The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL: VIII.--NO. 31. NEW WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER ts, 1872. WHOLE NO m&t '{ IS PUBLISHED EVElY WEDNESDAY KORNING :BY THI TOBACOO LIAJ PUBLISHING OOIP'f, 142 Fulton St., New York. J HENRY HA.OER --Editor, JOHN O Oll..urJI' Bua!neea Agent. As an advertising medium, where it is desired to reach the Cigar and Tobacco Trade, not only o f this but foreign Couatries it i& the best attainable. All letters shoul d be plalnJy addressed to THR TOBACCO LEAF PU6LlSHING COMPANY, 1421 Fulton Street, New Yo rk. ..., Term of the Paper. \ SJNGLE C9rras 10 CENTS PER ANNl.Jl)o! f4.oo To EnglaRd and the Canadas, $1.04 additional per annum for prepayment of Postage. To Bremen, Ha.mhurg and the Continent of ZurOpc, S::.oS additional per annum for Postage. To Australia, etc., $1-04. via. San Francisco, additionall>er annum for Postage. No oroers for the vapt=r consitlered, unless ac. compa:1icd by the corresponding amount. Remitteoces iu every instance, be made only lJy m o n ey-o rder, check or draft. BiBs are liable to be stolen, and can only be sent at the greates t risk to the Rates of Advertising. t squa re (t..,lioilparei f li nes) for si x months, $20. do. yer $3S Urger advertisements in the same proportion, but rtone taken unless 1, 37 4, or more squares. One column, 1 year, $450; six month:s, $250; thre e months, ftSo. Half column, 1 yea.r, $240; s ix months, $130; three months, $75 nti1'" Advertisements on the first page, $1,50 per square over two. wi1e columns, and none taken for less than one y ear, payable fu-lly in adv::t.nce; No devi Transient advertisement s on the third page, 25 <;ents per line for each insertion. No orders for advertising will be considered, amount. BUSINESS DIRECfO&Y OF ADVERTISERS. NEW YORK, Tobacco Wardrou! ts. Attnew W. & Sons, 284 a n d 266 l ''r o ,I e r e < t .Allen Julian, 172 Water. Ber.nma D. & .A., 12-:l Wa.t e r. Be1gmann, John H. 14 Cen. Goodwm" eo., 207 &Dd 2011 Water. Hoyt, Thomao & Co.,4M Pearl. KiDneJ Broo. IU. Wea< l{(IA1p ln, D. 'H. & Co., cor. Avenue D r.Dd Tenoh. Ja.iUer, l>lrs. G. B. & Co 111 C9lumbla. ll&pp, 8., 75 Fulton. 81>otwell D. A. & Son, lH Eighth av. W at!.e Kerbd & Spt.., 11!1 Bowery. LeT)" Broil. ?8 Licbwutefn A. a Bro. u ..a U)f Bowery Licht-iD Broo. & Co .. Ul :Maulen 1Aim.e. Mendel Jl, W .t: Bro., 190 Pearl. 281 Pearl Orgler. 8.1 297 1-2 Greenwich. Pollak II: l!eti, 48 llaidm lAae. Stachelberll, ll. 21i7 P-1 .. 8eh-rs & Spohr, 189 Lewill. lleldmborll .. Co., 19 o.,; T Siecke .a: Wannack. 8 Bowery, l!mit.h. B. A:, 11 Bowery. & Storm, 191 'J'e&rl Buteo & Ne'1111l&l"k, 131 Water. Milnll(llttor6min go Tobat. Loyuas k CToeby, 95 Wall Manufattunrr if Snuff. Appleby & Helme, 133 Water, Ooetsoe, F. A. & Bro., 8:18 Waallillgton Iporter of H.,a Cigars.: B&ner, Obaa. T, Oo., .0 BeaTer, De :Barv & Xllng, 62 Broo.d Bol!mo'fer 1. c. 29Bea1er! II""""'4M1', T II .t< C..., 161 Jla.iden_ .I.ano. Romay E. E: 82 Wall 1 m (Jorttrs if Cl a.1 Pipts. Batier, H & Brother, 77 Water. Goebel J. & Co., 129 Ya.tden I.ene lp.rttrJ of Litori c t Pa stt. Apnleby & Helme. 111. Water. Cleveland, DeUt.ncey :U Booth William. Gift'orc!, Sherman & InnJB. 120 William. Gomez & Arguimbu !19 & 31 S William. McAndrew_..James 0. 1M J'ront. Molris, H. M. IU Old Slip and 78 'Waier. Wea Monroe. Wicker Geo : & Bro. 107, U9 & 161 Goerclt.. Cigar }lox, CLdar a n d otlur Woods Dmgeeo, P. M., cor. SU:th an,J Lewi.s. Dorman, :r. & 181 'Lewis. Rodman & Hepburn, Lewis. Wardrop .t. Daly, 203 & 205 L ewis. Guman C rgar .Ribbons, Cramet, G, 82 "b'rankliu. Spanish Cigar R ibb ons. Almirall,' J J., SO Oedar,. C izar Molds, Jacoby, S. &0 Co,, 209 Pearl, Manujacturt-,.s of Tobauo Tin-Foil Crooke, J J ., 38 Crosby. Aucrjor:ars of Tobauo, ttl. Gerard, Betts & Co. i Old Slip. Tohauo Labrls. Donaldson :Jlros., 68 Park. The Hatch Lithographi c Co. 32 & 34 Vesey lleppenhet m er, F. & Co., North Wilham. Cigar-Box Labt!s aqd Trimmings. & Ettlinger, 15 'Murray. Wol1I', Chas .A., 51 Chathllm. Tobacco &aling Wax Zinsse r 'w. & Co 107 William. of Rus lian Cig 4retu s Kmney Bros:., 141 West Broad'll!'ay. (CLa FermeH Russian CigaTttUs Millington, T. & .Eckmeyer, Sole A genU!, 48 Bro9d CigarWrapptr B ooAingMa,hi1u1. Nationn.l Ciga r Machine Co., 69 aocl 61 Maiden Lane Improvemeat o11> Ue,.man Cigar .Moulds PcentJce, Geo J. 197 Peal'l Cigar MouldJ and Shaptr Prentice, Gco. J ., 197 Pearl. Straps and Cutters, Germa n Cigar Moulds Erichs, JI. W. 253 South Gans & IOI ,Malden Lane. Spie r Chaa. E. & Co., 71 John. Mus lin Tobac o Bags Zellenka, 1!. 263 East Foruth. 'Fcbacco Bagging. Lester A. & Co 103 Chambers. T(jhacco Sta111p Canttlltr. Seoombe Manufacturing Co., 7 Park P""e. Fixed Star Ct'gar and Pipe l'orter Match :ManufiictuntSg Co., 79 Tenth ave. Cigarette R o llers, E Bruckner, 102 Na8811ou. Ciga r id Prm and Straps, Browa, A. & F ., 57 Lewis. Manujdcturers of S!to. a7 South Gay. Gieske; L. & Co. a South Char1ee. GUDtber, L. W ., 90 Lombard. Ker., U Central Wharf. of Cigars anJ Dtaler in UIIJ _, Tceo. .Jocobooll, .1. 7 Broad. 1YA o luaie ;, utl MII?Juj'IIC-turers of Cigars. C&rrnth, c H. & Co., 46 Hanoyer. Importers of Havana Cigars 11nd z..,.J Tob11CD, Luif,Tobacco BroA.trs. Clark, M. H. & Bro. COVINGTON, Ky. GloDO, J. A. P. & Brot!, U 17 and 1 9 W. 7th DANBURY, C9nn. G!'aves, G. W DANVILLE, v ... Commissi o n P e mberton, J H DAYTON, 0, Hoglen &, Pease's Tobncco -Cuttmg Engine DETROI'J;, Mich. Manifa_cu lrtn of Ct'gars a ,Jd in Ltty T obaCc. Mo.tb o ws, J.L.k Co 216 J effer30n Ave. Improwd Cigar T1immer. Funke, Fred 'k. DURHAM, N, C. SmoRing Tobaceo. Blackwell, W. T. EAST HARTFORD, Conn. Packtr and Dr. Sank, J .JI.inaldo & Co., ill .North 'Water. Schmidt, H. 531 South Secoad, Steiner Smith Knecht, 2215 Ra<:le Teller Brotnero, 117 .North Third. Vetterlein, J & Co., Ill .Axch. w oodwora, G:urett & Co., 33 North Water. Importtr of Havana and Yara Tobact:O, Coetas J., 1:14 South Delaware ave. W/z.oltsale Dea ltn, e tc. Bembe:rger, L & Co., 3 North Water. Battin 11: Bro., H2 North Third. ManufactMrs of $r ,ooo, shall be asses sed by the assessor and paid semi-annually in t he months of J an u ;uy .l'nd July, each year, as other taxes are assesse d and pai d Did the l etters referred to a bove annul this provision of the law, or does it still remain in force, and if it does will retailers have to pay this tax on their sales? The law declares that retail dealers who sell in l ess quanti ties than origin al packages shall ea'ch _pay t>soo special tax, and fifty cents on each dollar s worth in of $1,ooo of their sales. But the Commissioner, with more humanity than the framers of the law, permitted a letter to be written from his office in which it was asserted they need do nothing of the kind, and:they did not. Retail dealers pay the same special tax as wholesale dealers. and they will never pay a dollar more. There are, then, virtually no r etail dealers, and. the question recurs, what is to be done under, or with the quoted? The necessity of some utterance from the commissioner :on this point is manifest; as the roth January is rapidly approaching, it C3-nnot be expressed too soon. If there ate no ,tail c:.caiers there can be no semi an .nual1eturns made by \herri; ye the commissioner s reguia tion requiring such r e turns stands unrescinded so far as ourknowledge extends It is unsafe to grope in the dark ; light is wanted DeBAB. Y & KLING, e Broad and 50 New Streets, New York IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGAR!i, And Sole .Agents for tl;e sale of E L PRINCIPE DE CALES ... CIGARS, llanufactured a.t the KEY WEST BRANCH of the celebmted El Principe de Gales Manufactory of 0 I'-.A.L.LEN & ELLIS, OF FINE-CUT CHEWING I I I AND. 13 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. l'i!iW "Our Tobaccos are unsuriassetl for Flavor and Cheti(. :Jpbbing Trade only solicited. H. -SOHUBART & CO., -l Importers of' HAVANA and PACKERS OF SEED LEAF TOBACCO HI SCHlJBART. No. 146 Water Street. NEW YORK. R, FRIEDMA.N. '"' .. ROBERT KELLY & C 0 34 .BE.A.VER, STREET, NE"W YORH, OF Havana Cigars ana Havana Leaf, -and Sole Agents for the Brand Send for Price List. "SUPERIOR DE JOSE MARIA ViCHOT," KEY WEST FLORIDA. ....:.-. I C.A.RL V:P:LW.I:.A.BTBT,fJ 1 !Mi>GBlfB!l Qfl IN tBAJt A well assorleol stock of HAVANA and YARA Tobacco constantly on ;hand and i!Old ai I LOWEST IMPORTERS' PR.IOBS. I PostOfficeBox2969 188 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, .. ,KEY WEST HA SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New York, .Prop1ietors oc LA ROSA ESPANOLA FACTORY. 'I'. PILKINTON'S Celebrated G. "FRUITS. AND W. HILLMAN & CO., Sole Agents, 108 Front St., New York. 'See Advertlsetnent on 4.t:h .Pageclear concept ion of th e frailty of the in which dealers a re placeci by the omission .of the Commissioner to invest that position with such addirional strength as the ordinary ruling wouldjimpart to it ; and accordingl y we nq_t only join with them in their an xiet y to have the neglect repaired, but we go further, and urge that it be done, and done at once if it can be. Xn a matter fraught with so much danger from :accident or caprice we want nothing left to the cha11ces of the future Whe n solid ground can be secured to all, it is culpable to leave the quicksands exposed for the unwary to tread or fall into a lbeit it is done unwittingly, as it doultless has been in this instance. We conceive it .to be the duty of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue' to declare at once, if he have not already done so to hi s subordinates, that, the law of June 6 to the coptrary re tail in leaf tobacco have the full authority of his ofijce_for the practice in which they i,lre now engaged of selling in smaller quantitjes than original packages, and packing in inclosures other than hogsheads, cases and bales, as prescribed by law." That done, the trade can proceed i n the . e published. rom On banks and bankers _______ ________ the office ot THE TOBACCO LEAF. On gas-----------------------------_ On income ___ -_---------.-----------And now as to the importance in a legal respect of the letters of which w(liavespoken. There is no one, we opine, in the tobacco trade who does not feel grateful to the Commissioner of Internal Revenue for the attitude he assumed when by the stroke of his deputy's pen he sought to unloose the shackles with which Congress had fettered the limbs of the retailers and those depending on them for supplies. But, on the other hand, there is a wide -spread apprehension that his generous action in the matter may yet prove infinitely harmful to majority of those whom he attempted to relieve, as he has thus far fail e d to give any other assurance than what was con tined in those vicarious letters, which may and may not be suffic i ently authoritative to nullify a law of Con gress. No regular ruling of the commissioner per.mlt ting thesale af leaf tobacco in broken packages, it is generally tho ught_,:has yet been published; semi-official communications to tobacco firms in different sections ot dF CouRSE NoT.-A New York tobacco-dealer inquired the country, granting the privilege, bemg the. only war-of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue whether, in Not otherwise enumerated.-----.:------Penalties collected. __ -----------.----$104,875 74 III,615 74 35,730 12 II,436 75 2,557 00 3 448 58 200 42 13 90 rant for so doing which retailers have bad, and, in the case of siCkness or other disability of one of the persons absence of the customary formal proclamation of the employed by him to peddle tobacco, etc., and for whom Revenue llureau to assessors, there appears to be they have paid a special or license tax of $25, they can ground for fear that the trade may hereafter be held ac-be t?. supply h!s by man with countable for violating the law in case Congress or the 1?aymg spectal or hcense tax. The com-'. m1sstoner rephes tliat he cannot; that the tax ts not courts decide adversely to the mterpretatwn mformally paid for, and does not attach to the wagon, but to the put upon it. in the revenue office. For our own part, peddler. we confess to very little dread on the subject, being pretty It is much the same in revenue matters as in the game well satisfied that Congres s "\'1'0uld prefer letting the of the "little joker," as in both the more you put down 1 ev1?ence of 1ts folly and_ essness be buned Elsewhere if a man pays for a thing the thing purINTERNAL REVENUE COLLECTIONS IN THE SECOND DISTRICT.-The following is a statement of' the collec tions of internal revenue in the second distr ict of Virginia, the month of August, r87 2 : Spmts-----------------------$14,738 84 TobaccO---------------------8o,6r5 46 Banks.__ _____________________ 1,orj ,22 149 oo Income._----------------------84 53 Newburgh, L., & Brce. 61 Walnut. Wankelm&n, l!'. 82 W..,., Front.. Dtaltrs in and Domtlltc Ltaf Tobactl. Dilla,Freytag. & Co ., s-..l. Manufa

