The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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I VOL.-VIII.--NO. 11. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 1, 1872. \\ llULE N(). LEA-F Ie EHrJt o:4NI1!1G,.., 1M lohttt ltlf llttfriag lperttrl of Ptute. r Appleby Water. Cln,t&Dd, De LuiOOJ H 8oatla Oilrord, llberm&n a Imua, MIO WiW... Oomos, Wollll A: Co., H oil Sl 8. Willbua. llc4adre1r, ;r..-C. lH Frollt. llforrlo, H. ll. 19 014 Slip &114 7J ....... 11r J'OIJfOJII Btimwr, NEW Y6BJt. Wnr 41: lllen7,.H cllfar. SmJ L.llj' THto l'!'tliM, 'l. -JIA ...... .... .... ... .ww. Lillcle, :r. c., a: eo., 1a -w..w. lCJmfG.O&oii. ..... : ..... ; .. Ba&uoupnt. .U a ..s...uama me&IJ,tol& :105Leoria To_. ... eto., 'fiaBG i'r--., &mQ1111t. c;z ... Ribbos. Bemtt.i&D.,..Ih'"'ld; in eveey IDtanee, be m&de ae od.or Blllurella-c--. 1 '\'JI'e to be atolen, aDd can ouly be lent at t.heGre&t Cigr Mor.IJ.s. ,() BA..T&S A.DVERTJSJ!IG. JI\Cj'bJ, s. & Co,, 209 p !, _,1 rill< to the IOIIder. American Ciiu M. :u:: 468 :First o-.e. 6 illl;de'l'lMioB 1". It eo., 22 lknh .Willlaa. ""fel'lbebeadlng "Fer .Bale" or J Cig -Box U.btl a.rd Tri..,ig. .' Luf Toh-o Brohr<. oil Bl!ld, 4 Collop BDi!diJ>r. CJ.&axaVILLE, T._, Ltf To.MCO Brours ll. B. Bro. OOVIJIGTOJr, a,.. Glore, 1. A. P. oil l!ro.,J4, 17 oad It W 7jla: W&,... --X011ton ToboocO Wue-U.., Oreellup D.Alfii1Jli.Y, a-.. Gr&T ... G. WI I DAJIVJLLE, Va. GooJ," u Bttttr," Be#." !W&nollo Tob&coo. Worill: c-.. iui /dfreUtstt. Peabertea,JR L DAYTOlf, Hoglen a. P-, P-'e ToboocO.QD.ttinr Bqtu. D:JTaOJ'r, llioll. of CigiiTI n4 JhllkTI i U"J T- Detroit Noveltr Works ; TobdUO 'MMrojlfturtr, Llebte';,beTf, o.l-11 ll l DURHAM, N, C. 1 <-. ISmo'noi Tob.m. : Blaclnrtll, -yr. T. EA.ST H4RTFORD, Pt!Atr r.nd lhlu. llh&J!III&'l> R: A HARTFORD, Ccuul. WIIJI(QII'' 25 oepla poT II,..-f o r enrytnae.-.uon Schumacbet: & Ettlinger, 5 ll...,.y. No o -derfor a dTE'rtie m g w .ll qe OODiideftd .. uD WoHf, A., 51 . PacAu : s and l e aa accoml'&"ir d by the' coneepoJ!dlng ap>ounl. T obacco & ing 1Yd Ulleo & 1erome, !311 State l'blo nile '1'1!1 ....,.IJW.JII.'I bo to. c .. __.. 19 W .. .. .Hubbard, N. & Co. IS Makket wv. o., 7 Ham. Lee, &eo tan Staf;el. r. 1 ADVVDTIS"'DD : rritrgs London .t; B1dwoll t 21f *tate. BUSINISS ) RICTORY OF liD 1100. HammerMein o r IH w r PeW, H& z. K., 19 .lla.rkel. ShephaBOOI Eugone, 75 Front. FinDer, ;r, & B1'08. 13 Third l Eggert, Wm. 188Water. Muslin Tob Bags EaaeJbao!la. ]1 n Sixih A-.. R 2113 East Fottll. Fatman A: Co., 70 and 7S Broad Fos, Dllla 41: Co., 175 Water. Tobacco agging. & eo. E...t G 129 :U:Rldp L&De. :r,.e.ter .A.1 & Co 100 Garth D. 1., eoir' ol, Co., 129 Pearl. Tobacco &a"'f> Cttnttlltr ,ea-. I. L.'A:iiJrO. '160 l\'&l>l'r. Secombe :U:auufacturiug e&Oo.,tM:a-d. tinue and conclude the circuit by appearing subseQ-at.;6. ._. S....,rys Bd1M. oar,sJrB, La. 1 L 'II S Lo H 'bal Q S North ao.,1117 DuaD Bolentu, o. H- eo., 110t Wl!lt Pr&-. -r,"'LL.nO, BoDs, au North: Third. necessary to bespeak for l:lim a cardia! welcome. N.:ot e-. a. st-. Boyd, W. A & Cu., S3 8oath. & 'iU, 107 Arola. 1 8trollll JleiUel>lrt ,.em u ';,"!;o,,. 1 1 Br&une, F. L. &: Oo. a7 !Iouth .O&y. Bdw&rdo. G ; w., SS'Norlh Water. the first, as we believe him to ha. ve the acqua-int Tu. 01ou1oo fl. I Ill'"' m.ue; L. 1: Co., d South OUiHO. ElioeaiOhrf.Wm oli Co., 117 SOillh WUer. L. ,w. ne Gumhor. L. w 110 Lomb&r4. !l H.nort. oor. :rourih &: :a-. ance of any one interested \n the weed; nor the second JA-pe..n Xertlkllotrco. ;49&atb Obutei. VoDowell, M l!l. a. Co., DNorih w__ -. ._..-ra. R.r e c.aar. x-. c. a. eo.. &18oath cun.: ... t07 Morth water. e the,r, judging froRJ former t>. leasant experiences. ':fHE 17 Bntb W-. during the yeaf. that is past, has been !l regular V:i -1 Teller.Brollt-117Nadh1'hinl. B ,_ a: Co:.o 11 eo., m Arola. s1tor m many a distant factory Counting-room, and L.' 1 ( l .fokfo. Wilkma.loKlier, 88110uU. Cbarleio.. :WoOd-GanettCo., llll'erih Water. from all we can learn, not an unwelcome one. While -it 1'Kti ,F.urs. ],.,_,,,of Hav4n d y.,,., = a: NieJD&Dn. 78 South Obarl-Coer, F W., 90 o,l t2.Soutll Ohaieo. noanJ-llr r 'i,, o '1: o -ll. I!Gil, 1111 Pearl. w.a:eau: eo .. 111 W"eet lLehl H. a. Cj>r, 666l!U rti>Blo ..... tb. the conviction that principle and not whim, or of Tobturt, \. of Cizars : ) Manfa '-' "" -], Le if To}, .._"' Oo.,lH. U6&114 117 Liberii11od ofaetMrw oJ Cig11n. sp...;, mcJIIii:oe, Va. bacco commerce who would gladly pay liberally for the S .. U.porttrs of Hit., ... Cigft ntl utif THac.o s::" JSi'll&Ulea Lane. &>Bot<ooH, 7 Co--.:iai. c;..,.i,;.,!' exclusive use of our cohtmns, but such enslavement to &,.... aa Bofti'T. li'.,..Jr, G)lB.iWT. < the behests of a clique, would, like "the day that makes :U:&iclell-k--' Mere,..,, Neal, Thee D k h "h If h" 11 w. BN-1 1110 Weoiholf Jr. BroMrt, a man a slave, ta e more t an a 1ts wort away 11:, iiLiboriJ': IIROC)JU,ft, Jr. Y. :Kino, 'B. Our appeal, then, is tp no one man, or set of men, how. =ll. .., 1-t Grttaw{ch. .BucbanU .. LJaiL 1 &.-Ma/.-('lm. w. Y, ( ever power{ul; we draw our support from the trade as a llebwan .,,._, 1 x.n. ...,._ --.ra to 13 ., M11f11"'" of T"-wa7. -MifdtiMrtrs.j Clu-wi11f;'dtl &..ling, P-#'..!or D al W, :Kimb&IJ, Wm. B. a. Co. see and appreciate the worth of a trade representative 16 Broedway. ou., 8 Citrs. Dtaltr i Leaf Tolnms. thus '!' e again commend our represellta-Volpr. HUDOI<-. 171 Clreellwich. Robinoon, 1. 8 & Bro., 2SS'L&Jie aDd 1f7 Wa..... D E lll1l of Fi s .. .,.,. Ci'.t"'' D .1, .., :_..::...::.....__ ,. .I tive to their best attention. The West has been sadly .. e trs in Lu1 t au.a.-.a.-a.UAK, Rollaait. b f Jle.D...,... .lUat>rowia.. B. &Soa, 2198t&te. visited during the yearin the urning o one of its great I (;C. XAe &,.... CizM P"'*'tiWitr;]. ', 17 Weet R&Uolpb. l.&DriU&r4, 1. M. .r. cities, but the same energy, that made it great will cer-coleU; :a,,IO:I 1 J.t of Fi.u C.t x-. Im""""' Toitl, 87 a11d 81 ll'IChipn &-..nne O&&IID, D.; 701 Nerih Beoood, 'llaehltl&l, Gail Co 1211 W&&er, CDfCDDr, ATI. Lui* Tobo<1co "Worico, JCK North s.-.1. annually extending arou nd the great lakes and in the FeU., 186 P-L ,., __ ..._ Tobco d f h' h 'hioUI, m K&idezt L&n ... .._. ...,...wr, I l..edf T"""-. of Mississ1pp1, IS ast approac m g t e rea-, ... _, .. Jlonnl-. c." R. & eo., us llldet. 1 -. "' "WIIll Behln, uo lfortb.8ec0Dd. lization of a destiny we can now scarce y In Vllla. '.J-ph A. It 11<0./ 187 P.rl, KeyerRy. it Front. ToNcco Brour. L 'I I : ll'flibi....P. L., 51 W&lnat. U1f I'RAli'CUOO. fluential instrument; let our nen then, hasten the I>D'l ... of ToHoe.. C.issiMirrlt"- fru ltion of their hopd by i.n_ creasing its sphere of usefulf{, &,. ,Do.iz ;'t-r..non & Ellio, u vm... Loya,u "', W"'fl llpeDee, Broo. .. Co.,., &114 .. -N-l'Wt & :N-, 11111 ......... '-ness. Such a course can react only favorably on those if l/luif'. """ C..iui .. Mlrf"""" ..... Y. who adopt it, as a commun ity of interest strongly binds APPIbJRehlle, 183 Water, --llr&"" &Tl-. U&M.a.MU,. f .., r------;-"' r I ...., .&.. IJ Bra, JW., :a:.- 06., Weet ......._ TOLEDO, O. together evety well-wisher to our journal. For the g<>Od 1-t''ur' '!! Cfii:J D--S.:,.,_,..., o... vJi.:! ; M."".f-nruf. FfT:::,;:-;,z a.wi"r tih!-1_9 the-historY, of,the topacco is yet to_' be ... ch t 1ft' wrt,en a I l"" ( -\.J--; .i I!, I !It j;j,,:) j;; r.r o') r .._ ( '(!e i.Kl'eed I I


, -----As to the other points invotved in the proposed. meas ures, we can only join issue with the C0111mittee and labor zealous!>: to place the Tn&th before our in tl'\e stroace possible light. The question of bonded agaih fresh elucidation in the proposed new sections drawn'up b the New'York Tobat:co Board of Trade and given m other columos Only a. fe days more remain for the prt"sentation of these and other in favor of the warehou3es; let the greatest possible amount of 1LJork be crowded into this brief space. As to the section on retail leaf dealers, it shololld fall from 'l'o presume its passage. would be to declare our leg1slators fit cand1dates for the lunatic asylum. 'Fhe peddler sectwns are als o open to many grave objections and should be carefully considered before being acted upon. In fact, it should be seen to that we make haste slowly. N othmg is more imminent at the present crisis, or more to be dreaf,ed than rapid legislation. The session is alieady far spent, 1nd! the exigencies of a Presidential camRaign may urge to such speedy action in 1isposing of business, that the most grievous injustice may be inflicted upon us through heedlessness. Better, a thousand times, bear the many imperfections of the law with what fortitude we m l y, than be saddled with certain provisioas in the new bill which we may laugh at now, but which would be any thing but risible if imposed upon us I \ with all the sanction of a formal ep.actment Let the of 'the therefore, work and -watch with all tlre-ellf!I1Y of whick they are-capable. u ever, eternal vigilance is the price we m ust pay for free dom from tlte oppressions o{ designing and foolish men! ... oa EDITOR'' .> I I jects thef have in vit!W .. He "'nay anxi petitiOn emb'odymg the pOints at EXPORTS. 6 trcs; Connolly & Co.! I do, 2 do, u 1).; firm anticipating a home demand next month 1ssue IS Iil. and bemg numerously s1gned by From the port ofc New York to foreign ports, other Chockley. 8 trcs. DeW1tt & DuncaR ,' S do; w. 0 for r:ew crop. and wholhesle than Euro.2.ean ports, for the weelc ending April :13, were Smith, 37 do JI trcs, 39,U"trcs; w P. Kittredge & lshreek 2d weok Sd week 4th week 5th week Total w IC Wl m ue trme n 1ts way tot e manu.acturers as follows: ,. Co., 16 cases; A S Rosenbaum & Co., S 4o; January_._-_ -990 403 349 377 18I 3,6oo of Virginia, as well as to Congress. And here we, subBRAZIL-790 t& mfd, I case cigars, kooR. & A. Benrimo, 9 do; M. L i ndbeim, 4 I do. February _.--I69 .57 420 648 384 2,2oo mit still another explanation in the form of a bill preBRITISH.NORTH Allgi:RIC"-!\J Co'LONIEs-6 hhds, $r,3:118; G. B. Lichtenberg, 40 do; L. Ginter, 3 5 do; Blakemore, March .. I24 300 r.886 868 422 3,6oo pared by the TobaccoBoardofTr'!-de ofthiscil:y, which i,338lbs mfd, f,482. Co; 1 do; J R Sutton & Brothers, 12 do; April _. __ ... 83 6o1 512 840 1,o64 J,Ioo ought to carry instruction and conviction to BRITIS H WES T hhda $I,:II75; 4,4 tbs M. M. Welzhofer, 17 do; Hoeft '& L i ndemann, 12 do; Ytrginia L eaf-Th ales of Virginia leaf in this opponents of warehouses. mfd, S98o .