8I quar-Io, 4 at 2 hhds new Boone Co. Ky. trash at grow WI a goo pros spee Y u ness. JS Of y ara tobacco there were sales about :aoo bales, at <.::7 favorable change must, ere long react upon our own ter boxes; order, 22 do, 7 1 do. 5 8o@6.8o, 12 hhds .old S Ky. trash, lugs and leaf-market, where, Without augmented supplies, an active an average of gold, duty paid, for assorted lots CoASTWISE FROM NEw 45 pgs. 5 at 6 .85@ 9 .20, 8' at 10@II.7'S Spring trade would find us wtth more or less restncted of good quality fi"' Growers ot seed lea! tobacco are cauliocel agalnot accepUng our reAt Kenton Warehouse 65 hhds and 8 boxes: 31 hhds P R h d d fi r ,r, f d G d ) b t t' d poned sales and quotation o! seed leaf as lumiahing the pnces that honld .;. assortments. nces at IC mon are reporte rm, ure .-ra ua u con mue Improvebe obt.!ned by thm atllrethaud Growers c=uotexpect to oell theor crops old Mason Co J!o..Y lugs ahd good leaf; roat ro@13.75, and regular for all offenngs save bright goods, which ment is apparent Ill the manufactu1 ed tobacco trade, ror the aamo prlcea as are 6bWned on are sale of the crop here Of couroe S at 14 95 IS 7 5 3 at 91 75 I 7 so 10 at IB 19.75 2 at ,zo. d r d h t d I a th k every re-aale must be at an advance, an(l tkrefore th& pnce obtainalJle by I are apprectatmg as the season a vances. Late LOietgn an we ear o some very goo sa es unng e wee the 11rgwers wUI alwan be oomewhal lower than our quotations 7 S ; 6 hds new Owen Co. Ky. lugs and fine leaf; 4 at advtces are in the main favorable for the future of thts of both bright and dark work; the former chiefly for QUOTATIONS OF WIIOL.Fi!ALE PRIOEB, 9 15, I2 251 2 at r8 75, 20 I7 hhds new Pendleton staple, though the demand at present ts limited. London consumption and the latter for export. Several Lght Pressed, extra line 's @55 County trash at 6 20,8.40 ; 2 hhds WestVa. 8.7 0 h d t b t :r t d d d k f I I d I 2 ch br'ghts at :uc l:lhlpplng, common lugs. 7 8)( Light heued line ... a5 hhd B C h 6 @ hhd ld S reports s ow mo erate transac tons, u a manues nee pac ages o an -m t common lea! .... 9 Thrdl9 m. ...... ... ,9 @15li 3 s oone ounty tras at 7.15; I o of fine goods. "Fine goods are much wanted," and" the were taken for the Southern trade, while for shipment .......... Ky II 2 s@13 2s; B cases old Ohio seed fillers and wrap market ts almost bare of heavy descnptwns," are noticethe demand was main1 y for commoll' black tens and } 1ne ... .... 11 @12 common ........... : .. 20 pers s@r4.Yz, 1 s.Yz; 3@17, able expressions m current circulars from that Ctty, what quarters. We have also heard of some sales of mixed Selections 12 13 Na"lf PU!Omu.-E!ne a2 7 At Phtsler Warehouse 1 8 hhds and 31 boxes 1 7 hhds h Th L1gbt cntUng lug .. 10 @ ll Meuium 19 @21 they are worth practically remains to be demonstrated. assortments to Sout Amencan markets. e mar-do do tea.t H @2o Half old Mason County Ky.; trash lugs and leaf I 1 @ 9.50 Seed Leaf-A very good busmess was done m Seed L:et now is gettmg into good condition for the resump ..... .... T%:@ S)( ;;::;T;h:.c;.::_ ....... @'28 12.75, 6@r 3 .75, 16.25; I hhd new Owen County Ky Leaflast week. There was some inquiry for goods for tion of manufacturing work, there being little or no common tear. 8@ 9 J Long tO's 2s @SO 1o.Ia, 7 at 1 s@ 16 2 5 5 at 1 7 .5o@1o. 7 5, 1 6 cases new 'tL t I' d d f t J f d h'l f f Medium ... Navy 4'8 ana 5 2! @117 1 6 ,export,wtwanencouragmgmovemen m apte to exceseo anysyeo goo s,w teo some vanetes Good .............. u ... 4.'5 @BO Ohtoseed verycommon,7at53o@ 9o,sat7., home use, the sales were qutte m excess of there is a noticeable scarcity. Fme 12 @13 PocketPeces .... :w fli'SJ 4at IO Old Oh f: 1 d l d El h 11 b fi d th M 1 t C Selecttona lS @14 Brlgbt rwlst ( Va) 12 inch :u @33 \.::1 recent averages. 10 was reel}' eat m, an sew ere wt e oun e err.orta o ongress MJHoun ............ -@-Bnght Gold Bare smell 30 @S'l CLARKSVILLE T Mi. h y M there was considerable done m new stock of nearly all of the Tobacco Board of Trade, in relation to bonded new 6 Rough & Ready '. ... @ll enn., 2essrs. vanettes The actual distnbution was as follows Boo warehouses. Whatever may have been true in the ::: H. Clark & leaf tobacco report as cases Ohio, at I4_Yz@r7c; 30 cases do, at 3oc; 1 so past, Congress can not now very well plead ignot>ance Good to r.. 10 fa follows. Our recetpts and sales contmue Ia rge for cases Pennsylvania on pnvate terms; 200 cases sundnes of the wishes of this interest, for no efforts h'!ave been .'7' .... to @13 Com won, medium 1 ; @U the season, the sal .. s here for the week footing up 552 do bright 20 @tO Haz .... 17 hhds, and at Hopkinsville, 26o hhds. Peices were at 2o@s5c I4o ca:;es new Pe"Qnsylva.nia at I3@r4c; spared to have them fully and explicitly presented. Olw-In'or to good com. 6 @ TAtrdl ............. Il @20 h' h bo h k h be' b 1 1 d""' 1 b tt xh b t h k Brown and Greemeh 7 @ F'iru ...... 1.7 @20 1g at t mar ets, t ere mg now ut Itt e tuertota, 1,320 cases-a e ere t 1 t an or. .wee s Smoktng.-More activity is beginning to be percept Hediumandllnered ... QuaFtnrt 72 74 especially the former, that stock, wluch, a short time ago, this interest stocks never having been more attractive Medium ......... .. : 9 and 12 2 I4@I 5 These quotations show a contmued steady ad-owmg to the htgh rates at which lt was held, seedied or abundant' than at tltts tt. me. fine red .. Goo':I ::: ..... : .... : vance. Buyers are very sanguine of extreme prices at .. f Upper"c;;.;,;;ry .. 5 @SO moCilum 16 @17 the it havmgbeen demonstrated by figures hkely to lose it s best chance in the market, IS gradually c Th h b f bl h 9 becommg available at negotiable figures As yet the th :gars -:\e as een, not e. cb 5 @ ... .oo, 63, 70 thaAt the and "iill bedsuhfficiebnt to take all the signs are famt, but they are nevertheless traceable, and b ethctgar e smcedo.ur 1ast. ra et ts r .ns akn' ,.u.s. td.Leat-25 Oivars--Tl<>meotic all mencan stoc.;s, an t en e some 15,000 n 1 s h 1 k 1 o manurac urers an tmpor ers repor a 1atr wee s 45 @oO SeedandHavana, short, which may have to be drawn from the heavy ;Ins mterest there comes an anpened at 1 ro and closed at 1 ro rt. a.nd >econds : stocks helal by England.. If this shoolld dto bde "' 7 4 New T nrk Seed Leafdo do Seconds 20 OU@U oo true, ,then our present pnces are very ow In ee an nouncement from the Legtslature at Albany, to the efExchlmge has not been in much demand, and rates \\rappers... 32 New York Seed Conn oo they must advance matenally for sometime to come feet that one Mr. Cook, of the Assembly, has mtroduced have declined though they are now held at steady .... oo Our planters a1 e delighted with the figures obtained a bill for "Regulating the Sale of LeafTobacco" in thts figures. Penmylvana Seed Leqt-Ohio d o do do 17 oo h d h' h b k S I dl b h h b Jl h \\rappe s .. 35 @iO Conn F1ler and St fort e crops, an ate rus mgt etr to acco to mar et, S .,. tate. t ts nee ess to 0 serve t at m t ts 1 we ave We quote Bills at 6o days on London ro8%:@ Aoorted lots 18 @23 wrapper.. 20 oo and w 1ll tr}' to prevent a tobacco famine by pitching CIGARS M!\NUF ACfURED AND OLD IN LANCASTER an old acquamtance, whose pres. entment would be ,',' more Inn "'or comm. erct' al I no'.:@ 100 1.;: "or banke'rs', do at 45 @60 Common ,iaro 15 oo P NG THE YEAR 1871 Ma c ctured -7 14 -7:ro 1 Fillers 12 @15 Cheroots and Sixes.. 10 on m 1872 the largest crop ever plauted m the west .:-ITY, A., DURI nu 1 a honored. m the breach m the observance. For short sight, uo@uo1t, Paris at 6o days, 5 zs@s.20, Olno Seed L eaf. Snuff-Maccoboy ... -no I4,52o,2oo, sold, rz,sBs,Ioo. The tax on the cigars or SIX years thts subject has been trotted out and do at short st'ght SI Antwerp 5 25@5 .20 Wrappers oo @lO Roppee, French I oo DURHAM, N. C:-, February 28.-The Tobacco Plant )d t d t "62 925 so Tltere were 94 "actortes L 74 '.::1 Assorted lots 18 do fine plain .... II Th b d .11 so amoun e o atred at every sesswn of the egtslature, by some pubhcSwiss 2 20. Hambur 7,.:@ 61.;:. Am-Blecuons. .. .. 45 @S5 Scotch & Lunflyfoot oo reports as 10 ows: e to acco tra e IS stt mcieasmg, in operatwn duni\15 the year, earned on by B2 manu-spmted member of the lower house who was desirous 5 F 3 r/ 12 15 1 gg we vtstted the warehouse last Thasday during the sale, facturers One manufacturer turned out I,4q,6oo 1of makmg a reputation or something else for lumself sterdam, 8 4 o7z@ 8 40h' ran lorlt, 4 oJo@ 4074 ; .. wrap good to L(conoe GoW. and found planters finely pleased There were be Four turned out over 8oo 000 each one over d h d ll d h h' Bremen, 7 ra@7 li; Pruss tan t Ia ers, 7I %:@72 7.( line........... 50 a SJCO n. & M ,.... tween 35 000 and 40 000 lbs sold for better pnces than CJgars. an t e 1 ea IS now pretty genera y entertame t at t e Freights have been quiet. there is a scarctty!of room Havana ruoniug D o n QuiJote 2ll soo, ooo, one over 4oo,ooo, ourdover Jtoo,ooo, our over farce has been played long enough, and that the pro-and prt'ces are mat'ntatned' among the engagements ton . .. .. $1 os 1 so LacorouadeEopono. .. .... 26 prevwus quotatwns. From thts time forth there will be se en over 200 ooo an seven een over roo ooo h ld b h d r h f h f Hann FU Com. &I @ 87J( B. M. H .... ... ... 28 1 h D h '" h T d d 'fh 25h000T h v b f h' d' II d t th f: t gramme. s. ou e c ange 10r somet mg 1 not were so hhds to Malta at private terms ao do 90 Ex refine d ... . sa es m t e ur am are ouse ues ays an urseac e num er o an s a owe o ese ac ones more edtfymg. Heretofore whenever the "httle JOker" cut 3:: 11: :;:::: ... : days We have buyers from Richmoud, Petersburg and is 470, but they are seldom or never run up to theu has made tts appearance in the Assembly, we !Jtven IMPORTS. Yara n Cui *' 00@1 15 C & A'' 875 lba. net 29J( Danvtlle allowance The htghest number of hands employed m It tho benefit of a first rate notice in these columns, and The arnvals at the P. ort ot New Y. ork from fore1gn Ma,.,.foctured -Tax32cts per pound. "G & F.. .. C .,. 8 W f h k d M h 1 d h j) 1 Pottnd -h -BamB'l' "WyUls Ex" t60 lba net. 29 HILLSBORO, N. .ce!lruary 2 .-e report as any. one factory was 25 to be consistent, we suppose It to be our JOurnalistic port;s, or t ? wee en mg arc 5, me u es t e 0 Ext.a flue. <5 @60 I. c.yCa".......... 28 follows. The demand ts very brisk, and about 3 o,ooo duty to be equally liberal on the present occasion, though lowmg constgnments.. F no 30 &1 Yuurrla'' d TOBACCO AT LYNCHBURG, VA -On the 28th ult., the Lynchburg, (Va.) Repubhcan reports "The tobacco warehouses were yesterday the scenes of more lively times than have been wttnessed sinced the te-opening of trade. The breaks were unusually large, and whtle much of the tobacco was mferior in quality and roughly prepared for market, there was some really good lots whtch were m excellent' order and had been mcely handled. lt may not be 'amtss to remark, in thts connection, that the planter wtll always save money in the end by bring ing his tobacco m the proper. order and nicely It will always command a htgher pnce, and gtve better satisfaction to all concerned. The pnces yesterday for all grades were fully sustained, and some lots sold at higher, pnces than usllal." H F G b J J AI 1 Good .... . .. .. z A." :l30 Ilia .. .... 23 pounds were sol last week. we confess to a wearmess of well-domg m the cause, 1 AVANAarcta, 2I4 a 1es' mtra 54 Hedmm .............. 22 @24 "HF." ..... ... ..... 23 w II do M & E Salomon 87 do L Paachal do F Oommon ....... 17 @20 R R" ... .. -....... 2S LOUISVILLE, Eebruary 28.-e report as 10 ows: would f:at'n soltct't because thereto entt'tled a sur- td 10 @t" w s" .r--on Y .................... The demand ts very lively though the recetpts have incease from labor. Epttomtzed here are our vtews on the Miranua, I86 do A. Gonzales, 355 .do, J. A. Pesant, subject of" RegulatmgtheSaleofLeafTobacco : in thts 57 do; y. Haya & .co, 15 do; Wet! Co, do, BALTIMORE, March z.-Messrs, C. Loose & Co., crsased with the opening of navigation. Prices are State, by act of Legislature: The thmg can not be done, 1. case ctgars; F. Sptes & Co, 102 do, I do ; V. MarCommissioh Merchants and dealers in Leaf Tobacco refirm. and each succeeding member of the Assembly who takes ttnez, 7 boxes: 263 do, 4 do; Badell, 41 do, r do; port: Our market for the past week, for both MaryPADUCAH, February 24.-Mr. James F. Callaway, upon himself the task of revamping the old tdea is JUSt DeBarry & Kmg, 18 cases ctgars ;, G. W. Faber, r7 land and Ohio, has been very brisk, and most all the Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports: The weather continues as well aware of the fact when he introduces the bill do; Carl Upman, 2 do; Purdy & Ntcholas, I4 do; C. samples offered have been readily bought at full prices. warm and damp, and the planters have had a good embodymg that idea, as is each and every member of T. Bauer & Co, 12 do: Lewis, Philip & Frank, OfMaryla11d, we look forward to an early increase of season for handling their tobacco, and we may look for the tobacco trade whom the bill is designed to affect. 4ldo; Robt. E. Kelly & Co, .'5 do; S. L1vtng11ton & receipts, which for the paat week have been but mod-larger receipts during the rext ten days. Sales this Thts bemg so, why is the persistently adhered Sons, 4 do; Renauld Francots & do; W. erate yet, only amounting to r38 khds. The demand week, 576 hhds, against 335 hhds last week. The to year after year? Perhaps the history of the bill will Thomas & 44 do; Acker_. Mernll & Condtt, for this descriptio01continues to be very active indeed, market is active, prices firm, on low grades. solve the problem. A cigar-maker some years ago hap33 do; J. Agosbm, r do; F. Selig, I do; J. R. Tupand owners in some instances succeeded in obtainit;Jg During the early part of the week, the breaks were pened to be eleated to a seat in the Assembly of this per! 1 do; E. P. BeaCh, I do; & Go, r do; slight advances on our quotatiena, particularl1 for large and rather poor, and prices were a shade lower, State, and being desirous of leaving a record behmd him MeuJIRtr, Ackerman & Co, 1 do; Faaher and Keller, medium grades, which come but so far. Of but rn yesterday lfd t

