The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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vriic-NO. 16. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY JUNE 5 ., ;. "'L ) r ,L..J. WHOLE NO. 380 fDu flf'bacco IS J'UBLISHED 1VDt WZDNISDAi KOlWJNG :SY Til PUBLISHING COMP'Y, 142 Fulto" St., New York. KZJni.T H4_Gltlt -Bdltor. JOBll &. G:s.Al!"ll' -:auam ... Allent. As a n a,Ivertising mediUm, where it is to i'eeeh tile Cipr and Tobacco Trade, not only o f this bat Co untries, it i& the best attaln-le(ten should b e plainty1lddressed t o THE To:I1Acco LEAF' CoMPANY, 1,P Fulton Street, New Y ork Terms of.the Paper .. a CoPj&S ro CENTS To England and the Canada.s1 $J.04 additional per amnnn for p Fepaymeut of Postage. To HambUrg and the Continent of EafOpe, J2-0S: additional per annum for Postage. To .A:aal'm.lia, ttc.,ili.(l4.ia. San Francisco, additional for Postage. fur the paper considered, unless a<'e:o-.pauied by the c.oqespopding aJnount. Remittences should, in every instance, be made gntyiby JDoDey-orde'r, Tcheck or draft. are liable to b e stolen, lll4. can be sent at the gratest rloit to thO se\dor. Rates Of Advertising. 'square (14 for e_i:s: m onths, $,o. do. 1 Jf'M .35 ( .a...arge in the same pl'Opbrtion, Qut llODe taken unless 1, 3, 4, o/ mqr9 sqy.res. One column, 1 year, $450; six m op.ths, S25o i tlu'ee months, $SO Half cOJumo, 1 yea.r, six months, f; months, 175 1Mpor11r1 of Pip11, Batjer, a lr .Brother, 61 W ater. lmpQrtlrs of Licorice Paste. Appleby I; H elme. IS.q W&ler. Oltvelalld. De Lancey South William. O i:Word, Sherman at> lnnUJ., 120 W illiam. Gom ez, Wallis I; Co. 29 & 8I S. William. McAnd%ew, James C 124 Front. Morris, H. M. I9 Old Slip and 7S Watu. Weaver&: Sterry, 24: Cedar. &td Ltaj Irupcction. Linde, P. 0., I; Co., IG Water. Tobacco Guthrie It Co., 226 Front. Mar.ufacturtrs if Cigar Bo>res. HI'DkelJ, J'aoob, :19S It 295 :MoD.!'CK'. Wicke Oeo. I; Bro., U7, I59 & I61 Goerck. Cigar B ox, Qdar and other Woods. DmQ.eP1 P. Y., oor. Rixth anJ Lowia. Dorman, J'. ll Co .. 18I Lewis. Rodman & Hepburu, :ll6 Lewis. Wardrop & 'Daly, 208 & 2., 209 Pearl. Manrifacllir, 48 .,_.-She!>hard & Fuller, 214 State. m>< a ere a year as e apsed its ._,. 'W'. 1: 8oDO. 2&1 and 266 otree\. "" "':'-cS,...,p, A. L. & F .. IS K ... tet. stron t d 'I I AU.... .JuH&D. 172 water. EreAa Prpcs. welles, c. & co., 154 state. ges a vocates WI con.ess that its selection wa s llelll'UDO D. a A., IM Water. Robinson, R. w. & SoilS, 182, ist, and OTeen-Westphal, Wm 228 State. one of those blunders which are to be more dl 'sas Bergmann,.Jehn H. It Ceder. Woodworth & St.roDg, 217 Stale. CigarWrappr W.ilesal in Marifact;rcd To!Ntuos. tro us in their and therefore more criminal BrocUl., lSI ){aidm Lane. Fairman & Co., 28 Cedar. Burnham. J -D. & Co., 77 & 79 AI!J"lum. h 1 BDlldey, Jlore a: co., H Prout. Cigar Moulds and Skaper 1 t an an actua crime. They will then see that the Cud0110 A H. 1: co., ISS Pearl. Prentice; Oe'o .r., 197 Pearl. -. 1 INDIANAP<;LIS, lnd. slig .ht difference of revenue between a uni orllf rate 0 f Chockley A D & Oo., 16'8 Pearl. .I Cigar Moulds. f P lug and 8moRing. Ci!i'ar M ould CO., 787 Nmth St. 'th & i 'homas .ss East Sou t h twenty cents and one" of sixteen cents, will be m ore than Orawfo-..1 E ){. lr Co., I68 Ws.ter. Sper Chu; B. & Co., 7I1obn, c 1Dl ', Jlavid.aon Bro .. Water. Mu,/in Tobac o Bags J,11fERPOOL, Eng. overcome by the loss to the Government in tne decrease Dohan.. Carroll & Co.,I04 Front. Zellenka! R 263 EMt Fourth. l -, Smythe, F. w ,, 30 Nort,l\ 1ohn. ip the income now derived from that cheap c)a J s of DuBola 7J Jb'c>nt. "iibacio Bagging. IS s: =;;.:,m;:1;: Lester'A. &: 0<>.,103 Cha.mbel'S. 1 LOU Vn.LE, Ky.:: smoking lobacco which can 110t pos.e. Finner, J'. & Bros. 13 i'hird. .,. J'rlad a: Co, E. & G.., I29llaiden Lane. F J o._ c d clearest of arguments, but there are some 1'ntel lects Oazdi.uer, J. M.. & Co., S4: Front. UUJY rgar an P ipe Lir;hters Tobacco C ommhsion Merchatttl. =r;i.JL. Porter :!falch Manafaetlumg Co., 79 Tenth aYe; Meier, Wm. G. &l Co., 56 Seventh. which only the ::;ternest and most &enhel L & Bro., 86 Matden Lane; -Cigahtt< Rollm. -Wicks, G. W. & Co.,I02 lllo.iD. will convince. Co 2n' -nt E. llruckner, 102 N888au. 1 """""'e i -Ew Jobbers in all liind s of Manufaclu"d Tobacco, =!l!G, Cigar M>ld Pmm and Strops. Imported and Dommie Cigars. v e necessaril y curtail our editorial remarks tli1s week C L C 17 W t Brown, A. &1F., 57 L e1fie t d t h f Roeten. w. a er. F ire bt"'-ce. Tacllau c. G. & co., Main. o a m1 t e presentation o the interesting debate in Han, c. E. ll1l p.,.Tl. i t h S T d Kinmcut Thomas, 52 B,road. Market Ftre Insu=oo t:o., 37 Wall. [ 11 t fb1cco, N'!""faclu. Morvin" co., Broe.c!w' a 1 : 1 gated. These haye been republished by no )lejer A. C. L. I< 0., 48 --rh v-nger T. R. & co:1.!6l alld 168 l!4ai.tlen L!>.Jle. uavrng: Ban4 s Arllllsread, L. L. ot er JOurnal, and will therefore command general H .. ]0 l!l.ll."'a:od 'II Water lll1tuai lleoeflt, 110 N_,, Carrad. Lane & Co., 484 Jlrood. ALLEGHANY CITV, Pa.. NEW Olt.LUNS, L. R.eilmau.n, G& Co., 119 Pearl. Ma7TUfacturers '' .S"n n Roll. u Toliaclo .FUc/ors 11nd Commissi1n MercA11t1t1. Roeeuwald, E. 8o Bro. 14b 'Wat. cr }toooin, S.l731Ws.t;ll'. R. & W. lrby, J, J', & Co.,l30 Graver. Salomon, s .. IIJil Pearl.. BALTIMO"'""', PET. Eit.SB'Q'JtG, "?' lloheidet> J-ph, SU Pearl 8ohmit1i 81. Ste-iDecke, 4 ]i1etdler. Tobacco Warehous{s. Veno.b1e, S. W, & Co. llchrceder 8o Bonn, 178 Water. A}breeht & Schroder 62 S. Calvell6ri H. & eo. 146 W&ter. Beck & Hayen, so South G a y PHILA.DELJ>HIA.. SpeDoer, Bros. & Oo., 75 Ma.i.deni..&D.e. ::Bolenius, G. H. &: Co., 202 West Pra.t\ 'lObacco WarcAousts. BefmOar, Oharleo T., 189 Pearl. lloyd, W A. & Oo., 33 So::th. spmgara, E & Co., o Bruling llllp, Braune, !'. L. & Co., 37 South Gay, ,Anathan, M & Oo .. 220 North Third. Stei.Jll. co., 197 Duane street. Gie8k:e, L & Co 42 So uth Charles. "Bamberger, L. &. Co .1 S Water. 8Vo.ti0n & 8 tot'Dl, 191 Pearl. Gunther: L. W 90 Lombard. Bremer, Sons, 322 N o nb. Third,.. Slilolm & BeilltellBtein, 176 Front. Kerckhoft oi: Co., ill South Charles. Dohan & Taitt, 107 Arob. Tag, CbarlM P .. & Son, IM Front. Loose, C. 1: Co., 52 Sonth Charles, Edwanlo G. W ., 33 North Water. Tat]!enhoni, F. W. a. eo,, 88 Broad Parlet t B. F oi: Co.L92 Lomb...U. Eisealohr, Wm. & Co., 117 South Water. Carl, 188 Paul, Wm., 4S1 W .tJaltimore, & 17 South Herbert, L. south-eMt co r Fourth & Race. MINOR EDITORILS. A SALR of thirty cases of cigars, from the ex-Emperor Napoleon's selections, recently took place at the Lou-vre. I TOBACCO-GROWING NEAR SUFFIELD, CT.-In Suffield, Ct., east school district, first soc ie ty are thirty-s even farmers who have the last year raised fifty-seven acres of producing 99,046 pounds, and averaging some r,75 0 pounds or more per acre. Some of this crop sold as high as fifty cents per pound, though it averaged a li ttle more than thirty cents, amounting to the nice little sum of $32,497.22. DeBARY a KLING, 58. BrQ&d, and 60 New Street;s, New York. OP B.A. V .A.l\l.A. CIG.&IUJ, And Sole Agents for tM sale of IMPOBTBR.S EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CIOARS, JlaDafr.ct1ll'e &t the Kl:Y WBS1' :a&A:R'CB oj the celebmted El Principe de Gales 1bnufaot.ot7 fll Bt......._ --H. SCHUBART & CO.,--------. Importers or S.A VAN .A and. PACKERS OF SEED LEAF D. SCH1JB.&BT, I TOBACCO llo. 148 Water Street. NEW YORK. H. FBIEDB.&N. ""' E. ; KELLY & C 0.,., 34 NE-w-.YORK, IMPORTERS OF Havana Cigars ana Havana Leaf, and Sole Agents for the Brand ,v k "SUPERIOR DE JOSE MARIA VICHOT;" Bend for Price List. KEY WESr FLORIDA.. 1:1 WII.I.IAM Import!lr -of Jjf\. VAN A, and Dealer in all kinds of LEAF 1.38 WAT.ER STREET, YORK. .c\. l). J:L:.t.;B, L .ll! At len & Co. E L l-. 1 S ... of Tobacco 1 .. 4 I I "1t1'111..: S 'lUEET, CINCINN.\TI. ; 1 u, We are a speetaUy ef FINE CUT ClfE,VING, and gu.arautee to holdU orl,lnal mola&are AD! aweetneforoneyear. pr" .:JOI!IBI!!I'G TRADE ONLY SO[,Ifi'I'E:J. e "" _. I'Oa AL a DJ'BT" r ,' Ofl AHD iH A well assortecil stock of HAVANA and Y ARA Tobacco constantly on' hand and sold at LOWEST llYIPORTERS' PRIOBS. L '" P011t Oflioe Box 2969 I 188 PEARL STREET.' NEW YORK. ... .... f KEY WEST SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dei, Street, : .New York, .Proprietors of' the. LA ESPANOLA FACTORY. Vetterlein'a Son. Tn. H., 6 Oea.r. ROsenfeld, S. & Co, 68 Exchange Plaoe. McDo w ell .M. E. & Co., SQ North Water. Woolheim. )(.a. Co.,l77 PearL Sohl'Oedu, J'oo. & Co., 8I Eichtulge PJIII .. Ha'fl'kinll llCo., 48WestLombiord. WoodwaCo., lliArch. asadder,poorer;and muchwiseryoung man.thanhe ......... :hellalt D DolrlZln llecker Brutbon, 9& Louahr>id. Ci'v-s,. d h 'jJ b ;'158l.'a4low'-',' was;an vowsthat ewi uynomoreweddingouifits,1 ,,.. .. J>'r- s. su .._ asJ MtzsMfactr" '.1 Citvs. ,Hare, Thol. "eo. 501 Nerth Soeolld. JlOt even his O\lfll after the nuptial knot is tied. ToBACco l:t;J correSJ?mldent ; wntes : Per-OF A .. WAitEHOU3E AT' J A ..,a 1ft Libeft7. H. H., 182 W.ot &liimore, .... sDmh Blace to say, alarm of. was sounded,-call!ltid_. or ',ve ":' QOOclWin .. Co., oio4 .. ..,..... Ne"""""-, I;. B-, n Weot lns;utor &.J Leaf x....... w Tb-, rca b :.n'1 [1 ] .,., h d f h fi th t'I _,A lof.ild C>'k eo.,60l' fe'rl. .........-.,. B w 107 t ashmgtpn, D. C., May 1, t,ij'1'2 : .t at won t;: wc::u lO exam ,me me s o t ecases, ames w1 m, ltiiJDe Bros. 1U =Brot4,..:r. Ma. o f Snun; Dickenoa, Waler. __ _. if h _,. L ..1. L .t: '-""'- tiLlln S t r I k th ....._._. "'-t llc11/..., D. ir .,:02'1 cor. """riD oa4 Tolllth. Dtlkobart, E. w. i'&on.liB "'' PrrrDvaGII, Pa. Mr. 'Alexander Fulton, Baltill\ore ;. Mq.-Si::-, ..,.., set;, t F"' I& a c mo1s-tree ; Ormer y nown as. JlillaJr,ldft.Cl. ik.,"""' "o.t-bq, Cirr M.di"'' M.Df.,wrus f Sou if. Y,our letter on the ud,Im regOlrd tor a sel%Ure of c1-; ture to -escap Tn:rel:aclts m be. H. N Comstock, .for packing s.torilig i:_ u .... H.-, J. T. Jill I.tJtincton we,_ .t. Bro., 7t and &1 for improper cancellatiQl\., of itamps and irregularity the bdarCis; l be as 318 an mch warehouse was .composed of highlymftafnmable c M4ufctm.if Fi, Cii-.. nJ Dflkr ;, caution notice, hasJbeen received. It is not w1de. Ifthe heads are titht, 1tle.,,r.toj5tiire' W1ll collect and before assistance reached the-sc;ene -the ftames had w...a; m""' x-,.1 5 Ptcl. Hel:r* o b., 1.2 0emro.1 ww.rt. .Mi. .. Tob111m. jillowabte for manufactuTi!l"lllO :ahc:el.stamps by simply on the butts of the hands, and' oftentimes rqt th:em badly, burst through tlie roof ana' t?-e whole lAioedJw ; r .M."f.urtr if ai.J Ihaler i uaf Poontet. l'laul, 131 Fifth ..... writing the initials name. IJpon the stamps. And thus entailing damage to the extent or f?om 5 to 20 per consu':led, tOgether With one or two adJOimng K., 1 at. r J, f!RQVIDNC R. 1., il'\ regard to dating the atanlnl as a part of the cancellacent: on a case. It would be well to' look to .them now buildmgs. Ins1de the warehouse was some. forty or fifty M.ufa 1 1 week previous. The losses and foot up about lbla.n. 1 I BroUr.. County, and .of h1gh respectabl)Ity and means, THE HIGHEST ENJOVllENT.