The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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'I VOL. IX.--NO. 11. lbt lobttG < IS PUBLISHED ZT' WEDNESDAY KOUni1G ft Til TOB!CCO LW ctlrY, 42 Fulton 8t., New York. J. Blnl"lLY HAOml. Bd:ltor. JOHlr G. -.Apn\. Asl.n advertiainr medium, where lt is desired to reac h the Cigar and Tobacco Trade, not only of thia but foreign Countries, It I the lieot attalll able. Alt letters should be plainly add........! to TKK ToBAc c o L&AP' PuaUSHIHG COIII'ANY 142 P'ultoa Street. N e w York. Terms of the Paper. :t' SrNGLK Covti!S to CaNTS PER ANNUli f4..oo To Engla!'ld and the Canadas, $r.04 ad4ltioaal per annum for prepayment of Poitage. T<' ::Uatier H. lc Brother, 77 Water Demuth Wm. & Go., Bro&dwar MlloMfMtJ<""' of Licoriu Psto. Applebt' 11 Helme, 133 Water Cleveland, De Lancey h4 South WilHam Gilford, Sherman & Innia, uo WIIUam 1 GomeA Argnimbau, 29 &: 31_8 William McAndrew James 0., .. WeuerAo r..{ .,.,._. lttsf>Otrir.. BeDRI MtJ. It Co. 10 Depeyoter. Lla4e f. e.' 4c'Co 142 Water. Natitmal Tobacco Hood!-W. J. & Co., Wbitehall. TobMco Prentrs. Guthrie Oo., J35 Front. M.:t;,_ wfctrtrl of Cigar Boxe. Heo'kell Jaco., tq':l: A: 293 Monroe Wicke William I< Co., & 161 Goellt:k. Citttr uJ.r nd otAer w .. th. Dingee P. V., o;or. Sixth and Lewia. Wardrop 1: baiy, 103 It-105 LewiL c.,.... Rii>bon1. Oramer G., Sa Frank.Uo. S,.ilt Cif"' A.lmirali J.J., 30 Cedar. Molth. Jacoby8. I& Co., 1109 Pearl. Mt.nfMturtrt of Ti-Foil. Orpoko ]. ] 38 Orooby: ...4Mltilrutr of Th4 cto, tit. Gerard, Betta I& Oo., 7 0141 Blip T.S..eo I..IHII. The Hatch Llthognpic Oo., _32 A: M Vesey .: Heppenheimer F & Co., North WHliiUD .,4 Triigt. Schumacher & Bttlnger, 15 Marray. WolffC ..... A., 5 Obatham. ToMe" &.Jif( IYa. Zinner w. & eo,J.;, Auatr-ian U :t;! It Compaoy, ulo;Peatl t/iiCtllrm of Luid" titllrltUJ. KllfD.,. Broa.,141 West Broadway. Cigar M .. lds anti Prentice Geo. J ., 197 Pearl. Strap8 and Oldterl, Gma Cigar Moulds. Ericho H. W 253 South: LObenstein & GaD&, 1ec Malden Lane. :Michaelis, ::;, & Co. IOI Malde n Lane. Spier Chao. E. & Co., 1 John. Ml-1li T obacro Bag Zellenka R ., 263 E .. t Fourth. Pap.r Cigar and ToiJacco Bags. Howlett Bros., 204 Fulton. ';obauo BiJKging. Leeter A. A: Co., 103 Cham ben. Cifr Muld "Prw anti &r"/'1 Brown A. F., 57 Lewl.s. MtltifacturtrJ qf SAo w Calil. Kraft .t; Holfmeloter, North Will!am. Kru.e Frederick, 175 Chatham and I9 North Willklm. ... u: La Ferrl'le., Ruui11n Cig4'1'ttttl. Millington T. &: Eckmeyer, Sole Azents, 46 Broad Badl. Gennan-Amertfan, cor. Broadway and Cedar. Engra'Vt r on Wood Hoey Joseph, Broadway. Patent Plug Tobacco Maclri,.., Harrison and Co., 29 Broadway. InUrniJI Books. Jourgensen, C. 37 Liberty. lnsura1ue Brolur. DuBois Cornelius J'r., 141 Broadway ALBANY N. Y. Greer A.&: Bona, 8u ALLEGH.lNY CITY, Po. Manufacturers '' Extt!Jior Spun Roll," Jenkinson a. & w. BALTIMORE, Toln1cco Wa,.elt c llsts. Albrecht & Schroder, 18 German. Beck & Hayen, 6o South. Gay BoteniUS:G. H.&. West Pratt. Boyd W. A.. & Co., 31 South. Dresel W. and Co., 31 Gay Gieske L & C o .1 .p South Charles. Gunther L. W 90 Lombard. Kerckhoft" 4t Co 49 South Kremelberg, J. D, and Co. Loose 0 & Co., 1 x 7 West Lombard. Parlett B. F. & Co., 9 Lombard. Paul Wm., South. Tat.genhorst, F W., 68 Broad. Vetterlein &. Bock, 6 Cedar Upmann, Carl, 188 Pearl. 'Westhesm, M. &: Co., 177 _Pearl. Rosenfeld S.. &.Co .. S3 Exchange Place. 8chtoeder Jos. &: Co .. 8.: Exchang e Place. Wilkens & Klier, 69 South Charles. Wlcbmeyer Ed. & Co. 49 South Charles. Wright, E. 111, & Co 39 Broad. TobaLCo BroUr' Cattus & Ruete, u9_ Pearl. Drerer Edward, 46 Beaver. Fischer Chas. E & Bro., llJ Gano J S & Son, 86 Wall. Kelland, P., 179 Pearl. Oabom.e 1 Chute!!> F., s.. Broad. Rader M & Sou. 133 Pearl.). Shack A. Mahlen Lane Solmar Edward, 130 Wate r Manufacturers of Tobc1, Anderson J9lm & Co. u, u6 aud "7 Liberty. Bondy Chas., 53 Bowery. Bucha.naa & Lyall, s(Broad. Buchner D1 Cook. Vincent L 1 5 9 Ludlow Flag J, F. 174 Frout Goetze, F .A. & Bro., pS Waebingtoa Goodwin & Co 207 and ,09 Water Hoyt Thomas & Co., 404 Pearl Kinney I:Jroe. 141 West Broadway McAlpin D H. A Co. cor. Avenue D and 'leoa"o ; Mille< Mn. G. fl. & Co. 97 Columbia. Shotwell D. A, & Son Elghtb av. Agutlfor S,.ding Tob11tco1, Itt. u : n A. & Co. 43 Li herty LtaObeim M. 148 Wate r Richey & Boniface, 86 Front Weiss, Eller & Kaeppel, Pearl Mt.nufactMrtrr of Cit"" Auerbach & M ende rson, 138 Water Benard Pll.i.!ip, 133 Water Bondy Chas., 53 flowery. Brock M 3:19 Bowery (}utaneda & Jewel, 73 Malden & Rust. usltlaide n Lane. Frey Bros. & Oo. n6 Ohamberw Hartcorn & Genhel, 86 Maiden Lane. Hirsch D. & Co. o_5q Bowery and Water. Hiracbbocn'L. & CO. 8Q Wate< Hollander Louie, 102 N asMa i;cby S. & Co. 109 f'earl se h S S. t66 Front uPman J3ros &I .Bondy, Ma14eu Lane Kerbs & Spies, 35 Bowery Lelnkauf & Pollak. ,.,. Chatham Le.y Bot Wanaeiman F., Bo !roulf WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1873,. WHOLE NO. 42T-Dulm i tlflll Luf TtHM Dllla, Freytang & flo .. _. Weot Beco<>d. l!lilven J. H 41 Vlne Mtltifarhtrt" '!{ Allen A Ellis. u Vine. Geoghan A Murphy, Hammond. Otten Henry, & Oo., 373 Kaia. Speoce Bros. Co., 52 and 54 East Third. eo.,,;,uo, MtroUnts. Kafer, Holmes&: Co., 25 West Second. Mtl-".f-ur.u, -d D<.ltrl ;. Cit" Krohn, Feisslr: Co., .53 W es t Fourth. Lowenthal 8. &-Co., 1 u West Third. Strasser & walnut WeU, Kahn .t Co., 134 Main. Luf T o hac-o orris & Reid, 4 College Building. CI.AB.l[SVILLE, T_.., :Utt TohiltiJD BroAtrl Clark, H ; H. & Bro. COVINGTON, Xy. Glove J. A.. P & Bros., 19 W 7th. DANBlJRY. CoJUa. Graves G. W. -DANVILLE, va. Pemberton a Penn. DAYTON,O. .. Hoglen & Peaae, Pease's Tobacco-Cutt log JDnain DETROIT, lliola. Crors-C u t Circular Saw. Lichtenberg, G. B. MnufQQ.Mrtrs '!{ tt.ttl Dtillmr. 8 LOWlCNTXAL &; CO A nts tor Cincinnati and the South-West. J C Pa.rtrld c!t Co A ents for Chic& 0 and the llorthW TBE CELEBRATED "AUSTRIAN VIRGINIA" Frpm J. D. ImEDLBERG'S Factory, in Baltimore. ARE NOW READY AND FOR SALE. 4, in NEW YORK with l{REKELBEBG & CO.,. 160 PEARL 8TREEl. 0 ORNELIUS tJR., J 11\TS'UR...&l\TCE BROKER' 141 :B:aO.A.DW .A. T,: .. Jj N"E"'OV All kinds of" Risks placed at the Lowest Market Rates in First Class Oompa.nies. Celebrated G. E. T. PILKINTON'S "FRUITS AND FLOWERS,." w. HILLMAN & CO., _. :. Sole Agents, 108 Front St., Ne:w York- See Advertl.sen1ent on 4th Pa.a-e. L THE TOBACCO QUESTION IN GERMANY. .::. which would form an object of independent discussioo.. Should it be answered in the negative, then the CoiJ:tmission would not have completed this problem, and _it:We hasten t6 lay before our readers the latest inforwould be left to its further consideration and e!Camination, as to which taxes would furnish suitable substitutes mation obtainable regarding the proposed legislation in for the salt-tax. There is no doubt, but that the aboliGermany on tobacco. The following abstract of the tion of the salt-tax, would come in question and under report of a joint committee, somewhat l}astily translated discussion, if the propositien as to fall compensatio111:. from the Berlin of April II, will be read through other suitable taxes, should be entertainecL. with great interest by the trade here, as it somewhat Concerning the discussion of the above question, it was.:. asserted that the salt-tax burdens the population witl::a. foreshadows what the final action of Parliament may 9 sgr., ( silver 1groschen) a head, and that consequentl y be: a fami l y of five members have to pay a salt tax of I lbr. The combined committees of the Bundesrath for IS sgr, while on the other hand, the proposed Taxes and Customs and for CommP.rce and Trades have t ax burdens a smoker who yearly consumes r ,ooo cigars,. now delivered their report regarding the increa -se of the or IS lbs of tobacco, from I thlr. u sgr. tu r thlr or IS" tobacco-tax, proposed as partial compensation for the sgr. more than heretofore ; so that of a family of five salt-tax, have pronoun c ed with o majority members supposing only one of them smokes, under the proposed tax increase, and have discussed the me asthe increased tobacco tax would have to pay an equally ure proposed by the Special Commission only in case high tax as the entire family paid for its salt tax. It the Bund,esrath should declare in favor of the project. may be remarked in favor of the abolition or the salt According to the report the committee s did not deny tax, that it falls upon every head of the populatiob as that from th e taxing of the tobacco culture proposed by an absolute necessity, while the tobacco tax only burthe commission, a consid erab le amount would be real dens the male population and only tax es an object or ized, particularly, if the tax should be levied to its full luxury, which every one can renounce and so omit payextent. But this could only be done in the shape of a ing the tax. Neve rthel e ss tobacco has become, particularly monopoly, or in the form of a factory tax, injuring the less well-to-do classts of the }tJ}ulation a rear merce and trade to the utmost. The latter object was necessity The use of t obacco helps them to endure an d not only refused to be considered but also the idea of an conquer bodily fatigue and privations. A proof of thi s introduction of the tobacco monopoly, whatever large is given b y lhe experiences of the last war in which the amounts may be realized by it, had to be abandoned, military government the soldiers tobacco in_ considering the financial condition of the German Em regular daily rations. Another question is, Will pire, and taking into consideration the lively progress of poorer classes of the population, suffering at present-: the tobacco manufacture, the existence of which would under the salt tax, renounce the use of tobacco after be considerably damal!.ed by the establishment of a monabolish i ng the salt tax and the introduction of the inopoly. The committee consider the idea of a tobacco creased tobacco tax. monopoly enly_ suitable in times of great calamity and Thia question can readily b(answered in the negatin scarcity of money, and therefore hold that the present Nay, the proposition presupposes as much, if it esti tirhe does not call tor it, particul arly as public opinion is mates the reduction of the consumer of tobacco only at: decidedly opposed to this kind of tobacco-tax. Therezo per cent. of the present consumer, consequently it fore the committees had to acknowledge by a vote of this infers a reduction for the far largest part of the populamajority that the Commission had taken the only pol>sition. But if this is the case, if the practical result of ble way o arranging a higher taxation of tobacco, in the introduction o f a tobacco-tax instead of the salt-tax correct consideration of the existing circumo,tances. If will be the burdening of a family of five members in the Commission had proposed on the one hand an in-future with only I thlr. IS agr. and no more, and only crease of cu:stcms for tobacco and tobacco manufacthe system and the name of the tax are changelil, while tures, on the other hand a proportional incre a s e of tax the effects of the t a x upon the fortunes of the t a x-payers upon domestic tobacco in form of a produce-tax must continue in the same degree, then must the have The Committees have now concluded to which are raised against the system of the tobacco -tax, state the q\lestion put before them for decision as folne cessarily lead to the answering the question whether lows: Is the proposed taxation of tobacco qualified to the tobacco-tax is sufficient to be used as a substitute act as a substitute, if only partially for the salt-tax ? In for the salt-tax, if only partially in the negati ve. Regardputting this question it was remarked from a certaion ing the practical working of the law, the majority of the quarter, that the proposed tobacco tax would not cover c ommittee report: ''The onerous supervision which the the s a lt-tax in totum and that consequ e ntly the rest of the law impose s upon the domestic culture of tobacc u.. tax project would have to be brought up, before this through the propqsed tax endangers the of question could be decided. land owners who find in this culture the largest profits The majority of the committees replied to the quesof their estates, and who would s:.:Ter great injury by tion as to whether the proposed tobacco tax would be an alteration in the value of their produce. To this sufficient to furnish a substitute for the saJ.t tax, that, must be added, that the culture of tobacco allows such-. should it be answered in the affirmative, then the only profitable use of the working forces, that already on thiSi point to be discussed would be the amount of the saltadec!eased toba cco culture would, in an economica l tax remaining uncovered, about which the propositions 1 of view, be felt very severely The manufacture of the Commissioner were yet to be expected, and of tobacco would also suffer very !everely by the injur)t.


