The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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... VOL. IX.--NO. 6. NEW YORK, -WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 1873. \ WHOLE NO. l&t IS PUBLISHED EVDT 'nDSDAT KoamNG BY Til fOB.lOOO LW PUBLI881NG CRP'Y, .142 Fulton St., New York. J. Blm'BY HAOBB lllciJLor. JOBJI G Gli.ABJI' Aore:nt. A9 an advertising medium, where it Ia desired to reach the Clpt' and Tobacco Trade, not only of thla b11t foreign Countrieo, it io the belt attainable. All !etten should be plainlY addreoled to TKE ToBACCO L&AF Pu&LUiHING Fultou Street. New YOI'k. Terms of the Paper. SrnGLit Co11a 10 CaHTS PBK. AMNUM k-oo To England and the Canaclas, S1.04 additional per aDGum for prepayment of Postaae. T-o Bre m en, Hamburg and the "Coadnent of S2.o8 additional per annum for Postage.. 1.'o Australia, etc;:., $t.04 via San Francisco, ad dhional per annum for Postage. N o ordet11 for the paper considered, unless ac: companied by the COrTe:SpODding amount. Remittcnces should, ill every iDBtance, be made onJ.r by m oney-order, check or draft. Bills a r e liable to be stolen, and can only be aent at the b"Rateet risk t o the sender. Rates of Advertising. square (14 Nonpareillioeo) for six mooU.., $:10. do. 1 year S3S _, Larger a dvertisements in the proportion, but none taken unless '' ,, 3, 4, or more squares. One column, 1 year &.so; sb: months. $1so; three montlla. fSO 'lhlf column, 1 year, six months, $1301 three moaths, liiF' Advert isements on the first page, $Quare over two wide columnB, and none taken for lew thau ODe year, payable fU'lly in advance L two squares, $3001 kSO Nodevi ,ation from tbeae terms. advertisement on the tD.hld page, per line for each insertion. No orden; for advertising will be considered, unless accompani e d bythe corresponding amount. Thi1:1 will-lNVARIABLY be to. BUSINils.i DIRECrOOY OJ ADVERTJiKRS. JIIEW YORK. Trlhtuto 1Yilrtlto11HJ. ,\pew W. & Sons, 284 an 286 Front otreet A8ea julian, 173 Water. Beorlmo D. & A.,} Water. IlOI]j'IDallD, Joho H. Blakemore ")(a,o & Co., 4 Btoad. Bowne & Frith, 7 Barling SUp. Brod K., _131 MaJden Lane. Bulkley, Moore & Co. 74 Front. Cardozo A. J.l. &: Co., 123 Pearl. Carpleo E 173 Water Chockljl. A. D. 168 Pearl. t..:olell Water. OooooiiJ & Co 4S Water. Crawford E. M. & Co., 168 Water. Davideon Bro., Water. Dohan, (;arroll & Co. .Froot. DuBois Eugene, 1S Frt\0 E...,ert, Wm. Water Ei>Jrelbech, 1'. 21 Av J'allc & Bro. G, 171 Wal Fotman & Co .. 70 a ad 1 Bt<,.d. Fo. DUls & Co., Water. Filher &: Rust, n_s Mai41en Lane. Friedman & Oettmger, Water Friend&: Co., E. & Maiden Lee, Gantlner.J M &: o., 8 Front. Garth D .. Son & Co., U9. Pearl. Guoert t L. & Bro., 16o Wates. (lenhel &: Bro., 86 Malden Lane. Gathrie & Co. us Front. Hamburger l &: Co., tSQ Water. Herman dt LowenJJteio, 99 M aiden,_ Laoe. HiOman G. W. & Co., 1o8 Front. Huot. C. E. 99 Pearl. Hun_t, J, D. 133 Water Street Klnnlcnt Thomas, 52 Kittl'edre w. P. & Oo.\7 and 73 Front. Kre!Delberg & Oo., 16o Vearl. Lac:belllbNch &: Bro., 16.6 Water ..... am,tte A. C., Pearl. Levin M. H., 16l Pearl. Hcl'all & Hogan, 33 Morray. Maddux Bros., 138-Water. Malllaad Robert L. & Co., 43 Bco""-Martin & John5001 166 Water. Mayer Joseph, Sons, na Water. Meyer A. C. L. & 0., 43 Beaver. Meueng-er T H. & Oo., and 163 Malden Laoe M., rgOld SHp and 73 Water. Norten, Slaughter & Co., 41 Broad. Oatman Alva, s66 Wate. Ottlncer Brothers u9 Pearl; Palme1 & Water. Pau.Utach M. 173 water. Price Wm. M./11 Co. 119 Mcuden Lue. Oaln, J. P &: Co., 39 Broad. Jtead &: Co., 19 Old Slip. Relamann, G & Co., 179 Pearl. RO&enbaum, A. S. & Co., 16a Water. RoeenwaJd, E & Bro., s45 Water. Salomon, S Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace 8r Co" 47 Brood. Scheider, Joseph, 213 l'earl. Schmitt & Steioecke, 6 Fletche<. Schroeder A Bon, 1,& Water. Scbuhwt H. & Co., Water Selllng'o Sou S., FrooL Spencer, Bros. & Co., 1$ Maidea Lane. S;Eour, Charles T 189 fearl. S agaru, E. It Co., 5 Barliog SHp. S n...& Co. 197 Daane. Straltoo .& Storm, 191 P-1. Strobn & Reitzenstein, 176 Froa'F.&: Son, 18.4 Tatgeohorst, F. W., 66 Vetterlein & Bock, 6 Cedar Upmann, CarJ, 188 Pearl. Westl:l.etm, M. &:: Co., 1n Pearl. Wript, & Co., 39 Broad. TobIW Brows Cattu.s & Ruete, Pearl. DreYer Edward, 46 Beaver. Fiocher ()bas. E. & Bro., Gans, J. S & Soo, 86 Wall. Kelland, P 179 Pearl. Qobon>e, Cha ri .. li'., 54 Broad. Rader M .t Son, 123 Pearl. Sftac"k A ug :W:aid.en Lane Manriflleturus if To6uco Anderson John & Co. n-4, 116 and n7 Liberty. BoDdy Chao. 53 Bowery. Buchaoaa & Lyall, S4 Broad. Buchner D, Cook Vincent L Ludlow Fln J, F. 174 Front Goetze, F.A. $.Bro., 318 Goodwin & Oo. 101 Watec Hoyt Thomas & Co : 40-4 Pearl Kinney Bros. 1-41 West Broadway, McAlpin D H. & Co. cor. Aveoue D and 'hm ... 14\ller Mro. G. B & Co. 97 Columbia. Shotwell D. A, & Son, Eighth av. Ageotsfor Soking To6tlsm, '" Heo A. It Co. 43 Liberty Llndbeim M '18 Water Richey & Boni ace, 86 Front W el01, Eller & JUeppel, 229 Pearl Ma,MfiiCturers of Ciglll"t. A.11erbacb & Mendersoa, 1)8 Water Bernard Pll.ilip, 133 Water BoDdy Cbas., 53 Bowery. Brock M., 5a9 Bowery Castaneda & jewel, 7:1 Maiden Lane J'\lber & Rust, Maiden Laue. Frey Broo. & Co. u6 Ohamben Hinlc:h D. & Co. 25; 7 Bowery aod >74 'Water. Htn<:bbom'L. & Oo. 119 Wator Hollander LGuia, N a.aeau i;ocby S & Co. 109 l"earl QMPhS S. 166 Front :Sufmao It Bondy, 51 Maideo La.oe Ketbo & Spies, 35 Bowery Leiokauf & Pollak. JOJ Chatham Levy Broe. 78 Bowery Llcbteost.eio A & Bro. 14 attd 14" Licbtensteiu B1os. & Co. ut Maiden La.i:Le 14eodel M w. & Dro, r Peart Neuburger M. a83 Pear Orgler S 297 X Greenwich ed C'hamben Schwan & Spohr, LewiJI Seidenberg & Co. 19 Dey 8lecke & W annack, 6 Rivlngtoa Smitb B. 11 Bowery Stachelberr ll. & Co. 157 Pearl Stra.iton & Storm, 191 Peilrl Sotro ,It Newmark, Water "' Wang1er &: Hahn, 146 Water. Manfturerr if H;v Cir Hollander H. ns Maiden Lane Vicbot & Co. 76 Pioe Street TAt Gtrman Cigar Ptsa<IDStedt Robert A. 32 Platt Pascual E. Brother & Uo: 156 .Water Solomon .M .t.. E. ss Ma.1den Lane Vega josepll A.. J.87 Pearl We1l & Oo. 6o Pme Waller, Friedman & Freise, 206 Pearl Weiss, Ellt!t & ncr ..Pearl Ybor V, Cedar Manu{tlt:tMrl'l if S.-8. ApPleby & Helme, Wakr Gooeuc F, A. >k Bro. 3Ji 1..,..,"' if n ...... ..... ; Do Bary 'Fred'k & Co., 50 Broad T. H 6: Oo. 161llalden Lane Romay E. E. a. Wall if C/.1 Pipos. Batter H. Brother, 77 Water Demath Wm. & Go., 4"3 BroadwayMan'ffaaurtrl if Bri11r Pipes ntl 1"'/JWIacco hspuri ... Linde F. 0. Co. Water. Nalitmal To/IM&b Irufl'ttitm: Hoodless W. J. lr Oo. Whitehall. Tobt1cco Guthrie 4 Oo., us Front. MiMiu{lfttrmrt if Cigtw Henlr.ell Tacob, A MonToe Wicke a--c<"' 159 & Goettk. Cij!or 11" C.tlar 11nd otA,.,. Wootls. P,. Jl., cor. Sixth and Lewta. Wardrop .t Daly, 203 A :105 Lewis. G & 3l Veoey Heppenheimer F. A Co., n North William Cigt11'-&sr Lalnls uti Tr;.,,;"l' Bcftumacher & Ettinger, 151lurray. WolffChu. A., S Ohatham. &11/ing Wa,., Ziasaer W .tOo., 191 William. Au.!triart VIrginia Oigar1 Kremelberg & Compuy, 16o Pearl rif RuitJn Cig"rttlts. Ktnney Broa 141 West Broadway. Cig111r M..Uds and Sluptr Prentice Geo. 1 ., 197 Pearl. stra'/)8 and Outlertl, Gtr111an Cigar Motllds. Erlchs H W ., 253 South: Gans & M.icbaelis 101 Maiden Lane. Spler Ohu. E It Co., 7 john. Musfi, To6ac1 o Bats Zellenka R.; 263 East Fourth. Pafl'r Cigar and To6aao Bags. Howlett Bros., 204 Fulton. 'i!ts West Seoood. l!llftn J. H., 47 Vloo of ..uen & Ellie. u Vine. & Korpby, 18 Hammond. OtloiD HearJ, "Oo. 313llaia. 8peacc Bros. .t Oo., s and Sol But Tblrd Com111iuio MercAaH Baler, Bolmea & Co. 15 Welt, lporttrt Hd Dttlltrs ;. Cigtl1'1. Krohn, :retn6 Co., 53 West Fourth. Loweotbal 8 olt Co ,,. :West Third. St.ruser &Co.138? walnut Well, Kahn & Co., Main. Letif To'-o Broars. Korrla & Reid, 4 Co !Ieee Balldlnr. CLA_BKSVJLLE, TLetif Tobts16 Jetl'enoo .be. DUftHAM, N. C. SmoAing To6tl" lllack-n w. T EAST HARTFORD, Co-. PacAtr 11d IJMitr. CbapmanB.A. HARTFORD, eo-. Padtn Dtalers. Barnes A" Jerome, a36 State. Hubba., 154 state. Weotphal Wm. uS State. Woodworth & !trong, 117 State. HOPIUNSVILLE, K;r Tol>acco liroAtr. jenp James E. .I'AJIIESVILLE, Wu. Pack6r :t:nd, ])&JJ,er in Sud 14!-f. Peaclrlch Francie. LIVERPOOL, Eac Bmythel': W., 30North John. LOUISVILLE, K7. TobarcD Manufacturtr. Finzer J 13 Third. T.bacco Com111iJsicm ::Heier Wm. G. Co., 56 Seveuth. Wickl G. W. & Co., IOJ !ohio. Job6trs i II iinds if ManofacturdJ Tobll" Brolr:baeco and Cigan, 4' Hanover Street. BUJ!TALO, l'J. T.-A. M. ADAliS & CO., Tobacc:o Manufacturers, so Pearl. CHICAGO, ru.-GEORGE FOY &: CO. Dealen Ia Kaoufactured To-bacco, South Water. ODICDINATJ, 0.-R. MAU.AY & BROTHER, io Leaf To-a.bacco, us Weat Front StreeLJieiro CLARK.VILLE, 'l'eDII.-M. H. CLARK A BROTHER, Leaf Tobacco Brokers. CLEVELAND, 0.H S. ROSENFELD, Tobocco Kaoufactarer, 87 Merwin Street. .., 0.-HOGLEN &: PEASE, Maouf.actaren of ,Tobacco Ma cbtnery. DETROIT, Xlch.-G. B LICHTENBERG, Tobacco Manufacturer. EV AJI.VILLE, IDol.LEE M GARDNER, Tobacco Broker. IIARTPORD, Con.a.-WOODWORTH & STRONG, Leaf Tobacco Dea.len, State Street. LOUISVILLE, KY .-L. FRANCKE, Tobacco Broker, 191 Main Street. LTJIICHBURG, Va.-JOHN H TYREE, Tobacco Commlsaion llerchant. PliiTERSBURG, Va.-R. A YOUNG /!l BROTHER, Tobacco Com miMion M.erchant. PIDLADELPHIA, Pa.-E. W. DICKERSON, See4 Leallospector, '"7 North Water Street. PITT8BVRG, Pa.-WEYMAN & BROTHER, Sou. and Tobacco Man "Ufacturers 79 and Bt Smithfie ld Street. ....__ PROVIDEN_()E, a. I.-HUNTOON & GORHAM, Whole .. le Dealen to Tobacco and Cigars. Q.lJDICY, m.-TURNER, HAINES & CO.; Tobacco Manufacturers. RICHJIOND, Va.R. A. MILLS, Tobacco Broker, Tohacco Exchange. ROCHESTER, N. T.-W. S. KIMBALL & CO. Tobacco 8T, LOUIS, .Mo.J E. HAYNES, Tobacco Broker, 6n Chestnut Street. SYB.ACl171E, l'J, Y.-D. 0. SALliON, Tobacco Manufacturer. 'I'OLEDO, Q,-WJTKER, HALSTEAD & CO., Tobacco lhou1acturers. FOREIG BB.EIIIEJII.-FERDINAND WESTHOFF JR.. LIVERPOOL.-COPE, BROTHERS & CO., 10 Lord Nelooo Street. LONDON.-GRANT, CHAMBERS & CO., 37 Fenchurch Street, E. C. FJve Dollars remitted, or paid on personal application, to any of the above named gentlemen, will secure a copy of this work immediately. uNo Books sent C. 0. D by e.zpre11. TOBACCO FREIGHTS EA.STW A.RD. We referred last week to a meeting of freight-agents at Indianapolis on the 1 Ith in st. to agree upon rates for tobacco coming from the Lower Ohio, ,Cumberland Rivers, and going eastward by rail. We now find that the rates adopted were as follows: Rates to :New York, with usual differences to other points, were adopted, to t-ake effect March. 17, 1873 wWit: PEJ!. HUNDRED POUNDS. From Depot. Tnnefer. Total from wharf. -.. 66. . 66 Paducah ( a ll rai1).8o________ ____ ______ Paducah } (river and rail) -------------75 Shawneetown __ .63__ -- 3__ ___ -----_66 Evansville c----_ 63----3--__________ 66 New Albany .. 63--3----Jeffersonville_.---59---3 --.. _62 Louisville wharL -------------------53 Cincinnati_.56 .... o4-------6o Clarksville } (warehouse)" 7 5 7 5 Hopkinsville _____ 88 ______ -----------88 TOBACCO IN GERMANY. The following intelligent of t he contemplated legislation in Germany regarding tobacco, from the columns of an English cotemporary, will be found interesting. It will be seen that the present crisis has arisen from the universal demand for the repeal of the heavy duty on salt, which repeal will leave a considera ble deficit in the national income for the Governm ent to make good by a'n impost levied on some other gener ally-used article. It seems that tobacco has been se lected in the Fatherland, as it has been in this country, to fill the gap. Of course, the weed is not a necessity, as salt is, but it may well be doubted whether heavy taxes on the domesJ.ic-grown, imported and manufactured article will not be nlmost as severely felt by the smoking Germans as the impost on the saline necessary. It will also be seen that the Government proposes to adopt the American method of collecting the tax on manufactured tobacco-smoking as well as Cavendish -by means of stamps, and providing for the packing of the goods made in packages of prescribed s!zes. This, as our own experience has shown, is as feasible as i t certainly is just. The same, however, can not be said of the scheme to tax the raw material grown on German / &oil. In all the hostile and pernicious legislation pro posedand carried out llt. Washington, this has never been attempted. Every plan for taxiog the weed has been based on the pri mal theory that the manufactured article only should be taxed. And this from no sentimental partiality for the grower, but from the patent impossibility of collecting any impost levied on the raw material. Perchance, in a country of much more lim ited boundaries, as Germany, such collection might be feasible stiJI the difficulties of determining the exact w;ight, the proper deduction for loss from fer mentation, etc., will, we fancy, make this task a by no means easy one. FRED'K De-BARY co., (Sl1CCESOOBS 'tO DE BABY & XLING), 02 Broad. and 50 New Streets, New York. IMPORTERS OF HAV.Al\TA OIGAB.S, And Sole Agents jO'I" sale of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CICARS, Hlmufactured at the KEY WESl' BRANCH of the celebrated El Principe d e Gales Manufactory of u..,.., KEY WEST HAVANA-CIGARS: SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New York, Proprieton oC the. LA ROSA ESPANOLA FACTORY. AGENTS FOR THE ABOVE CELEBRATED BRAND, "M"AXDEJN YC>mr. TBI CELEBRATED u,4USTRIAN VIRGINIA" CIGARS, I .,, FI:om J. D. XREKELBERG'S Factory, in Baltimore. '-" _...... ARE NOW READY AND FOR SALE. Depot in NEW YORK with KREMELBERG & CO., _...__ 160 PEARL STREE"I E. r.r. PILKINTON'S Celebrated G. "FRUITS AND FLOWERS," W. HILLMAN & CO., Sole Agents, 108 Front St., New !See Ad-verttsem.ent: on 4.1:h We have given the cr edit system a very fair trial, and decrease of weight, as a margin for loss by "fennentation, found it wanting-the nuf'se, in fact, of "blockaders," Manufacturers to be aiJowed a twelve-month's credit for and a constant tempta tion to honest men to defraud the payment of the tax." The second motion was of 2n opposite character; bul, after much discussion on the revenue. How this twelvemonths' credit is to be both sides, the reso l ution passed in the foHowing form: combin e d with the nlode of payment by stamps, we do -"The BiiJ for the taxation of tobacco grown in the not exactly see, and the probability is that when the bill German Empire, as known in its principles to the Ag is fmaiJy acted upon one or the other of these proposed ricultura! Council, proposes to throw the whole burmethods will go to the wall. den of the tax on the producer of the raw material while the manufacturer escapes payment of' the dut; Regarding the dut y on foreign tobaoco, it will be seen thereby threatening to destroy a valuable branch of that our ad vices of last week are fuiJy confirmed by the our agriculture of _great im portance, SJlbjoined extract. The large proposed increase of three whether VIewed from a soc1al and industriaL hundred and fifty per cent-from four to fourteen tha-point.ofview or that of political economy. Therefore lers-is accounted for by the deficit caused by the prothe blll should be thrown out as long as it proposes to levy a tax of from 6 to 8 thalers per centoer of the raw posed repeal of the salt duty, as remarked above. The artide. The tax on the produce should be reduced to German Parliament met on the 1oth inst., and we shall 3 thalers per centner at the utmost for unfermented to wat ch with interest, and keep our readers informed re.bacco, if the cultivation is to be retaineu carried on garding, its action in the premises: profitably loss of revenue to be made [F: I< L _, '7' b 1 _, R fi r < J good by the imposition of a duty of two 11o three thalers f'Om r.e onaon ""o acco raue evuw or .1.uaf'cr.. f h Th b fi 1 f h per centner o t e manufactured article ... A petition ere are ut ew artie es o consnnptlon t a t cut enlbcdy 1ng the ab t b t th t 1 f d h h )'fi f h G h b ove o e sen WI ou oss o tlme to eeper mto t e orne 1 e o t e t an to acco, the Chancellor the Bundesr th and th P r as almost all adults, and a large portion of the schoola committee of tti b \'t d te ;r lament, and boys and half-grown young men, are sm0kers; and it is, p eti tion 1 co ree e e 01 raw hup h r b d d t h h d n nsequooce o 1S reso utton t e draft t ere, ore, not_ to e won ere a t at t e propose .mof the new tobacco law as now definiti I '1 db crease of the 1mp0rt duty should make a deep sensation lin erl"a) Co II ve sett e Y the 11 h P m miSSioners as we as the1r report have and create a strenuous agitatiOn a over t e country. been finall c t d d d b Besides this, a large and valuable branch oftlte national Council wlo a an t ),' agriculture is in datJger of. being ruined, it being the in before Parlia:: t a an ear y orpor umty oh ayl:Jg It te.ntion of the Government to increase also, in a corresduty Ot.l the f. ef! profors 1 t e Import Eonding degree, the tax hitherto paid on home-grown thalers. per cevrt lgn rawd ar IC eh-eda a? stems-d t? 14 b 0 h th h d h h 1 d h n ner, an on ot er esr.npllons an c 1gars o acco. n t e o er an t e aut ont1es p ea t e in p[oportioo W'th d t th t h necessity of such a measure to cover the deficit that will roduce a .1 regar _ax on orne-grown arise to the revenue by the reoe aJ;ofthe insupportable tax no. 0 S amed, thrdeeWof the on salt, which was almost J'nammously dcomed by the berg) being;en mfg fi axony, an 8 urtemG p r 1 b h b n 1avor o xmg e amount at thalers erman ar lamnet as.t sessiOn-It emg t e usmt:ss per centner which was stren ousl d b B of the Min)@ter of Finance to find a substitute of equal! while Bava:ia a d B d u t d .Yr. .Y remen, magnitude to the defi ci t. Some time since a Special i thalers It no n ctn vbo e orhre hucipng to 6 C f h b d b 1 w remams o e seerr w at t e ar 1ament ommiSSlOn o t e1r own mem ers was appomte Y -as the special re t t' f bl' u the of. the to investigate the say to the new bi1l:resen a !Ve 0 pu ]C opm!On-wi question m a11 tis deta1ls, and bnng up a report. It must be confessed they have been very diligent, and collected an extraordinary mass of informatiqn b eat"ing on the subject, which is embodied in their report, but, CONCERNING :J,IOORICE AND JTS ADULTERATIONS. as might have been expected,it is of a very conflicting A in the licorice trade sends us an in character, and thus has not failed to cause a division of teresting pamphlet on this subiect, from which we make opinions the members of the Commission them' selves, which led to two being made. The first such extracts as our space will allow: takes the form of a resolution, and is to the following ef-As a considerable want of knowledge seems to prefect :-" I. An increase of the tobacco duty, by impos-v.ail concerning the article known in commerce as Lico ing a heavier land-tax is predjudicial to the interests of nee, perhaps _a few words conveying some information the home-growers. 2. The cultivation of tobacco ought up?n the subJect w11l be welcome to those who use it. not to be interfered with, and with that view, a fair and It iS generall}' known of course that the article is ex just proportion between duty and tax should be found. tracted from licori ce root, being the ; uice of the root If after its introductioll experience shows too large an incondensed. This root grows in Spain' a nd Italy and to crease or falling off in the one or the other, a 1:e-adjusta sm_al! exten! in other portions.of Southern Europe; ment should follow. 3 A fair and equitable taxation of and 1t IS also found abunlfantly m some of the river tobacco can only be reached by levying a duty on the valleys of Asia Minor, particularly in that of the Mean manufactories by making it obligatory to sell their proder. Spanish Licorice has been the Ionaest know a duce in packets, to which are affixed stamped labels and. for certain purpos e s is still t11e most (bande_roles), duty, as in 1 that is pro?.uced in the of Amenca and Rus sia : but takmg mto due consideratiOn Itahan L1conce 1s for the most part matle up the difference in and ?ther circumstances of the j mto .sm,all rolls or fo r Confectioners' and Apothcase. As a transiUon to thiS. new mode of levymg the 1 ecanes uses. The L1conce pro&uced in other parts revenue, a moderate financial duty on the weight of the of Southern Europt" fvrms but a trifilng business in crop, instead of on the land, is recommendable. 4 Such every respect. The of Asia .Mirt(J)r on the uther patent duties on the factories to be levied in propo. rtion hand,, though of only is the to the quantity of tobacco manufactured by them; and ?lost lm,Port ant of all m pomt of extent, and, the most 5 In taxing tobacco by weight, instead of on the ground on account of the skill and with Ol'l which it is grown, i t would be right to take as a basis wh1ch 1t has been _developed by its fo un :lers. While in Besuden Henrv & Bro., 16J 165 Pearl MallaJ Rich & Brother, us Weal i'I"OJlt, Meyer Hy .. 46 Front. Newburg b L. & Bros 51 Walaut. MJIu{Mtortrli{Fi< Cat CJI .... sg nJ Tob""'" if is also proposed to give the manufacturer a twelvemonths' credit for the payment of his tax. This shows that the legislators can profitably take a leaf from the book of'our experience. the quantity of dried leaves sold by the to the the has c:>ntinu e d to manufacturer after deducting :z.o per cent. for deca/11, o be earned on With pnm1t1ve and meagre appliances, in Waoulmalli'.,&ofr...,..i Pierce Walter { A ....


