The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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' Y.OL. VIII.--NO. 47. 1\ ..... .;:r .. J,,.,ters of ""'" (:!!! 4t Bauer Chas.-T. A: Oo .,BeaYer ,. IS p '""LISHwD !Ired 'I< De Bary & C..., $2 Braad Yn Hoffmeyer 1 C. aq Beaver JI9IIT "REDNESDAY BOBNING BY Jlet!Senger T. H. 6 Oo. 161 llaiden Lane Dta4rr i Sptssisll illid Dnlmit Llaf Tobe< Dllla, Freytan&" Oo .. ,, West lleCo...S. llilTen J. H., o47 Vlo M-tsj..etrtrl of T'' Romay E. E. 8o Wall ftl MW LIAJ PUBLISIIING CKP1, mtwrtm of cr.., P;p.s. l A"Ellia. II Geotfban A ICurphy, BBammoo>tl. '48 St._, N_ew_ Y Batjer H. & Brother, :n Water 'Goebel J. & Oo ,., II.Wen -Baeln-lp.rtm, Linle. --, ---:--Gifford, sb;nnan a Tnalo, 1110 '101-d 8tten ohoald be pbdDI_y addre-.1 to Tola Gomea .tArE' bau, S, a 31 II. Wmt.a TMACCO LBAP P uauMUIIG CeiM"ANY, llc:Andrew amel o ._J!+ Front Sbietlt, 'Ne.w York. Koari H. ., 190id Bbp and 73 Watet" ,. p WeavcrA:.Bteny, J40edar. .erma V'l the s .. J uf T .., ... Is'f"'* S....&CmlatoCKifTS ...., 'Te EoglaA4 111>4 the ea..-. OflacWidoDol 'Linde F. C.&Co' 14"Wakr. pet' annum for of Pnian. To, Hamburg ami the of Etiropc, ta.o8 additioo&l per annwa fot Poet.a@'e. Guthrie Oo., "Ff'Oftt. Auotrana, otc., .1.04 via. San Francisco, a4-of CigM-'&1te1. .Oiional pe< annum few P......,. Jtfo onler for the paper conaidered, unleu acHenkell Jacob, IE Komoe. mpanied omounL Wicke William 41 r6t Geep;k. Remlttencessbould,ln-rrhutaDCe, be made Cigar Box, C,ur siiHMr li'Hds-. on., by money-order; c.fteck Oil' draft. Bills are liable to be stolen, ODd caa oaiJ be sent at the Dingee P. lr., cor. Sixth and X.wlo. eatest risk to the sender. \ Rodman & Hepburn, tJ6 Lewil. Wardrop A: Daly, :103 A sos Rates of Advertising. Germts Crcr Rihbm. oqaare (14 Nonparellllneo) for aix moDtba, joo, dq."' year .. 3s. eramer G., Sa Franklin. Larger advertisements ID the oame proportl011, SJws#illz Cigr Jl.ibbs. \tut nooe taken unless x, :1, g, 41 or more !QUares. Alm.ira U J. ]., 30 Cedar. t;, x Jeai:. k-w; aiz months, t1tree HilF column, J year, $24-0; Cigar Molth. Otten Henry, .,. 00., 31$ Mila. s_.,e .e ..... a. Oo ; s2 Third. C...ifl!on llllr4Unu. BGoo!. :u- .eo., Wf:llll!e.coati. [,,.mrs -" DHkr ;. CJ,...-s. .X..Im, J'ei116 CG., 53 West l..oweatMl "Co., ( ]]J w c:at Tbb-4. su-< A: Oo. ,21? walut Yen, Kahn&: Co., J).4llaio. Llf Ttbao lh-oln-r, Konia & Reid, 4 College DGIIdllll' CLAKKSVJLLE, Tellll. Luif Tobacco Brootrs Ofari. ll. H A: .Bro. ,, COVUiGTOl'f, Ky Glove J. IS, 17 aDd 19 W. 7th. DANBURY, C........ GN"'fecG W t DANVILLE, Va. .. Commi.ujon Pemberton]. H DAYTON,O. six months, J301 three moaths, f?s Jacoby s &. CO., :J09 Pearl. lidJ""" on the first page, fso per sq uare Mer two wide columDB, and none '[aken Manufacturers if Tobacco Tin-Ftil. Boglen&Pease, Pease'sTobacco-CJatUng for thau one year, payable fpily GrJa. equares, t4so-, 0 deviAuc.tionurs fl ttt. Ttansient advertisem.eats on the thlrd Gerard, Betts & 7 Old Slip MaMfacwrrr s r{ Cigar s tMd Dilers i n l.<'lf Thaeco. 25 cents xer ltne for each in1erUoa TtJhacco La6tb. tNo or for advertising llritt be cnsidered, Donaldson :BR)5. 5 8 Park The Hatch L itbograpic Co., 32 & 3 Vesey Heppenheimer F. & Co., 2:1 Norlh William BUSINESS DIREm'OIY OJ ADVIDISBBS. NEW YORK.. Tohactll H'rdoustl.1 ; Apcw W. & Sons 28.4 ad 386 J'ront street tAileo julian, 172 Water. Benrimo D & A. 124 Water. .. IJer-amaun, John H. 14 Ceder. Mayo &: Co., .f.t Bread. Bowne & Frith, 1 Burling Slip. :,.Brod N., 131 Maiden Lane. More & Co., 74 FronL A J.I. & Co., U3 .Carpels E. 173 Water H ., 172 Water. C.CnoiiJ & C..., 45 Water. Crawford E. M. & Co 168 Watet'. Daviason Bro. 145 Water. ne..uer W. 1'-S Water Dohan, Carroll & Co. Front. :O.Boi Eugene, 7S liRert, Wm, 138 Water 1!.Dcelbad> F. 21 Sixtb Av Yalk & Bro. G, 171 Wat .. 'fatman & Co., 70 and 72 Bto.Ad. Fox Co., 175 Water. JPi.her &...Rust, us Maiden Lane. Ynecbnan M l47 Water J'riencl-&: Co., E. & G., 119 Maiden Lane, Golnllner.f. M. & C o 84 FronL Qoorth D. ,, Son & Co.,,., Pearl. o-ort J L. &: Bro., 16o Water. Genbel L. & BT!>., 86 Malden Laae. 1 Guthrie It Co., us FronL Hamburpr 1. & Co. so Water. Heyman &; 99 Maiden Lane. Hllkaan G. W &: Co., 1o8 J'ron\, Hoof.,.., W. '<;.&:Co., 175 Water. Hnt. C. E. 9'1 Pearl. Hant. J.D. 133 Water Street Jtlonicut Thomas, 51 Broad. X.ittftdge\W. P. & Co., 71 and 73 Prout. :Kteselber' & Co., 16o Pearl. autte A C ., 163 Pearl. Levi M. H 162 Pearl. Ciga 'r-Box!s Tr;,,;,r$. Ettinger, I! Vurray. WolffOhas. A., s1 Chatham. :J'obacc Scaling War. Zinsser W. &: Co., J97 William. A u8triau Virginia Oigar1 Kremelbcrg &: Company, 16o Pearl Manufacturers if Ruuian Cigllrt.ttts Kinney Bros._, J"t Wt!!t Broadway. Cigar Moulds and ShaP,r Prentice Geo. 1 ., 197 Peart. Straps and Outtm-s, German Cit;r Multl Erichs H. W., 2S3 South: Gans &: Michaelis, 101 Maiden Lane. Spier Ohas. E & Co., 7J John. Mulis Tobacr Bags Zellcnka R ., 263 East Fourth. T.bau Baggiog Le&ter A & Oo. 103 Chambers. Tobacco Stamp Ca103 Third. DtaltrJ in Tohllcco 11nd J14a,ufllthlrtr l .j Cigars. .AibetdioaG.&Oo., 93 8t .95 Third. )laddux Broe., 138 Water. ](altlaod Robert L. & Co., 45 llD & -Stonn, 191 Pead. Si&:febll & Reibenteio, 1,.6 P',..t. Till' Cbarln F. It Son, 184 Froat. T..P.,hont,F. W.,'tiiBI"GIId,'J -- u.-rann, Oarl. 188 Pead. 'Ve.terlciD'o Son, Tb. H., 6 Oedar. lfeotll-, M. & Co., 117 Pearl. WriJ!bt, ll. M, A CQ., J9 Broad. 'Fb., Br.W1 Oatt-ve & Ruete, J"} _Pearl. Dl'eJer lildward, ot6 Beaver. J. s. "So!f 86 won. JteHucl, P., 179 .t'earl u.t>ome Charlei. Y ., s. Brood. i llador M. a Son, n3 Peorl. C. Peul Mlln&JMIrtrr of Jolon Ill Co 114. n6aadn7 LiMrty. Bwhne< D, CoH Vioceat L. JS9 LucKow ,.J'1acc J, F. J74 Front GoeUe,-F.A. It Bro., sa8 lf01bitlclh Oood.nD A Oo. .., and """ Vater lloJt Thomao A Co., 404 Pearl KiDney Bro.. 141 West Broadway1 JlcAlpin D H. A Oo. cor Aveaue D and "l' """ Killer ](n. G B & Co 97 Oolwabl& Rapp s., Jl1>1ton SMt...,U D; A, & Soo 174 Eigladr ... Az" f.,. S.oli"K alli'O PIMe. Wil)eu & Klier, 6g South Charleo. W lochmeyer Bd. & Co., 49 &.til Olaorl.o. ToiHuto F-w. Gie6ke II: :Nle1U11D 'Ill Boatll Cbarles. Hawldaa a. 0.., 43 eet Lombad. JUcard, l...eftw\ch & Co., i3lbc::hange Plat:t!. Watta. G I II C o., 6 Kxe.bange Jd4u(t#tMYtT'IJ dt. .............. w ..... and,. Bo.dr Oltarl-. -"'"'-Brothers, to '49 S. Oloorloo SL WllkH a Oo. I Weot Pntt. M4n".{MtMrtrl { a,...... Goth G"""'ve, 55 Gennaa. -!f s-1-utif Brotben, 98 J:.ombar4. Dtakrs i# d Do.rt;. IAf MtsoufaetortTI !/ Cicr. Marriott G. H. X., 332 Weot Bait!..,...., CUndloe and Co., 31 MA#uf.Ctsmr If Plt T"'-. :q eadecker L. H s. E. cor. Lombard II Mana -etSpace, BOSTON, ()Q,.,issitn M1,-cA.nts Holyoke 0. 0 .. n Centrai-Wbarl. Kci.lroy Bros., 24 :Broad. l"'fi"rUF of Hamu, and Dttsl.r :in Cicars. Laau CaT10!, 121 Wasbiagtou [_,.rttrl of Haoa."" Cigar1 "" Lt".f Toh..4< WlWer A .Eetabrook, 7 Oommerdal. lt11pontr of Lietritt. Scllnitzer 1 23 Central Warf B'REMEJif, GERMANY. Ctmmiuion Mert;jlfllt. W eotboff Fred. jr. BROOKLYN, N.Y. M.uiury. Wlatei:o Henry, 25 Myrtle avenae, BUFFALO, Jr. Y. li'W.ulc 1Dt4itr ;, 1ra -Flagg a. Beeman, tS6 Vlchlgan Ave. Dlaltrl in L,af ToiNuto. Bandhalren :Bros West Randolph. Wi$htl; l:itevena, 187 MichJpu Ave. Wewe A 193 But Lake. MAJaMII.rtrr of Fiot C.t CAr-wing anti .,_.,_ ing, and Dtaltr l in Luf ToiJ-. Bed a. W'utb, 2 and 114 Water. Wlultllllt Dealtr in Cigarr and"l'obaos Laenon George, South Canal. CINCINKATI, Dialer in Llaf T.bllt!M. Bewden Hoerr .t. Bro., 161-165 Pe.ri II allay Rich & Brother, 115 W eot i'reat, )leye-r Hy., 46 li"roat Newburgh L. & Broil., $1 Walautr Wankelman F Sa Frov' Tobacco Ware/t()lllt. DormitserC, .. R. &. Co., 123 Hartet. TREASURY DEPARTKENT, OFFICE 01' Tobacco c m .. iuio llbrclln&N. REVENUE, WASHlNGTON, December 30, 1872 Wall A: Belvip, po Nortb Second. f Tobacr Brolr SIR-In your letters o the 1oth and 19th inst you HaJDOS J E., 6n Cheatnut. propose the following questions : SYRACUSE. N. Y. First-Can tobacco, which is in transit from the Hler & Co. G. P 3 North Balma. manufactory for exportl?ia your port, be opened and exWholrllllt De uro' in L

I FIFTY YEARS Aoo'.-In Petersburi, Va.,in 1823 there were twelve "tobacco warehouses." ToucHING CoNFIDENCE IN LIFE INSURANCEThe wife of a roofer bemg asked if she was not afraid to have her husband exposed to such danger, truthfully re plied, Oh, he's msured ?" SuiCIDB OF A MEMBBll OF THB NBW ORLEANS TRADB. On the 3d inst. L. Mauler, tobacco merchant, fifty years of age shot himself dead, 10 a strtet railroad car. He leaves' a w1fe and three children. No cause IS assigned for the coward ly act REVENUE MATTERS -In Brooklyn, last week, Frede rick Dab! was charged w1th dealing in manufactllred tobacco at No. r69 Throop venue, without paymg the apec1al tax required by law He was held to ball m the aum of Jzoo to appear on the utll of January. THE TOBAVVO THE TOBACCO MARKET. live position of the market Western leaf, has been in 8lo cases; New Y.A>rk, J,78 9 caae5 ; Penn good Jemand lOr Ireland, and though pnces are .,ery sylvahta, I 5i36S cases; OhiO, 30,448 Wisconsin &Dd DOMESTIC. finn, it to be difficult to obtam any Improve11,688 total, cases. Total, ConNEw YoRe, 1an1#1'7 7 ment iD this description. A good 1Dqu1ry also existed nectlcut, 88o cases, New York, 7,789 cases, Peonsylva Wtstun Leaf-The receipts of the past month for Africa, and the sales of such tobaccos have been at ma, 2J,J68 cases, Ohio, 46,6ro cases; Wisconsin and Wet were 3074 hhds; exports 3009 hhds; sales I$00 llhds, tuU V"UJini& strips have improved in value on tern, rs,688 cases;,grand total, 92 335 cases; crop total, tncluding 22 5 hhds of IM!rnt tobac:co at auctioa. The a pal" witli W l$tem, and top rates hue been paid for !)6,656 cases. from New york ill the year stock in warehouse decreased 13113 hhds Pnces refine goodsfor eltpOrt to Australia. F11lery strips are r87:a, 9o,r87 cases Shipped from Baltimore in the mamed pretty uniform, but we alter Ollr quotations very !Cift"Ce an.d dear, and the same may almost be said year 6,16:1 cases. On shipboard not cleared or shghtly The burnt tobacco has since been closed out of all qualities. Vif&inia leaf In for in course of shipment, l07JICaseS; total, !)6,6 5 6 In bulk at private sale, i!;tabout for badly damaged, and also good wrappers 1M spmnmg. Maryland& lD Destmations 'Of the sh1pmeDts fron{ New York-To and 6c for the comparatively sound. The market ba.'l request for cololJ descriptions, and also more mquiry Bremen, 76,665 cases, Hamburg, 7 ,cases; Ant barely opened thiS month. We note sale of 170 hhds, for medium qualities. The general aspect of the stnp werp, 4,19::t cases; Rotterdam, 9sa cases; Gibraltar, mostly for export, z6 stems, and 16 new crop, market 1s one ol peat strength, lind there IS. 989 cases sundry ports, J6 cases; "total, 90, 187 cases. at 8 @9c for lugs and 9"' 1oJ-' for common to me-no chance of relief from the pressure until Destmations of shipments from Baltimore-To dmm leaf the supplies oC nea.t year come forward." Bremen, 5,536 cases Rotterdam, 564 cases; AmsterIatweell: tdnell: Ill nell: till"* 6111. weell: -row Mr. J. remarks:-;-J?uring past mo.nth, cam, 12 cases; L t verpool, so cases; total, 6,16:1 cases. January. -990 403 349 377 rlh 3,6oo till towards Its close wheo. a quieter feeling prevailed, Exporcy of seed leaf tobacco for 1 o years-rs72 96. February69 519 -.-aoo tt.e-.u ....._ bac :J49case8; 1871,1,6311 cases; March.-24 JOO I,836 868 4:ra 3,6o0 even speculation !adding percepubl>: to its volume, and u,57o cases; 1868, :ZJ,S39 cases; r867, 40 9 8 4 cases, SEcoND DISTRICT oF VIRGINIA. The revenue from Apnl_ 83 6ox 512 840 1,o64 3o100 the result has been the largest recorded for r866, zr,653 cases: 1865, 4 o,8Jo cases; r86 4 :u,1140 tobacco m th1s Distnct for the Y .ear 1871, the May.---397_ 1191 483 53 x.s9'7 300 \"ery many moaths, the sales bemg estimated at aboat cases; r863, :z,67o cases. Statement showing the con.JAN. 8 ascertain its true pos1t10n, that is to say, that position wh1ch 1t will Occupy 10 future For thiS reason we bee leave to dwell on thiS one article a little longer u4 more space to it thal1 we otberw1se would.' We will re.,iew the article with as few words as po111ible. Ia the e\rly stages of 1ts cultu{e we nused 3 ooo plar.iag them net Without difii.colty, five later g1ew s,ooo cases, and found that quantity iDadequ.te with a li1tle export demand to supp\j. Sooa we found ourselves with average cropa of ,so,ooo .cues an4 this quantity was bard to sell unless export d .. and coasid erably helped us. We pllSS ewer some ten years or thereabout and find ourselvea ia tbe decade, coa menctng r86.r and ending 187o, in which penod we have raised crops as follows : I86I1 35,ooo cases; 1861 6o,ooo cases, r863, rro,ooo ca"ees; r864, 88,ooo cases; r865,'6o,ooo; r866, 70,000, r867, 44,000, r868, ss.o-. 6o;ooo cases, 1870, 84,000 cases. Total, cases. Average, 66,900 cases a year. Ccmuneaciq a new decade wtth I87 r, we have raised in that year0IIo, ooo cases, and m 187a, 145100o cases, and if we coatmue thus, our average by the end of the pre-handsome total of $628,zrs 28 The tobacco shipped June ---23& 971 947 97 874 4,ooc 31000 hhds, leavmg an unu.sually small proport10n of ltumptton _of seed leaf tobacco, m thl8 country, for the in bond and exported amounted to J,988,r38 pou!:'ds. July -.. 863 'I,Jr6 969 8oJ 4,occ the .stock m first hands. of...some : sorts, show a year endmg June 30, r8711-Total of c1gars stamped The tax upon which 1fpaid would have been Jr,o4o,ooo. August-697 1,435 r,o6o r,908 s,ooc decided advance; others remam 'I be 1mport for fiscal endmg June Jo, I8711, 1,so7,ors mille, of sent decade, mcludmg bad years, not be lesa than IJO,ooo caaes Home consumption absorbs at preseDt 7 :z,ooo cases annually, and may before r88o, the end of the present decade, reach 8o,ooo to 9o,ooo cases, leavSeptember368 1,049 1,348 935 300 the month was 651 hhds and the delivenes r,698. redl!cwhich, Import&d cigars, 88r,6:z4 fbs @ 12 lbs a mille TAKE CARE or THK CIGAR STUMPS.