-... Among the mnumerable petitions agamst auy alteta TilE TOB.A.OCO JWIA&KET. doa.e to.the tobacco culture; in all cases of tax !ncrease it compels the manufacturer to increase h1s cap1tal considerably. -This endangers the existence of a number Gf small manufacturers leads to an iD<;reased centralization of the trade and not be eteemed desirable. Tobacco a favonte object (or smuggling, as 1t tion m the rates of duty d.n11 tax that are poutmg mto Gro ... ero of seed leaf tobacco ..., cautiOIIed ag at accepting the the Parliament at Berlin from every .part of the Empire, l>OMES'l'I"C aa!ea d o1 aeeli, u "rmahmg one from the work10g men of all trabacoo "W.lS adopted. Then a revu;1on of the tare rates on leaf mbaQCo was declared adv1sable. In regard to the tax moc:lu, the committee generally agreed with the report -.t tbe Commissioners, particularly concerning the fixing .Gf tlae number of lea'ftjs before harvest, together wlth the appra1sing of weigh.t cl,c. efc. Fiu_ally, the conlmiltees approved the rates of go per cent. for goods from fore1gn leaf, at reo per cent. for -dotaesuc tobacco and" good!! manufactured from the .same. andf.t r2o cent. for. cg"s made from do' lea From the London Trai/e Revie1p, for April, e reproduce the followmg article, wh1ch contams facts ;r;.ot huherto giVen by U& : Nothmg as yet been definitely done final set"tlementof th1s vexed question, and thmgs rem am pretty much the same as wheR we Issued our last monthly aumber The German Parliament has, It s true, been -opened smce then, and the Federal Council have laid 1Jefore them the Btll for augmentmg the duties, but the House bas been so much occup1ed wlth the d1scusswn of other and mon: Immediately pressing concerns-mdudmg the new gold currency question, the bank re strictiOns, the army est1mates, the establishment of a fim.d for mval!ds, and a reform of the law for rmlway concessiOns-that they have not yet had t1me to tur-n to this complicated subject, and now the session IS prorogued for the Easter vacauon till the 2 rst From the point of v1ew the question 1!5 s1mple enough ll IS the united w1sh of the country .to see the salt-tax repealed, and the Mm1sters have no dustry, smokes tobacco, for which he 1s accusromed to reported Jobben bought 8 9 hhds,.and manufacturers pay from 4d. to 6d. per pound, accordmg_ to the rate of 5 3 There was no change m price .-.wages he earns, but which, the proposed bill be nt week d week 3d week 4th week lth week. Total passed, he would not be able to buy under 7d g6I I,26I 739 3,400 and th1s would 10ev1tably cause much d1stress, mconve-February ... 380 2go 582 I,8oo mence lmd grumblmg and dtscontent,. and lead to rMarch ____ 68o 383 298 239 :r,6oo stnkes, and perhaps other evils, because the poor mah Apn\ ______ 859 740 8491. 848 w?uld to P=!.Y 70 per cent more for h1s accustomed Vugzma Leaf-Scarcely any change place p1pe, wh1le tlie nell and m1ddling classes could supply in t e tobacco market smce our last report. There the1r wants at an additiOn of from 5 tq IS per cent. n been m some departments a sli<"ht Improvement m Iooo o1gars'. As a proof that tobacco is no longer con-feelmg, but apparently, no m the vohrme of s1dered a luxury, but a necess1ty of hfe to the phystcal busmess, spec1al or general, and quietude may be sa1d nature of the German constitutiOn_, they refer to the to have been the dommant feature m all branches, as numerous works published on tile late war wtth France, has been the case for several weeks past. For the bet whtch all concur m rela:tmg how the pnvate soldiers ter grades of V1rg1nta leaf, there was the usual after a long march, m the heat of an engagement, and and sales reached the ordmary amount, but for other even when undergomg amputatiOn 01 some otherpamful sorts there was: .:!e or,no demand operatton m the hosp1tals, 'rejected sohd food, and preSpecifically, the market may be described as being very ferred to so l ace, cheer, and rt!'fresh thell!selvef; by qutet for every thtng except good workmg stock, p1pe of tobacco -They allude to the mcontroverttble manufacturers are takmg as they reqUire 1t. fact that more than a m1llion mbabttanls=-without m-Low leaf and lugs are comparatively neglect.:d though eluding their wtves and fam1hes-are scattered over the transactiOns are reported 10 these descnptlons. 'Export whole length and breadthof the German Empire, all ers appear to be wattmg for more favorable adv1ces from prosperously engaged twthe tobacco trade, and-the culabroad, and espec1ally for some thing defimte on the tivation and manufacture of the article for consumption, German tax question, whtch "hangs fire" w1th provok and that they are all taxpayers, many' of whom, from de ing tenac1ty The fore1gn demand, hke the local one, :_repltude, dtsease and weakness, are unable to follow 1s rather backward th1s Spnng, and the circumstance more rooust occupatwns, and would be thrown out of seems to be ch1efly due to the preva1lmg expectations employment, and either have to subsist on chanty, or of buyers that eas1er terms can be depended upon. as become a burthen to the parish or the country They the result ofthe large proportion of common grades 10 point out tllat the proposed alterations ould }nfallibl flie new crop. How far th1s expectatwn 1s destined to ruin an ifDportan of agriculture and a sonrce of be realized, remams to be seen. Even should present national eaJ,th, a the culttvatlon of the tobacco plant rates be mamtamed for these grades, it can hardly be has n:ow finally, that 1f the tax lie reclaimed that shippers and dealers are likely t? be pealed, the retail pnce Will not be reduced, and all the pa1d when 1t IS cons1dereci how lumted 1s the1r margm prQfi.ts go mto the ,pockets 'Df the dealers, and therefore for operations m the h1gher classes of goods; assummg they would much rather see the salt remam as 1t IS, the latter t0 be m as small supply as is commonly sup and implore Parliament to throw out the B1Il formcreas-posed. mg the duttes on obacco. The future of prices always an exceedmgly uncerMINOR EDITORIALS. P AC.!W'!'G.-Many tobacco rowers near West field, Mass.,.are the1r stock, bemg to sell at the_ pr1ces offered." DEATH VIRGINIA LUJ3ACCO DEALER -''VilJtam Morton, one of the largest dealers in tobacco, m Meck lenburg county, Va. d1ed recently aged 81 years. -REPORT FROM PENNSYLVAN!A.-An interesting repott of the state of trade m Philadelphia and vicimty sent us by our Busmess anager IS crowded out of th1s number. THE NoRTH CAROLINA ToBACCO MANUFACTURERS AT VIElmA -We see 1t stated that J Y Wh1tteo, of Hills boro, will send some spec1mens of tobacco to the V 1enna exlubmon -J tam topic to aescant upon, but when 1s adm1tted, there Still seems ground upon wh1ch to base a reason able behef m the contmued firmness rather than the relaxation of values. On th1s pomt a Rtch monJ correspondent, under date of the 25th mstant, comments somewhat suggestively. He says-" The prkes realized here to-day for all classes .of tobacco, were as h1gh as on any day th1s }ear. Second class dark wrappe!s sold as high as dtd first-class a short ttme smce, and bnght h1gher. Whatevec may be the effect of the posstble supera bundance of the minor grades of VJrgma tobacco on those grades' directly, 1t IS now pretty generally con ceded that fine goods Will inevttably command full pnces as long as any of them are obtamable from the extstmg sources of supply 4bjectlon, but, as It produces an annual revenue of SHOULD BE DEPRIVED OF THEIR ..:.-. ooo,ooo thalers, they-can not afford to lose sa. large a to the Albany of 1'ol1ce, mahqous tobacco-chew snm, and, after castmg about Ill all d1rect10ns, they have ers have 'played the JUICe wtth 1119re than $r,soo worth of decided to recommend an mcrease of the duty on 1m lad1es' and mantillas dunng the last two months. ported tobacco, and also the tax on home grown ---Seed Leaf-There was, perhaps, a tntle more inquiry for Seed leaf last week than the week preHous, but the transactions, after all, were not much m excess; the re pOited sales reachmg only 6I6 cases, distnbuted as fol lows I 57 cases 1871, Connecticut wrappers at 4S@ssc, Ioo cases I87o Ohio af"I5@2o; 232 cases 1871 Penn sylvama at r8; so cases do wrappers on pnvate terms, and 8o cases Connecticut seconds at 2 5 buy ers are said to have been lookmg around the market a little !or old stock, wh1ch, bemg both good and abundant, they had not far to seek, nor need to be m haste, as they probably were not, smce the record shows but moderate article. But even 1f Parliament .-accedes to the TOBACCO PLACED oN SAME LEVEL AS OPIUM BY CRAzy proposal, uot more than of the defic1t RELJGIONISTs.-The Fifth Tnennial Convention of the .-ill be covered, and th-::ffore some other ways CongregatiOnalists of the Northwest, 111 sess1on at Chl,_d_ means must be founu to restore the balance cago last week, passed a resolution expressmg a desire the revenue, whLch 1t IS hoped wtll be real-that the directors of the Western Education Soc1ety deu:ed by a new tax that has never yet been tned chne to a1d mto the mm1stry any young man who uses in GeHnany. Its obJect 1:s partly to "ratse the wmd," tobacco or opmm, or 1s connected w1th any secret oathand partly to prevent the extensiOn of the wholesale bound society. that has become so extensive on the Share .,and Stock Exchanges m all the larger Cities m Germany PHILADELPHIA AND BALTIMORE -Our than.ks are es :-Snce the shulttng up of the gammg tables at the Spas pec1ally due to the tobacco trade of these Cities for the .and batlung places. It IS thus proposed to levy a tax -very handsome manner m wh1ch our Busmess Manager ..o f 6d on all contract notes for purchases and J;ales of was last week rece1ved-thanks to the new, as well as f'unds, railway shares, p 1eference bonds, lottery loans old fnends whose names we find on our lists We trust .and shares m mdustnal undertakmgs and other JOintthat the relations thus established w1ll be mutually stock .compames, as well as on all new Issues of shares profitable. The trade m those know t'1e value and bonds The Mmlster of Fmance estiof a trade organ-believe l(l It, m fact, and prove their ates that such a tax would make up the other half of fa1th by the1r wotks. defictt; but, on the other hand, 1t IS a questiOn MR. GRAFF AT CINCINNATI -When th1s 1ssue reaches whether It wtll ever become law, and pass the cructal our fnends m Cmcmnat1 Mr Graff will be hard at work ... of three 1 eadmgs m Parhament, without some 1m m that c 1 ty H 1 s previous vis1ts m the same capactty modtfi r at1ons, which would altogether altet and as representative of our JOUrnal-have been many, oc iaullify the spmt uf the bill. In the meantime, public curnng w1th annual regulanty, and on nearly every oc aptmon Is so decidedly opposed to the augmentation of caswn he has been cordially rece1 ved. We bespeak tobacco duties, and so loudly and uneqmvocally exfor him a similar receptiOn now. Dunng these annual presse d m the t rade and m the press, that 1t appears to tours, we look for an endorsement of our coun;e durmg he that, msupportable and unpopular as the salt tax lS the past year; we are happy to state that 1 t rarely fails in. Germany, the people would prefer to let 1t contmue to come m the shape of neVI advertismg favors anel an m rem am m force rather than tamper w1th the tobacco mcreased c 1rculat10n for our JOurnal. As our ageot 1s -duties, ot do any thmg to make that mdispensable at present on the s;:JOt, we leave to hts ready utterance .acncle dearer than 1t IS now, by throwmg obstrucuons to state at length the many reasons why the Cmcinnatl 'in the way of tts importatiOn and production The dtf-trade should contmue to g1ve a generous and hearty ticul.t1es and objectiOns to any such alteration find a support to the only paper on the Contment excluSively pcegnant expressiOn m a statistical table, comp1led by devoted to therr staple. of act1v1ty from that or any quarter. Spantsh-A steady demand, resultmg in reported sales of 370 bales of Havana fillers at 85@$r os, and so bales U cut Yara at I o8, IS a summary of the week's traffic under th1s head. Not a large, but nevertheless. a fa1r exh1b1t for the limes Wh1le cgar manufacturers are buymg only as their present wants 1m pel, moderate transactiOns m Havana tobacco are, of course, to be ex pected. W1th the return of the usual activity 10 other branches of the trade, we shalr doubtless have the pleasure of announcmg better weekly statements of the busmess effected m this partl.::ular one, and an occaSIOnal opportumty, 1t may hoped, of mentlonmg op eratiOns similar to some of the more notable occurrences of last vear Ma1l'ufaclured-Of the Cavendtsh market there IS little or nothmg to report that IS really d1fferent from what has been previOusly expressed. fhe difficulty of procurmg bnght wrappers at such rates as Will warran the expectatiOn of keepmg the better grades of manu factured goods at present prices referred to as one of the questwns now commg up and demandmg considera tiOn ffom the trade. It appears probable that more than ordmary rnconvemence will be th1s season m obtammg JUSt such tobacco as 1s wanted for manufactunng purposes, and Ill the event of tlus probability provmg to be the case, consumers wtll be fortun ate 1f they are not made to reahze the fact through the !fnhance@18 Wrappers, dark K do. bright 20 @60 Smokers 11 Pr1mmgs -5KIO) 6 Ohto-In'or to gofld com 6Ji@ 1 )( Brown aud 6reentA l S)i Mediumaud fine red 9)(@12 Com lo med spangle.!. 8 @ 10 Fine apa.ugle f ... .. 6 @ 9 Connecttcut and .Mauachugettl Su.J.Lllen 13 @J.l 08io !! tea L taj1171 cs:op Wrappen .. ........ Aeeor.ed Lot. Fillen .. Runnmg, 1 872 Ntv1 Sud Loqf.1871 crop T8 @35 \l @i6 10 @19)0 6Ji:@ 7 @ 4-l sq w 37 8 8 34 @75 ............. 18 @'35 Aooorted lots 12 @16 Fillen 11 .. ".I!" G., 450 Its eases "C k A" 3'15 lhs. net. ,.,.,.,...on See4 Ltlff.Runnlng, 1872 ..... 6)( A-rted Iota 9 @ 9 K I__ rttgn-FU Com do Good do do l,me do YuaJ & liCulaoetd. 80 @M 90@1 & 0 1 05@1 10 95@1 00 G &F" 11WJlliS Ex 450 lba net I C yCa". ., Ynurrta"' 'Z. A" li30 II>B .. ... d )(I' ... R R" .......... uw, s, ... ..... I G. s ............. IMPORTS The arrivals at the port of New York from foreigll ports for the week endmg Apnl included the fol : lowmg consignments BREMEN -Weaver & Sterry, 26 bales mehlotb flowers; Klem, Fleet & Co, r case hoonce paste. MARSEILLES -A. Stepham & Co r r boxes ltconce pa>te. NAPLES -'"'eaver & Sterry, roo cases liconce paste. HAVANA -G B Lichtenberg, so bales, We1l & Co, 723 do, M & E. Salomon, do, Palmer & Scovlle, 153 do, Wm. P. Clyde &Co, 356 do; P. V. Kmg & Co. 54 do, 2 cases ctgars, Ch;1s T. Bauer & Co, IS do, ro do, F Garc1a, do, 12 do,. Fred'k de Bary & Co, 3 cases c1gars J. C. Hoffmeyer, 6 do, F. Miranda, 8 do, Carl Upmann, r do, G W. Faber, 14 do; E Carples, I do; H Falkenstem, 7 do, Chas. Lulmg & Co. I do, Howard Ives, 5 do, W H Thomas & Brother, 43 do, M. J Fassm, I do; F W Junge & Co, I do; Purdy & Ntcholas, II do, Park & Tilford, 47 do, Acker, Mernll & Cond1t, 3g do, BenJ. R10nda & Co, 4 do; P. Harmony's Nephew, I do; L Perea, 2 do; W H. Wilson, do, P A Madan, 4 do, Moses Taylor & Co. I do, R Patnck, I do; Mcllvame & Baldwm, do, C. G. Ram sey & Co 3 do, order, 2 bales, 34 cases c1gar.s EXPORTS From the port of New York to fore1gn ports for the week endmg April 29, were as follows : ANTWERP-:IOI hhds; 7,400 Jbs mfd BARBADORS-3 hhds. BELIZE-2 hhds. BRAZIL-I case :igars BREMEN-232 hhds, 522 hhds stems, 40 cases, 20 bales, r case c1gars. BRISTOL-65 hhds. BuENO S AVRES-I7 hhds, rg,342lbs mfd. CoPENHAGEN-2,216 lbs mfd CumAD BoLIVAR-2 hhds, z,o45 )bs mfd GrBRALTAR-42 hhds, 319 cases. GLASGOW-2 hhds. HARBOR ISLAND-640 lbs mfd. KINGSTON, JAMACAI-2I bales, I6o lbs mfd LAGUAYRA-68o lbs mfd. LivEllPOOL -:378 hhds, IO cases, s,6r8 lbs mfd. LoNDON-7o hhds 'pORTE DE p AIX-6 bales ST JOHNS, N. F.