The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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; I VOL. VIII.--NO; 45. NEW YORK, DECEMBER 25, 1872. . \ ... ., WHOLE NO. 409 i!J;ht IS PUBLISHED EVElY WEDNESDAY MO.llNING :BY Tllll fOB1CCO LEAB PUBL!SillNG 09MP'Y, .142 Fulton St., New York. J. HENRY HAGEl!. Editor. JOHN G. GRAFF Business Agent. As a n advertisi-ng m edium, whero.itisdesi:rcd to l"each. th.e Cigar and Tobacco,Trade, not o.nly o.f this but foreign Countrit:s, it is the best attainable All letters should be plato!Y adftressed to TuE TOBACCO LEAF PVBLISHING 142 Fultvn Street. New York. Terms of the Paper. SrNGLK CoPn;;s 10 CENTS PxR ANNUM k-oo "'ro Eogland and the Canadas, $1.04 additional 1 per annum for prepayment of Postage. To Bremen, Hamburg and the Continent of Europe, $a.o8 additional per annum for Postage. To Australia, etc., $1.04-"'ia. San Francisco, ad ditional p e r annum for PosL'l ge. No orders f o r the paver considered, unless ac companied by the corresponding amounL Remittcn ccs should, in every instance, b e made only b y m o n ey-order, check or draft. Bills are Hab le to be stolen, and can only be sent at the greatest risk to the sender. R 'ates of Advertising. t square (i4 Nonpareil lines) for six mQnths, $20. do. 1 year S:35 Larg-e r ad in the same proportion, but noDe taken unless 1 2, 3, h or more squares. One column, 1 year, '4-5o; six months, $ a:;o ; three JDOnths, Half column, 1 year, $3+0; sU: moathlll, $r30; montlts,$75 G:r Advertisements on the first page, $150 p e r square ovt:r two wide columns, and none t aken for !es3 tha1;1 one year, payable fu41y in advance; two squares, $300; three squares, S4-50 No deviation from terms. TraUslcnt adyertisements on the third page, :as cents per line for each insertion. No for ad,rertbTng will be consiilered, unless accompanied bythe corresponding amount. Thi'S rule will INVARtABLY be adhered to. DIRECTOilY OF ADVERTISEIIS. NEW YORK. Tobacco Wartkousn. Agnew W. & Sons. and 286 Front street Allen Julian1 J7'J Water. Benrirno D. & A., n4 \Vater. Bergman n John H 1 Ceder. Blakemore, Mayo&Co.1 -41 B read. Bowne & Frith,( Burling Slip. Brod M., 131 Maden Lane. Bulkley, More & Co., 74 FronL Cardozo A. [;I. &-Co., Pearl. Colell H. Water. Connolly & Co., -4-S Water. Crawford .E. M & Co., 1.68 Water. Davidson .Bro., 14-5 Water. Dessauer W. 165 Water Dohan. Carroll & Co Front. DoBois Eu!;fene, 75 Frno Eggert, WID. 138 Water Engel bach, F. 1 Sixtb A v Falk & Bro. G, 171 WatN Tatman & Co., 10 and 72 Bto411. .t) .- Fox. Dills & Co., 175 Fisher & Rost, ns M-aiden Lane. l Prledman M l47 Water Frienc:l &r Co., E & G.1 129 Maiden Lane, Gardiner.}. M. & f'o., 8-4 Front. Garth D. ,_,Son & Co., Gassert j. L. &: Bro., 16o Water. Genhe1l... & Bro., 86 Maiden Laoe. Guthrie & Co., Front. Hamburger I. & Co., so Water. Heyman &:. Lowenstein, 99 Maiden Laoe. Hillman G. W. & Co. to8 Front. Hoefen, W. C. & Co. ; 173 Water. Hunt. C. 1:1. 99 Pearl. Hunt, J.D. 133 Water Street Kianicut Thomas, ICittredge 'V. P. & Co., 71 and 73 Front. & Co., '6o Pearl. .am,tte _o\. C., 163 Peart. Levin M. H., 1 6::1 Pt>arJ. Maddux Broto., 138 Water. fdaitland Robert L. & Co., 43 lkoad. Martin & Johnson, ""166 Water.-Ma_rer j oseph, Sons, n2 Water. Md::affil james, 98 Maiden Laue. C. L & 0., 43 Beaver. Messenger T. H. & Co. x6 and.,163 Maiden Lane Morris, H. M., 19 Old Slip and 73 Water. Norton, Slaughter & Co., -41 Broad. Oatman Alva, x66 Watex. Ottinger 13rottlerS 119 Pearl. Palme1 & Scoville, 170 Water. Paulitscb M 173 \Vater. Pric4 Pearl Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadwa y 1 McA.lpln 0. H .It Co. cor. D aDd 'l""' Miller Mrs. G. B & Co. 97 Columbia S., '/5 Fulton Shotwell D. A, & Son, 17-4 Eighth av. Watts Lewis H. East 1oth Agtotsfor S, Tobacm, ttc, Hen A. & eo. 43 Liberty Lindheim M 1-48 Water Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, Pearl Manufacturtrl if Cign. Auerbach & Menderson, 138 Water Bernard Philip, 133 Water Broc"k M., 3:19 Bowery Castaneda & Jewel, 72 Maiden Lane TiSher &: Rust, us Maiden Lane. Frey BrPs. & Oo. u6 Chambers "' Hartcom Hahn, 148 Water Hirsch D & Co. 257 Bowery and 17-4 Water.Hu.dJho::n 1L. &: Co. Bo Water Holla.nder Louis, toa Nassau .}accby S. &:: Co. :109 Pt.!arl Josephs S. 131 Maiden Lane Kaufman .uros. & BonQy, 51 Maiden Laae Kerbs & Spies, 35 Bowery Leinkauf & Pollak. 20:11 Chatham Levy Bros 78 Bowery Lichtenstein A. & Bro. 3" anu 34" Bowery Lichtenstein B1os. & Co 121 Maiden Lane Mendel M.. W. & Bro, 190 Pearl Neuburger M. 283 P earl Stacbelberg M. Pearl Orgler S. Greenwich and sa Cb.ambers Schwarz & Spohr, 189 Lewis Seidenberg & Co. 19 Dey I & \V;mn ack, 6 Rivington Smith 1!: A. 11 Bowery Straiton Storm, 191 Pearl Sutre 131 Water if Fine JlJ'tJ4tiA Cicar1 Hollander H. l:J5 Maiden Lihe Vichot & Co. 76 Pine Street 1"/u Gerrnan Cigar Paders Soeitt.J. Colell H. 2oa Chatham \ lmpr;rccrs of H tivana 'l'obattt .\lmhall J. J. 30 Cedar G"i.rcia F. 167 'Vater Gonzalez A. 167 Water Kelly Robert E. & Co. 34 Beaver ... Kuchler, Gail & Co. uS Water Mir'.mJa Felix, 193 Peo...rlr Obmstedt H.obert A. 32 Platt Pascual E. &-Co. 156 Water 8olomq n M. & E 85 Maiden Laue Biebel J. M It Co. n8 Pearl jos"!'fi A. & Jiro. 187 Pearl Wed & Co. 6o Pine Waller, Friedman & Frei.seJ 106 Pearl Wei&s, Eller & KMPJ)8l, -22 Pearl 1 Ybo&'_.V .11. Cedar 1 of S.f. ADPteby &: Helme, 1.3J Water 000.U.. Y. A Bro. ,al Waolalllj!toa I!'"'IWI of H--...... a.-Obaa. T, 1: Co. 4DIIea'Nr Fced'k 0.. Jlar'y & Co.; s2 'Broad H op:.neyer J C. Beaver :Yessenger T. H. & Co. t6r Maiden Lane Romay E. E. &r Wall I mfx!rt"s of Clay Pipts. H. & 77. Water Goebel J., & Co 129 Maiden Lane Imprters of L;corice Paste., Appleby & Helme, 1.33 Water De Lancey h4 South William Gifford, Sherman & Innis, I:lQ Go m e z J.: Arguimbau, 21] & 31"8. William McAndrew C., l'J4 front 1i[otris H. M., 19 Old. Slip and 73 'Vater. Weaver & Sterry, :14 Cedar. Sad Ltaf Toba;co l'J'mior., Linde F. C. & Co, 142 Water. Tobacco Guthrie & Co., ::125 }1"'ront. if Cigar Boxes. Henkell Jacob, :JQ1 & 295 Mouroe "\Vicke William & C0 159 & 16r Goerck. Cigar Box, Ledar and other Woods Dingee P. M.,cor. Si-xth and Lewis. Rodman & Hepburn, 216 Lewis. Wardrop & Daly, 'J03 & 'lOS Lewis. Grman Ctgar R_z1Jbons. Cramer G., 82 Franklin..., Stanish Cigar Ribbons. .A.Jmirall J. ]., 30 Cedar. Cigar Mo/Js. Jacoby S. & Co., 209 Pearl. Manufacturers if Tobacto ;rin-Foil. Orooke J. J .. 38 Crosby: Auctioneers of TrJhau(), etc Gerard, Betts & Oo., 7 Old Slip Tobacco Labtls. Donaldson Bros. 58 Park The Hatch LithQgrapic Oo. 3:1 & 34-Vesey Heppeuheimez: F. & Co. :J2 North. "William Cfgpr-Box La,hcls and Trimmings. Schumacher & Ettinger, 15 Murray. wolffCbas. A., St Chatham. r Tobizceo Wax. Zinsser W. & Co., 197 William. Austrian Vi1gini.a Oigars KreJDelberg and Company, 16o Pearl Manufocturc,.s of Ruuian Cigttrc.ttes. Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadway. CigarWrappc.r National Cigar Machine Co., sa and 6t MaidP.n Uu!e Cigar Molds anJ SAper Prentice Geo. J., 197 Pearl. Stl'ap8 and Cutters, Gtntl4n Cigar MoIJs. Erlclu H : W., 0!3 South: Gau & 101 Maiden Laoe. Spier Ohaa. E & Co., 71 John. Tohact o Zelleaka R., 263 East Fourth. T.iuz Leiter A. tt Oo., 105 Cla:amben. To .. IJct# s.,,.t C.JUeller. ( Dealtrs itn Spanish and Domestic Leaf 10bacco & .. 3..7rwelit Secl:'nd. f?1lvers J .11., 47 VJno MamifartMrtrs of Allen &; Ellis. n fine. Geogha n & Murphy, 18 Hammond. .Otten.llenr y, & Co.,_.a73 hfailil.. Spence Bros. & Co.r sz and 5 4 East ._Third. Commissio n 1fi1erolpznts. llafer, Holmes & Co., 2.:; Second, Manufac turers, lmpo rtrrs and Dtalers in Cigttrs. Krohn, 11c\ss& 53 'Ves t Fourth. Lowenthal S & CO., u:a West Third. Strasser walnut Weil, Kal;w & Co ., J34 Main. Laf Toba(J(o Brolurt, Morris & Reid, 4 College Building. CLARKSVILLE, Ltaf T obacco ' Clark, M. H. & J3ro ( COVINGTON, Ky. Glove J A P & Bros., xs, 1 7 and 19 W.7th. DANBURY, Conn. Graves G. W DANVILLE, Va. Comm.ission Mc.r c lu:nts. Pembertort J. H. DAYTON, 0. Hoj-len & Pease, Pease's Tobacco-t:ul.ting Etig in DETROIT, Mich. MaDufaotMrcrS nJ Cigars a-.rd DMlcrs in LeaJ 'J,obacro. C Mathcwsj: L. & 0\>., Impr.oved Gigm T1im1'r.> Funke Frejl'k. DURHAM, N. C. Sm o king 'rofaao. r Blackwell W. T. ESAT HARTFORD, Conn. a11d Dealer. Chapman lt. A. HARTFORD, CoDil. Packers and Dcaltrs, Barnes & T erome, 236 State. Hubbard N. & Co., 18 Market: Lee Geo., tSo State. London & Bidwell, 214 State. Pease H. &z. K. 16 Market. Shephard & Fuller, 214 State. Sisson A. L. & B., llain. WeHes C. & On.; -State. Westphal Wm. 228 State. "Woodworth &dar. o" JYtJod. Hoey jO&Cph, too Broadway. CN.sto!" Houu B f'dtf'. Warner J. D., &r Beaver. p,.eent Plii.{J Tobacco Mdim, llaJTison and Co., Broadway. :.W.J Boo!u. Jourgensen, C. 37 Liberty. ALBANY N.Y. Greer A. & Sons, 82::1 ALLEGHANY CITY, Po. Manufacturers" Eret:lsior Spun R oll.'' R. & W. BALTI:HORE. Tohacco #(arthouses. Albrecht & Schroder, S CalveJt. Beck & Hayen, 6o South BoleniusG. H. & Co., 'J02 "\Vest Pratt. Boyd W.' A. & Co., 33 South. Dresel \V. and Co., 37 Gay Gieske L. & Co., -42 South Oh.arles, Gunther L. W., 90 Lomliard. Kerckhoff k Co. 49 South Charles Kremelberg, J. D, aod Oo. Loose c. & Co., I 17 West Lombard. Parlett B. F. & Co., 9:1 Lombard. Paul Wm., 17 South. Rosenfeld 8.. &.Co 53 Exchange Place Sch1oeder Jos. & Co .. 8t Exchange Place. Wilkens & Klier, 69 South Charles. Wischmeyer Ed. & Co -49 SouthOharles. 10bacco FaCtors. Gieske & Niemann, 178 South Hawkins & Oo., 43 Wost Lomba1d. Ricard, Leftwich & Co:, 83 Exchange' Place: Watts, G. 8. & l!o., 6t Exchange Place. Manu{acturlrs, Felgner F W., go and 9:1 Snuth' Chart ea. Marburg Brothers, t4S to 149 S. Charlea SL Wilkens H. & Co., x8x \Vest Pratt. Manufacturers of Cigars. Guth Gustave, 55 Genoan. PllcMrs of SuJ-L<,.f Tobu. Becker Brothers, 98 Lomb:ud. in Havana and Domntic Lef anti l'.fan..jaChJr State. Manujacturtrs if Chtwing and S...oldng, Kimball Wm. S. & Co. Dealer in Leaf Tobaccos. Mosely D. E ., Mill street. BUFFALO, N.Y. ROTTERD.Allll, Holland, Wholesale Dc.a!tr in Havana ttnll Domestic Laurillard J. M. Ltqf-Tobatco SPRINGFIELD, Mass. Zink G. W., 198 Pearl. CHICAGO, m. Dtaltrs in Lc.aj Tobacto and C izars Caae S. S. & Co., Michig; n Wholpalc Dtaltrs in MapufoctureJ Tobac'o and CigarJ. ., Mason, Ftagg & Beeman, 156 Michigan Ave. Dtali:rs in Tt1baceo. Smith .R & Co., 20 Hampden Ill. Gigm Mould.8 Cbartet-J obn. ST. LOUIS, Mo. Manufacturers of Catlin D., 701 North Second Toba"o Dormitzer C, & R. & Co. Market. Tobacco Cf;mmiuion Mtrehants. Sandhagen Bros., 17 WeSt Randolph. Wall &Belvin, 320 No'rth Second. u. 11 &: Stevens, 187 !rfichigan Ave. Tobacco Broker Weise A., East Haynes 1 E ., 611 Chestnut. Manufacturtrs if ![in< Ct Ciwwing """ SmoA- J D l SYRACUSE. N. Y, tng, an l<.er. ._ BOSTON, MASS.-C. H. Carruth & Co., Wholesale Dealers in Tobacco and Cigars, 46 Hanover St. HARTFORD, CONN.-Woodworth & Strong, Leaf Tobacco Dealers, 2r7 State Street. R. !.-Huntoon & Gorham, Whole sale Dealers in Tobacco and Cigars. CLARKSVILLE, TENN.-M. H. Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers. Five dollars remitted, or paid on personal application to any of the above-named j!'entleme n, will secure a copy of this valuable work immediately. TO OUR 1; ATRONS. As and New Year's fall upon our regular publication day thi s year, we are compelled to issue our paper this week one day earlier-on Tuesday-and thus deprive our columns of some of that variety of Iftatter for which our readers feel they have a right to l ook. We are thus forced to go to press wirhout sev eral valuable market reports, among others that from Cincinnati. Some of those appearing next will thus be 'somewhat stale, but our excuse must be circum stances over which we have no control." OUR DIRECTORY AT THE WEST. We forwarded to-Cincinnati, Louisville, st. Louis and Chicago last week, a of the latest edition o Cour DIRECTORY, and our friends in those cities will now be able to supply themselves this interesting and valu able work. While our book is not all we could wish, we may safely assert that we have successfully, according to the common testimony of the trade at the East; laid the basis for a very important undertaking. Our next issue, which we hope to present to the trade early in I87.4, will contain many improvements-notably the classification of all bninches of the tobacco interest in a certain State under a single heading and not scattered through the book as in the present edition. By the latter .arian. gement, we have brought together all the toba. cco manufacturers undt;r one heading; all the cigar manufacturers under another, and the remaining div i sions of the trade under a third. In practice, however, we find this to be too complicated for ready comprehen sion, and shall, therefore, in our edition of the DiRECTORY for 1874-75, follow the of inserting the in alphabetical order, and make each.State complete in it' self. We 11ave taken particular pain's with those portions of the j ssue devoted to the Western trade, and doubt not but our friends in thnt section will find q1em measurably complete and satisfactory. ') A LITTLE COMMON SENSE. ------As. i pendant to our remarks last week on the subject of the injustice of making the luckless dealers in, and ( manufacturers of tobacco pay so large a proportiOn of the national revenue, while the rest of the community ingloriously shirked their duty in this respect, we. print the following sensible remarks frow the New York World. The proposition to abolish imposts so easily collected those levied by Qteans of stamps (other than tobacco and. spirit-stamps) is certainly .one of the -FRED'K De BARY c (SUCCESSORS TO DE BAR! & XLING), 02 and 50 New Streets, New York. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS, And Sole Agents for s(lle of DE CALES CIOARS, Hanufacture znd. 8o In!antes Reina Fina B.S j Reina 'Fina Ss RJogalia B ;) ., SEIDENBERG & co., (' 19 Dey ProJuietors of' tht. THE CELEBRATED VIRGINIA" CIGARS, From J. D. KREMELBERq'S F 'actory, ln Baltimore., ARE NOW, READY AND FOR SALE. in NEW YORK with KREME1BERG & CO., I 160 r Ill Celebrated G. :E. "J'. t.PILKINTO.N'S 'i, ANoD, W. HILLMAN, & CO., .. Sole Agents, 108 Fron.t at., New Yorlr., "lo.-1-....-o ... ...... -n 11th most absurd which even Gongress has as yet enter tained : "It is announced that the House Vvays and Meavs hope to remove all the internal revenue taxes save thosrr upon liqvor and tobacco, tul1ich v ery, taxes tltem se!ves are far too high,. first, because thq, bring i?l less rt_.v enue than they would if lower; second, bec

