The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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# / VOL. VIII.-..:NO. 9. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17, 1872. WHOLE NO. 373 TOBACCO :LEAF .I .P11blul&er a-r!:llolfla will bo llonl!idered un J ess acoom,.W" d by the corresponding 'l' llifl--ruJe wlf'T IKvOUBLY be adhe red to. OigiJr-Bo.r Labas Trimm;ngs. Bebumacller & Ettlinger, 15 :Yurra.y. T obacco Sealing IYax. Pad,rs and Dealtrs. ? Barnes & ero me, 23G State We have received a copy of that portion of the new tar iff and Internal revenue bill to be presented to the House of Representatives this week, which relates to the In dian weed and its manufactures. As it is quite prob lematicar whether it will become a law in its present shape, or in any shape, during the present short ses;lbn, and as in many of its provisions it is a copy of the act 1868, we shall confine ourselves to extracting its more prominent and distinguishing features. H. SCBUBAR'.l'. No. 146 Water Street. NEW YORK. D. FRIEDMAN. ZinsserJ W &: Co., 197 William. '" Hubbard, N. & Co., 18 Makkel Lee, Geo. li>O State. ROBER T E. KELLr & OO., v Tohacco Cstuings DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS. nammerotcu., o., 1" water. K E W yORK r Manufacturers o} Runiti n c ;g aretter. Kmney Broe., 141 West:.Bro,d way I T obauo War eltou s es.. I La Ferme .. R nssian Cigarettes. T. & Eckmeyy, Sole Agent#', 48 roed Eureka TobiJcco Pipts Agnew W. & Sons, 284 s.ud 286 Front stree t. .Allen .Jlllian, 172 Water. R. W & Sons,l82, l84,,and Green-Cigar 11-'rapper Booking MaclzintS. Fairman & Co., 26 Cedar. Bennmo D. & A., 124 Water. IDatecaore, MaJO & Oo tl Broad Bro.,..e & Frith, 7 Burlwg Slip. Brod :Y:., 131 Malden Le.oe, Bulkley, llore &-Co., 74 Front. Canl_oBO A. H & Co., 123 Pearl. Cigar M oulds and Shaper. Obockley A D & Co., l&ll'earl. l'rentioe, Geo. J., 191 Pearl. 1 Colell H., 172 Water. Onnnolly & Co 4b Water. German Cigar Mould.. Cr]awfo!d E J\. & Co.,lG8 Wo.ter. Obao. E. & Co 71 John. DobaD, Carroll & Co., 104 Front. Tohau o and C iva r Ba gs DuBola Eugene, 75 Front. s Is, s Egl:ingerLOui.s F a;nue LM. Patman tt Co.t 70 n.u roa us 111 .1 o ac r () Bags Fox, Dill!J & Co., 175 Water ellellia, R 2M Eaat Frielld & Co.cE & G.,l29Matden Lane. Garth D. 1., ljOD & Oo., l29 Pc!ll'l .... Tobacco Bagging. GuoertJ. L. & Bro.,l60 Water. Lester A.. & Co., 10 3 Chs.mbers. tienbel L & llro 86 :M&tden Lane; TobRcco Stamp Camtllu Guthrie & Co. Front. Seoombe :Manufacturing Co., 7 Park Place. I. & Co., 150 W a !M. Hillman G. W & Co., 106 Front. Fixedi Star Cigar and Pip t Lighttrs Hoelln:o, W. C. & Co.,l7o Water. Portweey. ,. Enamel Finis!J Slzow Card,. Ke!er A. C L. ol: o.,. 48 Bes.ver. Hs.rr;s Filliahillg Co., 85 Dey. )( .... nger T R. & uo., 181 and 165 Maiden L:lne. ,.., t: .c. )( H Jti:., 19 Old Slip &Dd 73 Water, un.ow Slaugbter"& Oo., 41 Broad. Xn>ft & Hofllneister, 13 No.rtb William oatman Alva, Ul6 Water. Banks. Ot"-- Brothers, lUI Pearl. German A.meriun. oor B o d d c dar l'_.oi:Sooville,17QWater, rawayan e p,;,., Wm. H. o1: Co., 119 MaiCieD Sa fu. Qllil!o l.l'. 6; Co., S9 Broad. lluvin .t: Co., 266 Broadway. RaW, 8 75 Fulton. Savrus Ban". uea.r o1: $:o., It Old 8llp. & B.eiama.nDz G& Co. U9 Pea). Mutual Benefit, 116 N ..... n. .RosenY&l, E. It Bro. 146 Water Ewgraver rm Wood. l!alomOII\ 8., 192 Pearl. H;oey. Joseph, 202 Broadway. llcbeider, 1-ph, ltf Water. 8chm!" a. Stein:cbange Place. Cattuo 4: Ruete, m.l'earl-. l!chroe." Dommie Lt-f Tobacco Goeloe, F. A. Bro., 3S8 Wuhington. anJ Jn/lnM011Cturer ol Civ-1. Goodwin&Oo.,Jtl'lmd 1011 Water. "' Bo;rt, Thomoo A: Co., tot Pearl. Marriott, G. B. lf., 3l2 Wut llaltimore..J... l[lnnoy Bros., Hl Welt -way. u .r PI .,. D. B ... Co., oor. AGue D and T-tb. =anuJ atJtur1[. Shotwell D. A. A: Son, lH Eichth 1" Duhhari, E. W. & l!on. 291!outb I Agtntafor S.di"f Tobwcua, Itt. W eioo, Eller & Kaeppel, 229 Pearl. IJ-7 LiD4JWm, ,)(., Ita Water. Cigar MtultintS. Henn&III&ZI, J. T. l9tl :Wzingtoo. BOSTOlt. Y>eller & Co. 21 Oeakal. Wha.rf. London .t Bidwell, 214 State. Pease, H & Z. K 19 Market. Shephard & F11lle r, 214 State. SIBSon, A. L. & F., 18 Wenes, C ... Hi4: state. Westphal, \Vm 228 State. Wooaworth & Strong 2li state. W.ioltSalt Dtaltrs in Mar.ufactured Tobaccos. Burnham, J. D. & Co., i7 & 79 Asylum. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. Manufa,turrrs of P lug and Smoking. Smit h & Thomas, 85 East South. LIVERPOOL, Eng. Smythe, F. w '30 North John. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Tobacco Manufac turers. Finner, 1. & Bros 13 Third. Tobacc o Commissi o n M er chants. Meier, Wm. G. & Co., 56 Sev enth. W icks G. W. & C o., 102 Main. :Jobbers in all of Manufactured Tobacco Imported and D omestic Ctgars. Tachaut C. G. & Co. 174 Main. Tobsao Manuf.acturcrs' Supplie s Wigginton, E G & Co., 23 Third. Dtaltrs in Ltaf Toh,acco and Manufacturtrs of Cigars: Alberding, G. & Co. 93 & Third. Va., Ar.....tead, L. L. Carroll, J. w. Langhorne, Geo. W. & Co. Tyree, J obn :tl.. JrEWARK, N. 3. Brlotzinghoirer, W. A. & Son, 833 Bread. Camp bell, & Co 484 Broad. NEW ORLEANS, La. Tobatco Factor s and CAmmiJSion MercAMitl fiby, ;I. ;I. & Oo., 130 PETERSBURG, Va. Venoble, B W & Co. Young, R. A. & Bro Front l3uildinallo PRILADELJ"HIA. Tohaao WarchoJIJts. A.natban, )[. & Co., 220 Nmth Third. Bamberger, L. & C o > 3 North Water. Bremer, Lewis, Soru, 322 Nort-h Third. Dohan & Taitt. 107 Arch. Edwards, G. W.r33 North Water. EiBenlohr Wm. & Co., 117 South Water. Herbert, i: ooutb..e .. t oor. Fourlh & Raoe. McDcnrell, M E & Oo., 39 North Water. lfoore, 8. & J., 107 Nortb Water. Sank.!. Rinaldo & Oo., 31 North Water. Schmidt, H. South 8eoond. Teller Brothero,ll7 North Third. Vetf.erlein, & Co., 111 Arch. Woodward, Garrell .t: Co., 33 North Wat<>r. lmporttr of Havana and rara Coatu, J lU South Dels.ware Manu,lacturers, Dealers, ttc. Bambergel, L. & Co., a North ManufRcturu of SmoAi,;g Tob4coo. llebl R. & Co.,. 666 North Eleventh. Manu{actur .t; Co., 62 and H llfpfaer-rer. aJ Cnulrissia. Muo..,u. llroo1uiiO. Brown .t; Tlluo..!S liDd M Kain. Bdor,Zlcllme ... IJ-oo., 116 weot 8oeood. D

' THE LEAP. also dlf!iers from the COT States, may, under such rules and regulations as the THE AsPiiNWALL-Jno Keeler, 6 pgs. The followmg provision 11 b b GENOA-order, 400 cl1ests II" orice paste. r CommissiOner of Internal Revenue sha prescn e, e ... responding section of the present law h 1 r: h d b DOMESTIC. MALAGA.-A. p Francia, I3Z bdiQ licorice, used by the collector makmg sue sa e, or 1Urn1s e y Y BY THii CAM17RN AND AMBOY RAILROAD -Haveroyer&: VigeliUJ, 71 cases, D. & A. J;Jenrimo, 27 do 7 Fun-Charles F. Tag & Son, l4! do. Bv THE EMPIRE AND ALLENtOWN L INE.-ordet 4:& 1 cases. "And 1f any manufacturer of tobacco, snuff, or cigars a collector a United States marsh al, or to any other NEw Yon, Apnl 16. caldey & Argamban, I box cig-ar cases. shall sell, or remove for sale or consumpuon any tobacco Government officer mij.king such sale for the benefit ?f Westem Leaf-Continues quiet and steady Regie MANZANILLA.-Car U pmann, 745 hlf bales. snuff, or cigar$ upon which a tax is required to be paid the United States, wfthout makmg payment for satd buyers remain out of the market, and RoTTERDAM-] H. 575 boxes by stamps, without the use of the proper stamps, in stamps so used or delivered; .:!.-nd any revenue collector have no large transactions to report. The wt;ek's.sales -Edw. Hen, I75 do. r p)pes; Bv THE Alm NEw HAvEN RAILROAD LJNE.-E. A. Smith. 9 cases, Havemeyer & Vigelius, 2do; E. Spmgam & Co., r bale; J. H. Saunders, 20 bbl lighters add1t10n to the other penalties Imposed by law for such usmg or furmshing stamps m manner as aforesaid, on sum up 512 hhds, of whiCh 364 were for expo.:_t, __ SAG_UA-M. Smaller, 6 pales, 4,000 cigars. sale or removal, it shall be t,jle outy of the proper assessor presentmg vouchers satisfactory to the CommlSSlone of principally common lugs for _Spam a!ld the Med1terScXLANOVA-James C. McAndrew, 3,837 bales or assistant assessor, or any mternal revenue officer Internal Revenue, shall be allowed credit for the same ranean at 8 7.( @Brae. and mediUm Afncans for Boston licorice, 3 27 licorice paste deta1led by the CommiSSioner of Internal Revenue for 111 settlmg hts stamp account with the department, and at r3c =;tnd jobbers took the balance. SEVJLLE-Gome:r., Wallis & Co., I 30 cases licorice that purpose w1thm a period of not more than two provtcled further, that m case it shall appear that any We note no change m pnces paste years after such sale or removal, upon such mformat10n abandoned, condemned or forfeited tobacco, sn ff, or hi11'eek Mweek M11'eek thweek Total HAVANA-L. F. A11ga, zo6 bales, F Mrranda, 215 as ht; can obtam, to est1mate the amount of tax Clgars,whenofferedforsale,wtllnotbnngapriceequal January ----99 403 349 377 3600 do Chas F. Tag&8on,s2do, A. S.Rosenbaum& which has been Wllitted to be pa1d, and to ma-ke an asto the tax due and payable thereon, such goods shall not February ---1 69 579 420 648 384 2 20 Co, 13 do, A Gonzales, 8 c;lo; Galway & Casado, r6o seument therefor, and cert1fy the same to the collector. be sold, and upon appltcation made to the Comnnssioner Marcil ---390 1Ji82 4li12 3 6oo do; M. 'F. Tunon 139 0 0, eigars; Jos. A. Vega And the subsequent proceedmgs for co flectiOn shall be of Internal Revenue, he is authorized and directed to Apnl -- -83 \ 6or 512 1 19 6 & Brother, 2u1 do, 3 do, F. Garcia, 207 do, 6 do, De in all respects hke those for the collection of taxes upon order the destruction of such tobacco, snuff, or cigars by Vtrgima Leafi-The market for V1rgtma leaf exhtblts Bary & Klmg, 3 cases c1gars, LeWIS, Philip & J oh1,1 manufactures and productions." the officer m whose c ustody and control the same may be no new or 1mportant feature. The sales for the week Frank, 3 do; Robert E Kelly & Co., 5 do ; Chas. T Next comes the section, regardmg the rate of taxat 1 on at the tnne, and m such manner, and under such comprised hnes for ,5h1pment and manufacture, and em-Bauer & Co 13 do G. W Faber, 6 do ; Renauld, f I l R braced nearly all grades of goods, but the aggregate Francms & 2 do,' Smith, Crosby & Co, 4 do, Chas wh1ch 1s fixed at twenty cents umform The paragraphs regul atiOns as the Commtssioner o nterna evenue may prescnbe was not large The pnnc1pal l mqUlry was from manuLuling & Co, 2 do; S Linington & Sons, 9 do; Purdy descnptlve of the manner m wh1ch tobas, co and snuff r h facturers, the1r purchases, however, extendmg only to & Nicholas, 12 do, J. M. Moncada, 1 do, C. Fesidor, The next section also prov1des a penalty 10r t e re-may be prepared for sale, are the as m the presthe supplymg of reqUirements. I do; Chas Schultz, r do; W. H. Thomas & Brother, ent Jaw w1th the followmg exceptwns use of" any stamp or stamP.s which have been previOusly Shtppers were, as usual, restramed m some measure 2"8 d6 Park & Tiltord 17 do Thos Irving & Sons, 3 "All snuff m packages contanung one, two, four, Six, used, m addJtion to the offenses enumerated n the by the firmness of prices and the do Burnett ; r do Dana Brothers, 1 do, e 1ght, and SJxteen ounces, or m bladders and Jars con-act of I868 abroad, fore1gn markets stll_l showmg but httle mchnat10n Acker, Mernll & Condit, I7 do, r do pu:adura; At-tammg not exceedmg twenty pounds. Sectwn 7 I is verbally amended to suit the new export to accept new ventures, Liverpool bemg the only one lanttc Steamship Co., 613 bales. + + ,. 10 wh1ch m"re than an average demand has oflate ex1sted I EXPORTS. regulatwns, wlule Section 72 is altered to read as follows L d fi th t ket t th ffi t th t "All smokmg tobacco and all cut and granulated to-ate a VIces, rom a. mar are 0 e e ec a From the port of New York to foreign ports, other bacco other than that wluch 1s now known as fine-cut 'SEc -That whenever any stamped box, b ag, vessel, "Wlthm the past few the sales of Western stnps than European!ports, for the week endmg Apnl 9, were chewmg, all fine'cut shorts which have passed through wrapper or en velope, o! any kind contammg tobacco or and Western and VIrg1ma Leaf, all for home .use, have as follows a nddle of thirty-six mesches to the square meh, and snuff shall be emptied, the stamped portion thereof been beyond an average extent, at pnces, generally BRITISH GU!ANA-9 hhds, $2,520' 37 cases, $8o8. all ref use scraps, chppings, cuttingE, and sweepmgs of the stamp or stamps thereon shall be destroyed by the speakmg, m favor of buyers who were wlllmg to take BRITISH NoRTH AMERICAN CoLONIES-35>310 tbs tobacco in packages contammg four, eight, and sixteen person m whose hand the same may be .. And any perquanllty1 dm denommat10ns of tobacco there was mfd $ 2 8 00 1 case cigars, ounces each." son who shall wtlfully neglect or refuse so to do shall not 1 one. BRITISH WEST INDIES-I6 hhds, $ 3 970 so bales, In the following paragraph, all after the words" And for each offense, on convictiOn, be fined $5o and Rect!lpts contmue moderate m th1s and other \,call-$920 ; S cases, $457 7 479lbs mfd, $ 1,.377. prisoned not less than ten days nor more than six the preparatiOnS of the planters for the next crop, CENTRAL AMERICA2 hhds, $370 rS cases, $555. provided further," IS new months And any person who shall sell or give away bemg to the weather as an 1mped1!llent CuuA-24 cases, $694 ; 9 932 lbs mfd, "All cavendiSh, plug, and tw1st tobacco m wooden or who shall buy or accept from another, any such But the great obstacle, all, to heavy receipts, IS the DANISH WEST IND!ES-3 hhds, $440 ; 22 bales f;r6o, Bv TW:R NEw YORK AND NEw HAvEN STEAM BOAT LINE Brothers & Ce., 8 cases; A. L & C. L. Holt, 90 do ; E. Hoffman, 4 do; M. Westheim & Co., I do; Bunzl & Dormitzer, 22 do; Havemeyer & V1gelius, 27 do, Schroeder & Bon, 30 do; & Scoville.,' 20 do ; A. J. Rosenbaum & Co., 7 do; M. H. Levm, r7 do ; W. G. Mead, 5 do.BY THE NEW YoRK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE.-Kuchler, Gail, & Co., 19I cases; Joseph Schroeder, 36 do; A. L. & C. L. Holt 29 do; Have meyer& Vigelius, I39 do; Selling & Son, 66 do; J. del Monte, 7 do. packages have pnnted or marked thereon the empty stamped box, p ag, vessel wrapper, o r enyE(lopt;. of absence of hvely competitiOn Increase the clemand at 542 tbs mfd, $ro2 1 ', manufacturers name and place of manufacture, or the any kmd 'Or the stamped portton thereoi, O:{ the stamp the seaports and planters find way to get the1r HAYTI-64 bales, $842 : J.propnetor's n;tme and his trade-mark and tbe registered or stam;s taken from any such empty box bag, -vessel stock to market at m good t1me, tf not m good NEw ZEALAND--I.I2S tbs mfd, $5 402 Bv THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-M. Aben heim, 12 hhds, Pollard, Pettus & Co, 3 do, A. S. Rosenbaum & Co 5 do; Fatman & Co., 2 do; L. Lyons & Co, 2 do, DeW1tt & Duncan, 6 do; W. 0. Smith, 19 do, Charles Lulmg & Co., 98 do Huffer, Zoel & Co roo do Oelrichs & Co 39 dol; D. J. Garth, Son & Co., 29 do, r trc, P. Lorillard & Co., r8 do, 7 do; Rbd & Co 7 do, r box; A. D. Chock ley & Co., 3 trcs, Bowne & Fnth, 40 cases ; M. Lmdheim, 52 do, G. 1 W H1llman & Co., 63 do, James Ch1eves & Co., 69 do; Martin Johnson, 27 do, R Lindhiem & Co 36 do ; K. Kuhn, J:J do Dohan. Carroll & Co., 56 do, L. Ginter, so do; Maddux Brothers, 3 do, J R Sutton & Brothers, 9 do; Webb & Rountree, -ro do, J. W Palmer & Son, z do; M. M. Welzhofer, r 2 do, H K Thurber, 2 do ; Joseph D. Evans & Co 40 do, 84 half-boxes, 'R1chey & Bom face, 73 do, 70 do; Bulkley, Moore & Co, z6 do, 73 do, 30 three qtr boxes, E. DuBo1s, 83 do, so three-qtr boxes, J. H. Thompson, 43 three-qtr boxes; J. Ottenberg & Son, I case c1gars, J-D. Keilly. Jr., I30, seroons, 76 cases, 7 three-qtr boxes; N. L. McCready, ,_ and the gross weight, the be oue hundred dollars, : and, Qr Pnces at Richmond are very firm ana ti::elr lbs mfd, $z,roo. l ;_tare, arid the det wetght of any lmid shall fer upward as a general thmg. Fme bnght srook, VENEZUELA....:. I hhd s265 1 932 lbs mfd fs84 6o cases, order, 5 Bv THE 'IRGUUA STEAMBOAT LINK.-Oelrichs & Co., zo lthds; W. 0. Smith, 5 do; 27 trea; Martin & : if : ...:Pro'vlded, That these hmltanons and 'po. t than'. twenty nays ana not ers ale' r l ipgirig from 25@37 and. medium to fine lo European ports 'cor endml!: Apnl r6 'b ::.-packages shall not apply to tobacco and snun t ai).S morl! one any rqal)ufacturer ,or wrappers from Good dark wrappers NTWERP.:::_118 cases. ::-'petted" \n bond for exportati6n and actually other person wbo put or snuff mto sellmg at :QREMEN434 1 770 cases, IIS bales. :, ''ported' : AntJprovJ'dedfurlher, That fine-cut shorts, the any bag, vessel, or envelope, -W.e t'ev16e quotatiOns for th1s market, advancmg 1 G hhds refuse of fine-cut chewmg tobacco, refuse scraps, the sa' me havmg e1ther been emptied or partially all grades, the range extendmg 7.( @2c., according to hhds pmgs, cuttmgs, and sweepings of tobacco, may be sdld el\lfltte.d,: or po$eSSIO.Il, otsliall aflix_ to qual-ty We wQuld now qqote as I85 cases. \. Johnlon, 4lZ cues; jG. W. Hillman &: Co., 100 do;. Richey & Boniface, I do; Doaan, Carroll & Co., 53 do, 2z6 half boxes; Maddox Brothers, 3 do, 1 do; Bulkley, Moore & Co., zo do, 10 thhree-qtr. boxea ; Connolly & 1 Co., 100 three-qtr boxes. : in bulk as matenal, and w1thout the payment of tax, any box ot package -any stamp or stamps which low to medium leaf good to fine II@ IJ.rvERPOOL-IIP bales. by one manufacturer to another manufacturer or for have been previOusly used, or who shall sell, or offer for rsc; dark wrappers 12@xsc LoNDON-I40 hhds, 49 959 lbs mfd export, under restnclions, rules, a 1d regulations as sale, any box or other package of tobacco, snuff, or ctSeed LeaJ.-We have to record another fine week for -arti _.. __ K ti the CommlSstoner of Internal Revenue may prescribe gars havmg affixed thereto any fraudulent spunous h d 1 f t d th 1 li htl eed' g the agCuuu0 ce rf t e see ea ra e, e sa es S g Y exc m 1Jiir Growen of seed leaf tobacco are cauuoned accepttn COASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE-H. Hoffman, r8 hhds j WeiSs, Eller & Koeppel, 44 pgs M &: I. Cohn, 2 do ; G. W. H1llman & Co., rs do, T. F. Englebaum, 6 do; Or Je r, 3 hhds, IO P2'S The followmg sectiOns, do away, we regret to say, lm1tat10n, or counte e1t stamp or stamps, or stamp or gregate previously announced, amountmg in the present reported sales and quotations of seed leaf as furnishina the price, tht with the presert bonded warehouses for tobacco after stamps that have been previOusly used, or shall sell from instance to 3, 644 cases agamst 3, 462 reported m the pre-should be obta1ned by them at lint band, u these refer m most m t .mces b d f tw I th d th any such fraudul'ently stamped box or or shall ceedmg summary. After the season of dullness such as to old crops wh1cb have been held here nearly a and the f ................ :10 affixed thereto internal revenue stamps indtcanng the manufactured tobacco, m 'leaf tobaccd, or retail ion, and _th1s fact together -:vith the leaf ... H 26 : :: CoASTWISE FROM NEw ORLEANs-Order, 2 hhds. CoASTWISE FROM KEY Wi:ST-De Barry &: Kling, r8 cases c1gars, Se1denberg &: Co 35 do ; C. H. Mallory & Co 2 do ; order, 2 do. payment of the tax thereon. The removal from the dealer m leaf tobacco, without havmg paid a .svec lal t,festmg 1tselt to pnces to the of fore1gn Nauy HoJI manufactory of such tobacco and snuff shall be made therefor, as provided by Jaw, shall, besides bemg far to JUStify the hope. that sh1pments Wl_ll Medium leaf .......... :::; .. 23 under such rules and regulations, and after makmg hable to the payment ofi the tax be subject to a fine or be lm suffic1ent volume to afford all the rehef that IS Good .. .. ....... LouglO's ... ..... 25 -such entries and execu.ting and filmg w1th the penalty of not less than Jxo, more than $ 5 oo, or to needed for the of the domesf1c trade. Un: .. : : : : : u @15 ... of the d1stnct from whtch removal iS to be made, Impnsonment for a term of not less than thirty days, however, httle can ?e predicted w1th .. such bGnds and bills of ladmg, and g1vmg such other nor m'Jre than one year or to both at the discretiOn of tamty m this world of uncertambes and contrantles, oom to good 1ugo. .. 7Ya@ 8,_ Bright Gold Baro, o mch e a add! tlonal security as may be prescnbed by the Com the court and many thmgs may occur between now and the enBough & Ready .. 2 2 miSSIOner of Internal Revenue and approved by the "SEC_ That whenever any stamped bex contaming sumgAutumn to modify, and even wholly change, the Wrappers, dark .. 12 U Secretary of the All and sr:uff cigars, cheroots, or cigarettes, shall be emptielt, 1 t shall present of. events. : ... ,;;edlum :: .. intended for 1mmed1ate export asaforesrud, before bemg be the duty of the personm whose hands the same may Meanwhile! 1t IS to be able to note an ; ................ I 7 removed from the manufactory, shall have affixed to be to destroy utterly the stamp or stamps thereon encouragmg Improvement m the trade at th1s trme, and Medlumand:linered .. 8Ya@12 T.\.rds ................. 11 each package an engraved stamp, of such inand any person who shall willfully neglect or refuse to even an mdi!Iererent or suppos1tltous reason Povndl :_ .. .. IT tention, to be prov1ded and furmshed to the several do shall for each such offense on conVICtiOn be fined for thmkmg the change may be accepted as the preMary!and-F'at'dto com.. :. :.. : ,. collectorS, as in the case of other. stamps, and to be and lmpnsoned not less' than ten days'nor more curso r of, ts to cotne .. ::::: ; common to medium ... 1 5 charged to them and accounted form the same manner, than SIX months And any person who shall sell or The detalls of last weeks busmess are as follows: Good do : and for the expense attendmg the prov1dmg and affixmg give away, or who shall buy, accept from another, or 2,roo cs. new crop Oh10 and We tern, the former at .. : : u @13 ........ so such stamps,centi for each package so shall use for packmg ciga rs, cheroots, or cigarettes, any and the latter at 6oo cs. Pennc'O,i,iry .. :::.: 1 : Fine ............. 20 be pa1d to the collector on makmg the entry for such such empty stamped box shall for each such offesce sylvama, new, at 13@rsc 82 cs Oh10, old, a t I4C. 62 Grouudleof, new .. 5 @ 9 g:;'-m;;.,.,;.i in .il,;, iJ transportation \Vhen 1 the manufacturer shall have on conviction, be fined 't.Ioo, al'ld impnsoned not cs do do on pnvate terms. cs. New York State, Gnnulaled Smoking ... 80 made the proper entnes, filed the bonds, and othenv1se than twenty days and not more than one year." new crop, at 9@rr, all for export. Wrappers ......... 26 .o BALTIMORE, April I3.-Messrs. C. Loose & Co., CommissiOn Merchants, and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, report Our market for the past week has been moder ately active, w1th pnces generally unchanged Receipts of Oh10 and Maryland, have been qu1te fatr, and will be, we expect, particularly of Maryland, still more hberal for the next week, as the weatlher has been favorable for packing lately. Of Maryland, some 300 hhds have been sold to shippers and the demand fe>r this, description re mains fair Of Oh10, some zso hhds, mostly for DuiS burg and France, some for Bremen were sold at unchanged rates, and several hundered hhds more have also change dhands, the particulars of which sales though are kept pnvate. Of Kentucky, 7 5 hbds were sold, also 40 boxes wrappers and 44 boxes fillers. Of Ken tucky seed leaf for export, prices not transpired. In Vugmia, the stock of wh1ch 1s small, we hav& not heard of anv movements of importaillce, though prices may be considered very firm. Inspections this week add up: 615 hhds Maryland, 5 t'o do 011\o, and 2 5 do Kentucky-total, t,xso hhds. Cleared same penod, 79 hhds Maryland, II4 -io Vtrgm1a, 49 stems to Bremen, per steamer Berlm, and I6 hhds to West Indies We repeat quotations: Mary land-frosted, J sound common, good common, middlmg, good to fine red, u@r3, fancy, 14@25, upper country, 5@30; ground leaves, 5 @9 Oizzo-mfenor to good comm_on, 6@7 greemsh and brown, ; medium to fine red, 9@ 12; common to mediUm spangled, 7@10, fine spangled to yellow 12@25. Kentucky-common to good lugs, heavy do, medium leaf, 9@97.(; fairtogood, fine and selections, u@15. VJrgmiacommon to good lugs, 7@8 ; common to medium leaf, 8@9; fa1r tb good, 9@10; selections, stems good to fine, primings, @30 @32 @641 @30 @U @45 @27 @27 @1!0 @20 @23 @25 @20 @17 @27 @30 @35 @22 @18 17 @76 complied w1th all the requuements of the Jaw and reguS fi b'd 'th t h ld t t ti th Transcations for the brome trade show roo cs old \ per 111 ..... .. .. .:; 00@7 5 oo latwns as herein provided, the collector shall 1ssue to pace or 1 s a we s ou a presen en ClSe IS Pennsylvama at 25@4oc., and soo cs. new Connechi:ut FUtero Lw.f IS 16 do Conn. Seed 8u OO@tO 00 him a permit fGr the removal, said perm1t accurately latest specimen of the work of ourlaw-framers The task and fillers and seconds, partly at zzc. ... :-:.. 82 "' Ne!0 25 00@80 00 descnbmg the goods to be shipped, the number and must be postponed. Suffice 1t to say now, that while we and partly at 25. .. :::: il ::: = kind of packages, the number of pounds, the amount of recogntze one or two genume Improvements, the harm 1s no change to note m Havana Pennryl,_,.,. &td. LtoJ-Oh1o do do do ...... 17 011@23 oo tax, the marks and brands, the State and collection done by abolishmg the bonded warehouses and inflicting tobacco smce our last. The market has been fa1rly :.:rJ:d:'toia:::::.::: ... :"'d &L 20 OO@so oo distnct from which the goods are shipped and the number h d b k h t acttve but without special feature. About soo bales Fillere ........ ... .. 12 @15 Common .. 15 06@17 oo ofthemanufactory,w1ththemanufacturer'sname,together t e raw ac system upon, us, t an es changed hands at 95c.