The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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) v OL. VIII. --NO. 19. NEW YORK, Y, JUNE 26, 1872 WHOLE NO. 383. Is PUBLISHED ZVD1' KOQIIIQ :BT fOJAoot LI1J PUBLISDINQ Cl81P'Y, I 48 Ftdton at., New York. J --.or BACUDI. JN!tor. 'JbBJI"G. ct:IIIU'I' -.Aeen'-Aa aa advert\Rhtg where ttts desired io r eat: h the ;;c.nd Tobacco Trade, not o oJy of this but foreign s, it iii the best attain able. All should be plain!J addreased to TK& T'OlJAC:CO LRA,. PUBLISH1NG COMPANY, 141 Fultva. New Yprk. Terms of the Paper. S:sGLtt COPIES 10 CE'Ii:rs PaR ANHU t+oo Tt'J and t !t $'1.04 additional per ann.llU for of To l:k't:IU.!n, a 1d t!le Contineat of Euro7)e $a.o8 p .!r annum for Postage. 'l'o Australia, eh $1.ot ia. San Francisco, ad. ditioatll'l.!r f,t:' l'n:ilagc. No for t:le p.t.p c r cOn!.ide red, unless ac:com:l"l :ucJ by the co:-restK>nding amount. tiho u ld, in t!\eryinstance, be made 'Only by or-draft.. Bi11s are liahlS! lo be s tvlen, aod can only be eent at the gn:2test ris k t o tne sender. lllates of Acfvertlslng. Lsquare (14 Noapareillinfi) for six monthe, 1 do. 1 yur k5 L:trger advertisement! in the same proportion, 'bu n 1lC taken 1, 2 3 4, or more squares. Ohe column, 1 yc.1r, DlOltths, $aso; thnte tncMlt.hs, t1so. Half col umn, 1 year, S:a'f-0; SlX mnnths, $t,SO; three 1JlODtfl8, t7S Di7 Advertisement.:i 011 the first 'S(Iuate over' tl'O wide cohuniUI, and nOQe take n for thaa one y...-ar, Cully io adnec; b\Juaret;, kso. N o deviTransien\ adve:tiscments on the third page, illS cents pttt lin., fur erLch insertion. No orden !or ac.hcrtising will be considered, accotnpanicd hyt1te torrespondtng amounL Tnlrnate be adhend to. DIRECTOJ:.Y or ADVERTI8118. :NEW YORK., ToNuo WartJtnlltl. r' J;,pomn of C/117 Pipu. B&li ... B. w-. AJ>Pieb7 ll-1111 w-. Cli>V..IIUJll. De JADcey M 8ouUl William. Oilb-d,Biterm&a -lama. Ito William. Oomea. W al1ia & Co., II A Sl 8. William. XcA!Idrew, :romea 0. 11f Prout. liC.cnlo, 1L K.l9 Old Blij>-71 W-. Weanr 4t Bteny, M Qedar. &ttl Ltllj 1'ob.tto hstetti010, Linde, P C., & Co., loU War. Tobacco p,..,,.,.,, Gulhrlh ic Oo. n u y -.y. HeppeDbeuuer, II Nonh wm-. : ; Ciprllx Llrhels Tri,;gs. SablJIII8$er A: :Ill&liJIIer, u x ...... 7 WoHr, .Cbea.A.. 61 .TaiM,; &.JI,z z;....,., Vf, 6 Co., 187, Wllll&m. T-.u Omi"f' Bammentein, o., ltt W.Wr. M4nujtl(:lurt 'I of n-& IWlo, 11 V'me. .. ..... & Murpby, 18 HamiDOJI4 lieD Beary A Co, S7S ll&i.n ,_,. .Br... & Co., .W ODd M :&ut ld. c. ... ;mo MtreA. llruMn, Bro'"' & 31 Pd 1H Mm. Hafer, Bolmea & Oo., :II weo& ileooDd. J44.,jdCII#rtrs, lp.rtrrs Dtll/.,., iss Cigtm. Xro1m, Peioo & Oo., 63 Weoll'ourih. Lo .. enthtt.l, 8. !i Co., 75 lolaiD. 8-, Louia, 187 WalnuL Luf TohllfA:O Brdtrs. Morris & Reid, f College BllilfliD&'. OJ AB,KIVJLLE, Teaa. Ltf r.-. ... JJrokrs. Olari<, liC. B & Bro. COVDrGTOlf, K.7. Gl0110, J A. P & Bro. 16, 17 aDd J9W.7th: Coaa. Gra,. .. ,o. w DAlfVILLE, Va. c;.-;,; ,.. Pemberton, J B DAYTOlf,O. 'ht lsbaccs YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE, 26, r872. NA1.'10NAL ASS CU.TION OF 'fHJI UNITED ST A.TES. LEWIS H. FRAYSER, PRESIDENT. LORIN PALMER, VICE-PBJISIDENT. JOSEPH HALL. TREABUREB. JOHN STRAITON, SECRET&RY Communications upon matters relative to the inter ests of the .Association may be addressed To the President, care L. H. F?yser If Co., .Richmond, Ya., Or, To the Vice-President, 170 Water Street, New York, B<>tPen &, P- Tobaooo-Cu..._c Eosine. THE CO.MIUSSIONEB. RELENTS. DETROIT, Ktcl&. The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has recently MfiiCIMms of Cig" at/ Dews in Lt'!J been riding the high horse of a strictly literal interpreT.Huo. tation of the new amendments to the Internal Revenue Xatbo .... ,;:I.L A eo., 111 le&non A..., law. Common sense and common honesty, to say noth -l DURHAM, N. C. f d s-Air o a regar for the commercial interests of the Bla'cll:,.en, w. T. country-without whose prosperity his position would BAB'n"ORD, Ooaa. b .. J Dollier. e worse than a superfluity-were atike put sternly be'f.Mi o 111--fm, JI'IMW,l, & ....... 11 Tbkd. ToNtlf' c-.iim l/llircA.tHs Xeier, wa. e. A as....,... ....... G. W .&Oo.,liD KaiJI. .JI lintb of J44.,fc11Wetl r.,. ... J mJ Dettmtic O,:n. TM!Iau, 0. G. & Oo., 11'4' X&i.n Tob.t" .. WICIIntcm, l!. G. A Oo., II Thin! ... hind him, while he yielded himself blindly to the spirit that splits hairs, and places commas and semicolons above the obvious meaning of the least involved official document. This is seen in the extraordinary decisioll of the Commissioner that Congress did not mean what it said it passed a bill enacting that, after :July r, 1872, all manufactures of tobacco, except snuff, shoultl pay a lax of twenty cents per pountl You are doubtleu well-meaning gentlemen," virtually says the Com missiQDer to Congress, but you did not understand the real significance of your enactment. You might have thought you reduced the tax on tobaceo twelve cents per pound after July 1, but allow me to assure you, on my reputation as a Commissioner, that you did not. There are certain contingencies in which the oid tax can still be collected/' How thankful Coogreaa should be that so faithful a public servant e:aistswho knows the mind ef. the national legisla ture better than it does itself. But for the ComDcM rs in Ltf ToAotcoo MnufMtrers '.{ .. missioner, the wicked tobacco manufacturers might lrave '"done" the Government out a heavy percentage of tax, by bonding all the tobacco they could scrape toa Oo., ea &t6':n.ld. l C..issi.., Mnt-'-ts. Irby,J. :r. A Oo., 110 P):TERSBlJJlG, Va. Vell&ble, 8. W. & Co. 'Y-, B ._ & f Irce. l'mat Baililllllo p!IJI.AD'ELPBIA., TDhAuo II' DTelouus AD&thu, ll. & Oo .. HO Third. _......,., L."' tlo,. a 1'1-'Water. s-r, Le,.i .. !lou, 322 Nonh Thin!. .. Tal"' 1or Arch 1llhrardo, o. w aa :N.nll w-. BiMaloMtWm. & Co., liT South Waler. Jlori>ert, JtOilth.-cor. P6artb A-:a-. McDowell, .ltl B. & Oo., ai Walter X--S. & :r ., 107 Ntorth Water. llank, J.IUDaldo-& Co., Sllf-W&ler. Schmidt, H. 611 South Seooad. Teller Broth .... llT Nortlo Third. Ve&terlein, A< Ul.A!d>. Wooodward, Garrett 4t Co SS Nortll Waler. r,mer of HIWw r.,. Oootu, :r., liiiiiCnl''h ...... 1Y JsoiaiiZ. [);Iller.,

\ .. THE TOBACVO we heard, are of the opin1on that BY THE HuDSoN RIVn RAILROAD.-C. Luling &Co., CINCINNATI, :Jrin-:z:z.-Mr. F. A. Leaf Gr must be an advance of from two to four cents 5 hhds; Schroeder & Bon, lSI cases; :g. H. Ark IJJS,pector, repi!R'ts as follows ; '1harket DOMESTIC. per pound on Cavendish, after the 1st of July. enburgh, 40 do; Joseph Mayer's Sons do; G: durang the week ..... ruled steady with prices TOBACCO INSPECTOR APPOINTED.The GQ9ernor has appointed Edward N. Pr ce, Inspector of 'tobacco at Randolph warehouse, : Farmville, V a., vice S. C Price, resigned. A HmtNG PLAcE.-" An Altoona youth, to4conceal h fron. his m9ther, put a lighted cigar his pocket, which containe4, aome !bose gunpowder. His clothes needed considerable patching, but he hall no more appetite for cigars." NEw YoRK, 7une 25. Smuking-The demand for smokmg tobacco is unpre-Reissmann & Co., 83 do, Palmer & 44 do; generally meeting the \"'ews of holders, 'the demand Western market continue$ essentlany trnceadente and manufacturers, runnina their E. M. C awford & Co., 29 do; S. GebharQ, 70 do; for low grades as the time &P,proaches fbr the increase changed in evory resReet. Wf,tbouf any large tqmsfactories n1gh and day, are unabl.e to 'sUpply_ the pressJ L. Gassert & Brother, 40 do; Ferns & Co., 32 do; of Won !Mlems to slaCken And prices are a sactions, a rc;gular healti1y dell)and continqes, resulting ing orders of dealers. Inconvemence 1s still suffered F. C. Lihde & Co., sr do; G. B. Lichtenbefg, t6 do; sha7ie eas!'; we howe er, note a good demand for in sales for the week of 970 hhds-of which 6oo hhds from the want of stamps. The sales of tobacco dunng order, ro hhds, H cases. fine cuUing leaf, tlae prices Cor which are tend were for Export, :zoo hhds to Jobbers, roo hhds to Manu-the past and preceding week have been very large. Bv THE NATIONAL LINE.Pollard, Pettus & Co., 72 mg ':'pward, hav_ing reached as high at The facturers, and 51 hhds to Cutters. As heretofore the C1gars-For cigars of all grades the demand con-hhds; D. J. Garth, & Co., :z8I do, C. Luling & offermJ,?;s at aucllon were I12o1 hhds and 9 8 boxes as pnncipal inqu1ry has been f01 trash and common lugs tinues good but without noticeable feature othcrwi&e Co., 7 3 do; J L P: Qum & Co., 3 do; S M. Parker follows ; ,_ AN OuNcE PACKAGE oF FINE CuT CHEWING.-THE SIULLEST THAT CAN LEGALLY BE MADE It was dec1ded that af package of fine-cut chewing tobacco of less than one ounce w1ll qot be, under the uew la.w, a-legal pack age, even with a one-ounce stamp attached at or below gc, wh1ch are getting soarce, and likely to Gold opened at I and. closed at I I3K. & Co., I9 do, :Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 63 do J. K. At Morns Warehouse, 3o6 hhds and 7 bbxe!l ; remain so, unless prices advance to correspond with Excltange has been in only moderate demand, with Smith & do; E. M Wright & Co.; 7 6 do; 28 hhds old Kentucky trash, lugs, and leaf; 3 at $g.os western values. S'ome think, l)owever, that aJj!!r the fitfitness m the rates: N. W. t & Co., 5 a & Go., (ic).&o; lf at IO>SS@I4S.f fust prox. the operation oftbenew ax "taw will greatly Preig/Jts have been qu1et, at prev1ous quotattons. 24 do, Blakemo1;e, Mayo &Co., 33 do; Kremelberg boxes new Kentncky tra,sh, lugs and leaf; 6 at6.35 @ 7 ; lessen the demand for lugs by our manufacturers. The Among the engagements were 100 hhds to Antwerp at & Co., 32 do; Henderson Brothers, u do; J. D. 25 at 7; 86 at 8@9.95; 112 at IO@I4'iS ; 33 THE DUTY ON Lr coRJCE.