The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco leaf publishing, co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I VOL. VIII.'""-NO. 6. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27,1872. WHOLE NO. 370. THE TOBACCO LEAF I .Pui>U...Mol Elf tloe i.obacto I AT 14 2 FULTON STRJ::ET, NEW YORK. J H EHBrEAGmt. ..................... Ed!Wr. JOIUf G Gu ...... ........ Buttint:ssAgont.. As a.n medium, wberoitia d eBired to reach the Cjg&r and Tobacco Trade not o nl y of this but the be't attainable All lettld & eo. E. &t G 129ll&>den l.&ne. Garth D J Son 81: Oo. 1291'ea.rL Ga,..rt; J. L. & Bro. 160 Wa&er !hnhel L ok Bro.. 86 l!aodsnlADe; Guthrie &t Co., 223 Front ]lamburgar I. 81: Co., 150 Water. HillmaD G W 81: Oo., l O S Front W C. & Co .,l76 Water. !Umllant Tbomoo, 6 William. )[ittredge W P. It C o 71 and 7 S Front. Xremelberg &t Co. 160l'earl. I.e.m.otte A. C 163 Pearl. Levin M. H., 162 P81lrl. )(a.itland Robert L. 81: Co., 43 Broad. l(a.rtin &: J' obnaon, 166 W )(ayor J'oeeph Sons, 122 l!oOaliU James 191 Oreen...,ch. lloC&all Wm., 61 Bowery. l!eier A. C L It 0., x-ger T. H. & Oo., 161 o.nd 163 M01den Lne Korrio, M., 19 O l d Sli p and ?3 Water. Iiorlon, Slaughte r &t Co., 41 Broe.d O..tman Alva. 166 Water Ot1;iqer :Brotben, 1191'.,..rl -.;ue, 17i Watm. Price wm. Jo!, 81: O o ., 119l!aiden l.&no. Q-o.ln, J 1'. & C o., 39 Broad. }(.app, S., 75 Fulto n Read It Co 19 Old Slip .Rei.ama.nn G& C o. 179 Pearl. Roaenwa14, E. & Bro. 145 Water l!o.lomon, S ., 192 Pearl. IBoheider, Jeweph 144 Wder. Sahmltt It Bte meo k e W ater. l!lchrtede:r & Bonn, 1'18 Water. Bcbobart H & Ca. 146 W ater. f!altiruore, & 17 South. R""""feld, S & Co 5 S Exc hange Plaoe t!chroeder Joe. & Co. 81 Exchange Plaoo. Wilkens & Klier, 69 South Ohades. Toba rco G-!eekP &: Niemann, 78 South Char 1M. Rioardo, Lettwich & Co., 83 Exchange Plaoe. Manufa: ture rs tit. Beck, F W & Co., 130 North. "' Feigner, F. W 90 and tlouth Charles Wllkena & Co., 181 West Pratt. Manufac t u rer s of C igars Gut h Gustave 53 G erman. Pac kers of S.ed-Lrt Be[tinwre. ManM(a ct urer of Sn'1J. Dulreha.rt, E. W & Son 29 South Ci gar Ma:ltints. Hannaman, J. T Lelrington BOSTON. Fi.oher & O o 23 Central Wharf. Holyoke 1 0. 0 12 Central Wharf. MAnufactu rer of Cigars and Dea l er i n L<-if Tobacc., :J"aoobeon. J 7 Br011.d. W/solesa l e Dus lers in T obactJo aud Mllnufac turers of Cigars. Carruth, 0 B. & Oo. t6 B:anonr. of Ha'fJana Cigars and Leaf Tobacco Wilder & Eotabrook, ? Commercial. BREJIEN, GERMAJifY. Commissio11 Merclu11t. Westholl Fred. jr. BB.OOKLYlf, Jr. Y. .Budaan&n & I,.yall. Box-M4rifactwrer. ShenaoD. Brothen, S to IS SediJ'Irick. To!Huto-Cutting Maels i nery. WulsteiD, Hflllr7, Myrtle ave.aue. CHICAGO, m. Dter Delers in L, L., 61 Walnut. MantifJJeturers of To6aeco. Allen & Ellio, 11 Vine. Broe. & Oo. 62 a.nd Eut 1c1. MLIuf.eturerl tl C:O.aiJJi MtrcJa11ts. 13ruloers, Brown & Tllue, 32 S4 l!ain. Hafer, Holme6 & Qo., 23 Weot l!eoon4. Dba, p-&1()o., 58 W eot Pollrill Lo-lilal, 8. A Oo..,j8 llaiB. ._, ._.., 187 w&la"*" Brol>m. lhnio .. 11M, i (lolltte JlooiWal. Hog len & Peue, Peaae's Tob&ooo-OuHmg Engine. DETROIT,' Biela. Manufac turer of C i gars and Dealer s i n Lt THE ToBAcco LEAF. The following letter tells its own story : JoHN G. GRAFF, Esq. Business Manage r .of "The Tobac c o L e a j :" SIR-Some time since I subscribed for your paper of a man named Bird, who professed to, be a regu larly authorized agent for your paper, and, upon his representation, paid him three months in advance, but ha-;:e not, as yet, received any paper from him or you. I have since found that the man is a fraud aRd im poster, and that his right name is Eugene McDonald. yours, JuLIUS KuNERT Loc k Box 3 STAFORD, Ct., March r8, I872 AI'I'AD\S AT WASDIKGTOII'. The action of the Senate last week in voting to put tea and coffee on he free list, has giv e n a new and unexpected aspect fO the tariff legislation of the session, w hile rendering a thorough revision of the system, or any considerable reduction in the revenue derived from other items, at present imposible If t e a and coffee are hereafter to pay nothing tow ard th> -;upport of the government, it is estimated that Uncle Samuel will be out of pocket about nineteen millions f r o m thi s r e duction alone. When it i s remembered that the Sena te F inance Committee reported in favor of a total tariff reduc tion o f only $ ; 1 ,ooo,ooo leav ing the re m aining $29,ooo,ooo out of the $so, Qoo,ooo t o be d r a wn fr o m internal revenue sources, it will be seen that the s ecuring of what i s call e d a free breakfast table will practically absorb the margin allowed for tariff r e du cti on It is poss i ble, however that additions to the free list may still b e m ade to th,e extent of from five to s ix millions, in which event, of course, the internal reve nue reduction would have to be proportionately cur tailed It was rumored that on Monday, the 25th inst.,-" Bill day "-a resolution fixing the tax on tobacco at sixteen cents uniform would be introduced, but we are glad to see that the design, if any existed, was abandoned. As we have before stated, we consider such demonstrations a waste of strength, and calculated to unfavorably affect the final vote when the measure now being per f ecte d by the Committe e of Ways and Means Shall be called up for aCtion. It is also said that Mr. Sherman, in the Senate, favors the abolitioh of the stamp tax, the revenue from which [$r6,ooo ooo] is self collecting and is c o nstantly on the increase. Of course if this suggestion prevails, we may bid good bye to the prospect of any re duction in the tobacco tax. But we hope for better things The common sense of our legislators must certainly show them tflat the stamp tax is the least op pressive of any now imposed. Why, then, abolish it when so many other industries claim consideration and redress ? Let us hope that to the whole subject will be brought at least a moderate amount of political intelli gence and an average degree of statesmanship. If these pevail, the stamp tax will certainly not be repealed. A CONGRESSIONAL STRAW. We have called the attention of our rhders to the fact, that the .tobacco trade to-day a more advanced position in legislative esteem at Washington than it has ever done before. The wants Of those engaged in the manipulation of the weed receive an attention and discussion never vouchsafed in the past. The claims of the trade are even preferred on the floor r!lf the House to the views of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and the reported decisions of the Committee of Ways and This, although the practical results are not as y e t great, must be acknowleqegd to be very encouraging. It was not so very long ago when one favoring any reduction of the tobacco-tax,: or any allevia tion of trade burdens, was looked upon with but 1ittle more favor than the highwayman who demands, pistol in hand,. Your money oryour life." Certainly! "we have changed all that" by persistent trade effort, and \l(e now see the fruits of our labor almost daily In the Senate, where the Finance Committee has just reported in favor of getting thirty-six millions out of the .Jveed during the next fiscal year, we still seem tb have friends, althoug'h the most of our energy in ri:Jakipg verts has'been expended on the' fl,.,or ofthe Hous e. One G J. KUOHLER. G W GAIL. omuBT. AX. KUCHLER; GAIL & CO., SIBB AND IMPORTERS _OF SPAtiiSH TOBACCO. 128' WATER STREET, York. H. SCHUBART & CO., CJ Importers of" HAVANA and PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBAO.,OO n. SCHlJBART. No. 148 Water Street. NEW YORK. B. FRIEDMAN.'" ROBERT E. KELLY & 0 0.: 34 .BEAVER NE'W" I:MPORTE-R!S OF Havana Cigars ana Havana Leaf, ahd Sole Agents for the Brand SUPERIOR DE JOSE MARIA VICHOT ," Send for Price L!Bt KEY WEST FLORIDA. N l.\4a:n. of 11 VINE STREET, CINCINNA.TL We are makto.: a pedalty of l>'INE cu r '-bEWNtl, a11d. U lo hold II mol&ure an aweelneto for one year. pr .JOBBING TRADE ONLY SOl,JCI'J'ED. ,._ 1 Ca M.L VIPWaJ.WJ.W 11 ueaYBa u An IN t.BAI' 1fMAcce. 1 A well assorte& stock of HAVANA Y ARA Tobacco constantly on band and sold M I LOWEST IMPORTERS" PRICES. Poet0111ce&z2969 188 PEAIU. STREET. NEW YORK. ... I KEY WEST SEmENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New York, Proprietors o: the. LA BOSA F.AOT_ ORY. DeBARY & KLING, 1 62 Broad and 50 New Streets, New Yqrk. IMPORTERS OF HAVAl\TA C::IGAR!i,. And Sole .Agents for the sale of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CICARS, JI&Dllfactwed a$ the KEY WESr BB4l'fCB of the celebrated El Principe de Gale s MannfaetorJ of BaTIUia. day, last week, while the Tariff was under di s cussion who is out of employmen t with the manufacturer during Mr. Hill, of Georgia expressed the opinion that before a dull seas on and has a fam i ly depending upon him any general revision of the Tariff, :there ought to be some is compelled to do something to support that family. disposition made of the internal revenue list. He did He may be a man of delicate health, or perhaps a man maimed in his country's service Wh\lt is he to do if he not agree with Mr. ,Sumner .that the establishment could wishes to make cigars ? He i s compelled to pay a be got rid of entirely, but he thought it might be respecial tax of ten dollars also al)d besides give bond ducedj one-half. He. thought "it would contribute to with two bondsmen the sum of six hundred d?ll a rs popular content to impose a uniform tax upon tobacco, for h.e can not buy a smgle of tobacco Without . proVIng that he has authonty from the Assessor to of every descnption. Mr. :S:ill has eVIdently a very level manufacture cigars ; and then he can not offer his cigars head," and we trust that his efforts to secure popu1ar f9r sale without first paying all the tax the Government content will not confined to expressions of opinion dem ands from them. Are there not safeguard s enough alone. That he is right no one who has studied the to protect the Government against fraud ? Make the s11bject can for a moment doubt and justice as well as penalty for vio!ation a.S can be. made. We do not complam of JUSt laws or JUSt taxation. We are a ,sound philos.ophy, would be promoted by willing to cheerfully pay our proportion of the taxes an adoption of his suggestion. All. we ask are the privileges enjoyed by other branches Senator Hill's remark may be a straw," but it clearly of mdustry in this free and happy land. We therefore 'Points "which way the wind blows" at the National your 'Qodies for the' repeal of that por-'tal' non of the law relaong to the bond system, and the cap! amendment of that clause relating to the special tax APPEAL FROM rB.ADE. THE CIGAR t;pon of cigars, so that it may be propor tionate accordmg to the number of persons employed or the number of cigars manufactured." On. the 21st, inst a deputation representing the cigar makers was heard before the Committee of Ways and Means. They asked to have the whole of 82 of t_he of July, I868, abolished, or so amended as to make it less onerous. In its present form it bears very hard on the small manufacturer, and the practical cigar maker. In further urging their tequest they said : "The small manufacturers find the greatest difficulty in procuring bonds, such as the law demands, and comply ing with the other requirements of the law, arid a great number of them are in this way debarred from practising their business as independent men. This law relating to giving bonds seems to be supediuous. Of the many millions of ciga,rs manufactured by the many manufacturers in this country last year, we have not heard of a single instance where the Government had to call on the bondsmen to satisfy its demand s for taxes. The license or special tax upon manufacturers of cigars has also been levied very unjustly. A manufadurer who employs one or two hundred men pays a special tax of ten doUars !The practical cigar-maker These complaints are well founded, and we trust that the Committee in revising the law, will give heed to them. It certainly can not be the wish of our legislators, in their passion for heaping burdens on the weed and its manipulation, to re-enact the' part of the Egyptians in their oppression of the Israelites, ans} compel those who are so unfortunate as to be cigar or tobacco manu fact'.Jrers by occupation, to make their tale of bricks without the necessary straw. The trade doe!l' not ask to be entirely relieved from but it ask that the tobacco industry shall not be singled out for legisla tive proscription and persecution above all others. There sense and c<1m.mon decency to be observed in this matter. The poor cigar-maker has rights as well as his more fortunate neighbors Espe cially has he, above all legislative right to rescind, the right to liberty and the pursuitof happiness." But do not our Solons see that by making it very difficult, if not im.possible, for him to_ follow his they are ..