@$x Io, and we hear of a line of ao @to .. :. with the port from wh1ch the goods a r e to be exported, for them But as "forewarned IS forearmed," our fnends rso bales under consideration as we wnte wh1ch will Iota. .. Rro ::: = and the route or routes over which the goods are to be should buckle on the armor and prepare to stFangle the doubtless be sold before go to press. The mar!iet is N. Scotch 815@-oo h f hi t d t,_ f h fi Oh1o do 10 Common .. . --6.1 sent to t e port o s pmen an 1rc name o t e ves -aboruon ere 1t can be v1tahzed mto legal ex1stence rrm. Penn med1wn ......... J.merioalla.tnueman -1 oo sel or lme by wh1ch the goods are to be conveyed to the Manufactured-A moderate business was done in do ftw' ............... t5 16Ya L""""" Gold port. The bonds Ieq_uired to be given for the manufactured during the week, some black U s having 11Ya ... exporttt1on of tobacco and snuff, be upon lllllfOR taken for the Cuban w1th several very LaCoro,adeEopana.... ... 26 the presentatiOn of the proper cemficates that the sa1d fa1r sales of bnght rz mch twiSt, whereof, the supply Danna running Ioh $106 @180 tobacco and snuff have been landed at any port without THE Bedford (Va.) Tobacc6 Fair 1\,as been postponed under 32 cents is limited. .. "::rJL do gg g-:: l:: :;::: .:. the jurisdiction Unitedh Stateods, orhupon sbatisfac1tory untll the 6th of June. Fli or the8 latter goodds th1ere were a numbedr ofh_bfiuyers y,...d; cat ao ::g &"' :::::: proof that after s 1pment t e go s ave een ost.' 1 at rom 2 an sa es were restncte c 1e yon Yara n out.. $1 00@1 u "WyDia IlL" 'IJ(lll>o. net SEc.-. 74 be out all W. H. WILLIAMS lost a "large lot of tobacco m a account ofthef difficulty of placmg1t1hemb a1t thoshe figurefis __ :::::: .. :.:: :A arter the enactmg clause and IDSerting m heu thereof the factory at Hartford, Ky., recently by fire. No insur-The v1ews o buyers are genera y e ow t e pro t -liDo ............ @IJ(l z. A." 1110 1111 ........... 23 followmg, to wit: That fro m and after the date on wh1ch ance. margins of the trl\de at this time, c<;>ns!deratlOn = ::::::::.:::::::: : = .. ::--:.:::. th1 s act takes effect there shall be an allowance of drawnot bemg. given to the fact that wh1le tlie pnces of 111an-lllodl. ........ 22 @2t "" s.".................... u back on tobacco and snl{ff on which the internal tax has STAMPS ON CIGAR Commissioner d ufactured goods have remained stat10nar>: at the figures DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. been paid by su1table revenue stamps affixed to the same Internal Revenue has dec1ded, m regard to use of several months ago, the of leaf has The arrivals at the port of New York fr;om domestic before removal from the manufactory or place where the labels on c1gar packages and the manner of aflixmgthem matenally advanced on all grades. There IS hardly a man-intenor ana coastwiSe ports for the week endmg April goods were made, when the same are exported, equal in thereto, that whe_never manufacturer or covufacturer in yirgi_nia '!ho can goods atthe average x6, were 1 ,216 hhas, 45 trc;, 77 pgs, 6, 442 cases, 1 box, amount to the value of the stamps found to have been so ers ?P the caution nonce or. of c1gars by current ?ffer!llgs m th1s, we JUdge, other markets; 240 three-qtr boxes, 4 6 7 -hlfboxes, 130 seroons, I bale, affixed, the evidence that the stamps were so affixed, affixing over them any labels or stamps, such from whtch, 1t may be infe!red how difficult 1t IS for sS cases cigars, zo bbl lighters, consigned as follows: and the amount of tax so pa1d, and of. tho subsequent packages are to be regarded as not havmg on them the dealers to make the concess10ns demanded, _or a!ly conBY THE ERIE RAILROAD-Pollard Pettus &: Co., 7 5 exportation of the goods to be ascertamed, under such caut10n notice. by law, and revenue officers cess1ons at all. An and not a d'eclme, 1s what hhds; J. K. Smith & Son, 50 do ; Kremelbe rg & Co., rules and regulation as shall be prescnbed by the Comare 1? the se1zure of all boxes ,of c1gars when 1s for by the ex1genc1es of both branches of the 253 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 43 do; D J 'Garth, m1ss 1oner of Internal Revenue and approved by the Secthe caut1on notices are thus concealed Cflvendtsh mterest, an attam!llent, however, not hkely to Son & Co., 14 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 73 do, ; F. retary of the Treasury, and any sum or sums found to be realized while the legtslat1on of the country conw Tatgenb.orst & Co I8 do; M. Abenhe1m, 4 do ; P. be due under the prov1s1ons of thiS section shall be pai'd HYMENIAL.-We notice that the present representato be agamst rather than. in favor of it, as, pro-Lonllard & Co., 10 do; Norton, Slaughter & Co., 24 by the warrant of the Secretary of the Treasury on the tive of an olm and highly esteemed tobacco commission spect!Vely seems no-:v the case, and buye_rs, m conse-do; R. McGinnis Jr., :: do; J. P. Quin & Co., II do' Treasurer of the Umted States out of any money ans-house of this city, (DuBois & Vandevort,) Mr.' Eugene quence, are enabled, m some measure, to d1ctate terms s. M. Parker & Co, SS do, E M Wright & Co., 20 do ing from internal not otherwtse appropriated DuBJIS has been commlttmg matnmony. Mr. DuBois to sUit themselves. A. H. Cardozo &_Co., I do, Drew & Dean, zs do; Oel That no claim for any allowance of drawback showed his good taste by making the important sele:tlOn Smokmg-Transacttons m smokmg tobacco have been richs & Co> I3 do; Goodwin & Co., 3 do; A. D. Chock' shall be made or had for a sum less than f;ro, nor exfrom the ranks of the Press, havmg marned Miss. Anna m the mam satiSfactory, jobbers and wholesale dealers ley 4 do J D. Kellly 6 do Forsvth & Co. 2 do cept upon satisfactory evidence furnished to the ComG!eenleaf Brooks daughter of Erastus Brooks, of the both reporting a good We Jo;eph Mayer' s Sons, Julian Allen, 42 do { m1ssioner of Internal Revenue that the stamps affixed E:gress The ceremony occurred at West Bnghton, hear of a new Vugtma brand JUSt mtroduced of H. Schubart & Co., 6 2 do; E. Rosenwald & Brother, to the tobacco or snuff alleged t? have been exported Staten Island, where Mr. DuBoiS resides The young wh .cq dealers speak favorably. Iffound t? deserv22 do; Bunzl & Dorm 1 tzer, 70 do, M. H. tLevm; ros were totally destroyed before thereof, and that Renedlct has our best wishes, as well as those of his mg of a welcome, we shall hereaft!!r accord a JOurnaldo, Charles E. Fischer & Brotqer, 42 do ; order, 4 do. the goods have been landed m a foreign country and numerous fnends amoog the trade. 1st1c mche along w1th other cho1ce favontes now and Bv THE HuDSON RivER llAtLROAD.-Chas. F. Tag have not been relanded w1thm the United States. MEETING OP THE CtGAR MANUFACTURERS' Mu-long upon the market&: Son u8 cases Carl Uptnann, 202 do; S. All tobacco and sn_uff. now stored export bonded CJgars-The're 1s nothing to add to previous remarks 99 do Mayer' a Sons g03 do, E. I h TUAL PROTECTIVE Soci:aTv.-A meeting of the Cigar l b h h 1 warehouse shall Wlthm twe ve mont s a ter the passage 8 concernmg c1gars, l!n ess 1t e t at m t e retru HI)ffman, 21 do; B. LichteR berg, 9 6 do ; Schroeof this act be w1thdrawn from such warehouse upon paySofciMety wCaKs hheld tAhpril factunng trade there IS a shade of dullness perceptible. der & Bon 3 6 do. E Rosenwald & Brother 66 d h 1 f r 72 at w JC on motton o r. u n e reso-El h h t ha be t 1 h ment of the tax, or 10r export un er t e regu at10ns o 1 f h N' 1 c M f ', A sew ere t ere appears o ve en no rna ena c ange M & E Salomon 30 tlo R H Arkenburgh 3 ::6 do f I 1 R utwns o t e attona 1gar anu acturers ssoc1a1 t Th h trifi ' the CommiSsioner o nterna evenue, now m > orce d d M h 1 h \; 1 f L f smce our as rev1ew e mquuy was, per aps, a e Bunzl & Dormitzer 5 do L & E Wertheimer s2 a:oncerning w1thdrawals of tobacco and snuff from tTionb, a opte a 1 rc 21d 2 regdubatmhg t e a .e 0 de a less spmtad m some directions, but the tone of the do p Lorillard &'Co 5 do. Kuchler Gail & 'co d d h A d t. b '" o acco were a so a opte y t e meetmg, an a k t d b th r fi d d ti t k. ., ., bon e ware ouse n any o acco or snu.u remam. d d 1 1 ti fi mar e was goo o 10r ore1gn an omes c s oc AA do Alva Oatman ISl do Palmer & Scoville 40 v;port bonded wankouse for a pen'ad of more committee appomte to -raw up a Simi ar reso u on or Gold opened at II I and closed at nofi TT R.' & S d 'F & C 'd '';.,:;/ve months after th e passage of tkts act shall be the next meeting, in order that l'll the members might Fxckange has beeu' dull at the of the week ;L 1 .!:hc 3t d 0 ; Batman I' 0 fi d tiJ tile Unzted States and shall be sold or dis-sign It. The appointed were H. Peetsch, the demand became and rates advanced We .""'I H. \. 0 t, 3& c0 ; 1gde IUS, e C Kuhn and Th Stnch .,. .,5 do am .. urger e., 99 o or er u o. posed oflfor the benefit of the same m such manner as quote: B1lls at 6o days pn London, ro87'4@ro9 for comBv THE NATIONAL LINE -Blakemore Mayo & Co. shall be prescribed by the Comm1ssioner of Internal BusiNESS ENT.ERPRISE.-Messrs. G W Hillman mercia!; ro9" for bankers'; do at short s1ght, 3 do; F. w. Tatgenhorst & Co., 7 do, E. M. Wright :Revenue, under the d1rectuon of the Secretary of the & Co : for the past sixteen years tobacco-commission I.Io"@x. 107.(; Pans at 6o days, 5.22 do at & Co, 1 do ; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 40 do ; J. P. Treasury." . merchants at 108 Front street, this city, have recently short sight 5I5@5'4rB' Antwerp, Q.uin & Co., 5 do; ]. E. Haynes, 3 do; A. H. Car The followmg 1s a sens1ble prov1s1on wh1ch meets a been enlarging and improving their warehouse for Swiss f8, Hamburg, 3518@3 6 7.(.' Amster-dozo & Co., 2 do; f>gllard, Pettus & Co., lZ3 do; M. difficulty frequently encountered under the present law the better accommodation of their business. This popu 40 4;(B@4xl.(' Abenheim, 7 do; R. McGuinis, Tr., 7 do; D. J. "SEC That such'stamps as may be required to Jar and well known firm are the sole agents for all the 7 .J, 7?' hrussiban a 72 d 7 2 1 Garth, Son & Co., :n do; Alva OatMan, 301 cases ; 1 k ... ave een ql!iet an pnces are ower. S h d & B 8 d H & v I' stamp tobacco, snuff, or cigars, sold under d1stramt of Northern States ancl Canadas, as also for Kentuc y, != roe er on, 17 o, avemeyer 'lge any collector of internal or for stampmgany. toCalifornia, and the Territories, of the "Fruits and IMPORTS. 4 do ; ]. L. Gassert & lhother_, 34 do i Joseph Mayer bacco, snuff, or cigars, which may have been abandoned Flowers "smoking tobacco, and other styles, from the T_he arnvals at the of from foretgn Sons, 41 do; Dorm1tzer, 196 do; Chas. F. condemned, or forfeited and sold by order of court, "Banner" Factory of Thomaa & Pilkerton, R\ch-P,?rt.s, week ehdmg Apnl 111cluded Tag & Son, 83 do; A. Co., 1021 do; Grder, or of any Government officer for the benefit of the United mond, Va. low1ng cons1gnmenta: 2 do. ...,..... Tobacco Statement. jan 1872 -Stock in warehouses and on sh1pboard, not cleared-------5,745 hhds Inspected this week----- --------t,xso hhds Inspected previOusly ------------7,073 hhds Total _. ----. --.--. 13,968 hhds Exported smce Jan. 1 3,960 hhds Coastwise and re-mspected 700 hhds 4,66o hhds Stock to-day in warehouse and on ship-board not cleared ---------------9,3o8 hhds Manufactured Tobacco. Remams dull and unchanged, with sales limited to actual wants of trade. By an error of the printer we were made to say irl our last report, that there was a slight decline of for the common gr'ades of Maryland; it should have read "a shght declme of 7.( CINCINNATI, April 13.-Mr. F. A. Prague, Inspec tor of Leaf Tobacco, reports as follows; The market during the past week has ruled firm, with prices fully up to last week's quotations on all grads of new, the re ceipts of which have been confined almost entirely to. low grades. Dunng the past week there has beel\ the first rain smce the first of the year, that the weather ci1d not immediately afterwards turn cold preventibg ship pers from domg any thing with tobacco. Now, how ever, the weather ts warm. There has been a fine season for preparmg tobacco for market, and we may reasonably look forward to a large increase m rece1pts next week. At Bodmann's Warehouse there were sold 109 hhds, 126 boxes zo hhds new Mason County Ky., trash and lugs. 7 at J7.50@9 So; 13 at; 16 hhds new Brown County Ohio trash, and lugs, 3 at 7@ 9Z5 j 9 at 10@12.75; 4 at I3 75@17. 28hhds, Z boxes new Owen County Ky., trash and lugs: 53 at 7.65@ 9.30; 7 at ro@I I : zi hhds new Pendleton County Ky., trash and lugs I7 at 7 I5@6.85 j 4 at 10@15. I hhd new Boone County Ky., trash at 8.6o. 17 hhds, 4 boxes new West Virgima dark and bright manufacturing : 6 at 6.75@9.80; u at ro@17; 3 at 31, 58. 6 hhds old Southern Kentucky at n1 cases new Ohio seed fillers and wrappers: a at 4-25, sos; 52 at 3I at 8@9.8o; 27 at Io@11.75; 8 at U.So@IS j I at 21. At the Kenton Warehouse were sold 78 hhds, 39 boxes: 10 hhds old Mason County, Ky., lugs and leal: s at $12.75@17.25; s at 5 hhds new Mason County, Ky 2 at 8; 3 at 4 hhds new Brown County, Oh10, at 7o@8S 15 hhds new Owen County, Ky., lugs and leaf: 7 at 8@9; 6 at 10.25 @S zz hhds new Boone C'Ounty, Ky., trash at I3 hhds Pendleton County, Ky., trash and Jugs: 9 at 7.60@9; 4 at I0.7S@I3-75 9 hhds, 8 boxes new West Virgima: 8 at 7@9.40; 9 at IO@I7-75 32 cases new Oh10 seed fillers and wrappers: I at 6,.xs ; 8 at 7@7.65 j 23 at IO@Ia.I$. The Planters' 6ouse sold 41 hhds : 5 hhds Hart Countyleafat !5 hhds Hart County lags at 7o@8.8o i 4 hhds Metcal:fe Couaty leaf at u.s8 ..


