The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. VIII.--NO. 26. NEW WEDNESDAY: AUGUST 14, 1872 WHOLE NO. 390. IS PUBLISHED EVDT WEDNESDAY KOimNG:n THI NB!COO LIU PIJBLISIHNG OOIP'J," .142 Fulton St., New York. --:Bu,.;.. :t As an advertising medium, where it is desired to reac;h the and Tobacco Trade, not only olthia but fore1gn Countries, it is the best attain able. -411 All letters sltould be plainly addressed to THK ToBAcco LB.AF PuBLISHING CoMPANY, 142 Fulton Street, N e w 11 or!&. -. j ., Terms of the Paper. SJNGLB COPIES 10 CBNTS PBR ANNUli f+OO 'l'e England and the Canadas, $1.04 add\.tional per annum for prepayment of Postage. .,. To Bre'(Uen, Hamburg and the Continent o f Europe, additional per annum for Postaee. To Austra lia, etc., $1.04 via. San Fraucisoo, ad-ditional per annum for Postage. No orders for the paper considered, unless accompanied by the corresponding amount. Remittences should, in e*ery ins tance, be made only by money-order, check o r draft. Bills are liable to b e stolen, and can only be sent at the greatest risk to the sender. 1 Rates of Advertising. J square {14 Nonpareilllnes) for six m ouths '20. do. I year f3S L a rger advertisements in the sam e proportion, but none t a k e n unless 1 1 :11 3, 4, or more squares. One column, 1 year, f4So; six m onths, three months, f,1so. Half column, I year, $240; si.x. mouths, $ISQi three months, $?5 ..:r' Advertisements o n the first page, per squar e over two wide columns, and none taken -for less than one year, payable folly in ad\ance; squares, No .. Transient advertisements on the tblrd page, 25 cents per line for each insertion. No orders for advertising will be considered, unles s accomranled byth e corresponding amount. This rule wil be adhered t o. BUSINiSS. DIRECTORY OF '!DVI&TISBJIS. MEW, YORK, Tob.tdrew, James 0. l:H Front. Monio, H H. 19 Old SUp and 73 Water. Weaver .It l!lierry, U Cedar. &ed Leaf T ohacco lnspttt io Linde, F. p., & Qo., 14i Water. ,, Tobauo Prtutrs. Guthrie & Co., 225 Front. Ma11ujacturtr1 of Cigar Boxes. Jacob, 293 & 2116 llforu'O<'. Oeo. & :Bro., li7, 1119 .It lSI Cigar B !"' rJ :Hurray WolJI', Ohas.A 6 1 Chatham. Tobacco &aling Wax,l ziDBSU, W, & Co., 197 William. of Rus.-lln Oi'gartttts. ManufaCtllrtrl if TobaCC4. .A.ueo & Ellia. 11 Vine. Geoghan & Murphy, 18 Hammond Otten H enry & Co 37S Main Spence .B! os. II> Co., aud M Eas 3d. C o mmission Mtrclzanu. Hafer, &lmea & Oo., 25 Welt 'a.cood. Manfacturtrs, lmporJtrs Dtaltrl ;, Cigrs. Krohn, Feios & Co. .13 West Fourth, StroMer, Louis, 187 Walnut. Wei!, Xahn & Co., 1St Main --:; Leaf TobaCio Bro!urs, 'Horn. & Re: d, College Building OLAR.K.SVILLE, TeDD. Leaf Tobacco Brol.trs Oipk, :M, H. k Dro, 1 COVINGTON, Ky. Glooo, J A. P It Bros U, 17 and 19 W. 7th : DA.JfBlJRY, CoDD. Graves, G W 'DA.NVILL:i:, Va. Commission Pembert o n J H DAYTON, 0. J!oglcn & Pei18C, PcllBC'B Engine. DETROIT, Mich. Manufaclslrtr! of C fgars., O \JJ ,Dea lers in Lt11J T o bacu Malhem, J.L,, Co ., 216 Jell' erson Ave. DURHAM, N. C Smoling Tobat.Yo. Blackwell, W. T. 'EAST HARTFORD, OoDD Pac/ltr and Deltr, Chapman, R; A. HARTFORD, CoDD, facAtT-s anti Dealers. Xmney Bros., HI West Broadway Dames & Jerome. 236 State Hu!Jbe.rd N & Co., 18 Makket Lee, Goo 160 State. -A'L4 Fume'' Ruui11n llHliDrton, T. & Eckmeyer, Sol e 4.8 Broad C i garWrapptr BodiogMniJiotr Nation&l lm a. ]leit.ella&ein, .176 Front, Tifi'l<:har!WJ'., It Son, .. T&tgenhont, F. W, & 68 Broad ,Upmaon Carl, 1118 Pearl. lloo, Tn. H., 8 Cedar.: Woolhoim. ](. & Oo., ,177 P"""l. B : 11\ II Co., 119 Broad. :.z,rw ,. OeUr. r Broltfl J'Nolorick, M lle&ver. L&Do ,lo\laM, 01!11i"<"8-)(.,AIIoa,P,3 -P-I. -'"Tt rl' '!hm. AM:enon -114, ne and 117 :Uberi7. :136 IleluCJ. ()ook, L., 159 Ludl-. JluumolaD, 8..8. It lh'O.,"Sll 'llld 311 Dulme, j ,,, ;O..,It?oad-WUer. D1a o\U...-,.A.Yetaue D and Tlllth, S. & Oo 53 Eullanp Herbert, : oouth.881!t cor. Fourth 1: B&oe. llohrooder, J"oo. .k Co:,o}l ,Eo:cbaDp l'laOt. McDt>trell, H. E. a-OQ,, Wllll0111 & IDler, 89 'l""'lh _Oharleo, C lloore, s. & J"., 107 Nqrtli Wat,er 1 Tohauo &mk, \f. Rinaldo & Oo.,' si li!arih Water. < -J!ohmidt, ll. 531 Squ,.lh Second. GI.W & 78 Boulh 'Ob&rleo. Sleiner, Smith Koeoht, 225 Race Hawlrlnl a: {8 WmLom-a... 11'8ller .Brotllera,ll7 l'OOrtll !l'hlrd. .... RiA>artls, Loltwloh & Co., as Vriterlein, 1 & Co lll.AJ:cb, .. : _. t "Weodwa.rd, p, w : 110" South Owl... I.iJO'ftt r if H.Win11 .-.,u. Tara Toham, 'WJ)bu B fl; We&.Pratt, r ;., CciOW, ;r',\ 1M sOuth Dela'II'&I'O &ve, oft:itrl. Dtaltri1 tic. Gutll le<. 1 ,; '1 :Prr.rSB'D'B.GB;. '.Pa. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST r4, I872. NATIONAL TJJBA.CCO ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED. ST .A.TES. LEWIS H. FRAYSER, PRESIDENT LORIN PALMER, VICE-PRESIPENT. JOSEPH HALL, TRJ!ASURER. JOHN STRAITON, SECRETARY. Communications upon matters relative to the interests of Association may be addressed To the President, care L. H. Frayser Co., Richmand, Va., Or, To the Vice-President, 170 Water Street, New York. A 'COMMON SENSE DECISION. The following decision is so based on common sense that any other on the same subject would seem to be im possible. Will not the Commissioner, h av ing gone thui f ar, go furth e r in the same commendabl e direction and rescind his ill-judged ruling regarding tob acco bonded between June 5 ar d July I, 1872? While he may not thereby satisfy the strict constructionists who surround him, he will be doing a just and generous action i n no way contravening the spirit of the act sought to be inter preted, but which will {all as refreshing as the dew of heaven upon ou,r oppressed and ras sed branch of the nation s commerce : W .ASHINGTON, D C August 6.-A letter from the Act ing Commissioner oflnternal Revenue to Collector Blake, of the Thirty-secopd New York District, states that it has been ruled by that office that the word "now," in se ction 7 4, of the act of July 20, r868 as ame nded by section 3 r ,of the act of June 6, i !l72, refers to the date of the pass age of the last namj!d act, and that tob acco entered in export bonded warehouse on dr June 6, I872, can be withdrawn for consumption o r sale in this c oun try only upon the payment of tax at the rates imposed by the act of July 20, Ig68 A has arisen res pecting the rate of tax t o be required upon tobaccCl, which, having been placed in a nd withdr awn on a trans portation bond from a n export bonded warehouse prior to June 6, has been place d in ano ther bonded warehouse on or after that date. On the 6th day of June to hac o was in tr ansit from one export bonded warehouse to another, on a t ransportat ion bond. It had been with drawn from the first ware h ouse-neither for consumption, no r sale, nor for export but simply to change its locality. Upon a careful recon sid eration of quest i on, and tak, ing into account the fact th a t evident! y intend ed, by the provisions relative to withdra,wa\s of toba cco from export warehouses, to prevent the filling up of those wareho u ses ?etween the d a te of the passage of the act and the date of its taking eff ect, an object which would in no degree be furthered lby a pre v ention of removals from one warehouse to .an, other. I am of opinion that under the spirit and rea son of the statute this tobacco may now be withdrawn from bond upon payment of tax at the reduced rate im posed by the act of Jnne 6, I872. Any portion of any previous ruling upon this subject inconsistent herewith is revoked TRADE .AND HOW FRAME THEM. TO DeBAB. Y a KLING, 82 Broad and 50 New Streets, New York 0 llYIPOR.TER.S OF HAVANA CIGAR.!i, .And &le .Agents for the sale of EL PRINCIPE DE CALESeCICARS, "" Jlannfaetured the XEY WEST BRABCB of the celebrated El Principe de Gales Manufactmy of ll&'ftllll. ALLEN k ELLIS, IANUPACTURERS' OP PIN.ECUT I TOBACCO, I I I AND 13 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Our Tobaccos a n unsurpa ssed for Flavo r and Chew. :Jobbing Trade 8nly solicited H.-SCHUBART & CO., -Importers of" and PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBAOOO-iii. SCDUBAHT. No. 148 Water Street. NEW :J"OB.K. .. 0, FBiEDlftAN 80BEI,tT KELLY & 0 0 NE"W" YORH, IMPORTERS OF Havana Cigars ana Havana Leaf, and Sole Agents Jor the Brand "SUPERIOR DE JOSE MARIA VICHOT," Send for Price List, KEY WEST FLORIDA. e ----' CaaML V.:r++&1-f) I .. AHD' IR A well assorte stock of HAVA,.A and YARA constantly on hand and I LOWEST IMPORTERS' PRICES. Post Office Box 2969 188 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK: JKEY. WEST :' '" -SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New :York, .Proprietors of: the LA ROSA ESPANO LA FAOTORY. I E. T. PILKINTON'S Celebrated "F:Et .d :w. 'HILLMAN & GO. t 'r. Sole Front St., N.; York.-see AdvertiseJD.en.t on: 4t:h r --t_.. -If the Tobacco Trade in jts entirety could be asked meariing, men are assigned the task o( legislating for "continuance-while another was equally zealous for,constitutes the gre.atest anpoyilnce to 'fl>hich our an industry o.f"the practical details of which they know (heir reteption ext.eniQn. Is it strange that, under inteit:.St is at present sllbjected, and has been during little or And when advice is asked, it is ob-such diverse and' antagonistic influences, Congress the past decac!e, we feel certai n that the reply .wohl! be, experts; and those who have passed should tum. to e1e calmy-confidimt gentlemen of tlie "Unwise and arbitrary and oppressi've their lives in the the business, but from Revenue Bureau and actept their ready-made theories 'interpretation." is generally good ; the conofficials knowledge is tl!eo and facile advice as the: simplest soluti _on of the pro sumption of the weed is everywhere increasing, the retical, an.<} whose prejudices and pet, ideas render them blem. ? U :our laws are fo be properly framed after 'due o'n fine-cut and Cavendish has, recently r;equ<;-quite irlcapable of making really valuable consnltation with our bc;st representatiive men, the ed, and were it not for the results Washingtop legis-Thus 't.he. legislator is throw n back ori the resources of must present a, united aspect than it has hitherto view s if., :?k of recent enactments, : tqe,. trade chances to some JJ, y.te persist }9 foste ,ring. a copijnual antigoagain r ealize the peacefl:ll P.l'o sperity: of the bill, it is niore by luck thlm good manage-nism among' ourselves, we tcannot expect' to secure the rimeS: -whether there is not a for this ment:'' ... :.. 1 .,. ;, respect of odiers, or inspiri t them with the slightest aging to t?o to hope thatUlis kind in the measures we And, in tlie first1Jlice, .. quarrel":!II be replaced ,by, that forme_ d cqm111erid. __ ; ... .. lllllfOR IEDITORIALS. (}; Jl. It CO., fl7 Oolumbi&. .1!)' 1 D;' A.. A.I!QD, 17{ av. ; Holyoke, C. b., 12 &r:1, S..:...lf. M.aMjiiChlrtr if. tl Dllfr in LetiJ WeJ111&D 79 ,JM t1 lmg foqlish, hostile and other, and better hods ? Will the in the, law, so itself bad. and .of: largest. m c_an hot.Jor a hence-ever be consulted good_ fattn and aug ed, but. the .of Reyenue; Mes!i:s a .nd Presooul d riot, b'y_.any 1 mtld ar;td,South 11a&, t autumn a,nd c'!re the defects inheri:ng in an instrument th.ey form .of on cerhandin creating. w'hat we want, above all, JS '!tain propoSed legislation, we hoped ,that a era th_orough reforl)'l in th'e 'p'fisent system of legislating for Was to dawn fdr 'our indb&try; but We thit whole of labor usually atan d insteaq the __ trade tention at the bands of the fi-nd who its advice on the subjec!s discusseg, that W!IS aimed compose the large oi:ijo!ity of-our nattonal at was an endorsement' of a pre(onctivid plan emanating is doubtless owing to the slight temptaticn itrhotds from the' sacred precincts of the Internal Revenue 1; tlii It is thus rtlegated to a This is not th' e ki .nd of trade t onsultatioh -'that few workers iri.v a''(;offimittee, J whose report is, few in laws, and the less we h;we of it the Toh.-w, Itt. (t .. .... .... 1. ._ 1 7 Broad < WIM/ewl Dea/erdn iToba:beT1> E. & eo., u nea ...... Gail &"Co. 128 Water, Bela, 1116 Pearl, :l'liodaal L. 1M W iC 11: E., 85 ll&iden LaDe SJebell, 1L II Coo SIS Pearl. 18'7Pearl, Wilt ; oo., eo p;ne;. :We._, Eller a. Kae)l!lel, Pearl Ybor, V. ll,, 26 Cedar. I,.ttr if:&. lhit ToiM; J.o7nu I< Croob,-, 85 Wall Mtzftuhlnrr of &uff. APJilebj & Helme, 18S Watei'. eoi!M, Jl. A -1< lll8 WIIWilgW:Il : .. hportm if H.-v6114 Cit: :a-r, Chao. T .It Mlllener, :O.Jiu71t Krmr. &Z Broe4. ..lWIIIIJl c. S9 :aa-. JPA:olwl Mrife; T RICHIIOJID,. V,a. of CifUI, -I C ll. & Co., fi J p, ... Iponm Cigrr tl Letof 1 J J!OI!l. :J.'bo,. ,_,r: .&.: !Jrpurr. MirpA,.r. ,.,.--. 'WeoUsolrFrea.,'jrc'' '11 '' ROCHESTER, N. Y, Mawujllctuttrs of Tobacco. BROoKLYJr, Jf. Y : 1 To6Mt!4-C.ttic ; .. M.fctMrtri if Cls":int and 'Wulatein, )lynle &Yell-\Kimball, Wm. 8. & ()o, DtJJitr in Ltaf Tobace.,, BlJTI'.I.LO, 5. Y, 14-J, D E., llill street. WAoltsllie Jh.J,; fn nd Z!Jik,G, W 188 RO'l'TERDAK, Hollaad. IMirilJard, J"' )II' SPRDIGFIELD, .... OHIO.AGO, m. Blllilh;B."& Co.; Hampden. IJIJJ!m in i.aj Citn ST. L0111S; Jlo. Cue, B. 8 ... Co., ltUChiiiin Ave W!tolllalt Dllerr Maou)acrurttl 'l' 11nii, Tobaccs-, Cigarr, 1 C..Wn, D., 701 North Second. Flau & l!etD1611, U6' ltliclsigUI Av. Tohco. Wanltoose, DIi>.-Civilization Is still advancing at a head long rate in Alabama, a party df gentlem .en signed a pledge not to use tobacco, in at\y shape or dur ing church.servlce. ; J 1 J '" 1 .. t ;! ----'-,. SEIZURE OF CIGARE'ITES.-Sixty reils of cigarettes were seized on last Thursday by Customs Officers Kane and Hassick, .from a house in Allen. Street, fot non-payment of duties. A DASTARDLY TRICK.-Mr. Alex:ander Konig of Evansville, offers a reward of five hundred dollars' for the scoundrel who stole his cigar and substituted one loaded with powder, thereby se11erely burning and al most blinding him PERSONAL.-Mr. Jean Verheyden, of Belgium who is, and has been for many years, contractor for ing France, Italy and Spain with tobacco, and who has been for forty years the largest purchaser in the worla of American tobacco, recently visited New Orleans ; I PREMIUMS 0FFERED.-The managers of the Tw ......, Annual Fair of the St. Louis (Mo.) Agricultural Mechanical 'A, ssociation offer the following premiums to the tobacco trade: No. 6.-Manufactured Hard pressed tobacco, diploma and f,zo; hard pressed natural leaf tobacco, diploma and f,zo ; best F. C. chewing tobacco, diploma and Io ; best snuff, diploma; smoking tobacco, diploma. No. 7.-Cigars and Leaf Tobacco-Best box of cigars, diploma and ho; best bright wrapper, diploma; best black diploma; best cigar leaf, diploma; hest cutting leaf, diploma. Samples not less than 2CJ pounds.


