The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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. .. VOL. VIII.-NO. 28. lht '.r IS PUBLISHED EVDY WEDNESDAY JIOlmiNQ :BY TO f6BACOO LIIAJ PUBLISHING COIP'J, 142 Fulto n St., New York. OT. B:ElntY BAOBJL Editor. OTOBN 0. :au.m..a As an advertising medium, where it is desire d to reach the Cigar and Tobacco Trade, not onl y of this bat foreign C ountries, it is the best attain able. All letters should be pWnly addressed to THK ToBAcco LEAF PuBLISHING COMPANY, 14a Fultoa Street, New Y Ot'k. o Terms of the Paper .;-SisGur. ConKS Jo CENTS PE R ANNUM f+oo Te England and the Canadas, $r.04 addltioul per annum for prepayment ofPostas:_e. To Brtjmen, Hamburg and the Continent of Europe, ft.ol additional pe.r annum f o r Postaa'e. To Australia, etc., $-04 via San Francisco, add i tional per-annum for Postage. No orders for the paper considc;_red, unJess ac companied by the amount. Rcmittences should, in every instance, be made on1y by money-order, check or draft. BH1s are liable to be stolen, and can only b e sent at the greatest risk to the sender. Rates of I square ( I4 for six months, '20. do. J year S Larger advenisemeuts in the same proportion, but none taken unless I, ,, 3, 4, or more squares. One col_umn, 1 year, $4so i six months, f:rso; three months, .,so. Half column, 1 year, six months, $130; months, $75 .a-Advertisements on the first page, .$t5o per square over two wide columns, and none taken for less than one year, payable in a.dv;mce; squares, No devi-Transient advertisements on the third page, :JS cents per line for each insertion. No orders for advertising will be considered, unless accompanied bythe corresponding amount. This rule willi.NVAHJABLY be adhered to. RUSINESS DIRECTORY OF ADVBRTISBIB. NEW YORK, Tobacco Warehouses. Agnew W. & Sons, '284 and 288 'Fron t 8treet Allen JuliaD, 172 Water. Bennmo D lr: A., 12t Water Bergmann, John H. It Cnnoll:r a Water. Ora..rord B. lll .t Co., 168 Water. Davldlon Bro., Ub Water. Dohan. (l&rroll a Co., IlK Front.; DaBela 76 Froo.t. WIJl 138 Water. 1 0 E-lbach, F 21 s;,;h Av. FlJII: .t; Bro. G, L U Water Patman a Co .. 70 aud 72 Broad; F-. Dillo & Co. ,176 Waler. Friea4 a oo. -,.. It a .. t29Kaiden Lane. -.u-, 1 M. It Co., 84 J.PI'ont. l., 1kn1 4; Co., 119 P-1.' J. L It Bro .. 160 Watn. e-bo1 L k Bro 16 lliUr. Salomon. 8 .. 1112 Pearl. Sa..yer Wall.,. & Co. t7 Broad Jooeph, us POATI. Belulntt &I Bteineeke, G Fletcher. llchraoder &lllon. 178 Water llollub&ft a. a eo t{ll w .. ter. BetliDg'a 8ouo 8 ...... 8peDeer Broo. &i Co., 1 Ul.,..den L&Do. ilepDOVo Ohazleo T., 189 Pearl. Spmp,na, E. & Co., 6 Burling Slip. StOia lo CO., 197 Duane -t. lllraitOJl tltorm. 191 Pearl. BVohn lolle;t.ensteiD, 176 Front. T.s. P -" Son, IN l'ront. Ta.cg0nborlt,F. W. & Cp., 68 Broad 11-n, ()u-1, 118 Pe&rl. 8oa, Ta. H., 6 Oe4.u. Weo\beim. l[. & Co. 177 Pearl W(lpt, E x. a c o ., ae BnMid. zH. 21 Cedar. Tobt>ee-> B roltr1 O&ttua & Ruete. 118 Pearl Dreyer B4wanl., 'BeaGau, 'J,8." Son, 16 Wall. Jl:ellaDd, P., 179 Pea.rl. OaltOl'llll. 1/' .. M Broad. R-ll .... Son, 123 1'-l. MatJuf4ct u rtrs of Tobact:D. Aadereon :Jolm Co., llf,l16 aad 117 Liberty. ll'uluoer, D !56 Del&DoJ. 0oo1r, ViJioent L., l.ll IAJ41ow. ]ldmoDitoD. 8. 8. k Bro., 213 'Wd 215 Duane. l. P 1 lT4l'ront. p, A :Bro., S28 Wuhingtou. Good 6: Oo., JO'/ anol 2011 Water. Hoyt, Tbomal &Co.,-Pearl. Kiml&l B-. 141 Weli BmadW'Y' }(oAiptD, D. B. k Co. oor Avenue D ,IUld Tenth. )liller, JllrLO. B. & Co., 970olumbl.&. Bapp 11. 7& Pulton. D A. & Son, 17' iBighth e.v. Wailo Lewia .R, 412 ll:aet Oth Agtnt<>be1 J. Jl, & Oo., 218Pel\1'1 Vot!"o Joaoph A. a,llro., 187Pearl, Well '-Oo., tiU P>ne. nng p r ..,..._ Eller & Kaet>r>el, Ybor, V. l1., 26 Cedar. I111porttrs of &rn D6lingo Tobac,., Loynu 1; c...., by, 95 Wall Manufo cfimr of Snuff. Appleb y & Helme. 133 Waler, 11oe1ae, F. A. & Bro 323 }Vasb.iDgton Impo,.urs H 2'11ana Ba.uer Obaa. 1'. & Oo.: 40 BeaTer) 1 :O.llarv & 52 Bro od. Hoffmeier :J. C. 23 Beaver.! T H &i C.. 161 .MaideD _Lane. Romay E. E. 1111/IOrttrs of Clay Pip.s. Batjer, H. &i llrother,'77 Water. lp.rurs of Licorice Pastt. Apoleby It Helme. 18.1 Water. De L&Doe:v 2t William. O I B'ord, Sherman &-Imue, 120 William. & Arcuimban 29 & 81 B. William. lllc.A.nd.rew, :James 0 12t Front. llfom., H. M. 19 Old Slip and 73 Water. Weaver It Sterry, U CedAr. &td UQf Tobauo InJptcti Linde F o., & Co., lf. Water. Tohacco Prtsstrs. Guthrie &i Co., 225 Front. Ma-nufauurtrs if C igar Boxes :Jaoob, 293 &i 29.lllonrot'. Geo. & llro., U7, & 161 Goerck. Cigar Bcx, Ctdor and other Wods. DtngM. P. lf Sixth anJ. Lewis. Donaau, OT. It Co .. 181 Lewia. Rodman & Hepburn, Lewis. & Daly, 203 Iii. Lewis. GtrmQn Crgor Ribbon. Cramer, G 82 Vra.Dklin. Cigar Ribhonr. Almlrall, :r. J so Cedar. Cigtr Jacoby, & Pearl, Manufactu rers of T o bacco C rooke, J .J., 88 Cro sby. AuctioncUJ of e u Gerard, :Betts & Co., 1 Old Slip. Tobacc Lobtlr Donaldson Bros., 68 Park. The Htch Lithographi c Co., 32 & U Vesey Heppenhe1mer, F. & Co 22 North William. Cigar Box Labels anrf 'lrimmings. Schumacher & EttJinger, 15 MWTBy. Wo!J!', Chas.A., Ohatham. T obacco &oling WQr, Zinsser, W ; & Co .l97 Will:ia.m. Manufacturers of Ruuhnt Cigarettes. Xumey 141 West Broadway. "La Ferme'' Russian c;garttus. llt:i lliDgton, T. & Ec:tmeyer, Bole Agent., t8 Brood Cigar WrQpptr BooAig MachiotJ National Cigar .MIIclline Co., .Ill a.nd 61 Jlaiden Lane Cigor Mould, ottd Sltaper. l'!e:ntice, Geo. :J., 197 Pearl. German Cigar Mulds. Erich&, H W. 258 South SpieP, Chas. E. & Co., 71 Jolm Mutlin Tohac t o :Bags Zelleab, ll. 263 'East Fowih. Tobocco Bagging Lester A & Co 103 Chambers. Tobau J Sta,.p Ca'"#lltr. \ S.oombe Kanut&oturi n g dO. 7 Park Ptaee. FixtJ Star Cigoor ond Pip Litlll!trs Porter .Match Jf.aiwfactunng Co., 79 Tenth a .... "" ... Rollers. E. Bruckner, 102 N.-u. Cigar Mould Prtltss nd StrapJ. Bro.... A. .. J!., 57 Lewil. Gtra11 Cigar Forms Lowllllber!! .1> Oo. 5 Ptck Slip Mamtfacturtrs if SA"" Ca,.s, IUaft 1< Jloii'IDoioter, 13 North William Gellnan-.Amoricu, oor. Broadway and Oedar. J Engra'fJt!r otl WGIJt/. Hoey Jooeph, CMstoJn House Brol'tr WameT J.D. 61 Beaver. ALBANY N. Y dway. A.LLEG.H.lNY CITT, :Pa Manufacturers Extt!sior Spun Roll." Jenkinson h. A: W. .. BALTIMORE. Tobacco Warehou :ts. Albrecht & Schroder, 6Z S. Calvert Beck & Hayen, eo 8ontb Gay Bolenins, o. H. I< Co., 202 Weot Pratt. Boyd, W. A. & Co., liS Bo:!th Branns, F L. I< Oo. 3 7 South G a y. Gieske, L. & Co. 42 South Charles Gunther. L. W., 90 Lombard. Kerckbolf., Oo., til South Oharleo. Looee. c. & Co., 117 Woot Lombard. Parlett, B F. & Co.L9'.! Lombard. Paul Wm .. .UI W. JI&Uimore, & 17 RooeDteld, S. & Co 53 Etthllllp Plaoe. l!cbroeder, .Joo. & Co,, 8 1 Pl-. Willr.ena & Klier, 68 South Charteo. Tob.rco Gleoko & Niemana, 78 South Charlee. Hawkins-& Co., 43 W.,. Lomltard. Ricardo, 1Adtwi<>h & Co. tla l!>:cbange Place. Mn11(4ttwrln, etc. Feigner, F. W., 1!0 and ll'l8outh Charles. Willr.eDI H &I Co., 181 West l';ratt Manufacturtrl if Cir11rs. Gnth Gustave, 58 Genllllu. Pad Neudea\.er, L. H 57 Weot llaUimoro Cigar Maclli11ts. Bermaman, :J. T.l911 Lell:ington BOSTOJf. Oommisiio11 MercJuuus Fisher & Co., 23 Ceutnl Wharf. H o lyoke, 0. 0 12 Oent:r&l Wharf. M!zufQCtll.rtr of Cigtm ond Dtoler in Lety Tobacc.. Jaoo'blou, J 7 Brn&d. Wlloltult Dtllltrs in To""= 11uJ Mfoe-f Cigars. Carruth, C JI. & Co., fi Hanover. lporttrs of HQ<[JQJUZ Cigrs and Letrj Tobaeto Wilder & Eotabrook, 7 <181D11lercial. BRJ:KEN', GE1tKAltiY. eo.,,;ssion MerCiuJ11t. WestholfF'red., jr. BROOKLYN, N Y. Tobacct-Cuttig Mochiner,. Wulotein, Henry, 25 Kyrlle avenue. J BUFFALO, N .1Y WholuQ{t Dttder 'in Ho2'Vana ""d Leaf-TobotCo Zlllk,G. W 198 Poarl CHICAGO, m Dealtrs in Lea] ToboUA11nd Cigon Case S. S & Co., lll1chlgan Ave W!Jolesolt Dulm in Maovfocturtd Tobttelo Qnd Cigars Maaon Flagg & IMI Michigan An. in Uaf Tobacco. Sandh""'l Bl'OII., 17 West Randolph. Wiallt 4; Blev.,.o, 187 Klcbil!l!" Ave. Wehe A. 198 East Lake. Manufacturer< if Fine Cut Chew i ng anJ Smoking, a1td D toltrs in Lttrj TobQCC<>. Be<:k & Wirth, 22 and 24 W ater Wholtsale Dealer in Cigar s and Tobauos. Lnenoeu Geo,..., 11 8on\h Canal CDI'CINNATI Deoltrs in Lttrj Tobacco. Be811den Henry & Bro., 161-165 Pearl. llallay'Ricl> & 115 West Front. 1l.eyer By., .f6 Front. Newbmgh, L., &J Broo. 51 Walnut. Wankelman, F 82 Wee< Front... Dta l trs in Sf"'nish and D o mtt c Lto( ToblliJt. D i U., i'reytag. & c!' l!eooni. J U *7 Vme. NEW Y O RK. WEDNESDAY,, AUGUST 28, 1872. WHOLE NO. 392. MQnvfar.rurt rt of Tobacco. Allen & Ellie, II Ville. Oeogban & .Murphy, lB Hammond Otlen Henry & Co, 373 lllain Spenoe .Bros. Iii. Co., Dd 5f l!as 3d. CtJmmission MercAants. Hafer, Holmes & Oo., 25 Weat Second. MJJ.nMfQcturtrJ, lmporitrs nd D tDltrs in Cizan Krolm, Fein & Co., 53 Weot Bourlh. Struoer. Louis, 187 Walnut. Well, Xalm & Co., 134 Luif Tob11eto Brdtrs, II orris A Reid, -t College lluilding. CLARKSVILLE, Te ..... Leof Tob{IC/JO Clark, .M. H. & Bro. COVDfOTOX, Ky. Glo.., :J. A.. P. & '81'01, 15, If and 19 W. 7th: D..&.l011JR.Y CoJUl. G!aveo, G. W V a Commission MeroiJ:nts. Pembecton, J H DAYTON, O Hoglen &, Pease's Tobe.oc:oOuttiDg Engine DETROIT, Mich. Manujactunn of Cigars Dtaltrs i n LtaJ Mathewa, 'J.L.A "? 216Jefferson Ave. DUR HAM N, C Tobacto lllackwell, W. T. EAST HARTFORD, C oDJa. Packer and Dealer, Ch&pman, B.; A HARTFORD, CoiUl Pacl.trs and Dealers. llanJes & .Jerome, 286 St&te Hubbard, N. & Co., l!llarket Lee, Geo 11>6 State. London Iii. llidwell, 214 Stale. Pe...,, H. & Z. X., 19 Market.: Shephard Iii. Fuller, 214 State. S1-n, A. L. & F., 18 .Market i Welles, C. 11;, Co., 15f State. Weotphal, Wm. 228 State. Woodworth & Strong, 217 State. Wlrolwdt Dealers ilf MatrvjaptumJ TbaccDJ. Burnham, :J. D & Co., 77 Iii. 79 Aolum. LIVERPOOL, Eq. Smytm., F. W 80 North :Jotm. LOUISVILLE, Ky. MilufaD!ItJ and Ikflltstir Ctgarr Tochall, C. 0. 4; Co., 174 llain. Tob.cco MD,riftrtrs' SuJ>11its. Wl&Pnton, E G. & 23 Third. To611cco sumed a far more perfect and complete shape than we _at first felt warranted in planning. Of course, in thus extending our scheme, our expenses increased propor tionately, but iliese 'have been fully warranted by LOWEST IMPOR.TER.S" PlUOES. Poet Ol!lce Bo:z: 2969. 188 PEARL STREET. lEW YORK. Da1tn in Leaf Tobrco """ MaufiUtiU'trs Cig,.s. G. & Co., !lfllli. Q5 Third. Va, Manuftu:IM rtrs of Tnbauo. Armistead, L. I.:, Oan-oll, J W. Langhorne, Geo, W & Co. Tobatco Oommission Me rciJant. Tyree, :John H. NEWARK, N.J. Brintzin ghoilcr, W. A. dj Soa, 8ts3 Broad. Campbell, Lane & Co., 484 Broad. NEW ORLEANS, La. Tobacco F-actors and Mtrelznts. Irby, J J. & Co., 130 GravJer. PETER SBlJR.G, Va, Venable, 8. W. & Co. Young, li.. A &. Bro., Iron .Frt:lnt PHILADELPHIA. Tobacco WartMousts. AD&than, ll. & Co., 220 North Tbil'C!. Bamberger, L. & Co. 8 North Bremer, Lew i s, Sons, 322 North Tbird. Dohan & Taitt, 107 Areh. Edwards, G. W., 113 North EisenlohriWm. & Co., South Wator. Herbert, o oot. Fourth &Race. llleDoell, Ill. E..& Co. 811 North W!tler. lloore, S. Iii. J., 107 North Water. lla.nk, J. Rinaldo & Co., Slll'arth Water. Schmidt, H. 531 South Second SteiDez, Smith Oroo. Xn..!'.cht1 226 E.aoe Tell 117 1'0orth Tllira. Vetterlein, :J. &i Co., Ill Areh. Woodward, OtUTett & Co 113 North Water. 1 ItttjWrter if havana tmd Yara TobAttD, Oodu, 1 1U South Del&Wf.n! ave. W ltoltuzlt DttJltrs, etc. Bamhorlter, L. /i; Co., 8 North, Wate.. Battin li Bro., U2 North Third, 'i.t..nufactMrtrs of &otc!J Snff. I!M1ran, liar Ins, Ralph lr. Co., 115 Arch. Manufaer Smith Brothen Iii. Xnecb, 225 Theobald, A. II., Thrd and Poplar. [nJpKEY WEST SEIDENBERG & CO., I9 Screet, New York, .Proprietors of' th._ ESPANOLA FACTORY. advertisements-will be accordingly augmented. E. T. PILKINTON'S It seems strange that the tobacco trade sh o uld have been so long without so !Jseful ah aid in the prosecu-C e lebrated F RT,. ITS AN D F L Q WERS '" tion of business as 1 a Directory. That the previous \J efforts to ply the necessity were not successful, was G w HIL L MAN & CO \ owing, not to any disinclination on the part of the tobac co interest to patronise such an undertaking, as our own S ole Agents 108 F r o n t St., New York. publications themselves One' was extremely deficient l absolute perfection even thenr not secured It will tured and in leaf, bes.ides th : fixtures, etc. w. e under in the number of names given and their proper classid h h f 11 d b therefore not be surprising if we have at times fallen stan owever, t at It was u y covere y msurance fication, while another attempted to rate the commercia} standing of the trade and pronounced 'judgment upon into errors and committed mistakes that, perhaps, ought ToBAcco FACTORIES vs. DoMESTIC "HELP."The our entire interest according to an arbitrary stal]dard of not to have been made. We trust to do better in tpe Danville correspondent of Lynchburg News says : future and to make our work, like old wine, more valu-The commencement of work m the numerous tobacco its own. It needless add our friends able f:om the lapse of time. i:ven when the manuscript establishments is seriously .interfer!ng with the domestic resented the 1mpertmence and Clamned the too am-f h k h b d h h arrangement of the Danv1lle lad1es. The rollers and . 1 o sue a wor as een prepare wtt t e greatest h d k' h f .. 8 bitious pubhca t10n by lettmg 1t severe y alone. It JS . pnze an s are rna mg so rnuc say. rom I' to t t th t T L h care, the mecham c al dtfficult:tes m the \\ ay of repro$12 per week that they are allowmg thetr wtves to play unn e cessary to s a e a HE EAF, m essaymg t e k h r 11 t th Wh ducmg 1t word -for word and letter for letter m type, are the lady; and the weekly payment of from $3 to $5 for same tas as not 'a en m o e same error. at we h f b d ak' ff . such as only those caq 'reahze who have expet e o oys an young women m t mg o have amed at IS stmply to mform the trade OR what 1t Th b 1 d th h another large share of the house servants nence. ese o stac es an e recent mtense eat desires, has a to know, but not t.o reveal ptlhave combined to delay publication tor over two THE RIGHTS OF TRAVELLING SMottERS.-The New vate affatrs, nor constJtute ourselves a spy m every man's b h k r d d h York Times thus sensibly remarks : A vast deal is monilis, ut t e wor ts now so 1ar a vance t at tts counttng ro'lm written of th!l rights of people who do not smoke, and 0 D d r di appearance can not be delayed or more;than a few davs tl1e way they are infringed by While no one ur. trectory t s com pnse m 10ur pnnc1p:.... vtstons: First, the tobacco manufacturers of the United States ; long:r In future editions, wtth the pamful defends the impudent puffing of tobacco s.noke into the Secoml, .the Cigar manufacturers of the United States; t)lat IS now ours, we shall hop.e to es.cape the most, tf facP.s of men, women, and children, it is nevertheless 1 h d h d ili h b true that the smokers, who from a majority of the whole Thiril, th dealers in c igars ;" tob acco, pipes, licorice notal' t e annoyances an. m ranees at ave eset population, have some rights of their own. Yet they prizers, stemmers, the importers and exporters of the path of our n!!W enterpriSe. are treated by all railway and steam-boat companies as and tobacco, the cigar-box makers ana all other branches MINOR EDITORIALS. thougl1 they deserved to incur a penalty for every cigar of the trade in this country not included in the first consumed. On the railway, the smoking car i usually r- G B d G A LARGE RETURN.-In the Second (Va.) Collection the oldest, dirtiest, and worst in possession the comtwo divis }ons; reat ntam an ermany. pany, and it is uniformly placed next to the engine or d f h h f District during July, the receipts from tobacco reached this mo e o t oug o course the large aggregate of $u2,o64 .77. baggage-car, so that in the event of a collision ilie pre arbitrary, we deemed it mdte convenient than any other. sumably worthies smoker shall have the first oppor-ITALIAN TOBACCO LOAN.-Relative to the Italian 6 t 't b h d Q t t b t t d f The tobacco manufacturers of the United States are um y to e smas e n mos s earn oa s, ms ea o per cent. Tobacco Loan, borid5 of series G, drawn on permitting men to smoke on the after-deck, they are April r, were paid off on the 1st u1t. banished to the extreme ;ow, whence their smoke is about xooo in number, while the tax-paying cigar manu facturers count upwards of n,ooo--making over u,ooo in all. As very many of the cigar manufacturers are also dealers, their names will be found repeated under ilie proper heads in Part Third. Of this last-name d Part, we may say iliat we pride upon having achieved, in enumerating the branches of our industry contained in it, a degree of accurate classification before attained. In securing this result the repetition of names has again b een found indispensable to properly indicate all the branches in which our large city sometimes engage. With regard to Part Fourt h, we can only say that i t has been prepared with great care and brought down to the latest dates. The first three Parts are arranged by States alphabetically, and ilie inquirer who wishes to look through the names of any one entire State will have to consult each Part. In the First and Second he will find all the tobacco and cigar manufacturers and in the Third all the' dealers, etc. EVIDINCES OF PROSPERITY.-New tobacco sheds evenly distributed over the boat, while they run the are said to be going up on all the Connecticut valley farms, chances of being trampled upon by horses and crusbed and there is increased thrift since the cultivation of by falling boxes. No one wishes that smokers should be the weed began. permitted to annoy th ose who do not smoke, but since at least every othe.r man is a smoker, why should he not be decently accommod?.ted ? How TO SERVE ADULTERATORS OF TOBACCO.Coje's Tobacco Plant thinks that" if the adulterators of Tobacco were choked in the smoke raised by the burn ing heaps of vile trash they have manufactured, it might not be an unsuitable retribution." JOHN ANDERS.ON, THE will learn with pleasure of the return to business of Mr. John Anderson, known everywhere as the originator and manufacturer of the world-renowned So lace ScENE AT A GLASGOW chewing tobacco. A few years ago he was compelled to Fo.rce: to a feehng m hts for Ppe. retire. from active pursuits on account of ill-health; but 1 here IS no smoking allowed here, SIT. Cltzzen of his usual strength being restored he returns invigorated G,lasgow: ,:' Man, I'm richl;, gled o' that, for I've nae to the scene of his former triumphs. During the thirty 1 abawky I years and more comprised in Mr. Anderson's experience TOBACCO lN TURKEY.-Recent advices from Conin the trade, much has occurred in its history and pro st:mtinople inform us that a new company is being es-gress. His reminiscences in this connection must be tablished, with a capital of ,ooo,ooo for promoting tointerest in g. During his temporary retirement from bacco and trade in Turker. The founders busin e ss, Mr. Anderson has not been idle, but has are the Societe Generale, Austro,Turktsh Credit, Bank bot h in this country and in Europe, studied closely the of Cons tantinople Christaki Zographos Effendi Mr. G. various methods of tobacco manufacture, ,and will bring Zarifi, and Mr. Carapanos. to his new essay ilie rich results of his investigations. of F'int Cut Cht'Winf ad SmoAing We thus to the best of our ability and present resources, the first of whfl.t we propose shall be a series of publications valnable to the trade and profit able to us. It hils consumed over six months o hard work, though double that time could be spent, and BURNING OF A NORTH CAROLINA TOBACCO FACTORY.-The tobacco factory of Burton Willis, Esq., near Germanton, N. C., was destroyed by fire on Tuesday night the 13th of August, supposed to be ilie work of an incendiary. Loss, 2o,ooo_lbs tobacco, manufac -There is every reason to beli eve iliat ilie veteran manufacturer is destined to renew all his former suc cess, and to make ilie "Solace" more than ever chief among the preparations of the weed designed for the so othi ng an d comfort of mankind. His manufactory is, Tobao, Pieroe WalterB as formerly, at II4 a nd u6 s treet.


