The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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( YJ)L VIII.-NO 14. YORK, WEDNESD y, MAY 1872. WHOLE NO. 378 \' -. -----------------,.,. ..... "' a., I'IJta. a.tjft, B. ..,..., n ..,.,_," JM.,;,. "...... ............. .._ __ Dox...iO-Wil .... O. IN l'roDt. ](,; B. ](.ltOW --71 'W-. -. ... o.r.. Swl Luj To,._ h'!J. Bl.ukwit maUen the iatu-ests ot the A.eeociation may be To the P: &, care L. H. d: Co.1 .Rtclurwrul, Ot, To the Vice-President, 170 Waler StreP.t, .&w York. FBEE LIOORIQ&. T ... ,. U.bril. R. A The dealers in Licorice and o( ca,en-u v-. JIAB.TJ'OB.D, c Tdish gained an triumph last during the llop(Na .. ....,., P. a Co. Hlfonh Willl&lll. Pcitrs tl Dultrl. at-Bolt LM>IIttl Tri-illf' B""'"" "1m., m Stale debate on the tl(riff bill in Committee-ot:.theWhole in the __....a BUI""1D Kanay. fw House of Representatives. Through the actiw: efforts QIIB IJ liVDtiSIRS. w..... of W. R Ro, berts, licorice was plaoed, after consid-' 4 l!hph4ni & Fullel) 2lt -te. bJ d' th r. )' t ......_,_ he W. I< Co., 117 'William. Bt-u, A. L. & F., II llultot. era e ISCUSSIOn 1 e J ree IS 1-IS t more T.Um C'Mltit satisfactory and creditable from the fact ih&t .a similar I w; yoaa. ,..._. ,...,..,_,_ Itt.,.... & 1 --te. w "'""' "II attempt, made only ;r. short time prnious, had failed. I( M""'f-nr 'If Lui Wut.ult Duitr1 i MllffMj_,,tl roitJff, -XIDDq -.ttl th th H th s "-tl k = w. a.. .,.. ... ...._ Jlanaham.l. D .a. eo., n & 7t .u,1-. ne1 er e ouse nor e enate su..._ .. uen y rew:o e 111... F,r" Rasti Citllf"Ut. --"":.'i: 1':':iaser. Klllillpoa, T. A l!Umoyer, llole ca BrooA lleier,Wa.G.&Oo.,Mso .... th. Amencan growth. On the contr!l"'' is uaedchietly ;;;:p, a eo. "&114" ,..,. ..,,, o.. w a c .... 101 xa1a. -. J)lllo .. Looler.A..., Oo.,llll JehhrrJ ;, .1/!iotls of To611cco, in the manufacture of certain kindt of tobacco, and the :=,: rJ':" c.i:, M :JNDt. T.&.cc. &-p c-..11.,. I,..rnJ-" O..mi< a,..,.J. high tarufrate has no other effect than to add to the -be Co., 7 Puk l'laoo. T-a, 0. G. & Oo. l7t !Lilia. almost .,prohibitory rate of thiry-twO CelltS per pound on T.U.,.0M:-'"cifac::::_L&tPii... Cavendish. Over a year ago, a few energetic licorice _.. o. Uo tao _,-WICBiDtoUl -o., -u"'"' B ,..x. 1 .._.: t:it.,_ Rllm de. alers in this city c<,>mlnenced the movement which bids ........_e. 'W. a Oo., -B ,,. Jl' n ,,; i LNI', Tolrce tl M...,r.,turrrs or ........... "" uuo. "' 1 1 T 9 h ;;;;:c. 1111 huL c;1.,. 'M'" p;,.,., -.ful &r-t 1 Cigrl! ; fair to resu t so prosperous y, and H8 ._.AF at t e 'P;"l'. 