-Hon! Cox, in as follows : H. N. CO!ilstock, 1oss on buildmg, og, .. Bw MMntfi ,..,. )(lllo, +: :>__,_'__ broqght u1;1 m custooy of De.pu.ty U. S. Marshal. his lecture on "Amer.c:' ik Frithere was :'-ninsurance''ot S2,5o.o; tobacco ,1,.1 Y. Wng\}t ,and arrall?ned.before E. W. Early, day evening, said: "Tliehighes,t enjoyMe.i t Of a Frenc:h-J m store the loss w11l aggregate S3,ooo, msure-QJtric upon.c.hl!Iges of viOlations of the Internal Revenue Laws man is to hear the last ttle .Sp ,njat d enje1ys t 9oo. ,_ ""' s-t;-r. by faJ)mg to affix stamps to boxes -of tobacco, and by re-the most skillful thrust ofthe malador 0 tne1:Jtill arena .....-. .,;:; 1; : ... ,1 _---r.,. '"TJ' s''l _. usinf stamps. The accused were represented by Major the Neapoll'tan the taste of the maccaronl, the How A CoMPANY IS ORGAN 1 ZED EN. o-lhniton A: ltl Pe.rl.' n J..4af '""tJtJIJII d Cit"' .......-. ,..a. & ...,, d h Go b J S Sla V Th ft 11 irl P t th tl 111 wu.: QY.e, 8 15 ., eo. w-. i:JL ,, n;"',. Tobm the State, and there To .hen:' .00 J 1 The name of the Ccitnpany is R. and J. Hill [limited). 1 .,., )o, P l &c r As to lit tn his c an and ult up b11 eet d Th d ffi f h C '11 b _rr.J "'' ) 'tff ; if Pi C..t :rob-. llaa. b;,mg no ev1dence whatever agamst the two gentlemen EnJoy the Cuba, wh.!.e flavor 811 uit,' e reg1stere o ce t e e Situate )!:1U1'&yloM.aaon,.l74andi76NOCtMr, ood m>d< bacco Warclui'"" been made, which throws some light upon the course burg of the 24th ult. says: Late ,planting, and Davis and Walter Gilbey and Henry Parrey Gilbey, of .. -...jcJ ,d 01 : 1 Ihkrs in Lu.(. Tohtzeco. :r :Oormitoer, 'C. & na Jur'tet. and rapidity of the great ocean currents circulating be-a col\1 spnng, gave plants, a slin. cnance to the one p'll.rt; and Jane Adams Hill, George Foster, and 'il'. t ;s; ., JUi"-n 1 -w P.n. w.u .i6 om-. tween the continent of South America and the western make a show, but the late soaking rains, will be apt to the said Francis Arthur Davis, of the other part. (b) llle'ltu.'iil'J tfll., tl8 'P'ellrl. :mru 1 .':'Fro',...11. Front. o Brp}.r. '' ..... tJ .. ..._ ............. .s coast of Australia. The figurehead of a large ship was make them grow like mushrooms, pr Jon;lh gourd. The purchasing, leasing, or otherwise acquirinv any land V--c Jf-ltl'g ,L'L5l'W&IIIIH. 1 .r IJa-1 f ... R.,B.. ftll 111 .. !1rn,...l-..o 12 Weoj: l'rmot. picked up some time ago at the Jitt!e island of Rottnest The same paper of the 17th ult-adds: We hear o or premises situate eithet. in England or elsewhere. (c) W.eol .. o.J,IOP J 1 'Wri;bt&ere '-hton.. ri.!Weat- P' Weill, li:llet' a. Kaep!'el, 2211 Peo.rL Da l m '" 'nd Lellj Toblllcu. C...iui-1 ltl. 878 hn 'T' ITo,_, 'MJ,f._,.,,m in abqut 68 deg. south lat., and 63 deg. west long., and vai j -but th'e of and .,.re still too tobacco or such articlesas aforesaid; tne aquiring Uc;ence ... Jt\JRO,, us,,_...., ....." ,..1u..p: ,... ... &Oo-1 1 bl n._::.,.t, -...-. -11 'the distance from that point to Rottnest Island is there-far apart for business; the latte, are n1-.most cases a e to use such patents. (d) The doing of every thing lportrt if Oi!'ttrl, --r""""' ....,_.,. .. -y d d d h h Braaben, Brown & T...., s2 aDd M Main. .. ,.,._ ..... fore over 6,ooo miles. The time occupied in traversing to hold their crops and seem etermme to o so rat er belonging tot e businesses of a manufacturer of tobacco, -Hafer, Holmee .t; Co., Wm Beoolld. M4n".{Mtr,.,if F;., GMt CM-wig nJ &Mitior this distance was about two years and a half, g1ving a than sell at present rates. already sold are being of a manufacturer of such articles as aforesaid, and of a D:i, Laae .,.J c;cu. l'ieroe, Walltlr.B. r..o..-mean rate of about six miles and a half a day. rapidly and packers are very busy. buyer or seller, either wholesale or retail, of tobacco and


TOE '110BACCO LEAF. o t her articles as aforesaid ( e ) !'he buymg other Al\G03TURA-E. & Co, sr bale,. Stem & Co, 25 cases; Havemeyer & V1gehus, 24 do I four days, over half the stock held there, put a d1fferent hhds, 4 at S3.25 (scraps), at ,7.25@$30, .and 7 bgxes (iLASGow-Or.:ler, I,soo boxes clay p1pes. Charles T. Seymour, 8 do. face to affairs, and the market toned up at once -apon at $7-So@ho. Btds were !'ejected Ol\ r2 hhds at h 8o of a sumlar nature. (f) The sellmg the usmess and property for the time bemg of 1R. and J. Hill (Limited) to any company or compames, person or persons f or or patd up sh ares, m the purchasing company or compames, or partly for money and partly for such pa1d-up s_!Jares or for any other considerah0l1, and the domg of all such other things as are mc1dental or conducive to the attainment of the above obje-:t. 4th. The liability of the members is limiteci sth. The capital of the Company is I25,ooo/, div1ded into I2So shares of tool each ''Ve, the several persons whose names and addresses are subscnbed, are destrous of bemg formed into a Company, m pursuance of th1 s memorandum of assoc1atwn, and we respectively agree to take the number .C shares m the capitol of the Company set oppos1te our respecti ve names-H P G ilbey, Pantheon, Oxford Stree t w me merchant 1. W Gilbey, Pantheon, Oxford Street; wtn merchant I. A. Gilbey Pantheon, Oxford Street, wme 1J1erchant r. C. H Langmead, Pantheon, LJVF.RPOOL-Hans Sehleh, 2 pkgs BY THE NEw YoRK AND N&w HAvEN STEAMBOAT all grades. Buyer, s are sattsfiep to be relieved of stock, @rs.zs, and r box at S9. RonERDAM-H. Bat)er & Brother, 2,012 boxes pipes LINE.-M. JL Levm, 259 cases, W. M P11ce & Co., 7 whtch was begmmng to oppress them, and proceed to FOREIGN. HAVANA-F. Mtranda, 151 bales, F. Alexandre & d9, E. Rosenwald & Brother, IS do; A. L. & C L.Holt, load up at once w1thout wa1tmg to learn from theu ac = AMSTERDAM, May 1&.Messrs Schaap & Van 136 do; F. Garcia, 247 do, J H. Pesant, 65 do; 34 do; Straiten & Storm, 78 do; Kuchler, Gail & Co., count, of select what profit thetr last_'ventures m1ght con-Veen, Tobacco Broke1s,report. The movement m the Strohn & Reitzenstem, 20 do F.Westerholz, 178, Chas u do; J. W. Chapman, 15 do, Buchanan & Lyall, 3 tam. article was limited last week to different sales of Java T Bauer & Co., I4 cases cigars, Rob't E. Kelley & do; W. A Vredenburgh, 10 do We quote Common lugs, 7 Y,c. to 8c. Good lugs 8}{ tobacco amouRtmg to :z,623 bales: Rio Grande, Co., 7 do, Smith Crosby & Co, 12 do De J3nry & BY 1HE NEw YoRK AND HARTFORD STKAMBOAT LINE to 9Y.c; Common lea{, 9Y,c. to Medmm leaf, bales, ,and Maryland, :zo hhds. Arnyerl r,8r6 bales of Khng, 14 do, F. Garcia, 5 do, Thos J Raynor & Co., -_E. Spmga1 n & Co., 146 cas.:s. Sm1th & Stemecke, c. to II Y,c,, Goo_d leaf, rrr.( to I3C; Fme leaf Java. Th estock in firsthands to-day, 34 hhds Mary-4 do; A J. Rosenbaum & Co., 2 do, ]as A. Vega & I39 do; Ha\emeyer & Vige!Jus, 538 do; E. M. CrRW-IJ?.(C. to J47.(C I4Y,, IS c. and I6C. land; ns bales Rio Grande; 4,735 Java. Brother', 2 do; Lewis, Phlitp & John Frank 16 do, G fotd & Co, 63 do, A Stem 'lr Co, 40 do; St1 aiton & The demand runs mamly on the heavy German style BREMEN Ma 8 0 S 1 C d t W. Faber, 4 do; Purdy & 4. do; J as L1dge-Storm. 20 do, J. W. Chapman, 30 do, Chart;s F Tag of leaf, and the competltlon for such IS very eager. Re-writes as [ re wood, 1 do, Acker, Memll & C'ond1t, 31 do; W. H & Son, 58 do, E. Rosenwald & Brother, R do, A L. & ports from the C(\Untry are favorable, from one fourth to inst transact' 5 d g Y t .P d Thomas & Brother, 21 do; Park & T1lford1 _r6 do; C. L. 77 do one third of the crop IS planted, and with good rams c" v:ry ;es ral;.eh 1110fe '( Howard Ives, 17 do, P A Madan, 7 do; S Livmgston Bv THE OLD DoMINION S1EAMSHIP LINE-D J withm ten days, the remamder of a very large crop wlil r nt dqduen.ce 0th le r kmg lg tiprltlces. K e sakes e-& S d L k d & C d D A S d 0 1 h & C 6 d E be Itched ec e unng e wee we!e as o ows entuc y, 40 ons, IO o, oc woo o., I o' cryl!lser Garth, Son & Co' Ia hh s, e nc s o., r o, p hhds at I3 qtr-grts I7 at 13 qtr-do' total; 57 hl1ds, to & West, 1 do, C W. Rupprecht, 1 do; S. D Vtsser W Barnes I do Read & Co, r do; Landon, Lyon & DANV,ILLE, VA, June r-Messrs Pemberton & arnve, 8s at I grts, 53 .tt IJ qtr-arta do, total, 1 .. g llhds, II do, A. Wolfe, I do; A. D'Orville, I box tobacco, Co., I do, w. 0. 'smith, rs do, c. E. Hunt, 3 do, p Lori!-p .1-. c M 0 T .. enn o_.,o_acco OjilmJSta.n erchants, -report ur Vu'l'llfia, z5 hl'lds at 8 three-qtr grts; 14 at 10 half-do ; t; win1f'merchant I. C Gold, Pantheon, I do cigarettes; Atlantic Steamship Co. 220 bales, 2 lard & CQ>,; 39 trcs, DeWitt Duncan, 6 do, 7 do; marl<;f1ias st a ily, and slowly ]mproved m pnccs for total, 49 hbds. Scrubs, I 4 hhds at 9 three-qtr grts. cases cigars, order, 70 do, r8 do. J. H. Anderson, I do, I do J. H. Thompson, 65 cases, the past 1 he recetpts are .only moderate for Maryland, 35 hhds at 9 three-qtr grts, 70 st 10 qtr-do, EXPORTS. Maddux Brothers, roo do, Martin & Johnson, 88 do, M th 1'h. t ty r fi 11 11 '" c ti h eseason. equani 0 r .n,e tss1t 1 sma ve total,roshhds, toanive,3ohhds at9three-qtrgrts, FROM porto eyr "orK xo ore1gn ports, ot er M. W'alshofer, IO do, A. F. Rosenbaum & Co., 70 do, K t L @ x L d t r k1 M 8 e u,gs, common gr. een, 5 7 2 7 7 2 ; me 0 30 at 9 three-qtr de, 25 at 9 half-da total, 85 .h"ds. than European i'ti, 10 0 ee e g ay 2 Khun,' I8 do; R Lmdhe1m & Co., 45 do; Belcher, Park v d @8'" fi 8@ 1 f 6@8 d O xford S t r eet, wme merchant r D. Abercrombie, tobr.cco mer chant, I Shorefiitcb r ::J'. A, DaVIs, tob Jcco b r oke r 4 0 tie.e E. C. 1 1 d o00 7 7 2 ne, Io e. a common, ; me mm Stems a1e 1n good demand, I95 hhds were sold at full were!!-sfolows:_ .., '&Co,6odo, Hem,48 do, F. S S1lver&Co, 5 o; 8 @rr goGdtofine II@17 fancy smokmglugs com ,ARGENTINE R.BPuBLJC-7 ,So lbs mfd, $1,576. Earley & Lane, 20 do, N Wise & Co 23 do; Fats & ' pnces. Seed leaf IS very mucl} htoked for at reasonable 1 fd LONI 6 hhds, $r,M. Lmdheim, 20 do; 2 bbls, L. Gmter, 28 do, 3 boxes r Be-vi e w of the Market. ooo; I5 cases cigars, Buikley, Moore & Co., 74 do, 40 y. boxes, Connelly & Co. LOUISVILLE, Ma; '!9:-;We report as follows. high, and which, so far, could not be realized with a Yc; ntK Y1111e 4 s -W. I DJ:Ocases, 906 Jbs mfd, 44 do, I5I do; G W Hillman& Co, I76 do' I bucket, 34 matket has been very as .fhe receipts have lmprofit. Stocks tillS day. -hhds Bay, 22 do Ohio,-v 1 ..) ... 1 r L b J D E & C 6 d 8 rL b 8 t/. bb proved. Pnce, s are fully mamtamed The sales were do scrub,-do Maryland, 65r do Virginia, 942 do Ken-' fhe sales f W ser leaf t e month of Ma Jii9 .- r 7' Y'l nUl Ll 1 yc' ,. > 72 xs, vens 0 2 o; 7 7 2 oxes, 4 7 3 s, 11 k 6 d .-.. 'fm vf'. .. v, ....,. -Y CAN AD -70 flates, t361. Dohan, Carroll & Co I6 c do, II I do, ro qtr-boxes, as 0 ows tuc y, 22 o stems. am ounted to 3,zoo hogsheads, of wluch I,ooo hogsheads CuBA-27,879 lba mfd, $6,o43 8 kegs' E. DuBotll, 63 do, 75 do, 6o do, Io three-qtr The Louisville House sold 367 hhils: 98 hhcls KenLIVERPOOL, May IS.-Mr J.W. Smyth, TobaccG were for home consumption and 2,2oo for export. DuTCH WEST IN.oiES-30,455 lbs mfd, f.7,65r. Richey & Bo01face, 335 do, IO) do, I04 onetucky leaf 4 at 28 at 980 63 :tt IO@ Commission reports During the week just The movements on accoun. t of the Italian contracts FRENCH WEST hhda, f,r,8c)o ttird. boxes, 34 three qtr, Jboxes, Tteman & Co I 1075 IJ at 1I@II.75 5 at 12@12'5' 7 at I3@I3 75, ended there has been a fair, steady busineas doae,in inpa.rted some 1 m pulse to thiS and other markets; but HAYTI-298 bales, ,2,307 bOx, ,James ClueveR & Co., r do, D. Lyon, Jr., & Co., 2 at 14:so, 22' I7.5o, I5. 