The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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' / VOL. VIII.--NO. 34. .. NEW,YQRK, WEDNESDAY, OOTO .BER 9, 1872. i T ... O .... f ( w' WHOLE NO. 398. ,... ... tnt lobattO rc IS PUBLISHED IVIIY KOUING :BY fBI fOBACOO WJ PUBLISHING OOIP'f, .142 Fulton St., New York. J. Blllii1LY BAGBB -Editor. JOBX G. GB.Al!'l!' -.Acent. As an medium:, where lt is desired to reach the CiA"at and Tob.'tcco Trade, not only oftbl1 but foreign Countries, it ithe beat attain-able.. 1 AU letters should he plainly addressed to THE TOBACCO Le.AP PLIBUSHING COMPANY, l4l Fultoa Street, New York. Ter:'ms of the Paper. (' S1 NGLa Co PilLS 10 CaNTS P1R ANNUM J+oo To EnglaRd and the Canadas, $1.04 addltioual IJe! annum for J)!ejJayment of Postag_e. To Bremen, Hambu1'g and the Continent of. Europe, $l.o8 additional per annum for .Postage. To etc., $t.04 via. San Franciscd, ad .. dit ional per annum for Postage. -No oiders forthe paper considered, unless ac. companied by the corresponding amount. should, in every instance, be made only by money-order, check or draft. Bills are Hable to be stolen, and only be sent a.t the g:reatest risk to the sender. Rates of Advertising. square (14 Nonpareil lines) for six mouths, $ao. do. :1 year ,. Larger advertisements in the same proportion, but n one taken unless I, t, 3, 4, or more squares. One column, year, $-tso; six months, $JSo; three moDt!ls, $ISO. Half column, :1 year, $2-40j sL'C month!, .130; three months, f7S Q"" AdvertiSements on the .first page. per over two wide columns, and none taken for less than one year, payable fu-lly io advance i squares, $450 No deviTransient advertisements on the third page, perline.for each No orders for advertising will be considered, amount. DIRECTORY OJ-ADVII&TISI&S. Jlessenl_er T. H. a: Oo. 161 Maiden Lane Romay E. E. 82 Wall Q i.m(>orttTI of Clll:J Pif' Ratjer H. &: Brother, _7_7 Water Goebel J &. Oo. >"9 )Jaideu Laue r lJ>fr/lrl Litorirt PIUtt. Appleby & Helme, 133 Water Cleveland, De Lancey b4 South William Gifford, Sherman & Innis, tao William Gomez,.. Ar(Uimbau, 2g &:: 31 8 \Vi1Bam McAndrew James C., I2'f. Frtbt llonis H. lrl., 190ld Slip and 73 Water. Weaver& Sterry, 24 Oedar. &ed L Clhatham T obacco &aling Wax. Zins sei"'W. & Co., 197 William. Manufacturtrs if Ruuian Manufr.rMrtrl of TbiiCCO. Allen n Vine. Geogban & .Murphy Hammond Otten Henry, & Co., 373l:l.ain. 8peuce Bros. & oo., s and 54 East Third: Com"'iJJion MtrcUnu. Hafer, Holmes & Co., j5 Second. ManufllCturtrs, Imp or/ trS MJii Dtllflrl i Cigar.. Krohn, i'eiss&Co., 53 West Fourth. Lowenthal B & Co., 112 West Third. Strasser l-ou'ss, 287 walnut Weil Kahn & Co., 134 Main Tob Morris & Reid, 4 College :Building. CLARKSVILLE, Teaa, L Eu.c Smythe F. W., 3oNortb John_. LOUISVILLE, Kf Tgbacco Finzer &: Bros., Third. Tobauo Commiuion Merchants. Heier W m. G. k Co., s6 Seventh. Wicks G. W. & Co., 102 Main. :Jobbtrs in llli Ainds of Manufactured Tobacco lporttd and Dommie Crgrs. Tachau 0. G. 174 Main. Tobacco Manufacturers' Supplies. w;gginton E. G. & Co., 23 Third. Dealcrt in Lu SllotWell D. A, & ,Sou, 1'14 Eighth av. W .atts Lewis li< 4}2 l!aat toth 1 I .Az_tahfor S..lillf ToUt<011 m, _, Uen A. & 43 Liberty Llndbelm M Water l!Jier Kaeppet, .. of Ci{ J.uerbach & Mendenou,, 'Watn Brock 111., 519 BoweMto FIICIn :Eioeulohr Wm. "Co., us South Water. Gi-1..e k Niemann O.llarles : RerQert. L., south4;ast cor. Fourth A _Race. ... I --b d lie Dowell Ill. E. & Co. Water. Hawkins & Co., 43 eat .....,au a1 N .,, __ _. -ft oh s b +Pia JI.OOI'e 11 6 J JW orth ater '1 ....._,., 11!\ "' 3 "'1' f anJe. ce. Bank J Rinaldo iri Co ; 32'North Water. II<. llcldUdt B., 5 > So nth 8ecou4. r F w:, South OJwoleo. Steiner'-8mitt. .Bros. & KnCJ;ht. us Race. 11: eO w st Pr tt Teller J:Srothers, 117 North Third. Wi I!t e a t Vetterlein J. &. Oo., Jn Artb. -M,.Jtartrs f Cicn. Woodward, Garrett & Oo. 33 Sorth Water. G\lth G_ustave t55 Ge:man. 1 HII"JI""' d Ya-r Tobll,&o. PacAt1'1 rif'&e'4-IAf To.6Mu. 1 Co!!ltaa 1 134 outh Delaware a\le Be<:ker Broth"' 98 LO...banf. /PJtolttalt D.nd 8' iimlt!aiield. 1ibacc. WAoltUJI.t DtaltCJ in 'TM: J Cican Jacohtoo J., 7 Broad. Gantschl H. A; Co., s :Mullet. lf'luu..J Dulm ilr Tob.cco tl BlOIDIO:RD, Va. .... tartrs if Ouruth 0. H_. Co. 46 Hauover. ( T-J-ur of H...,_ Oiz'" .Ur LN.f 6 &lfl!rooll, 7 Commercial._ Colfilllillilfl Westhotr Fnod: jr.' B&OOKLYR1 Jr. Y. MMj{Mr1 Heory,';s Myrtle avemae., BUFFALO .. lf. Y. Ce-Wil MercUau. Obriatlan E. D. A: Co Nea!Tboo.D. Leaf Toa&O Brdm, :HUla II. A. B.OCHES'l'EB., l'f, Y. of Whalen R. & '!' ., 18 State. MllltfciUrm of tl s..lic. Kimball Wm. 8. A Co., J Du/., in L57 Pearl_, Luf-Tolhuc. Schwa, allpohr, Le..,a II Zink G. W., t<)B Pearl. lklldtabers a eo. '9 o.,.,. "Iii" .. GO, m. .IJUclte Wannaclt, "' w-"Smlth 1$. &. n Boweiy h J Ci 11PBINGFIELD, .._ Smith .B Co., .ao Hampden STERLING, UI. ilttai\OIIA Stont>, ,,, Pearl J Duun io L'!'} To ace. ,Sutre & NewJD&!Il. Water Oaae s. 8. A av. 1 1 ()barter lohfl M4n'itt6trt o" Fio11 B.._ Cif .I'. lt.. ._. Oigw Jfl)'jdd8 Wltoltllllt Du/tn i ManuJ l_, ... s-. L01JJS, A De:Br3eblee1" 61 Watreu ,. I & HaDander H. 1:.5 CizrJ. of Tltt G<<*"n Ciz_llr I;Mrl llalc>D, Jlag& & Becmao, tS6 Vlchlgan Aw. r CaUin D., ''"North Second O.lell H. 002 Chatham, Dtalers in Lef To61lceviousJf exhibited, is a k most precarious' Because the rig9rous punishaccordingly, his next journey, li e 'the many that have-pre -"'" J. ... tion therefor. Puni!ih ment may, sometimes be mltl gated for that reason, but it is rarely never totally withheld 'So that, whoever be found amenable to question is likely, .,-pen the time ari" rives for springing tlle as it may be called, to suf fer th,e consequences oti his neglect. }'he cigar trade, and all others, will act wisely if they proceed at once to erase the sta. mps upon the: empty bo es abo)lt' their premises. Meanwhile, officeri shoula'be spe cially instructed to give notice .to all intere'sted that the law is to be enforced, and in this way avoid what would clearly be an injustice to such as are not aware of the ob ligation which the l ,aw imposes upon all. I r MINOR ceded it, will e undertaken in the confident ex'pe' ctaments provided make itcle;u that are hencetion or' a sincere' w<;!cbme at,\he of all with whom forth to be consjdered of far more importance:than ever 1 I ,I J '1 '' 1 before ; and nb rev nue officer wi11 now t>e likelv to fail A GooD YIELD.-A Lincoln County, C:uolina, his qusipess may bring hi m in contact. 1 1 says the Charlotte Detn()crat, will secure on 6o prders for the Tobacco Trade Directory at any of 10 reportmg after what for acres of land, about thirty thousand pounds of leaf to the above mentioned places willo be promptly attended .shall elapsed, ,pr anew bacco-1o,ooo of superior bright, :zo,oOo pounds b Mr G a1f. I .I : to g11(e 1 h1s attent10n to lhe s,u, ; wh1ch last common. to r ; (n). : I 1 ; J c may occunit any moment. Formerly the DES. TB.OY TJd: S'*' OK EltPTY officers felt justified in ignoring on of ToB.: fof in connecbe raised i" Califomia of as good qua.lity as the best r c; otherStates. Samples oftobacco andcigars Ac. t of :.6, very nat11rally that that must be a trivial of-were recently exhibited ip San Franciscp which eould whenever any stamped Box, contamrpg CII:J!.TS, cherO()ts, fence which carried with it no repressive consequences hardly be distin guished from the best Havanas. or cig4reues, shall be it shall .be' the duty ot Now, it is entirely difrerentj the c6nsequences under the I the In whose the same rt.'ay 'be ,to existing Jaw are a veiy serious thing, l'nd that, whether WHAT TOBA<;CO P.Avs-INTERNAL REVENUE COLLEC-utterljr the stamp or, stamps thereon. And any . 1 f 'd f b I TIONs. The collect10ns at the office of Collector Bur who shall wilfully neglect refuse so to ,do shall, for lhe denl!ctlon IS. the. t 0 accr o: 0 0 stmacy gess, Richmond. Va. for tpe month of September, each such offense, on co nviction, be fined not exceeding And hence, no officer will dare, even if mclmed, to be amount to fi3o7,90J.II, about f;Joo,ooo of which was oblivious. Officers must report the cases to their paid for tax on tobacco. The collection for the corres. fifty dollar:;, thfaMn tenh days8n6or ponding month of last year was h67 ,, showing an more than SIX mont s. e c o arc 2 I 7, increase of made it lawful for any inspector or revenue officer to The cause of the' is probably twodestroy ahy empty cigar box, upon which a cigar stamp fo!a; first, very mapy feel as if hardly l>een op found,' but attached no penalty for neglect qr reppnunity since July I, for overhauhng the accumulations fusal. A ruling of the GommissionE;T of Internal Rev of previot:s months, and in some instances years; enue, based upon the latter act, made it incu mbent on and who-do 'DOt know there every cigar manufacturer, wbo sold his own cigars at re-such fl recj_tiire' ment in the law, or ever bas been. But tail, to erase the stamps on their empty boxes, a_nd that these reasons; neither Of a single ruling continu6d in force up 'to July I, I872, when the omission Fot "eachuchoffence," "each" wi\1 be act first quoted went into openltion. It was, construed to mean each single box....-the fine will be fifty only partially enforced-few re.venue officers caring to dollars-imprisonment, of course> will not f91low-and no take the trouble to en in the unprofitable business excuse can be accepted, 'under plam letter of the of box-smashmg; and'it was, doubtless, OWing to tni' law, tbat will enable eitner the the ignorant fact that the law of so stringentfy fratPed a s man to avoid paying the. It is a brutal, but never t \I I t I. I c ompel' ttot but else (iq theless a fixed-tenet in legat procedure tht ignorance .To OBVIATE the delay to the of p;rd m1ts to sell scraps and cuttings under the recent revised ruling, from assessors located at a considerable distance from where application is ,made, tl:te of Revenue has signi!le? his willingness to allowsslstant assessors to grant the necessary permits when \he purchase1 is properly identified. As for example : Suppose a m a nufacturer in New York wants to buy scraps or fr!lm a manutacturer in Key \Vest; the assessor being-located. at Tallahassee, the assessor at KeY. West may allow the gooc:b to be shipped to New York if he has evidence that the buyer in New York is duly qualified to purchase. Helme. J, (: No:Miitrg\1 L. "Brei!., s Walnut. \ J o l' GQo..t e F ..!.. & llro. sl i I w .. "M.if'lfr1TI. aj.Frnl Cut Stsfiic ':. I r fmj;ircm oj'-H Ci.:' Deal{";. SpllnisA tl DMIIsrlt uaf Toh4ilt Tok<.:: I whose possession ah,!fulPtY sianyped be of the law is no excuse fqr violatin g it; and nobody found, unde!' pains and penalties, to destroY 'the stamps therefore, can expect to ,rel'eased _a' legal obligaWe are glad to record this and other recent instances of liberality on the part of Commissioner Douglass, feel ing assured, as we do, that the favors granted are not only just and proper in themselves, but are calculated to be advantageous to both the trade and the revenue.j llaaer C!>U T. A Qq, AO '' Dills, .. :Ill Weot Second. .,._ ..,..,. A, 1 De BarJ 4< Kllq, slir..iCI' ,. 1 Vi ,..,_ Hoflm