/ -. J;. BURNING OF A NoRTH CAROLINA fOBACCO FACl'ORY -The tobacco. factory belongmg to Mr Kean, of Thomasvtlle was burned It was the work of an 111 cend1ary .James Towne, ctgar maker, forme r resl?ent of Westfield M ass had h1s hand blo\m off at Albany recently wlule finng a salute m honor of Gen Grant's arrival m ctty 1 1 PERSONAL -v(e nottce that Mr Emtl Sauer, well l.nown to many of our readers as Pres1dent of the German Bank of th1s c1ty, has been placed on tlle G1 ant electoral t1cket of tins State A mo1 e suttable could 11ot have been made THE EFFEC1 OF STUMPIN G IT "-Prestdent G ran t iSsued a commtSS\.On authonzmg Charles Che sley, s6hc ito r of t he Inte rnal Revenue Office, to act as Commis sioner durmg the absence of the Co.nm1ssroner and Depu ty Comrmsswner \ THE TOBACCO LBA.P; AUG. 28 THE TOBACCO MARKET. DOMESTIC NEw YoRK, Augu,sl 217. Western Leo/-The home trade contmues very qutet, and we only nottce 52 hhds to JObbers, 52 to manu facturers, and 91 to cutters Shtppers howev _er took 1395 hhds, of wlnch over rooo to Kegres, 200 to England, mostly dry Missoun, wt t h a few Afncans, and the reihamder m small parcels to vanous l hus the week's sales amount to r590 Pnces are un changed. Few lugs, or dP.ctded RegLe firsts and seconds lett. Recerpts contmue small, and the crop dwmd lmg to 1ts clo s e Cuttmg has commencS!d m some sec t10ns of the earhest plantmg Reports generally un favorab le as to quahty, and estimates of quantity dunl n duced to a mmmmm, and to restore it to 'a pomt that will BY THE NEw YoRK AND HARTFoau LINK.-L 1 CLARKSVILLE, TENN, Attgu.rt 16 -Messrs fanly re1mburse the manu!lcturer and 1m porter a c onGerschel & Brother, cases, Sehgsberg & Fnpgant, 58 do; H .M H Clark & Brother,_Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report Schubart & Co 113 do, _B. H. Arkenburgh, 979 do, M H Levm, O stderable advance would ha\e to be made, and should 2 5 do, Wm. M. Pnce & Co. 77 do, D & A Bennmo, 4 6 do; E ur recetpts continue to fall off, sales fer the week be made. Dealers and consumers very naturally St:nngarn & Co 217 do, Chas F. Tag & Son, 6o do, A L & C L amountmg to 87 hhds There were sold at Hcwkm s 1gnore the fact that Havana fillers, such as our manu-Holt, 4 do vule 138 hl;tds,"bemg the accumulation of two weeks' re-1 facturers prefer to use, are costmg much more now BY THE Ow Dol:nNroN STEAMSHIP LINK -D J. Garth, Son & cetpts. Buyers no longer show a keen mterest and pnces h C o 4 hhds, Jacob Heald, so do, Chas Lnhng & Co, 24 do, De W1tt k d b than they could be bought ,or three month ago, w en & Duncan, 5 do, J. D KeiU), Jr 1 ) 1 hhds, 8 trcs, 112 cases, 182 are wea er, cause m part y unsatisfactory returns lately they were more plentiful, but 1t would seem as rf they three quarter boxes, Blakemore, Mayo & Co 1 trc, Arkell, Tufts & receiVed from tpe shtprilents, and partly by the pros could not do so a great wh1le longer. Both Havana Cc, 12 halftrcs 34 q uarter trcs; Martm& Johnson, 6 cases, Con pects of the very large growing crop \Ve quote comand Seed are more hkely to be h1gher than lower dur-nolly & Co 33 do, G W H1llman & Co. 6o do, W 0. Sm1th, 83 mon lugl;, 7}i@81(, good lugs, 8Yz@ 9 common leaf, mg the commg busmess season, and there will be no do, R Lmdhelm & ,Co 21 dp, J B C Woodcock, 2 do, Allen & 9}( medtum leaf, Io@to3.{, good leaf, xr@u.{, Co, 9 do, A Hen & Co 12 do, G B Lichtenberg, 20 dv, Maddux 7'4 74 alternattve for the dealer and consumer but to shape BroLhers, 3 do, H K rhurber & Co, 10 do, A s Rosen fine leaf, 12@1:2%', select10ns, Our reth err vrews so as to confo rm to the necessities of the baum & Co 245 do, 20 half boxes, W P Krttredge & Co, cetpts for the year to August I are u,707 hhds case 9 do, zg do, R1chey & Bon1face, 79 do 43 do, Dohan, Car S al es, u,o86 hhds Stock on hand, 491 hhds Gold opened at and closed at roll & Co 172 do, 126 boxes, 149 half boxes, I07 thrd boxes, easons contmue extremely favorable for the grow l ., L & E Werth eimer, 225 half boxes, J H Dunbar, ro cadd tes, S d Exchunge IS held at a nom mal }c vance \ v e g u ote E Du BoiS, 2,9 kegs, I38 quarter boxes, 34 half boxes, Kaufman, mg crop orne am age LS being done by the worms, Btlls at 6o days, on London, for commer-Brothers, & Bondy, 24 crates clayppes N L cCready, 25 but planters are workmg \ery hll:rd to keep them down Jst week 2d week ad week 4111 week Mh week ,Toto.! eta! ro8 09 J( for bankers, d o a t short stght, 1o9;Ji "9 half boxes, 01der.3 hhds, 26 trcs, 4 cadd1es Their \\heat bemg thras hed, thetr com bemg Iald aside, January 990 = 403 ""!"'o 349 377 !!!! r8r 3,6oo @ r Pans at 6o 5 2 7 Yz do at short I CoAsrwrsE fRo., BALI!MORE -Ktemel'!>etg & Co 148 hhds, t hey have now only thetr tobacco crops to care for tshmg Febru 'r' t69 384 stght <'/@522r/ Antwerp 527r"2'@521r/ Swtss Sutro&Newmark 2do,H Hoffman,126do Belcher,Park&Co, Culttnl!ofthe first ,plantmg will commencetnaweek J 2,200 1'4 72' / 74 ro cases, J B Murray, 10 do, C E Lee, 15 do, order, so hhds March_ I 24 300 1 ,886 868 422 3,6oo 5 27 Yz @S 21 Jl, Amsterdam, CoAsLwrsE FKOl NEw ORLEANS -G Renoens, 1 hhd or ten days Apnl s3 6or 512 s4 o 1 ,0 6 4 3 100 @40 1( Fran fort, Bremem, 4 Re1chsmark, BY No uH RIVER BoATs -Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 27 hhds, LOUSVILLE, August 2 r -'Ve repo,rt as follows FUNNY -A httle four year old beset Ius mother to May 397 .::_ 29 r 483 S32 r ,597 3,3oo 94Yz @951( Piusstan thalers, 7 I 1( @?I U Pallard, Pettus & Co, 2 do The market has shown a great deal of arumatlOn The talk to h1m and say somethmg fu n lll "How can I'" ,rune 238 9 71 9 4 7 970 87 4 4 000 Frezhts-1he market IS q met, but strong at the rates BY KEY WEsdr SRTEbAMER -De Baty & Khng, 2 6 cases Cigars, J recetpts have been small, and consequently the offierrngs b I b l dob l Ofli f S d l f r .B & J Eager, 11 o, o e rt E Kell) & Co, 23 do, S1edenberg& Co, she asked," don't you see now usy C : G II current rates abroad To"'ors 0 see ea 0 acco are cau one aceep mg e pos1tron to buy at present h1gh rates, as gold has been 9@9 70, 4 at 30@8 90 1 hhd scraps at 5 9 S I hhd tB attnbute the1r lack of fire to smokmg, our a IC 'l'h f f h I I d bl reported ales >nO. quotauons of seed leaf as furnJShmg the pnces tlial d l d I d h d hhd I O>llS!DS sl ould bear m mmd their own proverb, "Pas de e uture o pnces ere rs not c ear y rscema e at should be for t!lem at first hand,., these refer '" mos t mstanees I y ec rnmg an ,rerg ts are scarce an rather sweep mgs at r 7 5 I ndiana lugs at f,go tune, except 111 so far as It IS clear that the average to old crops wh1ch have been held nearly a year, and the profit on advancmg Therefore, if recetpts remam liberal, The Lousvtlle House sold 130 hhds -20 l1hds Ken fMmee sans feu" pnce IS not hkely to be lower than It LS at present How whch must naturally 1nclude the mterest o n capital mvested Gro;wers -wh1ch has to be expected, we be!teve that concess10ns tucky leaf 6 at $23 so, 16 so, 16, I 4 13 25, I 3 2 S 3 A NICE POINT.-Says an exchange A Massachusetts much of an advance there IS to be, and when an advance, cannot expect even m the ease of new crops, t o sell them for the same will have to be made by sellers Of Oh1 o recerpts were at 12@ r 2 7 5, 7 at II@I n7 S II at ro@Io 7 S 2 at 9 fhmers' club rs dtscussmg the moral s1de of ratsmg to If one LS mevttable, may be expected, can only be deter-pnces as dare obtamedd ohn here :sale must very hght, as was to be expected, most of the crop bemg 9 10 24 hhds do lugs. I at, 1 6 at 9 @ 9 So, 7 at b mmed when more defimte mformat10n has been rece1ved at an a Yanee, a n t ere ore t e price 0 tama Y 1 growers WI m 1 he demand for thrs descnpbon contmues to be 8 @8 hhd I d I f liacco Those who hve m the Connecticut RIVer ot-always be somewhat ower than our quo t ations IO 9 9 s n rana ea S at I4, I3 so, 13 so, loins where tobacco can be ra1sed w1th large profit:;, regardmg the extent of the damage done by the drpught QUOTATIONS OF WHOLESALE PRICES very active and pnces very fully mamtamed, sales, m r2,2s I 3 14 at 12@12 7S I9 at n@rr 7 S .rr at 10 tbmk 1 t no more 1mmoral than to raise corn or rye, to the growmg crop A competent Richmond authonty wutern-Lglltlar Fne so MO proportiOn to r eceipts and hght stock, amount w only @10 7S, 9 at 9 10@9 9 0 I at 8 9o. 10 hhds do lugs d h k h I th r mclmes to the behef that an average crop wtll be proCommon to good lugo. 8l> 9! { Medluw @27 about 350 hhds, of whtch about 2oo hhds were for 5 at 9@9 90, 5 at 8 70@8.90 4 hhds Tennessee leaf whilch may be converte rnto w IS y, w I e ose .arcommon teat 9)\@lt>J, Good 2< @28 mers hvmg on the lulls where tobacco can not be ratsed duced both m V1rguua and North Carolma, though at Medmm l vJus lugo sy,@IO land -Frosted, 6@7, sound common, 7 Yz@8 y., govd at 9 xo@9 70, 4 at 8 8o@8 70 1 at 7 20 19 hhds Inbetter than many who have both legs and good f1ealth And agam, ''To day a fine 'break' and fine pnces" Low to medmm lear $l:; common, 9@9 y., m1ddhng, IO@II good to fine red, 11@ d1ana leaf II at xo@1o 7 5 8 at 9 20 @ 9 90 4 hhds do am who, unfortunately, look upon work as a d1sgrace, Bnghts of fancy order brought $6o@125; medmrn $32@ 35 14, fancy, I5@25, upper country, 7Yz@3o; ground lugs 3 at 9@9 30, I at 8 9 o I hhd factory trash at or With horror s6, and lower grades m proportion All wrappers higher do bright l eaves, 6@9 Olzto -Infenor to good common, 7 Yz @8Yz 6 20 A lot of 37 packages, some I4,ooo pounds, was sola at com 7J>@ greemsh and brown, 8Yz@8Yz, medmm to red, 1he Planters' House sold 39 hhds _19 hhds Ken A STAYdT HoME MAN) -lhe an average round of soc, the lugs runmng as low as 9Yz@I2, common to medmm spangled, 8@xx, fine tucky leaf, 3 at $z8 so, 13; I4 3 at r 2@r2 75, 4 at says. "There IS a gent eman Ll'l 1 IS coun y, Y e roc., and the leaf averagmg about 6sc Com to med apangled 8 @12 spa.ngle:l to yellow, I2-2S Kentucky --Common to good II@II 75, 6 at ro@ro 75, 3 at 9 6o@ 9 So 13 hhds of W W Elhott, who Hhas never m h1s time Seed Leaf-Theexport t rad e v;as rather light last 1 2 l6 lu gs, 8}1,@9, heavy do 9@1o; low to medmm leaf. do lugs 9 at 9@9 70, 4 at 8 7o@8 95 1 hhd do trash a fishrng or shot a gun e IS now 42 years o age, week, the reported sales reachmg only 406 cases appor-mon @ sy, 9Yz@roYz farr to good, II@I2, fine and selections, at 8 20 I hhd do new pnmmgs at 6 3 hhds Indtana and has hved m thts county 20 years of hts time, and IS tLoned as follows 256 cases, Oh10, at u Yz@r4Y.c, 1oo t:d con:,_r:;on I3@S Vzrgtma -Common to good, logs, 8@8Yz, com-leaf at 10 I hhd do lugs at 9 a fattner It may be presumed that he stays at h,:Ome do, State, at r r and so do, \V1scon sm, at 91/ c Medium 9J>@lOY, mon to medmm leaf, fatr to good, The Nmth ,Street House sold 69 hbds -6o hhds d h b fi tl h d t 74 Good to ftDe red ll @ t fi d I 72 f :md atten s to 1s own usmess, or 11s year e so, o 1 he home demand was more l1vely parttcularly for Fancy 16 @26 ne an se ectwns, u@r4, stems good to fine.JYz@s. Kentucky lea 13 reo ned at ho 2s@rJ 90; 2 0 at 9 20 kno-,vledge over JSoo worth of tobacco !O one dealer, Connect.cut wrappers, of which about' 6oo were Tobacco Statement @r4 5 at 9 76@12, 3 at 12@ 13; S at 9@Io.25, 3 at which was the prodlfct of h1s ovyn labor, w1th the assrst taken at 37 y. @6oc., the greater part ot 1t at so@6oc .arauacm. rs :Jan I, I872 -Stock m warehouses 'and 9 so@ro 25, 6 at 9 30@10.75, 5 at 1250 11, 50 Io.75 ance of orlly one hand, bes1de attendmg to htS other About 300 cases fillers and seconds were sold on pnvate 20 @M 76 on shtpboard, not cleared _--___ _____ 5,7 45 hhds 10 so, Io 2 5. 8 hhds do lugs: 2 red ned at 9 20 9 4 o; 6 aops." terms B.uonm.gloto fe Inspected th1s week-------------I,So6 hhds at u, ro 25, 9 8o, 9 6o, 9.1o, 8 So I bhd scraps at 2 MEW STYLE or FRENCH 1...-IGARS AND CIGARETTES.The lattention of the trade IS now begmnmg to be tl Inspected prev1ously --------------30,569 hhds The Kentucky Tobacco Assoctation sold 5 hbds: 3 ':rlie French Government factory at Neurlly rs now makdrrected to transactiOns on domestic account, and laTger ... 32 hhds Kentucky leaf at 12 25, 10, 9 90. 2 hhds do lugs pattern,whlchwill besold to the openttionsthanhavebeenhad forawhilepastwrllproAortedloll. '21 @3 TotaL--------------------37,82ohhds at9.Io, 86o _,., bably be announeed from we e k to week hereatiter. Sel ,;.:1_ H Exported smce Jan. I, r87z--. :n,r42 hhds LYNCHBURG' A at tS and 15 centimes each; they are manufacb C d d 8 hhd hhd ugusf 24 .-Mr J H Tyree, leaf tured of lobacco. Smokers of ctgarettes have dom have Circumstances more favorable than at .... .. : 8-20 OO@:n on oastwlse an re-mspecte :. J, oo s 24,942 s tobacco commrssJon merchant, reports as follows .-Re-c th d t f th this time enJOyment or a good buSll\ess season l!illen ... ... u @\$ u GA@I7 oo cetpts are generally d1mmtshing The market ruling :aot oeen 1orgotten, ,or e a mmrs ra .. on o e mon10' t""'l2 oc s k -d h d h' h d 1 ht by the trade, and, in common wrth others, we look forOwk"' .. ,.10 '"" toe to ay m ware ouse an on s tpdull and. lower for nearly all grades The ne-opoly are prepanng to manu,acture t m an tg c1gar-1 "" 81>@-90 b d 1 d g 8 hhd ettes of a Dew type, and of different qualities to sutt all waro w1th .P easmg anttCipattons to the summary of uoorted rota 22 @25 -1 oo oar not c eare -----------------rz, 7 s crop prlmmgs are now commg m freely though pnces .._"e traffic to be made up durr:og the next three orfour eo"!!"r.11...;,,.; ..;.".eoooo. Messrs Ed WLSchmeyer&Co.,tobacco1commrsslon are sattsfactory !quote PnmJngs ne rLr.ll rL ....,. ,., G mollths. l'lllen 11 16 merchants, report as follows : -The demand for medmm w, ; to the best Oriental produce_ They Will be sold m pack-I d h I N y State 16 d f f d b k f: h common l>htppmg lugs, 7@8 good do,8@ 9 ; fine do, _.s of twentv each, at 30 A"' 50 a"A 6o cl'nttmes per The v1o ent ra! n an a1 storm whu;h passed over oh1o oo 10 @16 gra es o manu acture to acco eeps atr, wrt steady 9 @ 9f.(:; common workmg do. 7 @ 8 ; good 81rl19 fine ""P.'"rket this sectton on the afternoon of Thursday, the 22d mst, ;;,:rpe:edl;,10 :. : f: pnces, better quahtles not being much in demand as 9@ro, common smokmg do, 9@xo, good :rts reported to have done some InJury to the gPowmg do r...,. u 1 yet. The followmg are the recetpts for the week endmg fine ) elfow do, 20@ 3 o C,Pmmon shlppmg lea(, 71rl18rL AND PRIZ&S -A Liverpool tobacco dealer, C e t t the easter a d ddl f do lin-18 to day John P Pleasants & Sons 503 / boxes 6o9 d d fi 73 r crop m onn c tcu, n n m1 e port10n o W18Conam and,Weatern sx 10 72, goo o 9@10 ne IZ@x 3 Yz, common workmg lea( with the v1ew of pushmg busmess, offers ro,ooo ptpes by the State bemg espectally referred to as havmg suffered ... ,91'-r.( boxes A Seemuller & Sons, 78 Y. boxes, I 20 thtrd7 1 L @8 1/ good do @ fi C d h th I f I h 11 h I Davanawrop 7 4 G s c 72 7Z' 9 IO' ne IO@I3' common ll'.osener & o at 2 eac.,, e sa eo w uc WI e from tht s cause. We 1ave seen an extract from a pnvate Hav&na raontng lot $1 0 1 ao boxes, 134 cases, eo. \Vatts & o., so6 boxes, rot wrappens, I 2@rs good do, 2o@Jo fine do, 301rl16o, sa"""enable lirm to gtve away ",2om prizes for the first letter from a gentleman m Connecticut, whtch thus reHavanaFil com 90 cases, B. Stafford, r82 half boxes, 227 thtrd and extra yellow do, 6o@roo h h fi d co d o Good do S'l!i@I 011 b H ffi sale of s,ooo p1pes, w IC ts xe to tennmate on "'eplers to the matter "The heavtest ram and ha1l storm m do Hoe d o no @I 15 quarter oxes, 55 cases, o man, Lee & Co, 157 half NEW ORLEANS A tember 7 next. For the bestcolored prpe v.tll be fifteen years passed over our neighborhood yesterday Yani&liCutaasortedeun"i1oo boxes, 310 thtrdboxes, IS cases, other part1es, 215 ugusti4-Wereport Themargtven; the second best, a Stiver watch, thud, a box of fhe hail dtd great damage to crops In some towns-Ma71ufocturea -Ta_x20cto perpounr half boxes, 174 quarter boxes, I6o cases ket remams quiet atptevtous rates. The sales were s2o Havana ctgars, fourth, xos ; fifth, s s and the twelve E lli ngton, Vernon and Manchester, for mstance-the to- Bo:.