2 5' zs, IS. 5o, 192 5 66 stnps, to both manufacturers and dealers at full prices. d MEXIC0-4.469 lbs 111fd, '955 I lllo, Blakemore, Maytl & Co., 100 three-qtr boxes, do lugs r at 6' 29 at 7 5o@7 95' :113 at 88' Fe>r the Canhnent some transactions might have takea the mam, busmess rna,be said to have lacke ammaVENEZUELA-IS pkgs cigarettes, f3oo N. L. McCready, I case, 300 half-boxes, s third-boxes 9 at 980' 4 at Io@ 10 r I hhds do trash 3 at place, had the views of holders not been a little too t1on, havmg been somewhat affected, probably, by the To European porta fsr the k cndmg June 4 2 7 hhds, 8 trcs, 40 cases 9o, 7 at 8 2 o@S 90; I at 9 3 hhds do leaf and high to admit of sales beiag made. Good colory subfirm rates at wh1ch was held. ANTWERP-I05 J.hds, ror callea. CoASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE.-H Hoffman, z4 lugs at ro@I I; I3 hhds do lugs and trash at 7 So@ stitutes wanted, and would meet with ready sale. CaYThe trade m seed leaf, on the other hand, has BREMEN-:159 11J.ds, 2.364 Caijes. S 'utro & Newmark, :z do; F A. Goetze & Brother, I do, 9 B hhds 00 common leaf and lugs at 7 10 4o dull, and only selhng in a retail way. Imports -npr-edentedly large tl1e aggregating 22 000 lbs mfd F. Engelbach, 5 pkgs; M. Falk, 8 do, order, 38 hhds. hhds do lugs at 7So@9 I6 hhds do leaf at 81 3 sl!lce rst tnst. I69 l1hds. Delivenes 9z3 hbds. G 8 10. rd.,. "-+ 0 6 hhds do leaf and lugs at 23 hhds de 6 -r LASGow-I,27 s m 1 DY .r-.ORTH RrVER BoATS. -A. atman, roo cases, h I I LONDON Ma" 23 There has been a fair busmess of which about I ,ooo cases were .or export. HAMBURG_ 31 hbds stenis, 39 c s 6 b lea 7 368 SFhrneder & 126 do, Haverneyer & VIgelius, 46 tras and ugs at 7o@ro. II hhds ndiana leaf I at -' as; a f v at s 90 ; 3 at 9 20 @ 9 90 ; t Io@ro so, r at 12_ 50 done the past week m all descnpt10ns o( States toVIe rev1se quotations. bls mfd do, J. H. Bergmann, 120 do Bunzl & Derm1tzer, 86 8 hhds do lugs, 5 at 7 30 @ 7 So; 3 atS. Io@S 30 9 hhds bacco, and are very firm at current rates for good There was a good demand for Spamsh tobacco, and the HAVRE-1 cases. do. do 10.,... leaf and lugs at 7 70 @ 9 10 do lugs at 7 -o@ to fine classes, wh1ch have been freely taken of late by sales for the month, reach 6,ooo bales of Havana and LEcHORN-5' hhds CoASTWISE FROM GALVESTON. -C. H Mallory & 8 25. ;, our home trade buyers Western stnps_ hav:e ofYara. Manufactured tobacco showed some LtVERPOOL-IZ3 hhds, 134 '108 lba Co., 8 pkgs The Pickett House sold 318 hhds: 179 hhds Ken-freely at full pnces, and a go.od nq.ury still LONDON-I case CoASTWISE FROM NEw 0RLEANS.-0rder, 2 hhds. h t 1 f b t 1 ttl h b d lth h. h improvement on preVIOUS transactions, but the trade was STETTIN:.__10 hkds, 2 cases. tucky, 9 at $c.3o@8 90; 7 5 at 9@9 90; 46 at ro@ eXIs s 10 ea u 1 e as een a oug t BALTIMORE, :Ju11e 1.-Messrs C Loose & Co., IO 75; 12 at II@II 75, Io at I2@r 5 75; 5 at r3@,3 75, are for e_XJ:Ort descnptions. V1rgm1a too much disturbed by ap' prehensions of unfavorable legKotice. c ommission Merchants and Dealers m Leaf. Tobacco. 5 at I 4 .25, 14 75; 3 at, 6 at; I at leaf and stnps. of fatr auaho/ contmue to be taken when islabon m Congress, to do fatr amount of business. Growera of seed leaf tobacco are cautioned agaonst aceeptong the reports. As indicated m our last, the receipts on account 17 75 ; 2 at 1g,; 2 at 19, I 9 50 ; 6 at 201 20 _50, offered and bnng good J?TlCes Maryland and Ohto d r II 1 f reported sales ;nd quotations of oeed leaf as furnoabong the prices tloat of more f:avorable weather, have increased this week, h h d b t 1 ttle tt t th t k f fi I Pr1ces were pretty well sustame 10r a c 0 to-should be obtained for them at first hand, as th .. e refer '" most onstanc.. 2 I .5o 22.50, :z6, 33 50. 6 hhds do black fat at 9.40@ ave a. u 1 a en Jon, e 5 oc 0 ne co ory bacco-, though concessions iR some instances were to old crops whoch lone beeft ,helcl nearly a year, ancl the profit on though comparatively speaking, they are very small yet 9 50 59 hhds lugs. 22 a( 7 4o@7 ,90; 37 at 8@8. 95 hm1ted. Cavend1sh contmues dull of d which must include the 1nterest on capitaJ onvested Growers for th1s season of the year, and will now no doubt, be17 hhds do lugs and trash at 7 3 o@8 8o. 24 hhds do sale; only trifimg sales have been effected of the better s ought for and obtame cannot expect even in th we of n'ev, crops, to sell them for the s ame come quite hberal for the next time, and on the part of trash. I 2 at 7 40@ 7 90 ; 10 1\t 8@8 90 ; 2 at 9.Io, 9 30 descnptwns. Western uaf-The receipts last ,month amounted pnces as are obtaoned on a re-ule here. Of cours e every re-sale must be shtppets 1 t is mostly believed, that then they will be hhd I d f ,:. g 8 ROTTERDAM A"' 'l M J M L 'II d T hid t 6 I f "- L at a n advance, and there'ore t"e price obtaonable by the grOwers Will S n tana lea y at @ 90 j I4 at 9@9 IO; I rn 22r aUT! ar J 0(0 7,994 l s, expor s, ,251; sa es, 3,3oo; 0 watcu "' bl t b t d d t as most all European mar 6 b B k 11 w 11 d h d th h alway s be s omewhat lower than our quotations. a e o uy a I e UC'" ra es, 6 at ro@I0.25. hhds do lugs at 7.8o@8.2o. 5 hhds acco ro er, reports as 10 ows e soon WI have a were for export an t e remam er to e orne QUOTATIONS OF WHOLES ALE PRICES. kets seem net to be willmg to accept present quotations. do trash at 7.Io@S ro. 2 hhds Missoun leaf and lugs large sale of important lots ofYara tobacco, of the marks: rade The stock m mspectwns mcreased 2 2 36 hhds. JVt mrn-LigbtJo&r Medmm ..... :u @2 So far most all the samples offered have been read1ly at s .7 o, Ir.7 s 2 hhds Tennessee leaf at 940, 10 .75. r60o bales Blitar; 502 doH S & D D, do 486 do Ki-There was little change m pnces, low grades stffemng C1u!dl.h k hhd M 1 d d May------397 29I 4 33 53 2 I,597 3,3oo G ood. .. .. 12.1(@13)( Fine ..... .. .... 28 @28 bons for t e wee were: S 2 4 s aryan 4I7 7@7.90; 2 at 8 ro, 8.90. r hhd do wet trash at 3 95 Jllne--_____ 238 238 Fine .. J3X@U" Long10's25 @30 Ohioandro8hhdsKentucky-totali,I28hhds Cleared hhdV' 1 f t 4 5 8hhd 1 d' 1 fl !ielectoo n s 1tX@l5" Na'f'T, t'a uti fi. 24 @B2 6 V' 6 d I ugm1a ea a I .2 S n lana ea y1rg1tua uaf-Business generally was dull last week Mlnoun @-Lodr :nogere, aoua .... @60 IIBme period: 240 hhds Maryland, 1 7 lrgtma, 3 and trasb 2 at 6 So, 6.8o, 3 at 7.6o@7o, 4 at 8.Io@ and the commerce m V1rgima leaf was no exceptton to e" ('l'alD IDcll = Kentucky, 47 Virgima. Kentucky stems to 8.70, 4 at 9.Io@9 90, I at Io.25. abe rule. We hear of some sales at satisfactory prices Low to m ednm iMC ... D Brllfh Gold llaro, &Inch 3& per Sttamer Zerlin 385 hhds Maryland, I70 do Ohio, Tne Boone House sold 234: hhds: 4 hhds Kentucky leaf llut the quantity disposed of appears m no instance .:""' g a. -1,.. .... 22 @2T r8 do Kentucky ani! 6o Virginia stems to Rotterdam. at $I5S r7, 22.50 per 100 los, 123 bhcls do leaf :a at to bave been large. Receipts are mcreasmg shghtly at .... N .. 22 @i\ Q.uotat1ons are unchanged. 7.8o, 7 So; 26 at 9.20@9 So; 37 at 1o@ro 75, 35 at II we observe, but we understand there ts Oh..,-mor to gcol oom a Fine......... ... .... TQ/Jacco Statement @I 1.7 S ; 9 at 12@ 12, 7 5 at I3@13.75 ; 3 at 14 zs@ Brown nd Oreelliolt. T @ CommOD, aacllnm"" 1 .,. TY 8 St k ho ses and Jiatle or no improvement in the quahty of the tobacco lledl.,.;\'aodtlno.ecl.. @lt H"'....... ............ lT @ .7an I, I 72. oc m ware u 14.75, 3 at IS 75; 4 at I .:15, I7, I7.25, I8.25; 8 hhds m'v1'ng there. Bettertfoods well doubtless be available Com to med I!J'ADIIed T @tO 21\Wdr .............. ... 1f @!10 on shipboard, not cleared -------------5,745 hhds at an average of I3 round with 1 { lugs. IOO hhda Flae to yello"' 12 ,.,._ .... .-\T E k g hhd 74 as soon as leisure is a orded for forwarding stock now Jtarylami-F"t'dto c om QMr6lr 21 Inspected th1s wee -----------------r,Iz 5 do lugs; 30 at 7@7.90, 42 at 8@8.95; :zS at 9@9.90; t;Id back m consequence of the exigencies of the plant:xJ : :: @17 Inspected p\'ev1ously --; ,----------14,974 hhds z at ro.zs; I at I3 5 hhds Indiana leaf at 9@10.25 ina., season, will ordered sh1ppinggrades especially may Good do 7" ............. 20 @7! 6 hhds Indiana lugs at 7So@8.6o. Medium ... 9 NO(f"'OI'"" &l[.-Ohio do do do ..... 17 O "@tll oo by Messrs Norvell axter 5 a oxes, 1 7 cases; tucky leaf 3 at $8.6o@8.95, 13 at 9@9.90, 3:1 at ro@ h d d h k hh th the t d ...... 3CI Oon11. FIUe r &lid Bt. Messrs Hoffman, Lee & Co., 88 third-boAes and 2IO t r.1. t @ an s unng t e wee w 1c WI :z,ooo repor e m A oorted 1018.... .. .. H wrapper ........... OO(!NO oo 10.75; 5 a 1.75; 4 a r:a 11.75 ; I at r at e>ur last issue, mal:e a total of 7 ,ooo hhds sold \Hthm the Fil! el'8 II @15 Common 11bar .. 1 5 00@1 7 oo half-boxes ; Messrs A. Semuller & Sons, 379 cases, 14.25 ,' 2 at r 5.2 5, 15. so, 3 at r6@ r6.75 ; 4 at r 7 S, Ohw swL Lta.f-Cberoou. and BU 3 a IO. tilme in SecoRds fn4 F1llers of the new crop, and we no -Coon, Mass, new....,ncio llli @32X Beotch &. LuodJ'foo4 85@-oo BOSTON, :Jun e I -The CQmmerctal Bulletm says LYNCHBURG, na.. .... 28 Massachusetts Fillers, 14@17c, Bmders and Seconds, quotations 0 721 'Wacons m and, Weotem 8)\ 9)\ H MK .. ... ..... .... 2 8 1 -h7.: W @ 'JOO V lv at l'l.@I8c. 8op s ew goodfollnetlfiO@IJOO 29X -t8@30C; Wrappery Kots, raptpers, 41St NEW ORLEANS, May 29 -We report. The marYork State at Io@uc.; and 545 cases Wisconsin at Bvana runomg lot Sl 06 @I so "I! G" 4110 lb caaea.... sse; Yara 1I@I. 1f entuc Y. a I4c, as 0 qua 1 Y ket has been very active, with large sales, amountmg to IY,@9c. do :x:18: CINCINNATI,, Yune I.-Mr. F. A. 7 397hhdsofwh1ch 30 were soldat 12Y,c, I4at I3, beea sotne ammat1op in the H v-d o eo 105 @I 10 J 'Wyllla Ex." .ao lbo. net 29 Tobacco Inspector, as follows. The usmess m 3 at 1 r y., and the rest on terms. This reduces ana marf{et owinJ tO' to a Ymi & :. :leaf tobacco has been large, 973 hhds and 2 34 boxes the stock on sales to about 5,4oo hhds. Pnces are firm, betwe n se ente an eu teen on re a 'es m uNamifMtured-u32a ........... 23 havmg been offPred at auctiOn, meetmg act1v;e and quotations are unchanged. The receipts were 931 .tillment of a contract Pteviously noticed in tb colwnn. @M ... :.::.:::. : and satiSfactory market. All grades of new cutting hhds exports, 2 hhds to Barcelona; stock on hand The regular t a out 6 I'IM ._ ............... ao (j8f; "W. 8': .......... have been good (lemand at pnces very generally a?and on shipboard, not cleared on .. :z8th inst, II.992 9SC.@it.l,3_ ,. DOMESTlC RECEIP'l S. ceptable to S9me 2oo cases of new Ohio hhds, Manufactured IS w1thout change, either m pnces "trre Yar "sttiets we ave ""adVlc that arriftls at of New ,York from domestic seed were sold, ,but 1t was of such inferior quallty that or demand. lhovgh the season has not yet fa1rly opened, the VIews of mtenor and coastwiSe ports for the week endmg June 4 prices comparatively 1 !iberal. PADUCAH, Ma" :zs.