{; SIS,oo. N. W1se, 6 do; Sprague & Close, 20 do; Richey & -market were only last week, neither the trade 'l3 And be It further enacted, 1 hat tR.e Com -CuBA-8,I69 lbs mfd, S1,400. Boniface, 46 do, I hlfbox; Martin & Johnson, 4 ao, 2 nor manufacturet'll evincing an inclination to do more miSSioner of Internal Revenue, upon the executton of DuTcH WKs'l' 1NDJ:Is-I;J bales, S2o8; r6, 68o tbs do ; Dohan, Carroll & Co. u8 do, 95 do, IS one-qtr han supply current needs. We hear of a few small bonds as he may prescribe, and. esmfd, f,3,1i:z. boxes; B1,1ckley, Moore &; Co., 68 do, I 2 o do, 3 threesale s at satisfactory prices for the local trade, but little tabhsh at any Internal Revenue DIStnct m the Umted FRENCH WEST INDIES-7 hhds h,oso. qtr boxes; G. )V. Hillman & Co :no do 4 1 do, 4 cad-appears'to ave been d e for shipment. Prices are States, 'bonded warehouses the storage HAv'rr--3 b ;l.le' s1 f,685; I68 bales, h,6o4. dies; E. DuBots, 20 do, so three-qtr boxes, 44 kegs; generally well sustain d,:ana this fact furnishes one of tobacco and snuff m bond, selectmg su1table NEw GRENADA-75 bales, f,I,Io8; ll,oJo lhs mfd, J. D. Keilly, Jr., 5 trcs, 76 hlf trcs, 174 one-qtr trcs, 210 the reasons for the meagerness of the demand, foreign bulldmgs .for such purpose recommended by the h 845 ; I caSe pipeS, f,I3I. l cases, I8o hlf boxes; IS lihds, II trcs. and domestic. Shipl!ers see but little opportunity for collector m charge of such D1stnct and used exclusively tbi mfd, f,326; I case cigars, B y THE VutGINIA STEAMSHIP LINE.:._ Blakemore, rofit 1 n the of quotations, and until imfor the storage of manufactured tobacco and snuff To ports for the week ending April 39: Mayo & Co, IO hhds'i Oelrichs & Co 7 do; w. 0 provement is shown in the markets abroad they are likely in bond. Every warehouse be under the ANTWERP-47 hhds, 88 cases; 36:z68 tbs mfd. Smtth, 9 do; ,z6 trcs, 224 cases ; G w. Hillman & Co. to postpone rather than. expedite engagements J?-.econtrol of the collector of Internal Revenue, and BRB.MKN-14 hhStrict in the 1:r .... : ss 821 hhds; J. Berger, :a do; Patterson lok Co., 8 do; A. in S(aunton, Va. Seed Leaf-We cannot, as we write, recall, and United States where a bonded warehouse for the storage lledlumle&f .... ....... J. Jarvia, 72 do; order, 5 do. TOBACCO FLAVORitre.-We find the following para-sure our files will show, a larger aggregate of business in of tobacco and snuff may have been es:::.:: : : : ::. :: : : :.:::: ::: : : : :! ::; CoASTWISE FROH Nw On:BA.xa.-Havemeyer & A tobacco manufac seed leaf in any one week in this or any other market than tabhshed, and such manufactured tobacco and snuff so l!eloctlooo ... .... ..... -L14T Bolbt ..... 1: Vigeliua, I caae; P. Lorillard & Co., u pga; order, graph in a late Savannah f 1 was rolled up here during that closed the sales reachwithdrawn shall on its arrival at another-Internal Reve==(v.;jii'i.ii;J; =: 3: :1 hhda. turer j n V a., to Mr. Ta iftg 5 250 cases witll negotations soon to be realized for a nue district be immediately warehoused in an Internal .::r .. :.=: t C9 T April 27 .-Messrs.: C. Loose & Co lahassee, to ":rge qu":ntltLes o t considerable more. The week was one of genuine Revenue warehouse for the storage of manufactured Good to lloe ... .. .... .. Buca CommiSsion Merchants and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco ilia bean, whtch grows wdd m Flonda, for use m hiS. activity among our larger dealers and tEe liveliness tobaccO' snuff, from which it shall be w.ithdra wn N...., Pl;.....u-'t'lrpDla,oa ;: report:. Receipts of Ma. ryland tobacco have been qw'te' factory. ne s s combined with the bright, wholesome weather which only as provided by law .. .;;.:,u.;;;.:::::: lu largeth1s week, amounbng to almost 1 ,200 hhds, which OFF FOR EUROPE.-Mr. i;;c Rosenwald, of the wellprevailed during the greater part of tf!e time, served to SEC. 74 And be It further enacted,. That manufac Brown and GrMDlU ... n = but partly been some buyers less acknown firm of leaf-tobacco dealers, E. Rosenwald & make them feel in the very best of spirits, and more hopetnred tobacco snuff may be ,r emoved m bond fr. om the v @IO Fi ....... ......(9 1 oo Bremen, per steamer Ohio We repeat our quotations: bifl and are seeking to defeat it: "That Section B9 be chasers. The observant reader will not fail to perceive a. Maryland-frosted, i sound common, amended b_y in1.erting in the last sentence, after the in the selling rates above given, that dealers are doing snuff mtended or a on _ouse or or exportation E>bo 4o 10 i..."'CaoiDui.;;.;.;: : = good common, m i ddling, good to wards false, or fraudulent, or counterfeit stamp; the their best to relieve the market of the surplus stock and from the manufactory, befare .bemg from the :.::: W Lcoriw J.u. fine red, n@J:3 ; fancy, 1 4 @ 2S; upper cquntry, 58 following words, 'or who shall affix to any.hox con-prepare the way for the profitable, or rather_r-emunermanufactory shall have e.ach outside do llae----........... n :nx II. 14 30; ground leaves, to good taiainr, a stamp in the similitude' or like-ative advent ofthenextgrowth of seed le af. The prices or c;ase, engraved stat;np mdtcative-ofsuch mtenhon, and,W-m 8 @ h db 1L gu aess. of any M&mp uaed by the laws of realized compared with the prices paid for tlie erop of to phrovLded afnd hfurmshed to tdhetsevberalheollecdtotrs :: the United States, whether the same shall be a custom f'87 r, exhibit a noticeable disproportion wl}en account as m t e case o ot er stamps! an e c arge 01 HavuF!f com. 110 @ "G c. '460 Ill cues.... 2IIK 7@I8; fine spangled' to yellow, u@2S Kmtud.yor an internal revenue stamp."' is taken of the multifarious expenses incident to the them, .and 'for m the same, manner. d3., 1:Ja:: .. common to geod lugs, heavy do, 8Ir.:.go{'; P lacing of thei--ropupon themarket andshow most Thepr:tce of sa1dstamp shall be five centseach ; Yar a J Cut, "G.a.r."............... 2II)a di 1 ( IL f: 74r S I T W II" b '-f th u hall otJ1 t th t e 0001 u "WJllil 21 me urn ea, 9@97 2 ; air to good, fine REGUt.U 'ING THE ALR OF OBAcco.e clearly how slight the advance and meager the profit at ut...., provtstons o IS sec on s n mi e Lm .. ..r o .,c.."....... ... .... 21 d 1 t' r;, u: good d b d ff ..... ran seec10ns, II\:::JIS. rlrglllla-co monto are glad to learn that there ia a air pro.spect of the which they are selling order to be better prepared for manufacture to acco an snu to remam lR @50 tugs, 7 @ 8 ; common to medium leaf, 8@9 ; fair to iAiquitoua bill receatly passed at Albany for this pur for future contingencies Further concession, it is be-bon PIDO ................... ao @35 "IIF ."...... .. .... .. ... 2II good, 9@Io; selections, stems gOod to fute, paR, beinf. by the Governor. A comm1ttee of lieved, would have insured a larger export last week, And be f funher enacted, _That the of : $: : prim i ngs, tfte trade' wait&i 'upon hi{n last week and presente,or e wee en mg pn shtpboard, not cleared.------------_ 5,745 bhds "ground, th.roug t dee ..egaH atwblee, e mal avprofit on goods SJqaller than at present, and ehnta rtedor of thr casffiua wf lthee Ietesamael rRemae,mee 30, were r,os2 hhds, Ioo trcs, I07 hlf trcs, 2 IJ one-qtr Inspected this week ------.----------I,7o8 hhds ing its proviSJoris ma a p ca to 11 c1ty one, this tQQ at the begm' ning of the export season, when m t e cus o Y o eo cers o n rn ev nu b 1 hlf bo 6 th tr I d 1 9 726 hb-'-<.: 1 d 1 lR b .. d h trcs,9,42Icases,42 aes,'fx97 xes,2 1 ree-q nspecte prevwusy --------------w. and in that-hape t passe th.e pressure of heavy receiptl> and sharp competition has many nterna evenue ware ouse, m pursuance bo tr b th' d b been only pa,rtially fe oflaw or regulations of the Internal Revenue Depart-:eks, 31 onedd' oneIr 1 9 pgs, TERRIBLE WARNING.-An exchange warns people S" -' Th.e g od th h t t' d or while in under bond from the 1;s..I t tes, Ioo pipes, 20 cases tconce, con Total --------------------17,179 hhds in J:8gard to the danger of borrowing newspapers and da;.u H ret : : d 0 r:ug thac Ive 11 manufactory to a revenue bonded or fl'om as ows ......JP H d p ttn & C Exported since Jan. L----s,996 lihds not-subs ing. them. I assures its readers tllat' tman c or o tacc ur;hiiJ{al e wtee rep,.o eh one district to another, whether by sea or land, or ..hhdy TJHKK RStE 'thAI&LRSOAD. do arG, de s & Co., 70 Coastwise and re-inspected -900 hhds ". hbo_._ :t t d rans.ers amo .. n,.n o es a 95'"11!1."1 IS t e be' d f t. h U t d St t t s; m1 on, ro o; oo wm o., 13 b0now1 ;uearaetg ... ne aperstsnosae,n Itt fi be' d 'r t d mgexporte romapormte me aes oanyd PL .11 d&C d SM_,P k &C S k da. h d sh' adds t :it n ew "-POOr bu hopest man. who _bora er mg &D a vauce prevtOU;S :a es an fore\gn port, to remit the amount of Internal Revenue 0 ; on ar o., I 2 0 J ar er o., 45 toe toY m ware ouse an on 1P. d tl b t _, e te tl fi h 1 representmg, we presume, 1i more than ordmar'll.y good t th d l'keWIS e to cancel a ape do; E M. Wnght & Co., 24 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst & bdard not cleared -------------------1 o,:a8J hbds rowe apapermRocen y u ma .. v r n y, rom a w o e1 I dd t t th' h f h .. 1 f .. .( ax accrumg ereon an I ny w -C d D J G h S & C d Blak .,. .: ct ,.J '7' sale7 n hbor. Fatal act! That teruble contagion, me n a 1 ton Is, we ear 0 t sa e 0 _auuut house or ex rt bond or bonds, or enter satisfl\<;tion 2 9 ; on 19 ; emore, ll.rta ouacco. the conve 6d insidiously into the fibres of 6oo .b.a.!-es cluefly to mallllfacturem.. 'I'he:matk:et is strong thereon. po Mayo & Co. ,83 do; fhos. Hoyt .& Co., 12 do; A. H. Remams dull for by us fre-the sheet-Of that and interesting family-a and pnces are firm. -Smokmg-J'bere has been no perceptible change in Cardozo & Co. 12 do; J. P. Qum & Co., LS> quently, and transactions hmlted to wants of the dotin C.J-hef, a fond wife, several tlltelligent and heroic have n? change to an the the smoking tobacco since our last summary, unless we D. Cho9kley u do; Wallace & Co., do; trade. sons fovely daughters two popular mothers-intraqe R & 95 7 d' F + about former quotations and closes firm and active. this city, on yesterday tendered h1s restgnatton to the amma 10 p we mo era e, an e s oc o .., a It u th t f t d t a omon, I ao ; v e1smann o; I I o; a -Th b t l ttl t b th fi 1 des d' h' Th 1 f tav 'd d so rew IStmctive a era ons an e curren o ra e o & C d K hl G 1 & C d p f ere remams u 1 e o acco m e country m rst Internal Revenue and goos to Washing.ow IrolDJS e e 0 r -pai goo. s be met with in the weekly record oJ this interest as to man o 0 uc er, ai o., 44 0 a-hands; most of it having been already bought up by ton to anottler pOiiflon under the Government. very ll tlungs CC?DStdef6tl, It may saJd leave but little opportunity for either reportorial or edimer & Schoville, 138 do; G. B. Lachtenberg, I69 do; dealers, and a large falling off in all the markets It is well known that. appoibtment Max the lS 'bn the turn, and the ever-recurnng tax torial comment and we are obliged to content ourselves R. H. Arkenburg, I84 do' A Oatman, .do; E. eltpected much earlier this than any previous season. as an Inspector m this c1ty was the view of questiOn dtsposed oft there. would an move with a assin of the general prosperity..!_ Rosenwald & Brothet, .52 do; Joseph MaJ:'ers Sons, 36 HOPKINSVILLE K A 1 -M eventually turning Col Lyle out of h1s pos1bon but Col ment m the volume of busmess and m pnces. P g d h 1 do; M Rade & Son, 40 d9 ; M. Abenhetm, 32 do. Y 'P7 2o. r. J. W. Dupuy, Lyle and Max we [earn, a compromise to As to tbere has bee -besKi'es "$ales of about ;'<>far as ': rreyal. BY THE NATIONAl. LINE.