The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. VIII.--NO. 39. Skt T. H. &: Oo. 161 lrla.iden Lane Romay & B. 82 '\'fall IS PUBLISHED EVElY WEDNESDAY. KORNING Bi' TBI TOB!COO LIAJ PUBLISHING OOMP'Y, 142 Fulton St., rfew York. :Buameoa As an aorttrt / Clay Piptl. Batje.r H. & Brother, 7_1 Water Goebel J. & Co. 129 Yalden Lane of Paste. Appleby & Helme. 133 Water Cleveland, De Lancey l24 South William Gifford, Sherman & Innis, no Winbm Gomez .l 29 & 31 S. \\'Uliam McAndrew James C., 12,. Front Mouis H ll., 19 Old Slip and 73 Water. Weaver & Sterry, 24 Cedar. Sud Leaf Tohacco lnptio. Linde F. C.&; Co Water. Tobttcco P -csurs. Guthrie&Co., 225 Front. To Englal\d and the Canada-3, $J.04 aad.itioaaJ per annum for prcpapTJent of ManftUtrert of Cig<>r Bxe1, Henkell Jacob, 2cp & 295 Monroe. Wicke C1eo. & .Br('l,. 1571 1'59 & 161 Goe.,ck. T() Bremen, H a mLurg aud the l.:ontincnt of f2.o8 additional per annum for Posbge. Cig12r Box, Ltdar and otlur W11oJ1. To .AuStralia, etc., $1.04 via. San Francisco, ad .. ditionte r Tobacto Bagging Frieo4 & Co.,.:&:: G., 129 Maiden Lane:, Lester A. A Co.J 103 Chambers. Gnllnrt.j M & o., 84 Front. GttJ1> D ;_Sott:.,.. Bt:Jdl. Kremelberg & Oo., 6o Pearl. .J Lamotte A. C., 163 Pearl. ,.,_ ; 1 G<"nnan-Americao, cor. Broadway and Oedar, .Lev\n M. H., 162 Pr-arl. 11 u'HJ.. Maddux. Bros., 138 Water. ,. 1 Maitland Robert L. & Co., 4.3 Broad. dey joseph, :aoo Broadway. .. artin & johnson, t66 w .. ter. \ Mayer J06epb. Sons 1n Water. CutGIII House Brokr. l!(cCaflil jamec, 48 t.biden Lane. Waruer 1 Beaver. Meyer .A. C. L. & 0 .. 41 Beaver. JileMeogefT. H.&Oo., 16taad'63Maiden Lane Patent Tob19 South Obarleo S.lliog' s 5o06 s., 169 Fq>ot... Kre-lberc, J. D, ao4r Ce. $pencer, Bros. & Co., 7S Maiden JAoe. LoOse 0. & -C'.o., 117 West Lombard. Scvnwnor, Charles T., Parlett B. F. II; Co., 9' Lombard. 5piQPm.l E.&. Co., 5 Slip. Paol Wm., -45 W. Baltimore, & 17 Sooth. Stein &. li(),, 197 Duane. S. tt.Oo ... 5.3 Exchange Place. Straitoo & Stonn, 191 Pearl. 8cbtoeder )06. A: Oo l1 ..change Plac:e. Strobo. & Reitzemtein, 116 Front. Wilkens & Klier. 69 South CbarlM. Tag, F. & Son, r84 Frotit. Wischmeyer Ed. & Co., 49 South Charles. Tatgenborot. F. W. 6: Co., 6Sllroad. Thrto Upmann, Carl, t88 Soo, Th. H., 6 Ced'ar. We&thebn, M. &:: Co.1 111 Peul. Wright, E. M, & Go., 39 Broad. Tobaeco Broi.ers Cattus & Ruete, 129 Peart. Dreyer Edward, 46 "Reave:. Gans, J. S & Son, 86 Wall. XellaDd, P. 1?9 Pearl. ()obome, Charles F., 54 Broad. R.ader N. A Son, 123 Pearl. Sprotto, C. JS9 Manafacrurers if Tohaa-rJ, Anderson john &. Co. 114, u6 and "7 Liberty. Buchner D, 256iDelauccy Cook. Vincent L. 159 Ludlow Flagg J, F. 174 Front Ooetr.e, F. A. Bro., 32S Washington Goodwin & Co. 2dz Water Hoyt Thomas & Co., 404 Pearl K.inney Bros. 41 West Uroadwaf McAlpin D. H. lr, Co. cor. Avenue D and Miller Ml'S. G. B & 97 Oolumbla ltapp S., 75 Fulton A;_ & Soni 174 E;ghtb av. Watts Lewis .1:1. 4.3:1 East toth Jfgeotlfor Smoking Tohau, tiC, Hen .A. &, Co. o4.3 Liberty Lindheim ..M.. 1-t! Wate Weiss, .Eller & .K..aeppel, ug Pe:ut M(JnujtJcrurers of C1gars. Auerbach & M:enderson 138 Water Brock M 3'9 Bowet:y Castaneda&: Jewel, 72 Ma\dcn Lane FYey Brtlt. & Co t6 \Jham bers Hartcom & Habn, 1o48 'Watel" Hirsch D & Oo. :157lldwery and 174 Water. H!J'10(;b.born'L. & Co. Sq Water Holltnder Louts, 191 Greenwich Jaccby S. & Co. >09 Pearl Josephs S. 131 Lane Kaufman oms. & :Bondy 51 Maiden Lane Kerbs & Bowery &"B!o. 34 anU Bowery Gieri.e A Niemann, 78 Sooth Haw&hu; &: Co., -43 West Lomba1d. 1Ucard';Lenwich 5I Co., 83 'P.lac::e: Mana(actJJrers, tU. Feigner F W., 90 and 92 South Cbarlee. WilkenS' H I; Oatco Armistead L L : Carroll J. W Langhorne Geo. W. & Co. Tobaeco Comm1l1io"n 'MercAant, Tyree John "H. .. (' NEWARK, N.J .. Brlntz:ingboff'er W. A. & Son, 883 Oampbell, Lane & Co., 484 Broad. BUFFALO, N Y.-A. M. Adams & Co., Tobacco Maufacturers, so Pearl. SYRACUSE, N. Y.-D. 0. Salmon, Tobacco Manufactar er. '< CLEV.ELAND, 0.-H. S !tRosenreld & C:o, Tobacco t .Manufacturer, S.:;,.,Merwin Street. rrOLEDO, H .. lsted & t"o., Tobacco / DAYTON, 0.-Hogien & Pease, Manufacturers of :robacco Machinery I) NEW ORLEANS, La. :RiCHMOND, VA'.-R. A. Mills, Broker, .1 1f .. .rnd Commission TpJ:?acco .-. lrby <\ Gou 130 Gravier ,.,_ "Kremilllerg, lll:liaeler and Co., CaronOO!et LVNOHBURG, VA.-John H ..J'yr ee, Tooacco Cc:im-PETEitSJ!f(tRQ, va: miss10n Merch_!!Jlt: VenableS. w \Co. 1 '! Ou PETRRSBUR&,:s P.IRTfGU Regalia Britanica-125 ondr s Londrcs 125 Hein1 l 'rna -R r Ch Panetc1a ega 1a 1ca 9 FLOR D[L I UiiAR. Zarz u elas 100 Reina V ktoria ,ndres, extra 90 lo Londres, C h ico e>lH 6o Regali a BrilanicaJ,qndres, de Cortes Cil'dof 55-Regalia Londres Conchas Concha, extra eo Tlf!IIIDAD Conc h as 75 Ref alia Britanica Con chitas 6o Reina F :na -Panetela 70 Collchas Flor de Preosados 70 SA DE saNTIAGO. Rehla 55 Concha s l nfantes 45 ()onchitas est. 2d Operast f JR. $JCO -'W 9of 8o I n fal\lCS JOCKEY CLUB. ss Reina Victoria 130 70 Reina Fina 85. 130 .Regalia del Rey 9" 125 Chicos .J6o 125 lites 4!{ 8o 130 LIJndres de C ortes Cil'do' -55 ss Regalia Britanlca. 125 8o ESPAl?LA. or de Prensados 70 75 KlliiRADEZ. 6o.JI Uig arettes 100 A libe ral d iscou n t will be made t o wbolesah : purchase rs. Orders for any other brands I QJI AHD DBAftBB A well assortes sto c k of HAVANA and Y ARA Tobacco constantly on hand and sold LOWEST IMPORTERS' PltiCES. Poat0fi!ce&x2969. 188 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. -KEY WEST SEIDENBERG & CO., ... --' t A B ii SA Yo. D. Leaf Tobaeco Brokers. MlllsR. A. ROCHESTER, N.Y. Manujiutu.r ers o:f 1'obacco. Whalen R. & T ., lBJ State. M a nufacturers of Chew ing 'and Smoking. Kimball Wm. S. ll C o., fhe te.rnble news a City, J The rapid and traveling into foreign and curious, bu t -the elCplanation is simple, and is another WhiCh our OWn IS closely ill bustneSS ties; the compa ratively d _istant countries which the"introduction of illustnoti .Oll of the inagnitude of 9l;'. r tobacco as to where the element would steam has made possible, renders the inte)ligent observer 'It involves the principle brought into relief in the,.apocry the fears we about to Witness a s .econd Clu more than ever awake to the fact that the reviled In-phal history of the city milk -consumers, who rejected cal.lmJty, all umted to the. hearts. dian weed, undt:r various forms and of divers degrees off several calls of pure "Orange County," which had ac 1 H.eaven! _the our ur.agmm?s have not :;trength and development, is one of the most widely-cidentally fall e n into th ei r hands, on the ground that been Shockmg as IS the truth whtch later addealt-in articles among those popularly termed 1ux-;thad an taste,ancf naa on its surface a sus developed, it falls far below ou.r uries." In a brief visit to London Liverpool, and Paris, picious-looking yell o w substance. The unfortunate tlclpatJOns, and the knowledge that the disaster not the Editor of this journal has-been gre_ atly impressed (ordg!l tobacco-consumer has been so long accus more complete has sent a feelmg of profound gratitude 'tl the universality of the use of tobacco, and tomed to adulterated article with which the foreign b \\1 1 I .. Lichtenstein lhos. & Co. ur M3.1den Lane Mendel M. \V", & :Bro, 190 Peart NeQburger M Pearl Stacbelborg M 257 Pearl BUFFALO, N. Y, Wnolesaf< D Lane y hot ._d Co. 76 Pine Street 0 '!'lit G1 lllir.&nla J:1elix, 195 Ohmted t ttobert .A. 32 Platt Pa..cul U. Ofothet &. Co. 'I$6 Water Solomon),(, & E. ss Malden "'Lane Biebel J tllt Co. :>J8 P!:r of Sff. L A pplcby & Re lmcy .33 "\Vater Gooetze F. A & Bro. 328 I mporters if H..Vaoa C-" igari, J nauer Chas. T. & Co. 40 Beaver Fred' k Uar y 5:1 Broad Hotbncyet J C. Zlnk G. W., t9B Pea.rl. CHICAGO. ni. IJ

t.'DE TOBACCO LEAF. 13 THE TOBAOCO MARKET. DOMESTIC. seven to a four foot lath, lath placed in the EXPORTS. wh1ch are scarce and -tn good demand Ohio seed 1s shed about e1ght or mne mches apart, the ends restmg From the port of New York, to foreign ports, other without change. The offerings at auction for'the week or. rails or poles. The tiers should be five feet apart, than European ports, for the week ending November 470 hhds and 7o boxes, as followS'. '' thts will allow space enough between each tter for ftee s, were as follows At the Bondman warehouse r8o hhds and 67 boxes: NEw YoRK, November I7 nent must contmue to supply. the g_reat maJunty of the brands of chewing and smoki11g tobacco usually patroniieaoy consumers m those loealit1es As to Amencan leaf, theJ!';nghsh WOUld like tO be come even at what to tbem seem high fig ures, say 'trom per pound, but they compl.-tn that they can not" obtain any eveo a,t those rates It follows from the above remarks, tha't between the Amendm and tobacoo,and c1gar trade a great gulf has been fixid by cl which, at present at least, seem to be our: an-i that the field for the Amencan growef-aiid-tftllfturaeturer is that affordf;!d by our own eolitiiient, llS mtl West ern Leaf-We have to note mcreased activity m our market since the begmnmg of the month; the sales amountmg to 1.593 hhds, of whtch 336 hhds to home trade, principally fillers to manufacturers, at Io@ I rc. The remainder were taken for expo1t, pnnc1pally for Spamsh and French Reg1es We note no change m pnces, but may say that old lugs are completely out of stock, and cotr mon to med1um filler.; the turn dearer, while the better grades of leaf contmue unchanged We hear of few sales of the new crop at the West, and these at about last year's pnces, wluch our trade cons1ders prcul:ttton of au throughout; the shed should be arranged BRITISH WEST lNDIES-2 ,3 lbs mfd, $479 97 hhds and l:z boxes Mason County, Ky,. trash, lugs, 1f possible w1th openings in the attic, as well as on CANARYISLANDs-rS hhds, S4,r5o. and leaf: rs at t>s.8o@7 85; 3z at 8@9 90; 41 at 10 all sides, so a!: to admit" free egress of a1r. CENTRAL AMERICA-4 bales, @IJ;SO j 7 at IS.25@19.2S, 4 at 20@26.50. fri hhdJ Spamsh-There was a fa1r demand for Spamsh toDuTCH WEsT INDIES-3 hhds, $700; 2,961 lbs mfd, Brown County, Ohio, trash, lugs, and leaf: 2 at 7.8o, bacco throughout the week, and we note the followmg $716. 7.85; 19 at 8 10"@9.80; u at 1o@I4.75; 20 at IS 2S sales Three vegas of old Havana at $I,2S, and dne PoRTO Rxco-2 8 bales, $4 2 7 @I9 so: 19 at 2 hhds Owen County, Ky, vega of on private terms; soo bales of Havana To European ports for the week ending November trash and lugs at 6.8o, 14.75 1 box Virg101a at at 9(1C@$I.IS1 and .soo bales:of Yara on pnvate terms I2: 8. IO. 8 hhds (pnvate sale) Bracken County, Ky, at Ma,.ufaclurd-The busmess in Cavend1sh. tobacco 84 cases. u 75 6I cases Ohio seed fillers and wrappers: 9 at has been ch1efly confined to goods m bond, a moderate BREMEN-IS hhds, I 7 S do stems, ro3 cases s.8o@8 9Q ; 20 at 8@9 So, 2 9; at IS@ quanlity bemg taken for export at prtces more gener-BRISTOL-S hhds 17. ally favorable to buyel s than to sellers. We hear of GLASOOW-47 cases. At the Moms Warehouse, ros hhds. 6o hhds Mason l;ns of to be ljP When we tgek the map and observe how small is the propc)rtioR of the. vast space, three thousand miles m breadth, that conslttutes_the superfictal area ef these Umted States yet to be brought under profit able cult1vauon, and remember that already tobacco pays m d01nesttc and foreign unports -nearly forty mtlllon of dollars annually mtothenational tteasury, the future o f our s taple, the trade m whtch mcreases commensurately w1th 1he extension, and strengthens with the strength, of our beloved land, may be famtly ptctut ed forth and Im agined. And whtle the futcre demzens of this of tern tory are, many of them, content. to day to the mferior growths of Fatherland, and certam 1m ported subslltutes, the American manuf:tcturer may, with no very great stretch of the imagmauon, smgle h1m out as one ofthe1o be consumers of hts O'l\n superior brands And thus, though we can not now reach the masses who smoke and chew what they are pleased to call tobacco" across the "bnny," the irrestst1ble logic of events 1s slowly but surely commc1ng them that the1r best policy lies m em1grat1on to a land where, though t .... thetr daily pipe may prove a more expensive mdulgenct: than 1t now is, the1r abthty to sustam the increased cost will be more than doubled. Referring to the universal tobacco consumptton mentioned at the commencement of thts art1de, 1 t 1 s mteresting to note the activ1ty of the retatl trade m the large citie3 Espectally m tlus a p10m inent feature, the tobacconist shops and the hotels con summg the lion's share of the busmess area of t,hat tlmv ing commercial town And here, as in London, a degree of attenllon ti given to tilt attractive arrangement of show-windows, too rarely seen on th1s side the Atlanttc -an attention, we p1esume, born of a more confined sphere of trade actt vtty and a fiercer rivalry than we fin d here. Agam, the facliuies for the transaction of the wholesale business m the cttles named are extended and generally admicable. The tobacco warehouses t o the merchant a complete ancl easy system wh1ch '1\e :1las 1 do not in th1s enterl?rismg metropolis posst ss, and wh1ch the Government seems determmed we shall never enjoy. Indeed the facthttes for the transactwn of busmess would enable the trade of those cittes to under take a far larger number of transactwns than at present annually present themselves. Vve refer now to the deal e 1 s in ) .'