> THE TOBACCO LEJl.P, \ SEVERAL confirmed tobacco chewers of Portsmouth, Va, have adopted ltquonce-root as a substitute THE TOBACCO MARKET_ large an mterest as IS here represented, the vastness of the mterests mvolved m and assOCiated wtth the export DOMESTIC trade of thts c t ty renders 1mmedtate recourse thereto A REsoLUTION 1w JosH BILLINGS -1hat 1 wont smoke enny more c ga,rs, only at som'ebody's else's ex pense. BURNlNG O F >\ '1 ORACCO F ACTORV A,T RICHMOND, v A -On the mght of the sth mst at Rtchmond, Va' the tobacco factory of James Turner (colored), on Le1gh Street, between Foushee and Adams, was des troyed by fire Loss about $3,ooo; I' tsuranc e not ascertamed It was a wooden buildmg AN ANCIEN'! SNUFF Box -The Hi.nzld says that Cipt Ben S N 1Cklm, of that ctty, who has a happy taste for antique specnnens of mgenmty and taste, is the possessor of a snuffbox made m the 16th cen tury, and but recen tly parted compa;1y w1th the descendants of a long !me of German nobtltty It IS a remark able preservation from the devastatiO'"l of centunes,' and, 1t JS satd, was a t one ttme the favot :te pocket-ptece of Fredenck the Great NEW YoRK, August IJ tmposs1ble Here, time Is an Important factor m the Westem Leaf-There has been a good deal of look problem presented by the new order of thmgs, there, mg about the market by Regte buyers, but 1t seems time 1s of little :>r no consequence, because the change hard work tb make them and factors agtee a s to the has but slightly d1sturbed the long preva1lmg cond 1tton value of thetr goods, and tts a ptty that a mtserable etghth of thmgs Owmg to tl1e dtfferepce m the ma,nner of (Ji) or quarter of a sho uld separate such estunable domg busmess, the relatiOns of the Baltimore merchant fuends The demand seems to be for leaf at ten to ten and the Vngm1a manufacture! are m most cases the and a half cents, or hlf to one cent above f,m lugs, and same to-day that they were under the old revenue sys factors he sttate to part wtth medtum leaf at such a small tem But between the New York merchant and the dtfference The sa le s however sum up to r8 hhds, of V1rgmia manufacturer there is a change m the respecwn1c h 66s for expm t, to France and Italy, t1ve relatiOns as broad as the dtstmctwn between day the want of shtppmg factlmes still restnctmg the demand and mght One buys and sells for self, the other for the North of Europe The home trade keeps qutet sells on commtsswn W:uvmg e xceptiOns on both s1des, so far, but 1 f Regte buyers and factors come to terms, th1s IS the case as 1t stands,' and once comprehended It manufact u 1ers wtllltkely call for fillers when they are 1s no longer dtfficult to account for the dullness here gone Recetpts are f a l)mg off dectderllv at last bemg I aad the activity there, or to rmderstand why the aboh JUSt one half to same date last month. The ram; wh1ch twn of these \\arehouses has been a senous pnvatton endan,.ered,t11e growmg crop have cease d The pnnto New York and a matter of little consequence seems to have occurre' d 111 the Henderson where else. All thts wtll of course be adJUSted m ttme Regwn \\here the bottom lands were submerged anrl. The export trade of th1s c1ty w1ll be cdntmued, and wtll many ;f the finest and heav 1est crops totally mcrease even under so v1le a system as the drawback ANOTHRR ToBACCO MoNOI!OLY -It IS sta.ted that the In these Couutles the quantity left IS thought to be equal system, but tlus wlil be because tt has been bulit up tobacco monopoly the Danubian P1 mc1paltttes has, to last year's yield wtth so much care and upon so firm a foundatiOn that after a sharp co mpetitiOn. been conceded to the Bank of 1st week 2d week 3d wee k 4th wee k 5tb week Total 1t can not be destroyed however prejud!ctal the leg1sla Rou"\ama for a penod of five years at a -pnce oil 320,January -g9o 403 349 377 ISr 3,6oo twn of the country may be And pendmg 1ts revtval, 4ool. per annum, whtch IS c:onstdered a favorable one February-169 S79 420 64S 384 2,209 ....,hy not, where prm ; ticable, ava1l ourselves of the lesson for the cuncesswnatres.. The Bank of Roumama is man}.farc b .,-I24 300 1,SS6 86S 422 3,6oo furmshed by the example brought to our attention else-aged by Enghsh, French, and German cap1tahsts, and Aun1 ---83 6o1 SI2 84o I,o64 3,Ioo where; Our fnends m the Western leaf-trade have 1 s an mst1tut10n whtch IS taptdly growmg m Importance May-------397 29r 483 532 I,597 3,300 sometunes thought New Orleans has profited season The Franco-Hunganan Bank IS behe\ ed to be pa1 tly June---238 97 r 947 970 874 by the or hesitancy of the Eastern seaboard mterestedm the monopoly July------S63 r,363 969 Sos 4,ooo buyers. Is there a llkehhood of New York's delaymg ---' Aug.------380 I,or8 I,39S m like manner too long the renewal of orders to the TOBACC 0 IN ITALY:-It appears from the report of Vtrgm:a Leaf-Tbet e was a tnfle' more acti'i\ty in V1rgm1a manufacturers?. the directors of the Company concerned m the Italian the V 1ra1ma leaf market last week both for export Smukmg-There has been a moderate demand for SIX per Cent Tobacco Loan that dunng the ) ear 1871 and purposes, the mqmry being mainly smoktng tobacco, but we have heard of no sales of 1m the sales of tobac;co amounted to o4,8o2,30 francs, for me,hum to good The decrease m the stock of portance, busmess generally bemg confined to the supand the profits no less tlhan 2,546,3I8l. sterlmg. Of low gra.les has also set ved to qmcken the demand plymg of small orders for the retail trade th1s amount 40 per cent was payable lo the Govern for such goods as ate on sale, and we hear of mquines C:gars-There was a tolerably good demand for Clment, and 6o to the Company, so that after paymg IO from one or two of t he heavy buyers winch are !tkely to gars throughout the week af'd some fatr sales are re per cent to the "founders," and other expenses, and eventuate 111 Important sales before long ported Havana manufacturers report mcreased cost of carrymg ro per cent. to the reserve fund, a balance of All available stock for export w1ll probably be taken production and are asking correspondmg advances from gio,4II fr was available for d!vtdend, whtch IS 9 Trancs freely from thts ttme forward 1 buyers, per share, and w!uch. will be payable on July I A Richmond correspondent refers to trade affatrs m As an 1tem of current;nterest m connectiOn wtth the I THE PALACE.-Tobacco has gamed a v1ctory at th e palace of the Emperor o{ Gertnany Smokmg IS henceforth allowed m the park of Babels burg A quarrel havmg ansen between a stranger and the custodian, the Emperor, on hts walk through the garden, came near to the spot, and heanng angry words, stopped for a moment to have the case explamed. Then he allowed the stranger to fimsh hts ctgar, and soon afterward a placard on the garden W\lll announced that hberty of smokmg was granted to every body m the c1rcmt of Babelsburg Park AND ScANDAL -The fo!lowmg IS extracted from the V1rgima Statutes of 1776 "Whereas, often time s many brabhng women often slander and scanda lize the1r netghbors for wluch thetr poore husbands are often brought mto chargeable and vexatious su1tes, and caste m greate danages Bee It therefore enacted by the authonty aforesa1d, that m actwns of slander, occasloned by the wife as aforesatd, after judgment p,assed for the damages, the woman shall be pums?ed by duckmg, and 1f the slander be soe enormous as to be adJudged at -a greater damage than five hundred pounds of tobacco, then the woman to suffer a ducking for each five hundred pounds of tobacco adjudged agamst the husband, if he refuse to pay the tobacco STAMP DIES FOR F!NE CuT ToBAcco -Treasury Department, Office of Internal Revenue, Washmgton, August 3, 1872 S A Irwm, Esq, Collector First D1stnct, Ch1cago, Ill-Str Your letter of /July 29, 1nclosmg a letter from Messrs Spauldmg & Mernck, tobacco manufacturers 111 your c1ty, m whtch they 'state that the steel dte recently by tlus office wtll not cancel stamps effectively on wooden packages of fine cut chewmg tobacco, has been receoved You ask what shall be done 111 such a case In answer Vtrg1ma as follows "The receipts here are falling subject of wages, 1t may not oe am1ss to mentiOn that off, and wtll contmue to do so In all the other Virgmia three JOUrneymen, atded by two bunch makers, m th1s markets they are verv small except Danvtlle and there ctty last week, made q,ooo fine ctgars of medmm s1ze, they are falhng off too Ti1e of our re averagmg for each jo11rneyman f>4o, $3S, 35 wages ce1pts 1ww are from that ll mt In Farmvtlle they aro Guld opened at and closed at IIS doihg nothmg, scarcely more, m tobacco in, synchExchange IS held at rates burg very !tttle IS commg forward m Petersburg very We quote: B1lls at 6o days on London, w8@xoSf8 little comina m and but httle held on salem the wareforcommerc1al, for bankers; do at short houses. 1S getttng as much as all these tos1ght, ro9*@Io934, Pads a't 6o daxs, 5 35@5 gether, I suppose, and 1t IS nearly all workmg tobacco do. at short sight, 5 ;u;(, Antwerp, S 273iz@ Even WJth the very large crop wluch came to market 5 20, Sw1ss, 2o Hamburg, last year there was a scarctty of tobacco late m th'! Amsterdam, Frankfort, 4o}-8@4r Bremen, season, of the old crop, and w1th the much smaller Pi'uss1an thalers, crop wh1ch comes to ll)arket thts season, m my opimon, Fre:gltts are dull, and m consequence of the scarc1ty of there wlll be a greater scarc1ty, notw1thstandmg they room, pnces are firm are now usmg seed leaf to some extent as a substitute !'articular ll'otice for other grades Growel'l of seed leaf tobacco are cautioned a amst aceept1ng the d I f b h b reported sales 1nd quotations of seed leaf as furniShmg the pnces that Seed L eaf-Th; see ea u smess as een fair smce should be obtamed for t:.em at first hand, as these refe 10 most InStances our la.t rev1ew fhe export demand Still contmues,lbut to old crops which have been held nearly a lear, and the profit on the fr,.tght difficulty tends to check operations, It bemg which must naturally Include the interest on capi!IIl Jnvested Growers next to ImpoSSible to obtam accommodatiOn at the present cannot expect even 1n the case of new crops, to sell them f o r the same time not IS the condttton h kely to Impro v e for a month pnces as are obtamed on a re-sale here Of course every must be J 11t an advance, and. therefore the price obtainable by the growers wll! or more always be somewhat ower than our quotation s The sales for the week were as follows For export, QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES. I157scs Oh10 at of wh1ch, about 4qo cs w .. t.,.,_Lightiear Fme / 30 are reported to have brought 2oc round 350 cs PennOommon to good lugs Medium 2$ @27 Common leaf Good 25 @28 sylvama at and'41o cs State at roJi@I3C llfedtum lo7411 Common..... 18 @28 B r ho e t de h s bee od at S I Good II @t2 Mouldy usmess lOr m ra a n m er e evera .. 12 Llbt Pressed, extra line '5 lots of new Connecticut wrappers-about 200 cs alto' Selections I8 L1ght Pressed floe 85 get her-have been sold at 52 r L 2@ S7C Light cuttiug lugs 10 @11 Quarter Poundo -Fine 28 @35 7 2 do d o leaf 12' @25 1\lcd.ium.... 26@27 In lookmg back upon the export season now drawmg C!ark81JtUe am! D>ltnc$ Common .... 22@24 to a close for the want of matenal, there is to be found good lugs ;;.;.z much cause for g6tulat10n m the stgnal success that Medmm leaf uy,@l2)' Thrds' Good 13)0 Fine .... .. 23 @25 has crowned the efforts of the trade Commencmg the Fine Fancy Tol>acco1-.U,ng1o s 25 @30 season w1th a surplus stock so large as almost to d 1 sSelections 16 16 Navy, 4 and 5 2' @32 Miil.soun @-L11dy Fingers, Rollw 4$ @60 \ courage an attempt to dtspose of 1t at a fatr va lue, we V.rgm.aPocketP1eces 2> @30 have the sat1sfact10 n at t lus early date of see1ng 1t so ,!' 