2 TRADE ITEM-The "Stanley" c1gars are the latest trade novelty brought to our not1ce, fhey are manufac tured by Mr. Henry Hollander, at 125 Ma1den Lane "TIME AT LAllT sets all thmgs even," so intimates a Tennessee paper, at all e\ents; for It says--Congressman Golliday finds his vote on the tobacco law (tax b1ll) a great 1mpedrmen_t in his current canvass for re-electiOn ToBACco BURNED.The barn of Henry Howd at West Hartland, Ct., was struck 6y lightning Monday afternoon about 3 o'clock, and totally conaumed, with its contents. He had one-half acre of tobacco hung m the ba.rn. PROTECTIVE AsSOCIATION --Some thirty dealers in to bacco at Charleston, S C have formed a protective umon for the purpose of defense against unjust prosesutlon mst1tuted by revenue officers. Other dealers are expected to JOin. OBITUARY-Mr. R. S. Walter, member of the firm of Walter, Fre1dman & :Freise, Tobacco Commiston Mer chants, No. 203 Pearl Street, d1ed on the uth. of Sep tember, on board the Steamer Donan, on her la e voyage to Bremerhaven, when w1thm two hours of the port of destinatiOn. H1s rem a m s have been mterred m the city of Bremen. Mr Walter of age at the t1me of h 1 s decease THE the season's expenence' wh1ch the l:lrmer m'ay turn to h1s advantage, 1f he would only apply them. Not \he least is tliat 1t IS not to his profit to attempt more work than he can pr&vide help for domg under any posstble contmgency -W. H. WHITE, m Country (ihnlleman. THE TOBACCO DOMESTIC. NEW YORK, October 8. Westun Leaf--The month opens quietly, sales smce Ist mstant, amounting to only 49I hhds. The scarc1ty of vessels and d1fficulty of negot1atmg restricted purch ases for export to n'3 hhds. Manufacturers -bought 339 :Fm..-s, and a few scraps were sold to cutters. In some cases a concession of c. was allowed, to close out remnants, but we make no change in our quotations. At the close there seems more export mqu1ry, though as yet leading to no sales. The news from the crop is more favorable The last plantmg 1s improving, and no frost tphurt has occurred. We Judge that m quantity 1! will not vary much from the crop o 187o, and so we will leave it till the new year, when perhaps we can give a more particular estimate. lat week :ld week Sd 'll'eek 4th 'll'eek 5 t h week Tota1 January-990 403 349 377 I8I 3,6oo February -69 579 420 648 384 2,2oo March_ --24 300 1,886 868 422 3,6oo Apnl ____ 83 6o1 SI2 840 I,o64 J,Ioo TOBACCO LEAP) Fresh orders, embracmg full assortments, were recewed, and are J:)elng rsce1ved, from the mtenor, and [rorp retailers m town, and the supplying of thts traffic the market in a snug trim condttion. CgarsThe cigar market IS active and steady, wh1ch bemg mterpreted s1gmfies, the very best poss1ble cond lion. The demand m sQIIIe quarters IS unusualty briSk, and everywhere satisfactory Gold opened at I am\ closed at Excltange is held at higher rates We quote B1lls at 6o days on London, for commerc1al, I07fS@Io8 for banker's do. at short sight, 109}(@ I09fS Paris at 6o days_ do. at short sight, 28>-fi, Antwerp, 5 SWISS, Hamburg, Amsterdam, 39}.(@4o}.( Frankfort. Bremen, 4 Re1chmark, Prussian thalers, Fnzghts have remained firm, as the offerings remam smalll. We quote .-Hhds London, per steam, 37s. 6d, per sail, J2S. 6d; Liverpool, do. 42S 6d, do. ass; Ham burg, do. sos do. 45s; Bremen, do 45s. do 4os, Ant werp, per sa1l, 47s 6d; Amsterdam, do 47S 6d. Seed leaf, cases-Hamburg, per steam, 4-os per satl, 3os; Bremen, do. 32s. 6d, do. 30s, Antwerp, per sail, 32s 6d; Amsterdam, do, 32s. 6d. l" Al\ftCV%.AB. KO'l"XCB. SIGNS OF PROSPERITY-The Danvtlle (Va.) Weekly May-----397 29 1 483 S32 I,597 3,300 Regzster notices the creation of three new tobacco fac-June ---2 38 97I 947 970 874 4,ooo tones m Danv1lle, and says, The bnck tobacco factory July _____ 86J 1 ,316 969 8os 4,000 just completed by MT. T. J. Talbot on Bndge Street 1s Aug ----697 1 I,o6o I,9o8 s,ooo the largest buildmg of the kmd in Danville, and one of Sept ----368 I,0 49 I,348 935 3,700 the finest houses for business we have seen anywhere Oct. -----491 -491 Mr John W. G1bson 1s now bmldmg a large tobacco Vzrgwza Leaf-The demand for V1rgmia leaf was factory on Lynn Street, which w11l soon be fimshed very fa.1r during the. week just closed, and we hear of Messrs. T. C Williams & Co are building a factory on several good sales-comparatively good-to manufac Bridge Street not far from the ra1lroad turers, w1th some for sh1pment, the latter m smaller .. F1om the preparat1 n > that are on foot, we expect that quantity. The lightness in the money market has had the manufactunng w1ll oe largely mcreased m the effect of transachons to extent, D.1nv1llethe coming year. accommodation havmg been as hard to obtam by those who happened to need 1t as at any tLme fat years past. Added to tlus, the fre1ght d1fficulty has exerc1sed the usual depressmg influence on business, transportation at n:ason a ble rates being something utterly unattamable And tlus obstruction seems likely to contmue wlule the outflow of gram, petroleum and other bulky products re REORGANIZATION OF THE INTERNAL REVENUECOLLECLECTION DISTRICTS -The order consolidating Ten nessee into three collectiOn d1stncts w11l be IS sued next week. At .present there are e1ght d1stncts It is understood that a plan entirely d1fferent from the one enacted by the last Congress w1ll be recommended by Commisswner :Qauglas in h1s annual and 1f t rece1ves the approval of Secre tary Boutwell wtll be pressed for actwn by the chamnan :;! <:<:>mmittee on Ways and Means and Senate Com mittee of Finance, and an effort wll be made to have 1t passed before the holidays. Assessors and assistant as sessors wtll be d1spensed w1th, the country d1v1ded mto 1 so collection d1stncts, wit!"\_ an increase of deputy col lectors It 1s futher contemplated to recommend the en tire collection of mternal revenue by stamps, even should there be no change in the law 1mposmg taxes The re port wtll be short, and except the recommendations men boned uninterestmg. MR. J,jAGER IN LoNDON -Says the N. }': Tn/mne of the 8th inst: a private letter, dated Savage Club, Lon don, Monday, Sept 23, says: L:l:_st Saturday Mark Twain had a very bnlliant receptiOn at the usual Saturday "Savage" Dmner About forty were p1esent, mclud ing some of the most bnlliant literary lights Toole, the comed1an, pres1ded w1lh Twam and t m M P (a bar nster) on hts nght. Mark was the guest of Mr. Lee, edt tor and propnetor of Land and Water Neat by sat Watts Ph1ll1ps, the dramatist; Andrew Halhday, and one of the managers of Drury Lane; Hood, son ofTom Hood; Barnes the artist; John Hollingshead, theatncal man ager ; Henry Hersee, brother of Rose Hersee The Lotus Club of New York wa" represented by J. Henry Hager, Arthur Matth1son, and one or tlho others Toole arose, after the cloth was and m an amusmg speech, proposed Mark's health, to whtch the Ia tier sponded m hts usual style, and was much applauded m concluding, proposed the memory of Art" mus WaTd, which was drank 10 stlence, and the formal proceedings ended. IMPORTANT DEciSIONS -The Bnti!lh Amencan Claims Commission, wh1le m sesSIOn last week, dec1ded an im portant prmc1ple in two cases for 'tobacco burned at R 1 chmond The claimants, Scotch merchants, alleged the owners of the tobacco in question at the outbreak of the war; that the Pres1dent, by the procla matiOn of blockade, and the Congress, by the non mter course act of Jnne, r86r, prevented the1r removal of the same, althogh under the non-intercourse act the pres ident was permitted to hcense special and limited trade w 1th the insurrectiOnary d1stncts, and, as the cla1mants1 alleged, such licenses were gtven to those wdlmg to take an actwe part agamst the rebe1hon m preference to aliens and neutrals. The claimants charged the subsequent and loss of thet r tobacco to this preventiOn of removal by the United States and clatmed the Umted States hable theretor On demurrer to the memonals, the Commls&toA dectded agamst the claims, holdtng m effect the proclamation of blockade, the non-intercourse act and the practtce of the U mted States under them law ful acts \\ithm the law of nations. If this clmm could have been sustamed the United States would be made liable for an Immense amount of property m the South owned by aliens at the outbreak of the war. In the cases of W atkms aud Lee and Dalgetty and Du Croz & Co. vs the Umted States, the clatmants claimed damages for a portion of the, cargo of the Hzawatha, con signed to them by a contra'OtoT m R1chmond, allegmg that by the capture of the tobacco the1r vender fa1led:to fulfil h1s contract and cla1ming the damages resultmg from such non-fulfilment By the dects1on the CommiSSIOn held, m effect these damages to be too remote for allowance, the clatmants not allegmg themselves to have been the owners of the tobacco at the time of cap ture, but only entitled to recewe 1t on contract. THE SEASON IN CoNNlfCTICUl.-The prolonged drought of the last two years extended through the spnng mto June before we had suffic1ent ram to break the same, wh1ch, With the extremely cold wmter and sprmg, with its high wmds, rendered the sprmg q01te late and very httle vegetable growth was made nil hte in May, and from that time ttdl mto July growth was very slow Seeds vegetated very slowly, and when they came up the plants grew exceedmgly slowly unhl near the mid dle of July, when we had rains and growmg weather; from whtch ume till the m1ddle of September we have had one of the most growmg seasons on record, every thing seeming to come forward wtth a bound, throwmg all fatm work into a very narrow compass of time, caus ing from the want ofsuffic1ent help for such contfugency, to perform the necessary work at the appointed time. Especially was th1s the case w1th tobacco, the suckers getting the advantage and makmg an unusual growth, so also weeds for a time obtamed the mastery. Tobacco plants were backward, at the tlme wanted for selling in greatest quant1tyr, so considerable was set late, some not fimshmg nil the m1ddle of July, or past; but with the growmg weather such tobacco came for ward and has npened up, gemerally, makmg a very good crop. Much of the tobacco set about the m1ddle of May matured a heavy growth, and was harvested m sixty days from settmg ; owmg to the very rap1d growth, damp, warm weather, some. such tobacco havmg the leaf stems cracked m snckenng, the stem.> rotted, and the leaves fell off cons1derably m the field while harvest ing and sume after bemg hung Tobacco generally IS of large growth, espec1ally all seasonably set and tended ; yet there IS considerable second and thtrd quahty tobacco, more m proport10n to the crop than m an average season .:,Many lessons may be drawn from mam at the present volume. The busmess season is, however, pretty well over now, so that the mconvemence inctdental to these two causes 1s less senous than 1f 1t had happened at an earlier penod. The stock now held of old tobacco ts very small in all the markets In Richmond Lt is not much over 6ooo hogsheads which, 1f left entirely to the manufacturers, would not last over s1xty days, allowmg the fifty manufactones an average of two hogsheads per day Probably_ one-thrrd of the total wtll be taken for shipment, leavmg only 4000 hogsheads for consumption, wh1ch reduces the supply to an allowance for forty days, or thereabout. Th"' stock 10 thiS market, cons1dermg the wants of Canada and elsewhere, may also be con sidered verv small, yet it would seem that small as it is, 1t wlll the sole rehance. Fillers, certamly, can only be had here, and, even now, we nottce mquines 10dtcating a d1spostt10n to forestall the future !emand for them Sead Leaf-The total reported sales for the week foot up I.487 cases, more than double tht quantity em braced m our prev1ous summary but presentmg an m dlfferent exhtbit even at that Anmversary observances by a port10n of the trade probably contributed in some degree to reduce the -Dumber of transactions, and what th1s wtll not account for could doubtless be charged to the repress1ve agenc1es referred to above. The details of the week's busine>s were as follows Forexpolt, JOBes. Illin01s at c.; 450 cs Wis consm at 340 cs. Ohio at and 99 cs PennS) lv .ama at 16c ; and for the home trade 340 cs. Connecticut wrappers at 40@65 c., so cs Pennsylvama wrappers-selections--on pnvate terms, and Ioo cs old crop sundnes, also on pnvate terms, Concurrent testimony pomts .to the conclusiOn that some mjury has been done to the new crop by pole sweat or pole rot, but the belief ts, after all, general that the damage w1ll not be serious in amount As at first descnbed, the diSease appeared to be a new one, but further expenence with 1t has sho1m that, as a general tlung, 1t does not differ essentially from the ordinary pole-sweat with which everybody IS famtliar when to bacco 1s hung too close together and the weather IS un favorable. It 1s a source of gratificatiOn to have th" KOMTBL'Y B't.lTBICBHT DP I!TOCU OP ar,unen TO .A.OOO BaTana Cuba 8aiN& Tan Bl Bla Bla. Bla. S,275 643 2 3511 19,797 9) 11M 201 00 90 827 727 '100 160 : ll.m Olen I Bla IIOK'I'BLY BT'&T&IDM'! OP ITOCk8 TR. NI:W YORK AJID UOOJt.LTif 'l'OB""'000 IM8l'ECTIO!f "W"'-&li:ROUI.\ES VIJ:Il'inla Ky andN. 0 Ohto Md. Total Hilda Hlld& Hhda. llhda. Hbdo u,ces 4M u 31 u,e09 early ant1c1pations regarding the quahty of the crop confirmed by later observation ; the silky texture and probable good color the leaf being generally adTotal ......... ... 1,201 53 jl,IU U ,296 S,045 517 t5 11 2 ,070 mttted Deli"rered ""' SpamshThere was the same steady mqmry for good Havana filler$ during the week that has pr-evailed for some tLme past, w1th an 1mproved demand for Yara, as we last week pred1cted there soon would be. The re ported sales of the first-mentioned were about 300 bales 10,261 Jl 10,79S Hhdo 404 at 90c and of the !>econd about ISO bales at Stooll:mtbeBrook11111:upectiouW&rehou ... Oct t,li7J 4,SII6 $x.oo@$r.o8, the extreme ranges m both instances in, ToW atooll: Oct. 1 18n .. .............. .. ............. d1catmg firm and advancmg prices, the especially IMPORTS. Both represent fine, very fine grades. At reta1l choice Havana 18 taken readily 30 New stock is The arrivals at the port of New York from fore1gn arnving in hberal quantity but ts not yet handled with ports for the week endmg October 8, mcluded the Colmuch freedom. lowmg consignments: Manufactu,eti.-A good busiMss is announced by CUIDAD BoLIVAR.-Oelnchs & Co, 130 baskets some dealers, while others report only a moderate de GLASGOW -Order, 2oo chests liconce paste mand. An average week 1 s doubtless a SUitable expresHAMBURG.