' I THE TOBACCO LEA Itt. MARCH 26 I the latter regton carefully des1gned machinery and bottom of the glass It may be mentiOned, m THE li!IARKET. head, that "the harvest has been an excellent one with steam power have been brought into play, and the pro-that this IS owmg to the fact that the specific gravity of 1 both hght and qualities in abundance." The constantly Improved, unttl the work is now car-hconce 1s greater than that of water, hence the melted same wnter observes further that the Vuelta Abajo ned on wtth a prec tston and umform1ty of result comhconce reqmres to be st1rred up again and thoroughly ;Nrr.w YoRK, Maf'ch 25 crop IS at least as fine and a great deal larger than that pared wtth whiCh the older the m "erest potmtermmgled wtth the water before the1r umon is efWestern Leaf-Our market, if any thing, increases in of last year, strong, fleshy quahties, mchding fillers, tering. The Ltconce of Asta Mmor IS almost exclufected, but after that is accomplished the liconce redulness, but the adverttsed wants of the French and aboundmg Yara he reports less favorably upon. stvely made m mass, and the greater part is shipped mams in suspensiOn, and forms wtth the water one Italian Regies irtsp1res the hope of an early acttvtty Manujacluyed-The Cavendtsh maJiket is about as from the port of Smyrna, for which reason 1t ts some hqmd Before stlrnng up, however, 1t ts instructive to France wants her usual quentlty, about 9,ooo hhds. previously reported, no new feature having presented times called Smyrna Ltconce." It is what the towatch the dissolvmg process. If the hconce 1s per-Italy invites bids for 2o,ooo hhds, or 6,ooo more than ttself, or been presented during the week There has bacco manufacturers ofthts country most largely use. fectly pure, the melling will proceed very last in a clear usual. The former contract wdl be comparatively easy been a moderate call for the usual assortments for conD:JMESTIC RECEPTS. The arnvals at the port of New York from dom c mtenor and coastw1se ports for the week end1ng March 2s, were 2635 hhds, 94 trcs, Io qtr 2, I02 cases, r half case, 49 bnes, 343 three q tr boxe3, 36 3 half boxes, ISS qtr. boxes, rs6 third boxes, 65 kegs, 4 caddies, 130 cases cigars, 35 bales scraps, 1 case ptp es, z do ppe stems, consigned as follows Although the manufacture, until recently, has been and steady stream. If 1t 1s crude the stream wtll be less to fill, and we look for a sharp competition among btdsumptlon, but we have head of nothing of importance pnnclpOllly earned on m those countries where the roots full and more flaky, and pieces of the hconce will break ders but the crop cootams a small proportiOn of genm connection wtth the shipping interest. grow, 1 t must not be 1magined that native cap ital or naoff and fall to the bottom. uine Itahan tobacco, and much of that IS n the hands Smokmg-=The opening of navigation should soon be tive enterpnse-bas had much, if any thing to do wtth If gluey matter has been used wtth other substances of stemmers, so we doubt 1f the full quantity is btd for, gm to exert a wholesome influence upon this and other matter. The existence of Ltconce Root m Asta to adul erate tt, a cunous result will be observed tl\e if it be, the price wtll fprobably be so h.tgh that the branches of t rade, although as yet, no tmprovement '-Mim>r, cam'e acc1 dentally to the 1tnowledge of a Loudon hcorice wtll struggle off from the mass m a painfUlly slow bids will not beaccepted. However, we shall soon traceable to this source ts perceptible here or elsewhere merchanule firm about twenty five years ago. fh1s manner, whtle the foretgn matter wtll remam sttckmg know, as the Itahan contract w1ll be dectded on the 4th Favonte brands are 1n steady, though not actiVe re firm had been engaged in the Spanish Licoto the side of the glass until the L t corice has nearly proxo.-the French a month hence. The sales of the quest, and there is a moderate demand for mixed as trade, and 1t 1mmedtately toolr. steps to utlhze the all melted out of tt, when 1t wtll generally fall to the past week are 298 hhds, of which shippers took 94 ; and vane ties for both ctty i!nd country trade, dtscovery by estabhshmg the manufacture in this new bottom m a lump In such instances the" lump" wtll manufacturers rs2, mostly old remnants at a declme; and th1s is about all dealers have to submtt in answer to region. The dtfficulues that had to be surmounted and usually be found to have been the "better half'' of cutters 2 I, and JObbers 3 r Recetpts are large, and mqumes regardm& the state of the market. the dangers nsked m connection with th1s enterpnse the compound m pomt of we1ght and stze. If fanna-generally of very nondescnpt cl:mracter The crop Ctgars-Manufacturers and dealers agree in the statewere many and great, and form a wonderful contrast to ceo us matters have been used wtthout glue enough t o promtses to be a very useless one ment that busmess IS not bnsk, though, as a rule, bath the comparative faclhtles for any that now bmd them, the partlcles-wtll be plamly seen floatmg ut week ad week 'd week. 4th week sth week are fa.-ly sharing whatever there is in the wav of trade in ex1st m that same reg10n The jealous exclusiveness of down the stream of melted hcorice Th1s Will be Jaauary----439 96I I,26r 739 a umversally droopmg busmess penod, and as much a half-clvthzed government, the relig10us hatred of a found rather amusmg, provtded you have not bought February -38 29 582 S48 may also be satd for the importers, whose opportunity is Mahometan people to Chnstlan foretgners, the anarmuch of the stuft But every thmg can not be dtscovMarch----.68o 383 2 98 I,36I poss1bly 1m proved a tnfl.e by the d1mmtshed prduct10n 1 chtal eondttlon of the mtenor of the country whtch was ered in this way, so, after the ptece of llconce has all I Vtf'gtma Leaf-The past has been any thmg but an resultmg from the unsettled cond1t10n of the Havana then overrun by bngands, who defied the authonlles, meltf.d or gone to the bottom, the hquor should be acttve week for bus mess. Indeed lt IS seldom that a workmen to whtch, our correspondent before quoted, and robbed and murdered travellers as a matter thoroughly st1rred up, and then left to settle some hours week passes m whtch so small an aggtl!gate of transacalso refers of every day busmess-these were some of the The hconce Will now remain m suspenswn m the tions IS exht blted; a!'ld thts observatiOn IS as applicable Goltl opened at ust-8 and closed at troubles amtd whtch the work was begun, and water, while any msoluble matter will find tts wav to the to other commercial mterests as It IS to the particular E x,ha!lge IS nommat:y steady We quote. Btlls at for a long time contmued. The total absence of bottom again. After a proper t1me h as elapsed, say one wh i ch thts column IS destgned to represent 1 he 6o days on London, 107 U @ro7 for commercial; d d th d f h t f, d two hours (though frequently much more t1me IS rt-whch "all nature hope s," has come, and Io7'-{@Io8U: for banker's; do at short sght, 10g...: roll s an e rugge ness 0 t e moun am passes orme wtth 1t bnghtened sktes and warmer a1rs, but still tra(le '4 70 -r an tmmense phys1cal difficulty at the very outset of the qmred, th1s dependmg on the nature of the 1mpunt1es Pans at 6o days, ; do. at short dertaktng. Pteoes of machmery occupted days m be-or foregn matter), the hquor should be slowly and gentlanguishes Why thts IS so, no one an accurately prostght, 5 Antwerp, 5 3IU 27 Swtss, ing dragged a few the operation being effected ly poured off, so as not to dtsturb the deposit at the nounce, yet all perceiVe and adrmt the fact. From SI }.( @S 27 Halnburg, 4 Retchsmark, by the atd of blocks and tackle, anchors, and buffaloes bottom of the glass In the case of pure hconce thts every dtrectlon the same report of sluggish bustness Amsterdam, Frankfort, Bre They were moved by day and watched by mght, every deposit Will be hardly appreciable, whtle in the case of movements lS announced, and many and vanous are men, 4 Retchsmark, ; Pruss1an thalers, one engaged bemg armed. The Ia ger stones required crude or adulterated hconce 1t wtll be often found the explanatiOns offered in the vam effort to reach a 71 '!4. for the building and for planting 1he machmery, were enormous logcal statement of the causes that have produced, or Ff'etghls have been m somewhat better demand. procured from the rums of the anctent cities of Ephe-Most kmds of foretgn matter m 1mpure hconce can are 'producing, this abnormal conl:libon of trade. sus and Magnesia, whtch lay within convenient reach, be discovered in thts way; but-there ts a mucilaginous Of Vugima tobacco sales are announced both for :P.&.BTJOVI.Al\ RO'I'ICB. and thus helped m a rather str<>nge manner to supply substance uenved from certam sorts of L 1conce Root export and consumption, but only in hm1ted quant1t1es Growen of aeed leaf tobacco are cautiOned' agaonst acceptong the the wants of the Amencan tobacco trade. The mland that can not be so easily detected, owning to tts semifor ettber purpose. There IS a demand-a moderate sales and 'II&Otatoona of aeed leaf u furniShong the pnca that r fi h d f 1 b h ahould be obtained for at fint hand, as these nfer an most anstancu town where the first factory was estabhshed, Sttuated soluable nature. It requtres careful handlmg to keep 1t ne, nc goo 0 co 0l ut tllese are not 10 to old crops whtch b ... been held nearly a year, and the prolit oa at the foot of precipitous ll'Ountains, that help to wall out of the juice 10 the process of manufacture, and some u suplj' y, nor, It wou seem rom a accounts to whoch must naturally nclude the mtereat on capotal Growe11 in the plain down which slowly wmds the nver makers take no trouble to keep 1 t out at all, partly date, are they likely to be. For lugs the inqutry lS less cannot ezpcct even in the cue of new cropo, to sell them for the aamo Meander, was..part 1 cuJ.arly exposed to the mcurslOn& of through design and partly through 1 gnorance of ItS true active than 1t m1ght well be m VIeW of the reasonable prices u are obt:uned on a -I.e here Of course every re-sale mwt be bb b f I f ch racte 1'h 1 h t th t"& rates at wbtcb they are offiered at an advance, aod therefo r e tne pnc e obtat.nable by the crowe11 w111 mountam ro ers, VI o requent y kept 1t in a state o a r IS muc1 age 1s muc swee er an ,.., S d L ifTh 1 f d I f d d h always be Jomewhat lower than. our qaotattons virtual siege for days and weeks together, dunng wh1ch Ltconce Itself, and IS a most permctous substance, pro ee ea -e sa es 0 see ea as recor e ave peno.ds communication-With coast could be mammotive of It g 1 ves the llconce been less dunng the past than dunng the precedmg QUOTATIONS OF WHE>LE5ALE PRICE&. tained, and money and other supplies recetved, only at a cheesey consistency and a sweeter taste, and deprives week,'the total amount10g only to 6Io cases, with prices lnp Bli'@te 1 the pen! of hfe. Yet the work was never mtermttted a it of the tenaotty-proper to the pure a rude. and d1stnbut1on as follows 200 cases I871 ConnecllCommon !eat 100" Oommr n ...... 41 ts single day, though, 10 addttiOO to all .other troubles, the The liconce will often 10dlcate its quahty cut wrappers at 45C<4ssc; roo cases do do seconds at 0 : : two Englishmen who had charge of-the enterprise were 1'he bemg peculrar, no o1her sweet matter ean be :z7c; So cases doN ew York State at I8c ; 170 cases do Floe Llsbt PreNecl 11np. .. u tito& d F. 1 t t d f, 6 Belectiouo .. If @ll -Fiae .. 43 @61 each more than once brought to the last stages of suf. 11 vantageously used in combtnation wtth It, hence, in ennsy vama on pnva e erms, an or export, o cases Llgbtcnt&>ng lug ..... 10 @ll Mecllnm...... @'1 fermg and deb1 hty by fever and ague, dysentery, and the process of adulteration, sub!tances must be em 11l7z crop Wtsconsm at Astde from these details ,./:,.tot,. .. ,.._ ];;.:f: .. :.:.:: C aCCidentS; while bands of brigands frequently laid ployed that have very little taste of their OWn, but 1 the there lS neither change nor ttem Of Interest tO note, Common tG gvod luga '"IU Half l'I>IHidl""" plans for theiR capture, with a view to obtammg ransom consequence ts,tbat the flavor oftbe hconce 1s weakened tfirade is steffiady, aud th;>ugh IS but a negative ... :.:.: .. :. i.!... for thetr release. The thing succeeded 10 sptle of every down to ms1ptd1ty, thus betraying Its true character qual1 catiOn, a a1rs are so ,a;r satls,actory Good ............. Jl'...q,!ro-.-LoD8to1 Iii obstacle. In a few years another factory was built m Once a person knows, however, what constitutes pure I The future of our export IS not .wholly free .. :: .. the same place, a.1d later still another. One was also hconce, be can speedtly learn to judge of the art1cle from and the questton of pnces enters lnJa 7 @ 7 K C established aboure1ghtrm 1 tesfurther up the Meander alllli)St at s1ght. me mto all calculations and prognosttcattoqs on 1'1n do ... e @ &li' lh1glot oo1a Baro, e moh 1s = plain In the course of time they were nearly all cGnSumer that 11cQrlce Shoold be he subject One swallow does not make a summer," loaf ;::h & Jarged, and 10 rece-nt years one more oos been bmlt because in making!_; hlSJ purchases Ire sflmtld- t\bt I* f IS satd; nettller does a smgle sale of tobacco at a low Wrappen, dt.rt Nczeyl'b-.1Fiae ..... ts @{8 Some natives of the hkew 1se began to try their cheated, but chteflr because {be impure article is an ate de:rmtfde th; range :t the Western crops B=n :::.:: .. hands at the thmg, commencmg operations by steahng unsafe thmg to have any tfnng to do wtth Pure liconce, re to e so et, as t e eat ery avant couf'zer is to go.;d;,;,;;,: 7K@ a Fine u a few tdeas from the employes of the Enghshfactones tfstored' m a dr.y place will keep for many years and llUally taken as an augnry of the approach of the seaBrowu&udGreewolt 8 9 These parlles succeeded m turning out small quantitieS remam as good as 1t when first puf mto the' box. on of flo"!ers, so, _mayhap, w1ll the pnce reahzed on : uooo ..... 1 s s @to of crude hconce, and stl!l contmue domg so. Impure licol'lce, on the other hand, detel'iorates from l tbet_lot off Whts;ontsmbnoted abovde'" be htaken as andmdbl to U = the day 1 t 1s maiie, thP. keepmg properties bemg de-ca ton o w a, ts o e expecte Or s tppmg goo s y 5X@ e" Pt>cka Pie<:., 4t @45 After dwelhng upon the successful efrorts of the stroyed by tts im l'Ufifies, tWse 15eing In fact seeas of those who watch the of the market and ate acgx 45 Engh sh pioneers 10 th e Smyrna hcorice trade above refermentation and decay. Ltconce of whatever charcustomed to read the future 10 the light of current @jO Fine 41 H ferred to, :to estabhsh a factory m thts country 10 conseacter, should be stored m dry and never allowed events :!t2: Good 3'1 to quence of the repeal by our Government, of the Import to touch wate r except when about to be used, for mots speakmf pnces, of the par: duty on i iconce root, the wnter goes 00 to say ture loS an active stimulant of fermentatiOn hIS mamly agrap m our as tssue re ernng to t e recent actiOn Oonmclicwtaftd Af"""c:A"'""' for th1s reason that the hconce of commerce 1 s con-of the Hadam, Ct., growers, and the1r 1m1tators at &tau"'' -1870 c rop Bee .., vana, Wrappers H @16 -per M ... .. .. ..