--On the 3d lUSt., October. -49I 77 fU 4911 Sa3 3,3oc ing our stock to hhds.! which is ro,oo9 less than 73,469 mille i leaVJng domestic c1gari stamped, 1 433 ,: in thiS c1ty, a fire occurred m the office of Talcott & November596 1,449 84o 874 3,759 at the same time last year. Western Str1ps have been 546, at 30 lbs a mille, 43,oo6 J8o Jhs tobaeco less ing a yearly surplus. for of 401000 to so,ooo cases. We bold that we will raiSe m futllre fully that quantity, yes, we think the time of small crops has passed, aad more, we pretend that It depends oo us to dispose eu1 o1 such quantities or of more if needs be. Our COil nectton !1th Germaay rs so closely mterwoven tbat we Ketchum, Cotton Brokers, on the second floor of the December540 4-03 lSS zoz in large deml!Dd, bfrall classes of h. orne buyers. at Coreign tobacco, 7,ri3,750 I&;, lea;ing domeat:c to-cotton Exchange, Nos. a and 4 Hanover Square, caused rr r. W ba thi f iallocal d ad he f h ld h ,,.gsma e ye-no ng o spec 1m-to 1 -nnce. extreme Ylews o o ers ave 3S,89:r,63o lbs; 25 per cent11111 less for other by a burnmg stllrr p being thrown among some cotportance to report lQ relation to the Virginia leaf marlatterly speculative movement. w seed leaf tobacpo, 8,97 J, I 57 lbs seed leaf ton sapmles Damage Jroo. ket th1s week The prospect appears to have in no wise freely and 1s practically tobf\cco, '26,919,437 lbs; at 375 lbs a case, 7 1 ,7s 5 P: 1111 Iter f changed smce our last eidlerin Mew York or Richmond. Jo'd Exports m imall s upply and 59 197 cases in the precediOg fiscal year, necessaJ!ly must largely 1n the prosperitr of that country; have we not-fully expenenced the weight of this argument durlng the last season? Moreover, seed leaf has been more thoroughly and more success. fully mtroduced last Jear in Germany than ever before The establiShment of the Baltic Lloyd pany, has opened to us the trade of the countries washed by the waves of the Baltic ocean here IS an entirely new field for us the Russ1an demand may aoon have to be taken m consideratioa. Holland and have last year absorbed considerable of our seed leaf, and it has been also more thoroughly ancl successfully introduced in these countnea than before, and we have reason to expect a continued demand. Italy has last year made a tnal w1th seed leaf wrap pers, and may m future become a valuable customer, and we do not see why other European countnea sh::ulcl sot, 10 course of time, take It 10 preference to other kmds. Thus IS our prospect, but in order to fully real Ize it, it is necessary to compete with such countries as produce. s1mllar kinds of tobacco or seed leaf, namely, St Dom1ngo, Brazil and Java. We ean dose successfully and still the ra1ser can be amply pa1d for his outlay and labor We ha.,e done so last year, whea the crops m the above named countries were indiffer ent, and we can under all Clrcumstances contmueo to do so. Th1s ought to the largest produeer of cigar leaf tobacco, JUSt as well as it occupies 1h1s rank for tobacco of other descnptrons. We are perfectly cogmzant of the fact, that when an. article ceases to pay the raiSer, the production of the same gradually dJmlmshes, and we by no means advocate m dlscnmmate low pnces for all seed leaf tobacco,. per mstance Connectlcut tobacco w 11l be des1red for home consuumplwn and m larger and larger proportions from year lo year, and so w1ll all other kmds of seed leaf possessmg Slmtlar quahty &nd texture, but we depre cate the Immoderate desue of some purchasers to tar m a stock of tobacco ahead of WISer and more expen enced cornpetltors. Bes1des mjuring themselves they are the ones who whilst they are an 1mpedrment commerce, false impress1ons to the pro ducer and to h1s, the producer's, greatest injury as to the value of goods, and at the same time assist matenally m pla:cing the home manufacturer m a false position. Spamsh Havana Fillers-With sales of rJ,ooo bales m the months of January, February and March at nearly even rates, the market d1d not offer any change. HrGH WATER Amtrican u u 0 The condition of affa1rs in the latter place 18 thus dealso Good Afncan steady. J'MediU.nS slow of showmg an mcrease of\ 12,58& cases \ n our home con Hartford, thus descnbes Lake Baikal, in Siberia: "The scribed by a dealer recently retnrned from tllere: "Very sale' o.r, if w. unsalable, unless at Conqnen-tmplion .. We are greatly to Mr. Edward la'-e 15 about .. .,.. feet long, by 35 wide, and is situated li 1 d be d h be" b fi h "-...-tt e lS omg or can one at present, t ere In& ut tal pnces t g1nta-Leaf freely taken bOth or ome oung, Ch1ef of the Bureau of Stall tics Washmgton 1 zoo miles above the level of the sea." A most re a small supply of desuable tobacco to operate with, the use and exat an advance in previollS rates. Strips, who has kindly fnmished us w 1 th the part of the' m'arkable body of water 1t must be, aad worth a long ld h bee h d h .__ h b ds bo d d o avmg nex auste aave w at may "'""Ill t e an old and new, largely sold at a ut 1 a vance. above table. Stock on hand, Janua 1 1 3711 -Crop journey to see. of manufacturers and shippers, and the new not arrivmg Maryland-Firm but not quotiblydearer, and a fa![ Qr x879, of all kmds, J5 000 cases crop of r87t CATS PLACED ON THB FREE LIST.-In the case of a devise of property left m trust to provide for the support of domestic-animals, the Commissioner of Internal Rev enue decides, that there lS no legacy or succession tax. This question was raised on the w1ll of a lady in Bos ton, who left property for the maintenance of a cat. m quantity, because, among other reasons, every thing business done. Cavendish-Not much domg, pnces Connecttcut and 40,C:OO cases; in the country distrir.ts is frozen up As has been preunchanged. York, :ao,ooo cases; Pennsylvania, 3s,090 cases, Ohio, vwusly stated by us, the market here is affected m Sa Leaf.-A moderate busmesa was done In seed 6o,ooocases, WISconsin,':ro 000 cases m1001s Michigan. much the saine way and for the same reuon. Some leaf during the exclusively for home trade, the etc., 5,000 cases, total, 180:ooo f?ases'; home' consump sale-s were effected during the week but we hue heard reported sales reaching only 82_7 cases .. not a llo11 dunng the year r87:a, 72, 000 cases, export, 9 6,ooo of none of noticeable magnitude. large or rather showy exhibit, thiS quantity u 1n marked cases total, r68,o:>o cases; stock on hand of old to-In London and Liverpool, there hu beetl10rae im-contrast wi&h the meagre return for the precedmg week, bacco January r, 1873, 47,ooocases, d 1 v 1ded as fol provement of late, as has at ready been shown in therewhtch, as already observed, was the most p:lltry we ever lows. crop of r87o, of all kiDds ro ooo cases crop of ports of our regular correspondents. Messrs. Bramble, had occasion to record. The details of the past week's I, Connecticut and 15 cases Wilkins & Co of Londoa report as follows: The sam-transactions were as follows: 200 cases Connecticut New York, 8,ooo cases; Pennsylvania, 3 ; 000 cases: phng of the new crop of Amencan T1Jbacco wh1ch had wrappers at 4-S@soc, r 16 cases do on pnvate terms.; Ohio, 7,000 cases, Wisconsm 4 ooo case!l Annual made but sligilt progre" at the time our last circular 62 cases seconds and iillers at 23c, rso cases Oh1o at Statement of Stocks of Seed 'Tobacco m the In was Issued, has smce been carried on w1th vigor, and a IJC; r 15 cases Pennsylvama at z:rJ-'c; and r84 cases spect1o"; Warehouses-Stock on hand, January 1 1g72; SUDDEN THAW -An exchange says "A careless man put a hghted p1pe m h1s coat tail pocket Saturday evenmg, and a. few minutes later startled people by the appearance of smoke and flame from that part of him As soon as he was put out, he gratefully explamed to h1s deliverers that he thought tbe weather was a mod eratin' d-n sudden '" large proportion oC tlae late Imports has dunng the do old, on pnvate terms. F. C. Lmde & Ce, 19,951 cases, A. S. Jarvis & Co month JUSt closed been placed upon the marke,t. As Now that It hu become apparent that the I87r seed 165 cases, W J. Hoodless & Co, 1 253 cases, total; a rule the quality generally 1s mfenor to that of the IS tolerably certam to rule h1gher than It has h1therto H,JI>s cases. smce F C Lmde & Co 75 previous year, but notwithstanding this drawback, a done, it would seem as 1f the neglected portion of the 422 cases, A S J arv1s & Co., ;6,5 99 cases; w J. Hood very large busJness has transp1red, the total bemg r87o crop still in first and second must ultimately less & Co., r6,5u cases, total, ro8,54J casea. Grand total, estimated at about z,ooo hhds of all sorts, of wh1ch expenence a change for the better under the rev1V1fymg 1j" C Lmde & Co 95,37 3 cases; A. S. Jarv1 s & Co r6, some 300 or 400 hhds were sold lymg in L1verpool. mfluences that are likely soon to preva1l With their 7-64 cases, W J Hoodless & Co, 1 7,775 cases, total, Th1s is a much more extensive busmess than we have liberal purchases of the past season, 1t may be that for 129,912 cases Dehvered s1nce F C. Lmde & Co had to report for a long lime past, but It 1s not more eign buyers realize no necessity for still further 76 926 casesj A S Jal'vis & Co 1 5 578 cases w ]' than under the circumstances was to be exoected. As mg their present supphes of seed leaf, but if their future Hood less & Co 14,782 cases; 10 7 ,a86 we antw1pated pnces have advanced considerably, and wants are hkely to call for addlttOnal resources from Stock on hand, January r, r873, F. C. Lmde & Co, 1 8, as we wnte, both Vtrginia and Western Strips are stocks now available, there lS reason for thmkmg that the 447 cases; A. S Jarvis & Co., r,I86 cases, w. J. Hood worth to zd per lb. more than they were on the balance of the 187o crop m1ghtnow be appropnated by less & Co, :r,993, total, z2,6z6 casea Total rece 1 pts rst ult and there can be but httle doubt that before them with more advantage to themselves than at any in InspectiOn Warehouses, ro8,543 cases; Other rece 1 pts the end of the year the market w1ll go yet higher. The subsequent perfod taken m pnvate Stores or sh1pped dtrect to their des!lnTOBACCO STATISTICS AT PETERSBURG, VA -Inspec tions of tobacco smce October 1, r,6r9 hogsheads Receipts of tobacco smce October I, r,675 hogsheads. The quantity of tobacco manufactured m the c1ty may be inferred from the fact that there are twenty one fac -ones m act1ve and successive operation, employing from zs to 400 hands each, SELLING LEAF TOBACCO.-A Kentucky cotemporary informs us that Judge Arthur, Representative m Con gress from the Covmgton distnct, has introduced a bill to repeal the act imposing a special tax upon farmers -selhng their own raiSing of leaf tobacco. This wtll be a great rehef to the farmers of Kentucky, who last year raised one-third of the tobacco produced m the Umted States. stock of s.nps of both kmds 1s now m a very small The annual report of Messrs. J S Gans & Son, attons 49,500 cases; 158,o43 cases We do not compass, and the fact that sever.Ll parcels are for the thus refers to the transactiOns of the year In January remember any previous year where this penod the present Withdrawn from the market does not tend to a moderate busmess was done, the sales were r,4oo market for old crop seed leaf had been in a more improve our position, wh1le the sampling for this year cases compr!Smg all growths. In February, :z,4oo cases healthy conditiOn than at present, for w1th an unprece being nearly If not qu1te at an end, any further sup-were disposed of, and 522 cases by pubhc sale, together dented large crop m r87 r, we begm the year I8'j 3 w1th plies of importance are qUite out of the question For w1th z, 9 u cases,ofwh1ch 1,8:r:r cases, Oli10. In the same a remainder of the same, JUSt la rge enough to last our all other descnptions of Tobacco, whether for Cuttmg month the market for new crop was opened with sales c1gar manufacturers until the crop of 187:1 w1ll be m or C1gar purposes, there has been a good demand, whiCh of an assorted i9t of u8 cases OhiO, at roo workmg conditiOn. No doubt wuhout the hkewise un cons1dermg the small stocks of desirable good3 our cases of the stiPe growth at uc and roo cases, Bennprecedentedly large export demand of the past season the d1sposal has fairly met sylvania, at rsc. "fhe transactiOns m March were :z,8oo result have been far otherwise, but growers and VIrg1ma Leaf and Stnps have both been in active cases, ol d crop, of wh1ch exporters took 1,671 cases holders of seed leaf tobacco With but few exceptions demand, the former when of line bnght color and su1 tamostly Oh10 New crop had by that tune come more seemed to understand the true posttlon of affa1rs and rna ble quality bemg read1ly taken, while In strips, especfreely forward and 4,200 cases we1e disposed of, of tenally ass1,.ted by reasonable demands' and readtness to ially of the mediUm aud finer classes, a considerable which 3,700 cases of all growths for shipment, and 500 make t1mely concesswns to bnng about th1s happy end busmess has b een done m sp1 te of the enhanced rates cases Connecticut and Massachusetts seconds and Even of the res1d\le of the crop of r87v we can speak to which we have already alluded. Several parcels of fillers for home consumpt10n. In Apnl, we noticed more hopefully at present could:a few months ago common "lugs" and "prinungs" have also been placed sales of 1,5oo cases old, and IJ,II5 cases new crop What remams of Pennsylvama and Ohw IS rap1dly get for exportatiOn. For all descnpt10ns there is sttll a good of whtch 2,300 cases, Connecticut and Massachusetts tlng"absorbed by the trade. Connecticut and Massa mqu1ry which can not fad to lead to further transactJpns for home dem a nd, and ro,8Io cases for shipment, of c:husetts are offenng at pnces loW:enough for exporter to m the current month Western Leaf and Stnps-In wh1ch 6,650 were Oh10, and x,8oo Pennsylvania, the handle 1t, and so we hope to be soon enabled to stnke 1t the fom1er there has been but little domg, the attentiOn rest New York and W1soonsm May was dec1dedly from our hst of quotatwns New Crop-In Connec:1cut ofbuyers, in v1ew of possible contmgenc1es, havmgbeen the busiest month of the season, 3,150 cases old crop and Massachusetts so,ooo cases have been ra1sed, but chiefly concentrated on stnps, of wh1ch a very considerwere d1soosed of, a good portwn for export The sales this quanttty will be very much reduced by pole rot, able quantity (say about r,oov hhds) has changed hands of new crop reached the enormous figure of 2o,6oo caused, ttls pretended, by heavy rams m September and dunng the month Thes e cons1sted partly of such as case s of which 4,ooo for home consumption and r6,6oo close hangmg m the sheds. The amount of damage IS still rernamed on hand of the old crop, lmt mostly, as cases for export, Ohw and takmg sttll the vanouslv stated, some pretendmg that twenty five per 10 the case ofVtrgm1 a, of the medium and better classes lead In June the domgs In old crop had still been hmC'!nt wtll cover 1t, others calcula t e 1t at seventy five per of the new 1mport, the bulk ofwh1ch IS now before the 1ted to cases all for domestic uses The sales of cent We w1ll make an average whu;h would gtve us pubhc. In Export Leaf scarce ly any thmg has been done new were agam large, r6,3oo cases had been sold, fifty per cent or z 5,ooo cases of tobacto, the same bemg Maryland and Ohto-One or two parcels of the former of wh1ch 3 soo cases for home use and the rest for sh1pof a hght texture and ve1y wrappery, there may after growth recently sampled bemg of very fine quahty, were ment, Oh:o, Pennsylvama and W1sconsm bemg the all be enough left to give an adequate s p pply f o r home de unmediately placed but for commoner sorts there has most sought after,'the latter to be sure, at very low rnand. The quahty oft?e sound ts very h t ghly been but httle. mqmry In Ohw transactions have rates only In July, but r,ooo cases old crop had been spoken of and m fact, It IS very s1m1lar to the crop of been hm1ted, though there Is now some good tobacco sold, and 7,6oo cases new of wh1ch 6,322 cases were for 1867 wh1ch was but r6,ooo cases contauung a sufficiency offering Messrs Horatio N Davis & Co obseneexport This fallu1g off m the sales for shipping pur-of leaves to amply supply all domestic reqUirements for The sales of the month have been large and embracing poses;' has been accounted for m our Ctrcular dated th1s sort. In New York, we have r5,ooo cases medmm all denommatwns and classes New and Old of North August I r872 as bemg the natural result of small offer tobacco In .Pennsylvama, 4o,ooo cases of good qual Amencan Tobacco w1th dec1ded upward tendency, and mgs, ad;ancmg rates and scarc1ty of ocean fre1ghts ity w1tli some detenoratton by worms. Dhw has nearly quotations rst mst are revtsed to accord w1th actual August showed an Improvement, the -sales ot old crop 11-o,ooo cases of the early little less than one transactions No oue coversant w1th the pos1twn of were r,5oo cases, of new ro,ooo cases, of wh1ch 6,ooo thtrd IS very good, the second plantmg a httle m01e than the article can be surp11sed at th1s unusual bnskness ; were for export In September there was agam a fall one-thud IS o f very md1fferent of the third plant 1t IS s1mply a matter of supply and demand, the latter mg off in the sales, of old crop only 8oo cases havmg mg aaother th1rd IS of stunted growth re semblin g closely bemg greater then t h e formet, and wah no prospect of been sold, of new crop 6,ioo cases, of wh1ch 3,465 the bad crop:i of 1867 and 1869. W1sconsm has rs,ooo au access to the stocks of the staple commodities ull cases, lor export October passed w1thout ammatwn, of useful tobacco. Ilhno1s, etc neady ro,oou next Autumn supph-:s arrive For exportati on the de5,6oo cases of the vanous grades having been d1sposed cases. We recapitulate-Connecticut and Massachu mand was good, but owmg to supplies bemg sent to of 10cludmg 8oo cases of the crop of r87o, and 1,877 setts, 25,000 cases; New York, rs,ooo cases; Pennsyl Liverpool orders here had t o be executed at that port.' cases for export November opened dull but towards vama, 4o,ooo cases, Ohw and Ind1ana, 4o,ooo; 'VIs Mes srs John Stewart Oxley referrmg to the Liverpool its close an act1ve demand for old crop, Ohw, sprang consm, 15,ooo cases, Other Western States, Io,ooo cases. m:trket uys -"The tobacco market dunng the past up, of \\h1ch 1,roo cases changed hands, bes1des 300 To wh1ch must be added the old stock,47,ooo cases. month, h as been yxceedmgly acuve, and the total sales cases Q[d Connectlcut ;and zoo cases Pennsylvama were Total, 192,ooo cases Of th1s quanllty, at least-rzo,ooo are est1mated to be not less than 2,5oo hhds of all des-taken by the trade, while the domgs m the crop of 187I cases w1ll be disposed of for hom e reqmrements before cnphons Manufacturers, at length, seemed to reahze had been hmited to 3,900 cases of all kmds, of which ar.other new crop Wlll be m workmg condmon, le aVlng the fact that stnps were scarce; and those who had not r, ro8 cases for export Owmg to a demand for low 72,oo o cases, cons e quently 24,000 cases less than last repl emshed their stocks earlier m the season bought grades here and for Germany, the v o lume of sales m year for sh!p)ltng demands We lhmk that these ca11 be freely, and paid extreme Speculators, too bought December has been larger th a n IS usual at th1s season agam d1sposed of, but at that conditiOn only that prices all they could, but the1v1ews of holders were, m the rna-of the year. 1 he transactiOns were as follows Con should ru le reasonably low We must not deceiVe our jonty of cases, muc h above the1rs V1rgma stnps, of necticut and crop of r87o, Soo cases, selves of the state of affairs, our prospects for a fine sp mnmg character, changed hands at our highest of whtch for export, cases Ohw, crop of r87o, 268 la rge expo rt trade are favorable, but the pos1t1on quotatiOns, and the stock both of common and good, cases. of wh1ch for export, 268 cases Connecticut and IS very d1fferent from last year In the first place the 111 first hands, IS now very much reduced. 