--Strohn & Retzenstem, 174 bales s10n to md 1cate the amount of busmess actually done. MALAGA.-James C. McAndrew, r,s6z bales !Jconce We hearofsalesofbright quarters and pockeql.lecesfor root; order I,760 eo. export from the manufactory on hurr:ed orders hence, MANTANZAS -Owen & Co, 86 bales; J. F Whitney, and we learn also of some fair transact10ns in tens for I case Cigars. shipment. More busmess could have been done, pro TARRAGONA.-Order, 3,676 bdls. 4 bag5 hconce root bably, had goods now in short supply been more abund HAVANA -A. Gonzales, 441 bales' F Garcia, 315 ant, occaswnal trl\nsfers having been prevented, it is do i Well & Co, 357 do i M & E. Salomon, 155 do; H satd, m consequence of the compamtlve scarcity of va-Schubatt & Co, roo do; Robert A. Ohmstedt, roo do; netles 10 demand at present. J as A Vega & Brothers, 70 do ; E. Hoffman, so do It IS now plamly apparent that dealers are looking G B Lichtenberg, 40 do; 0 V Vidal, r6 do; A. L foward to the establishment of an export warehouse, Reid, 2o do; L. Perea, r8 do; Latasa & Co, 4 do; F here with increasing favor, and perhaps w1th increased Miranda, 2 63 do, 2 cases clg rs; E. W. Junge & Co. confidence m the ultimate attamment of that ol>ject. 137 do; S do; Schroeder & Bon,I case cigars ; :Robert We have preVIously mentwned the fact that the ComE. Kelly & Co, 19 do; Kremelberg & Co,..8 do; T m1ss10ner of Internal Revenue 1s said to be willing to Millington & Eckmeyer, f do i Purdy & N1cholas, co operate in an effort to have such a warehouse estab-do: P. A Madan, n do, DeBary & Kling, IS do; eT hshed here if the trade des1re 1t and 1t appears to us W. Faber, S do' J. C. Hoffmeyer, 7 do; Howard Ives, that steps m1ght appropnately be taken at once, 1f not 8 do; S. Lmmgton & Sons, 3 do ; Kunhardt & C?, 123 already done, by those mterested, to acquamt hlm With do; Acker, Mernll & Cond1t, 28 do, Park & T1lford, their Wishes on the subject, in order not only that he 34 do Oelncqs & Co, 8_do, W. H. Thomas & Brother, may be prepared to act promptly in the matter after 14 do, L. F. Auja, I do, & r do, Congress meets but that he may mcorporate 1 f so ner, Ackermann & Co, I do, L. BenJamm, I do, Bu.r dlsposed, a of the measure 'in h1s lage & Co, 1 do Wnght, Brown & Co, 2 do ; Atlantic annual report, now reported to be 10 process of prepa Steam Ship Company, 466 bales, 45 cases, or ration. It argues nothing agamst the utihty of the der, 2 8 cases Cigars. 1 effort requtred to be !Dade, that Congress all last winter, EXPORTS. and afterwards, eyi,nced a disposillon to withhold every From theport ofN ew Xork to foreign ports, other than lhmg of an accommodating nature from the trade. European poJts, for the week endmg October 1, were as The experience of the past and next three months follows will do mucp to incline even the most prejudtced memBRITISH WEST INDIES.-I hhd, Jizz, 40 bales, ls6o, ber of Congress to greateJ; liberality th1s wmter, and tt 3,661 lbs mfd, $R75 need not be a matter of great to any one if in 32 cases cigars, $7,903, :176 cases Liceconsequence of the change of view tbat may reasonably nee paste, $u,o40. be expected, an export warehouse can be secured w1th CENTRAL AMERICA.-663 lbs mfd, comparatively little exertion At all event tt will be CUBA.-2,240 lbs mfd, S778. well to try to secure one, and it is much to have the asDANISH WEST INDIES.-! hhd, 248. s1stance, or even the passtvity, of the Commissioner DuTCH WEST INDIES.-8 bales, $87, 35,217 lbs m{d, of the Revenue in the undertakmg. -To try to do business w1thout warehouse facilities is FRENCH EAST INDIES.-8,912 lbs mfd, h,2S7 stmply a waste of time, cap1tal, and energy; and to NEw GRANADA.-170 lbs mfd, abandon the opursuit to wbtch the members of the trade VENEZUELA.--9 hhds $?.,2J5i 8347 lbs mfd, $a,J4I. have been bred, ancJ which they have followed for a life-To European ports for the week endmg October 8: time, Is s1mply ab&urd. ANTWRRP.-47 hhds, I76 bales, 16,96o lbs mfd. Smultmg-A fair demand without noticeable activity BREMEN -7 hhds, 1148 cases, 6 cases cigars. j is the record of tho week iD the smoking trade, CcmurHACEN,-:z,15o lbs mfd ......... ___ ._ ........ OCT. 9 GLASGO.W.--63 h\lds. mfd hhds, 2 I7..Case. HAMBURG.-II9 hhds, 2s do stems, r24 cases HAVRE -I case C1gars. LIVERPOOL -I95 hhds, ro cases, 94,903 lbs mfd. MARSEILLES.-249 hhds. BOSTON, October s.-The Commemal Dulletzn says that there IS a little more acuvity in the market for rna nufactured and we nt)te sales of roo <:ases for export, the first for a considerable bme. Deodcr-11 are anticipating the last of the month. Priies of manufactured are very firm ; w1th some prospect c,r an advance, on account of greater firmness in leaf. We quote good black work 2I@33C falTdo 19@:nc; common do I5@19c. Bright work, superior, 75@85c; good 48@ sse, fair 3S@40C, common 38@JOC, all in bond. There has been a fau demand for domestic leaf, with considerable sales of Kentucky in small lots, and some call from exporters Havana fillers contmue scarce, and in good demand, at fatr prices. We quote Havana at Jr ro@ I 2o; Connecticut and Massachusetts fillers at I4@17Ci Bmders and Seconds, zo@3oc, Wrappers,45@65c; Fme Wrappers, 65@75c, Yara, l.oo@r,Io. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. The anivals at the port of' New York from domestic mtenor and coastWise ports, for the week ending Octo ber 8, were r,os6 hhds, 4 tlerces, 49 half-tierces, 92 quarter-tLerces, 2,456 cases, 10 half-cases, 283 boxes, 755 half-boxes, 228 three-quarter boxes, I6S quarter boxes, 175 thtrd boxes, I7 butts, 6 ncks, 240 caddtes, I 1 I pegs, 83 cases c1gars, u bales scraps, 2 cases li conce, consigned as follows : Bv THE ERIE RAILROAD -Goodwm & Co; I4 hhds; Ottmger Brothers, 24 do; E. M. W rtght & eo, 23 do ; J. R Sm1th & Son, 20 do; S. M Parker & Co, 2 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 4 do; John :F. Flagg, 30 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co, 36 do ; B C. llaker, Son & Co, 27 do; Sawyer, Wallace& Co, 15 do, M. Pappenhel m r, 7 do; R. L. Mattland & Co, 8 do, Norton, Slaugh ter & Co, 2 do; D. J. Garth, Son & Co, I do ;John An derson & Co, 1 do; M Pauhtlsch, 8o cases E Hoffman, 30 do; Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, 65 do; Charles F. Tag-sc Son, ro do, o t der, 67 do. Bv THE HuosoN RI\'ER RAILROAD -M & E Salo mon, 6r cases t G. B Lichtenberg, 52 do; order, 2 2 do. Bv THE NATIONAL LINE -Pollard, Pettus & Co, I4 hhds, F. W. Tatgenhorst & Co. 10 do BY THE CAMDN AND AMBOY RAILROAD-Appleby & Helme, 14 cases. BY THE NEw YORK AND NEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT LtNE-Stra1to,n & Storm, 231 cases; Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, 16 do M. & Co r 1 do S trohn & Re1tzen ste1n, I 53 do; A Belaen, 23 do Wm EggeFt, I43 do; Weed & &l:cNeary, I do; Schoeder & Bon, z do; T. Gei bel, I do; R H Arkenburg, sS do; R A. Parker, I do j J:. Klemschmttter, r do; E. Stork, 7 do Bv THE NEN YORK AND HARTFORD STEAM.BOAT LINE -Schroeder & Bon, 13 cases, Sehgsberg & Frmgaut, 19 do; J W. Chapman, 2 do; Havemeyer & 29I do; L. Gerschel & Brother, 19 do ; S. Selmgs Sons, 8o do; D. & A. Bennrno. ro do. Bv THE OLD DOl!liNION STEAMSHIP LINE-P Loriltard & Co, I3 hhds; Oelnchs & Co, 20 do;. Pollard, Pethus & Co IJ do;. D J Garth, Son & Co 7 do, March, Pnce & Co., 2 6 do ; A. C Lamotte. a6 do ; M Abenheim, I7 do; A. D Chockley, 5 do; Huffer, Toe! & Co, I22 do; \V 0. Smrth, 2or do, I4 cases 43 three qtr. bxs, J D Ke1lley, Jr, 128 do, 73 do, 6o do;. R. W Cameron & Co 24 hlf trcs 42 qtr. trcs, J. H. Thomp son, 47 cases; M. Lindheim, 120 do; S Rapp, Io do; A. Hen & Co I6 do, Hi!nderson Brothers, I3 do; Henry Welsh, 50 do; James M Gardtrler & Co., sr do; Allen & Co., 3 do; R Ll\dhe1m & Co, 25 do; Bennett, Schenck & Co, 35 do; Wells & 40 do, R. Irwin & Co 22 do; Herder, Hall & Co, I do; M W Welzhofer, 23 do; Maddux Brothers, r9 do, IO hlf cases, 20 hlf bxs, Io qtr bxs; Connolly & Co, r8 do, 52 th1rd bxs; G. Ottenberg, 2 do, I case c1gars ; Martm & Johnson, I6 do, u hlf bxs, IS qtr bxs; W P. Kilttredge & Co IJ do, 13 hlf bxs; E DuBOLs, 70 do, 20 do, so three qtr bxs; Dohan, Carrole & Co., 197 do, 46 do, 75 do, IIJ thtrd bxs; Rtchey & Bomface, I4 do, ro do, 4I qtr bxs, r7 butts, 5 r kegs; S C. Moseley, 6o kegs; G W Hlllman & Co 6 ncks; J. D Evans & Co, 283 boxes; Carhart Brothers, roo hlf bxs; L. & E. Wert helmer, Ioo do, S Schiffer & Nephews., roo qtr bxs; N. L McCready, 25 hlf trcs, so qtr trcs, 58 cases, 427 hlf bxs, 200 caddtes; order, 7 hhas, 4 trcs, 40 cadd1es, J cases hconce COASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE-H Hoffman, II5 hhds, Kremelberg & Co., 6 do ; M Falk & Brother, 15 cases ; order, I9 d<>. CoASTWISE FROM KEY WEsT-Seidenberg & Co 42 ases c1gars ; De Bary & Klmg, :u do; Robt E. Kelly & Co, 9 do; J & J Eager, 9 do, Stratton & Storm, 8 bales scraps ; V. Martmez Ybor 4 do BALTIMORE, October Loosf': & Co, CommlSSlOn Merchants and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, report. Recetpts of Maryland tobacco have been lighter dunng the pa5t week, than for some weeks prev1ous; the demand m face of scarc1ty of tonnage and the de pressed state of the exchange market havmg bee n less active dunng the fir,t days of the week, has fully re covered and IS acltve agam on part of shippers. Sales were made of about 8oo hhds; no quotable change m prices -Of Ohto the rece1pts were triflmg, and wah a very hght stock m factors' hands, winch con s1sts ch1efly of finer grades, transacttons could be but hm1ted, and rt::ach only about 70 hhds for France and about 1oo hhds for home manufacture Pnces are firm \Ve have heard of no movements of any importar,ce in netther Kentucky nor V1rgtma, though holders are firm. The mspect10ns for the week compnse 1047 hhds Maryland, 77 do Oh1o, 9 do Kentucky, r do V1rgm1a total, r r34 hhds. Cleared same period 330 hhdsdo Maryland to Liverpool, 918 do Maryland and 34 da V1rgtma to Bordeaux, 5 76-do Maryland to Amster m and 6 hhds to Demerara; total, r83o hhd1 Maryland and 34 do V1rgm1a. We rev1se our quotations Mary andfrosted 7 sound common good common !1@ mtddlmg good to fine red II@13, fancy I4@25, upper country 7 @3o, ground leaves Ohto-inferior to good common greemsh and brown mediUm to fine red, @2, common to med. 5pangled, fine spangled to yellow 12@25. Kentucky--common to goods lugs heavy 9@10, low to med. leaf, fatr to good, u@12, fine and selections, IJ@IS Vtr gmia-common to good lugs common med. leaf 9@Io, fair to good 1 I@u, fine and selections 13 @IS, stems, good to;fine Tobacco Statement. :Jan. I, r8p.--Stc.ick m warehouses and on shipboard, not cleared _________________ 574 hhds Inspected this week __ -----------------I1I34 hhds Inspected previously_------------------40,386 hhds lfota'------------------47,26S hhds Exported smce Jan I, Io72---30,919 hhds Coastwtse and re-mspected_-. -4,8oo hhds 35,719 hhds Stock to-day in warehouses and on sh1p. board not _.rr,546 hhds Messrs. "Ed. Wischmeyer & Co, Tobacco Comm1ssion Merchants, report as follows .-Our pltig tobacco market during the past week baa not shown much activity for fine grades, but low grades continue in good demand at steady pnces. The_ followmg are the 'receipts. A Seemuller & Sons, 87 cases, so hlf bxs, IJZ third bxa, G S Watts & Co,, 49 cases, 84 boxes, Hoffman, Lee & Co 227 hlf bxs, 258 thrrd bxs, 20 caddies; John P. Pleasants & Sons, 224 boxes; B Stafford, 48 hlf bxs, ro3 third and qtr bxs, IS case:.;, other parties, 195 boxes and 1 Leases. Messrs Ricards, Leftwich & Co's Circula .eports: Dunng the montll of September there has been a small busmess done in Keutucky tobacco For home trade, there has been little or no demand. The h1gh rates and scarc1ty of freights, very much restnct the export trade ; and Regie buyers, showmg no disposition to meet holders VIews, the maJket may be quoted dull Our late ad vices from the mtenor stt!l point to a large crop, though it appears the y1eld will not be as exlell stve as some calculatiOns make it out, and it is now expected there wtll be a large proportiOn of low grades V1rg.nia -There has been a fatr demand for new pnmmgs, but in vtew oT the difficulties of exporting, buyers are slow to operate at quotations; with a lower range of pnces a good busmess would no doubt anse. Our crop reports are more favorable than a month ago. Maryland.-The market has been les!tact1ve and pnces a shade lower. Olli1-Crop nearfy all in and transac tions &mall, CINCINNATI, October I.