The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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.-VOL. VIII.--NO. 49. lmpoth and 54 East Third. Ilafcr, Holrnes & Co., 2s West Second. Mil""faCJurcrs, lmptJr ls dnd Ptltl'l ;, Cign Krohn., J'eiss Co., !53 West Fourth. Lowentha18. & Co., n2 Third. Strasser &Co.,,s, walnut WeU. Kahn & C o ., 134 M.ain. Led Oi.gar Trimmer PITTSBURG, PA.-\Veyman & Brother, Snuff and Tobacco M anufac turers, 79 and 8x Smithfield St. til. SCBUBAH'I.'. No. 146 Water Street, NEW YORK. B. FBIIEDMAN. til N o orders for 8(h,eftil!ling wUI be comridered, Donaldson Broe. Pa.rk u n l ess a ccompanied bythecorrespondlngamoWlL The"H,atcb Lithog-rapic Co.t 32 Vesey This rule will JNVAllLULY be adhered to. HepPenhelmer F It Oo., 22 North WUliam. ST. LOUIS, MO.-J E. Haynes, Tobacco Broker, 6 1 I Chestnut St. '1-.,HE VIOHOT & CO. M:ANUFAOTURING COMPANY," DTRPl'ORY 9J ADVI&1181Il8. NEW YORK. Tbouto WartMm. Agnew W. & Sono. o84 alld >86 l'root atreet Aflen ]lilian, 172 Water. Benrlmo D. & A., U4 Water. Bergmann, John H. ,_.Coder. Blallemore, ")(a yo & Co., 41 Bread 11owDe & Frith, 7 Burllag Slip. Brod M., 131 Madea Laot:. .Bulkley, More A Co., 'J4 P'roat. Cardozo A. W.. &: Co 113 Peatl. C"'l>l E. 173 Water Colell H.J 111 Water. Cigar-Box L.btls 4nd Trimings. Schumacher & Ettinger, 1s lfuna,-. W olft' Chao .A., 'I Clhatbatn. Wax. Pooke Fred'k. DURHAM, N, C. SmtMng Thatt. :BJackweU W T \ ..,. ES.AT HARTFORD, 0.... Pa c k'r and Ikaltr. ZinBIcbltA8 1 Reina Flna 130 1>5 us 8o 2nd. 8o Jnfantes -JOCKEY CLUB Reina Victoria Reina Fina .. Regalia del Rey Loudres Cbicos Operas -Infantes -. FIGAIIM. .lid. Connolly & Co., Wate<. Crawford E. M. & Co., 161 Water. Da.,idson Bro., S Water. Deeeauer W. Water Eri<:M a w u ao ... : llkbaellll, 101 Malden Lane. 5pOer ()has. z Oo., 71 J<>ho. Msli H"K' Z.U..U R., :&oat Fourth. 7obam .B.tgi"l LeoMr .... "" ""Clruoben. Lee Geo., 1.50 State. I.oadoa 11; J;lidW5 llalila> IAac. -r...: .. 81-P fA.,''. S...1JeXaal!fact.orl111!9"- 7 Pu\.,C.. Wh. P(J(Jm and IJeaJw in &1M LMf. J"eJMlrkb FraDril. LIVERPOOL, ... l!mylhe W ., :JO Nmth John. L01TISVILLE. :a,.. TOLEDO, 0.-Witker, Halsted & Co., Tobacco DAYTON, 0.-Hoglen & Peale, Manufacture ( s of Macbinery. RICHMOND, VA.-R. A Mills, lnfaotes.. 4!S i Couchitas-,_. ctrarettea J90 i Operas A Hberal discount will be made to purchasers. 6o HOIIRID(Z. 55 -Ci .... ettes Orders f o r any 9lher 'Yill be pro tp;>tly attended to. roo Cit >!6../U. -":fn' '. ... llllaa. I 1\ieDd & Co.;l & G .... ., MalOn JAM, &Y.'!i .,... t '-" ._, o.tJwk 6 f:&., Hj rn.t.. Y\aser j AJ3 Third. Tob.lrco :116d .. ,, Welet Wm. G Oo., Wicllo G. W'. ..,. .llaia Tobacco Exchange. LYNCHBVRG, VA.-John H Tyree, Com mission Merchant. PETERSBURG, VA.-R. A. YGUllg & Brother TGbaC(;o Commission Merchants. co., It Dey llereet, New York, .. oC the .... b .... __ ._ ... ........ .__ HtnG. 11. A CO., MII'011L ...,_ w. c .a ea., .,.,._. Jl-. c. B. 99 Ploul. u-t. J D 133 Water Street JU .. Icot Th_,.J SO 11-::.-JUandre w P ""0o.,11 .... 18 .-..... Jtte...,ll,ei'JI & Oo., J6o J'eul, -""' A. 0., 163 PearL :&,..fta 11. H 16J .PR.rt. Jlla8tl. M!rftln jot.-. 166 w-. Xa,erJoeeph, Soas, ut Water Me,v A.. o. L &: 0 43 llaftr, -erT. H .A:Oo._,_!61aod-l.aDo Marria, >1. M 19 OW :onp aacl 7S ;w...,, 1. & c.;;. rsa w ..... Slaughter fi:.Oo., 41 B.....t oat-Aln, 166 '1Vate1. ()ttiopr Brolhen 119.Pearl. Palme1 &: Sc9 MaWen 'Quln, J. P. &: Co., 39 Broad. S ._ 75 Fulton. 'Read & \;o ., oq OW Sbp. -....mann, G. &: Co., !19 Pear), a-bauro; A. S. & C.., 1M ll'am. : Jlelleawald, E. a: BN., 145 Water. w-cn> S. 190 Pearl. Sa..,...., Wallace I' Co.,.., JlrMd, Scbe!de< 213 PearL Sclualtt :ti SteiDecke, 6 Flftcber. Scloroed A Bon, 176 W-. Bi:hvb&rt H. lo Co., 1<6 Water Sellins' Souo S., 69 Froat. Spem:er, Bros. & Co., 1S JllaWeA lAet ET, Cbarleo T., Jlq ...... nprnJ E. Ill Co., s Burling Slip_ o 4lo o.;o., 197 Duane. straltoo 11o l>torm, 191 P.,n SUohn & 1;6 l'""'t. Charko F. &: SOD, 184 P'reat. Tlllreohont F. W ._68llr<>ad.' k Upjoann, Carl, 188 !"earl. 'f-Ie!"'' Son, Til. H.1 '4 Oeoar. Wulheim, M .t Co., >n._Peolr). Wrigllt, ll. M, .r. Co., 39-7 ....... ()alta A Ruete, 119 Pearl. DRJer Edward, <6 lleaver. GaM, J. S. lo Son,l6 Wall. Oo<:ar. 111 Pearl xcllaacl, P., '79 Pea.t. ......... I Charlft 1'.1 54 BooM. ..... Soa, 113 8pcotto, C Peul MMfMtMrlt'i if X.Hito, .ADd-Job & Ca. 114. nf ud "'Liberty. Cook 1S9 Lo41ow ,_ J, 1'. 174 Froat OoCtae, F .A.. & Br9., Jill w-..,... .. Ooodwm & Co. >01 UICI 109 w u.,t 'l'hOIDAO & Co., 40t P..t Jllann BI'OII. 141 Welt B ......... y1 McoAJpln D. H. Co. oor .A._.,. I) aJMi ']'..,.; Bal>l> S., 75 ,.,.!ton l!]lootWell D. A, a. Scm, ...... ..,_ .Afolf" &.Hi., :r.Hwu, "' Hen A. & Co. 43 Llbetty J..IDdheim M 148 Water Woloo Eller&: Kaeppel, 119 hul Af4MjMfllrlt'l .oi Qc .... a. .A.,...bacb A Meodenoa, il Water 133 Water Brvc:k M ., 3'9 ; Jewel, 71 _, .._e :Ploher & Rll8t, "' Maid .. LaDe. l'ftJ B1'111!. & Co. n6 OilaiDDen & Haha, 1 ... Water Hinch D .r. eo Bowery-'"' w-. Hlncbham'L. &: Co.ll9 Water HoUaocler LoWe, un N ... u eS. &: Co. 009 Pearl <>"-S, 131 Maideo llroo. & lloady, 51 Mai 1cbwan A br, 1119 Lewill lelcleoberll' Oo. 19 .Q9 lleckio A Wanaac:lt, 6 ,IUvlfiCioD E H II Jlowery berti M &: Co. P-1 on & ctorm, 191 P*u'l lotro li Newmark, 131. Water MaMjiUtiU'tr l of FiN Bill-Cftr.on H. u5 Vlcbcit A Co. 76 Pine Btr.t TAt Gt,.,il Cif: PatAHt ..,, Clelell.llo o:: OhaU.... lmporttrl of lWtotw, Alm!nll ]. ]. lJO Oedu Garcia F. 16, Water Go..-lez A. 167 Water Kelly E. il4 "'leaXL1cbier, Gail II: Oo. u8 Water ) 195 Pearl ()bm.t.dt Robert .A.: 30 Platt Pucual E. Brother dt CQ. ss6 Water Solomon M. A E. 85 Maldoo Lme vea Jooepn.L & 74 Tthtto Maf_,,.,.,. lJIIniH, W\sJ!nton E. G. & llo., Tblrd. LOUISVILLE, K:Y.-L Francke Tobacco M11in Street. LA RO&.A-BSPANOLA ..,,.....,. .. "'"" Hoey]OHph, '"Broectway. QUINCY, ILL.-Turner, Haines & Co., Tobacco Manufacturers li'ACTORY. EVANSVILLE, IND.-Lee M Gardner Tobacco ,_ Piwtl ,.Hecco JlaoWIN, BuriooD aDd Oo., .., llroadway -Irrkntai Rnomue B B......tway ; Va. ManujrMtMr'klR I< W'. Arm;stead L. L. PROVIDENCE, R. 1.-Huntoon & Gorham, WholeARE NOW READY AND FOR SALE. O&nollj. w. 1 Ll Oo. Plaeo WilllOM A K.Jier, 69 Boalh a. Oo., 49 BoulhOharlee. PBU.DELPBLt.. TohMtf w.l'tiHMMI. b)' h ill b Analhan .11. ,. eo., ..., North Third In our last issue we pu ts ed, as w e remem8ee Advertlsen>.ent: on 4th Pa.tre TtHtto '"'-" W.U.lll, w &Dkelaan I' .... Mooely D. J:., .llill atreet. I h h d t incurring severe penalties." law as it now stands, and under wmc t e tra e mus ROTI'ERD.A..II, llellaaa. I Laarlllu'd l .II. Thewords, "and all cut, etc., otlur than .fttu t'UI chewcertainly do business for some time to con.e, they wou d SPIUl'fGFIELD, ._; ing" are the basis of the Commissioher's decision. But earn the thanks of all dealing in the weed, and enter lmllh .B ""Bampcleo IlL does the Commissioner inow, positively !mow, that the upon a pathway that would probably Jead to success. CJWar Jlouldl tobacco in question is not nne-cut chewing? The AsAmong the provisions of the act of July 20, r868, as Cloatkt'loM!Il sessor says it is "essentially a chewing tobacco, being ame nded June 6, 1872, which have seriously injured ST. LOUIS, llo. sweetened and--cut long." The Commissioner .holc!s many branches of the trade, and that without conferring M11111lfi1.chlrtrl of TMHI. Catlla D., ""North Second of cours that lt i! not what is known to the trade as any substaBtial benefit on the officials charged with the X..,,,. TYarU.... fine cut. collection of the tax on tobacco, is the one providing ... B. .. eo., ,.3 Marttet. o, But the grades of fine-cut are as numerllUS as that every package of manufactured tobacco must bear W&ll "Belvin, 320 North lleooDd. the being in texture very fine, fine, medium the manufacturer's, or proprietor's, name and address. Tohattl Brokr Ba:r-1. '" Cbeetaat. and coarse. Who, then, shall decide whether The law of 1868 compelled the use of the manufacturer's SYRACUSE. Ill. Y. or not the "Bright Virginia Cut_ Cavendish" is nne-cut nam'e; but last year the rigor of the enactment was mitiBier,.Co.G-P ,NorlhBalma. chewinba? The Commissioner says, "The" Messrs. Margated so as to aomit the use of the name of the prG-"'''''"''' D. ur1 ;, L.Jij .llculter 11 Bamiltoa,..., East Wa&er burg do ngt claiQl that the tobacco complained of is prietor of the factory, when the. manufacturer was not .TQLEDO, O. fine-cut chew ing tobacco." "They label it Bright Vir, also the owner; or that of the proprietor of the brand, 'l'h""' MA1111f111111""1 ..:lnia ut Cavendish,' thus admitting it to be tow'hen others than -the manufacturer had a legal right to Wl .. er, Hahtead and Cr .,. h b -bacco;" but not 'jine-111/' chewing." the same; or in cases wh ere the proprietoc, w1t out e:. UTICA, 111. 'I" f 0.1 a...,;., ...J "-lirrt If one were disposed to. be uncivil, it be ing the o'Yner of t)le factory, employs the IJlanu : Tobalre. observed in response to this assumption, and to manufacture exclusively for b;m. In these three instances the name of the proprietor of the factory, brand, or goods may now be used. A glance at these three. exceptions, will show how arbitrary tbe law originally was and, in some respects, now is By the act of 1868, the proprietor of a factory in Virginia-say an extensive dealer in manufactured tobacco in this city-ow s compelled to advertist! gratis the' and address of a manufacturer occu"ying the same. The proprietor of certain brands, and the dealer who took from a manu(acturer his entire product-the latter working under a contract to that effect-were in 1 the same predicament. The in certain brands for which h e had created a market, was, if any thipg, the worst off. Let us look at the practical effect of the Jaw in this instance. Sup pose A, a large dealer in tobacco in this city, has, made a specialty of certai n brands, say the of the Sea," "our. Polly," "Auld Lang Syne," and others, and that B is the manufacturer who supplies and owns them. They may, .or may not be, of special value above other brands,but A has so advertised them, and so pushed them through his ag!!nts, that a heavy remunerative trade has been created which did not exist before 'A took hold of them; the manulacturer has had no hand in making, or fustering it, and it belongs, if any thing of that cl:aracter cari be said to be property, to A and to him alone. B is utterly unknown to the tr"de as the producer of the said brands, and but fo( A and Con gress would never have been so known. The latter, however, : with its usual disregard for personal rights, in terfen\s in the arrangement and compels A to advertise the manufacturer, through the caution-labe), r and thus cut his own throat, in a business puint of view, and so far as those particular brands are concerned. The con sumers of the "Pride of the Sea," etc.,, fancy that they can purchase to better advantage directly from the m "an ufactU[er, and A in time lo5es the bulk of hit custom and finds the wor,k of years' thrown away It must be understood that we are not discussing the ri!{kl of the customer to purchase directly of the manu facturer, if he chooses Tbat is quite another branch of the subject; though it may be said, that he has un doubtedly such a right, and if tine manufacturer pad employed th.e same machinery or making his bratJ"ds known as A had done, no one could _have reasonably complained. I it remembered, the customer does not come to the manufacturer through any effo1t of I I


