The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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VOL. 10. < .. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24 WHOLE N0. 374. .{i .P.O.U.laolbt lf'lul-. laf Waw. oronlord."Di'Lo.Dee:r H 8olltll Wllliam. 0\ltord, 81>< ........ r--. IJOlllllam. aom. a w ollio "' Oo., 2t .. Ill Wllliom. lfcADd .1-o.F .. lf.....t., H. X. It OJA 81i IUid 7S Water. We&ver &: Sterry, .U &td Thlluo IIIJ!Il>am, llll Lnia. Ellltepe, 081&11Uooalp6r -am for poe!ajje. WudrOp .It 201 & liOO Lewia. to lultrlll&, et.c.. fi.W, vla8u1 FtUidMo, admounL sJ.isA Cigtlf' Ri6bns. tJiemtl&aDoealbOUI aeni at-the c..U. Cittw ut rill!< to Mtder. UTE OF .&DVERTIIUlllG. A.merioaa Oipr Y.ll. Oo., tQ Elll ave. r Jacoby, S. 1/l. po., :101 Pearl. lBQ.uare fU aonparellliJieo ) ft>r 6 moo tho, 520; do. lyNJr, , Manuj11ct11rtrs of Toh11tto Tin-Fi! .. MrtiM,.,....ln tile proporti011, but Oroob, J. 1., 38 Oroaby, (!LARKSVILLE, T_., ,Thlltco Broilrs, Clark,lC. H. & Bro. COVDIGTOJI', K7. Glore, l. A.. l'. 1/l. Bro, 15, 17 and It W, 7th; WIIJIU! Ratterman, Kenton Tobacco w-110-U.....up. D..&.J(BUBT. Ccnia U.ane, G WI D.AJI'VJLl.Jl, Va. "GHJ; I "Btll." Roanoke W-: Com111iuion Mtrclu.nts. l'embericm, J H DAYTOII' O. Bogl.,. l'eaae, Peaae' TobaeooOuttiar Bnriae. DE..-aOITdllltola; Mllnfaci.Mrers of Cig,rrs and J)#Ahrs in Z..J TabJcco. 1latbeft, WiJAO.n & 21 J"eft'eraoD &TelU18 Tobacco Li'Vts. N ovelt,' Wo'rks Tohauo Licllteabcq, G, 11 i l 'fbacc 1'HBACCO ASSCIATION -' DF TB.I 1 UNITED ST A.TES. S E.'FRA.YSE .R, P.B.EBmENT I LORIN PALMER, Vroi.P.usmENT. JOSEPH HALL, TREUORm. I" Oommwue&twns upon matters relative to the inter: of thE} Aasociation PJ.ay be addressed ., To the President, care L. H. ct Co., Richmortdl Va., Or,ITo the Vtoe-President, : G : :T. KUOllLER,11 ., 1"! I U f.f I 1 rt. W:. GAIL. I \&k\!a uale..el, 2. S, -4, or more equa.ce_1 One column. one year. 1_150; ex moaU.e, S2IO. AltctitJttttrl of To64cll, ttc. three moutllo, 11110. HaU eo!nmn, COle yeor, fale; Gerard, BeM.o a Oo., 7 Old Blip. lx mootho, $180 ; ttu.e montbo, fl5. TAco LJ6tls. &-Aderti..-h Oil the Arfi p-$150per twq wide columna, and none Uk:en fqr .DoDald sou Brot._ N Puk. ..... lellij--tn acl:nmle ; tltro Tbe Hatch Lithollraphlc II; U V-y. BCII!U+I( I3Q9 i three "'lA!t f65Q. :tlo de:viatioD "1. a .eo.tb.:, l'lorth Wllllam. DURHAM, N. C. Toilac-eo3 lllackwell, W T. EAST HARTFORD, eo-. 11nd Dtaler 170 Water Street, New York. H. & CO., !HxEirorH1SBBii' LEAr I T o B A C C10 TO OUR PATRONS. We would call the attention of patrons to the fact i that early notice any proposed May changes of business, or residence, be given us1 that we may rna e the corrections in ac.cordance there;'!ith We. are willing lo publish am{ounce me t$, under the head of "Business Changes," without as important items of trade news. l!rDI&. WoUf, Ohal. A 51 Oba uOO...tbebeacttns l'ors.le''or.. c B '-'-l B.ARTFOJU), eo.-. 26 o;!!nla I"" for ery lnoertion. 1l11' 0 '""""I "" Triodrings. NO qdero for dOrtiolog will be OODaldered, na Sch1UIIacber .It, EttliDger, 15 ll-y. Dtlliill regulating the sale of Bantol'llliolllilrOo.,Do, r> .........-,x..L. leaftobJlcCo,so well known to -'be trade, has actually .v-.fMn. kept view 'by oftne'act. These were : :on.a...1 =..,. :s.. T., 110 lllato, I Firsl. 1 Ta prevent the sal_e of leaf ,tobaoco by grow---............ 1'11 o-laJl. I M-jiiCturrrsofCArUJinc lllld s..Hi"f, r t O perSOnS WhO pUrChase in o rigm' aJpackagesfOr export ..._.. CIIICAGO m 8 ers dir-+ly to conwriaers 1 have been settled in a few 'I'I(OI'ds by forbidding the ...,wer M6arif.,.,, of Fi .. a..