The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. IX.--NO. 14. NEW YORK. WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1873. WHOLE NO. 430 M-.f.,.,.,, of S..J Holme, 1u ,._ ooo.t.oi F. lt. 4 Bro. pi r.,. .... .., .._. c;,.r..: Dot .llary Trecl'k .t Co., 5& ._. M. .. f-'"' r,.rltrs -" Duiw ,. a,.n. Krohn, Felu Co., !J Weal Folll"lll. Lowentllall. & Co 1 u "IV eat Tbird. Struaer It Co., llf Walaat Well, Kalm a Co., IJ411.aln u.j' T.._.. Bre,. .. Morris lr R.oid, 4 Collop Ball.U., and fl W eat T. H a, Oo. 161 Malden LaJtoma.r E. E. t Wall. of Cl p;,h. NEW YORK, WEDNE!!DAY, MAY :u, r87 Batter H. & Brother, 77 Demuth Wm. &. Go., 40J Jlroadway M ... afctll,.,.s of BriM Pifi .,d l"'t'dm of S.oltuz' Demutl& Wm. &t Co., 4<>3 ....,.._, r..,.,,, of u ... !tus' .4rtirlu. lloilleu, Garrlguea & Go., ., atreet. and 71 Reade atreet / .. ,.,.,., ,. lAttriH p..,_ /tppleh7 & Helme, 133 ,._ Oleveland, De LaneOJ:!il'evl. GIJ(ord, BIMrman & Ia -1(GomesaArplmbau, t, 8 WilltuD .llc..&..Ddrew James c ... .,.hoJ:It Weavertteuy, 14Ceda:l. S.J uf T"-o heaae 'a Tobacco(.)\IIDI" rtn DETROIT, IUoll. c,.ou-Cut Circu/11,. Saw. Lichtenberr, G. B. M.lufetMrltz of Cigrt .,,J Dttlim ;, U'lf roHe.... lbthewa J. L. "'Co., n6 Jelrenon /t OUR HAM, N.C. TRADE KEMOVAUI. ... ,l'llllt. .. ,n s ..... .... 195 JIOiiroe. .. c... ....... OoeKII. .. C.Jtno-oiUr .. th. s..o/l:i r. TIHtcu. Jllackwell W. T VA. M'!"'!/acturers of T'lllist Our friends in thia city and, elsewhere will greatly oblige by giving us prompt and early notice of all changes taf business location, that we may the neceJsary alterations in subscription lists and advertise ments. We would also extend the invitation to all en gaged in the tobacco commerce, whether patrons of our journal or not. Our purpose is to preaent a true reflec tion of the cODdition of 1the trade from ,_It to week in all parts of tbe country. OB' HIS TB.A TELL BUSIN!S3 DI&ENY OJ AJVi&TIW8. Jl'EW YOaK. T"'-co ApW. &t Soao, 18. aallp and 73 Water, Norwn, Slaughter&: Co., 41 Broad. Oatma.n Alva, 166 Watet. Ottinger Brothers 45 Bh l .l'"earl. Schmitt .t. Steutecke, o Water. Schroeder a; Boa, 178 Water. H. 6 Co., Watu Selllog'a Sona S., cJ FroaL spen-. B-. a eo.,,, Sef- Claol"l T., peerl. L & Co., 1 lkuil"lr Slip. .. Co.L 197 Dulle. StnltJOa & :storm, 190 Peul. Strobn & Jlcltsenateln, 176 Froa\o TIC, Cbarlea F 6: Son, S..Fron&o Tatpn._.L F. W., 68 Broad, Vetterleba a Bock, 6 Cedar u_..., Carl, 1BB Pearl. Weslh.,_, M &Co. 171 Pearl. Wrll!kt. L M, & Co., 39 lkood. 716_ ... Cattiu & R.uete, "'l Dreyer Edward. oi6 Beaver. :rt.cller Chao. E. &t llro., llJ Wata Gana. J. S. & Soo.l6 Wall. KellaDd, P., 179 Peut: 1 ... Chari .. r., BroacL Jlaclc 11. & Son1 PearLa Shack 11.. 119 lfatolen Lane Solmar Edwucl, JD Water MMF.nrtr..- ff ru-.. Oo. <14o n6 ao4nf LlloertJ. Fl-J, F. 17 Froot Goetoe, F A. & Bro., pi w-_.Goo4wln Co. 1< aud 109 wHoJt Thomaa & Co., -PMrl Kinney Broo 141 Ndlpln D. H. & Co. cor. A.veoae D ao4 'hoon. Miller Mn. G. B. &: Co. 97 Colaabla. Sbotwoll D. A., & Son, 174 B!PG .tlfnlt1fir S.dig ru.u.., '" Hen .l.. A Co. 43 LiberiJ Lladbelm M. Water Ricobey &r: Boniface, U Front Weiu, li:Jier lk K.aeppel, 210 Pearl of Auerbach & Mendenon, 1JB Water llenlard Plailip, WatH Bondy Cbas., llo""'ry. Malden Lane Flober ol: Jluot, 105 Malden Lane. Bros. & Co. u6 Chamben Hartcom &: Genhel, 86 Maiden Lane. Hirsch D. & Co. Bowery and 174 Water. Hlrocblaorn'!L .t Ob So Watet Hollander Louis, 102 Naaeau. kcby S. & Co 109 \'earl 01eph1 S. 166 Front ufman Bros .It Boody, 51 MoldeD Lane Kerbo & 5pleo, 35 Boweryo Lelnkauf Ill Pollak. :ocn Chatham Levy Bros. 71 Bowery Lichtenstein A. o1t Bro. J4 IDCilJ1.t.::WflrY Lichtenstein Bsos. & Co. n .l.a.De Mendel M. w. Bm, rPeart Neuburger M. ,sJ Pear Orgler S G,-eenwlch and ISJ C'luaben Schwan .t 8pobr, 13 Bowery. Seidenberg .t Co. Dey Slec:ke a; Wana.ack, 6 IUVIqtoa Smith\!}. L II Bowery StacbelberW M Ill Co. 157 Pearl Stralton & Storm, Pearl Sutro & Newmark, 76 Park Place Wangler&: Haba. ..S Water. M1111f'""'""" f Fit a--( Hollander H. Malden Lane Vlcbot & Co. 76 Pine 8trT4 Gm Cigr StotiIJ Oololl H 102 Chatham J,.,.,-..,. of H- r.b-o, Almlnll J. J. JD Cedar Garcia F. 161 Water A. 167 Water Kelly Robert E. II> Co. J4 Beaver Koehler, Gall tk Co. :18 Water Ksn.nJa fehx, 2:12 Pearl IIPbert A.31 Platt Pucual E. Brother & Co, 156 Watec Solomon .M. & &. Mauleo Lane v e 1 a J ooepb A. .to Bro. 187 PMri Well .t. Co. 6o Pine Walter, Friedman a Frelae, oo6 PMri We\oo, Eller & Kaoeppel, Pearl Ybor V .K. a6 Cedar Blstb ... t..wl8. r 1109 f' lOS L-IL c., ... aif>6o&. Onaer G., h Franklin. s,..;,, Cit. A.JmltaU J. J ., il" Cedar. Ctr. ... llla/Oo., NonlaWIIIWD J-p Jamea E. Cig-Bolt r..MII ,.J Tri..i11f,. llQ)IAJ(..&.POLJa. lluL lldl-.dlet a.......,., 1t MarnJ. Manufruuren 6.{ FiiUCut "CU'ut/tlr nul "'"OIIM. .L, 5J T ........ &tliiJW-,. .. Chrlotman &: Co., cor. llltolaolppl Ml,ton T. &Eckmeyer,&ole AIIODta. 48Brou Lco.f Tobacco Bruk co o7' w MaiD Erfurth Owald, 260rchard. LYJfCHBtJILO, Va. Bds.}actur Jl4well II.. E. olt Vo., J9 Nortia Water. W,_ .... __ Ed. II> Oo., BollthOioarl-. Ban' Binalclo & Co, 31 North Waler. _,_ Bcbm,, .551 Southllecond. TohMn T.c#G,.L Sorwr, Graeff & Cook, 105 North 'Water. Gte.lto 6: Nl.....,n, 7a Bolltl& Cbarleo: Stolner, Bmltl& Broa a Knecbt, &c., HoftiD&a, Lee A eo., ,3 &chanp Place. Teller Brothers, 117 North Tllird.. pow make is to cea_ se at once from his swindling pursuits before he is compelled to do so by arm cf the law. Jtacard, Leftwidl & fi9 Vetterlein J. & Co., 111 Arch. Wa\11, c. s. a Lo. 6l Escbaop Place. Woodwucl, Garroott & Co., 53 Water I#' llolrsil re, lUre Thoa. & Oo, S03 North Second. Barker, Chaoeld. r,.rl.cro. bauo Catlin D., 701 ;North Second Luerooo George, Eaol Rudolph Afanufactu rers of Cig-an. (JIJ((JIJl'JfATI. Gerohardt F. E. & Co., o6 Locust DNtltrl ;, Havana a>!d D omtsti& u.J'TI>.uo. Tobco Donrdtzer C, 4t R. & Co., 123 Market.' Jksudea