NoT P.f NEEDY CIRCU11tSTANCES -Says a late Jaeiuonmlk 1o bauo Lw.f, Mr. Jean Verhuyden, the great Belg1an Tobacco contractor, \\ho was here yesterday, IS nd to be worth over J7,ooo,ooo. IMPORT AliT JUDICIAL DECISION IN THE STATE Of WISCO)lSil'! The steamer Lac La Belle wall se1zed for bavmg an 1m perfect reg>s tenng apparatus, prenously approved by the Board of Regtstry and Judge M11ler, at the August SpeCial Term, ordered her release, stating that "1t IS a well settled prmc1ple that the ett1zen shall not be adjudged guilty of wilful neglect of duty or of vwlahon of law wh1le faithfully subm1ttmg to the judgments or orders of officers of lawful authonty. C1tizens are responsible for mstakes of Gov ernment officers" TblS pnnc1ple seems to be sometimes Ignored m be admtmstratwn of the revenue law THB Ma:THOD OF CANCELLING foBACCO SIAMPS -The L.Onl miSSIOner of Internal Revenue ordered cancelling stamps (,ruse m the 'tebacco trade, under the act of June 6, 1872, wh1ch authonzee htm DJ change tbe present stamps or prov1de new methods of cans cellat10n The canceler a steel che, about live or SIX mches long, WJth a sharp nm on the end Ins1de this nm or outer edge, are sev era! pms, set in a sunken surface and raised about one-eghth of' an mch outside of the nm The whole IS apparently sohd steel, and tbe gram of the pms runs tbe same way as the body of the canceler, so that they cannot well be broken off, But 1t was foufid that these dtes were excellent only for use m canceling stamps on plug cases. Fine cut tooacco IS packed m barrels and thm wooden boxes In dnymg the d1e, barrels and boxes have been broken, as each die must dnve parts of the stamp mto tne wood of the package The CommiSSIOner s:ud he had ao des1re to destro) packages, and set blS d1e maker to work at Lonllard's to expenment on a suitabl e die canceler for such wooden packages as could not stand a hard blow It ts believed that the nght tdea for an mstrument has been reached, and that the difficulty will be removed m a few days KIND WoaDs.-The followmg extract from the letter of a promment tobacco and c1gar firm m Masstlon, Oh1o, dated September 9, speaks for ltself: The compliment patd to our JOurnal IS none the less valuable because expressing sentiments with whtch, owt'ng to the fnendhness of our patrons, we have long been fam1har We are neither weary of pra1Seorwell-domg1and when as in the vresent instance we find our efforts appreciated by those we strive to serve, we feel imbued with renewed energy and strength for the prosecution of our labors "We b\tr.tbe TOBACCO LEAF of our newsdealers, and can say J.n truth that we would not do Without the :gaper if we had to pay treble the pnce. We thmk we ltnow 1t has saved us over two hundred dollars, Wlthm a year. It ou> to p.. 'n every tobacco dealer's hands." CB.OP REPORTS. CODaeeticat. NEW HAVEN The tobacco crop has been mostly gathered in the lull town s of Western Hampden w1th but httle damage by the frost A few farmers had small oart of the1r crops damaged sbghtly because of their mab1hty to get help to secure It before the cold snap. ToLLANl.o The damage done to tobacco 1n Vern on by the hatl storn1 on the 2zd of August, proves muc h greater than at first reported the latest estunates placml( the Joss m tobacco alone at S7"'00Qcts :as 'he result:. of hiS VISit to the gentlemen TO!JACCO. r,. Rader & Sons, wholesale tobacco. merc.hants, comer of Pearl and Hanover streets, when mterv1ewed, stated There lS a very active domand for Kentucky and Virginia tobaccos (hogshead tobacco), the great bulk ot purchases for exportauon The season Will close earlier than uiual Prices are well mamtamed The reports from the West as to the new crop are qutte favorable for a large yield. From Vtrgtma mot so good, though 1t is hoped the late rams wtll cause some unprovement, n ;twithstandthg they came rather late. In seed-leaf tobacco a very heavy trade has been earned on th1s season Some 8o,ooo cases have been exported-a thmg unheard of before m the htstory of a smgle season. The dema.nd for export IS still actiVe for Ohto and Penn sylvama at enhanced pnces, w1th a good mqutry for Connecticut and Mas-;achusetts for coqsumpt10n. The new crop wtll be large and good m Connecticut, Massa chusetts and Pennsylvama-the quantity likely larger than last year, but, per contra, m Oh10 1t w1ll be one-third less, and tn thts state and W!Sconsm ab.o.ut one half less. A fatr 6usmess has been done of late m manufac tured tobacco, both for export and home trade, without change of prices. From all th1s you see the trade IS now fa1r and on a good footmg We do a wholesale, cash busmess, and cannot from. expenence speak as to the regulanty of payments or say whether, there 1s an increased or lessened demand for credit. From our observations we conclude there is a lessened demaftd Collections, we thmk, are being made difficulty The Chicago fire was of course a great set oack m that quarter but the effects about overcome, and the are now coming up handsomely. The JOb bmg trade is domg very we 11, no fatlures or sus pensiOns are reported J J S Gans & Son, 86 \Vall street, tobacco brokers, upon the request of the reporrices were generally sat1s terdam, do 4os, do 32s 6d; Amsterdam, d_p 42s do factory to dealers. New primmgs have made theu 35s. appearance smce our last, and being lumted m quanttty rAILTIOV:r..&B 1W'OTIOII. and reasonably good in quality, are firmly held at 6 7.( Gro.,.en of seed leaf tcJacco are autloned a am.c aceeplln& tile @6 Rtchmond breaks are reported small as we repo -Fine 28 '@Sa th Ill be large and of good quaht do du lear to @2.'! Medhtm.... ..... e mcommg crop W Y and Western DUincl Common 2:1@24 From North Carolma we have reports of spottlhg," Common to gvod Jogs Naey Poudl -Fmo 2 8 @85 and at I) rese nt wntmg there IS more danger of the un Common leaf f.lay Hat/ Pound> .,,.a Medium lea! llY.@12Y. Thitd.scut plants burnmg under the fervtd rays of the sun than Good ... Fine 23 @25 f b db f t Fine Fancy Tobaccot-LonglO's 25 @00 0 emg 111ppe y I OS Selecttone U @16 Navy, 4 sand 5 24 @32 Fore1gn advtces of later date than those prevlQusly MISooun .. -L dy .Fiogero. Rollo @60 h 'f l h l V.rgtnta-Pocket Pieces 2<> @SO pubhshetl do not vary muc 1 any, trom w 1at as a Com w good lugo 8Y,@IO Brigb\ l'wist (l'a) u inca 25 @45 ready been announced. In London only the lighter Low t.o medum lear .. }g"iftr Bright Gold Bars, 610ch 31 @t5 classes of leaf are needed, whtle the demand for stnps 12Y.@td & Ready 30 ill contmues .the same as (before-that is, for fine, nch b"ght : Navy Pounds-Fine. .... 23 "6 d 0/iio In or to gcol com VM@ 8'' Medium 19 @lO spmn).ng gra es Bro;,. and Greentsll BX@ 9)> Navr Half Pounds and Tlnrde-Seed Leaf-During the past week busmess, generally M0 ediu1manddftne red1 9X@l2 speaking, was fa1r m seed leaf Circles The export om 0 me opong 0 8 12 Qwart 1 BO 29 tmg. The writer aerpoun I 23 the 72 crop at from ro@ I 3c,the most o 1t not yet housed -1 Boa-BoroaT 21 Regardmg th1s last 1tem, 1t seems appropnate to Extra fine 45 @35 ll9 that this bemg a free country, the Mr referred to, as a1so IMPOR 1 S. all other persons so mclined, has a perfect nght to buy The arnvals at fie port of New York from fore1gn as much and to pay as much as he pleases for tobacco m ports for the week endmg September 10, mcluded the the fiteld or elsewhere We do not question hts followmg cons1gnments nght m the least But we cannot at the same ume, refram ANTWERP -Order, 705 cases pipes from .. quesfLOnmg the expediency of the course pursued CuRACA.o.-A. Ba1z & Co. 7 bales by the Dayton gentleman. By remarkably judtc!Ous man GLASGOW -Order, 12 cases liconce, 2oo bxs ptpes. agement, the trade, th1s season, succeeded m dtsposmg LoNDON -01der, 30 bales of an unparalleled quanbty oftobacca; foretgn markets, MANTANZAS & Gtlson, 1 case c tga rs thus rehevmg the home market of an mcubus that at RoTTERDAM.-A. Hen & Co 22s bxs p1pes; H Bat-one time threatem;d to matenally depress It Percell' Jer & Brother, 945 do. mg that our surplus could only be got nd of by placmg SMYRNA.-W H. Cole & Co 4SO bxs liconce paste; it m tht> hands of shtppers at reduced rates, our trade at 5 bales do root. once accepted the sttuatton, and sold freely at whate\er HAVANA.-A. Gonzales, 338 b a les, Kuchler, Gail & pnce would cover actual outlay. the profit marCo. do, R A Ohenstedt, 22 do P A Madan, 56 gm happened, as 1t somet1mes dtd m giVen cases, to be do; Gomez, Montes & Co. 12 do, E Rosenwald & reasonable it was well and good, and when 1t was other-Brother, roo do, Oelnchs & Co. 84 do, H Schubart & wise httle' hesitation w:ls vtstble in the transfers that Co 7 1 do, T H Messenger & Co 54 do, Chas F Tag made. There was a genetal dsposit10n to sell w1th Son, 42 do F. Mtranda, 238 do, 3 cases c1gars, F. W a v 1 ew to tmprovmg the future condttlon of thmgs, and Junge & Co I46 do, 8 do, Chas T. Bauer & Co. I7 sell, acconlmgly, everybody qtd With further good cases ctgars, Rob't E Kelly & Co 7 do, Kunhardt & management a prosperous season can be secured for Co. 86 do, .J C. Hoffmeyer, 7 do, l'urdy & Ntcholas, 4 next year but that obJeCt cannnot, we thmk, be attamed do ; S Lmmgton & Sons, 3 do ; 3 do; Lew1s, Phthp & 1f some of us are so short-sighted as to commence at John Frank, 14 do, G W. 4 do, De, Barry & this early date paymg as much or more for the new crop, Klmg, r do, Howard Ives, .x do; W. H 1 hom as & whtle all the risks are upon 1t, as 1t sold for this year Brother, so do; Acker, Mernll & CondLt, 26 do; Park when all nsks had been diScounted The new crop will & T1lford, 23 do; R Fraoc1s & Co. x do, M Meyers, r be a heavy one, and when to thts IS added the large haldo, Jno. G W1tte & Co r do, Atlan 1c Steamship Co. ances remaming of the growths of r87o and I87 r, 1t 992 bales, 8 cases ctgars order, 7 5 bales, 3 cases ctgars should be apparent to the dullest observer that pruEXPORTS. dence has st1ll to be before the future of the trade can be made or cons1dered secure. It IS some thmg, however, to knuw the Dayton buyer 1s not a regu lar dealer Spanzsh-A firm tone prevailed, as a matter of course, throughout the week m the Spamsh market, ,md the reported sales amounted to about 6oo bales of Havana at -.---:-The supply of des1rable fillers has been reduced to a very small compass, and as the d1fficulty of replacmg them m sufficient quantity becomes more apparent, the estimated value of what IS left naturally mcreases New stock ts arnvmg, though-not m volume as yet, 1t bemg too early for much bestde sample lots, and these, we judge, were better deferred awhtle longer to afford fuller opportunity for cunng Manufactured-Busmess appears to have been quite moderate m the Cavendtsh market last week We hear of sales of low-pnced TI mch, whtch a1e taken up as fast as offered, and of ros also, the latte1 for export but m netther vanety, norm any other, were transactions large Nor 1s the fact to be wondered at in view of the abnormal condttlon supenpduced by stocks in bond and hght rece1pts of tax patd goods. Not only fluctuatiOn, but heaviness, as a rule, is to be expected whtle the future course of trade remains as problematical as 1t now lS Dealers, to be on the s1de of safety, can hardly afford to stock heavily, unt1l they are certam the usual volume of business will be done, as formerly, From the port of New York to fore1gn port5 other than European ports; for the week endmg September IO, were as follows ARGENTINE REPUBLlC.-34 hhds, $8,I8o, 34,378 lbs mfd, $s,r46 BRAZIL -633 lbs mfd, $147 BRITISH Aus'!RALIA --95,473 lbs mfd, $28,o26 BRITISH NORTH AMERICAN COLONIES,-I3 hhds, $11 553; 22,568 lbs mfd, $4,296. BRI IISH WEST INDIES.-18,7 52 lbs mfd, CANARY ISLANDS -4 hhds, $r,o24, 6 bbls snuff, f,262 CISPLATINE REPUBLIC.-4 hhds, $1,2oo, 2 bales, $41 CUBA -6ss6 lbs mfd, 1950. DANISH WEST INDIES -4 hhds, $999, t88lbs_mfd, $82 HAYTI.-254 bales, $2, A -I hhd, $276 To European ports for the week endmg September I7 BREMEN -57 hhds, 39 do stems, 2,347 cases, 153 bales GLASGOW --9,196 lbs mfd. HAMBURG.-49 hhds, 48 do stelll,S MARSEILLES -4S3 hhd,, 4 cases, 15 cases, 675 bales OPORT0.-5 hhds. LIVERPOOL -161 hhds. LoNDoN -175 hhds, 21 cases, 21o,roo lbs mfd ROTTERDAM.-H hhds. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. The anivals at the port of New York for domestic, mtenor and coastw1se ports, for the week endmg Sep/ tember 171 we1e 1085 hhds, 52 llerces, r6 half llerces, 221 quarter tierces, 1597 cases, 2 half cases, :zs butts, 6 boxes, 713 three-quarter boxes, 542 half boxes, 146 quarter and thtrd boxes, r66 kegs, 92 caddtes, 8r cases cigars consigned as follows : Bv THE RAILROAD.-Sawyer, Wallace & Co. 79 hhds Ottinger Bros, 20 do F W. Tatzenhorst & Co. 10 do; E M. Wnght & Co 4 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co. 25 do; A H Cardot.o & Co. rs do Blake more, Mayo &: Co. 40 do, D. J. Son & Co 3 do, Norton, Slaugh!er & Co 4 do, D. H. McAlpine & Co 54 do, J K. Smtth & Co. 7 do, Kremelberg & Co. 28 do, Huffer, Toeld & Co. 8 do; Barclay & LlVmgston, 21 do, Kuchler, Ga1l & Co 38 cases, order, 62 hhds, 19 cases Bv THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD.-T H Messenger & Co I hhd > Henderson Brothers, 35 do, G B Ltchtenberg, r66 cases; order, 27 dQ Bv THE NATION"AL LINE.-Pollard, Pettus-& Co. S3 hhds Sawyer, Wallace & Co 9 do, J K. Sm1th & Co 6 do, Henderson Br9thers & Co 62 do D. J Ganh, Son & Co IS do, Thomas Hoyt & Co 7 do Bv THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY RAILROAD.-Appleby & Helm, 1 r cases BY THE NEW YORK AND NEW HAVEN STEAMBOA'I LINE.-Wtlham Eggert, 40 cases, D & A Bennmo, 65 do, S chroeder & Bro, 28 do, I Hamburger & Co I7 do, Stra1ton & Storm, 27 do F. Gtebel1 I de, John \Val ter, I do, G Wnght, 17 do. Bv THE NEw YoRK AND HARrFORD STEAMBOAr LINE.-Schmttt & Hemecke, r23 cases, Fox, Dtlls & Co r8 do, E Hoffman, r4 do ; Charles F Tag&: Son, so do; Charles T Seymour, Io do, J B. Cohn, 8 do BY 1 HE OLD DOMINION LINE -A D Cliockley, 12 hhds; G Renseno, II do, Oelnch & Co. II do, R. M. Allen, Jt 5 do, J M Gardiner & Co I do, 5 tierces. 147 quarter tlerces, 53 cases, roo half boxes, J. D Kel ly, Jr, II9 do, 9 do, 74 do, r6 half tlerces, 272 cases,136 three quarter boxes, W. 0 Sm1th, 77 do, 129 cases, 11 three quarter boxes, Marsh, Pnce & Co. ro do, ro do. Io half boxes, P. Lorillard & Co 4 tlerces, J H. Thompson, 7 cases, E. DuBois, 3 do; M M. Welzho fer, 4 do; Allen & Co. 3 do, M. Lmcihetm, 7 do; C. Sprotts1 6 do ; L Ginter, 2 do; Belcher, Park & Co 35 do, W. P K1ttredge & Co ro do B Lmdhe1m & Co, ro do, J Eppmger & Co; 2 do, R.1chey & Boniface, 72 do, 26 kegs so hlf bxs; Connolly & Co ro:z no, 29 do, ro6 th1rd bxs, Maddux Brothers, 42 do, 110 do, z hlf-c.ases, Martin & Johnson, 21 do, s6 I thtrd hx i Dohan, Carroll & Co I66 do, 2-S butts, 267 hlf-bxs, 87 th1r.Q and qtr bxs; J Ottenberg & Son, 6 bxs, 1 keg; Blakemore, Mayo & Co 610 three-qtr-bxs; G W Htllman & Co 30 hlf-bxs, Carhart Brothers, roo do L & E Werthe1mer, so qtrbxs, N L McCready. 16 cases, 56 three qtr bxs, orde1, II hhds, 34 trCS, 56 CaddteS CoASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE-M Rader & Son, 33 hhds, P M Wnght& Co 34 do, H Hoffman, I7S!do, Sutro & Newmark, 2 do, M Falk & Co 9 cases BY NoRTH RIVERBOATS-EM Wnght & Co. 5 hhds, C E Hunt, ro do, J P Qumn & Co do CoASTWISE FROM KEY WEsT-S6tdenberg & Co 36 cases c1gars, Robt E Kelly & Co, 20 do De Barry & Kling, 17 do, J & J Eager, 8 do BALTIMORE. September I4 -Messrs C Loose Co ComQlLSSIOn Merchants, and dealers m Leaf To bacco, report Recetpts of Maryland have contmued to be ltberal the past week, but nevertheless and in sp1te of scarctty of tonnage,and consequently htgh fretght 1 ates as well as the decline of exchange, the market has not lost any of Its former activity and strength All the samples offered find as yet vety ready buyers at full pnces, and 1t w1ll depend entrrely upon the tone of European markets 1f the present htgh pnces will be up held for the rest of the season Of OhlO rece1ptswere but hght, and as the stocks are very transactions could be but hmtte\1, th e y nevertheless reached 558 hhds for France and 65 hhds to other Shippers, With IOS hhds scraps, also to shtppers and home manufacturers. The demand remain very fatr and pnces fatr Kentucdy and V1rgm1a stlll rule qmet, the demand for export havmg entirely lulled in, but hold ers feel not yet mclined to make any con cess tons, necessary to the resumption of an export trade Stocks an1 comparatively hght, andre ce1pts also very lumted InspectiOns for the week com pnse: 1,537 hhds Maryland, 217 do. Oh10, 4 do. Vir gmta stems-Total 1,758 hhds, wh1lst clearances were made of 495 Maryland, szo do Ohio, 73 do Vtrgm1a, 327 do stems to Rotterdam, 57 I do. Maryla11d, I,68o do Oh10, 312 do Vtrgmia, 15 do Kentucky, 105 do V1rgm1a stems to Bremen. We rev1se quotations, VIZ. Maryland, frosted, 6@7, sound common, 7 good common, mtddhng, good to fine red, u@13; fancy, 14@25., upper country, ground leaves, 6@9 Oluo mferior to good Common, g1eemsh and brown, medlllm to fine red, @rz, common to mecl. spangled, fine spangled to yellow, n@H Kentucky, -common to good lugs, heavydo. 