The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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Itudt Dtalm i M.*'!f"'"'"' Toi-tl CizMn. MMoD, A Bec:mu., 156 Vlclolpa ..&.vo. Dtaltrt io Lea( 'I:"S.odbagen Brno 17 W' eat Raedolplo. Wi,bt A: titevens, JS1 .Michipn AY& Weue A., 193 East Lake. l if Fiot Cu CJt..oi"C atl s-..1-i-r, 11ti Dt11/,.; io IA".f Beck II Wirth, and Water. II'M>/eUJh Dtilkr i Cizar rul ToUt.-.. L,...... Geoaeoo Br.m,. BOC:HEIITER, J!f. Y Ma".faetu' trt if R. .It T ., IS State. M-luJIUIDrtrJ of CIJ<'Wi11f: atl"f Klmkll Wm. S .t Co., Dtltr ;,. '.".[ THeen in our favor. The fact of the establishment o( the "tax at a Comparatively low uniform rate, _not all


; I -OBAO CO M' ABE ET ihat may be expected hereafter to diversify the ordinary Poll TO RIC0-3:11 bales, $6o I. EVANSVILLE, Dealftkr 24--Mr. Lee M. Gaccber we had a right to upect, is still a step far in advance, esTHE T transactions of the trade under the new departure, ansi To European ports for the week end10g December Tobacco Broker, reports as follows: I have made pecially when we reme 1mber the foolish figures advocaDOMESTIC. the mere announcement of which will be senoiceable in 31: report for several weeks of our market because there ted by some high in office whose experience should DtUIIINr 3o illustrating the short sightednessoftbose gentlemen who AMTWEilP-I87 cases, I4,1!u lbs mid. was no report to 1;11ake. The continued dry, have tallght them better. We think, therefore, that, on Western Leaf-Our. market has almost come to a made it impossible for the owners of these two lots of BREMJtN-76 hhds, I 88 do stems, 7 39 case,. a_ do weather has prevented the: handling of tobacco a1 r I h I d th standst!'ll, only so hhds bein g reported sold our last. tobacco to leave them here until customers could be cigars. tirely, and very little in proportion has been f the whole, the trade may alf 'I e congratu ate on e r.0 und for them Had there been an export warehouse GLASGOw-8 hhds. Prices in country contiannus to this market ud [ I t h w h The third auction sale f dttmaged from the 1 d rd ...,-legislative o the past twe vernon e ave hhd in this city tl,\e manufacturer of the tens have ?h; LIVERPOOL-u:r hh s, 311,547 lbs m" in reach of strip men, has been so high tha 11 k d but h e s cceeded in Jersey fire was held on Fdday-" when I 5 were d d h h tth I ht t d ffi LoNDON 22 692 lbs mfd ers and western shippers have taken hold v not secured a we as e we av u sold viz., 16 sound at Io. 2:i average, 9 tnmmed at 9 .6 4 tame an a vance upon t em wtt ou e s 1g es t -, proving to the rr.ost obtuse that a low uniform rate-Dot 52 charred and untrimmed 8 I 3 and 54 wet le a f and cplty; as it was, neither commission merchant nor shipMARSEILLESso hhds. ly. A well informed tobac : co man from Dav higher than sixteen cents-will provide all the revenue scraps 3 14 average. The sale will be continued on per would touch them, and he was therefore obliged to RECEIPTS: Kentucky, says the average paid by buyers i ; go without money which he very much needed, The arrivals at the port of New York from domestic will not be below 7 and r.nay go as high as 8c from tobacco that can reasonably be required. Friday next. Total which under the circumstances, he had a natural nght interiq_r and coastwise ports for the week ending Decem My information from Sjpencer County, IndJ .U 'The in all its bmnches, has also to be congrat 3,6'oo robe in poJsession of. her 31, were 336 hhds, 33 trcs, 16 hlftrcs, 17 0 qtr trcs, largest tobac co county ia the State), is about the ulated an a fair degree of prosperity. Despite the a nnoyFebrjjary6 9 579 420 6 48 334 2 ,200 Smokin,r-The traffic in smoking was. as 9I5 cases, uo boxes, 366 three-qtr boxes, 55 hlf boxes, while Henderson and adjoining strip district will ances of bad la-w-s and worse executorj; the reof, the com-Marcb. __ z-4 300 1 ,886 868 4u J,6oo light as was the traffic in other staples, nothmg of tm 29 third boxes, 1 pkg, IOI cases cigars, 54 bales scraps, fully up to if not above those prices. I notice, by the merce in the weed still thrives and flourishes-no than s April. __ s3 6oi su 84o 1,o64 3,Ioo portance having been accomplished, so far as we have consigned as follows: in your issue of the 18th inst.,'you say" there are M 4 3 3 532 1 597 3 300 learned, by any of our large dealers who make the ar-Rv THE ERIE RAILROAD-Pollard, Pettus & Co., 26 firms engaged in buying in Henderson, to the pate.1nal governnnent whose business it should J>e J 970 '8?4 4 000 tide a specialty. hhds; P. Lorillard & Co 45 do; E. M Wright & Co., tucky. Maj. Ed. Rankin from Hen4erson told me a few to foster an d protect s1o remunerative an industry. For July _____ 86 3 969 8os 4 000 C igars-There is no new fe11ture in the cigar trade. 34 do; Ottinger Brothers, 31 do; Sawyer, Wallace & days siQce, that some 20 houses would operate fully in tunatelv for us, the people will chew and smoke, and August __ 697 1 ,435 I,o6o 1 ,908 5 000 Some members, both manufacturing and imp.Jrting deal Co., 27 do; J P. Quin & Co., 2 rio; D J. Garth, Son strips this season, and my information from all the stemthough. Congress and the Revenue Bureau may combine September 3 68 1 049 I,34 8 935 3 700 ers, are rellorted to have lost something by th.e failure of & Co., 8 do ; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 8 do; A. H. ming sections is that there will be an unusual amont to do all in their powell' to harrass the purveyors of the October_ -49' 772 pz 492 823 3,3 00 a Boston house with which they had business connecCardozo & Co., 5 do; E. M. Crawford & Co., 5 do; of strips put up the prl"sent season and bought at very N her596 1.449 340 874 3 759 tions, and which tiUCcumbed to financial pressure a few Oeirich s & Co., 70 do; Bumtl & Dormitzer, 42 cases. full prices, say to round. Our prices here may coveted staple it impossible for them entirt'ly to -252 204 so '395 days since, with liabilities amounting to One ?r BY THE HuDSON R1VEil RAILROAD-G. B. Lichtenbe quoted at 6,oo to 7Si for lugs, 7 to 8.oo Cor com-crush them out of existence. And yet when we re view "The snow, the snow, the beautiful snow," played two city leaf firms are also satd to have lost by the fa1l-berg 100 cases. mon leaf, and S.oo to 101.oo for good medium to good the history of the 11ast decade, we find one of the most sad havoc with business last week. Within the memory, ure. BY TJ rE NATIONAL Pappenheimer, u hhds; new leaf. persistent attempts on record to ruin an industry by perit is said, of that ancient inhabitant whose retrospective The transportation to the,, Pollard, Pettus & Co., S do; Bunzl & Dormitzer, IO:I FARMVILLE, VA., Mr. D. A. Blanton writes as verse and short-sighted legJSlation. The American peoglance is popularly supposed to embrace every Importcommunication ofthe trade by declanng the!r wdhngnessl cases. follows:-For the last four or five days, loose has been h t"' ... h d d th to recede from their extreme position, if the trade wil BY TH11 NEw YoRK AND NEw HAYEN STEAMBOAT coming in freely-in fact heavily-in small lo I Ple, as a whole, little that such a record exists, ant atmosp enc vagary as QCcurre urmg e 1 f fi h ... of tl past or less, been to consent to make for .o t LI N a-A. L. & C. L. Holt, 40 cues; Palmc a.& have to note no change in prices, but is selling briskly and theuj#lt of the msan1ty "1c.past ten yeacs has compare in volume _.od extent with 'that which comin tr..suu-that IS to .say,. the companies w1ll recetve so do; A. Greve, 2 do. at q11otations, which are as follows: Lugs, 4}S@5.K; still to bo all this period of oppression nenced on Christ.u .U,Iat .-l ended on Friday after. cipra, class of !irst-class THE OLD D1Milf10if STtiiiSHIP LINE-A. D. shun leaf, s}S @6 long leaJ: ud the trade has shown a vitality-a capacity to resist ill-noon; and same tolcen_. we can aver upon our freight, if the trade will diiConunue thell' pr.acltce of deChockley, 1 hhds; A. C. Lamotte, 115 do; Patte1son &: ally as high as 9c. fortune--simply astolllldine, and the fact that we enter own responstbibty, that aever slDce we became a chron m-anding fer stolen or. Co.', 7 do; W. 0. Smith, 6, :rs trca, 5 hlf trcs, 70 qtr LOUISVILLE,.LWnilkr :ar.-We report as follows. 'fi h icier, faithful or otherwise, of the deecb .. d douags of has the Slagulu ment of bemg all trcs, 98 cases, 30 three-qtr A. S. Rosenbaum &c The receipta continue small, owiDJ to the liPOn year, a ter sue an expenence, With so few the men in the tobacco tl'ade bas there beea & -k of on one Side, It, oC yet embraced by Co., :a trcs, I pkg; J. D. Kellly, Jr., II lalf trcs, IOO weather .. d difficulties of trauportation. The au:k:et uaemeat.oes of the strugcle past-so few of the scars ef such unmitigated dllllaeu ud stupidity as the one now the trade. NegotJaltons are still pendtllg. trcs; 113 cases, 1 I6 three-qtr boxea; Jas. K Garia active ud ateady, and prices are without any -.rkecl, battle-is certainly one oC the most remarkable reclosing upon us as write and which we bid fare G'll opened at and closed at 111 dmer & Co., 45, cases: S. Rapp, 35 do; L. &: E. Werchange. The warehouses will be clOsed &om the 1 th corded in the commercial history of the land. well without a sinal feeu..i Tlais snow storm is held at wer rates. We .Bills at theimer, n do; Martin &: JohDSOD, 6 do; & inst. to the JUt inat. The sales at the di1ferent ..!e-Aa__....-r caUse for reJ oicinz to-day is the limited ll"' ma. rkl. an epoch ia the history ol the tobacco trad. e of 6o dars Oil London; fer lOC) Co., Io do; M. M. Welzhofer, u clo; K. Liadbelm, 6 houses for the week were I6o bltds and boKU. ulol-T h t ble aa M @109J'for bankera ;do. at short IlCht, noJt@r!o" do;.Allen&Co., rodo; Connolly&: Co., 15do;Wm. lows: croloU paa.t twele-tb. Death has .. tllol'th .-eMiooin; Paris at 6o days. s.:aB)(8S:113J(; do-. at saght, Broadhurst, lO do;. R : Lin_dheim & Co., II do, s boXes; House sold 33 hbds: :aohbds Keatuckyltat coaaparat1Yely few or our n.-ier, aad the mortalily haa been done since ba.a.ta, ntanaing, tlHt Hth instant, Antwe!'Jt.; Sww, Wm. Bryce & Co., 41 do, 10 three-qtr boxes; G. w. at ln. as, 11.15 10.75 IO.I5, ro, JO, 10, 9S. 9l5 9.S beea below the average. Among those we lave been the impa&Sable coaditiOil of the streets preventing net s.:ao; Hamburgh,.4Relcbsmark, ?5}68fsJ6; AmsterHillman&: Co.; 5 6 do,5 hlflboxes; Dobaa, Carroll&: 9.20, 9 .Io, 9.Io, 9, 9, 9, 8.5o,l.40. u hbcla do l!lp at calle.lpon to mourtr we may mention Selig Kling, of o_nly butapproach eve,e!lcept dam, Frankfort I Breraea, 14 Co., 100 do, so 19 third boxea; Carlaart Brotbet's, 7.6o, 7 7.a?, 7.:ao, 7.:ao, 6.70 6.65, 6.6o, 6.6o,, this city and Robert A. Mayo, of Richmond Va. Pe-effort, -tA &M. The tob&;C';O dtr Reichsmark, thalers, T l"@f:a-. loo-boxes; S. Schtffer &: l'feplafJw, u do; F. Stabler, 3 SlS SOS. I hhd do aenps at SSS f P sb d'ed B tr1ct, hke everr .tthlr district of ta.ctty, compnsmg the FmgAit are wuhout any Iftlportant cbaage do; E. DuBois, 100 three-qtr boxea; Blakemore, Mayo Tbe Plaater's House sold 33 hhda: 89 hhds K.eter J. De Voss, 0 eter urg, 1 xn -.od R. entire section boul(ded by fulton, William, and A&ftOVI.All. .OftOII. & Co., so do;. order, 7 hlads, 6 trcs. tuckr lugs and leaf at J1 1, 9.90, 8.7o, 8.4 o, a.30, a.3., S. Walter, of New York, at The liSt Includes Front Streets may to have bee suLmergeijJn a Or-o'"" ot ...n leaf toloacc are catione4 acaiaot-acceptia& the BY NOR.TK RI\'&R BoATS-Schroeder &: Boa, 114 l!.ao, a.1o,: a, 8, 7 .9o, 7.&o, 7 55 7 50 7 .40, 7 .40 7 30 tbe naae of Sllmuel V. Watluns, wbo died at Petersgigaatic sn<;>w-bank:, out of to judge by appeartoportcd uleo ol oeed loaf .. tloc .,._;-tloat cases; Joseph Mayer's Sons, 40 de. 7o, 7. 7.20, 7 o, 7, 7, 6.go. 6.90, 6.7 0 6.6o, 6. o, 6. S d h fft d h' h .aout4 be for at &nt ...... 11 tloae rcf'er ... moot.--CoASTWISE FRO &: Co. 65 cases. hhds do h t 6 So labels I d' burg, Va-, March x8. These gentlemen were ail well anceson atur ay,uw1t mu eran 1g ta o1 cropo whtch hne ._,. loe14 -r ,....,ato4tbo prolt-, :11 tras a 5 a n lalla leaf at 10.75o known, especially Messrs. Kling and Mayo; and their we slowly made our waJI along! here, dodg1ng a {alll!lg ftich muat uwally inci.U tloo ;-.on in-" o.owon now KaY WaST-Robt. E lCelly &c Co., 10.:115 .111 b It d I t d avalanche, there, plllngin&' herotcally through moun tam -canaot .. pect uen ill the cue of ciopo, to ocll them for tbc m 13 cases ctgars; F de Bary & Co., 11o do; J. &c J. EaThe Farmers' House sold 28 hhds: 8 hhds KCDt\lcky loss WI oag e e an a e like drifts that baued our way, it canscarcely be extripriceo .. an obtaine4 on rc-ulc loerc: or "!'Inc enry rc-ulc ..... !'" ger, 7 do; H. Steinberger, I ; Seidenberg Co., leaf at $13.15, u .:r 5 Jl. 2 5, 8.8o, !.6o, 8.30 18 hhds do Willl ranks, then, comparatively d by the cated by the combioe!f effotts of, private entet"prise, at ., nnce.-aa therefore tloe pnce .ebtainaWe lty the pwwen will 48 do, 23 bales scraps; V. Martinet Ybor, I do, :114 do; lugs at &7o, 8 6o, 7o, 7-So, 7o, 7SO, 7So, 7-40, R alwavo 1te oomewbat )ower thaa CMir .. --. S ._ St bal B Cia k v """the of the great eaper, we entt:r upon the New Corporation shovels, "Italian bandi_tti," before this Io .. rs OF WHOLESALE PRICES traJton a. orm, 7 ea scraps, ass "" r :11 7.:ao, 7, 7, 7, 7, 6.9o, 6.9o, 6.8o, 6 so. 1 hhd do trash at --, b fT L t"' h d f d 'fQUOfAT ,, ta.s tobacco. hhdT I Year. As we have said, trade generally is flourishing num er o HI EAr IS .Ul l"e an so Its rea ers, 1 xt ,...,__LIIJbtJ..r. ,rmo .................. 10 ... 3 I ennessee ugs at 7.1o. It. true that in some branches per.uli d' shall then be done : ...... ::::::: 4t4fu BAL_TI.MOMRE, Dh C. Loose &c Co. The Pickett House sold :16 hhds: 1o hhds Kentuct.-15, ar con ttwns Added to the snow as another to del.J.r .. C ts L fT b I af t "' 8 8 8 6 8 "7 b 1 b Me4l'IJDI ................ 11 eom...-a ................ N e4l ommlSslon ere an an ea ers m ea o acco ree a .,Io, 9So, 7o, .70, o, 4o, 8.40, 8.Io, s, are present, ut aa a rru e, tt may e satd that the sanie traffic last week in the fact that tradesmen of almost =::::::::::::.::::::: 11 =" port 1 :ro-day we .have '!ery little to report since our 7 I4 hhds do lugs _at 7o, 7 .6o, 7so, 7-30, 7.:ao, 7, energy and enterprise that have characteriz .ed the trade every kind and degree were more: interested in exam"Seleot!ou .............. 11 ._ Lllhl "'-ed. '"" ..... ...last review, as busmess 10 our tobacco market during 7, 7, 6.90, 6.8o, 6.75, 6.5<>, 6 .4 0, 6 .3 0 2 hhds Indiana in the Past, will be crowned with the same temuheraining the record of tl)e closing year than in trying to l!:t::: : :.: ;;! the put week was very light, which may be partly atleaf at 8.Io, 8,10 tive res11lts in the Fuiture Reckless speculation is effect or sales 'ink a For this :: :: IN trihuted to pdartlyh bthe severity of The Ninth 'Street House sold I3 hhds: 5 hhds Kenall times to be deprecated, and, perha s no d last wee as a so ew Year's week, is Common te.r .. ... ...... 