The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
Time Period:
1865 - 1969


General Note:
The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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Tobacco Leaf Journal

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.. I VOL. IX.:..-No. =t-3. NEW YORK, MAY 14, WHO.LE NO. 429 lht lobtt# { 1 IS PUBLISHED -ZVDT WEDNESDAY K0BmW !!' ftl LW PUB1181UNG MP'Y, 42 Fulton St., New York. ;J. HBlnlY HAOBB Bdltor. .JOBX o. CUI.A.D -.Aaent. Aa 'b:n advertising medium, where tt h desired to r.each the Ci. 'r<'r and Tobacce Trade, not only of this but foreign Countries, it i& the belt attain able. ..... All !etten should be plainly addreosed'to TKE ToBACCO LEAP' PuJtLISHING CdllrANY, li 'ultoa Street. New York. ,.. Terms of the StNGLB COt! ItS 10 CENTS PER ANNIJM J4,.00 TC) England and the Canadas, $t.CJ4 addiUonal annu.m for prepayment of Postage. 'Fo Hamburg and the Conttnent ot rope, .:z.o& additional per for Postage. To Australia, etc., $1.04 via. San Francisco, ad di\io nal p e r annum for Postage. -No orders for the considered;_unless ic by the cprresponding amount. Remittences sbou ld, in every lnetance, be: made on&,' by m oney-order, check o r draft. Bills are liable to be stolen, and can only be sent at the ,..eatest risk to the oender. Ratea of Advertising. 1 oquare (r4 Nonpareil Uoea) for ai& montha, $ao. do. r year Larger advertisements In the same proportion, hut none taken ullless 1, :1, 3, "' or more sqares. One column, 1 year, &.so; ME months, .250: three .. 130-Holt! column, 1: Je&r, fato; ax months, .130; three months. ,.. u-Advertisements on the first page, .ISO per over two wide columns, and none tak.en for lesa tha n one year payable fully in advabce t aqvares, k!ONo del-1'rans i ent advertisements on the tlalw! page, I! centli per line f o r eacb insertloa. No for advertising will be considered, M.nuif_,..,, of S...J. c..,.,;,.; ftbrei11atl. .Appleby & Helme, IU Watw Hafer, Holme & Co., Second and Walnut, GOOetze F. A. &lin>. ,.a w ... 1..,.._ M&trujiiCIMrrTI, lm!"rtrrr .. .t DotrlrTI ';, !,.,.,., of H--GY.: Ci.c Krohn, Feiss 6: Co., 53 ""West Fonrth. DeBary l'red'lt & Co., sa Broad Lowenthal B .tOo., n West Third. K'!Uen_.-cr T. H. a: Oo. 1'' llaidea Laoe Straaaer & Co.,287 walnut Romay E. E h Wall, Woll, Kahn & Co., '34 Main. of CIJ Plfii. Leaf Tn.-o Br'- Batler H. It Brother, 17 Water Morris & Reid, 4 College and r Weat Demuth Wm. & Go. 403 Broadway Front. if Bri11r Pipes n4 ]tflfOTtiTI if Dohrmann, F. W., n. e. cor. Vloe and Front. S..ourr' Artidu. OLAJU[SVILJ.E. Te-. Demuth Wm. & Co., 403 Broadway Leaf Brourr. Ola.rk, II. & Dro. lmportm of Piftr arrd St!thrs : Artid! CO'YlliGTOll, K7 lloltcn, Garrirueo & Co 9' Cbamben atreet, and 7 3 Reade otreet Manufat:turers of Fit-Cul Chewi11g TtJlmp.rtrrr of Li..,.lu Pttnl. ; bacco, Appleby It Helme, 133 Wate< Glore J A. P It Bro ., 15, 17 and '9 W. 7th. Cleveland, De Lance y Pearl. DANBURY, Co-. Gltford, Sherman &: Innis, no WilHam Graves G. W Gomez a Arpimbau, 29 &-Jl 8. "lfaltialla I JalcA..udrew }ames 0., 1:1" Front D.A.l'fVILLE, Va. Weaver & Sterry, 3-4'0edar. &e4 Le11j 1'obacco hspuri"-Pemberton & Penn. DAYTON, 0, Renscl J '"'Mcj. & C o 10 Depeyater. Hoglen & Pe:ue,'sTobacco:cutting Engln Linde F. C. & Co. J"4J Wate r. National TtJbaccu Inspeclitm : DETROIT, ltich. ..,.J'eao w J. & Co., rs-s Wblteban. CrtJss-Cul Circular Ssw. Tohacto Prentrs. \ Licbtenbeig, G B:;-of Cigars lllotd. Deaf,, ;, U'!f us Front. Tobaeio. Mt>n: _,.,,if Cigllr Bo:tel, lathe,.. J L; & Co., n6 Joi'enon J..-Heaketl Jacob, 3-, l & acJS Monroe. DURHAM N ,.. Wicke William It Co. 159 & r6r Goeoclt. '''' "" '-T"""' Cigar Bo:t, otllrr II'Hw. Blackwell W. T Dingee P K., cor. Birth and Le'tll'la. Wardrop 1J Daly,oo3 oos Lewis. F.AR.liiVILL, VA. c;,..,.. Crtar Ril>bolls, Manufacturers of Twist. Read C; C & Co. Cramer G a. Franklin. EAST HA.RTPOB.D, Oona. Sfais4 Ciglll' Rihbcnr. PIICur Dttrltr .A.tmlrall J. J JO Ced&l'. Chapman R A. Cigar Moltlr. HA.BTFOBD, Co-. Jacoby 8. k Oo., 209 PearL ud /kalrrr. Ma,fct;ers of Tobcco Orpo1re J. J ., 3S Orosoy: Lee Geo. so &tate, J NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1873 TRADE REMOV .ALB. Our friends in this city and elsewbere' will greatly qblige by giv ing us prompt and early notice of all changes gf business location, that we may make the alterations in subscription-lists and advertise ments. We would also extend the invitation to all en gaged in the tobacco commerce, whether patrons of our journal or not. 0ur purpose is to present a true .r eflec tion of the condit!on of the trade from week to week in all parts of the country.' F.RZD'K De.-BARY co., (strCCISOOBS TO D:&l :BAlY 8G %LING), i2 Bro.&d a.nd 50 New Streets, New York. 4 I 11JPOR.TER.S OF B.A.VANA CIQ.&B.&, .A!ld 'Sole .Agtnts for the &ale of 1 EL PRINCIPE DE OALES CiOARS, the KEY WESr BllAJ.'iCJ! of the celebrated El Pri.Dcipe de Gales of Ba-..- LLIS, ALLEN a E LLI-S, ANUFACTURIRS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING-TOBACCO, .. I AND 13 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. llrtdiCh O!!lce1 at. 43 llnr Bt.rtet, Ch1c&go, llld B. W. Corner !'ront &114 Arch Bt.reet.a, PhDadelphia. lli7J"o'bbl.D.& Tracl.e KEY WEST HA SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New York, Proprietors fd tk ESPANOLA FACTORY JIUSINESS Dl&ECTitRY eJ ADVB'MJIS; JlEW YOR.K:. .lfucti0111trl gj Tobcrc, London & Bidwell, :114 State. Pease H. & Z. IC. 16 Market. Gerard, Betts k Oo., 1 ld Slip Shephard It Fuller, 1r4 State. The scamp who some time ago a number of the trade in this section of the country, and who the n haile d office in Ann Street, thi5 city, according to the receipts he gave for subscriptions; and which jretended to be dated at the office of thia;'ournal but were I not, appears to be again on his travels and engaged in Tohacto IJ'n4J. .ApW, It Sons, anoi o86 Front otreet Alleo Julian, 173 Water. Barnet S. 1+4 Water. Benrlmo b. It A., u4'Water. Beramann, Jobn H. Froort. Blakemore, &. Co., -41 BlroacL llowrae It Fritb, 1 Burling Slip. Bro4 M., 131 Ma\den Lane. :Bultley, Moore & Co., 74 Front. Cardozo A. W. &: Co., u3 Pearl. Carples E. 173 Water Chocklil. A. D r68 Pearl. t.:olell 17:1 Water. Connolly & Co., 45 Weer. Crawford E. M. & Co., 168 Wate r Davidson BTo 145 WateT. Dohan, Carroll & Co .. front. J>a.Bois Eugene, F,.na Eggert, Wm. 171 Pearl. Bngelbach, "F. >< AY P'alk & Bro. G, 17t Wat Fatman & Co. 70 and 72 ._L Fox. Dlllo & Co. rn Water-,. Flsher & Rust. Mai4eu Laae. Pricdmao & Oettinger, 141 Water Frlead It Co ., E. & G ,,.,"J Maidea r-, Gudln r j M. It Co 14 Front. D. ., Son & Co., GUHrt t L. It Bro ., 16o Water. Genhel & Bro., 86 l\lalden Lane, G11t,brle & Co., Front. Hamburger I. & Co. Water. Heyman & Lowenstein, 99 LaDe. HWman G. W. & Co., 8o Froot. Hunt, C. B 99 Pearl. Hut, 1. D 133 Water Street Klaulcut 'rbomu, Kltkette .-\. C., 1163 PearL Lerin )1. H., t6:1 Pearl. JlcFall & Hogan, 33 Murrar. lladdu1: BTos 111 Pearl. JlaltlaDd Robert L & Co., 41 ...,.._ llart!111&: Jobn.on, 166 Water". lla,-er Sons, 122 Water. M.,..r A 0. L It 0., 43 Beaver. JofOUODI!e" T H. & Oo., 161 aad i&s_ald"" LMorrlo, "11: M., '9 Old Slip ud 1) Water. Norwn, Slaughter & Co., 4 lln>lid. Oatman Alva, 166 Wate1. Brothers 45 Bro8d St. Palmet & Scoville, 170 Wat, Paallbch M., <73 Water. Price Wm. M. It Co. "' Malckta I.--. Oalri, J. P. & Co., J2 ll:ead A< Co., '9 Old Shp. JteiiiiWln, G. & Co., '1 P-1. Richer & Bonifa c e 86 Front JI.OOODbaum,. >'.. S Ill: Co., "' MM._ LaDe. BoMDwald, E. It Bro., 145 W-. w-, S. Pearl. Wallace i: C<>:t Bnlad. Schilclel\ Jooeph, J'-1. SchmiU II; SteiDecke, 1'1 Water. Scbroeder r7S Water. Scllubart H 146 Waller Selllag's Sono 169 Front. Speo-. Broo. Co., 1' Malden Lure. i;CMU', Charleo T., 1119 S nprn, B. Co., 5 Barlillf Slip, ro. .t Co.L '91 Daane. Stralllon :storm, '9' Peul. Strobn & Reitzeosteto, 116 Front. Charles F. It Son, Fro"* nhont, F W., 68 Broad, rlelo & Bock, 6 Cedar llpmann, Carl, r88 Pearl. Yeetllenn, M. A: Co., 1:77 Pearl. Wri&ht. B. M, & Co. i9 Broad. r.,... .,.,., Cattus a Ruete, <1 Peul. Dreyer Edward, 46 Beaver. F!ocher Chao. E. & Bro., JI Water. Gana, J. S. a Son, 86 Wall. Kelland, P., o.bome, F., 54 Broad. Rader M It Son, Pearl Shack A. r 09 lllaltlen Lane Solmar Edward, 1JO Water MftMtMTTI if T.Mco. Anderoon John & Co. ,.., u6 aod '7 BoDdy Chao., 53 Bowery. Bocbasu & Lf!l, S4 Broad.. Baclmer D, IS elaacey Cook Vincent 159 Luctlow Flar J ,,_ + Front Goetze, F. A.. & Bro., 328 Wuhlngtoa Goodwin 201 aod 209 Water Hqyt Thoma& & Oo;, o10o4 Pearl KlrincJ Brno. Weit B.....t_, D. H. & Co. cor. A.venae D aDd '1'..-; Miller Mrs. G. B & Oo. 97 Colnmbla. SIJotwU D .A., & SoD, BIJIIth &Y. A{.,. to for S..Ai "f Xo6Mw., '" Hen A. Co +J Liberty Lincibeim M 148 Water JUcbey &r: Boniface, 86 Froa.t lfei.N, Eller & .Kaeppel. uo P-1 M4jMIMTITI '.{ a, .... .A.oeriach & Mendenon, rsB Water Plalllp, Water Boaclr Cbaa., 53 l!owery. Jlrock M 3'9 Bowery Cutaneda & Jewel, 'I" MaloieD t... Fioher It Rust, us Malden Lane. Frey Broo. & Co. u6 Cbaaben Bartcorn & Gerahel, 86 Lue.. Hirsch D. & Co. 159 Bowery an4 174 Water', It CO. 119 Water Hollaader Louis, Ud N uaau s. It Co ..., l'firl S. r66 F.root Bros. BoDd llo'!fll'7 Llc:htenateii1 ltroL A Co. MUderr LaM lleDdel M. W. Bro,1rf'eu'l N.uburpr M. oSs Pear Qrwler S. Growlch ODd 151 Cbomben Schwan & hr, 13 Bowery. lelclenberg Co. 19 Der 81ec1re 1J W.-ack. 6 lUV!,..t.:' Jladtll A. 11 :Bowery Stacbelberg M & Co. P.-1 Btralton BtonD. 191 Pearl Batro & Newmark, 76 Part. Place Wangler & Hahn, 14l Wales'. M&ll{_,.,., of Fi s--. CW.,. Hollander H. 115 Malden Lone Vlc:Aot &r Co 76 Ploe Street Ta a.rr ... Cit., J>Miwr lk!J. QoleU H 102 Obatbam 1.,,,., of H,..,.,.. "1llinlrall J J. y; C..W ;. Garala F. Water Gooaa)e& A. 167 Water g, IJ Oq. M lleaw X Gall II: Co. u8 W-.JIIInA.1a Felu, 122 P.l Ollmatedt Robert J... sa Platt E. Bcotller "eo. ''' wlloklcDoo M. & L as Maid Lone Tega JOHI'b A. A Brn. 117 Peul Woll IJ Co. 6o PlrM 'Walter, Friedman It Preloe, d PWello1. Bl ...... Kaeppel, ut.Peui .l'b..-. y JL J6 Oe4ar T.Htto Ltrhrlr. Slooon A L. & F., <34 llaln. The-ilatch Lithograpic Co., 3:1 & 34 Vesey Wetles 0 & 154 State Heppenheimer F. It Co., n North WHllam W eotpbal Wm., uS State. I Woodworth&:: S!!.OS.! 1 Ltrbe Tri.,lgr. K:,-. & Murray. TobtJc'o WoUfObas. A,, 51 Cbatbam. Jenp James E &111/ng Wa:t. IJlDlA.JlA.POLIS lafl. Zinsser W .t Oo., 197 Wtlliam. Ma,r.ufrceurers of AUBCriax Virgtn&(l Oigarl Christmann & Co., cor. Mlasissippladd Pearl. Kremelberll & Company, J6o Pearl Manufacturers of Cigars and Dralm in Leaf Tobaoco. '!{ Ruuian Citllrltlls. Heidlinger, John A., 39 West Washington. KlonerBroo.,,., w .. t Broadway. .JANESVILLE, Wla. Cig11r M .. !J, all St.ajHr Padur z nd Deoler i11o Sud 14af. Prentice Geo. 1 ., 197 Pearl. Fendrich Francis. Stmpt otnd Oraier1, G.r1111zo Ciz Moltlr. LIVERPOOL, J:as. Erlcbs H w., So11th: l!lrnythe F W., Nort'it:tJ:.. Lobensteln Ill: Gans, ,.. \Caideo Lane. LOUISV K7. lltchaelts, S. & <+ 10:1 Maiden Lane. TobMll M,flllrtrl. Spier Obao. E. ell; Oo., 1' }obo. Finley, Doll A Co., So, S2 & 84 First. MMsli T<<0 .BIIfl Finzer J & Bros., 13 Third. ZeUeuka R., 163 Eut Fourth. Jones, It. R, 479 West Market D c nd "'obac B Robinson ManufachWinl' Company. 'flPer tzar a Jlain. :Jlohrrcro Bazxig. Tobaccu B rolu rs. Howard, Sanger & Co., 105 -&: ro, Cham ben M t w G & c 6 Be h Leeter A. & Co., 103 Chambers. e er, m. 0! vent Johh