/ and the market fully recovered from the declme, and closed to day active and firm for all grades I quote htgh trashy lugs, so to 7 oo, common to good lugs, 7@7 2s, 7, 8, low leaf, new do, 934' good do, 9 so@10 so' selectiOns, II@I2. Very httle bnght manufactunng tobacco commg forward Prices range from 15@IS, mostly wrappers 20@30 for bnght do The planters are makmg preparatiOns to plant a large crop th1s spnng and express themselves well satisfied w1th present pnces Sales by Kay, Cobb & Selvee, February 20, 2r, u, 23, and 24, I872, of 89 hhds tobacco as follows 32 hhds lugs 7 20, 7 IO, 7 20, 7 20, 7, 7 IO, 7 30, 7, S 6o, 7, 6 6o, 7 30, 7 6o, 7, 7 40, 7 30, 7 6o, 7, 7140, 6 6o, 7, 7 zo, 6 so, 6 90, 7 So, 7 4S, 7 zo, 6 90, 7 90, 7 45, 7 6o, 7 70, I7 hhds low leaf 8 40, S 90, S 90, S 9o, 8 70, 8 2o, S 30, S 6o, S 6o, S Io, 8 90, S 90 8 90, 8 6o, 8 40, S So, S Io, I6 hhds medmm leaf 9 70, 9 6o, 9 90, I!) 95, 9, 9 90, 9 65, 9 90, 9 so, 9 6o, 9 So, 9, 9 so, 9, 9 3S, 9 30, 24 hhds good leaf ro, ro, IO so, Io, II 25, Io Io, IO 2S, IO so, IO 75, IO 75, IO 2S, IO 2S, IO so, IO 2S, IO 251 10, I01 15 so, ro 25, I2, Io, I2 25, IO Sales by Lmn Boyd Tobacco Warehouse Co Sales for five days, February 2o, 2I, 22, 23, and 24, of %02 hogsheads t o bacco, as folio s 6o hogsheads lugs 6 90, 7 40, 7 30, 'l 75, 1 65, 7 so, 7 6s, 7 o5, 7,os 6 6s, 7 30, 6 90, 7 IS, 7 35, 7 45, 7 10, 7 ro, 7 4C, 6 70, 7 25, 7 2o, 7 go, 7 35, 7, 7 Io, 7, '].4o,, 7 so, 7 25, 7.2o, 7 os, 7 so, 7 45, 1 75, 7 ss. 7 45, 7 10, 7 20, 7 6s, 7 30, 7.4o, 7 JS, 7 zs, 7 30, 7 6o, 7-so,, 7 4o, 7, 7.3o, 7 7 70, 7 6o, 7 so. 7 so, 7 20, 7 45, 7 90, 7 55, 75 hogs heads common sh1ppmg S.4o, 9 40, 9 20, 9 zo, 9 40, 9 25, s 3 o, s 9 o, 9 10, s 35, g 65 9 s5 s 90, 9 25, 9 so, 9.6o, S 40, 9 7o, 9.20, g, g 90, 8, S go, 8.25, 9 70, 9 40 s Io, s s 5 s.4 o, g 3 o, 9 65, 9 7o, s 9s s ss, 9 ro, 9 20, g 30, 9 70, 8 30, 9 75, 9.S5 9 30, 9, 8.go, 9 25, 8, S Io, 9'S 9, 9-Ss, 8.3o, 8 55, 9 9, 9 6o, 9 So, 9, S 6o, 9 75, 9 so, 9 95, 9 6o, S, S 20, 7 8o, S So, 9 35, 8 I-o, 9 70, 9 zo, 8 90, S os, 8 25, 63 hogsheads good to fine sh1ppmg I2 35, I2 35, II, II 30, I2 40, 12 so, I2, II So, II 45, II, II os, IO so IO 6o, Io 20, IO 40, IO 75, IO 20, IO IO, IO 90, .10 30, IO 400 Io,so, I<> Io, Io so, Io 30, IO So, 10 40, IO Io, ro, 10 so, IO Io, Io, IO 90, IO IS, 10 So, IO os IO 6o, IO 90, IO 40, 10, TO 3=>, IO so, IOJ IO 10, IO 200 IO 25, Io, I I 20, 10 25, I I, IO 40, 10, IO 25, IO 75, IO, IO, IO, IO 25, Io 85, I r Io, Io 2s, Io, Io so, 4 hogsheads Piebald 17 So, Is.So, IS so, IS,25PHIL\DELPHIA, l)Earch 4 -Mr E W Dickinson, nporter for the Todacco Trade of Philadelphia, wntes as follows Busmess was rather qUiet dunng the most of last month It IS always dull m February any way Congess IS m sessiOn and e1ther some tmkenng of the law IS proposed, or expected, or feared, so that the very cautious w1ll not buy exceptmg as they must Especial ly IS th1s true with dea1ers m manufactured tobacco at td1s time, for an attempt IS made, not only to reduce the tax 16 SIXteen cents per lb, but to sweep out of exist ence all bonded warehouses for tobacco If our law-ma kers would w1pe all kznds of bonded warehouses out, It mtght look hke fa1r play. But tobacco men are treated more hke outlaws than hke peaceable Citizens Foreign cap1tal m the shape of manufactured goods may be bonded w1thout fear, but an Amencan, 1f he happens to be m the tobacco busmess, (1t would seem,) 1s ezpected to pray for the pnv1lege of havmg h1s capt tal bonded by his government. Leaf tobacco has been rather qu1et too but manufac turers do not lack for stock Nearly fo11r hundred cases of seed leaf, twenty hhds Western and sixty bales Spamsh went mto consumption here, last month The stocks on hand are good but not over large Our leaf dealers are re-samplmg therr stocks, "and gettmg ready for the sprmg trade They have also bought about four thousand cases of the new (1871) crop of Connecticut Our buyers were m the field among the first th1s year Our Cigar manufacturers are busy, showmg that they can compete w1th those of other c1t1e& They can not s-upply the whole eountry but are domg the1r part of It, probably. There were 78o boxes of mf'd received here from R1cbmond, last week, VIZ 331 boxes for J. R Sauk & Co,, I6o forM E McDawell & Co, 4S for Woodward & Son, and 2I4 for Dohan & Ta1tt Sales of mf'd last week sso boxes Pnces are firm and from 52c to 6Sc for sweet. Two or three \Vestern brands bnng the h1ghest figures FOREIGN_ ANTWERP, Febntary 12 -Mr V1ctor Forge, Im porter of Leaf Tobacco, reqorts The market was very qmet last week, and the only sale was a lot of Kentucky from hands Pnces firm, no 1ucrease of stock February I6 -There was rather a hvely market last week' and some manufacturers and dealers bought about I44 hhds Kentucky and 67 hhc{s V1rg1ma at very firm pnces Some lots of mew tobacco of '71 crop have been on the market, but tlhe general opm10n IS that at such enormous pnces busmess wt!l be very hm1ted for the next season \Ve have rece1ved IS hhds from New York, vw Bremen, and 93 hhds' ber Prmceton from same port 1 LIVERPOOL, February I7 -Mr F W Smtth, Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchant, reports Dunng the week 1ust ended, sales of lUmted States tobacco have been to a full average extemt, not only of str1ps and dry leaf for home use, but also for export leaf, both mAfnca and for the Conhnent Pnces are nomilJa lly unchanged, nevertheless they have been steadily marntamed-Good Marylands with color, and free from sand are wanted Bnght Oluos have been sold m a retail way when sound and 1 good order 1 he supply of other growths, commonly called substitutes, IS hm1ted Cavend1sh IS qmet Imports of Amencan tobacco smce Ist mst, 46 hhds, dehvenes, 7 59 hhds THE KY., TOBACCO IMBROGLIO. Bqth Sides of the question-Statements, Replies, and Hejmnders-Kules and RegulathiDS-" A Very Pretty quarrel as at Stands." A CARD OFFICE LINN BOYD TOBACCO \V AREHOUSE Co } CoR MARKET AND JEFFERSON STs PADUCAH, Ky, :January 26, IS72 DEAR SIRThere IS a combmatwn m ex1stence m th1s cay callmg themselves the Tobacco Board of Trade," who have recently met and passed resolutiOns wh1ch we deem lllJUnous to th1s market, and although not ernbracmg even a respectable maJonty of the buyers of the c1ty, and none of the VISltmg buyers, have had suffic1ent mfluence to mUm1date tl).e propnetors of the other warehouses of th1s place, and force them agamst the1r own mterest, and the m terest of the1r patrons, m my opmwn, to subscnbe to and bmd themselves to carry out certam resolutiOns, the tendenc1es of wh1ch are dec1dedly agamst the mterest of the patrons of th1s market Not havmg participated m any of the meetmgs, and havmg had no hand m makmg sa1d rules when they were presented to us, w1th the threat that unless we s1gned and earned them out, that "The Tobacco Board" would not buy tobacco at our house, we, of course, refused, as we have always done when any thing came up wlhch we deemed agamst the mterest of our patrons and ourselves. We w1sh now to say to you and the pubhc generally, notWithstanding all reports that; may be ctrculated to the contrary, that we have buyers enough to buy and pay for every hogshead of tobacco Jhat w11l come to Paducah thiS year, not one of whom 'Will buy one hogs bead from e1ther of the otlner warehouses so long as the present rules are enforced In fact, the books of the three warehouses wt!l show that those uyers who sus tamed ns m our course, bought more tobacco THE 'I'OBAVVO LEAF. 3 last year than all those who call themselves The Board,' and are by far the most hberal buyers m the market 1 nd we assure you that we are prepared to sell your tobacco for as much money as any warehouse m th1s or any c1ty m the West I We w1sh 1t dtstmctly upderstood that the 1ssue has been none of our making, that we are dectdedly m favor of a "Tobacco Board" wh1ch has for 1ts obJect the up bmldmg of th1s market, and we propose to the Tobacco Board, so called,'' to adopt the regulatiOns, word by word, wh1ch have been adopted and m pract1ce for years m Lomsvllle, K y But those Lomsv1lle regulatwns, would not dnve from th1smarket the re handlers .. who const1 tute several of our most hberal buyers, and hence would not do. We will state further, that the Paducah Board regulatiOns con tam thmgs never heard Qf m any market, and tlungs wh1ch can not posstbly benefit any one, except a few buyers who w1sh a monopoly \\Fe Will further state, that smce our movements are not dependent on those of any other house, we w1ll com mence sellmg every momtng promptly at 9 o'clock, and contmue until through, 1f It reqmres the whole day, t hereby you Will always be enabled to sell and get off the same day Agam assunng you that we are st1ll for the farmer agamst all Boards," cl1ques, or combmatwns, and refernng )OU to our present week's sales, wh1ch will not suffer by companson w1th any m the c1ty, we remam, yours truly, T T SETTLE, Secretary 'THE 01HER SIDE I TOBACCO BOARD OF TRADE,} P .. DUCAH, Ky, Febmary, I872 T o the Patrons of flu Paducah Tobacco Market On the 26th of January, rS72, Mr. T T Settle, Secre tary, and the representative of the "Lmn Boyd Tobacco 'Varehouse Co," 1ssued a c1rcular, m wh1ch he has seen proper to make some statements regardmg the orgamzatwn of a Board of Trade, wholly mcons1stent w1th the facts In order to set the pubhc nght m th1s particular, th1s circular 1s pubhshed Recogmzmg the unportance of orgamzatwn and system m every branch of busmess, and with the purpose of procurmg fa1r and honest dealmg, and to secure to the honest dealer the full measure of" good wlil 1eputat10n" wh1ch he ments, and to protect buyers agamst fraudulent sellers, th1s Board was orgamzed. To secure these des1rable ends, certam rules and regulations for the government of sales m th1s market were adopted by all the local buyers representmg the wealth and mtelhgence of the tobacco men of th1s ctty, except those who are known to be stockholders of the" Lmn Boyd Warehouse Co," and a few personal fnends of Its managers, and two of these, even-both re handlers-at first subscnbed and mdorsed them, but afterwards, for reasons suffic1ent to themselves, w1thdrew These rules were subm1tted to the three wan;houses for the1r approval Two of them unhesl tatmgly subscnbed to them, and pledged themselves, as dtd every stgner, to be governed by them The Lmn Boyd Tobacco Warehouse Co," through the1r Secretary and pnnc1pal busmess man, refused to accede to them Whereupon, after full dehberatwn, Mr Settle, as the representative of the Company, was mv1ted to meet the Board, at a meetmg called for the purpose, to state h1s obJeCtiOns and suggest modificatiOns Mr Settle ap peared before the Board and declared that unless the followmg rule, to w1t Second, The card on each sample shall have wntten on It tne number of the hogshead, the gross we1ght and the name of the real owner of the hogshead, for whose account 1t 1s sold, and no buyer shall be compelled to take or pay for any hogshead of tobacco, where the name of any one but the real owner IS marked on the sample-" were rescmded, his Company would not subm1t to the regulations, and would not act w1th the Board of Trade Th1s was d1stmctly announced as the ultimatum-the repeal of th1s rule the only conditiOn upon which the Comgany would umte w1th the Board of Trade and be governed by 1ts reqUirements Now, the peculiar mot1ve wh1ch governed the Board m the adoptiOn of the rule m questwn, was to deter that class of tobacco dealers known as false packers from 1m posmg upon the trade falsely packed hogsheads of to bacco The Board IS fr ee to confess that th1s was the rulmg motive, because the v1ct1ms of th1s class had not been a few It 1s well known that some of the dealers m th1s market habitually offer the1r tobaccos upon the breaks under fictltlous names, generally under the name of the planter who ongmally sold 1t, or some other respectable name thereby endeavonn,g to m1slead the buyers mto the behef that they are purchasmg planters and country dealers tobacco, wh1ch JS always preferred on account of the usual fatrn ess observed m packmg/ It IS alone upon th1s class of dealers that th1s rule of the trade bears, a.1d to break up a dishonorable pracUce, was solely adopted Is 1t r.g:It to conceal a fraud ? Is the agent who f Onceals better than the prmctpal who prac t1ces the fraud ? Mr Settle, m h1s c1rcular, IS pleased to style this Board of1rade a combmatwn Combmatwns do not usually mv1te the public to JOlll m their dehberat10ns Mr Settle's Compatywas mv1ted to JOin our body, andre fused solely upon the ground abo e stated, to-wtt that they were unwi lling m 1hetr warehouse, to wnte the name of the real owner of the tob acco upon the sample card He does not venture to state m h1s c1rcular hts ObJeC tlons to the rules, nor