9@1o, low to fatr to good, t.I@IZ, fine and selectiOns, 13@rs Vtr gm)a, com mon to good lugs, 8@9, common to med leaf, 9@Io, fatr tv good, II@I2, fine and selections, 13@14 stems, good to fine, Tobacco Statement. :Jail I, 187 2 -Stock m warehouses and on sh1pboard, not cleared.---------------5,74-S hhds Inspected th1s week_------------------11758 hhds Inspected previously_----------------. -3 s,792 hhds Total. __ ---------------------43,295 hhds Exported smce Jan r, 1S72 --25,240 hhds Coastwise and re -mspected_--41JOo hhds 29,s4o hhds Stock to day m waregouses and on shtp b.oard not cleared.-----------------.-13,755 hhds Ed. Wtschmeyer & Co, Tobacco Cb_ mm1sston Merchants, reports as follows The demand for med1um grades of plug tobacco has been fatr th1s week, w1th pnces unchanged. We quote the following recetpts H_offman, Lee & Co. 158 hlf. bxs John P. Pleasant & Son, 259 hlf bxs 206 qtr. bxs, G. S. Watts & Co, 266 bxs. 79 cases, A Seemuller & Sons, 30 hlf bxs 8o thuds bxs. 136 cases, J B Stafford, 7 I hlf. bxs. 278 tlurds and qtr bxs 21 cases; Norvell & Baxter, 9S bxs. 17 cases' other parties, s6 hlf. bxs 72 thirds bxs 24 cases BOSTON, September 14-The Commer.ial Bulletzn reports as follows Th_e market for manufactured tobacco for export contu iues dull, but pnces are firm and unchanged. As soon as the stock now in bond e d ware houses IS exhausted they w1ll be closed, and sales w1ll then be made mainly by sample. We quote good black work 2r@23c, fa1r do 19@21c; common do 15@19C Bright work, supenor, 75@85c, gooc, 48@55c; fatr, 3S @4oc, common, 28@3 oc, all in bond. The demand for domestie leaf has been fa1r, with some sales at full pnces, mamly for export. \Ve quote Havana at ro@r 20; Connecticut and Massachusets fillets at 14@17c; Bmders and Seconds, 20@3oc, Wrap qers, 4S@6sc; Fine Wrappers, 64@75c Yara, $r@1 ro CLARKSVILLE, TENN September IJ -Messrs. M H. Clark & Brother leaf tobacco brokers, report Our receipts and sales are now so hght that we can hardly be sa1d to have a tobacco market, having no sales last week, and only 5 hhds sold th1s week Our tobacco year ends Sept r, and below will be found statlsttcs of our market for the year ending rst mst. Rece1pts for the year, 12,Io5 hhds, sales, u,836 hhds. Stock on hand Sept r, 872, IS6 hhds. Total value of sales $1,946,o18.42; mcrease m weight of hhds m 1872 over r87 I, about 24 per cent. The figures for same ttme m r87r, were as follows-Receipts, 14,097 hhds. Sales, IJ,OI? Stock on hand, Sept I I87I, s6s hhds Total value of sales for I87I, Our crop m th1s dtstnct has been suffenng from drought for thirty days, which broke up on the 9th w1th showers whtch seemed nearly general on the roth nth and 12th, SEPT. 18 which have been of much benefit to the crop. The re po'rts from all over the West mdtcate .a plantmg of 40 per cent mcrease o ver that of 1871. -The crop has suf fered some of.the usual casualities, and promises to be of m1xed quahty w1th a large proportion of lugs, and low grade leaf_, and the quantity will no doubt gtve recetpts at the 'seaboard of, 12o,ooo to IJP,ooo hhds. Takmg the entire West, one-fourth of the crop 15 cut and housed cuttmg of the remamder JS progressmg at a steady rate If planters and buyers agree as to'price the crop will move forw .. rd early. : DANVILLE, Va. September 14 -Messrs. Pemberton & Penn,' tobacco commisaton merchants report as follows For tile last month the recetpts been light, and as the sto(k of old leaf must be nearly exhausted, 1t w1ll contmuehght unt1l the new crop commences tf) come tn. Our rece1pts perhaps reach 1o,ooo tbs datly, all of whtch IS eagerly taken by our manufacturers. \Ve quote l'nmmgs 3@5 ; lugs, common, 5@7; do medtum to good, 7@9, leaf, common .green, 7@ro, medtum to good, 9@I2, good ncb, u@r8; fancy, smok mg lugs, 8@I5, wrappers, 25@75. LOUISVILLE, September I I -We report as follows. There has not been much actiVIty m the market as re cetpts have been small. There 1s a go'ld demand for cuttmg and manufacturing le:tf from consumers. The receipts for the week 336 l1hds, 47 5 boxes, and the exports 470 hhds, 3,395 The sales at the dtfferent warehouses were 445 hhds and r box as follows The Lomsville House sold 161 hhds '96 hhds tucky at s6 hhds do at 14 75. 12 75. 12 75. 12 so, 12 JS, 12 25, I2. j 1! 7S, II 7S1 11-75, II 50, II.25, II 25, II 25, II 25, I I 25, I I 25, II, II, 11, II, II, u, II ; 10.75, 10.75> !0 7So IO 75, 10.75; IO 50, IO 50, IO, IO, 9 90, 9.70, 9 40 9 hhds do lugs at 9 so, 9., 8 .6 o, 8 so 8 40, 82o, 8, 8, 70 2 hhds do trash at 9 so, 8 3 0 2 hhds do new pnmmgs at 7, 6 so 9 hhds West Vtrgmia leaf at 23, 16 50, 16 2S, 14 75, 14.25,13.751 13.251 t2 7S 12 so 1 hhd Indtana leaf at 11.75 5 hhds do lugs at 9Jo; 9 ro, 9, 9 8 6o. r hhd factory sweepings at 5 The Fanners' House sold 2S hhds 17 hhd Kentucky leaf at 25, 12 75,, 12.25, 12, u 75, rr.50 ti, 10 7So IO 75, IO 50, IO so, IO SO, 101 9 50, 9 5 hhds do lugs at ro 75, Io 7S, 8 6o, 8.6o, 8 30. 3 hhds do trash at 8 9o,, 8.Jo. The P1ckett House sold 5 hhds 39 hhds Kentucky leaf S22, 15 75, IS 25, 13 7S 12=7s, 12 so, 12 so, 12 5o, J2 50, 12 50 12 so, II 75 t II 75 II 75, II 50, II 25, II, II1 II, 10 7S, 10 75o 10 751 IO 751 IO 751 IO SO, 10 so, 10 so. 10 25, 10 25, 10, ro, 9 3o, 9 8o, 9 So, 9 7 5 9 70, 9 6o, 9 6o 4 hhds do lugs at 9 so 8 8o 8 70 8 so 2 hhds do trash at 8 so, 8 7 hhds gtma leaf .at 2o, 17 75, r6, 14 75, I4 so, 14, 13 25. 2 hhds M1s.oun leaf at Io, ro 1 hhd West Tennessee lugs at 8 8o r hhd Indtana lugs at 8 8o The Boone House sold s8 hhds and I box: 24 hhds old Kentucky leaf at so 13 hhds new do at 2 I 11 75, II 75, II, IO 7So 10 so, 10 50, !0 50, IO 25: IO 20, ro, ro, 9 So. 7 hhds do lugs at 9 8o, 9 so, 9 40, 9 30, 9, 8 8o, 8 70 1 box do at 7 20 u hhds Indtana leaf at 11, ro 7;, ro 95, I o so, 10 so, 10 ro 2s, ro 25,9 95,9 70,9 40. 3 hhds do lugs at 8 8 90 8 so, 8 fhe Planters' House sold hhds hhds Kentucky leaf and lugs at $I7 2s, 13 7 s, 13 75, 13 so, r3 so, 13 so, 13 25, IJ 25, I(3 25, II 751 II 501 II, Ir1 IO 7So 10 50, 10 so, ro so, ro so, Io 25, ro, 10, Io, 9 20, 9 10, 8 95 8 8o, 8 8o, 8 8o 8 40, 8 30 4 hhds redned leaf at 16 zs 14 75, rs, 12 2S 2 hhds lnd1ana ear leaf at 10, 9 1o: I hhd new pnmmgs at 6 6o. The Nmth Street House sold u6 hhJs so hhds Kentucky leaf at $14 each. 45 hhds do old leaf at Sr3 each. 10 hhds do leaf 25, 12, rr.7s, 11.25, 11 IO so, ro, 9 so, 9JO, 9 Io, 4 hhds do ro 10.75, 4 hhds do .at 9 20 9 90 hhds do lugs at 9, Io 25. 3 hhds do at 6 40, 6, 6 The Ketucky Tobacco Assoc1at10n sold 8 hhds Kentuc8ky leaf and lugs at $13 25, 1!.25, II, Io, 9 90, 9 6o, 9> 10. NEW ORLEANS, September u.-We report as fol. lows. The matket has been dull, 'and the sales have been only 16o hhds, of wh1ch ssold at I JC, r at 12 6 at I 1 :Ji, 5 at I I, and the rest on pnvate terms. Quo tatiOns whtch are as follows, are unchanged. Lugs at 8Yz Low Leaf at Medtum at roYz@ II}fc, Good at and Fme and SelectiOns at 13@14 The rece1pts were 44 hhds; no exports; stock m warehouse and on sh1pboard, no cleared on the roth mstant, 8,ss6 hhds The demand 1s qmet for manufactured, bemg pnnctpally for consumption the stocks on hand are good \Ve quote: No r, lbs; Extr-a Bnght, 7o@8oc Fme at 65@70, Fme Medmm 6o@65 Good Medmm 55@6o, so@sS, Common,' Sound 4S@5o, Gold l3ars 12 mch, 6 o z@ 7 oz and 4 oz, accord. mg to quahty, Medmm and Com Unsound 31@40: Half pounds; Bnght 48@6o, Do. Black, Sweet 48@55, No r, 5s and ros Dark Black, Sweet Navy, tbs Navy 3rds 4S@so; Fancy Styles, Natural Leaf Twtst, Pancake, &c. 55@8o. The receipts were 6I8 pkgs PADUCAH, September II -The Kentuckza11 reports the market as follows: The bustn ess m tlus article grows less each week as the season advances. The old crop has pretty well all been marketed, and farmers as well -as dealers are now devotmg themselves to the necessary preparations for handlmg the new crop. The sales and rece1pts for the week endmg w1th yesterday were equal and compriSed only 56 hhds. The offerings dtd not embrace much of a vanety of grades, but were composed mostly of low grades, winch continued m strong demand and sold at our extreme quotations The market closed firm for all grades Wtthout change, and we repeat our quotations as follows. Lugs, common leaf, 9@9.50, medium leaf,, nne leaf, u@12 so, brown and mahogany wrappers, I 2.5o@rs; p1ebald wrappers, 15@25 bright wrappers, 25@61. PETERSBURG, September 14.-Messrs. R A. Young & Brother, Tobacco Comm1sston Merchants report a:; Early in the week the breaks were' large, and pnces .advanced considerably on all desirable grades and on lugs U to Smce then the offenngs hav; been small, and holders very firm for all ktnds. Sales reached 240 hhds thts week, and as w1ll be noted from the report, the sales have been very hght. In bright tobacco there IS very httle domg, holders asking htgh pnces for all l?rades. / We quote the market. as follows Workmg lugs 8 shipping lugs, poor to common working leaf, 9 @ 1oU; fa1r, II@r2, and good to very good, The latter figures for good dark strong tobacco suttable for tw1st. There has been less doing m ship pmg, -and not so much anxiety to buy as some weeks back, and we thmk for good, to fa1r prices are from soc. to h lower at ode time. We quote good sh1pping and very good to fine Recetpts show a smart fallmg cff the past week. For he;lted and funked tobacco pnce continue low No fine sun-cured We quote coal-cured for wrappers Jxs@hS wtth but httle offenng. 1 Below we append the inspections for the past week and also for the same t1me last year. E l Oaks ___ ------_______ _, ___ 86 Centre. ____________ ----78 W Htll ________________ __ 64 Moore's--------.. -----49 6 95 3 46 4 IS 1"!7 53 --4I10 2 975 1877 1590 --________ -------277 14 209 11916 ns52 last week _____________________________ 20 Total smce Oct. rst, I 87 r -____________ -----


PHILADELPHIA, 16 -Mr E M D1cker son, reporter for the Tobacco Trade of P hiladelphia, wntes as follows 'I he !ea T trade 1s moderately active for home consumption SaJes smce my last report have been, m round numbers, 400 cases new, and Ioo do old Our cigar-makers are busy, turmng out abOut (1,400, ooo) fourteen hundred thousand per week The plug mfd trade IS dull RICHMOND, Septemberr4.-Mr R A Mills, To bacco Broker and CommiSSion Merchant, reports In rev1ewmg our market for past week I have to note that receipts and offenngs have fallen off considerably, though the supply of all grades IS fqlly equal to the demand, ana from the amount of tobaccCII now m warehouse for m spection and re-sale and the balance to come forward, from planters,and upland warehouses, I thu\k the present supply will be equal to the demand Our m a nufactu rers a_re buymg to meet their daily wants, and show very httle diSposition to mcrease their present stocks of leaf. There 1s very little domg at present m sh1ppmg tobacco, the h1gh rates of, fre1ght and low premmm on exchange teml to operations for the time bemg There IS a considerable mqmry for new pnmmgs, and they bnng read1ly from 1o s)( c accordmg to quahty and con ditlon The supply of pnmmgs 1s ve ry hm1ted at pres ent The transactions were S66 hhds, 312 Ires, 24 bxs I contmue my quotauons A .BlackLugs, common medmm. Lugs good to fine ---_ Leaf, common to medmm.-Leaf, good to fine __ J --_--__ Extra ContmentaL Sun Cured-Lugs common to good Leaf, common to good -------__ Leaf, extra. __________ ----__ .Nommal common to medmm_Lugs, leafy, good to fine ___________ Lugs, extra smokmg _-___ -_-___ Leaf, common to medmm wrappers Leaf, good to fine wrappers Leaf, extra fine wrappers_ $ 7 oo @ S oo 8 so@ 9 00 8 00 @ IOOO 10 so@ 14 00 15 oo@ I6 oo 8oo@ ro oo IO oo@ IS oo 17 oo@ 2S oo 8 so@ 12 00 13 oo@ IS oo 20 oo@ 30 oo IS oo@ 2.5 oo 30 oo@ 75 oo So 00@125 oo 6 -The Commeraal SAN FRANCISCO, September Herald says The market IS well stocked w1th Vuguua Manufac tured m vanety The JObber,, as a whole are carrymg ftee supphes, py,rchased at auctwn some weeks smce, and many of them a1 e 1 ather sohc1tous to part With 1t at ver.y small profits On the 3d mst an mvmce of fine Vugm1a stock JUSt rece1ved over lan d, With posttlve m structwns to sell upon arnval, was d1sposed of a t auction on a cred1 t of stxty days 2 cases Impenal Ruby 3s, lb, 2 do, 4s, SIC, 2 do, ss. soc, 2 do, qrs, J s qr bxs Ruby Navy, 9 mch 3S, sse' 4 cases Red Nose, 3s and 4s, 2 cases Koh 1 noor natural leaf, qrs, S3C, 20 one-thud bxs Carolma leaf, 3 and 4 to the pound, soc, 10 do Yellow Bml, soc, IO do Na1ds' Feast, 49C J 10 do Hawsers Twtst, s6c' 10 do Koh I noor Tw1st, sSe S qr bxs S:wananoa, pounds, sSe, 5 do l'fectar, 57c, 5 one fifth bo:xes Belle et Bonne, 65c, 'i do Pans Medal, dark, c, 5 do mottled, S7C, 20 qr bxs May Apple, 56C' 20 hlf bxs El Dorado, 45C J I I one third bxs Delle et Bonne Twist, extra; 67 }f c S do 6 mch Twist, 67c, 4 cases Upton bught Navy4s, :lb There 1s no spec1al mquuy for Connecticut Leaf Pnces as heretofore 2o@soc IS the rate for lot parcels, and for runmng lots of Pennsylvama Leaf The exports were 4 cases to Chma, and 47 cases, 27 do ctgars, 2 do p1pes to Vnctona There are now on their t his port from domestic AtlantiC ports 218 hhds and 3,964 case 1' ST LOUIS, September n -Mr. J E Haynes, To bacco Broker, reports as fO>llows ReceiVed I22 hhds, agamst ISO the previous week The market opened dull, and nearly everythmg on the breaks on Thursday was passed or reJected, and on the followmg day lhe bids on low grades bemg generally so@h lower sel lers would not accept them On Saturday, pnces were uregular and droopmg The apathy of buyers caused sellers to withhold their tobacco from th e breaks on Monday, and the only sales were pnvately Yester day there was a fa1r break, and the market was more ammated, and pnces a shade better Sales from 1 hurs day to yesterday mclus1ve, only so hhds, 1 at go, S at 7@7 go; I3 at 8@S 90, 10 at 9@9 90, S at Io@Io 7 s, I at 12 25, 1 at 13 7S, 2 at 14, I at IS; I at IS so, I at I9, 2 at 2S@2S so, I at 2S so, 1 at 32 so, 1 at 35 so, 1 at 36 so, and I at 38, and 15 boxes at $5 2 0 @32 In the same time 46 hhds were passed, and b1ds were reJected on 44 hhds at $6 50@29 2s, and 7 boxes at 30@9 25 To-day, the market wa s actiVe and higher, especially on medmm bnghts and bnght fillers Sales 2 2 hhds FOREIGN AMSfERDAM, August 31 -Messrs. Schaap & Van Veen, Tobacco B rokers, reports as follows The fore gomg week was very dull II:! every respect, and we found 1t not worth while to make mentwn of a small sale. In the last week we had more actiVIty and we notice the followmg salet! 49 hhds Maryland, 30 do Kentucky, -I6<4o bales Java Importation s 30 hhds Kentucky. 