The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


Subjects / Keywords:
Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Libraries believes that the Item is in the Public Domain under the laws of the United States, but a determination was not made as to its copyright status under the copyright laws of other countries. The Item may not be in the Public Domain under the laws of other countries.
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T29-00382 ( USFLDC DOI )
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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i ,... lht' IDbattG ; IS PVBLISHBD ftllt WIDDID.&.t KOUDTII Jt m !01101 WJ PUILISJING MP'I, 14SI Fulton 8t., New York. i. JIBBli.T HAlt- lMtto. CllLA.WT As an adertlolng mod-. where It Is desired to r-eacb the Cifla,r and Tobacco Trade not only .,( thla but forefgu Countrleo,lt I the -t attaia-able. ... All lettele1 E. 113 Water Cllockley A D. 168 Pearl. Colell H .,, Water. Coaoolly 4r Co., fS Y/ ..... C..wford E. M. a Co., Wator. DaYI4aoo Bro., Dohu, Carroll lr Co. Froat. Euaene, 75 l'r!"' Wm. ,,a-water JIDie)bacb, F. 11 sPtlo A-. l'alk & Bro. G, 17< Watao l'atmao & Co;, 7" aocl7 llfNL trox. ;om. a: co., u l'laher It Ruot, us Jl*eo Lue. l!'rWmao & 147 Wator l'rlend & Co., E ... G.,.,., Maldeto Laae, G&rdloer. J M & r.o., If FtoDt. a.rtla D J Soa & Co., '" Peul. GaMt }. L .t Bro., a6o Water. Oenhel L. & B Pearl. XcFall lr JJ M-J lladd'IIX Broe., 138 Water. Kaitlal>d Robert L. 4r Co., 45 _._ &r JobaaoD, 166 Wate<. )byor Joeeph, Scois. au Water. Meye< A 0. L & 0., 43 Bea .. r. 11-ser T H. &rOo,. 161 and LaDe Morris. "1'1. Jl.1 19 Old :>lip and 13 Water. Norten, Slaqllter & Oo., 41 llro&4. ()atmaD Alva, 166 Wte OUJ.ncer Brothers 119 Pearl. Palm.ez &: Sco'fille, 110 Water. l'aalitoch M., 173 Water. l!'rlce Wm: M a Co., "9 Maiden ()uiD, J. p &r Co.!"-Bri>acl. Read & Co., 19 0 d SI\p. ltelam&Da, G. &: Co., 179 Pearl. Jt.o.ea.baQDl, A S. & Co. 16:1 Water. Booeawald, E. lr Bro., 143 W-. Salomon. S Pearl. S..,..,-, Wallace &-Co, 47 BroM. Scheider, Joseph, "' nart. Sc:lunltt & SWinec:ke, 6 Fletcher. Schroeder & Boo, Wat". Sct.ubat H & Oo., 146 Water Seltlg' SoDa S., 169 Froot. Speacer, Broe & CO., 75 llaidell Laae. !iour, Cbarlea T., 18g S opm, E. & Co., S BuriiDtr Slip. n..: eo., 1" Daane Straltm>.& Storm, 191 Pead. Strollo il Relue .. teln, 176 Froot. T ... Cllarlea F. lr Son, FroDtTatcenhoral. F. W., 68 Broad., Vettedein & Bock, 6 Cedar Upmun, Carl, 188 Pearl. Westhetm, M. & Co., 177 Pearl. 'Wrlrht. E. M, & Oo., 39 Broad. TobtUilJJ Brdu1 CattGs &; t'9_PearL Dreter Edward 46 Beav e r 'Fiocher Cbas. E. Ill lilro., IJI Water. 1G..,., J. S & Soo, 86 Wall. P., 179 Pearl. ()aborue, Chari .. l! ., 34 Broad. Rader M. & Son, 123 P e arl. Shac k A. Kaiften Lame M/Actrers of ToHa.. Anderson John & Co .. u4, u6 and 117 Liberty. Boody Cbas. 5 3 Bow e ry. Buchanaa & Lyall, 54 Broad. Buchner D, Cook Vin cent L. 159 Ludlow Fla&'g J, F. t74 Front r..,.,. v H-n. JlaryJ'red'k .. Co., so B.l(.,._,...r T. H ... Oo. 161 -den t..e -.,.E. E. 6a Wall. C/IIJ Pi,... Batter H. Broth..-, 71 w&w Demth WDL & Go., 4"J B ........ ,. Ah.Jtwr" of Brir Pit< il r.,.,.,, of S..llMeo InsjMditm: Hooclleoa W. ] 4r Co., 15 WhitehalL Tobuto p,..,.,_ O.tllrle 2:15 Froa.t.. Jl''",.'"' o:f Cir ......... Heakell Jacob, ".,S Jlooroe. n--'" Wick 'IVU!Iam lr c.,., 159 1r ,5, ..,.,.,....... 01:' B.,, CIUr tlotAlw11. Cramer G., I Fraoklla. 3p6s Eaat FoUrth. Paper tJIIIi Bgs. Hewlett Broo ,.,. F11ltoo. lrOo., IllS cu-... r.-.. &-t> c-.tllw. Jluaoalactvh'l' Oo., 7 Pork Place. Or MMdtl Pn tl 8tr"t Brown A. lr F., 117 Lewis. MAf-,.. 41 .u.., C.... Kraft" Hoft1a.W., IJ N!rth Wllllua. Kruoe Frederick, Chatham and 19 Norda Wllliem. 'Lf Ftnuu R.,,;., CirlllfWtls. Jlllllngtoll T. lr .lkkmeyer, Sole A.jrellto, .SBnood ........ Gem>ao-Amell<:aa, cor. Broad-y aDd Oodu. ooJ.. H .. y J.-...h,-Broadw ilff HarriooD aDd Co., ., Broadway. Rntmw BtHJ.!z. JoQJ"geGOOII, C. 37 Liberty. ALBAl'ITY X, Y. Gre" Sou, S. Broad-y: A.LLEGH.&KY CITY, Pa. M.lznlljMtrtrl '' l!%tdsior 8p Roll ... ] eolr.inoon B .t W. II.&.LTIKOB.E. I Tohto lrrrlt .. sn. Albrecbt & Schroder, 18 German. Beck & Hayen, 6o South Ga.J<. Bolenba .. "G. H.,. Oo., ""' w .. t Ptatt. Boyd W. A. & Oo., 5i South. reoel W and Co., .J7 Gay Gleal Lombanl. Paul Wm., 17 South. Booeufeld &. A:.Oo 53 Excbange Pla<*-8cboeder Joo. It Co .. 8 Excbanp Place. Wilken & Klier, 6g South Charles. Wloclua.eJer Ed. & Co. 49 South Chari. Tobuco F__,_ Gle&lr.e i: Niemann, '78 South ChorleS: Hawkins & Oo., 43 West Lombasd. Hofl'man, Lee & Co., 63 Exchanr e Place. Rtcard, Leftwlcb 16 6'} Ea:cbange Place! Watts, G. 8 4l" Co 6t E x change Place. ManfactMrcrs, !klgner F W., 90 and 9> South Ohorlel. Marb>UJ Brothers, 145 to 1.49 S. Charloa St. Wilkens H. & Oo., 181 W est Pratt, MAufactrerl f Cigtul, Guth Go.stave, 55 German. P11dm of s,J.L5 W..t 8ecoacL M-af_r,., r.,.rtm ,.tl Du/w1 ;. Ol:n Krolul, Feloa 4 53 "We.t Fo11rth. Lowlhal B Oo 111 Weot Tblrd. Straner & Oo.,.t, walaut Well, Kalu>l: eo.. IJ4 Jlalll. L<".{ Tob-Broll17 llbte. BOPK.IXSVILLE, KJ" TobM< BroAer, Jeaup Jameali:. l'eadrlcb Fraocla. LIVEBPOOL; Eq. lim ,.the!'. W.,,. NorthJoho. LOVUVJLLE, Jt,.. Th-MMIfMIY,,, nt>aer J Broa 11 Third. T.6Mco Co,.iuio MtrcUII. .J[eler Wm. G ; lr Oo., s6 Sevnth. Wlclr.a G. W 6; Oo. '"" Jlalo. lht tlracro NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL :z, x873. l!I'OW BEADY. T:KE TOBACCO TRADE DIRECTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, GREAT BRITAIN, AND GERMANY. Revised Edition. Handsomely bound in Cloth. Price f.s. Sent FREE to any address on re ceipt of price. The followin&' well-known gentlemen have kindly coaeented. to assist in the distribution of the ToaAcco TaAou: Dlnt&CTORY to subscribers i n the cltleaiD wlllch they aeverally .-Ide : GRJ:&R & SON, ;Tohacco Manufacturen, 821 Broadway. BALTDlOU, Kd.-1\la:ssRS. C. LOOSE 1: CO. Tohacco Commlaolon Merchants, 117 West Lombard. Street. JIOIITON, Xuo.-C. il. CARRUTH & CO., Wbol e oale Dealer Ia Tobaeco aa4 Cigan, "' Haaover Street. ln!FII'ALO, ll. Y.-A. M ADAJIS 1: CO., Tobacco Maoufacturero, 50 Pearl. CHICAGO, ru.-GEORGE FOY & CO. Dealers i n Manufactured Tobacco, :as Soath Water. CJll(lllOfA.TJ, 0.-R. MALLAY & BROTHER, D ealers '111 Leaf Tobacco, 11.5 Weat Front Street..l .()LAJUUIVB.Ioll, .... -.-JI. H. CI.ARK 4r BROTHER, Leaf.J.To -BrDiten CJLBVBLAJID, 0.-H. S. ROSENFELD, Tobacco Muufactarer, 87 llenrlo Street. 0.-HOGLEN a PEASE, lbouf&ctu91 Main Street. LYJr(liiBlJBG, Va.-JOHN H. TYREE, Tobecce.Commlssion Mer c:hallt... t PJIITERIBtrB.G, Va.-R. A. YOUNG lr BROTHER, Toba<;auo. Armistead L L. carroll J w. .Langhoruc Geo W. & Oo. TohtCO 0o1'11711inhm .MI rc.6at. Jfi!W .A.RK, X J Brtntzlngboft"er W A. & Son, 883 Broad. Campbell, Laae & Co., ..a.., Broad. Jfi!W OB.LEA!f'l, La. Tobuco Fwenrs Ail C.mmiuio lllntluoll. K.remelber&', Schaefer and Co., 23 Caronclolet P.&DUC.&.JI, K7. Brokr. Jarrett G. F Va. Venable 8. W. & Co )lounr R. A. A: Bro., 4 Iron Front BDIIdlulll. PJIII,ADELPIII.A. Tobtuco Wrejousts. Anatlwt )(. & Co. uo North Third Bamberger L & Oo. 3 North Water. Bremer Lewis, Son1, 322lforth Third. Doban & Taitt 107 Arch.. Edwards, G. W. tt Co ., 35 Nortll Water. Eiaenlohr Wm. & Co. II$ South Wats HerbertL., cor. Fourth A Race. Kc Dowell N. E : & Oo. 39 N orth Water. lloore 8 &J'., 107 North Water. Sank J. Rinaldo .tOo., 3 North Waler. Schmidt B., 53 South Second. Steine r Smith Bros & us Race. Teller Brothers, 1 .17 N orth Third. Vetteriein J &: Co ., III A r ch. Wooclwaril 30, 1873, including the tax on stiils, or worms, and t:igars has caused considerable sensation among the 3,5oo lbs of leaf and zso pounds of lump tobacco, the shall be paid by stamps denoting the tax, and the Com smokers of tlte Fatherland, and long petitions are pour machinery for making it, together with two copper missioner -of Internal Revenue is hereby authorized aacf ing in upon the Reichstag in marked and vehement opstills, one worm, two horses, a W:l.i:on, etc. The charge required procure appropriate stamps cor fhe payment position to suchlincrease. The proposltio1.1:ofthe Reichsis the use of counterfeit stamps, and w.e trust that, if of such taxes; and the provisions of sections 26 and rath is said to be to advan()e the present impost on leaf guilty, the manufacturers will be severely p1mished. of an act entitled 'An act imposing taxes on distilled tobacco to fourteen thalers per hundred pounds; on all As we have said, the Tennessee capture is spirits and tobacco, and fer other purposes,' kinds of manufactured tobacco to twenty thalers and on the more important one. n is, of. course, incumJuly zo, 1868, and all other provis i ons of law relating to cigars and cigarettes to thirty thalers per thousand. As bent upon the officials to irregularly stamped, the prj:paration and issue of stamps for distilled spir i ts, regards the tax on domestic-grown and manufactured and uristamped, goods wherever found ; but it i s fermented liquors, tobacco, and cigars ; so far as tobacco; there seems to be considerable of fUJI on them to simply confine themselves applicable, are hereby extended so as to include opinion among members of the Reichsrath themselves, to this sphere of their duty : We regret to such and the Commissioner of Internal and up to our latest dates they had been. unable to de-of s:.r few seizures of illicit factories in North Carotina. Revenue shall have authority to make all needful cide on any fixed rates They had, however, not aban-That such whose owners are constantly engaged ru l es and regulations thereto. Every person en cloned the effort and it is probable that the next mail in violating the law, i s p r oven by the occasional sei z ur e gaged in any business, avo c ation, or emplo y men t, w ho will bring us ne_ws of their agreement and the Jlresentaof illicit goods which must certainly be made somewhere is thereby made liable to a spec ia l tax, except tobaceo ti on of a completed report on the w)ly, then, do not the Revenue officials follow out the peddle rs, shall place and keep i n h i s es Barker, Chandlee and Co 31 German Mufctrer f Plg Toha.t>. Stewart, llt:arlr.o,R alpb &: Oo. us Arc h Manvfatturers of" Cign Batch e l o r Bros;, :JO N orth Third. Goetze, F.A. &.Bro., 328 Wubington Goodwin & Oo. 207 and 209 Water Hoyt Thomas & Co; 404 Pearl Kinney Bros 141 W es t Broadway1 McAlpin D H. 16 Co cor. Avenue D and 'J.e.u:c. lolill e r Mrs G. B. & O o. 97 C olumbia. SbotweU. D A & Son, 174 Eighth av. L. H S cor.1.ombard & Marsb o Jlkrke t Space. BOSTON, Rare Tho s &. vo, 5 0 3 N orth Second. Steine r Smih 'Br os. & K necht, 225 Jlace. The ob ald .A.. H T hird and P opla r THE "BLOCKA::J)ERS" AGAIN. clues that come into their hands, and cut up and destroy or place of business all stamps den oting the this "blockading" busineS11 root and branch? W e know payment of said special tax; and any person who shall Agetfor SotdiJ: Tob.rtcos, 9 Pear\ Mtznufa r turtrs if Citttr. Auerbach&; M enderson, 138 Willer BenllU'd Plo.lllp, 133 Water Bondy Chas., 53 B o w ery. Brock. 3 Bowery Cutaoeda &: jewe l, 72 Maiden Laae Fisher&. Rust, us Malden Lane. FTey Bros. & Oo. u6 Ohamber11 Hinch D. & O o Bowery and 174 Water. HlnchhomtL-It Oo. Bg Water Hollander Leuis 102 Na.eaau 5by S. lr Co 109 Pearl esepbs S. 166 front Broo & Boody, 51 Maldea Lane Kerbs & Spleo; 35. Bowery Lebalr.auf .t Pollak. :ooo Chatham iA!Vf Bros. 18 Bowery Lichtenstein A. & Bro. 14 aoa Bowery !Ucbteastein Bsos. & Oo. 111 Malclell LaDe .w.ndel 111. w. & Bro, rPearl fi....,urger M t83 Pear o..per s. ,97 X Greenwic h alld IS> C'lwDbero ScliWZII & Spohr, d i g Lewla Beldeabel:lr It ()o. '9 Dey Bleclr.e & WaolftiCk, 6 RIV!Dgtoo 11 B 'IWery Stachetoerr 111. &: Co. >S7 Pearl Stratton & Storm, t91 Pearl Sutro & Newmark, 131 Water Wanaler & Hahn, 14' 8 Water. MAnuft:t turers '!I r Fino s--.. Cit Hollander H. tiS Maio 'en LaDe Vlcbot &: Co 7 6 Pine s zeet Tbe ClJ:Q PMIIthcr & Co. Waw Solomon M. it. E. 85 1\laldea Lane )ooeph A. & Bro. 187 Pe..-1 Wal .& Oo. 6o Pbae Walter._f.rlodman & Freise, ao6 F...S W etoa, .ISI(er Kaeppel, Paarl Ybor V. JL >6 Oeclar MIMtf-., '-#Appleby .. Beltae, WGooetoe F, A. llnl. 3SI WulllllctM VommiSJio" Hol yoke 0. 0 Ce ntral Wharf. lre'BlrQy Bros :14 Broa d Importer of HA'IIo A, 11nd Dtakr [in Do-estic CigtJrl. Lanza Carlos, Itl Washington ImporUrl of HaPa.IUI C i gar s L4 Water. JYAoltltlle Detli., a61-163 Pe ... JlallaJ Rlcb &:"Brother, aq Weotli' ..... K.,.er Hf ot6 F.-t. -N_,.. L.& Broo.., 5 Wa!Aato Waainfials t o compel-the. (iistioDest remainder Peddlers of tobacco, third class ( x horse) _ thirty boxes of unstamped and then turned in to do the same. The demand reasqnable one and Peddlers of tobacco, fourth class (on foot or the di.rection of Laurinburg, Richmond Co., where it no sufficient excuse can be .'(or noil-t:Ompliance. public'.conveyance) : ______________________ 10.00 fell in with two wagons containing goods bearing coun'fhe trade will certainly not m of Tho. special-tax stamps required by the ac are en terfeit stamps. At Fayetteville-the party having those appointed to execute the Ia.., uptD they :witnes;; and bound in book-fprm, with twelve cou J I .,