-lVJr. James F Callaway -Leaf IU'e above the pnces now offered. Tht last were I369 hhds, 5.5 trcs, 2034 cases, 2I pgs., 2 bbls, 6 The sales were as follows: Tobacc o Bro'ker, r:ports' Sales thiS week foot u'p 700 crop ofYara)s estimated s,ooo and 6,ooo, bales, boxes, 134 792 b.oxes, 70 boxes, 157 At the Morns 3>19 Iihds 'and 44 boxes' : hhtls, Recetpts Sw. hhds. The. i'narket has not been so wbicll, as agamst, the usual average, frorq u,ooo to boxes; 58 k egs, I ou :z64-hhdS Kentuc}Qy u-ash, bags and leaf,. IJ6 u,poo bales, lSi l' very smalL product, and the certainty Bv ERIE A1Jenlielml f39 hbds; at 97 at Io@II4i u at Io.sp@r6..; I8 a,t ac ive for the past few days, and all grades have suf_ afa limited s,upply, combmed w1th the reported fact I04 do; Pollard, & Co., IS @ 2o. 31 hhds new .Obto ang iO fered a small dct:lme 1 tlla.t the Spanl.lfh Gove'rnment has contracted for some-76 do, Kmmcutt, 3 do;, & Co., 22 do; 7@9 .8s; 9 .at IO@I4-so, II at I5-ZS@I6.7S 3 hpds larger for the next IS days, thug like 3 has a strengthemng effect uvon D. ]. Garth, Son&: do; J .. K., Smtth & Son, 32 do; new :West VIrginia: 9 at SSR,..,3 at Io@ when neady all the lobacco in thts section wlll be -'He. aad to stand out for better terms Kremelberg & Co r dn r Lottllard & Co ::t6 do. A h I di l f in. We are now receiving considerable piebald, motly .. ...,.......,_ ':H"'. "'' M ., I4S I hhd Sbut ern ma e" \fol .}5 and wrap' pers, all qf'which are selling at fair lban are now .; mainflble. .)forty, apd .even forty three D Chockley, 15 do;_S, M. J(',ker 30 qo, Sawye f new Ohlo seed fillers and ,14 at 7@8.5o; IJ ""d_ rel'u,_..J fOI' "SS?t1ed 1 and TJ cut. Wallace & Co. T w. Talaenhorst &: Co 12 do r. 6 pt ces, yet the farmers say they sell low, and some of I'M..-' .-,.'t .,_ "'"t? ;r at 9@ro.25, 4 at I.I._...,I 1 ... l. 1 JL ft ..1h 11 h h Th" crop IS repored )>e of anod quality. E M Wrtght & 10 A 1;1 Cardozo & i"'o :z do A h uad' W h e 836 l.hd" and rr6 boxes tu m are re edmg_"9Y...u921Qg t rea Jte g er pnces '"' .,,.. TT' ( ,. L ..-'f J i. t e .u mann Uje ow; .!' y J Ill th t ttl d I HAVANA ToBACCO IN THE CONNECTICUT VALLEY.A correspondent of the Spnngfield (Mass.) HQmtsteati, wntes Th1s vanety of tobacco IS grown on the island of Cuba quite extensively. The finest of 1t is made mto cigars on the island whtle the poorer grades to this and other countries The crop IS mostly controlled by the factories, usmg the best for the home market and d1sposmg of the remamder as 1 have stated. Its culture has often been tried in the Connecticut Valley but never having found a ready sale, has not been cultivated as much as it would have been had it found a ready market. Having had some experience in growmg this variety I propose to some information relative to it. The number of plants grown to the acre is about double that of Connecttcut seed leaf. It usually grows from two and a half to three feet h1gh and ripens a week or two earlier dian the seed leaf. The wonn that feeds upon it is different in all respects from the green womt so com mon in our tobacco fields and eats into the stalk. Last season I noticed a number of plants that looked wilted and often 16okmg them over could not discover the cause, on takmg hold of the s1talk 1t bent over quite eas Ily,' and on examinmg it more clearly, discovered that the plants were nearly eaten off and also found the worm m the stalk The common tobacco worm has never {roubled tt very much. But grasshoppers are very fond of 1t and w1ll completely destroy it if entirely left to them It shou ld not remam out dunng any very cold nights, as it IDJUres it more than our Connecticut tobacco. It cures very fast and if cut early will be ready to str1p 1n November. It can be hung quite thick Without danger of sweating but should have plenty of au and good cir culation and recetve in general the same care and attentiOn that 1s bestowed on a111y tobacco. I have grown a good many vanelles of tobacco such a.s Lakota, Orinoco and Havana, but prefer the latter as it is grown much easier and may find a market if properly cured, while the others, I nave never found to be marketable. I have been informed by Cubans that on the Island it' is not manured at all, the sqil being sufficiently fertile without the atd of a,ny fetihzers. My experience is., that it needs good soil not as h1gh manuring as our tQbacco, with good culture, such as frequently barrowmg and hoeing, 1t may be grown with profit and a fine quality of tobacco be obtamed. Fresh seed should beobtained as often as once m two ot three years, as 10 time .it wijl ,run into the Connecticut seed leaf. My last year's crop I have cased and now have on hand, and hope ere long to sam ple it and find 1t in good condition, IOO pounds to tht; case is enough ahct even a less amount may be cased. lt should not be pressed as much of the aroma is los it! cased too t1ght. I thmk this variety of tobacco can be ra1sed here w1th profit and when once it;, has been fattht'ully tned ,by our manufacturers of cigars will meet Wlth a ready sale be .. n no change in the Thos. nJ.t & Co., u dO {"' ..... Hunt :z do J.P. Qum ... hhd b v t k lu .... ;;n..J leaf A at as soon as e ax questiO IS ISe e 'J' n n ,, !t-' Y-.j :r.,' J .# ... .., .J s t ox ..r..'en uo y Jo.&"i'!!"' a-J.j.-1,.. ... l""tl ,.Good t _, .... "'II Cayendtsh 9ur last, We pear of_sa1 ps of & Co. "' o Darkleor LJymg .. ton & Co. 58 ao Haffer 6 @ 6 at .A. 5 JO>'> a xo@r 4 75. 24 at swee sun cprc:ou n ers are scarce, we are reVntGDUA TOBACCO PROSPEcr FOR I87a.-The Dan'l'('j- .,j --. _,. '(l 1 ... o 1 s,. 74 J ""', c1 1 'tabl 'fi k' JOS 'iarietleJ;, put ex rc,ep,ting. !n P.e 6ffienToel 1 31 uq; 1 cr & Co., _ror do; E R. W. @I 9 ,75 JZ ;hhds ne..y 0hi!> lugs and leaf; a gtJo many-ugs SUI or mg ville (Va.) l,'Qbq&t:Q Leaf says : The prospect in Virginia a.o4ed, Q.qlfappear to have,Q.een .a great deal Thomas 14 do D. & A .Benrimo 138 rases Julian AJlon 8 t @ 4 7 S 2 at IS I8 :1 hhds z lll small hhds (Planters lugs off of the bnght and mot-is for a large late crop. Plants seem plentiful but small ';. I h"" s tat 9@9 s, IS a IO I I t b ) h th' 1.. in the ofbusines!l. ,J 42 ?o; E6g!. 12 do; ,II. q.pffman, 29 do, H; .. hew \Vj:st v1 rgima ar-9-:TO@n. 6 hhds Southern Y to acco, eea 15 wee.,. and the late has .t\r'own farmmg opertions back d!SPQJi!ltlOJl was to of thej Scnubart& 'to; o r;der IZ3 1!1Jds,_6s I ,, c lnr.llnlt;1ndiana trash at 1 so@8 I hhd Tennessee at ETERSBURG, :June I.-... essrs R. A Youna. &c at \e, a !he prospect on the Western 1 space-_ et for l'::'-rehouse (acil!!' .e!\. J!.nd BY THE HuDsoN RIVER RAILROAD 1 ] P. Qum & ,F;p a o 7s! "tr3 ca!;es new Ohio seed-fillers and wrappers: Br ther, Tobacco Mer.chants, report: States, m we m are also interested, seems we learn of, p\ij'chases ma4e that end 10 Vlew. I,. hhds, Chas. P. Tag:& Son,..a.o cases,'] oseph Mayer's 7I' at 6@7 9sf'3 :it 8@1).60,' I2 at 20@2'1. r T} breaks of tobacco snow some mcrease, but are ,bad. was an mtentlon among the western farmers Stocks .of all kj_pds are becOf!img epd pnces, SoJis, 88 do: R._ H. Arkeqbru:g\11 }74 c:l.[>; D. H. the''J> aq[ec 'warehouse, I 99 l\hds and 6 'bbxi!s: sm II for the season. The demand for sh1pping'(m' o pl as1all their papers had urged them to \Yfnlen?t firmer. 40 do, Schroeder .. fl.Pi 1Pa!I?er & Sc9v!Ile; 59 162 1 hd1i ilew )C:ehtuc"k'y ttash, tugs and leaf: 3 at $6 40 pr per order) _good, esyecJallr. for. goop to m.arly do, but 1t IS now as a settled, fact that under demand for '"!'lera -P,o; Havemeyer P d9; Kuchlc;r, 9ail & ..Z.o "'717 a't 8o; 6r at ro@r4 74 ; 13 at rs@:io.-an pnces are fl' rm and ., fair rates. Except ior the most favorable' Circumstances an extra farge crop l>y active both for local and remote consumptiOn, and, 85 do; A. Oatman, 40 ;, 1'. C : Linde & Co, so do, G1 l 'r lugs and leaf: s at rr@I 3S to acco suttab1e for dark work, the demand from manu can not be produced. The first d1fficulty is the scarcity dealers report a consulerable-.&mount of business done Re1smanns & Co., 36.dq, ;G,k J,.1chtenberg, 175 do, 1\ ar\s:sl@i9.75: g hhds Ohio lugs and leaf: 5 at fac urers ts light, t" dy and of htbor, It is said that iarmers t!lat orlce worke,dfrom 4urlngtheweek.t J '1 -' 1 alomon,Jfdo,orr 217 hhds. The rnarket rejtlcted on 73 at 6 boxes (except Seabrook's) struck for higher wages. ..,as, for the week ending June 4, included rthe follow-Donni t zer, 4 I do: Kremelbergh & Co, 4o do. I With the langu1d feehng lllst hut 0 lUJUket was acta'!'e especially eta, They have been paid fi.:ZS. per and aow demufl<., ilc consignments: Bv THE NEw YO"RK 'AND New HAVEN RAILROAD.-A from New sales of 6,ooo hhds lo1 grades, and were a> altade-higher. Stles 89 l:z per day. I I I ' .::).{ J .I .... \ 1 I L)


THE TOBACCO 3 IJIBB Vlii'!I!'IID B'!I!'AIIJ!IBS SBRAIIJ!IB OR '!I!'OB.&OOO. IDiel'e8tiDII' Debate on the Tobacco Provasaon!l .C die Am.en41ed TarUI" and Tax Ball, ;!!lay 28, 18'72- I During the evenmg sess10n on the 28th ult, the Senate reached the tobacco sections of the Revenue \nll, when the followmg proceedmgs took place We quote from the offictal Globe -WHEN THE LAW SHALL BE ENFORCED The next amendment of the Committee on Fm, ance was 1n section [seventeen] SIXteen, !me two, aft-er the word "that," to msert the words "on and aftet the Ist day of July next, so as to read Tolul74,ooo for part of the country, a people 1mpovensbed and broken stamps durmg the past and he expected th1s year down, therr plantatiOns laid waste, and you saddled on to do a very much larget busmess than the last, and he them a tax last year of thlrty two cents a pound upon giVes as a reason why he has not done the amount of smokmg tobacco I say It Is plunder, absolute plunder, busmess he, expected to do and was prepared to do, and I warn you that you may as well get ready now to the agitation of the tax question, Itil C ogress and the make some reduction on th1s tax You can not keep It uncertamty consequent upon Jt.. What they want as to on at the rate you have been pilmg 1t on It zs an out tax, he says, IS stab1hty: Spea km.g of the present rate rage, and I belzeve, as every body who has mvestt ef taxation, which IS thtrty -two cents and SIXteen cents, gated the sub;ect, that z t zs unconslttutzonal I have no he says Idea myself that It IS constitutiOnal any more than the "Nobody oftt, ne1ther the conurrer Hor the manufac-cotton tax was Mr Presldent, I v11ll go further and turcr here, nor the dealuo m our pomon of the State or m the West move to amend the amendment of the Senator from Iowa "The trouble 11 t hat dealers are afra1d to buv csccpt from hand to mouth by stnkmg the thirty two cents off plug tobacco and 10 J.ona u the: question rc:raa1ns open Jn Cong ress wJth a poss1bJe reduc: t 1on to 11.reen cents per pound make It SIXteen cents as It was last year. Now, I say that this very this want of Mr CoNKLING-The questiOn now IS on stnkmg out stab1hty, this uneasmess on the part of manufacturers the section and those engaged m the traae, has had very much to The PRESIDING OFFICER -The question before the do w1th the reduction m the amount of the manufactured Senate IS on strtkmg out the paragraph as amended article In the next place I am opposed to the change The committee proposed to stnke out "twenty '' and m for this reason We propose to reduce the tax upon one sert "twenty four" The Senator from Iowa moved to article of tobacco and mcrease tt upon another, whence stnke out the whole paragraph It must necessanly result