I c:ollector or to coUecto of the d1strict for llfllliO& EDITORJ4t.B. _.._.EJeO MABKE'J"'. the lele of the properiJ 110 {orf'ehed. -By the act ef ia72, this d.of sec "LITTLE BAilEFOOT."-Attenlioa i$.. led to ad.liC. tiott s9 is so amended tl_lat in cuo any pfddler ref'*:' vertieement of Messrs. Auerbach in .IJ&w YoRK, M11,7 IJ. to e&lliblt a proper certificate fioql the of his uother coluam. ll'ultHI-Lea .Utbo11gh the week's sales ameunt to or her c;t, and failS to sho" why tile property 626 our market has worn a very quiet aspQt. d ....... be &:;J. :-d e a f "t f, rf< "t ISCONSIN HAVAXAS.-A writinC liOJft Tl'if:.alt!J have been in small lots to shippers to various &elZe s ...,., ._,e .... JM'OC e mgs or 1 5 0 et Milton (Wis.) say s So-o of the newlw el-..l.' -' ...__ _.__ ure shall Ill ken and had under the general provwons u T CK:UKI ""'"'u ...,.tJDallons, kgie buyers doing but little. The in-of the mternal re-tenue 'JMvt ""'ting to forfeitures. It o!fictals set out tho ctgan on the mght. aft:_r on. st Of receipts pa tbem above the "'ill become the duty of oUecton under tlie act 0 i he Havana tha fell to our. lo.t, was, 1n our opmton, lim1ts of most cwders, and a change in either here December 24, 1S72, whenever a seizure IS made by any 1pade out of two cent WlSCQDStn-tobacco. or at th' West must occur to allot.r busmess to proceed internal revenue officer of the property of a peddler of K U 1 witho11t unpleasant f, iction. Really rich Clarksville has tobacco, etc, to serve on such peddler the "tenday's EEP P THE PRICE.-The fol owing intelligent para-found buyers at full pnces, but is very scarce. Only 91 d d ,__ "f h graph 1s floatmg around among our exchanges: The hhds ere taken by the home trade. DOtice" to appear an an SuuW caUJe, 1 any e has, use of tobaeco is a disi? Gstmg habtt. It weakens the -et.. JCiwee-. sd wea 4th wby th seized -property shall not be forfeited. But, if frame, benumbs the faculties, ana, wnat is Tar worse, Ja'hua:ry. _::.439 961 I,26r' 739 -UJiWU _IWCh prehmmaq hearing. e fail:; to s un-the_-nrice/ Fcllr -.l8o 8 8 strow such sufttcient cause for a ,on-forfeiture, then the r -..-...,.--+-WU.Y--:oSo 29 2 54 collector wtll r_,Oft tne. seizure to the distnc attorney March----So 383 298 239 -r FF FOR EUROPE -'\'e .notice that [. ea:viue, of April 859 74 8 8 8 requesting time to mstitu!e proceedings ------0 49 4 the firm of Palmer & Scevi11e, No. 170W r St. this May 67 6 6 sth week. Total J,400 I,8oo 2,6oo 1504 4,8oo I,3os for libel al:'d 'orfe1ture of the seized property, or 1f the ----- 9 2 !' city, left these shores on Saturday last, accompamed by value of the property seized sllall not be more than Mrs. Scoville, for a five or SJX rnonths sojourn abroad. Virgtnia .Uaf-Fine Virginia leaf has been in de:(ive hundred dollars, the collector may,.. at hts option, We wish them an agreeable expenence, and moderate mand. the past weekr and sales, to a moderate extent institute proceedings for its sale under the provisioas hotel btlls at VIenna have been effeted at price. Tl} e limited of section 63 of the act of July 13, I866, as amended. sul?pty of worktng stock na urally inspires in r 3 In lreu of the assessments requtred to be made by A FIRSTh.CLASS NoTICE.-The Rogers, or qu1ry for thiS style of goods, and desirable offerings assessors in the months of January and July of each and Neilson, referred to on our first page, receives the folmeet with favor from buye{S, There 1s not, every year upon the sales _of retail dealers of leaf to lowing notice from the Bethlehem ,(Pa.) Dazly and has not any apparent llctivityin elther leaf bacco m excess of one thousand dollars annually (see "Am1llzer Swindlu.::-A man giving his name as H. J. or lugs, though the latter have httherto been sought "retail dealers m leaf-tobacco," sectton 59 of the act of Neilson has been victuniz.10g number of people of more f1eedo11l, than the former; while -July 20, I868, as amended by the act of June 6, 1872, Bethlehem and vieinity by talcing money for subscrip}USt at present, good appears to attracting the also instructions OR page 8, series 6, No. 8 _; unds:r the tions to a pubhcation known as T TOBACCO LEAF greater sht!re of attentton. The views of holders and he:td of" excess of sales and mode of returning the without authority, 'and or <;.ourse eting stil_l S!Omewhat apartTespecting :what ought same"), collectors will receive all such rettlms and The pubhshers of THE LEAP disown. Neilson and to \>e the rulmg rates for the finer grades of leaf. but immediately forward them to the Commissioner of I-nregret that people have been swindled ou br' their thiaaivergehce is not, as a general thing so to ternal Revenue, who will make the usel'sments and re : money. The swindler took good are not to receipt for binde.r" tr!J,nsactio?s, syggest tha'll'-a temporary turn the same on proper to the several collectors THE ToBACCO LEAFJ but gave -one' fo The Tobacco duration. On this point. there will be the usual senti Sl.lch-returns that the taxes may be by them Plant. We he planted a that wtll grow ment of unity as the season advances, and when the c:ollected. a tree that will--bear htm mto theopemtentiary.'! paucity of fine leaf is unequivocally estaBhslied. > 4 The duty hentofore imposed-upon assessors ana Better handling tobacc>o, no#cA, qa3 assistant assessor$ under tbe provisioos of" tbe 6oth ANOTHER S}'VJNJ>LER <*HIS TRA Vltl.s.-It see'irs tha enlarged recetpts tn a fe!' of the Vtrgima markets, and seci:ioo W: thJ! ad: ol JqiJ ao, 1868, as by the pther popUlar jq_urnals, 'l!ith TH I;oa.Acco LEAF, as a consequence of the mcrease, some improvement is act of June 6, 1872, except so far such duty may are annofed by bog1.1s agents who travel on the reputaperceptible in the character of the stock on sale. Nei hereafter, by order of the Commissioner, --be usigned to tio1:1 of tile newspaper, they pretend to represent. 'Ve ther in quantly nor quahty, however, has the improve sotlle other mternal revenlle offi<:er, of making examina-Qave r_eceiv.e.d th_e, fcillowingwhich we publish lith pleasbeen spectally noteworthy; nor is it likely to be tiO!fs of he and, monthly retums "The public. and patrons of he BostQn unttl sttll better weather has Qc.en_vouchsafed and until and cigar JDaDUflloCtures, tn order to obtain tial Bulletin espectall, are cautio.ed again lit a young the of the plantmg season (1tself a half sUQb i matioa as Dlay be req_uired as the basfa for man ofhght complexion, light side whiskers slenc;ler to a whole month late) shall have afforded planters an making t e assessments authonzed by the provistons of build and good address, about 27 years or age' who a to ship their tobacco to Lugs and said 1ei:tton 6o, for or om1ssion1 to properly about the country, and falsely common leaf in the Yirginia obacco, C1JUS-:-apon which tax htmself to be agent of tha paper, giving his name as huing18: declining tendency, while other' grades are paid by atamp.s, will under the act of E. H. C DaviS, H. W. Tyler, and other real firm or 1 December 24, 1872, devolve upon collectors .-Whenname bemg Wm. H. Carroll. Carroll is a swindler See(/ .Uqf-The seed leaf market is respect dif ever, upon a proper exammation had as above-, there who has flj:d :rrow Boston to escape arrest, and is 1 n ferent iron\ what it was' a week ;lgo. The derr.and conshall appear such discrepancies between the amount way connected with tbis office. tinues steady but. without activity. For 'Old leaf there) ill of materials purcha&ed .and used, and the manufactured a inquiry from manufacturers, and the trade is products rrported sold, and the tax paid thereon, or re-RECEIPTS FROM CIGARs.-A comparative statement doing a Ilttle, a very little, it would seem, in the new maining unsold, as clearly to indicate a deficiency or an at Revenue Bureau, showmg The rlet3ils-ofthe week's tl."llnsactions, as recorded wu omissioii. an the part of tbe manufacturer to properly receipts from. c1gars m &eve raJ leading tobacco districts as follqws: 350 cases Connecticut wrappers at 4 o@soc .. stamp all \he tobacco, snuff, or cigars sold, or removed for the first SIX months of the fiscal years ending June 37 cases 1872 Wisconsin at 7c.; 30 cases State do at for consumption or use, the collector will forward to the I87 2 and I87J, show an increase of from 8 to I3I pe; Joe.; 83 cases Pennsylvania do, on priva-te terms;' so Commissioner a detailed statement of all the facts in the cent. In the Fust dtstnct of New York the increase cases Wester.!! do, also on pnvate terms; .aQd .35(1 cases case, wtth such recoll\.mendations in each particular CiL5e was 3 1 per cent i in the Tenth, 37 ; in the Twelfth 22 187o Connecticut on private terms: total cases, 900 George J. Saaer, 7 caeee; Co(lector of Custobs, 51 cases, 16 boxes; Maddux Bros., 24 ggxes; Read&: Co., I box; Patterson &: Co-, 2 bhds; S. Hernaheln Jho., 34 hlf boxes; C. H. Mallorv & Co., 2o Mayer, B. 4 cases W. Vaq Biathingen, 39-boxes & Joseph, 4S third boxes, 30 bundles, G. Hillman &l:o so cases; M.:M. Welzhofer, J.P. Sawagen 1 ; cases;. R. Lehman, 3 cases; Martin & JohnsOrl ro I box; G. W. Abbott & Co., 25 cases, 24 blf boas Eugen DuBois, 6 cases; J. D. Keilley, Tr., u-4 boxes, 98 cases. G. W. Van-81yke & Co., 2 cases; J. D. Evans & Co., I hhd; W. A. & G. Maxwell, 4 hhds, 26 trcs; l r J. Hand, 1 case; Hartford Steamboat Co., 7 cases A. D. S:hockley, 2 hhds, r .pkg, Connolly & Co., 5 cases; Oe1nchs & Co., 68 hhds stems; March, Price & Co., a hhds RY No!I-"TH RIVHR BoATs-J. L. Gassert, 25 pkgs; D. J. Garth, Son & Co.,3o hhds; E. M. Wnght, II hhds; F. W Tatgenhorst & Co., 4 hhds, W. Sawyer & Co., I 10 hhLis; M. Blakemore & Co 1 hhds; R. L. Maitland, 11 hhds ; P, Pollard & Co., 7 hhds; F. Mayer 83 pkgs J as Jarvis, I 7 hhds. BY .. THE ERIE RAILROAD-Order, 44 pkgs, s8 hhd:j; D T. GaFth, Son & Co., 49 hhds, A. H. Cardozo & Co., 8 hhds; Sullivan, Murphy & Co., I3 Thomas Km. nicut, :z hhds; Norton, Slaughter.& Co., I hhd; Pollard, Pettus & Co., 6o hhds; Sawyer, Wallace & Co. 21 hhds; J. P. & Go., II hhds; E M. Wright & Co., n hhds;_ F. W. Tatgenhorst, 6 hhds, Robt. L. Maitland & Co., I3 hhds; I. D. Keilley, Jr, 48 hhds; E. M. Wright, I hhd, Blakemore, Mayo & Co 1 hhd, Krem elberg & Co., Io hhds. BY HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD-Pollard, Pettus & Co., 6 hhds ; Schroeder & Bonn, 46 pkgs; order, 62 pkgs. BY NATIONAL LmE-Order, 22 hhds; Jarvts & Co., 145 hhds; A C. L. & 0. Meyer, 259 hhds; Pollard, Pet .tus & Co., 18 hh4s; Kremelberg & Co., 99 hhds; M. lakemore: & Co., 27 hhds; Ottmger & Co., I hbd; Nor ton, Slaughter <\ Co., I hhd; Ltverpool, 1 hhd; S Mayer, 44 cases; S. M. Parker, 12 hhds; D. J. Garth & Son, I4 hb.ds; Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 221 hhds; Nor ton, Slaughter & Co., 3 hhds; H Henn & Co., r:z hhds; E. "'M. Wright, 9 hhds; Savage, Wallace & Co., I hhd; D J.. Garth & Son, 8 hhds; J. Mayer, 55 tr<;,:;: J. P. Qumn, 12 hhds; Drew & Co., 1 hhd; Liverpool 5 hhds T. W. Tatgenhorst, 8 hhds; Pollard, Pettus & Co. 7 hhds. CoAsTwiSE PER STEAMER CITY oF A usTIN-Seidenberg & Co., 45 cases cigars, 20 bales scraps, F. De Bar-ry & Co., 35 cases c1gars; J. & J. Eager 8 cases cigars; Clark & Putnam, I case cigar's ; T. M. 'Hor, Io bales scraps; frofn Baltimore, Auten bach and R. I hhd. BY s.TEAMEB SAN ANTONto-Seidenberg & Co., 90 cases ctgars, 13 bales scraps; F. De Bary & Co. 12 cases cigars; J. &.J. Eager, 8 cigars; R. E. & Co., 12 cases ctgars; J. M. Reyes, 1 case .:agars; Tim othy Jay, & o., I case cigars fqr Boston. IMPORTS. BY STEAMER EGYPT FROM LIVERPOOL-Weaver & Sterry, 40 ball!; gum. I :E'AB.TICJVJ..&B lV'O'I'ICJB. as he may have to make, or as the officer making the in the Twenty-third, 25; in the Thirtieth, 20, and Aside from the prospect of regularity, there is at pres examinatiod may have JO make. Frbm such detailed Twenty-second, JI per cent. In the Fir!it aistrict of ent nothing.very promising ia the outlook of the trade. statements, and sucb other information as he may have Pennsylvan!a i.t was IZ i in the .Second district, ""'; in And on the other hand perhaps it should he !;aid th Oro..,en of seed Ieor tobacco are cautioned ar;amst accepting the the S -h t t 8 h N h d" "'7 'th" d" Y ere reported sales and quotatJona of oeed leaf u fur sh th h or be able to obtain, the Commissioner 'trill determme I ... IS nc, i m 1 e mt tstrict I8in tfte IS no mg very tscouragmg to be i:ltscovered in the dim be obtamed for tllem at 6nt hand th '".i pnces t at and ma)l:e all such assessments and forward them on 26 per cent, ; district p1 erhspecthtve. It IS phrobabhle the expor t is going to be to .old crops which have been :..arly ::t;:t suttable lists (Form 23) to tile collectoJ in whose district the ;was Io per cent. In the Third Maryland tg t IS. t t ere was reason to hope at a1_1 wh1ch must naturaur mclude the tnter .. t on cap1tal mvesred. Growers the deficienctes or Omtsstons have occurred, to be by "i':1S" I4' In the Ftrst Ohto dts-earher penod, whtch ts the worst that is to be ap,pre-caftnot expect e-ven n the caoe of Dew cropa, to sell them for the aame him collected 2j; m the. in be Qav"n hended whtle 1t IS equally probable that the h d pncesas are obtuned,on here: Of coune eYery re-salemuat bt t th t d h Y"'_._.. d .11 b orne e at an advance and therefore the pnce obtainabl b h 5 The duty of num!,ering all man1.1factories of to, een 1 was 21 an m t e Etghteenth 16 per man wt e netther better nor worse than usual, which always be oome.:.hat lower thaa our quocati Y 1 growen 111 bacco -and cigarll "'all 1'rel'ided in sections 6s and 84, cent. is the best that can reasonably be expected under exist-ons. respectively, of the' act of July 20, 1868, so far a!l ing circumstances. The dominant fact obtruding itself QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE!SALE PRICES. .shall re_guirenumbering, 11n ToB ?CC() STAT.ISTrcs.