Henn & Bro., thI6S Pewl Ulrich & Diard, 206 North Second Malla7 Rich & Bro tlacr, us Weat Froat. T obJZctO C(lmminiofl Mtrclumu. Me7er HJ., 46 Front. s Nt:wbargb L. & Bro., 51 \Valoo.t Wall, Behin & Day, !JO North ecood. \Vaalll!lman F .. S:J Tobacco flllven J. H 47 Vin HayaaJ".E., 6u Cheatnut. Strasser Louis, 4 9 Vine Commissiolt Merclta?tt f or Forezgn 11nd MafaotJJrtrt of Fine-Cut Cllewint and Home Markets. Smoki"g 'I'obacc.. Toe Water, Frederick R., Jr. 6n Chestnut Allen"' EUis. u Vine. SYB.ACUSE. Jl', Y, Keoneweg F & Bad e, 373, 37! and"37iMaio Rler & c;:o. G. P as Salma. Shinkle & Linfoot, 119, 121 and 123 W Front H'At!tUik Dt.'lle"t ia Leaf Toilldo. Speoce Bros. .. Co., 52 and S4 East Third. llculter a: Bamlltoa, 40Eut Water TOBACCO TAXA.TIOl( IR GEB.JIAJIY AlfD, AJIEBIOA. Our latest files bring the announcement that a petition from Laubao, Province of Schlesien (Silesia), will soon be laid before Parliament by 1he representa tive from that District, Dr: Louis Muller, against any increase whatever of the tax on tobacco. This petition, which has been indors .ed by the Lauban Chamber of Commerce bears over three hundred signatures of persons of aU rar ks and conditions of life, and was com pleted in a very brief period. Another petition, bearing eight thousand names, has been sent to the presiding officer of Parliament from Elberfeld Thus uo the sturdy Germans wage the battle for Free Tobacco: They very sensibly take the ground th all articles of general consumption should be visite as Jighlly as possible with the burden of taxation. They feel that lands, StOCks and bondSJ articles of luxury, SUCh as plate, silver-ware, expensive carriages, yachts, etc., should bear the brunt of the infliction, while tobacco and salt, and necessaries of the people should be made as cheap and accessible as possible In Germany, if in no other country, the question as to whether the weed in its various manufactured forms is, or is not, a luxury, has been definitely decided. No Antl-Tobaccoile, how. ever jaundiced as to his mental vision, but must ac knowledge that to the great mass of the German people tobacco is of all necessaries the most necessary. Here is no rhetorical flourish, no straining a point for the sake of argument, but a simple, unvarnished fact which any traveller in the realms of Fatherland can discern for himse1 and must admi t. To attempt to deny it, would be as futile as to deny the existence of the Sun in the midst of his noon-day glare! Such being the case, the Germans naturally object to having the cost of, this great necessarY. of their lives increased and their annual ex penses pro;?ortionately augumP.nted. Nor are they un reasonable in their demand. Money is not as abundant in Germany as here, nor is labor, especially manual Manufacturn-s f Plug TobalCo. tJTIOA, }1. V Geotrhan.t Murphy, Hammond. .. Cat CA- .u s.a.tftr labor, as generously rewarded A slight increase, there en. .. ;,.; .... wat-.A T,._ fore, in the cost of any article of necessity, wo11ld be Baier, Bolmea .to Co., Secopd and Walnut. r-DewBARY A o., (stJCCESSOBS '1'0 DE BAitY & ELING), 82 Broad and 60 New Streets, New York. llVIPORTEI\S OP H.A.V.&l\T.A. OIGAIUJ, And Sole Agents for sal of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CICARS, Jlmufacture1 I AND 13 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Ofllces at i31iTer Street, Chicago, aDd S. W. 001'1ler !'ront. and Arch Strteta, l'hila4alphla. lli7cTobb:I..D& TrAde o:a.l.7 .-o:U.O:I. te KEY WEST HAVANA-CIGARS:' SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, New York, Proprietors of tbe. LA ROSA ESPANOLA FACTORY. e TBI CILIBRATID uAUSTa.IAN VIRGINIA" CIGARS, From J. D. DEKELBEM'S Factory, in Baltimore. ARE NOW READY AND FOR SALE. Depot in NEW YORK with KREMELBERG & 160 PEARL STREEl. "GEBHARD" IllS. r ""' TOlE!-:.--All kinds of niska placecl at the Lowest Market 1Ut9s in :rlrst Claasl Compames.': Celebrated G. E. '.r .PILKIN'rON'S "FRUITS AND FLOWERS,'' W. HILLMAN & CO., Have Removed to SO Front St., New York .. See severely felt by the Deutsch workingman. He could which renders justice to the heart that suggested and not proportionately increase his income, and pinching the head that planned this notable donation to the cause econon.y, if not absolute want, would bt: result. of science in the New World. A writer in the :r.(ay An'O would the honest, hard.working German tamely number of The Plant says : subii'.it to this injustice? It is evident from their hesita -"And let Pharisees of the Anti-Tobacco tion and confnsed and contradictory reports, that the open thetr "Cyes; for they shall see a good members of Reichsrath do not feel at all certain upon this point. -the veteran sa van of America. This getleman has Turning from Germany to our own land, what do' we for years desired to establish a Summer School of Natu find with all our boasted freedom ? The tobacco trade, ral History, in connection witla the Museum of Com though released from certaia of the trammel With which parative Zoloogy at Cambridge in the United States d fi and he recently developed the scheme, half doubtfully it was recently bampertd, is yet bound hand an oot' and half hopeflllly, in an address to the members of and sits in a straight-jacket of rules and,regulations that the Massa.chusetts Legislature, who wete visiting the fetter it and limit its powers, while the Govem'"ent still museum. Tbe speech was reported, and attracted the exacts the tax as Pharoah did bricks from the strawless attention of Mr. John Anderson, of New York a wealthy Israelites of old. That our commerce lives and even tobacco merchaat, who had bought and apent 111uch money on, a pleasant piece of property called Peni"kese thrives in spite of these restrictions, is a marvel that in as a pl ace of summer resort {or his family and the case of any less hardy industry would be miracu fnen?s. .Mr Anderson wrote to