2350 bales J a\ a, rSo do Havana Stocks to day, 399 hhds Maryland, S37S bales Java, 444 cases seed leaf, bales Havana ANTWERP, Augrut 3I -Mr :v1ctor Forge, Importer of Leaf Tobacco, reports A small busmess has been done thi s week, some manufacturers and dealers have been Jookmg aoout, offenng pnces below the VJeWS of the unporters, but there wa:s no chance for a large bust ness as, the parties d1d ncot agree, altho ugh some 40 hhds have been sold to JObbers At the auction sale of yesterday 58 hhds Kentucky and Vtrgmta were sold, mostly poor stuff, funky and mouldy pnmmgs and lugs, wh1ch were sold at very h1gh pnces cons1denng the con dttiun of the tobacco There have been no arnvals LIVERPOOL, September 2 -Mr F W Smythe s Monthly Cucul>tr says The Dock returns annexed show the stock of Umted S:tates fobacco m this port to be I9,16o hbds, agamst 2s,278 at same t1me last year, makmg a decrease of 6118 In our two ch1ef markets the supply 1s as follows Llv erpool-vL, 2,2SS j VS, I,S3S, KL1 6,SS2 j KS, 7,47'6, MDS, r,oo9, total, }9,160 London-vL, 1,872., vs, 579 KL, 2,S49, KS, 7 S43, MDS, total, 14,518 Grand otal, 33,678, agamst 39,7S3 twelve months ago The Liverpool total, It should be observed, mcludes -4, 933 hhds, not sampled VL, S23, vs, 72S, JtL, 1786, XS, 1,681, MDS, 218 It 1s proper to remark that a considerable portiOn o Stnps and Leaf m both markets IS owued by manufac turers and dealers, and that consequently the stock on sale 1s proportionately less It IS Impossible to say how much of the leaf IS suitable for our shippers to Afnca and to the Contment, but it 1s qmte safe to estrmate the quantity as very small descnptlons now m the market Pnces contmue veryfi1m for all classes, and m some mstances a shght advance has been obtamed, and, holders generally are d1smclmed to submit to the least concessiOn on top rates 1 he stock offenng IS now much reduced, and takmg mto account the small additiOn that Will be made to It this season, there appears to be but little prospects of I ates bemg lower for some time to come In subsututes, cons1denng the want of vanety m the stock, there has been good bust ness done, and at full pnces For c1gar tobacco there has been a fair mqmry Imports, 11756 hhds 1es r,o38 hhds, agamst Srs hhds m the correspondmg month of last year Stocks 141518 hhds, agamst I4,37 5 hhds m 1871, 13,818 hhds m rS7o, 12,683 hhds m IS69 I7,414 hhds m 1S6S 20,641 hhds m 1S67 ; 24,354 hhds m 1866 Vugmta leaf and stnps have only been tak en to a very moderate extent, hght, leafy, and dark nch classes of the former have been most sought after, but the stock of stnps ts now so tnflmg that buyers have g 1ven them but httle attention From what has already been seen of the late 1m ports, there appears to be some fine nch t bacco, fm wh1ch extreme pnces are talked about Kentucky and MJSsoun le refused to do m thi S case On tho 24th of June was re-asserted that the "amendatory paragraph does not take effect until July rst, r872 fhe Attorney Gen eral says LONDON, &ptem/;ers.-Messrs Grant, Chambers & Co report as follows The market for North Amencan tobacco has been qutet durmg the past week and the purchases made have been only for the 1mmed1ate re quuements of the home trade, there bemg comparatively notbmg offenng smtable for exportation contmue extremely firm, holders not the least mclmatwn Tlus amendment IS not made to take effect at once, It JS nOt, m fact, made until rst of July The Attorney General argumentatively asks Can works that are tobe mserted at some future day m a law, and at that ttme become a part thereof, have any effect before the msertton IS made'" We demonstrate that under the absurd rulmg of the commiSSioner, but one new paragraph and the one to be superseded by It were recognized by h1m to be m force at the same time We do not claim any spec ial credit for the positions we assume m the dJscuss1on of th1s questiOn, for It seemed to us that a school-boy would :understand that when Congress plamly declared that certam amenoments to the revenue law should should take .effect 011 tile ISI of July. that date, and no other, was mtended by Congress We may mistake, but the rulmg appeared to be a ltehbto subm1t to concessiOns. Western le and stnps !rave been chfefly dealt m, but transactions have been upon a very hm1ted scale. V1rgmja leaf and stnps of fine nch quality have been,sought after, but such are difficult to find Maryland and Ohio still conttPue dull of sale, only the most colory classes finod buyers Cavendish 1s firmer, w1th more busmess domg,. and a good mqutry Our monthly report IS as follows Throughout the past month there has been, a hm1ted busmess done m Umted States tobacco, b111yers for home use havmg operated only when anyth mg desirable was to be had, and exporters havmg foumd It dtfficult tQ fulfill the1r orders, owmg to the extremely small supply of suitable TOE erate attempt to_ harra>s and annoy the tobacco trade Rzchmonll, Va Whzg I do solemnly pledge my honor as a man that I will not reveal any busmess wh1c h may be transacted at the meetmg of our umon to non umon men or parties not connected With the orgamzatwn mals, but those of small s1ze are k1lled mstantaneously. Among the effects observed the most constant are fibril lar trembhngs, a general congestiOn of the superficial vessels, stupor, and espec1ally the tetamform contraction of the muscles of the abd omen. 8. N 1coune 1s one of the po1sons the effect of wh1ch is most speedily dtssl pated, and the habituation to wh1ch is soonest accom phshed. 9 Contrary to what has generally been as sumed, the vapor of mcotme at the ordmary temperature IS not dangerous, but 1t IS qwte otherwise tf the hqu1d is carried to ebullition It then produces palpitations, a decided pam, and vert1go. Smaller ammals exposed to tliJS vapor d1e almost mstantaneously. Io Among the effects of tobacco smoke upon man may be ment ioned, 111 small doses, exCitation of the mtellec tual faculties for the moment; m repeated doses 1t pro duces palp1tatloos, troubles of vtston, and more espectal ly a decrease of the memory and particularly the mem ory of words OIGAR-MAKERS' OONVENTION. Proc:eediags at St Lotus on tbe '7tll 8th-Be ports of' Cemmittee8-A.ctioa apoa Claims. The conventiOn of c1gar makers reassembled at Tur ner's Hall yesterday mornmg, Prestdent Noerr m the chal'r The followmg resolutiOn was offered by ex President Johnson, m recogmtion of the hospttality of Umon 16, and the p1cmc entertamment g1ven by that umon on Thursday at Cliff Cave Resolved, That we the delegates and retired officers of the eighth annual sessiOn of the InternatiOnal Ctgar makers' Umon, hereby tender their smcere and hearty thanks to the officers and members of the St Louis Un 1on No r6, and esp ecially to the committee of reception, for the hospitable manner m h1ch they have entertl\ffied us durmg our stay in th1s city, and the magnificent p1cmc which they gave for our enJoymentlesterday, afld we shall ever remember the fa1r lad1es o St LoUis for the1r kmdness, hosp1t ahty and the social manner m wh1ch they entertamed us upon the occaston of the grand ptcmc Mr A C Cameron, the ed1tor of the Workmgman's Advomte, of Chtca.go, the offictal organ of the cigar makers, dehvered an address upon the for care on the part of ed1tors and reporters m the pum.1ca twn of meetmgs and delib e ratiOns of th e Convention At the close of Mr Cameron's speech a resolutiOn was P.assed thankmg h1m for h1s attention to the mter est:> of the trade, and expressiVe of the gratificatiOn Its members have felt for h1 thorough and unpartlal re ports dunng the past year Mr Cameron responded gracefully m another appropnate speech A recess of two hours was taken AFTERNOON SESSION Section three, article twelve was am nded by strikmg out the words no retlTlng cards, however, shall be Is sued by local umons, except at a regular meeting of the same" The followmg additional section was mcorporated m article thirteen Sec 3 1 he financial secretary of each local umon shall report quarterly the amount of stnkmg fund on hand at the end of the previous quarter, amount re ce1ved dunng t he quarter, the amount expended and for what expended, ilnd amount on hand at date of re ;>OJ t On motion, a resolut1on was adopted recordmg m the affirmative upon the question of the adoptwn of jhe col!stltution the names of all umons not scndmg m a vote on or before the first of December The committee on the revenue law recommended that the president suggest the ctrculatlon of petitiOns through out the country, w1th adv1ce to local umons of secunng signatures to the same, and send them to the representa tlves m Congress, w 1th a v1ew to the repeal of the law The Committee on General Amnesty recommended a proclamatiOn adm1ttmg all non umon men to the umons on payment of the regular InitiatiOn fee until December ISt, 1872 SectiOn one, article four, amended, reducmg the salary of the president of the International Umon from $30 0 tO $200 The con v entiOn then adJOUrned until the first Monday of September, 1S73, to meet at Detroit PEN SKETCHES FOR SUNDAY READING. Th1s perhaps, be most effective m th1s country, dtd not wicked JOurnalists, now and then, tchromce tho death of some lady or gentleman, great smokers m the1r tune, and who d1ed of tobacco, aged nmety or a hundred years I Such examples of longev1ty put to fl1ght the con clusiOns of all medical philosophers, and so Dr Lebon's counterblast w1ll go the way of all d1atnbes agamst the weed-"--end m smoke OBITUARY. R F MORJUS I. On Thursday last, the Tobacco Board of Trade, of Durham, N. C held a meetmg tn relauon to the death of th1s lamented gentle m an, when the followmg proceedmgs took place ...C ... W herea.t Itl has pleased an a11 wse Prov1de nce to remove sud denly from our m1dst ou} fnend and netghbor, R F Moms, Esq therefore The convention met at two o'clock The Committee WHIFFS oF TOBACCO Re&olved, That we offer to hs bereaved and afflicted famtly our hearty condolence for the ureparable loss they have sustamed m h ts dea th, t o J he communt ty for the loss of o ne of 1ts most active, per sevengtl and useful CJhzen s, and to the Tobacco Board of Trade one of 1ts most energetiC and enterpnsmg members on Clatms reported favorably on the presented cla1m of (From tlu St Louts Globe) Ad-uertisements. the Albany Un10n, and advocated 1ts payment out of the Doctors disagree as to the effects of tobacco on the stnke fund of that' mnon The report was adopted human system Take, for example, Hall's :Joul;tal The Fmance Committee reported on the accounts of the of Health and the London Lancet and contrast the WANTED -CIG \R-HAKERS and ,..nted by secretary for the past year, sh_owmg the receipts to be opmwns of these h1gh pnests m the synagogue of med1 GUMPERr BROTHEus, 1341 Pa.. $I702 8o, expenditures $rs6s 13, balance on hand cme Hall w1ll vow any day that the weed 1s' dPstructtve 'f,r37 67 They reported favorably upon the questwn to both bram and muscle, and that the subtle pOison of allowmg Sunda) accounts 1 hey suggested payment known as mcotme will at last send the smoker and the of tbe Syracuse Umon No 6, claim, as soon as the chewer to a country where the article 1s not knOVI n at financtal conditiOn of the InternatJOnal treasury would all Tbat htgh Enghsh authonty, the London Lancet, perm1t The report was accepted will on the other hand, co n cede that the people live td Thr committee on the ObJeCtions of Albany Umon, a great old age although hah1tu a l consUTuers of tobacco, No 8, to the grantmg of a charter to the Cigar makers and after all 1t seems to be, m some cases, rather of Hudson, N<:!w York, reported m favor of the obJeC productive of longev1ty than otherwiSe The Lancet twns, at the same time urgmg upon the Albany Umon fought Its use v1gorously up to a year or two smce, that they treat the Hudson operatives kmdly and len when 1ts learned ed1to r threw a s omer sault, landed on 1ently, and that they atd the Hudson men to form a h1s feet, and boldly avowed that tobacco and 1ts con umon umers had been dreadfully abused by wicked and Another recess then taken perverse gene1 at10ns. Th1s so m ersault remmded one EVENING SESSION of Leon Javelli's head over heels feats, and the charm The convention agam met at seven o'clock mg audac1ty of h1s look, wh1ch said plamly as could be The Comm 1ttee on Stnkes submitted the followmg m h1s audtence Ladies of the d1ess cucle and men 01 ALBER! a.nd RUDOLPH BAER Will come home nnmediately 88 their mother is very 111 Auy one RJ.YlD8 in1ormat1on a.l)out them Will be rewa rded .Addreaa, Lovts BE&, 846 Fifth Streel, New Ctty mu A RARE CHANCE TOllE LET-CHEAP-or For Sale price only 00 a year, atLOCUBT GROVE NEW10WN Longislond,aFINECOUNTRY SEAT oonslatiJtg or NEW HOUSE of 8 rooms, WJth hal! an acre o r Garden Frmt 1Neo, Grape .Arbor, Out, uses, etc 8ttua.ted betwee n 3 d pot on Flu"htng Ratlrood, n.nd only 6 mtnutcs from each depot 22 trams daily, I5 mw.utes to New York City lnquu-e at the o:f6.ce of th18 paper 887 II'OIIJ!IIOJJ. We beg to inform the Trade that MR HOR.ACE BLACKM UR 1s no loagvr m our employ, a.nd that he 15 not authonsed to take ordet8 for our goo s \V e deem 1t necesury to make th Mate m ent, bavmg recened informatioll that satd H 131ackmur J8 oft"CJ'1ng a Base lmt\atJon of out well kno1m brand of Smokmg Tobacco the SEA! OF NORTH CAROLINA palmmg olf the in fenor articl e be off ers as our manufacture of the genuma M"ARBURG BROTHERS -("eport the pit, what do you thmk of that I 1 The committee cannot report on t he case of tbe Meanwhile, tobacco consumers go on with the1r Sept 10, ,s,, Leavenworth UniOn No s6, the papers bemg m the pipes and Cigars, the COlmer home, the latter for possessiOn of J W Bryant, of the Committee on Past street Chewmg IS rather dymg out as an art, for Stnkes, appomted at the Boston sesswn m IS7r We men do not care to encounter the fa1r sex wtth a qUid therefore recommend that as soon as the papers can be away m a ret1re d nook of the mouth, which obtamed fro m sa1d Bryant, they be referred to the giVes to one s1de of the face an appearance as 1f the St Loms delegatiOn w1th mstructwns to mvest1gate and man had been the ytcllm of an mveterate t oothache MANUFACTURERS OF SMOKING TOBACCO, 145 '47 & 149 South Charles St B.dLTJMORliJ Aid make a general report The Cuban long rol11s a favonte with men and even 2 In the Case of Spnngfield Umon No 3S, were ladies thmk the fragrance of a well dned and well made commend that the followmg named umons be requested leaf of tobacco whtch grows m the "ever fa1thfuiisland," to forward the1r mdebtedness to sa1d uruon Umon No not altogether to the1r dehcate olfactones And IS, $15, No 20, $3, No 39, $rs, No 42, hs, No 49, o Old Amenca sm1les as Young Amenca smokes and $2o, No 78, 1>2, No S6, f,2, No 97, $6, No 101, $I mgs We also rec ommend that Umon No 3S take tM sum of $25 due them from suspended umons Nos 4S and ros out of th eir own smkmg