10 t" ll-, H.U, weather, wh1c .or some ays as o structed communitucky at $, u .so, 9.3o, g, 8 3 hhds do lugs p .' ten ency always a dull so that when both causes of de............... a _.5 cation very severely both by rail and water. Inspections at 7, 7, 6.95 4 hhds do trash, and lugs, at 6.Io@ of the ttmes ts to be more agamst than this. pression are taken into account, there is little occMion Ji'hoe.::::::............. II u 4 5 @10 were very unimportant, and so were the with the 7 70 I hhd do scraps at 5.20. Not may years a g o the traffic m both leaf and manu : for surprise when the announcement is made that there ........ u @II Nov .r. 4 .. ,d .... .. @5 2 exception of' about 200 hhds Ohio new crop, which were The Louisville Hon"e sold li hhds .. 5 hlldS Ken-" d ll b f fi f" rgolli good .. .... ,0..,,..1 l'o ketl'l ................ u taken for the rench contract on pnvate ter ms. Maaytucky leaf at 9 9 8 .8o, 8 40 5 hbds do lugs at S r th d f h d fd Lowt.um3 d ium leaf .... """ Bt1gbll'wi! l (YIIIJ!aoh 45 @65 d b b r d d of ordinary business ability and prudence could port. o .ar as .e nee o t em as IVtSl?ns o eGoodtollue ........... 13 I'' Brioll Gold Haro, &iaoh" tan to acco contmues to em 1atr eman :md pnces 7 .8o, 7 .6o,, 7, 6. I hbd do trash at 6.Io. 1 h 1 realizin a com et h p a rtmental transactions are concerned, we m1ght wtth A: IIMdJ ......... t o @5> are maintained. T.he inspe,ctions, were zz8 hhds Ma_ryThe Kentucky Tobacco Association sold 10 hhds and scarce Y e P g P ency 10 t e progress or out detriment, on thiS. occasion, dt'spense ent1'rely w1'th 11 ,..... J" d d d Oh t t 8 I hd I d th hhd K k h f .......-N.,.,.f>._,_Pin ...... 43 @ii .,.? an 54 o 10s; o a., 2 :.1 s; c eare_ no mg 1 box: 4 s entuc y leaf at 8. 40 8, 'J.go. 6 years; but now t e course 0 trade has changed, and, in side-heads, and rufi the little that is to be said of each to good oom. :K ..... thts week for fore1gn ports. We revise our prev10ua quota.bhds do lugs aL 7'S'> 7'-a, 6 ll ... &..&o. 1 boJil some respects, for the worse. More capital is re-branch of the trade all together unde r the general head Brown ....o :.::'n;.:: .. .. ....... t!l @" tion s : Mary lana, :rount.l lugs at 7 IO. quired than formerly and risks are many fold gre ater. at the ?f t?e But as. custom given to .... J"S:ll ..... r,: @8; good cof:mmon, 8@9; middling, 9@1o; good to fine The Exchange Warelhouse sold 6hhds and r box The manufacturer who was hitherto co ten d fam1har md1ces an expresston too s1gmficant to .... :: 1 red, rUJ?percountdry, 7@3o;groun 8 d Kentucky leaf, and lugs, at $, 8 20 8, 7 .30, 6.6o, J;J t to 0 a be dt sregarded under any ctrcumstances, we are conm o D ................ 6 7 ,.,,..,.....,ll'ort ...... ::.: 39 @4i to, menor to goo common, 7@ ; 6 5 0 I box do leaf at Io. safe busmess through a leavmg the latter to strained to leave them where they have so long stood, Pocltdl'ie:n transacted. Stocks of all grades and Th._e makmg haste. to_ be nch_ 1.s as much_ an evil of The great _hindrance in the R i chmond m ;uket is the Aortedlot.s ........... 12 @l& .......,. -a:u 8 55 hhds kmds are constderably reduced, and new arrivals no this latter day as when 1t was mvetghed aga1nst nearly want of recetpts, an the same trouble prevails here. :: 4 2 doubt will meet with a good and ready sale. Kentucky two thousand years ago, and the consequences are still The farmers are not sending their tobacco forward as u IS Stock to-day in Warehouses and 011 shipduring the present week just ending has been quiet and the same. it is wanted, and what makes it worse is the fact that Oh wrapper:e ..... ----.. ;;.;............ board not clear ed ____________________ 8,o67 bhds not mu c h has been 78 hhds at 69d and I4 ar ,. h h f 11 f A .. Loll........... ,._ ......... 21!)( 66d 11 hid s... v -hbd Trusting that during the twel e th to l e recent eavy a o sn'?w will still further delay supp u........ .... .... .... 9 @IO "'.a: 'w IIi casea.... Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co., Tobacco Commiss i on ; m a 92 1 s,a"ere so I at 1 v mon s come no plies The whole of the tobacco region of Vi rgt'nt'a has w,sconoin .... 12 ::c A:-'-':. 111" aet....... 2\IY, h fi II B 1 r d prirvate tl!rms, 77 at 611d; total, 128 hhds. Scrubs so widespread dtsaster may ov:::rtake our mdustry, but been snowed under, and, as a consequence, t't may be, : ;:" Mere ants, report as o ows: us ness m manu.acture hhds were &old to arriv e at 52ti. Maryland-a veryiive1 c Ca" tobacco has been very dull this week, receipts a s well that prudent energy and w1se enterprise may reap thet'r and is likAI .. to be, that for weeks to come, little or no -..-., : T, .. ............. ... 28 II h h d w ly inquiry existed and rull the new imports--the last per '""J-Hnanl'l. Com. ...-... YDurroa .... .. .... ...... 26 as sales being sma w1t unc ange e note almost inevitable harvest .. of profit, we wish all throughtobacco will be sent to market from the interior. tlte following receipts: A. Seemuller & 15 hlf-bxs, 88: solt to Thde stales thobar out our broad land, wherever their lot rna b d On tlus account the occurrence of the at thiS i'ara I "'ucut ... w. 95 @t oo :a.&." ............ -....... 23 8s thiJd bxs, s8 cases ; J. P, Pleasants & Son,ss hlf-bxs, nve, oug unng e wee on y amounte o zs ,, Y e cast, an ttme 1s very unfortunate, and the effect of 1t must be .v ... 1!{ .. tu....t.-To.x20ota.perpouno. "W. 9 '-................... n db G S \" & C 6 b J at 54d and 16 at 48t/ while there is no stock lef1 howeve_r connected wtth tfie I_ndJan herb," from Maine to keep prices in stock in hand pretty mell up Manu ....... e6 @13 G, s......... ............. 29 4 7 thir xs; "ratts o., 4 2 I cases; larger transactions have taken placeleav B. Stafford, 25 boxes, IO d"; W. N.. Boyd & Co., 25hlf-to Flonda and from the Atlantic to the Pacific Coast, facturers will have little relish for higher rates, but the IMPORTS. bxs; Norvell & Baxter, 40 hlf bxs. ing the stock reduced to about 100 hhds of both kind A H.A.PPY NEw YEAR! reduced stocks now availllble, and the delay which the The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign Virginia and Ken tucky. Sales: SI3 hhds at I7tl; 7 CINCINNAT1, December F. A. Prague, d snow and other winter obstructions will cause in trans -pbrts for the week ending December 31, included the at 19 ; 93 at,pnvate !ter ms; total, 68I hhds. Stoc Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows mard 'hhd B hhd Ohi --r-oB. EDIT01< ... a .. 8 portation, and in the preparations for transportation, following consignments: fi to ay: -, s ay, .s .. o, -hhds Scrubs,ket during the past week has been rm at about the hhd .r 1 d hhd v hhd Feem to indicate that they are inevitable, and the BREMEN-Carl Upmann, 12I bales; L Rosenlein & s IJLary a,n '730 s trgima, so7 5 Keatucky, same range of prices as for the week previous. The of. d hhd t ONK HuNDRED AND FIFTEEN.-EilJah Somers a inevitable will, of course, be accepted with becoming Co., 17 do; orc!er, I case cigars. 1 1 fi d h an Ioo s s ems d r 1 .ermgs at auction are a most enttre y con ne to t e Marylander, is credited. with one hundred an Ortltude. The question now, hewever, Garcia, 330 ba es. low and common sorts, shippers preferring to hold what LIVERPOOL-Messrs. R. Edwards & Co.'s .circlar Nifteen wmters. Smokes and dnnks. o greater tmportanoe than the probable firmness in NAPLES-Orde,, zo cases licorice. I little have of the finer grades of cutting until after reports: Our market WjlS exceedingly active duriag the P rices is, how suitable goods are to be obtained in the imHAVANA-Schroeder & Bon, u8 bales, Wei! & Co., past month, and a very large business was done. T the first of the new year, in anticipation of a better de A FAST JuvENILE PoPULAT10N.-At a county fair !f!ediate Su_bstitutes will probably be called 245 qo; V. Martinez Ybor, I 52 do; F. Lopez, I2 do; mand froll\ cutters, who are now, as usual, at the close sales included1all classes of American, and prices for vLcuisiana, lately, a preJDi).lm was offered for boys under mto 1f enough of these of the right so t L. F. Auja, 2z6 do; Schultz & Ruckgaber, 120 do; .A. of the year, buying very little Owing to the extremely strips, both Western and' Virginia, showed a decided! .:-14.. who neither drank" smoked, chewed, played cards' are e, t e prospect may be m\lterially improved Gonzales, z67 do; J A Pesant, 81 do; E. Pascual, cold, dry weather, planters are un!lble to handle the new upward tendency The trade, and also a number of Iris .not, carried pistols. O nly twenty entries were made. by resortmg to them. Brother & Co. 236 do; Havemeyer & Vi gel ius, 21 o d 1 1 h' and Scotch mllDufacturer5, purchased heavily in antici See d Leaf-The sales of seed leaf were few and far do; J M Sichel & Co., 90 do; A. S. Rosenbaum & crop an con sequent Your recetpts are scarce.y any t mg pat ion of having to pay more money after the tum Good Ohio seed wrappers and fillers are scarce and in 1! BLANK.s.-The attention of the trade is between. We have heard of only two transactions, one Co., 55 do; Jos. A. Vega & Brother, uz do; 5 cases demand. The market for manufactured is steady at the year; this anticipation y;e consider to be a certain ;<:all ed to the of Mr. C. J ourgensen, embracing some old Ohio fillers and binders at 10 cents cigars; M. & E. Solomon, 232 do, 3 do; Robert E. former quotations. The at auction for the at all eyents sp far as regards stemmed tobacco ano thP.r column. 1 he blanks required by leaf for expo rt, and the othec a limited. quant it y of ConnectiKelly & Co:, so do, 27 do; F. Garcia, 401 do, 3 do: week were 276 hhds, and 77 boxeS as follows: of w on sale; has now_become very cir 1toh acco and c 1gar and tob acco manufacturers cut on private terms. We note inqu iries during the Kuchler, Gat! & Co. 59 do, I do; Chas. T. Bauer & Co. r sen bed. We alter our quotations to make then are promptly and correctly furnished by him week for 187 I Connecticut by parties out of town which 24 do, 9 do, 18 cases cigarettes ; F Alexandre & Sons, At the Bodman Warehouse, I eli bhds and 3 2 boxes: .cord With actual transactiOns. Useful wrappery le< evinc ed an appreciation of the growing v al ue of that 1250 do, IS do, 2 bbls do ; G. W Faber, I3 cases cigars ; roz hhds Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: I at decided character, was a good deal sought It-t A NARROW EscAPE'.-The well-known tobacco man crop of but did not learn of any sales to them F. deBary & Co., 17 do; J C. Hoffmeyer, n do; Carl $7i 63 at 8.I5@9i 2 9 at ro@I4; 9 at IS@I6.7S S and met wtth purchasers at ra:es which werel\ot pre_!! firm of _Tho mas Hoyt & Co. came near iosa f act, if fact it is, that no sales were effected-Upmann, I do; F. 8 do; S Linington 1! hhds Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs, leaf: 2 at S, 8 i viously but ro ugh, coarse, or nolldescript and .';t .ng factory m Pearl Street, this city, by fire one due, we judge, in s ome degree to the confidence Sons, 10 do; Franck & Ftscher, I do; Purdy. & N1ch I at 1 L2 5 j 2 at IS, I 5 I hhd new Owen Co. at 580 foxy complextoned grades were difficult to sell. Eve & evenmg l as t week. The_ pol ice were pro mptly on hand w ith which holders are inclined to carry their stock. olas, I4 do ; Kunhardt & Co., 73 do; F. W. Junge & Co., I box new Boone Co., Ky., at 7 05 2 boxes West Virthese, however, wilL have to be taken soon in the absence ,r and prevc;nted what m1glit have proved a disastrous There seems to b e no disposition to di s count the future 8 do ; H. K Thurber & Co., 4 do; Thos. Irwin & Sons, ginia at 8, 8.90 cases commori Ohio seed fillers and of better qualities. Continental purchasers operated to a Spanish-No sales of Havana have been announced 2 do; Howard lves, 6 do; P. A Madan, s do; l'. S El wrappers : 6 at 6.9 i 7 at 8@9.So; 1 3 at 10 @ 1435 large extent, their purchases, indudiog one or two oa as we write, though it is only reasonable to suppose liott I do; W. H 3 do; Weston & Gray, 2 do; 3 at 17@2x. eels of New primings, amountmg to over A NEw BKGINNER.-Attention is called to the ansome have been made iJl a retail way if not otherL. Perea, 2 do; Ma1tland, Phelps & Co., I do; Muller At the Warehouse, 6 4 hhds and 2 I boxes: hhds For Afnca not much business was done nou!"cement iu. another of thsr commencement of w1se. & Bastion, I do; W H. Thomas & Broth:er, 8I do; Park 29 hhds Mason Co., Ky., twsh and lugs: 1 7 at $8@ sixty packages, all first class leaf, will cover the sai on hts own account by Mr. E. Carples, for -There has been no news from Havana at this writing & Til'ord, 67 do; Chas. Luling & Co I do; Acker, 9 85; 12 at IO@I4Si 4 hhds Brown Co., Ohio, trash, this direction. The imports for the month an merlr With Messrs. A. S Rosenbaum & Co Mr. Carf o r several days, the prevailing bad weather having, it Merrtll & Condit, 7 I do, z bbls cigarettes ; d'Ouville, lugs, and leaf: I at 9; z at I 17 x3; I at 16 25 3 1 only. to 6SI hhds, and the deliveries reached I,6s pies 15 a of rio little industry and business !s supposed, the only steamer at present ply2 cases tobacco; order, So bales, 32 cases ctgars. hhds Owen Co., Ky., trash and lugs: I at 6 7; S at leavmg the stock at I8,o74 hhds, against z8,o8 3 h tact, and will long attract to himself a fair mg between that c1ty and New York from m a king port EXPORTS. 8.20@9 i I 5 at 10@11 7 5 :u cases common Ohio the 1st December, I871, showing a decrease of .share of the of the street. h e r e. The Havana line of steatr.ers have been singu-From the port of New York to foreigl) ports, other seed fillers: 6 at 6 2 580; S at 8 Io@9-30 or sufficie_nt for eleven months cot larly unfortunate of late, the Missouri having been than European ports, for the week ending December At the Phister \Varehouse, SI hhds and I4 boxes: ttoo. 1f the contmue the same scale !fra_x CHANGE.Mr. J. Nisse n, _of ISS Water Street, burnt, the C11lum6ia involved in financial difficulties z4, were as follows: 26 hh ds Mason Co., Ky. trash, lugs, and leaf: I4 at pr_esent. Vtrgmta Leaf and Stnps-Both kinds w t announces he has thts day associated with and another disabled. BRAZIL-I case cigars, $5 $8 3o@9 7o; II at Io@I4i I at rs. 25 hhds Brown Co., fa ; r to good request at very full prices for the fo himself tn the domesttc anti Havana leaf busint:ss, Mr. Manufactuud-We hear of inquiries during the week BRITISH AusTRALFA-nz,r92 lbs mfd, f.37 ,309. Ohio, trash, lugs,:and leaf: I9 at 8.35@9.6"5; 5 at 10.7 S and advanced rate;; for latter. Selections o H: Nathan, and that the firm name will hereafter be ] by one or two parties of town for low-priced bright BRITISH NORTH AMEiliCAN CoLONIES-6,I 31 lbs mfd, @I47 5; I at 17 7 5 1 box Mason Co., at 7 .7o. I3 cases finest of s ltnps, whtch have come to this IT