-Blakemore, Mayo & Co., Leaf Tobacco Br9ker reports: Since writing you on tlae effect: that was to pay to Lyle the sum of lbs-"S me movem'ei It in twelvemg: dAnd/ Is 33 hhds; J. P. Quin & c o., I 4 .do; A. H Cardozo I .Jth, a':,e have had .most of the f,sso and Lyle was to tender his esignation as an In-mch bnght pounds, arge lots havmg changed so h h h rf ll b Y d & Co Io do; Pollard, Pettus & Co : 48 do; Th. H. tltne mp, and sutta e or andlmg andpnzmg tobacco. spector The Government asstUii"es a pretty position' haruis at :zo@'2.8c on This is the first time hed mterests, as one w t c ts very c ee u} race Messenger & Co., 2 do ; D J Gar h, Son & Co., 23 Receipts for the week have been when her 'officer -are allowea to barter their official this year that there hasrbeen au} n.spe-cia:l...iinq iry for GoU at and closed at do; M. Abenheim, I:z do; J. K Sm1th 16 4I8 hhds, and sales .407-the heaviest m positions for money If this is not bribery we should be twelve inch, eleven-inch havmg heretofore had the preferExchange IS steady We quote: at 6o days on 'do; R. L. Mattland & Co 8 do; Sawyer, Wallace tobacco ever made m any <;>ne week m this g,lad 0 be informed what 1t is. Col. Lyle is a quiet and ence : Some Boo to z,ooo pkgs .were s?fd. have London, for 9ommermal & Co 52 do; A. Oatman 365 Leases; Legerman have now .a good m whach inoffensive man, ana wa:s popular With te!1aeeol!ists; also oeen heavy sales .of twelve tnc br1ght twiSts some for bankers do at short 1 stght, t. Brothers, zr8 do; Chas. F. Tau & Son, 4 6 do ; w1th the antictpated receipts, wlll us a sale but the Government, it appears, wanted one Inspector I1200 boxes, and of nine inch light Cali fornia ; at 6o day( 5.21 ?.( do at sh?rt sight, S iiJ@ Schroeder & Bon, zr6 do; M : & E. Solomon, 25 do; next wec:k. There has been but change m the here to do the dirty work." I also good sales ofblack quarters, Navy tens andshort tens j Antwerp, SWISS 5 20 @S.I6ya E M. Cra.wferd & Co. 20 do; & Reitzensteip, !Darketsmce my report of the I3th; pnces at the open' for export. Pnces, on the whole, are firmer andbetter. Hamburg, Amsterdam, 1 6 4 do; Havemeyer & Vigelins, 13:0 do ; Bpnzl & mg were half off on lugs and common grades of THE J?xLLltY BILL AND l:SoNDED W AREHousxs.-Indeed, the present seems to afford an exceptional opporFrankfort, 41 78@4I fii : Bremen, ; Prussran Dormitzer, I 4 do; J Hamburger & Co., 44 do; w. leaf, but revived, and actlv:e the We find that we have been led into an eiTOr with retunity for speculating in old desirable bright pounds and 72@72fk. I A. Boyd, so do j A. Co., 90 do i order, 7 week, closmg very firtp at previOUS weeks quotallonsg8.rd to the tobacco bonded warehouse sections coneleven-inch, or even fancy styles, as stocks are very Frtzghts.-Have been m moder.ate demand. Among hhds, s4 cases. say for common lugs, good lugs, 8"'@8*; tained in the Minority Report of the Ways and Means light and all goods, parti cularly r87r make, will certamly the e!lga gements were the followi::tg : To Antwerp, 838 BY THE AND AMBOY RI LROAD -Sawyer, common leaf, medlUm leaf, Committee, presented by l\'fessrs. Kelley ,and Maybe wanted at much higher prices before next Fall, but at 22s. 6d. ; to Rotterdam, 8oJcases at 25s Wallace & Co., 2 hhds; Bunzl & I or cases; leaf, 11 @r r fine leaf, ; selecbons nard-statunc:ru friends, both, of the tobacco trade. Since can not be replaced by the new work at anywhere near to Gtbraltar, 25 hhds, Io on pnvate terms There Havemeyer & Vigelius, ,r6o do; L. H;.rschorn & Co I laat ..yeek, we have receiy.ed an official copy present prices Should soo boxes more be taken from were chartered Amencan bark to Santander at 37s. do; C. C. Mengel I do; Kremelberg & Co., I 55 do. LOUISVILLE, April 24 .-We report follow! of the above report1 and find -that the present bonded the market, an advance of 3@5c would seem to be in-6d. and a l bark, 6os tons, to Gene"a, Leghorn BY THR EMPIRE AND ALLRNTOWf The market during the week has bee1;1 very active, prices warehouse s y stem 1 s retaioea' by the following proevitabte. Generally s peaking, I87o work 1s not so de-or Naples, wtth Kentucky tobacco, at 35s. SonSJ 4I bales; order,' IZQ cases. being well maintained The offerings have been liberal, visioll' attached tb tlie amendment to Section 74 "Pr.:o. sirable as that of 1871. In fact, it is difficult realize 1 IMPORTS. BY THE NEw YoRK AND Nxw H1VEN RAILROAD. the weather being favorable for their receipts. The imfliiitti, Tllat the Commtssioner of Internal Revenue, how littl e really good old tobacco is on hand, }Inti! one The arrivals at the port of .New York frorn foreign M. Westheim & Co 142 E. A.. Smitli, 5 do; ports for the week were 2,93:1 hhds,467 boxes, and the exunder nles .and regtlllattons :Ill the Secretary of goes through the market. ports, for the week ending Apnl 24, mcluded the follow-Hayemeyer and Vigeli1:1s, I 58 do; S Barnett, Io do; ports, I,712 hhds, I1I93 boxes. ,The sales at the diff'erent the Treasury mayp .,.rescribe, may establish, at such places The position assumed by manufacturers regarding ing consignments: 11 A Oatman, n6 do; J as. McCaffii 1 do; Bunzl & warehouses _for. the same t1me were 1,925 hhds, as as' he may deem expedient, bonded warehouses to the war e houses, has left the Impress ion on the mmds of A-NTWERP.-order, 255 cases pipes 1 Dormitzer_.. :z do; 0. Haminerstein, I do; E. SpinLoutsville House sold 432 hhds, 3 boxes:, 39 wli'ich tobacco may be transmitted in bond from the some persons that too much attention has been given to MESSINA.-F. W. 3 caces licorice ,garn & Ce., I bale. hhds Hart County le:if and lugs at 1 hhd manufactory for storage, !lot to be withdrawn thereand not enough to manufacturers themselve"s. RoTTERDAM.-H. Bat.Jer & Brother, 2,86:.1 boxes p1pes; Bv TH& Nxw Y-oRK AND N1lw HAVRN STEAMBOAT Edmonson County leaf at I6.75; 3 hhds Tnnible Coun-from 4ntil the tax: thereon !Shall have been paid.' This Their opposit10n, it 1s mfened, anses from a misappre-Edward Hen, 403 do. LINE:-Sch:foedef & .lilan, I4o cases; A., L. & C. 'L. ty leaf at u@16; 7 hhas Trimble County lugs at is good as far as it goes, but to entirely meet the neces hension of the rea! wishes of the merchants, and it is SEVILLE-Gomez, ,Wallis & Ce. x6o cases licorice Holt, 183 do'; -M. Westheim & Co., s9 do; L. & E. 7.6o@9.70; 26 hhds Barren County leaf at; -sities of the trade, italicised word may" should be thought that If the a1ms of the latter had been fully set paste; P Harmony s Nephews &;. Co., so do; J. Wertheimer, S do; L. Gerschel & Brother, :ax do 6 hhds Barren County lugs at 7o@8.8o; 28 hhds Hanaltered to s hall," that the Commissioner, who hapto the manufa cturers would have generally Osborne, Son & Co., 71 bdls licorice 1, Straiton & Storm, I 52 do; D. & A. Benrimo, 1 r I do ; cock County leaf and lugs at 7 20@12.7 5; 7 hhds Hen-pens to pe oppose d to. es t a ,blishment of such ware-mdo rs ed. them. For, as an acttve advocate of the ware S.TETFIN.-E. Wattenberg, S cases c1gars. Havemeyer & Viglious, 30 do;' E & Bro derson County lugs and trash at 7.40@9; 14 hhds Green houses, will not have It m to refuse to obey houses states the point, "It is to their (the manufacturHAVANA.-Schroeder & Bon, 182 bales; Oelrichs & ther, 14 8 Alo' ; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co. 3 9 do; Levy Rier leaf and lugs at 7.2o@u; 74 hhds Breckenridge the law and t,hus defeat the des igns of its framers. ers) mterest that the warehouses shall be continued. If Co, 20 qo; W Ahrens & Co. 98 do; Weil & Co. I051!-& Neugass, 69 do; M: H. Levin, 204 do; Bun:zl County leaf and lugs at 7@I 1.75; u hhds Green Colql May," in the interpretation of statutes, is simply per, ti}ey are not a benefit they need not use them, but can do ; F. Miranda, 199 do; E. M. Crawfdrd & Co 77 & Dormitzer r do; Basch; Cohn & CQ'., 40 ty leai at 9@n.7 5; o hhds Green County lugs r at a n d leaves an option, while s!Jiall" is manshtp the1r tobacco tax-paid.'' The same authority is do; J. J. 36 do; Carl Upmann, :6 do, I case do L. Hirschhorn & Co., 6:r do M. &c E. Salo-6.80@9; 2 hhds Meade County leaf at xo.2s, Io.75; 7 datory and leaves no alternative to the executive officer. also of the opinion that in striving for so much, the DeBarr.r & rs cases cigars; Lewis, / 29 do; J. L. Gassert & 12 do Warren County leaf at 9.Io@I0.75; 12 .hhds Ma This matter should be attended to. manufacturers are likely to defeat, one or both the obPh1lhp & John Frank, I4 do; Robert E. Kelly & Co., 6 A. H. Arkenburgh,1 7 o do; Seligsberg & Fnngaot, 1g non County lugs at 7.2o@8.9o; 2S hhds Dav1 ess Coua .. \ )


t ( TOE TOBA.VVOJ LEA.F. 3 ty trash, lugs and leaf at 6.8o@10.50; 7 hhds Simpson; 11 hhds Warren County leaf at; I t\ CISCO, April 12 The tJmmtl"'ia ern leaf-Dry Kentucky of the better grades has' been growths. Dutch-Neglected. Algerian-It is useless County leaf at; IO hhds Ohio County leaf at hhd Warren County luli(s at 8. Io; Io hhds Taylor Rerald says, tflat at auction, 30 c!ases Hardgrove's Peach, in moderate demand, the !!.Omrnoner classes and Misto import other than the fine yellow colored parcels: 11111.,.w..., .,.,.. ; ..... lleeG aouri contimW;; lrN -de<:hnc c_an be quoted. St. Domingo-None here. German-Becoming very nton County lugs and le at 7.6o@xo.:zs; 4 hhds 7S@8.6o; 4 hhds Banep County leaf at 9.o@u; 4 ing tp quality. The spring trade demand is now setting For export there has not been p1Uch inq_uiry but prices scarce. Brazil-None here. Negrohead and Caven. County leal at 3 hhds Hopkins hhds Barren County lugs at 8.3o@8.6o; 3 ip with considerable inquiry for .Stocks are steady. Virginia-There been a fair demand dish-quiet. Stalks and Smalls-a little better in price. ounty lugs at 'lo@8.7o; I hbd""Metcalfe CountY leaf County leaf at; I hhd C unt)llug tr liberal, and prices as heretofore. Of leaf stockS are strips, mostly from_ Irish buyers, at ROTTERDAM, Apn'l I6.-Mr. J. M. Laurillard, to-at Jo; 16 hhds Gra:Yl!On County leal and lugs at 7.10@ at 8.xo; 2 hhds Torla County leaf at xoJs, I0.75; 2 and prices as follows: P..nnsylvania, :zo@$,oc; pnces. Leaf has been m moterate request forspm--bacco broker, reports as follows: We were without 9.90; 3 hhda Allen County Jugs and leaf at 7@9; hhds TQdd Coaoty lugs at 8.4o@9.30; 7 hlids BreckenConnecticut, 25@40; Ohio, 15@3o,-or for running lots ninl?, but !icarcity of suitable ua.lities has limited the any sales of American tobacco from first hands, or of :z hhds Larue County lugs and leaf at 7.8o@9o; 1 hhd ridge County leaf at 8.8o@:o.7s; J hhds Breckenridge an average of 22 The uports were 2 cases to busmess. Mary lands the "better classes, anti _free other. kinds of tobacco, during the week. The impOhs Cwnberlaud County leaf .at g; 4 bhds Crittenden County lugs at 7.1o@8.4o; I hhd Adair County leaf at China, 9 do to Japan, IO do to Victoria, 2 do to Mexico, have ,been fauly ta_ken by the trade. of Java were :r,72.7 bales of different marks, and mostly County leaf at 1So@8.8o; I hhd Henry County to.:zs; 6 hhds Grayson County leaf at 9@9-90: 6 and Io do cigars to the Sandwich Islands. are d1sh-8 sand 10 s have request! and w1th for cutting purposes. The marlcet is very quiet, and lugs at i.SO; 3 hhtls Tennessee leaf at Io@II,; 4 hhds hhds Grayson CoUDty lugs at 6.go@7.90; 2 hhds Lanow on their way to this pert from domestic Atlantic good fillers have sold read1ly. Irfenor neglected, prices are finn. Tennessee lugJ at I box Tennessee leaf at rue t'ounty leaf at 9, 9; I hhd Henderson County ports 282 hhds, 2,252 cases. Messr11. Parry & Crosbies Monthly Circular 12.25; 89 hhds Indtllna leaf and lugs at; I hhd lea, at 9; i hhd Simpson County leaf at 9; 1 hQ.d ST. LOUIS, April 17.