The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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'VOL. VIII.--NO. 18. YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19 g{ht Ufobacco IS PUBLISHED !lVEBY WEDNESDAY lltOBNING BY TU JOBACOO LEAF PUBLISUING OOMP'Y, 142 Fulton St., New York. J. HENRY HAGER -Editor. JOHN G. GRAFF Busmess Agent. As an advertio;ing medium, where it is to nach the Cigar and Trade,. :not o'?-lY of this but foreign 1!!1 the best attam-ablii letters should be plainly addressed to THK TOBACCO LEAl" PuauSHI"l G COMfANV, P Fulton Street, New York Terms of the Paper. SINGLE CoPJKS 1 0 PER AN NU'\.1 k.,oo To England and the Canadas, $1 additiona l per annum for prepayment o f Post.aijfe. To Bremen, Hamburg and the Cootinent o( Europe_, $::.o8 additional annum f o r To Australia, etc., $1.04 vta. San Franctsco, ad,. ditio n a l per annum for Postage. No orders for the paper co':sidered, unless ac companied by the correspondm g amount. R emitte nces should, in ever yin!-.ta nce, made only by money-orde r check or draft. B1lls are liable to b e stolen, a n d can only be sent at the greatef;t risk to the sender. Rates of Advertising. l square (14 N onpareil lines) for six: m onths, $20. do. 1 year Larger advert1se m ents i n the same proportion, but none take n unless 1, 2, 3, 4, o r m ore squares. column, ;a: year, $45o; stx ro.on.ths, $2 50; three months Half column, 1 year, six months, $l30; three m onths, on the fLrst page, $tSo per square over two wide columns, and none taken for less than one year, payable fully in adv;tnce_; two sruares, f;3oo; three squares, $4.50. N o d e\'lon the third pagej cents per line for each insertion. No orders for advertising will b e .co n stdered! unlelSS accompanied bythe correspondtng amoun t. 'This rule will INVARJARLV be adhered to. lmpcrter:l D{ Clay Pipe. Manufarru rrrs of l'obacco. Batjer, R.,; Brother,'6l W ater. Alle n & Ellis. 11 Vine. JmprJrUrs oj' Lic a,ict Pa su 1 Gegha.n & M11rphy, 18 Hammond Appleby 8t Helme. 1:1. Water. Otte n H nry & Co, 373 M!Un Cle-velalld, De Lancey 24&u1.h Spence .rluJs. & Co., 52 and M East Sd. Glfl'ord, Sbermau e lnnts, 120 Ma'lujactw.rcrs a71d Commiu;on Merchants. Wallis & Co., 29 & 8 1 S. WJlliam. Bra$hers, Brown & Tllllu5, 32 and 34 McAnd r e w J ames 0. 124 Front. Hafer, Holmes & Co., 25 West Sec ond. Morris, R. M I9 Old Slip and 73 Water. Dealer in L a f Tobacc and Cigarr 'Veaver & Sterry, 24 -Fuhrman, V. & Son, 17 Main. &cd Leaf Tobacco lmporurs ami Dealers iln L inde F. 0 ., & Co Water. 1 Cigars. Tobacco Pressers. Krohn, Feiss & Co., 53 West Fourtb. Gut h rie & Oo., 225 Front. Lowenthal, ,8. &-; Oo J6 Main. Manufacturers of Cigar Boxes. Suasser, Louis, 187 walnut;, Jienkell, Jacob, 293 & 295 Monl"OP. Ltaf Tobaeident, c i!are L. 'H. Frayser w 'Co., Richmond, Va., Or, To the Vice-President, I 170 waler Stre e t, New York. Gerard, .Betta & Co., 7 Old Slip. Marru.factu.rers of pea/us in Lea; T obacco Labels. Tobacco' ;THE STAMPS WILL BE READY, Don a ldson Bros., h8 Park. Mathews, J.L.4& Co., 216 J efferson Ave. ---The Hatcll Lithographic Co .. 32 & 34'Vesey. Tobacco Kni-v i s Vve glad to be able to announce that the Com Reppenbet mer, F. & Oo j 22 N orth Will: 8Jll. 1,__ w Detroit Nove., orks missioner of Internal Revenue, in response to our earnest C igar-B o x Labds and Trimmings. DURHAM, N, C, Schumacher & Ettlinger,l5 Muq-ay. appeal of last wee .k, has made such arrang:emeus as wolff, Chas .A., 51 Chatham. Smoking Tobaceo. -0 & Co., 154 State. stamning On the oJd series :he date of the new act, Bergm..,n .lohn H l4 Ceder. F.irm&n & Co. 26 Cedar. Weatpqiu, Wm. 228 Sta.te. Blakemore: Mayo & Co., 41 Cigar Moulds anJ ShapeY. Woodworth & Strong, 217 state. "June 6, 1872," and selling them at the new rate until BroW1le 8t Frith, 7 Bu:;;ng Slip. Prentice, Oe9. :1-., I97 Pearl. Wj"olesale Dealers in ManufaCt>red DeBARY KLING, 52 Broad and 50 New Streets, New York. :IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS, And Sole Agents for sale of EL PRINCIPE DE GALES.CIGARS, al the KEY WE81' BRANCH of the celebrated El Principe de Gales Manufactory of Havana. H SCHUBART & CO., Importers of' HAVANA and PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO U, SCHUBART. No. 14(1 Water Street, N.EW YORK. B. FRIEDMAN. ,., o., 34 BE..A.. VER NE"W' IMPORTERS OF Havana Cigars ana Havana Leaf, and Sole Agents for the Brand "SUPER.OR, OE JOSE MARIA YICHOT," Send for Price List. KEY WEST FLOUIDA, \J WILLIAM EGGERT, Importer of HAVANA, and Dealer in all kinds of SEED L -EAP TOBACCOS, !J01_!f&ii":, 7411'Fr_oo.t. German Cigar M o v/d, the twenty-cent issue can be prepared. :!.Fo r this re-.-. ld c Burnham. J D. & Co., 77 & 79 Asylum. -Cr.rdoso A. H. & co., 123 Pearl. German Cil!""r Hou o., 737 Nintll St. INDIANAPOLIS, lief, much thanks." Cllockley .< D & Co 16lLPearl. .Spier, EM. & Col_ .,!1/ohn.B Maflu'acturc r s Plug and /::Jmokimr. f d h b" STREET; YORK. NEW 138 WATER ColellH.,l72 water. usm ooac o ag s a ThesubJ'oinedextracts are roman or eron. t esu Connolly &: QQ., 45 W&ter. Zellenka, R, 263 East Fomth. Smith & TholD.II&, 85 East South. crawfOE '.LA. D .r:LiS,SLue ",1 '11 .Merr!. Allen & eo. Davidson Bro .. 14h Water. T o acco agging. LIVERPOOL, Ezae. A L N Dohan. Carrol l & Co., I04 Front. Leoter.A.."8t Co., I03 Chambers. Smythe, p, w., so North J'ohn. Internal Revenue Collectors: .. v J)uBola En11;0ne! 71 'Front. TobtUco Sta,.p Can.e ller. I ( EllS" I, Wm. l s water. Seoombe Hanufacturiog co., 7 Park Piaoe. LOUISVILLE, K,-. Treasury Department, Office of of -.. 1 Engelbach, F 21 Sixih Av. I 1 R w W h' . FinDer, ;r. & Bros, I3 Third. act of Congress approved June 6, 1872, the tax on m _apu-oJ 1 -..,.,. M. & 84 Front. Cigareltc Rollers. 1 Tobacco Commission Merchawts. factured.tobacco is fixed at twenty cents per pound, bn 1md 1 ; u V,INE STREET. CINCINNATI. Garth D. J ., Son & Co., E. Bruckner, 10ll.Nauau. f J I 8 ll d d" t"ll d 't t se' e t c e ts We nre a BpeelaJly of PINE CUT ( H'E.!.WING, and r;arantee u to bo.d u .. orlj!lnal Dl018tor e an jlter uyr,1 72i non lSI e spmsa v n,; n I .. rw-.J"OIJBINGTR,DEONLYSOLICI'I'Ito, .. 0 6e,.h01 :r:; &.llro .. 86 Mataen Lane: a 57 T :r Wicks, G. W. & Co., Maw. per gallon, on and after the I st -day of August, t8p. I .. Guthrie & Co., 226 Front-. Brown, A. & -,., _..,.w,s. n. li h d b h f --!lti Hamburger 1. & co., 150 Water. Fire IoiU,..,m t crates y t e.act o r leut}f:t= AFZ8WJl Hillman G. w & QQ., 108 Front. Co., 37 Wall. '{'ported a7j-il D ommie Crgars. July 20, 1868, under Y\rl. "UJacrurers '-' h o w Cam. Tachau, c uo., &Ill. pare_ d i : become_s r .ecessary to call'? all such and; ; 8 1 W ; 1 ; 5J;1'r.nd 13 _Front. ltrnft 8t'Rbll'llleilter, 1 3 North William Tob6"0 lttanufacrurers' Supplies. subslltute therefor others represen mg thlnate mlposed ,_, ,._, l..!i"F\" Wigginton, :E. G. & Co., 23 Third. brthe act of. June 6, I872-Col' ectoi_"g :Vill therefore, 1 1 J .., ID:UD .4 MD.. b "'.,.. S' J'l a .,l62 Pe>trl. Sajcs. Dea lers Leaf Tobacco and Manufacturers of w1thout exceptron, retl!m to the 0 {nmlS!j.I_Qner of Mo.rvin" Co., lh' Mdway. Alberding, G. & QQ., Third. nal_Revenue, and when 1 .y A 'Well assotte and snuff and for the mbnt o to. IS I e Beck. F. w.. ,eo., ISO North. Wood.....-d, GN-rett a Oo., Water. spirits, will thereafter order stamps fifonl:hly;: a:smay I Pearl. w1 .. eo., 181 Wut Pratt. r So h Del be nee e nor o e IS o u y nex n u n e&Ruete,l29iearl-. d d p t th t fJ 1 te s i g..allre -,.. CoHu, J., lH ut a......., ave. h [A er' Frodenck, 52 Beaver. Ma.,factolrers of Cigars WAolwtr.. D-J!pll, I,P P-1 DNicr i'fl-lta aad D-stie .L.II{ < M4noftsrm of &otr!. Stu.ff. 'Otherv.ise, stamps of the current ISSUe WI e sent 1 Ma,.fctrm,ef Toha:. .,.,nd;Mapnfoenrer oJ CJr.m. J Karb, Ph, II. <:o; 115 Am>. .denominations of snuff stamps, after the Lst of July next, How ToBACCO MUST BE PACKED-LETTER FROM exist at all if the law is enforced; and it is further argued J3"ooiw,a.lll M alld ii6 Broad. Karri o JJ. iJd., a'2 w..s ;Batchelor t.f:,_tars. will be half-ounce (for fractional weights,: bladders,) 1 THE Revenue,W ashthat it affects storekeepers as well as the workingmen. :holmerCoo" if T/NIA. Hue, Tlloo. & MlB..Nartll Second. ounce, 2 Ounces, 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 8 ounces, t6 ounces, ington, Jl!fle 12, 1872 Messrs. S S & The Jaw was characterized as a law which would be a .. 8. 8. &Bro., au ODd 215 Duau. NelHiecbr, :r,.R., 5 7 West B&TtiDJore. Smith Brqthera.ill!ff.eeht, 225 Race I pound, !I pounds, pounds, 5 IO h N D St t """ y k t s s d' h I t th ld d it -TF 1a Front MAnufal!lurer f s..j: TheobLld, A a:., Thrtd oU.a Poplar. a o.. Holyoke, o:,b.; 12 Oenli&l Wharf. Manu'aE turer '" Fin" Citfllll nJ Duzi.r i se. ries can be prepared. All orders for snu_ff stamps, for. other than "ne-cu chewingf' a .nd ,shorts, the refuse of action in the matter and to enter, and co-operate with Do-':1, It .l.'ulton. _r'i ':/" f J I h )db d d --' lJ > A. & Som, 174 EichUl t.v. OJ ars ;md .Dtler in Lliif Mafrtun!l Tohttuo. 1 use on' and alter the. 1st o_ u y, s ou e orse fine-cut chewing, is required to b11 put up and prepared other organizations of and tobacco man1;1factur-' S..Mtlf tt<. JIJOOblion, :r., 7 l'oerotet, 'R, c ,ially for snu1! It JS that months WJII by the m3nufacturer for sale or remo'(a_ l for sale o.r coning business engaged m seekmg _a remedy agamst the w,;... Eiler & Kaeppel, 2211 Pearl. W/>oltusle 1Jealm' n Tobacco aud Manufac1 c; Mac/Jines. 1 be Ill the preparation new dtes and plates, sumption, in packages, of two, four, and "'xte_en ruinous law. An adjourned meetmg was held on' the a.m, Liberty. te" .-1 1urtrs ;..-Ciuew. Tamoer'i Prectioal, 211W:eyboMet. and m pnntmg therefrom a sufficient_supply of tobacco ounces and iu no other manner. Sectlon 62. You m the evenina,of the 17th inst., at Brooke's Assembly Undhelm, ]1[,, 148 Wt. r b h f h ., d' i Manan & Lyall. Neal, Thos. D: BroWorks, OM Norlh Second. _,_0..,. EDITQB.IAJ.S. M B d h h U t f !l."l JJ 1.J-t so'c.;qar., 11. &-&o_..,_M 1 ; .......__ .a.. <> 1 I J. W. DOUGJcA.SS, Commzsssoner. r. on )Dove t at t comm1 ee, o? re urnmg rom .,, I lloDdb'ageitBI-08.;t7 Wes\Randolph. o,,R.&QQ., )23-l.:..rket. ', ,, ) ; o,)--_ I ''" a ) )f b ... ? I Washington. call a meetmgof the entlre trade, to take ,, '"' HflTIII,'Ito JIOrt.hfWcOD!L -S#QWN_G FIGHT S!cilt La)ce Clgai; ven eJS [ such action as the result of the may seem to Iequfre. llud ai 1V"tlr,. +-1 mm" of l?n Cut j '1 J 'ToiTMco' Mrur. ) of a new ordlnagce ) l'PE LEAF SECTION of the The motion carried. Oppenheimer then ( "' 1 ( f I111'N'!'"'h water. H&)llleo; 1. .wb1d\ are to, e11f?r .ce de4lers, c1gar-maken and toba<:comsts that a comm1ttee be appomted to draw up a ;..fl-.Cu 1 V :EN'' ..... ::;.:.-ATT"-J s ''--Last w"-k'in this city iw"" heltl -at the Tum Hall l!'ourth Street in this city setting forth the greviances of the trade, and to have It J K. 8r CPA,(_!l'-Pea.rl al_.l'actJ rYr.s o. s;Jne t ntwtr:g illl ...,..o.,-o E A M. .a..K c" J -aT' -"'\ l.. A f h h u "' -h lfrlll ....._,,._ -'" d p alri-s i' "Le(lf T'*'-: Piatt Iii Nmm1ttee he .trade against-the opeiations ot: sectwn m I named, ,and a motiOn wa:>. also earned to _secure the :mJ 1 wn:J. Ellllr P-1: le Dit Y(as' such a sharacter that it tary _of the v. a l. airected to the JU '' q: 1 ater' 1 No. g Ei hth Avenue. tor 'alleged woul ,tllin and nnallylead to monopoly. outstde tb.e c1ty and m vlte the of m :;,,[ m 'T"": -1 i'''' (!\ Vic..,., "1 l '"'1 1 lJTI0-4r J(, y_.. I t t d ,[, f l_ i '!-' g the'or fo ncl a ver(!ic It -is estimated that there are at least two thousand of securmg the noll-enforcement of the law. The m"etmg !11'1 .. t I I Sr.-l,,-_ jrau '" -.'the stna!lest storekeepers in this city who would not then adjourned. j r>f al S.... u-11 Wetti'&O_nd. 1 I,= 1 '"'' 1 f e w: ;., 1 P, J 'II ; I U.r. Q JQBea. f rfi1 j] Vme;l '"' ( '" ., II' .. "! .... "' ,_ ., ,, , ; ") l I w I.,;; 1.Jf; ,ht} o" r t ... / fi t '" .... rt I'';, 't f I U


THE TOBACCO L.EAF. THE TOBACCO MA.RK.E'l'. Government pnnters are engaged m adaptmg the old stamps to the new rate, so that they DOMESTIC. avatlable at the earhest posstble moment, and thiS IS NEw YoRK, t8 prob:tbly the reason why the preseat supply ts meagre Western Leaf-Our market contmue:. s teady, wtth a and sparingly sold to manufacturers Wbatever the farr datly demand for small lots resultmg m the sale of cause, howe:er, the cucumstance is one that ought not 949 hhds Sh1ppers took 558 hhds, mostly Factory to have occurred, and now that 1t has occurred the trash, at 8Yz c Clarksville l ug s at 97fc, and free flashy sooner 1t ts remedied the better Obstructions have all spmmng leaf for Bremen, at I 3@14c fhe htgh cost of along been numerous enough wtthout mulnplymg them at th1s of the year, and are largely composed or low aad inferior sorts, the better grades of cutting bemg held back 10 antJcipatJon of better pnces after the new Tax BtU goes mto effect The offerings at the several warehouses number I to6 hhds and 127 boxes as follows son m the firsR place, the cut tobacco 1S bulky, it can not be carried, it can not be transported wtth that safety and with that ease that the plug tobacco can be. It ab sorbs persprrat10n, and soon bt-comes sp01led. The aroma of the cut tobacco ts not equal in strength to that of plug tobacco, as a general rule ; and among all the laboring classes of the South not a hundredth port10n of th< tobacco used by them IS m any other form than plug tobacco It is stron$er; 1t keeps better, 1t can be car ned about the person wtthout InJUry to the tobacco, 1t can be earned m the field, and 1s always ready for use Now, str, the colored people 01 the country, who of all the people of thiS Land are most excusable for the mdul gence of thzs pernmous habzt, use almost entirely the plug tobacco They smoke the plug tobacco to the excluston of the cut tobacco, because 1t 1 more exhtlarat mg, the, aroma 1s stronger. I do not rememoer m my experl:t1ce to have seen the cut tobacco used by the l a bormg class ofthe South To the shopkeeper, the store keeper, those who remam about houses and who can use the cut tobacco wtth convemence, tt JS cheapest and can be u sed best. I have seen more cut tobacco used smce I have been tn Washmgton ctty than I have mall my hfe before If thts tax ts kept up, 1t wtll go forward until the very best tobacco m all the market wtll find 1ts form for salem that of the cut tobacco because of the dtscnmmatlon agamst that tobacco on the quest10n of tax Now, uniformty we destre, umformtty ts a necesstty, and there ts a dtrectness m this thmg of a umform tax that should be constdered Fmdmg tnat my t1me ts nearly out, I wtll not elaborate another proposttlon tha t I mtended to touch upon, but wtll say-1 behe ve I have ttme fpr that-that if I had my way with tax; !.tton, I would contmue the tax upon tobacco, thereby taxmg a luxury, and a pernJcLous one, and I would reheve the tax u pon some articles of mdustry for example, that of baggmg and, bahng I would oft'er a reward to mdustry, and place a tax upon luxury But I meet the case as 1t has been argued here The amendment was agreed to CUT AND GRANULATED TOBACCO Mr LooAN-Ih hne two hundred and forty-two, on page 64, I move to stuke out the words that whtch is now known as," followtng after the words granulated tobacco other than so as to read, "and all cut and granulated tobacco other than fine-cut chewmg thts latter quahty restncted sales, but we hear of some sttll further. abatement lately "in the extravagant pnces long rulmg CtgarsThe commerce m ctgars was fatr durmg the at Clarksvtlle, and With a further reduction of a cent, we week but the market was wtthout noticeable feature may yet have. .a fatr German trade thts fall Cotters Thus far, to thetr credtt 1t may be said, the ctgar makers bought 108 hhds, mostly new Mason county1 by Western employed m the large manufactories have shown no samples Thts crop s hows poorly so far, as compared sign of uneasmess m con:sequence of the trade stnkes 50 wttb last year, both m c6lor and quahty, and comes prevaent m other throughout the ctty It IS very h.ghly mv01ced Manufacturers brought 74 hhds well they have elected to remam passtve at thts lime, as and JObbers I4Z hhds. Our adv1ces from the west reneith e r the current rates at which ctgars are selhng, nor port a good season for plantmg, and two thtrds of a large the character of the material avatlable t"O manufacturers crop set out, or as much as the total crop of last yearwtl\ JUSttfy an mcrease m the cost of productiOn. Thts was succeeded by dry weather whtch may preven Goltl opened at I 143( and closed at 114 At the Bodman Warehouse, 248 hhds and I07 boxes 194 hhds new Kentucky trash, lugs and leaf 67. at 106 at 1o@l14.75, 21 at IS@2o 7s 24 hhds new Ohto trash, lugs and leaf 2 at 8 30@9 so, I4 at Io@14 22, 8 at 15@20 16 hhds, to boxes, West Vtrgtnia 2 at 7 35@7 85 ; 13 at 8@9 85, 9 at to @I4 75, 3 at 15 75, 25 8 hhds Southern Kentucky: 2 at 9, 9 95, 6 at Io@u 6 hhds Southern Indtana 2 at 7 95, 4 at 8.20@9. 