-Mr. F. A. Prague, Lea Tobacco Inspector, repvrts as follows: The offerings for the past week have not been very large, notwtthstanding the market opened quue bnsk in the begmmng of the week, but became qute dull at the close. The market for Oh10 seed ts firm and pnces were generally satisfac tory. The offenngs at auct10n for the past week were ,S59 hhds and I75 bxs, as follows The Bodman Warehouse, 242 hhds and 125 bxs: II7 bhds Mason Co. Ky, trash, lugs and leaf 4 at 75@ 7; 43 at 8@9 So; 5I 'lt IO@r4.75 I4 at 15.50@ '9; 5 at 20@25 25 94 hhds Brown and Clermont Counties Ohto 6 at 8@9.25, z6 at ro@I4Si 43at @I9.75 19 at 75 13 hbds Owen Co Ky_: 4 at 8.6o@9 .8o, 6 at J0.2S@IJ.2S ; 3 at rs@r6.75 II hhds Pendleton Co. Ky. trash and lugs, 5 hhds SoutheTn In 2 at 8.Io, 8 30; 3 at n 25@13 s hhds West I at 7 40; z at 8.70, 9So, 2 at ro so, II. 122 cases Oh10 seed fillers and wrappers: S at 7@7 90; 42 at 8@9.90j 44 at 10@14 75j I7 at r5@18.5o II at 20@ z6.:rs. At the Planter's Warehouse-_ 159 hhds 51 hhds Mason County, Ky, trash, lugs and leaf: 5 at J6@jgo; 27 at 8.o5 @9.90 IJ at ro@13-75, 6 at 1.5@20 so. 53 hhds Brown County, Oh10, trash, lngs and leaf: 4 at 640 @ 790; 14 at 8-25@9> 19 at ro 2S@I4-7S; 16 at 15.2S@22 .so 48 hhds Pendleton County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf I at 7 .go;; 28 at 8@9 so ; I8 at ro@IJ, I at IS 7 hhds Browo. County, Ohto, (pnvate sale} at u 2s. At the Kenton Warehouse, 701 hhds u hhds Mason County, Ky. hash, lugs, and lea[: 3. at $8@8 90, Sat ro@I4S; I at I5 75i 4 hhds Brown County, Ohto, at 1 0 @ I4 75; 12 hhds Owen County, K. trash and lugs. 6 at 8 I5@9@ 6 at 10@12 411 hhds Pendleton County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 8 at 5 65@7; 19 at_&@ 9 So ;, 14 at 10 25@14.50; r at 16 At the Morns Warehouse, 49 hhds: 36 hhds Mason County, Ky, trash and lugs 3. at h 75@7.90; z.o at 8@9 so I3 at xo@I4 25. r hhd Brown County, Ohio, at IO 25. 7 hhds Owen Co, Ky, tr.tsh and lugs: 4at 8@8 90; 3 at ro 25@I!.75 5 hhds Boone County, Ky 3 at 8 ao@9 55, 2 at, n 25. At the Phister Warehouse, 49 hhds and so boxes: 23 hhds Mason County, Ky, trash and lugs : I at "7i IS at 8.15@9 9o; 7 at Io@I4 26 hhds Brown County, Ohto, trash, lugs and leaf; 2 at 9 so,9.60; 9 at II@ I4 rs at I5.75@23o so cases Oh1o seed fillers and wnppers. 7 at s@7 .25 ; II at 8@9.80; 27 at ro@ I4 25: 5 at IS@3I. LOUSVILLE, October 2.-Mr. L. Francke's monthly tobacco report says --Stock, Sept rst, I872, s,51o hhds; recetved last month, 7Io, total 6,uo, delivered last month, I,255; stock to-day, 4,96s; sales for the fiscal year commencmg November rst, I87I, 37,28s, against last year's sales 46,130 The market has offered httle of interest dunng Sep tember. Recetpts are small and useful qualities of any dectded character are becommg very scarce. Of the new crop we have had 25 hhds primmgs and 2 hhds cuttmg leaf, the latter showing some good color. The weather llas been more favorable and no doubt greatly 1mproved the late planted tobacco. Quotations -com: mon lugs, light, 87.( c to ; heavy, to 9 c; good, 8r.J to 9 ; heavy, 9 to ; low leaf, to heavy : ro to ; rr,ed1um to fine leaf, ro to 13. heavy u to r4. Cuttmg and Plug, manufacturer's quaht1es wtll sell at comparauvely h1gher prices. Messrs. Wilham G Meter & Co, in therr report say: wtth moderate offenngs, combmed wtth an active home demand we have to report agam a firm market. Re cetpts are now reduced to a mere trifle and we do not look for a declme in the value of old stock. Reports of the new crop are very contrad1ctory. Owmg to the drought until the begmmng of September the first plantmg was cut rather early espec1ally m the Clarksville and Southern d1stncts The crop is sa1d to be quxed. It is, however, too early to form a correct opmion there 1s a great port1on out yet and as the weather has been favor able for the past three weeks, the prospects have im proved. If a late fall enable planters to safely house the1r -crops, we may expect a pretty large yield and a fair proportion of good tobacco. Mr. James F Callaway's report says:-The business for the past month has been light, both in receipts and sales, yet, with an active home demand, prices have ruled very firm and steady for all grades. Several hhds. new leaf have been reeeived. They were well cured, but deficient m body, being light and papery. My last repQrt, Issued 1st September last, was based upon in formatiOn received from the Tobaco Counties about the 25th August, and at that time the prospects were very flattering indeed for a large and good crop ; but since that time, the crop in some sections hill suffered severely from the drought, wh1ch has curtalled the quantity and qualtty very much, and the early planting had to be cut to keep 1t from burnmg or firmg on the hill, that of course IS defi(lent m body and substance though rather colory. The late plantmg m the sections wh1ch suffered from the drought, for a long ttme remamed very small, but the rains came in due time, the plants commenced growmg, and lam glad to say that the increase will be much larger than we were led at one time to believe, and the tobacco "'ill be of superior quahty to the first cuttmg, as it has had the advantage of heavy dews and cool n Jghts,-whlle deficient in length it will have' body and gum. As yet I have heard of no damage by frost, bu[ believe that some of the crop has been cut green The reports from the crop are conflicting. Wh1le I beheve that the crop has been very much curtaded m some sections by the drouth, yet I am not will mg to adm1t that the damage has been so great as cla1med by some sanguine and knowmg ones. The planters were stimulated and encouraged early m the season by the htgh pnces ruhng on the Western mar kets to plant a large crop, and 1t IS a fact well known and admitted that a very large crop was planted, and that the drouth has not been general. In the' ClarksVIlle Distnct, the crop is about equal to that of 1870, containing some German leaf, but mamly of a Regte character. One-tlurd is very poor, being green nonde script and thm three-fourths is already cut re mainmg one-fonrth IS improving fast from the recent rains. There is a large mcrease m the crop on Lower Green River, say 30 per cent. greater than in I87o. On Upper Green RIVer, the crop suffered very much from the drouth. On Upper Cumberland River the increase ovl!r I87o is about 33 per cent. In the Kentucky purchase the increase 1s about 33 per cent In the Western DIStrict the crop shows no increase. The whole Western crop is much miXed, and will lug heavy :, The imports for the week were 1 u hhds, 8o3 boxes, and the exports 223 hhds, rlh7 boxes. The sales at the different warehouses for the same time were 191 hhds and 1 box, as follows : The Pickett House sold 48 hhds : n hhds KenbKky leaf: 7 at I:l at 1o@ro.7s; 2 at 9o@9.8o. 17 hhds do. leaf and lugs at .u, u, I0.75, I0.75,,,, lo.:as, xo, xo,9.6o, 9-50, 9, 9-1 9, 9.10


bhcls dq,Jugut !).Io, 8.8o1 &6?. 8 40. 3 hhds do trash at 9,2o, 8 90, 8 I hhd V1rgm1a at I0.2S The Louisville House, I4 hhds and 1 box :-3 hhds Kentucky leaf at Ju.2s, 1o 9 70. 1 box do. at 14 7S 7 hhds do. lugs at 9.901 9.2o, H,So, 8.8o, 8.6o, & so, 8.30. I hbd factory trash at 6.6o 1 hhd Tennessee leaf at Io a bhds Indiana leaf at 9 8s, 9 so. The Farmers Houe sold 32 hhds :-14 bhds Ken tucky JeRf at $Is.:as, 13, n, :as, n, xo 7S, xo 7S Io.75 xo 75, xo 75, 10 7S xo, xo, 9 6o, 9 7 hnds do. lugs and tbmmon leaf at l o, 9fo, 9.2o, 8 90, 8 90-;8.6o, 8.50. II hhda do. lugs at 12.75 u, n :as, Io, 9 90 9so, 9 .1q. 9 8 p5, 8.8o, s.,o. The Ninth-Street House sold 33 hhds .-22 hhds. Kentucky leaf: 4 at 3 at 5 at 9 10@1I.7S j 4 at 9 40@1I j 6 at 11.50, 11, T0,75, 10.75, 9.5o, 9Jo. :a hbds. redried leaf at 13, 12 so. 9 hhds do. lugs: 3 at 8.Jo@8 70; 3 at .6o; 3 at 8 6o, B.6o, 8.3o. The Boone House sold 39 hhds 20 hhds Kentucky leaf at f13, 12.75 12 5o, 12, u n 75, 11 75, II 75, 11.50 II, n 1o 7S. 1o.5o,, Io, Io, 9 95 9 90, 9 7o, 9 17 hhds do lugs at 9.7o, 9 10, 9, 9 g, 8.9o, 8.9o, 8 90, 8 Ss, 8 So, 8 7o, 8 65, 8 6o, 8 6o, 8 6o, 8 6o x hhd fac tory s c raps at 4 I hhd Jnd1ana leaf at 10 75 'lhe Planters' House sold 25 hhds.-15 hhds Ken tucky leaf: 2 manufactunng at, 27 so, 13 at 15, n n, I0. 75, I0.75,, Io, 9.8o, 8.9o 8. 8o, t .So 9 hhds do lugs 2 manufacturmg at 11, 9 So 7 at 9 So, 9.301 9 .Io1 8 90, 8 8o 8 20 r hhd sweepmg s at 5 LYNCHBURG, Odober 3.-Mr. John H. Tyree, Tobacco Comm1s sion Merchant, says: I hand you statement of trans actions of our tobacco market th is year compared with the year 1871 sho w mg a qu1te sma ll stock on hand either inspected or for mspect on. Th1s statement 1$ perfectl y rehable Our market I S acbv e though pricea are lower for all grades. 'O.n 0 t'll ,!!<> -.o ... ..r .. "' Q ft 00 ..,. 0 M t":) .. .... \C!._ "t .... <> .. o"' o.O .. N .s .E ;; ..c "':. "'... CO\ "! p, CJ o '"' <''Nl Vl ,.. -0 .s ... 8t; .. ::-g t'll 1!1.: ., ... "i.8 ., 0 .C"tl 'og tO s:: 0 0 ... ti ... "'0 0 u ,s:; .c .,.o -;:1f.. 0 8 .;, .X ..., .. -.:t'f"),._.N r-oo .-oo MMOOO MM0\0 NV')"._'Q .... 00 0 ... .. "' ..t: .. "" .. .. ... .8 ... .a ........ .., I "' .., "' <')'() l, .... ..C 0 f"'' "' 00 MOO .... o ... :z:: o co ..... M o ... o_ ": oct; .... .l 0M"" I 0 t"-o,to..M I oooococo .. ..... """ ..,o u.c.;-u..t::v:-!t.!::t; UJ .. Q .: .:;Jl v. 0 :; ::l ., g 3 :il >.. b.O >."<> t'll_o'"' 0' >..oO:b.O p,t-t .. I ..... .: S""' c: o u "' """5 Ou .. u Decrease m No. Hogsheads this ....... I,938 Decrease in No. Boxes, th1s year, ... ...... 2,167 Decrease in No Pounds of Loose,.-----74S,286lbs Total decrease m Hhds, Boxes and Loose, -30lo,73I lbs Average we1ght Hogsheads this year,.--. ...... 6ao lbs Average we1ght Boxes this year, ..... ----... .219lbs Stock on hand. No. for inspection, September -30th, 1871 ------------------No. Hogsheads mspection September 30th, 1872-------------------.... -----II Exeessm 1871 --------------------------------32 No. Boxes on hand for mspecuon, September 3oth, 187I,----------------------.6 No. Boxes on band for inspection, Sep tember 30th, 1872,.-- ------------------------O Excess in 1871, .------------------------------6 No. Hogsheads on,hand inspected, Sep. tember 3oth, t87I1-----'------.:'"--------------420 No. Hopheads on hand msl>Cftcd, September 3oth, ---------219 Excess in .r -1 -------------... ----------201 No Boxes on hand mspected, September 3oth, t87r, --------------------------------73 No. Boxes on hand inspected, September 30th, 1872, ----------------------------------79 Excess in 1872, ------------------------------6 Total Stock on September 3oth, I872 --------------------------Hhds,23o; Boxes, 79 RICHMOND, Od,Jber S -Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco Broker and CommiSSIOn Mei"chant, reports Smce my .fast-report our market has shown very little ammatlon, dealers showing very little disposition to operate to any !_.be1r to the1r 1mmed1ate wants. The lack of animation in the markets IS J?rlnCI pally a:ttnbutable to the stmgency m the money Below I giVe the transactiOns, and cootmue quotations w1th the remark that my 'extreme quotations for all 'grades are nommal I also giVe the inspections m our state tlui' past year. The transactions were 636 hhds, 204 trcs, and I4 boxes. BlackLugs, common to medhum. f7.oo@ S.oo Lugs good to 8 so@ 9 oo Leaf, common to mediUID-----------S.oo@ xo.oo Leaf, good to fine.----------------.. 14 oo Extra IS.oo@ 16oo SNn Curd-Lugs, common to good. 8.oo@ xo.oo Lea commontogood ..... ----------xo.oo@ 15.00 Lea/. extra _____ --.. -. Nominal I.l] oo@ 25.00 Brigltt-Lugs, common to medium. -8 so@ 12 oo Lugs, leafy, good 13.oo@ I8 oo Lugs, extra smoking.-----------2o.oo@ 30.00 Leaf, common to mediUm wrappers.... I5.oo@ 25.00 Leaf, good to fine wrappers_--.----30.00@ 7 5 oo Lear, extra fine wrappers.---------So.oo@ 12 S oo -IDllpected from 1st October, I871, to September 3oth, ';872, 52,794 nbds; inspected from 1st October, I87o, to September 30th, 1871, SS1566 hhds, 1 estimate the in&pecuoos fpeared m the Tobacco Plant of September last, m1ght not have be.en so barren of mstructlon, or amusement either It 1s some consolatiOn that any thmg official caiJ be found so unquestionably supenor to the dead level of official medlo<..nty as the expenence. The mvention is thus described:-" lmscaRolded, the tobacco should be hung so a s to leave m p1pes for smok10g whereby any jire-ltoles, for 1f, about this time, there should c o me a hqUJd from the mouth. of the smoker 1s effectually pre spell nf wet weather the tobacco can have fires put ted from and the formation of under It, and be kept from bemg IDJUred by tile weather. rancid mcotine JUice IS The stem of the However. tobacco, that has bee"well kilned by being p1pe IS removable, and fits mto toe stem ol the bowl, scaffolded, w1ll not mJure1n wet weather near so soon aa th1s latler IS 1:0Rtmued m a slantmg direction nearly a P.erson mtght suppose. It is only in lol)g spells of the bottom of the bowl, so as to form a reservotr The warm wet weather thatjiringis neoessary for tobacco between the bowl and the reserv01r IS by has been scaffolde{l There a r e only two cases in means of a channel, one end of whi<;Jl opens mto the wh1ch I would recommend of tobacco-one lower part of the tru; other end, closed the instance JUSt mentioned; the other is when a by a mQ\>able plug, w1th tfie upper part ..tobHcto, from untoward circumstances, npens, or 1snot or of the by Jfleans o connectmg fit to be cut uoullate inthe season for housmg Fires hole:" The arrangement of the chanr.el "reqmres to be by cunng the qu i ckly, prevents 1t from freezing modtfied m?,re or less accordmg Co particular. shape 10 the house, wh1ch the lower leaves are a:pt to do, if ot the pipe, which may be of anr swtable matenal. left to cure by the air when housed late in the season the invenuon as applied to ptpes Someumes plantero;; fu.e for want of houserooom ; that IS the notiOn reg1stere? .m t8S9. wh1ch IS descnbed as a 1s, they canno t wait f o r the1r tobacco to cure by arr 1 new method of advertlSIQg." It cons1sts of adapting the c t ti P. _FOREIGN. httle volume before us. surfaces of Tobacco p1pes to the purpose of advertising on mue o n a g e 7 "by means of letters, either raised, printed or indented e1ther plam or colored, or by placmg advertisemen ts Adveriuements. BREMEN, Sept e mbef 20 .