-Baiosi6 @5.5 0 s BOSTON, August 24The Commerczal Bullt!m re-hhds' I hhd "'as at 12c, 1 scrap at 5 the rest T h h fh h -. fill 1.h b h k h onpnvateterrms vequote IugsatSrL@9IL2c,lowleaf Dext,.zs 6d each o s ow t e genumeness o t e sc erne bacco crop was destroyed" Sundar mformatron comes IMP OR rs ports as o ows -e usmess m t IS mar et s ows no r/ r/ d 72 1h,e ptpes wluch were awarded pnzes on a former oct:a from the town of Bloomfield and places near that town The amvals at the port of New York from foretgn improvement, and only a few sales are made to keep at 9 7z@ro72c, me mm at good at 12@ son are on VJew m the w ind ow, together With the names Fortunately, the heat on the 22d was so mtense as to ports for the week endmg August 27, mcluded the fol up the stocks of manufacturers We quote here Hav 12Y,c, and selec tions at I3@f4c. The receipts :md addresses of the successful competitors render tt unhkely tl:iat a large quantity of harl fell anylowing constgnments aha at $1 oo@I I7 Seed Leaf, sundry ktnds, at 20@ 71 d ds' nob exports to foreign ports, stock on h h t fd h A 0 d 8 p sse, C 1onnecttcut and Massachusetts Fillers, I4@I7C } an an on shtp oard not cleared on the I3th mst. THE LoRrLLARDS IN CoURl -Messrs p Lonlla rd w ere. ot erwrse a vas amount o amage mtg t have NTWERPr er, 5 o cases 1pes 8 721 hhds There 15 a d d d fi lll. Co, recently brought a m the Ceurt of Common been done to tobacco As rt was, 1t IS reasonable to MANILLA-Order, I case Cigars Bmders and Seconds, 20@3oc Wrappery lots, 30 @4oc, d d f (go; demadn or common and ""' th t th fl t d II 1 h H F G 6 8 b I \'r II E t 6 Ftne "'rappers, 45""S5C Yara, r@I I2 Kentucky at m e mm gra es 0 manu ac ure a n a good mqurry for -uleas to recover $8,ooo from Fredenck Kmdorf, suppose a e 111Jury m t c e was actua y ess t an AVANAarc1a, o a es, n 1am _gger, 2 n \:::? t h e bette 1 t Th ti ... d 'fh f d h f d T H M & C d J A p t 6 d 9@I5c, .as to quahty r quau tes ere Is an aw ul stock on hand. _,0 sunphed them with bladders m whtch to pack R lmff reporte e season o a nger, owever, rom thts o, essenger o, 43 o easan, 2 o, We quote N lb t b h .... r h t t d 1'h h b 'a Fur J & C d 0 I h & C 6 d CINCINNAri,August 24-Mr P A Prague, to'-ac 0 1 s, ex ra ng t 7@8oc, fine, 65@ -v:nd orf, the plamttffs alledge, was pa1 d by them, between source as no ye passe as een most extra-n unge o, 93 o, e nc s o, I o 'U 7oc fine med m 6 @ 6 d d '""" d S d f t I h Ch I T B & C d C R b t co leaf Inspector, reports as follow The market has m 0 sc goo me tum, SS@6oc J:.anuary r I87 r, and ; Tune 1 1g72, for about 30 000 or mary ummer, an rom now un 1 arvest tune we ares auer o, 2o o, 5 cases tgars o er .... medtum so@ sse com d @ l k 1 t h t f 'T'h d K II & C d L P d F P b t & C 1 uled qu1et dur1 'ng the week, wtth generally mon soun 45 soc, gold bars bladders, whrch, by the brlls oi Kmdorf, they were led are 1 e y o ave many re ums o ,._ urs ay s storm, e y o, I o erea, 3 o ro s o, 4 h 6 d f th d b d d F AI d & S d P k K & below the Vlevs ot shtppers T he offier1'n!!:S at auct1 on 12 me oz1 7 oz, an 4 oz, accord ing to q\iahty, 57 IL ,._ beheve had been dehvered by !urn to them whereas some o em, no ou t, even more mtense an more o, exan re ons I o J me n ey, eane @7sc d d d 72 '"" d t '" d F & C wer e 938 hhds an'd 61 boxes, mostly low grades, as ; me mtn an common unsoun 30@4oc-, half.-...eY. alt"'ged ti 1at the amount of bladders charged for estruc tve lJiownmg, 5 o., ever o, I o d b ht 8@6 d bl k .. G a S collows poun s ng '4 o ,c' o ac sweet, 48@5SC' No I 'l!lete not dehvered, and the btlls. were purposely frauduSpamshoo Havana was m demand durmg the EXPORT '' 5 d d k bl I< r/@ d d f k I b t th ... I t b F th t f N y k t fi t tl tl At th e Planters' Warehouse, hllds and I box san lOS ar ac 47 72 sse' navy Ibs, 47Y. Jb-t:ty made out Judge Larremore tssue an or er o wee as usua, u ere .. as no specta ac 1V1ty o serv rom e por o ew or o oretgn por so 1er 1an ""sse a ds 45r.>. i 1 f $8 b I bl 1'1 e sales II 1 t b d E t fi th k d A t I20 hhds New Mason Co, Ky trasq, lugs, a11d leaf, 0 vy 3 aucy styes, natural leaf arrest agamst Kmdor who gave ,ooo at to answer a e 1 genera y 1ave no een reporte to uropean por s, or e wee en mg ugus 20, were as t.wtst pancake etc S"@8 Th US, but we hear Of 586 bales SOld on pnvate terms by a followS 46 at $8 25@9 90 j 48 at IO 50@I4'75 j !26 at rs 25@22-k 1 J O e receipts Were 2,381 ]'usriCE CoLOR BLrND -rhey have a colored JUStice a[ the peace down m Henrico County, Va, who mam pn:rtes the "weed" for a ltvlng. Sometimes h1s JUdtctal duties clash w1th hrs more not less hgthmate cc:upatrou Referrmg to a Jrecent cnmmal case tn that locality, a local paper says On ,bemg mformed of the Dr Conrad at once nottfied the restdent dt :rectors. and on therr apphcatJOn an mquest was ordered bf Justtce Washmgton W1lhams (colo red), of Fairfield township, Hennco County The JUStice IS a hand m :Pemberton's tobacco fac tory but he promptly left h1s roilmg stand apd to the court-house to Issue a warrant m accordance wtth law ,.. A! PRACJICA.L APPLICATION -In an old Lanarksh1re ki rk, long a go, the mm1ster was accu stomed tn conec bon wrth the occas10n" to enumerate m ddatl different dasses of offenders. "Led'tly Betty," an elderly sJJ!USter sat e t ect 1n her pew, and m the rew next to that of her ladyshtp sat a certam old bachelor Uifd, ... a pe1ghbor and acquamtance \>Vhe n the mm Mef 1 made mention of "ca.rd player s anu gamblers," the politely, but w1cKedly; to offer ht s snuff box to th.i!; fatr Leddy Be tty, hopmg that her Ladyshtp was-hear*lli Then when the mm1ster, m due course, came to "nuofane S:'!\'earers," aod so on, Leddy Betty over, tappmg the latrd wtth l;rer fan, 5oard "ye'fl': no sleepmg, I hope, laird CIGARS AND: YELLOW -On Saturday last, Ill ihiScttv m CommiSSIOner Slue ids office, a Cuban :uamed Emanuel Shantez was brought up on the charge o Iiaving 4,400' unstamp'!d c1gars In the course of t)Je exanunation a pollee officer handed Mr Sb1elds a ltatter purportmg 1.o come f rom th e Board of Heahh T he letter was ano\ymous. 'I he wnter s tated that he liad'the b eltt autlu)flty fo.r bel1evmg that Sbantez was one of th e crew of th e Sprnish ram, 'vho had escaned from tus sh1p on theday of her advent m N e w YorK harbo r \Vhen tl1eC'omm1ss 1oner made known the contents r;f Lhe lcller a genera.! rush was mad e for the doo r The man who held the c.ontrabano. c1gars threw them hastily on the ground and fted It was somellme ));:f ore the Comnusswne r, au;lled by Col Wlmely's offi cers1 who had made the arrest, and knew Sanchez to be a restdent m the c1ty and a dealer m contraband c rgars fo r more than a year, could restore order Mr ShLeld s ex plame d to the fnghtened attendants that the l etter was mere!) a shallow dev1ce of the pnsoner's fnends, attem pted m the hcpe that tnstead of bemg held for tnal'he would be Immedtately sent to the tsland S.m was commLtted to awart the act10n of the Gracd Juq smg le firm, an d judge the aggregate transfe1s reached ARGENTINE REPUBLIC --6 hhds, 39,264 lbs so, 100 hhds New Brown and Clermont Count1es, Ohw, p gs h the ordmary average-Common rumor fixes the ave manufactured, $8,059 trash lugs, and leaf, 40 at 8@9 90, 43 at ro 25@14 so, Angus/ zx -T ere has been 110 change 10 the markets f b C b t f II B I7 at 15@20 25' 52 hhds and I box New 0wen Co., etther for leaf or manufactured! m, pnces or demand cost o to acco m u a a u y rs per cent. RAZrL -2 cases, ,.3o:z r d h k If hrgher than last year, thus confirmmg an early esttmate BRITISH WEST INDIES -42 bales, 1>5o2, 4,769 lbs. Ky trash, lugs, and leaf; 2 at 6 os@6 55 13 at 8 urmg t e past wee holders of leaf would accept made m this column manufactured, $937. 9 70, 4'at xo 75@I4.50 1 4 at I5 50@20 25. the offers of buyers there would, no doubt. be a good Man;lfacturtd-A shghtly Improved conditiOn was CrSPLATINE REPUBLIC -57 cases, $I,930 i 2I bales, At the MorriS Warehouse, 237 hud::. and I box bus mess done but, howeverl they will not acceed to the notl cea:b le m the Cavend1sh marktt, and we have t<> re$629, I68o lbs manufactured, $35 0 r26 hhds New Mason Co trash, lugs and leaf I prices offered port some tolerably good sales embracmg the usual vaDuTCH WEST INDIES -I hhd, $r87 box a t $ 7 55 33 at 8@9 95 58 at 10@14 75 ,:35 at PADUCAH, August 22-'"('he Kentuchian reports net1es Low pnced II mth was agamm demand, and HAYTI.-7 hhds, i2,1:u, So bales 15@25 IS hhds, New Brown and Clermont Counues, the as follews -fhe amount of busrness there \\ere several qutte larg_e transfers of twist, hght To Europea n ports for the week endmg August 27 Oh10, trash, lugs, and leaf 6 at lt5 o@9 So 3 at 20 zs done m th1s article dunng the week JUSt closed was pre ssed and other fancy styles for Austraha We no-BREMEN.-15r hhds, 136 do, 2,539 cases, 235 bales; @ 13 2s, 7 at IS 25@20 so 66 hhds and I box New small and the large decrease from the extent of transttce some few sales also of Tens The trade, as we BRISTOL.-24 hhds Owen Co., Ky. trash, lugs, and leaf I a t 7 7 5, 24 at actions of the precedmg week attests how thoroughly wnte, is lookmg forward hopeful l y to the expected GENOA -3oo hhds, 34 cases 8 25@9 95 ; 27 at 15 at 15@213 23 hhds the country has been dramed of the last crop. We are, optmon of the Attorney General, to whom, as anGJBRALTAR.-149 hhds, 161 cases, 12,5r6 lbs } manuPendleton Co. Ky trash, lugs, and leaf I at 7 7S, 6 pleased t6 note, however an Improvement 10 the mar-nounced m THE LEAF of last week, the quest10n of what factured. at 8 50@9 85 : I 1 at Io@13; 5 at, xs@24 25 4 hhds ket for most.kmds of ordmary sh1ppmg leaf In fact should be the rate of tax goods bonded after June 6 GLASGOw -s hhds, 5,900 lbs manufactured Boone Co, Ky 3 at 8 40@8 90 r at 10 2 hhds the general t o ne of th e market was better, more has been referred by the Bureau of Internal Revenue HAMBURG -8 hhds stems, 348 cases Southetn Indtana lugs at ro@u. ant and umform. There was an ample demand for all Few doubt but that the Attorney General will reverse LISBON -270 hhds At the Kenton 'Varehouse, I85 hhds and I4 boxes offenngs and pnces were a shade hrgher for almost every the postlton taken by the CommtssJOner and hasttly LIVERPOOL -46o hhds, I manufactured 75 hhds New Mason Co Ky. trash, lugs and leaf, 2 at J:trade, but especrally for sound lugs, and good medmm confirmed by the Secretary of tne Treasury, as 1t 1s l;oNDON -rs, 6o7 lbs manufactured $6@7 s6; 24 at 8 25@9 85 25 at Io@r4 75 24 at leaf Sales and recerjts were about equal m extent and beheved he w11l not only be dtsposed to dLscountenance RoTTERDAM,-S hhds, zoo cases rs 25@27 25. so hhds Nc:w Brown and Clermon t Counembrace-i H7 hhds for the week Shtpments for the lhe IDJUStlce mvolved m thetr demand for 32 cents tax DOMESTIC RECEIPTS ttes, Oh10, trash, lugs, and leaf I r at 8 45@9 9c, 23 week consiS te d of 72 hhds to New York, 2 6 hhds ner pound but wtll be able without VJOiatmg the s l rt The arnvals a t the port of New York, from domeshc mtenor and at ro@I4 7S' I6 at IS@23 75 20 hhds New Owen dry leaf to Liverpool VIa New York, and 28 hhds to P r coastwtse ports for the week endmg Augusr 27th, "ere 1748 hhds, d f1i t d of the act to find a way of the law m 35 12 half trcs, 34 quarter trcs, 4641 cases, 127 boxes, 182 Co Ky trash, lugs, and leaf, I at !6 30; 6 at 8 so@ I eren pomts Or omesttc manufactures \Ve report, s uch a manner as to make a i:lemand of that kmd un-three quarter boxes, 638 half boxes, 138 quater boxes, 107 thud 9 So 9 at h.1s@r4 7 5 at IS@ r6 75, 27 hhds and 2 t?e market healthy and firm at the following quotanecessary Should tlus presumption be confirmed by boxes, r4 cadd1es, 29 kegs, 83 cases c1gars, I3 bales scraps, 4 crates boxes Pendleton Co. Ky. trash, lugs, and leaf, 2 at nons, vrz -Lugs $8 to 8 7 5, Common Leaf $ 9 to 9 so the event the result wrll afford another proof of the clay pipes as follows SSc 21 at 8.25@9 95, 151 at 10@1 :,o 7 at IS 25 Medtum Leaf 1>1o to Io so Fme Leaf $u to I 2 so til 'f b ld d d d .:l BY THE ERIE RA.ILRoAD D J Garth, Son & Co r2 hhd's, hhd S h 1 d lrll .1 @ Brnwn and M h ., e cacy o a o an etermtne stanu., m behalf of Pollard, Pettus & Co, 20 do, P Qum & Co, 4 do, Sawyer, Wal 5 s. out ern n 1ana, 2 at 9 30\:::19 35, 2 ar ro a o gany wrappers ,. r2.5o to I 5 Pte bald trade and mdtvtdual nghts !.ace & Co, 23 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 4 6 do, Norton, :Slaugh r4 25 I at I6 so Io cases Ohio seed fille1s and wrap-wrappers to 25 Bnght wrappers t>zs to 6 4 Smokzl'tg-Therc rs no change to note m the Smokmg ter & Co, ro do, J K Sm1th & Co, 21 do, J w Tatgenhorst & pers, 4 at 8 65@9 ro, 4 at II 2S@I3 so, 2 at I6@I6 25 RICHMOND, August 24 -Mr. R A Mills, Tobacco tobacco trade We hear of sales for both local and m-Co 4 do, S M Parker & Co, 3 do, B C Baker, Son & Co. ro At the Bodleman 182 hhds and 39 boxes Broker and Commtsswn Merchant, reports Our martenor cons umplton, but the demand contmues moderate dco, Co 13 do, E M Wnght & Co 34 do, A. H -66 hhds New Mason Co. Ky. trash, lugs and leaf' 25 ket opened rather dull hts week and continued so fior ardozo & Co IS do, Charles Luhng & Co 6r do, Barclay & s It could not well be otherwtse, m vtew of the large L 1vmgston, 40 do, E Hoffman, 5 cases, M v E Solomon, 110 a t $8 15@9 85, I9 at ro@I4 75 22 at I5@25 33 hhds several days It, how e ver, ralhed bout the mtddle of stocks somell\ne smce la1d m by dealers and the excess1ve do, Bunzl & Dornutzer, 1 o do, order, 621 hhds, new Brown and Clermont counties, Ohw, trash, lugs and the week and closed fir m to day wrth a shght advance on of the summer The latter cause of depress10n 1 s Bv THE HuDso!f RIVER RAILROAD -Thos Hoyot & C o 5 leaf 4 at 8 65@8 90, I2 at ll@I4 75; 17 at r5@2r so last week's pnces F ro m the most rehable mformabon a fat more potent one than at first glance would be be hhds, & Vgelius, 6o cases, G Relsmann & Co 1 6 1 sr hhds and 1 box, New Owen County, Kentucky, trash, from the tobacco growrng sections, I think the recent' I d \"! h fi k do; Joseph mayer's Sons, 86 do, G B Lichtenberg, r6r do, 1 d 1 g 8 eve v 1en t e mercury or wee s together ranges Bunzl & Donmtzer so do, Order, 15 do an 2 at 5 J, 13 at 10\:::19 75, I9 a rams have been pretty general, and the growmg crop IS among the nmettes, lle mveterate and mcorng1ble Bv THE NATioNAL LINE -Pollard, Pettus & Co, 6z hhds, IO@I4, x8 'at IS 25@22 20 hhds New Pendleton 1mpro vmg very much I sttll thmk we Wtll make a full s l a ve of the "dudheen who does not matenally re B C Baker, :Son & Co, 24do, Chas Lubng & Co, 4 do, :Sa"ycr, County Kentucky, trash, lugs, and leaf ro at 8 05@9-average crop 1 he transactions were I,o 4 I hhds, 450 duce hts dally a llowance of "Lone Jack "" Frmts and Wallace & Co 52 do, M Abenhe1m, 21 do, J K Sm1th & Son, so, 9 at 10 50@14 7S, 7 at r5@2I 25 5 hhds Southern trcs, and 2I boxes Flowers" "Htghlander ""Durham" other fa\Or'7 do, A C L & 0 Meyer, 2 do, E M Wnght & Co 7 do, Kentuckv, trash, lugs1 and leaf 2 at 8.35 2 at 10, I2 I contmue my quotattons D J, Garth, Son & Co, 24 do, P Lonllard & Ce, I! do, A H. J Ite brands made and prov1ded for hrs :o. mfort and Cardozo & Co., 3 do, s M Barker"& Co, g do, J D Ke!lly, Jr, 75 ; 2 at 28, ;u 50. I hhd and 3 boxes, West Vtrgmra Black-Lugs, common to medium __ delectation 3 do, A. Oatman, 3 cases, Bunzl & Donmtzer 22 do, order, 12 2 at IO 50 I2, 2 at r6 75, :z8. 34 cases New Ohio Lugs good to fine ____________ -----Clgar:<-Concernmg the crgar market there ts but hhds seed fillers and wrappers : 13 at 8@9 55, 19 at Io@I4 Leaf, common to medmm the usual announcement to make-liberal sales ar.d a Bv THK CAMDEir AND AMBOY RAILROAD -Charles F TaJ & 75; 2 at 18. Leaf, good to fine ___ d I f d d B Son, 8 cases; Havf'meyer & V1gelius, 8o do A h F'f \V h hhd d b E --:slta y supp yo 01 ers m a vance ut wh1le th1s rs BY THB N E w YollK AND NEw HAvEN STEAMBOAT LrNEt t e 1ster are ouse, 92 san 7 oxes -xtra ContmentaL_. _____ _______ favorable as far as 1t goes, there IS yet somethmg need Palmer & Scov1lle, 195 cases, Schroeder & Bon, 6S do, Speacer 55 hhds, New Mason County, Kentucky, trash, lugs, Su" Cu,.ed-Lugs, common to good--ed t j make the trade enttrely prosperous, and that rs, Brother, &: Co. r8r do, Levy & Neugass, xoo do, R. H. Ar