1 : RoTTERDAM -Herman BatJer & Brother, 2,286 boxes p1pes, Thomas Sm1th, r9 do HAVANA -F M1randa, 8o bales, Chas T Bauer & Co, 20 do 9 cases ctgars, Oelnchs & Co 802 do, 4 do Rob't E. Kelly & Co, r8 cases ctgars, LouiS, Philip & John Frank, 5 do; M & E Salomon, 4> do, DeBary & Kling, r do, A C. Lamotte, 3 do, Thos J Raynor & Co, 2 do J C Hoffmeyer, 3 do, Howard Ives, 4 do, P A Madan, 5 do Acker, Mernll & Cond1t, 20 do, W H Thomas & Brother, 6 do, Park & T1lford, I9 do; Gomez & MonJO, 5 do, J ,Manzanedo, r do, Atlantic Steamshtp Co r,46o bale, 99 cases ctgars, order, 95 do r9 do DOMESTIC RECEIPTS The arnvals at the port of New York from domestic mtenor and ports, for the week endmg August r3, were r69r hhds 124 tterces, 59 hal f-t1erces, r27 quarter tterces, 4077 cases, 5 butts, 4 boxes 394 three quarter boxes, 778 half-boxes, I 53 quarter boxes, 25 thtrd boxes, ro4 cadd1es, 2 boxes p1pes, r case stems, constgned as follows BY THE ERIE RAILROAD -Pollard, Pettus & Co, 89 h hds, J. K Sm1th & Son, 3 I do, D J Garth, Son & Co 38 do, E M / Wnght & Co, 20 do, Blakemore, Ma)O & Co 2S do J P Qum & Co, 24 do, B C }3aker, Son Co, I7 do, F. W Tatgenhorst & Co, 7 do, Thos Kmmcutt I do, P Lonllard & .Co, 44 do, Ottmger Brothers, 29 do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 46 do, A. C L & 0 Meyer, 3r do, Norton, Slaughter & Co, 4 do; S. M Parker & Co, 3 do, A. H Cardozo & Co, I4 do, Sulltvan, Murphy & Co, 5 do, Henderson Brothers, 62 do, Barclay & L1vmgston, 26 do, J R Sutton & Brother, IS cases, A W Lmdsay, 25 do L Hollander, I9 do E. Hoffman, I3 do, order, 36I hhds., 39 cases, BY THE HuDSON RIVER RAILROAD-Kerbs & Spiess, 2!8 cases C B. Lichtenberg, 6o8 do D Bennmo, I6 do Palmer & Scoville, 29 do; A Rent & Co, I2 do, Joseph Mayer's Sons, 97 do A. Oatman, 40 do; G Retssmann & Co., 8 r do, Bunzl & Dormtrtzer, 48 do; Havemeyer & V1gehus, I13 do Order, 6 do. BY THE NATIONAL LINE -D. J Garth, Son & Co., IS hhds, P. Lorillard & Co., 3S do Blackmore, Mayo, & Co., 19 do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 25 do; J K. Smtth & Son, 58 do A H. Cardozo & Co I4 do, S. M Parker, & Co 6 do; A C. L & 0 Meyer, 26 do, Chas. Luhng & Co, 7 do; P. Lonllard & Co., 14 do, Huffer, Toe! & Co, I do; Drew & Dane, 16 do Pollard, Pettus & Co, I3 do, Kreme !berg & Co., IO do, E M Wnght & Co, 3 do BY THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY RAILROAD -Havemeyer & Vtgelms, I76 cases, S Selling's Sons, 223 do BY THE NEw YoRK AND NEw HAvEN STEAMBOAT LINE-S Jacoby & Co, 38 cases, M. H. Levm, 199 do D. Hirsch & Co 7 do Sehgsberg & Tringant, 2 do, L Holt, 359 do, R H Arkenburgu, 30 do; D & A Ben nmo, 8I do, 1"/m. Eggert, 25 do, Schroeder & Bon, I do, B Schenck & Co, I do, G Bence, I do. BY THE NEW YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE -Havemeye r & V1gehus, 6I cases, H & Co., rs6 do, J. W Chapman, 2 do, Sehgsberg & Fnngant, I8 do, R H Arkenburgh, 4 do, D & A Benrino, 30 do, E Rosenwald & Brother, 230 do, Kuchler, Gat! & Co, 2 do, E M Crawford & Co, 2II do I have to say that thts offi ce has under cons1derat10n the mauufactme of steel d1e wtth small pomts for the cancellatiOn of stamps on wooden packages of fine cut -chewmg tobacco, and U11Jttl that d1e IS manufacturetl and IS 1ssued manufacturers of fine-cut chewmg tobacco can use any steel dte that will cancel the stamps effect1vei y on wooden packages of that kmd of tobacco Very respectively, ------, Actmg CommiSSIOner. -:much reduced as to lea v e no room for apprehens1on l7o.J to 1132..,1 16 R ough & Ready 30 @35 fi I fi f I dark n B regardmg the na trans e1 o the ast parcel that can be do brlgbt ... 25 L&cx 23 o spared for foretgn use-tf th a t pomt has not already o r to gcoi com 19 @20 be"en reached, wh1le the pnces received, thou .. o-h not as Brown and Greemsh B.IO &y, Navv Half Paundsand Tlnrdsb d l.rh b d Medlumandftnered Fine 22@25 remunerative to any o y as cou u ave een w1 he Com to med spangled 8 @ t2 Medoum 20 @22 1 h @26 Quarter Pounds -Fin e 23 @30 all thmgs constderetl, tave m t e mam been satisfactory Fme spangle York Seed Loo.fAg:un, referrmg because of 1ts importance, to a well. worn subject, we have another commumcatwn from the Seed [M.i u @!5 Revenue Buteau on the retml questiOn to submit fo1 the wrappers 30 tn edtficatwn Of those mterested It was \Hitten July 3 .. :; and to a dealer m th1s c1ty, and covers a Oh"' sw LO ao 10 @16 "A dealer may prepare Ius leaf tobacco for sale by wrappen 16 @'5 repackmg 1t m mclosures of any material he pleases Penn medium 12 do fau.... .. IS 17 and m pacloxes, 26 cases, J.p3. Stafford, I2I bolfes, boxes, 25 cases, A Seemuller& Sons,8o 99 ,73 boxes, I33 cases, J P. Pleasants& Sons, 212 325 ?( boxes, G S Watts & Co, 2I3 boxes, zS9 cases, other parties, 32 boxes, 22 cases. BOSTON, August IO -The Cummemal Bulle!tn re ports as follows. The busmeas m the market continues moderately active, and steady sales are made to keep up stocks of manufacturers. We quote here Havana at $r @I I7, seed leaf, sundry kmds, at 2o@55c, Connecticut and Massachusetts fillers, I4@I7C, bmders (and seconds, 2o@soc, wrapperry lots, 3c1@4oc, fine wrapAUG. 14 pers, 45@55c; Yara, $I@ I 12, Kentucky at 9@15c, as to quahty. CINCINNATI, August IO -Mr F A Prague, Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows There IS no espectal change to note m the market for leaf, save for Oh1o seed fillers and wrappers wh1ch are m better de maud at pnces from 1 to 2 cents above former quota tions Cuttmg leaf m safe keepmg condition IS m good request at pnces generally satisfactory to shtppers A large portion of the offenngs at auction are m unsafe order and are unrequested The offenngs at auctiOn dunng the week were SS3 hhds and 106 boxes, as follows 1 At the Bodman Warehouse, :103 hhds and 72 boxes, S6 hhds new Mason County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf, 24 at $S@g So, 44 at ro@I4, I8 at rs@rg.75 27 hhds new Brown and Clermont Count1es, Oh10, trash, lugs, and leaf 5 at S 35@9 70, 4 at 75, I8 at I5@23 2S 29 hhds new Owen County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf 5 at S.35@9 IS, I7 at IO oo@I4 75, 7 at IS 38 hhds new Pendleton County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf g at 8 so@g 55 I7 at 10 00@14. 25, 12 at IS 25@z4 75 2S hhds and 7 boxes West V1rgm1a. 2 at 6 So, 7 os 9 at 8.o5@9o, 20 at IO oo@ 13.25, 4 at IS 25@!7 73 cases nr!w Oh1o seed fillers and wrappers II at 7 50@9.25, t5G at Io 00@14. -50, 5 at r 5@24 S boxes Ind1ana seed: 7 at 2 oo@7 so, I at S ,. At the Kenton warehouse, 215 hhds and 9 92 hhcls new Mason County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 26 at 8 35@98 5, 4I at ro oo@I4 zs, 25 at I5 oo@2o oo 7I hhds new Brown and Clermont Counbes, Ohio, trash, lugs, and leaf. 20 at 8 oo@9 6o, 21 at Io.oo@I4 7S 29 at IS oo@24 25 I4 hhds new Owen County, Ky, trash, lugs and leaf. Io at 10 oo@I4 75, 4 at I5 so@23. 34 hhds new Pendleton County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf II at S.6o@9 &5, 19 at 10 50@14 75; 4 at 15 oo@ I8 25 4 hhds and 4 boxes West Vtrgima' 3 at s oo@ 7 55, I at S oo@s oo, 2 at I0.25@I3.25; 2 at 24 25@ 26 75 5 boxes new OhiO seed fillers and wrappers : 2 at 6 7S@7 so, 2 at 9 20@955, I at Io 25. At the Morns Warehouse, tS6 hhds and I box: 78 hhds new Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf I7 at f,8 35@9 70 j 23 at IO@I4 95 3S at I5@25 75 7 hhds new Brown and Clermont Counties, Ohio, trash, lugs, and leaf: 3 at 8 50@9 50 3 at IO 50@I2.75, I at I9 71 hhds and I box New Owen Co Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: I at 4 So, u at 8 6o@9 85 ; 40 ,at 10@ 14.75, 9 at r5 25@I7.75 Ig hhds New Pendleton Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf I at 3 25, 4 at S.65@9.I5; 7 at 10@12 25, IS 75@2I. IO hhds Old Mason Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 7 at 8 35@9.6S, 3 at r:t@I3. 25. I hhd West V1rg1ma at g.6o. At the Planters' Warehouse, I95 hhds and 14 boxes 78 hhds new Mason Co, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 3I at f,S 05@9 90, 28 at I0(aJ14 25, I9 at 15@2:1 75 67 hhds new Brown and Clermont Counties, Ohto rS at 3 I5@9 66 I7 at Io@I4 75, :;2 at 2g hhds and I box new Owen Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf I at 7.40 ; I4 at 8 25@9 55; Io at Io@I3 50, 5 at r5.75 @18. 4 hhds and :S boxes West V1rgmta 4 at 6 10 @7 55; 7 at 8 05@9 25; 4 at IO 75@14 2 at 15, I g. z hhds lnd1ana at 8 75, 13.25. At the Phister Warehouse, 84 hhds and IO boxes : 30 hhds new Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: S at $>S ro@9 90 ; 9 at 10@14 50 I3 at IS 2S@22.75 54 hhds new Brown and Clermont Counties, Ohio, trash, lugs, and leaf. 2 at 5, 7 90 16 a t 8 55@9 3lil, 17 at IQ. so@I4S zacco, there were no sales at Hopkmsvtlle Pl[1ces for leaf have shown a steady easmg down for some time, and are now full one cent below the htghest pomt of the season. Low grades are without matenal 'change. :We quote common lugs at 7 to S good lugs, 8 Yz to 9, common leaf, 9 ?( to IO medmm leaf, Io ?( to II good leaf, II?( to 12; fine leaf, I2}( to I3X(., selectiOns, to We had frequent rams, commencmg I3th July and lastmg w1th mtervals to rst inst. The crop Without bemg damaged, receiVed as much moiSture as It could bear w1thout IUJury The rams now ceased, and planters by steady ploughmg, will m a few days have the crop m good conditiOn agam The crop from Its present appearance, and the seasons Jt has had, wtll be es sentially a "Regte crop," resemblmg the crop of IS7o, and wtll lug lteFt!y The propottlonl of fat spmmng tobacco wtll be very small, unless the very late tobacco should all mature and be housed m good order. Much of the early plantmg will be read} for the kmfe by the 2oth producmg a large, hght, rather thin, and coarse leaf DANVILLE, VA August ro.--Messa rs Pemberton Penn, Tobacco CommiSSion Merchaqts, report as fol lows Receipts fair, market unchanged except m com mon grades which have dechned from so cents to $x.oo and medtum bnght v. rappers whtch have attaine1i a slight advance We qoute, lugs, common good medmm bright IO@I<'I, fine, I5@2o, extra smokers, r S @Jo, leaf, red, g@Io, geod, II@ I4, goed, nch and waxy, 14@2o, cotnmfln brighte I2@2o, medium bright, 20@3o,fine bnght, 35@ 4So Extra bJ:.:igbt 50@70. LOUISVILLE, August 7 -Mr L. Francke's report says Rece1pts show a falhng off of nearly 1,8oo hhds, agamst last month, and the sales of the month were only 3,5I3 hhds Pnces were somewhat fluctua tmg, but close very firm, and I repeat quotatiOns of my last report Reports regarding outstandmg crops differ as to quanttty, m some locahttes, dry weather has prevented plantmg to a certam extent, and in others agam a much larger area has been planted, and It may be safe to calculate on a full, but not unusually large crop ; the weather bemg very productive The sales dunng the past week were small ; pnces ruled firm Among th e sales were the followmg : The P1ck.ett House sold 8g hhds, so hhds Kentucky leaf, 7 at $22, 20, 2o, I8 :zs, 18 25, I8, 'rs, x6, I4o I3 25, 3 at I2 25@I2 so, $ at n@II.75 16 at ro@ I0.75, I9 at 90, I3 hhds do lugs. I at, :r at 9, II at 8@S 90, I at 7.90; 3 hhds do trash at 9, 8 so, 7 114 Indtana leaf: 4 at I5.50, I4.50, ISSo, IIj 5 at IO@IO 50, 4 at 9.20@9 J I at 8 80 j 2 hhds do lugs at 8 90, 8 8o, I hhd trash at 7o, z hhds Tennessee leaf at Io 75, Io.25, 2 hhds do lugs at 8 go, 8 4o; I hhd scraps at 3.10. 1 The Lomsv1lle House sold 66 hhds and 2 boxes :zo hhds Kentucky leaf 2 at 17 75, 14, 2 at II, 9 at Id@Io 75, 7 at 9@9.70. 9 hhds do common leaf and tugs at 8.40@9 so :zzhhds do, lugs. 4 at 9@g.6o, I7 at 8@S 90, I at 7Q. 5 hhds do trash at 8, 7.7o, 7 7o, 7, 3.05. 4 hhds Tennessee )eaf at u.25, i, 10, Io 2 hhds do lugs at 9.2o, 8.90 2 hhds Indiana leaf and lugs at 9 55, S 6o I hhd Illinois leaf at Io 2 .1 boxes Kentucky trash at 8.!o, 6. The Farmers' House sold 44 hhds : I9 hh,ds Kentucky leaf 3 at $19, I7.75, 17.75; 3 at II@ II 75, 8 at Io@Io.75, 5 at 9.Io@9 8o I3 hhds do lugs. :r at 12 75, I2, 3 at Io, 3 at 9@90, 5 at 8.2o@8 8o. 7 hhds do lugs and common leaf at ro, g.8o, 9.8o, 9?o, 8.8o, 8 30, 7 40 5 hhds do trash at 8.4o, 7 7 go, 4 85 Th Boone House sold 46 hhds 3 I hhds Kentucky leaf, i hhd bright wrapper at $66 per Ioo lbs-the htghest pnce patd thiS season; 8 at, 34 so, 33, 20, 17 25, IS so, I4.75,I3 so, 1 at I2.2S; 3 at; 3 at 1o@ro.75, IS at g 10@9 So I5 hhds do lugs 2 at 12.75; 4 at g@9 45, 7 at 8 Io@8 go, 2 at 7 70@7.80. The Nmth Street House sold 27' hhds. I6 hhds Kentu.cky leaf: I at $; 3 at II.5o@I3 75; 3 at Io 75@ II 75, 3 at g.zo@1.25; 2 at Io 50@11 75, 4 at 9 Io@ 9 6o, Io hhds lugs. 5 at 9 40@10 75, 2 at 8.7o@8.8o; 3 at 8 .a o@8 .so. r old s'craps at 4.:ro.