I I \ I THE LEAF. 3 \ xs, 3 hhds Metcalfe County lugs at 9@Io 75; 7 hhds for Antwerp, ISI hhds. The stock m the warehouses Havana Leaf-Some few parcels have come to hand, abandon the use of the plug tobacco, and IS for r.ed to to the contrary the plug as well as the fine cut mterest Breckenndge County leaf at 9@I3, 2 hhds Bkecken-and on ship-board not cleared on the 9th inst. were but buyers do not appear inclined to pay the pnces use a miserable substitute m the shape of fine-cut, com-has contmued to mcrease, keepmg pace with the growth f!dge County lugs at S.6o, 8.90, r bhd Green County 4,4I7 hhds asked, although fillery classes bring full rates, and from posed of stems and many other adulterations. Ever of the country, and Government has more than doubled leai at n.:zs; :z hhds Adair Connty leaf at I0.75, 10.75, Manufactured 1 s 111 moderate demand. The stoclcs are the competition of the various buyers at the place of smce th1s present law has been m force the mterest and 1ts re ve nue from thrs source. That the fine-cut mterest 1 hhd Taylor County leaf at I0.25; I hhd Hopkms lighter than, Is usual at this-time of the year. w'e quote growth, there appears but little prospect of lower rates trade of the "plug manufacturers have been depressed, has mcreased in greater proportion than the plug 1 s not County leaf at 8 6o I hhd Hardin 'County lugs at 7.20, Extra No. I, lbs bnght 8o@ 9oc; fine do, 7S@Soc, rulmg for th1s growth. Yara and Cuba.-.:..scarcely a and bas been gradually declmmg until 1t has reached owing to any d!Scnmmalion m the Jaw, but 51mply from :z hhds War,ren County lugs at 7 75, 7 So; I hhd Cumfin,e medium do, 7 o@ 7S; good mediUT!l do, 65@7o, package to be had, good, useful classes woulg come to that pomt, unless somethmg should 'be done for their facts patent to any Impartial observer. The plug manu berlarid County lugs at 8; -5 bhds Indiana leaf and lugs medium do, 6o@6S ; commom sound do, 57 gold a favorable market. Manilla Cheroots and Cigars-relief, they will either be forced to abandon their busfacturers, m thetr sharp compehhon for trade, a m more at 7-3o@9.6o. 1 bars 12 in 6 oz accordmg to quality 6 7 medmn continue to be taken immedtateJy em anival. and at mess altogether or be mvolved m total -r um. On the io compete in pnces than they do to nvalm the excel-The Kentucky Tobacco Association sold rs hhds s and comn'ton, 'unsound, 4o@so, Bnght, pnces wh1ch are in favor of tbe sellers. There qther s1de, we find the manufacturers of fine cut tobacco lence of their productions Plug IS so manufactured hhds Mason County leaf and lugs at h 30@12; 7 hhds s8@ 7o; do black sweet, sS@6S; No. '1 ss and 10 s, are but few now m first hands. Mamlla Leaf-Has are m the most flounshmg conditiOn, With thetr busmess that 1t can be gtven the semblance of quality on the sur a rroll County leaf and lugs at 8@10 so, 2 hhds Har dark black, sweet, navy 57 do been more enqmred for, and cons1desable sales prosperous, and trade daily mcreasmg Why 1s th1s so? face, whtle the real character of the goods can only be County lugs at 7o, 8.70; 1 hhd Dav1ess County lugs .nrds, SS@6o fancy styles, natural leaf, twtst, pan-have effe.:ted of leaVIng the market much Because they have a dlSCTlminatmg tax of one-hundred dtscovered in usmg. Tliatemptation to deceive 1s toq at 7.30cake, etc, 6s@ 9o_ The recetpts were 1 124 pkgs. bare of this deac;nption than It been for some per cent. m the1r favor, thereby enabling them to under-great under the competitMt i in prices, and very few of HOPKINSVILLE, Kv. Apnl 6 -Mr. Dupuy, Leaf PADUCAH Mr James F c:llaway Leaf tlmhe past1 The b"alSIT Jamshetjhee F 1 a1mthly' 1hasb arnvhed mme the plug manufacturers. Why was this law en-the plug manufacturers can wtthstand it In fine-cut Tobacco Broker, writes In reviewmg the tobacco Tobacco Broker rrepor; Owmg to the w1t k neart 1 3oob eA w ode d WI J y C. e e acted? It 1s useless for its framers and advocates to there 1s no such deception possible. The goods are market tor the week closmg to mght, I have but little of weather for handimg I have agam to report rar et-d umblan-h go exiStS or m ahide themselves behmd the fhmsy Vail of ralsmg revesuch that every thread and particle IS subject to the interest to report. The weather continues so very dry light \ eceipts and an and firm market for all Sema anf h ut we res h1mportbs to re1 portd nue, and plead the demands and of the scrutiny of the purchaser; the result is evtdent The th 1 t h t be bl t th t b orne o t e an tva s o ,_,armen ave een p ace Government as an excuse for Its contmuance. Such consumer, whose eye has been repeatedly deceiVed by at p an ers ave no en a e o prepare etr o acco grades dunng the week To-da y common lugs were af: 1 h h b 1 r. ket Recei'pts r0r the eek were I I 5 hhds soon ter samp mg, t ere ave een severa mqu1nes assertions are gratuitous and false from beginnmg to plausible extenor, naturally prefers the goods that both .or mar k h d"ffi w h ld weaker, although quotably lower Sales for the week ror dry qual-,-tti'es suitable cor cutting purposes none W th th toe In t e 1 erent ware ouses unso we end, because It has been reteatedly d emonstrated to eve and taste commend consequently the growmg 1 nle s bl II hhd Th k r h 3I3 hhds, about one-half of which came from up the however are to be had Palmyra-We are a<>.St/ gooddo 8/a.9 com p ortationso tIS growt muc nee e. genan-t atsource, utwou aso e t emeansofputtml!'a as Western plug,Ise1therthe standardofexcellenceor o oafn o g 74d 721::1 'd d season. and dunng the next ten days we may expect Really fine colory sorts very scare and difficult to he I rL a. me m r r;;, goo 0 stop to :j, vast amount of fraud wh1ch unscrupulous what the consumer wants Do not whme at C'>J)vernmon e 'f /i' I LG>. much larger receipts, and I thmk, pnces. I have met w'Itb A small parcel In public sale on the 27th c n}.(@n74 ne ea e ectiOns, h k I f th manu.acturers constantly practtsmg upon the ment, wh1ch IS protectmg all honest manufacturers, or no c ange to rna e m pnces smce my Circu ar 0 e mstant was wtthdrawn Pantguay-N o mformat1on of revenue, m such a form that defied detectiOn, and which decry the ments o f the common chew A1m rather A{nl 1t hWe dreport as rst mst The shtppers COI;ltmue to get satiSfactory refurther shipments to thts port has been received. Porto tll.ey defied detectlon m There IS not an honest heart to be l oyal to law and honest to your trade, trymg to The receipts ave een 1 g t, !ln consequent Y t e turns. R1co Arracan Brazil and St. Dommgo-No stock on in the land who will look mto and carefull y e xamme excel m quality rather than m pnce, and rest assured sales have been small The demand has been strong SAN FRANCISCO, Apnl5.-The Commerctal H erald sale The has again 'tumed their attenthis who will not confe ss, that It IS not revenue that the goods \vtll wm The tuade agamst Radiuntil the close of the week when It was not so good, as says that the sprmg trade demand IS now setting m w1th t10n to most colory lots of this growth, which has and the mterests of the Government, wluoh the ad-cal dzsc rumnatwn IS very 1lly taken Takmg St Louis many buyers are anticipatmg better receipts Pnces cons 1derable mqmry for Manufactured_ Stocks are resulted m busmess to a fair extent, the medium and vocates and makers of thts law w1sh to mamtam and as a en tenon of th effects of the law, we find that the however are firm. The arnvals for the week were 434 hberal, and pnces as herelofore Of Leaf stocks are dark parcels of whtch the bulk of the stock consists protect, for 1t has been clearly shown that If the law IS plug trade smce 1868 has not d1mm1shed-on the con hhds, S4 bozes, and the. shipmentn, S4I hhds, 653 large, and pnces nommal The exports were II5 cases are still held at pnces beyond the VIews of exporters: made equal and JUSt to all parties, that the re venue w11l trary It has enormously mcreased, as will be seen from boxes. The sales at the dtfferent warehouses for the 22 do ctgars to the Sandw1cq Islands, and 4 bales, 2r9 and consequently are neglected be greatly mcreased, and IS as demonstrable as th,at--one statements gathered from the revenue report The same time were 69 hhds, as follows cases, 4 do cigars to V1ctona. There are now on theu of go od color and not senously country damaged, and one makes two If such be the case, why was the sales of the plug manufacturers for the past iour years The Ptckett House sold Io2 hhds 9 hhds Breckenway to th1s port from domestic Atlantic ports I82 hhds sells freely and mamtams Its price Common sorts d1ffi-law enacted, and why 1s 1t contmued m force 1 I hope are a s follows 1 County leaf, a.t $9 3o@I4' 7 hhds Breckenndge 2 253 cases 1 cult to qmt, except at low rates. Greek-There have to be ab(e to show to every candtd, unbiased, and Y ear. Pounds. I Y e ar. Pounds_ County lugs and trash at 7 @ 8 3' 1 I hhds Henderson ST LOUIS A'"' 1 M J E H T b been several mqumes for the grades for export unpre Jud i ,ced mmd, before I get through It IS a well ______ _.I,o52,33o IS7o _. ___ .... 2 ,8 5s,5 s 2 County leaf at 9 311 75' 5 hhds Henderson County r" Io-r aynes, 0 acco and a f ew lots placed Home trade-Only a Y 1 d t h t firtS 8 hhd H C t Broker reports as rol!O\"S Received 27,9 hhds agamst known and fa c t > that all, or nearly all, of the I869--------I,93o o85 IS7I-------.. 2,730,:646 ugs an ras a 7 20"'1 I enry oun Y '' '' "' bust11ess done R1o Grande-Good dry lea"'y qualities I af t hhds Taylor County )<>af an d lugs at 8 40 310 the prevwus week. The marke opened steady and plug tobacco which IS produced m th1s country IS made These figures need no comment, and utterly refute e a I I' 2 1 "' wo .. Jd sell freely Stock qu1te bare, no positive th S th d t II II k th t II h h q. d b h If f h hhd L C r S r;;, has ruled stron g Factory lugs unchanged but other m e ou an I IS equa Y as we nown a a t e t t. unwarrante assertions rna e m e a o t e plug I0.75, 3 s ogan ounty ea,, at 75' 5 1nrormatton of any on the way. Java-The general C I f @ hhd grades are a little higher Sales from Thursdav to fine-cut chewmg tobacco IS manufactured m the Southern mterest That the advocates of equality of tax on hhds McLean ounty ea at 9 3 a IO 25' 4 s -" of the qualitiy of tLe parcels orrer1ng pn the C I f 6 @ hhd D C Yesterday Inclusive los hhds 2 at 3 7 or;;,3 So (scraps). ll' and Northwestern States, with the exceptiOn of a very smokmg and plug have the mterests of the poor man 1 n Dav1ess ounty ea at 9 IO' 2 s aviess ounty market, ancl the pr1'ces demanded, have almost precluded hhd G C I f 5 at 6 7 r-;,6 at_,r-;, 7 sS at 8G>.8 90 8 at 9G small quantity which IS made m Lomsville, Ky and St v iew IS simply nd1culous The ex1genc1es of the Gov' trash,at7,7So,r rayson ounty ea at 10 90 32 t"' bustnesstoanyextent DutchaudGerman-Ow1ngto hhd M hi b h C I f S S r;,. hhd 9 6o I 2 at 10r;;,10 75 Sat IIr;;,II 7 s 4 at 7 s Louts, Mo In the State of Vmnma where, perhaps, ernment w1ll not permit a reductiOn of revenue. Thts 3 s uc en urg ounty ea at 1 ' '!:' the paucity of stock sales have been but tr1fl1ng espec'"' h C h hhd M 2 at I 3 2sr;,.13 75 I at rS 75 2 at 20 25 and I at there IS more plug tobacco proauced than mall the they well know-consequently the equality of tax Muchlenburg ounty tras at 7 7' 2 s anon I ally 1n the latter growth. A good Inquiry ex1sts !ior the f S hhd Ad C I f 2s 25 an d 30 boxes at 5 90r;,.34 75 (IncludinrY 7 boxes other States put together, there IS not, and never was means an advance on smokmg, whtch 15 now taxed County lea at 9 o, 10, 5 s air ounty ea at "' useliul lasses of both sorts Japan-Near!& the whole "" hhd '\Vebster County leaf at I S 5 o@g 60 "white Burleigh" cuttmg leaf at I5@ 34 7 5, worthy '1 known such a tlung as a manufactory of fine-cut chew hi g her, accordmg to Its value, than any known arucle ut {J b s C 1 t 8 8 hhd M t' particular mention as evidence that the fine cuttmg leaf of the parcels oflered on the 27th and 28th mg tobacco. W1th these facts stanng one m the face, common us e Gentlemen, throw aside your flimsy dis2 I e f ugst a 7 0 so' ecan be profitablyratsed m Missoun) In the same time mstant, were sold at current pnces. A good demand IS It difficult to see and determme the a mmus of those 1gmse of JUStice, and acknowledge 1 t 1 s not the welfare ca eC ountyl an ugs a 9 I C 6 hhds were' passed and bids were ;ejected on 21 extsts for medmm classes. Hunganan-Busmess has who framed this tobacco tax? JusTICE of government, your sympathy for the poor, or your son ounty 12 d Cs t rr;on;o; at 6 70@2o and 2 boxes at 7 70 @I 9 To day market generally been of a retatl character--only a limited REPLY TO THE ABOVE anxiety for the mte res ts of the general tobacco trade lugsat7sCo,I I fume8r6an ohuhndyTeaabl9C;I t 'steady"or'Iugs active andhlgher"or 'sales59 supplyonhand ForLatakia-Therehasbeenanimpro-h bt It 1 W ty at 3 s nm e oun y ,, ,, ,. [From the Mzssoun D e mocrat, 1 ] t a t moves you, u simp y o create a secllona arren oun@Sea hhdo 'T I af t @ hhds 3 at "3 6o' 3 70@ 4 20 (scraps ) 2 at 6 6or;;,6 90 ved demand dunng the month, and some small sales r 1 d b t d U N tr h at 7 S o go 3 s ennessee e a 9 90 P To t h e Mzssou1 z Democtat-In the of the monopo Y an su serve pnva e en s. NCLE, ED' as hhd T. 1 t s hhd M 2oat7r;;,790 2Iatr;;,Sgo 7at9@.gSo3at1025' effected Ashghtconcess10noathepartoftheholders :r I4 2 5 1 ennessee ugs a 7 o :z s 1ssou n d b 1 d d bl b 23d IS a lengthy article over the signature "Justice," I af hhd M 1 t S and 3 at 12 75 I3 7S@ IS so and7 boxes at 6 2o@S 40 wo uld, no out, have e to consi era e usmess In bemg one of a senes that have appeared m the papers ; hhadt rio-dso, 1212Sf; I t @ ISsoun uhgshd ai di70' Bids were reJe'cted on 6 hhds' at 7 90@t3 75 We quote Negrohead-The maket presents no new fature. A fau 0 s n 1ana ea at 9 40 IO 25, 2 s n ana d d t 1: b d C d h-H w1thm the past month, whose stated object IS to lu s at S, 8' 6 hhds Indtana trash at 6 90@8 mfenor and hght weight lugs, 6 25@6 75' factory do eman exiS s or avonte ran s. aven IS as enlighten the public on the workmgs of the preseQt gTh L 11 H ld hhd hhd T 6 90@7 30 planters' do 7 25@7 7S common leaf been taken rather more freely, purchasers haVIng been tobacco law and Its effect on the trade smce 1ts passage bl C e hhds T 2I bl nmty77s@S so' medmm do 'S 7S@II. do I2 @I6' chiefly made m better qualities of the useful sizes Instead, however. of presenting a fau expositiOn of the I e osunty ea hhadt ; C st nhm tSe oSuSnS No brwht ieaf offienna' Stalks-In small dem a nd. Smalls-Difficult tq sell. ugs at @II, 2 s nm e ounty ras a 30, ; "' "' law and 1ts actiOn, or suggestmg any specific remedies 5 hhds Warren County leaf at 9 9o@I2 3 hhds Warren FOREIGN. 