ssa1ling all three ? Much mtght be wntten on thts inter esting subJect, but we forbear The cause is one in which the practical philanthropist may well mte rest htmself. THE TOBACCO LEAP. I THE TOBACCO MARKET. prompt and decisive actton for the relief and encourage-cases I bale 246 b r/ b r/ b ment of the trade. 7 4 oxes, 534 72 oxes, IO 74 oxes, tlons for fancy selections, rs@I6c, DOMES'fiC S k zo bales, I3o boxes pipes, 3 cases licorice, consigned as were pa1d. We fear, 1 t wt'll be hard to find a market or ..-mo zng-A fatr 4mount of busmess was done m follows such. NEw YORK, March z6 tobacco, but hardly as much as during the preBY THE ERIE RAILROAD-} K. Smtth & Son, 79 D N TVtstern .Uaf.-The market has appeared quiet cedmg week or the week before We hear of some hhds; Pollard Pettus & Co, 27 do, Blakemore, Mayo A VILLE, VA., March 23.-Messrs. Pemberton this week, after its active predecessor; still a very fatr ,good sales. to the local trade, but little was done on ac & Co., 23 do, s. M. Parker & Co., I I do; Sawyer & Penn, Tobacco Commtssion Merchants, report as Col business has been done, the sales amountmg to S6S count of distant buyers. Wallace & Co., I07 do' J. P Quin & Co., 9 do' F: lows:. The supply of leaf offered on our market, IS still A ToBACCO FAIJl will be held at Clarksvtlle, Tenn' hhds, of whtch 5 I3 hhds were to the home trade, pnn-Czgars-Nothmg new has transptred m the Cigar trade. W Tatenhorst & Co., 24 do R. L. Maitland & Co' very hght for the season, owing, as we think, to the Vj.ry on the r6th of May next. ctpally old-crop fillers and smokers. the remamder in The record of the week shows tlie usual amount of sales 44 do; Goodwm & Co ro do' Bunzl & Dormttzer, 37 unusual!long spell of cold and windy weather. On Shn----numerous small lots for export. Regte buyers have effected and received wtth about the average do ; T H. Messenger & Co, 2 do; P. Lonllard & we had snow, and agam th1s morning the ground MDI'OR EDITORIALS. THE Fejee Islands are satd to ratse very good Se. done httle-waitmg on Italy, which decides to-day on number of reJectwns; the latter bemg-strange as It Co., 44 do ; A .. D. Chocldey, 2 do; D. J Garth, Son & white. So late cold a sprmg is m the recollec-Island co tton, and to eJ(port about 9 000 bales a year btds for her contract. may appear-a not uncommon thmg w1th some of our Co., 5 do. Oelnchs & Co., 242 do; J D. Kielly, l Jr., tlonof our oldest mhabitant. We quote Lugs-common htwoek 2dweek Sdweek 4th.,.eek 5thweek Total manufacturers now that thecapac1tyfor production IS 24do, Gompertz&Co, 2odo; Wm. M Price& Co., tomedium,; medmmtogood, LeafWORTH LooKING AT.-Some Florida cured-rS7I Con necticut seed leaf at Messrs Schroeder & Bon's, I7S Water Street. THAN THE BOSTON DIP.-.'\ local JOUrnal s:oys -the women of Newburyport Mass extenstvely practtce the Southern custom of snuff-d1pping. OHIO SEED LEAF.-The M1amtsburg (0.) planters are sendmg their best crops to Cmcinnatt to endeavor to reahze better pnces than they obtain at home A D uBUQUE farmer put out a fire in Ius barn w1tl1 a deluge of milk. Ltke other consumers, the fire-fiend couldn't telltt from water. THE NATIONAL CIGAR-MANUFACTURERS ASSOCIAT:fON -Another meetmg of th1s Association was held on Fnday last, the 23. Considerable interest was mani f ested and a senes of resolutwns adopted, whtch we shall pnnt in our next issue. THANKS -The Westfield (Mass) News Lette1-An cn terpnsing she{:t has our thank'> for kindly warmng 1ts rea ders'agamst the bogus agent of THE ToBACCO LEAF who, when last heard from was m Connecticut, and may not un likely penetrate to Westfield. The Press should make colftmon cause agamst such rascals, as any live JOurnalts liable to be thus swmdled. KIND WoRDs.-The (Va) Roa1zoke very courteously says "THE ToBACco LEAF is one of the largest, if not the largest paper m the world exclus1vely to one branch of trade. It came to us March 6, with a new and very tasty head, which tmproves 1ts appearance muchly. It needs no other tmpr.ovement Pubhshed by the Tobacco Leaf Publishmg Co, New York" 1 A YouN G M-.:RCHANT.-Mr DeLancey Cleveland has recently estabhshed htmself m the licorice business at No 24 South William Street, this ctty. Mr Cleveland has been engaged for several years past w1th vanous promment houses m the tobacco trade and thoroughly understands its necessities Undoubtedly qualified as he i s to sattsfy hts customers, we bespeak for him a fair share of the patronage vouchsafed dealers m the pres-ent art1cle of traftic. DEATH OF A VIRGINIA TOBACCONIST IN GERMANY Mr Peter J De Voss, formerly a resident of Petersburg, Va., dted on the 2 Ist of February, m the ctty of Bremen, Germany, m the fifty -etghth year of h1s age. For many years Mr. De Voss made Petersburg his home, follow mg the busmess of a tobacconist, by which he acqUired large means He was highly esteemed by the enUre community as a man of rect1tude, htgh pnnctple, and character. i TOBACCO AS A LEG-BREAKER.-In the Supreme Court, this ctty, last week, Samuel Lederer, by his guardtan, sued Joseph Ehrenfeld, a tobaccomst, by whom he was employed, to recover damages for a broken leg, caused by the fall of a tobacco hogshead, 1t bemg alleged that the a ccide n was causedl by the negligence of Ehrenfeld. Judge Barbour d1srrussed the complamt, on tl1e evtdence for the plamttff, holdmg that 1t was clearly shown that the acc1dent was th e result of the ne )igence of the _plafn-tlff VIOLATING THE REVENUE LAW.-Last week, Ill this c1ty, Wtlham Doohng wasneld for examination by Commtsswner Shtelds on a charge of sellmg c1gars out of unstamped boxes Doolmg was arrested on Broadway by one of Colcl'nel Whttley's detectives. Arnold Ltcht ner, of No 20 Bleecker Street, was arrested by a Umted States Deputy Marshal and brougnt before Comnus sioner Sh telds on a charge of sellmg c1gars wtthout a hcense, and re-fillmg old ctgar boxes He was held m $r,ooo for exammat10n AN _INFORMER TRAPPED -Chnstian Smith for a long tune had the confidence of Mr. Myers, and the freedom of hts ctga r store, r I7 Grand Street, Wtlhamsburg He acquamted Mr. Myers w1th a plan by whtch he could catch the th1ef who was stealing h1s goods. Detective Langon the plan a good one, but worked up a htt le one of hts own It resulted m the arrest of Chns tlan an d the finding of over $2oo worth of tobacco, ptpes, &c, m hts house at North Second Street, near Ftfth Street. BooTH's (l'HEAfRE.The season of 1Sp-2 : 'lnlllong be remembered by the superb Shakesperian revtval at this establishment of "Juluus Cesar," the long career of whtch 1 llustrated by tbe gemus and talent of such actors as Edwm Booth, Lawrence Barrett, 'Vtlham CresWick, F. C. Bangs, D. W. Waller, and others, has JUSt closed. In the way of scemc display, truthful as well as gorgeous, nothmg equal to It has ever been placed on the Amencan stage. Last week Mr. Booth took his farewell for the present season, playmg with admtrable verve and naturalness, the part of Str Edward Mortzm cr j n the Iron Chest," B ertucczo m the "Fools Revenge On Monday Shakespeare agam claimed the stage, "As You Ltke It," bemg produced with Miss Carlotta Le clercq, one of the most charming arttsts oa the Enghsh speakmg boards, as Rosaltnd DEP'-RTURE FOR EuROPE oF A 'Vxu,-KNOWN FACTOR -Mr. C. :8 Fallenshen, of the well-known firm of C. B. Fallenstien & Son, of this ctty, for many years factors m Western leaf tobacco, having finally re tired from business, sa1ls on the 4th prox. for hts native land where he proposes: to spend the remamder of his days Few recetvers of Kentucky tobacco are better known than Mr. Fallenstten and wherever he may here after reside, he will be accompamed by the good wishes of a large c1rcle of friends in all parts of the country Our own busmess community will espectally feel his loss. The hst of honorable merchants not bemg so lengthy that we can readtly .spare even the less promment ones, to say nothmg of those who by years of mdustry and in tegnty have made for themselves enviable reputatwlt!; for them>elves in our mtds t. J W McD., HANNIBAL, Mo -The matenal used for bailmg Havana tobacco IS commonly f ailed bass, though this can hardly be satd to be the proper for 1t. The Spamsh name by whtch it is known on the Island of Cuba, whence It comes, is Yagua, and 1t is simply one of the many JlSeful products of the palm tree, whtch, m the West Indies and most tropical countne:;, grows in profusi on and to a gr.ea t s t ze The material IS not the bark, but rather the leaf of the palm. The palm trees of Cuba serve many useful purposes, every perbon of them bem g turned to account by the natives The leaves are used for. thatchmg us as well as baling, the trunk for con{iu1ts, ana the frmt for teeding S\\ine and other ammals Wbat is known as Spanish bass, is called m the Spamsh language Imajagua, one vanety of which ts used to bind Havana tobacco m carrats, and another, a white and fine vanety, for various purposes The latter kind was formerly used in place of the present expensive silk nbbon for bundling cigars, and even now is used in Cuba, and probably elsewhere, on dgom of low grades. January ___ -_ -990 403 349 377 ISr 2,300 restrtcted by the want of a good assortment of tobacco 4 1 pgs, order, 3 hhds, 32 pgs common green, 6@S; mediUm to good, 7@rr ; good to February ----I69 579 420 64S 384 2,2oo Gold opened at 109*' and closed at rr;: BY THE HuDSON RIVER RAILROAD-W. 0 Smith fine, II@2.o. Fancy w appers and smokmg are very March---I24 300 r,8'86 S6S 3,178 ExJhangehasdeclined, in consequence of the large 5! hhds; J. K. mtth & Son,6do; R. H. Arken-scarceandverymuch mdemand. We fear the supply Vtrgzma Leaf-Negotiations on account of the French purchases of Ene for foretgn account, agamstwhtch bills burgh, 59 pgs, Alva Oatman, so do, E. Rosenwald & will not be equal to the demand Smokmg lugs-common, contract imparted some animation and firmness to the were drawn. We quote Bills at 6o days on London Brothe:, 46 do ,'Bunzl & Dormttzer, I 79 do, Joseph S@I 2 ; good to fine fancy, 12@3' wrappers good, 25 Vtrgtma as well as the 'Vestern leaf market durmg the for commercial for bankers'; Mayers Sons, SS do, Maddux Brothers, 40 do @35; fine fancy, 4o@S5. past week, and sales were effectedwith rather more ex-do at short stght, Paris at 6o days, 5 25@ BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT HOPKINSVILLE, KY., March r6.-Mr. J. W. pedttton and ease than we have been accustomed to for 5.20, do at short s1ght, @S.IS, Antwerp, 5.23U LINE-D. & A Benrimo, I cases Levy & Dupuy, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports Recetpts for some time -past. The lucky bidders have evmced thetr @S 20; Swtss, SU@5.20, Hamburg, 35J{!@36 J N eugass, 44 do; L. & E. Westheimer, 1 7 do, M. Westthe week, 2 54 hhds, sales, :z7o hhds. In my report of usual m m king the1r arrangements so as Amsterdam, Frankfort, 40Jil@4r7.(, Bre-henn & Co, 42 do; Palmer& Scoville, 22 do; A L. & the 9th, I quoted a declme oi a half on previous weeks to have thetr engagements filled at the proper time, and men, 7SYz@79; Prusstan thalers, 72@72}4 C. L Holt, 24 do, Fox, Dills & Co, II do, Sehgsberg, pnces I now have to report the recovery of the de-the effects of therr actwn are seen m the 1mproved tone Frezghts have been dull and.rates are somewhat lower. Cohen & Co., r6 do, Schroder & Bon, 77 do, A s clme, and a shght advance on all grades except lugs and buoy ,an cy of the market. Beyond th1s ctrcumstance Particular Notice. Rosenbaum& Co., rS do; Alva Oatman, 2 do; L. Gerwhtch are stillalittleeasterthanat that date. The market there has been no perceptigle feature of novelty, the she! & Brother, 4do, Giles Wnght, 3 do, L Adlestem, has ruled firm and active throughout the entire week at I d of seed leaf tobacco are cautioned agamst accePting our 6 d E abo t th II t C ar tra e contmumg about same as lutherto reported sales and quotations of seed leaf as furnishing the pices that o, D Hurlburt, 4 do. 1 u e 0 owmg ra es : ammon to good lugs 7@ ported, with, perhaps, a slightly augumented mqlllry should be obtamed by them at first hand, as these refer m most Instan ces Bv TH,E VIRGINIA HIP LINE-Oelnchs & Co., 7 U ; chotce fat lugs, S@8 Yz ; common leaf, S Yz Yz ; from manufacturers. The Itahan order IS due as we to old crops wh1ch have been held here nearly a year and the profit o n 44 hhds; Reed & Co, 4 do, I trc; Connolly & Co, medmm leaf, 9Yz@IoYz 'good leaf, roYf@u; fine leaf, wnte, 1 t having been announced for the :z6thinst., and If which must naturally mclude the mtereot on Growers IO cases; Ma8dux_ Brothers,4 do; w 0 Smtth, S do; rr@rrJ; chmce leaf, I2@I3 the range of pnces be not so high as to matenally re-cannot expect even In the case of new crops, to sell them for the same Allen & Co 23 do, 2 pgs; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 293 LOUISVILLE, lifarch 2 o .-We report as\"S. d h as are obtained on a re-sale here Of course every re-sale must be at an d D t e quantity to be purchased, 1t IS-reasonable to advance, and therefore the pr1ce obtainable by the growers will a lways be o, 390 Yz boxes; Bulkley Moore & Co., I r do, 20 urmg the past week the market has been very active antlctpate a fatrly actiVe market for the balance of the ,omewhat lower than our quotatiOns. rr Yz boxes ; Wm Demuth & Co, 97 boxes 1 he recetpts have fallen off, and all that is offered is sprmg season QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES, ptpes ; James C McAndrew, 3 cases hconce taken at firm rates, whtch for some grades have advanced. Recetpts from Virgmta are still delayed by the proWe.ier?t--Lightlcaf Mouldy .. ..... IO 6ill5 CoASTWISE FROM Berger, 2 hhds The recetpts for the week have been I,392 hhds, and the d ld h d b l Sl>lopmg. common lug 7 X@ 8);( l'reoeed, extra ftne 46 @05 M F Jk tracte co weat el\ an are ut 1ttle in excess of de -commouleat .. .. .. sy,@ 9 LigbtPressep, ftoe 95 t F 1 h L I 1 dd Heo..