The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I : '"VOL. VIII.--NO. 7. WHOLE NO. 371. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 3, 1812 'THETOBAOCO::X...EAF I .P .. I>lw.lud E;ry WI:DNBSDAY .J MOBNrNG,.., iobatto QJ:o., AT 142 FULTON STREET, NEW Yrres,pondinf( amount. Remittances lhould, tn every be made ouryby moncr--o1 der, elleekordraft. )Ulla arc liable to be stolen, Rnd can only ba .ent at the Hreat. risk to the ae.nder. RA.TE!! OF ADVERTISLNG. squore(l4 nonporeilllnea)ll>r 6, &20;do. "' -:t year, L&l:iler a4yertisrments in tho same proportion, but none t.&ke)\UDle.e 1, 2, a, f, or more squares. One eolumu, one year. $160 j aU. months, $'160 f1.lrt;l IAOD.Ula,llSO. Half column, one year, six montb.e, tiao ; m.ontlls, $7G. a-Advertieementa on tha page $160 per square over two widetcolumns. and DOL-e taken for lessthau yut, tull:v in advance; two aquares.. ssoo; three eque.W:e, '4.60. No devint:on from tbeso terms. .AdverUsemenls nnder 1l1e heading "Fot' Sate., or "'fan ted 25 ceuts JX't' lino for "No o -dtr&fbr dverUBing w.ll be oonl.lder>d, un-]elltt acc?:np9nl" 0 hv tl:it oorreapondiog TJ ierde willtnAlllA.BLYbo to. IUSINV&! DIREm'ORY 9F ADVERTISERS, NEW YO&&. t.JIIrilh, 1 Burhng Blip. t.De. Bulkley, aore & eo., 74 Front. A. H. & Co., 123 Pearl. C .. ockley A.. D. & Oo., I&! Pearl. CoWl H., 172 W&ter. I 1 I lll'lporttrs c_f Licorice Paste. Apt>leby iz Helme. Water. Clt,-vell.l'd. DeLancey 24 South 'Yi!liam.. Gifford, Sherman &l.Dnt s, 120 W1lliam. Gomn, Wallis" Co., & 31 B. William. McAndrew. James C 124. Front. Morria, H. M. 19 Old Slip ond 73 Wab!r. Weaver & CeddoT. Sted Lt":f Tobauo Inspmion. Linde, F. C., 6" Co., 14.2 Water. fcbauo Pressers. Guthrie & Co., 22/i hont. Mar.ujacrurtrs of Cigar Boxes Bt".nkell. Jacob, 293 8c. 295 Yonrof". Wicke Goo .& Bro., U7., 159 &-161 Goerck. CigtJr Box, Cedar and otlur Woods. Thnget, P. ){,,cor. AixUia.nJ Lewie;. J. & Co 181 Lewis. Rodman & Hepburn, :tl6 Lewis. Wardrop It Daly, & 205Lewio. Ge,.-man Crgar Ribb Ms. Cramer, G. 25 While. Spanish Rib b ons. Almira11,1.J",, 30 Cedar Cigar American Oigar M. l' Co., 4.6S Fiat ave. 1acol>y, s. loCo., 111!9 Fear!. Mamifacturtrs of Tobateo Tin-Fii!. Crooke, J. J ., 88 Crosby. Auctionttrs of Tobacco, etc. Betts & Co., 7 Old Slip. Tobacco Lahti.. Donaldlon Bros., Pack. Hatch & Co., 82 &34 Vesev. Hopl)$1beuaer, F. & Co 22 North William. Wolff, Cbu. A., 31 Chatham Cigar-Box Labtls and Tri,.mings. Schumacher & Ettlinger, U Murray. Tobauo Staling War. ZiXJeser, W."fr Co., 197 'Wi1Jiam. Tohii.Cco Olttings Hammer.Win, 0., 14:4Water. Msn.ufactult.r of Russian Cigarettei. Xmney BrO&.,Hl. Westllroodw .. y. "lA. Rnssi11n. Cigarettes. Mtll!ngton, T. & Ec:kmeyer, Sole Agento, 48 rood Eurda Tobuo Pipes. Robinaon, R. W & So!JI, 182, 1M,. ,and Greenwich. CictJr Wrapper Fainllan & Co., 26 Cedar. Cigar MoMids and Prenlflle, Oeo. J ., 197 Pearl. CLARJ[SVILLE, Tena. Ltaf TobacCerg, G. B DURHAM, N. C. Smotimes under one alias and sometimes under another, is nt pres.ent .eogaged in obtaining money in different parts of the country under pretense of being an authorized agent ot THE ToBACCO LEAF. The following letter tells its owu story : JoAN G. GRAFF, Esq., Business Manager of "Tile Tobacco Leaj :" .o-11)' W&ter. Qrawfml B. lol. & Oo., 168 Waler. --. Oorroll "' Oo., lot :Fronl. D11lloia :BageDe Front. G.rman Cigar Moulds. c Spier, Oba.e. E. & Co., 71 John. LOUISVILLE; Ky. Tohaitfl Manufacturers. l'iDner, 1. & Bros IS Third. SIR-Some time since I subscribed for your paper of a man named Bird, who professed to be a regu larly authorized agent for your paper, and, upon his representation, paid three in advance, but have not, as yet, received any paper from him or you. 'BI!in1er Louis F., 21 l!u
r. 8e'lllel L Bro.. 86 }(aulen l;&Do: 61l&brle .. eo., H.\ Front. & Uo., UO Wale<. :suG. W. & Oo., 108 Fron&. :u..tu:a. W Q, &: Co.,175 Water. Kimliall4 riiomaa, William. Jtittmlp W. P. &: Co., 71 and '13 Front. :.u-elberg oft Co 160 Pearl. X.U.Otte A. 0., 163 Pearl. PORJ:I. L. &:Oo., 43 Breacl. ;11.n1n 6: -.,_, 166 Watn. Jlla,Al-x>h, Bona, 122 Water. !:If l.Ja_,, 191 Greenwich. !lleOatll1 w ...... 5lllILit H. & Co. 1>!11 Water. Charlea T., 189 Peazl. Sptngara. E.l& Co., 5 Buding llllp. Stein & Co., 197 Duanutroot. Strdton & Horm, 191 Pearl. Blrohn Roitzenstein, 176 Front. Tag Charles F .. & Son, 184 Front. TasAonhoret, F. W. & Co., 110 Pe&lil. IJ&rl, P .CW"l Vetterleill's Son, "l'n. H., 8 Oadar. Weothaim. M. & Co., 111 Pearl. Wript, E. M & Co., 89 Broad. 1!H. 26 Cedar. 7ohaan & Lyall, H and 66 Broad. JJaohnel', D., 2.56 Delancy. ()ook Vinoent L., U9 Ludlow, S. 8. & Bro., 213 'Wd 215 Duane. 1'lagg :J. F., IH llront. Gilleuder, A. & Oo., 114, 116 and.ll7 Liberty. F. A. 4t Bro., 828 w .. hingten. od1rin & Co., 207 nd. 209 Water. Heyt, Thomas & Co., -t04._ Pearl. Kinney Bros. 141 Wrat Broadw&y. :W:cAipin, D. R. & Co., cor. Avon""' D aod Tenth. ltl.iller, G. B. & Co., 97 C<>lumbl&., 75 :FWton. Shotwell, D. A. & Son, 114 Eightll &T. A(.tnttfor S1ttoking Tobaccos, etc. Weiss, Eller & Kaeppcl, 229 Pearl. Hen, E .. 45 Liberty. ;Lindheim, H., 146 Wate1'. Manufacturers of Cigars. A.uP..rbach & l[cnderson, 188 Water. :Brook, )1. & eo:, 319 .Bowery, Castaneda & Jewel, 72 Maiaen Lane, Frey ;Bros. & Co., II Go l d Bartoorn & Hahn, 148 Water. ince found that the man is a fraud aRd im poster, and that his right name is Eugt:,ne McDonald. yours, JuLIUS KuNERT. Lock Box 3: STAMFORD, Ct., March 18, 1872. .. RATHER MIXED." Fire lnlurttc Vo.rket Pae Inauranoe Co., 37 Wall. Alberding, G. & Co., 93 & Third. Matters pertaining to the revision, of the tax and tar iff laws are becoming "mixed" at Washing ton. The Senate clearly does not know its own mind as to what articles to place on the free list, btit seems disposed to tack so many amendments on the bill mak-' ing tea and coffee free, as to tran "'1Jte the measure into one "raisj.ngn:venur,''whjch, says our much-abuse4 Constitution, .must eriginate with the House of Repre sentatives. 9bould such be the result, there is little doubt that the more popular body will stand on its dig nity and resent the insult-the end of which would not unlikely be prolonged dissensions thatwould prevent any definitive on any of the subject:; under discussion at the present session. Eunttl Finist. Show Catd.. Harris finishing Ct>., 35 Dey. MJn11facturers of Sho w Cast A Xran & IS North William t B.ahAs. cor. Broadway and OedtU'. Saft M.!ln';iu & Co. WJ &-lung:s Banos. Mutuol "Benclt, 116 Na:s(&u. Engraver on WotJd. Hocy, Jooeph, 202 ,Broadway N.Y. lhoeer, A. 4t Sons, 822 Broodny, BALTIMORE. T obacco Wareho11us. Albrecht & Scbroder. 62 8. Oal:Teri. lleok & Raven, 60 South Gay. Bolenius, G. R. &: Co., 202 W 811t Prat1. lloyd, w. A. & .. 116 So.:th. Braum:, F L. & Co. 37 l' Ga.y. Gieake, L. &: Oo. 42 Souib Charles. Gunther. L. W., 90 L<>mbard. Kerokhoff & Co., 49 South Char leo. Loooe, 0. & Co., 62 Sonth Cbarles, Parlett, B. F. &; Co. 92 Lombard. :Paul, Wm., 451 W. Baltimore, & 17 Sout.b. R._nfeld, B. & Co 53 Eltehange P1aoe. 8chroeder,1oe. & Co., 81 F.xcbsnge Wilkene & Klier, 69 8outh Charles. Tobacco FfUtt1rs. G!eak & NieDl&llll, 78 Sout.b Chari ... Ricards, Lettwlcb & Co., 83 E"change Place. Manu{aczurers, et c Boot, F. w. lc Co., 130 North. Felgnei, F. W., 90 and 92 South Charles. WtlkenB & Co., 181 Weot Pratt. Manufacrure;s of c ;g ars. Goth Gustave, 63 German. Packers of StdLcaf T o bacc. Becker Brothers, 98 Lomb-u-d. Dealer i11-Havana and lhmesric Lutf Tobacco and oJ Cigars. llarriot.t, G. H. M, S32 W.St Baltimore Manufacturer of Plug TobaCCo. Neudecker, L .. R., 51 West Baltimore. rmmiulo Mmh1111u. that portion of the trade which pays over three-fourths & N-. CalifvnDa aad of the tobacco revenue-the men to SYRA.OUSE. Jr. Y. claim that they p1 ay otS,ooo,ooo thereof-have some llkr It ()o, G, P., SO lhrih lla.l-f' TOLEDO, O. right to advise regarding their own rate of taxation, and Mtt"ufclllrrrt. f i th J they do advise in favor o un orm1ty Now e on y WKbr, lfoola "' Co. ul Cizn. ll!rohli, Feioo & Oo., 6S ..... < .O. .. Uhjl& 1 JJ -tJTICA, Jr. Y. "fllY out of the difl\c an1d Pr. following which _ConG. J. KUCHLER.' G. W GA.IL CHRIST. AX.. & .CO I AND IMPORTERS OF SPANJ H TOBACCO ')I 128 WATER STREET, New York. H. SCHUBART & CO., Importers of' HAVANA and PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO if. SCRUBA.HT. lie. 148 Water Street, liEW YORK.. D. FHIEnMAN. r:ao BERT E. K 1 E L L y & c o ... 34 BEAVER NE'W I / IMPOR!I'E:RS OF Havana Cigars ana Havana Leaf, and Sole Agents for the Brand u SUPERIOR l:\E JOSE MARIA VICHOT," Send for Price List. KEY WEST FLORIDA. I CaRT VJE&'4'.A.1W1V QF AND .IH 'rQBAi:Ce. J A weil stock of. HAVANA and YARA Tobacco constantly on hlllld lllld sold ai I LOWEST IMPORTERS' PRIOBS. Post Office Box 188 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. ... I co., 19 Dey Street, New Yor_k, Proprietors of the. BSP,ANOLA FACTORY. a 'KLING, a2 and 50 New Streets, New York OF HAVANA CIGAI\IJ, And Sole Agents for th.e sale of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CICARS, llan&doeWiei at. the KBY WES1' BllABCH of the celebrated El Principe de Gales Gl :a.-. l \ tobacco. T.he Western manufacturers who contribute the eight millions of revenue can n d t continue to pay that amount if. the tax oo smoking tobacc o i s r a ised above the present rate ; the E astern an d So uth e rn manufacturers who pay the remaining $2s,ooo,ooo, in sist that wh a tever rate i s fixed on it be unif o rm. Tlius it will be seen, a uniform rate of s i xteen c e nts "suits the complaint" of all p a rti es and i t t)1e only one that does L e t the trade East, \Yest, and South, there fore, unite in one last, earnest ,appeal for it, and it will be s e cured. Bu t with the \Ve s tern trade c alling f o r a graded rate and the Eastern trade asking for miiformity at any price, Congress, bewildered by such confusion and apparently irreconcilable antagonism, wili enact som e foolish and oppressive measure that will suit neither party and leave matters i nfinitely worse than they are at present. To avoid such a calamity, and at a momen when the tobacco interest has the ear of Congress to an unusual degree, let us do what we have never done before-combine, as one man, in support" of a measure which is indorsed by the dictates of patriotism, honesty, trade interest, and common sense d o away with the practice of selling 1t at "marked w e i g ht,' but up to the present time, every such effort, whether personal or le g islative, has resulted in failure. The c ustom was too vener a ble, and i t s abolition too diffi c ult, to insp ire united a c tion a gainst its continuance a nd in f : w o r of i t s a bandonment and so i t h a s rema i n e d t h r o u g h all th e se long years a distUI bing e lement in the trade, whi c h m a nufacturetS and dealers alike deplored, but which nobody appeared to h a v e power to remove A liEW DEPARTURE. Fortunate ly the cond i tions so long needed for its over thr o w h a ve at l ength appeared. Manufacturers and dealers have both agreed that hereafter a better, be cause a fairer, mode of dealing with each other shaii prevail, as by implication, among dealers them sel v es, al\d finally among dealers and producers, when the reformation will be complete. As will be noticed, the compact signed by the deal ers stipulates only that they shall sell by re-weight "when so requested," l e aving them free to sell "marked weights" when not otherwise stipulated. But this reservation in no wise endangers the principle sought to te established Dealers generally have all along only required to be assured that concerted action in the mat ter could be depended upon, to make them once so licitous for the change now proposed, and this assurance Vve can not but approve, as we doubt not the whole being given in the character of those whose names are tobacco trade wiil approve, of the arrangement entered appended to the agreement, it is perfectly safe into by a large number of the cigar manufacturers and that after a little time few or none will care to buJ or dealers in seed leaf tobacco of this city, to neither buy sell tobacco in the old manner, and that, therefore, nor sell seed leaf after the first of May n ext, at "marked weights" in connection with the seed leaf in actual weight and tare, and by-stripped sample. For terest, will soon be known and remembered as a well the details of this arrangement, we would refer our readworn relic of the olden time which the march of imp,rove ers to the report of the proceedings of the National 'ment has compelled us to abj'ure for ever. qgar Manufacturers' Association to found in other Moved by the action of the merchants and manufac columns, desiring in this place merely to make a few turers, the jobbers in seed leaf, we understand, ate also observations on the subject" itself, and the favorable in favor of the new arrangment, and will adopt .early ayspicies under which it is now presented for the con-measures for assisting in carryitlg it into practical effect 1 ot the trade at large. The movement will doubtless spread to all parts' of the r :t.t<:t : oh ....... i ,, M.nfMfiJra.,.f l'i CM,.Unlli"f .-' iess can please all conc!!fned .1 IS fO adOpt a qniforll\ (; J J.. T ..... :I { [ ,I J ..l-, ,r te of sixteen cents on all (If c ..... \ I rr I r I l Ever 1since seed tobacco a comcountry, and in a little while we expect to see it1 possi; modity, efforts. eYerj DOW and tlleo, have been. made to ble to buy a case of seed tobacco in any place wliere it I ""T" ,, .. I \ 11 >'1J ro;,w vi 1 T n < r>l J c-;;JlC. h t .. 4tt ITt 1 ..