-Tobacco was ts the unpleasant one that there is more tobacco to be will devolve upon co/le.tors. CollectQrs and their depu II!. 4,085 rural ,gans es of the German Empire sold than is needed either 'at home or abroad.' Of such ties w;ill also be required to keep the records of tobacdO (mchidmg the newly acquired province of Alsace-Loras wtll be useful at home there is not, it may be as and cigar manufacturers and make the several entries ntinetby 178,7oo cultivators, of whom 95, 000 were hasumed, an but of such as would ordmarly be therein from time to time, as requirea in sections 65 and ble to taxation, and 8 3 700 exempt, as their plantations taken. abroad thet:;e iS more than enough; rendered so 84. See al&o mstriiCtioos with regard to numbering were less than stx square roods each. By far the greater less by the actual quantity, great asit is, than by manufactories and keeping of records, found on pages number of the taxable growers cultivated patches of conditiqn of other markets; a combination of causes 12 and 13, and on page 30 of Regulations, Series 6, No. land acres, tliere being only 2 ,247 operating there producing an apathy simtlar to that pre S. For keeping these records collectors will continue plantations contammg rnore than a hectare. In Bad"!"n Taihng here. The question between shipper ;ind dealer the use of the same books as are now used by assessors and the Pal!ltinate tobacco occupied one-half per cent. ts not, ,as it might be, one of price, but o( demand. 'and assistant asaeasors uotileueh books are filled up, of the superfice ; Alsatia, one-fifth per i'-nother month may change the aspect of affairs. makmg with a pen such erasures and such additiOns as c.e!lt.; m Westphalta and. Saxonybut very small quanSpanisll-For Havana fillers there has been about the .nay be required tD' adapt them to their use. Where ttties were grown ; and 10 Schleswig-Holstein, Oldenaverage.;inqui.ry, aod the reperted sales reach 385 bales Di&trid. Common to guod logo 8 @ 9 Common loot........... 9 @10 Medium leaf 10)i@ll)i Good UK@ IlK Fine....... ............. 12!i@ll BelectiODI U @H F"U"glfll(ICom to> good Iugo. . 7 @" 7 Ji Pin do.... . 8 @ 8)( Low to medltua lear O,ll@ll Good to tllle 11 Wrappen, darll... UK@I7 .1ti do. bright........ 20 @50 8moken : ............. 11 @15 Primmp 6Ji@ II (/AODera... .... ........ .... 11 U Ohw .Sud Ltqf.-lfTl crap. Wrappers Aaor'.ed Lolli Filion ... T8 @55 9)i@ll 8 @9 IJ(@ 1 RUDDlD(, 187! Nev> T<>r.I: Sel 1871 crop. Wrappen 18 @II .boortedlola. 11 @li Fillers . 10 @11 wu.ooum IAqf.Iota............ 8)i@ 9 ... 4. Bannaru. C qm. do Good c1o llO(!JI 110 do F-4o Yawa I & U'Cut .-tct. Ill@ I 00 -Tax 20 eta. per pound P'ovfi.Cii.-BB:IGBT, Elr.t.ra line 60 @70 Kedl 50 @80 = Commvltlii.-Flno 48-@N l!la., Half l'bw Nmor l'blm4-Pille... u @48 Jleollum 39 @40 N,_. Ha4f POWfi to be quite freely offered, meetmg mth a fatr demand at prices quoted. The total offerings for the week were 789 hhds and 22 r boxes as follows: At th_e Bodman Warehouse, I88 hhds and 142 boxes: -I hhd old Mason Co., Ky., at 35 hhds new Mason Co., Ky. trash, lugs and leaf: 5 at 5@5.95 ro at 6@7.80, 8 at 8.35@9 50, II at 10@13.25, I at 19.50. 25 hhds new Brown Co., Ohio, trash, lugs and leaf: 2 at 5-40@So, 6 at 6.2o@6.9o, I4 at Io@13.2o, 3 at I6.7S@I7S 59 hhcfs new owen Co., Ky. trash, lugs and leaf: 13 5 I5@5.90, 3a at 6.15@7.8o, 5 at 8.40@ 9, 8 at 1o@r4.2s, I at 15. 29 hhds new Pendleton Co., Ky., trash aad lugs. 9 at 5@51 n at 6,30@ 7.2o, 4 at 8.85@9 4 a ' 1S hhds new Boone Co., Ky., ttash and 7 at s.rsC<45 10 at 6.50@7.80, 1 at 8 30. 21 hhds and 26 boxes new West Vrrgmia: 9 at 5@6.8o, 6 at, 4 at 9S@9t 2 at 10@1 1.75. 26 boxes: s at 4@5.8o, 6 at 6.65@7 .I5, 3 at 9 at Io@1r4, 2 at 15@17. I box bright manufactunng at 43 I2 cases seed leaf for stems, fil lers and wrapper,s. 8 cases new Ohio seed: r-S at 4@ 4.9o, 13 at 5@5.9o, 25 at 6@7.90, 17 at 8@9.90, 8 at IO @13.75 30 cases old Ohio Seed: 8 at 7o, I3 at 8@9, 9 at II@I3Sa. u cases old Connecticut Seed Leaf: 1 at 9 40, 4 at Io@I'J.25, 5 at IS@I9.5o, I at 20. At the Kenton Warehouse, 2I3 hhds and 23 boxes:1! hhds old Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf: 2 at 8.55@9.25, 3 at 10@13 3 at 16.25@I9.5o. 89 hhds new Mason Co., Ky. trash, lugs a11d leaf: 11 at 4-80@ s.Ss, 3:z at 6@7.75, 26 at 8@9.90, 17 at Io@I3. 3 at ISSo@19,25. 1 hhd Brown Co., Ohio, leaf, at 16. 36 hhds new Owen Co., Ky., trash and lugs: 5 at 5@45, 27 at 6.o5@7 70, 2 at S So@6.75, 2 at s@SS, 3 at 6@7 63 hhds new Pendleton Co., Ky., trash and lugs: 2 at 4, 2 at I,S@I9> 3 at 90. s hhds new Boone Co., Ky., 2 at, 3 at 7.2o@7.50. :;t hhds and 5 boxes new West Virgmia : 2 at1o@7 S boxes: 3 at 4 30@4 7o, 2 at 6.85@9.80. 3 hhds and 18 boxes common new Ohio $eed for stems, fillers and wrappers. 3 hhds at 5.6o@4 So. I8 boxes: 5 at 3.25@ 4 5 at 1o@r3, 5 at 16@r8.25 2 at 20. 16 hhds new Clermont Co., Ohio; 2 at 5@7 3 at 8.40@8.45, I at I3.50. At the Morris Warehouse, I83 hhds and 2Q boxes:-4 hhds old Mason Co., Ky., at 88 hhds and a boxes new Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf;: r8 at 5 35@5 95, 37 at 6@7 90, 2I at 8@9.80, 9 at 10@ I3So 3 at IS@17.25. 2 boxes at 4.30. 5 hhds new Brown Co., Ohio, trash and leaf: 4 at 6.59@7.85, r at IS I6 hhds and il box new Owen Co., Ky., trash and lugs: 6. at, 8 at 6@7 2 at 8.7o@9.75 I box at 5 27 hhda new Pendleton Co., Ky., trash and lugs: 2 at 5@5, 12 at 6 45@7.6o, I2 at 8 ro@9.3o, I at IO. 33 hhds ,new Boone Co,, Ky., trash and lugs: 10 at 5@5 7o, 20 at.6@7.8o, 2 at 8.s5@8.65, r at Io. 8 hhds and 4 boxes new West Virginia: I at 15 boxes new Ohio seed for stems and fillers, 6 at 3@3.9o, 5 at 5@So, 4 at 6.o5@7.20. At the Planters' Warehouse, I 58 hhds and 20 boxes: 109 hhds and 8 boxes new Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leal: 36 at s.:zo@5.95, 46 at 5i I6 at 8@9.95, "9 at ro@u.25; 2 at IS@16.75, 8 boxes, 6 at 3@4 2 a.t 2.65@5.65. 16 hhds new Brown Co., Ohto., trash lugs, and leaf: 2 at 5 65, 5 at 6.55@7.15, 2 at S.75, 3 at 11.75@12.75, 4 at I5.25@17. t hhdnew Owen County at 5l 21 hhds new Pendleton Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 7 at 5@5 65, Io at 6.30@7.65, 2 at 8.6o@ 8 95, 2 at I2.5o@t2.75 5 hhds and 4 boxes Va., trash and lugs, 3 at 2 at 8.Js, 11.75. 4 at 8@9.25. IS boxes Ohto seed fat stems and fillers: 5 !it 4.Io@4.75 2 at s-25, 5, 3 at 6.os@7 At the Phtster Warehouse, 3 7 hhds and 20 boxes : 5 hhds Mason Co., Ky., trash and lugs: 3 at SSo@s.7o, 2 at I 1, 1 r.25 8 hhds new Brown Co., Ohto, trash and lugs: 1 at So, 4 at 6.3o@'7.8o, I at 8.os, 2 at u, 9 hhds new Gwen Co., Ky., trash and lugs: 3 at 4.65@ 5s, 5 at 5.10@7 : 05, I at S.Js. 6 hhds old Owen Co., Ky., at 10.25@I3.25. 9 hhds new West Va. 3 at 5 @5.85, 3 at, 2 at 8.Io, 9 I at 10. 17 boxes common Ohw seed fat stems and fillers: 12 at 4@4.70, 'i at lj.6'j@7.IO. DANVILLE, VA., May 10.-Messrs. Pemberton & Tobacco Commission Merchants, report: Our re ceipts dunng the early part of the week still continue very large. There was a falling off towards the close on account of the recent heavy rains. Prices are a shade lower. We quote: Lugs, low red, good 6@7 medium bright, 8@1o; fine to extra, 12@1S !eat' low red, 6@8; good, 8@9}!1; rich and waxy, 1o@I4 = common bright, 9@11; medium bright, 12@14; fine, IS @25; extra, 3o@6o. EV Mav 5.-Mr. Lee M. Gardiner reports: The past week has shown smaller rece ipts of to bacco at our market, and a material advance en all the raising of the tax on the domestic article. He re owever, t e 0 status has been in a great measure_re-Ctgan-We have observed no new feature in the ci Kfetted that the trade should .suffer from the uncertainty -and New York of the is herself again. gar market since our last. Latterly trade has been but could give no further information on the subject." e cohemmfreft THE to ttbe Chtcago trade aQd adneither as1 active nor u doll as we have known it tobe Ylse ee use .of lis advertiSing columns. as one of and >the past week haa beea much the same as its im: stmplest yet most effective methods of recouperatmediate predecessors in this respect. The cigar trade NoT H1s "UNCLE."-A distinguished friend, one cc racy of the soil," and who et1joys a good thmg at his own expense, relates the following, whtch we will tell, says a Southern cotemporary, at the risk of being obliged to respond to a belligerent communiqtion. Mapy years ante-beliQII\ times, t}le gentlerqan referred to was travelmg in the North, and upon one occasion, entering a car extracting. a fragrant Havana from his cigar case, he a venerable cGiored man, Uncle, will yoq please to give me a light? Certainly, sir," responded the colored man, at the same time hand \og over hilS lighted cigar, "but I am not aware of any relalicmship existtng lletween us Our smoked thoughtfully. mg any losses they may have sustam ,ed, The tobacco 15 fully but.not hurriedly eqgaged. tra?e at large wants to know whether brethren in DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. to take their accustomed part in the commerce m the weed arill lfo'betterchannel for the an. The arrivals at the port or New York frotn domestic nouncement ,than our journal eQuid be found. We trust interiou and coastwise poEts for the week ending May to be to m_ake such on behalf of u, were cousigned as follows : our Chicago fnends m our next number Let them J BY, THE Nxw YoaK AND Nxw HAVEN STKAI\UIOAT "forgetting the things that are beliind, forward to: LINE....;F. T, Iv' es, 6 cases; M. Westhe1m & co: 19 ward those that are before 1 cases; A. Bacbl -22 cases; S. Selling Sons, 98 M. H. I case; H. Schu11ert; 31 cases, W. Eggert, 1 bale; asch, Colitl &: Co., So cases; A. Cohn, 34 cases; BALTIMORE, Nay Io.-Messrs. C. Loose & Co. grades, -say J(c. on lugs, and on leaf, and I now CommiSsion Merchants, and dealers in Leaf: Tcibacco; alter my quotations Lugs, J(i.25@7o; report:-Our market for the past week has shown a little low leat,; medtum leaf, 8.5o@9o; good, ro more far as Maryland tobaccois conThe demand is especial! good for fillers and cerned, the sale!! of which foot up about 7 Sao hhds at nch heavy tobaccos, and nles generally are more satis prices 'Yith?n range of quotations, chiefly for German factory to country shippers. The impression seems to account. Receipts o( this descnption have been very be qu1te general among our tobacco men that prices large, nearly 1 ,3oo hhds. Nothing of any account has have "touched bottom," and that tbete will be no de in Ohio, buyecs for France apparently not unless produced by a proepc:ctively larger crop bemg m market o_o change in tone or prices. whtch can not be reasoably conJectured for some KentuckY, ts _!Jeld firm by owners; transactions light; note montlis yet. sales of 45 hhds O!!, in transit, for exFARMVILLJ-fine and selections, 13@15. Vrrginia, comsidered, the week's receipts have been quite heavy. We mon to lugs, commoO:to medium leaf, quote lugs, poor to medium, to goes.,..._,_ good, selections, u@I4i good, 6 to leaf, common to medWm, 7 to 9}i> D.AtLY is a thnvtng and beutifql JPQ!l Lbe H.udsoa Lilfe all hvc; places, !ts citiz_,.ens lpng felt the for a hve localjournal-a want wliich has been recently WHAT TOBACCO IS EXCHANGED FOR INWlSCONSIN.-An filled br :; 9 Whitehouse, a large manufacturer advertisement in a Janesville (Wis.) paper reads to this and pramment cthten, who is also the owner or The effect: "Tobacco Wanted.-In exchange for property Poughkeepsie Daily Nmu. In response to a very gen of practical use, that has some real value in it. There era! de!llap4 has receJl!]y enlarged his eol(Jmns aod may be in the following list of articles some thing that made, m fact, a pew paper, which presents a decidedly somebody may want, ia exchalige for tobacl:o (provid!lews.y and g;o-aliead appearance, The News is edited ing the buyers never come around!) We will give a ma very cap able H. Hegeman, square deal on any of the following articles, to wit : a gentleman well-known m the pohtical circles of the Two full cased, seven octave, over-strung pianos, good State, and qu1te COII)petent to bold the l11irror up _to and in good '!rder. Two light leather-topped bugthe J? events of day IU]d present a faithfui re, good .. Two bay mares, one 6, the other 7 flection of the same to h1s numerous readers. Indeed years old, wtll we1gh 26> to 37 hundred1 good travelers, the NtfiHJOw exhibits on the part orb th t andldnd tbe' hames!! : One light lumt>er wagon, good and editor, that energy' and intellieent ooe. 0 anlky culnvator. Tweaty-ftve town lots. in matters J"oumaliatic is sure to be c -edr-"th c ....__ L t.u ki ch fi d t rown wt sue... uc appara s .or ma ng eese, or a aJry o so cess. Qur Poughkeepsie readers can not do cows, With yat, tubs, heatin% apparatus, press, hoops, the1r 5 ubscription to THE LEAF, if th are etc. etc. Stx as fine new m1lk cows as can be found in not already done so lly at onee sec d ? any man's yard in Roek County ., from.the carriers of the News I unni &I y lilt Ealtne'l: & Scoville, 6 :Bv THE, 1I41f-TJ,'OJU>, STEAMBOAl LINE Hgffman, ,33, cases; K'!chlet;, Gail & to., 3 cases; A. Cohn, I30 cases ; E. Sprtngam, 29 cases. BY THE OLD DoMINION STRAMSRIP LINB .-Bulkley Moore & Co., 30 qtr boxes, 6o cases, 25 kegs; Blankepstein., caddies,'7 c;ase,s; W. 0. Smith, 70 trcs, J Tobacco Co., s trcs, 1 hhd, 1 box; D. & ,A. Bet)dhetm, 29 cases; N. L. McCready, 89 cases, 33 boxes, 8I pkgs, 6 hhds; Allen & Co., 5 hlf boxes, 5 pkgs, 26 cases; N. Wise, 6 cases; Richey & Boniface, 64. ca:;Fs, 20 pkgs, 90 hoxes, 25 butts; Dohan, Carroll & Co., 233 case.s, 344 boxes; P. Lorillard & Co., 6 hhds, 6 trcs, 1 hox; Derritt & Duncan, 1 5 hhds, 6 trcs, 1 box; Order, 20 cases, 4 hhds; H. Henwood, 2 2 hhds; S. J. Willis & Bro. 1 case. Kendall, Harrison & Oo., u cases. J. C. Muller &t Co., hhds, 43 tree; -G. W Gine.u &: Co., 15 cases; J. M. Gardou & Co., cues, 6 hhds, 23 hlfjxlxes; A. Hea & Co., 13 cases; J. 2 cases; J B. Norton, 1 case; J. H. Thompson, 9 cases; Lyon, s Toel, Rose &: Co.; 18 Wads, rllox; Charles L\lling &: Co., 43 nbds; stems, good to medium to long good, 10 to uJt. Toltuu HOPKINSVILLE, Kv., Nay 9.-Messrs. M. H IstJ'I873 Stoek m warehouses and on Hltds. Clark & Bro. report: Receipta, to date, 5,1sSJ hbds, since rn:hipboar nor eleared -----------..-6,90B last report, Bu hhds; sales, U1 4,8ot hhds; sioce pected this ----------... --I ,824 last report, s69 hhds. Prices this week were lOme Inspected prevtouslt------ ----. 17,286 thing easier o n.medium lugs, otherwile the market was