97 cases Ohto and Connect Icut seed leaf> 35 cases new Oh10seed fillers and wrap pers 8 at 6 05@7 .50, II at 8@9 So; 8 at 10@12, 8 at I SS@t8 so. 5 cases old Ohio seed 4 at n 7 5@14 7 5, I at 16 7 5 4 3 cases new Connecticut seed fillers and wrappe1s, to at tO@ IS, IO at IS 25@I8.75, 23 at 20 @33 so. 4 cases olJ Connecticut seed at I4 so@I9 25 At the 271 hhds and 8 3 hhds old Kentucky trash and lugs. I at $9 55, 2 at 12. 13. I47 hhds new do trash, lugs and leaf. z at 7 45, 7 55, 4S at 8@9 95, 72 at 75; 28 at 15@I8. 34 hh'ds Ohto trash. lugs and leaf 1o at 8 os@9 43 at 40@14 75, S at 15@17 so S hhds, 3 boxes Wtst Vtr gmt a. 4 at 5 65@7, 4 at 8 05@9 20 5 be xes Obio seed at 7@8 z5. I hhd scraps at 5 16 hhds E st Vtr gmta bnght manufactunng 13 at I7.75@27 75, 3 at 40 The PRESIDING OFFICER-The questiOn IS on the amendment of the Senator from Ilhnots Mr SHERMAN ...... have no obJectwn to that. The amendmeht was agreed to. FINE CUT SHORTS. Mr. LOGAN-In !me two hundred and forty-three I move to msert the words and shorts the refuse of fine cut chewmg tobacco" after the word chewrng" Mr BLAIR-I ask the Senator from IlilnoJS to state the ohject of the amendment. Mr. LoGAN-flus clause, as I undestand, JS in reference to granulated and other tobacco, and cuttmgs, etc, bemg mcluded m 11, I want to mclude the refuse of fine cut chewmg tobacco. l he cltppmgs and cuttmgs of ordmary tobacco mclude the same thmg as clippings and cuttmgs of fine-c ut chewmg tobacco. My amendment ts to put the re f use of that on the same footmg as the refuse of other tobacco, to put 1t all upon an equahty m asmuch as that ts the rule. a good s tand, as has been the case m v trgmta Exchang e has been qutet and steady quote lstw eek 2dweek Sdweek 4lh,wok 5thweok ToW B1lls at 6o days on London, 109.Ji@Io97f for commer-January 990 403 349 377 I8I 3 ,6 oo c1al; for bankers, do at short Sight, February I69 579 420 648 384 2,200 Paris at 6o days, 5S@S zo, do at March----124 300 t,886 l\68 422 3,6oo short stght, 5 t.6.Ji@S IS' antWerp, s .z.t.Ji@S I77f ; Aonl 83 6oi S 12 84o 1,o64 3,1oo Swiss, 5 21 )( @5 x77f, Hamburg, 35%"@36 7'3, AmMay--2 9 1 483 532 1,597 3,300 sterdam, Frankfort, 4o7'fi@41.Ji, Bremen, June-238 971 2.rc;8 78fl\ @797f, Prusstan thalerss, 71%"@121\l Vzrgzma L eaf-The tobacco market has been dull the Frc tghts, have been acttve. Among the engagements past week, neuhe1 weather nor present demand bemg were to Ltvarpool per sa11 100 hhds at x85, 9d. to Lon iavorable to extenstve traffic For manufacturmg sorts don, per sa11, 3 8 hhds at 20 s and 100 pgs Jon pnvate there was some mqutry m the VtrgttiJa leaf market, but terms, a nd per Steamer, 33 hhds at 2,55, to Antwerp, the aggregate sold does not appear to have been as large per sat!, 32 hhds and 24 cases ou pnvate terms, to Hamas usu al for tile same length of ttme, while for export burg, per steamer, 324 hdds on pnvate to Ere and spe"ulatton comparattvely ht\le was done The ffien, zoo cases at 13 s 9d, to Rotterdam,'per sad, 400 market, however contmues fum and pttces of all grades hhds at JSS 6d; An Italtan bark, 6oo tons, was char are well sus tamed tered wtlh a full cargo of Kentncky, to Marsetlles at 32s. Ru;hmond reports md1cate full breaks, wtth an upward 6d, an Amer1can bark, 74 8 tons to Geneva, Leghorn, or tendency m dark goods and steadmes, m bnghts of all N -aples at 3 6s 3 d An Amencan bark, 497 tons, to Cor grades From foretgn sources there ts nothmg of urport-mma at 37s J sct ance later than h us already appeared m thts column EXPORTS. bus mess m most of the markets abroad, though shghtly FnoM the port of New York to foreign ports, other 'dmproved, bemg sttll restncted by the absence of destra than European ports, f01 the week endmg June 11, lble assortments, whtch re stnctton, 1t may be assumed. were as follows -wtll contmue until the vtews of buyers are suffictently ARGENTINE REPUBLJc-6S hhds, IO cases, hberahzed to meet the expectations of holders he1e $4zz, 35 ,6 4 6 Jbs mfd, 6,873 The firm rates now and for a long ttme prevailmg m Ba1 TISH GuiANA-6 hhds, $ 1 ,6so, 1 box p1pcs, Jz.3o. all the domestic markets, may be taken as a basis of calBRITISH HoNDURASI, 1 65 lbs mfd, culation for the balance of the season, and there bemg BRITISH WasT INDIES-J,IOI Jba mfd, ,:734. no hkehhood whatever of a declme, no good purpose CANADA-ZI cases ctgars, s5 142 403 cases ltcorice can be subserved l:!y longer delavmg transactions that at paste, some lime "'111 have to be consummated to keep the CuoA-I o, 300 lbs mfd, $z>409 wheels of commerce and trade m malton DANISH WEeT !NDIES-J40 Ibs mfd, $88 At the Kentolll 251 hhds, and 8 boxes 143 hhds, 3 boxes new Kentucky trash, lugs, a11d leaf 5 at $4@7' sr at 8@9 90' 70 at 10@14 75' zs at 15@:n. 8 6ld do t1 ash at 4 67 new Uhto tJ ash lugs and leaf 3 at 7 'l5@7S1 z at 8@9.75, 2I at ro@ 14.75 21 hhus,5 boxes We.c Vrgma 4at665@7 70, II at 3@9 90 9 at Io@13 25 4hhds ::ioutho:rn Ken tucky ti ash at 7 6o@9 7 5 At the Planters Warehouse, 240 hhds, :1 boxes 23 hhds old Kentucky lugs and !eat z at so, I4 25; ZI at 15 25@22 75 181 hhds new do trash, lugs and leaf 2 a t 6 35, 7 95 28 at 8@9 6o, 65 at ro@r4 75, 26 at I 5 25@22 66 hhds new Oluo trash, lugs .tnd leaf 17 at 8@9 95, 34at Io@14 so, 12 at 15@,20.75 8 hhds 2 boxeti West Vugtma:3 at 7 85@8.8o, sat 19 25@13 23, 2 at z2 so, 27 At the Pluster Warehouse, 96 hhds, 2 boxes 89 hhds new Kentucky trash, lugs and leaf 3 at $7 75@7 95 21 at 8 05@)J5 41 at IO@I are put up. Mr LoGAN-! understand tlus sect10n to affect the quantity merely, does t not? Mr SHERMAN-Enttrely so. It does not affect the tax Mr LoGAN-It has nothmg to do w1th the tax That was agreed to awhtle ago Mr SHERMAN-It 1s to allow them to put up fine cut shorts as well as fine cut chewmg tobacco m packages of thts stze. THE UNITED STATES SENATE ON 172 lbs TOBACCO. Seed leaf for sh1pment has been m fatr HAYTI-2 hhds, s354, 445 bales, h,sJ8, request, and there was a moclerate mqu1ry for seconds mfd, N A YS-.Mt:ssrs Alcorn, Ames, Bayard Bla1r, B o re man, Buckmgham, clayton, Cooper, Fenton, Ferry of Connecticut, Flanagan, Frehnghuyaen, Q J ldthwa l te, Hami l ton of Maryland, Hall, Johnsto n, Kelly, L ewtii, Norwo od, Po o l, Ranso m Saul sbu ry, Sawyer, S churz, Scott, Sprague, S teven son, Stockt on, Sumner, V 1ckers, W est and W1lson-32 ABSENT-Messrs Anthony, Brownlow, Caldwell, Cameron, Carpen ter, C.a.ssc:rly, Dav11 of Kentucky, DaYII of West V1rgm1a, Edmunds, Ham l to n of Tuas, Hamlm1 Howe, Kellogg, Mornll of Vermont, Mor t o n Nyc:, Osborn, Patterson, Pomeroy, Ramsey, R1ce Spencer, Ste..Yart, and Thurman-25 The PRESIDING OFF ICER-The questton ts on the amendJDent of the Se nator from Ill.nois "l'he amendment was agreed to and fillers for the home trade There 1s a noticeable M Exrco...L1 ,039 Jbs mfd $z36. .decrease in the export demand but no 011tward tndtcation NEw GRENADA-68x lbs mfd, -so far as observed, that thts decrease wtll contmue It PERU-I,73 6 Jbs mfd, $900 is somewhat regret able that the movement maugurated To European ports f.,r the week endmg June a few weeks smce has not been stead1ly mamtamed, as ANTWERP-UI hhds, 299 lulls can better be spared than utilized whtle the market BREMEN-39 hhds, 43 do stems, 953 cues, 9 bales is plethoric and anxwusly for re'1ef from Its HAMBURG-z 43 hhds, 72 cases burdens But as every thmg can not be as may be w1sh LIVERPOOL-:78 hhds, 57 9 8 2 lbJ mfd ed 1t ts both becommg and the part of wtsdom to be L 6 hhd i!lhankful for the brief and brilltant season thus far en-ONDON9 s, 35 cases SEVILLK-27:1 hhds. joyed, and to trust to fortune for a return and contmuRoTTERDAM-IS hhds, zoo casses, ance of tt. Even as tt ts, business ts as to mspire DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. satiSfaction rather than complamt, for the d mmutton The amvals at the port of New York from domestic of the foregn demand i.s noteworthy only wben contrast-mtenor and coast wise ports for the week endmg June wttb the earher sales on foreign account, and these t8, were 3,uobhds,84 trcs, 21 trcs, 29 trcs, 3 792 m a review of the presentsttuatton, the transfers cases, 378 ceroons, 105 kegs, 130 boxes, 1 05 of die past and preceding week will appear, as they inboxes, 37 7.( boxes, s7 boxes, 7 cases ptpes, 9 boxes deed are, actually large. The reported d1stnbution for do, constgned as follows the week JUSt closed was as follows For export 900 BY THE Eluw RAILROAD -Sawver, & Co, cases Ohw at .1o@II 450 cases Pennsylvama at I 3 8 hhdi, p Lorillard & Ce, 39 do; T. w. Fatgenhorst 14@.I8c, 200 cases State at 9@11c, and 8oo cases W1s-& Co, 4 6 do., c E. Hunt. to,do, E. M. Wright & Co, consm at 8@9c On home account 500 cases Connect!; Io9 do, Norton, Slaughter & r-0 25 do, Blakemore, cut and Massachusetts seconds ani. fillers were taken Mayo, & Co., t8o do, D. J Garth, Son & Co., g 2 do, 27@3:1c for the former, a!'-i IS@I7C for the latter, F. Ktmtcutt, 6 do, J p Qum & Co, 4 do, Barclay, Lw and 100 cases new Connecticut wrappers at a total ingston & Co,' 93 do; Goodwm & Co, I 7 do, J w. of cases. Smtth & Sons I4S do; B C. Baker, Son & Co 9 do; Spa,uk-For Havana tobacco, the demand, that 11, Kremelberg & Co., 70 do, Pollard, Pettus & C1:1., 1 3 0 do; the.r::egular trade demand, does not appear to have been Henderson Brothers, 7 do, Oelnc4s & Co, s8 do, acttve, the sale11 reach a respectable aggregate, Huffer, 'roe! & Co, 6 do, A. c L & 0. ){eyer, I6 do, amounltng altogether, as reported, to I,541 bale-s; 45 S. M Co., 98 tit>, Fox, Dills Ill Co, 43 cases, bales at 9Sc@Jx.Io, 488 bales on pnvate terms, and Strohn & Retzenstem, 25 do; A W. Lindsay, 41 do 6oo bales on speculattoa, also on pnvate t .. rms. The Kuchler Gail & Co 8 7 do Bunzl & Dormttzer 10 do tone of the market IS firm for all grades, with mere as Chas & Son 26 do E' Hoffman 22 do o;der 236 ing strength in the descri pttons. Good Yara IS m bhds, SS cases. ' .request and meets w1th ready sale when offered BY THE HuDSON RivER RAILROAD_ J. P. Q.!11n & Manufadured-The Cavendish market was Without Co, IO hhds, Norton, Slaughter & Co, 11 do, Havemeye 1llllmatwn, tke prolonged and constantly Iecurnng an-& y1gehus, 72 cases, Joseph Mayer's Sons, 23 I do, no)ances and. hmdrances, to whtch the trade 1s sub-Schroeder & Bon, 86 do, Chas. F. Tag & Son. 1 3 do, jected preventtng even an occasiOnal return of lite el a s F c Lmde Co, SS do E M Crawford & Co, t t cit.)' and sptrtt once so common to tt The only sales do H Hoffm a a 2 do R H Arkenburo-h 40 do c.. th b b .I .. 'Pf at aye een reporte .. to us wt:re two & E Salomon, 94 q 1 & C. Moore, 40 do or hree hundred packages of quarter-pounds and a BY T H E NATION ALl LINE-E "lo?. Wnght & Co., 23I hl{e nUinber of tens for the Cul:la:n market hhds, J K & Son, 46 do, F W Tatenhorst & A firm bas recetved from the Corn,IJ'ltsCo 2 do D ]' Gartb Son & Co 1 8 9 do Pollard sioner of Internal Revenue-who had also notified the Pet;us & Co., do" Sawyer, & co', I07 do: at Richmond, Va, t'> the same effect-a new M Oppenhetmer & Brother, 1 do; Chas Luhng & Co, rulmgofthe Revenue Bureau ofwhtch we here present 14 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, sz do do, J p Qum & a synopsts: The rultng declares tb a t all plug C o 42 do,-M Abenhetm, 1 r do, R L. Mattland & bonded after June ,6 1872, date o f the stgnmg c;>f Co 8 do, Henders on Brothers, 46 do, J D. Kelly ,Jr., the amended 1evenue law, ana withdrawn for c onsump 45 do, Sullivan, Murphy & Co, z do, Wm. Eggert, 47 tton, shall pay a tax of 32 ce-nts a pound-the old or cases, Kuchler, Gat! & Co 40 do, Chas F Tag & rate mstead of the new one of 20 cents a pound Son, 44 do, W A Boyd, so do Bunzl & Domttzer, In JUSttficat iOtl ofth1s addtttonalmpedtment m the way 99 do order 43 hhds -of btiS nl."ss, the Commissto,ner embraces tl1e occaswn BY LINE-Joseph Mavers Sons, 42 cases. to say that new law leaves htm no altet native but to BY THE CAMDEN AND AMBoY RAILROAD -E Rosen--dJSCitrrunate between tobacco bontled. after and tli!at wald & Brother Ioo cases Bunzl & Dormnzer 4I do b.< d b bonded e1ore IIS passage, a tscnmmatton emg, m C C Menzel, 22 do; E & G Fnend & Co, 3 do. his optmon, made hy the law ttself m these words BY THE NEW YORK AND NEW HAVEN RAILROAD'All tobaC('O ami sn1o1ft now stated many export bonded J. Hamburger & Co, 58 cases, A Stem & Co, 2 do, warehouse shall, on or aftei I, 187z, be subJect to Havemeyer & Vtgeltu, 8 do A Heydennch 2 do the same tax as provtded by thts act." That the word BY THE NEW AND 'NEw HAVEN now can be construed, as the CommlSStonei has con LINE-A. L & C L. Holt, 86 cases, D & A Bennmo strued 1t, to excluJegoods hero ded on the 7tt1, or an.