I 2 tb.e latter, but through tlu intujereNI 11j Congress in a matter in which it certainly had no concern. It may be said, that Congress could not stop to regard the right of a single dealer in ,gislating for an entire industry; but A is a representative of his class, and h is ara:anl{ement with B shadows forth a system .C trade which has, for years, given prosperity to all parties concerned, and wh i ch is nolw partially demorali z ed and broken up. But since Congress bas-diSb e so much evil by its ac ti o n, let llS i n qu i r e whether the of the or a n y bran c h thereof, has gamed compensating T h e provision by which every packa ge of manufa ctyred tobacco now bears the name of the manu facture r thereof, seems to haYe been the result of a bril lian t theory on the part of Congress, that if counterfeit stamps should be used, or other fraud com mitt ed, the R e venue officials woul d only have to consult the manu 'fac turer s name and address to detect the real culprit and bri n g hi m a t once to justi ce. At least this is t he only reason we have ever heard given for t he enactment o f the provis ion i n question Strange as it may s e eqt that any memt>er of our n a tional legis lature should advocate the adoption of so puerile a remed y for the difficulty com p la i ned of, the fact neve r t heless remains that C ongres s actually supposed tha t an illicit manufacture r who used false stamps, was go ing t o perp e tr ate t h e in e ffab l e folly of imprinting his r eal n att a nd address on the same package with the counterfeit stamp As well might we expect the forger, after imitating another's signatur", to append the words : "This is my handiwork JoHN DoE. If a manufa c turer w i !lllSe counterfe i t stamps h e certainly will n o t hes itate to affiJ[ a label bearing a fictitious name and factory number, and, perhaps, collection district and State. To advance any other hypothesis is to suppose that the illi cit manufacturer is too much of a fool to be a s uc ess ful kna ve. As the same provisions of the acts referred to, apply as well to dear-boxes as to packages of tobacco, it will be seen that that the cigar trade is quite a's muoh interested in the repeal of this absurd and annoying regulation. It has been suggested that petitions be cir culated for the repeal of the section, and were it not so late in the session something might be done. At all events steps should be taken to have this grevious wrong rightes by the new Congress which meets in December next We have only touched upon the outer edge of the subject in the foregoing remarks, and not attempted to enumerate all the evil effects which t he provision entails upon the trade. It can easily be shown that even the manufacturer is ultimately injured by a section which at first seems to operatein his favor. A c a refully-perfected an d elabora t e commercial system, in a ny department, can not be arbitrarily disarrangecJ without or less affecting all parties concerned. Let us hope that the evil done may not be found to be irreparable when Con gress, convinced of its blunder, sh:tll at last come to our relief JIIINOR EDITORIALS. MATCHLESS MISERY.-Havinga cigar a11.d no t hing t o light i t with. NEW TOBACCO, WAREHOUSES IN K&NTUCII:Y.-Several new tobacco warehouses are to be built in Augusta, Bracken County WESTERN HAVANAs."-An exchange informs us that Davenport, Iowa, turns out 30,000 cigars a day, pure Havanas, cabbage wrapper and burdock filling BEGINNING Ov.s:R AGAIN.-One of the Freshmen at Dartmouth is fifty years of age He is a retired clergy man wbo intends, as be says, to finish up his mortal career with a college course. DISCOURAGING.-Brix says it's d i s c ouraging on your first visit to a young lady; whom you wish to impress with your fitneiis for a Sunday school teacher, to have a brother who knows you down town ask you for "another chew of that tobacco in her presence. SHoULD BE Juooao.-Apropos of the Springfield, Mass., practice of spitting tobacco juice on ladies' dresses, it is suggeste:d that the man who makes iuch a use of "qui d should be put i n the a ccusat ive case in quod." ANOTHER PARDON.-John V Rogers, of Calloway County, who has been in the McCracken County, Ky., jail for about a year past, charged with manufacturing moonshine tobacco," has been pardoned by President G r ant. ONE CHICAGO FIRM.-Messrs. Spaulding & Merrick, of Chicago claim that they have manufactured and sold (to jobbers exclusively) during theyear r872, one million three hundred and sixty thousand, eight hundred and ei,htyfive pounds of tobacco, on wh i ch they -pai d a tal( of J277 282.34 WHo WoULDN' T BE A S.s:xToN ?-Ply1routh Church, i n Brooklyn, is sexton-ized by a "first sexton with the beggarly salary of $3,500 per annum with an assistant at S1,200. How many a poor editor would be glad to toil under the "dropp mgs of the san c tuary for S3,50o yearly wages! CHANC E IN MISSOURI.-" What chanc e has th e C ol onel of going to the S enate asked a vjsi tor at J effer son City, of a member of thl' H o use Chance, h-1 !" s a ys be; "do you s'pose a fellow can go to the United States Senate on Cole County whisky and Cuba sixes only ?" WJiDDING BELLS IN THE DISTANCE.-The ''little bird'' that whispers such tidings, assures us on its honor as a well -conducted and truthful biped, that Marx Ottinger, Esq., of the firm of Ottinger Bros., of this city, proposes ere long to plunge in to the sea of matrimony and to join the for The of the fair l a dy, whose attractions have mduced such a commendable resolution, is said, by the sam e veracious authority to be Miss Clara Lightstone. TOBACCO IN 'ST. Louis.-During the m'lnth of De cember, 1872, the revenue from tobacco in the St. Louis Collection District (First Missoun) was as follows:-Ci gars und of all descriptions, J; manu facturers of Cigars, lso.85 ; snuff of all descriptions S892.72; tobacc1. is exhausted, event aupervene C. Hoffmeyer, 6 do; Rob't E. Kelly & Co., 19 do; S. 15@I9; 5 at II bhds Brown Co., Wtslem Leaf-The demand for old crop continues, to Jeduce the and this, in view of the fact Linington & Sons, 4 do; G W. Faber, 6 do; Fred'k lugs and leaf: 8 at $1o@14 ,7 5 ;" 3 at I8@:z 3 50 15 and we note sales o! 993 hhds, of which 1:18 for ex thar a slight the price of manufactured deBary & Co., 5 do; Purdy & Nicholas, 6 do; E. Carhhds Owen Oo., Ky., trash and lugs: 7 at 6.Jo@f.lo; port, and the remainder to the home trade. Our stock goods has lately The way out of this pies, 2 do; L Perea, 1 do; Wilder&; Est11brook, 3 do; 3 at 8.10@9.Io; 5 at Io@u. 9 hhda New Owen Co., ot old crop on sale is Tunniag down rapidty, an,d is difficulty can only be by a further advance ; and W. H. Thomas & Brother, 45 do; Acker, Merrill & Ky. : 7 at 6@7.75; 2 at S .os, 8.10. 4 Mzes New Boo.e composed principallr of! Macon County. Old fillei'S bence, as this contin1ency is likely to occur at any time, Condit, 33 do; Park & Tilford, 30 do; Galway & CaCo., Ky. trash, at 4-70. 7 bo)(es Southena Indiana: 1 much wanted. new crop, has yet arrived, lll'ld buyers can hardly fad to;:onsult their own interests by sado, I do; Howard Ives, 23 do; Sturges & Co., I do; at 7Si 4 at 8@9.95; z at 10 39 eases new: 5 at we nole sales of Virginia lugs at 7* and Western taking advantage of the oppo1 tunities afforded by the Hicks & Tabing, 2 do; G. T Muller, 2 do; CJlas. 3@5.80; 8 at 6.o5@7-40. 1 box W'LSc:onsin, at factory trash at 7 @8c, to arrive; also a few wrappers existing state of the market. Prices just now are, to be French & Co., r do.; Maitland, Phelps & Co., r do; F. 13 cases New Southern Indiana: 9 at 3 at at for week Total sure, as high as the demand will warrant, but the preAl .exandre & Sons, 4 do. 9@9.7o; 1 at Io. January. 170 693 993 I,lSs 6 sent condition can not, in the nature of things, always "' At the Kenton Warehouse, 1 7 1 hhds and 1 box:-146 VIrginia Leaf-The weather of the past week has continue. In this matter of prices, as in so many others, From the ports of New York to foreign ports other hhds Mason Co., Ky., trash, Jugs, and leaf: 41 atll-6o been poor enough to prevent the transaction of a great manufacturers, we opine, win hereafter discover, if they than European ports, .for the week ending January 15, @9Si 84 at Io@I4-75i 7 at; 4 at,._ amount of business in any department of trade, have not already done so, that the commission merwere as fo1lows: 8 hbm Brown Co., Ohio lugs and leaf: 3 at u.s W-ith continuous alternations of snow and-ocJngelli n g would be of more liSe to them they can AllGiiiNTINK R&PUilLIC-8 hbds, $1,8oo; 76 bales, 13.5o; 5 at so@s4. 16 hbds Owen Co., Ky., truh, ltlp, Jain, it required a strouger incentive than the ordinary ever be to themselves. $ 2 154 and leaf: 1 at 6 .8s; 6 at 8.:zo@9 7Si 7 at I0.25( prospect of gain to make tradesmen leave their comManufacturing tobacco and sell i ng it are twodiff.,rent BRITISH NoRTH AM.s:RICAN CoLONI.KS-3 cases cigars 2 at :to.2s, 2L75 1 hhd and 1 box Weat Virginia at fortable offices, or their hearths at home, and go out art;;, an eff e ctive kno' wledge of eitller of which can only and 20. into the highways and byways of the open markets iu be acqui red by a prolonged apprenticeship Nob@9. 90; u at; 3 at I 5 @ I6 .so. I 9 the publication of our previous resume, though 1t may t hem -DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. hhJs Brown Co., Ohio, trash, lugs, and leaf: 9 a t 9(t be sai d that t h e agglegate business of the week foots What steam IS to trade mtddleml!n are T he a rrivals at the port of New York from dom e stic, 9-8o ; 7 at Io.zs@u.25; 3 at 17@19.50. 12 hhds new up in tobacco much better .than might h a ve been to manufacturers, and m age of traffic interior and c r astwise port, for the week endingJ anuary Owen Co. Ky.: 8 at 7o; 4 at T o. 2 hhd6 expec ted under the circumstances. they are even necessary! because fre1ghts cau be 2 r, were 350 hhds, zz trcs, 16 half trcs, n,u6 cases, and 2 boxes West Virginia: 3 at; I at 10. S In Virginia leaf, and also in Western, there appeared transported as. m the olden tune, so to speak, who 89 three qtr boxes, ISO half boxes, 89 qtr boxes, 5 I box new Ohio seed at 6.zo. to be a slightly augmented activity, and. more sales are among ,our manufacturers has self third boxes, I bale, IS do scraps, 49 cases cigars, I box At the Phister Warehous e, 51 hh::ls and r8 boxes: an_nounced than for the preceding week. We hear onnecuons m the remote as well as near of d o con s igned as follows: 24 hhds Mason Co K y trash, Jugs and leaf: 3 at of in old ?.nd new stock with a demand the world? As a Iule manufacturers have ne1th.:r t : me, Bv THE ERIE RAILROAD-Ottinger Brothers, 24 $8.75@9.80; IS at ro@I4-SO; 6 at IS@U. 20 bhds both for shipment and inclin_ation nor facilities for disposing ef hhds ; Sawyer, Wallace & Co. I r do ; D H MeAl Browp Co., 0., trash, lugs and leaf: 8 at 8.os@9 9 o ; 9 Fro m R ichmond we have advices indicating a slight thetr d1rectl:y to and pin & Co 7 d 1; E M. Wlight & Co 18 do; P Lor-at ro@r4.25; 3 at I7@ r 8 zs 2 hhd!l'new Owen Co. i n cre a s e i n t he receipts at that place, the recent rai ns they and for the1r prospenty have a1d illard & Co., 1 do ; J. K Smith & Son, 8 do; Pollard, Ky. at 5 z hhds and 2 boxes West Virginia : .Sat and a bette r in quiry having resulted in causing .addi them, who have only cap1tal, credtt and Pettus & Co., r8 do ; Blakemore, Mayo & Co. I do ; 6.o5@7; I at 9 -SOr hhd Southern Kentucky, at 9 _30. tiona! suppli es t o come forward. .. but. who are fatmhar the and D. J. Garth, Son & Co. I do ; ]. P. Q.ui n & Co., 2 2 hhds Southern Indiana, at 9 10 .25. I6 cases coa-Seed Leaf-We notice a steady and increased de-routi_ne the world-mformat_10n not ac-do; Goodwin & Co. r do i order, so cues. mon Ohio seed fillers and binders : 8 at 7@ 7.8o; 4 at mand for nearly all kinds of seed leaf tobacco for home m of expe_nence,_ effort Bv THK Ht:DSON RI7.KR BAILROAD-Schroeder & 8.2 s@; 4 at Io.zs@u. use, while f o r the exception of a few small and and without 1t Ls s1mply 1mpo ss1ble to Bon, 82 cases; Lederman Brothers, u do; order, 94 do. Our quotaticons. for manufactured are unchanged. sales of Wisconsin tobacco, in all about 100 cases, at do busmess at th_e present day, _look confidently Br THE NATIONAL LIN&-Drew &: Deane, a hhds ; OLARKSVILLE, TENN ., '.January I I .-Messrs. M:. 