' -.&Y 14 -' r-ed. We quo&& gmedmm leaf, to ao; good leaf, Io}(_to lots offi11e continental leaf at I4c. Very common lugs fine leaf, 11 11 selectiou, 13 to 14This weeks and low leaf are in poor request, and pnces for those sale was the largest of the season, and contrary to gen-grades are low, while all desuable lugs and leaf are m eral ex'-ectations prices were fully susta1ued on nearly lJnsk demand at good prices Below I give transactions rates of foreign de\ 1ces quote the same as follows: somewhat to day;-we they will be redeemed or exchanged on presentation, but if this is refused they cah not be protested like per fect bills. London, 37@38 per cent; Paris, 2'1@22; Hamburg, 21@22, New York currency, 6o day11, New York gold, &o days, z6@:z7; Spamsh gold, rs@r6 LIABILITIES OF GERMANS RETURlUMG TO GERMANV. We nol1ced a few days since the liabtlities of natural ize cttizens returning to Europe. The followmg shows that this is likely to 'be real, aod all are 1nterested may be on their guard. Ed1tor of the :Journal of Commer If _not, who is >hiS legal heir, hiS father hemg May or June. BuaNs IMPROVED.-There are some people bestdes Scots-men, says Cope's To!Ja(co PliZnt, who would" doubt. 1he possiliility of meni:hng "Tam o' Shanter," but noth,fllg IS safe from Ya.nkee mnovatlon. NtJ/es and ,cs, relymg upon information received from an AmerIClUJ. sourc11, gtve us a hfnt of what may be done in course of t1me by the 1mprovmg gemus of Brother Jonathan. A passage in Tam o' Shante r, 'Vee! cutty" sark is," our cot emporary learus, delicately changed to cutty p1pe,' and the faiT dance r 1s repr.csented as smoking a short pipe. The !me whtch follows the 'cutty sark' of the origmal is Instantl,Y out w ent the h ght,' pipe' and hght' bemg, we sui)pos e, goo d Yankee rhymes I After this, we s hall not only be prepared for an improved version Of Shakespea re, wtthout the naughty words, and an edt lion of Para01s e Lost," wtth all the wtcked angels omitted; but we shall expect an un, proved solar system, w1th the planets arranged in the order of size, and the asterotds reunited: For, 'if "cutty sark ,be out of place m "Ta m o Shanter" what nght has an exploded world in the planetary sy's tem ? Much as we approve of rsmoking, we muSt 1Jl.., sist on puttmg this "pipe" d1lt. 1 c:ut was packed so late that the new crop w1ll come mto -It 15 stlll maintained, that while the early growth was dead and mothe.r hvmg Please answer m your Dunng the last season the Department has received market late. In the mean time the assorted stocks of destroyed hy freshets, the later one has been suffering to an old subsenber. Reply -r. Unless a legacy m a numberless letters on the subJect of thetr ravages, destr old leaf must be in demand dunng the next sx weeks from scarcity of ram. Thet efore stron.g qualltles are w1ll_ts gtven m heu o.f dower,_the 1s not debarre? mg mformation concerning their habits, and the best SUMATRA ToBAcco.-A torrespondent of the London to two months. Pnces of fine wrappers are very firm ; supposed to prevail. Thus far It seems no contracts 1t from her legaltnterest m the ent1rc e$tate. If 1t rem.:dtes that can be suggested for their destruction. Tobucco Trade Rrouw thus wntes: "In your last iasue also of clear, good fillers. 'So the of c1gars have been entered upon with the planters; receipi_s of 1s g1ven m heu of dower, she must elect whether We 11hall therefore give a short description of thctr transwe read a short paragraph on-Sumatra 'to made frcm the above are good stock but, common, low new m this, ctty are not for untll August. Acwtll ;ake the legacy or dower, and may take her cho1ce. formations from the egg to the perfect fly. The egg IS bacco. and wh1le we fully agree w1th yourdesenpt1on riced cigllJS flood the market and we suggest the pro-cording to accooots from Manzannillo of z4th ultimo, 2. 'I he mmor can. not make a 1!'11:In. thts State the deposited smgly on the leaf of the tobacco or tomato of itS ,.general character, vtz.1 Its beautilul appearance, pnet:t of makmg really good cigars, for a ume at least. two small lots of Yara had come to town, one of wht ch mothe_r (the fa!her. bem1 wdlmhent from her son plant, and the young worm wheq first hatched out by the silky texture, and ncli brown color, we think your quo. Cigar-makers who make the better grades are busy, a consisting of Io bales Tnpa, 8 bales Capa, 5 bales Capa a hfe mte !est m h1s estate, wh1ch then to the col-heat of the sun commences to-eat holes in the leaf of the tauons are calculated slightly to ms l ead, for, though it t f.act whtch we offer to endorse our suggestiOn. 1\ good laufa, sola for per qtl for Tnpa and Capa1 and lateral suc;cestnon. If no brothers ststers, deplant, and sheds Its skm sev e ral times before attaining is true they are correct for ;average parcels of 2 oo cases' of leaf found buyers thts week. All have been per qtl. fer Cap a Larga, both terms half gold, half pascendants of such, then uncles and aunts and the1r deits full stze; it then goes into the earth and the pupa is grades, yet fine selected to\;lacco of first quality has domg something. W1thin the two weeks ending to-day, per; the quantity IS said to be fine and elasllc, but showscendants. W_e behev e the New Jersey law of descenformed m a subterrartean cell, late broods remamreadtly realized ss. per lb. and even at this apparently 4,95I boxes of manufactured tobacco have been remg a much hurried packtng, prompted apparently by IS to thts. mg as pupre all wmter, and commg out as perfect htgh -rate is pronounced profi able workmg, owing to tts cetved here. I have not had time to inquire further apft!:hended fear of the msurgents; the other parcel of RESPONSIBILITY FOR OF_ A DRAFT. fly the followlng spnng. '{he insect appears from June extreme productiveness; and we have no doubt that in this week. a better quality, consistmg of xs bales )'ripa, 8 bjlles A very.tmportant as mvolved Ia !he follow-and July until late fall. It in the twthght like a the absence of fine Mamlla 'I t will soon be as much in Mr. A. Oppenheimer, Broker m 'Leaf Tobacco, re-Capa, and 6 bal e s Capa Cort, a. The older has nof mg questton: New York, May 5, Eduor of the humming-bml over flowers, especially honeysuckle and favor-hereas_tl tran. the In Holland ports : Wti.tbu-hu bee.D._JJUSer!lbly ramy and bus-pnced yet, he will not stll however, except for gold :Journal of Please be ktnd enough o decade DatMra shamomum, sucking the neeparcels, varytng from IOO to 400 .bales of the vanous iness very slow, but sttll the trade IS domg somethmg. Senous apprehensions are entertamed that msurgents for us the followmg questpn. Can we be bel respon-tar by means of its long, flextble tongue, whu zh, when grades generally sold tiy teader to dealers at an avSales f')r week-Connecticut wrapper, I2o cases, Con will prevent planters in a great measure from brmgmg s1ble m _case a whom we colle1=t a draft the msect is at rest, is coiled up hke a watch spnng_ erage pnce, retailed by, tbem to manufacturers acllectlcut 2 8o cases; Pennsylvania wrapper,runm their, crops, which altogether are said not to exceed no tttle m tt, wh1ch 1s du;covered after the draftwas patd under the head. The tongue wpen unrolled Dleasures cqrq,ing to thetr ; first and seconds toaung lots, 173 cases; Ohm runnmg lots, Ioo cases. Im-s,ooo bales. Vuelta AbaJO -Our receipts in town for by the The draft bears our mdorsement, and four to s 1 x mches in length, and_ the caterpiliar feeds gether have an toss, or -ss. 6d. per ported-Havana, I40 bales, Yara, 23 bales. Imported the past month are estimated at about I,roo bales, 6oo collected through a bank by way of deposit' we also on the potato, red pepper, and tomato; ras well a { lb. here We thmk our would, do well Cigars-34s,ooo, rangwg in pnces :W-om per :M. to bales of wh1ch are new, the latter are stored and conpa1d over the groceeda as soon as we had the tobacco. Tliis i sed is almost exactl:r. ftke the to encqurage tm.J?orfli rathe.r tlian allow th11111 to 6o, per M Domestlc-,z,zzs,ooo, ranging from s1st almost altogether of libra p1e or low fillers. that the draft had been pro!J!ptly By dec1dnerthem so-called pot\lto-worm in' all the states Of larva be dtverted to Continent, and imported from thence I-f !)o to 6o oo perM. httle busilfess was doing for abma has been mg 10 Y?tlr next tssue you will greatly oblige. A Sub-pupa, and msect, and can scarcely be distmgutslied at mereased rates. The_ crop cf I87I amounted to Messrs. M. F. McDowell & Co .. report the followeffectually chekecLby the before rpen ned fall of gold, scnber m Water Street. from it by young entomologists, but m the "tobacco-about 4,5oo bales, of whtch nearly 4 ooo b a les were for ing quotat10ns for manufactured tobacco: Vugima and nothmg 1s go 1 1ng on now. Partido -Receipts of new Reply.-Negobable socunbes, uni_Jke other worm" the anal hGm on the ta 11 of the caterpillar 15 direct Contmental 11ccovnt; thaf of 1s estimated bright, pounds, 45 to so; halves, 45 to so; quarters, footed up last monrh about 2,7oo bales, almost all of property, carry title po"Ssesslon m good fanh tf all ,-etldisA instead of blutsh; 1t also has no Iongitudmal at.rather and a very small porlion IS destined for 45 to so; fives, 45 to so; tens, 45 to 5 Dark, wh1ch stored because of the pretensions qf bolders cond i tions on the mstrument have been complied white stripe lhe pectoral feet are ringed with black, the thiS market. pounds, 40 to 48; halves, 40 to 4S; quarters, 40 to 48, of f4 s@ 4 o per quintal. Sh1pments have be fnl under Our correspondent ts responstble for the genubody is more hirsute, and the msect Itself is more mdts fives, 40 to 48, tens, 40 to 48. Western bnght, pounds, these cue rilst!lnces necessanly hgfrt, -andmeness of all the pre'lious mdorse'?l-ents up to the"Slg marked, and always has a white mark at the ANOTHER ANTr -ToBACCOJTE.-At the L t verpool Po-47 to sz, halves, 47 to 52, quarters, 47 to 52; fives, 47 to judge from the unfavorable tidmgs JUSt\l"ecelve ii from nature of the drawer; but if these mdorsementS"'are all ISase of its wings and partly on tthe thorax which the lice Court, Rose Murless, says Cope's Toba cco Plant. to sz, tens, '17 to 52 Dark, pounds, 45 to 4 S halves, Germany, combmed wtth the aforesaid fall .of _gold, it correct, the cam: to him for collect.tOn m the moth of the pota to worm has was charged with embezzlmg xos., the moneys of 45 to 48; quarters, 45 to 48 fives, 45 to 48, tens, 45 to may be supposed that tke export wtll be suspended enway of busmess, W ith nothmg to put htm on mqUlry The potato-worm IS also feeding on the tobacco her emplo}er, Leopold Newton, general merchant, Ar-48. Fancy: long tens, so@6s; lady finger, so@ 65i brely for the t1me bemg, and a wholesome reaction be to the ownershtfl, want of title lD the sender wt}l in Maryland, and frequently a lilack, or nearly black, gyle Street, Bukenhead. The prosecutor satd 'that pocket pieces, so to 75i bnght twist so to 75 brought aboul, notwithstanding the, hgh rates granted not render the last mdors e r for any thmg but his vanety of the w'orm is taken especially towards the end about four mon t hs ago he found the!' pnsoner m a desti PITTSBURGH, May ro.