\ AJ( l 3 tlit' .d011e in tbc:PI , with color b h d d d r II' -w ., wca on o c1gars accor mg to lair &election of userut to g06d cfuaH(J IS now on Cavendish-For good black tens there were several m quiries, but the stock being bare of such kinds, httle or no business was the result. could fool the insp e ctors every time." Of course, no honest person employs them. Some will say that a few short bundles of same quality On arriving at the cigar factory, the tobacco is not at as the long, fits beUer arou:>d the turns. Our aS vice is once manufactured, sa)S a writer in Cope's to pack nope, but to lc:t the hogshead be uniPlant, tpe bales having beea separated into their com form from head to and side to side. In small ponent parts, the leaves are stripped of tber stems and daily two millio1l fift lnmdred and thirty-two thousand, I Ther "urti1er class'" u r d' or more t an wne un re an twenty-rour nn 10ns their S"t:ugths or colors th 1 be' h k cigarettes yearly. If this large productiOn of a smgle aa the .. <.'1l of the t e or mg ere ta en. factory astonishes us, we have to consider that-in. Cuba The st reng .. ., ,., b h If. d 1 H '" are-nman .. o ng t nse an pre-emment y at avana the IS yellow A111arillo yellow. .. -:u OL d' k 1 To the Tobaoeo Pl.a.Dter and Prt.ere crops, or where remnants exist, the rule for pack placed in large barrels. Previously, however, they are of Clarksville and HopJdaavWe Dia-ing is simple. Pack m first a!( of your best, spread out on the edge of the barrels, or on the ground, trietll. tht:D follow it with next grade and so on, and e.zposed to a good draught of air. If this precaution desire to call your attention toiiOftle then a sample will show a far proportion of each grade, were not takenl tile tobacco would be apt to fire like hay &baleS, which have gradually grown up in districts, and an honestly mixed hogshead will always bring its -a mishap wh1ch sometimes occurs, spite of the greatest in tlle management of the tobacco crop. until they are full value. care. From the small leaves the stems are not taken. now 10 great, as to cry aloud for We allude Th:: Paducah market hat suffered from the same evils W1th those small leaves a particular kind of cigars, called to the mixingofvariO!lS qualitieaCJf'leaf m one hogshead, as our own, and to remedy them, they have in the past Colzancillas, is made. When the leaves are found to be ancl in some cases to the wfair of the same. few months entirely revolutionized their system. and dry enough, they are in the most beau1iful or Universal complaint was made against our section the now guarantP.e all of their samples to their buyers. der in the barrels, and they are covered with the stems, t 1 k 11 ._ 1 1 h vsCIIro, ar ye more ex ens1ve y smo eel, espec1a y 'Uy ar 1es, 1 an low Claro bng' ht C.o'--' ,., b h ed r ,_ th """' Tb k' f d wnlull .... aro, ng t r ..,,_ even e C16.r. rna mg o c1garet1es oes notreratio, ro:d; Colorado 0/Jsmro, dark red ; Colorado Ma. qmre so much sk1ll, 10telhgence, and care as the makmg tlu1o red ripe or mello Mi. d Cl. b h of cigars..; consequently, the maker is more a mechanic Nat/Nil 11 1111 '0 a::-' ng or d 1 I' h h d ( t r me OW .l"'llr no guaranty: We would, therefore urge our dried, and the cigar-makers remain idle. Even in humid Messrs. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. of New York, in theiT friends never to mix a hogshead, but to assort closely, weather, when it does not rain, the manufacture is intercircular o Dec. 2 says: "It i.; proper to mention the puttmg each length, color and quahty together, thus rupted, as during such weather the tobacco absorbs too frequent and loud complaints receiVed from Brer:nen! of msuring the highest market price: and leavmg no poss 1 -much mo1sture. To dry the tobacco some days before.. tobacco bought at the Clarksville and Hopk_msvJlle ble ground for complaint on the part of the buyers." hand is not deemed advisable, for excellence would breaks, t,!lrning out entirely d1fferent, and vastly Every market 10 the We s t has suffered from the same thereby bt! impaired. to the Western samples. We have had some expenence ev1l, and each m turn has found it necessary to remodel Catalin wine and other ingredents anew are employed, of this ourselves, and if continued another season, 1t lls system, and give more ngtd mspection for the pro in just such quantit1s as may not diminish but develop must work great injury to these markets. \'f_e know there tect10n of 1ts trade. Planters and dealers will find, there the characteristic mcotian quality. is a difference of opimon as to what constitutes a far fore, this seas:>n, a close 1nspect1on in e'very market they The stems, and refuse generally, are sometimes made sample; whether it should mclade a porti9 n of the short may shtp to. use of as filling for cheap c1gars, though Meyer, as an tobacco prized around the turn of the cask. Our m -Without this reform we may expect to see the best economical GermaJ!, hints at unnecessary waste. The lpectors, and those of sever":! Western mclude class of fore1gn orders withdrawn from our markets leaf employed for wrappers is called that for fill this, their samples representmg every th1ng they find m Our remarks are for general applic;!tion 1 personal to mg lnpa. Nothmg is we1ghed but the capa, of which the hogshead, a'Qd any other course leaves open a no one; we have been buymg from your crops for about a quarter or half a pound is given lo the c1gar-maker at door for fraud, that we are convmced it is the only safe twenty years, and have always sought to promote the a hme. If m the evening, when the workmen brmg the pl planter's mterests, and a hearty des1re for your welfare cgars they have made, it is found that one workman is the lime, therefore, to the planters that has prompted these hnes, and for th1s worlr. of reforma-has used more capa than the rest, no deduction is, made il theif hogsheads are not of umform quahty, top, bot-tion we ask the full co operatwn, not only of planters from hs wages. Should his careles'sness continue, there tolll aiirl sides 1 t will certainly appear in the sample." and dealers, but of warehousemen, inspectors, and all 1s no remelly but dtsmissmg h1m. bnly the two weights Kt. 'Verheyden, of Belgium, who held in 1872 tobacco connected w1th the trade. The best results can not but just mentioned are found in a factor;y, for manufac contracts from Spain, France, and Italy, has expressed flow from it-a restoration of our tobaccos to ther old turer does not reckon how many pounds go to a thouhimself as follows: "You may well assure your plant-position on the markets of tbe world, a higher apprec1-sand cigars, but how many cigars can be obtained from era, prizers, and all whom it may conqern, that we are lion of their values, and a larger demand for them a bale. It s onfy to persons of great judgment and ex determined not to purchase next year one smgle hogs-The whoe Western crop is a very large one, showing perience that the of the for manufacture head of mixed stuff. They have merely for us the value greater increase in other sections than in our own we is intrusted. They receive very high wages. When eflugs, as they are only adm1tted by tlje Regie Governcan not therefore 'hope to see such high prices as ,;ere they have :.elected the leaves, place them in tin ments under that classification. 1: IS lhen understood paid th1s vear. boxes that they may not grow too dry. In cutting the tllat we shall only accept unmixed and the As low grades willaell much higher early in the sea-leaffur capa, or wrapper, much skill is needed to avoid crop will be fully sl!flicient to admit of that, and aupply 10n than later on we adviSe our friends to market waste and make the wrapper of the exact size. What the markets with the quantities of selections unmiXed, their _lugs and common leaf as fast as pnzmg seuons remains after the wrappers have been cut from a leaf can sought for by the purcbuer." permtt. We are truly yours, be used as tilling. Tbc well-known German house of Messrs. Chu. Lulin M. H. CLARK & BllO. The cgar-maker is seated at a low table, which has It: Oo., say: Clarksville and Hopkinsville samples ledges on every side except that next to him He spreads this year, compared very unfavorably those of the EARLY ToBACCO CULTURE IN CoNNI:CTICUT.-W. H. a leaf of tobacco before l>lim, and cuts from it the parBremen inspection, and frequent complamts have been in the Springfield (Mass,) H11,esleatl, thus alludes to an tion required. Having placed a lew fragme11ts of fillmg made and everv effort should be made in the interests article we recently copied from that journal, regardmg in the centre of a strip of leaf, he moulds the whole mto of (obacco trade of your cott7s, to c?eck adjust the (early culture of the weed m East Windsor, Conn the shape of a cigar; and then takmg the wrapper, rolls irregularities, for otherw1se, your mspectlons wlll no more Your correspondent Nays tobacco raising in East Wind-1t spirally around the cigar. If he 1s a perfect workman, be recognized as creditable." aor,_Conn ,commenced in the year 1s30. Now this may no trimming from the knife here is needed. Hr. Hein Riensch, Tobacco Broker, of Bremen, in be; 1f so, the wnter has been mismformed, for in the As a model, the workman has always near h1m a cithis circular of Nov. r, says : "The larger part of our year 1833 my father moved mto the town, the writer ola, or wooden cigar, which haa been made by turning. stocks of Kentucky tobacco in first hands has been re-being a young lad, and that year grew, m company with Thi11 gives the form and size of the cigar he has to make. drawn, holders finding great reluctance on the side of my maternal graadfather, three-quarters of an acre of He bas a further in a flat ptece of wood, with a buyers, to purchase on American samples, wh1ch too of tobacco on land belonging to Mr. Asahel Alcot, besides hole just large enough for tbe to pass through. A ten prove perfectly unreliable. a patch on their own premises. The writ&e ass1sted 10 new workman having been furnished with tl1ese two The slight and wanton way in which sampling fregrowing and stripping that tobacco. There was also things requires no further instructwns. 11aently seems to be done abroad severely damage!: aeveral others wlao grew tobacco and sold 11 at that hme, Even if a manufacturer makes use of only one sort of trade, and we are sorry to that the former confi and had thus done for some yearS-JUSt how long we tobacco, he can turn 1t to manifold purposes. fhe / deace in the good will of American inspectors is greatly are not at present informed. Tilts tobacco was "pegged large fine leaves are used for Regalias Impenales, or haken, in many mstances even changed mto open d1sup "-pegs split and sharpened and driven into the Medias Regalias; and also fo1 Cacadores, Panetelas Imlrult. butt of the stalk. and the plants hung thereby on strips penales. Caballeros, and so on; the smaller fine leaves Messrs. Schutte & Lehmkuhl, of Bremen, say: he nailed to the rafters and joke overhead, in ba1 ns and for Panetelas and Londres: the dark inferior leaves for purchasers of tobacco have experienced too heavy loses stables. The tobacco "as all stnpped together and Canones. "The commonest tobacco _goes to form the in of the many false American samples, packed in the cellar where 1t remained some weeks till MJ!Iares Communes; worst is converted into cigars and it is quite necessary that your mspectors shoald sold to a Mr. Waterman, wlto was a manufacturer anu whtch are generally pressed fiat, and know as Prinsados. Jiye all their attention to this subject; and that uch lived in the house lately sold by James Bancroft to c For the smallest k1nd of Lond.res and for Damas, a pro1ample should rauly represent the whole hogshead. N. Pease; if my memory serves me, tbe price was U portionally small lea( is employed. The purchasers in this city have come to the or 5 cents per pound. Mr. \Va.termao had been in the It IS only by the liner kmds of cigars that a manufac that the seller has to pay the d1fference of cigar ma.wfactunng busness for liOme years, and pro-turer gains much. Theinferioc kinds are far from bemg each hogshead, whidl turns out to d1ffe1 from }OUrt>llmcured his stock for "perttctllars" of his \Ve remunera111e. The finer tlae kind of c1gar the higher, ples, and the seller' will of couNe claim from Amec.ican have beard old people say they could remember back t G of cc.urse, are the wages. Indeed, when there IS a good llbipper. We, therefore, agam n-quest you, to use all the1r younger days when tile farmers of East Windsor harvest, few, except beginners and apprenllces, can be inof your influence for the inspeoliors to draw fair "Samgrew tobacco for sale, btlt tbe g1 owers were not as plenty d11ced to make the -commomer kiuds plea." as at tile present lime, CM' the purchase s ether sGme It may seem an easy matter to take a piece or two or Mr. F W. Smythe, of Liverpool, England, says : few local cigar-makers beuag the chieL Several 'yea1 s, three p1eces, of tobacco, lay them flat ;n the left hand, "Your ;and prizers should be induced to just bow many I can nor say. before r8.,u, I am creclibJy place thereon the needful smaller pieces, and cover the change their habit of packing short tobacco around mfc rmed. Mr. Abial Wolcott was cuttmg some tqbacco roll m such fashion that the veuis are concealed or their hogsheads, our inspectors regad such hogsheads when a Vrgma planter was nJmg pas.t, the gentleman thrown to one side; ) et in nodaing is the difference be as an attempt at fraud. and always put a poruon of the stopped .and entered into some conversation and stated: tween goGd :workmen and bad so 1mmense as in cigarshort tobaccoin their samples. Afncap buyers refuse "We do aot cut our tobacco so," and e11tering t e field making. the regular cgarette-malers are aU or nearly all, Chmese; straw colored Fuerle stro h E '., b t dd' <:L: h d d ld' f h H ng or eavy, nln s-uerte u .m a lt10D1 u_rteen '!n re so ers o t avana rather strong or heavy ; FIDjo, light. gamson are workmg as cgarette-makers for La Hon-Finally there is the 1'nd1'cat'o f th I' -S d ,, E h Ch' k h l'k h n o e qua lhes U ez. bl man h asl \: perfine; Fmo, not qute I&O fine; F/or, finest or firsts. ther, a sm t ta e to 1mh se atdwd c 1 he o san filkls Supenor, next, or seconds: next, or thirds. e tt>s, t em, an oes t em up m pac Thus, then, a c1gar has a notable history. Fust has ages. fhe facthty he acqures and the dextenty he to be determmed the part of the plant from which the dtsplays are astomshmg. In countmg, he ts so prompt is taken; then the part of the leaf fro r: which that he seems to be asSISted by touch more than by sght 1t is taken the tobacco be 1 'ng be t h h f h N I th t "L H d d b s w 1c 1s urt est ear y every, mg a a onra ez IS one Y rnaaway from the root or m1 ddle of the !Paf. One elabothe active and ample employment of wh"h at rate process follows another for the perfectiOn of a work vast estabhshment would seem to show that contact of art-for as such as already sa d t d h h U '" d St h d h C b f 1 we mus regar a w1t t e nne ates as rouse t e u ans rom cigar So that we may say that, looking at the matter Spamsb lethargy, and that the Cubans, left to themselves m .all 1 ts numerou s pl1ases only c ld k b f th 'fi onn01sseurs-never wou eep a_ reast o at sc1enu c Improvement ama_teurs-shou!d p 1 on ounce authoritatively aud aswhich s the of the present age. thetlcally on a cgar's value -"La Honradez" occupies a whole square, and the ___ ..,. ----proprietors are as polite, obliging, and generous as they Forthcoming Auotion Sa.Ie. are mtelligent and enterprising. On enteriBg the building the visitor finds himself first of all in of the offices and counting-houses He registers his name in a large book, a courteous usher accompanies him through the whole factory, and before leav1ng be Js to rer.ord in the same book his impressions. Hazard says that for the collec tor of autographs this book would have imcomparr.ble value. The counting-houses are in direct contact, by tele graph, with the other parts of the factory, I&O tbat there can be communication m a moment with the chic.