that we shall have agttaUOn ILLINOIS ON THE SMOKING fOBACCO QUESTION and dissatisfaction on the part of the people because of Mr LoGAN -I remember some few years ago this th1s i.Dcrea:'Se, and at the same decrease the amount same contest was exCitmg some mterest before the Comof revenue that we denve from th1s article Last year m1ttee of Ways and Means of the House, and before the we sold over nmety five m1lhon pounds tobacco, and from Committee on Fmance of tne Senate Inasmuch as but these nmety five m1lhon pounds we realized very nearly five mmutes anr allowed to discuss this quesnon 1t IS 1m twenty SIX Imlhon dollars Now put the tax at twen poss1ble for any one, whether he understands 1t or not, ty four cents and we shall reahze f,24,ooo,ooo, or a loss of to undertake to elaborate It There Is one pmnt howev J2,ooo,ooo from this source, and ar-the same time create er, to which I w1sh to call the attention of the Senate, diSsatisfaction on the part. of the (lOOple That 1 s ,to whtch I thmk lS an important one The Senator from say, you mcrease the amount upon the lower grade of Ob1o, with whom I agree on this questiOn, m reference tobacco, thus creating d1ssatrsfact10n and'complamt anq to the graded tax suggested that the stnkmg down of at the same time decrease your revenues Now, when thts tax from thtrty two tb twenty four cents per pound we hear no complamt from the people on this subJect, would reduce the revenue f,J,ooo,ooo That suggestion and when, 1f_ we make th1s change, we decrease the of Itself ought to be enough to sat1sfy us that the propo amount of revenue received, I ask, what reason 1 s there Sitton IS wrong It reduces the xevenue on On for the change when you mterfere w1th the stab 1uty a character of tobacco that IS of the highest pnce m this which so llllportant w1th refer.ence to your revenue at country In other words, tobacco that IS worth from the same time ? For these reasons, wh1ch I have g1ven seventy five cents to $r.7 5 per pound has the tax reduced very bnefiy, knoWing that I am confined to five mmutes, upon It to the extent of S J,ooo,ooo, but tobacco such as I am opposed aizy Change I ihW country w 1 U be I have here now for exhibitiOn, packed up accordmg to better satisfied, so far as the revenue IS concerned, 1 f we law, worth four cents per pound for smokmg purposes, allow the law to IS r ... IS mcreased from Sixteen to twenty four cents per pound liR SHERMAN DEFENDS THE TWENTY FOUR C:j;:NT-RATE In Order to make up that $J,OOo,ooo Now, instea,.d of Mr SHERMAN-This 1 s a sahent pomt of t his hill reducmg the tax S3 ooo ooo, I suggestto the Senator Thts and the clause about war s e perhaps the from Oluo that he reduces 1t $7 ,ooo,ooo Why? Smok only controverted' pomts of the hill, and I WISh now 10 mg tobacco made from stems exclusively and tobacco the nve mmutes alk>wed me to gwe the Senate the gen leaf mcludmg stems, upon wh1ch the SIXteen cent tax IS eral facts w l thout dehatmg the question myself The Imposed, will be dnven entirely out of the market preBe tJaw 1 mposes a tax of SIXteen s on smokmg Therefore you w1lllose the ent1re tax that you rece1ve b d hi on that kmd of tobacco, which IS '/>4,ooo,ooo Is not to acco an t rty two cents on tobacco The that so between the plug-m.en aod the men who Mr CHANDLER-That ,s so cuf tobacco, -smokmg tobacco and c1lel.vmg tobacco half pound of tobacco but two cents Tlwt t!lus "By the mampulatlons a t sumc manutacturers the hne cut short, /rat e s the character of the tax tlzat the House has placed 'wh1ch have passed through a nddle of th rty stx m.shes to the square d. h IT h mch by process of Slftmg, constitute the bulk of thetr product., and are upon tobacco In oth e r wor. s, tl IS takmg 1 e tax 0.11 t e used aa chewing tobacco, though pay1ng tax of only uxteon cents per tobacco that the rzch man and puttmg tt on. the tobacco pound, while sweetened scraps, a product of plug manufacturer., are put tlwt the poor mzner, the iabonng man, and the black man up 1n large quantities and sold under the 11xreen cent tax for chewmg pur co1ts ume It belongs to that character of legislatiOn, to. p oses A uruform rate of tax, wh1le 1t would allow every manufacturer t o which we are &0 much tendmg, wluch makes the poor manipulate hiS products 1D h>S own way wllhou r .. tncuon" bemg placed Pay the taxes and lets the nch have all the luxunes In-upon hiS modes of manufactunng, would effectually dose the door to the perpetration of fraud or the evas10n of taxes by thetr Improper tlass1fica stead ofbnngmg down the revenue $3,ooq,ooo, you dnve uons this character of tobacco entuely from the market In Now, s1r, I have here a of the tobacco wh1ch fact, yopr bill as It comes from the House, and as re IS used m the Army The War Department IS now adported from the Senate Committee, dnves manu vert1smg for large quantities of tli1s SOft of tobacco for factunr oftoba(CO tn the West from the market, and gtvu use of the soldiers It pays a tax of thirty two cents a Vzrgzma, Kentucky, and ConnectiCut lite entzr e control of pound It IS the only sort that will keep well The the toba, for this exhibitiOn to test the ation of the two dasses of tobac co, you wtll find the zn vanous quaht1es of tobacco? (Laughter ] Senators here crease on the tax at szxteen cents per pound was greater zn are too old not ,to know how those httle things are work propo,tton than the zncrease on the tax at thzrly two cents ed up [Laughter] Interested part1es not far from the per pound, which does away wltl} the Idea that because Senator here may have spoken to him on this subJeCt of the d1fference m th1s tax are committed I There was a lever at work there, that 1s an all powerful merely wanted to say that, and masmuch as I have only one, that pro;npted that exhibitiOn \Vbo IS to foot the five mmutes, I must burry on My fnend from Texas blll contemplated m that exh1b1tJOn [Laughter] My msmuated that I had gone and prepared this tobacco fnend stands forth here as the protector of the poor man for the purpose of exh1b1tmg It on this occasion It IS In h1s extreme anxiety he has got tobacco down there to very 1f a Senator can not make use of an argu two cents per pound ment w1thout bemg accused of actmg as a tnckster I Mr LOGANOh, no d1d no such thmg 1 h1s IS regular tax pa1d tobacco Mr FLANAGAN\Vhat IS 1t? the very character of tobacco that p .. vs this tax, and here Mr LOGAN-Two cents for th1s package a half pound IS the stamp u pon 1t, and the pnce of the tobacco made of stem tobacco out of the stem w1th the le af, and the tobacco made out Mr FLANAGAN-Four cents a pound I am very of the stem alone, was four cents a pound, as I have glad to meet the Senator on that pomt Now, sir, I stated It 1 he Senator referred to lugs If the Senator challenge h1m to take a New York paper or any other knows any thmg about tobacco, he knows there IS a very that be find g1vmg the quotatiOns of tobacco, and 1f difference between lugs and stems Any man who he can find tobacco quoted anywhere, even made from knows any thmg about tobacco knows that. It may be lugs, for less than seven cents and from that up to a that tobacco 1s quoteca at seven cents to day, but this to hundred cents, I w1ll g1ve It up I will g1ve him a w1de bacco cost what I have sa1d, and 1t was so stated to me range I will giVe h1m New Orleans and all the toba cco by the manufacturer himself Now, sir, I care notbmg markets known to the Umon, and he wdl not find ahy about the difference between these different kmds of to such tobacco m the market as he speaks of bacco there IS poor plug a nd good plug, as a matter of Mr LOGAN-If my fnend will allow me--course, but I do care for the fatsers of tobacco zn th e Mr FLANAGAN-I have but five mmutes West fhe sou thew portion of my own State IS a to Mr LoGAN-This that I exhtbJted here IS smokmg bacco producmg regwn, and produces large quantities tobacco from stems of the grade of toba cco that IS used as I say 1 o make Mr FLANAGAN-I do not care what 1t IS Stems are them pay twentvfour cents a pound, thus dnvzng all tltai worth more than that charact e r of tobacco out of th e market, zs a !tardshzp, and Mr LOGAN-No, su that IS th e opposition I make to It I make thts oppa Mr. FLANAGANYou may sh1p stems to London, and s1t1ou m behalf of those people who are engaged m pro they are worth more than double the amount of mone y ducmg tlus class of tobacco Wny not leave the tobacco that my fnend speaks of It was all very well for h1m tax at stxteen and thlr ty two cents, as heretofore I to sao tHat m his speech He told us that he d1d not have never beard a smgle man complam of the tobacco want us tlo thmk that he professed to kBow ahttle about tax e:li.cept the manufacturers, who have always been m every thmg I do not make any charge of that sort a war-the plug men agamst what they call the fine cut agamst h1rn,so far as this particular subJeCt tsconcerned men, and vzce versa fhey have always been m a war ( Laughter ] What are the facts? He complams before the comm1ttees, but the people who u s e the of a tax of twenty four cents on tobacco What has old tobacco, and th e people who produce the to England been domg for half <1, century? Every pound bacco, are not the men who complam -It IS the manu of tobacco that 1S placed m the (;tueen's warehouse, be facturers who propose to make a profit by the reductiOn fore 1t comes out pays seventy five cents per pound m of the tax on the best tobacco and by mcrease of the gold This IS not one thud of that amount 1 hen, tax on the mfenor tobacco That 1s the reason for It. a gam, tobacco IS a luxury No citizen of the Umted J ust1ce demands, not equahty In the rate of taxatiOn on States or ilDY body ebe 1s compelled to ava1l himself of all, but demands diVersificatiOn of the tax on tobacco, Its use Therefore there can be no robbery, because 1t accordmg to Its quahty It IS JUSt the same as 1f you pay IS an open question It IS for every one to do as he a tax of one dollar on an article worth five dollars, and pleases about It There IS another v1ew that m1ght well five dollars o h an artlcle worth twenty dolla rs be urged m this It IS sa1d that the bla(;k man (Here the hammer fell ] comes armed and equipped with It It IS true they buy The PRESIDING OFFICER-Does the Senator fro m Ilh tobacco on all occasiOns when they can get It It 1S no1s wtthdraw his amend ment? Mr move to msert th1rty two mstead of tweDN ty four cents per pound The PRESIDING OFFICER-The Senator will proceed. Mr AMES-I ;;lo It partly for the purpose of speakmg my five mmutes but I moved 1t m the committee, and I beh eve that 1t would be for the mterest of all concerned to make the tax a umform one of thuty two cents The Senator from Illm01s IS mtstaken w1th reference to the tobacco ra1sed m the State of Illmo1s I will read him a port10n of a letter I have here gtvmg the statl$tiCS The Ilhnol! crop of tobacco 11 a coane, heavy leaf, and 11 clasaed witk tobtcc.o gro wn m lndJana and certain dlltncts 'n Southern Kentucky arul Tennessee, and IS known 1n the markets of the world as shtppmg leal." It IS a coarse, porous leaf It IS very thoroughly dned, and sh1pped to England fhere the duty on tobacco IS from seventy two to e1ghtyfcents a pound They moisten 1t there and 1t takes up ten or twelve