1 ou Nnirll notked the enterprise and bade it God-speed. We trust x-"*' Hz-1. ,_ ::J .J 1 _, : L YXCBBUB.G. "V'a. that we shall now see the definiti.,.. of an T __..,A. "" bllrL 'IIU'Ir.l'oarlb a Raoe. 00,, 1117 J)uaDe 1toratholf ll Co., fll!olltll Oll&deo. Jllollowell, Ill. B.. .& Co., llrlaler llt.ra.111 Pearl. 0 ttl Co., Q 8ouh Obarl-. Moore. 8 .& 1., 107 Norlb Water. =:;:.:: Jlei-leln, 1'18 B. F. a Rinaldo & Co. Sl North ., b 1M ._ Paal, W'. "'" lloaOo Bobaidi, H. NISoalh lieeoM. ""'IIII! w .& <:i.,11 Brood s-toi .. R. a Co 03 < Teller Bro\hero, 117 Norlh Third. ""4 Me 'hall. .......... 1 ... & Co., 11 :R.eba:qe p._, VHMco. i&Jiit: .. G:B Ge., 117 o.l-"':"' aeaTOW. :p-w, Ill Fifth &T. ..... W1uarf. PROVIDENCE ......,.. __ _. llal;ploo,O.u.,ltftr. OBIIO:KD V ..... --.. --.q-.o-.n,-,.,._, .. .a: 10ftl. 7t lkl4 'IFIWar "J1o1oibroo11, o:..-..t. ., V..i- Mmullt<, .a.,aeo.,lll:.e It Balul.ltl ..... BRI!MI!Y_ GI!JI..... 1 D. 11 ,., n waaor. .. J.a Oo : c.,..,,,. Jleal, ftoo. D : ;J I. I; CO., tdl Per.rl. jr. Broilrs, ;J 1:, 1Jl'lll .... laaei' y .......... ---- --Bno., Ylllo...Y LJa1L JlOORI!IITEB, T, I.,. ...... BlM. *Co .. ttl Kai4lll &Jt M.oof-rtr, 'I :r .... r.-1. w.,w.u.. :a-,.,. llJ'l'M -LiWIL OJDCA.GO. DL JIJh<>trl of, 'WW. ,a. a lllol.ll, Lote wiUl X.-.ta, Allea N ELLIS, u.fao"tu.rero of Tobaooo, II VNB ft"IIEET, CDCDN.&TL We an lllakiD8 a 8fledai8J' df ftlfB Ctl .. l:HBWINCJ, aad gaaraa-II -u for-, IF' .10.811fQ O:.'IIL Y 80J,JVITED, f'tiii ::-: IIUQBl'Bft 91' Aim DBALBB IH LBAI' :!. -nll at HAYANA .. an'd VAriA ah.aeo oon"*-ufho ... LOWEST IMPORTERS' PR.ICJBtl. 188 PEARL STREET. lEW YORK, 17 WEST SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey 8treet, New York, .Proprleten of: dH. BSPANOL'.l FACTORY. n E. T. PILKINTON'S "FRUITS AND HILLMAN & CO., Celebrated G. s-108 :Front St., New York. tobacco constituencies, and all others who love justice and fair play, not to allow these tobacco sections to be the law of the land througb careless inattention and without More harm can be do11e our interest in half an hour of. heedless legislation than can be recovered from by years of subsequent prosperity. Therefore, let our friends be warned in time. We stand in very slippery places. we, as a trade, to be for'=ed ovet the precipice .that yawns before us, or will friendly hands again be extended to save us from pecuniary ruin? lllllli'OR EDITORIA I.S. CRUEL.