Professor Agassiz, lous. But the fact that the tobacco trade refuses to be cheap word of advice, or a sub killed, furnishes no reason why it should be led forth to scnptlon, but tlte t1tle deeiis fl/ Pe11iluse Island as a site execution. Although, perhaps, not to the extent that for ttheth Summder Sbchool _of 1 G t 1 t thf 11 cos e goo to accomst the app aes to ermany, 1 no ess ru Y I and he.had "spent about upon it; so be sa1d, tobacco 10 Amenca 1s also a necessaty. that the. noble gtft represented a money value of no less But in this new world of promise, money is so easily than thtrty thousand pounds sterling I The Professor gained and Nature has been so profuse in her gifts, had got his astonishqJent at the sudden openmg of a glonous for his modest instit that a heavy tobacco-tax IS not the burden that 1t would tion when the d"ffic lt f 'd"d ru. d" 11 a u y o prova mg rea y money 1or be in a land. The "tmporte as we as necessary expenses was removed further offer from the native Amenaan, soon learns to be. extravagant Mr. Anderson who proposed tq endow the school with under a system in which the avenues to riches are by_ the. way of a beginning. The delight open and accessible to all. It is this wonderful pro-of and hlsh.fnen?sh ma1: be .imagined; and the + wor Wl sympat tse wlt thetr desare to name the inductlveness of sotl, and extent o. area, that has enabled stitution after Mr Anderson B t th' th u IS e generous our people, since the close of the late cJVtl war, to bear founder will not by any means agree to; for he contends 1 a burden of taxation that would have greund any nation that the man who found the idea has a better claim to less favorably situated to the dust. But, as we have ltand than {he mao who found only the money But" what's 10 a name)" Here for the fi t f said, this ability to bear does not imply .the right to inestablished a sch"ol h th, t h rs f tme, 15 v w erem e eac ers o natural filet. The tobacco trade has been pumshed for sms It btstory tA the United States will be able to stod b I I d h h h 1 y "" at never committed, and unJust y se ecte as a convement I ey teac. m t e 1ght of Nature itself. Peoikese and unrepining national scapegoat. Let us hope that bland. will be a and museum, its penance is nearly ended It has been full long natural.hrto. raa!ls and thear pupil-teachers enough exiled to the wilderness. Let it now be brought of a TomL Tildher's n 1scovery. et t em back, its rights restored, and the names of 1ts members call it the Agassiz College, or what thev will but th ht t b A d ere enrolled among those who by patlent contmuance m oug o e an o erson Professorship at least; and it is well-doing under much adversity, have deserved well of be hoped those who study Natural History there h S 1 wtll not forget that interesting product-the tobacco t e tate plant. .If they wan.t a design and an inscription for .THE ENGLISH PRESS OX .JOHN the pedtment of thetr temple, I venture to suggest a ANDERSON. sculptured tobacco leaf and these lines:-"John Anderson, my jo, John, when Nature first begah As we expected, the noble benefaction of cur friend Jonn Anderson, Esq., of this city, is receiving due atten ti9n and merited commendation from the English press. We. h. we only space to-day for the remarks ot our lively cotemporary of Liverpool-;-Copis Tobacco PlantTo try her canny hand, John, her master-work was man And yo u amang them a', John, sae trig frae tap tae t oe She prov.ed to be nae joumey work, John Anderson, my jo." Fredericksburg (Va.) Hwa/tl Vtrgtma farmers to quit raising corn, and go to plantmg tobacco. --


MAY21 :t' m the assessorS, ;ach insp;;;; tor of tobacco wiU be required Aovrcs TO l:.HI!; ? TOBACCO GlWW.SRS -MARKET. B hereafter to render to.shis office, on or befg 100 0 tenuerg. 93 in1beir Tqe view forward directly to office. sentinb him with a town lot whereolllo erect a printing W t D .. M f k d 1 do ; E. Brother, t5o-'\io; W-eil & Co., 1 f t N 0 I 20 es ern 1stnct. anu acturers too 395 goo ugs 1 ,o 7 5 do, 2 I F l'!ar""i". them does not seem to meet the approva o a wn er 10 ,.;; m ...:......._ 311 .; -".C.' offic Jl.Dd SJlso with a_jtuue tb ;v. jOQd,.-jillet a a aa4.: -tteN old crop. Cb F B C ... _,. ._, -r.. th-n OJ .. -16-.-h 1 G R' 1. h as. auer c..: o., 14 o, 2I ao: xan e n :1 ; o,.... aa w .. tended Ex"nrWillll ,_."efiMJ ouse. most y reen JVer, at I r a 14c. ese pnces show S 6 d al b 'r' or "D a fi_ 'rm but unchanged market, and are not very remunons, 9 4 o, 2 do; Wqt. P. Clyde & eo .... 309 d9! I sibly on the g !U JeCt. b --, Inspector of Tobacco;, tile ._.-istrict GoT THE B'ETTER OF THE "FLY."-Thi!l feat has erative to western shippers. do; P. Lorilard &: Co., I cas-e cigars; S Linington & "Much specalation and many theories have of ---, dzuing t!r.e month or---, been accomplished in Prince Edward County, V ., a ut weet. 2d week. 3d weet. 4th weeli:. 1th week. Tolal Sons, 2 6 do ; J. C. Hoffmeyep, --24 do; H -M advanced, through the press, concerning the cause 0 ..: .... :;: -:;; ;:: ...: :g, correspondent from Prospect Depot writing: "Tobacco Jan,Iary.---439 96I 1,261 739 3,400 senger & Co., 7 do; Robt. E. Kelly&. Co., 32 OOi J. the "pole rot" of the and every '0 ... "' o... "' 8. e plants will be plentiful, notwithstanding the fly, which February .... So 290 582 548 r,Soo J. Almira!, 2 do; G. W. Faber, 19 do; L. &. seems to think that his th;ory IS correct. Without ., 'B "u ] 2 il '; tl ::;; ;, destroyeil some patches alt9gether." March_... 6so 383 298 239 2,6oo eimer, 7 do ; K Carpe\5;. i do; A. J. & seeming egotistical we will offer our own or z u 5 5l .. !:!'. o:; 'o IE A 'I 8 s g 8 8 Co 2o do Moro J Martin%, I do Howard 1 S h htsd d dfr robservatJOn as A= z= o. .-,U.;"'-t; pn -----59 740 49 4 1504 4.,00 d ''c w' VCII, II Tather some t oug e uce om ou -:iJ .,.. S 'o z ,., z "CAPT. JACK's QUARTERs."