-Cir lXlahal1, w 11 a.. ..... Re il d 1 1 ( b hall -a1s k bo k .. -- \. D.itrs i w .. i Cit;tw. D.Ju ;. Letif Toi>Mas. Secund. To 'Drevent the frauds in manufactured tota ea ers Ill ea to accor s 0 a 0 oftobacco to sell leaf tobacco to "others than dealers who -.twwo.c. II......... ou.,s.B.IIOo.,) ,r ,.. and therein daily their purchases and sales, m a 1 .... au-. ""' Yalwn "-'-, Bo'biuon, 1. B. .,26JLIIUIUidJf7 Water K..Iy, D. B., ][Ul-. b ceo perp' etrated nrough collusion between the illicit db c have paid a special tax as such, to manufacturers of to--" _, D.ler ;; uJF T.b... ,, -' --........... Ji-.. --.... 1 c form and to be prescribj y the ommlSsioner .. av.u.-, l manufacturers and the Internal Revenue, which boolF. shall 'be open at all bacco, snuff, or cigars, or to such persOns as are J, Bnlo.,l, / ""''-.J T bol'!Sh the present system of bonded tobepurchasersofleaftobaccoforexport?" Buttohave =: /fl4-ftu:rm Jlii C..t T,._, &PIUJ(G:I'JELD. .... J-' JOira 0 a ""1" d II o.tu. I v- <:1 Y( that nothing in tht' S section S 1 be construe to prevent d ld h e lefit 0 1 e r,., the ben 1 7 water. --; l7t .. us North water. -B. & ee., :o warehouses. fi ,_ _11: '"'" ,, __ J one so, wou av n p ac .... r 6 ...... ng e-1., lr. Wat.or. 1 a ai'IIUrorp ... nte t/'rJ14Saung,alt=P.':"\'tOJ prtxUCtton, I d h h I h f ........ -114Mtf-r;p:s of y;., O.t CAIV1i::J.::.J s-A-ST. LOUD, Ko. I Such being the evi ,dent aim of law-framers, let of Ms own growth and raising at retail dinctly vo ence towar t e growers m t e c OSing paragrap o i'l(, .,u/ D.ll/lr Luf 71 .1146""/o:u:trum of Tob.u:us. s,.e how they 'have ,set about realizing it, In the first to eonsumers, to an amount not one llundred dolthe se'ction, .and thu& a man of straw had to be formed. L t J(aiden.Llmo. Book 6 W"ldh, rr 11D4'ill Kllliucaa eawa. D., 70! lforth d d h 1i fi h f k kin h' / 1 10UrODIWATI. LaolecMTobooooWorb, p'ace,we have th'esec\jon regardingretail dealers in larsannually." an stoo on IS eet ort epurpose o noc g 1m 1 J lhtlltrsl TohtJ. Toi>""o. ,,..,,..,es. leaf toBa,ccb. .As this was subseqJiently from I TJte italicised portions we now for the first over. And this' has been done most The t1f'll\tn,1L"-r-',,C.&R.II 'Co.,IJI......... I f fi h'h dl t k A 't t ds .. rt:nlu' fir't 'tuall fiorbi'dde t sellhisleaf' ( )[allayRiob&Brotber,Jl5WMPJue. r w&ll&Bel'riii,UO lllorlhs-n.L tlie first drat, rom w 1c we quote !lS ,._ee we re time. s 1 san It IS ce a very umgue pro-grower IS s vrr y n o mquanli1l!ileP!iel, tiiiPWL ..,.. Hy. 48 llna'-1 Tab"'" Brour. 1 1 d h H d tb of 1 fi M 'I I tities less than a hogshead, case, or bale, and then told : a.;, 'II ()o8ar. r ..... :&.,Ioo print it as finally reporte to t e ouse: uctlon m e Vf8Y aw rammg. erc1 ess y severe t 0::11' 11rlsplwtiruf I S..&.J( "Retllil dealers in leaf ,tob ceo' shall each pay jipe at !he, commencement, it c?ncedes the whole matter in tqat he may dispose of one hundred dollars worth per cQ,..u 1: c..b)', 111 'WilD ,1 >r 11 r 1 1"' J'r!prnlf-r of r.J.-. en..;,;,. Mmiu. hundred dollars ,' and, if annual sales exceed one. dispute at the close. "The idea of taxing the retail-deadirectly to consumers. But it will be at once ; Iltlnrif-ni of Ssittff. t J 11 lei. ,1.' )itnrleu, w _,_.I{ Cllt, p;,_. 0 TOI.ii:DO ; o.. pealer in leaf tobacco whose business it is to sell leaf to-ptr cent.o{ hiS recetpts over one thousand dollars, was they need at their command, and thus intent of the ., JM/rr i u4f ToHtleO IIU bf...... J )I, .bacco in quautitieli less, case, e !de'htly intended to amount to notbingmoreorlessthan section will be defeated. This is so' plain as to need no T h 11 "'tl # T -):) illl .. 