-6,ISO lbs mfd.SEVILLE-424 hhds DOMESTIC RECEIPTS The arnvals at the port of New York from domestic, mtenor and coastwise ports for the week endmg Apnl 2g, were I,414 hhds, 48 trcs, 36 hlf trcs, r6I qtr trcs, 3.388 2 hlf cases, I box, 693 three-q tr boll:es, r 7 4 hlf boxes, I 53 qtr boxes, T47 thtrd boxes, 8 e1ghth bxs, I3 kegs, 42. cadd1es, 13 pkgs, 62 cases ctgars, 6 bales scraps, r case p1pes, 210 boxes do, cons1gned as follows BY THE ERIE RAILROAD.D. J. Garth, Son & Co., r 1 4 hhds, E M. Wnght & Uo, 167 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co, 163 do, Pollard, Pe'ttus & Co' 71 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co, 246 do, Norton, Slaughter & Co, 22 do, J P Qum & Co., 22 do, P Lonllard & Co, 69 do; Ot linger Brothers, 34 do Guthrie &: Co., I do, F W Tat genhorst, 4I do, Goodwm & Co, 4 do; A. H. Cardozo & Co. 25 do; A C. L & 0. Meyer, 46 do; R. L Malt land & Co, 32 do, B C Baker, Son & Co, 5 do, E Morgan & Co, 32 do, J D K1elly, Jr., 12 do, D Dows & Co 2 do; E Hoffman, 42 cases; H. Schubart & Co ro do; V Korn, 25 do; Order, 2g3 hhds, I 79 Bv THE "HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD -E Hoffman, 27 cases, H Schubart & Co, 13 do, D. & H. Bennmo, IO do, J. L. Gassert & Brother, 48 do; G. B. Lichtenberg, r6s do; A Oatman, 40 do; R1chards & Co, 8o do, E M Wnght & Co, 2 hhds, Oc-der, 7S cases. Bv THE NAIIONAL LtN!i.-E M. Wnght & Co, 75 hhds, Drew & Deane, ro do; Sawyer, Wallace &Co, 48 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co, I8I do. D. J. Garth, Son & Co, 4g do, Jno. Anderson & Co., n do, F. W Tatgen horst, 40 do, Blakemore,l'ylayo & Co., 45 do, A C L & 0. Meyer, 30 do, A. H. Cardozo & Co, Ig do; J. P. Qum & Co, I3 do; Kremelberg & Co 1 I2 do, Norton, Slaughter & Co, 13 do; R L Ma1tland & Co, 29 do; S M Parker & Co I3 do ; Chas. Luling & Co, 6 do, Ottwger Brothers, 7 do; J.D. K1elly, Jr, 12 do, J arv1s & Co., 52 do; H Henwood, 33 do, Lederman Broth ers, 9 cases, Joseph Meyer's Sons, go do, Order, 52 hhds. BY THE CAMDEN AND AMBOY RAILROAD -A. S. Ros embaum & Co., 36 cases; Lederman .Brothers, 41 do, Order, 8 do BY' THE NEW YoRK AND NEW HAVEN' STEAMBOAT LINE -J L Gassert & Brother, 8 cases; Haverheyer & V1gehus, 6 do, L & E Wertheimer, 68 do, Levy & Neugass, 26 do, A. L & C. L. Holt, 'I do; A. Cohn, 3$ do; Cohn & Co, 79 do, M Westhetm & Co., 45 do; Schroeder & Bon, 2 do; J S Gans & Son, 75 do. Kuchler, Gail & Co., 53 do, Wm. Eggert, 6 do, M. H Levin, 132 do. APRIL 30 BY THE _NEw YORK o\ND HARTFORD STEAJ\(BOAT LtNE -E. Hotrmaon, Jii cases; Havemeyer & Vge lius, 82 do; A. Cohn, 57 do. BY T!IJ! OLD DOMIN!OK SftAMSBIP' LINE -A c. Samotte, 1 hhd, Toe1 Ro & Co., so do, J.P. Qum Clil .. I do; Henwood, H do; Oelm;hs & Co, 116 do,J. D. Evans & Co -27 do, 20 cues; J D Kielly, Jr, 8 do, 20 half trcs, I6I qtr trc:s, 147 three. qtr boxes; Buchanan & Lyall. 37 trcs; P. Lonllard & Co., 6 do, PIOneer Tob:rcec:t Co., 5 do; W. 0. Smuh, 16 half trcs, 2IO cases, 87 three-qtr boxes, 1 half box; G W. H1llman & Co., 39 cases; :Martin & Johnson, 37 do; L. & E. Wertheimer, Io do; Maddux Brothers, 5 do; W. P Ktttredge & Co 1-5 do; n. & A. Bennmo, 7 do; A & L. Wetss, 4 do; Belcher, Park & Co, rso do; S. M Johnson & Co, 3 do; N. Wise, -:ro do; D S Chap. man, I do, Moore, J'enku;Js & CQ., 9 d6; A S Rosen baum & Co, rs:zdo, 2 half cases; E. :'ouBos, 1o do; 20 th1 ee qtr J as M. Gardmer & Co, I8:r d0, 104 half boxes; J B C Woodcock, I6 do, 30 caddes, A. Hen & Co, r do, I case p1pes, rIo boxes do; Rchey & Bomface, do, 21 half boxes, 27 qtr boxes; Connolly & Co 37 do, 29 do, 16 do, r keg, Bulkley Moore_ & Co, 46 do, 12 do, three quarter boxes, 10 cadd1es, D. S. Baker, I8 do, 2 qtr boxes, 8 eghth boxes, 2 kegs, 1 caddie; J !f. Thompson & Co 89 do, IO half boxes, r thud box, 13 pgs, r cadd1e; Dohan, Carroll & Co, 413 do, 91 do, ro8 qtr boxes, 146 thtrd boxes, I thr ee qtr box, 10 kegs; S. Schultz, r box Reid & Smith, 24 half boxes D H. London, 30 qtr T. J Raynor & Co, I case c1gars; Polhaus & Paul, roo boxes ppea;, order, 33 hhds, 2a cases. Bv NoRTH RIVER BoATS -Norton, Slaughter & Co., 3 hhds, J P. Qum & Co., IS do; A. C. L. & 0. Meyer, 8 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 20 do, E M Wnght & Co, I3 do; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 85 co; Pollard, Pettus & Co r do. COASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE.-Katz & Grosse, 7 hhds, Holtzman & Deutschberger, 6 do, Schroeder & Bon, 29 cases CoASTWISE FROM KEY WxsT.-Se1denberg & Co, 37 cases e1gars; Fred'k. de Bary&-Co, 17 do, J & J. Ea-ger, 7 do; V Martmez Ybor, 6 bale:; scraps. "' -COASTWISE FROM NEW 0RLLEANS.-0rder, 5 qpds. BALTIMORE, Apnl 26.-Messrs. C Loose & Co., Commission Merchants, and dealers m Leaf Tobacco report -Inspect1on:o for the past week of most all de scnpllons show our mcrease over those of previous week, bnt the tone of the market has not changed much f any, towards more hvehness. Of Maryland sales are bemg constantly made, and better to fine grades are taken by some shippers at full present prices, but common grades atill v.ery much neglected and heavy; m gene1al the market lacks ammation, :reports from the other s1de bemg of no encouragmg nature. May be, that the awardmg of th" e French Contract for which to-day was tht:: date appomted, (but as yet' we have not leamed the particulars) w11l brmg a httle more hfe mto exporttrs, by surrmg up competition, both for and Oh1o, the latter now also be10g st1ll very qu1et and heavy, w1th some light sales for France and Germany. Kentucky IS very firmly held, m sympathy wtth western market, pnnc1pally on the ground of very heavy wants of Europe this year. The Inspections for the week add up 7 so hhds Maryland, 414 do Oluo, I6J do Kentucky and 25 do V1rgma, makmg a total of I,352 hhds. Cleared same ttme I,IIo hhds to France, and 2 do MarylauJ to West Ind1es We renew quotalions -Maryland, frosted, sound common, 6@7t good common, 7@8, m1dalmg, good to fine red, u@12, fancy, I4@25; upper country, 6@25 Ohw, mfenor to good common, greemsh and brown, med1um to fine red, 9@12; common to medi um spangled, S@u; fine spangled to yellow, u@2o. Kentucky, common to good lugs, heavy, @g, low tomedmm leaf,9@ro; fair to good, u@12; fine and selectiOns, I3@15. V1rgmia, common to good lugs, common to med1um leaf, fau to good, selectiOns, 12@r4; stems, good to fine, Tobacco Statement. Janu'l.ry rst, 1873 Stock 10 warehouses and on Hhds. sh1pboard not 6,908 Inspected thts I,352 Inspected _______ 14,357 TotaL ___________________________ .22,617Exported smce January rst. 10,297 hhds Coastwtse and re-mspected _____ I,Soo hhds. 12,097 Stock to day in warehouses and on sh1pboard not cleared._--_ --__ ______ --. _________ I o,s 20 Messrs. Ed. W1schme_yer & Co, Tobacco CommiSSion Merchants, report as follows; Trade m manufactured tobacco conui'lues very qUiet, old stock 1s reducmg very fast and the iiew IS not much m demand. Pnces con tmue steady We note the followmg rece1pts -A See muller & Sons, 32 hlf boxes, 70 th1rd boxes, 54 cases, J P Pleasants & Sons, 27 hlf boxes, 70 thud and qtr boxes, W. A. Boy d & Co, 59 hlfboxes; G S Watts & Co. 207 boxes, 34 cases, J B. Stafford, 82 boxes, I6 cases CAIRO, ILL., Ajnl r 8 -Mr. W. M Williams, To bacco Broker, reports Our breaks to day were well filled wtth the best assortment of tobacco that has been offered thts season and somewhat Slli.Tiulated by late adVIces from the New Orleans market pnces ruled a shade hgher for good lugs and shippers, and we are enabled to quqte. Sound flanters' lugs $6 to 7-so, low leaf, 7 to 8, good leaf, 8 so to 9; dark heavy shippers, ro to II Our market IS commandmg cons1derable attention from manufacturers who come here to buy an article they cannot get elsewhere from first hands; tt is the ncb "flue cured" yellow tobacco, that we assert positively can not be obtained m any other market except frem speculators. We have no favorable adv1ces from the country as to the plants ; -thev are all sick CINCINNATI, Apnlz6 ...:._Mr. F. A. Prague, Leaf Tobaceo Inspector, repocts as follows : The market dunng the past week has fully mamtamed the firmness wh1ch has charactenzed 1t dunng the entue season Both new and old cuttmg leaf of all grades have been m good request, and, wlule the offenngs at auctwn have been large, ajl has been taken at good and satisfactory pnces ,The total offenngs for the week were hhds and 300 boxes, as follows: At the Bodman Warehouse, 24g hhds and boxes 24 hhds old Mason County, Ky, lugs and leaf. 17 at ho@I4. 75, 6 at '5S@Ig 23, I at 24 75 57 hhds new Mason County trash, lugs and leaf 5 at s so@s 95, 13 at 6 10@7 8o, 17 at 8 ro@9 90, 26 at ro@I4 75, 6 at 15 @rg 34 hhds new Brown County, Oh10, trash, lugs lind leaf: 2 at s-so, 5 6o; 7 at 6@7 6o, 9 at 8.os@g 40 .. 13 at 10@14 so, 3 at I6, 18 so, to 75 59 hhds new Owen County, Ky' trash, lugs and leaf: 2 I at s@s go, 23 at 6@7 95, g at, 5 at 10 $0@II 75, I at 16 75 ,g hhds new Pendleton County, Ky. trash, lugs and leaf 8 at 5 5 at 6 30@7.40, :r at 8 25, 8 so; 3 at I07S@II. 4I hhd!i uew Boone County, Ky. -trash, lugs and leaf: 14 at 5.20@5 gs, rg at 6 IS@7 55, 6 at so, 2 at I6 hhds and 9 boxes new West Vrrgm1a: 8 at 6 40@7 70, 5 at 8.10@9.60, 2 at IO 2S, I4 $0i I at 25 4 boxes at 6@7 50, 2 do at 8 6o, 2 do at I4 so, I do at 20 86 cases new common Oh1o seed fat stems, fillers and wrappers: 33 at 4 25@ 4 90, 19 at 5@;5 7S> 13 at 6 10@7 95, II at 8@9 85, 9 at Io@13 25, I at I6.25. 6I cases old Oh1o fillers and wrappers. r6 at 6@7 8o, :rr at 8@9.80, I6 at 10@I3, 6 at rs@r8 2$, 2 at 20.2$, 'Z2 so. At the Planters' Warehouse, 2 7 3 hhds and 52 boxes: -63 hhds old Mason County K., trash, iugs and leaf: 5 at $9@9 Ss, 23 atIo@l4, 3S at I5@18. 5 hhds new Mason Co11nty trash, lugs and leaf 12 at 4 40@ 5 95, 22 at 6@7 9o, 15 at 8@9 30, r at 10. II hhds new Btown County, Oh10, trash, lugs and leaf: a at'5.6o @5 75, 3 at 6so@7 So, 4 at 8 6o@9 95 :r at I3 75 ..


( J4.50. 51 hhds and I )>ox new Owen County, Ky trash and lugs. 9 at 5@5, 35 at 6@7 95, 6 at 8.2 @9 05, I atl t, I box at 4 75 31 hhds new Pendleto County, Ky., trash and lugs: IO at 5.10@5 x8_ at 6 .os@7.Ss, 2 at 8.8s@8.8o, 1 at 12. I3 hbds new Boone County, Ky.: I at 5so, 9 at 6.15@7.6s, 3 at 8@ 8.90 35 hhds new Clermont County, Ohw, trash, lugs and leaf: 6 at 5 0@5.85, Is at 6@7 Ss, s at 8 20@ 9 95, 5 at Io@II.75 I at 16 so. 20 hhds and 2 boxes new West Vugima. II at 5@5 6 at 6 os@7 70, 3 at S 7 5 2 boxes at 3 90, 5 so 49 cases Ohto seed fat stems and fillers 5 at 3 so@3 37 at 4@4 95, 7 at 5@6. ; At the Planters' Warehouse, 271 hhds and 69 boxes -36 hhus old Mason County, Ky, trash, lugs and leaf 11 atS9@9 40, .32 at xo@14, 2 at r6@17 so 9 hhds new Mason County, Ky., trash, lugs and leaf, 29 at 4 40@ 5 95, 45 at 6@7 95, r5 at S@9 S5, s at 1o@II 75 17 hhds new Brown County, Ohw, trash and lugs: 6 at 5S@5 6o, 6 at 6@7 40,4 at S@9, 1 at II 75 62 hhds new Owen County, trash and lugs: 23 at 4 50@5 95, 29 at 6 05@7 3S, 7 at S 1 0@9 75, 3 at 10@10 50, 22 hhds new Pendleton County, Ky, trash and lugs : 13 at 5 25@5 95, Sat 6 10@7 7S, I at S 40 31 hhds and: 3 boxes West Vugm1a, trash, lugs and leaf 5 at S 10@ 5 90, JO at 6 2S@7 70, 12 at S 05@9 95> 4 at 10@13 50, 3 boxes at 6 35, S So 97 hhds new Ohw see d at 4 05 5.6o. 62 cases new Ohto seed fat stems and fillers 31 at 4@4 90, 13 at 5@S 70, IS at 6 s o@7 75. 3 _at s 30 @9 40 ..\t the Morns Warehouse, 2S2 hhds and 27 boxes 12 bhds old Mason Co., Ky, lugs and leaf 10 at S1o 2S @12.25, 2 at xs@r9 97 hhds new Mason Co, trash, lugs" and leaf :zs at 5 2S@S 9S 42 at 6@7 So, 20 at S@ 9 Ss, 10 at IO so@13 so. 7 hhds Brown Co' OhiO, trash and lugs 3 at 5 50@S 8s, 2 at 6os, 7 9S 2 at I 1 7S. 13 25 3 hhds old Owen Co, Ky, tush, lugs and leaf at IS 75 I6, tS 2S 54 hhds New Owen Co., trash, lugs and leaf 14 at 4 7S@5 9S, 20 at 6@7 90, 7 at 8 20 95, 5 at Io@u 25. 1S hhds New Pendleton Co, Ky, trash, and lugs 5 at 5 25@"5 So, 9 at 6 ro@7 jo, 4 at 8.25@S 95 6 hhds Old Boone Co, Ky, at ro 25@ 14 75 71 hhds New Boone Co., trash and lugs: rS at 4 6o@S 95, so at 5@7 95, 3 at 8 2o@S so I4 hhds and 3 boxes New West V1rgmia 4 at 4 85 @ S 75, 4 at 7-IS @7 So, 5 at 8 8s@9 70, I at 10 25. 3 boxes at 7os, Jo 7S, rS 75 24 boxes common OhiO seed 7 at 4@ 4 7 at 5@5 So, 9 at 13, I at 15. At the Ph1ster Warehouse, 45 hhds and So boxes: 14 hhds Mason Co Ky, trash, and leaf 2 at SS 20, 8.75, r:r at ro@13.25, 2 at 15, 16 75, 14 hhds New Brown Co, Ohio, truh, lugs, and leaf 3 at 4@5 so, 6 at 6 ro@7 85, 3 at 8 IS@9 90, 2 at, 13 7 5 3 hhds New 0\\en Co., Ky., at S JS, 6 75 S hhds and a boxes New West Vtrgtma 4 at 5 95@7 25, 2 at 9 66, 9,90, 2 at xo, 2 boxes 6 70, ro. 3 hhds Southern Indiana at"s ss, 6 IS S cases New Ohio seed, 4 at 4.30@4 8o 4 at 5 30@6 20 70 cases Old Ohto seed fillers and wrappers s at 6 50@7 So, 1 I at S 4o@9.70, 54 at 10@ :u 40. CLARKSVILLE TENN, Apn/22 -Messrs M. H Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report as fol lows -Our sales keep up to fatr size, footmg up last week 578 hhds Pnces were very full, but were rather irregular The quality was rather poor, there bemg small supply of heavy fat tobaccos on the breaks Our best planters are sttll holdmg the best crops b.tck from market. The season has now arnved for the usual cry bout the" fly,"-and we w1ll be disappomted 1f the late popula r melody Is not both whtstled and sung. We quote -Common lugs, good lwgs, common leaf, medum leaf, good leaf, ro@u; fine, selectiOns, 13@I5. EVANSVILLE, Apnl :u -Mr. Lee M. Gardner, Tobacco Broker, reports as follows -Recetpts of to bacco on our breaks for the past week have sh0wn con siderable mcrease and the sales are probably larger than for any week the season. Actual sales 440 hhds at the same quotatiOnS as gtven you Ill my last. I may Dote, however, that some sort, short, grown, trashy to baeco has sold as low as s 40 to 5 So though they were really little better than sweepmgs. We may soon now look for recetpts of better tobacco and m better order Many shtppers have large quantities of tobacco and pnzed and m the1r barns delayed by bad roads, mud, etc, when the rush comes we hope to see pnces better settled. FARMVILLE, VA, Apnl 27-Messrs C. C Read & Co Tobacco Manufacturers, report as follows 'I he cold, unseasonable weather of the past fortmght con tinues. No good opportumty has offered smce Chnst mas for stnkmg tobacco and hence most of the factor Ies here are overcrowded With tobacco whtch 1t IS 1m possible to get on the market until a favorable season brings It into suttableorder for handhng For the same reason planters are not forward m bnngmg m their to bacco, hence the offermgs for the week have been mod erate and for the most part of infenor grades. Whtle there Is some good tobacco sttll m the country anclqutte a large proportiOn m the factones, enough of year's crop has come m to warrant he conclu _slon that the average quahty of the crop ts mfenor to what was hoped for early m tl)e season Pnces m our market tlus week show a shght fallmg off m lugs and low grades, but rule fully up to our h1ghest quotallons for the lew samples of chmce tobacco offered th1s week We quote. Lugs, common to fair, $4 to 6; lugs, fatr to very good, 6 to 7 u; leaf, short, 7 y. to sy. j leaf, me dmm, S* to Io; long, IO tonY,, selectiOn 12 to r3 U HOPKINSVILLE, KY, Apnl 24-Messrs. W. H Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report Receipts to date, 4,c9o hhcls Smce last redort, 2 51 hhds Sales to date, 3,97S hhds. Smce last report, 270 hhds. In consequence of the recent excessively dry weather, the breaks were smaller than they ha\ e been for a month past, and although much undesirable tobacco was of fered pnces were even h1gher than they were last '\\eek the advance l>emg more not1ceable on low medmm leaf We quote, lugs, 6Y, to 7 c omm on leaf, 8 to 9, me dmm leaf, 9U to roU; good leaf, 10Y, to fine leaf, to II*' selections, r3 to IS Under adVIces from the seaboard our buyers became eager purchasers of all styles of leaf SUitable for Regte purposes, and under the pressure much undeslrable nondescnpt leaf was taken w1th a v1ew to meetmg that demand. Thts w1ll probably result m an accumulat10n at the seaboard of much h1gh cost unsaleable stock, which wtll proba bly reach w1th a depressmg mfluence upon our market. 