-Mr M K. McMullin, To-by the buyers of t o bacco n CuJes in the beginning own trust. of the season. The potato or 1tomato worm has also tute conaition on the landmg stage, ana helped her by baceo CommlliSteB MercbaDt, reports: Trade for tbe Remedios -Sales hav e been qUite limited last montli, THE HEBREW SUNDAY. been accusea of being poisonous, but th1s is entirely gtvmg her stxpences and shtlbngs for a few days, when, past week has been fair. rhe demand would h;!.ve been and there 1s slill a pretty good cho1ce m.the market -6f The following is an interesting and very important erroneous, as the horn on the tail of the caterptllar ,Is m order to make her a better member of society, he h I b forth f b '"' th Ed f h 1 ,,. c. N to1d.her th_at 1f she would be a good g1rl he would take somew at arger ut e contmuance o au wea er assorted lots answering the requrements of the Umted : 1toc o t e _, ourna o_, ommerce, ew mcapable of infltctmg any serious wound, and has no h r f 1 f ba"' 11 b t J b y k M S S W 'd ,.; h b her mto hiS employment. He placed her in his warAT e o e to .. co were sma u one sa e emg States, and 1:-emg held 11t $45@55 per qtl. accordmg to or ay 1 73 e cons1 er your raper t e est poisonous properties wha.tever. The potato worm 1s --reported, that of 100 _fases of old Ohto seed, running quahty, descnptlons rather vo1d m strength could be authonty for rpercant1le law and usages, and there-the northern spectes, and in Maryland the two spec1es house, where her duty was to sell "compressed cab. lot at Croa 'JiJl e de!1l&ll4 for new Ohio at pres bought at $40 per qtl, upwards of I ooo bales h1gh and fore submit the followmg point: We are Israelites, m meet, and are found mdtscnmmately together in the tobage, which was a soostltute for tobacco" The J>riis 11 ....., r: 8@ R t f h h l al b b fi '-"-ut soner satd the prosecutor took her to the warehouse as ent sma pnces rom Io. ece1p s o l o w fillers sold for Europe on an average of about $3o t e w o es e usmess ete or auv SIXteea years; bacco fie'tds, yet never mwng, but remammg perfectly k Ke -- .. ...-..... 4' '"-... 1 1 fr @ h al k t 1 fb c1o ed S a ept woman, and had promised her 6s per week be-nt ....... y: u;a .._._ v_ YP arge y; pnces om I2 per qtl; our market 1s pretty much cleared of th1s desave wars ep our p s.ce o USJ,DeSS. s on atur distlllCt, althouglr so nearly alhed m appearance, habits, d r d 1 h 1 tr d h b r d d li d t d'a. t f h Sl es her wages. On the night he first met her she 14 10r goo wrappers. e pug a e a s een 1a1r cnpuo, n aow, stocks consisting almost altogether of ay; an ave en tueren sectiOns o t e and (o0 d. There are several parasdea, and ono: in pa h The dem and for damaged bnght plug smokmg ts good assorted parcels w1ll hardly hold out uatd tlie new tocountry, who draw on us at stght and three or SIX days ticular, that is very useful in destroymg the potato and stayed with im at_ his lodgin1s at Bukenhead. The at 35@40. There is some call for the old style of six bacco comes in. Recortes and Picadura -Unchanged after s tght: Can the holder of such 11 draft, e1thel\mertobacco worm. It-ts a mmute, fly, prosecutor satd he was very sorry to have to acknowl twist smoking, and this ts created by the and are respectively held at 11@II* .and per chant or bank, have the same legallv on Sat-gtster (()ngrega/Q) whtch depos1ts 1tseggs in the cat-edge that whaf the gul had said, about the occas1on at scarcity of damaged bnght, generally offered freely at qtl. urday, and 1s he justified in so domg, even if be 1s aware aqd eventually k1 lls 1 t The eggs of this parawas He was a reformed character, thiS aeason of the year. Old Pa. dgars are in good de-C1gars.-The demand as is generally the case towards of the fact of our closing on Saturday> By answermg site fo the number of 'one hu.ndred or more are dean cohu h 0 he had done. God had for mlu.d. The tobacco trade m this c1ty IS raJ:: idly ad-the close Qf the season, has lost <oge ;her the imp-'" t e above you Will much obhge, Old Subscrtbers pos;ted m the back and s 1 des of the caterpillar,' 1n small or fV: at e hone. In answer to the mag vancmg m importance One of die latest !mprovetuousity which so long made tt so difficult a matter to Reply -It seems not to be generally understood that, unctures made by the ov 1 pos1tor o1 the tly. The larvre ; s _e, e P lsoner sat Er meamng was that the d ments IS the change of Messrs. R. & W. Jenkmson of fill orders, however brands bearing J1:0od names conaccording to the best authorities th1s subject, '4No hatched feed upon the fatty substance and when httt i ours dunng the whole of her Alleghany City, to the1r large factory and salesroom, tinue in good request, and the most popular ones among acceptance can be reqUired of a drawee on any day fully grown a hvle in the skm, and maggot 287 Liberty Street, Pittsburgh, new factory 1s a them bold sull mote orders than they c,an fill for the wh1ch IS set apart by_ the laws or observances, or usages spins tor itself a small wh1te oval .cocoon, one Pnd of able person fo; the Prestdenc b li!Odel of completeness and .::onventence for the productime be1ng. Buyers for England appear to hold out of the country for religious or other purposes, or which IS fastened to the skm of the worm, and the catciety 1 Smg 1 Y 1 o acco o-tion uf tobacco. the longest, wh1le those for the Untted States have -are not deemed daysfor the transaction of sc:cu ar busierpi!lar appears as 1 f covered w 1 th small ovaFWb1 te eggs. Advertwements. liUCHMOND, A, Nay 3 -Mr. R. A. M1lls, To-cooled down considerably, and those for Germany have ness. Thus, for exan1ple, no acceptance can be reEtglity-four fltes were obtamed from one caterpillar by bacco Broker, reports: Smce my last repbrt there has Withdrawn entirely from the market some time since qutred, and no presentment f?r acceptance be regularly Say, and F1tch counted one hundred and twenty four been no change in our market worthy of note. Rece1pts The manufacturers who lately affixed to their last pricemade, upufi a Sunday or Chnstmas, or upon any cocoons on another worm, so that theae msects must FINE SEED CIGARS FOR SALE. E. KAFKA, .. 5 Tlllr4Stieet,xand offenngs co11tinue small but w1ll improve n<"t Is we currents a go1d basis, and in some instances very arbit-" by the public authonbes for so}emn fast or destroy a great qumber of worms. The parasite, bowYocit City, 415..., have had an e:i:eellent sn&Qn the past week, the ftrst ary ones, i. e., Villar, makmg 1t 1 a per cent., as pubthanksgtvmg, or upon any _other day whtch 1s a holiday ever, 1 s sa1 d to be destroyed by another hymer::opterous To LET F R O N T OFFIC E o a >4 Floor of ., STREET ir Iisb d Ja h r f th h t t b th J f th d r J' with T OBACCO SAMPLE lWO.Iol ADJOINING. Apply tD SAW: really good one 'lfe have had this year. Pnces are m e Ill our st two 1ssues, ave m .ace o e eavy or se a par Y e re IJ!;IOn o. e rawee 10r re gtous insect (Pte romalus tabacum), whach depos1ts 1ts eggs in YER, WALLACE & c o ..,, tf ,at my quotations. l Below l give tran"Sacttons and confall in gola, relinquished the additional percentage, purposes-such as S:!.turday m the case of the Jews." the cocoons of the microgaster. Another species, form}'7 3l APPLY AT THE PREMISES Black. lugs, common.-----------------to }:. e more common or ero ynegec r satd-to jl:ill the caterptllar o the potatosphmx, and Elack Jugs, mediumtogood, _____ ------to 8 snd can be got m a good many 1nsiances-at some re BAN NOTES NOT PROPliRLY SIGNED. most nrobablv attacks also that of the tobacco-worm m THE ENGLt!IR lhoroogh l y a cq-ate4 wltb. t L TL d f fi A h f th t :.; the tobacco tr;ad e of both thi s couatry aad Great "Bri"tatn, proposing to Black leaf, comm011 to medi11111 .. -----.--.87,. to 973 u::bon o ormer pnces. s t e new crop o e The olio wing is not a liypothetical Washington a s1miliar manner. It is, therefQTe, of great consem Eng l and, wowd uu earay s; ..... th respon9ible for its notes) signed by the c:aslljer, ...then thetr or sides .. as tbtse are the cocoons of a very oouoaot.g theaaae, will be prosecuted t o the cune s te t ent o r the taw. .. 10 to IS of a rather flunsy character, may be worked sooner ; Stolen the bank, the Pres1dent s name then forged useCulmsect, wh1ch, 1f left uq.disturbed, would produce AUERBACH "' MENDERSON :Bright lugs, extra smokers __________ : r8 to 25 however, the goods made frofu it are riot hkely to find and put m cuculat10n? and obhge, Yours truly, G. C: multltudes of tl1es, which would destroy an 1mmense Bright leaf, medium to good fillers ____ -110 to 14 many, amateurs. The French havmg beea 1 W. Rtpzy -The bank would not be !table for such a number of thes mJunous worms. The hornets, and:an Bnght leaf, extra ao'ocl fillers.------_ =---15 to 16 strumental in a measure to make operatives scarce, 1s note. But a case .came up presenfmg a still or.mge-colored wasp, taken by Walsh for a Polrstu, COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-A :t.t:ONTHLY .JOURNAL for l!mol7 llae OOZftiJOIIdbac amou&. l'hla n1e extra: __ -. ___ ___________ So to 90 'Exchange bas expenenced a grea\, downfall m the bered at the Comptrollers office m Washmgton, but not worm, by droppmg a m1xture of "bl ue of the Mahogany wrappers, dark .. -------__ .IJ to 15 course of the last fortmght, brought oo. by some ticned by the President, the space des1gned for such or crude black arsemc, II! to the flower of the ---------! .. 18 10 25" ceedmgs of the. .Is our signature bemg wholly The' probal:tility is that 'Jamestown weed, or stramomum in the evemng, when )(ahogo t exua _______ 27 to 30 money mshtut1on, enJotlng the pnv1lege o. IS$Ulng lh1s 1s a mere careless otnlsston; 1t renders. the; tb,e fiy will come art d msert 1ts lof!g p r oboscis mto the I Jllaj !6.-r. R.""A. Mill'S, Tobacco Brokq_ .mpOda bnk.J!otes (ofwhtch there are DO&e the the bankntg act requmng tlqwer, lip up tbe miXture, and die before de-as follows:-Since my last report there has been a shght dollars m ctrculattOn), and drawmg exchange as signatures, one ofwliiCh must 6e that of the PreSident posltmg its eggs. improvement 111 receipta both in quantity and quality. our money market as well as all branches of legttimate or Vice-President ; the other that of the cashier. If A correspondeQt from Tennessee finds it advaptage There was sold the past week several fine lots of bnght bu6mess are much disturbed m conseque11ce. Our these bills were issued by th'e Yonkers Bank of course ous to cultiVate a few plants of the Jamestown weed !Dn.riabl:y be adhered to. '- BtJTIEI oN fO ceo Ia Auotrla, France, Italy an4 Spain the -co-rcelo 111"""PC'Pbe ol by governm e nt, ander 4lrectloo of Ia Genuay Uu: dDtr on Amero can. l ear tobacco Ia 4 lhalen per ""'!&:"'Ia Be lsi-the k reckoae4 after 4eductlng rs per ceut. for tare. Tbe 40ty Is 11 fraiaco, .. 8 cents gol4, per 100 ldloL (JI!o American po......, bela .. equal to 1117 k1loo ) In R -Ia the 4uty oa leaf-tobacco Ia ""'blew .fP l

' 4 \ I Wew York Comudon Merchaata VlllGillll-TOBACCO AGENCY, :::.1 -EsTABI.ISHED IN 1836, BY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. CONNOLL Y &. CO., COIIIUSSION MERCHANTS IN .THE TOBA.VtJO-LEA.Fi SPENCE; BROTHERS & CO., DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., lii&NUFACTU.RERS OF THE CELEBRATED TOBACCO AMBROSIA, COMMISSIONl ..,tnd Variou8 other BrandiJ oj' MAY 14 BULKLEY MOORE & CO VIRGINIA Tobacco Commission llllerchallta .. Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco,\ 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. I Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobaccos, 52 and 54 EAST '1'BmD S'l'UET, CINCINNATI, o. FRONT STREET, M. J DOHAN, } _...,.. ... { THes. cAiuzoLL, ALEX. FORMAN. olll .,._ .,. ....,. ] NO. T. TAITT. \Vrrespectfully call the attention of the trade to the following Standarrl Brands of Manufac tu red Tobacco : POUNDSI I AND INCH. Wll'IK SA P1 GOLDEN SEAL, GALLEGO, PBE11ll"li lW, MORNING STAR, FOUR AC.E, REDMeRE, 'VINSTON, HENRY CO. TWUI SISTERS, T.t.LLY HO l ROY .C... S'J UVDA.RD, ete. BRICHT AND DARK-4s, 5s, AND ir otiCKS. l"t(IQUE. PEARLL DEW D lOP, _.oROD.NA, PEABODY, CIIAMP,.aNjlil, WATER LILW1 DIABEM, BLACKBatD1 'i&A KING, YACHT CLUB, APROilOs, ea..., tote. TWISTS-I !Z, 9 AND 6 INCH GAME COCK AND HE RY C:O. ROUGH AND READY IN DR't;MS. DOLLY VARDEN, A .l'LAl'll1'J( CABLE, BONA "''DE, ()HAMP.t.GNE, FOUR A<:-.C, .AU -FA1 (', BENSON .. BOIIJrS, GRIDGOf&VS, D1 etoo. J FANCY TOBACC011P LICHT ELDORADO, ESJIEB.L.oDA, PIGJIY, OPI'IMA, L \ RO!U., Bt!FFALO PAll! CAKB, GOI.oDEll hODS, GOLD ea...' And a large assortlt!ent of other brands in 11 and inch Dark and .dri g ht, t. !, 45, ss, 10s. Double Th1cks and Fancy '!"obaco, to whtch we mv !te the attent' on ol the trade. :00 WNE e& FRITH, 7 BURLING BLIP, NEW YORK, Commission Me:.cltants d Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated BJ:ands of Smoking Tobacco: BoDey Bee, Barly Dew, Pndrte Bio.80111, Red River, Powhattan, 11ntetprtee, Old Keutacik, 014 Los CabiD, Cow 8Up, Plallten' Choice Pio-of the WMt,-Bwmy lilouth, Our Brand, BoDey Dew.. Aho Solo A gout. fbr the United lllatoe fbr 1 P. HAWKINS 1r CO.B OOLD FLAKE. J. MCJ. BENSEL & CO.,, VETTERLEIN ct BOCK. 10 DEI'EYS'I'EB STUE'l', TOBACCO SUB-LEA COMMISSION MERCHANTS ltorele provided In FirltCiua Wareh0118es, ..Dtrtificatea iasued and Cues delivered 6 Cedar Street, New:York.l smgly or fn lota. P. O, BOX 4198. rosAaco IVO.azcs. fie -DEVON.r 1 ba account of the numerou.!l makes and .quatiUes of Smolda Tobacco onde r the brand u DURHA.M" II bce08ed using the brand." ROANOKE DURHAM,"" &Dd will, in futUr. put up b t o Brand of x;,e,..c::>D. uco H .JONES, Formerlyof an4 Succtuor to J'. P. lrawkfzla a; eo. i, -. JUOBEY & BOIOF ACE, Sole 86 FRONT ST. NEW YOBI{ CITY,. Blakem,ore, Mayo a. Co.; JOIKPH r CLVIN, C:HAI. &. =,,. TOBAC AND COTTON :1'. Q'VDI A Oo cOMMISSION MERCHANTS, 41 BHOAD ST., No. 39 Broad Street, Jieu BY TBB BATCH LITBOGBAPBHl COMPANY, I LITHOGR.A.PHERS, D & 34 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, -. AT GRE.A.TLY REDUCED PRICES. I F. W. TATGUBOBST, THOMAS IIIIICUTT, T 0 B A C C 0 K:eatc:ky aad Virginia &DIIAL IIHCHAIT. Tobacco 68 ._ROAD S'PREET, llo. SSI Broad Street, NEW YORK. NEW YORJ&. .. GEltAlU>, BETTS &. CO.,. -CUTHRIE a, CO., 2 .11 'J! BO:NT Sr:IU&:Ilr, OKKISSION DRCRANTS, GENERAL. AUCTIONEERS. AlOD 'l'OB.