9;4 c-operations s e em to be almost entirely susforward to the t1me when our Vug1ma manufacturers Blakem.,re, Mayo & Co., I dG; D. J. Garth, SoH &: Co., H. Clark &: Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report: For_ home trade the sales .foot. up cases, fill view these facts in a light similar to that in which IO do, 54 order, hhds. O_ ur sales for the_ week amo.unted to 's9 hhds the quald th1 are here presented BY THE CAIIIDii.N AND AMBOY RAILilOAD-HavelVlded as foilows :-400 cases Connecticut and ItY_ was P<>?r, as Is usual our early receip ts. The c husetts, at 35@s-5c ; "375 cases New York State, on l INokmg-:-A average busm e s s to meyer & VigelillS; 9I cases i Kremelberg &: Co., 69 do; pnces reahzed, though quite full, do not satisfy planters pri vate terms; us cases Pennsylvania, do i IOO cases been done m SJ?Oktng tobacco, the dtffi<_:ulues A. S. Rosenbaum & Co., 33 do i I r do. and country priaers. as they do not compare favorabl Ohio, at r3c, and too cases old crop sundries, at u@ and the tmpedtments to f orwardmg b et ng taken BY THE Nxw Y?RK AND HAVBK SrBA_IIfBOAT the prices paid for loose crops, and loose tobacc! r8c. mto account. Abenhetm, 3 &: Sccwille, 36 buyers are, in con s equence, checking their purchllllell. Concerning the new Ohio, a res ident buyer, writing 1 has been no change 1n t he c1gar mar-do, E. Rosenwald & Brother, 8 do, A. L &: C. L. We quote-Lufs, commooleaf, 7*@8-"'; to a city firm here, gives it as his opin.ion, ,from what he ket smce our The same causes that Holt, 4 I bale medium leaf, go o d medium leaf. has seen and heard, that crop will exceed in quan <_>ther mterests also been v1stble In conBY TH& ruw Yo1uc AND HA.II.TI'OR.D STKAIIfiOAT LIKK. Our .sale promise to steadily i ncrease in and tity the common estimat e ; tha t is, instead of 40, 000 w1th thrs, but b uqme ss, nev e r t hel es s h a s been F Schroeder & so cases, L Carples, 7 dos Chas. portance from this time forw a rd cases the y ield is likely to reach so,ooo cases. Another moderately good. 1 Tag & Son, 4 do, Kuchler, Gall&: Co., 45 do; Funch, DANVILLE <:i .... G It/ ed 113<. and c osed at II3' L Edge & Co. a do. n.-m.essrs. Pemberton &: item of news is the failure, during the week, of a seed 0 open .,-a 7'4. BY THK OLD Do:.r!NIOK 5 .......... HIP LIK.-A. D. Penn; Tobacco Com. mi_ssion report : After jobbing house in this city, lo11g, or otherwise unfortunate Exckallge has been steady. We quote: _Btlls at. 6o --a d d h credits compelling it, so it is stated, to yield' to the addays on London, tor.commerctal; Chockley, Io hhds; W 0 Smith, ISJ do ; J P Quin & a ew ays goo stnppmg weat er, are again in the verse current lhat had set in upoo it. There was still for bankers, do at short Sight, Co. z do; March, Price & Co., 8 do; Chas. Luling & mtdst of .very cold, wmdy an. d drymg The another suspension reported on the street, a manufacPans at 6o days, do. at s1ght, Co. 22 do; D. H McAlpin & Co., I do; B. L Burrell, crop, as It appears, JUStifies so oftea turing establishment finding itself unable to stem the Antwerp, Swtss, S 23)i do; Toel, Rose & Co. 8r do; P. Lorillatd & Co., 5 do; expresst;d by us that a crop of light tobacco, pressure of dull times. @s.x8)(, Hamburg, 4 Re1chsmark, Am14 trc s; L. Benjamin 16 hlf trcs; E, DuBois, I7 cases; more for ?mokmg t h a n purposes, The losses resulting from these two failures, we un-sterd. am, 40 )( Frankfort,_ )(; Bremen, :A. S. Rosenbaum & Co, Io do; R. Lindheim & Co., r With a consl(ferable spnnklmg of fin e m_anufac.I:!H' derstaud, are distributed so that no single creditor will 4 Prusstan thalers, 71*@72)( tlo; Connelly & Co., 26 do, Martin .&: Johnson, 12 do; mg. has been pnoea be much inconvenienoerl by the misfortune that has over-1 have been qUJet at steady rates. J L. Lockhardt, 52 do; G. W Hillman & Co., 9 I do, fully sus!atned, and on some grad es may be sa1d to be -. Richey & Boniface, :rs do; A. Hen&: Co., 5 do; .M, M stiffer We quote: l ugs, commoo, Js@7; metaken the tradesmen who have been obliged to disconJIOBCII. Welzhofer, 12 do, 8 caddies; w P. Kittredge & Co. dmm to good, 7@9; leaf, common, tinue operations for the time being. The enterprise Oro..-en of seeclleaf. are cauttoned accepting the l do, 5 hlf boxes; Maddux Brothers, 1 u do, S do Dogood 9@u; _12@18; fancy, nominal-noae iA and c a pacity {)f both parties, it is hoped, will ere long rep<>u these,.rer... tn mos t nstancet, han Carroll, & Co., 3:1 do, 75 do, 89 qtr boxes, 5 third mar e ; smo mg, a e Waif rom 9..,30; wrappeJJ, -. 10 old crops whicla hne been he! .. ncarlr you, aad the pralit on b o xes; Bulkl e y, Moore & Co. I84 three qtr boxes; J. all the way from I8@6o. The man )' suspe nsions thlt have occurred tbts wmter, which mUJt naturallr tnclude the tntereot o n capital mveated. Growen H Thv mpson, IS hlf boxes; J as. M Gardinei" & C{). KY., Yanltlry 6.-Messrs. M. H throughout the country, in most all branches of trade, cannot even Ul the cue of new cropa, to a ell them for the some d Bl Cl k & B h Le f T b B have had t he effect already of again calling attention to pri.-aa arc obtained on a wsate here: Of every re-sale mu>t ?" 25 o; akemore, Mayo & Co., 75 do, 5 three qtr ar rot er, a 0 acco rokers, report: Tbe the hazardous nature of the credit system now 80 ex-at an adnnce, and therefore tne pnce _obtamabte by the growen wtll boxes; Wm Demuth &; Co., 1 box cigars; order, 63 sales of the week are JU!l closed, showing 78 hhds o(. tensively practised in and com mercia operalwayt be lo,..r thiR our quotatJoru. hhds, 8 trcs. fered, 10 hhds rejec!ed, 68 hhds sold. The market ations. The exigencies oftrade make it impossible to QUOfATIONS OF WHOLE!SALE PRICES. By NoRTH RIVER BOATs.-Pollard, Pettus &-Co., 48 was somewhat 0!1 low grades, without beiac d 1 h h h f d w...,.._Light ),.af. 1'1>tuo41.-Darou. hhds Blakemor, e, Mayo & Co u do., Oelrichs & Co., quot. ably lower, and on h igher grade& there was less ani l Spense a toget er Wit t e praCtiCe o ere ItS common t o soocJ.Iuge 9.1(@10 Extra line..... ... .. 60 (Q.J ? th 1 k d th h to business men; on tf:lis point there can hardly be any Commonl eat. ...... .................. .so r95 cases. matlon an ast wee 3? _pri ces ruled much doubt. But this admitted, i t is a debatable question .:: CoASTWISE FROM KKY \YES1".-Se idenberg & Co. 28 the same, sellers were m o r e dtssatiSfied and rejectetl whether or not a neces s ity exists for assuming in this Fino ... ........ Comm n .............. 40 @U cases cigars; Frederick deBary & Co. I6 do; J & J. more freely. quote, lugs, t k f h b L Leaf 1 obacco Broker rnU('IUIJ --@ 1 00 "' <-S.t 1 t hid d t h t 6 6 man tOT goo to acco WI e equa tot e supply, and Wrappei& ..... .......... u @3l Lico6 at pnces or goo to acco w1 rue as h tgh as last Now y,..k Seed TcM1,[. -LaCoro,adeEspna...... :16 an on s 1p oar no c eare ----------190 s. 9 I9 s o ugs: I7 a 90; 2 ats, 5..8o. season We who have not more ......... ." .... 18 @3 5 Inspected thts :-veek __________________ 479 hhds. The Louisville sold 96 hhds Kentucky leaf, than ordmary pams m-stnppmg, to go over tlietr wrapAorledlots .......... 12 @18 "G c. 4501boaat's.... Inspected previOusly.----------314 hhds. lugs and trash: 2 at hr,, 23; r4-5o, 13;2 at, 11 fi t 1 d h Finer 11 @ll}i "!!'. G 450 lb.......... 29" II :rs rat Io Io at 9@9 90 15 at 8 ...r...a t pers agam, care.u y remove 1m per ec eaves an t en, Wi.s= .ai n .uc,r-"O & A S75ll;o. ...... -1-_, .9o, :10 a when examined by tobacco buyers, ask a price corres ; G. & F ; '2t" T ot a L---------------------7,70I hbds. 7 90i 32 at 6@6.90; 2 at SSOS 1 hlld d h h l' f d Fillers ..... .. .... 8 @ 8)>' WyUis El<. uo Ilia not. 2'J E t d J 8 hhd t 5 hhds I di 1 d L 8 pon mg w1t t e qua tty o the pro uct. Tobacco ,.,,,ngroc .,.ea .... ...... ..... 28 xpor e smce an 1, I 73, 21590 s. a 3I 3 n ana ugs,.an at 5 s,6.Jo, dealers are aware that in texture and evenness color, do Coastw i se r ... inspected so llhds z,590 hhds. 6.40 the tobacco crop of r8p stands without a rival, and our do f m e d o 1 10 "XF. ",; ....... ........... The Farmer' s House sold 70 hhds Kentucky d h L' b t th t b fi h Yara I & ll Cat aaatd 9 5 @ I 00 B R ............ .... .. 23 St k t d h I f t ,. S t growers nee ave no ears u a e ore t e season .. .,.lifacM-ea.-Tu20ct.s.perpounJ.l .. w. s .................. .. n oc o ay m ware ouses ea : z a ,.13 r4.75; z a u, u.:zs; 2 at 11.2s, is closed suffici ent competition between buyers will a s ......... .......... .. 29 and on shipboard not rr.5o; Sat 10@10 .75i r6 at 9@9.70; 26 at 8@8.90; have been established so that good prices will be rel\1-IMPORTS. cleared.-----------------s,I II hhds. 14 at 7-20@7 90 6S hhds do lugs: I at 8.2o; s8 It ized." The arri vals at the port of New York from foreign I Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co., Tobacco Commis6@7 .20; 6 at 7 30@7. 8 hhds trash at s so@6.6o. Spanis!JThe demand for Havana continues regular ports for tbe week ending January 21, i ncluded the sion Merchants, report as follows : The demand for !lhds Indiana leaf at 8. ro, S.7o. 4 hhds do lu at and mode1ately active, the reported sales 6oo following consignments : manufactured tobaoco has been fair this week C.on-S-70@7-JO. bales, at 92c@$1 IS. Retail parcels of chbie'e new filGLASGow-Order, 3 ,o 3 s boxes pipes siderable transactions have in low and_ me-The Ninth-Street Hou!FC sold u hhds Kentuck' leaf: lers changed haods during the week at $r.zs, and, posLIVERPOO::.-Order, r2 boxes pipes dium classes of rounds and tw1sts at steady pnces. 3 ;1t u, I3, IS -SO; 3 at r; 8 at 10@10.75; 4 at sibly, at higher rates; which shows that good stock and MALAGA-Gomez & Arguimbau, 92 boxes licorice, :z The later goods, made in summer, are getting searce, 9@9.8o; 3 at 8.6o@8 9o. n hhds do lugs : r at 9li 4 good prices are not to be eckone<;i among the impossi-boxes do powder. and pcices for them show an upward tendency. We 8.6o@8.901 6 at 7@8 3o; rr at6.3o@7.10. I hhd trull bilities of the coming season MANTAN.ZAS-Order, 48,ooo cigars. note the following receipts : A. SeemuUer & Sons, 6s at 6. Manufactuttti-The week closed upon the Cavendish MANZANILLA-Carl Up mann, zp bales; Dents &: third boxes, rs7 cases i G S Watts & Co., 717 bo;r:es, The Boone HollSe sold I9 hhds Keatucky leaf: 1 at market w i thout making any marked alteration in the Mestre, 213 do; R R Barthold, 9 do. 41 cases; ]. B Stafford, 3S boxes, 123 $2o; 2 at 11 so, u .zs; 1 at; 6 at 9 @9.6o; 7 at previous conditions, although it would seem as if traces MARSEILLEs--E. Fougera & Co., 20 :cases licorice are the sam.: as)ast week,lexcept pocket-pteces, which 8@8 .90; 2 at 7o, 7 J hhds do Jug.i: I at a.90 ; were observable of an improved feeling as paste, 100 bales do root are so@ sse. 81 at 7@7.70; I4 at 6.:ao@6.9o. a hbda Virginia leal' at with that of the preceding week. A little more business NAPLiiiS-Weaver & Sterry, 200 cases licorice paste. CINCINNATI, :Januaty 18.-Mr. F. A Prague, I4, IJ. 1 hhd Indiana lugs at 6.6o. is reported in some quarters, which-together with a PALKR.Mo-W H. Schiefelin & Co., to cases licor-Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows :-The offerThe Planters House sold 79 hhds Kentucky leaf. s lightly increased ,irmness, consequent upon the gratl.ual ice pasto. ings at auction, during the past week, hue been very lugs, anrl trash: J at, 14-75, 15; 3 at; reduction of stocks-haathe effect of the prosSKVILLB-Gomez & Arguimbau, xoo cases licorice heavy for this season of the year, but under an active 7 at 1o@1o.5o; 4 at6.so89-90i 19 at S(j8.90 ; IJ at pect look a trifle brighter than it has done of late. Coupaste, 1oo ca.'!es do stick dema11d prrces have generally beea a-ccepted and ship7@7.6o i 3:11 at :a at S S, SJO.. 1 hhds Indiaaia EVIDKKTLY A DKLUSION.-Bret Harte illustrates the manners of the early settlers of California. by a story ol Mr. John Oakhurst, raised in a Puritan land and fos tered by Puritan pare11ts with Puritan principles and traupla11ted to Californ i a in the Hegira of the "roughs" He had been taught that cards were sinful from early youth. One day he sat down to a game of faro and as he rose, the w inner of Ss,ooo, be leaned over table at. the aasemblage io the gamblin_& he 1n h11 c:haracterisuc way And some peop!e think that koertb ia a wute o( I" sidering the high pnce of leaf at present, and the prob--SirntNA-Jas. C McAndrew, 690 cases licorice pers were satisfied. Low grades of the new crop are leaf at,, 10.75 a hi_lity that it go still to the obstacles paste. coming forward more a;nrl meet with a good The KentuckJ House sold 68 hbds Kentucky lea( wmter weather 11 putting way of n;-HAVAHA A. 320 bales; H. Sebubart &: demand. at, the1r qu.lity, extreme prices. ucllugs: 3 at 1.75, I47 S f 1 at 11; ft at 108 ce1pta, It abould not be a matter of surpr11e to &nJ one if Co., soo do; F. Mtranda, 138 d.>; Jos. A. Vega &: Old Ohio seed ilfen and wrappeB are wanted at fall 10.75 ; J at 9@9-10 16 at 888-7o 10 at 787 90 11 ere loog !" Brotber,.lo6 do; v. Ybor, '97 do;' pric:os. 'lbe total oft'eriap foe lbe .... were ss6llbdl at 6.1o8';C)e; I at'S 3 blads do truh ats-J'o.-. something like the sa.e pwporttoa. eo..., Jl do; J. J. A.biurall, 46 do; A. D'Ov.We, 4$ and 88 boue, as 6.95-J bocea do &e.t arut trula a.7o, 6.6s, 6.