-yleat l\a1J!1HalfE'rnmd.Y& S 66 d S M p & ,. hh'"' M C \:::> ore1gn g earungs s ow m IVerpoo a tmtte emand common 1uga .... ... 7% sv, Flue .. ... 23 @2 8 on, o; arker Co., 4 do; F. IV TatI7J; 3 us ason ounty leaf at 9.90@12.25, 2 hhds for leaf, except for grades at and below 6Yzd. Stnps Common teat 871@ 9Y. Fancy Tob. are m goo eman as are a so ers, t e stock of the Good... .. 11 @UY. Navy, 4 8 ana 5. 24 @27 aynes, IO o, A. H. Cardozo & Co, 5 do, C. E .ea at ; 2 hhds Todd County lugs at S ro@8 so latter bemg now m small compass ....... :. Rolls ... f: @60 !t Co, 2 do, Schroder & Bon, 44 pgs, Bu n zl & 9 hhds Henry County leaf at 9@12, 7 hhds HenryCounty In London, leaf and stnps for spmning are in request, rl!Jsoun Prl 1 -;v@S Bnght l'wl!Jt (Va) 12 mob. 24 = .Dormltzer, 44 do' Connolly & Co, 3 do; Maddux trash at 8.20@9; IS hhds Hart County leaf at 9@II 7 5. but stock sui table for thiS purpose IS very scarce. 7M@ 8 Y, 6moh @83 Brothers, 20 pails; order, IOS hhds, 57 pgs I 12 hhds Hart County lugs at 7o@S.3o; 3 hhds Carroli Seed Leaf-There was a fatr amount of busmess done .. Ig Br..t.c E 27 BY THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY RAILROAD.-Kremel County leaf at Ic@rr.25; I hhd Carroll County trash at m seed leaf smce our last weekly summary, and transacn eaTy ijhippmg Leaf Ncwy Pt>uM.!-VirginJ&,ex 22 @27 berg & Co So pgs, S. Jacoby & Co., 28 do; L 9 2o, I hhd Graves County leaf at r 1.25; 6 hhds Daviess ttons 1m proved both old and new crops m about equal .. ro'..':mon. m'eruum .. :::: Htrschhorn & Co, 3S do, Carl Upmann, 14 do. County leaf at S 6o@6, 4 hhds Dav1ess County trash at Proportwns, new sltghtly preponderating. The reported Ohw-In'or to good com 6 @ 7Y, u.u .. .... .. 17 @OO BY THE NEw YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMSHIP 7 4o@S.3o ; 3 hhds Ballard County leaf at 1oe>. I I hhds Brown ond Greenioll 7 @ 8 Y, Thtrdl .. .. .. .. 11 @20 L J S B k \::> dtstnbutlOn was as follows 26 cases new Wtsconsm at Mediumandilne red .. SY,@l2 Firer .. .. .... 11 @20 INE-os chetder, S9 cas es, Straiton & Storrps, r8 re.c enndge County leaf at 75 ; I hhd BreckSc 400 cases new Ohw at ur-> 14c, 300 cases new com to med spangled 7 @tO Quart.r Pound.!do, Schroeder & Bon, rs do enndge County lugs at 8.30 4 hhds Ohio County leaf Fine spangled to yellow !2 @25 Fme .. .. .. ..... .. 23 @25 B Pennsylvama at rc; 400 cases old Ohio at 3sc Nary!a>ti-F'L'dto com -uoo.t .. ts @20 Y THE OLD DOMINION S 1EAMSHIP LINE.-M A ben at S ; 9 hhds Ohto County lugs at 7 10r,;,7 90,. mon ... ... ... .... 6 @ 6Y, Common to medium I5 @17 h 6 hhd C 11 & C d hhd L C 1 f and Ioo cases sundnes1 old, at 25@5oc Seund common 7 @ 7y, l'r>cketPiccu .. .... 2., @ 2 7 eun, s, onno Y o I o, J as Clue v es & 2 S ogan ounty ea at 9 3o@ro.25 6 hhds Gray-The business season seems at last upon the pomt of Good do 7Y,@ ll !> Negronrod Twilt 25 @30 Co., 2 do 1 L .Lyons & Co, 24 do, C E. Hunt & Co son County leaf at S 9o@to.25 S hhdsHancock County Medium ....... ..... 0 @10)-, 7'.4 1fTw .... 30 @36 6 d P II d p & C I f 8 S C. d opemng,andwithjudtcwus management trademaybe G oodtoftnered n @13 7ol o sondl2's o oar, ettus o,22do; P.Lorillard&Co, t!a at sHan(:ockCountylugsat7 .zo@ g reatly promoted from thiS tlme forward To do th1 s it Fane, .. .. .. 14 Fine ... ; ...... 20 @ 1 82 9 do ; 6 trcs' A. D. Chockley, 9 do, r8 do, W. 0 S .Io ; I hhd Cnttenden County leaf at ro 1 S hl1ds Urper Countr1 ... 5 @80 Good .. .. .. .... 17 S h only needs that larger profitsshall not be tenaciously Grouudhlo f new @ 9 Common &Dd mealum 16 17 mtt 24 do, 33 do, E Du Bo1s, 75 one qtr trcs, ros Umon County leaf at 7 7o@ro; 2 hhds Gree County msisted upon when smaller are mevitable. Pertinently .. .oo, 63 70 cases, S3 three-qtr boxes Edw Hen, 7I cases; Martm leaf and lugs at S ro@Io; 3 hhds McLean Co nty leaf to thts subject an Illinois correspondent writes as follows. Wrapporo. 2 5 @40 C1gars-l'<'mestlc. & Johnson, ro do W P K1ttredge & Co S do at S 70@9 90 r hhd McLean. County lugs at 7 40 3 There is still a great deal of tobacco m this section un. ,5 00 Browdn & Fnth, 35 do ; G W H til man' & Co ; hhds Henderson County leaf at 8.4o@g. 7o 1 2 hhds sold,canyousendussome buyers? There areafew Bmdersondfeconds 20 @2J! do conn Seed .. 3000@$0011 36 o L Gmter, 4S do; Rtchey & Boni-ManonCountyleafat8@9.6o;:hhdCaseyCountyleafat men m--who monopoli z e the trade;' and buy from the J:;;;.,.k sudL<4f,15 @te 2500@30 00 face, 6I do M Lmdhe1m, r6 do, Bulkley, Moore & 9 3' 4 hhds Webster County leaf at 7-70@9.40, I hhd raisers at very low figures Tobacco can be bought II rapper 8 2 wrapper .......... 25 00@80 oo Co., 63 do' Carhart Brothers, 59 do' M. M Welzhofer, Webster County lugs at 7 ship tq New York?" To the last questwn we answer, A sorted Iota .. LB @ 2 S common ...... 1s oe@t7 00 Thompson, 7 do, sS do, A. S Rosenbaum & Co., I bale hhds Taylor County le a f at ; I hhd Meade Y !'elections .. .. 4ll @60 Cberooto and Blxeo. 10 C()@l2 o n Polhaus & P l b J D K 11 J Co t I f t 6 hhd C b 1 d es Fillers ......... n @15 ,snu.ff-Maccooo:r ..... 85@--90 aut, 33 exes p1pes; e1 y, r., 202 un Y ea a 7 o, 3 s urn er an County lugs By all means box your tobacco 1f it 1 s worth boxl 'ng Oltto Sud uqf,-Rappee, French ...... I oo cases, 143 three qtr boxes, N. L. McCready I 9 do at 8@S 40 2 hhds Metcalfe County leaf at 7 .6o, 7 60 Wrappers ... .. .. 30 @10 do ftne ploln --@--5 h l f b b d hhd bl k hhd taking care to box it well, and then send it to this or any Assorted toto 18 @26 Scotch & Lnndlfoot S5-90 oxes ro,one qtr exes, or er,44 hhds,7 trcs. I ac tat at ro; 7 s Tennessee leaf at 9 Io@ h d k d Th fi B.llootiona ... .. 45 common ---66 BALTIMORE, March 23.-Messrs. C. Loose & Co ro; 5 hhds Tennessee lugs at S.Ioc.s So' I hhd Indt'ot er goo mar et as soon as wante e rst ques-Fillers .. .. .. .. u @16 American Gentleman -@ I oo d 1 f s 8 hhd '-:::> twn mvolves a contmgency We can not undertake to Furttfl"-L.-... Gold Commission Merchants and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco an ea 5 ; 5 S Indiana lugs at 7.Io@S.6o; 7 say that we can send customers to the section indicated 1tt 50 a IJ oo report: Our market for Maryland tobacco pas been very hhds Indiana trash at 6.6o@7.90; t hhd IlliJJois lugs at by the wnter, but this we think we can guarantee CusBanna runlllDf! La Coro de E..pma 26 bnsk for the past week, and all the samples offermg if S.6o. tomers will voluntanly go there, as they go elsewhere ...... '1k06@ ....... : ::.... any way desirable find ready buyers at full pnces, sales The LouiSville House sold 2I9 hhds: 5 hhds Owen just as soon as holders offer the requtsite 1: :: 8:: :=:: .:. reach about 400 hhds Ohio has also been in active County leaf at, 4 hhds Owen County lugs for them to do so. Has th1s been done? Our corresYara I Cut 97 uo "C & A 87511> net 29.1> demand, some holders obtaimng a slight advance, sales at S 8o@ro 25; 3 hhds Hart County leaf at ro:so@r4 50;. pondent appears to deprectate monopolies, but IS he .. ,60.1bo add up about 6oo hhds since our last rep,prt, 1nost of I hhd Hart County lugs at S 30; 4 hhds Breckenndge sure he does not also favor them when he complains Pt> .. ..a.-h BoMD-BaxonT I c yea". .. ..... .. 28 them for F ranee, th_ough nothmg has tratrSptred yet 'as County leaf at Ic@I3; Io hh.ds Breckenridge Count. h EI.t:ra fine 45 @50 Ynarrla'' . .... .. 25 }!l h d f I t ,;;, hhd U J that buyers to the prod!:icers mstead oft e local F n ..... ... .... 30 @36 .. z A" 230 II> ... .... 23 tot e ecJston o the French Regte m regard to the new ugs a 7 3 s mon County leaf at ro@ 13 dealers for thetr supplies? The Western seed crop : Kentucky remains but quiet with small stock S hhds Umon County lugs and trash at S@g so; I.; that of Illino1s as well as others, can find a market ......... .... 17 @20 "W s." .... : ... :::.:::.:: 25 and light recetpts; pnces too high for export, are held hhds Barren County leaf at 9@12 so; Ic hhds Barren thts season of unusual abundance only at prices under > tb; seed lea( sundry kmds County leaf at Iv, 3 ll.hds Metcalfe County leaf and vantageous to substttute the cheaper ,grades of Havana ford, 39 do; D. Perea, r do; J Agostini, I do, J. B at 2o@s5c Connecticut and Massachu;etts fillers af lugs at 7 .So@Io' 2 hhds Stmpson County leaf at 10 for seed m makmg seed and I:!avana c 1gars. Casablanca, I do, C. A. Richard & Co., r do. L. W. 14@17c, binders and seco..nds, IS@ 3oc; wrappery iots, 10 ; 1 hhd County leaf at ro.25 ; 3 Some tlme ago we: suggested thts alternative as a destra-Morns, r do; Atlanttc Steamship Co, 94 bales; order, 30@4oc, fine wrappers, 4s@ssc. Yara, $I@ I 12; Taylor County leaf at 9o@ro, 2 hhds Taylor County ble means of helpmg along the extstmg scarcity of good 4 cases ctgars Kentucky a t 8@ r 2c as to quality lugs at 7 70@7 .90; 6 hhds Adair County leaf at 8 so@ seedwrappers,andwearegladtolearn that the idea F h f EXPORTS. CINCINNATI,March 23.-Mr. F. A Prague, Inlugs at 7.4o; 7 hhds .Hart has been tliought worthly of adoption. We are of the rom t e porto New York to 'foretgn ports, other spector of leaf tabacco, reports as follows: The bu-oun Y. ea at 3 hhds OhiO County at S.5o@ opmwn that nothmg would be lost, but somethmgwould than European ports, for the week ending March 19, smess of the eek shows qutte an improvement on that 9 9; 1 hhd Ohw County Rugs at 7 .30, 5 hhds Butler be gained by the cigar trade If recourse were more frewere as follows of last; the cold weather sttll contmues to hold back County leaf and lugs at 7 70@9 So' 2 hhds Shelby quently lead to thts matenal for thiS purpose, not only AFRJCA-ro9 hhds, $r5,SS2 t h' h ld f f, County leaf at S .30@9.6o, 2 hhds McLean County leaf b t t t b t 1 BRAZIL--I case cigars, recetp s, w tc wou 1 n?t or that, now be heavy at S, 9So, 2 hbds A lien County lugs at ro 10 75 4 as a su s 1 u e, u as a permanent re 1ance, as 1t would Pnces have been well mamtamed all the week low hhd F k "" ulttmately have the effect of cheapenmg both Havana BRITISH GUIANA-3 hhds, $85o ; I,8so lbs grades of new bemg much sought after at extreme 5 ran lm County lugs at 7 4o@8.2o; 6 hhds Rob and seed wrappers, bestdes permanently estabBRITISH NoRTH AMERICAN lb. pnces New Ohto seed has been commg 'fornard very Tenn., leaf at 8.7o@10.5o, I hhd Indtana hshmg another class of good medium priced cigars in mfd, $1 ,64 2 freely, and has met a good market at generallp sahsthe m ,arket. BRITISH WxsT IND1KS-4,435 lbs mfd, '556. factory prices. The sales at the several warehouses The Boone House ISI hhds, and I box: 5 hhds Franklin Manufactured-But IK;tle ammat10n was observable CHILI-57 bales, $r,4oo were 339 hhds and 522 boxes. County leaf at '$rr@I7-75 ; I hhd Fr;mklin County m manufactured toqacco last week, the most of the bustCuBA-I case, 'I 5o; 4.95S lbs mfd, $no. CLARKSVILLE, TENN., Match I6.-Messrs. M. H. at S.9o; ro hhds Henry County leaf at; n ness being in lines ior export, black work bemg chiefly HAYTI-I hhd, $lOS ; I9 bales, '$273. Cl k & B h L af hhds Henry County lugs at 7 90@9 9 hhds Ch t' d d fi h Nxw GaxNADA-37 bales, h7S zs,67o lbi mfd, rot er, e Tobacco Brokers, report Our County leaf t ,;;, 6 hhd Lo' ns tan m eman or t at purpose. There was some call from rece1pts and sales were hghter thili week, owing to un. a 9I0'-:::>12 25; 1 s gan County leaf, the Cahforma trade bright goods, and several parcels $Io,o29 favorable weather for handling crops in barns. Our at 9-20@12.25; 3 hhds Logan County lugs at 8 So@9 20 of twist, and double-thick navy fours and fives changed z6 To European ports for the week endmg March _for the week add up 443 hhds' the sales at Hop-I hhd Tnmble County leaf at u ; 3 hhds hands for that market. The local mqlllry IS qmte hmtkmsvule were about 250 hhds. The market opened at an County lugs at 7 9o@ro; Io hhds Hart County leaf at ted, bemg m harmony with the prevailing apathy in the ANTWERP-29 hhds, 23 cases. advance and steadtly a d ..-anced durmg the week. Buyers 9 6o@r; 3 hhds Hart County lugs at 8 6o@9; jobbmg and retatl departments.Other efforts havmg BREMRN-108 hhds;I58 do stems, II9 cases. bemg encouraged by telegraphic reports from New York I6 hhds Green County leaf at S 1o@II.25; 6 hhds thus far proved unavailmg, the trade IS slightly on the hhds, IOS bales, 30 cases, 35 do and New Orleans, announcmg the awarding of the Green County lugs at 7o@8 .8o; 2 hhds Stmpson alert to note what effort the recent appeal of the Virctgar chppmgs. French contract for Virgmla and Kentucky tobaccos County leaf at 9> II.25' 2 hhds Simpson County lugs gtma will have upon Congress GLASGOW-2 hhds. and that the contractors had entered both markets fo; at 8 30, 9-20 I 2 hhds Crittenden County leaf at IO m mspmng actiOn on the Tax and Warehouse questions HAMBUR(J-5 hhds, I5 do stems, 35 cases, 25 bales, French tobacco. Western shippers 'respond freely to ID-75; 5 hhds Cumberland County' leaf at; l though little or nothing is ex.l?ected as a result of thei; I2,6I3 lbs mfd any encouragement, and unless interior markets hhds Cumberland County luqs at 7o@8.2o 2 hhds pleadmg, rendered eloquent and convincing as their LtVXRPOOL-76 hhds. a check it is hard to tell where prices will run leaf at I hhd County arguments are by unmistakable evidences of destitutiOn MALTA-70 hhds, 27 CaSC{i, 12,278 lb!i mfd. present we are havmg a rel' etttion of the season of rog 2 Brdecken ,ndge County leaf at 8.3o, and misery among th !>'! of thetr class m whose behalf RECEIPTS. I86S, which proved so diSastrous to Western shi ers. hhds D vie enn ge County lugs at 6 .9 0, 7 .7o_; 2 the dele_gation acted. It i& extraordinary that no in-The arnvals at the port of New York from domesttc" We quote common Iu"'s good lugs C ss_ County leaf at 9.Io, 10 ; 3 hhds Davtess .lS found potent to impress the Congresinterior, and coastwise ports, for the week endmg March common leaf, leaf, C hhds Trigg County leaf at stonal mmd w1th a sense of the necessity of a6, were 1.,1166 hhds, 65 trcs, 75 ""trcs r,o31 pgs, 1,584 good leaf, ro*'@u"'c; fine leaf, xx}(@u "c; selec: !'