-Manufactured licorice can at last be Im ported wtthout payment of duty this root has for some time been It 1s estma,;ted, bY the--;fficiah, that thus placmg 1t on the free list, government loses an annual :revenue of $z6,6ss36. Bremen t: the latest ad3os and :z6o cases to Bremen at,Ms. 6d@I3S '6d. Reilly, Jr., 28 do; Jarvis & Co., 20 do; Oelnchs & at I5@ IS hhds new Ohio trash, legs, and leaf; ces bem a ason County artic111ar Jl'otice. Co., 82 cases; Chas. F. Tag & Son, 43 do; Have-8 at 7-8o@9.40; s at I I.So@J3 ; 2 I6.75, I 9 25 5 is mqmre or, out scarce, s 1ppers rom the mterior Growers of seed leaf tobacco are cautioned agaiqn the meyer & VigeJms, 39 do; Strohn & Re1tzenslein, 45 hhds, 2 boxes west V1rginill: I at 7.8o ; 3 at 9 @ 9os ; ge11 rai!y .sthd' gus beit.darlt goods, and their bright reporCed salea and quotations of seed leaf as furnihmg the pnces that do; J B Cohn, 4l do; order, 38 hhds. 3 at I0@12125 I case new Ohio seed at 7.8o. to Cinomnat1 where it has o b po The general should be ob,.ined for them at fi,..t hand, as these refer In most mstances BY THE ENGLISH INB -Joseph Mayer' a; Sons, I9I At the Bodman Warebouse, 304 hhds and 33 boxes :&..... b to old crops wh1th have been held nearly a year, and the profit on hhd d b K k advice f t c,; 9 IB ; ut another which must naturally include the Interest on capital mvested Growers cases. 2 IO s an one OX new entuc y trash, lugi and season is to complete the planting m many sec cannot expect even 1 n the cm of new crops, to sell them for the same BY lHE CAMD.,;N AND AMBOY RAILllOAD -Chas F. leaf: I at 53 at 7@7 95, 59 at 8@9 .90; 100 tions. q pn C' stamps on the xst of July should make. timely ordet"s higher Busmess, as a rule, has been rather quiet m oomwoo to g"od NaJ Half JW.9.8o, DEALERS IN MANUFACTURED ToBAcco, SNUFF AND operations o e ormer avmg necessan J een cur.. ._, J '::? '!:' byt'le new impediments to bo-'ding manufacture-d Mloooun .............. @-l'o:oketPleceo .. ...... :lo (!l80 Brother, 23 do, E. M. Crawford & Co., 6I do, Have-19 at IOr.:ll14-75,' II at IS 25Q.20.75 I7 hhds and CIGARs ,-AttentJOn is cslled by the Revenue officials u ""i'".,._ Bright Twist (Va) n mcli 211 @45 b W '::? V '::? r.....d .,._ h goods, and the prospective reduction of-the tax. There-com to good lug B'>@IO Briabt Gold JJara, e moh a @46 meyer & Vigehus, 50 do. I ox est 1rgm1a; I at 7 ; 9 at 8.05@9 90 ; 7 at to the fact, that on an auer July 1 evef person w 0 ports from the plantmg districts are all favorable, the It lieadJ ......... ao. BY THE OLD DoMINlON STEAMSHrP LrNE.-G. RenIO@I3.5o; I at 25. 34 hhdsSouthern Indiana trash and or offers for sale manufactured tobacco, snuff or v .. 1 8 ma1JU{actuters of tllose articles who sell been as good as loulff be .:: N'"'rPov!ldi-Fino ....... @26 a;ens,6,s hhds; S.M. Parker & Co., 12 do; Read & Co., ugs ; 2 at 7, 7 9Si 31 at 9@75; I at ro.25 their own s at t lace of production, or pitc aqg an ot er operations calcu ate to o aru 12 6 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 20 do; Jas. Chieves & Co. 214 boxes: wtll be speci.d: J e rete 0 nve the embryt! crop. Brown and Green!". @ 8y, Fiue........ .. .. .. ...... :11@116 I3 do; R L Maitland & Co., 7 do; Landon, Lyons & 40 s, I ox new entuc y ea ugs an trash: I3 S d L .I' 0 t d d fr b d Medlumandllnered ... 9 @12 Xedum .............. l 9 @ll Co., R. M. Allen, :do, E. M. Wriaht "-Co 34 at 6@7 I6 at 7o; 78 at 8@9.9_5; 76 at r..v..I4-5o, dollars per annum, Without regard to the amount of".liis ee wmg 0 Improve a VICes om a roa com to mod apaugled 1 @W Qtoarl stweek and Fme ap:mgle<:t to ... now 12 .. do; C. Lulmg & Co., 5 do; M. Abenheim, :z do; :ZI fat IS<::>2 0.25 37 s new 10 trash, lugs, and sales do not hoo is by' the Taw. the on foreign account was advanced com" "6), p:,., 1e @22 A. D. Chockley, 14 do, 5 trcs; P. Lonllard & Co., 3 lea ; 7 at 7o; rs at Io@r4S, 15 at I5@I4 to the handsome figures recorded a few weeks sinC::e. :. l'od AF'liER ,THJl ISt q'F JuLY.-" The following wlll-itrterest manrin the trade New York, June, 22 -To Commissioner of fnternal Revenue, Washmgton, D C Can tobacco sh'ipped on transportation bond from factories in Virginia on June arrival July JSt or 2d? Jas. ifter& ." nsye : 'fo Jas. M. Gardiner & t S reet, w Ybr .-Under no circumstances can tobact:o be stored in a!' export bonded ware house on or after the 1st of July next. B6Dded tobacco arriving at your port after that date may be returned to factory whence shipped, or may be exported immed ately, or tlix be paid on it at old rates. J. W. 'pnet. __ Good cla 7},@ R ) i N.,. .. .,.., Twilt ....... 25 @SO d 1 D R 'II lhs 5 at 12 75r-li4I "-" cases ne OhiO ed 8 t The home trade was also act1ye in v net1es .tedium ... ... ...... 9 @tOl\ ......... 30 @ali Co., 1 do, 7 o, 78 7" boxes, 83 kegs; J. e1 y, '-!:' -., w se a of the stock as h11-ve of late occupied die a ntion Goodtoftne red .. 1 0 @ 3 Fine 24 Jr, 31 do, trcs,u9 trcs, r8 cases, I69r.( boxes; 7-05@7.85; Z at 8o5@9.8o, 8 at Io@I3-50. oidealers Thereporteddetailsoftheweek'sbusmess @to J. M Gardiner& Cu., I trc; H. M. Morns, I do; AtthePh1sterWarehouse, 51 hhds and :zsboxes: show the following distributionS' and totals For; export, BX@ 9 A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., :{o.cases; Martin & John-so hhds new Kentucky trash, lugs and leaf; 14 at ,,soo cases Ohio, runnmg, lots at 8oo cases ,.,,. SaalkXc-iotal, tnnde111aod teconds. 16 @1& do Coon 8eed ... 3& 011@10 O> Allen & Co., 30 do; Maddux Brothers, :zoo do; G. 8@9.35; 5 at 74 74 Flllltcuea.... 41ll> 0 d hhd t Eva s 'lle 7 hhds '-'--'-In 'lSUC a way as to 1vest ItO 1ts o nox10us eatures, an Banna wrap. good 10 llnotl "Ji'. G." 60 II> oaoea.... 211" r er, 7 s, 43 res, 20 cases. n VI -------------4, 3I 3o794 ..._.. alloy, of'busmess being done under it without loss or seRaYIIIla nmnlllg lot 11 06 @ I 30 "c & "" S75ll>o. ...... CoASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE.-F. A. Goetze & Brother, Clarksville ----.-------Io,o66 hhds 8.912 bhds h hi ll&'ftll FU t:om 90 @ t5 G. 1o r."..... .. .. .. .. 211" H pki 11 8o hhds rio us inconvenience. now opportune t s commumca-do 1 0o00 do MJ>@l oo uw7ma Ell."460 lba. not. 29 5 hhds; C. Lulmg & Co., 3I do: fi Hoffinan, 45 do; o nsv1 e-------4,5 4,990 bllua tion is may be Judged from the fact that preparations do do 1 @I 10 r. 0 7Ca"... ........ .... 28 Sutro & Newmark, 2 do, E. Berger, 3 do, Holzman & Paducah --------.about II,ooo hhds about 9,650 hilda -_r Yanl & \[Cut 8880rted gold,in bond, Ynurrta'' ..... ....... 1... 116 were being made all GYer the country at the time .. its 100 z A" 1110 lll .... .. 23 Deutsch berger, 4 do; F. Engelbach, 66 cases; M. Falk, L .. :-d-ft' te btai 9" .Afttifttctut'td-Tax32ctl per}IOUDJ. f KF... 23 w Total 58 4 78 hhds hhd appearance, .. yconven....,.nan petlOD, o n me Potondi.-<.-BoN-Batoar. R.R." .................. 113 34do; F .. Tatgenhorst&Co.,4do; T.S.Negus, -----------------' 5I,175 s such concession from the Revenue Bureau as is therem ... :.: .: .. : = 1 I''W. s, '-;: 211 4 8 do; order so hhds, 4 case.s. Falling off in receipts in )[87:z, 7,303 hbds. Estimatgranted. For his prompt and llberal action in this IMPORTS. BY NoRTH RIVER BoATs.-J. P. Quin & Co., 21 ing the increased we1ght of the hogsheads this year at important "matter Commissioner Douglass deserves, The. arrivals at the port of New York, from foreign hhds; P. Lonllard & Co., 6o do; Pollard, Pettus & C o., IS per cent. only, we shall have to add to the receipts of and doubtless will Tecei'l'e, the grateful acknowl-t h k d' 8 1 d d th L 1 5 d C L ling & Co t do D J G th So & C 1875 7,676 hhds, making a total for x87a hhds 1 f 5 d d ports or t e en mg June I me u e e ,o-:z o; u ., 1 ; ar n o., edgemenls the ent1re ea tQ acco -an cgar tra e loWing consignments: 1 24 j do; A. H. Cardozo & Co., 4-go; Henderson of same weight as the!ie shipped in t87x, amounted ofthe country. The letter of the law would have war BREMEN-H. Batjer & Bro.;2,o8s bxs pipCJ Brothers, 48 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Eo' 2 do; Have-to (as above) s8,478 hhds received to June I, ti?I. ranteJ him in mterpreting the provision m .auestton so l & v I' M & E S 1 d The average weight of the tobacco from thiS" r LEGHORN-Qrdt;r, 74 balel! licorice wood. ) meyer ge ms, 40 cases; a omon, 44 o; to prevent the sale of tobacco m small quantities to PARA-D F Errickson, I case cigars Oeln<;,hs & Cg., 40 ,do; order 9 do. pgint in May, I87I, was I,45:1 lbs per h in Mat, 1a7 any body, licensed or unlicensed; but Ire has elected to p p L C b 8 I,8:z7 lbs per hhd, increase in weight oi :z6 per cent.; interpTet it of. com-ORTAULATrGE-oynaz & ros y, 3 5 ceroons. BALTIMORE, :June IS.