The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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; 0 .:. o 4 3 :' DNESDA Y, :oEcE:MB:E. B 11, 18, .. 72. WHP-LE. ]j. 6. 407 VOL. VIII.-:-N 'tu l!f, lht IO'bacct crr:taf. Pe B.&B Y d: BatjerH. Water if ..... ""'0,.,... til .... JVIIJ KOimDJG JY Goebel J. eo. U9 Halden Lane --:'11J ,'hrm. ( (IN TO D ... BAIY ,ct ILING), --IIIHI MBAOOO ""' PUJIIOHJNG M...., LJ .,;tt' p.,... Allen Al'Jllio ... Vine. Jli.n n..r.;;.t, .:I d 50 N 8"'.......,..,.. N :l.o I IV JWI1 ld.J \/Vll'1, Appleby. Helme._ '33 'Water 8 Hammond. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER,u, 'r8p. I '!'YQ' a.n. -ew f1W' ,1. ora. 142 Fulton St New York 01 1 d DeLa 1 So th William eve an -nc"l' 24 u !'b& II 00., 52 alld S4 Eaat Tblrd. Ol\ 8 I :v .AIUI i. HENltY lU.GEB -Editor. Gifford, Shennan &:lnnlo, uo William 'I_... .... R o-w:. u ...... A .. IG BulaeosApat. r NA. 1'HINAJ .. 'I'UUACCO ,.\SS l llA'J1lON .&. .&: .-.;aw V' As an advertising medium, where it is desired -1,.. .. t t. 1 r ., 4nc:l &le ..dgenls 'or the saM torcachtheCigarandTobaccoTrade,notonly .. ater. ......B -cr(,-sW .. Bec4 via. San .Francisco, ad-Donnan' J. 4t Oo., tS Lewia !) 1 Lep.if &-tAm; ohionat per annum for Postage. RodmaD & He,pbUTD, :u6 Lewis. (N';> Qi'dem for thlf,pp&consldered, uole .. ac-'Wardrop & Da!J, 103 .t 205 Lewl"' CWJ., M. :8:. & B ... ( h 1 cl by the amount. "'-Ct R 'bJ.- Remlttenceonihould,inevery-!nstance, be made "",..,"ft 'K"r 1 -c,-. .. ; Cvv.u.w.Lvft, by cbedt or$35 .. .,.. JP, Lilr,.fr adver8sements in the same -pi'opOrt.Jog, o "'--b .UJ yonp ta!tJftpic Oo., 3 6: 34_V-y .DETROI1' .._.: t-..y ai.d, t300; three aqoaree, IJ(o devi .t eo., 22 NOrth WUJAm. tiAq JJ "!" 1heoe tenns. i{ CiUI" i UfiJ .. .. "* '1Dnsitnt advertisements on tlie pace, CigtzrJltJx Lahti snd Tr;,;,lL ?! cep!AP<;!: IItje for 8ch h L E"" y )4tbcwo j. L. & 0..., jdrenen An. 'flb"orden for will be collllid.el'ea ,.. umac er .w-.Tcbmtc &olinr 1Y tu. .-....... Fred'k. 1 DURHAM,-N, 'C; lf-DJil' ToiJIIctl. Jl&B()TQ:IY U !iVUfiUIS. r tr.EW YORKo' TobtJuo W & Sons, 28.t. and 286 FroOt streef AJlU }QIIIl!; W a,tet. Jlenrii!Po D & A., Wat ... Ber.....,., John H.'" C4S Wa,ter 1 Do""", illolrvll.'lt co. ,.,. Front. Dollola .-. Egftt, Wdi. 't,S water J,l .... l)ada F. Sin.'-Av 6 G, 171 Wat 11-"' co,, 10 aDd 71 .,.....,, F.o. Dillo II Co. '75 Water. W ()p., un William. Virgilllia eig28 Woodworth 1< &tate. PIDdoepll. 213 Pearl. Schmitt & Steinecke, 6 Fletcher. Scbroedet & Bon, 1.78 Water. S Beaver. Gans. J. s .11r Soo, a<; Wan. .ltellaDd p, Pearl. o.bome' F." 54 Broad. Rader' J,l. &: Son, Pe;arl. Sprotto, C. Ii9 Pearl ManfMtllrlrJ if T!Ucct, A.nde:rso9_]ohn ttl Co. U.f. j1l6 and Liberty. 8uchner V, JSI!I:De,Jaacey-Gook Vlllceut L. Luolow 1 Flap J F. Front Goeue.'F .I.. & Bro., 3.S 'WMhlngton Geoolwi'*"" po. 201 aod'""!l Water Jtoyt Thomas 1/: Oo., 404 Purl tr.l,..ey Broa. 1 .41 W e't Broad-y1 D. H. II Co. cor. Avenue D and 'l'w.u. Mill Mrs. G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia Boo&ll>fi 7$ J'ulb>n Shotwell D, A-_.. & 'l+ Elghtb av. 1Watto 432 lias\ toth J 4-fir ToliM57 Pearl Orgler S !0 Greenwioh:Dd. C'hambers Schwarz A Bpob< 189 LeW1_a Seidenberg_ It Co. 19 Dey lfel:lle 'W"...U...Ck, 6 Rivington Smith E .... n ls ... owery Straiton .i Storm, 191 Pefltl Sutre & Newmark., IJI Water .j Fio1 CiJ!IU'I He>lll'l.'det MaidenJ..ane Co-16 'Pine Street 'n4 (Ju-Cigr S..iiiJ, Celell ,If :102 pbatham 1rtijoftm if HtWtitt T.h .. ., .AJminR Jl J.'>!O'Cedar-' l ,...,.et 0 & jlo. Water PeOrl-"' A.pPiat. 'E. Bi-6ther I;Ua. 156 Wat &,.f C...ulkr. !ecombe Oo., 7 Park Place. Cigor Tohauo F-acto,.s 11nd C.m11'lissirm Mer'AtllfiU. Drescl W. and Co., 37 Gay Gies'ke L. 4r; Oo., .f-2 SOuth Charlet:!. Gunther L. W., 90 Lombard. Kerckhoff 4lt Co.. "'9 South Charles Kuuu:lberg J. D, and Co. Loose C. & l3o. u7 West Lombard. Parlett B. F & Oo., 92 Lombard. Paul Wm., 1"7 South. Rosenfeld S. &.Oo .. S3 Euhaoge Place. BchtQeder Jos 6: Co .. St Exchange Place. WUkens & Klier, 6g South Cbarles. 'Wlocluileyer Ed. & Oo., "' BoutbOhalles. Tobatco Factors Gieske&: NiemCIItllng Wulstein Henry. 25 Myrtle avenue, BUFFALO, N. Y. WAoltuzle Dtaltr in 'Ha"Vana and Ltaf Toha nd Cigan Charter 1 ohn, Caae S. S. & Co., Michigan av. ST. LOUIS, Mo, WAoleunt Dtkr in Toll if ToiJttOI. Cflars. Catlin D., 701 North Second Kason & Beeman, IS6llichigin Ave. TlbtJCco WareltoM-_ : 1 L f b Dormitzer C, A: ll.. & Co. 123 Marll.et1 Il1(J lr! lit ta ac! Toblltc; Mtrt.ianu Sandhagen Bros.;,, )Ve s t Wall a: Belvin, 320 North Secood. Wi,bt a Stevens, 181 Mkh1gan Ave, L w.,.., A., East Lake. TooM' if H,....,. BaMt Ohaa. T. A Co .fO Beaver Fred'k Do Jlary & Co. 5> Brott4 ll...,ior J C. '9 Beaver 0eofl!e, n .South St. -0 Regalia BJ],J:mica l uclela 70 baccp Comroifision :U7 I >\Vest Lombai;"d Regalia Lordres "! FLDR DE ruall. .IOOIIEY CLUB. 'r:' Street, .u Reifalia Chit&. R eina vrctorla ... .. Jpo Retr2.lla Britanlca CINClNNAffi; 0.-R. Mallay & Brother, Dealers in LOndre, extra '!!.: Replial.onlires l,.o(le-. 'Chl t o -a C ha f3o' s :: Tobacco, us W.est Front St. Londr Cil'd.,. 51 ...,..,;;8 PHILADELPHIA,_PA.-E. W.Dickerson, Seed Leaf "' "'' <9/ilf!IJ 1S 'Re!1 F -Inspector ; 1o7. North Street. 1;onchaas "" l 1 : : 5! 45 l"A.-Wey111an & Bretbez', Snuff l!-lid 1 l4anufactw:ers, and 81 Smithfield St. : < .. : :. S:F. LOUIS, E. Haynes ; To_bacco Broker, c,&'arcttes .. .<>i> i 4U: Chestnut St : A liliehh' t by means as exhilar11ting as the opposite one of inflation and expansion It is, however, in ce rtain con ditions of the governmenta l and social system, none the less necessary At the present juncture, our scheme of taxation and the institution of its creation, the Internal Revenue Bureau, seem to be undergoing this salutary, ifto certain parties disagreeable course of treatment. The' Bureau officials when in the heyday of their power and oppressing the people \Vith an iron-hand, seemed to forget that they, officially, not immortal. Mr. Commissioner Delano especially was oblivious of the fact, and wantei:l the Bureau, at the very moment when its powers were being circumscribed by legislation, and the aggregate of taxes collected through its instrumentality considerably cut down ; erected into Department, whrch would have made the missioner a cabinet officer with an h1cre$ed Probably no greater instance of "cheek'' was ever :ex hibited at Washington even by the officials of the Inter. nal Revenue Bureau Delanos wisb was but. he accomplished the purpose in view by: c uring his elevation to the head of the Interior : ... Department, which conferred on him the coveted honors and emoluments. lfhe Revenue Bureau; however ; doomed to 1:i'e steadiJy curtailed, Congress, at its last session labore d earnestly and with decided success in the of stripping it of ill! war-conferred and unconstitutional powers. The present session has sc arcely commenced when a bill is to aboli s h the office of a s sessor and assistant-assessor, rel iev ing from their labors some sixteen hundred self sacrificing patriots, and involving a direr t saving nat ion al of millions :or dollars 'Pet annum. This is certainly a step in the right direction, aa4 Possibly comprises all the reduction which can, at tlie present moment, be p1ade in the Revenue Bureau Its tot a l abolition is, however, only a question of time, and the recently-elected Congress may be induced to a lasting benefit on the country, by wiping it-out tirely, leaving what few d.:ties it now performs to be ex ecuted directly by the agents of the Treasury Departmen t The organization of a R venue Bureau for the collec t ion of certain war taxes, was certainly in tended to ad.d to the regular and normal institutions of the Government. It has se rved its purpose, more or less successfully ; let it disappear with the exception circum:;tances that called it into being. The tobacco trade certainly owe it no good will, and will shed not a single tear over its timely abolition.