THE We understand that the Richmond manufacturers are THE TOBACCO MARKET. -preparing an answer to the subJoined letter, which we DOMESTIC. should be glad to publish when completed : NEw YoRr., .Deei!IIIW a 3 TllL\SURY DEPARTMENT, OFFICE OF INTERNAL} Wes/l!nl Leaf-We contmue to have qu1te a Holiday REVENU&, WAS KINGTON, Sept. I8, I87 2 Market, the sales being but 204 hhds, of whtch -I48 for SirI have received your letter oft he 14th inst. m which export. The second sale of damaged tobacco from the you state that you have been exammmg into the construe-Jersey fire was held in the c1ty, and was well attended. non ofthat cl a use ofthe Constitution which says that"no Only 49 hhds were sold, at av;:ragmg tax"or duty shall be placed on any article exported from a The third sale will be on Fnday next, when it is exState "-ilnd the opinion that thiS seems pected that 200 hhds will be sold. to be so comprehensive in its terms as to forbid Con' 111 ...-w ne1o: ad week till week lth week Total gress requiring t4e ten cent export stamp to be placed January990 403 349 377 Ill1 3,6oo on manufactured tobacco when the same shall be expor-February-69 S79 420 648 384 a,aoo ted,andyoudomethehonorofaskingmeformyopm-March ___ z4 300 I,886 86R 422 3,6oo ion on the subject ApnL ---83 6or 512 840 I,o64 3,1oo I n r e p l y I have to 1.cknowledge that the subject is May.-291 4S3 53z I,S97 3.30 ()ne to wh ic h I have give n but very little thought and June ---. 238 971 947 970 S74 4,ooo have had n o tt me to e amme authontles. What there-July-- S63 1,3I6 969 8oS 4,ooo fore I m a y h a v e t o s ay bemg first 1mpress10ns, or m August -.697 I1435 1,o6o 1,90S s,ooo ()ther w o r ds "an off-hand optmon" can not be entitled September368 1,049 I,348 935 3,7oo to m ucl1 wetg ht. Article I, S ectionS, of the United October. -49' 77z 7H 492 S23 3,3oo States C onslltutw n d eclares tha t CongTess shall have November596 1,449 S4o S74 3,759 p ower t o l evy an d c olle c t t a xes duttes, Imposts, and exDecember389 25a 204 S45 c i s es, e t c. Vtrgmta Leaf-The past has been an exceedmgly E xc is e dutv ts understood to be a to.x levied upon dull week m nearly all branches of the toba cco trade goods manu fact ured or sold m a country. Under the No sales ol Importance of V1rgmia leaf have be e n an pow e r c onferred b y that s e ct10n, Congress has at differnounc e d as we write, and fr o m the cond1hon of ti-te ent t 1 mes 1m pose d or lev ted taxes upon almost every market it 1s -safe to assume that none were made. Small kmd o f g ood s, wares, and merchand 1se mad!! or manuto meet tmmedtate requirements, w ere effected f actured al)d so ld or consumed m t hts country-mclu-as but b e y ond thiS lit tle or nothmg appears to dmg d 1 stllled and tob a cco, snuff and ctgars, which have been aceompli s hed. Stocks are low, and destrab'e are s till tax ed-I presume no one questiOns the author -assortments con s equentl y hmtted. ity of Congre ss to l evy a nd coll e ct taxes on these articles Augmented recetpts would be v ery welcome at this and als o to d etermme the cond.itwns and the time for t1me, but as they can not be had until the spmt moves collectmg s uch taxes. Rut d 1 s t1lled spmts and tobacc o m the nght dtrection, there IS no alternative for the like thousands of other articles manufactured in th1" trade except to make the most they can of the market country, and wh1ch have at some time been subject to an as it is. exctse tax, are articles of export as well as of consumpSud Li!af-The reported sale11 of seed leaf show a bon, and 1t IS 1m possible to tell beforehand what portion marked fallmg off from the large total for the week of these art1cles will be exported and what will be con e udtng December 17, amountmg m the aggregate to sumed. In most cases Congress has provided for a only 525 cases, against upwards of 3,000 cases prevl drawback on art1cles exp o rted, wh1ch have previously ously aunou nced. The d1stnbut10n for the week just been subject to, and on which a tax has been patd. This closed was a s follows For home trade, 300 cases Con bas been done as a matter of national policy, to encournecttcut wrappers at 45@55c; for export, cases age expo rtations, and to secure a favorable balance of ,Ph10 and IOO c a ses W1sconsm at trade with fore1gn countnes. Whether Congres is under obligations to prov1de for paymg back the taxes col What the new crop of 1s likely to be, Iected on such articles when exported under that proeven after the worst has been r e ject e d, may b e mferre d vis 1on of law wh1ch declares that no tax or duty shall from the testuno1_1y of a packer, commumcated a day be placed on any arti c l e exported from a State" is cot or two ago to a c1ty firm T he packer s ays tha! he had clear to my own mmd. occasion recently to eumine a considerable quantity of Shall an article !t a b l e to tax i f not exported be ex tobacco, ith a view to buying, wh1cb the owner felt empt from su c h tax when exported? a ssured, owing to thct care bestowed upon the stnppmg Is such the mean!Rg of the claus!!? Or does the and assortmg, was all first-cla s s leaf, and the askmg clause rathe r mean that art1cles mtended for export and pnce of which was fifty c.ents a pound. In bulk, the entered the refor, shall not, m consequence of such exstock really looked in every way d esi rable, but on close portat10n have a spec1al tax or duty laid upon them; mspectwn 1t proved so defectt ve f ro m r o t that m the an export duty s1m1la r to the import duty collected on op1mon of the mformant 1t w oul d h ave bee n Imprudent articles brought mto the country? to buy it at ten cents a pound. The apprehension is The export s tamp required to be affixed to all pack-general that this crop of tobacco can never pass sueages of tobacco and snuff exported, a n d for v.hich ten cessfully through the sweating process, as the best thus cents is reqmred to be patd, was not intended as a rev far exammed is so tender as to be incapable of reslst enue measure. The statute spectfies that tbe payment mg the action of the heat and m:)lsture attendmg fer in this case IS to defray the expense attendmg the pro mentation viding and affixing of such stamp. The export stamp All the testimony at hand corroborates the prevathng was irtended to gxve protection to the package wlule m 1mpression that not much useful tobacco will be found transit from the manufactory to the bonded In the crop of IS7:&, and points to the concluswn that or to the vessel by wh1ch 1t IS to be exported to a for the crop of I87I IS to be the mam rehance of the trade eign COUiltry. for the next two years; it accordingly follows that the Can the ten cents required to be paid fO such expnce of the latter IS at thts moment as low as it can port stamp be properly rt'!garded as a tax latd upon the ever agam be. In fact, It is the opimon of dealers that package of tobacco whLch 1t thus covefs and protects? from _thiS time forward an advance may be expected at And, ii-s o is it such a tax as tbe Con1.titution do:clares any ttme, and that once begun, the upward movement in aruc\e x, section 9, shall not be laid? In my own will continue to .the end. On_ this point dealers and opmion th1s IS not a tax or duty any more than the fee growers are IR un1son, and the mformat1on IS subm1lted of ten cents per hundred pounds for inspection or any here for the benefit of l'lhomsoever It may concern. other expense wh1ch necessanly grows oul of 1 he rewas a fair business done in Havana strict1ons wh1ch the law 1mposes upon the exportation tobacco durmg the week, and sales are reported to the .of manufactured tobacco is a tax or duty. extent of 6oo bales 95c@J1. 1 5 There is very little Congres s has powe "to regulate c o mmerce with for good old stock rem a mmg m market "'eign nation s," etc. Are not sectwns 73 and 74 of the Manufadund-We have to repor t another dull wee k Act of J ult 20, xS68, as amended by the Act of June 6, for the Cavendtsh trade There was some mqutry for 187s, in the of regulauon!l for a mode of goods that were scarce, or held higher than buy ers c hose "exporting manufactured tobacco etc. to f o re 1gn countries to offer, but the sales were comparatively few, and those so to the payment of the spec1fic tax, or tf such tax eff ected w e re c!lleflr: of a r e tail character has been paid, prov1dmg mea n s by whtch the same m a y A letter rece1ved m th-is Ctty w1th 11 a day or tw o con be ? Even a State may levy and collect such veys the mtelltgence that some V1rgmta manufacturers duties on exports as may be necessary for have forwarded a document to the Revenue Burea u re executmg its inspection laws, and has Congress less questmg the trade be perm1tted to try to get along power tn thts rega r d than a State ? w1thout the a1d of an export warehouse In a prevwus IsSulil are my views on this subject, hastily penned sue we pubhshed an authentiC statement avernng th a t and crudely expressed. I may have run counter to the s o me of the Vugmta m a nufacturers were anxwus to high authontles whit:h you have named in your Jetter have an export or more-estab lished, as havmg consulted If so, so much the worse for me. and so tt goes; now up, now down, now you see 1t, and I yteld to authonty even w hen my own judgment is not n o w you don't. Only that these differ en c es of opimon satisfied. Yours truly, m a trade that mtght be h a rmomous are ve ry unfortunate, ISRAEL KIMBALL they would be very funny KlliOR EDITORIALS. A NICE DISTINCTION-" Is that a ltghtmng-bug m the street?" asked a short stghted old lady. "No, grand ma." a pert little miss,' It's a btg-bug w1th a c1gar ToBACCO INSPECTORS APPOINTED.The Governor of Virginia has commiSSIORed Ed. M Price and Frank D Reed Inspectors of Tobacco for Farmville warehonse for the year IS7J. TH& FRENCH REGIE.-The cable brings the intelh-gence that the French Assembly has extended the gov ernment monopoly m tobacco for a further term of ten a very Republic'n proceedmg certamly, but 1n keeping with many other measures that have charac teru:ed the present anomalous condttion in wh1ch France ticds herself It can not surely be wrong for the French to w1sh, whether monarchists or radicals, for a government liberal enough to gtve them decent tobacco at a reasonable price. D&MoNSTRATIVE PR n SONER.s.-Felix Muchlenthal, a ctgar manufacturer at No. I04a Second avenue w \s commt t ted f o r examinatiOn last week by Comm1ss; o ner Shields to answer a charge of refilhng old boxes w1th ctgars. The accused made qu1te a scene in the room of the Comm1 ss10ne r by crymg, wringing hts hands and suppltcatmg the C o mmiSSIOner to have mercy 01\ 1htm Alexander Adelman, the pedler of cigars and tobacco, who was charged before Comm1ss1oner Sh1elds w1th having vwlated the mternal revenue laws by fathng to take out a license and pay special tax, was discharged by the Comm1ss1oner O,!l w1th the require ments of the law. and was so overjoyed at the dtscharge that he seized the Commissioner's hand and ktssed it ilnd showered on his head. RoniNG 11. CI GAR STORE -On Thursday last the :till of a Chatham Street cigar store was rel,eved of 1ts m the followmg ma!lner: A youthful-looking lDdlvulual, of pleastng extenor and becoming address, eaHed at the store and pre.tended he wanted to buy a newspaper from a news stand located near by, the owner of whtch had Just left it for a moment, and .11sked othe am1able clerk t o a ss1st h1m m obtaining the object of his des t re. Arrivmg at the news stand, the youthful individual of pleasmg elltenor and becommg address managed to beguile the am table and unsuspecting clerk soo thmg words and melodious phrases for exactly second's by the clock durmg which ttme a previ ously unobserve d c o nfederate of the artful youth was engaged in nflin g the till When the unsuspecting c:lerk retumed to the store he felt bad, because the first object that mt!t hi s gaze was the till lying bottom side up on the floo r, wi t h all1ts treasures gone. Total loss, J4 So ; total gam a promise from the clerk that he ouldn't d o so any m>re. 1 h would be mterestmg to know if those who don't want and won't have warehouses ever take mto consid eration the fact that manufacturers' expen se s are now double what they were before the warehouses were abol Ished. Here are some of the 1tems m proof of the fact Cartage, the same as be(Qre Storage, one fourth less. Marine Insurance, double the old rates Insurance ia store, double the old rates. CommiSSIOn on sale.!i, two cents per pound, in platte of one cent, because including tax Interest on advances, rece1ved covermg tax as well as tobacco, therefore, double mterest; or, for example, for advances on h,ooo worth ol tobacco, paymg 7 per cent. mterest on J4,ooo. Perhaps this is a eood way to make money, but tt does not appear to be. Smokmg-The trade in smoking tobacco has been moderate since our last, with, perhaps, a slight increase m orders for dehvery after January I. Busmess of all kmds is sluggish JUSt at thts time, and the traffic m smokmg tobacco IS oecessanly affected m connectiOn wuh other departments of trade, netther grocers nor re tatl dealers purchasing w th the liberahty peculiar to better tunes Ctgars-There is no new .fE!ature in the c1gar market so far as production and sale are concerned, though, as w1ll be seen by the s ubj o med first draft, of a memorial presen!.-ed to our Transportation Compames, the trade have take!1 prompt measures dunng the week to come to a proper understandmg wuh th e management of those corporatwns on the subject of the DOUBLE FIRST CLASS RATES wh1ch they have recently s een fit to estabhsh for t he ;ransportatton of cgars MEMORIAL "The undersigned, representing the National Tobac co Assoc1at1on of the Umted States, and the Nat10nal ::;igar Manufacturers' Association ofNew York, respect fully represent, I that the extraordmary rates eatab lished by you on ctgar freights is fraught with the most :l.amaging consequences to th1s important branch of m dustry m the Ctty of New York. Already, m conse quence, orders are curtailed, the maro-in of profit"on the lower grades of cigars bemg almost absorbed by the heavy rates of fretght you have seen fit to im pose. It 1s proper to state that low &:rades consti tute the great bulk of all packages of ctgars sent West on or over the lines represented by you, and the profits on th1s class of cigars are so that cheap fretght rates are of the most vital 1mpqrtance to the prosecution of thiS branch oflabor. We would further respectfully represent that m the manufacture of thiS class of goods the staple arti cle is a production of the western section of our country, and onl whlch you have already obtained oite eastern fre1ght We are mformed that the advanced rate of fretght is due to the number of cla1ms for cigars 'rOBAfJfJO LEA. F. sented to be delivered short of quantity shipped, or To European ports for the week ending December otherwise damaged; while it is also admitted as the 24 opimon of many of the mana,ers of the transportation BoRDKAU-647 hhds. lines that some of these cla1ms are at t1mes f1audulent BREMKN-I89 hllds stems, 44I cases, aoo ceroons. on tne part of both shipper and consignee, while agam, HAMBURG-I4 hhds stems, 37 bales, I case snuff many ause from the Imperfect manner of casing for LIVERPOOL-US hhds, 6,4I6 lbs mfcf sbtpment. The latter we suppose to be the primaiy LoNooN-89 hhds, I46,796 lbs mfd. cause. We would suggest that 1f the different lines MARSBILLES-6.) hhds. wh1ch you represent would issue ins t ructions to rece1ve SEVILLE-I S4 hhds. only such ctgar freight as appears to be in conform1ty DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. w1th such restrictions as m your judgment you think Tlie arrivals at the port of New York from domestic best to impose, we will use all our influence to cause interior and coastwise ports for the week ending Decem the trade to comply wtth the same, and thus further ber 23, were 831 bhds, 34 trcs, 9S8 cases, IS butts, II your mtere t in the matter as well as our OWtl. We boxes, Ioo three-quarter boxes, no hlf bxs, Ioo qtr bxs, would further suggest that you receive no cases con tamI 7 a third bxs, 4 stxth bxs, 4 bxs, 5 caddies, con mg c1gars unless properly strapped w1th wooden straps, s1gned as follows. reservmg to yourselve11 the right to put on such straps BY THE ERIE RAILROAD.-P. Lonllard & Co., 44 hhds at the expense o( the cons1gnee, when not Pollard, Pettus & Co 47 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co already on, and m the place of iron straps do; Ottinger Brothers. 99 do; E M Crawford .t Co when such cigar cases are strapped with tron. 30 do, E. M. Wnghl & Co. 63 uo, D. J. Garth, Son & We believe that by your adoptiOn of such a rule, the Co., 66 do; Oelnchs &. Co., I37 do, Goodwtn & Co, 5 Jiab1hty of the companies for breakage or loss wtll be d!J; W 0 Smith, 29 do, J. D. Ke1lly, Jr., 24 de>; Chas no more on c1ga rs than on ordmary first class freight. F Tag & Son, S8 cases; order, 23 hhds, 5 I cases. From the wordmg of this memonal1t 1S appareht that BY THE HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD.-Bunzl & DOPmitzth e trade f1:11ly apprec1ate the motive that has Impelled er, 55 cases. the compames to mcrease the1r charges, and thatthey are BY THE NRw "'VoRK AND NEW HAVEN .STEAM wlllmg to meet the comp.anie s more than half way b the BOAT LINE-J. S. Gans & Son, 37 cases; C. C. Mengel, matter. Nothmg could well be more liberal th a n the II d o ; Sehgsberg & Fnngant, I do proposition to submtt to any restnctions deemed neces BY THE NEW YORK AND HARTFORD TEAMBOAT LINK sary for the protecti o n of the compames, and it will be Maddux Brothers, i o cases; order, 3 do. surpnsmg 1f, on recelvtng the commumcattOn submit BY 'I H E OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-D J ted, a reduction in the rates for cigar fr e tght be not at Garth, Son & Co, I hhd. L. BenJamm, S do, Appleby once made m conf0rm 1ty w1th the wtshes of the trade & Helme, a do; D. H. McAlpme & Co 2 do ; J. A Except as a protective mea sure. the compame s claim, as Pauli, 70 do; P Lorillard & Co., I7 do, W. 0. Smtth, we understand th'e question, n o justification for sttll 30 do, H. F. Everts & Co., 4 do: Pollard, Pettus & Co further mcreasing the cost of transportmg ctgars, and 5 do; A D Chockley, 7 do, a trc:;; J D Keilly, Jr., 8 1f the plan of strapping the cas es with wooden straps do, 70 cases; Kremelberg & Co. 30 trcs; A & L wtll afford the requ1s1te proteclton, there seems to be Wetss, ro butts; N. W1se, 5 do, 3 cases; Connolly nothmg to prevent their general use bet eafter, and wtth & Co., 44 cases, W. P Kittredge & Co., as do; S. Rapp, the of thts p1act1c e, reduced charges for 20 do; S. Salomon, z do; M. M. Welzhofer, I6 do; Bowne freight should follow as a matter of course. & Fnth, IO do; M Landhetm, I04 do, Belcher, Park & The present charge on ctgars shipped to theWest is Co, 40 do; A Hen & Co., 89 do; Martin & Johnson equal to one dollar per thousand, a sum apparently out I6 do; G W Hillman & Co roo do, Wm Bryce & Co of all reasonable )ftoportion when the value of the 5 do; Hirsch & V1ctonus, a3 do, a hlf boxes; Platt & greater part of the goods so shipped IS taken into con Newton, 6o do. I3 do; Maddux Brothers 6 do, ao do, s1deration. R. Lindheim & Co, 37 do, 1 r boxes, & Bom For unusual nsks the trade "does not object to paying face, I6 do, 4 e1ghth boxes, J as M. Gardmer & Co 20 unusual charges, but so long as 1t IS posstble to trans-do; 5 cadd1es; Bulkley, Moore & Co., 6 20 thtrd port ctgars wtthout any greater nsk than attends the boxes, 20 qtr H Colell, 4 do, 4 do, a sixth boxes, transportatiOn of other merchandise, they are clearly of W H McAlpme, I do, 3 do, a do; J. H. Thompson, 23 the opimon th e y cannot fauly be made to pay more than do, Io hlf boxes, 20 qtr boxes, Dohan, Carroll &Co S7 is ordin a rily p t ud ior tran;;port;J.twn, 1 do, 20 do1 69 do1 199 tb r ee qtr boxes, I45 third bOxes; Gold opened I I r and closed at t I 53 hhds, 2 trcs. E::uhangl! is held at steady rates. We quote at Bv NOR'IH RIVER BoAT S .-E. M. Wright& Co., 4 hhds 6o days on London, for commerctal, CoASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE -S. Rapp, 7 hhds E. for b a nkers'; do. at short sight, Berger, 5 do; Allen & Co 67 cases; Weiss, E ller & Pans a t 6o days, 5.28}':(@s 23}':(; do. at short s1ght, K a eppel, 7 do; order, 9 do 5 so@s An t werp, 21}:(; Swtss, 5.26}:( BALTIMORE, .Due111o1!r zr.= Messrs C Loose& Co @5.21}:(, Han bu r g, 4 Retchsmark, 95fll@96; Amster-Leaf CommissiOn Merchants, report. There dam, Frankfort, ){, Bremen, 4 has been very httle domg in our tobacco market for the Re1chsmark, Pruss1an thalers nas t week m consequence of the very light rece1pts Fre1ghts-We have nothing new to report either in and also small stocks m hands of factors. the demand or m pnces. continue to be steady for all descnptions. Of Maryland .&B.t!riO'O'z.&B. JIOTIOII. tobacco only aoo hhds were mspected, most of wh1ch founcl ready buyers. Of Ohio the new crop is coming in more freely, but no regular assortments of it yet to at tract the general attentiOn .)f sh1ppers, though limited sales are being made at former prices. Kent ucky is firm, w1th small stocks Stocks held llere for foretgn, espec ially German_ account continue to be shtpped, ch1efty on account of the pending mcrease of the Ger man duty on leaf tobacco, and the stock m warehouses by the end of this month will be very small. Inspections were aoo hhds Maryland, II9 do Ohto, and :10 do Ken tucky. Total, 339 bhds, and the clearances during the same time, I70 hhds Maryland to Liverpool, 375 do Maryland, 37 do Vuginia, 11 do Kentucky, r8 do V1r gm1a and 337 cases seed leaf to Bremen. 9 hhds to West In, d1es. Pnces are unchanged, VIZ: Maryland, frosted, 5 sound common, 7@8; good common, m1ddhng, good to fine red, II@IJj fancy, I4 @as; upper country, ground leaves, Oh10, mfenor to good and brown, g o od to fine common to med1um sp a ngled, fine spangled to yellow, I4@ zs. Kentucky c o mmon to heavy do 9@Io, low to med le af, fair to good, n@u, fine and sel e ctions, I3@S Vtrgxma, common to good lugs, 8@9, common to med leaf, 9@Io; fa1r to good, I 1 @u; fine I3@IS, pnmmgs, 5@6, stems, good to fine, Gro.-,en of seed leaf tobacco are cautioned aca1n1t acceptng the ules and quotation of oeed leaf ao IUrruohmg the prin leaf .. ... Good....... .... .. ; @s Medium.. .. .. .. .... Commrn ............. Jl @ U Goo 1 ... .. 11 @It lllould7 __ (cf:IG l!'lne 1 2 Llhll're-, extra 8ne 80 Selection 18 @-Light Aile @bl Lljfbt cutUl>ll luga ... .. 10 @I. Qllarlor Poomdo -FIDe ... 41 @65 do do leaf .. @ 2 1 Medium...... ....... @4T Claru.ulo affd Jll"uMrtl Dlllri<:l Oommon 42 @44 Ooromon to g..od Iuga '"@10 Noor l'otNtMcol -Long l O a. 46 l!elec b o:na 16 @ 16 Novy 4 a llll d 6 ..... U Yargu n.a.-L adt Fiagere, Rolls 8, Oom t-> good luga.-Poc k e t Piecea u L o w t o leaf lOX@U 'Brtghll'wis l (Va)llmch iS G o od to fin e .. .. .. .. 1 3 @ l6 Br i g h t Gold 6 lnoh 53 Wrappers, dark -. 13 @ 11 Rough & Re ad 7 50 c BLACI[ Pnmmga ........ 6 ){(cf 6 N""y Pt>UII .. .. .. ft @4 5 M edium .... ... 9X@IO){ N<(lroltutd 7\o;,c f o @ 55 Good to fin e r e d 11 @IS 12,8 @80 F&DCT .. .... lt @ 2 l Fin Upper Country 7 ){@30 --.. .. ... U G 1ld le' f 6 @LO Good .. 3'1 .... .i:V;.....a.... common..,d merum ST II SO!L<4/-old. Granulated Smolr:ina' .. u :10 @110 Olggrl-ll<'meaU c. ".' : li @18 Seed a n d Hanna, l>IDde ro &nd i:eoonda 11 @ 8 per M..... d 00@75 00 Jl'illero .. U @16 do Conn See d .. ICJ 00@40 o u l'cnAIWi-.-IAl1,f -do do Socondo a s 00@ 1 0 00 Wnppe ro .. .. ... .. 30 @to New Y01 t Seed Oono A. oorle\1. loto. :10 @21 wrappe r -25 00@30 00 l!'illerl .. _.. .. .. .. Ill @ 15 Penn d o do do .. .. .1 7 0 0@ 2 5 00 OldiJ 8M4 L!VII 16 00@11 00 Conn, Jfuo noY........ Cberoota U>d Sll[es.. 1D 00 WPppen.... ---40 o S 3nu.f-Maccoboy 86@--IJCl Seiocllona .. 61 @75 Bappee, French. ----@ 1 00 -do ...... ........ :16 SCotch l nod7foo& _90 1!'111en.... .. .. ... .. .. ll @16 Comm011 .... ill N y Slate ,..w, Wrappenl8 @31 .l.m enoan GeoUeiiWI -<1!J 1 00 A.oo orted Iota-,_ 12 @16 L......,. a.,u FiliOH .. f @110 II. & M ........ ..... .... U p..,._ w_.,..... ... D n Quijote .. ... 116 AMOrt.dloto... .. .. 18 5 LoCorooadoF.apau... .... 2CJ Fllen. ... ; ...... II II' H.lllll .. Obto Wrappen... ----18 EL reflnod... 3:.! A.oooo4 e rted lot. 8 10 G .!1 F .. 29 }a Filion .. .. .. .... 8 8)!' "Wyllls EL" 460 Ills. net 119 Af'OIII'II- I C.yCa" ............. 2S R unnaFUOom 88 @H); ,Ynurria" ........... 26 d o 0.00 do &6@ I 00 Z A 2:10 ll>o 28 do FIDe (o I OJ)>"@! IO Ill I'"'' .. .. .. ... .. 23 Yar& I .. li Cut auld 96 @ I 00 B. B." ............ 23 .M&tltlfadKrtci-Tax 20 cLa. p e r pounJ --w s ... .. ....... .. 11 .Potltadi-BB.IOB'l' 0 8 28 E11ra 11ne .. .. .. .. .. 06 @ 75 IMPORTS. The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign ports for the week endmg December :z4 mcluded the following constgnments : BoRDEAux-DuVivier & Co., 100 cases lime JUice. GLAS GOW-order, soo boxes ptpes. LIVERPOOl-M. Abenheim, 2 bales SMYRNA-Jas. C McAndrew, 3,88I bales hconce root 46o cases liconce paste. HAVANA-Schroeder & Bon, 64 bales; Fredenck de Bary & Co 3 cases cigars; Robert E. Kelly & Co., 4 do; J, C. Hoffmeyer, a do; Chas F. Bauer & Co., JS dG., Falkenstem & Co., 6 do. Howard Ives, 8 do; F. W. Junge & CD., Io dp; Moritz Mayer, I do; T. J Madge, I do; order, Io8 bales. EXPORTS. From the ports of New York to foretgn porta other than European ports, for the week endmg December I7, wue as follows ARGENTINE RBPUBLIC-30,679 Jbs mfd, $6,ISS. BllAZIL-479 lbs mfd, Juo. .B.RITISH AUSTRALIA-ao,n6 Jbs mfd, J6,2oo. BRITISH WEST INDIB5-5 hhds, IO b1\les, $a 54; I-"fi7 lbs mfd, CENTRAL AMERICA-4,3S8 ibs mfd, CHINA-6,149 lbs mfd, Jr,6I5. CUBA-16,4I 1 lbs mfd, h,994 DANISH WRST INDIES-I hhd, 1r69. FRENCH WEST INDIES-17 hhds, HAYTI-Ioo hhds, $400; 481 bales, J3,3I5. }APAN-I0,044 Jbs mfd, J4,6ao. GRBNADA--90 bales, $965, IJ,6I6 lbs mfd, 14,0SI Statmrm/. 7an. 1, I872 -Stock in warehouses and on sht p board, not cleared---------------5,74-s hhds Inspecte d this wee k __________ ___ ---339 hhds Inspected prevwusly _____ ------------S012SZ hhds Total -------------------------56,336 hhds Exported smce Jan. I, IS7a -4a,25a hhds Coastwise and re inspect ed._.-6,2oo hhds 48,452 hhds Stock to-day in Warehouses and on ship-board not 7,8S4 hhds Messrs. Ed Wischmeyer & Co Tobacco Com,ntsston Merchants report: We have to r eport a dull market agam th1s week m manufactured tobacco, wtth pnces unchangc:d. The following are the receipts A Seemul ler & Sons, so th1rd boxes, 39 cases, J P. Pleasants & Son, 88 hlf boxes, I67 thtrd and qtr boxes; 1G. S. Watts & Co II7 boxes, 97 cases; J B Stafford, 89 boxes, :15 cases ; W. A. Boyd & Co., :15 boxes, ro cases; Norvell & Baxter, 30 hlf boxes. DANVILLE V-A., .Dul!mol!r I8.-Messrs. Pemberton & Penn, Tobacco Comm1ss10n Merchants, report as follows : Owmg to the cold and wmdy weather, our matket has been almost entirely bare of tobacco for the last two weeks. In the small lots offering note no change m pnces. We don't look for much unttl after the Christmas hohdays, when we expect full sup plies unless prevented by weath e r FARMVILLE, Va., .Dkem6tr 14 -Mr. C. C. Read reports as f ollows:-Owmg to the harsh dry season, and the prevalence of the ep1zooty m the country, rece1pts for the past week have been hght and ofmfenor quality -mostly small negro crops We quote Primingsfrom $3 to J4.a5; lugs, from $.4 25 to $6; short leaf, J6 to Sa, medmm leaf, from $7 to; long leaf, none m market HOPKINSVILLE, Kv., .Decemul!r Io -Mr. J. W. Dupuy, Leaf Tobacco Broker, reports :-Recetpts smce the ISt of Sept. 76 hhds, and pnvate sale of 16 hhds remnants of the old crop, also a hhds primings-one by I. K Grant & Son, the other by Abarnathy & MillS at J6.oo, 6.Io. There has been so little doing m tobacco that I deem It almost useless to attempt a report. The old crop is now pretty well marketed, only a few hhds remain mg to be sold. Owing to the unprecedented dry fall we have had, farmer& have stnpped but httie, only waiting seasons when we expect heavy receipts. No fixed price has been estabhshed for loose tobacco, only a few small ummportant sales have been made, at pnces ranging from 6 to 7 cents round; planters generally holdmg at 8 to Io I have JUSt returned from a tour through' thts and adJommg counties, and from best mformation, an led to believe the vield wtll be as large as that of I 87o, and is greatly defi.c1ent m umformtty of character, s12e and color, possessmg a very small proportion of the heavy fat grades, such as IS su1ted for spmnmg, and for the Afncan trade We have had a delightful fall for season ing the crop; 1t 1s now perfectly cured. W1ll make regu lar weekly reports when the market opens, wlitch we hope to see about the Ist of J anuarj. LOUISVILLE, .Decblr/Jer zp.-repo1Cas follows : The is moderately act1ve with a firm feeling The rece1pt1 were for the week IS4 hhds and 490 boxes, DEV 25 and the exports, 387 hhds :and 2,203 boxes The sales at the different warehouses were I98 hhds, as followa : The Louisville House sold 58 hhds : 17 hhds Ken tucky leaf at $, u, ro, 9.4o, 9, 8.9o, 8.90, 8.8o, 8 70, S.7o, 8.65,, 8.4-o, 8.4o, 8.2o,, f.Io. u hhds do lugs at 8.7o, 8.:ro, 1.9o, 7 8o, 7so, 7-so, 7-so, 7, 7-30, 7, 7 30, 7 7, 7JO, 7 7.30, 7.101 7, 6.90, 6.6o,, 14 hhds Indiana old leaf at u each. 4 hhds do do at each. 1 hhd new do lues at 6 6o The P1ckett House sold 44 hhds: IS hhds Kentucky leaf at $I, Io. 9 -SO, 8.90, 8.8o, 8.6o, 8 so, 8.Io, 8, 7.9o, 7.8o, 7 6o, 7 40, 7.20. 5 hhds do black fat at LO each. :z hhds do old smokers at 8.6o, 8. 17 hhds do lugs at 8 90, 8.8o, 8 so, 7.90, 7.8o, 7.6o, 7.6o, 7.6o, 7-so, 7.4o, 7o, 7Jo, 7-Io, 7, 6.4o, 6.3o, 6.2o. r hhd In dtana leaf at 9-70 a hhds do rugs at 7 40, 7-40. 02 hhds Tennessee leaf at u, -The Farmer's House soil 28 hhds: I6 bbds Kentucky leaf at $xo so, I0.25, 9 so,, 9 20, 9, 8 So, 8.8o, S.8o, 8.75, S 6o,,,, S.Io, 8 u hhds do lugs at 7.8o 7 7o 7 6o, 7 so, 7-so 7 40,7-30, 7.:zo, 7 1o, 6.9o, 6 90, 6 so. The Planter's House so l d at hhds 14 hhds Kentucky leaf at Sio so,, 1o IO, 9 8.9o, 8.6o, S.4o S.2o, 8.Io, 8, 7-401 7o, 7 30 6 hhds do lugs, at, 6 90, 6.90, 6.9o, 6 70, 6 20 1 hhd d o wet trash 3 95 The Boone House s o l d ao hhd s 6 hhds K e ntu c ky leaf at $I4 75, 9 6o, 8 90 S 85, 8 So, 8 14 hhds do lugs at 7 So, 7 7 0 7 70, 7 7o 7 6o, 7. 6 o, 7 40 7.:zo, 7 ao 7.10 7 .I01 6. 9 0, 6 50. The Kentuck y Tobacco Assoc1 ation sold I 4 hhd s: I3 hhds Ken tuc k y le a f and lug s at JS 7.So, 7. 8 o 7 70, 7.20, 7, 6 90, 6 9o, 6 So, 6.7o, 6 so, 6.40. I hhd do trash at 6.40. The Nmth Stree_! House sold 8 hhds 3 hhds Ken tucky leaf at 19 90, 8 so, 8: ro 4 hhds do lugs a t 6. 7 I hhd do scraps at 1.30. The Exchange Warehouse s o ld 5 hhds a hhd!t K e n hcky leaf at J8. 7o, 8.30. 3 h h ds do lugs at 7 6o ; 7 Io, 6 IO. NEW ORLEANS, .Di!ci!tnOi!r Io.-We report as follows: There has been more a ctiVIty m the market and 473 hhds have been sold of which 7 Afnca ns brought 13c, 2 do at n c, and the rest on pnvate terms The sup ply on s a le IS hardly 1,2oo hhds We quote : Lugs at 8@9c, low leaf at m e d1um a t 9}:(@1o}:(; gocd at IIf@IIt<;. and fine and selections at 12" The rece1pts were 2 hhds. No exports. on hand and on shi pboard not cleared on the 17th mst. 7453 hhds. Manufactured ts dull, with a full stock on hand. We quote: No. r, lbs, extra fancy 75@1 oo, fine!. 65@7o; fine medium, 6o@6s ; good m ed1um, ss@6o; meamm, so@ss; common, sound, 45@50; gold bars, I mch, 6 oz, 7 oz and 4oz, acco1dmg to quality, s5@7Si medmm and com. unsound,3o@4 o half pounds bnght 45 @ 6o do black sweet 46@4S; No r, s s, a n d ros daik black, sweet 4S@so, n avy lb s, 4S@ so; n a vy 3ds, 45@5o ; fancy styles, natur!!-1 leaf, twist, pancake, etc. 6o@8o The recepts were I116S pgs. RICHMOND, .Di!cemoer 14.-Mr R. A M i lls Tobac co Broker and Commission Merchant, reports :-Our market very qUiet, transactions small, from the fact that there is t very limited stock of old on hand and the un favorable seasons for handhng the new crop combined with the horse eptdetn i c h a s kept back receipts. I con tmue my quotallons wtth the remark that stemming to bacco ts much sought after by our:stemmers and a more liberal supply would enhanceprices. The transactions on change were n6 hhds, 36 trcs, and 9 boxes. The qu9tations are as follows New tobacco, primmg, med1um to Pnmmgs, extra _________ --------------Lugs, common,.------_ -___________ ___ Lugs, to good, <.olory,.--------------7 Leaf, common,.------------.-------.------Leaf, medium to good, .--------------_-____ -9@II Bnght smokers, common,.----------------- 8@10 Bright smokers, medtum to good,.----__ _____ .12@:10 Bright wrappers, com i non to medium, n@18 Bright wrappers, good to fine, _____________ ao@40 Satu1day, .Duemotr 21.-Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco Broker and Commtssion Merchant, reports. Our mar-ket has shown no change smce my last report. There s very httle doing at present worthy of note nor Will be unttl business 15 resumed a fter the holidays, when we expect a brisk trade. T r an s a cti ons f o r the week were Ig:z hhds, 36 tcs and 2 0 b oxes ST. LOUIS .D e cemlm x8.