-Messrs. C. Loose & Co., we have therefore .taken IS per cent. as a moderate ... de n"'e Rio JANEIRO-alway& Casado, I box cigars Mercha,nts andDealersin LeafTobacco, el lat' fth h th' 11 h -"-...... ...... .. "" R TT' B & ,. b k o e mcrease m we1g t 11 year at a t e P"nmtteti to sel ia l" q ntU11iesJred OTTERDAM-n. at)er .Dro., zoo as ets p1pes, report. Receipts bf Maryland tiave been less than pre-Western markets; they no doubt exceed this. 1 '11 t 't d t t t th' 00 boxes do. vious week, which may be attributed to farmers bemg T'"' h. h h t wt o ,.,e no e 1a m re urn or ts pnv1S 0 d bal 1 .,_ u,: 1l; pnces t ts season st1mulated growen to lege de'"" ers -,......,.,.ed to sell to no person not reTETTINr er, 4 es 1ccornce root. busy on the fields, and that little tooacco bein g' shipped, h Ii d th h h sr b--'db """ _.. __... H w ] & c 8 hal F G d pus. orwar etr crops, w 1c enorts were c lDlOAe y to purchase tobacco, and to repack the AVANAel o., 03 es; llrca, 713 o i and hardly expect receipts to be heavy; before August. a dry cold winter and spring, affording illsufticient sea-coptents of onginal in hQgshead ases, d & A. Benrimo, IJ4 do; F Mirandad I65 do; Strohn demand !or this description has been very fair and sons for..'handlmg the crop; making due allowance for ltales The llogslie,ds, case 'aDd bales ay b of Reitzenstein, I79 o, L. F. Auja, :zu o; E Rosenwald most all sam les offered lound ready buyers at un-the effect of these orposing influences, an(l from our any size mo. epnvenient for se or best adap d e BCrother, 8d do :F J! pCman 9d93 dMo ; Ahrednds changed pnces for France, Holland, and Germany. For information of the tobacco yet remaming in the -coantry, dl verse wa_... -r th trade, retat'l b dther l., .. .... iut o 0 25 0 ; ernl'q. o., 4 o; vera, 3 o i OH10 also the demand remains rlrm and sales were 11 d th 11"" u Wbc u w y & C d F AI d & S we are compe e to e opmton expressed b}" Col C. heads, cases and bales they must be. Paper or other unge o., I43 o; exan re ons, 936 made of some S70 lahds at previous rates, wh1ch are held M. Moquot, of the Paducah maTket, that we shall sell form oft p le: o; rca&se cifars, Robt. E. Kelly & Co., I8do; Destiff, for France, Dumsburg, Bremen, Kentucky and Vir-here this season as many, if not more,'pounds of tobac tobaccos as now conducted-that is, retailing the conary K mg 1 6 do; J C. Ho eyer I4 do, gima both very quiet; export being almost cut off in conse-co, than we sold here during the season of l87{. and' tents of an onginal package to dlP:ere t persons i a A. Gonzales, 5 do ; Purdy & Nicholas i 2 0 do; quence of the high prices; while out West prices are still also to raise an esbmate of the receipts at the T.t:i& K.N.RLL 8f TM:a-.W.xsUR!i LXAF ToBAcco loose, As it is ca1 e r unpactted coltrlll.llla, f".hW.TFaBber, lo&doC; Lewis,dPhiJhp & AJobVn Fra&nkB, rihdo; improving Sold 1-0 hhds low p-ades Mason County, to 8s,ooo hhds weighing H per cent more than the YOMK -There is so much truth in the sub bv the ling. as we as :by the law etceP. pon ...,das w" HaueTrh o.,&49B o; osed .B elge rot er, The receipts inspections for the week are; receipts of I871Messrs s1wyer, Wallace & Co., in Jomed_ f dm th& re'm'ent of a reta ler lt'cense, but ina! packages may be 2 o; om as ro., 69 o; a tzar & Taaks, sS r hdds Maryland, 749 do Ohio, and 2 I do Kentucky th I f M h h un1 h y k d b d R ld F & c d L s s e1r 'Clrcu ar o ay Ist, m gtv1ng t e prominent points as we may, t iU t e or tra eretailed from a'ilr-lillitum so lOQ as the o ents are re-ro o; enau ranCIS o., 5 o; tewart, .. do, total I, I33 hhds and cleared in the m eantime 74 hhds of the tobacco Situation, remark. "This is rather a re1tself and il speedy tobacco packed before delivery. would seem T Mkil&linTgilto1;l&dEeckmdeyeAr,Ikdo;MS.Drill!lln>oCn 3ddo: Maryland, :zo do Ohio, I4 do Kentucky to Liverpool, markable exhibit, and would almost lead one to auppose freghts dte Statements, abso u_tely to be a reasonable in(e{ence from the langu_age of the WPar B H .or '&3Co o; de eFr,O eMr L on& IWt, o; 30 11 Maryland to Rotterdam, 5 do Virginia to J1alifax, that supply and demand would both largely e>.ceed esti. fiiJly future hich rul'ng, and -hetbe so or not such will proba 1-[y m. unter o., 2 o; ,at .. elSOn etc ers and I4 do Maryland to Marseilles. I I d h h I d h b k fi h t th d F s & c d H 1 d mates." t 1s now ev1 ent t at t e supply was largely bas P!eva e m t to a.cco mar et or t e pas ree be allowed until present stocks are exhausted, when, It 1S I o; d pies a o.. Ik o ; ves, I I o; Quotations are unchanged. l! in the season, the amount of the days Js very suggestive of the halcyon days before the presumable, originial packages of smtabltl sizes will be. P :A Ma an, II 0 Hc 5 & Tabmg, I do; H Mou-Saturday, 22.-Messrs. C. Loose & Co, probable demand cannot be so easily ar(i'l'ed at, as it war, when our wharves groaned under the staple and introduced by the trade F10m this it will be perceived qum 5 do; J. Manzaneqo, I do : L. Perea, 1 do: C. Commision Merchants and dealers in Leaf Tooaoco, wtll much depend upon the price curent. We pointed 'our warehouses c_ould scarcely hold the supplies sent that the favor, granted 1s not obtamed '"without pnce" Surburg, 1 dSoba: 1HerquOesd& Co., I do =. Atlantic Steamre;>ort: Our market for Maryland tobacco has continued out in our c1rcular of January r, that the in forward. Ever smce the war fought but no one will grudge the extra trouble mvolved m the ship Co., so es; firm and demand very fair for the past week, though the make of strips this season would throw upon the marmanfully to get _back the trade m ths arucle whach _New when tt ts considered how much more liberal F h f N y k ., sales (about 400 hhds.) could be b mited owing to ket a handspme supply of feaf usually used by the stem-York had taken. away. has crownrd their ef-1t IS than the law itself. lt has been suggested as one ROM t e port 0 cw or to .oretgn ports, other light recetpts, which, again show a decrease against those mors. The make of strips in the West, in 1871, was forts at last, New Orleans 1S now the great mode of expressing the sentiment ctf those mterested m than European ports, for the week eading June r8, of the previous week, and will, no contimt.e to be about I9,ooo. Mr. JaiPes Crocket, of the honorable market of thts. coun.try. beaten or the decision of the that p. determined as : 'lb mfd ,. 8 6 but hght until: the harves-. siason is over. Ohio also house of R. L. Maitland & Co, hai kindly furnsquarely .and year and our 'Y11l beyond I effort be now made by cigar manufacturers and lear RITISH US'I'RALIA-4,3 1 3 s 9 remains m very active request sales amount to 6so isbe,fus with a detailed hst oflbe make of strips in the dou}>t th, e enure Western the commg,season dealer; to assiSt the revenue officials m suppressing what BRITISH NoRTH AMERICAN CoLONIES-t case smolC-hhds, taken mostl)l ior France an'd < some forllome con-West th1s year, inCluding India and Missouri, which The history of our tobacco 1 s very ever illicit manufacture there way be remaming in the er's articles, $I6 4 sumption, at, fult On or nothing foots up only 4,26o hhds. Of the prospectt for the new and refutes the theorY, of trade 1me_s It shows that country, and the idea is '! ,good one, such ass1st, BRmiSH WEsT INoixs--:, 10 lba mfd, doing, but holders ,!lre very firm, in conformity with crop we as yet give but partial reports. The first plant-New Orleans can get back every particle of the Western ance wtll be by no me<>n.s novelty. ,Fairly weighed, BRAZIL-I case, $8o. rw' t t h' h t' t b f bl d d he h I t I h th t th t f con ,.. CENTRAL AMERICA-t,62S lbs mfd, ,.404 ern repor s, w tc con mue o e very avora e. ing season commence qth May, which permitted tta e s. as os t s ows a e movemen. 0 1 -the a1d heretofore extended for 1his obJect would more 1 inspections. for the week were: 468 )lhds Maryland, about one-f9urth of the crop to be pitched; siace'when IS, b,y the coit of and than balance the (y b.tck Thts wtll make a very large capital to can y on an extent1ve bust ness, and will have a tendency to cramu who can not reaCl ly command mea11s and in sbme cases wt l check enterpt We j11C1gethat, in general, this change wt ll have the effect 10 cause some to ho ld ther stock until ot ders ate recerved. Thetr corn mission me cha m gh t make sales by slur pte, lnd )n t hese days nf the t elegraph ano last trains, tobacco could be sent to any po1nt 111 the east in a day or two. or who can not or wilt not exhibit a license, and, the end BRKMEN-23I mhds, 8 9 do stems, cases. fancy, I4@:z5; upper country, 7 ground leaves, complete

THE TOBACCO LEA..F. steamer, Smith Brothers & Knecht, 27 bales, all per nessdone rather rate.. Strips have been freely we presented yesterday in regard to the decision of have to say, that the date of the warehousin bond de planters do, 8.oo@9 25; low leaf 9io@Io; Medium Swiftsure Lme. I did not collect any reports of the Cim, and considerable sales have been effect.ed, Douglass, that plug tobacco sentto a bonded cides the time of storage of tobacco in a to geod. shippers, Io@I3.oo; factory ried leaf, 1200 gar trade. There were over I,ooo pkgs of mfd tobacco-;' ansmg the knowledge of the f!lct a. small after June 6th, and withdrawn for consumption after house. If such dote is subsequent to June 6, I872, the wrappen;, J\.m aag, the markets repancl over 1 000 cases and bbls smoking tobacco sdld pol't only 18 to be expected; some ume smce 1t was est1July Jst, would be liable to a tax of 32 cents. This rul tobacco can only be withdrah for mption upon r IYnted were Bremen, New York, New Orleans, h 1 t k mated that not more than s,ooo hbds, would be put up ing is altogether wrong. Tobacco, ot any other article payment of the tax at the old ate; i.e 16 or 32 cents Louis, Loujsvine, Paduch, Clarksvllle, eRreiCaHs MweOeN.D, rr .. Is.-Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco 10 the West, th1s estimate has since been reduced to 4,in a bonded warehouse, is, while it remains there, as ex per pound, as the cadse'may be.11 thd1s rul.ebedto. q up and Henderson. 