'I'IIJI S'I'ILVGGr.B I'OB. SIX'I'!IBK for.abuses, the authors m thm zeal, the position County lugs at 7 90@9 40 6 hhds Green RIVer leaf at ANTWERP, March 2 6 -Mr VIctor Forge, Importer they claim as bemg "d1smterested" lookers on, and 9@1 2 3 hhds Green Count} leaf at ro@I I 2 hhdf Cum-of leaf tobacco, reports as follows The only sales to GIJK'I'S. proceed to gtve the most partisan and preJudiced state-berland County leaf at IO@Io s 6 hhds Breckenndge report are 2 s hhds Kentucky at very firm pnces, our The Advocates and Opponents of' lJnif'ormit)' ments. They '!lake the mosl senseless assertiOns and County leaf at 9 3 S@Io 7 5 6 hhds Breckenndge County stock bemg very limtted and buyers not w 1 llmg to pay in l'lli81ioari-Botb Sides Statell. such gross misrepresentatiOns that the objec t IS lugs at 8@9, 4 hhds Logan County leaf at 9 So@Io 75 ; high pnces for new Large transactiOns may not be apparent, VIZ to awaken m the mmds o f the public a 4 hhds Logan County lugs at 7.7o@S ro, 2 hhds Gray-expected for some time A reported salem New Or[From the Musoun Republtean, March 23.] mistaken sympathy for one branch of the tobacco trade, son Countv leaf at ro, 10.50 2 hhds Grayson C ounty leans for our market of 1 50 hhds Kentucky at s cents EDITOR REPUBLICAN-My attention at vanous times the plug, and a consequent spmt of mtolerance m A Word f'or the Fadory Hands. [From the Petersburg (Va) Index, Apn/5 J Congress 1s tnflmg shamefully with th1s great Interest. Much m1ght be wntten on the subJect, the more truthfully, the m01e pungently; but to what purpose, be yond that Gf showmg our own people that we under stand the1r needs, appreciate the InJUStice shown' them, and know towanls whom censure should be directed? WI; at cares a Republican Congressman for what a Vir gmian ed1tor may think or say? or, for that matter a V1rgm1an commumty ? Or, m sooth, what does it amount to, m the eyes of these 'absolute d1ctators, that the poor colored dupes, who make the staple of their Southern pohhcal capital, shaould be shanng in much greater proportion, With quadropled ngor, the suffer mgs that the present unJUSt system-and the delay in conecting tts mequahtles-infhcts upon their employers, the We do not care, nor promise. to make a pohhcal matter of It, but surely the colored hands understand hat short work means short pay, short ( Contmued on th e Seventh Page) Advertisements. lugs at 7, 8, 1 hhd Barren County leaf at 10 so, 2 hhds will doubtfully pay profits here. There were no receipts for several years past has been directed to s o many regard to the other, the fine cut mte rest, also, fostenng Manon County leaf arid lugs at S 8o, I0.2S, 4 hhds AMSTERDAM, March 3o.-Messrs. Schaap & Van prayers, petitiOns, and protests, which have been prea spmt of antagomsm between the t\yo great tobacco Monroe County leaf at 9 7o@Io 25, 5 hhds Monroe Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report as follows Agam we sented to Congress by the manufacturers ot tobacco m mterests, more than would be engendered m the nvalnes County Jugs at 7So@8 25, 4 hhds Metcalfe County leaf have to hmttour report for the paat week to our ac-certam sectiOns of the country, remonstrating agamst and conpet1t10n of busmess In the article referred to, at 8@Io, I hhd Metcalfe County lugs at 7 65, I hhd count of the arivals and sales ot Java and Sumetra to -the present tax, and earnestly urgmg 1ts repeal, or a "Justice charges that all the evils m the trade can be Dav1ess County leaf at Io, 4 hhds Dav1ess County lugs baccos Tl"\_e stock of Amencan kmds 15 reduced to a change of 1ts present odwus, un;ust and oppnsstve fea attnbuted to RadicallegtslatiOn, that the object of the at 7 .40@920, 1 hhd Dav1ess County trash at 7 20, I mere tnfle, which IS stil\ held too high for profit. The tures, that It has led me to mvesugate the subject, and lllw IS to discnmmate m favor of certam sectiOns of the hhd Webster County leaf at Io, 2 hhds Hancock arrivals were 2 ,573 bales of Java, 3 r7 Sumatra, wh1ch I desire, before I conclude, to thoroughly vent!country to the d 1sadvantag of the others, and that It County leaf at g.So I o 4 hhds OhiO County leaf at Sales 3 629 bales Java. Stocks to -day 1 29 hhds Marylate, so as to agam show to the p eople of this State and encourages one brant:h o f the trade a t the expense of the 7 90@9 6o; 2 hhqs Meade. County leaf and lugs a t land, 82 hns KeutuckY, I 720 l:ales Rio lGraude, 3 I 7 to the whole eountry, what the effect of Rad!callegisla other He argues that one class of manufacturers 1s 8 70, 9 5 hhds Henderson County lugs at 7.60@950; bales Sumatra, and 1 ,579 bales Java. t10n Is, and what Its obje<;t has been for the past SIX forced upon the favor of the public through polit1cal FOR TOBACCO UEALERS.-Store aDd Cellar ua Pearl B&reol ......, s hhds Edmunson County lugs and trash at 7 so@ years. I find lately, l}owever; that these remonstrances mfluence, and that thi s crusade of the Radical lawHalden Lane, To Let-about 20 z 180Jeet-Rent, m-It 3 hhds Tennessee leaf at Io so each ; I hhd Tennessee LIVERPOOL, March 30 -Mr. F. W. Smythe, To-are not confined to the manufacturer alone, but has demakers has brought disaster and rum to all engaged m Jugs at 7.50, 3I hhds ]Jid1ana leaf, lugs and trash at bacco Commission Merchant, reports: Durmg the week scended to the poor operators and labonng men m the the manufacture of plug tobacco that ever smce the 6 go@Io; I hhrl. Illm01s onld trash at 7 Io. JUSt ended, sales of Umted States tobacco have been factones m V1rgm'ia, Kentucky, and M1ssoun, wh o law has been 10, force the plug busmess has been A SPLENDID OPPORTUNITY 111 oJrar.od to Jl&l'UOI 1J'iahiJig to en m the bUBUl688 -Au o l d concern of 4D yean atandlog C&D be beuoht out 1f applied for Tery BOOD For particulon apply to S67-tr ALLEN REYNOLDS & Co. Patencm-N. ;r, Notice.-The annual meeting of the Tobacco Leaf Pub h shmg C o mpany for the elect!& of three wll be held at the office of the Company, No. 14:0 Fulton Street, New York, Oft 24th, at o. P M JOHN G GRAFF, Secretary. 372-0.t CIGAR MANUFACTUREJlOs AND TOBACCO EXPORTERS, c an be supphed wtth Cannecbcut Cuttln&: ancl Scrap at the lowest market pnce, 10 lots from 5 to 100 tatel. 333-38! OSCAR HAMMERSTEJN, r.p Water ot, New York. I'OB. SAT;,IJ GIIJIP, The Boone House sold IOO hhds. 3 hhds Hart only to a moderate extent, dealers and manufacturers are holdmg meetlngs and sendmg petitiOns and remon-depressed and IS steadily dimlmshmg, and from the County leaf at $9@2S; 3 hhds Larue County leaf at purchasmg m the common retail way-ba'rely enough strances to Congress, that somethmg may be same cause the fine cut trade has increased and Is flour10.2s@I2 3 hhds J.arue CouQty lugs at S Io@S 70, to meet 1mmed1ate wants But little or nothmg was done done speedily to settle th1s question upon pnnc1ples of 1shmg Contmumg, the wnter presents a garbled vers1sn 5 hhds Taylor County leaf at 9 6o@1o 75, 5 hhds w1th exporters. Pnces, as a rule, are generally unchang-equ1tr and JUStice, and to place that mterest, upon of the law, cla1mmg that m 1ts provlSlons all fine -cut Taylor County lugs at 7 6o@8 40, 6 hhds Cumberland ed, so m small transactiOns, but, when mtendwhtch they are dependent for bread for themselves and tobacco IS only taxed I6 cents per pound, save m a few County leaf at 7 6o@I2, 5 hhds Cumberland County mg buyers make low offers for good sized lots, some families, upon the same footing of equahty with the exceptiOnal cases, wh1ch occur m certam V1rgmta brands Jugs at 7 .45@8 So, 4 hhds Green County leaf at Io@ holders are unable to resist the temptation to do bus1manufacrurers of tobacco in other sections of the counwhere,the stem IS extracted, which pay 32 cents per pound I0.7S, S hhds Green County lugs at 7 40@8 30, 2 hhds ness. Imports smce 1st mst, 165 hlids-delivenes 12S6 try I am utterly at a loss to see how any 'man who giVIng the public to understand that of all the States en Breckenndge County leaf and lugs at 7, Io.25 :r hhds hhds, the latter would probably have been but possesses one spark of honesty and manhood can, upon gaged m the cuttmg busmess, V1rgm1a alone pays a tax Todd County leaf at 9 75, ro, r hhd Todd County lugs yesterday bemg Good-Fnday (a close hohday), and to -an exammatlon and a clear understandmg of this sub of 32 cents on her producti ons of cut tobacco The cuttmg at 8.6o, 4 hhds Adair County leaf at g.Idi@Io, 3 hhds day betng a half-hohday, they were unavouiably inter-Ject, be m favor of a longer continuation of this unholy, busmess he asserts, bemg col)fined to the North and Adair County lugs 7 'o@7, I hhd Webster rupted. No doubt the apparent falling off m deltvenes unequal, and opprestve tax in Its present form and tts Northwest, they only pay a tax of I6 c en ts while the TWO County leaf at 10, 2 hlids Webster County lugs at 7 So, this month, will be fully compensated by increased outdiscnmmating effects. And to show to the readers of South and Southwest, who are exclusively engaged m the 10 hhds Logan Count leaf at 9.1o@Io, S hhds gomgs in Apnl. th1s article, that Its author IS not vtewmg thiS subJect nanufacture of plug, are requued to pay 32cents That th1s Logan Cbunty lugs at 7 .3o@g.Io, I hhd Ohio County LONDON, March 2S.-Messrs Grant, Chambers through the optics of self-mterest, he w1ll first of all state, discnmmatiOn, forcmg the mecha mc, farmer and poor OUTTING MAOHINES, B'ijOKEYE ,, leaf at IO; 2 'hhds Muhlenbergh County leaf at 9-2o, & Co., report as follows have no alteration tore-that he is not and never was, a manufacturer of tobacco man to abandon the ecstatic p leas ure of mdulgmg m 9.:zo; 2 lbhdi Muhlenbergh ounty lugs at 7 70, 8, 2 port in Umted States tobacco smce our last, and only of any kmd, nor is he directly or md1rectly mterested m plug, they must resort to a "miserable substitute of hhds Henry County leaf and lugs at S 40, 9 I hhd one transaction of any Importance has taken place, 1ts manufacture, further than that he IS a lover oft he weed fine-cut, composed of stem and other adulterations Casey County lugs at 7 so; hhds Indiana leaf at whtch consisted of a sale of about 300 Western stnps, and, at the present is enjoymg a huge qu1d of Les-The wnter's zeal for the" good old DommiOn (as he 8.So@Io; 15 hhds 1Ind1ana lugs at 7 3o@S.5o, 7 hhds taken by a nome trade buyer, wtth ths exception the ter's F1g from the old dommion. But first of all fondly terms VIrgima) and her productiOns, his Tennessee lugs at 7 30@8 90 ; 2 hhds Hopkins C ou 1'ty sales have been qu1te of a retail character. In leaf but I Wish to explam thiS sub1ect, so that the Simplest underlove for the plug, h1s hatred of the R adic als and leaf at 9, 9 little has been done, the stock of which is now very standmg can comprehend the operations afld effects of all Northern enterprise, lead him to Ign ore facts and The Farmers' House sold 112 hhds, 2 hhds Hart small, both for home use and exportation. V1rgm1a leaf the present tobacco tax. The Ifw teqmres a tax or stretch the truth as much m referrmg to the law as wlen County wrapper s at S2 I, 28 so; 8 hhds Hart County and strips have expene:1ced but little mqmry; the stock duty of 32 cents per pOund to be patd upon all plug to descnbmg the character of fine-cut. In support of my leaf at to@u; 4 hhds Hart County lugs at 7So@8.So now on the market bemg extremely deficient of quality bacco, manufactured for chewmg purposes, and 11pon assertions, though not assummg the exalted position 7 hhds Henry County leaf at Io 25@I4.50, Vocacy for a Adair County leaf at 10.25, 2 hhd!; Adair County lugs total sales consequently are of a trifling character. ofLynchburgh, Va., and perhaps some few other brands change m the law. Referrmg to sectiOn 16, tobacco at 8.sro, 8 40 5 hhds Warren. County leaf at 8.6o@ro. Holders contmue firm at current rates, and show no made m that State. The InJUStice and mequality of law r868, now in force, we find It reads as follow s so; 8 Warren County lugs at; :z hhds dtsposttion to supm1t to the slightest concession For this tax can be seen at a glllnce here are two. manufac"On all chewmg tobaccol fine-cut, plug or tw1st, on all Davtess County leaf and lugs at 7 so, 9.90; 2 hhds substltutes and c1gar tobacco there IS a good ?emand, turers, A. and B A:. goes to the warehouse or on tobacco tw1sted by hand, or reduced from leaf mto a Greene County leaf at 9, 9 70; I hhd Green County but operations are upon a very lim1ted scale, owmg to 'Change as the case may 'be, and purchases a hogshead condition to be consumed, or otherwise prepared wtth lugs at 8.30 ; I hhd Carroll County lugs at 9.10, 1 hhd the small stock now in this market; in fact, there has of leaf tobacco, has 1t sent to his factory, and has It cut out the use of any machme or mstrument, without bemg Franklin County lugs at 9 So; 4 hhds Henry County not been for many years past so poor a supply. Ship-up m such form as may be su1table for the trade, w1th pressed or sweetened, and on all other kmds,of manufactrash at 7o@8.2o, 3 hhds Vtrgima leaf at I4@16; ments of either class would now meet a speedy and such a percentage of stems as he chooses, and he IS re-tured tobacco not herem otherwtseprovtded for, a tax hhds Tennessee leaf at 9 .2o@I3-50, 2 hhds Tennessee satisfactory sale. Imports-I73 hhds. Delivenes-ll93 qutred to pay a tax or duty of I6 cents per pound. "On of 32 cents per pound shall be assessed and collected lugs at 8.20, 8 .20, ro hhds Indtana leaf at S.6o@Io 1 hhds agamst I,o23 hhds m the corresponding month of the other hand, B. purchases a hogshead and has 1t sent On all smokmg tobacco exclustvely of stems or leaf, hhd Indiana trash at 7 last year. Stock-I6,6ss hhds agamst u,5o7 hhds in to hts factory, but a10 he manufactures plug tobacco, With all the stems m, not having been previously stripped, The Ninth Street House sold 115 hhds. 4 hhds Bal1871 I5,799 hhds m IS7o, I4,335 hhds in I869; I9,9S6 and m order to roll ana press1t m such form as 1s butted, rolled, andJrom wh1ch no part of the stem has lard County leaf at so, 2I hhds Brecken-hhds m 22,Io3 hhds m IS67, and 24,499 hhds m necessary and smtable for his trade h.e IS compelled to been separated; etc, etc, a tax of I6 cents per pound r 1dge Councy lea at 9 :Io@I4, 29 hhds Breckenndge rS66. Vlrgm1a .leaf and stnps have had but little extract the mam stem trom1the leaf, and for so domg he shall be assessed and collected" Above we see that County lugs at 7.1o@S.99;. I hhd Cumberland County attention; some few s1,11alllots of the former, of fine 1s forced and compelled to pay a duty of 32 cents per all grades of chewmg tobacco are taxed equally wtthout leaf at I 1. 