2 pons attached to each SJ.IUDP, each COUpOI\ repre sentmg one month. On this point ; the Co.mmts s 1 pner adds : A spectal-tax: stamp, w1th Its twelve coupons represe;;i-s the tax on occupation for one year, excepting the for stills or worms; LEAP. APRIL 2 '"T A I the coune df time we sha\1 to !:,.Cfer Sons, 4241io, 3 do; Jos. A. Brother, 6 cases Exported smce Janaary rsL ------5,969 hhds. THE. OB 1_G_C_O_ to an Improved iiemand from l};Prolid, cigars, Fred'k de Barry & Co. I4 do;-G W. Faber, 7 Coastwise and re-mspected _____ --I,ooo hhds. 6,969 DO .. ..-"'STI. 1 are still held m hberal quanbty: whtch, ettherhor do, J. C. Hoffmeyer, 4 do, Chl\s. F. Bauer & Co., 26 do, 11 b h t ., bt E v lie & C :35 do S Lmmetan & Sons 15 Stock to-day in warehouses and on shtpboard NEw YoaK, Apttl r. both, the future may be clearer as 'We as ng ter an .r..o .-.r..e Y 0 'C""'i' SS f b th now. ___.. do, Wm _Eggert, I do, Howard Ives, 7 do, Acker, Mer-notcleared ---------------------------II,I Wesltors of every Cardozo & Co, 19 do, Goodwm & Co. I do; R. L the week wer 430 hhds and 225 boxes, as follows: scarce, and 'what 1s wprse, are likely to continue sO. chme and degree than would that section be whtch emMatti and & Co., 23 Q01 J. P & Co, I3 do; A. At the Bodman Warehouse, 92 hhds and I96 boxes, 9 "Every thing of quahty," remarks a Richmond corre-braced among its varieties of tob.1cco, the Amencan D Chockley, 5 do, Drew & Dean, 19 do, Ottmger hhds old Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs and leaf: I at spondent of a New York hous_e, "whether of dark or "Lone Jack," "Occ1dentai," "FJUits and Flowers," Brothers, 14 do; Oelnclls & Co., I2 do; J arv1s & Co, $9 20, 5 at xo.5o@t475; 3 at 26.25@27 .25. 3 hhds bng_ht IS very htgh and sca,ce." "From my observation "Gold Flake" "Devon," "Durham," "Pnde of Henry 3 do, order, I79 do. new Mason' County hash and lugs: 2 at 8.Io, 9.25, r of tbe crop thus far grass green is a prevailtng co!Qr, County" Bug" "Gtpsy Queen," ''Seal of North BY THE HuDSON RIVER RAILROAD-G. B. -Llchten at II.25 7 hhds new Brown County, Oh10. 5 at 5 8\'ln m bnghts, and deficiency uibody is geAerally a Boy," and other long-established tenberg, ISS cases; A. 33 do; M Rader& Son, @7 95; 2 at I4 so. 43 hhds new Owen County, Ky., haractenstic" favontes' 45 do; Allen & Co., 6o do; Bunzl & DormJtzer, 43 do; lugs and leaf. 31 at s os@7 90j 6 at 8@9 95; 15 It IS now pretty well established by ooncurrent testi C:gars-Neither our c1gar nor Cavend1sli manufacHavemeyer & V1gehus, 25 dQ; order, 79 do. at Io@I4 75, 1 at I5 4 hhds new Pendleton County, mony that-las y.ear.'s Vrrgm1a crop. was less sat1sfactory turers wtll, we belreve, be represented at the fa1r, though y THl> NATIONAL 'LINE-A. H. Cardozo & Co., 20 Ky., at u@ 13.7 5 i:4 hhds new Boone County, Ky., than is desirable, but 1t Will be remembered that to be members of both branches have ha.{ the matter under blids; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 36 do; E M. Wnght & trash and lugs 1,3 1at 5 9S@7 25; I at 8 65. 4 hhds over apprehensive about the quality of is not co11Slderat10n. Fortunately, both have often achteved Co, 108 do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 4 do; P. Lonllard and 6 boxes new West Virgmia trash and lugs. 2 at 6.os an uncomruon and therefore, tt 1s qmte prom other places than Vtenna the honors tliat might not & Co., 9 do; Goodwin & Co., II do; D. J. Garth, Son @6.25; 2 at 8.6o, 9.5o; 4 boxes at 5 I5@7.8o; 2 do at bable that we shall manage to get along very well wtth unreasonably be looked for there, so the omiss-ion will {! do; Chas F. Tag & Son, Ioo do; Wm. M lues ,and leaf; 11 at 6@7 45, 4 at 8@9 65, 3 at Io.5o@ home demand, giVes as a result small salei,'Wlth the exope of h1s leadmg brands of smokmg tobacco, the "OcPnce & Co., 1:25 do; A. Cohn, 39 do. IJ25, I at 15 1 hhd Brown Co., Oh10, at 7.9o, 28 ception of 1871 Connecticut, of the sales of wh1cli the c 1 den tal" brand. BY THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-A. D hhds new Owen County, Ky, trash and lugs: 22 at 6.Io weatest part was taken for export. Some 6o cases new Th1s cho1ce constgnment was ol\ exhihitlon at the Chockley, 4 hhds; F. 1<'1scher, S do; Jas. C. MeAn-@7 6o, 4 at S 40,@9 So, 2 at Io 75, I2. 4 hhds new Pencrop Wisconsin were sold at a low pnce. The sales office of Mr Lindhe1m during a part of last week, or drew, ro do, Jarvis & Co., 8 do; M Abenhetm, 29 do, dleton County, Ky, at 5 75@6.45 27 hhds New SuMATRA -Rece.ntly there. have been a were of old crops, durmg last month, within the quotauntil the sa1lmg of the steamer by wh1ch 1t IS mtended A. C. Lamotte, I do, D. J. Garth, Son & Co, IO do; Boone County, Ky. trash and lugs: 7 at 4@5 7 at few anlVals of th1s tobacco mto the J;ondon market. ttons. Of all growth, 1,ooo cases, of the xS7 I crop 1 t shall reach its destination. Pollard, Pettus & Co., 3 do; J D. Evans & Co., 3 do, 6.20@7 .90, 3 at 8. ro@9 40. 5 hhds and I box new The tobacco ts of beautiful of almost a were disposed of I ,soo cases Connecticut and MassaGolf! opened at IJl and dosed II7. L. Lyon, 1 2 do; Pwneer Tobacco Co., 3 do, 14 trc1; West V1rgm1a: a at 5 70, 5 7 5, 3 at 8@9S I box at s1lky texture, and t n color a ncb It IS extenchusetts, 400 cases New York, 3oo cases Pennsylvama, Exchange 1s completely unsettled by the lrregulanW. 0. Sm1th, 121 do, I3 do, 2I half trcs, 24 qtr trcs, 8.70. 2 hhds new Southern Kentucky: 2 at 8.55, I3. sively used for the manufacture of Cigars, and on the 300 cases Oh10, 500 cases W1sconsm and Western, ties m gold. Rates are nominal. 3s9 cases, 59 three qtr boxes; J. D. Kellly,JJr., 2.3 do, 4 hhds new Southern Indmna at 6.30@7 70. 8 cases Continent it frequently r:eah,zes as much as ss per lb. total, 31ooo c:ises" The of Messrs J. S. Gans Fretghts have been in good mqutry. IS half trcs, I35 qtr trcs, 194 cases, 369 three qtr boxes, new Oh10 seed at S@So. for this purpose. l'nces m Lonclon are from JS. 6d. to &. Son adds." Export of. seed leaf smce January I, :E'ABTICVI.AB l'IOI!IIJCB Benj. Lyon, 1 trc; E. DuBo1s, 31 half trCwi, 238 cases, At the Planters' Warehouse, So hhds and I3 boxes: 4s. per lb. xS73, 6,388 cases; same time last year, 2093 eases i ex. 41 three qtr boxes; R1chey & Bomface, 30 do, 31 do, 22 hhds old Mason County, Ky, trash and lugs I6 at A A w h port of seed leaf from Balttmore since January I 1873 G.o....,rt of seed leaf tobacco are cauttoned against acceptong the 7S butts, I2 half boxes, 20 th1rd boxes, 40 caddies; $S.J0@9.65, 6 at Io@ro 75 40 hhds new Mason Co. THE BROOKLYN RT ESOCIATION.e avef negcases. The sales of new crop m th111 market reported sales and quotatiOns of seed leaf as furmshmg the that Dohan, Carroll & Co, 1:3 do, 44 qtr trcs, I92 cases, 20 tcash, lugs and 34 at So@7.8o, 4 at 8@8.65, 2 lected to notice the Tweuty-stxth Reception 0 \hiS 235 fi h h b I t d ohould be obtamed for t.1em tt first band, u these refer 1n moat mstanc., & J h vi orous orgamzabon, which occurred at the new Art been qutte ms1gm cant, t e een tmt to old crops wh1ch have been held nearly a y .. r, and the profit on boxes, 275 third boxes, II6 qtr boxes; Martm o D at II 75, I2 50. 17 hhds new Owen County, Ky., trash and Academy of Music on \he 17th ult. The to a parcel oi.6o cases WISconsm at per lb. for ex-whch must naturally Include the Interest on captal mvested. Growers son, 3 cases; Maddux Brothers, 2 do, J. H. Thomp-and lugs I4 at 6@7S 3 at 8 10@9 45 13 cases com walls were well covered wtth some very fine speCimens port. Very httle has come owmg to a very cannot expect even 1n the case of new crops, to sell them for the same son & Co. 6j do, Allen & Co., Io do, R. Lmdhelm & mon Ohw seed at 6. 1 of ictorial art and a large number oJ Vlsttors thronged severe wmter, bes1de.s 1t lS kl? seasen for .a as are obtJUned on 1 -sale here. Of coune every re-sale must be .Co, 2S do; A. Hen & Co., 9 do; Bonnett, Schenck At the Ph1ster Warehouse, 44 hhds and I box: x:z h!.rooms \Until a iate hQur enJoymg the spectacle. The home demand to spnng up: Export IS mactlve, and ts by the growert WJII. & Co 2 d o; J. R Sutton & 1 do; J. A. hhds Mason County, Ky, trash and lugs 5 at 6 20@ f 'pleasant one hkely to remam so until pi'tces here have become setUOTATIONS OF WHOLE5ALE PRICES x do, Wm. Broadhurst, 2 do, M. M. Welz-7.95 3 at 8.40@9, 4 at 12@r4. 15 hhds new occasu ; m -was an unusu Y : tiled. The glutted state of, the Bremenmarket offers no w.,....ught Jcf Medium ....... 43 @4s hofer, r7. do, I6 caddtes; F. H. Leggett & County, Oh10, trash, lugs and leaf. 2 at 5.6o, 7 8s; 2 OFF FOR EuRoPE -Our Cincinnati reporter J:.o mducement to shippers to \_hat After the settle-oommon to good Jugs. 7l: 8 Good ............. 4 > @i8 Co, 30 do, 4 butts, A. & L We1ss, 4 do, at S Ss, 9IS; Io at IO@I4.25, I at I7So. 3 hhds new hu;.Jast weekly budget the followmg mterestmg ment of the new Tanff law m Germany we may look .... :.' .:. ;;,;,:.;. ":::. :: :: 13 thtrd boxes, Jas M. Gardmet & Co., 13 do, 8 hlf. Ow.en County, Ky. : 2 at 6 .75.7 6o. qat I3. IO hhds The manv. fnends of Dr. Sp. ence m th1s ferwar-1 to q. moderate demand. at proportlooa.te pnces. Good ........ -1Mll}< 60 @IIJJf' boxes; G. W. Hillman & Co., IO do, 66 do, W. H. and I box new West VIrgmta trash, lugs and 4 at w; b h d h I bl tb Fine llK@I2)( Light Preosed 11118 "" b h' d b B lkl M 0 hhd ca, w1ll hearbly jom those he leaves at orne, A very moderate on y IS P erceptl e lft e mSelection ...... 12J>@U 0Jrter:l'l>t. 4 s in wtshmg h1m bun voyage: "Dr T. R. ::Spence, Prest terior In Connecocut and assachus.etts, and (JlOre Llgbt cuttmg lng ..... 7 =um ..... _. ... .. 45 & Co 63 do, 4 hlf boxes, so kegs; Connolly & Co, 6r Southern Indiana at 5 75@6.35 f d I d th 1 d S d do do lear .... 9 mon ....... 4l! 44 b d M h p & C lLLE T ., .L M M H of our Tobacco Board o Tra e, sa1 e Wl us prmc1pally m the first name tate, QSJnJH erfiuoc pur-and w .. ,.,.,; .Diltrl do, 38 do, 69 qtr oxes, 27 rums; arc nee o CLARKSV ENN, .1r.carcn 24essrs fam1ly to-day ort the steamship V1ctona for a SIX months' chases have been made. There can not be any l'l>und6 ""d 2 oo boxes; Henry Welsh, 25 do; Re1d & Smtth, 2 5 qtr Clark & Btother, Leaf Tobaccc Brokers, report-lour m E11rope. We are sure the many fnends of the doubt as to the extent of the damages caused by pole MA>diUm lear ............ tOK@llK Fme .. ... 4 @45 boxes 24 cadd1es; order, 230 hhds, r case. Our receipts and sales are mcreasmg, though sellers Doctor thr.oughout the country w1ll' JOm us m wtshmg rot. All reports seem to agree that the now sound por :::::::::::::::::: :: = BY 'NoRTH RIVER BoATS.-Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 37 are stall much dissattsfied w1th present rulmg prtces, htm a safe and pleasant J ourney." 1s not hkely to exceed 24,000 cases m both States SeJ good lugs .. .. 7 7V. Bright Twist (Val u melt u 11910 47 do, E. M. Wnght & o., 20; ar.u, on r o., sales of the week foot 385 hh. s to acco. e qua 1ty causes of the same. Some hold that heavy rams m :: 77 do, J P Qmn & Co, 21 do, Ceo., was much mtxed, but there whas a.fine sprink11hng ofbledaf September last, and subsequent incidents, such as-tao 'a-lto line ........ liV.@IS BLAcx 55 do; Drew & Deane, I 2 do; a1t an o., of good substance, though t e oroer genera y was a close hangmg m the sheds, etc, account foe it, while ..... :g :z:g 8 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 57 do; A. H. Cardozo & Pnces were full, but rather irregular whtch IS always a others attnbute it to a too frequent planting of tobad::o Smokers..... ... ... Na"'J Half ThirdsCo, 4 do; W. Thornberg, IO do, H. Henwood, 27 do, s1gn of weakness m a market. We quote from last on the same fields, and a too1lhspanng use of arttftcial ev. 7!> 13 do. sales: trash, s}@6c; common leaf, S@ fertilizers. Either theory is plausible The ?)>@ 8)0 ... 43 @j8 COASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE-Holtzman &Deutsch8Yz i meamm leaf, good leaf, IO@II; fine h al !umau ere 9)0@12 uooo 38 @o I C & C d [ I/ I I/@ p 11 b of both can support thetr arguments wit an appe to Com tamed. opaugJr.,l,.. 8 @IO eomm;;n;;,me.uum.: 37 @3S berger, 6 hhds, Dow ey orners o., 7 o. lea, n}4@nJ se ectwns, I2};, 14. ncesw1 pro, aexpenence, but the verd1ct of fact has not as yot been ID Flu and Fours .. 40 CoASTWISE FROM KEY WEST.-Fred'k. de Bary & bly remam full until factors secure a fa1l assortment to pronounced emphatiCally. This problem, however, will mon .. ... l ..... Co., 4S cases c1gars; Se1denberg & Co, 40 do; J. & J. offer exporters, when the mterior markets will have be undoubtedly resolved lD a comparatlv'ely smaa lapse 7 @ 8 '.::: 12; @GO Eager, 3 do, Schroeder & Bon, 46 do leaf; V. MaTtmez arranged themselves m accordance Wlth seaboard of t1me, and all doubt as to the true origin of the damage ffi1 ..... .. : .. :. @!t Ybor, 13 bales scraps. DANVIL\-E, VA., Ma,ch 29.-Messrs. Pemberton set at rest. In this State very little has been bought. In Foor H fi625 common &Dd meonun 3'1 38 CoASTWISE FROM NEW10RLEANS -Order, 9 hhds. & Penn, Tobacco Comm 1 sston Merchants, report as Pennsylvania the purchases have been confinedd 1toda few : ... 34 BALTIMORE, March 29d.-d M 1 essrs. CL. LofoTse &b Co, follows :-We have nothing special to report from our thousand cases of selected crops In Oh10 an n tan a and Afauacnust seed aud Hav.,., CommiSSIOn Merchants an ea ers m ea o a ceo, tobacco market. Rece1 pts during the past two or three but very little has been done. In Wisconsin and Ilh-12 @U :t report.70ur market for the past week has not changed weeks have been rather small, and mostly of an mfenor no1s some have been effected. Estimate of sales : do do Secondo 26 oo 1ts prev1ous dull features. The uncertamty as to the class. So far the crop this year does not turn out as m the country smce the commetlcement of the season. 1871 orop 46 25 OO@llO 00 German duty mcrease, which though n0 doubt wtll soon well as was anticipated. We quote: Lugs common red, Connecticut and Massachusetts, mclndmg Housatomc, 60 Penn de dodo ....... n 00@25 oo be cleared up by some dectded actwn on part of the 5 to 6Yz good to medmm, 7 to 9 ; fine, IO to IS; extra 7,500 c,ses 1 New York, ,I,ooo cases, Secoac!a ......... ..... 17 00 23 German Parhament, now m sesswn, IS still an 1mped1smokers: 15 to 25, leaf, common red, to 7, medmm 5's oo cases, Oh10 and Indtana, 2,ooo cases; W1sconsm w;.;ppe,; : : 30 @35 '"'""pper .......... 20 oo ment for exporters, and therefore there has been very to good 3 to I 2 rich and waxy u to I 5 common bright, --' Std. L