'fb.e ba,nquet altogether J-000 hhds., and is based upon reliable rel?orts made empt from .the operatl?n of any revenue law imposing a the three cases state ouy you, a to acco escn was an eminent Juccess, everything passed off very Broker and Commission Merchant, reports: Our marparties who have traveled through the dlStnc.ts form-?uty, as 1 f 1 t were not m ex 1 steace. But, the 1t in your Jetter 1s subJect to the old rate of tax. Jath.factorilyto shippers and buyers. It is thought there opened very bouyant and continued so until the formation upon the point. Maryland and a Withdrawn from the warehouse for consumption 1t be- VerY. J1 ia bdt nl6re .tobacco ill 1he country to come forward mg of the head of the Internal. Revenue Department, had but little attention, and sales have been effected of comes a subject to the tax or duty that may be m force J W. Market firm ncJ stt:ady. regard to shipped, m bond June 6th, only bright classes, which bring full pnces; brown at/he tune tJf wrthdrawal. here can. be no evasiOn of Messrs. Hiss & CHANDLJqR. H ..,.un.; 8.-Mr. J W. Dupuy, J.:eaf reached here, had a very depre,ssmg effect descriptions move off slowly. cigars-of rethis and ,facst, there i:& Tobacco Broker, Smce my report of the nt mst. the market. It 15 very unfortunate for the puted brands and of fine quality, continue m demand, some spec1al prov1s1on of law affectmg a particular art1WHAT ToLEDO (0.) .HAS DoNE.-SubJomed we giVe we have had finn seasons for handling and pnzing terest that Congress can pass no law however plam It although held at extreme rates, common and O'fdinary cle, and if there be any such pr:ovision in regard to plug the amount s p:ud. by the manufacturers of co, the result of ha:a been another week' heavy the general which the classes are not of ready sale. Havanah tobacco we have neve!' heard of it. The fact is that the t;he T110th J?lstnct of Phm : c*ptaaad sales. The reo t unusually large transactio mvmably puts an entirely different 0 m demand the fillery classes are most sought after and Commissioner became muddled by the phraseology of C. R. class 3 2 C.----id iii New Or.Ieqs, with the growing UJ?On lt.. But the construction of the tax IS \ bring Jong'prices; the wrappery descriptions move off the new act, and, allowing himself to be guided 1zy 1t too C. R Messmger, class J6c --6,rsz oo xs,9-r{i.oo market new life and activ1ty, i'ond With which I have nothmg to do. 1 only spea 0 h slowly Yara and Cuba-No stock on the closely, d1sregarded the equity of the case, and involved heavy German and Afncan leaf. effect upon the. trade. 1 contmude With t e good burning descriptiOns of fa1r ft.avor would meet a , lsherwo c d & Cc., l6c-n,4oo.oo: 2 2,32 3 0 CJ }4; leaf, Yz, act tOns were 1 ,I45 56 5 trcs tnd t7 t k be taken 1 mmediately upon arnval at full rates, suj)pltes 1fthe mode of construcuon the CommiSSioner man----choice, 13Yz 'June 22 -In revlewmg our mar et or t e pas of both sorts much wanted. Mamla leaf-Has had a 1festly adopted 1s ng1dly earned out. ,:The th1rty-first Walker, Nast & 0"., 32C -----$10 1 34 4 Receipts-for the week closing 1 have no new feature to 1 t ave fair amount of attention from buyers, and of the section of the new act prov1des that on and after the 1st Walker, N ast & Co., '6c,_-----S9,64o.oo 1 9-40 sales, 297 hhds Fro m reports we been full and hll;ve been ta en ree Y Y t e tra e a my last and previous crops various sales have been of July the act of July :zoth, 1868, IS "hereby amended as gather, rai11, ltas been general throughout Southern quotatiOns Shlppmg ff good quahJr are t m effected wh 1Ie a good mquiJy still exists, but httle of follows." The next paragraph recttes the first amend Kentucky, and wtll enable the farmers to pretty well demand and ta edn ree Y. at myboutkslbe quo athe crop is now on the market. Columbia -Am ment, whi<;h is that a part-of the s1xty first section of the nms tl:itt selling oC a large crop. twas. Manufacturmg gra es are J?Ot so ns ut pnces balema, none on the market. Carmen has been but old act shall be stricken out, and other words "inserted FIRE.-In this city, recently, premises No. J8:z, LOtTISV!J.LE, JIIIU-19.-'Ve report The marlcet are well mamtamed. The transactions were 1 103 hhds, ilttle operated in, although there is a fa1r asso rtm nt m lieu thereof." (Th1s amendment prescribes the um sg;et, ov;,n'; by Joonllard estate, and occu-has been very active, the offe rmgs bemk read1ly taken at 494 trcs, 59 boxes. :7 Th is very httle on sale. G1ron; a ew ,ttj.fling transactions have taken form tax of twenty cents per pound.] What 1s the effect pte hy orge d ngg d ., as aks'$oking firm whtch have an ppw.1rd te9dency. 1 The 1mFRANCISCO, h une -ere place fa1r to good descnpuons would meet a relj.dy sale. here? It 1s that on and after the Ist]uly, 187 2, the 61st ous werb fiamage on stoc r,soo, ports for llie were ,,439 hhds, 299 boxes, and the domg, and rates are unc ange ]'almyra-Is held f o r top rates, one or two small lots section of the act of 20th Jqly, 1868, remams the 6Ist ==u=1 = 1="=g=, =z=o=o=, =y==re=.============= eJ!pO!ts 1,405 hhd' 436 bo:.ces. The sales at the FOREIGN have arnved, and prove of quality Esmera.ldasection of sa1d act; and notw1thstandmg the :_hange of difrereatwarehouses (or tee same consis ed of 1,041 hhds, AMSTERDAM, :June 1.-Messrs. Schaap & yan Some small parcels have arnved from the Contment, phraseology, 1s to be construed and cons1dered as an 2 boxes is follows I Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report. The lmportauons and when of fair quality bnng full pnces Algenan-enactment of "20th July r868, JUSt as If the amendatory-cuMPLETE Moch ery of a Tobaoco F&O\OI'y Ill aoodordr and roW. ror The Pickett sold hhds: 115 hhds Kenwhich we have had lately of Maryland tobacco gave When bright in color sell.,J:apldly, but dark heavy eluses. language had actually been incorporated m the act at rmmediate uoo ';Ill be ,.,ld on-very no'.ona"ble lerms :The butf4a tucky leaf: 3 at; 2 at 26.5o; 2 at, some movement to the Although pnces proved can only Be sold at very low rates. Paragu y-o that ume. The Commtss1oner apparently adopted thts-23 50 ; 1 at 17.::5; 3 at J6@J6 at IS 75; 2 at 13.25, to be h1gh, of the trade generally was stock on market, supplies IllUch wanted Porto Rico, legitimate ofconstructioo, and. hecould not have OTIDE-The l>uom ... formoaceo, from Baltimore, per Duis now no tobacco in a bonded warehouse placed there prior :z at 7.9o, 7.8o 2 hhds do leaf at 34.50; 40.50 since some more activity with regard to Kentucky tobacberg, 46 Hhds Maryland, 85 do Virgmta, 385 cases to 2 oth Decembe1, x868, and therefore none wh1ch could per 100 pounds. 7 hhds Indiana leaf: 2 at 12.7 5, 16 5o; co I shall be able to state that there have been more sales seed lea also 209 hhds Maryland, per Aurora, of wh1ch be confiscated on 1st Julv under th1s construction of the 2 at Jo,. I0.5o; 3 at 9.90. 6 hhds Indiana lugs at 7.90@ effected during the week, which were as follows: Kentuc-the largest part 1s on he market to-morrow : Pnces lor Jaw. The only way out of the muddle 1s for the Com-9-40. ::;. ky 17 hhds at grts; 43 at same_;63 at 133izgrts; 39 these sorts are firm. m tss ioner to assume that Congress intended to stnke The Ninth Street House sold 162 hhds: 9 hbds at do; total, 162 hhds. To arnve 77 hhds at out all of the 74th section of the old law, and to enact a COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOURNAl. J11t I"LU. ltrAI P 1Jbb&d at 10 Lord Mellon srrctt, L er1x;ol llaft Ia.ud wuer" aubscrJ}'lt1ll8 w ay"->e adt\J eeeed, or to t.lle ToBALl..OO LEA'!' f..J'n'IG&. Price two aln!lwp (.t:ltgdFrgm& and Weolenl SmoKen, partlcul&dl_ BriRht ABel Bright Kottle4, 1!1lited to tho trade Also ,x-t (l'obaoooo ofall RNdM 1 Liberal cull ad--* OD C011o111!11D18111 to our boule, or to oor ...... in Jlnsland, UJooucb .... A. D. OHOOKLEY, BUOOBSSOR TO OHOCKLEY &. ANQERSON, Oommiuioa Blercluuat, RICHMOND, VA. Oonoipmenll of Leal Tobacco, Gratu and other Produce aollclled on ..... llberaJ cull adTanceo will be made Will-onion for tho parcbue of I-' Tobaooo m the Rio1unolld VJii'o. ket tor &be 11811&1 cornmllllllOIJ. Dealen will -to "'* lrtlerMI to gt...., u oMerl, whlcll """ be 1011t to ua 4lreot, or &llroqll "'-D. Oaoe&Ln, our New York Bou.. Shipperawill have the advantace of boUt IIIUbU llllb.'prliug to either bo-alldl ODly --charged. 'l'he ,A.m.end.ecl Taz Law of 18'12. -Kemucky leaf at $II.75@18.7s; u do at IC@I5.25, IS grts; 36 at 41 do; 41' at do; 106 at do; 49 THE MW alfli i11dependenJ section, regulating the Withdrawal of do af 9.1o@I6; 3 do at I 1.25@12; 18 do at; at 13 do, total, 309 hhds. Buyers finally conceded to tobacco (,om bontl, etc his. as dear as the noonday 15.,. 8d ah) 16 hhds do lugs at 8.30@Io 7,; the high prices asked by the owners of V1rgima, but 25 sun that 1 was mtenl,ied by Co gresa that plug tobacco Cigarettes, domeetle or Imported, weighing over three pounds per -4 do at 8 7o@9 15 do at 8@8 go, 6 do at 7.6o@8.9o. 2 hhd at grts and 49 to arnve, at grts, i,p w ehouse Juae 6th should be withdrawn after July aa-per ,ooo.. .. .. .. ... .. .. . .. ....... s.,. hhds Indiana leaf at Io.:z 5, 10. 50. 4 hhds do lugs at were sold I!l other descnpttons th.ere were no xst on payment of 20 cents, and, a forlion, that tobacco Cigarettes, domestic or 1mported, wetghmg not over three pounds per Stocks to-day":-hhds :t:z do oh1o, -do scrubs, bonded after June 6th, and shmlarly withdrawn, should Plaa&en' Houte sold 86 hads 49 hhds Kendo Maryland, 626 do Vugima, 7Sodo Kentucky, 622 do would .at be subject to the same tax. We regret to have to occutucky leaf: I at $2I.6o; 2 at-I8.I9, 3 at I6.75@I7.50; stems. so w1ddy Cioes tt py so much space w1th the eludicat10n of so plam a ques-:1at IS> 1 at I3.5o; -4 at u@u.7s;r6 at u@11.75i II at 8.-0ur spec1al correspondent ttioa, but the latf!rest mvolved 1s one of considerable Io@1o.7s, 9 at 9 Z-4 hhds do lugs; 3 at 13.7,5; wnte5 as follows : Smce my last report of the 24th magnitude, and justifies every effort that can l:ie made 14. 15, 3 at Io; 7 at 9.20@9.8o; 9 at 8@8.90; :a at ult., th'!: contents' of whtch I confirm, there has n?t. tax on plug tobacco withdrawn after tht: law to induce the Commissioner to revoke his rulmg. ?