6A.N. U -3 The Excban1 e House sold so, hhds Kentucky leaf land, So do Virginia, 37 do Kentucky, 6,u5 bales Rio opinion 'of them, and they all with ears wide have to make advances; angels don't sell at aucbon, aDd Jugs. 2 at Su, 10; 7 at 989-40 ; 7 at 8@8.go; 12 cuea seed leaf, I 52 ceroona Havana, :121 do open, t hear whattbat be. Now, you and get ac:olded if they reJect. Tell him it 1s much nation. Her officers were a\!le, and d1sttn gu1sbed far beyond her own pohtu:al hmits. From Ed ward Tiffin, through such names a;> Huntmgton, Me1gs, Tnmble, McArthur, Vance, CorWJn Chase Dennison Todd, Brough, Hayes, and Noyes, she has had t he ecuuve office covered w1th honor. At the bar, m the forum, and m her halls of leg:JSlatlon sbe bas been equally d!StiDgiJJShed. Upon the floors of Congres s she can proudly boast of a noble array of talent and patnoUsm -as eloquent and persistent advocates of the nghts of man as honored a constituency If she has been emtnent in the legislature of the nat10n, she has preemment m the C abme t The Father of G reenaq@7.6o; 21 at 6@6.80, 1 at s.go. 4 hhds/do trash St. Dommgo,\ 3 ,268 bales Sumatra,86,77:a do Java. Sold know, r. saf'e in these more pleasant to be an angel, and much more approat 6 30 6. 3 5, 6.50 6 6o 1 caddy cutting tobacco at 18. 1u 187:7: 5,297 hhds Maryland, So do VJrgiDia, 119 do western atitudes, to tell one man priate to his time of life. 1 boi good leaf at I 1 Kentucky, 6,us bales Rio Grande, 304 cases seed leaf, to h1s I am expected Nut we come to our fnends John T. Sullivan & Co. 7narJ 11.-:Measrs. George W Wicks & Co; To-152 ceroons Havana, ro do St. Dommgo, 3,:a68 bales to tell or more concern1ng Quiet and unassuming DuJ>ham and plausible" Mont," bacc:ofactors, qpotemanufactured tobacco, as follows-Sumatra, 82,183 tlo Java The compebtion for Java them. ow, you see, responsibility make up the company; but the nervous, restless energy Fme bright Vrrgima, lbs. 8o@go; medium VIrginia, lbs. tobacco wu greater last year that ever and danil;er, and 1f any come of it, Femember, it is that bas run the busmess, first as a cotmlliuion house, 6o@7 o, fine bright Vuginia tw1st, 6s@7o; medmm, V1rpnces pa1d wtll suit the 1m porters very well, this article not my tault I wash my hands of it But compose youras a warehouse, and now as a JObbing house, and cima tw1 st, s8@6o; fine bright V1rgmia, fig and roll, 65@ cd\nes, as coverage for c1gars, more and more m favor, selves gentlemen, and don't any of you dodge m ad slopping over several t i mes mto buikling a Great East-75, medium Vuginia fig, 00@65, bnght Navy, and will certamly by and b y find 1ts p la ce through I don't mtend to throw any thmg at any of you ern of a watehouse, and ronnmg a farm and a gold 3s, 4 s, and ss, 4s@sJ; mediUm, Vugm1 a navy, 45@5o every part of the world that w11l hurt br offend I take no pleasure n that sort of mine, belongs fo John It has paid, however, ami that Kentucky bright, Jbs. 55@65; medium Kentucky, lbs thmg J st why I was selected to do this thmg I do not IS what the Argonauts cruise after We.rthmgton & ..a85o; bright 3{8 and I.J.'I,"f-8@52; medJUm, bnght Us THE CINCINNATI BANQUET. know, b t I suppose it on account of my age It IS Power claim our attenl!on next. started in and 149, 4-5848; Kentucky, mahogany, navy lbs and true I w s not mterrog ated on that pomt m the plam pretty early, and d1d a bold, bordenqg on reckless, bus1 dairds, So851; aMI medium navy, 4s@so, Kentucky black Fartber Delailw o tile Festive Oceaei--A.II words th t Pharaoh used m putting the question to the old ness; but it won, and success 15 what we want and the sweet navy, lbs. and 3 ds, 44@ 4 6, black, ros, 46@48. About the Lea Tobacco Trade o (Jiudnnau "ongmal'' Jacob, who was down m Egypt on a vis1t to firm stands h1gh Thetr neighbors Hanks, Crawford Market more active since I st. especia lly for fine grades -lllti lllstol')' and Its "Pe1'8011nel "-Graphic h1s on who had JUSt made a successful "corner" m & Co., come ne:.:t. T. Hanks 1s one of the boys the of Virginia Jbs twist Pllo&ograpbs-(Jol. Pllisters luterestiag l'Warcorn as, "How old art thou ?" and 1f I had been so trade, ra1sed, amt he does cred1t to h1s raismg Act1v e, NEW ORLEANS, Yanu ary 1 5 .-We report as fol ralive-ohio and Kentucky-Prose and Poetry c a tech1sed I shouldn't have an s werel as he:d1d, "Few and and full of energy, a splendid salesman, w1th Dry hou s e lows -The sales have.been 2 3 hhds at 11tc, 24 at -Tbe Blll8hiw; Fair-.& Memorable ev i l have the days of my hfe been," though if Pharaoh George to a1d1 and Mr. Crawford's bank account to fall 74 sion. had known him as well as we know h1m now, he wouldn't back on, this firm is one of our fixed facts Then w e u 85, and 272 at private terms, m all 3I9 hhds. ThJS Th k I b hhd 'fh already g1ven a bnef account of the occa have d 1sputed that part of the answer as to the evil of call our attentwn to our 1ttle JOlly, rolhckmg Dr. omleaves the stoc on sa e a out 2 so s e pnces b f h b b k s1on descnbed below, but find so full and mterestm" a hts days, for we regard him as a preuy hard old cattle as "Unatded and alone he put the all o re-d1png" paid have been somew at elter, ut we rna e no ,., T hhd eport in the Cmcmnati Trade Lzst, of the rst mst, dealer, who had. been engaged dunng hts hfe m several In motio n here, and has reaped h1s r ewa rd, obange JJtooOur quotations. he receipts were 2 s, cleared for L i verpool, 7 6 hhds, stock on hand and on that we make at some cost of space, room for 1t m our (what would be called m these modern days) very and the trade reJOICes 10 h1s prospenty. Don't let shipboard, not cleared on the 14 th mst, 4 955 hhds columns All mterested m our staple w11l be especially "questionable Bnt as to the "few" days us forget B. Franklm Power He 1s not exactly a ... r d h h d mterested m the facts and figures .nven -we conser 130 years a prettv respectable old age, ph1losopher, but 15 the next best thmg, a liberal, good m.anu.acture IS w1t out c ange, an we contmue our .,. quotauqns. The receipts were 762 pkgs. A banquet was by T. R Spence, Esq on Fn though he would have d1ed of a broken heart long be btdder, what an auctioneer hkes And though he qutt day evenmg, December 27, at the St. Charles, to the (pre he had reached half that penod, 1f he had kept a the warehouse busmess 1n d1sgust, we hke htm, and are PHILADELPHIA, JaNuary IS -Messrs. M E Me Leaf Tobacco Trade of Cmcmnatl The spaCIOUS hall ro bacco warehouse, and had bad daily auction sales. I glad to See bJs !nlver-gray CO\Jntenance m our midst Dowell & Co., Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants quote of the St Charles was beauttfully decorated for the oc don't, myself. expect to go over a hundred, and to do Long may It be w1th us Then }Ire have our handsom e aanufactured tobacco as followsVugmJa, bnght, cas 1on with flags, emblems and evergreens, w1th the excellently well at that. But to return from this ''flight R1chard Mallay R1cbard shoW:! by h1s sleek comely pounds, 4 2 to 6o; halves, 42 to 6o ; quarters, 42 to portra1t of the late lamented Wm. E. Lawrence, Pres1 mto Egypt. It was unquestionably my semonty that form that Jt I S well w1th.him. and W G. Mor 6o; fives, 4a to 6o; teas, 4 2 to 60 Da,-k, pounds, 4c. dent of the Nattonal Tobacco Association of the Umted brought rre to on th1s question. We old men, ris are the handsome boys we milled, and we pnde our 1e 5 i halves, 40 to 5; quarters, 43 to so; fives, 43 to States. Mus1c was rendered b:rProf Curner's band. you know, are the deposltones of the "chromcles"selves on the1r good looks, for we have not got so old so; tens, 43 to 5 Western, bright, pounds, 45 to 5'' F A. Frag\Se, Esq. acted as Pres1dent for the enter those httle gossippy bits of history that we all so dehght yet that we are mdifferent to beauty and we always put Wves, 45 to 52 ; quarters, 45 to 5 2 ; fives, 45 to 53 ; tamment. The Immediate occasiOn of the festlvllles m young as we l1 as old, because these httle b1ts of m these two forward as our blondes, the handsome boys of tens, 45 to sa. Dark, pounds, 42 to sS, halves, 42 to was the presentation, two weeks before, to Mr. Spence d1vidual history sbgws us the man, and mv .fifteen the famiLy. And we have our brunettes too--Major to s"R; quarters, 4 2 to S8i fives, 42 to sS; tens, 4 2 to of a watch, chain, seal and gold-headed cane, all of the almos1 dally mtercourse w1th these Cindnnati leaf to S1ms and Stanley Baker. With good stocks and agree 58 Faucy, Jong ,tens 65 to -'15 lady so to 60 ; first quahty and h1ghest style of art Upon the watch bacco men m the soc1al VISit, and the office, and the able manners, these two make Mam Street attractive t o pocket pieces, so to 6o, bright twist 5 to 75 1 was inscnbed "Dr. T. H Spence, from the Leaf To fnendly JOUsts of the auctlon-roQQI, have giVen me the purchasers. There JS W1lham White the gentleman lil.ICHMOND, J'atn111ry II -Mr. R A Mills To bacco Trade of Cmcmnau, m token of thetr h1gh appremeasure of them all "By theu works ye shall know from Price's Hdl, and Sengstak and funny Joe Werng bao.Broker, reports as follows .-Our market opens cia lion of his serv1ces, .n successfully advocatmg JUSt t hem," says the Book, and by thea "wOJ ks" and "ways" and Westfall and S1ebern (these young m e n passe d with a fair supply of new of all grades, and a moderate and equ1table Congressional Legislahon m theu be and "whereabouts" we propose to show you what m a n through the Ch1cago fire, and came out hardened mto Rpply of old fillers. There 1s no matenal change in half.'' The feast was produced m the best s ty le of art, ner of men these men are 'Way back yonder m the dun an estabhshed house desuneo to a prosperous c a r ee r) prices of old tobacco, and I continue my quotations as practised m the old and well knoWn St. Charles, and VISta of ages, say twenty years ago, when the Oln o and George Barns, who can d1ve down deeper mto the New tobacco opened a brisk demand for the about seventy-five gentlemen sat down to a b ounteously Rwer flowed placidly by the city, uncontrolled by either sea of despondency over a dull prospe ct and ,.ome up eommon grades, which were wanted for Germany, man supplied and elegantly decorated table at the appomted Ben Eggleston or Colonel Dodds, a pom, httle pltifu l qu >cker from a good sal e than any man I know; and ta<:ipat1on of an advance on tbe duty expected to take hour. After full JUStice had t-een done to the commercial watf, done up in stave and hoops, was left my Vtrgmia fnend H. M D1ckmson pleasant a nd place about the first of March. That, however can not tJals, the bibulous exerc1ses were openeu wah a com on the wharfooat at the foot of Ludlow Street Those agreeable and kmd-hearted, he 1s too m o d est by half, affect the market much longer, and I expect to see phmentary toast to the host Mr. Spenc e responded i11 who fathered 1 t cou:d not send 1t over the mou n tams, as and then comes M. J. Barker, the broker, competent common tobacco lower soon, m fact they are glvmg way a graceful acknowledgment, as follows : the journey would have used It up, and a tnp to New and watchful. The mterests of his are well a little now .; Stemming :lobacco 1S much sought after SPEI:CH oF D R SPENCE. Orleans would have been equally fatal So, w1th the ooked after, and his promptness and courtesy in all h1s and prices for tbat ltind are high. Black wrappers are GENTLEMEN AND FRIENDs-Accept my smcere thanks fimg that any thmg that would make a Dutchman' sp1t tran 'sachonnn' ake h1m' a general favonte; and tho s e old also scarce and needed Bilek wrappers and stemmmg for the honor and pleasure of you1 presence th1 s eve was good euough for Cmcmnat1, it was l eft to 1ts fate feutomc Argonauts Tony Neulsen and Henry Krus e will rule high dunng the season, from the fact that the ning; I trust that this reunion will be enjoyed by you here. About th a t time a few