5 I,.,.., -'1 ifjcc I I :XvY. rf[ or o'ale j 01' who s a! se y to. qr tt;> p to ,have been, considered a very detailed explanation. The only practic;:al and sensible -n.r:lt -rrfff ... J1 m.I!J -J;JJ, .1 r .II. l'tc:_af Butwbygoso mode of reaching the difficulty, would be 'to prohibit1 JJ ,f ,.o .. 1 If..., r! ,,.1 1daspec1altax as sue oro d R b' __ ., b ,_.._ tb h --'-of'-6'by 1 i :16 ,. '-.-., WalMJI.I) r .. I ceo_, sqp#; 1rl;J hayty pr o m Huuu s am, ......,n_ e matter t R&a: growers m quantities ess thana case, 0 I /. l I 01 },,, "1:. "1 t ruL,f 7. '(t f J(l "' ,.. "lit I -. .. I If r 0 I I I cqoJJ .... A l I (j h, r""' DeB.A.V KLING, 52 Broad and 60 New Streets, Ne:w York. IMPOR.IIJIEJ;\S OF BAV AlVA OICI.&:RJI, And Sole Ageats for tU ale of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CIOARS, M W'IJH mtdCII eel.ebrUed Kl Pl'blclpe de Gal of :a.. I vi .. .. J /


' I b 1 h h d to others than licensed dealers, THE CCO lii.A.JI.UT. work for tl;le defeat of this conteraptated measure the --.rticular otice. '"Kelly Co"' ::tO' do; C. H. Mallory & Co., 4 do; J. a e, or ogs ea or merchants are disposed to 'exert thel8selves to that .liiil""'Growen vl-d leaf tobicCO'are.cauuoned agail!lt acceptin1 tlte Eager: 2 po -wlatoh han blen held here nearly a year, and the prolit on O k tin fi hnwt. would only be affordtng the protection due to the heavtlyWesftm Leaf-The iales of tqe past week amounted faded. It s e. at e estres o t IS arge which ai ... t na\urally include intereot on capital Growen reports. mar. et c:qp ues active or Marytaxed dealer and manufacturer. to 8 0 hhds of which 300 hhds were to manufacturers of tradesmen m thts J?arttcular respect should be, callDDU:tp_..t eYQJI ia the caae i!hlpl, tO? ae11 them for tbt>same prices land and Oh1o the J?ast week. of. the 4 d h ainde _for dlSrergarded, and fie certamly hoi?e that the reasons as ore on a re-sale b Ol:couno !!'ut II at an former have considerably 9e expected, The next pnnctpal topic proposed to be legtSlated f11d \t> an. t ed reh M J which have influenced Congress in Wifh}lolding :r"its.. and therefore the price obtainable by w but J:.levertheless ari\i iu spite of European ad vices upon, seems to. ill:. the trade in illicit manwactured;'to elWort t tugs allot: n 1 .... an t rye_ favor will be found upon examinatio sufficient to.. ..!'!Plid>tt lower than our ...,. .-, which any tliiug but favorable: ) ranean.-e-ce1ps are Sill an o uers ve 'f h h h b ke -Q'D'OT.UICNS OF 1 the .ofFered fi d d b bacco,co"'''-onlycalled"blockade''robacco. Regie buyersareStill backward. JUStly t.e cours .tat as een ta. n.-..... oom.......... 0;, most e-q;.o..n rea y uyeorsatunevil we have certain elaborate sections in the new ot....., M.,.... Sd ,1h weol< Totol Smokmg-Smokmg tobacco was tn reasonably good common "' IOOd Jqo. 8 @ u .. 10 @116 rates and owners show firmnes ..-<>f b "'-" th b' fl' b ddl Th January 990 403 349 377 1 8 1 3 6oo demand throughout the week, the local and country := Ohto, some 750 hhds were sold pnncapally to buyers -:e su Ject 0 ICensm to a ceo pe ers ese I' 1 d -. ._ r.-v, ""'" .. ...., ''" J Februar r6 9 579 420 6 4 8 .. s4 z zoo trade both furntshmg tbera or en. Gool .... lOJlo tJ TAinii91D ............... sa @56 for France and at unchanged rates.-Of Kentucky, roo;ensiti!J fral'ded as they only reach March 300 i,886 -86g 4u j;6o_,_TJ.r&lnla,oz22 @'Z'I 479doOhto,and24doKentucky,and out of ce who manufactured> tt. Pu ng volum e "' but one rate for both smokmg and chewmg 1t ts clear Smoltero ...... .... ..... :' '12 @U l'llle ..................... 