'There IS a Massachuse tts, crop of r87 r, r,ooo cases, ofwh1ch for ex-German ma1kets then were bare of tobacco, and so the fatr assortment of V1rgm1a leaf, on the market, and the port none, New York, crop of r87r, 532 cases of wh1ch ;xporters commenced operatwns as early as February quality generally IS tetter than we have seen for some for export, 387 cases. Oh10, crop of I87 r, i ,ooo cases, flus year there IS more than an ample supply left, both Westen stnps engaged the attentwn of buyers, of which for export, 6 oo cases Pennsylvama, crop of m first and second hands, h:!nce there will be no great and the bulk of the bus.ness transacted was m that r87r, 400 cases, of wluch for export, :rrs cases. W1s. haste or compet1t10n to replemsh We would also say, class, at pnces that must pay the sh1ppers very hand consm and othe1 \Vestern, crop of r87I, r,ooo cases of that last year, the St Dommgo, Java ami Braui tobacco somely Western leaf f9r the horne trade has ueen 111 wh1ch for export, 900 cases. Tctals-s,ooo cases; o f cropo are vety md1fferent, th1s year the latter 1s very demand, at firm, l;>trr-uot 1t hog her pnces than formerly which for export, 2 950 cases Sales of r8p crop m large and of an excellent quahty St. Dommgo, 1t IS For export t he was very good, and there are the countty to date have been 6,ooo cases Connecticut true, d1d not yield much and the quahty of 1t IS bad, still many Contmental orders that are unable to be and of which 5 oco cases Housatomc owmg to an extraordinary hot summer the Java crop IS filled owmg to the scarc1ty Marylands are without 1,5oo case s Penn;ylvama, cases Ohw, and perhaps neither as good or plentiful as m former years, change, while good colory Ohtos are sold as soon as cases W1sconsm and other Western. Sales m th1s marbut these defic1enctes are amply made up by a'\ extremely sampled" Messrs John Grant Hodgson & Co., ket during the year have been 112,115 cases against large and fine crop of tobacco m the Palantmate (Pfalz) of Liverpool report as follows-" All through the past ss,oso m 1871, and 45,ooo m 187o Recapitula tion Further, we should not forget that fillers, owmg to an month an activ e demand existed m this market for toand Class1ficat10n of the Sales of Seed Leaf 1 obacco extreme scarcity and h1gh pnces for Kentucky lugs bacco, the largest purchases bemg of Western and VI[m th1s market for the year 1872 -Crop of r87o, of all ruled very high dunng the whole season, th1s year wtth gmm stnps, at steady advancmg pnces It 1s difficult kmds, zq,54o cases, crop of r87r, Connecttcut and a large Western crop a very large proporto estimate the sales, but they can not be less than :r,soo Massachusetts, 17,zoo cases, crop of r87 r, New uon of ;''ll hbe thecoppos1te U Lastly, 1t Is hhds of all sorts, and are probably more. Western 1o,86:r cases, crop of r87r, Penns}lvama, 17,6oo cases; contemp a e Y t e erman ustom mon to m stnps sold largely for all purposes Fillers are scarcely crop of r871, Ohio, 3:t;663 cases, crop of r87 1 W1scon-crease the tanff on leaf tobacco from four, the present to be got at any pnce, any thmg colory,ssold freely and sin and Western, 13,250 cases Total, II:t,IIS cases. duty, to fourteen Pruss1an dollars a hundred we1ght, or, at extreme rates Holders of fine old cutUng and sp111-Total Pu1chases for Export 111 the year r872, crop of 111 other words, to augment 1t. about seven cents a pound mng stnps are very firm, and hold the bulk of theu 1870 of all kinds, 4,321 c .. ses Crcp of -r87r. D1rect Amencan gold Should th1s become a law, and there stock for still h1gher pnces The new stnps have purchases m the country by Exporte rs Connecllcut,-IS all hkelthood that It may, the effects of It would be moved off freely, and what are left c f them are also cases; New cases; Pennsylvama, S,ooo cases, se'(rerel.Y felt here at least m the first year of tis opera held for a further advance It is a matter of congratuOh10, ro,ooo WISconsm and \Ve ste rn, 2,ooo cases. t10n fhese, m fact, are some of the pnnc1pal pomts lation that 111 such cucumstances the trade have at Total, :ro,ooo cases Purchases m Baltimore, Con. whtch m our opmlon should be well considered by the length been enabled to advance the1r pnces of the mannecticut,cases; New York,-cases, Pennsylvama, trade Seed leaf tobacco has entered now 1nto one of ufactured article, but we fear the advance obtained can -cases, Ohio, 6,r6l cases, W1sconsm and Western, those ph;ses where It 1becomes necessary to throw a not be cons1dered adequate to the present and prospec cases; total, 6,162 cases Purchases m thiS market-retro an prospecttve g ance at the article, m order to CANED -Mr E. B Bain, one of the mspectors of Oaks (Tobacco) Warehouse, at Petersburg, Va, found a surpnse m store for h1m when he returned to ais home on Chnstma11 mght. Some admmng and un known fnend had left there for him a fine, nch gold headed cane, worth perhaps S45, but w1thout any mark or s1gn about it by which the name or identity of the donor could be discovered --" BEARING" THE Vu:a:LTA ABAJO -An Havapa cor respondent wntes The groWing tobacco crop presents a very fine appearance, but the Vuelta AbaJO tobacco IS fast losmg its quahty, and wlll soon have none of those pecuhar characteristiCS whtch formerly d1stmgU1shed 1t from tobacco grown m any other locahty The farmers, in qrder to produce large crops and fine leaves use guano to a great extent, and th1s destroys the flavor and fine s1lken appearance of the leaf PADUCAH (Kv.) AS A TOBACCO MANUFACTURING <'cCENTRE.-A correspondent w1shes us to call attentiOn to the claims of thts thnvmg tobacco entrepot as a fittmg location for tobacco factones He adds Thts mar ket has no supenor m showmg the full vanety of grades and styles of wrappers ami fillers, f o r all forms of man ufacture Our Bullard County wrappers half bnght. Mottled and rriahog hany _nval the best growth of Vtr gmta and are n ew bemg sought after far and w1de. Our fillers are une qualled and m plentiful supply" TOBACCO FACTORY BURNED Ar PET.ItRSBURG, YAOn the 26th mst., about half past-eleven o'clock at night the large tobacco factory owned and occup1ed by Mr R C. Osborne, on Jefferson Street, was d1scovered to be on fire The alarm was quickly sounded through the streets, thongh: 1t was some little time before the bells were rung The ongm of the fire IS not known, -nor the exact locahty m whtch 1t occurred, but the be.J1ef IS that the hulldmg was fired by an mcend1ary. "ll'he factory was entirely destroyed w1th all Its fixtures and stock-the latter, however, not bemg large. Mr. Osborne IS msured m the London and L1verpoo land Globe Insurance Company, m the Petersburg Savmgs and Insurance Company, and m one of the compames represented by Mr. H B Walker SOLEMN WAR.NING TO THOSE WHO CONTEMPLATE GIVING UP TOBACCO -The lnd1anapohs :Journal of the rst mst says "A young m a n named Vestal, res1dmg on East Washmgton Street, a ratlroader by occupatwn, con cluded some t1me smc e to abandon all h1s bad hab Its, ... and began by leavmg off chewmg tobacco On Sun day, he felt the appetlte returnmg, and to throw 1t off com menced drmkmg 1ce water, not stoppmg until he had swallowed, 1t IS satd, about three gallons Th1s was topped off With a quantity o f frozen meat and half a gallon of buttermilk He d1d not feel very well on Monday, and consu lted Dr W H Kendnck, who gave h1m some medtcme, but he contmued to grow worse un til l'esterday mornmg, when the doctor called m Dr. T1ce to consult on the case, but the efforts of both phys1c1ans were of no avail, as he d1ed at II o'clock m the forenoon u INCH EASE IN THE TOBACCO Ri!:VENUE -The follow ing, fwm a comparative statement prepared at the In ternal Revenue shows the mcrease or decrease of collections from sources for the first four months of the present fiscal year as compared w1th the same pe110d last year On spmts there IS an mcrease of $ I,952,764, on tobaeco, an mcrease of the collectiOns of the tax on banks and banke1 s has de creased'ir99,62o, on adhestve stamps, a decrease of $r,o;os,528; on oenalttes, there 1s an mcrease of and on sources formerly taxed, but now exempt, the statement shows a de,tease of $3,625,o83 1 he de crease of rece1pts on the above mentwned sources, where a fallm g oflf of reven ue appears, 1S solely due to leg1slatwn The total decrease IS on repeal souTces, and amounts to The total mcrease from sources taxable al1ke m r872 and r873 IS $2,875,956 The aggregate of mternal revenue rece1pts for the last quarter of the calendar year of r872, IS $26,33o,o25 :zo, a decrease from the rep01 ts for the quarter endmg De cember 31, 1871 of $3,032,53 2 57 Of busmess during the year, the C1rcular of Messrs. M Rader &.Son Seed Leaf dunng the last season has taken a position of mterest, such as It had never occupied before Owmg to the unprecedented large yield of that season 1t became a matter of great doubt, whether sufficient outleta could be fou,nd to ab sorb so large a crop Fortunately, the scarcity of low gmdes for fillers and cutungs on the contment of Eu rope came to the rt!scue, and almost two-th1rds of the entne crop has found 1ts way to that destination, our exports show, by a compilation made by our neighbors, Messrs J S. Gans & Son, a total of 96,349 r ases. Connecticut bemg very fine, was rapidly absorbed by our JObbers and m,anufacturers at 35@5oc for round crops, and but ltttle taken for export on account of the !ugh rulmg pnces Next m fineness stood Pennsylva ma, and was largely taken f or export at u}{@25c per lb for mund crolt", accordmg to assortment and quality Oh10, although httle f tt useful for good wrappers on account of white v em s, was taken by exporters as fast as lots offered at ro@nJ-'c per lb. for round crops. For some t1me back the stocks offering are hght, and selling an advance to the loss of we1ght. New York stmte was of very mixed quality, and pnnc1pally only UJeful for fillers and bmders, !>Old in lim 1ted quant1t1es for expO>rt, at Jo' perlb. round, the bulk IS held for consumptiOn at advanced r prices. Wi's consm and other Western sorts, being mostly of low qualities, sold largely for export at per lb round The new crop Seed Leaf tobacco turns out to be less large than the prev1ous one. Connecticut and Massachusetts, owmg to damage by pole-rot, the avail able crop w1ll ltke l y be reduced to J51ooo cases of a good quahty, but not as fine as the previous year. Pennsylvama w1ll furn1sh about 4o,ooo cases; this crop IS reported as very fine, however, of late we 'are not qu.te so(san2:umelabout It. The crop m this r 5,ooo cases IS .better than the last. Ohio has aga.m produced la1gely, eshmates bemg 4o,ooo cases ef some what better quahty. W1sconsm and other sec ttons fall off--estnnated at xs,ooo cases. Total of the new crop 135 to 14o,ooo cases against 175,ooo cases the prev10us year What mfiuence the tanff and tax questton m Germany, and the large crops grown there and elsewhere, Will exert on th1s artlcle remams to be seen, but we thmk that reasonable prices will enable us for the future to cons1der Seed Leaf a permanent ex port staple Total Purchases for Exportsmce r87:z.-Crop of r87o to date, 4,32 r cases Crop of 1871, Connecticut, pnr to December r, r87z, 88o cases, New York, 7,042 cases, Pennsylvama, :rJ, 153 cases; Oh1o, 46,oro W1sconsm and other Western, 12,788 cases, total, 90.233 cases, Connecticut, purchases in December, 1872, -cases, New York 387 cases; Pennsylvama, 215 cases; Oh1o, 6oo cases; W1sconsm and other Western, 900 cases, Connecticut, 8oo cases; New York, cases;, zJ,368'cases, Ohio, 46,6ro cases, Wiscon sin and other Westl