-90- blada do wash at 9-70, 10 hhds Indiana been much domg at our market ; pnces though remam should t flkt. ThtB ndingwould make IS THIS LAW? leaf: a.,a.t' 1o; 2 hhds do lugs at 7., bigh and firm. W1thin tlle past fortDtght dle follow!Dg JUch an eJ:t. SJlble, an? woiJ)d the trade sbll [Fnm 1111 8.30. sales were effected: Kentucky-33 bhds at 9}.i grts to pay 3 ts r frOUnd .. Sl Snuff-Sour, sold or removed for ue, per poud . . .If Dealen m leaf tobacco, u:cept retad dealers In leaf-tobacco, as herein-after defined, shall pay a tu of . as 01 EYery person shall 1>e as a dealer in leaf lnbacco 'Wh""" bua 1ness it ts, for hnnself o r on comm1551o n to sell, or for sale, o,.. J1 cornngn for sale on commission, leaf-tobacco; and payment of a ape{ cW tax as dealer in tobacco, manufacturer of tobacco, na.anufa.cturer of dprs, or any otJaer special tas, ahall aot.exeuapt any penon cleatlOg ln leaf tobacc o from payment of the apecial tax, therefor hereby required But no farmer or planter shall be required to pay a. epeciat tax:, U & dealer lD leaf-tobacco, for selling tobacco o( his OWII produc tioo, or tobacco recetve d by bim as rent from tenanta wbe J;aave pro duced the same on hts land. But nothtng in this section sh.alllte t conatrued to exempt from a epectal tu, aay farn1er o r planteT wbo shall, by peddling or othenrioe, sell leaf tobacco at retail dlroctlyto conaumers, or who s hall se ll or assign, consign, trans f e r or dispose o( to persons other than those who have ]>aid a spec1a l tax as leaf-cleel .. en or mauufactu.rers of tobaeco, snuff o r dean, or to persoas pur chastng leaf-tobacco for export Dealers In leaf-tobacco &ball hereafter sell only to other dealen who hae paid a spec1al tax att s u c h and to manufacturt!Illl of tobacco, snuff, or ciprs. and to l'iucb persons as are known to be purchasers of leaf tobacco for e:rport. Retail dealers tn leaf tobacco shall .each pay .. .... .. .. .... .. If thet r annual sales exceed j1,ooo, shatn each pay1 m ad(htion thereto for every dollar in excess of Sr,aao of thetr sale* 111 Every person shall be regarded as a retatl dealer in leaf tobacco, whose businen it ts to sellleilf-tobac:co 'to quantities less than an oris 35 e common to medium wrappers 15@::s do LONDON, 'june 13 -Messrs. Grant, Chambers &: that the CommiSSIOner means tobacco bonded after the case here presented; Cotpn\lssioner Douglass has decided r;;' e do 30@7S; do 8o@z.;5 Co, report as. follows Therc; has. been a good busidate mentioned; and 'Withdrawn aftet' the xst July, we that all tobacco bonded between June 6 and July I, ......_ M J M C S ness done durmg the past week m Umted States tobacco, have carefully searched the new T en1,1e la,w for the after the new law goes into effect rnust pay the old taxes L '""' JUne 13.-essrs arsey, on h h d h h d L... I d f 11 k t h' h th d based The & Co. i. t'-.e C 'tol Warehouse, sold -40 hhds 29 t e ome tra e pure ase m:e y an u mar e proviSlon upon w IC li eciSIOn IS of :zs and I6 cents! Mr. Douglass bases th i s remarkable tnal hogshead, case, or bale ; or wbo Jhall aell directly to consumers. or to p e rsons otber than dealers 1n leaf-tobacco, who have patd a special tax as such, or to manu(actut:ers of tobacco, snuff or ctgan, who have pa1d a spectal tax, or t o persons who purchase m ori81Dal packages for export hhd r."Od't )apt 1 af 6 t o@ 8 at rates been obqamed 111 all cases Holdersare very oolyclause beanng upon the question reads as follows. decision on the words of thiS which wequotedabove @ s a y 0 5 atii r firm aDii ao 1;ow any classes "All tobacco and snuffllQW sto ware--"all tobacco and snufi now st'ored many export bond1 I. o, 1.'!. .l 10 t' 1 -0"J10p9: 11 .:...:.... ugs I 9 Western rips have been perated m and the stock m OliSe shall, on and after july I, 1872, be subJect to the warehouse" etc ll'obacco put m store on June 20 does t r a nees are ... & 1 af 'd d b hi 'fh first hands 1s now much reduced, m e the transactwns same tax as IS vr VI e y t s act, etc. ere IS a not come under the head Of tobacco stored at the date of P AptJCAH, JMtU 16-r-J Callaway, Leaf Tobeen linuUld pwmg to the small stock in the mar-cunous this part of the law. In the first place the passage of the bill hence 11 must pay" the old ,rates. To bacco llr?ker, r!l{)orts: Sales this foot up 510 ket. V1rginia leaf and strips have had rather more atit is observed that the JISt secbon prov1des th "on show the absurdity of this decision, Jet 'Us suppose three hhds agamst 600 hlids last week. Dunng the early tention from btzyers, and a good mquiry ex1sts for heavy and after the rst day of July next the act entitled An Jots of tobacco to be bonde the first on the 5th of June J>aTt of the were higher, but several descriptions. Maryland and Ohio have been act imposing axes on dtstJlled spints and lobatcu and the second on June the third on the sth of July nave ueen o dmg off for the past few days, .and but sparingly dealt m, only light classes meet a read,.Y for otb,ey pt!rJfoses, appro ed uly 20, r868, be and is and all to be withdrawn and the taxes paid on the 1st pnc they on t stle. In CaYendis)l but a has been hereb1 as -said amendments of August. According to this ruling of the Commissioner A Jarfte crep has been and It grc fi ne, Jijkes.)li'e w.illiout any lllterallon. re t recited in dep for the perfect understanding the tobacco stored on the Sth of June and sth ofJ ulywould .. falling off. and p1eQald Our montnty report says 'rhe activity m United of most ot whic it is abtotutely' neeessandhog tobacco, .Uil be r eprcled !I a m&iaufi,;turer of tobacco 1\.fanufacturers of cigars..... 10 oq Q\fllllll'IOilt- planters lugs, buyers have operated free!y, .ll:t full market rates .. Ex; tlon, the ?bject bemg ,.otto npeal or superse?e. tlle ?ld law, and not at all warranted, we subm1t by any in planters lugs, leaf, 8.5 J porters have also taken qualities SUitable to theu relaw as a whole, but on the contrary, to keep It tn eXIstits letter We may add that thiS a r bitrary construction 1 i: I 1011; ;ft!h s, quirements, leaving but a poorassortment now on sale ence and farce, ex<:ept_JIO far as lchanged by the said of the was not known or suspected by any one in the i mol Y wrappers, 20@2S ; bng wrap-From the markets the States, advices report amendments. ThiS bomg the case it would seem that tobacco trade until seven days after the passage of the pers, 25@58' sweet sun-cured fillers, 9@10 lilack rates for all descnpbons, w1th a strong tendency on the the readul't way to construct a complete and comprelaw. Many thousands of pounds of tobacco were stored wrappers, II.@I.J. of holders to stand for a further advance. This, hensib)e tobacco code as it Wlll l;le on the 1st in the mean time which the owners to their great surPHILADELPHIA, :June r7.-Mr. E M Dick r on, w1tb the unfavorable character an,d }Ulllted extent of to-J.S.-to eliminate frqm the old law all parts of 1t ordered to prise now find with an a tax pf cents Reporter for the Toba.cco Trade at, Philadelphia, tites bacco put up for th1s market, .has t to a be stricken out by the act, and all ne':" per Pound. The only way of getting rid of thts seems a1 Ni:ll-: Our receipts of seed leaf lrlllounted much-iirmer has ex1sted some time maner ordered to be. mcorporated .therem ; but 1f th1s to be to export the tobacco to the nearest foreign port, c d1 aa VJ.I.; Jiam Hartford, 61 past, and holders have declmed offers wh1ch have approcess were pursued m the present mstance 1t would be and then to bring it back again. As this can be done Every .perso{l whose it .a to mllke or manofacture cfpr.s for htmself, o r who shall e m loy others to make or manufacture cigars, hall be rqarded as a manufacturer of cigars Every person wboae busmes ;t 1s to make cigars for others, etthcr fo r pay, upol\ comm.ia. s10n on shares or othe rwtse, from matena1 fumtshed by others, ahaU be regarded as a ctgar maker Every ctgar-maker shall cause hia name and residence t o be r egtstcred, wttpout prevLOus demand, wtth the Ass1stant Assessor of the in whtch such cigar-maker shall o do for L. & proached within a ,Cr?-Ctl?n o( has been found that the 74th section of the act of July aotb, 1868 for two or three cents a pound, 1t IS not at all hkely that u tfO" or S.teiJler, Smttb Bros. and I02 do for parcels round, m ant1c1pat1on of htgher rates betng {the old law), as recently amended? would subject to the Umted States will gain any thmg by the vexattous fOr Jt. Chm1dt. Also fictm Pennsylvarua, 1 o8 cases for before long. Another and 1mportant forfe1ture all tobacco now remammg many bonded ware decision of the Commissioner. L. Bamberger & Co.,...and 10 hhd heavy Kentucky for po;nt IS now occupying the attention .of buyers, apart hcllSe, or which had remained there six months after Tbe Blander .&gala Perpetrated &-Qo. Sales amoJIDtedto S75 cases, mos_tly from any advance in prices, and that is the hmited asJuly 2oth, 1868. All oi this muddle has been caused aew, 6o ales Span1sh and 13 hbds heavy Kentucky. sortment which w11l be on sale, even if the present make. by the frulure of Congress to strike out altogether the HoN J W. DouGLAss, CommzsstoMr Rl!'l!eThe cifirfl(,llde was fi the SJDoking tobacco business of Western Stnps has been slightly under-estimated 74thsectwn of the old law, and to enact an independent nue, Washzngton,f C. wi, ll please m good. Sale of manufactUred, plug were For there has V,een a gooa demand, and which mcludes the clause quoted near the form us. four ear Jest whether goods. ship t m.Qking toba.cco, :z,ooo packages. of pnces for mojit descnpuons:.JJ'ilve ibeetJ fully mamtained, begintung o h1s article. By the usual modeofconsttu-ped us m: on the 0 lowmg dates, from Vlrglma and manufactured) per R1chmond steamers, 934 b es; for but in c1gar tobacco there been a modera,te ing the effect of amendments the word "now" in that Kentucky, will pay per cent. tax on Dohan oai ; balfboxesr J. R. Sank & Co., aoo business done. Imports-340 bhds. Delivenes-955 clause would refer to July 2oth, 186.8, and the" or after July wu. rawn or consumption May 'f7 three-quarter boxes, tOS\"flalf do, also 204 cases hhds agamst 1198 hhds. in the corresponding month of tax wlluld mean "thirty-two C:ents.:' But Ule eVIdent was shipped m bond from the Ftftb. D1strtct, ingM. we last year. Stock-15,090 hhds. aga:inst JJ,,'i4.7 hhds. in intention of Congress was to allow all tobacco that Kentucky, 5 boxes, were received here .