THE TOBACCO LEAF. County leaf at 9 So, 9.90, I hhd Western County lugs at ?SO; 2 hhds Taylor County leaf at 9o 9 70, 3 hhds County lugs a t 7 10@8.90, 6 hhds Adair County leaf ar 8 .2 o@.9.5o, 2 hhds Ada1r County lugs at 7 oo, 8.10, I hhd Graysoll County lugs at 8.20, I hhd Oh10 County lugs at 7.50 ; 3 hhds Larue County lugs at 6 9 0 @ 7 .6o; I hhd Metca1fe Coup.ty lugs a t 7 70 I hhd Mon roe County lugs at 8 40, 2 hhds Hopkms County trash at 6 So, 6 90; r box Todd County at 9 6o, 22 hhds R,obertson County, Tenn., leaf at g 70@11 75, 2 hhds Robertson County, Tenn, lugs at 8 10, 8 90 I hhd Indiana lugs at 7 40 The Nmth Street House sold I 70 hhds 8 hhds Henry County leaf at 9IS@I8 25, 3 hhds Henry County lugs at 7 6o@8.85, :z hhds Carroll County leaf at g so, 17 so, 2 hhds Trimble County leaf at 9, 14.75 5 hhds Old ham County leaf at 8 40@12.25 I hhd Oldham County lugs at 7 6o, I hhd Cumberland County leaf at I2 25, 1 6 hhds DaV!ess County leaf at 8.35@12; IO hhds Da vless County lugs and trash at 6.7o@8 ; 3 hhds Hen derson County leaf at Io@I2, 2I hhds Logan County leaf at 8 2o@n 75, 2 hhds Logan County lugs at 8, 8 4 0 I8 hhds Hancock County leaf at 8.2o@u so, 4 hhds Hancock County lugs at 6 go@B Io; 2 hhds Ballad County leaf at 9 30, II, 27 hhds Warren <;ounty leaf at 8 @Io 75, 8 hhds Warren County lugs at 7 6o@ 8 40, 7 hhds Breckenndge Cou11ty leaf at g@Io 25, 4 hhds Breckenndge County lugs at 6 90@7 30, 2I hhds Barren County leaf 8 zo@ Io 2 5 I hhd Barren County lugs at 7 so, 3 hhds Ohto County leaf at 8 70@9, 3 hhds Oh1o County lugs at 7 I0@7 90, 3 hhds Grayson County lugs at 7 6o@8 30 The Planters House sold I I2 hhds and s boxes 36 hhds Hart County leaf and lugs at '$7 20@20, 2 hhds Owen County leaf at IS, 20, g hhds Henry County leaf at g.4o@r.7-so, I2 bhds Henry Cou:1ty lugs at 7.70@ Io, 4 hhds Logan County leaf at Io@II.75; I bbd Logan County lugs at 8 go 4 hhds Lame County leaf at g@u 75; 4 hhds Larue County lugs at 7 go@8 go, 2 hhds Meade County leaf and l ugs at 8 40 I I so, 2 hhds Warren County leaf at IO 7 5 I o 7 5 I hhd Warren County lugs at 7 so; 4 hhds Taylor County leaf at 8 90@Io so, 4 hhds Taylor County lugs at 7 so@? go I hhd Caldwell County leaf at Io so 2 hhds Barren County leaf at 9 30, IO 2 hhds Henderson County leaf at g.7o, g 8o 3 hhds Grayson County leaf at 8 so@8 90' I hhd Grayson County lugs at 7 30, 2 hhds Hardill County leaf-and lugs at 7 90, 9 I hhd Green County lugs at 8 :zo, 8 hhds Tennessee old smokers at 7@9 So, 7 hhds Indiana leaf at 8 95@I3.50, 3 hhds Indiana lugs and trash at 6 8o@7.2o. The Kentucky Tobacco As!.ociation sold so hhds : I9 hhds Hart County leaf aRd lugs at 7.IO@I4.2S ; 3 hhds Oldham Cou11ty leaf at I2@I4 75, 2 hhds Oldham County lugs at 9, 9.IO, 2 bhds Trimble County leaf at 9 70, IO so, 4 hhds Warren County leaf I has been so very harsh that planters have not bee n able to prepare the1r tobacco for market It has however moderated and I hope m a short time to see more ltb eral receipts. The ti ansactJOnS were 803 nhds, 282 trcs, and 68 boxes. I reviSe my quotatwns Black-lugs, common to good, 6 @8 leaf, common to med1um, do good to fine, Io@IJ. SunADUCAH, Marek 16 -Mr James F 1 Callaway, Leaf Tobacco Broker reports. Sales this week foot up 376 hhds agamst 355 hhds last week Dunng the early part of the w ek, the offenngs were prmc1pally lugs and mednim leaf, wh1ch caused the l:iuyers to lower therr v1ews on the former and th ey sustamed' a shght declille The few better grades that were offered were very firm. On yesterday a dispatch was res;e!Ved from New Orleans, reportmg sales at full pnces, and all grades except lugs, were m active demand, and I rate an advance of from so@75c 'f.> Ioo Ths, and the demand bemg m excess of the supply. The Lmn Bovd Warehouse sold 2II hhds, as follows 4 hhds p1ebalc!' at $, 4 8 hhds good ship pers at u @12.7o, 52 hhds medmm shippers at Io@ n.8o; 4.6 hhds low leaf at 9@Io.I5, 6I hhds common to good lugs at 7@8 9S Mess r s Kay, Cobb & Selree !!Old 37 hhds as follows 8 hhds lugs at 7 55@8 So, 9 hhds common leaf at 9@g So 20 hhds medmm to good leaf at IO@II 25 Market closed firm, wrth an advancmg tendency m pnces PETERSBURG, Marek 23 -Messrs R A Young & Brother, Tobacco CommiS S lon Merchants, report as follows The market smce our last report has under gone no matenal change The brakes and receipts are mcreasmg, and pnces very good for the season and the condition of the tobacco But httle of the stock now sellmg 1s m q_rder, we would, therefore urge on the planters the importance o f puttmg the1r tobacco m order to keep, as 1t w1ll bnng a very much better pnce. We quote pnmmgs from $4.50@6 lugs, 6 50@7 so, bnght lugs, so, leaf--common dark to good dark, fine dark, Io@uso, fancy lugs II@IS, fancy wrappers--bnght, IS @20, fancy lugs I o@IS, fancy leaf I5@4o Below we append the mspectlons for the past week and also for the same trme last year. :! 1: 0 ; .s l ;: g 3 .. 0 P:l E-4 1872 1871 82 H 1,114< 1,813 }g a 88 196 277 36 1 -20 457 457 80 l n i31i 4116 187 12 1178 2,786 B,OU 1\eoelpto lut week 113 ToJal 1111tce October I 1871 2,797 PH:t'LADELPHIA,Marclz 25 -Mr E W D1ckerson, reporter for the Tobacco Trade of Philadelphia, wntes as follows w1th all of our reasons for the tooacco bustness generally bemg so very qu1et, there IS still an almost unreasonable dullness for thrs season of the year There appears to be a settled cletermmatlon on the part of many buyers not to buy, but to wa1t unt1l after Congress adJOUrns. It is rather a fine commentary upon the w1sdom of our sages at Washington, that so many branches of the busmess of th1s country lanqwish wh1le they are ill sess10n, apparently loojdng after the 1r own personal pohtical ill terest,;, or wrangling among themselves to grve vent to personal hate, or to show tlbe1r mtell1gent constituency how smart they are. At lleast, here IS one great fact, that many kmds of busmess-tl).e tobacco busmess ill eluded-are at nearly a stand-still," and that very many men of all political creeds, say the reason 1s, No body knows what Congress IS gomg to do w1th the laws touching their business, The sales of !eat, last week, amounted to over Ioo cases seed, go bales Spamsh, and a few hhds of Ken tucky. Sales of mfd plug, were over 7oo pkgs. Rece1pts per R1chmond steamers were as follows, v1z 74 bxs fortJ. R. Sank & Co, 134 do, and 3S pkgs forM McDowell & Co, 2s do for Dohan & Ta1tt, I6 cases for J Russell & Co, Io do for S1mmons & Co. RICHMOND, March 23.-In rev1evhng markets for the past week I have nothing new of mterest to re port-my remarks of last would apply to the presentJrece!pts, and breaks ttontinue comparatively small, and the market is active an, d prices very firm espe cially for tobacco m fair order and bnght wrappers, which 'are st1ll very scarce and needed. The weather \ FOREIGN AMSTERDAM, Ma,c/z 4 -Schaap & Van Yeen, Tobacco Broters, report Smce our last of the 26 ult., we hav e to report the followmg sales IS8 hhds M ary land r,324 bales R1o Grande, 38s do Sumatra, 69o do Java. Importations. 728 bales Sumatra, Boo do R10 Grande, 696 do Java. Stock on hand I74 hhds Mary land 82 do Kentucky, 8oo bales Rro Grande, 2 ,ooo do Java, 343 do Sumatra. ANTWERP, March 4 -Mr V1ctor Forge, Importer of leaf tobacco reports as follows Not a smgle trans act10n took place last week. The market 1s very qUiet, and all of the manufacturers and dealers are domg very httle, and mtend not to resume busmess to any extent untll pnces weaken. There have been no rece ipts of 11.ny kmd The sale s durmg the month of February were I95 hhds Kentucky, 67 do Vrrgima Receipts, same t1me, IOJ hhds ;Kentucky; stock on the first of March, 494 hhds Kentucky, 2I 7 hhds VIrgmia. BREMEN, March 8 -Our spec1al correspondent wntes as follows My last report was dated February 23, and I consequently have to transmtt. the partrculars of the last fortmght The ant1c1pated sales of Kentucky mentioned m my last report, have taken place, amountlag mcludmg th1s week's, to 813 hhds. Dunng th1s week the market for all descnpttons has remamed qUiet, and although pnces have not slackened, 1ts preVIous firmness IS wantmg The sales of the Kentucky were as follows 205 hhds at IoU grts, 26 at li )::( do, I27 at BU do, 40 at SU do, 55 at Io,U do, 49 at 97f do, 6o at xoU do, 3S at g 7f do Iog at different pnces and m small lots total-8I3 hhds, so hhds to arnve, at pnvate terms Vtrgmm-si hhds at 9!4 grts, 12 at g,U do, 26 at I2y;; do, total-59 hhds Maryland 39 hhds at IO grts, 3g at IoU do, total-77 hhds OhiO 8 hhds to arnve at ScrubS-35 hhdsat9% grts; 30at9% do, tot al-65 hhds. Stems Kentucky, 7 s hhds at 3% thalers, 7 5 at 3?4 do; 2 at 4 do Vtrgima, 37 hhds at 8 thalers, 2I at do J 5I at 5 do J 22 a t s?f do, 22 at 6J4 do' total-305 hhds Stocks to day -hhd Bay -hhds Ohio, II3 scrubs, 270 hhds Maryland, 519 hhds Vr gtma, 579 hhds Kentucky, IJ7 hds stems LIVERPe>OL, March 9 -Mr F W Smythe, To baccp CommiSSion Merchant, reports Smce ISt inst, th1s tobacco ma1ke t has been qmet but steady, without any busmess worth spec1al mentiOn to report, beyond the usual reta1l sales of stnps and dry leaf for home use, at abou t prev1ous pnces Good colory Mary lands have been mqll1red for but very little ofthts descnptwn IS to be found m our stock, and as mfenor grades would not su1t the nothmg was done m th1s denommatwn In other growths the absence of the sorts reqmred made busmess 1mpractrcable. Sales of Cavendish were chiefly retrul for sh1p s t ores at former figures LONDON, Marclz 7.-Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co, rep ort as follows: The market for North Amencan tobacco has been extremely dull throughout the past week, and there have been no / transactJOns worthy of comment "\Vestern leaf and stnps have participated m the general dullness, and small sales onl y h ave been effected for lffimedtate reqmrementi of the home trade Exporters here have held off from operatmg. V1rgima leaf, when bnght m color, IS readily placed and bnng full rates, for stnps there have been but few mqumesdark nch classes would meet a ready sale In Mary lan d and Ohw, there contmues a fa1r demand for co lory descnptlons, holders submit to no concesswns m current rates for such. Cavend1sh 1s extremely difficult to place, there IS a large stock offenng CHARGED WITH OFFENSES AG,AINST THE REVENUE LAWS -CommiSSIOner Sh1elds considered the case of the Umted States vs Arnold Ltghter-TM defendant, who resrdes or carnes on busmess m Bleecker Street, was charged w1th sellmg, or offenng for sale c1gars that had not been properly stamped. He admitted the charge, statmg that he was poor and wanted to ra1se some money, hts w1fe bem g m a dehcate state of health. He would not trouble the CommiSSioner by gomg mto an exam ination The CommiSsioner sa1d he was sorry to hear the defendant's statement respectmg his con dition, the law left him no()ption except to send the case before the Grand Jury Bernard Borschadt, charged w1th selling unstamped c1gars, was also held by the Commisswner to awa1t the action of the Grand Jury Yellow Tobacco-How Cultivated. A correspondent of the Petersburg (Va ) Rural Messenger wntes: Mr Edt/or-Having attained to some success m the ot fine yellow tobacco, I have constant inqmries made of me by my agncultural fnends for mformatlon m connection w1th this -crop. To save the time 1t would reqmre to answer each separately, I have thought 1t not 1mproper to make a general reply through the columns of the Messenger, more espec1ally as it bas aR extensive circulation throughout the tobacco-growing region in this State and North Carolina, and is generally, as far as I can hear, held in high esteem I have, for the sake of those who have not had the benefit of much practice in raJsmg th1s crop, tried to be as exphc1t as possrble, indeed, to be still more servceable, I hav.e ventured some remarks on the cultivation of tobacco in general. The&e results of my expenence, I subm1t w1th the utmost diffidence, and will be gratified if they pr,ove of ser.vice in advancmg the great interest on wh1ch all others depend, namely, thatojthe ttllcrs ofthe sot/. -ABOUT TOBACCO IN GENERAL But a few years ago tobacco was successfully culti vated m only a few States of the now, according to the Reports of the Department of Agriculture, it is grown m twentv-five States-from Massachusetts to Texas, and from Vllgm1a to Cahforma. In V!Tgma and the adJOmmg States, 1t grows m the highest per fechon. It 1s a paymg crop when successfully grown and properly managed. To' the mexpe1 ienced, the wnter would offer a few