&OOO PBBIIGIR81 -Te-preNe4 !11 balee ft>r the"Weo!Indl .. ,.... and C""tnll American Porto, &Dd other marketo. Am) Commission Merchant!!, ?'OLD SLIP. TOBACCO PACXED "i HOGS !<. NEW YORK, AI_ Alllil1 COMMISSION DRC:EA.NT, And Leaf Tobacco Dealer, liD. 168 PEARL STREET, lEW YORK, lla'VIUia'bacao Allo, C01'118r Thirteenth and Clq Streets, CQG....._, r RICIDIOXD, Va., llolloita OoD.IIIIifiUD8nt. tor the Houe. ... 1B. Jluouro J.u. G ....... I Being located at the GREAT LEAF MARKET for .CUTTING ToBACCo, our facilities for 5\lpplying the 'fRADB with ALL GRADES OF 1 FINE-CUT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. E s _cBRODER a BONJ_ 178 WATER NEW YORK,' IUOiti'UII Olr RA.IBII AND Packers of Dom_estlc Leal Tobacco. WEISS, ELLER & KA.EPPEL, IMPORTERS OF JfND DEALERS IN JIA. VAN.&. TOBACCOS, D M. 118HT & CO. Comsioa 3. Broad Sb'eet, ALEXANDER MAITLAND, 1 L. F. S .MACLEHOSE. 11. MAITLAND & TOBACCO AND FACTORS, GE'NERAL CO!IISSION MERCHANTS, 43 BB.OAD ST., II. Y. A dvancements made on consign m e nts toW. A. & G. MAXWELL & CO., J.IYERPOOL. G: W. HilLMAN &co-:, GOMIISSION MERCHANTS I r.r MANDFA,CTURID-"k ... '-""-=ob& for the Tollowin[ Well-known Vir[iniaJlannfactnrers: .J. B. PACE., YARBROUCH It SON-S, I I .J. H. CRANT & CO. .JOHN ENDERS, ; TURPIN & BROTHER, D. B. TE/IINANT & CO. L. H. FRAYSER It CO. B. W. OLIVER, H. CREANER, .CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSON, THOMAS HARDCROYE, .J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND It JONES, RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNiE. & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON & CO. .J. P. WI-LLIAMSON, L LOTTIER. Sole Agents in N e w Ya"rk for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pocket Pieces Also Agents for-John W. Carroll's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos, T-one.Jack a Brown Dlck,etc" KREIELBERG & CO., x6o PE..uu. ST., New YoRK. J. D. KBEIELBERG & CO., BALTIMORE, MD. IREIELBEIUI, SCHIEFER I CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. CIIDIIIIII DIUTS. M. B. LEVIN, IIPDBTill OJ H!VAil In d ark work to our Thistle" Brand, so widely known in parts of our And Dealer in all ldnaa of Country for i ts beauty of WOI kmanship, delicacy of chew, etc., we would invite tae %. ::z A r T 0 :a A c c 0. attentioa of Jobbers; always on hand in lbs,, half't bs ., threes, pocket pieces, etc. 162 PEARL ST.," NEW YORK. -------------------& HELME, RAIL ROAD MILLS CHAS. F. TAG & EO!l, Lmportero oL :SP .4.Nl8H, and Dealen tn llllk!DdJI of LEAF TOBACCO, :1.84 I!'ront Street, DWYOU. &. & litrtllautl, LEAF 179 PEARL ST:&EE':", .ac-P1M GR4 Cl4 Ill" Lo&l Tct.&GQct, :l.flfl JY ...tTBJl BTBBBT New York D. J. GARTH, SON & CO., t..DOUII...._ to CHARLES B. FALLBNsutN & Co.,) STROHM A REITZENSTEJK, SPJICJR JJOS. [ & CO Commission :Merchants, C9m.0:SSION KEB.CRANTS, NO. 44 BROAD ST., D 0 ME s T 1 c Dealers iR NEw YORK Fo:am:G'XT'O'" Tobacco 178 Front Street, N.Y. lfo. 76 Maiden Lane NEW YORK. T. II. ll'.&NCE&. C C. SPUCEK. A.. SPENCE& 1'73 Wter St., 173 Wter St., I .... LA N, Y, I. CAR!LIS, N.Y. J.U.e URILL.A.BD, IJfORm OF JU Y ANA CIGARS, ftllldCCO r I H. CLARK & BRO., i Fa1)8l':Oigar &nd Tobaoco Bas. -Pemberton & Penn, "l'OBACCO .MER.CHANTS, a /q,z ;, tlze oNsiness, "-" 1/uir 1ervis It! jiU orders fw .lMif-tlft1/aduretl To!Jao, DANVILLE, VA. DBAI..'fi'RS Ill TOBA.COO No. 191 PEARL New York. f .. JOJm .ft sd!!>_,"'&,........... uou DEALER II DDIESTIC CJ&ARS, RO. TTERDAM, .. LEA. FA'"T"o":ioA. ceo. oaCoamiooioalll

.... y 14 MANUFAq'l!llUtR OJ' CIGAR BOIES, I SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAB WOOD. ALSO, DEALER IN 1198, :296 lc 297 Monroe St., NEW YORK. Wlll .AG:NBW cit 80118, tobacco and Commissio11 884 and. IMI6 Froa111!!Jt.,..._ NEW YO :&AVa ON SALII Leal Tobacco for Export Bid Bolli. Ia Leaf Tob&ooo baled in Bll1 packap b,r Jvdac lc pre88 for export. II LA FEBME." f. IDLLlNGTON & EODIBYEI, 48 BROAD STREET, AND : 48 lfEW STREET, SOLE AGENTS FOR .-La Ferme RlUIBiBJ DAVWSOI li.O'J'BIIUI, an, LSEED -LBAF TOBACCO, l-IS Water Street, Neu Ma i den Lane, NEW YORK. Chas, T. Sevmour 1>f IIA.v.lNA And Dealer in 189 Pearl street, New York ..... --P A.LMER & SCOVILLE, II'IHB'fBRS OF AND .JOBBE-RS OJ' ALL J[!NDS CJJ1 LEAF ; TOBACCO, i No. 170' Water Street, New. York. L. PALMER -A H SCOVILiJI, Connecticut packing !Jj JOSEPH SCHEIDER, DEALER I N LEAF 213 PEARL STREET, ltTE'W FO.R.B'. lU;BilL\NN BATJER & BRO., .A.BD IIIPOB.TEB.S OF CLAY PIPES, WATER-STREE't NEW-YORL ILOBENSTEIN' & GANS, IMPORTERS OF l CIGAR MOULDS, P :RliJS S:ES, STRAPS,AND, 101 KAIDEN LANE, NEW YOmt e FOX, DILLS & 00., SUCCESSO RS TO EOOERT, DILLS AND OOllPANY. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. I75'WATER STREET, NEw YoRK. MARr.l'lN & JOHNSON, 16' 6 WATER STR.EET, Betw-een Maldeu Laae anti BarliDtr Slip, :N EJ w vomr.. Tobacco Commission :Merchants, FOR. THE SALE OF ALL '1'HE STANDARD BRANDS OF VIRGINIA 8t. NORTH CAROLINA MAIUP ACTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS Agents for the following well-known Virginu\ and N. Carolina, Manufacturer s : ROBERT W OLIVER, Richmond, Va. 1 W J1VCFIELD. & LAWSON, R ichmond, Va. D C KAV.O & CO. Riohmond, Va. WO.l'iAl!: K & ING RAM, Meadsville, Va. W J. GENTRY & CO. Richmond, Va. W D V K E, D u (ham, N.C. ., MAYO & KWIGHT Rlc htnoGd, Va R. T. FAUCETT, Durlla!Q' N C. HARDGROVE, POLLARD & CC>., Richmond, Va. COOPEil & WILLIAMS Ox tord, N C The special attention of the Trade is called to the followi ng established Brands : IIIANUFACI'URED IU.NUFACTpRE]) Virginia Beauties, P. P .'s whole and" Caddiea: Old Ned' s Choice, V irginia Beauties, 3 s ,.A, and 14! D. C Mayo c!r Oo., NaYy lba.._ Fanaer'e Daughter, 3S, 41, and ,tta D. C .l4ayo&Co., Navy, X s, and Jis, P. P in whole, Sallie Willie, 2 uul3 Plq Twiat. "' and Jt caddies. Sallie D. C & Co.,_ 3 s 45, and zos Invlflctble, FJI W. J Gentry & Co. Navy, "'s J(s, .P. P"s. Oriental, Fig, lu tin f'oll, U lb. hoses, fancy. and 1ong to's. Char m 6-inch Twist, in tin f oU, Jt caddie.. Mayo& KnfP,t, Navy, )is, P. P s. 'f long sos.. Cllarmer, 6 aed n -inch twist. d v lb Luscioua Weed, liJnch plu.J. SMOKIIIG, in bags of u, "' .!t(s,,aa s s. Ohas. Henry, Jr., 9-inch li1ht preaoed.. Gold Bog. V>rg10ia s Choice. Ambrosia, lbs. Gold lledal. bioo. lbs. .. OUve ; ( Rose. Old Ke:n.tack lbs. C aeyqne. Star. Reward of Industry, lbs.. Oliv er's Choice. Virginia Belle. Pride of the Nation, lbs. Nugget. Pioneer. FeaU.entoae' s Crack Shot, lb.. Reward of Industry. l:JUk" Bc k Sea, .. P. P's. Owen's-nurham. Pride of the Notion Harvest Queen. J( s, }S's, P Fs. Duke' s-t>urh a m Dandy Lion. Farmer'& Choice, X s, ))s, P. P's. F a u cett' s Particular attention given to putting up special brands for SOLE use of owners. T. H. JIESSENGElt & co., IIP'OB.TEBS AND DEALERS 1N EA'F TOBACCO, CICA2tS, ..A.n.d. :U:a::n. "U.fao't'' &-u.ppl.:l.ea. PASTE L'ICORICE, I TONQ.lJA BEANS, I SEALING WAX, roWDERED LIOORICE, EXCELSIOR KNIVES, FLAVORING EXTRACT j_ J 6 1 MAIDEN LANE. CIGAR MOULD & STRAPS. ,.JJ.. &: :r B .R 0 IV ltT I ., .< ,'MANUFACTURERS. OF Ci' Cutters'& all otller lacbinery for M:annfaotnrinl Cigars; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. 57, 59, & 61, Lewis St., bet. Delancy & Rivington, W NE'W YORK. e MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR. BO.XBS, AND IMPORTER OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, CiiarMould Presses, Straps Cutters, 263 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. tt M. W. MENDEL & BR'O. BROS., SCHMITT & .STEINECKEr I & Leaf Tobacco, Afts9 \ JULIAN f;. -! SeedLeaf a.nd Ha11Pa TO::B.A.OOO ;r: -.,--;':!! 190 .f?=!AFL STREE'l',--'7 s N .york. J 62 Water St., New York. 172 WATER STREET; KAOFIAilf BRos._ & BOlfDY J_. SCH-MITT_. _R. s_TEINE-CKE. A. a co., Leaf TObacco. S E. SPINGARN & .CO., Commission )rrerchants, Ol"COt;nf;t2Yf1!: MANUFACTURERS OF FINE HAVANA&'tiofEs'T"Ic.TOBACCO LEAF ... T0i3Acco! '51 milK Kew "2'ork. Wra.ppers and Fillers. No. 6 BURL'tNC SLIP, NEA R W A T E RS TREET, 197 D111o11Ntreet, H. COLELL, B.L.US.IIB'I EUOEN '.)U BOIS, ... 112 water ...... York. J. L. GSSJDIIII &; ao., Commissson ,. MerohaDt ...... ... ..... ,. .. ...,.,. ..... "' t wew-Yort. .. ....... ..l,. Olav manura..turera :D&rtioul&rly favored. BEAD. & Co., I'OB '!'JIB S.U.. OJ' .. ----------COMMISSIOlfl MERCHANTS nuraotartd,anciSmra .lli])J)L .. .... .. 'ROBERTE.,kELLY aco., AQllflKTSSION MERCHANT'-" 8 ""001 .,,._ \._ 3i UAVD STII!:T, NIW YOIE, u .1llliU. c 0 '""' & !PORTERS Oil' Dealers in all kinds of SUCCESSORS TO IsAAC READ, Anti Dealers in Virginia and Weslem Leaf and Manufactured TobatctJ1 L icorice, Gum, etc., No. reo Water Street, New York. HAV!JA CI&AJIS AJD HAVAJA LIAf LEAF TOBACCO FELIX MIRANDA, LDBJoranl&o. A BENRIJ/I.A.OBIIIWJIO. And Sole Agents for the Brand 1e Old Slip, Jl'ew "2'ork. IMPORTER OF SUPERIOR DlJOSUIARIA VICHDT BlVAR.& LEAF-'--=K E Y wEsT FLORIDA. :i7 WA.'l'D sT., nw Yon 'I 'I' AND OJ' THE BRAND OF .lllD D ALL IIDIII8 1 -W &lATER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE. 1 LE & to TOB.A.OOO, TlDl .ANOHOB, 1 CIGA.B, FAC'l'OltY, w. J HOODLKS&, G C. L. DEGKNHARDT. CICAR8 RITICA," A. OF l:lN. LEINKAUF A POLUK, w I J. HOODLESS co.' 'V' A Pearl St. New York. lltoTOOII ...... IIIDdlot:LKU'fOBJ.OOOforD:POit'l MANIJFACTUUU OF ; NATIONAL -DOYFJJnC LEAF ToBAcco. .. ._" !'ina Cigars, TOBAcCo INSPECTION, 203 PEARL STREET, -STREET, 17 19 11 IU 116 Whitehall Street AliD OJ' .. !oi:::.,Uifr NEW YOR.K. I ' -f -,-I NEW YOJUt CITY. Commission Merchants, .. J!"oot ot'B......twa,-, JD:W YORK. -lfo.43BeaYW St.,!fewTerk.., WILLIAN WI Ill IMPORTERS OF D 0 M EST I c 'HAVANA TOBACCO ill HEYMAN & LOWENSTEIN L f y b WJ.D8 :m SEED Wr : coDisSioN mCHANTS, e a o a c co llo. 121 JIAmEJr LAKE, ANDDEALE&SIN NEWYORK. LEAF.TOBACCO Waier Street, NEW Y.ORK. 99 Jrlaiden Lane, N.Y. A. H. CARDOZO & CO., CARL UPIIANN, L. CERSHEL & BRO., TOBACCO c WholeaaleDealeninna ....... aodDomeettc Tobacco&Cottoo Factors. AND SJ!IQ-AR.B, m HIIUJ. COJJISUOJ IJUJAJT, Also all Xinda of Leaf Tobaooo, General Jlerchanta. 188 PEAlU. S'rltD'l', No. 86 M..4IDEN LANE, P. o. :a.z 1969. NE'W Yon:m. L. ............. t NEW YCftL l e ... Q:L.'{ SI.OB' S.A.LOBOll', Importer of IUUl Dealer bt. Leaf Tobacco ANI) SEGARS, We. 1ft Pearl Street, NEWYORJi. A l"OUll&. J D YUIIbltt. F. w. SMYTHE 1 R. A. YOUNC lc BRO., GeHral V.alsdoa Merebants, --Commission Merchant, soncltontenrorpurcllaeeor ., Colt. 1 1nd To,ooo. 80 oB-TH.:J"OD -BTBD'f, ln ... alatr411o.Ua. Io. 4 (!ROlf l'ROlfr BUILD!l{G, 8J1camore 8_trUJt, a [Box481.) PIKerllltU'rS. Va. No. 123 Pearl Str-t, New York ._,B. C.JIDOSO. -s. SEI.I.JNG'S SONS,J Packers and Dealen in Seed-Leaf&. Havana. Tobacco: .6lao. Wholesale Dealer iD WINES AND LIQUORS, 199 STBEE'I", N .EW YORK. ( E;, JESUP, TOBACCO BBODB, r. ... -. Kentucky. ., J. C OIUJIIII'Illl IIOMCI'I'BD. 0 ... WM. WICKB Cl Oo.ll MANUFACTURERS OF t Segar Boxes, 16'7, lU'& 111 GOEJI.O][ BT, REW YOIUL Bul Malma'. ana Sujeri,r Malle 61 &If. @ Invented and Patmtetl MMAinery. f :;;;..oo E. PASCUAL BROTHEB. & (;o. ... COKIIISSlO-N DBCIIAN'l'S ANll DlPOI'l'DS 0!' r .. Havana LE.A.F,.TOBAC.CO ,. 148 WATBB ln:W "2'0B.B. P. 0. BOX 3925 <.1 PRICE LIST OF CLEAR BAV Ill CIGARS OJ' "'l'BE VIOHOT .t; 00. OXGAB ,IU.JIUI'.&.OT11&1NG OOJriPAn," :tWo. i6 PnrE STREET, NEW YORK. Eii'U.peri.or :J:)e J'oe' :W.:a.rt.a 'V':leh.O't: ReiD& Vidoria, -tl30 Loodru, cle Corteo CU'cl_, Re1naFbaa, 85 Vonehaa, exua, 80 Re.alla BrHaolea, 12 Coaehao, -75 Besalla l.oacl ... a,- -125 C-eht&ao1 60 Regalia Chlea, 90 Pane tela-'70 Zarzuelaa. 100 Flor de Penadoa, .. 70 elllr&, 110 UperaoBebaa, 115 Lodft>a, Chteo extra, -60, lataateo, 4.5 eP o. ::E!Io.s. 4.088. R. A :MILLS, TOBACCO BROKER Offlot In Shoclcoe llcL Ohio Leaf; .) BIOIDIOKD, YJ. ---BALTIMORE. l ., MADDUX BROTHERS,, 171 Pearl Cor. Pine, If. Y. P, o. BOX 4902. MA:NUFACTURERS DEALERS IN .. Lewl Maddu x, Lookout 1Jouaders, N a vy Pou nds, L ewU Madd ux, L ookout Nav.r P ounds .. H C .. Madchl-,. N a y Half P ounds (20 ib. t:addl .... Lewla L ookout Nav:r. H alf P ounds H C. Mad.dux, N av y Half P ounds ts lb. caddies}, L e wlo Malladdu x, N .. 7 PO