DEC 11 MillO B. utely e Gofern DOMESTIC. e f9.r wb" THAlfJtS.-We are indeb to Chief NEw YORK, Deilitiftr 10 'lity, _and :neven11e Bureau, fo. r aa41Ulv copy of -bed 11 ...._,.th '--" Wtllnifest -}.estetfl Leaf:. his promises to be much' t u tU mlllent p\U'pose, r a _..,.. = .. ', prt of Commissioner oofla of Che-YiJ. The sc:ucity and big rates for t11an March, amt January bette thao W'fioever, form t atr the mJDIJ' do; R. Fraacls & Co., 3 do; D. Knowlton & Co. 3 dl); F. Cal.a, I do: Ar Ha macher & Co., 1 do; R. Dllllloat & Son, I ; Lockwood & Co. M J Faairl & Co., r do; Alenndre Brothers, 2 do; Atlantic" Steamtllip Co., 461 bales ; order, 140 llo, cases 1 c:iprs, 4 bbla 1:BB 'BAILEY CASB-Has ugJit. te the freight almost preclude purchases for export, au tbe therefMe, belie\'.es io1 the ultimal'\: ado_ptwn o[ tbe pro ha.s beeu miHttBd. ;ExPORTS. Cou.,...lJf.l.. the decllion of J:-t B tclt'ford, allowing home trade very,_..generally waif' t.he af tosed rate of duty, will be likely to sen: tty. .::T rs sa e a ever, can a pa.+, < .. made. Sh1ppers e -aei.rllnRIJ Ti!luctant From the P9tts of New York to (orep ports other tlian European ports, for the December 4, Friday mornmc, -nd loflll conS)St 0 LOOSe to' ...... -.1 drt_.,; "7" lC CoRR.ECTJox.-We refe{reointe Stapervitof of suitable for pipe-stock, lheepwlfSh and 1ehandlin& hence. 0 the fJer it n c beyr--.llggested, drawbacks. -J.: } 1 mine future of the The and, ace rdingly, very few will be sutflrised, If vase quotations to roeet the altered condttlon of EiPOll'r Bonw WA HOUSES.'we that since Ist inst. amount to J89 hhas, of wh1ch 54 to shtplittle or no modification of the eustmg rate should occur the trade. etiti s we e 1 st week \.1; m .to co o6 a Vi rtn e t ts m11mg-Ttie e n sm ng to s been il nng centres o trgtnta, or the estabhsliment aetnrer. presented which would be out e sight and out of measuraly good throughout the week. We hear of no .o f a bonde s e in 11 and o r se p f, ldwe* M-ld wMii o !b. -k Total mind. t. 1 arge tr:insfus, but the has been steady and :th e rec;.pti t Q fof xport. January. 990 403 349 377 1g1 3 ,6oo Ten thalers added to the du y on eac hundred embraced general assortments February6 519 -4ZO 648 384 ::,zoo pounds of tobacco means a corresponding decrease !n the CigarsThere has been UQ change m the eagar Eln:o.-Custom-house Kane 1 h 300 1 ,886 86R 422 3 ,6oo 5 elling pri c e in this count{y, if we hope to re,tam the market. \t'CCently seiz e d s,ooo cigarsand several reels of ciga1'6or $'12 840 1,064 3,100 German m arket-a conthigency not be conte rJ plated Gt11tf (!j!Cged at II ..ettes which w a s being smuggled ashore by of May ___ -:-. 397 2 9'I .Ss 532 I ,597 3 300 with immoderate equanimity. .Bxr hange has been m fatr demand. We B1lls &he steamer M..,. Caslk from Havan.. Tliey were J g 971 947 970 s74 4 ,ooo The details of the week's transactions are as follows: at 6o daY,s on London, toS@JroSforc:oll)merclal; llrought to the 5etzure D epartment Ol tile Custom -Jure I,Jr6 969 Sos 4 162 cases State, running lots, on private .terms; 105 ban ken' j d o. at short sight, 109;i@ 'house. 1,435 r,o6o 1,908 s,ooo cases Pennsylvania pc_; sSo cases Ohio at 10*@ po;.i; Pans 6o days, S*@Js.2S*; at MR. D .. .-.....8 n ... ... vs.-Amoq the carriages s0eptebmber368 11049 I,348 935 J 7oo nc; 665 cases W1sconsm at 300 cases J.z5@5 .23U, Antw,erp, Sx}:(@s.26}{, Sw1ss, 5.31}{ h. I t t' cto CL-491 77Z 7ZZ 492 82J 3JOO J870 Connecticut at rsc-all for export ; and for the Hamburg, 4 that followed ... ey s remams tot. CIT tsh November596 I 9 84o 874 J,759 home trade, 300 cases 1871 Conn,ecticut wrappers at 9*@4o)i; Frankfort, Bremen, 4 Relchsp lace, was one contammg a presentabon 1:1 t e 1rec-D b 8 3g9 40@7oc; so cases do do fillers at t8c; and cases ark, Prusstan1thalers, t o ry of the Lotos Club, .. of_ this city, (_:ol: tobacco app I87o Connecticut on private terms. 1 Fmg_hts-We quote u(ol:ows; Hhds-Antwerp,, T homas W 1 e tr!-veler and to have been moderate Jast week, reduced supplies at:. Among the rarities-rarities in this country-brought sos, satl...4os; ,Rotterdam. do, : d o, 6d; AmJolin Eklerkin, of the News Co pa Y. lording but a poor oaportunity for tiuyers to to our notice were some samples of Chinese tobacco do sss; do, '45S: do, 45s, do, 4os; r. J.r., and J Heiny Jlager, of thts tlons even if they had been anxio1ts to do so, which they on exhibitiod 0. os-. on on aa tverpoo week,-United States Marshal .Harlow caused the arrest-..,_ h d occurrence of this event depends the weather, East, and very closely resembles Turkish tobacco. In pnces are unc ange .of the following with dealing:unnanu- .. ----o-IOB factured tobacco having paid the special tax: facilities and other con derations of a poEngland, Chinese tobacco is quite common, the lighfer:1'.--"T&VV......, ..,. Thomas J Rofter, No. 6o/ Flushing Avenue, Michael tential nature. Trade io Richmond, we observe, is much colored variety being used for cutting purposes, and 1 Groero of --!teal. tobacco are cautionc4 the 73 the same a.s here, beingeonfined chiefty to the Stlpp lying the darker-some of which reminds us of our St: Doreported nlet.nd" quototun of oeed laf r..rn .. hn. c pr.JCet that Redle No. s8 Flushing Avenue; Jacob Schoenberger, . ohould be obtanep fo.r t!aem at 'lint band, .. these refer In mOOt lfti!Mc:eo :No. o e ; Jas. uire, No. 193 Tillary of immediate wants. mmgo to old crope which have been held aarll ,_r, and the prolit oa Str B. 'el, No. O+ Ful\on Street. Qp Saturday, the 7th lOStftnt, there yas aQother We find the followmg cunous arttde m a recent num which must naturally include the intereot Oft capital invetted. Growers PoLICE ITEMs.-In this city, recently, Thomas Mur.-ay, JOj&th, trie4Land 'n -the G.Aeral Serio-Di steiiling some...cigarr"l>oua from an epress tngon, owned by Joseph P. Doreck. He was remanded {or sentence. Thomas Main, who was charged with burglarieus eDterina the premises of Emmanuel Bar slay, No. 111 N'1nth Avenue, and stealing a small quanJ.ity of cigars, pleaded guilty to petit larc .eJly and was fllent Penitentiary for six months. ;,tf' HoNOR RIGHTLY BESTOWED."-Incopying an ac count of the Cope Dinner at Liverpool, the Danville (Va.) TllltzcD Leaf is pleased, under the above beading, to say : "The Liverpool papers report the proceedings 2t a dinner to Mr. J. Henry Hager, Editor of THE Nxw YoRK ToBACCO LEAF, given by Messrs. Cope Brothers, of Liverpool. The tobacco men of the United States are indebted greatly to Mr. Hager for his able and pe r sist ent efforts in behalC of unfettered trade, and the Dan-....ville TtJba((O Leaf adds humble acknowledgements MBB'I'IM.G her o(the Springfield (Mass.) Homeslearl, regard ing the cannot .. ;,., tM case of aew tl)sell them for the oame at the office of Messrs Pollard, Pettus & Co., 54 Broad new crop of, Connecticut. How the crop can be tp,e prlcee u are obtaine.t> on a re-sale here: enry re-.-!e muot Stceet, Mr. E M. Crawfi d presidi,p I '"> Common l eor .......... 10 3lt" .llrw, Hlllr .., I872, and belieVing ,that for the interest of all conthe time of cutting it was nearly as even as usual, 'J'he lfedlum 1..r : ........ cerned that the portion of tobacco whic)l was slight (rost of the night of Sep.tember 3rd damaged the :;x.:i: :!! stored in said building and now exposed to the weather, crop to some extent_ north of Springfield, as about oneS..Ieeuona ... ......... 1i @lC lfa..,. 4'a ADd I' ....... 4' should be Clisposed of immediately, hereby to a fourth of the crop was then out, although only a small lugo ... ,... :l sale of the same, provided that the charges now due on portion of it was really exposed, much of it being on too LGowd.o1 lear ... l'wl0 ot (f'a) 11 u 1!1'5 d b h 'fi.l h d d b d 'fh d h 00 0 .... c old Har t 8tn 6S (j$$ tobacco represente y t e cerll "ates now m my an high groun to e InJure e greatest amage, owrappers. dark ..... .. 13 11 ao.p a. lleadJ.: ....... 641 _(j.S5 are paid in full, and that the proceeds of the sale of damever, js by the pole-sweat, dur ing. the very warm, damp 8 ... .. aged tobacco now exposed to the weather shall be deposweather of the first rwo weeks of. September. LotS that' !i!"'1JI.'oo:i.; :!4' ::.:: It:. ited with some Trust Company, to the order of were early thoroughly ripened and partly cured before B.,;, and o!eowoll. : TIUrde any two of the certificate holder},.{Q by those that warm spell, cured_ off well, is nearly free from pole Ked"::...,;:::::::::::::.:::.::! = "'MOilB WEDDING BELLS.-Across the stormy Atla.ntic inter':sted in the damaged tobacco, to Sfeat, and, in a word, is all right.-But lots that had ;rello lK @lilt .. "RD ST&AKBOAT Lntx. -D. &:. A. Benrimo, 77 c1111es; Chas. F. Tag & Son, a do; Wm M. Price & Co., ro do. Bv THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP Lnnt.-Huffer, Toe! & Co., 165 hhds; Oelrichs & Co. 37 March, Price & Co., 4 A. D. Chockley, I do, :11 trc; P. Lor illa.rd & Co 4 do, ulo; J. D Kielly, Jr. 2 do, :114 hlf trcs, 67 qtr trcs, 16o cases, 307 three qtr boxes; Martin & Johnson, .26 trcs, 5 cases, 10 boxes; W. 0. :13 qtr trcs, q6 cases, ::1 three qtr boxes, 46 hlf boxes ; Wm. Broadhurst, 40 qtr trcs, I4 cases; A. Hen & Co., 82 cases; M M. W elzhofer, :19 do; R. Lindheim & Co. 87 do, G. W. Hillman & Co., so do; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., 45 do; W. ):>. Kittredge & Co., r6 do; Bowne & Frith, so do; Hulkley, Moore & Co., 1 do; L. & E. Wer theimer, 35 do; A. Hill & Co 13 do; C. Sprotto, 6 do; N. Wise, 3 do; Maddux Brothers, u do, Io kegs; E. Du Bois, 41 do, n2 three qtr boxes; Jas. M. Gardiner& Co., 93 do, xoo do; Richey & Boniface, 62 do, r 10 do, z hlf boxes, 20 qtr boxes, 26 butts; Dohan, Car-. _tbc of a polite notification of the sisting ,of the present Committee of the Trade and the and by, far the most valuable crop that has ever ,.,,, Sud.UG/.-ow.. ..... 0 7 5 auspicious event. Even in Bel!!:iwn the tobacco trade Committee of Underwriters, be appointed by the been grown in the Valley No safe estimate can : = SeedandH&tOBO, is Jiven to marrying, cfi hllair to take the kwhole offsalhvage lin chargeb., with be made of the of damage by pole-sweat until it i:'eoondJ>. ror '&.d:::: : = :: u powers to ta e possession o t e sa vage to acco, is taken down and stnpped, for scarcely a shed is enPm"'l'"' s. .a Lf the best and .. 8:::!!:::: -to T. A :,'larrington, 96 Newgate Street, London. It the occasiOn, of sufficient tmportance to most for wrappers, all w1llagree ; butthe sweated 1: -llce4 danger in the pocket, and also that the !'nd as m eetmgs, local or form a very real difference in quality and value. It must, however, be Btoc!I ., hand, .NoY. 1, 1112 ........ smoker mRy in using it allow but a very small quantity 1mpottant 1te!l' m the_ of events, we are borne in mind tllallllis r11p is 11f sup eritJr rJIality, anJ Reconed ......................... 14,601. 7o 2,918 liqelid.tos.c:oJDe io contaet with th!!: air-just suffi uaturally desirous of mcludmg,accounts of them among good wrappers of r87z, will be good property to invest Tott.l .................... ........ .. H,ISII 10 .... s,o68 to ignite the tinder or other ignitable substance the other valuable feat?res of fHE LEAF. m, for its equal lias nt1l bem scm for several years, rmd Dehvere<' ince .... .......... .. 7,1154 10 708 >Shicb is placed near the orifice of the box. _As a rule, we little_ to c?mplam of the rema y no/ 6e again for as ma11y more That most of the Stock oa band Dec. ,, _1871 ... ..... 21,1115 to BALTIMORE, De mnbe1 7 .-Messra. C. Loose & Co Commission Merchants and dealers in Leaf Tobacco, re port : The receipts for the past week show a further fall ing off, and were very u nimportant 'of all crop leaf, bulk consisting of groundleaves. In consequence transactions could be but limited, as there is generally veiy litUe as sortment offered to shippers s t ocks being so exhausted. For Maryland leaf, which comes in very sparingly, an active demand continues, which may also be said of groundleaves at present reduced prices, mostly for German account, the proposed advance of the German Ci;:!: import duty on tobac c o, as far as transpires, of from 4 thalers tp 14 thalersJper xoo, and said to very likely to go into very soon, having strengthened German markets to some extent. Of Ohio we have to report s..ales of 6z hhds fine red and spangled for England and mtssn ess of our m thts any more growers do not properly understand the difference in onsLT n.....,.. 0 ., aaoonn .... .__ A l'oMCOO CASK DECIDED BY THE UNITED STATES 111 others; established ever the quality and value of their tobacco, is a fact that no SuPR.UIE CouaT.-The case of Maddox et al, vs. The to send us courteous and tunely of one will den y, and they should take greater pains { o be 0 m.t. =. States came up appeal from the Coutt of meetings to place. It 1s, as a thmg, posted, that they may get earer tlie value of Btoek .,. hand NoY. 1, _1812 .......... 9,81S t74 It 11 u,tn (-C;La.ims week. Thts sutt was brought by the appel only on occasaons hke those we are refernng: to, when gdod$;_ and n t, as is w Often, hold on to an a-, .. ed """"'' .. .... ........... 310 u lanl6 &0 recover as damages for an members of the are unepe.ctedly an d. mformally inferior arti cle, to their serious loss and inconvenience, Tot!. ... ..... ......... ... .. ....... 9 ,tTI n hreadi of co'!tract for the purchase of tobacco. 1he con"-ened, t{) uppnse us are cwhich might be avoided by a comparative correet unIWil'ered oinoo ... ... : .......... ...... --of Ctam1s found that th_ e appellants were not the ?ur; _but,.as these are very those mvolv-derstanding of quality and value." A later issue of the Stock 1, ms ........ 7,115t t;o It II Jt: ,O'MICBOI t1u; tobacco at the time of the mg transactiOns, '!"e.deem 1t mcumbent upon same paper says: "As we have before said, good sound 1871 .. .............................. ............... a.aM the Tre!-'ury agent, but 1t w1thm the to notice the present deytatton from the usual I_>rac-leilf, will bring a good price, np to last year's figures. ReeeiTBdlflDOO... .................................................... Confederate lmes thereafter, and that J:he contract was use, and to request that 111 future, where there IS no That which has been damaged by pole-sweat will llave Total ........... ... ........ ........ : ... .............. ....... ....... void under the Treasury regulat.ions co::Jcernto .attend to .this matter, the person taking the lo be stJitl for what il will bring. There is no doubt DehTeredlllJloe ......................................................... 1 '1u mg tt.e of products ot States. m the trade-aoy department of that a gbod ceal has been injured and still there is a Stock in tb.o BroOldJll Iuopectioa Ware!Joue, Dec I,'"' .............. 2,97 Tbe appeal lpststs that the contract_ IS under and fao:or .us With .an announcement of the result of large amount that is uninjured and is of the finest qualTotolatock Deo. I, 18ft ............................................ 10,11115 Jby tbe .-ct of Congress, and that the re!"laboll must be hts actton t1me to enable us. to. recogu.Ize ity. Let every grower take pains in sorting. It is more IMPORTS. as a_ part of the act, and not,.as an authonty fact. cred1ted wtth important this year than usual. A few hands of poor The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign 'Vatymg 1t. 1 he Government conten<1s that the agent akm to ommsc1ence m getting bold bf news, 1t IS JUSt tobacco will injure tlu sale of the grower's wh11t1 crop if ports for the week ending December ro, included the no authority to for any not the proas well to admit frankly that _journalists, all, are not kept separate." following consignments' el the contractmg party at the t1me of the cononly human, and they reqUire, to make thetr efforts Spanisii-In the Spanish market there has b .en no ,'.LICANTE-Gomez & Arguimbau, roo bales licorice b .t raqt.; &all that, u it is shown that the tobacco was serviceable to the fullest extent, not only the appliances new feature The sales have been about the same as root, 3,587 bdls do; L E. Amsinck & Co., "oo do, the Confede1 ate lines after the date of and electricity, but the occasional. help .of a durjng the preceding week, r e aching, as reported, 450 3034 do. the, contract, there can be no recovery lay v?lunteer whose hor,e of ts satisfied bales of Havana at 9 oc@$r .Is, with some small trans-CADiz-Gomez & Arguimbau, 100 eases licorice 'J!IU TOII.ACCO CRoP IN ONONDAGA ComrrY .-TbeSyr. acuse, {N; .) that the tobacco crop in Couaty will be one of the finest which has been. in the State since I864 The crop of that year was, noted for its superior growth and quality, the crop o 1872 is likely to be fully equal. The 2veface lbis in the state is somewhat less than io bat lhe jield per acre is believed to be much larger this ,ear than last. It is estimated that the: production I8fl is 6,2go ooo pounds, averaging 370 to )-t he.icue. "l'be crop oh87 I is estimated at r6,ooo cases, 9,000 of. -ch will come from Onondaga County. With ,moderate prices this quantity would bring one-balf a mil'iion'oC doJlarl$, if put up with prudence and caution. The crop bas already gained a very fair rt!putation, and the bllyers will therefore at the proper be moro in the crop. The growth was.Iarge. The sea89G was_, etpecially after the rst of Septen:'ber,_-ex .ceedingt; favorabl e. The plant seemed to dehght m a npid gro.wth, and before the cultivators were aware of it, <.1.he leaf bad assumed unusual proportions, very fine, whole in dre main, and of commendable texture From -observation, it was apparent after the first day of ..Sep\eraber the to b acc o p lant increased two-thirds in its :growth. Cwps then thought to be unworthy of the :name of tobacco turne d o ut a mazingly wen, :md our f a r -ers were in most cases happily disappointed in the ands of leaf they were enabled to house. ,. w1th the bemgn and beneficent ,thank you of the lord actions in Yara. The old Yara appears to be generally paste. of the sanctum. well liked by those manufactnrers who have been uPing GUANTANAMo--A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., 4:10 bales. Sud Leaf-Owing to an anticipated increase of it Being thoroughly seasoned and ot good quality, it LoNDON-Order, 67 bales. duty ou tobacco imported into the interior of Germany, meets with notable favor now that fine Havana ranges MARSEILLES-A Stephani & Co. n boxes liquorice, considerable demand sprung up during the week for a little higher than usual. 63 bale!i do .root. low-priced goods suitab!e fo_ r shipment: .Yanufaclured-The most noteworthy event occurN APLEs-Dix & Morris, 24 cases licorice; order, We have ring in the Cavendish trade since our last issue, was the 49 do. new .Gern .an tanff and the followm,g closing of the bonded warehouses on the 6th instant. SA VANILLA-Moses Taylor & Co Ji bales; order, from a promment German firt;n of Every package of tobacco, we understand, was withI case cigars. th1s ctty. A of the Parham?nt. m a drawn for shipll)Fnt or consumption before the time SEVILLB-J. Osborn, Son & Co. 858 bles licorice, 1 letter to a member of this -firm, now m Europe, mctdenfixed by law for tlie abolition of the warehouses had ex-basket do. tally remarks OR this :subject. as bill for pired, so that the storekeepers had nothing to do 011 SMVRNA-Jas. C. McAndrew, :i,430 bales licorice, the same rate of duty on foretgn as on domestic tobacco the rooming of the sixth but to S2J pkgs db, bales licorice dut will not pass this session, but an advakJrem measure "Foldthelrtentslik etheAraba, HAVANA-L. F Auja, :1153 bales; F. Garcia, 673do; will pro bal-ly be passed j nstead." When this letter was And .. sileotlysteal away," Jacinto Costa, 44 do; A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., JIJ do; wrilten nothing more definite had been announ<;ed. they did, and, no doubt, with many a wistful look V. Martinez Ybor, 217 .do; Havemeyer & Vigelius, 72 do; Since then, however, it has been asserted publicly that backward at tbe places that were to know them no Schroeder &. Bon, 104 do; E. Pascual, 13rother & Co., on or before March 11 1873, the duty on tobacco would more 268 do; J. de Rivera & ro8 do; Carl Upmann, liS be increased from four to fourteen thalers per hundred What the future has in store for them or the trade, do; J. A Pesant, 4:1 do, Weil & Co., 31 do; Thos. J. pounds, and the possibility of so extreme ah advance is only the future can revea We shall continue to watch Grant, IJ do; F Miranda, 231 do, S cases cigars; Jos. what has quickened our market for shipping goods withwith apprehension the effect of this summary diversion A Vega & Brother, us do, 6 do; F. Gonnles, 423 do, in the last week; it being thought advisable to get as upon the prosperity of the trade. If it shall prove as 1 do; Fred'k. de Bary & Co., 4 cases cigars ; Seiden rouch t o bacco as was practicable beyond the customs fatal as we have reason to fear, we sincerely hope those berg & Co., 2 