practical sugg-estwns. To bacco luxuriates m a uch, qmck soil and h1gh culti vation. The crop usually grown in Virginia is divided mto three vtz Sluppmg, Sttn mred Ftl!ers, and Brzgltt C oal-cured Wrappers and Smokers The first may be g10wn on any good soil, up-land o r alluv1al the latter two on dry, well dramed upland onl y All reqmre thorough preparation of the so1l to msure good crops The work first necessary for th1s c1op IS to burn a suffic1ency of plant land. The old way of burn in g 1 s the, best. Lay down a bed of wood the entire lengtn of the plat to be burned, first raking clean the su1face, and placmg small poles four feet apart to secure the bed of wood W1th hghtwood or kindling wood set th1s bed on fire and let 1t burn till the land is suffictently burned to brown and blacken the surf.i'ce a little, then, w1th or old hoes on long poles pull forw a rd the fire s1x feet, fill up Wltil wood and liurn as before Continue t1ll the whole plat IS burned over. Another mode rs, to rake off the plat and cover w1th brush and set' the whole on fire and bur n the patch at on ce Any mode that wlil secure proper burning will suffice To prepare the bed for sowmg, take off all the brands and coals, but not the ashes, as these act as a man me, then w1th coulters run across the bed each way-crossmg the plowmg, then w1th grub hoes chop fine the s01l, removmg the roots, but not reversmg the sOJI, and make fine, by repeated chop pmgs and rakmg, the seed bed. Sow seed mixed w1th ashes, a tablespoonful to every one hundred square yards, whip over the patch with, brush, or rake over lightly with rakes, and then cover with brush and en clnse Nf'w lands, w1th south or south-east exposure, are best for plant beds Burmng and seedmg may be done any time from November till ut of March, the soonet the better, as the dner the land tbe less burn ing IS requ1red. I have used w1th good results GJ! ham's Tobacoco Fertilizer and Peruvian Guano on plant beds, and would recommend the use of from one hundred to one hundred and fifty pounds to every five hundred square yards, chopped into the bed before sowing The Tobacco Fertilizer is a 1110st capital manure to hurry along the plants of a cold, late season Use th1s as a top-dressmg when the plants are dry. If the plant fly (bug 1t should be called) appear, satu rate rags m kerosene oil and shr these m ground plaster, lettmg them remam m the plaster for some hours, then sow the plaster on the beds, covermg up the plants and every bug will leave. Repeat the application after every rain Plantmgs for yellow tobacco sh culd be made as early as posstble after the I oth of May, the zoth IS soon enough to plant for shtppzng. A few words on the preparation of the s01l. Here there IS a great diversity of opimon and practice. The writer has no pet the01y to support and no new 1deas to mculcate He has succeeded m the mode he offers to the inexpenenced, but does not cla1m 1t supenonty over all others. The world moves, sc1ence advances, and with 1t agricultural knowledge. Lands mtended for tobacco should be fallowed m the fallthis refers to old lands. Haul out and spread domes tic manures while the ground is trozen or dry and plow m dunng winter and spring Wheat straw and tobacco stalks plowed under early to rot are good manures. Of all the commercial fertihzers I have ever tned on this crop, and my experience ts extended, I have,never used any that answered so well er that produced such good results as G1lham's Tobacco Ferhhzer I have grown good crops from land, too poor to pay for cul tivation wtthout the atd offered by ths fertihzer. Use from one hundred to three hundred pounds per acre m the drill. When used m conjunctiOn with farm manures a smaller quantity may be applied Put the land m fine tilth, then mark off with a shovel, plow furrows three feet to three feet four inches a part,. and mto these furrows sow the ferhhzer, then w1th turmng plows, bed the land on these furrows, and to fac1htate the h1lhng cross these beds three feet apart w1th fur rows by a shovel-plow, and the hills are made, except to pat them w1th hoes H1lly lands w1ll seldom admit of th1s cross plowmg, and the beds must be chopped into h11ls. On new ground apply the fertilizer broad cast; I have found 1t to act as well, and for fine yel low to pay better, on new grounds than any other lands The culture is essentially the same for all claases of tobacco. Stir the land up as often as neces sary to pro mete rapid growth of the plants and to keep down grass and weeds To enter mto every detail would lengthen th1s essay much beyond its practical hmits. "Shtppmg" tooacco may be plowed later and worked longer than fine yellow For coal curing we had best sacrifice pounds for color. Top for "shipping" from eght to ten leaves, for coalcuring" from ten to twelve, according in both cases to strength of soil and time of doing the work Keep the plants clean of horn-worms and suckers, and use short smgletrees when cultivating to prevent bru1ses. CUT NO TOBACCO TILL PULLY RIPE. '' Shipping" should be hung seven to nine plants to the stick four and a half feet long Barns should be so constructed as to,contain four, five or six rooms four feet w1de, so that four and a half feet sttcka may fit all ahke. Log barns are beat for coal-curing. All should be bUJlt h1gh enough to contain four firing tiers under joists, covered w1th shingles or boards and daubed close. Fire w1th h1ckory all ncb, heavy ship ping tobacco To persons begmnmg the cultivation of tobacco, I would recommend sun-curing or air-cur ing as the sim_plest of all modes of curing, and the one most hkely to prove successful, On th1s head I will make one suggestion, vtz : place the tobacco on scaffolds near the barn-door so that 1t be readily housed in case of ram. "Bright wrappers and smokers" pay so much bttter than dark tobaccos, that I would advise, when ever practicable, to coal-cure all that npens of a uni form yellow color. To do th1s properly, requires some experience, great care, and much attention. It is impossible to l'.ly down any uniform system or give sppcli]c instructions. General prmciples Will be sug gested to gUide the planter amtd the changeableness of seasons and vanableness of material to be .Operated upon The successful coal-curer IS an artist, and all engaged in the business are experimenters m nature's great laboratory. The details which follow are founded upon ex penence and are gven wtth d1ffidcnce Remember that they refer to mediUm tobacco, and govern your selves accordmglv Don't be m a hurrJ to cut your tobacco bll 1t 1Sfully rtpe. Be careful to select plants of a umform sze, color and quality, putting SIX or seven to the stick Let the plan,ts go from the cutter's hands on to st1cks held in the hands of women 01 boys; and as soon as the sticks are full, place them caefully on wagons and carry them to the barn. Place the sticks on tiers about ten inches a pat t., and regulate the plants on.. the sticks. As soon as the barn 1S filled kmdle small -.fires of coal or h1ckory wood, about twenty fires to a barn twenty feet square, four under each room Coal1_s best, but hckory saplings, chop ped about two feet tong, make a good steatmng heat. AN OLD-FASHIONED TRADE -It IS unnecessary, says an Enghsh paper, to lead up to th subject of th1s ar-1 ticle by any mgemous periphrasis, fqr there are but few trades m the world wh1ch own -an undisputed trtle to be called old fash 3 oned Reckomng by the passage of years, the tobacco trade owns no great anttqmty Its records are not lost m dusty folios, or smothered m a heap of legendary verb1age "\Ve know where tobacco first came from, who brought t w1thm reach of the luxunous, and what 1ts h1story has smce been There ts hardly a smoker, a snuffer, or chewer, whose name has been worth recordmg, who has not figured tl}lle out of mmd m newspaper paragraphs, and II} the off season, when pubhc top1cs flag, and agncultural monstros 1t1es are scarce, the same old anecdotes make the1r appear ance m the pubhc prmts. In th1s way there IS really very little to learn about the tobacco trade-at least no th mg of an anttquanan character. Its old-fashiOned c h ar acter, therefore, does not anse from age, but from the undevmtmg steadmess with which the trade has pursued the same track through all these years of commercial change and actrvity Scores of busmesses have flour 1shed, had the1r day, and gone to the dogs long smce. Others have altered m obed1ence to the fashwn of the times or to the exrgenctes of supply and demand. The tobacco trade alone stands out, a sort of business sole cism, joggrng along pretty much as 1t has done any time these hundred years. It is true some fltghty people make a show of galvamzmg the trade occasionally by a weak -mmded dash mto cheap advertismg or an inven tive genius shmes forth comet-hke w1th a no v elty made from tissue-paper and mild tobacco; but these are mere straws on the stream, soon burned out of s1ght by the tide The trade looks w1th qmet contempt on any such puny attempts at revolution, and sleeps on as before In this respect the tobacco tra for the first four months of the fiscal year endmg June 30, r87o, and r81;I 1870 1871 July-Oct July-()a $2,175,6!14 31 $2,512,092 97 39,152 59 46,988 96 7,'246,79! 21 7,839,815 47 76 1,736 956 fl 29,332 Ml 28 351 27 82 418 36 96,608 73 332,366 38 404 268 46 -=---5.:..,7_89 95 8,095 36 Total $ll,461 ,437 78 $12,673,18 7 73 ..... CoNDITION OF THE ToBACCG CRoP J ANUARv I, 1872.-0ur latest Report of the Department of Agnculture g1ves the followmg LEAF-TOBACCO, :r" -o ... < Massachusetts ---.- ---- I,450 Connecticut -----------I,70 0 New York.----------------: 657 Pennsylvama. ....... --__ .. I,zoo Maryland ------.--- ______ 6s o Virgtnia --.... -... -- -- -.. 708 North Carolina __ ---'----------599 Georgia-------.-------------350 Texas ---.. _---... --------__ 66o Arkansas-------,---.---------833 Tennessee._-----------------74I West Vtrgmra _________________ 6os Kentucky-------------------724 MISSOUri -----------------822 Illmots -----------------731 Indtana --.. --.. ---... -... ---702 OhiO----------------828 Wtsconsm --.. -----... -... 1,2oo Advertuements. .... : -< $ o 20 5 27 6 12 6 IS 2 8.2 108 IO 3 2I 4 24 I4 5 II I4 4 7 7 83 66 ss 9 I II A SPLENDED OPPORTUNITY l8 oJr ered to wishing to engage m the Tobacco busmess -An old conoem of tO yean atan.ding can be boua:ht out if applied for very ooon For J)articulars apply to 337-tr ALLEN REYNOLDS & Co Pater.on-N J Reta.mera, [ve''l-Jnishe re, 'five &eta of Moulds and all o&herneoeM&ey :ft.xtlll'es complete For further m!ormation call or adireso ORASE, ISHERWOOD & Co M a nufacturers of the Oelebrat.d .uucke yel!ine Out Ohewmg Tobacco Toledo, Ohio 367-lt CIGAR MANUFACTURERS, AND TOBACCO :t:XPORTERS can be supphed with Connecticut Cuttmgs a nd Scraps at the lowe s t market price, m lots from 5 to 100 ca ses 333-384c OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN, + Water st, New York. I'OB. SAI-B ORBP, TWO CUTTING MACHINES, BUCKEYE ONE LARGE STEM ROLLER 166-St Apply 1o P. LOBILLA.BD 6 C() 16 & 18 Chambers Street, N Y COPE'S TOB.\.CCO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOuRKAL !Jr.t:mukers P Ul\.leda.tNu 10 LordNelscn stnet,Lnet:lJtol .Eng, land w .oete llti.Y be addtesaed, or to the l"ODAl..(.;O LEAF VD'tJ.CE. Pnce two shllhngs (l:Lg 1 nb}:rer annum :rrade 2 0 sh ilings per inch. No Mvertise rcceJve.f for a. tthorter tba.n u1 mootbs Machhl&Ty fur t-ul, ll11!!!lll'si nr.J .... re" .. es. Aonouncemenf}l, 1s \)et hn.eN o fvr AI be con a1der" by :J. W. BOUTON, ,.06 Broadway, New York. A.. D. CHOCKLEY, SUOOESSOR TO A. D. CHOCKLIEY &. CO., Comm-ission Jll'erckant, AND DE.lLKB. IN .. EAF TOBACCO, No. I68 PEARL STREET, :NEW YORK Always on band a full al!BOrtment of V lrgmlo. and W eotern Wrappers and Smoke1'8, particularly Bngbt and Bright lUlled to the M&llufacturing trade. Also l!:zport Leaf Tobeccoo of oJl p;rades. Liberal cash a.d-..anoea made on COllligDIDeJU8 1o our house, or to our friends tn EDglan4, tbrouch 111. A. D. CHOCKLEY, -SUOCESSOR TO CHOCKLEY &. ANDERSON, llllerchaat, RICHMOND, VA 001101821111eniol of Lea.! Tobetm. Imported &!so bear an Internal Revenne U.x or $5 p erM., to be pa.rd by su.mpe at Custom House. (Revemue Act, The 1mport dntv on manufactured! tobacco 1e 50c per lb.; Lea! stemmed, 16o per lb. In addmon t o this duly, the R