fund 3 In the case of the mdebtedness of the International Umon t o Canton Umon No 120 we recommend that the Internat10nal Pres1dent be mstructeq to Issue an approval to all umons not assessed to support the Can to n Umon, to send from the1r treasury, or smkmg fund the sum of '$3 each, as the committee can devise no other way of hq.mdatmg the obligatiOn of the Interna tiona! Umon to the Canton Umon 4 In the case of the Milwaukee stnke, we recommend that the final report of sa1d umon be pubhshed m the :Joumal T he sectiOn relatmg to the Canton Umon wasreJected and the rest of the report ado}'ted The case of a boss c1garmaker at Kmgston, wa! then taken up It appears be h1red a workman, not a member of the umon, and the c1garmakers struck The manufacterer commenced a smt agamst the umon, under the for conspmng to InJUre h1m m h1s busmess The umons combmed and subscnbed for the defense of the Kmgston Umon, and fought the case through the d1fferent courts to the Supreme Court, where the case was dismissed, the conspiracy law hav mg been, m the meantime, repealed The committee Fragrant Havana, Sweet soc1al Bundle of manna, Matchless c1gar I Ere I sur render The taste of thy Rosa Mat1lda, May pas s w1th her hps I See the olrl p eople How snugly they s1t, Stra1ght as a steeple, P1pes all well ht Peace on their fa ces, Love m theu souls, Watchmg the sp1ral Smoke from theu bowls Housew1ves 1f ever You would be w1se, Husbands' tobacco Never desp ise Sweethearts remember If wa1tmg you are, May m December Comes With a c1gar appomted to the matter, reporte.Q, as follows Not even a savage Your comm1ttee appomted to mvestlgate the Kmgs Can even succeed ton conspiracy case would report that the receipts on In nursmg and anger account of the Kmgston conspiracy were $1237, and the Dispelled by the weed expenditures $117 r6, leavmg a balance to bt> refunded Peace makmg tobacco 1 to the subscnbmg muons of $729 84, of wh1ch $400 IS Thy aid 1 mvoke-loaned to the International Umon, the treasury ofwh1ch In love or 10 busmess IS not m condition to refund at the present time We There's magi c m smoke 1 therefore, recommend, that the amount be refunded m v two annual mstalments, and that the pres1dent cause to If the opponents o f smokmg and adherents of Kmg have pnnted and ISsued to the several contnbutmg James and Charles Lamb don't hke the foregomg eulogy umons the btlls of the lntematlona Umon for the on the famous Havana, we adv1se them to try one of the amounts due them respectively best of Cuban brands and light the1r matden c1gar w1th 1 he followmg resolution !Was adopted 1t Resolved, That the executive board be authonzed to It lS about time to return to the matter wh1ch we first levy a pnvale assessment upon all umons that have not had m hand, a bundle of conclusiOns of Dr Lebon of patd their full assessment m the Milwaukee stnke, for Pans, m a report on the deletenousness of tobacco to the support of the Canton Umon No 122, and Bmg-the Med1co Chirurgical Society at L tege And here hampton Umon No 141, such assessment to be con-we g1v.e a synopsis of the tmued urtll all arrearages are pa1d to sa1d umons But GALLIC c6uNTERBLAST should the amount e_xceed the wants of the umons 1 Smokers and persons who w it hout smokmg are named, then_the excess shall be appropnated to further enveloped m an atmosphere of tobacco smoke, absorb stnkes until the sum IS exhausted for eaclfoquanhty of ten grammes of tobacco a proper Resolved, That the mternallonal secretary not1fy all twn of mcotme, varymg from some centigrammes to a umons to mclude m their quarterly report, due Septem gramme They absorb about an equal of ber 30th, 1S72, the full amount of stnkmg funds m theu ammoma 2 The quanti y of tobacco datly possession on that date, -and that sa1d secretary open by a smgle md1v1dual add1cted to 1ts use IS scarcely less a stnkmg fund account w1th local umons than twenty grammes A smoker I S therefore, liable ClosiqProeeedbqJ8-TbeAIDeaded.CoD8titutioa. to absorb da1ly a quantity of mcotme whtch may reach The convention devoted the entue day, Sept 8th, to twenty five centlgrammes, with an equal proporuon of the consideratiOn of the new constitution reported by ammoma 3 Of all kmds of smokmg, the most dar. the comm1ttee thereupon, and accepted 1t With all the gerous IS that of smokmg a c1gar or ctgarette and swal amendments suggested lowmg the smoke, the least dangerous ts ,that of smok-Matenally the new constitution remams Identical w1th mg a narg1le, or p1pe with a long tube, m the open the old, with the exceptiOn of a few amendments neces au 4 The effect produced by the result of the con s1tated by the Improvement m the conduct of the umons, densatlon of tobacco smoke 1s analogous tothat of me and the aspects presented by stnkes smce the passage otme Nevertheless there must be al:lded the of the act effects produced bl the ammoma, wh1ch the Section three of article seven was amended, mstructsmoke con tams m a considerable quantity s The res1 mg umons to send weekly mstead of monthly reports to nous sem1 liqUid which condenses m the mterior of the the executive board 111 of stnkes p1pe contams a considerable proportiOn of mcotme It The followmg section was mcorporated m article mne ts httle less pmsonous than mcotme Itself, and raptdly de In case of a stnke the mternallonal pres1dent shall stro1s the hfe of ammals exppsed to Its actwn. 6 The have power, when he deems 1t necessary, to appomt a hqmd product which condenses 10 the lungs and mouth committee of three fr01p the nearest umon to mvestlgate of the smoker contams water, ammonia, mcotine, fatty the case, and report Immediately to the mternatwnal and resmous bod1es, and colonng matters A dose of all necessary expenses mcurred by sa1d com one drop of this speechl'y produces paralysis of motion m1ttee to be defrayed by the Internauonal Umon when m small ammals, and a state of apparent death. These approved by the Executive Board effects quickly but death actually supervenes Sect10n e1ght, article ten, was amended by stnkmg out 1fthe dose 1S carr1ed up te sevetal drops If, msteaa of all after the word "card admm1stenng the hqUid mternally, the anunal 1s made Article ten was further amended by the add1t10n of to breathe It for some time, 1t d1es all the same In the .followmg sect10n. th1s last case the effects seem due m a great measure to Sec s Each member of a local umon shall, upon h1s j the presence of ammoma 7-In a dose of a smgle drop admiSSion m the same, take the followmg obligation dangerous results are not produced upon large am CO!'E'S TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOGRNAL I 1 rem kE:rs. P IJhehed &t No 1 0 Lord Nelaon street., LJvcrtJcol t1 111 B:lbec 1ptlonsmay be adcheased,or to ihe LEA:r Pucu two &hi) juga (.t:rg 1 r&tie A lvertiseme1 te 20 sb lllngs per lDOh No ailvertlle'llcnte teeeive t tor 1. rhorter penod. tban b mouths l1o.chiDeJy fur Eal linsiness Addre AunounceweutJII, & lJI pel" hne .No or .. 1er r o r Ad\'ertistng \\i' Uc cou!udm .. t \ln. accompanied l.Jy the c rre pondtng u.mOUlit l"bb Iul S nuff of all descnpt1ons, manufactured from tobacco, or any sobsti::ute the r efor, per pound Snuff flour, sold or removed for use, per pound Deal ers m leaf toba cco, excep t retad dealers m leaf tobauo, as herem afte r defined, shatl p ay a f"ax of Every person shall b e regarded as a dealer m leaf tobacco whose bus mess 1t IS, for h1mself or on commlsston, t o sell, or offer for sale, or c ons1gn for sale on comm1sston, leaf tobacco, ar.d pttyment of t1. spe ctal t ax as dealer 1n t obacco, manufacturer o f tobacco, 'ILan >{acturc r of c1gars or any other spectal tax, shall not e.zcmpt apy pc .. liOn d eal mi m leaf tobacco from payment of the special tax there for hereb)! requned But no farmer or planter shall be requrred to pay a spectal tax, as a dealer 1n leaf tobacco, for selhog tobacco of h1s own produc tion, o r t obacco re<:eived by htm 2s r ent from tenants who pro duced the sam e on hts land But nothmg m thts section shall be construed t o exempt from a speca1 t ax, any farmer or planter who shall, by peddling or othervnse, sell leaf tobacco at ret2\l directly ta consumers, o r who shall sell o r asstg n CO'nSJgn, trans f e r or d 1spose of t o persons othe r than those who h a e pa1d a spectal tax as l eaf. d eal ers o r manufacturers o f t obacco, or c1ga.ra, or t o persons pu chas m g leaf tobacco for Dealers in l ea tobacco shall h ereafte r sell only to t>tber dealers who have patd a spectal tax as s u c h and t o manufacturers of tobacc o snuff or ctgars and to such persons as are known to be purcba5ers o f leaf t o bacco for export '5 00 Retaal dealers tn leaf t obacco shall each pay .soo JftheiT a nnual sales exceed $1 ooo shall each pay, 10 addibon thereto f o r eve r y dollar m e xcess of $1 ooo o f thetr sales Every p erso n shall be regarded as a retail 'dealer in leaf tobacco, whose bust ness 1t t s to sell leaf tobacco tn less than an ong mal hog15head, case, ot bale or who shall sell dtrectly to consumers, or to other than dealers 1 n leaf tobacco who laave pa d a spec1al tax as s u ch, or to manufacture rs of t obacco, snuff, or etgars, "ho ha' e patd a specJaJ t ax or t o persons who purchase m ongma.l :ibr export ,_. Dealers iJa tobacco Every person whpse bosmess 1t Ui to sell, o r o ffer for sale, manufacture d t ob.acco snuff, o r c1gars shall be regarded as a dealer in tobacco 2nd the pa)ment o f a spectal ta" as a wholesale or n::ta1l hquor deal er, soa or the payment o f any other spec1al tax shall not reheve any person who sells m anufactured tobacco and cigars from the payment of thts .... ta.x ProvUU

I New York Co:mm.ission Merchants. e Tobacco Agency EsTABLIBREID IN 1836, BY CHARLES :M. CONNOLLY. ,, I< LINDB, NEW YORK SeedLeaf Tobacco Insp-ection. :I"obacco In&pccted or iiamplcd. CerWicates given for every case, and delive1'811 :,y case, u to or Cer ble. N.B.-We also sample in Merchants' own litore3. e -THE TOBACCO LEAF. BROTHERS & (;o. MANUFA-CTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED I ALEXANDER KAITL.Um. L IY1.4ITL4JV: L F. s MACLEROSE, -n .. ToBACCO AND COTTON FA0TORS, 00-, AND e F LINDE &. CO., GENERAL OOMhiiSSION ;>RINCIPA.L OFFJCli'-142 Water Street. '-61.3 BB.OAD s--.,. t -WA.llEH'OlJSES-142 Water, 1 '73 Front, '74, '76 and 78 Greeawteh ... ';II -..,-' ,..,. A soN, i'""\V""'HiilMiN.&"CQ MMISSION MERCHANT, cOMMISSION MERCHANTS .,' P.o. Box4.19s. 6 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. IN Scotcfh Blakemore Mayo & Co )OSUH P CHAS MLL,Jil .. 4 u r 4 c T u RED Lun4y .Foot sn;utr. TOBA1CCO,AND COTTON ., '3'. P. Q'IJ'Il\1' & C::O., ''' ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF :xO TOBACCO, ReaBoMbleAdvancesmadeiNEW VORK I Our Choice, NEW on Ship m ent... 108 FR!Jir s .TREET, RE:W YORK, Pride of Henry County, SEED LEJ iNiiHAV ANfTOBACCO,. SQtE NEW YQRJt ALso Tom, 171 WATER STREET, Fruits' and ......... NEAR BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. .., ... G. FALK. A. } 'ALK. Commonwealth, Planters' Pride AND Etc.,-Etc. FINE CU' T CHEWING TOBACCO, SMOKING TOBACCOS _,, 133Waterand8SPineStreets,NewYork. .For Price List, address dr apply as above. ALSO, AGENTS FOR > 1 Plug J. C. HOFFMEYE-R, MANUFACTURED BY Beaver St.,. New, Thomas & Pilkinton, J. L. Jones & Co., F I.MPOR TER OF TOBACCO For Smoking and Manufactured TQbacco, FURNISII!D BY The Hatch Lithographic Company, 32 & 34 Vesey Street, New York. .1 AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. IC. NIMEYitR. C. JUNK..ER, :W. 0. HOEFERS & CO.,o IMPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF N C. HO:EF:EJ.S. SEPT. IS KREIIELBERG & CO., NJ:WYOKK, UD F. t. BRAUNS & CO., BAL'l'IKOJU:, Tobacco -lerehantt 16o PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & SON,. lmporte;-a of SIP ...t..NISH, and Dealers tn nu kinds o! E. M. ORA WFORD & CO., TOBACCO A.ND 168 WATER STREET, NEW YOKK, H ve oa ale alt kinds of Leaf Tobacco for Export and CorHomeiWl. & Brother, KENTUCKY Loll. t 119 PEARL BTBEET, NEW YORK. H.COLELL, DEALE]! IN Seed and Havana LEAF TOBACCO, 172 Water Street, r NJilW YORK, 'YVIL1IA1I IV!. P?.ICE & CO., LEAF T03ACCO, I 1 i 9 :iUaiden Lane, ;-, PIHCE, I A. J nxr: ) JOS. MAYER'S SONS, UD DKJ.LKB8 Il( l22 W .d.TEB STBEET, New York. c. p,; Word & Sons .. B Ttre9 !w 4o.C q, David Jr.,. Diamond Colden A CIGARS, J. P. Williamson, Smoking. .DONALDSON" BROTHERS," R H W'lk c t c d' ... I !) 1 erson, u aven s,.. SOLE FOR Packer a, Dealer in as, SB & SO P.A'RJl STB.BBT XIIW YOB.B., Bowles & Ellett, On Liberal Steam. Lith_ogra,phic Printers, s. shelton, Terms. Lea TOBACCO LABELS, Plain and in Colot-s, at tbe Lowest .Market No 14 Cedar ... Estimates Furnished. E. RQSENW ALD & BRO., HE "STRAITON &, STOttM CIGAR-WRAPPER" y ;RK. CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS. Importers 'of' Spanish, B{)OKING-MACHINE. A. & P.') B .R 0 'W' ., A.KD PATENTED SPENCER BROS & co .. MANUFACTURERS oF PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF -TOBACCO. For by the National Cigar-Machine Company. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, CirrarCntters&allotherMachineryforMantlfactnrin[Cigars; cluarBibbonscol 145 W St t N y sg & 61 Maiden Lane, New York. Dealers in !', IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. tantruonhana. f ree Leaf TobaCCO,&6I,l!.ewis St.,l>et.Delancy& Rivington;, & CHAS. E. HUNT, t:J ., NE'W YORK. 'A MANUFACTURERS OF HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, T. H. c. c. SPENCER. A. SPENCER. L w. GuNTar:a, r w .... TATGE;..Hoas.... THOMAS KINNICUTT SEQ. A :Fl. S (rooM T. cuTimuJ. Kentucky &. Virginia VEGA BBO; New York. "{A ANll A N D C I GAR S, -S F. .'. ,TATGEHHORST & co., .and DEALERS IN LEAP TOBACCO Brands Clay. LEAF TOBACCO, BaVIUiaIIJ.Iobaooo l'obacco & Merchants, Leaf Tobacco No. 191 PEARL New York. 'TELECRAPH' Brand. 99 PEARL sT., NEw YORK. c:ro.A.BB, 68 B ad St t JOHK ST!UliON. (}J!O!!GE 16'7 Water St N.Y. .., ftll ro ree e Ko. s:a Broad Street, .. NEW Y'ORK WIC:X:. .. NEW YORK., WTI.LIA'-f WICKE. .. YORK, WICKE & BRO. D J. GARTli, SON&_ CO : l DOIS .PHT R,'ROOH!IH, N Jl. CUTHRIE & co., N MANUFACTURERS OF 1 .. .. lA Ch 1 T B & c 27.8 FRWfT STREET, :M. Segar Boxes, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, TOBACCO AND SEGARS, 157, 159 & 161 GOERCK ST, NEW YORK. No. 129 PEARL STREET, D 0 M I C And Importers of &MD l>ULlfB 11{ ALL KIND! 0!' .Best .Mat erial and Su""eriJr Make bv Sdr: YORX. Alii> IMPOBTUS OP Havana Toba & s TOBACCO J'RJ:SSERS, I LEAF TOBACCO, '1' D. J. Garth, l 'r!OREIGN TOBA""ih". ceo egars Itwented and Patented lYfacltinery. e ChM Garth, .. tr .a: ..., ...., ". t; Leaf Tobacco preeed in bales for th.e Weot Indies, lGIJ. Pearl St., nhnr W-'1 st., & Henrv Shr04er. "-t7 178 FRONT BT., N .Y. ""' llexlcanand CentralAmerlcanPorta,and ottllermarket. -""' '" No. 40 BEAVER ST., ,... NEW YORtL .). .N.EIF I 'OBK CSTY, TOBACCO PACKED IN HOGSIUADS. ,.