-Mr. J. E. Haynes, T o bacco Broker, reports a s follows -Recetved I4 hhds, agamst IO the previous week. Business Is about sus pended for the season On Thursday one hhd new lugs at and I do at So and bids were reje cted on r hhd new leaf at Jo, an d a do do :&t 6 90. From Friday to yesterday i nclu s iv e there were no offerings on the breaks. To-day, a hhds n ew crop sold at J7 .70 @8 10, and :z do old do at J6.4o@n, and b1ds were re jected on 5 boxes new t r ash at $2.75. We quote old crop-Infenor and hght weight lugs $ 6 oo to J7 oo ; planter's lugs J 7 oo to J8 oo ; common leaf SS oo to 8 7 5 ; medium shipping leaf J8 so to Jg oo; good do $9 50 to J1o oo; me:l.tum manufactunng leaf S9 so to J1o so; good do Ju oo to S; bnght wrappery leaf ho oo to 30 oo; fine bnght do J4o oo to Jso oo. New crop-common and medmm grades may be quoted at from J2 oo t o J3 oo 'f, Ioo lbs less than old tobacco. SAN FRANCISCO, Demnoi!r I3.-The Herald says that an mterestlng auctiOn sale of Vtrgtnia manufactured stock, just rece1ved by rall direct from the factory, sold on the Ioth inst., upon 90 days cre dit for all sums ove1 Ssoo. The attendance was large, and the btddmg was qutte sptrited. A few very desira ble parcels of Cable Coli brought very htgh pnces. Following are details : 6o bxs J. B. Pace's Twist, u-in s6c. as bxs do. S9@6o 20 boxes do, 9-in, :zo bxs do, Cahle Coli 4 oz, 77 40 bxs do do, 5 oz, 75c, 22 bxs do, light pressed, 9-in, 6z@66c: 30 bxs do, 12-lD, 30 bxs J<.ttreck's Twist, I2-in, 47C-as bxs do, L u-m, 30 bxs Crump's TwiSt, I2-in, 46c 30 Sp1cer's D. Twist, u-in, 48c: IS cs dwarf TwiSt, 25 cs J. H. Greaner's Suoshme Twist, 8-m, 12 cs do double thick Navy 45, 45c; ro cs do do, ss, 46 c: 5 cs do Bright's Pocket Pieces, IO cs Yarborough's Bnght Navy, ss, 25c: 5 csdo Dark do. 4s, 4qc; 5 cs do do, ss, 46c; IS bxs Patterson's Navy, 6s, 10 cs Benson & Brown BrightNayy, ss, 47c; I3 cs Turpm':1 Apncot do, ss. 7 cs Cabams Block Navy, 4s, .pc; 36 bxs Frazter's Golden Blocks, 6o@61 The exports were 6 cases, a do ctgars to Victona. There are now on their way to this port rom domestic Atlantic ports, 203 hhds and 1,364 cases. FOREIGN.-LIVERPOOL, I4.-Mr. F. W. Smythe, Tobacco Comm1ssion Merchant: In the Dock retuma annexed it will be seen that the stock of the Un1ted States tooacco in the Warehouses here on the rst inst. was I9,12I hhds agamst 2o,oo7 hhds, at same tte last year, exhibitmg a decrease of 9,886 hhds, which is to be accounted for as a result of reduced 1m ports during the past ten months, but uot as an ind1cation of greatlymcreased consumption, which, on reference to Board of Trade returns to ut October, as below, appears to be only 2 65 per cent, more than the quantity taken for home use in corresponding period of 1871. The supply in the two ch1efports m the Umted Kingdom was as follows: Liverpool, 2,548 vi; I,786 vs; 7,072 kl; 6,328 ks; mds, total I9 121. London a,:zao vi, I,o8s vs; :z,5a3 kl; 7,366 ks; z,g6o mds; total IS, IS+ Grand total, 4,768, 2,87 I, 9,595, I3,694, 3,347, 34,275; in other words, I6,565 hhds stnps, and I7,7Io hhds leaf, raak ing together a supply wtthin 55 hhds, of what we had on hand 11t November, r87o, and sufficient to meet the wants of this country for twelve months to come. { It ; proper to remark, however, that although our pre


L I DEC 25 'I' HE TOBACCO LEAP. 3 .stoeks are about what they were two years ago in the aggregate, there is this impo rtant difference, that m _the quantity now on band there are s,r6s hhds less stnRs, but 51 I IO hbds, more Jeaf. Board of Trade returns to JISt October have JUSt been received, and from them the following eloltracts relating exclusively to unmanufactured tobacco are taken. Imports for the month ending 31st October, r87o, .4J6,oss; t8?I, ?,I72,264; I872j s os4,0Sii Home consumptiOn I87o, 3t7;n; 1871, 3,722,979i 187 2 J,892, 279; Exports 187o, 866,9o5; 187 r, 777,516; 1872, r,144,6os. Importsfor the ten months endmg JISt Octo ber 187o, 341437 ,859; I87 I, 68,o52,I I9. 1872, 35,039j Home consumption I87o, 33,743,099; I87I, 34,649,393; .s,2. JS.s66,so5; Exports J8?o, 8,440,053i I8p; ll,798,344; I872, u,764 8:zo. Unmanufactured tobacm m all bonded in Umted Kmgdom, 31st October, 187o; 53,325,79o; Jbs. t871, 75,579,550, Jbs. 1872, 57,787,598, lbs. All the stnps and dry leaf made from the 187r crop and received at this port (except 18oo hhds) have been inspected, but on examinatiOn of sample s some parcels do not appear to equal, in point of dryness and sweetness, the imports put up from the crop of 187o. Tbts remark, however, can only apply to parcels prized before the wh1ch commenced m the early part of May. It is further noteworthY' that more of this year's receipts are of the spinmng sorts, and the less of them are suit able for cultmg purposes, wbtle there is a remarkable abse nce of bright colory tobacco. Throughout all Octo ber the transactions in th1s tobacco market have been of more than 01dmary magnitude. The stock of having become matenally reduced, and almost dispro portionately dearer than le af, cu stomers showed a decid ed diSpositiOn to supply themselves with the latter_, generally speakmg, sa!es have been large and at fuller prices for stnps, moreover, although pnnted quotatwns for leaf are not higher, they are p1 acllcaiJy stiffer. First class Afncans of requ1red wetgh t s (1500 lbs. and under per hhds, ) command-lj_d, per lb, second and _thtrd-classes being well up m proportion. Western stnps, a good busmess done at full figures, sales restncted, h o w eve r by the limited stock offenng and the h1gh pnces deman ded by holders We s tern leaf, both manufacturers and dealers have taken m01e freely than for some time past, at prices which -prevwu s ly they wete unwtlhng to pay Virgima leaf and strips, wuh exception of chmce selec tions for fancy purposes, the remarks on western tobacco apply also to them. Maryland, very httle done in th1s disc1 iption, and that only in co lory sorts. Substitutes, scarce. Cavendish, dull. Saturday, JJemnblr 7 -Mr. F. W. Smythe, Tobacco Commission Merchant, reports Dunng the week just ended this tobacco market has been very quiet, but at same time very firm ; as usual more or less was done in American tobacco from day to day, chiefly with man ufacturers m trade leaf, but very little in strips, for which the htgh _pnces asked by holders obstructed iness in this latter denommat10n ; the transactiOns m leaf, however, were generally speaking at full figures. Imports smce 1st inst., 67 hbds. Deliveriell, 430. LONDON, December 5.-Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co. report: Although there has not been so much activttv during the past eek in United States tobacco, consu:ierable sales have been effected at full rates, and there is now but a trifling supply of any of the prev1ous imports offering Holders c ontmue very firm, and show no disposition to make any abatement. Western leaf has had but a moderate amount of attentiOn ; there are, however, numerous inqumes for Mediterranean classes and bright home descnptions; stnps continue in good demand and continue to sell at full pnces. V1rgmia leaf has been fairly sought arter ; bright sorts bring extreme rates; sUips, m consequence of being held at extreme limits have been but httle dealt m. Maryland and Ohio have attracted but little attention; aales but tnfhng. Cavendtoh contmues dllficult to place; a full stock is nvw on the market. WisCONSIN ToBAcco.-There seerr.s to be some move ment in the I872 yteld of W1sconsin seed leaf. As to the quahty thereof a lively d1fference of opinion is man ifested. The WISconsin growers complam ol the con duct of certain dealers in dep1 ec1ating the character of the crop for selfish purposes If this is true, all the growers have to do 1 s to refuse to sell to the parties m question. They w11l find many houses here who will purchase the1r goods honestl y at their full Our own opmion, however, is that the growers have peen humbugged, as the dealers mentiOned-one of the most respected of our city houses-are quite incapable of the conduct charged. TOBACCO AND THE JESUITS.-The learned society which in the reign of James I. valiantly defended to bacco in the Antr-Misocapnus, observes an English co temporary, st11l compnses a large number of votanes of "the herb." The rector of the Jesutts M1ssion in England, Father C--, IS perhaps the greatest orator of the order, and the most Immoderate snuff-taker. It is remarkable to see the consumption of scented Scotch snuff which this intel l lectual and laborious man manages to consume during a conference, and the way in which each snccess1ve pmch produces a new corus cation of ingemous combinations of thought. What ever may be said agamst the J esu1ts, nom: Will allege that they are a dull, lazy, or stuptd soc1ety; and the consumption of strong tobacco in its most pungent ferm by the commander in England does not detract from the learnmg and whtch are h1s character istic attributes. AN INVRTEJII.ATB Sl'IUFF-TAKER.-Says a wnter in Cope':. Tobalcc Plan/ "All anthropologtsts remember the late venerable Mr. John Crawford, F.R.S. who for ,o many years was the persisltent Prestdent of the Ethno logical Society. He waa an enormous consumer of acotch 5nuff, and told us that he never had a snuff -box in his hfe. Both his waiStcoat were lmed w1th chamois leather, and filled with htghly-dried Scotch snuff ofwhtch, perhaps, an ounce or two was in each pocket. This he would pour mto his nostrils by the handful. He died at the age of eighty six, personally respected for hia brightness and cheerfulness by all h1s friends-even those who was oppo.;ed to h1m on many subjects. It is only right to say that the wnter incurred odtum and con tempt on one occasion from lh1m for having inadvertently offered a pinch of brown rappee. "Str, I desptse a man whose brain is so weak that brown rappee can stimulate il." ToBACCO IN 16o6.-Says a quaint writer of this periA. Tobacco Mayor of Liverpool. 'Ve don't mean a Mayor composed, or manufactured, of the fragrant weed, but one who m It as a means of hvelihood Mr. Edward Samuelson, of the firm of Samuelson & P1ke, 54 Hanover Street, Liverpool, was recently elevated to the mayoralty of that flourishmg town. Of the auspicious event, Cope's Toba1co Plant, under the title "Tobacco in Htgh Places," thus gentally dilates : Smce our last issue, tobacco has reCf:IVed a fittmg recognitwn in the h1ghest honor the town of Liverpool can bestow: Mr. Edward Samuelson, representative of the tobacco craft, has been elected to the CIVIC chatr. As our modesty will not allow us to assume that the electiOn was designed as a tnbute of admiration to the "weed," we look upon the Corporati on as entertainmg an angel unawares. Somebody will some day write somethmg worth readmg about Influence, and as Mayor Samuelson's mfluence can be exerc1sed only for good, we look forward to the months of his power with hvely antic1pat10n of his leaving a bright example to shed lustre on that somethmg which somebody w1ll some d::.y compo se Suppose h1s Worshtp were to introduce smoking mto the Council Chamber of \he loc al Parliament! Mem bers might be worse employed than in reducing the Q..ueen of Herbs to her mortuary ashes They m1ght b e wastmg precious hours m words, word s words,"' blatantly CO>ntemptuous of the grandeur of stlence, or recklessly votmg away the money of their constituents. Such thmgs have been done, and w ould not have been done If C o un cilmen had b ee n blowing fragrant, heaven asptring cl o uds mstead Q E D Mr. John Murphy, Secretary oi the Ratepayers' AssociatiOn, m1ght not be exhilarated by a report of thts kind : "The Town held its adjourned monthly me etmg on Wednesday. After five hours' smoking, a further adjournment was voted by consent" Or, "At the weekly meeting of the Improve:nent Com mtttee, etght hours were o ccupted m the endeavor to select cigars for the annual excursion of members and their fnends Mr. Raynor, the TownClerk, who attended the s yrnposmm to affC?rd the Commtttee hts ad vice and assistance, is of opmion that the average con sumption by each member present was thirteen. Home made HenryClays, and warranted Cuban Partagas, with English and American Regalias, were in great favor, but the Committee declined to dec1de questiOn of choice until further tnal, whtch was arranged to be made at the next meeting. The Chairman left suddenly; and Alderman --, who took the vacant chair, was sh01tly afterwards earned out and tesuscttated at Eberle's Alexandra Hotel-' as is hts custom of an afternoon.' Nevertheless, the ratepayers might, m the long run, find the Committee's cigar-bill less expensive than Its improvements The new Mayor mtght also use his influence to con fer upon the studious public the permiSSion to smoke, snuff, and chew in the Free Ltbrary. The Curator of the Museum would have pleasure in preparing the mull& and p1pes of the Mayer Collection for general use. The Smoking People would then flock to W1lliam Brown Street "in thetr thousands," as the Odentes, D1lkites, and other Bedlamites express it. Merely 'to 1magine the delirious ecstasy of taking a pinch out of the Et trick Shepherd's mull, or smokmg the commonest Shag m the pipe of the penultimate Chocktaw, is a dehght beyond the average plea,ure of life. The world mtght stand in mute but approvmg adflliration at the specta cle of (Mr. Alderman Picton's puffing of a two-foot Broseley, which would greatly assist him in the loving contemplation of the Blue Laws of Connecticut. Colo nel Stebel, smokmg a damty cigarette, or Major Bous field consuming one of "those cigars" which Marie Wtlton used to tell us about, while those veterans were puzzhng over Jomml on the Art of War, would be a sight for the gods. Or, again, in the matter of dinners; now that Mr. Lynn, is no longer among us to make his unnvalled turtle soup, and 1t is not one of the first duties of the Mayor of Liverpool to encourage and dispense that soul wsp1ring compound, hts 'Vorship mtght economi cally and pleasantly subs t1tute tobacco sederunts for the awkward, stiffiy formal dmner parties which !]ave ceased to be jolly ever since Gardner was Mayor, m the Mtddle Ages. 'fh1s IS the kmd of commumcatlon we shall be happy to receiv e from his worship : "The Mayor requests the company of the Edttor of Cope'f Tobacco Plant at a Smoking Party at the Town Hall on Fnday evemng next at seven o'clock," The invitation would be all the more welcome if accompanied by a card of thts sort .-MENU. SNUFF. Irish Blackguard. Kendal Brown. Scented Scotch. CIGARS. lntimtdads, w1th lnd1a-rubber Holders. Cabaflas. Flor Lopez. La Belle Therese. ENTREES Turkish Cigarettes. Mexican Ptstoles. REMOVES. Cut Pigtail. York River. ENTJI.E:METS. Pastiles. Tooth Brushes. Perfumed Mouth-wash. DESSERT. More 'Baccy Pipes. We simply throw out the bmt, leaving the matter in his Worship's hands, with full confidence m his apprecia tive prudence. The concession mtght be opposedwhat great reform was ever unopened ?-but the objectors could not he numerous. If such a tara avrs as a non-smoking reader ever d1ps his beak m thP. fountam of knowledge in Wtlham Brown Street, he would be sure to object, as to be m iseable is the normal conJi tion of an Antt-Tobacc01te; and he knows no enJoy ment save m seemg others as miserable as himself. Therefore it Is ,that he (croaks-" Put out your pipes I" At all events the Library Committee might prov1de a separate room for smokers. If this were done we would publish the 'Tobacco Plant' weekly dunng the period of his Worship's mayoralty, and so provide interestmg and pleasant hterature of a congenial kmd. If that is not sufljcimt temptation, we don't know what stronger inducement to out. We shaiJ watch his Worship's career with mterest; and in concluston, we congratulate a brother Tobacco-man on his elevation to a position which he is sure to dignify and adorn. "Tobacco, that excellent plant, the use whereof A CIGAR. FACTOl'I.Y FoREMAN AsSAULTED AND (u of fifth element) the world can not want, is that little RoBB&D.