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, Tobacco reports as follows_: Western Strips-We have again Illinoislugs at7.8o; 1box WestVirginia at35; 13 MeadeCountyleafat8.4o;:zhhdsOwenCountylugsat Broker,reportsasfollows: Re..:eivedJsohhds,against experienced a good demand for ooth cutting an & Co.,Leaf and hhds factory Jugs at 7; IS hhds Henderson 9, 9; iz hhds Adair County lugs at 8.4o, 8.70; 28 hhds 23g the prevous week. The demand has been good and spinning descriptions, and sales to a fair extent werl! Manufactured Topacco Commission Merchants; Messrs. County leaf at Io@u. Indianaleaf at 8@g. 70; 8 hhds Indiana Jugs. at 7 .30@ the market firm during week, with a break effected at current rates. Spinning strips ar_e, J : M. Gardiner and 'Charles M. Connolly have formed The Pi<:kett House told 353 bhds : 2I hhds Trimble 7 .go; 5 hhds Indiana trash at 8.:zo@7.40; 3 hhds Ten-yesterday and an aCtive market at full prices on everybecoming more and more difficylt to meet with. Wes-n d h b 1 1 f bl C 1 af 8 hhd T 1 8 1 k r h ad a co-partners 1p un er t e a ove sty e ; p ace o busiCounty leaf at f9.7o@2SSo: IS hhds Trim e ounty nessee e at 7 o@g.7o; 1 ennessee ugs at .Io. thing-factory Jugs a shade higher. Sales from Thurs, tern Leaf-Some parce s t,a en 10r t e tr e, ,and to a ness; !14 Front street. trasla at 7.7o@9.6o; I bhd :lallard County leaf at 23.50; The Kentucky Tobacco Association sold 30 hhds, 2 day to yesterday inclusive, 210 hhds: 4 at k, -4-0S@4 10 ; less extent for expprt to Afnca. No transactions worthy Spencer Brothers .& Co., Dealers in teaf Tobacco; 43 blads Davieu Couaty leaf at 8.90@I4-7S; 51 hhds boxes: 6 _hhds Trimble County leaf at (scraps); 1 at 4 .8o, (scraps a little mixed with Jugs); of particular notitt. Virginia teaf aad !trips-The M T d A f, Daviess Countw lup and trash at 6o@8.9o; 4 hhds 2 hhds Tmrible County lugs at 7So, 7.7o; 5 hhds Car2 at 5 .go (poor tubs), 2 at""6.6o, (the latter wet), stock affording only a limited selection, the s:rles essrs. H C. C. an Spencer haw: onned a co"1ar d c 11 c leaf 8 hhd c 11 c '::1 rb h k' d partnership under the above style at 75 Maiden Lane. Hart CoUDty le at; -4 hh s Hart ounty ro ounty aJ .so@1o.25; 3 s arro ounty 23 at 6.90 55 at 7 ,.. 7 90,. 6 3 at 30 at 9@ro,go ., were not important; but some 01. ot m s were taken hhd C be 1 d C 1 f 1 8 Lc II c 1 f d 1 \::1 > 'r d d h .r. li r Siecke & Wannack, Cigar Manufac_ turers, 8 Bowery. 7o@8.7o; 3 s um ran ounty ea at ugs at 7@ .to; :z uuxes arro ounty ea an ugs at 11 at Io@to.75 ; S at n@II.75; 1 at 12 ; I at 13.75, 10r home tra e, an t ere were 1urt er mqwnes 1or 9o@J:z; I hhd Cumberland County lugs at 8.30; 6, g.-45; 4 hhds Hart County leaf at 8 .. 2o@9.6o; 1 1 at 14 .25; I at IS-so; 2 at 17; I at, (Va.); I at useful spinning leaf, but withou result, the quality ofhhds Taylor County leaf at 7@11.7S: 1 hhd Taylor hhd Hart County lugs aq.4o; 3 hhds _DaVtess County 22,75; 4 at 24 27, 47 @ 4 8 .25; (Osage County, Mo.) fered not being suitable. Maryland-The usual inquiryfor County lugs at 8; 10 bhds Hancock County leaf at 8. sci leaf and lugs at 7. 70@9.50; I hhd Davtess County trash 1 at 38.7 5 ; I at 57 (Platte County, Mo.); and 33 co lory, clean parcels. Ohios neglected Other growths @II.7S; 6 hhds Hancock County lugs at 7@8.Io; :z at 7.4o; 3 hhds Meade County leaf and lugs at 7.7o@ ooxes at 5 .30@20 50 In the same time 9 hhds were -The imports during the month have not added ma hhds Todd County leaf at 9.6o, I I; 4 hhds Metcalfe 9.50; 2 hhds Muhlenberg County at 7-so, 7. .passed, and bids were rejected on 37 hhds at 7 @ 3 terially to the small stock previously on sale. Fair se County leal at 8.7o@to.75; 3 hhds Metcalfe Caunry LYNCHBURG April25.-Mr. Jolin H. T-yree To-To day the market was active and prices full, particucond-class Turkey is offering at very moderate rates. lugs at 7SS@8; 2 hhds-Green County leaf and lugs at bacco Commission Merchant, writes as follows: I have Jarly on Jugs. S3)es 2 8 1 at 6.8o; g at 7@7.6o i Eirst-class is scarce and more firmly held. S.Jo, J0.75; 16 bbds McLean County leaf at 8.:zo@ nothing new to note in the, Tobacco market during the IO at 8@8.90; J at 9--40@g6o, and 5 at Io.:zs, I2.zs; Messrs. Urmson, Elliott & Cos Monthly report says: 10.75; 8 bhds McLean County lugs and trash at 8@8. 49 ; p:;tst week. Receipts have not been quite so large, 13.75,, and 3 ooxes at's.7 o, 5o. Bids T he business of the past month has been below II bhds CmmtyJ leaf at 8.8o@1o.25; 6 hhds particularly in Loose Tobacco The .market has been V{ere rejected on 9 hhds at 1.2o@I 3 .25, and I oox at 7 an average, which is not to be wondered at after Ohio County leaf at 8.7.o@Io.:z5 ; S hhds Ohio County lugs active with prices ruling full up. The receipts as here-FOREIGN. the large sales of the previous few months.. There is at' 7.:z6@7.9o: 2 hhds Logan County leaf at 9-So, 1.o.:zs ; tofore have been principall)'l of dark grades, bright no change in the general tone of the market, and were:z hhds Lo an County lugs at.8.Jo 8.8.9o I4 hhds Hart week foot up 88o hhds, agamst 5I5 .hhds the prevrous Lincpool .... 2 ,198 1,688 J,?7S 9,256 I,s:u lui 2!,634 t b table "or the Mediterranean trade but at prices '::1 k Th fi d 'd) d h London .... .. 1 ,1149 911 18,{69 8 ,1M9 1,65 7 I&,eM o acco SUI 1 County leaf at 9@I2.25; 23 hhds Hart County lugs at wee e crop com1?g ;>rwar rap! y, an -2,118J. so low as to preclude all chance of dooling. African 7-So@g.Io; 2 hhds Hart County trash at 6.go, 6.90; 7 generaltmpresslon 15 that wrll be shorter than '047 2,599 ll,441l 18 '101 196 89 '269 buyers continue as particular as ever in regard to their W.. Robertson, Tobacco Broker, to r:z:z Water street. A. Fraser,\Tobacco Brok7r, from to Old Slip to 8I Front street. Richey & Boniface, Tobacco Commission Merchants, from 122 Water street to 86 Front street. A H. Van Pelt, Tobacco Broker, from 82 to I2o Water street. F. W Tatgenhorst & Co.,'Tobacco Commission Mer chants, from 110 Pearl street to 68 Broad street. C. E. Hunt, Tobacco Commission Merchant, from no to g9 Pearl stree,. F Miranda, Importer of Havana Leaf Tobacco, and Cigars, from 195 to I6I Pearl street. hhds Taylor County leaf at; 4 hhds Taylor The. heavfest recerphts axe fromh. updthhe Obhto against 28,296 hhds in I87I. The subjoined table of selections, and bought nothing but neatly handled leaf, County Jugs at 8.@8.8o; 24 hhds Warren County leaf at rver, a section o country t at never_ s 1ppe ere edeliveries in the first three months of 187I and I87a, with length, substance, and smoothness, weighing from g;. i2 hhds Warren County lugs at 7-3o@R; 4 The planters all satisfied present show, that this year, so far they have exceeded those I,4oo to I,4SO lbs net. Prices .haye been steady through-Arrangements are being made to put up a large hhds Adair County leaf at 9Jo@II; 4 hhds Adair pnces, and are mak!ng extensiVe preparatiOns for a of last year about 900 hhds, of which 658 were for out the month, holders generally showing not the slighttobacco factory at Rocky Mount, N. C. County lugs at 8.::o@8.9o ; 4 hhds Breckenridge County crop. Good bnght wrappers are and very home use, and 238 for export: est disposition to submit to any concession on current leaf at 9So@II; 4 hhds Breckenridge County lugs at also sv.:eet .seed cured_ fillers. I that the 187J. rates. Virginia Leaf-A few 5mall lots were taken for 7.6o@8.9o; II hhds Muhlenberg County leaf at 8.go@ tobaccos m now are m :at?e high cases ; we HtJme use. Export. Total. Ireland at from to 6Yzd. pi!r lb. Bright colored Io.75; 7 hhds Muhlenberg County lugs at 7.4o@8.8o : may expect fau receipts from this time on. Liverpool -------,--J6 I 6 I 6 41 77 was inquired for, but so scarce has this kind become, NOTICB.-The lraoineoo formerly on 1111der a..-name or S hhds Muhlenburg County trash at 7Jo""7o I hhd PETERSBURG, R. A. Young & London---------22 I 33 z,65x that not a single cask could be found suitable for outside XINNEYBROS.,Cioanttellanufad.uren,W. wre.tBroadway, h bee '::1 a.o!Ted by m1rt11&1 ooueil&. The oamo 1ri1l be in fllmre earned on Butler County leaf 10 .75; J hhds Butler County Brother, Com!"ission Merchants, report as fbi----rwrappers. Virginia _Strips -The transactions have be_en atthe.......,otaDd by (37!1Sm) FRAJIOJS &. li:IW:NEY lugs at; 5 hhds Henderson County leaf at lows: The a_re gradually now th:'-t the 588J 9+6 6,8x8 chiefly in low tQ medmm grades; t?ere however,_In-U10.R SALE-ONE TOBACCO ouTTER with 9o@Io.sp j 3 hhds Henderson County lugs and trash seasons and pnces are. fully up m _all 1872. quirers for good a_nd fine dark nch spmners, of which _[1 Enaine, Ct.loroc 2->hort!O, Screenai lloulJo, Bhatting, Pulllel, ete. at 7@9 ; 4 hhds Ohio County leaf at 8. 70@ Io. so; 7 grades wrth a fa1r for the week m all, save shtpLiverpool --------.--4,02 r B93 4,914 kind the m..trket Is .completely bare. Western LeafE. GRISWOLD&: co., LakeJIIDd, L. a:oa-a: bhds Ohio County lugs at 7.:zo@8.6o; 'II hhds Simpson ping grades which arescarcethoughwanted. We would L.ondon -------------2,51.9 29I 2,8Io With the exception of a few small lots which were taken A County leaf at 8.4o@1o.25; -4 hhds Simpson County lugs suggesfto. the pl_anters t<;> send forward_ their and by the trade, together with some 6o <;>r 70 for Africa, be bouht wt if applied tor Tery """" For ll&riloul.,.,..,. at 7@9; 2 hbds Carroll County leaf and lugs at 9.1o, 10 to be particular m ordenng and assortmg thetr tobacco 6,540 I,184 7,724 very little business was done. In Mrssoun dry leaf there 1167-tf ALLEN BEYJIOLDB Oo. PMonaD w. 1 I hhd Carroll County trash at 7.90; 8 hhds Grayson as to color and length, and to prize their packages in Westhn Strips-Spinning and cutting sorb were was not a transaction worth reporting Western Strips CIGAR MANUFACTURERS AND TOBACCO EXPORTERS, CoWity lugs and leaf ,at 7 .so@9 ; I 7 hbds Daviess hogsheads not less than I,:zoo net all shipping taken to a good extept, the former, however, are limited _These were in modera.tely fair request, the lower and can be aupplied with Connecticut Cutting and Scrape at the loweot County leaf at 8.go@9.8o; g hhds Daviess County Jugs grades of leaf,_and I,soo for lu_gs, save of a bright charin aupply, and cuatomers find more or less difficulty in middling grades being those principally dealt in. Spin-market price, in loll from sco 100 1 h S33-384 OSCAR HAMMERST.EIN, 141 Water at., New York. at 7-7o@8".8o; IS hhds Daviess County' trash at 5.6o@ acter whrch mtght be put up m casks of I ) ooo pounds. getting prec1se y w at they require. Western leaf-ners are becoming scarce, and the good and fine grades 7.8o; 2 hhds Allen County lea( at 8.6o, 8.g.o; n hhdS Fancy fillers and wrappers in packages of six to eight Manufacturers and dea!ers have been purchasing in are more firmly held. Mary lands were taken to only a Metcalfe County lugs and trash at 6.8o@8.8o; 1 hhd hundred pounds net. We quote as follows: Primings the ordinary retail way, buying barely enough to meet very moderate extent. We have now on sate a few par HanE:ock County lugs at 8; 2 hhds Greene County lugs from l4-so@6; lugs, 6; bright lugs, 8.5o@ immediate wants; but only a moderate business was eels of very desirable quality, possessing fair to good at 7 8; i bhds Vtrginia leaf at 14.26, xs; 7 hhds; leaf-common dark to good dark,; done with exporters, either for Africa or elsewhere. color, which are being offered at reasonable prices. Cav-Indiana lugs and trash at 7 -30@7.70- fine dark,; fancy lugs, n@15; fancy wrappers Virginia leaf and strips-Not much done in either, endish-The business done was principally in black tens, TOBACCO FACTORY J'OR 8AI&-"T1o P ,...., Toue.> Woau" 11tn&lod in .&..,.