-fs of the different depptments. From the lhe visitor passes into the shops where the packmg boxes, barrels,Jetc., are made. The barrels are turned out }>y steam with inconceivable velocity, are air and and without a flaw. There is a no'{el proess for S!all?ping the brands on wood, printing mstead of brand10g being employed; wherefrom there IS the .double advantage of raptdity of execution and of great neatness. There are hydraulic presses for compressing;the tobacco for exportation. On one of the floors there IS a complete prmting-of fice, constantly employed in every branch of typogr-aphy and lithography. Here are pnnted circulars, labels, views of the factory, and m1Uions of tastefully-designed and beautifully-colort!d papers to conta1 the cigarettes in packages of twenty-five. A magneto-electric machme for engravmg we oeed not descnbc, as such machines have often been seen at work in the great InternatiOnal Exhib1t1ons. The number of patternsof envelopes lor the cigarettes amounts to two or th1ee thousand, and most of them are characterized by ingenuity and beauty. As the ci garettes are made to su1t all tastes, of the paper IS united with rice, coffee, pectoral perfumery, corn, etc There 1s a watchman whose business 1t 1s to vis1t every part of the bmldmg each hour m the night. He IS htm self under the control of a detective clock. On entenng each room he has to touch a button whic has telegraph ic communication with the clock, and thus 1t is always seen whether he is doing h1s duty. A smgular fire machme, called the "Anmhtlator," makes short work of any fire wh1ch may break out. When he leaves the buildmg the visttoF is presented w1th a package of cgarettes charmingly 1done up m a fancy wrapper, on "'hich is p1 in ted his name, "in re membrance" of the propnetors. Ne1ther to the polite showman," nor to any one, are gratuities permitted. "La Honradez" 15 famous for 1ts c1gars and snuffs well as for its cgarettes. to Hazard, as much art is required in smokmg cigarettes as m makmg them The noVlce bungles and amuses or annoys the profi Cients. Nothing is .supposed to show the fimshed damly so completely as the way m whtcb he handles h t s cigar As cg,trette smokers, the l adte s surpass even the dand1es m ease, and elegance, and grace. In the rail way or elsewhere, the lad1es accept wllhout hesitatiOn tbe offer of cigarettes from gentlemen. For th1s reason, as well as for many others, Havana is one of the costliest places in the world for the traveller to hve at. As cigars are known by the marks of the makers, they are further clas516ed according to the s1ze and form. It is this classification we have now to furnish. The Regalias Imperiales are large c1gars, being nearly seven inches long. Their excellence has gained for them a wide reputation and a warm love. The Imperial speaks for itself; comes from Regalax, to give, By ohn H. Draper, & Co., No. 112 Pearl Street, on _Fnday, January 3, 1873, at one o'clock P. u. in the1r store, fourth 'ileekly and continuation sale (br order of the ;'oint commission on .} -hogsheads lea tobacco, from the late fire at Jarvis's Warehouse, Jersey City To be sold by mspect item under the heading "In dustnal Progress. "The s1ege train of the future is to be compa.sed of 64-pounders, 40-pounders, 8-inch how nzers Very few of the latter description have been constructed of late years and dealer:$, should be uniform in leagth, quality, and grew it as a farm crop pretty regularly; grew In fastening the pP of cigar, the workman seldom color in the same hogshead. It when 1t soJd for four cents per pound; grew 1t when u makes use h1s teet liDless the kn1fe has performed its Thus bringing the trade back to the proper proporfor six cents, and ever since son: e by that name part clumsly. tlon as in years past, of lugs, fine and cho1ce, and I Fisk hv10g on the same farm have grown 1t. Unt1l tobacco If the more dehcate smokers were to Witness the mannething in saying, that the average pnce will be more began to liell lor eght cents, a neighbor just over m ufacture of cigars at Havana, they would be almost intball under the present system, as well as more utJsfacEast Hartford used to be down on growmg tobacco, ana clmed to renounce imoklllg for ever. They would be : tory and profitable to buyers and manufacturers." tned to argue it into growers thilt 1t was immoral, agamst hold negroes in the of drt; the workmen all We could add many more extracts from the correhis prmciples, etc., but the next year after it first solJ for smoke, and they sp1t as often on the tobacco lymg apondence ot shippers th1s year, wh1ch has been mortieight cents, the immorahty and principles dtliappeared on the floor, as on the tlom itself. Furthermore the tolying an those who have the goodlname of our secllon at and he could grow (h e crop w1th a better grace. Mr. bacco is defiled by !he naked feet of the negroes and heart. But the above from well known house& IS sliffi H. Burnh im, whom he had talked to so much mulattoes. ness. The Panetelas Impenales are more slender still AN ;t\MB!Ttous PIPE MANUP'ACTU:RER.-A curious ex than the preceding sort. The Panetelas (m Enghsh, planation IS gtven of the mJtials "T D." often o}):. "Bread" Ctgars) are very thin and long Bajo{letas reserved by smokers on the clay pipes offered for sale all semble the Caballeros and .Panetelas. Canones (m ov:er New England. It appears that the eccentric En EngliSh, Cannons") correspond to the Regalias They ghshman styling hmself "Lord Dexter who formed have to some extent qeen dtsplaced by the M1llares hved at Newburyport, mvanably used a' clay pipe rna!. Commu_nes .. and Trabdq"l!illas are small ci, ufactured m that City,_ and in order that his name might gars, th1ck m the m1ddle. In Spam, Trabuco IS the not be lost to postenty, he endowed this factory, With name to t'he short musket wh1ch wtdens toward the muzthe understandmg that e\ ery pipe ()ffered for sale b it zle (" Piramitas (",Pyramids"), should bear the imtialletter of h1s name, Timothy J'eK are small cgars, whtch gradually enlarge from the ttp to ter. the lighted end. Entreactos ("Between acts ") are =':""===:===:================ cient to mdicate the extent to:which the evil has grown. the growth of the cr lp, m passmg along spied a field The workman is not contented with the five or six ciMpch tobacco has \oeen sold in Bremen this year, by set to tobacco on the Colonel's p1emises; meeung bJm gar:; he 1s aDowed to take borne in the evenmg; he Clarksville and Hopkinsville samples, hence the soon, Mr. B. h1m "How_'s th1s, Col. Olm seldom any sense of honor, and is often guilty of petty complaints from that market. stead; I thought 1t was agamst your to grow thefts, someumes of g1eat The master has no In the old keel-boating days, a habit arose of packtobacco?" The Colonel tned to turn it off by someredress; to recover his prop.erty would involve bundle or two of more mfenor tobacco, in each thing about farming, grow gra1n, being unprofitable, expense twice or tbnce greater than 1ts worth. All that ; course around the sides, to protect the finer leaf from etc. Mr. B. retorted by tellmg hml "lt IS the eight he to know is the name of the thief, so that he damp, and a layer of the same on the heads, to I!TOtect cents a pound, that's the principle, Colonel!" be on h1s guard against a repetitwn of the offence. fro111,green heading, seasoned plank bemg scarce; and 1 Summer and winter, tbe working hours are from half. many planters accompanying their crops, wouill some-How CouNTERFEIT No rEs ARE MADE.-A party of past s o x m the mornmg tll half past liix m the evenmg. time11 b11ve these layers thrown off m New Orleans. men, say fr(!m three to a dozen, get toge her and hold No art1fic1al light is ever u&ed. This custom has gradually grown into an abuse, until frequent and act accordmg to a plan latd When the workman has got fifty cigars ready, he in some cases, the good leafhMS been packed 10 a square, down. One_ or will fiod out some copperpla.e binds them wuh a p1ece of bast; the finest cigars being and then filled out to the cask with short tobacco. The pripter in the employ of the bank note compan}'-JO fact placed outside, with the vems turned inwards To habit of mixmg in short tobacco has grown so general all pnnters are known by the party. '1 hese men the cgars a pretty, smooth, and round app.earance, the that some planters have said that the buyers expect it, w1ll manage 10 meet one of the pnntets. Then they offer workman rolls them by the help of a flat board, or a flat and buy With that understandmg. him from Jso to Jrso to procure a ce tam kmd of 1mkDJfe. Ftfty c1gars are called a Medw Rueda, and ac The buvers fear it, but hope tbe contrary, and would Thts 1m pression s. !Jrocured m ths w1se : The cording to rued as, or parcels of a hundred cigars each, more; 1 f they were sure the hogshead was uniform. prmter will take an tmpresston upon tm f01l from the IS the reckonmg made. As a rule, a workman can make Very many planters rigidly exact 10 their packing, plate from he IS prmtmg, wh1ch can be done in from two hundred to two hundred and fifty c1gars a day. ha-re been dsoouraged by who were Jess a moment: Tnus you see every line and s1ze 1s ob-The parcels are Jilaced in closed presses to dry, and are careful, realizing an equal'trrtce, but a pomt bas been tained correctly. F10m th1s tm foil an electrotype is kept there till they are sorted. reached when all this w 1 ll cha11ge, and honesty and made. They, then get some platwn tnanufacturer. should be lined with bro. off wh1ch der except m the quality of the There no straw CJgars made Havana, but cigar-Great blame is thrown upon the inspectors, but without paper, w c wtTI slightly d1ffer from the genume. The ettes are manufactured m largemlmbers, cigarette-mak Jioubt they generally try tO do their duty, though wareplace of l S generally some diStance ftom ing givmg em Joy;Ue tto about six thousiJ!q W9rkbousemen in their may sometimes ew hke Statc.-n Island, Flatbush, or lime men w 1 try to influence them The roof of ax.:t,r;r..S.treet, or smlar locahues ID that ci!Y. It 1s a The pic.cadura intended for cigarettes is ground small, u. we titat, tf in every case here a party of this kmd and then prepared w1th sweet wine and other subs tan-head s packed unifor-m y, t e mspect r can no r ex sfs, tliat ve Y 011 e lllis 1 sample unfair to 'either or seller. ci E e rna e.l ill o a uel Hal'ard g1 es an aecount of a 'Visit he pllid to ave heard of ackers offermg e'iliUJw:a in th by olbers of U!e party. be t onradez, t.he,lergest Cigarette factory al Havana, couf:try, with the recommend ion,. "dlat they D fPY that dtd not lOok well to himself. perhaps 1n the world. This factory produces v small Cigars supposed to be smoked b-etween the acts 'at Advertuementa. the theatre; hence the name. They are very beauti fully made. Damas (" Lades"-cgars for lad1es) are gracefully formed, and exceedmgly small. Others be Side ladies smoke them. Londres (" London") a small ciga.r, hght in weight and very convement m ,hape ; both in England nnd in the Umted States of America it is the most popular of all Ha\ ana cigars. Millares Cop1munes are cigars of a plebeian type, m extensive use in Cuba itself. Made from common tobacco, they have various subordinate names, according to the way in whicp they are pressed to add to the beauty of the1r appearance. Vegueros ("Planters," or country cigars), are made, or are suppt>sed to be made, oa the Vegas, or tobacco farms. They are roughly twisted mto shape, and thus owe nothing to beauty, hut only the finest leaves are employed. Theu excessive pnce and the great demand for them have tempted the cigar manu facffirers to im1tate-thus, of course, producmg, under the name of Vegueros, a -rery inferior article. As the cigars are kept dry in pr, sses after being made, so dry weather is always chosen for the forma tiOn of the bundles and for packing. Whether the ci gars are packed in bundles, or loose, the cigars and the finest parts of the cigar are alway! made to catch the eye. To CIGAR. MANUFACTURERs-A TllAVELING SALESMAN h X. a Trade ln New York, PenMJivama, Ohio. ladaana, uJiooi:: entuc y,, MtMOGri. Wi..a.ia, aDd low BE LETCHEAP-<>r Por 8oJo, price oaiJ poo.oo a Je&r at LO<'UST .L OROVE,IIIEWTOWN,Lomrlllu4aP1NECOU.NTRYBUT -of a NEW HOUSE of I roo...,, wish llaiJ....._, ot Garden Grape Arbor, Blable, Out-...._., etc. olllla&ecl a 011 &lae Fla r Publiabed M No. lO Lord Bellon etroet L l verpool.l!:ng, l an d wnere subeerlptlone mJ be edd.r...a, or to the roBCCO LL\7 OPnox, Price tw o oWlllrlp (l!:t!clloh)por--. l'rado A d-ota, 10 ahollillp per -. Ro ad..UMmonte ...,eel vel for wbo r tar period Utaa BU. mOD.._ llaahl:aet7 for <-. Duetneas Adt!rea AnuollJlHmeu\11, ""lble.. No torAdvertillklg WJIJ booon, etderft< l u'bfeN aceompanied b7 tke c amotWt. Thil5 rule wU In' riably be adhered to. ':-FOREIGN Dt.'Tia ON In Austria, France, Ital y and SJ)aln, the toba cco commerce bmoaopolized by gov ernment, under dtrect1on of a Jn Germany tile duty on Amerlcom tobacco 1sJ4 per roo lb. In Bel11u.m tbelapoet il fed.ooed afterdeducttng .il e e r oent. lor tare. The duty 15 13 francs, 10 centimes {$:1 40 rold) per 100 1 (roo Americaa Jbe. equal 45N k1loe.) ln HoJland the dutya :J8 cents.. gold, per 100 klloe. (J8o Amerlcaa pounds bCin g to 111 1dloe.) In RU8s i a the duty on leaf tobacco ts 4 40 90 peh per pod, on tmlokiDJ' tobacco :16 roa. to cop per pw.d and on cigars roo .10-. cothep, per pouDd The" plld. is equal to about 361 Amenc.&n lbs. Ia Tar.kor d-uty Ia 50 centa, gold, per n" A1DerlcaDi oaoca J A well nssorteQ sto c k of HAVANA and YARA Tobacco consta.ntly on 1land and sold at ST IIYJ.POI\TERS' PJUCBS. 188_PEAR sTBEET. I!W YORK.