AUG. 28 Lugs, utra srnokmg -------------25 oo@ Leaf, common to medlUm wrappers IS oo@ Leaf, good to fine wrappers. _____ --30 oo@ Leaf, extra fine wrappers. -----SAN FRANCISCO, August 9-The Commeraal H er aid reports A spectal trade sale of manufactured stock Is announced for auction The assortment embraces many leading brand,, well worthy the attentiOn of tile trade There appears to be conside rable movement m Connect! cut leaf, but of whtch we have no particulars as to the extent of sales 20@50 LS the rate for lot parcels, and for runnmg lots of Pennsylvama leaf The ex ports were 276 cases, 4 do ctgars to Vtctona, and, 25 cases to Panama There are now on their way to thts port from domestic Atlantic p orts 218 hhds and 4,549 cases August I6 The arnvals of leaf from the East have been considerable of late, w1th stock accumulation of Connecticut to some extent Pnces as heetofore -2o @soc JS the rate for lot parcels, and for runnmg lots of Pennsylvama Leaf. On the 9th mst an 1m port ant aucbon sale of fine f1 esh Vn gm1 a Manufactured stock was held terms 90 days for all sums over $soG tar dutypaid goods and 1111 the 1st of December for all goods remammg m bond Tke attenance was large, an d fo1 themost des 1rab,e goods the b1dmg was s pmted The Tobacco was all guaranteed to be m perfect order and cond1tton ST LOUIS, August 14 -Mr J E Haynes, Tobacco Broker, reports as folloVIs Recetved 338 hhds, agamst 412 the previOus week Demand bnsk, exceedmg the supply, and market very firm Sales from Thursday to yesterday mclustv e 172 hhds S at $ 7 40@7 8o, 27 at 8@8 90, 3I at 9 @9 90, 38 at xo@xo 75, 33 at II@ II 75, 7 at u@I2 so, 3 at r3@12 25, 1 at 14, 3 at 17 @17 at 19@19 25, I at 22 50, I at 23, I a t 25 50 2 at 26 25, I at 27, 1 at 28 so, 4 at 30@30 so, 2 at 32@ 32 so, 1 at 33; 1 at 34 so, 1 at 36 so, I at 40, 1 at 41, I at 43, and 1 at so, and 17 boxes 4@16 so In the same time b1ds we re reJected on 22 hhds at 7 9o@s1 TO DAY, buyers and sellers were apart, and the mar ket dragged Sales 33 hhds 2 at 7 20@7 90, 9 at 8@ 8 90, 4 at 9@9 6o, 7 at 10@10 7 5, 4 at Il@II 5o ,:I at 12 so, z at 13@13 so, I at reS, 1 at 17 25, 1 at 21, and r at 22 75, and ro boxes 7 at 7 90 @9 9S and 3 at 20 so, 41 so@ I 12 34 hhds, poor factory dned were passed, and b1ds wer e r eJeCte d on 16 hhds, at 7 25@23 25, and 1 box 9 Io We quote mfenor and light VI eight lugs, 7 oo @7 75, factory do, 8 to 8 7S, planters' do, 8 25@9 oo, common leaf, 8 75@9 so, medmm shippmg leaf, 9 25@ 9 50 good do, 9 7S@Io 75, mediUm manufacturmg leaf, 10 oo to 12 oo, good do do, 13 oo to 20 oo, bnght wrappery leaf, 25 oo to 40, fine bnght so to roo FOREIGN. AMSTERDAM, August ro-Messrs Schaap & Van Veen, tobacco brokers, report as The week has passed very qUietly m our art1cle, and we have only to report the sales of small lots of Maryland tobacco, amountmg altogether to 3I5 hhds Arnved 1934 bales Java Stock on hand 8or hhds Maryland and rs,696 bales Java. ANTWERP, August 9 -Mr Vtctor Forge, Importer of leaf tobacco, reports The Market has been very active thts week and the largest porl!on of old tobacco that was yet on the market has been bought by some JObbers for the home trade Very few new crop tobaccos have been sold yet, our pnces not yet bemg at the to afford to pay Importer pnces Sales of the about 300 hhds Kentucky and l!Ome s al ots VrrgtnJ.a sold m second hands BREMEN, August 8 -Our special corresponaent wntea as follows Lately buyers have pard attenbon to the better grades of Kentucky, and consequently trans act1ons of some extent have takcm place, while the lower grades, on account of the too h1gh pnces, remam rather A good demand though for all kmds LS con tmumg, and pnces are unchanged The sales effected durmg the wee,k are as follows -Kentucky 55 hhds at 66d, r6 at 71d zo at 53d, total ; 91 hhds, to arnve, 38 hhds at 68d VIrgtma 27 hhds at 45d, to arnve, 55 hnds at 6od, 25 at 46d 2I at 47d, total, Ioi hhds Maryland so hhds at sal, 34 at 47 total 84 hhds, to arnve144 hhds at 46d, 25 at 51d, 2tl at 53d 75 at47d, total, 164hhds Oh10 31 hhds at 51d aad to arnve 6o hhds at S4d Bay-26 hhds at srd Stem&-ll3 hhds V1rgmta and Kentucky were s old at full pnce!l Stock to, day -hhd Bay, 162 hhds Ohw, -hhds scrubs,hhds Maryland, 647 hhds V1rgm1a, 4930 hhds Kentucky, apd 847 hhds stems LIVERPOOL, Augustro -Mr F W Smy the, Tobac co CommiSSion Merchant, reports Smce the begmnmg of the month, a fatr busmess has been done by t1e trade, and dealers have take n to a moderate extent Western str1ps, dry leaf and such destrable parcels of Marylands as have been sampled and placed on the market Ohto not m request Not much done m leaf SUitable for export Pnces firm, wtth a slightly advancmg tendency Imports rst mst xooo hhds Dehvenes, 398 hhds From the Board of Trade returns to 31st ult the fol lowmg extracts are gtven The 1mports of unmanufactured tooacco, for the month endmgJuly 31, x87o, was, 8u,732 lbs, I871, rr, 829-l68, 1872, s,74o,u8, for seven endmg July 3r, 187o, was, I',737,875, r87x, 31,477156o, 1872, I6 77S,459 I The home ,consumptiOn o f unmanufactured tobacco for the month endmg July 31, I87o, was, 3,24I,o1o lbs 3143S,946, 1872, 3,5o6,242 For. seven months end mg July 31, 18701 was, 23,426,797, ,x8p, 24,051 ,6 34 1872, 24,658,981 The exports of unmanufactured tobacco for the month endmg July 187o, were, 666,627 lbs, r87 r, 878,740, 1872, 1,364,093 For seven monthsendmg July 31,1870 was, 5,fl971424, 1871, 91207,7S4, I87z, 8,3S9 ;7I7 The unmanufactured tobacco m bonded warehouses to July 31, 187o, was, 43,599,555 187r, 52,303,164, SJ,9I6,p6 LONDON, August 8 -Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co report as follows The market for Umted States tobacco has been dull dunng the past week, and the sales effected have only been of a retatl character,thehome trade havrng acted for thetr tmmedtate requirements, and ex ports have had the1r operations restncted owmg to the limited supply m the market Kentucky leaf and stnps have been but httle operated m Holders contmue firm for all descnpttons V1rgm 1 a leaf and stnps, the for mer of dark nch .quality, also that of bnght color, are m deman!l Stnps possessmg quality, dark m color, and of good texture for spmnmg are very much wanted, and would bnng extreme rates Maryland and OhiO have been but httle operated m Cavendish has had but httle attention, a\though our market offer s a good supply of most descnptions A11pst 15.-There bas been but little domg m Um ted States tobacco,durmg the past week, and buyers have operated only to a tnflmg extent, 'and for thetr 1m med1ate reqmremeitts Holde'rs show no dtsposJtJon to submt to the least abatement upon current rates, and for some descnptLOns of the lower classes a shght ad vance has been obtained Western leaf and stnps have had but little attentton from buyers, and the total trans actions have been but small leaf and stnps have been but little operated m, owmg chtefiy from the poor stock on the market; fme, :r;1ch classes of stnps would bnng full pnces Maryland and Ohto have been but spanngly dealt m, Colony sorts only asked for Cavendish has been m rather better demand, a farr S11pply IS still on market Changes in Business. NEw YoRK CITY-GCmez, Wall1s & Co, Importers of hconce dtssolved, the busmess has been continued by the partners under the fum of Gomez &' A r gwmbau REPORTS OF THE GROWili'G CROP. Connecucnt. The effec t ef the ternble storm of the z2d we have referred to elsewhere The. Hartford Courant adds A ternble haLl storm passed over Rockville, EliJngton and Vernon, yesterday afternoon, between four a,lld five o'clock, domg great damage to bUJldmgs, fruits and shade t1 ees and growmg crops The tobacco crop, It LS thought, IS nearly all destroyed or very badly damaged m those towns where the storm was heav1est The hatlstones fell as large a s, small hen's. eggs The glass wmdows m the large Wmdemere m1lls at Rockvi lle were all broken and th1s damage was estlmated at $5,ooo The car house of the Rockville Branch Railroad was blown down by the mgh wmd, and IS a complete rum The same 1s the case with the engme house at Vernon Depot Any number of trees were blown down, and great dam age has been done to corn, as well as to tobacco, m the path of the hurncane fhe storm was also very severe m many other towns, but the telegraph w1res are prostrated m nearly all directiOns, and we cannot get reports of dam ages Many fields of tobacco between this and South W1fld sor were damaged by the wmd Tobacco that had not been "topped suffered less than fields that were nearlv ready for the harves t Where heavy tobacco IS thus pros trated, 1t cannot be stra1ghtened up agam \\lthout more or le ss damage Many fields of corn m South Wmdsor and vtctmty were also blown down The Spnngfield R epubltcan, of Saturday, 1furmshes the followmg mterestmg details It really seems as 1f the elements were runmng nght m thts locality Last week came the tornado, and on Thursday afternoon the whole of central New England, from Manchester, N H, to New Haven, was VISited with a ofwmd, hml and ram uuequalled m extent and seventy by any that n ave preceded It Although the storm was severe m a ll loca htLes, the haLl seems to have been confin e d to ;the Connecticut valle y and was plentiful m thts Immedtate VLCLmty The sectiOn of the country visited by the f rozen element was about three miles w1de, but 1ts course was by no means regular, m many places the growmg crops m one field bemg rumed, wlule thise not twenty rods away and lymg IJf the ap p arent path of the storm were wholly untouched All crops were more or less InJured, but the broad tobacco leaf received the heaviest b 1 ows, and hundreds of pieces are badly damaged, while many are completely rumed The loss on th1s one crop m thts c1ty, East Longmeadow, and Wilbraham cannot fall below $zo,ooo, and m a y be much higher The of the storm seems to have been from four to etght miles east of this ctty as one of the nearest sufferers JS J A Eldndge, of th1s c1ty, who owns a farm about five m1les out on the Boston road, and whoJ had two acres of fine tobacco entirely de stroyed The Stoney Hill" farmers at Wilbraham, hree miles be) ond, lost heavtly, the damage bemg estimated at three fourths value of the crop Sixteen acres lay m the. path of the storm, and here It swept wtth perfect fury, the hat! stones bemg from two to four mches m dtameter and somewhat fiat, wtth ragged edges fh., tobacco fields m thts VICimty w1ll hardly be worth cutting One man who was exposed to them, sa1d the Hail stones struck h1s head w1th such force that he was obliged to put hay m h1s hat to prevent senous LnJU,Ty 1 he course of the gale next moved westward, rummg a field of Spanuh tobacco owned by Ethan Allen, on the South Wilbraham road, about three miles from the Water shops Hts loss IS not less than Dr R P Markham, hvmg tViO miles east of. the foot of Markham Hill, lost $1 ,ooo on the weed, and It comes the harder on htm as h1s farm lay m the path of the recent tornado, and he had a valuable wood-lot destroyed m that gale The storm then took a course to the southeast, JUSt avo1dmg the centre of East Longmeadow, but falling 1W1th fearful fury on the "Baptist dtstnct Here nearly every farmer IS a suf ferer, the losses v-erymg from lr,ooo to $2,ooo each Among the VJCtJms are Luther and Ellwtt Markham, who lose a couple of thousand, and Luther,' Solomon, Laron, and Horace H1lls, who each had a fine p1ece nddled as 1f a storm of :shot and shell had passed thrCiugh It A house at South Wilbraham, owned by Lyman Phelps, was struck by the electnc flUid and thmgs were scrtte1ed about m tbe greatest confusiOn The Tobacco fields west of the mountam shar d the fate of those m East LongiQeadow As th e storm contmued on through Somers, Conn, 1t mcreased m vtolence t1ll1 t became a tornado, domg great damage at Wmdermer and Rockville, as reported yesterday mornmg Another wmg1o( the blast went down through East Wmdsor and Wm!lsor, and although the chtef damage m that sectiOn was from wmd, the loss from this cause alone at per acre At Agawam, JUSt beyond the second bndge, the road was washed so as; to render 1t Impassable, and a force of men worked all day yesterday to open com mumcatlon The lightmng struck the Ames works at Chtcopee, and also went for a telegraph pole m front of the Chicopee House, the top, and then followed the wires mto the office, where 1t exploded w1th a loud report AoJrew McElvam's new tobacco barn, at South Handley, was move dabout s1x feet and several timbers broken The tobacco fields lymg m the track were InJUred, but the Storm Of wmd waS Only half a mile m width, and almost all the tobacco was out of the tracli; Four' apple trees were torn up and one tree was struck by hghtnng At Spencer the ram came m torrents and the wmd blew a hurncane The damage was considerable several trees we1e blown down, wmdows blown m, and one house was moved several feet from Its foundation HARTFORD Says the New Haven Reg:sl e r The crops which IS now bemg cut and harvested m East Hartford IS un doubtedly the largest and most prolific ever raised there, and It IS estimated by good JUdges that this year's crop, takmg the pnces of the last year as a bas1s, will net the farmers from a mLlhon to aJmlhon and a half of dollars I There have been probably from twelve to fifteen hundred acres of tobacco planted th1s season m East Hartford, Wtllow Brook and Hockanum alone, none of whtch Is worth less than a thousand dollars to the acre, and some IS held at a good deal above that figure Immense tracts of ground that were formerly used for he culttvatlon of strawbernes, melons and garden produce, are now glVen up exclusiVely to the culture of the "weed "-for that bnngs the proilucer a much handsomer return than any thmg else that can be ra1sed from the soil, and IS more readily converted mto cash The crop m the Housa tome valley had a bad start, but the warm weather has given the plant a hvely stlTOulus, and the yte!d promises to be above the average Cuttmg IS now bemg done MIDDLESEX A correspondent wntes from East Haddam l'obacco LS lookmg full an average w1th the crops of" the weed" m the valley We have had our share of cut worms and other drawbacks, consequently have. not reported any leaves over nme or ten feet long but can show some good pieces of tobacco for all th1s, whtch the buyers will probably. find when ready for market, as they have done heretofore Many new tobacco barns have been bmlt m town, all of which the owners expect to fill wtth a crop better than hts netgh bors, at least, better to h1m as he gets the money for Lt K.entucky. Accounts frbm man] portions of the Purchase, S\lYS the Paducah K en tuckta11, the growmg crops of tobacco as mJured at least 20 per cent by the lol'g wet season of the past few weeks It 1s frenched badly Corn looks splendid everywhere The I\11amb A heavy rat t Ob10. MONTGOMERY g .Bulletm 'of the z3d mst says exlendmg over the entire tobacco I region of this valley, fell, Fnday mght, and produced a favorable change m the prospPcts of late tobacco, th1s will have a depressmg effect upon the expectations of those who hold '7 I crops, though they are confident m the assurance of a contracted y1eld th1s year, of h1gher pnces than have been offered and are detenmned to salt down" thetr crops rather than sell at atlmg pnces The crop, generally, IS uneven and planters are busy cuttmg as fast as the leaf npens HENRY 1 Wntes a correspondent 1 obacco at R1dgev1lle domg very well, general appearance of the crop very encourag mg Some uneven and frenched" tobacco, and then, on the other hand we have some of the finest and largest tobacco m the State Vil'lfiDia. ORANGE A :keavy hat! storm, lastmg fifteen mmutes, passed over Gordonsvtlle on the 22d mst 1 he stones were as large as btrds' eggs, and have It 1s feared, greatly damaged the corn and tobacco Wes1: ViqiDIB. MAYNE A letter from Dunle1th says Tobacco IS also much better than we thought 1t could be a month ago After the heavy rams from the 8th to the ISt9 July, we had quite a dry spell unttl yesterday, when the heavens opened agam and gave vs a verv fine tam WiSCODSID. RACK bacco IS ne1ther a fallow crop nor an Improver because 1t takes a larger amount of th& essent1al elements of feruhty theen Issued for the followmg No 3520 A C. Henderson, of London, "Improvementlt 10 c1gar cases for effectmg the stmulta neous and automattc cuttmg and hghtmg of the ctgars" Dated December 3o I87I -No 24 S Elman and if. L Brown, both of Sheffield, An apparatus for cuttmg or fimshmg c1gars" Dated January 3 1872 "-No 300. A M Clark of Lop don," An 1mprovement m ctgarettes .'" Date d January 31, 1872 -No 1285 E Pace and T IL Noward, both of Bow Common, "Improvements Ill machmery or apparatus for cutting splmts Dated Apnl 20 1!172 Aduerttsements. WAN rF D-A &tuation as BOOKKEEPER (and 1! d..,red aa Cashier ann Correspondont ) i n a LEAF TOBACCO BUSINESS Jlve ye....E':zpen e nce the beat of reference grren A.ddreu E 8 To1u.cco La.."' OJilce S92-U COMPLETE MacluneLy of a Fa.ctory, in good ordQr, and ready for 1mmedtl.te use 'V1 ll be sold on v ry reasonable The build DK OCUJ be leo.sed very !B.vot-o.bly Factory SJtu1te4 J D. Bt"'Oi:lyn eapa,nty 2 oe pounds p e r day 37 I Addr,.. Post Olllce Box SJ83, New Ooty Says the Jamesville Gazette of August 22 1 obacco 1s now m every stage of growth On the rsth of June soJlle tobacco was set, and from that> tlme to the first of the present mouth 1t has been set after every ram We mqst have some that wtll get caught by the frost, and the fi1 st settmg IS generally found to be hght, SQ that we wrll not be able to report a first class yteld The particular obJeCt of hts researches was to de te r mme what venera! elements were abstracted from the soLI by tobacco, the nature and proportio n of these ele ments contamed m d1fferem parts of the plant, a nd what mgred1ents the planter IS removmg hts soil b_y the production and sale of thi s crop In order to arnve at a clear and fresh apprehensiOn of the whole subJect, most careful and elaborate a nalysts were made of both the surface a ,nd subsOils taken from por lions of Pnnce George County, Maryland, where the best and poorest tobacco 1s made And hkew1se of those remarkably fertile alluvial so i ls taken from the borders of the Connecticut Rtver, where heavier y1elds of tobacco ale made than m any portiOn of the world To apprec1ate fully tne value of Imports ofthese lughly l.