-, Geo., With &II tile ...,._,. for Plac oacl Smoking Tobaooo. topthetr with a liDe 'Wat. Pner, -*"ry leaf, free from aaad. LONDON, April x8.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Henry Co\lnty leaf at Io@IS; g hhds Henry County for the same1rme year. Other growth11-Small in aupply, medium anil the Co. report as follows: The !lullness in United States lugs at 8.8o@xo; 36 hhds Logan County leaf at 9@13. At x 13; rev1ev.s, 9 ; receipts, lower grades of Turkey aro oftered at moderate. rates, tobacco which we last reported continues, and with but so; 24 hhdsLogan County lugs at 7.6o@9.4o; xo hhds mspections f?r 1872, 1,8o7_; for 187I, 2,:_oo. while die higher grades are scarce and dear. Caven-extremely few exceptions, buyers only operate for the Ohio County leaf at 8.90@12,25; 5 hhds Ohio County At J6; _7; rece1pts, dish-Dull. Prices, aa a rule, are not quCltably altered, supply of their -immediate requirements, and there is lugs 1 hhd Trimble leaf at IJ-75; 36--totalti}Specbo,ns 1872, 667; I87I, 391. being tolera ly maintained in smaJl tranuetions; no disposition to purchase for stock. In consequence 3 hhds Trunble County lt,IgS at B@Io, 25; 5 hhds Union At 61; reVIews 2; ;-ece1pts, but when il\tendil'lg buyers are in earnelt abOut buai of the high rates paid ip the States, holders are finner County leaf at ; 3 hhds Union County lugs 6J-total msp:ctions for 641; for 744 ness, and willing to-take good sized Iota, some holders at their asking prices. Western leaf and strips have JAW.ES M. CHARLES M. CONNOLLY. 'at 7; 3 hhds Todd' County leaf at Io@ At \11( est Hdl-Inspecnons, 41 ; rece1pts, so--total are willing to. make concessions. Virginia 1\nd Ken-fully shared in the general dullness of the market, and 37S+t 10.75; 6 hhds .Todd County lugs at 7-So@8.6d; for 187:z, 633; for 707. tucky strips-common, 6; medium, 7@8; good, 8@ there has been scarcely a sale of any importance. Vir----------------------13 hhds Daviess Coun. ty leaf at s .8o""x; I6 hhds Recetpts I t week, :zs; total smce October 1, x87r, fine old, SL, Virginia and Kentucky g 1 n1a leaf and stn'ps, of good dark color and pinnr'ng ()OPB'tl 'fOBACUO PLAN'l-A YO.NfHLY JOlJ,.,.\..L 72 r.1r t-muli.triL P l.Jhhed ai No. 10 Lord :NeJaon, L'ver1" t)l Daviess County lugs at 7o@8.go; I hhd Barren 3,864. ort filler, sound, 5; part 'Trap qualities, have been inquired for, bnt there is little now land wuer" auboonvt""'" "'"Y bead'euod,or to ttoeToBAcwLKAr "'"" .. County leaf at 10.25; 2 hhds Barren County lugs at RICHMOND, Apri/25.-Mr. R. A. Mills Tobacco per, 6@6_%; good, fine colory, irto be had. Very little has been Clone in Maryland and inch. Noar llo..Y'rlo.l than u l"ooths. llablller:r for E&l-, tJnow A o ,,.. hhds Ad Co ty I t 7 a..g 6 hhds G k !' "-@ T L d d @ T L Ali. d fi >Ul", & .ls ve ltn "Nll OP ... e frAdvt'rlltuo!IJ( WI: Ill 4 atr un ugs a \::> o; 14 reen et 1Qr tne past week I have no_thing new to communicate. 4 4 }:z ; o goo 5 S}:z ; ncaa, goo to ne, 5 been effected In Cavendish there has been a trifle 1 ,181. ,,., e ,.,.,"'-I 1 y tLc o rrc l"'n ,lmg Tht. ... "'I County leaf at .8.70@1o.2s J ,14 Green County Our receipts an offerings have been full for all grades. LIVERPOOL, April F. W Smythe, Tobacco more inquiry, and a few limited purchases have been be"h "''I to. __ lugs at 7.8o@8.2o; 5 hhds Meade County leaf at 9.2o@ except good bright Wrappers, which are still scarce and Commission Merchant, reports: During the made. -A D CHOC'U'T 'E"V' 1o; 2 hdds Meade County lugs at 7.6o, 7.6o; 6 hhds high. The prospeets are good now that the taf question holidays, which had just commenced when my monthly Messrs Horatio N. Davis & Co., report: .& McLean County leaf at 9.20@10; 9 l)hds McLean will be in a fe-:v days_ and then the p!::j.uters and circular c..f ISt inst., was madt: up, we had a few quiet The l?ast month oi?ened very quietly and consucoEssoR TO County lugs 7.6o@8.8o; 7 hhds Webster County leaf at speeulators wtll rusb m therr good tobacco and even days, but, throughout the week just ended business retinued m such state unttl toward the close, when, howA -D C H Q C K LEY Be. CO, 8.go@IO; 5 hhds Webster County lugs at 7-40@8.75; shoul? ta'x not be settled they will be compelled to surned its ordinary course, and manufacturers and dealever, some large purchases were made by one house of Commtsat Oft. ... erc1&a.nt, 2 hhds Metcalfe County leaf at Io, I0.25; 2 hhds Met-send 1t m very soon. ers bought both strips and dry leaf to a fair extent for Western strips, consisting of the finer grades; ,the total Aim DEA.IliiR Illl calfe lugs-at 7.6o, 8 ; .f,hhds Monroe ,County The Whig says that the quantity' of chewing tobacco home use, and moreover, uporters to Africa did some-amoun of business may therefore be considered about .. EAF TO :SACCO, 1eaf-'at"9-S0@9; hhds Monroe County lugs at 7.70@ shipped in bond, from Ist of October, thing in such leaf as they could find possessing an average. Prices ruled very firm the No. 168 PEARL STREET, NEW YQRK. 8.8o; :z hhds Henderson County leaf at 9.8o; 4 187I, to rst of March, I872, as heretofore reported in the required substance and put up in original packages month. Conflicting accounts were received as to the A.lnyo on baD4 a fUll of Vll'liD 1 oacl w......,. Wnppera an hhds H d C ty 1 t ....&.8 bhd "Smokerl,.particularll' BriaM ODd Bright lloiUod, mi\ed lo the llanufacUlllC en erson oun ugs a ; I tue Wlzzg,was: ofr,soo pounds and under-Generally speaking, the probablemakeofstrips in the Statestliisseason, but U&de Taylor County leaf at 9 so ; 2 hhds Taylor Cotmty lugs 3,,253 lbs. prices paid were at about the range of previous quota-it is inferred such ;will be small. No sales of importance m ,.-011 -mrmenw"' ov "'->or lo our trteD:ecut& orders for tl!e puroh ... oflM.f ia.t.lle BlcllmoDJ llln.r1 f t 5 I4 25 4 hhds 0 e C t J t @ S 0 1 ------------,:a:a 2 IUS. H I b d ltet1orthe usual comm1mon. De&Iera and llanuMtllren willllndttotbelr ea a Ioh.h:zd, H. 'C t 1 wf nt oun Y,. uhghsd aH 9 To same date,J87I.-------lbs. JISt March, I87o, were 4,5oJ,407 lbs;, r871, orders executed m avana, a arge usmess one at enntemt to give"" orden, bich can be aent to,.. dlrecl, or through A. D, 9 ; 2 s oun y ea a IO, I4; I s enry T d t 87 6 oo6 8 lb 9 3,J04 lbs; 1872 ; 5,889,289 lbs. hanced rates. Ambalema, Carmen and Giron-As our .. "!'ork HoU!e. Shi]lpel'Swill baT555 18J lbs 1872, J,420,626 lbs. For arrived of good quality, and necessarily, in consequence "" art C t 1 gs at 7 ., .. hhd Lo C ty 1 f e leH.!Into a. cou dH.ion to b e consumed, or t:d1 oun Y u a0 ; ... s gan oun ea d 00 d f: f 0 b the three months ending JISt Match, 187o, ro,J70,255 of its high cost, an adequate price is required; the trade, the m e or &ny ma.chme or and being prrosed at 9 JO@II 75 3 hhds LogA County lugS at 7 6o@ mon 'lD n rom JSt 0 cto er, 187I, to Ist of lbs 8 8 lb 8 6 81tls tl h 't h otb' t fall "' sw.flf> on all other kinde of mannfaotal'\'<1 tobao-'0 not 8 4 hhds Hancock County leaf at 9 Io@Io so. :ZI March, 1872, was --------------I ,778 lbs. Tihi 'li, 10 4 f 741 sf:; 1 72 Io, 59,5J bmuskt y h avef 1 'M hmglar 1 herofu proded for, S2c. per lh. ; !h11oki" g Pr d b 86 -"' ..._ e exports o unmanu actured tobacco for the month ac upon m 1eu t ereo am a....., at er ge sa es uve!y o r e::rms, o r of lef, a,ll tl'b D-"'" in and.,., old. the leaf hhd:; Hancock County lugs at; 2 4 hhds Da-epal ,suu IUS. ending Jisf/ldarcb, 187o, were 1,23J,1Q6 'lbs; I871, of x868 2ds were made, and from first hands there n u < .ha>it-g been prev10oly ot!ipped, butr .. J, or ,.,.u,J tu d from County leaf at 9.2o@Io.25; 35 hhd! paviesa I,6o6,6I 3 lbs; 1so.2 1 ,06 6,o8I lbs. For the three is nothing now of this to be got; pnces which'nu p8.l'LorfLe stem havebtlen by eifl.lng, ,mppmg, c t 1 t 7 G8 nn hhd :p C ty 488 18 .. Ths dre"S,.mg or in a' Y other manner, Pitbtr dulito or n.ft'='r the oun Y ugs a 20'::1 '"7-; 20 s oun. The March busineu was: T months 1ending JISt March, I87o, 187r, stiffer In the crops of 1869 and xS,o a fair business pr c ol mounfactuoing; Fme-cut Shorto, til<> or fiu <-cut trash at 6.Io@7; 2 hhds Qldham leaf and 3,o89 513 ; 3 ,216,36J. transacted, and in consequencE: of the advices of the chewing tobacc o which b&s paeoed through a riddle'of thirty-oix lugs at 7 .ro, 10 ; 5 hhds Breckenridge County leaf lA bonJ; none ; prepaid -- -- -----Io3,67 2 lbs. The unmanufactured tobacco in bonded warehouses unsatisfactory quality of crop, -slightly higher rates of oilt.iDg; ""'"P"1:1'""d. at 9.:zo@ro; 2 4 Breckenridge County lugs at 7.Io Total to ut of April, I87:J ------59 I ,g56 lba. to 31st March, 187o, was sJ,6:z7,6JI lbs; 1 871, 49,.9 I ,:z,were obtained. Manilla Cigars and Cheroots-Moderate On C1graot all deecnpnono, m&de Of Tobaeeo or any nb.lltute @8.go; -9 hhds Stmpson County leaf at, 9.go@to; 5 To same date, 1871 ------_ -----599,z96lbs. 071 tbs ,, z872, 90702,ooi lbs. arrivals, but quality lllllCh mixt Japan-About 1,soo t btref 0r, per lbousaod: on Clgarettea we1ghin'1' n t < "ccdm,; hhds S .ro t lu t .::.g 'hhd B T d te 87 6 68 a.. three per tboul!'-nd, :150 per thonaaod; ,. .,,guiog x-unpson ..... oun Y gs t& 7'=' ; 5 9 arren aame a 1 0 -------- 53, 1 1"" Mr. J. A. Bryson's Moathly Circull\r says: The de-bales sold at aur.tion at ratber"reduced rates. Javaceeihng tJ, rt.,ponudo per thousand, 15 par thon&aDY s a oun gs a i 1,7Iv,094 lr33'7::i quest'e1..cept for Ireland, for which some fair but supphes, 1f properly selected would come to a -ttes&me'klnd of tobcco made in tbia country mna b .. paid. The 7o@9j 2 hhds Trigg Coun tyleaf. d lugs at 9o, Smokiog, prepaid -------, .:J !I3I49 '-{ I03,67a been mare. Prices have been !Well maintain.ed Westmarket in the absence 0 so many other cigar tob-..eomnetaleo l>opaeke4 _diD,kltheregulationagovemi ... tobl<:C)made here. ""' J'.t f r (I I I '


\ ,TDB P 0. B o:-:4.1 ,\is.') 6 CEDAR STREET. NEW YORK. Blakemor-e, Mayo & Co., Q.U"' CHAS. z TOBACCO AND COTTON P. QVDJ' c1L 00., COMMISSION ME.RcuNTS" Tobacco Factors, f1'A And General Commission ller chana. G. W. HillMAN. & CO., 41 BROAD ST . ) No. Reaso n o bleAdva n ces modej" EW YORK onShipmeo:ts. M ERCHANTS BE.Ls For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, I!-!' F UJU!IS HJ:D BY The Hatch Lithographic Company; Lithographe;rs, 32 & 34 Vesey Street. New York.' RED Q E D -PRICES TOBA.Ct::O LABELS, Pl.oln :ami Ia. t::olors 'at _the Lowest Market t llatt-s." Estimate s .F rompJiy Furnis hed. MANUFACTURED BY Thomas & Pilkinton, J L. Jone a. Co., c P. Word & Son. SAWYER, WALLAOE & 00.. w oP -. halal F. W. TATIEUOIIT CO., Tobacco & General Oommissiou No. 47 Broad MERCHANTS, BEIU\lLA.Hl( r 1 BATJEB.. & !!IIIIIalOW MMORAirJII UD UIPOB.TBIUI 01' CLAY PIPES, tl W.A.TER-S'l'REE'l D_W-YOBL No. 1 lo PEARL STRI:IIT, :EW Y(\ql(. .:or. B.Mmer Sqll&l'l, NEW YOBK. BEAVER SJREET, NEW Y 'ORK; t J ,_t r J --= 1 ,.. f' l o. =O e Agen .. o ... ,. .... u, e .. <, 1 ''BOUQUET DtTOBACOS," "JOCKEY-CLUB ":a,1ld ,"PHIL. SHERITIAN." .. --,. d i 1 0 l r6o _PEARL STREETl YORl';:.. RBAD Be Co.; ) Importers of SPANrsa:,and Dealer1tn a HklD4aot LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St.,.eet, NEWYO:U. ------L. PASCUAL, ) I HAVANA LEAF TOBACOQ 117 Maide n L a ne, 1 NewYor1(. M. WESTHEI M & 00., '' Seed-Leaf and Importers of Havana To 177 :J>earl Street, NEW YOBIL 119 Malden Lane; Wll. ll. PBlc., } 1!'. A J .. YIJ ,UU .ir B,. IJib'baooo l '(Jill' >'J Aif'D '(l., [l !..I ----,;:-' *11".0RK.