do; Chas. T. Bauer & Co., 10 do; E. boundary in time to fore s tall the inauguration of the tariff. responsible for the misfortune will be able for their Rosenwald & Brother, 1 do; Kuchler, Gail & Co., 1 Further than this, so tar as we have been able to learn, own sake to discover some reasonable excuse with de; J. C. Hoffmeyer, 4 oo; Robt. E. Kelly & Co., .23 there is nothing in r ecent foreign or German advices which to justify the course pursued by them, for it is do; Howard Ives, 6 do; Purdy & Nicholas, 6 do; to change in any way t he -condition or. prospect of the certain that nobody else will undertake to excuse or i\.cker, Merrill & Condit, 35 do; W. H. Thomas & market. It seems well to observe that, although common justify it In' singling out the tobacco trade for 34 do; Park & Tilford, 28 do ; W. H. Wil umor designate(the_rst of. March as the time for the purpose of withholding from it commercial facilities son, 2 do; Moses Co I do; L. Benjamin, 1 and a few hhds for home conswuption. Of Kentucky we hear of a sale of aoout us hhds to home manufacture at full prices. Nothing to note about Virginia. for the week comprise: S31 hhds 72 do Ohio, s do Kentucky, and I do Virginia s : Total, 609 hhds. Cleared same time, 6ss bhds Marylaad do, 6z Virginia do, SS. cio Vir ginia stems, per schr. Ohio to Bremen. We repeat our prices: '' Maryland, frosted, aound com mon, 7@8%; good common, middling, to fine red, 11@13; fancy, I4@:tS; upper c9untry, ground Ohio, inferior to good common, nominally, greenish and brown nominally, good to fiae red, @n; common to medium spangled, 8"@-n; fine spangled I-4@25. Kentucky, CODUDon to &ood lugs, 8 heavy do, 9@1:o; low to med. leaf, good, n@u, fine al\d selectiOns, 13 @IS Virginia, common to good lugs, 8@9; common to med. leaf, 9@1o; fair to good, u@u; selectioas, 13 @lSi primings, s@6; stems, good to fine, TD6act1 StaultUIII, yan. I, I87a .-Stock in warehGuses and on shipboard, not cleared.---------------51745 lahds Inspected this week __ .... _---._ __ 6oc) bhds Inspected previously.------------------491:11:1lo hhds Total--------------------------bhds Expo,rted since Jan. 1, 1872 ---40,935 hilda Coastwise and re-inspected._-91000 hhds

' RR 1Ll.F 6--.Me:;;;n. Wm. G Me1er, Ohio,do Scrubs,do Maryland, g31 do Vuginia, property proceeded against herein, do ,report that we 'the said property,' spoken of in the order of Apnl 13 .t Co., m thetr monthly Sales last month, 9A4 do Kentuckv, and 1,005 do stems have exl\Jhined and appraised sa1d property, and do I868; and' the property proceeded agamst herein' and I,u8 hhds, agamst 1 ,273 hhds last year Receipts last LIVERPOOL, 23 -Mr F. W Smythe, find that sa1d property (as per schedule an'satd of m the ref>ort of tbe apprais month, g3 8 hhds, agamst 987 hhds last year. Stocks, Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchant, reports : As was nexed) is worth the sum of one hundred and four ers, and 'the s;ud property,' spoken ofm the order of December 2 1g72, 3 5 65 hbds, agamst 13,71g hhds It reasonably to be expected, after tbe active business thousand, three hundred and ninety-one 78 1.00 dollars Ju_ne 12, 1868, are expressiOns all of which comprehend year. Quotations-Common lugs, planters' bght, $7 75 hich was transacted in this tobacco market dU'rilrg the (t:Io4,39 78 )' A schedule of appra1sement of values the same identical articles and quantity of property, @8. 2s; Clarksville and Western D1st{icts, $8@8 so, first two weeks of th1s month, there has been a compar by items IS annexed to the report. On the uth of namely, the p1operty alleged m the mforfl\lltlon to have .._good lugs, planters', light, 8.25@8 75; larksville swd alive cabn,'l:O!IIIequeutly hiNted-exteqtof sales. HoldJuae, r8.8, an order was made, m the case as been se1zed 'for a forfenure,' and to be custo&y as Western D1stncts1 8.5o@9, common leaf, pla ers of strips as1D prices too high to ll)eet the views one aganlst a quantity of manufactured tobacco, etc., forfeited to the United States,' and se( forth m the Khed light, 8; Clark5Ville and Districts, customers, and for this reason it follows that or found in \he factory of C H Lilienthal, 22I Washmgule annexed to the report of the appraisers and wh1 ch 9@Io, medwm leaf, light, g 5 10 so; Clarks-nothmg has been done m th1s denommatton of Western ton Streef,' ordermg, on the motion uf the proctors for tlH: prays may"' be condemned 'by decree of and Westera diatriebl, Io@u; g leaf, planters' and Virgtnia tobacco. Trade leaf, however, being in the clat;Dt, that th'i said property' be released tQ rorle1ture.' mfOrmation, in spectfyiag tile causes of hgbt, n@I2j Clarksville aDd Western ttncts, 11@12, liberal supply, and s being wilhng to d1spose of 1t the cla1 ant upon his giving bond ia the apprai,ed forfeiture, assigns the statutory caL ses to the three sev fine leaf, planters', Iicht. Ili@IJ; Clark ville and Wesat recently fuller prices, has been bought m preference value, t be approved accordmg to law, instead of m era! descnptlons of property manufactured tem u@IJ. The market duri the last folK to both by manufacturers and dealers. In pouble tb}lt amount. th.e articles of raw material, and the toOls, iei we activity A the beginning port Leaf the l;Wsij)e ha'S r 1ctt!d SJmp!y fQr "The 155ues JOmed m..the cause were tried before tlie plements, tbstruments, and personal preperty foua4 in of last mnlb, pnces weremoderate, t since an ad-the reason, that none of this description 1s to be found court an<\ a JUry, and the minutes of the court of the dte same p!ace with the manufactUred tobacco anut little has and now the cla1 nt move:; that 'udglJlent oq the in several classes of property setzed, ex1 sted It those The followmg Important regulations have and redriers are at present the mam ogerators been done m leaf, but for stnps there hasbeen a bnsk formatwn be arrested, and that the tnafbe declared to three Issues that were tried It as necessary for the cetv.ed here, dated Bremen, Aug 20, I872 bemgnew regThe fm the past week were 263 hhds, 323 demand, at pi"ices m advance of those lately obtamable, ?ave been a mts-tnal-(I.) Because no verd1ct of the Government to provt: the affirma 1ve of each Issue, 10 ulatwns concernmg the sale of North Amencan tobacco boxes, and the expor'is, 277 1..4I9 boxes The holders show no inchnatwn to clear out, as a steady ad JUry was recorded or filed befo1 'the JUry were d1s-order to h;we a erdtct condemnmg all the property m hogsheads by Amencan samples. sales at the' different warehouses for the same bme were' vance is looked for for some ttme to come. Virgima leaf charged (2.) Because no verdtct of the JUI)' wa s reseized. lftt proved the affirmatt:ye of any parllcular 1 s The understgned, 1m port and export houses of North 1 5 4 hhds and r box has been taken more freely, bright bringing urned before the Jury was discharged (3.) Because, sue,' tt would have a verd1ct condemmng the property Amencan tobacco in hogsheads, have agreed to claim The Pickett House sold 36 hinds; 26 hhds Kentucky long pnces, and for st:nps there has been quite an aniwhen thedury returned mto court, after cons1denng of embraced in such Issue It IS admttter:l there was evt-conditions at sales made by Amencan. leaf, I9 at $1 I each; 7 at 9 1o, 8 6o, 8.4o, 8 401 8 20, mated demand at extreme rates Maryland and ObJO t heir and were mqUJred of, by order of the court dence g1ven tending to pro'l(e the of each samples mstead of the former clause value received 7.8o, 7-:-60. 8 hhds Kentucky lugs at 7.6o 7 6o, 7, 7, has only moved off slowly, bnght classes bemg ch1efly 1f they ha, instruments, 11nd property bmdmg who be stopped from mak-at 9.8o, 9.8o,, 91 8.70, 8 bo, 8.50, 8.2o, 8.210; a cause or seizure on land, under the mtetaal revenue it; in a manner and form alleged in the information, and covered by the th1rd 1ssue.' The of the bill mg any, u :t'\1.-ppea to the law. I old leaf at 10.25 i 8 hhds new lugs at 8.25, 8.20, 7 90, laws of the United States. The information that therefore, traverses each allegation of the mformat10n; of exceptiOns 1s, that. the evidence tended to show that, ;:ne c;harge of ;ne _mark per hhd. for broker and 7So, 7.1o, 6.6o ; 1 hhd lnd1ana new ieaf at 8.8o ; I 011 the 25th ofMarch, r86S, a collector tlUit the yerdtct does not find facts or:each or of any at the time of.the se1zure set forth in the Information_ ot e.r expenses 0 this claim, must be by_the losmg,;_ hhd Illinois new lugs at 7 Io. who IS named,,, seized the followin described ro erty !ne-of the 1ssues on wh1ch the Judgment of forfetture that ts, the of all the personal property found at par!les. RICHMOND, Duemlm 7.-Mr. R.' A. Mills, Tofor a forfeiture incurred under th: laws of t/e eo depends; and that the verdtct does not embrace enough the tobacco manufactory of the cla1mant, 22I Washmg---'I he .seller "has til of the baceo Broker and CommiSSIOn Merchant reports In States tliitis.lo-s"aya 'qmfillitfo[ manufiictured tobacco to enable the amend 1t, or to render a JUdgton Street-he had m h1s .possessiql), at such manufacthe _!lpulated pnce. This agreement wtll be reviewing our market for the past week I have to .note and tools utensils implements _ment in accordance with the issues. It 16 claimed, as a tory, all the property' described in tbe mformabon under a u on and .... er the 1st of November, 1872. a steady demand for all grades now offering, without ments etc. all the personal property found 10 the rule of law, that, where the 1ssue mvolves facts which the three heads. This necessanly that all of TilE AMEJ'lfh'LES Ol' .JO.....__ A.T:ra-: any .noticeable change m pnces. New tobacco hal ofC. H. Lilienthal, 221 Watbington govern the right of the plamt1ffto have judgment in his such property was found se12ed at such manufac v.-.a ____ .