per cent of mo rsture or sweetenmg, and that much profit of course lS made I have here an Enghs h d1ct1onary of commerce and I find a pnce hst to th1s effect "Maryland fine yellow tobacco IS fourpcnce t o mnepencc a pound When you take the Western factory-dned and the IllmOis I S classed as Western shtppmg leaf, we find It from fivepence to tenpence and oue sh1llmg one penny. Each one of these figures IS higher than the figure w1th re f erence to the Maryland tobacco, so that that portiOn of the \ Vestern tobacco wh1cn 1S shipped to England sells there at a higher pnce than the V1rgmm or Maryland. tobacco Furthermore I "Only about twenty five per cent can be u s ed for manufacturing puP poses, and finds a market m StLouis, Mtssoun, Qumcy, lllmo1 s a nd other pl11g tobacco ma.nufactunng p otnts of the West The average pnce t.D. first hands JS sev r n to nme centa a pound, the average price of Kentuck:.y leaf, nine to cleTen cents Vugmt a, ten to twelve cents There 1s no tobacco of the pnce of two or three cents a pound, but to be sure there IS the leaf and there axe two mt!hon pounds of chewmg tobacco made from 1t, and from the refuse only seventy nme thousan d pound-s of the SIXteen cent grade The stems are sh1pped to Bel glUm and Holland and Germany, and there manufac tured mto tobacco I have a paper here of about a month old and 1t g1ves the figures 'Western hght leaf"-wh1ch 1s the Illm01s, and would make good plug -"e1ght to mne cents a pound That IS the cheapest kind of to bacco to be had Mr LOGAN-I was talkmg about stems Mr AMESThe Senator from Ilhnms says he was talkmg about stems The man who manufac ures the plug tobacco has more stems at his d1sposal than the man who manufactures smokmg tobacco. He has to dispose of h1s stems He sells them at one or two cents a pound and.they are shipped abroad. There IS no rea son why he should not be as well treated as the manu facturer of cut tobacco The fact IS, the way the tax 1s now arranged, It IS all for the advantage of the cutter, the m .. n who manufactures the smokmg tobacco In the amount of low rate as compared w1th the h1gh rate was th1rty per cent to seventy per cent In I865 It ,went up to forty mne and fifty one per cent, that 1s, all kmds of tobacco were rushed mto the cheap est grade, that wh1ch pa1d the lowest tax and from 1866 to the present year the ratio changed to thirty four and s1xty stx per cent That IS to say, the manu facturers of cut tobacco and of smokmg tobacco have every thmg their own way to the great d1sad vant age of those who manufacture the plug tobacco In lookmg over the receipts from tobacco I find that m Illmo1s the value of the tQbacco which pa1d the thirty-two-cent tax was $r,44.2,ooo, and that which pa1d the s1xteen cent tax was $48o,ooo That which pa1d the thtrty two cent tax m the State of Ilhnms was about three tlffies as much as that wh1ch pa1d the SIXteen cent tax Mr. LoGAN-It IS manufactured there Mr AMEs-Yes, s1r, 1t IS manufactured there, that IS the manufacturmg pomt--The PRESIDING OFFICER-The Senator's five mmutes have exp1red Does he Withdraw h1s amendment ? Mr AMES-I prefer to have a vote on my amend ment Mr CHANDLER-Then I desire to be heard upon that amendment_ The OFFICERThe Chair must Inform the Senator from MISSISSippi that his IrlotJon IS not m order at thts t1me The Senate, as m Comm1ttee of the Whole, has agreed to th e amendment of the Committee of Fmance stnkmg out twenty" and msertmg twenty four" Cont mue d on Se v enth Page Adverttsements. natural for them to do so But what are the facts What Mr LoG 1\N-Yes, sir kmd of tobacco do they When they sell the1r little The PRESIDING OFFICER -The question, then crops of cotton, or by whatever means they are enabled the amendment moved by the Senator from Iowa TH E will rent and g1ve mmed a.te of a Thor o ughly Furn shed CrGARjFAuTORY, With W areholl.'le attached 1n Balti15 on more Rent low SpcCia.lmduc ements w1ll be offered to & respoD.Ilble parly 378 '-t Add ess P 0 Hox lM, BELltlmore, Md to purchase, they buy the best article, and It IS the poor Mr FLANGAN-Mr President--man the labonng man, whlNG PniCRR -The questiOn IS on the the subJtCt of taxatiOn, the !d epartment has deliberately amendment moved by the Senator from Iowa come to the conclusion that frauds can not be prevented A THrRTY-;rwt> CENT UNIFORM MAN N I he l usmcss formerly carr1ed on under the fi1'Dl name ot KLNN EY .BROS, Manufacturers 14.1 W est Broadway, has been dissolved by mutual consent The same busmeN w1ll be m future oamed on at the same by C 1 ml FRANCIS S KINNEY CIGAR MANUFACfURERS AND TOBACCO EXPORTERS, can be sUpphed wtth C o nnectJ c ut Cutun:gs and Scraps at the lowest market pnce, In lots from 5 to too cases 333 381 OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN, 1.op Water at, New York, C01'E'S rOB!\.CCO PLAN I-'\. MONTHLY JLlU!:t.N"AL lvr o w P lJl H.lJt:d at l'rr.IJ lO Lord Nel8C'n r t-t 'L 'erpcol J!ng, land wnere su.bsonpt1ons way be ad <1J eaaed, or to t.Lle Tuw.c.x:v L.&d.F \.IFnc&, Price two abllling per annum Trade A.d vertiaeme uts 20 eu llmgs per :bleb. No adverttaem.enta recetve.f for & e b orter period tb.a.u lib mooths M'achmery for Salt> liulineas Addre e Aunouncemen\'1, &c b pet hne No tor Advertl.eiog wili: becoo B ldered accompanied by the c rreepondliDg amoWI.t Thia rule wit Invariably he adhered to. A. D. CHOCKLEY, BUCOE8SOR TO A. D. OHOOKLEY & 00., Oomm.'Ba-ton Jll"erchant, AND DEALER IN TOEAOCO, No I68 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK Always on hand a full 11880rlment of a and WeateTR Wrappen and 8mok61'8, parttcularly Br1ght md BriJtht MoWed, II1Jited to the HanufooluEiJJC trade Also blxport Lea! Tobaoooo of Liberal cash a.dvancee mado on CIOil8ipuDeDII to 0111" hou.oe, or to our fri,.... m Eogland, through UB. A. D. CHOCKLEY, BUCOESSOB TO OHOOKLEY &. Ooiamission e:teluuat, RICHMOND, VA l.lon to be CODenmed, or ocbUWJ!Ml prepared, 1flthoul the use of any mach me or md wit.bQut beiag pr8118ed or sweetened, and on all other !node of m&nufactnred tobaooo 1wt herem otberw1oe prow1ded for1 82o per lb Bmolling 1obacco1 e:roln o1vely of a :.Oms, or or leaf, 'llltn o.ll .. -"' m ond ao sold, tne leaf not having been preVtously str1pped, butted, or rolled, aod from which no pari of the stem have b<>en by .tfting, atrlppwg, dreesmg 01 1n aoy o\her manner, ell.ber bet of liue-ca chewing tobacco which hoe p&BI!ed thl"Q.tJgh a riddle of tbuty-ms meebes to tbe square mch by of !li!tiDg, refwle scrap md ewee pooge o f tobacco, 1& .!"' lb (" Oo Cig&rB of o.U deecrtptiOno, made of Tobacco or any mhlolitut.a therefor, S5 per thousand; on Cigarette& wetghm.r not excelldin.;: three ponlld& per U.oueand, ;1 60 per ; when weJghiPg d. ceed1ng three pounde per tbouoand, $5 per fuoueaod Ou manntactured of tobacco, or o.oy oubotitut.a for tobaooo, ground, dry, Jamp, pwk!Ed, or olhe...,_ of all descrtp.,ollll1 when prep""'d for nee, a tax o!stc per lb. And enult:-flour, wbe11 aold or removed f o r nee or conBDmlltiOD, shall be uxed as anwr, aud be put up m pacKages and stamped 10 the manner 1.1 TtoniJI'F -Fore1gn T o bacco duty 85c per pound; gbld Foretgn Cigars 12 50 per pound and 25 per cent ad MIOI tm Imported Cigars be&r o.n luternal Rev enue tax or U p<-r M w be ;.iid by stmpe o.t tb'> Custom BotlBtl fBe-.eaue Act, The questJon does not effect the pnce of tobacco or the Mr LoGAN I hope the Senate w1ll not thmk I am producers of tobacco. During the whole of this controprofessmg to know a little about every thmg, for I do not, versy we never had a smgle complamt from 'lihY but I wasratsed m a tobacco reg10n, m SGuthernillmdts, who raised tobacco The mterest of IS where tt IS one of the cb1ef products, lhave conversed reasonably6prosperous.. TIJ4 .guestton zs only a truggle with tobacco men, I know what the condltlon of the men between tlze manufacturers If tobacco, between ose who who make this character of tobacco ts m reference to commake the tobacco and those who the pentlon with others; 1 know somethmg about: tt, I have che toia&o.. esent IXteen cenfs on lked to them, I have seen tbem manufacture tobacco, one kmd :md thrrty two cents on the other The House I have exammed It, 1t IS a Western manufacture The of Represent:fti es J>ropose!l. to make a uniform tax on tobacco ra1sed m the Western country. Is coarse grade, all twenty cents The effect a c eap grade of tobacco, pnnc1pally used for the pur of that 1 s to reduce the revenue '$7 ,ooo,ooo I have the pose of makmg smokmg tobacco, where you cut the leaf figures befc*eme, but will not go mto details The and the stem altogether, or 1f you stem It for the purpose whole yteld ofrthe tar on tolmt:l:o Is fJJ,ooo,ooo The of usmg the leaf for chewmg tobaccp or for makmg c1 effect of the House propos1 t10n ts,.,lfireauce It about sev ga1 s, which IS done, you then use the stems for the pur en mllhons. The arnendmerit Of tl'l'e-'Senate comll)ittt;e, if :whans called stem cut smokmg tobacco adopted w 1 ll bnng 1t up to 'Jpilhons of the Qndtat grade of tobicl:"o they-piySiXteen cents a pound present yteld and the -\Vhether we Will I have here a po)l\ld f that up accord fix a uniform tax of twenty-four cents a pound on all tollj!g-1:0 law 1 he cost of that h"ilCpounu of tobacco, bacco, or ythether we will retain of siXteen !Da.l!e of 1 s (t'!o cents on thts half pound and cents Upolt thaHf M;fifMtbe Committee 1S eight malimg tt worth ten cents Now yo': m n Fmance, aeax a !Jljfl]l' a:lttSOns, pro an made here, 8


-e Virginia Agency Es'!'ABLISHED IN 1 836, BY CHARLES :M. GoNNOLLY. CONNOLLY &. CO., Commission 1Yierchant5 IN LEAF' & MANUFACTURED I 45 WATER ST., NEW YORK. We call the attention of the trade to the following Standa.rd of Manufactured Tobacco: Jlgenzs for the varifJus Brands of Geo. fV. Gil/tam, in c ludinghis Cel e brated Wine Sap, Golden Seal, Gallego Brands. T. C. WILLIAMS & CO.'S Golden Sceptre, El Dorado, Uniqae, Pf.tpll:,-, Esmeralda, La Rosa, tlllli a large assortment of other .Brand s by tluse C elebrated Mamtfadurers. PATI'ERSONS & CO .' S -Buft'alo Chip-. Dl VerDon, and Columbia Mit.. Borodina, Golden Apple, -d Other Brands. "'ne various Brands of the following Mannfacturers: aee & StoYall, Crumptoa' .Jao. H. Gre-er, -= H Smith,Jr&Br.; .Jao. H. Worsham, Tarpm & Bro, 0. P.. Gregor:,-& Co.La'IIIITeace Loftier, BeJUC)n & .Bonn, and Othera. ,; Special Attention givea to sales of TOBACCO in this Muket, Of' a_re 'solicited. AND SOLE :PROPRIETORS. OF. ABOVE CELEBRATED BRAND. & 181 MAIDEN LANE, NE'V YORK. 6. UHDll. & -. 0 O. HA.'tULTON'. 8 IA.RCOSO. a.ASHOBUJ"P. SAWYE&, WALLAOE & 00... hr .... -. THE TOBA{)CO LEAF. ill. ;;, KlT rRI>DG l<. :& C. lYHliELOCll. WM. P. KITTREDCE & CO., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS AGENTS F O B ALL THB ;::11 POPULAR BRANDS OF VIR(>INIA TOBACCO. 71aud';3FrontSt., ------NEW }[OBK I JFLVid ,Bali:er, J"r., Gold e n Cord, Cherry Cake, Beodlgo. Q l en Cay, Roya l Gem, Plum Cakec Comfort, O'.au l ey Cbarnpton, 81lveY Cloua, Nation's Pride, V.'lerell, D e fian ce The Bab, Rival, Premium, G DBA.LERS IN' J.22 WA;rER 29 BE A. VER STREET, NEW YORK, NewYork. .r.<2; CICARS. CODISSION :J. IMPORTER OF, t' t :S. H. DllllG:IIIAl'n'l; MERCHANT, ] I ,Sole Ag-ent o Packer & in ;.f BOUQUET DE TOBACOS," ''JOCKEY CLUB" aud "'PHIL. SHERIDAN."