' ... \ 1.'BE. TOBA.fJCO EBA. is sold, with the same assurance to the purchaser that he is getting full instead of short weight, that he has in buying other articles which are sold by weight. Indeed, there has never been any good reason why this was not always so, and we much mistake the men who have in itiated the new movement if hereafter it be not so i n real i ty Legislative interference, in a matter so purely personal -as this we have deprecated {rom the first, for we believe the trade alone should determine how its business should be -conducted ; but we indorse the proRosition now because it is presented in the right way, being just and creditable to all concerned, and because it puts an end to a n y further attempts at interference by the Leg i slatur e o f this State. MINOR EDITORIALS. JOEL P. SwEENE Y was at N C by rev e nue offic ials, a few d ay s s m c e, f o r smugglin g tobacco OBITUARY .-Mr. JohnS. Bass, a very prominent citi 2 en of Ly n c hbur g, Va., died s uddenl y in that c ity re c e nt ly PROFIT AND Loss. A Kenosha, Wis ., youth smok e d five cigars in fifty m i nut e s on a b e t. He won the w ag e r, b u t l o s t all t he vic tual s he had e a ten during the d ay. A QuEER CATALOGUE.-The Halifax, Va., Record thin ks '' a uniform tax of s ixte en cents per p o u n d should be im po sed upon tobacco s pirits dogs c a ts old bach elors, and member s of the Legislature TOBACCO A S A CHARITY AND CORRECTION.-The Boar d o f A udit recently audited a bill of one Joseph H. Thompson for for tobacco supplied to our New York Department of Charities and Corrections. THE ANNUAL MEETING Of THE DANVILLE (VA.) ToBAcco AssoCIATION.-At the annual meeting of the Danville AS$9Ciation, the following persons were elected offices for the ensuing twelve months: Jno. H. Pemberton, President; T B. Doe, Vice President; Jed. Car ter Secretary and Treasurer; W. \V. Worsham, W. N J: A. Smith, Sta nding Committee. MANURE AS A TOBACCO-FERTILIZER.-The tobacco crop of the year in the Connecticut Valley, says the Hartford Post, has been a most remarkable one The raiser s have discovered that stable manure is the best fertilizer. The result is th a t this article has been in de mand a nd instead of being s old, a s it used to be for fifty a lo a d, it n_ow brings tt:n twelve d o lla r s a cord It is brought m large quanttbes from out o f the State The prices obtained have been e normous NARROW EscAPE.--An emplo yee at the Hazardsville Powder Works upon going into a storehouse where roo open barrels of powder were awaiting to be headed, put a ,pipe he was smoking in hi s pocket, as no smoking is on the premises. He s a t down on the edge of one of the barrels a few minutes, when he was called out to s ee a visitor. Arriving outside the door he dis his coat was on fixe, the ripe not having extinguished: A moment more and the whole establish ment would have been blown into atoms. SELLING STEltfS TO FARMERS.-The following letter explains itself: Deparlmmt, Oflice of Revmue Wasllington, March 28, I872-S1R: In reply to your let;er of March 26th in relation to a cigar manufac turers s e lling his tobacco stems to florists and farmers, I have to say that a cigar manufacturer may sell his un tobacco stems in bulk and without payment of tax but he must make the proper entry of such sales in his book and report them monthly to his Assessor. Very respe-::tfully, B. J. SwEET, Deputy Commissioner. Joseph Hall, Esq., 76 Barclay Street, New York THE TOBAOOO MARKET. DOMESTIC. Review ef die -. ..... Nsw You:, April2. The rC{;ord for the month of March is a comparatively satisfactory one, the various branches of the leaf tobacco trade having been quite activel y engaged during a por tion of the time, and the aggregate transactions of each, reaching very respectable amounts. The improvement upon the two preceding months is chiefly due to an in creased export demand, arising in Regie and other con tracts. For Western leaf the has been quite brisk, though opening sluggishly, and prices generally have been well sustained for all grades. The sales were 4,ooo hhds against 2,ooo hhds in February, ann 2,3oo hhds in January. The home demand exceeded b?t slightly that of the p rece d i ng month, being r,ooo hhds in February and but 2 2oo hhds i n March. But the foreign demand was largely i n excess, the purchases on French and Sp a nish a ccount presenting notable features in the cord of busi ness done. The sales for c onsumption comprised old stock, and those fo r shipment were mainly new For Seed a s for Western leaf, the home inquiry was on l y about I,zoo cases appearing to have been requ ired to mee t t he demand At the commencement of the m o n t h the prospect of a good bus iness was the rev e rs e of prom i sing, but the close reveals sales to the amount of 6,8oo cases, against 2,400 cases in February. Of this am011nt 2,8oo were old and 4 ooo cases new stock, with exports of the latter to the extent of 3,5oo cases, and of t he former, to the number ofillearly r,6oo cases. Havana tobac c o has been in good demand, the sales e x c e eding those of the preceding month by r,ooo bales, the respective total s being, for February, 4,ooo bales and for March, s,ooo bales. The slight improvement noticeable in manufactured tobacco towards the close of February, continued to the. beginning of March, when it gave way to a condi tion of depres s i o n which 1s still prevailing Leaf-The receipt s of th e past month amounted to 4,4o6 lah,ds: exports, I ,421 bhds ; sales, 3,6oo hhdi. ; and the stock in inspections increased r,r40 hhds. O f the sales Regie buyers took I,6oo hhds; oth e r Exporte rs, soo hhds; Manufacturer s rooo ; C utt e r s rso hhds; and Jobbers 350 hhds. Pnces w e r e firm throughout the month, with some advance on old lug s and l o w leaf. The Regie purchases ranged from 8tB@ IoYzc for low and medium lot s which paid a small profit on e arly purchase s, but would leave a los s on prese nt Western -<:ost. Th. e h as been qui e t since 26th ult. when th e Ital!lln Reg1e reJected all bids for the contract, but receipts are small and fac tors very firm. We now alter our quotations to apNy to the new crop. They are based on the actual sales and we may re mark that are perhaps below the general holding prices, while we doubt wHether more caa be got at the moment. The old crop is pretty well out of first hands, and is worth no mere than the new. Since month commenced we hear of but 83 hhds sold demaml for old and new crop or grades, chiefly for export, at moderate prices, which, if maintained through the season, will give us a desiJ:able outlet fgr ?ur sur plus crops. The sales were, of old crop, durmg last month, within the quotations below : Sop cases necticut and Massachusetts, 200 cases Pennsylvama, r,8oo cases Ohio Total, 2,00 Of the new crop were disposed of, 500 cases Connect1cut and Massachu setts 200 cases New York, 1,3oo cases Pennsylvania, r,70:, cases Ohio, 300 cases Wisconsin and Western total, 4,000 cases. In addition to the above, about 100 cases of the Key West Connecticut were sold; making altogether a very encouraging exhibit, and giving assurance that the wretched foreign trade of last year is ftot to be repeated this year ; or in other words, showing that prices are beginning to touch point at which the not re quired for home .will be taken the fore1gn buye:. Here and there, 1t wtll be observed, m the above recapi tulation of transactions, a full figure crops out, by which some holders, forgetting for the moment the caution notice standing at the head of our quotation table, might be led into the belief that it will be safe for them t'l stand off for higher prices a while longer. too much importance must not be attached to occaswnal extreme; for to carry out the algebraical metaphor, ex tremes in this connection are not likely to be constant quantites Exceptional lots only bring exceptional prices, and where these are not, there the proximate, and not the remote, extreme represents prices. Spamslt-A firm market but no activtty, has been the prevailing condition in the Havana leaf trade si ce our last review, with reported sales amounting to 6oo bales : 200 bales at; 300 bales at 97@I.Io, and roo bales on terms not stated. Only a slight effort is needed \o count the total stock chotce Havana now in the hands of dealers and yet to be received by them, and it is evident that close economy alone will enable the trade to make it suffice for the end of the year without materially increasing prices Of common to medium there is now, as there always is, an abun dance, which can be thrown into the scale whenever the beam is likely to tip too much the direction of the ascending node, and this, while not being as much as might be desired, is something Concerning business during March, the circular of Messrs M. Roder & Son says : The demand for Havana was also very good during the month, s,ooo bales were sold at what is considered here very full prices, as in many instances the quality of the goods are not in keeping with the prices at which they are held. Com mon is quoted at 90@95c; good, 97 Yz@Jr.oo; fine, I.os @r.1o per pound In Yara there is but a retail de mand." The circular of Messrs. J S. Gans & Son adds: "The demand for Havana fillers has continued gooli throughout the month, with sales of s,ooo bales, a pre eminent feature of the business having been the taking of several large lines by prominent manufacturers at high figures. Y ara rema i ns dormant." Manufac t ured-In manufactured tobacco there does not appear to have been a great deal doing A little inquiry was noticeable for bright goods, chiefly for the California market, as during the preceding week, and sales were made for shipment, mbst of these being of black work ; but in no department does there seem to have been either strength or activity. Offers within the usual range, it is true, were not wanting, but as a rule they were below the prevailing margin, so that nothing of consequence could be done even where the disposi tion to trade was not wholly Bright Navy 4S and ss. would have found takers had they been available, but both were scarce, the latter t"specially so, very little save new being now obu.-u ld wiiitk 8a weeio: 4th week. 5th week Total tainable. Of low and medium black work, of old stock January----"990 40J 349 377' I8I 3,6oo and manufacture, there is not now an over-supply here, February ----169 579 4:10 648 384 2 200 and prices consequently show firmness albeit there is March ------124 300 I,886 868 42Z 3,6oo but little demand. New work is arriving, and orders, April ----.. 8 3 8 3 we understand, have gone to Richmond for the making Virginia Leaf.There has been no feature of special up of such of bright and work interest in the Virginia Leaf market during the week. as either are now, or are soon hkely to be requ1red here. Business was moderately good, but less spirited, we trade in smoking has been measura judge, than for a week or two ;>revious. There was bly good, the demand being both for local and remote some inquiry for fillers, and manufacturer:; took such consumption. Congressional out-givings during the MBXIC0-6o3 UJ-1 mfd, JI36. Naw GJtKNADA-3,610 lbs infd, J931. To European ports for the week endill(( April z : ANTWERP-zo hhds, 77 cases. BRRMKN-I7 hhds, 106 do stems, 384 cases, IO bales GLASGOW-4 hhds. HAMBURG-I I hhds, 43 cases I6 bales, :z,865 lbs mfd HAVRE-488 hhds. LIVERPOOL-IS hhds, 66,782 lbs mfd. LoNDON-2 I hhds, 6,003 lbs mfd. !'articular otice. 1/iir Grower& of oeed leaf tobacco are cautioned aaaiaat """t'ti"' DIIC reported sales and quototions of seeg loaf at furnishing the that sh<>uld be obtained by them at fitst hand, a s these t efer in moot instances c J o ld crops wh1ch ha'fe been held here nearly a year, and the profit on which mus t naturally include the interest on capital invested. Growert cannot expect eve(l.:>in. the cue of new crops, to aell them for the same p'ri.ces aJ are obtillined on a resale here Of cours e eYery resale must be at an advance, and therefore the price ?btainable by the growers will always be 5omewha t l ower than our quotatlOnl. QVOTATlONS OF WHO L ESALE l'RIOES, 1 r ar. Mou ldy .. 10 O ommo n to good Juga. 8 @ 9 LiW"ht t"resaed,extrafine '5 @115 @ 5 @40 @ 5 6 @35 @30 @l2T @21 Commo n le af .. 9 @ 9 X Ligh t Pre .. e d 1lne .... 35 Medium ..... 9,1!;@10 ThmiB 9ln . .......... 40 Uool .. .. ........ 1U!!t@ll Qll@10){ Fancy Tobacco.-lledlum leal IOX@ll 1 oog 10's ..... 26 G oo d .................. 12 @ 3 Novy 4 nnd 5' ....... 24 F me. . . . 13 @14 L < dy Flo ge r s Rollo H ectlono -........ l4 @ 1 5 }'o::lt:et Pieces. ......... 2<> M loo uri .... @ -Bughtl'lrlt (Val U Inch 24 Virgmi<.