'Ve trust that this result will be accomphshed before the bulk of the new crop goes forward. LOUJSVILLE, Apnl 25 -We report as follows The market 15 lively, With Jfirm pnces. The rece1pts for the \\eek were 1,742 hhds, 96S boxes, and the exports were 1,641 hhds anti 2,333 boxes The sales \\ere I,1S4 .hhds and 7 boxes, as follows: The P1ckett House sold 226 hhds toS hhds' Ken-tucky leaf 3 at hs, 22, I9 25, 3 at 12@12 so, 3 at n@ 11.75, I6 at Jo@ro.75 34 at 9@9 90, 32 at 8@8 90, I4 at 7@7 90, 13 at 7@9 s-o. 29 hhds da stnppers: 9 at II, IO at ro 75 48 hhds do lugs 6 at 7@7 40,35 at 6 @6.9o, 7 at 5 6o@s 95 9 hhds do trash: 5 at 6 Ic@ li.40, 4 at 5 sc@s 90 3 hhds do_ foreign trash at s so, S xo, 4 8o. 1 hhd do scraps at 3 so. I4 hhds Ir.d1ana leaf, 9 at 8@8.8o, S at 7@7 90 13 hhds do lugs I at 7, ro at t@6 llo, 2 at S go, s 5o S hhds do trash at ti@6 90 2 hhds Tennessee lugs and trash at 6 8 o, 6 'I he Farmers' House wid I97 bhds. I oS bhds Ken lucky leaf -4 at $rr@II 7S, 34 at Ic@ro 7S, 45 at 9@ 9 go, 19 at 8 2c@8 901 6 at 7.40 @ 7 90. 74 hhds do lugs. I at 9 so, 4 at 8@8 8o, 26 at 7@7 So, 10 at 6 Io@7 10 30 at 6@6 90, 3 at 5 40@SS S hhds do trash 4 at 6 @6 30, 4 at S 3S@S45 4 bhds Tennessee leaf at I0.25, xo, 9 6o, 9 40. 2 hhds do lugs at 6 20, 6 ro The Loutsv1lle House sold 196 hhds 62 hbds Ken tucky leaf. 4 at Sr7, I4 I2 2S, I2J 3 at II@II so} 14 a THE LEAF. 1c@xo so, 27 at 9@9 90, 21 at 8 2o@8.8o, 3 at S 8o@ 9, 2 at 7 90, 7 70. 4 bhds do black fat I at 9 ro, 3 at 8 20@8 7S 33 hhds do leaf and lugs 2 at ro, 5 at 9@ 9.7o, 4 at 4o, 8 at S@S 9o, 4 at 7@7 90. 54 hhds do lugs 2 at 8 30, 8; ro at 6 So@8 40, r 2 at 7@ 7 90, 29 at 6@6 90 I at 5 95 IS hhds do lugs and nash I at 9 40, s at S@S 6o, 4 at 5 s@S, 7 at 7 40@ 7 90, I at 6 IO IO hhds do tra&h 3 at 6 20@7 20 4 at 6@6 40, 3 at S 75@S 95 1 hhd Tennessee leaf at ro 2S 3 hhds leaf, lugs and at 7 40, 6 40, 5 35 'Ihe Nmth-street House sold I4I hhds -So hhds Kentucky leaf: I at h3 so, 3 at 9@I3 2s, 12 at S.3o@ II, 12 at ro@IO 25, I6 at S .1o@ro, rs at 7 40@ro, 5 at 9@9 90, 4 at S 50@9 20, 2 at 8 90, S 5S ihhds do Jugs: 2 at 8, 6 at 6 50@S.1o, S at 7@7 so, 2I at 6 @ 7 so, 24 at 6@6 90 3 hhds do trash and lugs at 4 6o@ 7 So. 4 hhds do lugs and scraps at 3 15@6 so IJ hhds do tr.:ash at 5.25@6 The Boooe House sold r 40 hhds 67 hhds Kentucky leaf 5 at hr@II so, Io at Io@ro 75, 36 at 9@9 90, 7 at S@S.So 4 hhds do lugs 6 at 8@S 6o, 23 at 7@7, 19 at 6 2 0@6 90 4 hhds do trash at 4 30@6.20. 4 h.hds do Indiana lugs 7 I o, 7, 6c4o, 6 40 :rhe Planters' House sold 134 hhds I23 hhds Ken tucky leaf, lugs and tras h 4 at$ 24 so, 24 so, I4, I4; 2 at 12, 2 at u.25, 30 at Io@ro 75, 31 at 9@9 IS at S @ S 90, 26 at 7 @ 7 90, 10 at 6 30@6 95, 2 at 5 45, 3 20, 3 at 2 65. s hhds do wet at S 45, 4 30, 3, 2 90, 2<7 5 6 hhds Ind1ana lugs at 6 20@6 90. 1 h e Exchange House sold I04 hhds and 6 boxes I 04 hhds Kentucky leaf, lugs and trash I at '$32 so, 2 at II, 7 at 10 @10 7S 20 at 9@9 90, 19 at8 ro@8.9o, 27 at 7@7 90, r8 at 6 20@6 90, S at 5@5 9o, 2 at 4 2S1 4 r 5 6 boxes--do mixture at 6 IO The Kentucky Tobacco Assoctatwn sold 46 hbds and I box --43 hhds Kentucky leaf, lugs and trash I at $r2.75, 3 at w, 6 at 9@9.8o, ro at S@S.9o, 5 at 7 @ 7 70, I2 at 6.Io@6 95, 4 at 5 40@5 90, 2 at 4 95, 4 90 3 hhds Indiana leaf at S So, 7 90, 7 90 I box at 7 so Messrs. Geo. W. Wicks & Co, Tobacco Factors, re port as follows -Our market has been rather qutet for the past two weeks m manufactj,lred tobacco Owmg to scarcity of desuable styles of summer work, small lots of fine bnght lbs and twtst have been sold at a shght advance. The new m ade twists and small work are now bemg offered and look well In color. We quote. Fme bright V1rgm1a lbs, "summer,'' 75@S5; fine bnght Vtrgtma, 6 and u mch twist, 7o@7s, medium bnght Vtrgtma, 6 and 12 mch twtst, 5S@62; mediUm bnght V1rg1ma, Us and 14s, 47@5o, medrum bnght 11 mch VIr gtma, 4S@4ll, LoUisvtlle bnght navy, JS 4s and lbs, so @53; do mahogany:navy lbs, 3s and 4s, 4S@so;Ky black sweet navy, 3c and U c, 45@4S. NASHVILLE, TENN, Apnl 19.-Messrs J M. Car sey, Son & Co., Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants, re port: We h.ave to repert an active market in tobacco dunng this week, resultmg m an advance of 3( cent per bright wrappers whtch are scarce. Recetpts and offer mgs being small for the season, on account of the harsh, dry weather, our planters have not been able to prepare their tobacco for market The transactions were S2S hhds, ISS trcs and 36 boxes. I revtse my quotations Black lugs, cn.nmon ------------------5 to 6}1, Black lu gs, Mediilm to good, _____________ -7 Y. to S Black leaf, c0111moo-to med1um __________ .8 to 9 Black leaf, good to fine_______ --____ Jo to Black leaf, fine wrappers and stemmers ___ .I4 to IS Bnght lugs, common chaffy smokers'------7 to 9 Bnght lugs, medmm to good smokers and fillers-_. -__ --___ _____________ 1 o to r 5 Bnght lugs, extra smokers _____________ xS to 25 Bnght leaf, mediUm to good fi11ers ______ .ro to 14 Bnght leaf, extra good ----IS to I6 Bnghtwrappers, common to medtum ______ I3 to 25 Bnght wrappers, good----------------30 to 4S Bnght wiappers, fine----------------so to 7S Bng91 wrappers, extra _________________ .So to 90 Mahogany wrappers, dark ________ ------13 to rg Mahpgany wrapper nght ___ -__ ----__ r8 o :as Mahogany wrappers extra_ ----_ --27 to 30 SAN FRANCISCO, Aprtl 18 -The Commemal H erald says thatbiiS\ness contmues dull for the seaspn and pnces of al T descnptwns nom mall y a s befor e noted Th'! exports were to Panama II' do, 2 do c1gars to Japan, and r o do ctgars to Honolulu. TheJc are now on the1rway to this port from domesucA'tlantte ports 2,ZI3 cases FOREIGN AMSTERDAM, April IS -Messrs Scliaap & Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report. In no kmd of tobacco, ellcept the Java, was there any movement Of thts leaf there were sold 4,7 so bales, partly lymg here m stock, and partly under satl. The arnvals consisted m 4,623 bales of Java and I,252 bales of Sumatra Our stock to day ts 347 hhds Maryland, 9,153 bales, I,IS2 do Sumatra, and so cases seed leaf. LONDON, Apnl 17 -Messrs Grant, Cham'eers & Co, report as follows -There has been more do mg dunng the last week m North tobacco, the home trade havmg operated rather more and tb.ere is sttll some mqutry, which it IS thought will result m busmess. Holden; contmue fitm ar' top market rates, and w1th the present ltmited supply:there ts no prospect of a declme. Kentucky leaf and stnps have had thetr fatr share of attention, the latter have chtefly been oper. a ted m. Vtrgma leaf and strips have shown more ac tivity, a11tl some considerable sales of the latlier have been effected. Maryland and Ohto contmue dull of sale, and Wifh the exception of a slight demand for ltght classes, there 1s but httle demand. There has been a tnfle more aomg m Cavendish, holders havmg submtt ted to a sltght concesswn SMOKING ON RA.l:LW AYS. lb on lugs, and from to cent per lb on leaf, market cloamg very firm. We quote common lugs, $6 to 6 so; Mr Joseph Lew1s, says a wnter m the London F :garo good lugs, 6 so to 7so, low leaf, 7 to S, common leaf, was a city merchant...-somethmg m silk. Nevertheles!\, S to 9 2s; med1um leaf, 9 2S to to 25, good med.u m he was one of the meekest and mildest bemgs on the leaf, to u.25, good leaf, u.25 to 12, fine a:nd seearth. It was not h1s habit to say any thmg so rude as lectwns, 12 25 to IS Sales dunng the week foot up "Bon 1 even to a goose. It was with the greatest dlf149 hhds The Improved order of the tobacco now be ficulty that butter, though of the best quahty, melted m mg sold here has Its effect to strengthen pnces, as also hts rr.outh. He dressed wllh exceedmg carefulness, the recent sales in New Orleans. New Orleans sh1p and always paid ready money for hts new su1ts. He pers are buymg freely, and the d tfferenc e m fretght bewore the neatest possible patr of whiskers, but was tween here and New Orleans and here and New York not otherwise profuse m the matter of ha1r He hved IS mfluencmg more tobacco to New Orleans than would some ten miles from town, and was wafted c1ty-ward otherwtse go there dally, by the 9 13 tram. NEW ORLEANS, Aprtl 23.-We report as follows But I With all these vtrtues, Mr Joseph Lewis pes The demand !:!.as been fa1r, but the sales were l1m1ted, sessed one vtce He smoked, and from that one fat! bemg 212 hhds, of which 1 at 12 y. c; 5 at II, .xoo at mg_ flowed a sore trouble and yexatwn. For It came to 35 at 10*, 12 at wrs, and the rest on pnvate pasS One mornmg, that he hngered tOO )ong over the terms. We quote Lugs, 8@9 c ; low leaf, 9@ro; mefarewell with hJS spouse on the hall door mat, and dtum ro@u, good, 1 r@r2 and selections 12y.@r3 At he had to run for his tram. A nght merry s1ght was It the close there were negoctatwns pendmg for other for one m no way related to, or connected w1th the httle lots. gentleman, to behold htm bowlmg down the road, as 1t The arnvals were 2,390 hhds. Cleared for Liverpool, were, :on a very rough Wicket, With much gaspmg and 1i hhds. Stock m warehouses and on shipboa-rd not d el trious movements of the extremities. But, though cleared on the 23d mst, 12,IIS hhds Manufactured 1s the girls passmg by giggled, and the butcher dull wtth a good supply. We quote. No I, lbs. extra boys uttered ]tbes and Jeers, Mr Lewts was JUSt m ttme fancy, 75@Ss; fine, 6s@ 7o; fine medium, 6o@6s, good He JUmped mto the first carnage that came, which was medtum, SS@6o, medmm, so@SSi common sound, 4S@ also the last to go, as It was the end one of the tram, so, gold bars 12 mch, 6 oz 7 oz. and 4 oz. accordwg to and though he would have been vexed (but for hts quahty, 5s@7 5 medmm and common unsound, 30 @ habitual mtldness) whe11 he found that 1t was a thtrd40, half pounds bnght, 4 s@6o, half pounds black sweet, class compartment, yet all tendency to any such feelmg 4 6@ 4 S, No. 1 ss and 10 s dark black sweet, 45@so, was swallowed up m dehght at the d1scovery that It was Navy, Jbs, 4s@so, l'l'avy, thlrds, 45@ 5o; fancy styles, a smokmg-carria:ge For, opposite h1m, was there not Natural leaf, twist, pancake, etc, 6o@8 o. The receipts seated a bnck layer, With half an mch of day,. that gave were 1 2 r 1 pkgs. forth at least a cubic foot of smoke per mmute? There And the sadness of the return home The narratiOn to the sorrowmg w1fe, the sympathetic boo hoomg of the branches, the wretched evenmg, wherem plans of ftight we1e d1scussed, the miserable wtth Its -dreams of the tnal, the verdict, the punisbmeal-to be smoked to death by the bricklayer and youth, with bad whtlst the anll tobacconist argued the pomt with htm-\\ho shall pamt Pe haps no one had better, for there was no need for Mr Lewts s alarm He was not summone-d, after all But the moral and the warnmg a1e the same New Firms. PHILADELPHIA, PA-W S Chandler& Co, Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants, I u Arch Street. Geyer & Carpenter, Wholesale Dealers m Tobacco, Ctgars, etc., 7 North Thud Street. Changes in Business. NEw YoRK CITY -R. Lmdhelm & Co, Tobacco Manufacturers; Mr G P. Prescott of Richmond, Va., will maoufactur he1r brands of tol::acco, and Messrs. D & A Bendhe1m, 47 Matden Lane, will act as agents for them PHILADELPHIA, PA-S & J Moore, Leaf Tobacco Dealers, dtssol ved ; Mr S Moore w1ll contmue the bustness' under the firm name of S. Moore & Co. Hare & Leedom, Wholesale Dealers m -Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, Cigars, etc dtssolved Messrs Geo. I;.eedom and J. R Oram, of J. F Oram & Sons, have succeedeil under style of Leedom & Oram BALTIMORE, Mo.-Braun & Matehng Tobacco, Man ulacturers, d1ssolved, Messrs. Braun, Mattfeldt & Co. s ucceed. Lewis Warnngton has dtscontilrued the manufacture of plug tobacco, and IS now domg bus mess as Importer's agent and dealer m ltconce paste, hconce roo-t, and and commission agent for Kentuc ky and V1rgJma manufactured tobacco. James Whtting, D ealer ID Tobacco ana Cigars, has diScontinued HARTFORD, CONN -Woodworth & Strong, Dealers m Leaf tobacco, dissolved WASHINGToN, N J.-Cummms, Rockwell & Co., dis solved, Messrs Henry Cummms, Wm. E Cummms, and Jackson Cole wtll con.tmue under style of H. & W. E Cumnuns & Co. NEw YoRK Crrv.-'-A S Rosenbaum & Co., tmport ers and dealera m leaf tobacco and c1gars, from 162 Water St. to I 2 I Maiden Lane. Scbmttt & Stemecke, leaf. tobacco dealers and Im porters, from 6 Fletcher St. to r 62 Water St. ; We1ss, El!er & Kaeppel, dealers m leaf and manu factured tobaccos, from 229 to 220 Pearl St F. Mtranda, Importer Qf leaf tobacco and czgars, from 195 to :z22 Pearl St. Wm Eggert, leaf toba,fC() dealer, from IJ8 Water St to I 71 Pearl St. Fred'k Ftsher, tobacco broker, from 52 Beaver St to 41 Broad St. -Ehas Bach & Son, leaf tobacco dealers, from 78 Av enue B. to Z29 Pearl St. Rader & Son, tobacco brokers, froro 123 to 133 Pearl St Schwartz & Spohr, cigar manufacturers, from rS9 Lewis St. to 13 Bowery D J Gar h, Son & Co, tobacco commissiOn mer chants, from 129 Pearl St to 44 Broad St Sutro & Newmark, cigar manufacturers and leaf to bacco dealers, from 131 Water St to 76 Park Place S Barnett, leaf tobacco dealer, from I47 to I44 Wa ter St. G. W Hillman & Co manufactured tobacco com miSSIOn merchants, from roS to 8o Front Bt S Mtchaelis & Co, cigar moulds, from I2 Cedar to IOI Matden Lane J. H. Bergmann, dealer m leaf tobacco, from 14 Ce dar St. to Front St. L & E Werthetmer, leaf tobacco dealers, from r6o to uz Water St. NxwYoRK.CITY-E Unkart & Co. f10m 97 Franklin St to 192 Pearl St Kmght Brothers, from 124 Front St. to 46 Broad St. PHILADELPHIA, PA -David L Kettler & Co, Cogar Manufacturers and Dealers m Leaf Tobacco, from so and 52 South Fourth St. to 442 Market St. Kretschmar, Uth & Buckner, C1gar Manufacturers and Dealers m Leaf Tobacco, from 26 North Fifth St, to 2s6 North Third St 1 3 SHARP TRicKs AT PADUCAH, Kv.-Tbe says Every trade has Its tncks, at least we hne heard so. Some of the tobacco shippers... at. Paducala sometimes play a strong game on others m the n.e: !me Just now there is not enou!ilh to away all the tobacco, and when a boat lands ilete as Jle: R. E. Lee did yesterday, the questwn Is who shall see the' Captain first and make a contract?' Thts sort of procedure gtves offense to the other sh1ppe rs and denounce 11 as a tnck A MATCHLESS MAN -We read a short t 1 me agu,_says: the Westfield tMass.) News Lett er, of a bar-keeper in. New York who never tasted liquor, but we thmk West field can rather overmatch tha t There rs a gentlemaa m thts town 4 7 years of age, who for thuty years has been more or-less engaged m selling liquor, many yeans. of that t1me tendmg a pubhc bar, yet he never tasted a drop of liquor m h1s hfe, anu can only tell the dtfference: m them by the smell. Th1s man IS also a c1gar maker and dealer, yet he never smoke d a c1gar or p1 pe, or took a chew of tobacco. Can anybody match th1s SALES OF LEAF AT DANVILLE, VA-The RegisY, says: We get from the books ofthe CommiSSioner of the Revenue for Danville, the amount of proceeds of sales of leaf tobacco m th1s market dunng the first thue months of the present year, as follows: January sal es_ $I59,197i FebJUary sales, March sales, S143,67o, makmg an aggregate of over half a mtllion of dol .lars paid o ut for the weed here durmg these Wmter months, before the trade could be fauly opened and be fore any of the manufacturers were at full work It is a considerable mcrease over the sales of the correspondtug penod of last year. SEVER E ON ENGLAND'S CHANCELLOR OF THE ExCJmQ..UER -The followmg c1rcn)ates 111 London as Glad stone's only epigram; though, perhaps, the Gladstone who wrote 1t was not _the people's Wilham" Here lies the bones of Robert Lowe, A falthless fnend, a bitter foe. Whither his restless spmt's fled Can not be thought of-much less said If to the realms of peace and love, Farewell to happmess above And 1f he's goo.e to a lower level, All must commiserate the devil PLAYING DETECTIVE.