, JAN. 8 'rUE TOBACCO LEAP. 3 The annual c1rcular of Messrs. J. S. Gans& Son, re puts: Spaniah-aavana fillers; with aales of: IJ,ooo bales 10 the months of January, February and March at aearly even rates, the market did not offer any change. April holden advanced their demands, m consequence -tile sales dimmlllhecl'to 3,5oo bales. In May, the transac:tique were 6,ooo bales, at f"U prices, Rceipts ha4tillf,77 Sllles of cgars, leaf and manufactured tobacco, etc., in 1871, J9,653, 1872, S4o,733-decrease in I872, Jso,9J0.40 16tal m J87Jl $9,s6s..t8J.o8, $1o,o46.637.67; agaregate iacrease in rlfw, aggregate decreaae, Jt,o,Bv THE ERIE RAILROAD.-E. M. Wnght & Co., IJ The LoulsVllle House sold 79 hhds:-6 hhds Ken hbds, P Qnin & Co, u do; D. J. Garth, Bon & tucky leafat Jrs each. 48 hhds do at n each. 25 hhus Co., 4 do: Ottmger Brothers, 4 do; A. C. L. .& 0 do new leaf, and trash at I 1, ll9o, 8 2g, S.30, 7.So, Meyer, 54 do, P Lonllard & Co., 10 do : J. D Keilly, 7?o, 7 7o, 7 .25, 7 20, 7 ro, 7, 7, 6 90, 6 90, 6 So, 6.8o, Jr., 1 o, Oelnchs & Co., 49 do, Barclay & L1ving6.70, "'10 6.:40, 6 40, 6 40, 6.30, 6, 5 35 ston, 8 o. The Farmers' House sold 53 hhds -33 hhds KenBY HensoN RIVER' loU y old leaf: 5 at Irs, IJ 25, r "So, 12 so, n; 19 at agamst i4 the previous week. No offerings have been made on the breaks and the following quotations are nommal. We quote old crop-Inferior and lightweight lugs, $6@7; planters' lugs, $7@B, common lea( S 75, med1um sluppmg leaf, gl'Od do, so@ @10. medmm manufactunng leaf, f,o 5o@ros good do, lli@IS; bnght wrappery leaf, $2o@3o; ttue bright do, New crop-<:ommon and rnedium grades may Sonll,, cases. 9 at each. 9 hbds do New leaf at IJ.7S, ;Bv NATIONA.L Lnu:-Iihanzl It Dorm\tzer, 32 Io, 9.8o, 9so, 9.25, 9, 8 90, 8.50 I r hhds do, lugs, romd ."-ugust, lwles better grades ha4 been at &teai.JtJ'a.ll rata. The market had by that smoking tobacco trade IS apparently ne1ther better nor worse than whe\l last reported, a moderate aggegate the result of the week's transactions. cases, order, 2 hhds. at 7 7, 7 Jo, 7.2 _oJ 7 ro, 691,6.6 6.30, 6.30 B= TreN .. Yo" Hv-..N STEAMBOAT 5.90. LIN ncer B The Plalitors Hoae .OW 26 hhds KentUcky -leaf and ltecome Cl)d tobacco in tl.rst bands. In Scovill 34 do ; L. & L. &-1ugs at IrS., 'l(, 10 so, 9?o, 9, 9, 8 8o, 8 4 o, Was IU'ri\liagfreely, the bade,tak1a the old, thl!" o( all Cgars-The c1gar market IS steady, but without noticeable feature. A meeting of the trade is spoken of to consider what may or shall be done m relation to the pos1tion assumed h)> the Transportation -companies on the subject of c1gar fre1ghts. C. L Holt, 32 do. 8.30, 8 20, 8.20, 8 zo, 8, 8, 81 1o, 7 7 ro, 7i0, Bv OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-A D 7, <6.6o, 6 6o, 6 so, 6 so, 6 so Chock! 3 hhds; Oelrichs Jc Co., 37 de; 1'. LoJil The Kentucky Tobacco AaSoc1ation sold. 23 hhds lard & o., 1 do, 3 trcs ; R. W Cameron "Co 40 hf Kentuek leaf and lugs at I! 2, 9, 8 20 8. I o, 8 7 6o, trcs, 54 qtr trcs, 6o cases-; E. Du Bois, 90 do, 20 do, 7.6o, 7 4o, 7 40, 7-.JO, 7 3o, 7.10, 7.1o 7, 6.85, 6 7o, 6 so, 6o hlf zo 'qtr bases; M. Lindbrq, !7 cases, 6.40, 6.40, 6.2o, 6.2o, 6.10,, 6. were la Octoberr the sales had been lllllia ._ry, howeft!', new tobacco. In lfoveulber, the arrivali continued on a liberal scale, the ere 5>500, bales. In December, a moderate amount of business has been done, the sales embrace -'ooo bale, Yara-This sort has been but moderately dealt m. The aggregate of sales up to the en @48 Fn .. 12"@13 Oomm8 CIMJ.:IltJUit omd w""'"' Dislrict Qoamr .Poloocy Naccor -LonglO's fll @50 hands _' ______ -438 372 79 15 the greater part of last month, the sales foot up 933 hhds against n2o hhds the month prev1ous The marIJz ket the month was actJve and firm and pnces were well sustamed for all grades The supply was not Com V> good l ugo f'e and f4 Low m e d ium leal 10)(@12 Lad1 Ftrtgera Roll s G 'i Good to fine 15 6 Pocket p,..,.,. f6 C TotaL __ .. .3,866 Wrappers, ftr 18 @18 Brlgbt l'wl!t (Va) U mch ..,; @65 d o llrlgbt ... 26 @76 Bright Gold Haro, i m o b ;s @38 Smokers 12 @40 Rougb & Ready 60 @;l Grand totaL ________________ .. ____ ... _____ 6,908 equal to the demand, and hence the hi,:h prices, as The warehouse accounts show the further figures of noted m my quotations as above. That the present Primwp ........ IX@ 6 Bz..t.Cll Naor..Poulldl-l"iBe f8 llledJumaa4lhHtrecl 9Jt@l2 Medium a9 @40 mtcrest ruling pnces can be .kept up no one Will adm1t, but how Com to mod -leol l)t@ll Na!Ufi HaJ,f 1 """diana T/nrdoJanuary r, r872, stock m warehouses and on sh1p much lower they w 1ll be IS a ql!estton that facts and board not hbds s,74S figures ought to answer. W'ht lst I lo o k for some lower Fine opangled to vellow 12 @26 Fine 42 @46 JlarytaAd-P'et.'d tO oom H edmm .. 40 842 mon 6 13 7 Qlartcr .Pol per ll 00@75 00 SeleciiOill! "" eo @75 do Oonn lleed. 1M> 00@40 ou Secondo .. .. do do Beooncll 110@110 00 Plllore.. U @le New York Seed OODD X. W rappen 10 @'() wrapper .. 25 00@10 00 TotaL __ -----------------------------56,954 A Delivered smce Jan t to 31, ---------5o,o46 Leaves stock m warehouses and on sb1p board not cleared, January r, I873 as above --6,9o8 Pt.,.IT11: &ea .LMtf-Penn do do do 17 oo A eorted lots. 10 lil26 Ohio do do do 17 oo 25 oo The market for all descnpt1ons may be wntten firm 1r,'le;..j,"""'""'"" u 4i1U eon,;.:;:o, .. OQpiKl and our quotauons are unchanged smce our last The Wrappera 22 C Common ... 15 oo clearances for the week were only 317 hbds to Lt ver A-rted l<>tl II Cberoolo &nd Slue. 10 ( 12 ()(I l l!'Jllen .... ... 11 u Sntdyfoo& -!16@-90 Fillera 10 810H (J(lmmon ..... ---@Merchants, report as We note a very dull 1 :,?!,= ...... -----It liilS6 Genue....., -J.J: iness m manufacture d tobacco thiS week, with v ery A .. or'.ed Loll ll @16 Dlol "QuMlj ... .. hght sales, and small rece1pts, as follows G S Wallti Fillero .. 10 @10)0 o n ote 26 & C 1. '" A B d & C d N..., York Bu .lMI,f.-LaCorooadeEapna 26 o., 53 uoxes cy, OJ 0.1 I07 0 ............ 18 856 :2 M e ssrs R1cards Leftw1ch & C:o.'s C1rcular IS folAortedlolo 12 @WI "G o f60 Ill_.. 29!> lows .-In makmg our annual report we regret to nouce Fillen 11 "It G" 'G011iCUM 29!> t b :v t b d wu...-Bt I872,compared w1thwhat we antic1pated from p rev i o us l'i11on .. ... .. .. .. .. I fiij IX "WyUie EJ: "fGO lba. net 29 h 1 c ;rca",, 28 year's operatiOns, w 1ch summed up a greater total than Hu":Fu do :cwr:;o : 111; .. .... any before in th1s market. Early m the season do Fine 18'.1 10 "IIIF .. 29 ers seemed unwilling to buy freely w1th the h1gh rates .. .. .. :. :l of fre1ght and advance m pnces The trade finally be "0 s 211 came apathetic, though factors held the1r stocks firmly IMPORTS Rece1pts were matenally dimm1shed, and throughout The arrivals at the port of New York from fore 1gn the season, dealmgs were almost solely restncted to ports for the week endmg January 7, mcluded the transactions with the home trade We w nd up the followmg conaignments : year with the very small stock of 325 hhds, 239 of wh1ch ALICANTE-Gomez & Argu1mbau I,IQ9 bales are in first hands. Virgmta tobaceo has been dealt m root. to extent of about 4,ooo hhds for export and h ome GLAsGOw-Order, I,JJ5 boxes p1pes trade, the bulk being m transit for the contment of EuMALAGA-Latasa & Co. 400 pkgs licence root rope, for wh1ch latter purpose also there have been ta MAMILLA-W. G Labatt, 12 cases c1gara order, 20 ken some J,8oohhds of V1rgima stems Marylands and do. 0/uQs have been m demand throughout the entue MARSBILLES-E Fougera & Co 110 cases liconce year. Of the present stocks there are m first hands JUice, x roq bales do root 258 hhds of the former and 342 hhds of the latter. SEVILLE-}. Osborne, Son c\ Co I,092 bdls llconce "-11th mcreased facilitieS for ocean fre rghts, durmg I873 root we look for a considerable 1mprovement m the export H. Cole & Oo 2JO cases licence paste. trade. orJer, 6 9o do, 3 458 bales do root BOSTON, :Januaty 4 -Messrs McElroy Brothers, HAVANA-V. Mantlnez Ybor, 44 bales; Palmer & Tobacco CommiSSion Merchants, report as follows Scoville, 6o do Schroeder & Bon, 282 do: F. M1randa : The demand for manufactured Tobacco has been good 391 do, F. Marquez, 250 do; We1l & Co, 238 do; L. since the rst lnst, The Trade replacmg stock, cons1d F. Auja, 310 do; Kremelberg & Co., 347 do, H. Schuerably reduced, as 1s usual the latter part of the year. bart & Co., 374 do; E Pascual Brother & Co, 122 do, There 1s no ctlange to note m leaf tobacco Ha,emeyer & Vigelius, 251 do; Carl Upmann, 45 do; CINCINNATI, .iltttm/Jtr 28 -Mr F A Prague, Chas F. Tag & Son, 67o do, Robt A. Olmstedt, 382 Leaf Tobacco Inspector, wntes as follows: The offer A. Gonzalez, 307 do, F. W. Junge & Co, 25 do, F. Garmgs at auctwn for the past week, as usual dunng the Cia, 452 do, M RIVera & Co, 2I do, Th. H. Messen_ger holidays, scarcely amounted to any ilimg, there bemg & Co, 17 do, G. T. Mather, 87 do; Chas. T. Bauer & only two sales, wh1ch were m tile former part of the Co., 24 do, 4 cases Cigars; M. & E Salomon, 651 do, 6 week, and were confined to Phister's and Bodman's do, Jos. A Vega & Co, 150 do, 2 do; F Alexandre & warehouses, as follows: 9IS do, 5 do; Kunhardt & Co., 473 do, I do; At the Phtster Warehouse, 27 hbds Mason County, Fred k De Bary & Co., 1 case c1gars, G W Faber, 1 do; Ky., trash, and lugs : 18 at $S 8o@9.55, 9 at ro@ E Carples, :z do; Robt E Kelly & Co, 6 do, Renauld, 12 & Co, 6 do, Howard Ives, 6 do; J. C. HoffAt the Bodman Warehouse, 3 hhds and 42 boxes. I meyer, 5 do; L. Benpmm, 1 do; Sutro & Newmark, 1 hhd Mason County, Ky., at J?.so; 2 hhds Owen do; J. Eppmger & Co, 2 do, J.S Watts, 2 do; Pond & County, Ky. at I7; 14 hhds Owen County, Sage, I do; Moses Taylor & Co, I do, Park & Tilford, at pnvate sale: 1 :z at 15, :z at 17 so; 42 boxes common 1 :z do; Acker, Mernll & Cond1t, 24 do, W H. Than as W1sconsm seed fillers and binders : 28 at 3 90@7 .90 & Brother, 57 do, C Meyer, 3 do, M. Meyer & Co 1 I4 at 8 30@9 zo do, Gossler & Co. 1 do, John BaLlard, I do; E. P. QuotatiOns of manufactured tobacco Vtrgm1a, Beach, IO do, J Haya, 1 do; E. F Dav1dson & Co., x bnght, pounds, 55@8o, halves, 45@53, quarters, 45@ do; George J Muller 2 do; Mcllvame & Baldwin t do; 53 fives, 45@53, tens, 47@52. Dark, pounds, 43@ AtlantiC Steamship Co, so bales, order, 95 do. 46, halves, 43@46; quarters, 43@46, fives, 43@46, EXPORTS tens, 45@47, Bnght, pounds, 55@75; halves 45@53; From the port of New York to foreign ports, other quarters, 45@53; fives, 45@53' tens, 48@52 Dark, h E h pounds, 48@53, halve&, 45@55; quarters, 45@55, fort e week endmg January I, fives, 45@55' tens, 43@45 Fancy, long tens, none; 1bs lady finger, do, pocke. pieces, 45@53; bnght twist, A1lGENTINE REPUBLIC-55 bales, $1,299 23,07.3 SS@7 S mfd, $4 833 BRAZIL-201 bales, 5 594 :January 4.-The business done in leaf tobacco of BRITISH HoNDURAS-2 hhds, ISH, 5 bales, JJS the past week has been comparatively small. The of BRITISH W:s:sT INDIES-I,647 Jbs mfd JJ2&. fermgs were few and were mamly of the med1um CunA-6,9SJ lbs mfd, $1,607. grades Prices as a general thing were satisfactory. DurcH W-..ST INDIES-II bales, J131, 1 ,6 34 lbs mfd, The market for seed IS firm, w1th an active clemand for s3s8. good Ohio seed wrappers and" fillers. The offenngs VENEZULA-4 hhds, 4 454 Jbs mfd, $r,409 were 59 hhds and 54 boxes, as follows 30 bhds Mason To European ports for the week endmg January 7 County, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf: 9 at $8@9.95, 12 at BREMIUI-I8o hhds, 177 do stems, 1 ,215 cases ro@r4 75; 9 at 15@24.25 3 hbds Brown County, GIBR.ALTAR.-S6 bhds, 68 cases, 7 ,S66 Jbs mfd Ohw, lugs at ro 7S@IJ 23 hhds Owen County, Ky., HAMBUXG-3I cases trash, and lugs: 3 at 9 20@9 95; 10 at r6@14 p. 3 LIVERPOOL-53 hh11s, ru, 203 Jbs mfci hhds and 2 boxes West V1rgmia I at 7 so, 2 at 8, RoTTIUtDAK-203 cases, 17 do cuttings. 9 25 2 at, u. 51 cases Oh10 seed tillers and DOMESTIC RECEIPTS: 7 at 6.7o@7 ; zs at 8@9 So; IO at ro@ figures, paymg more for crops round than they dtd last year, adm1ttmg at the same time that the crop 1s a much la1 ger. one They are not only sweepmg ever,thtng in th e1r res pect1ve d1stncts, but are gomg mto entuely new d tstncts creating an excitement and feelmg by theu eagerness to buy, a n d h1gh pnces, that can only re su lt 111 lo s s under the most f'\Yorable Circumstances In a good many the farmers have realized one dollar pe1 humlled poumls more than they antiCipated W1th this state of thmgs I cannot form any correct as to pnces The only g oo d that can come out of 1t is, that t w 11l encourage and stimulate the fa1mers to pttch another l a rge c rop and I hear that they are makmg preparations to do so The large quantity of tobacco that wrll be put up m stnps and dry leaf for the Eng hsh ma1 kets wll reduce cons1derably tile offenngs on the open break markets o f th e West thereby havmg a tendency to keep up pnces unt1l late m the season, when the vreparatwns ana p 1tchmg of another large crop may exert some mfluence on the bold and fearle5s operators. It IS estimated that there w 11l be from rS to 2o,ooo hbds of stnps put up m the West th1s year, agamst s,ooo bhds last year. The wea t h e r turn ed warm seve1al days ago, and a gentle ram has been fallmg for two days, w1:h flattermg prospects of,1ts contmmng sev e! a! days longer, and the farmers are havmg a fine sea son f o r stnpp1ng and prizmg their tobacco, so during the next ten days we may expect large reeeipts and a better cia's of tobacco Bl ,tc k, m a hogany and bngh t wrappe1s wl! come forward lhts season and the manu facturers can have the1r orders filled NEW ORLEANS, January I.-We report as fol lows The sales have been onlv 2 hhds at pnvate terms We continue our quotatiOns, but prices paid have been somewhat better ; they are as follows Jugs at 8@9c, low le a f at me_c:hum at good at and fine and selections at The supply on sale IS estimated at 700 bhds The rece1pts were 2 hhds exports, 290 hhds to Bremen and 17 5 do to Genoa. The stock on hand and on sh1pboard not cleared on the JISt ult, 6,545 hhds. The market for manufactured is qu1et. There has been a fa1r demand from the local trade; stock was full We quote : No. r, lbs, extra oo, fine, 65@7oc, fine medmm, 6o@6sc ; good medmm, 55@6oc, me so@55c; common, sound, 4S@soc, gold bars, I2 mcb, 6 oz, 7 oz and 4 oz, accerdmg to quahty, 55@ ?SC; medmm and common unsound 30@4oc, half lb s bright, 45@6oc ; do sweet 46@4S ; No r, s s and ros dark black, aweet, 4S@soc; navy,lbs, 45@5oc, navy, 3ds, 4S@soc fancy styles, natu1al leaf, twtst, pancake, etc., 6o@8oc The arnvals were 569 pkgs !PHILADELPHIA, .Dmm6tr 30 -Mr. E W. D1c.k, mson, reporter for the Tobacco Trade o'f Philadelphia wntes as follows I gve you below someo of the results of my in vestigat10ns of the amount of busmess done 1n our !me m this ctty this year 1872. Sud Ltaj-The aggregate sales of seed leaf amounts m round numbers 'a ( r8, ooo) eighteen thousa nd cases, but some of these changed hands two and three tllnes before 1t reached th e manufacturer I estimated (I2, soo) twelve thousand five hundred d1fferent cases were bought m PhiladelpA1a In 1872, for our own t rade. Fully two thirds of this was taken by our own c1gar manufacturers, showmg an mcrease of (2,ooo) two thou sand cases over 1871 in the capacity of our c1oa r manu facturers The. home consumption bemg (6 ooo) s 1 x thousand cases m 187I and (8,ooo) e1gbt thousand ui 1872. The leaf trade for the first mne months was very sat ISfactory, but "Mr. Trade," left llll the fall and did not 1eturn. "Mr. Qu1et hiS successor did not drive busi ness mu ch Westem Leaf-Sales aggregated about ( 1,400) fourteen hundred hhds. Stock on hand (6oo) Six hundred hhds Ma11ujactured-Smoldng tobacco trade bas been good but the abqhtion of the Bonded Warehouse system p1 duced such: a.. change m jrlsstti worJt, 1 e the of buymg and sellmg of 1t, that this branch of the trade suffered greatly. Trade fell off about one-th1rd The total rece1pts from for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1872, were hJ,736,r7o 52 Compared With the total receipts for the fiscal year ended June 30, rip, the followmg results are shown I872, chewmg tobacco and snuff, JI8,674,569,2I6; 187I ho,fJ771717. 84, showmg a decrease m class 32 cents of Jz,ooJ,I48-58; I892, smoking tobaceo, scraps, shorts, etc., Js,896,Jo6 I871, k,88s,S2I.SJ, showmg an increase tn class 16 cents of Jr,OI3,384o; 1872, c1gars, cheerots, l7,566,156.86; 187r, $6,s98,r73 24, showing an increase on c1gars, etc. of $967 983 62, 1872, from sale of export stamps, 153,576 25, I87I, $66,147 oo de crease from sale of export stamps, f, r 21,5 70 7 5 ; I87 2, from dealers m leaf tobacco h6o,487.62; 1S7I, la:n,66I 98 mcrease, J38 ,825.64; 1872 from dealers in manufactured tobacco fr,ro2,357S9, 1871, J97o, OI?.CJ6, mcrease $1321339 43, I872, from special taxes of tobacco and manufacturers, 'I82,816 31 ; r8.7I, 62,3673, increase, l2o,44S.9S, sbowmg an mcrease m the total receipts from the manufacture and sale of to bacco, m all its forms, m 1872, of Jr 57,263 34 The quantity of tobacco represented by the collection of taxes from thts source for the fiscal year el!ded June 30, 187 a, IS as fo}lows: chewmg tobacco snuff, etc class 32 cents, sS,358,o29 pounds, smokmg tobacco, scraps, aborts, etc. class 16 cents,36,Sso,290 pounds, exported to fore1gn countries, 9,565,981 pounds; excess m ware house, June 30, r87s, over June 30, 1S7r, 2 4S5,555 pounds--total product for the year, I071z6o,855 pounds The 16 cent. class was mcreased m 1S72 '?1 6,333,654 pounds, whtle the 32 cent class was dimi'lilsh,!!d by 6z,59,839 pounds, facts due to the prospective change m the tax rates The number of c1gars cheroots on wh1ch taxes were collected, m rS72, was r,527, 705,972. There was remaimng m store m the several export bonded warehouses, on the rst of July, 1871, 5,6501597"pounds of tobacco, placed i n bond dunng the fiscal year ended June 30, 1872, 21,194,662 pounds--total, 26,845,259 pounds; withdJ awn for ex port during the year 1S72, 9,565,981 pounds; w1thdrawn oa payment of tax, 91143,126 poundstotal wnhdrawn, r8,7o9,107 pounds, and leaving a balance m warehouses on July r, 1872, of 8,rJ6,1IS2 pounds, the last of whu:h was Withdrawn December, 6, 1872 The total receipts from the tobacco mterest from September r, 1862, the commencement of the revenue system, to June, 30, 1872, amounted to oo,213,S37 Durmg this period the rece1pts from chewmg tobacco and snuft' were II3I,t8s,sor; from smokmg t obacco f23, 6JJ,I46, and from c1gars, $J9,753,395 The number of pounds of tobacco, of all kinds, and snuff returned for tax was 6o:Z,J02,045 The number of cigars on which the tax was paid amounted to 7,7s8,8zo ,6o9 A 'comparison of the returns for the first quarter of the present w1ili the same penod of the precedmg fiscal year gives the following results july I, 187 I, to September 30, 1S7I-cigars, cheroots, and cigarettes, ,86J,9B9.I!7 for the same penod m 1872, $2,199,53797-increase in 1872, I335,54S.Io; snuff, in I871, Juo,SI7.o3, 1872, Jzs8,352 ?r-mcrea&e m 1872, Jr48,135 68; manufactured tobacco of all des< riptions in IS71, J7,oll9 ,994; I872, 7,07I,847 u-decrease m IS72, ,I47os. Stamps for tobacco or snuff intended for export m 1871, $r9,ro4 oo; 1872, $I,342.8o--decrease 1a 1872, lr7,76I.2o; dealers m leaf tobacco in r871, fJo,S4Sr, 1872, J29,143 I6-decrease in Jr,oii.JSi dealera in manufactured tobacco m I871, h22,273, The arnvals at the port of New York from domeshc mterior and coastwise ports for the week ending January 7, Were 378 hbds, J trcs, 130 hlf trcs, 74 qtr trc&, cases, no bales, 381 th1ee-quarter boxes, 6o hlfboxes, 20 qtr boxes, 88 cases cigars, r crate reed stems, con-signed as follows 14 so 5 at 15 zs@rS so 3 at 20@22. LOUISVILLE, :January 3.