\merican tobacco. Among these, tt IS the gener. d -complamt that the volume of busmessseems to d1min ish yearly, and many of them find m the more hvel) 'and cognate staple oi a wtder and remuneratlve field forthe exercise of ttleir commercial talents. And this reminds us, m concludmg the present bnd reference to our sojourn abroad, to hearttly thank those members-{) the Enghsh trade w1th whom it was our privilege to be brought in contact, for the unfatlmg courtesy wtth which we were recetved. Our column s elsewhere bear evidence of that welcome so far u the manufacturers were concerned, and we have only to add that our recepaon the wholesale dealers a"ld oommissiGu merchants, if less profuJ;e and !tberal, was sttll kmd and generous. English hospitality is famed the worla over and the tobaccG trade of Great Britam forms no exception to the-rule. sales of tens and black quarter pounds, wtth some transHAMBURG-3S cases. Co, Ky, trash and lugs: 27 at hSi 23 at 8@9.8o; actions in bnght fours and fives and tw1sts. The stock LIVERPOOL2;38 hhds, 2 14,400 lbs mfd. Io at I0@13 so, I7 hhds Bro.wn Co., Ohio, trash, lugs, extremely hazardous 1 lot week 2d week week 41h weak Mh week Total JanuarY--990 403 349 377 I!l! 3,6oo FebJUary 69 579 420 648 384 2,2oo of tens shows considerable reductwn, and unless we exLONDON-7 hhds, 2 9. 2 2 2 lbs mfd. and leaf: I at 7 7S, IJ at 8@9 So, 2 at xo, I4So; 1 at cept some very common at 13@xsc., there are none now MARSlULLES-3 hhds IS 7S 23 hhds Owen Co Ky, trash and lugs: 6 at 24 300 r,386 86R 42:: 3,6oo Apnl. ___ 83 6oi 5 I2 840 r,o64 J,roo May_--397 29I 483 532 1,597 J,300 June ___ .238 971 947 970 874 4,ooo uly ___ .. 863 I13I6 969 8o5 4,ooo August.697 I,435 r,o6o r,9o8 s,ooo September368 r o49 1,348 935 3,700 October 861 772 722 492 370 3,217 Novem. 1593 1,593 V1rgema Leaf-Eleclton day, w1th 1ts attendant closmg of \\arehouses,bemg a cypher m the calendar of the week JUSt departed, there have been only five work mg days since our last rev1ew, and we, accordmgly, have a correspondmgly reduced volume of busmess to record, npt only m Y1rgmta tobacco, but m most other vanet1es as well \Ve hear of no transacttons of unpor tance m V1rgmta goods durmg the week, and presume none have transpired Ordmary working stock, we no tice, IS inqu1red for hete for the R1chmond market, and some parcels have been sent forward for consumption there thts market, at the present ttme, appearmg to possess the advantage of fuller supphes. Pnces are tolerably firm. as m1ght be expected from the reductiOn m the stock of old tobacco, and the lumted recetpts of new. New primmgs are not m muoh request as yet, but are, nevertheless, pretty firmly held, rangmg at c ents, sttff." Sud jeaf-A total of five hundred and tlurty one cases rep1 esents the reported traffic in seed leaf smce our pre\ tous summary Thts ts a smaller exhtbtt than we have had to present ror a long tune past, and the fact ts due to the 3ame causes that have combmed to make busmess generally hghter than usual The trans cllons were mamly of a retatl character, and m deta1l were as follows ISO cases Connecttcut wrappe1s at 40c @7oc, so do sundnes, old crop, at Joc@xsc, 89 cases State on pnvate tenus 54 cases W1sconsm at and I88 cases Oluo at roc, the latter two lots !or export. The liitest news from the Valley adds nolh ing not a ready known to the general mformatton r.: gardmg the cond1t1on of the crop One of the lessons to be denvet\ from the mtsfortune that has occurred to the Connecticut tobacco crop 1s, that to be economtcal IS not always to be savmg The farmers appear t have labored under the tmpress1on 1hat a large crop requtred httle or no more room for cunng than does a small one, and as a necessary consequence of hold1ng th1s 1dea1 their losses wtll fa1 exceed m amount what it would have cost to m.tke suttable. pro nston for stonng the product of the year. The weather, after the hangmg of the tobacco, was, no d01bt, unfavorable, and perhaps, may be at tnbuted to an orgamc defect, sa1d by some to been vtstble before the crop was cut ; but, after all that may bt: charged to these two ttems has been con ceded, the preponderance of ev1dence IS m support of t he theory that the prmc1pal cause of the InJury result m g from pole sweat IS to be found m the ad1mtted t h a t there was not suffic1ent room m the tobacco sheds: to accommodate the large quantity of tobacco that was crowded mto them The same cause has produced the same 1 esult in one or two other comparatively recent mstances, and m vtew of the great loss mvariably at tendant upon these unfortunate occurrences, tt would .eem as if mcreased efforts should be made b) the growers to render them less frequent, 1f they can not be altogether prevented 1 Under the head of "Tobacco House Rot-Its Cause and Prevenuon," a Mtam1, Oh10, correspondent m THE l'oBACCO LEAF of October 30, subautted, as our readers mny remember, some pe1 ttnent observatwns on the pro per mode of hangmg tobacco, and as they are illustl a uve of the subJect now under conside1at1on, we repro-to be had under I8@2oc. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. @7.90, I4 at 8@9 7S, 3 at xo.5o@I0.75 2 hhds (new) The RegulatiOns apphcable to affatrs m the trade m The arnvals at the port of New York from domestic Owen Co. at, 9 so. connection wlth the closmg of the bonded warehouses on mtenor and coastw1se ports for the week endmg Nov-At the Planters' Warehouse, 4I hbds and s boxes: December 6, have not yet been recetved, though hourly ember I 2, were 763 hhds, 6 trcs, 46 half trcs, 34 quarter 20 hhds Mason Co Ky trash and lugs: 7 at $7.I5@7 .So; expected, Washmgton adv.ces md1catmg that they \\ere trcs, 25 butts, 767 cases, I box, 239 half boxes, 68 thtrd ro at 8 35@9 85, 3 at 10@14 I9 hhds Brown Co. OhiO, m the hands of the pnnters several days ago. 'b0xes, 39 quarter boxes, I pkg, 8 caddies, IS kegs, I2I trash and lugs: IS at 8.2S@9 9o; 4 at 2o@I3 6o 2 l.hd-s Fresh !I lust rations are constantly presentmg them-cases ctgars, 39 bales scraps, constgned as follows: and S boxes Pendleton Co, Ky, 6 at 6.90@7 i I at selves of the changes winch are takmg place m the BY THE; ERIE RAILROAD-P. Lonllard & Co, 10 8 20. trade m consequence of the aboht10n of these wareBlakemore, Mayo & Co, 2I do; D. J Garth, Son & At the Pluster \:Varehouse, 6r hhds 28 hhds Mason houses Not only New York, but Boston and PhllaCo, 72 do, Goodwm & Co, xo do, Sawyer, \Vallace & Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf 3 at I6 at delph1a are now sa1d to be sendmg their orders in inCo., 76 do, Ottmget & Brothers, IZ do; A H. Cardozo 8@9; 7 at ro@14.25; 2 at 17, 19 so, 33 hhds Brown creased number to Canada, mstead of V1rgmta, for sh1p & Co., 3 do; E. M. Wright & Co., 2 do; J.P. Quin & Co., Ohw, trash, lugs and leaf: 4 at 7 05@7 Bs, n at ping goods, and a tnfhng reduction m the cost of some Co, 2 do, Wm Eggert, 40 cases; Order 175 hhds, I09 8@9 So; s at ro@r3o, 2 at r6. 75, 17 25. of the Canadtan producttons IS all that B needed, 1t tS cases. The offerings for the past week have averred, to increase the d1rect traffic with the Provmce BY THE HuDSON RIVRR RA{LROAD-Goodwin & Co, been comparatively small. There were a few hhds of many fold. We can not refrain from repeating what, in 6 hhds: E. M.' Crawford &: Co., roo cases, order, fine bnght leaf, wh1ch brought from ho@27 .so, there substance, we have many times satd, namely: that 1t 1s 13 do. bemg at present a good demand for fine bright tobac<:9. a strange fiscal pohty that compels our merchants to By THE NATIONAL I..INE-Blakemore Mavo & Co., The mam part, however, was of low and inferior seek mother lands and from other governments trade 4 hhds; J K Smtth & Son, 15 do, D. J. Garth, Son & prices for which were generally accepted. There ,._ a fac1hties whtch are denied to them at home Co, r do ; ,Jarvis & Co., Io do; Kuchler, Gall & Co, shght improvement in the market for Ohio seed, and SmokUig--There 1s no change to note in the smoking 38 cases. pnces are a 11 ttle better. The offenngs for the past tobacco ttade. While not burned w1th orders, dealers BY THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY RAILRoAo-Thos Hoyt week were 29 6 hhds, and 79 boxes, as follows: do not complam of dullness, and next to real actiVIty, & Co, 4 hhds At the Bodman Warehouse s9 hhds and 6, boxes : thts 1s as favorable a condttton as can be wished for BY THE NEW YORK AND NEw HAVEN STEAMBOAT 46 hhds MasOn Co., Ky, trash, lugs and leaf; 5 at them until the season for bnsker trade sets in. LINE-Schroeder & Bon, 27 cases, M H Levm, 9 do; s7 75@ 7 90 rs at 8@ 9 90 ; 1g at ro@r4 JS 8 at rs Ctg-ars-Business in both branches of the cigar trade A. Barth, 2 do; Strohn & Reitzenstem, I do; F Gtebel, @zr.7s; 23 hhds Brown Co., Ohio, trash and lugs. 1 contmues much ,the same as when last referrl!rl to 59 do, Martm & Johnson, 1 do. at 7S; IS at 8 IS@ 9 70 7 at Io.2s@r.2 s ; 15 hhds The stuke m Havana and unfavorable fiuctuat19ns m BY NKw YoRK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE Co., Ky., trash and lugs J at 4 50 j g at exchange are both havmg the1r natural effect upon -Kuchler, Ga1l & Co. I3 cases, Wm M. Pnce, 6 do. g os@9 S ; 7 at ro@I I 2 s 14 hlads and 5 boxes the profits of the 1mporte1s, and.,m tb1s respect, and to BY THE OLD DoMINION SlEAMSHIP LINE ::-Cad UpWest v1 rginia 6 at S@7 so; 2 atJI, g JS I at IO. thiS extent, trade is unsat1sfaotory, but otherwise there mann, IS hhds; Patterson & Co., 3I do; M Abenhe1m, 55 cases common Ohio seed fillerJ and bmders; 14 at ts httle to be destred, the demand oemg hberal and 29 do; A. D. Chockley, 2 do, 3 trcs; P. Lonllard & Co 7 @, l7 at s.4 o@ 9 90; 19 at IO@r4 .50, 4 at 15. 75 steallly. 7 do, 2 do, J. D Evans & Co, 4 do, 1 do; Funch, Edye @rS.zs. Gold opened at and closed at & Co, 36 do, I case; Drew & Deane, 24 do. I box; R At the Planters' Wareho*, g3 hhds and 3 boxes: Exchang-e 1s held at steady rates. We quote bills at W. Cameron & Co, 46 hlftrcs, 34 qtr trcs, J. H. Thomp 66 hhds and I box Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs and 6o days on London, ro8@ro8rt) for commerchL; son, 2S buts, 2 cases; Connolly & Co, 4 cases; R leaf: 9 at 7@-7.85; 39 at 8@8 90; xs at Io. 2s@r4.7S ; @Io8f8 for bankers, do. at short stght, I 1o?( ; Lmdheun & Co, I6 do, Platt & Newton, 52 do; N 4 at 5 hbd, Brown Co., Ohto, trash and Pans at 6o days, 5 z8_M', do short stght, W1se, 10 do; Wm Broadhurst, 8 do, M. Lindheim. So lugs 4 at g 90 @ 9 SS; 1 at 10. 50 9 hhds Owen Co; 5 Antwerp, 5 26?(, Sw1ss,s 31;( do, BonnettfSchenck & Co, 25 do, M. M Welzhofer, Ky, trash anti lugs: r: at 7 90 7 at 8.Jo@9 20 ; I at @5.25 Hamburg, 34}.( @3ott; Amsterdam, 22 do, 8 cadd1es; A. Hen & Co, dr, I pkg, Maddux 6 4 50 2 hhds 2 boxes West Vtrgmla: 2 at 3.Io, 4o}i; Frankfor, Br-emen, 94U1 Prussian B1otbers, 19 do, IS kegs; W. P. Kittredge & Co, u do, 6 4s; 2 at s.3o, 8 4 s :: thalers, 33 hlf bxs; Dohan, Carrroll & Co., 64 do, I67 hlfbxs, At the Kentj)n Warehouse, 4 s hhds and IS boxes: IS Frezg-kts have been qUJet, We quote. Hhds-London, 36 th1rd bxs; R1chey & Bomface, r8 do, 59 do, 25 qtr hhds Masoo .County, Ky, trash, lugs and leaf: 4 at 7@ 37S 6d, Sail, 32S 6d; Liverpool, do, 40S, do JSSi bxs, Martm & Johnson, 9 do! IO do, 10 do, 5 drums; 7 75 6 at 8 os@9 70; 3 at 10 25@12 25 j 2 Ill I6.2s, Hamburg, do 'sos, do 4iS, Bremen, do sos, do 4SS, Bulkley, Moore & Co, 32 thtrd bxs; Jas. M. Gardmer I6 75. 