  • OY 85@-uo matter shouid be cleared up Mass hconce may be about on floors etc for 1 t would be better to sweep It for that matter, m the 'Vest, too, were packed and Alisorted lots IS l5 R ppee, French 1 00 d d c r F Usn IS 11 S cotc h !zl lo udyfool 83@-90 divtded mto three kinds, namely, pure, cYUde, and adul-up and throw It away than do thts, a very small amount ,cure rea Y or consumption. be.ore sale, It would be a Oh sud LeOifCommon ---85 te,.ated Pure licorice is the JUICe of the root clanfied of f ermented hquor sufficmg to spot! a great deal of great deal better for everybody connected with t he traf. 18 @l Gentleman -J.::? and co nverted mto t he form of paste by cendensat10n good ; ai.d agam, 1t should be dtssolved 10 pure wattf' fie m this staple The notion entertamed by our ConAssorted Lolo u @16 M a. M 2!1 Crude licorice is the jutce of the root 110t clarified, but and only thm mmgled wllh such other mgredents as nectlcut fnends that by packmg and holdmg they can Seed L<'lf-10 @IO)t converted mto paste wtlb the tmpunttes from the root manufacturers destre to put mto their tobacco bnng buyers to the1r own terms, be those terms th1rty 1871 crop mtxed up with 1t Adulterated hconce IS the ju1ce 9i These few remarks are offered in the hope that they cents, stxty cents, or any other desired mte per pound, "G c" 29K the root thickened up wtth foretgn matter purposely may be of interest to those w!io use mass llconce, and IS as we have prevlous!y shown, fallacwus m the extreme. ... Sud LMJ'.11 llY. :; &oA put into 1t Pure h conce IS the only kmd whtch 1t 1s m net t10n and raptd decay. Thts 1s part:ally understood wtthout three or four flat-bottomed tumblers or glasses holders and bu)ers can see wbat they are actually worth, do Clood do S5@ 1 o Ymurla" ,. 26 I h t. h h do Pone flo l 05 @ I 10 Z A 230 ll>a :-113 by consumers, who )reneraly Wl5h to have the pure and every hconce should be tested before bemg sent orw etuert eyarewort anythmg,theywouldevmce Yarar&IIOut.sstd o t @100 "blF 23 arbole, and only buy other kinds undet the impre .. stoo mto the factory f o r use V!tsdom, there can be no que StiOn whate ver Thts 1s perpouad .. that they are pure. Yet pure hconce has ce1 tam prectsely what they ought to do and, per co11lra, JUS t Extra tine 60 70 o s 29 charactenstics wh1ch enable It to be eastly dtstmgutshed what buyers ought to do 1s to stay away from the to Foae 50 from what IS cru de or adulterated. When properly MINOR EDITORIALS. bacco d1stncts unttl it has been done. The departure IMPORTS condensed, it. combmes a considerable degree of A from thts s 1 mple course by the grower and buyer, 1swhat The arnvals at the port of New York from fore1gn h I MERICAN TOBACCO )viANUFACTURERS AT VIENNA {i k c hardness w1t great duct! tty, and can, tf but slightly H has led to most of the features m the ports or the wee endmg March 2S, mcluded the softened, be drawn out mto fine threads of a smooth ow many wtll be there? The enterpnsmg film of W trade at th1s ttme There IS l!t'le likelihood of the IDwmg constgnments and clear tex:ture. If 1t 1s motshened and rubbed on to S. Ktmball & Co., of Rochester, N Y., IS the first gro wers' carrfmg out the scheme wh1ch they profess to ANTWERP-Order, I,733 cases ,ptpes a sheet of wh1te paper, the stam on the paper wtll dry heard from, as accordmg to the they have have in v1ew; but tf they would do so, they would 101t1 BREMEN-J. Goebel & Co, :a, 100 cases ptpes, J H h b I II already sent on the1r favonte brands to the Fatr. B with a gloss, w 1c g oss IL w1 retain permanently 1! Next 1 ate a movement that could not fa1l to be productiVe of ergmann, r r56 do I kept clear of dust. It should also feel perfectly smooth good results m the end; as it would bring about a return LONDON-Weaver & Sterry, 6oo bags conander seed, to the tongue when the latter is passed over as surface, to the practice of other days, when the dealer, say m 40 seroons orns root the smoothness bemg similar to that of a clanfied gum THE ERIE DocK FIRE.-Over one hundred hogslleads August or September, could go le1surely up to the ValMANILLA-Banng Brothers & Co, 38 cases ctgars; drop Crude hconce IS very defictent in the above pro-of tobacco were burned at the Erie fretght-house fire ley, pay a fatr pnce for stock that pleased hun, bring KtQder, Peabody & Co, IO do perttes, and most of the substances used 10 adulteratmg m Jersey Ctty on Fnday last. They were JUSt about h1s goods to market, and place them before the JObber SMYRNA-J Schmtzer, 277 cases hconce L1conce destroy them altogether Pure hconce bas a bemg dts cbarged and were chtefl.y bulk shlppmg leai and manufacturer at a remunerative, thoubal1 moderate R!o JANIERO-E F Davidson, I box cigars; D Ap-fi h I The loss, wh1ch was total, was dtstnbuted as d 1 1 & C d very ne gram, t e atoms umtmg so c osely that the a vance upon hts out ay Compare thts o l d safe mode P eton o, I o texture has a perfectly smooth appearance, hence 1m-A. C L & 0 Meyer 3 6 M Abenhelm, 2 3 i Pollard, of domg busmess w1th the 1mpat1ent and nsky scramble 1 RoTTERDAM-F Smtth 8 boxes ptpes, A Hen.& Co d d I kl l'ettus & Co., I7, Oelnchs & Co (North German f 1 d d H B B h d c u b 1 purtttes an a u teratmg matters very qu1c y tell upon o ater years, an 1t will be plamly seen what 295 o, atJer rot er, 500 o; pmann, 2 a es thts appearance by preventmg the natural umon of 1ts Lloyd), II i Sawyer, 'Vallac!) & Co Io, Blakemore, ts to be gamed by leavmg the packmg to those TRIESTE.Weaver & Sterry, s casks gum, Io do orns atoms; mdeed 1t can bejnade to assume qu1te a spongy Mayo & Co' 6 m all, 10 3 hogsheads. who can best afford to nsk the result. The first roo t aspect, though th1s degree of deform t ty 1s usually named method 1s entirely safe becau& e rio thHAVANA-F Garcta, 406 bales; E Pascual av01ded More frequently the tmpure hconce IS of the DEATH OF AN OLD MERCHANT -We regret to no-mg IS left to chance, seller: and buyer meet on Bro1her & Co, 2S3 do, A Gonzales, 240 do, consistency of cheese, cuttmg ea1aly and smoothly, but tlce the death of Mr Geo. ';y Elder, Vtce Pres1dent equal terms and know what to take 8nd g1ve The F Mtraqda, 231 do, J. Ru1z 62 d o; J Diaz, when pulled out breaking o ff short w1th a rough !rae for many years of the Old Domtmon Steamshtp Co are-before them tn a perfected state, hke a ptece 74 do, Palmer & Scoville, I27 do, G. G. Nutter, 75 do, ture Inferior L1corice will somet1mes draw out mod-He was, dunng the greater part of hts busmess career of stlk, broadcloth, or other fimshed product The L F AuJa, 8 o do, Schroeder & Bon, 6r do, J o s A. erately well, but wtth a texture full of small "knots" hea:l of the firm of Geo W. Elder & Co, grocers, and second ts entirely unsafe because e ve ry tbmg 1s left to Vega & Brother, 91 do; M & E Saloman, I or do; F or "motes." These m o tes are not always part1cles of had only retired from pursUits a short time pre c hance, and chance bargams afford no guaranty; no Alex a ndre Sons, 255 do, Havemeyer & Vtgehus, 6 drrt, as mtght be supposed, but are oftener a matforma v1ous to decease H1s father had conducted the basts for calculatiOn Hence, extended margms all do, G B Lichtenberg, 2! do Carl Upmann, 25 do, I tion of the texture of the paste ttself, caused by mctplsame business before htm, and both father and son round to guard agamst loss The proverbtal cat m the cas e ctgars, S. Lmmgto n & Sons, 270 do, r6 do; F ent ferm e ntation, wh1ch ts occaslOiled by the tmpunt1 es. were w1dely and favorably known m the bag, pig in the poke, or what not, 1s as dayhgh t t o dark de Bary & Co, 5 cases c1gars; Robt E Kelly & Co., But 1f the licorice has b eeQ adulterated w1th a certam commumty ness compared wtth the act of buying t o b a cco on the I6 do, G W Faber, II do, J C Hoffmeye r 20 do, kmd of mmeral matter these motes may actually parfield, m the shed, or anywhere, before It IS cured. For Purdy & Ntcho las, 5 do, Chas T Bauer & Co I IS tides of th1s matter The latter bemg, however, a THE RHGIE CoNTRACTS -As tlus IS the season for the cat ts a cat anyway, and th e p1g can be seen if you do. A. S R osenbaum & C o., 4 do, F Garc1a, 8 do, heavy substance, 1ts presence can be easily detected by g 1Ymg out the 1 Reg1e contracts for the probable have eyes and vall look at hun. But the tobacco bQ.ught Howard Ive s, 2 r do, L Perea, r do; W H Wilson, 3 dis s olvmg a small portiOn of the licorice m water, requtrements of the several gcvernments becorr.e subm August or January may be a compost-or if not, do, W H Thomas & Brother, IS do, Renauld Fran thoroughly mtxmg the two together by stlrnng, then Jects for mterestmg speculation It IS now satd that ought to be-before the September followmg co1s & Co, 5 do, order, I 5 bal es, 150 cases cigars leavmg the J1quor 'to settle for some time when Spam Will call for 2o,ooo hhds-8ooo hhds more than So long as one dealer can be found to take hts EXPORTS. sufficiently settled, 1t should be poured gently off, year, whtle France w1ll only need half as manychances m thts way, another, and still another, until all From the port of New York to foreign ports for the and the above Inatter wtll be found lymg at the Io,ooo hhds In another column we adverhse the are embraced, will fed Impelled to "go it blind;" wh1le week endmg March 25, wtre as follows: bottom of the S'la s s Indeed, a great deal may be demand of Italy for proposals for I4,ooo,ooo Ktl os each one added to t\le hst of blmd ones outward ANTWHRP-IS 1 hhds found out about the quality of hconce by the JUdiCious of Kentucky tobacco. The fillmg of the several conbound, adds to the already extsting mflat10n of pnces, AsPINWALJ -I so bales, 6 700 lbs mfd us.e of a tumbler and a httle pure cold water This tracts must, m time, giVe a needed filhp toO the presuntil there is no profit left for .any one. BARBADOES7 hhds, 24, 5 6 7 lbs mfd arises from the circumstance that pure liconce is a ent laggmg tra11 actions. The way to restore the better days of the leafmterest BRAZIL-I case ctgalS. thoroughly soluble substance, whereas ItS lmpunues, -Kentu I meets an active mar et, and shtppers have reahzed a fa1r margm Tobacco is coming in more freely to our market than m former years, and we anticipate a large mcrease over last years sale, or m fact any former year. We quote ssles to day. Sound planters lugs, , 7 75; shtppmg leaf dairk, 9@u; bnght leaf, ro@q., R1c Bala leaf, 9@r2; bnght "Flue Curved" wrappers 20@3S

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    IIARCH !!G rilE TOBACCO Marek 22 .......:'Mr F A. Prague, @4 85, I at z 20 3 hhds Indtana leaf at S 6o, S. 7 40 ro do 4s, 46, 4 do Frazer's golden block, 59, 5 do Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports as follows -The mar-6 hhds do lugs at 6 ro @6 90 5 hhds do trash 4 at 6@ peach, navy 4s, 48, r s do Grea11er's bnght do, 47 4 ket durng the past week has ruled steady, w1th pnces 7 10, I at 5.15 I box do at 8 40 cases Yarborough s bnght navy, half pounds, so, s do generally acceptable to sh1ppers Rece1pts contmue The Planters' House sold IS? hhds -142 hhds Ken dark pocket p1eces, 45, 6 do R br1ght navy 5s, so, 8 do hght. Both old and new Oh10 seed 1s m better request tucky leaf and lugs 3 at $u. r r so, 11, 14at Io@Io 75, 4S, 4S, 22 do peach, navy 6s sr, s cruses double tb1ck at pnces a shade h1gher The offenngs for the past r6 at 9@9 90! 3I at 8@S 90, 26 at 7@7 90 49 at 6@6 90, navy 4s, 45 5 do ss, 25 do four-ace natural leaf, week were 41? hhds and 224 boxes as follows 2 at 5 15. 2 hhds do tHsh at 5 30, 5 2 hhds Indtana Sl, 20 do empress do, 57; ro do 12 mch hght pressed, At the Bodman Warehouse, 132 hhcls and I42 boxes: leaf at 9, 8 6o 6 hhds do lugs at 6@6 70 2 hhds do 56, 20 do sunshme bnght navy 4s, 47, 7 do L1zz1e Bell, I? hhds old Mason County, Kentucky, trash, lugs and trash at 5@6 30 I hhd do stems at 3 navy 4s, 46, 8 cases yellow peach, 57, 23 boxes spotted leaf; 6 at S9@9.8o; 9 at IO@I4 75, 2 at r6, I6 25 2 The Nmth Stret:t House sold I27 hhds -54 hhds pnor tw1st, as 1s, 32c per lb 1 he exports were 4 bales hhds new Mason County, at 8-70, S 9S I4 hhds old Kentucky leaf I at $14, 6 at 7 90@11, 6 at ro@ro 2s to Mextco There are now on their way to th1s port Brown County, Ohio, trash, lugs and leaf 2 at 9 30, 5 at 8 6o@ro, Sat 9@9 90, I3 at 8@8 so, I4 at 7 so@ from domestic Atlantic por!s, 93 hhds and 1,413 cases g.6o; 8 at 10 7S@I4 75; 4 at 15@ 6 hhds new 8 70, 4 at 7 40@7 90 70 hhds do lugs Io at 6 1So@8, ST LOUIS, ..ilfarck I9 -Mr J E Haynes, Tobacco Brown County, trash, lugs and leaf 2 at 7 os, 9 90, 3 S at 7@7 so, I 5 at 6 Io@7, 30 at 6@6 So 7 at S 30@6 ro Broker, reports as follows -Recetved 3S2 hhds agamst at IO@IIj al at 17 55 hhds new Owen County I hhd Indta a leaf at 8 70 2 nhds do at 6, 5 30 323 the previOUS week The market opened qmet and Kentucky, trash lugs and leaf: 41 at 5 so@? 95, The Exchange House sold I I7 hhds -113 hhds Ken easy on lugs and shtppmg leaf, and on Fnday pnces for to at 8 30@9; 3 at ro so@ I? 75; 1 at tucky leaf and )ugs I at $14 76, I at 12 24, 3S at u@ these,Pechned, contmumg dull, droopmg and unsettled IS 75 13 hhds new Boone Co., Ky. at 5@6 so 24 II 75, 2 at 10 75, 10 so, 4 at 9@9 40, r8 at S@S 90, 19 unttl yesterday, when the feelmg was a l 1 ttle steau1er hhds and 7 boxes new \Vest Vtrgmta 5 15@7 30, at 7@7 go, 29 at 6@6 90, I at 5 95 4 hhr:ls Tennessee Manufacturing grades were unchanged Sales from 7 at S.z5@9.8o, 2 at 10 so, 12, r at 17 25 6 boxes at leaf at Io, 8 70 8, 7 6o Thursday to yesterday mclustve I2I hhds 2 at $4 40@ S@7 90, 1 box at IS 75 1 hhd and 6 boxes Southern .Kentucky Tobacco Assoctatwn sold 53 hhds -49 4 So, r8 at 5@5 90, 29 at 6@6 90, 25 at 7@7 90, I4 at S Indiana I at 5 6 at 4 so@6. I2g CSes new and hhds Kentucky leaf and tog s I a t 114 zs, 2 at IO 25, 2 @8 90, 6 at 9@9 6o, 4 at IO, I -at I I 3 at 12 so@ Ohto seed fillers and wrappers 33 old, ro at 6 3S@ 9@9 70, 7 at S@8 90, 12 at 7@7 70, 24 at 6@6 75 z 12 7S, 2 at so@I3 75, 3 at 14@14 so, 3 at IS @ I5 75, 7 70, 9 at S@9 70, Sat ro 25@14, 6 at r6 50@20 96 hhds do trash at 5 40, 4 9n ..2 hhds lnd1ana leaf at 2 at r6@I6 25, 3 at 17 25, I at rS, r at 19 J r at 20 75, r new 70 at 4@5S, IS at 6@7 JO 6 at s I0@9 zs, 4 7 So, 7 4 -at 21 zs, I at 24, I at 32, and 3S boxes at 3 so@I3 so at Io@Iz 30, I at IS 75 NASHVILLE, TENN Match IS -Messrs J M Carsey In the same t1me 11 ,hhds were rassed, and b1ds were At the Morns} Warehouse, 132 hhds and 30 Son & Co, 1obacco Comm1Ss1on Merchants report We 0>1 77 hhds at 5 20@26, and 5 boxes at 3 6o@ bollies. ro hhds old Mason Co. Ky, trash, lugs, and report our tobaeco market as follows Vve have to 4 6o To-day, market was more act1ve and pnces were leaf z at 9 6o, 9 70, S at IO 25@12 7 s, 3 at 17@21 so, quote a small decline m lu gs and low leaf th1s week, but full Sales 3S hhds 2 at 4 30, 2 at s 10@5 20, '13 I3 hhds new Mason Co, trash, lugs, and 'leaf I I at pnces of medmm to good leaf was fL1lly sus t amed fhe at 6@6 So, I 1 at 7 @ 7 go, 6 at c8 25@S So, 3 at 9 20@9 so, 5 SS@7 so, I at 8 35, I at 17 25 I6 hhds old Owen Co unfavorable weather for priZing durmg the last 8 or ro I at rS S boxt!S at 4 2o@S 6o We quote mfenor and Ky, trash, lugs and leaf 4 at S 95@9 75, I rat IO@I4 25, days curtaJled reoe1pts to some extent and the offermgs hght we1ght lugs S@5 so, factory do 5 9o@6 ro, planters' I at 23 25. 33 hhds new Owen Co, trash, lugs, and were of poorer quahty than usual owmngto the fact that do 6@7, common le af, 6 50@7, medmm sluppmg leaf, leaf 24 at 5 go@J 75, I at 8 ro 26 hhds new Boone there seems to be adbpos1t10n upon the part of planters 7 25@ 7 7S. good dd, 8@S 75, medmm manufacturing Co, Ky, tmsh and lugs 25 at 9 50 @7 7S1 I old at g to hold back the better grades, yet we thmk the crop leaf, S@9 so, good do, 10@12, medmm bnght wrappmg 6 hhds and 2 boxes new West V1rgm1a 2 at 6 65@6 70, poorer than anl!c1pat e d 1 he sales altogether amounted Leaf, 12@ 15, good do, I S@26, fine do, 30@40 Manu I at S 15, 3 at IO@Io 75 2 boxes a t 9 35, 10 to 15S hhds factured IS Without change At the Kenton Warehouse, 93 hhds and S boxes I at the Capttol Warehouse durmg the week of FOREIGN hhd old Mason Co, Ky, at f,12 9 hhds new Brown roi hogsheads tobacco as follows 27 bhds medmrn leaf C Oh h d I 6@ s AMSTERDAM, Marelz S.-Messrs Schaap & Van o, w, tras an ugs 7 at 7 g rat 90, r ai $Io, 10, Io, 9 So, 9 So, 9 75,.9 7S. 9 70, 9 so, 9 so, 9 3o, v 1 b B k r hhd 0 C K 1 d l een, o acco ro ers, report as .allows Smce our IO 2s 41 s new wen o, y, tras 1 an ugs 7 9 30, 9 25, 9 25, 9 2o, 9 20, 9 r o, g, 9, 9, 8 So, S So, 1 f h d 1 h 6 8 S S 6 hhd ast report o t e 22 u t, we ave to mentwu the sales at 5 4o@s 95, 31 at @7 o; 3 at 10 @ go 2 s S So, S So, 8 S:>, S So, S So. 3I hhds common and low P dl C K h 6 @ of no hbds Mar) land, SSo bales Java and 221 bales new en eton o., y., tras 3 at S o 5 90, 23 at leaf, $8 75, S 6o, 8 so, S so, S so, 8 so, S 30, S 30, S 30, S b Th 1 6 hhd B c K 1 d 1 umatra to acco e at nva s were hmtled to 2,ooo @7 95 14 s new oone o, y, tras 1 an ugs 8 30, S 20, 8 25, S 25, S 20, S 20, 8 ro, 8, 8, 8, S, S, b 1 J d 6 hhd M 1 d O h 6 @ 8 g @S hhd w v a s ava an I o s aryan n t e r4th mst ,II at 15 7 5, 3 at ro 40 2 s est 1rgm1a 8, 7 So, 7 So 7 75, 7 70. 7 70 7 6o, 7 so, 7 so I3 tl b b h h k d ff b 6 8 @ S g b Oh d @ 1ere w.. e roug t on t e mar et an o ereu y sub-at o 75 axes 10 see at S S 55 hhds lugs, $7 35, 7 33, 7 30, 7 25, 7 ro, 7 I o, 7, 7, 7, 7, s b 1 f J d 6 b 1 S A h PI w h 6 hhd d b scnp!lon 4,2 1 a es o ava an 3 a es umatra t t e anters are ou s e, 4 s an 22 oxes 7' 7, 7 7' 7' 7' 6 9S, 6 9 6 So, 6 So, 9 So, 6 7 5, 6 7 For the finer kmds of tobacco, su1table lior ctgar 21 old Mason Co, Ky-, trash, lugs and 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 :? o, o, o, 0 'Jso, so, so, J0 so, facture, the c ornpeutwn remams still very strong, but leaf II at 8 6o@g.6o, 4 at ro 25@ I3 so 6 6 so, 6 so 6 so, 6 40, 6 40, 6 .4 0, 6 40, 6 30, 6 30, 6 30, 1 d 1 at I6 zs@22 7 hhds new Mason Co, Ky 5 6 ro. common qua lUes are ec mmg m pnce at5 90@7 ss, 2 at 9 @9 55 2 hhds new Owen Co Messrs Wheeless, Nevms & Co, at Cumberland ANTWF.RP, Matck S -Mr Vctor Forge, Importer 6 6 hhd W v. h d I of Leaf Tobacco, reports Our market IS extrem"ly at I s new est ugmta tras an ugs 14 Warehouse, sold 44 hhds on Wednesday as follows IO at 5 3S@7 Ss I at 9 zo, I at Io. 21 cases common OhiO 25, IO zs, 9 90, 9 40, 9 40, 9 20, 9 2o, 9 Io, 9 ro, 9o, qmet, and only small sales out of JObbers hands took fill 6 place Our stock ts very hm1ted for the present, but seea ers 9 at 5 45, 1 3 at 1 9 10 9, 9, 9, S go, 8 go, S 75, 8 7o, S so, S so, 8 so, some lots even of new tobacco, are expected soon, and At the Phister Warehouse, 24 hhds and boxes 3 8 so S 40, S 30, S 25, S.zo, 8, S, 7 So, 7 So, 7 7a, 7 40, may bnng some hfe to busmess The stock on the rst hhds Brown Cmmty, Ohw, trash and lugs f.S, S.25, 7 40, 7 3o, 7 25, 7 oo, 6 So, 6 75, 6 75, 6 6o, 6 6o, 6 40, i I at 14.50. 