of us old_ Argonauts, who have been cruismg m these waters since the days Rpply will hardly meet the demand (the drought of all, and that its remembrance& will be pleasant. Percruising around in -search of the golden fleece, saw the of old Admiral Van Tromp. Ah, I "bledge you my last summer bemg more severe in the sections growmg m1t mkers report as follows Smce of Tennessee, at the last sesswn, great and Important they handle, bold and skillful, yet tempered with a cer-The truth and eloquence of the sentiment just proGUT la:.t of tAe former' week we have no sales to relief wuulli have been obtamed for the tobacco mterestl tain amount of Teutonic caution, and backed by abunposed very bappdy reheves the embarrassment of the ake mention of. In the of the new year of the country. dant capital, they have comed their trade mto ducats occas10n, and mspires me to attempt a response, though we have to some thousand nales of Java tobacco lt:SOULAR TOAST. and take .rank among the. first in. the City. On unaccustomed to speakingj before so many gentlemen by aubscnption. Imports were 719 hhds Maryland and At the close of Dr. Spence's speech, the first toast Race Street we fiud our gemal and JOVIal httle Argonaut of culture and good taste Oh1o I The Buckeye St a te I 7 do Kentucky. Our stock to-day cons sts of I 222 m order was read as follows : Jchn T Johnson-long bme ago from Lynchbug, V1rB.Jrn of the ordmance of '87, she was early rocked m hbds Maryland, 7 do Kentucky, 175 cases seed lezr,' 120 "The Leaf Tobacco Men of Cincmnati." ginia, though he is not one of the first fam1lies. Fortune the cradle of hberty. Baptized m mfancy m the bl o od bales Havana, u I do St. Domingo, and 4 8oo do SPEECH OF CoL. PHISTER. h:'-s dealt kmdly w1th Brother Johnson. Under a pecu-of me1c1less massacres bl savages, taught heroism and Salu"{ay, :Jatlflllty 4 -Messrs. Schaap & Van MR. PRESIDENT-I fully appreciate the compliment mary cloud when came here, he has c::;me out of that v 1 gJlance in the school o pnvauon and pen!, she deve J Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report as follows .-This week paid me m selecting me to respond to the sentiment just and accumulatecl houses, and lands, and bonds, and has oped men of pluck and noble danng, and a self-rehant the arnvals were 645 hhds Maryland, So cases seed leaf, read. But 1f the responsib i lities and dangers attendant a good trade, anCI the respect and kmdly regards of all and enterpnsmg people Admuted Into the Umon m sold 892 hbds Maryland, 7 do Kentucky, rzo ceroons upon tlus response bad occurred to me at the time, a.os who know h1m, and yet he 11 not happy. He wants to 1802 w 1th a populatiOn 45,ooo, after the lapse of half a Havana, 21 I bales Java. Stock to-day: 975 bhds Marythey have Since, I should have peremptorily dechned be-a warehouseman, yes, a warehouseman! Will some she numbered ::z,ooo,ooo, and has at present and, us cases seed leaf, 211 ceroons St. Domingo, the honor I am requiTed to speak to the leaf tobacco body tell h i m for me that he had better "want to be near 3 ,ooo,ooo of mhabita1lts. Dunng that penod y,(Rn bales Java. An:ivala in I87' 6,053 hbds Mary-mea e C1DC1Dnati, which, of course, means g1ving my an angel, &Ad' with tbe angela ataud l" Angela don't 1 she has added much to tbe talent and glory of the backs" Inaugurated a system for his country in her hour of need, unsurpassed a fiDancJal success m &nCJCIIt or modern times. On the bench she has occupied and still hplds an enviable position for ability, punty, and !ntegnty L1ke Y1rg1ma, she IS the mother of PresJJdents, and m ore than once have her son5 been re warded wah the h1ghest office m the g ft of a great na tiOn The occasiOn will not admit of details, and I must, of n ecessity, deal m generahties. As 'Vebster said of Massachuselts, m hts ieply to Mr Hame's beautiful eu logy of South Carolina, I shall attempt no eulogm m o n the gallant h e roes of Ohto; they need none Their title to fame I S wntten m the blood of eve ry battle-field of th e uatlon since Oh10 had a p o htcal exis tence From the war of 1812, from the fields of Buena V1sta and Chapu'tepec to the end of the last bloody conflict It IS attested by the sculptured marble that nses on a thou sand graves, and recorded m the hearts of theu coun tr) men, and there wilf 1t remam, so long as governments or natiOnal glory are known or respected among men. Havmg bnefly spoken of her distmgmshed men, let me bnefly refer to her dtstingutshed agncultural pro ducts. Her excellence as a grower of leaf tobacco 3he IS pecuhar m tins respect, producmg in her three dtstmct vaneties of tb'e weed. In her eastern counties of Washmgton, Noble, Monroe, Gurnsey, Bel mont, Harnson, and a few adJOimng counties, her sml produces a fine yell ow arucle, known to the trade as "Nor thern Oh10." It IS mostly e:xported or manufac t ured m Bal.tlmore and R1chwond mto the finest quahtle o -of smokmg tobacc v, and 1t IS extensively used by all ep1cures of the m ee rsch a um, both m Europe and Amer tea. Of thi S vanety Oh10 contnbuted m I871 to the trade about I 2,ooo,ooo lbs In her southwestern counties of Warren, Butler Montgomery, Green, Preble, Miam 1 and those contiguous, 1s growmg an article of c1gar to bacco known to the as Ohw Seed LPaf. or more faimh a rly, "Seed No article of 1h as a w1 'er fie ld of con umphon than thi s dist nguished plant The smoke from 1ts cigar ascend s m all corners and nooks of th1s country, as well as "from Greenland's tcy m o nt ains, to India's coral stran d ; from Dan even unto Beersheba or In 1871 raised a crop of seed estimated a t zo,ooo,ooo pounds In her nver coun bs of Brown, Clermont, and Adams she produces a su penor of tobacco used for fi11e-cut chewing The white tobacco, so much desrre:l for cultmg is a native of this district, and grows there m great t10n. The crop of the district for 1871 was about s;ooo ooo polfitds XENTVCXY," Response by Senator Casey. Gl!.NTLDIEN-Itis exceedmgly gral!fymg to be present on this occasiOn and partake of the hosp1taiibes of our fuend Dr. Spence, who 1s JUStly regarded as one of the representative tobacco men of the country. Ius also gratifymg to my feelings to hear a toast proposed' to my nalive State. There JS a feehng w1thm the heart of nearly every man toward the place of h1s nativity akin to that wh1ch is felt for the mother at whose breast he was nurtured Scotland's great poet de!ICribed this feehng by askmg this question Lives there a m a n with soul .so dead, Who never to hunselfbatb sa.Jd, Tbts Is my my nauve land? A Kentuckian can be pardoned for bo&stmg a httle about h1s State. From her earhest history to the pres. ent time, Kentucky's sons have been d1stmguished for their courage and ab1lity, both in the field of battle and m the forum. The feats of danng, the hardships and the fortitude of Dame) Boone, Simon Kenton and others among her p10neers, reads more hke romance than history Their descendants and successors have ever smce the1r day, maintruned the same h1gh character for bravery and her01sm In the coun cils of the nauon, Kentucky's representatives have always ranked w1th the foremost men of the country This IS not the hme or occasiOn to ment10n the names of the long array of dlstingiJJsbed men of Kentucky, who have adorned her hiStory and made theu Impress on the times in which they bved. I can not forbear, however, to speak of one whose name 1s stamped on the hearts of h1a countrymen. That name is Henry Clay, the orator and the statesman Well may Kentacky have reason to be proud of him In the halls of Con gress, both m the House of RepresentatiVes and in tho Senate, be was almost without a rival. In the Senate he was one of the matchless tno, Clay, Calhoun and Webster, "whose like we may never see agam" The name Qf Henry Clay IS emblazoned on the pages of h1s country's htstory m letters of gold.-and h1s fame, hke that of Demosthenes and Cicero, has filled the world But I must not trespass too much on your time, and I wtll hasten to a conclusiOn The c1ty of Cmcmnab though located m Ohio, lS almor,t as much 1denhhed w1th Kentucky as w1th Oh10, andl1s truly an emponum and a center of trade and commerce for Kentucky as well as for Ohio The beautiful river, "La Belle Oh10," which washes the southern boundary of Ohio also laves the northern bound a ry of Kentucky and though John Ranqolph, of Roanoke, descnbed the nver as a stream that was dry one half the year and frozea the other half he d1d not have the "prophetic vision to penetrate "the d1m vista of futunty," and behold the Continued on paze 7. Advertueme'll.ts. FOR SALE.-PLUG TOBACCO MACHlNERY, caJ)IIb le ofproduclnl' I,SOO pounds a day, a.ll set up and lo complete order Thia ia the on:r Plug Factory 10 the State and can command a Jarp Nortbena an Western Trade PRICE VERY -LOW For further particula1a address GEO L HOMMEDJEU, DeTROIT, MICHIGAN 411 4t PARTNER. A Busmeas Man, wtth Capttal, active and expenenced m the Seed Leaf Trade, wl..bsea to enter as partner 10 an eatabhshed ,lood refereaeea given and requued, communtcatloas strictly confidential Address u SBED LEAF,' oflice of tbts Paper A RARE CHANCE TO BE LET-CHEAP-or For Sale, prloe 00 a year, at LO<'UST GROVE NEWTOWN, Longiolon4, a FINE COUNTRY of a N E W HOUSE ot 8 room, wtlh bait.,......,.., of Ouden, Frult l'JeM, Grape Arbor, Stable, Out-houses, etc between S d pota on Ute Jl"la. hmg Railroad, and only 6 mmuiee hom e&eh depot;, 22 train dai.Jy II mmutee to N ew York Ctty.. Inqmre atthe oftlce of UU. paper 867 A RARE CHANCE. I am now engaged m the MANUFACTURING OF CIGARS, l:N THIS CITY And am doing a Fair and very We Buizleaa, llut would hke to extend the same, and therefore, seek a GENTLEMAN OF GOOD CHARACTER AND WITH MEANS, to JOin vntn me Tile 1 best of references require d anti gtven All com:rnumcations !ltrictl y COD fidentlal Address PAHTN&R, this office Ju.. 13, 1&,3 41:12t COPE'S TOBACOO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOURNAL tor l=.moktrd.. P u b li Ehed at. No 10 Lord Nelaon Bt.rcet, Lt"erpool. Eng, Ia.nd wuere eubsen,Phona may be addreeeed, or to lb.e ToBACCO Lzu OPncs. Pnce o ul!Uugo (.t;ogllh) per onnUDI. rrade A :lvortlsemeuts 20 sll llinga per Jneh.. lfo rece1vel fo r a fhorte,. p eriotl than 111. moo the HachlDeTY tor E&l+', llusio.e&& Addre&, Aauouncement. &c ls per hne. No for Adv ert.biug williJeoon etdero3olt a.ccompamed by the c rreFpond1Dg &mount This rule tnvarlebly b e a b ered .. FOREIGN D1j'ftE8 ON In Aawtria, Fraa r.e, Italy and Spaln, the tobacco c:OIII.JDerce Ia moaopnlized by under dnectioo of a I n Get111oaoy the dotyoo :Amencan tobacco 1 s S. per 100 Jbs In B elgium the 1s reckoned after deducting rs per cent. lor tare "rbe daty ae tJ ff'UICI. 20 centimes ( $2 40 gold} per JOO f10o Amenca a Db&. eqwaJ 45H' 1uloa.) In Holland the duly Is cents. j!(>J.I, per ""'k1IM. America n poaads be!D!f eQual to "1 klloo.) In tbe duiJ oo leaf tobacco '" 4 rOGbies, 40 mpeu per pud on smoktoltublcco 16 roQ.. ., cop per pud1 and on dsan 2 rou.. ...... rer -ad. Tbe "pod. Ia eqaal to aboot )6 Ameri<:IID lbL lq T.._ A-a..-I