I APRIL 2 tobaccos, whether lugs or lea We quote from actual not alter th1s cond1l1on of thmgs we shall conclude tha't transactions at the warehouses Lugs, frosted and com the crop IS a more mfer1or one than we at first supposed mon, good to fine, 6@7, short leaf, Contrary to all reasonable expectations the last few day.a medium, long, 9 u have developed a better feehng, and pnces of all grades LONDON, Mard 14 Grant, Chambers & Co report as follows : There has been but ltttle domg m Amencan tobacco dunng the past and there 11 not a transaction of any unportance to record Although buyers are holdmg off from operatmg, holders contmue firm at our quotations Much depends upod the makt; of straps thas year as to the future of pnces Western leaf ami stnps had but httle attention, medmm classes of leaf for spmnmg are trtore looked after V1r gmaa leaf and stnps contmue dull of sale, and we hear of no transactwns worthy of note m the latter Mary land and Ohao had more attention, but the bulk of the sales effected have compnsed dry descnpttons of the former. Ca\ end1sh has been operated m, but not to any considerable extent, pnces r:j,ther eas1er who may find here m the school about to be founded by ton that he prefers long green to the" maifac," 1 s one of yeu, those means of fittmg for the teachmg the life long delus1ons of the average bueche Tenof natur;p history from Nature herself wbtch, by a nesseean or Kentuckian, and 1t ISn't safe to tamper wtth strange overs1ght, appear to have been overlooked 1n tt." the schemes (generally so well concetved and execu ted, of educatiOn there DIPOB.TAN'l' DECISION-HOPKINSVILLE, Kv, )1/'arch 29 -Messrs M H have advanced at least 3( c. At first we were at a loss to Clark & Brother, Leaf fobacco Brokers, report Re account for th1s fresh courage that so suddenly mamfes ce1pts to date :z,S%9 hhds Smce last report, 28s hhds. ted Itself uoon investtgataon, found tt grew out of Sales to date, :z,s64 hhds Smce last report ::63 hhds. telegrams from New Orleans factors advtSmg the speedy The offenng11 are still of a genera'ly undesirable charlettmg of certam fore1gn contracts and saymg 1t was a acter, and pnces contil\ue very full We quote trash good time to buy 1 h1s kmd of thmg together wah the and common lugs, good lugs, 6% to 7 ?(., outrageously hagh freghts to New York, wll divert a common leaf, to II'edaum leaf, 9 to good large amount of tobacco from that market QuotatiOns leaf, 10 to fine leaf, u to I 2, selections, r2 ;4 to Wet and trashy lugs, 6 Io@6 40, corr.mon to medJUm :rJ. While leaf grades remamed about the same a, last do, 6 good do, @7 J( c, low leaf; 7 week, Jugs weakeaed a little, and w1thoutbemg quotably common do, med1um do, and good lower, nther better quality could be had at the same do, The la!lt 1s nommal, there bemg none on pnce than last week. There was no trash oil sale th1s the market. Bnght wrappers, u@3oc You refer m your letter to practical dJ(ficulttPS that present themselves m the way of the complete reahza tJOn of your v1ews ansmg out of the pecumary requtre ments whach such an mstLtutJOn would ift volve I have not overlooked thts feature m the scheme, and I am prepared to tender my assJstanceJ.n overcom mg th1s difficulty I wall place at your d1sposal a sum of Sso,ooo, to be nvested as the nucleus of a permanent Another OoqriVilll' & Flae-(:at Cllewa.w [Correspondence of "THE TOBACCO LEAF "] Enclosed please find deciSIOn of CommtSstoner Doug lass, authonzm us to confinue packmg our "Peach and ,Hoaey," a heavily sweel ed fine-cut chewmg, n wooden packages as heretofore. We des1re to express our t..n tothe tobacco tr3o so, I8, 17 2s, :l at 12 75, Bnght wrappers, mahogany, common to fine I2 to I8 3 at u@u 7S, 7 at ro@ro so, 8 at g@9 So, 17 at S@ Bnght wrappers, common to medmm _____ 12 to 25 8 go; 5 at 7 40@7 70 59 hhds do lugs 7 at 8@8 70, Bnght wrappers, good ____ -------30 to 4S IS at7@7 90, 5 at 6 8o@7, 30 at 6@6 90 23 hhds do Bnght wrappers, fine to extra-----------50 to 75 trash I at 7, IS at 6@6 90 7 at 5 :z5@5 90 S hhds SAN FRANCISCO, Mar(!& 21-The Indiana leaf 2 at 9 :w, 9, 3 at 8@8 70 I hhd do lugs Hua/d-reports as follows -On the 19th mst, there was at 6. I lihd do trash at 6. I hhd llhnms leaf at g 3 sold at ;mchon 7 5 cs Connecticut seed leaf, bhds do lugs at 7 30@7 6o. I hhd do trash at 5 90 I of wrappers, bmders, and fillers of medtum quahty box do at s 90 1 hhd sweepmgs at 4 go 1 hhd stems fhe whole lme was sold m lots at 19 J{ c down to c at 1 go The market for V1rgmaa manufactured stock IS w1thout The Boone House sold uo hhds 65 hhds Kentucky change The exports were 30 cases to Callas and 49 leaf :z at f,2o, II, 6 at xo@.lo 75, IS at 9@9 90, 34 at 8 do, 6 pkgs to V1ctona. There are now on thtnr way to @8 9 o, 8 at 7@7 So 46 bhds do lugs I at 9 3 at 8@ th1s port from 4ome:;tac Atlantic ports, so hhds and 8 so, Io at 7 Io@7 75, J:Z at 6@6 90 J bbd do black 1,67I'cases fat at S 70 3 hhds do trash at 6@6 3 S hhds Indt Sf LOUIS, ,M"atch 26 -Mr. J E Haynes, Tobacco ana trash :z at 6, 3 at 505@5 95 Broker, reports as follows Recetved 2I9 bhds agamst The Nmth Street House sold 1 1 4 hhds 65 hbds 382 the prevaous week The market was tr Kentucky leaf 7 at $13 25 2 at 12 so, II 6s, 3 at regular for lugs an4 sh1ppmg grades of leaf, closmg a 16 75, 21 at 7 7S 6 at 9@9 9 3 at 8 7o@g go,4 shade firmer on these grades Buyers are dtsposed to at 7 40@9 55 3 at 8@8 5 10 at 7 4o@8 so, 11 at 7@ dtscnmmate agamst leaf m soft or doubtful condauon, 7 90 44 hhds do lugs 6 at 6 3@8, 7 at 7 10@7 so, and also that tLed m large hands 1 he demand for 31 at 6@6 70 2 hhds do trash at 5 9 I hhd Indtana manufacturmg grades contmut:s \Very good The pro leaf at 7 2 hhds do lugs at 6 3 portwn of really good offermg ts small and our dealers The Planters' House sold Io6 hhds S2 hhds Ken are begmnmg to fear that the crop w1ll not prove so good tucky leaf, 3 at $3o, zo so, IS 25 2 at u, I at 11 so, 3 m quabty as has been expected Sales from Thursday to at 10@10 so, 9 at 9@9 7 5, 24 at 8@8 9 9 at 7 zo@ yesterday mclustve 148 hhds I at $3 so, 4 at 4 to@4 90, 7.90 47 hhds do lugs 2 at 8 7 8 20 12 at 7@7 9o, 1 I at 5 20@5 90, 47 at 6@6 So, 2I at 7@7 go, 25 at 8@ 31 at 6@6 90, 2 at 5 zs, 5 7 hhds do trash 2 at 6 8 90, II at 9@9 So, Sat ro@Io 7S,S at 12@12 so, 2 ati3 6 30, Sat S so@s 95 @13 25, 2 at I4 so, 4 at r6@IS so, at r6 7S,4 at r8@ The Exchange House sold 84 hhds and I box 77 r8 7S 2 at rg@I9 so, 2 at :ao, r at 25, I at 25, I at 26, hhds Kentucky leal and lugs 2 at $I2 so, I2 25' I at 22' boxes at $3 so@r6, I wagon load loose lis 20 In I 1, :z at 10 so. IO 25, 7 at 9@9 20 2 7 at 8@8 9 1 8 at time s hhds were passed, and b1ds were reJected 7@7 90, 20 at 6 Io@s 9 2 hhds do trash at 7 10 -on 54 hhds at $4 Io@19 75 To day, the market was a s 6S 1 box do at S So 4 hhds 1 ennessee leaf at 8 so, shade easter on lugs and sh1ppmg grades leaf, but st1ffer 8 so, 8 40, 7 So 1 hhd do lugs at 6 55 on manufactunng grades Sales 26 hhds 2 at $4 8o@s The Kentucky Tobacco Assocllltlon sold sS hhds 1 1 at 6 2o@IS go, 4 at 7 40 @ 7 go, 6 at 8@8 90 :z at 9 10 54 hhds Kentucky leaf and 3 at hr@n 75,3 at @9 so, 1 at u, 3 boxes atJs xo, 7 Io@7 so Btds were at xo@xo 75, 7 at 9 I0@9 70, 9 at 8@8 9 10 at 7 10@ reJected on 14 hhds at f>s 95@30 so We quote mfe 7 9o, 19 at 6@6 70, 3 at 5 8o@s 9 2 hhds do trash nor and bghtwetght lugs, $5@5 so, factory do, 6@6 zs, at 5 So, 5 55 :z hhds Indtana lugs at 6 4 6 IO planters do, 6@7, common leaf, 6 7S@7 25, medmm ship-NEW ORLEANS, Marek 26 -We report as fol leaf $7 25@7 7 s, good do 8@8 'fs, mediUm sh1p lows. The market has been dull, the sales beu'Jg only 3 pmg leaf, $7 75, good do $8@8 75, med1um man bhds The arnvals were 1,391 hhds forGe ufactunng leaf8@9 so, good do Io@r2, medllim bnght noa, rso hhds Stock tn warehouses and on sl:npboa11d wrappmg leaf, r:z@IS, good do, I8@25, fine do, 3o@4o not cleared on thE: 25th mst, 5,342 hhds We extract FOREIGN the followmg from the sem1 monthly tobacco Circular of Mr. T Greenfield 1 he rece1pts of cotton have con AMSTERDAM, Marek 15 -Messrs Schaap & Van tinued to be large and bemg pressed forward even at Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report as follows In rhe last an advance upon the h1gh rates of outward freights week there was _great activity m Java tobacco, all kmds then preva 1 lmg have monopolized nearly all of our were well sold and especaally the1r finer quahttes for c1 scanty supply of tonnage, and prevented the sh1pment gar wrappers, wh1ch fetched agam, by much competition, and executiOn of orders for tobacco 1 he vessels how hag her pnces. Sales amounted to 6,oi8 bales Java, and ever which have arnved w1thm the past few days and 63 bales Sumatra Arnvals wece 6,ooo bales Java, and those soon due, have somewhat reduced fre1ghts, and 596 bales Sumatra Stocks to day 720 hhds Maryland, as 10 the opmLOn of all but three or four bears, the U7 cases seed leaf, 2 I I bales San Dommgo, S96 qo bulk of the cotton crop has been recetved, the restnc Sumatra, ro,ooo do Java tJons to a free movement of tobacco wall soon be re ANTWERP, Mar(k 14-Mr VIctor Forge, Importer moved and the antlctpabons of an active and general of Leaf tobacco, reports No sales of any descnptlon demand reahzed The total sales smce 6th mst have took place last week Our market IS very qu1et on ac been but 151 hhds (96 new and 55 old crop), dtStrtb count of the stock on hand, and the late news uted as follows 67 hhds for Germany, 6 hhds for Eng from the States causmg a declm'e m low grades of new land, 11 for New York, and 55 for cay trade Pnces Some lots are expected to arnve pretty l soon, and wtll are unchanged, and I renew my last quotations, addmg probably gtve some hfe to the trade to them those for R egte requarements New Orleans m March IS -Mr Smythe, Tobacco Currency Insade for hght, outside for heavy New Crop Comm1ssaon Merchants, report A gam we have had -Lugs, dow leaf, mediUm, another qmet week m th1s tobacco market 1 he trade fine, II@I2, selectu:ms, Old Crop-Lugs, purchasmg only what was absolutely needed for present -@-, low leaf, medn1m, fine, use at former figures Imports smce rst mstant 314 Iz@xz.Vz, selectiOns, Balers for Mex1can or hhds Dehvenes, 647 hhds plantatiOn use, m hhds, q@x6c, m bale s of roo l o s, 15 My monthly cucular savs -The supply of Umted @z7c, Afncans and Sw1ss Wrapplll"s, I2@IJC Reg1e States Tobacco here on the 28th u1t, as g1ven m dock for France and Italy type A, rege for France returns annexed, was rs,9u hhds agamst 23 88S at and lltaly type B, regte for France and Italy same tJme last year In our two chtef markets the type C, 9 cts, Spamsh lugs, Stnct types stocks at the close of February last were as follows dearer Our stock on sale has been large l y mcreased L1verpool-VL 2,372-, VS I,363 KL 6,449, KS 4 228, and ts now mdudmg a tew hhds of old cr9p, 5007 hhds, Mds x,soo, Total I5,912 Loodon-VL :z,o13, VS 839, about 900 hhds are as yet umnspected lts general KL 2,2II, KS! 5,748, Mds i,297, Total r3,Io8 Stock, character has beeuJ mpro ve d by the late rece1pts and Feb z8, r87J-VL 4,38s, VS z,zoz, KL.8,66o, KS9,976, now embraces a large proportiOn smtable to re gie re Mds 3,797, fotal 29,020 Stock Ft:b 28, rS72-VL qu1rements for cuttmg and manufactunne; and Afr1cans 4,I59, IVS 2,8n, K:L I2,r47, KS IS,994 Mds 3,I29, Sw1ss wrappers and saucers and spmners are Total 41,240, showmg that we have 12,220 hhds, or parttcularly the latter, whi.le the lugs that constitute nearly 30 per cent less than we had at correspondmg about half the stock are more destrable than those of date twelve months ago, thas d1mmutton compnses ....... .De last year, bemg freer and of better color Our rece1pts uease--VS 6o9, KL 3 ,487, KS 9,oi8, say r3,n4 hhds smce 6th mst have been 3,588 hhds, and the total smce mmus IncreaseVL 226, Mds 668, together 894 hhds September rst, 5,595 hhds, agamst 4,614 hhds same It may be useful to observe that the quantity of Western time last year I find but httle Improvement m the and V1rgma stemmed tobacco m warehouses at both packing of the new crop, notw1thstandmg the earnest ports, as ab.ove, IS 12,I78 hhds, wh1ch (ffor salem the advtce gtven neretofore