to vmd1cate his or h1s Company's actwn, relpng exclus1vely upon the potency of h1s own august name, the value of wh1ch will be apprec1ated m proportJOn to the recklessness of h1s statements F1rst, He asserts that the Board does not "embrace even a respectable maJOrity of the buyers of tlus c1ty lt 1s only necessary to refer to the s1gnatures to the fol lowmg rules and regulatiOns, to refute th1s assertion, as also that one m wh1ch 1t IS sa1d that the buyers who sustam the course of the Lmn Boyd Company, "bought mor e tobacco last year than all those who call the selves the Board" Second, That notw1thstandmg the Board does not "embrace even a respectable maJOnty of the buyers," yet two of the warehous es have been "tntt1mdated" mto and bmdmg themselves to these rules and regulatiOns The two houses m questwn sold last year two thuds of all the tobacco sh1pped to th1s market fhe assertiOn tHerefore furmshes add1tJonal proof of the recklessness of the wnter, because 1f the two houses had chosen, they might have combmed w1th the Lmn Boyd Company, refused to subscnbe to th e ndes and thereby have forced many of the subscnbmg buyers, whose sole busmess IS to deal m tobacco, out of the market, o r to rescm d the obJeCtiOnable rule But the truth IS the two warehouse firms saw nothmg unreason able m the rule to protect honest dealers and msure to them the advantages of a good name m trade 1 h1rd, Mr Settle states that he proposed to the Board to adopt the rules of the LoUisville trade It IS not known prec1sely what the rules are, _but the asseruon 1s ventured here that there 1s nothing m the..rules adopted by th1s Board mcons1stent with those of the LoUISVIlle trade, and w1ll compare favorably, as far as protection to the mterest of the planters and country dealers ts concerned w1th the rules of any Board of Trade m Amenca The Board of Trade des1res to express 1ts regret that the Lmn Boyd Warehouse Company has seen proper to declme co operauon w1th 1t, and m so d1smgenuous and mcons1derate a manner to pubhsh to the world 1ts oppos1uon A decent regard to the op1mons of the1r netghbors and patrons reqmred that the reasoi).s for the1r obJeCtiOns should have been particularly stated, and yet not one 1s even hinted at m the1r c1rcular. The1r deportment finds a parallel1rvthe case of the Jurqr who declared that a verdict might have been agreed up51n but for the presence of eleven obstmate "fello7vs on the JUTY WltJ} h1m In conclusiOn, the Board of Trade extends a cord1al mv1tanon to the patrons of tlus market to v1s1t 1ts meet tmgs and see for themselves who compose 1t, and hear 1ts dehberatJOns c1pal busmess 1t IS to buy loose loads of tobacco and the boxes and hght we1ght packages wh1ch come to the market, and pnze them mto hogsheads Nearly all these gentlemen sell the1r re handled tobacco on th1s market, and m our house Hence the w1llmgness of the other warehousemen to sign rules foBACC<\ BoARD OF TRADE wluch would them to qUit or to sh1p to other mar REGULATIONS. kets, as they would lose nothmg by the operat1on, and Ftrst From the ISth day of March to the I 6th of thus cnpple the1r competitor that much September, sales of tobacco shall commence promptly The questiOn 1s, whY. can not the re-_!Jandlers, 1f. they at 8Yz o'clock, A M, and from the ISth day of Sep put up theu tobacco honestly, and I ma,ntam they do, tember to the ISth day of March, shall commence at sell the1r tobacco under the1r own names? I answer 9 o'clock, A M. because first, there IS a preJUdice m the !>reast of nearly Second The card on each sample shall have wntten every member of the tobacco nng agamst }:mymg the on 1t the number of the hogshead, the gross we1ght and tobacco of another buyer, and secondly, I am fully the name of the real owner of the hogshead for whose. persuaded that some of the leaders m th1s movement account 1t IS sold, and no bu} er shall be to would hke to see them out of the way because of the take or pay for any hogshead of tobacco where the name competitiOn they afford m buymg tobacco for d1rect of any one but the real owner IS marked on the sample shipment Thtrd The sample shall remam on the hogshead The Board c1rcular says," The pecuhar mot1ve wh1ch from wluch 1 t was drawn and m no event to be taken governed them m adoptmg thiS rule, was to deter that awa out of Sight of exce t bnght fane sam les class of tobacco dealers known as false pack.:rs from n'ia y be covered u b the cask :ver tl:em tmposmg upon the trade falsely packed hogsheads of unZl ready for sale p y p g tobacco and m the next sentence says 1t IS well known Fourtlt No sample shall be mutilated culled or m tnat some of the deaJers m th1s market habitually offer h their tobaccos upon the breaks under fictitiOus names, any way c anged, by pluckmg lherefrom leaves, or openll d h f th 1 t h I! mg leaves, or m any way changmg thesample, so that It genera \Y un er t e name o e p an e r o ongma y will not properly represent the hogshead from whic h It sold It, or some other respectable name The followmg was drawn except bnght or fancy samples may be named members of the Board, so called, have each and opened every one done that arne thmg, and m the aggregate Fifth The mmtmum btds entertamed by the auctiOneer dor:; more of tl, m my OPifiiOn, than any re handler shall be five cents per hundred we1ght when under s1x mE eLc1 A d S F M 11 E W v h w dollars ten cents from s1x dollars to ten dollars per 'I'! b n ,1 h burre C F J aug aCn, M h d d h fi f d It 1orn erry, orn erry, arrett, un re we1g t, twenty ve cents r om ten o ars to Moe uot R L Johnson M w tl w T Ow 1 B G twenty, and fifty cents from twenty dollars upward per B qlt A R L d he th b sl ey, h ed e ht raze on, ang, an per aps o ers e ongmg to unar w 1g th B d Sebentlt Any tobacco sold may be reJected, provided e oar 1 t 1 s done before 7 o'clock P M. on the da of sale but In the language of that other szde ctrcular, IS 1t not afterward y nght to cover up fraud 1" Ezghth The auctiOneer shall be hmlted to one mmute If the pract1ce so loudly denounced m that honest per hogshead, except bnght, which shall 1:5e sold m two crrcular, IS fraud, and those practlcmg 1t rascals and mmutes '\'hen the salehas closed at one warehouse, th11 eves, as they would have us beheve, then that class the next warehouse m order shall begm sales m five IS m the maJOnty m the Board mmutes except tHere shall be an mtenmsswn from I2 e above named members of the Board have made to I Yz for dmner a practice, ever smce I have known them, of selhng Nmlh No buyer shall be compelled to receive or pay tobacco under fict1Uons names, and not one of them for tobacco 1 f not properly coopered wtth SIX good hoops ever, to my knowledge, sold a smgle hogshead m h1s own well tightened and secured also head well set m and name. And why 1 Because they knew they would not secured so as to stand sb 1 pm'ent get the value of 1t 1f they d1d Tenth No member of the trade shall by-btd for any Now, what IS the present s1tuaUon, and who 1s the one, or employ any one to do so for htm, and no memparty qemg benefited by the present state of affa1rs ? be1 shall btd on any man's tobacco who employs a by fhe august V1ce Pres1dentof the Board (and the author, bidder or bids qn his own tobacco I suspect, of the cucular, from h1s stale ,tory about the 'Ve whose names are subscnbed hereto bmd ourselves Juryman) IS the pnnc1pal buyer of re-handlmg tobaccos as honorable men and gentlemen to observe the foreat the other warehouses, and gets them Without compe gomg regulations stnctly that we wtll report any TIOlatlon hUon, and IS VIrtually runmng a re handlmg house of of them by any one and Will not buy tobacco at any h1s own, and 1s by far the largest buyer at those houses warehouse that refu;es to s 1 gn and observe them and As there are no other pomts m the c1rcular worth any subterfuge or evasiOn of them shall be as (;ulpable notice, I w1ll close by statmg that several names appear as a dtrect vwlatwn of them E L Anderson Morgan mg at the bottom of 1t have not been known here as Miller S F Murrell E w Vaughn w Thornberry tobacco buyers, ofhers are s1gned tw1ce, and all the Robe;t L Cobb, J \V Thornberry, E: p Gilson, w L: members of each firm occur, and thus make a show of Haynes T 'L McGurre R Loeb c F Jarrett c M numbers. But all combmed can not prevent us from B G B;dwell R L selling tobacco for all 1t IS worth (as we have a full Meyer we1l, w T w A B G Brazel' Board w1thout them), nor force to s1gn resolutiOns to ton, G W. Jarrett, Moses Bloom, A R Lang dnve trade away from the market VIe the understgned tobacco warehousemen behevmg We here offer a reward of one hundred dollars to any One of the Board and of the number he mentiOns, may have sold re-handled tobacco, the others have never done so, but haYe sold the planter's tobacco JUSt as they bought 1t, w1th h1s name on It, w1th6ut ever re movmg 1t from the warehouse fhe re handlers ate not the only buyers of light we1ght hogsheads and small packages m thts m a rket Nearly all the dealers buy these as IS well known The d1fference 1s Hns, the re handlers after re-handlmg, throw them back upon the market (heretofore under fictnbous names), whtle the others buy them for manufacturers, or have them made heavier by pnzmg In mor e tobacco (wh1ch operatiOn IS performed by there handlers for the buyers), and then sh1p them to the seaboard markets. The re handler therefore finds a compet1tor for every hght hogshead b..9ught on the market, wh1ch msures to the seller full value for h1s tob a cco, whether m hght packages or heavy Every re-handler of tobacco on narket 1s a sh1ppet to New Orleans or New York, and 1f by any means to stop re handlmg, he would compete w1tl't us as much then as now So far from w1shmg to run the re handlet out of the m:uket, 1f he wtll re handle h1s tobacco fauly and honestly, 1t IS to our advantage, for he assorts and handles the tobacco, so tbat1t w1ll be much more valuable to us as sh1ppers, and "e can afford to pay h1m a for the labor Our Board IS c o mposed of some of the oldest tobacco men and cttJzens of th1s city, and also tw? of the ware houses The c h a rge therefore that they are seekmg to combwe t o nJure the farmer or dealer who sells here IS too barefaced an absurdity to command the behef of any one The two warehouses depend upon that patronage for a hvmg That, Mr Settle says, they are seekmg to dnve from them 1 hat may be to h1m a \ ery reasonable deductiOn, 1f 1t 1s, he must ascnbe un hmited bounds to reason But how does the charge of combmatwn fit h1s own shoulders' Has he forgotten that he was the pnme mover m an mcorporated company m tlus c1ty, knJwn as the Lmn Boyd Tobacco Warehouse Company wh1ch he hoped would enable h1m to sell all or so nearly all the tobacco sold here as to run out all competitiOn, and leave the field to him and h1s stock holdmg buyers? Has he forgotten that after the orgamza. tiOn of the Company (the stock all taken, as we suppose,) that the warehouse was sold for double Its value, wh1le all of the fat offices m the management were retamed by h1m and h1s fnends? He has overlookea the statute law wh1ch proh1b1ts any warehouseman from buymg tobacco? And yet he 1s not the ch1ef manager of a stock combmatwn, sohc1tmg the pubhc to send 1ts tobacco to be sold by stockholders to stockholdmg buyers A com pany, many of whose stockholders are buyers m the country, and both sellers and buyers m the same house m th1s c1ty whose president 1s a buyer, and whose cashier and book keeper 1s a hcensed dealer, though h1s name IS cautiOusly Withheld from publication m the hst of h1s supporters Does th1s not "nng" of dtques" and "eompenattons J" We now d1sm1ss th1s subJecta{Jd Mr Settle, referrmg you to .our rules wh1ch speak for themselves. We assure h1m that If he IS satisfied of h1s ability to sell tobacco \Hthout us, we are perfectly w1llmg for hrm to do so, and we w1ll see tooo1t that the two houses who have stgned our rules, and who are wtlhng to wnte the name of the real owner of the tobacco upon the sample card1 w11l sell every hogshead shipped to them for all Its worth many market m the West. THE BOARD OF TRADE. the adopted by the Board of are JUSt planter who will find on our books a smg!e hogshead to all part1 es, have subscnbed to them In future we of tobae"co sold m h1s name w1thout h1s consent, unless will conduct our sales as here tore, as respects the hour 1t was done by a member of that Board DucK ISLAND (N J) TOBACCO -A correspondent of sl:llmg, allowmg each house, mcludmg the Lmn Boyd The followmg IS a hst of the buyers who buy at our datmg at Mornsville, Pa, thus wntes "We have nused warehouse Company, Its t1me m turn, and we are house: m this section about 4,ooo cases of' Duck Island' tobacco assured by the Inspectors that they Will mspect and '"' R. L-etgh, I-I H. Lunderman, J H Watts, H H th1s season bemg both the largest and finest crop ever sample m the order heretofore observed by them Stevens, W G. Whitfield, J M Hart, A L Letgh, grown, the bronzmg quahtles of wh1ch are good I BUCKNER & TERRELL W. L Robbms, J H Sm1th, W H Burgess, H H _would call the attentiOn of all persons mterested m the Planter's Hobson, T H Mason, Henry D Sterns, J F. Callo growmg of tobacco, to ours, behevmg that 1t possesse!; KAY COflB & SEBREE way, Mr Hensohn, J W Sauner, W L Stahl, W. I ments unsurpassed by no other vanety grown m thi!; 0-entucky \\Farehouse Barbee, D Y Cra1g, bes1des all trans1ent buyers country I would report recent sales to the amount of Respectfully, T SETTLE, roo cases m runnmg lots of from IS to roo, and at from STII,L ANP1HER Secretary I6 to I9Yz cents per pound We have sold one fancy OFFICE LINN BovD WAREHOUSE Co, } P S -L'Ve are the only warehousemen m thiS c1ty' lot of so cases at 22 cents per pound" F ebnt ary 3, ISp who have ever marked the we1ght on the heads of hogs ..