' AUG. 14 t The Planters' House sold 2l hhds I4 )lhds Ken tucky leaf 4 at $24 so, 24 so, I4, I3 7S, 3 at I2 2S@ I27S,3atn@II75,3atioso@I075,I at 960 s hhds do lugs 3 at 9 10@9 30 2 at S.So, 8 6o. 2 hhds do trash at 8 90, 8 6o The Kentucky Tobacco Assoc1at10n sold x6 hhds I I hhds Kentucky leaf 4 at $I6 2s, I4 2s, I3, I2 7S, I at 11 25, s at 9@9 6o, I at 8 20 2 hhds, do lugs at 8 70 3 hhds do trash at 8 10, 8, 7,95 LYNCHBURG, August Io-Mr John H Tyree, Tobacco M-:rc'hant, reports as follows. Rece1pts Glunng the past week have comparatively small, the market active and prices fully up on all workmg grades, wh1le the sh1ppmg are somewhat dull an prices lower I quote new pnm1'?gs shippmg lugs, good sh1ppmg lugs common workmg lugs 7@8, good workmg lugs 8@Io, fine working lugs bnght smokmg lugs 12@ IS, bright and ye'low lugs 15@I8, bnght and yellow extra zo@3o, common sh1ppmg leaf 8@9%, good shipping leaf xo@II, fine sh1pping leaf' I2@18, common red wrapper I3@IS, good medmm wrapper I3@IS, fine yellow wrapper 3o@5o, yellow extra wrapper so@IOS NEW ORLEANS, Au.gust 7 -We report as follows The market has been very qmet, the sales bemg only 73 hhds, as follows I at cents, I at 1 at 11 1 at 10 45 and the rest on pnvate terms. There have been no change m quotations 'vh1ch are as follows Lugs at c, low leaf at Me dilJm at Good at and fine and selectiOns at I3@14. The arnvals were xso hhds There have been no clearances for fore1gn ports Stock on hand and on sh1pboard not cleared on the 6th mst, 8 762 hhds Manufactured-there 1S an active demand common and medmm grades, and a good mqmry for the better quaht1es We quote No I, lbs, Extra bnght 7o@8oc, fine 65@7o, fine medmm 6o@6s, good medmm S5@6o medmm 50@55 common, sound 45@50, gold bars I 2 mch 6 oz 7 oz, and 4 oz, accordmg to quality, medium and common unsound 30@40, half pounds, bnght 48@6o, half pounds Black, Sweet 48@55, No x, 5s and Ios dark black, sweet 47*@55, Navy, lbs Navy, 3ds 45@5o, fancy styles, natnral leaf tw1st, pancake, etc, ss@So The receipts were I,745 packages PETERSBURG, August 3 -Messrs R A Young & Brother tobacco commiSSIOn merchants, report as fol lows Tobacco contmues achve for the better quaht1es Rece1pts very good There is some mqulry for pnme, but at 1mproved pnces. Below we append the mspect10ns for the past week and also for the same t1me last year 1871 18!2 .. "' "' eo 0 2-R il i .... .... 3 3 ..... Oaks ----5 100 4934 3632 Centre-----------------IL45 5 138 2 534 2396 W H1ll --____ ... ___ .. ___ -40 4 48 1940 I577 Moore's---------45 0 48 Bos 1293 TotaL _______ --------4oo 14 334 1o2I3 8898 Receipts last week---------------------------361 Total smce Oct rst, I87I---------------------9,237 RICHMOND, August xo -Mr R A M1lls, Tobacco Broker and Comm1ss10n Merchant, report as follows In rev1ewmg our markets for the past week, I have no new feature to note Our breaks and offermgs contmue very full, m fact are uncommonly large for the season on all grades are w1thout any matenal change The transactions were 1384 hbds, 487 trcs, 45 boxes I contmue my quotatiOnS We take the followrng statement from the Wh:g The quant1ty of plug tobacco shipped from Rrchmond m bond from 1st October, x8p, to xst June, 1872, is heretofore reported m the Wh:g was 6,72112I9lbs Prepard by stamps-_--_---------------3,31o,o95 The June busmess was : Sh1pped m bond ____________ 8z8,750 Prepa1d (32c ) ___ -----_ ----3o,oi6 The July busmess was Prepa1d (2oc t --------------------2 ,o8 5,53o Total to rst August, 1872. ----------12,975,6Io To same date, 1871------------------I4,r36,382 To same date, I870-----------------II,846,8o6 'Jo same date, I869------------------8,797,781 To same date, I868 ____________ -----s.97s.so6 The quantlly of smo'kmg tobacco sh1pped from R1ch mond m bond from the 1st October, 1871, to Ist June, I8p, was_ -,.-------------------"5,628Jbs Prepa1d to that date_----------------89o,ozo 896,648 Prepa1d m June __ .--.--------------"' 3o6,Io9 Prepa1d m JulY------------------51,s8o been but httle mqmry V1rgm1a leaf and '!;tnps have been neglected, the stock bemg bare of nch spmmng quahtles Maryland w1th color much wanted, and would meet a ,ready sale Ohw has been less mqu1red for, only the hght dry classes wanted Cavend1sh has been but little operated m, holders are firllll at current rates a full stock IS m the market August 1 -The market for North Amencan tobacco has contmued qmet dunng the past week, and the sales effected have been upon a hmtted scale only. 1he home trade have operated spanngly, but there has been more mqmry for exportatiOn Western leaf and str1ps have had but httle alteratwn, and there have been no transactiOnS worthy of spec1al notice, buyers for export would have operated more freely had the stock afforded a better assortment. V1rgm1a leaf and str1ps have been neglected, the stock on sale not bemg smtable to the reqmrements of buyers Maryland nd Oh1o-there I S but httle to report, at th1s season of the year there 1s not much mqmry Cavend1sh-a large busmess has been done m fine classes, some of wh1ch has changed hands at a shght concessiOn on the pnce REPORTS FROM THE GROWING CROP. Kentucky.! The Paducah Kentucktan says that both corn and tobacco are m excellent conditiOn and growmg rapidly, w1th tobacco prom1smg more than an average yield The Owensboro Shteld says that fine 1 ams have fallen, and tobacco and com are unusually promismg The Russellvllle Herald says that the county fUt all he tobacco ralSing towns of New England. A few p1eces have escaped theu ravages which are exceptiOns to the general rule INTERESTING TOBACCO TICS. STATISA writer m the Hartford (Ct) Ttmu thus dilates Perhaps some statlsucs m regard to tobacco culture m New England may prove of interest to your readers Tobacco has become a stapJe product for our best so1ls, and has lent a profitablenesNo farmmg m th1s reg10n hlthetto unknown And yet m compilmg these statistiCS we have toconfess vften to somethmg of surpnse at their showmg Accordmg to the report of the CommiSSIOner of Agn culture for I87o there were but u,ooo acres, or seventeen square m1les, occupied by tobacco that year m New England-a total of terntory but httle more than four m1les square Massachusetts and Connect1cut (home of the anc1ent blue-laws,") wnh an aggregate area but one thud a!\. large as that of Kentucky or V1rgm1a, and producmg largely m only mne tount1es, with the1r umted productwn stand e1ghtb among the tobacco, growmg States The report for I87o shows that upon an aggregate of u,ooo of land (mcludmg a lso 220 acres and 22o,ooo pounds grown m New Hampsh1re and Ve rmont) these States ra1sed I4,ooo,ooo pounds of tobacco, W'th a return of $8,2so,ooo from 1ts sale, and th1s m a year espec1ally; unfavor'!ble, by reason of 1ts dryness, to the crop The same year Kentucky w1th a total product of pounds, used 6s,ooo acres m 1ts growth, With a return of only"-$3,699ooo V1rgm1a, the anc1ent home of the weed, shows 43,76x,ooo pounds from 59,200 acres w1th a return of S3,195,ooo-less than that of New England from less than one fifth the number of acres* Tennessee, Carolma, M1cbJ gao, Oh10, M1ssoun and Maryland show a product of from 35,ooo,ooo down to r s,ooo,ooo pounds under more or less favorable cond1tJons. .Below these m the actual amount of the1r product rank Connecticut, Ind1an a, Massachussetts, I lhnots, M1chJgan, Pennsylvama, New York, \Vest Vugm1a, Arkansas, \V1sconsm Flonda, New Hampsh1re and Vermont, bnngmg the hst from 7 ,5oo, ooo pounds down to 7o,ooo. In the table showmg the averages of the product per acre of the several States, Massachusetts (1,350 pounds) and Connecticut (r,250 pounds) head the list. Pennyslvama (r,2oo pounds,) New Jersey (1,150 pounds,) New York (x,Ioo pounds ), Vermont (I,o5o), New Hampshire (r,ooo), follow these and so on the lowest bemg reached by Arkansas, (666) pounds The average cash value per acre shows Mas sachusetts ($324, or 24 cts per pound) and Connecticut ($283, dr 22 6o cts per pound) agam before the other States, wh1ch follow m the same proportion as m the above average s of product These stat1st1cs, however, have only a general s1gn1ficance To follow them too closely m1ght m1slead As, for mstance, Connecticut, wh1ch m Hartford County ra1ses the largest and finest leaf tobacco m the world, produces also some of the most unmerchantable grades And the crop of 187o, m New England, owing to the unprecedented droughts and gomg but md1fferently through the "sweat," has been a very hard one to sell. That of x87I, m Connecticut at least was a th1rd greater (I,7oo pounds per acre, at 27 6 cts per pound) on the same lands, and found an 1mmed1ate sale at propor" t10nately h1gher pnces, wh1le that of Massachusetts, (I,450 pounds, at 20 5 cts) agam bas been very slowly taken. In r869 the average y1eld per acre was Con nectlcut, 1,450 pounds at 27 cts New Jersey, I,3oo pounds at 27 cts 1 ,zoo pounds at 26 cts and, so on, the pOSitiOn of the States sh1ftmg w1th the product of the d1fferent years As md1catmgthe prommence wh1ch tl1e of tobacco has obtamed m New England, we gJVe the products of the last four decades Iu I84o, 538,ooo pounds were ra1sed m I85o, 1,4oo,ooo pounds, an mcrease of 16o peT cent m xll6o, 9,270,000 pounds a farther mcrease of s6o per cent., m I87o, I5 1 87o,ooo pounds, a farther mcrease of 70 per cent a total mcrease m productwn m th1rty years of I5,332,ooo pounds, Jor z,8so per cent -nearly one half the total mcrease of the U mted States m that tlme The share of Hartford County, the p10neer reg10n m 1ts culture was m I85o, I,I32,ooo pounds, or nearly twelve fourteenths of the whole New England product In 186o 1ts crops, returnmg 4,22I,ooo pounds (an mcrease of 272 per cent), was reducedto four moths of the whole Hampden, Hampshue and Frank-1m counties m Massachusetts, and Litchfield, Middlesex and Tolland count1es m ConnectiCut, sh<;>wmg a large mcrease per cent In 1870 the share of Connecticut m the New England product was httle more than half. In companson With the large mcrease 10 New England the total tobacco product of the Umted States for the year I87o was zso,6z8,ooo pounds, an mcrease of only 3I,soo,ooo pounds, or I 2 per cent smce I84o, and of 5 I ,ooo,ooo smce 18so (a falhng off of I914oo,ooo pounds m I8so from the returns of 184o.). Th1s was owmg td the al most entire suspensiOn of 1ts culture m the more southern of the late slave States The tobacco of V1rg1ma 1s cbJef(y used m the manu facture of "plug" or "navy" cl}ewmg, and accordmg to the report of the statlst1c1an for I87o re turned the planter an average pnce of only 7 3 cents a pound. That of Missoun, Kentucky, etc IS largely absorbed m the manufacture of fine-cut chewmg (Ma son, Owen and Procklin counties, m Kentucky, pro ducmg the best), at an average pnce at from 8 to 12 a pound. For the finer quahty of the plant re quiSite for the makmg of c1gars, the dealers look first to Cuba for the unnvaled flavor of 1ts tobacco (worth here from 90 cents to $2 so a pound(; next to Connec ticut, because of the flattermg reputation the fineness of 1ts "wrappers" has acqUired (the best bemg procurable at an avetage cost of from so to 6o cents, against the f;2 or more a pound for Cuba tobacco of the same grade) Then follow New York, Pennsylvama, Oh10, Wisconsm and other States, the average rece1pts m these States for all grades bemg from Ill