} t3ay 8 9 do, Havemeyer & Vtgelms, Io8 do, W M Pnce, I after the 6th of June unit! the 1st ofJ ul), 1t any body do, Gtles Wnght, 23 do, S Rossm, 41 do, Palmer & L so dtsposed, 1s, o f course, not t o be a.loubted. But so, ScoVIlle I do H Prelle 5 d o also, might tt be made to tnclude them if any body in BY N1EW YORK' AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT authonty at the Revenue Bureau felt incltncd to do so' LINE-M. H Levin, 33z cases, H. Schubart & Co, 6o or dt> thmg else that would ass1st 1 ather than ob-do;. Charles F. '1 a g & Son, 1 t do, E M Crawford & stiuct the tt ade -Unlortunatly there IS no such person Co, I72 do, A L & C L H olt, 8 do the1 e at the present lime, ana there IS whete hes the BY THE OLD DoMn\JO N ST.EAMSHIP LINE -A. D. dtfficulty All tobacco and snuff now tn bond-that IS, Chock ley, 6 hhds, D i J Garth, Son & Co, 3 do, L that shall be m bond when thts act Into ooeratum, & Co, 4 elo, Read & Co, I do, James Chteves what was meant by the f1amets of the act, they ob & Co, 4 do, S. M Parker & Co, 6 do, Kunhardt & Co, "'VlOusly Hltf'ndmg to make thts concesston a sop for the 300 do, Oelrichs & Co, 9 do, P Lonllard & Co I5 injury done in abohshmg the warehouses Had the m-do, 43 trcs, W. 0 Snuth, 30 do, 14 do, 21 half trcs: 29 tent been otherw, Ise It would have been so declared un-quarter trcs, r8o cases, so three quarter boxes, A S T -doubtedly, smce after what had been done m opposttton Rosenbaum & Co, I trc, cases, Martm & Johnson, to the general destre, there was no need of &ympathy 137 cases; S Rapp, 1 o d o Maddux Brothers, Slo do; in matters of detail, however at bttr. ry. The Commts-E Hen, 90 do, Belcl er, P a rk & Co., I r6 do; Carhart sioner, in th1s aftatr, has ened, firt, tn hts mterpreta Brothers, 50 do,M. M Welzhofer, 2 do; \V P -bon of the law, and, second, m f:ulmg to announce hu, Ktttredge & Co., 22 do 30 half boxes; G W Htllman y1ews at an earlter date. As the case stands, not & Co, 259 do, 100 to, Bu l kley, M o1e & Co, 38 do, Will all shtpn:ents tn bond for fu.ture consumpttan 10 kegs; L Gmter, 3-; d o '! cases I/tpes J R Tupper, -cease forthwtth, but goods already shtpped smce the 6th 34 do, 378 ceroon 90 half boxes, Dohan, Carroll & instant, to distant ports in the expectation of beu1g Co., 412 do, 290 h alt boxe s, 35 quarter boxes; Jas. M. withdrawn at the new rate, will be a dead loss to the Gardmer & Co, 6o do, 96 d o, 2 do; Connolly & Co., >wners Surely some means can be devised for pre 194 do, 66 do, t6ithtrd box s, E DuB01s, 17 do, 39 ventmg these constantly recurnng acts of hostthty three quarter boxes, 23 kegs, J D Ketlly, Jr, 78 do, Smokmg-Dealers m smokmg tobacco are very busy 36 do I I half boxes ; R tche y & Boniface, r so do, 14 orders commg m faster than they have the means to fil, do, 169 do, 37 third boxes, 72 kegs, J. H. Thomp them, espectall) when the d1ffioeulty expenenced tn proson, 34 thtrd boxes W1lham Demuth & Co., 4 curing stamps ts taken mto account, the tevenue authon boxes ptpes, L. \Vetil, 5 do N L McCready, 21 cases, ties bemg etther unable or umynlhng to furmsh them m 200 half boxes; oruer, IO hhds, z6 trcs, JI cases sufflctent 'iluanttty to meet the present demand. CINCINNATI, 1 s -Mr F A Prague, leaf tobacco rerrainmg unstamped wh<.n the amended law tol:acco mspLCto r, repNts as follows The market goes mto will, It 1s tme, pdd four cents pet has shown m ore than usual a cltvtty dunnj! the entire pound more tax to the Government. but it is scarcely to week Prices have heen ful! .ond well sustamed on all be supposed, as some tmagme there IS reason to mfer, grades of cutung, but espectally so for low grades suit that th1s consideration IS the cause of the delay m for able for the manufacture of com mon sm .. kmg tobaceo. ward10g stamps to the vartous Collectton DJStncts. The Recetpts, wh1le hbe1al are not up to what they shou,d be -........... lnteresttnlf Debate on the Tobacco Frovisions of" tbe Amended TarUfa11d Tax Bill, May 29 1872. Accordmg to prom tse, we proceed to gtve the co,clu ston of the Senate debate on the tobacco secuons of the amended tax btll, the commencement of which was con tamed m our tssue of the 5th mst It ts of the greatest mterest, as showmg the exact amount of mformat10n on trade matters possessed by the members of our Jughest legtslattVe body and the probable dnft of dtscusston and act10n on stmtlar questiOns m the future. So the amendment was reJected Mr SHERMAN-I belteve the amendment msertmg twenty four" m heu of" twenty was adopted before the monon was made to stnke out The 'PRESIDING OFFICER-It was. HOW SMOKING TOBACCO MAY BE PACKED The next amendment was m sectwp [seventeen] six teen, m !me two hundred and forty five, to stnke out the words "by stnkmg out from the last lme the word two.', -Mr CoNKLINGWhat ts the effect of that stnkmg out the word two?" Mr SHERMANThe House bt!L refuses them the pnYi lege of putting up thts tobaccv m two-ounce packages. TAXING RETAIL DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO Th f d f The next amendment of the Commtttee on Fmance e commrttee were 0 opmton, an many o the House members were:of the optmon, that t;ought to be rt"StOied. was m sect10n [seventeen) Sixteen, hnes twenty three and It was done rather un,ntenuonally than otherwiSe. WANTED THB TAX TO REMAIN AS IT WAS twent}-four, to stnke out the words "whose annual sales The VICE PRESIDBNT-fhe Secretary will now re-do not exceed ,"and after the word" dollars, Mr. CoNKLING-The effect JS to let them put It up in port the pendmg amendment offered by the Senator m hne twenty five to stnke out the words "and if their two ounce packages ? from Ohio [Mr. Sherman] in regard to the tax upo{l annual sales $, shall pay, m addmon, two Mr. SHERMAN-Certamly. tob ceo Mr. JoHNSTON-The whole sectton, as I understand 8 1 dollars for every thousand dollars m excess of $ro,ooo," 1 h f h k Mr. SHEitMAN-1 wtll w1thdraw that to allow the. so as to make the paragraph read IS s1mp y as tn t e s1ze o t e pac ages. questaon to be taken distinctly on stnkmf out the secTht aectton fifty-nne be amended by atnk1 n1 out all of paragnpba Mr. That IS all It 15 wht.ther they shall t10n proposed !>Y the Senator' from Iowa Mr. Wnght] se9en, eght, mne and ten, and nsernng 1n lieu thereof the followmg, co put lt up 10 two-ounce packages or not. We thought The VICE PRESIDENT-The questiOn then recurs on w1t "dealers In leaf tobacco, except retail dealers In leaf tobacco, u they had bette-r have the pnvilege, as they have become the. motion of the Senator from Iowa [Mr. 'Vnght] to :.eremafter de6ned,lhall each pay twenty-fie dollars" accustomed to 1t. stnke out the clause fixing the tax upon all tobacco as The amendment was agreed to Mr. CoNKLING-! thmk that is a very reasonable proposed in the House bill at twenty cents and as Mr SHERMAN-After the words for sale, m ltne pnvtlege, because e\en then the effect of the proviston, posed by the Senate Committee at twenty four thtrty, on page 56, I move to the words "or conm v1ew of what we have adopted, 1S to subject smokmg effect bemg to leave the tobacco tax as Jt now Is. st&ned for sale on commtsston tobacco to an expense m Its present state not apphca-Mr. WRIGHT-The pending motiOn, made by mysdf, fhe amendment was agreed to. ble to other tobacco, and this, although 1t 15 the cheap-ts to stnke out the entire clause from ltne etght to !me The next amendment of the Commtttee on Fmance, est As a letter I have on my table, wntten by a manu-nmeteen, mclustve, on page 55, and the effect of that was m sect10n [seventeen] SJXteen,from ltnes twenty-seven facturer, says, 1t wtll cost three cents a pound to cut motiOn as has been explamed very clearly by the chatr, to e1ghty one, mclus1ve, to stnke out the followmg pro smokmg tobacco so that the tax is to be twenty-seyen will be to leave the tax as 1 t now stands I destre to vtso cents, although Jt ts the cheapest arttcle onginally. b r h k h h if h Prov>Jhall remam as tl IS now. 1 th f th d busmess 1t IS to sell, or offer fer sale, manufactured tobacco, snuff or agars m Ieu ereo e wor export. The law as 1 t now UNIFORMITY ADVOCATED-WHO USE PLUG TOBACCO Mr ALCORN, of Mtsstsstppt-Mr. Prestdent, revenue 15 necessary .to the Government, and the most JUSt anp stmple form that revenue can be collected, ts certamly the best. The proposttton of the House of Represen tatlves comes here as an mdtcatlon of the po!Jular w11l on th.JS subJect, and I am diSposed to vote for 1t or for the prmctple of umformtty of taxation, for the reason that It has the sanction of the popular branch of who reflect directly the will of the people The pos1t10n of tht: Senator from lowa, that the have not complamed wrth regard to thJS tax, does not stnke me with much fore!'. The fact that the people have not complamPd of the burdens that are upon them ts "o ,.easofl why those burdens should not be kssenedtf it be WithIn the power of the Government properly to do 1t. If it rs within the power of the country, regarding the m terests of the nation, to lighten the burdens of the people Congress should not wa1t unul the people complam that they are overtaxed, m order to move forward in the direction of thetr rehef. But there is another reason why the tax shculd be uniform, and tt is a practical reason. It has l>een testified to here that all classes of tobacco are used m both forms, both of plug and cut tobacco, but I assert, from my knowledge, my mforma tion, and my expenence, that the labonng classes of the country, the nomadic classes, the men who work in the fields, use tlu plug lllhuco, and for a very good rea-shall be regarded as a dealer IR tobacco, and the payment of a pec1al tl StandS enables to purchase and Shlp 1t tn as a wholesale or retaol l1quor dealer, or the payment of any other spec1al bond from one bonded warehouse to another, so that tax, shall not relieve any person who sells manufacture d tobacco and Cl h h gars from the oayment of thiS tu 1 ey may pay t e tax as they wtthdraw the tobacco for PrrnnJ.J, That no manufcturer of tobacco, snuff, or cogan sllall be consumptton, or th e y may shtp It from an export bonded to pay a opectal tax as de>ler m manufactured tobacco and c1gan, warehouse to any foreign <;ountry without the stamps for sellong h11 own producl:ll at the place of manufacture bt:mg applied or the t X bemg pa1d 1 hJS cor: templates 1 he amendment was agreed to. a system of drawbacks, mstead, for export, and also ToBACCo PEDDLERS. compels the purchaser to pay tlu cntzre tax when he The next amendment was in sectton [seventeen] stxships the tobacco from one export bonded warehouse to teen, !me one hundred and nmety two, ,1fter the word or from one porlton of country to another. "busmess" to msert the words and such peddler For mstance, as the b11l now stands we shall be unable shall not have patd the spectal tax for the current year to shtp the tobacco from the Atlantic coast to the Pahe shall pay the same wtthm thirty days after the pasctfic coast, and to pay the tax upon 1 t as 1 t 1 s Withdrawn sage of thts act," so as to read : for consumption, or to export thted, t IS verv large tax ha s (O be patd :at once upon tobacco, and the same, after payment of the ezpenoes of the protted1ngs, shall be the dealer has to ell. pend a very much larger amount of to the-collector fur the use of the Unued Stateo, and all suc h spe money at the time he purchases the tobacco than he caal taxes shall become due on the lit of May} n each year, or un comwould 1f he onh had to pay the tax as h 1 1 h mencng buomeu j and If ouch peddler shall DOl h paid the pectal tax tobacco for con I e Wit J( rew t e fur the current year be ohall pay the ume wtth111 thirty ci;ays after the h sunlllpllon 1 seems to me as tht.s is to pauage of th11 act encourage t e co ectton of thiS large amount of taX


\ .. THE TOBA.VVO LEA.P. from the people, and to levy 1t upon such articles as w11l The CommiSsioner of Internal of New York merely to gtve the dealers a cred1t of s1x I MORB make the taxation as httfe obJectiOnable as poslii>Ie, Revenue a year ago -called attention to the failure of months or a year, or whatever time they hold the tobacco The Pt;B,JDING OFncaJtrhe e 1s no amendment flu prtsmtlow s b1tter tlln tllat proposed by tlte eom,nt th1s system of export boaded warehow;es In h1s annual m warehouse, agamst all the rest of the trade on the pendmg., house system, as It 1s called, u wry uell a "'""'Jttllf and one that tells agamst the Government and agalDSt the gre1t mass of those engaged m the tobacco trade,. especially the manufacturers These warehouses, as I understand, number but seven or e1ght 1n the entire country l hey were authonzed by the law of July, 1868 for the purpose of fac1htatmg the of tobacco It has been an expenment adopted probably ongmally w1tb the approval of the mass of the trade, but at th1s time the'experm1ent has fatled to the expectatiOns ongmally entertamed m regard to It. It has grven S1f1ply an advantage to those traders who control these lee I know that It IS the desare of the collectors of m report he says tax upon tobacco The Senator w11l see very well that Mr CORIIETT-1 ask the Clerk where he 15 readmg temal revenue of course to collect all the tax before the It 11 my own op mon ud, 10 far u I han been able to aocerta n, If you contmue th11s system of Government warehouses now tobacco leaves the manufactory 1f poss1ble but I not JIISI It" the opomon of manafact11ren of tobacco senenlly, that the prcocnt m the City of New York, 1/u tobat:to will Qe sent tltere for The CHIEF CLERK-The readmg finiShed at hnesthree I. 1u Th h tyltem of czpon bonded nrehousa can be entorcly abohahcd to the nt" '0 gtve '0 'It ea rs e Orr Or un r an seven two o section seventeen siXteen large stock of tobacco on hand ought not to be com tun ty to kold that tooacco free of tax unt,.l tluy can sell'' on page 70 pelled to pay the entue tax before they can use the to There are proceedmgs her,e of meetmgs m Rtchmond, to our pcopk at home If they do that, 1t mterferes not Mr CoRBETT-! propose to msert an amendment bacco and d1stnbute It to the1r customers On;the Pacific m Lynchburg, Danville, VJrgmia only With the trade, but 1t gl' es them an O\er there wh1ch will cover th1s pomt coast there IS a very large amonnt of tobacco consumed Here are the proceedmgs of a conventiOn of tobacco the dealers all over the country, and 1t them a Mr CONKLING'-What has become of the other two Th manufacturers m St Louis, M1ssoun of the tobacco d h h f h h d f h s e mmers are very large consumers of tobacco I pre ere It, WIt out mterest, a or t e amount o t e tax on t e amen ments o t e en a tor sume there IS no commumty that consumes so large an manufacturers m DetrOit, Michigan of the tobacco man tobacco Mr CoRBETT-fhose amendments are pendmg, but amo\lnt of tobacco as the Paoc1fic coast m proportion to ufacturers m Covmgton Kentucky of the tobacco lflan Mr CORBETT-I ask the Senator 1f these people do were passed over m order to reach the particular pomt the population But this does not