\ir In yesterday's Kmtuckzan appears a ctrcular from heads when rece1ved T T S Aa.verttBementB. "The fobacco Board of Trade," so called, gLVmg what the wnter doubtless supf>QSed to be a death "blow" to the Lmn Boyd Warehou,se Co .and all the httle .Settles Neither as representatives of sa1d Company, nor as an md1v1dual do I cla1m what the "Board" modestly (?) assumes, Jthe "iwe alth and mtelltgence of the tobacco men of thts aty," but mtend m th1s art1cle to g1ve to the world a plam statement offacts wh1ch were not called for m my Circular of 26th January In the outset I pro nounce the whole tlung a batch of dece1t and m1srep fese ntatwns clothed m garb of htgh-soundmg words about hon esty, w1th the view alone of 'the selfish purposes of a small maJOnty even of those \\hose names are s1gned to th e paper Now for the htstory of those resolutiOns Early m January last a few md1v1d uals (from the best mformauon I can get, about four m number) met and formed those rules, and also formed a set of by laws, and by means wh1ch "rmgs" alone resort to, rnduced one by one of the unsuspectmg buyers to s1gn them, unttl they had a board of some twelve or fourteen names, all bmdmg themselves as gentlemen to observe them, etc one of the by-laws 1bemg that no rule can be repealed without a two th1rd vote of all the members, and another, no one can become a member except by pet1t10n and upon a rn o th1rd vote, etc In th1s cond1t1on they were presented to our compet 1tors and by them s1gned, for reasons which I wtll (jXplam, they were by me after due reflectiOn and consul ta t10n refused After obtammg the s1gnatures of the two warehouse men, they proceed to carry out the threat embodted m the1r last rule, namely, to absent themse lves from our house We pursued the even tenor of our course, sell mg all the tobacco cons1gned to us for good and satis factory pnces. In the mean t1me reports were mdustn ously Circulated from here to Hopkmsvllle, to the effect that we were "ruled out," etc On last Monday evenmg I was InVIted to meet The Board" and did so-but beg leave to state that t he Board's h1story of my at that meetmg 1s false They state that the repeal of the second rule was th e only condztwn upon wh1ch I proposed to umte w1th the Eoard, and be governed by 1ts reqUirements wh1le m reahty I proposed to them to .adopt the Lomsv1Jle Board o f Trade regulations, and Mr Cobb moved to send for them and m the meant1me to adhere to the present rules, wh1ch motwn was voted down The Board cucular states that" 1t IS not known prec1sely what the LoUISVIlle rules are fh1s IS cunous, when th1s same Board, or a maJonty of them, sent to Lomsv1lle a year ago and go t them, and the same Secretary they now have cop1ed them a nd m the very same book he now uses, and they were then adopted almost verbatzm, Agam, I sent the Board, through Judge Tnmble and other leadmg Citizens, th1s propoSitiOn To form a board compnsmg all th e ?rtyers and one representative from each house, and let a maJonty form rules by wh1ch to be governed wh1ch proposition was disregarded Now to the rules wh1ch we obJect, and our reasons for objectmg them. When first presented to me for s1g nature, they contamed th1s rule "That when any member of the Board calls on the auctwneer to know who made a btd, he s/ta/1 be bound to announce the name pubhcly, so that 1fhe (the btdder) be an outstder we boards can run h1m out No nng en that-of course not. Of th1s rule, the "wealth and mtellzgence" of the Board became ashamed and struck 1t out Another one to w,luch we obJect 1s that hm1tmg the auctioneer to one mmule per hogshead, and st1ll think 1t 1mpracbcable But the mam 1s to No 2 I ThiS rule apphes mamlyJ as It was mtended 1t should, to re handlers, as they are called It 1s well known fh!t there are or SIX buyershere whose pnn'IHE TOBACCO BOARD'S REPLY, PADUCAH, Ky, February I3, IS72 We regret the necessity wh1ch compels us agam to ISsue a Circular, when that necess1ty IS forced upon us by the statement con tamed m two Circulars 1ssued by Mr T T Settle, wh1ch he could but know were wholly dtfferent denunciatiOns wh1ch our self respect would for\nd us not1cmg, were 1t not that our sllence m1ght be m1staken for a taCit acknowledgement of the charges He says we assume to manage h1s warehouse So far from th1s bemg true, we propose to have nothmg to do w1th h1s Warehouse Vv e can not be dnven from the only 1ssue m this controversy, and now c\Istmctly announce that that 1ssue 1s, we demand the nam e of lite owner on the sample card Mr. Settle rej11ses to gtve tt Mr Settle obJeCts tn h1s cncular, to the ru l e hm1tmg the eer to one mmute to each hogshead, and yet th1s 1s one of the Lomsv1lle rules, wh1ch he proposed for our adoptiOn He falls, however, to state that the Lomsville rul e allows the buyer the pnvllege of rejectm a wh1le the rule adopted by this Board holds the buyer every b1d he makes, regardless of reJeCtiOns by the seller He says he has pa1d no attentiOn to us, but contmued to sell tobacco for as much as any hou se m the c1ty We d1d not sohc1t h1s attentiOn, and he might have sull refused us that honor and we would never have r egarded ourselves as unfortunate Our threat, as he chooses to style 1t, was to absent ourselves from his house If he can sell all the tobacco he rece1ves as, well m our absence, why should he trouble hnns elf about 1t. Our absence then could do h i m no InJury Our combmatwn, "or rmg," as he calls It, would not effect h1m at all, and yet he tssues c1rcular after Circul a r We repeat our for mer assertwn, that a repeal of rule No 2, or the Loms v1lle regulatiOns, was h1s only ult1matum He d1sUnctly announced to our Board m the presence of the Pres1d ent of the Lmn Boyd Tobacco Warehouse Company, that if onr meetmg was called for comprom1se, we had as well close 1t, as he had none to make but the repeal of rule No 2 One of the members of the Board then offered an amendment requmng warehousemen to put the name of the owner on the sample card when prac tJcal or convement Mr Settle sa1d 1t was pracucal for h1m to do 1t at any Ume, but that he would not do 1t How he can 2ss e rt to the public that he expressed a w1llmgne ss to accept that amendment 15 strange, very strange He says that he proposed to ''them," through tl1e Ron L S Tnmble, to abide by a maJonty ofbuyers m Paducah, etc If he mtended by "them" to mean the Board, we have to say that Mr Tnmble was never at a meetmg of the Board, never la1d any commumcatwn before 1 t, and never spoke to an officer of the Board on thiS s ubJeCt H1s statement that we refused to accept the proposJUOn to choose two Citizens, let h1m choose two, and they, a fifth, who should dec1de the matter, was reJected by th1s Board, IS true and always will be He would select h1s fnends, we ours, and the effect would be to leave the whole matter to one man, whose only quahficatwn IS that he IS not connected w1th the tobacco trade, and therefore can not know 1ts wants. Mr Settle says that rule (No 2) was adopted to pre ventre-handlers from sellmg here and then get nd of the1r compet1t10n Two of these re handlers JOmed our Board, and bound themselves to obey Its rules Three others express a purpose to put names on \he card. Two others, we suppose refuse Jf the five find no obJeCtion to 1t, what motwe can mfiuence the others to refuse ? If Mr. Settle mtends to convey the unpress10n that the gentlemen namedmhts" circular ever rehandled Tobacco, orfalsely packed 1t, we will say he could but know that the state ment could not be supported by the facts. \ RIGHES: CASH PRICE PAID FOR TOBACCO CUTTINGS. 333 OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN, 141 Water st, New York. VTANTED. The agency lD Boston "or three or four branda or Cigars, by 8. respoil'Slblo partv bavmg a. large trade 1md A No I referenceo Address M E L.lli:STON, 537-lt :BOSTON, P 0 WANTED-A 1utuahon AS ttavehngagent foraleaf tobaccowa:rehouse 8 yea.aa expenenoe refer to my late employers Address J" W X Tobll. MONTHLY JvuH-' U:. 1 l l>.tr ., .P ... \.ile:14..,d at .. -., lo L udNel.,o n Rr.,;t:t,L ll:.HT 1 a nrl wue1'"' subscnptlom1 tl 11y Ue arh\ or to the TonA.o..:t.:o LE!F FHL [ 1..-u t\\o sllHiuga {l:.t g It.l) pu 1 nnum 1 A Jts 20 su lh::tg& per mch No achertme < celvt ( !nt' a. P:h( l ter ptdoU than iol1 months Machmery f0r t-<.3 A luiteo. h e red to A. D. CHOCK.LEY, SUCOESSOR TO A. D. CHOCKLEY & CO.,, Commission AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, No i68 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK Alwu.ys on hand a full assortment of Vugm a and Western a:nd Smokers, partiCUlarly Bngbt and Br1ght Mottled, BWted to the M:anUl&CtllriDg trade AUo l;xport Leaf Toba<:eos of aU grades Liberal advances mt..dc on consignments to oar house or to our frtends In England, through us A. D. OHOCKLEY, SUCCESSOR "l'O CHO.CKLEY & ANDERSON, Commission Merchant, RICHMOND, VA or Leaf Toba.cco, Grain a:nd other Produce BOliClted on Which ut:fl:L. cash adva.ncEs will be made Will exeoute orders for the of :r-t Tobacco m tho Richmond Ma.rket for the mual comm1sston Dealers and Ma.nufacturen wd1 find 1t to their mterest to gtve us orders, whtch ca.n be sent to w through A D Cnoc&LEY, our N e w York House Shippers will haTe the advanta. of both markai& m ehtppmg to e1thcr house, and only one OOIDIIU88lon cha.rg:r. EXOI:.E T..UC. Fone Col, Plug Tw1st, T o bacco twH ted by nand, or reducol from lef mto a condllaon to b e consumed, or otberwrse prepared, w tlhout the u.e of any ma.obme or mstrument, e.nd w1thout bcmg r essed o r sweetened, and on all other kmds of manufactured tobfce o not for 82c perlb, Bmolnog t u b

' TD' E TOBACCO LEAF. New-YorJk Cc:m.:m.ission !llercha.:nts The Virginia Tobacco E S1'AB L IE'H E D IX 1836 DY CHARLES :M. CON::-fOLLY. Merchants IN :lEAF& MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 45 WATER ST., NEW YORK. We respectfully call the attention of the trade to the following STANDARD of Manufactured Tobacco for which we are Agents: -LIA1d' 3 WINE UP, JLbl. OPTlllA, Light Pressed. GOLDEN APPLE, 48 and 5a GOLDEN SEAL, HOlllESTlU.D, Bright Ss. BON TON FIG, GALLEGO, TORTOISE SHELL NAVY, BUUALO CHIPB, .'WIYSTER.'Il INVINCIJILE, PACE & STOVALL'S ROUGH GOLD liARS, J\QYAL f:!'ANDARD, .AND :S.J:ADY TWIST, POMONA, !lt!I.LY HO l PACE & STOVALL'S EPICURE UNIQ.UE, 1-411. >.I,IDKORE, TWUT1 BORODINA 18!.&8. B. KEElf'B, ROY STEll'S FRUIT, 4A and lis. BLACXBiliD, UDOBADO, LightPreued. JriAB.Y'SOWN," 1 MAGNET, :MERALDA., '' COM!N' THRO' THE RYE REINDEER, l.4. ROSE, YACHT CLUB, C'!'!.UMPTOlf'S TWISTS, SEA XING, NAVY Lbs and Half Lbs., POCKET PIECES, Variona Br&ntb, Bright and Dark, lfEGROHEAD TWISTS, VARIOUS BRANDS FOR E:'ORT. g Have also on hand a large assortment of other brands. in all styles and suited to all markets. BO"WNE & FRIT:H:, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, Tobacco Counnission Merchants / V:l!. ;). r;:: T < R S DGb. :2. C WM. P. l!(ITTREDCE & CO., TOBACCO COMMISSION MEi:ROHANTS, P U R ALL TUE POPULAR BRANDS 01'' VIHI>INI!l 'J.'OBACCO. 71. and 'i3 .Fron.t St,, ----Uavid Baker, Golden Cord, Cherry Cakt', Qu, e o City, Royal Gem, Plum Cake, :::,,unley, Cbampton. Silvt>T Cloud, Cot t erell, DGoell1danenc!!l_ake, The Hub, P remium, l"'l Red Jacket, Pansa, Jtlevea o'clock. P-ride of.:the U S. \re nnP, seo,., 8a11ors' Favorite, L l t lle Miami, Bodora, lndianStar, Loni&De Noire, Natton's Choice, Pride of the Pal mt>t t o, Belle Fannie, Youths' Delight, HI d< Plume, Black Star. Greenbaclu, G11, J A4 Scott, .J W Edward. Leg.rTnder, K. :S. CbrloUan, G. R. (lrnu.p, l:!trawberry Cake, Flora Temple, .NEW TORK Bendigo, CbrlP.tian'l!! Comfort, Natlon'o Pride, Rlv&l, &legbany, Pln6Apple, Cherry, WbiteFawn, c. p, Word & Sons, lbl\ory & Gllman, C. P. Word' Premium, John R. Allen Maitland, Ca.l"'b T{lte, Burkefil, C&lifornl$ Gold Bare. l;x. NoRTON. TuOtJ,. J SLAUGnT1. B ll. 'Wt: W > UWARD NORTON, & W., General Commission M crd.ciL T and Cotton fattors, -Am>.39 Broad StJ'01't YQ.RI NO. 41 BROAD STREET. P. O. Box, 4BIS8. l"OBK. 1'78 WATER STREET, --NEW YORK, A.ND Packers of Do11estlc Leaf Tobacco, HAVANA OIGARS a.nd aiGAR RIBBONS oonst&ntly on h&nd. DOHAN, CARROLL & co., Commission Merchants, No. 104 FRONT $TREET, :\<1. J. DoHAN, I .\LEX. FoRM .lli.;. "' s THOS. CARROLL, JNo. T, TAITT A[ents for the well known Vir[inia M annfactnrers: J. B. PACE, YARBROUGH & SONS J. H. GRANT & CO.. JOHN ENDERS, TURfiN & D. B. TENNANT & C G ., L. H. FRI.YSER CO.., Il W. ( il"(.fVER, orte rsof SPANIS H a n d De a l e r s in &llklndoof of the "West, Sunny South, Our Brand, Boney Dew. Aho th o TJnit.d State. for ;T. P HAWKINS & 00.'8 GQLD FLAKE. "'"1": --.... TH. H. VETTERLEIN'S SON, ; TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANT, P. 0. Box 4.198. L M.AITLAlV'l) L.;ss. MAcu;nosE. "f.0 TOBACCO AND COTTON .FAr-TORS, 00., AND GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 43 BRO.tlD St.. New Yorll. Blakemore Mayo & Co. Jos:&PuP. Q uHN. C!JA E.B= ., J. P. QUIN & CO., Y. MART I N E Z Y B 0 R, ; TOBAcco AND coTToN Cotton & Tobacco Factors utMPORTER OF HAVANA t.EAF TOBACCO & SEGAR 6 CEDAR STREETJ NEW YORK. 1 COMMISSION and General ComiiJ.Usion Merchants, W And Manufacturer of the EL PRINCIPE DE CALLES -BRAND. 