9 hhds Brow11 Co, OhiO, 4 at Antwerp, do sos, do 45Si Rotterdam, do sos, do 45S, & c,o 20 hlf bxs, 4 qtr bxs; order, s6 hhds. !8 .., s; 5 I 50@25 ; 7 at IO@I I zs hhds and 2 Amsterdam, do 52s. 6d, dq 47s 6d. Seed leaf-Bremen, CoASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE.-Kremelberg & Co., boxea West V 1 rgm 1 a 4 nt 7oS@ 7 70 3 at g 8c(it steam, 3 5s, sat!, 3os; Antwerp, do 4os, do 32s. 6d; RotIzcz hhds. u.6s. I 3 cases Ohio seed (pnvate sale) at 9 'all terdam, do 42S 6d, do 3SSi Amsterdam, do 45s, do 37s. OASTWISE FROM KEY WEST.-Fred'k DeBary & Co, around. 6d 1 41 cases pgars, Robt. E Kelly & Co., 8 do; J & J. Atl:he Phister Warehouse 53 hhds: 25 hhck Mason PABTIGVJ.AB. lVOTICJ:. Eager, I2 do; N Ftsher, 2 do, Seidenberg & Co., s8 do, Co' K.y 'tra:;h, lugs and leaf : 7 at 7@1-95; II Growers of aeed-ICmmon leat t)( @lo ), Good "" 2 @o!S dl f: 6r-ll b h b lk f Medum. l vJ;;@ll ermm' n ...... ........ 11 @23 groun eaves range rom ut t e u 0 transacLOUISYILLE,Novtmbtr 8.-Messrs. Wm. G. N:eier Goo:! .. 11 @12 lllonlmmon to ruocl loga t X f1 0 """l' -Fino .... :18@!15 no moovements of any importance have traustired. Comlll<>oloot. .. .. .. 10 10" lla HaJJ' l'btlwdl """ ce1pts smce Nov 1, I 87 r, 36,24I hhds against 4S,6o7 Jf..tlum leaf lO); u Thrd4-StQCks are but hght and held firm by owneq, 1:' e inh'-d 1 Good llK""' S 1"1118 no tl s ast year, Stock on hand N-oy. Ist, r872 4,187 ... ....... "" ...... spections for the week only were 45 LL..aMaryland, 2 o FIDe 11 good lngo, Po ket Ploces @:It s, w I e t e_araoces comprise 35 7 hhds, Mary8 00 ; Clarksville Western dtStncts, Lowtomodtlllll le&f 1!1 (jj46 land, I:ZJ do vu .... n.ut_ I38 Vlrgima stems, and 28 do """"' uo lto line IS 16 Gold Bare, as @311 K k ar-o good lugs planters, bght, 8; Clarksville and ducP a porlton of them here The says. "The sweat, whtch termmates 111 rot, takes place after tobacco h .s partly cured; dunng contmued soft, damp, or fuggy weatlter_. on the outs1de leaves, whtch cure out A ViRTuous POODLE -An Indtanapohs poodle 1:rst, become so wilted and soft as to lop down close over tob acco, but doesn't the green stalk and under leaves suffic1eut to exclude MINOR EDITORIAI,S. ,'\rappers, d&rlt.. noogh & Read7 .. 30 @86 entuc 1 :stems ror Bremen, per steamer Berlm. Western dlStncts, 8.25@9 .00; common leaf planters, 8 bright .. @40 BLAci \Ye reYlSe our quotatiOns: Maryland, frosted, 6r.ll7 1 h g Ill!! Nf"'"' }'(.,.., Fin ... 1::> tg t, 50@9 25' Clarksvtlle and Western districts, OKio-lJI'or to go<>d com. 7X@ --, -- sound commnn, 7 rL &.9 good common, 9@9lL2 mid-Brown and Oreenlall ,Modinm ..... 1t .. '10 72 9 oo@1o.oo; mediUm leaf planters, hght,; lllodium*llnored good to fine red, Ilr-lll31 fancy, '14 Cl k '11 dW d '::7 d I .8""'1l ..Flue 22 @25 7Z '::!' ar sv1 e an estern lStncts, ro.oor.o l I.oo good Fco1n"' ":.!-. Xed.,.,;,: -.. 20 ,.,... G 25 upper country, 7 r{ r-ll3o groundleaves, 6r.:.Io. ........-_ ... -...... 1:7 72 leaf planters, ltght, 1 r.oo@u.oo; Clarksville and Ma;rrim-on -I!""IA'dtoeam. 2318 Ohto, mferior to good common, nommally, 7r/2@8 /2 ur d NOT A BAD Extendmg your shop front into the newspaper" is the latest defimtton for a<.lverttse ments. THE BoSTOS FIRE -An mteresting statement of tht. German Amencan InsUlance Company on this subject w1ll be found m another column. FASHIONABLE FOLLY -An elde1ly gentleman IS shork ed to learn that every fashionable young lady cames a paper I o back lzer. INTERNAL REVENUE MATIERS.-Durmg the past we e k Peter Brabender of No 515 East Fourteenth Street, gave $5oo batl before Comm1sstoner Sh1elds, to a charge of non-payment of spec1al tax as a rdall ltquor and tobacco dealer. Charles Droerns, of 91 Columbia Street, was also held m $soo ba1l by Comnu.ss1oner Sh1elds, tor selhng cigars that were not proper.Jy stampecl VVHISKY, TOBACCO, POTATOES, A,ND APPLES -Cynth1ana1 Ky, has a ltve busmess man fo1 May01 Be stdes m 1nufacturing and selhng whisky, he has raJsed several thousand pounds of tobacco on his place near Cynthtana, bought and sold over a thousand barrels of potatoes, and IS now shtppmg hundreds of of apples abroad. That official w11l certamly have the matenalmterests of his con stituents at heart HYMENIAL.-\Ve note Lm; of anot he r happy event m the tobacco trade. Thts tune the con tractmg part1es were Mtss Rosa Gottschalk and Mr. Ju hus LAderman, of the firm of Lederman Brothers, .r59 Water Street, ceremony taking place on the 1oth at the 57th Street Synagogue, thts city. The weddm g teceptton took place at Brevoort Hall, where all "we n merry as a marnage-ltell." Tl>e nouveaux 'IIanes hav e .our best WIShes. :::-Pot..tTICS .AND THE TR.ADE.-The tobacc o trade 1s annually increasmg in importance, through tht standing of its members in commercial aud soc1al hfe The well-known Detroit fine-cut manufacturer, l4r John J. Bagley, has JUSt been chosen to till the gub eroatorial chatr of the Srate of Mtchtcran by a ven targe majority, arid tlhe father of the head of a pron{ inent firm in Pearl Street has been chose 1 Mayor o( ll{ew York. FAtLVlli. OF A LoUISVILLE ToBACCO FIRMThe LoutSv1lle of Oct. 30, says: A pa111 ful rumer was aioat on the streets yesterday, the iinaacial standmg Qf Messrs. W dssmge1 & Bate th. well knowu tc.bacco manufacturers of th1s city. 1 e to say that inquiry of a member of the firm con firmed:the rumor. The house fled yesterdav,. wit! liab:Jities lO J4,s,ooo. Its assets are not a.ale4." the atr to a great extent, th 1 s causes 1t to heat almost unmedtarely about the stalk, where the under le ave s JOill 1t, especmlly 1f there hav e been any sucke1s allowed to rem am on t h e plant at the time of housm g, these a 1 e un npe and add great'y to the trouble, and \\he n t h e plant co mes m contact wtth the pole, tf hung n that w a y, de composttton soon follows th e ferm e ntation, v.hen le a l after leaf, and finally the stalk, drops to ground or lodges on the tter below, mct easmg the d1fficulty wherever thev cQme tn co nt ac t will each other Thete are four causes whtch pro u thts rot, to w1t: 'the weather, the maner of hangmg, too th t ckly housinj', and 1mp e rfect venttlatton Admtttmg the weather the mam cause, it1s g e nerally two or more of thJ;je causes that produce the J njury The weather c .tn only be remed1ed by remedymg the balance of the d t fficulttes The second the manner of hangmg; a very tmportant one to look to, for tobacco nung on po'es, wtth stnngs, is the tobacco that suffers most wtth rot; for when the plant is kept hatd pressed agamst the pole, wtth a quanttty of brmsed leaves be tween the pole and the stalk, the rot makes 1ts first ap pearance, this can be rem ed1ed by usmg lath for hangmg, a much more destrable wayfo1 several1easvns, for the stalk tS pterced, or spltt tluough, ass1stmg 1t to cure out m uch s ooner m tune of danger, while tt leav es each p lant hangmg free, touching nothmg h u t th e lath 1t r estj; upon; bes1des 1 t IS a much more economtcal way, as the lat h can be used for a number, of s ucces s ive years, wh1le -tnngs have to be prov1ded for year, as they are, not fit for use a second ttme, 1t saves labor m hang:mg and tak1ng down, the stalks a.-e better secured, w1th n dan ger of stnn1s rotting, or tats cuttmg th,_m, let ,mg do'l\n whole poks' full at a tune. Aga m, there 1s quite a saving tn the quant.ty of poles or ratls requ1red m the shed When tobaCCO IS hung upor. lath the th1rd that of too close housmg, can be better managed, as t he lath can be eastly movtyi to su1t any emergency, and the danger arismg from tlus cause can be overcome by removmg a few laths from each course, and then spacmg out the bal ance to smt the w\!ather, then the housmg can be more .ystemattzed by the number of plants to each lath, and t he laths placed upon the poles a certam d1stance apart I he fourth d1fficulty, that of 1mperfect venttlatton, 1s an e asy one to manage at almost any ttme, 1f to start wtth, he tiers have been made a suffictent dtstance apart so hat the tobacco w11l Aot reach from one tier to the other 'Y at least one foot In order to ventilate the shed horoughly, there should be open spaces ordoors on s1de, eveq; few feet apart, so as to adnut a strong unent of atr to pass through, blowmg out the leaves whtle they :tte in thts soft condttLon If the followmg r ules are observed m sheddmg' tobacco, we venture our >pm1ou, there will be very ht1ie or no house rot. The obac:co should be well sucki!'Ped before 1t Is ready for he shed, for these green sprouts mcrease the bulk about he stalk, and greatly ass1st tll startmg fermentation. If he tobacco IS of luge growth there should not be over .. 6 1 .. 12 12 estern tstncts, II 25@I2 25, fine leaf planters, light, SeUDd Common 7 X 9 common to medium 17 @18 greemsh and brown, 8 @9 mediUm to fine red, 9 Yz 12 oo@ I 3 00 ; Clarksvdle and Western diStricts, IZ.-== do .. ... @r2; common to med1um spangled, 8Yz@u. fine and 2s@r3 25, Good to llier ; d 11 NlfNoaa 7WWI ......... tS S3 spangled to yellow, 14@zs. Kentucky, commo to 0 b 1 F ocr H 2 T!rly Twos to d 1 8 d r-ll tL h ur to acco season c oses wtth to-day's report. The u:'.ver connry 7'Vs and 12' goo ugs, 72 : eavy, 9@ 10 ; low, to medium, market w1thin the past four weeks has shown but httle 6 @>IO :. 9Y:i to to good, I I to rz fine and selec actiVIty, and m splte of exceedmgly ltght receipts, prices 8011, Suduat -old tCommou nrl 11 ts t10ns, 13t0I5. ugnua, common to goGd lugs, 8 to 9, had a dechnmg tendency Above quotations show a i: S! common to medmm leaf,'> to ro; four to good, I I to reduction of about Yzc. on all trades excepts choice llmdelB and 16 @ s St>ed and Hovana, I 2; fine and selecltons, I3 to 1 Si pnmmgs, 5 to 6 ; stems, bngh: lea(, for which pnces contmue to rule firm The Ftllors H @15 per M 00@7a oo good to fine 3 tL to 5 Pt>tNYl""""' sua Leo.f-d o conn Seed 3u 00@40 ()I 7 2 new crop to come in slowly and a few hhds of tt \\rappers 30 @ 4ry do do Sona ........ flO @15 Roppee,French --Total.----------------------S0,97ohhds commandfrom6.25@725andcommon and goodcol F 1Uen U @16 Scot c h & 86@-00 E t d J P hhd fi N.Y.Sta\cnew,Wrappersl8 l!ll3 2 common .. xpore smce s ory, rom675@8oo Aortedlota 12 @16 .l.mNicanGentleman -@ 1 oo Coastwise and re-mspected ____ s,soo hhds M L F k 1 Fillers .. .. 9 @IO Lconce Gold r. ranc e s month y report lS as follows The Pellll wrapp..,. .. @@-2 M )1 ....... ..... ... 24 4 1,47) hhds new crop IS estimated at x6o,ooo to 17o,ooo hhds, and Aasort..d lots 18 D n Qrrijote 26 Follere .. .. .. u @12 Lat o ro a de Espana... .... 26 It IS calculated by our warehousemen that they wtll sell :.------Stock to day m warehouses and on shtpboard so,ooo hhds of 11 here. My reports regardmg the new Fillers .......... u $J'o "G C" : 21lK notcleared---------------------------9,49'7hhds crop are the ClarksvtlleaPdWesterndtStncts made but : 1 : ; &GA Messrs Ed W1schmeyer & Co.,.Tobacco Comm1sston httle of good ncb tobacco, wh1le the Green Rtver, Upper Fillers .. ... ... s G & F." .. 29K Merchants, report: Busmess m manufactured tobacco Cumberland, and adJ' ommg'counttes in Southern KenFur s net 29 -d 11 h k h HnnaFilC<>m sa @ 02;> lG.yCA", ....... 28 was. u agamt 1swee ,w1t pncesunchanged. We tucky,vHllfurnlshgoodnchandpartlymottledshlpping '% I 1g quote the followmg rece1pts: A. Seemuller {k Sons, :md manufactunng leaf. The Kentucky River and MaYoral &UCutasstd 9Ci @ I oo .. ........ 23 70 thtrd boxes, 105 cases; John P. Pleasants & Sons son dtslncts (cuttmg leafregwn,) have a large and good porpouno R R' 23 o half b 7 t b G S \" & C 1 n 10 xs, 2 quar er xs ralts o 391 colory crop, and the lower Oh10 River, Indiana, etc., Exuline ... @5/i a s .. .. .. boxes, IIJ cases; Hoffmlin, Lee & Co, I6o half boxes, tll have good stemmmg and c 1gar leaf, as also a good IMPORtS. 