on that subJect Much of Lt-Js ordmary course of busmess) would be !!qual to still wmged wtth short tobacco and lugs, but as the m e1ght months consumptton, or up to the end of October spectors of New Xork and New Orleans have adopted next It ts to be remarked, however, that the bulk of the plan of putttHg a port10n of the tobacco or lugs m the Western and Vrrgm1a Stnps now on hPnd 1s owned the sample to protect themselves from reclamatwn, by the wealthier manufacturers who, as a rule, never wh1ch necessttates 1ts .sale at the value of the mfenor resell the1r purchases, and agam, 1t 1s noteworthy that portion, we shall soon. be brought back to the old t1me new 'stnps are seldom fit to be wor]s.ed untd they have p1act1ce of careful and fa1r packmg and pnzmg Man had t1me to mature m the hhds Th10ughout the whole ufactured IS qmet, With ample stocks We quote No of February thts tobacco market was qmet, 1t bemg est, lbs extra fancy, 75@85c, fine, 65@7o, fine medmm, ttmated that the sale of Amencan tobacco d1d not 6o@65, good mediUm, 55@6o, medmm, so@ss, com exceed r,ooo hhds Western and Vtrgmaa Stnps-The mon, sound, 45@So, gold oars, u mch, 6 oz, 7 oz and stock on sale bemg very hmtted, was held at b1gh pnces, 4 oz, accordmg to quality, 55@75, medmm and com consequently they were taken tn a hand to mouth way mon unsound, 30@4o, hall pounds bnght, 45@6o, half at full figures Western and V1rgma Leaf The greater pounds black sweet, 46@48, No I, ss and ros dark part of the months transactiOns were m factory dned black, sweet, -43@50, navy, lbs, 4S@so, navy, 3ds, 45 leaf of both denommat10us, but although pnces were @so, fancy styles, natural leaf, tw1st, pancake, etc 6o firm, there was no ad\'ance Marylands Qu1et Cav @So The rece1pts were 2,714 pkgs end1sh Dull, V1rgtma and Kentucky Str1ps Medmm, PADUCAH, Kv, March 26 -Messrs M H Clark 9@Io, good, fine old, 11 V1rgmaa and Ken & Brother report: Our sales th1s week have been tucky 1rade Dry Leaf. Dry short filler (sound), small to only 4I8 hhds Out of this number part wrapper, 6@6 good, @7 fine colory, 8(., there were perhaps not a dozen hhds of dec1ded char ro Vtrgma and Kentucky Export Le .. f Contmental acter This bas beea the case pretty much smce the common, do good 6, Afncan, good to fine, 7, o_;>enmg of the new season, and if the next few weeks do 7 S TOBACC?O AND SCIENCE r MagllidtJent Gift to Sdenee by .John Anderson. the Well-&nowa Tobatltlonast-An Island Given f'or tbe EStabJ.Ubment of a Summer Stlhool of Natural History-Au Addlti-al Ell dowment of' "Solatled by the Proftts of' Solace"-A Noble Acdon Nt)bJy Perf'ormed.. endowment fund, so the mterest may be ever after avatlable for the support and mamtamance of the msh tut1on Th1s sum I wdl place m your hands at the same !Jme wtth the deb very of the deed for the.1sland, wh1ch deed shall be prepared and executed as soon as the terms of settlement shall have been defimtely arranged I learn from Mr G1rod that you have expressed a wJ9h to mark your appreCiation of my g 1ft of Pemkese for tht; purposes of the mstttutlon, by nammg the latter a(ter me I feel necessanly deeply flattered by th1s offer, and can only say m reference tE> 1t that I leave part of the question entirely m ]Our hands, stmply suggestmg whether an mst1tut10n, the mttlatJOn of whtch has been wholly tlle result of ) our own maustry, and wh1ch must de pent'! for success mamly oo your own Ia bors, should not more aptly recetve 1ts des1gnataon from a name whch 'has become almost a household word wherever sc1ence 1s known and appreciated-that of Lou1s Agassiz I shall be happy to execute a deed for the tsland m suth a form as you may, on cons t derat10n, deem bes calculated to g1ve effect to your vtews for the future government of the mstatut10n, and I can. not only express an earnest hope that your effo..rts may be crowned w1lh all the success they deserve, and that you may have the satJsfactoo second to none of the kmd m the W()rld, and owmg Us usefulness wholly to your d1s mterested serv1ces m the mterests of sc1ence ar!d of your adopted country Wuh great regard, yours very Professor AgasslZ, says the Herald of Tuesday las recently dehvered an address to the Legislature of Mas sachusetts on the occaswn of the v1s1t by that boay to the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Cambndge, and m the course of h1s remarks has v1ews regardmg the establishment of a summer school for the mstrucuon of school teachers m natural h1story He also suggested the holdmg of the first sess10n durmg the comtng summer at Nantucket The pubhcatton of the programme and aetatls of th1s proposed movement attracted the attentiOn of Mr John Anderson of New York caty, the wealthy tobacco merchant, who cons1d ered the tsland of Pemkese, whtch he owned, and wh1ch he had used as a pnvate summer resort, would be ad mirably adapted for the purposes of the oroposed school of Natural H1story. On the followmg da:y he deputed two gentlemen to proceed to Cambndge and to tender to Professor {\gass1z the tttle 1.1f the asland, v.Jth all tts Improvement& and bULldmgs, as a permanent locatiOn of the school Of course the generous gift was at once accepted, and Mr Anderson has supplemented that act by the mumficent pecumary donation of $5o,ooo as the bas1s of an endowment fund for the mstJtutton, whach permanently establishes at truly JOHN ANDERSON IHE PROFESSOR OVERWHELMED--\ PERMANENT SCHOOL OF NATURJI.L HISTORY MUSEU OF ZoOLOGY,} CAMBRIDGE, Mass, Mard& 22, 1873 JOHl'l ANDERSON, ESQ 1 he Island of Pemkese, which will become the fu ture domcale of the proposed mstltute, 1s sttuated at the entrance of Buzzard's Bay, on the southern coast of Massachusetts. It contams about one hundred acres, advantages whach pecuharly adapt 1t to the purposes contemplated by Professor Agasstz Its satuatwn m the ocean, wtthm easy access to the mam land, secures pnvaey and freedom from mtruston, whtle 1ts wonderful fertility wlll enable the mstltu ton to mam tam Itself almost wlthm 1ts own doma fi 7f Mr Ander son smce has purchase of the Jsland some years ago, has expended large sums m bu1ldnfgs and 1mprovements and the commercial value of the whole property may be cons1dered httle short of hoo,ooo H1s endowme nt may therefore be constdered as eqUivalent to $I 5o ooo 1 he followmg IS the correspondence on the subJeCt of thts pnncely gft i!6MY DEAR SIR-A hearmg before the Commtttee on Educataoo m the Massachusetts Legaslature made 1t 1m possible for me to wnte by return mat! yesterday m ac knowledgment of your add1t1ona1 endowment of f>so,ooo to the summer school for natural h1story. I am over whelmed by your generosity Such a gtfl:, followmg so upon the donation of an tsland admirably adapted by 1ts posttwn for the purposes of a practical school for natural h1story, opens VISions before me such as I had never dared to mdulge m counectwn w1th th1s plan You do not know what 1t IS suddenly and unexpectedly to find a fnend at your s1de full of sympathy and offer 1ng substantial support to a scheme wh1ch you have been trymg to carry out under dtfficultJes and wtth very scanty means I feel very grateful to you for makmg the road so easy, and I believe you w11l have the perm a nefit gratltutie.of scaentl11c men here and elsewhere, for I have the utmost confidence that th1s summer school will g1ve valuable opportumtles for ongmal mvestlga lions a& well as for mstruct10n As to 1ts name, I hope you wall allow the school to be named for ) ou I thank you for the thought of the godfather, but my name 1t can not bear w1th any propnety. I am but one of the many sc1ent1fic men who have already offered tllerr servtces to 1t for the ensumg summer, some of whom I have no doubt will contmue to work for tt m future, and all of whom wlll be equally mdebted to you for the advantages 1t offers. To name tt after you ts therefore the Simple and appropnate way of setthng the question, and I hope you wall constder 1t as a natural expressaon of the gratitude whach all connected with the school, etther as teachers or puplls, must feel toward you GIVING AWAY AN ISLAND CAMBRIDGE, Marc!& IS, I87J JoHN ANDBRSON, Esq MY DEAR SIR-It seems to me Impossible to do than accept the great grft you offer It changes At once an expenment w1thout fixed Iocat10n or staple foundation mto a permanent school for the 11tudy of na ture, such as the world has not seen before If l have a doubt m my mmd, 1t 1s because there may be practi cal dJf!iculues m the way wh1ch I am personally unable to meet. I have long chenshed the thought of a sum mer school hke1 the one proposed, and I have at vanous ttmes m my life tned 1t w1th small classes, and for a a few days or weeks at a tame The Jdea of estabhsh mg one at Nantucket, on a larger scale, was suggested to me by a young fnend, Professor aN. S Schaler, who had a taste and no httle explnence m thts kmd of teaching Fa1lure of health has obhged h1m to go abroad, and the care of organiZmg the whole scbeme fans naturally mto my hands I hsd thought that the arrangmg a plan of summer mstruct1on m natural h1s tory, foundmg courses of lectures to be gven by myself and others, and bemg from tlme to lime on the spot to see that all went well, would be qu1te w1thm my strength, and that the mmor questiOns, such as IHOVJdmg for the board and lodgmg of such persons as m1ght tome would be easily arranged m a tow9 ltke Nantucket, and mght mdeed, be left m a great degree to themselves At Pemkese Island, however, we must hve hke a large fam1ly A farmer and caterer would be a neces saty. Accommodaton must be prOvided withm the pre ctncts of the 1sland 1tself for those who come, and, how ever s1mple the mode of life adopted, a well ordered domestiC economy will be requred The pup1IS who would resort to such an mstltutlon have usLJally small means. It would therefore be an e'ssentlal cond1t10n of success that every thmg be orgamzed on the cheapest bas1s consistent wath comfort I have ne1ther health, strength, nor ttme for more than the general duect10n of the sc1enufic work, and I am a httle at a loss to know how the matenal part should be managed However, even should we be obhged to hm1t the undertakmg at first to such accommodations as the 1sland now affords, I thmk 1t would be far better than to begm 1t at Nan tucket, or at any other place where we can have no cer tamty of carrymg 1t on, summer after summer Your noble endowment offers permanence and progress In the mterest of Sc1ence, I gratefully accept 1t, and wtll do all that I can to found a school for naturahsts, wllh whtch your name will always be assoc1ated, and wh1ch w1ll mtroduce mto our svstern of education the element wh1ch It so much needs-a famthanty With Nature W1th great regard, yours, very truly, LS AGASSIZ SECOND GIFT-PERMANENT ENDOWMENT FUND OF FIF'lY THOUSAND DOLLARS NEw YoRK, March 19, r873 PROFESSOR LoUIS A G ASSIZ, Director of Museum, Caml:mdge Mass Mv DEAR SIR-I have rece1ved your letter of the 15th mst, announcmg your acceptance of Pemkese IS land as a permanent locatiOn for the Summer School of Natural H1story, wh1ch tt IS your des1re to found m cop nect10n w1th the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Cambndge, and I can say, wtth the utmost smcenty, that no act of my hfe has afforded me so much gratifica tiOn as to have g1ven what you seem to consider a sub stant1al foundat10o to an mstttutlon fraught w1th so much prom1se of mtellectual improvement and general use fulness as that m contemplatiOn Busmess occttpatlons, commencell at a very early pe nod of my hfe, and contmued unceasmgly and labou ously up to a date not yet remote, have prevented me m a great measure from acqumng m my own person many of the benefits whtch sprmg from an mt1mate ac quamtance wtth that department of sc1ence of wh1ch you have been so conspicuous an ornament, and to wh1ch you have been for so long a tLme devoted, m the serviCe of th1s country but no man apprectates more h1ghly than I do the advantages to be denved from an exten s10n of general knowledge throughout th1s country, and especially a knowledge of that scaence wh1ch enables mankmd to utilise nature m almost e\ery department of mdustnal economy Most earnestly do I hope that this gift of Pemkese may become, as you seem to believe 1t w1ll, the basas of a permanent foundation whtch, under your able directiOn, may be destmed llil. future ages not only to afford the requ1red mstructron to the youth of our own country, but may be the means of attractmg to our shores numerous candidates from the Old World, As to the mode of drawmg up the settlements, I thmk It advtsable not to the endowment wath anv State or ulitvennty orgamzatlon, but to allow the school the greatest independence and freedom of development I should, however, wish It to be assoc1ated wtth 'he Museum of Comparative Zoology m such a way as to share at once and for ever m any ad:vantages be de nved from an mstJtutwn so kmdred m 1ts obJects and atms These two estabhshmentsior the study of natural h1story w11IJ at least for the present, and probably always, be under the same general d1recuon, and CaJ;l work to gether to the greatest advantage of both. Indeed, I foresee that the most direct co operatiOn may extst be tween them, and I should w1sh that the terms of any setUement about the landed property and the