    ad. A c count s aruj Correpond e n c e o f M erc h anl,s, B a nks, ctoo solicitvd. O. H. SCHREINER. Cashier. EMIL SAUER, Pres'te WliL P JiiTTimJJVE. E. C WHEEtbe'C. WM. P. KITTREDGE & Co., TOBACCO COIMISSIOI MEBCBANTS,1 -Agents for the Fopula.r Bra.nds of Virginia Tobacco, 71 & 73 FR,ONT ST., NEW YORK. C'> CHAS._E. SPIEB. & CO., .,_, SOLE AGENTS FOR UNITED STATES AND CANADA&, -OF OSENBB.UOK & CO'S. MOULDS; 7 I JOHN.'STREET, NEW YORK. e WEIBLE & ROBINSON'S PATENT SMOOTH CROSS-CUT CIRCULAR SAW, This Saw cuts any kind of Wood as smooth as PlaMd, antQ saves Time and Labor; parlic-u/arly useful for CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTURERS. For Saw and Shop Right apply C. B. LICHTIINBERC, Detroit, Mich or at my office w a x8g PEARL STREET, NEW YOBJ? { ;M. SALOMON, E. S4LOMo'N .. M. a B. SALiiOlYIOl\1', __ <-PACKERS OF SEED LEAF9 AND IMPORTERS OF Havana Tobacco &I\d 85 MAIDEN LI\NE, N. Y. A. BEN & CO., .U %.iberty S.t. 85 S. Water St --. In Cateo of so and 100 lbo. The onp
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    -8telmtzt, Smltli :S.O. a .. MAl-.. .u.r, J1D111e .., Malt ...,.,..._ .,_., .D.r ... aa RACE. 8TR T, PHILAD.LPHIA.. STEWART MARKS, RALPH lc. CO., Manufacturers of Ralph's )Scotch Snuff, AND CIGARS, N"o. 11G aer Stcwut, J-eol'. Marks, Alexaader Ralph, John W. W..OO.ide, Samuel A. Hendrick>ou. TEI,J,ER -BROS., Packers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Deal81'S in ..... eipand Dom.estio Leaf' Tobacco,. 117 North Third iladelphia. .J DllA.LEBI5 Jl{ 1 L E A F T O :S:A..1r0 C 0,. ;.And Manufacturers of aJI Orades of Cij!t:f,. mo. 3..11'. Water St.,. Phnaaelp Pa. GAB.B.E'l"l' (hcceaaora to Woo4ward, lro. .t Co.,) ; 'l'O:B&CCO 1ULd Gaeral COKXDISIOl'l Xl!JWBUTB, 88North 'Wa')r Sl:. and 33 NorthDelawaro Avenue. Phlla. ,. ft.' SOLE EASTERN AGENTS FOR 11.:8olltrook, Jr' Celebrated MONITOR" NaY)', lbs.and;ds. ; also his GoldeDIIaonet",FIJingTnp GaUant and Uaion Jack Navies, lb.,. and 3ds. brook 'a Celebrated-Henrietta." Navy, lbs. and 3ds. t Atlantic Golden Navy, lbs. and 3ds. 1 also, his Bri&ht Pounds, Pina :Apple Sweet Cav.,. 1 s and .Pocket Pieces, Alleghany Navy. 'IL.' .. Pride of the Valley," Brt. s's and .. _Golden Flab. (light pre 1 J'. r & va.'8 Superior R.ou.-b. and Ready Twl.Sts. 6and um .. t. OKI Q TOBACCOS.-Z. ... & Co.' "Pride of Darham." :r ...... & ao... .. Qol4 l.c:aF aaL\s'iio'XiNG 'l'oucco, COMMisslolT JliiRCH lllltlS 8 7 GAY STREET, Smak81's' :Artiel6s and lmD. Haraua Cigars 11 ll.IH UL'l'IXOU. KD., sourmsrcaliFJnHuowauursrs., 63 lid. CINCINNATI. O.UXO. WE authorize SIGHT DRAFT for amount ofT AX, T 0 B A C C 0 MORRIS .f_ REID, with BILL OF LADING attached to Draft, and Will ut. OHIO. TOBACCO FAc-TORS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 0 South Charles St.l Pratt Baltim.ore, Md.. KROHN, FEISS A CO., ... MANUFACTURERS OF &3 West Street, -t CINCIN.NATI, OHIO. Jiartford. WaLBS. I. B. ILU& C. WELLE& & CO., ......... OONN. SEED TC:::.::&A.CJCJC:::.. 154 State Street, lf.UIT ...... WNW._ C.aaectteut Seed-Leaf TOBA.C1CO, JB Markei Street, Hartford, Cenn. COIDIISSIOI .loDd DMler ID CIIIICTICUT I(JI LEAF Tobacco, sw. Hartford; Conn. A. L. &: F. SISSOll. Packers and Dealers in .. OJ)NNEOTIOUT SEED fAF -roBAOCO, 1 No. I 84 MAIN STREE_T,. Uf'Jaa Hartford, Conn: !'!. WOODWORTH & STRONC:1 Dealers In lEAF TOBACCO, make further CASH advances on receipt of Tob-:co: CODISSION URCHANTS. 1 L 'A F T 0 1 A c 0 E. E. MoDOWEEL & CO., L. W. GarnMJI.Watts.Jameaw.woho! BROKERS, EAST BAC8 m GOAL CODISSION IIRCBOTS, : c 0 T, G. ;e:t 0. WEI:m!!!!s : co., G 39 North Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. 9 LOMBARD STREET,. coJJSSJ0ll P.AatmlANDBRALu .. Agents for t11e sale of all kinds of Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos. a lJl 11 .1!1 Wll1lJl, HENRY MEY PiDC 0 !gars, : FINE CONNEOTJClJT SEED-LEAr lEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in AND lLANUFACT'D'ltED TOBACCO NO. NORTH T,HIIID STREET,, PHILADELPHIA. A asscirtment of all kinds of LEAF ToBAcco constantl on hand. M. ANATHAN& CO., WHOLESALE IN CEAF TOBACCO .AND CICARS, s;aao :NOB.TEJ: zoe Em. .. Pa. W. EISENLOH & co., PACKERS WHOLESALE DEALER.i? IN LEAP TOBAJ:CO, -I I & SOUTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. W. EISEIILOHR. -"s. W. ClARK. PHILBOIIII. IJDeral advancemeuto made ou coualiDJDents to m7 ..., 61 Ezohaace Place, COMMISSION MERCHANT, And Wholesale Dealers in addre90o BA-l. TIMORE, MO. And Wbole&ale Dealer iu B. F. P.AlU.E'rl 6:: 00., OHIO & CONNECTlCUT LEAF TOBACCO, "' .. G. H. BOLEN IUS .,, 134 Main .st., Oincinna.ti, o. .AJMJ,aoTuup LIIAI' "'o oaIICII LEAF TOB.A ceo, DEALERS JN "' ALIIO pwtiiiiJI J@. 01' IIAIDL .Seed Lea.f .and H&7ana. TOBACCOS. a&l;ftll-... N. W. C4rnu Clulr(u atul Pratt Sis., ., SAL TIMORE, MD1 co,, AND DEALERS IN LEAF TO"BACCO, 42 South Charles Street, BAl. TIMORE, MO. AND Seed Leaf' Tobacco 1'8 GER.JIAIT RTR.EET, Between Galvert and D,iht8treet81 BALTDIO:a.E, li!ID. 48 :Front St., Cinoi.nnati,: 0, A. WEiSE, PACKIR OF SUD LIAF, AND WHOLESALE I(EALR IN Havana 193EastLAKE &T. CHICACO. S. "N. VENABJ:E. J. W. CARROLL, &le Mau:.faCl.W'Or of tho Fanwu and Wodd, Branda of Virginia LOA JACK and B-ROWN DICK. '12th Scr&.H. LYNCHBURG, V .A R. P. HAM!_LTON. 6 J. RINALDO SANK & CO., and Cnmsionlercllants, DOHAN. & TAITT, RICARD8 LEFTWICH & CO., KORTH WATER STREET, AND 10 N. DELAWARE AVENUE, PHII.ADf4-PHIA, V. 8 Bl'O:Il'l' WAIDOtrSE, Ho. 1. 1 Commission Merchaob,-i 0 a A c r o R s 107 ARCH STREET, 89 EXCHANGE PLACE, PBILA.DELPBIA. BJ\, .fll(O_BE. 0 .it..i.luwois&CO:; .. H. smDUDT, : .Commission Merchants in LEAF TOBACCO n _w:r tOR&CCD m ciGJBS. 'YV llo. 33 :lortJa, 'Water at., l':b!Wph:ia. A1H t9D lilt ot'Cllpft, n ec.n.t -4 llmold&tJ Tobaee .. Acente IDl'ezma71vaD!&aDd Delaware for the 1581 SOUTH SI!COND STREET, -WIGHT & STEVENS, Com.m.issioa Jobbers of SPANISH -4nd Packers .of' DomediC :t;eaf' Tobacco liB' aichigail.&veaue.. ChicagO. M H. OuntJ>er, Joho D. C. SteYensoa '' .::..;. GUNTHER! & STEVENSOI, to Loula Gunther, J I TOBACCO, DANBURY, H. SMITH & 00.1 COIRJiixswu and J obbem o> CONNICTICUT LIAF T08ACOO :
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    I' I,UY 14 I! HE TOBACCO-LEAF ,.. Tllf: LAST WEED. master is just suitei to the coarse taste of the wil ---.--Anatolian, who requires something that will bite h1s [From Hints Ill Fresk111en in tile University,, Oxford," t 1847] -SeeinJ that each man smokes only out of his own: Ant-" Tke Last Rose of pipe it lS not surprising that this instrument is an in' Tis the last weed of Hudson's dispensable accompanilnent of every periOD of rank. Left lying alone: Men of the higher classe5 keep two or three servants All his dark-brown Regalias to attend to their pipes. While one looks after thiDp Are vamshed and gone. at hon.e, the other has to accompllly his master Ul No dgar of its color, his walks and rides. Th& long stem is oa such OC No" Lope!l, is mine, cas. ions packed in a finely embroidered elMh cover, To deligh t with its perfti:ne while the bowl, tobacco, and o tlae r accessories are carried by the servant in a at his side. A And fragrance divine. stranger in Constantinople will often regard with curil 'll not leav e thee, thou lone one osity sumrise a proud Osmanli oli foot or horseI'll ring for a light; i lw:k, followed by an attendant who, through the long Thy companions a re ashesinstrument which he carries, "'aives L'Il smoke thee to-night. one the idea that he is a weapon bearer of some heroic Thy halo and ir.cense period following his lord to some dangerous rendezvous. Shall rise my head, Soare the times aftered. What the arm or bearer was I sigh for the beauties for the warlike races of old, such is the tchibukdi for All scentle ss and dead. their degener ate descendants. Ancf soon-may I follow To smoke from sixty to eighty pipes a day is by Those love.d one s' decay; means UQ.CQmmon ; for, whatever be the business, no from each temp ting bundle matter how serious, in wh1ch the Turk is engaged, They've faded away. he must smq e at it. In the divan, where the gran\ V hen Regalia s are smoked out, dees of the empire consult together on the mos '1 <1\.nd are blown, tlelicate affairs of state, the was once mooted whether the tchbukdis should Iiot be exclude d from Oh! ho would still linger, such debates as were of a private nature. Ciglrless, alone ) There was a great diversity of opinion on the sub-AD TOBACGO.....F .fi.Ollll THE ject. Palates and reason were on o_2posite sides. At ADRIATIC TO CHINA. last it was decided that they woqld not disgrace an BY ARMINIUS VAMBERY, PROFESSOR OF OAIENTAL LA.N ancient. national il&age, but would allow the harmless GUAGES IN THE UNIVERSITY OF' PESTH. attendants to enter .the COUnCil-room every DOW and. ---. then to cliange the pipes. Of course they 'made a gre a t B, .A.1>oD DF:.A.LER.Y IY 76 PARK PLAC., NEW YORK. TOBACCO SHINKLE & Manufacturers of CHOICE PLUG AND PINE CUT TOBACCOS. ll9 121 AND 123 WEST FiONT STREET, cmcmNATI 0.-0UR BBAJIDS :' PLUG-" Regal," Bright lbs .. "Top-Knot," Bright lbs. 11/GDiat.a; :Pria-ht NayY. .... "Juniata," ffi1ght Quarters. FINE CUT-"Seneca." 41Am3zon." "Prairie King!' 'W. DOHRJIANN, EMIL POERSTEL [& CO., LllF TOBACCO BROKER Mauulacture.:S of 'J 'F I s N. E. Cor. V'me and Front. StrHta., .t; Smoking Tobaccos, Buu&, Pipes, kc. Agents for John Charter's Patent Cigar Moulds. CINCINNATI, 0. Manufactory Cor. 1st .Ave& Wood St &tlein'oom 231 Fifth .Ave., PITTSBURGH, P A. M. K, Ooynyn1:lo:n. :JWJ:erch.a.u:ti ---:..;..;.;,.;;;......-,__ ___ For the Sale o f n :L I C 0 :a ICE pASTE AND. R qo T. Pill[, and Leaf Tobacco, LOUIS STR &.SSBB.. THE .. '!!E TRADE 'H! 249 LIBERTY STREET, WholesaleDealerinHAVANAandDOMESTIC In attempting to describe within the of a mistake, and that too not The sly fellows short article pipes and tobacco as they-exist from he _ar manv a secret of stafe w'hile apparently quite ab eastern shores of the Adriatic to the western frontier of sorbed in the delicate-details of their o8ice; liAd spit often the Chinese Em p ire, as they e enjoyed by Tu' rks, happens that, long before the sultan or the o1ficial world Arabs, KurQ.s, Persians, Afgh;lnS, and the tribes of have the leastidea of the decision of tile many Turkistan, I am well aware of the difficulty of the task I important particulars have come to the knowledge of have set myself. Without referring to either the medical several oflhe' lower classes of society. Consequently, or moral aspects of the subje ct, I propose merely, .as a afte the harerq, the tchibukdi is the most certain source traveler, to stat facts which have come under my--own of information foi the dragomans of the European em observation. And there is mu c h :to observe in regard bassies, an-d for newspaper correspondents. I have to smoking s part of the customs and manners of the often seen a Levan tine, who regarded the rest nations o the East, flow great is the difference l1eof the orld in the.Jrulst supercillioiiS llfanaer, beadmg tween the. luxury; of the p_roud Osman"li, With> His and cringing, ru the most submi sive way bef'ore 11 tehi long chibauque ,. and th e' b arbarian rudeness of the""Cend', n order to worm out of him an important aecret, tral Asiatic, as, coarsely imitating the water-pipe,. ,of or tq obta i n a glimpse into s ome important Persia, he' sucks in the intoxicating vapor from a holl o w it is scarcely to observe that the place -oi such made in tile mo jst ground Ho;w ma n ifold a're the a servant is exceedingly lucrative, and simply on grades of materi a l civilization, of materia1 comfort, which account of the-Turk'S excessive passior \ fl).r smalibg; lOOT .AltD '.1.1:1.11 ro:r.r.owm.., or Prrrs:BURo:H, PA LEAF TOBAC 0 .. J. v AOC D. R JO' NES u A. SEI'IJr.IAB.DL '"' A.POLI. n. ,1>1Ucr lllrottTATIONs nox Tv&UY A!ID SPAIN, QuALrrv GUARANTBED, AND voa sALE BY 4'9 VIne Street, J. SCI-fNITZER, 33 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON ; MASS.; or MONITRESS TOBACCO WORKS, B'et. FrontandSecondllta., Cincinnati W & A LEAMAH, No. 67'BROAb-STREET, ..,EW VORl<; 9 a.' No wJTfiooMESTlc fAcT oRIEs. 47, West Street, ).82:t. Dl: ffAIIIII! '1COPIKB&OII SllWF,'' ; II ftU t onl y )>y WEYMAN BB.O.TH_ER MANUFACTORY Seouredhv"LettersPatent,December a6,186S An 'U I on our be proo D. HIRSCH & CO., So7 Bowery aa4 17& Water &1 NEW YOBL ;8ole Proprt.,...ors ot the. following bJ a>om CoJI7rlllht.ed Brande: 'D'Ifti'IA1fCI!l, BL lOPHIB'lXI, JUPITER, 'l'BB .LION, UNIVERSAL GULJ.IVER, > U 'OBSS LEGAL TENDETl, LONB STAR. lOAMII: ROOSTER. 'fHll. PELIC.