apply to the Pacific ufacturers m Toledo, OhiO of the tobacco manufacturers not pay all the expenses of the bonded warehouse? that the Senator from Oh1o des1res to contest Contmued on seventh page coast alone In acts the same on the Atlantic I be of Brooklyn New York and other meetmgs have been Mr know that, but they keep the to Mr CoNKLING-We certamly have reached that now lieve the dealers m Philadelphia and New York and held, and not mere meetmgs, but regular trade conven bacco and do not pay tax on It, and the Government ts Mr CoRBETT-! am prepared to offer an amend Aci'Vertuemet&ta. other large Cltie!l des1re the amendment I shall propose tlons I may say that all Ike manufacturers of tobacco m kept out of the tax for months, attd to the m;ury oj tlu ment I WISh to amend the law so as to giVe the the Umted States now demand the repeal of this provis I other tobacco dealers Mr CoNKLDIGI suggest to the Senator ,hut there the opportumty to pay the tax as they sh1p the tobacco IOn which was made for ther benefit At the ttme thts Mr CoRBETT-! ask 1f It does not encourage them m IS no tou c hm g th1s matter that co mes la te r than th1s from thetr manufactunng establishments as we11 as to provision for bonded warehouses was adopted, It keepmg a stock on hand so that they can sell a larger unt1l you get to !me four hu nd r ed and three on page 7I allow them to pay 1t on sh1ppmg from bonded warehouses was accompamed by a repeal of th(: proviSions amount of tobacco than they could otherwise ? and there 1f bonded w arehouses are t o be abolished, I I am w1llmg they should have the same advantages, but for bonded warehouses for spmts because they Mr SHERMAN-Yes but 1t 1s at the expense of the p10pose to m ove to s t n l e out" s1x and msert 'twelve I do not w1sh to depnve the dealers m tobacco of the had led to fraud I can 1101 say, from any statements Umted States Why do not these dealers go to the to m that lme a nd also m lme four hund1ed and mne, advantages that they now enJoy whch have been made to the committee that there has bacco warehouses all over the country and pay the tax after the other amendment whtch the Senator has pro The PRESIDING 0FFICER-fhe Senators t1me has bem any fraud m lite system of tobacco bond e d ware houses on their tobacco hke any other dealers and put It m posed We I ave reached the place to cons1de i now explrPd Does the Senator propose an amendment;> but the whol e trade for whose benefit It was mace are warehouses and an advantage to all ahke? In Mr ConllETT-1 h ave now the amendment that I pro Mr CoRBETT-Yes s1r, I propose to stnke out the dissatisfied with It and desire It abohshed and another tb1s aspect this provision ts unconstitutional m my Judg pose to offer I move to s tr1ke out all afte r !me three word" by, m lme two hundred and seven ty to the word system substituted When I say" the trade I do not ment You can not g1ve pnv1leges m favor of certam hun dred and seventy three and to msert" export' m lme two hundred and seventy two as fol speak of the dealers but the manufacturers fhe m designated ports of the Umted States and refuse them The PRESIDING OFFICER-That has not been read lows "Stnkmg out the word 'warehouse and msertmg terests of the men who merely buy tobacco, 1 take It, to others and vou can not do It under Circumstances yet fhe Chair will suggest that as the Committee on m lieu thereof the word 'exoort and m lieu thereof to are not to be so much considered Thts was a prOVISIOn whtch g1ve an advantage to certam ports of the Umted Fmance have proposed several amendments to th1s par msert add the words and export 1mmed1ately after made for the manufacturers and for the benefit of expor States over others agraph It be read through and the amendments acted the word' warehouse tanon, and we get no tax bv It Now let u s go a httlt. Mr CORBETT-It IS no more so than m the case of on before proposition of the Senator from Oregon I will JUSt say that the law wtll then read as I have tt further fhe House of Representatives have sent a bill Imported goods IS made before me here which contams proviSIOns for another mode of ex Mr SHERMAN-Tobacco IS owned m every State of Mr CoNKLING-! w1sh to suggest to the Senator from "That tbe Comm oner of Interna l Revenue shall cause to be pre portmg tobacco and allows every tobacco warehouse to the Umon It IS scattered m warehouses all over the Oregon wlw understands this much better th m I do pared suotable and spec al revenue stampe for payment o f the tax o n tobac be!n the nature of an export depository of tobacco so country the only object of estabiishmg these bonded that the section from whtch we are passmg now and co and snutr, whoch stamposballondlcatc the vo ght and claso of the art that tobacco may be sh1pped from any tobacco manufac warehouses was to devise some mode b.v whtch we mtght the one whch has not been read, are the sections whtch de on whch payment s to be m.ade, and shall be affixe d and canceHed tory 1n the U n1ted States dnectly to a port In Europe th od b export manufactured tobacco B 1t noN another system repeal the bonded warehouse provision Thererore, 1 f Jn e m e ed by the Commtss oner of Inte nal Revenue, and t b d d th h t lt atampe when used o n any wooden package shall be canceled by sonkong up on glvmg cer am on 5 an gomg roug a ce r am IS proposed by which tobacco IS taken duectly from the he has amendments app1Icab1e to that subjeCt at all, a portlon of the same onto the wocd woth a s teel doe, also, such warehouse process fhat IS to say It can be exported to LIVer manufacturers warehouse and exported to any port m they apply to the sectiOn from wh1ch "e are passmg and export stampo .. are requued by th s act whoch stamps shall be fur pool upon the same lerms precisely that It can be sent the world so that every tobacco manufacturer m the away niahed to the collecton of ontcrnal revenue requ r ng the same to New Y or k now and thus save the expense of one e ntry Umted States IS put on a footmg of equahty, and the se Mr CoRBETT-SectiOn seventy four of the present That will make the provision as I wish, and wtll amend and sale and a commiSSion of three to five per cent. dealers can go to any tobacco manufacturer m the law 15 the particular section which provides for these the law m such manner as these people des1re It That IS the whole of It fhe Government of the Umted Umted States and buy tobac co bke any thmg else Why, bonded warehouses 1 his proposes to repeal that por CALIFO!tNIA COMES TO THE FRONT States IS not mterested m this questiOn at all, because m addltlon should they have the advantaue of havmg tion of the law and If this amendment be adopted then Mr CoLE of Cahforma-The system of bonded the Government gets no revenue fiOm tobacco exported t he1r stored m the city of New York the City of tt follows that the other alterations will have to be made warehouses for the use of persons transportmg tobacco, So far as the Go vernmen.f zs concerned rt stands mdifferent Philadelphia the city of New Orleans or 'the c1ty of which w e have passed over mformally from one part of the country to another, IS a very great fhis IS a question only of the trade of the tobacco San Franc1;co, because these are the Cities that Mr CoNKING-I do not wtsh to mterfere with the Sen convemence to the trade and has resulted I beheve, m manufacturer venus the dealers m tobacco m three or ask 1t, and usmg the money due to the Government un ator of cou rse but that section which has JUSt been no disadvantage whatever to the Government As the four Cities til they can find some person to buy 1t m the Umted read commen cmg on page 68 IS the substitute for the system IS now orgamzed, I presume there IS no pos The PRESIDING OFFICER-The Senators time has ex States? It seems to me that the very moment )OU pro tobacco bonded warehouse system Therefore 1f that sibihty of any loss occurnng to the Government on ac pued vide some other mode of exportmg tobacco there JS the sectiOn IS to stand as 1 t IS and we are to go from 1t It Is count of It If 1t should be broken up now zt wz/l result Mr VrcK ERsI move to stnke out the last word of end of the tobacco warehouses Though there are no Idle to amend other sections of the bill many. tumg ex zn creatrng monopoftes m the tobacco trade, kupz11g the the amendment so that the Senator from Ohto may pro proven frauds m thes e tobacco warehouses yet the oppor cept m respect to ume unless we are to come back to ousmess m a very jew. hands, mstead of allowmg 1t to be ceed \Ve are very anx10 IS to hear his VIews tumty jof fraud ts very gnat Whether any has occurred thIS a gam and do It over m the hands of men of small c ap1tal who are able m Mr SHERMAN-I do not want to do that, because I or not I do not know but every time you remove to Mr CoRBETT-! have no ch01ce that case to enter mto the busmess but who can not af thmk I have said all that It IS necessary to state, unless bacco 'or any thmg else from the place where 1t 1s manu Mr CoNKLING-! have none, only I call the Senat<'T s ford the larg e capital necessary to carry on the busmess It be m reply to some other observations factured, you add to fhe posstbthty of fraud Mr Pre attention to the fact when they have to pay this tax m advance Th1s 1s fol 1 he PRE SimNG OFFICER-The Senator may proceed the House of Representatives have devised, with Mr SHERMAN-As a matter of course, 1f you adopt lowmg the system that IS pursued m refereuce to the if there be no ObJeCtiOn the atd of the CommiSSIOner of Internal Revenue and lin es three hundred and twenty mne, three hundred th1r Importation of fore1gn goods The system of bonded Mr SHERMAN-I would rather not violate the rule, I the a1d of the trade a very carefully prepared system ty, and three hundred and th1rtv one that repeals the warehouses for ImportatiOns IS well understood It ts might ObJect to somebody else domg It and I do not by wh1ch all the tobacco m the Umted States 1s open to ex1stmg tobacco warehouses If Senators want to pre for the convemence of trade, for the fac1hty of trade, want to do It myself market, It can not be removed except for exportatiOn sent the question there IS the place to present 1t and for the benefit of persons who can not afford the MR CORBETT s AMENDMENT from any tobacco warehouse and when It IS removed AN EFFORT TO RETAIN THB OLD SYSTIM large capital necessary to pay the taxes or duties at The PRESIDING OFFICER-The questiOn IS on the for exportatiOn It may be removed from all ahke and ex once The same reasons that preva1J 1 n of bonded amendment of the Senator from Oregon d Mr CoRBETT-Then I propose to stnke out m !me M c I d f d t b tr k porte anywhere m the world under certam hm1tat ons warehouses for Imported g<:wds apply m reference to r ORBE'?'mo I y my amen men y s I mg It seems to me you have to take one or the other of three hun d red and twenty ntne, on page 68, after the the transportatiOn of tobacco 1 hope that this amend out the words bonded warehouse, and upon that I will these systems and no t attempt to blend the two together word amended all down to I me three hundred and ment of the committee may not be adopted, but that say a word By my amendment formerly offered, I deIf vou 00 you g ve to tobacco dealers m the city ol New thirty one, mcludmg the word "thereof and also the the warehouse system may be contmued for another Sired to gtve the manufacturers the same advantages York and everywhere else where these warehouses may word that and t o msert the words "by addmg' Then year, and until there 1s a mod1ficat10n of the law agam that the present dealt:rs have under the export system be established an enormous advantage by whtch they It will read To break 1t up at this bme m my opmiOn would work My provides for that, so that the manufac may levy a tnbute on every t obacco manufacturer m the That sec o n seveuty three be amended by addingtbe follow ng,to w t great hardship and great mconvem e nce It IS of partie turets can have no ObJeCtiOn t q this as It now-stands, States and everv dealer m the Umted States other that manufactured tobacco enuffand c ontend d for ommcd ate ular advantage to the dealers m the City of San Fran and I ask the Clerk to read It th I th e thti t T k th r t cbexporta t ond aft< bhe ng propefarly onspecbtcdd mabrkcdb and brffianded h may Mr SHER'IAN-l hope we sha)J adopt the COUrse an OS lD ese Cl es a e e CaSe 10r InS a nce, remove !rom t e manu ctory on on w t out av ng a ucd t ereto ciSco, and I apprehend 1f this modification of the law f c s d 1 C t 1 st d t ng th t f th h t d b t"' S f N y k d thh ld o a man m mcmnatt uppose a ea er m mcmn..tti n erna revenue amps n oca e paymen o e tax t ereon etc IS adopted It will result at once m dnvmg from the bus1 sugges e Y enator rom ew or an wt 0 an d we have the largest d eale rs there II\ the Umted Mr CoNKLING--fhen, if I und erstand the Senator ness a very larg_e proportiOn. so far as numbers are con these amendments until we reach the mam question States-destre to export t obacco he can not touch 1t now the effect of h1s amendment w11l be to leave the cerned, of the dealers m tobacco at that place I hope, Mtr thCotRtBETTfhis emt braceks a portion of the amend until he goes and pays the tax at Cmcmnatl and then he law as It 15 and to add to It the prov1s1on presented m therefore, that the amendment of the Senator from men a I IS necessary o rna e t t t L 1 th bo d this b 11 M S fh d t f th S t may expor 1 o tvtrpoo on g1vmg e requiSite n 1 Oregon w11l be adopted r HERMANe amen men e ena or IS but fit warehouses are establ1shed m the CIy o f ]'Jew York Mr Co&BETTYes, su INFORMATION WANTED not 10 order, and can not be made m /order1 because I t IS under the old system tobacco may be without payment Mr CoNKLING -So that every body will be at liberty Mr VICKER.s, of Maryland-Mr Pres1dent1 I des1re 10 regard to a subsequent part of this bill and we can of tax transferred to the c1ty of New York and left there to resort to bonded warehouses or to proceed without d ta d 1 h b d I sh )rl not stop here to go through another part of the bill I I 1 d d to vote un ers n mg y on t IS su Ject, an ou 11 t 1 d th (i 1 tt t 1 JUSt as ong as the owner choo ses to keep Jt there free reference to the bon e warehouses, JUSt as they please hke to have the v1ews of thl;! chairman of the. committee am WI mg 0 ay as e ese 10 orma rna ers un 1 we from the payment of tax. If exported It pays no tax 4t Mr CoRBETT-Exactly first, the reason for the ch ge, and secondly the effect substance of hts controvers) That Is what all, land he may keep 1t there until he can sell It abroad Mr CoNKLING-That presents the question as I 1t would hitve especiAlly upon the small dealers I do ill t d th t d or at home thus makmg a d1Scnmmat10n m favor of the understand It not particularly understand the effect <>fIt, and I should r odRBETTtf. w mgt 0 0 a I with raw dealer m New