-We were shown, a few May __ 3 025 o; Ruprecht, 2 do; Dnglesedt zr do; well as from to us from. others. But first allow days since, says a Lync'-burg (VaJ 'lJaper, a novel to Viruina Lea,_ The week, with the exception. noted, F Lozano, 3 do; P .A. Madan, 9 do ; W H. Thomas me to notice the extract from J. S. Gans & Son's bacco brand, being sty1ed Capt. Jac k's Quarters." 0 .r f & Brothers,. 6z do: DeRham & Co., I do; Dentz & Monthly Circular. We feel that The vengeful Mcdcc. is seen creeping from his cave / 0 I do; L. E & Co.,. I do ; Park & men thus far indorse most of our theones, we fail prepared for any amount From this safe both 5hipping and manufacturing goods,' and were of 6z Acker, 58 do; P.urdy tQ perceive thanmyo1' a very linpCl'l'tant distance it seems a good joke, but to the p!Jor about the -average w.eeklyvolmne. For desirable stock & N do; H. K. & Co., 4 do., H. aqd not a theory, and this is, a continuous raising subjected to his" ways that are dark" It IS a serious the demand though not brist.. is sfeady, and so far A. 4 do; Kansche &_ Dowhng 3 do; Renauld of on the sanJe fields the soi_l, thus THE LOUIS'!:;.L LE B............ reality. isfactory prices remaining unchanged but firm Else & Co., 3 do' F. Spies & Co., I do; S .. De nia-aritirlcapable of any longer producing a vtgorous .... where the condition of the market is much the same as VIsser I do; Galway & Casado, 2 do; Thos. Irwin & plant!' While we can not commend the A FIRE IN LEwrs STREET.-About se v en o'clock on previously reported. A Richmond letter of the I?th bso1ns, I do; Alex .. Murphy,& Co., I5 do; order, 72 p actice of growing tobacco, or, as to that, most any We referred in our last issue to the recent disgracethe evening of the 19th in st. fire was discovered on the B k fi 11 d b a es, 12 2 cases cgars. other crop, Slccessively on the same ground, we fail to ful raid by the Revenue d,etectives upon several of our second fl9or of the four story brick. building, No. 2o3 mst. says: rea s w.ere u er toay ut very poor. EXPORTS s e the force of the abo\re in practice, espeeially with Louisville (Ky ) among whom may be reckoned Lewis Street, this city, occupied by Soloman Peck, cigar Br. ights higlier, and so all d_esirable sorts, whether From the port of New York to foreign ports since the to the tobllcco c:rop of last seuon, tor some of manufacturer damage to stock 1> 5 s blnght okr d3:rk orllsh!ppdmg b The of 1st in1;t. to date, were as follows: worst caseQ, brouoht to nolic'e,occurred cin some of the most honol'llble names in the"tt'ade 'f'h k W; d & 'D 1 d 1 2 00i8m dunlle mar et 1s upwar .or a goo to acco, utJt 1s 1m AsPIN b 1 ,... tb <'.J .. k" d nown. ar rop a y, ea ers m pams ce ar, 'bl 11 h' d bl h h WALL. 340 a...., 2142o s mu. Ia that bad had tobacco on before. or not w_ e were no_ t m a mg unsupporte assertiOns, or occupying the first floor, lost 2 000 on stock, insured poss1 e to ca any t mg estra e t at comes on t e Aux C bal d d tha d IP breaks. A private letter from Farmville, Va., reports B CA AYES. T0223 rd m ethan mg season, an t commence 1ng allegations not warranted by facts we reproduce for f,I,soo. H. M. Blaskoff, cigar manufacturer, oco s DEL RE. 304 sm .. d 'h d the buyers in that market making their selections di-S hh-d t. 'field a an tm:: sueeonng a comthe following article from the Louisville Journal of the cupying the third flooF, -lest on stock; insured 1 fi h d fi h N-. 3 2 cs 202 o s ems u bales, 8,o96 ed. We could point out lands in Connecticut nth inst. The writer says: for rect y rom the wagons as t e goo s arnve rom t e lbs mfd. e tobacco has been grown successively for a great country. BRIDGETOWN.--s,932 Jbs mfd. ber of years, the crops always having been healthy, Many of the merchants of Louisville are now reaJiz. GooD BYE !-A. Washington telegram. of the 19 th It would that BuENOS AYRES.-g 3 cases, 1 ,z 6 a lbs mfd. eaQn... ere less affected by the rot than ing some of the evils which r.esutt trom the ope1ation of Th 1 f d d d more active demand alone IS needed to matenal1y ad-CARDtF lb ..... ..._ h d 1 M d mst. says: e c ose o to ay en e the official existall nd d h' d k' 3,402 ll m&u. Ia s whicll gtew their first crop of tobacco. Culture our wretc e aws. any; subdue complaints ence of several hundreds of Assessors and Assistant vance pnces arou goo lppmg an wor mg CAT JSLAND.-77z lbs mfd. is a reaampense for cropping of any kind; reach us, and It IS evident tllat most of them are just. Assessors throughout the country in accordance with Freightbs sull abs one 0URACAco.-:z bales, 3.955 lbs mfd. if it. so, how could any crop be grown on the Each sufferer ts even unwilling to g i ve free expression b d d R 1 A h 1mpe m.ents tv a ns export tr. c It. emg as 1 hhds 2 3 lbs m"d. t h' f t e amen e evenue aw. .ew, per aps a dozen, 1 b d h .1 ,49 sarae. sol successive! for many years? Wheat lias o IS gnevances or ear o mcurrmg "the hostility of will be continuelt in office until collectors file cu I now too auon m t IS respect as It GENOA. -=-6z2 h.hds. .... t e same soil, annuufty for quite a the revenue ngents.'' A more pernicious mode than h dd" 1 bo d d 1 C was three months ago, when we last referr:ed to the GIBRALTAR_ 7 hhd -lbs pv"""' ., .. vu th t b h' b 11 _. t e a 1t10na n s requ1re ht ommissioner of b' A .1 f h' r 9 s, 1 r9 cases, 47,95I m&o. yern'"witfiolrt anvl!iminution of product, a y w te ..-uv ... emrttenl: rs a """= -to dfseovey I 1 R b su Ject. n exp anatlon o t IS crrcumstance 1s pro-GLASGO 6 7 lbs m .. d .. "u"' o ; d h fi f h 1 nterna evenue sent away a out 500 telegrams to b hi b f d h f: d h h f w 1 30 ro anfl, apparently, without any loss of vigor an _puws m r:'-<;tJons o t ese aws could not easily be Assessors advising them that they to..(lay ceased to be a y to. e o_un m t e act on t e aut onty o HA.M}!UJtG.