7 s ; IO hhds Warren County leaf at 9.6o@ light color, have been placed, and there continue to pound. Let me ask, m the' name of truth and JUStice where d!ScnmmatiOn \ as to quality or style of manufacture-11.75, 6 hhds Warren .County lugs atJ7 2o@S.8s, 2 hhds be numerous mqnmes for fine dark ncb stnps, of which Is the equality of such a law as this, to say nothing with the plug manufacturer on precisely the same basis as Hancock County leaf at 10.7 s, I I ; 7 hhds Logan there are but few to be found in last unport. Kentucky regard to the rights and the mterests of the manufac-the fine-cutter On smoking tobacco, only when graded County leaf at Io@11 3 hltds County !Paf at and M1ssoun Leafand Stnps--The latter have been dealt turer? why should the chewers of plug tobacco be subdown to a certam standard, w1th arbttra ry restnctwns 9@Io 2 hhds DaV!ess County higs a t 7.8o, 7 90, 4 mmorefreelythan anyotherdescnptlondurmgthemonth JeCted to a tax of 32 cents per pound, while those who as to the manner of packing, the tax IS l o wered to I6 ds' Ohto County leaf-at 9.2o@Io; I hhd Ohio County but the total sales are but small, there having been but prefer and use fine-cut should only pay I6 cents? To cents Th1s restriction ) on smokmg does not prelugs at 8.40 ; 2 hhds Grayson County lugs and leaf at one operation of any unportance; the stock now on the > Show the ruinous effects which this law pas produced vent the plug manufacturer from taking the leaf as It -8.Io, 9.30; 2 hhds Owen County lugs 8.3o, IO; 3 hhds market IS becommg bare of medium to common descrlpupon the busmess and trade of the plug togrows, pressmg 1t m plugs, and sellmg It as smokmg, Barren County lugs at 8.1o@8.3o ; I hhd Monroe t10ns, wh1ch m many cases are held at a shght advance bacco manufacturers, and whtch threatens them prov1ded he can get the <;onsumer to use 1t. The tax County lugs at S.5o; 3 hhds Vtrgtma leaf at n@IS so, In leaf the mqumes have been of a retail cb,aracter, with total rum if it 1s continued much longer, the large on tobacco had been modified and changed several 3 hhds Indiana leaf at 9.1o@Io.75, n hhds Indtana but little really fine, smtable for home trade purposes, is mass ,of plug tobacco is of medium and low grade, times previous to I868, and was collected simply on the lugs at 7 ro@S 70to be and the stock of qualities needed by exporters manufactured from lugs and common leaf, and is con-statement of the manufacturer and the report of the NEW ORLEANS, Apnl I o--We report as follows: IS very much reduced. Maryland and Oh1o-The trans-sumed by the labormg almost entirely, both for inspectors Under th1s system many abuses occurred There IS very little stock on Jhand, the demand 1s quiet actions m these growths have been very small, buyers cheWing and smoking. Now, 1f it be true that 1t IS the m the evasiOns and dtshonest practices of diose engaged as buyers are to p1Urchase at the prices asked. having confined the!T operations to selections possessmg consumer alone who pays the tax, why impose this m manufactunng. The honest dealer's busmess m The 6aJes have been hhds, of which 3, 6 and 4 were color, and of good dry condition Some good, useful shameless one upon the-mechanics and labormg classes many cases was ruined and the trade prossold at 13c. :z at-t:z}{Jc, and the rest at pnvate terms. lots are now in the market, wh1ch are held for very who are so little able to sustam and bear it? Is 1t trated Congress and the revenue department labored We quote:' Lugs at S@9c; low leaf at 9@1oc; medium moderate prices Havana C1gars--But very few of good imposed because the poor, labonng man obtains so large, to check the evil in vain, Uiltil finally, through the mat ro@nc; good at and fine and selections to fine quality are to be found on sale, such descnptlons so a reward for bislabor and industry tha ftuence of Northern men and eamestne:1s ofthe departat The amvals havet been I,J30 hhds. meet a speedy sale upon sampling, and bring full prices. he ta1better able to pay? On the other hand, m con-ment, the present system of stamps was adopted, smce Cleared for Bremen, S411 hhds j for raples, 518 hbds; Mediulp a.nd ordmary makes continue difficult to place. seqwf.nce of this discriminating lie is forced to which time, notwithstanding the assertions of" Justice" L;i liV 1 .\ I I .., "' 'W -... ; ONE LARGE STEM ROLLER. Apply J, p, LOBJLURD A CO 16 & 18 Chambers Street, N Y. COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOURNAL llr mo keu Publlohed at No 10 Lord lllelaoll L1nrpllol Eng, laud w!lere 1nbaoriptlona m&J be ad.4Jealed, or to &he TOB4'-1CO L&A.l' Pnce t'ofo obllllnga (l:dlglloll) per a nnum .a.: rade AdverU.menta, 20 BWlling ,.per inch. No adnrtiaemente reoeiTe./ tor a lihorter period than 1l1 mon'lbe Machhlery for Eak', Buainesa Add,_. Foell A n n ouncement!, &e. ls -per line. No f o r will be coo. unl e .. accompa n ie d lJy the c &mOWlt Thi::s rule WU: ___ u. __________ A.e D. CHOCKLEY, 8UCOE880R TO A. D. CHOCKLEY Be. CO., aommiaaion Merc"ant, .uOI DBALl!.R Ilf .. EAF TOEACCO, No. 16S PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Al'II"&YI! on halld a tllll ..-t of Virgin i a and w-.n 'Wrappen and Smol&eco wh1oh baa pa.ased through nddle of tbuly-l!lx tw tbtB o tue squa.r e mch bJ ......... '1'le811 of aittiug; retuee &craps aud 8 \ \ e plll g a o f tobacco, 16c. ;per lb g 011 C 1gareo f all descnpliooo, made of Tobacco or aoy subeutnte thtre r or, l6 per tbouS&nd; on C1garettea we1gblng not exceeding tine a pon uds per thousand, n 50 per thouaa.nd when welghwg ex thr e e pounds per thousand, $3 p,ar thons&nd 1 0 1 "llll manufactured of or any nbhtnte for toba.coo, g ro un d, dr), uamp, ptckled, scented, or otherwi se, of all deectJpuona, h u prepal"d for nee a tax of 82c per lb. And aou1J:.1lonr, when sol', o r remo,e d for nee o r coneumtltion, shall be taxed as enutr, ,.,,, 1 -hll be put up lD pa.cugesand sW.mpt>d 1n the same mldlWir u snuff e IAuiF Y -Fore1gn Tobacco, duty 8.5c per pound, gold. Fore1gn f'i g.a ra, $2 50 per pound IUld 25 per cent. aa 1lalmm. Jmported mgor also bear lUI Interpa.l Rev e nue tax of 16 perM., robe .,aid bJ t lb., Cnstom H onse. (ReveDue Act, .) II\" 1ooport duty on manufactured wbacco 11 50o per lb. i Leaf, steromel, 15c per lb. In .aclliion w this duty, the Revenue 1\aX on t l same k rnd of tob!I.CCO made lD tb ill COtlllWy mut be p&id. The tr h04co mut o.lJio be packed ucordillr kl the legnla.tiom tob1oeoo maae here. -e '\


. /- -4 lf'HE 'I'OB AC4J9 LEAF New York-Commission. Merchants. The VirglDia Tobacco Agency ESTABLISHED IN 1S36, BY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. uoKIQLLY 4 CO., Commission lYierohants lEAf & MANUFfc"TURED TOBAGgo, NEW YORK. a lakemore, Mayo JOSEPH 7. q_urN, CHAS &. BILL,,.. TOBACCO AND COTTON J. :1'. QVI1V & CO., tOMMISSION No. 39 Broad Street, 41 BROAD s:r.; Reasonabl e Advanc .. madel N E W YORK NEW YO'BK; on Shipment.. LABELS. For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, FUBNISHSD DY I The. Ha._tch Compa.ny, Lithogra.phers, 32,& 34 Vesey Street, New York. AT ORRATLY B E DU('ED PRTCF8 C H OEFEilS. G JD'NJC:r.1l, c. W. C. HOEFERS & CO., IMPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN ,ALL .KINDS OF 'EAF,.TOBACCO AliD 80LE PROPRIETORS OF .ABOVE CB).LEBRATED BRAND. 161 lii&IDEN L&NE, NEW YOBH., a, a LIIIDL o. 1'. LIIIJ)L C C.JU.JI.ILTON. NEW YORK Seed--Leaf Inspection. :.-'Gbaeeo ln11peeted or Certiftcates giveu for every case, :ind delive...a ..., case, a8 to number of' Certificate. N.B.-We also sample in .Merchant&' own l)tureo. f' r i \ 1 -'1 F. C. LINOE ct, CO., 11. B. IXPOBTKBI OJ' ULIMUUO AND SEGARS AND D.J:.U.U IK .lli J[[NDI OY LEAF TOBACCOf 162 Pearl St., near Wall st., NEW YOR STEIN a CO., Commission Merchants, WM, B. K!Tl'REDGB. B. C. WHEELOCK WM. P. KITTREDCE & CO., TO:EI.A.CCO COMMISSION ..a.onn :roa ALL TB POPVL&B BB&IUtS OF VJBGDII& TOB&C()O, ot&4 78 Jl'rollf 8t,, ----_ XBW I'OBK DaYJd a&.ker, Golden Oord, Cllerry Cake, Quee n City, Boyal Gem, Plum Cake, Stanley Champ!, 8UYM Cloud, Cotterel'. Dedanee Tbe Hub, Premlnm, Qolden Me, Bed .Jacket, Sancllo PaliN, Bl@ea o'elocl< llrlde ot:tbe u. 8 Venm-, 8eo1t1 8a .tten' PaTOrlte, Beodlao Chrtltlaa 'e Comfort, Natlon'a Pride, RIV&J, PlneApPf<,, Cllerry Ltttlo .MIAmi, Bndora, IDdlaliSI!Ir, Lonlo De Noire, Natton'o Choice, Pride or the Baot, Plmdto, Belle Fannie, Youths' Dellgbt, Wblte F&WII, C,P, Wor4oi::Soa .. ll&llory & Gilman, 81,, k Pin me, Black Star, Gnenbac:l

. SECURED BY 1st &. La.nd Gra.nt \ I PALMER & SCOILLE, IIIIPGB'rBBI Gl' IPAIIIIB, Alm OP ALL a. LEAF TOBACCO, No. 170 Street, New York. DLU.EB IN LEA:F 144 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. T.O..B A. V V 0 LEA. F. -.:=:::::=::::::-.d:tEDERI(;K 1!. DI:&RTIN JO.HNSON, f$\'1CC8Bil01'a & CO., .. ,# .. t86 W ATIER SY.R _E-IT, _Tobacco Commission .AGEN'!'S 11r0R THE OF ALL THE Brands of Virginia and North Carolina MANUF AOTURED TOBAOCO. And SOLE AGENTS f'.:1' the sale of the following brands of Mel!llll& THOMAS & OLIVO,.tiDd D. C. MA. YO k Co., Richmond, V a.: .-. . I MANU Ft.CTUREP. MANUFACTU'RED Virgitllolleautit.., : t lbs. Olive, \l Ibs. Virginia's Own Pocket Piece.. ... .,. King :Bee, 12 Inch lbs. 1 Pride of the Na.tion, 12 inch lt>e. Reward of Industry, 12 inch lbs. D. C. Mayj)'s Na.vy, lbs., llbe., and 11'8 Conestoya, 6's. ..,,.., QINOIHNATI, 0. .s ... .i.. J ; GRE.A'r, LEAF M;4-RKETfor0UTTING our facilities :fur sq.pplying the TRADj wiih ALL GRADES OF E e CuT are unsurpa.ssed. .. "EQ.tnTABLlil B'OII.DING, ctwner Cedar Street, New Yorl ..;-We offer at par, anti interest in currl!fuy, 11,. Nqrl/um Pacific Rai/rqad First N'qrlgag( Gq/d Bonds, principal and interest payable in gold, exempt from United States Tax, and must emphatically rer;. ummend the same as the s-afest imJestment. AMERICAN CIGAR MOULD MANUFACTURING co., r.:. Twist, lllneb.j ( SMOKINC.' CAP I TAj t __ S 1 .OQO_ .... .. 0 A. SOHREINER, c .. hief. .rnmucuo United States Bonds, and all marketable seenrities, received in exchange at cas;i pn"ce. OOOJDI t1L 00., NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, AJ:JD WASHINGTON. fA. W. MENDEL & BRO. Segars & Leaf Tobacco, 190 PEARL STREET. ... New York. S.ORGLER, HA.. V A..N A.. ADd Dealers In Domette LEAF TOBACC.O,. 229 Pearl street, NEW YORK. CMARt.E8 A. WULFF, Printer, and Manufaoturerool L BROCJC.. X. DBUII!II. M. BROCK It: CO., I Finest Brands of asae ::ao"VVEJR."'2"". NEW YORK. E. & G. FRIEND & Leaf,' 129 itU TDEN LANE, J:D p t NEVj YORK. H. ZWEXG, DEALER. IN Leaf Tobacco I Leaf Tobaeeo ff}r Export. and HoJU, 1fa Leaf Tobe.oco baled in anyp.ckap '111 llydna 'lie preaa for export. Chas.1 .. T. umutU-.And r>eaier in Loaf .. :1.89 lfHieet, NewYork. Billy Buck. Virglnla'a Clbolal. Virginia Belle. ,. Rose. Star:-Olive. Grand Ducheea. Gold1Bng;' La Favorita. Rolls, 6 iBch. :Yo. 463 Fi1st Ave., CP.aa.Henry, Jr., (C bani NEW YORK. 12-tnch Ibs. tOYNAZ I & GROSBY, OF SAN DOMINGO TOBACCO, '82 Assort::rnent Al-w-ays on Hand. AND DE,ALERS IN PIPES, 48 Maiden Pure Virginia, Eureka, Old Kentuck. .. If .. .. .Ali styles of Manufactured and Bmokint Tobacco put up under special bnnds for 'thii sole use of the owner. 1 -BENNETT'S PATENT \l "EUREKJ" TOBACC. O E. eo !'a Wilted .l;p'llllth, 18'70 This novel and newly-patented, inyentiou 1s c!a.imed to be the pefrect J'l& amakillg loose tobacco ever otrered to the. public. By the simple arrangement shewn, the ealiva.,!lnstead or running into the bowl, wetting the tobacco, and thus roui;ag the wi;J.ole pipe, li carried ;hrough the under tube lllto the hall a( cham ber. under the bowl, w,hlle the smoke, entUely denicotized, passes dry and clean through the upper stem to the mouth. This cham ber is d11tached and emptied, and, being entirely aeparate from the bowl, and ha.Ting no communication into it, evaporation fronl'it into-the pipe is prevented, and.the tobaoco is kept t- ..... nr BB.OA,_ I t .,.,, 1, \ PATENT 2. F i 1 1 -"' Koulding )l..,hiJU! 1a pooltion to ...,.iTe the bmlPIJf!l ...JOHN CHARTER, 8T!RLINQ, ILL,, :::: 8y.LL,tNQER, Qeneral Agent. CIII4MaMI'tJCtur ... .&-STEiriEtKE," Imporlel'll or IUld Dealflrllln :1.6/J Water St'1'eet, eomrrrr, II, STEINEOD. i', JftLIJG!OK '"t ici'in n, 48 BRO"AZY& 48 'NEW STREETS, FELIX MIRANDA SOLEAGENTS OF .Wtlmle" HAYANA lEAF TO .......... OF AND OJ' 'l'IDI: BRAND OF CIGAR& SEGARS "B.ITIOA tli SU AGE}\TS WANTED. J 1915 P-1 Street, 1\lo:Boz.:l'll.ftuld w voR.c.. 'l'obllooo Bciiee Xo. r.. ..._ J.P. o. Jbua. SHRRVAN tt.Ja ia 1. e. L. & 0. liEIEil, ..t Ku...,_ti of 1Ql .I'OBWA.BDING kinda ...o& WaaO Street, NEW A. H. CABDOZO & CO., obacco & Cotton Factors, ...... Oeneql ..... .o:._ ........ ._alllctaftc llo:t.Jy :r Porter: Ce., n&l1VIi WOBX8, No. !79 TENTH AVENUJC c-. I Ida 8&.1 !few York, (Superior Kake and Prime Quality) OF OEDAB. WOOD, Z98 and, ;945 MON.ROE NEW TOBit DIRECTORS. Asher Tavlor-President PHILETUS H. ,B:OLT------------------late of Holt & SILAS DAVIS----------------------------of Davis and :Benson. j I STEPHEN.W. GAINES ______________ .Counsel, 286 Pearl Street. NELSON SHERWOOD.-----Marble Works, 466 Cherry HENRY G. REEVE. __ ---------------.of Reeve, Osborn & Co. DANIEL T. WILLET.------------------ofWillets & Co. JOHN M. BRUCE------------------------'---of Bruce &Cook STEPHEN LININGTON------------.--of S. Linington & Sons. ENOCH KETCHAM------=--------------.of E. Ketcham & Co. WM. A. of Beards & Cummings. HENRY LYLES, jr. ------Lyles& Polhemus, GEO. B. WHITFJELD------------fqrmerly of G. &J. Whitfield. EDWARD TIILL ___ ; ______________ --------of Edward Bill & Co. FERDINAND A. CROCKER------------of Crocker-, Wood & Co, EDWARD L.KALBFLEISCH ________ of James L. Morgn Co. JOHN P : DOUGLASS---------------of Douglass, Betts & Co. .HENRY P. FREEMAN---------------------------.Secretary. STEPHEN V:ALENTINE ___ _-____________ of S. Valentine & Sons-SAMUELRAYNOR.---------------------of S. Raynor & Co SYLVESTER M. BEARD----..----------ofBeards & Cummings. JAMES ROCKWELL----------------of]. S. Rockwell & P. FI'l:TS---------------.. --------of Fitts & Austin. HENRY H. CROCKER.---------------01 H."H. Cocker & Co. MITCHELLN. PACKA:RD------------------ofrPackard & James. LORENZO G. WOO.QHOUSE. -------------Leiter & Co., Chicago. 0HN M. HARLOW.------------------------91 i:ighth:A.venne, FOREST H. PARKER-------------------ofWatts, Parker &Co. CHAS WALL..-____ .. _------.. --------0 ... c SIGOURNEY W. FAY ______ ..: ______ .ot Peery, Wendell, Fa-; Co. HENRY' P. i;'rhe "nprecedented sale of to be extensively counter... when purchasing Durham, W. T.BLACK.WELL'S BULL .. JT V'l'" Tobacco hal caUHil ""'-"11\.l ... o '\. i and 1. t o to (or ra,.ru,-.-* -, I /