York agamst the dealers mall other parts Mr CoRBETT-Precisely hke to know from htm what effect t will have either upon ray amen men or t e presen of country The PRESIDING 0FF.ICBRThe question 1s on the the .finances Of the Government or upon the dealers HOW TOBACCO MAY BE ltXPOilTED MR SHERMAN S LOOSE STATEMENTS CORRECTKD amenement of the Senator from Oregon m tobacco The PRESIDING 0FEICER-The readmg oftl'le bill will Mr CoRBJJ:TT-It seems to me that the Senator Mr VICKERs-Before the vote 1s taken I should hke AN ATTACK oN THE BONDED WAREHOUSES b.e contmued Oh1o 1s not correct m h1s statement m thiS respect I to ask the chauman of the comm1ttee wnether, if these Mr SHERMAN-I never hke to approach a question The readmg was contmued to close of the follow know there IS one dealer m the c1ty of Portland who pays bonded warehouses are abolished, It will reduce the of this kmd by ak1rm1shmg I do not care whether th1 s mg clause about fifty thousand dollars tax upon tobacco If he number of officers and consequently the expenses of the d f th S t fi 0 d d That section sevent y three be amended by str k ng out all after the has got to pay that so,ooo before he ships the tobacco Government amen ment 0 e en a or rpm regon IS a opte or cnacton& claiiiC and oDKTtong on heu tbercof the folJOWIDg, to Wit That f f' not The real questiOn here IS whether the system of m anufacture4 tobacco, snulf and c gars !ntended for ommedoate expor this Side, 1t IS evident that he can not purchase Mr SHERMAN-In response to the question, I will bonded warehouses at ports of entry shall be contmued tatoon, after beong properly onepccted, marked, and branded, may be re half the quantty of tobacco that he could otherwise if say that as a matter of course the J;overnment appomts for tobacco exportatiOn Whethet th1s particular amend moved from the manufactory on bond, w thout hav ng affixed thereto on he has only h1s $5o,ooo to mvest and can buy $xoo opo the mspectors and the persons to take charge of these ment 15 adopted or not, does not make any 01fference ternal revenue stamps ondocanng the payment of tax thereon There worth of tobacco The manufacturers under the sys warehouses, but my rmpress1on IS that under the law Th al t d f hi b U monl from the manufactory of ouch tobacco ,onulf, nd c pn hall be tern proposed now have uot to kee;, ent,re stock fior they are pa1d for by the warehouse men e re q uestJon IS pre sen e on page 7 J 0 t S I made under 1uch rulco and rcgulatooas, and after mak ng ucb ". :r It grows out of the seventy thtrd and seventy fourth and uecutong and Iii ng, woth the collector of the d!Btnct from wliocll 1/u trade Under the present sy.tem the dealers can Mr CoLE-It costs the Government nothmg sections of the mtemal revenue law The seventy thud the removal a to be made, ouch bondo and bolls of tad ng, and g vong purchase tobacco of the manufacturers at the pnce that Mr SHERMAN-The warehouses were estabhshed for section of the law as 1t now stands proVIdes each other addotlcmal eecuroty, as may be preacrobed bytbe Commouooner they charge for It, and ship It m bond and pay th1s tax the benefit of the trade, llOd the trade themselves want "That the Comm uooner of Interml ReYCnue upon the necuoon of of Internal Revenue arulapproved by the of the Tr ... ury .All as they Withdraw Jt for consumption Consequently the them aboliShed, that JS, the ma!lufacturers do The uch bondl as be may preacnbe, may and ntabbsh at any port of tol>uco anulf and cocan on tended for om mediate export, as aforeaod be manufacturer does not have to keep so large a stock on hand dealers who have the pnvilege of carrymg on these entry on the Un ted States bonded warehouses for the otorage of manu "'&removed from the manuf.actory, shall have alfued to each package b d b d thr h h d k h ) I) k h h d fa ff. b an engraved stamp, 1ndocatove of sucb ontentoon, to be prov ded and fur ut It IS IStri ue oug out t e coun 6ean ept m ware ouses wou 1 e to ave t em contir. ue cturcd tobacco and anu n ond ontended for exportation, c.lectong these e po t bo d d h d t thd Mr COLE-Not the trade, but the manu"acturers want IWtable buldongo fur 1uch purpoae to be recommended by tbe collector n shed to the aeveral collectors as n the case of other stamps and to be X r n e Ware OUSeS rea Y 0 WI rawn 1i on charge of exports at 1uch ports, 10 be known 11 export b ondod wa e cbarged to them, ud accounted for on the same manner and for the for consumptiOn or to be exported out of the conn try them abolished I should like to have the d1stmct10n hoaaea upcnsc attendong the provod ng and af!iltlng of such stampaten cents Under the system proposed we have got to go mto a drawn between tbem The manufacturers do not want ProVISIOn IS then made for the selection of b ild for each package 10 stamped h>Jl be paod to the collector on the complicated system of drawbacks, wh1ch IS very annov them but those who dealm tobacco who buy and sell U mgs entry for such transportation When the manufacturer eball have -' and their designation made the propu entr .,, filed the proper bonds, and otherwos e compiled tng to people who deSirt to exporl They have got to tobacco, desue that they should be continued Then "ectiOn seventy four provides w tb all the requorementl of the law and regulations u here n provoded prove and gJve bonds that the article IS to be sent out Mr BAYARD-I should hke to make an mqu1ry of the "That manufactllred tobacco and snuff may be removed the collector shall owe to him a pcrmot for the removal saod perm I ac of the country, and It goes through a S) stem the cost of chairman There has been so much conversation m the manufactory corately descr b ng the tobacco, snuff and cogars to be eh ppcd, the num which amounts to more m many cases than lht)l get back, thiS debate that I do not understand precisely the char The manufactory where It IS made-ber and k nd of packages, the number of pounds the amount of tax the and It lS a very annoymg system They desire to have acter of the amendment and Its effect Does th1s vote marks and brands, the State and colkctoon doatnct from whoch the umc "wothoutpaymentofthetax, tobetransporteddrectlytoanexportbonded a eehpped and the number of the manufilctory and the manuf.acturen the pnv1lege of sh1ppmg their tobacco to these touch the general question of aboiishmg the Govern w&rchoiiiC for tbc storage of mangfactured tobacco OT anutf atabloobcd n ame, t ogether W th the port whtch the sad tobacco 1nuff and bonded WarehOUseS tne Same aS ln Cases Ot lTDpOrted ment WarehOUSe system for tobaCCO ? ed at a port of entry as hereon before pov ded d h h d h S Tfi h c gars are t o b e expo ted and the oute or routes over wh ch the same are goo s w ere men pay t e uty upon t e Imports when Mr HERMAN-at IS t e very thmg mvolved If Under the present law there are two classes of tobac to be sent to the port of ab p.,ent, and the name of the vessel or l ne they withdraw the article for consumptiOn I beheve the amendment of the Senator from Oregon prevalls as co warehouses, that at the manufactory where any manu :;egy .:r: that this same proviSIOn IS extended to wh1sky I a matter of course the system of bonded warehouses facturer of tobacco may store h1s tobacco as long as he they have a rtght to 1thdraw L1sk a d p the t will remain be cancelled upon the presentat on of the proper cenoficates that saod W Wn Y n ay ax chooses Without paymg the taxes until he desues to re tobacco snuff or c gars have been landed at any port w thout the JUns as they Withdraw wh1sky for consumptiOn have they Mr CoRBETT-But 1 t extends also to the manufac move It for consumptiOn or sale There lt remams It doct o n oft be Un t e d States or upon satiSfactory proof that after a b p not? h b d d h I b d d turer accordmg to this proviSIOn n ay t en e remove un er t e e x1stmg aw to a on e ment the same wee lost at ea Mr SHERMAN-Not at all These proviS ion s m sec h f U d hi 1 b d d ,.... s Th d b h Cl k Mr SHERMANThat IS no extensiOn at all because they wa1e ouse at a porto entry u er t s aw on e ... r HERMANe sectiOn now rea Y t e er IS t1ons seventy three and seventy four are precisely the b I h b bli h d N Y k h th b d r th have the nght now to store to acco m the1r own manu ware 1ouses ave een esta s e m ew or t e section at IS su stitute ,or e proviston as to prov 1s1 ons that are mcorporated m the Jaw for the ex B I N 0 I d S F b h fact ones w1thout 1t Ph!ladelphta, a t1more, ew r eans, a n an ran to acco ware ouses portabon of wh 1 sky, so that wlusb and tobacco are d h h be (i M C A d I d t d b d Mr CoRBETT-The provision m the b1ll 1s mtended cisco an t e system as en an expenment or two or r ONKLING-n yet as un ers an It, no o v both exported m the same way under bond Wh1 sky f 1 1 f h b h r d 68 f h b If as I understand It to confine It to manufacturers entire three years A ter a pract1ca tna o t rs system, o Jects tot e section as ,oun on page o t IS 1 may be exported from any distillery \\arehouse to any ,1: t t b r h b fi h A th t th h b 1 f Iy, and we wish to extend 1t to the trade every 111anu.1ac urer tn o acco, ,or w ese ene t t IS ssummg a e ware ouses were to e e t on one port m the world So tobacco may be exported from AN OPPONENT OF THE WAREHOUSES CIGAR MANUFACTURERS ANIJTUBACCO EXPORTERS can be supJI ed w th C o nect cut Cutung:; and Sc raps at the lowes; market pnce n lots from to 100 cases 333 OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN r.p Water 11, New York. CARD. The of the Amended ReTent: Act mtpoa ng as eo a1 tax of Si>OO a n add tio n a l tax of 50 cents on eaoh d ollar n exooas of II 000 of tbeu aals tn leaf toba.oco d ealers who shall 8ell tobaoco a fter July lat 187 '1 mless ties than or gmal b e ng a vutua.l prohibtt o n a.gamat the plll"Cbue and sale or lea f tob&eco except by cap tali st" or persou 01 larg e and means and tbue calculated o work great DJury not on y to sm all de. ongmally mtended also plymg with thelie proviSIOns fhere 1s no ware to enable them to export tobacco without payment of MR SHERMAN-It reads, that section seventy three house for spmts at all Those warehouses were abo! the tax, but they have found that this mode of exporta be amended by stnkmg out all after the enacting clause 1shed three or four years ago as a fruitful source of Mr BAYARD -I he first pomt of consideratiOn for us should be the advantage to the Government to b e de nved from contmwng the present system under the l aw of 1868, or a the House bill proposes and as the com m1ttee of the Senate have agreed to, to abolish It entire ly and caus(: the payment of the tax to the Government to be made at the bme when the manufacture Is com plete and when the 1emoval takes place from the place of manufacture mto the va ous avenues of consumption The Senator from Ohio, the chaiTIJlam of the Com m1ttee on Fmance, has stated Ulllversal feelmg of the manufacturers of tobacco oa sUbject. He was, however, I thmk, too restricted 1n his statement that the demand for this legislatioll came from persons m the mtenor of the country, lllUnbtg certam pomts not on the sea board I hold m IDJi hand. a circular whtch I presume bas been sent to gentleman of the Senate frGfn dealers m New York Boston1 Portland, Wdrtester and SJI1 i':fi& d Massadiu setts and Hartford and New Hah n, Connecticut num Pedd ers of tobacco whe n travel ng wtth mOI'e than two horses mules t10n put them at lit e mercy of men who have charge of and msertmg m heu thereof the followmg, etc fraud these warehouses, or of the wholesale and .retail dealers This prov1des for direct exportation mstead of ex Mr CoRBETTI was not aware that they had been m these four or five ports of entry be sale portatiOn from bonded he Senator sees abohhed I knew they had at one ume been enabled -of all tobacco manufactured m this'l:tiuntYy. 'aricr fhey the whole pomt to do ts, but I believe m consequence of the penshable levy a ,rap&lllg I thmk from 01U to ji'Vt per THE TOBACCO WAREHOUSE MEN AGAIN ATTACKED nature of Whisky owwg to shnnkage, leakage, etc 1 that cent because no tob co can be ex Mr CoNKLlNG--1 think I c;lo I wiSh the Sena.t,p pnVIlege was withdrawn But so far as tobacco 1s con .Ported t goes to one of ese arehousea m the from Ohio would tell me '"whether I am not nght cerned 1 t 1 s not an article that can leak away 1 think -..rargeTh enttobaceo---m&Rufac Tlte frund3 of bonderi ware!t.ouses tlrt perfectly w'llmg has been any complamt of the la as It now turer t ;t;me extent at the me cy of the dealers m fkts sectton slt0111ti be adopted, SQ ihat every one shall sta ds the nght to e,xp6rt tobacco '4f here bas tliUe')po\U'' a!' entry To 'show the extent of whether he export$ b)' means of bonded ware bee no fraud tbat I can learn, but 1 t simply g.vea them I may re r to-what-OCrts hol4 itin w e and 'Sh)t 1t'-is-an S 'tlltll:t lisbed fat; of the dea1er nor for the con PJI: the tax as the arttcle 1s wlthdra\l{n for consumptwn 21 Cilll 0 e ventence 'tit t'he Governlllent 1:qey are enabhsbecL in enables them to keee largef erS"in Ne ., ci1San 'lle of the ma1,1ufact_urersf to enable them be )owed to meet the wantS of tlie1rcusto ers -tt'lrouf! h Franctsco These represent:ationstere made to Ulj by ;t certam process to export tobacco, and as a out the country, and 1 b with 81 "P;ally 9\'IFI t this O(!?OJIUJI'l nas )?/ f>OUrse, tandther proVIsion IS ma,de that IS am unt of captal, antll do ot ln jjbne, 1 wiH cat!!Miitllf411 convement (Wg1.-suitable 1t IS ot the mterest of the Goveh.ment t o can aftord to exterid these pn'I'J eges PJ sepeu\!)J!eSo!.h .U.lf! st ofbondedwarehouses1A thec1ty Go etsthetax l!rllig on thi s ctrcular one hun,dred and nmety fnife favonng the measre 10 thell'louse as.1t now b fo us to wt, the abo,ItlOn of the bonded system It srems to me from all the exammat1on I have been able to giVe this case that the bonded ware or other ammals (first class) oo When travel ng w th two horses mu]es or other., an1mals (second class) s oo When travel g w th o n e horse mule or other an mal (third class ) IS 01) Whe n traveling on foot, or by public conveyance (fourth class) 10 oo Any person who sells or offers to sell and dehYer manufactured tobacco &nuff or c gars traveling from place to place, ia tile towa or through the country ehatl be regarded as a pedd er of tobacco On a 1 chewin' and tobacco fine-cut cavend1sb plug or tWJst cat, or &ranula t e d of every description on tobacco twisted by hand or reduced mto a cond t on io be consumed or m any man ner other lhaa IJle onllnary DlOde or dryilw and curing, p_...a for sale or comumpt on even f prepared wtthoutthe ut1e of anymachllle or and w thoot being pre.-! or oweei.-J and COD all fin e-cut shorts and refuse scraps chpp ngs cuttings and sweepinp of tobacco per pound Stamps for tobacco snuff and cgan, lor Immediate ""port, each 'f"'("-go 'lobacco, duty 3SC l"'r pound gold Fqrelgn Ctgan $> 5f' p e r and S per cent.