, 4 -THE. ESTABLISHE D IN I8J6, BY CHARLES M. 90NNOLLI'. COlfiOLLY. 4 CO : ; COMMISSION MERCHANTS IN Lea a.nd Manufactured Tobacco,. 46 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. I We r espectfully call the attention of the trade to the followin1 Standard Brand!> of Mai 1nfac tured Tobacco : POUNDS-II AND 12 INCH. WD11t !lo\P GOLDEN IlEAL, OALLJCOO PILEllllUl"... MO.Kl'Oli'O liT AR, 1.1'01111. .u. B, t BRICHT AND DARK-4s, 6s, AND T .. ICKS. PEARL DEw\ D .OP 110RODIXA, PEABOhv, CHAJ!JP, oll'IB, 'WATER LILY1 DIABEJII1 BLACK& RD, 8EA JDNO, YACHT CLVB, o&e,, ete. TWISTS-12, 9 AND 6 INCH. GAME COCK AND HENRY ::::0. ROUGH AND REA -( Y IN DRL"KS. DOLLY VARDEN, A l'LA!III'I(' UABLB, BOI'fA, qoiDE, CHAJIIPAONB FOilR A Jil, aEN!ION 4 iibN!'f!l, DI VEh .i'ON, et.c. FANCY TOBACCO';; LICHT PilESSEQ, f JCL DORADO, .E!JMER l..DA, PIGMY, OPTIMA, L l ROS l, ':.a>ll, PAN OOLDEl hODS, 1 GOLD BAR' e&e. ,r, other or Fine Out OhewiDg Tobacco, OIHCINNATI, 0. Being located at the GREA'F LEAF MARKETforCu'!'tiNG ToBAOOO, our fOl' 811pplying TaADB with ALL (HU.DII:S OF FINK CuT and S.,lO:K:ING are unsurpassed d: BON, 178 WATER STT, NEW YORK, IIIPOH ... ...._ A. l!'f D And a large assortment of other br::nds in 1 I and 12 inch lbs. Dark and > r i r l1t, t io 40. 511o lOS. Double Thicks and Fancy '_'obacc to whi ch w e in v te th e attt:n m o the trade. 1 heken tf TobMM. BOWNE e& FRITH, I '7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK,! Tobacco Oom.m.issi.on Merchazda d Sole Proprietors of' the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: & KAIPPIL, Hooey Bee, Barly Dew, Pralltll Bloaaoaa, Red River, Powhattan, Enterprille, Old Kentuok, 014 Loc Cabin, Cow Bllp, Plantenl' Chotoe, P ioneeroftheWt, OurBran4, lfoDeyDew. Alao !!ole A for the Umte consignme nts toW. A. & G .. MAXWE-LL & Cu., l.JVERIOoL HILLMIN & CO COUISSION MERCHANTS I !IT FOR 321&& 34 VESEY STREET, 1\IEW YORK, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. Fruita and Flowers, .... C, HCUUS. G JVNIOU, Commonwealth, 0 .LEA. F. JAN. 211 DOHAN CARROLL R.r,-!.Y : BULKLEY MOORE & -wca.A.cGm-, r o 1 ., r Tobacco .commteeign llelchants CoMMISSION ...-.-.... 104 S _TREET, M J. DOHAN, t ....... T........... { .TH0S. CARROLL, ALEX. FORMAN. f .., JNO. T. TAITT. !(ents for the follniDU Well-inoill Vir(inia lann{actnrers: J. B. PACE, YARBROUCH & J H. CRAN7 CO. .;otN ENDERS, 'tU PIN & BROTHER, D TE14NANT & CO. L. H. FRAYSER & CO B. W. Ol.IYER, CAIJY ,BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSON, THOMAS J. R. PACE CO. RACLAND ,; JONES, RACLAIIID TOS1H, WALK,ER, TAYLQR CO. WINNIE TALBbT, L. W. WISE, I R. A. PATERSON' & CO. J. P. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Sole Agents in New Yor k for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s ss. and Pocket Pieces I A !;so Agents for J o hn W Carroll's Celebrated S moking Tobaccos, I Lo:re Jac-a etc. Ln dark work t o our Thistle" Brand s o widely known in many parts of our Cou:1try for its beauty of workmanship, delicacy of chew etc., we \.vould invite th e attentio..., of Job h ers; alwavs o n hand in lbs ., half Ibs. threes, po k 'et pi eces, etc -.. MANUFACTURERS OF THE AIL ROAD MlLIIS ALSO A N D FINE CUT CI-lEWING TOBACCO, 133 Water and 85 Pine Str-eets,llew York. .For P r ice I,ist, address or apply a s above. 29 Beaver st., 1Ve'W York, '14 FRONT St,ea. MIEIIELBERG & CO., 16o PEARL ST., New YoiUC. J. D. IIIEIIELBEIIC & CO., BALTUIORK, :MP. IIIEIILBEtiG, SCHIEFER & CO, NEW ORL_ EAN_s, LA. mAt:1:D meum M. B. LEVIR, IIPOBTBB OP RAVJI An4 Deale: bu.U ldnda of :LZA"Z 'l'O:SACCO, 1 .62 PEARL ST., lEW YOM. CHAS; F. TAG&. ... ON,,. Lmp()l'teu ol SP ANISR, and Dealers in all k1ncla .LEAF TOBAOCO 184 Street, -----&. REISMANN & 00 '*ll'io" llitrthJIU, LEAF TOBACCr 179 PBAB'l. BT:REL-:"', JW-l'IJN anti C'fdar 1lrtJ1ll, .. 1 lEW vn:av B. 1: G PRIBIID a CO J>.,.......,nr ) -_ & KENTUCKY Loal "floltaee NEW YOB& WILLIAM X :PRICE &. QO., LEAF TOBACCO, U!> Maiden Lr.n Wx. M 11'. A .. W. C. HOEFERS & CO., 0 Planters' PrldeEtc., Etc. L 1r1r:r ANTOBN A irco sMoKING ToaAcc os IA(PORTER pF 'Water Street,' BliW 1l'OBK. ALSO, AGENTS FOR, JI.A.V ANA. CIGARS, I JOO. MAYER'S SONS, 8ommisst.-a "DONALDSON..,.BBOTHERS,n PI T b ... eo :. B'ftUI:BT IDIW 1l'O:IIILB, p.g o accos Lithographic Printers,. 'II'OBA.CCO LABELS, Plaia ... ill Colors, a1 &he Lowest l9Iarket lla&e-11. Estimates Promptly Furnished. CIGAR MOULD PRISSIS a STRAPS. .A.&. F.'tJBBOWN; Q MANUFACTURERS O F Gi!ar Gattcrs & all other lacbincryfor IMPMTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR llDULDS. 57, 59 & 61, Lewis St., bet. Delancy & Rivington, NEW YORK. _, F. W. T&TGIDOBST, TOBACCO THOMAS KINNlCUTT, H.ent11cky and Vi.,Pnia lDUU Leaf Tobacco MANUFACTURED BY Thomas & Pllklnton, J. L. Jones &. Co., c. P. Word &. Sons. ALS0, Davi d Baker, Jr., Colden J. P. Williamson, Smoking. R. H. Wilkerson, Cut Cavencfish Bowles &. Ellett, Ltberal s. w. Shelton, Terms 1 : llOSENWALD &: B ROTBIR, DCPQ:B.'l'li;B.S OF AND PACKE,RS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, ctQAR 1 T45 Water Street New York _.tanu,-oa ........ ,... AIOJ Dki.BU 1M' SOLE AGENT FOil Le01f 122 W ATfUl BTBBBT, I I New York. "BOUUET DX "JOCDY CLmJ" and PHIL. ''SBIRIDAN." Sole Itnport;er of "KNICKEBD<>CKE:U. CLUB .... :1. II. BIIB.&-.aJIJI', FELix cARciA, CHAS .., IMPORTER OF e ANA LEAF TOBACCO, (voM T. cuTamz) Kentucky & Virginia AND CIGARS r.;-cso o r TKl< WKL. L Krot LUF TOBAC'CO, Brands ofaigars La Carolina & Henry Clay. 99 PAR'r sT NEw YoR.; Ag'tfor 'TELECRAPH' Brand. ., 9014KISSIOJ' KEitClWT'l', Packer&. Oealer xo'. t4 Cedar st.-..-F-.... 16'7 Water St N. Y, NEW Y siiiN & SPIIGIR BBOB. a -._. Oommi$sion Merchants, .COVMJSSIOI' KERCHA'R'S, No. t29 STREET, ..__,. Dealilra ill D.l.(}orth. ( N.ElWYOBJt.' n 10 Leaf Tobacco C h as. M Gart.h ,.. FOB.EJ:GN TOBACCtl "o. 'J',IIi. --.a.s ... D ..._. --e, es BIIOAD STREET, o. Ita road Henry Shrild'r. u T sT .. N.Y. ...... NEWYOJitK:NEw YORK. NEW YORK, sm-n A ..,.,ON R.r STO"D"'Ir C.C.8PUCRit. A.SPBNCJIP.. ... .&. g, 1fS Wate: ft., 173WIWIIt., a. co., Oh" T B &C. .... 'I(U1JN.--C. N Y .J.CAB.PLIS N .Y.. IOIUB.&.n&.&A :taG. ,.. I!'IWII'r anm-. S:les. auer Q., 111P0Bf1111B Olil CODISSI01i 1n:''Dt?BABT. ...,.. __ '\ mmssmr KERCliANTS CommtSSIOn Merchants, ,... JlJ I .l' HAVAJUCIGAIJS,' ALLRIN=-I lla'V'IUia .Ancl Importers o r DBA.LBRS .um .. DElLIR CIGARS, and TobaooQ. .-u .. _HavanaTobaccu&Segars. .lNo.'l'9t ... s ............. ___ -. -No. 40 BEAVER ST. I JO!Df 8SUI'Oir, .. .:.-. ,.. ___ _: Qao.BQII I"" I ma.t e theN!on 133 Water' Street, New York. 'J:OE'UQQ --""''a.YUS'4111 W Cii.XI:. -


' JACOB-BIIIILL, MA N UP' AC'MJ'1tl!:1t OF CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOlt MAKE AND Prime OuaiJ.ty of CEDAR WOOD. Al-SO, I GEBM.&l\1 CIGAR Sin, 298 297 Monroe St., NEW YORK. WK. AGlll!IIW AI BOJIS. !*coo and 1Jommiaioa lleralsaldl. -..., a.nd gso Proet et...._ NEW YOBK. JL\VJI 0!1' BALli .ALL--Leal Tobaece for lxporl aM -fa Leaf Tobacco baled in &DT pkap llr ..... \lo pre88 for expori. SOLB AGENTS li'OR La Ferme Rusaian DAVIDSOI B,Q-,IBRS, HAVANA arid SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 145 Water Street, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. W. 'WJIOLES.A.LK DXA.LEB Ilf LIAF 70BACCO, xf?s WATER sTR'EET, _. NEW YORK. Chas. T. Seymour IMPORTER 'OF B4."f.l.l And Dealer in lhot Lod hka 1,/l9 Pearl street, New York. M. W. MENDEL & BRO. Segars & Leaf Tobaooo, lSHJ I Leaf Tobacco. Old onnecticut Old Stau Sud Wrappers. Tlu Fines/ Hawffll Wm.ppers a1UI Fi/kn. ELL, 112Wa._.,......, Y .... READ Be Co., SuccESSORS TO 1 IsAAC RL\D, UOMMISSIOlf 1IEROKAIT8. \' PALMER & SCOVILLE; Oi' S!ARIIB. LBAF TOBACCO, No. 1'l0 Water Sflreet, New Yotk. L. PA.LM:BR A H SCOVILLB. .... Connecticut own packing SCIIEIDEll, o, BRO., DIPOBTEa& 01" CLAY PIPES, BEW-YORL I FOX, DILLS & 00.,, LEVY BROS ii.L.-. -EUCENE DU BOIS, J. 1.. a""'' -o.. Commtssson .. Merchant li'OK TO ULB o COMMISSIOlf MERCHANTS tear, ...... .. &1.1..._.. Leaf T..-J... ..... A 'liS FBO .. 'f'T St., NftD Yrlr.. Kan..-..a To'-fiMJobbi"ff7'mtlduolicUallbriU.fl>llov>ili.1...U...,_ B,...._ Lewl.l MaddU. j K C. Ma41dex, Lewla Ma.ddu., Looko11t Navy .Po11ndo. H. C. Maddv., Navy Hall......._ (oo.a.. Lewia w.ddu, Half Pounds, H, C. Maddox, N avy Half Po. ada (S II. Lewl.lllladd ... Look-t NaryJDif.pooa H C. MMdoas, Nary -rt-(oo lb ........, Lewi.IMadd"" Lookoot doable thick Nary 3 across, H. C. Madd11x, Navy Pocket PI(S llo. .......... Le,.ls Maddu, Lookout doable tblck NnJ ol."""'"" li. C. Maddux, Goldea NaJ Hall....... r j-h G. DIH, The Nt, Po-da (S lb. boxes) oseph G. Dill, The Pet, Pieces, -phb (G;. 0DU1HI, Blflla (Twlul, ,,. osep atteruy w, .., "" Jooeph G. (medhun king, JooephG. Dill, Gipsr Queen (bright!, I Smoldn1, Jooeph G DiU, Andet, (lllodl-111111 ... AlD 8IJIOiillYO TO&ACX!O, -ia. BeUe R.oee Star Oll.C 111 Grand Duches& Gold Bac g P.....ERIQUE. All Styles of Manufactured and Smokiac ril 1:8 Tobacco put up under specia l brands for the s ole use of the ow ner t f 81 S.A.LO.OJI', S Laponuo of aaA Deal.r Ia I MA?fUFACTVJl.&RS OF i f NE. CICABS, : I No. 138 WATER STREET_, g Tobaooo Pa.uro .. AND SEGARS, TBI GERMAN AMlRICAN BAH BIOAWAY, COl'IW' or Btmt, NE.W TOlE. 1 Capital, $2,000,000 RAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and issues LETTERS OF CREDIT at : p al plaoes abroad. Ac_!:ounts and Correspondence of Merchants, Banks, BanJoen, elil '. y 90 . .tl. 0 H. SCHREilfER. .EllUL : _____ ""iL'Qiwii:iiiCL .. -B. Q WH O:KYJCK, WM. P. K--f'l"l'REDGE & Co., OBACCO COMMISSION DllCIIAD\ E. PAS(;lUAL Bl;lOTHER & C;o. Agents for the :Popular Bra,JLds pf .VJ.rginia Tobacco, JL w. mucms, I MANUFACTUR.KR 011' I R. DOXE&; AND IMPOII.Tllk OF UDIAI CIGB IOlJLDS, ......... u _.MimB,StratlantCitten, 283 SOUTH STREET, N. Y .SCMTI & Impo,rters of and Dealers in These m.oa.tds are use4 Jy some of the lar:sft -.Ia the Vol ted Sbtos, and ed tbe bMt 1M-neJboYe cut represea.ts the e: A, Ia llqllr-.oi a mooold .... te!altler, 'lfhlell 1.1 pr!IC1ld Db Ut e B, is a Fa.nnet Shape, wbl.cb. is drawn d ewll over the the iiller or bunch is placed in ru fillhel aDd pressed through witb the leftr or follown. C. this lever Is lmmedlateiJ wlalcb leaves the b11Dch or filler In the retainer; as shown in the above c\Lt._ th.Y:.fb...J :aur' oithe filler whic1lhas been found the greatest objoctlon to illiltbet' Di0u.l4lng machines a ow-tn use., PRICE, ONE SET1 $25. A liberal discount on all orders for two o r more set JOHN ORAiTU, AND MANUJI'AC1'lrR.RM JULIAN ALLE.N Seed-Leaf a.nd Ha1U& TOBA.OOO I 71 &: 73 'NEW YORK. NKE'S IMPROyEn CICAR e PA'l'BN'l'ED .nJ'trw1, re,.. Warranted superior to any Machine in the Mart.&' PBroES-'l'rlmmera (with Butt $3.CO. 'l'rimmera < without llutt Splitter> aca Liberal DlecouDt to Agents, or for:Wbolooole<>c.left. 1 am &1aosell!natbe best CIGAn KmFE m 11116 ,Nee Eo ADDRBSS FREDERICK' FUNKE, (' DETROIT, MICIIIG.\k 0 &TATES AND CANADAa. OF 0lfBJUJCJt .t; C0'8, GEQU CIGB 7-1 JOHN S1:,REET, NEW YO WEIBLE & '-PATENT II SMOOTH CIQSilUT CJBOQLU Tkis Saw cub ""Y kitltl Wood a! !moot& at PlaM.i, saves Time aff{/ La/!.ur; particularly useful fllr MANUFACTURERS. Fur Saw anti SJwp RirM a}}/7 C. Q. Dettoit, Mull., oral my li.J'IU1 r r89 PEARL S!&BE.BX, N-EW. Kll4L .. Au .Deakn ;, Virp,.;a affli Leaf atul .M'tJfflljadun G11,, ek., .A.; C. L. .._ J. F 0 JlnBB. ..,.. 1101111 lJ8IL aa-101 Leaf' Tobacco 172 WATER STREET, SEtlOMBE I!NUJ!OfiJRINQ OOIPANY, ThlamachinoioinosxnLvS hyl'oF W DECK &n'oili" JU..COO M.ururA.CTURJt a.8 for C.l.n:e lUD K D W t olamt>O in SHEETS, and iION8 OJ' HEYMAN'& LOWENSTEIN D 0 c HAVANA & DOMESTlt TOBACCO. LEAF TOBACCO: L f T b No. 8 BURLtNC SLIP, 197 Duane-street, e a 0 a c c 0 lfEWTOIUt cnT. LEAF TOB AC C 0, Street, M. FRIEDMAN, A S J1J.&IIJADM 1: CO 99 Jlaiden,lf. Y.-IIW YORK. ROBERT KELLY It, CO., uATE OF sT. LOUIS. Mo.) IMl'ORTEilB oF L. CERSHEL &. BRO., A. H. CAB.DOZO &; 0()., 1 31 :SEAVH STU:&T, NEW YOBK, l:>ealerin e.Ilkindsof T FactOrs, wr. LEAF TOBACCO, Jl'o. 182 WATEB. STit.EET 0 0eaera1 QO!UliatiOD Kerohaata, "SUPERtOR DE JOSE IARIAVICHOT," I47 WATlm ST., NEW YOE. 9 No. 86 M-AIDEN LANB, KEY FLORIDA. NEW YORK No. 123 Pearl Street, New Yorlt 1 Park Pta-, NIW YORK.. l'R&CTICAL DBVIgE tor the purpese_ MAR 1 18'7B .,. enr ollered to tbetnuli. Parlloo! dea"mg thla MACIDNE M Ito F W BECK & CO B.&.NDB, an requeoted to ... cl tbolr