'1f SEPT. IS THE TOJJA.VVO LEA. F. -JAOOB REKKELL, MANUFACTURER OF' CIGAR .BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE A N D Qur alt.ty -of-WOOD. AI;S01 DEALER IN GBRMAJ\J' Manufacturers CIG. A RS, No. 8 Bowery, NEW YORK. WK. AGNEW .!!; SONS, Tobacco and Oom.missiOJJ. MerohanUr. a84 and.2S6 FroDt NJi]W YOBK, B A VJI ON SALE ALL P J:!!CIIIPrllmJI D Leaf Tobacco for Export and Homo fu. Leaf Tobacco baled i n any p a c kage by hydrM 'lie pro s e for e xpor t. T MILLINGTON & EOKUrE&, 48 .BROA D & 48 N E W S T R EETS, SOL E AGENTS OF I "La Ferme" Russian Cigarettes AND IMPORTERS OF FINE HAVANA CIGARS. SUBA GENTS WANTED DAVIDSON -BROTHERS, IrA VAN' and SEED \ D LEAF TOBACCO, I 0 145 Str.eet, Near NEW. YORK. S. ROSSIN, Dealer in HAVANA AND DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco, lif3 Water Street. New York City. PALMER & iBJ16BTERS oF sARIIB, AND IOBB:ZRS 0.1" ALL KINDS OW LBAF TOBACCO; 77 WATER-STREE'f. LOYNAZ ORQSBY, IMPORTERS OF SAN DOMINGO TOBACCO; 95 A Large Assortmen-t Al"W'ays Hand. POL .......... ,..&. ..a... ..... :Manufacturers of And Dealers 48 Maiden Fine Cigars, in_ Pipes, Lane !I N. :r. FOX,DILLS & CO., I SUCCESSORS ..IJ'O EGGEnT, DILL!\ .AND COMPANY .- IMPORTERS !OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. I75-WATE!1 STREET., NEw YoRK. s s. BRO.'S BROS.&: Prize Chewing Tobacco, 213 and 215 Duane St New York 51 MAIDJ::N' J.A!I'J:, Hew Chas. T. Seymour 1lE' B -yA' And Dealer in 1.89 Pecer l st1eet. NewY ork M. W. MENDEL & 8il0. Segars & Leaf Tobacco, y, H. 6 .Jfl., EUCENE DU BOIS, r IN Commlssson Merchant / .. FIIEI &DGMnnctAcco, ,_. .. 190 REARL L I o oR. I o .E. TaoaDcitadCO aaSII DDD U.., 11ft YOU. rLeaf Tobacco. -... .... 'Its FBo ... vx st., x-YO)'a:, Jl&na.l'actaret Tobacco of an 8tJieund Qllolltlee, 6 Old Connut icu t fv.Ja ppe rs, Old S t a t e Seed JY rapp e rs, T he F inest Hava na W r ap p ers and' F illers H.COLELL, f72 w.:ter Street, :He,.. York. ELLER & KAEPPEL, 11Dporten HA.YA.N.A. LEAP TOBACCO, Pearl skeet, NE W YOR K READ Be Co., SuccEssoRs TO IsAAC READ, \JOMMISSION MERCHANTS, And D ealers Virginia and Western Leaf and T.obaccu, Licorice Gum, e{c., Old Slip,:N'ew 'lrork. SA. WYER, W ALLAOE & 00-. D:ll llilat.a nil..._ v No. 47,Broad Street, ,i llEW YQIIIIIC IN Leaf Tobacco, 129 M AIDEN L.A.XE,, I NEVI YORK. J L. G.u&BII'l'. 11. L. o.O:ssER'I> roc t from the beot m onutact orloa ol VlqrmJB, tor ll&lol S. L. Q:ASSJ!RT & .., Joto to oaiL 1>1ll'CUMra. A Bu:a111o. COMMISSION MERCHANTS D. & A. BENRIMO, Ali]) DllloiiB8 Ill! Leaf Tobacco1 LEAF TOBACCO, "0-160 Water Street, New York. U14 WATEB-BTBEET, NBW-YOR X, ---------...... --.....,..;-;..! Rave o n sal e lilldnda ot LB.lJ TOBA.OOO tor E XPOR'! .JOSEPH M. SICHEL & co.. illd HOME U9. 61!C108 IMPORTERS OF H ..! V..! N ..! T 0 B ..! C C 0 ..&.. OATMAN, I AND WHOLES ALE I N Seed Leaf' Tobacco 218 PEiARL STREET. NEW YORK. OF. :M. HCBEL. .'J( (/]]Jl FELIX MIRANDA, 1 OP 'e' ,uqJ DJU.LBR IN DOME STIC a,,,.a:Mii!i/;oB.&ccaleaf _Tobacco AND OE THE BRAND OF CICARS u RITICA Water 195 Pearl St, New York. NEW YORK. ,AiC. L.llsua, J F o. wana. !, t, L. & MEUm F ORWARDING H. C ARDOZO & CO., Tobacco & Cotton Factors; AN1 Commission Merchants, No. 43 Beaver St., New A.ddreaabyP_ oo t P O .Box 5171. No. 123 Pearl Street, N e w 'York Bpeeial attention p&ld to the forwarding of Tobacco 1 to foreign countries. -l, B. LICHTENBERG, M H. CLARK & BRO.,':' U. S, Tobacc o 'Works Gener a l Commusion Mer chants, Manulaeturer of LEAF roBicto BROKERs, Fi.nQ Cut Tobacco CLABBSVD1E, "'"'...._ __ l)JITBOIT, Xioll. I JOSEPH W. l\[A.RTIN. ] 'REDERiCK II. JOHNSON. MARTIN, JOJJNSON.-SucCessors to BBAMRAIJ, fi ; CO., 166 -Ifll-L1. Olive lbs Reward of Induatf1, U inch. llia. Virgini 's Own Poeket Pieee.t. D C. May e's Navy, lbe., t 1118. and 1 ... Thoman' Ulioioa 14 Cooolifo1a, 6'a. -... -., Che HawA Fig's ( SMOKINQ.' ,1 Ro!!e Twist, 4! ill!!!+! < 4' I'L....t..:.. J Bright Twlato 11 !neb.: j Ila FavonLI Rolla 6 tneh Star. Olive. f 1 I Ow. HOBry,..Jr 9 inch light prel!lld G d Du h Go'ld B '" : :: ran c ese RIQUE' ug i P11re Virginia, PE 4!1> j Eurek a 1 u "6 AU styles of Manufactured aDd Sm.oldDf I Choillf put up under s peci al brtnda for tiM j. Old Ke htuck. sole Wle of own e r on Ciga.r ltis is a Hrt.Ar e xten diufl on,:; end o f th'! Moulds to t h e other, whi cb._by be1ng pressad on riSe' aU tne bunehes o f any number a.t t bc same hme. ADVANTACES OVR T H E OLD STYLE. Ftas T of time. as t he bunches are'Taiscd out o f the mould, wittout any d raggin_p or te3.ring, making difference of a t least 50 CJgar.a 1n a da.y'll WOJ'k. r I"' I Sxootrn. Time tnved m t urning; the bunehe can be turned v ery rapidly when 1ift ed Twan It iA impossible to destroy or break the b unches in takingt hclil from tb e mouldaas they are entirely free All styles of fon.ns can be altered. Orders r ceivod for the moulds with the imptovoment, by GEORGE J. PRENTICE General Agent, 197 Pearl S t. cor n e r Maiden Lane, N..EW YORK. KERBS & SPIESS," .anuf'actu:rcr.of Fine Ci&a:rs, "' AND BBAfiBB-a IH l:tBAJr 35 BOWERY, :NEW YORK. LOJ]'I S SPIESS. MADDUX WATER ST. NEWY.ORK, -. p, O, BOX 4902, MANUFACTURERS DEALERS IN RCINIA MANUFACTURED TOBAC 'l'he attention of the Jobbing Trade i s th e foUowing well-kn.,..,. Brarull Lewis Mj.dd u l:, l,..ookoat \ H. C Ma d d ux:, Navy Lewis Maddux:, Lookou.t Navy Pounds, H. C Maddu x, Navy Half Pounds (20 lb. caddi) M a ddux, Lookout Navy HiUf Pound.s, H. C Maddu.x, Navy Half Pou!lds (S lb. cadd ieat, Maddux, Lookout double thick Navy h a lf-pounds H. C Maddu:r, Navy Pocket P!eces (:ao lb. caddiea) Maddux, double thic k Navy 3 acl'Oft H. C. Maddus, Navy P04::ket P'iecea(s lb. oa4fd'-,, Maddux, Lookout double thick Na-vy 4 across H C. Maddux, Golden Navy Half Pouads. Joseph G. nm, -The 'Pet, Pound s (5 lb. bol:CS) toseph G Dill, The Pet, Pocket Pieces, ose p h G. Dill, Miss Jennie, Lisht Pressed (Twins) ... :::_ ... 3 oseph G D ili,Jlutt"f!y T"(ist, osep ll G D ill, Plum Calr.e, Pocket P ieces (med um b rlght) SMOKING BRANDS: ISmokit>g, J ocph..C D ill, G ipsy Queen [, I Smokiq, loee.pb. G. DiU, ADdeo, (aoedlt), SPECIALTY--MANUFACTURED A.ND SJ.ft:Oii.I:.V G TOBACCO, ct Mn ufact ut"ed/undeT S,eclil BnndriOI' the-.wholeoo.{.,_ TBI G .ERMAN :AMERICAN BANK_, BBO.ADW.AY, corner_ o NE-W YOU. ...,-....._., a pi .;, BlLL-5 dF EXCHANGE and LEITERS OF' CREDIT avail ab le at al Accounts a n ii Corres po ndence of Merchants Banks, Bankers, &c. ... .,. EMIL SA.UER,'-Pres't,. ROVSb CICAR TRIMMER, PATENTED .TULY'Itl,_ 187J. W arr a n ted sup eri o r to any M achine iR the PRICES--'I'r!mme!'ll (with Butt. j3.00. 'l'$uners (without :Butt Splitt e ri 2.00. Discount to Agenfs, r fosV{holesale Orders. \ I am also selling the est CIGAR KNIFE in use, :price 25c eaclL. ADDRESS FREDERICK FUKE, .Mil DETROIT, MICfdGAN-J CHA.S. E. SPIER & CO., I J SOlE AGENTS -fOR -UNITED STATES AND CANADAS, j OF I OSENBR.UCK & CO' S GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, '71 .IOHN STREET,. NEW YORK. e HEYMAN It LOWENSTEIN. S. SELLING' S SONS,I -Also, Wbolesale-Dealers in P ac.kers and -Dealers in 3eed-Leaf &. Havana JOSEPHS, SIMON SALOMON .. I SAMUEL / IJDporter o f andDealer in J,.EAF TOBACCOS, 'N I NES AND LIQUORS'._ Fine 01gars, Le f T b 99 Maiden Lane,.N. v. 169 FRONT. a 0 acco EDWABD HEYMAN. Lours LowENSTEIN. -NEW YORK. 1 3 1 MAIDEN LANE, N .Y. AND SEGARS, : all the atten !ion of the Trade > ra-ted No. 192 Pearl S t reet, NEW YORK. 'OlAMON::> STAR BRAJ'I{O." E. PASCUAL -1 COmtiSSION KEBCUNTS AND IKPOBTEBS Havana LEAF, TO:Q.ACCO I 1$8 WATEB. 1\T::E:'W -,r'OB.ll ,P 0 BOX LEVY N e-vv Y o:rk. :&:El:CHS, MANUFACTURER O F BOXES, AND IMPO RTER O F GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS1 DE ALEB l 'f Ci[arMollld f1esses, .Stravs and Gutters, 253 SOUTH STREET, N Y. CHARTER' S CDMMONSErtS CIGAR MOULDS, Pa tentea,Ap..q >3, '87> These mouids are used by some of the manu facturerstn t h e United States, and acknowledged the best in use. The aQove cut the machine; A, is half of a mould or r etainer, which is placed on the machine; B, is a Funnel Cigar Shape, which 11; drawn down ove r the retainer; the filler:. or is placed in the top of the funnel and pressed through with the lever or follown. C, this lever is immediately raj,sed, which l eaves the bunc h or filler in the retainer, as shown in the above cYt thereby avoiding any extra handling of the fill e r which has been found Lhe greatest objectio n to all othe r moulding machines now in PRICE, ONE SET, A liberal discount on all order5 for two or more set JOim CRABTElt', Sterling Illinois, PROPRJKTOR AND MANUFApruRHR. SCHMITT & STEINECKE, JULIAN ALLEN : Seed' Leaf and Havana. Importers o f and Dea_lers in ----.... t No. 6 .Fletcher 172 WATER STREET; )_ ------.. J SCHMITT, E SPINGARN & CO A. STEIN a co., 1 Commission Merchants, HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. No. 6 BURLINC SLIP LEAF TOBACCO: ... ){]jJ.AN WATER-STREET, 197. Duanes\reet, NE'W-YoRx. "'"I!Pf t New "\York I. IPIH.U. AU& J9.VOD!UU1. B.A. X. X. 8 PnfGABH II. i 1001 Cigar manufacturers J)a.rticu1arly favored. we C I G A R 'MACHIN E making fine work with p e rfect sat isfaction Two girla wit h o n e m achin e can fil{ 1 0 0 Cft!:rman or make 1.-ooo filler bunch es per day, and two girls with two ma.c.bines c a n put on and finish th nu her per day. The work is equa l to hand m a d e, T h e l a bor Ia light, requi ring no power other than the foot and m otio n The machine can be rcsul a.tcd to make cigaro of a n y si State R1ghts For Sale. J. WJr:TTBTIJU: I J T. H&Klf .i. K.i.M", Patentee.. l For further information address call at my establishment, No. 195 L e x i n gto n S treet., B alti m ore, Md. JOHN T. HENNAMAN, I M. SALOMON, E SALOM O N M. & E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF-SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF r: : l. 1, and MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. SEeOMBE Thi:o ma.chineiainoE!

I THE 1_1 OB A V C 0 SEPT. IS I Pbiladelphia Advertisements. Hartford Advertisements. B.:\timore SOUTHERN. AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS -------------------------------------------I. )3. BAA& St&lDa, Sza.lth BJ!IOIL A EDacht, ,. .. .tUo KDQie OJ' TOEI.A.OOO, .,.... ....r'"*',..,.. f .. I aaa RACR 8TR T, PHILADI!LPHIA.. RICHARD MALLAY. JAM:ESMALLAY. Menry Besuden & Bro., a:MALLAY. & BRO DEALEII8 ill in LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, .. C. WELLES A CO., 154 State Street, H.I.BTJli'OB,. OONKt 1 1 & and 1 1 7 West Front St., 161, 163, & 165 PearlStret, J. D. BUBllHAK & CO., STEWART. MARKS, RALPH & CO., t B. WILKB:NS, a CO., Monum.ental Oity Tobaooo Work-. '84!tween Race Elm, OIBOiliJATL 0. Ku>1ul'ac:tulen! and Jobben In Tobacco, Snuff & Cig&rSs Alit WbolellfJe Dell-ba llual........, &Dd Whel..Ue De&lero ill TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIG.ABS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, SCOTCH SNUFF, t"' 115 Arch St., lo. til WIST PR.ln STREIT, BlLTI.OII, D,. .... ,_ r .a ...... ., SJDOJdn alad Chawlq To'bacaoa, M: F'ALK & Go.; 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK: W. J. I:IAWKINS. .. C. M. HAWKINS. H.&JRTKINS & CO.,-, TOBACCO CODISSION MERCHANTS 3 West-Lombard Street, Baltimore CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED ANU LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE. Packers, CoiDID1ssion Merchants, and Whole3ale Dealers. in and Dom.estlc Leaf' Tobacc.,, 117 North Third Street. .. Philadelphia. -& CO., DEALERBm LEA... F TOBA..OOO, .,.._. And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, '}Vo S _N. Water St., ... Philadelph.ia, Pa. WOODWARD, GARRETT a 00., TO WOODWARD, BRO. & CO., '-' !OBACCO & GENERAL COKKISSION MERCHANTS, 88 No. 1Vuter St., .P1&ilBdelp1&ia. THIODORE H. WOODWARD, ALBIN GARR.ETT, HEMPHILL. B4TCBILOR BROTBIRS, G. GIESKE. ED, NIEMANN. OIESKE&NIEMANN AMI> TOBACCO FACTORS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Aml Oommi88Wn Me1c1ULnts, 88 South Charles St.' near Pratt 78 South Charlea St.,Baltiwore, Mdt Baltimore, Itld. Gus .... AV GU .... II s: ROSENFELD A CO., '. u I s. LowEmrTHAL a co., MANUFACTURERS OF. FINE CIGARS, .AND DEALERS m LEAF 'rO:BAOCO, NO. 112 WEST TBIJ:RD STREET, ... ... WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LOUIS STRASSER OF Smold:5w.Chewing, and MANUFACTURER OF CIGARS, 1 C I a A R S Leaf:--:.l:obacco -AND DEALER IN KROHN, FEISS & CO., G. soLE AGENTs FoR Leaf, Plug,] Smoking Tobacco, B. LICH.:I'ENBERG'S Detroit 53 CERMAN STREET, "Morning Glory," and Spence Brothm, SJMkcrs'.Articlcs, and Imv. Havana Cigars lJALTIMORE, MD. Cincinnati Fine-Cut, SOUTHWEST COR. 5TH & WALNUT STS., W. FELGNER, 53 EXCHANGE PLACE, BALTIMORE, MD. CINCINNATI, Ohlo. ... F. L. B&A.UNS & CO., MORRIS & REID1 F. H. BISCHOF)'. 37 South Cay Street, LEAP TOBAC Deutscher Rauchtabak, BALTIMORE AI., ; If' C 0 AIID CJT11 CllotC[ IIAIIDI, T 0 B A c c 0 N ... 80UXH CH.4 RJ4U Btl aALT,...... Commia.ion Merchants. 'BROKERS, Office, 4 COLLEGE BTJILDING, .. MANUFACTURERS OF 53 West Fourth Street, -CINCINNATI OHIO. WElL, ItAim & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF TEAS, A. A. :Bua:xB...&.I, J D :uv..-.ur,} 77 & 79 AaylUDI. St_. E. D. WU.LIAill, HAR'l'FDRD CIIRI J. B Bl1Rl'IJUil. 1 B. a Z. lL PB.A.SB, Connecticut Seed-Leaf \ TOBACCO, J8 Market Street, Hartford, Cenn. WI-. WESTPHAL, ColDIISSION JIERCHA.N'T1 COIIECTICUT IE.iD LEAF o b a,o o o, State St Hartford, Conn A. L. & F. 31SSON, Paeker aad Dealer ID-Connecticut Seed Leaf TO-BACCO,. IS MARKET STREET, Conn. 1:18-188 WOODWqRTH 4. STRONC., Deal era in LEAF TOBACC.O, No. 217 State St., HARTFORD, CT )3.)3. :Manufacturers of Cigars, WHOLESALE DEP.OT 330 North 3rd St., Branelaes a& 33'f Nortla Third Street, 23 Seeond St., Fred Engdbac!t, a{tll-f, 21 6th ave., N } .. & G. H. BOLENIUS A CO. HENRY MEYER! 'FIDe Olgars, A CHAPMAN, And Wholesale Dealers in DXALBR IN Ohla. MANUP'AOTUIIl.D LI:A" ,\ND 8MOKINQ and 83'f Chestnut Street. 1 'ft'l O B A C CO S' PHILADELPHIA, PA. .a. DEALERS IN Seed Lea.f a.nd Ha. va,na, TOBACCOS. LEAF TOBACCO, Connecticut Seed leaf COMMISSION MEWCfofAN1', ADd Wholesa l e Dealer in ..,p::.===w==.:::::::E::. =, ===, etc. OOJ(J[lt!SIO. KDCl!UBTB FOR BALB OP BAlm N. W. Conier Charles and Pratt Sis., BALTIMORE, MD. OHIO & CONNECTICUT 134 Main St., Cincinnati, Q LEAF TOBACCO, PACKERS AND WHOLESALE IN Sl Lombard and 5 Water St., 46 'Front St., Cincinnati,' 0. G.W.LANGHORNE -.....n.a.onr.... OJI J. )), TOllNGo A TOtnrG. R. A. YOUNC BRO., A, WEISE, General Commission PACKER OF SlED LIAF' Solicit ord ers for pnrebaoe of SMOKING TOBACCO, F.A.OXOBY No. 6. LYNCHBURG, VA., BINALDO SANK & co., DOHAN & TAITT, :J\ttnbanfsj lob'accu CommissiOn Le;r, AND WHOLESA,LE DEALIR lN No.4 (IRON fll.ONT BUILDING,) HavaDa Tobacco, Sycamore Street, C J[eop eontt&ntly hrmd and for oole all pldee o : Virginia 8moklnJ1: Tobacco. wm CODtract ..nth -.. IMir on -... ......... IIM.1' .au a.Jn. Petersbura. va. 193 East LAKE ST. CHICACO. -( PHILADELPHIA. 107 ARCH STRE!ET, Baltimort>. ... I. BQorl )nde4 1t'arello11H 1 L ... LJ>Oau, PHILADELPHIA. W. GUNTHER J. W. 11'&.. ........ ,_..._ JNO. 'l" T.UI'T, -YE'l"I'IIRI.J!IN &. CO., (SucceeioOrS to VBTTEBLEIN & 00.,) I TOBACCO COJ.miSSION MERCHANTS, .&.liD DIPOilTDS IF SP!IISH TOI.lCCO, : No. lll Arch St., Philadelphia. EPeor/;e ifjff. r$clwardi _j/.ei-ch.G.Rt in .!f.eaf :laltacca, an.d (!fJealef-in, '!,}ta. JJJJ _}tarth /IUaf.efUU.eet, 0 JjJhil.ade/jtlo.d.:::.--.. ----K. E. McDOWELL &. CO:, TOBACCO AND &llllli IEBU'rn. 39 NORTH WATER ST., Phiadefphia.. Pa. A'ento for the oale of all kinds of Manufactur ed and Leaf Tobacc:os. L. HERBERT, Dealer In LEAF ., TOBACCO PJiiLADELPHIA. BECK .,_ HAYEN, ud Gelfenl CollliDillttl lerehuta, LD:.&I' TOB.