-We report as follows The market 1s active, with small receipts, and at steady prices. The 1mports were for the week, 133 bhds, I43 boxes, and the exports, UQ hhds, I,.Ju boxes. The sales at the different wareho111es for the same time were uS hhps, as follows SAN FRANCISCO, Dl(tm/Jer 27 -The Commewal Herald reports as follows. The market is fully supplied for the wmter trade, havmg recently rece1ved cons !der supplies of Virgima manufactured, overland In the absence of reported sales we know of no marked changes since the last auction sale, noted a week ago. The exports were IJ cases to Panama and 4 do, I do Cigars to the Sandw1ch Islands. There are now on their way to th1s port, from domestic Atlantic ports, 203 hhds and I,ol'-s cases. -ST. LOUIS .D1(tm/Mn7.-Mr. J. E. Haynelj, To bacco Broker, reporta aa follows : .Received 6 h)lds I quoted at from to h oo I less than old to-Quotatio ns of tobacco -Virginia, bnght, 46@4.8: Vargaua, halves, 1:-right, 48@5o; V1rgima, quarters, bnght, 4S@5o, V1rginia, lives, bnght, 4'7@49 ; Vtrgma, tens, bnght, 53@55, Yugmia pounds dark, 44@46, Virginia, halves, dark, 44@46 'virginu-; dark, 44@46; V1rguria, fives, dark, 44@-46; Alrgm1a, tens dark, .. Western, pounds, bright, 45@47i Western, halves, bnght, 45@47 Western quar ters, 48@5o, Western, bnght, 48@so; Western, tens, 52@55; Western, pounds, dark, 43@45, Western, halves, dark, 43@45; Western, quar ters, dark, 43@35 Western fives, dark, 43@45; Wes tern, tens, 43@45; Western, long tens, fancy, 53@ 5s; Western, lady finger, fancey 6S@7o.; Western, pocket pieces, 'ancy, Western, bngbt twtst, 66@68 FOREIGN. LIVERPOOL, Dtctmber I4.-Mr F W. Smythe, To bacco Broker, reports Th1s tobacco market bas been ammated by a good general demand during the week JUSt ended, not only manufac turers but dealers and ex porters have purchased to a respectable extent The first two classes of customers wanted stnps but as th e stock oo sale was small, business wa' by tile h1gh rates wh1ch holders demanded. Exporters bought about 70 bhds for the Contment, but little orfnothmglfor Afnca The qulk of the transactions was consequently m leaf Pnce s generally speakmg were well mam tam ed there was some inqlllry for Marylands with color but y l 1 tlle W a S done m them :substitutes small su1- ply, without l sales to report. t Cavendish dull Imports smce rst mst, 782 hhds Del1venes 936 My monthy Circular ofth1s date says The stock of United tobacco here as stated m Dock returns annexed was r8,o74 hlftl s on 30th November, agamst 28,o83 a t same date year, showmg a decrease of 10,oo9 hhds The combmed stock s m Liverpool a:td London, were as follows at the close of first eleve n months of 1871 and 1872 Ltverpool, 2.499 VI, I,6 ro Vs, 6,713 Kl 5,7oo Ks, 1,552 Mds; total, 18,074 London, 2,272 VI, 976 Vs 2,432 Kl, 6,887 Ks, 2,266 Md s, to tal, 14,833 Stock N ovembe r 30, 1872, 4,77I VI, 2,586 Vs, 9,145 Kl, 12,587 Ks, J,8r81Mds, totals 32,907. Stock Novembe1 30, r87r, 4.435 Vl, 3,328 v,., 13,873 KI, 22, 594 Ks, J,zor Mds; total, 47.431, exhtbltmg a de crease of 14,524 hhds, compnsmg 10,749 Strips and 3,77 5 Leaf From Board of Trade returns to November 3 0, JUSt rece1ved the followmg extracts Imports for the month endmg November 30, 187o 6,824,56r, I87r, 2,826,294 1872, 4,295,544 Home consumptiOn for the month endmg November 30, r87o, 3,6rr,4o5, 187I, J,699t o ; 18'72, 317SI,J52 Exports for the month en d tng November 30, r87o, r,I30159Si 187!, r ISJ,868, 1872, I 07J,26z. Imperts for the eleven months endmg No vember 30, 187o, 41,262,420 1871, 7o,878,4r3; 1872, 39,334,634i Home consumptiOn for the eleven months end1n g November 30, I870,J7,354,504j 187f,s8,347,7o 3; r87 2, 39,217,SS7 Exports for the eleven months ending November 30, t87o, 9 570,648, I87r, r2,952,212, 1872, 12,838,oS2 Unmanufactured tobacco m all bonded warehousesm UnitedKmgdom November JO, I87o, ss.-37J,824 lbs, I871, 73 ,523,o113 lb s, r 87z, 57,232,J21 Jbs. Throughout all N ovember the total sales of Western and V1rgima tobacco exceeded a monthly aveJ age ex tent, generally. speakmg, pnces were qmle full, and in some transactiOns an advanc e was pa11l for stnps, wh1le leaf was bought at previous pnces Western and V1r gm1a strips-The stock on sale bemg comparatiVely small holders demanded pnces which cu5tomers were reluctant to pay, consequenlly tbe busmess done m th1s denommat10n of tobacco was l nmted Western and Vugima Leaf-The supply bemg liberal, buye1s found no d1fficulty in gettmg wha t theyreqmred at former figures, consequently the bulk of the busmess done was m dry leaf In Afncans the sales were qu ite small, sh ippers not bemg m want Marylands-In moderate demand Cavend1sh-Sellmg o nly m a 1 etail way for sh1p stores. LONDON, .December 12.-Messrs. Gr,mt, Chambers & Co reports as follows : Although th e market for Umted States tobacco contmues very firm at top pnces. the1e has been but few transactions dunng the past week, buyers bavmg prevwusly supplied their wants for some tune to come ; holders show not the least mclmatwn to submit to the she:hest abatement. Western leaf bas been_but little operated m, and for stnps there has been but few mqumes V1rgima leaf when of bnght color commands full rates, and sells freely, stnps con tmue to be h eld above the v1ews of buyers, therefore: there bas been but httle done. -Maryland and Ohio-= For the former there has been more mqmry and but little is now to be had for the latter, demapd has only been 1or the yellow and dry classes has been But little operated m, pnces contmue firm Thursday, D e cmtlier I9 -Messrs Grant, Chambers, & Co report as follows The market fo1 all descnptlons of Umted Stales tob acc o has been extremely firm but qmet dunng the past week, holders show no m clmatwn to submit to the least abatement on top market rates, lookmg for even h1gher prices durmg the early part o f next year, the stock bemg barely suffic1ent for the demand until the next Import Western Ieaf and hav e been m moderate demand, buyers only havmg tak en such they needed for th e ir Im mediate wants Vtrgmia leaf and stnps both of bnght color and dark nch quahties have sought after. Maryland and Ohw ba,e been but httle inquued for; a fatr supply of the former IS now on sale Cavendish has b ee n -lull of sale, there IS a large supply now on the market Advertisements. NO TICE-MR FRANK McCOY HAS AN lNTERESI IN OUR firm to date from January I 1 ht: name of the firm remams unchanged -New York, Jan 6, 1873 PALMER. & Sc;OVJLLE 411 I t TOBACCO FAC!ORY FOR SALE, Wlth Stem an<\ HJdrauhc Power Plant capal:t,.. or manufactunng F1fteen Hundred Pounds per day Butldmg at a modera1 e rental, If Box 141, p o' 411 2 t THE CO-partne r::;htp heretofore ex1shug b ctw(!e n the understgned the l\1rm ofF W 1AIGENHORS1 & CO, th1s day beer: dtssolved, by mutual consent, e1ther partner t s authortSt:d 11 !!1gn he n of the Fum m hqutdatJon -Ne:w YoRK, Jam14111 1 s:8?3 L W GUNTHER of Baltimore F W TATGENHORST, of New York The unders1gned herewttb begs to tnform the public that he wJll con General Commtssion Bu.tneJS 10 his own uame and Naw YoRK, Januaf'tl F W TATGENHORST 41l tt 68 Broad St,, cor of Beaver, New' York A RARE CHANCE TO BE L ET-CHEAP-<>r For Sale price only 00 a year, at LOC'UST GROVE NEWIOIVN, Longl!!land a FINE COUNTRY SEAT ooiUistiDg of a. NE'V HOUSF.,. or 8 rooms, WIUt hal!aD-a.cE8 of Ga.rden, F;uJt Tnee, Grape Arbor, Stable, etc ettu.ated between 3 depots 'bn the Ra I road and only ts mmutee from euh depot:, 22 trams dail;r. {!) mmutes to New York Coty !Dqwre olllce ot lobi8 paper ati7 UO.l:' B rOBAOCO PLANT-A llON' l'liLY JV ....... ,,u. !ur t:.mokna &t No 10 Lord Nel se n .,.re.-t, vcqmo l J:.u& l antl. wllera subecnpbons Ul\y be addresaed, or to the TosAC(;O LEAP VFP'lC& .Pr 1 ce two sllilhng1 (l!:vgJiFb) per annum Trade Advertisements, 20 par inch. No advertise -ne nt.s t for a pb nrter penod than 811 mouths Machine"'Y for E&.JP. lJuslncss Ad d re,.. .. 65, A tJuou n ccment. .. &o. Is per Hne No or .. : e r o r Ad' crttf3HJJ:t v. 1 1 IJo cou ttdetArt &<:companied by the c rre ponding amouut Thi!j rub w1{ invariably b e a-lhered to. -:_, ---FOREIGN DtiTIES ON TOBAcco:--- byln France, Ita ly and Spam, the tobacco commerce 1s moncpohzed government, under dtrecho n of a Regte Jn Germany tbe duty nn Amerf. can leaf tobacco IS$4 per 100 tbs In Belg t um the t.mpost JS reckoned after deductmg 1S per cent. for tare The dutys 13 rrancs, 20 cenbmes ($2 -40 gold) per 100 Ktlog-rammes (roo American lbe. eqaal kllos) Jn Holland the dutt is 28 cents. gold, per 100 lulos ('So American pounds bemg equal to 127 In Russta the duty oa leaftom.cco is roubles, ,.a copelts per pud on smokmg tobacco a6 rou 40 cop per pud, a.nd on ctgan :2 rou cop. per pound Tbe pod' is equal to about 36 Amenf'.an lbs I a Tur.U, the d\lty ia oW centa, gold, Auaencau ou.o cea


.. I'HE TOBAVeO LEA.I'. J.N. 8 l!iew York Commillion lllerohaate. fiE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, ESTABLISHED IN I8J6, BY' CHAJU.ES M. CONNOLLY. G UIIDL --0 0. n.&.lliLTOll'. L ll.UIQ, NEW YORK SeedLeaf Tobacco Inspection. ln11pectcd Gl' ialnpled, Cert>ficates given for eTery cue, and deli'l'tlre6 oase, M &o --of Cer llaate. N.B.We also ifl .llM'ChaAt&' ow.. F. C. LINDE a. CO., ;>KJNCIPA.L OFFICI!'-142 Waler 8&reel. *' W A.REROUSEs-142 'aaer1t '13 F'rona, 'l'-1, '16 ancl '18 Greenwlela ... l.lL '1 and. 8 ll'ruloon Hhe r Ua'l Uoacl Depo .. 81. John' Park. P o Box4.tss. 6 CEDAR STREET. NEW Blakem.ore, Mayo & Co., JOUPH ctvnr CHAs BILL, J'l TOBACCO AND COTTON P. QVDII' tk CO., :COMMISSION .MERCHANTSP To :4 4.1 BRoAD ST., No. 39 Broad Street, NEW,YOK; NEW YORK. G. F ALK-BRO., EED LEAF AND HAVANA TOBAC'CO, 17 J WATER STREET, NEAR BURLING SLIP', NEW YORK. G. FALK. A. FALK. TOBACCO LA;'BELs, 1 For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, FURNISHED BY THE BA fOB LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, LITHOG R.A.PHERS, 32 & 34 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, e AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. e f' C. H C J:FE.AS. G JUNICU, ..,. QBIIBRIS & Co. lbtn11'AOTURDI OP ritz 0JILUBA.TBD .. ..... ., l4 Oat ..I.,, .4N. ow IIPABia AND Packers of Tobacco. ,. :t G. W. HILLMIN & CO COMMISSION MERCHANTS IJIT MlNUFACTUBID '/ lOB FRDIT STREIT, lEW YOU, SOLE AGENTS IN NEW YOBX FOR Fruits and Flowers, Commonwealth, Planters' Pride Etc., Etc. RAIL ROAD MILLS ala.ccoboy Snuff, French Ba.ppee Snuff, AmericAn Qeftt. Sftutf, Y.OI ' ...... BULK LEt MOORE & l:a VIRGINIA IIIEIIELBERG & CO., 160 Pun ST., New YORJt. J D. KREIELBERG & CO., BALTIIIORB, MD. IUIEIIO.IERG. SCHaEFER & CO., NRW 0RLE.AMS, LA. E. & G FRIEID & C8 n&ALER8 nr Leaf Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, .Eow .um PBIZND, l .. .Ja.f NEVI YORK M. WESTHEIM & 00., Bcotck Snuf'f', Seed-Le a f and Importers ot Lundy Foot Snuff', Havana Tobacco, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLO\VING BRANDS OF PURE VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCO, Road, -viz= TOBACCO Our Choice, .... D Pride of He .. ...,. Conn ..... -_, ,..3 168 WATER STREET, Colorado, Nxw voKK, H ve"" sale all klndo of Leaf Tobacco for Export and Black T for Home ALSO Cig--..:rEi!!' AND FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO; ,, .133 Water and 86 Pine Streets, NewYoJ.Ok. Poe Price List : adelress or ap ply as above C. 28 Beaver st., Ne"W Yorli., \ Ottinger & Brother, KENTUCKY Lo&f 119 PEARL STREET, NEW YO.;IUCe 'WILLIAM K. PRICE&. to., LEAF TOBACCO, 119 Ma.lden Lane, WK. X Pnrcs, I 11 A r NI:W VOBB :W. C. HOEFERS & CO., o L iOIAF ANTtrB A irco sMoKING ToBAccos IMPORnB OF '-1if5 W 'ater Street,' RBW "K'OB.B.. ALSO, AGENTS FOR HAVAN .A CIGARS, JOS. MAYER'S SONS, noNALsoN,.BRoTHERs," Plug Tobaccos SOLE AGENT FOR 581 58 tk 80 JIAP.Jl STJUIII'l' II'BW lrOB.B., MANUFACTURED BY ''BOQUIT DE TABAC08," "JOCKEY CLUB" and PHIL. ''SHERIDAN." .om DIULXBI llf LoOlf 1.22 W AT': STBBBT, New York. Steam Lithographic Printers, Thomas & Pilkinton, J. L. Jones & co., I Sole of ''KNICKERBOCKER CLU.a. TOBACCO LA'BELS, Plain and in Colors, at Uae Lowest Market C. P. Word & Sons. Estimates P romptly Furnislud. CIGAR MOULD PRESSES & STRAPS. A. & F.e B .R 0 IV N 1 ., MANUF ACTURERS O F Ci!ar Cutters & all ather Machinery for Cigars; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. 57, sg, & 61, Lewis St., bet. Delancy & Rivington, YORK. TlTGERBDRST, TBDIIIS IIIIICUTT, TOBACCO ALSO, Davift Baker, Jr., Di:.tmond Colden .J. P. W,illiamson, Smoking. R. H. Wilkerson, Cut Bowles &. Ellett, On Liberal s. w. Shelton, Terms. E. ROSENWALD & IKPOla. 'I'll:la.S 0:1' SP.AlnSB, I AND PACKERS OF LEAF j 145 Water Street, New Y Qrk. 68 BROAD STREET, &IIIBAL COIIfSSUI lUnDT Leaf Tobacco .o. sa Broad Street, e =::::=================== NEW STRAITON & STORM, NEW YORK. CUTHRIE &. CO., Gharies 'i'. Bauer & Co., Packer & Dealer in FELIX CARCIA, CHAS E H ...,...Tm IMPORTER OF e e HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, COJD[ISSION KEB.CHA.lTT, A N rf ... R s Kentucky &. Virginia Brands ma;. LBIF TOBACCO, Leaf Tobacco Ag't for 'TELECRAPH' Brand. 99 PEARL ST.,.NEW YORK. 11o. 14 Cedar Y ;RK.. 167 Water St N. Y, D IDOJ.n -.oa. J.1GAB;TH, SON&. CO., eTDftiiU A REITZENOftl.,. r (Successors t o Ca:.t.Bidll B F .. LLa,.ma Oo,. 0 11nmn gr, V 1 wn, SPEBCER BIOS a: CO Osmmi$sion !\1erchants, Qlioaai,JSiou COVVTSSION No. t29 PEARL STREET, D 0 MES,.T I 0 Dealers in D G ... u., I N..EIWYORX. ............... ..Leaf T oba .... co L b!l.S.Id Oorih FOREIGN TOBACC(I, ... Henr,y Bhro 1 T BT N.Y. liTo. 75 Maiden Lane. NEW YORK. T H SPENCJillt. C. C SP.ENCE!t.. A. 8NCE& .... TOUlJG. 1.1) TOUN"O.-; '-' I "R. A. YOUNC & BRO., IOUPII A. vMA ... Geaeral CJo-lssloa llerellants, 'I r C. F. JARRETT, Commission Merchants, SEGARs, )lMISSION MERCHANTS And of AND TDB A C CO BROKER K 8ollcU ordero for pmeloale of IMI voco, llo. 4 (mON. FBOJT BUILDmG, ) Ba'VIUla IIJIIobli I othom&lkell I '.Jlt.X C J?T, JOHY S'mAITON. --" OBORGX S TORlC. ,., "'I TOBACCO PACKXD HOGS.IlEADS -Sycatnoril Street, o [Box48i 1 Peterabura. Va. ______ ....,._,_ ---_, I