21 hhds and 2 boxes new West V1rg1ma 6.10 On Fnday I3 hhds as follows s9 so, 9 so, 9 so, mst' constste of 84 hhds Kentucky, 17S do VIrgtma, I d I f 6 6 8 9S do Maryland-Quota tlons are almost nomtnal. Re trash, ugs an ea at 10\::17 7o, II at @ 7 45, 4 at 9 so, 9,5o, 9 so, g 25, 7 25, 7, 6 6o, 6 6o, 6 so, 6 so. IO@IJ. I6 cases Ohto seed fillers aod hmders 3 at 7, Wednesday, Marek I 9 -Messrs J M Carsey, celved last week 2 9 hhdsfrom New York per Bertram and 25 hhds per Stocker.< from tl1e same port r at 9, I2 at 10 Son & Co, Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants, re The quotatwns of manufactured are as follows V1r port The sales of tobacco tlus week were well attended, LIVERPOOL, Marek 8 -Mr F W Smythe, To gtma bnght, pounds, 6o@75c, halves, 4S@S3 quarters, buyers h1d freely, and we not1ced an advance on leaf bacco CommiSSion Mercha nt, reports Dunng t:1e 48@s3; fives, 48@53; tens, 48@s3 Dark, pounds, 40 of ):( to U cents per lb, while the pnces of lugs are week JUSt ended the transactiOns m Umted States to @43, halves, 40@43; quarters, [40@43, fives, 40_43, unchanged from last week's pnces The dry and un bacco have been of a slnctly reta1! character, the trade tens, 40@43 Western bnght, pounds, sS@73, halves, favorable weather for pnzmg durmg the last 'ten days tak1ng only what they requ1red for tmmedtate wants59@53 quarters, 50@53, fives, so@s3, tens, so@s3 has curta1led recetpts to some extent, but we not1ce a chtefly Western and Vtrgmta dned leaf, w1th a verv Dark, pounds, 45@53, halves, 4S@S5 quarters, 4S@46 decided mprovement m the order and cond1t10n of small proportion of stnps, all at about prev1ous pnces, fives, 45@46; tens, 4;)@46 Fancy long tens, 45@53, that rece1ved There was an undue proportiOn of so that on the whole the market has been qmet but lac!y finger, so@6s, pocket p1eces, so@6o; bnght twtst, lugi and low leaf embraced m the sales agam th1s firm Imports, smce rst mst., ros hhds. Dehvenes, 5S@7o. week, because plan tel's anu pnzers are of the opm10n 330 bhds From Board of Trade returns to 2Sth ult, CLARKSVILLE, TENN, Marek 15 --Messr.s M that such grades are relatively htgher m pnce, than JUSt rece1ved, the followmg extracts have been taka1, H Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, reports as good and ch01ce leaf. We are of the opmwn that showmg a growmg and healthy state of busmess, tor foii6Ws. Our sales th1s week amounted to 292 hhds, there ts a larger proportwn of low grades m the crop mstance, mcrease of 1m ports m the two months of this quality and oriiler were better, and pnces a shade ra1sed m tlus sectiOn than usual The Sales for the year as compared with those of Januarv and February htgher. Sellers seem dissatisfied w1th present range of week foot up 137 hhds, and we quote ,hght lugs at rS72 say nearly 89 per cent Increase of home con pnces, and those who are d1sposed to hold back from $6@6 so, good and he avy lugs, 6 so@ 7 25; low leaf, sumpt10n, 3 36 -Ioo per cent Increase of expo1ts, 3{ market, wh1c 1 will hardly better them. The recent ad 7o@S oo, common leaf, S@9, medmm leaf, 9@Io; per cent Decrease of stocks, nearly IS per cent. vance m fre1ght rates to New York, is havmg a tendency good medmm leaf, 10 25@1o so, good to cho1ce leaf, Imports of unmanufactured tobacco for the month to turn sh1pments southward. We quote: trash, sl.{ ro 75@13 Good wrappers would brmg higher fig-endmg February 2S, I87 I, 2,426,492 Jbs, for the month to 63{c, lugs 6}h to 7Uc, common le a f S to ures. endmg February 2S, IS72, r,soo,I62 lbs, for the month med1um leaf, SU to good leaf, 10 to IIC, fine NEW ORLEANS, March I 9 -We report as fol endmg February 2S, 1873, 31013,345 lbs For the two leaf, nl.{ to 12c; selectiOns, to 14c lows. The market rs wtthout much ammanon, the sales months endmg February zS, 1S71, 5,6s6,oo7 lbs, for the FARMVILLE, VA, Marcil 22 -Meesrs 1C C Read bemg only 6S hhds, of whtch 7 low leaf to good at two months endmg February 2S, ISp, 3,7I7,547 lbs, & C T b M f: t Af 39 at rr@rz, and the rest on pr1vate terms 'fhe re f o r the two months endmg February zS, rS73, 7jOII,o o acco anu ac urers, repurt ter a prom1sH f b f: II t f Th d h ce1pts were r 441 hhds, cleared tS hhds r0r Hamburg 9I7 orne consumptiOn o unmanufactured tobacco mg ut a ac1ous prospec o a season on urs ay, t e [. h h d F b k d h h h b b th Stock In warehouse and on sll!pboard, not cleared on or t e mont en mg e tuary 2S, rS7r, 3,260,744 lbs; wee agam P.n s wit t e ars reezy wea er so un [. h h d F b suitable for tobacco There IS a marked decrease of re the rSth mst, 4,146 hhds \Ve quote Lugs :>.t S@9c, or 1 e mont en mg e ruary 20 IS7 2 3.351,4I6 lbs; h k t d h h { h low leaf at 9@Ioc, Inedlurn at Io'-"I IC, good at I I@r2c for the month endmg February 28, I87J, 3.49S,6zo lbs-: ce1pts m t 1s mar e as compare w1t t ose o t e \::1 F h h d F b week precedmg The offerings were mamly of low and selections at Manufactured IS firm and or t e two mont mg e ruary 2S, rS7r, 6,g32, d d d I h d t fd bl not mucl1 In demand, stocks 1noderate We quote 75S lbs; for the two months endmg Feb;;rey z8, I87z, an me mm gra es, 101 w nc escnp wns, 1 es1ra e 8 lb t; 1 I t 1 h No 1 lbs, extra fancy ?s@Ss, fine, 6 S @ ?o, fine me 7,23 ,912 1e two months endm ebruary z8, as to qua 1ty, we no e a s tg t tmpro'{ement m pnces s s g lb E f W r 11 L I dlurn 6o@6s, good medluln ss@6o, medtum, so@s5. I 73 7.4 I, 2 S s xports 0 unmanufactured to e contmue our quota nons as 10 ows ugs oose, com b h h d F b d t 8 I I d t fi common soun ', 45@5o, gold bars 12 1nch, 6 oz, 7 oz acco or l e mont en mg e ruary 28, rS71, I,o6I, mon to me mm, ,.4 so o ,.5 s; ugs, oose, goo o ne u lb h h d b 6 h l f I r 6 and 4 oz accordttlg to quality, SS@7S, medtum aild os? s' or l e mont en mg Fe ruary '2S, Il:!72, r,to 7, s ort ca, oose, common to 1a1r, so to 7 so; lbs [. h h d F short leaf, fa1r to good, 7.6o to S 25. medmm leaf common unsound, 30@4o; half pounds bnght, 45@6o 435,411 or 1 e mont en mg ebruary 28, rS73, f f: I 8 I I f f f I half pounds black S\veet, 4 6@ 4S, No 1 ss and ros r,1.87S2 lbs For the two months endmg February 28, o au qua Ity, so tog 7S, ong ea o a1r qua tty, ro 11 :e: h to 11 so No selectiOns offenng thi-S week. dark black, sweet, 45@50, navy, lbs, 4S@so, navy, 3ds, I'i7 1 I,479,9oo' or t e two months endmg February 4S@so, fancy styles, natural leaf, twlst, pancake, etc, 28, IS72, z,rso,2Sz lbs; for the two months endmg FebHOPKINSVILLE, Ky, Marek 20 -Messrs M H 6o@So The recetpts were Z,S2 I packages ruary 28, 1S73, z,I5S.S77 lbs Unmanufactured tobacco !::lark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report as folIll bonded warehouses to February 2S, IS7r, sr,69I lows Rece1pts to date, 2,544 hhds. Smce last report PADUCAH, KY' March 1 9 -Messrs Clark & Bra' 1bs to February 2S, rS72, 64,79S,r22, to February zS, 33S h'bds. Sales to date, z,30II hhds Smce last re Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report Sales for the week 512 87 3, 5s,rr?,4So port, 335 hhds Our market this Y((eek opened w1th an hhds Pnces have somewhat weakened, but are st1ll 1 uregulanty and tendency towards weakness, but soon above the vtews of all prudent cautous operators \Ve LONDON, February 20 -Messrs Grant, Chambers steadied ttself, and at times showed a decided stiffness believ e th1s, as well as all \Vestern markets, to be m a & Co, report as follows: There have been only a few Pnces, howe\er, ruled much the same as last week cond1tlon to teld sttll farther to lower pnces under sales effected m Umted States tobacco, but these We quote trash and common lugs, to fan to he avy recetpts, and we are now approachmg a time of have been effected at full rates, and holders show no good lugs, 6U to 7 common leaf, 7 U to SU, me year when favorable seasons are generally frequent, and dlspoSltiOn to submit to lowe.r :rates There have dmm leaf, 9 to 'good leaf, IO to roU fine leaf, we may reasom.bly hope for large rece1pts m the next been vanous enqumes for export, but the lim 1ted II to 12 selectiOns, u3{ to I 3 Although our market few we eks There ts no cessatiOn to the t1ghtness m supply has curtailed operatiOns Western le<.f and was not actually lower thts week, Its 11 regulanty mdt money matters, and a declme may poss1bly recur from Stnps-there has been rather more demand for the f dl d th1s cause m a short tune, m all the mtenor markets former, but m the latter little has been done V1r caled a degree o uncertamty an m eclsion on the part of buyers as to the safety of the present scale of We now quote Wet and 6@63{c, corngmm leaf and smps have had but little attentwn, pnces. ThiS may mdJcate a gradual decline to a safer mon to medtum good do, 6U@7 3{, low there IS, however, a In tie demand for heavy classes leaf, ?;(@?Uc, common medmm do, of the former for spmnmg purposf'S Maryland and pomt @93{c, anagood do, wrappers 11 Ohw have been more enqmred for, and some few LOUISVILLE, Mat ell 21.-We repot t as follows @ 3oc accordmg to quality and cond1t10n. sales have effected of both descnptwns Caven-The market has been actrve, though busmess bas been RICHMOND, Matell 22 -Mr R R d1sh contmues' dull of sale, some few parcels of low restricted by the falling off m offenngs Pnces have B k quahty have changed hands stock of all sorts con ro er, reports Our recetpts and offcnngs have fallen been well sustamed The Imports for the week were ff d 1 tmue large o cons1 erab y the past ten days, our planters bemg 1.,729 hhds, 436 boxes and the e xports, I,462 hhds and busy seedmg tpeir spnng crops and hence recetpts wlll Marek 6 -There has been little domg m 3.649 b oxes The saies at the dtfferent warehouses for Umted States tobacco the home trade buyeri and ex be small for the next I 5 or zo days There 1s very l1t the same t1me were 1,275 hhds a.nd 3 boxes as follr1ws tle improvement m the:quality of receipts and pnces rehavmg purchase d but spanngly, and there have The Pickett House sold 2::!8 hhds gS hhds Ken-mam unchanged except for extra bnght wrappers, been no operatlons worthy of any special comment tucky leaf 3 at Su 2S@I2 7Si 3 at rr@r r so, at ro which are a shade better, some selhng as high as $ 9 o. Holders contmue firm, owmg to the srn ,all.supphes on @19 7S, 19 at 9@9.8o, 3I at 8@S.9o, IO at 7.1o@S.6o, With the above exceptiOn my quota!lons are fair cutethe market Western leaf and stnps have expenenced I8 at 7@7 90 66 hhds do lugs 6 at 7 @ 7 30, 59 at non of our market The transactwns were 945 hhds, 20 g but a trrflmg demand, of the former there 1s now but 6@6 go, I at s Ss. 6 hhds do black fat at 7 so 17 trcs, and 67 boxes I contmue my quotatiOns little smtable for export purposes V1rgm1a leaf and I Jugs, -d------------<; rL to 6 r L 2 at ro, 9, 2 at 8, 8.6o, 7 at 7@7 90. 19 hhds do lugs: ac ugs, me tum to goo -----------6 72 to 7 72 and and Oh10 have been rather dull, pnces continue Black leaf, com moo to medm m _ __ 8 to 9 612@a6t9@6 90,7 at S 35@5 95 9 hhds do trash 1:1 at Black leaf, good------------------------9% to 11 has been frather fmbore m so, t at 5 90 Black leaf, fine wrappers and stemmers ___ 12 to 14 qmre or nces rat er more m avor o U)ers The LouiSVille House sold196 hhds and 2 boxes 40 B h 1 ff Our monthly repo1 t IS as follows -Dunng the past hhds Kentucky leaf 4 at IIo@ro 75, I6 at 9@9 90, 17 ng t ugs, common cha Y smokers'------7 to S}h month the transactions m Umted States Tobacco have Bnght lugs medmm to good smokers and 8ai B ___________ k ____ ------------9 to IS 6 7o@S so 63 hhds do lugs. 24 at, 7@7 go, 4g at 6@ ng t ugs, extra smo ers_-------------IS to 2 5 but little to attract the1r attentiOn to th1s market Pnces Bnght leaf, medmm to good fillers __ -IO to 13 6 go 8 hhds do lu.2;s and trash I at 7 7o, 7 at 6 10@ B h 1 f. d 1 to contmue steady for all descnpt10os, and holders show ,_ d 1 f hh T ng t ea, extra goo nl ers_ -----_ ----I4 IS 1 b h 1 r 6 40 2 uoxes o ea at 9 30, g. 2 cts ennessee Bnght wrappers, mahogany, common to fine 12 to rS no me mallon to su m1t to t e east concessiOn, even 10r leaf and lugs: at 9, fro. 3 hhds Indtana leaf at 9 10, Bnghtwrappers, common to medmm ______ 12 t large parcels round, ami for selectiOns a shght advance 8 6o, 7So II hhds lugs ro at 6@6 70, I at 5 7S S B h d 0 2 S upon our quotatiOnS rs demanded Up to the present, hhds do trash at s 65@6 20 I hhd M1ssoun leaf a t ng t wrappers, goo ------------------3 to 4 5 no reliable report has come to hand as to the make of Bnght wrappers, fine to extra ________ ---so to 75 h b 1 ld h bl stnps t IS year, ut s IOU t e <:rop turn out sutta e, 1t 9 2 The Farmers' House sold I 52 hhds 66 hhds LEAF 3 New Firm. CINCINNA n, 0HTO -F W Dohrman, Tobacco Brother. Mr D v.a s formerly connected wtth Mess rs John Shrn1dt, Schwartz & Co, o f Lou ts v1lle, Ky Removal. BALrtMORE, MD -E E Wenck, Tobacco Shtppmg and CornmtssiOn Merchant, from 17 Commerce StTeet to 53 Light Street. ToBACCO IN NEw JERSEY -1 he mternal revenue from tobacco m New Jersey, m 1872 was $3I9,o82 Too MucH HAIR OR Too MucH FIRE A lighted c1gar and a blond e chtgnon resulted m the case of an Oregon schoolmistress recently ONE NORTH CAROLINA COUNTY -fhere are SIXteen tobaeco factones m Surry County, eleven of them bemg m the vtllage o f Mount Air) ::fOBACCO IN THE CENSUS -New York, accordmg to the last Census, manufactures the mo s t tobacco M 1ssoun comes next to New Y,ork, She pruduces ten, V1rguua seven, and Pennsy l vama s1x m1llions I ---THE STRIKE AT LiSBON TERMINATED -\Ve Jea rn from L1sbon th a t the stnke at the tobacco manufactones there has termmated, the masters havmg made conces SIOns to thetr workmen. JAPAN CUT TOBACCO -A new feature m the Enghsh tobacco market 1s the arriVal of a few bales of manufac tured tobacco from Japan It IS cut as fine as thread s1lk, and 1s reported to be entirely cut by hand NoT SoLD To BE UsED oN 'I HE PREMISEs-" Ncr smokmg In here," sa1d the arugg1st's clerk,-" You sell your c1gars to be smoked; don't you,"-Oh, yes 1 and phystc too, but not to use here. and M1ssoun leaf and stnps have been rathe more en qu1red for, and as reported m our last there has contmued a good demand for medtum leaf for home use transac t10ns m stnps have bee'n upon a moderate sc.t!e, there IS !JOW notbmg but tobacco of the last 1mport m first hands, wah the present lumted stock, h olde1 are dl sm clined to sell except at ext1 erne rates Maryland a n d Ohio have been more enqUJrea for, and sales have been effected of both classes, of whtch tHere 1s now a fa1r stock m the market Havana ctgars, when of a fatr appearance and ,moderate quality contmue to be freely taken, but the high rates demanded by holders have m some measure mterfered w1th ready sales of the commoner descnptwns Havana tobacco, with exception of the fillery classes, IS now but little 111qmred for, so small have be.en the arnvals of !i).te, that there 1s scarcely any now on the market Yara-no arnvals have taken place Cuba contmues m fa1t request, and for fine classes full rates are obtamasle A parcel lately arnved w1ll De offered by pubhc 'aucuon on the 6th mst Man lila cheroots and ctgars of good quahl) contmue m request, but common and heated classes are dtfficult to place even at very l o w rates Mamlla tobacco, there are but few traosact1ons to report m thts growth What was offenng of T87o crop has been placed at an advance upon prevtous pnces Otlier crops have been but httle operated m Columbian, Ambalema--the small arnval nottced m our last, \\as llllmed1ately placed upon samp hng, J.t fa1r pnces A further arnv111 has t ake n place, wh1ch no doubt w1ll meet a ready s a le Carmen has been but !tttl e operated m owmg to the k111ted stock m t he market G1ron, there IS nothmg new to report Palmyra has had but little attentiOn dunng the month, some few parcels are offenng m the markt:t Esmetalda has been but little operated m although there 1s a good supply now on sale Ch111a has been freely taken by the trade at a red uctwn on prev10us pnces, and the commoner classes have sold fo r exportatiOn Parao-uay there 1s nothmg of 1rnp o rta'nce offenng, some few lots have arnved, but wha! has at present been sampled has turned out of common descnptwn PortoRtco, Arracan and Brazll, nmhmg whatever to report St. Dornmgo w1th no stock, nothmg has been done Tur key ha:. been 1 ather more en quu t>d for, but the sales ef fected have been for the lower classes at a shght reduc tlhn on previOus rates Macedoman-the sales effected have been upon a hrn1ted scale, there are vanous en qumes wlllch are reported to be for export purpose s Greek has been but little dealt m a fatr s ,upply IS n 0 w on the market R10 Grande of smtab le quahty -JS m demand. Java l::as been enqutred after, good cuttmg descnpt10ns are now ddficult to obtam Sumatra con tmueli to grow m favor w1th the trade, good to fine quaht1es bnng long pnces Dutch and German con tmue to be taken, both for cigar and cuttmg parposes As was mtunated m our last, cuttmg classes are much needed Japan contmues to be taken all the late Imports that were on sale readlly found buyers at full pnces About 62o bales will be offered at our sale of the 6th mst Hunganan, nothmg new to report Latakia contmues to be taken only to a moderate extent Negrohead has presened no change, good to fine brands sell readtly Cavendtsh has been more enqlllred for the stock, llowever contmues farm of the demand Stalks and smalls m mocle1ate demand We quoteV1rgm1a, Fvne spmners, -scarce, to 11d, good m1d dung do, to t r ordtnary to m1ddhog, to r r, for fine shag and part sptnmng, 6 to I I fo r common do, to II, fine black sweet scent, to n, good stout ncb snuff leaf, to II, m1cldlmg <:lo, to 11, ordinary shnrt and part faded, to 1 r, stnpt leaf, or lux fine spmnmg, 11 to ordmary to mtddlmg, S to Io. Kentucky stemmed, fine, to 11 short to mtd dhng, 9 short and scrappy, S, leaf, good to fine, to 9, ordmary to m1ddl.n g, to cavend1sh, 5 to L2. negrohead, part heated, 9 to rs; do good, 9 to rs, do fine, 9 to IS Maryland fine yellow, to g, yellow, 8 to l>rown to colory 5 to for snuff, 6 to do for cuttmg, to 7, Braz1l, to r s ; Cuba, ud to IS 8d, Columb1an, 7 to 2s 6d, Esmeralda, 2s to 2s 4d, Greek, 3d to German flat covers, IS to 2s, do foldeddo1 to ud, do for cut ting, 6d to 8d; do stemmed, Sd to 2s, 'Havana leaf, 2s to Ios, Java, 7d to ud, MamBa, IS 6d to 4s 2d do for cuttmg, rod to ro_%d, Pot to Rico, 7d to IS 3d, Sumatra, rs 3d to 3s 6d, Chma, to to rod, Arracan, 4d to Palmyra, 9d to IS 8d, Paraguay, 7_%d to l'urkev leaf, sd to 9e, Latak1a, to rs rd, St Domm!!'