\1(, i'O'iVER OF FKSHION._ _!!IG THING, TRIJ: GOWMN BAGLB. .u.s8 DEALERS IN LEAF TOB.A.OCQ. J. LIOBTENSTBJN & BROtiiER, MANUFACTURERS OF FIDlB 0IG4R.S, And Ilaa.lera In LEA!:'OJAcco; :Jfos. 34: and BOWERY, NEW YORK. ManalloctlJren or ltAPPEll, CoNGRESS, and SCOTCH SHu .. and: every &rade of Smoking Tobacco.. ..... UCMTIUCS'I'IEIN'. J ... CREBNSP&CHT. WEYMAN & BRO., .,, 8 l 13 SIITHFIELD ST., .PITTSBURG, PA G. C. REA ----CO., H. :S:OLLA.NDER, MANUFACTUI.ERS OF JIIANUFACIUJtU OF IUS TRILlO :TWIST, Fine _Cigars FARMVILLE VA. 125 MAIDEN G&DEB.8 SOLICITED, NEW YORK ... IRTOORR & 8BISBBL, j. H: TYREE,' >lANUFc= o COKKISSIOI' KERCBA.NT-, s, Will give bi oale aad pur-..0 JLCCO, cllaoe of o. llaYn r.u, Kew York. TOBACQQ. g :.&.. IIA.W TCO.R. MOJtRJS GKaSHJI'L. u-"L1beral Advances made O'D. Conslgnm.euts."'U AND BONEY.'' IMPORTERS 9F ., OV:LDS, ::P :a :a: s s :a: a STRAPS & CUTTERS 101 KAitlEN LANE. m:w You LOU'IBVILLI, J:Y. Manufactu,..,.u f all lflnds of PLUG TOBACCO. HIGHLANITrG.EM ToBACCo WoRKs. '\ -. ..... :Esta.lMiahed. .1n ..... J Q-H N I N G E R, F. 0 ''HIGHLAND GEK" Wboleale Dealer in ID..QlijEJl CUT T,IJBICCOS. LEA'!:' TOBA.CC;.,:, a-. ............. ....... ..... U, IN.DJA,Jl4,p0l,.JS, ,IND 39 Wuhington St., IDtiana:polla, ID4. B. F. Fialey, David Fer guson, W. A. Ronald; :fr. W. G.oo. Doll. Finley, J;?CQJ.t & Go., PINB-CUT, CHIWG m SIBDIV; TDBmDS 80, 82 & 84 FIRST STREET, OUISYILLE, KY. r LIQUORICE PASTE. NEW YORK FOR THE OF THE FOLLOWOF LlQUORICE, desire:s t o caution Manufacturers against purporting to be original and genuine brands of imported LIQUORlCE, ndf; of his brands, reboiled in this country, and in somelnstances contaiDing ODO,.DIIDI< PURE AND FLB. AOC PT RR VJI (4,) NF Crown ( B ) They should their orders' to the in New 'torkt wbo is the SoLJ' AG&NT rN TKK UKtTJto STATu.. T.hese Brands b eing registered at Washtngton, counte,rJelts will b e wJaereycr fo"nd, and 1 proceedmgs instituted. I gu.arantee all Liquorice Sen t out, and refer to the following letter, as to the character of the Paste I offer: .l. NEw April a 1S73. ,MR. )AMES New. York: Dear .Sir-We have used over l,OOO Caltll of your tine grades o f Liquorice, and they have beeu uaaforml7 reguJ;u-and of ellCellent quality. Yoars:Very Respectlu!ly, JSagaed1 P. LORIIl.LARD & CO. .JAMES MeANDRE 66 "VVE7a-te:r :N'e"i;;;v' York.. REFERlNG t o the above advertisement, we have appointed Mr. Jamea C. JleAadrew of'NeW'York, oar Es-v..e Agent In the United State for tho oale of -.11 t.lle Braado Llq-rtee heretofore by ua. ( lie between these two extremes The one has reacbea In Turkey pipes and tobacco affom means of distin the highest point of luxurious refinement, the other only guishi g n d t only the different cla-ss'es of the community, aims at aecuri p g the narcoti'!ing effects of his f av orite but even the several graduation s of rank in the same stimulant. class. A mus fr (marshal} woul d find ft aerogatory to But in one point at ieast they are a li ke. Tobacco is his dignit}l to smoke out of a stem 1ess than two for both o them, for -the whole Mohammedan East, no yar!ls in ienkfh. The o.t offic,al of a lower mere superfluous luxury, but a practical necessi.y of rank, would it hlglily unDeco nfi nl( 9n h,is par t life! The pipe plays an equally importaat part in the to u se one which exceeded the proper prop orflom; o Grand Seignior's palace in Stamboul and under the tents his class. A stretches hiS pipe to of the nomad of Turkistan, who has never seen bread, his inferior; the latter .must hold his. arrd who after a morsel of dried horse flesh and a on one allowing the end of the mouthpiece draught of sour kymis, looks upon his pipe as the jource to peep, .Out of his closed fist. pash:i ha!! the of his greatest enjoyment. right to puff out his smoke before him like a steamIt has been questioned by many whether the use of enghfe, while h i s i nferiors are only allowed to Tobacco .Passed over from Europe nto Asia. Consid forth a light curl of smoke, and that mus.t be let off extensively difi'ulied is the practice of smoking batkwatds. -Not to smoke at all in the presence of a in the East, one might be inclined to doubt the (act superior is lleld the most delicate homage which can Neverth fess, I ani of ppiruo that such was the case. be paid him. A son, for instance, acts in this man That during the middle ages tol:iacco was upknown to ner in th_!!. presence of pis father; and only such a the Qriental!J'is clear, from the fact that only the most one is considered to be well brought up who declines modern commentators on the law of Mohammed make to 10moke. even after his father has repeatedly invited any mention of this plant in tbeir treatises on the "Forhim to do so. bidden Enjoyments of Intoxication." To my mind this The fair sex in the East is scarcely less addicted argument acquires additional force from the circumstance w the use, of this weed The girl of twelve years old, that I have found n.o m.emion of. the practice of smoking if she can find an e1 portunity for doing so in secret, in either Tut'kish, Persian, or Tartar literature. And smokes a of the thickness of packthread. yet the poets who sang so copiously and variously of \Yhen she has attained her fourteenth or :fifteenth year, wine, and roses, and music, and the other delights of the and is already marriageable, she is allowed to indulge senses, had assuredly not left tobacco unsung if they had her penchant openly. After this age the diametie of been acquainted with it. It t!lkes a long time before the cigarrette increases year by year; and when a. any thing new becomes completely familiar to the peolady has reached the mature age of twenty four, no one p.le of Asia, and the fancy of their poets occupies itself sees any thing remarkable in her smoking a modest lit exclusively with completely fa!fliliar objects. I consider tie chibouque as sne sits on the lower divan of the ba it an unanswerable argument in favor of the inrem. Elderly matrons-and in Tvrkey, every lady is an troductfon of among these nations, that it has elderly matron in her fortieth _year-are passionately not as )connoisseurs of Stamboul with th_e title of "Aala cloth, but of silk. The habit of refreshing oneself with sections 49 and 5:z of chaptobacco to be carried to :A is warehouse; a1nd if any in Gobek.: -!his sott ?f finely-cut !he a.piP<;on e1evatedspot which a 87, Cocfe of 186o, as spec)Or shall violate this provision, or shall dem and fi-nest sdk, ts m tn mmon both>Sexes. Men can thiS amended by an act passed and receive fQr his services and other or greater fees ef the Setgn!or, m the !aste fancymay but !dies onl]J April :zo, x867, entitled an than are I allowed by law,. he shall be deemed guilty the d1van of the Porte, the C_?U_!ICil tn l'e red spots; fOr, V:'henever a :I_urkJSh fatr one re actfoamendcertainsections of a misdemeanor and for each offence may be fined debate the most Important of the emp1re unear r, 'is expected--to display all h1s expertness. warmt!st room IS a round terrace-li.l{e elevation, called th!.: persons mentioned in I hne often observed, with a mixture of wonder aitd Gobek-tash. Here; are clustered old alfd young, the. said sections. Fo_! all loose t li sepa@te parts of the are put snow white daughters ,of_ the tobacco sold at_ any waret WITH.. ISTO'!-Y--A newsmonger of a cotogeth,pr. th41 grejltest care. bowl, which is beauties of Soudan, ana beguile h\e-" hours 'f!th neverhouse or by inspectors of emporarY:, ard. up for an Item, perpetrates the followadorned with a sort of !tinted i filled some ending gosiip while around them rise the dense fumes e the (allowing while on a little days l>efore, ana kept in a dose tm case: I have oft e n pf their pipes.' Now one of the elders of the partr tells .&lWIOoiOUIIAI,., charges shall be paid ; to a coy m J ear 0
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    THE. TO'BA.CCO 'l'ehacco Tobacco Manufacturers. Licorice. LICORICE CO., PASTE ROOT, SBllil m mn TOBACCOS ( 'Y oo. .., ., Toba.ea& manufacturers and the trade 1n DE LANCEY CLEVELAND, SPECfALTIES BY THOMAS HOYT & CO., MAKUFACTlillERS 01' Fine Cut and \ SMoKING ToBACcos & SNUFF, OUR BRA !IDS CHEWING: tt:JNNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, }(ATIONAL. BRIGHT OWEN, 114 and 116 LIBERTY STREET, Nf!W YORK, Beg to diNCt the attelltloa or the Dealers In Tobacco tbroqhoat the U nlted St&tea and tho ,.. Wodd to their CELEBRI!ED SOlACE FPIECUT whlcla Is 'betnr eoce more mullfactured ander tho IIIUiledlato aupervlaion of tho oclrinator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON," aad DOW standa, u former!,-, without a rift!. Orclers forwarded throup the DOll&! r.haaaela will meet wltlo pro-t attentlooo, 1'. I".I..&CIU, MA.NVJ' ACTURER OJ' ALL G&ADU 01' tint Urtrademarkontheboxe s. -S. JACOBX & CO. o ...... D.ER .d:ESTABROOK, No. 7 Commercial Street, Boston, SOLB WHOLESALE SELLING AGBftS FOR THE "". dNiiiW :zNcx..ANJ:) ST.A.T:ZS. ----"OliN II FLOOD, Saooeuor to G. W. LAJIGHORlfE a: CO., Mauufacturer o f the following Celebrate d Brands of VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS, Jefferson Street, b etween 7th and 8th, LYNCHBURG> VIRGINIA. Bob White in Cloth, Deer Ham, in Cloth, Johnny Reb, in Cloth, Westward Ho! in Cloth, Aunt Sallie's Choice in Cloth, Rustic Belle, in Cloth, Dew Drop, in Cloth Jolly Boy, in Cloth, Old White Hat, And other Choice Grades .EW YORII' D u .... cALPIN & c o uo .... s .es... m ; li6-a7 N:EW-1'-&B.K. .au.. er w, on, AU Branda oi our TobacCO!! in to snit pnrcbi\Sers, FREE OF EXTRA OHARGE. Cl.1,ar Manufacturers TOBACCO :BROKERS .and in the new and popular sty l e of;og es to auit the dilforent m arkets ot" the world I IIRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., ./ i'obacco :Manufactory, D. COLLINS, PRliS'T) 97 Colum.bia Street, NEW YORK,: FIN.E-lOTUBDII ........ CELUil.lYml IJeriiW; Pl"ll" -, ll .. ujf, lln"Jf .Fli>tf Clubs, a...-Ja&aoe.. WtLLlAM aUCHAMA,IJ DAVID C. LYALL. MGHI.ANlJER '1'U.HAU\iu Wu.l(.J{S OHAS.-BONDY ,.,.. FACTORY No.6. Flf'TH DISTRICT. ,....._ ILUm NEW yORK. Genlral Agent for the Eastern e.nll Killdle, Ohio &Dd KichlpD. Leaf Tobacco, -63. :BOWEBY, NEAR CAB;AL!!!; EDWARD SOLXAR. NEW YORK.' v SCHUMACHER & E'rl'LINGER, Practical Lithocrapb.era, TOBACCO BROKER, otic&' BOIKEN, 'GARRIGUES & CO., 0 lMPORT:&:IilS C : MEERSCHAUM, BRJAR,CHINA & LAVA. PIPES, Ciel'lllt.n &n4 French FIZJtl &Dd ChbMI, Goolla, AND TOYS. 9i CHAMBERS ST. AND 73 READ ST., e NEW YORK.. P. WI. DINCEE,,-.. Corner and IAICU c;DMMISSBOrt-II'EitCHANT. : ( -8PANISB .. .\LL FORElGN & bOMSTtC WOODS. -. FLIWI DEl FIIIIAR R.erna VlCtona Rep,lla Brltanica Conchas .. .SubUmel .. B "tan! IIITICI. l:onchltas -The Oual aDd ClaDuiDe I.D RBa.M SM.OKING TOBACCO. MAY' _.,._ l .IIISCELLANEOUS. n. BRIAR .&JfD APPLE-WOOD l PIPIS, WITH RUBBER BITS, Importera of all 'k:iD4I of Smobn' .6rti1o1eeo l SHOW FIGURES, .(l pi METAL AND WOOD, A SPECIALTY. \" No. 403 BROADWAY, .. NEW TOBK. ROBERT 1. OHMSTEDT, OOVVTSSION V1!RtmUT'1', IMPORTER OF .... Havana Leaf Tobacco ud Ci(ars, llalmfact,'fll'l1' of Cigars of nperlor 'VVILT.A .AWO LEAP, 32 PLATT STREET, NEW YORK. HENRY WULSTEIN, (hoouu .. &o ll'y lk;, .. 4l> .5 .s:: I 0 "'0 qS !t (I) 0 ::I 0 ,.... ., ;,Q 0 1-25 Myrtle A..-enue, Brooklyn, eooutaaU7 oa Baa4 tile ae.t Baa4 s_ ... ......_eolbrCat....._&lld T..f. 411. ...... For Tobacco and Cigars. .a. l&IJ9 ueonment cotlii&DtlJ on hand and pUaecl te order. Ill & M :lanlt. William Btrtet. lliY YGdr. Wk. ZUW'BBBB. A CO., TOBACCO SEALING. W o: ALSO, DE..UE&S IN DRUGS, PAINTS, &c.,r JJW wmia St., Kew INTERNAL '-EYI!NUE BOOK&; Tho Oriclnal lnteraal Revenue Publlshl q 'Houeo C. JOUR.GElfSEN1. eyccweeoa YO .DTI& SMITJI A P.O. Boz 6,o116. 17 LIBERTY ST 'N. Books, u !!!"Ired under law, for Leal Pealln, <:1pr -To'--andothen. ::Br&111l1nf Irou &n4 St.eMia a Spedalty, Ole-.' Tid dEii:au.N tiGAR PACKERS' SOQIE'XY, .. Beopectfall,-Inform tho Cigar Manu{actven of theUnited States that they are now able tofill aU for""" Packen with Jlemben of their APPLY TO STORE, ..ioz CHATHAM;.! CHARLIE& A. WULPP',. Lithographer, Printer, and llanufaoWer of 1 .,. NO BOX M:OVLD. SYCAMORE FOR SALE Suitable for 'l'ob&cco Bo:m e.nll Cadillea1 J .fCO,coo to soo,ooo ft. r -inch and s-8, awed to wlclU..,. dry and seasoned, and at a low figure. N.B.-Consumen can order 1,000 ft., or more a. a amp1e. .. LoNe IsLAND SAw AND PLANING il:ru.s.. COR. BoND AND TH1ao STR&KTS,. "llaoOCLVM, N .Y. Otlloelll New York, 2'T PEARL ST E C. PEASE, Prop' r THO& SHEARMAN, Sop't.. FR.EDERIOK. B&VD, Manufacturer or all Sbeo ud Stylu of mow cADS m Dr.U. .um woo:o .. IF CIG.&B.S, SPENCER'S PATIKT Pt1rG TOBACCO,MA C BlRE,. r 6 Rlvlngton BEWYOB.K. Pateated .Aprill!lcl ud Aag. 12th, 186ll, 18 IOBTIIW?JJ.IAV I!T., N.Y. OITY 1 MANUFACTURED BY \. t \ HARRISON & \ 29 BB.O'ADWAY, liEW YOB.K 01'1'1'--.........---. -I


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