.JAN. 8 JACOB BIJIII.L, a. CIGA-BOlE$; SUPXltiO:a. MAJ[& Aim PrJme OuaUt.r ot OEDA.Il WOOD. 883, 29e. Sl97 Monroe St., NEW YORK. WK. AGNBW .. 80.8, !oba.oco and Commissio:n Merobaata 884. a.nd :l86 Froat 8t_. .. NEW YOBK. B.A. ft OY SAL8 ALL DB80B.lP'1'1'011 -Jal Tobaeee for Export 11nd Hollll Ia Leaf Tobacc-;, baled in any package bT press for ex port. 48 BROAD STRltET, AND STB.:B.ET, SOLE AGENTS FOR L& Ferme Russian Cigarettes. DA VIDSOI BRftBIRS, HAVANA ind SEED LEAP TOB!ACCO,. 14S Water Stref>t, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK, I w. DESSAUEB.j WHOLB8ALB DRALEB IN LEAF TOBACCO, 165 WATER.STREET, NEW YO-RK. Chas. T. Seymour IMPORTER 'OF 114.V.&NA .And Dealer in fhe4 L@d ';tQ 1.89 Pea1l street, New York. M. W. MENDEL & BRO. 8egars & Leaf Tobacc6, 190 ..f"F!AFI, STREET Ne1i.l York. Leaf Tobacco. Old Connedi cut WAappers, Old &au Seed Wrappers, Tlu Fimst. HavaRa Wt'f{jlpm tuui FiJ/en H. COLELL, \j -I .PALMER SCOVILLE, Oi' UARIIB, BRO., AlfD DIPOB.TEB.S OF CLAY PIPES, WATER-STREET. NEW-Y'ORL JOS&'Ir w. liAR TIN. JPIIm)mllCK 1! .JOIINliOlf. JOHNSON, Suoceaora to Jm.AWAT.I. &; CO,. t88 WATER .TREET, Virginia Beauties, 145. Vir:ginia "lleautles, l Olive, t lbs. Virginia's Own l'>eket Piece.. Thomas's Choice Pocket P>eces Chew's Figs. Rose T wist, 6 inch. J. M. Walker's Extra Bright Twist, rz inch. La Favorlta "Rolls, 6 inch. Chas. Henry, Jr., 9 inch, light pressed Chas. Henry, Jr., 9 inch, hard. C.haa. Henry, Jr., q inch lbs. uu Virginia, u inch lbs. King Bee, 1 z inch lbs. Pride of the Nation, a inch lbs. Reward of Industry, 12 inch lbs. D. C. Mayo'sNavy,lbs.,, and ros. Conestoya, ss. SMOKING Billy Buck Virg4\ia's Choice Virginia Bello Rose Star Olive Grand Ducheso Gold BMg PERIQUE. All Styles of Manufactured and Smoking Tobacco put up under special brands for the / MADDUX THE BBOA!)WA'T, CJ!':ler of Cedar Stmt, NEW !OBI. Capital, $2,000,000. DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and LETTERS O F CREDIT available at all principal places abroad. A ccounts and Correspondenc e o f Me rchants, B anks, Banlrers, etc solicited. 0. H. SCliREINER, Cashier. EMIL SAUER, Pres't so e use of the owner: Eureka, 12 inch lbs Oliver's Choice, 12 inch lba. Old Kentuck, 12 inch lbs GANS & MICHAELIS, P. KITTREDGE & '"'OMOuLDs, sx!'.!!!:!.L:::: .. CODIIISSiqN liEBCBANT&,' P::RlCSS:I:S, STRAPS AND CUTTERS, 101 MAIDEN l:.AD, DW YO:BX. FOX, DILLS & 00., SUCCE8SOB8 TG EOGEnT, DILLS A!o.'"D OOJlPANY. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 175 STREET, NEw YoRK. LEVY BROS.; ..: .. -CJ:J:G1-..A..OEC,S. 7S Ne-w ---. UF_IANN _BROS. & BOifDY MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS J AME;::; D. W ABN ..t:R, CUSTOM HOUSE AND INTERNAL REVENUE BIOKER, No. 81 BEAVER STREET, w-.ll.llfti!Dol eo the C111t0m Hou10 Work on Export of Merchandise in 13oM. AJoo, to reco.,., Drawback _on Exports of T a x Paid Having been engaged in attending to exports of metchand..., (in l>ond tax p;1id) .uder Revenue Laws, as a apcchi,lty f o F more thai\. ten yearst he bas acquired an expenence the best parantec for reliable prompt, and thorough attention to tltp;lrt> of Tobacco and Spmta under the N.-.r Internal Rev..:ue Law. He thinks that he will attend to lhe buoineoe oo well In ,.........dnr delays and mishilps, tint the good will comman4 the bighest prloc, tbereby mo;c rbaB ui111 tothe or an neceau!'y charge. : .a-A.tvL>e givan gratis. Fine Oigars, ......... Tobacco Agents for the Popular Brands of V'li'giDia Toba.cco, 131 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. AND SEGARS, 7 1 & 73 FROJjT,&'J;:, NEW Y:,ORK. Begs to call the att:eftdon of the Trade to his celebrated 'DIAMOND ST-AR BRAND." E. PASCUAL BROTHER & (;o. OOlOIISSION KEaCllAN'l'S AND Dltl'OB'l'DS OJ' j,. Havana LEAF 'I'OBA(JOO 1545 WATBI\ SIJ.IIU:::BIJ.I, 'WBW lrOJUE P. 0. BOX 3925 E:. W. :EBICBS, OF CIGAR D 'OXES, AND IMPORTER QF' GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, DULI1Ll6 Ci[ar!&nld Presses, Straps ana 253 SOUTH STREET, N; Y. CHARTER'S COMMON-SENSE CIGAR IOULDS, PalftUG .dprU Ito 'I"beae moulds are uaed by some olthe largest manu factunrs in the URited Stat.e110, and a.cknow)edged the h>est io u.e. The aQoe C\lt represeob A is half of a mould or retainer, which ia plaoed o n the machine; B, is a P'llnnel Cigar, which is drawD GoWD ovet tbe retaioet; the-filter or baach is p-..ced In tU. tGp or U>c r .... aet and prused tbtoill]a 11riU> j)Je lever 01' follown. C, this lever is imm.ediatelJ rai8K1 wiUch leaves tlte bucb or lnerin the retainer, -...n In, the aboYe out, tloereby a'H>id!og any eatn loandlfog l'r U.e filler wloich bas beet! found 1\oo greatest oOjec:Hon to all ot:At:r-mf:ookllng--l:ll.Kbinea o6WA.n use., PRICE, ONE SET, 125, A H discount on all orders for two or more aet FUNKE'S IMPROYm CICAR TRIMMER r e P .A. Tl!N'l'J/D .TUL T od, I Warranted superior to any Machine in the Matk PBICES-Trimme:a (wit.h :Butt Splitter) $3.00. Trimmel'l (without Butt Splitter) aoo. Liberal Discount t-o Agents, or for Wholesale Orders. I am also selling the bast C..TGAR KNIFE in use ,Price 1!16c .. Aooness FREDERICK FUNKE, e DETROIT, MICBIG.ll..l.. CHAS. E. SPIER & CO., SOLE AGENTS FOR C 1 UNITED STATES AND CANADAS, or OSENBRUCK & CO'S, L GERMAN CIGAR 71 JOHN STREET, NEW e WE!BLE & ROBIN 'PATENT SMOOTH CROSS-GUT CIRCULAR SAW. This Saw mts any kiild. of Wood as smooth as Plamd, ant! saves Time Labor; partimlarly us efu l for CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTURERS. For Saw and Shop Rig!tt apply tl) C. B. LICHTENBERC, Mich., or at my ojftce1 e 189 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. M SALOMO'N, E. SALOM.ON M. & E._SALOMON, OF, SEED LEAF, ,_ 1 ) 11 '1j 1 ,AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco and Cigars, ,. : .. 85 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. o sEeoMBE T\>j .. mC)\i.W!WinN&RALU S by ToF w BECK & cry, BACOO lL,'NUPACTUREn.8 for OtlUCeJllng v ANUJ1CTUDING couPANY stamjiS in SHEETS, and ia ONLY 1 Jll.1 ll fo lll DEVICE foT the -pU>peOO fAR .18'72.. "l Park Place, eTc r ollarod to the trade NEW YORK. l'arlie deoi ring thta XAOHINE or its F W 8 EC K & CQ BlNDS, an requl8ted to aend tbfnr Ol'dere uo::t'S .._.r.J DtUt=T to U>e OFFICE, No T l'&rlt: MAR 1 1872 .,.. f &olC Place aa tho FaKQtJI:MT and of agents and l)er-IIODS claioJOing tho OCO"OJ bu oom]>j!lled F W BEGK & CO ce avv.SH aU ordeJ'Il not com' 1 lOg di"""'. MAR 1 1872 S.nd O<'den aa ear!T aa pooslble aa ot re qu in>a ooll!iderable tome to make a full set F w 8 E C K & CO RXmtJ11 'IQUm BTAIP CDQIUI&. of B ando. The priece ofthio machiDe and Bands ia flxcod, and under no ctrcumstllollces 1 1 72 0 Stnd for .a Gtrtular_ 1o any onea111h<>n.od to obange them MAR 8 1'1'2 Water Street. Wew York. JOHN CUB'l'ER, SterH:ng, Illinois, PROPRJB.TOR A N D MANUVAC'l'UR'RR !\ H. DBBEliGD 6 CO., EUCENE DU BOIS, WEISS,EJ,f.ER & KAEPPEL, -u.- _, Commissson Merchant FIEIN&DOMDTICT&cca, r:- SCHMm"" a STEINECIEr JULIAN ALLEN Chicago Ageno.y .... I GIO. F. FOY A laporte ... ot: L I O 0-R. I O E tear, Jianufaotured.andSmoklng I T 0 D A c c 0 II of and Dealers in Seed-Leaf and Havaua .... DWW D1f uaK. & -.. _._ 'Ill FBO.VT St., New Yo,.k. T. _..:.,._ ... ObBCCO TO:J3..AC00 ](anulaetllled Tobacco of all Bt7lern d Qttoiltloe 41-.&. L'EW A 'W!W ... QB.ACCO,. L. 11. 1.. _. trom the be&t m..,u!1ctor! .. of Vl.r]IOI' '.omi:s.-ion A. STEIN & CO., to be extenaivcly c.ount-reited,nd t o prmnt .... READ & oo.,-i.eaf T .obacoo; E. SPINGARN & CO., SuacESsoRs TO ISAAC READ, nun"" x M k No. 160 Water Street, New York. l:lM. WA'l'li:B-STRJIET, HAriAN. A & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. LEAF TOBACCO: my Trade ar "O'" ... ISSION MEROHANfTl(] & a Ro T'ftn)'ROH .L Ut.VDD DCII. 11 m.w. .l.t.:)f JOSEPH M. SICHEL & CO Ul4 no1t111 usa. 197 Duaoe-atreet, L. CERSH EL '' or; .ln.DD l:iDD!I A. OATMAN; L .. -rA._ToD 1r Jl &. Rlli4Ullk u..x. a x.. B7rseArut Cigar particu1n:rly f'avc!"ed. J..""' 10 Old Slip, Xew 01' AND:WHOLBSALEDF)A.LEBSIN tln'OKrERo AlJoallKindsofLe&f'Toba.cco, SeedLeaf'Tobacco .. M. FRIEDMAN, xo. se xLcnEx LANE, "-" ..._.,._ WALTER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE, ll

8 i Ste!Da:., Smltla Baoa. a KDeoht,. ,. ---...... TOEIAOOO, AaciM-t'Gd..,......, ... DMI ... aa& RACE 8TRE.T,-PHILAD.LPHIA, !. : ., TELLER BROS., Packers, Com..'llission Merchants, and Whole:>ale Dealers in Poeltln and Do1Destic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street.-,Philadelphia. .. D L BAXBERGER & 00., 't D:JU.Lml.l IJ! L E .A.F T OB .A 0 0 0, And Manufacturera of all Orades of Cigars, Ro. S _lV. Wata st., Philadelphia, Pa. 'YOODW .A.RD, GARRETT & CO., (Successors to Woodward, :Bro. & Co.,) \ TOliACCO and General COKllllll!8ION JIEJiCBABTII, Ba North 'Wa.t:er St. and 32 Nort:h Dela-.varc Avenue, PhJla. SOLE EASTERN AGENTS FOR l:JI!Bolbrook, CeJebrated .. MONITOR" Navy, and Jds. ; aiso his Golden BaDne'", Flying Top Gallant and Unton Jack Navies, and 3ds 11. C. Holbrook's Celebrated Henriella" Navy ,tbs. and 3ds Atlantic lbs. and 3ds aiso, his Brig h t P o unds, Floe AppJe Sweet Caven dish and Pocket All eghany Navv. er & VO/s Superior and R ady Twists, 16 and 1am. P. ;oh.ran:S "Pride of the Valle)," ss and'' Golden Flakco (light pre Kl C TOBACCOS.-Z. J. Lyoua &; Co.'a "Pride of Durha m. 1'. Morris & Sou, .. Gold Learrud u Eureka" Durham. a 0!_ 4 oz 8 oz.. and 16 oz.. l3.J3. BATCHELOR BROTHERS, Manufacturers of Cigars, WHOLESALE DEPOT 330 North 3rd St., Braaclles at 33,. Nortll. Tbil'il Street, 23 St., a .. 8ft Cbestont Street. PHILADELPHIA, PA. W. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 1 I 15 SOUTH WATER,STREET, PHILADELPHIA. W. EISUILCHR. S. Ill. CURl. PHIL.B(}NN. r:l. RINALDO SANK & CO., and Genara.l Com. Merchants. .D .. f e PHILADELPHIA. .. & BQot1 )ftW Wu...._ x .. L l ............................ ..... VET1'ERLEIN eft co., -18annon to VB'l'l'mU.EDI a. oo.,) 1 TOBACCO .DC)IO(I8810N MERCH.ANTS, .lJI]) alrftTD8 tF SP&NISB TOI&ClCit, llo. m Arch st., Pbiladelphia. JAL M, PATTD80& DOHAN & TAITT, 0 1 obacco Merchants. 107 AKCB'STREET, ::=,. .PHILADELPHIA. ll E. McDOWELL &. CO., ':l'OBACOO AND n MEBmAm 39 NORTH WATER ST., Philadelphia. l'a.. nto for the oalc of oil lti,.. t>f Manufacturecond Street, PHI. ADE _?H I A TOLDO TOBACCO WORKS. WITKER, HALSTEAD & CO., Meaalactaren aGd Dea1.era in "Jl W DICBJ!RSD!f, 11\lll'ECTO.R :!CBACCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA TOBACCO, SlUFF ill CIGARS Ofi'ICll AT Re. 107 rronlt. w-..._., P"A'ILA..DEid"HJ"A., ,.D. Christian & Co., 7 --.i. tor tlae ol ; LEAF TOBACCO,'' 1 EXCU-4-NGE, ; v .. Ottawa Street, TOLEDO, 0. Silli ;.n;;: FIRST IATIOIIL TOBICCO WAIEMOUSf, 716 NORTH SECOND STREET, COAT&s, PH11.ADSl.J'HIA, WJIOL8&Al.JI DII.Al.aM .. Leaf and Manufactured Tob&ooo, SNUFF, CICARS, o. A,-1M O.uL II A's uciM ..... uso B .......... a1 THE 1."0BA.VVO LEAP, JAN. 8 Baltbnore A.dverti&emelltll. SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS L. B. Bili!L ""VV"l\I. A. BOYD & CO., RICllARD liALLAY. JA11.ESKALLAY. Henry Besuden & Bro.,. c. CONN; SEED LEAf WHOLESALE DEALERS IN IAIIIPA&TliBBII BIJ LBAP TDBACCR, CI&AB K, :8:C:.m. 33 s6UTH ST BALT TKOS. W. CROMER. H. WILKENS & CO., MoNUMDTAL CITY ToBAcco .WoRKs, Mo. 181 Wll'l' PIA'l"l' 8'1'1D'l', :wmxou, JJIANUFACTUR.ERS OF ALL KINDS OJ' sOIIRG ARD CBIWII G TOBACCOS. M. F.ALK, & CO., 143 Water Street, New York. GEO KRRCKHOFF. CEO. P. UNVXJl.U.CT. GEO. KERCKHOFF & CO., DEALERS IN comcrncuT, HAVANA ill YARA LW TOBACCO, AND M.UroF .4.0'1'UDBS 0!' CIOAIS. No. 49 S. CHA-RLES STREET, BALTIMORE. W .J. HAWKINS. C. M._ HAWKINS. > HA & CO., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS 3 West Lombard Street, Baltimore .., CONSIGNMENTS SOLICITED ANIJ UBERAL ADVANCES MADE. Fr..ttn' K \VILKENS, FRF.O'o<: KLUt K G. GIESKE. ED. NIEHANN. AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 89 South Oharles St., near Pratt Baltimore iltd. GUSTAV GO'TH, MANUFACTURER OF C I CARS 5 3 CERMAN STREET, BALTIMORE, MD. 1'. W. FELGNEB, llele llbonafactwer &Del F. H. Bt8CHOFF. DEUTSCHER RAUOHTABAK TQBACCO FACTORS And Commission Merchants, 18 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. &.ROSENFELD & CO., WHOLESALK DEALERS IN Smoking. Chewing, and Leaf Tobacco SOLE AG)i:NTS FOR G. B. LICHTENBERG'S Detroit "Morning Glory," and Spence Br!Jtlters Cincinnati Fine-Cut, 53 EXCHANGE PlACE, BUTir.'!ORE, MD. w I DRESEL A co., 87 GAY STREET LEA.f TOBACCO, 118 and a 17 West P'ront 8t., Beiweell .a-uad Ellp, ODJOIBNATL 0. 161. 163, & 165 PearlBtret, 1CJOIIIQIIl or r.a .-,) S. a CO., MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, A.."'rn DEALERS IN LEAr, TOBACCO, NO. vVEST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. STRASSER & CO., (Succeuoo-s to LOUIS STRASSER, ) MANUFACTURERS. OF CIGARS, AHD DB.It.LER S IN -. LB.Ar, rLVG, AND BKOmG 'l'OBACCO, Smotsrs' Articles, and lmD. Havana Ci[ars SOUTHWEST I:Oil FIFTH liD WALNUT STS.,CINC:Il'rNATI, OHI,O. lVIOREIS & REID, lEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, Ne. 4 COLLEGE DUZLDJ.NQ, Ohio. COMMISSION MEf.a. .... 'OSEPB S(BRODER .t i'lt. O...m!Miort ud ...Uoleaaie tiealm; II!. .,.. Leaf and Manufactureci Tobacco and No. 81 Exchange} lace, LOUIS GJESKE & CO.,' COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND DEALERS IN UAF TOBACCO, 42 South Charles Street, BALTIMORE, MO. RICARDS, LEFTWICH & CO., Leaf Tobacco Factors 83 EXCHANGE PLACrE, Baltimore. .ALBRECHT & SCHRODER WHOI.ES.AU DEALERS :c.R HAVANA Seed Leaf' Tobacco, 62 South Oalvert st., Baltimore, Md. mGHLANDER TOBACCO W JRKS, y PillAR VIlfW OP TBll BIO!IL.lln>BR 'l'OBiOOO WORn L L ARliiiSTEAD, Proprietor, Lyuob.burg, Va. Tb6 Jolf!hl;y -ll]a bnudo aro Manufactlll'Od a& th-Worh and paued In tho mOOJI tppt'O'Pod Bt7le&, YiL: OMldeatalt HitJblant&er, Cab&& Ueer Toaaue, Dick 'rater Rea RoYer, Re-.eaa.e, :Not. :for Joe, beaidM Baaeeial Ble 11ucoee1 ()f btanda h&e rendeNd .,, partiouJarly nectUI&"J to increue and Pl'O?fllhe liDO of moahl!olo tho former caPAcil7 Price U.te ucl GirculoN forwarR 2'Bll ...... Ol' AND IN I ANUFACTURED liD LEAF TOBACCO c I G ..a. R s. No. S20 North Second ii!t:., S Lo ,_ ..... 156 Michigan Ave .. t. """ ..... o. .WIGHT & -Commissio:a. lYierchants, Jobbers of SPANISH And Paclcers of' Domestic Lea., Tobacco -lU Dlichlgan .&veaue, Chicago. l> W LANUHUKNl!.. J H l LVUlJ G. W.LANGHORNE &: CO:,. :Man1l!'e.--turers of th9 following celebra.te:l llrAnc!s af VIR-GI.NIA SMOKI"G TOBACCOS, Jefferson Stre3t1 7th and 8th, LYNCH BUR G,-.-V' R GIN I A. Bob White, in .Cloth, D eer Ham, in Cloth, Johnny Reb in Cloth, Westward Ho! m C l oth Aunt Sallie 's Choice in Cloth Rustic Belle in Cloth Dew Drop, in Cloth Jolly Boy, in Cloth, Old White Hat And other Choice Grades All B ran.d of our Tobaceos.,aclced in rases t.o s uit purehMe rs, FREE OF EXI'RA OIIARG!il and tn then.,., aud popnlar style of Paokages to suit the different of the world FACTORY No.6, FIFTH DISTRICT. r, 0. SPB.OTTO, 189 Pearl St. N'ewr AGEill FOR All EA3TE!lfl ST TES, IN,ClUillN:> OillO. J6 Muket 8tNet, BarttbJ:d, Ceon. W .... waTPHAL, COKJDBSIOK DJlCJLU'T! CIHECTICUT IHD LEAf Tobacco, State St HutfoH, Cou A. L. & P. SISSOI, and Dealen in CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF TOBACCO, No. 134 MAIN STREET, Hartford, Conn. WOODWORTH A STRONC., De&lfonln .LEAF TOBACC1l, No. 217 State St., HARTFORD, CT. R. A. CHAPMAN, DULERIN Connecticut Seed leaf Tobacco. EAST HARTFORD; fONNECTICUT. G. W. .. ... W'iCK. iBD m U L ER tS B'ine Connecticut Seed-Leal T 0 C C 0 t t -r.anbLtry, Connecticut. ----... --? H. SHITH & CO., Collllllissinn Merchants and Jobbers CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBAOOO :, o. 20 Hampden Street, SPRINGFIELD. KASS. Loulsvtlle Advertisem.ents. G. W. WI C K S & l; U., M:w ur n ct nrert!.' Agents for uc. M IL! o f Missouri and 1\e;,tucky Aho Den ler e i n LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, 102 MAIN STREET,, 8d und Louisville. llty. pI F. & co., LBAP TOBACCO Main St., LOUISVILLE, KY Five Brothers Toba.c<;o Works. JOHN FINZER, BEN. FINZER, FRED. FlMZER, RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER. JOHN FINZER & BROS., MANUFACTURERS OF "FIVE BROTHERS NAVY," "itRGINUl PIN APPLE," AND "Ph-CAKE" TOBACCOS. 13 &; 15 THIRD ST., Louift1Ue, K7. Boston Advertisem.ents. McEUwOY BROTHERS, Tobacco Merchants AND SOLE AGEN'I"; FOR BUCHANAN & LYIU'S TOBACCOS, :24 .BROAD STREET, BOSTON, MA88 _c. 0. HOLYOKE, COKXISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and MANUF AOTURED TOBAOOO, 12 Central What:'(, BOilttm. Ferdinand Jr., AGENT Forwa.rding Kercha.nt, BR EM'E1!!r GERMANY. M. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, CLA '\lBSVILLE. TENN.