-. W. tckerson, Reporter for the To187I; 14,039 hhds. in 187o 12,692 lihds. in r869; 18,might bema bouded"warehou&e "trOW," viz: on the 6th 8, was shtpped m bond .from the bacco :wnte, as follows. The 334 bhds. m I868; 20,913 hhds. m 1867; and 23,540 instant, tq be withdrawn after July 1st on payment of D1stnct, Vlrgmla, 36 boxes tobacco, were sales of seed leaf amo':l"ted to 400 cases, tiz., 120 hhds. m 1866. Virgima leaf and strips--The former, twenty cents per pound, and in the absence of any eXrece1ved June June 6, 'jas shipped m bond Conne (1&), 200 cases Connecticut both of bright leafy dcy classes and medium to low de press provision for tobacco sent to a bonded warehouse the Fifth DJStnct, 75 tobacco, (new), 40 cases old Ohio, 20 do old sc!!Qtions, have been taken freely: but \ lttle now is ofbetween dates, it may taken for granted that wh1ch have yet been received. 1 Awamng your anPerllisy!vama and 20 C qp necucut, also 6o bale s fering In strips a fair tr1de has been done, all the old no h1gher tax that provided by the recent act (viz. swer, we. remam Yours respectfully, SparusE ""'" imi>orts are now cleared off the !llarket spmnmg clas twenty cents,) was by Congress. In HISS & CHANDLER. 1'he viz., for"M. A9-: ire mucli req11est, and w11l bnng very full rates. our opinion therefore the Comrmssioner's ruling is un-PHILADELPHIA, '.Juue x8, I87 2 athan & Co.;84 cases per Baltimore and10hio and. M1ssouri 1 and' strips contmue m de sound and unjust, and should be recalled forthw1th REPLY. L & I{lf:(do_. ffi fOr mand. There Jlas been-'8 good inq\lity for leaf of hght AN ABSURD DECISION. TREASURY DE ARDIIINT, OFFICE OF INTERNAL} W. & Co, 21 CJl5eS per Swiftsure l..ine; for L. colo.l for hvme use, and r classes of dark 1 (From the I g.) 'RIIvKNux, WASHINGTON, '.June 20, 1872. Bremer's S JIS, 64 bales, for P. F bales, aa color .foquptQJ t, in which there has a good busiThere can be DO doubt of the correctness'ofthe v1ews Gentlemen--In reply to your leltet of the 18th lOSt., I b I I ., I J!ij'OY-.. I t OOA y be employed, a n d any manufacture r or ctgars e mp1oymt any ctpr maker who shall have n eglected o r refused to make sucq. regtstry shall. on conVIction, be fined five \ dQIIars for each day tbat aucb c&V make!', so offending, by neglec t or refusal to reg1ster, shall be em ployed by h1m P u ddlet"}l o f tobacco, when travehngwtth more than two horses, muleS, o r oth e r animals (first class) .. $0 oe When tra.vehng w1th two h o nes, mules, or other animals (second class) .. 15 011 Whe n travehng w1th one horse, mule, or other ammal (third clau) 15 oa When travehng on foot, or by pubhc conveyance (fourth class) 10 oe Any perso n who sells, or offt!ts to sell and deliver, manufactured t,o.. bacco, snuff, or c1gars, traveHng from place to place, 1n the town or through the country, shall be regarded as a peddler of tobacco On all chcwfug and smokmg tobacco, fine-cut, cavendtah, plug, or tw1st, cut, or granulated, of every descnption i on tobacco twlSted b)' hand or r educe d mto a cond1t1on to be consumed, or in any man ner other than the ordmary mode of drytog and cunng, prepared for sale or consumptton, c!ven 1f prepared Wlthout the use of any machine or mstrument, and wtthout betng pressed or sweetened, and on all fine-cut shorts and refuse scraps, c hpp1ngs, cuttings and s weep1op of tobacco per pound .. Stamps for tobacco, snuff, and cigars, f o r tmme

, THE TOBA()CJO LEAF. -e trgtma o acco gency . TOB ,aC.CO _. MANt:FACTUREHS OF.THE U..SL;i:BRATED EsTABLISHED rn 1836, BY CIIA.RLEs M. CoNNoLLY. Cmniniou ...._. ., Colnmislion, Merchants, 1 Commission r lEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO{ CINCINNATI, 0. 32. t Being located a,; the GRE}AT LEAF 45 WATER ST., NEW YORK. our faciliti es for supp1yinR the TRADE w1th ALf, GHADIOS OF Fl:\E eWe respectfullv call the attention of the trade to the following standard -----CuT andS.MOKINGarEr1!Bunsl!!!lurl!llpassed!'!!!. !rands of Manufaatured Tobacco: for the various Brands of Geo. W. Gil/tam, including his Celebrated WiRe Sap, GoWea Seal, Galleao Bl'&llda, iiJ'. C'. WILLIAMS & CO.'S Go!Ua Sceptre, El Dorado, UDiq....,, PJtlaJ', E.aeralda, La Ro.a, (JIUi a large assorlmenl of other Brands by lheu Celebrated Manufacturers. ,_JL A. PATTERSONS & CO.'S Butralo CJU.,... Dt Veraoa, aac1 Colaa'lda llf.d.. Boi'Odbaa, Goldea Apple, aa4 Otlaer B ..... a.. r.it4 various Brands of lfle folhwing Mannfadurers : .. ace a 8tcwall, O...ptoa'a, Jao, B. Greaaer, B B Saitla,Jr a BN J-. B. Wonllaa, Tu-ptia & :a-, O. P. Checai!'J' a Co.Lawreaoe Lottot.-, ..._. a :a.-, aac1 OtJau.. IJpecial Attentioa given to ll&les of 1-P P l!l'OJIAGGO Ia this -.rket or which conaigluDents are solicitecl. G. P Jl.LK ._ BRO., U:Elf _LEAP AND BAlAN! TOBACCO, 171 WATER STREET,I NEAR BURLlNct,SLIP, -!!IJ:NEW.: YOF:i'r' .A. N D Packers of Domestic Leaf Tobacco, L. A PINS .A.SSORTX:Z:N1.' O P HAVA.liA OIGARS and OIGAR eonsta.ntly on hand. ._ 'G 'FAL K ._ A. FALK. .! :tro .l.Ot FRONT STRBBT, ; J ...; M. J_. DOHAN, ALEX. FoRMA:..-. s THOS. CArtROLL, ( JNo. T. TAITT. A[ents fnr Hie followin[ well known Vir[inia lannfacturers: .. J. B. PACE, YARBROUGH & SOftJ J. H. GRANT & C:0.. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & D. B. TENI'ifsNT & CfJ.., L. H. FRI;,JSER 6 f;l,).,.. R W. ( ; LIVER, GRt:ANER EDWIN ll THOS. HARDGROVE, !l. PACE & CO., & JONES, RAGLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO., WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, 8. A. PATTERSOn & CO., J. P. L. L()niER, sa: Beavaz-St., Drawl York, IMPORTER OF 14 FBONT Street. KREMELBERG &. tO., KWYOIUt, .... F. L. BRAUNS &. CO., BALTIJIOBK, TobaccD ClllDitintOI lemantl. 16o PEARL STREET NEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & f:ON, t..ortere of SP .t.:N1811, and Dealero In all kiDdlJ of LEAF TOBACCO., Front St'1'6et, DWYOII. i.. PASCUAL, M. WESTHEIM & OJ' and Importers of Havana To bacoo, 177 Pearl Street, NEW YOBIL 'W M Ptuoa, l J'. A. JJ.YNK. I NI:WYOIIK JOS. MAYER's SONS, UD DWALEB8 tN' 'lct 'baoci, US W' A.TB.& 87'BBB2', York.


Northern Pacific RAI!f..ROAD, .-1 '! ,' >;>, > ,JJ I SECURED BY TRE PALMER&. S UJIP6ftTEiRS OF L'(]) JOBBE-RS 011' ALL ::JJ' LEAF :a ceo, No. 1.70 Water Street, New YfJ!.ft Sole .Manufadurers of Importea German WOOD. 73Z lnth Street, NEW YORK. LOYNAZ & IMPORTERS OF SAN DOMINGO 96 /:AHBBIIT 1st Kortgage & Land Grant Manufacturers of u And Dealers Fine Cigars, in w. .ffer Ill jar, anli fllensl 48 a. .dDrtllem Pacific RailrtJad Fif'st Ma. iu.en Lane N. F. fi Bofllit, princiJrll and intent/ jayal/e_ in Gold, txempt from United Sttl!p recomwund lite same as IAe safest investment. Utriltltl Statu .&nds, and alltl'ltlr!ufiJile umriliaf. in ge at fuO pme. 9 I NEW YOR.K, PHILADELPHIA, Al!m WA!!llritQToN: C6tffledictll Oil! state Seed Wrappers, Till .F;,est Ha1N1114 Wrttjpers and Fillers. H. tW ater.....e.._.y.._ And Deaild in -.Iii Western IA:If an,d ,anufadured Io6fKctJ, Gum ek., ,, Gl S, No. 8 Bowery, lfEW YO&J[. "lrK.Jl AGJIBW: .. 80118, Tobaoco anct OommiaaioB t. IILLI!IUU & tG'lllfU, 48 BROAD c;. 48 NEW STREETS, AGENTS. OF < 14S Water 8treet, j ear Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. s. BOSSIN, Dealer in HAVANA AND DOMESTIC .._le Ferme" RllliAian Cigarettes AND. IMPORTERS OF 8M4 ....-!.. V.&.B' CIGARS. LICORICE. ....... ,.... ... .... .. _. ... DOMEST'IC IT -u?11 Wau:r Street, 18! Pearl St, lfew lror.k. l;tt:..._ J.i. o G ... -. CARDOZO II CO., TOBACVO LEAF .. lba. Yirgini's Own PieeeooJ. Tho ,maof Choice Cbe Haw, Fig's. T-.ri&ij 6. iMI\.1 1. JL. BrfPi'l'wtft.ltllilll.: La Pavorlta Boll8; 6 brch < Cl>aa. Heary...Jr., 9 (l ,, l!atd 12 inch lbs. u .. .. .. .. .. PIERIQUE .... All :W:anufaciur ed and B111olduf put up under 11pecial br\nds t or till sole use of owuor. BENN.&T'f'S PATENT "EUREKA" TOBACCO lf!E. e Patutell April litla, 1170. This nonl IUld newl:r"1'8t.ented invention ia claimed to be the DIOit perfect device for smoking looee tobacco ever to 1M public. By the simple ehewn, the saliva, !net-t ot running into the bowl, wetting the tobaqeo, ll.tld thus foul!.Jg _th& whole pipe, Ia oerrled through ihe the ball rf. c'lam.. ber under the while the smoke, entirel:r puae dry and clean through the upper atem to the rnouth, !l!bti claaaa ber is reedil:r detached and emptied, and, being entirely separate from the and haTing no com!Duni011tion it, from it into the pipe ia prevented, and the tobacco tB kept c-.,, and may be readil:r ooniiUmed the laai _whfte great objection to the common ptpe-that or the mcotme drawmg back in. IOO.P-tlt-' ell"tt17 obviated'. It in this ret!!pect from .ill other pipes, and mUBt commend itseif at a glance to :W. ROBINSON & SON_ :i.S!t 184 Y the Xet.l Company. _..... ', wilf accompany themachille&. -Par fuitler mfol!!l&tion "1. ) G. W IJI.A aea'l Aa'"t. Jlrovidea,ce, B. ,... -. 