-0ur special correspondent writes as foll ows: The market h a s remamed w1hout much ammat10n and sales consequently ms1gmficant. The hghter descnptioos espec1ally Maryland, are in goo d d em and and all offers made of these kmds found ready b uyers at good prices The sales are as follows : Amongst the more ongmal des1gns for p1pes,1 we ven ture to select a fe\t Of these, one which deserves a place of honor, at least, for Its novelty, 1s an mventlon registered in March, 1863 The pat entee proposed such "Improvements" m .portable h o okahs ,as made those luxunous smokmg machines "capable of bemg earned m the pocket wh1le bemg smoked." One would sup however httle such a contrivance m1ght con tnbute l o the cleanhness of the smoker's garments, 1t would be found useful as a d 1 smfectmg a2paratus 10 time of plague chol e ra, or other mfectlous or ep1dem1c dis ease The p1pe 1s thus bnefiy descnbed "The upper part o f a 1cyhndncal, fiat, or oval shaped vessel of metal or glass 1 s provided w ith a cap, through which the stem of the pipe bo w l desc e nds into the hquid of the vessel 'The short leg of an mverted syphon 1s fixed m the mtenor of the vessel m such a pos1tton as to be above the level of the hqu1d the long e nd protrudes through the top of the vessel, and to th1s end the fiex1ble tube and mou t hpiece are attached, at the end of the syphon a alreac!y pnnted upon paper or suchhke matenal u po n F O R SA LE, a lot or FISE SEEI) IGARS E J 225 Thlnl the bowls. and stems of pipes, either by pasting, glum g, Stree t New York Sl8llt or otherw1se securely fastenmg the same" In 1Ss7 w e find a proposal for makmg a substitute f o r meersch aum composed of emery, flint, glass, ruby d1arno nd melt e d alumm a, mode of Iron, hme, barytes, pla s ter of Pans, ch lk, s1hcate of po t ash or s oda carbonat e or oxtd e of rnag_nes1a, clay or other mgred1ents In Ma y, 1859, there 1s record e d a method of employmg amber, Canada bal s am, Australian gum kowne, pota to flour meers chaum mercury, zm c a sbestos, and a score or two m o r e of hetreogenous e le ments, m the compott10o of a sort of olla poti,tla, to be apphed, amongst other en d s t o th e ma ]nng of p1pe mouthpieces and mounts and m A u gus t 1861, another mventor g o t a patent for makm g im1tat10n Kentuck y 74 hhds at 68d; 3S at 72d; total, 109 hhds VirgJma, 30 hhds a t s6d j zs at ssd j total, 55 hhds j to amve 8 hhds at 74d. Maryland, so hhds at S3d; 10 at s od; total. 6o h hds; to arnve, 63 hhds at 53d, 6o at 54d, 10 at sod Ohio, 26 hhds at 53d Bay, to arnve, 12 hhds a t 52d, 16 at Sid, IS at so day;_ total 43 hhcls. Stem s, I4I hhds a t per l b, and to arnve, IOO hh ds a t 14d S tocks to day -hhds Bay, 273 do Oh10, do Scra ps -d o Maryland 1030 do V1rgima, 22S7 do Kentucky, and 119 1 do stems LIVERPOOL, S epte m b er 2x.-Mr. F. W. Smythe, T Q bacco Commission Merch1mts ,:reports -During the week JUSt ended the transactions JP the tobacco market have been only to a moderote extent, customers wait Ing the samphng of the new 1mpohs and bnying barely enough to supply 1mme1ate wllnts at previous full prices The s tock of shws o n s al e IS still hmited Factory drie d:teaf has mqUired f o r and should stnps be come dearer 1 t IS h 1 ghly p1 obable that mauufactul ers w11l take 1t mo r e freely hearafter than : they have done heretofore. Maryland& and substitutes are unchanged Cavendish asked f o r but little done on 1t. Imports smc ISt mnt. 7 uhhds. Delive r ies, 9I 7 CROP REPOR'I'S. meerschaum p1pes from bl o cks of steatite TOBACCO ctJ'B.ING. bulb IS formed, to receive the narcotic 01!.' The ap The Southern Finnie r anti Farmer republishe s from paratus may be placed in six days before i t is put in the house. To quick, as it d1d this year, brought It to the poles JUSt as stnvmg for the first place among those who would renbacco, before it to cure on a s t affold, is not Iti full of water as it could hold. To get rid of this surplus der tobacco least obnox1ous, and -reduce the incQlijuredLby r ams; and after 1t to cu{ e, a ram that water, when It was curing, we wanted good cold windy, veniences of to th e mm1mum lasts a short does not mjure 1t. It is rain that weather, on the contrary, we had the worst weather we mg that the specifications vary from the extreme of ela fasts two or three days that inJures tobacco hung on a could have for 1t, ram}, damp, muggy and close. As a barat10n, wh1ch stulufiesitself aQd {lellts ita own sc a ffold conequence, 1t swelled up, rotted, r.weat, etc., until ao to the extreme of simplicity, wh1ch falls short of the purA ffi ld d b b { d h 'd h th sea o IS q_onstructe y u,..,mg m the ground 1mmense amount o amage as u=u one to t IS 0 erpose in view, and that volltmes would rail, to contain the b fi f, k v J I b 1 1 th b h 11f a out two eet, or s set up perpemhcula-rly, about ten wise good crop. t as gone a roug t e va J rom descnpt10n of mgemous but unnecemary and uce!ess r t rt f h h h h 1 f th 1 v f ... .. tee apa rom eac ot er ; m w 1c po es are put nearly the mouth o e nver c ear up to ermoot ; 0 course, contnvances classed under this head, we may be con-the diStance of a common fence ra1 l from each other. lots are worse than others. tent to furnbh one or two examples of oppos1te kinds F "I h ti f 11 h h ence ra1 s are t us across rom one pole to another, We cannot, 0 course te to a certamty es and screws, or scaffold, it should be left there until the space IS wanted The Umon County Advocate says "After some inlent, to a hollow stem, w1th a rod through 1t for more tobacco from the scaffold. By this means the qu1ry, made of pehons from vanous portions of our to moye the scre_w. When charged, a or porous tobacco may ha\ e the advantage of several days in the county, we are satisfied thalJ!lere will be an average cylmder or case put over tube, covenng the aper barn, before It is finally hung away. The best time of crop of tobacco raised th1s year. In somelow, fiat tures and mouthp1ece. Th1s IS the germ of tue paten-the day to take tobacco in the barn from the scaffold is lands, the heavy rains of August scalded out a great deal later 1dea ; and probably the reader has no late 1 n the evenmg, It should be handled very c;re of the crop, and a good deal frenched, yet m other mclmabon than ourselves to Investigate the mmube of fully, so as not to crutr.ble the cured leaves Tobacco places the crop 1s unusually fine, and will mnke up the hiS elaboration. 'should not, whenever it can befavoided, be earned m the loss occasioned by the ram. The planters generally a1e By way of broad contrast, we will quote the abndged barn from the scaffold while wet with dew. This can be engaged in cutting and housing the crop, and It 1s hkely specification of a pipe patented in April, I866, as the aYOided, except when there ia an appearance of rain all will be aaved before it can be d,amaged by the frost. best of the smoke-purifying pipes of which we have bad ,a When about to fill a b3!D with tobacco that has been Q WNER WANTED f o r the !ollowwg d e10nb ed g o<>u t m istake s w e wou l d ment1 o n that every 'P&Okae of the genuine u SEAL OF .NOR1B CAitOLI N A bean ou r name 1n full MARBURG MANUFACTURERS O.F SMOK ING TOBACCO r45 r-41 & 1 9 So uth Charles St. B.ilLTIMOKE, Mil NOTICE. I beg leave to lllform t he l rade ge nerall y that I, Horace B l a clr:bUJ'Il n e ve r wu t n the e m plo y o f a ftrm callrng themselV('B Brotbera o f B.t.Iltmore, but m connection wit h othe r bran c hes o r the tobacco bu\lneu catr1ed a f ew oft bei ramoka u gtobaocol" whach l 10l d onco mtD.l&310'0 O n o r abou t the 15th o f lut June 1 personal l y not fled three of the 8&ld flrm I sLo u l d oa i.h e day or Jul y disco n&mu e ll:!)nng IUlY of these eturcd fro m Norih Carolina leaf. and oleganUy s.o;; vOI'f"d., put .... p 1o. auorted 2.ilb as very low p nea. aU orde 1 for the ..., addto me. oa UYe paid a s pecial tax u such, or' to manufacturers of tobacco, mol', or dprs, who bave paid a special tu, or to penono wllo la..rtrlnal Atr export. Dealers fa. t obacco .. Eve r y person whose buatoeU it b to sen, o r offer for tale, maaalac tured tob a cco, snuff o r s hall be regarded u a deala ta and the payment o f a special tu: as a or retail HqUOI'-dealer or the payment o f a n y other special tu, shall DOt .re1teft aoy penon w h o sells m anufacture d t obacco and c from the payment of this tas. P rovitltetl, that no m anub.cture r o f t obacco, 8DUft' or cipra ahall be requJred t o pay a spec1al tax as d ealers Ia ID&Dufa.ctar.d and c tgar s f o r se.l ltng ht s own products a t the plaee of .....c.ctve !\b n u(uturen of tobacc o 10 E\'ery penon whose bu.sloese tt ts t o manufacture tot.cco er md for or who b.a-11 employ othere to m.uuafactve tobacc o o r 1nuff, whether au c b manufacture shall be bY cattiDr, presnng, grinding, cruahlng, or rubbing ... of any raw or leafotobaceo, or prepannr raw or leaf-tobac c o "or manufactured or partially man ufactured t obacco o r s nuff or the putt Ill' up for a.e or CODftalption o f s crape. ....,te ctippmp, Items ordepoab o1 tobecco reoltJac from any process of h.aadlloc tobacco, ahall be reprdecl u a .....tactver o(tobacco l\J anufa.cturen of cigars.... 11 Eve ry JM;ROil whose boaiaeu it is to make or maaulac:tare dpn Ccx himself, o r who ehalt nnploy others to make or aaDafactwe c:apn. shall be reprded u a manufacturer of ciprL :EMI'J penon whoo<. .,.b u s1ness t t s to make caan for othen, ettber for paJ, apoa COIDJIWJ olon, 011 obar .. or othenrise, from material fllrDI.-bJ be regarded as a aprmaker Eery ehall caoee bis oame and resldeDce t o be rerfStered, without p5 per c ent ad t!Glacco 1liJ!de heft. 0 -


\ 4 THE' TOBACCO .LEAF. oar 9 New York CoDUD.issfon Merchants. e Virginia Agency EBTAELISHED w 1836, BY CoNNOLLY. VIRGINIA DOHAN. CARROLL & CO .. :v.eo-., ...... ., BULKLEY MOORE & CO. SPENUE BROTHERS & -Co. TOBA'CCO 1 MANUFACTURERS OF THE 0ELi:BRA'I'lro' -.... ..... ., Merchants, "And various otht!r 1J1a-nds of cl Merchants IN"" STREBT, '' LEAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, 611 .t 61. Ei Vern011," and Columbia llt..ts. IJIIJPQJt'f.UII QJr IIJ'ABJIIII .Boroclina, Golclea Apple, and BraDda, variiJus Br.:zntls of the f1JIIO'llling .Mannfacturers: A l"f D .ace & Stovall, Cr1lmpton', .Jao. H. Greaner, :i H Smitii,.Jr &BrC. p k f n-ti Le f T b .JDAJ, H. Wordaam, Turpin It Bro, 0. P. Gregory It Co.Lawreace Lottier, ae ers 0 ... mes e a aeeo, Be-uo. It Bona, ... a Qthara, 1 Attention givea. to' of !.liAr TOBAGOO Ill this Jllarket oT which are solicited. F. C. LINDE & CO., P'RINCIP&L OTFIOlr-142 "Water Street. L Water11'13 Proal, '1'4, '1'8 and '18 GreeawtellSare,.la, .... .... '1 a..nd 8 HndnaBlYer Ra.l Road Depo&, Sl, ;Jnh,.> .SON, TOBACCO COMMISSION I I P. 0 Box 4.198.. 6 CEDAR STREET. NEW 171 WATER STREET, NEAR BURLING SLIF, NEW G. FALK. CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS.A. & F/' B B. 0 'W 8 .MANUFACTURERS OF Cigar Cutters & all other Machinery for Mannfactnrin! Ci[al'S; IMPMTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. ALEX.&.NDD lL6.ITUlm. L MAITLAJv. :0 .. .,_.o TOBACCO AND COTTON FA(lTORS, AND GENERAL COMMISSION MEBCH.A 43 BB.QAD ST., K. '2' Adv:mcement(made on consignments toW_. A. & G. MAXWELL & CO., LrYERl'OOL I G. W. HILLMIN & CO J COMMISSION MERCHANTS It"" ROSENW & Importers o:f Spanish, ACKERS OF DODSTIC LEAF TOBACCO. B!b&II>.ermarketa. No. 40 BEAVER t 1,, 'I'OBACOO PACKED IN HOGSIIIBADS. N.BIIY lO.BK 01-TY, WICU. WlLUAM WICkE. GEO. WICKE & BR0.1 MANUFACTURERS OF Segar: .. Boxes_ 161, lA? "J61 GOJlBCK. :NEW YO!\K ..Btst A[rzterial and Superi Jr by Self;:: It1W1tled rMUI Patented Machinery I T. H. SPENCER C e. SPENCER. A. SPENCB&. D J GARTH, SON & CO., oornenon. .. .. ...., IUlft\U......., IOBU:S: A. VEGA 111 BID. (Succeaoora to FJ.Lmnau & Oo,. STROHM au-d Commission Merchants, :Btn1uaa Tobacco No. 129 PEARL STREET, ;uao 1 D. J. Garth, { ,. Cll08. H G..U., Beorr Sla:04er, If.SW YORE. D 0 M E s T I 0 AlfD "OJ:OABII, ( FOREIGN TOBACCtl, 17 178 FRONT ST., N.Y; ... ---\" wYoa...