.P leaf, 4d to Havana c1gars, 7s to z2s, German do, rs to rs 10d, Mamlla and c1gars, 6s to 7s 3d, Kentuck stalks, 3s to 3s Id; VIrgtma do, 3s rd, m1xed do, 2s 8d to 2s 7d, smalls, 2s 4d to 8d HEAVY DAMAGEs -In the London (Eng) Court of Q..ueen's Bench, the other .day, Mr Pmto, a commercial traveller m the c1gar trade obtamed o damages from the Grear Western Ra1lway Company for lllJUiles sus< tamed 1n a colhs10n on thetr lme / EvmENTLY -Here ts an advertisement wh1ch appears m one of our exchanges, and upon readmg wh1ch, a lady remarl,ed, flus poor fellow has got marned 1 The advert1ser w11l exchange a magmficent carved meerschaum ptpe, horsehead, large Size, for good self roc kmg cradle A GENUINE RELIC -An exchange mforms us that a stump of a cigar, recently pte ked up near the Brandy wme, has been sent to Independence Hall It 1s sup posed, on the authonty of Aaron Burr, to be the very same stump wh1ch \Vashmgton threw away Immediately before embracmg yeneral Lafayette WHAT Two CHILDREN DmThe Carroll, Va., Nnos learns from good authonty that last year two ch1ldren m Patnck County, aged respect1vely IS and 13, brothers and s1sters, made four thousand pounds of to bacco, thirty bushels of wheat and some corn, and that, too, without any ass1stance except a little from their father m housmg the1r tobac<:o '!:HE GLASGGW TOBACCONISTS -The annual so,ree of the operat1ve tobaccomsts of Glasgow was held the other evenmg, when Mr Wilham Allan dehvered an m terestmg address on the subject of the relatwns of mas ters and men .md the laws whtch regulate capttal and labor The recent general nse m the reta1l pnce of tobacco has been subm1tted to w1thout complaint v,-ELL DoNE, SAMBO '-A Lynchbu1g negro who had $'!4 so at the close of the war, now owns a good farm, almost patd for, and has on hand a cr -'P of 2,500 pounds of tobacco He has done all the work hunself, with the ass1stance of h1s w1fe and a son now about twelve year& old, and a horse He has ratsed enough corn, wheat, potatoes, and hogs, for h1s own use and to spare. PIPES AND VARNISH-DAMAGE it,ooo -In thiS ctty on the 24th mst, a fire broke out m the basement of the two story bnck house, 320 Fourth avenue tenanted by Thomas F Cunnmgham, as a trunk store The flames were speed !I) arrested after they had darnaaed the stock to the value of $r,ooo The stock was ftlhy msured. The fire was caused by a spark fallmg from a Plfe of tobacco mto a tray of varmsh .. EARLY TOBACCO PLAN IS -A correspondent of the Clovt:rport (Ky ) Tratucnpt makes the followmg very sens1ble suggestiOns m refer e nce to early tobacco plants "It 1s well known to all tobacco growers that early plants Rre a great destderatum Persons w1shmg to obtam early plants can do so by the followmg method Burn the plant bed m the usual manner, and brush 1t 1f des1r able, then along the north edge of the bed erect a close plank wall twelve feet high, extendmg the entire length of the bed Let the smooth surfact: face the south, and gtve 1t a complete coat of wh1tewash (Support 1t well to prevent bemg blown down) The reason IS obVJ ous and phllosophtcal F1rst, 1t IS a protection agamst the north wmd Second, the plant bed recetves the re fleeted heat of the sun, wh1ch heat, returned to the ground by the whtte washea wall, adds one half to the duect By the above s1mple method plants can be brought forward at least two weeks earher than by the usual mode, and evety mtelhgent planter knows the advantage of an early crop Fust, by havmg early plants you are always ready to take advantage of the to bacco seasons as they occur-an event anxiOusly looked for by the planter Second, 1t ts well known that the early crops are a lways the best, and th1rd, the planter IS nchly rewarded, as such tobacco almost mvanably commands the htghest market pnce CAUGHT IN HIS OWN SNARE-The cymcal temper of Fredenck the Great 1s well known. Once when h1s sts ter, the Duchess of Brunsw1ck, was at Potsdam, Freder ICk made to the brave C9unt Schwenn the present of a gold snuffbox On the lid ms1de was pamted the head of an ass Next day, when dmmgwtth the Kmg, Schwer m, wtth some ostentatiOn, put,h1s snuff box on the table W1shmg to turn t.lle pke agamst Schwenn, the Kmg called attention to the snuff. box Tha Duchess look 1t up and opened 1t Immed1ately she exclatrned "What a stnkmg I In truth, brothel', th1s IS one uf the best portra1ts I have ever seen of you Fredenck em barrassed, thought h1s stster was carrymg the too far She passed the box to her ne1ghbor, who uttered stm1lar expresswns to her own. The box made the round of the table and every one was fervently eloquent about the marvelous resemblance 1 The Kmg was puzzled what to make of all th1s When the box at last reached hts hands, he saw, to his great supnse, that h1s portra1t was really there Count Schwenn had Simply wtth exceedmg dispatch, employed an art1st to remove the ass's head and to pamt the Kmg's head mstead Fredenck couh:! not help laughmg at the Count's clever tnck, whtch was really the best rebuke of h1s own bad taste and want of proper and respectful feeling DEATH OF W S p MAYO -We are pamed to Jearn that W S P Mayo, of the firm of P H. Mayo & Bro toba_cco manufacturers, at Rtchrnond, Va, d1ed at hts restdence m that ctty on the 16th mst of typho1d fever The deceased says the Enqu1rer was a son of the late Robert A Mayo, and though quite a young man was w1dely known to the trade thro11ghout the country: and htghly esteemed both for h1s social and busmess quali tles THE iirALIAN ToBACCo LOAN -Messrs. Stern Broth ers not1fy the d1v1dend m London on tbe Itaban stx per cent Tobacco Loan, and the reyayment of th6 bonds 9 f Senes F, drawn on October I last The coupon due on January I on the shares of the Ind1an Tobacco Mo nopoly Company was patd at the rate of IO so hre per share The recetpts on account of thts loan for the month of November last amounted to 9,6Io,s56 oS ltre, wh1ch IS an mcrease on those for the same m onth of 1S71, I,o56,797 99 lire. For eleven months-v1z from January to tht! end of November-the rece1pts amounted to ror,o3S.45S 93 hre, and for the same period of 1S71 tber;; were gs,636,z83 87 Actvertt8ements. 100 000 COMMON CIGARS FOR SALE-Address, S W SCHULfZ & CO Factory No '3 W1lmtngton, ...,.3t Fe INE SEED CIGARS FOR SALE E KAFKA, 225 Third Street, New York C1ty, 4,$ rlid B RON I Ott let on illoor of 47 BROXB g I RkET wlth SAMPLE ROOM ADJOINING APJ>Iy to SAW' YER, WALLACE & CO ;21 tfTOBACCO MACHINERY FOR SALE, conststing of Bucke e and Rodgers Cutbng Macb1nes, Screw Press. Beltmg, Pull1es, Eryers, Moulds and Forms, and other artictes used tn the business win be sold tQgether or separat e lnqutre at the Emp1re Ctty Tobacco Works East 1enth Street, New York Ctty -422 1 { NEw YORK, MARCH 1s73 } ''' 0PPICE. OF TilsYCoNsuL Ga:N&:RAL oF ITALY, No 7 BROADWAY The ltahan Regte wtll offer, on the <4lh of April next at Florence to contract for FOURTEEN MILLIONS OF KILOGRAMMES OF KlN TUCKY TOBACCO, crop of 1872 tbe parttcularw of which can b e obtamed at thts o ffice DE LUCA, Consul General lt TO T.ET. THREE FLOORS, n
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    4 roE TOBACJCO LEAF. MARCH 26 THE VIRGINIA-TOBACCO AGENCY, ESTABI.ISHED IN 1836, BY CHARLES M. CONNOLLY CONNOLLY &. CO., COMMISSION IIERCHANTS IN teaf and ]Manufactured T _obacco, .., 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We respectfully call the attention of the trade to the following Standard Brands of Manufactured Tobacco: POUNDS-I I AND 12 INCH. WurB SAP, GOLDEN GALLEGO, PRIDMUJX, l!IORJ'iiNG STAR, FOUR AC:,E BEDJII9RB, WINSTON; Hl!lNR Y LO. TWIN SISTERS, 'I'..I.LLY HOI S'J 'lNDARD, ete. BRICHT AND DARK-4s, 6s, AND DOUBL.-: T >tiCKS. l'OQ.UE, PEARL, DEW D OP, BORODI!IrA....l... PEABODY, CIIAJIIP, ;NJi:, WATER LILY, DIADEM, BLACKB flD, UU. KING, Y ACH'r CLUB, APROI'Ol!o, cte., cte. TWISTS-12, 9 AND 6 INCH" GAME COCK AND IIENKY ROuGH AND REA.)Y IN DRUMS. DOLLY VARDEN, ArLA.l\ l'I(' CABLE, BONA "'IDE, CHAJ!IPAGNE, FOUR V a, BEN!!ION &; BONNS, GREGO ,. YS, DI VEl\ et.>, FANCY L'CHT PIIESSED, ELDORADO, E.SliiER I...DA, PIGMY, OPTI!IIA, L lc ROS 1 BUFFALO ..:. ":.tPS, PAN CAKE, GfJl..DEl hODS, GOLD BAR' ete And a l arge assortment o f other br < nds in 11 lnd 12 inch lbs. Dark and Jright, t 45, ss, 10s. Double Thicks and Fancy :obacc to which we inv 'te the attcn" Jn at the trade. BO"W'NE & FRITH, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, Tobacco CoJDJD.ission Merchants d Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco:. Honey Bee, Barly Dew, Prafrle BlosBOIII, Red River, Powhattan, Enterprise, Old Kantuck, Old Lop; Cabln, Cow Slip, Planters' Choice, Pioneer of the W1111t, Smmy Our Brand, HoneyDew. Aloo Sole A for tbo Unlt<>d States for J'. P. HA WXINS & CO.'S GOLD l"LAXB. JAMES M. lrARDINER, CHARLES M. CorrNot. t.Y. I -::t JAMES M. GARDINER a CO., TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 84 FRONT-STREET, NEW YORK,-tlrt recei11t'ng dinct from ViRGINiA and NORTH CARO.LILVA, comign,' mmt-s of LEAF, MANUFACTCRED attd Sil'fOKfNG Tobaccos. P. C. LlMD&. G. 1", LIND&. c. C. HAMILTON. S. MARCOSO. NEw YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. Iospeeted f!1' Samplc>d. Certifi ca tes give n for every case, and delivc,red c:ue by case, as to number ofCertdicate. 1\ '.B.-Wc also Sampl i n Mcrdumts' ow" St""' F. C : LINDE & CO. PRINCIPAL Water Street, WAREHOUSES.-Jt,2 Wale:r, 1,73 Front, 'fta aad 1 2 r, &. 8 Hodson Rhrer Rail Road Depot, St. John's Park. .ROANOZCE TOBACCO IVOBBS. DEVON. Oa account of the. numerous makes qualities of Smoldnl Tobacco under "the brand u DURHAM .. l have ceased usmg the brand "ROANOKE DURHAM, and wilJ, in future pu:t up that T under the Brand of :J:::)e,..olt1. o W. H. JONES, Proprietor, Formerly of and. Successor to J.P. liawldns .teo. B.ICHEY & BONIFACE, Sole A.rents, 86 FRONT ST .NEW YORK CITY,. Mayo &. Co.; )OIEPH P Q.UIN, CHAO. ... BJLL,,. TOBAC AND COTTON :r. l!'. QVDV & tOM MISSION 4.1 BBOAJ? ST., No. 39 Broad Street, ! a blo Mvnnees m a de 1 N E W y o R K NEW YOBK; on ShJpmnta. f G. F BRO.,. EED LEAF AND HAVANA TOBACCO f 7 f WATER STREET,NEAR BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK. G. t'ALK. A. FALK. SPENlJE BROTHERS & Co. OF THE CELEBRATED Ana other JJra.nds of Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco, ISfl .t IS4 .Bfuf Third Street, OINOINNA.TI, Q :{leinp; located at the LEAF ToBAcco, our facilities for supplymg the TRADE Wlth ALJ, GRADES OF FrN E CuT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. SCHRODER d: -DON, 178 WATER STREET,NEW YORK, OR UABmll AND Packers of Domestic Leaf Tobacco. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, IMPORTERS OF AND DEAI:.ERS IN IIAVANA TOBACCOS, 229 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Ex. NoRTON r. J St.AUGHTER. B. H. WrsooM, EDWARD M. WRIGHT 8t, CO. NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., Gflneral COIIlDiisiiDll. TOBACCO & FACTORS, 38 Broad Street, General Commission Merchants, 41 :BROAD STREET, N.Y. ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F. S. MACLEHOSE. t.\\'r la. MAITLAND & TOBACCO_ AND FACTORS, C IJ.GENERAL ,COMMISSION MERCHANTS; 43 BB.OAD ST., N. Y. Ad .ance,..,nts made ou cons i gn m ell ts toW. A. & G. MAXWELL & C0., LIVERPOOL. G. W. HILLMAN &CO., COMMISSION. MERCHANTS If\1 MANUFACTURED DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., 'TOBACCO/ COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 104 FRONT STREET, M J. DOHAN, } { TH0S. CARROLL, FORMAN. w Toaa. }No. T. TAITT. A[ents for the followinU: Well-non : J. B. PACE, Y ARB ROUCH & SONS, J. H. CHANT & CO. JOHN ENDE-RS, TURPIN I& BROTHER, D. B. TE/fNANT I& CO. L. H. FRA YSER & CO. B. W. Ot.IVER, H. CREANER, CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSON, THOMAS HARDCROVE, J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND I& JONES, RACLAND I& TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR I& CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON I& CO. J. P : WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Sole Agents in New York for BONNE BOUCHE, 45, ss. and Pocket Pieces Also Agents for John W, CarroU's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos, Lone Jack cl: Drown Dick, etc, BULKLEY MOORE & VIRG.INIA 74 FBONT Strut. lniEIIELBERG & CO., 160 PEARL New YoRK. J D. KREIIELBE'R6 & CO., BALTIMORE, MD. IIREIELBERG, SCHAEFER & CO. NEW ORLEANS, LA M. H. LEVIN, IIPDBTitR UP HAVDl And Dealer 1n a.llldnda of Itl dark work to our "Thistle" Brand, so widely knov.:n in many parts of our I. z A :1' T 0 ::B ,A C C 0, CountrY. for its b ea uty of wm kmanship, delicacy of chew, etc., we would invite tae 162 PEARL ST., NEW YORI( attentic),:J of Jobbers; always on hand in lbs ., half lbs., threes, pocket pieces, etc. ----------CHAS. F. TAG & APPLEBY & RAIL ROAD MILLS .D!laccoboy Snuff, French .Rappee Sn/ufF1 American Gent. Snuff, Importers oL SPANISH, and Dea.lers1p. allldnda ot LEAF TOBACCO, :1.84 F-ront Street, NEWYOU. &. REISMANN & uo lUt.rthaat.s, LEAF TOBACCr 179 PEARL STR:Elr-', .zw-1'iM GA4 l'Cidar 11rU, VORl tN. LA.CIIENBRUCB & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, .WKOLBSA.LB DBALBRS fN HAVANA I& DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. E. &. I FRIEND & CO Scotch -Leaf Tobacco; Lundy .Foot Snuff', I 1::!9 lff.AIDEN LANE, ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF <;:,.,,,.,.D Fmu,, t PURE VJBGINJA SMOKING TOBACCO,_ YO-RK. Rail Road, v1z: M. WESTHEIM& 00., Our Choice, Pride of Henry County, Colorado, AL Black Tom, _Cige&.:a:IEi, AND Beed:Lea.f and Importers of Havana ,Tobacco, 177 Pearl Street, NEW YORIL E. M. ORA WFORD & 00., TOBACCO-U!D TOBACCO LABELS, For 8motlng and Manufactured Tobacco, FURNISHll.D BY THE BATCH LIT.HOGRAPBIC COMPANY, :a:_ FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, 108 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK, taawaterand85PineStreets,NewYork. 168 WATER STREET, N EW YOKK, LITHOGRAPHERS, ... & 34 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, SOLE AGENTS IN NEW YORx ---=-H :ve oo. 'Mle all kinds of Leaf Tobacco !or Export and ro: IIome n_siP ... Ottinger & Brother, .. AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. P. W ra:n.t.tfi.HUH5T, THOMAS KINNICUTT, T 0 B A C C 0 and Virginia 'IIERAL MEBCBAJT, Leaf Tobacco 68 STREET, 1 .o: 52 Broad Street, NEW CUTHRIE & CO., tJERARD, BETTS &. CiO., 112/S I!' BUNT STREET. OMMISSION MERCHANTS. GENERAL AND PlUISSJIJls, Commission Merchants, preesod In bales for the West Indieo f:nlan and Ce..traiAmerlcanPorb!, and()ther markoto: r OLD SLfP. TOBACCO PACIOI:D nq HOnS'Ffll:A m< > ... UUO<' fr o m Hawver eqnure. NEw YORK. A. D. OHOOKLEY, COMMISSION MERCHANT, j. H. P..MnOTOlf- 1 G. PIIRif; & Pf;3nn, And Dealer, 1o. 168 PEARL STREET -NEw YORK TOBAcco coMMIS!IQN MERCHANTS, Allo, corner Thirteenth and Cary Streets -.,.,th a loN_r exp_erimce in the busiruss, RICHMO:ND v tftr the1r unm:es to jill erders for .. Tmco, 8o11eit OOnatgnment. for thel!iew York Houu. --_, :f" J. M. LAURILLABD, XOBdCCO .BROKER. ROTTERDAM, .. HO.LL.AND. DAWYILLE, VA. l08UH A. VBGA A B11UL ---Ba..-ua To'bacoo .a...D OIGA.a8i &w YO.Il. JAMES M. WISE,. Fruits and FOR Flowers, Commonwealth, Planters' ,. Pride Etc., Etc. SMOKING TOBACCOS ALSO, AGENTS FO, R _Plug Tobaccos MANUFACTURED BY Thomas & Pilkinton, J. L. Jones &. Co., c. P. Word & Sons. ALSO, David Baker, Jr., Oi-tmond Colden J P Williamson, Smoking. R. H. Wilkerson, Cut Bowles &. Ellett, .., On Liberal s. W. Shelton Terms. -. ROSENWALD'&. BROTHER, IKPOl\'l'll::a.S 0:1' SPAlnSB, AND PACKERS OF .DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 145 Water Street, New York. STRAITON & STORM, (Formerly of Wrsx BROTHERS), c 0 L u M B I AN BLOCK. lU.II"UJ'A<7rlJBIII!liOP OPPOSITE TOBACCO EXCHANGE, B E Q. .A. Cigar and Tobacco RICHMOND, VA, .U'D DBA.LBRS lH LBAPTOBA.OCO Bags LEAP TOBACCO. No. 191 PEARL New York ; JO!lX tnBA.rl'ON. _;;.,._,..< --.::: GKORGB STOIUL PRENTICE'S CIGAR UOt1LDS. .1 FELIX. CARCIA, CH OF AS. E. HUNT' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, ( roM T. cuTrnaxzJ. Kentucky & Virginia AND CIGARS .Al.SQ or THE 7 0\IN LEAF TOBACCO, Brands La Carolina & Henry Clay. 9 9 PEARL. sT NEw YORK Ag't for 'TELECRAPH' Brand. ., 167 Water St N.Y. KEN'JI.'lUCKY Leal 119 PEARL BTBEET, NEWYOBK. WILLIAM M. PRICE &. CO., LEAF TOBACCO, UD DBAI&BB II{ :122 JY ATEB STBBBX.,, New York. D J GARTH, SON & co., .t.DOLPII--. Gb..O CODISSION MERCHANT, csnocessoro to B. FALL:nsT&III & co., STROHM & Packer &. Dealer 'In Commissioo Merchants, r No. 129 PEARL STREET, D 0 MES .. T I c Leaf' To D.l.Gartll, NllW YORE. UD DIPOil'I'US OJ' Cbaa. II(. Garth FOB.EIGN No, 14 Cedar I 76 Front Street, N.Y. 173 Water St., 173 Water st., N.Y. B. CARPLIS, N.Y. f -J. D. HUNT, -IIPORTER OF JU V ANA CIGARS CODISSION XEltCRANT. DEALER I_!D CIGARS, O_igars RrL;:r Tobacco L E _A F To B A ceo. AovncEMEirs 111aoE oN COIISIGIIMENrs. DomeaGc: Clpn taken on Commission and advances t>J?FICE : made tbereon. e 133 Water Street, New York. NEW SPENCER BROS. ;a:, CO ... CODISSION DnCRANTS, Dealers in Leaf" Tobacco No. 75 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. T. H. SPENCER. C. C. SP.&lJOEa. A. SPENCER.