to 23 eents a pound. In New England, most favored by reputatiOn, 1s the small section on the east s1de of the Connecticut nver, above the low-bordermg meadows compnied w1thm the bounds of the towns of East Hartford and South Wmdsor, m Connecticut In and about that clasSIC reg1on known laguely and humorously every where, but here specifically and hJstoncally, as Podunk, the farmers are especially favored Here from twenty five hundred pounds of stnpped leaves, worth hom forty to seventy five cents a pound, and brmgmg gross rece1pts of from e1ght to twelve hundred dollars, IS no surpnsmg return from a smgle acre of lanu Th1s IS m the most tavorable localities and good years Most rank and lush of weeds, tobacco sucks the soil of 1ts very mat row, and the aggregate outlay for manures 1S large. The stables of New York send scores of cargoes up the Connecticut RIVer annually Th1s aromatic merchandtze every spnng makes odorous the whole lower valley on 1ts way ; and 1t has been esti mated that not less than $2oo,ooo worth of th1s com modity landed oppos1te Hartford to be plowed under for the benefit of the 1872 crop of tobacco m the towns of East Hartford and South Wmdsor All th1s, bes1 des the large quantities bought m Hartford and shipped elsewhere, and the guano and other costly fertlhzers wh1ch were used-a total for manures certamly as large as $2so,ooo And a rough estJ111ate shows the number of acres of land actually employed m topacco m these two towns, m x87I, to have been not more than twelve *Of Vtrgna, the report says that although the crop was heavier than ever before, Jt was hever worse handled, beJng largely Jn the h2nds of m ezpcru:nced Freedmen, who had h1rc:d the farms or taken them to work on ahares "In th1s way V JrgtnJa tobacco 18 fast los1ng It! prestige, and the Western tobaceo IS supplanung Jt JD the markets of the world." In the p.roduct of and West Vug1ma, there JB a falling off of Io,OCX!,ooo p<>onda from that Jn 185o ; hundred, w1th a return of z,zoo,ooo pounds, or 6,ooo cases of tobacco, selling for about $77o,ooo-ne"arly .one quarter the gross re ce1pts for all New England The year 187I produced an exceptiOnally good crop. The town of Hatfield, m Massachusetts, reports an estJmate product of I,ooo,ooo pounds on from 7oo to Boo acres, returnmg $275,coo. Twenty years ago only about two acres were cultivated m tobac co m that town We thmk that agnculture m 'the Umted States can no make a more profitable showmg J 0 G East Hartford July, r872 RE-PACKING J.EAF TOBACCO. [Co-rrespondence of" The Tobacco Leaf"] PHIL.DELPHIA, August 9, 1872 In my last art1cle I left to be mferred what now I will explam seem cheerful in view of the very prom1smg cond1t10n of the growmg crop m th1s sectiOn of the State It ts tbough't by those competent to JUdge, that fully two thirds 1f not three.fourths of the old crop usually offered m th1s marKet, 1s already m, and pnces will be mam tamed for the remamde r More anon VIRGINIUS WHAT FOUR CHICAGO TOBACCO FACfORrES DID IN SIX MoNTHS -Amount of tax pa1d by the followmg To bacco Manufacturers of Ch1cago, for the SIX months, January to June (mclus1ve ), 187 2 lbs Chew'g lbs Smok'g Ami 7 ax. Spau ld mg & Mernck I9I,8o8y,; 447,791 $133,025 28 Beck & W1rth --------41,761 487,553* 9I,372 oS Watt & Johnson 27,19I 249,646 48,644 48 Gracile & Strotz_-----8,560 204,554 35,467 84 ---------Total Advertisements. I beheve that every competent Judge w11l allow that there IS a loss m wezght 111hen leaf tob ac co 1s re-packed and AFTER 1t, also, that there 1s a loss m qua/tty every dry or cold day of the year, 1f 1t 1 s exposed to the air FOR SALE LOW, oDe ROGEl{:; CUTTER AND PRESS, mqvtre at 219 Cberry Street 389 S90 Re packmg, then, IS to be av01ded on two grounds, v1z (I) loss m wezght, and (2) loss m quahty. Both of hese los ses must eventually fall Ol! the c1gar maker for we must not suppose th a t leaf dealers w1ll undertake to A YOUNG MAN OF EXl'EKlENCE 1.3 deatrons of a poSltion as SALESMAN IN LEAF TOBACCO Can comm-e the Havana was wont to re1gn, the mevlt able p1pe has usurped 1ts functwns In tlus Cit)', where but one factory for the exclus1ve manufacture ofsgwkmg ex1sted prev1ous to the war, there are now a dozen, many of them run by steam and furnished w1th all the modern apphances, al,!d yd nnlesa accompanied by tbe c rrespondwg amount This rul e wi.O inv<'riably be a dhered to. The Amended Tax Law of 18'72. Cigars of all descriptions domestic or imported, made of tobacco, or any substitute therefor, per J,ocx> as oe C1garettes, domestic or 1mported, w etgbmg over three pounds per 1 1ooo--per 1,ooo Ctgarettes, domesbc or tmporled, w e1ghmg not over th.ree pounds per t,CXJO-per t,CXlO SnuJf of all descnpti"ons, manufactured from tobacco, or any substitute therefor, per p ound Snuff Hour, sold or removed for use, per pound 32 Dealers in leaf tobacco, except r etatl dealers m leaf..tobacco, as herem defined, :shall pay a tax of l$ oct Every person shall be regarded as a dealer m leaf. tobacco whose bus-iness it is, for htmsel! or on commtsston, to sell, or off e r for sale or constgn for sale on commtsston, leaf tobacco, and payment of a'spe ctal tax as dealer m t o bacco, manufacture r of tobacco n.a ... -iacturer of ctgars, or any other spectal tax, shall not exempt any p e .. QOn deal 10g 10 lea f tobacco from payment of the special tax therefo r hereby requtred But no farmer or plante r shall be requtred to pay a spec1al tax, as a dealer m leaf tobacco, for 9elhnk tobacco of hts own production, or tobacco r ece1Ved by htm a! rent fro m tenants who have produced the same on h1s land But nothmg 1n thts sectton shall be construed t o e;a:empt from a spec1al tax, any farmer or p lanter who shall, by peddbog or othenvtse, s ell leaf tobacco at retatl dtrect1y tm. consumers, or who shall sell or asstgn, cons1gn, transfer or dtspose of to persons other than those who have pa1d a spectal tax as leaf deal ers or manufacturers of t obacco, snuff or c1gars, or to persons pur chasmg l eaf tobacco for export. i Dealer5 m leaf tobacco shall hereafter sell only to other dealers who have pa1d a spec1al tax as s u ch, and to manufactnrers of tobacco, snuff, or cig;rs, and to such persons as are to be purchasers of Jeaf-ttobacco for export Retad dealers m leaf tobacco sJtall each pay $OO oe lfthe1r annual sales exceed $,ooo, shall each pay, m addttioo thereto for every dollar tn excess of St,ooo of thetr sales Every person shall be regarded as a retail dealer m leaf. tobatJco, whotie busmess 1t 1s to sell leaf tobacco ln quantitles less than an ong mal case, or bale, o r who shall seU d1rectly to consumers, or to persons other than dealers 1n leaf tobacco, who have patd a. spectal tax as such, or to manufacturers of tobacco, snuff, o r ctgars, who have pa1d a spec1al tu, or to persons who purchase m ongtoal packages fbr export Dealers in tobacco !OO Every person whose busmess tt ts to sell, or offer for sale, ma.nufae tured tobacco, snuff, or ctgars, shall be regarded as a dealer m tobacco, and the payment of a spectal tax: as a wholesale or reta1lliquor dealer. o r the payment of any other spectal tax, shall not relieve any person who sells manufactured tobacco and c1gars from the payment of this tax, PrOtJided, that no manufacturer of tobacco, muff or dgan; shall be requtred to pay a spec1al tax as dealer s m manufactured tobacco and ctgar:s for selhng hts own products at the place of m\mufacture Manufacturers of tobacco to E ery person whose busmess It is to manufacture tobacco or snuff for h1mself, or who shall employ others to manufacture tobacco or snuff, whether such manufacture be by cutting, presstn8l gnndmg, crushmg, or rubbtO' of anyra.w or Jeaf tobacco, or otherwtse prepanng raw or leaf tobacco, or manufactured or partia1ly man ufactured tobacco or esnuft', or the putUng up for use or consumption of scraps, waste, chppmgs, stems or deposits of tobacco.resu1t1Dg from any process of handhng tobacco, shall be regarded as a manufacturer of tobacco Manufacturers of ctgars ro 01 Every1person whose busmess lt ts to make or manufacture ctgars for htmself, or who shalf employ others to make or manufacture ctgars, shall be regarded as a manufacturer of c1gars Every person whose '"$ busmess 1t 15 to make ctgars for etther for pay, upon comnus ston, shares or otherwJse, from matenal furnished by others, shall be regarded as a cJgar maker Every cigar maker shall cause hts name and rcstdence to be regtstered, wtthout prev10us demand, wtth the AssistantAssessorofthedtvJston m whtch such c1gar maker shall be employed, and any manufacturer of ctgars employmg any cigar maker who shall have neglected or refused to make such regtstry !Shall, on conviction, be fined five dollars for eac h day that such maker, so offendtng, by neglect or refusal to register, shall be em plO) ed by lum Pt:ddlers of t obacco, when travehngwtth more than two horses, mules, or other ammals (first class) so oo When travelmg wtth two hor ses, mules, or other anunals (second_ class) 25 oa When travehng wtth one horse, mule, or other animal (third class) tS oe When travehog on foot, or by pubhc conveyance (fourth class) to oc.. Any person who sells, or offers to sell and dehver, manufactured to bacco, snuff, or travehng from place to place, 10 the town or through the country, shall be regarded as a peddler of tobacco On all chewing and,smoking tobacco, fine-cut, cavendish, plug or twtst, cut, or granulated, of every descnption on tobacco h-+1:sted by hand or reduced" tnto a condttton to be consumed, or tn any man ner other th

' '\ I I .. THE, TOBACCO LEAF. New York Comnrl.ssion Merchants. ..._ __ ___ a e EsTABLISHED IN 1836, BY CHARLES :M. Y. ) CONROLL Y &. co ) Comlllission Merchants e J & FRITH, 7 BURLIN:G YORK Tobacco Mer'chants 1 -A ..... Sole Proprietors o the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Honey Bee, "'llarly Dew, 'Prahie Red Rlva-p., .. ,,..,u .. n Ole JtentJtck, Old 'Los Cabm, Cow Blip,' PlaJl1tera Cholc, ... P 1oneer ofthe r n Our Branll,-Rnnr..., .thACZ:ERS OF SeedLeaf and Importers of Hav-ana 177 Pearl Street, NEW I E. M. cRAWFORD & 00., TOBACCO 11 .WD -, 16s WATER STREET, Ottinger & Brother, KENTliJCKY Lottf