:: / IAN. 8 TOBA.CtJO---LEA.P LOIIIVIUE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AID CI ... N MEICIIANTL 7 Preu." llespoose by Col. Theodore F. Allea. : the great problem, which, for more than two centurier. has bewildered every thoughtful mind, that a practi so disacreeable, at first, as smoking and chewing, so pu!'gent as the p"rtaldng of snuff, should have beea llltttated from the saorages of America, and adopted. bJ every nation in the world, despite the infliction ( oa ita first introduction) of fiues, imprisonments, stripes, audilatioas, and even death itself. TIBO>RB 8CBWABTZ & OO YK. 0. MEIER A' 00 ............. ,JAef"""""'"O.. looh M-.11. LOUlS FRAN<:KE ................ r-t,..._ OommiloieR lhl'cloanl. I. 1. USHER & PR.A.OOft ............ Oool;iblf ..a '-f. lAMES OLA.Bll: .......................... llanllfaoturillgLear. WOLFOLlt A: OLitlflr ................... W.1. ORAln' 6' OO .................... FINLEY & B.A.BBO .U& .................. O..ctinc and Man> W:"'ri"" Leaf. 8 "The Fragrant Weed." Response by S. H. But: Esq. SUT.RO & NEWMAR.K> LICORICE PASTE AND BOOT. THE' UKDitRSIGNED OFFERS TO THE TRADE e 9 The Fine. -::ut Tobacco Trade." ResponSe by James P. Spence, Esq. Mr. Phister's response was full of rollicking humor and literally set the table in a roar," and as it wound up with proposing their host, T. R. Spence, Eaq., for Congress, and promisi.Ac him the unanimous aupport of the tobacco, the popular chord was struck, and elicited a complete chorus of applause. JllANUJ!'ACTUBEflS 01! AJID DBALEB$ IY TOB.A.CCO. tat WATKII STaEET, NEW YORK. MAlfPACTVaiUIS 01' sOKIWG .,OB&CCD, CI.QAR MANUFACTORY 1411' CSLIUJIL\TI:D D. BillSCH & 00, al'f Bowe17 aa4 ITt--..... lfBW 'W:OBL 8llo PropotetDro ol t'.e r :l1owtq., ..,. Br8dl: B&l"'ANCB, C., UNIVERSAL BTAMDAJID 6ULIJVBR, : U CE:I!I LKOAL TKNDEll, LONE B11AR, OAKE ROOST.I!R, '' HR PBLICAI' t.'QWBR 011' F&l!HIO:"<, BIG 1 RING, 7BR OOLDJo.N BAGLB. ,j,U<) DEAJ.ER.-STREET, NEW YORK. WaFshut. 1!: life I' Seeing my distress, the Christian smoker, for he was n"'o.un rrespon en Ch t' b h' id d th of tbe .. Petersbur (Va .) a ns tan y ts acts, sa to once, an m Ind. 't AC ffi most gentlemanly manner, 'Gtve yourself DO une&Sl nu: es d 0t eh ort ness, sir ; I will relieve you of all apprehension ; I won't ow :mg ma e o ave k h if' d' bl Th' licorice paste mass and smo e ere .tt ts tsagreea e to you. ts unexThe company enjoyed themselves to a seasonable hour and parteJ on the best terms with each other, and the whole smoking and chewing world besides. 8B DOlT TA.JU!Ia-..,.JT8 11'1'ILITY D P.s.:EvE:aTiliG BB.OliCIUTDI, 0011-81111PTI0ll, ETC., Wr:tH PB.B: 8CB.IP'Q0118. ltick pltleed the fre6lilt pected act qutte overcame me. I was ready to fall at A biU lO thia.. llis feet, to embrace I. would almost have agreed Heel by Ul H .&t to be smoked to death tn hiS behalf. I regret, Plllti'ATOR.T. BY JOHN C. MUlltlllAY, 1(, D,1 F, A. S. L -'. f:t seuioa, :.tWin th: tlaat in my bf;wilderment I quite forgot to ask the :r'he most important of' the following pages were Senat and 11 th t tlemafi for hts card. The name of s1.1ch a man IS wntten three or lour years ago, and then laid aside in was : worthy of held in pel'pf"tual regard. only order that;like the careful painter anxious to see his the duty from 10 to 9 eentll and fir. Chnstia I lull'e' 111ft m 40 work again with a fresh eye, or, as much as possible, per pouad. The importa-years, m any place, any ad ulllike others see it, over-painting might be avoided. tion of licorice in the last det sky I I shall dte reltevd of dreadful Upon resuming my task, the first criticism with which 1 fiscal year was z, 69o,ss8 conviction-heretofore resung on my !lllnd-that to was favored, was the well-known and wmewhat admonpotmds, valued at 3611, 455 become a t obacco-smoker was necessanly to become itory one, are youwriting this as an excuse fen taking Nor is the universal dominion of the balmJ weN C. be wondered at. Chemistry has said, the best oC te1t8. lenjdhened observatian aad experience has that tobacco ctm rectuit the overtaxed braiD, aad ceaserve or aid the repair of mucle. Wbe, then, so cruel as to deny the book-worm, the means t. preserve his brain's integrity 10 dead to die comfort and requirements of his toil-wora brothlr, often eqgaged a day aDd a half every we:..t=.: boun, with no Sunday to himself, and but few h whose hasty and inadequate digestion, short aad per turbated slumber, is unequal to the just repair of his jaded and weary frame ? I would not even withboW t .... services and beguiling fascination of the charmer, to the lordly victim of ennui. Cicero said, to live long it is necessary to liM slowly The prescription might be followed by a c:quntry squire-sleep and rest t..relve of tbe twenty four bouril, repose one day in the seven, and a chaap one month, at least, in the year, but--.-there is tile telegraph boy again ( Tl be c,tinut!l.) llew Firm.a. on which there was levied a brute. snulf-yourselH-doyou intend to a arifF dntr f1i 1 CGIIlpoUDdfor ailis you' are iw.lined tor<, N"ZW Yolll&: CITY.-E. Carples, wholesale dealer ill bein1 "-J'!l' cent. 9n 1111 The 0 einnati Trade Bn,Jo7fq Tll.em.A.! though I probably diLl think so,. !lt tbe time, my leaf tobacco and cigars, 173 Water Street .article which nters as an aelY--.A. Leadbl.c Mem'6er fnend may have made a re markably accurate hit. But Boiken, Garrigues &: Co., importers of smokers' ar essential constituent into the Bo1111teoua Board" it takes many blows fo drive a uail home, and more than ticles; Messrs. Ricbard J. Boiken, C. A. Gaflicues, the manufactured tobacco We learn from the Cincinnati papersthatT. R. Spence, o ne motive to write tmy thing beyond a so the Theo. Koenig &Ad H. F. Meyer, have formed a co of the country. Thi!J last Esq.,_ of the. well-known firm of Spence, Bros.&: Co. of truest and sharpest have been from conviction, partnership undC{ &J;le above.atyle; the firms ofRichd branch of manufacture pays that city, dined his fellow-members of the trade on corroborated by -"" O'Wn observations and those of a J. Boiken and oC Koenig, Meyer & Co. ba.n ce.-d .. thirty-four millions into the the 27th ult,. in a very generous and elegant manner. number .of meqicalllinfreris : .. exist: 91 Chambers and 73 Reade Streets. Treasury under an excess We append an interesting account from the Cqmmetdal: The conception of the following essay Ellmers &: Masseur, cig,ar JB&Dufactuters, 113 Ftl'duty of twenty cents per A banquet to the Tobacco-leaf Trade of Cincinnati into 'C'flY after vainly scratching it over for syth Streets. pouDd. The licorice under was given in the St. Charles Exchange, by T. R. Spence, the purpose of bringing forth, in array, all the-obvious this last tax pays a secEsq., last uigbt, and about hungry gentlemen and reliable signs .of health and disease, which could be Chaqeia ia' ...__, ond-duty estimated at 12 sat .town to a and elegantly decorecognized by the eye. ,Not being very successful, I per ceDt. It is "believed that rated table, at the appomted hour. '!he was prohad recourse to another excitant to the memory, snuff: Naw Yolll&: CITY.-Huft'er, Toel & Co., Exporters .OI this tarur duty 00 licorice is duced in the best style of art as the old and My mixture, on that particular happened to tobabco; Mr. Leopold Huffer retireS! firm nauae, botla not only burdensome and well-known St. Chad71, and aft7r fqll justice been be the same thaL the pbilosophic Des Cartes originin this city and in New Orleans Toe I, Rose &: Co. unjust to tbe manufactu-done. to the substanttals, the exercises were ated. invoked, the shade of that genius came to Seideftberg & Co. Proprietors of the "La Rosa& rers of pluc tobacco but a opened with a complimentary toast to the host. Mr. my relief, after such a powerful ptarmic effect, as shook panola" factory, Key West; Mr. Samuel Wolf, of Kq blow to the export t;ade of Spence responded in a of me to the central grain of my pineal gland-the inspiWest, admitted; firm name unchanged. the article. It has caused the honor of the toast, 11nd satd that the leaf tradeof ration pivoted upon that grain. Instantly it occurre:l M: Stachelberg, Cigar Manufacturer; Mr. M. Kind an export .to Canada of raw Cincinnati have always taken a lively a,1d active interest to me that I had never seen a snulf-talcer die of conadmttted; finn name now, M. Stachelberg &1Co. leaf' of 4,s05 49 6 pounds, in all revenue matters affecting You have, qe su mption. Down it went! Since then, 1 haVe ke.Pt a I. Nissen, Wholesale. in Havana aud Domestic valued at Jsss,66o..:...t'he continued labored earnestly and elfecttvely to suppress fraternal eye upon snuff-takers, with most assuring re LeafTob.acco, has admttted Mr. H. Nathan i style.offina. of the. exportation fraud agaiiiSt on on.e hand, and to resu!ts, and now feel emboldened to present my observanow I. NtSsen & Co. bemg!that the Canadian move oppresstve and mJunous to trade tions and lucuorations to the pu.blic. ] : C. M. F.,w:_ Tatgenhorst & Co., Tobacc!' Mer.l. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, MANUFACTURED SELECT Pnre N ortb O : uolim : L eaf, ::SY manufacturer gets this and the other. You have always gtven those representmg NBWCASTLK-UPON-TYN Aucust r87o. chants; Mr. L. W. Gunther of Baltunore, retires; Y:r. other essential ingredients your interests in Washington a cordial and moral Tatgenhorst will continue the business under his ofree, using licorice paste in and support, and efforts and CHAPTER I. name. MANUFACTURERS 0-'F FINE CIGARS, BROTI-iERS. his work at r4 cents per have contnbuted much to the tmportant modtficattons "Our senses, our appetites, and our pauions, are our lawful and Palmer & Scoville, Importers and Dealers in all kincb pound; whereas the Amerwhich from time to time have made in t.he law an.d faithful guides in most things that relate solely to'this life; and, of leaf tobacco ; Mr. Frank McCoy admitted into the .teat\ manufacturer haa to its administration. To the wetgh\ of your. mfluence ts therefore, by the hourly necessity of consulting them, we gradually firm; name unchanged. ADd in LEW' 'l'OBAOCO, E o!.l't'!'a ., a-,n t > Aet o r t..:'>':l g ren io th y et b;" ., l 1:1 th., o!!l ',)oft. be Ll_l)ra:t u .n, ot;.u at. W w uu.atou. llos. 34 and BOWERY, Virgin, sink into an implicit submission and an habitual confidence." P. M Dingee, Cedar Commission Merchant, has adpay from :a6 to 30 cents cur-due, in great measure, the fact that the representatives rency per pound or his lie-of Ohio and Indiana. in both houses of Congress have Inhabitants of every clime have discovered or acmitted Mr. Chas. E. Dingee; firm name now P. M. Dia-orice-thus adding largely generally supported ltbe.ral. f'?r to?acco. T?e quired some method of producing exalted sensation, in gee & Co. NEW YORK. Golden Show, Dare, "-LICHTusn" ... cu&Nsac K:r. Hard to Beat Essence of Old Va. Greenback, Apple of My Eye, Contentment, Red Riding Hood. PRENTICE'S CIGAR KOt1LDS. a. cl I c Ill \Co ., ., "' c GD $ ... Ill A. GEORGE J. PRENTICE, General Agent; 191' PE.&RL ST .. cor. JU.aideo. Lane, NEW YORIL H. HOLLANDER, G. S. W A.:rr& & CO., TOBACCO' COIIISSIOI IERCH!frS, 61 Ezohange Place, BAL TIMOR, MD. MANt"P'ACTURER OF ine Cigars, MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK. KERBS & SPJNiiS, .. of' ri:aa, All]) D.UBU IJI I.B:U' l'eBACCe, :BOWERY, 111E:W YORK. LovtLIQUORICE PASTE. THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTUREl!S OF THE l'OL j lowing weU-k.nowo bran4a dt>ai.rf>l!l to caution Tobacco MaDufact.urers u:int.:Y 0 tba numerou1 brauda pa.rportiug to 'be-orlgin&l aDd geouiDe br&Dda of imported ..:::_ "'*J1011Ddl of blo braDdoa, reboiled In \lila coUJlU'7, and 1D some IDstaDCO' DC frtt7 per cent To moure mumfactu_, oiiUliDI"'r P1u'e JCy<::a FLB AOO FGC ZA RR GZ K"-Co MF VB 0 '!be)' ebould _, ooctera to the ID New York, wbo le oole ID U.e Uftited J'loom thU tlmefo.........t tile-bi'UI4tl of Ltquorioe will no\ be oilfor .. 1e ID and oniT ln \be Vatted 8-bT y JAMES C. McANDREW, 124 -Front St., N. .t.o J allliq1110rlte oen\ 0111t, imperfect quality will be received back and allowed Jlelerr1Da to the d.YM'tieemoeni: we have &ppointed Mr. JAMES 0. McANDREW ot York our exclu lhe AFJlt1n tbe United 8tatM ror tile aale of all tbe b ra.ndl of heretofore manufactured by u s .. ROBERT .MAU ANDREW&; CO., Lnne floor of the Senate. man whose parents have allowed him suitable liberty in Senators Logan and also rendered. us most youth, in which to wear off his then excess of nervosity valuable--service. To the former the tobacco tnterests Too much restraint then, either bursts forth in the way are under especial obligation for the long and faithful wardness of the "minister's fon," or the victim ulti service which he has rendered. As a member .of the mately evinces a dullness quite incompitable with any Committee of Ways and Means, and on the floor of the spark of genius. J.D. HUNT, CODISSION MERCHANT. A CHRISTIAN SMOKER" is thus bepraised in a city contemporary; --" Sir : I have been a traveler nigh 40 years; have met tobacco smokers in both hemis pheres, and have suffered so much from their doings that my daily prayer is, Oh, Lord, please never to send me to any planet where tobacco grows !' With such an experience, you can imagine my amazement at finding, for the first time iA all period, one tobacco-smoker whose mor al nature led him to respect the feelings of a man unable to endure the flavor of his loved cigar. It was last Saturday night that this event took place. and I de sire to record the fact. I was n ight traveler from Washington; had secured a state-room in a sleeping. car leaving Washington at JAMES M. 8:so P.M.; was comfortably (Form_:rry of W1sx BR.OTH.Etts), seated in my room, when House and Senate, he has ably defended 'the interests What is life ?