-OD the I 6th inst. as Mr. Wilham Feeltmann, shop of Nature, wherein ber whole workmansh1p lS foreman of the extensive cigar factory of Messrs. L. abridged; where you may raee earth kindled into fire, Hirschom & Co., was going fOm the Importers and the fire breathe out an exhalation, which, entering in at Traders Bank in Broadway, thts ctty, to the factory in the mouth, walks through the regtons of a man's brain, Rivmgton Street, East River, he was assaulted, w1thm drives out all ill vapors but iitself, draws down all bad a block of his destination, by three men who rushed out humors by the mouth, which in time might breed a of an adjoining liquor",store Mr. Feeltmann drew a pisacab over the whole body, if already they have not; a tol but as he did so, the men threw pepper mto h1s eyes plant of singular use; for, on the one s1de Nature, bemg and blinded him. While in this condition his wallet an enemy to vacutty anq emptiness, and on the other, was seized containing between and $4ooo, and there bemg so many empty brams m the world as there the money scattered upon the ground. It was speedlly are, how shall Nature's course be conunued? Hqw gathered by the rascals and before help could arrive shall tilese empty brains be filled but with air, Nature's they had escaped. The case was placed in the hands immediate instrument 10 that purpose ? If with air, of Superintendent Kelso, and the men have since been what l>O proper as your fume: what fume so healthful as arrested and ide n t die d The experience of th1s firm your perfume? what perfume so sovereign as tobaccv ? should be a warning to the:propnetors of our large cigar Besides the excellent edge it gtves a man's wit, as they factories who every week disburse large sums of money can best judge that have been present at a least of toin paying their workmen There is a large dangerous bacco, where commonly all good wits are c o nsorted, class in this city, especially at this season, and rogues what of diScourse it begets 1 what sparks of w1t lurk at every comer waiting for just such opportumt1es. it yields I It is a world to hear, as likew1se to the cour-The instances in which they are caught and the money age of a man. j secured are rare. THE MISSION OF WILLIAM HENRY. NEW YORK STATE SEED LEAF. We find the following interestmg art1cle from the pen Wtlliam Henry, says a wnter in Cope's ToballD Pl11nl, of a gentleman who know, whereof he wntes, m the was such a nice young man, he couldn't have been nicer Onondaga (Syracuse, N. Y.) Standard if you'd had him made to order, and paid extra. In "There is perhaps no crop in Onondaga County early life In! had been taught to believe what he read in which requires more attention, more nursmg and nicety books, more espec1ally such books as were wntten by m its produdion and cunng than seed-leaf tobacc_o philanthropic indivjduals anxious to benefit their fellows. It is besides, a crop of great value to the grower6 m Being an intelligent youth hereasoned thus:-" It will our :eg:on of country. Besides being a profitable crop be better if I confine my reading to such worKs," and he to the farmer who devotes his time to cultivating it on ask;;d his mamma if this was not a good idea. She said scientific principles, 1t is also an tm{>Ortant commercial it was; and, like a good chtld, he followed it out commodity Its cultivation in Onondaga County IS He read that beer and wme were poisons, and became looming up more conspicuously every year. Men there a teetotaller; he read that beef and mutton encourare, as in all other kmds of pursuits, who grow It for a aged animal passions, and made men wicked and fierce, season, then retire from the bus mess, l!lecause they lack and became a vegetanan; he read that Tobacco was an perseverance, courage and patience in nursing this sin invention of the devil, and, besides softenmg the brain gularly constituted plant. It wants nursmg carefully, and hardening the heart, encouraged all manner of dis with the best judgment brought to bear on its success eases, from ravmg madness to poor relations, and so ful productiOn. The new beginners who seek to make became an Ant1 Tobaccoite. n good thmg out of ra1smg tobacco wtthout due effort, As may be suppose.i, he was great in the mysteries of are the one:> who play sad havoc among the tobacco socteties; some men seem born to th1s sort of thing, and, plants whtch kmd nature has formed m the most pleas anyhow, its better than coining or burglary. W. H. ing and beaut1ful manner. New begmners more fre was secretary, treasurer, and lecturer to an Anti-Tobacthan otherwise handle tobacco plants as though co soc ety, a teetotaller society, and a vegetarian society. they were turn1ps to be thrown about according to the He was also a clerk in the Ctty; but he never associated caprice of the grower. To speak, however, m ore prac with h1s fellow-clerks, or he would have discontinued tically with reference to the: bemg a nice young man. Last summer he got a few TOBACCO CROP IN ONOND'AGA COUNTY, days' holiday. Here was an opportunity for the soc1e-we have very good reasons for behevmg that it w tll be tie s : they asked htm if he would go on a Mission; he one of the finest we h a ve had m this State smce 1864. blushed, and satd, Yes." Only convert one from er-That year was noted for its supenor growth and qual ror," satd the societies. "and you w11l not have hved m tty of tobacco, wlule the crop of 1872 may be regarded vain. It was determined he sh.ould go to Ramsgate, wtth almost equal favor. We believe f r om the best and any one wtll admtt th1s was a fatr field for h1s work mformation we have been able to gather up to thts date, The three soctettes saw him off, and smiled encour-that, wtth a few exceptiOns, the crop of 1872 is curing agement. Arrived at Ramsgate, he sought as quiet a down nic e ly, and but very little "fat tobacco" will make Jodgmg as be could find; and, after ordenng a dmner 1ts appearance this season. It may not appear to many that would have been the death of a "mutton," went .on of your 1 eaders that we can note an to the Sands. He passed the day in a State of excite INCREASE IN PRODUCTION OF LEAF fOBACC01 ment, and when evemng came he was found beaming in in Central and Western New York, but \ e assure them the mcest poss1ble manner upon the merry promen-that such 1 s the fact. In I872 the crop as a large one ad ere; but now the pipes and cigars began to remmd in our State, and although to many t 1 1 c crop of 1872 h1m of h1s M1ssion, and, stghmg at Ius forgetfuln'!ss, he may seem lighter than the pn!cedmg :> G e, yet the di wandered abstractedly along the sands. m 1mshed acreage of 1872, compared w i l 1 the large area is now placed on strmgers in the tobacco shed in such a manner, and as far as is thought proper to secure a g ood cure of the plants. We leave the other metho1s of hanging for another article." Removal. NEw YoRK CrTY --J. M Zeller, Dealer in Havana and Seed leaf tobacco and Ctgar manufacturer, from :z u Grand Street, to 93 Maiden Lalle. Forthcoming A uotton Sale. By John H. Draper & Co., 112 Pearl Street, on Fri day, December 27, at one o'clock P. 11., in their store, continuation sale (by order of Joint-Commitiee on Sal vage), --hogsheads of leaf tobacco, saved from the late fire at J arvts's warehouse, Jersey City. To be sold by inspector's samples. This tobacco 1s now being assort ed, prized and sampled, and the Commattee respectfully inv1te those mtendmg to purchase to visit the warehouse (at Long Dock stores), and satisfy themselves of qualtty, condtlion and handhng. ANOTHER AWFUL EXAMPLE!-" Uncle Ned," :>red, aged r 12, d ted in Savanna h the other day, after chewmg tobacco 100 years. WHAT NEw YoRK DoEs-SPLENDID SHoWING.The. followmg IS a statement showi n g the revenue paid on ctgars in New York Ctty, and N e w York State f o r the fiscal years ended June 30, I87o, r87r, and 1872: New York C1ty, r87o, $r,I69,I69.17, 187I, 1,383,240.95; r872, 1,756,513 81. N e w 01k State, exclus t ve of New York Ctty, 187o, 43o,oz8.98; 1871, 478 642.33; I872, S2I.057 6r. Total s I87o, I,59S.o98 xs; I87I, I,86r,&}2. z8 1872, z,277,521.42. --SIGNS OF EMANCIPATION.-When in the early days of the French Revol utiOn, the decree disestablishing monastic vows was passed by the National Assembly, both men and worr en d1splayed a great eagerness to escape from the cl01ster The young monks, especial ly, manife sted exceeding haste in puttmg ou mundane attire amtin ad opting mund'lne fashions. Nothing de lighted them more than to be able, w1th a defiant air, to smoke ptpcs m the most public places. Of all the s1gns of emanctpauon, this was regarde d as tbe man liest Oh, terribl'e sight! a youthful maiden smoking 1 it of I8p, w 111 turn out, 1t 1s beheved, as many pounds was too much. During the day he had noticed the smithiS year as m 187 r. No statistics at hand w1ll enable lmg face, the smart hat, and the flowmg hair, and now me to give the exact number of pounds she was before him i11 company with one of his deadly either of the years .named, but only proxtmate esll foes-Tobac1:o, hateful thtug !-a sweet flower with a mates of the two crops referred to. A RIGHT KIND OF ToBACCO BARN.-A correspon: filthy weed. Ltke a fierce whirlwmd hts MISSION THE CROP OF 1 871 dent of Spnngfie ld (M ass ) thus wntes-rushed mto his mind, in capital letters He would do is not yet out of the country; by which we mean that "All sorts and styles of but ldmgs, f10m the broad shanty tt, or d1e in the attempt! But how was he to begin? IJ between 3 000 and 4,ooo cases now rem am m the far to those equaling in outside finish a good farm cottage she had been an audtence, he could have managed very mers' hands. About 8,ooo cases have been shipped to or house, are used for the purpose of hangmg tobacco well, if be had a platform and a chairman, he could have foreign parts, and say s,ooo cases now remam m the in for curing the tobacco ready for stripping; but when done it easily, but alone, with no platform, 1\0 chatrman, hands of speculators, jobbers and manufacturers. This we come to strip, a room that will keep out the wind no mtroductwn even, he trembled. But, oh! to save would giVe 10 000 cases as the production in New York and at the same t 1 me be comfortable to work in and that sweet gul from headlong ruin, he must do it A State for the year 187 I, or szx mtlltons two and even where a fire may be kept m a stove, seems an happy thought struck h1m: he drew forth a copy of the ninety thousands of pounds (6 29o,ooo), allowing an aveessential and by most who grow tobacco now is provided Anlz -Tobacco 'Jou171al; he approached her, hat m hand, rage of 370 pounds to-the case. Say that each case of for. As the question is directed for my indtvidual adhe offered the priceless composition, and, with mauy tobacco produced 10 our State for 1871 wtll, on an avevice, etc., I should give it as follows after considerable blushes, said:-rage, wrap 20, 000 cigars, the 17,ooo cases would, if this observation, experience and consultatiOn wtth others o( "H'm-w1ll y0u, miss-oh--kmdly-h'm-accept estimate is correct, turn out tllirty-fout mzilions of large expenence, being to the quantity this-h'm-this--" czgars (34 ,ooo,ooo).1 But our readers must bear m Where a quantity equalmg or exceedmg three "Thank you, sir, I have a supply of cigarette-lights mmd that at least one-thtrd of the 17,ooo cases 1s not acres is grown, I would build a bai}I32X75 feet, with I6 m my pocket." suitable stock or leaf for rolling dgars, and_ for this feet posts, three rows of posts with a dnveway length" I ceg 'your pardon, miss, this is not intended to reason it w 111 be seen that we have put the average ways the butldmg; at one end of the bulldmg I would hght your-your-c1garette; but-h'm-rather to put it down to 20 000 cigars for each case. There are the have a stripping room about r6x:zs feet, one-half the out. You w11l read 1t carefully through, w1ll you not, my scraps which are composed of stems and bits of leaf he1ght below and the other above the surface of the dear young lady ?" after the cigar maker exhausts the wrappmg leaf m the ground ; posts on blocks of stone set on end in the "Yes, that I will, and no doubt it will convert me. case a n d these scraps usually are sold to the exportground a1 leas t two feet, only slide sills running the Good-bye, str, good-bye." ers are thereafter converted into smoking tobacco. lengt11 of the buJidmg would_ be required, except where The next evening he again encountered the smoking 8 the stripping room was fimshed off; a chimney to the CROP OF 1 7 2 ld b t" ] Th h Jd b beauty; agam she smoked her cigarettes. After many . h stnppmg-room wou e essen 1a. ere s ou e attempts and much spurring from the Mission, the nice Agam we are m the dark relation to t e two t1ers of girths below and between the plates, beams young man said : quanlity of leaf grown 10 our State 10 1872 We put I and sills, allowmg for each space for hanging not less than "D1d you read the journal I lent you last night ?" the number of cases at 1? 000 and thmk fully g,ooo five feet and one-half, the posts and main beams should "Not qulle through, sir. I want lime to think it cases are alone the county of On_ondaga. be 8x8 inches and all the timber strong and heavy, for over; but won't you take a glass of wine with me ?" pnces quantity would brmg one an immense stram comes on the main timbers when the The MISSion Jumped up as If some one had gone for half_milhon of dollar's, lf put up prudence and barn is filled with tobacco right from the field. I have It with a pm. caution. The crop has already gamed a very fat r known, what were constdered sufficiently sfrong butlt "No, thank you-I'd rather not." reputatiOn, we are glad say, and the buyers will buildings, spread and cause expense and delaym repairs "Now, do." at the proper time, be more hkely to mvest where only partly filled; and again buildings with the. Now, do Only two words, and not particularly 10 our crop. The growth was large The seasoo wlfs, bacco m have fallen m a mass from the want of suffi. pretty ones; but when they look coaxingly out of eyes, especially after the first of September, exceedmgly cient strength in the timbers and fastemngs, severalmand 1ssue from pretty poutmg bps, they crawl about a favorable The plant seemed to delight 10 a. rapid stances I m1ght mention were it necessary. The barn. fellow awfully-don't they ? growth, and before the cultivators .we:re aware of It, the should have purlm plates and beams for greater security, William Henry, hear me shout; jump up and run, or leaf had assumed unusual proportions, very fine, whole and for h,mging tobacco on, and if necessary a few poles you will be done for! Alas! he moves not I Cupid 10 the and of commendable From obmay be hung to the peak above, making in all m the has struck him, and got his v1ctim glued to his seat; he servatwn, It apparent to us that afteJ the fir s t ?ay center, five tiers, three full and two part tiers. I would. can't get away. of t.1e tobacco plant mcreased twothnds set the s11ls at one foot above the ground and board to. He thought he might take-one as an experiment; he m Its growth. Crops then were thought to be un-even with the bottom., have a swing board to drop from would then be able to discourse learnedly of 1ts effects wort _hy of tobacco, turned out amazmgly w?ll, an_d our the s11ls to the ground, one half the s1dmg hung on hmges He drank a glass of wme, and the Mtssion, in the farmers were 10 most cases happily dtsa ppomted m the so as to gtve free venlllation; in each of the gable ends last stage of general debility, moaned feebly; he drank Ia:ge fields of leaf they .were to there