-We were much amused, sap a Richmond (Va) coterr:porary, at a skedadlmg demo stratiOn the other mghr at Ford's ho el Two individu als from the country were offenng surrept1tously several samples of plug tobacco for sale. One of our ctty quilldnvers witnessed the1r proceedmgs and warned them about their pubhc sale. They patd no attentwn to his advice anrl replied by saymg, We were neve r beat at our game" 'I he qmll-dnver, anxious to ,get up a JOkt; got one of his fnends to represent htmself to the speculators as 1 revenue detective, wh1ch he did The called offictal was m for fun, and demanded thei r 1Icenswh1ch fatl e d to appear It was clearly seen that some body was nervous Alas I the1r bnght were momentanly :bhghted, for after many bell1geren t: gesticulatiOns, and exe c ration, loud and deep, we saw thetr coa tmls fade away In an allllcable adJustment o" their differences the peaceful separatiOn of the: parttes at 2 40. Advertwements. FINE SEED CIGARS FOR SALE E KAFKA, Th>rd Street,N.._ Yo.-k Ctty, 4,,_.,., 240 fases Penns)lvamaRunnmg Lots Leaf lobacco crop 6 4 'Jo ....._ 4 71, for J W CREEP, :l6 3t f Yocumtown, Pa. TO LET FRONT OFFICE on 2d Floor of 47 BROAD STREET with TOBACCO SAMPLE ROOM ADJOINING Apply t o SAW.-YER, WALLACE&< CO .P tf TO LEl-83 Ptne Street, THREE SAFES, very suttable for:C1gar Mau ufactory ..Rent Reasonable 427 3! APPLY AT THE PREMISES. THE ENGLISH TRADE.-A gentleman thoroughly acquam'Led.wft!lt the tobacco trade of both tbts country and Great Bntam proposmJ t. &pend the summer in England, would undertake business on commt5SIOD. 'lhe bestofrefereuces gtveu Address ENGLAND, thts office 476-t:f 1,200 Cases of Duck Island Tobacc FOR SALE! In running lots of from s to so cases, at n t es DAVID JANNEY, Sole Agent, 426 2t Morrlsvllle, Pa;..... DISSOLUTION. TltefinnofMICHAELWAR1MAN&CO lS!h!sdaydsso\ved by hmi tat aon l h e busmess w1ll be settled by etther of the late tum MICHAEL WARTMANr J D SORVER. PHILADXLPHU, r, 1873 CHARLES E GRAEFF. PADUCAH, Kv' -Apnl 23 -Messrs. M H Clark Mr. Le, wts ht, and smoked with much joy, the & B10ther, 1Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report.-A lack arette of peace-or rather, the ptece of ctgarette; for of gqod seasons (for handling, together w1th the fact there was an apple of dtscord-a very crab apple-m that our farmers are now L?ustly engaged in pre-thts carnaze, which would otherwtse have been Arca panng thetr lands for ne.w crops, has caused some fall dtan m Its qutet stmphcJty-not to mentiOn Its ptpes. mg off m our recetpts' and consequently, sales thiS The apple referred to above was a ngld anti-tobacco. week are smaller also, bemg only 6zS hhds. Out of mst, who, at the further end of the compartment, was thts number there was a proportiOn of good to engaged m a hvely but unprofitable dtscuss l on With a b acco than '!sua!. Indeed, 1t seems that the crop of young gentleman of the snob persuatwn. The antJ thts sectton IS sadly defictent m good useful descnptwns. tobaccomst suggested that the young should But, notwithstandmg the poor quahty of the offenngs, put out hs cgar. The young gentleman rephed he pnces were rather fuller, ye; not quotably htgher was domg so as rapidly as possible. The A-T satd he QuotatiOns -Common lugs, 6Yzc@7c, good lugs, 7@ meant" put It out of the wmdow" The young gentle-7 U; leaf, S@9, medmm leaf, 9@ 10i and good man hmted darkly, that other thmgs m the carnage leaf, U@ were capable, under pressure, of takmg that mode oi S. Fuguet & Sons, from 229 South Front St,. to Chestnut St. 231 COPARTNERSHIP. The unders1y,ned have th1s day formed a Copartnershtp unde r the name of SO RVER, GRAEFF & COOK, for the transaction of the LeafTolaec, busmess, at No 1os North Water Street PHILADELPHIA, Aptt/26 -Mr A Oppenheimer, ex1t. 'I he A-T oberserved that this was not a smokmg Tobacco Broker, reports as follows --Trade has been carnage. The young gentleman satd he was a smokrng so mewhat backward unul th1s week, but has trnproved man. very much for the past five days and fair prospects for Now although Mr Lewis was only smokmg a ctg next week Market steady at last weeks' quotatiOns arette mtld as himse lf, and the youth was poisomng The sales were 140 cases Pennsyh ama leaf tob a cco, 120 htmself with a five a sh1llmg c1gar, and the bncklaver's do IS71 Connecticut wrappers, 16S do do seconds, 1 S 1 tobacco was rank and vile, yet c!Id the htle gentleman IS71 Oh10 runnmg lots, 275 bales Havana and 75 do -bemg a gentleman-cast away, not unreluctantly, hts "\: ara 6oo,ooo m ported co gars from to 26 5 perM c1garette, and yteld h1mself a pt ey to indtgestwn for the 2,869,ooo dcmest1c c1gars from $I4 to 90 per M. rest of the day The others smoked on-tndeed they Messrs McDo\\ell & Co., Tobacco CommiSSion smoked on and off, all the way-and sounds ofalterca Merchants, quote manufactured-tobacco as follows. twn came m fitful gusts from the regwn of the anti-toVngmla bnght, pounds, 45@52c, halves, 4S@S2, quar-baccomst and the youth The tram aid not stop until ters, 46@53, fives. 45@S4, tens, 4S@S4 Dark, pounds, 1t reached the termmus. .As It lsteamed m Io! youth 4c@so, halves, 40@5o; quarters, 43@5o, fives, 43@50 and bncklayer, as rf actuated by one 1 mpulse, rose and tens, 43@50 Western br:ght, pounds, 48@54, halves opemng their respective doors, vtolated another by -48@s4,. fives, 49@54; quarters, 49@S4 fives, 49@54; law of the company, and vamsned long ere 'the tram tens, 49@54 Dark, pounds, 45@4S, halves, 4S@48, came to a standstill Mr. Lewis descended at h1s leiSure, quarters, 4S@48, fives, 46@5o, fives, 46@5o; tens, 46 and paced the platform calmly towards the gate. But, @so .. Fancy, long tens, pocket pteces, so@ behold! as he meandered placidly alpng, a hand rested 6o; br1ght tw1st, 48@70 on h1s shoulder, and a votce sa1d, "The Inspector wants Apnl 2S.-Mr. Jo. W. Dtckerson, reporter for the you I'" trade of Phtladelphia, wntes as follows As IS a A gUilty man would have been perturbed. Mr Lewis's man JUSt awakerung from a long sleep, so IS the tobacco mens con seta never lost Its presence In that bnef trade here JUSt now. It bas had a long rest, but 1t was agonismg moment, he looked down the tiny vista ofthe a pretty healthy rest. past, and no VISIOn of awful cnme rose before hm. So Our leaf dealers are good salesmen, and many of our he followed the horny-handed offic1al to the mspecmanufacturers have good credtt. tor The consequence from these two facts. has By that august mdiv1dual stood the antitobacconist, been that crgar manufacturers have been overloaded livid, gesttculatmg. With leaf, only buymg thiS last wmter and thus far thiS "'I hat's one on 'em he shouted and Mr. LeWIS spnng the kmd of stock wh1ch they were runnmg short was mformed that he would be summoned for smoking of, but now they are runnmg short of good wrappers m a carnage of the company, and not set apart for that 1 hey come mto the ma1ket expectmg to buy at much purrose lo\\ er figures than they paid last 1 h1s IS a mistaken It was valfl for h1m to state that he had ceased from 1dea, for good \\rappers are ccmparat1vely scarce, and smokmg; m vam for h1m to say the othets were much are gocd pTOperty at the old figures The parties holdworse than be, m vam for htm to suggest, fran(!cally, mg stock are able to hold tt, bes1des t hey have the the tracmg out of the youth or the bncklayer by means trade for such fine goods, and customers who Will have of the smell of their tobacco He was the victim th em a t the prebent and he must be sacnficed-and summoned. Yet there IS a deal of lookang around for great barOh I \\hat a day of mtsery the unfortunate little g e n-gams These ate healthy s1gns of a healthy revival of tleman passed I Oh r what a ternble headache he got 1 busmess, "all along the hne" In our next I propose What a httle busmess he dtd, and how badly he d1d It I to gtve scme account of our for busmess What botus of almost tearful consultation he spent with the commg season his lawyers I What dread antictpallons of the "tnal'' RICHMOND,Ajrz/26-Mr R A Mllls,Tcl:acc -dtdhemdulgeml Whattftheywould nottake Broker, reports as Jollo\\s For the past \\eek our mar}\nd then the account m the papers, for all h1s fnends ket has s"hown rather more ammatwn and pnces have to read, and learn how he rode 111 a thud class car t 1ffu1ed a little on all grades, particularly on good nagel RAISING THE 'VEED IN VIRGINIA-PREPARING FOR MARKET -Although the severe drouth that prevailed last summer matenally curtailed the crop of tobacco grown north of the Appomattox, s ays the R1chmond (Va) :Joutnal of Commerce, the southern p0rt1on of the State was favored With *he mO!;t se aso nable weather ; a!ld 1t ts now calculated that the production of V1rgmta and N C. wtll equal that of any year smce the war. There are many good and substantial arguments m favor of a sandy sml for tob acco, a mong whtch are raptd decomposltlon of all fertlh zers apphed to the sod bv wlubh process they are soonet made available to the wan ts of the plant. In such a sot!, heat, mOisture and fert1hty seem to comb me their mfluence to giVe the crop an early start, promote Its growth and perfect Its matui Ity Wtth a well developed and perfectly matured plant there is less dtfficulty about curmg, and the crop grown upon a sandy soil almost umversally carnes mto market thet ncb coloc and flavor wh1ch constitutes the .-,hief value of seed leaf tobacco. One-half of the to bacco crop of Southside Vtrgima has been grown upon a sandy sod, 01 rather a sandy loam, and 1t IS a general ullpresslOn that much of the fine, high-pnced tobacco has been produced upon poor land. It may be well to correct thts error, as It has alreapy caused much InJury and loss of labor. It ts true, however to a notonous de gree, that some farms m this section, were former ly considered poor, have of late been \ ery consptc uous, and, perhaps, mentoriously celebrated for produc. mg fine, b1gh pnced tobacco; but that fine crop was not made on poor land, whe:n the land was actually poor;" 1t was grown on land that had previously been made nch by liberal manurmg and the art of thorough culture. In some sections the crop 1s represented as very fine, m others as mferior, O\\tng to the late plantmg and early cuttmg, An act1ve export trade, w1th an 1m proved demand from our manufacturers, has exhausted-the stock of old tobacco, leavmg our market at the close of the year, m a very healthy condttlon and as these causes are hkely to contmue, we thmk our planters may safely look forward to remunerative pnces thts sea son Endeavor to assort your tobacco carefully-hav mg It umform m color, length and quality Wilen from the smallness of the crop, thts umformtty can not be obtamed by pnzmg m hhds, we would suggest that each kmd be put m tlerces. All Cdark tobacco should be when practicable, pnzed m hhds, and should we1gh from 1,2so to I,4oo lbs net for stemmmg,_I,soo to I,6oo lbs for sh1ppmg Lugs may be heaHer-x,soo to r,7oo lbs. J3ngbt and fancy tobacco should be pat up hghtly m bhds or t1erces weghmg soo to 6oo lbs net. We would not advise sendmg very small package5 when 1t can be avotded, unless they contam fancy wrappers. We would adv1se that lugs .should be sent m early. Stemmmg tobacco may be sent m durmg the months of March, Apnl a11d May; shippmg m June, July and August THE NEw PLANTs -1 he .l-SJR In announcmg the death of our esteemed relahve and fnend, ML. LoU1s Gunther, whtch occurred on the 2oth ulto, we beg leave t o advtse yo ..,. that we have succeeded te h1s bus10ess, and have formed a copartnerslnp under the name anU style of GUNTHER & STEVENSON. We shall carry on the Tobacco Factorage and Ge n eral Comml6Ston Basi.. ness, and pledJre ourselves t o our patrons to gwe our und1v1ded attention n... any buswess entrusted to our ca r e Betng prepared to fumtsh the usual accommodattona to our fnends,-*"' res pectfull y soHdt a liberal share of your constgnments to ou.r m arket All sbtpments to our address are tnsured under our open pohcy, unless otherwtse 1nstructed M H GUNTHER, JOHN D C S1EVENSON, 162 Common Street_ ANNUAL REPORr OF THE "TOBACCO LEAF PUBLISHIN COMPANY'" FOR tBp NEw YORK, Ajrt12., 1872.. The Captta.l Stock Ol the ToBACCo LRAF PUBLISHlNC CoMPAN\ 11 Twent:r four T housand Dollars (f.24,ooo), and the wbole amount of satd Cap1tal Stock bas been patd for tn full, m the followmg manner, to wtt 1 htrteea Thousand Dollars thneof, bas been patd for in full, tn mopey, and the bal ance of sa t d Cap1tal Stock has been patd for by the purchase of the "ToaAceo-LBAF" newspaper, for the purchase of wh1ch newspaper, the balat co of sa.t.d stock, to wit..t. the sum of Eleven ThOusand Do11ars thereof, was patd at 1ts full. par alue The satd Company has no e:xtshng debts o r habthtles ROBER1 S BOWNE, Pwdnd.. STATE OF NRW YORK J ss City and County of New York On thts l:3d day of Apnl, 1 873 versonally came before me R obertS who bemg by me duly S'>Om says, that he 1s Pres1dent of the TOBACCO L...PuauSHING COMPANY' above named, and that the foregomg statement 1S an all true Sworn t o before me thts ,3(1 day of Apnl, 1873 G MONTAGUE, Notary Pubhc m and for County ofNev; YOII'L.-_ NRw VoRK, Afril s 1873-DEAR SIR -We beg to tnform you that the firm of R LINDH ElM & CO: has ceased to transact busmess henceforth on thetr own account <>.. Brands of Smokmg Tobacco w1ll hereafter be manufactured by the weUkno'Wn bouee of G P PRESCOTT, Rtchmond, Va In order t o suppJy our former patrons with the dtft'erent styles of R h enn & Co s Brands, arrangements have been effected WJtb Messrs D J1z A_ BEND HElM, o f 47 Matden Lane, New York, whereby they Will be enabloil to execute all ot:d,era entrusted to them "With _promptne11 and dtspatcb All btlls due toR LINDHEIM & CO. to be remttted m care o f D. aA DENDHEIAI Partleltndebted to Os are respectfully requested to be prompt Thankful for the patronage wht c h bas been so generously accorded to ._, m the past, ,.,e \\ould call the attenhon of our fnends to the f ollow1og C":arc.lar, and trust that Mr A L1ndhe1m Will m ent the continuance of yoar: favors Respectfully, R LINDHEIM & CO.. OFFICE OF Tlllt GOLDEN STAR. TOBACCO WORKS, I G P PRESCOTT, Prpnetor, 9011 Cary Street, RtCHMOND, VAt .Afrtl, rs, It 19 wtth pleasure that I to form the trade that 1 shall be hereafter the Sole Manufacturer of the different styles of R. LINDHEIMS &. CO.S SMOKING TOBACCOS. Mr A LINDHEIM, wth the lat e firm of R LINDHEIM & CO N.,... York, who is well and favorably known to the trade, w11l have spec1al s upcr vtston of the sale of the abo'l;e tn connection wtth those of my ow:a_ I hope by strtct attention t o your future orders, to deserve your coa ftdence and esteem Havmg been engaged m the manufacture of Smokmg robacco for a number of years, my e:xpeneoce enables me to warrant entire sat1 sfact1o n Very respectfully, 426 GEO P PRESCOTT. COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-A IIONTHLY JOURNAL for l!mokeN. Publlohed uNo. 10 Lard land, wbere sub110tlptlono t11&7 be &Mr-. oc lo U.o "roa.OC!O LJr.,o, Price two ob1Il!Dp (EDIJlloh)-anD1IIB. ._. Trade Ad'ferlloemeolll, 20 ahU!lngo per -No -monte.-..... 16r ohorter lis montha. -"'7 for 11alo. BalliDeM A""aee, Announoementa_ b. 1a 1'8r 11De. Ko oft!er for will be-. otdered, uoleu 'b;r tho oorreopoDd.lna omOUDL 'l"bia l1lle IDvr.rl&hl;r be o.lllerecl lo. 0 FOREIGN DlJTIES ON TOB.&::CO; In Austna, France, Italy and Spam, the tobacco commerce a. moqopoft...a ... by government, 1:1nder dlrectton of a lle:gt e Ia Germany the duty oft A...-. can leaf tobacco 1s 4 thalers per 100 lbs In Belgaum the tmpost is recko.etf after deducting 15 per cenL for tare The duty i 13 fraan, 20 {$l: 40 geld) per J:oo Kilogd.mmes (too Amerfcan lbs equal 4SK kilos..) ... Holland the duty 1 1 28 cents gold, per roo ktlos. (:a8o Amencan being equal to Il7 ktlos) In Russia the duty on leaf tobacco is .;. roubles .p: kopeks per pud on smokmg tobacco a6 rou 40 cop. per pud, and on daMS a rou 20 cop per pound The 11 pud '1a equal to about 36 Amencao lbe.. Ia Turkey the duty is fifty cents gold per 1 'X American ouncn