-27 hhds. If ne crop may thus be grown, and the plant retam 1 ts devise-d. Nomlllally, the proceedings are by ci\ 'il suit officerl!l of the Government." t):ie Manne msurance compames, that between two HAMILTON _37 lbs mfd lth and vigor, why JlOl another' -An crops, 'nstituled for the of amount of Hundred and three thou.sand vessels of all 65: lbs mfd: ilar circumstance!to..culture, etc:., are affected by fixed by the statute, buf the worse features of criminal SEATS FOR MEN AT LAST-The ir.troduction of smokclasses to commerce by and other HAVRE.-169 hhds. seasons and weathor, to a large ex so that to proseculio!ll are retained. The criminal process of ing cars on the Third avenue line says the Sun, is a causes durmg_ the year I872.' this enor-HAYTI.-3 hhds. 450 bales. th t source we must make due -allowauce for unhealth, and is allowed in securing evidence to godsend for the men, J:>ut is disapproved l:!y the women. mous destruction m wJtli the_ gradual de TAPAN415 lbs mfd. et Wheat aod grain rust 'Some seasons, while at other tile ;_ the amount of damages recoverable is Every other car is for smokers, to the exclusion of wo of the tounage of the Umted can scarcely kiNGSTON, J A.-83 bales, 6,863 lbs mfd. i escapes. 1 l o what shall we attribute-this? gnevously pumtlve, and bears no sort bf to men. The smoking cars yesterday were seldom well ly be a mat.ter surpnse that freights are dear and LAGUAYRA-3 cases, 4 bales, 1,404 1bs mfd. alike on new or old land. Is it to be attributed the loss sustained by the Government. But the plan :filled, and fully seventy-five per of their passengers to. secure. LEGHORN-1,133 hhds, 9 cases. to he exhaustion, or dlseaie orthe soil? The season to which the Government resort$ to inform adid not smoke. They too_k them because they could 1 he unusually-large of the past LISBON-415 hhds. of ..&.872, from and after the time of setting the tobacco, tion is still worse Instead of employmg an officer, get seats. Some wag posted in one a notice re ading, six of course _been of LIVRR.POOL-500 hhds, z cases, 208 bales, 197,r 70 was a very undsual one; Ji?robably the mO!It'soof any with a fixed it obtains. of detectivee "Cigars for sale by 'the conductor," and that urbane the m makmg lbs mfd. for a ye another similar on may not and infonners and-spies, w.ho are rewarded kJy a a ban:. official was astonished at the applicaLions for thlS'anO p thetr tdhomt yorts ,fiatt the S!imed th!me; LONDON-I63 hhds, 89, I3 r Jbs mfd. occur mllliny years to come. Tobacc:o made the most in tlte pr_()perty the convicted paro/ .l'hey therefore 1t 1s qu1te apparen a. t e c .. uses rs mentJone ave LoNDONDKRRi-37 hhds. rapid, tender growth ever known, nor was tobacco the have an llterest wh_1eh they give the accontnLuted very matenally to the same end. lbs mfd. only crop affected; potatoes were _largely affected, in first -by--dnvmg 1! pos_sll:rle, to a_ comproTHE ANTIQUITY Oil' SMOKING. It is possible Sud hundred and seventy are an-MARACAIBO-SO hhds. quality, at least. The whole season was remarkably m _I$.e, conv1ctmg h1m should h1s case be people may have indulgej in the' weed' from time imnounceJ as the the m seed MARSEILLEs4 6 1 hhds, 50 lbs mfd. cloudy, moi t, anCi cootinuoualy warm, or hot, without tned. So mf:ncate the ;rt:rtnte!l"and amendments to memorial. Mrs. Gross has found on the banks of the leaf trade, the and pnces realized bemg as MoNTEVIDEo-g ilhds, 32 bales, 3 520 lbs mfd the usual cooling off at nig t; the result was, crops s beanng_on the su'bJea of7e"':nue, and so co'nGreen Riv'er, in Kentucky, a pipe which is made from fo!lsws: cases W1sconsm, crop of 1_872, at 6Jic:; 40 NAPLES-726 hhds. grew in the shade to an unusual extent, and. we all know f11chng ar_e the. the mspcct?rs m regard their stone and carved in shape like an owl. The workmancases Oh10 do at 6; zoo cases.ConnectJcut do on pnvate NEw ZEALAND24 606 lbs mfd. that plants, or cr ps grown in fbe shade are Ie ss healthy that 1t I!. for the most ship, the peculiar quality of the stone, and the weatherterms; so cases 1871 Connecticut at 55; 110 cases do, PicTou, N. s -20 hhds. than those which grow in the full light of t.hc; sun. So mcelhgent at,Id manUfacturer and dierworn appearance of the pipe, indicate that more skillful at 38; 100 cases State do at 14; and 50 cases PennsylPoiNTE APll'RE-66 hhds 62 cases far as our observation anti information extend, with reto avo d the of some technicality, workmen than North American Indians did the carving, vania do, on term_s PoRTAUPRINCE-I 2 70g gard to this one crop; the rot, or whatever you please 1f not matenal of l3:w. As and that a long time must have elapsed to have made These there lihle c:tse to record PoRT NATAL-2 ,z 14 lbs mfd. to count, commenced io the field before harveslinp;soon as thiS IS the detective, w1th h1s keen so much chang in stone of such compact gain and in this connection that ment of either novelty PoRT bales. some fields halvested befor<>-rnaue more th .. -:Qm.ooth surfa<'e ?J: pertinence. Thoueh mael1ve the of the RosA. 10,650 ll>s mfd. ... t.."--"'Cly; Wqy this? It waa noticed and paTt o f the spa,I,_ an extraordmary motive 1s good, ii.rmness steadmess contmumg the dotru RoTTlfRDAM34 hhds, 20 do stems. at the time that.tobacco at toppililg and sue-m t?e VJOlatLOn,, has the pt'atest THE GUANO A D PHOSPHATE MEN.-A Massachu-nant fea tures. ST ANNS BAY-400 lbs mfd coring was remarkably tender, so that where succors temptatw? to convict !he l!c. cused py all means, wheth'!r setts exchange very properly remarks; "It is dou btiul .SpanishThe notable event of week has been the ST: JOHN N. F.