I .. I OCT. 9 THE TOBAC.IJ JACOB BBRIBLL, MANUFACTURER OF nmAR-BDIS, ,.... -SUP'F: lOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDA.B WOOD. ALSp, DEALER IN GERM.Al\T CIGAR MOUlDS 298, 29'& & 297 Monroe S.t., 'NEW YORK. SIBCJUI &. W.-K4CB., .I ; I ManUfacturers _of ; CIGARS, No. 8 Bowery, :NEW YORK. WJJ ... .. ..; I 4foba00o and Comm.iaaio:a 1184. and lMHJ lll'roat l!!ltzoee._ :NBJY YOBK. lUVll ON BALB ALL IHI80RIPftOIIII teat Tob11eeu for Exporl and Ro111 -P ALM:mR & SCOVILLE, t ilrUOB'rEllS QF SIJ!ARIIB .AJC> OP Jx.L BDme o .. No. 170 Water St'l,'eet, New o .rk. L PALMER A H. scovir..LE, Connecticut Seed-leafWrapper of our own packing JOSEPH SCHEIDER, DEALER fN ltTBW FO.R.Jr. HF;BMANH BATJER & BRO., AlfD CLAY J?IPES, WATER-STREEt. NEWYOm GANS & IICIIAELIS, 1 ----IMPORTERS OF -.roU:I.*DS, p :a. JC s s lC s STRAPS .. 101 LANE, NEW YOU ---I BU COE8SORS '!'0 EGGEllT, AND OOIIPA.NY. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH-AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 1 7 s STREET, NEw Y aRK. TOSEPH W. M ARTIN. c.J !l{ERlJS & SPIESS, of Fine Clp:na, AND B.AtBBi Df I.BAI' 'rGBACiHt, T-' oo BOWER, :NEW YORK. Aaor.llll K-, Loo"II Dealer in HAVANA AND DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco, ..11!73 Water Stoet. LEVY SAMUEL JOSEPHs;; SIMON SALOMON '. -&... / MANUFACTURER OJ Importerof .a.i.d Deale., .bt NeW' York City. AIE&s Fine Oigars, Leaf Tobacco. -!". 131 MAIDEN LANE, N. y. AND SEGARS W. DESSAUER, 7 s Bo""VVery N e""VV y or to c all the of the Trad WHOLESALE DEALER I N LEAF T 'OBACCO, f':' .... 4 165 WATER STREET, NEW YORK .. Chas, T. Seymour I MPORTER 'Of ...... UFIANN BROS. & BONDY .. MANUFACTURERS Ol' FINE CIGARS, 51 JKAD)B!V I.Ainl, ll'ew York. JAMES D. w CUSTOM HOUSE AND INTERNAL REVENUE B.ROKER, No. 81 BEAVER STREET, Wil attend to-the Cuatom H o u s e W ork o n Export cf Me r chardise in Bon b Alao, Drawhc k on rt o f Ta>f Paid Mercllan.U.e -..... bee a in a t lending t exp o rt cjf mercharidbe (in bo d a d tu ll'!id) unii F Internal R.eYenue Laws, aa a [Jt more t h a n ten years, h e h a s an expe r 1 e n c e whic h ia tbe best guarantee for rel i a ble, prompt, and t horough attention to exports of Tobacco and Sp irito uader the N e w Internal Rev-enue Law He thin k that be will a t tend to 'bus iness s o well in I pi'C'fenting de layJ an d mhhaps, tha(the good J will com man the J>iahcst market price, thereby more ,.. t an llf\nc tot M o nlict ol'-"1' .,. neceooa"7. cha DiT A:lrine clvon gratis. Segars & Leaf Tobacco,' :a nssoGn oJ., EUCENE DU ao 190 PEW. sTREE::r, : fiiEiiliiiirnliciiCco: L I O OR I O E Lear, Leaf Tobacco. ama LI.Df.., You. T 0 B A C C U, Old Connecti cut Old Stalt Seed Wrappers, The Finest Havana Wrappers and Fillers. H. COLELL, : .172 Wat41so York, I WEIE: S, .&t{.AEP l' .;_ 1 LBAP TOBACCO, NEW YORK. _& .... 'Its JYto ... vx St,. New Yorlr. -Vanaractnre4 Tobacco of all 8tyleo nd Qaolltteo, 6 1 L. 04.88:10. \ -.... a:. I.. GA.SSXRT rect froUl the bMt ma.nuf&.ctorlea of Vlqrl.iJ..l&, for ..W ,. \nt to flnlt nurcbuen. J. L. GASSEJrZ & BBO., LBaauio. A BollDlo. COMMISSIOB. MERCHANTS D. & A. .urn Dlii.BBI! 'omb,iou !lntk_att't .&n Df ALL &IlDia o tear Tobaoco, LEAF TOBACCO, Mo. I 80 Water 8tf>eet, New York. 1.H WA.Tm!WJTBJ:B'l', JfiO'YOllZ, ........ llaTt oa oa.i! all klnda ol LIIAI' 'IOBAOOO !or D:POR"t SICHEL & co .. lad BOD UBit. U BllM H AV A CC 0. A. AND WHOLBS.A.LE DEALEBS IN lllPOBTBB OJ' Seed Leaf' 'Tobacco 2.18 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. READ & Co., nc fJ))c l l f b C C 0 'in Virgfnia I BAVOA LIAF TOBACCQ e a I 0 a Leaf anti .L IJ!Jacco, AND. OE l"HK BKAND"'J.I' Lico'rt c e "Guni 'etc. I CleARS u RITICA," 19 Old Slip, 1'1'ew 1!'-ork. [185 Pearl St. :New A: B. CARDOZO tt CO., ... au Wa;,m to his celebrated o. 1 _92 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. G T AR. E. ........-. KERCIWrfS AND Im'OB'l'RS 0'! Havana LEAF TOBXCOO .... 158 WA'!I'IIa lniW "2'0BB P. 0. BOX 3925 I H. 'W. :S::a.:Z:CES, I MANUFACTURER OF CJ:G.&B BOXES; ---SCHMITT & Importers of and Dealers in AND IMPOR.TBll Olr COMIOI-SEIISE CIGAR IOUtDS, Paleftted .April 13, l These moulds are u sed by som e of the manu, factuft.n1 in the Unite d State s and ack.nowleda-ed the best i n The abov e cut r epre s ents the A ia hal f of a mou.ld or r etaine r whic h is p laced o n the l machine ; B, i s a Funnel S h ape, whic h i s drawn down ov e r the retainer; the filler o r bunc 'h is placed in the t o p pf the funne l a n d p re s se d throu.i'lt with the lever or f o llown C thie l ever is imm'edlat.ety : raiseS, which l eave s the bunc h or fil le r in the retai n e r, a s bown fn the above cut, thereby avoidfar any extra handling oftlte.. filler whic h has been found thei great es t objection to all other moulding machines now in PRICE, O NE SET, 12&. A li-beral discount o n all o rders tor twO or more s e t Jomf CBAB'l'D, SterllDg, nllnoia, PROPRlKTOit AND MANUJ1ACTU!It.E R I JULIAN AUEIC ::., : J ,l'.O.IIbDL A:'. e. L. & e. MEIEJl, FORWAliDING T ooacco & Factors: .. Seed-Leaf and HaVana u-. I No. 6 Fletcher 8t., General CODlDliasion X:erchanta, J SCHillTT. G MA"BAHEJ'' cm.r o C@r et, NEW l_Q_U, .' Capital, '12,000,000. DRAWS lliLLS O.F EXCHANGE. a n d i s sues O F CREDIT anilable It p r i ncipal p lace s abr o ad A ccounts a n d Corr esp on den c e o f Merchant s, Banl t I A. Ir T I8Ll (!_

1 1 PhU&delphia A.dvert.Uemeata. Sm.lth B2'011. A KDecht, -AU.----' L:J!I.A.:pw TOB.A.OOO, .... ,fM'IIvlww ., ... De,... lA c...... -8 85 RACE 8TRKKT, MARKS, RALPH & CO., Jlan..C-and Wboloaale Dealen In """SN""O"""J.i'""'ll', OIGABB, anA SliiOKElts' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOTCH SN UFF, JJ.6 &rch St., Philadelphia. Packers, Commission _Mercharits, and Whole3ale :peaiers in aDd Dom.BStic Leal" Tobacco, JIV North Third Street. Philadelphia. H BAJIBERGER & co., II < DEALltR8 IN T 0 BAa a 0,. And Uanufacturers of all Orades of Cigars, 1\To. aN. Wat St., Philadelphl&, Pa. '" SUCCESSOkS TO' WP,ODW /l.lU>, BR.O. &:_CO ., TOBACCO & GENERAL CO:t4KISSION MERCHANTS, r f -' -38 No. 1Vuter 'St,, Pktl(ZdeZpllia;, w .LLJAM HEMPHILL. BROTBIRS, of Cigars, II'DE. 2'0BACCO LBA.P,.: r-ocr. 9 ,-; WM. A. BOYD, & -I WMQLDALE HAUR8 Ill AND LEAF ToBAcco, CIGARS, &c., J aa soo'.ta STBBE'r, -I Md. A&a.a .......... o ., K.onUJ:ileDtal Oity TobaoOo '-WorD. Ill. WIST Pllft STUIT,"''ILTI.OU, D. ._,,.., .... .,., ..... ., '&oM.. 11114 Uh...m. To..,.oooa.I. FALK I& GO. l43 WATER STREET NEW YORK. W .J. .L 1,t: \ .,.._. '(' C. M. HAWKINS. HA 'W:B:Il\TS & CO., TOBACCO CODISSION MERCHANTS 3 West Lombard Street, Baltimore CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED ANil LIBERAL ADVANCES MADE. a. at:ssx. ED. NIEMANN. GIESKE&.NIEMANN AND TOBACCO FACTORS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .And oommi88ill.u.JdiS m Sycamore Street, c avaua .... 0 acco, 0 ccu ere Md. 8c Ohio Va. 193 EastLAKE ST. CHICACO. 107 .ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA. ll. E. Kol>OWELL &. CO., 2'0BACCO AND Baltim">r e W. THOMAS D NEAL, TOBACCO BBOKBB BECK .. HAYEN, CENERAl-Lock Box 187, RICHMOND, VA Commission M ere hant, Baa larp cZ)IOIIifloce ill LBA.F TOBAOOO of ev..ry aei0Cr1ption. o-. I>Q7 reopecifully oolieite4 -.&net J!';.CTO.l. No. 90 Lombard St. EAfero l>:r permlllloa., Wm. T But!oenm, Eoq., :t Jletl01'o. J. W. It C. G. Bolland, Johu n..-Pemoerton, lkcAtw.gepl4ct/), EiQ., D&Dnlle, Va. Jl...,.., W. l. Y arbrough It Bone, TQD.A.C(CQ1 BAL'l'lllOBJC, Xd. t tt.l'ro_.yser, l'MI't NAtiODalTobaoco A.I'O<'it,OD,l. a _.._ --' Ooa -- B Pace. Eoq. Jf ....... Wioe BrotJoo..,., D, T. Willi...., ---&a -011 -Esq., Rlchmcmcl, Va. .IL IIBI:BAm. -111.) .ALTIMORC. MD. No.60 BO .UTHG'AY STBEBX to ------88 NORTH WA"fER' ST., ....... -AJ&O. KDG'KaOFI'. a.Gr-P. UNT&l\ZAGT. Philadelphia. Pa. lflld.l!alatc>Da. A G. KERCKHQFF & CO., Ara" for the sale of all f ren owned Brands of Virgin i a Smoking T ';bacr'C.s.. LOKE JACK and BROWN DICK. T 0 C C 0 t [tanbUry, Connecticut. H. SKITH & CO., COIIJIIi&sWn lerchant3 and J obbm CONNECTICUT LIAP' T08ACOO ._ ._.,....,., M-..&. :(o, :20 Hampden" Street, LYNCHBURG, VA. .......... s.-,1 btlere eollclted tllld proJnP!Iy attel!d _ed 1e J UlliNGFIELD, lUIS. Louisville Advertisements. G. W. WICKS & C 0., Jlanlllaeturero' -'11"1118 the oale of Ylflilnla, -rt, anCI Kelltwckr No. 81 E1:ohange l'lace, aALTIMo MD. B'I'BIID'r, Bocltaner. 'I'. LOu-ts RICIRDS, LEFTWICH & CO., 'ommitn Leaf Tobacco Factors WEIBLE &. ROBINSON'S LEAF TOBACCO. & -c_ICARS, MAIN-STREET, AD DII.&.LWM .. 83 EXCH.ANGE T'LA:CE, Baltimore. PATENT SMOOTH CIRCULMJAW. (Bct:een8dand4lh,) Tliis Saw cuts any Rind of Wood as smoolk 41 Platud. and N :Puur. f t.outsvltle. Ky. saws Time and Labor; particular/.111siful-fo 'fG.AR-BOX Fi ..,_...,_ MANUFACTURERS. Fi1r Sa111 and SliDJ to Ve .II.I.VWJ.8I'S 'tobact;O Works. C. B. LICHT.ENBERC, Delt:oii.,_ ,;Vich.,oralmy o t JOHN FINZER, BEN. FINZER, FRED. FINZER, 189 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. RUDOLPH NICHOLAS FINZER. JOHN F'INZER &. 'BROS., -MANUFACTURERS OF "FIVE BROTHERS NIVY,'' "VIRGiliA PilE APPLE," 110 "PIN-CAKE" TOBACCOS. 13 & 15 TJIDU) ST., Louillrille, K,.. Boston Adverti&em.enta. FISHER & O. HOLYOKE, COJOOSSION KEltCHANT In LEAF and MANUF AOTURED TOBAOOO, .A. H. 'l"IIEOB.A.LD, .. -TOLEDO TOBACCO WORKS.,. ilmR, HAL8fEAD & co., WIGHT Commtssioa. a 'C..tral Wharf, BOilton 8P Alii'IB:a: Al!lD DO..a'l':lo ill fo1lal:t4 Ck8 Nlacct.' 81 Jolauubc:tu-. aDd Dea1en on ,lles,.,haum '!!!-Brier Df, TOBACCO, SNlJFF ill CIGARS &w ..... '.l'JdN..a:rQiana.,:nlleHpl!a Ottawa Street, TOLEDO, 0. TTIN & BRO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN II. W. VENABLL 11.. P. HAMILTON. S. W. VENABLE & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF. AND MAZ(YFACTURERS 0./t PLUG Y AI. Jobbers of 8PAN18K '-AJm tad PucTt:ers of rorwa.rding Kercha.nt, 181f Michigan A1teae, Chicago.. BBEJIEY t .. GE:RKANY ,--.T .. H. TYREE. AJO) o MIICIAIT, 11.YIRruNIA LEAL TOBACCO,". -ra c ........ lllei'daa* ,.....,. ..... ,.."" ... ..... .... = ......... ... TOHA EXOH.A:NG In Tollaooo Shoolloe SJip, Richmond Ya. BIOBJIOND, n. -r. A .. ... ..... ..._ ...... -........... E. D. Christian & Co., R. A. :MILLS, TOBACCO BROKER