-The cruel charmers of Philadelphia are try ing to get a law pasaed forbidding smoking in the streets. ToBAcco PLANTS are small but abundant in the neigborhood of Chatham, Va. SELLING CIGARS FROM UNSTAMPKO BoxES. -In the United States District Court, recently, Emanuel Voldez and John Almorodo, convicted of.selling cigars from un stamped boxes, were to the Hudson ounty jail for six months each. : ANOTHER STEP INTB&.WAY CAllE.-At on r8th inst., in the United States Circuit Court; Way appeared and paid the Government S7o,ooo, bf:ing the unpaid balance of assessed on tobacco irregularly Mr. Way has yet ,to pay costs amounting to about two hundred dollars. Other suits based upon jnformation obtained from his books are be ing pressed against him. One of these is for hoo,ooo, which he is endeavorin& compromise with the Government THAT DREADJI'UL FLY.That annual newspaper pest the tobacco tly, has already made his appearance in Virginia. OuR LIVERPOOL CoR.R.ltSPONDENT.-We hav/ had the pleasure within a few days, of taking by the! hand our Liverpool correspondent, Mr. F. W. Smythe, whose ac curate and comprehensive Liverpool reports form L%':Jf,.:::..11 ,o;J} .,_, Dukn irl Lut T..._ nJ Cir 11w1it11. B. A:, U Bo.....,. 0.., 8. B 6 Co.1 lei' lloalh ........ Bo""-1. s. :Bro.,tnl.ab&II4Jt7 .,...,., x-17, D. &4 KillaoftEBD.&K. Re1Jd, THE tobacco barn of Wna. E. Thompson, near Hillsva!uable a feature of' THE LEAF. Mr. Smythe, tho11gb boro, N. C., containing t,6oo pounds of tobacco; was now established at Liverpool, was for thiny :rear5 a el"l. burnt to the ground recently. member of the New Orleans trade, having left there just The representatives of the trade at Washington will, of before the breaking out of the wa r in 1 861. .Mr. Smythe ,. Jie..-ko 111, WeMIIi.w., DI.J.n r Luf T,_-&B....-..1'18 a1 &Sou, llkle. Fi a,.;, .. 17 A., N Jleo]ulum. of Piot C.t T--. 0 I no cr-.p ...... &.iJ. 174 8114 178 Nnrih .......... l!pa ttl .llemok, 8 u4 u w-. CWiiliiK:o l J ToN< MA"f_,,., of C.t C.i..,':J:::: s.H-!>l' fl B- '" ;,z, J Dttiltri ;, 1.-.f 7l ..-.D.J, 11 '' I Book 1< W'1&111, If ua ana-t,,., ,, ----4Htilliiiii. 'A,j""""'1ft- ..... ........ .... io Lr".f ltiP- I :s-.d-B:Mwy& .... ,lll-Wl'ead. L.. w .. .. _,__ Kallay HiGh& BJ:Oiho

' 110t150 -'9 440 I SIPS' -'-'L.-Ao"ft r.o. $ JS?-89 92 1768 32 ... 313 36 u,n s 84 u,:a86 s6 :o0 ro8 So


TOE TOBAVVO. LEA.F a I'IOJ?E' 'lUJJ PLANT-A MONTHLY .JOURNA.t t-J1 J:t.r,.. P uhrlh, d at o 10 Lut d Nelaoll,. rl!rt, 1 vf'rpoo l. t.:ug. "1ir.u"-.. IIKlbi4"4''-h Jlll u.p bl llirlO &.be Tua... ... \. o UJ'r'lL& two hJJlluga t.i::t )Jt' r t-nnum. A t v u rUsem&te, 20 su Uio g s per inch. No a,. ,.ertiae nents r*'llai I tor 1 rborter period U&aD 1b montll: s. :M&6bttner1 fur u.f \liiltea Annuuucemens-, &. ... )m..