mcome should not ltrn1t the workmg of the school to the Summer months only, but mclude the 1dea of contmumg Its oper at1ons m connectiOn w1th the museum m Cambndge dunng the whole vear We have nch and extensiVe collecuoos wh1ch may be made of mfimte service to the school we are about to establish Indeed when I first thought of 1t, 1t was as a Summer sess1on of our museum work I am somewhat m doubt as to the nature of the Board of Faculty to whiCh the care of your generous endowment should be entrusted, and about the fonna uon of whtch Mr Guod has consulted me Any act10n on your part whtch would accelerate proceedings would be! gratlfymg to me, even if 1t should requue readJust ment after more mature consideration, smce 1t 1s lmpor to proceed at once to the preparatiOn of laborato nes, apparatus, e!IC I am very anxaous to relmqUJsh all arrangements made with reference to Nantucket, and to open the school at once where 1t 1s to have 1ts perma nent home Indeed, I am now employmg every moment I can spare m making sketches for laboratones on the most stmple and mexpens1ve plan possible, and for other necessary arrangements I shall hope to be often on the ground myself, and to have you as a ne1ghbor and adv1ser It wtll, however, not be possible for me to pass the whole Summer at 'Pemkese Island, but I shall be there as frequently and for as long mtorvals as 1s consistent w1th my other work and w1th my f am1ly ar rangements Wtth great respect, yours respectfully, LS AGASSIZ LONG GREEN VS THE MANUFACTURED ARTlCLE -A 1 ennessee correspondent SP.eakmg, we presume, from the depths of a b1tter expenence, wntes The average Tennessee leg1slator IS very hke h1s Ken tucky brother lndeed, to bhndfold one and drop htm down m the legslatJve hall at Frankfort or Nashville pe would be at a loss to dec1de wh1ch wh1ch Nor do the people generally d1ffer 1 hey are more of km than any two States m the Umon Not only the s1m1 Iartty of sol and cltrnate, but the warmer bonds of blood have estabhshed the hkeness You may know a Ten nessee or Kentucky gentleman of bucohc by the way he masticates h1s tobacco, as well as by the tobacco Itself He mvanably chews long green' or "stmgy green" as 1t as called, because Lt ts the cheap est of hat sort of luxury And yet he never misses an opportumty to make the impression that he really pre fers }t as a matter of taste Fmd a knot of ,htm stand mg on the street corner, for mstance, and broach the subject by askmg for a qmd Wtth what a self satisfied atr he draws h1s hard twi s t, volunteenng the suggestion "I hamt got nothmg but long green, tf:that'll do you nothmg m th1s world that's half so sweet as long green I prefer at to the. mamfac, all hollow Notw1thstandmg th1s rather forc1ble declaratiOn, 1f xou happen to be m the crowd w1th a shapely plug of h1ghly pnzed gold leaf, don't draw 1t! If you do, the so called loYers_of long green" w1ll go for 1t like a dozen hungry ducks after one JUne bug, and there won't be a stem of 1 t left m forty seconds The well-settled opm. Robmson Tobacco Manufactunng Co. WASHINGTON, .March 24, I87J. SIR-I have receiVed your letter of the zoth mst, ac compamed With coptes of two letters rece1ved by you from Supervisor Hawley, m answer to my telegram to you of the 19th mst, gtvmg your reasons for the deten t10n by you, m the hands of Messrs 1 Smith, Perkms & Co, of a lot of tobacco manufactured by tne Robmson Manufacturmg Co of Lomsv11le Ky and labelled "Peach and Honey Fme cut Tc: bacco From tee letters submitted 1t appears that your grounds for detam1ng the tobacco m question, were that froP' 1t:. strong resemblance to "Cut Cavendish" or "Cut Plug," and the fact that thts tobacco 1 s cut coarser, than what IS known to the trade as "Fme Cut Chewmg,' 1t could not underthe law as construed 10 my letter to SuperviSor Hawley, dated Feo I3 I8]3 be packed m wooden packages of 10, :zo, 4 01 or pounds In the dectston of this case, as tn the dects wn of all similar cases, wh1ch may anse, any doubt as to legal mode ofpackmg cut tobacco, the first mqmry to be made 1s as to whetller .the tobecco 10 question, 1s c/tewmz lo/Jac(o, manufactured expressly for, and sold, and gene rally used for chewtng purposes It ts dec 1ded to be chew mg tobacco, tts mode of manufacture from Its 'Sale and use, then a second mquary an;es, 1s 1 t su(h chewmg tobacco as 1s now and has been h e retofore known to the trade, and such as the trad e 1s w11lmg to adopt as fine cut chewmg tobacco" If so, Lt ts legally packed m wooden packagts of xo, zo, 40 or 6o pounds In answer to mqumes thus stated, the Messrs Rob mson have subnutted to this office samples m pa1Is and smaller packages of therr "Peach and Honev fine c t chewmg They have also presented memonals a:d affidavtts, numerously SIJIGN DU'.I'I ON I OBAC()O In Austna France, Italy and Spam tbe tobacco commerce u monopolized by government under dtrectton of a ReCJ.e In Germany the duty dnA mer can leaf tobacco 18 4 thalers per 100 lbs. In Belgium the impo!t ts reckoned after deduct10g per cent for t2re 1be duty ts 13 francs -30 cenbmes go ld) per 100 Kflogrammes (1oo Amencan tbs equal 45" kilos) In Holland the duty Is cents gold, per 100 llloo. (28o Amerlcaa pounds being equal to 127 kilos ) In Ruaaia tbe duty on leaf tobacco Is 4 roubles 40 kopeks per pud on smoking tobacco 26 rou 40 cop per pud and 'UD cigars 3 rou 20 cop per pound The pud t s equal to about 36 Amencan lba ln Turkey the duty 11 fifty cenb gold per JJ" Amencan ouoces 3


J 4 Jiew Y.ork OowtiwloD. Merchants. I A&EI.GY, D! v CHAJtLES M. CoNNOLLY ._ CORIOtLY 4 CO., COM'ISSION liERCHA.N'DS IN .teaf and :Manufactured Tobacco,. 46 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We r espect fully call the attention of the trade to the following Standard of. Manu factured Tobacco: POUNDS-IIAND 12 INCH. WDI'B SAP, GOLDEN SEAL, GALLEGO, PRI!IMIVM, !!lOillOliG STAR, FOUR ACE, RII:DM8RE, WINSTOJJ, HEIIIRY (,0. 'lWIN 8'lSTERS, TALLY HOI ROYA!.4 S'l A.liDARD, et.. 1 BRICHT AND DARK-4s, Ds, AND DOUBLI!! Trl'IICKS. l'IIIQ.UE, PEARL, DEW D .:lOP, BORODlN .\1 PEABODY, CIIAIIIIPJHH'iEo WA'TER LILY, DIABEIII, BLACKBi:Ro, 1 BillA. KING, Y A.CHT CLUB, APROPOS, etc., ete. TWISTS-12, 9 AND o INCH GAME C0CK AND HENRY CO. ROUGH AND REA.:J. Y IN DRt:MS. DOLLY VARDEN, Al'LA.lllD(' C.I.BLE, BONA !i'IDE, CHAMPAGNE, FOUR A<..lll, AU-FAll', BENSON & BONJIS, GREGOElY, IR VER.YON, etll. FANCY TOBACCO'i LICf.l"'\ PRESSED, etc. 1 EL E!IIIIER.L.D.I., PIGMY, OPTIMA, J,.\. ll08-l, PAN CAKE, GO,LDEl RODS, 'GOLD BAR ete. And a l arge a ss ortment of .;ther brand,s in II' and I z inch lbs. Dark and rl rig ht, t, J, 4. s. los. Double Thicks and ':'.'obacc">; to we inv ite the attent on ot the trade. :00"\VNE e& FRITH,. 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK,Tobacco Commission Me.chants d Sole Proprietor& of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Boney Bee, Barly Dew, Pndrle Blouom, Red River, Powhattan; Enterprise, Old Xentuok, Old Los CabW, Cow Slip, .Plantera' Choice, Pioneer'ofthe West, Stumy South, Our Braud, Honey'Dew. AI"" Sole the United Stat.. far :r. P llA.WXINS & OO.s GOLD FLAD. BROTHERS & co. I MANuF .A.CTURERs oF 'l'HE : O.xLEBRA TED Fine Out Chewing Tobacco, CINCINNATI, 0. Being located at the LEAF ToBAcco our facilities for supplymg the TR.A.DE .A.LL GRADES OF FINE CuT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. . 178 WATER STREET,NEW YORK, 1 AND I DO.HAN,' & CO., rro:ecoo C 0 M M I : s S I 0 M E R C H A N J S, 104 FRONT STREET, M J DOHAN; } { .TH0S. CARROLL, ALEx. FORM. AN. w Toaa. )No. T TAITT. A[ents for tlHl Well-tnon VirVnia Manufacturers : J, B. PACE, THOMAS HARDCROY_E, YARBROUCH & SONS, d. R. PACE & CO. J: H. C 'RANT & CO. RACLAND & JONES, .JOHN ENDERS, RACLAND & T08H, TURPIN It BROTHER, TAYLOR It CO. D. B. TE4NNANT & CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, A L 2 Y. Oomminion Jl:erOh'tli; BULKLEY MOORE & CO. VIRGINIA lfiiEIELBE'IIG & CO., J6o P.EARL ST., New Yo:ai. J. D. KREIElBERG & CO., L. H. FRAYSEII It CO. L. w WISE, KREIIELJIER6, SCHIEFER & CO., BALTIMORE; Mo. B. w. OLIVER, R. PATERSOt\1. co. NEW ORLEANS, LA. 1:1CREANER.. J. P. WILUAMSON, lplft)li'IID PDUJSSIIII IDUPUliW CARY BROTHERS, L. LOTTIER. lUIJllhbU bU I.IIDJllJDJllhl. EDWIN WIL.ON, Sole Agents in New Yoi>k for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pocket Pieces M. B. LEVIN, IIPOBTHR OP HAVIll Packers ef Domestic Leal Tobacco. 229 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. And. Dealer l.n all kinds or In dark work to our "Thistle" Brand, S() widely known in many parts of J:. Jl: A :I' 'I' 0 ];sAC C 0. country :for its beauty of workmanship, delicac y of chew, etc., we would iuvite tJ:te 162 PEARL ST., NEW YORK. attentioo. :of Jobbers; always on hand in lbs half lbs. threes pocket pieces, etc. : PHAS. F. TAG & SON, & Importers ot SP .&.l(lSB, and Dealen 1n all klnda oC LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, IMPORTERS OF AND DEAJ:.E:R.S IN HAVANA ,TOBACCqs, 1 a _4 8 DI .... EcH8ARLE..!;M:,;0mrN.O,.l. .. :: ==========::::::;;:iiiiiiiiiim::=:::=i:=::=;:;::::=::::=7 .I.Y& .1. UC 'U' Ex. NoRTON. T. J. SuuGnTER. n ; H. EDWARD M. WftiiHJ & CO. TOBACCO. CODISSION MERCHANTS, TOB.NAoCRCTO. oN&, .sCuOuTcTHOT!RF&A. CTco.O,RS neral Collllllission _.. 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK, lt 3 B ad Btl' t /lre recthing direct from VIRGINIA and NORTH CAROLINA, consign-AND 8 ro ee NEW YOU:.. &. REISMANN & ca !fitrth.aut,, ... ments of LEAF, MANUFACTURED and SMOKING Tobaccos. General Commission Merchants J ..- C. LINDK. C C. HAMILTON, .S. MARCOSO. R. ASHCJIPPT,. NEW,YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco lilspection. .. t Impeded or Certificat es given for every case, and delivered t b) ca se, as t o number of Certificate 1\/,.B,...___We also Sa11tplt itt Merdza11ts' own Stores. J. .f'.:. 0. LIN DEl. & co., PRINCI'PAL OFFICE-t4laW,./er'ltreet. 1 Wata.r, 1lr'8 Pntnt.''ft., ';6, & 'J'8 Green .... ich Streets an<\ 1 2 41 BROAD STUE'l', & 8 nudso Rlv,r RaU Jt.oad JCpot, St .JQhn' Park. l :, J. MtJ ... B ENm a ca.; 0 10 DEPEYS'l'EB S'l'ltl!'!', ') ., TOBACCo) : ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F s. MACLEHOSE. iliiD-LUF IJSPictBBS, OM, II88ION 'MER1!HANTS, I t L. MAITLAND ,; !'latoraae provided tn rirst.Clau Warthouea, ft. 11 TOB. ACCO AND COTTO"-T FACTORS i. Cort.111cates issued&nd Cues4eltveM4 6 Cedar Street, New York.1 ,..ND tac)ANor:itJ: ro.zi'lfcoo: IVOBBB. GE'NERAL. COMMISSION MERCHANTS,. DEVON 43 BB.OAD 'Jr. :s Advancements made on consignments toW. A. & U. MAXWELL & CO. J.!YER.POOL. H Ill MA N & co eHf under the Brand of :J:)e'"'Cron.. 0 acco G w 'H. s ,.1 tJJf" 86 FRoNT ST. r.EW YORK CITY,. Mayo a. Co.; JOIEPHP.Q.VIN, MERCHANTS TOBACtO AND COTTON r. QVUI A 00 COMMISSION M ERCif.IITS, Tobacco Allll Gceral Commialion Jlerehantl. -41 BROAD sT.,.' No. 39.Broiul Street, lleaaonabw Adftnces made l N E W YORK YJA< NEW YOBK; onShipmenta. I!-1' MANUFACTURED G. ... ALK-& BRO., MANUFACTURERS OF THE RAIL ROAD.' MILLS Jllaeco'boy Snuff, "'' .French .Rappee Snuff'," American Qeftt. Bfl.ufl', Bcot.cll. SnuFF,...__ Lu'nd11 .Foot Snutr, ALSO -MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS PURE VIRGINIA .. TOBACCO,. RailRoad, VIZ: Our Choice, of Heilry County, Colorado, .. -Blaek To:ni, AL Aro-"tof C:l.gca.:.:-s, : AND LEAF TOBACCt'J .a.-PlM Gli4 C'tldar strw, lfEW YOR'I:-tN. LJ.CHENBRUCB & BRO., No.164 Water Street, New York; WHOLESALlt D&ALitltS IK HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco!! i. &. G FRIEID &. 00 Leaf Tobacco, 129 MAlDEN LANE, Bow.a.RD Fausv, 1 t:; ... r NEW YORK. M. WESTHEIM & CO., J'ACitERI or Seed-Leaf and Importers of Havana Tobacco, 1 '7'7 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. E. M. CR.A, WFORD & CO., TOBACCO AND Qiouuuh,;ioa 169 WATER STREET, .e, ED LEAF AND BVANA TOBACCO, 17 I WATER STREET, FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, I 08 fRtJIT STREIT' IIW YORK, 133 Water and 86 Pine Streets, New 'York. NEW YOKK, H tTe '' J'URNISHKD BY HATCH LI.TBOGBAPHI.C COIPANJ, LITHOGRAPHERS, & 34 VESEY STREET, NEW .YORK, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. F. W. TATGEXIIORST,. TBOliAS KIIIICUTT, T 0 B A C C 0 .. Kentacky. and Virl;inia MiD CHAIT. Leaf Tobacco 68 .BROAD STREET, '"\ No. 52 Broad Street,. NEW YORK. NEW YORK. ct. CO ._AO a ., GERARD, BETTS & CO.,-. 228 1!1/;0NT STREET, DKltiSSION MERCHANTS, GENERAL .AUCTIONEERS, -.r.d:>t:, fbeno''") AND -a"!' I ob <->lu'l'OBAOOO l"B.:IIHIIBB, t pressed In balee !or the Weat Ind,i .. CentralAmericanPorte,andotherma.rkete.. H9b I iloJ-;;:v1Y./0fACCO PACKETl TV hII!!J: CHOCKLEY I 1 .AND Commission Merchants1 7 OLD SLIP. Qncdoor!rmnHn>lOversq.,aro. NEW YORK. MERCHANT' IODPJ[ .A. VEGA B'IA ;:ua And Leaf Tobacco Dealer, 1131 .(l'liflder. NEW YORK. JJO)' IIIPOilTBM 0, FOB.El:Gll TOBACC(J. I 76 Front Street, N.Y. 173 Water St., 173 Water st. N.Y. E CARPLES, N.Y. c: f. M. LA URILL.A.RD, IMPORTER OF HAVANA CIGARS, XOBdCCO BBOKBB. DEALER IN DOMESTIC CIGARS, -AND ALL KINDi OP LEAF TOBACCO. Do-tkCljJar& taken on CommiSsion aQd aavaD<:ea <'} made thereoo. e ROTTERDAM, / 'HOLLAND ,. -" ....._ -No. 14 Cetlar St:;;l"'c NEV. JAMES M. WISE ( Formerly of WISE BROTHERS), COLUMBIAN BLOCJ OPPOSITE TOBACCO EXCHA."iGE, RICHMOND, VA, COMMISSION FOR THE PURCHASE OF LBA:P 'Z'OBACCCJ .'