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WEISS, EI.LER & KAEPPEL, IDlpo.Un oC H.A!V.A.N.A Ala4 Dealen In DomeoUc LEAP TOBAOOO, DEALER .IN 213 PEARL STREET, NB1V ORB. HERMANN BATJER & COMMISSION A.Di SOLE AGENTS sale of the followiD.g--bmnds -THOMAS & OLIV113tt RDd D. 0. MAYo k Co., Richmond, V a. : r MANU ....... ,-V'irgi*' :Beaut;..,., : 1's. King Bee; 12 inch lbs. ,__.,44f t lbs. *} ; Pride oK the Nation, 12 itvJh lbs. Olive, lbs, Reward of Industry, 12 inch Jbs Virginii's Own Pocket Pieoe.a. D 0. Maye's Navy, lbs., i lbs. and IO'a Thoman' Choice C to 5' ones ya, s. .... Che Haw, Fig's. ( Rose Tlirist, 6 inch.! -SMOKINC, AND IliiPOR.TERS OF J .M. Walker's Erlm Bright'Twist, 11 inoh. -l Billy Buck. Virginia's Cho6cit. ; La Favorita RoHs, 6 inch. .r Virginia Belle -11 Rose. ,..... Cl>.aa. Henry, J r ., 9 inch, light preMed Star O live C CLAY RIPES, I 77 wATER-STREET, I NEWYORK.. LOYNAZ & CROSBY,, IMPORTERS OF SAN DOMfNOO TOBACCO, 95 WALL ,.STB.EET Hand. FOX, DILLS & GO., T() EGGERT, DILLS Ah"D COMPANY. / u hard 'Grand Duchess Gold B ug. -. 12 inch lbs. Pure Virginia, Eureka, Oli::o'er s Choice Old Kentuck, .. .4') PERIQUE .fNA>rl.l<, P&tenkes. 1 For further infor m ation address me, or call at my establishment, No. 1.9 S Lexin gton Streer B>ltimor_!', Jtid. JOHN T. HENNAMAN_ J M. SALOM oN; E. SALoMoN. M. E. SALPIYJQN, PACKERS'OF SEED LEAF, AND JMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco and Cigars, ss" NIArbEN LANE, N. v. SECOMBE IiNUUOTU&lNG COMPANY, 'l :f,Ml!l: Place, _-, NEW YORJ<., A; HEN. & -CO., This machine is in osnRAL uSE b y ToBE K & CQ B1CCO IAMV!'.\CTtTRHB for cancelling F. W. C sl&mJ> in SHEETS &nd is the ONLY PRACTICAL [)EVIOE for the purpose MAR 1 1872. ..., ere<.o !fero d to the trade. P atties desixing this MAOHINE or its F W BECK & CO BANDS, to send their Dl .. CTLT to the OFFICE, No. 1 PMk MAR 1 1870 Place, 8.8 the too FnEQUE.."T MISTAlUts, l'iiA and misre!'"esentations ot agenbl and per-oons claiming the agency has compelled F. W. BECK & C(} the Company t-O nvuSB all ordel'9: not com .. tng dire ct. MAR 1 1872 I Send orders aa 1t re 1 F.W. BECK & CO MARl 1872 Ohicago Agency GEO. F. FOY &..CD., 85 S. Water St. .., n.u ... ,. ALL IWIDS or NEW YORK Leaf Toba.ccoj LEAF TOBAOOd, --=----:::----------lllo. 160 Water Street, New York. l24 W.A.TE.STBEET, NEW-YORE, T hese ar < u se d by so m e the lar ges t factu:ers tn the l:Jmte d States1 and ack nowledged b_est tn use. The above cut r e presents the machine A is half of a mould o r r etai u e r, whic h h i p1aced O n machine; B, is a Funne l Cigar Shape, wliich 1:! draWn d own ove r the r eta iner; the fill e r O'f buDch is placed in 43 Liberty St. READ 'Be Co., .JOSEPHit.SICHEL the t o p of the funn e l and pressed througlt with the o r follown. C this l e ve r is immediately raised, whicli I .eaves t he bunch or filler in thE r e t ainer, as shown tn the above cut, the reby avoididg any extra h a ndlin g o f the fi.ller whi c h has bee n f ound the greatest objection to all other moulding inachines now in use.j:;._ Put up ih 1, .j, i lb SUCCESSO RS TO ISAAC READ IMPORIERS OF UOMMISSION MERCHANTS HAvANA T 0 B A c c 0. A 0.4 'TlYIAN, The unprecedented sale of it to be extensiv ely counterwh-en purchasing Durham, PRICE, ONE SET, $25, I Al\'D W OLESALE Anti Deal e rs in Virgini a anti Western H DEALERS -Illl'O"'W'B oY A liberal d isco u n t on all orders for two o r more set JOXN CBAB'l'D, Sterling, Leaf anti .Maifjactunti Tobacco, Seed Leaf' Tobacco ':L eta, PR.OPRlKTOR. AND T. BLACK WELL'S BULL J'g Olel''Slip; ev _.ork. ) :1 bacco I AND CIGARS 2.18 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. OS. M SJC'IIEL. J1 < < f J J J FELIX MIRANDA, _:pOMESTIC -eaf l1Jbmo Leaf' No. 6 Fletcher St., AND 0'1!: THE BRAND OF J SCHMtTr. R. STI!:INE:CKl"' JULIAN ALLEN SeedLeaf 'and Hava.wi. -tn WATER STREET; "r ---: ........... Also all Kinds of Leaf TobaGoo, No. 86 M1IDEN LA.NE; t :::=:} RW YQtt: A;C.L.Hnu, J.F.O. M:&YIUL. E SPINGARN -A a co L.J m n & co. -A. (l. L, & O. MEYER, & CO ""-..Y +J. IJ ,n, ll::!&_ L -Water:5._ T ob & c tt F ct !.! ., G R ( sre or to CICAR8 RITICA," ll95 Pearl St, New York. acco o on a HAVANA&;DOiSTIC TOBACcO.: .. > .s, "J Comm4ssion Merchants General lterchanU, No SLIP, LEAF' TOBACCO: L 1.1 r T (0) I!. (t! c (!),. All ro. 123 Pearl S'treet, New Yorll NEARWATER-STREET, ("' 197 Duane-street, 89 ST,REET, 191 N.Y. 8pealalatteDII -'-'totb f rwaniJ I f NEW'-YORK. .. BTBIN, m v -),. eWall ,..,. NEW YORK .-eo a.-. ux.""''"' .. "" a .wASsEBJUN.I 1: G FRJJJD _.. CO t \ B LIC HTEN" B._ERG-Ciar manufacturera particularly favored. AJ."i'TONIO GO.NZALEZ, G. REISMANN -& COo a:a ., I M. H. CLARK & BRO. (. -I' SA.WYER, WALLACE & nn l i w t. .. 1>1Ul&B8 IN I u s. Works. VVWs F ATMA.N & co., IMPO\(TIR 01' omm ss DU 8e Cedar St., lni\V 1r0:all. Leaf'Tob '.. llaiUllactnreror D .. WIH eNMt& Cotton and Tobacco HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO j.)(])DII.lLliB8IlULLXIMD8o ..__,!-._29F-!!AIDEN :..::,0 lEAF TOBACCO BROKE.,fS! 'flO Factors, -AND LEAF T 0 B A c c t ...... b No. 47 AND 179 PEARL STREE'?, .. f NEVI YORK. CLABBSVILLI:,TI:NN. ::!'-0 aooc;>, '70 a 7fl BROAD STREET, !I' L. CARVAJAL'S OIGARS, l< uw _______ NEW_ YORK, 167 Water New YQIIi. NEW /


Philadelphia AdvertiseJDents. Stalna:r, Smith BJ!taa. a Knecht, ,. 'OICUWI!l D' .ai.l. Kilme CD' TOBA.OOO, ...,.. .H...,../tlelllwere O/ GftCI Deaiw '" Cl(lar .. a25 RACE STREET, PHILADELPH14. o MARKS, RALPH & CO., MaoafacmftJts and Wholesale Dealers in .,. TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTClf SNUFF, ,... 115 Arch St., Philadelphia.. BROS., Packers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Dom.estic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street, .. Philadelphia. ,, THE 1.10B.ACCO BaltiJDore WM.A. BOYD. WM. A. BOYO. JR. THOS. W. CROMER. Baltimore, Md. -B. CO., Monum.ental City Tobaooo lo. 181 WEST PRATT STREET, D,. ....... -t Smoldq a.Dd ChewiDB '.robacooc.s, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. W. J. HAWKINS. C. M. HAWKINS. HA 'W'KINS cl: CQ., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 3 West'Lombard Baltimore Md CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED ANlJ LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE. FRJtD'JC-' FRED' K XLJBR G. GIESKE. ED. NIE.HA.NN. o ,IESKE&NIEMANN AND TOBACCO FACTORS L. BAMBERGER & CO.; 0 DEALERS I1! I And Commission Melchants, 78 South Charles St.,Ba.ltimore, Md. L :,S .A. F T 0 B .A. 0 0 0 BaltiJDore, Md. ;..And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, GUSTAV GUTH" !Jo 9 _1\T. WateJ.I' St.,?hiladelphia, Pa. MANUFACTURER oF CIQARS, WOODWARD, GARRETT a CO., SUCCESSORS TO WOODWARD, BRO. & CO., TOBACCO & GENERAL COllMISSION MERCHANTS, 88 No. 1Ve&ter St., P'h.tla.delphia. J THEODORE H WOODWARD,. ALBIN GARRETT, W'.LLIAM HEMPHILL. 53 CERMAN STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. W. FELGNER, 1e11 v..a.....__ u11 a- F H. BISCHOFF: Deutscher Rauchtabak, AID ITIEI CHOICI IIAIIDI, S. ROSENFELD &. CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SOLE AGENTS FOR G. B LICHTENBERG' S Det,. oii Morning Glory," and Spence B,.otlzeis, Cincinnatz" Fine-Cut, 53 EXCHANGE PLACE, BALTIIIIORE, MO. F. L. Bilii.UNS &. CO., 37: South 'Cay Street, BAL'[IMORE .tiU., TOBACCO BATCHELOR BROTHERS, :Manufacturers of Cigars, orrr CH.4Br.u z. 8ALToL Commission Merchants. WHOLESALE DEPOT 330 .North 3rd St., Branehes at 3S'2' Third Street, 23 St., and 83'2' Chestnut Street. PHILADELPHIA, PA. W. CO:, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE Dlj:ALERS IN F,.ed E1zge/bach, agent, 21 6th ave N } B. F. PARLETT & CO., ,CI. B. BOI.I:lUVS A GO., "' WJIQUa.U.. D \. MANUPACTUitiED LIEAII' o\ND 8MDitiNQ TOBACCOS, sea-ar-. Pipe, etc OOJDOBBIOll JIBROIWITS FOR S!LB 01' SAllE. 92 Lembard and 5 Water St., DJ:ALEU Jtl Seed Lea. a.nd Ha. TOBACCOS. N. W. Corner Charles a11d p,.att Sts., BAL TIMORii, MD. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. : RICHARD 111ALLAY. JAMElSMALL.AY. -Henry Bes-uden & Bro., R.MALLAY & BRO DEALERS .N Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, 1 15 and 1 17 West Front St., 161. 1631 & 165 Pearl Stret, Between and Elm, OINCINNATL 0. CINCINNATI. --------I -1 I ore 13 r ,,. '' '' ,, ,,. t .FINE GUT .. I ,CHEVfiNG TOBA9CO. .. __ /.--'.;/,&IS f1l ,'Li't/vill CQ'y;/vvT0/'1. KY LOUIS STRASSER, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, AND DEALER IN Leaf, Plug,]Smoking Tobacco, Smakers' Articles, and Imu. Havana SOUTHWEST CDR. 5TH & WALNUT STS_, <;iiNCINNATI. Ohio. KROHN, FEISS 8c. CO., MAN_UFACTURERS OF MORRIS & REID, 53 West Fourth Street, LEAF TOBACCO __ crNC-IN TN-AT_L_ o H w BROKERS, .. ...._._ ,IIIL. ...... Office, J..-9, COLLEGE R UILDilo-0, S. LOWENTHAL a CO., Ohio. FINE 8EQAR8, FrENRY .1\t.lEY.ER! CO fill MISSION MERCHANT, ADd WllolcSillc Dealer in OHIO & CONNECTICUT LEA. F TOBACCO, 48 Front St., Cincinnati,' 0. r" WANKELMAI't, VVhOLESAT ..... E DEALE'R In all kinds or' Le'-f Tcbacco, Cigars & Snu.ff', X.EAF TOBACCO. No. 78 Street, Oincinna.ti, O. Q W. LANGHORNE ... ... SMOKING TOBACCO, -F.tCTOBY No. (1. LYNCHBURG, VA., Keop collttantlr ea bllld &Dd ror we &II lt'U or V!IJ!ll!& 8mokln11 Tobecco. wm COD !net wtth Jobben. 'UiJic t11e1r --... oua, utMr au dMift. AUG. 14 CASSIUS WELLES. L. B BAAS. C. WELLES & CO., CONN. SEED LEAF 154 State Street, HA.RTPORD, CONN. J. D. BURNHAM & CO., Molln!IICturerf and Jobl>ert!ln Tobacco, Snuff. & Cigars, And WholeB&Ie DealeroiD TEAS, A.. A BUBKD..UI, 1 J. D Btm> 16 Market Street, Hartford, Cann. WM. WESTPHA\., COMMISSION JIERCHANTs ADd Dealer Ill CONNECTICUT SE.ED LEAF Tobaeoo, State St Hartford, Conn. A. L. & F. Pa.ekera .and Dealera in Connecti'cut Lea1 TOBACCO, 1 8 MARKET STREET, 126-188 Hartford, Conn. WOODWORTH A STRONQ,-Dealel'l!ln LEAF TOBACCO, No.217StatsSt., HA.BTFOBD, CT. R. A. CHAPMAN, Connecticut Seed leaf Tobacco. EAST HARTFORD; NO. SZ WEST FRONT 8'I'REET1 Cincinnati, O hio J:. H. TYREE, CONNECTICUT. -0G. W. GRAVES, LEAF TOBACCO, :aJ.TDIOlUJ1 JlllD. -CG 2ocM& C&Jo., ... R:t!N.\. YOUNC & A. WEISE, 1 I SOUTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ., W. EISEIILOHR. S W. CLARK. PHIL.BONN 81, RINALDO SANK & 00., DOHAN & TAITT, QLnmmissian General commission Merehants, PACKER OF SEED LEAF, Solicit orders rar purclla se of \ aJtlldl No, 4 (IRON FRONT BUILDING,) AND WHOLESALE DEAL ER IN 11'11 ... ....... a. 1111 ... noDlt .ll -----Tobacco" 193 EastLAKE ST. CHICACO. _...__.,...._ ---..,... ..... 107ARCH STREET, -.a 1. BQort .&ndecl Warehoue w .. 1. I ............ .......... ,_..,.. PHILADELPHIA. M. E. McDOWELL & CO., Baltimore. BECK &. HAYEN, tmporten utt Gaenl ColllJDiuloD lerehull, W. GUNTHER CENERAL Commission Mere A.nd TOBA.CCO J1 LCTO..l. TIIOMA.S D. NEAL, TOBACCO BB.OJU:B. Lock Box 187, RICHMOND, VA. Has large uporienco in LEAF TOBAOOO of every deiiCl'iption, Ordors io buy res:pectfully solieiled ...a promptly filled, Refers by perm lu:i on, to Wm. T. Sutherun, Etq., lll eeero. :S. w & C. G-Hollood, John H, Pemberton, EsQ., Danville, Va.. Meesn. W. J Yarbrough & Solt8 L. H. Fra_yser Preti' t N at?onal Tobaoco AAAOC:iAtion, J: d. W. Sol e Man:U'acturer of the Fanw\ls and World renov:ned Brands of Virginia. Smoking T obaccoa, LONE JlCK and BROWN DICK. lllllllWIWtory, lZth Stre.&, LYNCHBURG, V .A.. H. SMITH & CO., I CGmmisswn Merchants and Jobbers JULIUS VE'I'TERLE1N &: CO (Succea&<>rB to VETTERLEIN & CO.,) TOBACCO OO:MMISSlON MERCHANTS, .l.liD o IJIPOBTEBS OF SP!NISII' TOBACCO, No. lll.Arch St.,. Philadelphia. lt.Z.&.lr TOB&CCCO, SWBAJ. mwm, TOBACCO AND No_ 90 Lombard (OM door W&St qf Etzcii'Jnge place ) BALTDIORE,M:d. UJ"Llberal adVIIIICealenlo made on ConslgnmeJJtll GJ:O GltO!"P. UNVBl\ZA.GT. B Pace .Esq. llf'S8r8. W1ae Br otht:rs, D T. Willi1UJ1S, Esq., Riclmiond, V&. ClrCer' ollcltei and p1'01BpU 7 attended-. C:ONIIECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO 20 Hampd en Street, Rnru.u. Sn.. 1 1. F BID'IrU.L. J0 lll'BINGFIELD, KASS. Louisville AdvertiseJDents G. W. WI C K S & C 0., 39 NORTH WATER ST., Philadelphia, Pa. --osEPB SCHROEDER G. KEROKHOFF & CO., Agents for the sale of a ll kinds of Manufactured "\ C LOUIS GIESKE &: co., RICARDS, LEFTWICH & CO., WEIBLE & ROBINSON'S PATENT 102 MAIN STREET, 'onuni,.i Lea, Tobacco Factors 6 PHILAQElPHIA. AD D&UUI .. B SCHMID ... -Leaf -----SMOOTH CROSS-CUT CIRCULAR SAW. (Between8dand4tb,) This Saw cuts any kind of Wood as smooth as Plantd, and G100. W .WICKO, t Louisville. Ky, -83 EXCHA.NGE PLACE, savu Tz"me and Labo,.; pa,.licu/a,.ly psiful for CIGAR-BOX __ r S. & J. MOORE, erOBACOO Merchants, .a. 4JI Sov.IA Charlu Street, ttimore MANUFACTURERS_ For Saw and Shop RigM apply to c. B. LICHTENIJ;IERC, Detroit, Mich., oratmy,o.flice, Five Brothers Tobacco Works. TOBACCO"' BALTIMORE. !89 PEARL NEW YORK. 