&---Primings, n ew 6 M@ 6 Brili{h t G o l d Bar s 6 inoh a j Com to good 7 )@ Bough&: ..... Luwtomedumleat 8@9 X l o o d to Aue 10 @ 12 \\rappers, dark. .... .. 10 @ 1 3 do bright . '10 @40 0/&io-Inor to good oom. 6 @ 7 K Browa. and Greeruoll 7 8 l{ llledlnmandfllle red.... Com to mod. opaoglod T @10 Fine spaa.glecl to ;rollow I2 @:15 .Va"!!lrdl lT Fi -u ................. 11 Qlltooldt. -FlDe ............... .... 23 UOOer lcao Gi4 Md lllldo. llbda. JlhG. llhda. Stock on hand Karch 1 ,' 1871 .... 51ll 4tl It t8 Recet .. ed . 1,848 10 Toto! ... ... .' ............ 8,8M D elivered a l oe ............. 1,321 t 19 Total llhda. 1,301 1.8511 9,180 1,331 Stock 011 hand, Karch I, 1872 .... .. ... 8,815 T 19 28 Brooltlyn Ia.apeetioa.-HDQ8 Stock on hand Kut>la I, 1872 ........ . ........................... U86 TOBACCO AT Kv:-The parcels as met their Views in regard to price and quality. week have partially conveyed the impression that there people of Russellville deten;mned to erect m that Prices show no variation, neither advancing nor rece may be after all, an increase in the tax on this com town a warehouse for the and of ding, but continue firm for all gt;ades, and especially for modity, and should this impression be confirmed by other products of the SOIL At a articles uf bright goods, of which the supply is short, as may be positive utterances during the coming week, we shall mcorporat1on were ll;greed upon, and SIX thousand dolinferred from its paucity at the fountain head-the mar look for increased activity pending the advent of the m Iars of stock lowest amount of stock kets of Virginia. The views of proposed change. Recetved si.D.ce .. I m agreed upon IS the highest am'?unt, $2o,coo. A no \ greatly diverge, but yet there IS an eVIdent holdmg Cigars-!here beep a steady not brisk in-Stock in the Brooklyn IDBpeetion Warehouse, Marchi, 187S .. .. .. .... 1,578 fire-proof w.arehouse will be this and the off on the part of the former, as if hopeful of quiry for ctgars. St?ce .our last repor!, n<;> alteraTotalat.ook Man:h 1, 18U ... JUI07 company wtll be ready for bu?mess by the ttme the pressions through some favorable turn of the commercial tion worth mentlotung m the domestic pnce hst. We t:: t;:!; .. ent year s crop of IS for market. wheel, and low grades are taken in preference to oth notice the presence of a few good Western buyers in DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. name o f the company the' Logan Coun ty 1 oers bec ause of the wider margins which they afford. the market The Chicago trade among others being The arrivals at the port of New York from domestic bacco Warehouse Assoc1at10n." Richmond advices contain nothing essentially differ represented / interior anc coastwise ports, for the week ending Apn DEAT H oF A MEMBER oF THE PETERSBURG (VA. ) ent from what has previously been noted. The weather Gold opened at uo and closed at z, were I1I87 hhds, 79 trcs, 72 hlf trcs, 23I one-qtr trcs, Tii-ADE.-On the I 8th inst Mr Samuel V Watkins, an continues to retard receipts there, as we.ll and is held at steady rates. We quote : Bills 6,227 cases, 113 pgs, 366 hlf ?oxes, 169 three -qtr boxes, aged and highly respected citizen, died at his residence elsewhere ; he safe handling of tobacco m t e a terna-at 6o days on London, for commercial ; 250 caddies, r8 kgs, 2 cases c1gars 76 pgs do, IOJ boxes at Petersburg, Va. Mr. Watkins removed to Peterstions of icy rains and icier snows being entirely out of rOC)}(@I09f8 for bankers; do at short sight, 11o@ pipes, consigned as follows: r burg about 22 years ago, from Mecklenburg County and the question upon the cond 1 1100 Paris at 6o days, 5*5.20; do at s.hort sight, Bv THE ERIE RAILROAD-Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 77 fi f W A Petersburg reviewer comments r/ A r / @ 8/ s L 11 & C d N t Sl ht engaged in the tobacco business with the rm 0 atk ch' th ket, d s r674@S.IS j ntwerp, s.2272 S I 7'4 j WISS, 5 .2272 hhds; Sawyer, Wa ace o., 192 0; or on, aU)! er kins & Moulton for many years. He was subsequently of some of the stoc rea mg at an 1 says : @5.I8*; Hamburg, Amsterdam, 4o}t@ & Co., 24 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst & Co,.41 do; S, a partner in the firm of R. F. Lester & Co. For the "But little of the stock now selling is in order. We 40*; Frankfort, Bremen, 78Yz@79; Prus-Parker & Co., 24 do; A. D. Chock ley, 3 do; J, K. Smtt last two years his health has been declining, and for the would therefore, urge on the planters the sian thalers, 72@72}t. & Son, 98 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co. 70 do ; D. J. past few months condition bas been such as to ind .i-of putting their tobacco in order to keep, as It wtll brmg Freights have been quiet and rates have been irreguGarth, Son & Co., 36 do; T H. Messenger & Co., I do; cate that his death was not far off He endured his a very much better price Too much can not very lar. Among the engagements were 'I,OJO cases seed J. P. Quin & Co, 4 do; Bunzel & Dormitzer, I8 do; R sufferings with meekness and. well be said on this point, and if planters, both in Vir leaf to Bremen at ISS, and a small lot of case tobacco L Maitland & Co, r8 do; A H Cardozo & Co, 5 do ; and peaceably. Mr. W atkms m al .o : h1s ginia and other parts of the country, would always heed to Antwerp at 2 2s 6d. An American bark, 7 I 7 tons has Henderson Brothers, 4 do ; Oe l richs & Co, z3 do ; I 7 I rel ati6ns was strictly correct, while socially he endeared and act upon the suggestions thus offered, they w o uld been chartered for a full cargo of Kentucky tobacco, cases ; H Schubart & Co, 164 cases; D & A Benrimo, himself to all who came in contact with him by. his kind find themse lv es richly compens ated in the end. Unhence to Geneva, at 36s 3d. 40 do ; Julian Allen, 64 do; ) R Sutton & Co, z6 pgs; a d h. t 1 t H cured, and trashy," are words that ought I o ngo ago IMPORTS. order, 24 hhds, 18 pgs and anecuonate manners an IS s er mg vtr ues. e to have been expunged from the tobacco dealers vo D J G h s was in the 64tl1 year of his age. cabulary The arri va l s a t the port of New York from foreign Bv THE HuDSON RIVER RAI LROAD. art on ports, for tli.e week ending April 2, included the follow-& Co r hhd; Norton, Slaughter & Co., 3 do; PolToBACCO IN 1534.-An early mention of Tobacco is Seed Leaf-It affords us plea s ure to be able to chron ing cons i gnments : lard, Pettus & Co., I 9 do; Blakemore. Mayo & Co, made by M. Jacques Carthier, in 1534. Speaking of icle a nother pretty good week 's business in Seed Leaf, CrENFUEGos-Brugiere & Aviles, I box cigars 6 do; S. w Perkins, 5 do ; Lederman Brothers, 88 the people of "Hochelaga, up the river of Canada," the export so.a u s p i c i ously began a fortnight GLASGow-]. H. Bergmann, r,ooo boxes cl a y pip es cas es ; J L. Gassert & Brother, 52 do; Joseph Mayhe SflYS: "There groweth also a cettain of herbe, sinye cont i nued with out the LONDON-M. Abenheim, II bales. er's Sons, 226 do ; F C. Linde & Co 99 do; Bunzl whereof in Sommer they make a great promston for all w ee k JUSt cl osed The transactiOns m deta1l as NAPLES-Order, 10 c a ses licorice. & Dormitzer, so do ; A. Oatman 205 do ; R. H Ark-th e ere, making great of it an. d men u s e follows : Soo case s n e w Ohio at 8@I3c; 200 cases new S & VILLE-Gome z Wallace & Co. 4 cases licoric e en burgh, 200 co ; L. & E. II I do; Roo f i t and first they cau s e Lt to be dned m the Sunn e Pen nsylvania, partly at xsc ; Ioo cases ne"f State at 8Yz paste ; J. de Rivera & Co., 402 bales licorice. root. z en w ald & Brother, 88 do ; I. BIJUf SI do ; Rtch & weare it about their neckes wrapped in a little @9 c ; 7S cases new Wisconsin at8}t@8Yzc ; 310 cases old VERA CRJJz-Guthiel, Rapp & Co. 1 box ctgars. Solomon, 88 eo ; Havemey'er & Vigelinso37 do ; P beasts skinne made like a bagge, with a hdllow piece of Ohio at r4Yz@ISYz, re weight ; r6o cases old ConnectiHAVANA.-Weil & Co., S$5 bales; F. Miranda, 3 9 1 Lori llar d & Co., r8 do; A L. & C Holt, 26 do ; sto ne or wood like a pipe then when they please they cut, a l so re weight, at 16c ; and IOO caes at zz do ; D. & A. B e nrimo 95 do ; M & E. Salomon, 88 do ; Ch a s F Tag & Son, 32 do ; M B. Davis IJO do; m ake pouder of it, and then put it in one of the ends o f @4oc. T o t a l, 1845 I I7 5 ceses of w luch were n.ew J A. Pesant, 61} do; E. M Cra wford & Co., 59 do ; A. C S Ducker. 40 do; ord e r 88 do t he sa i d Cornet or pipe and laying a coleoffireupon it, cro p, and for export, and 57ocasesold, 474 cases .ofwhtch J Rosenbaum & Co s7 do ; F. Garcia, zs 9 do; Schroe B v THE NATIONAL LINK-Thrmas Hoyt & Co., II at the other end and sucke so long, that they fill their for export, and 120 for home Of der & Bon, 73 do; J Mallot, s8 do; C W Wilkins, ro hhds; F. w & Co., 32 do; J. E. Haynes, b o d i des full of smoke, till that it commeth out of their the 1oo cases of New York 88 cases, we do : A d'Ourville, I do: F Alexander & Sons, 389 13 do: D J. Garth, Son & Co., 2 6 do; J K. Smith & mottth and nostrils, even a s out of the Tonne! of a b r?ught We ,a_l so learn of a sal e of IIJ cases do : J os A Vega & Brother, I85 do, 2 cases cigars : J. Son, r6 do i Sawyer Wallace & Co Io 9 do; Blake chlmney. The)' say that this doth keepe them warme sm I he sales to thehomet.rade J. Alruival, 132 do, 1 do: Charles T Baue l'& Co., ro more, Mayo & Co., so do; E. M & Co., 6 do; and i n health, they neur goe without some of this about several parcels of new Seconds and Ftllers, Connect!do, r s do : De Bary & Kling, r 3 cases cigars : Smith, Pollard, Pettus & Co. 5 do; J P Qum & Co., 3 do; t hem ." cut and Massachusetts Crosby & Co., 4 do: Robert E. Kelley & Co. 5 do : G R. McGinnis. Jr., 3 do; Jarvis & Co., 42 do, Bunzl Conc e rning business during March, the circular of W Faber, rs do : Lewis, Philip, & John Frank, 2 do: & Dormitzen, 86 cases; J. L. Gassert & Brother, TH E TOBAcco CuLTURE IN NORTH CAROLINAMe s srs J. S Gans & Son says : The sales comprise Strohn & Reitzenstein, I do: Purdy & Nicholas, 7 do: 40 do; Fatman & Co., 360 do; Kuchler, Gail & Co., PROSPECTS. A c o rr e spondent writing from Brownsville, 2 ,8oo cases o!d crop, oC which I,38o cases Ohio, from Ives, & Co., 6 do. A. Gonzales, 4 do: A. P. 3 s do; M. & E Salomon, so do; E. M. Crawford March 20, says: "Yest erday was the 0 .nly spring-like IS@I6c a pound, anli \learly 2oo cases Connecticut at Francia, r do: Joseph Mayers' Sons, 4 do: W. H & Co 5 do; Charles F. Tag& Son, 40 do; S. Rapp, day we haC had With the of weather, the I6c, both actual weights for sh i pment, the home de Thomas Brother, 38 do: Acker, Merrill & Condit, 36 1 do; 1A. oller & Co., 32 do; W. H. Boyd, so do; farmers wiUhave to be exceedmgly active as we are mand hav ing been limited to nearly I,zoo More do: Park & Tilford, 30 do: J. A. Corsey 3 do: Romer L. Waterman, 15 do; J. H. Pool & Co., so do. a t least two weeks behind with our business, and being could have been done for export, as several lots remain & Arieth, r do: Nadal & Cuebas, 1 do: R. Hoe & Co., BY THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY RAILROAo.-Kremelunabl!W.Odo much out-door work, we are also retarded very yet on the market for which there is not nor is there I do : R. Francis & I do: L. Perea, I do : order, berg & Co., So cases ; L. Hirshchhorn & Co. 40 do : much in stripping tobacco, on account of the dry, cold likely to be _any home requirements. r do: ,,.....,.. Havemeyer & Vigelius, 93 do Weather preventing it from coming in order. ExtenS B E A. L No-nrder 5 8 4 Nxw Cr:OI'.-The market has been fairly opened;. we EXPORT Y THE MPIRE AND .nL-CST """' I ,---,., s i ve plant-beds have been burned, and should we fi h not fail in plants, as we did last spring, by the ravages notice sales of 4,ooo cases of all grades, all for export, From the port of New York to oreign ports, ot er cases Of the lly, a muck larger crop will be pitched this than excepting soo cases Connecticut, partly at 37 for than European ports, for the week ending March 26, BY THE h S F d St Lo s kets Pr1 ces fio e e as rollows Charles F Tag & Son, roo cases : Schroecfer & Bon, last year. We speak of our tobacco crop particularly, t e an ranc1sco an u1 mar r w r ,, from the fact that we think we grow in the counties betexport paid so far have been for New York, 8Yz@roc; AI!"RICA-S hhds, ; Io,987 mfd, S4o49S II do; Lemon & Mandlebaum, 24 do: A. Stain & Co., Ween and Roanoke Riwer thefineSil thatisgrown for Penn. sylvania mostly, however, at 13c; ARCBKTINK RBPUBLic-zo bales, S84o; 7,oulbs mfd I do; E A. Smith, 3 do; C. F. Wahlig, 20 do .... "'6.. fi 0 rL a. rL h t t d J 6o Bv THE Nxw You: AND Nzw HAVKIII' STuKBOAT i n the United States either ifor chewing or smoking. or hw. t e greater par a IIC, an I,2 ... -C ..,._ LINE-M. Westhe.lm & co 16 cases: Palmer& Scoville, But UDCiortunately for om co uoty we are deprived of some \VJSconsm and c.t 1e.r Western at from BRITISH NoaTR .AKKRICAlf OLOKlES-X,170 ""' S I ld C nect t d Mass h etts 8 f[ J:aSg 173 do: AJ. Rosenbaum & Co, 22 do: A. L & C L the facilities for getting to market that many sections a es--o crop, tcu an ac us oo snu 86 lbs mfi:..a Hoet, 78 do: Lederman Brothers, 54 clo: M: H Levin, have, having now to h a ul our produce either to South cases; Pennsylvania, :JOO cases; Ohw,. 