.. APRIL 2 :.JACOB BEIKELL, MANUFACTURER OF BOXES, S PruuOR MAKE AND 1 Prime Quality of C>i.J DEALER IN Commission l(erchants, zt--=-?<5:' ,...,;_.:i:DC PALMER & ScoviLLE, MAB:.riN & 166 WATER STREET, BetW'eea Lane and BorUas !Jitp, AliD .JOBIIlNIS OJ' ALL XIIm8 W G LEAF 1 TOBACCO,. AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF ALL THE No. 170 Water Street, ; New YOTk. L. PALMER STANDARD BRANDS O F VIRIINIA & NORTH CAROLINA IDUPACTURED & SIOKIIG.TOBACCOS Agents for the following well-known Virginia and N. Carolina Manufacturers: D. C. KAYO & CO., Rlcbmond,. Va. WOMACK & INGRAM, Meadsville, Ya. W, J. GENTRY & CO., Richmond, Va W DUKE, Durham, N.C. MADDUX BROTH EKS,,. 138 W:.A.7'EB. ST .. :NEW YORIL P.o."BOX4t0t. MANUFACTURERS DEALERS IN VIRCINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO. ,... flfNfiHOII of IIMJo61Jiat12md.!u aolidtbffor 1M followi"!! ....zr Lewi Maddux, Lookout H. C. Maddux, Navy Po,..,., Lewla Maddux, Lookout :Navy _,.. H C 1\hddux, Nny Half J>oaad'af-.......... Lewis Maddu, Looloout Navy Half Poun Bands ill and undcrDO oircumsta.nces 1 ... t..:..ar_. :.:utbo;:::rilled:_ _to_c_h""..:g,.... u.._m. __ 2 \> New York Agency. ttiRU(Bei.K. Chicago Agr GEll. r. --& co.; BEN & CO., '13 l.iberty St. 85 S. Wate.z., St. Put up in 1, t, f r lb. Bags. : 1m C aseo of s<> _. i;x, lbs. The. unprecedente d ule of Q /j, O J C!}. Q > e this popul:u-' T'o.Lr.r ;o has caused i t to be extensively counter-w.!.L, :t!eitedo, aoo too f vent impoaition when purchasing Socce .. or to ;n R;.GJUmNE:.t C0'.. : h p articulu w, (or1 uu'"'"""' DURR:.&.:at;. llr:. W BLACKWELL'SBU.tll. Copyqh'-"' '"---1!\"'-' BRAND, aof"A: my Trade Muk, TOBACCO Wholel&leDealera!nHavnaandDomeuc Tobacco & Cotton Factors, AND SEG-.A.R.S, ...,. HIWJ. MEUHAJT, Also all Kinds of Leaf' Tobacco, General eOmmisBion Merchant&, E. io. ,.. Havana LEAFITOBAC.CO. r L. mRSCHORN & 00. l FATMAN c(o SJ.iJGARS, Cotton au.d Tf,.bacco lSS l'EABL STitEET, p, 0. Bo:z: 2969, :NE'W YORK SIMON SALOMON Importer of aad Dealer iD Leaf Tobacco ANDSEGARS, No. lQ Pearl Street, NEW YOH ... No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, No 12 3 Pearl Street, New York YQftL S. SEIJ,ING'S SONS.I P ac k ers and :peo.lets in Seed.-Leaf & Havana Tobacco; Aho. 'Wholesale WINES AND LIQUORS, 169.'FRONT-STREET, i) N .EW YORK 1&8 WATIIB. STB.IIIIT, li'IIW_TOB.K P 0. BOX 3925 PRICE LIST OF CLEAR RAVARA CIGARS 01' "THE VICHOT & CO. CIGAR :MANUFACTURING COHPAh," ') No. '76 PINE STREET, NEW YORK. Sh:a.per:l.<>r :J::)e 'VJ.oh.<:>i:: Relaa VletorJa, .. .. .. 8130 Lond:res, de Co:rtea Vll'doa, -Rehaa Flna, .. .. 85 Conchas, extra, -R egalia Britanlea, .. .. 1.25 Concbaa, Regalia Lontlrea,-.. .. -125 Coellltas, -- RegaHa Vhlea, .. 90 Panetela, .. Zarzuelas. .. .. 100. Flor de Penado., -Londrea, extra. -90 BeiDa, -Londres, Chico extra, 60 l:a:fantea, --<> :Bct.x. 4.888. t115 80 '75 60 '70 '70 5:i 4 .. .urn L 1.1 r T s .1 tt! co, AND M.:F1.CBANTSJ> 8g WATER STREET, '10 & Bllo.&D SI.'REET. NearWallStreet, NEW YORK NWW ANTONIO GONZALEZ, SAWYER, W.ALL!OH&na IMPORTER OF ..,_, HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO Dewwaloa -. \ A.ND No. 47 Broad Street., L; CARVAJAL'S CIGARS, F. w. SMYTHE, YOUNC :,.IJAMES' JESUP, ( R. A. MILLS, (/2 (/ 4 _,.h (/2/) 167 Water Street, New Ywk. QW ftl'n.o ToBAcco BRoKER w. ED. -.ll(l) QLomnuwon l\ttrtgants, .. TO ... & COr General CoiiUDlwan Merchant, mo m TOBA J!.AOOQ ofllce 1" Tqb;u;qo E.ehange, Shoekoa Slip, M:d. &: Ohio Leaf; C .CO BROKER, MERCHANTS / BIOHHOHD, VA. .., 49 S07JTH CHARLES S'I' -.,._..,., l!r -BAL "'_"! KY BAL\1'1 0 I ,.,,, ,...,,.] .-'nUllle 1 --...... u uunu1 ------..:; I wr ,.._tm>S!I :>JIU8KAM hn'xA TA ll'Ol't'!fO tnu'i AO:sddr ll"bloom!J i ,t!Mfllt ,.w dhoW 'tOJ etl cudlmot ba4 rnAmO:l .ahw/2 W!I ,., ..,,adol r c1HonkinsvilleKentucky. 80 NOB.T "' .u..1.' STREEt', Sycamo'f'e Street, e [Box4ll:I.J Va.. ORDERS IIOMCITBD. ---.. 'fJJ '0 T il Jj

. 8 1 Phtladelpbta Advertt.:aaenta. stelDa!t, Smith B..aa. dl Kaacht, -Ill ...... KJl!llle -.. X..EAP"., TO:SAOOO, 0 ... ... .,!),,, ...... Oft/--. RACB 8TREET/PHILADELPHI-' ... STEWART, M. F. W FELGNER, Sole Manufacturer a Dd S u cceaaO r to comssmN mGHAN:TS. F', H. BISCHOFF'. Garftrd&Wo tto ,Jam .. w w o!v!nPm.Jam08A.Goald W:. O G. S. WATTS & CO., L + A 1 A 9 & 92 South Charles Street, B altimore TOBACJ01 I E r TOBACco F. c :oJIISSION MERCHANTS t J 118 SOUTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPH-IA. 61 Exchalige PlB.ce, 1 111. EISEILDHR. 's. w cuRL PHILBONN. L. W. GUNTHER MD. G. R BOLENIIJS 'co. oTB sTREET, 1 obacco CommiSSIOn go Se-.J L DfEALERSd INH 110_ N. BALTIJIOB.E, XD. IN ea a.Jl a:vana, r 10'7' ARCH STR:EET, Llnerat adv a ncements made on consignment s to m 11'. L wo:n:r :BONDED WABEEOVSE, No. 1. address. y TOBACCOS. J. lUNALDO SANK. W M M. ABBE-Y J OS. liROOKE. v L PHILADELPHIA 1 ,.... ___: B. F, P .ARLE'rl' & CO.. N. W. C()rner Charles and Pratt Sts. 1 JULIUS VETTEBLEIN & CO.; 'lr 0 I ............ Dli.U..... .. (Su ccesoon to VETTERLEI N & co. ) ooiiJI.. E. .KODOWELL & C ., MAIIUP'AOTUR&D LIEA" .\liD eMOII.INO SAL TIMOR;E, MD. rosAaao TODACCO.S, .DPOR'.rDS OF SPANISII 'l'O:BACCO 111!1JJ11Ji am etc. DDIIJlh uUhlll u muru.u11 OOXJOliSio JIEBOIIuaro am oF !WLB. No. 111 ARCH STREET; 39 NORTH WATER ST., 92 Lombard and S Water St., ( PHILADELPHIA Philadelphia., Pa. ..._..-BAL'I'DIOBB, '"': A gents for tbe ule of oil ki...!s of M anufactured .... BDWAJUJS. j.U. M. J>ATT&Melt. and LeafTobacc01. RD. W.IDW1RDS & CO. M. MARRIOTT W. K BARKE&. H. P. CHANDLEL t;. E WA!;h"H.K. BARKER, CHANDLEE M!NtJFACTUREBB OF And Wholesale Dealers in LEAF 'l'O:BACCO, No. 3t GERMAN STREET Opposi t e C arollton Hotel, SAL TIM ORE, NANU'FACTVRKRS O F THK "GOLD DDAL" and "I.Olm BYRON"' CIGABS.: ffiil' Spec ial Brands Man !Uactared t o order. -u ,Commission Merchants in L Jl TOB A C CD :rLA.NtJFAC'l't1ltD OF CIGABS,J P. A ALBRilCHT. Jl SCHRODltR. .... Aaenti 1n P e !U18Ylvani & and Dela.wa.r e fo r the -Clear X oWdo, and :Empire Tuelr. Cutter. &ulOBL MOORE. JOHN IIOOR.B. PHILADElPHIA.' 8.0& J. M:OORE, H. SCHMIDT, TOBACCO ULE!F TOBACCO" tOIIIISSION MERCHANTS, WAREHOUSE. 0 107 NOBT:S: WATEB STBEET Also run linea ltlaDu1'aetured IODd imokiog Tobacco. PHILADELPI;iiA 631 SOUTH SECOND STREET, PHILADELPHI A .IIIATBAII & CO., -. Wholesal e D ealers in 1 Leaf" Tobacco AND IDO liORTB TRmn ST., PHILADELPHIA, PA. LEWIS BREMER' S SONS, Wh o leeal o Deolers In "LEAF" .LND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, No. 322 ].'(orth Street, 5F' A large uoortment o r all kind of Lear Tobacco constantly on baud. And D e al er i n all kinds of ALBRECHT & SCHRODER LEAF TO B A C C 0' Wholesale Deal e r s i n AND CICAR RIBBONS. HA v .A.N A No. 25 German St., Baltimore,'Md. AND oRDERs PROMP, TLY F ILLED. Seed Leaf' Tobacco TOB.&CCQ, STREET BALTIMOR-E. liD. jos. A N ICOLASSEN JOS. SCROEDER & CO. and W ho lesal e Dealers iD LEAF AND Manufactured Tobacco, AND CIGARS No. 81 Ezchace Place. Baltbnore. 18 BALTIMORE, liD. IARBURQ BROTIERS MANUFAC TURERS O F SMOIIIG TOBACCO, 14S, 147 .tl 149 S. Charles Street, SAL TIMORE. MO., SOLEMANUl"ACTUliERSOII'THE CELEBRATED i i NORTH CAR-OLINA. t O F A B THEOBALD 7'71.08 Bare & Oo., WHOUSALE DEALUSJN LOUIS GIESKE & co., ... ; )> t> "' \ SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. Hartford Advertisem.eata. C AJ:l8IU 8 WBLLBS. L B.liAA& RICHARDMALLAY. JAMESMALLAY. ':-lenry Besuden & Bro., ( c. a. co., :MALLAY 1: BRO DEAaBS>X 0 0 N N. SEED. LEAF Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, L E A F TOBAOCO, I 1 6 and I I '1 West Front St., 161. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, n Rooe aad E lw, OINOINNATL 0. S. & CO., )fANUFACTURERS. OF F I N E CIGARS; AND DE A IJm.S IN LEAF 'l'O:BACCO, NO. 11:2 WEST THIRD STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. STR. A.SSEB. & CO., ( S u ccessors to LOUIS STRASSER,) MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS, AND D&.U.&&S I N LEAF, PLlrG, AND SKOXING 'l'ODACCO, Smotm' ant Imp. Haraua Ciprs SOUT11WESl COil FIFTH AIID WlLIIUT STS. CINCINNATI. OHIO. KROHN, I'EISS & CO., M A NUFACTU R E R S OF T9:EI.A.OOO. 154 Statt!-Stree t JLUIT.OBD, C:Olfll. a. z. K. PEASB,. COmaeetJcut Seed-Leaf TO:O..A.CC-<), 1B Market Street, Hartford,, Cenn.. Wt. WESTPHAL, CO!DIISSION MERCHANT, .t.Dd Dealer lou. CDIJUCTICIIT 1 LEAF Tobacco, State St .,Hartfor _d. A. L. & F P ac k ers and .. Dealers in CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF' No. 134 MAIN STREET, Hartford, Conn. J!8.188 WOODWORTH A STRONC1 LEAF TOBACCO, No.217StateSt., HARTFOJ,lJJ, CT. MORRIS & REID, 63 Wes Fourth R. \A. CHAPIIAf!.p. LEAF TOB ACCO DL\LER 1M OHIO ---=---------Co!Hiecticut Seed lea-' T IIDacto. BROKERS, QJ]lO<>, No. 4 C(JLLBGB BUILDUf'G, Olllo. HENRY MEY ..b,;H W'EtL, :KAliN&. co., OF I E.A,.ST HARTFORD; CONNECTUUT. G.W. GRAVES, Pine COMMISSION MERCHANT, .... :tACKD l>B ALxR "' .oHio & d coincrxcuT FINE sEED-LEAF LEAF TOB.At::CO, 134 Main St., Oincinnati, O. 46 :Front St., .CinoiD.D.ati," 0. DAN:alTRY, --i:ONNECTICUT. A. WEISE, PACKER OF SliD LBAF, J. W. x. slliTH & @ole M an:. f act ur e r of t he Jo' ouwu., an d Coainn Merchants and Jobbel!S reD.OV."'led Branda of Virgin ia S m o king AND WHOLESALE DEAL E R IN LOlU: JACK and BltOWN DICK Havana 193 East ST. Maantaf!toey, 12th.St rMt.. L YNCHBURG VA.. I 6aa ._aloll:y .0Ucltw.! &Dd promptly attendee! 111. S. W. VENABLE.. R P S. W. VENABLE & .DEALERS. I N LEAF AND MANYFACT URERS O .lt PL .TOBACCn, PETERSBURG, VA. -xotm:o CI'1'T Toucco wom: C D ,., DO"' "'ITZE f"O D CATLIN "" --"'\1 ., o F ALL DEscRIP-lu)Ns oF Dealers and Conmnsston Fine-Cut Chewing and LE.A:F -TbBACCO, S M 0 KIN 0 TOBACCO, 121& l23 :!WketSt., b et &SecondSts. &0, STr l.iOUIS, MO. No. 701 North S econd S treet, S t. Louis. Choic e B ra nds o f lmpol'te d li corice always o n h and.. Liberal Cash advances made o n Consignm e n t s ,. WALL, BELVIN & DAY, MASON, & BEEMAN, Commission Merchants w H o L E S AE o EA L ERs I N Fine7cnt, Pln[, & Smotin[ To.baccos. I"O R THll: SALK O F AID LEAF l c I GANA D NO. 320 NOBTli STREET ST. LOUIS, HO xs6 M ichigan Ave Chicago. WIGHT & STEVEN S Com.m.issioa merchants, Jobbers of SPANIS H And Pa,c'k:ers of' Domestic Leaf' Tobacco 18,-Dlichigaa .&.venue Chicago; or :;o. 20 HaDJpdea Street, SFBINGFIELD, JW& G W. WI C K S & C 0. Mllilufacturere.' Agents for the sale of V I rginia Missouri and K entucky Al t o D ca le:-s in LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS 102 MAI N STREET, (Betwee n 3d and 4th,} GEo w w.cKS. t N.FuR.IY. r P. F. SEKONIN LW TOBACCO BBODm 371!West Main St., K Y Five Brothers Tobacco Work: JOHN F I_NZER, BEN. FINZER, FRED FINZE RUDOLPH .FINZER, NIC H O LA S IlNZER. JOHN FINZER & BROS MANU FACTURERS OF "FIVE BROTHE.RS NAVY. "VlRGIN PIN E APPLE, AND" PAN-IJKE! 13 & 15 THIRD ST., Lou:U.ville, K3 Boston Advertisem.ea.ts. McEL!tOY BROTHERS, Tobacco Commission MeJchan AND SOLE AGENTS FOR BUCHllllll & LYALL'S TOB!CCOS ('7'1. :a4 BROAD STREEf, BOSTON. MAS C. O. HOLYOKE, COMMISSION :MERCIAN In LEAF and MANUF AOTJREE TOBAOOO,' ''PEACH AND .12 eentraz Wharf, Ibsto1 Leaf' Tobacco, COMMISSIDN MERCHANTS, .li1D DIWoiiiiDOI And Manufac t u rers o( AND DEALERS JN 1Jt4 LEAF I I MANUfACTURED OF SELECT I The Sweetest FineCut Chewing Ferdinand Westhoff, fr., ROBINSON TOBACCO MAIU.PACTUB I RltO., LOUISVILLE, KY. Forwarding Herclan and PI;,..,. 1 $03 llorth fil<>cond Street, 42 South Charles Str e et, w.-.Tidr4ud!'oplante.,ftikdelpbla. P H I LADELPHIA. BALTIMORE, MO. Pure North Oarolina Leaf, :BY DO" sJtill: ...aLADJCL!!oHIA. rNI!IPEOTIO:K-ooiiJI, iW.1 \1 INi'ED LEA.F TOBAOOO. FIRST ll'riOill TOIACCO WAREHOUSE, \ IL W'. DWa Fi880N, 7i6 NORTH SECOND STREET, UIPBCrGJl :roll 'rD ABOVB CoATES, PHILADELPHIA, IJBACCO mADE OF PHILADFLPHIA Leaf on'ICli.&.T SNUFF, CICARS, &c. Aweat for GAIL & A 'l!s and a.u.aoaa BIID'I'Hsa'O, Ba! Jef llordl Wa_....., 1 tia>cin, Smoking Toba ccos. Pony. No vy i 8 u.t B1101hct }oaaUIIID MARBURG BROTHE RS RICARDS, LEFTWICH & CO., En ...... ooo-wac toB.A.CCO EXCHANGE, __ lEAF TOBACCO BROKEF


TH' E TOBACC, O I LOOIIYILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. SNUFF TAKING. Forthcomine: Auction Sale. 'I'BBOliORE SCilWARTZ & OO Cuttlngand M anufacturing Leaf. :yM. G. MEIER & CO .............. Leaf Tobai:co Commission Merchants. lAMES CLARK .. ,.,,,_,,,,, .. Cutting and Manufacturing Leaf. WOLFOLK &. GLENN ................... Cuttina and Manufacturing L e _al. Its 1Ttillty in Preventinl[ Bronchitis, Consnmpland, while foreign fabricators either cut their tobacco into Burreau, or rasp it to Rap pee, etc. Snuff improves when long kept in bulk. It is said that Sir Henry Cooke "wh& so choice in his snuffs, so qetermined that they should be old, to his own know ledge, that after making a judicious selection, he had the jars put in a dry vaalt, and the entrance bricked up. He then let his house for 7 years. When the time ex pired, he had the vault reopened, and certainly his pa tience was re-paid, for finer snuff never could be pro duc ed." In the last generatioa, many connoisseurs prided themselves in their stock of rare, rich, ripe snuffs. Lord Petersham l!;ept about 3,ooo worth stored in his house. The Earl of Harrington, almost as much, the Dukes of Buccleuch, Devonshire, the Marquis of Ely, Earls of Airlie, Pow is; Lords Abercrombie, Arbuthnot, Coler aine, Lauderdale, St. Helen's and Panmure.,. followed suit at a distance. A pinch, {rom such as the Earl of Harrington's store, was not enough. You would wish to retu!n to it again and again, and revel in its inspir ing excellence, but such a treat is not for mortals in the present day. Let us hope that the Cnancellor ,of the Exchequer will one d a y be moved to reconsrder the mode of levying the tax which presses so heavily upon this pleasure of sense. By John H. Draper & Co., 112 Pearl Street, on Tues;. day, April 8 at 12 o'clock, noon, in their store, Leaf Tobacco, Plug Tobacco, Pipes, Snuff, Glass Store Fixtures, etc. >LOUlS FRANCKE .... ....... .. ... Lear eomm;.,.;on Merehanl W. 1. GRANT & co ....... ........... ... Cuttingand Manufact...-mgLeaf. tl-00, etc ... ,b ... FINLEY & BARBOUR ... .... .. -....... Cutting and Ma .. Leaf. '' "' puOnS. .J. 1. USHER & PRAOOFF ............ Cutting and .Manufaeturing Leaf. SUTRd & NEWMARK, MANUFACTURERS O F C: I G :E& S, AlliD DEALERS IN R STREET NEW YORK. PAYING CRoP -,-THE RESULTS IN OHIO AND CONNECTICUT.