1. T "APPLIID P'OR, ...., !. Yltr. t-tl HollldblflraAI!Iebf om to reee\Te, tJui bllDCb. qt.llllor. Pig. 2 TOprOOOnt.llonldin_g Ma ch ino"""' U.e or Ill.,. U. boea ,.-Cb!Ollgh _Into -!'14. The !"ould 11 JDade or tn t'lrQ lougit&afaal halea, with a moula for bait a c1pr m each. A, -m-ilgur, t, moa1d deecnbed. B, lilt 1\mnel or cqndnc!oT ma4a o1 .,.,t .. l, lltll!' whm aro,na ilonolooeiJ """" -ld "'*Y In blook A, u in 'F!. 1 LeYer, c; U.llttached to it a the iiJoide of fllnnel, or ooaduator, B blultb or lll[er iuolaood. Ia top f1l fnnne l 'B. wl1 10 aDa p!!IIJell "-. wltll_l:be llDpraliiiW. It-on &Ia. Koald U 'l.t te fllen foroed down by "bearing doWD leYer C; t1ie leTer i11 then raised. The funnel is 10 ooutructed that it rilaee with the leTer leav1ng room to COTel' t bunch or filler with the other half of lllould, whiclr"is then removed, le&TiiJa the macnine in posl.tioa for &lM mould. Ciaus oan be n:pid ami mon perfect witlt tblo a_.,.UiaaUQ"other moald; anbaport'oet bmtdleauno4 ho made nth t. Loilrllller..,. ho '!"rked "" well witliOut blader u-._ There II M&lllae "houUIG>r ....-me or mould thu ean ...,.. 011!. U "' tho most eimple and IJ8T(eot :re' oared lor ..wiDir ....... PRICE: Ouellaobla. foTo"""'ooclp<&lldtoOKOilldo.,$15. ADJ BIH or 1nll be furnished requirina Onl7 the nialde measure of '"'''-to l)'\ C k CIJE&ra in. Por ruriher ioformattOn address or JOHN CHARTER, STERLI"C, ILL., fl LOUIS BULLINCER, Qeneral Aj(eQ,t. P,..,Prfdw andJI'a,..r-....-. IOLI.A.I .ALLU :: Agency. EDWARD HEN, U Uberty St. Put up in 1, t. t, t lb. Jla&l. The unprecedented ule of to be extensively counter when purchasing Durham T. BLACKWELL'S BULL Chicago Agenoy f. iUY ..... tfHtr.-t fcited1 and to preTent be partinlar to caquire BRAND, and .. e thai it bean Seed-Leaf TOl3A.OOQ 172 WATER --STREET, :L. CER HEL a. BRO., AUERBACE( & MElroE"RSSJ sEGAii.B, Leaf Tobaooo AND.. ;I;GrA:R: 138 Water .. eJf' Alllo all XiDda of Leaf Tobwloo, No.8 Fletcher st., New York. ] SCHMl'I"l'. No. 86 MAID.EN L.ANE, !'; ::::.} IIIIW YQIIL ............ ... 1M:. & _E. SALOM:ON, I ..... Havana.. Cigars, Lear Tobaaoca, FOREIG::N LIQUOBif No. 88 MAittiE JniW i>'QU. Ex. NoaToN. 'l'Hoa. J St.Au>nTr:n. n u .. 1) :"' .&. A CO., NORTON, SLI\UGHTER & CO., Commission Merchants L. BTRSCHORN & 00 Tobacco and Cotton Fa:ctors, .... -: .... ":" _LEAF TOBACCO: LlAJ TOB.l((!CO, (tn.tral .ammtSSI.O'n r 197 ,... f9 WATER STREET, BROADSTREET. New-York. eWallStreet, NEWYORK w YOllX. E. & G. FRIEND & CO., Lea Tobacco, ltCAIDEN .l, e. L. & O, MEIER, FODWAlWDJO-J -0tcar manu&oturera poarticularly tavorea. ANTONIO GONZALEZ, T & Cotton : EDWARD M. WRIGHT & Cti. I 4 I o l"ATMAlf & CO., Cotton &lUI 'rGkooo aotoa, IMPORTli:R 01' l'tftl&altl, -. ... .-. t y =:rJ:"/!:IID,la.f IIVI YORK. Commission Merchants, :No.43S..vw &._.ewYedL,.. ::=.=r...r:-: 10 font1111 OOUD'"'-uw General .. -NEW YORK. AND COMISSION MFRCHANTS 70 A 7!1 BBO.&.D 8TBEET, NEW YOB.Ii, o -LEAr.TosAcco& HlVI l LEAF TOBl "' L. O!BV .AJAL'S OIGARB, 167 Water Street, New Y.ak ..._ Jlllll ... ..., ....... := --i."!' EW TORI.


Philadelphia 1!1 DEALEB8JN LElA_ F TOBACCO .And Manufacturers of all Orades of o. 8 1V. tar st., Phl1adelphla, DW AllD, A 00., SUCCESSOkS TO WOQDWARD, BRQ. & CO., vt CCO & GENilW. IIICIWn'S, 88 Jib lftaer Bt-i-,-PlriladeZplri(J. _:_ THAODOR.E H WOO OW AR.D, ALBIN GAR.R.ETT, W'.LLIAM HEMPHILL. Qll' lila MeDOW.LL & CO., Tobaooo, AND General Commirision Merchants, lo. 39 Water St., PbiladCIDili& L. BBl\BER.T, Dealer Ia LEAF\ T Jf. H. CLARK & BRO., I THE Baltimore Adverti&emeots. St. Louis, and Western Advertisement&. RICHARD KALLAY. JAKl!S li.ALLAY. Henry Besuden & Bro., R. ALLAYABRO Dealers iu LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, I I& ftd I ? WeM Front 161. Retweeu Race and Elm, ,) OINOIN,NATl o. L. B BAA& J.D. BUDHAK & 00., Tobaooo, Snutr & Cigars, ADd ww..le Dee ... Ia Conneetltwlt Seed-Leal 'I'OBAOCO, BATTIN-& BRO., Aoa .aa,-e & ao., BD. NJEKANN. WHOLESALE DEALERS IN wHouuu: ouLu&JN wnTPHAL, GI-ESKEIt.-NIEMANN TOBACCO, CIGARS, SNUFF, &C., eaf Tobacco, co:uo1110 DlUJBABT, FnEox KLtEn. G. GIESKE .! /llfiLleerU .Jaie1 L AND And Manufacturers of AD4 --er Ia TOBACCO FACTORS 142 IORTH THIRD STREET, OIIIECTICUT IE,lD LEAF Philadelphia. 03 !geatJ for WIW!f8 l 00.'8 810DIIG TOBACCO. Ballimore, S orth flll.acoad Btreetl .....,. b .-0 0 AFTOBBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, DEALUI 1M' Seed Lea.f and 'I'OBA.CCOS. N. Charlts anrl Prati.Sts., B__AL TIMO!z MD. G.Du,.._ &.,SON, -..a--. ..L ln--...... &aiBOIIIR A 't 0 I I ..a ...... 1ft .. Leaf"'and. Manufucture<'i !f) lll!AB EW OP THB TOII.t.CCO WORU. L. L. Proprietor, Lynchburg, Va. sw.te It llartford, CoDll KROHN, FEISI & CO., A. L. & F. :SISSON, Paeken aad Dealera Ia Con nectlcut eed Lea1 T OCO, 63 West Fourth Street, Dealenin CINCINNATI, OHIO. LEA. F .. lHACOO, .... ci=-. .. ,... ogw,. l'o' 4 COLLEGE IJUILDU6-, I. LOWIITIIAL co., BROKERS, ll'o. 5117 State St., Ohio, 5 I If PI E a E a A a, a..---..,...-= R A CHAPMAN .ERCHANT, I. .. .And Wboleoale Dealer in D:u.LD Df omo & co:tmEcTicUT 78 .. S:::-o. Seed leaf Tobacco. L:JUJ!' TOBACCO, 48 Front st., Cinobulati. o. F. WANKELMAN, -VVHOL..ESALE D'EALE'R In all kiDd or La.! Cigars-& Sllll!, 110. U WEft' JflloXT 8TBEJt'r. A. :WEISE, IR F. u iY.LANGHORNE SMOKING TOBACCO, F ..lCTOBY No. d. L YNOHBURG, VA., KIOP .,.,...t&DtiJ bud JUid lor ulo all 11*1 ot VIJ'Iblla 81110kinc Tolloa:o. ww COiltrKt .... IIMir---------EAST COftiUCTICUT. .G. w. .AVEs; J'.A.(l&D ..uD DIULD Ill Fine Connecticut JOHN FINZER, Iii ZJ;Jt, FRED. FINZER, RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER ... JOIIIt 8., MANUFACTURERS OF "FIVE IRtltt!RS lltt," H 'liRGIIII Ferdin&nd Jr., :f);r"' Tbe lollcnrlaC:h_lglol7110P.!i!!'1: l>rui4a'areJ)IiJQabettJNd at these Works ODd packed Ill U.e moet at>DroYed IQlea; vis.: OGclden.t_a:_I, blander, Cuba. Ab.lelh Ueer 'l'oasue, Diek t a.d, Beveaae C11tUr, o& ror Joe, beddea S-ial Br.aada. NlLA.llhlL-"'HIA INSPEOTIOKEED .LE;a:'F' TOBA.C'CO. D. W. INinOTO& FOB TD toBACCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA OPI'ICBAT tO'J lll'orCb w .... a...-, PH-.LA.DEJLPHI.A., .. KJUiu.aCtlller of Fo eut ing TO ,..,_. !'be of"!-b-bu nuder

.. TOBACCO LEAF. plants, both in the green an cured state, and report the result, which he did, and e, following report, viz : At his first cuttiDJitd .ee ted tellift!'JltS of each, taken from rows side by side, as near the sa=.aile' aa he could select, and :q soon 11'1 ia a sta to handle weighed them. The : ttiat from t plastered row weipei 2o..,f!'s., plastered 19 At his second cutting nc d thu.,t frOJa a different part of the lot ._llbt< p weighed lbs., the ten p llis. At.fUs third cut ting he made the same experiment in a different part of the lot. The ten weighed lbs., and the ten plastered aoJ.(. Those .several parcels were hu ng on separate sticks, marked and numbered, placed in the same bam, aide 1: and aftet c:Uring were stripped and tied up in separa bundles and' weighed : NOT PLASTERED. Ills. Firstcutting ________ ... _., ___ 2 Second .. ---..,--2 Third cutting _._ _---_. 2 oz IJ 9 4 II ladies ; clerk grinned, the out ?f his co6ntenan<:;e, and then they retired, ev,aenu1v dJb1ous of fhe pruiieiltial policy of smoking coarse tobacco in. sliCh delicate comp, .j\. tae a-. my te!Dporary ended, and I e sa my bewildered brain fqr an ex thiS latest CHAPTER 1 ,11-"-ll;!f' UNPLEASANT-OM> GltNTLEMAN. On a ,dark, wet, dismal and altogetlier disagreeable night, I ad crossed mtt 'han el Holyhead. The V{ater.Jy.d beeQ. ve,Y choppy ;",the boat had rolled and Pitched abomiriibiy I had. "walked the deck in worse company than gentleman ho tells us in the songmnr e pro ose-a to d? so with the pilot on the "fearfu1J111Jit" when he pilot told so sad" a tale, and pointed it with so excellent a moral. We were very much behind 'time, had no time to stay o refreslunents, and were not particularly ex hilarat d by the news that two persons had been washed overooard Siom the outgoing steamer, OUr befQR and drpwn ed ; it is no exaggeration to say that i yta_s glad t 9 c\l:sh mto th nearest empty cOmpartment, coil myself up m a corner, light a cigar, and smoke. at ar.-ol"J, o 90; 6o 37 at f'to@Io: 75, 9 II@II.75; 7 at 12@ lbs. First cutting ......... ----It Seco!id cutting ---. ---- --3 bird cutting .. -3 oz rs)i 10 I had scarcely so much, whep four persons followed me mto the carriage. Thfee were ladies ; was a (I call him so, because he might have been offended and justly, if a th time I liad him a man). The following conversation ensuc;d: AtFI'HOR OF HE RESENT ROMANCE : Pray, madam, do you object to my smoking?" FIRST LADT: rorot at all, thanks; indeed, I rather like the odor of tobacco." AUTHOR OF P. R. : "May I inquire if my smoking will annoy you, madam?" SECOND I LADY: "Oh, by no means. Please do smoke It will make me forget am)>oat." A or P R. (lo p,.etly lady); And you-will it be unpleasant to you FGC GZ 0 p 12.75; 2 at IJ.2S@IJSi 5 J J .J. 9 14 at 14.25@14 59; 4 at r6@ Total gain in thirty 2 lbs and 3 oz; esti16.50; 2 at $19-50 i I at mated gain ih his crop of 10,ooo tbs, 2,-zrs lbs, Jao.zs ; I at $21; I at which crop he sold at an verage of $8. Gain from tile so; 5 at' Sas; I ut $36; I at plaster, say 2 ,215 lbs at 18, l 77; off from four $27.25; I at 14; I at $40, tierces of plaster, tr2 per lb net gatn, ,-r155 2o. If and I at $53 : 44 boxes at the above statements are not sllllicient to induce $a@$1r.75 .and ;;a wagon the planters of tobacce to tty it, when plaster is so very load1 at .7.20@$8. In \he ..,, I know not what can induce them to try any exsame 16 hhds were But I much fear that it is now as it has been paaed, were for ages, that the farmera are opposed to all-new experi on 78 hhda 12. ments, like the boy I have heard of who