-. No f, r j .... t. tm1es a<."tmpa.nted l y tlle c a.u:..o..r.ut. 1hi..IIJ LIJe wtf lnv.lti.tUly l>e a to. .J ::> .a. A. D. OHOOKL:t--r, 1'0 CHOCKLEY & ANDERSON, Oommissi o D Blerclaaat, RICHMOND, VA. eo.isipmenla of Lear Tob&coo, Grain o.nd other l'l'oduoe oolioitwiled by nalld, or teduce1 from' r iuto a eoodttiOD to be consumed, oro ... prepMrod, tbu ue of any macbtAe or instrument, Mtd 'llitbool beioll' praeed or sweetened, a no on all other kinds of manufactnred tvbacoo Dot ht.J du ot.h6r\ti&tl proyided for, 82c. per lh. ; t:fmokir.g t ubzt(' C t, exclu .. dwl y ot a ::ems, or or leo, "'ith all tbb -a& in ond old, the leaf nor haviug been prvionly stripped, bnttfd, or r.olld, aod from which no part of the b'teme been Bepa.rated by aift .mg, BtrippinJio or in &t'Y ether BJler, filbt;r bel<.tre-,. dutial!, or after the pr c u ol mauufac1i!'ring; Fine.ou$ Shorta, tb refOBe of ftne-i!l:l.t tuoacco bzs P!'ed a riddle of tbid7-&x mt sbts to the qne tnch by .._of ai!tiDg; relllse scraps _and eepoga or Lob ceo, 16J. ;P lb. lll o .. Cigars or all made of Tobacco or any aubella&a tl.trotcr, $5 per thou iJ; OG ()jgareUea wubd:>IJUC pot thren pomoda per tbous per thouea'Da; 1ttbtn wetgltiug n:c eediog three pounds per f5 par thouo&llcl. (l)b ,..,, uff manufactured of touceo, or any mbootitute for tobacco, ground, dr,)', damp, pickk. d, I'Ct-ntt"cl, or otherwise. of all wbtn ]Jreoared for nae, a tax of Sic. prr lb And en u11'-11onr, wbem .,,,1, or removed for use or eonanmnlio.Jo, .w.a be. tolled olJd ball be put np1n pacuges and atampe<.lu1 the 8IW:Qe mtwlllll' u r .. tlll!l".-ForeiR Tobacco, duty 86o. per ponod, Foreign Cigae, n 5U p r pound ,and 25 Ported clgarsalso bear an lt !IJ!.n!l .l!evepue taX Of ... W ltJ &lamps at IBimlntt&,M,t; 'J'be impor& maunractured tobacco le 50c. per lb.; Leaf, llt-J: on e aame kind lit tobacco made lD hill 6laitrT Jl!llri bl!.pald. '1M toha""o must also bo packed atcordlug ki tlie regwa*loDB govomlng made here.


'' e Virginia Tobacco Agency 1836, l!Y CHARLf M. GDIIOLLY cl CO., ... lJ:J 1 l ,fl' f Jlt; !UP IJ IJ lJ('. b 11 '" : TUBAG'GD COMMISSION )MERCHANt, 1 .j' "1 ..1 P. 0. Bo"" "-111&. .Po I IRPOB.I'IIIlB 01' UtA.I II I ( rl Jl 1 1 1 1 r JJ r 1 ,)j 1 ,JAN D ,I Packers of Doftlestle Leaf 1,obaceo, V ;Ia J" 6 CEDAR STREET. NEW YORK. A IlfJ!I: .A.SBORT.If.XJI'r o:r .;. ,! .i. J l JIA VAN A CIGA)l.S. OIG AR RIBBONS oonstantlf oil hand. FOR V I ':R G I N ;I A /; Tobaooo llommjeeiOB lluo1aaalta rt .-wAe I I' J 11r Mt.utkn flew York. Of I a To '177 Peat;l8treet, NEW YOU. T \' KBNTV'CKJ' :, .................. .. ll9 : ",. nr :ft)..BJ[.