JACOB Rll!riLL, MANUFACTURER OF I IBHB'I'BB.S 01' ll'ARIIB, ..lM) JOJIJIRS 011' ALL .KINDS OJ' LEAF SUPERIOR TOBACCO,. 1 Prime Qual,lty, of CEDAR WOOD. No.' 1'10 Water Street, New York. .J L. P ALllER -, A. H. SCOVILLE, ALSO, DEALER IN Seed-lea:rWrapperafqur own :Pa,oro;l s I-JOSEPH ..,-=--= LE,A.F TOB.Gg(J, 213 PEARL'-STREIT, GOTJl LOAN OF THE Northern Pacific RAILROAD, N:E:"' FO.R.K-. Cigar MoUld Co., Sole Manufacturers of Imported German. WOOD. 737 Ninth Street, NEW YORK. LOYNAZ CROSBY, IMPORTERS OF SAN DOMIN80 lOBACCO, 95 117 ALL ,..STilEET A Assorl:rne:n:t; Al"W"ays on Hand. ,. An S N 1st MOrtgage & Grant Ma.ii Ufa.ctUrers of Fine Cigars, SECURED 1fY We offer at par, and interest its tturrency, th Nortlurn Pacific Railroa : d First Morl$agt Gold Bonds, principal and i1t terest payable in gold, exempt from U?lited States Tax, and most emphatically recommmd the same as the safest investmmf. United States Bo1zds, and marketable secnrities, received in excllange Q/ full casll price. OOOKJ: A 00., NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, AND 'V ASH!NGTON. M. W. MENDEL & BRO. 8egars & Tobacco, Leaf Tob&cco. Old Connedicut WAaf.Pfrs, Old Slate Seed 1Vrapfers, The Finest Havana Wrappers and Fillers. H. COLELL, 172 Water Street. New York. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, Importen td And Dealers in Pi pes; -43 .DJ'afden, Lane, N. F. FOX, DILLS & 00., SUCCESSORS TO l!OGERT, DILLS AND CO:M:P.i.NY. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. J751WATER STREET, NEw YoRK .... a. WAlm'AOB., DAVIDSON BROTBIRS, Manulacturers of HAVANA and SEED en: G A R S LBAF TOBACCO, No. 8 Bowery, lt:5 Water_ Street, liiEW YOB.JL Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. WM. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Oommissioll Merchant& as4. o.nd 286 Front Str-te NEW YORK. HA. V 01-r ALL .,. Leaf Tobncco for Export and Homo lear Tobaeco baled in 8ny padtaae by hydn.u \jc press for export. T & EOKMBY.tlR, 48 .B-ROAD&48 NEW STREETS, SOLE AGENTS OF s: ROSSI:W_, _, J Dealer m 1 !JJ\ YANA AND. DO]U:STIC eaf Tobacco, lf3 Water, Street. Chas, T. Sevmour IMPORTER 'OF A. "La Ferm.e" Russian Cigarettes AND IMPORTERS OF fl"f FINE HAVANA CIGARS. And D enie r in LQd '!IQ; "&OOQI!Ie 1.89 PeaJl-OCII: ctra"' in. FO< further information address or _..n .. .w......, o JOHN CHARTER, STERLII\C, ILL., e LOUIS BULLINCC:R, Ceneral Agent. Propridor andMa,...faduNr. General Coil!miuioa Kerchaat.a, o-23 .P.oarl Street;, Ne-w York -.. SCHMITT & STEIIIECIE, J SCHMITT. R.. STEJ!lrECKE Porter's Patent 8T..A.R. o, oJ .Sf JULIAN ALLEII Seed-Leaf and Ha11Ula TO:BACOO STc.REET, ----NEW YORK. SPENUE BBOTHEBs & Co. 1IAZ..'"UFACTUREB8 OF TH'K 0BLilBRATED OH.AS: E. SPIER & [$!tCCESSORS TO H. VON HOLTEN,] 1 ..... -' IMPORTERS OF CfPr Mvulas, General At!eRte for the United States and Canada for :ME8I!JI8. OSEN.BIUIC.K: ok CO.. H.emeliug .... Genuany, aud for 'WIIID-JIULLE}l j!Uj:YNEN, Zwist:bena.Ji:P, \hlrmany. EDWARD 'HEN, t:3 %.iberty St. Put up in 1, f, t !lb. Bags. The unprecedented sa]e of it to be extens lvely counter when purchasing Durham, "71'".Tohrl street, NT. T. BLACKWELL'S BULL .. ant my Trade Mark, AUERBAOH & METIDEBS.OJ Led TobaccO AND 138 Water ltreetJ New Y ... IL SJ..t.oON. ,1.. ... M. & E. BALQMON,'


THE 'I'ODACCO Philadelphia Baltimore Adverti.a..emea.ts. Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Western Advertisements. Hartford Advertisements. RICHARD M.ALLAY. J.AlllEl:! MALLAY. CAS8ID8 wm.LEB. LB. BAA& R.MALLAY a BRO Henry Besuden & Bro., c. a. co., CONN. SEEo LEAF WM A. BOYD, & 00., WHOLESALE' DEAL.RS IN STEWART: MARKS, RALPH & CO., U&nU(-., &od Wbolel!&!e Dealero In TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and Sl'tiOKERS' .ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF, liANUF ACTURED A.'m LEAF TOBACCO, CIGARS, &c., 33 SOUTH STREET, Paltimore, Md. -B. WILKBNS A 00 ,... l ., nears, lttown & 'J.'ltUS, :t'JJ rCh. St.l pw,Jad,ilphla.. FuwK KLIEJ<. G. GIESKE. & : GIESKE & NIEMAN K. \\ I LKENS. cr FI!ANUFAorURED THACCOIJ, lio& 32 & 34 'Jla.iu St., Oincinuati, Ohio. Segars and Tobacco B. a Packers, Commission Merchants, 1md Wholesale Dealers in Poralp aDd Domestic Leaf Tobacco, 117 North Third DEALEBSIN L..E.A..F TOB.A..OOO,. And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, (m:o.a ll'. 'I:V'tu:r St., Pa.. WOODWARD, GARBETT a 00., LEAF TOBBACQO AND TOBACCO FACTORS LOUIS STRASSEk, Manufacturer of CIGARS, Importers 0 ( Smokers' A:rticles, COMMISSION ElRCHANTS,. Ko. t:S WES!I. FOURTH s T .And Commission Mercha:nts, And In leaf, Plug, and Tobacco No. 69 South near Prat, SMJKERS' ARTICLES t:4POC!C:l C:l.r.:;, CI:SCIX:s-A--1' Q BALTIMORE, MD. 78 Sbuth Charles St., Baltimore : MQ. --"- :JSi TrA .. T..XUT ST_., OliL r -itu.ati, O!dn. & t, ,sa.. & ...... GUSTAV GUTH, a. a. -MORRIS & REID, S. LOYIERTHAL 6 CO., .. LEAF TOBACCO EaE:cARS, 1 UIO o\lil JMIIII ta: o. II GenDua stnet, [ORElGI 6 DO.MESTIO BEGA.Jia. BROKERS, x.EAF TOBACCO ............. ...., .......... 11 ...J'IIIIII _,_._._,..,.... ea ....,., OJTke, x ... 4 coLLEG.E, .0. 76 Kain Street, Cincinnati, 0. W FELG N.ER J' L B Cincinnati, Ohio. ... .:..-..; .. 48 _.. AUNS& tUO., v. i'UBOIXAW,.; so, F G F H. BISCHOF]!' 37 South Cay Street., wHoLESALE nun .. WH. OLESAT .... E DEALE.=:-::; BALTIMORE AID., H d s d Leaf Tobacco I In u!Uinol o( l)eutsoher Bauohtabak, T : 0 B A c c 0 Man. faeture rsof rfcbacco, Cigars & SmJ) f AID ont CHOICl IIA,'IIIIIt .1111'1 ,_., C ..,.. h t ...... OUTH CH4Rf.U z. OmDUSSlon .w.erc an s. J\ro.qMAINSTREET,Cincinnati,O. NO. 82 WEST FJIOXT 8:I'JIEET1 Seed-Leaf 'I"<)::UA..CCO, 16 Market Street, Barttbrd, Cenn. WM. WESTPHAL, COlDIISSIOlf And Dealer ID CGINECTICUT SEED LEAF -:I.obacco, State St Hartford, Conn A. L. & F : Paek aacl illealen fn Con n e ct i cut Seed Lea 1 T.O:QAGGq, 18 STREE;r, Hartford, Conn. -L SUCCESSO:KS TO WOODWARD,.BRO. & CO., J TOit.CCO & GENElw. cO:r.iKISSION .MERCHANTS, 88 ltTo. IVa.ter St., .Philadelphia. aALTIMORL G. B. BOJi!IKIV. c1l. 00., ------.--------Fttd Engdbadr agent, 21 6th ave., N. r '"'"uas,. HENRY MEYER H. WIUQBT. s. F. CJw&a""" WOODWORTH Jt STRONQ,B. F. PARLETT & co., s d L f d u. WRIGHT &: CREIGHTON 1 26-I B S Dealers in THEODORE H WOODWARD, ALBIN GARRE'TI', w LLIAM HEMPHILL. o .... o..,.ULII DULIIM.. eft ea. a.n MERCHANT, TOBAccos. OHIO &cOHNicTICUT LEAr TnsAcoo, N. W. Ca.rntr Charles and Pratt Sis., -:N' o. 217 State St.,. Pipe, et.c. L.., .. .., "'OB .4C CO, No. 63 .JP'est Frunt BALTIMORE, MD. .L' A. Cincinnati o. DOHAN & TAITT' OOJntlt!SlOll JIEBCIIABTB FOR BALE, or SA1lE; E : w a c.t-.. __ HARTFORD, CT. el. lUNALDO BANK CO., A11ecco and Genara.l Com. Merchants, Mill .,... ........ ._. 92 Lombard and 5 Water st., E. W. l 'UKEHART &. SON, 46 Front St., ;ua.c:uuua.ti, o. IenJi9n Warehouse. lnbaccu CommissioA Merchants, ..,......---__ OILEBRAUO l P r. R. (.'/2 r.# h 02. 0 WAYNE & RA.n'ERM.AN, A. CHAPMAN, DBALBRIN 10'1 ARCH ,STREET, ( e PHILADELPttiA. e. l:>h,ert .lode4 Warehoue lfo. L .. ............. ,_....., Jz;. 0 \Z)(J,,.. PLUG .AND FINE CUT PHILADELPHIA. t baUO' ql;QuiffitsSicrn G B E E NUP STREET, ------------I 'I R B d dW' h t r 15, 17 and 19 West 7th Covington,, Ky. JULlUs VETTERLE.IN & co., ntem evenueOFon e are ouse M .d. Leaf. Snuff lanufactnrers, COVINGTON, KY. (Bucceaore to VETTERLEIN & CO.,) TOBACCO M. E. McDOWELL & co., No. 29 S. Calvert OOMMISSION MERCHANTS, {Fin!tCollectlonDiatrlctorPenns;rlvania. ) -BALTIMORE. M:i), AND sECK-. HAYEN, L. W.GUN-:f'HEB, IIIPORTERS OF SPANISH General Commi.zsion :VJ.erchants, CENERAl. No. mArch St., Philadelphia. No. 39 North Water St., Philadelphia. lmporam GeDetaJ eou11, 'Commission M ere hant, 111 And :roBACQO F',.'...CTOA. p; rrM!J r$dw tl_ I BERT TQB.I.CC@, No. 90 Lombard St.. f!;/(}(ffge -1/(;/. 8-' L. ,. No.60SOUXHG.A:YSXBEEX (Onodror ..... LEAF\ TOBACCO Detroit Novelty Works, DETRO:rx', H:lO:IL -TOBACCO KNIVES "THE VERY BEST." Connecticut Seed leaf EAST' HAR';['FORD; CONNECTICUT. G. W. GRAVES. .J Fine Connecticut .Seed-Leaf To traccot Danbury, Connecticut ...... .,, w H. SMITH & CO., ColRIIlisswn Merchants and J obberx .. 0 CONNECTICUT LEAF T08AOCO ound City Tobacco c.