18 @20 6 do Vtrgtma-total 1 503 hhds. Cleared same time res tn.CJ a -; P ers retal 11 a d dillm d LO d ea htfill r that all the smqking dealerwould ave to ..,oto si:T Browu ... T Baloe ............. ....... 1T :-. d """'dl ho .1 It ll amp the et ti ly ant Of low h '..t ,.11 o.\i .. 72 t e untaan :tdo .. 21100@30oo 972'::>Io72 ; ne an see tons, n>::7IS been carefully acco.'nplisbed? If our legislators want ud inst., is of the followingimdoing. We can n?tconceive of any thingmoredetrimen: ... ::::.:: = 211 = 00 to good lugs, 7@8; to medium leaf, th tr d illi b fti ll lch.Ai' th "M k full to-da b t fii s taltothegeneralmterests ofthetradethan*returnto :nnen ............ 1' @15 Pea.llocloclo ........ n 21100 8@9;fatrtogood,9@Io;sclections, e a em Cltto acco e ectua ysque '"t"l et em port: ar up m pnces Y u 0 the old practice and as this seems sure to follow the in-l'l!onuri_,.&Mz..,v.-, Ohio ....... lT 0 1100 good to fine primings, infuse new eaiergy into the Internal Revenue Breau poor." J udgtng from tbe of the stock commg of a' uniform tax-rate, unlc;ss the saJe of fine'::. ::.::: n T. .. 20 ootPI oo, .. o Statnndf. and see to it that tile il/ial fadaries t/uwue/us are cut chewing tobacco in bulk is prohibited, we '" deem it J:f.:*;.;d'i,;q;:_:: .. :'. lJ @U, 187z.-Stock in warehouses and on crushed. Uatil tbis is peddlers licensed or un0 courw:e.thighbe mbaom 10 ....:,. advisable to call attention to the matter; trusting, at the. ........ 16 !_ta'JJ Srrtll--.. ...... :: 1 0010 shipboard, not cleared.-------------5,745 bhds events IS opmton "! -t'''"'e"" h h (l'ffi ul b d' d h "" ..... 1 1 d h k licensed, will be found to retail the goods therein proknow they speilk. The same is also true of ;wne. time, t at t e 1 c ty can e a JUSte Wit our g;; nspecte t IS ---------------1,503 hhds duced. fine br ht smokers. unparmg the of manufacturers or dealers J oiuo' It rx o-m ......... .. .. ---.(.. Inspected prevtously ------------8,223 hhds S ultgLe ,,_ }\, 1' de fall' tr d 'th th feature of the proposed new 1'-. -nuL ...... ux 14 u.--... .. ---41 1 eo We ha.e onlr space to bi'ietl.y to the grevioua r :i us two orce /11 ort of law, which all br.anches of the tobacco t =:::::::: ::::::::: n L::-t'ir .................... a:' I5.47I bhds peed?" f..l th .pe ... commerce ts the pnvtlege giVen to the planters w.-... maod,w..-ax .. Exported smce Jan. x 4,856hhds se aca 4urm1 e ) ,......_...., ""' -r t II I f t b f th -,ana........ C t d t d 8 hhd commerce-m m act ed tobacco by the proposed .d bl 1 f todt ket 1 ,. d a o.; 1armers o se ea o acco o etr own a ............. B.K.M.................... 211 oas an re-mspec e oo s : Sl eta e O s. lD aT 7!' f ny raising directly to consumers at their place of production lfa_,. runaiDC Jmt ll 01 @lllo b. ... .......... 5 656 hhds domg away With tho present arrangement by which exiSts dtffenn!' tnat p evatlmt a to the extent of Stoo annually As it was'hoped the law HaW:J'IL 'i::.i do :g g:.. :l ::::: Stock to-day in warehouse and on ship, goodsmaybewithdrwn from the Honded-.rarehouses tune of reJ!Ort,Ltwould.ap ett:t?beto:!:watt wGuldbesoframedastocurtailboththeconsumptionof iu .. 40 not cleared--------: ..; ______ 9,Brshhds for consumption. It is an arrangement by which the European advtlcei before engagmg_ heavtly for ctther leaf ill; the crude state and illicit manufacture, it will be Yro ll 00@11l "wYUia BL" '110 lila net.. 29 Manufactured ToHt:t:JJ purchase .or sa e. I h d h I fi h f """"'G -Tu31ot&perfQllll4. c. ,.ea .. ............... 28 T 1' d f Govemmen.t loses-which it is, in fact, made Transa'ctions thus far on foreign accmmt have been seen w at oor ts ere e.t open or t e1t 1 :: .::::.:::: ; :A yet tmlt e to wants o the trade, more certaiQ ofrecelVmg 1ts tax than by any other de-mort or lewof an xperitllentatcharacter, and afford Pine ... .... J .... 