-' J ].AMES M.' GARDINER, CHARLES M Corr:Noi, t.Y. <> ..tAJ.yn:s -= 'QAI\Dil\TI'm. & co., TOJrfCCO COUISSION MERCHANTS, 84 FROftT -STREET, NEW-YORK, direct from VIRGINiA and .NU.R'{7f CAROLI,fiA"collsigtz l LEAF; MAN.uFACTURED anti SMOKING Tobs uos ,._ C. d.A.UlLTO N IUM008Cio L ASKC.ROFT. NEW YORK SeedLeaf Tobacco Inspection. .. okcco lopected er iamplcd. Cerlificates given f o r every C&8e and delivere6 ... oaae, .. to ....-r or c.r toate. N .B.-We al8o Hmpl. iot JrferduJrlls' own ,'flqru. NEW' 'YORK, L S MACLKHOSE. ROBERT L. MAITLAND & CO., ALEXANDER MAITLAND. F. C. LINDE &. CO., ._ TOBACCO AND COTTON FACTOP.:S,' OOHAN, .. CARROLL. & co:, rro:SA:cco C"o M M 1 ss1: 0 N Mt.Bc H:a NTS,. J .., ,. '.104 FRONT r M J. DOHAN, } { TH0S. 'CARROLL; ALEx. FORMAN. w Toaa .. JNO. T. TAIT"I:. I .. ) A[ents 'cor the followin[ W Vir[inia Manufacturers: J. B. PACE, THOMAS HARDCROYE, YA,BROUCH ll SONS, J. R. PACE ll CO J. H. CRANT ll co. RACLAND ll JONES, JOHN ENDER&; RACLAND ll TOSH, TURPIN & liJROTHER, TAYLOR ll CO. D. B. TENf 1 J n v u_ ::J ?-r t' S ole Agents i n New Yor.k for BONNE BOUC'HE, 4s.. ss. Poc ket Piece s Also Agen t s for )olin W. Carroll's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos, r ( 1 Lone Jack c5! Brown Dick, etc. f l n dark work t o our "Thistle" Brand, so widely known in many parts of our C ountry for its be a uty of delicacy of chew, elc r we would invite tfl.e s attentio::l of Jobbers; always on !J.and lbs half lbs. threes, pocket pieces, etc. ... . EIELBERG & ,/" 'j ,.. : ."' 160 PiiAiL l:h., YoRk J J ? .J 1. D. KREJLBERC' l CO> ,'l BALTiMoM.i:, I REi ELBERt: I & at. (J jJJ 1 () LA ) .t.;!i'f 'l': jl. J TBUID Bill mm M. B. LEVIN, _, IIPDBTIIIIP B!VJl And llea1er !a all kmdB of !l '1 %.liLA.:I' 'I'OSAdCO,. I WAll D FauN., G u s Fa'02il>, NEVi YORKe ""'Dw A.UD !i'Rrrl\ n ;r:. 14. WESTHEIM & 00 8eed-Le&f aBel Importers ol a To baooc., 17'7 P-rl 8&I'Ht. NEW XOB.Ii. Ottinger & Brother, KEN'l'UVKY Loaf fll Q'baee NEW YOU WILLIAM K. PRICE&. 1CQ., LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Malden Lane, .. :) NEW YOIDt JOB. MAYER'S SOBS. ...... Wltrtblt., .&.JIIIlla&LIIM D! Lollf fJll@Q:i2SI W .Artl:R BTBBBr, New York. .:J &. =a-....i COVVTSSIOI' KEB.CllA!rr, v I i Packer A Dealer in -. argan a LIAF TOBACCO, Leaf' .Tobacco PEARL ST., NEW YORK. NEVl Y JRK. I I I f l}. 1 1 t r ul E "''


-. ---------\ : PALMER & SCOVILLE, UIHB'rBBS GJr sARIIB, 0 .llm IOBB]IBS W AU. .mJl8 OF LBAF TOBACCO, MANU'rACTVIlER Of' IIIAft'l':at 1.11! Succeaaonl to iriAWllAJ.TJ & CO., CIGAll BOXS, SUP..EIUOR. -MAD AND Prime Oua11t)! .of t66 WATER -No. 1'10 Water Street, New York. L .' PALMER A. II. SCOVILLB, Connecticut Seed-leaf Wrapper of our own pioking.. o I MANUFAC RED. ..., & Sl97 Monroe 8t., .. NEW YORK. I;,;_ WK. .A.GliBW I!IOK&, !Cibacoo and -.&.llo.ld a86.1"-t 81;--. -.NBW' YOBK. 3 JIAWOii Lllt..i. L A aiM .;, liilf maeeo for !i:port aK .._ Ia To'bllcoo b8led In -r J*up ., preM for expon. 1U Water Street, !fear Maiden Lane, NEW YOIJI(. W. DESSAUEB., 'WIIOLESALII DLU.D IJf LEAF TOBACCO, 185 WATER"SXREE NEW YORK. .And Dealer in LeNd Pear st1eet New York: M. W. MENDEL & BRO. Mo & suc;x,_, TO mak, DILM AND OOJIIMIIY, IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMES'nC LEAF TOBAC.OOS; 175 WATI!..R STREET, YoR ., 7S BQ"W"ery, Ne"W" .... BROS. a -BONDY Segars & Leaf Tobaooo, SJ XAXDBJI' J.AKB, ew lrork.. 190 fi!ART. STREET New York. Leaf Tobacco. Old Connerticut Old Slate Seed Wrappers, Tlu Finest Wrappers and Fillet-s. H. COLELL, -112 Water ....._ Xe.,.-TO$-WEisS, EI.f.ER & KAEPPLL, .HAVANA I.,BAP -TOBAOOO, 229 Pearl street, NEW YORK. READ 8c : SD<:CBSSOilS TO IsAAC RKAnt UOMMISSION MEROHA.NTS, Au Dealers ;, Virginia a111i Weslem LNJ and x-ufaduretl Li rice, G-, tie., lit 01 Up, ew 'S'ork. R. A.. 1\GIJA.. TOBACCO BROKER .Y ME CISTOM HOUSE AND INTERNAL REYENUE BROKER, -No. Sx BEAVER STREET, W'll attend to the H o u se W o r k o n Export cf Merch>naise in Aloo, to reco.ering Drwba c k on Expo r t s o( T>x Paid Merchandise. Having b ee n in 't ending to expom of merchanctioe(in bond an4 tax paid) uftder Internal Lfteua L:t,vs, t M a more tbart ten Jean, he h :lS acqui ed an experience whkh is tlt.e best tu-uant:ee for prornpt, and 'thorough attention to of Tobacco and Spirit. Uder the New Internal R evenu e Law. He thinks that he w ill attend t o the busineu so well In pte'f'ell ting de lay> anJ milh>po, tnlt the gocxlJ will commanJ the highest market pri<4, thereby more tJun 1\ViRg to the: Mlnuflc tJr.!r:.or D '!ller an n ecess a:-y U" AAvt ... p....,;:a cratla. And S011K AGENTS for tlie 'Sue Of fh folldWing Brands of M THOMAs OLrvu, and :0. C. MAYO & Co., Richrnond, Va. ; J .. ...... '-MANOF'ACTURED. M'AMJF'ACTUREO;-Beauties Buuties, Olive, 1lbs: Virginia's Own l'ock Thoma;;'s Choice""Pocket Pieces. RoseT 1 J. M'. a er' Extra :Bright Twist, r2 inch. La Favorita Rolls, 6 inch Chas. Hemy, Jr., 9 iuch, light preW!d. Ch Jr., incb, bard. .CIIa r. rzJn cll los Pur e Virginia, 12 inch lbs. eka, 1 2 inch lbs. Oliver's Choice, 12 in c h lbs Old Ken tuck, 1 2 inch Jbs. L P 0. BOX 3925 Kiug Jlee, u illcll lba. Pride of the Nation, r:z iDCh lbe. Re..,ard of Industry, 12 inch lbs. D. 0 MaJD'sN';aYJ, lb&., t U.., 108 Conestoya, ss. SMOKING Billy Boick I b..iee Virsj.DU. Belle Rosl Star Olie Graod Duc:betf Due PER&QU... All Styles of Manufactured and Smoldeg Tobacco put up under special brandS for the iole use of the owner. B. W. :&:NOBS, M.A.NUP.A.C'l'uRER. OF BOXES, AMD IMPORTS& Or GEWN CIGAR -MOULDS, .......,.II StraiJS ad euttm, 263 SOUTH STREET, N.Y., JULIAN ALLEif Seed-Leaf and 1lartaDa Leaf' Tobacco TOB.A.OOO No.6 Fletcher St., New York. In WATER STREIT, -. -...._-. ] SCHMl'IT, ll. ST)!:INECIC.Z TBE WS BILLS n.F EXCHANGE and is : ues LETTERS OF C KDlT a.vailable .t illl place:r abroad. Accou nts and Correspondence o[ Merchant Baab, BaDlllelll, g. Cashier. 1 WM. P. KI'rrREDGE & Co., TOBICGo COIIISSIOI IEBCJU.m,i Agents for the Popular Brands of Virginia To ba.cca. 71 &: 73 FRONT ST.; NEW --r FU S CBAS.E. SPIER & SOL_ mrs FOR UNITED STATES AND' CANADA89 i. or t 1 l WEIBLE & ROBINSON'S PATlilN'l' SMOOT_H CROS ClRCULAR. SA TINs .Stt'lll 'ltllt ny--4iRd Wcl'lf f.I.S ltllf)()tll as Plaad, li/f/l H'IIU Tt-tJU #arlicularly sejtt l f()r CIG.A.R-BOX XANUFAC1'U.RERS. Fllr Sow and Slwp .Rig41 r. 1 C. B. LICHTENBERC:, Mi(/1.1 qr at my 1J.i&e, e i C x89 PEARL ST..R.EltJ', NEW YORL 4 M. SALOMON E. ,.1.0110 .... M. a E. SALdlYIOl'l', PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS. O F Havana Tobacco and Cia-ar8, 85 MAIDIEN ANE, N. Y. e San nCIIa:va.aa LEAF TOB4'CCO, '1 1 l'm Water '1 I 'r .it .;J ., ,.... ,. uw '1011[., .100 ... F ATJtLUI ck 00., Cottoa anti 'l'obaeoe Paoto:rai, -ANI) COKKISSION WAft_.P ........... .....


, t StlllDtet, Slllltb B:.oa. KDeoht, "' e met.-m AU. ane, 41 Mwl .. .....,.-.,.... ., GIMI DeGlilr 4A Oft/--. J 185 RACE 8TREBT, PHILADELPHIA.. ,. MARKS, RALPH cl CO., -"l''BACCO, SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' ARTICLES, "RALPH'S SCOTCH SNUFF; 11 & Jbch st., Philadelphia. TEI,I,ER BROS., Packers, Commission Merchants, aDd WholeJale Dealers in 1111d Dom.estlc Leaf"To'ba.cco, North Third Street, Philadelphia. L. BAliBERGER & 00., DIULBllll I:R LEAF TOBA.CC07 And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, 1flo a lV. st., PhtladclphlllfPa WOODW AB.D, G A RB.E'IT & CO., (lucqessor s to Woodward, :B:o. a; eo..> ( e 1'0BACCO and General COIJmliiiOlll XERCHAimJ, 1 BB North Water St. and North. Dclaw-ar.> A. venue. Phlla.. SOLE EASTERN A GENTS FOR. j J!:.ll.oDro.k, Jr' Celebbled "MONITOR" Navy, l bo. and J d .; aioo hi Golden Bauer, IPlJIJ T-s> C.allaot d U ion jack N a .. i ea, lba. and 3ds. B. C. Cele.ratecl Beorietl'a" Navy l b$. a nd 3d1 AUanuc GoldeD N aYy, lbl. a n d 3d1. 1 &leo, h.i a Bright Pounds, Pine Appie Swwt CMea-disban d Pocket Pie ces. A llerrban y NIYy tL. Prid e of lhe Valley," Brt. s" a ...t "Golden ( ligh t pre Superior Raa,rh aad Ready T wiats, 6 a n d uin "Pride o f D utham. P.-...... ....-. lAiat'"' al.u Durham. :a oz. J .. oz., oz. OIL ) BATCHELOR BROTHERS, llauufacthrers of Oqars; WHOLIUALE DEPOT 330 North 8rd St., Br'aaolles a& UT Nonll Till..., !Pa IJeeolld ..... 8ft Cbee&-t 8&reet. PMILA'D'ELPHIA, PA. I W. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 116 SOUTH WATER.., STREET, PHILADELPHIA. W. EISEILOHII. S W. CURK. PHILBOIN. cl. BINA.LDO SANK & 00., illarco and Genaral Com. Merc:hant11 ,. ......... -.-. .. JIWI DOHAN & TAITT, 0 l9bacco Commission. MerchanU, 1 fl. PHILADELPHIA. 10'7 ARCH STREET, & 1. :BQei1 ,)odet ... L i. .. _... ........... ...IIIII*. ....... .. PHILADELPHIA Advertiseuumta. A. BOYD & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN IDACTlJBBII All LKAP TOBACCO, CI&ABS, &C., W.M ..... BOYD, l SOUTH ST BALTIMORE W.M. Jl.. BO'!_DJ .JR. 33 "' '1'11011. W. CIUJMBR.. B. WILKENS & CO., MoNUMENTAL CITY ToBAcco W ORK.s, No. 181 WIS'l' l'L\'1"1' l'l'UE'l', l!AL'l'IKOU, MAN\JFACTUJlEIUi OF ALL KINDS OJ! sOKIRG ARD CBIWIIG TOBACCOS. M. FALK, & CO Water Street, New York. Gi:O. KBRCKHOt'F. GEO. P. UNVXJI.ZAGT. GEO. KERCKBOFF & CO., l DEALERS IN COmCTICUT, 11.! VAlU ill YAH! LW TOBAcm, AND JWrolAC'rtJiEBS or cmABS. No. 49 8. CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE. W. J HAWKINS. C. M. HAWKINS ) IIA 'W'KINS a CO., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS 3 West Lombard Street, Baltimore ., CON$1GliMEITS SOLICllEJ] INIJ LIBERAL MADE'. F-oK Kuu G. GiF.'lXE ED. NIEllrANN. L::fT:bC::e:, G IESKE& NIEMANN AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, eg South Charles St., near Pratt BaltiUlorc Md. A' GUSTAV GUTH,. Of" CIQARS, 53. CERMAN STREET, lJALTIMORE, MD. C '7 I TOBACCO FACTORS .A1Id Oommi8sicm. Mtrclumts, 78 South St.,Baltimore, Md. a. ROSENFELD a. co., WHOLESALE DULERS Uf Smokiq, Chewiac, and G. B LICHTENBERG' S Detro i t "Mt1rnf"C GIIJry, and S pence Brothus, Cincinnati FiMCut, 53 DCHINGE PLACE, .BALTIMORE, 110. F. W. F.ELGNEB., J Sole llluafactrer aod Sue-to I \ F. 1-:f. BISCHOFF. DEUTSCHER RAUCHTABAK AXD 0THJm CJIOICll Bli.AXlle, 90 & 92 South Charles Street Baltimore F.ENCELBACH,ACENT, Al Si%th .ATenlll.lfew York. 1 B F. PARLETT & CO., 1 DULKM 01 -.... I t.IEAI' o\JID aiiOitlliQ TOBACCOS, Pip.-. eto. .I.UO OOJO!IBSI OII lll:BOB.UTB FO:a 8ALB O F I!.UU :. W. DRESE_ L & CO., 87 GAY STREET, I ,, TOBACCO COIIISSION DRCHAHS. G. H. A CO. DEALERS IN Seed Lea.f a.nd Ba. Va.Dar TOBACCOS. 92 Lombard and S Water St., N. W. Cmur .Ciuu/u 1111111 Prall St1., BLTD!II:OJU:, l'!UI. BAL TIMQRE. MD. -m.IUS VETTERLEIN &: 00., CSacceHOr to V.lilTrEBLEIN & 00.,) -K-:-.-E._M_c-DO_W_EL_L_&. -CO-., G.B. M. MARRIOTT W. '!l'OBACCO CUM-MISSION MERCHANT, TOBACCO OOIDUSSION MERCH.ANTS, .I>Im IMPORTE&S OF SP!IISB TOB!CCt, ol'l"o. Ill Arch St., Pb1ladelpb1a. DID. W .IDW ARDS 1: CO., Commission Merchants. in AND TOBACCO ANDTOBA.CCOli'A.CTO.R.. PRIDAL flllllllffti{UI UliBI'IIlJIRI 1 go LOMBARD STREET, IIIII bUBlllil JlliiWilliU il AND CICAR RIBBONS. tOoedoorweatofEzciaa D g e Place), 39 NORTH wATER ST. No. 25 German St., Baltimore, lid. BALTDIORE, e. ...,_, p OltDERS PROMPTLY FILLED Llbetal adYUc:ellleoto made oa c,Wpmnto te I. addr-. A..-m the ule of all k indo of Manufact u red aad Leaf Tol> ac coa BE.CK ._ HAYEN, 'W, K .AR .Kaa. H P'. CKAIIDLII.L r_. E. WA; .,&a. BARKER, CHANDLEE & CO. lmporten 11e1 Gellcnl c. ... .. lcrUull, M! N U FA 0 T U RER8 0 F CIGARS ..._ _..... D1 And Wholeaa.le Dealers in LEA!' TOBACCO, L. HERBERT, Dealer I n LED TOB4CCO, N9. 31 GERMAN STREET, Oppooite Hotel, BALTIMORE. No.60SOUTHG..4.YSTBEET LIAF TOBACCO ill/CIGARS, LEAF. TOBACCO o. 33 North W&ter St., Philadelphia. .......... ,OH-Jwto.,,....,. .... BaH, UL TIMOAE. liD .... .A.pat. in Peml&yl'Y&nla. aDd Delaware for the .... rll[ou!ds. IJ.l1dltmpl Tuckeuttar. r PHILADELPHIA. ec.m.vEll. .4 ......... IIOORL JOKl' IIOOU. Sf:HROEDER li ...... 8. & _J. MOORE, H. S CHMIDT, '\ ""-iooio a u d wtoi"lcealer. t TOBACCO LEAF T Q B A C C Q and RICAR[}S, LEFTWICH & CO., Leaf Tobacco Factors SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENT&. RICHA R D M ALLAY. JAKES 1J.ALLAY. Besuden & Bro., -R.MALLAY & BRO DEA.LERII i1l LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO, I t6 and I 17 West Front St., 161. 163, & 165 PearlStret, < Deiween Race and E lm, CINCINNATI. OINOINNATL 0. I ------I cHoicrsr FINE cur ,. L. CHEWING TOBACCO. \ _'7 ... I; -.. < .... -. S. LOWENTHAL a CO., MANUFACTURERS OF CIGAllliJ AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOl3A.CCO, JAw.. 1 Hartford Advert.Uemeat.. CASSitTS WELLES. L. B. BAA& C. WELLES A CO., :Da.u.u 111 CONN. S .EED LEAF 154 State Street, B. a z. IL denneeticut Seed-Leat .. 'I'OBAOOO, J6 Market Street, Harttbrd, CeDD. = --= Who_. WI!&TPHAL, COJOUSSIOll liERCHAJI'l' Aadl>eelerl.n COIIECTICIIT IEED LUI -zobacoo, State Bt Hartford, Conn. .L L. & F. Paclte n a n d Dcalen i n NO. 11. '2 WEST THIRD STREET. CINCINNATI, OHIO. OOBNECTICUT SEED .EAF 1'. No. 13. 4 MAIN STREETt Hartford, Conn. WOODWORTH & 8TRONC. Deal-In KIOIIII, FEISS & ._, S'l'B A.SSEB. & CO., (SUC>CeMOrs to LOUIS STRASSER, ) LEAF MANUFACTIIRERS OF CIGARS, AJriD DL\L.:U JN MA N U FACTURERS OF LI.U', l'LtrG, An SKOXING TOWCO, ,wr ft17 .a. smotcrs' Articles, andlmJ; Hanna Ci!ars GA. R S o. _, SOUTHWEST COil mJIAID WlUUT STS. HABTFOBD, (]7. CINCINNATI. OHIO. ....::__--------"---IionHI 0 (4 UBIIJJ 63 West 1 R. A. CHAPMAN, L EAF TOBACCO BROKERS, CIN CINNATI, OHIO. Conoectictrt Seed Leaf Tobacco. OIJIM, Jo"e. 4 COLLJ!:Q. 11 UIL:IHirO, Cleclrutl, Obit. HENRY I:OMMISSION MEWCHANT, WElL, E'Alm' &. CO., ADd ll'holeoa ... DcnJcr i:1 .Aiocl Wbolesale Dealert in OHIO & CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBAOOO. LEAF TOBACCO, 134 Bt., Q. 48 "Front St.. Cinctuuatt,' 0. EAST HARTFORD; CONNECTICUT. Fine Connecticut Seed-Lear c cot ----.... _,.,_.. 'V WEISE H. SMITH & 00.1 A. J. W. CARR_OLL,; C PACKER QF SliD LEAF, Sole lJanc:fucturer o f t h e )'"mP\1. nnrl Wndr UIRIDlRSinn and Jabbers AND WHOLESALE DIALIR IN Havana Tobacco, 193 EastLAKE ST. CHJCACO. L W. VENABLE. renov :ned B r ands o f Vir ginia. S mo k i1.1g LOll JACK and BROWN DICK, lllaa anucorr, 1 lath lhre.