& R. OORMilZER & c ,ri :; ... Hampden Street, 'bQ. 3JJ 9Yeet, --oSEPH StBBOEDER G. KERCKHOFF & {)0,, ..17 .Jl anll ciealero lrl Wholeoale Dealers In o PHILADELPHIA. CONN. SfED lEAf TOBACCO, ...... JC-1:)1 llOOJl& W. Eisenlohr & Co., e No. 81 Exchange !:lace, 49 South Charles Street, PACKERS & DEALERS IN S. & J. MOORE, e(C)BACOO Merchants, LBAF TOBAcco, 1 LOUIS co., 117 So. Water .Street, W. EDULORR. .,..2.01 North Water-street, PHILADELPHIA. 'onuni#l#li.ou L T b F t s. w. CLAU:. PalL. ..liD DKll.UII.. ea. o acco a.c ors PHILADELPl:UA. H. SCHMIDT, _,_ ___________ 1L ANAri'UA. N & WHOLESALB DEAUI:P..S n< ,U.o tnJJ !1or !l. 1 ][.H. ()LARK & BRO., .... .,&,;,;,""'-1.. \ l -" f:!!X:JAD&L:i'HXA. XNSP;EOTIONED LEAF TOBACCO. II. W, DJOBJDIBON, :tAncto:a 1'0:& LEAF SACCO 8 OKERS, _runt OF. PHILADELPHIA, ------ornaa .t.T L lot' ... ..... 1. B. ICHT PHILADELPHY.A. 'U. Jl&nu!Ktnrer ot U .. MEHL & ., r c cr.L-. ;ANururum or riDe ut 118WJng WalW:! Snuff, -Tobacco, Tobae_oo, ,. i... N ... 666, 668, 67o & 67z Nortl Ek-h &., &w.w: .. PHILADELPHIA. J,. H TYREE I l .EICIAIT1 ZoiJeilll.....,., A,. .... .............................. ......... ., &: l'fla. G. W. LANGHORNE & CO. ..... -.. .. SJIOKJNG TOBACCO, F..J.OTOBY No. d. L Y..NCHBURG, &eop co""t&ntly ee b&Dd and for l!&!e &II &nul o1 VtrrriDt 818oktoc Tolloolco. Will eoiotroct w1tb jobboora. UlDI Uleu owa lnil .. O&n, u Iller IIIOU' lleiiR. Leaf TobaCco, 88 PLACE, U South Charles Street, lhltimore. BAL TJ MORE. -P._A._ALB_RJ:_O,.-T-, DD<. R. TOBACCO SROKER .ALBRECHT & SCHRODER, WHOLESALE DEALERS Geaeral Comillin :MerC'bant, Office in Tobacco Exchance, Shockoo Slip, BIOHM:OND, VA. B.A.V.A.:NA Seed Leaf'Tobacco, 62 South Calvert st., Baltimore, Md. IDGHLANDER TOBACUo WiJRKS, S. W. VENABLE. R.. P. HAMILTON, '8. W. VENAlif.E & CO., 'LEAF AND .HANUEACTURERS Oft T 0 B _., ... THOMAS D. NEAL, -J w -OAHRO:LL BJI.O&IIB .,. Lock Box 187, RICHMOND, VA. &le M ufactu b h1e am us .._.d W?'h Hu !age 01perience in LEAF TOBACCO of every reao"'Ded Brands of V.irgiui.a Smoking Tobaccos. dHCnption. <>Non to IOlleiW to wm. T. s .. Eoq., LOttE DICK,( K..,.._..!:ville 'W. ltVO. Bol!...a, lolm H, l'emt.;t;:,., .lllaD.Aldo:ry, 12-th Su,>aC. Foo

THE TOBACCO LEAF. LOUISVIUE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERC.HAN rs. '&. l, liiBBB. a. PB..&.OOJ'I' ................ O .. ttlnguut mo.nuflloturing leaf. D PPALDING, .......................... \Jutting &Dd manufaoturing leaf. WOLFOLK & GLENN ..................... Cutti"'! and m a nufacturin g leaf. JAB. CLARK ............................... Cutting &nd mannfllotnrmg lea f. OWD llOBIUDE ........................ Outtillg and DWtolaoturing leaf. THEODORE SCHWARTZ & CO ....... Cutting &nd manu!a.oturlDJr l eaf. P. BCHANZENBAOHER .................... CUtti"'' &Dd m anufacturing l eaf. DA. VID B ELL ................ ........... Leaf tebolooo oommieoion meroha.nt. MATTH1!W8 .k llePHERSON ....... Dark b&IIDg toboooo ao4 obii>Wing leaf. 11. B NASH .......... .. ...... .. ... .... .. Le&f tobapoo comm;..iou meTCbaut. WUIS FRANCKE ....................... Leaf tPllll!: their ately after w e eding ; som e follow the prac tice of plaster ing broadcast also a late r period of the growth, but it is tho ught by s ome planters tha t plaster used so abundant l y increases_.ili_e qua. ntity at the expense of the quality. Cqnlinued jrqm Third Page. MR. AMES-Then I withdraw my amendment. Mr. CHANDLER-I only spoke a minute anp a half, and therefore I am entitled t!) therest of the five min utes. Mr. SHERMAN-The Senator ca ment. Mr. CHANDCKR-I will rel!ew the Senator from Mississippi. The PRESIDING 0FFICER-Th,l\t is not in order; but the Senator from Michigan will proceed for the residue of his five minutes. -s t :'ble ; for that r ea son it seem s t o me i t is hardly worth while JUS t at th s hme t o make tht s chanre. I think it w o uld be qu i t e as well t o k eep the tax wh e re it i s Kare plenty, and In tllie t-.,...n a .J >J _; I 0 I I'" tobacCS:fac:tolJ is be P11t ia Ia t ... .... ..... .. .._ .... .... :L:. ... ')--:-..4-' '"'fff" -i q'M ...... _v ; 1 ....... ...-... """" J ..


i I T 0 B A (; 0 L E A 1,. HOYT & CO., ._.{ JIANI}FACTURERS OF ,..,t Fine Cut Chewing and SMOKING TOBACCOS & OUR BRANDS CHEWING, HEARTS' DELIGHT, J;IA_ TIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, :' r EXTRA CAVENDISH. (. Pld 496 Pearl St., New York City. 1 lJEPOT AND AGENCY Of the J{apufacture of Vur f" il .f "' ';) & AT r B;AL'I'mJORE, J; h v'' "", .. ... i\ .!-. I '' I Street, New York. .L,c I 1m zum; ';d ., r'l !;t(r Cl(f:4Q1'1'E' ROLLERS' The only A. .. nt_!f" :a Z.A,N'S I PatBnt : Gi[arette .Rollers :(, ''loi' Nassau St., Neiu Yotk ui C1gara and a11 Smokers' Articles. ----Lico-rice Tobacco Ha.n.ufacturers. 1 .... I GILLENDIR / & LICORICE PASTE I UJCCZSSOU TO & 100 AIIDUaoB. & co. 8 WALLIS & QO. lllaD1Il'ublren oUiw .' _' SOLACB 'OBACCO manufacturers and the trsde in gonero.l are particularly ex-UA 116, antl ll7 LIBERTY. Olllll!IEm. amine and test tho super10r properties of llllUI 1 thisLICORICE, which, beingrww """ to the highest perfection, is c:;;:-ea 121 CEDAR STREET, the aoove style-of bnd. AmlmrGilleowler, We are also 'SOLE AGENTS for the, Napo-R.Xukuck, NEW .YORK-brnnd. 1 __ _;; 10Mph L B. Wood. .ro. !'. !'Ji.A.CIQ, MANVFACTVU& OF ALL GRADU OP' QI:ot 6fltwiag, .Jsuklq, aud Stauulattd TOBAC-CO, HARVEST" tc "SURPRI$E" Iff roiL IVANHOE tc JOLLY BOYS .MOl(INC, .1'2' 4 .t'roat Street, Vera. D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, -1 lf&Du1actorers ot t and Segars, """" of tiM -r..-t"" _,..,. of HERO and UNION Fine Ont Ohewing Tobacco and Echo Smoking. Z1'4 Eighth Avenue. NeWt 1York. & CO TOBAOCTO cib 01&ar., .O.nd dealers in all kinds of 'Leaf & Plug Tobacco; & 209 WATER ST. "N'E"''V V'C>:R.::IE. D.-Jl. McALPIN & CO., J r. G. "'-G. 0. by consumers to be the best in the market And for the hJ;alld of Licorice Stick ., INOI:L & 00., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. We have no. Agents Consamers and .Job bers would do well to appl y direct. Licorice Root, select and ordinary, constal\Uy o n Land GOKEZ, WALLIS & CO. 29 4t. 31 Soutb Lioorice Paste and Sticks. G.S. w.s. F_.w Sterry Extra. P. s. Banuiqo IUld De Rosa. Excelsior Mills and Favorite' Mills Po"Wdered Licorice. G1,un ?aorc : Olive Oi1, Tonqua Beans, AND ALL SP-.EpALITIES FOR TOBACCO .MANUFACTURERS. r PO"Wderec:1. Licorice. ./ 1 ., 1 C1'LEBIU.TED Weaver & Sterry Vir[in Leaf and Navy Ghewmo:, SMOKING TOBACCO ..,_,, PJNg s-ff. 6ruif Fl<> ..... MANUli'AcTORY .AND SALEI!ROOM, I;ORNER of AVENUE 0 AND TENTH STREET. New York IMPORTERS, CEDAR -. r .owosaso,: .ttouoafci. JNE8T QUALITY LICO RI'CE SPECIALTIES BY DE LANCEY CLEVELAND, BaOKEB.' :z4 SOvTif WILLIAMST.; N. Y. & OCohacur ) N(). '129 .,Pearl YORK EDWARD Tobacco 127 Pearl Street, New York City FBED1C FISCHER; Tobacco 62 Beaver Street, J MJtgw YQftllt. I J. S. C.ANS &. SON, Manufactured at Peagft1ceepsie1 N'ew-'V ork. ,GIFFORD,. & w. SMYTHE, F.A.. GOETZE & BRO. Comtnission Merchant, TOBAccoCT& SNUFF. TOBACCO BROKERS, -120 WILLIAJil : STREJ::'i CJ J _. n ,1 t r "\. 06-:67 : NEW.. J". ... Uo.l 1 : "" -J I 1 s. OU.G E:R ; r. ""r., 7... ,u JD.::t lla..:afaetaror. of p :; n r n f !:1 J J 1 XI :l .J(]Jff' !i"'!l" L .. h .. IJ 1 l'few York. r, r .. ,.. 1 1 WK. ZDI'B.BBB. eSc. co: MANHATTAII TOBACCO WORKS, .T.OHN STREET, Walhblgton Street, :nw You. KINNB'V BB.OS., lmport e n aod XanutactnreN or Cigars, and Cigarettes, PlllllCI!'II B17ILDIN g, .I J 'MAMtTI'AtTVaERi Or > +no .... rosAcoo. seACiioJ wAx. DEALERS IN DRUGS,. _... 1 J ( ... 'I I ISW William St., ew '2'ork. J: .., (' [ r No. 86 W..tJ.iL STREET, .l ( .., I l .I.. TOBTINE BUILDING, t r NEW: YO'R-1<. >' robacco !._ .. :,.AND f J I r T 91!l1 J! f" ,. } ri 'l. ,. Merchants,. io:i Lane, NEW YORK. fcEtLAWD TO:AACCO J ,o d t 179 PEARL ;STREET, ') ) I NEW YORK. uP stai!'ii. I' I I CHARLES F.-OSBORNE, v :JAMES. G. OSBORNE, w Xo. M NEW. YORK: C II( I t c :r 202 Ohath :MISCELLANEOUS. LICORICE MASS AND STICX,' IT.ALU.N, SPANISH, GREEK, TURKEY AND SICILY, FOR SALE BY M. MORRIS, 201, 209, and 211. P811Z0l I Near .Maitim I r r l& aJ J 1 ... j .... r ROTTERDAM,, L I F .. ,CO.,, .,. ........,. __ ora l.'V'1:! x ... .,. 25 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, oa Rand fhe Beat lla:ad aall St.eaJD. -eta- ft>r Cwttlll aDd Gnuual&tln ( SAFES Are mOlt clairab1e for quah"tJi hUh ancl prioe. I


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