- r P'hD&delphia AdvertiaeDaea1B. Steba_., Smith B.aa. a KDaoht, ... e nwu- .t.r.L CIIIP e LEA:J.1W TOB.&.OOO, ..... 0/ ... '" ,___ ..,..,_... as RACE ,. STEWART: MARKS, RALPH & CO., Jlanu(""'-....S Wbote.le DNloralzl. ".IOBA.OCO, SNUFF, CIGABS, and SliiOKERS' ARTICLES, SNU FF, .._ 11_ 5 St., Philadelphia. .. TEI.I,ER BROS. Packers, Commission Merchants, and Whole31lle Dealers in Po:.elp aDd DoDlestic Leaf' Toba.cco, 117 North Third Street..,Philadelphia. L. BA'MliERGER & 00., LEA. F TOBACCO,. _. And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, }i'o S JJI'. Water St., Pa. YOODW ARD, GARRETT & co., (hccesscrs to Wooclwa:d, :Bro. tOo.,} \ TOBACCO and Gener&l COIDIIBBIOK XDCBAIITI, 88 Water St. o.nd 32 North Delaware Avenue. Ph.lla. 1 SOLE EASTERN AGENTS FOR JLB.lllrook.Jr' Celebrated" MONITOR" Navy,lba.UdJdo. ; also hla Goldeallauer, Gallant and Union Jack lbs. and 3ds. B. C. Celebrated Beoritt:l" Navy, lbo. 2nd 5cls. Golden Navy, Jbs. and 3da. alao, his Bright Pounds, Pine Apple Sweet Cavea.. I dish :md Pocket Piecee'* Alleghany Navy. .. Pride of the Valley," Brt. 5'1 and "Gold.., Flake" (l!Pt pre Vo.' Superior R ou,b and RMdJ Twins, 6 aDd Jtin. TOBACCOS.-Z. J:.y .... & C..' "Pri<1e of Dorbam. l J1orri8 & S..., "QGicl Leal"" &:DCI E.m.ka" DW"ham. Qz. 4 o <., 1-... -. BATCHELOR BBOTBIBS, llauufacturers of Cigars, .HOLE8ALE DEPOT 830 North 8rd St., a-.ellee at .. N...oa TlliN I!Mreet, r.l tleeoJicl sc. ... en qae.uaaa 8&reet. PHILADELPHIA, PA. W. EISENLOHB & CO., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LBAF TOBACCO, t II 15 SOUTH WATEI\STREET, PHILADELPHIA. t JSEIUIIIR. S Ill CUll. PH ILBOIIfl 81, lWULDO B.A.n: & 00., DOHAN & TAITT, and Genaral Com. ........... 1 .... r..-L.:J.... MeJ..L. .. nl. _. ---. _. UIJ(R;UI liiiiUW, ; ........... ...... PHILADELPHIA. 107 AllOII STREET_, L IIQert .._... Wat*aa .. L L--, & ..... ....., 1raa.u.. ,...... ,..,,.'!'....,. PHILADELPHIA. VETTEBLEIN a: oo., K. E. McDOWELL & co., ,., VJ&THRLEIN &oo.,J '.Z'OBACCO I -TOBACCO AND IOMJ(IssroN n CUJGIOJ DBI:IIAM .arenas., srmsu TctiA.c:co, .... Jll .Aroh St., PblladelpbJ.a. I ---. aDw.AaDIL J.AL M. 7A'T1'11118011. 39 WATER ST., Philadelphia. Pa.. Arenh for the aale of all kiDde of and Leaf Tobaccoo L. HERBERT, ... W.IDW.I.RDS a CO., Dommlaaion Merchants in Dealerlll Wf !OBACCO AID CIGARS, LEAF .. TOBACCO ... 13:1onh WMir fi., .,.,_.. Jlelaw...., for u.. :., ......._ ._ IUUl :liapUeT\>ciIU.a Dr iJf -a-no;;::o 8BBf, le-haum and Brier -:'-.. 'Nrd udl'oplu lltl., l'Uahlph' .. U A.L>.!I:L_... .H. I A. INS.PECTIOft.:.mED LEAF TOBACCO. D. W. DICB'I!BSON, IliiPBCTOll J'Oll TO tflBACCO fRADE OF PHILADELPHIA Ol!'J'ICB AT Ire. 107 l'ferdl wac. I'Mt, P"R"ILA.DELPHTA.. jE. D. Christian & Co., : EXCHANGE, ::-""'' 1 _Riohmond, 'Ia. PHILADELPHIA. LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholeeale Dealcre lo "LEAF" -'-liD MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No. 8:12 Third Street,_ J"RD, A DliLPJUA. IF' .A laJp -=ent ot all kinds of LtafTol>aeeo cou.t.antly on hand, r11os .Bare & Co., WHOL:EU.LI. JN Leaf' Tobacco, And Manufacturers of 503 orth S-"cond Street, PHILADE-PHIA. TOLED 0 TOBACCO WORKS WinER, HALSfEAD & GO., Muufaeturers alll. LYNCHBURG, V .A. Gatlero IOJieltl a.ncl ......... Jl. P HAMJLTON. B. a z. JL PBA.SB, .CenneeUcat Seecl-Leaf' "'"'B.A., 16 Market Street, llartfbrd, 0e1m. Wl WESTPHAL, COM!IISSIOlf COIIICTICUl 1 LEAF Tobacco. State St Hartford, Conn A. L. 4 F. SISSOI, Packen; and Dealen in OONNEOTIOUT SEED LEAf TOB.A.OOO, No. !34 MAIN STREET, lJS.ltl8 Hartford. Conn. WOODWORTH A 8TRONC, :O.lereln EAF TOBACCO, HABTFOBD, CT. CHAPMAN, D&ALlliRIN Connecticut Seed leaf T obacoo. EAST HARTFORD! CONNECTICUT. G. W. GRAV.!:..b -. r..lCID ..i..1rD DULD lB -Fine Connecticut Seed-Leai r o c cot I!AariiMII'J, Connecticut. __................,. "' ocwlll ..,.. a SltiTll co.! Comntisaum Merchants and Jobin OOIINaOTIGUT L&AF T08AOOO 20 Hampden Street, fiHU111.U..a J J.F. Sl'lliNGFIELD, lWlS. LoulavUle ..&.dverti&emeuttp. e-ta. e AUO OOJOilBSIOB JIBB(J!U'ITII l'OB. 8ALB 01' BA:m:. Seed Liaf and lla..'Val& TOBACCOS. S. W. VENABLE & CO., I G w. w I c K s & c 0.9 92 Lombard and & Water St., .........,_. JU.Io'l'llKORa, N. Hi. emu,. C!Mrin Pnll/..,. ., BAL TIMOR. MD. G.B. 11. MARRIOTT L. W. GUNTHER GENERAL :llt.ANWA.O'l'O'BD or OIGADS, And Dealer in all kinds of LEAF. TOBACCO; COJIISSIO:N IERCHAIT AliiD TOBA.ClVO F A.OTO&. go LOMBARD STREET, AND CIQAR RIBBONS. !Oaecioor-.toCEocbaap Place), No. 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. Ll" BALTDIOBB, KD. ORDERS PROliPTLY FillED oe(!IJ od.,....cementa mll -ooltbel!'IGio y ... l&blo thapulfawaoatlae, ....... _lll,aMJokUMf..-1111. LUrDBBIIf. Apat, I S. LANGaDOlU", AIJeDt lor-the ltB'WateT at, N 7 l and Seutb.. DEALERS IN LEAF AND .M.ANYFACTURERS OZ. PLUG TOBACC_O, PETERSBURG. r .A. Jabana anb Jtn! 'obattos, wu..r. S"'''II:::T, Boclaetrter. Y. Kound Oit7 Tobaoeo Worb. C.& R. DORMITZER & Cf'. 8 .D 0 A T I. I N WBOLES.U.S DEJ.UIIO IN r.:__.......... --Leaf Tobacco & Ci&'a.h. F!Jle-Ou+ Qhmlrinrr & Bm.olrtw timokla&'"' Cbewtutr Tobacco, .., Jw.,.:',. ,;;;;:-ekini' k l All 1Uad8 or Smoken \ .n.w.w C 1 ur.u., Articles, ... 'ret .... ..__. ........ L ... 1'8Dt marketa of the worl4 FACTORY No.6, FIFTH DISTRICT. 0 O. SPROTTO, 189 Pearl St. DT&W York 9EifER.U FOR ALL STATES, INCUIIllfiG QIIIC. :M.anufacturere' Agenb! for the tlale of Vlr@"fnla, Missouri, and Kentueky (Between 8d aud t.b ) LoulsviUe. II.J'. P. F. SEKONIN &. co:-;-LUP TOBACCO IIIII St., LOUISVILLE, KY. Five Brothers Tobace;o Works. JOHN FINZER, BEN. FINZER, FRED. FIJIZI:R, RUDOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER. JOHN FINZER a. BROS.p MANUFACTURERS OF "FIVE BROTHERS NAVY." "VIRGIII PINE APPLE," HD "PAI-CIIE!' TOBACCOS. 13 & 16 THIJU) sr .. Lo11inoWe, a7 Boston McELl\OY BROTHERS,. Tobacco Cotllission lercluu AND SOLE AGENTS :FOR BUCHAIUI & LYALL'S TOBICCOS. M BROAD TREET, BOSTON, MA81 C. O. HOLYOKE, COVM.ISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and JUNUFAOTURED TOBAOOO, U Central Wharf, BotltMt.. Ferdinand Westhoff; Jr., :AGENT AND Forwarding Kercha.nt, BREMEW, GERMANY. 1 ][. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF TOBACCO BROKERSi CLABBSVILLE, TENN.


8A:N .92 l'DE TOBAVVO LBA..i' \ LOUISVIllE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION MEICIIAIITI. r CDnlinwti jfD Pall 3] 3P&BCH aota. lAKES CLARJt ................... ...... !JUtbot...SIIatlllfloolarllo8Loal. WOLI!OLK &vOL&NN v"' .. ... .... CUII Ul4 t.-1 W 1. GkANT I< 00 ....... o..-., U14 llaaaflot-lag Leaf Pill LEY lr BARBOUR ....... ... Ooattt,.. Leaf. the interchange of products between distant States, stantially u follows : prophet to declare to us that the Tobacco Preu ...... swelling to a magnitude that rivals the trade of the He thought it was hardly fair to-call upon him with-Newspaper Presa will come out with the baaaen ., .. most opulent and flourishing countries that have con-out any notice whatever to make a speech, hen all the tory. LOU18 PlUNCKE ... '*"_. ........ LeafT<>'-'>ooComta-u-haa&. # I USHER a. ......... Cuttin1 and tanllfac&ouhtl r-t. SUT:a,O & NEWMARK; JJC.ANU7A.C7UBI!R8 OF .ur up latent bratu, upon e nrst ay o a or '! u s e m u a e v tee un 1 every ts 1>5" "' """aeHhom up to .. Saulr." nence they will take a glass mustc; for you she pracllces the grace of manner and But, as the old Trojan bore his father' from the burning Anil-comeo up the "Fine Cut"..., of whisky whenever the hour deportment, the resthetics of motion, the wildering me as walls of Troy, so, if I can but bear my burden safely called. I at whicb they have been acures of the dance, until every attitude is beauty and through the burning tire of criticism, to which I shall A,.. Jet detrnsto be here customed to smoke returns. every movement poetry; for you the sunny smile, the be exposed, I -shall be abundantly satisfied, Cincin. On the seconcl and ear:h rippling and the ringing laugh, the sparkling wit the nati-Past-Present-apd Future. Each of these sub ucceeding day, they should brilliant repartee, or the gentle wonh of sentiment of divisions in turn invites my attention. But with t.he first H..,.... us "Food &t for tile Gada," diminish their allowance by wisdom, of hope and consolation; for you the preience -the rude log fort, the trading post, the humble village, one glass. In a few days, breathing incense, the enchantment, the fragrance, and the thriving town, the Losantiville of the Past-my Bee.-- KSpenc.o remarks this benefactor of the rosy ight th"t t,inus.the_ q_de, asperities of life with friends who sit around me here, 'l'lho have felt the biting "THE J'INB: CUT TOBACCOTRAD&. his race, the habit and dethe radiol Wlllll uy of 1be uumeroou 111 ...,._ ba& wbiob.,... adtllteratedcom lda-...,...,_la IIIIi -*7.-la...,..-----&11M ilftwper--'ol 1fo ... ......., ....... a ...... rLB ADC .I'GC ZA &R I (HI ( Mrr TB 0 'l1le7 obovld addreo-olloftr -to lila a I W I Ia-Yeolr. ........ Ia .. c:--Ill. .... homtldatlaefo.-tlle...,....._..otx..._..-_.,. for elan --. lllltolled-by JAMES C. McANDREW, 124 Front St., N.Y. .ur...-llllllqtMrioe-o.t.......,. ..... Willlle....._....., .. llelerriJoclotlla ............ I&IIUO. ......,. ...... -...... ....... _..Gfal--fll'---llea 111 ct ..,_ 41 . .. --- --.o ---oo. ........... ...... bacco, and doubtless exsojourned in the storied lands which wealth, refinement, march forward in the front rank of pro&ress of its staunchest and warmest friends. When livinc, pected on the followiug day and the highest culture seems to have constituted the and reform. Music like a guar tan angel has ever delight was to Pe present on occasions like this. to reduce his ration of :cechosen horue of beauty and of grace. 1 have met the brooded O'!er our cit): with her inany shrines, conse-Let us drink to his memory waterby at least a pint. It fair daughters of the West, in the brilliant assemblies crated to the service of the tuneful goddess, the geniu's M&. F. A PRAGUII:'S SPBECH. is unfortunate that !oO prom-and the charmed circles of elegance-but whether in of art h;!.s enriched and will still more enrich the place First volunteer toast; "The Leaf Tobacco Trade ising an Mperiment accihall or bower, in the polished Nort.h or by the that has fostered such shining sons as a Read, and a Cincinnati, its .Inspedor and Reporter.'' dentally failed. On th e "Font wlteretioe peer\en Heleo drank, Powers England may boast of a Livingstone, but Cin-Responded to by F. A. Prague, Esq. following morning he did And Venna laved her locks of !l"ld," cinnati has a Hall whose star has arisen where FrankGBNTLEMm<-If it were not fOt e & c=--""'-# not feel very well, and in my heart was warmed with generous p.ride to find tllem lin's went downJ; and bright among the constellations your toast, modesty would certainly forbid my more tbspite of the aid of two phypurkss among the proudest and the fairdt dames born in of politica:l craft and legal wisdom, of eloquent logic thanking you for the c ompli ent paid me. ) But that sicians he rapidly grew the purple lignt of rank, or wealth, or power-and and deep theology, of daring bravery and knightly first clause refers to such an 1 mpo .rtant branch of CNr worse until he died. The among all the bright phantoms of revery that throng my skill, of cunning hanas and ready pens and tbiulting city's business that I feel constrained to respond, if oaly moral of this -anecdote recollection of my stay abroad the visions of the daughbrains, stand Cincinnati's statesmen, lawyers, ministers, with a few words. It i s with pleasure and pride illl seems to be that ice-water, ters of America are still t.he brightest and the fairest sold1ers, poets, philosophers, merchants and mechanlooking back over the decade JUSt past, to the tf.e when drank by the gallon, that ics. These are the sons whose illustrious names have when the tobacco interest was but a nu:re speck in ... d H Brush the feathery ferns, and paiat the sleeping streams of memory. h d b ht c the ast d the fi I h th rnay superse e the craving Then r emember whenenr thesoblet 1a c:rowaed S e sue g m mcmnau 10 P an m U c industria ortzon; to v1ew e present extent of the for tobacco, but only at the Throurh the world, whet Iter Eutward or Weotward you roam, ture, oh will not be childless, but others shali rise up business, which, like