1,8oo cases. BRITISH WKST IMDIKB--51 :a u, pi000J. B ton, a distance of abou t thirty miles, or to RenderTotH l, z,8oo cases New crop-Connecticut and Masbales, S1,782; r calJe cigars, 1'37J, I4 do; Bunzle & u do: Kuchler, Gail so;, en the RaleigT h and Gaston road-distant about sachus.etts, soo cases; New York, .200 i' PermCHlNA-4,950 ltls mad, lr,2S8. & Co. I6I do: E. & G. Fnend & Co. 6 do: D. & A twenty.., __ ,. .. _wh1 ch is not only e"pensive, but has sylvama, ;1 Ohio; 1,7oo ;1.hWisc.ons1m anfdMWestCuaA-I 4,655 lbs mfd, $959 1 Benrimo, 27 do: L. Adlestein, 3 do: order, 15 do. ..... .. ... w I .._. hhd .. -sA Bv THE NEV YoJt.x: AND HARTroJt.o SruKBoAT to be done when the roads are good and at a time we ern, 300 ota, s,ooo cases. e cucu ar o e.ssrs. rRilNcH JIST NDI---... ry .... i::.:2:' should be busy on om farms." M. Rader & Son adds: There has been a Yery lively HAl."Tt-ao _. li :.Lu1a--Schmidt & Sieinecke, 101 c:asea: Kuchler, Gail Nxw You ANL NE HAV&N RAnllOAD.& Co, 89 do; JosephSneider, 1o-do: Fox, Dills &J!Co, I4 do : r Eppinger, 3 do BALTIMORE, Marcil 30.-Messrs. C. Looee IE Clt., Commission Merchants, and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, report : Our market for the past week was not quite as active as before, but the demand has been good for botll Maryland and Ohio; though b11yers mostly were a little lower in their bids ; a reduction of prices, worthy of any mention has not been obtained so far, but is not un likely for !lome grades of Maryland, especially lower and and medium, when the receipts come in on a larger scale. Of Ohio, also, some transactions intended wfll'e not effected, as the bids dil:l not fully come up to former sales and owners would not yield to buyers. Of Ken tucky, some few hhds were sold to shippers at prices within quptations, while in Virginia, weJtave heard ofno movement ; the market for both descriptions though may be written firm. Inspections this week : 53 hhds ldaryland, 474 do Ohio, 29 do Kentucky, and z do Virginia-total, r,o36 hhds. Cleared same period, I ,004 hhds to We quote as follows : .Mary 6@7 ; sound common 7@8 ; good com mon, 8Yz@9; middling, 9@IoYz ; good to fine red, 11@ I3; fancy, 14@25; upper country, 6Yz@3o; ground leav e s, 6@9. Ohio-inferior to go o d common, 6@7 Yz ; greenish and brown, 7@8 Yz ; medium to fine red, 9@ 12 ; common to m e dium spangled, 8@I r ; fine spangled rz@zs. Kmtucky-common to good lu g s, 7Yz@8; heavy do, 8@8Yz; medium leaf 8Yz@9Yz; fairtogood, 9Yz@IoYz ; fine and selections, Ir@r5. Virginia common to good lugs, 7@8 ; common to medium 8@9; fair to good, 9@ro ; selections, II@I3; good to fine 3Yz@4Yz ; primings, 4Yz Tobacco Stakmmt. .. I87.2.-Stock in warehouses and on shipboard, not cleared---------------5 hhds Inspected this week __________________ r,o36 hhds Inspected pre v iously --.. ------_---5,964 hhds Total--------------------u,845 hhds Exported since Jan. I------3,58g hhds Coastwise and re-inspected soo hhds 4.o89 Stock to-day in warehouse and on ship-board not cleared -------------------7o7S6 hhu .Manufactured To!Jacco. Market remains dull and transactions lim ited t o actual present wants of deal e rs BOSTON, Marc h 30.-The Commercial Bulletin re PO(tS : The market has been fairly active, and dealers have been buying steadily, prices showing every !_ndica tion of firmness, owing to an improved export demand. Hava na is at 95c@$ r oo 'f. lb ; seed leaf, sundry kinds, at and Massachusetts fillers, 14 @r6; binders a nd seconds r8@3o; wrappery lots, 30@40 ; fine wrappers, 45@55 ; Yara, JI@r. 12; Kentucky at S@u, as to quality. CINCINNATI, Marcl 1 30 .-Mr. F A. Prague, Inspec tor of Leaf Tobaccco, repo rts as follows: The sales at the several w a rehouse s wer e 283 hhds, and z69 boxes Very full prices h ave be e n p ai d the entire week for all grades of new Recei pts a re still light, preventing ou r dealers from promptly fillin g their orders. The soft weather of the past few days has enabled shippers to handle some tobacco, and we hope for quite heavy receipts next week. The Ohio seed, which has been on the market durin& the past week, has been generally of inferior quality, most of it in bad keeping condition, but prices haye kept up the expectation of shippers. The Bodmann Warehouse sold 102 hhds, u6 boxes: 38 hhds old Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 4 at,; 9 at 11.4o@1J.25; 13 at 14@r6 .so; u at 25; 9 hhds new Mason County, trash aacl lugs 7 at; z at u.25@16.5o; 1 hhd new Brown County, Ohio, trash at 9 2s. 1 I hhds new Owen County Ky., lugs and leaf: s at 6.5o@1o; 6 at IJ and Io boxes new West VIrginia: Io at 6 .753 9 S5; 6 at II @ I4; 7 at I5@4S; II hhds. Southern Kentucky at 9.8o@I7.50; IS hhds new Poudletoa Cot.nty, Ky. trash at 6.30@9.05 ; a hhds, I box South ern; Ihhd NorthernOhioat 7.So; 216 cases new Ohio Seed, much of which was in bad keeping condition: 9 at 4o@S "95; 97 at 6@7.90; 36 at 8@9.75 j 39 at IO@II.75i 20 at I2@IJ.50 j 12 at I4 @I9. The Morr i s Warehouse sold 67 hhds, II boxes : u hhds new M a son County, Ky. trash and lugs; 9 at 7@9S5 ; 3 at ro@r4 7S; 7 hhds new Brown Coun ty Ohio, trash and lugs; 5 at 6.95@9.30 ; 2 at I4.25, r6. 75; 16 hhds, I box new Owen County, Ky., lugs and leaf : 7 at 7 5S@8 9S; ro at 9; 21 hhds new Pendleton County, Ky. trash and lugs: I4 at 7.20@9 .8o; 7 at ro@I6.75; 3 hhds Southern Kentucky at 9IS@II. 65; 7.hhds, 10 hoxes new West Virginia : 7 at 6.25@8 65; s at; 5 at 14 75@zs. The Planters' House sold 70 hhds : 12 hhds new Ma son County, Ky. trash and lugs ; 5 at J6.95@8.IS ; 5 at; 2 at I4.2S, I6.25; 8 hhds old Mason County, Ky. trash and iugs at 9.zs,; 6 hhds new Brown County, Ohio : 2 at 9 Io, II 25; 4 at rs@r6.75 j 2 hhds old Owen County, Ky., lugs at Io.zs, TI.75 7 hhds new Pendleton County, Ky., trash and _lugs: I at 7; 6 at II. o@r6.75 26 hhds new Boone County, Ky., trash at 7rs@8 9o. 9 hhds old and new West Virginia: 3 at 6 6o@7.9o; 4 at 8; 2 at 14 So@Z2.75 The Kenton Warehouse sold 26 hhds, 27 boxes : hhds old Mason County, Ky., lugs at 'rr.7s,u.75 a hhds new Mason County, trash and lugs at 8.7o, u.25. 2 hhds new Pendleton County, Ky. trnsh at 8.25, 7.8o 7 hhds new Boon..e County, Ky. trash at 6 95@9.85 6 hhds, II boxes new Wes t Virginia : 10 at 4 at Io@I4; 3 at I91 23, so. 4 hhds new Southern Ken tucky at 8.6o@9 ro. 17 cases new Ohio Seed, very common ; 9 at 6.35@7.I5 ; 7 at 8. Io@9 .8o; 1 at The Phister House sold r8 hhds, 5 boxes: 5 hhds, 3 boxes old Mason County, Ky trash, lugs and leaf: 3 at 2 at II.3o, 3 at 21.25@23; 2 hhds n e w Mason County trash at 8 I 5, 8.20 ; 2 hhds new Owen County, Ky. at 8.90, I7 .5o; I hhd new Boone County, Ky. at II.2S i 7 hhds and 2 boxes new and old West Virltinia : 4 at 6.55@9 ; s at n.z5@12.75 The sales for last week were as follows: At the Bodmann \Varehouse 88 hhds, boxes: 22 hhds new Mason Co unty, Ky. trash, lugs and leaf-IJ at J7.os@9.25 ; 7 at I o@ r4.25 ; 2 at 17, 19. :zs; 2 hhds old Mason County at rz.75, 31 hhds new Owen County, Ky. trash, leaf, and lugs-2 at s.2o, 6.8o ; 24 at 7 ro@9 6o ; 5 at 10.75@I6.75; 7 hhds, 2 boxes new Pendl eton County, Ky. trash at s.6o@9.8o; 9 hhds new Boone County, Ky. trash at7.1S@II; 9 hhds, 2I boxell new West Virginia-2I at6.zo@9S ; 7 at; 3 hhds new Southern Kentucky at SoS@-ro.:as ; 4 hhlls, 2 hexes new Indiana at 6.20@9 so; 328 cases new Ohio seed, fillers and wrappers-5 at So; 96 at 6@ 7.8o; 8I at 8@9 80 ; 86 at IO@I 1.75; 54 at n@rJ.75 4 at 14.75@I6.25; 26 cases old Ohio seed-I at 5; 8 at 6.1o@9 ; II at rz@zo .25. At the Morris Warehouse, 83 hhds and 53 boxes: IS hhds new Mason County, Ky. trash, luga, and leaf, 3 at u at u@r8.75; r lihd new Brown County, Ohto, trash at 6.95; 39 hhds new Owen County, Ky., trash, lugs .andleaf-a8 at 7ao8 9.90; I r at Io@l7; IS hhds new Pendleton County, Ky., trash, and lugs at 7(<4I4S<>; ro hhds, five boxes new West at; 6 at Io@ao; r hhd new Southern Kentucky at 8 ; 1 hhd new Southern Indiana at ; 48 ca.Ses new Ohio seed--:zsat 6.:ao8; :zo at 8.Io@9.75; 3 at At the Kenton Warehouse. 8:a hhds, I box: 3 hhda old Mason Coun\y, Ky., at 14-75@2o; I6 hhds Mason County trash, lugs, and at 7o87; 4 at n@r6.75 : :ao bhds new Brown County, Ohio, trash, lugs, and lcafat 7@9; 5 'at U>.2S@IS 8 hhds new Owen County, Ky., trash, lugs, and 8.65; 6 at 1o@17..25; 3:1 bhcls ae Boone County, Ky., I


\ I TDE TOBACCO LEA.P. 3 tnsh at 6.S0@9.95; 9 hhds, I box new West Virg1ma at nessee leaf at g 70@10.25, 3 hhds Tenrlessee PH April 1 -Mr Dickerson, 7@9.50 :lli!ASmO'J Indiana.. leaf at 8.30@9.10, 5 hhds reporter for the Tobacco trade of PhiladeiQ_hia, wntt:s: At the Planters Warehouse, 55 hhds, : r8 hhds t re pu130@7 .go, 2 boxes at I2.50 ea<;:h. The first quarier of r862, just passed will be lugs, te -10 at $6 g5 pqq s ofg@og LHouse sold r86 hhds. 4 hhd1> Owen ed as aQ exceedingly dull one for the tobacco business '@9 65; 8 at; 2 hhds new Brown County, Countv leaf and lugs at $9 so@ I3.50; 3 hhds Hancock m this citf The bnght &ide ,of the business has been Ohio, at8.8s, 14; 19 hhds new Owen County, Ky., trash, C.)unty leaf at I2 2S each, 7 hhds Hancock County lugs w1th o* C1gar manufacturers They have been uni lugs, and leaf-I3 at 7@g '5; 5 at u.7 5@16; I4 hhds, at 7 7 o@8. 2o; 8 hhds Meade County leaf at 9o@II.50; formly usy, wh1ch certainly speaks well for them Of I box Pendleton County, Ky., trash at 6.85@Io 75, 2 I hhd Barren County leaf at n.5o; I4 }lhds Warren course t ey keep the leaf trade movmg, but the sales of. hhds old Southern Kentucky trash at 7@7 30; II boxes County leaf at 9.4o@n, 4 hhds Warren County lugs at leaf, when to local consumption are not heavy, new West Virginia at o .so; 1 box new Missojlri 8@8 So; 2 I hhds Green RIVer leaf at S So@Io.75, I6 our largest leaf dealt:rs, have not been transactions in Virginia feaf and stnps, the only mquiry has been for tile latter of good sp mmng character, whtch is difficult;.to find m the present stock. In Mary land and Oh1o tlrere has been but little done, and sales to a hm1ted extent only effected for fine colory classes. Cavendish contmues very dull of sales, prices rather more m buyer's of the White House certamly does not imitate Mr Adams. The Executive Mans10n enables hun to take his ablu tiOns in a more private and a mere agreeable manner than by a swim m the great river But President Grant has another hab1t, wh1ch IS very wholesome, bolh fOr mind and body-he believes m the sarutary value of an OCCasional JOUrney, a trip to the sea-side, a run acrOSS \ the contment It is hard to find fault, even m the mild est fashiOn, with a man hke Mr. Colfax. H1s sudden and alarmmg Illness last year, led to a pretty Wide dis cussiOn of hlS health and hab1ts. Some very ndiculous and false things were pubhshed on the subject. Mr. Col fax has always been a very healthy man. He believes in health. He has tned to take care of h1s health He IS a JOlly and an eloquent advocate of the samtary v alue of constant cheerfulnes\, of resistance to bother and worry, of the avoidance of personal quarrels of modera tion m amb1t10n, ofltving at peace w1th God and man. Moreover, he takes a!l the exercise he can get in rapid walkmg about Washmgton ; h e 1s very temperate in eatmg, and all hiS life he has holly abtamed from In toxicating drmks Ch arles Sumner IS a prodtgy of phy sical I have 1t from h1s own bps that for many years, mdeed for nearly his whole hfe, he has worked fourteen hours a day He has never been a smoker. He l1ves "generously," and, m a very temper ate fasluon, IS a wme-dnnker In h1s younger days he was a famou s pedestnan, st;akmg off for h1s dozen m1les without the least difficulty He has given all that up: at S Ss 1 hhds Green R1ver lugs and trash at 6, 3 hhds doing thier usual \\mount of busmess. At Phister's Warehouse, 3I }lhds, 35 boxes I2 hhds Simpson County leaf at 9.6o@Io.75; 2 hhd, s Metcalfe Receipts of Seed leaf from Connecticut and New York, old Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf-4 at $C) 20 County leaf at 9 70@1 2 hhds Metcalfe during the last ro days were about 450 cases, about @I4So, 9 at 15@23, I3 hhds new Mason County lugs at 8.Io, s. 9o, II hhds Brecktnridge County leaf\at one-half old, the balance new leaf. Sales of seed leaf trash, leaf and lugs, at, 3 hhds new Owen s.3o@ro; 2 hhds Hardm County leaf at 9So, ro; 2 to repor are as follows, viz. 120 cases Oh10, 40 cases County, Ky., at, I hhd new Boone County, hhds Hardin County fugs at 7.So, S, 6 hhds Grayson Pennsylyania, 2o do State-seed, and 30 do Connecticut, Ky., at 9; I new Tennessee at S 55, I hhd, 3 County leaf at 7 Io@g 6o, 2 hhds Alkn County leaf and of Spanish, 8o bales..; also, 5 hhds heavy Kentucky boxes West at 6.5o@I2.50, 3I case:> new Oh1o and Jugs at 3 hhds Tnmble County lugs at 'The C1gar trade was fa1r last week Estimatmg seed: 17 at; ..J r at S.os@9So, 3 at Io@i3. 