4 I THE T,OBA.CC, O LEAF. I '' New Commission :Mer'chaDta. The Virginia Tobac co Agency EsTABLISHED IN 1836, BY CHARLES M. C O NNOLLY. ---------------------COIIOLLY 4 CO., Com.mission, Merchants IN LEAF & MANUFACTURED. TOBAGOO, -111.. u n..l l d1c..l.H:.. a.. \ 1. C WHEELOCR. WM. P. K!TTRED.CE & CO., TO B.A. CCC> COMMISSION MERCHANTS, GENTS F O .ALL TBR POPULAR BRANDS OF VIRGINIA TORA.CJCJO. 71 aitd 73 FY-ont St,, NEW YORK IJaYid Raker, Jr., Golden COrd, Cherey Cake, llroe ck, Old 8poc t, White Feather, Caleb Tllte, .... h r ii!:bt, Youn g S,vell, A. S<:ott, Burketl, J W. Bdward Legal 'l'ender, K. CJbA"Ia&lau, Callforllio Gold Bars. Crump, Strawberry Cake, Flora Temple, EDWARD rf WRIIHT 1 NoRTON. Tao;. J. Sr..o.uGDTII' n_ H Wl8DUll. NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., CoriunissiOA an d Cotton fattors, 45 WATER ST., NEW YORK. We respectfully call the attention of the trade to the following Standard &eneral Brands of Manufactured Tobacco: Agent s for lite various Brands of Geo. W. Gilliam, including his Celebrated Wine Sap, GoldeD Seal, a.D.d 1 Galleao Braud.. T. C. WILLIAMS & CO.'S Goldeu Sceptre, El Dorado,, Pig:m;y, EsJneralda, La Rosa, iflnd a large assorlmmt of other Brands by these Celebrated Manufacturers. RA PATTERSONS & CO.'S Bdalo CJaipa, Di Ve=ou, aJld Col1Uilbla lltliata, BorocU.D.a., GoldeD. Apple, aud Other Branda. T!t e v arious Brands of the following Mannfacturers : Pace & Stovall, C...U..ptou'a, .Juo, H., E H Smith,Jr & Bro J .. o. H. Worshaa1' Turpin & Bro, -0. P. Gregory & Co.La-wreD.ce Lottier, BeD.MD. & BoJU&, aJld Othera. Special Attention given to sales of I.BAr TOBACCO m this Market, of' which consigJUDents are solicited. (' w AND SO.LE PROPRIETORS OF ABOVE CELEBRATED BRAND 161 l!IAUDEN LANE, NEW YORK, o Jl i JJINDB. C 0 B&.M.lLTON. 8. aA..BOOSO. B. NEW YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. :robacco lniipected_ or Sampled. Certificates given for e ver y case, a n d d eliv era4 we !>y case as to number of Certificate. N.B.-We aJBo sample in MerchantB' own .'il.o't'es. F. C. LINDE &. po., J"RINCJ PAL OW.'FI()&-1 Wa,er Ssreet. Water1173 Wront, '74, 76 ana 78 Greenwteh Streta 1 .. 2. 7 and 8 Hudflle)n Hat Road Depfl,. St. Park. THOMAS KINNICDTT, E. SPINGARN & CO., Ken1llekJ1 _. VlrPDJa n..u.BIIS ur (.EAF TOBACCO HAVANA& DOMESTIC TOBACCO. J No. 5 BURLINC SLIP, Jl'a. II WUUtim Sfaoeet, NEAR WATER-STREET, 1fEW YORK NE'W-YORK. .U...X. IIA.UOHKAU8. 8A .... IPIN.OAB!f. SAWYER, WALLAOE &; 00.. c.. w G(l)ft'BD, F w TA'PGJDcnuMtio Leaf Tobacco. Alw and o! f ll'o. 146 Frontltzee;;. l'l'lliWVQRJJ IOB.BPll A. VEGA 6 BB0. Havana Tobacco


I OF THE Northern Pa,ciftc SECUB.ED BY 1st & La.nd Gra.nt We offer at par, and interest in curnncy, flu Nurtlurn Pacific Railruad FirsJ. Mo_rlgage Guld .Bonds, principal a11d in terest payable in gold, exempt from Uni ted States Tax, and most emphatically recllmmend the same as the safest investment. United States .Bonds, and all marketable secnrities, received in at full cask ,trice. :fAT COOIDI A 00., NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, AND V{ ASHINGTON. MERCANlltE AND COMMERCIAL A:GENC .Y, I J.ARTHURSMURPHY&CU., 111 Nassau Street, Ne'W York. I !11BLliHKilS OJ' List of Names in Manuscript at Professional :Men, Farm.e,rs, AND ALL WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TB.ADES SUPPLUID TO PAR1'IES DESIRING TO INCREASE THEIR BUSINESS. Envelopes or Wrappers addrused at modeo:ate charges to any line of Trade in the United States and Canada for parties wlio may prefer a cheap and effective mode of advertising. .JUST PUBLISHED. Liot of Jewelers, etc., iri use in United States Price, $ 5.00 List ofl>aper Mills, Publishers, Printers, etc. in U S IN PRESS. Prkr, 30 .00 List of Machinists and I ro n Founders in U. S. THE pALMER & llli'GRi'.!:BS OF &!?ARIIB, AND oTOBBlix 5004. '11 John Street, N.Y. TOBAVV' O LEAF. TOSEPH W. MARTIN. FREDERICK II. ;m!INSON. lYIARTU\1 4 JOHNSON, 166 WATER STREET, Tobacco Cormriission Merchants. AGENTS TI'OR THE SALE OF ALL THE Brands of Virginia North Carolina MANUFACTURED T .OBAOCO. And SOLE AGENTS b the sale of" the following brands of Meaaa THOMAS & OLIVDt Nnd D. aa. Henry, -Jr., 9 inch, llght preued Billy Buck. Virginia's CboiDI. Virginia Belle. ., Rose. A Star. Olive -y Grand Duchess : 1 e1 "bard. 12 inch lba. Pur11 Virginia, Eureka, Oli7er's Choiotr Old Kentuck. " All s tyles of Manufactllred and Smoklnf !'obacco put up under speci.&J. bl'\l!.ds for thl sole use of the owner. BENNETT'S PATENT \) "EUREKA" TOBACCO .&pril6th, 1870. -This novel lind newly-patented invention ia claimed to be the perfect device for smoking loose tobacco ever offered to the public. By the simple a.rr&IJgement ahewn, the saliva, instead of running into the bowl, wetting the tobacco. and thus fouli<>g thl) whole pipe, is carried through the under tube llito the ball a( cham ber under the while the emoke, entirely denicoti.OO passes dry ond clean through the upper etem to the mouth. This cham ber is readily detached and emptied, and, being entir ely separate from the nnd haTing no communication into it, evaporation from it into the is prevented, and the tobaoov is kept and may 116 readily consumed to the particle, whim the great objectlon to the common pipe-that of the nicotine drawing back into the mouth-is entirely obviated. It differs in this respect from all other pipes and must commend itself at a glance to all smokera. R.0W. ROBINSON & SON. & 186 Gretm-wich Sti.eet, ;._ew York-resentatlons of -ta and per-BOno Claiming the agency baa compelled F W 8 E C K & CO the eompan,.-to REFUSE all orde['fll not com ing direct. MAR 1 1872 Send orders aa '\"flf as pOOBible, AS it re' quires considerable ttme to make a tu11eet UV!IUB TOB!OCO 8T!IP C!NCBLLXR. of Band>. Tb.e priece of tbio machine and F, W, 8 E C K & CO IMPOllTER 'OF RA.Y:lN' and Front Street1 NEW YOBK. Banda is &ad, and under uo oiroum8tances Smd for a Ctrcular. ;.anyoneauthorizedtocha.Dgethem. MAR 1 1872 New York Agency. :I:.IUIOU.II.J.IillCAL Chicago Agonov JGreeawtch8treet, l'fewYork. '1'. lt :MESSENGER & 06',, EUCENE DU BOIS. FOIEiaN-:-DOM .... Es ...... ncr .. oaAcJco, Commissson merchant .A.nd' Dealer in 1 Lenf Tobacco for Export and Homo U&e. fleet Lid H.A VB ON" BA"LB ALL DESCIUP.I'tOli'S.,. URBAM F. EDWARD HEN, WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL ., .. FOR TIIB 8.t.LB 0)' :lm...Orten L 1 0 0 R 1 0 E Leaf, lllanufaotured, and SmokO Leaf Toba.cco baled in any package byltydrNl 189 Pf!arl street, \ic press for export. New york. ::0: AvA N A. 111.111 UDid LAlD, :nw YOU. T 0 D A c c -L ..,. .. ,.._ '1/J FBONT St., New Ytn'A:. ', MILLINGTON & E1JKIRYil&, '13 l.iberty St; LEAF TOB..A..OCO, CHA,RLES Lithographer, Printer ; e.nd ol Large Assortment Const&ntlyr on Hand. I Chatham .St., co,., William, 111. y, & MIOCL .. W8UBliL M. ,BROCK & ,CO., Finest Bran4s of JIULD Ill Havana and Domestic LEAF TOBACCO, 14'1 W A.!l'BB BTBBBT, 'tEW YORK, ..., Manufaclnn!ir. & E r HA y CIGARS I Havana TOBAOOO 172 WATER STREET, .. .,1""" : CIGAR .AND PIP -96 &t., L I A. l' T&Q!. -tC.O, 1915 P-rl 8t;reet. ....... _.----=:.:IE:.:W;;...;;.Y.;:O;.;;R:.:K;;. LICHTERS. 'QW No. 89 WAti.J.S-TRBU, j No. 8IS MAIDE-'N-L.AN, ; ;f;obaceo SEGARS, "RITIOA,'1 Near Wall Street, NIW NEW I'"O'RS "'o. J. :F. o lbua. PROOF AGAINST WIND OR RAIN .rosEP, B m.uCHEL & cd.. AN';rONI6 GONZAL w.l G __ .l. c. L. & o. DID. T ba & Cott F ctors IMl'ORTEIIII .. POBWARDING Q ceo on a ..aaractared lloleiJ" H AvA N A. T 0 o; .A. c c 0 OF -' "-1'-sioa l&ritallt,, CommisaJon .... Merchants, ae.en1 eo-:Oil ..._. Perter latch lanlfachriq CD., Aim WH(JI.BI)AI.B DEALEBS m -HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO L E C CO VBB11VIAlf woRKS, Seed.Laaf'Tobacco uu No. 123 SWe&t. K...,. York :Pfo. '19 TENTH AVENIJE. 1'19 PEABL Sl'BBE'l', .. _..._ CM.u .. tl&.,l'fewTerk. 218PEARLSTBEET.NEWYORX. '!'l L, OARVAJAL'B OIGABS, 108.1l.lllOliBL, mo ,, -.-t NEW YQOIP' '"' -r Street, l'few YoriC. = ._.._ ... r .l.llllt


, I Philadelphia Advertiaem.ent& Statna, Smith a KD--1..6 ,.. .. .au. EI1IJII a. --.., LEAP TO::S.a.ooQ ..... ................. ., ......... "'m,.r.. aa RACE 8TR.ET, STEWART, MARKS, RALPH & CO., Hanufacttu:eza and Wholesale Dealera in TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, ) \ / \ THE ".l'OBACCO LEAF. ... Baltimore Cincinnati, St. Louis, aDd Western Advertlaem.enta. --------------RICHARD ll.ALLAY. J.A.ME$ KALLAY. WM. A. BOYD, & co:! R MALLAY BID WMOLII8ALII DIIALIIIt8 --I MA.N'OF ACTtm.ED AND LEAF TOBACCO, CIGAitS; &.C., 1 Dealers i n 33 SOO"I"B STB.EET LEAF TOBACCO, WU. A BOYO. WM. A. BOYD, JR.. THO&. W CROMEA. Md. B. WUdD:IVS ... a 00., Monnnl.ental Oity Tobaooo Work-. "' ... tli WEST PRATT STREIT, B.lLTI.ORI, D .. ._,........ .,.,. ..... ., Sm.oklnli a.Dd Chawlq To'bacooa I liS and 1 1 7 West Front St.1 Between Race and Elm, OINOINN A TI, 0. :Brashears, BrOWil & Titus, ., ..... .. Henry Besuden & Bro., JIULaliS. LEAF TOBACCO, 161. 163,' & 165 ha.r.l Btret, ( CORNER 0!' ELK S'l'REET,) CINCINNATI. --.........,...---_Krohn, Feiss & Co "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF, 115 Arch _st., Philadelphia. m ... ... F;tmo 'x. WILn:Ns. Fru:nK KLir:ll G G ttl!AIIIIUFACTURED TOBACCOS, IESKE. ED. NIKMANN. M. FALK & 'GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. Segars and Tobacco, ,. Nu& TOBACCO FACTORS Manufacturer of CIGARS, Importers of Smokera' Articles, No. 58 WEST FOUBTH ST., BROS., Packers, Commission Merchants, and. 'Whole3ale Dealers in Poreigu and Leaf Tobacco AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 69 South Charles, near Prat', BALTIMORE, MD. GUSTAV GUTH, 117 North Third Street,. Philadelphia. ... CJ X G-.A R. S a-o. ... 0erman Street, L. & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars ? JVo. 3 _N. Water St., Pa. WOODWARD, GARRETT a CO., SUCCESSOkS TO WOO DWARD, BRO. & CO., ., aA;L TIMORar IIDa W. FELGNER, ...... __ uclB-" Jl'. H. BISCHOFF, Deutscher Rauchtabak, AllD OTHEI CHOICI IIAIIDI, N CH..tBIJUJ ... aALTIMORL L. F. Elfglinge.t, agent, 2 I 6th ave., N } B. F. PARLETT & CO., .Amd Commission Merchants, And dealer in Leaf, Plug, and Smoking Tobacco, 78 South CharleS St., Baltimore, MQ. AND IMPORTED, HAVANA CIGARS, .....,.-BOS,.Nli'ELD .._ 1.87 W..L:LNUX SX., Cincinnati, Ohio. ..... 00-;... MORRIS & REID, LEAF BROKERS, I.EAF TOBA.coo. ....... -*" Office, No. 4 coLLEGE BUILDUG, Ro. 78 lfain Street, Cincinnati, 0, .. ........._ a. ,IIIL. ...... S. LOWEftTHAL a CO., CINCJ:NNA.TI, 0. F L. BRAUNS & CO., 'Vi'-.miil/wiiliiifrji;\:"11' Ohio. f WANKEL MAN, 37 8outf1 Cay Street, VVHOLE&ALE DEALER '\W:t\llettale dealer in ,. JIALTIMOBJ;1 Afo., Havana and Seed Leaf Tobaccos, f'.. T 0 8 A C C 0 Atwi"'P'>rteraudMwuracturer ot Lwa.f TcbaCCO, &. Snu.lf, C h GIG ARS., l'IIOo 82 WEST JrBONT S'I'B.EET, ommJSSIOn ants. No.17 lllAIN STREET, m .. cinnali, o. r : : .. G. II. co., HiNRY_, __ MEYER, WR_IHGHTIIY. & CRE.IGHTON, Hartford .A.dvertisem.ente. CASSIUS WBLLIII!. L. B. H.AA8. C. WELLES &. CO., DIULmiS D1 CONN. SEED LEAF TC>JEII..A.OOO, 154 State Street, J. D. BURNHAM & CO., lrllillllfactarerr and In Tobaooo, Snuff & Cigars, Ancl Wholelale Dl!llere In TEAS, J. D 7'1111 T9 A,lrV}UJD St. .A. A. Bolnoui, -" .:=..-;: BAi'lfQID, CUI B a Z. K. PEASE, Dli:.I.LEBB IX Connecticut Seed-Lear TOBACCO, 18 Market Street, Hartford, Cmm. WM, WESTPHAL, COIDIISSION liERC:aA.NT. And I>Uier 1n COifiiECTICUT LEAF Tobacco, state St Hartford, Conn A. L. & F. :SISSON, Paellen d Dealer In Connecticut Seed Lea1 TOBACCO, 18 MARKET STREET. 126-118 Hartfbrd, Conn: WOODWORTH a. STRONC,.-Dealuein TOBACCO&. GENERAL COKKISSION MERCHANTS, 33 No. IV4ter St., .PI&ilculelpAia. THEODORE H WOODWARD, ALBIN GARRETT, WILLIAM HEMPHILL. Seed Leaf a.nd Havana, coMMissioN MERCHANT, TOBAccos. OHIO &'CoDEcTICUT LEA'F'i-oaiccos, LEAr rosAcoo, T 0 B A C C Q S' N. W. Conur Charles and Pratt Sts. Pipe, e-to. LEAF TOBACCO No. 68 West Front Street. l\To.217StateSt., 10 '11'11-.u.JI J))U.LJIBII .. MANUPAOTUitKD LIIAII o\ND SMOitiNO cl. BINALDO SANK & 00., DOHAN & TAITT .ALIO BAL TIMORE1 MD. Cincinnati o. OOilXI8SlOW )[DOJWrl'S FOrt: BALli OF IWm a w DUKEru. o. Do&lllUB-r: 46 :Front St., Cincinnati, 0, HA.RTFOBD, CT. Mllcco and Genara.l Com. 92 and 5 Water St., E. W. l 'UKEHART &, SON, J.P. GLOM w a. Gwmo. c.o Gwa.. Tobacco CommiSSfOn Merchants, JIALTID[OBJI, lD ()IILIIB'ItATIII) J, A. r. &:LORE ct BROS., Kenton Tobacco Warehouse. R. A. ,. .......... f e PHILADELPHIA. a. :bfen M4e4 WanUue We. 1. .. _... ... ............... ..... VETTERLElN & co., ISuccesiOrB to VBTTERLEIN & 00.,) 107 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. -CG.-. o Qtob QLnmmission Intern' I Revenue Bonded Warehouse : lol.mlll. Dl L f Snuff Manufacturers ... OF Md. Be h1o ea ll:aoofactnrere of Best Grades of PL"LG AND FINE CUT ) 15, 17 and 19 West 7th Street, COJTNGTON, ;ri.Y. WAYNE & IZl4, Zl8 and zzo I Connecticut Seed leaf Tobacco I DEALER IN GREEl"'i"UP STREET, Covington K EAST HARTFORD; I y CONNECTICUT. TOBACCO OOMMISSION MERCHANTS, .Al D .A.n4 TOBACCO yr L