-,,. opened at prIU')' B .. er." into consideration the large Western crop with a full Southern District, as forfe1ted to the Untted State'S for c;m be rendered, and that;-m tl}e p:esent case, th.e ver"There bemg evl(lence, then, to warrant a ftndmg for [From Tobauo Planf' for m Vrrgmiaand North Carohna I expected the following causes That, prior to said seizure, taxes diet finds no facts uader :Cither of the distmct the Umted f;tates on each of the three issues, the JUry We had a very pleasant little meeting the other even to see new tobacco open at least 1c lower than 1t has, were 1m posed by the provisions of law upon tpe sa1d ISsues. It JS alllo clatmed, tlutt,,llthough, unde1' the 32a returped a general verdict, saymg, that 'they find for 1ng, at Mr Eberle's Alexandra Hotel. Mr. Hager was but the small stocks at our seaboards and also the com tobacco, and the same bemg so subJeCt to the pay sectwnofthe act ofSept;_mber 24 1789 (I U s Stat. the Umted Sates, condemnmg the goods.' The verdict the guest of Messrs. Cope Brothers & Co and parative small stocks 1n Europe all combine to keep up mCJJt of taxes as aforesaid, were found by the sa1d col Large, gi ), the courts has the power to cure defects m can mean nothmg else than that they find for the United to the number of half-a-hundred assem'bled. prices, and from the present outlook we may expect a lector' in the possessiOn and custody, and w1thm the the fcondemnlltwn. l 'he words 'condemnmg the goods' Bennett and Greeley in the development of follows: The market has been qUiet for both leaf and manufacture the same mto articles subJeCt to tax, for mgs. t e evt ence, and Jusllce of the case; tba do no harm. Still, they may be rejected as surplusage newspaper hterature lias been fitly recogmzed through manufactured since our last. T,he exports were 7 the purpose of fraudulently selhng such manufacture-d under the mformatwn, and to the statute, If-necessary -Under the evidence, a verd1ct fo; out the world Whether greater journalists live or die cases, I do c1gars to the Sandwich Islands, and 10 articles, and w1th des1gn to av01d the payment of satd raw mateuals ca no be forfeited because t,he manufac-the Umted States was perfectly good. Th1s was such In th1s country, theu recognttlon is httle likely to exctte cases to Panama. There are now on theu way to tlus tax, agamst the forty -etghth sectwn aforetuentloned, as tured articles are P.roved to be subJect to forfeiture, nor a verdict, whether lhe w<1rds 'condemnmg the goods' the world's attentLon. And there is jushce in this. port from domestic Atlantic ports 203 hhds and I,Jgg amended as:aroresatd ; hat sa1d tools, implements, mcan the tools, etc 'be forfened because the manufactured be retamed or reJected Such a verdict covered all the Postenty wtll remember \Vatt and Stepbenso when it cases. struments, and personal property were foundin the arucles and the raw matenals are forfeited, unless It IS Issues and found all and each of them m favor of the has long forgottt:n those who have tamed and utihsed! ST LOUIS, December 4.-Mr J E Haynes, Tobacco place or buildmg, and wtthm certam yards or rnclosures, proved that the tools, etc _were found 10 the place Untted S(ates the gemi those two mvented. The man of the first Idea.. B k fi 11 R d 8 hhd where sa1d tobacco and satd raw matenals were found WJth the manufactured arttcles or the raw matenals, that, "At th b 11 f t h hves; wh1le the men of detail are forgotten. rO er, reports as o ows eceive 4 s, agamst as aforesaid whereby they became hable to forfeiture although there was evidence on the tnal that ilie claimant th ret erenctet o e lb o excep wnsh s nwsd that no 8o the prev1eus week. Thursday was a bohday, and on f t d II of 1 f k b o er m erpre a LOn can e put upon t e ver 1ct than :Mr. Hager represents a branch of JOurna,bsm whic& Saturday and no tobacco was put on the by the provisions of _the forty-etghth sectiou aforesa1d, was a hac urer tn }e er es 0 a md 5'! jeCt that wluch I have giVen to 1t. The court after callm is umque He also typtfies a spectal monopoly of breaks The offerings Fnday and yesterday were as amended aforesaid.' The mformat10n thus avers to tax an 1 fit es 0 such a kmd were found m hls the attentwn of the jurv to u(e statute on whtch natural production and trade. He was, while he re ll d h 1 1 hhd that 'By reason thereof and by force of the statutes possessiOn, and 'that he had, m regard to them, an mtent r t r d's th 8th f 1 mamect among us, the embodiment of Amer1can Tosma an t e sa es were on y 2 s new crop at S 30 to sell then Wlthoutpayillg t:tlt t, m.onna 1on was .oun eu, e 4 sectiOn o t 1e act of; 2 &> old crep at 8 ro@ 8 50 ; I 1 boxes new m such case made and provtded, the aforementioned d fi' a bV 011 ellt> e ve LC 30 1864 as amended by the 9 th section of th baccQ and the serv1ce which literature pays to that marcrop at 3 6 S@ 7.go 1 do old crop at 6 40 ReJected goods, wares, and merchandise became and are forfeited not I} lJI, e' Of tts r any act' 13,'r866 ( 14 U.S Stat. at Large, I u) stated vellous weed of Old Vtrgmny. In him N2W YoR.x: bids were 3 hhds scarps and stems at 4oc, 9o@$r 00 to-the use m the-sa1d statutes provtded The 1 rayer t that ena e e court tt the sub ect of the su 1 t that the ilct; in was gard hun as the substantial presentment of the Tobacco .... /do b h le f. fi proceeds of the ale or such other dtsposttlon thereof find any one of those facts, or show that the jury mten-J d d th t' t'e case trade of Amenca, and the pled.,.. of new goQ ng t wrappery a, 20@3o; ne ded to find for the U ta..-1 Stat th h were un a .. ere was no senous con.. -r b ht d J'd.S N h a as the court shall dtrect d1stnbuted accordmg 01 es on e ISSue as to t e t t b t f t t d h between the siSter contments. ng o, 40'-::' o. ew grop--;-not enoug onenng to to law On the 4th of' Apnl 1868 a claim raw matenals, because heir verlrtd is just as good for e a ; :mlg e excep regar -to t e ces; common and Jlledium grades may be to the. property was fil'ea A the ijr&t Issue as for the second; that .as the tools, ve pomh od t e awd-t e mtenht; an if _the GovTu NEw YORK TeBAcco LEAF the organ of To-quotea al from 2J'do3, per Joo lbs less than old u ernment a not rna e out to t e salls acto f tb bacco growth, Tobacco manufacture, and Tobacco sale \::1 quantity of manufactured tob ceo etc etc etc etc., there was no evtdence they were found m same th t th tt t t t f d n 1 e JU and the Tobacco Plant ts the organ of Tobacco use and' While t4ere Will doubtless contmue to be small, found at No 221 Washinmon Street' as"l '!rhe Untted ptace. with the manufactured arttc es or raw ry da the a emp ofcommt a rau on t e aw, or to ular olterings, the trade may be cons1dered a bout at a ..,. d th d t fi d tfii tliii bl th eva e e payftlent o taxes, m respect e1ther to the Tobacco sentiment Mr Hager supphes the material close ior th1s season, and as most of the manufacturers thSta1tes' The s6's, 'And now Chnsttan H Lilten t6%nd to goods on hand or to the goods to be manufactured' out wh1ch we try first to 1m prove and then to enjoy. It h sWtpended wor.k for the Winter, there wtll probably a owner o t e a ove named property, mtervenmg U d S h 'f of the raw matenals 011 hand ex 1sted on the part of Mr m1ght not be amiSs to say has tlle Fact and we the not be much domg, or much demand for the new crop for the mterest of htmself in the said propertv appears mte tates' t at, I the JUry had that they found L"l e th I t th t th d d h. Fancy And, If that be J'nst, we must respect him. fo and makes clatm to the:saHI property etc as the for the Umted States on -an the the verdict, n t a be f, f goo s seJze t etr where, Without nis Fact, would ou, r Fancy be? before the first or rruddle 'ofFebruary, which is as early same are attached by the marshal under' of dlough bad m form, ibeen cured, that the verttc 'fOUth e otr f et' h c rumanlt tefre was nofex-Th fi I ( as sh1ppers generally enter the market b th f U verdtct does not affirm or purport to affirm 11 tl cep 10n on e par o e comp aman o any por 10n us, we e t and we are assured of the sympathy or Tbe,cmp of tobacco raisedm our State thts year IS t at e mstance o the mted Stales, and d h a leiS of these mstrucuons, and the JUry found 'for the United our fellow that It became us to offer Mr. ted t be 0 xL t ._ 1 h ._.. f av.ers that he was m possessiOn of the satd property at SI,M!S, aiJ. t e court can jlOt conJecture tha he ry 10 s.-ftt -" d .-> n ds It b d b Hager as wa1 m and as gratefiul an acknowledgment of repor o ,373 o so per cen.. argel't an o tended to affirm all the s t t th bstantiil .... es, con ewmng goo can not e ou ted last year, maklflg a probable amount of, say, Stxtet:n to the t1me of the attachment thereof, and that he JS the f h d ISSue !fi a e s:u tha this is a verd1ct on which a 1udgment of" t brotherhood as was wtthm our power. ffe has been tru d 0 fid f-th d a J meanmg o t e ver 1ct 1s not mam est as 1t m1ght have tone! E 1 twenty thousand hhds-and is beheved to be of good e an ona towner o e sa1 property, an t at b d 1 ure can be entered agamst all the p10perty setzed The m urope to "g ean mformahon wuh reLerence to the ft''ty 11 1 h 1.. hi! fin other r.sQn 1s the "Owner thereof, wherefore he tleen returne odn ohn Y onehtssue, as well as on two or wor croods' '"as used 1n the plead1ng nd b. ''obacco trade," and we-will trust hrm to remember qu"'"I gei;!ertt y, a t oug." w e v.ery em some s t d fi d d" 1 rh h 1ree Issues, an t e court as no means of detemuomg ,. '' ; "' d h h bons, 1s reported as havmgbeen m1ured by the drought pray 0 e en accor mg Y e momnon to t e h h t d _, d court m 1ts charge and by the JUrv m the1r vcrdtct an repeat w at e saw of the honor m wh1ch we marshal commanded l t tt: h th .