OJ 'ftll Northam Pacific N11:w YottK, PHILADELPHIA, AND '" ASHINGTON. M. W. MEIDL at 810. ., Segars & Leaf Tobacco. lg() PEABI, S'l'lU1E'l' N_, York. Leaf Tobaoeo. ... HA. VAN .A:, 221 Pearl street. ., OOMMiSS!ON lNTS, E. & G. FRIEND & 00.., .. ,._MaZ To'baooo, u._ JU.iDJIN IutlUl, ., E:rf':a..._J UW YO r r. S11le Manufacture,.s of l!llpcirted 7i,. H'lnth ltreet, Jli.W YOltK I OF SAN DOMINGO TOBACCO, "95 'WllLL .... Tilllll'l' al,orayl!l J '-I y e of the follo}ring brands or -.--U KAYQ .k Co,. Richmond, Va.; MANUFAOTUII.D a. Bee, 12 !.Dab. 1118. .. Pride ot tbe Nation, U :Reward of lllll118VJ, 1:11 iDab. lbe. D 0. 1Care'1 1i'&YJ', lbe., + lk, IIDd lt'a "-'oJa, li'l. < --,. _. perfec& cle'Pice for loo .. tobaooo e'er ol'end &0 V. public. BJ t!le ilrmiii!!Din* lhewn, the IIAliYa, I.Diteld of I b6wJ .. "'''iinc Ulua the wlililitlli'o.IUiirri.tiiRiugla'* the ball lit OO&alber under whU. eotirely dtnicotizelt, puMa dry and Q! Item to the mouth. Tllia cbaa' FOX, Dn,x.s & oo., '1'0 :.oo.:..r, ..... AJIJ) 'ooJo......... IMPORTER 0 SPANtSH AND PAOUII8 OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. o5'WATER STREET, NEw Yo1.:K .... __,.. ,.....,.&a&, D.&VIDSOI BROTBIRS, Manufacturers of HAVANA and SEED 0 I G .& R S LBAP TOBACCO, No. 8 Bowery, Water tnet, lfEW YOB.JL Near Maiden Lane, JIEW YORK. \VK. .&.GlfBW & BOBS, Tobaooo 1md 1184 and aB6 Front 1!1-flo NEW YOBK. OK ULa ALL D...._.. Leaf b.led iD uy J*bp bT c preaa for s. Dealer in HAVANA AND DOMESTIC b ceo, Water 8trettt. itew York Cit7. ber Ia ucl emptied, and, being entirel7eeparate nt.ii\ illa.f>'bw.l; and 0011111111nlcation 'ID*o it, evaporatioD the Jlipe ia prevented, and the tobaoou is kept nr, and COD8UIIIId to the Jut part!!e, whib the great ob)&aion to the -1110!1 ol' tile n cotine drawing back into the mouth-iaentirely obrill&ed. n djft'era in this: re8pect from Ill anclmUit coaupe11d ltaelt at a glance to all smokera. R.0w. ROBINSON ON.,. 182 18!1 & 186 GreeKu:ich Street, '!.ew Y: r; (' Lt:Mrai anangementl will be made wl!h vart!eo cxc I '7S Bo"VVery, Ne"VV York. CHABTQ'S COMMON U J.iberty St. The unprecedented sale of it to be extensively counter tion when purchasing Durb,arn, W. T. BLACKWELL'S BULL i Agency Y. 'tJll & CD.,


Philad.elphia Ad.vertiae:a&enta. rua..-. :IIIINIII a -. LEAP TOEIAOOO, ... ... .......,..... ., ... ..,..,.. .. ow-. ., ... RAC .-r1 He .. ARK$, & CO., .. llanat..,... uad Wllolel&le Dealen m 8lt0li'lii w SIIOQRs ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOT(lH 11& t. BAWB:EJ.I&EB & 00., .. t DIIALEBII IJI j EA .. F T "OBACCO'? An Man I!Cturtrs of aU Orades. of C ra, o. 1V. Wate st.; Pa. .D ......... ..... r PHILADELPHIA. '&Lbptr&_...W......