41 :o--=>..-...AD ........... No. "9 j3ROAD M 26 CEDAR STREET, NEW TORK. M ... '"""" .,..... J J r ., NEW Reasonable Advan ces made } NEW YORK _......;; ______ .......;;;.... __;;....,;..;;;.......; ________ _..;;....;. Y(FRK; o n Shipm ent '\\ \\\ti:MAN 4 CODISSION DRC:ItAUTS MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, TOBACCO LABELS, For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, DY Co., Lithographers, 32 & 34 VesmJ St'l'eet, New rork. ..&. 'T' Glr:E'I..EJA.. TX.."Y" ALEX. FRIES & BROTHERS, :M&BU(acturenJ Of IIAV.A:NA CIGAR. FLAVOR., 108 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. We have always on hand a large for ste on Liberal Terms. 26 WEST BROADW-"Y, NEW YORK. 48 and 50 East Second Street, Cincinnati ED WAR 0 H EN 43 Liberty Street, New York, Agent A>ID .f!IJQLE PROPRIETORS OF ABOVE CELEBRATED BRAND. 161 liiAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. C. 7, LIND& (.; IJ. UA>ilLI"ul'f, NEW YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. In11peeted or i!iampled. Cerl ifiy cas e, a s to number of Certilficate N B -We al8o samp l e in own Rtor es. FOR E. T. PILKINTON'S (UICBIIIOIID, n .. ) SlllOKIIIG TOB.I.C'"' FRUITS AND FLOWERS, GOLDEN SCEPTER, PLANTER'S PRIDE, &c. All crades oC Mannac&ured Toto .. eeo, euch ae FIGS, GOLD BARS, NAVY, TWIST, PANCAE:E, &.c., &.c. MEERSCHAUM PIPES. B&IERWOOD and other sty lee ot PIPE!!. PIPE BOWLS, CLAY PIPES, APPLEBY & HELME, MANUFACTURERS OF THE LEAF TOBACCO, 184 F't'ont St'l'eet, NEWYOIUt. L. PASCUAL, lld:PORTEB 01' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO 117 Maiden Lane, New York. M. WESTHEIM & CO., !'Acac:za s or Seed-Leaf and Importers of 1 Havana Tobacco, RAIL ; ROAD MILLS __.._177----Pearl-Street_, NEW-YO-R&., E. M. QRA WFORD & CO., TOBACCO Maccoboy Snuff, E'renck .Rappee Snuff, Amertean Geftt. Snuff, Scotch Lundy Poot Snuff, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF PURE VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO, Rail Road, v1z: Our Choice, Pride of' Heni.-y County, Colorado, ALSO Black Tom, A ND FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, 133 Water and 85 Pine Str:eets, NewYork.' For Price List, address or a pply as above. () AND 168... WATER STREE'I, NEW YOKK, .. ll klntb or Lear Tobacco tor Export and Ottinger & Brother, KENTUCKY Lo&f 119 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. R. S. WALTER, HAVANA TOBACCO, pEARL STREET, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. F. C. LINDE & CO., .. Oherry Stems, ""' CIGAR CASES. ATTO MAIER, M. PRICE & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, J"fliN(TPAL Ol'FICE-142 Water Street. Water, 173 llront, 7>1, 76 and 7!! Greenw1eb Slrero. anf -. ... '!. "f nJuf...: Hud..Hn H1ver Rail Road Depn\, St. Jnbn' <# F ATMAN & CO J"OSEPK M. SICHEL'I&!CO IMPORIERS OF Cotton and Tobacco H AVA N .A: T 0 B A CC 0 Factors, AND wHoLESALE DEALERS IN 4ND CO:YIMISSION MFRCHANTS S d L f' n1 b m & 7:1 BROAD STREET, 88 88 .&. 0 BCCO NEW TORK. :218 PEARL STREET. NEWYORI( 'f. CUTHRIE & co., M. H. LEVIN, 2211 FBONX STBEET, IMPOR..XRS COMMISSION :MERCHANTS fOBACCO AND SEGARS AND DEALJ:R IN' ALL KI.ND3 0!" TO-BACCO A;IUISSDRB, LEAF TOBACCO I pressed bales for the W ee t Ind ies. 162 Pearl St., near Wall st., ,:a.ncan .an d C entralAmencanPorta, and othe r market: NEW YO fi TOBACCO PACJrnD IN HOGSHEAD S. tHOMAS KINNICUTTn Kentucky an'l', 169 & 161 GOERCK ST, :NEW YORK. Best Mate rial and Superior Make by Self Invented and Patented Machinery. BATJER & BRO., 00101l81!ION JO!WHAliTS .A.lfD IMPORTERS OF CLAY PIPES, 81 WATER-STREET, NEW-YOBL .. 29 BEAVER STREET, NEW YORK, IMPORTER OF ,.HAVANA CICARS. Sole Agent o I 4 DE TOBACOS," ''JOCKEY CLUB" and '"PaiL. SHERIDAN." """"''--L 4M,WQ. 6 W JOS. MAYER'S SONS, "trthant.s. Alm IN' 122 W A.TEB STREET, New York. J H. The Straiton & Storm" Segar-Wrapper m. .&:I B 0 0 KIN G-M A CHINE P.A.TEJN"TED. Fo!' Sale only by F AIRlUAN & CO., 26 CEDAR. No. 5 Stra""vberr11 P hiladel phia. KRAFT & HOFFMEISTER, ROBERT E. KELLY & CO., Successors to A. LORE'NZ, "" Manufa cturers ot an entire n e w sty1e of METAL AND WOOD SH CASES. IIAY.AN:A LIM. -I 'a:cooou April 22d and j:,!> 12th 1862, : NORTH WILLIAM.:.!.., N.Y. OITY t Scotch, German, and Duteb Y .EI'BJ. Forefcn and Domeetic Leaf Tobacuot SECARS-No. 146 Pront-stree;, NEW-wmuc lOS:BPll .A. A B&O. IM>ii'i'W -B-'VBDa Tobacco NliW YORk. D J GARTH, SON & co., UJOJ.PII ....,... GOUJO &OI'fUlii!'RI -----------(lluooeooora to CJUBL"" B .l!'.u.uMsT!IIK & co,. STRDHN & REimNSTEIK, Charles T. Bauer & Co., Commission Merchants, Commission Merchants, No. 129 PEARL STREET, AL10 And. Importers of D, 1. Garth, I Ch ... J(. Garth S:enrr llhrbller. "-' NEW voax. n !! 1 0 Havana Tobacco & Segars, E'OR.EIGB' TOBA.COtl, 'IT 171 JIBOBT 8T., ll:Y, No. 40 BEAVER ST., f N.llr FQBK OIXY


Warehouse of .the c/Yooacco eftssooiatum, 3/ze !!la/uu:c.a ..Jlan.u:faclu. tets' :fls.s.'acialian af' _}feu.L !!J-D!k ta caLL the atienttan at' the Trade ia. atacle. af-' Cigars, a generoL, manuf.aciat.ed in tlzeil. b.uildii2!J-1 and af!fet.ed fatJ.ale at fLt.ices. u!zich it. i.i uelieued muM ue s.atufh-clai.!:f ta uug..ez.a. h.e. La en..aiL.Led, U!:f means. of-Ll!J e.xtenaiu..e manufa.du.t.i..n!J f!aciliti.e!J, ta afj!ef a uat.iel!:f afw.ef/ lnade tfFigat.A, at t.ate.i ttnLfat.mlg.. Law.el-tJw.n. mat.ket, and la execute. htam,/l.ill{all at.det.A tec.etued. 85 Broadway MERCANTILE AND COMMERCIAL AGENCY, J.ARTHURS MURPHY & CO., Ill NIU83u Street, New York. M. W. MENDE[ & BRO. ., Segars & Leaf Tobacco, 190 PEABL New York. S. ORGLER, 11-afactarer of the Berl -Braau of PINE O:CGABB, !19'7l Greenwieb Street, New York. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, lm}MU'Iers of' HAVANA And Dealers in'tlc LEAP TOBACCO, 229 Pearl street, NEW YORK. CHARLES A. WULFF, .Lonnog:rapner, Printer, a.nd Manufacturer O j .A. Large Assortment Constantly on Hand. Gl Chatham St., cor. William, N. y .. BROCE. M. BROCK & CO., Finest Brands of Cigars, 8119 :J30"'g!E7EIJR. Y', l"l':W voa11:. S. BARNETT, .. Havana and Doineetic LEAF TOBACCO, JY ..I..TBB STBE.ET, --...,.......--,, .. ...,..,.c;:, / THE TOBAVVO LEAF. .U.'D .JOBBE RS OF ALL KINDS OP LEAF TOBACOO, JOSEPH DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 144 WATER STREET, YORK. CiliAR filUULJJ MANUFACTURING CO., :No 4G3 Fi1st Ave., NEW YORK. LOYNAZ & CROSBY, IMPORTERS OF SAN DOMINGO TOBACCO, 52 WALL,.STBEET A Lar&"e Assor-t:rnent Al'W"ays on Hand. 8UOO.F..SSOR8 TO EGGERT, DTLLIJ AND COMP.L"iY. -IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 1 ; 5 'WATER STREET, NEw YoRK. "' T. lt MESSENGER & CO., EUCENE DU BOIS, FOIEiaNiDOMimcfAcco, L 1 0 0 R 1 0 E Lear, Manufactured, and Smokd 111 JUIDD un, ow ;o:u. T 0 D A C C 11 -.. .,..,. IIIDDYio4U.Uio-7/S FBO.NT St., New York. I 'Mannfactllre4 Tobacc" of all !!tyt .. and Qnalltleo, ....... lU .SSBRT. H L. UAS5!R1: teet from tbe beet m&r:lolaetoriea or,a, for .... J. L. GA88mft "" -o ... ... olllt purchuero. COMMISSION MERCHANTS Lea.f Tobacco, 1 60 Water Street,_ New York. CARL UPMANN, TOBACCO and GH:NEllAL CommiSsion Merchant, New York City. VOLCER & HUNEKEN, P.o.Box,m9. llanutacturen of I-------------DOMESTIC LB..Ual.IIO. A BDlUMO. Andlmporteroof D & A. BENRIMQ, H A v A N A SEC A R S, h And Deale rolnallldndsof L .EAF TOBACCO, .....,,IU.LUSlll.l.LLKnllleo 178 Greenwich St., New York. LEAF TOBACCO G. VOLGER C -HUNEK,EN. 124 WA.TEB-BTBEET, .NE;YO.RK, F E L R X CAR C Have on tale tJI klncla of LIAli' TOBACCO for EXPOR'I lnd HOME USB. 62-103 07 TOSEPH W JIIART I!I'. 1 11. :OJIXSON. DI.ARTIN a JOHNSON .. S11ccessors to BRAMHALL & CO., 166 WATER STREET, I Tobacc o Commission Merchants: AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL THE Standard Brands of Virginia and North Carolina MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. And SOLE AGENTS the sale of the following brands of Metii!D THOMAS & Or,rvu t Hlld D. C. lliYo & Co., Richmo nd, Va.: MANU Virgillk. :Beautlbo, : 1 's. i lbs. Olive, lbs. Virginio's Own Pocket Pieoe... Thomau' Choioo Che Ha, Fig's. MANUFACTURED King Bee, 12 inch lbs. Pride of tha Nation, 12 inch lbs. Reward oflndustry, 12 inch lbs. D. C. Maye's Navy, lbs., t lbs., and lO'e Conestoya, 5 's. SMOKINC, Rose T'l!'ist, 6 inch.l J. M. Walker's ExLr:'l Bright Twist, U inch.' La Favorita Rolls, 6 iuch. Henry, Jr., 9 inch, light prellled Billy Buck. Virginia Belle. Star Virginia's Choice. G1'8.nd Duchess. .,. Boee. Olive. Gold Bug. I '' hard 12 inch lbs. Patented April 6th, 1870. This novel nnd newly-patented invention 'is claimed to be the most perfect device for smoking loose tobacco ever to the public. By the simple arrangement shewn, ttJ,e saliva, mstead of running into the bowl, wetting the tobaccG. thus foul;,g tho whole pipe, is carried through the under :.uto o( cham ber under the bowl, while the smoke, entirely demcottzed, passes dry and clean through the upper .slam to the .mouth.. This chamber is readily detaehed and emptied, a!ld, ,OOm.g enttrely separate from the bowl, ond having no commumcatiGn tt, eval'orat10n from it into the pipe is prevented, and the tobacco ts kept C'O'y, and may be readily consumed the last partu;le, .whth> great objection to the common ptpe-that of the mcotma drawmg back into t1le mouth-is entirely obviated. It dill'ers in thi8 respect from &ll other pipes, and must commend)tself st a glance to all smokers. R w. ROBINSON & SON. :IS.? 184 .e 18G Gree'H-Wiflh Stteet.'!,ew Yotl.:-O Liberal will be made Tith 'Qaltlea deairlng cxoltcive KERBS & SPIESS, Manuf'aoturs:rs of' .Pins Ci&ars, AND DBJ.Ur.tliftS tit '35 BOWERY, NEW YORK. LoUIS SPttss. Sarnuel Josephs, SIMON SALOMON, Of FINE DOMESTIC Lnporter of aad Dealer ba HAVANABoiGARsLeaf Tobacco AND SEGARS, .ALSO :J'OREfGN AND DOIIE8TIC I X..E.A.P TO:B.&.OOO. NO. 203 IICHTH AVINUI, No. Pearl Street, NEW YORK. 2Uhand 26th StrMk. NEW YORK. LEVY BROS., DolE a :a. -u.:f'ac1:"1.1rer o:f' .. PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. SPENUE BROTHERs & ()o. M.A.NUF"A.CTURERS OF THE 0ELEBRA.TED And various Brand8 of Fine Out Chewing CINCINNATI, 0. Being located at the GREAT LEAF MARKETforCUT'i'ING TOBACCO, our facilities for supplyinSa the l'RA.DE with ALL GRADES OF FIKE 0 CuT and MOKING are unsurpassed. THE GERMAN AMERICAN ".EQUITABLE LIFE" liUILDIBG, Broadway, corner Cedar Street, New Yo1l a.. CAPITAL. 0. A. SCITREtNRRCashier. EMIL1S.A.UER'l'reaident .. J AOOB HENKELL, SEGAR BOX .liANUF ACTORY, (Superior a.nd Prime Quality) OF OEDAR WOOD, 29a and MONROE STREET, NEW YORK AT THEFRONT AGAIN. INSURANCE 'COMPANY, NO. 37 WALL STREErr, INCORPORATED 1872. WITH A FRESH $'20.0,000, ALL PAID UP. Is now prepated to issue Polieies to respeetable parties on DweU togs, Furniture, Stores aud Merebondise, and tbe better elass of lillllla upou the most favorable terms. a. DIRECTORS. Asher Taylor"'"'t"Freaident PHILETUS H. HOLT __________________ late of Holt & Company, SILAS DAVIS.--------------------------of Davis and Benson.. STEPHEN W. GAINES _____ ------Counsel, z86 Pearl Stre'!L r NELSON SHERWOOD ________ Marble Works, 466 Cherry Street. HENRY G. REEVE--------------------of Reeve, Osborn & Co. DANIELT.WILLET ---__________ ofWiJlets&Co. JOHN M.BRUCE-------------------------of Bruce &Cook. STEPHEN LININGTON ______ :_ ________ of S. Linington & Sons. ENOCH KETCHAM ____ ----------------.of E. Ketcham & Co. WM. A. CUMMINGS----------------late of Beards & Cummings. HENRY LYLES, jr-------.. ---------of Lyles & Polhemus GE(}.R WHITFIELD _formerly of G. &J. Whitfield. EDWARD BILL.----------------------of Edward Bill & Co. FERDINAND Crocker, Wood & Co. EDWARD L. KALBFLEISCH.-------of James L. Morgan Co. JOHN P. DOUGLASS----- of Douglass, Betts & Co. HENRY P. FREEMAN ___ ------------------- Secretary. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., STEPHEN VALENTINE----------------of S-Valentine & Sons. SAMUEL RAYNOR----------------of S. Raynor & Co. SYLVESTER M. BEARD---------ofBeards & Cummings. JAMES S. ROCKWEL'L--------------of J. S. & FRIEND P. FITTS --------------of F1tts & Austm. HENRY H. CROCKER---------------ol H. H. Crocker & Co MITCHELL N. PACKARD--------------of Packard & James. LORENZO G. WOODHOUSE--------------Leiter & Co., Chicago. JOHN M. HARLOW--------------------------91 Eighth Avenue. RICHARD SOIKEN, FOREST H. PARKER----------------ofWatts, Parker & Co. CHAS ViALL ______ : -----------of Wm. Wall's Sons. D"EALZRS IN Leaf Tobacco 129 MAIDEN LANE, EDWARD Fl\DND, } Gu. Ft=>"D, aEVI YORK. EDw.utn FlliENn, JL WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and OommissioR Merohanta and Front Str-t; NEW YOBK. IXPORTBROll' SIGOURNEY W. Perry, Wendell, Fay&Co RS 'HAUM AJiD BRIA.RWOOD HENRY' p, FREEMAN, Seeretarr MEE u SPIER., ..A.:NT .., co., ::1: E: s, roo: LONG-ctrT BUsSIAN CIGABET'l'ES. Turkish, Latakia, also Oa.rrots or Gut, constantly on hand, BRA.NDS. BR.I.NDS. 91 CHAMBERS ST., If. Y. Excellent. I( Green Seal Meel'lle-um. nnd Tan, P. Golden Bar. Calli'o:rnla. :::Old Cro-w-. Golden Fleece. English Btrds Eye. Long cut Cavendish- P::rta-htCutcavendlsh. P. 0. Box 6004. FactoryJ 71 John New York. .New York Agency. 1:a.t: oJUl T. GUTIERREZ.] W OATMAN, Leaf Tobacco, Seed-Leaf and TOl3ACCO L. CERSHEL & BRO., AuERBACH & MENDERSON sEGn.A:R"s, Leaf Tobacco SPANISH WINES AND ClGA.RS. Ahlo of the well-known Brands of Cig_ars La Carolin8., He.:uy Clay and Paz ,de China. 167 STREET, 4VEW TOBK Ill(p()RTJ:R 011' AND DlU.LBB IN DOMESTIC FELIX MIRANDA HAVANA lliiFroBAcco Leaf Tobacco AND OP THJ: BRAND ov 1 -au Wa, .. e r Street, SEGARS, CCRITIOA,'; 19G Pearl street, NEW YOR!I(. J;df:iimr, 3.J'.O.JbiU. .l. (l, 1... & O. JIEJER, PORWARDING AD Com'*sslon MerGhants, Bo. a Beaver St., Wew York. ......_bJI'Get, P. 0. Ba&,ll'fl. NEW Y.ORK. A. H. CARDOZO & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors, General CommiMion Kerchalltl, No-12'"d Pearl Street. NeW' YOJ.Ok l llpeolal.U..Uoa poW. to I lao ,.,......., o1 '1'oMcoo 1o forefu countrteo. l. II --165 Water Street, 172 W'A TER -STREET, J. SCinllTT, R. STEI.NECK.B. NEW YORK. NEW YORK HOME LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, No 264: BROADWAY, NEW YORK. In every respect a First-Class Institution. ASSETs, AH-Proflts Divided Annually, amongst Assured. OJII"JIP:J:OEJR.S I WALTERS. GRIFFrrH, President. J. H. FROTINGIIllf, Treasurer. GEORGE () RIPLEY, Seeretaey. lVILLI.UI L COFFIN, ..lctu&rf, GOOD GERMAN AGENTS WANTED: Also all Kinde of Leaf Toba.cco, No. 86 MA. :IDEN LANE L GBR!BEL. } !1, GERSH'E:L -AND CIG-..A.R.S,,. 138 Water 8treet1 New York, J:. &LO]I(ON. -L-. -=m=. M. SJ:iJGARS, ""'" lkl!.f No. 89 WATER STRI':ET, Neor Wolf S t reet, NEW YORK. ANTONIO GO.NZALE.i. IMPOHTKR OF Havana Cigars, Leaf Tobacco, AND FOREIGN LIQUORS. No. MAIDEN LANE:, NEW 01111' G. REISMANN & CO.. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO .u