was seen so, aild 9 bexes ping tb the mill with hil bt11hel or two of corn in a bag h 'fo-day, a shade en-the corn at one end and a stone in the other to balier 011 all grades ji,:cept ance it on the horse-was asked by one meeting him on bright. Sales 6:z hhda : I the road why he did not divide the corn in each end and at $2,70 (poor scrapi)": l2 lene the rock at h6me, replied that his fatlier always at J7.10@7o; r 16 at $8@ did so, and he was satlS6.ed it was the better plan $8.90 ; 1 at $9@9 ; 8 at I knoWi from experience that gyp!ium is of great im tio{,fiG.SO" 6; portance to growth of tobacw above 3 t $12@ ; 2 at 13; I stated, but also when ed on tHe plant in the bed rs.:rs; 1 at35o, at previous to a rain; also when sowed on clover, peas, $so,and 3 boxoa 17Jo, cabbages and potatoes so soon as they get to a moder5 hhda were pasate height. The art'cle is so cheap that I do earnestly aed, and biJs were r-ejected urge all the planters and gardeners to try it. It is useon u hhds at 17 8o'@zs 5o, less to say you 1lave not the money to spare. We have and 1 do scraps at $2.70. in Petersburg a plaster mill from which I am certain, We quote inferir>r and from the samples 1 have seen there previous to its being weight lugs, oo ; ground, that it is perfectly P,ure, and I doubt not but at ctory do 17-z5 to .7.6o: 1hat you perchase any if it was only two planters do f7So@S.::as ; or three dllllars worth. common leaf m.dium shipping @9.25"'; good do S9-50@Io as; medium manufacturing eat S9.oo@$12.oo; good do do $ oo ; briiht wrappery f::ap.oo@JJo. oo; fine bright, SJs. oo@$6s oo :June l9.-809 hhds, against 7 14 the vious week. The market opened on 'bw medium Saturday was but on Monday and sellers were, and the market a shade lower on shipping grades. Yes terday-all .-, were ac-tive SalU from Tbl terdl9, inclusive (four were 292 hhds at '340 I llo J103 aDd I the highest price of the sea sonbought by Meyer & Drummond, mauufacturer at Alton. In the same time ta ._ y-. """' 1e-_, ta .u.o United lit-. 23 hhds (chiefly tactory wlll _, be olrered lor le ta Europe aDd ODI7ln tho dried) were passed, and bids 124 Frqnt St., N. Y. were rejected on 66 hhd. s at $6@$46.5o, and 7 boxes at baclt &Del allowed for. lAIIESC.IIc.U."DJIEW of liewYorkonr9Cla J7.2o@aS4 To-day the ofor Llquonee heretofore m011uf11Ctared by"" ferings were of good quality JI&CJ ADBBW r CO., LoiOiloa, B .. l:"ll4i generally ; the demand active, and prices firm. Sales 71 hhds, at $59oc28, and 3 boxes at J7.1o, J8.6o Sa$J1. h)ld was paa5ed. and b1 s were rejected on u hhds at to $14. 25. Yot;NG LA:QY.: qh ,no I I a eigar mmmsely I' A. OF P: R. (to e/de,.ly "I pre sume, sir, you haYe n objection?" ELDERLY GENTLEMAN: "What to ?" A OF P R : l'o smoking ?" ELDERLY GFNTLEMAN: Yes, I !" A. oF P. R. : To my smoking now?" ELDERLY GENTLEMAN (ftl'rJciiJIIs/y) : "Yes!" SELF: "Why?" OLD GENT.: "Because 1 hove!" Sfl:.F: ,,..Is that all?" OLD GENT, : l'l i>, it isn't SELF; "What else I" OLD !GENT. : "L diel! U1 the carriage P SE : "The ladies wish me to smoke." OLD "Ugh! I care !" SELF: "Will it annoy you j mean y,ou, or inconvenience yo ?" OLD GENT.: No, 'It w'on't. SELF: o" The aa ou are in the minority, and the majority are ladies the !j,berty, of smoking OLD GENT.: "win you? SELF: "Yes." OLD GENT.: "Very well!" -There W.I!J!I so muchsignifiCance in the last ejaculation that. feU to wonderingwhat hewou d do-whether he would take out two ta11ow candles and a box oflucifers light and l.low ?Ut each c,andle alternately, till he sttiied us with the fumes of brimstone, prosphorous and swel tering tallow; or would have me fined 40s. with cost for my audacity. I wondered all the w;ay to Chester, where we parted. It is much to the Disagreea le Qld Gentle man's credit that he did neither; although he never slept a wink, or spoke a word, or took his vindictive eye off me all the way, and I smoked continuously CHAPTER IV.-IN THE CHOLERA SHJQ$ There was no mistake 'about it-it was cholera-Asiatic of the worst form. Victims were being brought in in cabs, in can;iages, carts, or shut ters, mattresses-faster than the doctors coald attend to tbem. As I etters the main shed, the dead seemed to on almost a!l ap\dly dying where gomg m. The were rolling them up in the pallets on which they had lihed, and hurrying them into the -111cie.ftella tG be taken ltWity instantly and bllried with all peed. I passed'-tbrough the wards. Row after row of struck people where there, _hurryingto the tors were passing gravely from pi:ke tlaeir heads women were tending an!l sufferers, rega{dless of their own lives "Four"'fJUrseS and two surgeons carried off to-day," one of the doctors to -Soon mf atte'rltion was arrested by on Of the nurses., who assiduously tending a patient, .and meanwhile. As I approached, I recognized the cigareue.smOker ol my Novembermorning's experience in the saloon-carriage of the railway. The only one our ladies who has been able tQ see the week through," said the. doctor, -poihting to the beautiful elepnt creature wHoseconduct on that morning had so greatly astoDbbecJ .me.. Often, during tie succeedi weeks, untii the epidemtc wore itself out, I saw her at !post, worn, anxious, .and at length emaciated ; but uently using her cigarette which she ca11ed her e-preerver." t HA-P'J'ItR FRI!i:NDS. was waitmg for a boat to carry me ou summer eve nitJg from Westminster Bndge to Kew, when a gentleIll o had tWtr.::t pa d and repassed me, G'USUM oJt:. T.o.BACCo. A correspondent of the Petersburg (Va.) Ru,.al thus writes: A few days d 5a1 Pardon 'me, I am mistaken : but rrancy We have met before looked hard at 1 him and knew face, but could not 1n looking over a parceLof some old. to :j-..()U...will crfiClul l t I was I may go ana state t at I was per plexed. My first jmpulSe was to ding my cigar dut of the wind!" ; but I reflected haw col4 :. it determined that I would not o*.er tlle sash 'K.,'II he raw second iJu:l,inlt fJ it down on the me; my suggest : tb 01e that bad got into the wrong ;'and, I tly, to get out 11nd go elsewhere to 'fini.Sh my _smo 'ke. ut all these admirable resOlutions i11possewere rendered less by two circumsta i st, tbe train had and, although I I a.m a polite man, I did disposed to risk my }\eck.. by a stretch of rmhcv as jumping out of a moin railway carriage, to oblige even a mistaken lady. Second, t4e younl!ler lady had whicli .be from het pocket IIi dabity ctgarette-case 3 :f'd an elegant little box of vestas, and was applying a to a charming cigarette, which she had placed lletween a pair of lips as ro y and two r ows of teeth as beautiful egularand I have ever seen. A jet of slllOk c 1 freM eaeh end of that lucky cigarette i and another followe _d; and while \ envied the little ron of tobacco the courageous beauty was.s.roking, I regarded mys elf and my lumbering cigar fitil brief and passing 'Sense of disSatisfaction, if not of dilif:ust. B11t the lady smoked calmly on, as though her performance was. a matter of course. She was a ady ; so was her friend, who did not smoke, but seemed content that the smoking should proceed. Of tha I am certain, not less on account of their gentle demeanor, poli,shed coversation, their carriage, 1 than their elegant but cosOy attil:e : At the next ation an elderly gentleman entered the carriage with a lighted cigar m his hand, gazed fur a moment at the fair cigar ette-smoker, uttered an exclamation of mixed astonish ment and dismay, shrank, ba : k, _and tied as if he had smelt the fumes of Top bet. Ar the next, two clerks got e .ach with a pipe in his mouth. They looked at the Did we not once meet in a railway carriage," said ladies preferred your smoking, and I objecteO,ancl. you persisted?" "Ah,' said I," I rermtmber now. I hope you to my smoking here, as I should be sor!l to throw away so gbod a cizar as this." "1 smoke now mysell(' he said. I "Glad:Tt(, Ii'ear it shake hadilS on if, ind, try lone of e He smoked well_. We to t ?gether; and so!Jl.e: bdw, he cOt m m llilli, see what he called "the tnsttlnire his c e i n T.Ai& was a niece of his-his and in her I btind my twice fo\lncj and twice lost acq,!laiqtance oft and cHo r -slieds. J. I GHAPT:I!.R Vr.--NBW RELATIONS. ..,,.",,.._ That was not my lt't visit to the Disagteeabl Gentl:=rnfttalr's house-; but he was never dis>a:gref!allile4 again often had our smoke degree&, that. my cigar well wheti eptin coulitenance by a and a certain found out that, in a cigarette's :!re tpo weak. hQwever charming, to .. and require tlle protectim J of those stronger crl!at1un!,s. the ci ars. So we agreed t at they--should mingle : an one morning not long ago, we twaiD w re made at a church not far from one o! the localities with whic this ltdty is connected. 1 this staterne ahQUld pear too vague1 I can only say that I have not. the gift of topography. CHAPTER Vll.-DOES SHE SMOKE STILL? Wellr_sbe won)t let

Tobaooo M:anv.hetories. THOMAS HOYT & CO KANUFACTUilEltS OF I Fine Cut Chewing and SMottiNa.X & e..u.uon. G.W.GAII. 4'1! Sl29 Pearl 8 .. fl W Tho. and Jllbo. SAJLOII' CJIotamoed Wl&ll oar name. & T.YA.LL. BewYort. ..... .. le.' M JINtl4 st., 1J08'1'0l{! THE TOBACCO LEAF. Tobacco 1\lanufo.cturers. 1Uttnnr & IJ, lwc.&IIOU TO lOIDl AIIDDIIIm' A CO. SOLACB. '. tifBACC Ut 117 LIBERU ...... LicO"ice. WALLIS &. 00. EXTR.;.. Tobaeeo man1lf'adiu.era and the trad& in gcDel"&l are particUlarly 1 f:O es: amine ana teet the superiOr properties of this LICORICE, 'which; brougbt. to the lligbeat pert'eetion, j 18 c::;:ed u:ader the style or brand. 1 also SOLE AGBNTS for the brood.. :r ... o. I L I .ro. :rz.;A r:4'TE, ROOT, .iil ""'i;dCTV ... b.i7D..._, RV aad 5caautatt4 1116.., 4{


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