, I comm.ission merchants IN LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NoRTON. Tsos. J St.Aucuu.:u H H.\\ 45 wATER ST., NEW YORE. \ EDWARD M., WRIGHT & co. NORTON, SLAUGHTER & co., Q we respectfu ll v call the attention of the t.rade t o the following Standard General Commission Merchants, To b a c c 0 and r otto' n f a cto r s Brands of Man.uf!lA}tured Tobacco: L Agmrs .for flte various Brands o.f Ceo. W. Gillzam, including his Celebrated 3S. Broad Street -AND-' 1 Wine Sap, Goldeu. Seal, and Gallego Brands. I " Special Attentiou given to sales of J.IIAr TOBACCO aLEXANllEB .M..UTLAND. L. MAITLA"' L F. s.MACLEHosE. Market, ofwhich consignments are solicited. cS TOBACCO AND COTTON FAC!TORS, f ... l.INDB. I. XA.BOOSO NEW YORK _Tobacco Inspection ..... IntJpected, or -iampled. Certificates given for every case and de liv eraq 1 .-e case, w _..r of.-Certilaai;e. N.B.-We also sample in MM"charnt.s' own .')/Qres, f AND GENERAL 43 BROAD St.. llew York, Tobacc()s J I MANUFAETURED. BY V I Thomas & Pilkinton, J. L. Jones &: co., c. P. .word & Sons. -ALSO --__ ... _......_ "' ""' N.Y. Co:mmission Mel"Ch'ta. BULKLEY MOORE & CO. VIRG'INIA No. 194 FRONT STREET, M. J. DoHM, ? 'Ni' V? "" ALEX. FoRMA' THOS. CARROLL, ( JNO. T. I A[ents far the fullowin[ well known Vir[inia Manufacturers: J. B PACE, YARBROUGH & SONS J. H. GRANT & JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BB(I, D. B. TENI'i[tNT & CO-t L. H. & CO.., R W. ( i{.IVER, GREANER EDWIN THOS. HARDGROVE1 J. PACE & CO.,' BAGi..AND & JONES, & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO., WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATTERSON & CO., .. I J. P. Wl!:.LIAMSON, I L. LOTilER, eolo .Agents in New LOrk lbr OOnh i30UOHE, 4s, f>a, and Pocke t Pi eces. Also Agents for John W Oarro1rs Smoking Tobaccos, Lone J &, Dick, etc a In dark work to our Thistle Brand, so widely know n in many parts of our C o untry for heauty of workmansh' u of chew, &c., we would invite the attention of J ohbers; always on h3.nd .u lbs, lbs, t h rees, pocke t piece3, &c. APPLEBY & HELME, 29 YORK, KREMELBERG & CO., NEW-YORK, A.BD I F. L. BRAUNS & co., BALTIMORE, Tobaccn Commisdon Merchants. r6o PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & importers of SPANISH. and Dealers in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St'r.eet, NEWYORX. L. PASCUAL, IMPOll'l'EB 01' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO 111 .Maiden Lane, New York. M. WESTHEIM & CO., OF Seed-Leaf and Importers of \ Havana Tobacco, 1 'l7 Pearl Street, NEW YOBIL llear llaiden Lane, NEW"YO:BK. WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., LEAF T 'OBACCO, I Ma!den Lane, w"' ll PR,.,,., t N:CW YOBK-F. A. JAYNr::. f ,, JOS. MAYER'S SONS, .i.liD IN 122 W ..4.TER STBEET, New York. COMMISSION MERCHANT, Packer & Dealer in Leaf Tobacco No. 14 Cedar St


RIIBILL, MANUYACTURER OF AR SDPERIOR AND Prime Quality of CEDAR ,WQOD. ALSO, DEALER IN GERMAN 293, 295 & 297 Monroe St., NEW YORK. 7.30 GOLD LOAN OF THE Northern Pacific Q D, 'SBCURiD 'BY l! 1st Kortgage. & Land Grant LEAF rFO .B:&:CCO, 213 PEARL STREET, NEW FORB. Cigar Mould Co., Sole .Afanufacturers of Imported German \VOOD. 737 Ninth Street, NEW YORK. LOYNAZ & CROSBY, IMPORTERS OF SAN DOMINGO TOBACCO, 95 A,. Lar&:"e A"lsortinent Al._-ays on IIa:n.d. SON'" MA-NII MANUFACTURED ViJWM :B.utt"'11 : 1'a. n n llbs. Olive, :be. Thgi.nh! s Owu Pock<1. Reward oflndustry, 12 inch lbs Thomatf Ch<>ice '' D C .Mayo's Navy, lbs. i lbs., and IO'a Conestoya, 5's. SMOKINC. \ Ch.e Ha.v, Fig's. Rr. BENNETT'S PATENT-\) ''EUREKA" TO.BACCO Patented April lith, 1870. Tbis novel 11nd newly-patented invention is claimed to be tM m011t perfect device for smoking loose tobacco ever offered to the public. By the simple arrangement shewn, the saliva, inotead of nrpniug into the bowl, wetting the tobacco, thus foulie ball a..-od,y.Eng.uab. Gli:IUIU Clerkaatrthe COWllerOHARLES K Gl!AlL\K, C:El:.AS. E. SPIER & CO ._ Generat for ibe United States and C.Oad& !01. MJi3Ul8. OSENBRUCK & co Hemalingen, G e rmany, and f<>r l!IULLER liiETNEl'f, Zwlachenabn, Germany; :John Street, :JI. P 01 Box ,, And Dealers in Pi pes, m iB:U 48 Maiden Lane, N. F. 135 BOWERY, ]\TEW YORK ...... .............. LomsSPDM. M'8rlgagt Gold .Bunds, principal and in- terut jiayable in gold, e:xempt from Uni-FOX DILLS & co ; ted Stales Tax, and most emphatically rec' ., flmmentJ, t,.U. same as the safes/ inveitment. lhi/ed Slates .Btmds, and all mar/utaWe semn'ties, recaved in at jrt/1 pnce. CJOOKII A 00., NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, AND W ASHtNGTON. M. W. MENDEL & BRO .,., tJegarg & Leaf Tobacco, 190 EART. S'l'B.EET New YO'I"k. Leal Toha.ooO. Old CtJnnecticut Old State Seed Wrajpers, The Finest Ha1U111a Wrrr.ppers and Fillers. H. COLELL:, 1'72 Water Street. Jlew Y-k. WE!SS,JET,J.ER & KAEPPEL, I ,. f ..; --:U:.A V .ANA. .bod Dealers In Domeotle LEAF TOBACCO, 229 RBAD Be Co., Sl.;rCCESSORS ;r: ISAAC READ, ............ & ., I ...... Finest Brands of Cigars, aae J.liBW YOIUL E. & G. FRIL.ND & 00., .. Tollaaco, .HA..IDN L:ANB, E:E.::',.J YC.Rit SUCCESSORS TO EGGETIT COMPANY IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOM STIC LEAF TOBACCOS. WATER STREET, NEw Yoi\K ..... SDCK A '\VA1'l1VACK, DAVIDSOI BROTHERS, Manufacturers of HAVANA and SEED CIGARS, LE.&.P TOBACCO, No. 8 Bowery, 1s Water street, NEW YORK. Lane lfEW YORK. T IILLINQT&N & KCl.U Y U, 48 .BROAD &o 48 NEW STREETS, SOLE AGENTS OF "La Ferme" Russian Cigarettes ..AND IMPORTERS OF IJeeit And Dealer in 1 Loaf i'Q 1SSJ PUJdBtl-eet, F.IlfE HA VAliA CIG..&KS;"-SUB-AGENTS WANTED. Jt QSSEli'GJ:B IIII'OaftU -.u... m FOIEIBN & DOMESTIC TOBACCO, ..... LIOORIOE. ... alta IIADIU UU, DW 'I'OU. : NewYork. EUCENE DU BOI ere ,_. FOR THB 8ALB 01' I Lear, Manufactured, and Smoking p J SAMUEL JOSEPHS SIMON SALOMON, Importer of and. Dealer in Kannfllot1lrer of FIRE DOMESTIC T b Bava:li"''i.aara, Leaf o Aloo Porelgn ILlld AND SEGARS, Leaf', 131 Maiden Lane. li. Y. .,:r B:ac>s.,L ,. 7S Bo'Wery, Ne'W: York. CHARTE.R'S COMMON SENSE CIGAR .... 1. PATENT APPLIED .. ... 2. I ... Plr 1 .._to Moulding llaehine ia. pooition to .->lve tile bnnoh or llllor. 2 repreeents Moulding Maohine&tler iho buuoh or IIller hae been ))l'el!l!ed through lnio the moald. The mould Ia made of wood, In two longitudinal halee, with a mould c::t.vit:f for hai.f 6. in each. A, in figure 2, is half ot mould described. 13, ie a funnel or eonduotor, made of metal, fittmg, wben dra.1Vll down oloeely over mould cavity in block A. as re'Preseut;ed K& Tobateo of all Style. and Q114lft1ee, 6 1:n 1 Lever, c, hae attached to follower closely tlttiug the 1nside .or funnPI, or B. The bunch u. L. ausXRT net lrom the bnt manuf&etortea of V1fl'l..llli. for lUI or ftltE>r iJ plaoed in top ot tannel, B, w1th the hands, and preMed down the ffngersuntt l 1t rests on the Mould -..& p ... ....rr ..... 1. L. G.a.88BR'I'. 'a JcM &lo autt'OU.J'Cbuen : ondAr it. It is then forced down by beariD.g dOW"D le,.er C; the lever the n raised. The fu.nnells so .J. L GA88J!II'I' "'--0., .. -..a. & B.,.. .. o. D & A BENRI"'lrQ witll this apparaf::us tban any other mould; an imperfect buneb oau not be made with 1t. Long filler be worked MERCH A-UTlC:O J ae well without binder with, There is noth'IIK about eithr machine or mould that can wear out. It ia tM J.Yl.DJ. CO .a..n-;-U m: i IDO$t and perfect wbrkfug a.ppaPil fU! yet oiref'ed tor moulding cigan. ttt I! l!iri'IU ttoth "'Utd PlttOE: One Va.chiDe for one si11e c igar and toolloulda. with suitable Back, $25. Any liJie or l!lhape will be A!rn DJEALE:RO IN..,... 1ID1Da o "'-4M /o"f,' -" B fo1't t'uruihed requirioconly thetnside measure ol box you wish to p1ck .,.,.,.in. l!'orfllJ'therlnformationaddreeaor ""'DlW.IOIS nr....., Dllllll or apply to JOHN CHARTER, STERLI.1 C1 ILL., f\ L af T b LOUIS BULLINCER, Ceneral Agent. PrOJ)T'Il'l(. SCHORWJ & co. .... & E. sALoMoi -. z .. ,........., S:llJGARS, ... 0 !lCtO, t ':WAT}t_R TR!ET, eWall Street, NEW YORK Havana Cigars, Lear A.RD FOREIGN LJ:QUORa. -MAIDK. LAU, lflfW mnr. D'DI\.I,..'tl AGAIBSTWIBD oa &e-o.. :wrosro Gowzr.;gz, &. ca. DIPOB'lao:r IIIU'CMin OP IIJitl --en .... IIMIF ':-' H A. y..! N A. T 0 .ll A c c 0, ..... .. .t.J.I, _... Ct. HlVlll _LEAF JOBICCO LEAF TOBACCO. vvnur woau. tleed La sf' ll,llo'baooo .... 111 PBO.L lft'IEE'l', Ke. ft Tm,TB 2lBPEARLSTREET;NEWYOIUt L. O.ABVAJAL'S OIGAU, ..._...,_...,. ...... ... .... ... .... ........ ltf ...,JUL. 1110.. --l 'U'['w von 18'7 Water 8&, New Yc:k. r au ...._.