10 P "Kr.",; ...... ........... 23 the act10n as to the d b h. h f: f ... b I ; "' "' t t. t tl t at the lowest es.ttmate, r,ooo pounds ofleaf tobacco, and 0oo4 .................. @211 B! 1r: ........ 11 tax questton. vtce-an y w IC many manu acturers o mcJUerate ut an tmper ect oasts upon wulcn o es tma e le ,ra es th's' quantity multtplied by the thousands and thousands Medium ....... "W. 8."., .............. :... u .CINCINNATI Apn l :zo -Mr F A Prague I means gain a great deal. We have yet to see any sound destined to for the seed crop when the of1 Ieaf tobacco producers in the country 1:Will give the DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. tor of Leaf Tobadco, as :; argument urged against its continuance, while we have thW..: attll:ms tts th t 1 aggregate Sl!tapart by law for either or both. purposes. The arnval at:;the port of New York from domestic during th .past week has been fairly active at prices fully repeatedly published many uoanswllfra in i tit e pnces ;ray lid btl d e. Cigars-We have no change lo notice 1n The interior and coastwise ports for thfe week ending April up to former quotations. Receipts, while improving, r fi y tton, 111Yi may esce 0 '1 w 1 e e pom t:> National Cigar Manufacturers' Association through '.i.t:s 23, were 876.lwls, 43 trcs, .S6 hal-trcs, 42 quarter-trcs, are still very light for the season and in the l & E. $7 ro@8 85 9 at 9 I I at u 20 17 hhds new lee g its revenue from the weed. 'rbe Ploposed titxli uo fiSOO:. manufactories 1 1 Solomon, Ioo do; Joseph Mayer's Sons 3 do; L. & E. trash 1llllgs and ieaf 8 at 7 tobacco ai\alers was a theme or comment m trade c1rw h d R,. H Atk b d c 1 = H wtll get through the 1 durin can ert elmer,zz .0 i 1 u:z .o. ar 8.75; hhds new 0)Ven County, Ky.,' H bl ed' h c es g "'? Tantable mterpretattons of law : Upmann, 178 do' A. .. & 0 t4o do E. Rostrash lugs and 1 hhd scraps at a. 50 u at 0 1 e to pl' ICt, or at w at general that idea at ore p.g:-.Lirorice,-The ljcorice market is dull, and must neee nthawld & Bro.the'r;I;o d.o:; G B. 19' do; 6.85@8.90 6 at 9.5@12; 21 hhds new ratethetaxJI'lllbeeventuilllyfixed. Wecanonlyputfortb posterous.;.that ttwas,mfact,about as essarily GOntinue liO until tobacco manufacturers are Palmer& Scoville, r6do; Haveme yer &Vt.gehus, r6o County Ky trash lugsandleaf I15 at 705@890 our bestJ effi NCure a. favorable result. Never was a proposttlOn oilY Wb' re Collll'el81 _!etlt b ng thtoll are fi t but sufficient as a rule for the demand. We notice the Bv THE NATIONAL LINE -A. a. Cardozo & Co., IO Virainia : 9 at 7&.9. 60 s at 10 sor.a':zo : one man carrymg on a aw1U usmess-s a pay Jsoo or f hhd Th as Houto. & Co I do Pollard Pettus & ... >::7. trade upo and never agam can well-directed h e d llo th t t arnvallast week of the largest shtpment o oretgn hes' om 1.. 7 hhds, ro boxs new Indtana trash and lugs at. 5 @ 9 30 t e pnvt ge, an a w ano er man o prosecu e a d h 6 d Co s8 do Blakemore Mayo & Co 86 do Sawer ld Oh' d fill d d earnest pers011 effort secure more glorious results I b ess for "25 is something the trade is un once ever receive ere-I, 93 cases, constgne to one ., d M' & E S I M' 30 cases o to see ers an wrappers ; 4 amaged stmt ar usm fi Wallace & Co., 35 o; a omon, 120 cases ; 6 @ t @ t 6 @ g r.l! : R -ITOB. to determikne. Tok. tile draan whose business nnened at I and closed at .III rt. Rader & S0n, 35 do; A. Oatman, :133. do; Bunzl & 93o a r a.Ln T .a. T 8 ttons from wee to wee an year to year are nottce m -r 7 74 n d F tm & c g d s h d & '::> 1 ......, h' 1 h d' .:.'