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    ARCH 26 JACOB BEIIILL, MANUI!'ACTYRER OF CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Ouallq of CEDAR WOOD. ALSO, DEALER IN GBR.MAR raE P .ALMER & SCOVILLE, UIHB'rBBS GJ1 ..,., ..... LEAF No. 1.7() Water Street, New York. L. PALMER Ji:. H SCOVILLlf, Connecticut Seed-leafWrapper of our own packing MAR'l,IN & 166 WATER STREET, Between Maiden Lane and lharUng SUp, Tobacco Commission AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL 'I'HE STANDARD BRANDS OF YIRIINIA & NORTH CAROLINA DIUPACTURBD & SMOKING TOBACCOSI MADDUX BROTBERS, ... 138 WATER ST., NEW YOR.JL -P.o. BOX 4902. MANUFACTURERS DEALERS IN VIRCINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO Tho attentW.. or tu Jobbing 7'rak is 80UciUd ftw t1u jbllotci11g tDeU-.bouii> .l!Tlesale J Trado. DEALER -IN LEAF TOBA!CCO, Richmond, v.. N. o. "LA VORIA.NDI" 8/; U LA PEB'DEOTO" ftJIJI D m The special attention of the Trade s called to the following established Brands : .. 11 I' V JIAliR1I' ..&.CT1JBi:D. IIIAlf1iF ACTIJBED -And ot E:u.ct Imltatlona ot Lea.dlnc Jmponed Band-made a .... 8KOiuanJy. 298, 28& 297 Monroe 8t., NEW YORK. WK. AGliBW It sos. Tobacco a.nd Oommissio11. Front NEW YOBK. ......... O>C BALli ALL,._._-Leal for Jhporl IN Rolli .. Leaf Tobacco baled in packap ie pre88 for export. .. LA. FERME," !. MDJJNGTON & BODIBYBIIt 48 BROAD STREET, AND 4.8 l!I'EW STREET, SOLE AGENTS l"QR. La Ferme Ruesian ()ig&rettes. DAVIDSOI BROTBIRS,,, HAVANA and SEED -LEAP TOBACCO, 1-.8 Water Street, Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. T. Sevmour IMPOBTER 'OF IIAV.&N.l And Dealer in aee.t Llld 189 Pearl street, New York. M. W. MENDEL & BRO. Segars & Leaf Tobacco, 190 JiEABI. STREE.:I.' New York. Leaf Tobacco. Old Conntrticut Old Staff Seed 1rapptrs, Tlu Finest Havana Wn::ppe,-s and Fi/le,-s. COLELL, 172 W ater Street. Ne,... York. READ & Co., SuccESSORS TO IsAAC READ sit 3 PEARL :NB'W FORB. Ylr,lnia Beauties, P. P.'s whole and-" Caddiea Old Ned's Cholce, -"s. )is, P. P'o. VtrJinla Beauties, 3St .c.s. ancl141. D. C. Mayo ll Co ., Navy lbt. ... Farm6r'sDaughter, JS, .-.,and .1(1 D C Mayo&Co., Na.,., J{s, and Jia, P P.,tn whole-, Sallie Willie, a and 3 Plus TwiJt, -", and J( caddleo. Sallie Willie Fig. D. C. Mayo & Co.,_3s, 41, and 101. Inrincible, Fig. W. J Gentry & Co., Navy, })s, J(s, P P'a, Orleatal, Fig,ln tln fo11, X lb. boxes, faucy. and long to's. Charm, 6-.inch Twist, in tin foil, ') t cad4le.. Mayo& K.nlrht, Navy, J(s, P. P 'a. & ton& 101. BRO Charmer, 6 and u-inch twiat. Luscious Weed, u-tnch plu.J SJIOKIJIG, 1n bags or ts, "s .l(s, aad X sibs. ., Chao. Henry, Jr., 9-inch llpt preueol. Gold Bug. VIrginia's Choice. Ambrosta, lbs. GQtd lrle, bet. Delancy& Rivington, NEW' YORK. e E. W. :Z::EU:CBS, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, AND IMPORTER OF GEWN CIGAR MOULDS, Ci[arMonld PresseS, .. cnim, 253 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. .. SCHMITT & STEINEClCE. Importers of and Dealers in E-:I::!U"E: Leaf Tobacco '---....10 ..... 172 WATER STREET;. '7S Ne-vv York. 1 NewYork. J SCHMITT. R. S'l'EIN'ECKE ...., .. UFIANN BROS.& BONDY' E. SPINGARN & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, HAVANA&DOMESTICTOBACCo. Sl :MAID:' J.Al'IB, ll'ew '2'ork. 11. L, G.A.SSBR"l' COMMISSION MERCHANTS ..urn DBALJfB8 tN ALL ltiNDI Or EUCENE DU BOIS, Commissson Merchant I) J'OB. TUB !ALB OJ' No. 5 BURLINC SLIP, 197 Duane-street, NEAR WATER-STREET, t Ne...,. Vor J, NEW'-YORK. a. W&05EBM&N. I .l'l J'J alL &o & ......... UZ:E. IIA.UCII!IA us. HK. SrtNGARN .... Ciga.r manufa.oturera favored. ROBERT E. KELLY ct co. FBONT St., New YorA:, 31 BEAVER S'l'REET, NEW YORK, ALSO, DEALERS IN LEAF 257 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. AUERBACH & IENDEBSOlf,. .MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, t-::r # N 0 138 WATEI ST., NEW YORK. -= SAMUEL JOSEPHS, _MANUFACTURER OF 1 FINE CIGARs, AND DEALER IR LJrAF TOBACCOS. No. I 66 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK Tho attention the Trade lo eaUed to my celebrated DIAJI(OIID STAR brand, GERMAN AMERICAN BA"E' B!l.OADWA?, corner of Ceiar Street, NEW VOIUt -.. 1 ... Capital, $2,000,000. DRAWS BILLS O F EXCHANGE and issues LETTERS O:f CREDIT availahla "at Ill prlncip, Wholesale Deaten Ia Regalia Brita..lea, lll5 C:onebaa, Regalla Loadreo, lll5 Clouellltao, -- AND SEGARS RAH"' 111..1 Tc".,.t...llllolli>A11 "TTINES AND LIQUORS Regalla Chlca, ---eo Paaetel'!f. -w Vli11 UJ lfJ vU IV t Zarauelaa. 100 'Plor .......... Jlo. 4 (IRON FROU'10 :1_89 FRONT STREET. Londres, extra, -- Oper&IIRelaa, ----J.l .1. Londrea, extra, --&0 la!aatH, PeM'l fllree .. l'IEW'YORii. S11camore Street, 11 NEW YORK. PetersburR. Va. F. W. SMYTHE, Commission Merchant, 80 NORTH .rOB:N STREET, UliBIH'Oe ... JAKES E. JESt1P, TOBACCO BROKER, Honkinsville, Kentucky. OBDIDIUI IIOLICJ1'l'IIID, -------------------R. A. l.nLLS, TOBACCO BROKER General Com.m:illaien rohatra Q}ammission lttrtgants, Offlce)n Tobacco Exchange. Shockoe Slip, Md. & Ohio Leaf. RICHMOND, VA. ..... -... NEW YO,aK. Parties dBSirlog Ulla A CHINE or its F W 8 EC K & CO BANDS, are requefted to send thetr crdera DIUMLT to tho OFFICE, No. 7 Park MAR 1 187<> Place, as the too :E'JtEQVXNT Mui'U.Ia, Q and mwq>fo .. entation& of agents BDd l>Ol'-80119 claiming tho ageaey hu oompalled F W, 8 EC K & CQ the Company to YVIiiK all ordet"l' nofe:om-ill&' mrect. MAR 1 1872 1 Send orders a..s early as poeaiDle, as 1t, re-. '!.Uirea considerable tune to make a fullee' F W 8 EC K & CO BlmwB. TOBl009 B!!lf' of Band!. The prioce ofthio m&ohiDe a.nd Banda ill fised, and under no ctrcumstance3 1 Send for a CtYtUlaY. Is aoy one authorized to oli&Bge_them. MAlt 1872 e Chicago Agency Q A. BEN & CO., GEO. F. FOY & CO., 43 J.iberty St. 85 s. Water st. In Casea of 50 and 100 Iba. The unprecedented sole of 0 0 Q e this popular Tobacco h'ascaaK
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    8 [pbtladelphia Advertisements. .. -\ ,SteiDU'p KDeoht, .. P"._ TOEIAOOO, \ ... ...., ... ,..,.. ., ... Detllw .,. Cfg.,. .. aaa RACE 8TREKT, PHILADELPHI.At TEWARTe MARKS, RALPH & CO., Kau'lli-.,d Wboletlole llfAiua ID SNUFF, CIGARS, and SMOKERS' .ARTICLES, SCOTCH SNUFF, 1 ,1& St., Philadelphia. TELLER-BROS., ?.aokers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in aDd DoD1estlc Leaf' Tobacco, 117. North .fl. /_BAMBERGER -DEALERSIN L EA..; F T OB .A. 0 0 ._ .And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, -1\To. 3 _1\T. Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. -'WOODWARD, GARBETT & CO., SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. Hartford CASSIUS WELLES. I. B. BAA& RICHARD MALLAY. JAME8 MALLAY. Menry Besuden & Bro., c. ... co., R:MALLAY & BRD D&LLERS.X ,LEAF Dealers in LEAF TOBAOCO, LEAF. TOBACCO, I 16 and I i 7 West Front St., 161. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, Between Race al'ld Elm, OINOINNATL 0. CINCINNATt & -CO., MANUFAGTURER OF FINE 'ciGARS,. AND J:lEAI,EREL lN T,EA'F' l'.Oll.A:CQO, NO. -11. 2 WEST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. MORH.IU LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, OjJf.ce, No. 4 COLLEGE BUILDING, onlo, HENRY MEY.l:LH, COMMISSION MERCtfANT, KROHN, FEISS 8t. CO., MANUFACTURERS OF C IGARS; 63 West Fourth 8tr'eet, C INCIN NATI, OHIO. WEIL, R' AmT &. CO., MANUFACTURERS OF Pine Oi&Us, And Dealer i n And Wholesale Dealers in OHIO & CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACCO, LE.AF TOB.Atf:CO, 1-34 Main St., Cincinnati, Q. r 154 State Street, liAR OllD. Wmt. D. a .Z. K. PB.ISE, 16 Market Street, Rartfbrd, Conn. Who WESTPHAL, ConusstON' IlmCBANTs CDNIECTICUT IUD LUF f.robaooo, St Hartford. Conn CONNEOTIOUT 1RAF TOBACCO,. No. 134 .MAIN STREET, Hartford, Conn. Dealers In 10:BNCUO, No.-B17stateSt., HARTFO.llD; CT. R. A. CHAPMAN, Connecticut leaf T omo; EAST HARTFORD; CONNECTICUT. G. W. GRAV:t;S, AND B&ALJ:R JN FINE CONNECTICUT SEEDLEAF TOBACCO, C I CARS, w I DRESEL A co., 37 GAy STREET, 46 ;Front St., Cincinnau. o. DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. ll. SMITH & C0.1 .53 STRI;:ET, BALTIMORE, MD. :B.ALTIKOBE, HD., A. WEISE T 0 B A a, Jameo A.G!>al G. S. W A.'r.l'S & CO., ,_TOBACCO, C.OMMISSION MERCHANTS I 61 Exchange Place, BALTIMORE, 1',10. g l. SANK & CO., .-co an4 Commission'Mercliants, I 31 :NORTH WATER .STREET, DOHAN & TAITT, 0 1 obacco Commission Merchants, GEN,'ERAL G. H. BOLENIUS A Co. J.AND 10 N. DELAWARE AVENUE, i 107 ARCH STREET, lL B. EIPO:S.T BONDED'WAURO'tl'SE, No. 1. J. RINALDO SA NJ<. Wll ..... 199EV, JOS. B ROOJnsignments to m address. 1 TUBAC MER CHAM roB;! ceo 11J1 o B.a. c co s, lKPORms OF SPANISH 'I'OBACCO PIIR. AL PfD111Tl'(III 111l1N'111m, !i!pe .. e'to. i IJilllldl__ bUUlllll JJIUbWllllll OOQIBI.ttOI XBRIIR'ITB :roa ULB 01' wm I No 11 STREET, 39 NORTH WATER ST., J Lombard and I ater...S.t.,_c 1 P .HILADLP HIA Philadelphla Pe.. ....._..... .... -,,; a.t.LTIBIORB, ., Agents for the aale of all kinds of Manufactured _... &owA.JWS. .. JAS. u. PATTERSON. ani Leaf Tobaccot. DEALERS IN Seed Lea.f a.nd & TOBACCOS. N. W. Comer Charles and Pnzlt Sts BALTIMORE. MD. W, K. BARK!l.. H 1'. CHANDLW.L E, W ; \;, KR. BARKER, CHANDLEE & CO. MANUF AOTURERS OF CIGARS .And Wholesale Dealers in LEAF No. 31 GERMAN STREET, Opposite CaroiJton Hotel, BALTIMORE. MANUFACTU.BR S OP THS L HERBER-T; GOLD UEDAL" and "LO:aD BYllON"' CIGAU. G JR. Ma MARRIOTT Brands ManafacturecUo order, "Q LEAF ,. TOBACCO OF CIG.A.:BS, P. A. ALBRECiiT. L. SCHRODER. And DeaJ,cr in all k inds of ALBR!OBT 1: SGBRODJR LEAF T 0 B A C 0 0' Wh,olesale D e alers in 1 ......... t. lnPennayln.nJaand Delaware for the ....... and Wholesale Dealeni.ID LEAF.A}fD J4a.nufa.ctured Tobacco, .AND CIGARS. -.o fHU'II-THmD BT., Pl:ijbADElj)J-HA, PA. 1 1 COQ6tantly on hocnd. r ,... ... Xo. !il Ezc>laace Place. &9 OUIS aDESKE .i co DE.ALLRS lN ,.. IJ Leaf Tobacco,. COMMISSf9N_ MERCHA,NTS, And Man'l.fucturers of AND DEALERS IN I LEAF ',J'OB4000, Korth Street, 42 C!tarles Stree!, PHJLADE-PHIA. -BM.! IMORE MD. GaoRG'i: LaaooM. HARa, ]L"' -J.LA.D'JlmJ.VlUA. xNsPECTIO:r.-&. LEEDOM sf u..ali .-r -1 oHlft'eo. ARS 11'iOTI1L OBACCDw;REHOUSle. II. W. SECOND STREET, INIPECTOB. I'OB. rD BoVB COATES, PHILADELPHIA, lDB!CCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA OPFICB AT SNUFF, CIOARS, 'Src, We, 10' l'fortll wate:r t:reet, .. Ag-eu.t tor GAIL 1111 A' and lo{ARauc BacmtiEll's, Bal A I tJmcil'e, Smoking Tobaccos. Navy aud Yellow """' COmlortaaq BMhe< Joaathall RICARDS, LEFTWICH & CO., LEAF T 0 B A C C 0 FACT 0 R s, EXCHANGE PLACE, BALTIMORE. --lS BALTUIORE, liD. DRBUB8 BBO!IBBS MANUFACTURERS OF sOIIRG TOBACCO, 146, 147 149 s. Ch&rl IH.reet, BALTIMORE. MO., 1511 ::EJ .A. Ll OF I NORlH CAROLINA. .:J ., > 0 ... MANUFACTURED Of SELECT Pure North Carolina Leaf, :BY MARBURG J:ntel' 4 aooor.,..-s t o act of Congnute ln 1.!:1, y"-:"' by M&rb11r3 .:hos \n offtee ot t.boLitr.'l.!"tac. of at. Wuhi::Jgt.JD BRANDS. Hrd to Beat, 014 Va. Greenbooek, .&Pale oC J[y Eye. Cloalf/DlD>eat,' Jl84 Rtdlug Hoocl, And 01auy ot1aera. fl FRITZ GERIIAN SIIIOKIIIG TOBnCGp AND WHOLESALE DEALIR IN Havana Tobacco,. 193 East LAKE ST. CHICACO. S. W. VENABLE. Sole of the and World renowned Brands of Virgin ia Smoking LONE JACK and BROWN DICK. Jllallafttdory, 12th lkre.>t., LYNCHBURG, VA. IOrclero reoemtd1y aolle\te:l and promptlv :.Uen
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    :MARCH 26 THE A.VVO LEAP. LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS ANDCOMMISSION-MERCHANTS. ,, SCH WA RTZ & CO ...... Cutti n g and Manufacturing Lea f WM. 0 MF;IER & CQ .............. LeaCToboooo C o mm issionllorchant.. L OUlS FRANCKE .......... Leaf To bac c o C o mm i ssion M erchant. ;s, J U$Hi;R .'1; FRAlanufac turi n g :r-r == A $3o0o ,QOO FAILVRE FOR the 'planter and the consumer a disinterested $3,ooo.-There is a curious agent, upon whom both parties may place relianee, and story a fioat about the great the planter at home be assured that his interest will be failure of James Wood & protected. Your committee are entirely satisfied with Sons, of Pittsourg. which :die fees of .inspection as they now ..exist, the planter has not yet got into print, being able, under the present law, to store and dis p ose we believe, saps the Akron, of his tobad:o at less cos than any other farm produce 0. B e acon. It seems tha t which he sends to market, notwithstanding the fact that since the death of the found-as to all other produce there is free and untrammelled er of the h o use, the businesc competition has been in .the hands p f the s o ns, three 10 num b er. On the:day of the crash the A SMOKING SOli G. wo elder lbrothers were absent and in other parts of Tobacco our health doth renew, And to a ge giv e s the vigor of youth : When fanci.:s unb o ught, It brightens each thought, DEFIANCE .,., Bowe..,-__. I T\1 w.---.. NEW YO&L 8Die l'I:Qprleturs ot the followfDir'llf ..... JlrandJ: :e.nal'ICE, EL liKPHIBw, :FAIBl'APF, .roPJ'l'Bil mill UON. 8TAlrDAIID U ULIJVER, U : LBQAL TJ!)!II"DER, LONB II A1L llAIIB ROOSTBR, 'JOB PBLICAlf, PeWftO:r FAsHION, mo ,.BDI9, THE GOLJ>.!>N EAGLB. ALb3 DEALERS IN L);:AF TOBAOOO A. LICBTENSTBJN & BROTHER, M ANUFACTURERS (){' PINE CIGARS, An4 Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, l!fos. 34 aud BOWERY, NEW YORK. EST ABLXSIYED 1822. "COPIIBAGEI SNUFF,'' Manufacture d on1y by WEYMAN & BBOTHER, S e CQred Patent, December a6 18 6 5 An in m eit t on ourcop7right will be rigorotl817 proe ooute d. A. of R.icPPas, CoxGaas, and ScorcH S"u", aD4 every ll'rade of Smolr.injr T obac<:<>. M. GRBBNSl'SCKT, W'EYHAN & BRO.. .J 8 & 13 S .. TIIFILD ST:, PITTSIIUIIG, PA The Orlijal and Onl Ga:aui:as SMOKING TOBACCO. All grades of Plug and 1 wt s t 1'an ufactured with Care and Skill. Sen d f o r Price Lis t. Owing t o the unprect! d ented popularity o f the'' Durhatn" B rand o f S mokin g Toba cco, certain unprinc i pled dealers and manufacturers have been Jed t o infringe our t r a demark, and a r e imposing upon the trade, w ith Inferio r g oo d s unde r our assimulated tradem ark. N o w this is t o notice that our rights t o t h e "Durhant tt Braud hav e been fuJiy vindicate d both i n the U.S. Courts and Patent Office and all parties are hereby Wal'lled aaalnat f'a.rthur t.reapaa8. IEA.N THIS. Dealers liandltng Spurio u s Darham "wo uld d o w ell t o rtlmemb e r that like the M anuf a cture r the y respoo.sib le. T o prevent any tro uble, a nd to secure th e Genuine" Durhatnt order Blaek:w-ell'a Bull Braad fr o m the manufactw.rers. W e a r e determine d f ro m h e n ce forth t o exha u s t the la w against infringe rs upon our tra d emark. B e not decei ved. u He tha t soweth to the w ind, must reap o f the whirlwind. the country, the youngest of all being left in charge. Vford oame to him from the cashier of the bank with which they did business thl\t a:note of $3,ooo was due, and no mon ey in th e bank to meet it. The cashier would have paid it if asked to do so, or would have been ready to place even $5o,ooo to the lcredit of the firm if they shoulrl so desire. 