------A--R-A_R_E __ C_H_A_N_C_E_! ____ mterestmg resources, each analys1s mu s t be care fully T o BE L ET-CHEAPo r For Sale price only JS50 oo year, at LOCUST and studied then e m st CO t) GROVE NEWTOWN Longhland a.FLNECOUNTRYBEAT oollliltinc In the neighborhood of Mtlton the tobacco crop IS lookmg well and growmg rapidly and from present ap pearances the crop wt!l be much larger and of better quality than people antiCipated, wh1ch IS owmg to the favorable weather of the past few weeks .....,.. w U mpare Jean or,. NEW HOUSE of 8 roome, ,.,u. halfa.n acre or Garden alys1s of the soil wtth that of tobacco grown upon It, Grape Arbur, Stable, Out-hou.eo, ete mtuated between 3 d'J>Ot. on tbe and then examme the essential elements the dlffier Flush1ng Ra1Lroad, and only 5 m11U1teo from each :12 tralu da.ill: 16 v mmutes to N ew York C11y Inqwre at the ..-Of tma paper 3 7 ent tobaccos and ascertam the effect produced by dt vers1ty of sOil and cultivatiOn See analysis Tne dry weather we expentnced dunng the whole of the plantmg season made the large maJonty of the planting too late m the season for the plants to acqUJre the size wh1ch they would have done 1f they had all been m the fields by the mtddle of June. Three fourths or more of those who expect a large crop from plants planted m July w i ll, m our JUdgment, be d1sappomted The first wh1ch IS apJmrent from thts mvesugatwn Is, that tobacco LS a great exhauster of the mmeral salts or alkalies of the so1l 2 That havmg a strong top root, It has the faculty of drawmg these mgredtents from cons1derable depths m the soli, wlth the a1d of capillary attractiOn and hence land worn out b) the cultlVatwn of tobacco IS ex hausted much beyond the usual depth of t1lth, and can not be easily reclaimed 3 1 he nature of ,the SOil and character of manure VIRGINIA r ,A.RJ!IIERS IN COUNCIL. used, not only affects the amount of tobacco produced, but also 1ts quahty and the relauve proportiOn of 1ts A Convention at Petersbnri(-Wbat the Far essential elements mers I{ now about Tobacco nnd Its Cultivation, 4 Through a senes of expen 1 ental tnals, conduc Addre .. ses by 191a,jors Rqland aad Gaines-Inted by a competent agncultural c'Iern1st, great 1mprove teresung Facts and Statistics. ments could be made m the culuvatton of tobacco, by At the Farmers' Convention recently m sessiOn at Pe whtch the yte l d would be greatly mcreased and the tersburg, Va, MaJOr R L Ragland made the followmg quality 1mproved remarks Now let us cons1der these propositiOns m detail MaJOr R satd he appeared m rather an unaccustomed xst 1 hat tobacco exhausts the sOil of Lts alkah We sphere, havmg aimed at rather bemg a successful worker find that roo of green tobacco, when dned or than a fluent speaker He had not attamed su<;;h em1 cured, as It IS generally termed, wetghs 12 pounds-m nence m the' culbvation of tobacco as enabled him to other words the plant con tams 88 per cent of water speak with authonty on that subJect, and he remttted 1 t charged wtth sohd matter When the leaves of the sev to the consideratiOn of the club and press There were era! tobaccos ex penmen ted on by Dr Jackson were other pomts m connectiOn with tobacco to whtch he pro reduced to ashes the per cent of ashes was found to posed to dtrect attention The crop was one of great vary from tb 20 per cent Suppose we take I67'3 and growmg Importance and value To the farm as an average Then, If I am m my calculation ers of Vugm1 a and North Carohna 1 t was mdtpen that Io,ooo,ooo,ooo of tobacco have been ex sable as a money crop Its cultiva-tion, once confined ported f1 om Vugm1a durmg the past two hundred and to a few States, now spread f1om New Hampshire-to fifty years, the amount af nuneral salts etc, are dts Flonda and from ocean to ocean It 11 grown, accord-pensable elements of feruhtv, whtch have packed mg to Government statiStics It IS an article of commerce m hogsheads, tlerces and boxes, and transported beyond n twenty one States and m nearly all for home con the hm1ts of the State, to 1 ,6f 6,666,666 pounds sumption From the returns of r87o 1t appeared that Of tlus, hme compnses about }( or 416,666,666, pot the number of pounds gro\\ n m the Umted States was ash, I 5 or 333,333,333, phosphonc ac1d,_I2 or 139, 25o,628,ooo number of acres employed, 330,668, aggre 722,2zz, soda, I 16 gate value, average yteld pet acre, 1s 7 It LS surpnsmg that whole dtstncts of the State have pounds at $ro o6 per pound, average value per acre been exhausted of every element of her fertlhty and $8o 88 Yet there VIele one hundred nulhon acres m abandoned If these valuable alkalies and salts could field cultivation that year, but the figures showed that be brought back and spread agam over the surface of tobacco y1elded the largest returns per acre of all the the country, Lt would make every foot of land m Vugmta crops, although 1t employed the least number of acres more fertile than the valley of the Ntle The speaker then read the statiStiCS from the pnnctpal * * * tobacco growmg States, from wh1ch It appeared that m Ltterally nothmg has been done to restore to the sOil 1 87o VITgmJa ratsed 4s,76r,ooo pounds, valued at $J,the vast amount of essential elements 6f fertility drawn 195,553 and North Carolma raised 3o ooo,ooo pounds, from It valued at S4,23o ooo The acreage was 59, 'rhe speaker ctted vanous expenments from Profes 216, and that of North Carolma, SI,I94 acres In sors L1eb1g andlJackson, and facts from Patent Office Massachusetts, the acreage was 4,658-the productiOn, and Department of Agncultural Reports, showmg the 6,289,ooo, and the value of the crop $1,509,36o-()r $z4 essential elements of the plant and 1ts tendency to ex per pound The average value per pound m Connect!; haust the land He then contrasted Its growth m VJr cut was $22 SP In Vrg1ma but $7 03 This proved gmta, where unusual advantages of chmate ex1st, w1th the efficacy and necess1ty of heavy manunng and that of Connecticut and Maryland, and traced the ad thorough culture In those States they put on say twen vantages of the latter over the former to the arttfic1al ty to twenty five loads of manure per acre and from zoo Improvement of the soil by h1gh manuung and thor to 300 pounds of guano He adv1sed a stm!lar manage ough cultivation He Cited further, as an mstance m ment, and the plantmg ofless surface North Carolma support of th1s pes1t1on that upon the v1rgm soil ofStaun had the lowest average productiOn, but her average ton R1ver bottom, nme thousand pounds of tobacco had pnce per pound nearly doubled Vugima's bl)en realized from etghteen thousand plants or hillsThe figures showed that m I87o, 169,878,7o8 an average of two thousand pounds per acre-without of our tobacco were exported to Bremen, England, Italy, any manure. France, Holland,. Spam, G1braltar, Canada and The honest convtctLons of bts heart was opposed to Austna, Bremen exportmgmost 41,977,412 pounds The the culttvauon of tobacco He beheved that 1t had total exportatiOn IS probably 17 s,ooo,ooo for home con been the bane of V1rgm1a agriculture It had destroyed sumpuon But for the unJuSt and oppressive burthens our magmficent forests, la1d waste our frmtful fields, 1mpo ed by the Government, the cultivation of tobacco and to day bmds us m slavery more gallmg than Egyp woul be more profitable than any other crop Under han bondage He deprecated the soft and mebnatmg an honest government, there would be no need of th1s mfiuence upon the human bram, and declared that It extorbonate tax of 20 cents per pound, and the mean had.been the means ofparalyzmg qur energies, v1tlatmg set who now collect It would be dtsmtssed Let us per tastes and demorahzmg society The necessttles of Sistently protest agamst th1s tax Mr Ragland also pro VtrgtJ I brought about parbcularly by the late war, tested agamst withholdmg frpm the freedmen e1ght forces her to engage m Its culture It IS therefore 1m pounds from the wetgbt of long package, a provision portant to understand the best mode He recomended wh1ch he found m the code of 1849 I Out ofthe 73,761, the followmg system ooo pounds of tobacco grown m Vugm1a and North Car I That the land be thoroughly broken m the fall olma, about 8,ooo,ooo pounds were so withheld for sam-or early wmter, w1th a twQ horse plow, followed by a pie, worth f,roo,ooo This unJUSt law ought to be repeal subsoller, stirnng the subsoil, but not mvertmg 1t to a ed man age of reform and producers should ms1st on depth of ten mches Th1s operation must be repeated the removal of all restncuons Protest was also made to m February the rules of the Boards of Trade made without sanctiOn 2 In Apnl apply the domestic manures, whtch of producers-espectally that wh 1ch made must, after all, be the mam rehance of the plants, mcor hable for makmg good the1r sealed samples Umty of porate It thoroughly w1th thesml gtvmg t1me for It to purpose 1s mvdked to maugurate a new movement m the become to a consderable extent absorbed and dtgested mterests of peace, progress and prospenty m the sml On the day followmg MaJor R V Games, of South 3 When the bme for plantmg arnves, say m1ddle thampton County, spoke as follows oft the same general of May, lay off wtth the shovel for three feet s1x mches subJeCt and put m the dnll from 6oo to t ooo best artifiCial fer MaJor Games opened hts address by an exhaustlve tthzer to be found m the market, g1vmg preference al research mto the htstory of' tobacco, the nnpedtments m ways to that wh1ch contamsl the argest per cent of amoma the way of Lts extensive cultivatiOn, and finally I ts com and phosphonc ac1d Check acrass the beds runmng vlete trmmph making Itself m VITgima, or the P1edmont at an angle of SIXt)' degrees, gtvmg 2 feet 6 mches be at le ast, an absolute kmg He quoted e,!aborately from tween the fmrows on a perpendicular !me Plant With statistiCS furntshed by patent office report and other strong plants m good time and 1f the after culti v atiOn authont1es of the cultlvallon of and traffic m th1s 1m 1s thorough and the season good a yteld fully equal to portant articles of trade that of the Connecticut valley may be anllcipated He s\lys that no greater mistake could be made than To render more certam the success of t h is system, I to supp<>se that tobacco unproved land This error would recommend the selection of such lands only as grew cut of the fact that all crops grew better after to-are particularly adapted to the growth of tobacco, e1ther bacco than after any other 'hop The explanation of the alluvial parts of our nver bottoms or the flat lands thiS ISm the fact that a htgher manunng and more bordenng the creeks and branches whtch at all ttmes, thorough cultiVation are necessary to produce a crop of afford a sufficient amount of mm sture for the healthy tobacco, and hence the land IS Improved, through the developement of the plant tobacco per se exhausts the land Accordmg to the ___ ...,. ___ classtficauon of Baron Ltebtg clover, peas, luceme, etc, ToBAcco AND CIGARS IN THE ZOLLVEREINThere Improved the sOLI Fallow turmps, cabbage, beets, was a very mcrease m the Imports of to sllmmer and wmter Barley, rye and oats, are cons1d bacco and Cl{ ars of every descnptton mto the German ered to belong to the class whtch merely tmpovenshed Zollverem last year as compared w1th 1870 From the the soil, while tobacco, wheat, fiax, late turmps, hops, offitcJal returns of the two years w e find that the quan hemp, etc, are supposed to enllrely exhaust It 'l he tlty of raw tobacco m leaf and stems 1m ported m 1 871 first class are termed fallow crops, because they e1ther was 856,234 centners agamst 627,167 dttto m x87o, the extract a very small poruon of the valuable a lkalies duty bemg four thalers per m add1Uon to which and phosphates from the soil or return to 1t a larger 13,384 centners were received last year from the new amount of fertilizmg matter than IS taken a way 1. o German provmce of Alsace Lorrame at the reduced A. D. CHOCKLEY, SUOOIBS O R TO A. D. CHOCKLEY & CO., Commtsst on Merchant, AND DEALER lN TOBACCO, No 168 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK Always on hand a fUll assortment of V1rgm a and Western Wrappen a.n4 Smo..,... particularly Bnght and Brlgbt lfotUed, owted to the trade Also Leaf Tobaooos ofall 11/l11dea Liberal advances made on COll81.JUDli!Dta to our house, or to our fl'lenda m EnsJaud, throqb ua A. D. OHOCKLEY, SUOOESSOR TO CHOCKLEY' & ANDERSON, Commission Merchant, RICHMOND, VA COII8lgmnenl8 of Lear Tobaeoo, Gra1n and other Produce oollc1ted on whklt liberal cub advanoeo will be maae Will exeoul lace of manufacture of tobacco 10 w E' cry per:son whose busmcss 1t 1s t o manufacture tobacco or -snufl for h m::;elf or who shall employ others to manufacture tobacco or snuff whether such manufacture shall be by cuttmg press mg, gnndmg crushmg, or rubbmgof any raw or leaf tobacco or prcpanng raw or leaf t obacco or nanufactured or arttally man ufactured t o bacco or snuff, o r the putl ng up for use or consumpb'"'n of scraps waste, chppmgs stems or ts of tobacco resultmg from an} process of handhng tobacco shall be regarded as a manufactur e r of to bacco lfanufacturers of c1gars to oc Evct) person whose busmess tt ts to make or manufacture ctgars for hunself o r who shall employ others to make or manufacture cigars, shall be regarded as a manufacture r of c1gan Every person w hose Q busmess tt make c1gars for others, etther for pay, upon commts s on on s ba res o r otherwtse fronl matenal furmshed by others shall be regarded as a ctgar maker Every ctgar uuker shall cause..hut. name and restdence to be regtstered, w1thout prevtous d emand w1tla the Assistant Assessor o f the'dn'l!li10D 10 whtch such c tgar maker shall be employed and any m anufacturer of c1gars employmg any c1ga.r maker "ho shall have neglected o r refused to make s uch regtstry shall on convtction be fined :6.\e dolfa r s for eac h day that suc h c1gv m aker so offend ng by neglect or refusal to regtster, shall be em ployed by h1m P eddlers of tobacco when tra,ehngwithunore thao two horses mules o r other antmals (firs t class) $0 ca When tr.n ehng wtth two horses mules or other ammals (second clat:is) JS oa When travelm g wtlh one horse mule or other am mal (th1rd class ) t 5 OCI When tra.vehng on foot or by pubhc conveyance (fourth class) 10 oc Any person who sells or offers to sell and d ehver, maoufactured to-ba,;:co snuff or cigars travehng from place to place, tn the town o r e through the country shall be regarded a s a peddler of tobacco On all cbewrng and smoking tobacco, fine-cut, caveadtsb plug or tvotst cut, or granulated of every descnption 1 on tobacco twts ted by ha n d or r educed mto a condttion to be consumed or 10 any man ner other t tan the ordmary mode of drymg cunug, prepared for sale or consumption e ven 1f prepared wtthout the use of any mach me ot" mstrument, and \vtthout bemg presse d or sweetened and on all fine cut shorts and refuse s c raps, clippmgs cuttings and sweepmgs of t obacco per pound JQ Stamps for tobacco scuff and for tmmedtate e xport eac h q TARIFF -Foretgn Tobacco duty 3SC per pound, gold Foretgn C tga.t:s $-1: so per pound and 25 per cent ad tmlorem lmported ctgars also bear an Internal Revenue ta:c: of $:;, per M to be patd by stamps a t the Custem House (Revenue Act 93) Tlie 1mport duty on manufactured tobacco ts socper Jb Lel stemmed JSC per Ib In addttion to this duty the J<.e vcnue tax oa. .-r-,. the same k nd of tobacco made m tht.S country must be pa.ld Tho to)-".Acc o must also be packed accordtng to the r-egula-ons sovern......c' tobacco 11)3de here. t'\