-237 ll>s that in r.emoving or brea ing them or fau. He Inflames every circumstance whether there wilf be quite so much tobacco set this sale made by one of our leadmg Havana firms to ST. hhdi.' off that many of the leaf stems were cracked, or other gomg to guilt of the part.J:', perverts what ten 5 year as last. The fertilizer men are urging the sale of a c 1 ty house, 2,3 _72 of fine Hav.ana ST. MftRTINS-2 hhds. wise injured This gave an opportunity for the admishiS _mnocence, and misrepresents what is innumerable brands of guanos aud super phosphates havmg c _hanged <;>wners m a transaction. ST. PIERRE-34 hhds. sion of moisture which, in cases heretofore observed in mdifferent. It _1s _not unfrequently the case, too, that this season, but if the farmer expecting to get so per Ne 1ther the pnces obtame? nor the pem at -lint hand, .. these refer ;11 mooc iD&taoceo. hanging and suitable 1lentilation, is often a fault with wn_Ich _can m any posstble way t _ortured toindicate a THE ScHoOLMASTER ADROAD IN RuRAL VIRGINIA. course of trade, the aggregate transfers reachmg the to old crops which have been held aearly a year and the profit on oJr tobacco culturists, and requires much attention." gu,Jly on part of the VIctim. No government -The following, rays the Petersburg (Va.) Index, is an neighborhood of 3,ooo b;!.)es; which, for the times, or which must natural1f include the intereoton capital ;'nveoted. Growen should put 1ts Citizens at the mercy of such a class -of exact copy of an order received frpm a for any periiid, is a very gratifying exhibit. Good fillers expect n the case of new cropo, to oell them for tbc ume _-liE..,. B.EVElfUE B.EGil!IIl'E; men, and JJO should contribute to the vices county by a clerk of one of the dry goods stores m our are in steady demand at full figures, and can not fail to ... b;-lale .a..a..s:o w of perjury, robbery, and general demoralization city Oil-' Saturday. It is evident that the schoolmaster contince so throughout the season. always be lower tbaa our quotatio.... Y 1 &rowen will h cl r h d t h wh ich a!I thi s ten.ds A striking case has recently been 'Was from home: "When next _yo!l kum to please Manu".actuuti-Cavendish is without noticeable QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE ... ALE PRICES below t e con us1on t e or o t e b ht 1 h N y k me sone samples of I k 1 b bl h :1' .yy rollg to 1g t m ew or which discloses the utter '' 1 ca 1 er !_>rn cam nc eec change smce our last. There has peen the usqal de- Cbmrqssioner of the first part of depravjty rottenness of tb e system. NtJt 011tJ are ing, and su111. moar saumples other for dress mand for local consumption, but w e of nothing of w..em.-ttghtleat. 7@ M.,.l!fileho....t_:,..,."'"-per-a" Hetti""""'""""" ae @811 inveAtc;lries required to be .made at the time of ,by _to practice the meanest arts of yaller nbbon and blu flours .w1_ll cost for a roung lady 27 dition would sell readily to those usually in quest of 11X@I2l( !: ;:: m enc:in g and at the time of discontinuiag b usin:k i _hyp_ ?cnsy agamst. the_1r em ployers by keeping up an ears ole next June, an also IZ It to bnng tobackh. such material ; as is always the case under similar cirr.""t cutting lnao ....... .......... ...... 41 8ta l t t h le th 11 k th B k I "'" Lt0 L :r, .. .. .. .. 1111 :arid1also_, the receipt of such& to,ma t; !nt Imate the detectives, and betray0 own w 1 e poe s s are. Y ,omp mg cumstances, that is, when low prices are least in barLi .., :a examination of the manulac uret of tobacc:o, mg the. confi&ence of tbose m whose service they are with the abov you wi.U obleep-..your tru fnend. mony with -the established order of things.. The mar-co .. moo to c.MIIl 8 @ 9 .. : :anutf,.or cigars' ; and vetify the fact of sucl{ examinrtio!l C Th.e referre'd. to. is that of Phelps, A G M :M Tbe T ket is firm and regular. 19 0"\\0 1x eom.:',; ................ : = by oath or affirmation, and also the duty of rece1ying o ge o., m wh1ch a confidential clerk first sold the ERMAN URT .U: Gssembly Some of the shipments that have been made within Good................... N.., :: a l6 the monthly sworn returns of manufacturers of tobacco, secrets of the firm to 11 business rival, He was detected, Rooms, in Third Avenue, presented a very animated and the past pinety days, upon which rebate of taxes paid @U :snuff, and cigars, will, under the act of December 24, prosecnted, but_ clearedby o_ne .of those quirks of the pleasing spectacle on Monday evening last. .The occais to be allowed, are now, it is said, awaiting the action ....... 7 @ 7!>' FIDe .................... 43 1: 1g721 devolve upon collectors, to be performed by them law wh1ch s o many vii lams with money in their of the Treasury Department, and more or iess anxiety r:,n;e;;;.,di,;,;; :selves. or through their deputies. F6r full information poe ets escape rue.nted punish111ent. : Disgraced as he facturers, at No. 35 Bowery. The guests comp rJ'sed is felt by .those directly interested, and doubtlesS' by Good to 1100 ........... 111,@13 Bolli ..... tl'l @80 Upo"" thiS' sub,idct are referred to the 66th, was, however, byh1s nerfidy, he was not too low to be others also, to know whether settlements w1'll be wrappera, darll: ......... IIK@t7X B"'b' =-Ued suffered t? before the money is returned to Bu.:. ......... 60 Returns"' 1and' "Inventories;" and to Form ';o5 and his gemus, the sum of seventy thousand dollars Fr"m with the spirit of Mirth and Jollity. At half-past those ent1tled to 1t under the law. The extent of fuBrowD aad Gr'eeDI.oll... X sx Nn., ...... a ta.a Fohn 72' ; the statement given in the Nation, it appears that eleven supper w'-s announced, after which dancing ture operations will depend, in a measure, on the i Section 86 of the acrof July 20, r866, makes. it the Messrs. Dodge & Co. had, in paying the tariff was kept up with ,&reat spirit until an early course of the Pepartioeatjn .this matter, ana it is to be Fine opaogted to yeUow 10 @U /:."" .............. ... u = duty of every dealer in leaf tobacco-or material used in on many m1lhons .of dollars' worth' of goods, failed by h o ur. The festivities of the evening were interspersed hoped on that account, if no other, that no more time 5 e .... : @18 the manufacture of cigars, on demand of any internal some $3,ooo to pay the amount required by law, with some excellent part-singing and the imbibing of will be consumed in awarding allowances properly ll8uDd eommou., ..... e @ 7 :: J: revenue officer, to render to such officer a true and corit is by no means reasonable to suppose that much Ieger. Previl)us to the' ball Mr. Kerbs, who is on claimed and presented than is absolutely indispensable ... .l'iru-Ji'oun .......... 