. llil'ew York Coypypjssion Xerchants. VIBGIIIA -TOBACCO AGENCY, \ IN. 1836, BY CHARLES M. CONNOLLY. KKOLL Y cl CO., COM:IUSSION MERCHANTS IN and Manufactured Tobacco, .-J 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. W ..respe ctfully c all the attention of the trade to the following Sta'udard te. < 9 6 INCH, "<&,OlE 'COCK AND HENRY :::o. R OGG H AND R E A ..) Y IN DRGMS. VARDEl'l', Alf'LUrJ<" CABLE, BONA G'IDE, C -JI.lMPA.GNE, FOUd. 1\< .J!:, AU-FA..(', BOl'll'IS, DI VEILN, ek. FANCY TOBACCO., PilESSED, etc. ESJIJER l..DA, PJGJIIY, .u::aP.UAA, L "' ROS.l; BUFFALO C il'P8, to which 1!e inv t e the a ; m ot the trade. t:" e& FRITH, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, 'rollacco CoJDmlssion lYierchants _,.,...,""".Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: a-y Bee, Barly Dew, Prairie Blouom, Red Rivu, Powhattan, a.t.rpriMI, Old :at.Dtuck, Old Los Cabin, Cow Slip, Planters' Choice, I Pt.""" of the Wt, Sunny South, .Our Brand, B'ooeyDew. for t.h United State. f o r ;J, P HA WXINS & CO.'S GOLD FLAXE. M. GARDINER, CHARLES LY. -. JAMES M. GARDINER a CO., 'JOBACCO MERCHANTS, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK, ., ..dr.\.r.-:cbiu g from VIR_GIIOA a n d NORTl! C AROLINA,.. c onsig11 of LEAF awl S.Jifi.OJUNG T o baccos. .&. C. UlfD&, _, C. F LIND&. C C HAMILTON. S. MARCOSO. R. ASHCROP'!', NEw YORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. ln!!ipected C1 r C e r t if.catc s g h e n f o r e v e ry c;,.e, a n d deliv e red case, as to nLl m L c r of C 1\ '.B.-We a ls o i u Jrferc h a ut.r' o w1 : Sto res F. C. LINDE & CO. Water St. reet. 0 S trccbJ, a:u.:l1, 2, J. McJ. BENSEL A co., I VETTERLEIN & BOCK 10 DEl'EYS'l'EB ST:a.EE'l', TOBACCO ) COMMISSION MERCHANTS prurided in First-Class Warehouses Certiilca.tes issued and Cases delivered :a Ceda.r Street, New 'York. singly or in lots. 'Uo. Box 4198. TOBA. OCO 1VO.RB.'S. h c DEVON. ..,__of the nume ...,... m a k es and qualltles of llmold T ba thr h b la. have ceased using the brand "!ROANOKE D tJ R.BA..M,01 d. clj i t e rand 11 DURHAM,. ...ader t h e "Brand o f :Derv-"ou.... an WI 10 .Wrt!, put u p t ha t T obacco ]-' H .. FormeriTIIf&lld &Co. .JUOBEY & BONIFACE, Sole .Agents 86 :I'R011T ST. NEW YORK CITV" elakem,ore, Mayo Co., JOilENJ'. 'l"'"' CHAI mu,,a ,\ TOBAct:O AlfD ccnTOR P. QVDI' &. CO., ISS ION MERAITS, To! \ -4 I liJI'i-., Ne. 39 Broad Street, Beaaonaiie A.d Yancea j NEW Y6BK; ODS IIipm c nta. NEW YORK. G. F d: BRO., .LEAF m HAVANA TOBACCO, 17 J WATER STREET, ,-'N&A:R DuRLING SLIP, NEW YORK. IG. FALK A. TALK -I'OBACCO LABELS, For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, FURN I S H!i.D BY IE BA.fCH LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, LITHOGRAPHERS, &IlL 34 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, bq AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. W TA1'GENHORST, THOMAS KINNICUTT,' T 0 B A C C 0 H:ent11cky and VIrginia Leaf Tobacco 88 llCROAD STREET, lVo. S:l Broad Street, .. NEW YORK. NEW YORK CUTHRIE A CO., .. GERARD, BETTS & MISSION MEltCliANTS, GENERAL AUCTIOIEERS, AN !l:lll 8TREBr, I"BJ:188:DBB, 0 v h : )>lMOed ln bales ror th e We o t Indloe OWinlBSlOD mere ...--Cent:alAmeneanPorta,andot.hermarket.. '1 OLD SLIP. A D CHOCKLBY -m. cioor!l'Omnnmverqn nre NElN YORK. I o I U*'"VISSION MERCHANT, IOI.IPB .&. noA ttliBO. Ani1 Leaf Tobacco Dealer, .,...... ... -1&8:P..EARL STREET, NEW YORK, Tobacoo .... 'l'hirteenth ancl Cary Streets, .Al'IJD CIG4BII, "RlCHMOJfD, Va., ---.. OoD.8laJt,tiDents for the lfeW" Y ork .Houae. and B .., .rJIIID, iB. PuiBUI'Oll-JM. G Pemberton &r Penn, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, I > 'ftil!l a lo11g u:perimce in the /Jusiness, ..,,.1/uir In-viaS lo jill {lf'tUf'S f{lf' LMV-Toko, DA!IiVILL!, VA. THETODAVCO-LEAFi APRIL 3 SPENCE BIOIIIEIS & Co. M..uruFACTURERS OF THE CELEBRATED Fine Out Chewing Tobacco, CINCINNATI, 0. B e in g located at the GR:E!AT LEAF 'l'oBACCO our facilities for supplyniR the TRADE Wlth ALL OF FINE CUT and SMOKING are uns urpa ss ed. SCHRODER & BON, 178 WATER STREET,-NEW YORK, I 01' RAliiSII AND Packers of Domestic Leaf Tobacco WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL,-IMPORTERS OF AND DEAI:.ERS IN HAVANA TOBACCOS, 220 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. ARD M. WIIIH & CO. -DOHAN, CARROLL & CO,, . MooRE & qo. r VrBGIN,IA : ... COM M IS.SI O N M ERCH I 104 FRONT STREET, M. J. DOHAN, } -TO..... { TH0S. CARROLL, ALEX. FORMAN. .... JNO. T TAITT. A[ents for the folloiin[ Well-tnoill ViiUinia lannfactnrers : .J. B PACE, YARBROUCH & SONS, .J. H CHANT & co. .JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN aC BROTHER, D. B. TEitNAJ4T CO. L. H. FRAYSER CO. B. W. OLIVER, H. CREANER, CARY BROTHER&, -EDWIN WILSOW, THOMAS HARDCROVE, J. R. PAtE CO. RACLAND & JONES, RACLAND TOSH, -.WALKER, TAYLOR. CO. WINNIE. TALBOT, -L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON 1L CO. J. P. WI-LLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Sole Agents in New Yo1k for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. a:nd Pocket Pieces Commiturion llerchanta : I .. 14 FIWN1' Sheet IBIEIIELBERG & CO., 160 PEARL ST., New YoRK. J. D. KREILBERC I CO. BALTIMORE, MD. KREIELBERG, SCHIEFER & CO. NEW ORLEANS, LA. DIIAM M. H. LEVIN, LoneJackc!!Drow:DDlck,etco IIPOBTJB OJ HAVANl In {Jar)< work to our This tle" Brand, so wid e ly known in many parts of our Also Agents for John W. Carroll's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos, And Dealer in all kinds of Country f->r its beauty of wo1kmanship, de l icacy of chew, etc we would invite the L ::Bl A F 'I' 0 :S .A C C 01 attentioo of J obbers; a l w a ys on hand in lbs., h alflbs., threes, pocket pieces, etc. 162 PEARL ST., NEW YOK. -------------------c APPLEBY CHAS. F. TAG & _EON, Import en oi SPANISH, and Dealers tn all k tad.!l of LEAF TOBACCO, Collllllimon SLAUGHTER & CO., TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, :184 Street, NI.WYO:IUC. ------AND Goneral Commission Merchants, 41 BROAD S'l'BD'r, N.Y. 3D Broad Street, V. MARTINEZ YBOR, IMPORTER OF HAVANA t..EAF TOBAceO & SECAas. And Manufacturer of the EL PRINCIPE DE OALLE8 BRAND. L. F. S MACLEHOSE. l ALEXAND E\t MAITL AND. I 'L. MA:ITLAND & 'f, TOBACCO AND FACTORS, fliJ.. GENERAL COMMISS'ION MERCHANTS, 43 DB.OAD S"l'., K. Y. made o n co n s i g nm e nts toW. A. & G. MAXWE.LL & CO., l .lYERPOOL. W. HILLMAN&CO:, COMMISSION liERCHANTS MANU FACT U RED :a:=c:baL..cCc:, MANUFACTURERS OF RAIL ROAD MILLS .Diaccoboy Snuff, 61 French .Rappee, Jlmerican Qent., Scotch Lundy .Foot ALSO MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF PURE VIRGINIASMOKING TOBACCO, RailRoad, VIZ: Our Choice, Pride of Henry County, Colorado, ALSO Black Tom, AND -, &. REISMAN.N da !'iia& h a u tt, .XD D BAL1tB.8 tN ALL JUND8 o LEAF TOBACCr 179 PEARl. STREL":', N. LACBENBRUOH & BRO., No.184 Water Street, New York, HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf" Tobacco. E. &. G FRIEND & CO DltALXHS IN Leaf' Tobacco, 129 MAIDEY ltD W ARD Fsu. !r-r 1 l/118. l"RLJ

AP;RIL 30 .JACOB BEKKELL, MANUtACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, SUPERIOR MAD AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD. ALSO, DEALER IN CIGAR MOULDS :193, 296 :197 Monroe St., NEW YORK. c IBIIOBTBBS Qi' Sfl>ABIIB, J'.HE TOBACCOLEAF: MAR'!'IN & JOHNSON 166 WATER ST EET, Detw-ee:D. Malden Lane aud BurliD.g Sl.l.p, :N'E\10 AGENTS FOR THE SALE OF _ALL ':l'H,E, LEAF TOBACCO,. Tobacco Commission Merchants, 1 No.170 Water Street, New York. STANDARD BRANDS OF VIRGINIA it. NORTH CAROLINA ROBERT W. OLIVER, Richmond, Va. I Wll'iGFIELD & LAWSON, Richmond, Va. JOSEPH Sell. EIDER D. C. JrlAY:O & CO., Richmond, Ya WOI'o!ACK & I NGRAM, M eadsv ille, Va. W. J OENTRY & CO., R i c hm ond, Va. W l:lUKE, Durham, N.C. MAYO & KWIGHT, Ri c hmond, Va. R. 'r. VAUCETT, DuJ'ham N.C. DEALER IN HARDGROVE, POLLARD & CO Richmond Va. COOPD & Wlld.IA?,iS, Oxford, N C. LEAF TOBACQO, 213 PEARL STREET, NB'IV ro:ax. The special attention of the Trade is called to the follow!ng establisked Brands : liii.Al'roFACTURED :MANUFACTURED Virginia Beauties, P. P .'s whole and K Caddies O l d Ned's Choice, xs; MS, P P's. Virginia Beauties, 39, 45, and 1.-s. D. C. Mayo & Co., Navy lbs Farmer's Daughter, 35, +' and J(s. D.C.lfa.yo&Co., Navy, "s, and }ts; P. P.,in whole, Sallie Wlllt e, 2 and JPlu,Twtst. ,Jt, and .J( caddies. Sallie Willie, Fig. D. C: Mayo & Oo., 35, -45, and 10s Invincible, Fil{. yY. J Geotry. & Co., NaY,., J{s, )ts, P. P's, Oriental, Fig, tn tin foil, H lb. boaes, fancy. and Ion, 1o' s. Charm, 6-inch Twist, in tin foil, X caddiet. Mayo & Kn1gbt, Navy, Xs, Ms, J(s, P. Fs. & 1on.J J08. BRO Charmer, 6 and u-inch twist. w Luscious Weed, n-mch plug. in bags of IS, J(s. J(s, aM Ji IDS. ., Chas. Henry, Jr., g-lnch lia-ht presaed. Gold Bug. Virginia's Choice. HERM.ANN BATJER & Ambrosia, lbs. Gold l(edal. Jxion. Oliver's Choice lbs. Olive. Rose. AJI1) :IMPORTERS 01' Old Ken tuck, lbs. Caeyque. Star. CLAY PI PES lb.o. Harvest Queen, Xs, })s, P. Ys. Duke's Durham. Dandy Lion. W]l[. AG:NlilW cis BOlt'S, Farmer' Choice, )is, )is, P. P's. Faucett's Durham. "'l' JLlld CommissioR __ ..;W.:.;A:.=TE=.R::-.:.S:.:'t.::R::E::E:.:'f.::,_ _________ 'Particular attention given to putting up special brands for SOLE u se of owners. .. LOBENSTEIN & GANS, HAV OS SALB ALL DESCUJPnOIO-Leaf Tobneeo "for Export nnd Homo Ia IMeoRTERs oF '1'. H. MESSENGER & CO., IKPORTERS AND DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco baled in any packaa-b,r_llyllnu lie press for export. .. LA FERME," 7. miNGTON & ECmYEI, 48 BROAD STREET, AND 48 NEW STREET, SOLE AGENTS FOil La. Ferme RUBsian Cigarettes. BROTHERS, HAVAN-A anit SEED : 1 14$ Water Street, Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. Chas. T._ Sevmour IMPORTER -or BA.VANA And Dealer in ilf! 189 .l:'eart Mt1eet, New York. M. W. MENDEL & BRO. Segars & Leaf Tobacco, 190 .eEAlUi S!REET, New Yo1"k. Leaf Tobacco. Old Connertimf WJappers, Old State Seed Wrappers, Tlte Finest Hava11a Wrappers and Fillers. H. COLELL, 1'72 Water Street, lfe.,.. York. READ Be Co., SucCESS ORS TO IsAAC READ, UOMMISSION MERCHANTS, Anti Dealers in Virginia and W'esteni Leaf a11d Manufactured Tobacco, Licorice, Gum, etc., 19 Old Slip, 1\Tew York. WALTER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND DEALERS IN DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 203 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK CITY. l' B.J!:S SES, CUTTERS, lOl MAIDEN LANE, NEW YORE. e FOX, DILLS & co:, S UCCESSO RS TO EGGERT, DILLS COMPANY. 'I'O:S.ACCO, CIC.A'BS, .A.n.d. M:an:u.faotu.:rers' & PASTE LJCORI<;&, I TONQ,UA BEANS, I SEALING WAX, WDERED L&WBJUN. I "' .. 'UI :r. L. QASSJ!BII' & BBO., Commissson I Merchant .. ............. UKJ<. ilAUCU!IAUI. ...... BPJNGAnN Cipr manu!acturera pa.rticulnrly I> :ro:a THil ULB o COMMISSION MERCHANTS Lear, --. ;-x;IJ U' ( Leaf Tobacco; xanutacturea Toblicco or a11 st1te .. nd Qaailtt, & IMPORTERS OF Dealers In all kinas cf o. teo Watedltreet, New York. ot Vllwllila,for .. HAVAJA AJD HAVANA Lill FELIX MIRANDA, LBDlUJlo. A JIU&DdHOMEUa A; Cigars, TOBACCO INSPECTION, A. OATlYI 202 CHAtt'HAM STREET, l5,17,19,2l,23&25Whltehal1Street, 1 R. J LBINltMI', NEW YORV Jo -......... "" Foot o-c Broacbray, IllPOBTBB OY NEW YORK. 'WJLLIAM WJCKB.. f;, A. ROBSLBR. S ROSENB Addre oob-yPoot,P.O.Box, 5171. A. A UJI & C 0 lo to the forwardlllfl ot Tobacco AJ!D DJOillm IN WM. WICKE & Co IMPORTERS OF D 0 M EST I 0 HAVANA TOBACCO AND CIGARS HEYMAN & LOWENSTEIN T b DEALDS:IN SEED comssmN MERCHANTS, Leaf o a ceo No. 121 MAIDEN LANE, ANDDEALERSIN LEAF NEW I -Waw-r Street, IIIEW YORK. MANUFACTURERS OF Segar Boxes, l5'1, 159 & 161 GoEBCK ST, JfEW YORK. Best Makrial ant/ Make by Self-0 Invented and Patented Maclzinery. 5 MADDUX BROTHERS,138 WATER S .'l' NEW YORK. P.o. BOX 4902. tRCIWIA MANDFAscT6WouTOBA co The attt:ntiofa of tM Jobbirtg 2'rode u lollcited lbr t.V follozol71f1 .ellhol G. Dill, Miss J CIU>ie, Li.lll Pressed (Twins), oseph G. DiH, Botterily Twist, oseph G. Dill Plum Cake Pecket P ieces (medium btlgbt) SMOKING BRANDS: JosephG. Dill, Glpsr Queen (bright ) I Smoking, Joseph G. DiU, Aacies, imedlam ....... A SPECIALTY-MA.l1UFACTVBED AND Sl'tiOiilNG TOBACCO, ll!lt Manufactured unde r Speci al Brands for the wholesale Jobbing Trade. M. STACIIELDERG a C ., MANUFACTURERS OF "LA 'NORMANDI". & .LA PERFECTO" CIGARS And ot Imitations of Leadinlf ImPGite!d Brai:lda. Rand-made Cigars e.xcluaively. 'AL$(),-DEALERS IN-LEAF TOB:ACOO, 257 STREET, YORK. AUERBACH & 'MEIDERSOJ; MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, No. 138 WATER ST., NEW YORK. SAMUEL. JOSEPHS MANUFACTURER OF f FINE c -IGARS,. ANI') DIALER Ill LEAP TOBACCOS No. 166 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK The attention or the Day eelebratedDUMOJID. GERMAN AMERIC-AN BANK, EROADWA1, mner of. Cew St.reei, NEW YOBX. -12,ooo,ooo. DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and issues LETTERS OF CREDIT available lit all -prlncipai places abroad, Accounts and Correspondence of Merchants, Banks, Banker.a, etco solicited. '") 0. H. SCHREINER. Cashier. EMIL SAUER. Pre.'fe W :II!.,P. KITTREDGE. E. C. WHEBLOC.L WM. P. KITTRE-DGE & Co., T 0 B A C C 0 COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Agents for the Popular _Brands of Vll'ginia Tobacco,71 &. 73 FRONT ST., NE. W YORK. CHAS. E. SPIER & CO., SOLE AGENTS FOR UNITED STATES AND CANADA&, O F O&El!OIR17CX & CO'S, GERMAN: CIGAR MOULDS; 7 I J _OHN STREET, NEW YORK. o WEIBLE & ROBINSON'S PATKNT SMOOTH CROSS-CUT CIRCULAR SAW, Thi!l. Saw rots any kind of Wood as smooth as Planed, am;-:. saves Time and Labor; particularly useful for CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTURERS. For Saw and Slwp Right apply f(} C. B. LICHTIENBERC, Det,oit, Mid;., or at my office, ,.., -I89 PEARL STREET,. NEW YORK. M. SALOMON, E. SALOMON.f)l M. -&E. SALOMON, LEAF, l IJavana Tobacco and Oigars, 85 M.AIDEN LANE, N.Y. New York Agenoy. TH.E o:tuuJ.l'IAL oJSBuiu Chicago Agency URB.A "' A. HEN & 00., 43 J.iberty St. up in 1, Bags. The 11nprecedented sale of to be ex.tensiYely counter when purchasing Durham, W. T BLACKWELL'S BULL my Trade Mark. GEO.F.-FOY & CO., 85 S. tlrater St. In c .. .,. of 50 and 100 lbs. Q Jll. ( Q f> this p opular Tobacco has cauoed W, r.>tSLACKWEll, feited, and to prevent impod-Sacccoeor t o J. R. GREENE&!; CO. be particular to enquire r.. DURHAM, N. C. c.p"h'"""""...,,41agtol BRAND, and see that it bean CO. .. ND Factors, 'f1 ID a WJ {ili'fl lill II ff8 il'll A.WD GOMW:ISSION M-FRCHANTS. &I: Af &l. 'W arJ) :;;. 'a 'WJ 1'0 A 1'2 BROAD STREET, 8g WATER STREET, Near Wall Street, NEW YORK 99 Maiden Lane;N. Y. ----------A. H. CARDOZO & CO., A WYER, WALLACE &