' OCT. 9 -liiiQDOltB IICHWARTII .. 00 ........ WIC. Q .VETER& C() ...... ........ L0Ul8 FRANCJC.E .... .............. Lealtobuco Comm1M10D D U8BER 11; PRAGOFI!' .... ......... eutiDcr SUTRO & NEWMARK, KANUFACXUBEBS AXD DEALEB8 I:Y LE.A.F &TREET, NEW YORK. .PROCEEDINGS OF THE NAMOZINE AGRICULTURAL CLuB.-The Club met Sep tJ:mber 7, 187:z, Dr. Wm. Anderson, President, in the chair. Discussion: Best mode of curing dark tobac co," in which Messrs. Wat kins, lfndersort, Perkinson, and otherSj participated. The Club decided on the following mode, with but little dissent : After cutting, house tbe tobacco as soon as its condition will admit of handling, placing the sticks on the tiers, ten inches a part, to prevent scalding..; use but little heat for the fil'!lt twenty-four or until the lower ,end of the leaves turp up, then increase the heat to a temperature that will prevent gradual evaporation ; 'so continue until the tobacco is thor oughly cured. r THE ,OBAVVO LEAP. weU hung with good hinges, so that when the tob6cco collectors do not supply proprietary medicine and sale liquor dealers countrz and the retail venders 2,111. wanted air all the doors could be opened-When damp match stamps. These are obtained directly from the About 35,ooo gallonsof spirits are gauged monthly, the air would injure it, the doors could be shut. A barn Government in large amounts, and the purchasers are allabor being performed by -one officer The collector U. constructed after this manner would cost a little more lowed a discount of ten per cent. The business of the_ Andreas William assessoF, Colonel A T. Ketchum. menry for hinges for the doors and _latches fo: the fast-department has been greatly reduced, and there is a cor-SUKMARY. ening of them. I have seen one butlt after thiS manner, responding diminution in receipts. A reporter of the From th;, proceding it will be observed that the total which answered very well until it was burnt down. The vis ited f. few days since the officers of the five amount received for in ternal revenue tax in the five di8e doors could reach only to the eaves of the house, if so Internal ReveMte districts into which the city is divided, tricts of this city, during the fiscal year ending Julf r, far; of course the other parts of the building must be with the view o( obtaining information as to the working I87:z, was '-n,8J5,475 The estimated sum that wil be weather-boarded in the usual manner. of the new la_w .. The see!Delf to be that collected during the twelve months closing June 30, II7S When tobacco is ripe and fit to be cut, there are eral of the d1st:'cts be dtscontmued and the enUre is Th:e reduction is caused by the abolitioa around the roots of the plant several leaves nearly cured. number consohdate_d mto two the_ end It of various taxes at the last session of Congress, as mea They can now be-saved' either before or after it is cut. appears that there IS not one dtsttllery m and tioned before. There are in the city 92 banks of Tobacco should have no leaves taken from its roots has not been for over a year. T!te ofthts ts that and 40 for savings; 379 wholesale liquor and 7,81a roJ until it is ripe; taking .away 'f,he too eady stops Western manufacturers obtam gram at much low _er t:!illiquor dealers or keepers of saloons, sample the growth. 1'he tobacco saved Jrom around the roots rates than it New York: There are, how. groceries and all other places where liquors are sold ia of the plant is called ground letJf. The usual way of ever! several condrbon t_hat _could quantities less than five gallons The number of cigars saving this kind of tob acco is to pull the leaves by h_and put m ?peratum m a bnef ttme. The 1S the mmanufactured monthly is over eighteen millions and the from the roots of the plants and tie (sweet potato vmes formatton our reporter was enab]ed to qbtam: number of manufacturers r,7J8, who employ a numerous make a good tie) them up in small bundles, and straddle THIRTY-SECOND DISTRICT. body of workmen to assist them in the business, ancl them across a stick they are cured enough: Vrhen This district comprises the First, Second and Fourth there are over ten million pounds of tobacco manufactur !ine ground leaf is cured, the usual way ls to select the wards of the city. The principal revenue is derived ed annually. The quantity of liquor gauged by Govern. largest leaves thar arc: about cured, and run a peg from interest. The manufacture of leaf toment officers is 7z,zoo gallons monthly. The rectifiers three or four inches long through the large end of bacco is carried on to a large extent, and wholesale number ZS9 There are 82 breweries in the city tha stem, filling the peg with leaves, but leaving a space of ltquor dealers and rectifiers are quite numerous The produce over Ioo,ooo barrels of fermented liquor everr about half an inch betwee n them, and then hang. them total collecte,l for the fiscal year ending July x, month. 'The Ninth aistrict takes in this important com across tobacco sticks. 1872 ; viras $3,325,ooo. The amount c ollectable on mercia! interest to a greater extent than any other. It On motion, it was unani mously agreed that we, as a club, propose to our sister clubs throughout the State of Virginia, to instruct their DEFIA-NCE A. LICBTENSMANUFTEACTINURE&RsBoRFOTBBR, held in Petersburg, NovemThe best time of the day to ground leaves, bearticles under the saving clauses of the act of lJ.lne 6, is stated tliat the capital invested in the manufacture of tore Ole tobacco is cut, is tate m the day, abou{ an hour 18T2, befort!"referred to, is about $I,zso,ooo. The revfermented liquors in the United States approximates ta from sunset; when the tobacco ground i:l wet, the leaves enue for the current year will be large, because the taxes the total amount the national debt, and that in a few are at this time of the day in order to b e to be paid accrued prior to the passage of the law menyears it will even exceed that grand figure. Perhap!r, Leaves gathered when the dew is on them w1llmJure besubsequently it will fall considerably below after all, if Americans, Englishmen, Scandinavians (lnd fore they get dry. Tobacco, when being cut, should n o t the average receipts. There are large quantities of toIrishmen took to drinking lager instead of whisky, they if it can be prt!Vented, be suffered to fall too much-bacco manufactured in other districts, stored in the would be less belligerent, more happy, and, instead of that is lie on the ground until the leaves become very First and Second wards, for which the tax is only colbrawls and crimes, there would be a lighter criminal cal limber for when they become too much so, they clam lected when the commodity is placed in the market for ender. It is not to be supposed that the Government around the stalk, and the tobacco will not cure so good sale. The crowded condition o(. the district precludes fails to exercise a rigorous and iqquisitive control over by h A great deal ?f care is necessaf):' while tobacco the establishment of distilleries within it. There are, the operations of breweries, so as to prevent a gallon of is being cut and earned to the house ; be however, two large breweries in operation. During the brewed to get into market without paying the h tax for suffered to lie in heaps and heat. While lymg m the year I87 I there were 4o,ooo,ooo cigars manufactured, each barrel of thir,ty-one gallons. The system is perfield 1f the sun shines hot at the time, it will be burnt and the present 'llontlily produce is about three and afeet, and woe betide tne -German brewer who allows by the sun it permitted to lie too long. When half millions. The following are further statistics : lager to leave his establishment under the present sya it to tne house, the loads should not be large, as tt wtll Banks of deposit, 37 ; savings banks, 3 ; trust comtern without paying the impost. N. Y Her.Jiti, Seple,., bruise when hauled in large loads. I have seen some panies, 5 ; rectifiers, 91 ; leaf tobacco dealers, 146; tobe,.--5 N "EW ,.I G A R 8 ber 27, 1872, to hold a .. IQAR MANUFACTORY F I ..Ea meeting during the sitting of IIIII I Ancl Dealcm In LEAF TOBACCO, said Convention, for the fol-D. HJRSITEI" & 00., Nos. a _. and 34T / BOWERY, lowing purpose: 1'o devise V.&;&. "Jt 72 1 the best means for the umon persons have bushes with green leaves laid the bottom bacco manufacturers, 11; cigar manufacturers 102 ; !15'f Bo"Wery an4 ITllector. The course you will aaticipate that it was the pipe my brothet ,.. .u-83 125 MAIDEN LANE, derson J. L. SHBLTON, DEALERS IN LEAF TOB.A.OOO. 1 Sec'y. FINE wn .r'fdlS A Sl'ECIAL :Bll.AHDS. NEW YORK. Dinwitldu Cout1fy, Va. We will now suppose the _tobacc o to be housed and amount of bw.siness transacted in the territorv described had inherited from my father, or, as you might conclude G W LANGHORNE. J. H FLOOD. G. W. LANGHORNE 1: CO., Kanufact111'01'11 of th following celebratecl Bzu4a of 'VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS, Jefferson Street. between 7th ana 8th, LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA. Bob White, in Cloth, Westward Ho! in Cloth, Dew Drop, in Cloth Deer Ham, in Cloth John_y in. Cloth Ru' sttc Belle, m Cloth, Old White Hat, A unt Sallie's Choice, in Cloth, Jolly Boy, in Cloh, And other choice Grades. .A.U Branda of our Tobaecoi" pa.oked in i.o snit purcb&aera, FREE OF EXTRA CHARGE, and in the new and popular otyle or to ouit the dilfarent ma.rketa of the world FACTORY No.6, FIFTH DISTRICT. C. SPROTTO 189 Pearl St.Ne111rYork, GENERAL AGElr FOR ALL EASTERN STATES IIICLUDIIII OHIO. M. FRIEDMAN, LA. 'i:'E OF 1ST. LO'uiS; "Mo. I Dealer in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, I47 WA'l'D ST., NEW YOBX. P. F. SEUONIN & CO. LBAP TOBACCO BBOKBllS, 371 West St., LOUISVILLE, KY.I "<"' -GERIAI-AIEBICAI INSURANCE .COMPANY. Rund 111"essenge,.-, cured and ready to be stripped, that is, taking the leaves is most extensive, and largely ttie branches there woulil be no story to tell, and these lines wool( firom the stalks whenever tlie tobacco is moist enough, Th 11 d n ot have been written d 1'h subject to internal revenue tax e amount co ecte_ TOBACCO ABOUT DAN-or in planter's language, in orde,.-, can be_ one. e during the last' fiscal year was $z,9oo,5o8, but there wtll There it was--the identical, unmistakable pipe, witlt VILLE,' VA.-Says the Dandifferent kinds and colors must be bed up m separate a considerable falling off during the ensuing twelve the serpent's head and the lion's mane, and the silver. ville Weekly llegisler, the bundles, and each kind put away by its:lf. tobacmonths. There are some necessary arrears for taxes band with the inscription-" No parting till Death." farmers in our section of co is stripped, care b_e to It fro!D on incomes and on_ successions and legacies, which are That sailor-man did not leave until I heard froa country are now nearly heating in t)le bulks, which tt quickly tf put away 1.0 daily coming in, but in other respects the imposts are him, as far as he had it in his power to tell, the story of through the busiest season too moist a state. If it should begm to get warm 1l promptly paid. This district takes the lead in the numhis pipe. Unfortunately, so far as I was concerned, Ilia of the year-that in which should be taken out of bulk immediately and put in a ber of retail liquor stores, there being no less tlian 2,492 story was too conclusive. He had been wrecked in the they cut and cure their situation to cool and dry. If bulks of tobacco w i thin its boundaries There are 3r banks of deposit Straits of Magellan, and, weeks afterwards, wandering, h t et weather and the weather contmues th tt t ts f p t 1 tobacco crops. The peoea m warm w and I9 of savmgs. 1 he brewenes muster I r, and proa savage, on e u ermos coas o a agoma, tvmg; pie of those district$ of so, the best way tpen 15 straddle the bundles duce 3s-,ooo barrels monthly There are 2 5 7 cigar on molluscs that he picked out of the refuse of the sea, country which raise little sticks and hang them1 uf P hm manufacturers, who turn out S,ooo,ooo monthly, and last he had found the pipe stranded. More about it he dicl or none of the weed know fine color and good ea s ou s_u ere d 0 year pounds of tobacco were manUiactlired in not know; more about it no one could tell. I had it i11. nothing of the labor and in bulk i for the color as well as the ea' IS const era Y the dtstrict. There are 97 wholesale liquor deaiers and my.-hands, with its everlasting pledge-" No Parting till trouble encountered by our injured thereby Tobacco of a dul_l and coarse IJO rectifiers. The average amount of liquor gauged Death ;" and, with my brother' s d eclaration still ringinjt planters in saving this crop leaf is not injured so much by heatmg m bulk, though morrthly is 220 000 gallons the number of gaugers einin my" e ars, I could take it only as evidence that he ruicl -in handling the plants at hc::ating in bulk injures any tobacco more or less i the old 1 d b passed out of the world where storms and shipwreck& notl .on that tobacco was not conditioned to pack in hogsp oye emg 7 trouble the courses of lie. the various stages after they "EiGHTH DISTRICT. are taken rrom. the field, 1 n heads until it had heated in bulk is entir..ely erroneous. Sorrowfully enough I took it home, and hung it agai11. 