286 th1rd boxes, J. B. Stafford, I5 half boxes, 15 cases. proport1on of cuttmg leaf. The proportiOn oflugs will The at the port of New York from foreign Messrs. Rlcards, Leftwich & Co.'s Tobacco Ctrcular be large Busmess dunng the last month has been exports, for the week endmg November 12, mcluded the says Smce the tSslie of our last Circular on 3d ult, the tremely dull, the demand bemg very hm1ted, and receipts following constgnments: matket for Kentucky tobacco has been charactenzed by so sraan and ofind1fferent qualities that even thiS deLONDON-Order, 65 bales no spec1al mterest A fa1r busmess has been done with mand c0uld not be supplied Of the new crop w'! had, SAGUA-Waydell & Co, 2 bales exporters and orders from domesuc manufacturers ; the some low grades of cuttmg leaf showing a thm mostly HAVANA-Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, 281 bales; E Pascual, stock on sale has been redu?ed to a small quantity, of colory leaf wluch sold from to 8" cts. for lugs, and Brother & Co 1 17 do; W m Eggert, 104 do ; Robt generally useful quahty. 1 he crop reports st1ll pomt 9 to I 1 for leaf and a few hhds of Hart county, partly A Ohmstedt, 421 do, A Schubart & Co, 251 do, A. to results as mdlcated by our prevtous advices on this of good body and color but poor condition, selhng from Gonzalez, 419 ; E. Rosenwald & Brother, 76 do ; Chas SUbJect, VIZ Rather .an abundant y1eld, with an un 6 to 8 cts. for lugs and low leaf F. Tag & Son, so do; J os. A Vega & Brother, 98 do; usually large proportton of low grades. VzrgzmaAmong the sales at the different warehouses were Carl Upmann, I 54 do' A S Rosenbaum & Co., 278 the stocks of old cwp being well mgh exhausted, the the followmg d.o; M. & E Salomon, 143 do; L F AuJa, 204 do; of dealers has been directed to this yea1 's At the Lomsville House, 4 hhds Kentucky leaf at Palmer & Scoville, 2o8 do, V. Martmez Ybgr, 297 do; growth, of which we have yet had only pnmmgs. In $n.zs, ro 75, 10.75, 9.20 2 hhds do new leaf at 9 40 A B Re d 5 d M R d F c 1 th1s descnption there have been transacttons to ext nt g hhd d 1 .. 1, S o; 1vera,3I o; acagnmo, f b h d 40. 9 s o ugs at 87s, 8.7o, 8, 8, 8, 8, 7so, 123 do' E. Pulg & Co., 29 do; J. M. Mora & Co., 23 o a out 2oo h s, mostly for export; m transit, crop r-e7 40, 7 30. 4 hhds do new lug.; at 6.7o, 6.7o,, do; F. Alexandre & Sons, 700 do' Rob't. E. Kelly & ports contmue favorable. Maryland-Receipts of over 6 2o 2 hhds do trash at 7, 6 So Co, r78 do, 24 cases c1gars; F. M1randa, 38:z do, 5 do; 9,ooo hhds have been taken at full prices. New ground At the Boone Warehouse 2 hhds Kentucky leaf at F. Garcla,\ 249 do, 7 do ; Chas T Bauer & Co' 66 do, leall'es have arnved quite freely, and found ready buyers 8.8o, 8 2 hhds do new lugs at 7So, 6 :ao. I bhd 31 do; G. W. Faber, 9 cases c1gars; J. C. Hoffmeyer, at $ro@6. Ohio, with receipts of about r,ooo hhds, has do lugs at 6.6o. 4 do; S. Lmmgton & Sons, 3 do; Chas. Luling & Co., sold fr-eely at under 10 cents. Some good parcels have At the Pickett Warelhouse,hhds Kentucky leaf I do, Eggers & Hemlem, I do; Howard Ives, 3 do; also found buyers. Stock in factor's hands about 5oo at Sio S 8 g 8 8 8 8 6 Kunhardt & Co., r6 do; Acker, Merr)l & Cond1t, 72 do, hhds, consist_,, almost exclusively of good qualit1es not 8 g 8. itt 1-ti hhJ:; Park & Tilford, 43 do; F. W. Junge & Co., 2 do; Re-eagerly sought after. each 5 hhds black fat at 12 1 hhd nauld, 1-'r:incois & Co., 2 do; W. H. Thomas & Brother, CINCINNATI, Nnem6er 2.-Mr F. A. Prague, leaf lugs at 7.20 39 do, Purdy & Nicholas, 2 do; John Ballard, I do; E. t?bacco mspector, reports as follows: The market du-At the Nmth Street House 1o hhds Kentucky leaf Lenhlhon r do ;:Atlantic S. S. Co., ro do; nng the past week has ruled firm with prices having at S9 zo@1o 7S; 5 hhd.s do 'at; 9 hhda order, 27 do. an upward tendendy for the finer grades of cutting leaf do at 16, 15, :as, 1 x 1 9 10 s.50, 8.40 s.3o, 8, s. 5


/ NOV 13 hbtJ& do at 8 .zo@JI.25-' 5 hhds do 8.6o@I0.75 I lows: us,3os,ooo lbs; Missouri;I3,3l0,40C> bbd do new leaf at 7 lbs_; Illinois, 5,249,2oo lbs; 9,325,300 lbs; At Kentucky Tobacco Association Warehoust :2 hhds Oh10, r8)141,900 lbs_ ; Tennessee, 2t,-465,4oo lbs; other new leaf at $9.50 8.40 4 hhds do new lugs at. 6.75, 6.7s, Western States, 2,roo,o9o-aggregating I75,5o8,ooo lbs. 6.65 6. 8 lugs at 9 8 9o, 8.2o, 8, 8, 7-ls, 7-so, We incline to the epinion that,. iL the amount f .fO: I hhd do new trash s xo. be at variance wit_? these l!&timates, the At the Farmers' Warehouse-Kentucky leaf at $to. w1ll be very small; and, from the tenor of the '15, 8.8o, 8 7o, 8.7o,, 8.3o, S.:zo, 8.Io. 2 bhds do .gene_ ral_reports, that balance will be set on the lugs: 1 new at 6.8o; I at 7.20. cred1t s1de of production. At the Planters' Warehouse 2 bbds Kentucky new THE RANGE OF PRICES.. leal at 8. 8 -hbds do leaf at 9.2o, 7-?o, 7.6o, 7 The quotations in our columns for -each "'eek of the rei' 6.70 6.40 6.Io 6. 1 hhd do lugs at 8. 5 boxes year just closed have indicated a remarkably firm basis, at eaeh. I hhd new lugs at and, wi_th or two insign.ificant e.xceptions and for 7 very bnef penods, have stead1ly advanced. They form PHILADELPHIA I I.-Mr. E. W. Dickertheir own commentary, and any det;Uled history of the son, reporter for the' Tobacco Trade of transitory causes which produced a temporary writes as follows : Business has been rather qUJet smce ance of values would be S!Jperfluous, as our only obJect my last report, excepting that the demand for cigars is to map out the Stages of onl:r the general progress has been -as good as is usual. upward. For th. e sake of brevlt)' we condense each Nearly 700 cases cf seed leaf changed hands class, and l_eaf, ":ith exteption croppers and )Jere since I last reported, including one sale of 100 fillers, mto one 1tem, mcludmg both cuttmg and manucases Pennsylvania, another of Ioo cases Ohio. Prices sorts, and we re _produce them at such dates as are fully maintained, as it is believed that the _reported w1tnessed.._a change. Pnces of col!rse, _governed_ "rot" in the new crop must enhance the market value firmly at some dates than others, but 1f.the rulmg m of the older crops. fluence lasted, itsel! known in an actual ad-The demand for manufactured is very moderate. vance. We begm w1th The "horse disease nearly prohibited transportatic.n r, r87 r. dunng the last few days, and all the large tobacco Manufacturmg and cuttmg sorts: houses have been very sensibly affected by it. Lugs, common to 6.oo@ 7 RICHMOND, November9.-Mr. R. -A. Mills, ToLeaf, common to bacco Broker and Commission Merchant, reports: .IVovember I3, r871. Our market for the past week has been very brisk and Lugs, as a _hove ---------- -----7.2 S@ 8.oo prices rule firm at quotations. The transactions. were Leaf, medmm------------------------8.25@3 0 0 527 hhds, 176 trcs, 23 boxes. I continue my quotations: December II, 187r. Blatll-Lugs, common to medium 17-so@ 8.zs new Lugs, good to fine. __________ ._____ 8. 5 o@ 9 .00 Lugs, as old and new .. ___ .. --.--_ Leaf, common to medium _-----__ 8.50@ u.oo Leaf, as aoove.-----.. --------------. L r d t fi .. :t:l> February 5, I872. ea., goo o n., _________ ___ _____ II.So'=' 14.00 L Brigllt-Lugs, common to good .. __ 9.oo@ i3.oo ugs, new crop .. --------------------Leaf. common to good fillers. _______ n .oo@ I 5.oo Lugs, common to ext:a co lory--------Leaf, extra fillers and small wrappers.. 16.00@ zo.oo Leaf, common to choice.-------------6.oo@ 6.50 7-00@ 8 .25 8.25@30 -75 5o@ 6.oo 6.50@II.OO 8.25@30.00 Leaf, extra smokers________ ________ :zo.oo@ 3o.oo L February u. \Vrappers common ts medium mahog-ugs, new crop .. --------------------6.oo@ 6.2 5 any_: __________________________ x:z.oo@ xs.oo Other classes unchanged. Wrappers, good to fine mahogany_____ I6.oo@ zo.oo Mar(h 4 Wrappers, medium to good bright.____ ::o.oo@ so. oo Lugs, new crop .. -------------------Wrappers, bright __ 55.oo@ 75.00 Lugs, as above------------.------:----PrimingsMedium to good. ___ .___ 4 .oo@ 5 00 Leaf, unchanged, except ch01ce cuttmg.Ewa----------------------------5-so@ 6 oo March I8. SAN FRANCISCO, November I.-The Commercial New Herald reports as follows: There has been very little Lugs, as above.-----.----:-------done in Virginia manufactured since the last public sale, Leaf, to ch01ce cuttmg.----full details of which were given in our last. For Le;lf Leaf, bnghtwrappers --------------. 6.25@ 6.50 6.'J5@II.OO 23. oo@26 oo 6.6o@ 7-25 8 25@z(i.oo 38.5o@- TOBACCO LEA PI .. .,. ,; BOONE WAREHOUSE. No.o/ Mtls Month. ins}tcletl. November: __ ....... Io6 December .. .. __ ... r68 January ... -'---------531 February ____ --------ss6 March.-------------575 _April ................ 954 784 June.-.----... ------.. 704 July---'-------------68o -August. ___ ._--....... 25I __ .. -... -. I7I October ... -----... -58 Totals ________________ 5,738 FARMERS' WAREHOUSE. No. of II!Jtls Month. inspec11t1. November .. ___ .. ___ 212 December. __ --.. __ 289 I872. January.-----------. 685 February:. __ _, _____ :_ 669 H March .. --.--------795 ApriL ____________ 977 May _______________ 849 June---"----------895 July _______________ .August .. .. __ -----400 September .. _-----. 250 October ..... .. ___ 89 Tolals.". _____ -_____ --.6,7o o --PICKETT WAREHOUSE. om No. of hlltls Y tar. Month. m .rpectetl. I871. November .. 190 December. ____ ____ ------359 x872.January ______ _________ _777 February _________________ 797 H March ___________________ t,o8I 44 ApriL ___________ -.. _______ I,IJO 4 May _____________________ x,o6I H June _____________________ gor a July .. ----------------:---765 August--------------------877 September ________________ 446 October .. ____ ........ : .. ______ .. 240 Totals ... ____ .. __ .. ______ ... .8,624 NINTH STRRET WAREHOUSE. 'No. of hhtls Value of sales. Sj,SI8 .9t 6J,8I6.I2 96,448.J2 uo,8o5.o6 IJ0,879-74 96,425-46 88,SJO.::u 30,281.88 :12,I32 6)7s:qo 1717,203 learned by comparing the state of the market and. th< yield of the staple at the beginping of the }'Car 187o7 I with the beginning of 187 2-73. The "send-off" in !he two years last mentioned, in respe<_:t of the supply, 1s practically the same, and, while the future mus de velop any further analogies, at all events it will scrcely surprise to find that prices will take a dire c hon parallel with those of the' former vear. In this connection we are speaking of the markets of the world at large, of which our own is not only a powerful agency, but also a faithful reflection. Prices which can not be got here are unattainable auywhere, as regards the net result; but it is a law of trade which will never vary, that abundant supply checks the activity of demand, of which prices are the measure. Desiring, however, to take a glance at a11 sides of the question, we turn to the great questions of o never was bettel'1 be-ing fine, of good color and well curea. K.entWKky. BARREN. A Glasgow correspondent wri.J,es : Tile tobarco crop of this and adjoining mostly 1\oused before frost, yet we are led to believe, from informatirm and ob servation, that, in portions of Hart and MeteaV counties no incc.nsiderable proportion ofthe crop was injured. In <'ur countv, there was some tobacco in small quantities. Tobacco bas an unusually goodleaf, but, owing to a sc01ching drought that prevailed over the most of this section, will be found to be comparatively light."!IAL COURTESIES. A '' robaeco IAaf" Ballqiif WAREHOUSE. No. of llhtls Year. Monlh. inspectelf.. I87x November _____________ 37 t,;;. H December .................. ____ 70 1872 January .. ---------.. --" u8 February. __ .. __ --_--... I31 u March .................... .. .,.____ 207 ApriL----------------I35 May______ _____________ 76 June ___________________ 129 u July-------------------57 tt AugusL----------------39 September .. ------------. 4 3 .. --:--... -28 Totals._-----.. -... ------.1,007 RECAPITULATION. of the exports fully to the standard of the p1 eceding sa es. year. _As _we have remarked, however, this $ 50 37 calculahon 1s necessanly open to material error. Com2 5 p uting upon the basis of the latest returns and the aver I3 age of exporis and consumption, we estimate the total 12>5762 9 stocks in American warehouses in the seaboard and in 2 4,I33 1the interior at this date at 34,6oo bhds. Mr. T. Green I-4,230 20 field, in his August circular, gives the seaboard stocks 7 as follows for five years: I5,I33 08 1872. 