40 @4.11 reC:t statement, under oath or affirmation, of tYie quan-this resulted from any guilty intent to defraud the evedof dFepfartu_re htoSEurope, was serenaded al to the safe performaMe of the duty. tity of such leaf tobacco, etc., sold or delivered j to any the This man Jayne, having been a conhis resi ence m i ty-s1xt treet by his large constit Smoking-A moderately good trade is reported Upper Counll'J'......... e .... ,.-@80 person named in such demand; and in case of refusal clerk m the house, detected and d i sclosed the uency. These occasions are most pleasant as attesting smoking tobacco circles for the period under review. ..... !:! or if the statement is believed to be incorrect or fraucluand the firm compromised the suit by pay the lente-cordiale existing, in this case at least, beTransactions were chiefly of a retai1 character but the s .. aLul.f.-1870 crep c 4a lent, the authorized to make an examination mg_ nearly a quarter of a million of dollars, the fine tween capital and labor Messrs. Kerbs & Spiess are demand was comparatively steady and lead-1J of persons, books, and papers. y nder act of Decemclaimed _the Government under the statue being over among the largest manufacturers in the city and their ing brands and for city and country trade. Falen .. : 8 lit 9 ber 24 1372, it will devolve upon the collector to make a nulhon. The !ecovered was. of course relations to their employees are not only important to Cigars-Popular brands in the hands both of manuW"'f>PPH ................ @53 ro" M ............. ., =Til oo su'ch examination. d1v1ded among the benefic1anes, and Jayne got seventy themselves but to the cigar-manufacturing t i ade at large. facturers and importers are in steady request at all do :J 8. Instead of making abstracts, as heretofore, from thousand dollars for his treachery. This is only one times in this market, and the week just closed com. Follen ............. : ..... 111 00@10 00 the beoks required to be kept by in leaf tobacco of the many of a character which may be MR. GRAFF IN NEw YoRK STATE.-Our representamen<;ed and ended without making an exception in this P eDD. de do do. .... n oo of' their entire and sales. durmg each calendar supposed to but which have not yet to light. tive after leaving Chicago on Sunday last, has indus : particular. As for the rest, it may be said, the demand ........ ..... 22 17 00 13 00 year, eactl collector Will be fJOm this. IS VICious m the extreme It IS corrupting triously worked his way eastward via Detroit, Toledo; IS good but not spmted. .. ........ 18 with leaftobacco l>ooks, prescnb. e y the CommiSSion-In I en ency upon young employees. It offers them G:levelafld, Buffalo and Rocht:ster, where he is laboring Golti open_ed at and cl.osed at Ir7r.(:. OM<> sdti.L;;;j.::... ... .... IS CJmoou&lld Stuo ... 10 t0@12 oo er of Internal Revenue; under the authority of section enticing rewards to become hypocrites and liars. It in our interest as we write. He reports THE LEAF as Exchange 1s held at steady rat, es, We quote: Bills at ............... rs @3s :1: 76, in quan!ities sufficient to every leaf dealer the in_ lest uneverywhore appreciated and held in high esteem-a 6o days O J London, IoS ;( for commercial;)09@ LOta .......... 9KIt Bcot.cb tuodTfoot .. 115@-to in his distnct with one, or more, 1f necessary. In fhese mtentwnal omiSSion w11l mvolve htm mutter rum, and compliment to its editorial conduct we feel most keenly 1097-(for bankers'; do at short sight, 1 Io;( Paris ::::. :::: = ::t"i books the leaf dealers will make daily the entries which him apprehend that he is under perpetual .:;urand shall endeavor,to continue to Mr. Graff's at 6o days, do at sight 5.1878@ fsf:'c!;';.'k s-l Leu,f -Lcorit>!. C'lw the law requires, and at the end of the year the collecveillance of the basest and most depraved kind of spies. notes and observations m the localities named, we have s.r7 Yz; Antwerl?, 5.:6;( @5.2o; Sw1ss, 5.z-5@5.2o; wrappen .............. 1s "G. o." ceo lb......... Jk. tor wilt make an exchange with his leaf dealers. As The only true theory of govr.rnment is that it is instinot yet received, bnt shall print them in our ne!ltt issue. Hamburg, 4 Re1chsmark, 9S%:@96Yz; Amsterdam, ::6 .. these Government record books, after they have been tuted for the benefit.of the citizen, not for his injury; It may be said, however, in passing, that he seemed Frankfort, 41@41 ; Bremen, 4 Reichs-W'11co.rin Seed :uo.t-"G. .".................. 29K filled up, are of service only to the internal tbat it is to maintain morality, not to under-quite nonplussed by the great changes wqich a year has mark, ,93;li@96Yz; thalers, lol8... ....... .. SX@ 1 : officers, it is to be presumed that the leaf dealers will mme them by the most ms1d1ous means; that it is to wrought in Chicago "'He found it difficult to grow ac-Fre:ghts are firm, With some demand. li&YillaFil. eom. 77X@85 Ynurrta" ...... .......... 25 -h h th p t th 1 lf f h b' .' do GoQd do GQ@I t O "Z. &.." 280 lbo...... ... .. 20 readily consent to exc ange t em Or new ones, us romo e e genera we are o t e su Ject, not to customed to the str1kmg contrast between the rum anJ IMPORTS. do J 'loe ao 102@ 1 10 "IIU'."'...... .. ............ 110 giving the revenue officers the benefit of all of their b:eak down his character and fill him with dread and confusion of the burnt 1=ity a twelvemonth ago and the The arrivals at the port of New York from foreign Yual & liCut 96 00 i: original entries, and saving themselves from the expense spectacle of miles of palatial warehouses that now meets ports since the ISt inst. included the following consign"G. s ................... 211 of furnishing these extra books and the trout