..... t 1 d th' Exchange has been dull and steady \"le quote .vormttzer, a an 3 c roe er wrappers 26 at 6 3"@7 ; 12 at 8@9 9 5 12 at t"'r-ll ---:--t ts co umn t e tSc ...... ma 10n 1mp te m ts propo. d L d 8 / 1 B do Joseph Mayer s Sons 44 do "" W scoNSIN TOBACCO seems to be passing out of the sition would 'be of pecuniag; advantage; the favors of "!3tlls a};.60 onb,onk on: .Iod :1'-4-@t 1 h 0 9 chotmmercla@e, CAMDEN AND. AMBOY & I 1.75 ; 6 1 6 o at u@r6; 2 hhds, 4 boxes Northern Ohio at h d f 1 1 1 b 1 h b t b t d t 1 th ro9.}i'::>109f5 10T an ers o a s or stg}i 5 .35@ 5 ,. an s o growers at a JVe y raLe, ut at ow prtces. patrons avmg een so IS n u e as o Pace em, r / p t 6 d a. ..: d t h t Co. 200 case s C. C. Mengel 159 do: Charles F. A h Pl H g hhd bo 8 hhd I ll the higher and more prosperous walks 74 ariS a o ays, 5.2:z 72 '::15 191''" o a s or d L H bh & C d t t e anters ouse, r I s x, r s IMPORTS AT PH!LADELPHL,.-During March 4,192 bythijaccident theybecome theelectof sight 51 5 14f8; Antwerp, Swiss & so; old nel" Mason County Ky., trasb,lugsandleaf; po1111,ds of cigars importee pai.d duty amounting to the as fortune: But notwithstanding this f8; Hafimburg, Amsterdam, J 10 do r c v 2 0 32 at 'll6.9o@89<; 23 at 9I5@I0.75; n at u@n.5o; f; 713 fact-anditisneei!tesstoU!Iertithere-thereisnutone Frankor(, 4oJ9@4l}4; assa 15 at r6 hhds old llnd new Brown Iz, .. !! 9 Prusstan thalers 72@72 r/. I BY THE EMPIRE ANp ALEENC!'OWN LIN E .-Order, r62 County Ohio lugs tras h and leaf. Io at 7 35,;;, II 75 6 at M to be found m the whole Vl}St number that would not 74 '::> ENTEttPIUS T caU attention to the i d' tl d rotest a ainst 50 monst 0 s a FreJghls.-There has been a fatr enqmry for chartercases. 19 hhds, I box: new Owen County, c!rd of Mr. Joseph Witkowsky, dom_g; bilsiness a.t No. n y so wanton a violation r d ipg purjloses at irregular rates, which were somewhat in BY THE NEW -v:oR.K AND :!';EW HAVEN STEAMI!OAT Ky trash lugs and leaf : 15 at 5@7 90; 5 at 8.20@ 298 Main street, Memphis. Tennessee patrons wiit us d n I favor of the shipper. Among engagements were to LrNE.-M. W esthelm & Co., 7 4 cases! A L & C. L. I 5 2 hhds new \Vest Virg i nia at 6 L or.l! 1o k f h > v1dual nghts. a tra esman 1s too humble to 1 d H It 5 do J L Gassert & Brother do A J i '::> do well to rna e a note o t e same. command the a trona e oLthe wealth or ell c ndiper :Z7 hh s. at :zo8, roo cases at o 30 I? : At the Morns Warehouse, ro4 hhds, 2z bo)l:es; 46 V P ffi g th Y f hi,> pnvate terms to Bremen per sat! 1 6oo cases at 153 .Rosenbaum&, Co., IS do., Bunzl & Dormttzer, z8 do' hhds new Mason County Ky trash lugs and leaf 2 6 q, T I d th h t b tioned 1s not a su.l"Clent reason m e opt o t e to ' L & E w h d p 1 & s u d ., Cro" oN/ v htass nlg.i. ataltl be Jon oacco 'merchants aDd jobbers of this city or elsewhere to Antwetp, perLiverpool 6oo cases at ert 75 a mer CO'.'I : 42 o; at $6.7S@9o .85; IS at 10.25@12 .75; 5 at I3@I7SO; r & ..,. nt ee h' h' o t of existence and eft'o t :z:r,r. 6d. and per sat!, a small lot at 3Is. 6d. The folSchroeder & Bon, 42 do C .. c. Mengel, 99' Haver hhd old Mason County, Ky., lugs at u.:zs. 5 hhds ch d. -It is estimated that not more than one-fifth rna havin that ob'ecr in will lowl?g vessels c.hartered : A British hence to meyer & ':lgehus, 25 L Hirschhorn &, Co do', new trash and lugs at 6 .85@114. :17 hhds new' Owen ins in the hands of the planters g. u eirt y, t th 'g h t J bati b t Cadtz and Sevtlle with Kentuck y and Vlrgmta tobacco D :Bennmo, 24 do' Allen Co., II do' Schmtdt & County Ky. trash lugs and leaf: 24 at 6 95@9. 