1 t The Eighteenth, Twentieth and Twenty-first ward, that "' Spendl .ng sleepless nights in Tobacco may be packed without ._injurin.&:. m t le o gs. 1 d b on the old nail in the room that had been my fat11er's d fi b t d r th form this distnct, are, In a grent measure, m a > tte y h d 1 Curl n them, 1 n str'tppt"ng, head, if properly drie a te r e_mg s. nppe r0!D e b d d b h study. In the meantime, I a earned to smoke-moreg fi d citizens who transact ustness ow11 town an y t etr assorting and, prizing for stalks ;..indeed a ter tt IS requtres a families. For this reason the chief source of revenue for n1)t sake than .or any love I bad for the market. It ls, 1"ndeed, the-great deal of attentiOn __ to_ m_anage tt properly : and tf 1 habit of Tobacco-use. Often enough, I sat before the. h h d J came from incom e and. g as, and as the aw tmposmg tax most troublesome crop raismanaged properly unt1l1t ts m t e ouse an proper Y on the former, which has always been an obnoxious one, fire place, and ruminated on the strange history of the ed on our farms, particular-cured, may be by improper or neglect, has expired by limitation and that on gas is no longer pipe that hung above the mantelpiece. Often enough, ly the fine bright qualities, made to be worth less mone_ y, after th1s_ time. I have f d" d' .. h I tried to piece out the latter history of my lost brother's b lk d a d 1 t enforced, the importance o the tstrict must tmtnts Such as are Cultl vated 1n the seen tobacco myself put up m u s, an su nere a_ mos life from the suggestions whtch the pipe could give me d r 1 11 The amount collected for the last fiscal year was ,_2,I491 counties around Danville, to rot before anything was on_ e to I t IS .Y f 1 / 'd r as it hung there-relic of by-gone ages, waif of the sacl d h dl f t b t 6 30 Tu give some idea o the argc: sums pat .or in. f h h ld which require much more the management an _an mg o o acco : a er IS 1 sea waves, wttness o a parttng t a.t s ou never haore. Skl.ll and attent'totl than the cuted, that make the drstmctton between a mce planter come it may be stated that tn Ju y, I87I, there was re been "till death." ceived $6o2,924, and during the last four months there ,_ coarser and heavier grades and an one. "d h C 11 t fi 11 M .o 6 At length, some com : Jination of respect for 11\Y father's Pr.odu ced elsewhere. This When bulkmg of the leav_e s should kept was pat tot e 0 ec or as 0 ow,;: ay, -7z, "15 ,memory and regard for m{.' poor brother, induced me 1 d 1 k 1 h 668; June, $6o6,249; July, $265,453, and August, $Irz, 1 F r al tobacco brings a greal deal straight and the bund es sprea I e a .an, w uc can l 1 "d' f to smoke the ptpe myse or months-.or sever h b dl t 627. These amounts were mam y m tqut abon o md. d h h b' f k' of money in the markets, easily be done, by placm_g two t ree ,un es a a come tax. There is considerable yet due from citizens years-! use It; an as t e a tt <> smo mg grew upo!l and 'tt ought to do so, to retime, by th_ e pers_en whp IS han_ d_mg the to the r h 1 me, the strange pipe became my constant associate. I d h t k d who have delayed, .rom one cause or anot er, to sett e h f Pay the planter for pains and bulker, agamst h1s an gtvJng t em as ro_ own d b d d caimot say that tl was t e ment o the p1pe-as a pipe r d h b d t t with the government, but the m e te ness 1s every ay d 1 M bl anxiety in making it. with the other. I .oun t e est way to 1 ton o-11 h d r. d -alone that ma e me c mg to tt. ore y, tho ORG.AlTIZED MA'BCH, 1872. bacco when stripped to be as follows: _Take two tobacgrowing sma er. T ere was pat a ew ays smce, a tax cause of our companionship was in the associatiou ; From the reports as ret.' k d la:y them parallel and about one foot on a legacy of $76o,ooo; which fell to two sons, and this with which my memory invested it At allevents, for Cash Capital, S 1 ,000,000. cefivhed, wbe leahrn tbehat mokst oiltliem about one hundred poun s by did not include. the rea..! estate tbat they also inherit from several years the pipe and w.ere inseparable. 81 000 o t e to acco as en ta h ks Th b their father. There will be, perhaps, a greater falling off SurplUS f fi h h'll th h h placing the bundles' aeross t e stlc ll to acco h' d' d h .... 'fhe cou{se of years brought changes to the business en rom t e 1 oug ere should be kneed dOwn ; two persons can move these in receiptS iti t IS tstrlct tirtng t e current which' I had inherited from my father. Circumstances 139 BROADWAY, 'NEW YORK. and there some fine fields bulks wanted by taking hold of lhe end of the any other jn city. The Collector is .......owar, of trade, of culture-necessitated the remonl' Office, are be seen of plants. yet sticks. Tobacco whe bulked 'n lhis y c if o very R Coster; Assessor, A. Ford. It appears by the oooks 9f pur from this country A decade aftec BRANCH OFFICE standmg. The late cuttmgs moist, will not want anything more done to ih,mtil want-of the office that there are 7 banks.of .savi gs ift l. bFOther's iA-fated voyage, I was established, as tko f F t"h are generally pronounced h banks, 7 breweries, 12_ rectifiers, I5 w hotesale ln the German SavinNS Bank Building, corner o our d t ack especi"ally if-tlie bulks are put up on t e qead qf wliat remained of the concern, in one of tJae l:1 t th St t bdett r tthhatwhich npen;urs 'barn,' which .can be ..easily .dOl)e by lifting ers, I,o5x retail liquor dealers, 248 -manu cturer West India Islands. Time brings changes to all a 'V8'f\ua and Four een ree e ear y m e season, prob ks A1i t b h bee and 1 dealer in leaf tobacco. The one gauger in the d 1 I t f th -:--;;----------- b bl h fired them up by the to acco stic ter o acco laS n ll f 1 tlon-; suppose was no o e same appearance '' i a hy t llulked in the way here recommended the small bulks district guages at an average 3o,ooo ga ons 0 tquor at that particular epoch of my life as when I parted with This Company issues' Policies against LOSS and DAMAGE romTh _eh e ecd o be on a drying day taken and opened, and the monthly There -are about one million cigars produced my brother Horace. ( BY FIRE LL INSURABLE PROPERTY, at as FAVOR t t e hews tobacco laid dow" by hand on the large bulking places. monthly One hot eveninginJune..I.wasdriving from E h 01 t ew bwee fis. r-:e Bulking places should be fixed for the different qualities, NINTH DISTRICT. oven-like town where my offices were placed, and calmtr ABLE RAT S as a COMPLETE GUARANTE tot e a 80 vfry m and as the small bulks are pulled to pieces the different This is the great'beer district. It includes all that smoking my familiar and favorite :pipe, as the necro-SURED and PERFECT SECURITY to the COM .PANY wtll causmg t e eaves 0 tc en I' h ld b laced apart from each other part of the city lying north of Fortieth Street, and runs boy looked after my docile horse and_ whistled to while and ripen properly. As we qua lUes. s boulki e P k d d h q a! l Es ISSUED PAYABLE IN GOLD 0 t .__ od Though m u ng on sue s as recommen e eac u from the NCirth to East River. It also incudes Ward's, the time away. We were out upom the broad main-roatf warrant. POLICI now c as ity as near as can be at tliat time ascertained, should be Blackwell's and Randall's Islands The statistics of the that crosseslthe island, and had no greater variety o IL-.IAM F. HEINS, President. e weat er. Y bulked to itself. In moving tobacco from the smaller to manufacture of fermented liquor in New York possess scenery aroupd w1 thau. could be supplied by stragglin& ., ... 1ling mo.rlel wm enbs 'a mg the larger bulks the large bulks should, if the tobacco interest, and as there is produced in lhe-.Ninth district a brushwood, fences of prick'N : aloes, and turhuleat MURR&y a ta rost WI SOOn e-upon US r fb dl f h 1 tha th th r u ti h h' h fi d JOHN W. .., ecre ry. d th fi t d' is very moist, have only three or Our courses o un es greater quantity o t e artie e n m any o er m e streams .a mg rom t e mountat w 1c orme a sort ts :w of tobacco placed on l em at one time; after they have United States, figilres are There are thtrty-of destiny-wall right I lazily remarked, ail 1 ?1 9 il r -TE Pan wt 0 ega dried somewhat ; three-or four more courses an be five breweries (aU owne 6y Germans with the exception approaching tigure upo11 tb:e long w'hit8 rgacl fc)i LI QUO CE PAASS'I' !t ered under s e ter. placed in the same manner, and the operation repeated of two) in the four o( them are not, exceeded in fi...e minutes before my ears were<;l with the hoane---. as long as necessary. Thus a barn of tobacco may be extent by the "Union." The n_umber of of If ,1 !CZW""YOU FOB THB KAJIUI'ACI'IJBBB8 01' TDB POI;;-I THE Glasgow Ttwees, ef !'Conditioned in this way without any of the tobacco heat-beer turned ..out from hese estabhshments, tf ''' Holtoa, there! Where get that plpe ?'' ..,.,_ .... September 25, sa:y:s: ing. t sid by ideo;wouldrc:achfro!Jl _Ne'!'York to St.-LouTs,., .,,._ .._ learn that a ternble hail The best directions that can be g1ven about packmg and it .quahty IS not gy, to proceed ef '-' =rated ,of s.torm passed over the secof tobacco in hogsheads, are the tobacco. should by, 10 St:'-tes. Lager a wayfare:, who lost-m '1'o C.: ._. e-.._e 1 tion of country where Baronly be moist enough to keep It from crumblmg, ana :tae!,

--I \ -' r n TOBACCO LEAF. 0 / Lico.rice. LICORICE.' JOHN co., LtCORIOE pASTE < () o l' WALLIS &: 00. PASTE, ITllU.N; GREEK, TURfEY AND CIG.A!R AND PIPE lllltll AID ll'tR#.. . I SPECIALTIES. B,Y. I -Tobacco manufacturers and the trade Jn DE LANCEY 1CI,EVELAND, .'4 ,and 116 are particularly t o ex. B R o H. E R 'c.! 2 '-,_r.(Aih1FACTURERS OF "Cut Chewin g and .t r r f \ ToBAccos& SNUFF, J r' BR.ANDS CHEWING: NEW YbRK .. ana test the supenor properties of to direc t theittentlon of De:len in thisti:CORidE, \Vhich, beingnt wbrotigbt 24. SOu TH)YiiLIA M s}' N1 the United States aud the to the..,higbest perfecti on, is c:::.;:-ed WICier wSOiACE rot the 1 .cBEWmG T'oueco, 1 !GATTUS' & ''D'UETE,' ;,htCi i1 being oi.ce more manufactur.:4 the :E': ORTER OF ftut :. ',fmokiug, we have no Agents. Consttmers and .. y nud ;, Jobbers W()u}d do well to' apt!lY direct EDW 'DREYER; T 0 B A d JJ. 0 -Licorice ROOt, select and ordillar:y, conataJ>tly m 1 Havan Leaf Tobacco and Ci(ars, Kamdlot'llm' of Clpra of nperlor VVIL'l'AHEARTS' DELIGHT, f r .. NATIONAL, ,BRIGHT OWEN, tfARVEST" 8c "SURPRIS. roll.. on hand. T ll J 'cco BROITDR IVANHOE JOLLY ao-es sMol., MANUFICTO Y 20'1', 209, and 211 Pearl Street, Nea,.Maitkn J,ane. I I E. I 25 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, 1 Co:a1tantly oa Raud the Beat Hand &Pd ... -llaelllaee :Cor Cutting aad Grana.latfng Tobacco. F. HEPPtNHEIMER l".. GO., L .ABELS For Tobacco and Cigars A large a ooortment conotanU,on bsnd and p1mted to o rder. 22 & 24 North William B tret, Ne'.V York. IP. 0. BOX. 4411.> 82 wall St., I 82 wall s-t., t i'. 0. BOI,:4471.J AGENT OF THE MOST ACCRED ITED MANUFACTORIES OF I THIS CITY, HAS ALWAYS ON IIAND THE FOLLOWING 1 &$AilS, M.\DE OF THE MPORTER OF THE OF THE 1ST lVBA Clliis, : HAS ALWA YS ON HAND THE Northern FOL OWING BRANDS: J.J. I HeD.rJ: l.'L1JS UTli.A, REGALIAB, E:iTREACTOi!; EC. Flor del LlAS, CONCHAS, LI hlB'YOS, l{EINA VICTORIAS ETC. lnthnidad-REGALIA ErC. RAILllOAD,. SECURED BY


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