< f b on w lC Issue o ren er JUwgment an that the mde. E h ld T b f m other loca.hties, causmg t-he plant to cure up thtR ancl 1 : 11m 0 a ac re prop.,r.; Y. termmat h t f h d" fi rth t. as synonymous wn):l the words 'property uropeans o o acco, apart rom profit and sale. green. Since housing the crop, the weather has been commancuug htm to attach sa1d goods, wares, h de arac er 0 t e ver let 11 er appears by against herein The manufacturers and traders of England are anxious so very dry that planters have been unable to make merchandtse and articles', which were t herembefore t le sth d leavleutg It doubtful "The uerdlct dtd not vary from the s e d d t tv acknowledge the value of such a publication as THir. acll-head t W m, d b descnbed by the same words as in the mformation. The w le ler e Jury 10 en e a e artie s seized or a ts 11 nor 1 1 TOBACCO LEAF, and we who do more to'consume and :s m the 1 return of the malshal was that he had attached the bpart onlyd, and If a part only, whtch part, there having to the. was a verdtct, c elebrate the lotos than to provide It shall hope to find od quantity tobacco, etc ,' descnbed m the momtwn. The een evi ence winch, under the mstructions of the court, an no a specm ver IC ere IS not mg to show Mr Ha er and hts countr m e h answer, whtch was filed on the 4th of June, I868, says h;ve 'Yarranted a verdtct for the United Stales that dJd ;ot findd of thet Issues m fad-mcotlan gdreums, as we try r fi d 11 And now, Chnsttan H Lihenthal, the claimant of the on t e ... rst 1ssue, or on the second tSSue, but noevi vor o e overnmen as un er e ms ructwns an aud ener !OUT to ve o ars per Ioo lbs crop round, but,' as yet, said goods, wares and merchandise, Jor answer to the dence that would have warranted a verdtct for the, Umthe they were warranted m domg. It was not planters appear unwtlhng to make so great a concession hbel of mformatlon fifed a am sf the d ted States on tJ1e tlurd 1 ssue. for them to say that they found each of the from what they obtamed last year, and there bas, g same, comes an 1ssues m favor of the Government Moreover on the u.VertuementB. therefO!"e, been but little done as yet, that we can hear answers the satd mformatiq n as follows : The sa1d I have detailed at some length the views urged on evtdence 111 the case, the Jury could not find mtent of. clatmant demes that the satd goods, wares and mer-the part of the clatmant, m order that 1t may be seen d. t th th r t d t b h To TOBACCO LEAF MERCHANTS AND BROKERS SAU:SMAN chandlse 0 a t th f b r r d th t th d d B I 1n regar 0 et er e manutaC ure o acco or t e raw BOOKKEEPER AND SALESMAN wanted by a Young Man, Offerings at warehguse from January I to r ny par ereo ecame or are tonette a ey are un crstoo ut am ujtable to a,pmaterials whtch dtd not exist m -regard to both and unthorou ghly understands Iris busness, a Stuabon as above, address A R I, I0,070 hhds, 14 538 same time last year m manner and m the satd alleged.' preciate thetr force, as apptled to the facts of this der the statute the eXlstence of the forbidden' m Office of tlus Paper = 407' t, Stock on_ hand Decem. ber I, 5 rg hhds, a""'mst 687 same-OR the qth of Apnl, I868 an, order was made, enticase I,t entirely clear tha,t the 'property_ ,' regard to condemns all the personal pro ert WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED CIGAR SA"LESIIL\N' to travelJ "OJ tled 10 the case as one against t t f f and the 1 t k f P y who has a lara:e wlloJesale trade and can come wen l'ecmameaded,... d ye ,piiiic:apallyheld bymanu cturers. a quanJyo manuac-persona propery,, spo en o JJ1 folmd'mthesameplace Theissue herefore real tured tobacco, etc .factory of e H. Llhenthal, 22I the mformation as set zed; and 'the aforemen-I gl d t th t1' h t!culars or, Sll!l>le1 Out-boooeo, eiC oiiuaw between s iBpOto oo tho Fluohing Ralroail, ULd oilly m1nuteo from each cleJ1o', 12 -dail7, II mmuleo to New York City lnqwre at the olloo of ihia pepe. Ml COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-:\ MONTHLY JOURNAL for Smokers. PUbllehed &t No. 10 Lord Nelson 1trcet, i tverpool, En8f l&nd wuer aubeonptione may be addreeled, or to the Touooo LEil' Ornoar Proe two ahiii1Dp (KDI]ah) per annum. Trade A.1ve..-nta. :10 su lllnga per IDeh. No adnrt!Mmmlo reoelveol ror a rhorter period thaD ai:J. months Macbineey I Slr.le B1181D.Mfll A.ddre. e., AnnouncemenUI, 6:o 1a llne. lfo orc!ee for AdnrtiakJg wliJ be eo& oldere

4 ew '}: or.k Uommjssioil Merchants. The Virginia Tobacco Agency .--EsTABLISHED IN 1836, UY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. COiVKOLLY A CO., :I:J:Sf L _EAF & MANUFACTURQ TOBA"O, ST., HBW TORS:. We oall the attention of too tlade to the foTiowing Jlrmis of Jlatlufabtured Tobacco : for lire B'filtlils of (;elh W. Gillta111, inc'/umng his {:.ekbralet( Wt.e S.p, GQlaea Seal, aaa Galleco Brail.. T. WILLIAMS & CO. 1 Goldell E1 Uatcpe, i Eomaeralda, -La R...a, .H 11 rai.S4rl111efll ;j ot/ur Btunds by these Celthrgted Manufadurers. )t. A. PA:T'l'ERSONS & CO.'S Bdale CJaipo&. 1>1 Vern-, aD4 Columllla Mists. -BoroAiaa, GoUea Apple, aacl Other Braads. r :ariDus Br:mtlf of the & BtcWari, ,_..B. Glreaaer, E R Smith_3r & .lao. H. Woreham, T'llrpia & 11ro, O:"'P. & Co.La-...retce Lottier, ; > Bea..a & Bo-, aacl Othen. I given to of oTwhich are J& 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW. IJ'Qllaooo CommlasioD MaJ!'Chants Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking 'obaoco:, lllirly Dew, Piabfe' mo.8om,. Red Rivllfl', .Powhattan, I Old Kelltaok, 018 Lotr Cabin, dOw IIIUP. Plantara' Cbo1Qe, F'i Wt,. lkumy Baut:lr, Oar BraJl4, B'oney Dew the AIMao fOr 3. P HA '!l"11:hf8 &. 00,'8 O()LD FLAXR. CHA'RLES 1. G.A.B.DDVER. A ...... TOBACC8 COIIISSIOI ..... .. 84 FRONT STREET, NEW dnr rmiriin!f dired from VIRGIN.IA and NORTH et -,"mAr Dj LEAF, M'ANUFACTURED artd I ) ... &.. .UJID., 0 0. II..&.JUL1fVN. 1. a. i I NEW YORK : S T.obaooo IINpeeted _. pleil. Certillcates given for evert case and delivereO .._ )y OM8', )o of Oer 8aate. 'N .B.W al8o &le .in Mwclfaril$' 1"fture#. 'J)IIPII P. Q.JII}IIIt f CHAI. a.. 8U.L, Jl. z .. Q'U'Illl 41' DROA:t;> ST., -!'o 39 Broad Street, .N;BW IN E W Yo'RK. --------------------IKOTHIRS & Co. 1 MANUFAC,'TURERS OF THE OKLJi:BRATli:D /t Ml1t081 )\; .A.fNl vario1&8 other Drands of Fbie Cut Ghewiag Tobacco,. l _. ISC EtHI Third ,, : CINOUIKA.TI, o.. at LEAFMARKETforUT'l'INll TqB,\CCb, OUJ' facilities for toe TRADE with A,LT. GRADES o'F F 1 :-<1!: CuT nnsurpass.Cfl r 1 i t A BON, ( :J I I ; t78 WATER S.TRE!T,. NEW YORK, ruoat* o RARd AND Pac'kers t1 De.estle Leif Tobaeeo. --. ,. Awa:ANoEa L IDJUTL a., -.awl) TOBACOO .AND dOTTON F AND I l GENBB,_'.AL CO MISSION MEBtJIJA:_ I J 13 B AD II'., .... Y.t ... 1. Adva'llcemepts mar'e,on cqnsignments toW. A. & G. jllAXWJi:LL &:cw. A.P. BULKLEY MOORE & CO. VIRGINIA Tobacco Commjyiou lleichants 14 FJlON:l' Street. .. LBERG & to., .16o P&.\ti. ST., New You. J. D. IIIIEIElllliiS & CO., MD lRElEI,BtRG, SCHIEFER & CO., NEW 0Itf-UN6 LA. TI!Wtll tiJOiml liM. M. H. LEVIK, -IIPOBTI.OP H&VOl t ., And Dealer ia>allldndl of work to our Thistle'' Brand, so widely known in many of our %.JC .A. ::r 'I' 0 E .A. d c 0, ) f delicacy of chew., etc., we would iov1te the' 162 PEARL ST., NEW JORI ,alway s on ltand in lbs., balflbs., threes, po-e et.pieces: _etc. CHAS. F. TAG_ & EOlf,c: SOLE AGENT :FOR lm_l)OI'ters SP Al'llSli, aD tEAf TOBACCC 179 PEARL STR.I:E"::', ;&l.,.,. !'* and ['roar Blreeil, .. ..:. NIEW .... YOR.i & G FBIERD a C O DULEB3Di' Leaf TobacCO, MAIDEN _LANE, ,fi:DWAn]) f"l'.i'ENJ:, j r )' ffEVJ Y9RL M. WESTHEIM & OO;, I Seed-Leaf and ci Havana To baoo!, 171 Pearl Street, NEW TOR&. E. M. CRAWFORD. & CO., TOBACCO AlO) r 16S WATER STREET, NEW YOKI!:, H .ve 011 oale allldndo of Lear TobttcO .for Ezport and for Uome Ottinger & Brother, IrENTlUCKY Loaf 'll'b 119 BTREET1 J.rBWYOB -'VVILLIAM M. PRICE & CO., :LEAF T-OBACCO, I 119 Maiden Lane, \VaL l\! l F A. JAn r tu::W YOBB' J08. M.A. YER'S SONS, -. flomllisstn J.liD-DI Lo&l rtelaaeM, 12:1 W .AT:tnl BTBBB7'. Nw York. DE TABACOS/' "JOCKEY. CLlJB" PffiL: "SHIRIDAN." Sole l:.tupo:rter 9:f ,.X'NIC&:ERDOCXEB OLU.Q. z ....... KAX!f,'


BEC. II BDIBLL-, MANU!' ACTURER Of' SUl'E.Ri."OB. MAK'K AND .Prime Quality .of OilDAB W..OOD. P.ALMER1 & SCOVILLE, 'IIIHBTBBS -aARUII .UW IOBDBB o AU. __ TO No. 1'10 L PA.LllKR ra ll. JOJINBQl(, A.Gz..-rs li-o:a. TKII: BALli OJI' ALL or:a Brands of Virlbda Jilul:lort.b. MANUFA aoa, ne l NEW YORK. 1n1:. A.GlfliW as soH. !oblooo-lle!ahaDi& ...., and 1188 Proll.t ll!ltao.e .. NBW Y01tK. IU.1;JI Olf II,A'tdl ALL -OO!J_ ........ ,...ORliiTI .AB':Q IJIPOUEB.S -OP CLAY / PIRES, : NEW-YORK.. Jaf ""''"' for Bxport aid 1.., GlNS & .IJCBAELIS, IMPORTERS OF s. B.OS$IM, Dealer in WHOL'B8A.LJI DULXB I!{ :U:a:a. o 3: LEAF TOBAceco, E-XN"B I .. e!a I ....m5 7S Bo-vvery, Ne-vv York. I JI.E.W Chas. T. Seymour IMPORTER 'OF .A.V' N And Dealer in Soe4 lr!oaf 189 Peml st1eet, New York. M. W. MENDEL & BRO. & Leaf Tobacco, I 190 pEABI. Leaf 'l'obacoo. 'ld Connecticut WAappers, Old State Seed Wrap;us, T!u FiMsl Haw11a Wrappers 11iid Filius. I. COLELL, :r.41VB, lVew 1l"ork. JAMES D. W Al-{N .l:R, ._IB'PIII1( ... -411ft 00 TERMAL REVENUE BUKEI, No. 8x BEAVER STREET, 'Wi.l\ attend to t he Custom H vuse Work on Export c.f Merchandi!:e in B o nb Abo, to recovering on Exportt of T a x Paid MerchJndise. flaving been engaged in to exp o rt s o f merchandise (in bond and tax pllid) und er Internal Revenue L :tws. as .a sp._ecblty fJr m o re thai\ ten yean, h e has acquired an experi ence which. is the b'est guuantee for reli able Rrompt, and thorough attention to exports of T obacco and Spirits und" tb: New lntern1l Reven L1w .He think's that he will attena !he o weU in de!ay1 mi i h1?S, th1t the good 1 w i ll command the highest ma!ke t prkt; thereby more th.1.n etving to !vllnuf l c t 1r::r or D.;::llcr an n.-:cesu:-r charge. &" A.dvioa glv:>,;l I 1 ota 'rt.r ...,_.. y .. NEISS. EI.[,EB XAEPPEL, ,---.......... ., H.AVA:NA .&all Dealen Ia --..uo Lll:l.r m Pearl street, NEW YORK.. tUi Deaivs in J'irgjfJia ,11 Wttum Leaf and Manufaduml TtJi>aIJ, Lirorke, Gu'(ll, 18 Old Slip, ew ALTER,' FIU'DIAN & rnEISE, Ull'OB.T EllS OTI KA:VA IN OKESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, S'P AV!RA TOBACCO ill CIGARS, I DIAT,WlJIIUD CGt,.l;i 0 o. 182 W ATEB. STREET, NEW YORK. Seed Leaf' ll!robacco 218 PEARL STREET. NEWYORX. OF. 11, &JOBBL. Jf'. C U 1 b) DOMESTIC Loaf T=obacno IMPORTER. OF DV II& LI.I.F toi.IC And SOLE AGENTS for the Sale of the followmg Bran s or THOMAS & 0LIVIlR, and D. C MAYO at Co., Va.: Virginia..Be.allties, .I4S" Virginia Beau tlbs Olive, t lbs<_ Virginia's Own Pocket Pieces. Tb.ol':as's. Clpic;e: Chew s !.ijs': .; Rose 'I'Wlsf, '6 mch. J. M. Walker's Extra 'IYi.Jt. 12 nell'. L:1 Fa odta Rolls, 6 ncb. Cil'al.;iiucy. 1Tr., 9Jnch, Ugbt.pJ:elled. ....,....,._,_ enrJ', Jr., 9 i.wh, hard. Chas. H enry Jr., 12 inch lbs PYre Virginia, 12 jnch lbs. Eureka. 12 inch lbs. Oliver's Choice, r;: inc!! lbs. Old Kentuck, 12 inch lb. MANUFACTURED. PERIQUE. All Styles of Manufactured add Smdidar Tobacco put up 1111der &pecial brands for thO sole lise of the owner. Chicago GEO. F. FflY: IMPORTER OP HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO ..lKD L. O _ABV .AJ AL'S OIGABB, NJIW 'I'OJa[. !J-6'7 ater Street, New ::JAVfiEa, \ F.A.'l'MAW. oo .. c Cotton aad Tobaooe -r .. m-'1111 z1-.; Factors, AND COMMISSION No .tr7 Broad. Street, .,. a ." BBO.&D ........... ; ) JIIBW YOB&. w r a 6. D: HUN'.r, co:M:KiSSION KD.CBANT ALL RIND8CW