1871. 1870 r869 r868. Baltimore, July 23, n,264 I4,805 I4,476 13,333 13,90:1 N-ew York, Aug. r, I7,940 17,813 27,221 29,463 32,42) ;2 N.Orleans,Aug. 29, 9,272 4,.,.34 u,t72 8,493 4,744 ,75 Such are the substantial elements in brief of the pres-ent and future tobacco market. We have endeavored IIIJ,60 7 5 1 to the dimensions of the incoming cropand the Following is the consolidated movement at this mar ket from November x, 1871, to November 1, I8p, and a partial comparison with former years: I872 -Number of hhds sold .... ------... -.. --. 38,342 Aggregate value of sales.... .. .. .$4,6 t 6,459.oo Number of hhds received .... ---------. 37,oo8 Number of hhds delivered .. .. _----_--_ 36,684 following regarding the condition ol _the tobacco mar ket of that flourishing Western city the recently Medium leaf.___ _____ ___ 9_;75@ro.5o :Fine and choice leaf.._ I3.oo@r5.oo Bright wrappers 25.oo@55.oo :Priiht. fillers _______ rs.oo@2s.oo ----------Stock on hanp, sold and unsold, Nov. r, quanllty on hand of former crops, both in America and ; the e:'teAt, growth and tende_ ncy of the for eign demand as Illustrated by export statistics ; the vac cuum now existing at the principal centers of the tobac co trade, and,_ inferentially, and qnantity of the staple reqmred to fill, and mc1dentally the increast" of consumption. Ttlese are the necessary tests to be used in the :vants of the world for '72-'73, and the cond1t10ns wh1ch are to determine the course of prices to be realized bv the customers of thi s and 4-512 hhds o!her markets. It would be presumptuous in us to preclosed tobacco year : It will be found that the bulk of JUlies {all below the. CVTTING -high standard of r87o-187r. This w\11 be a Lugs,commen------------------------matter of complaint, however, as a -pearly LQgB, extra colory _________________ --. t872----------------.. .. 1871, Number of hhds sold during the year end-ing Nov. r, t87i ......... : ..... 84,oo6 Aggregate value of sales.-.... -... $4,6or,o46.38 Stock on hand Nov. I, 1871. -...... ----4,188 hhds dict the future, but there are apparently the best of rea sons for the opinion prices will ease down some '":hat from.the present standard when the new crop be gms to arnve freely, and also that increased consump tion, however, will prev-ent values from returning to as [From the Liwt}cJol Post, Cktober 24J COMPLIMENT TO AN AMERICAN l!DITOR. A graceful was last evening paid to Mr. J. Henry Hager (tbt: ed1tor cf THE NEw YoRK TOBACCO LEAF) been in Europe for some time gleaning m reference to the tobacco trade. Messr s. Cope Brothers, the tobacco manufacturers, of Lord Nelson Street, entertamced Mr. Hager at dinner at l_'-lexandra about fifty gentlemen to h1m. was served up m Mr.Phthp s best. style. M.r.l Cope presid ed, and Mr. (xeorge Cope acted as v1ce-chairman After the were and Mr Hage1, Jn respondmg to hlS (ghen by the referred to the great Importanc e to Amen_ca of the tobacco trade. Other toasts of a comt>hmentary nature followed, and mu<;ical selection& added considerably to the enjoyable character of the proceedings. Mr. Richardson presided at the pianO' forte Mr. Hager sails for New York to-dlly, From the Liz"U"}Hl Coun"tr, , 11'1ili llalf-an>IUln! of O.u"den, F ull l'l'eeo, Grape Arbor, Stable, etc.: eitwued batW'eeD S d potd on the Ra.ilroa.d, and only 5 mmates from each depot 1 ti tn..iD dailv l 11 minies to Ne York City. Ioquire at the omlce of thia paper. 387 OLD YARA TOBACCOS. Having juat purcb.a&ed the DTIRK STOCK OF OLD YARA TOBACCO. held ln thl6 market, we ue )prepared to SELL TO TRE 'l'lUD:&:, Dl' LO'l'S '1'0 SlJl'l', At prkes which will be much lower than the new crop (considering the loNI of weight on the new goods, The quality of these goods is very tine, and

' '4 THE TO.BA.Vf'O LEAF, SPENCE Uo .Es:r.A.BLIHED IN 1836, nY :M. Co:moLLY. MANUFACTURERS OF THE 0ELI:BRATED ... ----------COlfNOL L Y &. CO., merchants r,: IN And various other Bra.uds of Fine Tobacco, 11:1 d; 114 E.ue Third :StrfM't, 3EAF & MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, QINCINJfATI, 0. jvl. J. DOHAN, } ...... ..,_ { TH0S. CAR&OLL, FORMAN. .'"' }_NQ. T. 'J,'Ai1 : 1:: 45 WATER ST.. NEW. YOR'EP"'. Being located at LEAF ToBAcco, our facilities for aupplymg the TRADE With AU, GRADF.S OF Fr:-:-F: eWe respectfull v call the attention of the trade to the following Standard 41 CuT and SMoKING arc unsurpassed. ira.D:is of Manufactured Tobacco: .4gems for thi! tJarious Brands of Gro. W Gillzam, including his Celebrated Wine Sap, Golden Sea.J.. and Gallego Br.m.!s. T. C. E1 Dorado; Uniqne, .. cS: BON' Figmy, Esmeralda, La. Rosn., :: a large assortment of other Ifrand.r by tltese Cdehrq./e d Manufadurers. 178 W A. TER NEW YORK, 1 A. l?ATTERSONS & CO.'S I I Bufl'alo Chipa. lili Vernon, and Columbia Mists. 'tt QJUl fll'ARI8JI -Borodfna, Golden Appl<>, and Other Brands. .''71!: mrios Br;;,nds of the following Mannfacturcrs: A. N D P ace & Stovall, Cr1Uilpton's, Jno, H. E H Smith,Jr & Bro Packj(llrs of Domestt c 1 ... af Tobacco J:ao. H. Worsham, Turpin & Dro, 0. P. Gregory & Co,LawreJlce Lottier, 1 W = BeJUH)n & Bonn, and Others. Sl)ecial Attention given to of %.EAr TOBACCO m this :Market, oT which consignments are solicited._ : G BO"VVNE & FRITH,. 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, IC.x. NoRTON, T. J SJ.Aur.!np, Il.ll.WtNI)OM., EDWARD M & CO Tobacco Conunission Merchants HORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., 1 the 'TOBACCO and CAO __ ON F_l AGTO.,RSjGe. .-Me_te,r_chaHts, Fnterpnae, Old Eentuck, Old Log Cabin, Cow Slip Planters' Choice _, ... P.oueer ofthe West, Sunny l:ioutb, Q Our Brand, Honey Dew. .Al"" Sole un;ted tates for :r. P. HAWKINS & co.s OOT.D FLAKE. :GEii!ERAl CQ_MMI.SStOfi l'fitRI.a.AI1TS, P. 0 4g5g, --NEW YORK, 4 1 Broad Street, N. V. 1 JAMES M. GARDINER, CHARLES M. CONNOLLY. ()JAMES M. GARDINER & 00., CODISSION MERCHANTS, _84_ FRONT STREET, NEW YORK, Are dtrect from VIRGINIA NORTif CAROLINA consign of LEAF, MANUFACTURED SllfOKING_. Toba;cos. .... t.DU> .. C u. liA..\flLTON, 8. ll4.noGSO, ... NEW YORK SeedLeaf Tabacco Inspection. lntipectcd tN' lilu.mplcd. Certificates ghen every eutia, ond delivered -::.y case, to of 08r ea.&8. II.B.We also .ample ;,. M.rchaflia' own 8ttWe&. F. C. LINDE / & CO.,. >'RINCIPAJ, 'Rter Street, "" \Vater,. 173 T4. TO and '78 to:reeuwleh Stre"'l ... 9 .. nnt "ndflfOn Kit' cr. JlniJ l&.o11.d Depot, .Jnbn'al!a.rk. 1 TH. II. VETTERLEIN'S SON TOBACCO CrrMMISSION MERCHANT .V. MARTINEZ YBQR, lMPORTER OP UAVA.NA t.f!AP TOBACCO Sf!CARS, o> And Manufacturer of the EL PRINCIPE CALLES BRANJ). re 2G CEDAR STREET, NEW J'ORK. fF) .. ALEXA.N!.>ER &iAITLA.ND. L 1Yl.&ITL4JY. -r n TOBACCO AND CO_TTON FA(!TORS, AND GENERAL COMMISSION MEB()HA 43 BI\OAD!!ST., 1\T.I'JZ'. Adva,c ements made on c o n s ignments toW. A. & G. MAX_\"lELi:.. & CO., LtVgRI'O:>L -: I G. & CO I 1 Aents for the followin[ Well:.known Mannfactnrers : J: B. PACE, y ARB_ROUCH SON$ J. H. CHANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN laROTHER, I D. B. TENNANT & CO. L. H. FRAYSER & c;:o: B. W. OLIVER, THOMAS HARDCROVE, J .' R. PACE co. RACLAND & JONES, RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON & CO. J. P. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER H. CREANER, -CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSON, Sole in New York for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pocket Piece8 Also Agen ts for _John W :' Carroll's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos, Lone Jack d! Drown J;)ick,-etc. In chrk work to our "Thistle" Brand, so wide.Jy known in many parts of ou r C oun t ry for its of w01kmanship, delicacy of chew, etc we would invite the lttcn:io:-> of Jobbers; afways on hand in lbs half lbs., threes, pocket pieces, etc. 4PP_;LEBY & HELME, / RAIL ROAD MILL S maccoboy Snuff, I ., French .Rappee American Gent. Snuff, COMM. ISSION MERCHANTS -scotch snuf'f'_, 6 CEDAR STREET. NEW Lundy Poot Snuff', I P. 0 Box 4.198. Blakemore, Mayo &. Co., JO .. K lnnmcnta. ,, ........, Pride o _f'Henry County, G. FALK. & BRO., 108 FROIT STREIT, IIW_YORI, Colorado, lED LEAP .DD JIAVANJ.' TOBACCO, SOLE AGENTS IN NEW YOltlt AlSO Blaok Tom, 171 WATER STREET, FO' R NEAR BURLING suP, NE, w YORK. 7' a TALK. A. FALK. Fruits and Flowers, AND .. L A B L S; Pride FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, Etc., Etc. 133WaterandBGPine8treets,Nework. LJTHOGRA-PHI9 COMPANY, SMOKING TOBACCOS ForPriceList,addressorapplyasabove. LITHOGRAPHERS, 32 & 34 VESEY STREET NEW YORK ALSO, AGENTS FOR AT GREATLY PRicEs. C. NIEMEYER.' Plug Tobaccos :W. C. HOEFERS & CO.,o IMPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF. MANUFACTURED BY --Thomas &. Pilkinton, J. L. Jones A -Co., C. >' ) 29 Beaver.St., New York, ,f.... IMPORTER OF NOV. 13 VIRGINIA KREIIIELBERG & CO., r6o PEARL ST., New YORK. J. D KREIIIELBERG & ctl., BALTIMORE, MD. KREMELBERG, SCHAEFER & CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. meum M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTRR UP BAVI!-And Dealer in all kinds of LE.A:F TO:SACCO, 162 PEARL ST., NEW YORK CHAS. F. TAG & EON,$ Import en of BP .A.NISH, and Doolen In all klndt ot LEAF TOBACCO, 1S4 Front Street, NEWYcm.X. -----3-. REISMANN & 00 .6.N.D DSALEB8 11( ALL KIND8 or LEAF TOBACCa 179 PEARL STRRE'::', Bit-PIM (JJOd C'tdar 11rtel8, YGR.l E. & G FRIEND & CO Leaf Tobacco, 129 lf'IAIDEN LANE, .EowA Rn FBIEND, t ft7EVI YORK. M. WESTHEIM & 00., :-PACXI:Ill OF Seed-Leaf and Importers of Havana Tobacco, 177 Pearl Street, NE_ W YOBIL E. lVI. 0 RA WFORD & CO., -TOBACCO .llllD 168 WATER STREET1 NEW YOKK, H Ye 011 sale a"'l. kind of Leaf Tobacco for il:xpon tmd for nome nse, Ottinger & Brother, KENTUCKY Loo.t 119 PEARL STREET, NEWYOBK. WILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Maiden Lane, WK. M. PRtel, l 11. A r NEWYOBK '--' 1 : HAVANA Jos. MAYER's sdNs, V, E A F T 0 B 4 C C 0, ALSO, c:. 1!15 Water Street, mEW lZ"OIUl. David ,Baker, Jr., Di:.tmond Colden-' c. P. Word A Sons. 1 : ., :_ SOLE FOR ; Loltt P, 'DONALDSON, BROTHERS," J. P. Williamson, Smoking. se, 58 & eo ztAP l'lllW YOBB., R. H. Wilkerson, Cut Cavendish "BOQUET DE TABACOS," "JOCKEY CLUB" and Plll1. 122 w&TBR. sTBBBx, Sole of n:NICKEllll<,>m&n: 'cLun ;,;' New York ,,,.' Steam Lithographic Printers, Bowles :. on YO.B.t.CCO L&BELS, Plaint and in CoiOl'S, at the Lowes t Market B -----.a--Rates. 1!1 .--------------...,.---...;.;..;.. ',.:J. -------- sTRAPs. E. RQSENW ALD & BRO., HE "STRAITeN & srou cooiSSioN MERCHANT, A. & 4D Importers of Spanish,, JiOOKING-MAOB IN'Ei :;:,-. Packer&Dea)erin .urn PATENTED .: ... ; <:w MANUFACTURERS OF Ci[ar Cutters & all other MacbinBry for Mannfactnrin[ Ci[ars; IMPO{ITERS OF GERMAN ,CIGAR nulULDS. 57, 59 ,'& 6x, Lewis bet. Delancy & Rivington, G NE'W' YOR.K. @ .... F. w .. THOMAS Fa \t'. TATIEHHORST &, CO., li.entneky and Virginia & Gencral"Commission Leaf Tobacco 68 Broad Street, 0 So. 52 Broad Street, c YORK. NEW YORK CUTHRIE A CO., Charles T. Bauer & Co., :IMit lr.&QJrr BrJlBBr, :oDISSION Commission And Im90rters of AJl1l .. uadlco Havana Tobacco & Segars. andothormarll.....: No. 40 BEAVER ST.,, 'J'OB.!OOQ PA.CB:ED I!f BOQSI\BADS. .u;"' 1 Ul'.H. f/J7'J:, : \ l'' L:AF For Sale. by the. National 'Company .,,,t:uonlatul. 5 ater treet, Y. 59&. 6J _Lane, New ... .' ; .. : .. "':. 14CedarSt-..po<" -STORM, E ; sao:.: y S E G-A. B. S, (rooM T ovmm). Kent'ucky & ; Virginia COKKISSION KEII.CHANTS, AND AND CIGARS, DealerS in IN LEAP _TOBACCO, LEAF Leaf Tobacco No. 191 PEARL New York. Ag'tfor 'TELECRAPH' Brand 99 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. -:w ,..5 ,... id L .. "1'RAtroN ... o. .ua.a en ane or:or.aE R Ton>r 18'7 Water St N.Y. NEW YORK. GIIOilOit wtcn. WILLIAM wre n .. / T H SPENCER. C. C SPENCER. A. SPEl!fCER. GEO. WICKE & BRO. D J. GARTP.I, SON & co., a<>LPKST_R. OOIIIIH.N ... REITZEN-ST-;.a;' lOOPII.A. "OGA. Da OF to Cw.J>Lu B. a. Oo, .. IWftt wu Commissio'1 lla'VIUIII -.rol;Nu:aO 1&'7, 159 &-"161 GOEBCK ST, NEW YORK.. f29 PEARL D 0 MEEtT I 0 AlfD cno....--. Material qnd szlperiJr by SelfD. J. Gartll, I ..... liiPOilftU 01' .. r..-...a5 ........ v bwente,ti anti P.almteti Machinery. e fts. HBt.G...U. i :FOBEJ:GN .TOBAOCC11 _,..., roller. 17 178 FROW'l' ST., Jlr;Y. YOall.