3 ---. as tt WI m 'nQ elr ear Y apJ.>ro on, u at private terms an Austrian bark for Fiume and Trieste St mceke, S do; Kuchler, Gat! & Co.; 2 do ; F Ji'. Ives, 'at 12 2 '@I r'x hhds new Pendleton Count K P T.b,e are anrong, the new supr!!mboedcontempt.hink h d h reported at o; an Italian b:U.k, 267 tofts. to Gib: 42 do ; Levy & N ewgass, 6 do; F. G. N ewhaus, I do ; trash ltgs leaf: 3 at 7 S@8 6o 8 at roJ. Son & 11 do, W 0 ; was mamly on the low gradestW},ge_Ples B pas. t nvo yeats A also as .BRITISH WEST INJ)IBS-4 cases, SIS4j zobale9,t$1So ; W. Htllman. J'& Go., 82 cases, c(eclme would no doubt have bej!n !'e has exaded Pl!yment trr for all "Our tobacco market cont!nues qutte ammated;' new 3$Z lbs mfd, l'17 1 : Lmdhelm, 8 do f Rtchey & 16 dQ, quote: common lugs, 7 U goqd luJII, ..SJ(@9C; stamps bonds are no longer necestobacco ) continues fo arrive and is sol.d on spot:at 1, CANADA-54 bales, $t,S72 J boxes ; & .co.! do 258 do; I4 kegs common leaf, 9}i(@Ioc; medrum IO-"@uc;F sary of t!ue Government. hjgh rates. 'l'he an abundant one." 1 CHINA-14,o69 lbs mfd, S2,200. W. & A. 71 do ; lu:once; l(.a man Brothers& leaf, ;., fine leaf! n}:(@13c; 111oderate business was done in 9SPLATINE lbs mfd, lb J3,r68. S crates ptpes. We have tobacco r.BI2 )ELLIEi>" in th.;Ricllmorld Wkij, from Washington, thus sketches Judge 'IDi.fis l tile probable nominee or tbe Cincinnati is a native _ofMaryJand and s;xty years old, weighs near .pound.s 1 ap.d reminds me of .tho&e old big bellie. tobacco plapters that were wont 111 years go11-e by-to mble!itt, the and diScUSS theptk:e !Of",lobacco anli ntggers. .He bas au the honest simplicity of those men connected with a vast deal more brains. He is a very rich mlj.ll, and will not; like Grant, require fo be bribed by manufactured tobacco last week, the aggregate transac mfd, S1,5I4. CoASTWISE FROM BALTIKORE.-Pat erson & Co. ro seasons; weather warm, thermometer r&JigUig from 6o tions being, perhaps, under rather than over those of DAN.JSH .WEST INDIES-I hhd, S3o4. hhds: & Newmark!, 2 do; Ottinke.r Brothers, 31 to 8o are its predecessor : We hear of some pretty good sales HAYT1-I. O bales, S84. do; T. Eaglebich, $ oo; Kuchler, Gall .A: C.o., I do; now busily engaged strlppmg and iheu ?f Qrder, anq int.ended. (or the 1 MEx'JCo 436 lbs mfd, $n7. -. ::' P,oJlard, 2 de>; tlolztn n & ; Deutschand next week Western marketswll.l mtenor smokiJlg trade a.f> about ISC; Some ros. and Nxw GR.E!fAD.,.-ro:z bales, $888 : "' -'' l>erger, 8 dq; Elief. & Kaepp 6 pgs; Fatman e.ff'ects of the tate rood seasoD'. I The will come pounds were taken Cuban markets, ar,d :1-Jo ports for the week ending April z:f: & Co., 89 do ; order, I hhd, z3 r -.. now, "as the waves come, when naVIes are stranded," there 'we1;e some sbitments' to California. There'wa5; 1 hhl:is, 88 cases. '' 0;'" "' J BY NoR.Tit K..' midl &. So.n, r6 and the cry thifthe crop 'was under-estimated, will die 'as' ';lsual, a demaad fdr Bright .mediuril pottnda at ; 45 do ste ms, 2,38J i., Co., 36 F w-. Tatgenhorst out faster rose. 011t_'circiilar of ut of Ju-lo@.24C. The lo&l ulade was QUJet. "' ;' 1 .QR1STOL-7t bhds. .' -' ,<. r. 5 do;, Pollard, Pettus & ., 5 do; W. 0. we p0111ted out the Influence $e The, feeling is now, prevalent that warehouses are 1 lt..

I :. I 3 iD. LoursvJLLE, Kv.,-R. man6facMrer of plug tobacc;o, has leased his tobacco factory to C. Hoi brooke, Mr. Jones 1\aiooen in ufacttare.r since LONDON,'England_.Jolin Grant Hodgson & Co; the co-partnership lately existiog M'essrs. T. M. Edwards and J R. A. Stevenson has been dissolved; Mr Edwards wilt ramtinue the business under the old style.