' -, G I Philadelphia Advertisements. Smith IS Knecht, 'Jli!U De g .ALL DlQie OJ', ...._.. of CMcl DeaHre '" c.,_. .. a25 RACE STREET, PHILADELPHIA.." -. -STEWART, MARKS, RALPH & CO., M&nufacturers and Wholesale Deal ers in TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUF F, 115 Arc'h St.,. Philadelphia. TDE TOBACCO LEAF. \ Baltimore Advertisements. WM. A. BOYD, & CO., l WHOLESALE DEALERS IN 1 UANUF ACTURED AND LEAF ToBAcco, CIGARS, &c., 1 WM.A. BOYD. WM. A. BOY D J-;t. THOB. W CROMER. 33 SQUTB STBEET Baltimore, Md. ----------------------H. WILKEN'S. a 00.,. Monum.ental Oity. Tobaooo Worka. llo. 181 WEST PRATT STREET, BALTIIIORI, D. __ ___ ., .... ....... et Sm.oklq a.Dd ChawiDg Tobaccos, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. Flmo 'K. WILKENs. j FRED'K KLIER. G. GIESKE ED. NIEMANN. Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Western Advertisements. RICHARD liALLA.Y. JAMES llALLAY. R.MALLAY & BRO Henry Besuden & Bro., I Dealers in LEAF I 15 and I 17 West Between Race and Elm, J;jrashears, Brown Titus, WhOl .... le Dealere lllld r.IJANUFJ.orURED TOBAccos, NcB. 32 & 34 'Main St., \lincinua.ti, Ohio. DE.U.ERS or LEAF TOBACCO, 161, 163, & 165 Pearl 8tret, ( CORNER OF ELll Krohn, F eiss & .I Hartford Advertisements. CASSIUS WELLES. LB. BAAS. C. WELLES&. CO., DULKBII ll( CQNN. SEED LEAF TC>EI.A.OOO i5 4 State Street, HA.RTFORD, CONN. J. D. BURNHAM & CO., Haanfacturen omd Jobllere i n Snufr & Cigai'6r And Wholesale Dealeraln TEAS, J D 77 & 79 A-lum St. A.. A. ..,.1 f IIARTfi'ORD, tOO LOUIS Importers .of Smokers' Articles, cOnnecticut IW'iLkent & J(Jiet-, GIESKE Bt, NIEMANN LEAF TOBBACCO TOBACCO FACTORS AND TELLER BROS., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 69 South Charles, near Prat' BALTIMORE, MD .And Commission Merchants, Manufacturer of CIGARS, No. 53 WEST FOURTH TOBACCO, 1 And deale IMPORTD HAVA!IA CIGAR!; OINCXNN A TI, 0. J6 Market Street, HartfOrd, Con'n. ,. GUSTAV GUTH, :ZS1TI'A.L1Wxsx.,cincinnati, Ohio. m.. .,,_, .-WM. onn"'ctueror Manufacturers Bmokfn'g MORRIS & REIDJ s. LOW,!_N,!!!Lar 6 co., ConiSSION: C :1: G-A. R. S.. Alul "-" "l"obacco, LEAF T OBACCQ FINE 8 E CAR 8' LEAF Ro. &a Guman Street, FOREIGN & DOMEsTIO 8EG.A:Ba .u. Wllal-. ta: 117 North Third Street, L. BAM1JERGER & CO., SAL TIMOR, liDo BROKERS, 1 Id!AJI" -:I, <> b a, 0 0 o, !IS'I'lll Office, No. 4 cOLLEGE I. ,., -126-!88 Conn. 'DIVVlmrt.mau. --. ARL ,. __ .-HENRY MEYER, T H .WRIQ BT. ------::; 11"1 1. d G a1 eo v 'F. P ETT & co .. LEaF T o B A c co, WRIGHT & CREIGHTON, wooDwoRTH" sTRoNc. an ener ffi1Dl8810ll .w.erchants, COMMISSION MERCHANT, Dea!enlin Dulerein Io. 33 Iorth Water Street, and Io. 32 Iorth Delaware Avenue, TO B.&CCO S, :raetued OHIO &d,coiNicTICUT LEA'YIRFCINTIA OANBAEN:rcuCCKYOS, LEAF TOBACCO, } PHILADEL'PHIA, PA. Bea-a.r.. Ptpe, e"to. P'IUTT ITll'BBT. BALTI1fO'R:B .o.x.oo E.W D G.DuJallAJI-r. LE..4F TOBACCO No. GS WestFruntStred.' ,No.217StateSt., DOHAN & TAITT, OOJIIfiiiBlaXBimrll'liiJ'O& BALE orsm & SON, Clnc:nnati,O. 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., QUE.RATED "' 46 Front St CinciDD&ti. 0. HARTFORD, CT. -rl. RINALDO SANK & 00., Alllcco and Genara.l Com. Merthants, ........ ... I I' PHILADELPHIA. a--1. IQen .loaded Wanlaea.e N .. L .. _... ................... ,_......, .-.--:a.LormoJU:, J.P. GLO"" ''h. Vl.UH c. o. GLoR ... Kenton Tobacco WarehGuse 0 WAYNE & RATmRMAN, CR. A. PHILADELPHIA. Qtohatta Qtommission m tnbanfs. !p@ and onnecticut leaf Tobacco. 15 ff Jl f t GREENUP VE'l"l'ERLEIN & CO., (Sne. SCBRODli:R. A NlOOLA.81!P Q:EO. --oSEPB St:RROEDER & G. KERCKHOFF & CO., and .....UolMaie dealers !!! j L. Dealer in LEAF T .OBACCO -hecof Cot-turo/FoUHh OM .R...,.,, Detroit Novelty DETROXT1 KICU. ( -TOBACCO KNIVES "THE VERY BEST." QKO!""P. UNVERZAGT. Wboleoale Dealers ln cou sEEn LEAf TosAcco, -;; .:: AT:Li Lc.lfRT: co., W. Eisenlohr & Co., No, 81 Exchange Plaae, 49 South Street, ea 0 acco 1gars, PHILADELPHIA. EAST HARTFORD; CONNECTICUT. G. W. GRAVES, .I Fine Connecticut Seed-Leaf T 0 2""'4 C C 0 t Danbury, Connecticut. H. SMI71! & CO., I CllDllnissilln Merchants and JobbBrs ., CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO 26 Hampden Street, Hu o u S Mrnr : I :i.F.D1oW:.L1., SPniNGFIELD, :IUSS. e S. & J. MOORE, '. r 0 B A C 0 0 Merchants, : 107 North Water-street, p BALTIMORE, MD. Fine-Out, OheWI'ng & Smo'l7ini. Smokln!f & Chewlnl' Tobacco, ACKERS &; DEALERS IN ...and All Kinds of Smokers' LBAF 'Z'OBACCO, GIESKE l CO., R!CAROS, LEFTWICH & CO., Tobacco, Killickinick, &c., Articles, Louisville Advertisements. 117 So. Water Street, trtitant L f T b F ; .. 7'01 Nol'lll Secoad !ltrf'f'(, ,... 123 Market 8Q'etltl l:e t. 2d !!Jld 3 c 1 si--'ltB, G. w. w 1 C K S & c 0., PHILADELPHIA. ,..., Q rs ft, LOtriB, ST. LOuiS, MO. {ill Ma.nnfacl:nren' Jge.nto for tbe sale of w Leaf Tobacco, 83 EXCHANGE PLAC E L & THOMAS, 'YI .. Inla, Ml .. ourl, and Kentucky If. !NATHAN & UO., TOBACCO" 42 south ... :m. 11 WHOLESALE DEALEP.s rn 1 W'ARIJJIO'D'SII. R. A. .ALBRECHT & SCHRODER, "-lU PHIJ;.ADELPh ... A. LEAF TOBACCO,. Smokln2 TOBACCO BROKER W.HOLESALE DEALERS AND li o ofJl South Second J'Olt TB. E 8.AL1!1 011' M ANUFACTUR AND LEAF TOBACCO TOBACCOS, 85 East South Street. No. 320 North Second St .. SEG A 'PHILAOELPHIA. AND HAVANA 220 NORTH THmD M General COinmission Merchant, Alro ---w ------PHILADELPHIA. P A. LEWIS SONS, Office in Tobacx:o S lip, Seed LeafTQ bacco, _R_o_c_h_e_s_te-r-,-1 IXDIANAPOLIS, Ind. St. lllo. L E .A. p ,, RICHMOND, VA. 62 SoutJ:l Calvert st. Baltimore, Mil. J. Sp2!a FAsY, RA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, mGHLANDER TOBAcco woRKS, HAVANA and A No. 322 Nortlt Third Street, I 9 PBI:LADJ:LI'JIIA. c:!tl"" A large assortment of all kinds of Leaf Tobacco constAntly on TOBACCO, j34 DELA W .ARE .A VENUE, Philadelphia A. H. THEOBALD, iUlrVJ'J.CTtJB.U 01' .&LL DKDf! ... !ii E G-.A. :JEC.'S,. TOLEDO TOBACCO WORKS. NAS:S: & 00 Manuractnrc13 ,.r.,. J Dcalert! in SPANISH AND DOMESTIC Lear Tobacco, Snll[, Tobacco Snuff and Cigars, IQTTAWA ST., Meerschaum and Brier Pipe& cor, Third and Popl&r otl., Pllila.delphi. JI'HJ:LADEL:!-HIA .INSPECTIONLEAF TOBACCO. M. H. CLARK & BRO., 1:. W. DICKEBSON, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, INSPECTOR FOR TliE !OBACCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA CLARKSVILLE. TE,NN. OFFICE AT Be. 10'1' North '"ater Street, PHILADELPHIA. 1; B. LICHTENBERG, MEHL & RATTY,. U. S: Tobacco 'Works. JU...nlaeturer or sNUFF, Cut SMOKING TOBAcco,; To baooo, N 666, 668, 670 .t 672 NorthE:!e.,cnth Str01et, l)III'I'ltOIT. Jll[jcb,. PH'ILADELP:U:IA.. 3 .. H. TYBEE, II.MIIIIDI MIICHAIT1 X.WIIIi.....,, .,..,...,.,.,., 1!'!11 -. ,...... ....a. ......... ........... Uld .. ...._--Ooouolp ..... ..1111 J. M. LAURILLABD TOBdCCO BROKER. ROTTERDAM, ::S::C>LL.A,.N'D j t REAR VIEW OF TBB IDG!ILANDER TOBAOCO WORKS. e L. L. ARMISTEAD, Proprietor, Lynchburg; Va. The f'oll vwing highly popular brands Manufactured a.t Works and pasked in the most approve d styles, vjz.: Oecldenta.l,, Asl\lel(lh., .Ueer Tongue, Dick 'i'atdr, Red Rover, Revenue, .No't. Cor Joe, beaides Special Br.anda. The unprecedented' success of three brands bas r ende r e d it particularly nec"'E.sary to incr ease and i m prove the line of!ner y a.nd t o build a large addit1on to the Fnctory. '\\ltbin the few months, &ff'ording more tb n double the1orme r capacity. Price lists aod oircul&rs forwarde d on applicativn. M LINDHEIM, Agent, I S. LANGSDORf', ..agent for the j 148 Water st, N.Y. "" 1 West and South. S W. VENABLE. R. P. HAMILTON S. W. VENABLE & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF AND MANUFACTURERS OF, PLUG TOBACCO; PETERSBURG, f/ A. '1' HOS. D. N KAL, TOBACCO BROKER, J. W. CARROLL91 Lock Box 217, RICHMOND, VA., e Man u facturer of the }!'amous and Wodd; Hular ge expirience in LEMil' TOBACCO of e very d e . IICription. Ordera, w buy respeccled "-, anb !'omestic MU.L STREET, Rochester, N. Y.' I SPAULDIKd I& DIDJ[GBI '16, WORKS." ... TOBACCO 1!. C. liURll&Yilate of Van Born, M;,.a.r 4 Co. MI.U. li&SON, ate o f Walt 4 )Juon 9 II River lt. \ I CHICAGO """"'nC'I'1JIWIB llD Df IJ.Jl:IUI :;.,.. .ALl. EllfDB 09 and Smoking,., Tobacco & 176 W a.ter St Chic a"" ill. S. KASPROWICZ & SON, Empire Tobacco Workc;. lrlLli.C B.l. 1f .I.BA., BEEBE & Y ARA &: SEED 'LEAF TOBAOOO & OIGARS, 299 State Street CHICAGO El\J:IL POE.'R.STEL, Manufacturer o r FINE -EGARS, And D ealer in all t.indo of Chewipg, Smokir!g & .Leaf Tobacco Agent for H. 'WILitBNB & Co'o Celebrated Tobacc os 231 F )f'th Ave ., Pittsburg, Pa Alw Dealert! In LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, 102' MAIN STREET, (B etwee n 3d and G:Eo. W, WicKs. t N .H'uRBY f Louisville. Ky. Five Brothers Tobacco Works. 1 on Fmzn, Bu. P'm'Zllll, FttBD. FINzll:l> RUDOLPH FDIZ.&JI, N1oaou.s Frnz:rm JOHN IFINZ:ER 1r. BROS., OP I Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri PLUG .13 and 15 Thirtl Stlect, t..O'D'Ill. VILLII, Jty, B _oston Advertisements.' FISHER & CO .. Commission 23 Central Wharf, Boston. Fa.&.lWIB FlsHEB, FBAxcza K. FlBB,.&JI, RoRAclt N. FrsuBB. JoRN N Fli!JiJIB. C. 0. JtOL YOKE, COMMISSION :MERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 12 Central whar-f, Boston. Ferdinand Westhoff, Jr., AGEfNT AND Forwarding Merchant, BREMEN, GERMANY. V. F. BUTLER, Tobacco & Cigar & HABANA.. llanulllelul'ere ooppHe.t with Le&f In large &Dd n>al quanUtl es Will take AGKNCIK8 for evei7&blng oaa n cted wllh the CIGAR TRADB; Will be to act ae agent bere to proeme 001IIlp fc 111811!.1 !Qr .a Aret-ela111 bouo Ill U.e Slate.. e


THE TOBACCO LEA.F. LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEAlERS AND COMMISSION MERtHANTS. Memorial of the Tobacco -Board of not within the prerogatives of Congress to control, nor and price The farmer throws away a large premature cutting. To secure the per cent. of his labor by 'Qendits of ripe tobacco the crop should be planted early. It should be all set out if possible by the 2oth of June, and as early plants are necessary to early planting, the beds should be prepared and seed sown from the rsth. of February to the I 5th of March. The beds should be well burnt in new land otily, and finely pulverized before sowing. One and a half common tablespoonfuls of seed should be sown in a bed ten yards square, which is sufficient to plant five acres, The beds should be well covered with green brush, to remain until the plants are well up. Mustard sown around the edge of the beds will be a protection against the fly. R J USHIIR & PRAGOFF ...... : ..... <;tltlng g,d maljnfaclcrin g leaf D. ................ ... . Cutttlnr and !eat Trade. would ,such a course, if pursued by tlie national legis lature, harmonize with the spirit of our institutions. The revenue duty on an imported article may be advanced or reduced by Congress, let the effect be what it may, JAS CLARK ... ..................... .. Cnutug "d laf \\ OLl'' UI. K & .. lon mectant p MEGUIAR ... ...... .".".".".".". __-_ .. .. ... Cutting and manuructwrlog le..f W.ll. G. MEII!:It & CO ................ Leaf tobacco comml .. lo:> merclwu:a At a meeting of the New ;york Tobacco Board of Trade, the following memorial was unanimously adopted and ordered to be transmitted to Congress. but the importation of the article and the risks of the market rest with the importer. It is the duty of the merchant to keep the laws of trade in view. If the demand "is not sufficient to absbrb beyond a given quan tity, more than that quantity should not be pressed upon the market. If it is done, the article has to meet the consequences of such a questionable course. Indeed this system, instead of augmenting mischievously the production of manufactured tobacco, is really an effect ive instrument in checking such a tendency. It affords facilities for accurate statistical information which is indispensably necessary to the commercial branch of the trade, at:>d of infinite value to the manufacturer, who is thereby enabled to avoid an excessive production of the article to his prejudice. To the Honorable the Senate and House of Repre-sentatives in Congress assembled: SUTRO & NEWMARK, THE CROP IN THE MIAMI Your memorialists, seeking at" your hands a permaVALLEY.