I .... ,.. / 13 raE TOBACVO JACOB. BIIIILL, MANUI!ACTURII.R OF CIG.AR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD. ALSO, DEALER, IN CIGAR MOUtDS H3, 296 & 297 Monroe St., NEW YORK.. WM:, AGlfBW o1-J SOliS, !obaooo and Commission. Mercba.Dta_ tt84. and as6 Front Street. NEW YOBK. IU.Q ON SALB Lear Tobacco baled in any pack bJ \io press for export. t. liA AN A ana 1 1 LEAF TOBAGCO, 145 Water Street, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. S. ROSSIN, Dealer in HAVANA AND DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco, 117'3 Water Street. New York City. W. DESSAUER, WHOLESALE DEALER IN PALMER & SCOVILLE, OF LEAF TOBACCO, ..... No. 1'10 water Street, New York. L. PALMER A.. H. Connecticut Seed-leaf Wrapper of our own packing JOSEPH SCHEIDER,. DEALER IN -LEAF TOBACCO, 213 PEARL STREET, ltTBIV FO B. HEBMA.NN BATJER & BRO., COKMJI!IION HEI!OIL\NTS AliD IKPOB:l'ERS OF CLAY PIPES, WATER-STREET.. NEWYORL & MICHAELIS, IMPORTERS OF MOULDS,. J? ll.JCS SJCS, STRAPS AND .OUTTEB,S, 101 MAIDEN LAO, NEW YOU. SUCCESSORS TO EGGEI!T, DILLS A ND COIIIPANY, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 1 7 5 WATER STREET, NEw YoRK. LEVY BROS., I nll:a.:a. of LEAF TOBACCO, x65 WATER STREET, 7S Ne-vv York .. NEW YORK. Chas. Seymour IMPORTER 'OF VANA And Dealer in ae@Jt 'fq 189 Pearl !jt1eet. NewYoJk: M. W. MEIDEL & BRO. Segars & Leaf Tobacco, 190 REA.RL STB.EEX. ---. UFIAIN. BROS.&; BOKDY, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS 51 :D.EAD)J:l'IT J..Al'lll, New 'l"ork. J AME:::J D. WA.HN J:!;R, CUSTOM liND INTERNAL REVENUE BROKER, No. C4 D::J:AVER STREET, Wilt attend to the Custom H llllSe: \:Vork o n Expert cf I'vf c rc handise in Also, to recovering o n Export,; o f T 3 X P:tid Having been engaged in at:endiag to c:.:p ort:i of merchlnclisC (in bond ar.d tax paid) under Internal Revenue L.lw.J, 3l! a Lr rn o re L!l:l:t ten he h 1 s t:cquircd an experience which is the best guuantee f o r r eli.1bl::, p:-ompt and thoro uc;h at::cnri c n to cxpor::s o f Tobacco and Spirits under the N e w R e:vcn".l: LJw. 11 gra.tb. ________ 'lj It DSSE!I'GEB & CCJ., EUCENE DU 8018 FOIBBN&iiiMESncrOBAC"" Cp_, mmissson .Merchant Leaf Tobacco. -.,., FOR THB !AU OJ' !Nd 1Y.tappers, L I 0 0 R I 0 .E. Leaf, Manufactured,andSmoklng Old State Seed 1Yrappers, T Q D A C C O The Finest Havana Ml e111 wupp u--,-..... TOU. J! Wrappers and Fillers. -.. -.... .;;.. 75 FBO.NT St., New York. H COLELL lib n nractared Tobacco or all Styleo and Qaallt!OI .n. L. G....,.:SB'D. H. L. recllrora tho be I maoufactorie o of VirJr!itla, for oaJa 1 '72 Water Street. New York. J. L, GASSIDl'l' & BBO., to:-:-" u lt-ou_.-cb_ao_e_"'_ LBannlo. A BB_., WEISS, ETJR & KAEPPEL, COMMISSiON MERCHANTS D. & A. BENRI:MO, ; .uro ......... DTAI.LIDIIJ).OI' : H.AV AN A Leaf Tobacco; JID.,....... .. ...... o : LEAF TOBAOOO, Aad Dealen Ia no-,.,.u., !to. 160 Water Street, lllew 124. WATEB-STBEliiT, JTJlW-TOBK, .LBAF TOBACCO, JOSEPHM:.SICHEL &CO .. 229 Pearl street, IMPORTERS QF NEW YORK. H A. v A. N A T 0 B A c c 0 A. READ & Co., SuccEssoRS TO IsAAC READ, MERCHANTS, Anti Dealers in Virginia and Wesltrn Leaf a11d Manufat:lured Licorice, Gu111, etc., 18 Old Slip, New 'l"ork. WALTER, FRIEDMAN. & mEISE,: IMPORTERS OF AND WHOLESALE DE.A.U:Bs HI Seed Lea:f Tobacco 2.18 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK OE'. ll. SJ(!EJE'L. FELIX MIRANDA, DS.&.I.&B Ill D ,OMESTIC 'fobaccoi CICAR8 "RITICA," ... vv Wa,.er Street, i f195 Pearl St, New York. EwYoRK A; O, L.Jiua, ;r, P. 0. llnu. A. H. CARDOZO & CO.., JOSitPII W. MARTIN. FREDERICK II .JOHNSON. BI.&BTil\l a -JOHNSON. to & CO., '188 WAT R IObaccO Commissioo Merchan AGENTS V'OR THE SALE 0:8' ALL THE of MANUF ACTO RED TO.BACOO And SOLE AGENTS for the Sale of the following Brands of MESSRS. THOMAs & OLIVER, and D. C. MAYO & Co., Richmond, Va.: MANUFACTURED. Virginia Beauties, 145. V'rrginia Beauties, i lbs. Olive, i lbs. Virginia's Own Pocket Pieces. Thomas's Choice Pocket Pieces. 6hew's Figs. MANUFACTURED. King Bee, rz i11ch lbs. Pride of the Nation, IZ inch lbs, Reward of lndl'sqy, u inch lbs. D. C Mayo's Navy, lb,. i Ilk, and ros C ? nestoya ss. SMOKING. 'MADDUX ROTBERS, 138 WATER ST. NEW YO'R.ll.. P.O.BOX4901. MANUF"ACTURERS o"iiiii[ND DEALERS rN IRCINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO 27M -1M JobWftg Trr:rd< U IGUcU&I foro fU J1111rHoir1r7 ll>til.n-..!bwMI. Lewll Maddux, Lookout Ftounden. H. C MM4uE. Nivy Pouads, Le..ta Maddu, LookD11t Navy Pouocio, ,. H. c. JUcWu, NavJ Half Por&Ddaruilo.=-Lewll Maddu, L, LewloMaddo .. Lookoutdoul>lo Navy 3acroso,' H. C.llacl4u,Nny PockotPiooti!(SIIo. ......... Lotwla Madclux, Looko..t double tblclt Nny 4 aci'OOI. H C ll:oddu., Golclea Na., Half......._ : G. Dill, The Pet, boesl -"h G. Dill, Th"Pet, l-"ocltlll oo.P1a G. Dill, Mias Jenale : Lf&ht reuecl (Twins), DiU. B..-b 'Iwloto osepb G. Dill, Plum Cib,1'oct:et l'l<>ces (med!wn briM SMOKlNG BRANDS& tlag, J"""Ph:o. Dill, Olpoy Queen (bright!, I llooold..-, .J-.h G. DiU, A .... ....... SPECIAL TV--MANUFACTURED AND SMOIUNG TOBAOOO, Manufactured under Special Bran.t.IOr tire wholeoale] obblng Trade. B:SOAt)WAV, oornM" of Cow Streot, N!W YOU. CapiW; DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and issues LETTERS OF CRl!DIT anll;lble at all principal places abroad. Accounts and Correspondence of Merchants, Banks, Baukera, ele solicited. O. H. SCHREINER. Cashier. EMIL SAUER, PrM't; 'W31 P lil1'1'REDGF.. B 0 WHRBIDCEi WM. P. KITTREDGE & Co., Rose Twist, 6 inch. J. M. Walker's Extra Bright Twist, IZ inch. La Favorita Rolls, 6 inch Chas. Henry, fr., 9 inch, light pressed. Ohas. Hel)ry, Jr. 9 hard. Ohas. Henry, Jr., 12 mch.lbs 0 COMMISSION IERCDNTI,' Pure Virg inia, 12 inch lbs. PERIQUE. Agents for the Popular Branas of Virginia Tobacco? All Styles of and Smoking Tobacco put up under special brands for the 71 &. 73 FRONT NEW YORK. Eureka, 12 inch lbs. Oliver's Choice, 12 inch Old Kentu c k, 12 inch lbs. sole usc of the owner. \ Prentice's Improvement _on Germa.n Ciga.r Uould.s. T lUa f mprovemenl is a !ifteT .. :tencllnJ; from o. riles all the of any number at the 1 ADVANTACES OYER THE OLD STYLE. Savin of time, .. tho bunoheo raised out o: the mould, w!llwul anl dragging, or tearing, moldng a dlfrereoce of at leaat 50 Clgars lD a da.y'll work, 8JIOOWD,. Time BLTBd Ul turningrthe buuchoil can be turn!:!d. v ery when lifteil. '.l'ma.D. I\ if'll impo$1ihle to destroy.. brea k tha bunches in t alriog thea fiiOm. t.he mould1 aa tlley are STAR B:lAN::J." AND' SEGARS, o. 19 Pearl Street, NEW YOB.H.. (;o, 158 WATI:B. STJU:.BT, li'BW '2'01\E P. 0. BOX 3925 H. W. ::mnl:OHS, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR. DQXES,. AND IMPORTR OJ' GERMAN QIGAR IOULDS, I -Ci[af-Moold Presses, StrallS ani Cuttln, 263 SOUTH ST.REET, .... Y. CHARTER'S COIIIOI;SENSE CIGAR IOULDS, IJ, 1S,1. These moulds are used by !lOme or the largest manu facturera in the United States, and acknowledged the best in use The above cut represents the machine; A is hal( of a mould or retainer, which t.. placed 011 the raa.chlne: B, is a Funnel Cigar Shape, which 11 drawn down over tht! retainer i the .6.lter or bunch Is placed in tbe top of the fu_nnel and pressed throa.g1l with the lever or f ollown. C, thU lever is i.mmedlatel:r raisetl wDich leave! the bunch or filler in tbe retalaer, u sbown in the above cY.t, the reby avoiding anJ ertra handltRg of the 611er which has been found the greatest to all other mouldtns ma.chlnea DO\Y in use.;_ PRICE, ONE SET, a25, A liberal discount foe two or more aet JOBN CBAB'!lm, BterUng, D.linois, .fROPRIETOR AND MANUPACTUJtRR SCHMITT i, JULIAN ALLER Importers of and Dealers in FUNKE'S P OYED CICAR TRIMMER, PA'I'.BN'I'ED JULTod, ,g,,, WarraiJtePRBSS FRED RICK FUNKE, .DETROIT, CHAS. E. SPIER & CO., SOL-E J.AGENTS FOR G UNITED STATES ANI;) CANADA811 F & CO'S, GERMAN 'CI8All IOULJJS; "7 I JOHN STREET, NEW YORK. o to Ci2ar ... We have been manufcturing Cigars during "the past she montl v on the improteli BAL!lMa.ilo CIGAR MACHINE .making fine work wrth perfcct aatisfa ction 'I'wJ girls with oDe maclli .. -.. 100 German moulds, or mike z,ooo filler per 4y, and two girls with two mac:lli"'' caa prrt on the wrappen aad the same number per day. The work is equal to hand made. TS.IaMril light, ""' ao power other than the foot and hand motion. The mac hine can be regulated to make cigan of any ie. -State Rights For Sale. J. Wn"nTtMa, l T.}UMMAJ14W, For further information address me, or call at my establishment Nc'195 Lexington. S Baltimore, Md. T. HENNAMAN. M SALOMON, M. & E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF' SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Toba

J THE 1.'0BAVCO LEAP, NOV. 4 Philadelphia .Advertiaemenu. Baltim.ore Advertiaemeata. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. -.Advertisements. C.ASSIDS WlLLBS. L. B. RICHARD MALLAY. JAKES MALLAY. .. WM. A BOYD, & co., I I "'1. dOLUALIE DIEALIER8 IW llANUFACTtlltElJ AND LEA; ToBAcco;ClGAll.S, &c., 1 -BtaJna:r, SlllltJa B.a.. a Kaeoht, M*'-m Au. KIBDI c. Henry Besuden & Bro., c. a. co., DE.Al.Eil8 >11 -1}, 0 M N I s E E 0 L E A F IIIJ TOEIA.OOO, R. ALLAYABRO I sa &OO'l'B Md. .Mwl .... ., ... De.,... m Cit/era. aaa RACI! T, LEAF TOBACCO. LEAF TOBACCO,. STEWART:-MARKS, RALPH & CO., uad WboiM&le Du.lero in 'l'OBAOCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' .ARTICLES, "RALPH'St' SCOTCH SNUFF I 115 st., Philadelphia. TELI,ER BROS., Packers, Commission Mercllants, and Whole3ale Dealers in aud Dom.estic Leaf' Tobacco, -117 North Third Street, Philadelphia. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERIIDI L E A F -r.l:' 0 B A 0 0 0, -. And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, Bo._13 l\T. Wate:. st., Philadalphta, Pa. W'ChmW AR.D, GAR.BETT a CO., -strccESSOkS TO WOODWARD, BRO. & co : toBACCO &. GENEB.AL DRCHANTS, 88 No. St., .P1&Uadefp1&ia. 7JIBQDORE H. WOODWARp, ALBIN GARRETT, w.LLIAM HE!p{PHJLL, BATCBILOR BROTBIRS, :Manufacturers of Cigars,. WILKENS, IS CO.,. Monumental Oity-Toblwoo. Work-.,. ... ill WIST PUTT STREIT, i.lLTI.O'u, D.., .._,.,....._ ., ......... ., Tobacooa. M: FAL'K & GO.; 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. W. J. HAWKINS. C. M. HAWKINS. HA 'W'KINS a co. TOBACCO COMMISSION IERCDNTS 3 West Lombard Street, Baltimore COIISIGNMENTS SOLICITED ANU LIBERAL ADVANCES lADE. FRED'K KLIEI< G. GIESKE. AND TOBACCO FACTORS COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .And Commission South Owles St., near Pratt 1 18 and 1 1 7 West Front Between Race and Elm, OINOINNATL 0. 16L Hl3, & 165 Pearl Siret, CINCINNATI. ----'----S. LOWENTHAL &-MANUFACTIJRERS OF FINE CIGARS, AND DE.'\.LERS .IN LEAF TOBACCO, NO. 'VEST THIRD STREET, CLNCINNATI, OHIO. Balt:buore, M:d. 78 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. GUSTAV GUTH, 8. FEISS &; CO., C IMAQNUFACATURER OF -Lsmoking, Chewing, and MANUFACT .. CIGARS, : MANUFACTURERS OF R S LEAr1 AND sxomG 53 CERMAN STREET.: G. B. L[(:H'l'ENBERG s .Detrott Smokers Articles, and Imp. Havana Cl[ars c IGA.RS. B ".Morninc Glory," and Spence Brothers, SOUTHWEST COR. FIFTH AND WAlNUT STS., ALTIHORE,_ JID. Cincinnati Fine-Cut, CINCINNATI. OI-IIO. w. FELGNER, 53 EXCHANGE PUCE, BALTIMORE, mo. MORRI8 & li.BID1 63 West Fourth Street, LEAF TOBACCO CINCINNATI, OI;IIO. BR9KERS, Xo. 4 COLLEGE RUILD:J.YG, Oh\o, WEIL, 'KAlm & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF a. a z. K. PE.A.SB, Conneettcut Seed-Lear TOBACCO, 16 Market Street, Hartford, Cenn. WI\ ... WESTPHAL, COJIDUSSION liERCHANT! J.nd Dealer bo COJIINECTICIIT SEED LEAF -::r. o b ao o o, State St Hartford. Conn A. L. & F. SISSOR, Paclfnctu re r of the and w ,., reno, :nGJJ Brands of Virginia tOl'l JACK and BROWN DICK.<'tol'}', 12th LYNCHBURG, YA, 'Dn:le re soliclte:l and prqmr,tb Att.t;JJded: tea T 0 B'*A C C 0 t l Connecticut. ____ ,_ :tr .. SMITH & CO., .. Gommissinn Merchants and J obber.s CONNECTICUT LEAF T08ACCO :.o. St r llet, SYI?H ) J. ! ... SPRINGFIELD. t.USS. ...... -: :::.:: ..... --. 0 co wmmtsstOR ere Be Ohio Leaf. THOMAS D. NEAL, ;' 1b p HILAD.LPHIA. 107 ARCH STREET, -, '''7'--.r. H. TYREE, Louisville AdvertiseDlents, & I. lqort -4e4 Warelleue We. L !'