:a.a a ,KneoM, "' PVJ-. AU. ... ... ,.m.a..::. TOEI.A.OOO, .......... .. ., ........... ,..,.. aa RAO 8TR T, MARKS, RALPH & llaDut..,._, Alld Wllcleale DeaJore ID TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, ---I THE 1'0BA-CCO \ I St. Loub, aad Weatern AdYerti8elaent.. Hartford AdYertbement&. ..--==::---================:::= RICHARD KALLAY. JAME8:MALLAY. Baltimore AdYertiaemeRt. & co:-:-J &BRO ltU!tiFAal'Ol!.EJLUD LEAF ToBAcco &c I "'""N '38 SOU1l'B sum;;.r, ., LEAF TOBACCO, B!lltimore, Md_ I Ill and I I 7 WNt Front 8t., II. a 00., Monumental Oity Tobaooo lo. tat WIST. PRATT STREIT, BlLTI.OU, D ., ......... ., Smokln aDd Chewbl 'robaaaoe, M. FALK & GO., 148 WATER STRf;ET NEW YORK. Betwee n Race and Elm, OINOIWBATI. 0. .cras.nears. Erown & Glssloa aat '"'if' M L. B. BAA& C. WIILLE8 & CO., :amu.1IM :or --Henry Besl)den & Bro., CONN. _SEED LEAF TO:BA.CICIO. '&au Street, IIABTIPOBDt CONK. EEAE TQBJ\CCO, 161. 168, & Stret, J. D. BU.BNHAM: & 00., KaaullW:buww ad Jobllen ID ,ooiUIO or llLll BrnEET,) Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars. CINCINNATI. AM>Wbolaal n-..m TEAS, Krohn, Fe1ss & Co .... 0., 'f g ; HAI'ft181lD, OOIIR SCOTCH SNUFF, .-,--1 Arch St., Fnt:o x KLl<:B. G. GIES KE. ED .N11U1ANN. TOBACCOS, Nu. 3!1 & 34 Main !t., Oincinua.ti, Ohio. Segars and Tobacco. B. a ;EASE, ANI> BROS.; Packers, Commisr:don Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Poelp and Dom.estlc Leaf' COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 69 Sou';h Charles, near Pra t BAL 1'IMORE, MD. 1 GUSTAV Third Street, Philadelphia. CJXG-AR.&Jp a.'ll CJenua Sbwt, L. BAVBERGER & CO., DEALBBB IN 8A,LTIMORK, tiD, W. FELGNER, LOUIS STRASSER, Importers o f Smokers' Articles, r Manufacturer of CIGARS, N o. FOURTH sT And Commission Mf'ffc!tants, And dealer In leaf, Plug, and Smok:ngTobacro. ARTICLES AN!l IMPORTED HAVANA 78 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 187. Tr .A..I.NUT ST. Oltio. C:INCINNA.' ri, 0, ---... ----' Ccmnect leut' Seed-Leaf 16 Market Street, Hartford, Cann. .. s .. co;, MORRIS & REID, LEAF TOBACCO .. IIlLo .. ,.. S. LOWERTHAL 6 CO., -tiiSWiof WM. WESTPHAL,; COIDIISSION MERCHANT, And Deaier 1D F I 8 E Q A R 8 COIIE .CTICtJT SEED LEAF ..,. FOBEIGN II .DO:MESTIO BEGABB. ............ P'-e .......... f ....... Mallei__..., .. ..... 1'. L. BB.AUNS c1C. 00., .U. ,....... DIIIIIIIIIII rw''W -.,;.... T.mAP TOBA.COO. <> JJ 8,. 0 0 C>, 78 V.J-om' 0 State S t Hartford. Conn Office, 1\'o 4 TIUILDI.H!, 0. aiWil UK_., Ullllla .. t ___ ....;,_'""!"'" ______ Cinclcn>ti, (1hle A. l. & F. .... BROKERS, L EA. F T 'OBA' O 00,. And Manufacturers of all Crades-of Cigars, c-llo 3 _N. Water St., Philadelphia,Pa. 1111 -ewv.r ad succoo.. '11'. H. BISCHOFF, 37 South Cay Stteet, BALTUtOR, E AID., F W /l N KELMAN' Pa.cken .. d Dealer tn WHOL:tSAL:t DEALUS IN t' vvHoLESALE oEAL:=R Connecticut See a Leaf Havana and Seed Leaf I In all kl:d of 'f. el BDTALDO BANK & 00., .MIIcct an.d Genaral Com. Merchants, a.-.r .......... ,_. ,. .. .... ....... ( e PHILADI!LPIIIA I. ... 11 Jlndeil WarelOSII Je. L ,,. ........ ,., ................... .. .JULIUS VETI'ERLEIN & CO., (Buecea!oOrS VETTERLEIN & CO.,) TOBACCO COMMISSION MER GH.ANTS, AND IMPORTEllS OF SP!NISB TOB!.CCO, No. lll Arch St., Philadelphia. #ammi?W.ian _j{ei-chan.t in .!l!eaf ..5ait.acca, an.d @eaLei-in #igail, I -..fra ; fJ.!J JliJ'atel-3ll-e.t;t, B. & J. MOORE, rOBACCO iommissioa IIerchants, .. 107 'orth Water-ltreet, fi-ll' .1 PHILADBLP:t:t.IADeutscher RauolitabU, AID emu CHOICE IIAIIDII, .. U oUTB CH4BfiU ... .ALTIMORL L. F. Englinge.t, agent, zr 6th ave ., N. }' TQBACCO Merchants DIAL:U.S 1M Seed Lea.f and Ha. N. W. Corner Charles and Pratt Sts., Sea-or-. Pipe-. e'to. .o.uo 1 I BALTIMORE, MD. DOHAN & TAITT OOJD[JSSI!m JRRli!IABTII FOB BALB 0!' 8AJDI. & W .DUXJUU.uT. s2 E. W. l'UKEBART &. SON, l obacco Commission Merchanb, O.LUIIATIED J 0 107 ARCH STREET, lll L DOB..llJ, JNO. T' 'l'AITI', PHILADELPHIA. ;nhatca Qtommission Jltngants I Revenue Bonde,dWarehoose Md Bci.NJ) m;... L af Snuff Jlanufaetnrers, M. E. McD0WELL .. co., 10 e No. 29 s. Calvert St. (F lro tColleetionDistrlctofPelllllt;rlvanla.) Baltimo re. BALTIMORE, M:Cl BECK ct. .,AYEN. General Commi:lsion Merchants, 1 h 11, c ENE R A L. No. 39 North Water St., Philadelphia laporten Ud Qelleral Cotaatoll ere aD Commission M ,erchant, .uiD DtiLDI Dl And TOBACCO Jl' LCTO;t. LZ.IJr T(l)JI,&CCQ, No. 90 Lombard St._. L HERBER. T" (On.! d.IX>r west qf EzchaNJplae.), Dealer l n No.60SOUXHGAYSXREEP ,. B.ALTDIORE, Md. LEAF. \ TOB' AC.CO .1'11.) aALTIMOR-E. made OD ConelglllDIli'GfON, KY. Detroit Novelty WorkS! DETBOXT, KIO:&. -TOBACCO KNIVES VERY BEST." WAYNE&: RA'r!'ERM.AN, 218 and 220 GBEENUP Covington, Ky. ou4 01t7 Tobacco Worka c.& R. OORMITZR & CO. I WBOI.E:SALil DE.-\.LEBS Leaf Tobacco & Cigar:s, 8 lri.... smoklna-& Chewing Tobacco, BllALKRIN Seed leaf Tobacco. .. EAST HARTFORD: CONNECTICUT : G. W. .J Fme don.D.ecticut Seed-Lea:f r o c cot Danbury, Connecticut .. H. SMITH & CO., Commissilln Merchants and J obbe1'8 o CONNIEOTIOUT LIEAP TOBACCO :.o. 20 Hampden Street, I SPIINGPIELD, JWB. LoUisville AdYertisemen'ts. Pble-Out, Ohowing & qn(l. All Kindt of Smokers' IIAL TIMORE, MD. k \ Tobacco, Killickinic &o., I LOUIS GIESKE l CO' ., RllRDS, LEFTWICH & CO., .. 101 Wu&lllleeea4 .. ....., 123 .Market 'isum, l:et. 2d a.nd 3d Sr .. qt.B, G. W. WICKS & (.; u., :s '" \.::LaT%D 117 So. Water Street, PHILADELPHIA. w. EKIU I YA. N ... A d TOIIACCO, an J!l No. 822 North. Third Street, .. PJIILA PIILI'JUA. e ij'JJ.";0;. ti'rODAC Cl O, I!F' A large lll!oortment of all kinde ofr-t Tob&eco S. D.ELA WARE .A. VENUE, t oa haud. 1 .t:;,. Philadelphia. TOlEDO TOBACCf) !l'BEOBALD, IWIO'UCrvuuu.IUIJQI w & 00., JB Q..A, JfC. &,. )laDufaetmeuofiiUd Dealers iD '"F... c .ADJ)UJ.a.m ._ i 11P.a.1ns .uri? Tobacco Snuff and Cigars ]if L'nem 'l'oltacco, Bnnf, : _;. '" lllteerechaum and arler 9TTAWA IT.. !roL:IlDO, tl. ...... w .... '1'llird 1.114 J.lopl&r ..... nBaclelphl&. ,,_f4 I l J:NSPEO'r:ION.... 'IQD LEA.F Jl. H. CLARK & BRO., General Commistlien Merehant, Office in Tobacco Exchanp, Shockoe Slip, RIC1DIOND1 VA. ... III) Seed LeafTobacco, 62 South Calvert st., Baltimore, Md HlGHLANDER TOBACCO WORKS, j 'EAF TOBACCO BROKERS L. L. ARMISTEAD, Proprietor, va. 1. The foDowiDg highly populor brando are M&Dllf11ctured at tbese 'Worko and packed ID the moot WJ1i8 DIRCTOB I'OB 'rD !OBACCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA BlJie, viz. : Oecldenta.l, 'lllhlaader, Cbana, Deer 'l'ontre, Dtek Tat.er1 .Red RoTer, Reveae Vatter, Not f'or Joe, beldea 8pectal OJ. A BW'8.VJI.I.l\ YIJN'N. The unprecedentea succen of these brands has rendered U ParUonla.rly to iDcr eaae an d im Five Brothers Tobacco Works. Jjabana anb Beton FIBBER & CO., ___ ; Commission I .. '76. WORIS.''r I 23 Boston lloJLL

' I \ THE TOBACCO LEAF LOUISVILLE LEAF tOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. better results to our pockets immediately and to ou lands in the future. The same reasoning applies to .our stable crops as well as to tobacco. The writer has veri fied what he suggest,s to others, and holds that no one sho uld suggest a theory that he is unwil!ing himself to carry into practice. The contrary of tlijs has brought much discredit to what is styled book-farming. We are praCtical or nothing, and judge Qf theory by results B. J'. J'BHER &: PRAOOD ............. 00 .Cutting and manufa.oturin leaf, J' All. OLARK .......... 00 ................... Cutting and manufa.oturszljJ leaf. OWEN MCBRIDE .......................... Outting and manufaoturlng le&f. D4 VID BELL .............. 00 00 .. 00 ... Leal t o! a ;co commiulon merchant. lU.TTHE'IVS &: 1lel'HKII80N ....... Dark bating tohocco and o)Upwing le&f. :BINLEY &: BABBQURoo ......... c-.., maoufocturiug ud, ohlppmgle&f. P. )(EOUIAB: .... oo .. oo..... .. .... ...... Uutting and D !IPALDING, J'a .... oo .... oo .............. '11tttingan4manul'aoturingle&f. WOLFOLK &: GLENN ... 0000 ...... 00 .,oo ... Ou 'ing aDd m anufac(ur ill g leaf. THJWDORE SCHWARTZ &: OOoo .. oo ..... Oa ling and manuf&etlwnr le&f. P. SCHANZENBACHERoo. -oo .. 00 oo ....... CUtting aud manufacturing l ea f ){. B. NASH ..... ...................... L eaf. toba.pco commW.iou merchaut. WUIS' FRANCKE ... ............... Leaf tob&ooo commtosion merohllll'-WM'. G .MEIER &: CO. 00 ....... 00 oo 00 00 Leaf tobacco ootnmiosion m erchant. SUTRO & the revenue increased last year to I think, Mr. Editor, that fhese figures justify the predictien that a reduction of the rate of taxation of 12 cents per pound, makipg the same uniform, that the Government will reap nearly its present revenue, which iii $.33,578,ooo. The present tariff on mass licorice, etc., which enter almost exclusively into the manufactured tobacco, is f.3,ooo,ooo. The tariff oil imported tobacco is $s, ooo ooo. Making the entire taxes, internal and tariff, on to bacco 'and its ingredients, $4x s78,o6o. This is really one of tl:)ose financial rocks which properly struck, sends forth streams of revenue, filling the Federal coffers. Yet, strange to say, an interest which thus contributes over S4o,ooo-,ooo to the Government annua11y should have been looked at, up to the present time, only with an eye to pug1ic revenue, and' not as well as a great industry to be protectea-an industry from which hundreds of thou sands get their and daily bread. This tobacco tax has increased so rap i dly since 1866 (the year after the war) that it has carried 1 Virginia, in the amount of internal revenue paid, from tJle twenty-fifth to the fourth State in the Un io n. The amount of manufactured tobac co shipped in bond from Virginia last y ,ear 21,g6o,ooo lbs. Of this about ten per cent. was exported x,g6o,ooo !tJs. L eaving of her produce for tax-paid to 2o,ooo,ooo lbs. This aiJIOUnt of 2o,ooo,ooo lbs paying a tax outside of Vi rginia of ___ Amount paid on tobacco inside of 'the State of Virginia:----------------Whole amount of internal revenue de $6,400,000 00 rived from Virginia tobacco--------ro,763,9II 17 Whole amount from other subjects --: 955,361 52 HIGHLY IMPORTANT TO TO B11 .vli:USBIIDJ .&JIOV'I' ftal lt or .nr1.1r, 1898. A COMPLETE .DIRECTORY OF THE __ _.,.., Tobacco & Cigar Trade, GERMAN AMERICAN b I aa. oapital, "l;.o, .ooo,. ,. J i omce, Ho.139 Broadway, fiet Yort 'soHH w !i'UBRAY, Bearetuy, WILLIA!Il F. HEINS, President. This Company is_ now prepared to issue Policies acainst loss and damllg-.. 80 XOBTH .TOO StBEET, by Fire, on favorable terms. 1 DEFIANCE I TbeM are DOt doctored lmltatiODe, with which KarbUollooded; bat J'OUB GBJroDIB VlBOINIA llll.ANDS. Pure &114 reUable, In nt Cloth llacb. the u GOOD," "B&T'I'BB" d u BJC8T" Are becoming the Pop11lar B...,cla. .A.uorto4 Due, 4 a.Ieable braztcla, 25lbtt oooo ....... liO per cent. and faotlltleo !-See Olrclllar, and tl-7. BOAJIOXE TOBACCO WOll:KS, ... D&nTIIle, VlramJA. 1 DEALERS :r;N' LEAF TOBA(lQ(), LIQUORICE PAST.E. THE UNDEBSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURER S OF THE FOI.r lowing well-known brand of Liquori ce, to caution Tobacco Marmfadarers aga:lnst using any of the numeroa braocla pUl})Ortlng to be original md geDuiJle brands of lmporled Liquorice, but whlcb are adO! lA! rated CompoiUI.,. ofh1o bnucla, rebotlecl!n thle ClOUUrJ 0 and In oome inatanoeR C OUtainlntJ (eu thoa llftT per cent of LiqUorice. To oblallllng Pare aad. Geaalae JCyCa ZA. K&Co FLB RR MF Aoo VB FGC GZ 0 They should addreoo their ordero to the onderlligDed In New York, who lo oole lljJOIIt In the United Prom th1o tilDe forward the abon brma. of LlquDiice will no I be ell'ered for oale In Europe and only In the UDlled Stale!' !;>Y 'JAMES C. McANDREW, 124 Front St., N.Y. .la I paNDI>oe all liquorice"""' oat, lmpwlect qlllllltT will be recemd bttck ond allowed for. 'Beferrllla to !.be ......... od't'eriloemem we hue appointed Mr. 1 AMES o lllcANDRBW of New York: our excln llhe Aaentln tbe IJJdted for tile oale of all the brand& manufactured by ua. -ROBERT. JIIAC Lond.on, En&land. 'I'he Action of the Tobacco Trade The C?f Cincinnati, New port, met at the office.._of Meyers Wayne & Ruthermann. CoL W. W. Allnutt was called to the chair, and stated the object of the ,meeW1g to be the expression of its feelings on the deatl! of Mr. Baker. A committee Whole, amount as estimated by the Department for the fiscal year Auction Sale. By John H. Draper & Co., No xu Pearl Street, on April I8, at u o clock noon, in their store, xoo,ooo domestic cigars, in lots to suit. ing 3oth June, 1873------------. Ios,ooo,ooo tbs. Removals. NEw YORK CITY.-Levy Brothers, Manufacturers of Cigars, from .192 Pearl Street to 78 Bowery. This amount of the ros, ooo,ooo at the graded tax proposed some time since would produce t-.yo-thirds of same, or 7o,ooo,ooo pounds at 24 35,ooo,ooo pounds at r6 cents---. 1,4oo,ooo,ooo cigars. __ ______ ____ License tax. __ -------__ ______ The present amount derived from tobacco of the 32-cent class fax is The amount derived from r6 cent class ----.