_ le.L 1 .. .... ..... : .... t > I JULJU8 Vll'1".l'ERLEE co., I (Buocee6ora to VETl'ERLEIN & 00.,) TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCIUNTS, t J A.l'D IJirORT er SPJ.NISH TOiltC:O, e No m .Arch St., Philadelphia. .. _;({erclzan.t in 1eaf .!!Tah:Zcca,a.nd @ea'Lel-iq. #i :. .}Ia. /1/1 _}tar-tlzYl!JiaieiJ. COSTAS, DlPORTER OJ' ;HAVANA and lARA To:oAcoo, au s. DELA wilE A VENUE, A. BP .urJ:IIB: AllrD :80.11:.-r!O kat' ChewiU Tollaooo, Snnl, llesrsohaum and Brier w .... Tlllnlull'Gplar m., Pllfl&delpll!a. -.y. 0 _.._..,_,_..,. ... Dll'BCIOB J'O:& 70 !OB!CCO mADE OF PHILADELl'mA MANUFACTURED .TOBACCO, No. 82.:L.Nortll Third Street, ..-A large &III!Ortment or alUdnda.or Lear !J'obacco constantly on band. I '()/.110 TOBACCO WORKS. 'r1UIP., NAS:E 2r. 00., I ll&lla:fa cturcld r Dealers in Tobacco Snuff and Cigars, lltTTAWA ST., TOLEDO, 0. M. H. CLARK & BRO., ... 1M ::::-CB A:. 1. B LICHTENBERO, PHILA.:J1ELPHl'A. U. S, 'Works. I MEHL. co., ..f -I -NA.UI'An'IJRUJ or r In 8 Walter's Scotch Snuff, 6 AJID ltllfj)l OF Smoking Tobacco, DD:TBoxor.,MiG)I. ._ 666, 668, 670 & North Eltvad &., l PHILADElPHIA. J .. H. TYBBE, II.MIIIIOI MIICHAIT1 Z...lll...,, .,.., ......... ...... ........ ---:-.i..:..-:-..... lfta&'CXJG. i l_. --111.1 ,_ .. ..... o ........... G. w. LANGHORNE & co. I ) J T .D.E -'l'OBACVO-LEAF.; -----Baltim.ore Ad-vertisem.eata. SaadL Tobacco, 62 South Calvert sl;,_Bal4Jn ore, Md. REAR VIEW OP THB HIGHLANDBR TOBACCO WORK& L. L. ABMisTEAD, Proprietor, LynchbUrg, VB.. The toncnring lllghly -alar brands are Hlnut&ctured a& these u,. .. .,.t otyloo, viz.: Oeelilea&al; Highlander, Cab-a, li1ei&JO, ell! T ga.e, ... Red Rover, Revea.ue Cutter., Not. o.r .Joe, IM ... e. 8peelal Tb e rneceM of these br&Dda rendered It particularly to increue and prove \he lloe of mliCbAlery, and to buUd a luge &ddi&&011 to the Jletory, 11Ubla lobe-& iilrordlng more th n doublslhe former capacity. Price lim and circulars forwarded on application. M. LINDHEIIM Asent, "' I 8. LANGBq<>RP, Asent for the .., b, OX y .tBWaterat.,N. Y 1 S. W. VENAB..L.E. .R.. P 0 -' 'I R. LL y a BRO Henr_y. Besuden & Bro.; Dealers in A.CCO, Kllllllfatiarero or lleM Grade& of PLUG AND FINE CUT Olle"triq h"&QJQO& 15, 17 anil 19 West 7th Street, COVINGTON, xr. DETBO:rr, KXOU. ,TOBACCO KNIVES "THE VER"' BEST."' WAYNE eft RA."rl'ERKAN, rll4, aad .2.20 GREENUP STREET, Co-.intcm, Ky. Wound City Tobacco Worb. c.& R. OURMIT2R & eo. ; \ 0 A T L I N WBOLEI!IALS DE.u=!l '" .... .,_ Le & ,_c rs, Fin Out flh & Bm. 1n... Smoklnl,f & Chewing .a:obacco, 1 tt-"' 'l OWlDg u .. d 1 K: nd8 C SOl I& :,;' Tobaooo, Killickinick, &o., Articles, ... 7U w..a ._. .. 