-The Laclede, Linn County, Mo. Republican exhorts its farBY JOHN C. MURRAY, M. D., F. A. S. L. [Continued from Mardi 5] CHAPTER V. mer readers as follows : It "Still thou art welcome, t has been suggested by per-As June' s blooming rose, sons who have givoo the Joy of the palate, matter some thought, that it Delight of the nose.'' H. J. MELLER would be well to urge upon The reigns of the four Georges may be entitled the the farmers of Linn County snuffing period of English history. practice had the propriety of turning become an appenage of fashioo before 1714, as it has their attention to the culticontinued after 183o, to be the comfort of priests, lite vation of tobacc-o, and the rary men, highlanders, tailors, factory hands; and old almost prostrate condition people of both sexes. George IV. was a nasute judge of agricultural affairs, more of snuffs, and so enamored of the delectation, that in any tHing else, de-each of his palaces he kept a jar chamber, containing mands it. The great cost a choice assortment of tobacco powder, presided over of transportatiom cuts off the by a critical superintendent. His favorite stimulant in producer from the consumer the ,:morning was violet Strasburgh, the same which in the case of the products had helped Queen Charlotte to "kill the of the West, more especially day"; after dinner, Cairotte, named from his penchant corn. There can-be no marfor it, Kings Carrotte, MartiniqtJe, Etrenne, Old Paris, ket lor it outside a meager Bureau, Cologne, Bordeaux, Havre, Princeza, Rouen, home demanJ, and in conand Rappee, were placed on the table, in as many rich sequence it does not comomd curious boxes. The aggregate value of the stock l bav in my pos sessi.oD: a rose w ood mull, similar to the mille t'lt.e Highlande u of the 17th century used to grind their "snush" in. Some man afacturers llavinl' kindly sent me of the different leaves, it has been brought into frequent operation in making my experiments, and the re!!ult of thil primitiv e mode of making s nuff is reall y very enjoyable. :J:o be Continu ed BURNING OF A CIGAR EMPORIUM.-At Norfolk, (Va.,) mand a price s ufficient to left at .his death must been near J,ooo_ The h r r h' k recently, the building occupied by Messrs. J a roes repay t e ,a-rmer JOT IS mg's love of h i s nasal food was singularly exhibited at 1 h h Little, as a restaurant; and Clem Brooke, as a cigar abor. Why men wit t e h 1 sdecease, which took place in the arms of Mr. Bach emporium, four stories in height, was totally destl'oyed experience of years to inelor, one of the inspectors of die royal store of snuffs. r d r h Ab by fire. Mr. Clem Brooke 'vas insured for $x,Soo 1orm them, an ,acts t at out the time of the last George's demise the duty I b r on stock and fixtures, which is nearly a total loss. explain themse ves e1ore raised apon the oderifous powder had nearly reached Changes in Business. Nxw YoRK CITY.-H. M. Morris, Importer of Licor ice, dissolved; Mr. N. R. Ansado succeeds Mr .M. and' will continue the business at 12 Old Slip. RrcHMOND1 VA.-Andrew Doud & Son Manufactur ers of Cigars and Smoking Tobacco, dlsso]ved ; Mr. Andrew J. Doud retires; the business will be continued by Mr. Andrew Ooud tJnder his own name. Rem. oval. NEw YoRK Cny.-N. R Ansado (successor to H. M. Morris), Importer of Licorice, from 19 to 12 .Old Slip. ,. Underrfdorfer, Leai Tobacco Dealer, from 9S Malden Lane to 254 Broome St. BALTIMORE, Mo.-Albrecht & Schroder; Leaf Toba"Cco Dealers, from 62 S. Calvert St. to 18 St. ENGLISH. STATISTICS. Some figures says an English have been published upon tl1 is subject by one who is evidently an opponent of the weed. We nevertheless give his re"" searches the benefit Qf publicity. Upon tobacco the British nation is estimated to have spent, between 18or and r87o, the sum of 578,ooo,ooo sterling, and this without counting any tl)ing for the cost of pipes and all the other adjuncts t o the comfort of the lover of the weed. Axon thus states the gross results of )lis inquiries.:'-- DEFIANCE them, will cont i nue to tax ooo,ooo sterling per an num. It soon, thereafter, BAD A ccouNT s oF OHIO SEED LEAF.-The 'Miama Unmanufacture d tobacco lbs. the soil year after year with began to lose its wonted preitige, and ever since has (0.) Bulletin of March 21. says: Weather generally for home consumption .......... 1,697,748,6611 MANUFACTORY, profitless crops, is somesteadily declined in popular favor, until irl 1870, it is pleasant. Buyers the crop is poor, no inducement s6o,257 ,040 thi ng of a marvel. Tobacco not possible to say hpw little is used, the revenue acto purchase, and are slow to act. One of our heaviest Add 2 5 per cent. for adulteration. 424,487,15' f th t t bl f b h h h h d b b Add 1o per cent. for amuga-ling., 169m,86o IS one o e mos sa e crumg rom 1ts not emg t oug t wort estlmatmg sepdealers recently informed us that e ha ought ut one articles of commerce, and arately. I believe, however, five figures would now crop of the new leaf, and would. not take a thousand at Manufactured tobacco entered lor 2 '862'"7 660 per lb/ "'D. HIRSCH & CO., Bowery 1'1'4 Water 8&.0 NEW YORK.. Sole PrQprtetors or the f oll o'lring bJ Cbem <:opyrlg!IUd Braum: DEPIANCE, EL :MRPHIS'J:O, LS'l'AFF JUP!TER. THE LION,' tn'i'IVERSAL BTANDABift QUliiJ. VBR, > U LEGAJ. TENDER, LONB STAR. OAlfK ROOSTER, 'J'BB PELICA!(, .ROWER 01"--FAlSB!ON,_ BIG THING, TBE GOLD.IIN EAGLE. DEALERS IN LE.A.F.TOBA.CCO. !. LICHTENSTEII & BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS OF 'FINE And Dealers in LEAF TO:S.ACCO, 'Nos. 34 and BOWERY, NEW YORK: Manufacturers of RAPPE, CONGRESS, nd Sco-rcH M. oinUtMSPKCHT. 'Vf. A. LtCRTlttiST.JtJN. 9 & 13 SMITHFIELD ST., PA :KER & SPIESS, manufiictu..,rs of Fine Cisars, m tsAP 'ieaAcce, 135 BOWlilRY, JllEW YORK. ;) H. HOLLANDER, MANUFACTURER. OF MANUIIACTU!l.ERS QF even with our present. high cover the impost l!lpon the total home consumption. sc. we are aware that a large portion of the new cr9p1s homeconsumption............. ,Bntents of pipe and poverisbed can be with a pure and full flavore snuff, instead more than twenty years he liad been engaged the take from us 1 ooo,oool. The weight of locai realized in Missouri from an of only ground tobacco stalks, o r those and refuse man01facture 1!ew ll!en were more highly taxation IS a frequent subject of complaint, yet the coat acre of corn. That &oil has dust, technically called "perish smalls;" esteemed by his pr.more warmly of tobacco falls very little short of the entire amount been worn by more than a 1f they were to put down" the pest leaf, as in lo':ed by those whom socta1 ties brought mto closer relevied for local taxes, and if to the estimate were to be century's cult; vation, and the consumer would return again and again lation. added the most modest percentage for pipes, etc. it yet by industry and prudent to and the practice might regain its former APLUCKYEDITOR.-A: subscriber of the Lyons (N.Y.) would greatly exceed it. The Rl:itisb Associatioa has management, they make it fascmatwn. In too many cases, however, the microRepublican, whc;, cut off his patronage because the paper done more-for the advancement of than all other: yield richly Here we have scope, a glass of water, friction between two silver coins did not suit his views, and was surprised that the paper combined. yearly devotes the greater a virgin soil, unsurpassed or the chemical test, discovers in the well-watered, artwas published notwithstanding, was thus addressed by part of 1ts mcome to expenmental researches which have in fertility, and adapted to ific1ally flavored, and ammoniacal preperation-pepper, the editor: "It was pretty' close work for awhile, we often i mportant bearing upon human well-being. the.growth of every kmd of oatll!eal, peameal, beanmeal, tonquin beanconfess; but by omitting to put sugar in our tea, and by For th1s h1gh anc\ noble purpose the Association spends agncultural product. We meal, ox1de of uon, alumn, chicory, armenian bole, buying a cheaper grade of paper collars and reversing yearly between 2,oo _o/ and 3,ooc/. Compare this witll once had the good fine sand, powdered flint or glas _s, red oxide of lead, them for the second and third time, we managed to rub the 14,ooo,ooo/ spent upon tobacco. The most painful to pass the greater portion yellow cremate of lead, powder o.f different kinds of along until a new subscriber came along and took the (sars our luguorious informant) coRnected of one winter one of. wood, starch, anti an excess of lime, etc. But Donald of our-_ respet:ed disgruntled friend-and then w1th thts subJect. IS that_ far the largest proportion pf eastern counties of Ohw, likes a sensation, and sometimes when I have given Richard was himself again. Nothing but rigid the money thus 1m providently wasted is abstracted from that may be said to be a him a pinch from the pure leaf, I 'have seen him imeconomy will carry one safely over such a calamity as the of the Ninety per cent. "tobacco county." Necesmediately p,ull out his own bGx, and bring tears to l1is the loss of a subscriber." was the estimate made m 1844, ;woufd give 520,sity had. d5 Mary Walters, Y., 104, rough and. narro"! that ft value of u pe: head of the present population takes in washing; no spectacles; Btble tw1ce a day; FARMVILLE, VA. N.EW YORK. ORDERS SOLICITED, / J. D. H11NT, I PEICER BBOS. 1&-C!J.;. seems to Uf!der m England, and we might, even like the Turks and smokes a pipe; strictly' temperance. the QIJposmg we1ght of two Asiatics, be satisfied with coffee to drink with the hills of mil?er and experience no crave for acute nar upset .ung your vehu:le, and cotism. Th1s, however, would derange the beautiful c;rossmg every few yardl> a zone and race theory of the natural selection soothing A PETITION oF ENGLISH 'foBA.cco MANUFACTUR ERS.-The following memorial from tobacco manufacturers has been' addressed. to the Right Honorable the Chancellor of the Exchequer : That during the ses sion of Parliament, 1840, the Government, for financial reasons then existing, imposed sundry temporary taxes, and among these an addition of 5 per Gent. to the duty on leaf (or unmanufactured) tobac.:o, as also to bacco .licenses, under a promise, or at least a tac1t un derstanding, that these WQ!IId be removed state of the finanqes of the Exchequer rendered 1t pract cable. That these additional taxes then .imposed have since been removed, excepting the 5 per cent. additional on tobaeco leaf and licenses, and these are found to be a grievance to the manufacturers, particularly the 5 per cent. added to the duty fcom lhe greataversion of tile workiug classes (who are the great consumers of tobacco) to pay more than 3d. per ounce for it retail, and which the increased cost of the raw matenal ao,d work ing expenses ;renders very difficult to ac complish. Your memonahsts humbly subiJ?lt for your consideration, that in course of your financ1al arrange ments for the present session of Parliament you may see fit in your wisdom, to abolish this ta:t of S per cent. on duty in order to relieve the trade, ll;nd at the Sll;me time encourage the increased consumptiOn of an an1cle from which the Revenue benefits so much: WANTS A BANK.-Ciarksville (Va.) is said to have six tobacco warehouses, and a great many buyers, who find great difficulty in carrying on their business for the want. of a. bank. MERCHANT. COMMISSION ALL RINDS OF Dealers c_igars and Leaf.Tobacco. Leaf Tobacco lDVlNCEliiENTS IIIADE ON CONSIGNliiiNTS. No. 75 Maiden Lane. ..... OFFICE' NEW YORK. 133 Water Street, New York. r. H. C. C: SPI>l!GER SPENCER. TBE JOBBIIfG BOUSE OF TIE WEST. -. E. GEB.NIIARDT a CO., OF S'lj. LOUIS, -MO., Having completed arrangements, have loeated a branch at lfJ3 l'IIAIDEN l..llNE, NEW YORK and are 'now Manufacturing all their _choice .BRANDS OF CIGARS at the above-mentioned place. z. z." BOKA Y & xo. sa Wall Street, CLEAR HAVANA TLDR DEL FliMAR lleina V1Cton a Regalia Britanica Conchas Sublimes UT .. IDIDI II .. -"llegi" a ntamca Concllas iPARli&AS. --. "t.:ondres II Sus .oo us.oo so.oo 130.00 8o.oo 90"" 6o.oo I HElM CLIY. N9Ul'fus Ultra .. :R.eplia Britanica Conchas de Regalla Entreac:tos ESPANIILI l'Tor C\e Prensado!t Londres de Corte ROSA FIGARO, "Londres de Corte t3Soo 130.00 So. oo 65.oo 70-00 6o.oo ss.oo LIQUORICE l PAsTE. THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOB THE JWmiAat'UREilS 0!1 = lowing well-lmowu brud but Which are the numerooo br""dJI purporting to .. ......, aRd iJl some mai&Doe contallllnil W. lhla adulterated compounds of bi nJVV-" ""' -I{' &fl>f per centor'Liquorlee. Par JUI Qeauiae 'Io ID81U'e manufadwen oblltllllll e a JC-yiJR FLB AOC FGC ZA RR tl GZ R&Co MF VB 0 '!'hey oboold addre tholr to the. anderalg:ned lnmNewt From thie time torwud the &boTe brands of Liquorice w no United states by F S N Y JAMES C. McANDREW, 124 ront t., As I guanntee an lig,uorlr tile oale ef oil lbe branda or Llquortco heretofore manu Y us. -ROBERT IIIAV All-DREW & CO., Loadoa, Ba.laad. f1 ToBACCO PLANTs.-W, H. White thus writes in the Country Gentleman : In re ply 'to "Amherst," I woul.d say As soon as the frost Is out, prepare and sow the bed for plauts. somewhat sheltered spot IS selected, the soil of which i. or made so by with fine stable manure, well drained and liable to suffer from drought, away from any trees to rob them of food Sometimes the bed IS plowed or the fall, sometimes not ; 1t lS plowed ... )lipa.ded six to eight inches deep in spring, working in a good dre. ssing manure horse stable; .sudace finely. pulverized with harrow: and raked, working into the surface 15 o;-2o lbs guano to each square rod of surface:; the bed IS then rolled,' and the surface scarified with an iron rake, and the seed sowed broadcast, at the rate of a tablespoonfu I tp the square rod, and again roll.ed. we used to burn a quanity ol brush, prev1ous to soWing the but found 'that the same or bette result was by using guano without the burning. So much buJnlng as Amherst says they do, I would the life of the soil; we found that sometimes w1th oR!Y a little part of the he ?e.scribes,,onr 'beds failed to produce plants: W1th us It IS an obJeCt to get good strou'g plants, green, not do in this way; sowing a bed near trees IS !table to g1ve us yellow weakly pla.nts, and late. Plant-b-rmy, bemg (the grower compelled to the stalks and. captivatedlby charms of afatr Domtmcan, here refuse, for whtch he has not, of course, paid Lduty) and and after some wanderings, tinally settled down m Alma the consumption of spuff there has not been supplanted, cen where he has a store. His wife has been exceedbut only distanced b.y that of tobacco. ingly mindful" of the injunction to "increase PLuG -ToBACco MANUFACTURE IN SuRRY CouNTY: N <;.