-The Miamisburg nent SY.Stem establishing Bonded Warehouses, where ( 0.,) Bulle/itt says : Buyers the Internal Revenue Districts of the country, are inowoffering ten cents and a removal of the needless restraints and expenses for the best crops in this interwoven in the present system, would respectfully set immediate v icinity and say forth: that bonding tobacco and storing it in bonded they are determined to pay warehouses for commercial purposes, has hitherto met no more ; we hear [of no the approval of Government, and has proved of infinit'e sales at this figure. advantage to the country in assuming the payment of MANUFACXUREB!J OF AXD I.Y TOB.A.CCO,. Water HEW YORK. in q.uantitie.A to. .:f/:.Lia, .fa.1Le!A, 9'11-iJti. and Elildt.ana. _fra. 1 JJ-5 :flu @, _frew. !.!J.m'-k. .JOSEPH HOEY, ) Designe.-& Engraver onWood, SIOSI Brbadway, -.w..-oa-.. DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, D. HIRSCH & CO., 2&T Bowery and 1'1'4 Waller a .. NEW YOBL Our correspondent at the tax, or in satisfying the bond by the exportation of Springboro,t reports four tobacco. The scheme originated with the abandonment cr<_>ps recently sold in that of the drawback system, which proved abortive, and neighborhood atten and a under subsequent salutary modifications was reduced half cents, and a rumor of to the present system. Since then the current of the one sale on Yankee Street, trade has naturally sought this channel for its principal at twelve ce .1ts. operations. The commercial facilities it furnishes; the We learn that the Wisprotection it secures against frauds, and the complete consin crop is still held by assurances it affords capitalists against ultimate loss, the growers, and that such induce transactions of considerable magnitude, and at sales as have been made tract to the business large investments of capital. Almost were at prices ranging from the entire business in plug tobacco, which has transpired eleven to sixteen cents. at the various ports of entry, has bef,!n transacted through There has been compar this med"am. The planters throughout the country atively little of the crop in realize its advantages from the enhanced value of the the Miami Vllley purchased. leaf, the price of which is stimulated by the additional Buyers are scouringthe out-number of manufacturers sust;1oined by outside capital, skirts for cheap substitutes and thrown upon the several markets for their supply. at the hands of farmers who Except as to the length of voyage, it places California have little knowledge of the and Oregon, which are large receivers, upon a footing weed and its proper cultivawith these markets near the places of production. Cali tion. The reputation of fornia furnishes one of the largest consumptive markets Ohio tobacco suffered sefor plug tobacco in the country. I1 has also a fair ex verely in Eas:ern markets, port trade for that commodity, which keeps pace vig last year, from the reckless orously with the commercial growth of the country. Were conduct of buyers and planthe tobaccos which are shipped to these remote coun ters, and the exaggerated tries compelled to carry with them in their transit the reports of white vdns, this burden of a heavy tax, the healthy tone of the business year, has combined to rentotally destroyed thereby would be very seriously cier the crop by no means unpaired. The policy of Government as set forth by the a desiral: le one to those who customs laws, of collecting the duty on i"mports at the were bitte.1 last year, hence points to which they -ar:e attracted for consumption, may there is no compef. tion and be very properly and safely adjusted to the Internal but one or two Eastern Revenue laws. To confine the pqrposes of warehouses buyers at present in the exclusively to the exportation of tobacco, thus inhibit field ing their use as convenient and safe repositories for the fteoo are DO\ doc\ored imitaUoDI, W'ith whioh the llarltetto !l.ooded ; but Extravagant prices have article to await a healthy tone of the market, or a fair Iegiti been paid m the Connectimate demand justifying its withdrawal for consumption, cut Valley, this season; would be subversive of the principles accepted by Con such prices are not warrangress in its policy towards other branche of trade, and ted by competing corps, by prevent the original design of the Internal' Revenue the ISt of April draws nigh system. It would render the business onerous, extremely and such planters as have hazardous, and possibly produce irremediable distress. .lole ProprletortJ of the following btlllom CopTright.ol obligations to meet will The advantages of the system may also be seen in the doubtless be compelled to fact, that the class of plug tobacco consumed principally sell at present prices. in this country, having to be manufactured during the l!'OUR GEl'IUI!iiE VIRGINIA BRANDS. :tl!J!W or l'ew York" our esdn otve Aaet In tbe tJBited Btatoo ror the aale of all tho brand.l of Liquorice heretofore manufactured b:r 11&--:., ROBERT lii.A.C AIIDREW & CO., L every manufacturer equal pecuniary advantages, this as an eloquent proof of his "personal intrepidity." expense, which they will convert into barns and cattle hence the complaint of the wealthy against its productive Ferre, therefore, is not the only admired smoker. At sheds if the men that are trying to buy do fairly reprecompetition. This argument suggests no good the same time he ranks among the tribe. Could sent the market. St. LoutS, Chicago, Philadelphll-. reason why Government should withhold those not the Teltgrapll, .Macmillam, and u Nouvel/isle dt Baltimore, Detroit, and other cities are nearer markets, commercial facilities necessary forthe easy transfer RDuen between them elaborate the theme of their' elo-but I propose to go to head-quarters, or the largest of the commodity. The amount of business 'done quent accordant suffrages, the relationship between market for tobacco, and see what can be learned about and its profita9leness belong legitimately to the amoke and cottrage, the ethics of the cigar? the tobacco-growing business." commercial law of "supply and demand," aad is I ( The argument that the present tobacco laws are con structed to affect manufacturers and consumers only, and do not contemplate an intermediate interest, carries with it no force stronger than the same construction of the customs laws may apply to the foreign manufac turer and the American consum er. Probably nine-tenths of the goods imported reach here through agents or commission merchants, and by far the largest portion of the foreign "trade with this country is transacted through this medium. Drafts follow the goods, or bills of exchange are remitted. It is principally through this in strumentality that the commercial business of the world is transacted, and yet there is nothing in the phraseology of the customs revenue laws indicating the presence of an intermediate interest. Even were it not a fact, that commis:aion merchants paid the tax on tobacco at the different "ports of entry and furnished the means, in many in staces, to do the same at the places of manufacture, it is scarcely probable that an element so powerful as commis sion merchants are supposed to be in commercial transac ions, would have attributed to it no position in the com posittion of laws in which it really possesses the con trolling influence. Although bonded warehouses are essential to a liberal export trade, and necessary in meeting a strong competi tion from Canada, in foreign markets, they are really of more importance to the country as vehicles to a healtl\)' and prosperous domestic trade. The business, to be of special moment, must possess the advantages of com mercial fac i lities system, while securing the revenue, fulfills its mission but _partially 'if it omits to cherish by its provisions the spirit' found in the energy and vitality of the trade to advance its success. It is to impart .to the business the essentials to life, not to discourage its prc.gress by the chill and damp of death. JOSEPH D. EVANS, President. EUGENE DUBOIS, Secretary. NEw YoRK, February, 27, I8p. No.tes on the Wine. To the Editor of the Tobacco Leaf: Here I am again, after a long journey over the Western States and Terri tories. The tobacco trade, everywhere I have traveled lately, is somewhat in a state of confusion, owing to the reported change in the revenue laws. Much discussion is indulged in by dealers, and, in fact, the people are asking about the question of uniformity of tax. The chewers of tobacco want to, you know how it is, that they are made to pay twice as much tax, as the smoker. Intelligent men say, that as the users of chewing tobacco pay tax on two-thirds of all the tobacco con sumed in the United States, they should not be to pay more per pound thau the class who indulge in the same luxury by smoking. It is strongly urged by some persons that this inequality of taxation, in which the laboring classes so largely bear the burden, should be taken in hand by the Labor Convention and aa effort made to induce Congress to tax all equally. That the people are beginning to consider the subject seriously is certain, and it will in all probability be used with effect against the present administration in the corning presidential campaign. I referred in a former communication to the frauds perpetrated by peddlers swapping tobacco from one package to another. This will never be stopped unless a law is made prohibiting altogether the peddling of tobacco from wagons; Ji!O licensing of peddlers will reach the difficulty; it wotild onlY. enable them to increase their frauds under the pretended sanction of law. Fraud in retaili11g tobacco where the same is manufactured could be prevented by prohibiting manufacturers from selling at retail altogether. The sale of leaf tobacco by retailers through the country, both for chewing and smoking, is growing with astonishing rapidity, and unless legislatiun can be framed to put a stop to it the Govern ment must suffer seriously in the ollection of revenue, and manufacturers thereby gre y curtailed in their business. The only effectual remedy that can be applied to this growing evil would be t9-prohibit, under fine and imprisonm-ent, the sale of leaf co at }etail, and con fine the business. exclusively to manufacturers and wholesale dealers. While these questions are before Congress but littie business can be done in manufactured tobacco, and it is remarkable that interests of such vast importance should be delayed and neglected by the men that are sent to Washington to make laws for the Government of a great nation. A NEw YORK TRAVELING SALESMAN. ST. LouiS, February z6, 1872. TOBACCO-SUNBURN, BRUISED, AND HOUSE-BURNT TOBACCO-CJ.USES AND PREVENTIVES.-The value of any tobacco is mueh impaired from either of the above injuries, but they show more plainly, and more seriously injure the sale of fine bright sun-cured, manufacturing and cutting grades. The ugly splotches from sunburn and bruising that appear on cured tobacco are the effect of mismanagement in the process of cutting and scaffolding or housing. Formerly all tobacco was out in the early part of the day, in the forenoon before it coulq wilt or limber sufficiently to be removed from the hill, and being afterward to the influence of the sun, much of it became scorched and blistered. This injury is called sunburn. The second ruinous pro cess-was to gather the leaf hastily and put it in large piles to protect it from further sunburn. Be ing piled hot it is readily ruised from its own pressure, scarcely a leaf escaping injury. The cutting and piling process of the .day being finished, hauling to the barn or scaffold commences by wagon or slide-loads, by 'Yhich time the bulk had become hot, and being again subjected to loading and unloading, the injuries from bruises were found to be great, before the tobacco could be securely hung on sticks. About the year r84o, a few farmers discovered that green tobacco could not be handled when hot; or even warm, without serious injury from bruising, and substituted the evening instead of the morning for cutting, and, instead of" large piles, only some eight or ten plants were put together, with the tails from the sun, to remain all night, and hauled and hung the next morning while the tobacco was cool. The economy of the change in substitu t ing the evening for the morning for cutting is, perfect protection from sun-burn and bruises, as the tobacco receives no injury from handling if done while it is cooL Cutting in the evening is now the rule with good farmers, but that there are still exceptions to the rule is fully proved by the appearance on the Jllarket of much bruised and sun burnt tobacco. House-burned tobacco is dead and life less, without any of the essential properties of tobacco, and is caused from ctowding green tol:iacco upon the sticks or by plac4tg the sticks too near each other. In no instance should free ventilation be obstructed. But of all the injuries that tobacco, receives from mis the greatest is that of cutting it before 'it is fully ripe, causiag loss in weight I loss in quality The Culture of Tobacco-Notes of aD. E:z:perim.ent. A correspondent of the Southern Planter and writes : Some few years ago I wa.a engaged in the cultwe. oft obacco, and finding that with the u s ual care and culture bestowed upon it and with the usual manures and applied in this section, I could only raise tobacco that requi r e d six p la nts to furnish o ne pound of tobacco; and satis fied that, wh a tever others might do, I could not afford with hired l a bor to rai s e six tobacco plants and plac e them