'JOHN FINZER, BEN. FINZER, FRED.FINZER, .ALBRECHT & SCHRODER, RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER. P.A .u-, 107 l!lorth Waterreet, ._llltALUSIN TOBACCO, ,JI4 S. DELAWARE A VENUE, Philadelphia. Leaf Tobacco, And Manufacturers of ao3 .orth SP.COJld Street, PHILAOE'-PHIA. A. R. THEOBALD, ILUDA......-o..uunmso TOLEDO TOBACCO WORKS liiEG-.A.EC.S. I WITKER, HALSTEAD & CO., tobaCOO, Chc'WiDi fobacco 8llll1[ M anufacturers and Dealers in eersehaum and Brier TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS -. W, oor. Third &IUll'oplu .W., PhDadelphla. 1 Ottawa Street, TOLEDO, O. Ilflll'ECTOB. TBlll tOBACCO i'RADE UF PHILADELPHIA OFFIOB AT l'le. 107 North Wate Btnet, PHILADELPHIA. BATTIN & BR-O., "', WHOLESALE DEALERS IN TOBACCO, CIGARS, SNUFF, &C;, 142 NORTH THIRD STREET, J Philadelphia. !goal.! Cor W!Lii!NS 1 CO.'& SIOIING NBAOOO, Baltimore, WHO ... ..,..,& .... .., DEALERS JOHN FINZER & BROS., MANUFACTURERS OF R. .A. MILLS, TOBACCO BROKER =-Mound City Tobacco Worb. C.& R. 00RMITZER & CO., "FIVE BROTHERS NAVY," "VIRGINIA General 1\lerdlant, BA V Al\T A 1 tJ!.. 0 A. T I. J N & no== nuLnlS m -PillE I ,PPLE," AND Pli-CIKE Office in Tobacco Exchange Shockoe Slip Seed Fin. IWIR--.I.I&I. wuww' Tobacco & Cigars, -.3 & 15 x7 S C_, t B-' n..t, Ohowm" g L Smolrt.... limoldnff & Chewing Tobacco, RIOHHOND, VA. 62 outh wvert s ., wtimore, Md. u-uu ur. .IU"e ----------- 1. .. ,.,., Killi" kini' k and All Kindt of Smokcr8' mG'DT A '-TnER TOB A "CCO \ ... C C &o., Arttcle8, :l1 WORKS, ... .,.1 ..,...._ .. 8 e fh. ST. LOiiS, .IU!A.R VIIIW OF THll lllOliUM>ER TOBACCO WOIIQ. L., L. ARMISTEAD, Proprietor, Lynchburg, Va. Tbe following blgllly popular brando are Manufactured al these Wort. and packed Ill lllo moat riylea, viz.:, Htghlaader, Cubana. Ahletgh. Deer Ton cue, Dick Tater. Red Rover, Re-ve:a.ue Not f"or Joe, beatdea Special 'l'be unprllcedente4 snceeae of these branda haa rendered 1t ,partJeularly neC

, AUG. -' NEW ARTICLE FOR D E F IANCE-DETROIT PINE-CUT THE TOBACCO LEAF. catalogue, and wh1ch IS so charmmgly enamelled with lady and ch1ld arabesques m gold on agros blett ground Look well at 1t, peer into 1t, and you w1ll d1scover that there Is a dog on 1ts hind legs at the ch1ld's feet, ass1st the eye w1th a Ioupe and you further discern that the dog is a poodle, shaved to resemble a lion, and that the smallest ha1r of h1s art1fic1al name IS faithfully reprgduc ed. Vfhat marvellous patience must there not have been exerc1sed to attam such perfectiOn and, recollect, th1s after 1t had be11n pamted had to be burnt m-and w1th what surpnsmg watchfulness mw;t not that.,proc!!ss have been performed and freqently to dtfferent parts of the world; and whtle I was wtth htm the other day a telegram was put into h1s hand requmng his presence m a remote Eurqpean capt tal; and he was off thither the next mornmg. I hope he has arnved safely, and may at this moment be seated comfortably m the Hotel d'Angleterre, enJoymg hts mseparable meerschaum-the practtcal representa tive of that extraordmary collectiOn of smokmg appara tus for whtch he is famous. But my present concern ts with snuff Well, the number, variety, and value of h1s ranttes under thts head at least nval those illustrative of the use, and-may I not add ?-the abuse of tobacco. Hence my second regret IS that I can not exh1h1t on th1s table more than a few of what I may term gmenc The Sugar and Tobaeco Crops of Cuba. speczmens-fillmg, as the whole does, many com (From the Havana Dzanu de la Marina) ments of the cabmets at Shirlehill. The articles allud' .. CIGAR MANUFACTORY 1 SCENTING ToBACCo-IMPORTANT SoUTHERN PRoDUCT.-The Mobtle Regzst e r publishes the followmg. Growing very abundantly m our pmy \\Oods is a plant al most umversally known among us by the usual name of Deer Tongue It pre sents a bunch or tuft of green, tongue-shaped leaves spnn,gmg immedtately from the ground, the le:tves meas urmg from stx to e1ght mches m length, and about one mch m breadth. From the centre of this bunch of leaves starts up, as the season advances, a stratght stalk, rising to the height of from two to three feet, and termmatmg m a collec!lon of bright purple flowers. The leaves are very fragrant J. B. COHEN, wlien brmsed, havmg a strong vanilla 'odor-we ed to may be descnbed generally as what are called It turns out we not when, last December, we fnulls, of everv shape, size, and matenat, but mostly of stated that th1s years (I872) sugar crop would exceed the old powder-ho\-n form, rasps and graters for the by 20 per cent. that of I8]I' SO Sadly damaged by the pulvensat10n of the drted tobacco lear, as wanted, manyhurncanes of .October, I87o We. have not as yet of these in carved ivory, boxes of endless vanety and full returns from every of the 1sland, but, _never ofmost elaborate workmanship and startlmg capactty, theless, the returns of this and Matanzas, which we and lastly, bottles, mostly from Chma or Japan, comhave, Will suffice for a safe companson, m whtch all hogs pnsmg not only the most exqutstte spectmens of enamel heads are replaced by boxes, at the rate of three of these and fine porcelain, but cruets wrought in prectous stones, for one of the former. At the end of the first week of many of whtch are w01:th more than thetr wetght in gold July, Ill]I, 6z'],tr6z boxes had been exported from thts Pomting to the voluminous mass of spectficatlOns of port, wlule thts year, for the same penod, the patents on the table, Mr. Holland said it mtght perhaps tlon amounts to 796,541 boxes ; therefore the. gam be supposed that they contamed no matth congruous amounts to I68,779 boxes. ':!_'he number of boxes m the to the subject of his paper. It might, however, be men several warehouses at the close the mentioned week honed as a cunous fact that no fewer than 393 patents of July, r87r, was 38r,793 thts year. the first week relatmg to tobacco and snuff had been enrolled Most of July tenmnates wtth 4Io,6o6 buxes m the several of the classes of articles m Mr. Bragge's collectiOn-m favor. of r8p of 28,8r3 some as remarkable for anttqmty as for thetr rarity boxes_ _Now, constdenng exportations and stocli on -were represented bv charactenstlc examples on the hand m JOint conn ecttou as we have, for r87_r, r,oog,5S5 table, which were much admired. The thanks of the boxes, to 1,207 [or 1872; bemg all: mcrease fnr meeting were voted to Mr Holland for his entertaming r872 of 197,5921 hts year. cane grmdmg has been city of Dayton as C. F. & Co, may designate, and further, that the tobacco shall be well cared for, care fully handled and m good merchantable cond1t1on. Cotterill, Fenner & Co hereby agree to and do buy sa1d tobacco of sa1d Henry and George W. Swartzel at the pnce and on the condtt10ns spectfied. Wttness, Cotterill, Fenner & Co., M Marshall, Geo. W. SwartzeL Testimony was introduced showmg that the handling d tobacco means, the stnppmg of the same from the stalk. The tying of 1t m bunches, and the packmg of it proper ly in boxes in readmess for market and sh1pment, and that until this 1s done the arllcle 1s not in a dehverable shape, or merchantable condition. Before any thing was done to 1t a credttor of Swartzel setzed it upon executiOn, plan tiffs after paymg Swartzel for 1t replevied' tt from the defendant who had purchased it at Sheriff's sale. The court'announced tts opimon upoq the legal propos1t10n mvolved m the constructiOn of the contract. citmg Benjamm on Sales page -; 20 Ohio State, 295; 2 Kent's Com. page 504 The jury were then instruct ed m substance that the nght of the parttes to thts suit were fixed by the written contract of sole, entered into between Cottenll, Fenner & Co and the Swartzells'; that w1th the construction of tius wntten contract the jury have nothing to do, but are bound to rece1ve amt act upon the construction put upon it by the court. That as there was somethmg to be done by the sellers s11bsequent to .the execution of this contract before the article sold was in a deliverable st'\te, the ownership gf 1t remained in them, and 1f se1zed m execution by a. of Swartzel's whife in this condttion, the purchaser at the Sheriff's sale ( 1. e the defendant Schriner,) became the true owner, and the takmg of 1t by Cotterill, Fenner & Co by replevin, was a violation of his, Schri ner's legal nghts, and that defendant is entitled to the value of the property at the ttme it was replevied from him, with interest from that date, as damage_ Verdut-Jury found the nght of the defendant in the property and assessed his damages at $275 I 6 7 Water Street, New York, often pafk. them away m our Sole Agont !or "'ew York and E .. tern clothes chests as a prefumSto.tes of ery to the contents, and they D. HIRSCH & CO., Bo-ery and ITt Wa&er II&. NEW YOB L J. BROWN &. C O.'S Sole Proprielora pt the rcllowlng lit Ulam Cop)'rlllltell Brandl: CELEBRATED DETROIT FINE-CUT: are satd to bt> a preventive to the ravages of the clothes moth, wh1ch we do not doubt, for the medtcal pro perties of the plant are al most tdentical wtth those of the celebrated Tohka bean Thts little plant, a gr;>wth, pecuhar to the lower StatesIS now attracting no little at tention as articles for scenta er and to Mr. Bragge for the loan of hts cunous backward, and m consequence 1t IS reasonable to S';!ppose p lpl 't that a suffictent number of boxes wtll yet be recetved at co ec 1on. h 1 h b N One is almost justified, says the London Tobacco Ret ts p ace to ra1se t e receipts to 1,3oo,ooo oxes ext GULLIVBR, "U LBGAL T.II!NDER, LONB STAR,_ LIBERTY, GAMB ROOSTER, 'THB PELI2A,)ll, UNION ROSE, l'OWBR OF li'ASllON, BIG THING, view m commentmg on the above m OWQtng tbat enm tmportance to Havana as a sugar mart comes MaTHE TARIFF ON LICORICE PASTE.-The following amelhng as an art exists no longer.' A look at a collection tanzas, and re!urns from there. show that up to_ July 5, was wntten before the final action of Congress on the of snuff-boxes of the Empress Eugeme, lately to be r87 t, tlte years sugar exportation for the port subJect, but' its statements are still none the less true. seen m the rooms of Mr. Fredenck Davis, 51 Pall-mall, to 299,902 boxes. Thts year, up to the date, It We quote from the Baltimore Market yournal "The THE GOLD .liN :BAG LB. NATIVE. A.Ut3 DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. t FINE HAVANA WRAPPERS A SPECIALTY 17 Orden respectfully sollctled oud promptly esccutea. Liberal D1scount to Jobbers is sufficu!nt of itself to show how we have fallen away amounts 467,258 boxe;;, or r68,536 boxes m favor of House of RepresentatiVes, in perfecting the bill. in this peculiar cunnmg. The spectmens exhibited are r872, an mcrease of more than so per cent. On the 5th very wisely put both L1conce Root and Ltconce Paste wrought mold French gold for the most part, and be of July, r87r, there 86,565 boxes m the Ma-upon the free list. The duty it} the present tariff is :o long to the penod of Louts Qumze and Seize. tanzas warehouses, while .on the same day of year cents gold upon the paste, but the root comes in free_ Lookmg at them and form ina judgment of the time there were 87, r 58. Thus m r87 I the exportatiOn ar.d Thts htgh duty was for the protectiOn of a few factories from these'gems the statute of a giant on hand July 5 amounted to 386,267 boxes, whtle in the New England States. The process of manufac-ing tobacco, and as wrappers LIQUOJliCE PASTE. for fine cigars. Even at this ttme 1t1s commandmg a h1gh THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLpuce 1D the market, and as lowlug well-mown brando deena to caauon Tobaooo Jlanuf..,larero oralnat uol.Dg any of 1t becomes better known the the numeroou b.