should be window holes and tight 1hutters No, 2 and No.3, and the gently expired-so Tnroughout the county and 10 the adJacent. counties, to open for ventilahon mstead of a ventilator in gently that its owner did not notice Its decease. the growth was very fine, J;>ut 1!1 some localities we are the roof, as such gives better ventilation and there is u Now, my dear young gentleman," said the tempto a hat! storm nottced m the Standard at not tne objection that might arise from one in the roof. tress, "try a mild cigar," and he did Under the i n flu-the tune It occurred, _mared the leaf badly, and If I were to prov1de for less than three acres I ence of the wine he would have put any thing h1s were _mJured: For wrappmg think I _should build not over 24 feet wide, length in mouth from a penny trumpet to a pump-handle, 1f she tobacco 15 not suitable unless there ma,r be proport1on to amount of crop grown, but even here the had only suggested it. por;,IOns of the leaf here and there wtll cut tunbers should be as strong, and there should be a room Then they walked on the sands in the moonlight, and out a wrapper. The extent of the was for done off for stripping with the same convenience as for be talked nonsense and love. He would have quoted tunately confi:ned lo a small belt of country, and 1 t. ts the larger, and of size proportioned to needs. I should poetry, but be only knew teetotal melodies, and they not worth whtle to allude. to t?e particular locahlies want my butldmg for curing tobacco in so that it could wouldn't do; so he spooned. where damage done, m thts article. Buyers and be closed as any good modern barn, so that wind could Next day he suffered from headache, and from the growers can best of the extent of the damage_ to not enter when closed tight, for when tobacco is dry a Mission, whicli demanded decent burial. He also felt the leaf. when they shal,l compare notes on the_ subJeCt little rustle from the wmd cracks and injures the leaf 51ck; but love eased aching head and cured of 'hall-cut tobacco. Hatl-storms deprectate. the badly, often; and if the case happens as it did last year hts sickness, and told the MISSion to he down and convalue of the leaf ve_ry matenally, and y_et the InJUred the tobacco, or a portion must hang through the winter, sideJ itself buried. leaf does very well for export and smokmg. The crop and be subject to the wmds of wmter, whtch find their The time, alas I came for him to return. He was to of 1872 seems to have been P t erty well housed. Some way through all aperatures, large or small. A tight meet her for the last time. He kept his appointment ; new methods of hangmg ?ave been adopted for the building, or one easily made so, is essential in case of he waited an hour; she came not. he went for ginger growers, and we are told wllli We call atten-fogs or damp weather when the tobacco 1s first hung beer; he grew Impatient ; he smoked a ctgar. Sttll she non to these and for two or three weeks to shut the dampness out as came not; he drank beer, ar..d smoked another cigar. NEW METHODS OF HJ.N,GING TOBACCO. muth as possible." It got late, and stiJI she was not forthcoming; but in more particularly to discriminate what we beheve to be her place uprose the awful phantom of the murdered of value to those engaged m ratsmg to\lacco, and also MissiOn. In sepulchral tones 1t demanded what he to give others about to engage m producing the" leaf would snow on his return? This, coupled with the base the advantage of the new system. The old plan was desertion of him by hls charmer, was too much for to hang on poles and boards by usmg twme, wmdmg htw, and so he had more beer and another cigar, and the same around the butt of the plant, and thus by got drunk. quick motions coupled with experience and practice, a Ad'VertiBements. TO CIGAR MANUFACTURERs-A TRAVELING SALESMAN,lbavtng a Trade tn N e w York, Pennsylvama, Jlltnoia. Kentucky, Tennessee, Mtssoun, Wtsconan, and Iowa, 1s open for a situation. 1. bose only maoufacrtutng largely need add reM SAL&SMAN, thts Office 40C). o4JO. The societies at home were very anxious to hea1 bow man could hang the plants as fast as one could toss A RARE CHANCE 1 he got on. He had ongmally mtended to write when them up to him. This twme method is st1ll in vogue. rno BE LET-CHEAP-<>r For Solo, prloo only 1368.00 a,...., a1 LO<'U8T he had succeeded; he hadn't succeeded in his mission, so It 1 5 a good way of h"nging the plants, and per.L GROVE, NEWTOWN, Long Islon4, FJNE COUNTRY BEJ.T, OOIIIiBtiJif ., or a NF.W HOUSE or 8 roome, 1nloh half-ol 1 0 Loo d Neloo11l otrcct, L "n. o l J ug. so they had to seek him. They sought for several hours, Juwl. "-"'' ""'-"l'linno "'Y beadlo-.or to U>oTu cor.,. r .. ,, "' { t d W t that th' Pnetj t-...o 8 1lllU11G11 (Ll g I .. L} pel" lnD\181. -At ten o'clock at night they found his shattered remains 15 as gatntng groun e canno say IS 15 a Irade A ....u .. me.,ta, :10 ""lllull" por IDeh. No a.dvertloe nt. """' f _.,.d b t th d h 1 d" H new mode. It has been practiced in the Southern 1 r b '""' pon mootbe lllk>huoecy fur w. "" ue;. ...... WGU enng a ou e san s lD a ope ess con Ilion. e d. h I h "' o \ "' u """'cut &e lo per llue N'> or.or f r Mvertl..,. ""' I. '"'' looked as cheerful as a whitewashed tombstone on a States for many years, an lt 1S rat er smgu art at our d.; "" ... ay tbe c rr" p owJmg .mow.t. "'' d h Tb d hi h did worthy farmers have not adopted the method ere this. mn'' h r < d to. trty mg t. ey reco_puse m ; e not recogniSe -:. .......... ..=-=====::::::::::=::::::;::::::;:::::;:;.._:. __ them. They looked very peculiar to him ; and 50 to The lath is the common house lath, only it should be tell the truth, did he to them. They took his cigar away, sound and reason ably strong. The end of the lath is FOREIGN D1JTIE8 01'1 TOB.&CC:O. h d ffi tl t allow an I ron or steel socket In Auotrla, France, Italy and Spain tho tobecco commerce lomoaopollaed and then they took him away; they put him to bed, S arpene su Clen Y 0 1 by government, under dtrectlon o(a ROJ!e. In aer...a,. tbe duty on Amerl they waited on him in the morning-tears-headache sharpened at one end, to be forced on. to th'! stringer, canleaftobaccoskpenoolbs InBelgi-tbelmpoetiarecltonedafterde-..... 1 h" 1 h th h h tortare. Thedotylsl]fnaco,:ooceat1mes($>-4<>1"ldl' -soda-water-repentance I Three gloomy men and a then P ants are struug on to t IS at roug t e per 100 Kolognmmes (1oo Amencan lbo. eqmal klloo.) Jn Holland tbe sickly attempt got Into a mid-day train for London. buts, and are placed say from five to seven inches "'l:tsR.,f.';.'!-ilier =:::. Wtlham Henry was,, genuinely and bitterly sorry., so after asunder in order to prevent 'pole burn,' which is a pud, on lltJlokmgtobacco rou 40 cop per pud, aod oo ciaan rou .., b -1 I t th le es The ]ath cop. per poond. The pwt" ta equal to about :t5 Americau lis. ID Turlr.e,. a few weeks' seclusiOn, he came forth againy 3 little sad-very au at men among e wrapper av tbe duty ilt so ceota,pld, per,.)( AmerlcaD 0110ceo. used to be. He has not, however, been smgle-handed On a miSSiOn l>ince. :a :I[ (.. WHAT THEY SAY IN CALIFORNIA.-lt is said that the ....1:1 Cahforma crop at Gilroy is placed at 6o,ooolbs and of -QF AND H very superior qualtty-equal, if not better, than any raised in the Atlantic States, and only second to the A well assorteo1 of HAVANA and YARA Tobacco constantly on hand a ,nd sold at, Havana seed leaf. LOWEST IMPORTERS" PRICES. I PostOfficeBox2969. 188 PEARL STREET. NEW YORK. ToBACCO IN QwEN Co., Kv.-Owing to the dry and unfavorable weather, very little tobacco has been :ship ped in Owen County. ....... Jf!IM _____


I \ \ THE TOBACCO LEA.F. 4 New York Co:mmi i n Merchants. The Virginia Agency '. I N 1836, BY CIL1.RLES :M. CoNNOLLY. BROIDERS & Co. MANUFACTURERS, OF .TUE. UElL];BRATED _: And 17Uriom; otlt C1' or \ Cut Chewing Tobacco, &2 &; /J4 .East XMr<.l Street, CINCINNATI, 0. QR"U" B sing located at the GREAT LEAF -45 WATER ST.. NEW Y our facilities for the TRADE wJth AU GHADES OF F t=-: E .eWe respectfully call of the trade to the following Standar d -CuT and SMOKWG a r e unsurp assqd. Eram s o f Manufactured Tobacco: S:I, Golden Sceptre, El Dorado, Uniq,.o, '-' ....,. ,E1 Pfamy, Eaomeralda, L a Rosa, 1 #fill/ o laae assortmentof oflur Brands these ((dehrq_ted Manufacturers 17S WATER STREET, NEW YORK, R. A. PATTERSONS & CO.'S ; Borodi.D.a, Golden .Apple, and Other BraD.ds. r!z vario us Bronds of the following Mannfacturers: r l' D\)HAN, & CO., . C 0 M M S S I 0 N M E R C H l r N T ,S, ,.. 104 FRONT STREEr-_r 'I M T. DOHAN t CARROLL, ALEX. FORMAN. ) :W'$ voaa,. JNO. T. TAITT. A[ents for the followin[ Well-known ViraiiUa Manufactnrern: J. B. PACE, YARBROUCH & SONS, J. H. CRANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BROTHER', D. B. TENNANT & CO. L. H IFRAYSER & CO. B. W. OLIVER, H. CREA.NER, CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSON, THOMAS HARDCROYE, J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND & JONES, R ,ACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & .CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A PATERSON & CO. J. F. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Bv.B'alo Cbipe.. -.lili ve.:..on and c .. Inmbia Mists. i"' .. -lS'ODJUl, u Alrl II 'Ji'ace &; Stovall, Crwapt..n', Jno. H. Groaner, E H Sl!lith,Jr &; Brc Paclrers of Domestt c Leaf Tobacco -Jao. H. Wonham, Tarp:ba &; Bro, O. P. Gregor,-&; Co.LawreJlce Lottler; ll Sole Agents in New York for BONNE BOUCHE, 45. ss. and Pocket Piec e s rl BeD80n &; Bonn, and Others. Atte.DtiOD given to. sales of .J.IIA:P .TODAOOO in :this :Market, oT which consignments are solicited. .. Al s o AgenJs for John W. Carroll's U elebrated Smoking Tobaccos, Lone Jack a Drown DEC. 1a5 BULKLEY MOORE & '14 FRON1' St1eet. lfREI!IELBERG & CO., r r6o PEARL ST., New YORK. J. D KREMELBERG & CO., BALTIMORE, MD. KREMELBERG, SCHIEFER & CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. mAI:&U H LEVIN, IMPORTBR UP HAVDt And Iler.W in all kinds o a a & r .;:;T J s lll[ w -in dark work t o our "Thistle" Brand, so widely known in many parts oi L-A ]1' T 0 J3 A c co, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, ES LANE, f U UtL 'Rn-n .. T..-M. WES'i'HEIM & CO., .PACX:ERI or Beed-tea.f and Importers or Havana Tobacco, 1 '77 Pearl Street, NEW YORIL vVILLIA!"' PRIC3 & Cu., LEAF T n. 119 l!. iden L:m r.JCVJ "',.if1.S.Z.:r JOS. MAYER'S SONS,_ AND DE.U.'EB8 IN 1.22 WATER STBEE7', New York. COMMISSION Packer & Dedler in Leaf Tobacco No, 14 C"'dar St NEW Y ;RK. -.&I.&Ji .......


' DE(;. 26 raE TOBAVVO JACOB BIIIBLL, MANUFACTYRER OF OIUAR WXES, AND JOBBE-R OF ALL KlNllS SUPERIOR MAKE\' AND. J p,;me ot 1 ALSO, DEALER IN ; C'JERMl(N v '<.L. PALMER A IL SCOVILLR, 293, 296 fc 297 Monroe St. NEW YORK. WM:. AGNEW .15 SONS, Toba.oco and Oommissio11. M8l'Oha.nta. 1184. and Front St-et. NEW YOBK. JLI.Vll ON BALJ: Ltat Tobacco for Export and lome If& Leaf Tobacc o baled in any paclld) unde r Old Connerticut W.tappers, R eve n ue Lw, as a speci>lty f J r more than ten years h e h u >cquired an experience which is Old Sial! Seed Wrappers, the gu.lrJ.atee fur prori1pt, and t horo ugh attenti o n t o export! of T o b acco and Spirits The Ft.nest Hava na under the New Intern:tl Revenue L:tw. H e!l that he wi ll attend to bu siness so well in preventing :1n..i t h .lt the good:; will command the h ighes t m:ark ct p ri!:e, thereby more Wrappers and Fille rs. than, t v iRg t o th: o r D">ler a a n eot:Ssacy char ge. H. COL ELL, 19"' A!lvi"" giv>!l gr::tt s. 172 Water Street, New York. ___ ..__.....;._...;.. ___ ..;.... _____________ ....:,. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPP:CL, l1Dporlera HAVANA ADd Dealen in. Don1eatlc: LEAF TOBACCO, 229 Pearl street, NEW YORK. READ & Co., SuccESSORS TO IsAAC READ, {JOMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Dealers in Virginia and Western Leaf and Manufactur ed Tobacco, Licorice, Gum etc., 1St Old Slip, ll'ew 1rork. W-ALTER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE, '1. H. llltESSElfGEB. ct CCJ., EUCENE DU BOIS, FOIEIBN&Dii'nliioaAcco, L I 0 0 R I 0 E Leaf, Manufactured, and Smoking nwoD.ACCQ, ..... II&IDD ....... D1r YO:U. .IL .. .,._ 'i'o FRONT St., New York. Manuf&cture4 Tobacco of all Styl nd Q aol ltleo, 41 li. L e.&S5EBT rect Jrow the beP.t m&nufactorlee of ViJl:"ltd&. C u r u 1.a J. L. GASSEJlT &. BRO., lo BDBDlO. A BnJWII:O. COMMISSION MERCHANTS D. & A. BENRIMO, .urk, 1-_....::T:....:'R:......A_TI_'P._. -5"ce e escr t o J. R. GREENE & 00. -DURI:li.M, N. C. 85 S. I --' .u In of so a'nd 100 lba. "' 9. ):: thhlpopubr t'Auaed fei teJ, and t o .. bC" plrt ic ular i:o eot it bears 0 L. CERSHEL & BRO., AUERBAOH & MENDEBIIII Wholesale D e a lers in Havana and Domes tic Leaf Tobacco AND Also a.ll Kinds of Leaf, No. 86 'b'I.AIDEN LANE, L. GJJ:RSHEL. l i, GERBIIEL f .. IllPORTEP.S OF B.A.V A FELIX MIRANDA, IMP:QR.Ti.R OF AJ!Dl>ULn "' BEAV;E.B. STREET, NEW YORE:, LATE OF ST. LOUIS, Mo. ) D 0 M EST I C IMPORTERS OF Dealer in all kinds 0 / ANTONIO L f T b HAVAIA AID HAVAIA till. LEAF TO I IMPORTI!R O F AND DEALERS IN' DOKESTIC LEAE -TOBA.CCO, BAVAIIA LI.IF 1'0BICC 88 0 8CC0 .BACCQ, HAVANA LEAF 203 PEARL STREET -NEW YORK CITY. 1. '8. ROSENBAUM &: CO. IMPOR'I;ER9 QF liA A TOBACC.OI AND DE.u..!ltS ISE!D LEAP' maceo, No. 162 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. R. A. MIT..LS, TOBACCO BROKER Geaeral Com:tnission Merc1aant, Office in Tobacco Excha nge, Shockoe Slip,' BIOIDIOND, VA. I KEY WEST FLORIDA. 147 ST NEW YOB:E:. AND I .... Wa er Street, AND OE THE BRAND OF CICARS "IIITICA," 195 Pearl St' New York .,_ ____ __, __ lll_E_w_v_o_R_K. THE ANCHOR CIG.A.B. FA.C'I'OBY. crd. AJ .a; c. L. Man.. J. F. o. MZYKil. A. H. CARDOZO" & CO., : LEINKAUF & POLLAK, -"c. L. & o. MEVEa, T b &C tt F t MANUFACTURERS oF iitohau.a 'ommtsston o a ceo on ac ors, 'Fiz2.e Cigars, .. ...... DUL"""."' Commission Merchants, General Commia.lon Merchant., 202 CHATHAM STREET, Md. & Oh10 Leaf No. 43 Beaver St., New York. Addre .. byPoot, P. 0. Box ,6171. No. 123 Pearl Street, Ne-w Bpc&.ial attention paid to the forwardlng ol Tol>aooo to conn tries. ..._ u. CRDOZO. .aoa!' HEYMAN & LOWENSTEIN s. SEIIING'S SONS,I, Packers and Dealers in CODISSION MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS lN LEAF TOBACCO, s, 99 Maiden Lane, N.Y." NEW YORK. H J LBINKAUI', J POLLAK. NEW YORK. ED. WISCHMEYER & CO. TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS ( 49 SOUTH CHARLES ST., BALTIMORE. Baltimore .T. H TYREE, II.MIIIIOI MIICHAIT, .. ......,, n.-c., Ml .... ...... ., .... ;J l'fli4.GCIJO. ,r :9}" Llllc>l .a.a Oone!pmll\tl. ..11/1 L. OABVAJAL'S CIGARS, I 167 rater Street. NewY wk. W ALLAOE & 00., I l IJelli .. nlluet, No. 4 7 Broad Street, J.D.-HUNT, COMMISSION MERCHANT. ALL RINDS OF C.igars and Leaf Tobacco. IDVINCEIIIENTS IIIIQE ON C9fiStGrtll\[fiTS. El.FFICE : 133 Water Street, New York. Seed and llavaB& .. 'LEAF -TOBACCO, 1'72 water s--..-.... NEW YORK. FATMAN & 00., Cotton and Tobaooo Factors, AND. COMMISSION 70 & n BROAD STREET NEW YOIIJil. l, B. LICHTENBERO, u. S. Tobacco "Works. llaau!ru>lllrer of Fine Cut Chewing 7!obacoo, -.OftllOn. Kla