&nded '< 1o8. Bclmot>n ..A. NloouG. KERCKHQFF & CO., -oSEPH SC:HROEDER & ('().. Wholeoale Dealel'llln Dealer m Oommioloaand..:mot "" "ONN SEED LEAF TOBAcr o Leaf and Man:ufac.turecr ll 1 l, 1 Tobacco and 49 South Oha'l"ZeS Street, No, 81 llaoe, BAL TIMOR I!, MD. _LOUIS RICARDS, LEFTWICH & CO., 'onuuiJCtdou Leaf Tobacco Factors ,.) MILL Bochetlter, N.Y. WEIBLE &. ROBINSON'S _I>ATENT SMOOTH CROSS-CUT CIRCULAR SAW I .....,_ S. & J. MOORE, Leaf Tobacco, B. SCHMIDT, D South Oltarlu Street, 8 3 EXCHANGE PL-ACE, Baltimore. This Saw cuts any kind of Wood as s;,ootk as Planed, ami saves Time and Labor; particularly useful for CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTURERS. For Saw and Shop Righi apply t o C. B. LICHTENBERC, Detroit, Mich., or at my o.fice, i rOBACOO, llerchants. 107 North U-1U PBILA.DELPI:t lA. "LEAF : TOBACCO" BALTIMORI!. WAIUIBOVG. r ED WISCHMEYER co. ,&.loo f1IJl llneo or and Smoking South Second 'rOSACCO PHILADELPHIA. _, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, P. A. ALJUIJ:Cllr, .ALBRECHT & SCHRODER WHOLESALE DEALERS ::. HAVANA .. um 189 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. llound City Tobac9o Worb. C.& R. DORMITZER & CO., : D 0 .& T L I N WllOLESAL' DE-'LERS L'f JL !NATDAN & ()0., LEWIS WhBR0 '1 ... E1MeneaE1.R,..'1n S SONS, ST.,I ....... -' Leaf Tobacco & "' 62 South Calvert st. Baltimore, Md. FIDe-Out, Ohowing & Smolduc I Smoking & Chewing Tobacco, WBOLBBALB DBALII:P.S IN LEAF TOBACCO, "L F, -mGmJANDER TOBACCO wORKS Tobaoeo, Killickinick; &o., and All Smoken MANUFACTURED ,TOBACCO, e 8 e ... 7et .... ._. .. au...._ -' 23 bet 2dand 3d St"Bta, AND SEGAB. S .. No. 322 North q:hira Street, fto z.ovb, ST. LOUIS, MO PB%LADDLPBIA. e !IF' .A J&rge assortment or all kinds of Leaf Tobae Factory, "'i&h!n the put few montbs, ...,,dlnl_ more lh n doubl tboformer caillc!lf. Pr!celloto t.Dd olrcul&Joo forwarded on appllcoli<>D. 11. LINDHEIM, Aa-ent I 8 LANGSDORF, Arent for the 148 Watel" at; N ",;', 11 1 Wt and Seuth. S. W. VENABLE. R P HAMILTON, S.,W. VENABLE & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF AND MANYFACTURERS 0./t PLUG TOBACCO, PETERSBURG. y A. -MASON, FLACC & BEEMAN, w .!LL & BELVIN WHOLESAE commission Merchants Fme-cnt, Pln[, & Smokin[ Tobaccos. JOB THE SAL:& Oll' MANUFACTURED AND LEAF TOBACCO No. 320 No:rth Second St., St, L-ouu, Mo. AND IN CIGARS. 156 Michigat} Ave., Chicag.o. WIGHT & STEVENS, CoJDm.issio:a DlerohRnts, Jobbers of SPANISH nd .Pa,cl:ers of' Domestic Leaf' Tobacco 18,. Michigan Avenue, Chicago. E. D. Christian & Co., lfAF TOBACCO," TODAOCO EXOHA.NG Richmond, Va. \ R. A :MILLS, TOBACCO BROKER AND General Me!'Ciaani, Office in Tobacco Exchange, Shockoe Slip, BIC!DriOND, VA. I' EAST HARTFORD; CONNECTICUT. G. W. GRAVES, ..... .A.liD 1N Fiile Connecticut Seed-Leaf r o c cot Danbury, Connecticut. "'.. H. SMITH & CO., Commissum Merchants and Jobbm OONNI:CTIOUT LEAP TOBACCO :(e. 20 Hampden Street, SPRINGFIELD, KASS.. LoulsvUle Advertisements. G. W. WI C K S & C 0., Hannf..,turen' for the sale of Vlf'IJilnla, MleeOOU'I, and Kentucky Allo Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, 1.02 MAIN STBEET, (1!etween 8d ud 4tb ,) Gao. W. Wrou. l N l1'trtuo T. r Louisville. Ky. Five Brothers Tobacco Works. JOHN FINZER, BEN. FINZER, FRED. RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZ R JOHN FINZER &. BRO ., O F FIVE BROTHERS NAVY," OIRGIIIA PilE APPLE," AID "PAl-CAKE" TOBACCOS. 13 &: 15 THIRD ST., Louisrille, Ky. Boston A.dvertisemeni.s. FISHER & CO.; Commission Merchants.. 23 Central Wharf, Boston. I' c. o. HOLYOKE, COKKISSION MERCHANT In LEAF a.nd MANlJF AOTUBED TOBACCO, U Central Wharf, B03ton. Ferdinand W esthoft; Jr., 'AGENT AND Forwarding Kercha.nt, BREMEN. GERMANY. T-. H. TYBEE, II.MIIIIDI. MIICIIAIT, ,... .......... .. ---.-a:= lEal = ......... n fttiCJCJO. ..... "-'..._ .... 0oD81p ............ ..


' SEPT I S THE TOBACCO L E .A.t'. LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS wished-for feathered beauties could be caught-in such a spot rises my first memory of tobacco. On a bright, still sw.mmer's afternoon, a sturdy little lad, whose years were few to count, was navigating the thoroughfare. "Navigating" is the proper term; for the child went wise if called upon t o do more business; and, with sore misgivings, I returned to his establishment and invested the second penny, with profuse apologies for my care lessness With a heart much lightened, I convoyed the pipes safely home, often afterwards musing profoundly on the mysterious arrangeme n t by means of which the breaking of clay pipes could be made pleasing to him who sold them Hence, most likel y it arose, that in I took to speculations on the principles of political economy, and acquired o r originated theories as to the bene' ficial influence o f even accidental and ap parently disastro u s deman d upon the law of production and supply-greatly to the profit or otherwise of my fellow-creatures. that his, Tweed's, name should be taken off the bon!l They that they had practically got ri d of this suit. They, however, knew thatMr. Greeley was a friend of Yeaton's, and thought it best to see him. Arming themselves with the judicial proofs of Yeaton's character, several of the trustees procnred an interview with Mr. Greeley. What then occurred we state in the sworn language of one of the witnesses, taken in the litiBEODORE 8CBW>ARTZ & CO ........ Cutting and llllliDutaCturmg leAr, WH. G. MEIER & CO .... ........ Lealtobacco Comm;osiou Merchants. .JAMKS CLARK .......................... Cutt;ng and manuracturing leaf. WOLF<> LX & GLENN ........ v Cutting and manufacturing leaf'. LOUtS FRANCXE ......... ... Leaf tobacco Commiaoion Merchant W J GRANT & 00 ..................... Oullmg a.nd manufaclurong leaf. Jj:. 1 USHER & f'RAOOFF ............. Cutting anumanufactw:inglcaf. FINLEY & BARBOUB ...... .......... Cutting and Manufact udng leal. SUTRO & NEWMARK, lfCANUFACTUBEI:S OF ToBACCo IN FBANC.cautiously, as one who fears that each new venture may Conlinued .-AJI the :cases prove fatal, and therefore sounds, or plumbs, or otherof snuff which bear the wise explores, the element before him. Thus he consame date ate at length veyed himself across to the door of a small grocer's brought up for inspection, shop; and, therein entering, exclaimed, with imperfect and emptied. This is most accent and all the power of a shrill treble voice-" Alf a painful work for the novounce of ba9ca for Tuzen Dozeff!" The shopman, as ices: the eyes pour down he looked at the tiny customer, and handed him his lit tears, the sneezing contin. tie purchase, said, "Oh, it's for your Cousin Joseph, is CCJ G liE& fEI, AVD DEALERS IN LE.A.F TOB.A.CCO,. 131 W ATER STREET, NEW Y.ORK. ues, and violent headache it, Dickey ? "Iss," said the child, nodding. What generally follows ; yet they does Cousin Joseph smoke, then? Iss,'' nodded the become accustomed to it little white-haired poll as the young adventure r ki c ked more quickly than would up his stout little le-gs, and flung himself recklessly into be believed, and soon think the wide space, that had to be retraversed before he DEFIANCE CIOAR 1 D. BIIl80H & QO., I s&t Bowe..,. n t w ater-.. NEW IOBL .Sole Proplietmo ot tbe ro11owmc "7 ._ Brulda: :OBPIANCB. BL MBPIOBT(! JrAL8TAI!'I!', JUPITBR. rliB LION, UNIVBBSAL STAMIABQ 1 A S ROSEIB.AUM. &. CO., IMPORTERS 01!' VANA TOBACCO AND CIGARS, DIALIJS..IN S lED LEAF TOBACCO, No. 182 WATER STREET, NEW Y O R K A. LICJITBNSTEIN & B ROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF Greeley as a Decoy. a Partner of the a Tobacoo:Dist. nothing of it The workcould reach his home That purchase is one of the We showed some time since that Horace Greeley, the men, howe':er, in this departevents onong-past days most deeply lmprintFd on my life-long opponent of tobacco, and the honest (?) oppo a gray memorytablets. For I was that adventurous youth, aNd nent of corruption, had within a brief. .... period been 1s_h complexion: 1t ts?nly a that "'as pne of the first-and certainly the most mojointly interested with William M. Tweed and other of_ the skm, and in trade with which my juvenile members of the Ring in an enterprise for manufacturing not an mdtcatmn of weakpowers had yet been intt usted and morever when I cigars. We published at that time an attested copy of ness, for the_y. show their reached home, full of joyful pride in 'the of my the certificate of incorporation of "The Tobacco Manustrength _by hftmg sacks of daring enterprise, and answered eagerly to questions put, facturers' Association," by which it appeared that Horgreat we1ght. The contents that I had told" de man it was 'alf a ounce -of 'bacca for ace Greeley, William M. Tweed, Nathaniel Sands and ?f the different. chests havmy Tuzzen Dozeff," I discovered that in some way or others, on April 25th, r87r, formed themselves into a mg ?een well m1xed, a sam other, I had done wrong. And I cried It's quite true. car.poration, with a capital of $r7s,ooo, for the purpose ple LS to the l_ilboratory I cried, much and long, because of the :.vii 1 had done ; of" manufacturing tobacco and cigars by machinery and to whether 1t has the though I 4ad no more knowledge, then or till long years otherwise, and for manufacturing machinery and utensils good afterwards, wherein my evil doing consisted than you can for the purpose of manufacturing tobacco and cigars, ness ; _1f optmons J.S favorhave until I tell you and for purchasing all the proper stock, mate able 1t 1s o?ce more put You mu t bear in mind that in those days smoking rials, utensils and machinery for the purpose of m.inuthn;mgh the and placwas popularly regarded with much less tolerance than facturing utensils and machinery, and ed m casks, whtcl:are now. To smoke a cigar..ju the street was a deed only to also for the further purpose of selling the tobacc o cied by me.n s feet hke be barely borne in the case of "a lord,'' an officer," or gars, utensils and machinery so to be manufactured as m the and that incarnation of all eccentricities, "a foreigner." To aforesaid.'' As soon as we published this certificate Mr. m two months 1t 1s for sale. smoke a pipe in public was to incur the odium due only Greeley'& friends set to :work to explain it. One jour So that, from to the reprobate members o f good old Adam's numerous pal at the West asserted that Mr. Greeley's name was to the completton, 1t wtll be progeny Even withfn doors, by the domestic hearth, used without his consent, conveniently overlooking the seen that not less than three the smoking of tobacco was permitteld me Mr. B. Conu V.J!I side. Those for inside Christendom by a single stroke of my golden pen, is est wit,h them. Since they have learned that though nolly-had mformed him so, tha.t he seen THE UNDERSIQNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE HANUPAOTURERS OF TILE FOLpresent more difficulties. doubtless to be attributed to the dire results of my first Mr. Greeley put down his name for t>s,ooo of the stock, Judge Cardozo, had a wLth htm on sub' lowms e!"" brancle oru'\::,"r lce, deairee to caution Toboooo lfaoufoclurera Of!lllt oslllg auy or There is no doubt that the purchase of tobacco. It is to be hmped that every inhe never paid a cent for it, and never intended to pay, Ject. Another Witness, testlfytng the penod ':!:;hU:: clmate of Havana, at once dividual who may read these lines, and be disposed, at indignant, and do not estimate very Judge" Cardozo had granted the for a recetver, ll!tr per cent ofLiqoDme. warm and damp, has a direct the t ender age of three years, to depart and procure halfhtghly h1s quahttes for the Presidency. One of the says, I went over and saw Mr. and he asked To blaore ol>taln!Dg Pure oeale influence on the tobacco, ounces of Tobacco for his Cousin Joseph or other destockholders, in a letter to us writes : me what should be done ; I told htm that the proper JCyCa FLB AOC FGC and communica teS' to its pe praved relative, will take warning from my first confes It was largely on the strength of his subscription course was to get a stay. I went over to the office and ZA RR r GZ C culiar qualities This it is sion, while there is yet time to avoid so sad an example. that I and many others subscribed and paid in our prepared papers for a stay, and came back to K&Co MF VB 0 attempted to imitate by plac The structure and uses of tobacco-pipes were submoney for the stock at par, while Greeley nev e r paid a Mr. and he told me that Judge Barna.rd Tiley addrere their to the oDdenlgDod In l'few Y...t<, wbo l oole -t I a.e United t:Uatea. ing that chosen for the injects of great interest to me from my most infantile years penny for his stock, and it seems, never intended to. was comJ,ng m presently: Judge Barnard came m; li'rom tbie tlme forward the obo'om, where a jet of eye has. on some calm smoker slowly movement ever saved the company from the clutches at that time, and Mr. Sands told me when the order was 1 .... t q-" ... L-L--L -d _,0_, for. gtves the necessary mo tsture pnmmg or exh_austmg h1s long clay, there has presented of the Greeley Ring." entered that Judge Barnard would probably grant a .. --""' .. r-n""' -w= stay, and when the order was entered I went and saw lbaveo.ppotntedMr.lAMESO.Mo.lNDBKWotNewYorlcourewuand heat. A lamp 1s !eitself to my mmd, as though some fatherly voke were The company was gotup1largely:through one Charles J d B d d h quiredtoseeinthisroom as puttingmetotest thepointedinquiry-"Well-wh td C y h d u ge arnar ,an e granted the stay." While the 4 tl ROBERT lilAC ANDREW k co., Loaoa, a 0 eaton w 0 enved h i S chiefly from the stay was being obtained the company barred its doors the hght of day 1s found to you thmk of the Turks?" For more than a quarter of fact that he wa s a pet of s. After the to prevent the receiver from gettin into ossession. ========= ==================== ================ =================be injurious : that of the sun a century that question has presented itself to my mind, pany got well under way, and 1ts quarters m Knowing that Francis M. Bixby wasgthe re!eiver, the WALTER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE, IILPORTEBS OF fatal. When the fermentation is ended, the leaves are passed on always simultan eo usly with the image of a very white Street had been fitted _up w1th the comfortable rightly concluded that Gratz Nathan-the same to the makers. hand slowly transferring cut tobacco from a leaden chatr for :Mr. Greeley to sleep m, Yeaton bega'l to whom the Tribune has been so ostentatiously, and, as it These are .alw:1ys women; each has before her a roll of leaves, the "baccy-box" to the bowl of a long clay pipe. I have make upon the company wh1ch they cou.ld now appears, so hypocritically abusing-would be his broken bits, a pot of glue, a knife, and a plateofzinc, in whicl. is a hole never y e t made up my mind what I do" think of the recogmze. They then besought them?elves to counsel, and they served upon him the a ers issued b _HA.VA.KA AND DEALERSI!f the exact shape of the cigar to be made. Themorsels are taken up, Turks,'' or what I oug!tt" to think of the Turks" or what _manner of a man Mr. Greeley's fnend Yeaton was. Judge Barnard P P Y arranged so thatthey are perfectly even, and with the palm of her why I should trouble my head about them at all; but I 'fhey soon found that he stood recorded on the judicial l)()KESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, hand she rolls them in a leaf of secondrate goodness. One of those know wby the Turks and leaden tobaccoboxes and records of the state as a swindler, wl:ro It would probably have been, even then, possible for of the best quality is taken fro1m the roll, cut in-to a strip, !md' with lo[)g clay pipes are inseparably