---------_._ Cigars, snuff, et. c ---------------Special Export stamps -----------------. Whole amount of internal from tobacco at the present graded tax of 16 and 3 cents---------Whole amount of internal revenue to be raised at 20 cents --------f oo 7 ,ooo ooo 00 oo f; r6,8oo,ooo oo s,6oo,ooo 00 7 ,ooo,ooo 00 r,ooo,ooo co Frey Brothers & Co., Manufactllrers of Cigars, from 6 Gold Street to 126 Chambers Street 1 FoREIGN CIGARS AND TOBACCO, ENTERED. AT THIS PORT.-The following statement shows the value of j:he tobacco and cigars passing through the N'ew York Cus tom-house during the first quarter of the past thr' ee years: 1870 187 I. 1872. Cigars -----'-------$257,339 $421,337 $426,427 TobaccO.---------so8,392 864,439 1,274,025 THE LouisviLLE ToBAC;o 'BoARD oF TRADE.-On the zgth. ult., the'Tobacco Board of Trade held its an nual meeting for the election of officers, at which J. Me guiar was r e-elected President, and M. B. Nash, Secre tary. Mr. Jansen was elected Vice-president The com mittee to whoin had been intrusted the duty of drawing up a code of rules to govern the trade, under the com mission" movement, made their report, which was adopted ; and the meeting was in all respects a very harmonious one. '62 2 8 PURGATORY VS. MATRIMONY.pnest the other day 7 9 0 3 0 57 who was examining a confirmation class in the south of Ireland, asked the question," What is the sacrament of ____ matrirpony ? A little girl at the head of the class an swered, .' JTis a ,pf torment into which sowls enter to prepare them for another and a better world." "Put. f. 8 8 her' down," says 'the curate ; "put her down to the fut 33,57 o7 :o tb:e class ." I:.ave her alone," said the priest, "for 20, 000 000 00 -any thing")'ouor I know. to the contrary, she may be perfectly nght." CENTURY AUTHOR OK A MODEL United States, England, Wales; _, Bremen, .... .!--= __ .--:: _r -Ha""-burg, Am8terdam1 Melbourne, 'and Sydney, The firSt CD111Illete fnblica1ion of the kind ever iDl It wllllJt iqut tD uq ot tt r A -RARE CHANCE for ADVERTISERS! The New Dindory !will have a very Widely Extentktl Circulation and will therefore Afford a Rarely Offered opportunity for Reach inc the Trade in all its Branches, in all ,parts of the World I ADVERT-ISEMENTS RECEIVED AT MODER ATE RATES. We have concluded to make Our Terms for Advel'tiJI.'. ing Very Low tha,t no one may Be Debarred from Taking Advantage of this Unusual Means of Reachinc tbe Trade of AMERICA, .. GERMANY, and AUSTRA.LlA.. WILL BE THE FIRST COMPLETE LIST OF THE TOBACCO AND CIGAR MANUFACTUJl ERS OF THE UNITED STATES EVER PUBLISHED I It has been obtained at Considerab/e Expmse, Mil no Pains ha11e been Spared to make it Perjtd. This and Ot/ur Features will render flu was appointed -to cJ.rai( resolutions expressive of the A" M 1 XED" TRANSACTroN.-When Jake Thompson, sense of -IJI i,ni. 1 the absence of. the comf 3a7 fenth Street, this city, attained his twentieth year, mittee, spo'ke in eulogy _of his father bought him a horse and wagon to start him with much and feeling. The resolutions of the in the express business Jake hired an old Dutchman Committee' wete then read and. adopted as follows: named Meyers an assistant, and pajd him a percent-The reduction of taxes from J tht> source at 20 cents, as compared with the revenue of last year wgt be.-------------------------ToBicc6\nsT.-A tobacco seller.-:..says the author of S4.578,ooo oo "Micro-cosmographic j Or, A Peece of the World DisNew Dinetory A NECESSITY lfl every oM Engaced in t714W/ureas, Mr. joel onoe of the most worthy and age on every job';. Some time after Meyers and Jake substsntial ml!lllbers of leaf tobacco trade of our had begun partne. rship the former said to the latter The above figures are derived from estimates of the market has been taken from us by the hand of death. ".Boss, I want th_e loan to transport 4,00o head of the Tobacco Bureau, and are1 based rather on That the t'obacco Trade of Cincinnati, cigars to a certrun place m the city. The boss refused, what has taken place than. what will be in futuro under Covington. and Newport; sincerely mourn the loss of and then Myers, white the boss was eating his breakthl reduced on Ute major or plug interest. the staunch and respected friend who has so sdd.enly fast, took the wagol). and transported the ,cigars, no one The reductioll' of the tax oh tki!Y great interest, twelve and bee_IJ. reraoved from our midst. :That knows wither. The wagon was known to belong to cents per pound, will greatly > stimulate consumption, the 10418 the ha5_sufJak'<, a.f;w d ays, when Mr. Joseph, the owner And will place the amount conslfP far 'n r advance of fered by ha.death, rec" be staten thus: J 0 1 ll in a word, in all hii relatiens, moneta7s, moral, social, pearanc_e for trial. But this was not the worst. The consumption tinder andreligious, he wasworthyourhig'b. stregards; and !farshall who .l\.ad captured Jak1e insisted on getting ex!stmglaws----------------xo),ooo ooo tbs. whose many sterling virtues are shinirrg examples for our ,.2 I '!,S some compensation for a 1 the trouble he had Increase on the plug interest by covered; in Essayes and Charaters." (London, Printed by William Stansby for Edward Blount, 16i8.) is the only man that finds good in it which others brag of, but doe not ; for it is meate, drinke, and clothes to him. No man opens his ware -with greater seriousnesse, or your judgment more iin the approbation. His Shop is the R!indeuous of spitting. where men dial

I THE ,._ ...... I :Licorice. ARTHUR GILimER 0., LICORiCE PAS-THOMAS HOYT & CO., 0 Fine Cut Chewing and \ SMOKII'IG TOBACCOS & SNUFF, tt OUR BRANDS CHEWING, I HEARTS' DELIGHT NA'FIONAt BRIGHT OWEN: EXTRA CAVENDISH. 5UCCESSOU TO ZORK AKDEBIOR & ca. I Manulacturen of &he TOBACCO 116, and 111 LffiER'I'Y STREET, :1-uro 121 CED,AR STREET, A.uthur G1llender, Napoleon H. Iukuok, NEW looeph L R. Wood. J 47-90 .ro. P.. J'ii.&_GG,j l MA.NUJ'ACTUR.I OF ALL G.RADES OF Qtnt and (J).cauutate4 TOJIAC(J"0.1 HARVEST" So 11 SURPRISE" IN FOIL IVANHOE S._JOLLY BOYS SMOt INa.: Ne_ w D. A. SROTWELL & SON, 1-04 and 4o6 Pearl St., New York City. llfanutacturen of 0BUuD Jl.utnJI. Tobacco and Segars, 1t-oua Ron. ------------,&ft4 of the of Of the Manufacture of HERO and l:fNION Fine Out Ohewing Tobacco and Echo Smoking. *' :1.74 Jf)iuhtft NetV York, GOODWIN & CO G. w. GATT."'' AX, BALTIMORE, TOBA c c 0 & 01sar, And deal e rs in all kinds of Leaf & Plug New-York. & WATER ST. 1 TOR:&;. WEJBs, EJ,I.ER &KAEPPEL, Acezt Suceeasor to OJUCII!ISTBB k Co. Havana a: Don>estiicJ CICAIJS, It BOWERY, ft. Y. MIBJ &. u. MILLER & CO., !robacco Manufactory: (PETER D COLLINS, PRES'T) 97 Columbia Street, NEW YORK,: D. R. McALPIN & CO:, CiiLEB PINE-cUT .V11'1!in teaf and Navy sMOKING TonA'C"co. ller/tw, Plug Xoba.cco, 8'11Ujf1 Snwff .Flour, 4c. MA.NUFACT.ORY AND S.ALXi!ROO, CORNER OF AVENUE 0 AND TENT If STREET. Niew York F.A. GOETZE & '" lU.mJY AO'l'JJB.BB8 0:1' TPBACCO & SNtJFF. MANHATTAN TOBACCO WORKS, .as Waahington Street, BEW YORK. KINNEY BBOS., and Manufacturers of I!Ulm@ Cigars, and Cigarettes; No. 14.1 Wes-t Broad-w-ay, rt!W YORK. WALLIS & (JO. IEXTRio.. 'lloba.oco manufacturers and t)le trade in general are particularly t:O ex amine ann test the supenqr propert1es of this LICORICE, which, being no.w brought to the highest perfection, is URder the above of brand We are also SOLE for the brand. r. G. 4. G. 0. Acknowledged by cons11100rs to b6 the best iii th9 market And for tbe branil of Lioorice Stick INOBL & 00., In all equal to CALABRIA. We have no Agents. Consamers and Jobbers would do well to ap rJy direct. Licorice Root, select and ordiuary, constaPtly GamE, WALLIS CO., :&9 & Sl Sooth st. Lioorice Paste and Sticks. G.S. w.s ... F.W.S. Stei-ry Extrtl. P. S Baracco and Pignatella., DeRosa. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Powdered Licorice. ,J ) GumArab\c. Olive Oil, Tonqua Beans, AND ALL SPECIALITIES FOR TOBACCO e MANUFACTURERS. L Patent Powdered Licorice. Weaver& Sterry, IMPORTERS, No. 24 CEDAR STREET. : tlQUORtCE. FINEST QUALITY. Manufacturei at Peuth'keepsie, New: York. GIFFORD. & INNIS 120 ue-c1 NEW -YtHUt. H. COLELL, DEALER IN Seed and Havana LEAF TOBACCO, 172 Water Street, NEW YORK WM. ZIB'SSIIB. A 00., .. TOBAVVO LEAF. MISCELLANEOUS. LICORICE M.A.SS AND STICX, \. '. ITA.IJIA..N, SP A..NISH, GREEK, TURKEY A..ND FOR SALE BY HENRY M. MORRIS, Importer and .llJent for the U. S. and Canada, No. 78 Water Street, and 19 Old SHp, NEW YORK. .. CERTIFICATJBS from the leading llauufaclmers i.o. Virginia, Nor:th CaroliD.a, Xe..tlicky, ll1ero;ri. Indiana, IUinois, Ohio, New York, and Canada. ........ lfASTE, POWDER, ROOT, 'DE ___ w_a.rra. __ n_t._e_d_s_u_pe""'ni;,U''+or_P_o_w_d_e_red_,_ -Li-oo ...... n_ __ BRIOK:ER E'r.rDGE8., Z4 SOu!HfiWILLJA.M ST., N. Y. Practical ;Lltliosraphera, and ,... CONSTANTLY ON HAJ D New Deolgna made to \ 16 MURRAY STREE'JI,i NEW YORK. TOBACCO GATTUS & OCobaftr Nd. 129 Pearl Street, NEW '(ORK. Universal Self Pressing CIGAR MOULDS. ARD DREYER, .. -oMISCETJ,A'JD:OUS. Smoking Tobacco, ..... ted Deo. art. Ullf, ................. N.A.RICHrt, I ... ................ HENRY WULSTEIN, <-.. --..w& .......... -0 0 ;.Q Tobacco Br:okerj For Sale by 0 JACOBY A CO. 127 Pearl Street, New_ York City FIED'K FISCREB, Brod:er, 112 Beaver Street, J. S. C.AN S &. SON, TOBACCO BROXE1tS, No. 86 WALL STREET, Tuliil'INE BUILDme, NEW YORK. OELDEB.ItANN & d HOUBEN, Tobacco Brokers. AND Commission Merchants, 103 Maiden Lane, 'NEW YORK. l SoLE AGEN TS, 209 Street, .NEW YORK. NEW YOR.Ii.. Patented Jan. 12, f'869,and M 'ay23, 1871 D In presenting these lloulds to the public I desire brie11y to etate the adva.ntages tlaey present over all ether llou1ds or Oigar llaobines in uae. ; 1st. Simp l icity of construction o a mustrated by the acco:npany1ng cut. 2<1. Dwcbility, com p actness, QCcap pying but litU e space. 3d. Uniformity in weight and siz.e ot' the cig ar. 4th. 'I he bunc h fi.s maue as ry hand work, and plced l 'm tbe hapingmould,wblcb at the end forming the b e ad is furnis\!ed wlth .. a die with 25 Myrtle A venue, Brooklyn. Coa.otaatly oa Ha-.1 tlas ... I :D-. 1r' re!zy t ria O n 1 R &.... L y B.&GGIKG I UTBBIAJ., ,K. -e: .ao h en Sn .. u SPANISH LINENS, FaNCY STRIPES OpeD ag .. u d I ..... It:07 -Bleached and Unbleached Sheelinga, TWit an vv ar; ....., 54 and 56 Broad St., eswew-Yorlr. b r ... ufacturera or the roUowiDr brated BraD";or ( '.t 0 ,..., o,.., :!'Lutft-N .. v-r,lbe. and }flbo. CBma, do. lbo. and H .1(. W _.IIIUNHOII )(B. BuCIU.:R.lll11. 108. ... 'i'J:OVU1111, tOo. .. 'if::Ib6. p, at onr Brandl, P LA!fB'l' &Dd ... have -110 clooelylml u. .. 'l'fa4e. in flllolre Ute :1Vil'i-P8d Willi our name. .. LYALL.llewYork. W. .. Sole !.pat, ... Broa4 81., 11081'011. Thread Canvas fo"'hvcling Bap, Blank eta, bJI.tti:nt 'Dee. 11, 18111. :a.;, i,;blnBagging, Carpets, Matting .-.-OOJIJIICI>t'II'Ul ri&GNUI1 ud Ory Good. l.tenerally ANDREW & CO., No. 103 Ji&TTS. &,'CO.,-... lflf' L\i I 'J'; :. I ENERAL AUCTIONEE-RS. II .., AND Commissio11 Merohi;IJlts, 7 OLD SLIP., r .......... --.l r r.,., Qs>edoorfrom Hauovcr SQUIU.l>, N Jfouis c}p.:. 'rffgange7j Mkoltsalt Ro. Jl SIZ'1'B .&:NDtos;. lllnfi 'J'OJUt, ...... F.H. BiiCIIBil < w ... \ 179 PEARL STREET, NEW YdRK. Up Stairs. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORNE1 robacco Bro'lt:er, No. BROAD STREET,: NEW YO!tK. a-oD .oB.OOIU o"i UIBACCU lOll & BOTTlE 'CAP, tfectiY omootll and read;r for thewrapper. 6th. TbellDI-, \ .. ,.J rormcbaracte rot tbe time formed enables the operator to 11iiloll tbem ...U'b. great rapidity, aud wltli ndl e:nct.n ... eanoot"'be attained b;re.oyother known meant. Theoe point!! embreoo all tlle -entia! ooee In tbe manufllcture of dgan, but there re many collteral advantageA wblch oddgreotly to tlle practical valne oftbeoe moqld. ench as economy of tohacco, be;ne a P.aving ltlaQ,t two poandB of wrappei"S on each 1000 dgii'aC Untuled labOr cart be emJ>lo:''ed in mak1o2' 1be banchef'. &nd .. lells flki I irl reqnlred In thRn by the ordt nar:v methodo. ,.,T h e cigars made by these m oulds bnrn with a J reed o m a u d nnl!orm.itY a t;tlnah\e by any otller -. On ana after March I I.872, I offer the fol{owing inducmtmls to tlu valle. One or Two Sets of Moulds, fifteen per cent. off. 1 hue Sets or Ofln'"," twenty per cent. off; this includts all my improvemmts. Ot!lce corper Pearl St,..,et and.Maiden Lane, New York, where 'the practical operation of the Moulds carl be a:t all times witnessed. / GEO. J'. PRE:NTI()E, 6eat .&ceat. 197 PEARL STREET, COR, MAIDEN LANE YORK .il J. H. PEMBERTON. JAi. G. Punr, P'emberton & Penn TQBACCO COM!'.fiSSION MERCHA"'NTS, with a long ex peJ.i{nce r in the .-busini'ss offer_ fkir, services to'j'ill ordet:s ]or llaf or Manufactured Tobacco, DANVILLl!, VA. WA.bROP &''D ALY: li! t.m 81., NfN YORK. -._ ) r-' Wood iioa:LDI 'ta PB.ilsB, 1 owDiul 1"'" l ; C .. IHftHAITI. Pease's S::P:ANIS::S::: CEDAR For Ciaar Boxea, 1111'Dlahed .lD q to Butt. Oooaii!Dmente of Black, W&lout Rea"'!cttull;r Solicited. ( {. P.M. !!..,_ and Lewl8 MERCHANT"' I SPAl'fiSB OEDAB., I -FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. Celabrated Setf-feening T obacco-Cutmg Htllldreds d tuose fabor-aaving Ma. cldneo lu the the coll1itr;r attest !he vala .. of them. Ba-ring been In nae cMn-fQilr ;rean, been thoroughlr tested, and mlich lmpro101Clln &lilts pai-ts, we can coofld 1ntl;r recommend it to the iiumuracturera of TobacCo as the be&t_ t m'ost economica!Machlnefor thepa'ijii>ae bow lmown. ConUnuoll!l Ceed, no loss ot buts, more with cfcut 1111d brighter Tobacco, than with any other Cflttar !D. the world. .... .u.oo .... l!UI' .. CTUltl! SAFES lalillot be'SledPclf _;e be 'Wedged i O&DDOt be Drllle41 aAIIK VAULT81 VAULT DOORa. ltJCPRa:es aox PAMILY PLAT. 8APU, OOMBINATIO .. LOC'K8 .; r*AByJII& 4 GO.., ., 1 (oiiiM&II!IItr t \ 1t08Bank I -Aacl for -.,18 bJ our 1p1111 b. tht \ prblaiplll e1tt. throaploat U. ti r ... VD1W8tatli. ..J 1 KL ZELLEIOL\., .. M_ANUFACTURE'R OF ALL K!NDS ot MU,SLD .&.Np BAGS,:. 363 St., lfew Yozk. Orders proil ptly t o at the ibortat;:netico CIGAR an(TOBACCO BAGS Manufa.ctured II.Dd Printed by lo-. B. L. SAMUEL, No. 35 John New "for'k. CJor RoomS, upstair.s. P. O Box1900. l.'.t:IIE CIJEAPEST ROUSE IN THf TRADE. i Sl ANis a FOR CiGAR BO,XES, 'Plug tn -/ J Furriahed'in qoantiticaJo suit, by r_. A HEPBD.BN,: -:;;;: i LP. WIS STREP.T, NE:WtYORK. W'-M)LL, 465 '5 Eut loth St., and +7.0 Eut St.


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