\ / 8 THE DEC 25 PbtJadelphia Advertisements. Baltimore Advertisements. SOUTHERN AND WESTERtJ ADVERTISEMENTS. w-M. A BOYD, & co::-1 I A.dvertise:meats. ---------------------CASSIUS WEU..S. L. B. BAA& ftQLE8ALE DEALERS -, ... I i YANUFACTURED AND LEAF ToBACCO, CIGARs. 1 &IIlith B.aa. a Knecht, PIC" WM Ill .t.LL KllQie 0. RICHARD llALLA,Y. JAMES llALLAY. Menry Besuden & Bro" c. a. co., CONN. SEED LEAF -LEAp-TOEIAOOO, e bel .HCUMIJ'culuren Dealer '" Oltl.,. .. a25 RACB 8TRBET, J STEWARTr MARKS, RALPH & CO., 1 Kanulacta.rc.a and Wboleu.le Dealers in TOBACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S" SCOT-CH SNUFF, 115 Ach St., Philadelphia. TELLER Packers, Commission Merchants, anil Wholesale Dealers in Foreign and Dom.estic Leaf Tobacco, 6 117 North Third L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALERSIN L E .A._ F T 0 -::S.A. 0 0 And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, 3 1\T. Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. l 33 SOU"rB J H. WILKENS, a CO., Monumental Oity Tobaooo Work-. 1o. 181 WEST PRATT STREET, BliA'I.ORI, D .. B.Dd ChewiDIJ Tobaccos. M. FALK & GO., 143 WATER STREET NEW YORK. J GEO. KERCKHOFF. GEO. P. UNVERZAGT. __ GEO. KERCK.HOFF & CO., DEALERS IN CONNECTICUT, IIA V ANA AND YARA LEAF TOBACCO, AND :MA.Ni1F ACTtmERS OF CIGARS. No. 49 S. CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE. W .J. HAWKINS. C. M. HAWKINS. HA 'W'KINS &: CO., e-. ,TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 43 West Lombard Street, Baltimore Md. CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED ANll UBERAl ADVANCES MADE. R.MALLAY & BRO DEALERS .-11 Dea1en in LEAF TOBACCO. LEAF TOBACCO, 1 t5 and 1 17 West Front St., 161. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, Blltween Race and Elm, OINOINNATL 0. OINCINNAT5. .. .. ______ -s. LOW:ENT:UAL & COD, liANUFACTU!lERS OF FIN E CIGARS, AND DEALERS !N LEAF 'roBACCO, NO. 11 'vES'I' T L-::liRD STREET C INCINNAYS, OHIO. STRASSER & CO., (Succeti&Or& to LOUIS STRASSER,) KROHN, FEISS A CO., FRIID'K KLIER G. GIESKE ED. NIEMANN MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, MANUFACTURERS OF 154 State Street, JIA.BTJII'OBD, OOJftll. B. A z. K. Connecticut Seed-Lear TO::O.AOCO!t I l6 Market Street, Hartfbzd, Cenn. WE&TPHKL, COMMISSION .A.nd Dealer 1n COJINCTICliT SEi LEAF <> b ao o o, State St Hartford, Conn A. L. & F. SISSOR, P a ckers a n d De a lers i n CONNECTICUT S EED LEAF TOBACCO, No. I 34 MAIN STREET, Hartford, Conn. H$.18& WOODWORTH &. STRONC., Dealers i n LEAF TOBACCO, o& cB.'o GIESKE o. NIEMANN ........ ceo Grl ........ .... .. ....,.....,, A -No.217StateSt., Smokers' and Imp. Havana 0 1 G A R S l3.J3. B.& TCBELOR BROTHERS, Manufacturers Cigars, WHOLESALE DEPOT 330 North 3rd St., Branches at 337 North Third Street, 2:& 8et)GJHI 8C., aDd 837 Cbe8tnat Street. PA. W. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS LEAF I 15 SOUTH WATER,SY.REET, PHILADELPHIA. W. EISENLDHR. S W. CLARK. PHIL.BDNN. AND /COMMISSION MERCHANTS, GSt South Charles St., near Pratt Baltim.ore. Md. GUSTAV GUTH, MANUFACTURER OF CIOARS, 53 CERMAN STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. TOBACCO FACTORS And OommissiO'It_ Merchants, 78 South Charles St.;Baltimore, Md. / -S. ROSENFELD &. CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Smoking. Chewing, and Leaf Tobacco SOLE AGENTS FOR G. B. LICHTENBERG'S DetrfJit "Morning Glory," and Spenct BrfJthers, Cincinnati Fint-Cut, 53 EXCHANGE PLACE, BAL T!IIORE, MD. F. W. FELGNER, Sole Manufacturer and Suceeosor to w DRESEL Q. co F. H. BISCHOFF, 1 ar, J DEUTSCHER RAUCHTABAK 87 GAY STREET, ABD OTHER CHOICE 11&A.l'IDS. go & 92 South Charles Street, Baltimore :B.6L'l'U40D, :liD., F. ENCELBACH, ACENT, T 0 B A c c 0 21 Sixth Avenue, New York. CODISSION mGHANTS, J. RINALDO SANK & OO,, ..tblcco and Genaral Com.' Merchants, DOHAN & TAITT, B. F. nr& \co G. H. BOLENIUS lc. CO. O MANUFACTURED LEAl' ,\ND_ &MOKINO ,. DEALERS IN SOUTHWEST COR. FIFTH AND WALNUT STS., .:l1 CINCIN'NATI, OHIO. MORRIS & REID, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, Of!l.ce, 1\'o, 4 COLLEGE RUILDING, Cincinnati, Ohio. HENRY MEY_ER, COMMISSION MEWCHANT, -And Whole s al e D ea l er in 53 West Fourth Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO. WEIL, KAHN &. CO., MANUFACTURERS OF Pine Oi&ars, ADd Wholesale D e a l ers In OHIO & CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, LE.AJJ' TOBACCO, 46 Front St.. Cincinnati, o. A. WEISE, PACKER OF SEED LEAF, AND WHOLESALE DEALER IN Havana Tobacco, 193 East LAKE ST. CHICACO. 134 Main St., Cincinnati, 0. J. W. CARROLL, Sole M a n : :f aclur er of t h e an1 World renov.rn e d Brands of Virg in ia S m oki n g 1'nh: .,., LON JACK and BROWN DICK. Jllanatllf\tory, 12th Str<>a\, LYNCHBURG, VA .. HARTFORD, CT. R. A. CHAPMAN, DBALERIN Connecticut Seed leaf Tobacco. EAST HARTFORD; CONNECTICUt G. W. UD DlU.LEll I !( Fine Connecticut Seed-Leat To c co I t 1!-anbUry, Connecticut. H. SMITH & -. Commissum Mmchantx and Jobbers .. CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACOO : .o. 20 Hampden Street, Rll'U l.AL Swrnr,) J F. TirnW"II:LL, SPRINGP'!ELD. KASS. 1 obacco Commission Merchants, To D A c co s, l!!le&ro.r, Pipe, e"tc. ,. Seed Leaf a.nd Ba. vana. .......... -........... Ill Dill" tlnlero e<>Uc i te-J nnd promvllv ntrend..t 'Louisville AdvertiseJD.ents. : .. L Bq.en &.4e4 Warehtue Ko. L .. _... ................... ,_._. VETI'ERLEIN &. co., (Succe .. ora to VETTERLEIN & 00.,) 107 ARCH I!JTRE'ET, OOXMn!SIOII BALE or 8..\l!E. .... PHILADELPHIA. 92 Lombard and s Water St., n10. .,....,.. "-BALT:tMO:aJI,' MD. Jl E. McDOWELL &. CO., 'Z'OBACCO G.B.M. MARRIOTT AND KANUFAOTtmD OF OIGA.RS,g TOBACCOS. H. W. Comer C/ltlrks aflli .l'rtl# Sis., Bf\L TIMORE, MO. W. GUN'JlBB:k CEN,ERAL Commission Morcbau.:,. ..l.nd TOBA.OOO Jl' S, W. VENABLE. R P. HAMILTON. S.W. 'VENABLE & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF AND MANYFACTURERS 0./1 PLUG TOBACCO,-PETERsBuRG3 r .A. G. vV. WI C K S & C 0., Mu.r::u!"ac !ure:s Agents forth..: ('.r Mls&ourl, ar.d Kentucky Alio Dealer!!! in TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, llD _.,OilTERS OF SP!NISB TOB!tCO, ..,-,No. ill Arch St., Philadelphia. GIIIBAL mm. 39 NORTH WATER ST., Philadelphia. Pa.. And Dealer in all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO, i No. 90 Lombard St. \ONJIS, MO. "fiVE BROTHERS NAVY," "VIRGJIII 62H4 PHILADELPHil No. /Slll South Second N 81 E h n ll Baltimore. PINE APPLE," AND "PIJ.CAIE" PHILADELPHIA 0 XC acel MASON, FLACC & BEEMAN "' P A. A>:" Ecsr, -L. ScH.!WDi K lV ALL BELVIN WHOLESAE DEALERS IN 13 & 15 Ky. M. AIATB.&K & CO., LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, .. F t PI & S }'irur T Wholesale Dealers in WholeoaleDealereln LOUIS GlSK E & CO., .ALBRECHT & SCHRODER, commission Merchants me-en' U[, IDOAWg obaccos. Boston AdvertiseJD.enta. Tweaf Tobacco "LEAF" -WHoLESALE DEAT.JIRS AND IN MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, HJ>na.u.wum HAVANA CJ:GARS. AND Seu;ars, No. 322 Nortlt Third Leaf n"Bobacco ... liD 156 Michigan Chicago. PBILADIIXd"BIA. .a. Seed Leaf" Tobacco, st. Louis, Mo .DO KORTH TBQD ST., s- .. Charl st-t :=====================:--... .... ...,.,.. -,_,. = 62 South Calvert st Baltimore ....... d. PHILADELPHIA, PA. eonstanttyonhund. .w. A H. THEOBALD, 0. .l..loL KJJrJII .......... IJI BP..I.WISH ....-n DOx.aTIO liJr fobaecoJ ClleiiJI, Me3rwctJaum and Brier W'. _.. l'llll'llud!'Qtar MI., P\iladeJpht& ..XXLADEL.I."HIA INSPECTION.. .EED LEAF TOJBA.OCO, 11 W. DIOB'I!BSON, IJJBPECTOB. 1'0;11. I'D ftoa. Bare & Co., WMOL.SALX I)EAL.lS lN Leaf Tobacco, And Manufactureu of 503 Xorth Street, PHIL TOLEDO TOBACCO WORKS iiTKER, HALSTEAD & CO., -Manufacturen and Dealers i n IOBACCO TOBACCO, SNUFF AND CIGARS 107 North wa&er atreet, Ottawa Street, TOLEDO, 0. P"R"ILA.DELPHtA.----------GllOBGK s. LKI>ON. ]OHM J H.AJtJl, Jx.. C F. JARRETT, HARE &. LEEDOM still FIRST NATIONAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, 716 NORTH SECOND STREET, moBACCO BROVIJB ""'"" 1 Leq and Manufactured Tobacco, SNIJFF, CICARS, .c. Apat fer GAtL 6. .Ax's and MAJLBUAG BIIOTIID'S, BaJ. tl_,.., PoaJ, NavJ and Yellow "ADUCAB, K'D" Bini Slaorto, Nl4 Dootlool' J-u,.., Soaotlac T._, wo:i!1 11 BALTJMOR-K. HIGHlANDER TOBACCO WORKS, f e IIBA.R VIEW OP THB ffiGHLABDBR TOBACCO WORKa. L. L. Lynchburg, Va. n.., tollawlng highly popular brand a are 1\IaDuracta:red &t Uleoe Works and paeked 1n the mo.t apprmed lltJ]N, 'l'la.: Htgbla.nder, Cuba.aa. AbleiCb.,. 'l'onga.e, Dle.k. 'I'ater., Red RoYer, Reveue, :Not for Joe, bMidell SueciaLl Br...andlh 'l'be or tho eellJ:!!Ilda has rendered,, partieulr.:-ly nec<'lBafY to increase Md improYe the line Of l'f I aud to builo llala aod olrcnlaro torwa.rclod on M. LINDIDlll!ll, ,&sent, -. 1 8. LA.NCJ81)()1U', Apnt for the J.48 Water at., N ";". 1 West. an4 S.Uth. WIGHT & STEVENS, Commissio:a. lllerchants, Jobbers of SPANISH t&d Pa,c'k:era of' Domeatic Leuf' Tobacc 18V Ecbigaa Aveae, Claicago. G W LANGHORNE. J. H FLOOD. G. W. LANGHORNE &: CO., Kanufacturers of the following celebrated Brlm4a of VIRGINIA TOBACCOS, Jefferson Street, between 7th and 8th, LYNCHBURG, VIRGil\liA. Bob White, in Cloth, Deer Ham, in Cloth, Johnny Reb, in Cloth, Westward Ho! in Cloth, Aunt Sallie s Choice, in Cloth, Rustic Belle, in Cloth, Dew Drop, in Cloth, Jolly Boy, in Cloth, Old White Hat, And other Choice Grades. All Brande of our TobaOOOll paeked in cases to suit purob....,ra, FREE OF EXTRA CHARGE, and in the new and popular style of Packilges to suit the dift'arent mllol'kata of the world. FACTORY No.6, FIFTH O. SPROTTO, 189 Pearl St.l\TewYork, GEJIERAL ABUT FOR ALL EISTESN STATES, IICLUDII8 OHIO. l4cELltOY BROTHERS, Tobacco Com.mission Merchatts AND SOLB AGENTS FOil BUCHlflll & L YILL'S TOBACCOS, 24 BROAD STREET, BOSTON, MASS C. 0. HOLYOKE, COKXISSION KERCBANT In LEAF and MANUF AOTURED TOBACCO, :1.2 Central BostMa. -Ferdinand Westhofi; Jr., 'AGENT AND Fo:rwa.rding Merchant, BREMEN, GERMANY. M. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, or-aBSvn .m. ...


I DEC.25 rue TOBACCO LEAF LOUisVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMIS .. ON MERCHANTS. t'BBOBORE SCHWARTZ a: co ........ Cuttllll!llllbaoooOommilloion)(eroballlo. WOLFOLK & OLENN .. andlii&DufaoturmsLoaf r.otjiS PRANCilE ......... JAafTo-(:uaulai-lolorehut. W 1. GRANT & CO ............ ObttmgllllN EAGLB. LOS DE.AI.ER S Dr LEAP TOBA.OOO. I FINE HAVllNA WRAPPERS A SPECIALTY. j I I )>' :OJ: "' MANUFACTUR SELECT Pnre NortbGarolinaLeaf, A. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, -J3Y MANUFACTURERS O F FINE CIGARS, .t.nd Dealers in LEAF 'l'ORACCO, D:RANDEit Xoa. 34 and BOWERY, Virgin, VifiZinia, NEW YORK. Golden Shower, Dare, .... ucxTmriT&IIf. caaaNuiiCIC ... Hard to Beat, Essence of Old Va., Greenback, Apple of My Eye, Contentm ent, Red Riding Hood. PRENTICE'S CIGAR MOULDS. ci 1: 1: as 'C .., IQ "a !A ., .. 1: C .... CL were being received from Bremen "of tobacco bought at the Clarksville and Hop kinsville breaks' turning out entirely different and vastly inferior to the Western samples, "and adding"that if continued another season, it must work injury in those markets;" a Hopkinsville warehousing firm replies.: Greece. Think of the temples that would have been went out, leaving the weed burning; still, half dreaming, HANGING Olf WIR.ES th Ch.ef 1 1 d th 1 ht bl k th b tl h is a new plan not very generally practiced, but it bas raised to the cloud-compelling hero-of the altars and e 1 m .a e e 1g ue smo e, en a. sen y e t th 1 ht d d h th h bl th been tried in Van Buren, and we think in one or '-o priests that would have smoked in his praise pu e un 1 g e en m IS mou ; e ew e ... Smoke Out and Watched the S k h d e th Oke ot er lccalities. A suitably sized wire is suspended Columbus, to whom the world owes the discovery of mo e; e r w e sm A ,n 1 Ha 1 thou hast done 1t 1 acros.s th_e tobacco shed, and the plants are suspended menca, and of tobacco, was deprived by an Italian '" vn "-v' and Frenchman from the Just reward of having them The breeze from the southern sea fluttered the penon_thl_s In the end butt of the plant a shingl&-"We condemn the "Nesting of Tobacco," that is mixing lugs in with leaf tobacco but we do not call it nesting when a planter puts up his tobacco all of one quality in a hogshead, but puts the bundles that are the shortest as well as of extreme length to the out side of the hogsheads, so as to make the bundles in the center un iform in length. New York Inspection, we think, goes as_ much to one extreme as you say we do at both Hopkinsville and Clarksville to the other. We seldom hear any com plaint from New Orleans inspection. We can, to some extent, explain why Bremen makes complaint when they buy by our sam ples. Some buyers after they make :their purchases, adjourn to their respective offices, and cull out all infe rior leaves, from the sam ples. Then pack them neatly to be sent to Bremen and sold by this much im dant leaves Of fi at! er Pal 1 d naiL 1s dnven, thus formmg a hook, then the plant is named after him. Amerigo gave his name to America, e 1 Y ms; m 1me an orange groves the Pe ii d 1 "th th tossed to the man at the wire, who hangs the same so 1" t and Nicot gave his, botanically, to tobacco. As an act r ume a1r was voca WI e murmurmg of tardy justice, we would suggest tha.t under the lines brooks, and the birds flirted their splendid plumage in will cure if poss1b le, _ftee from the "pole burn," or over the tomb of Columbus, in the cathedral in Ha-the golden suulight glancing through the dark green as they call1t m Cc:mnechcut! the "pole rot." We can vana, there be added: shade. That morning sun shone on the first Cigar_not say whether th1s system _1s hkely to meet w1th fayor Smoker. There he sat with his back against a palm or not, but we should JUdge It to be a very good way. proved l o t of samples and then if they fail to hold out as well in Bremen, here comes a claim for re claimation. But if any should sample better in Bremen or New York, we hear nothing from it. All the markets of the West, including Louisville, Paducah, Clarksville and Hop kinsville have gone from under the tobacco hw of the Stflte, and either appoint their own Inspectors or do it themselves, except one house in Hopkinsville, and at Hopkinsville we propose to be responsible for the In spection; but will entertain no claim for a less amount than ten dollars per hogstree, pulling away at a primeval weed : its color was of T!fE SLOT s .YsTEM the kind marked on cigar boxes of the present da)' as a IS Sim.llar to one JUSt A_ slot is cut by a to the Colorado Claro-a happy medi.1m between the strong and Simple machme,. mexpens!Ve to manufac and mild, equally removed from the insipidity of a Pajizo ture, mto the but of the plant m such a way that it forms and the noxious fumes of a Matluro There he sat a h o ok. The plants are suspende<;i by placing this hook Wives came around him, and the most affectionate upon the wire. The slot is cut or down one seizing a calabash full of water, would have dashed wards the t_op of the plant. This method does it over him in order to put him out: for seeing the smoke not seem to meet w1th as much favor, at least, at pres issuing from his mouth, she believed be was on fire. (It ent, as the but.IS thought to be very _cheap, and is needless to say, this joke has been attributed to Sir has satlsfactonl:r far, so we are mformed. Walter Raleigh's servant.) But he waved them gently Hanging tobacco so 1t will cure Out free from injury away with his left hand, the thumb and !orefinger of his IS an art whtch our growers wo_uld do well to thoroughright-hand holding the weed, and said: ly study. The gre:'t trouble w1th many of the raisers ia A Castilla a y Leon El Tabaco dio Colon. ("To Castile and Leon Tobacco gave Colon.") No true Spanianl could object to this incense great discoverer. f finest and Jar. hold three more to keep on bringing them to me, with gest tobacco fields of tobacco ra1sed m the valley are l l b d" I fire; and-the rest of you may look on and admire me Y po e urne t IS not so, however, we be at your leisure." There he sat! heve m th1s State; only m rare cases where the tobacco From all parts of the Island of Cuba deputations came large, and hence much time was re of brother Cicaques and their subjects to see the wonto cure down, and the growers, as we haveno der!ul man of smoke. They looked at him, admired tlced m a few mstances, to hang the plants him-imitated him His wives nearlr. rolled themselves far to a free and necessary into their grave s rolling cigars, untll, fortunately, the of air. No rules can be given black-eyed snapping one commanded her subjects to for tobacco i by whtch we mean that some roll for her and her companion wives. The entire west end plants bemg .very larger than others require more of Cuba-the West end sets the fashions-commenced room for cunng. fhey should, therefore, be placed on cigar making. Such cigars! F riend of 1ny youth, do the lath or on the wires farther apart than plants of you remember the Cabanas, the Partagas, the Figaros, The g:eneral rule, however, to be observed the Werners, the of thirty years ago? Well, m IS to pl_ant sufficient room good as they were, they were trash compared to the virso that 1t w11l not press agamst .Its ne1ghbor in a manner gin cigars made in the Vuelta Abajo by this Cicaque. to cause "pole rot i" and good judgment will dictate tea There he sat! any one how far asunder plants should be hung in order Oh! picture too beautiful to be drawn by pen, too to insure success in curing. year we find moro fairy-like for brush, unless Hamilton will tropicalize it "pole burned m th.1s a11.d other for us. Oh! wonderful picture of the fir s t CigarSmoF_mdmg lt to be for m d money p01nt of ker, by t}le b.anks of the Rio Hondo l Why not we v1ew, the growers are 1mprovmg 1n to hangin1 have thee before us on canvas as we have thee in our tobacco. mind's eye ? There is wild romnce in the briar-wood pipe, borne through thirteen battles, and that has drawn in the air of burning powder, and blood, and fire, and strong tobacco ; that has cheered the cavalryman on lone piquet, and been beef and bread to him when were short, and a consolation in a few minutes' halt that will end with a mount and char ge with sabres smack into the rebel horde. There is a tamer spirit in the real origin of mild tobac co, in accordance with its soothing influences when used with discretion, .that calls in brighter colors and gladder thoughts, than with its dark brother of the bat tle-fields; and so we bid good-bye, with merry greeting, to that old Cacique in the Spirit Lanrl, calmly reclining under palm trees, smoking, so thoughtfully and peacea bly, The First Cigar I :.....