. THE TOBACCO LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACCtl OtALEHS AND tuMMISSION MfRCHANTS. R J. 881I1!R & PRA.GOPP .......... ... Oetting ftd mullftletorlng leaf D. Ja ...................... Cotttlng lllld maoofactu!"'.ng leal JM. CLARK ............................... Cutting and maootiw>' .:Jrit>O, leaf .............. ....... CUtting and maaal'actcnng leal OWEN lloBRIDIIL ........................ CUtting and rn&Dolcturlng t ... r ., __ _- :, SQHWART:it & CO ....... Cutting ond leaf AWD BKLL ......................... Lear tobacco commi!Oion merchant P. ol!rtANZ81'0BACBJCR .................... &lld mannracturlng leaf IIATliBWS & llloPHRRSON ....... Dark baling tobaceo and obtpping lear J4. B. NASII.... .................... Leaf tohacce commteolon mereb&Dt J!'INLKY & BARBOUR Ollttlng manafaet11rin'! and hipping leaf L'OUIS FRA.NCJUI ............... Leaftobaceo commlooton metebaut p. lllBGUIAR .. .. _, :::::::::: ...... : ... Cutdng and manllfuct.Jirlq leaf WM. G.JlEIBII & CO ................. Lealtobaceo comiDI .. Io:>mercbanta "!' SUTRO & -NEWMARK, FOREIGN CURRENCIEs A num&er of the principal importers of the country have united in calling the attention of Congress to the unequal rates at which for eign currencies are at pres ent reduced to United States dollars and cents, gold, in the Custom..Houses of the country; with a view to hav ing a more uniform rate es tablished. Goods invoiced in sterling money pay a higher rate of duty than the same goods would pay if invoiced in French francs or Prussian thalers, and there '!lre other currencies which are also under-valued. The franc and Belgium is reduced to United States gold dollars on the basis of 18 6-10 cents gold to the franc The pound sterling of Great Britain is rated as equivalent tb four dollars and eighty-four cents, gold roo sterling is equivalent to gold. Ioo sterling is equivalent to z,szo francs. z,zso francs are equivalent to $469, gold. The differ ence in favor of the invoice of francs is fifteen, or three per cent. so that an invoice in sterling pays three per cent. more duty than the same would pay if it were invoiced in francs. So with regard to the Prussian tha ler In both these curreno illustrations are given to show that the rates for conyersion into our United States dollars and cents, goRl, and far below their M.ANUFACXUBE.RS OF AND Dl':..f.LEBS IN LE.A.F -r O B.A. C C 0., 181 CHARTER'S COMMON SENSE CIGAR MOULDS. commercial value in ex-no. 1. PATENT APPLIED FOR. m. 2. change while the sterling Fig. :t re-ts M:ouldillg :W:achiae ia pol!ition to .-1 tho bunoh or llllor. l!'lg. 2 repnoeato Kouldins lila 1 d f chine after U.e bunoh or !Iller has been preMed tbroftl!h mto the The !Dould Ia made of ":ood, In IS rate at a a1r equtv lftllkldiaal halvoo, 'Jrith a mould c:nity for halfaclcnm....,b. A, m llgure 2, II half of mould deocn.bod. B, 1S a alent aS can be readily seen tuanel or conductor, made of metM, tiffing, wbeD drawa doW'Il ctowly carity in blook A, as repreHUt&d ill 1 Le.-er o bas attachod t<> it a rouo,.. clooelfltdag tho inside or taDDel, or conductor, B. Tbe bunch by takmg the rates of ex-or ;. taoeiin' top of funnel B witb the banda, a.D.d -!Od down 1litll tho lfnP" until!& nola Oil the Mould h d b b k do t IJt ia then forced down \,y 'bearing down JeTer 0 tbelevor Ia then raloed The flmDel ia 10 oonaR-ucll!d C ange quote y an erS j,',.;.laee 'lrith1heleer, leavmg reom to co .. r the bunch or llller 'lrith the other half of Honld, whlch Ia then drawing on Europe thus nmoftd., le&Yi:ng I be maob.ine in })Mition for the nezt mould. Cigars can be madt." rapi.d and more perfect with thla apparatultban any other mould; au imperfect e&n J?Ot he made 1nth !\, Long filler can be 'J!Ofked nOt Only CaUSlllg aJOSS tO aowellwltl>outbillderoawilh. mould thot can wea. I the ld r ba yon Wiah to l"!k .. gan m. For further m!Ormation addreM or 'no "'-'ureo JOHN cHARTER, STlRLII\C, stt;rhn!}; and, when LOUIS BULLINCER, Ceneral Agent. I DE NandMiCimltfiEacluror. per cent. duty, ad commg from the Contment of Europe, the proportion of loss to the United States is still greater. It is held that action should be taken by Congress for the proper GAR MANUFACTORY, D. HIRSCH & CO., Jlower:r and 174 waceriM .. ,.,._. are not doctored lmltatlono, '!r1tb W"hlch til adjustment of these inequal:.Ole Proprietors -ot tbe... t cllowtag ll:r lllem Copydgbtea ities, and providing tor the Bruula: conversion of the curren NEW YORK.. llarlretla11ooded ; but FOUR GBNUINE VIRGINIA BRANDS. BL II:KPHISTO, JUPITER. I'Dre &Dd rellable, In ,_, Cloth S..Cu, tbe c'GOOD." uaETTER" aad hBJCST" Are becoming the Popular Branda. .luorW Caae., 41talea.ble brands, :26lbe .... UNIVERSAL STANDAJII), tU 'CESS LEGAL TKNDBR, 1 LONB'STAR, <1AilB ROOSTER, THB PELICAK, cies so undervalued into United States gold at a rate which will not involve a loss to the country. til por oeBt. and faeUltieo ;-See Circular, JU>d try, POWER OF LBJNr1: DRUMMERS' DODGES-BOAliOKE TOBACCO WORKS 1 Danvtlle. Virginia. l AL83 SMALL-POX.-Wewere much amused, says a city con temporary, by an incident which turned up in our of fice a few days since. We were favored with a \ cqjl from one of our acquaint ances from North Carolina, and the first word he uttered was an inquiry if it was safe to stay in New York now?' We did not quiteunderstand the drift of the question, but answered, 'Oh, yes. We have broken up the Ring and a man's life is safe in New York once more.' 'No,' said our friend,' that ain't : what I meah. How's the small pox ? I stopped DEALERS IN LEAF' TOBACCO, LIQUORICE PASTE. mHE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN :NEW YOR!j: FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOL-l. lowiDg well-known brand& of LiquoricE', dtslree to caution Tobacco M&Dufacture:re 8@a:inst uelng any of the uumeroo braude purporting to be or1ginal ad geuuioe br&Dd1 of imported Liquorice, but whicb &1'e adultera.ted compounl1a ol hill branda, reboiled in thia OOWltrf, and iD some inatauoee cout:aiDJDI te. tbM. l.f\)' per Ce1lt or Liquorice. To iD.ure mau.ufactuftlra Pure a ad Oeaalae JCyCa ZA K&Co FLB RR MF AOC VB FGC GZ 0 ' ahonld ada-o thrlr orders to the nnderalgned In "New. Yori<, wbo Ia oole agent Ia tbe United tltates. !'rom tllla time fonrvd tlae abo're brllllds of Liquorice will not be elf""ed tor sale in Europe and only io the UBited Stateo by JAMES C. McANDREW, 124 Front St. N.Y. .&..>I gnanatee allliqumee oent out, imperfect quality w!ll be ..,.,..1.-ed back aod allowed for. Belerring to tbe aboTe advertisement we have appointed Mr. JAMES C. ldcANDRBW of 'New Yorl: our exclullln "sent in tbe United Statea for the sale ot &ll the branda of Ltquol'ice heretofore manufa.ctured by us. "' ROBERT l!IAC ANDREW & CO., Lnndon, F.nslanri. ,.JXO. JI. JIJ.AGU, MJ\l'fUf'ACTU.ItEit OF ALL GI.AD!S OF Jmokiug, and t1taaulat:tll TOBACCO. "HARVEST" S. "SURPRISE," IN FOILIVANHOE 8c JOLLY BOYS SMOIr smokmg, contammg all the stems, under a tax of this tax will be a mutual benefit to all of us; for if the cents. As there had been a very con factories are open there will be abundance of work and demand for plug a_nd twJst tobacco for smok higher wages. Wherever there is idleness there will be mg, the of this class of _goods put a want and suffering. tobacco all the stems. ostens1bly for smokmg Mr. s. D. Jones took the floor, and stated that under SlXteen _cents tax, but It soon found that since the last meeting he had een many hands who fully the arttcle was bemg for chewmg-for who could coincided in his view as to the justice and advantage of preve_lit a. man from chewzng tobacco bought for this question. One factory to which he went was enhe chose chew It-hence, w1th. apJ?a gaged in the fine-cut manufacture, and of course they rent mtent10n to rectify what seemed to be an Ill JUStice refused to sign the petition. They even refused him to that class of known as the Jaw admittance. This question of going into the Exchange, wa_s so amended as to forbtd plug or tw1st tobacc_o or any other side question, he said, had nothing to do bemg put up under a tax of Sixteen cents: with this issue, and he would not be brought here. law, a worse feature of Ill JUStice ex1sts We come in our own intetest and.we want this tax made to the q1rect plug and twiSt uniform. than the supposed lt;IJ';1Stlce to under the ongmal He then presented to the meeting the resolutions law, for the d1scnmmated alo_ne as to voted on at the African Church last Monday night, with the quality of matenal manufactured, allowmg both over four hundred names signed thereto, which repreand plug to manufacture leaf sen ted ever factor in the city to whicli he had had acthe stems under a thtrty two. cents taxand Before criticising the proposed application of J so,ooo, ooo reduction, let us look a moment at the manner in which the Senator estimates the internal revenue for the ensuing fiscal year. This he raises to $II9,soo, ooo by setting down tobacco as capable of producin&; $J6,ooo,ooo, an estimate we consider based on a very liberal estimate of its revenue-producing capacity. But admitting that the weed might possibly contribute thus much to the National income, it can be easily shown that it is utterly unnecessary. A few weeks since w.e published the subjoined estimate of what could be reckoned upon with tobacco paying a uniform tax of sixteen cents per -pound. We now reproduce it for further remark : cess. Y y contammg all the stems unqer a s1xteen cents tax, 1t .,.Spirits--_------------. --------$so,ooo,ooo Tobacco ----------------------.:zs,ooo,ooo Stamps----------------... -------r6,ooo,ooo Corporations.T .----------------91ooo,ooo Fermented liquors.-----... __ -__ .8,ooo,ooo On motion, the resolutions were then read, and J obn Turner here took the floor and said ; Mr. Chairman, at the previous meeting I was opposed to these resolutions, but I have thought over this matter, and am conviced that they are gooa and ought to pass I shall therefore withdraw my opposition. Mr. BowMr. Chairman, I reckon I am the blackest man in this assembly. [He certainly was .-Reporter.1 But this question is a matter of importance to every man, black an(!. white, and ought to meet with our hearty co-operation. You are all acquainted its various advantages, and I hope will vote for the passage ofthe resolution unanimously. Mr. Oliver then took the floor and spoke earnestly in favor of the resolutions. His speech was one of the b st on the subject. He counseled harpnony and peace. 