.;.!_ PHILADELPHIA W. GT'I'Nf'J'"ii:i".E}l Baa !"""' eipe:o:ieDce in LEAF TOBAOOO of ev"Y ,........,...._ waa.A-. ,_..._ ...... BECK .., U a .. criplion. Ordors to bu:r re11peelfull:v oli itd .... d. o MIICHAir,G. w. WICKS & co.! .. ...,, 9" C ENE R A 1-p..,.,ptly 11Ued. C M b t Retuo by' perm111810JI, to Wm. T. 8uthenm, EBQ., 'Ill ... lilt ,.._.. ...__ .... _. ... Manufacltuen;' .rlon lmpor1111 Ud llfteraJ CtUilalll cnlu11, EsQ., Va.. Y ....... w .T. Yorbrough & Sons, ,; ---111 And "TOBACCO F' .. CTO.'I. Frayser, Pre't Notional Tobacco AF10011& PHILADELPHIA. This Saw cuts atzy kind of Wood as smootk as Planed, a111i II 0 0 R E, H. SCI:-IMIDT, Leaf Tobacco, WBAOOQ 4fil South Charles Street, 83 KYCHAKGE PLA..CE, saves Ti1m a tld Labor: partimlarly _useful for CIGAR-BOX =Fi::-. MANUFACTURERS. For Saw a11d Shop -Right apply t o C. B. LICHTENBERc,mfiOzr, Micn.; oranny office, CDJJJ BALTIMORE. P.A.ALBBECS:r, ED WISCHMEYER fl. co .ALBRECHT & SCHRODER, r8g PEARL NEW fORK. L. SoHROD:!lt Raltimore. lNt ._.,'I'll 'W A'l'Eit. i\)so !nil lines o! lllld Baoklug 1 Grl 1 "'' lif\la -WHOLESALE DEALERS ---' --'-..!. 6:z-II4 PHILADELPHIA. No. South Second 'I'OEACCO ::H City Tobacco Worka c.& & CO., PHILADELPHIA. COMMISSION MERCHANTS BA1!'_1lNA D. cATLIN,' .. LEWIS BREMER' S SONS, 49 souTH CHARLES sT., s dL f'Tobacco ".u.JIVuQftUDauu.D& Cigars; WholesaleD .. Iorsin -r BALTIMORE. 88 ea. Finn t, Ch I L s 'Jrt,.. Smoktna-Clt cwin;Tobacco, Leaf Tobacco L E .A. F 62 South Calvert st. Baltimore, Md u-vU owmg ur; and All Klnds of" mo!(Crs AND Seu;a:te@, AND MANUFACTURED No. 822 North 'l'hird Streft, 1 HIGHLAN DER 'liOBAUUu \ Tobe.oeo, Killiokiniok, &a., -... 7et ._. .. It__., 23 MarkGt bet. 2d and 3d St. -.. te, ft. LO'V%81 ST. LO.,IS; M."O. PBILAD:EILPUIA. lfll .:;A large &BSOrlment or all 'kinds or LEaf Toball c o constantlY on ,., l S10 THIRD ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. A. B. TOLEDO TOBACCO WORKS. iii s. 'fiTKER, HALSTEAD & CO., liP Al!IUK Al11l' DOKESTIO :Manufacturers and .. Dealers i n -L. i... ARMISTEAD, Prol;)rietor, Lynchburg, Va. .. TOBAtCO, SNUEF-AND CIGARS W.eor.TllirllU4PGMoru.,nDMel}lllia. Ottawa Street, TOLEDO, 0 I.JINI'T' .. DEL:f'HJ:A rNSPEOTIOM; Jm!lD LEAF TOBACCO.' B A T T I N &, B R 0., i ..JJ. DioBDnsoN, wHoLESALE DEALERs JN 'l'be following blghl;r populAr brands are Mnufaeturod al theoe Woiko'and packed in the mos1 op provcd et,le, viz.: Oeolden.ta.l, llichtaudcr,, Deer Dick Red Rover, R e "Veii1Je Cutter, Not. :for Joe, uectal Br.ands. fte of three bd.e rende red .. partieulnrly n eoeu;;ary to increru:e and im prove tbe )ine of maohfnery, and to buUCI a. larfie adCJitu)'b.""""'ro Ule -Paet.ery "':ltbm the b.9, r -dinl! more Ibm tha former e11!1icit,-. -Ptlce lists and clrbu lara forwarueRf, Ar;ent for the 148Water st, N ,.I S, W. YENABLE. R P HAMIL'fON, ; .. MASON, FLACC & BEEMAN, WALL & QELV-JN : .. tacommlsslon r.,e!:chants Fme-cnt, Tobaccos. YOB THE B.ALE 01' t .. -.ANit ni -r -: .. M AJIIUF'ACTUREDAND .LEAF' TOBACCO CI. G A RS. No. 320 North Seoond St., -M' -St. Louis, Mo I5 Ave Chtcago. WIGHT & -STEVENS, > Comm.i_ssioa : Jobbers of nd Pa,ckers of' .yenue, Olaicago. E. D. Christian & Co., Comm.leeton Merehautl!l for the H Purehaue" o1 R. A MILLS, BROKER J01'IN F lNZER, BEN. FI:-<"ZER, FRED. FINZER, FINZER, NICHGLAS F!NZER. JOHN FINZER & BROS., -' MANU F ACTURERS OF "FIVE BROTHERS NAVY," "1tiG11U PINE APPLE," AND PIN-CAKE" -TOBaccos: 13 &; ST:, Lo.n-_ m .. Ky. Bostou. ..AclvertMeDluata. McELROY. BROTHERS, Tobac co-Commission lmulls AND SOLE AGENT!; FOR & LYALL'S T881CCOS, 24 BROAD STREET, BOSTON, MASS _c: YOK,E, COMMISSION .'.MERCHANT In LEAF tLnd MAN'OF ACTURED TOBAOOO, 12 CentTal Wharf, Boston. Ferdinand Jr., AGENT AND Forwarding Merchant, BBE'MEll, QERMANY. M. H. CLARK & BRO. IDilioo;o;iir wna TOBACCO, CIGARS,-SNUFV &c. OFJ!'IOlli AT .. 142 WORTH THIRD 1'1.,. .,,, North Wat r S. W .DEALERS IN LEAF .AND MANYFACTUR$R:scJP G PL .lND II VIRGINIA lEAf TOBACCO,'' 'eeral Commissioa Merdiant, lEAf TOBACCO BROKERS TOBACCO EXCHANGE, Off}ce in Tobacco Exchange, Shockoa Slip, }"'FJlLA ET ... P,HJ A, 1gllt.l for Wl.I.II!m8 & 00.'!! 8M0i!NG 'roUt'CO, Ballimm,llq V .A. \ Richmond, Va. RICHMOND VA, CLA&BSVILLE, TENN. I


... SUTR0 MAXU.FA.C:fVlJT-r'o-3 QF 0 :J: G..&. C. S, x..m.A.:F A.V;r .. oEi.accd,. 181 WATEII sniaET, JIEW YORK. G. W LANGHORNE. J H. FLOOD. G. W. LANGHORNE & CO., ar \he lllllo1t1DI celHr&W .,... of VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS; Jefferson Street, between 7th and 8th, LYBOBBURG, VIRGINIA. Bob White, ia (:1oth. Westward Clotlt, Dew Drop, in ClOth. Deer Ham, in Cloth Aunt Sallie's Choice, in Cloth, Jolly Boy, in Cloth, And other Choice Grades Johnny in Cloth, Rustic Belle, in Cloth, Old White Hat, A.II.Brandlef oar Tobactloa packed in rs.sel to s11it pu-roDl\33rl, FREE OF EXTRA CHARGE, :md i the new and ..tyle or P..e1!:Age' to auit dilLre:tt mark eta ot th9 world, FACTOwY No.6, FIFTH DISTRICT. a sPBO GENEIUL AdT FOR All EASWIN IIICLUDIIG OHIO. DEFIANCE CIGAR MANUFACTORY 1 D. HIRSCH, & 00., S6'1' Bowel'J' aa4 1'7'1 Wa ... ll&o, l'IBW Qlla Ploprletono ot fcUowl1111., ... Blanda: osnANcE. 1ft. xvms'l'V .. ollJPJTIR, rHB LION, UlHVKRSAL S'l'AlfD ..... U ULI.IVKR. d) 'C J..IWAL TI!.N.K W:ill S.A ClAIR ROO P L'OWIIROF Y 'I'B THE GOLDlliN EAGLS. ALO;.l i!EALERS IN LEAF TOBA.OOO. FIIIE H.WAIIl WRAPPERS I SPECIALTY. A. LIOBTBNI!BIK & BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF M. FRIJDMAN, 0 I GARS-LATE OF ST. LOUIS. Mo. I F I IV. E :Dtt.ltr m all kint!.t or AD4 b. LIAJ' 'l'OUCCO, .,.. a LEAF TOBACCO, N Glt&BNSP&CKT. I47 WA'l'D ST., NEW YOIX. A., UCRTaWI'T&II. THE TOB llf81iJBANCB Total Ameunt at Boston, LeaYift8t-ew of JOHN W. MURRAY, LEAP. \ ith deClaring the three articles mentioned whole measure of its resources, could not fail to engender ed, prescribing the rates of tax, the penalty a spirit of restlessness and discontent in the minds oC for eva din ayment of the tax, and the mode of those directly affected. It is nothing to our purpose ing the sa e. All this is clearly within the of that little has been' publicly said in relation to the ma' Governm t, all beyony so is yielding, and is expected to yield, a large rev ing he interferes with no other person's It were enut:to the Government, it is etled to the largest post easv, if. the attempt were to be m11de, to estimate the sible freedom compatible with the general interests of mount of injury that this provision has caused to the the Government. Second, We claim that instead ot usiness to which it refers. Its invidio usness,:moreover, enjoying the freedom to which it is entitled, and which. s another of its wrongs, none of the associate branches is essential to its expansion and progress, the Go'vell:JIO of trade being circumscribed in this particular. What ment imposes i-estrictiona upon it which seriously impede there is in the ctgar trade makes it il!egll:l for the its legitimate aud natural operations. Third, Believinc manufacturing retailer, for example, to uep h1s these restrictions-to be in no way OQqqucive to the in without stamps in his store, where they are unttl terests of tile revenue, we maintain that"it is the duty ot ready for sale, which may not be found in the tobacco or the Government to remove them whl!ther burdensome snuff trade, it would be difficult, we judge, for the or oth erwise. And now as to the remedy for tho of t)1e lawjo tell. AU such:Jmomahes, togelher wtth the evils to which reference has beett made ; and ill requirement of bonds, in of the position offering the we do, let it be understoocl which the tobacco trade has ass1:1me L I C 0 B. I C E -p S T "&" .& ]I' neither can or should be tolerated. Let it be changed ment whtch wtll be one of the last to be abandoned bJ .,. A. for the better. Expansion, not repression, is demanded. the Revenue llu._r_ eau, and ia likely, therefore, to be one THE uNDERSIGNED ro i b 1 b -11 [From THE TouAcco Lur Df Ocltlber 30.] 01 t e ast to e re nq11ithed by ournational represea. LIOOIUCI BOOT AND TlDil!'OLLO. r1' RKTURN TO FIRST PRINCIPLES.. tatiyes. All so far 115 we have observed ZZ J. V. A B Ji. G L U A The stranger, arriving in this country and looking at them, point to the conclusion that a record ot the buiA. SEPIRIA.RDI. APO 1 the magnitude of thetobacco lnterellt, must be puzzled ness transactions of every body inthe tobacco BalleT IMPORTATioNs noM TuRKEY AND SPAt!', GUA&AN'nlao, AM& /r 1. SAL& to understand how that interest could have attained trade-manufacturers, dealers and jltoduc;eis--will have J. SCliNITZER. 33 WHARF, 'BOSTON, MA$S.; "'' such proportions here, subjected, as it is, to so many to ,l)e kept for Government as long as tobacco W. & A LEAMAN, No. 67 BR -STREET, NEW yO'RK restraints as are imposed upon it by law. Nowhere is sabject to ta.x:ation here; and ia-J, this ve rov' else could he see one-fourth of the traffic in tobacco that ion, as relatin re 1e is .. i un he records all but the muiTouAcco CuLTURE IN hours; contmued to raise t e -n nowhere else in the wide, wide ywrld could he titude of other cratnping regulations, siil\"as the giving_ MtssouRI .-A corresponwhen the thermometer stood at 'l!'here wallted it see as rigorous and exacting revenue Jaws as are here of bonds, separation of factory anci:J&lesrooms aacf dent of the Rural World to stand ; but, not being a jlldRPf the amount of heat appl1ed for the purpose of taxing that traffic. To a of. a. kindred nalure,_ by the _propCf: adaptation of thus writes from Callaway the coal would prod"uce I f"l fa, much on the fires, stranger contemplating tnis subject for first time, the thLS .PtOvtston may be abohshed alto&"ether. with Counly, &.Louis, Mo.: Now the heat up t()l,Son in 45 minutes. Up to extraordinary fact thus revealed to his mental gaze the 1mperfett the requtrement-tmperfect for a practical talk with my thts tune the leaf had commelf*l g, tails curling appear perplexing in the extreme. To those exemptwn of producers-the brother farmers on this sub-nicely and the green running out ; but the overiar with the subject, however, the apparent anomal e pasi!Jhree yeart has bml ei'ective the reject. To commenco, we heating some of the t$ 'the lower tier, nothing irregular Ql'-. 'I j it. The u all a revenue As now prescribed, will take it for granted -ttiat and started it llll to weating P. ... Jet the heat interest bas prospered desp'if& tbe impediments that 1t eff!ry efement of perfect!on sa-..:e you \mow defects go down as possible to n4 then commenced have been placed in its -way-that is the solution of and tf_ ?