8 THE 0 B A. C C 0 J ... E A .P. APRIL 3Q --------Advertillementll. Baltimore Advertisements. e SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. Advortisemen'ts. L. B. 'HAAS. "WM .A.. BOYD & -CO., -, Smith. a Knecht, ct. CO., lhl.u.l;u IK RlCHABDllAI..LAY. JAKESMALL.A.Y. Hen'ry aesuden & Bro., IOUJACT1U CIGARS, &l & BRO LEAF TOBACCO, pwet-g AU. .U. Cll' '* TOB.A.OOO, .. ., ... ...... "' 04tl ..... OONN, JEED -LEAF l TOEI.&OOO. :.-l54 RACE 8TREI!T, STEWART, A CO., tBalph's Scotch Snuff, I AND FDiE' CIGARS, -..-o. 115 lilT., Bobert Stewart, james P. Marks, Aleu.nder Ralph, John W. Wood5lde, SamuelA. Hendrickson. TEiillER -BROS., Packers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Po.alsn aDd Dom.estic 117 North Third Street..PtTil adelphia. "" L. BAMBERGER & CO.,. 0 DEALIEBS IN LEA. p TOBA"OOO.,. And Manufacturers of all Crades Cigars, Bo. 3 l'l'. Water St.,. Philadelphia, Pa. t: .nt. j 33 SOUTH ST., BALTIMORE. THOS. "W. CROMER. H. WILKE-NS & MoNUME:NTAL CITY ToBAcco WORKs, No. 181 WEST PRATT STlEET, lla!LAMD, MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OP SMOIIIG liD CBEWIRG TOBlCi:OS. M. FALK, & CO., 143 Water Street, New York. GEO. URCXHOH. GEO. P. UNVEJ TOBACCO COMMISSION IIRCHAN'l'S, 83 North 'Wau.r St. and 32 North Deln:waro Avenue, Phlla. I<. SOLE EASTERN AGENTS FOR 1 'l'OBACCO azul General COIIDIISIOlf 'Kl!J!CJIAJITI, & Bolltrook, Jr'a Celebrated" MONITOR" Navy,lba.and 3ds.; also his Golden B ... ner, Flying Top GaUaotaad Uaaon jack Narie., lbs. and 3ds. brook' Celebrated Bearietta." Na""Y l'bs. n4 !Cis. WE authorize SIGHT DRAFT for amount of TAX, 1i Atlantic Golden Navy, lbs. and 3ds. aito, his Bright Pounds, Pine Apple Sweet with BlLL OF LADING attached to Draft, and will and Fcxket Pfeces, AJterrhany Navy. make further CASH advaGCes on receipt ut Tobacco. L. "Pride of the Vi!ley," Brt. 3'1 and" Goldea Flake (light pre r & Vo.'e Snperior R.ouh and. Ready Twists. 6 and JJin. OKI Q TOBACC08.-Z. ;,. I.:ro .... eo. ... Pride of Dudlam. GUSRW 1'. Morrie & SeJu, "Gold Leal"' &Del "Eureka" Durham. 'o., 4 8 oz. and 16 oz. .11. A V G Q TH,. 11. E. McDOWELL & CO., oF TOBACCO mr &HOW. CODISSIDN MBBCHANTS G I 0 A R S 53 CERMAN STREET,39 North Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. BALTIMoRE. MD. 37 GAY STREET, :BAL'l'IKOU, liD., TOBACCO BODISSION URGHANTS. GenvdS.Watta, J-A.Goald G. S. W A'rl'S &. CO., TOBAC001 C OMMISSIO:tf MERCHANTS, &"Agents for the sale of' all kinds of Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos ..B LEWIS BREMER'S SONS, 81 Exohanco Place, BALTIMORE, MD. L. W. GUNTHER, -----Wholesale Dealers in LEAF" AND KANt1F ACTUltED TOBACCO NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, P.HILADELPHIA. & A large assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantly on hand .B II. ANATHAN & CO., ;. I WHOLESALE DEALERS liN GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANT, G. R. BOLENIUS A CO. AND TOBACCO FACTOR. DEALERS JN go LOMBARD STREET, (One dooc Qi E>:change Place). BALTJJIOR.E, HD. L1Dera1 advancements made oo. c:maignments to my addre111. B. F. PARLE'ri' & CO., ........... .A.UPAOTUUD MID aMOKI.Q Seed Leaf a.nd TOBACCOS. N. W. Cotmr and Pratt Sts., BALTIMORE, MD. W. k. BAitt.:E&. H. f'. cHANDL&& G. Jt. 'wA;I;I'o BJie BARKER, & CO. CICARS, TOBACCOS, LEAF TOBACCO AND NOR. TEE z a I'm a-r., Philadelphia, Pa. BATCHELOR BROTHERS, Manufacturers of Cigars, WHOLESALE DEPOT 330 North 3rd st., Brancbes at 33'2' North Third Street, 2:& Seeond St., 83'2' Cbeetnut Streei' eto. .... CJt)IOOJI8lOI 11BJDHlft8 !0& ULB 01' lAB 92 Lombarcl and 5 Water St., IIAio'nlKOJUI, .me r j,._;..-_ G.B. M. MARRIOTT MANUF J.CTUBERS OF CIGARS An4 Wholesale Dealers in LEA!' TO:BACCO, No. 31 GE-RMAN STR,E:ET, Oppoolte Carollton Hotel, SAL TIMORE. MANUFACTUR&RS THB "GOLD DD.U. e.nd. "LOiD BYION" CIGAIS. lir Special Brand8 Manafactared to order. "U KAN't1F AC'l't1ltJI3 _or CIGW, A ALBRECHT. L. SCHRODUR. And Dealer in all kinds <>f .ALBR-JCBT 3 SCBRODJR AHJI Da.\LDS J K :LI.U', PL'ITG, AND SKOmfG TO:BACCO, SmotBrs' Artisle; ani lmD. Havana Ci!ars SOUTIIWEST COB. F-IFTH liD WlLIUT STS. CINCIN.;NATI, 0.00. MORRIS & REID, LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, OiJU" Na. 4 COLLJr;GE Clnclnaatl, Ohlo. CIGARS, '83 West Fourth Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO. WElL, lrAlrn & CO., MANUFACTURERS OTt HABTFOBD, CT. R tA. "t ..,. DK.I.LBB IN e Seed Leaf T obacco.l EAST HARTFORD; CONNECTICUT. G. W. GB.AVS,-JI'ACJt.Ba AND BH.ALlUt lN Pine G iiPlrs, FINE CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAP COMMISSION MEACMAlliT, HENRY .J\.'l.EY .b:.H, ADd "Wholefttllc D c ul c t in And Wholesale Dealers in OHIO & CONNEC'1ICUT LEAF TOBACCO, LEAP TOBACCO, 46 'Front St., Cincinnati, 0. A. WEISE, PACKER OF SEED LEAF, AND WHOLESALE DEALIR IN Havana -r obacco,. 193 EastLAKE ST. CHICACO. S W. VENABLE. 134 Main St., Cincinnati, o. J,. W. Sole hl"t:c.feturer of tho "od Wo,!d. reuowut>1... LYNCHBURG, VAR P HAMILTON. S. W. VENABLE & CO., D./tALERS IN LEAF AND MANYF4CTURERS OP PLtJG TOBACCO, PETERSBURG" FA. TOBACCO,. DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. H. SMITH & CO.! Commissum and Jobbef.&. OONN.OTIOUT LEAf TOBACCO :.o,' 20 Hampden Street, B uwo.u.Swn..l j F. BtDW'tt.L. SI'll.INGFIELD, MASS. Lo1ii8Vtllo Advertisements. G. W. WI C K S & C Jlaaufaetnreft' .&a-ente. for ffllJ c; f VlraJnla, Mleaourl, and Kent'uckr Alro in PHILADELPHIA, PA. LEAF T 0 B A C C 0; Wholesal:'Dealers in AND CIQAR RIBBONS. H.A. v .AN .A. LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS,. 102 lJI.AIN (Between Sd and 4 b ,} No. 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. AND oRDERs PROMPTLY FILLED. Seed Leaf Tobacco Gw. W.WJCxo.t N. f Louisville. Ky. 18 GERMAN STR.EET, and P. F. SEXONIN & co:.. Dool ... '" Joo. S c""""""" A. NICOLASSBM, BALTIMORE, MD. JOS. SCROEDER & CO. W. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 1a I 15 SOUTH WATEI\STREET, PHILADELPHIA. W. EISENLOHR. S W. CLARK. PHIL. BONN. ( i I. RINALDO SANK & 00., 11B:o and General CommissionMerchants, )_.-81 XO'BTB ':-!,TEB IIT'BEET, 10 N. DELAWARE AVENUE, PHILADr,.PHIA, V. !lXl'Olt'l' BONDED W.Um'll'SE, Mo. l. / f RINALDO SANK, WM. M ABBEY. ] OS. BROOKE. .,JOLIDS VETTERLEIN & CO., (Successors to VETTER LEI:<' & CO.,) I IU AND DOHAN & TAITT, 0 1 Commission 107 A.R'CH PHILADELPHIA. Jet. E. KoDOWELL & CO., rOBACCO AND Commis!Jiou and Wholesale Dealers ta LEAF AND Ua.nufa.ctured Tobacco, AND CIGAHS. No. 81 Place. BaltiDlore. LOUIS GIESKE & CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS, .AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 42 South Charles Street, BAL MD. -RICARDS, LEFTWICH & CO., LEAF TOBACCO F.AC-TQR.S, 69 EXCHANGE PLACE, BAL.TIM:ORE. '!f LEWIS BREMER'S SONS,. Wholesale In IARBUR& BROTHERS MANUFACTURERS OF SMOIIJ.G TOBACCO, U51 ura us s. Charlet Street, BALTIMORE. MO., -SOLRYANUFACTURERSQMTHECELEBRATED S E .A.:J:..o OF NORTH CAROLINA. MAN OF SELECT ..I :DI ,. : '0, "' Pure North Carolina Leaf, BY MARBURG BROTHERS. h J'"H 19'11. 'by :W:a.rburs !3ros \n the ofrte!'l C1l ... : : a o! at. D.RANDS. lltPOI'l'IIS 0!' SPANISH 'I'O:BACCO No. 111ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA GDWL Cl-111 IIBfJIAM Vlrda, .A.lW Golaea Shower,, MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, Hard to a..t, --of' o v-., 39 NORT,H WATER ST., Pltiladelphia, Pa. "'r 8 o ....- GJreealNoek, .A'PI>Ie mmlloa lllereaato :for the "Purcaue" et (Former!r of WJSK BROTHERS), Has large e rlence /n Leaf' Toltaceo of every I to buy respectfully solicited and U VtRGINIA lEAF TOBA"CO Jl C Ref\:rs by pernuss10n, to Wm. T Sutberun, Esq., lJ J RICHMOND VA llesa.-. J. W. & C. G. Rolland, John H Pemberton C O M M I S S I Q N Esq., I?nville, Va., W t'OB.A.CCO EXCII:"'NGE MERCHANT L. H. } ra>.:ser, Prest Tobacco AssoctatiOn, J. z.a. R Esq. Messrs. W1oe Brothers, D. T. Williams, Richmond y.a FOR THE PURCHASE OF ,. Eaq.,Rchwond,Va. .,:a LEAP TOBACCO. -


.APRIL 30 I' DE TOBACCO-.,-LEAF 7 LOUISVILLE LEAF TOBACCO DEALERS AND COMMISI10N T""'""'"nE SCHW .ARTZ & 00 ...... Cttingand 11anufactnriDg Leaf. JAMES CLARK .......................... Cutting and llanufaetul'!ng fore, that the words of the charge are not to be rethrough. Presently a heavy man came blundering in at strained by implication. the doorway; and pulling off his cap, said :Le f T becoo CommiMiOD11erehaniL WOLJ!'OLX & 8LBNN ................... aad K&Dulaeturills W)l. G. :MEIER & CG... .... ..... .. & o bacco Commi..non M:erebant. W. J. GRANT & CO ..................... Cutting and llnufachot!ng Leaf. Another objection is,that the crime is not set out "Arterno LOUlS ;a o .F.;; ...... -. LeaCuf and. Manufacturln Leaf. FINLEY & BABBOu;R.-.... ... .. Cutting and Leaf. .J. 1. USJIER .,; .......... e --:: with sufficient fulness. There is no state'Pent or cir-as y<"r wanted to speak partiK.Jer to me. Wot's up?" cumstances to show that a stamp should have been af"Good aftertlo<'>nt_ Mr. Green <1-wm speak you orl fixed to the box containing the cigars that are said to a very ghve subject presently, you will be kind have been sold or offered for sale. Under the strict enough, to be seated. Ah. here comes your gooCl rules of criminal pleading there seems to a defect wife." SUTRO_ & NE-WMARK. I JtC.J..XUFACIURER.S QF G A.SD DEALERS IY TOB.A..CdO,. 76 PARK NEW YORK. LICORICE PASTE A em CoPJN BAGL.B. ALSS DEALERS IN LEAF TOBA.OCO. A. LICHTENSTE!fi & BROTHER, MANUFACTURERS W .FINE CIGARS, And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 34 and 34Yz BOWERY, NEW YORK. 1822. .. COPEIBAGEK SBUFF," Manufactured only by WEYMAN It BBOTH-ER, Secured 'hv '\,etters Patent, December :r6, I86s. An infringement on our copyright will be rigorously proa e_,O\lled. lfanuracturers of RAPPEK, CoNCR2SS, and ScoTCH SNUFF, and every grade of Smoking Tobacco. A. LICHTKNSTCJN. .... GREBNSP&CHT. WEYMAN & BRO 9 & 13 SIITKFIELD ST., PITISBIIII6. PA C. C. READ & CO., H. HOLLANDER, OF MANUFACTURER OF BUSH MILLER & CO., S. BARNETT, f DEALER IN ManuCactureRof HAVANA AND DOMESTIC T.OBACCO AND LEAF TOBACCO 408 N. Third Street, Philadelphitll. Spedal Brands of Cigars-KNIGHTS TRMPLAR, Dou'st...l! 1 W Jater St.. .. EAGLES, AUTUMN LEAVES, LA TILONDE, SATISFACTIO!'i. NEW YQRK. SORVER, GRAEFF & COOK, BATCHELOR B -ROS., CIGA I'ackers; Commission :Mercha.nts, AND WHOLBShLE DEALERS lN LEAF TOBACCO, here. Selling or offering for sale cigars contained in a "Mr. Green began to reflect upon the distance of his box not stamped, is not a breach ol the law, latest "drunk," and wonder if that h -ad any thing to do because an importe of cigars may enter them in bond with his position. Mrs. &een entered the rooiiJ and 'Iilay re-export tljem without paying any tax, he hurriedly. may se l l for the ppryose, and t ey may be "What is the mattel', .sir? Lot' it give me sich at sol d any number of times withi!} the period allowed by J. erry wouldn't tell me ; he's come along with me the warehousing laws, and no st_ amp need be affixed unthought" my R i c liard had got a fit; but I can see now less some one should <;haqge his m ipd 1nd make 'if sale he's been misbehav i n' of You bad b'oy !" of the goods (or domestic use or consumpti m. o h ':Ji'lease to sit down, Mr.&. Green. Jerry you can the amenarnents to .. section:> c73 andJ 74 o f l the statute come in." xos N', WATER STREET, PIDLADELPHIA, now under consideration passed June 6, J875, ( r7 Sta,ll!l J err)Z' carp p, laoking as solemn as if the world was 254) manufacturers ofd for oale m Europe and only ment. \\That remains i5 to point out t ,fl_ e ov ,ert acts, so flowers that may try to spnng up a.nd find sus tenance UnitedStateaby c F S N y m c d h y h h JAMES C. McANDREW, I 24 ront t., to say, with sufficient distinctne5s to put. me -de.en t. ere.. ur son as. s o. qn v"tn?us that all edf on his guard as to the a ct really intended to be P assed. h _Is m md _Is not p lent_1ful m g o qcftlungs-In flowers, I As I guarantee all liquorice_, out, lmpemet quality will lie received back md ow or. > ,..._ b h \ d h llefenl to the above odvertlsement we bve appointed Mr. JAMES c. McANDREW ot l'lewYort< our e:rclu This is done by alleging that it was a sale to ,Frank \' maY. sayut rat e In oa t !ngs, or I have, rllvo tbe'-.Dnited Stateo tintbe oaie of all -llrando of Liquorice heretofore manuraetured by"" Humphreys at a vided with a good cane and ,._1. dollars per cord for manure. no t Iess than six months, nor more than two years." "Dick Green smokin,' sir." a well-regulated mind, they might sately leave Richard's 1:1 But what is the best mEothod The charge in the first count was that the defendant, "When ? where.?" shrieked the horrified pedagogue. punishment to him.'' cf applying them to th"! soil? at Boston, on a certain day, did sell and offer for sale to "Jest now, sir, in the medder, sir; down by Mister H seemed now as if Dick would have three severe ac-AUSTRALIAN TWIST, Fine FARM VILLE, VA. ORDERS SOLICITED, 125 MAIDEN LANE, Some use them in the hill Frank C. Humphreys, a certain number of cigars, to Brown's cow shed." counts to settle, body and legs, befqre his three judges NEW YORK. for potatoes by chopp_ing, wit, one hundred thereof not properly boxed and "You-saw-Master Green-smoking-in 'the meawould feel quite easy in their minds as to his future which is long and tedw';ls stamped as required by law, to wit, did then and' there, dow-by::r. Brown's cow-slied-eh ?" Dick began to take '!his' view of the mat-work. Some strew tb ; em Ln as aforesaid, sell and offer for s ale said cigars in a cer"Yes, sir; true as goodness I did." ter, and couldn't well help doing lllitlle s nivel. BARTCQ,R.NNuFc T &URERGs 0E, RSHEL, J. H. TYREE, every third row and plow un tain box without any stamp thereon denoting the tax on "All right,'' said tbe old man; "go tq your seat, "Shut up.!" growled Green, senior .. der for potatoes, whtle othsaid cigars.!' The second and third counts were iike Jerry." "Oh, you precious little beast .1 was the observa1ion. F1n. e C!g. ars COMMISSION :M_ ers scatter the.m on grass the first, except i n the number of cigars said to have 'I." he old man was the village schoolmaste.r; Jerry was thrown at him l:iy his gentle mother. V gi-' land in winter, and rake been sold or offered for sale. The fourth court averred the sneak. Nature makes her men I from given "Now, Jerry," sai.d the schoolmaster, "in order that Lynchburg, 1r WAo 0 them up in the spnng an' that the cigar_s had been imported from a foreign counmaterials cerfain dross; this must not, how-the crim ina:! may not accuse us of unfair beAND DEALERS IN Will give his personal attention to the sale and pur-h B I' LEAF TOBACCO, chase of cart to the og pen. Y try, but this was abandoned. After a verdict of guilty ever, be wasted; so when there is sufficient quantity on haviour, we \Vill hear from your 1ps a d escrjp"tion of the LEAF TOBACCO throwing a few into pen on the first three counts, the defendant moved for a nand, an unsatisfactory carcass is knocked up, and a event. T,he rec ital of Green's henious offence may posNo. 86 Kaide:I. Lane, New York. at a time, the hogs will soo n new trial, aP.d in arrest of judgment. sneak is intnDduced to the world. That is the o nly way sibly softeti his obdurate heart_ and expose' tg him in its HART co" .,oos GEJnces made on Consignments. "'iii work them up fine. It IS LowELL, J.-It was argued the manufacturer of of getting to a proper unders tand i ng o certain erribodtrue hor?rors the iniquity of his pr.oceecimg. Speak up. HONEY.'' claimed where this method domes ic cigars, and the importer of those that were ied meannesses that worry the world. .A, good, honest Jerry!'