1 The resolutions were then unanimously adopted. On motion, it was resolved that a committee of three be appointed to convey these resolutions to Washington, and present 1hem to Congress. The following committee were then elected ; Messrs. F. R. Jackson, S. T. Jones, and Warwick Reed. The various friends of the nominees advocated their respective candidates in short and earnest speeches, one stating that he hoped Mr. Joseph Bow would be elected to that committee because of his intellect, his qualifica tions, and because he was so d-d black. [Laughter.] The successful candidates returned their thanks for the honor conferred. Mr. M. T. Lewis then addressed the meeting in an earnest and telling speech in favor of these resolutions. The meeting was harmonious and uniform iT} its senti ment, and showed that the great mass of tobacco labor ers well aware of the injurious effect of this discrimi nating tax, and determined to take prompt steps toward its repeaL The meeting was called entirely by the colored laborers, not a single person claimed entire Anglo-Saxon descent being present save our reporter Tile Press oa the Situation. SOME NEEDED REFORMS. [From the Petersburg (Va.) Index. It can hardly be out of place to point out to-day a few of t!te objects sought by the tobacco trade of this com munity, and of Virginia at large. For the delegation from the tobacco laborers to-day goes to Washington bearing the petition of those most directly i nterested in that manufacture, begging that Congress will act at once toward lessening and !)laking uniform the tax our chief staple That delegation, as is concisely ex pressed in the resolutions creating it, is appointed to ask that the tax be made uniform at sixteen ceuts, and their efforts are to be mainly directed to this one object. Yet, it would be well for the members of the delegation to consider that our tobacco interests labor under many disadvantages besides this one of the unequal and op pressiye taxation. First among these minor evils is the lack of bonded warehouses. Under the enormous tax -enbrmous even if it is reduced to sixteen cents, double the capital really is req_uired for the manufac ture of tobacco. The bonded warehouse is intended to meet this dijficulty, and to allow the manufactured article to be handled, shipped and held as a basis for credit without the pre-jdyment of tax. This beneficient inten tion the whole trade Tec'ognizes. Yet, so far, the law allows bonded warehouses only in New York, Boston, New Orleans;-San Francisco, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Richmond, with the privilege of one remove. To the countless other pointS of shipment of tobacco, no shipment can be made without prepayment of tax. This is so plain a hardship and so plainly falling on the small dealer that it needs no argument 1'he universal desire of the trade is t!wt the law should allow bonded warehouses to be establislud wherever 1/u trade desires them. As it is, tobacco is subject in every direction to harrassing exac tions which result only in depressing the trade, in mak ing rich men richerand poor men poorer, and in multi plying the fees of Goyernment officers without adding one cent to the Government revenues. Let us have bonded warehouses wherever the trade amounts to a certain (and small value), and we will be rid of the op pressive necessity of duplicating the capital required for the trade, we will be rid of double inspecrions, made at the place of shipment and repeated at the place of de livery, and we shall find an impetus giyen to the culture, manufacture, and sale of which will add millions to the Governmentrevenues and give profitable employ to hundreds of employers and thousands of em ployees. The insurance usage is also a hardship upon the tobacco trade, whose folly and injustice it is hard to understand and. impossible to justify. Under recent decisions it is held that tobacco lost by sea or fire or either cause while in must pay its tax to the Government just as if it were still in the hands of its owner. In qther words a shipper must lose his insurance unlesshe insures for the tax as well as the value of his goods ; or, to another expression, be must pay to the Government a tax on property which has ceased to exist. The manifest wrong of this can not fail to strike the most careless observer, and the obvio!.IS need for a now gives the cutters the exclusive privilege of putting a tobacco upon ths market under a sixteen cents tax which, although said to contain all the stems and sold as smoking tobacc, is found to answer satisfactorily for chewing, and is largely used for that purpose instead of plug or twist, because the latter has to pay one hundred cent, mote tax. No wonder that plug manufacturers complain; for this law, in giving the exclusive priv ilege of putting upon the market a tobacco under a sixteen cent tax to one class, is gradually breaking down another cla$S who pay a tax of thirty two cents, and should be corrected at once by the adoption of a law fixing a uniform tax on all tobacco that enters the market for consumption; or, if a graded tax is adopted, it should apply to the material used, whether by cutters or of plug or twist. The same tax on the lame matenal, no matter how manufactured, would be unjust to none. The experience of the Government has shown that a uniform tax on cigars is more easily col lected, more productive, and more satisfactory to the tax-payer. The grading of the tax on plug and twist was abandoned also. Experience has created a ten dency to uniformity of taxation, and it should be applied to smoking tobacco, as it has been to every other kind. There is no more reason for a difference in the tax on the different grades of topacco, than for a different tax on high wines and old Bourbon. Reason enough for uni formity is found in the easily demonstrable fact that the present tax operates to the advantage of one class and the disadvantage of another. One simple test will show that to be the case. Let the proper committee in Con gress see iLthey can get the manufacturers of smoking tobacco to ag ree to a uniform tax of even sixteen cents. W r; venture to assert that they won't do it. They will oppost. any uniform ratE;. It is the duty of Congress to make its laws just as far as possible to all interests. Uniformity of taxation is the way to it as far as tobacco is concerned. Whatever Congress proposes to do about this matter should be done speedily. The present un certainty is depressing the trade very much. The retail dealers and jobbers are afraid to buy more than a few boxes at a time, and men whose usual purchase is one hundred packages at a time now take a half dozen in stead. The revenue is suffering as well. Let th:e mat ter of the tax be settled speedily, and if possible justly, but let it be settled speedly anyhow. Banks ______ ------------------__ -3,7so,ooo Gas._------------------------!--J,ooo,ooo Miscellaneous.------.-----------. z,ooo,ooo TotaL------.. ----------h r6,7 5o,ooo It will be :;een that this total falls below Senator Sher man's estimate of Jn9,soo,ooo by $2,75o,ooo, but ia the above estimate we have already reduced tobacco, whereas the Senator calls upon our staple for J36,ooo,ooo. Taking the above table as a basis, and abolishing aU taxes save those on whisky, beer, and tobacco, we should have a total reduction of JJ,?So,ooo which would leave only $t6,zso,ooo to be applied to tariff reductions and would not suit the free-traders. The abolition of all the miscellaneous taxes is, therefore, at present im practicable. Indeed the stamp is the least burdensome and most easily collected..of any at present impoied on the American people. Taking, however, the totalpro posed reduction of the Internal Revenue at $291ooo,ooo and striking off the income tax-estimated by Mr. Sher man, at $6,soo,ooo-and about $8,ooo,ooo from tobacco. leaving the income from that item hs,ooo,ooo, we have left just Jr415oo,ooo to be applied to reduction on other items This would enable us, with the proposed tari1 reduction of $2 r,ooo,ooo, to make the following compari son: Estimated Revenue Customs-----------.-------------.--$zz6,ooo,ooo Internal Revenue.-... -------------__ -I26,ooo,ooo Sale Public Lands, and miscellaneous sources 21 ,ooo,ooo Grand total.-----------------------J10oo,ooo Reduced Revenue. Customs-----------------------------Jzos,ooo,ooo Internal Revenue.----------------------97 ,ooo, ooo Sale of Lands, .zi,ooo,ooo I' Grand totaL----------------------h2J1ooo,ooo The above seems to us a natural solution of the diffi culty. It is due, in simple jus tice, that the tobacco in terest, the most heavy and illogically taxed of any, should receive at least $8,ooo,ooo-not one-third-of the pro posed That the income tax should be abol ished is the unanimous verdict of the entire co,intry, ExTENDING THE TOBACCO CuLTURE IN FRANCE.-We and one which Congress should proceed at once to translate the following from the :Journal du Havre: "By ratify. The balance of the reduction-$1514oo,ooo a recent decision of the Minister of Finance the cultivacan be adjusted as our legislators see fit among the r& tion of tobacco has been authorized, by way of experimaining items. We are sorry, however, to see a dispo ment, in the arrondissement of Andelys. It is of vital sition in the Senate Finance Committee, through its importance that we should seek to provide an equivaChairman, Senator Sherman, to perpetuate the old folly lent for the yields of this staple which were furnished us of concentrating the heaviest burdens of taxation on the by the ceded provinces, where the cultivation of much-maligned weed. 'How more inconsistent could a tobacco occupied an important place, two-fifths of the legislati"lle body appear than when insisting that tobacco entire production of the country being grswn there. In shall pay considerably over a third of tkrevenue while, 1857, eighteen departments, under authority, produced in the same breath, any concession in the way of pro2z,8oo,ooo kilogrammes, from which must now be detection is denied ? Even the Committee of Ways and ducted the following: Haut-Rhin, .1 r6o ooo Bas-Rhin Means are more liberal than this With them the rec7 300 ooo Moselle and part of Meurthe I ooo ooo' ommeml:ation of certain reduction in the tax: rate on ali 9,46o,ooo kilogrammes,' which 'will1no,; has alway_s been regarde_d foregoqe con have to be grown elsewhere. The arrondissement of cluston, the only difficulty octi:urrmg m the 3:ttempt to Audelys, already under such a high state bf cultivation, settle more defimtely amount of. And was naturally the first to apply for the new concessions. now: comes the Fmance Committee, InSISting that They have been asked for by two deputies of the Eure. dunng the fiscal year, weed shall pay two Mr. Besmard, as an agriculturist and practical farmer, to m1lhons than 1t done before I has shown how the lands of Norman are suitable Certamly the a:ut-giVmg from thiS most 1mportant of our for this kind of culture, and demonstrated the advanlegislative bodies is not encouraging. Still our battle is tages which will result from it in the future to oe fought on the floor of the lower ffouse, and our friends there must be so covinced by arguments as to ren 'der it impossible that they should accede to the preposterous demands I of the Senators We must see to it that the bill by the Ways and Means Commit tee is sensibly and liberally amended, and that these amendments, are not yielded to any proscriptive senti ment that may iiL.the It ry easy for Mr. Sherman to construct a schedule of taxation in whicb the weed shall bear a heaier burden than it does to-day, but he will find, when be attempts to realize his scheme by appropriate legislation, that nothing is more difficult than resuming rights once or convinc ing a large and loyal industry that it should be op pr\!ssed still more heavily rather than partially relieved from such annoyances and illiberal enactments as now curtail the profits of those engaged in the commerce in the weed. A!>fOTHER SPECIMEN BRICK.-Another must be added to the long lists of dishonest Government officials dis covered within the past few months. Gen. Daniel S Stanton, who for the last three years has been Collector of tiuternal Revenue for tn Fifth Maryland District, Is now reported to be a defaulter, and was last week t"e moved from. office by the President, who nominated his successor. The amount of the defalcation has not been ::.scertained, but it is believed to exceed $so,ooo. An investigation of his accounts was commenced yesterday by Supervis9r Fulton, and several days must pass before the exact loss of the Government can be ascertained. It is said the defalcation has been covered up for the past two years by false entries. Gen. Stanton served in the Maryland volunteer force during the war, and had the reputation of a good soldier. His bond is said to be comparatively worthless He was arrested in Baltimore and held in $2 s,ooo bail. The latest reports concemin11: the defalcation of Collins, the United Statys Pension Agent in this city, discovered a few weeks ago, are that the deficiency will amount to about $6o,ooo, instead of $zoo oo or $Jo,ooo, as at first reported. The investigation of his accounts at the Treasury Department is not yet completed. TOBACCO IN LoGAN COUNTY, Kv .--Says a local paper : The Logan farmers are preparing to pitch a large tobacco crop. They seem disposed to 'fight it out in this line,' notwithstanding the fact that the bugs and wonns have ravaged their plant beds-for two or three years past." EXTREME PRO'TKCTION IN FRANCE.-France one of the largest purchasers of our tobacco, it is not encouraging to growers to find that the National Assem bly have decided to advance the price of the common kind 25 per cent.. The French Government monopolizes the sale of this article, which gives a gross return of $so,o oo,ooo, leaving a net profit of $36,ooo,ooo to the revenue. It has now been decided to raise the Go:ern ment price from $z to ,$2. 50 per kilogramme (z I-Io The extent to which this may diminish the consumption is, of purely a matter of conjecture ; but it is significant that the advance in price is not expected to realize as large a revenue as if the present demand for tbe fragrant weed continued.


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