8 7o@ro 25, I hhd Taylor County lugs at S.4o ', I2 hhds those whom f did not receJVe a report from, by those CLARKSVILLE, March 23.-The lcontinued harsh Daviess County trash at 6 go, I: hhds 1 ennesst:e whom I 'd1d see, there must have been over one m1llion weather has given us lessemng sales weekly Our leaf at S go@I2 7S.> 6 hhds Tennessee )ugs and ti:_ash sh1pped v.eek. Sales of manufactur-ed plug, were 6oS sales for the week were only 3ss hhds, there were sold at 6 9o@S.5o, 45 hhds trash, lugs, and leaf at boxes aud 6o cases, and of Smokmg, 200 cases Re also at Hopkinsville about I go hhds. Pnces were very 7@Io. I hhd Illinms leaf at Io.25. ce1pts of manufactured, pr R1chmond Steamers, were full at both markets, showmg an average advance on Boone House sold I IS hhds, 1 box I hhd Tnmas follows, VIZ 7 boxes, 92 )6 boxes and 6 cases for lugsandmedmmleafof)6c, fine and cho1ce qualities bleCountyleafat$I42S, 3hhdsTrimbleCountylugs JR. & Co, for Dohan & Ta1tt, remain unchanged. We quote common lugs at 7U@ at S@S.s 5 fg hhds Logan County leaf at 9@12 7S; 25}6 boxes, 6 cases aud I7 packages manufactured, also 8J4c; good lugs, SJ6@9C; common leaf, II hhds Logan County lugs at 6.9o@9.9o; 3 hhds 34casesSmoking,forM. Ei. McDonell & Co, Scases medium leaf, Io@nc, good leaf, 11 ?.( @I2c, fine leaf, Simp son County leaf at IOj)o@II so, 2 hhed, 'fhat a copy of the prt>ceedmgs ofth1s meet mg, with our signatures affixed, sent to our Represen tatives that they may urge Congress to take 1mmed1ate actlon on these questions, so vital to the mterests of thousands of operatives m this and States. [Here follow 6oo signatures.] A SPLENDED OPPORTUNITY l8 oJrued io putiee wiohing io ..,_ m the Toba'e of onginal committee of e 1ght colored factory @I2, cnoice do, 127'2@I3 ,' County leaf lugs at 6.75,7So ANTWERP, March IS.Mr. VIctor Forge, Importer hands, appomted to present to Congress the petitiOn of LOUISVILLE, 'Marek 27.-We report as follows NASHVILLE TENN., March 21.-Messrs. J. M. of leaf tobacco, wntes. Last week's sales were about the tobacco laborers of Petersburg m favor of a umform The market_ has m a state of great actiVlty, thoug:h Carsey, Son & Co., proprietm s of the Capitol Ware-so hhds Kentuclry, of which 13 hhds were of the new t-ax, returned to the c1ty yesterday morning, accompanied there has been no Improvement m rece1pts. All that 1s house $old 37 hhds as follows: I8 bhds good comcrop, 'Ytt &ecompanted l.l:y the c rree pond.iDg am.01Ult. This rule wiD invar1ably Be a c h ered to. ----------------------------------A.. D. CHOCKLEY, SUCCESSOR TO A. D. & CO., aommtsston Jll'ercl&ant, AND DEALER 1W .. EAF TOBACCO, No. r68 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. \ Ahrayo on banc1 a full .....tment of V!JIID' ad Weslern !'ad Smokers, parttoulari;r BriJrbi alld lloWed, IUiW to the llaDuf&cturiDg trade. AJ.o &pori"IA&fTOO.COO.of&ll Liberal cuh ad--.Je on oonmp-lo -._, or lo our frioa41 m EDglalld, throash "" A. D. OHOOKLEY, SU0011880R TO & ANDERSON', Oomaiuioa -..rchalat, RICHMOND, VA. ofLo&f Gram ..a oilier PNGoo ooliciied on .,hioh -ru cuh ad"'"'"" 1rill be maae. -Willezecule orden for the p1II'Ch&M of Leal 'h-.o Ia ibe JliGimumd ICU.. ket tor the una1 comm,...... Dealeni ao4 'Will fiDdlt to t\ft lll,lereet to IP"' "" ordero, hich oan be _, te .-., or U>rouah A. n. Oiooe:un, our New Yorio: Ho1J8e. Bhippenwlllba" the ad:nntapofbotla mario:els m ehlppmg to e1iber houe, ODd Diy 'a 011 abugeoL \ II:XCliBIII TAX. Fine-Cut, Ttriet, Tobtlceo twieted l!J Jlalld, or reduced from le&fmkla condK>oo to b6 COMllmed, or prepared wtlhont the use of any machine or 1oatrnmeot, r.nd wiU.Out being' pre ssed or !eetened, and on all other kmda of manuf&Oiured tolnic c o not herem otherw186 prOYided for1 82c. per Jh. ; Bmokm_g tobo< cu exclu s1vely of a !ems, or or leaf, 'llltn all thb ....,.na In lnd so sold Lhe 1...i not haVIng been pre'l'lOUIIJ 1tr1pped, butted, Or I'<> lied a n d from wh1oh no pllrl octhe atems b&ve been separated b,y triNng' dreesmg or in aoy r.ther manner, E'Jtber before Or proce ol manofactur10g; Fme cut Short.., ille of fiu cut chewing tobacco whtch bos paoeed through a ndllle o! tbuty-mx .meebee to the square mch by i:lesa of Bitting; refnse scrp aud aweepmga of t.obacco, 1&. per lb. 0 On Cigars or aJ.I descnptwne, made of Tobaceo or an y nbaottnte therefor, $5 per tbousand; on U1gare1tee we1ghwg n v t three pounds per thousand, :t60per thonMDd; wmglnu manner aJ T&RIPF.-Fore1gn Toh&cco, duty 3Go. per pound, gold.' Foreagn C 1ga o s $2 5 U P"r pound anot 26 p<'J' 4ld 1lalortm, lrt

-----, TOE TOBACCO LEA..I'. New York Commission JilerohaDts. ,, 41. JJ. B. 0, WHEELOOI!. WM. P .. KITTREDCE & CO., The Virginia Tobacco Agency -T'C>B.A.OCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., I TOBACCO AQEJfTI POB ALL 1'8. EsTABLIEHED IN 188&, BY CHARLES M. Co"NNQLLY : POPUL&B BB&I!IID8 OJI' VIBIOilfi.A TOB.ACOO. 71GIId '18 _,.,....,St., -- X.W l'OJU[ COIIOLLt .:4 GO., Commission Dleroh,Jtil.ts Da.-i Baker, :Jr., Ooldo Ood, Cber.,-Cake, Beodlao. Oltr, Roral G :t. 45 wATER ST., HEW YORK. EDWARD M. WRiGHT It, co. SLAUGHTER & co., We respectfully call the attention of trade to the following Sta.naard General Comm'ssion Merchants, Tobacco and Cotton f :Brands of Manufactured Tobacco : a u Agent s for the various Brands of Ceo. W. Gilltam, including /lis Celebratd 3 Broad At I Ill' -; .. rm;-_. (m Wine Sap, Goldea Seal, IUld 1 Galleae BriLDda. "-'tnt!lt OmUUS!5lOlJ tfC v nfs,. T. C. WILLIAMS & CO.'S P 0 4858, NEW YORK. flO. 41 BROAD STREET. Golden Sceptre, El Derado, Uaiq Pic-y, Eameralda, La Boaa, tpld a lb.rge assort ment of other .Brands b/ these Celebrated Manufacturers. It. A. PATTERSONS & CO.'S t Bdalo Claiptl, Di Veraoa, .-4 Oolamltla Jliate, Borodlna, Ooldea Apple, ILDd Otlaer B.....&U. The various Brands of the following Mannfacturers: Pace & Sto.aJ.l, Cra.aptoa'e, .Jao. H. Oreaa .. E HSmlti&,.Jr&Bzoo .Jao. H. T"IU'pin & Bl'O, 0. P. Oregoz>7 & Co.I,.awreace Lottier, BelUGa & Boaa, -d Otl&el'llo 'aw TOJtX. SCI:IR.ODER A BON, : He W:ATER NEw _roR_K, IIIPOil,..Jl8 OJI HAlfJ81i, : Canuriission Merchants, -No. 1 '04 PRO:NTr STREET, M. J DoHAN, ? ALEx.' FoRM. iu'' 5ow 5 TH06. CAltROLL, JNo. T. TAITT. !Ientz filr the follawinl: wen know Vir(inia !anufactnrers : -' J. B. PACE, YARBROUGH &: SONS J, H. GRANT &: CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BB!I.., D. B. TEMl'fliNT & 00., L. H. 6 CO., n W OI.I'ER, '!:1. > iRY 'BRCIIS., .\j. PACE & CO., 'RAGLAND & JONES, RAGLAND & T()SH, 'WALKER, TAYLOR &: CO., WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. &: CO., J. P. WKI!.LIAMSON, L. LOnJIR, 74 FRONT Street, KREMELBERG. & CO., l'fEWYORK, ..... F. L. BRAUNS & CO., BALTIIIOBE, TobaccD CommiWot lel'Ghants. t6o PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. RJJAD Be Co., apecial Attentioli given to lee of %.1141' .TOBAOOO iD this Blarke1;, or which .coasigDJilents -\ A.ND Paek.ers of Do11estlc teaf Tobaeee, EDWIN WfLSON, o o Agents in New b 'B6'0llt ooUOBI, !1., and Podet Pieees. Alao SuccEssoRS TO IsAAC READ, Agents for John W Tobaccos, .* 90MMISSION MERCHANTS, 0 ::OO'W"NE & FR-ITH, 7 BUJU.ING SLIP, NEW YORK, Tobacco Co:aunissioD Me:rcha.Dts Lon' a "'k .. o Dick' a"" A Anti JJeakrs in Virginia and Western """ g(, \1 Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, ill Licorice, Gum, etc., In dark work to our "Thistle" Brand, so widely, known in mo.ny parts of our 18 Old 8lip, ew :w'ork. Country for its beauty workmanshlp, delicacy of chew, &c. w e would invite the attention of Jobbers ; always on .hand in lbs, half Jbs, threes, pocket pieces, &c. d Sole .Proptietors or the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Honey Bee, llarly Dew, Pra1rle BIOAOm, -Red River, Powhtattan, Enterprise, Old Kentuck, Old Lotf Cabin, Cow Bllp, Planters' Choice P ioneer oftheWnt,-1 Sunny south,(' Our Brand, HoneyDew. C Aloo Sole .A!!'""' f'. L LL,JK. .. lMPORTER OF ltAVANA LEAF TOBACCO & 0 ;J. Jl'. Q'U'IlV &, 00., And Manufacturer of the EL PRINCIPE DE CALLES BRAND._ BACCO AND COTTON Tobacco Factors 26 cEDAR sTBE;ET, NEw J?oB.x. :;-,::..::,:- NEW YOBK. YORK. : i\ L' (I ... APPLEBY & _HELME_ COlOOSSION KDCBANTS l'o. Jt1uccoboy Snuff-, .., co., Lithographers, 'IANIJFAOTURED. T O -BA.OOO, ... .FrcmcA.aa-wnee snutr. .._ 82 34 Vesey Street, New York. .,...., ..a..T o-:H.EJ.&T:.:...""F :n.E:azn::ro::m::c P:n.xo::me. American .Qent., huff', H c. noarlll. G. JUNUR, c. NIEMJ:YEA, Bcof,cll Bnu", W 0 HOEFERS & CO 108 FRONT ST., YORK. I .l.uf&dy.FoofBnuff', IM;ORTE;_S OF AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF., We have always on hand a large Assortment, for on Liberal Terms. ALSO MANU.IfA.CTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF L E A r T 0 B A c c Q, r Pal;''" Jly '''-' ''7 "'"' 7"1 ''"' :Jmjn.wd .July ''":It'' I PURE vnlbiNIA SIOKIN& TOBACCO 195 water street, :s 1ro:aa. s Practlca,l C1gar Kach1nes aau Road, VIZ: L.lf _;;;;.U .;;. ... ThoottentionofailCi$"'rManufactureraBlaoo, k T m of the IDOBt perfect fao.8imile of hand made clprs, 0 TOBA.CC::O LABELS, Plain aad Ia Colors, at &he Lowes&] wllioh Jlf'Oventathem depreciattnc In value. l ALS O 3d. Their operation a ...Uy loarned {, I 1 1 R. J Imponerof Promptly Furnislu:ti. ,!th. t-'tmlppersand.bindezs...,requll'edthuareasedbylland,whilescrapo_ oan be U&ed equally welloa .,.,... ueftn&d .....oOtb appera1100, without any crease as ahonin most moulded cip.ra 1 !lanufacturen w.o.o work HAVANA TOBACC.O, UD SOLE PROPRI:ETORB OF A..BOVE CELEBRATED BRAND. /it 161 !UA.IDEN LANE, NEW YOBI. C. P. t.nrD& 0 O. llA)IJ.LrOM. F ATXAN &c. 6o., 11. H. LEVIN, TOBAGCO lllFOAN1r SEGARS AND COM MISSION MFRCHANTS 70 A STREET, 4) r' NEW YORK.. CUTHRIE & CO., ""ll rBoM'"'.snuurr, A-ND DJIIA.LJijft 1K ..t..LL IINBII OJ" ------------1 -----SAWYER, WALLAOE&nn w .o.,._, li'.W-.T, V"'t Baltimore. Jlew YOrk. Gom ... al ........ f. _W. TATIEIHDRIT a. CO., rohaooo & General Commission No. 47 Broad StreP,t, No. .IIO STREET, or, Banover Square NE"W YORK. entirely by baud or in"""" nootlon with moulds. ant who are aot diapo8ed 1o odopt machinery beyond that, 1rilll!nd gTeal ad van In UDif our flUor m.'ohine, for tho reason that the bunola can be formed aail bouad by un8killed labor, with 1 .. bind e r IUld with greater p.pldtty than brlwld alone. Tho machines are pronounoed by all"'ho bavo aee.o. titem.and who underotand the pol nlll ""''.ulaite tn making a good lo be 1Upenor to &11 omer machines sol up for thia lng, tbereby iuaaing a free dmftto !he Cllfor.; The price of the machines an: For the Wrapper and Filkr,. orper Pair, f;175. A ND FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, 133 Water and 85 Pine