-'. has been tried, that the in-brought from abroad, are the only persons liable to the thief, or an able-bndied burglar, are men whose ener"Well, sir, I ;was a-comin' along t school, a-thinkin' crease of the hay crop has penalties of section 1!9 of the act of 1868. By section gies have been unfortunately turned in wroog directions. of wot you told us this morning in the jography class, been over a ton to the acre. 8I the manufacturer is to pay the tax; by section 8z he They may be reformed-but a sneak, never! Dick about King. Edward wot 'ad a lion's an' six wives, ''PEACH AND The Sweetest Fine-Cut Chewing BOBINS ON TOBACCO MANUPACTUBING CO., LOUISVILLE, KY. S. MICHAELIS & C .O., IMPORTERS OF CIGAR MOULDS, P:B.ZSS:ZS, STRAPS & l CUTTERS, 101 MAIDEN LANE, fNEW YOBX :KERBS & SPIESS, lVInul"a.ctuzteJIIS of' FiDe OiaJ.u.-s,. AND This mode requires less Iais to give bond conditioned, amoog other things, to pay Green the criminal was one of the old mail s scholars, in' smothe(ed his J1$Vews in the BreecJtes Museum. an bor perhaps, than any other, it by stamps; by section 93 impouers of foreign cigars, and was generally in a scrape. He was 1uo for bringing up postage. but still there may be some besides paying the import duties upon them, are to affix they seldom get into scrapes; they're so busy getting stamps"...... losses, stalks lying on to the boxes the like stamRs as are required to be afothers into tight places that they have no time to go I Ji\l(i your htstory ts a good deal the surface are subject to fixed to domestic cigars by the manufacturers, and imthere themselves. The schoolmaster was vioJently agmixed up; s.o. leave a.lL .that out, and tell us about the winds and rain, as in the porters are made subject to the penalties applied to ita ted as boy aft er boy came bundling into school, and Green." T _, l case of manure, manufacturers; by section 87 stamps are to be furn ished rapped his cane on the desk with such unmistakable Well,..sir, as I was a-co'Pin' along by Brown's and so volatile eleonly to manufacturers and importers, and it is they who feroci !y that the boldest there his orchid, looking to a/> nobody. ole apple:', men!s such, as ammonia are to pack them in certain kinds of boxes. The argu powj':r sgul shrink down among h1s hobn sh0j!1d ,see but D1ck, preen, wtt)l a ptpe tn hiS partiahy escape in ment is, that the punishment for selling or offering to Last of all came in Dick Gree!J.-::;latt<, of, course, and mouth, down alongside the <;ow-shed ? \Veil, arter_ he'd whereas if buried in the sml, sell cigars not properly boxed :>. nd stamped is intended looking for all the worJd as if he knew nl!lthing at. a ll looked {Ound, an' d1'dn't set; me, 'cos I'd got behmd a the gases are all absorbed for those persons only whose duty it is to pack them about that clay pipe in h _is left leg trousers pocket. cart, he pulled out. a lqt oL'baJ;ca and filled his pipe"or taken up by plants. as and affix the stamps, and who alone can be certain that The afternoon lessons proceeded, and in due course "Oh! if yer please, sir".....,. soon as liberated. Wh1ch they are in all respects duly packed, and to whom only came to a satisctQ.ry end. B for e dis missing the "Will you be silent?" shouted Mr. Perks, nearly killis the greater loss, of the officers are to make sale of stamps. boys, the old man called 'order!" and order came. ing a blue bottle on Dick's shoulder. Jeri)', labor r manure ?" There is much force in this argument. But on the Then he cried ou in :doud voice-"Green! "Then he strikes a light, an' begins to smoke, an' off h d f I l d "" A ... .,. .J .... J h J II .J ot er hand the wor s o the aw me u e all persons here"-and ureen_went there. rqns to tell yer-an t at s a s1r. who sell or offer for sale cigars not properly boxed or "Jerry!-com e bere ''-and the accused and accuser "Now," said the schoolmaster turning to. Dick, who stamped 1 and by section 85, retail deiJ.lers are expressly stood side by si e. I" 1 was rubbing his eyes with hand, and h1s shoulder-' excepted und'er certain circumstances, showing that sir!" tliunae ed the jfate to Green: with the other. "Now, you have heard the charge, an Congress consiqered that they were within the general "anS't\'er me a question. What. you doing in the swer me. Firstly, Wele you smoking?" language of that section, which is no broader than secmeadow this I...J .t. I "Ye-e-es, sir.'' 1 tion 89. There1 is an obvious and very strong motive "Nothing, s :r." ; hear that, Mr. and Mrs. Green? 'This, __ for including dealers in the prohibition, so as to make othing, ir:? nqtbing? Q!}. ,yo..u boy! fi Jerry, to us that Jerry is a good boy, and of lying,. .,. .-DBAiaBill Hit I.BAI' -ao BOWERY, NEW YORK. Lou11 SPUOI. REVENUE STAMPS AND STAMP CANCELLING MACHINES. --The Trealiury Board, which has had onder consideration for severai months the several proposed forms of revenue stamps and stamp cancelling ma chines for the use of distil lers, brewers and tobacco manufacture-rs, is about. to dissolve. Nothing of a definite character has -been accomplished either inter ests of the Government or the patentees of the various _inventiom, and the ques tion as to whether the Gov ernment loses more by the fraudulent re-use of the present forms of revenue stamps than the eost of a:!opting more effective in strumentalities is left open for the consideration of Congress, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue or a future Board of Commisit for their i nt erest to see that the rnannfacturers comwhat was he doing ?" l 1 1 ,, Where did yqu get your ptpe? : ply with the law. If the statute had punished for "Smokmg, slr.'' I "F-f.Jound it, sir.'' ______ _.....,.;.;;_ buying unstamped cigars, there might be some danger "Is that nothing, Green?" !iaid the man, in a Found it-eh ?" )I, H. Gunther, John D. C. Stevenson. tbls country h!s invented to fill orders. The' ma-its has been met the nr

8 THE TOBA.VCO LEAF. .APRIL 30 Tobaooo Jla.nufac"turer .. Licorice. LICORICE. JOHN ANDERSON tt. co., LlCORICE pASTE LICORICE ASTE, POWDER, ROOT, THOMAS HOYT & CO., ll.\Joo'VI'ACTURE.RS 011' Fine Cut Chewing and \ SMoKING ToBAccos & SNUFF, OUR BRANDS CHBWING 1 IONNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, J(ATIONAL, BRIGHT OVVEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. 111n4 and of.o6 Pearl St., New York C1ty. TBOWAS HOYT. MANUFACTURERS OF THE 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, Be;r to direct the attention of the Dealers In Tobacco throupoot the United States and the World to their CELEBRI!ED SOLACE FINECUT which is betng ence more manufactured under the Immediate the orlglaator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON,; aad now standi, .. formert:r. without a omiorw&rded through the usual chaooela wtU meet with prompt attentioL .1'11'0. :r. !'I.ACIG, MAffiU'P'ACTV&Xa OJ' ALL GllADD OJ' flat 5btwiag, .,_ktatJ, awl 5tanulattd TOBACCO HARVEST" tc IN FOIL IVANHOE 8c JOLLY BOYS SMOltly on hand. liJMEZ & ARGUIIIBAU, 29 & 31 SOUTH WILLIAI STREET iicr.&Li. voa f TOBACCO BAGGING Paste and Sticks. lQ JOUU& ... IKI'rA'riON SPANISH LINEN; w. s. Tobacco, CigarB, F ANOY STRIPES F. w. 8 !'. SNUFF. ETC., A d all kind f G od d r t Sterry Extra. "" 33 IIIIRAY STREET COR CHURCH I} n s 0 0 s use or put mg up 'I" Smokmg Tobacco, P. 8, Baracco and Pignatella. "AYLORD HOGAN. HOWARD SANGER & CO., De Rosa. 89 & 91Beal\e St., New York. Excelsior Mills and Favorite MWs Box 1111115 Powdered Licorice. DEPOT' AND AGENCY D. A. SBOTWELL & SOW,_ or the l!Lmutacture of JIIUiliiMWren of Gum Arabic. Olive Oil1 Tonqua Beans, SPE'CI 'AL TIES BY DE LANCEY CLEVELAND, :fB.OKER. :14-SOuTH WILLIAM ST., N. l: TO:.t.A.CCO BROKERS. CATTUS & RUETE, I OCDharro No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. EDWARD DREYER, TOBACCO 46 Beaver Street, NEW J. S. CANS &. S9N, TOBACCO BROKERS, No. 86 WALL STBEET. toxm: BUILDmG, NEW YORK. G. w. G. An. a AY Tobacco and Segars, AND ALL SPECIALITIES FOR 'TOBACCO IT PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO J ...... o/tM eele....,f. .... _Q) .E .c (.) -o a CD 0 ::I (.) -r+ (.) < ;Q 0 ... 25 Myrtle .A.Yeuue, Brooklyn. Coaotaal17 oa Haad the Beat Ha ... aDd Steam Jlacbbae -Cutting aad Graa ..... For Tobacco and Cigars. A large -nt toD.Idantly cm band and p1mt.ocl to order. SS & ll4 JI..U. Wllliaal I!Ueet. Jlno York. WM. z.IKSSBJL t1c. 00., NANUFACTVIUI OF TOBACCO SEALING WAX. ALSO, DEUUS IN DRUGS, Etc., 1D' wm;am St., Kew 1rork. Leaf Tobacco, &3 BOWERY, :NEAR OAJ(.A.L : &To NEW YORK. 'EDWARD SOLKAR. ., SCHUMACHER & ETTLINGER, INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS .. The Origlul Ioterul .Revenue Pobliabiq'I1J'A.CTtTB.Dtl OJ' CJ:UJUU.'J'D llegBr; Plug !, s .. ug, Snuff ..FZ.ot& ... .ee. J(re. G. :0. j,;:ilJer & Co. Chewing and Smoking MANUFACTORY AND SALB8ROOM, !he only Genuine American Gentle-CORNER Of AVENUE Iii AND TENTH STREET: Mr-s. G. D .Miller & Co. lfaccaboy tlew York CltJ, ua S.."b A. H. Mickle & Sens' Forest ---:-----------Jieee and GTape 7pbacco; Ml'8. G. B. Mille. Resel'l'e f\'lloking and Chewing Toii&Mo. VINCEN. T L. COOK, S. Manufacturer of the best Brands of TOBJ.C CO BROKER, No. 130 Street, ,.. CONSTANTLY ON HAND. New D eoicn made to order. C .JO'O'B.GENSEN. 80L& MJCC..aa '1'0 lt8T1& .. IMITH CO P.o. Boz 6,o86. 87 LIBERTY ST. Y;, Boob, aa onder law, Cor Leal D._ l,;lpr aod Toboceo and others. fill' All orders promptly ex-ted. :Bran4iq lrou and 8tiiiCIIs 1 Spealalt.y. NEW YORK. 15 MURRAY STREET. NEW YORK. forPrl-. Manufacturer of all 1riDda of F. A. GOETZE & BRO. PINE-CUT CHEWING Fine Cigars, x.uror.wrUBUa or AND. SMOKINC TOBACCO. TOBACCO & SNUFF. MAMATTAM TOBACCO WORKS, Btreet. OW YO:U. co., rDBICCO liD CIGARS, AND DRALB2S JK I SNUFF, PlPES, etc., fiCJORIES lT 484 BROAD STREET. .AND Jl.'( CALDWELL, N. ;r. Factory ""d Sal-. 169 I.ODLOW S'l'BD'r, :NEW YOBX. 2'obacco Ba,ggtng AND JIAGCIDI'Q BtlA'I'IIB.IAJ., Of Kind. Low Prices for Cash. SPANISH FANCY STRIPES Bleached and '-'oobleached Sbeetinga, TwiHe and Threacl, Ca. aa fot Traveling Bags, }lurlap l,ottoa Bagging, C arpets Matting 1nd Dry Goods veoeraHy. ANDREW P!STER & j CO., No. 103 Chamben Street, New Yor.k4 AtSO, PROPRIETORS OF TilE BRAND "CUBA LIBRE," 152 CHAMBERS ST 1 and A. SHACK. &T., NEW Yo-rut -PHILIP TOBACCO BROKER. DOMESTICi CIGAR WAREHOUSE, Factories at Coopers.burg and Vicinity, 133 'WA.TD S'l'BEE'l', No. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. Jliscellaneeu&. :NEW YOR.K, Sohw-a.rz dk Spohr, TIN :B.,O IL. D KANUl'ACTtuu: o ALCL x;Ds o. .JOHN :J 1 CBOOJlE omes lC or 1a fOil & BOTTU CAPt -.l. & BON, KO. ln ':"", No. 38 ST., n:w YORX. ESTABLISHED 1837 ,!f. FINE CIGARS,. ....DOT UD DIIPO'f QJ' X :a :a C? Q E -IRS 1A1ND TO F I H. BiEhon Celebrated SmokinR; l'obacoo WARDROP & DALY X.Uftl'P A.C'!tJ&BB 07 T'HB :1IB.IL BICCO. (DOW F. w. B'el.cller). FnmsT BD nms OF CICI JDCI 881 .t 883 Braa4 Street, llewr.rt, 11. J.-;;: lil& .lWUJ U'JUW1 203 & 205 Lewis Street, DEALERS IN lUlU:ID.A. TOBACCO WORKS AND BUCHANAN & LyALL, I ; OFFICE, tp BUCHNER 84 Broad New York, FAC'IORY, Successor to RoBtTCHECK & TAUSSIG NO. 2 FIRST DISTRICT, SOUTH BROOKLYN, lllAl!I'17YAO'l'l1B.Bll. O:l' Manufacturers of the following Jill-CUT CBBWIRG CELEBJU.TED BJU.:NDS OF T AJ.\ Challenge, Jbs. 1 Phihp, Washington, Gnpe and Apricot, j Havana. Sixes, Oheroots, Thick, i Brt. DELANCEY STREET Maggie Mitcbell, i Poooda, Narragansett, 1 TecUDSseh,los, JfEW YORJL Alexandra, PeerleH, I SeoaatlOD I Palm of the followlnl' Brandaet ICru.rcKtHraa Flounde..;, J 1 e U. L llaH ..._ Wlaehe.ter. Bucllaaan, 1011, j Pride of the Rea;1ment LFOIIII Greelaa Ben.. Jack of Clubs, eat. -oek. WILLIAM BUCHANAN DAVID C LYALL, MGHJ.ANJJEit '1'UBAli\iu WORKS < .. I llWl TIBW TOBACCO WOBitl!. L. L Propr!etor, Lynohburg, Va. 'l'llll folliiWI!lc hlabl;r -alar hrando ..... Ha. 'lalaetved al these WOt"b aDd paeud In tile moet a)Jea. vis.: Ooelileal&l, Hlfrlllaader, Aetllelh Deer Toasu.c, Dtek 'l.'ater. a.d. Rover, Reveawe Ctter, :Nol: .. or .oe, bealdea 8ueelal Br..aada. The unprecedented auecen of tlaeae \tt,!Udl hal. reDdered "' pal'ticu1rly 0004'UJ&l'J to inczeaee &lld fm .. JlllrGYe the Jioe of macbitery, aod to{-a_ larp -w the Factory. \lli&b.Ju the few mont hs. ..,rdlna more thRP, A .r;ent for the l.S"Water at., N. ";". 1 J Nest and BQuth. BOWERY, N.Y. Wangler & HahD, MANUV.ACTURitR 01' Fine NO. 148 WATE .. STliEW -r:oaa:. '!t PREY BROS. & 00. Manmactm &f FINI CIGA.RS,"and Dealers in Lea.f. Tobacco, 126 Chambers St., fhw York EDWARD A. SMITH, MANUFACTURER O F Pine Segars, ll'o. 11 Bowery, NEW YORK. LOUIS Manufacturer of r SPANISH CEDAR POR CIG.A.R BOXES, Seasoner! Stock always en ha.nd. R.. ZELLENK.A... MANUFACTURER OF ALL XlNDS Oi' MUSLIN A1D J.Jl'WEK TOBACCO BAGS, 263 Eut tth St., lfew York Orders prorr. ptly aitended to at the shortest notice. BOIWI GARRIGUES & CO., lt IMPORTERS BRIAR,'CHINA & LAVA PIPES, Geri!1Ail and. French l'IIIC1 and ChiD&. Goo41, AND TOYS, &I CHIIIIBERS ST. AND 73 REID ST., e :NEW YORK. P M. DINCEE\ Corner b"t::lh and Leuns Street., MERCHANT. SP ANIS!I ;-. CEDAB., FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. ril\TE CIGAR.S; KRAFT .t. HOFFMEISTER, lAnd Dealer to Bocoeason t.o All tiruls of Leaf and lannfactnred follaa:l\ or J 02 Nassau St., N.Y. METAL AND WOOD SHOW CASES, SIECIE & WANNACK, Manufacturers of CIGARS, 8 R ivi ngton St'reet, Patented April22d and Aog. 12th, !SfjJ, lfEW L3 NORTH Wll,!.IAM ST, N. Y. O:If'Y :a;. :a;. :ROKA Y cr.. CO., No. 82 Wall Street, CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. FUll REI-ema 1ctoria $r25.oo on lu!!i Ultra. J3'S .OO Re-galia Britanica ll5.00 Regalia 8ritanica : 1]0.00 Conchas --So.oo Conchas de Regalia -So.oo Sublimes sc..oo Entreactos 6s.oo lllllfi!I!AD ESPAWA galh Britanica 1!0.00 r de Prensadoa vo.oo Conchas -So.oo Londres de Corte -6o.oo ROSA .. on res -9"-00 -. 7'5 RITICf! FIGARf. oncbttas--6o.oo ondres de Corte ss.oo The and 0Dl DtJ!RHAlW SMOKING ,..rOBACCO. fAll grades Hanufactum with Care and Skill. S ef! d for Price List. Owing to the unprecedented popvlarlty of the "Durham" Brand of Smoking Tobacco, certain unprincipled d ealenJ and manufacturers hav e been led to infrlnce our trademark. and are upon the" trade, with inferior goo4a under our assimulated trademark. Now this is to notice that ov rlghtl lo the" Dar .. m" Brand have been fully vindicated both In the U S Couria and Patent Office, aDd aU part.iel are hereby warned qainot eurthar treopaao. WB lllEAJI' THIS. Dealers handling Spurious "Durham." wou\d do well to remember, that ltke the Manufaeturer, they are responsible. To prevent any trouble, and to secure the Genuine" DurlaAin," order Blackw-ell' Bull Brand from the manufacturers. We are d etennlned from henceforth to exhaust the law against lnfria,.ers 11poa. our trademark. Be not deoetved. "He that soweth to the wind, must reap of the wbtrlwtna. TilE GEBOK.A.N CIGAR PACKERS,. SOCIETY, Beopeetfull:r Inform the Cigu Manufactrero of th.,. United States that they are now able to fill all ordersfor linklaso Packen with Membors of thir Society. APPLY TO s:roRE, 202 CHARLES A. WULFF, Lithographer, Printer, and Manufa.ctl111l!' of NO BOX MOULD. SYCAMORE FOR SALE for 'l'oba.cco :Boxes an4 Ca44ies, oo,ooo to soo,ooo ft. 1-hfch and Awed to widtha,. dry and seasoned, and at a low figure. N.B.-Consumers can order r,ooo ft., or more, aa a sample. LONG IsLAND SAW AND PLANING lltLLS COR. BOND AND THIRD STRBBTS, BROOKLYN, N. Y. ,. Oflloe in Jl'ew York, 2'1' PEAJU. ST. E. C. PEASE, Prop'r. THQS. SHEARMAN, Sop't. FREDERICK KB11D, Manufacture r of aU SUes aocl Styles of SHOW CASES IN Dl'AL AND 'WOOD. w ..utliBOOD: 178 Oll&thoa BtNet &Del 111 Korth W!Wam .,. 11rEW YORK. SPENCER'S PATENT PLUG TOBACCO' MACHINE. Q) .. t MANUFACTURED BY r HARRISON.&, .. 29 BROADWAY, NEW YORK CITY.


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