/ New York Conunission Merchants. e Virginia Tobacco Agency EsTABJ:;I8HED IN 1836, BY CHARLES :M. CONNOLLY. CONNOLLY &. CO., Commission r 'I \ IN EAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 'rODACCO LEAF. =;= ,IDOHAN, CARROLL, &--CO., j TOBACCO < SPEN()E BROTIIERS & -Co. MANUFAOI'URERS OF THE CELEBRATED An J>UJ.BBII Ilf AT GREATLY :R.EnuoEn PRicEs. ... ;ll l L@Olt G. C. :w C HOEFERS R.. 00 0 t 1 MANUFACTURED CXI ., Thomas &. Pilkinton, J. L. Jones &. Co., IMt'ORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF .,.. A r T Q B A C C O c. P. word & sons. A ALSO, I I'" ( water street, KEW YOB:B.. David 'Baker, Jr., Diamond Colden J. P. Williamson, Smoking. "DONALDSON ... BROTHERS," R H. w;l_ kertson, cut SS, 58 c1L 80 PABK STB.Illl'l' KI:W YOIUI., Bowles & Ellett, On Liberal team Lithograp.hic Printers,t s. w. shelton,. :IDIU.CCO LABELS, Plain and in Colors, at the Lowest Market RatE's. Estimates Furnished. CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS. A. & F.) B B 0 'IVN, a MANUFACTURERS OF Ci[ar Cutters & all other Machinery for Mannfactnrin[ Ci[ars; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. E. ROSENWALD&BRO., Importers of' A}.'D l PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO. C.:iya,. BibbonB n.1and. f 5 ater treet, J 't<)J I I 122 w A.TEB BTBBBT, 29 Beavor St.;, Ne-w "ri, ork,. N y k c aw or i .. lllf'PO/?TE.l( OF CIG:A;RS, } SOLE AGENT FOR Packer&. Dealer In .. ) l ''BOQUET DE "JOCKEY CLUB" and PHIL. "SIOOUD"AN." Leaf Tobacco ,Sole mporter o:f '"KNI:CKEHBOCK;ER CL V:Q" / NEW V ;RK. "STRAITON & STORM CIGAR-WRAPPER BOOKING-MACHINE. PATENTED. SPENCER co .. For Sa.le by the 'National Cigar-Machine Com'Fa.ny. COMMISSION DRCHANTS, 59 & 61 Maiden Lane, New York. Dealers in ,_;..;...._ _______ .:....._ ____ ___. Leaf Tobacco -' STRAITON & STORM,. CHAS E. HUNT, lfi.Nl!FACTURER80F HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, 57, 59 & 61 Lewis St., bet. Delancy & Rivington, NE'W' YORK. 8 No. 75 Maiden Lane, T H .' SP &'IC ER. C. C. SPENCER.' A. SPENCER. :t..;:;ti::7;m, F w .. THOMAS KINIICUTT, : w TATGENHORST eo., Kentucky and Yubaccu & GancrarGammission Merchants, Leaf Tobacco 68 Broad Street:, ..... o NEW YORK. CUTHRIE &. CO., 1J!J$ FRONT Ko. Broad Street, NEW YORK!. M. H. Ol' im!MISSION MERCHANTS, TOBACCO AND SEGARS .A.ND 'l'O:SAcco ;pa;css:i:as, wil preooed in hls f n r the Weot Indleo -.coi'J, and Central Amertcan and other 'fOB_{COO PACnD IN IIOGSIIRADS. AND Dl.u.KB nr A.LL JtnnM o LEAF TOBACC01 1G2 Pearl st., near Wall st., & NEW TORI\.. S E S (no"' T. OUTnmJ. Ken1ucky & Virginia a r .lOUPll A. VJ:GA 6 DQ. AND A N D c I G A R S, ) IN TOBACCO; Brands Clay. LEAF TOB.&CJ:O, No. 191 PEARL STREET, New York. A g'tfor 'TELECRAPH' Brand. 99 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. Bava.Da Tobacoo ._D ? .ronN' sT&;I.Imx. sTo.,u. 167 Water St., N.Y. WICK:J:. I WILLIAM WJCJCE. GEO. WICKE & BR0.7 MANUFACTURERS OF Segar ., Boxes, 16'7, 169 & 161 GOERCK ST, NJ;W YORK Best Makrial and SuperiJr Make lrp Self-Inventd and Patented Machinery. e yoK. n J GARTH, soN& co., ADO!sJ>IITR-oHN ., ---------:--'""1', -ISuc::e .. or to c .... nLES B PI.LusoTJIDI' & co,; ., 1 Charles T'. Bauer & Co., Oommiss.ion Merchants, .. !ncllaatl, Commission No. 129 PEARL STREET, D O M E S T I 0 And J:mportera of wsw YORK. :FoB.EIG':N .... i'O'B.&.oc", H lavana T obaccp & Segarss lleary l!hrikl er.J -t '11 l711 .aorr aT .. lll.Y. No: 40 BEAVER ST 1 e Jt.fl.r l:CI.fl4 CII.XE, I' \. I


. AUG. 28 THE TOBAVVO LEA. F JICDB RERIILL, GJGAR SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD. ALS DEALER IN BDICJiUI &. Monr01" St., NEW YORK: WOiJ.iH'AOK, Manufacturers of CIGA,RS,. No. 8 Bower.y, NEW YORK. WM:. AGNEW & SONS, Tobacco and Commission Merchants. gl!l4. and 286 Front Street. NEWYOBK. .. PALMER & ilBPORTERS ()p SPARIIB, AND JO!JBE.RS OF ALL KINDS vr LEAF TOBACCO,. No. 170 Water Street, New'Ymk. DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCO, 213 'PEARL STREET, ltTB'W FORB. HERMANN BATJER & BRO., CO:IIMISSION AND OF CLAY. PIPES, NEW-YORL & CROSBY, IMPORTERS GF SAN DOMINGO TOBACCO, 95 WALL,.,..STBEET A.. Lar&"e Assort:rneut Al-w-ays on Hand. Leaf Tobacco for Export anCHome lfae., Leaf To o'aeco bar'ed in any package by \ic press for export. T _OBACCO,. 1-1a Wat1 r eet, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. S. ROSSIN, Dealer in .HAVANA AND DOMESTIC T 1!!73 .Water Street. New York City. Chas. T. Seymour IMPORTER 'OF IIA'fAN.l And Dealer in Chef ll@ 189 Pearl 11t1eet, NewYork M. W. MENDEL & BRo-:-,..., Segars & Leaf Tobacco, 190 J:IEARL New York. Leat '.l,obacco. Old Connecticut Old State Seed 1rappers, The Finut Havana Wrappers and Fillers. H. COJ-ELL, 172 Water Street, Ktnr York. WEISS, & IrAEPPEL, IJDporien :El.AVA-N.A.. ... ADd Dealen ill Dotau e LEAP TOBACCO, 229 Pearl street, N:EW YORK. Manufacturers of And Dealers '43 Maiden Fine .in Pipes, Lane, ltT. r. FOX, DILLS & .CO., SU"CCE8SOR8 TO EGGERT, DYLL!I AifD OOHPA.NY OF SRANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCos: 175 WATER-STREET, NF{w Yo,!I.K. ....... UFIANN BROS., & 'BONDY, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE !CIGARS, 51 MAmi:K J.Al'VI:, l'Vew York. J D. W AHN J:i;H, CUSTOM AND INTERNAL 'REVENUE BROKER, -No. 81 BEAVER STREET, Wtll a ttend to t.he Custom House Work o n Export cf in Bond. .::: :r= Also, to Drawback o.n Exp orts of Tax Paid Merch a ndise. Having bel!n engaged in attendi ng to ex ports of merchandise (in bond and taX p;id) under Internal Revenue Law s, as a specialty for more than ten years, he has acquired an experience which is the best guarantee for rdiablc, prompt, a.nd thorough attention to exports of Tobacco and Spirit1 under the New Internal Revenue Law. He thinks that he will attend to the business so well in delays and mishaps, that the goods will command the highet market P.ric"'thereby '!>Ore .-t)lan saVmg to .tbe Ma'nuficturer or eater any necess a ry charge. .. ll ; 218 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. 15t Old S1ip .. Jlew York. OR. :t.J. n f J, J Al'D D:BALXR IN FELIX MIRANDA, r x. lil o o IMPORTER OF [ f T b -.. a& vi., LEAr roa1cco ea o ace o 'PTVlilOOI UD nmg o'P CIGARS OE THE .BRAND O.F I -.l'llll!llH CICARS "RITICA," ... Wu e1' St,eet, 329 BOWERY, N.Y. .195 Pearl St, New York. NEW YORK. .aas. Henry, Jr.', 9 inch, ljght preaed u har:d ,.. 12 inc Pur8 Virginia, Eureka, 1 G Oli Choice .. Old Kentuck. --u King Bee, 12 inch lbs. ., Pride o( the Nation, 12 Inch Reward of Industry, 12 inch lbs D C. Maye's Navy, lbs., t lbe., and lO'a Conesto}'a, 5's. 'I( SMOKINC, Billy Buck. Virginia Belle Star. Grand Duchess I' Virginia's (Jboloe, Rose. ""' Olive. Gold Bug, PERIQUE. All styles of ManuftUJtured and Smoldnt Tobacco put up unjl BRAND." B. 'W. ElUC:S:S, OF CIGAR BOXES,AND OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, DEALER ]_.of CiRar.Monld Presses, Straps Citters, ga3 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. S ,CHMITT A STEINECKE, Importers of and Dealers in No.6 Fletcher St., ] SCHMITT. CH4RTER' S COMMON-SEIISE CIGAR MOULDS, Patt:nlw April J x87 These moulds are used by some o f the largest facturers in the Uiii.ted States, and a cknowledged the best in use. The above cut represents the machine; A is half of a moul d or retainer,."'Whicb is "J)laced on the machine i B1is a Funnel Cigar Shapt!, which is...-drawn down ovel" the-retainer; the filler or bunch is placed in the top of the funne l and pressed through with the or follown. C, t bls""" r trlitffhedlate"ty-rat!ed. wh1ch leaves the bunch or filler in the retalne'l, as shown i n the above Clolt, thereby avoiding any extra handling of the filter which has been found the greatest oLjection to all other moulding mac hine$ no in PRICE, ONE SET, $25. A liberal discount on all orders for two or more set JOliN C1UJl.TElt, Sterling, D.lincis, PROPRJK'TOR AND MANU'FACTURBR. ----' JULIAN ALLEN SeedLeaf and TOl3AOOO 172 WATER -STREET, <, --_.. .. -. ..... E. & CO., A. STEIN & co.; DULDUJ 11< Commission Merchants, HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. ANDDEALlUlSINALLPESCWPTIONSOP -No. 5 8URLINC SLIP, LEAF. TOBACCO: NE,4R WATER-STREET, 197 .Duane-street, NE'W-YORK, A. BTEI>f, t W,. & .....iwar, ALKX. IIJ.UO&JUUI. .... K BPnvWQ .ll rlflo ._.) ( I fT SA. WYE&, WALLACE & 00., lJm.loa .. Cigar manufacturen particUlarly favored. FATMAN &:. CO., Cotton and Toba.oco Factors, AND COMMISSION lllFRc'HANTS ft A: 'a BROAD STREET, Ew Y"". NEW YORK. ,, 138 'WATER STll, NEW' YORK, .. P.o. BOX490I. VIRCiftUA Tlte ctltenticn <>.tdiw J<>illi11g TfootU f# so!toihd flnes can pt on tho wrappers aRd finish the same number per day. The work, is equal to hand made. The labor Ia light, requiring no power other than the foot and qand motion. The machine can be regulated to make cigars of any size. State Rights For Sale. I -J, ,VBTTSTJM'1 '"'} .. .. T HEw!u.x.uc, Pate.-....{ For information address me, or call at my establishment, No. 195 Lexington Street_ Baltimore, Md. JOHN. T. HENNAMAN. DL_. nfALLIIND8 0. -AND LEAF TOBAccr L. OARV AJAL'S CIGARS, 167 Water Street, New Ye.::lt. 179 PEllU B'I'R.EE':', ..._ .l'6w GJUI Ootl

I TD E 'l'OB A.V C 0 Philadelphia Advertisements. Baltimore Advertisem.ea.t.. WM. A BOYD, & CO., '\ iltOLK8ALK HALKR8 IN \ M.ANUF ACT'tm.ElJ AND LEAF ToBAcco, CIGARS, &c., 1 33 SOO'I"B STREET, -WM.A.. BOYD. B It" .... d w ... BQYO, J... a a more, ... THO&. W CROMER.. ; Stebaall", Smith B.a. a Jfnaoht, .. ...... AU. an. a. EaEA.P"' TOEI.A.f;'OO, .. _..,_,.,._ ., ... DHWre .. m,-.. '885 RACI! 8TRI!I!T. \ SopTHERN AND WEtTERN ADYERTISEMENTI. : M.ALLAY. JAllESllALLAY. Besuden & Bro.,. R.MALLAY A BRO Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, I 16 and 1 17 West Front St., 1 1. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, AUG. 28 Hartford A.dvertisem.en'tll. CASIIIUS WBI.LD. L. B. llAABo C. WELLES A CO., D ... LZU I1f CONN. SEED LEAF 154 State Street, HABTJPOBD, ()OI'fK, J.D. BURNHAM & CO., llunollc:uu-en and .Jobbe111ln o MARKS, RALPH & CO., H. WILKEl\TS, a CO., MonUJnental City Tobaooo Work-. lo. tat WEST PRAn STREIT, B.lLTI.ORI, D .. Between Race and E lm \ OINOINNATL 0. Tobacco, Snuff & Cigars, ADd Wboleoale Dell ... In Kanufa""'-a and Wboleoale De&leu In TOBACCO SNUFF, CIGARS, and SltiOKERS' .ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SNUFF, .... 115 Arch St., Philadelphia. ft TELLER BROS., Packers, Commission Merchants, and Whole3ale Dealers in Po:rei&n and DoD1astic Lea Tobacco,. 117 North Third Street,.Philadelphia. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEAI.EBB IN LEAF TOBA.OOO, .. And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, lVo. a l\T. Water St.., P:talladelpbla,Pa. wooDWARD, GARR.ETT a oo.,. SUCCESSOkS TO WOODWARD, BRO. & CO., TOBACCO & GENERAL COKKISSION MERCHANTS, 88 .No. St., .Phaadelpkia.. THEODORE H. WOODWARD, ALBIN GARRETT, W LLIAM HEMPHILL, .,.., ...... ., S:moJdnB aDd Chawlq Tobaoooa, M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. W. J. HAWKINS. C. M. HAWKINS. H4 'W'K.INS & co., TOBACCO CODISSION MERCHANTS3 West Lombard Street, Baltimore COIISIGJIIIIENTS SOLICITED AJW LIBERAL ADVANCES IIIADE. FRED'K FRED'K KLIER G. GIESKE. ED. NIEHANN. L:f!r:-b::':o AMD COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 88 South Oharles St., near Pratt Baltimore, Md. 'GUSTAV GUTH,. MANUFACTURER OF C I a ARS, 63 CERMAN STREET, B.A.LTIHOR.E, liD. W. FELGNER, .... ._ ............ 1'. B. Deutscher Rauchtabak,' liD RIO CIOICI IUIIDit TOBACCO FACTORS And Commission Merchants, 78 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. 8. ROSENFELD A CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN SOLE AGENTS FOR G. B. LICHTENBERG'S D e troit ".Morning Glory,n and Spmce Brothe rs, Cincinnati Fine-Cut, 53 EXCHANGE Pll CE, Bll TIIIORE, liD. P. L. BB.A.uNS & co., 37 South Cay Street, BA.LTilUOilE .tiD. BATCBILOR BROTHERS, Manufacturers of Cigars, orn cxAr;u .._ ua.T.. Commission Merchants. TOBACCO LOUIS STRASSER, MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, AND DEALER IN Lea.f, Plug,]Smoking Tobacco, Smatcrs' Articles, and Imv. Havana Ci[arS SOUTHWEST COR. 5TH & WILIUT STS. CINCINNATI, Ohlo. MORRIS & REID, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, QJJI, No. 4 COLLEGE BUILDING, Ohio, HENRY COMMISSION MERCHANT, ADd 'Wbolcsale Dealer in OHIO & CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, 46 Front St., 0. KROHN, FEISS & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF I 53 West F'ourth Street, CI CINNATI, OHIO. WElL, KAHN &. CO., MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Ciaars,.: And Wholesale Deal ers in LEAF TOBACCO, 134 Main St., Cinclnnati, Q. u N. LANGHORNE WHOLESALE DEPOT 330 North ard St., Branches at 1187 North Tllird Strept, 21 Second St., Fred Et:gelba?:h, agent, 21 6 .'h ave.,N. J B. F. PARLETT & co., G. H. BOLENIUS I, co. ------- ............... .. __ :,_ DEALERS,IN (-. SMOKING TOBACCO, MA.UPAOTUaaD -and 83'1' Chestnut Slreet. w E Is EN H R & c o. CIIJIOOI810I !IBIIII= ro iws 0!' wo. PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN 1 92 Lombard and I Water St., liBAr TOBACCO, --.. I I& SOUTH WATER PH1LADELPHIA. r/2 (! W. DSUiiiHR. S W CUR. PHILBONN. '(l;/. 'TZJCJ,_, ai, BIRALDO BAH ck 00., .MIICCO and Genara.l Com. Merchants, -..... .-. ............... .............. _, t; PHILADELPHIA. & a. EI:Jer& .oloa4e4 'Wareheue lfe. L ........... .......... JULIUS VET1'ERLEIN & co., (Succellf>ors to V.ETTERLEm & co., ) 1 TOBACCO OO:IDIISSION MERCEUNTS, J;JCD JIIPO'RTEilS tF 8PA.l08B TOI.lCCO, No. lll Arch St., Philadelphia. DOHAN & TAITT, 1 Commission 107 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. M. E. McDOWELL &. CO., TOBACCO AND &OWL MEim!m 39 NORTH WATER ST., Philadelphia. Pa. Agents for the sale of all kinds of Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos. Baltirr>ore .BECK .. HAYEN, lllporten Ud lloenl Collllllillltn 'eteblll, LED TOD.&CCQ, No. 60 SOTJTHGAY STBEET CIID-1'11.) UL TIMOR.a. liD. !/cls of Leaf Tobaeco constantly on hand. -J. COSTAS, mroxTKRoF rJ&os. Bare & Co., HAVANA and y ARA WHOL'rSAU DltALUB IN., Leaf' Tobaqco, D NUE And Manufa c turera of J14 s. ELAW.ARE AVE Philadelphia. 503 Korth Street, PHI LADE .PHI A A.. H. THEOBALD, ,..;;..... ___________ __... TOLEDO TOBACCO WORKS. EG-.AEC.&. BPANIBII ..... HALSTEAD & co., ltlf 'fob8Cf4 GheWial TobaCCO SllliT. 1\l':mu( a ctums and Dealers in MMr8Chaum and Brier 1 TOBACCO, SNUFF ill CIGARS I W. 'ftild ud Poplar ltl.1 nBadelplda. Ottawa Street, TOLEDO, 0. -ILADEI1E-H:I.A. :INSPECTIOM,EED LEAF TOBACCO. 1:. W. DICKI!JISON, IJ!SPECTO:& POR TBll: BATTIN & B -RO., --WHOLESALE DEALERS IN TOBACCO, CIGARS, SNUFF, &C., Office In Tobacco Exchange, Shockoe Slip, RICIDlOND, VA. 62 South Calvert st., Baltimore, Md. Fine-Out, Ohowing & Bmolduc '.Smoking&; Cbewlng Toba&cco, ----------- T baceo, Kllli k k &o., Kind8 of' mGHLANDER TOBACCO WORKS, .. ,.t ... 8 e 11'1'. :LO'GD, ST. LOuiS, MO. Bl!AR VIE_W OF TIIB illGIIL.L.'Wl!R TOBACCO WORn. L. L. .ARMIS'fEAD Proprietor, Lynchburg, Va. The foDowing higbl:r popular brands a,re Man ufacture d alllleoe Works and packed l.ti llle m oat approved ftylea, viz.: Oeelclental, HIKhla.ndea Cabana. Aablelgh., Deer 'l'ongue, Dick 'J'ater,. Re4 Rover, Reveaue Cutter, Not. :Cor Joe, beaidea S pecial Br..&lld. The unpreetdeJJten Merchants FIDBCUt, Pill[, & Smolin[ Tobaccos. J'O:R 'l'RB' f!ALB O'B I i MuuFACTURE:D AND LEAF TOBAcco No. 3:30 North Second St., St. Louis, Mo. AND IN CIGARS. 156 Michigan Ave., Chicago. WIGHT & STEVENS, Com.m.issioa Merchants, J .obbers of SPAN ISH nc1 Pac1cers of' Domestic Leaf' Tobacc 18!r Michigan 'Avenue Chicago. E. D. Christian & Co., CommiMloa Meuant8 :for the"'' W S KIMBALL & CO'S Plain Fine Cu DEALERS IN LEAF AND .MANYFACTURERS OF "VIRGINIA lfAF TOBACCO," JN FOIL BULK IIR I'A"'S, tOBACCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA OFFICE AT 142 NORTH THIRD STREET, .. Philadelphia. >ats for Wllti8 II; 00.'8 S.IOKJ!i(l ,-QB!COO. Balt.imort, If. 107 North w., ... 1111...--. PHILA.D.ELPHJA, PLUG ,TOBACCO, PETERSBURG3 Y .A. TOBACCO Richmond, Va. ..---. ,, tJ >.J s C' E p A ::-. :::-:. E D I n,':CI-Jb::C:T:"J=C N Y 13 &; 15.rHUI.D ST., L..U.ville, Ky. Boston A.dvertiseDlenta. FISHER & CO.,. Commission 23 Central Wharf, Boston. BOJU.C11 N. ,._ Joax M J'wma. C. O. HOLYOKE, COKKISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and MAN1JF AOTURED TOB.!OOO, 1.2 Central Wharf, Bosttm. Ferdinand Westhoff; Jr., AGENT AND Forwarding Kercha.nt, BREMEN, GERMANY. V. F. BUTLER, Tobacco & Cigar BroKer & Shipper, HABANA. :M nnfactur<>n oupplid with LPaf in large aod email quaoUtiee Will !.!Ike AG8"'CI H:S Jor everytblng con n ce d wltll Ill<-CIGAR TRADI!.. Will he lll&d to oct a t to procure CODt!lp -to Cor