OF THI! ) RAILB:OAD, SJ!CURED BY 1st Kortgage & Land Grant (}ffer Q/ par, pnd i.nkrtsl tlu Nortlzem Pacifi c 'Firs t Gold .Btmds, principal and inknst paya!Jk in gold, /XOIJI Uni' ted Slates Tax, and most etwphati{aljy-nc ummerui the same as tlte safest investmml. '. P ............. f.Ao __ ., ,) .AD ZOBBEB OW LEAP No. 170 Water Street, New York. A.LYER 1 -:-, ll H. SCOVILLE, Connecti c:nt of our own pa6king SCHEIDER, T5B:it00o, 144 WATER. STREE' T 'NEW llfOR AMERICAN CIGAR MOULD MANUFiC'iURllfG CO., Ro. lJ'iJst Ave., NEW YORK. '{, l<'R'EDERICK ll, JO. HNSON. ) IYIAB. TIN ;Jolll\isoi.\t, I Tobacco Commission larchants. I "! ,I J AGENTS .FOR THE SALE. Olf A.:LL THE Brands of Virginia ahd North Carolina MANUFACTURED T()BACOO. And SOLE ft'" the sale of the following brands of Meeaa THoMAS & OLIVO, lind D. q_, MA.Yo &. Co., Richmond, Va.:, ...., MANU V'ir gilliif, :Beautu,o, : i's. 1-lbs. Olive, lba. Vi':_gini 'll Own PoC!:aALIIIBII Ilf Leaf Tobacco, I 1.29 LANE, t NI!Yi H. ZWEIG, DKAt.ER IN CH.A..S. E. SPIER & [SU CCESSORS TO H YON J;IOLTEN,] IMPORTERS OF Cipr Moulds,. General Agents for the United State s ana Canada for MESSRS. OSENBRUCK co., Hemelingen, Germany, and for WIND-uLL&R & liiEYNEN,, Zwischen&hn, e rqulated to make cigan of any dz:e. STATE RIGHTS FOR SALE. For further information address me, or call at my establishment, N o 1 95 Lexington Street, Baltimore Mi. J9HN THENNAMAN 1 Leaf Tobacco T. H. EucENE Du aota, Commissson Merchant la.Dufadu:reJ!IS of Fine Cigars, AND .. DBA!tBBS 1R LBAW e t35 BOWERY, NEW YORK. 0 Al>oLl'tl lr.DB&, l.oiJill BP IBIIII Samuel Josephs,. SALOliiO!i\ JIAllll'.AcnJliJIB o 1m. pOrter of .aa Dealer m FINE DOMESTIC B:Av.a.iVA'Jrraia.a.asLeaf ALSOIIOBEIGN.ABDDOil:zlrnO 1 AND SEGARS, :X..E.A.F' -110. 293 I:ICHTH AYI:NU, NO. 1.92 Pearl Street, NEW YORIL Between 2tth and 1Mb Streets. NEW YORK,' / ENSE CIGAR MOULDS. DIRECTORS Asher Ta.vlor-Fresident ':PHILETUS tt. HOLT'-----------------'-l"' te of Holt & Company; 1 11 SILAS DAVIS----------------------------of Davis and Bensoa. STEPHEN W.GAINES.--------.,-----Counsel 286 Pearl NELSON SHERWOOD--------Marble Works, 466 Cherry Street. HENRY G. REEVE.------------------.of Reeve, Osborn & C.. DANIEL T. WILLET--.-1 ---------.of Willets & Co JOHN M. BRUCE---------------,--------of Bruce &Cook. STEPHEN LININGTON--------------of S. Linington & Sons. ENOCH KETCHAM---------------c. ... of E. Ketcham& Co. WM. A.. of Beards & Cummings;-HENRY LYLES, j r .. ---------------.: ____ ofLyle&&Polhemus. GEO. B. WHITFIELD-------------formerly of G. &J. Whitfield. EDWARD _-;__ # ____________ of Edward Bill & Co.' 1 -FERDINAND-A. CROCKER------------ofCrocker, Wood & Co EDWARD L.-KAUBFLEISCH--------of James L. Morgan Co. JOHN P Betts & Co. HENRY P. FREEMAN------ L ... ., --------------Secretary. STEPHEN VALENTINE.--------.-----.of S. Valentine& SoiJll. SAMUEL RAYNOR------------------------of S. Rayn'or ti. SYLVESTER M. BEARD ______________ ofBeards & JAMES, S ROCKWELL--------------ofJ. S & C:o. FRIEN})P. FITTS ... -----------------,of F'ttts &>Ausbn. :H. <;:RdCKER---:-----------_-ot H. B:. Croc er & Co. .. of Packard & Jamea. LORENZO G WOODHOUSE .... 1---------Leiter & Co Chicago. JOHN M. HARLOW .. ------------9L FO;REST H. PARKER ___ :: ______ ---------of Watts, Parker&Co. CHA!:'; WA!.l:-------------------,---------Pf Wm. Wall's S<23 SIGOURNEY 'f. .ot Perry, Wendell, Fay & .CO. ; !l ENRY P. FREEM:U, 8eereta Co-B"II:' m.r.chine is UKD.AL 'OSB by To., SE I< uoco )[AI!. l'he prieoe ofil>is """'hine aD4 F. W. ,:S QK ALE1l8 "'ALLlmroo.,.. .Y" "' PHICE: One e z o o guralldiOOYouldB, onth suitable Rack, $25. Any siH or ohepe wm be _, ., ., '4 furn.Uzhed requiring oalJ the iuaide of box f"OU wlsh to _pack eagan in. F or further information addreSs or .1.111> I>....__ III AU.""""' oo a pply to JOHN CHARTER, STRllt.C1 ILL., 'Leaf Tobaooo; LEAF TOBAC O, LOUIS BULLINQER, Ceneral Agent. 1 Pr..,nocor ORdN-fadtwer. 1\lo. 160 Water' Street, New Yortt. UN. WATEB-BTB1!ll!IT, voLCER ... H UNEKEN a..nonoaJe.Uklndoot LIW'TOBAOOOtornPORr SCHMITT/ & -IIIIo r .. BOMB UY. KIIDnfactnr ere of Iwportera of andllealeao ia --DoMESTic A. OATIII:&'W, Leaf Tobacco, Alld Importers or H A V A N A 8 E C A R 8, Alld -Dealen lit all kiildll of LEAF TOBACCO, 178 Green-.ioh St New York. A>t ... t'" ., of\/( G. VOI.GSB. Q. RUNEILEN. _._ l8l ,' FELIX MIRANDA n o M E8:r 1 o Leaf Tollaicco ..... j CIGAR AND PIP LICHTER&. 4 .) JULIAN ALLEN Seed-:Lear-TOBACCO 172 WATER---STREET;. r -' j 43 St. Put up in 1 1 f, t l l b. Bags. The unprecedented sale of it to be extens i vely coun t er t ion whe n pu rchasing Durbam., W. T. BLACKWELL'S BULL


I .. TDJb 'TOBACCO LEAP. r Philadelphia Advertbements. ;' 'STEWART, MARKS, RALPH & CO., Ma.nufaciurero and wholeoale Dealero in TOBACCO, SNUFF, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF, f' 115 Arch St., Philadelphia. B a 00., 'Monum.ental Qitj Toba.oOQ Worlal, .. llo. Sat WEST PRATT STREET, B<I.ORI, D. ......... ., Smoklns aDd_ 9hawllqr M. FALK& GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. .fhum K WILKEN & FBED'K KLIER. G. GIESKE ED. Nll!:M.ANN. -TOBACCO FACTORS St.,aad Western AdvertUeuumt.a. I .MALLAY & BRO Henry Besuden & Bro., I Dealers i n :DaAUJI8 U LE.F TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, II& ,and 117 West Front St., Race and Elm, 161. 188, & 166 le'arl Stret, (001\l!o'BR OF ELM S'l'REET,) O!'iOTNN ATL 0. CINCI'NNATI. : J3ra.shears, Brown 1 Titus, r Wllolellale "Dealera IIIIl. -------. ,_ Krohn, F & Co .. ., ................. C. WEU.E8 A CO., bONN. DSEED L.EAF TC>lEI.A.OOO. 154 State Street, J. D. :BURNHAM & 00., Mllaul'aetluen and Jobbenl n To,baooO, Snu1f & Cigar5r ADd Wholeule Dealen In 1 r TEAS-. J.p. Blliuowt:,} 7'/A 79 A ... lnlll St., A. au-..ur, ..._ ---:r .. R : =::: BAI'ftiQID, CCIII Ill' fli.!ANUFAOTURRD TOIMO<;OS, N ce. 32 & 34 St., Ohio. Segars and Tobacco, a. a LOUIS STRASSER, Importers of Smokers' Articles, Connecticht Seed-Leat COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 69 South Charles, near Prat', BAL'fiMORE, MD. Manufacturer of CIGA.RS, No. aa WEST FOURTH sT., TOBACCO, And Commission M e;chants, Ahd dealer In tear, Plug, and Smoking Tobacco, r 78 South CharleS Ml\. S:WJKERS' ARTICLES AND IMPORTED HAVAKA. CIGARS, CINCINN A. TI, 0. J6 Market Stree( B&rtfbrd, 08nn. I ...-.... 18'1WALNTJTST.,Cincinnati, OlfPe....U.eHB BALTIMORE, MD. r 0 B A C C 0 ao. GIESKE 1: CO., RICAROS, LEFTWICH & CO., 1omD'dssioa erchants, PHILADELPJIIA. 'ommi,.iou WRIGHT & CREIGHTON, WOODWORTH 4 STRONC., Dealen in COMMISSION MERCHANT, I ADd Wholeoale Dealer in Dealel'!lln omo & lconcTicUT LEA'F''Toauiccos, No. 63 West Front Street. LEAF TOBACCO, ... Cincinnati, o : LEAF TOBACOO, No.S17StateSt.., 46 :Front St., Cincimaati, -HARTFORD, CT J P GLORB Kenton Tobacco Warehouse. ----:------:-,--J. A. P. BBOS.. R. A. CHAPMAN, Jlanafactarers or Beot Grades of W A.YNE &. RA Tl'E!UIII..AH, Btil.DIN PLUG AND FINE CUT ad itJ .. eJWiq GREENUP STREET, 15, 17 and 19 West 7th Street,-Covingto'D, lty. CO>'INGTON, KT. Seed Leaf Tobacco. EAST ..HARTFORD; I CONNECTICUT. J Detroit Novelty WorkS; G. W. GRAVES, J P-.&liD Dlli.LD Die Pine Connecticut sOOd-Leaf DETROIT, K:tCIJL r o c cot :TnBAGCO KNIVES DaribuiJ, ConneCticut. "THE VERY BEST." H. SIUTJI & CO., CommiiOmlemanunl Jobbers Mound City Tobacco Worb. c.& R. DORMITZER i co., :-.. TO.AOOO .D 0 A "1', .. I .... WHOLESAL& DE.ALEB.e LV tW::. ... li'W 1 f c !0 HIUDJiden Street, IWI'III'--.-.-Lea Tobacco & 1gars, "'" .. ... Fln..J'!nt, Ohowing & Smolrh. smok.tnc & Cbewlll&' TobaecJ, o .... u. srniNGFIELD. KASS. V?JU. end All Klndl or 8mokcn' Lo::c:::nte Ydv ::n:::: .\ ToJ.,.,, .... Killi'cldni'ck, L.. ..._.,.a.u. """" e .. .-....... mea ... .. _... ud 3d St-'lltl, G. W. WI C K & C U., IT. LO&IIS, MO' :llanufactnren!'A,.,ntsfortbeoaleof Vlralnla, Mleaourt, 101 Iorth water-meet, w El$1tNLO.... s. w. CL.U.J<. PH, .... BoNN. ... _.. Leaf To ba,cco Factors .... u, PHIL.&DELP.J:UA-H. scumm-r, Leaf Tobacco, s:mm & THOIIAS,. 'LE F 88EXt;_tr.&NGEPLAcE, WALL & BELVIN .. !NATHAN UO., A l ACCQ" 0 s-tA ....,., ..... r .. "'Cornmlalon Me.rchanti PLUG-AND 8H051NG WBOLI:I!ALB DBAL'.IU I'!'f .. TOBACCO, \. ,..\11 J ,A!ID ... SEGARS .. NOBftl yaa aa ST. -.. PmT A DELPHIA, PA... r t.-J. COSTAS, ,.\ llll'OJITBR OF HAVANA and YARA TOBACCO, WARE A VENUE, Philadelphia. I' A. B. THEOBALD, lldVI'&OIW&D OJI .&l.L aunll .... ...... DtiLIIIt .. BP AlfiBB: Al!I'D DOJDIIIT:IO Wi Mact4 L\t:Wini 'hbacco, BIDI, llesrachaum and 8rfer Pfpec., -: 1ft l'IR'&b wacer nreec, PHILADELPHIA, H.. IlEBL & CO., MAMU.J\I:'TUI.:U.S o i. alter's Scotch Snllff; AP ALL Jrr, ... 11011110om. """ T1Ul ..... L,. oF full ,linee of and Smolrlng R. A. MILLS, ALBRECHT & SCHRODER, M AllJFlCTURED AID LEAF TIIACCO TOBACCOS, No IS81 South Second TOBACCO BROKER WHOLESALE DEALERS No: aao North Seoond st.. '85,-East South St.Feet. -. PHILADELPHIA. uD d <" -Louis. Mo.. ,IND:t.ANAPOL(S, Ind AF TOBACCO & CIGARS, ,102 HAIN STREET, LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Geeral Mei'(Jhat, .,. WholetaleDealoroin Office in Tobacco Exchange, Shockoe Slip Seed Lsai'Tobacco,. Rochester, Pittsburir and Chi..,..CO Advertbementi "L E .A. F" JU:OIIJ(OND, VA. 62 South Oalvert st., Baltimore, Md. ND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No. 822 No'rlh Thtrd. Street, PBILAJ)IJLPJUA. &:!P"' A large IUIIIOTtmeu.t of all k inde of Le&r Tobacco co n et.ant1 y on hand. TOLEDO TOBACCO WORKS. w1'11Ciln, NAB:E & 00., Manotaetare1 a vfiU.Id Det.Ie111 in Tobacco Snuff and Cigars, TTAWA ST., TO.LEDO, b Jl. H. CLARK & BRO., 1. B. LICHTENBER8, 'tJ, S. 'X'ob.cco Work& ... aoactvv of -ina Cut Cbewing Tobacco, J. }f:. LAURILLA.RD '1'0_...000 BMOKE:B. ROI (r \ '--i JIBAB VIJlW OP TBB MGI!LdDD TO:UCCO WOIIU. L. L. ARMISTEAD, Proprietor, Lynchburg, Va. The follery, ao4 to build l&rt!e adcJitiOD to the :Factory -..tahln the putew monthe, d'ordlng-til D doullle the f...-r capacity. Price lloto ud olrcnlau tonruded-OD _.-uon. H. LDJD.BEIM, Apnt, 1 8. LANGBDORP, Apat foa-tbe ') 148"Water at, N .Y. I W.t an4 Beat.ll. ll. P HA.MU .. l 'UH. s. W. VENABI.E & DHALERS IN LEAF AND OJ< TOBACCO, PETERSBURG. Yv1. r Jab ana anb J iDbattnst ...,.11 .;... MILL STBIIB'I', Boclaener, N. Y. 1 .J TOBACCO MANUFACTURES ..J r A 1 1 S. KASPROWICZ &.SON, ;ww..leu.J.ta ft'll.c 114 YD.&, Y'ARA &:SEED 'LEAF u '76 fOBACCO W-DRKS." Ill. 0 MUB.ll&Y1 Ide or v .. Bon>, Manq A C1o.. MI&L H, Ia1e or Wall A Muon. TOBACCO & CIGARS, 298 \ 1 -. ---.. ..r (Between 3d and fib,) G B o. w w,cxa. t Louisville. Ky. N i F uan. f Five Brothers Tobacco Works. 1on Pmz.;:-JPnrs .. R uDOLPH Fmzn. N

I> TOBA.VCO LBAIP. its various forms openly, they would use it secretly; Bmb'lllrPDar Smokers-mGBLf IIPOR!Afr TO m tRW,. and that the secrecy was sure to increase the temptaThere's N oggs-not half so genial a creature as LtiiSVIUE LUF TOBACCO DEALDI AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. S.I.ISJIERA'I"'t.LOOI'I' ................ CaWDcaDdmaaafaclmlqleet. D. I'PALDilfO,Ia .......................... tation and the luxury. An effectual check against air Newman, of that ilk, but simply Nons "-who ought ;r1,11, CLARK .... .. .. .......... .. .. .. .... Cutting ad ,......-,leaf. WOLFOLK ot OLElUf ...................... aDd manu!aotunnciMf. OWD JIOBRIDE ................. .... .. (]u&tiJia' u4 ID&Dilfaclurilllleet TB.JWQ<>R B SCHWARTZ ot CO .. .. ....... 011ttlac and muufacturn .. loaf. DAYID BELL. .......................... Leafto--1---' 1'. IICBUIZBNBACHB& .................... IIUII'THBWI a McPHD.IOir ...... Dalt balilr to-aa4 oldpwiDs leal. M B. N ASR .......................... :r-fto'b&pao OOllliDII"!ou..., ut. IIIDILJIY. JI.A.RBOUB ........... Oool&lar, maulaoturiug and ohlpp JI&Io&f. WUI8 FRANCB:l!: ....................... :r-rto-CO-!-lllllrObaDI P. JIUIGVIA]t ............................... C.IMlof-dJUDufooturiugleat. Wll(. G. MBIBB, ot OO ...... ............ LeaflobaccocommiMIOumm>haat, ., SUTRO & NEWMAR K, excesses in publicity. Besides, in drinking; in smoking, not, says a writer in Cope's Tobacco Plan/, to be excluded in every thing, individuality should be recognized. It is from this caterory. He believes there is something ex as absurd, as monstrous, lftld as tyrannical to force others cellent in smoking a cigar. He has {not to follow our crotchets, as to compel them to adopt and friends-Noggs can scarcely boast of friends) who put CRKESK VI. MEERSCHAUM. obey our creeds. him to shaf!le by smoking cigars. He's got the kindest '!lie H tlae lat -We should be very S(lrry disposition .in the world, but the weakest stomach. How MANUJII'ACTUBB.CS OJ! ASD DlfALBBS IN LEAF TOB.A.CCO. 111 r 411u-aet, NEW YORK. says the Milk to llleef.inK of tile llatieaal'ctpr lllalluNoggs is to be made responsible for hisstomachis more put a damper upon tlte nic. faeturen' Auoolatioa. than I can see, but it stands in his way awfully. That otean of any of A meeting of the National Cigar Manufacturers Associstomach is tHe cause of all his odd manners ; and yet he A our nuinerous readers, and ation was held March n, 187:r, at which business of condoes not know it-and perhaps it's as well he doesn't. lead them to suppose that siderable1importance :was transacted Messrs Charles E. But in the matter of IJmoking it subjects him to absolute every one of their nicely Spier, and H. Erichs were unanimously eleqed honmartyrdom. When his familiars chaff" him about his tolored pipes are "not what orary members of the after which, the resoabstinence from the weed, he fancies they fet:l aggrievell, they seem," veritable Meerlution of Mr. /i.. Smith, in regard to the sale of seed and, moreover, have a right so to feel, in that, being in schaum, but we must, in our leaf tobacco, laid over at the previous meeting came up Smokedom he doeth not as the smokers do. Once he crusade against adulterafor action, and after full del:late, was unanimously adopwas in gOOt:l companr; where a plausible Radical politi tion divers and sundry inted and sigiled by all the members present. ciao