-A correspondent writes: "There are in no less sixteen tobacco factories all of whiob, I am informed, will soon be at work of the vii age Mount Airy and its imQle d1ate ; three at Stloam ; one Rockford, ;md at. Several of the fact ones are supplieci With hydraulu; presses, and a-ll the llecessary improv d appliances for doing a large business, and all of thea are prepared for nicely manufacturipg all the different kind.s of 1plug None of them have gfve11 particular attention to the manufacture ofi smoking tobacco so far as I am informed." PLAYING TRICKS ON TRAVELERS.-An enthusias tic grower of Wisconsin seed leaf locates the follow ing story in his own neighborhood ; "One of our buyers had quite a good joke played. oa h1m a Cow days ago, He had been_ exhibiting a sample of so-called Connecti,cut leaf to far mers, and telling them if they raise such tobacco he would gladly give them 2oc per pound for it. A cer tain slyly exchanged a sample of his tobacco for the said Connecticut sample. So near alike were they that the buyer never knew of the exchange until lie was by this same farmer to trade back, qui etly tellmg h1m he thought he had exhibited the sample of leaf for Connecticut leaf Iong enough. All Qf. whtch mduces us to believe there is much' fu a name." AN 'ENGLiSH CORRESPOND..ENT WHO KNOWS ALI. ABOUT PIPES.-Says a correspondent of the London Gat den: A short paragraph in a recent J!Iumber of the Garden states that the wood of which these pipes are inade is the root, of a species of Smilax found growing the States of America. From in qumes I J?ade some time ago, when briar-root pipes. were first mtroduced, and from an eammation of the. woad and comparis.on of it with that of the true heath (Erica atborea), I believe them to be [ieentical. I am moreover, strengthened in this supposition from similarity of the heath (bruyere), with the common name bnar, wh1ch IS probably a corruption of the former I am told by a large Imporfer and maker of these pipes .that the wood comes only from the south of France. MOR:E TOBACCO WARE HOUSES--At a meeting held at Mount Laurel (V re cently, a joint stock com pany was formed under the name of The Roanoke Toba.cco Association," for the purpose Qf two commodious warehouses, one at Mount Laurel,_ and the other at Providence, or Morgan's Cross Roads, (or the sale of tobacco. It is designed to have the house ready for the reception of tobacco by the first or mid dle of May. I{ Government could find a way to charge duty upon and multiply," and_ IS surrounded by a brood of th.e tobacco, when manufactured, instead of when it is most charming children, costume, IS taken out of bond, it would he an immense boon to all as limited as can well be com:e!Ved. She st.Ill lovers of the weed, but especially to snuff-takers. The her good looks, in spite of numerous fam1ly, and .Is <;:ustoms, levied upon tobacco, ao1 about six times mo'l'e extremely pleasant and hospitable. Her younl?er SIS than the original value of good, sound, Virginian leaL tersr both of them With be At the present low price of the prepared commodity, witching eyes, appear to rnarna.g7 Wtth Euro it is impossible for manufacturers to keep tobacco in pean or Ameriean the hetght of femmme stock_;it would be simply ruinous. Return upon capihave ogled every member of our party With Impartial tal invested, requires expedition in sending the precious tenderness. Their curiosity as regards our product i:lto an early market-:-6oo per cent. imposll, customs is somewhat embarrassmg, as they remamed m upon the raw materal, can not be prejudicial to the the room allotted to our our quality of our English snuff. It has put a premium upon were swung, and we bemg tired wtth much walkmg the refuse from the manufacture of tobacco, and causes were eager for sleep. The ?f na even that to be hurried through the different processes tive wax, with wicks of cabulha, were-smkmg In the in a few months, -instead of two, three, four or even more candlesticks, composed of bottles, and they to years, as on the Continent; where a trifling duty admits replenish them with when we despamngly of the fabricants rejecting material, and taking theii shouted, "Non, non," they own time to bring to perfection a mellowed and ripened bidding us good night in hqu1d Spamsh accents, treasure, redolent of fin!! natural aroma. But even if to rest. Their efforts in the kitchen, both as assistants the price of snuff admitted of the best leaf being selected, and supervisors of the cook, have mo_st the pith i's crushed out of the snuff-work, by the ponderworthy. Being that we d1d not hke ous grindstones used in Britain, for its trituration. The they have :Watched her with eyes of lynx, and assailed Brazilian. Indians, long ere they were troubled by East-her with loud cries whenever she to smuggle ern civilizatiou, rubbed down their tobacco with a pestle in the tabooed condiment. Senor Marcarulla has a and mortar made of rosewood, and snuffed it while warm Chinese cigar-maker in his eml?loy and manufactures and pregnant with its own and the added fragrance of excellent cigars, which he vends m packages. of twenty the wood. In the Highlands, Sandy used to grind down five for a quarter of a dollar. The tobacco IS most exthe leaf in a little wooden app aratus called the mill" tell eat but they use the' same leaf for filler and w-rapper, 1 f d ll" hence, the name "mull," given to the snuff-box in Scottoo, which prevents some of them rom rawmg we GETTING J -:-.l:::.h-e"' Bul/eti11. has got on "h1ghheeled boots" and thus talks up New England tobacco: {'We are wont to place tobacco along with rij;e, cotton, and sugar, and look upon the whole as of warmer climes, acknowledging that it is. ratsed m Massachusetts and Connecticut to a certain extent of course, but still not amo1111ting to any important sum total. Let see : Tobacco culture has become a thoroug\1 success In every town in Hampshire County !he value of the weed" raised there runs int9 the mil: lions, and even the town of Hatpeld turns out $4-oo, ooo worth yearly. It IS a pretty thorough refutation of the barrenness" of our New England soil tB be able to that no equal number of acres .in the country yield such an enormous net profit to the fanner as acres of Connecticut Valley counties. Indeed,. at Its h1gh market value, it is no unusual thing for a farmer tn the valley to obtain, from a single year's crop profit more than sufficient to pay for the land which it grew."


. I 8 THE TOBACCO LEAF. Lic04cice. LXCOB.ICE JOHN" ANDERSON I, co., LtCORICE pASTE LICORICE HANUl'ACTVRERS. OF THE. PASTE POWDER, ROOT SOLACE UD u TOBACCOS w oo. 'SPECIALTIES BY ... 114 and 115 LIBRTY STREET, Tobaell manufacturers and the trade !n DE LANCEY CLEVELAND, NEW YOIIK, particularly ex B R O K E R amine a.nelawlll; ut ewrng an meet with prompt attcatlo&. SMoKINI'J ToBACcos & SNUFF, OUI. BRANDS CHEWING' HEARTS' DELIGHT, 'li!ATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, vd'RA CAVENDISH. and f.-o:6 Pearl St., New York City. 'IBOKAll HOW. 3'.0. r. J.AGG, IIA.IIVFACTV&U Or AI.L G&ADU OW tlat &lltwtat, cfmokiag, ad Staialatt4 TOBACCO HARVEST" S. ."SURPRISE IN FOIL IVANHOE S. JOLLY BOYS SMOKII\!Q, 1"1'41!'1'011& Street. New Yerli.. Alk EtiquLikn von Ttlbak m gm. D, A. SBO'l"WELL & SOlf, 1 :i JloaabctlllW8 of .. !.!I0 G.U, ": Tobacco and Segars, 'ro'bacoo, Cigars, """" fU.. eeCell ... teol ,,..,.... ,, "'1!1 1!:1 SNUFF. ETc.. and UNION """ 33 IU8RAY STREET, COR. CHURCH, F"meOut ur trade mark on the boxes, IS. J A. CO BY_ & CO. No. 7 Commercial Street, SOLE WBOLESALB SELLING AGEI'l'S FOR. THE .. :N :a: W :&:lfcx.A.ln) ST .6. 'r3S. G. W LANGHORNE. ]. H. FLOOD. G. W. LANGHORNE &: CO., Ka.nufa..-t.urers of the folloq celebrated Brandl Of VIRGINIA SMOKING. Jefferson 'Street; between 7th -and 8th, LYNCH BUR G, VIRGIN I A Bob White, in Cloth, Deer Ham, in Cloth, Johnny Reb, in Cloth, Westward Ho! in Cloth, Aunt Siillie'sChoice, in Cloth, Rusti c Belle. in Cloth; Dew Drop, in Cfoth, Jolly Boy, in Cloth, Old White Hat, And other Choice Grades. All Branda of our Tob&coos pa.cke d in rases to !!tit p,;l"Chl\sers, FREE O'F' EXTRA Ol!ARGE0 and in the new and popular stylo of Packi!.ges to suit the ditr ... ent ma.rketa of the world. FACTORY No.6, FIFTH DISTRICT. 0 C. SPROTTO, 188 Pearl St.N'B111'York, QEMERAL AGENT FOR ALL USTE!'!II STATES. IIICWDING 01114. Rs. G. B. MILLER & CO., 1.'obaoco Jrlanufactory (PETER D. 97' Columbia Street, .NEW YORK,: x.urtJJIJ..O'l'UBDII or 'J"Jm CEL&BBJ.'l'SD Kra. G. :0. >Liller & Co. Chewing and Smoking !.he only Genuine Ameican GentJe. -.n :W:I'Il. G. B. Miller & Co. llaceaboy cfSoo A. H. lfickle .I; Bona' Forest -..., an" Grape Tobacoo; Kra. G. B. Killer 1:\taokin g and Chewlog Too-J.. Factory aad Salesroom, 169 Ltl'DLOW S'mD'l', DW YOBX_ 2'obacco Ba, riB A. SHACK. SCH'IJJIACHER & E'rrLINGER: ; .. 53 BOWERY, :NEAR Practical Lithocraphers, -..l. ... All order& u-telll'M fl. If 38 OROS13Y ST NEW YORK. a. NO CONNIOCTION WITH DOMESTIC LK'ORICE FACTORIEi.,BI F. H. BiscbofS Celnrated Smolin! Tobacco Factoi33 w .& R DR 0 P a D l L y. (aow W.-Belper), l'fEW YOBK. ...., D&ALKU IK SNUFF, PIPES, etc., 'fKTOMES lT .... BROAD STREET 1 IEWlRI ..IJQ) IN CALDWELL, N. :1, ESTABLISHED 1837. 'W .1. BBnmlN&BOFFBR & 801, M.UWFA'CTURKRS OP PINE CIGARS, ./> AND -ILIRS II 'l'OB,ACCO, ICliW .UZ 4: SPOBB, ---Au.--SEGARS, 118 Lewta lllree1, w TORK.I X. ::SBOCK, 203 & 205 Lewis Street, DEALERS IN SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Sea.sonei Stock alwa.r.s on hand. R. ZELLEifKA, MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS Oil' :MlrSLIN A 'ND LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, N_ewlll'_k.;._N._J. "'t1CHAN. AN tl. LYALL FINEST BRANJlS OF CIGARS, lGKBIDA TOBACCO WOI\KS Al'fD lil Q(r 8 OI.GAJL IIAl!fUFACTO:a.Y. 64 329 BOWERY, N.Y. 263 East >ith St., !lew York. Orden prl>m ptly attended to at the hortet notice. til-'\ BUCHNER FACTORY, NO. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN, fiuccessor to RoBJTCHE<:tt & TAUSSIG, Manufacturers of the foll owing CELEBIU.TED BIU.:NDS OF Wangler & BOrKEN, GARRIGUES & CO., ll .IMPORTERS C 1 BRIAR,1CHINA & LAVA PIPES, MANUFACTUR.&R,OI 11!111-CUT CBIWIIG TOBACCOS Fine : AND SMOKING Germe.n French a.nd ChiD& Goods, A.NDTOYS, 91 CHAMBERS ST. AND 73 READE ST., -Acco AND OI,&ARS Challenge, lbs. : Kmg Philip, Washington, )Is, and A..pdcot, '-Ha S' tu. ts Neptune, Double Thick, i Unconquered ) Vl!.!la. 11:68, vuer00 brt. drk. "ACME" Fancy Brt. Maggie Mitchell, : Pounds, 'io.K:6 DELANCEY STREET Narragansett, 'l'ecumse h,,oS, -J Alexandr.r., 1 Peerless, :NEW YOBK. Sensation, Palm, of the {()!towing li'lounders, Sara e 1L .ll. Balle B.a. Wlacheec.ez:. Buchanan{ Jos, Pride of the Reeiment ......... ..LeaC. L.TGD Grecian Ben.. Jack of C ubs, R&aD&lJI.-.....ek. WILLIAM. BUCHANAN'. DAVID C LYALL. liiGHLANDER TOBACCo WoRKS, JBAB mw OJ' TID: 1DCDIL&BDBit 'l'OBAOOO woau. NO. 148 WATERST., :NE\V YORK. lm'W YOBX. p. DINCEE\. ,. fREY BROS, & CO. ()orner and LewtiJ StreettJ, hire f Fn11.1 CIGADO c;.omMISSGON MERCHANT. ac .1.11!1 41\1), IWU SP ANISB CEDAR, Dealers 1n Leaf Tobacco, .,., 4LL 126 Chambers St., New York EDWARD A. SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF Pine Xo .. 11 .Bowery, NEW YORKa FOREIGN & DOMESTtC WOODS. KRAFT & HOFFMEISTER, a-to A 'LORENZ, Jla.a.utaeturen otan eDtlre Dew at:rle of METAL AND WOOD SHOW CASES, i:ou1s HOLLANDEa Patented and .Aug. 12th, 1862, Manmactnur r 13 NORTH WILLIAll ST., W. Y. OITY .Pll\lE CIGARS,. ;ADd Dealu In CHARLES A, WULFF, Alllillds Of laf ftM Jannfactnred Lithographer, Printer, &IId llanufactwer o J 02 Nassau St., N.Y.-Tha ud sMOKING TOBACCO. All grades of Plug and 'l"Wl!St J.obaccos Manufactured with Care and Skill. Owing to the unprecedente d popw.larity of the "Darh;.,m." :Brand of Smoking Tobacco certain unprincipled dealers and manufacture r s have been l e d t o infrinre our trademark. and are imposing upon the trade, with inferior goods under our assimulated trademark. Now this is to notice that "our rights to the" Durha:rn" Band have been fu1ly vindicated both in the U. S. Courts and Patent Office, and All pa.rtlea are hereby -noed a&'&boat treapaao. WE lllEA.N THIS. Dealers Dandling Spurious "DlU"halll" would do well tD remember, that like the Manufacturer, they are To prevent any trouble, and to secure the Genuine" Darha019 order Blackw-ell' Bull Brand from the manufactv.rers. We arC determined from henceforth to exhaust the law against infringers upon our trademark. B e not deceived. "He that soweth to the wind, most reap of the wbirlwiDd. APRIL-a; .MISCELLANEOUS. D. DEMUTH & 00. ; THB SOLI< MANUACTURKRS OP 9 I \ BRIAR A'RD APPLE-WOOD PIPES, WITH RUBBER :srrg, Imtortm of all khl4a of Smcbr1' SHOW FIGURES, .., tiM HETAL AND WOOD, A SPECIALTY. No. 403 BROADWAY, \ NEW' YORK .. ROBERT l CODISSIOH VDCJH'N'l', IMPORTER OF HavaJa Leaf Tobacca and Ci(m, Kabufactvtl' of C!pra of superior. AEAJO LEAF, 32 PLATT STREET, NEW YORK. HENR WULSTEIN. <-to JlorsN&l' ,J Q) c:: -. .c 0 .CU ::E 0 0 .a 0 ..... 25 Myrtle Avenue, BrooldyD. beccoO and othera. i IroDI ana. steDclll a llpeaWir, .T .. B. TYREE. 11 111111 MIICIAIT1 ............. ., ............ .. --.. ,..... ... J.WAJiftJU.GCJG _.IMIIIII......._- 0.."'p .... THE GERMA.lf CIGAR PACKERS' SOOIETY, IL!opeotfully inrorm the Cigar .Manufa-..:n the Un1ted. States that they are: now able to fill for Packers with Memb.lrs of their S' etr..-APPLY TC)o SJ'ORE, 202 CHATHAM;:, l B. LICHTENBEII, u. S. Tobacco 'Wo:.k., Kaolllacturer of fine :Cut Chewing Tobacco, . FREDERIC_ K KB.U5E. _) Manufacturer of all Sizes and Styles of S:EOW CASES IN METAL AND WOOD. WARER.OOIB: 175 C ,h&th&m 8_, .... I 111 lilforth Willl&m 8\., JlEW YOR!Ir. \. L. ARMlSTEAD, Proprietor, Lynchburg, Va. ft.e tono.lag hlgb.17 looPui&T brands are H.anuractured at these Worka ODd pad.e.,., and to bullc1:;-aiarge additiOn ToO the Fact<>ry, the paolfew months, lllfor


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