>t. LYNCHBURG Y.A. --., aolk:lte:l an d promptly attended ta R. P. HAMIL TON S. W. VENABLE & CO., D eALERS IN LEAF ANIJ .MANUFACTURERS PLUG T _OBACCO, PETERSBURG. Y .A. --0 Jab an a anb J taf MILL STBJD:T, lloclaester, ar. Y. r CONIII&CTICUT LEAF TOBACCO : .o. 20 Hampd e n Street, SPBIN'Gr!ELD. KA1S.. Louisville Advertisemente. G. W. WI C K S & C 0., Manufactarera' A gente for the Bale o f Vk'&:lnla, Mluourr, and K e n tucky Alto DCAlero l.n LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, 102 MAI N STBEEI, (Bel ween 8d and 4th,) GEo W \ Vxcxs. l N FuiUI:r 5 Louisvill e Ky P. F. SEKONIN & M; LW TOBACCO BBDDI lllound Tobacco Worb C.& R. OORMITZER & CO., Main St., D 0 A T J. I l'f wpo1.1111.u. s DE.U.EM nr Tob \ eco & Cigars, L C?UISVILLE, KY. Fine-Out, Chewing & smoki n g &_ !tew itaa Five Brothers Tobac(;O Works and All of Smokon' Tobaceo Killickinick -Artict()jl JOHN FINZER, B E N nNzE:R, FRED. FIM z u f f UINiy RUDOLPH FlNZ E R NICHOLAS t'INZER. -... 7et w..-...,..... 23 .Ma;r:rat l:n:rec.t, bet 2d a.nd 3d S t JOHN FINZER & BRoS., ft LOVU, 'ST. LO"IS, MO. MANUFACTURE RS OF .. S,'J EXCHANG E PLAOE, lrrt )fOB. Tli \VA TEll S'IltEET, PHILADELPHIA. COIIISSION IERCHAm, WAIUIB017111J. r 1obacco and NO. 8l!Exc hangel1ac e Baltimore. WAI' L &.. MASON, FLACC lc BEEMAN, l'{o. Ml Seoond Stre64 ,X..TX:a.%0 IJ 11 W HOJ.,ESAE D E ALERS IIi PHILA'lELPHIA P. A. ALBEC,T L. 8""-"D .-commlasion Merchants PlUi, & Smoki.n[ TObaCCIJS. "FIVE BROTHERS NAVY," "VIRGiliA PIN APPLE," A ND" PftR-CAIE" TD11ACCOS. 13 & 15 THIRD ST,, Loui;oriDe, K7. Boston .A.dvertiaemente. AKATBAR 1: CO., LEWIS BREMER's. SONS, LOUIS GIESKE & ........ o LorEAF TDIc. AXD IN. Wholesale Dealen i n U W h olC!!ale Deloroln COMMISSION MERC TS,;; 1111 C J: G .A. R S ,.. __ ... obacco LE ... .. AD F ANDDEALEitsiN BAVA ... TA No.aao:zs-orthSeoonda-t.. !I McEL:!OY BRO'l'HERs, ... & "' .a. 8 is x, xs5 Michigan Ave Chicago. AND MANUFAcTUREDToaAcco,LEAF TOBACCO, "'"' t.Lou. o. Tobacco Commisxion-MerchaltJ Seu;ars, No. 822 North 7 11.trd Street, 42 South Charles Street, r-==================::;:===: ._, lfOB.TH TRmD 8T., cr _.. BALTIMORE, MO. 62 South Oalvert st Baltimore. Md. A N D SOLI!: ACENT'i F OB. COilf!llanU y o n. b a ud. PHILADELPHIA, PA. ..... """"""---:------..&.. H. THEOBALD 'Xh.OB hare & eo., IU.JIIIJ.TU-0. AU. Ena ,. t f WHOLI:SA L .DE.-.LEII.S JK SEG.A.Ec.S. Leaf Tobacco, And M anufutu rera of / .P.uns:a: no.lolli8'J:Ic Cio-ars, Jw Bh1:Wi11( fDIIacce, SDDI, 503 Korth ';"eond Street .lle-jrschaum and Brier Pipet PHIL AD_PHIA. ..... ..... Tlliilldl p.,w: l'lllla48lpbJa; '!" .. H-.... .-..... -:u-.... --..... -.... ... """.. TOLEDO TOBACGO WORIS N aa"Kturers aad Deale rs in .. .EED LEA. F TOBACCO. IITKilR, '"HAI;8'fEAD & co.:-I '11 ti. DICKD880N, I Jf(PlfCTOR,JOB TD frF PHILADELPHI4 t OP 011 "" HIGHLANDER TOBACCO W tlRKS, WIGHT & STEVENS, CoJDmissioD. lYierchants, Jobb.era of SPANISH A.ftd Pac7t:ers of' Domesttc Leaf' Tobaccc. 18,. JBichigaa .&.veaue, Chicago. BUCHIIAI & LYALL'S TOBACCOS. 24 BROAD STREET, BOSTON, MASS C. O. HOLYOKE, COXKISSlON DECHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED / TOBACCO, 12 Central. Wharf, Boston. Ferdinand Westhoff; Jr., AGENT AND ... .:l.l!.Uo 1 Forwarding lrtercha.nt, BREMEN, GER M ANY. M. H. CLARK & BRO.,


TOBACCO LEA. .I' 'f LODIIYILLE LUF T81ACII Alii CI ... IIIIOJI MEICIIAIITI. Elii'GLJSH GIRLS AND THE upon the circumstances rather than upon the kind of. How THII.Y Do rr AWOIIIG THS "Tu. Hans.''" A 'rlmO.ORl'l ecHWARTZ a: oo ..... .. Catttasud llilnafaetarlllcLoaf. 1.ums CLABX .......................... Ca\tJDau411anDfaeturillcLeat. WOB.E li'E BY TIIZII. !abor. We have &lieaclf how tfle ilftreduetion Leaksville, North l:On'espowdeat"Of tbe .0.., WIL o. a: co ......... .... :r..arTobaoco Comm-ll..u.ato. WOLI'OLit A OLII:Nif ................... c.tttDI u4 Waufaotllrias Loat. of the girls compelled an 1 mprovement 1'n the p e ;..,.,._ "II ,.. "Y d Jd 1 b h LOVlS FRANCKE .............. ,. Le&rTobaooo. c->mioaioRil.orehaat. w. 1 oturr a: oo ..................... Ka..,!aatw111Le&r u til t d t '7'< d -r m__, VI e '"'er says: ester ay an o gent eman y t e RAOO u Yll(LKY,. BARBIJUK ................ Leal n a recen a e, says ""e a Lon on sociean_ d that has been rollowed up by ee ry reasonable de-f M" h 11 fi 1 r f. Y l urna [De manu 1 acture o Cigars came under the v1ce for the comrort and advantage of the '-orkers. t ull I D S head f t I d 11 m o town, p mg a oad of 77 pound! of dark leaf, ill S U T R 0 & N E W MARK ICitKNS Al'rD TRK wo. 0 a mys ery. t was carne on with secret preM11ch expense ha been 1"ncurred to secure equable II h b L 1 th t b b th J d Ge til a sma wagon, sue as akers use to carry bread in. ItiNG ADIKS.n e &eccau Ion Y o !!WI an n es,wltha VIew of making temperature Despite the lack of warehouse space, two This looks like energy. To walk :zs miles on a raw l ond volumeofForster'sLife all the profit possible out of the traditionary liking for .upper rooms are fitted cooking, dil!ing, and teas, day and pull a cart loaded with tobacco deserves re-llc"e.-c:rAt ruRrns oF of Charles Dickens is a forngnmade articles." This liking was and is gratified thus saving t!;leneceiisity for going away for refreshd A d f h I ld h h "d C :J: G I.,.&. :EC, s letter from Dickens descri by putting up the cigars in boxes which are stamped ts 11 h d d war n rom w at cou gat er t f!:'/ pa1 hida b h t h t 1 and labelled in doubtful Spa, nish with names men }n a e_rs, '!on every ay a whole well for it." I mg IS expenence a a o e some meal. 1 he .food and tea, are provil;led afthe dis-DL'ALEB!i IY in Geneva : "And now sir, In order to make this deception more complete, it has ,of each indiyidual, .but firinv, cooking, and />. P&RSE.VI!.RlNG ToBAcco M.ANurAcrullm.-Ia T 0 JEJ C Q I:. will d1escribe modestly; been customary to send English-made cigars to Cuba ser.vmg ar.e at the expense of the a lib eral ity from April! I, a large of tobacc<> belonging to C. tamely, hterally, the visit to and to re-ship them thence back so that smokers which tl}ey reap great advantages. In all respects the H. Lilhenthal; of thts c1ty, and appraised at f105,000 I l LEA.F I 31 WATER STREET, NEW YOR-K. the s.mal_l =1elect circle which with plenty of money might be fooled to the lop of their fittings of the work-rooms are of a very superior order. was seized by the United States Internal Revenue offiiiiiiiiiiit I promtsed should make bent by qeing charged the expens'! of a voyage out Th I h f c.e. rs, the pt:oprietor, it was alleoed, having reported fie. Y-our hair stand on en11. 1:1 home. and profits ther-:on. This is, for the most part, e egu ar ours are rom e1ght in tlie mornmg until ., six in the evening 1 "th h d t f t" t tlt10us sales and made false returns. A trial took place Our hotel-ere Lady A. and the difference between a ftourpenny and s 1 x penny c 1 gar, w an our an a quar er 0 b r J ti d d t d fi d 0 s d k e1ore udge Blatchford, in the United States District Lady B. mother and daugh-th_ ough the.last and ripest d evice of the trade is to charge me e uc e or mner. n atur ays wor ceases c f DEFIANCE OllAR MANUFACTORY D. BDl8CB ., ..,.,_,. ... 1741 ........ WBW IOaJL a.Pr j11111anGtllM ...... OIJI!rl1illll .. l ...... Blll'lA:RCI. liT. IIII:FHIBIV, PALITAFI', lUPITII:R I'll& VNIVKRSAL 11'1'...._ IU 01181.. LEGAL TM!Dlm, LOll& 11'AR. QAIIK IIOOSTD. 1 WI PEUCU, fOW&R OJ' I' ASJUC??!.o liiG TJmiO, uvLDN :SAGL& .lLb:t DEALERS IN LEAF TOBAOOQ. flit HAIAIIA WRIPP$ I SPEC!Iln. A. LICBTENS'l'EIN & BR.OTHER, IANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGAR .. UCHT&WIT&UI'. ....... %.. o:r NORTH CAROLIIIA. I s l > I ::0 ; IIA"UFACTUREO SELECT I Pnre N ortb Carolim.Leaf1 BY ... I MARBURG BROTI-iERS, .._ ------BRANDS Virginia. Shower, Hard to Beat Greenback, Contentment, Dare, Essence of Oid Va. Apple of My Eye, Red Riding Hood. PRENTICE'S CIGAR :M:OULDS. f{ !l c ar ., .. c ... :/ as A. ({EORGE J. PRENTICE, General Agent; 19'1 PEARL STcor. Jnaiden Lane. NEW VORIL at two o'clock d th 1 h J "fi d ourt, a ter seven weeks' litigation verdict was ter, who came to the PesS!Xpenc_e w1th. out undertak_10g he voyage, to the 1 an e genera ours are qua 1 e m 1 h G Cases of rna r1"ed h 11 d d gtven or t e o v ernment, and the tobacco condemned. chiere shortly before we lefJ fest satisfaction of all parties. The nature of this nefa. w '\are a owe a WI e margm _, h h d d 1 b h 1 d fi ld fi of d1scr'ellon 10 the t i m e they elect to work. The ceaseDefendants moveecause quiet little places could best r d b Woodruff, of the Circuit Court, on appeal, and last inimitable B. keep their doings secret, secondly, it has monopolized in tvene. Y _J;mgmg, In which the whole body of soo or more m the Jar aest ro t 'th 1 week he rendered a decision affirming the 1'udgment of They are both very clever the hands of men a great deal ot work better adapted ,,. om Imes )OlD WI nove C Lady B, extremely well-infor women, the rea.iQA bei.Qg that th_e proverbial candor effect. Story-telling also much prevails the ourt below, with .... ,...__ formed in languages, -living of a woman's tongue is supposed to be fatal to the se cirCles narrtw enough for entertainer to be A WmtD ABOUT the act of June and dead boo,_s and goa cresy needed. As in other ca..__ so in thi's, wherever hearii. :I:hese h nmdes' of relieving tpe tedium of their 8 11 t '"' ---. k ii t.. .1 d I 72, a stamp axes on mstruments m writing are re sip; very pretty; with two there is more than ordinary nonsense in the mode of l!fe r e ; e2 an It IS that they-do not pealed from October 1, 1872, except the two cent very littlechildren and not co.nducting anv business, the emplnvment of wome n mihtate agamst either Its quantity Of quality; but that t h ks 1 d d fi rth th D. d Lad 11 ft t k "that __ ... this statement must not be a-ccepted with too much confi s amp on c ec t Is provl e u er, at In the yet ve an twenty. y -WI o en a e nonsense out.o &t,..... dence, nor taken as th. e foundation of a similar latitude meantime the bolder of any instrument of Wl"itingoC A plump, fresh and rosy done with regard to cigars. whatever kind and descn t h' h h be de tr 1 b fuJI f -in other At tbe same time it is only fair to add P Ion, "" Ic as en ma or ma on y, 1 ut o .. needed reform refer to commenced by the that thoagk thetl} ae pieee-han"s and the issued wi,tb,out duly stamped, may make applic&. and good ooks Nothing JrullatiOD of women and gtrls. This seems to have orig -latter pursue their avocations with as much assiduitJ tion to any collector of Iaterual Revenue, who shall would _serve. them but we inated at the great tobacco manufactory of Messrs. and advantage to their employers as the former. thereh by bhol1der upo ... "'ust w&th and Cope Brothen, Lord Nelsoll Street, Linrpool, a very : IllS rume._ o wn ng as ts 'I aw, suo.-. accordma:Iy, on Fnday l!,stablishment, near the Lime-Street Railway One of the Objects the firm ln 'Yie1r from Ject tb the proVisions of section 158 of the Internal stx, we went down to the1r StatiOn of that to-. Like many other changes in the first h:as beeu a thorougb classdioatiO';' of their hlllids. Kevenlle laW.. It is important that collectors shCMild room I knew to be progresaof.maaufacture, it liAS suJieS&ed b'J a strike. Fore,,ght been .devoted atttiNion of the holders of such instrumentsla rather odd. For 1nstaace, I :nae cause of the strike ma'/ be sufFered to pass aec:eu'lllld eut for the 1r01aen and prla l.l distinct from-theu respeclive clistric:ts to this matter, tJaat lbeJ ..., have known Lady A. full 1nto obliYion, for we are most conce1 ned with its consethat for. the mea aad boys. Not only have sepa avail tllemselns of this opportaity to render U.OIIIl dressed, walk alone throuch Of 0011rse, ia the introJuc:tion of cirls aDd rate sbmcasea and doors, but they opea apoa 4ift'ereot legal and valid. tiM o Genoa,. tbc womea there, u ebewhcre, aU kinds of mo ral and me streets. If this last peculiarity was accideatal it would squalid Italiaa stJ:eets, diSculties bad. be surmounted, but the -greatnot remark, bu. t u creat pain have been taken SDIOVI Fma AT Lollis. -On the a 6th inst. at St. to the GoYerner s so1ree; est di8iculty wu a sarutary one-the girls could not to It so, there -f!. laa9e beea an-utre.e Louis, Mo., at & r. 11. Legceu A: DallSaan's to_. ancl annoUQCe herself at the bear the of tobacco when accumula,ed in such Not onlr m relpect,_ pune_ .r factory,' No. and 19 Second ;.Street, oppoeite palace of state, by ltnockinc large quantt.ties. They suffered from sicltaU. and other the. Qf the same 1dea prevails. a Hotel, was diSCovered to be on fire. The at the tloor. I have also inter:fereaces with health, which compelled frequellt inter-It IS something to or t':le bllildmc aad stcK:k wen; dae met" Lad'J B. full 4reuecl 't!lptions rously set about tO providethis clear _the firm have acted the most of the bulldiDg on the nortla, occupaed by ]. C Tiemeyer, sat e11throned her mamma. _A.Iter!'boos premiSeS were made, efficient 'Ven-' and those convictions demand Leggett .t Dausman. The follow Coeqllently I was not ttlauon was and the difticultx was respec.t, exercised under the deep responsibtlity !ng hstof.the msurance: Leggett & Dausman: buiW surprised at such little completely got nd of And bas never aga1n returned. of we think that perfect mg-St. Mutual, l4,ooo; Jefferson Mutual aact srarkles in the converdifficulty, howeer, was a lack oflntelligence separation IS altogether a mistaken notion Separate C1ty, #z,ooo each; Stock-Nartla sation (from the young lady) Some stupid people wou!J have ascribed that to sex. arrangemeats should be1 and must of course; Bnt1sh Jro,ooo; Amen.c&D, ls,ooo; Pheoix, Is, as' Oh God, what a sermon Messrs. Cope soon discbvered tliat it was ,..traceable the tc;>tal echpse of each to the other is injudicious. fs,D?O; Ifnion,; Fraq,1t we had last Sunday?' Arid lack of education Among the girls wh; were at first It IS a rehc of the dark ages, out of which we are emerglm of Philadelph1a, J:,soo; Cau.o s of New York, Ia,. did you ever read such inwilling 00 undertake such work, seven out of every ten !ng. Very likely it is true that where a few girls are soo; of !'lew Yor:Jc. femaltrash a.; Mrs. Gore's?' were unable to read or write. It may be asked what mtroduced a large preponderance of men or Ss,ooo, Amencan. Central, fs,ooo, Mutu11l of St.