'But the young man upon whom the responsibility rested ex pressed no such request, and nothing waS left for the cashier to do but to let the note go to protest The feet of the fiJms fa i lure to meet thisobligatioD soon be came known among the cre ditors, whose paper began te pour in with uncomfortable rapidity, so that in a few days tt.e only course left And speaks in the language of truth. Then a pipe of Tobacco I'll smoke, Indulging in pleasure to-night; Despite all the rules Of the schools of the fools Who tell us to shlHl such delight. I'll heed not, though cynics may say In smoking no pleasure is found; 1 For what can surpass A go o pipe, song, and glass, With the jest and the laugh going round ? While thus I 1p' smoking indulge ,' How swiftly the time shall gfideoy! The carescof the<; past r r To the win ds siialCbe c a s t : Ami the my eye. For smoking gives peace to the mjtfd.'' When troubles andsorrows are rife; So a vow I slialf take That f shalr noti'orsaK'e My p1pe tilltheend ofmy life; But, while I've a penny to spare, Tol:>acco I never shall want; Nor bow, like a minion, To pub 'lic opinion ; But at the folly and cant. A PAIR OF THEM for the fi.rrn was to make an aesignment, in if pos sible, to get a fresh start. Thus it was that a firm which has three and a half million assets and only two thirds that am ount of liabil ities failed for three thous The Rev. Thomas Chelly, says a writer in Cope's .Tobacco Plant, was a good man He was a Dissenting minister, and knowri and loved for his kindly simplicity an? unpretending manner. There are among Dissen ters many men who are not pleasant-coarse, bigoted who offend educated minds by their ranting v iolence; but there are many who, like our ht::ro, are fit for any society, and who are ever ready to do good those who want it, whether their wants are physical or spiritual. The little story I have to relate concern ing h i m has bot much in it; but it amused him for a very long till)e, and it may be thought not unworthy of t he n ot ice of other s mokers. For, let it be known that Mr. CheUy greatly loved the weed, and it made him a solter-natured, gentler man-and so, why should he no t ? and do!lars. Another interesting point in connection with this great failure, is thi statement that the creditors expect to be able to make goodtheir claims upon the estate itself, which is rumor ed to be worth fully seven million dollars This claim is based upon the fact that there was no notice of the dissolu t ion of partnenhip after the death of James W o od, his sons having con tinued the business without the :advertisement of any change in th e organi zarioo of the fir m On one occ:.sion he was called to preach a c h arity sermon at som e di s t a nce from home J and w a s to be lo c a ted fo r a couple of nights at the h o u s e of a gentle man of whom he h a d no knowledge whatever He VIRGINIA FARMER S O N knew by report th a t he w a s a good, kindly-natured man, V IRGI NIA ToBACCO INSPECand he h a d no doubt he shou l d be made very comforta TIO N LAws. -The Petersble. T here was only one thing that troubled himburg (Va.) Apptal reprosh o ul d he be able to get his pleasant after -supper pipe? duc e s the ac t ion o ( th e Far: At the time of t his o c currence, some th i rty years ago, mers' Con v enti o n lately i n smoking was looked upon. in a very d i fferent light to sessio n in that city: W/1ereas, what it is now; a nd mo&t reverend gent lem e n w ho i n th e undersi g n e d hav e been dulged in the wee d did i t very qu ietly-and qui t e r ight appoi nted by the Far-th ey wer e t do it so. Ther e-could be no earthly use mers' Council" which as t n anno un c ing their habits from the house-top, if su c h sembled at Petersburg o n announcement w ould offend their flock. B e cause Mr. th e27th o f Novembe r, r87 z, Robins on d isagrees with Mr. Jones it is no reas o n to a committee to con s ider suppose that Mr. J o nes is wrong o n every point that the laws for t he inspecti0n Robinson does not like. If Robinson is sensible he of t ob a cco in this State, will take his 1 own p a th, and not go shouting over to and on behalf of the plant-Jones to aggravate him. to rec o mmeod to the Suppose you-you, I mean--choos e to go to bed in Legi s lature of Virginia su c h yowr overcoat and spectacles-it is a harmless habit, amendments and addit i ons and no one need trouble about it; but if rou go down to .the l aws now ir.1. force as the street knocking at doors a:nd ringing a:t bells to tell shall be. most likely to propeople about it you are seriously to blam e. teet at once the interest of Our reverend hero, however, hoping that things "D"EB"DCS & SPIESS l the planters and inspectors. might turn out favorably, put his pipe and some tobacco And Whereas we have been in his pocket, and set out on his journey. Manu. l'actu:rers of'. Pi:aa informed that th_ e Legisla-He arrived at the house of Mr. Harper in the after a--tlire has already repealed so noon, a n d had a ve_!Y pleasant tea with that gentleman &lilt.& _. e ,_ .4 8 ID.&'tA, much of the 16th secti o n of and his family. He in his host a hearty, wa.-.afii'IU1l!l &A atMIA4' "V.11AV chapter8 7 of the Code of liberal spirit, and found him to be a man of good sen s e, "31) BOWERY, NEW YORK. 186o as allows the deducexcellent health, and capital appetite. After tea they Looia SPttOo. tion of eight 1 pounds from went to m e eting of "body" to '11-hich Mr. Chelly each hog shead in ascertainbelongea, and on the1r return supped as pleasantly as ing its net weight, therefore they had teaed. Some time was spent after sup we r e spectfully recommend per in ed,ifying discourse, and then the good lady o f the t o your honorable body the h ouse retired to rest, leaving the gentlemen irl posses following sections in addisloHed in this co"*f, aDd in aoma inalalloe eon-IDI Ulal ll ftJ per cent of Llqoorlee. 'l'o SD.ur e muutactu: rerS obtal..ldug Pa:re a ad Oeaatae FLB IRR MF AOC VB FGC GZ 0 ( 'rhe7 o h ould addrel' o their ol'dero \G the undera!ped in New York, who lloole agen t tn the Ul'll.te d lit otes. l!'rom this tiDe forward l h e abov e brllllda oC Liquorice 1: a few minAgr. Society, while in fact it was from our own purse utes when he heard a v10Ient sneeze Immediately below This by the way, and we would not have adverted to it,_ his window. This him a bit, so 'he but this subject of horse manure has brought to our popped h i s reverend liead : and shoulders ou to see side ration a remark made in one of the. essays on what was the matter. t ? bacco which ,did not receive t he prize, but was con" What! Ye s There it was sure enough-stdered so excellent a 1 treatise on the subject .of the smoke-a calm, peaceful cloud hanging round the op.en culture of the plant, that we published it in the March. window of the room he hadrece h tly quitted, which was and April Nos. of the Fa1m e r of 1851, vol. 6 In situated immediately oelew his owll; and there was tqe making the plant-J;>eds1 :Mr. W. I. Blackiston, o St. elbow of host and the bow L of a long pipe ooth Mary's Co., Md., the writer of the essay, gives his own.., -resting peacefully on the window sill. experience, which had v,ery_,successful. 7 It was too mudl for h1m. Before he knew, what he "''Apply a lf?:ul o( mpst rece.ntl.y raised stabla was at, he gave vent to a gentle "ha! ha! ha I Jhomanure to..folir lhllidtcd sql!are yard s upon tne ther Harpu, I see you. Ha! ha! ha !" _. ..' and seed o ne table!poonful oi, to Ol:!e hundred This i mmediately brought out the head of t _he :!l'nd then pat with tJ.le : hoe To. sciousl f guilty Harper, who looked up m some the manure the stabl es $hould be dean of all alarm ; but, tb,"ano b er\oJo there" was his re\<"itend seeds, and then Jiftfred' 't{lit/ /Jwneaf sfTaW,' the Ilar,sesf doing himself. "Oh that's i t," said the f o od during r.r ? cess __ shqul abe wliea,t straw., host, "that'& It, 1s 1t? Ha ha lia come down, come th e1r manger-food corn. Keep the manure free from down, sir rain and sun until used upon the and then equally So, down he went, an I these two smokers mindistributed over the surface with the: hand.'' Although gled their clouds and confessed their mutual fears the object ef Mr. B. was to avoid the weed seeds, yet of exciting ana' over a glass of Mr. Har. the value of the horse dung for the peculiar wants p er'!; ..CPI"P.f91it h'ty ;rigfueowl'y< me r ry, an '!ere of t p e plant. was, no doub_ t, one o( the gref!t causes of two of eve:r afterward 'It. -,L. -, .... TC)BACCO cU:.LT'D'RE _;-) __ SOUTH. Reference has been-made in these disp a tChes to a We prom i sed, says the Bal i111ore Americdn Farmer claim of Hon. John W. Douglas, Commissioner of 1m for Ma ch, i n our last to give in this number the mode ternal Revenue, before the Comlnitt"ee of Cbims of the of culture of some of our Southern planters-but if Mr. H<:>us e of its nature having been White's ideas a re -corr e c t u p on the subject (and they therem 1t _wlil be necessary to it at are fully corroborated by others in his section, whoselength. grew o?t of\ emstateinents-a re ''Defore us), in the whole matter' as ""to bezzlement of by .J uhus Degmeter, the deputy o( quanlily'";ibe" entire success is based uP<>n''the amourif Mr. C?llector of Internal: Re\'enue to. and quality of tlle manure applied, and the attention the .Nu;1eteenth o f paid to the cultivation-and as to quality, this may 'be was md1c1ed an:d tned, .el c.aped Plll!lSltment Oil. ac.: .(. influenced in some measure by the peculiar soil which count. of of hm1tat10ns Mr. White describes in one of his numbers. And it is The mvesttgatlon by the Commttt'ee' of Claims6 it'D" :.:, here we wish to make a point. In theN. E. Hom e stead, under. authority of a. resolution introduaii 1:ly !Cr. Hol..' r published in the tooacco region of the Connecticut man, I.n second of the last giving the Valley, the success of the efforts of the planters is thus comm1ttee to send and summed up: By the cultivation of tobacco we -"have an d was mamly devoted to-the mvest1gat1on of certalil added -much to the wealth of the peo' ple. When we made by the New York Sun in March last, commenced, the farmer was badl}"'iA deN; his buildings wh1ch were to th_e effect that Mr. Douglass was were p o f,:_His_ r s urrou !l' din'gs were not what they are toaccomphce of Degme1ec, and the ph!'nder. day. How c ]1;1nged 1s eyery thing. Comfort and even fhe matter was refered to a conStstmg ol luxury; are observable on every Irand Education and Messrs. Holman, Freye and Foster, which, just before keep pace with the thrift hat exists in our the close of _the maoe a towns, and theman is oetter morally, who is in a thrivto the of thetr too latei however> ing, co-mfortable Here then is the result, for any action to be taken 'I he report, after a full and Mr. White and others show that this success is statement of the case, concludes as iollows : attained by the application of an abundance of manures. The ev i dence being now on file, your committee fee l. Our corre5pondent goes further in h i s second paper, and that a g:neral statement of facts rand conclusions will. thus classifies the means of such great returns-"the be _sufficient. It appears that Mr. Douglass was ap first requisite is g11od manure and plenty of it; the second, pomted In.ternal Revenue the Nine ma nure ; joined with this, suitable soil," etc. The great teenth of Pennsylvam:am 1862, and. object then i s to obtain the good manure, and we are held the posltlon r86?. That m the Fall of told by another write r in the N. Y. Sun, that at one x86. 2 he emplo>:ed sa1d Degme1er as a clerk; that De&_ t ime the peculiar mode of ra.ising su c h fine quality and meier's was _repro. ach; he had the l a rge quanti t y of crops, was a secret, and that one farmer confi d ence of thl! !n wh1ch he l .1ved to .ll: re who had learned the &ecret sold his crop l a st year at 7 5 markable de11ree, ?CCuJ?ymg posltlona; cts and f,1 a pound. It i s added: th a t he remamed m sa1 d office unt1l August, 1865, and. "He realized we think about f,jo ooo for a crop which tha t during this period there were discrepancies in the: cost him no in i ts and care than ll accounts ; that being to suspect Degmeier,. simil a r crop of corn would h a ve cost The secret is M r Douglass chargedh1m w1th that he s i mple enoug h an d i s 110 longer a11y s ecret It is merely c o n fes se d guilt, and i n the of the Col. to t ake poo r soil, say of a half sandy half g ra ve lly loam, he suj)posed, suffic1ent secunty for the defatany thing of a generally poo and leac hy nature, a n d fill havmg do!l. e so he was allowed to the it with hor s e -stable m a n ure. On s uch worthl ess soil,. a:ountry as he alleged, for the purpose of ratsmg tha: properly broken and mad e fine the highest priced t o mo!_ie y ; was to bacco is grown By the won drou s c h em i s t ry of nat ure : s a ga! n...Lag l un ret'!rned, was arrested, tned ancL hid d e n proce sses, the hors e-stabl e f e rtilizer makes the dtscharged .on the techmcal gw?nd_ that the prosecutio11 silk y leai so highly prized in the tobacco m a r ket as the w as barred by the sta}ute of hm1tatwns; that his .prop, be s t wrappers for filler s o r any other form o f e r t y pledged as secunty was sold,'and the proceeds ac cigar Since th e Am e ricans quite as much as the ted for to the Treasury that thera was Dutchmen, the Spaniards, or the ::rurks, ha'! e become a the n a defic1t of_$3,000 or $4,ooo, :wh1Ch Mr. Douglass nation of smokers, this fact of the superiority of the subsequently pa1d; that the cred1tors of Degmeier in wrappe r leaf grown in the Conn e cticut River valley stituted proceedings Mr. Douglass; claiming a ssumes i mportance to the farmers of thiil regien. The that he had more of Degme1er s property lban would increase of the tobacco culture has bro ught the stable cove! the deficit; that the judginent ;1. full hearing fertilizer into great demand, and all sorts of prices are favor of Douglass Your : paid for it. Hundreds of tons of it are brought to Glas -F trst, that there 'Yas l!'o evidence of ne&hgence on the ten bury and E ast Hart ford, and to this city, in vessels part of Mr. Doug1ass m the employment of :1'4r. .. load e d at the N e w York docks. E a st Hartford last year meier, nor in the retaining of him in hi5 office. Second -paid out $s:z ooo for stable manure from New York alone. that t?ere is 110 evidence o f any complicity or One farmer in that town not long ago bought a tract of colluswn of r Mf::. Douglass '.f.hml, that there 1 lf no almost worthless land along Silve r Lane, for ab out evidence1of any fradulent inrent or purpose on the part seven or eight dollars per acre, and went into the toof Mr. Douglass. Fourth! th:;t the a llegations contained bacco.Faising bus i ness He now refuses $8oo an acre m the New Y ork agamst Mr. Douglass are in no for it." This proves the correctness of Mr. White's eXre spect sustamed m tile sl :ghtest degree, and are en p e ri e nc e w herein he say s that land that would produce ti r ely without fou11dation in fact in truth. Fifth, that not more than five bushels 0f rye, can be made to yield if there has been any error or m1stake made by Mr. r8oo to :zooo lbs of tobacco. At tlie risk of takin g up D o u g lass, it consisted_ in not at once prosecuting his dc:-to'b mu c h space with this subject", we c an n o t refrain from f<1;ul ting as an examp!e and warning to the follow extracts from an a ddress before the S1x th th1tt m all the proceedmgs and aU the ev1dence F r anklin Co. Institute of Mask by Mr. Crafts, in wh_ ich submitted and facts brought to their attention, there ia he stated that m i 85d tEe amount of t b bacco grown in n o thin g tending to the conclusion 'that Mr. Douglass is th a t State. was 138 ,246 lb s ; in r86o it was incre ased to n o t a high-minded, faithful ; and ho no rable public officer 3 223 198 lbs and in r87o it must h a v e rea:ched 6,ooo,-R e f e rring you to the evidence subm itted herewith, you r I b s. which probably sole\ at a n aver a ge of 20 cts per c_o mmit t e e a s k_to be from futher conside(a lb. m'aking the sum of $1,2oo ooo. The vast increase twn o f the sub;ect matter submitt e d to them. is attributed to the man ure used and upon thi s Mr. lSigned.) WM. P FREYE, 11 Crafts says : CHAS. FOSTFR. "In the applic a t ion of fertili.zers, care s h o uld be t alien in thei r selection (when we h'!-ve them to purchase) to get those manures that are r ich in the el e rrierrts o t n e crop we wish t o produce. You will therefore pardon me i f I say a few words in reference to the value of some of our manures for the production o f tobacc o F i rst in the list that we will ment i on is horse manure ; this contains about 23 parts of combu s tible \ matter(?) and yields about 5 lbs. of ash. Of this ash there is abowt t 2 per cent. of potash, from 4 to 5 per cent lime, 2 of soda, 4 of magnesia, and phosphoric acid. Thus we see that there is ill the ash of horse manure about one-fourth part of alkaline matter, or salts, and more than one-tenth of phosphoric acid, the very thing we n eed to apply for tobacco. Cow manure, on the other hand7 conta i ns 2 .91 potash, a bout 5 per cent. of lime, no soda, no magnesia, and no phosphoric acid. One cord of horse manure contains about 20 lbs. Of the other al kaline salts-lime, soda and magnesia, and about 22 lbs. of phosphoric acid So if we a p pl y 10 cords of horse manure to the acre, we are really supplying 28o lbs. of potash, 200 lbs. of the other alkaline salts, and about 290 lbs. of phosphoric acid. Wi t h such a dressing we need have no fears about our soils deteriorating I ought to say that I do not undertake to vouch that these figures are I have stated the amounts in round number s and in some of my data I may be wrong; if so, we have wrong c o nclusions, and p e rh a p s wrong conclu sions from gave a piece of twist tobacco up, and said he had. no more. But on being seached two other pieces wereo found on him; concealed in the lin i n g of his coat He said in defence that his wife, before ileaving h o me had given him one piece and he presumed she must ltave cGn cealed the other pieces. Bo t h prisoners were committed. to twen t y-eight d a ys imprisonment, to commence at the' expiration of the t ime for which they were committed.for contempt.