8UeeCt .. liS bet. 2d""tmd 3d Sl-ott ... J.OVIB, ST. LOuiS. MO. M AIUFACTUIED AID lllF TOIACCD No; North Second St:., St. 'Louis. Mo. -.... .. ,. f B.ocll.eater; Plttab-.rc aad Advertisements. Hartford. .A.d.vertisemen18. C.A118IU8 L B BAA& C. liLLIE& & CO., .... ,.... .. D ...... DI Connecti TO B.A._ ceo, Connecticut Seed (eaf T Bbacco. roncco, Danb\lry' Connectlout. CONKiiCTICUT LEAF' TOBAOGO o. 20 Hnm[Jde u sr:-mrrmLD. KASS. .---loa ""'""' Bn. Fulnn, R tTDOLPII FttliZEB, N-lCB'OL&.i JOHN FINZE &. BROS., lf.L."WJ'ACTl BEBS"eJ' V'uftini &c 1,h &onri PLUG T0l3ACCO, 13 a11 rl 1;; 'l'llird St rret,


lf'_,, DEPOT 330 Nort Slxtta St., Norlb Third Streel, Seeon sa., a d 831' Cbest1111t Street. PA. BAR MANUFACtORY 1 D. 'RIBSCH & CO., .,, Bo-rT l'U Water IN .. !fEW Toaa.. Propr1e11om of tbe lbllowm,., ._ llruuia:


EDWARD DREYER,-=-.. Tobacco &okerj 127 Pearl Street, I Tilftm: iun.til:tm, J NE.W YORK. CHARLE8-F. osBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORNE, ro'bucc o Bro'lt:er, No. H 8RO..lD STREET, ..! I 1 r "'" .t I .. _, NEW YORK. ll. B.A:J}D. & 801', lobacco re 'i ( <1>23 Pearl Street, 1 l ... 11 \, .n f l Hi .NEW:r.YOBK. JACOBY & CO. S6LB .AoK:N'I.'8, 209 Pearl Street NEW YORK. OW TORK. f. w. BEett a ., I a 2f) 'a.ICIIdiWB, c...C..tJ .. .... a. ....... llteouol ..,._ ... ... u ... _, '? 'I' on f For To.baooo and Qt8ara. ..... ...................... .. CIGAR & Dry Praster L. Pate.--t. .. d,Jan.I2,JN9,andMay2_3, 1871. {FIRE PROOF d 1 I In preaeotiog tbeso M;onlds to the publio I desire brldly to lta&e "' adnntogee Uley present -an otltet llbuids or C'Jiar 1laobinea in Wle. r r !.. .J. 1 ,.:; t ..., let. Simplicity of oonetruct:on'as iHniJtra\ed aoco:np&Dylng cnt. ,d. occ:m. pying but lHU avace-' l!'l P:UIoDld,,. bi<:b 1 1 J ll&llleeDd f-.lng tbe h llf' til ranllallecl wl&h a die w a fbMUdge,'wbkh COif tho ltea4 perlectl71 lea = IIAIIDce Ill toe 'bl ... er f ..U..lepith nt tile cl ueat.. '5,b. After tbt Claar 1e torme4 in tbe mouW e11taceom a metallic ... Waei', ._.,loh 10 Is16 of melllaraer In dla111eter tbaa il1e lblll!lng moold, tllao lltYIIIII .en opportanl!;v rar lbebiiUnalexi>Anlon of tb'toba "'th great rapidity, 11nd wltb neb,.o ao eann < t be attalaed b7anyotber )tnown meaco. Tb .. e i>olnt emhraee all the eooentlal onet< In the mannfiwure or clgaro, bat Jbere Are many coltteral adbnllogeo wblcb ddgreat\7 to the J>r&cttca l or tbeee moJidP, 88 economy or toiJ&cco, there a avinfl .. rat Hr. t two J>Oo.nd nrwrappe,.,. oq aob l000eil!&ro1 Unokilldl labOr car1 be emplo\'ed in maklnsr I he bunche.;and lei'lil Fkt J l!l rFqn1red tn T,y tne ont\nar)' -he elgara by tbel!fl mout


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