-aoda parportlllg to be ori(!imil ud genuine broado ol imported Uqaodce, but whicb an aclu!IAt precious stones!" A very entertammg descnpt10n as gtven of the vanous airs wh1ch many persons mdulge m the act of taking their snuff. After some remarks on the soci able apd unsociable snuffer, and ment10nmg some no table practitioners, tt was added that formerly there was a snuff-box in every bank counter in the town, rehcs of whtch usage sttlllmgered in two or three of them. The collectiOn of nch snuffs and prec10us boxes left by George the Fourth was, as above mentioned, of extra ordinary value. When Regent, the Royal snuffer was told, and fondly believed, that he excelled in si,pging "Sir Cannon," saip the Prince to ,bts fnend, how d1d I smg the last song?" I think I have heard your Royal Htghne.s succeed better," was the quiet reply "But Sale and Atwood," said the Pnnce, "tell me I sing that as well as any man m England." "They, sir, may be better JUdges than I am," rephed Cannon who in the course of the evening, aslced the Pnnce 'for a pinch of snuff, who, closmg the box, plact;d it in the ap plicant's hand, and turned abruptly away I A gentle man in quickly made his appearaRce, and de man,ded the box, whtch 1 was returned with as bad a grace as posstble. Cannon was not a whit hehmd his Roy_aLHighn e ss as a snuffer, and was as mischtevous wtth the dust as the box. He was..once, says the Rev. R. H the author of the "Ingoldsby Legends," whose authonty I quote, advertised for as lost, and de cribed as a black horse, wtth a mark under the nostnls." Thts was in allus1on to the enormous quan tity of snuff which he was in the habtt of taking, and of 'scattering right and left over shut, wa1stcoat, table, chatr, and carpet. Once at the Chapel Royal he set the Bishop of London sneezing through the whole of the Commumon Service ; and afterwards, when his Grace remonstrated with h1m, he said, "Pray, does your lordship take snuff?" Not if I can help it, Mr, Cannon "Ah, then, I d!il; a good deal!" His fnend John Wilson Croker gave him, in lieu of the four penny box which he commonly used, a very handsome substitute, having a gold cannon on the lid, wtth the motto, "Non sine pulvere." After some observations n the alleged use and abuse of snuff, and the fact that at least we had all known healthy, long-hved, mtelligent, and worthy mdiv1duals who had been addicted to snuff ing, M r. Holland said: I must conclude my paper wtth expression of regret on two grounds. In the first place, at the unavoidable absence of our good friend and res pected ex-prestdent, Mr. Bragge,' who had promised to be present this evening to supplement what I have satd with some mformat10n, whtch I need not say would have t>een at once welcome and mteresting. I believe every person present is aware of the 1mportant relation of Mr. Bragge to that vast iron-workmg concern, the success of which has not only given title, wealth, an'd world wide reputation to its worthv founder, Str John Brown, but lias iaenufied the town' and trade of Sheffield w1th the manufacture of armour plates m every ctvilized country naval architecture is known and practis ed. The interests of th1s concern carry our fnend far d t ff t 11 th t th M r87o, whtch st:nously affected the Vueta AbaJO tobacco enabled to produce a better article for less money than D oes snu tab af' sklo a de sdpectdmentshmh dr. crop r87r. It ts expected by well-mformed tobacco our home manufacturers can, and thereby compete with av1s care mus e ran y cons1 ere un er e ea h th H -11 1 ,. d c d t lli f t" 1 f b d rl I th t mere ants at avana WI t us yeatexport 17o,ooo,ooo us for the 10retgn tra e. ana a expor s mne m1 on mg o ar tc es o you,ene an vz u n e rue d d f b 1 ( A "' r: d b h r th fth d tl e b th { t [. A t cigars an 12,ooq,ooo puun so to ceo 1n ea t p40 pounds manu1acture to acco, w ereas 1 e onerous sense O e wor l y ared Ob af eas or an liS ar-per 1,000 Ctgars-an average pn e-the I]0,0001000 import duties on mrredtents were left off she cllUs, the most umque an eautl ul accumulation we .11 b th "' 8 h"l t th f h b h 1 A t have ever seen A cursory glance over the forty and ctgars WI e wor d P7,foto,booot, w_ 1 e 1 a f the average o agam pure asmg o us, er o:ne supp g 1 ts,. '"4o per roo poun s o o ac o m ea e 12 ooo ooo she 1 "ncreases her f,-.retgn trade m thts article, so the exodd marvels of tmagmattve conceptiOn and dexterous i' d 11 b $ 8 Th ti th '1 b' d Poun s w1 nng 4 oo ooo ere ore e o acco ports of the Uruted States wtll proportionately decline. manual executiOn shown un er the glass case in that t t" f H th' t t b expor a ton o avana ts year can no prove o e The Senate in amending the House bill, has restored room oppostte Marlborough Honse would convince any th 1 th "' 6 h h dd d t th h 1 h k 1 wor ess an pii oo ooo w tc a e o e the rate of duty back to ten cents gold. Th1s m face of body w1th t e s tg test now edge of the matter that r h t 1 ["8 1 d f d d t ld b here was somethmg cunous and valuable beyond the 4, too,ooo 10r t 7 cane crop, gwes a to a o "' 5,1-oo,ooo. the genera re uctwn o taxes an u 1es wou e mb t b t th r h d t But another addttron needs to be made for Mantcaragua, comprehenstble, but from the fact, that the Connecticut common, none u e accomp IS e

Fine Gut Chewing and ToBAccos & SNUFF, OUR BRANDS CtJEWil!lG, IUNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, -> NATfONAL, BRlGHT ,OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. r .A04 and 4-o6 Pearl St., New York Cit y Tobacco Manufacturers. ANDERSON & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF THE 114, 116, 117 LIBERTY STREET, t / AND 121 CEDAR STREET. :NEW YORK. r. I'I.AOG, MANIIFACT..UI.ZR OF ALL GRADES or QJ:ut .fmolling, aud Ctanulattd T 'OBACCO. HARVEST" & "SURPRISE IN FOI!. IVANHOE & JOLLY BOYS SMOKINQ; 174 Front Stree(,. New York. D. A. SHOTwELL & SON, ... r )fariutaeturers of T.obacco and Segars, ..Aild of tM oeleb1'Gtefl bracl of DEPOT AND AGENCY Of the :M!Ulufacture of G.W'.GAU. &AX, .229 Pearl Street, New York. HERO and UNI.ON Fine Out Ohewing Tobacco and Echo Smoking. :1.'14 New Yf'k. WIN & CO.. KABUl'AOTURERS _OF l'Jlm..OUT TOBACCO 015ar, And deal ers In all kinds of 'Leaf & Plug Tobacco, -.m&8_ ELIEB &XAEPPEL, Agent, & 209 WATER ST. :N'E"'gV' 'Y' : ::EY.. ::&:.. S, EDMONSTON & BRO.'S PHCENIX -CheWing Tobacco, .213 and 215 Duane St., Netw York'" D. lt McALPIN & CO., Jtuw ... crt7UJtf 011' n. .J Cl>'LEBRA.TED Vir[in and Navy SMOKING TOBACCO, Ub Dill.J.U Uf /Mg Nanufadurd Tobao, DANVILLE, V 1 Cigars, and Cigarettes, No. 14 1 Wes-t Broad'Way. NE!W YORK. VINCENT L. COOK, SUCCESSOR TO ;r. :0:. GI:E:SELMANN;. Manufacturer of o.U kinds of FINE CUT (Dow F_. W, Ji'elper). THE TOBACCO LEAl,. AUG. 14. Licoll'ice. LICORICE PASTE WALLIS & CO. EXTR;.. Tobacco lllanufacturers and the trac1e in general a;e particular ly ::equested ex amine ana test tho supcrJOr properties of this LICORICE, which being nc,. w brought to the highest perfection, is ctt;;;ad URder the above style of brand. We Be also SOLE 4GENTS for the brafld.. -. -!".G. & G. C. Acknowledged by consumers to be tbe best ill the marlcet And for the brand of Licorice Stick (NOEL & CO., In all respects equal to CALABRIA. We have no Agents. Oonsamers and Jobbers would do well to direct. Licorice Root, select and ordinaey, c onsta:u.tly on hand. Gt>KEZ, WALLIS & CO., 29 .ro 31 Soutb WilliamS'Lioorice Paste and Sti' cks. G.S. tl w:s. F.W.S. Sterry Extra. P. S. Baraoco and Pignatella. DeRosa. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Pow-dered Licorice. 'Gum Arabic. Olive Oil, Tonqua Beans, AND ALL SPECIALITIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Pa11ent Pow-deroo Licorice. Weaver & Sterry, IMPORTERS, NQ. 24 CEDAR STREET. Po.wnsasn ttQuotucs. f> QUALi.ITl' M11nufactured at Poug111(eepsie, New r 't qrk. GIFFORD, & JNNIS.-68-67 120 WILLIAM-STREE":, Nl!}WYfHlK. S. OJlGLER, Hanui'actu:rer of the Best Brands of PINB CJIGA,ZS, Greenwich Street, New York. LICORICE. LICORICE, PASTE, POWDER, ROOT, SPECfAL TIES BY DE LANCEY CLEVELAND, BROKER 24 SOuTH WILLI_AM S:Z:. N. Y. TOJ::tACCO CAtl.,PS & RlJETE, OCobacto No. 129 Pear_l Street, NEW YORK. EDWARD TOJACCO DREYER, BROKER, -I& Beaver St., :N'. Y. FRED'K FISCHEB, Tobacco Brod: er, 62' Bef!!Ver Street, tQttfl. J. S. C.ANS & SON, TOBACCO. No. 86 W.ALL STREET, TOKIIm BUILDDIG, NEW YOJ\K. GELDEB.Il.ANN & d'HOUBEB, 2bbacco Brokers. A MD' Commission Merchants, 103 Maiden Lane, I NEW YORK. PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO 179 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK Up Stairs. __... CHARLES F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. e '.robuccoBroker, KRAFT A:. HOFFMEISTER, Succ.eBI!OJ'8 to A LORENZ, lfanutacturen of an entlre new at7le o_t .METAL AND WOOD SHOW. CASEs. fJ I MISCELLANEOUS. LICORICE MASS AND STICK, 'f:.TALU.N, SPANISH, GREEK, TURKEY AND SICILY, FQR SALE BY HENRY M. MORRIS, Importer and .!lgenp for the U. S. and Canada, No. 73 Water Street, and 19 Old Slip, NE'W' YORK. CERTIFICATES from the leading Man u facturers in Vinginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Mis2ouri, Ohio, New York, and Canada. .... J .. 4 .U.IO, Warranted Superior Powdered Licorice. I ErrLINGER, Practical Lithographers, and CONSTANTLY ON HAND. New Designs made to order. 15 MURRAY STREET. .. NEW YORK. Universal Self Pressing ciOAR MOULDS. Porte"s.-atent &T..A.::EY.. CIGAR AND PIPE PROOF AGAINST WIND OB RAIN. lllaaalacta:red Solely by Porter Match Mannfactnrinl[ Co., 'qBSUVIAN WORKS, No. '19 TENTH AVENUE. C:or, ljJI}a an.. New York., A. DE BRAE'KELEER, I MANUFACTURER OF HAVANA CI8ABS, 68 Warren Street, NEW YORK. HENRY WULSTEIN, (1!1-r to Borp'eld& "' .. -0'--0 0 Pt,tented Nov. 18'10 and Jan. lS'll. 0 nS .0 0 .... For Sale by S. JACOBY .t SoLII AGENTS, 209 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. S. JAC.OBY & o.,. METROPOLITAN ciGAR IANUPACTOBY I 207,209, and, 211 Pearl Street, .... Near Maiden Lane, 'NEW YORK. 25 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, Conri&aUy on Hand the Beat Hand and Steam. l'llaehlnea fOr Cutting and Gr&Jnalatlng Tobauo. --.. ...-..-. F. HEPPfiiHEIMER &. eli:, :CA::EJELS i L .. 'For Tobacco and Cigars. A large art:ment eone1AnU7 on lland pt1mecli.O order. 22" & 24. Norih William Street. New York. 7.30 E. E.E E. ROIAY,, GOLD. lP. 0. IMPORTER.. OF THE BHST IIAVAIVA CIGARS, 1 -OF THE Northern Pacific RAILROAD, SECURED BY 1St Kortgage & La.nd Grant t r r. -f f 1'-B1 '"' 'L--CtiARLE8 .A. WULFIF,. Lithogril][)her, .Printer, and vf t A 'f!,:nl.iti.Gfi., et chatham &t., .... r- t,.. j 1 J ""'"' ;cqf::l/t)orJhan # ,... :r f o @ea.l&a in #ediutJllfaad ; cui. in q.uantitiiA.t .::fl.h.n., !a!Le!.JJ., 3Y.ip..J. and Bli.ldlan.A. .J i 8'1j::teiiUs. a't.. #eut !Jftl-k. .I


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