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    THE TOBACCO LEAF. MAR(JH 26 HOYT & CO., lllA""UFACTURF.RS Ol' Fine ,Cut Chewrng and ., SMOitll'fG TOBACCOS & SNUFF, OUil BRANDS CHEWING, IUNNYiiDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. <11104 and fo6 Pearl St.. New York City. SBOIIAS HOYT, Tobacco Manufacturers. JOHN ANDERSON i, CO., MANUFACTURERS OF THE SOW .un DTm TOBACCOS 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, Beg to dif'eet the attention of the Dealers in Tobacc o lhroughout the United States omd the World to their SOLACE FINECUT. C!n:'WING TOBACCO, which is befog once more maaufactured under the immediate aupervialon C>f the originator, MR. ANDERSON, aad now Blando, u formerly, without a rival. Orcleta fonrarded through the aaoal c;bannelo wiU meet witQ prompt attentioe. I'Ko. 1'. rz.Aa:a, MANUI'ACTURI:.R or ALL GR.ADJ:S 0' (Jut 6htnriug, lmottug, ad Scaualatetl TOBACCO HARVEST" Sc "SVRPRISE IN rOll IVANHOE Sc JOLLY BOYS SMOitly o n h and. OOIEZ & lRGUIIIBAU, 2t & 31 SOUTH WILLIAM mEET and Sticks. G.S. w.s. F.W.S. Sterry Extra. P. S. Baraoco and Pign&tella. De Rosa. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Powdered Licorice. Gum Arabic. Olive Oil, 'Tonqua BeaDS, AID ALL SPECIALITIES FOR TOBACCO IIANUFACTURERS Patent Powdered Licodoe. eaver & IMPORTER.S, TObACCO GATTUS & RUETE : No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. EDWARD 'DREYER, TOBACCO BROKER_ 46 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. J. S. CANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, No, 86 WALL STBEBT# TOR'In: BUILDIB'G, NEW YORK. fHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO BROKhR 1'19 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Up Stairs. BlltNEY BB.OS., ....... llldlilalnllllclara ot ViriDit Leaf and Navy Ckewin[, Nc, cEDAR STREET. ,_ I ........... 07 rowoaaan CHARLI:;S F. OSBORNE, JAMES G OSBORNE, -2"obacco Broker, Diao Cigars, and Cigarettes, 2(o, 14t1 'We.t Broachva:ve .EW YOR t. ilRS. B. MILLER & CO., 'robacco :.Manufactory, (PETER D. COLLINS,'T) ; F .INEST QULITV. IH(JM'#I PJvg D._, f!lftvjf, 8Rvfl F!ovr, ....,, liU:NUPAOTORY AND BALlllliBOOH, CuRNER OF AVENUE 0 AND TENTA STREET: New York Clt1. :VINCENT L. COOK, Manufacturer of all kinds of Manufactured at Pougilkeepsie, New-'York. GIFFORD, SHERMAN & JNUIS 120 WILLLUlSTREE'"i, (i6-67 Manufacturers CHAS. BONDY -: ILUIUPACTVItU Or -.,, Jlo. M BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. M. RADER & SON, lobacco lrokttJl, I 23 Pearl Street, MISCELLANEOUS. LICORICE. MASS AND STICK, ITALIAN SPANISH, GREEK, TURKEY AND SICILY, FOR !!!ALB BY HENRY M. MORRIS, Importer .Jl_tent /or the U. S. and Ca'lf-rula, No. 73 Water Street, and 1 9 Old &Up, NE'W YORK. (lJJRT'l'FI()A'l'IIB &om the leading Vanufaetnrera in Viqima, North Ouolilla1 llisaouri, Indiua, Dlinoie, Ohio, ll8W' York, cmcl OMada. ..... M:ISCELLANEOJJS. WM. DEMUTH & CO. T H S SOLB NANUFAf;TUlt&RS OF _-..... .. BB.IA.R AND APPXaii-WOOD PIPES, WITH HUBEER MTS, of alllrlnds of Smokers' Ariiciea. SFiOW FIGUREs;Ill' METAL AND WOOD, A SPBCIALTY. No. 403 BROA.l)W 4Y_, "' NEW TURK, SCHlJI[ACHER & E'rl'LDfGER, ROBERT OHMSTEDT, CODIBSlOH VJRDRA'ft Warranted Superior Powdered LioOrioe. Praetical LitJI.opoaphen, IMPORTER. OF f atiaarJox and lriUUtting.Hama Leaf Tobaa ud Cilm, (fJ' I Klllullchm ot CJpra ot Rpll'lar ?ntll'A ,_ ON HAND. New Deai!n made to order. ABAJQ LJU, 15 MlJRRA Y STIQ:ET. NEW YORK. 32 PLATT STREET, NEW YORK. J4COBY a CO., KTROPOLITAJ 07, 209 & 211, Pearl St., N. Y SOLE UIIIIFACTURERS I OF Til CILIIIIATED' A IVBBAI CIGIIS. o CUAI CITTIB. .. CA.RD,-WE b e g t o Inform tbetrado that we are the Sole Manufaet1lfl!nl olthe far-f amed lhnlla Cigars, and having l earne d that other parties contemplate imitating them and eubetitatlng of" inferior quality grown in thi!! country, therefore we caution the publlc not to purcha-.e kanHa C!gan n o t bearlnr our trade mark o n the box es. S. JACOBY &: CO. HENRY WULSTEIN, (lwuou: Co -..... $ Dt.. feo, J "' Q) .5 .t: () "tJ $ ::E i o ::::s () rt-() $ ..c 0 1Avenue, BrooklyD, Coanaatl:y oa Raad the Belt Raad aad Steam Maebble t'oir CttiDtr a ad Graaal&ttns Tolaaeeo. F. HEPPENHEIME!! & CO., For Tobacco ar;d Cigare .. A larp &JISOrtment conotantiy an hand and p ri med t o order. liS & U Jlorth William Street. Be,. York. 'WM. ZIKSSIIB. A Co.: MANUJ'ACTURI:R..S OJ' .. TOBACCO SEALING WAk. .t 97 Columbia Street, NEW YORK,: FINE-OUT CHEWING AND SMOKINC TOBACCO. PZJtTB -A N D DltALlUt IX -...... ,DER &ESTABROOK, NEW YORK. No. 7 Commercial Street, Boston, D lUJ&S IN DRUGS, PAINTS, Bte., 18!1 William St., New 1rork. JUlmi'Aet'UDJ18 o 'l'lD C!:LUU'fU> llN. G. ii. iLiller & Co. Chew ing and Smoking !.he-only Genuine American Gentle ;man Snull' ; Jlftl. G B. !diller & Co .ld:accaboy Snull'; A. H. Mickle & Sene' Forest Factory and S alesroom l59 LtrnLOW STREET, 'NEW !OBX, robacco Baggtng Leaf' Tobacco, -M BOWERY, NEA.B. NEW YORK. -... rouiCCOBROiER. SOLE INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS. The Original Interaal Revenne Pnbllshlnc HCo JOURGENSEN, 1luae an, l Grape Tobacco; ld:re. G. B. ld:iller l'lomoklng and Chewing TobCICIO. WAll ordero promptly execut.ed. F. A. GOETZE & BRO. IU.JlliP.cTUBDI o:r TOBACCO & SNUFF. ANHAJTAN TOBACCO WORKS, 111 WaaldDftlm Street, DW TO:U. AND BACICIIKG MATIIB.IAI., Of L o w .Pri c e s for Cash. SPANISH FANCY STRIPES Bleached and [;,bl eached S heetings, Twiue a n d Thread, D as fo1 T r aveling Bags, Bl anke ts llviapo, 0 o ttoa Bag g i ng, C arpets M a t ting .and Dry G o od s tJenciaH y ANDREW J .'RSTER & CO., Nu, 103 Chamber& S treet, New Y o rk_ FRID. BNGELBACB. latkaltsale l:nbaua Jaust, CAMPBELL" LANE i, CO. Jro. 21 saTB AVENuE, NEW YORK ,.. IIANUdCTURERS OP ARllar .um !>U'OT <> rDBACCO AID CIGARS, F. H. BiKGhol Celebrated Smoking hbaeeo .AJSuccessor to RoBITCHEC K & TAU SSI G, JlAllrO'll' ACTll'B.Ell. OF 64 Broad street, New York, F ACTORY, NO. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYII, M anufactur e r s of the f ollo w ing Wangler & Hat.a, BRIAR, CHINA & LAVA PIPES, :WANU FACTUR!t'R ex' IMPORTERS CREWIRG ': AND SMOKING CELEBRATED BRANDS OF TOBACCOS Fine German and French Fancy and ChiDa Goods, AND TOYS, 91 CHAMBERS ST. AND 73 READE ST., tOBACCO. AND CI&ARS, J Sixes, Cheroots, DELANCEY STREET, = NEWYORK, er of the followlnr Brandsef KJLLJCKJNJCK: the U, So Baae BaR. Wbaelaeater. Vlrlfbllia Leaf'> LyoiiUo Greel&a Beu. .............. t. Iii Planet Navy, t s )ls, 3 s 41, s s 6s 7s, &, 98, tea. Sailor's Choice, IS, )is, 3St r s s 6s 75, Ss, 9'St roe ChaJJenge, lbs. King Pbilip, Washington, }ts Grape and .Apricot D ouble "'Thick, brt. drk. Unconquered, N eptune, "AC ME" Faucy Brt. Maggie Mitch. e H Pouns, Narragansett, T e cv.mseb,tos Alexandra, Pee rlell!l Sens aUon, Palm, Flounders, Saratog;a, Buchanan, t06, Prlde Of the J ack of C lubo WILLlAM .AVID Co LYAl.}.. BIGHl,ANDER TOBACCO WORKS, ( NO. 148 WATER!ST NEW YORK. lOIIW P. DINCEE\ 'FREY BROS, & 00. 1Jorn e1 a!Hl Lewh Streets. lanlfactnrern of FINE CIGARS 1'and c:.oMMissaoN MERCHANT. D al Le f T b 31' ANISS: CEDAR, e ers m a. o A,., ... L 126 Chambers St., New York EDWARD A. SMITH, I MANUFACTURER OF Pine Sesars, o 11 Bowery, YORK. LOUIS t Manufacturer of PINE CIGARS, ;And Dealer In FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. KRAFT a. HOFFMEISTER, 8Doe8810J'8 to A LORENZ, llon11taeturen of an -e 11-ot7le ot METAL AND WOOD SHOW CASES. Patented April 23d and Aug 12th 1862, 13 NORTH WILLilll ST., N. Y. OITY All kinds of Leaf and M:annfactnred To baa, !02 Nassau St., N.Y. CHARLES A. WULFF, Lithographer, Printer, and llanufactnrer o 'f BBAII VIEW OP 'lBB IDGIILABDEII TOBACCO WORU. L. L.ARMISTEAD, Proprietor, Lynchburg, Va tonowlng hlghl;y popular brand a a r e Monu rac tnred"" theoe Worka and p aeked In t.lle mOll! opptOwed ._lea, vis. : tJeeldental, Highlander, Cuban&. Al&lelb.. Ut:er Dick 'J.'at.r. .Bed Rover, Reveaa.e, Rot or Joe, bealdeat Suecial Br.a.ada. rucoeM of thr M brands baa r endered .at n e c"'ts&ry to iDOl"6&Be aad tm .. JPfO" tho Ji oo of machfne ry, an d to bnll 82Wal1St., A GENT OF THE MOS T AC CRED ITE D MANUFACTORIE S OF THIS C I TY, HAS ALWA YS O N HAND THE F OLLOWING CLBAII.HAVBA CIAIIS. 111.\DE O F THE BEST YUEL TA. ABAJO : 1 CLEAR H.A V ANA CIGARS. !P. 0. 80l,.44ll.l 82Wal1St., IMPORTE R OF THE BIST UVBA CI&AI HAS ALWAYS ON HAND THE FOLLOWING BRANDS: He;ur.r.: Cla77NO:s' PLUS Ul'RA REG .. U.l:AB, LONDKE B ENTREA01'0S, Efu F1or d..I l'lunar-REGALTAS, COJII'CIIAB LI l.l1:NO S, l\ELNA YIOTORUS, ETC, .. lnthatdad:-REGALIA DRITANICAS, CON ---.::IIAll, Ere. D E .PR E N SADOS, PRDI"CESAS FINAS, DAMAS, POUR J.ES AllATEURS, LONDRES, ETC Flor Fumar. p are>:: Legttimada.d-REINA V ICTORIA, coNcru.s, REINA VIC TOR!A .................... IMPERIALEB, ETC. l REGALIA D R!TANIC A .................. 120. \ o CON C H AS..... ......... . .. .. .. .. .. .. 7Ho 80 PartajpuJ-nll'ERIALES, R E G ALIAS, LON SUBLIM E S ..... .,... ................... ... -to 55 DREll, Rnti:V AB, ETC, KON .. .... $ E.oepcl--JOC]{E"!' C LUB LONDR.ES, REGA REGALIA DRITANICA ... ... .. .. .. -130 LIAB, ETC REINA V ICTO RIA .......... ..... ..... : 130 ..,.____ CONCHAS D E REGALIA ..... ........... 75t o 86 ...-.......... tep-LONDRE S, lllPERI,ALES E NTRE A CTOS ....................... . G 5 SPORTS, CONCHAS. S U BLI.MI::S ...... Cinto D.ul,&S, O!'ERAS, )lEG ALIA DRITANICA ... .. ... $1U t o $ 1 3 0 C ........ ..... .. abarga.-LONDRES l: 'INAB, DAJ[AB,OPERAS, Espanola. ETC FLOR DE P RENS ADOS .............. ... $ 7 0 to 72 Flor de M:ariaa-C .AZADORES, BREV AS, C ON J,.ONDHES DE C O R TE............. .... ... -6 J CHAS ETC. .. p rt Aguila de Oro-PRINCE SAS FIN.AS, RFGALIA a agas. DE LA R:EI N A, R E INAll liE ESP.L'fA LOND RES .................................. $SO t o 85 Rosa de santiago. LONDRES,HEDIA., nEG.A.LlA. ETC CONCH A S ...................... .... ... ..... $ 1 0 t o ) 5 Villar -y VillarREGALIA DEL R EY RE- Ritica. GALlA COHHE JL FAUT, ............................... C6 LONDRES, ETt.. CONCHAS ........... ............. ....... GO .J"uaa CoDill-CON CHAS LONDRES CORRI-. Upmann. ENTES. J,ONDRE S FIN OS........................ $ 80 C AZ.ADORE$ ... ... ........................ H O YqeJUiidad-C ONCHA S REGALIAS, ETC. REGALIA BlUTANIO A...... ............. La REG ALIAS ETC. REGALIA LONDRES................. .... 1.0 Carolina M:enaapro-REGALIA DE LONDRES, CON rR E INAll ......................... : .. 7J CHAS,LONDRES,ETC. P ERAl:l ...... ......... .............. FlordeSaatiaco-OONCBAS,ETC. INFANTES............................. ... o10 .Flor de B.oma,.-REGALIA, LONDRBI! OON-LONDRES PRENSADOS ...... ......... $ 7 6 CBAS, HEDIANOS. LON:QRESDE CORTE ......... ............ 5 6 to 50 All Orders Cor other Brands be .Ul Orders Cor otberBrallds will be Promptly lUte ... ed to. Promptly lUtended to; SOL S:Ucc.&SIOR TO II:STIK 4' SMITH It CO., :P. 0 Boz 6,o86. 17 LIBI:::RTY ST .,:N. Y, Books, u reqnlred ""' law, for lAd Tob.ooe Deal-Cigar and Tobacco and otbera. !rand!nr Irons and SteDclla a Of for PJ1oea J:. H TYREE, II.MIIIIDI MEICHAIT1 .............. n. .... .. ...... -................. __ ......... ., U ftJU.GGO. THE GERMAN CIGAR PACKERS' SOCIETY, Jteopect:l'ully infonn the Cigar Mann{acturers of tbe United States that the y are now able to fill II orders for first-class P ac kers w ith Members of their APPLY TO STORE, 202 l, B LICHTENBERG, U. ,8. 'Wqrk&. llallalac-. of Fine Cut Chewing Tobacco, KlaJa. FREDEIUCK EB'D'Sil, Manufacture r of all Sizes and Style o t SHOW CASE& IN KETAL AND WOOD "07 All.ll:li.OOKB: 1711 Oh&t!lam Street &Dd 19 lll'ortb WtWam Bt., !fEW YOBlL SPENCER'S PATENT PLUG TOBACCOt MACHINE, '-"' MANUFACTURED BY HARRISON. & -("J 29 BROADWAY,_ NEW YORK CX'rlt. co.,

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