-bruis. "!'-"" -and the like Still, but and writing to do with cigar-making? Sim t.he effect 1s liKely to be bad; but where. girla.are Mou?d.City, Js,ooo; total, .. Damage to for Kate and Gregory (who 1 tar questions have been asked before but never 50 sat-equalm number, or largely preponderate, 1 t 1s prectseadJommg butldmg on the occu pt$d JOintly by Legwere decidedly in the way, answered. It was quickly ascertained that 1:( re:verse. It is s_o every in stance where no dis get & Dausman and J. $7,coo; insurance as we agreed afterward), I tho'ie who were to some extent educated were the best IS and It 1s one of strongyst and most the sa!"e as on the corner IDuildmg. Insur.ance on Tie. should have thought it all adap \ed for the duties required, mechanical as those ev1d. ences of good c;>f '!omen. s Sun, J3,soo; Guard, very funny; and as it' was, duties were, because they possessed more judgment and ltnes demarkatl?a are futile and mischievous. of St. Louts, Js,o.oo; fio,ooo; _North I threw the ball back again, intelligent discrimination. Improvement was at first I he tendency IS toward schools, mixed factories, St. Louis, Ct!Y Jsoo. Washmgt oll was mighty free and easy, sought in the establishment of a night school; but the !'"d some would have mued ,. The factory Mutual, ts,?oo;, Commerctal Unton, Js,ooo; American, made some rather broad exigencies of domestic lite and remote residences renIS the_ last where should be enforced. Pennsylvama, German, $s, oco; jokes, and was highly apdered that experiment a faUure. Subsequent experience In as m other cases, 1s a marked $2,500; F,eedmen a New Ybrk, St. Louts M utual1 plauded 'You smoke; has led to the necessary regulation that no girl is adesjnu de orjs among the girls, and wher;e their Js,ooo. There are other. smaller makmg a dont you?' said the young mitted who can not read and write; and the regulation, ence 1s mtroduced among men, the men will in varia total of $6,soo. loss on the owned by Leg-lady, in a pause of this kind systematicall y adhered to, has very much improved the bly be elevated to the moral standard of the women, gett & Dausman, Is $2o,ooo. The machmery $4o,-of conversation. Yes', I character and average ability of the workers. not the women to that of the men. As the ooo. The loss on stock amounts to $so,ooo. said, I 'generally take a ci-The first proces" 1 k h d manners of the drawmg-room are superior to those of had stock valued at $75,ooo; These losses are mclus1ve ft d h I n rna 10g cigars 1s t e ampth d 'II h f h d C: f b gar a er Inner w en am ing of what is called unstemmed tobacco. The ualit e Ivan, so w1 t ose o t e actory to that o msurances giVen a ove alone.' I'll give you a and of the tobacco are very various. where the excluswn of worn gtves play to the coarse ---good 'un, said she, 'when are vanetLes from the East Indies, the West Indies, the of th!! coarsest are. an Fooo ADULTI!.It.IATIONS .INC EII'GLAND=WHAT IS DQNII we up stairs.' Well, Southern States of America C b M .11 T k btuM and a nuisance to their fellows. Bestdes, 1 f the WITH CornE.n treatmg this subject, a writer in. < sir, in due course we went Paraguay Java Algeria Hu u a, Gam Aur intr0duction of women means the rigid exclusion of Once a Week remarks: "Let us take one article of llniup Stal .rs and there we were ngary, reece, ustna, men (as the separate s t I. ) th versa! consumption-coffee-and trace sometht"ng of I'ts Holland, and finally Germany. The German is the least ys em 1mp tes ere every joined by an American lady in repute its utmost price being on! Sd d JUStification for the men to combme agamst the 10novasecret history. A curious feature connected with the-1 residing in the same hotel, while Havana brands of Cuba ana the. as they h:;!.Ve done. L<;. probably this which of the Exchequer's redu .ction of the duty on 'I who looked like what eties are worth 91. To this is added 21 3d. per pound mduced the _Umo!' tomake the exclusion coffee IS he has at the same time lowered equiva-we call in Old Eng of women a c a1dinal potnLin the lently that upon chicory, the necessary concomitant as charged upon it as import duty The damp1"ng ren,u1" res r prog.ramme land' a reg 'lar Bunter' fluffy -.. w h d it has somehow to be c.onsidered, the fragrant r ( d) .d care and l)oUo do too much and yet to sett regar to earmng5 (the test, after all, berry Now t.he retgn or chickory was maugurate' 10 Iace rouge ; cons! eracure the reqmstte dampness to prevent its breakage from o_f these _movements), the youngest girls,_ as appren-u ble development of figure; b 1 M h t be as lo k b t th d the year 184o, 10 a celebrated Treasury minute issued one groggy eye ; blue satin ntt eness .ore I -an 10c girls and women are engaged Ices, gm w as _per w ee u eir a vance IS by the sanction of the then Ghancellor of tbe Exche dress, made with low short In the and 8o of are constantly usually so rapid that It IS common for them to get 7S. quer, Sir Charles Wood. The effect of this minute was G. S. W .ATTS & 00., MANUFACTURER OF sleeves, and shoes of the employed m stnppmg the leaves from stems These per week a t the end of only one year, and many of the grocers began to mix chicor w i th coffee in ve TOBACCO. lD8 #Wiars, same. Also a daughter, leaves are then sorted, the perfect Imperfect being guls from Ios. tc1 Iu. per week. When large quantities quite forgetting let the br kn ry "" D l'k fl ff kept[separate. They are then pas sed to the manipulating they become JOurneywomen they can earn from ISS to the nature of the mixture and charging ptu ow C 0 I VJ S d I OJ. V E R C TI l\TIIIO'' room, which is so large that from 400 to soo girls and 2 ss. 6d_. per the latter is the result of time the full price of coffee The h:s i m a) m lliU1 10. 125 MAIDEN LANE, women there work together having an average space of exceptwnal skill and mdustry; 201. b emg about the ave 1 1 t ld 1 h Th 1 b fl likewise low, with short b' r Th" h' h {i k d we o e sew ere. e ev1 ecame $0 agrant that 81 Exchange CIAL ..,.., .-... NEW YORK sleaves, and. shoes of the cu tc ,_eet for-every person. J.ach worker is supplied rage. IS Is lg pay or wom.en s wor an _,t apupon the installation of the Derby Admini s tration' Mr. BALTIMORE, MD. .........,,...,.,, w1th sufficient tobacco to make 100 cigars Practised pears that men, engaged on prec1sely the same kmd of D" 1 d t d th 1 d 1 same ; with one eye not ac. 1 k k c highe b th c: tsrae 1 pr.Oll!Ise o rescm Is 1cense to a u terale -"';iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiijiiiijiiiijiiiijiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'l 11 b mampu ators now precisely how much impe rfect leaf wor an earn no r average ; ut ere IS an un.abut before the-promise was redeeme d the Ad : tua y groggy, ut gomg to takt; for pa.ddingB; an? it is converted into a cigar vorable side to refer to. G.irls and women are quite as was rescinded itself. Mr. Gladstone l['VD 'BS & spmaa be. American lady married With a celenty which seems m_cre?ible to the l;lninitiated and respects .50; ance of office-loth, it appe ars, to in. u:e chicThe Jump taken for the paddmg IS rolled swiftly to and but m thts, as mall other connections, they Tepl;lted ory interest-modified the original b t 11 d IIJn l'acta.J.:f PlDa fro upon a board, and. the shape, tato less and the consequence IS that the, the to continue, provided theu e 0 -....---, pered at b?th u\ n mitant; 1t then dressed at highest and character of work was lab_eled. 'Mixture of chicory and coffee.' p It .!. n .a 'I IR 'B.a brought out a cigar box, and each end a knife, neatly covered with a perfect leaf, still by men .. This does not appea,: to be ow10g speedily found, however, that this announcement be. _., M .... "V'V and a few mmute touches of gum complete the 'proces s to capact ty, how e ver but to came confounded with other printi on the label :NEW YOBX. N? doubt there are few arts.simpler t.han.that of cigar over lfr IS almost hopeless to cont.rol. that it was not easily and in conse. r-m s.-. would quell an elephant in mak mg as by these gtrls, but time IS requisite to guls usually marry soon after_ their apprenticequence it was provided that the words, 'This is sold as six whiffs. The box was proficiency, for as well as for ship IS and of them at the trade ; a mixture af chicory an'd coffee,' s hould be Tinted 'a hab!t of mdustry and pertinacity but the effect of marnage upon them IS tbe reverse of themselves on one side of the canister.' lt rna full of cigarettes-good IS essenttal. Netther Idler nor the sloven has any that upon woman henceforth devotes her asked what is the nature of this in edient tha? the large ones, made of pretty chance, and t he constitutional dullard not to family and affairs, to the deright to mix it with coffee be tfaiO:tain;d b sue strong tobacco; 1 always try; for. the cigars are all made, each of Its kmd, of an of her factory work the man, on concessive Chancellors ,of the Exchequer, durin a yeriod smoke them here, and used exact size, to a guage, and they must be made so trary, Is. mduced, a!ld almost. compelled, by to of s o many years, jealously as thou h it :er: some to smoke them at Genoa, truly a_nd ev.enly that. If the pound of tobacco given out for apply to his :Wtth renewed and mcreasmg important part of our constitution ? to sa the and 1 knew well. roo c1gars 1s to one less or .the whole are energy It ts not su.rpnsmg, that men sur best of it, is an insipid root, t()otally destftute 0 [ an When I lighted my cigar recttficallon before the blundenng manipulawomen ,10 the best work; women wh? nourishing or refreshing quality, being utter! deficie!t Lady B. lighted hers at tor IS c:nt1tled to aaother roo. All these circlatm equality must look to the ev1in any principle, while there ire stron together wtth the busy and wholesome ex:IS all agamst at present, though It IS author-doubts whether it is I)Ot absolutely hurtful to the nef. LIQUORICE PASTE. THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK PaR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOL lowiac well-Down b r a'Ddl of Liqaort ce-, df'SirH to ceatioD Tobaoco Manufactarera qaiDal ueiilg any of ttLe numeroa llracde to"" orilfiDal aBel. palliDe llraDdo of lmportecl. Llq110rice but which adulterated compountlo oflalo ID -coualr7, Ulc1. ID ICIIDA --oonlalnlnf-thiJI Afl)l per cent of Ltqnorin. To ID111Uo mmuf--. ... a.aalae ZA K&Co FLB JlR Jill' AOC VB FOO GZ 0 ( of numbers, an admirable spirit of ItatiVely stated .that if women not absorbed so vous system. Professor : Beer, the eminent oculist of emtlat wn The o<:cupallon, as, thus carried on, proby the claims of there Is n_o reason to S)IP Vienna, declared it to be the cause of amaurotic blind Ulllle4S-IIJ mote s of diSCiphne and exactitude, to pose that they .wo.uld equal m the very htghn ess. But there are w o rse adulte rations of coffee than JAMES C. McANDREW, I 24 Front St. N Y. with her pretty face cocked of dress a?d personal neatn ess very work, IS even satd '!'at few who even chicory; which is, as we have seen, almost le 1-.u 1 .,.....,tee an llquorloe -tout, lmperreetqaallt7111ll be reeehecl. baelt and allowed for. up sideways and her cigar1fy10g to wttne ss, as testified of by numerous visitors, are growmg grey 10 Messrs. Copes service art en' 1 zed. What will paterfamilias-taki"ng, 1"f not perhgaa ..,.rrJDtotbeallooe..t-entwebaveappo!nledJfr .lAHESC.JfcANDREWofNewYorkouresclu ette smoking away like a h f h d th b t I f kk P live AgmflD the Unlt.d st,..., tbo eole or at! tba brancl.ll of Liquorice heretofore manuracturl by us. Manchester cotton mill, for t e o t e are naturally gage upon e es wor nown. enjoying, his matutinal cup of Mocha-say to a list of """ ... ROBERT ltU.fl ANDREW & co .. LnJHlon. F.ncland. and talked, and proud of It, hke to show 1t to thetr fnends 1 One of the ,most grau[ymg to be observe? m substitutes for the genuine artjcle, which includes L I C 0 B. I C E P A S T E .& N D B. 0 0 T smoked, in the most gentleAfter. the ctgars thus completed they are ta. ken o Me_ss rs. C?pe s factory Is he : abohhon of roas te d wheat ground acoms, roasted carrots, scorched a. manly manner I ever beheld the sortmg and bundling department. The sort is neeThis, practice IS c;ommonly to where cigars a _re beans, roasted parsnips, lupin seeds. THE UNDERSIGNED OFFERS TO THE TRADE Lady A. immediately light t d essary, !he colc;>r ofthe of the_ s a m e stalk made, but the of guls compelled Its dogs' biscuits, bur_nt red earth, roasted Jiorse-: LICOlUCll iOO'l', AND 'l'lDI :roLLOWING JnLAl1DS. or LICOlUCI PAm : hers, and in five m in utes of tobacco v anes mdefimtely, and cag:us ofvanous shades For obviQ\IS It must be a more chestnu ts, mahogany dust, and I st but not least, baked zz J. V. A B A Z O G L U A.OO the room was a <;loud of of color do not look well together. That is all. The trymg Wl_Lh them, and! pracucal!y, they refused horses' and bullocks' livers? This last statement rests smoke, with us four pullnotien encouraged in rr.ost cigar-shops that the dark to submtt to It. me a ns are. otherwise upon the authority of Mr. Simmo11ds, who wrote a bQOk A.. SEFXB.IARDI. APOLLO. ing 1\Way bravely, while ones are full flavored," and the pales ones mild," is to prevent p1lfermg, apd the searchmg process entitled Coffee as it Is, and asit Ought to Be.'' ; He Dtucr llll'OilTATioNs noM Tu1lJUtY AND SPAm, QUALITY GUA&ANTJI&D, AND Po1l SAL& BY American lad related stoa harmless superstition; for, as regards fullness and mildIS no mor-e k!'own. In other respects, also, women de-says: "In various parts of the metropolis but more .... J. SCHNITZER, 33 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON, MASS. ; or 0 ries of her /Hookah, up ness, there is no difference. Notwithstanding, as uni-wtll have, treatment than They especially in the East, a!e to .be found bakers.' W. & A LEAMAN, No. 67 BROAD-STREET, NEW YORK stairs, and described differform1ty of color in is most pleasing to the eye, ms1st upon a. certam degree of from These men take the lj,vers of oxen ana horses, bake E C A B. p L E S' AMES 1.1. WISE,.ent kinds of pipes. But the eyes ?f those which are good at color are which, of cours_e, would n?t suit them and grind them i nto a powder, '!hich they will sell even this was not all, for I.nto requisition for this delicate and comfashioned notions, merely regardmglabor as to the low-priced coffee shop keepers at from !ourpeace AVA v O (.Fi:Jrmj;)/ B iANilOTB:(;OCK. presently two Frenahmen p_art of the busines.s. Bundling is to be sold. sixpenc.e per yound-horses' liver coffee being tlie .1111.101 AM came in, with whom, and simply tymg ye .llo.w nbbon round the cagars by fifties, .In Cope, and adIt may be kno.wn by coffee 1 LEAF :t'OBACCOS, the American lady, Lady two bundles be10g the usual fRshion of each box. miration for their hberalit) and enterpnse (unparal to stand un til cold, when a thtck or skm will be !alpner of m :0 0 M M 1 S 0 N MERCHANT B. sat down to whist. The As the establishment is and comleled, we believe, in their trade), we wish to emphasize found upon the top. It goes further than coffee, and is .. _., Frenchman smoked, of plete, these boxes are made on the premises to the best one of the most observations they have generally mixed with chicory and other vegetable imitaKO. 