was charged with having made pledges to his form them when they fondly A committee was appointed to confer with the leaf Catholic constituency, which pledges he had afterward .OOMPJ.ETE dream they are inhaling, tobacco dealers to endeavor to obtain their assent and in Parliament failed to fulfill. One of. the company was Raleigh-like, the fumes of signatures to the principles of the resolution. The coma Romish priest, who had induced his : flock to vote for the unsophisticated Virginia mittee comprised Messrs. E. A. Smith, S. Jacoby, L the renegade, and now reproached his prot e g e with his weed,. out of' the pure Spies, M. Sutro and M. W : Mendel. The committee want of faith. "You beguiled us, sir ; you declined us ; / Ecume de me1-the real instructed 'to report to the Secretary from time to you misled us with false assurances," c1 mineral scum of the sea ; time the names of such dealers as had given their s ignathe priest. To which the faithless representaDIRECTORY it is too often, a las! not the tures to the agreement given below tive replied, Well, that may be true; but true Meerschaum from the A committee was appointed to draw up a cir c ular R t .J L R whm you go to ome, you mus ao as tne osouth of Russia, in hich setting forth the above facts, and giving reasons why such 11fans. do.' This' pointed and effective had they are distilling the tobacaction had been taken, and forward the same to the-difmade an impression on the mind' of N oggs ; although, co, but nothing more 'or less ferent members of the trade througnout the country. as must be confessed, not precisely in the manner which than4 piece of cheese adulThe cotttmittee appointed were Messrs. E. A Smith, S. h fi 11 f might have been exc e pted. AS' t e room was u o terated with magnesia. AU. Jacoby, S. Auerbach, H. Peetsch and S. Rothschild. smoke, and he-the sole non-smoker present-was feet : To ba,cco & Cigar Tra,de, cheese is formed out of the The following is the resolution introduced by Mr. ing &omewhat giddy and sick, he concluded that it be casein of milk, and casein Smith, and ad!?pted by the meeting: came his duty, as a matter of politeness, to smoke. mixed with lime, is often, RKSOLUTION. From that time to this he has pursued a course so untoo, used instead of linseed We, the undersigned, agree not to buy any Seed natural as to be as productive of aftlietion to his ac, oil by the house-painter. Leaf Tobacco after May 1st 1872, except by stripped If h h ha OF THK We might forgive this, as samples and.J actual weight and tare. On all tobacco quaintances as to himse W enever ot ers .ve set UNITED S1.A'l ES themselves down to a steady, earnest consumption ot the representatives of. the of 1870 crop or prior, we will have at least roper cent tobacco, Noglr-' has possessed himself of a pipe or cigar, ENGLAND Milk :Journal, and leave of cases tared, the average surplus of weight to be added and set himself about the oainful farce in which he de' ..: MANUFACTORY 1 D. BIBSOH & 00., the exposure to the Oilman, to the tare of each case, but of all subsequent crops, we bights We sit and smo!Ce and are happy, till we see IRELAND. the Grocer, or the InmTNJn 'lltill not buy unless the ticket accompanying sample gives poor Nogg's face grow pale, his gills grow blue Then, ,_ ft ger, but, as the article the actual tare at the time of inspection, guaranteed by presently, he smiles a ghastly smile and lays his pipe S ... vTL.a !Uf Bowery 1 7f Water .._, so trenc h es upon our own the inspector. And thus we know that Noggs is ali unequivocal BREMEN, ground we tak e up the matAny proof of fraud perpetrated on a member of this humbug, deserving a place in this gallery. NEW YOBL terinstanter. The world has Association in buyingSeedLeafTobaccounderthisresoA far worse specimen is Marls, who-, keeps a cigar HAMBURG, to thank-or unthank-Dr. lution, is to be taken in hand by the National Cigar store in a quiet locality;and scarcely cares to sell cigars. Wagner for the discovery Manufacturers, Association as a cause to them He smokes, it is true; but knows no difference, so far as ftoeoo on DM ......... with WJah ._UollooCiecl; bat FOOB VIBOINU. BIIAXD8. PtOPrletoro ol toe tlllela 'Brazula: BL "U"""'P"BJB....,to>n, JUPITIIIR -UNIVBRSAL 8'l'Al(])AD, cheese will sell readily at large, if approved by the Executive Committee. his personal pleasure goes, between the half-penny for meerschaum-not the Signed cigarettes he keeps for his pnvate use m lonely hours, .' .ANTWERP, I .AMS'TERD.AM, l'ure -f"U&ble, Ill DMt 1()ofh ... lhe aopD,'' DETTER'' an.d BIDST" Arwl>ee pipe-stuff on view at the Price&: Co; Palmer&: Scoville; E. M. Cra.Cord &: Co; ,.......,...,. pipe-cutters, and wOJ!der at A. L. &: C L. Holt; Kuchler, (':rail &: Co; H. Schubarl I know a man, whose name shall not be mentioned, JAMES C. McANDREW I 24 Front St., N Y the matter-of fact manner in &: Co; Schroder & Bon; I. B. Cohen; Fox, Dills &: Co; who is a good smoker, a good judge of tobacco, and ... ther: handle theprec-D. &: A. :Oenrimo; Levin; Charles F. Tag & his friend a good cigar. No more dainty .. -olaatbeb..-o1 maau-b7uo. 1ous matenal. Now we can Son! Havemeyer & VJ.gelms; E. Rosenwald&: Brother; lover of the weed exists. It is a pleasure of no mean aoaBB'I' BAc:, AIIDBBW ClO., Leadoa. ........ account for it. In all prob J. L. Gassert&: Brother; G. Reismann &: Co; E. Spinkind to see how be. bresses his Havana,, even at the IT I WIL BE UNIQUE IN MANY OW ITS FEATURKS. T.U Ne. 'lllill MW IJ "'7 Willi/, R I .. fllill t.tlnjn'l .A.jfoM llMfll Of-t/ Hfflllflil7fw -aERMAN AMERICAN ability much of it is made of gam &: Co ; Levy & N ewgass; M. Brocl ; B. & G. Friend moment when he invites you to smoke its fellow. He that kind ol earth which is precipitated from milk by the action of sui-&: Co; Strohn a: Reitzenstein; A. Emanuel will be eloquent upon its beauties, its charms, its inef phuric and, instead of being geologically deposited, it is of the Hoffman, fable and as you puff and listen to him you result of an every-day of carbonate of soda. We know that the The Committee on Circular and Cause of Action rewill imagine bliss SU'=h as tobacco yielded you casein which is produced from skimmed milk is dry and poor, while ported as follows: before. That man never leaves you till you have lent ;, all i# B,..n&MI, U. 1111 1j tM Wwltli that taken from milk in which a portion of cream is left is very rich. CIRCULAR.. liirn a sovereign. But for his skill in the consumption Suppose that we are not even treated fairly in the matter of the a meeting of the National Cigar _and of nicotine, that sovereign would casein pipe. Meerschaum: vary greatly in color, and in future we Association, held March 22, 187:r, the followmg resolu have remamed With shall recognize in the yellow ones an Aldemey parentage, and in the tion was adopted and received the signatures of the But, to leave these mdlvlduals, and speak more genpaler ones,-but m>, we will not think of it, for we might follow up members present erally, is there not a whole class smokers the matter in our brain until ;.ve begin to believe is that, after all, the We, the undersigned, agree not to buy any Seed Leat to us all-a vast extStin.g m all the grades moon is made of cheese of a curiouously green tint. Tobacco after May 1, 187:r, except by strippc;d samples ofsocety and all the COf\dltions of hfe? A class, IISUUIO COIP. Gab Oapital, 81, ... ,000. Dice, lo.139 BrlaltaJ, In Yort IOHH W. lliURRA.Y, l!nnar7, WILLIAJI F Dllfll, l'rooldont. and actual and tare On all Tobacco of r87o is1 of smvkers who smoke e normously while THE SMOKING PRtNCESSES.-One day the Duke of Orleans--the crop, or prior, we will have at least 10 'f!.ct. of cases tared, they constan.tly protest agamst. the not brother of Louis XIV-when walking on the 1 terrace of the Palace the average surplus of weight be added to the tare seem a gentleman m hiS p'pe, and This co,.pany is prepared to at felt a strong smell of tobacco He entered, and found of each case; but of all subsequent crops we will not warnmg all hiS sons the while agamst the baneful wee_d? i ssue Polides against iflss and tl.mage two d'a:ilgtiters"-'of the King sitting at a table, drinking b{andy and buy, unless the ticket accompanying sample gives the If these good had Ule practice _by Fin, on favora!Jle IU'tlls. smoking pipes .< The latter they had got from the guard-house of the actual tare at the time of inspection, guaranteed by the they contemn ; if thetr own life-long hab1t had caused .;;._...;_.;. ___________ Swiss soldiers. Not a beautiful spectacle, assuredly; for though Inspector. ., or brought.their fr iends to grief; or evencigarettes and light wines may be granted to ladies, yet .Any proofs of fraud perpetrated on a member of this 1f -they m heart of a they say, ADYEITISEIIEITI IECEIID AT ATE IATEL We ha1'e concluded to make Our Terms for Advert ing Very Low that no I one may Be Debarred ... Taking Adval!tage of this Unusuai _Means of ltew V 1 tbe Trade of AMERICA, GERMANY, and AUST_._..,....., A PROMINENT CrriZKN OF LYNCHBURG, VA., GoNE. coarse brandy and coarse pipes are scarcely suitable for Association, in buying Seed Leaf Tobacco under this w.e c?uld But 1f they d1d the1r The Ly:nchburg Rep11/Jiial". of the. 2 4th ultimo says: them, especially if the ladies are princesses. The daughresolution is to be taken in hand br the National Cigar be la1d as1de, therr c1gars unconsumed. And while they We are called upon th1s morrung to annou,nce the ters of the King we,r e only seeking to escape the bondgae Association as a belonging to them pursue t pleasant custom a.nd talk the, cant of A DU'f"ngu Ull"ftg death of a prominent and estimable citizen, the fifth and the m?not<;my ?f Mr. Ruskin lately at large, if approved by. the Executive Committee. through the mild blue smoke of thetr within a few short weeks. Our well-known and univerbeen speakmg, m h1s fantastic way, of the d1fference. Signed Sutro & Nuonaark, Kurts & .Spies, Frey Bros. we are compelled to call them" HumWILL BE THE FIRST COMPLETE LIST aal respected townsman, Ambrose B. Rucker, closed his between real kings and sham kings; but he overlooks & Co., D. Hirsh & Co., M. Brook & Co., Bondv & bugging Smokers.'' THF TOBACCO AND CIGAR MANUFACTU&-eartl)ly career at his this city, at 3 the fact that if kings grow in_these da>:S into Pwchaska, M. W. Mendel & Bro., Pollak & Son, S. ERS OF THE UNITED STATES EVER. PUa. yesterday morning, a bnef illness, aged fifty eight mere semblance!!, the of etiquette LS one Joseph, J. F. Seeger, Leopold Cohn, Western Cigar Co. It LISHED. t years. Mr. Rucker was a native of Amherst Countr, powerful cause. The poor prmcesses who drank brandy (Detroit, Mich.), s. Jacoby & Co., Auerbach & MenderA. TROJAN c uSTOM.-Troy smokers are ahe:'-d and had been a resident of Lynchburg nearly forty years, and who smoked pipes would not have done either if son, Edward A. Smith, Hen: r Peetsch, Levy Bros., r.ichJUSt been diScovered seyeral per.sons m that having commenced business here, when a boy, with John etiquette had not commanded them to be idle, and fortenstein Bros &, Co., A. Lichtenstein &: Bro., Thos. J. caty have fire-alarm -box keys m thetr and. make Miller an elder brother of the late Samuel Miller. His bidden them to be useful in any manner whaterer. At Rayner & Co., M. Newburger, .A3h, Charles use of the. bo][es as temp?rary depos1tones for the1r half educational advantages were limited ; he was a student all events, let it not be forgo.tten by who Bondy, Hirschhorn & Co. c1g11rs! wh_en calhng at _the house of lady -at Randolph Macon College, in the year 18Ja, but it best, that tobacco, hke other thmgs, has 1ts STATEMENT-In calling your attention to this matter, m whtch smokmg IS ':lot thmg .. Before entenng the does not appear that he graduated He was at different 1 deals and refinements we would state, that if this mode of purchase is adopted hou a depos1ts hiS stump m the nei!-rest box, I i lias J-llltained at Cl1tUil/eraHe lfti..J M Pains llaw been SparetiltJ ""'*' it Peifltl,. T4is a1111 OllluFeal11ns Wlill ,.,.. tM Diruury A NECESSfl'Y t. one in tlu WtWI. times connected with several of the largest business as a gene-ral custom of the trade, it will preve'ht the and 1t 1!'hen he emerges, lights up and houses in the city, either as sole or partner, A TOBACCo-HATING PoPE.