-evenue .Bureau will 1t 1t should be are in our Mtssol.l.lilObacco and gradually the fires until the thenrtometer stood the mystery involved in aspect, as viewed by, usc:d, Lt wtll all the protection the revenue re-F or instance, coarseness of at xsoo, the going off as the increased. i one unacquainted with its history and dev"lopment durqULres, an d wtll be all the burden the Gover!lment has a fiber harshness of texture, held the heat at ISO"', until the leaf and stem were cured ing the past decade. Simply that, and nothing nght to 1mpose for the ,C!f the, re-renue. The a lac1k of sufficient bright-::r3 52 hours from the time I bujlt the In connection with this peculiar circumstance appear&, has an und'?ubt .ed--ng.h.t to tax .the tobacco ness and uniformity of color, fires untt.l I cured the leaf. Excepting a part of the nevertheless, another remarkable fact, in which, even mterest to_ the extent of tts necesstties, and 1t has an ua wanting in what is called bottom tLer, I have a house of very bright, yellow tothe familiar observer will find cause for surprise when doubted nght, als_o, l? t?e of whether body, and an unnatural bitbacco. MY: sc:cond I_put in in a day and a half; he comes to reflect upon it, and for which a satisfactory or. not the tax LS yleld1ng l_egtttmate _fruit, and terness-are conceded as put fire tt tmmedtatelx; tt was a. very cold, w indy, explanation is less. easily obtained. We refer tbts knowledg-e 1t possesses when 1t ts shown an exhibit I defects when cumpared with blustry tLme ; varied the temp,erature to suit the fact of the tobacco trade's having submitted for so of every pound of leaf tobacco purchased, converted, ao4 the best Virginia tobacco we>\ther i occupied about the time iti curing long a time to prejudicial legislation, when there was sold by bra_n?hes of the trade during "the To compare favorably with had no trouble with sweat. My tbil11 house had 'no n ecessity for it. Looking back upon the ten years year Havmg thts exhib1t and the records of Virginia',; best, is. th_e hang in the house 36 hours before I could raise the that. closed with the xst _of September last, and com sworn returns manufacturers, which to com dard I set up for M1ssoun. fires; took only; about 16 hours to yellow it-it being paring the boundless freedom of each and every c_onsumption of tob":cco, 1t 1s only the mOlt To remedy these defects, a very damp, sultry time ; when I commenced increasing of our interest at the beginning of this period, with the and lax admmastratu)U of the law that will we must learn the cause, the heat the tobacco commenced i succeeded checks and trammels that meet, follow, and environ each enable !lhctt to be prosecuted. Our manu then seek for and apply the in drying it off once, by airing front the door ; but there and every one of. them now; we have one of the strangfacturers to pay therr taxes, do pay them,and do not remedy. After spending soon came up a heavy rain which caused it to commence est and at the same time one of the most striking illuswant to be tied up. Nor do deakrs and producers two seasons in the finest tosweating again. I tried airing again, but the a1r being trarlons of the tendency of governments toward to be b?und hand and 'rhe l":tter need for hacco regions of Virginia i so very damp, it it to sweat the more. Being encroachment and usurpation ever presented in connec thetr prospenty a of that allow them M talking with all classes of driven to the last resort, I commenced to pile onJthe tion with an industrial interest Comn)encing with a to sell to any body hav111g a nght to wtth no "original PRENTICE'S CIGAR OULDCI her most successful tobac co coal, and in about two hours I raised the heac from 130 most scrupulous regard for the rights and privileges of package" or absurd and for such farmers; closely observing to r88o, which dried off the sweat and started the tails every man each succeeding law under which the tobacco a system theY: wtll chee.rfully pay spec1al ta:c-fees-thollc... d M 23 18 7 I their me tho? of culture an_d to curling_ nicely. I lowered the heat to trade h:1s within this period, has been .more and who a:e to do so-and keep a fa1thful record. Patented Jan. I 2, 1869, an f!llJ .. curing i notmg closely their and held Lt at that unttl I cured the leaf and stems; more i-estrictiv and exe entire length of U>e cigar un sut. 5lb. After the C lgtr is fGrmed i.D the reould it le J;la.eed JJl a metalhc which is 1-16 of an inch larg-01' in diameter than tho shaping mould, thn'J givin'! an opportunity' for the natural expn.n.sion of the tobscco, and securing w ith certainty the smokillg qual ities or -the r etai nera are made witb; beocleil edges ro that there is no crea se ut the cil;o.r, and ita entjre body perfcct lyfmoot h &M toady foe lhe wuppcr. 6th. 'l' ho uniformcharac ter ortb.e niga:r thua formrd cna blea operator to finish thefn "tVith greater ra pidity, nnd ., h such e::r.aclnef!:IM eannot. b e e.tttunro by any othf'r known mean a 'l' hese points ('mbrece all the essential ln. lhe manufacture of ciga'-" but t here are m:1ny collateral advantaet whloll add gToaUy to the pra<>tical nluc of these moulds. such u ecoDOm.y of to.._, tbfl heiDir a am,ot "* Jeoot twopcnmda ofwrnppers on each <1. in ftnisbinK than by the ord!1'&'7 methods. Tho cgors iaaao by u,-.!Wda bura with a freedom t .w! unifonnit)nol attainable by ""1 other melhod. On a"" ttfltr March 1, 1872, I 1/u folifttling ifUifltellfiiW 1M trade. (),u or 'l'IN Sets Df jifuen per ant. off. '1/u" Sels H' flfJir, jer nt. ff; this includes ali "'Y imjnlflemenls. Oftlee OrtiD to be orlt!IDol aD4 geDuine bnDd& or lmporte4 u..-, bolt whlob ue -.terated olbla Mt>olled ID tlrla COU-II&r7, aad In oom m.tuoeo con...._._ U.. 1ft;)' per cnt of 'l'o IDaure-oiMiDia, PDroe aad .1C,-Ca FLB AOC ZA RR r KII.Ce MF VB .FGC QZ 0 ( grades-! came to the conble by the law itself or the interpretations that are put ularly tr:"nsmttted _one to another, and upon these elusion that all these defects upon it by its Gradually this startling records m wtth the monthly returns of manu-were caused by the shortA REFORMED T A.X SYSTEM: FOR change has been wrought, and its oppressiveness has infacturers, calculations C";n be based as to what amount ness of our season. I sought TOBACCO. creased just in proportion as the need of burdensome of revenue should receive? fr?m manufactured profor a remedy, aud found it measures diminished. In 1862 it was a violation of l:tw ducts.'rumake the thLS available to the in the old Pacific guano, We herewith the three leading articles which not to pay taxes on tobacco manufactures within thirty Government, as servtc7able as 1t was mtended to be, it which, when used the have recently appeared in this journal, conceiving it addays after their sale, and scarcely another violation was needs only that a suffictent, as well as competent force plant-beds, makes the plants visable to do so in order that their general purport may named in the law or could be committed under it. In of subordmate officers shall devote themselves to tho at least days earlier, and be better understood i8p it is a violation of law or regulation not to pay work of justly and correctly comparing the various recwhen put in the will [ taxes before sale, not to register, bond,1 number man ords, so th>tt ouce a _year a balance be struck with give the plants a gam of at THE ToBAcco LEAF .of October ZJ. ] ufactory, separate factory and salesroom, -record the mi ever:r manufactu.rer m the country, whtch force would be least ten days more. It REMOVE nutest transaction, sell-with one extraordinary ex--?btamed br settL?g of th?se to w?rk who are now acts as a stimulant and as From an mdustry th t y1elds thtrty-four millio11s of ception-from original packages, destroy the evim the domg httle bestde drawmg salaries. a manure, feeding and susrevenue per annum to t?e Government, no priv-dence of the payment of tax, use always new No arbttrary standards need be assumed to determine taining the plants until the to foster that .mdustry, and not prejupackages, and perform many other needless whether or ';lot a had made full returns of sun warms the soil uffidtctal to other mterests belongmg to the Government or and vexatious services not one of which at the h1s production, because, m the first place, very few ciently to sustain them A!l to should, our he withheld or outset, the Govern meat' would have dared; in the :-vould, or do,_ make false and in the next place, farmers who have expen-proh1b_1ted by Congress m the to face of opposing sentiment, to of the tf any body. dtd do so, the evidence thereof be clear mented with tobacco know affect Thts seems to vs ": sound and mcontrovertlble trade. Excepting the nrst of these reqmrements, the from th.e circl!mstances of the The pomts to be that the great difficulty in and .acc?rdmgly .hold, that because the payment oftaxes in advance, and this one solely becausC? determmed. by the Government th&ae : How early planting is, that the toba_cco mdustry IS y1eldmg, and 1s to continue it involve.s the excellent stamp sntem ; and, possibly, much ma_tenal has been consumed? LS the refurn of pro tobacco runs up to buttontoo t? yteld, that amount by taxation, it has the also, the nun. bering of every one of the obli a fatr one, as returns average? If the retut;n !' early, with leaves too small. only to enJOY to demand _the largest posgations mentioned; together wtth the most or all of the fa1r one, the Government can demand no more; U: 1t The guano remedies this dehberty fo_r the e.xerc1se the. v3;nous functions of others not should be abolished by Jaw; for the not, an assessment should be for the deficiency. feet. I went to work this wh1ch, as. an It IS composed. It reason that they are impediments to the trade, are, ':fhe _err?r of t!_te m Lts legisla season to test my theory. has' the nght to m 1ts ?perations under existing circumstances, useless to the Government, llon hes m Its assump.ton that tts is mainlJ I sent to New York for guas a whole; and It has the nght to for tts several and finally, because they are, some of them, usurpations t

THOMAS HOYT & CO., ldAKUII'ACTUR:ERS O:< Fine Cut Chewing and '. SMOKING TonAccos & .. TIJB -' -Tobacoo Manmacturers. .Licorice. LICORICE. JOHN & co., L1CdRICE PASTE LICORICE .. snuiDDimi"oo. 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET NEW YORK, Beg to direct tbe attention of the Dealers in Tobacc throughout the United State. and the World to their CELEBRATED SOLACE FINECYT 'J;OBACCO, Tobacco manu.bttlrers and the trade m DE LANCEY :CLEVELAND gcMral partic-Qlllr(y to ex amine ana. propertiee of B B. 0 K E R thiaLIOORICE, 24_S0l.JTH WILLIAM ST., N. J: to fW higbe11t perfecltiOD, IS" c::;;M the aboole 11tyle brand. Weuo1Jso SOLt AGENTS for the t..;and.. .. i'.G. &. G.n BRO,.,J:RS.b GA'rTUS & RUETE which is b;eing once more lf,Dder the immediate tiupervilrion Of the orlgiaator, 'MR. JOHN ANDERSON, Aclmowledged by coaspmers to be the and ao"' otande, as formerly, 'flthout a rlval. Orden best i1l th9 market .Ai:uf for the brand of OCnhaccc forwarded through tllo '1"""1 cllaJiaele wl!! Licoric e Stick ... With prompt attentioa. .T:NO. :l"lliAGG, INOIJL &. 00., OF Ai.L GlADLS OJ' tn.a.ll respects equ:1.l to CALABRIA. IT..lLI.!N, SPANISH, GREEK, TURKEY .AND SICILY, FOR SALE BY HENRY .. MORRis, Importer and .il._ient for tke U.S. and Ca7UUJa, No. 73 Watef and 19 Old Sttp, --... (lERTIFIOATES from the leading Manufacturers ia VirgiDia, Jl'ort!i . G. HOYT D. SHo:rw & SON', .EXTRA CAVENDISH. BROKER, T '! JACOO Lioorice Paste and Sticks. 15 MURRAY STREET. NEW YORK. HENRY WULSTEIN, li.Ouaet re ot an Segars, (8-&o "' J f Clt:E=a.:U::. ; SoLE AGENTS, .. W S. KIMBALL l CO' S Pia i t1 Fine c u TN co: i.. B:.:LK OR CANS. UI'.J:::::r'FFASSL.-0. ? ,,;Hi' N y ... F. A. S'T) ;;;;.J ... 97 Golumbia Street, r. ; HEW YORK,: Jlutr.PCroxna o oro cn.uu RD J D. 11 McAL:FIN & CO., OP Til 101'-Z.EDRATED FINE-Catcre in -r o't> a co c-i, STREET. UEWA:U:, N. J, f .,..1111111 Work and 'BUCHNER, .. fo BOB:t7'CHECK .t ::, JUlil'UI'..lO'I"tJJtEl\ o:r : W. SMYTHE, Commission : PaiJICII:'e BV:U..IIUI, 80 KORTH JOHN STREET, .. J.n'B&POeL, o A 2'obacco Bagging :&4GGIXG Of all Kinds, Low Prices lor Cash. SPANISH LINENS, FANCY STRIPES Bleached and Unbleached Sheetings, Twitte and Camraa fot Traveling Bags, Blankets, lltulaps, Cotton Bagging, Carpers, Matting and Dry Goo ds Uencrally. ANDREW LESTER & CO., N'>. 103 Chambers Street: New York. I FINE c u T FRED. ENGELBACB. and Smoking Tobacco f!;ohawr Janse, ''AND CICARS, NO. 21 SIXTH AVENtql, NEW YORK a& Cheroot&, -tD DUl7. CLEAR. HAVANA CIGARS. I E..panola.-FLOR DE F INAS, DAMAB, l'OUlt T.ES AMATEURS, LONDIU:S, ETC. Flor Fumar. '"'", :t.egitiaadad-REINA vrCTo.J.UA, ooNcHAB, REDIA VICTORLA ...................... to tJC.O IMPERIALES, E'rc. l UEG.ALIA :BR!TANIC A .... ............. lZO t o 125 : .::::::: REGALIA a, LO:'i' .. Henry Clay. UL EscepeiO...-J'OCKEY LO=R.ES, REGA = sgg LIAS, ETC RElNA VIOTORlA ........................ 1::0 P11Dlarie,.a.-LONDRES, 'll!PERI.ALES CONCHAS DE REGALIA ............. ,.. 75to 80 ,. = g SPORTS.ONCHA.S. CiDto de Orioa-LONDRES, DAlUo.S, OPERAS, .lntrimidad. ETC. tm<}ALIA BRITANICA ................. Cab --. LONDRES:I!'INAB DA"'cOPERAS CqNCHAS..... ... .. .. .. .. .... ... .. .. .. .. .. >o"O arg. ....., Espanola. ETc, PLOR DE PRENSAOOS .................... $ 70 to 72 nor de Hud.:.a-C.A:ZADORES, B.REVAS1 CON-J.,ONDRES DE CORTE.................... -G J CHAS, ETC. rRINECESAS ........... ................ ,,. Aculla. de Oro-PRINCESASFL."\'..!.8, RI1GA.LIA Partaga&. DE LA RI:I:l


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