THE I DEC 11 I ------------------ GUSTAV: G"':TB,. MANUFACTURER Cl: A B3 CERMAN STRE.ET, BALTDIIOR.E. KD. F. -nbll!IEB, hit Maaa'ract.rer .... s.. F. H. BISCHOFF, DEUtSOBIR RAUOHTABAK 87 .Ua&ca.1 GAY STREET, ,/ I I D SOUTH WA aEJSEIUIIII. AJrD OTIIlD. --..._, go & 92 South Charles Street, Baltimore F. ENCELBACH, ACENT, 11--t!da ..,.,*k. JJJJ.ALDO BAR & 00., DOHAN & TAITT, B ._ F. Cr Genaril.l Coat lllirctilllts. e 1 ANUPAOTuo -'ciiD ..... .....;., .. lollcca o1110ission Merchanl$, ToBAccos, -,.. ... '.__ Bee..._ eto. i PHILADIILPHIA. 107 STREET, IIIIIDD81!10I MBIIIR';;' ro B.&LB 01 wm ... .,_rl )laW ... L PRILA.DELPHIA. 92 and 5 Water St., ............ W..& ....,_, 1 ..._ &u.TUIOBJ:, 118. 1lAI4'JKOII. Jm., TOBACCO C9QJSSifll IIBCHAm. B. H., BOLEN IUS i, CO. .:, :. DE.U.EllS IN Seed Laif ancl Ba, Va.D& TOBACCOS. N. W. CIH"'Ur Charles 11ntl Pratt Stl., BAL T!MORE, MD. ::!ULIUS VE'rl'EilLEIN C()., cs-to VETTEBLilN .t 00.,) TOBACCO AND MARRIOTT W.GUNTBEB CENERAl.. Commission Mere MERCHANTS, ..l!ID .. POJ.TUS IF SPJ:NISD TOilteo, No. lll Arch St., Philadelphia. ) A S M f.ATTU&OM. 1111. W. BDWARD CD. Commission in LIAF TOBACCO Alffi CIGARS l'o. 33North Water St., Ph!liM'Iphla hJe ......... Ill l'elula'FIV&Di& and Delawa,.. -... Ola&r Kolllda. Pd :Bm:r:>ire oauer. kilv&L MOOkL ]OHX MOOU. a & J. oo:aE, TOBACCO Hillin PODIOI I m.u liANUJ'AC'l'UBD OF DIIUJUa II h), And Dealer in all kinds of 89 NORTH WATER ST., Phil8.delphia., Pr.. LEAF TOBACCO, AND CIQAR RLSBONS. AI""" for rhe sale of all kinclaof Manufactured No. 25 St., Baltimore,'Md. and Leaf Toltaccot. I L. HERBERT, Dealer In TOBACCO PHILADELPHIA. H. SCHlYimT, "LEAF-TOBACCO" ORDERS PR.OMPTJ Y FlLLED: BECK .sr. HAYEN, ..,...._. 1111 ldlenl Ctlllllllltn lmhutl, .. .&ad TOBAOOo Jr_ 00 o SfU8t lW1forcL Pacbn and De a lers i n OONltEOTICUT SEED liEAI +oll.aaco ; N(). 134 IIAIN STREET Hal'ttord, Conn. WOODWORTH & STRONC, Dealerl ill TOBACCO_ 1Vo 817stateSt., BROKERS, -o_H_I_o. __ C1mneclicut Seed leaf Tu ... COLLilfl. Bf!Z.l.JJJirfl, aENRY MEY.E;R, CNAJIT, AJid W.llollojole Dealer ift OHIO & OOlOJECTI,. ........ ...... LE:A.F TOBACCO, 134 1f&in St., Cincinnati, o. renowned Brands pf Virghlia Smok.iug 1'<>tmt lla'V'8.Da 7obaco, &.DIE JACi ai4JROU DICI. 193 East LAKE ST. CHICACO. L YSCHBUBG, VA. -.,._, I!Ollch : e:l nd promr>ll I. IEO:o W Wtcxs. t N )'\Iun, f Louisville. )j P. F $EKONIN & "CO: LW TOBACCO BBDm 37l: West St., LOUISVILLE, KY Five Brothers Toba.c<;o Work Leaf Pine-Out, Ohowfng & Smokluj \ Kmickiniok, &o., 811111Afl:4!ht JOHN FINZER, BEN. ) I NZER, F!Wd). Fi:!JZJ .... ...fet ............... ft,z.ovza, R UDOLPH FJ:NZER, NICHOLAS FINZ!:II-JOHN F ZE & BROS M.A.NUFACTU,RER.S OF FIVE BROTHERS Utf .. IIRGQ PINE APPLE/'.1110 "PaCME" .JORICCOS. 13 .t; 1 ftliiUrft.;X...itft.Jiii.I! K : B.A. V Jll.V .& Nq. aao Niirili -.e-nd st .. AND Seu;ars, JWO B'Olt.TR TJUBD ST., PHILADElPHIA PA. GaollGII: S LllBDOM j OHN]. HAx a, Ja. li.A.1l: & tEEDOM still alive. FIRST IITHIIIIL TOIICCO WIRHOUSE, 716 NORTH STREET, ABoVI! toATKS, PHILADELI'HIA, DKA.L&R.S IN' Leaf and :Manufa.$red .. o, 1 SNUFF, CIQARS, lc. Apatf (;AIL & AI'S aDd KA.uuAG BIIO'Mfu.'s, Bal tiiDOf!'J Smoldng Tobacco& Pony Navy and Yellow Blnh>noru. COmfort and Brothe r ] onathan Smoldq TobaocloL Lea. :f To Seed Led Tobacco, =======s=t.=L=o=u"==M=o;:. 42 l)uuth Oharlu Strut, 62 SoutH Calvert st. lra.ltimore Md. BUCHDU & LYALL'S T88ICCm 24 BROAD S.TREE'l', aALTIMoAK. .WIGHT & STEVENS, CoDUDlssioa. 111 C. O. HOLYOKE, 'COKKISSION KERClW E. D. CJ;lristian & Co., C.liJmll Merellaate f"or tlJ..-"PIIrchaue" oJ ') i -, II VIRGINIA lEAf TOBACCO! General ,Mei-ehant. TOBACCO EXCI-IA.NGE, Offlca in Tobacc:o Exch&Qce, .Shockoe Slip Richmond, Va. j "'rt_, 0 1' In LEAF ILild MANlJF AOTUREJ TOBAOOO, U Cent-ral lYharf, BosttJ Ferdinand W Jr., AGENT AND Kercha.n ED. .t?P. 'l'O:SACCO :omnttsston I -I. H. CLARK & BRO., c MMIBSION MERQHANTS g souTH cHARLEs sT. Md. Bc-Ohto-Leaf: LEAF TOBACCO BROKER BAL TIMOIIII. Baltimore 1 CLABBJlVJI.r E, TENN.


DEC 11 'A.NUraCTU:BF.RS OF .A. :a:c. Jefferson Street, between 7th a.nd 8th, c a a, v J.;WR. a1 _IA:. Bob White, in Cloth, Ha in Cloth, Johnny Reb, t n Cloth, Westward Ho! in Cloth, Aunt Saflie'SChoice, in Cloth, Rustic n "Cloth, Dew Drop, in Cloth, Jolly Boy, in Old Wh:te Hat, L _And. her Cho:ce .{n Brandl ol c1ur packed. ia-1p auit FREE OP EXrRA OHARGK, aJlll ia tbe !W. aad -n-1e ol tO ad the iliflnn\ m.arkela of the .orld. F'ACTORY 6, FIFTH DISTRICT. 0 SPBO-.a.-...-'0, lett PBB1"1 St.lVewYork, 1 8EIIiiL HEll FOR ILL EHTElll STATU, lllc:LUDIIG fi(AJIUPACTUil&ll. OF Ct,..J---'. 126 MAIDEN 1Alffi, NEW YORK. PHILIP IIRNARD, OF CIGARS, I ty flis ofl\ce, eae al\d every !Dan tri ttl iff) war oi American fndepen It is as follows, andhis duty ; and the uniform constderatton all you will recognize a friend'i ame in the addreu.: 11 rr have received at your h!!onds, showli tliat thetr GLASGOw, I6, have not been made in vain. You haYe had the dis Mr. Stephen Mitchell, Tobacconist, Linlithgow. cernment to ;ecognize faithful a .nd the heart Sta-Aa the tobacco has advanced coDsideri,Jily ill to appreciate it, and your reward IS !n the endurprice the manufacturers in Glasgow held a meetiJw ing and unchangeable loyalty a.nd fnendship oi' the 14th inat., and unanimously to before you. prices of maaqfactured toba cco, In determining the form which our expressiotl of reit. gard for you should take, we have been guided by the roll .,pef:fa. o 11 thoughtful which you have set. It se.emed to Ptne twtst ..... __ ,.,,, ,.., ...... 1 1 ua that a token of friends_hip JO rece1ved, Common twist ..................... ,...... 1 90 higllly pr.ized by but an appropnate 9 1 parting present to you. rrelfave; utlet liiftlOJl our severallikenesses ln grollp, and ll e'honor Rappee snuff .. .............. _._:._ of your acceptance of the same, as a emento of tru,.atScotch snuff'.-- -- -. -.. ... I .. tachmen.t feel for y 11. And as of Tile retail prices in proportion. your honored as in Yh 1 We beg you will call a meeting of the trade with 'fOU. have be.stowed upon lfl a\1, pften .recatl .tQ us :nd and report us your opinion. many kmd offices vou ve p,ertormed m beh.alf, Suchr an advance a11 that nowdays would stagger 1dt the many hours we have m BOCiaL. rand like nomiiiie ampson we would exclaim "Prodi. ffi I h..that m -. o c1a In e course .w you ; so, we -r- ious 1 But as we are contented with smaller thiags, years. as JOUrn.ey onward In the path of allow me to I had hoped,. before I knew ?f nsmg-as \n God s Providence we feel .you your generous tliat any further movement &ll of are prolonged-ht&her amned the trade might develop-; upon the shoulders of some htgher m pubhc station and esteem, ybur eyes will 10 other one to carry it out to a successful issue but I timea linger, as they were wont to do, upon the now feel somewhat like a lawyer who has had a retain of who now are sorrowfully ing fee, anli ca.n not get out of it. And in order to show btddilig _you and w1th that some of them, you that ii am still willing to "die with harness oa IIIJ perchance, passmgfor ever frolll your st.ght. back," I think 1fC might go in for another 1tl per lb in common or mi wist, if yo.u can THE SCOTC. H MA.lfUF way to it I kngw that our Edinburgh friends are desirTURERS' DllfliER AT G o to of common and thick twist; a as lhe way tn do this is to bring up the priCe 6f commo\i twist' rather than bring down the prioe of thick,I.tliink if you authorize the committee to proceed to take steps to prin& his about, I haY& no 4ov)t eiatiOD roti.&;9ilal\ci.met Okether at they w!ll As the of that partic1&-Royal Hotel Glasgow on the evening of Fnday_, the I .St lar artlcl eohfined to Scotland, we haye M of. In abseJtce of the President, the others to consult abot.h it except the manufacturers ill cliair was occupied bf. William Yuille, Esq., North of and of them haye Baillie Mitchell of Ktlmarnock, and Mr. ,H.: luisue,..ef httherto pro refractory, 1t IS to be hoped that Edinburgh, as After the us yal our eample uce .to bad the Chairman, in highly compbmentthe more espectalty as they w1ll find tha the 111 n a,._y terms, -Presented Andrew Tod, can not be. turned .over with to thea with .1& vm llartdsome testimo!lial, of a vftluwttbQut an tlierr presenl pnce of fhe that the 1 JDoke mi&Jlt possibly refuse to pass through able ail'1.'41r tea and coffee serv1ce, along w1th an. elegant factured I anl glad, however,. to see from a cuIK '. Toucco the tubes t all; but minerstbave etrong luqgs,_)nd by epergne fruit been, subscnbed for ISsued aail Northum erlui4 SMott&.-In D,e last number a "long p1,11l, and a pull a pull altogether,: b)' the Sco ch trad.e .m recogmtton oC h11 val11able ser-are m<""" ... Hard to Beat, Essence of Old Greenback, Apple of My Eye, Contentment, Red Riding Hood PRENTICE'S GIGAR MOULDS, Patented Jan. 12, 1869,and Mar23, 1871. J ained in tobacco smoke, eXpressions or esteem by he "ttMs ,that which would entitle me to receive it from you .. Gur ?f Thew & Son, for and its presenc an be .. in\ercsts as members of the same trade are up With l far ; and we hope SOOf! to pat 1 proved as well by chemi-Flattenng remarks were made by SuperVISor together, and I do not pretend to to. h1gher m power to .add. tl per lb. of profit to that -part of ca1 analysis as hy physioHaw!ey; Mr. successor, Chief Clerk Geo ge mptives in tlie discharge of any duty affectmg tts l!el traile on_thtS, .s1 e of the I am also logicat experiment. 11 DuN B1rdsan ; and Asswtant Assessor Edward Burke. fare than each and all of us have in therebr pf!)SD g ltchl ou.r..fnend Mr. Scott, the Secretary of thQ. ring slow combustion the Assessor T E. Royall read ll. grace(ul origour-own as well as the benefit ot others. But th' I can Belfa;>t present witb \II. to-night; and f may be nicotine is to be constantly ina! poem in commemoratioo of the ev\ffit. say. Laolme into daily A was expressed that tbe memben o' ..,., uw. ... 14. Unlfllnlli\7 nipt ali4 ,a. or Oipr. -llh n.. baDoll -18 once mad .e-thatthe smoke, d1d or selfish m the tmpulse. He admtres and loves contact appreciate any effort we may make to promote the should meet once a vear .... en,...,. ......,..,. 1a u.. obat.riD -14. whloll u.e et14--. tbe..._. .. l'unis lleCwWI a 41e "' o. 1 all Uected and ""' 1 1 -wlalcla ""' u.. '-1 ""' ..... u.. bel-oftlle 'bla4e< fe>r tM tiN Jeas$11 of tho on Y part! Y C? ed fi th true nobility of ':haracter for its o..-n sak;c. alld the general good. The labor of life is sweetened by the same a.nd friendly intercout;se, it tended mucla._ dfnb 1 e he can not help 1t. It was not at Yaljetm bad gtven interchange of such pleasant offices as We...lll.!let here toto establiah and strenghten tl\_etr fuendly ... -.boretalDer, wlaiallll-'or an IDch comj>Ustton e place and position to hi workmen, that their breasts night to celebrate. They cheer us on our way, and ea<;h other. :, the cigar, andJrom w a .. were to struggle with emotion at his departure; gladden the heart b.r the expression of kind sympathy. only SIX it walt not places and positions would be va\Ve all know that virtue is said to be its own reward, ltieo or the cil!" Tbeoe to etght of dlshllatle cant when their founder was gooe, that they felt as and that' we should be animated by the mms &()IIScia ,.THE J:u.UY CITY FxRE.