-It is a pity that Reform Packer, Inspector or. Dealel\ 'who. may be dishonestly goes on hiS way reJOicmg. It till CfttaiD IJver 'l'JeJIJ' 'fillaJi Jill and during a long and mercantile he ers are the most part as narrow in idea as they are disposed from defrauding us, by marking false weights probably made as many 'cquamtances ana fnends !lS earnest m purpose /and that they thus do far inore harm and tarc;s on the cases. Our experience is, that either any of his predecessors or contemporaries. For many than good. Of this, Pope Innocent XII, a striking from the carelessness 0{ dishonesty of some o.f the years he held the position of of the poor, example. Antony Pignatelli was born at Naples in packers or dealers, we have been in the habit of paying w.S several times chosen a the City C:ouncll. I615, andhe had risen to be Archbishop of his native f01, from 10 to u per cent. more Tobacco than was He was President of that body from 1866 \Inti! r868, city, when, at the age of seventy-six, he was elected originaaly pack$:d'bl the cases. when he was removed by the military authorities. He Pope in 1691. He took the name of Innocent XII, It will enable us to more accurately determine the cost held the office of President of the First National Bank beca11se Innocent XI, had been his benefactor His price of our goods. of Lynchburg, from its orgllnization in 1865 until the to abuses _and of every kind was soon It will prevent trouble with the Internal Revenue year 1 871, and was, for many years, a d1rector of the mantfested To hiS relat1ves he refused all benefices, Officials, (ifthct be honest) in the JO lbs : Farmer's Bank of Virgioia. l From the organization of co nferring these on such as h deemed deserving. The allowance for each one-thousand cigars ; a8 ruled by Court Street Methodist Church until the day of his death, poor he called his real kinsfolk, and naming the Lateran the Commissioner of Internal Revenue : -VIOLATING THE REVENUE 'AND WILL EMBRACE THOSE OF Shields last week considered the case of Pile Unifui Stales vs .. William D11oley. The defendant carr!es on The. Manufacturers o( business m Fourteenth st'reet and Tenth avenue. He Cavendish, : was charged with selling cigars over the counter out of ChewJns, w_ere not .stamped. SmokJng,. an exammatlon the Comm1ss1oner held h1m to awa1t the .. Snuff, ,., action of. the Gr_and Jury. In the case of The United Cigars, Staies vs Frances .Barodo. The defendant has a plaoe Cigarettes of business in ..SouJ:h Fifth avenue He was held in and h,ooo bail for examination chargd of Licorice. cigal'S without p.rQP_erly them. In the Wholesale Dealers 1 .. States Circuit Court, last.week, J Beqed1et Foreign and John :'young !=rtpple, !s one, of a not<;mous Domestic Leaf Tobaooo. gang ofJu.renile smuggl:rs, to ImpriSonment for thirteeu 8temmere months: This is -the first sent_ence for the crtme of Commlasl;, M ._. __ smugghng that has been passed m twenty years. and. Dealers In n er --Manufactured Tobacco. Mr. Rucker was one of its most stewards and his hospiLal, he best. owed on the poor those blessings It is specially necessary now, as there is a large crop most active and valuable 1 m embers. He was the agent which his predecessor-s had lavished on favorite s. In of tobacco coining on the market, which we know has in this city for the London, Liverpool and Globe Insurhis first consistory he declared that, in distributing ofbeen purchased, at prices far beyond that which the ance Company, a'nd at the time of his death was fices, he should have regard Reither to bir:th, to friend immense quantity, and reported quality of the crop of the Miller Orphan Asylum. Mrl Rucker acqmtted ship, nor to consanguinity ; t111!.t he should labor only would warrant, and the high paid will be a great himself with honor in every duty to the people for the glory of God and for the Church. He strictly temptation for dishonest persons to falsify the weights called him, and was, in all respects, a bright elmmplar forbade the officers of justice to take presents. All useand tares of cases, so that they may compel the man for the guidance of those -with ., whom he l':l's employments he abolished In !h.e organization of ufacturer to bear the loss, which their injudicious He was scrupulously exact and methodtcal m hiS bust-hiS palace there was the utmost s1mphc1ty; and he would purchasing would otherwise compel them to meet. SALES or LEAF ToBACCO AT WINSTON, N C.-Says ness ft ;nsactions, and his horuesty and purity of characnot allow more than a sum equivalent to our eighteenConcerning the new crop, we are alsri informed that the Smlinel of the 21st ult. : ";ro,ooo pounds of tobacco ter were never questioned. He leaves a family of pence to be spent on his dinner. Monday he the tobacco has been packed several months earlier the warehouse here -'>n fast Saturday, at children, his wife having died several years ago. HIS gave a public audience to all wishing to approach him. than' usual, and as the weights are marked on the cases pnces rangmg .$ to $,r 1.00. The tobacco was death, following so closely upon the demise of. several None of the priests were allowed to wear periwigs, and at the time of packing, this is another, and, we think, generaUy of an grade m consequenc:e of the bad other honored citizens, has created a void wh<:h can all gambling was prohibited. Against the ltcentious life urgent reason why we should come to the resolution weather. We noticed several old tobacco,raJSers preseat not be filled, and produced a profound sensation among of the monks he sternly set his face. The ecclesiastiabove set forth. who were m.uch pleased with the sales, jlnd said the aU class9 of the people, for none of those who have cal affairs of France occupied much of his time and atWe take this "new departure" with the assurance here were .about as good as could be had in Danpne before him wer more deeply and sincerely !amentention. On some points he had 'to succumb to the from the majority of the largest dealers in seed leaf toville for the same grade. We hope that as soon as the ted than he." despotic will of Lo. uis XIV; but in the main be asserted oacco in this city and elsewhere, that they will support weather so fine tobacco can be handled successfully the authority of the Church in opposition us and help us to carry tv a succe&sful issue, the _object our farmers will brmg m wme yellow leaf so they to that arrogant monarch. In the! famous controversy we have in view, namely, the purchase of seed leaf tocan see that they have a m.arket for every qll&laty at Exporters and of Tobaooo and Clprs. Tobacco Auotlon Warehouaea. Retail Tobacoo Dealers, allciJ Manufacturers. Importers ofiPipea. Dealers In CIBar-Bo:a Woe .... ltlbbona, Tobaooo Dry Cooda, Drugs, :Machlnei'JJ eto. TOBACCO 111 HntpoSTAN AND PmlsiA.-About the between Bossuet and Fenelon he decided against the lat-bao.o at actual weight and tare. h!>me. There some Sill or e1gh.t buyets .from Dan-TM WMil List-will ie Ctzrtjldly dlui6MI t. ..-M .tf.fMilllj/e Jiw Installl Prloe of-the Direoto1.7 :n..,. Dollan. lteginning of the seventeenth century the Portuguese ter, whose heresy consisted in maintaining that men evea We are determined to edhere to our resolution and ville who have located here and putting up poze houses, illll:roduced into Hilldostao aDd two on earth could love God for himself alone, w.ithout referknowing that in" union there is strength," we and are to buy fine tobacco.. We im apples and tobacco. To th.e pme-apples no obJection ence to hope or fear, to recompense or puniShment. In urge you to join 1111 in this proposed change 50 that we press n upon our farmers that the pnce of the1r tobacco seems to hae.beeD made; but to the tobacco most XII died, the age ?f eighty may more readily achieve our object, and the a .deal upon the manner in whicb they FOlt. ADV;JRTISING :RATES APPLY AT THJI ltrenuous resiStance was ofif'ered by the soveretgns of IS ch1efty knoWD to postemy from hiS connecuon With custom torougbout the country. assort at. Don t ue up long leaves and short leaves to-OFFICF the two countries. Spite, however, of puisbments. a!ld the Bossuet and Fenelon conflict. Educated in a cloisWe invite a reply to this circular and would De pleasgether, or bright and dark. Assort well and put each the use of. tobacco spread with the rap1d1ty Innocent XII hall all the asceticism of the cloister. ed to hear your. views on tbe subJect at J'01Il": arlieat quality together, &Dd you will make money by jt. II tning, and is now We SJ!!Ok-Such men entirely lose sight .of essential you have one 01' more it will; be 1111 latlill&iq aac With the East ; but the mtroduction 1 of smokmg mto etlts of human nature. In wumg a decree agamst Please ae;ldre!ll graded and bought by the lowest quality. Some of' olll' tbe East is comparatively recent-more recent, indeed, tobacco, Innocent XII did not see-or, rather was de-EDWAlt.D A. SKITH Chainile farmers fail to Urt, thinking that the bright will sell the 14:1 Fulton SWeet, tban its introduction iato Europe. tenained not to see-that if men did not use tobacco in 111 Maiden M. Y. dark, whea the reverse is the trutb. 10 511 __ IIEW YORIL-: .. I


TliOMAS HOYT &ACO., .THE TO'BA.CCO LEA..t,. liD., ;LtCORICE PASTE. fi6, lllf 117 _,. .r 111 y1 to be ,the best in the market pd for tte prand o1 Licorice Stick ----1-PACKED Ill POGJ(KT .PO ,!!:ES. PASTE, POWDER, ROOJ, SPECIAL TIES BY Warranted Superior-Powdered-L-tcori TOBA llWO .. & 00. u C C 0 ln equal to CALABRIA. SMOKIN f) OUR BRANDS CHEWING: HARVEST" S. !'sURPRISE," IN FOIL IVANHOE tc JOLLY BQYS SMO Phia. Street., lw' "YCiWr, .. ..... Kra. G. B. Killer & CO: Ib< 8/ 0 0 <>" 883 BROAD STREE .'t H'EW ARK, N J Seed aDd lla TbBACCO, :, nl'Z2 '' NEW YORK. r 213 and 215 Duane St., New Y.or-k HARTCORN & HAHN, : In preeeDtiag tbeee.lloulcls to the puhlio I desire brielly to atato tbe adftlltagel they present Oftl' all JIOIIIds or Cigar achine8 iD -. J_at. constrnctlon as Ulust;J;d b, the aeoo:apuytng out., 2d. ltUe_llJ)aoe. lld anlfor F!iY .n.O\ tnlnable by an_:: otber No. BROAD STREET,: ana after ,Varch I, 1872, I otfer the following i12duammb to tlu trade. One or Two Sets ojMoulds, fiftem per met off. 1 h1ee Sets or over, twenty per cent. West comer of Water Street, off; this includes all my improvements NEW YORK. Office corner Pearl S treet and:Maiden Lane New York, where the proctica) oper ation oftbe Moulds can be at all times witnessed. GEo. :J. PRENTICE, Gen'l Acent, SCBW ARZ & SfOBB, II. RADER & SON; (197 .PEARL STREET, COR. MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. G iRS', DoMEsTic-SEGA.Rs, iobaao. !rokttS, I r;;;;berlon & Jto. 48 Street, 1 23 Peaf'l street, SM.OKIIU'"fi'NG .. orW.TO o8 ACCO _ToBAcco coMMISSioN MERcH_ANTs, I c NEW YOBK. 189l Lewla NEW YORK 1 J 1 I with a long experience in the business NI:W YORK.: [ i ", '' F.J.OTOBY No. 6, offer their services to jill orders for 'J1,tEY BROS. & CO.. JAM.ES M'CAFFIJ...: Miscelia.neoir.s.' LYNCHBURG' VA., \ LeaforManufactured Tobacco, ... Jib etQI'Y. ,.. iVBO LESALii' IN -, __ ,._. ar conotaotly eio hand and for all r;radeo o DANVILLE, VA. ....,._ -o. Ilavana. & Domestic HAVANA AND DOMESTIC ( TIN li'OIL. A .YOlllJQ. U.YO U!, Blankets, e-nd 117 Betten Pat.Dt Dee. .. 1a .A.II:p ..:2.= lludapo, Bagging Matting -*-CIOJI1rtcll'Will .. nd Ory Genooral\Jt...j P. M. DINCEEI. C1ort&er SVt,. and Leuns Streets, MERCHANT. ANDRl!W l RSTER & co. No. 103 Chambers Street, New York, SPANISB FOREIGN & DOMESTtC WOODS. SPANISH CEDA:B. fl.O R CjGfK .. 1 Fur niShed m quanti suft, bf : r ltl6 'Ll!. Will S7'R.EET, NEW ,YORK. SAW-MILL, 465-475 East tlJI'&CTURE. "' Plug Kacbines, 1 H Cbalmers&Co., f u!AB"''81 .. o 46 )J ;IFF ST., I :w-:rorl'o. till I> l!'m.t. IJ 1 r 1 ;.UlUfl :ALW'J.'Y8' oif liUlD I I...; .. 711,1;,1; PA:llriOT!LBB, .A:IUJJUt!tiB 0 J 0 o;, .'. oG-LEN' & /':f(Ef& SAFES Ar. .. CIQ.bble for qualltr'. hUh u4 pdce. MARVIN'S SPHERICAL BURGLAR SAFES be I be Wedged t OaDDOt be Drillecll BAliK VAUL.T81 VAULT DOORS, EXPRIE88'80XIEI FAMILY PLATIE IAPU, COMBlNATIO. LOOKS !eD4 for a eata!ope 1le M.A.BV'ILN' &. oo"t (oldM& ..... mwanwcw-) Prine!-' {2M Tort. I-721 Cheemui Wanho..-108Bt.nk Si.,Clnelad..O And for sale by our agate Ill thr prmcipal Cltiel tliroughout the 1Jnited State& R. ZELLENKA, OF ALL KINDS OF ,MUSLIN AND LllE1 TOBACCO BAGS, G24 East Sth St., l'l ew York. Orders promptly attended to. at the shortest notice CIGAR and TQBA.COO BAGS r Manufactured and Printed by S. L. SAMUEL, No. 35 John Street, ew York. 0or 'Room 5, up atain. P. 0. Bos. 18110. I THE CHEAPEST BOUSE IN THE TRADE. Preaentation Segar eu .. "paiia." if. ff!Jorman {;.,&io._, J, t ,._ I (!i)eaLua iu_, #edru /lU'Di111, 1;111 i'n. /Wit.. :fl!'J.o.,. J --, l J G !Lal.t.eLJ./ dt.i-tft-tl and Bl.i.Mana .Afew J]jof-1. 1! _' ,. 1, ; 1 '))Et J:B m ., r "'!Joba.o:o,\nQ.. nWr rmbl ., c!.. 3 J 'r r; .. '/. J_,,,ui r, [ 01 "' '.JJorJ 1n .i !"l l c', ; r I 11 JuaJ (ll"'YJ r t 'J fi;_ f(JU JU 11 rl rl ... nt 11J I r' o I


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