SUPERI<;)R MAKE AND I NEW YORK. 7.30 OF THE N ortliern .Pacific IS" I'} RAILROAD, l. l I SECURED BY 1st & La.nd Gra.nt We offer a/par, and infensf in currency, tlu Pacific Rrzilroatl FirsJ Gold Bonds, principal and in terest .pay4ble in gold, exemp 'f-rr!m Uni ted Statu and most empltatically recommend the same as the safest i1zvestment. United Stales Bonds, 11nd all fllllrlutable secnrilies, received in exchange at full cask pric e OOOIUI ck 00., NEW YORK, PHILADEILPHIA, 8egars & Leaf Tobacco, 190 J'EARL aTJlB:e'r .New York,; Leaf Tobaoeo. Old Connecticut W.Jappers, Old State Seed Wrappers, The Finest Havana Wrappers and Fillers. H. COLELL, Jnl Wate:r Street. -Yak. WEISS, EI.r.ER & KAEPPEL, ... HAVANA .&.4 Dealen Ia Doaeatle .. LEAr IIJ.I'OBAOOO, -=.;_..---=22:.::1:. .. Pearl stt:!le'1 NEW YORK. CHARLES A. WULFF, 01 A Large Aeaortment Conata.nily on Hand. 81 Chatham lh.1cor.WIIIIam, III.Y, .. M. BRO -.. D1JIIIIiL K a. CO., CIGARS, M Gadar St., &8W 1rC)WP E. & G. FRIEND & 00.1 IIJ' -1 Leaf Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, Eft-'-, l w YORK. e-w Yo1k. L PALMER A H. SCOV'ILLE Connecticut Seed-leJ.fW;rapper .afonr. own packing WATER .STREET,' YORK. Co., Sol e Manufactur er s of Im ported.;:German \VOOD. 1737 Ninth Street, W K."""' LOYNAZ & CROSBY, IMPORTERS OFa SAN DOMINGO TOBACCO, 4 on MANUFACTURERS OF AND IN(PI.PES, Maiden NEW YORK. FOX, ILLS & 00., Tobacco-Comnssitm Standard Brands of Virginia awl Jlortlt .:a11'0 MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. And SOLE AGENTS h the o.f t1J.e following brands of Meaa Tno:aus & OLIVO, t-md D. 0. MAYo AI; Co., V a.: _-MANUFACTURED Virgi Beauu..., : Va. t lbs Olive, p Ibs. Yirgima. la. Own Pocket Pieoe.... Thomatf Choil Che 1\aw, Fig's. Rose Twiat, 6 h.! J .M. Twist, lllneh.: La Favorita "'1rulla, 1r .. Ch. Clwl Henry, Jr. 9 incQ.llaht preaeed H U JiAr4 12 inoh lbe. Pure Virginia, u ; King 11ee, 12 inch Ibs '-4 Pride of ths N a.tion, 12 inch ll:>s. Reward of Industry, 12 inch lbs. D C. lLaye's Navy, ibs., i 1118., and 1 ... Conestoya, 5's. 'Iii( SMOKIIIIC; :Billy Buck. Virginia BeDe Star. Grand Duchess. Virginia s Olive. GOld Bug. Eureka Oli"?er's Cboictr Old Ken tuck. ... .. styles of Manufactured and S..okiuf 1'ob acco put up under special bnntk for sole us e of owner. BENNETT'S PATENT 'EU EKA" TOBACCO PIPE. Patented .a.prll Mh, trro. r Thi s novel 11nd newly-patented invention 1s claimed to be the moot perfect device for smoking looae otl'ered to the public. l!y; the lim pia arrangement aheWJI, the saliva, instead of running illt o the bowl, wetting the tobacco and thus foutl= E. SPIER & CO., -===;=_-BUOOESSORS TO H. VON HOLTEN,] IMPORTERS OF Oe:rm.a.n Cisa:r Moulds, ... ft General Ag cntf for tho United States and Canada f o r MESSRS. Ol!ENBRUCK & co., H e m e ling e n, Germo.ny, aud for WIJIDo & Zwiacheaaiui uermany. '71 John Street, N.Y. CIGAR MACHINE making' fine work with perfect satisfaction. Two girls with one machi ne can li,ll 1 oo German moulds, or make :. coo fille r bunche s per day, and two gjrls w ith two machi nes can put on t he wra ppers and fin ish the s.'me number P'" day. The work i s equal to hand made. The labor ia requiring n o power o th e r t han the foot and hand m otio n. The m achi ne can be re&ulated t o make of any size. ....__ State Rights For Sale. I 'J. WETl' TUu:, l J. T REMNAXA..N, f P ate nt ees. Fo.r fu.rther information address me, or call at my e s tabli shment, No. 195 Lexingt o n Street, Baltimore, Md. JOHN T HENNAMAN: [Patented :July stlt, I87o, 'find :July 26t h, I870. I mproz'td :fidy 25th, I87I Practical Cigar Machines 1 The attention of all Manufacturers as w elb as of all otbers who nre intending to engage in a: light business, is respectfully called t o the 'l'a.n n e r Cigar M.o.chinee. The accompanying a few po inb, and a. brief description of their m erits will be t ound e mbraced in this l st8rhe y tlre email simple and llttrable make cigars on the : hn.nd principle, and. of the most perfect fac-simil e of handm a d e cigars, whic h prevents the m depreciating In valu e 3d. Their operation is lParned Uh. Le,. wrap(ler& ani binchra an requlred:tban are used by hand, while scraps can be li>eq equJy e ll aa long flllero t ld d 1 6th, The oigan kaTe &D eTen and smooth a.pperanoe, Wlthou any crease, u..e.&Wwn tn. most mou e c .MaBuf!lcturers entirely by hand or m con-nectiou with moulJ)s, a.nd who are not dieposed to adopt machinery heyond SUCCESSORS TO EGGERT, DJLLS AJ,UB-AGENT WANTED. :1.89 Pearl New York. J. L. CJASS!Dft" "" BRO.,' LBD:auro. A. Bua.:xo. COMMISSIO!i MERCHANTS D. & t Leaf flO I eC1 Water Street, NVIf _.o& Wac,er St'I"'Ut, 1 I REW 'Y'ORK., :L :B. CABDOZq_ & CO., obacco & Cotton Factors' \ )_ J I r ;BJl.OS., "' :.:-:.:N"E ex :7 S Bo,very, N e"VV York. I il m. PATENT. APPLIED:FOR, no. 21 Fig. 1 Moulding Jlaeh!no iD positiO!l to Mivo the b1mOh or IIller. Fig. S repreeenu Moulding Ma chtno after the bunoh or !Iller hM been p,_ed throngh into tho mauld; Tho mould lo made of wood, In two longitudb!al hales, 'lrith a mould cnity for half a olga.r in each. A, in 8gure I, il half of monld described. B, is a funnellor conductor, made of metal, fitting when drall'll dOWD oleMir 01'_. mould cavity in block A. oa represented ilfFig. 1 Lever, 0, hM attached to it a tullower olooelr 8ttillg the illl14e of tllllllel, or ooudnotor, B. The bunch or ll lleria pl a ced ill top of ftumeltB, 'lrith thebando, and p...-clmnl with the lrDp!'81llltil 1\..,.b! on the Mould und e r il. 'It is then foreecllo'"' "1 bearing dOWll len1' C ; the lever is theD. roleed. The flluel Ia so eonatructed that it 'lrith tho leanng room to oonr the bunch or flllor with tho o ther half of Konld, which is then remoTOd, Jea'O'ing the--in poaitioD for the next mould. Cigan 01a 1>e JDad more (lerfeet with thlo apparatl!!! than IIZIT oll!or l!l01!ld; an imperfect bunch can not be JDaerr.ct worlring ap_papatuo }'tit otrered for moulding cigars PRICE: One Machine for one .... clpr and !100 M:oulds, with allitable Reek, 125. ADr -or ohape ,..;II be fumio hed requirinr only the i110lde mouuro of box yon 'lrioh to _pack Cllt&l'll in. !.>or r..riher inlbrmatiou addreM or JOHN CHARTER, STI!:RUNC, ILL., = LOUIS BULLINQER, Ceneral AJ(ent. Pro_prielor be supenor to all machines got 1lP tor t1ili purpose, forth& reOn th& fllle!'O are kept from Wl8ting, t hereby inau1iug &free cll&ft to the c'-jr Tlte price fJ/IIre machines IW'e: :F11r the Wrapper and F iller, orpe r Pair, $z75.oo FfJr Wrapper alqnt, $foo.oo; alorle, "J7 Tke M:aehiJieo are a ro'l'ldR r by tbe Metal Coaapany. A oomplete Circular ef izlaRuctiona will oocompany thema.chlnee. Fot IUI'ther !nformatum addreoa ._ G. 41tRJIB..Gen'l Ag-tt. Providence,' B.. I. I A,The :unprecedented: sale of it to counter cion when pur chasing Durham, W T BLACK WELL'S BULL 100 lbs. this popular Tobacco baa .,.._. fcited, and to prevent impoll be particu ar to enqui BRA NO,. and see that it bean Mark. 1--=::-:--==-::-::--:-::::-:::::--' AUERBACH&. MENDERSOB. L. &. BRO., Leaf TobacOQ AND J I 138 W'-ter 8t.Ret, NJ.w .Yfli.. Wh'}leMle Dealers In !1-All4 SEG-AR. No. 86 .. 'lLlf'O. M. & E. 8AL>11($,'l \ I IJIP()'&tEII 011 011> '. (' .. C u AvA N A. T 0 n A c c 0 HAv aA LEAF TOBAcco 8., AND WHO:LBIW.E D:&&.LDS m n Baed Leaf' Tobacco .no ._.lac&a .... 8olelJ' .,,. Parter -atck llmlfachlinl YB811VI.&.lf WOJI.D, JJ '79 TEl'fTH A VENUE. 218 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. '!"' L. OABV AJAL'S OIGAR81 167 Water.Street, New York. I Nil ... J.lfew York. .J1f 0. OUPIL. AJr1l .. ALL JtJJIM -tEAF TO A 178 PEARL B'ri.EET, ..,._.,... &ler ....... ::....,l NEW YOBI.