I \ .. 4 QBA:CC9 LEAP. New .Uomrnjssion :Drlerchanta. 3. KITm&DG M K. C. WHJI:ELOCK WNI. P. KITTREDCE & CO., -The Virginia Tobacco Agency I .. ..48BlfT8 JrOB ALL 'J"R'B EsTABLli'HED IN 1836, BY CIIARLES M. CoNNOLLY. POP11L._ JIIU..N .. OF 'I'OB&c::co. 71aJtcl13 Erooot 81., XlllW roBK l .. Baker, lr., Golcl011 Oord, Claerry Co. 'RKOLLY cl co eat. t1!:: BendiiiO. IMDdlo l'ulla, I o'clocll:, Pride ol"tbe U. 8 V_ S. S. lleoU, llalloro' Pa\',Cll'lt.e, LlLUe Kla,.l, JIDdoza, Iudlui8tar, ObriliiU.'III Natlon'o Pride, RIYDl, PlaeApPle, Oberry Wblte Pawn, Lonlo De l(olfe, Bat.toa'a Cbolce, Pride of tbe But, C lo Ill Ja t Palmetto, Belle FaiiJlle, Yoatlul DaiJabt; oaum&Bs D erodiD s Blra

\ ,.. ---lfllrm,...llf' IIIJI ifi'lintl iJi ttlrmlty, tlr4 :.tem Parifo Railroad First 'B#1Uis_, ontl inJayaJle 111 gokl, Vni teti States Ttu, qnd ret-, "''"""tl f/14 sam{. as lite '1111/ut invutnunl! 'l!fiktl Slates afll/ q_lj marlteta#le semrilies, rt(tifletl in e:&(/iiinie at full GOO .. A eo., NEW YORK, PHII:ADELPHIA, AND WAsHINGTON MEIDL & BRO. r I .J 0 PALMER' & T :&1m JOIPIBB8 o ALL llliml Of LBAP TOBACCO, No. Water Street, New York. L. PALMER \ JOSEPH IDER, rOOB:&eeO I R STREET, AIERIGAB CIGAR !OULD !ABUFACTIHttNG CD., No. 463 First Av6., IIW YORK., Leaf 190 filABI, TJ s ;sA sn; 2 s M. BROCK & -Finest Brands of NEW YORK., E. & G. FRIEND' & 00: DlU.Lml.l nr Leaf Tobacco, 129 MArDEN LANE, BDwABD FBmKD, l NI!VJ;. yoRK. IU.V. OK lAx.. .u.L DWiLIPPi088-teat 'oltaeeo 1 fr--# t4 : Ia Leal To'-oo in an1 p.-fc)r export. 4-, DIARTIN MA.UPAOTURKD lOng llee, 12 Inch lbe. "' Pride of the N atioo, U Inch lboL Reward of ID:dll*7, n Inch lbL f D. 0. llaye'a 'JilaTT, lba., ll\le., aDd 1 ... OoDMtoya, 6'i.; I SMOitta'-.. :: Star il .q :: Gl'&lld Duchese. Goldlllug. :l --------------,, A!fD 1 -,.,&m.AllL'B OIGARB, 16'7 Wa&clr Street, New York. . ,,


STEWARTr MARKS;' RALPH ,_ t .. ...... :M:anutactn ret hi -'AI Dealel'l! i n tTabacco Snuff and Cigars; TOLEDO, f). I. ,.H. CLARK & BRO., I JIIDftOa 1'0 'I'D JOB!CCO HiDE OF PHI1ADELPBIA St. Louis,.U..d Weatern A.dvertiaementa. RICHARDMALL.AY .TAME8MALLAY. -a B 0 Besude & Bro., I. B. BAA& ti.U.&ft ..!f I 161. 163r&.165 Fearl Stret, ..-. .... \ COR.._ER O F B'l:REET,) Kr-ohn, Feiss & Co KD, OONI B. a Z. K. PB.&SE, UA.J\J I a sa EXOH.ANGB ELA.CE ADd WlloleM!e Dealer In 8 1". CUlGI!'ro!f. l CREIGHTON, Ilr a lriiWIAe l>oue I iheBtateo r 1


/ THE TOB"A.{){)O .LE-A. F. GAlS:R/S) .4..:/n) DEALEBS I.Y t TOB.A.CCO ; te "'t retit, N E\Y :yo&Jc; ... 1'8, I Planters' Pride, lite., Etc., TOBACCOS II' Word I r., 1 DlarnOfld Golden llllamson, J '8mokfng t ,Qut. c,.vendlsh son, lett, 1 Shelton, on Lltieral Terms. J'OHH W. lfURRAY, l!ecret&ry, WIL'LIL,.: F. Blii.NS, l'j:'elldont. .,, This Company is ni11V pre.Jamf isrue Poliltes against /Qss add damag. by Fire, ott / DIFFERENT 'M& ....

EXTRA CAVENDISH. 404 and 4o6 Pearl St., New York City. ......... Bon. Oaurii JbDsxi, WM. McCAFFIL1 lluceesoor to CJ---eo. BaYan:a lo CIQAR8, II IIOWDY, R. Y. 'IIIII our Braud /PL.&I!IIft' ud DICE, llave -"'' cloMIJ'hnl m&DJ' tbo Trade, br fnlllre the .. lk LYALL.lfewYork. Wo JiJEI.Bft, t .. M Broad lJOSTUN, -----'\ JOHN ANDEBBGJr & CO. I Manutacturen of the TOBACCO I apd 1I7 LUIERTt STliEET, :1-


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