-a ceaseless and well-balanced buildof the proqucers, manufacturers, dealers and consum -ing up and waste of substance; excitation followed by ers of tobacco Foremost among our champi,ons in his sedation. The auditory nerve is stimulated, and the unwavering and intelligent devotion to all the various brain harmony, or a discordant jar; industries embraced in tobacco stands the Hon. William the optic, and a beauttfullandscape, of a dark and noi D Kelley; of Pennsylvania, an influential member of some alley appears; the gustatory, and we are remiooed the Committee of Ways and Means. Had other prom-of honey, of tobacco, or of wormwoood; the olfactory inent members of that committee who represented provoked, and we" die of aromatic pain," or are roused large tobacco interests sympathized with him and with from lethargy to briskness by sensific snuff; the feet Hon. Horace Maynard, of Te11nessee, at the last ses-dressed in new boots, and. the spirits rise under the sian, great and relief would liave been obpleasant stimulus, the corn elicits a cry of tained for the tobacco u:terests of the country. agony. Hunger excttes appel1te, we eat and the sali-ALL RINDS OF O.igars and Leaf Tobacco. IOVINCEIIEITS alOE ON CIKISIIlltMEIITS. Q t>FFICE: 133 Water Street, New York. CA.B.L UP:II.A.NN, TOBACCO AND SIIWL CIIIISSUI IIUHAIT. 188 PIAnL STUJI'l', P, O, Boa02969. NE'W YORK.. l, B. LICHTENBERG, 'U. 8. Tobaooo 'W'orka. C 0 L U M B I AN BLOCK, suddenly, and to my horror, OPPOSITE TOBACCO EXCHANGE, I perceived cigar-smoke BlCJDIOlfD, VA, Stepping hurriedly to the C 0 M M I S S.l 0 N MERCHANT little waiting room at the FOR THE PURCHASE OF rear end of he car,I found LEAP ':l'OB.IJ.CJCJO a cos\!Y seated and qutetly smokmg. 1 But, 173 'Water St., 173 Water St., I exclaimed my friend N.Y. I. CARPLJS N. !. this is smoking-car!: I!p.oRnnm oli' lJ' 'VI VA 'CIG 'RS Pointing to the calmed in. l.l!dl r fill An ll dividual having control, he DEALER IJI OOIESTIC CIGARS, observed: 'I was told by ANa ALL ""'os o that person that I can LEA I' T 0 B A ceo. smoke here.' Do you Domeotlc Clpn .taken on Commlsai011 .. d adnnceo really allow smoking in this made thereon. Cllr ? I asked of this man. B. NATHAN. 1. NISSEN. 'Yes, sir;' he replied, 1 we L NISSll:lil" dk CO.; allow gentlemen to smoke Wholesale Dealers in at this end of the car.' I --ol F"ln' e Cut BAVAIA AID DO.ISTIC Leaf Tobacco and Ci(ars, No. ISS WATER STREET, was horrified; and in my consternation exclaimed : Ia it possiQle and to think that I have paid five dollars to be caught in a car with the of :my D87B.01T Kia11o :NEW YORX, The regular toasts were then proposed, and drank in vary glahds are stimulated to pour forth their secretion; sparklin g Catawba, as follows : the pulpified food provokes an irresistible impulse to 1. The Leaf Tobacco Men of CincinnatJ." Reswallow, then, in turn, excitement, consequent upon the sponse by 0. Phister. digestive occurs in tne stomach, liver, spleen, 2 Ohio-Dtstmgutshed for the emment abiltty and pancreas, and; the nutrient part of the foed next patriotism of her sons in State and National councils; incites the lacteals to take up the pabulum required tv and for her great and varied contributions to the Tothe blood, which, being revivified, bacco trade of the country." Response by W. J. Dun-gives force to the bram, and through the nerves, tonicity ham Esq. to the tissues, and keeps the powers oflife flowing with 3'" Kentucky." Response by Hon. James B. Casey. spring-tide vigor, soon to ebb into rest or sleep com4 "The Ladies-N a.ture's original on the mensurate with the previous excitement. Should stimbriaht the beautiful, and the geod, the present edition ulation cease, or fail to cause reaction, death must in 'enriched and embellished by the highest style of evitably result-deprive e. g., the body of the animating art." Response by Major A. L. Symmes. influence of external warmth, and dissolution quickly 5 "The Banks ?f

THE T OBAV CO LE.&II'. JAN. 8 t II -Lico.-ice. LICOB.J:CE. MISCEI.I.ANEOUS. JOIItt. LICOR C' ... fRI TDF TBHAPPDS' & ClO. PASTE, POWDER, ROOT; fit; -1 101'1Y r THOMAS HOYT & CO., MAMVPACTU&LRSOF Pine! Cut Chewing and l ...0KJMG T<>BACCOS & SlHJFr, OU. aA.DS CHI!WJRG III:Di"YiiDt, HEARTS' DELIGHT, 1 liA,ONAL, BRIGHT OWEN. IXTRA CAVENDISH. Extn. FineOutObewiDgTobaooo and Eoho Smomg S. Bara.OOO and pjpiltella. 1'1'4 BigWh ...t._ue .. New York. De Rosa. i'UXJlrE BUILPDIG, NEW YORK. GoODWIN & CO.. Mills aDd J'avarite :MW8 XDUFAOl'UREBS or l'IIl'rOU'r Powdered Lioorioe. 0 B A ,.c Q Gum Arable .A. V Olive Oil, TonquaBeaus, iNn ALL sPECI.AUTIES FOR rAcco PHILIP. KELLAND Lea. & Plug Tobacco, MAIUFACTURERs. j TOBACCO ."!10"' & !J08 WATER ST. Pi\ent Powdered Lioorice. n: E & ./ ........ .. : Weaver & Sterry,. No. 24 CEDAR STREET. 179 PEARL STREET, .NEW YORK. : : Up Stair& .... CHARLi;& F. OSBORNE; ; Vir[in Leaf aiKl avy Chewin[, UO LL ..... 00 v JAMES G. OSBORNE, tlQUOtUGlL 2'obacco Brolt:er, SMOKING TODACC6, . FINEST OUALITl'. ... .-w., Plug .roltaooo, SMv.Jf1 Snutr Manufactured at Peeg11'keepsle, New-York. GIFFORD, &HERMAN & JNNIS No. M BROAD ST.=tEET, NEW YORK. JI.ANUli'ACTORY AND BALliSROOM, CliRNER OF AVENUE D AND 'TENTH STREET: new York City. 66-67 Itl SON; Manufacturer s i.obat.0,G, Diao S. ORGLER, Cigars, and Cigarettes, oft.he Best llraDds or CAMPBELL LANE ct CO. No. Fine Cigars, L. I 23 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. ----7 ClLUIBERB ST., and a97i GB.BiNWICm ST., NEW YOU. IS_ CHW ARZ & SPOllll, TIN FOIL. IOBN' l. CB.OOEl AND DJtAt.-as IN Maoufacta.rer of all kinds of FINE-OUT 0 HEWING AND SMOKPNC TOBACCO. DOMESTIC 0 Faotorr Ucl Saleor..,;., t IJIS1' ABLISllED lim] .. w. YORK.' 169 LlJDLOW B'l'BDl', DW YOBX, 2'obacco Bagg1,ng No. 38 OROSB Y ST., NEW YORK. tl.LBRIITZINGHOfFER.& SON JA.MES, M'CAFFIL WARDROP &. DALY. IMPORT.I!R OF AND UEALIUI. jlf Ill Ill 'LIWIB & NO m A>ID .a.GCIDIG -.AIJIIIBIAI. Of all K.iatl. LAw Prices for Caoh. .lDd Dt&leN In SPANISH LINEN"', FANCY STRIPE$ BleM.Iocol ud Sbeedop, Twiae and TMM, Coot ao ill Tra .. ling Bags, Blanket, ,....,., -s..m&, Carpets, Matting IIAVAIIA AND DOMESTIC Wood Brokers LEAF TOBACCOS, ......... HIAm. 188 DOAD STREE'J: RBW.&l!.l:, :Jr. :r. Pk WerJia- 8epl' D.:, BUCHNER, 411 I I N J&OZI:nt)BJI(Ul. :1'4l11J.Zfi1) DJNI' ............ : PINE CUT aa4 Dry Gooda \Ocncrally. AIIDiliW .J.tt5TER &, CO., .... 103 Cltamben Street, New York.. FRED. EIGILBACII. lo.bacco :.0. lllri'B A.VBiiOEI, RE1W YOIUl Gnit:and Tobacco r. B. a& "ddea J.aae. NE'W' YORK. K. :a.aooz, BRANDS Of CIGARS, 329 BOWERY, N.Y. li_.B.TCOU & HAHN. AWD CICAR8, E8TABLI8IIED is22. Cheroou.. "COPIDAGill Fl N E 8 E GAR 8, 256 Delancey St., New York. Man..Cactoftd only by -; / -WEYMAN. BBOTHER, Ito. 148 Wl\ter Street, 1tJ t -efllle .................. efll& s.........clt'Y Patent, Dec-ber 116, Aol 1 \l 11ue11a11. be n..--.!7proo NiiW 'I'OBB. r,_, ,_ "*'""-Bacl. ew!ed ----,. PREY BROS. & 00. l ... LAURILLABD, fti ... CfJO BJ/lOIEB. ) a. ]AI. G. hlOI; Pemberton & Penn, 'WOBACCO COMWIMION MIRCHANTS, ..,.. itt tte huiMU, 1/lnr Hnku Ill p ,H'flw6 ftlr -.IMfl P .MIIIfll/tllhltU DAHVQ.LI, VA. Kaaafactrerw o{ RAPPBE, COMGWI!M, and ScoTeu SHUPI', and enry.,...te oi Smokins Tobacco. 'WEYlH:Al'f & BRO I I II SIIITIIFIW ST PI W. SMYTHE, wx. zurssBB &. oo. Commission Merchant, MANUUoCTUuol OF. rl' r ,_,_ .IIIYIIM, TOBACCO SEAUNO WAll. ao o:am .JOJm STREET, IAYBilPCNIL, ... 1..6.118. WISCHMEYER ct CO. 1-TO:B..t..OCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS 49 SOUTH CHARLES ST., BALTIMORE. AIM, DlWIIS B D&OOB; tic., 1JW WiJUe St., ew lrork. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS. Tbe Or\aiullutemalll......,..., Pabllthlnc Houe, C .JOUB.GEJJSElf. SOLa MICC&UO TO -..rt& SMITH 6 CO., P.o. Bb"'rl6. ., LIBC::RTY ST; ; N.Y. a-u. u .......... -law, fo< Leal T-.... Doolen, Clpl'-T-.,.. w----, -othen. !rona &lid. IIWDclla a for PN ... lanmactmm nn CIGARS, and Dea.lers in Lea. Tobacco, 126 Chambers St., New York EDWARD A. MANUFACTURER OF Segars, Xo. 11 Bowery, NEW YORK. GERARD, BETTS &. GENERAL AUCTIONEERS. AND Oommission Merchant", '1 OLD 8Ded oorCJvmnauonr8QWII'c NEW YORK. PHILIP BEB.NA.B.D, MANUFACTUIU OF CIIAII, And Wholesale Dealer in nvm AID nomnc wr. TOqB. 133 Water St., llew York. .T. H. TYREE, IIMMIIIIDI -MIICHAliT, X.. ..... ,.,, ,.,.,. ......... ,.....a.-. ........ ....... ., ldiD .:.ft&&GGO. SF A NISEI: CEDAR '6<16 Ie afBJae Walnu' :O.pee&tuD, J. GOEBEL & CO. Importers aaclllu'llfaot1lnn of GIB.ll 1:Ll Y PIPIS, Alao of San4, Oruc!blel, &a111potl, &lid hrmin Ciq, I 29 Malden Lane, New York. a .... ._ eoaa 801111a. P. M. DINC.EE, Dorner BWtl& CJndi CAU?W C:.OMJilSSION MERCHANT. SP A.NISB CBDAB, .. 4LL FOREIGN & DOMESTtC WOODS. SPANISH CEDAR FO. R CiGAR .BOXES, Furniahed iil q_uantitie. a u it, by BODIIUN' A BEP.,1JBN, L:! WlS STREET, NEW YORK. SAW MILL, 465-475 Eaot roth St., and 47o-476 Eaot 11th St. CIGAR PACKERS SOCIETY KRAFT a. HOFFMEISTER, e-rato A LORENZ, _.._ of AND Palenled April tid aDd A118' tilth, 1:362, 13 NORTH WILLiill ST, N Y OiTY M.A:NuFACTURER OF ALL KINDS OF 11118LIN AND TOBACCO BAGS, 283 Bait; till. St., llew york. Orden proJT ptly attended t o at the shortest notic6 'IPI"U''Q PD'I .ttoejf''O!qQ B!OUJ(ll 'wW"!PUU ime.JJI( 'liu!te-WO ili)P'I91 elll-.v 'X'HO.X. ..M..tii:.N 1dJt8 PIG Gt pua .ICIIPIM tU "011. ''Df"D'U.'DO pu'O 'f! :n g1{1-J.oj q.uey pw7J J.9f.l.odtii.II B"'VS li04 'A IS G.N.V :IH:J11111J. 'lii!IDD Northern Pa,cffic IMPORTEll. OF THE ON HAND THE FOL LOWING 1ST II!VAIA CIAI RAILROAD, cWI IIAVAil IllS. PLUS Ul'RA, REGADAI!, LOh lliD:;B, Eli TRJ!.AO'.l'OB, El'O. lat &. La Jld GlUt PJor del CO:Iii'OHAS, LI BEST YUELTA AD-AJO LEAF I J.Uai!OS llEINA VIO'l'OIUAB, ETC. Dl 1 Jat:bajdad-REOALIA llRJ.TAlfiCAA, CON .MADE Of' T.HE CWR HAVANfCIGARS. E.panola-FLOR DE Pll.INCBSAS FIN AS, DAMAS, POUR I .Ell AliiATI!:UIUI, We ofer at jllr, flll6 i#lknst in t'U,..,_y LOimlU'.S, lft'C. llu Nlorllfem RM/r4tlll First Flor Fumar. uc": Legttlm...Jad-R.EniA VICToBIA, CONCHAS MtYrlgag Gt11d .Btmtis, principal tl1l 125 T-.T-<> > 'I r{111f vttl ................................ 75to 1!0 RE0-4-LIAII, LON. ted Stat e s Tax,rui rtc-SUBLDES... .... .. .. .... .... .. .. .. .. .. .. t o DilES llRI!V All, ETC tfl ,_ ...1...Lo. ,.J He Cl ummen nc sa,e '(i.,.,.e nry ay. EorcepciOB-.TOCJI:EY OLUB, UIND:Rt:S IUXU rr. NON PLUS ULTRA; ...... ................ $ $Mol Ll vnzud S/aus anti all _,/u/ti-&EGALIA BRIT All lOA ............. ...... I S O AS, ETC. lJk J ltEINA VICTORIA........................ 100 Pum. -L O D 1((11 ud, f't(IJ l11 '" t:T;c/iange tit SONCHAS DB REGALIA.... .. .. .. .. ... 75 to 8o ar -..,!'N RES, l M P IHU_ A J }>; S }rUe. EN'rREA.OTOS ............................. COXCHAS. ,.. SUBLIMES .. 1 t ... i ..... l d ..... d ... Obato de Orlon-LONDRES, DA:MAS, OPllRA .-. CJO n r m a ETc. ., REGALIA ................. C h LON JlKW YOllK, PHILADELPHIA, (l CO:I!CH.&.S ............... ................. $80 a arga.-DRES J.'INAS, DAMAS, OPERAS, EapanQia. Erc, AHD WAsHJNG'J'911. FLOR"DE P R EN'SAUOS .................... $ 70 to 72 PJor de Jluriaa-CAUDORES, BREV AS, OON L()NDRES DE C ORTE.................... 0 0 CHAS, M C. -J'RINECE!U.S ........................ .'..... 58 P Aauila de 0ro-PRINCRSAS l'L"''.AS, RFGALIA artaga&; DE LA REINA, REL'TAS .llE ESPAN.\ ... $ 80to LONDRES,liEDIA, REGALIJ.\ ETC. COXCRAS .................................. $ 70to 7 5 Villar 7 Villa.r-REGALIA DEl P.F..Y, I!E-ftitiCa. GALlA coM.nE JL F.aur, CHARLES A. WULFF, CONOHITAB....................... .. .. .. t8 LONDRES, ETC. Lithogta pher, Printer, and ){anufaot.lll81' OJ OO:-!CHAS ......... .... "" ...... ; .... .. 60 J' CoDill-CONCRA S, LON'D.RES COHRI Upmann. ENTES. J:.ONDRE S FIN OS.......................... 110 OAZADOREB............................... -uo. Ync--idad-CONCHAS, 'REG-AUAS, ETC. REGALIA BRITANICA.... .... .. .... li!d' La .Afri.oanaLONDRE&, REGALlAS ETC REGALIA. I.ONDRES...... .... ... .. .. .. .. C O Carolina lleJU&Coro-REGALIA DE LONDRES, CON liEINAJI ..... .' ......... : .......... 1 0 CHAS,LONDilES,ETC. Pl!RAB, .......... .... .... .... .. .. .. 55 Plor deSantlago-CONCHAS, ETC. lNPANl'ES ............................... 0 Figaro. nor de Rom!'rREGALU, LONDRES, CON-LONDRES PRENB.ADOS .. .. .... .. .. .. .. $ 76 CIIAS, liEDJ.,\NOS. LONDREB DE CORTE..................... 60 t o 60 All Orden f'or other Brands will be &ll Orden f'or other Braod11 will be Promptly attended. co. Promptly attended to SPIKCIB'S PATENT PLU' G TOBACCO MAC lriANUFACTUR.ED BY I HARRISON & 29 BROADWAY, NEw YOB.K Cl'l'z. j


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