a summer cloud, reftects ren-.. When the cup. to the sm.Ue of dear woman. roes round- 1 d 11 h h bl d b .. cost Gf the drinker's life. Oh, remember the smiles that adorns her at homo.'' to take thetr p aces an ca t etr mot er esse y brilliancy to &he thriving inqustries of our city : T'ifeft Whether the ice-water rem"BANKS 0,. CINCINNATI.'' adding to her fame. Have I overdrawn the picture to years ago the of fioc: So few.ia edy is preferable to the Cincinnati's future ? Have I too flattering lip told number, that they mtght have lfeeQ coll.D.ted upon the To this toast Hugh Colville, of the Commercial Bank, h 1 f h t d t" ? W h II G whisky treatment may be t e ta e o er 1U ure es my e s a see. en fingers of your hands-the value soil upon whicb left to the decision of the responded as follows; tlemen, I thank you for the honor you have conferred they grew the tobacco was but nominal i but year after and-tobacconists. Those He felt himself highly complimented by the icvitation upon me in permitting me to respond to this toast, for year their numbers have increased, and with to meet the Tobacco Trade on so pleasant an occasion, h h d t h b I "II who do not find that modt oug not nattve an o t e manner orn, am stt knowledge of its cultivation has become more and more erate indulgence in smok-and not being familiar with public speaking he found it proud to be a citizen, and from my cradle, almost, an important, until to-day, after the of th,.... :lifficult to adequately express himself. Behind the d d f c t" .... ing is ruining their health 1 a opte son o mcmna 1 years, it has enhanced the value of their soil in fo .. -"-u :ounter_ s of a bank he was at home, but before so large .......,. destroying their moral per THB PRESS. rr:easure, and the extent of the b!Biness in cutting leR f d b k 1-nd stylish an assemblage of liis fiellow-citizens, he was Response by Col. T. F. Allen, of the Cincinnati in a tenfold degree. and Cincinnata, t"n add1"t1"on to ,._ cep tons, an rea mg up a good way from home. He had been in business here, 1 bl 1 d ...,. their business, will probably in Cincinnati, almost from his boyhood, and thouooht he ,ema : other honora e tat es, has a ded and well earned that regard both immediate sui '"' To one whe is not so fortunate as to belong to the of Great Cutting Leaf Tobacco Market," fUDi.f cide by ice-water, and ulti -knew almost al! the business men in the city, but here Leaf Tobacco Trade, the first thcught on ss happy throughout the world This inftuence has l>een Dati-r was assembled a company of gentlemen, who handled th" t h h d d 11 1 .. mate death by alcohol, as au occaswn as ts, as o WIS e 1 espec1a y so ably felt in nearly every branch of our ci,.,.a busi ...... with ease the third, peroops the second, heaviest busih 1 t t t t th" f fi t -undesirable substitutes for sue e egan en er am men s as ts are o requen oc. I.t has increase_d the. revenues of the various ,.......__ neas in the city, to which .he and his friend, Yergason, "th "1'h p t h. hI 11 d b --..--the morning cigar and the currence WI you. e ress, ow IC am ca e ttons and ustness m terests, m and. about our city, .. and, no doubt, a ma;ority of the bankers in the citv, t d b t 1 t li d t h h after-dinner pipe.'' J upon o respon -u am no tn orme as o w et er such an extent that 1ts loss would, mdeed, be se"'-.._ were comparative strangers. They had in his bank it be the :robacco Press or the Newspaper-but whichfelt. The press has been our faithful ally, SKOIUNG Dun:s.-Ladies who are in the habit of s moking pipes when they go -out should take warning by the enm ple of a Vermont dame and her daughter, who nar rowly escaped being burn ed to death laat week at Whitebait, a spark &om the eldert, laciJ' pipe Jaaillt 11et tWr .. a.icle oa Ire. been looking in the direction of this trade for some t I th" k I fi "t ht ever 1 ts m am sa e m saymg 1 ts a m1g y power tions of the state of the market are daily watched aDII time past, and would after this display be more assidin the land, and let us hope it is well applied. It has its information is euerly sought after at _.....,.. uous in cultivating it. He fully indorsed the sentiments b ta d "th t th I th" k th t c -.. -een s te w1 some ru m a mcmnatt, abroad, so that to-day it offers inclucements of profit .. expressed by Colonel Pbister, that 50 prominent a our old Queen of the West, was slow-old-fogy, ready to the cullector uf mercantile statistics, who has never be branch of Cincinnati industry should assert itself be fenced in and a! I that, but I have never heard it sugfore deemed it of sufficient importance to notice. Suca more earnestly in the various public iRStitutions of the gested that either the Tobacco Press or Newspaper Press then is a very brief history of the growth of tbe :ity, u the Board of Trade, the Chamber of Colftmerce was either slow or old fogy, and if it has ever been said Trade in the district of country embraced withia a ,._ tnd such. It WOilld be a m utual benefit, and he had that they should be in, it doubt ended as did d.ius of a few hundred miles, and of which ClnciDDati. ,ten wondered at seeing so few of the tobacco men at the conference of tbe m1ce when tt was r,es.olved that the the center, known as the "Fine Cut.ti ...... Leaf District. these place.. But, aa Mr. Ernat, who represented oue t b ld be bell d It h be -J( the moet respou!ble bankillg institutions in Kenc."' s ou e may ave .en a&'""" ,.This succeas and high standing of the tnMoco trade ucky, and aa old and friend of the to-bon, but the JOb has never been apl!.hed for, and m lan-,bave been due mainly to tbe actrre 11fttiriD& guage thau. we c':n P!oudiJ buaiDeaa talents displayed bJ the gentlemea ...,.,u1 -KCCO trade, wu pNHIK, he WO..W retire, hopiag-Mr aay tbat I& "can't be did." But while the Ylctories we the Leaf Tobacco Trade of Cinciollad. Knee WMid ..... abetter aDd me appropriate r'eplJ. haw: woe are briUiaat, lhoee wiUch_ await ue are r.t. { C.t;,IIMI M.-1 ww.t, c--.:: ..... 1', ,,) c>. -..


' THOMAS HOYT & CO., KANUI'ACTUJUUIS 01' Tobacco !ll&D.ll.facturers. JOHN ANDERSON CO., .-, YANUFACTUREllS OF THE SIIWI un nmr toua:os 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, Bee 'tO 4\'teCt the attention of the Dealers ia Tobacc() tbrouchout the United, Stateo and the World to tl'lr I CELEBRJTED SOLACE FIIECUT CBEWDfG TOBACCO, which ia 'being once more maaufact11teti 11D4hr the Immediate oupenislon opt the orii-, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, ad ,_ st:mds, "" formerly, 'lf!_lh!>ut a rlal. O..n forwarded throucb the ...... 1 cbeai>ele will meet w!tb prompt atten.tloa. LicLEDB,ATBD FINE- IR,-'!Bit 'IW lllfta a flftft. 169'tiJDLOW STlUlET, :NEW YOU, Factories at Ooopeubm'g udViotinity, ,._ &UJIAUUV,. 183 W'A'l'D S'l'l!.Df No. 38 OROSS Y ST., NEW YCRK. 8tnlt; ........ J. 2'0bc:&cCO Ba, WEW 'YORK. AGENT OF TH:&l MOST ACCRED .A.I<: 3.n.9 BOWERY' N y IH_MaldenLantt, New York. coNcHAs ........................ ......... 7Ho BO P....tap.a-r:lll'.l'W.UALES, REGALIAs, LON .... IIIIILWiaelleMoer. 1J111W1111!6 1-.-.;Q A Jl.,,..,.,. Qoaa.lloan, ................................. -to DREB,ll'RiJVAS, ETC. r--::-,_1 .:Lr_._.-(o'!_P .._...). l:f.ABTOORN & HAHN. o.o-' NO::i .. ...... s o1'3.S FAoepdoD-J'OCXEY CLUB, LOJ!D.US, :M. LAURILLABD, nUcoo o.:. 110 I I ERDAII,"D. 8,., JAL G ........ Pemberton & Penn, 1CoMMIS&lON MD.CIIA'NTS, .. 11'\MttK ;, tM ltlsitteu, u .JII #rt11n fw ,IMflrM.,,/MIIwwl TN, ,_ r' D.AN'YILLI, T A. W SMYTHE, ommiSSion Merchant, PJpJICIIN ---10 tORTB J'OJD STBBE'l', -( .... -..... ......_;., I ....... E OIG.&R.S, I lAIICl --or Ia JD liDU oi Leaf anllannfactnred Tobacro, G2,.assau 8t.1 N.Y. .H. 1. NISSEN. 1 L mssz co., Wholesale Dealers in BAVARAAIDDOMEBnC FlNE SEGARS, flo. 148 Wl\ter Street, MIJW YOBIL PREY ;BROS. & 00 laillfaCtm of Jill CIGABS, and Dealers in Leaf Tobacco, Maauf'acturen of RAI 'PBB, CONGR-BSS, and ScoTcn S..uw, ADd every grade of Smo\.ing Tobacco. WEYMAN & :UR)., I & 13 SIIITHFIW ST. PITTSIIIIII&. PA Willi. znvssma .s.. oo., MANUrM:TVIJ:IlS OJ' TOBACCO SEALING WD. AIM, DBALI&S IN DIWG8, PAlm, Jte., t 26 Cltambera at., New York EDWARD A. SMITH, MAN11JV.CTUR.ER OF Ptne Seprs, .o. 11 Bowery, NEW YORK. GERARD, BETTS & CO., GENERAL AUCTIINEERS. A.N]lo Commission Merchants, ?'OLD SLrP, illo>edoo< from Haunvr nnrn N I!:W YO A' 1(. .T-. H. TYREE. 11 111101 MIICIAIT ,... ......... .,...,. .... ....... ........ .. ,._., P. M. DINCEE, Corner Sbtlt and IA'IfNI Streets. "--MMISSION MERCHANT SPANISH CBDAB.. FOOEJGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. SPANISH CEDAR FOR CiGAR BOXES, Fwniohcd in flUIDtitics to by RODB.&JV A BEPBtJJUI, L:l WIS STllEIT, NEW YORK. SAW-MILL, 465-475 Eaat 1oth St and 4'7o-476 Eut I Jth St CIGAR PACKERS SOCIETY J ft B.& Puteutod Aprll2!1d and Aug: 12th, 1 &;2, -. ----_ ----- 15 NORTHWILLIAMST., N .Y. CI Y 189 WilHam St., Kew 1rork. ED. WISCHMEYER co. a. ZELLENKA, C. JOURGENSEN. 'M.urorACTUilER or ALL KINDS OF lOLII ,. ..,., SMITK ..... TOBACCO P.O. a-....._ ., .LUIC:f(TY ST, Y. COMMISSION MERCHANTS 'rOBACC. O BAGS, REGALIA BRITANICA ................... LIAs; ETC. REINA VICTORIA........................ -p DB REGALIA ................ :sto IUD&Z'Iega-LONDRES, UIPE)UALE S .. ..... ... .. .. .. .. .. SPORTS, CONCHAS. SUBLIMES .... ......... .......... C:lnto de Orioa-LO.NDRES, DAlLAS, lntrlmldad. BRIT;Al'IICA ................. $130 -A.B............... .................. soo Cabargae-LONDRES :U.NAB, DAllAS, OPJ!!RA S, ETC, FLO R DE PREN S AOOS .................... $ )O to 72 :Flor de 1111riaa-C.AZA.DORES BRI!."VAS, CON JA)NDRES D& CORTE.................... -6 J CHAB BTC. I'RINE<.:ESAS .. ... .. .. Aculla de 0ro-PRlNCESAS PIN AS, R 'FGALLI. LONDRES ........................ : ......... 80to 85 DE LA REIN.AS DE ESPANA -Rosa de Santiago. LONDRES, Y EDI.A, REGALIA, ETC. CONCHAS ................................. $ 70to VW.... 'J' 'Villa1--REGALIA DEli REY;REftitica. GALU PREC!OSAS, CQMME JL FAUT, coYcHITAs... .................... .. .. .. cs LOIU).REs, Ere. .... .... .. ........ .. : .. GO nan Coaill-CO CRAB, LONDRE.S CORRI Upmann. EN}'ES. LONDRES FIN OS.......................... ( AZADORES ............. ,.... ............. -REGALIAS, ETC. REGALIA BRITANWA ................... J.a.Afrieaaa.-LONDRES REGALIA! ETC REGALIA LONDRES................... .. l A Carolina llveac-o .DE LONDRES, CON !:EINAS ............ : .. .......... CHAS,LONDRES,ETC. .... ...... .................. 6S Jhor de lla.ntl&g-C<>NCBAS, ETC. LNFANTES........ .... .............. .. 4 0 Figaro. :Flor de :a-ay-REGA.LIA, LONDR&S, OON WNDREf'!PRENSADOI!I ................. $ 75 CHAS, llEDIANOS. LONDRESDE CORTE ..................... 50 to 50 All Orllen f'-odler ....... will be &11 Onlel'8 f'or other B .... nds will be auea4ed to. Pro-pIy atteaded to. liAKUFA.C"I'UJUID BY a. J HENRY WULSTEIN, 11 __ ........... J 25 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn. CoJUU.fttiT on Ha_. O.e -t Ha_. a llteaDa lllaehi.a-tor Cuttin ad &n.a-tba F. HEPPEIHEIMER i. CO., LABELS For Tobacco and Cigars. A larle -s.eM .., lleadllllll p.-e.l 10 order. H ll U ....U. WilliaM Street.-'!arlt. 7.30 GOI,D 1.0 or '1'111 I Northern Paciik RAILROAD, 1st Kottgage & Land (Jtaat ifllenstiN nwmuy, tlu NMtAern RailnHJtl Finl .Mortgag G.IJIII B,W,, jwituip.lll1tll ;11 krut ;ayaH# ;, jil'tl, Urtf.. ltd States TfiX, and most tmpllalu.Ny naommend hit same as tile .raft.rl hrwlttlfllfl. U111fed St4lu BMiis, iul ., .,_..._ lk .ree11riliis, nuived in 111 .fW1 4tJS.4 prj. OOOial I& 00., I :N-You:, PHILADBLPI,IIA, r AJfD WASHJMGTOM. CHARLES A. WULFF, Lithographer, Printer, and llanuiaetUleT aad-::BnmdJDr lroDa l!ld fteDc!1s a 8paclslt,r. 49 SOUTH, CHARLES ST., 0 LftafTobacco a63 tth St., ew York. ,._ pt)7 ......... "' llbc ........ -x .. HARRISON & co., ...:No. 155 WATER STREET, JmW YORK. .. ,._ BALTIMORE. 38 BROADWAY. BEW YORK or&t.


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