.... AUG. TliE TOBACVO. LEAF. LOUISVILLE LEAF tOBACCO DULERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. HA. VAN A CIGA.B.E'ri'ES. in wheels which look like complicated As BliiODORE SCHWARTZ & CO ... ..... Cuttimg-m""u!aeturincleat. YJ(, Q. IIEIER & OO ............... Leaftob.Cco Ooamiaoion-la. .1 AllES C I.AR & .... ..................... Culti11g aad IIIAIIIIIIaoNrig le&f, WOLFOLK & GLI!:NN .................. Cutting and DUIIIUr.ctariDileal' I AM says a writer in the LondM Society, iJl the Louvre we move from one wheel to :in other we are invited to Not the French palace of that name, but a fashionable help ourselves to, and test, the different qualities, which cafe in the heart of Havana. The inter :or of the 'so me of us accordingly do in winetasting fashion; taking Cafe del Louvre is tastefully decorated; the walls are a couple of whiffs from each sample and flinging the concealed behind huge mirrors the floor is of marble rest in the dust. Further on we come to a small and countless t a bles crowded with Habaneros and department where the operatioq of sorting the labels for foreigners from all parts of Las Americas, are distribenveloping each packet of twenty-six cigarettes fakes uttd about the. saloon. At one end is a long mostradtJr' place. The labels are fresh from the printers; a workor count e r, where fancy chocolate, and man is standmg before a round movable table, and as tobacco in all its branches are sold. Here you have this revolves drops them into little boxes belonging to your pick of cigar or cigarette brands, from tlie gigantic their respective patterns. Each label is stamped with and costly Ram as cigar to the Tamano pequeno cigarette. the !Jonradez figure of Justice, either by But do not suppose that, because you are at the birtha charade, -a comic verse, a piece of dance music on a place of your choice Havanas, you will get those articles small scale, an illuminated coat of arms, or a monoat ll cost co mparatively next to nothing ,I, who from gram pattern for Berlin wool-work. Some are adorned infancy upwards have cherished this fiction, am lamentw i th ar' tistic designs of superior such as coloured :' to roll a after the approvec.l falhlOn ; the streni!h or mildness of the tobacco being in a great measure mfluenced by the way the grains are more or leSlt compressed. A smoker finds a tighti.J tw!sted ciga rette ,mc:re difficult to draw than a IGoaely one. The presidiario does not seem to object to hiS hard labor, bur do4btless prefers it to other ki.nds of perpetual rolling on a wheel. He employs DC) sttcky element to secure the edges of his ci.e;arette but tuc_ks the ends neatly in by means of a pointed thi:Oblc wh1ch he we3:rs on a forefinger Ponder well over this, ye Ha:rana ci,garette smokers! and when next you in dulge Ill a '!'hiff from your favorite luxury, remember that a psckpecket has had his hand on your picadura! LOUt8 FRANCKE .................... Leaftob.ocoCommiooion lo[...,haDL W. J. GI'to eautiOD Tobacco Mantlflota.rere a@aiDel ulling an7 of tla6 urportiDg to be orll!iJ>al Olld --bniDcla of lmpo!Wd Llqu-. bat 'Wblcb are ..t.alterated '&fbla lliand., rft>olled In tbl8 """'*7, oa4 In oome -oou--. ._ -1ft)' per.of 'l'o IDRre ob1a1n1ntJ Pare a ad Qeaa ... JC,.Ca l ZA, FLB BR JIF VB I1'GC oz 0 c the org a nic mal}ures o( the farm-yard. This brings us the examination of a report made to the U S Patent Office some ten or twelve years ago, by Dr. Charle s T. Jackst'n, an eminent chemist of Boston, in which he gave the analysis of a rich soil, and also of a poor one for tobacco, in Prince George's Co., Md., which he compared with the an alysis of soil from the Connecticut River alluvio11 ( produc ing then, frgm2,o oo to 2,5oo lb s per acre )-the result was, that Mary land soils were found to contain a much larger proportion of valua'Jle mag ne s ia than those of theCon necticut R:ver alluvion % and hence the large proportion of Magne sia in the, Mary land tobacco ; while the lime salts takes the place of t he magne sia in the Massachusetts tobacco" and the conclusion stated was, that while the Con n ecticut River tobacco soils needed the addition of a sul phate, either in he form of a sulphate of magnesia, or sulphate of potash, the Maryland soils needed more ore:anic matter in the form ofr soluble humus and am monia prodpcing manures." From the a l: a'ysis of to bacco t:hnts from Mary,_, ohoald aaa-a t1w1r 01'IIHtl fD tbe 1JIIdenlpe4 ill .... Yodr. W1ao .. IOie ill tile 1Jnited 111-. J d D J k I d ..._ tllia uae ,...,._ ... ...,.. brudo of Liq-will ...,, be ..._.. tor le ill Earope md 01111 lD dlo an r ac son cone u es UalledS-'bJ that it is quite important to JAMES C. McANDREW, I 24 Front St., N. Y. restore the tobacco stalks to .u 1 ,.......... an Uq;lorial-out, Imperfect qlllllt)' wlllllneeelft4 blciE _. for. the soil, since they carry Betem.. to tbe allcml -MIDftt we ba"e appo!Diecl ... S.UO:S oll'e,.Yoril: 0111' sclu ff t f t _Jb.t tbe Ulllit..t-.. for tba-or a11 u.e b_. o1 Llquonoe "-etlofore man--b 1 no. o 40 per cen o po .. ._ ROBERT JU.c; AJIDJUtW 4k c;o,, 11:-laad, per cent. of s1da, and CIGAR .. D. HIRSCH & CO., 85.'1' Bowen aa4 1'7. Wa&er l!ll&.o l'I'EW TOBIL I Bole I'roprleton of the tOllowiD&' 'bJ -"' Bralldo: JtBFIANCB, BL MBPHIBTO JI'ALSTAFF, roPITEB. mB LION, UNlVBRSAL BT.AMDABDI UULUVBR. CBSS LEGAL TICNDEll LONB STAR. QAIIII ROOST.Eiif 1 Hll PIILJ. C Al{, POWER 011' AJ,S3 DEALERS IN LEAF .TOBA.OOCJ. 1 FilE HAVIIII Wa&PPERS A Sl'tGIALTY. PEACE. n per cent of phosph:>r ic acid, all v:aluable ingredients. "If the soil need humus it will be best to rot the stalks, but if it contain an abundance of vegetable matter, they should be burned." In giving the constituents o f the stalk of the Md. tobacco of a much worn soil, it is stated that there is exhibited "a remar) proportion of lime, more than twice as much as that in the sta-lk from the most fertile soil, but there is a great falling off in the potash, and some in phos phoric acid and soda. Lime seems to have substituted for potash. In this case a liberal dressing with woo d ashes would be the. proper fertilizer In the analysis of the ash of. tobacco seeds, the phosphates and the potash are the most important ingredients as lhey are of most seeds AN ExPLICIT DIRECTlON.-A New Hampshire man (who lately visited Cincinnati and remembers localities better than names) a letter from Nashua addressed as follows:" To the retail to bacconist or dealer in cigars and tob acco on Vine Street, on same side of street as Hunt's hotel and dining saloon, and said dealer's store is only a few doors from the Hunt's Hotel as you go there from the Post Office, and is also nearly but not quite opposite Oskamp's, Cincinatti, Ohio." The carrier found the place r ably disappojnted when I discover what exorbitant landscapes, groups of figures or photograph s of eminent A NEw CIGAR FACTORY AT KEY WEST.-V{e find prices are demanded for the best branSkill. Piles the Key West. Cornet Band, presence Mr. Wolf, for a silve two.pence ut.those I invest in do not of loose cigarettes and gumme d labels are pefore him (who left nothmg undone whtch might tend to the plea satisfy me-they are damp, new, badly rolled, wont Into the former he digs !\is dexterous fingers, and he S!lre of tnose had the. afte:noon draw, and have all kinds 'of odd shapes. Some are knows by the feel alone whether he has the prescribed !he !he factory wrth fnendi, curved like Turkish scimetats, others are and fiat, twenty six within his grasp. By a peculiar shake he m d ulged the: r and afterwards marched as if they had been mangled 01'. sat upon, while a few humors the handful into its tubular form, and with an, ttie. town m processiOn headed by the Band. are undecided in form like horse-radish. The vendor other movement wraps it lightly in a paper cover, which In the evemng a social dance closed the gayeties of a assures me that all his cigars are born of tobaco he leaves ope n '\t one end and neatly tucks in at. the day whose pleasures Will soon be forgotten. The of" calidad superior,!: gro_wn ?n the low sandy other. _He so rapid in his work that we can scarcely whole: affatr was a most decid ed and will not soli of the famous Vuelta AbaJO d1stnct ; but I know follow htm w1th our eyes, .an d the whole performance so on ade the memory of our ct_tizens; and we what a very small area that tract of land comprises, and from beginning to ,en,!l looks to us like a conjuring trick most heartily Messrs. Setdenberg & Co ., [ will no more believe in the abundance1of its resources Our guide tells us how many thousand of packets p e r a ll them, not upon the prosthan I will in those of Champagne Oporto. In my day are in this way completed by these useful penty ?f enterm:le than' tmon tbe sue peregrinations, I gaze fondly into the in_te ior of the coolies. cess the hberal and who)e souled dedicatio11 wholesale cigar warehou se, but dare not enttrr anq de Arriba Another flight leads to the pica dura depart -oJ their butldmg was attenq ed. -. mand the price of half of one of tbose countless c_e.darment, where tobac co leaves are prepared for cigaretle 1 .T boxes, which I see piled up to the very ceiling in: walls making. The-aspect o n ail sides r e minds us of a ro:>m IMPORTANT CKANGES lN OuR PoSTAL LAws::......The :: : fifty box es thick. ,At last I founder on the Plaza de in a Manchester factory. We wade carefully through a very important laws passed at the end of the ses,;ion of Sta Isabel, a laid out with pretty maze of busy machinery. There are huge t:ont rivances Congress just expired are the subject of very frequent gardens and tropical :'He e is the grand )).otel for pressing tobacco into solid cakes hard as brickbats; inquiries from all sections. Aside from the Revenue where the special cor_respondent of {he Ne'lp Yo1k ingenious a paratus for chopping said cakes into vario1o1s act, affecting the eatire countrv, ailg the Omnibus ApHerald wields his mighty pen. I have s-evel'lfl acquaintsized grains of picadura or tobacco cuttings; Ito izontal propriation bill, affecting theoffice-holders the Postal nces in this square, and to some of these I apply for and vertical tramways for forwarding the fatter t'o their Code Is the most important. From a t:egula'riy attestetl ) inJormation on the subject of tobacco. My foreign compartments. Near us is a winnowing copy, we note the :. As an entirelr friends assure me you can not get a good cigar in chamber for separating particles of dust from the newlynew matter, the wstal card system IS the most acl at any as all the best are to cut picadura. We enter by a spring-door whi-ch closes vanced. It provides for an open note, without flap oc Europe'and tbe UQ.ited States; unless you prefer Gerafter us with a bang, and every body is i co erd>ri a single ._card, which card shall be forwardCII. man of which great quantities are imported into seized with a violent fit of sneezing Particles of escapfor one. cent to any part Gf th U aited States, where aHa The natives have quite a account ing tobaccl>-dust float in the air and tick1e our olfactories. post office exi!ts or shall hereafter be established. The to give They best cigars never leave We are actually staniling within a hul{e snuff-box I Post Office Department is to be responsible for the size the coulttry, but are easily obtailu:d if you know where After inhaling a wholesale pinch of this powder, which and appearance of the card, and, naturally enough deto seek them; and they refer me to the. warehouses. leaves us sneezing for the next quarter of an hour, we sires its at Government printing SG Everyone I consult graciously offers me a few clamber to the heights of the establishment, and F.nd as to av01d depletion of the post office appropriation. specimens of his own particular cigar-case ; and ourselves in the printing and paper-cutting departand has therefore requested the public printer to fumislt as in Cuba it is considered an offense to refuse a man's ments Here artists are engaged in preparing lithodes i gns, and text for new cards. 1The chief of the tobacco, I am soon in possession of a goodly stock, graphic stones and wood !:Mocks, with various picturesque Bureau of Printing and Engraving of the Treasury 'Dewhich I calculate will last me for the next eight-anddesigns for cigarette labels. Gilders are illuminating partment has asked permission and been allowed to forty hours at least. A singular etiquette is observed labels; and cutters are shaping paper into their ci&arette furnish shapes, designs and text of cards which will fona all over Cuba with respect to smoking, which a rvugh and label sizes. Further on are printing-offices were all a basis of contract in case the printing office specimens Britisher does not always appreciate An utter stranger t!ie letter-press and lithography required in the establish-sha!l not be adopted. Should the department decide ia is at liberty to stop you in the middle of the street to beg ment are accomplished. This is far from an insignifavor of engraving as against pr.inting, it is probable the favour of your candela or light from your cigar If ficant item i11 the manufactory, for besides the pictorial that competition between the yarious bank-note compayou are pol i te you will immediately hand him your and letter-press cover belongings there are the Honra. nie$ will result from bids and contract. Three hundred. weed, with the ashes carefully shaken off and the dez advertisements to print; circulars, pamphlets, toadditional money-order post-offices have been estab lighted end conveniently pointed In his direction. Par t gether with dedicatory dance music, and an occasional lished. Mstitution packages are added t() cigar, the stranger is bound to return your property, esting department, and, before we le1ve, the foreman the free list The money-order fee of ten cents for it, by a turn the with th e oflthe print'ing:office presents each lady of our twenty dollars or less is changed to ten cents for twenty mouth end towards you-an operation whtch reqmres party with a piece of Cuban dance mustc, upon the to ten dollars, and five cents for ten dollars or less. A. no little practice, as it is accompanied with a downward cover of which is printed a few words of dedication, acprovision is inserted for the benefi t of cities,. jerk to express deep obligation. If, after this, you are companied by the lady's own name in full._. Whilst wonwhich reads as follows : "That all domestic letters deinclined tGI abandon your cigar for a fresh one you may derin.,. at the magic by which this mark of attention posited in any post-office for mailing on which tlie post-not do so in the stranger's presence, but wait till he has has been quietly accomplished, we descend to the age is wholly unpaid or paid less than one full rate as dis';lppeared. There is a sort of smoking freemasonry ground-flbor, and are agai11 met by the courteous pro by law, letters free, and dulT too, between Cubians all over the world. A Cuban rec prietor, who -presents each gentleman visitor with a certified letters of sold1ers, and Sailors and marines in ognises a compatri\)t an J y by the manner in which newly mad of cigarettes upon which, lb and the service of the United States, shall be sent by th& he screws up his cigarette, holds it, and offers or accepts behold are our names. It is plea si ng to behold one's postmaster to the dead letter office in Washington; Pro-To sit and smoke : to be at rest ; to muse, And i the soft relapse from daily care, Wrapt in a gentl e reverie'; to .lose a light Advised by a friend who is a great .smoker, I name in print, and wlieh ifis witnes sed on an ordinary vided, that in large cities and adjacent districts of dense NEw ENGLISH ToBACco PATKNTS.