Btehae!!t, Smith "B.aa. Knecht, ... ........ JDlQie 01' LE.A.:J:P TOBA..OOO, ..... ., ... ..o. ..... .,. aU RACB 8TRKKT. PHILADBLPHIAt o STEWARTe MARKS, RALPH & CO., lbt>ulactblh &lld Wbolel&le Dealero ill SNUFF, CIGARS, and SJtiOKERS' .AllTICLEs, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF, 16 Arch St., Philadelphia. THE Baltimore Advertillemea.t.. WM., A. BOYD, & CO., WHOL.8AL. KALR IN JlAwF ACTURED A.."rn LEAF TOBACCO, CIGARS, &c., 33 SOO"i"B ll'l'KBE'I', iiiiiiiii Baltimore, Md. H. WILKENS, 00., .Monum.ental City Tobaooo lo. lit WIST PRAn STREET, BA.LTI.ORI, D -J'rtu w .,.., .._... ., and To'ba M. FALK & 148 WATER STREET NEW J:I'RED1K \VZLKENS FllED' K liLlEJ.<. G. GIESKE. ED. NIEJUNN. Cbaobma.ti, St. Lends, aad. Western Adverttaement.. RICHARD KALLAY. JAKI!ti KALLAY. .R.MALLAY 1 BRO Henry Besuden & Bro., Dealers in LElF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, I 115 and 1 1 7 Weet Front St., Between Race a nd Elm, 161. 168, & 165 :Pearl Stret, (CORNER (lJ' ELll StllBET,) omOIBlUTI, o CINCINNATI. ;arown &. titus, Who!"""le Dealera Mid Krohn, Feiss & Co .. ., ..... .s -O.ASSWB WELLBI!. I. B. BAM C. WELLES & CO., Da.A.X..RI IW CON I SEED LEAF 154 State Street, J. D. :BURNHAM & CO., llaauiACturero and Jobben In Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, ADd Wholeoale Dealera ba TEAS, .A.. .A.. BIJJUIILUI, -;, l. D 7'1 &; 79 & ... lUI 8t. H&R'fti9BD,-()0111 __ GIESKE&, NIEMANN 1\'!ANUFACniRED TOBACCOS, Nc11. 32 & S4 '11m. Bt., Oinoinuti, Ohio. LOUIS STRASSER, Segars and Tobacco. a. a Importers of Smokers' Articles, Connecticut Seed-Leaf T EI.I.ER BROS., Packers, Commis!don Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Po:raisn and Leaf' Tobacco, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 69 South Charles, near Prat' BALTIMORE, MD. GUSTAV GUTH, ._.__., TOBACCO, '.And Oommisaion Merchants, '18 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md, .ili!J KERS' ARTICLD AIID IMPORTED HAVANA CIGARS Rll W ALNUX ST., Ctneintaati, Ohio. ; B. BOS,V.:!fW a. 1 & r.....-. .-. .. WM. w&TPHAL, 16 Market Street, Bartfbzd, Cenn. TOBACCO FACTORS Manufacturer of CIGARS, No. 68 WEST FOURTH sx., And dealer In leaf, Plug, nd SmoklogTobacco, CINCXNNATT, 0. \. 117 North Third Street,. Philadelphia. ex a;aR.s. L. BAMBERGER & CO., ManutaciUrers Smoki'ng & s. co., CouxssioN liERcHAliT! Aacl LEAF TOBACCO Fl N E 8 E CAR 8, LEAF FOREIGJI & DOMESTIC BEGAJrB. ut Wllol.ue rMlen "' ........ ... ,.., ....... ,. BROKERS, x.w:F rrouAcco. -.::1: o b a o o o, .. "! DEALEI!SlN LEA_ F TOBA..COO;> Manufacturers of air Cr-.ades of Cigars, '!'o a 1\T. Wata:r St.,. WOODWARD, GARRETT a GO., SUCCESSOkS TO WOODWARD, BR<;>. & CO., c' -NiHartford, Conn. .hea :Etlf!ell>ach, agent, 21 6th-ave., N. :y G. B. l!iTCo lebra t ed llrands of .. ....... -126_188 DALJ:AS :m HENRY MEYER, 'ftoe. H. WR16HT. S. F. CllEI&HTON. -----B.$ F. m & ,co., Seed Lea,f a.nd COMMISSION MERCHANT, WRIGHT & CREIGHTON, ,...MAIIU,AOTUIIIIlD L.llA ,\liD aMOKIIIO And Wholesale Dealer In Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, T 0 D A c c 0 s' TOBACCOS. OHIO & CONNECTICUT VIRCINIA AND KENTUCKY N. W: Comer Charles and Pratt Sts., LEAF T 0 B A C COS, No. 217 State St.., HABTFOBD, CT. Secor-. Pipe-. .OLIO OO)[I(11BIOB XJ\1L9RUT8 FOR BALB 01' 8AX& 9'2 Lombald and 5 Water St., B<lllllOBJZ, am: BALTIMORE, MO. LEAF TOBACCO, No. G3 West Front Stree t Cincinnati 0. ll. W .DuKIUU' DULDO .. Leaf Tobacco Factors Vlr&lnla, Missouri, and !::,.. ..._ ___ _s_I_LA_D_E_L_P_h ... "H. SCHMIDT,. I. NA'I'II!N & "LEAF TOB4CCO" JJ W AJUIBDVIIIJ. t WHOLESALE Dli:AT; KES IN -.. LEAF T B A CC O Alo tuR ,;, ... ot and Smoking ABC! No. l$8l Se.:rmd SEG A PHILADIELPHIA. atO&TB THIRD ST LEWIS BREMER'S SONS :PH1LADELPHIA, PA. WboleealeDealcrslt> J. COST,AS, '' L F '' DlPORTKROF MANUFACTURED TOBACCO HAvANA and y ARA No. 822 North 7"htrd Street, I PBILADIILPIUA. f:l TODACO,O, \84: S. DEL.A. WARE .A VENUE, Philadelphia. A. H. THEOBALD, 1UJIVJ'.&C'I' 01' ..u..&. KlltJI8 SJEG-A.Ee.&,. .lDDtiLDor I 8PANY8R AND DOKBSTIO tear Tobacoo, rnicwiJii Tobacco, Snn!, 'M"...chaum and Brier Plpes., -lJ(. .HILADEL.f-HIA r:NBPEO';I'ION.'II.EED LEAF TOBACCO, 1:. W. DICBI!BSON, -DIIIPEOTO:a I'OK TJD1 !OB!CCO TRADE frP PHILADELPHJA pr A large aa110rtment or all kinds or Leaf Tobaceo __ co ustantly on hana. TOLEDO TOBACCO WORKS. Wl1ll Dealers In Tobacco Snuff and Cigars, ST., TO.LEDO, <1. 1 M. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, CLABKSVtLLEi TENN. ..J._ Leaf Tobacco, n South Charlu Street, R. A. MILLS, TOBACCO BROKER Geu.e.ral Commi88ion Merdlant, 83 EXOHA]VGE PLACE, "ltirnore. ALBRECHT & SCHRODER, WHOLESALE :H HAVANA .. 1m Office in Tobacco Exchange, Sh'ockoe S lip, SeadLeaf',obacco, IDCHMOND, VA. 62 South Calvert st., Baltimore, Md. mGHLANDER TOBAVVU WORKS, BELVI&T : SIIITH & THOlU.S 'i'J@B)A WALL 1" lr&DutACI!lrera of all k i nds of -"' U AlooDeolera In .-commissit)n Merchants PLUG .AND SMOKING toBAcco _TOBACCOS, TOBACCO & CIGARS, 85 East South -102 MAIN Ifld. -, CBetweea8dU>d4lh,) W. l Louis dire. Ky, No. 820 North Second St., St. Louu. Mo. I f Rochester, Pittsburg a.nd Cldoaco Advertis-ements. Five Brothers Tobacco Works. JoHN l'.D, ll'nu .. .. Nlouow FJNnB. 111: JOHN. FINZER & -BROS., e M Q II m L 'I' t l! .. JroJ'&CTr,.... o .. ab an a anb J taf QLDltac,,as, MILL STilBift', Rochester, N. Y. AII'LMJf8 a DltiUCIIK] "'16 TOBACCO L Empire Works.nd Dealers lu L e ililaea r >IQ:ent fen: li. WILKENS & Co 'B-Celebrate

I I ) THE TOBACCO LEAP.r LOIISVII.LE LEAF oBAC_ C _ODEALERS AND COMMISSION 'MUCHAN rs. Cqnli1111ed from Third page. B. I. 1l!lfER .t PUOOIT ................ Outtiag and manufacturing leaf. l U. OL&II.It ............................... Oottiiii!ADd manofac"'"-leaf. D PPALDING._ J"o .......................... \luttiDI and manu-1leaf. WOLFOLK A: OkL'I:WN ...................... Cu'*S andmDII-.rlf houses to retain within their warehouses the bulk to bacco, not for export, but to be retained in the country for home consumption, and during the whole period of this retention the Government lays out of the tax, and of course there is the difference of the loss of interest to those who are compelled to pay taxes on tobacco in their factories, and the saving of interest to those who deposit the tobacco in these warehouses. I am informed by official authority that twmty-six mi/Jiqn pounds of tobacco were mlenti in /IIese #ontkd warelloJUes during tlu last year. Of those twenty-six million pounds but ten million pounds were exported. What became of the other sixteen millions? Either they are there yet, or they have been withdrawn for home consumption. When the tax is required of other men as soon as their tobacco leaves their mltnufactories, why should there be this favoritism in behalf of a few men in these sea ports and controlling these seven warehouses in the whole United States? Why should they be allowed to save the interest upon the tax on tobacco when the same interest is l0st to those who are compelled to pay_ the tax at their own manufactories? Further more, there were before the Senate committee, and are in the department, affidavits to an extent which may render them as a general truth, that OWD IIOBRIDB .......................... Oatliog and 'l'liBIJDORB 8CIIW ARTZ & 00 ........... CuUiae and IDt.IUl-=aJot.r. P. 8CR&UUBACIDIR .................... 11114 ...,ur..lmfng'l .. t D 'VID BBLL ........................... Lot.Ue-oommlooion .IIA1TIDIWII .t lloPlr&BI!Oll' Dull: bt.IIDg toboeoa and oh1pwiBg let.f. .11. B. NASH ............................. Lear tobaJIOO oommi&ooiou LOUIS PUIIOXB ....................... Leaf co-oo-ooion ""'"'balrt. FmLBY A: BAllBOVB ........... maDllfacturilll! &D4 olalpptlll!let.f. 1' ............................ Outtlur IUid WJI. G .IIBJD A: 00 ... lohoGoo oo-mjoajcm SUTRO & NEWMARK. / MAXUJ'ACTUBERS OF c G :J:C, ses; AND DEALERS IN 131 Water NEW YORK. CIGAR MOULD PRBSSBS &. STRIPS. A. & E. B.ROTVN, MANUFACTURERS OF Cigar Cutters & all otller Mathinery for Caars; IMPORTERS OF GERIAN CIG-AR. MOULDS. 57 59, & 61, Lewis St., bet. Delancy & Rivington, NE"W YORK.. BATCBBLOR BROTBBRS, Manufacturers of Cigars, WHOLESALE DEPOT 330 North Sixth St., at 331 North TllaiN Street, H See- St., aDd. 831 Chestnut Street. PHILADELPHIA, PA. PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 117 SOUTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. W. EISEILOHII. S. W. CURL PHILBOIIII. WIGHT & ST.EvENS, u.a.,isslon lBerohaD.ts, Jobbers of SPANISH rs of' Domest-ic Lea' 2'obacc 18' lllic:laigaa Aveaue, Olaicago. :B TTIN & :BR 0., rAGe .Bare & Oou WROL&I.ALI DIA.LIU IN WHOJ.ESALI!. DI!.A.Li.&S IN ftBACCO, aGARS, mJFF, &C., eaf Tobacco, And Manufacturero of 142 I StREET, Pbttaae.._, ... r. 1IJ.u. a: ..... BIIJIII8 w-. 503 Korth fl.acoad Street, PHILADE-PHIA. MASON, FLACC BEE.MAN, A. WEISE, "Jl0lSAE DE-(\U:RS IN Fine-cut Pill[-& Sm6tin[ Tobaccos. PICEIR OF SliD LIAF, I AND WHOLESALE DEALER IN C GARS. HaV&Da. Tobacco, 156 Michig-an Ave., Chicago. 193 Eaet LAKE.T. ClflCACO. W. J. H.A KINS. C. M. HAWKINS. B..& WKINS' a -CO., COISIGIIEITS SOLtCITED AND LIBERAL ADVIIICES lADE. DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY, D. B$SCH' '&. 00.,, .lUT Bowery and l't Water ll&.o I '"!fEW YOB&. l)ele of the fc11owlng bJ ....., OoPfrla.W ue J>ol doctored lmltatioeo, witlv wh!oh tloe Brands: _,tlo llooclod; but -ANCB ""11 MEPHJBTO POIIB 3Broi5E VDGINIA BBANDS. roPtTKR. hre Ul4 reliable, Ill DO&t Cloth Sacka the THB LION, UNIVBRSAL uoou "&&'l'TEJl, .. BEST, ouu.tVBR. t u c.ss1 LEGAL TlmDE!t, LO:Ti.R. 'JHB PII:UCAl(, Cue, 4 _.oable bracla, H!IM 116-POWBR 011 FASHION, BIG THING, BOAIIOXE TOBACCO WO.RXS .. ll&3 IIOpolr-. ... dlo.oll-}-See I TRB UOL.B. DanTille. V!rcJDia.. DEALERS IN' LEAF TOBACCO. LIQUORICE. PAS.TE. mBE UNDEI!SIGNED AGENT IN NEW YOU FOR TBll: llARUJ'ACT1JRERS OF THE FOL .1 loWIDg well-known bralldo of I lquoriet', doto c .. Uoll 'I.lfon- oro rIDM UIDtl UlJ ol dao nliDierooo brt.< do pan>oi'IIDII: to be orii!IDal Ul4 pll1liDe brt.tt4lo of IDIJ)OI1tcl boa& whiob ... 1141llteratod -It may be there yet. 8.9o; 2 at7.70, 7. n hhds Mr. W&s-r-It may be there yet. Now let me show do lugs and trash at 7 .So@ how the consumer is benefited. The consumer is bene9.20. I hbd Missouri leaf fited in this way ; a merchant doing business in the city at I4.50. II hhds Tennes-of New Orleans, say to the extent of $r,ooo,ooo in to see leaf at ro.1 I. I hhd bacco to-day, has the privilege of allo\}'ing that tobacco do lugs at 8.10. 26 hhds to lie in bonded warehouses without paying the duty Indiana leaf: zo at 10@ upon it until he withdraws it for consumption. If this I0Si u at 9@9; 4 at provision in regard to bonded warehouses is repealed he 8.4o@8.8o. 5 hhds do lugs; will be compelled to embark a tapital of $2,ooo,ooo to 3 at 8@8.6o; 2 at 7 carry on the saMe business Consequently his charges The Louisville House are all assessed upon the consumer, up9n the tobacc.o, sold 185 hhds, and I box: so that actually the abolition of this system, although 89 hhds Kentucky leaf: s it may lead to some of the frauds of which the Senator at $38, 25, I7.25,'I4.5o, I3i speaks-but that is a matter of administration more 3 at n; 9 at II@ro.75; S 1 than any thing else-.rea [ry entails ujQTI, ljle consumer tile at Io@zo.7s; 20 at 9@9 loss of tile interest upon t/,e lax from tile lwurllle tobacco 90; I at 8.90. I box ddat leaves the manufat:lurn"s depot until it10. into use. I4 75 66 hhds do lugs: That will be the result These bonded watehonses are 1 3 at 9@9.85; 47 ;;.t 8@8.9o; not only for export b ,the purpose of 6 at 7-S0@7 .90. 2 h hds do allowing a credit to the dealer, and eventually to the con trash at 7 .90, 8.10. 2 hhds 'surnerupon the tobacco until it is required. Tennessee leaf at 9.8o, I 2,2 5 A QllEER THiWR--v TR:OM'MISS 5 hhds do leaf and lugs at Mr. BLAIR-'t seems to me that this of the corn-S. ro@9.30; 8 hhds Indiana mittee ought lobe concurred in by the Senate. It seems that these lea( at 8.75&.9.60 hhd tobacco warehouses are disapproved of by the Department, not s wante d by the manufacturers, and no one has been able to say who do lugs 8@9.80. I hhd does want them. Probably no one wauts them except the owners do sweepmgs at 2 .35, of the warehous es themselves. I know of n obo dy else. The Fa H ld Mr. Wi:ST-The cornmercialcornmunity wants them rmers ouse so Mr' BLAIR-All those who are engaged in the manufa,cture of to-208 hhds : u I hhds Ken; or at least the great body of them, protest against these ware tucky leaf: 4 at l2o@u.5o houses, and thQ< protests are here. In addition to tbose referred 2 at, 19.1 5 2 at r6.7 s to by the Senator from Delaware when he had the floor, there are /s so3 t, ;J,J protest rom all-tiN: maaufacturers of the West, from Cincinnati, 4l5 13 St. Louis, and Everywhere the manufacturers protest 25 at 13.7 SJ.6 2@ I6.7S; a gainst these warehouses. It is pretended that the law establishing r6 at 9@990. 5-9-:j hds d them was passed in their interest. They disclaim it. The Govern lugs; 8 at zo@ro.50 II at ment has no for them It does uot require them, it do es not 9@9.99; 36 at 8@8:90. 4 want ,them. Who is it that wants them? It is the keepers of the6e t 8 8 'd warenouscs, and they alone,_ao far as I have been able to understand a 7' 2 S 0 IT IS POSSIIJLE THAT SOME VERY WEAL'rHY llAWUTACTURERS FIN; trash at 7.60@90 A GRkAT CONV&Nil!NC.E IN STORING THE TOBACCO WHICH THEY no The Boone House sold NC!T NT&ND TO RXPORT IN THESE WAREHOUSES AND WITHDRAWil'JG hhd I hh. d '" K IT WHEN THJlT WISH TO USE IT, These are the only ones that I am 152 S : 72 S en-aware at who desire it. tucky leaf: I at $28 j 4 at PHILADALPRIA PBTITIONS so I at 18.5D --a Mr. CoRB&TT-As a Senator from Missouri says that no one asks at r6""-I6.7 S 2 at I 4 4? at. these warehouses, I send to the desk a peti tion which I ask the @ '9 r .r Secretary to read. 13, 6at heChiefCterkreadasfoUows: I 3 at I I@ I I. 7 5 ; 20 at 10 To tlu oHnor1blt &nat of tlu Uniwl &atts, """' am .. blul: @I0.7S; IS" at 9@9-90. 