1 '73 W ATEB. STREET FOR THE PURCHASE OF co\lrse (they were really that portion of the work, as well as most of made.. We recently ga'!e some f!f publ i c tions of coffee. In this delicious we see, not NEW YORK. :C.E:AP '.Z'OB.4 aao. modest gentlemell and that required {or the manufacture of endless of nursenes, and the nec .esslt y for extension Is clearly even an apology for _the smalle st quantity of pure cof-B. NATHAN. J. NISSEN. seemed dismayed), and tobacco and snuff, being performed by men and boys shown by the expeneoce of thts factory. They say, fee. It may be rephed that the consumer has the rem-3 lf'I&Smf dk CO Lady B. playe4 for the next hour or two 'llith a cigar continually but 1he females outnumber the males in the "It is most distressing to see the .number of little things edy in his own hands, by buying the coffee in the berry, ., n her mouth-never out of it. She certainly smoked six or eight. of more than two to one, the entire complement of work who ha'!e deformed in their by em. and grinding it Vain .delusion. Let 1t 1]e Wholaale Dealera m Lady A. gave in soon-I think she only did it out of vanity. A merpeople averaging about a thousand. "' ployed m nursmg. They can be ptcked out all a moknown t.hat an extenstve trade extsts for manufacturing B& VARA AID DO.ISTI n lady had been smoking,;ll the morning I took no more ; and All this has not been done by merely 1 t men&-one shoulder lower than the other, the neck coffee in the berry form-the berries, like sweetmeat Leaf Toballllft and dy B and the Frenchman "had it all to themselves. H ploy girls. The resolve has been follow::so v:,ng 0 emawry, the shuffling, wa.bbling gait.'' This should be a lo:r.enges, being cast in moulds. And tllis is an account a ll.ll sive arrangements which have elevated _in favor of public nuraeries as well as of the aduJteration to which one article is subjected. No. 155 WATER STREET ToBACCO IK the month of November dte col-elevation of tile work and Its concomita ts ti all In faver ofprov1dmg usefu) aad profitable employment a greater or lesa degree, nearly every commodity that &a ----ectioas haD tobacco ill t1ae First District of this State was lr4oJ. thne cues the or d"aradation olal bo' odr m d for girliJ. who are of aa age 'o engace advantapously in retailed -to the public undercoe-manipulP,tion at .. ,..._ D-_. 1 .._ a r epen laanclsoftlaedealer.'' -<' c !' =-... -,..;\.!':


' J.-THOMAS llOYT & CO., Pine Cut Chewing and .SwvKING ToBAccos & SNuFF, OUR BRANDS CHEWING' IUNNY6IDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, I : BRIGHT O\YEf1. UT.llA CAVENDISH. ; -...,... .Jr 406 Pearl St.. New York O rv lfoirT." CBA c. 'uoYT f-G. l Tobacco lilan"ll<> D.i\MYn.t. .6. ...., 80 NORTH JOHN STREET, 1 J."tl BliiGLAIID. _,.,. oo., lfNANUPAcnraau or J I Pi.De Se&ars, r r ca 11 N ,EW YORK. GERARD, BET'l'S &. CO., TOBACCOSEALINQ WAk. GENE'RAL AUCTIQ.NEERS, l V f I ? r 4 11.t f J ND !I.St, DEALE&s IN DIUGS, PAINT& Commission Merchants, I ( I aeoo. f. IIEPPEIHEIMER &. CO., L.A.lBEL.S For Tobacco and Clga,s. -tq 011 bal>d aad pt1111ed .. order II & t Jlortlo Wllllul -.... Ya OP THI Cf>. 0 80X,:44liJ 82 wa11 St., Northern Paci!c UO>ORT.Ii:Jl OF THii ISf 11AVBA CI&W, RA.ILROA.D, 1st & Land GraQt I' 'r q.,til U."' ::;! s:l2 u rl

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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OL. VIII.-NO. ,4>. J I 1 'ltr..t'k Do 8:oiry & Co., p B,..t Hoff meyer f C. JO Beaver 111_.,. T H lc Oo. t41 )(aldea LaM Ro-1 11:, E. 12_ Wall 1 ,,.,.,.,.,.1 of a._, Pita. Batj.,. B. It Brotber, .U Water Gofl>el J & Co. "' Xaicie1l !..Me IP.""'' of Linri<1 p.,,. AP!>Ieby A Helme, rg WotOI' Clevelaocl, De Laocey '-24 South William Gilford, sn.......,. lrlJI.!IIO. uo .,111\am Gomfto1 /I.:F.imbao 1cJ a: 31 8. '''ilUam McAndrew ames C u4 Front llllouia H ., ujOid Blip aad 7S W-. &,J .I-f Totbaao Ituputioo NEW YORK, WEDNESDAy, 1,1873. WHOLE NO. 410 IH.J.,., in Sp.oi,/t mi, Douic Luf TOt Dlllo, Freyt.ang & 1"'-o.. J> W eot llec:oad PUvera f. H 47 Yin Maufartrtrt of Toh-. A.Heti a Ellis. 11 Vine. Geogban & Murphy, 18 Hammond. Otten Henry, I?Oo, )73 Maia. Speace Bros. II: 5' aad S4 East Third. Sl.tereu.,. Bal, Holme & Co., JIS Weat Sec.ood. '" MA"''f4Ctwnrs, lporttrl. AJ Dt.Jui iM ,.. ... 'I JCJ'Obn, 53 'West Fourth. Lowenthal 8 & Co. tu West Third. lht l1baccg J NEW YQRK, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY I, l NOW READY. FRED'K (SlfcciSSOitS 'rO DE :BAitY & XLING), 1 and 60 New Streets, New York. co., IMPORTERS OF HAV.A.l\TA CIGARS, <.o?! !: &Xe Agents for t/4 sale of ,, 11 i.. EL PRI"4CIPE 1D CALES CIOARS, a& the'KEY BRANCH of the celebrated Ell?riQcipe de Gales Manafactory of Havana. 1 : oJ f ll I I ...... J rt J J "I .. I 1 ') Linde "f' 0. It Co, 141 Woter. PrtUUI. Sua,aer & 9 0 ,>87 walnul W..,U, Kahn & Co. lllaln. THE OBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY OF STATES, GREAT BRITAIN, (;ERMANY. Handsomely bound in Clotp. Sent FREB to arty address on price' : 1 The following "freH-known gentlemen kibdl)i NEW YOB.K., Al\eu JoHan, Water..-... INaoi-D. & A., U4 WatH. ............. ,., John H. Ceckr .. femere, ... ro &-eo., 41 'BteM. ....... 6 Prlth, 1 Slip. Jlrrod M., IJJ Ma1deo J....aoe. = More 6 {;o., 74 PI'Mit. /1.. Jol. Ill Co., 1-4. H 171 Water. o-.DY a Co., w-. Ill. Co., s61 W-. ..,._ : I)Oban Carrolllk Co. VJODt. DaBoi t5_PftD w-. .,awat ... .... lba '"' ... 6 Bro. G, Wat .. -.Co.. ,.. ... .1. Bloo4L J'u. Dlllo & Co., "_ Water. F11ber & lt...t, ns Maldea La l'rioolld & Co. E. & G., 119 Mahle La-, Oercli-r.,. M & o., S. 8artio D. ., Son & Co., ,., Peul. GMMI't ]. L." Bro., 16o Wa&ef'. 51.. A Bro., 16 Jblcie1l r-. e a Co., H5 Fra.L rpr 1. & eo., so Woter. Maldeto W rVD'. c 7 o., HeaL C .II. 99 Pearl. 1J .D. 133 Water-Stred. l.Ucot Tbomu, 51 BroAd. lt. tatrecWe Yf. P. & Co., 1 oad 11 P-. EftJDelberg"' Oo., J6o Poorl. -..tte A. C., 163 Pearl. IArfta M H., 16:1: Prarl. Maddus Broe.1 138 Water. Eod Robert L. & Co., 43 1Jr. John31011o, 166 Water. .awrer Soaa. n:a Water. Mc:Callil James, .,a Maiden Lane. =A. 0. L. 6 0 .. 43 Beayer, T H.&: Oo., s6 and LaDe om., Jd., a 90id Slip and 73 w-. 'II'-Sla,.Pter & Oo., 41 Brood. Qataaa Alva, 166 Wate1. ow-_....._ .. Peart. ..U.C: A Sc:cwllle, Woter. Paalltocb M .. Wotc:r. _..., v;m. Jl.ll< Co., ugKaldea WM. In,]. P & Co., 39 BntP PI-: WotU. G. 8. lc 6 EllcbanjJe Place. M4{,.,.., tk. 'JI'eJa'olW P W., 9D and 9' Bou\11 Obon.. Marbu:rg Brothers, 145 tO 149 S Cbarla St. Wllkeno H. a Co., slo Weot Pr-att. Mao".{arturert of Cifo, Guth Guot&'Oe, !5 German. Pacim of Bec:tr.oo ,s Lombard. Duiu i H..., ... ..U D..utic IA/ MJtl Mntif.atnr oJ Cif uto.f Tbact Bror. Kania & Reid, 4 Oollege ,Bolldiq. CLAJIXSVILLE, TeDD. LYNCHBURG, Va. ManMftuturcrs of To.13". Armistead L L. Carroll J. w Loaoglwmc Gc:o. W. & Oo. TobatCIJ lJ.,m,.inion Mt relalil T:pee John H NEW ARK, J!f. J, Blioblol{boffer W A .t: Son, 883 Broad. Oampbeil, Laoe & Co., 484 Broad. If-.I J NEW ORLEAN", La, Ptxttrsnd Com,;uion MncJ.,tl. lrby J. J & Co. 130 Gravier. Kremelberg, Sch .. fer and Oo., IS Caroadolet. PETERSBURG, Va. Veaable S. W & Co Yo""&' R. /1.. & Bro Iron Froot Dulldlap, PJIILADELPHIA. w.rdltlStl. /1...-han :H. & Oo., ,.., North Tblrd Bamberpr L lc Co, 3 North Water. BraDer Lewia, Son a, 322 .North Tllird. Dohan & Taitt, 107 Arch. 1 Jl:dwardo, G. W. It Co., 3J N<>rtlo Water. BlH'Olobr Wm. Co., 115 South Water. Herbert L., southeast cor. Fourth ,rt Race. ltc Dowell M. E. & lJ o., 39 Nortb3Wat. MOCX'e IV'] North Water. Saatr.l. Riaald<> & Oo, 3' Nortb W'atcr. 8cbJBidt H., SJ' South Bocond. SteiDel', Smith Broa & Knecht, us Raoe. Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. Vetterlein T. It Oo., 111 Arch. Woodward, G.rrett & Co, 33 :s'or\11 Woter V.llk.,, ttr. :a.....berger L. &Co. 3 North Water. Hare and Leedom, 7r6 North Second of &otd S.if. 8lewwt, :Harks, B. alph &: Co ns Arch consented to assist in th.e--of thtl Direcw to JnJ 'cities 'in they -' I res1de: 11 n: .:rJ i .....-Me95rs. C. Lpo;>e & Tq I bacco Commisaioq Il? V(est. L,ombar Street. t 1 1 J& j I 1J :, Mall,ty& in t "B, ker 61 I Cblfs 13t. r 1 1 CHlcAGO,. & Co., -Deaje t s i Manuiacwr vC. pETROI < re ,_:__,'C: ';rt. Lichte berg! Tobacc l M;muf,acturer. I ROCFlESTER, N. Y.-tW. S. Kimball & Co., Topacs Manufacturers. < ALBANYJ N. '.-Alexander Greer & Son, Tobacc Manufacturers, 882 < Jlroadway. litli!'F.!>LO, N. Y._:A. M. Adams & 9o., Maufac t urers, so Pearl. t SYerly re gard as our patrons. THE' DUTY ON LICORICE. We are glad to see that our tobacco-manufacturing friends are again stirring in the matter of abolishing the present absurd impost on. licorice paste. It will be !Se., on 4.t:h Page. in the trade to provide themselves ;l5 soon a,s practicable with the l)ew forms to b, of course, of the Collector of the District. ., once elaborate and burdensome system of internal tax ation i}ut the taxes on spirits, tobacco in its various forms, fermented liquors, and on banks and bankers. Thus simplified, it would probably be a long time be fore public 0pinion would demand any further changea or reductions in the schedules. THE NEW YEAR. & Bro., Jtl 'WMbl....... w& Co., 404 PMrl --. 1 Wnt Broad_, llarrlott G. H K., J31 W'eot B<l......,. Barkv, ChaDcllec ud Co.J 31 Germu Man".fatturtrs of Cirrt Balcloelor Broo., 230 North Third. remeiiJbered that they iast winter succeeded in secur ing a reduction of one cent per pound (from ten to nine) and narrQwly escaped achieving a total abolition of the duty, the House having voted to that effect, while the Senate to he reduction named. That it should be_placed on the Cree sensible person must ackno111rledge1 when the objects to be attained by retaining tile. duty are taken into con sideration. Indeed, what these are, it were dif ficult to say. The amount collected-only .369,055 during the !ast fiscal year-is certainly. not enough to make either its abolition or retention a matter of any special moment to the Treasury. But if it is designed to add a t r ifle to the tobacco tax, in an indirect waythe duty being chiefly paid by manufacturers of the weed-it is simply an underhandt'd extortion, With regard to the propqseo reduction of $6,ooo,ooo in the subjoined paragraph, we again enter our p gtest &&1-i.Dtt any furth,er in which tobacco does not share. As it would be inconvenient to make any change in the system of taxation at the present seasiori so far as the weed is con cerned, we opine that the w hole subject had better be left alone until .the new <:;ongress can intelligently taK.e the matter in hand. If the actual income all sources o( internal revenue should actually exceed the Com missioner's estimate by':.$s,ooo,ooo : it will be time With this issue of THE LEAF we :enter upon a new year. Eighteen hundred and seventy-two, when these 1rds reach the majority of our readers, will passed away, and been numbered with the iong series of its predecessors which together constitute the Past. The hope_ s that a year ago ushered in the new division of Time, have either blossomed into full fruition, been wrecked in disappointment, or remain in the category of things still to carne to pass. There is something touching in this resistless effect of the passage of Time on all human aspiration, on all human endeavor. What ever fate may attend o ; r pet schemes, our cheriShed plans, we ourselves 'pass onward to the music of the heart-beat that never ceases for an instant toward the..ful filment or'our destiny ......._......, D H. oil Oo cor. A neue D aad "1- MN. G. B & Co. 97 Oolambla if Plar T"'-. l!fe9deder L. H.; S. E. cor. L<-boft lr ...... S., 75 Fultoo I D .A., & Soa, 174 J!:lcllltlu., Ar"f" S..iic T......,,,., ..... eo.. 43 Liberty .-,.lULu & 119 Poul M.lowjM,_r,.l if Cit. Alll--..,aw-Pbillp, u Water ......., ... s.,-I'J' 71 Malclea ''t.or 411 ll.aot, 115 Maldea LaM. Clln. Bn._ & 00. olo6 l :,lllld""-lD A Bro. 34 aa.i 34JC Bowery B1oo. & Oo. "' Mai"-LaM ., ....... ,..hul ...... .._.. M 117 Pearl Es. 091" .Giec:Dwlch-.,. "'-&llpoiU', S. Lewta ber .. 11< n., A; WIIIIBaCk, I Rim.,t.. .a\\11 IS. A. Bowery raltoa & 8tona., 191 Pearl tn & Jtewmarl<. 131 Water MMM{MIIU'f1'1 of FiM B .. .. Cit .... lolluwler H. ns llaiciell Lane 'klbot & Cu. r' Pine Street T"' Gtb<.r & eo. Water l!olmaaa N. &:. E. 85 lllaiden Lane aebel J M. II. Co. uS Pearl V-elf!l J"""l>" .A.. .t; Bro. 117 Pearl & Cn. 6o fine 'i:allc:r, It Freloe. 106 Peut i'eisa, Klh::r :aJ4i Pearl 'bor V. H. Uedllr J Mfacttuv if S.".ff. -: I a :Helme, Water lOOetU F. A. & Bro. pi I,_"" tf_ H..,a CJ1['-, Qa. 1'o It Co.>- > Market Space BOSTOW. O...UuioJJ Hoi JOb 0. 0 .. u Cc:etnl Whuf, McEiroJ -., 114 Broad. r.p.n..-of a,__, od DMIIr : D-.ic c;,., "-a O..IM, 111 Wuiain,-lOJJ>Orlln 'l..: Cr" Lu.f r-.,.. Wilder .. Ocxnmerc:i&l. IJ>Or

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