\ / TD E 'l'OBA.VVO / I I CAIIIVI w.LI.a L. B. BA6.& A. OYD, & 00., .. WHOL118AL. DIIALIIR8 a An b:AJ 'I' ceo, 38 SOutB a!"ABM, Md. LEAF ToBACCO c.wua&co., -Ill CONN. SEED LEAF 'D'bUUllll I LE.L F 1,0BACCQ; 164 aate 161. iSS, &--165l'earl Biret, J. D. BUDHAll & 1 1 a and 1 17 Wa.t Front at., lCOIUfll(l or Tobacco, Snuff & CINCINNATI. 1 OINOIDATI, 0. WILKENs. Fn>:u'K Kwh.u. a. GIESKE. ED. J!ilDANN. 1STEWART, MARKS, RALPH a CO.,f lillaDllt..,..... &Dd Wboluale Dealero In TOBACCO, CIGARS, aDd SliiOKERS' .ARTI9LJ:S, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF, 11 & Arch St., Philadelphia. "' _K_h_, ._F -r-. -& C--:-T E.& ro n, e1ss o.. J D n t: 1e A.lflumSt., .. ___ ...... ......... A. A. .,..__ fo':...... B&lft'ORD, OORR ... ()lf' ., THAccoer N' L 32 & 84 K&ia St., Oilllliuuti, Ohio. Segars and Tooaeco a. Packers, Commission Merchants, and 'Wholesale Dealers in -PorslBD aad Doms.Uo X.eaf'T.obacco, -117 North Third Street,. Philadelphia. .............. __, ( e PHILADELPHLA. & a. ..-ra M4e4 ..... Re. 1. 1 ................... ',_ __ in .!E.eaf .!!, and @eaLeJ'-in #[saa, ..}fa. JJJJ _}t&th IIJJ'ateJ'-9'l.i-eet, '0 --- S. & J. MOORE, rOBACCO "',ommissioa 107 Borth Watetlt!eet, a.tH PBIL&DEI.PH I.A. :. J. COST AS, DIPORTER OF HAVANA.and YARA TOBACCO, jM/ S. DELAwARE AVENUE, Phliadelphla. De&lecln PHILADELPHIA W. Eisei:llohr & Co., PACKERS & DEALERS IN .LBAP roAaao, 117 8o. Water Street, PHILADELPHIA. LEWIS BREMttt s SONS, Who'leo&le Dealero In "LEAF" 4JID MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No. 822 North Tldrcl St'l'eet, PBIL.Al)II_LI"BJ:A. .,.-A large assortment or all kinds or Lear Tobacco CODBY.ultly _2ll hand ....... ----:-.TIJL TO:BACCO WORKS: A. B. TBEOBA.Z.D, 0 -11.UVMCJrna ouu. mr w N .AS::S:: & 0 .... in TobaccoSnuffandCigars, tcar Tobacco, Bnnf, 11ee1'8Chaum and Brier Pipe& ST,', XULEDO, eo. v.ear. ...___ :M. H. CLARK & BRO., J:NE!PECTJ:ON'-.EED L;EA.F TOBACCO, 11 w. DIOBIIIISON, LEAF TOBACCP BROKERS, ,,11 { i"...._Olt :JWli'Jql" ,.. ;' ( t ... ..... --t CCO runt OF PHIL!PELPHIA/ CJLABBBVD TJ:NN, OPFICBAT Jfe, 19 lferdo Wa&e'l' ll&reet, J PHILADELPHIA, B .. &CO, l. LICHTENBERG,: 'U.' 8. Tobiaooo llanulaetarer of Snuff, Fine Cut -saoki.Dg 'r ob:a. loo, TobaoOOi NH. 666, 668 67o & Ji Nortll .. t/1,31. ._ PHILADELPHIA. J. M. LA.URILLA.RD, ... { -ROTTERDAM, ll/J'iL!wu. & 8 I ES K E It, NIEMANN LEAF TOBBACCO AND No. 69 South Charles, near Prat BALTIMORE, MD. 1GUBTA V GUTH,: ---.. of &outA CAarlu ,llWwt, 8ALTIMORK. TOBACCO FACTORS 83 P'LA.CE, .. : -...... L. 8omli)J)D. LOUIS STRASSEK, I Manufacturer of CIGARS, LEAF ..TOBACCO, .. 46 'Front St., J P w 11. GLORE. c IS. GLOIUD. J, A. r. GLORE .t BROS., :Manuf'&cturen of "st Grades of PLUG A.ND FINE CUT ,. o t Articles, No.. 5.'1 WEST FOURTH ST.! N o 63 West Frurtt S trecf. \ Clnc!nnatl, 0. Kenton Tobacco Warehouse. WAYNE &: RA'I"''ERM.AN, IUid GR!l::ENuP sTREET, 15, 17 a_1ld 19 West. 7th Street, Covington, K-y:. COJ7NGTON, KY. ; Novelty Works, DETROIT. X:to& TOBACCO KNIVES "THE VERY BEST." l\Jo.21?'StateSt., HARTFORD, c;c. CHAPMAN,. DBALBRIN Cnnnecticut Seed leaf Tobacco. EAST HARTFORD: W GRAVES1 ... .,,.u:. ConneCticut Seed-Leaf T o .lr'A a a o t Danbury, Connecticut. H. SMITH & CO., 'o CIIIHB1issi8n larchantrand Jobbers r CONNIICTICUT LEAP TO.AOOO Mound Oity I Tobacco Worb. c.& R. DORMITZER & CO., :.o. i!Ollan,.e. Street, N WBOLESAL& DE. 4.LERS ..D 0 A I. I Leac Tobft"CO & Cigars ... __ ..... sn ..... m..,.G.,..n_EL_n..,.. v ... A_ss -1 u.v 'n--"-t, Ohowing & Smolrt... Smoklq & aaewtnll' Tubuot. ... .) Loulaville WllrUU ond All eC 'lialokcn' 'Tobaooo, Killickinick, &o.. G. W. WI C K S & CU., ... ftl ,._.. ..... -., ., 123 J&.;iret liltil'e!'t, heli. a.nd 3d St "'lta, W'l'oloOV'Dr ST. LO..,IS, MO. Vlrstnla, M issouri, and Kentucky WALL BELVIN Alo Deole1'11 In Commiulon Merchants R. A. MIT'8, T9BACCO BROKER .ALBRECHT & SCHRODER, IAIUFlCTURED liD LEAF TDilCCD '\V:JIOLESALE DJ:ALl!JRS No. a20 North Seoond 8t;., TOBACCOS,. 85 East South. Street; INDIAN AP()LI81 Ind. ARD 1:11 St. Louu. Mo. AVANA Genera Commiuion Merchant, Office in Tobacco Shockoe Sl!_p, RI!JHMOND, VA. 41m Ssad L&af'Tobacco, 62 South .Calvert st., Baltimore, Md. TOHAt;\iu .Y/ J.ltKS, .. .. L L ARMISTEAD, Lynchburg, Va. Tbe following hlflbly popalal' brands are Manu ured &I these Worko and paell.ed in the moot opproed etylee, viz.: Oceldental,'Higblander, C ua. Aablelts:h. Dee r Tongue, Dick 'l'ater., Red Rover, Reveau.e Cutter, Not. .f'or bealde 8peelal Br.and. The unpiecedeuted. of tht-1!8 brands hu rendered it par.ticula.rly n ec(>uaey to increue and im prove the line of ma.chfnery and t o build a lege addit1on to tbe Factory. tbe put. few iDODt hs, a1rording more.thn doubl s tho ,former capacity. Price lilltJ a ownreularo forwarded on application. -.. M. LINDBEIM, Aa-ent J 8. LANGSDORF, ar;ent for the '.J '.-t '148 Water st, N Y. "' 1 Wut aad ;s. '!' Tf, A LE. R P HAMIL TON S. W. VENABLE & CO., l Rochester, Pittsburg and CbbsacoA.dvertisem.ents. )laban a anb ..L MILL IIPAUUIR811DllaJIG TOBACCO MANUFACTURES I S. KASPROWICZ &.SON, '76 WORKS." -i. C. HURRAY, late of Vaa Hom, Hurr" A C.. MIAL lti480N, JaM of 'If all A llooon. ;,.,._..l*llr 1a Em fre'TObli'cco Vf'or Lo. IU. ... co., I::Sp 'LEAF TOBAOOO & OIG ;299 .... \ (Between Sd lllld 4th ,) Gzo. W Wtcx:s. } N.Fuur. Louisville. Ky Five B40thers Tobacco Works. Jeu -Fmz.l:l!&. NtcaoLAS 1-'tNZ!n. JOHN FINZ:ER &. BROS., K .. U\Ul'..i.CTlURS OP v ginia, lentuolty, and. :Missouri PLUG TOBACCO: 1 tt4..15 Thi.,Nl S8 Oentra1 Bolton. Bo114CIIN. Ftemm JoourN.F.--. Forwe.rding Merchant, GERMANY V. F. BUTIER, T & Broler & HABANA. Btlpplled with Lear In Iorge and nnall qtl&lltltleo. Will tAD AGDOliiiS lor eon D < Cied wltb tbe CIGAR TRA.D,.. wm be triad .. -at p10t11re oonoip I


TOE OBA..CCO -------l 1111 LEAF TOBACCO Jl. 1. 18JIER I; PRAOOPl' ................ Cattiq-"""'"faoturlaa leaf. lAS. OLAIUt ............................... Ouf*iDc ... d ...,......._.leaf, MD Clllll --rs. D. PPALDINO, la .......................... WOLl'OLII: A OLlUfl!l' ...................... C11tU.q ad maaufactuiagl.oaf. white lead in the city of Brooklyn, each had the .right to leading authority oh this point is the celebrated" AnaffiGHLY IMPORT i VII TO. describe his product as Brooklyn white lead. The extalia, case-McAndrew vs. Bassett (Io Jur. N. s. S.SO). 4111 m TBADII act point which turned that case apinst the defendant The Lord Chapcellor t11erein said, "I am told that this OWBJf MOB&IDJI .......................... CutU.qiiD 588). In that case the court substantially con-Law Times R. (St) r68) affirms the same doctrine, "Con has passed, by cedes that the plaintiffs by their prior of gress Spring" being then held under its peculiar circum whelming vote of:56r against the name of the town of Akron, in connection with the stances to be a good trade-mark. In France :54, atnew foragain raiwOt'ds acquired no exclusive rights to the same ruling has been made in the Tribunal Circle sing the price of their mouse ins a,ny one who could use it of the Seine (Faivre vs. Annates de br Pronopoly, tobatco 25 percent., With equal trutk. A careful examination of that priete, etc., VIII) p. 238, where it was held that-the smokers and snuff-takers, case will disclose th'! fact th:j.t i was not, words "Mount Carmel," although a geographical name, being treated on the same strictly a case which involved a technical tral;ie-mark; was as a Taney designation, a good trade-mark. These footing. A pound of BO the right to must be exclusive. A laborious peare !11 consistent with reasott an? harmonioUS' DEA.LEBS, ,IN r TOEI_.A.OCO. Water 411treet, NEW. YORK. called Caporaf sowKing rusal of published authorities has failed to produce an with the current of decisions. .. tobacco, which 1:\ithinstance of any court; of any country, admitting the pos-We now come to _the question of priority of adoption, '1'0 .. lilt 0:1' DIRECTORY \ sold t f. s, is in future sibility of the existence of a" neighborhood trade-mark." The testimony on the u9 pages of th recorii, .has to cost f. 6)(; and if is For our present purpose it is sufficient to refer to Sec. been sifted. only that nauseous amalga 7; of the a,ct of Congress of July 8, in reg d to Blackwell's witnesses furnish a considerable amount mation of leaves, straw, and trade-marks, which promises protection only to' the per-of neiative testimony as to the timeof the first use of To". IJ NY\ other vegetable mattermade entitled to the exclusive U!M; of any lawful" tradethe word by any one as a trade-mark. They do not go 'Ua\IW expressly for the consumpmark." further back than the year x86s,-wheft the predecesl'Qr' &. Cigar Tra,de, tion and use of the army and Therefore, it is perfeCtly clear that if the word "Durof Blackwell commenced to u se it. If uncontradicted, navy, and sold exclusively bam is used ior the purpose of iadicating to the public their state111ents would be convincing, notwithstanding to of those two, that the merchandise to which it is affixed, is manufacthe fact which someof them disclose, that they are also professions, the price of tured or sold at a place called Durham1 it is. riot what the manufacturers of smoking and are interested in which remains unchanged. law recognizes as a trade-mark; but it comes within the defeating Armis ead. :But the applicant brings forward When the bill was introduced principle of Falkinburg vs. Lucy, an the Leather Co., a large number of witnesses whose over yeryfeW"remarksweremade case, above cited, and is a mere advertisement Now whelmingly establish the fact beyond doubt, that.the and it only elicited a mild comes an important question. word was used some years before x865. Wright, the C:IGA' No. 8 Bowery, BEW YORK PIENCIER aROTHIEn CO oll'litSsTcm Deoler in Toaaoao criticism on the part. of two Did the use the said word Durham as predecessor of that he used rite word or three members. The the"balile of a m x86o, ani contmued to use 1t after he had removed Minister lof F'mance, M. In an ordinary case of litigation it would b;e sufficient his factory from Durham's, and until he entered the Pouyer Quertier, said he to reply that the party making an objection is esarmy (Ric. pp. 236,237). If faith should be placed D VJDSOI JROft'BS asked nothing more than topped by his admissions upon the record. If the obthe oaths of apparently entirely crediblf! witnesses, then A was right and just, as everyjection were tenable, then this interference sli'ould be beyond the shadow of a doubt, the word was used in HAVANA and SEED body should coli-tribute his dissolved, for neither party have any standing bex86o, and ever since to designate a peculiar kind of quota towards liber.ating the fore this tribunal. But it is unnecessary to proceed tobacco. LB.&P soil of Francefrom the opfurther, for this reason. By Sec. 79 of the Trade-mark Act What tobacco was that? It was a peculiarly flavored pression of the foreign army of 187o, the Commissioner of Patents is prohibited tobacco, which acquired its reputation as far Water ll&eet, of occupa-tion, and from recording any" proposed trade mark which is back as x86o. It was the smoking tobacco that Wright United 8tates, England, WaiM, Bremen, Hambur, 8ootlaftd. Antwerp, Rotterdam, Melbourne, Am lite and new tax was estimated to not and cannot become a lawful trade-mark. This sec-madei substantially that for which he subsequently obtan Near Eainen Lane, NIIW,YORJ produce 30,000-ooo f. It tion confers judicial functions, at least to the extent of ed letter5patent. This is nofla mere inferential conclusion. ..... ,_ ...... :was only when the supplies inquiry into the legality of every proposed It is fully corrobora1ed by the evidence 0 Ef I AN c E were voted that negotiations offered for registration e;t;-parle or otherwise. This matThe applicant, Armistead, deduces any title he ma.Y nn.e R..t Mlm)ah 'DnltGftftHftl of the mil for the above purpose could ter can not be decided, upon any thing in the nature of have to the trade-mark from Wesley A. Wright, who, at 11 Ulll...,.pllilli IlllllliClUU lJIIl tiiUI be entered into with Gerpleadings or upon concessions. Consent can not give one time, certaibly did possess a certain trade-mark. ..... --' 1I'Wa Wbicll tlle -...&lo-.