-How tT Looa: TH& were. waa Y though they mast foliow hilla wherenr he lllbt. Their rl&li within us; but human nature is weak, and needs all DAY AFTER.-A New York COIT$p0ndent the sufficient to a hearts were stirred because to them, whatever b,e once the _encouragement which kind words and kind actions Petenburg (Va.) d/}t"l thJJS writes under datwof theTbe l3:rie. frog the VIO ent was to others, he had bee11 a kind, a considerate, a gencan give it It is foften not enough for us merely to 23d ult. : Of course you have heard of tile bumiac 0P!'rator to fhtiih them with greater.,.. mcotme co!lvulstons,d erous,' a worthy master. One feature of tile scene, sir, know that the "good which men do lives after them;" of the great toblleeo wareho1J5e. Well, aa it is a matter .:;ch..:='tk:""....:' eral paralysis, and eat so vividly pil:tl1_J'elf in imagfnatio y e and but if during o\lilifetime the Of o actions of nO' littl ment to tobacco-growers andaealer; ,::!';.:.,::.-.:"I: sympathetic. wnter rc:';rred to, liU ita reahzatWNl 111 the appear, ani! delight the eye wtth beauty, a I propose fba your shall hear aJittle there are lllliUlJ, ..,llalenl IAT&Ii= "LAYING ON "TOBACCO event that IS transpmng here to-day. The OJ encouragement is given to further CICCrtlon,-and hope IS more of it. the scene of the fire .. IK CoAL MINES.-An ingerithese men who have sadly gatheTed heTe to btd you stimulated to yet higher attainment There can be no eyerting and can te Y0&, certain facts as to 1ta ... ......_a--'-orat....,. .. .......,.,...P,.uoaeae\ooocigars. Ue la"-":!'bo. iou!lplanforpreventingexfarewell! are moved as hearts of men are seldom finerconceptt"onof what constitutes true -'-;1:-tha.n A utahundredfeetormore&i)ul .... -odo .. eclgara. 1 th t 1. N th b rntbuild' t .:. pos1ons In mines. a are because to them you been a kind, a .thatwhicho.urpoetlaureategives,wbenhesays: warenouse o. x, e u tng,so.,..acarpenter'a I AI. 1M 'lll#rtlltt "NJI'IIk *1M #l1llk caused by the careleSSiles a generous, a worthy master. "Howe'cr it be it seema to oae I qryinc-shop; and it was here, i,a room for cbJiac 0. 111111 fin" M"fdt I, I 7' vvW" J' 'r = of tobaccQ smokershas been s""'arate' today-perhaps for ever. You, to ac-'T; only noble to be good. mouldings_,. that e fire ita rise. Of course the d db E I' h h'l ""= ..... dt b th dry h b liL-o V>Je v -J':lr CVIIC Y an ng IS p I cept another place of honor and of trust j we, to re-Kind ar.e more than coronets, Se;J!IOne. CliO e ID&' OUSe urnt -tillder. I; llriU iwlriiiD 1111 "'7 iMjrtlflemmts. anthropist English miners, sume. or dutiea IIDtil called away to some And &IDlple f:.iaith tlian N01111a11 blood. and the wind blo:.,; in the directioll J ...-_ comer Pad ... M.W.. Lane, N.., Yx_ It, wl\ere tbe ...,..bcal operaboa of the Moulda h 'll k 1 .,. .wu-., h t I h h th f f thi tt b ildin e says, WI smo e, l111.e other field of endeavor ; aatd in parting with you it If I am not trespassmg too muc upon your 1'!1': t e ware ouse, e roo o I a er u g IOila ca .. -" a-OEO. PRBNTICE, Oea'l qt. racilway travelers, whatever seems appropriate that we should mark the event by would lik!e .to make a general remarks before. Sitting caught fire. Alaaoat befo re the could reach the 197 PEARL STREET, coa.; MAIDEN L.lNB,. NE!f regulations may be framed some expression of our sentiments respecting your dedown. The benefits to the trade untted acground, the secoad or attic B.oor, as ..,_th vast th.under--to hinder them from so mean.or as an officer and a m;ln.. tion can not be better Illustrated than m the case to dint and fire fell i': on first, tumbJin&' doing. It is therefore pro-The most of those who now surround you with sadwhich I npw wish to refer. RreYious to the ?* the'hogsheads on aijic floor tn wtld confusion, Oil posed to to dene aspect have been officially associated with you the pre.ent bonded warehouse here, the 111 top of a!ld alongs1de those stored on the crowad enjoy heir pes Without for several years, and the single thought that reconciles weight fr?m the tobacco tn bond was fioor. 1\ll hope of No. I was sooa danger. To effect thi!l ohthem to your loss is, that you 10 to a post in tome revery considerable, upon thts mcrease the trade had abandoned, and at one ttme tt seemed probable that .. LIOOBICE PASTE A.BD THE UNDERSIG!niD OFFERS TO THE TB.ADE 1 LIOOIIOI 100'1' AND TBI J'OLLOwmG BlW1DB OJ' LICOilCI JMD : J. V. ABAZPGLU .A.OC A. BBI'IB IARDL .APOLLO. w.a n DJa&CT IMPoaTATioln ,.ROM TuaxaT AND SPAll'l', QUALITY GUARANTDD, AXD trea J. SCHNITZER. 33 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON, MASS.; or c.l ,., W &. A LEAMAN, No. 67 BROAD-STREET, NEW YORKi .. ject earthenware jars of tospects more commensurate with your intelleetual to pay duty. I obtamed a return from the warehouse warehQuse No. :r, standmg dtago y ac:.to1s the 1tr bacco are to be deposited moral worth. keeper at that time of how much that amounted to, and w?uld share same I.:uckily, howeyer, the on the surface ground The place you relinquish is 0 ( dignity and reit to .b.e not less than soo/. a year. The wm.l qbanged tn criSIS of the near the pit' mouth, the sponsibility ; but it has been one of labor and anx-of th1s add1t1onal dutrhad goRe. on, not on1y the some howrs of the fire was cotte? 11nder coasmoke from which can be iety ; and it is the sincere wish of all that the sphere_ life;time of the presellt generallon, but also In that of trol. 1 the spot tn th_e, midJt inhaled through india-rubber in which you will hereafter act will brine you enjoythear fathers before them. It eccurred to me that her of :1 drtzz6ng ram, and what bloody Bntisbera-tubeJ running inside the ment, comfort, and wholesome' ease. You haye the Majesty's Ex-chequer was not entitled to bertefit to that would call London particular," a deleful scene of mine Tobacco smoke is, proud satisfaction of knowing, that U, retiriag from this extent 1lt the of the manufacturers, and a mem-waste and rutn marked the spot where No. I ?Dee afootL in fact, to be laid on to the office, you eave it without a stain upon its record, orial to the Comf11lSSIOners of was up, Over an .. area of 400 feet .by 'lQO hung a thtclt paD of mine as gas and are either by your own acts or the acts of those who have with the able Mr .. P. Hanulton, a.nd nstng from the partially consumed or coaauminc laid on houses. The jars been your subordinates aod aasistants.. By your faith by the trade; the result of was that m rematns of over three hogsheads of being lighted from above, ful and efficient administration of the functions of your bond, was allo\fed to be pa1d duty on at the Import !hose thoU: fell the fioor ID8et the tobacco may be smoked office, you have earned and received, as rour recent weight, and o".lr .pockets weresaved to that extent yearJUred, the tobacco lD ma&y haVIDg burst ita in perfect safety, and the merited preferment proves, the llpproval of the Governly. And .Yet thiS gone on from year to year, and and thus-affOrded the fire a faU"er chance to get at miners will no longer be ment you haye servl!d, as, also, the unqualified praise been pa,nea:tly sublllllted to, aU through want of comtt. of the hogsba.ds on the ground ftoor are tempted to carry lucifer and indorsement of an appreciative public and press. -bined action on the part of the trade. haYC, bow-JUSt aa they before the fire, tbat. matches in their pockets. And it is now my pleasing duty, sir, to tell you that in ever, recently upon a new m our trade the ltclc of fire-demons tongue theiQ objection to this scheme addition to all this you have by your frank and openlife by the organization of the whole manufacturers of bare of covenag and converted them mto likene!leS of is that the tubes might be-hearted kindness: invariably' and impartially aCCOI!ded, Scotland an association; Olll' six expe-charre!' stumps. In sorae cases I was surcome ehoked with oil; but woa not only the esteem and adnairadoa, but the frarience of Lt has very satiSfactory (and lD my cnrn pnled to :see the red eye the devil o this it ls stated, may be ternal love of your associates here. Rarely has master case to-night particularly so) \ but to show you how far fire gleammg at me from hi4 home tn very obviated by "causing the been more deserving, rarely has master been better ap1111r efforts have been S!Upa.slfed by those?( our prede-heart of. old dry bogsh.ead, no doubt the re smoketopass ilirough.water, predated or better served. cessors, I will now to you a .letter, wntten nearly a c.umulatton sttll furDISbed fooc:l for his innas in the case fof a hookah. Realizing _Ole worthiness of their and the dig-hundred years ago-m 177 s-bemg the first year of the ttable appetite. There is also the objection


ltQY. T 4co., -, \f"VJ:A\<'t\IJY:I\S I" Fine Cb.ewi11g. 1'osAccos & s-I ..... \O r, CHEWING f ltTNNY ailim. HEARTS' ,, 304 adli(J06 Pearl St., New York City. I( ---... & ...-1 .. [ .. y '1naf ....., .... 1'.l'Q'p,..qoQ, -*" I' J, .------------!Licorice. 24, WILLiAN ST., N. 1: TOlwA.OOO GATfUS &; iJiU, OC.olacccr :129 .. Peat-l Skfft, 'JEW ;QBK. .. up l ,thmuf.actiJtNd GQ.UU A.VtiiUE lUND ITE iftt s;rtao Cltt; I r o. 11 Bowery, .-&:w YQRK. A f$E BR4EilE[.E0, OF A VA' N A C JGABS, X. RADEll. r J I J l ., WARDROP & DALY. 203 aid 205 IJJWIB Ni:W YORK. Wood B MEUIAITI. ,. SFANJ;E}::S:: CEDAR J'or CIPJ' Boies, 11U'DIIIbed In Q,a& to oult. CoDIICnmeDto Of Blaek Walnut Belpeatlull7 Solicited. J. GOEBEL & CO., 68 .warren Street, i s xopx.! F & 11 oo,J OP'i 1 tOBACCGSEALINaW tlf R.o:nw. C Nllll'W llileeuri, In Illinois, ll'.o.aox7447t.\ 82. W.a.U St., AGENT OF THE MOST ACC).dm ITEm '11ntN\J dil THIS CITY, HAS ALWAY ON HA D 'i'I -I}i: FOL. LOWING BEST VUELTA ABAJO LEAF.':'' CLEAR HAYANA CIGARS. tt'. 0. OF Tit CEUBIIUEO t 82 Wall St., OF THE BBST 114VBA Cl&ill, HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: JIUSLIN AND LINEN TOBACCO B_.GS, 263 Eaat St., llew York. ) JUSOEI.LAlfEOUS. ATenue, Brooklyn. Jlaaol ..... ii'e.t ......... t'l ..__ .... ,_ ._. Cl1rttbas Toto ....... er THI N ofthern Pacific RAILROAD, SECURED BY _CHINE, d r BY $1 lAI JJ 'If ,. l ( ... .-. "'1 1 1 CO., -, t '' 29 BROADWAY. NEW YORK CITY.


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