in goo cond i tion in the Rich mond market for what I could realize for one pound of tobacco of the kind raised in this section, I abanddned the culture of the article. During the early part of last year my thoughts were attracted to the questiol"\ whether or not some crop c o uld not be raised by us, which would justify a heavy application of fertilizers to our well-nigh exhausted fields-a cro p that would leave a handsome profit, after paying all the costs of cultivation, including the purchase of the If this crop could b e found, it was apparent th;1t our lands could be restored to a state of fertility and ultimately enriched to almost any extent practicable, whi l e we were being well rewarded for cultivating them, in addition to the improve ment of the lands In my observation of the culture of vegetables in the low country, I had noted the effect of the heavy application of manures and fertilizers in producing rapid and abundant vegetation, and as tobacco is the only crop we have of sufficient value per acre to justify heavy fertilizing, I decided to try an experiment with it, which, if as successful as I thought it possibly might be, would be of great value. I accordingly selected a piece of poor land, of soil rather lighter than most of the farm, and which the preceding year had been cultivated in sweet potatoes, and with the aid of home-made compost had produced a very indifferent crop. There was nothing on the land to turn under,. and I had it plowed both with the surface and subsoiL plows and thoroughly harrowed. Just before the time for planting tobacco I had three hundred pounds to the acre of the tobacco fertilizer manufactured by the South ern Fertilizing 1 Company applied broadcast and har rowed in. The land was then checked off for planting, about three and a half feet each way, and three hundred pounds to the acr-e more of the fertilizer applied to the hills and chopped up in the soil. I then planted the tobacco, having to beg my plants fmm my neighbors, who. many of them, had but few. I was late in getting the plants, and many of them were very small, and I had great difficulty in getting a stand, some being planted near the middle of July, The crop was well taken care of and cured, and about the first of January I had one thousand plants excludi.D.g from this thousand all the small plants. This thousand plants yielded 405 pounds of tobacco (of which 53 pounds were lugs), or a little less tha,..n two and a half plants yielded one pound of to bacco. Had I raised my plants or been supplied with them, so as to have set them out in good time, I' am satis fied the whole experimental crop would have been equal to the plants just mentioned. The remaining plants raised by me in making the experiment, including all the small plants, and numbering in all 2,350 plants, yielded 668 pounds (of which 125 pounds were lugs), or three and a half plaats to the pound. The whole crop of 3,350 plants yielded 1,o83 pounds of tobacco, or three and one-tenth plants to the pound. The tobacco was of good textttre, thick and tough., and there was not a single leaf of more than ordinary size in the whole crop. The plants counted carefully, a large portion o( 1]lem by myself, a d the tobacco was all weighed by me. The tobacco was assorted as No. 1 and No. 2 leaf and lugs, and was sold in Richmond on the 23d January, r872, No I leaf bringing cents, No_ 2 bringing 10 cents, and the lugs bringing cents per pound. The tobacco was sold by Messrs. Taliaferro & Co., and I was informed brought the highest price paid for tobacco of s kind up to the time of the sale. The result of the experiment has caused me to decide to resume the culti vation of tobacco, and I am now preparing my land by plowing and subsoiling for as large a crop of tobacco as I can take care of, to be cultivated after lthe manner of my experimental crop. If no element unknown to me entered into the produc tion of the tobacco I am writing about, the experiment demonstrates that on poor land, with the aid of6oo pounds of tobacco fertilizer to the acre, and good cultivation and careful handling, a large profit per acre may be made by the cultivation of tobacco. The land will be left in fine condition for wheat without further manure, and will. have attained the clover-bearing condition, from which point, under good cultivation and with proper aid from fertilizers, the cost of which will be amply repaid through the crops, it will go on to improve in fertility from year to year. By abandoning the use of improved lots for to bacco, and taking poor land for tobacco culture each year and it heavily, whole farm may be re stored to fertility, and by the a1d of clover under ju dicious cultivation enriched indefinitely. Tobacco has been called the bane of Virginia fanning-my experi ment looks very much as though it may become its re generator. I estimate the cost of the culture of an acre of tobacco with the application of 6oo pounds of the tobacco ferti lizer, as in my experiment, and curing the crop and putting it in condition for market, to be about Planting the the distance' of feet by 3 feet, the acre will contam 4,2oo plants; and estimating three of these plants to yield one pound of tobacco which I consider a low estimate if the tobacco be ized and cultivated as in my experiment, the acre will yield r,4oo pounds of tobacco ; and this, at ten cents per pound, which is below my average sales, gives a gross proceed of per acre, or of net profit per acre-the f,6o estimate as covermg every thing but the _rent or the use of the land. resultsof my ex penmett,.t have been such that I feel tt my duty, in the depressed condition of our agricultural industry, to com municate them to the public, and with this view send this note for insertion in the Planter. MT. Powhatan Co., Va.,February u, 187z. ToBAcco-GROWERS ABOUT DuRHAM, N. C .,-A cor respondent writes from Flat River, N.C., to the Durham Tobacco Plan/: "At present our farmers are bus.y strip ping their present crop of tobacs::o, sending thetr commc:m to the Durham when!' get satisfactory pnces, and they antlctp_ate selhng a good portion, 1f not all of thetr fine tobacco m the spring. 'l'he smoke that is continually curlipg up from the bottoms where the planters are burning plant beds, and the perpetual slaying of the pine is enough to tell you that the farmers are prepanng for.-an almost unprecedented cr?p 'yellow leaf.' Our large are Denms Ttlly, who has :;uch an extenstve reputation. as a successful tobacco planter, W. D. Lunsford, W. W. who is well kt_lOwn in th,e Durham market, S. .C. Mangum, S. C. Davts, Robert: F. Webb, D. Parrish.. A. K. Umstead, and 'last, but not least,' John W. U rostead, who, with the assistance of one hand raised a crop of tobacco last year that is valued at not 1less than $x,soo."


Tobacco Manufacturers. ICIII JIDBIIIII ..... o n SOLACE-TOBACCO, 114, 116, ani 1171IBERTY-STREET, ..... 121 C:.DAltBTltEET, &rtbar enteo3er, a. J[uac. HIWy ....... THOMAS HOYT & CO., Fine M.ViUFACTURERS !;>!' Cut and SMoKING ToBAccos & SNUFF, D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, Manutacturers of Tobacco and Segars, And of tM brands of OUR BRANDS CHEWING, HERO and UNION HEARTS' DELIGHT, Fine Cut Ohewing Tobacco and Echo Smoking, THE Licorice. 3 WALLIS & 00. EXTR.;.. Tobacco manufacturerS and the in ucneral are particularly requested to ex an a test tho superior properties of this LICORICE, which, being m w brought to the highest perfection, is offered uHder the above style of brand. We are also SOLE AGENTS for the brand. r.G.& G. C. Ac.lm.owledged by consumers to 1re the best in the market And for the brand of Licorice Stick [NOEL & CO., In all r espects equal to CALABRIA. TOBACCO LlCOIU.CE. L!t cro a 1 crii r-.As ..r-1: jl!!!liR A SPECIALTY, BY DEl LANCEY lCLEVELAND, u fOOMMISSION liERCHANT. 24 SOUTH WiLLIAM ST. N. Y. MISCELLANEOUS. LICORICE MASS AND STICK, ITALIAN, GREEK, TURKEY AND SICILY, FOR SALE BY. HENRY M. MORRIS, Importer and .!lJ!ent for the U. S. and Canada1 N o. 73 Water Street, and 19 Old Slip, NE"W" YORK OE TlFIO.A.TES from the leading Manufaclurersjn Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Missouri, Ir.diana, Dlinois, Ohio, New York, and Canada. ueo, Warranted Superior Powdered Licorice -SCHUMACHER & ETTLINGER, Practical Lithographers, MISCELLANEOUS. .!n+ and to6 Pearl St., New York City, We have no Agents. and Jobbers would do well to apply direct Licorice Root, seleci and ordinary, Cllnstap\ly OtJ hnnd. GOK:Erl, WALLIS&: CO., TOBACCO RROKERS. a...,., sf.uff, B .. lf Flout', .f: )[]'8, G.' B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking 'l'obacoo; the only Genuine American Gentlelllan Snuff; Mr.s. G. B Miller & Co. Maccaboy and &otch Suuff; .A.. H. Mickle & Sons' Forest and Grape Tohatxlo; Mrs. G. B. Miller Reserve SmokingandChewingTollac.o. KELLAND S, Sr fDMONSTON & BHD r1S PHILIP PH p a, 0 0 C> JP 11 Gold Street, New YOrk. 8B3 :BROAD STREET, NEWAJ!.K, N. J. Tobaeeo Works and 15C51U' :Manufactory. o BUCHNER, to BOBITCIIBCK TAU/lBIQ) ( :FIN'E C UT Chewing and Tobacco .'AND CIQARS, Havana SiXes, Cheroots. Delancey St., New York. -. JmuJ!Ictnrcr ofthe!ollowLug braods of Kn.t.IcxnnCJt: ot tbe U .S. Basa Ball. !firginia Lear, Lyon&. l reclan 13end. Improvemeat, Rappab!.nneck. EDWARD A. SMITH, Manufacturer of Fine Segars, :1.31 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. r J; acco :Bagging .AND BACIGDI'CI BIIA!.ri:B.IA.I., Of all Ki11ds, Low Prices for Cosh. SPANISH LINENS, FANCY STRII'.I::S, B leache d and Unbleached She etings, Twine and T hread, Canvao for Traveling Bags, Blankets, Burla ps, Colton Bagg ing, Carpets, Matting and Dry Good s Generally. ANDREW LESTER & CO., No. 103 Chambers Street, New Y ork. GERARD, BETTS & CO., Buchanan & Lyall, GENERAL 54 and 5 6 Broad St., New-York. Commissi{)n 7 OLD SLiP, OnedoortromnaJ.nvcreQnnrc. NEW YORK. anuaetarei'R of the following Oel-brated Brands of I I DA.BK, NOTICE. "t"'""'taadlnc _\Bat oar .BnDdo, PLAJII'.., ani CHOICE, bave -10 cloMIJim1 as to mmy of the Trade, In flllllre the wii .i'lr\ol&m]>ed with oDJ' 1: LY.ALL.llewYork. W. Sole lo. 2' Broad St., BOSTON, J!buis r!7. rffgl17'nf!e7j aMRaltsalt Jonse, !fO. 21 BirrR A VENIJE, NEIW YORK F. H. Bisctrom Celebrated Smotin[ Tobacco (now F.'elpr), F. W. SMYTHE, Commis.sion Merchant; I 30 NORTH JOHN' STREET, J.J."VBBPOCIL, ENGLA.ND. 191 Grunw#.cA NE'W' YORK. THE HARRIS FINISHING CO 'S ENAMEL WATER PROOF FINISH SHOW CARDS. Show Card and Plctoree moonted or framed In llDJ otyle Specimen Carde free o I eb&rie All ordel'll promptly executed. Carde oecnrely packed. and oor rectly oblppod. 38 DEY ST., NEW YORK. [SEll SEVEN'I'B PAGE.] I 23 Pearl Street,. NEW YORK. Miscellaneous. ..TIN .J'OBN 3. FOIL. CB.OOBi: FOil & CAP, No. 38 CROS"SY ST., NEW YORK. WARDROP &. DALY. 2ro and 205 LEWIS Bt., NEW YORK. Wood CDMMIIIIDII MEICHAITI. SFANIS::H: CEDAR For Cigar Boxes, furnished ln quantities to suit. Conolgomento of Black Walnut Respect.fullT Sollcltea. P. M. DINCEEI Corner 8i:;;th and Lert!t!l Streets, c;oMMISS20N MERCHANT. SPANISH CEDAB., FOREIGN & DOMESTiC WOODS. lSPANISH CEDAR FOR CJG.A.R .BOXES, F .urnished i n s uit, by RODDU.N A:. II"EPB1JRN, !tl8 LEWIS STREET, NEW YORK. MILL, 4 65-75 Ea stth St,'ni ;6Ia.-nSt. THlll GERMAX l' I CIGAR PACKERS SOCIETY I ,.......,URU7 ID-tile Olpr ll.ulllfllcnl,.n or UIII!Aod tka1oo-U.., an oow 10 Ill all nrd'"" .,. -.,__ wf!JI .){_ ....... tn H. COLELL. 202 Chatham (llaeeeuor to Bor!J1"eldt & DtlshaEc,, 15.MURRAY NEW YORK. Q) Universal Self Pressing .E CIGAR MOULDS. -o-o--For Sale by 1871, 0 () () < .Q S, JACOBY A CO. SoLE AGENTS, 209 Pearl Street, A Nearldaiden Lane. NIZW YORK. 0 1. 25 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, eo .. taaU:r oa H&ad the Beot II&Jad_ aad Maehlaea f'or aDd Graa.Jatbltr To-. F. HEPPEIHEIMER &. CD., S. & CO., mL.AEIELS MANUFACTURERS OF I 207, 209, and 211 Pearl Street, Near JIEaiden Latze, I NEW YORK., PRENTICE:s CIGAR. MOULDS, Patented Jan. 12, 1869, and May23, f 871 a In presenting these Moulds to the public I desire briefly to atate the adn.ntagei. they present over all other Moulds or Cigar Machines in use. ('If ronst"'1 1 c t "on f'S illu st;a.t e d by tbe/ acco:n.panytng cut. !lcl. occn r:.Ying l,ut 1:1t1c B.!J.t<;e. C.d. U.Jf.nn;ty i.J. wel.;ht liO:Ze ot tl.Le cigar. 4th. The bunc h is ma. ... e u.s in ordina... ry hand wnrk, and placed m toe mould, wbJcb a t \.he cod rorm!n g'tbe bead io r u10iobed wlih a die w ltb a ebear eilf.e, wbl made with 'be" el ed edgeo. eo !.bat there le ,110 ...,.... In tbe cigar, and =:-:-ita entire bO'ly 1& Jefl per--!liiiii il tfectly BIDOOth aod for = tbe wnpper. 6 th. The unl. form character or the cl.ltar thne rormtd enables the operator to 11illb them with great rapidity, and wltb ench e:uetne as canootbe by any other known meanta. ThePe polntl'l embrace all the eAsentlfll in the manof dcture of but there Rre msny coltRtentl advantages which Add to the pract1cal valne of these moqldtt. 1mch ns economv or t ohoCCtl. tbere l"'ein!.' 8 Favinl'l or at. lrtgbter Tobacco, than with ""Y other Cutter In the world. Plug Kachines, Stem Rollers. H. Chalmers&Co., Ae:nrTI, !\o. 46 CLIFF ST., .l x .... ror. jll" A Fvu. Sl!PnY OP :11Tll48 ALW.lYt Oll HdD 1 70B nL:t. P HOGjL:E;N f'RII Buckeye Toba.too Machine ( W.orks J ( DAYTON Po:.tar's Patent I CIGAR AND PI::J::>E LICHTERS. PROOF ,A.GAINST WIND OR RAIN. Porter latch lanufactnrinl Co.,. VBBUVUB WOBKS, ',\ 1 lVo. ,'19 TENTH AVENUE.'P lltb 8&.; Rew York. h


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