4I e, the undersigned, comprising the principal tobacco merchants hhds do lugs; S at I o@ of the city of in common wH_h the trade i n all parts of I 0 so 8 t @ 6 the country Vlewmg w1th alarm the actton of the Uruted States a 9 9 0 22 at House of Representatives oa the 20th instant, upon ,the i ntern al rev8@8.8o; .6. a_t 7 .80@7-90. enue sections of the act, H. R. 2322, humbly pray your honorable 5 phds V'lrgmta leaf at r3@ body to pause before upon said biU, "nd satisfy yourselves I hhd do old IU"S that hasty action upon a measure of such paramou11t importance is at s.9o. 1 hhd do trash not wise, equitable, n o r just? We pray fa th e of the hhd y l f tobacco warehouse system, we ask, too, liS extension 7 IO. I argama ea to every pomt m the couniry wh ere Jt ma y be reqmrcd. It is the at 12.75 7 hhds lndrana surest way of sec uring th e tax: it facilit ate a most important trade: leaf at 9@1 0.25. 9 hhds do it gives dealc;rs i n a domestic manufact':'re equal facilities with those lugs at 7 7o@8.9o. accorded to 1m porters, are non-resadent at ports of entry; it en courages manu l acturers w1th small means; i t is inexpensive t o the The Planters' House sold Governme nt ; 1n a word, it is the very best system that can be de hhds: hhds Kentuckv vised by which, while securing the revenue to the Government the leaf: r at Jn; 1 at 1(:.-0 tobacco trade can prosper and thus raise the enormous of 3 at 6 7 t J revenue demanded by the Government. 5 2 a 1 3 2 5, And in the hope, that your wisdom, patriotism, prudence, and IJ.5o; 3 at I2.25@12.50; 1o ju,tice wiU prompt you to accede to our wishes, your petitionerswiU at 11@11.50; I4 at ;ro@ ever pray, etc. I0.7 5; 8 at 9-20@9 2"5 Mr. That lS Slgned by a very large number of merchants hhds do lugs: 5 at 10 of Philadelphia, in Gill Mr. HLAaB--lnasurw:h as the Senator from Oregon has had a prt-" 10 7 5 > 5 at 9 6o; 't per read, lloave one-which I should like to have read also. 8@8.90. 3 hhds cto cuttmg Mr. Suo:Jck on band under the Mr. CoNKLING--! wish for every reason excepting one to have present -syskm. As you propose to change the system entirely, it the vote about to be taken a test-vote upon thi s questi o n I say, for seems to me it is nothing more than generous, nothing more thaa every reason eJjed to the same tax u La provided bytlalo 801;, and shall, wtthin twelve mooth!l after the pauage of thia act. be wit.bckawa. from aucb warehouse upon paymea.t of theta&, or for export wader the r..AN AMENDMEl'fT LOST. lations of the Commissioner of latenaal aow ia. force coa.oenu.c:_ The PU:SIDING OFFICERThe quest io n is on the amendment of witbdnwals of tobacco and sDWf from bonded the Senator from Oregon. J he amendment was agreed to. Mr CORBETT-I call for a division. IMITATIN!T ClGAR Mr SHERMAN-I think we had better have the yeas and nays and The next amendment was in section [seventeen] sixteen, after tile settle the question at once. word "stamp," in line four hundred and twenty-one, to insert the Mr. CoRBETT-Very; well; I call for the yeas and nays. words, "or who shall buy, receive, or have in his possession u.r The yeas and nays were ordered. cigars on which the tax to which they are liable has Dot beea paid J Mr. FENTONThe question, I understand, is on the amendment so that tfte clause will read: fth S t fr 0 hi h att sto h bod d Thatsecti o nelgbtJ-alnebeameudedbyluertlnglathelaataeateace afttw o e ena or om regan, w c IS m euec o re re t e n e the words "falae or fraudulent or counterfeit llbmp," the lollowiq ..;,.., warehouse system or to continue it ? or who shall afis to any box containing ctgan a atarap Ia the -ilitude c The PRESJDrNG 0FFICEB.-It perpetuates it. llt.eness of aay stamp reqalred to be rued by the Ia.., of the Uaited Stat.. Mr FENTONThen those who are in favor of the action of the whether the same sbaU be a custom or.,. lateraal -P:" or .... H d f h S C shall buy, receive, or have in tria poueeeion uy ci.prs on whicb the tu. te ouse an o t e enate omJDlttee will vote "nay." which they are liable bao uot been paid." Mr. BLAIR-The Senator from South Carolina [Mr. SAWYER] is The was agreed to: paired with the Senator from Ohio (Mr. THUR.MANJ on this question. DUTIES OF COLLECTORS. The Senator from South Carolina would vote yea on this Mr SHKRMAII"__:_I move to by inserting, after line r_. amendment, and the S!!nator from Ohio would vote "nay." hundred and twenty-three, the foUowmg as a new paragraph: The question being taken by yeas and nays, resulted-yeas 9, That section oue hundred be amended oy adding tberetp the fbllowllrc" nays 38; aa follows : words : 11 and every collector of internal revenue frqm whose aiatrict a.DY dq;.. Y'KAS-Messrs. Cameron, Cole, ConkUng, Corbett, Flanagan, Frelinghuysen, tille4 .spirits, t?bacco, snuff, or cigars &hall b e shipped in. bond aDder tbe Kelly, and West--9. provtst!'n.of thiS act, shall render a moDtbJy account of the same to tile Ames, Bayard, Blair, Carpenter, Chandler, Clayton, Commtss1oner of Jntemal Revenue, showing the amout of eacla article PN Cooper, Craigan, Fenton, F.erry of Connecticut, Ferr,1.: of Michigan, Gilbert, duced and in bond, the amounts ot which the e.xportatioa. is com Goldthwaite, Hamtlton' of Maryland, Hamilton of fexas, Jlill, Johnston, pleted according to law, and the amount remaining unaccounted for at tile Lopn, Monill ol Maine Morrill of Verm ont, .Morton, Norwood, "'Pomeroy, end of each month; also any excesses or deticienciea of tile amoua.ta ortp.... Pratt, Ransom, Robertsou, Saullbury Schun, Scott, Sherman, Spra&'Ue, nally reported as shipped." Steveo.aoo, Stockton, Summer, Tipton, Vickers, Windom, and Wright-38. The amendment was agreed to. ABSENT-Mean. Alcorn, Anthony, Boreman, Brownlow, Buckingham, CaldweU, Casserly, Davies of Kentucky, Davi es of West Virginia, Edmunds, Hamlin, Harlan, Hitchcock, Howe, Kellogg, Lewis, Osborn, Patterson, Pool, Can Tobacco be Placed i.n a Bo:adecl Rice, Sawyer, Spencer, S tewart Tliurmau, Trumbull, and Wilson Warehouse after .Ju:ae 6th, 1812 r .... So the ame ndment was rejected. (Correspondence of tlu Tobaccq Leaf.) TIME ASKED FOR WINDING UP THE WAREHOUSE SYSTEM. Having received information On the z 3 {h, from the Mr. CONKLING--I hope there wiU be no objection-! klklw I H L d anticip ate a little by making t)te suggestion now-to striking out the on. eonu Myers, M C. 3rd District, Pa. that word six," in line four hundred and three and also in line four Commissioner Douglass had decided that tdbacco hundred and nine, on page 7I, and inserting "twelve;" so that bonded, between June tjth and July 1st, would be liable !here shall be a year instead of half a year for those concerned to for the old t f t ( ) d f: d" conform to this new requirement; and if the chairman of the com ra 0 ax 3 2C. an 81 mg to ISCOver any mittee makes no objection, I will make the motion now thmg 10 the new law, which could warrant &&lch.. a Mr SHEB.MAN-1 shall make no objection if other Senators do we telegraphed him to know if tobacco could not. It is a question for the Se nate to decide. be received in bond up to July Ist, and what rate of tax Mr. CoNKLING-Then .J move that amel\drnent, and it may as such would bear, requesting reply by telegraph. well be taken as one amendment. On page 71, line four hundred Th t 1 h and three, I move to strike out "six" and insert "twelve," and e nex mormng, no rep Y avmg yet reached us our the same amendment in line four hundr ed and nine1 so that the neighbors (Messrs M. E. M.cDowell_ & Co.,) telegra;hed reading will be: to the same effect, requestmg a qUick reply. At noon. AlltoDacco and snuff DOW stored in auy e%port hooded warehouse shall, OU We received the follOWinD"; and after July 1, 1 873, be su\)ject to the same taz as ls provided by this act, and shall, within twftlve months after the passage of this act, be withdrawn "WASHINGTON, June 14t1S,1. from s uch warehouses. Mesars. RINALDO, SANK & Co., Philadelphia-1.'obacc;o mar. be boa.docl. Mr. FENTON-I hope that amendment Will not prevail. This tilL July ut that bonded after June 6, will bellableto3> centsifwithdrafor consumptlon. j. W. DOUGLASS, CommiuiOD.ery. subject was very fully considered by the committee, and ample time Shortly after th1s, came the following to our neighbor was allowed for th e withdrawal from warehouse..._ as was believed, Messrs M. E. McDowell & Co, ..,. after full consultation with the Commissioner of Internal Revenue and other who were known to be fall!l1iar wit!f this questiolli. _Messrs. M. E. MCD;waLL & co., I hope the amendment. wil rnot be agreed to. w1thdrawn for consumption after july r, will pay the tax in force Mr. Co.R.IIl!TT-I hope this extension of time will be given, J. W DOUGLASS, Commi .. ioaer." because a great many of these dea1ers have a very large amount of PreVious to the rece1pt ot, the last dispatch we wrote tobacco on their hands, and they will be unable to pay the tax and to the Commissioner as follows: withdraw it from warehouse at once. I hope we may extend u PHILADELPHIA, Jua.e r.f., 1872 sufficient time to them to ena ble them to withdraw the tobacco from Dear Str-::Your telegram of this date Ill reply to ours of Jt:Oterda uat. recetved th1s u J' J and pay their tax. You say1 tobadco may be hooded till July r, but that bonded after Juae Mr. FENTON-Let me remark to my friend from Oregon that will be 1t>le to 3> cents of withdrawn for consumption. -. ample provision is made in the bill for the withdrawal of goods This raises two question whtch we respectfully propound, and as1r. for a fl;l)m bonded time. It may be within Clays,mean that such tobacco is Hable to 3 cen or ten days, Wlthout .ny mJury to those who have stored therr goods pound ta, when taken out of bond AFTaa July, 1 1 3 u per in bonded warehouses;. but the committee deemed it best to give The second is, do you consider tobacco BONDB:o-.asroa:a it lea ample stock to be exhausted in ordinary course of WH&N It the factory? or when it ARRivES at a bonded e.x portation or for hom.e A reply to these questions is urgently requested ; aa your deciaieu. Mr. COLE-Is SIX months sufficient t ime? an .mmt:mse loss to m a ny, who have iooocenUy bonded their gooda Mr. FENTON-Plenty. wthinc erta m dates. CoLE-;I think not. I think a year from the passage of The Hon. J. 8t: CO. I act 1s short enoul'lh to allow th_ese persons to d1spo e of thelf On Saturday the following came; ...J stocks. It will result m great pecuruary embarrassment, I have no "W ASKING,.;,,., J uae ,., ,87., doubt, 1n some cases. M E: McDowELL & Co., Philadelphia-Tobacco boad't:d for Mr. CONKLING-Only one word. I am rather surprised that e.s:port a _fter Ju!le 6? can be. withdra":Ya. for ezport as otber tobacco if boadtu1 h h uld be b hi I I h wtth a Vlew of gettiag credtt on tax ot muot talte Its clwlce W>der the roviao t ere s o o to t s, partlcu ar y as t e chauman of ions of new taw. The ml.&St tate care of that P the committee having the bill in does not ob ject I suggest _._., ; ] _w. DOUGLASS, Commissionory. however, to the Senate one reason m favor IF THE TIM!! Is TOO mormng s mad bnngmg no reply to our letter of 5HORT, INJURY WILL BE DOSE; IF IT IS A MONTHS TOO LONG, the 14th, we telegraphed the Commissioner for a te}eNO IBJURY WHATEVER. CAN BE DONE. There IS the tobacco SUbject graphiC reply tO O r d u L d to the tax, and the whole question is whether the time when the tax u llecqn question, Wn-t11 o you is realized shall oe postp'!ned for awhile or not. In the mean time, consider bonded_ etc. the warehouses continuing, the expense FALLS UPON THOSE IBTI!R Up to the time of cloSlllg thiS letter (4 P. M.), we have ESTED IN '\'HE TOBACCO AJID l'iOT I!POI'i TH& There no reply. fore hardly how any senous objection obtam to the In view of the great importance of th 1 b proviSion; whereas, if we malce the hme too short 11 may work great d (I ese ru mgs to t e hardship upon those concerned. e arge ot tobacco having been bonded Mr. BAYARD-Would not the effect of the extension of this time smce June 6th), and m the absence of qjJicial publication to twelve months simply be TO BEING THB MEASURE BACK AGAIB of them, we think we are performing a duty we owe to B&FO;Jl& CoNGJmSS ITS NIIXT SIISSION to have the same struggle our fellow tradesmen by furn:shing you with th over at that we are hav1ng now ? d fi bli 15 corrt.'Mr. Coa&Luoc-Oh, no. spon ence pu and "!e trust that the rnagniMr. SHARHAII-I will say to the Senator from New York that tude of the mterests mvolved, will be sufficient inJuce is the only objection there is proposition. This thing ment for you to insert it in the ToBACCO LEAF of this wet:k, 111 now settled and understood. This IS merely for the benefit of the evj:n should our communication arrive at a late h trade, to allow them to get rid, of the tobacco on hand. In New J R. S & our York they have THIIRII MILLIOII POUII"DS Oil HAliD, and I think it CU. is but fair to give them an extension of time provided they will P, S.-Comm!Ss1oner Douglass to-day as come here next winter with this controversy. That is the follows : oalyobjection to1t. I think Iahall vote for twelve months, notwithPHILADELPHIA June I7 1872. standing the report of the committee was six months, because I want June 3 3 o 'be liberal and fair. As we are destroying the business of these no .date of the bood determto

T .HE TOBA'tJU THOMAS. HOYT & CO., OF Fine Cut Chewing and SMOKING TOBACCOS & SNUFF, fl J,r OUR BRANDS CliEWING, HEARTS' DELIGHT -, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. -4!:'4 and fo6 Pearl St., New York City. Licorice. ARTHUR GILLIDXR & LICORICE PASTE \ SVCCat:R.:S:. StJ;eet, New-York. Sterry Extra. P .S. Baracco and Pignatella. De Rosa. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Po-wdered Licorice. Gum Arabic. Olive on; Tonqua Beans, AND ALL SPECIUITIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. LICORICE .., PASTE, POWDER, ROOT, SPECIAI.TIES BY DE LANCEY CLEVELAND, BROKER 2 4 SOuTH W .!LLJAM ST., N. Y. 'I.'O.I:liACCO BROKERS. GATTUS & RUETE, /OC:nbacco No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. EDWARD DREYER, 1... I "' Tohmcco 127 Pearl Street, New-York City .i:KA.EPPEL, Acet. -!;rl'l. f ( '' t D. R. McALPIN & CO., J FINE-htdb 8nd; A. H. Jtiokle & &ns' Forest I Boee ud Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G B. lliller OOo. Resene flmoking and Chewin'p; ToliiiiCIG. 1Wo AU orders prompUy VINCENT L. COOX, BU


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