-ProvisionarProgive up my cigar investigations and devote my atttntio Havana i rette packet the c tar is greatly augpopulation, having two or more post-offices within a distection for six months has bee granted for the follow .to the humbler cigarette With this object in view, I rammented. tance of three miles of each other, any letter mailed at All semblance of the harass'd thoughts that were To muse and build bright castles in the air," To contemplate the wreaths that upward curl, To weave their pliant forms in fancies fair, And i n the loss of life's distracting whirl, Fresh hopes qf life itself to thus unfurl. UNREST. ing : No. uz. Lieuten a nt R. J. F. Edgcumbe, of Stone amble the -narrow callu or streets of Sta. Ignacio Before taking leave of our civil host '!'e are one of such offices and addressed to a locality within. Hall, Plymouth, and Hon. J T. Fitzmaurice, of Po'rth Del Opispo, and De Cuba. At every twelfth house which I to comment pc;,ri what we have seen m the-VISito'rs' the delillery of another such office, which shall We pean St. Austell, Cornwall, "Cartridges for smoking in pass is a small shop where only the article I seek is bo&f, you may be sure that our been inadvertently prepaid at the drop or local letter tobacco pipes." Dated January 13, r872 .-No. 300. A sold In the first-mentioned calle is the deposito of the not unfavorable to the court.e.Qu propnetor and hiS m-rate of postage only, may be forwarded to its destina-f '-, to Peau." D e di, ated to Anti. M. Clark, of London, "An improvement in cigarettes." far fanied Cabanas cigarette ; in the second the Gallito exhibition. Susani & Son have published a tion through the proper office, charged with the amooat Dated January 3r, r87:t.-No. 1285 E Pace and J. H and Honradez stores. I visit the latter, which holds the thick pamphlet containing a list of names and remarks o f tlle deficient postage, to be 'collected on delivery." Howard, both of Bowcommon, "Improvement in rnahighest reputation, and take an inventory of the stock. of distinguished visitors to his establishment. It is a It was proposed through all stages up to the coni.eren chinery or apparatus for cutting splints." Dated April I am shown an endless of cigarettes at com paracurious work in its way, for the epigrammatic effusions committee that the postage to be collected sho.uJd be 29, 1872.-No. r3z3. H. R. and M. B i rd, tiv:ely insignificant prices; a packet of twenty-six of are varied, an;luSing, and composed in at least half a double the regular amount, but the conference. commitof 6, Southampton buildings, Holborn, "Improvements those mo s tly in vogue costing only a silver medio, or dozen Some of the author'S ha\'e chosen a tee refused to agree to it, and the. law stands as above in cigars, cheroots, and cigarettes and in the manufac twopence-halfpenny English. There are innumerable poetic style o( commentary, while otqets content quoted. This docs not affect the present law, whidl. turing apparatus employed." Da. ted May 3 ; z87z.sizes, from the smallest named Acacias, to the biggest, themselves with matter-of-fact prose A allows a letter with a three cent postag e stamp, no matfo tant and rave o'er others' trivial faults, And pander thus to selfish .veiiknessesUnheedful where such condemna tion halts That m oderation be .To reek with censure, but forgot to bless; Unfeeling act to those one sho uld be kind to, And thus the principle on all impress That, to compound for sins we are in clined to do," Is done by damning thos e we have no mind to Cope's Tobacco Plant -..--\ Y-."rlhcoming i.Auotion Sale. Cll& ----By John d.:J>raper & Co., II2 Pearl street, on Friday, Angust 30, at 11 o'clock, A. M ,within their store, 36 bales Tobacco, lot of cigars, etc No. 8oo. E. Laporte, chemist and C. D. Fontaine, mer-or Tamano Mayor, c alled Grandifloras. The floor of signature is here and. there' recognirable these ter 'Vhat may be due upon it, to be forwarded to its des chant, both of Brussels, "Improvements inJhe pre parathe shop is sanded with burnt cigarette ends, looking cosmopoFtan productions ... A famous Italian opera star tination. In such' cases the amount due upon it, to be. t)on of tobacco." Dated March 16, r&jz.-No. 9r3. J. like exhausted cartridges, and the pavement -wi tlj.out is has rhymed in her native lingo ; a popular aerocollected on delivery Mailab1e matte r' is divided 'ntG' C. Newburn, of London, "An mode of ap peppered with their fragments. Every mafl or respon bat, possibly one of a company of equestrians three classes Eir emb r acing all corri:S-' paratus for making cigarettes.'' D!lted March z6, r87z. sible child whom I pass has a little_, 9f smoking -has immortalized himself. in Parisian heroics. M pondence, wholly or partly in writing, except book. -No. uo3 R. Tiernag, of Liverpool, '' Arl paper between his lips, and glancing in at an open resPianat6wsky, the has something manuscripts and collected proof-sheets passing betweea manner..of treating tQbacco." Dated April13, 18p.taurant, I observe a group of feeders each of whom has incomprehensible in Russian or Arable, no matter authors and publishers. Mailable matter of the second. No. : 28z. A. ?rice, of London, Improvements a cigarette stuck beh'nd his ear like a pen. wh:ch; while Mein. HeJr an Trinkenfeld out class shall embrace all matter exclusively in print, and <:able to tobacco-pipes and cigar-t bes Datea April At last I pause before the imposing factory of Louis strong in dpuble Dr.tch Need 1 adJ that ttle immor:regularly issued at stated periods fr o m a known office z9, IJ77:T D Culp, of Gilroy, S anta Clara, Susid & S on, situated in a little Plaza in the Calla de tal Smith of L ndon i.s_in force in hook, .or of publication, without addition by. writing > mark, or California, U.S., An improveJ process for drying and Cuba. It is here that the best cigarettes, popularly that his Queen's English 1s worthy of his world-wide sign. Mailable matter of the third class shall embrace curing leaf tobacco raised from Havana seed, and to known as Honradez are manufactured The extertor of reputation ? ; all pamphlets occasional publications, transient newsb e used for the manufature of cigars, in order to impart the building, with its arBle columns reminding one of a We are in the act of quitting the Honracjez establishpapers, magazines, hand-bills, poste r s, unsealed circuto it the colour and flavoF of real Hly increao;e in relation to the improved con dition of affairs in .. Syria, we have little doubt; and we trust that when agricultural science is better studied in the Holy Land, Englishmen will have the opportunity of testing the value and importance of Syrian Tobacco products, will justify me." But thereis much to be seen within; and have we presided at a performance of Hamlet '!'1th exceeding tw.elv.e ounces in weight, sample cards, as a party of half a dozen ladies and gentlemen are that hero omitted; or are the component parts of c 1 garphonographic paper, letter envelopes, postal envelopes.. about to enter, I join them and unite with them in begett e s planted in the ground to out re.ady and wrappers, cards, plain and ornamental paper, phoging p e rm iss ion of the proprietor to the works like radishes ? I return and ask for mformatton on thiS tograph representations of different typesJ seedst Cllt-One of the firm soon appears, and after a polite greeting tings, bulbs, roots, scions and all otli.!!r rilllUers wbi:h subject. kindly appoints an assistant to show ).IS over the m nu "Perdonen vms, says our hospitable friend, "I had may be declared mailable by law, and all other articles factory. We are told that every thing in connection with forgotten to tell you that our are _by. th.e not above the weight by law, which a,re cigarette making,.. except the actual growing of the toWhat's a prestdiano? A pres1 diano LS from their form or nature, liable to destroy, or' bacco, takes place within these extensive premises, and a convict and convicts in Cuba are sentenced to eternal injure the contents of the mail bag, the are forewarned \hat a long afternoon is necessary to in lieu of oakumpicking. The Govperson of any one engaged in the postal AlL see every thing to our satisfaction. contract with the manufacturer for this purliquid poisons, glasS, explpsive materials, and obscj!q,e Before we begin we are politely requeste,d to affix pose, and-voj/a tout 1 Anxious to" sit out" the whole books shall be excluded tr9m the mails. Samples of our sign11tures in a ledger provided for visitors to the cigarette peforrnance to the very last act, I ask and metals, ores, and mineralogical specimen's shall not exestablishment ; and having obeyed, copies of our autoobtain permission to visit the town gaol. In uf the in weight, and sha)J graphs are made on slips of paper, and, by a mechanical stone apartments of this well-regulated bu!ldmg are Ject to exammatton and to rates of postage as hel'e_tn contrivance in the wall, these are dispatched for some groups o f couvicts dressed in white blou ses and after provided No package weighing Il)Ore. than four mysterious nurpose to the reigons above At the sug. trousers of coarse canvas. Among them are Afncans pounds shall be received for by. except gestion of the cicerone we follow our names; notoy the Co.,gos, Mu! attoes of many shades, books published or circulated by order of Congress. same means, however, but by winding staircases and chows, as they are called-and comNewspapers issued th.: m once a week intricate passages Before starting we peep into the l'rinc pally of insubordiuate :::>paussh soldiers an l to be carried at the rate of one cen.t eacb for four ounces.. room to glance at the steam power which works sa Iars. Eacn has a heavy chain dar.gling from bi" Packa ges for cloth i ng for persons in the army or navy the maehinery required in the different departments. and altiched to his ankle; wears a broad-brimmay !Je sent at one cent an ounce The presen t rate The first ascent brmgs us to spacious store-rooms where med straw hat of his own manufacture, and incessantiy is two cents an ounce. This law will not take effect loose cigarettes, and those already packed in bundles, smokes. Before him is a"' ooden box filled with picauntil the regulations :ire prepared ancl iiS\I,ed whicl} are kept. The walls are literally papered with cigarette!! dura and small squares of tissue paper. Great nicety be July 10 I


THE 'll OB. A V V 0 L.I>A.F. .... M:auu.botories. THOMAS HO\"T, & CO., MANUFACTURERS 01' Fine Cut Chewing and \ SMOKING ToBACcos & SNUFF, OUR BRANDS CHEWING, I.'ONNYZIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. <1:>4 and fOO Pearl St.. New York City, THOMAS HOYT. CHAS. G DEjOT.AND AGENCY Of the Mll.nufaoture of Tobacco Lic04rioe. LICORICE. JOHN ANDERS9N' co., LICORICE pASTE LICORICE, 1.!ANUFACTURERS OF THE SOLACB TOBACCOS oo. ROOT, 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW Beg to direct tbe attention of the Dealers in Tobacco throughout the United States and the W orld 'to their CELEBRATED SOLACE FINECUT CHEWING which is being once more rw.anufactured under the immediate supervision of the originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, and now stands, as former1y, without a. riva1. Orders forwarded through the usual channels will with pTompt Attention. .llVO. r. r:r.AGCI, MANUFACTU&.&& OJ' ALL GiADU OJ' t&luwiog, .Jmotdug, lad fiti11Ulak4 TOBACCO HARVEST" t. "SURPRISE-,, IN FOI! IVANHOE fc JOLLY BOYS SMOKifi!Q, 1 '7 4 Froat Street. New York. D. SHOTWEJ,L SON, ...._ lfanutadurere ot Tobacco and Segars, A tiC& of UwJ CHJZ..I>,...tecl l>f'AtiC&e of ,. HERO and UNION FiueOutLEBBATED PINE- I I .. NEW YORK. r AGENT OF THE MOST ACCRED ITED MANUFACTORIES OF M. RADER & SON THIS CITY, HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE FOL-.. CWB oAVANA iiAIIS '23 Pearl M.\DE OF THE NEW YORK: BEST YUELTA LEAF:' .Miscellaneous. --CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. t.P._O. BOX,:4411.l" HAS ALW A,l'S ON FOLLOWING BRANpS : HenrJ.: PLUS UTRA, REG.ALIAS L0l'!ll.I<.'ES, ENTRE.I.OTOS, El'O. Flor del F1Uilar-REG.ALIAS, CONCHAS, LI Xl.t:;NOS, RElNA YICTORIA. S ETC. latbaidad.-REGALIA. JIRITANICAS, CON CH'A>I, ETC. Esp&Dolo.-FLOR DE PRINCESA.S FDfAS, DA::I!AS, POUlt J.ES AllATEURS, LONDP..J::S, ETC. I .a 25 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, d Dealer in all klndo of LEAF TOBACCO, 178" Greenwich st., New York. G. VOLGER 10. J!UNEKEN. REINA VIOTORI.A ...................... $1: 0 REGAUA BRJTANICA .................. to CONCHAS ...................... ___________ 75to SO Pa.rtagou-IMPERIALES, REOALIAS, LON SUBLilllES ......................... -... -... -to S.l 13REV AS, ETC, "' NON .. ...... $ Eacepci--JOCKEY CLUD, LONDRES, REGA = LIAS, ETC. CONCHAS DE REGALIA ............... 75to SO Pu-&riega-LONDRES, IMPERJ.ALES ENTREAOTOS ............................ G.l SPORTS, CONCHAS. SUI3LIMES ...... .... -Ciato de Orioa-LONDRES, D..UCAS, Ere. UANU!'A.C'J'URER OJ' r fOil & BOTTU CAP, No. 3B OROSEY ST., NEW YORK. WARDROP & DLY REGALIA 13R1TANICA. ...... : ....... ---SUHo$130 SCJIWABZ & SPOBll, a.. poNCHAS .................................. $80 Caba.rKaa-LONDRESl'INA.S,D.urA.S,OPERA.S, iSTABLISHED 1831] liORTll JOHN STREET, 203m:! zre LEWIS 81., NEW YORK. ........ s 70to12 Flord:::m...-CA..ZADORES,nREVAS,CON-' '\ .l. B r t .NT, & $.gN H ... .. wood B .. ... :::;: A.A A.L-. IIMMIIIIII MIHIAITI. LONDRES ................. !:'.: ............. $ s:>to DE LA RED< A, REINA.S DE ESP.! .. \'f.A d LONDRES, liEDIA, ETC. 'IIS'W''WD:E SEGARS B:l?.ANIS::S: CEDAR e Santiago. ,6; f dDeale-!n' t FINE SEGARS, 118 l'orOiprBoxeo,ttUDlobedtaqll&lllttlt.onlt. CONOH.AS .................................. '$.Oto VUiar T VUla.r-REGALIA. DEL REY, RE-.. CoaotpmeatufB1ack Wa!Dut JleoptfuDJ SoUette4. RitiCa. GALlA PRECIOSAS, COlO!E, IL FAUT, T 0 b a 0 0 0, .. YORK.t ........ ::,g .J .. ..: LONDRES .J. o. 148 Water Street, JA' MIVIS M'('AV:IfJL P.M. DINCEE,. sao ENTEs. Nllw, YOBK. ;ll'..t ._, st#t1f. and.IAltMB OAZADOREI; ... .... .................. ... : }12 Yapaalclad.-OONCKAS,REGA.LIAS,]:;TC .. 4 ..... ; PREY co.,. MERCHANT. BUCHNE R;. -. lmfacturers ofFINlCIGABS, and "= CBDAB., FlordeS....tiag-CONCHA.S,ETC. .. ...,_...;,leoBoil:rrcH:ZCK r.:.. :rr.8U6} -;, .) -FJgaro Flor de Roma;r-REGALIA, LONDRES,CON-P'h :aGGIKCI MATIIB.IA:r., Of aU K.iodo, Low Price for SPANISH LlNENS, FANCY STRIPES Bleached and U obleacbed Sbectinr, Twi11e and Tbn:ad, Canvaa fos Traveling Bap, Blaokeu, lllulape, Cottoa Baning, Carpcu, Matting ud Orr ANDREW &, CO., No. 103 Chamben 'Strut, New Yorkf -. LEWIS H: wATTS, I GERARD, BETTS &. CO., city GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, To'Qa,cco Works,. 432 East 1Oth St., New York. J. H. ]As. G PJENN; Pemberton & Penn, COMMISSION MERCHANTS a long e;cperimce in tke business, -ffer their strvius to jill .orders for Leaf,{)..Manufactured TQbacco, \.... ...___ DANVILLE, VA. I AND Commission Merchant11, 7' OLD SLIP, FRED. ill made ut.n cordiD"' '1"1 hand work, apd plaeed L 'Ill tbe obaplngmo'llld,whlcb l.a thear edge, whkb coto the Jaea4 ponectly bnt lea tile balance of a..; binder fur &be entire kl>rth or the oi Clll IIDcut.. .lll'ter the du lolormfd latbemonld ... 2\1.& ))laeeq tn a metallic r e tainer, wtlcb l o 1 16 of btch larger In diameter than 1he tbaplng mould, tbue J!l"ring IUl OJlp<>rtllnlty for Daenatural e1vaul!!lon oft he t.oblo, &Dd eecartng with certainty 11le emoklng qual !Q o(l the eljl&r. Tbee re talaers are ID&de with bc-v eled ed* eo that tbere lo ,110 crea>e In tbe etgar, ard Ito eatlra bY these moulds hn,rn w\ t b a freedom and unlfpfm!tY by aiiJ other m.c tb od. 0 I Otz ana after Manlz I r872, I offer -tlze jQiliJwini ilu lratle One or.1 wo of 'Moulds, .fifteen pe;: cent. off, 1 htce Sets twmly per ant. o]f ; this includu all my : : 1 Office corner Pearl Street and Ma1den Lane, New Yqrk, where the tlle can be at all time> :Witnessed. 1 I f\ GEO. ;J, 197 PEARL STREET, COR MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. lst Mortgage & Land We offir a/ par, and inlerut in cUrrency, th Nortlurn Pacific .RailrQat/ First Mortgagt: Gold Bonds, principal and inurut payable in gold, exempt from Uni ted States Tax, and most emphatically recQmmend the same as tlze saftsl investment. United Staks Bonds, and all marlutllole sefflrilies, received in exchange at full price. CJOOIUI t1r. GO., NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, n AND WASHINGTON. R. ZELLElfK.A, J MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS ElF M:118LIN A.N'D LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, 268 Eut St., Bey York. Ordero prou: ptly attended to at the shortest notice, CHAitLEI A. WULFF, .l.llllllograpner, PriDter, and Kanuf&eturer ol A Large .!:asortment Contrtantl:r on Htl.Dd a I Chatham St., cor. William, N.Y. ., if @ orradn # in, ad 'in q.uantitieJ. ta IJ.Jlit. .:fl!J.a, !fa/telA, d'th'J'u and .BlildLdna. 18'/I...Pemia dt. /ttem. !JJ.orrk. '' JOSEPH HOEY, Designer& Engraver aom Broadway,, ... 1 ( KIIW 12'0B.& D H. Prime Priatar 173 Greenwich St


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