associated in my mind, contracted debts on false pretenses, who had been an Mr .. Greeley to succeed, and to force the company to much precaution, wrapped round, and gummed lightly at the and why they would remain so even if I \\ere to spend inmate of Ludlow Street jail, and whose character was the unjust claims of his friend Yeaton, and to buy HEW Y ORK. CITY. extremity, to prevent it being untwisted; the end is cut by an instru. the rest of my life as her ;Britannic Majesty's Ambassashown by numerous affidavits to be utterly worthless. h1s iive thousand dollars of stock which he had subscribetl 203 P E ARL STREET, ment and the operation is ended. A clever workwoman, m her day dor to the Rorte, and end my days in some quiet retreat After a time the officers of the company heard rumors for, but for which he had never paid one cent had it not of ten hours, can make from tinety to a hundred of the on the Bosphorus. It is because the smoker who was that some proceedings were to be taken against the been tha,t, just at this time, a letter from the Deputr At-choicest kind the commoner are done at the rate of The OoDfessiODS of a Tobacco-smoker. charged with the business ofintroducing me to the world company, through tile 'Riug Attorney-General, and torney-General feU into the hands of the counsel 0 the three .. The_ women are well paid;. but, as the often to <1;sk .me that startling quest}on when my that Mr. Tweed7 was in the scheme. They therefore company, armed with which they proceeded to seek an. most ngorous stlence 1s enforced, 1t can not be supposed w1de-op en, stanng eyes were watchmg w1th absorbing took the precaution of applying at the Attorney-Gene interview with AttorneyGeneral Champlin, who was"then. d d 1 In this narrative, says a writer in Co-"e's Tobacco h h f h' r 1 I that' they enjoy it In ee 1t LS a marve that some r mterest t e c argmg o ts wax.tJpped pipe. If anyone rat's office m Albany, and were informed that nothing runmng 10T re-e ection. ts contents were such that in hund1eds of women can be together without talking; Plant, I am merely the reciter of my own experiences of should now remark that Queen Anne has passed frnm of the kind had been done Immediately after this view of the r eform sentiment .then d. evelo.ped,_the Rio fi the narcotic weed. Those who seek arguments, or the 1 d f h 1 h h D .,... A G 1 1 d < and, when the clock marks the hour or rest, the amma the an o t e 1vmg, or t at t e utch have conquered they were astonished to receive papers on an action ttorney enera was g a to gtve stipulation dlScontinution becomes considerable. ories, or persuasives for or against the smoking of tobac. Holland and burnt nine miles of the sea, I never stay commenced by the Attorney-General, entittled The ing all proceedings against the company-only exacting; The cigars, afterbJ!ing dried, are tested, one by one, co, may go elsewhere; they will find none here. Often tounravel the mystery of the decease of the departed People on the relation of Albert S. Yeaton, a a proviso that the order to that effect shoul" not be end d h d have I seen old men, reticent enough in common, gruff, h h bl h h f 1 d d bl' '11 h d as to their weight an s1ze, an s ut up m a rymgroom monarc or t e pro em w y t e valiant Hollanders brother o es C. Yeaton, against the tere or rna e pu tc t1 t e ay after the election. Mr. 1 h 1 1 h 'd' h uncivil, discorteous, coarse, and even harsh in manner tod th d' I r: A G 1 h r l'k h for six moots to ose w at 1tt e um1 tty t ey may restrame e1r mcen 1ary exp o1ts to a mere "nine Tobacco Manu.acturers' ssoctation and certain individree ey, t ere.ore, 1 e t e negro who fell into the mu.t ll h b r. h bl' ward their kind, expand beneath the nicotian cloud, and 1 f h b 1 I b r h h h have; if for a year, 1t ts a t e etter or t e pu 1c. mt es o t e nny e ementstmply reven again to ual directors,'' with a notice of a motion to be made be e.ore t e man w om e wrongly supposed to be WesleYi When they comeout, they are divided into packets, eloquently tell .the s tories of their lives, with all the genial-that o!d.time picture of the clay pipe being filled with fore J Cardozo for the appointment of a receiver. dirtied himself for nothing," and the only result of P laced irt boxes, sealed, stamped, and sent to the place ity, the blandness, the refinement, _and the gentleness of fuel. So that my earliest historical acquirements and poTliis combination of names-''Pweed as mover, Cardozo raid was that Tweed &old his stock1 and that the com-human kindness-and in some such humor am I now. 1 1 1 where they are to be sold. Th_e best ate put into boxes litica. specu attons are associated with tobacco, you as Judge, E. R. Meade, W. 0. Bartlett and Gratz pany wasp unged mto embarrassment, from which it has od b d h d 'Tis true the familiar pipe is 'tween my teeth, the darling fi ll d lf of ceda.rWO a steam-sllw emg use t eo or. 1 h 1 r perce1ve. Nathan as attorneys-showed them that they Wj:_re in not u y extncate 1tse ous trunks from the and South America into flavor in my mouth, the b ue-w lte splra s ctrc mg up-I owe my t.'nduction to the principles of commerce the hands of the Philistines.' Without following m lnutely Wards round my bead and he dry warm mist of Ra 1 S W 1 We do not desire to add. one word to these facts except boards. The perfume is said to have a good effect on 1 very large y to 1r a ter Ralejgh. As how? you ask. the chronology, it is sufficient to say that it soon aplel .gt1s mt'xture fills the room Thus far and only thus 1 h to recapitulate them It ts shown that Gree1ey went 1"nt-the ciaars.-C!tamber's :Journal. Well, if Sir Water ad never introduced tobacco into this. peared. that, inlthe language of the Deputy-Attorneyu r r '11 I grant you seemtl,u preJudice and to those who the tobacco ll)an ufacuring business with and 1a WI ..., realm there wo!lld have been no smoking;. without smok General, the action had been commenced at the request shall have patience to read this record through I leave h ld h b r d d f. d Sands. That he pretended to subscribe for Js ooo of that HORACE GREELEY AND THE TOBACCO MANUFAC TURERS AssociATION. -As will be seen elsewhere, the New York Daily Timer is considera\lly exercised bver the alleged former connection of Mr. Greely with the To baceo Manufacturers, Association of this city We trans fer the remarks of the Times to our columns, not because they posess much interest for our readers generally, but rather, because, as a bit of current record, it seems well enough to preserve them for the use offuture collectors who may be in quest of political pellets to throw at some aspiring candidate fo: r office. There is one thing, however, in connection with the subject upon which we would like information if our neighbor can spare the required space to furnish it, and that is this; we would like to know, if in their opinion of the Times it 1s disreputable to be interested in the manufacture of tobacco and cigars, and if not, then what is it malting so m11ch "pother" for? Said Jimmy J'witcher, the ini,mitable, when caught stealing eggs, ''Veil, v..>t of it ? if I did steal urn I did'nt suck um, did I ? The liberal can didate for the presidency has not, we believe, been accused of using the dreadful we: ed. the verdict whether such seeming bias be prejudice or mg t ere wou ave een no manu.acture of pipes; but of "Mr. Twee an nen s.'' Mr. Tweed, too, was re stock, whil e in fact he was only a decoy; he acted M h'l f h for the there could have been no sale of ported to have been one of the It was also as trustee of the_ y, that subsequently Tweed an.a not. eanw 1 e, waiving prepossesstons, 1 any w 0 those art1cles ; had there been no sale, I could not have reported that Mr. Greeley was another but as when \ IL beg'itlto peruse should fail in P. atience to follow thes.e b t t h 1 1 d b he, separately, if not m concert, backed Yeaton in a l h 11 een sen o pure ase ppes m a Itt e crooked street examinatiOn was rna e, no ond whatever could be h t d bl k 1 h confessions to a cl o se, the talsman t 1at s a sus tam 1 b h ld E I d' H sc erne o wm up or ac t e company througll h 1 d th d oke c ose y t eo n a ouse m the city of London, found, this repon may be, so far as Greeley is con the scoundrelly mstrumentahhes pt the Ring Attorneysue aggar s to e en Is-sm one black-letter day _m my_yout _hfu l history,well nigh thirty cerned, untrue. The acticn was brought by Yeaton, as dl b "" h t t b "t ti' General, Judge Cardozo, Gratz Nathan, W 0 Bartlett It is nee ess to egm t IS re rospec Y tml a ng years ago. It was m wtse: My father, being disa stockholderlandcreditor, and was founded on the alle-and others; that Greeley persevered in this after Knickerbo cker, who commences with the creation of posed to smoke, and d1scovering -that the cat, or some gation that a certificate had bten filed that the capital d th t t h character was exposed to him, and the natural effect-of the world and the tra 1t10ns a seem 0 ave .orerun other careless domestic institution, had broken his smek stock had been paid up in cash, when in fact it had been h 1 d th t h a p ese tl a e t th d h d the proceeding on the company was shown insistin.. t atm.trace,!Jlor er a em Y r n Y rnv a e ing-tube, espatc e metoachandler'sshopfortwoclay in part issued for thepurchaseofpatents. Prior !o that they must" settle annals of New York city; nor will I like the pulpit pipes. Cheerfully I s_et forth, and triumphantly did I the culd vent on niy were I to return and arranged to buy Tweed's stock, and paid him par and sections visted by him is very mruch Injured. It had too ptgeons of flew unheeded put h1m the trouble of sellmg me more pipes With interest, amounting t something over f;r,ooo. They much rain at first which-caused i it to now on 1 save b}; chtldren gifted the [fancy that much pams I was made to understand, but very dimly, then took (rom him a ltfter _to Yeaton to deliver the account of dry weather, it is not: large or heavy: by placmg salt upon thetr showy ta1ls those dearly that the tradesman would be rather pleased than o therstock, and another to the Attorney-General, requesting TRUE WoRDs -In a letter on the tobacco questio11 the Lo11don Lance! says,-" To the poor man, workinc hard and living hard at the same time-to the soldih and ill fed a lS, we beheve, both useful and comforting. It soothes some excitable JT!en, and enables many others to concentrate his attention. on requiring thought. ) tobacco be the p01son that Its enem1es declare it to be it i s eminently slow in its action, for every workltouse: lunatic asylum, a11d charitable institution has its grey votories of the pipe." .,


I THE TOBACCO LEAF. Tobacco Manufactu.rers. Lic01rice. LICORICE. / MISCELLANEOUS. I LICORICE PASTE, POWDER, ROOT, JOHN ANDERSON ct CO.,. PASTE MANUFACTURERS OF THE -........ ---. JSQLACB m mm TOBACCOS w LICORICE, MASS AND STICK, IT..U.IAN, GREEK, TURKEY AND SICILY, CIGAR AND PIPE LICHTIRS. SPECIAL TIES BY 'Ilobacco manufacturers and the trade in 114 and 116 STREET, '"-gkl of fM eelebratod br<1nd of HERO and UNION Fine Ohewing Toba.cco a.nd Echo Smoklng 1';'4 Avenue. New York. GOODWIN & CO .. MANUI'AOTURERB OI' FINE-OUT I T-OBACCO S:a:u.ft' .., O:lsa.r, ,. And dealers in all kinds of Leaf & Plug Tobacco:o & 209 WATER ST. -:N"E'VV" "YO:n.:&:.. J>. M. McALPIN & CO., J l KJo1tUJI.f..CT'll'JU'IIfi(I,-1"Rit rLli.LEBRA.T:ED FJNECVT Vir[in Leaf and Navy Chewin[, SMORINCt .roBACCO, J.'ND DJU,L%Jtl JX Segar; Plug Xobucco, Snuff, lJnuff Flou1'1 & o F A MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM, I -.i1J E & BRO. CORNER OF AVENUE D AND TENTH STREET lU.NUJ'A.OTtrnsns 0., New York TOBACCO & SNUFF. 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ZINSSEB. tk CO,, MANUFACTURERS OF 46-Be-aver St., N. 'E. l. S. CANS &. TOBAC_CO .BROKERS, No. 86 ALL STREET, TOWINE BUILDING, NEW YORK. PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO i79 PEARL STREET, Up Stairs. NEW YORK. t. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORNE, Broker, No. 3t BROAD STREE:I', NEW YORK. M. RADER & SON, tittbarro t '23 Pearl S-treet, NEJV YORK. .Miscellaneous. FOIL. TIN JOHN J'. -CROORI 1!..\.NCFAC'rt .'T..ER ( F (l!laoee-1' io BowtJf'el 82 Wall St., I?. 0. BOX, 447U AGENT OF THE MOST ACCRED ITED, MANUFACTORIES OF THIS CITY, HAS ALWAYS HAND THE FOL LOWING CLHAII BAV ANA CIGARS, IMPORTER OF THE QF THE BHST HAVANA CIGABt IUS ALWAYS ON HAND THE Northern FOLLOWING BRANDS: Henr;v: Clay-NOX PLUS UrRA, aceo. tli!' 1;'19 LUDLOW ST., NEW CJGARETTE ROLLERS TOBACCO SEALING WAk. ALSO, DEALEJI.S IN DRUGS, PAINTS, Etc., roBACCO fOil & CAr. MADE OF THE BEST YUELTA ABAJO LEAf:' CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. LO::-I,lht.tiS, ENTREACIOa, El'C. Flor del Fumar-REGALIAS, CONCHAS, Lr :M.b.NOS, ltEIR A YICIORIAS, ETO. RAILROAD, W All onlere Jll'&lllptly C. BRUCKNER The onl'Y Agent tor HAZMAN'S GAMPQELL, LANE & CO. Patent Excelsior Rollers 1 Kaauctaiwi 01 .. 1 'l'OBA.'CCO AND CIG A '!H. 0 102 1\fassau St.,.New York g-n,aoount !o the trade. ,. ...,. Also dealer in Cigars and. all Smokers' Articles. Deea.r .. ,,., 8nuJ1, Plpu, e1cJ1 .t.CTOIIIII W UOAD 11'., 11nrau, ;c!l, ldweN, ) St., New 1rork. SCHW A.RZ & SPOJm, DOMESTIC SEGARS,, NEW YORK.t No. 3 8 ST., lfE.W YORK.. WARDROP & DALY. 2tG ami 205 LEWIS St., NEW YORK. Wood CDMMIII ... I MERCNAITI. SPANISH CEDAR For Cigar Boxes, turniebed in quantities to tmlt. Oonolplmento of Black Walnut Reopect,fully Soliclleg brallda otltlt.LIa, C..ttoa Jlagging, Carpets, Matting and Dry GoOds ANDREW !.J:;STER &; CO., -No. 103 Chambers Street, New Yorko GERARD, BETTS & t GENERAL AUCTilfNEERS, AND Commission Merohanta, -7 OLD SLJ'P, NEW FRBD. ENGELBACH. r&koltsait Qtobawr Joust, NO. 21 SIXTH AVIINUE, NEW YORK F. H. Bischom Celebrated Smoking Tobacco (now F. Manufacturers of RAri'E1 CoNGRESS, and ScoTCH SNI}fi"F, and every rrade of Smoking "Tobacco. WEYMAN & BRO., \ 9 & 13 SMITHFIELO sy., PITTSBURG. PA GERM AI CLI Y PIPES, Also of Sand, Crucl"bles, Gallipots, and German Cla71 129 Maiden Lane, New York. H"EINBJCB. GC:I"ZB"WL SOBN.B. aro.a.tmerode, Germany. P. M. DINCEE1 ETC, United States Bonds, and all marlutaFlor cle ZADORES, :BREVAS, OON-ole secnrilies, received i n exchange at full CHAS, :e-re. 4'tiSR pn'ce. AcuJla de Oro-PR!NCESASFINAS, REGALia DE LA REINAS llE ESP-4-NA OOOKJI 00. LONDRES, li:EDIA, REGAI.I4, ETC. N :c__ n 75 Villar y DEt. REY, RE Ew YORK, PHILADELPHIA., GALlA PRECIOSAS, COMME JL FAUI, AND 'VASHINGTON, LONDRES, ETC. CONCHAS .............................. tSO Espanola. l"LOR DE PRENSAUOS .................... $ ?Oto 72 J:.QNDRES DE CORTE.................... 6 J PRINECESAS .... ....... ,.............. .. -SS Partagas. :LONDRES .................................. $ 8Dto 85 Rosa de Santiago. CO:!ICllAS .................................. ;o to Riti.Pa. CONCHITAS .............. ,;.,..... ........ 18 CONCHAS .................................. -60 Corner Bto;th and Lerois Streets. MERCHANT. Upmann. 11 naiTANicA.::::::.:::::::.::::: Juaa Co.D.Ul-CONCHAS,, LONDRES. CORRI&O ENTES. HO YaceDD:I.clad-CONCHAS, REGALI.AS, ETC. 130 1 0 La. REG ALIAS, ETC. --SPANISH CEDAR, :l .111"ftD U.L < FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. $PANISH CEDAR FO.R CiGAR BOXES, Fllfnished in 0antiti .. to suit; by IIODJIILlN 1/i. BEPBtrRI1 11116 LP. WIS STJI.EET, NEW .YOllll. SA Eaat acth St., al>d e 470-476 Eaat uth St .t., HOFFMEIS't;ER, <> saceeooor '1:1 .' J IA.'.L-ORENz' rod or an ptlre new BtJle of METAL AND .. WOOD SHOW Patented April22d and Ang. 12t h, 18 NORTH WILLIAM ST., .N. Y. OI,TY A. DE BRAEKELEER, MANUFACTURER OF HAVANA CIGARS, 68 Warren Street, N:EW YOB.K.-IW


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