__-.......... TOBACCO HOUSES. are being erected on better principles thai\ Cor merly. The usual s1ze of a tobacco shed is 24K5o. Sometimes they are constructed 1oo feet long. The growers are putting good substantial walls under them. and in one end a warm room is provided for a strip ping room." The tobacco houses are made so that they can be closed up tightly, or small narrow side and end doors can be thrown open to apmi.t more air if need be. New beginner5, however, often put their tobacco into buildings entirely unsuited to the curing of the leaf. Old sheds, ready to fall down, old barns almost roofless, corn houses, narrow and contracted old hen houses, dirty and inconvenient, and, in a word most anr. kind of buildings, are too often devoted to (if housing it can be F_'ar.mers should by all first proTide a bu1ldmg in which to GEORGE J. PRENTICE, General Agent, Near the western extremity of the Island of Cuba, on the southern coast, we find the most fragrant tobacco in the world. Within a space of seventy-three miles long and eighteen miles wide, grows the pl:mt that stands as eminent among tobacco plants as the lordly Johannis berger among the wines of the Rhine. In this favored spot, long before Columbus was born, there dwelt an Indian Cacique, loved by his subjects; for him they constructed a dainty hut, built him a log canoe, and wove him a hammock, wh:re he swung at his ease, un touched by mosquitoes, untrO"Ubled by the rise and fall of stocks, or unmoved by fatal indulgence in railroad speculations. His aerial garment of coarse cotton knew but one cut, and his mind was not worried by question of sackcoat or pegtop pantaloons. The coo ing of ringdoves in groves of palms was not than the voices uf his wives, and a copy of "Whately's Logic" having never reached the island, argument was unknown Still the Cacique was not happy; something was wanting to fill th e cocoanut bowl of lime or lemon ade. Was it a spoonful of rum? No! It was a gen tle narcQtic ; not stimulant, that he needed. He was unhappy; he could not find it In the unusual state Of activity to which his mind was thus aroused, his atten tion one lovely morning was awakened to the fact that a weed that had for a long time been growing around his hut finally threatened to completely cover it up, unless an exertion were made for its removal. He therefore calleq together many of his faithful subjects, and bid them tear it up root and branch, and utterly deliver the ground adjacent to his habitation. The men went towork w it h a will, and soon it was torn up and thrown in a large pile to wither and waste away. TIT FOR TAT.-Musi a mal!l who a widow cure and strip tobac. co. No investment will pay of necessity give up smoking? Surely 1t does not folbetter. Poor buildmgs will cause more loss in tobacco low that, because she gives up her weeds for him, he is to the ra_ iser t?a?be ereet a good obliged to give up his weed for her? S';!bstantlal_ bu1ldmg, built o_n sc1_ent1fic pnnciples, large, 19'2' PEA.RL ST., cor. Malden Lane, NEW. YORK., "!'OmtQ. D,. t1NO.' R. A. YOUNC BRO., Geaeral ()oUtlsslen llerelaants, Solicit onlero ol and '1j"Qbi!CCQ1 :No. 4 (ffiON FRONT :BUILDING,) H. HOLLANDER, MANUF OF ine Cigars, 1.25 MAIDEN LANE, h1gh and We say bUild high, because simple ma[Box 4111.1 Sycamore Street, C Petersbura. Va. head, as this difference will occur frequently in sam pling the same hogshead, and is as liable to b on the side of the buyer as the seller. But when we propose to be responsible for the Inspection, the origina l sample mus t show:conclusive ly that it has not been culled and is just as we delivered it to the hands of the auc tioneer : We always advise farmers not to,'nes t tobacco' and if it becomes necessary in winding up a crop to put good and lugs in the same hogshead, we advise them' to put them each to them selves, and state to board buyers how much of each quality is in the hogshead. We have appointed our own inspectors and selected them NEW YORK. with reference to integrity Weeks passed; the weed, dried up by the tropical sun, tumed from green to a shade of delicate brown pleasant to look at. It happened that the wife of the Cacique, regarding its dry leaves, thought they would make a pleasant bed for her lord and master, and bring in g armfuls into his hut, soon arranged them to suit his recumbent tastes. The Cacique, hanging in his ham mock, watched his with wondering eyes : her task completed, the exertion he thus made caused him to sink into a slight slumber. In dreams, he wandered through palm woods, watching the brilliant -plumaged birds, and drinking iu the perfumed air with rapturous seusations of bliss; at last he came to a cavern where stood a lovely woman, wearing lily flowers in her dark hair, while all around her a light blue cloud diffused a slightly aromatic flavor, stimulating the iadulge in deepest thoughts fancies; soothing, tranquil izing the Cacique until he felt as if he walked on roses, fed on cocoanuts, and heard only the waters of distant f o untains, and melodious notes of birds. But one cloud thicker than the rest blew around his head; he sneezed; he awoke. Still, in his aroused moment, the light blue cloud was around him an d looking towards his hut, he saw two of his wives hastening "'ith fear in their features, toward his habitation; from it poured forth the blue smoke, growing thicker each moment. POLICE AND RKNENUE ITEMS.-On the 19th inst in this city, D. B. Fairman doing business as a tobacco dealer at No. 44 Vesey street,. was arrested and taken before United States Comm i ssioner Shields, charged with being in posession of and selling unstamped to bacco. He was held in Ssoo bail. On the same day at Jefferson Market Police Court, Emile Fournier, of No. n8 West Thirty ffrst-street, was committed fer trial on a charge of stealing :z,ooo cigars from the store of Harry Hill, Houston-street. chinery can be furnished at a nominal sum to elevate the plants to the top tier or to the roof at eomparatively trifling expense. This is now done, and works well. The plants are thrown on to a platform, and pulleys are arranged at proper points in the roof, and the platform is drawn up, plants and all necessary to be elevated and thus the work is performed easily and satisfactorily. MISERABLE SHEDS ......._ KERBS & SPIESS, JBenal'actu..aJ!"S of FiDe Ol.pazs, Aim BAiaSBI IR UD I'GBACC9, BOWERY, 1'TEW YORX. Lo"I'U-and capacity, and they are entirely independent, not held responsible for their samples, but expected to do what they conceiye to be just to buyer anti seller While New York Inspection holds the Inspector person ally responsible to the buy er, regardless of any dam age he may do the shipper, GunniB.Watts, JamesW. Wolorlllgtoa, James A .Goai INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS. who has no one to guard or protect his interest, rand the consequence is ; that he has inducemo!:nts to get the worst tobacco in the hogshead, to prevent any call upon his purse Out of the number sold on this market, we do not think there has been sent back more than one in every one hundred hogsheads sold We are in favor of fair and honest inspection, and shall do all we can to have it done, and in writing t his we only wish to show that there are two sides to the ques tion." lG. S. W ATI'S & CO., TOBACCO COIIISSIOI IIRCB.ANTS, 81 Exohallce Place, BAL TIMORE,MO The Original Internal Revenue Publishing Houx, C .JOURGENSEN, SOLS SUCCS&SOR. TO &STI& A SMITH A CO., 0. Bo<6,ol6. 37 LIBERTY ST. N Y, Books. aa required under law. for Leaf TobacCo Dealers, Cigar and Tobacco Manufacturers, and others. Iro111 and atencila a Speci&l.ty. f descrlpU.n at Lowest Prices. Sen_g for Prices. ... LIQUORICE PASTE. THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE XANUFACTURERB OF THE FOLlowtmg well-known braiLCla of Liqa.oriee. dHlrea to caution Toh&ooo Jdanufactllnra aeamat UldDI any of numerouo bra=d UJ"l)Ori1ng to be orlg!Dal ud -ulne branda of lmJIOIU4 Llqu-. but whloh are ..Julterated

Lico; ice. THE LiCORICE. LICORICE DEC 2 JOHN A De soN & co., coRicE PAsTE liANUFACTURERS OF THE PA SOLACH m TOBACCOS .co. TE, PGW.OER, RO T, ; LICORICE MASS AND STICK, I TALIAN, GltEEK, 'fURKEY AND SICILY, I HOYT & CO., MANUfACTURER& Oi< Fine! L Cut Chewing and TqBAccos & OUR CHEWIMO: HEARTS' DELIGHT, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. ::1{>4 and 4o6 P earl St., NP.w Y ork C i n. .!l.!Ai? HOYT. CHAS. G HOYT HEYuf A K D AGENCY 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET-; NEW Y O RK, Beg to di'{ect the attention of the Dealers in ToUacco throughout the Unite d States and the \Vorld t o their CELEBRATED SOLAC F INEC U T CHEWING which is 'being onc e more manufactured under the, immediate :;upervision ctf the origihator, MR. J O H N ANDERSON, aod now stands, as formerly, without a rival. Orders forwarded through the usual channels will meet w ith prompt attention. .TKO. r. I"LAGG, MANUFAC rUR!.R OF .-.LL GRADES OF .;giue :H.:U:.. D H McA;LPIN & CO., .../ 1Ulf\11' ... 0TVJmU e:r '11111 1 I < :m:t.EBR.AT.ED F J NEoo(JU T Vir[ih Lea f a n d Navy Chewin[/ .AlfD .U.J. ICUUNI Q SMOKlNQ 'I'ODACCO, &(, Plt4-(J Tobacco, Stt.uif, Sauif .Fl.owr, d:_, MANUFACTORY AND SAL111llRQO}I CORNER OF AVENUE D AND TEIHH STR EET tlew York MANUFACTU R ERS. P a1lent Powdereil. Licoric e W & Sterry, IMPORTERS, No. 24 CEDAR STREET. ttQu ontca. ,.. FIN E S T Q UALITY 'P a t P oughk eep s ie, NewYork. GIFFORD,-SHERMAN & JNNIS 120 KINNEY BROS., M-67 N;EWY B-Rlt, MAIUtATTA II TOBACCO WORKS, Importe1'1! and M an u r aet urerur Manufacturers I :n:w Yo :ax. D Rill>: r,o A L. 01 n. n.,. a 'to -!-. '. S--ORGLBR. ._ and Cigarettes,. B. MILLER & C O No. 14. 1 Broad"W"ay. Kanufacttlrer o ft.he B est Brands of 1'ob & cco Manufactory, EW CiO"ars fi'ETER D C OLLINS, VIN'"EN,::; f L''" ,,'1\tlOK ... ... .. 97 Columbia Street. '-U I 'UU .. CHAMBERS ST., an d NEW YORK,: MnnufacturerFJaU 29"7! GREENWICH s;, NEW YOmt. OP TBB CXLEB,R.\TBD i F I NECU T 0 HEwING SCHWARZ & SPOHR, Jlrll. G .b. mlller & Co. Chewmg and Sm oking I ..J PEARL STREET, Up Stairs. NEW, YORK.1 CHARLES F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORN, robacc o Broker, No. BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. J}I. RADER & SON, IDo:barro .ltoktts, t 2 3 Pearl S t reet,NEW YORK. .Miscellaneous. :B"'OIL. ;JOHN :J. CB.OOKI t'obacoo: !.h<> onl:y Genuine America n AND SMOKINC T O BACCO. t!J'Io.OT11DBIOU.u.Jmmaa 159 ;onx. DOMESTIC ToliA&RBOTT U CAP Resene and Chewiog Tollaca(>. W _J.Il orde111 p _romptly e xecuted. F. W. SMY'):' HE 110 Lewt. l!iU'flet, No. 38 ST., NEW YORK. CAMPBELL, lANE It, CO., MANUFACTURERS O F !OBICCO AND CIGARS, AND D R ALltRS. lN : SNUFF etc. FICTORIES IT 484 BROAD STREET, NEWARK AND IN CALDWELL, N. :J. I L iESTABL!';IlED 183,7] & lbnnfl cturers or Jnl\JE. sE.GARS, b f 1 !.otil And Deale"' II' u < az-:o b a o o a, : 18 3 STRBE'l: NEWARK, N."J l6!.o ........ ToiNMltlO Workaand l!leC&r "' ]llanufaetory. BU.CHNER, cJIIt r Ulr 1o BOBITCHECK TAUllllifl) li I Tobacco. HEPPENHEir, Hi &. CfJ., L.AB For Tobacco and Cigars. A large auortment conolantly on band and pnntcd to order 22 & 2-l Borth Willia m Street. New York. 7.30 E E. ROIAY!, E E. ROIAY, t?. 0 B OX. 4 4 71.) 82 wall S t ., tP. 0 BOX; .4471.l 82 wan St., Northern Pa,cific AGENT OF THE 'MOST ACCRED ITED MANUFACTORIE S 0 TI-llS CITY, HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE FOLLOWING CLHAR .HAVANA CIGlli. I MADE OF THE BEST V UEL TA A B AJO LEAF : CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. Flor -Fumar tc E: A VICTORIA ........ ............... to $13 0 REGALIA DR!TANICA .................. 120 to 125 CONCHAS................ ...... .. .. .. .. .. 75to 80 SUBL IMES......................... ........ t o 55 Henry Clay. NON l'LUS ULTRA ........................ $$15 5 REOALll\. ........... .. ... .. I S O RE!.' A VICT Ol U A ........................ 1 3 0 CONCHAS DE REGALIA.... .. .. .. .. .. 75to 80 ENTIU:AOTOS ............. .. .{............. G5 SUBLUl.E S .................. .' ............. 55 lntrimidad. IMPORTER OF THE HAS ALWAYS O N HAND THE "FOLLOWIN G BRA DS : "He:nx-,.: ClaJ'-NOY ""PLUS Ul'R.A., R:EGA.LIAS LO:NlJl(ES, ENTREA.OTOS, ETC. Flor -del Fumar-REOALIAS, OOXCHAS, LI :lii.BNOS, KElNA YIOTOlUAB, E"J:O. lntimidad -REGALIA llRITANI CAS, CON CllAS, El'C. EspADola-FLOR DE .PRENS.ADOS PRINCESAS FINAS, DAMAS, POU R J,ES AMATEURS, LONDRBB, ETC. VICTORIA, CONCHAS, UIPERIALES, ETC. P artagas IMP:Ii!RULES, REO ALIAS, LON DREB, BREY AS, E'I'C. / Escepcion=.:JOCKEY CLUF, L O!i'DRES, UEOA. LIAS, ETC. Pwnariega-;LONDRES, JIMPEUJALES !CQtfe]f"ASl Cinto d e Orion-LONDRES, DAMAS OPERAs ETC. RAILROAD, SECURED BV \ 1st :Mortgage & La.nd v We offi r tJt par, and interest i n currency th Northern P acific Railroa d First Morlgag Gold .Bonds; '}lrincipal and i n terest payable in gold, exempt from Uni ted States :I' ax, and most emphatically rtc o mmend th e s ame as the safes/ i nvestmmt Uhittii -States .Bonds, ami a l l arlu ta rece ived in exc/1an g e a t fu/ ffl_SJe _P.rift. A.T' .... co., PHILADELPH I A () A N D W ASHJNGTON 1\F.G.!.I .IA BRITA:NJCA ............ ... t o $13 0 Cabar a-LONDRES YINAS DAMAS,OP CONOHA.B.................................. fSO g_ 1 Espanola. ET?. F LOR DE PRENSA DOS .................... $ 70 to 72 nor q--Jilv.riaa-CAZADORES, BREV AS, CON J:,ONDRES Dl!: CORTE .................... 6 0 CHAS,I)TC, I'RINECESAS .. .......... ........ .. 58 de Qro-PRINCESAS l!INA.S, RI1GALIA Partagas. DE LA REINA, REINAS .'OE ESPA.""A .LONDRES ........................ : ......... $80to 11.1 LONDRE!l.l1EDI.A,REGALU\,ETC. -, 75 Villar y Villar-REGALIA DEL REY, RERitica GALlA. PRECIOSAS, 00:\IME I L FAUT, CONORITAS .................... ... .. .. .. .. t8 LOND R ES, ETC. CONCHAS .................................. SO .JuAD Conlll-CO!


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