-.t;lnl BAR MANUFACTORY, D. & CO., 111'1' BowIT tirt Wa&er a... KEW TOaL many. He very unwillingly jurisdiction. The applicant must not only have as good That trade-mark was affixed to a certain label contain-had recourse to this tax, a right as any one else, but his right must be perfect. ing a number of other words, as "Morris & Wright's best but the National Assembly He must succeed, if at all, b.r his own strength, and not Spanish flavored Durham smoking tobacco," or what had thought proper to reject by the weakness of his adversary. If the office erred ever the won;ls may be. The counsel for Blackwelrargue's his original proposals. He in granting registration to Blackwetl, that is no reason that Annistead must take the w.hole brand, and by his promised, however, that the why itishould repeal the error for the purpose of placing predecessors or assignor, and that he cannotchange or tax should be remitted as the parties on the same footing before the courts, as. one vary it in the least l'roprl-ottbe soon as the circumstances of the counsel suggested. Even if the office should reTha4Vould be true, if the whole brand ora label were Bnll4a: would allow him to do so. fuse registration, the rejected party might still fall back a trade-mark, but the brand or label was but the vern-I'OUB ana. Tmallll& a&JIDIL ...................... Ololhlllleb, tile "aoon." .. aaTTBa.. .... rr ... France being one of our upon the common law as a party litigant. This brings cle of the trade-mark of commerce, that symbol which fargest purchasers of tous back to the consideration of the question as to the becomes associated with a particular article of merchan bacco, it is not encouraiing meaning of the word "Durham" aS used dise. We have seen that the only essential element of to growers to find this ad-If the word is used in jts geographical sense, it means the trade-mark is the word "Durham. When an ex vance in price in the common but one place, a village in North Carolina. That is exClusive title to that was once acquired, its owner might kinds. The Italian Governpress!}" conceeded by both parties, and is warranted by use it as an isolated emblem, or he might combine it as .._... eue. oaltable uu,. .......... tu-IW:iWinu):il Mperodl. Ddfaoillllee r-8ee Olrcular, 11D4 ..,.. BO.UIOU TOJU.cco woaxs, ORICE PASTE. 3 ZA. IUI.Co A.OO VB roc GZ 0 1 ment was to have made the evidence. n was at a place bearing that name, or he pleued. The courts of all nations concur in this awards of contracts, on the orte nearly like it, that the applicant commenced busidoctrine. ., inst., for about xso,ooo hhds ness as a manufacturer of smoking tobacco, so long ago It has also beeri suggested by counsel, that the word of Kentucky and Virginia as 1859 or x86o. It is there that the respondent alleges "Durham" is insufficient as because it does not tobacco, and the result will that he carries on the same kind of business. It is there indicate o.rigin or ownership. That question is definitely be awaited with some inter-that a number of witnesses reside and manufacture to-set at rest by the decision of the New York Court 01 est here. We have no defi. bacco. There is not the slightest suggestion that any Appeals in Burnett vs. Phalon (3 Keys, 594), which held nite data as to the German other place named "D}lrham" is meant. It is true that. that tbe single word cocoain.e" possessed all the es requirements, but from the several towns4n the'United States have that name; \1ut sential elements of a common law trade-mark, general prosperity of the they are excluded from consideration in this case, as the CONCLUSION. peol9le of that country, and name' means a place>in North CaYolina, if any thing. Is As facts I find, their well known predilecthere such-a place as Durham in NGrth G31olina? We First :That Wesley A. Wright, the assignor of Louis tions in favor of the" weed," would be lef1 in some doubt upon this point, if we de-L. Armistead the applicant, was the fitst to ; a,dopt and there is reason to believe the pended rentirely upon the Ia nguage of the witnesses. uae as a 6-ade-11\ark the e!Jsential element of which was Tbe7 lhould a4dreo1o l;beU or4eH to tho 11Dd ed bl !Jew Y"'*-wbo Ia 1101e _, lA the United 111-. + h =tlllf_,....,.._....,.. .... otL!qii.Ork.owtll ao\ .-....... ..._ IID4 ....,.ID .._ requirements this year will Some of them speak of Durham; some of Durham's; the word" Dur all\" for smoking tobacco. ,__..,. A F S N y be above the average. Witli some of Durhams, and some of Durham's Station. That the word "Dllrham" was rmt originally J MF$ C. McANDREW, 124, t., the exception of the English Which is correct? We tum to the official list .of post adopted as the distinctivename of a locality"br to quote :u=rs;i.........,....iliaii:-' xparkets, which received officers, and find is spelled Durham's, the aposthat the tobacco to which it was affixed by him was 111 aD the.,..,.... o1,,.. _ut.....,_ bJ uo. supplies last year much betrophe probably signifying elliptically Durhproaching_. Thus far but few full cargoes have examining the records _of the department, it is ascertained tobacco described in Wright's Patent en shipped, tltough there his been a fair movement in small invoices that there is a post oMce in [Orange County, N!)rth F1tlrlll, That said symbol w"' never abandoed or deth of leaf and Carqlina, by the nanie of Durham's, and that Presley dicated to lhe by said Wright. 1 Mangum is the present P4>st-master," etc. That setFifth, That whatever property said Wright had in ties the question, the. name 11 am's. said word Durham" was transferred by him to The word Durham, as used by both parties, is not said Armistead. 287 Street, I ..... Near Fulton St., NEW YO used to indicate any locality. We may reasonably so As a conclusion oflaw, I find that said Wright had a Ta. Wh ts th tr d mark disp te infer. The office has virtually so ruled -in granting reglegal title co the said word "Durham" as a trade-mark erem conSIS e a e-. 10 u istration to Blackwell. The evidence on file abundantly for smoking tobacco and that the applicant acquired of' e-t=tea .a .. &ell& ..........,. There are two theones on this subject. The app!t-'t 0 th t f Bl k 11 d h. d tl'tle firom him _... th ised in a si le ord proves t n e par o ac we an IS pre ecesllepon Y&. .A. ........ Beet...._.._., Deeat esse!'ce com_pr sor, a representation of a Durham bull was and still is Priority is therefore awarded to the said Louis L ...... Dt.-er wM 8MII DeeWe !-Tile Deelu. Durham, m conJ';10Ctlon wth used in connection with the word "Durham." What Annistead, and his claim of right to registeration of said le 1M I mgttofibledaccDo. Bbey re 6 fern 8 ng to thefisdf'ecthlafitcatvhoonseoafaeppth!te-is it used for? The evidence overwhelmingly shows trade-inark is admitted.. can ecem r x 71, "e n r h --'d. h Lt..n h th w H B The lc;mg contested controversy on the of the wordS claimed by him. In the s cification of the ret at 1t ..-. .o ...... cate to t e puu c t at e to. ROWNK, ow!'-ership of the" Durham" brand spondent, filed A rilx 18 x, registered October bacco havmg th. at has a pecp!tar excellence. That April x7, 187z. Special E;t;ami11tr'. wh1chbu been waged by Mr. L. L. ArtnlStead, of 3,nS7J,wefindttiathe4desJribeshistrade-markascon-maybetrue,ortmayno.t._ 'l'lie Cotiilu oC die Pr Lynchburg, Va., on the one hand, and Mr. W. T. Blacksisting of the words "Durham Smoking Tobacco, lnanu. brand, 1t IS hiS s ear [From tilt "Lyndiburt R-Mubli(an, well of Durham, N. C. on the other seems at f: ctu db W T Bl k II, Th bill eq' ty the that 1t has a pecultar llavor, and say that ever smce r86o r r a re y ac we e m u1 m h b k d 'dki d f .It will be remembered that in the year 1870, in the last to be drawmg to a c:lose. The latest dewlopsuit above mentioned among other things prays that the lt: Q een nown, an use as l\ supenor n manucelebrated case of Blackwell, of North Carolina, a""'inst mentis the subjoined decision of an E:uminet of the t li t be t d from any trade facture. It be.JQie tp doUbt that the arbcle has 1 .. Plliten Oliee, at WasbirigtpQ deei:les that" priorit)'" a:O th h agreeable properties from the manner in which the to-Armistead, of this city, involving the ownershi,P of t&e the point in dispute, 'D!USt be awarded to Mr. Armistead. themg e;::.?r rt futhr am. k? bacco is ftavored, with aromatic herbs or other brand of tmoking tobacco, an inJunction IS essen.._ a o e mar h' I d d by th b wu granted, restratning Mr. Armistead fro1n the use A few days. previOus to this, however, 'Judge Rives had It can not be the words "Smoking Tobacco" for such t t IS not preten e 1 n was rendered 1lfter one 'of the most determined Meantim.e we are in receipt of-the N a au es d M no [; et ct J b '!1-';. Bl ck ell,; imparted by the tongua bean and other thirigs. What legal contests ever witnessed in this city, in which 'I flu 'Editor lj The To!lacco Leaf' I have fi or I e wor s. ac e fa ground is there for rational doubt? The article manusome of the ablest lawyers in the country engagep. of inclosing a copy of the decision the Patent Office or s:c :nguaget IS bn a e na ur_b b dee ed t-factured in a particular manner is the thing meant. The same question has fOr a long while been pending in the now celebrated" Durham case." It was forwarded ::yn ;:rt of If that w;re not so, all the tobacco manufacturers before the authorities of the Patent Office at Washing to me last, the I 7th inst. ; by the I as a (see Falkenbur vs. Luc 'in the Supreme at Durham s had a nght to use the same name. But ton, and the points involved have been thoroughly ex for appltcant m this case who requested me to hand It C rt f Galifi I. d af 0 the Le the Blackwell could not have so meant when he commenced ami ned by those who are supposed to be best qualified to you with their Clouth 0c otrhmaA, 35 c;a 5Le 2 athne Clsoth Co ma thr to use the word "Durham," for in his sworn statement to arrive at a correct conclusion as to its merits. Pri1 f b' 0 0 vs. e mencan a r e fil d A J 8 1 fi tr ti h vate intelligence was received in this city yesterday to As resu t o t IS smt has been for,_for House of 'r ords II Jur. N. S. 513-) Therefore the t e I prts ,x4rt,hx }thai, mt apptyhlr:_g ,on e posih fr a... fte l th d h some tune by the tobacco trade generally, 1 ts publica-0 osition"' th the ......llcant has simul ted the y se ,o no

/ .. / Jt KAIWFACTUllERS OF Fine Cut and SMOKIN 0 c s & SM'uF OUR 'BRANDS CHEWING.,.. HEARTS' DELIGHT, BRIGH't OWEr-{. A ISH. ....... oHoTT. O :ILU)UJ[ HAullllo ND AGBNCY ll.uNtM l>Ntwla of HERO and UNION Fine Out Chewing Tobacco and Echo Smoking. :.tvenue_. New York. VINCE.'f L, COOX, 8UCC.Eii80&d'O \ z ManufactarOJ' of ali kln# 'I" CJ. & CJ. Acknowledged bY, consumers to be the best in the market And for' the brand o1 Lieorice Stick IN0 .. 4c-00., In all respectl! equar to CALABRIA. We h!'ve no and Jobbers would do -..tell to a.pFlY direct. I I J t Licorice sele,ct a'ld conetallt l y b and. 41 CO., ll9 .. 31 _.oath Wlllla-tit Lioorice and G.S ... '" F.w.s. Sterry Extra;. S. Baracco and .:. J DeRosa. ., MiJls ,and ,Favorite Milia Po, wderEKl Licorice. Gum :Arable. OH:;re Oil, Tonqua :Pea.IlS, AND ALL,-SPECJALITIES FOR TOBACCO MAP{liFA TTJRERS. f \ .... Patent Powdered Licorice' MANUFACTU,AUI OP -' TOBACCO SEALING WAk.i ALS&,; IN. DRUGS, PAINTS.!Btc., st., Faetery and Saleroom, 138 LUDLOW ST., NllW YORK S, S. & BRO.'S .;. '" Butr. ,...., ... PHbNIX ncro.D lT Mt IJIOID aT" ...... .A.I.J NJn. CaldweH .... tlo 1. .. lolaelda Tolt&MO Worksaod 8elraJ' .. 0. BUCHNER, (..,.._ .. ,... to ri!,OB:CXCECX .t X.A UIJB:C9) r.fif' o' FINE CU. T Chewing 'antl SmOking T AND CICAR8, Havana. Cbe:rO'c>t.; 256 Deia.ncey St., YoFk I I 54 and -56 Broad St., New-York. ,Bralldi, ..... l'i'B'I' _,.r .UJ,ORIP have beelliiO_ciOMI)' lmlu to many of the Tnlde, In fntore the ..-u.e wli' wlt h our1 .. wcL2All a: LYALL.llewYork. w. tW:l&OT, !We r.reD.t,. W.. U Bread St., _DOSTUN, Pl#e Chriring 213 and 215 Du"ne St.,lew Y o r k 1 [Sl!B sBVlnn:H PAGE;J ;' 1 ., Jh \ : f 1 u r J l &.CO '"' AUCTIONEERS, Commissum Kerchl1dit81 7 OLD SL'IP, Q,edoorfrom naH<>voroquare NEW YORK. FRBD. Bkaltsalt Jmrst, NO. 21 -lllrl'B .AV':riJJbS, NEW TORE J } +. I .i.8S11CY JmPo!r :r IJ ) F. B. j J.r". I I-' T 'OBACCO LEAF. .. .. GREEK, FOR-SALE BY .. r HENRY M. :MORRIS, --' '). (" / r .Jljent for tke U. S. and qanada, J ,73 Street, and 19 Old .... P, NEW YORK l 1 l from the leading Manufacturers in Vircinia, North C&rolin!\, PASTE POWDER ROOT llleeonri1 'In.diaba, 'Illinois, OlftQ, liew :Yof}r1 and Ca!lllda: ,_, 1 .. 1 1 u 5 r J. o J .. ...., 'BY{ '),, ,_, .wa.rt-a.n .. 'teci rior Licorice.', -=\ f'.J u ... !, .. u!' 'v r-, DE LANC:PY lCirEV:PLAND' BB.OKE:ib. -24 SOu 1 H WILLIAM .S.T., N. Y. BROKERS. OATTUS & RUE'IE, OC:nliarni -'_' 129 Pearl Street, NE.,Y' Tobacco: ., l l .: I 12-7 Pear t street,.: _i' rBED'I FISCHEl; Tobacco 62 Mt;W J., S .. CANS &. SON, j ( 0 J ( ( I TO'BACCO I -' No. 86 WALL STBEJP.T, TDNTINB BUitDING, I NEW YORK. GELDERIIABN & Commi&sion' M;e;rchants, 103 Maidel!-'I TOBAOCO .. BRQK: r.;R. t 1'79 PEARL ... r U NEW Y,ORX. p stairs., JAMES G. o B ro'lt:er Furni1hed .. in quantiti e s to suit, by 'I ReDMAN imPBllR'N, f J ,... r LP.WIS STREET, NEW YORK -SAW -LL, 75 i::ast 1oth St.: ind / 470-476 East nth St_-W 1 ) .. ; CIGlR PiCKERS SOCIETY I. !PttERICAL IURGI.Aft -'f 11 1 .. I S.AFES


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