BAY21 THETOBAVVO LEA. F. 3 1 I d II I ) 1 I L I I I 'M. & Co., 13 do., D J. Garth Son & Co., 7I tr:u.h, lugs, and leaf: I at 4-60 13 at 5-15@5-90, 43 at 6 40 at 6@6.70, I2 at s.osS-95 IS hhds do do; Ottinge_ r Brothers, 31 do; F. W. :W. @J-95, u at 8@9 CJe,at 1o@UJ57 19. trfi!l: 5 at 6@6:'J6, 8 at 5 2 at 44 hhds 7 do; R: L. Maitland & Co., sr do; M. Abenhe1m, 2 48 hhds new Pendleton County, Ky., trash "and lugs: 13 Tennessee leaf at n,, 9.1o, 8.8o. 1 hhd do lugs lit; Petthl & Ca.,.Ss Wi; Xtemelberg & Co., at 5@5-95. I9 at 6@7-90, 14 at 8@9.25, 2 at IO, s-8s. 4 hhds Illinois leaf: 3 at 7 10@7-50, J at 8. 4 aS do; w. G. Weier & S do; -Brew & Dean, 4 75 38 hhds new Boone County, Ky. trash and lugs: hhds do lugs at 6@6.5o. 2 hhds Virginia lugs at S.Jo, do; A. c. L. & O.Meyer, 6:a do; Read & Co., s do; rs ats.os@S-95 r8 at 6@7 90 sat 8.15@8 70I3hhds 7-50 f. D. Kiell,, Jr. ,.4 cio; E. 1\olorpo & Co., :z do; Wm. an:l9 boxes new West Virginia trash, lugs, and le-af: 3 The Farnters' House sold 8z8l bhds. 435 hhd1> Keq Eggert, I8 casea, Lederman Brothers, do; order, at SSS@5 9o, 1 at 7S 5 at, 4 at Io, 25@1o tucky leaf: 3 at $33.50, 25. so, 25,3 at, 4 at hhd!l. 3 boxes at 5@5.60, 4 do "at 6.Io@7.6o; I at 8.70, IJ. 5 r6.:as, IS-75 Is.:zs, 14i 4 at IJ.2S@I3-50, 16 at n@ By THE HUDSON RI .VEJl RAILJ.OAD-Fatman & Co., hhds and 2 boxes East Virgi n ia lugs and leaf: 4 at IJ@ r:z.75, 23 at II@r 1.75, 68 at 10@10 .75, z8 at g.2o@ro.1 hhd Bunzl & Dormiaer, 44 pkgs; order, '11 hhds. 14, 1 at 26, 2 boxes at 8.1o, 9.20. 3 boxes Indiana 5eed 7 5, r6lat 9@9-90, ro8 at 8@8.9o, J8 at 7@7-90 z86 for all desirable grades of shipping and tobaccos, and prices for those grades-are very firm with an upward te11dency, while common grades in bad order are still much neglected, and will remain so unless there should sprinj!: up some new demand for not now an'ticipated. The transactions we.e hhds, 367 trcs, and 5I boxes. I continue my quotallons: Black lugs, co.nmon.-----------------5 to 6}4 Black lugs, Medium to good, _____ to 8 Black leaf, com moo to medium.-----.. -to Blackleaf, good to fine.----------------10 to 'Black leaf, fine wrappers and stemmers to 15 Bright lugs, common chaffy smokers'------7 to 9 Bright lugs, m edium to good smokers and fillers. __ ----. _.- --"---------.. 1o to 15 of tobacco you can; make only what corn you can mako without affecting the size of your lobacco crop. Sow wheat after tobacco; let every .. crup give place to the tobacco. Fine chewing and smoking tobacco belongs to Virginia. Virginia tobacco is better in the leafmore palatable than other tobacco manufactured. It don't need fine-cutting, licorice, sugar, or rum, and the fumes of "Lone Jack-" or "Brown Dick" would pro-duce quiet along the lava beds." ll'ew FlraL ST. Mo.-H. A. Kai.ier, -Tobacco Joifber, 203 Market Street. Fr. R. Toe Water, late of Belgium, Buyer for Foreign Markets, 6r:z Chestnut 'Stree BY ':r11 ATIONALJ.JNitawyer, Wallace & Co., fat stems at 3@4-JO. I78 cases new Ohio seed fat hhds do lugs: 6 at 8@8.9o, 99 at 7-90, 16 at 6.50@ 76 bhds; E. M W.rig)lt &.Co., 24 do; Kremelberg & Co., stems, 'fillers and wrappers: at 3o@4-9o, 27 at s@ 7.So, 13 at 5@7.6", 134 at 6@.6.9 o, 8 at s-85@6.9o, 62 do; A. c. L. & 0. Meyer, 14 do; D. J. Garth, Son & So, 24 at 6@6.9o, r8 at 8.1o@9.Io, 17 at 10@13 25, 1 1oat 5 5 hbds do lugs and trash at 7, 6.50, Co., 21 do; Ottinger Brothers, 23 do; Blakemore, May_p at 15-S 5.85, 5 68 bhds do t at 7JQ. a4 at 6@6 .qo j :za &: Co., 14 do; R. r... Maitland & Co., 63 do; Pollard, At the Kenton Warehouse, 287 hhds and 12 7 boxes: at 4@6.6o, 21 a 5 13 hhds do leaf at 8@9. 70 Pettus fr Co., 137 do; Nonon, Slauj!;hter & Co., 8 do; 9 hhds old Mason County, Ky., lugs !lnd leaf:-8 at $io.I r ahds Tennessee leaf. 5 at 3 at 9@9-flO, os, Hoyt & Co., 10 dq; 1 P. Quin & Co., 5 do; so@ .5 I a IS-&4 hhds new Mason County, 3 at 8@8.70, I hhd do lugs, at 7Io. 6 Indiana Bright lugs, extra smokers.------------.. 18 to 2"5 "'Bright leaf, medium to good fillers ....... 1o to I4 Bright leaf, extra good .. ---15 to 16 Btight wrappers, common to medium.----. r3 to :J5 Bright wrappers, good-------------------30 to 45 Bright wrappers, fine-------------------so to 75 Bright wrappers, extra.-----------------80 to 90 Ullrich & Diard, Wholesale Dealers and Importers of TobaccO and 206 North Second Street. A< H'. CardOIO & Co., 40 do, H. Henwood, 57 do; trash, lugs, and leaf: 4 at 4-60@4, 10 at 5.2o@s.9o, leaf: 4 at 8@8.4o, :z at 7 9o,1 7.90, l.Jlhds do lugs and Jarvfs Co., do; }OMpla Mayer's Sons, zo8 cases; 38 at 6@7.80, at 8.o5@9 6o, 9 at 2 at I5, trash, at 7.1o,6.8o, 5S lennett, benc'k & Co-1 order, 126 hhds. I9 so hhds new Clermont and Brown Counties, Ohio, The Louisville House sold 8oo 247 hhds py ujj 'PanfsVLv.\u CENTJlAL RAILROAD-G. W. trash, lugsj and leaf: 6 at SSo@5, at 6 :zo@7. Kentucky leaf: 3 at $35, I!-75, I4,75, 2 at 13, 6 Edwarda & Co., Ol'der, 10 hhds. 4 at 8@9.30, 10 at Io@i3 4 at 15@19, I at 22. 55 at 12@12 75, I5 at, u@Ir.75, 54 at 1o@Ici 75, I04 at BY TBit .Nsw Yo1t11: AND NEw HAVj;;N STEAMBOAT hhds and 1 box new Owen County, Ky. trash, lugs, and 9@9.99, 53 at 5 at 40 9,5 at 7-JC LINE:_S, Selling's Sons, 22 cases; D. Buchner, 6 do; leaf: I3 at 5@5.85, 6 @ 7 8 at 8@S.9o, 6 at .ro@ o, 125 hhds do leaf and lugs: 6o at 6 so@Io, 9 at .Levy & Neugass, 2 6 do._ 1. Setigsbe.rg, 2 3 6 do; Cbas. u -1 box at 4.25. 57 hhds and 3 boxes Pendleton 7-so@r 1.25, I. at J.Q.OO, a.t.9-2o@&.6o. 3B F. Tag & Son, 103 do; A. L. & c. 1 Holt, u6 do; County, Ky., trash and lugs: 4 at 4 16 at 5@ at,7 at 7 2 at6.9Q.Ji.6o 4-hhds do leai.and Schroeder & Boo, 2 do; Basch, "Cohn & Co., 9 do; s.So, 36 at 6@7 95. I at 8.55 3 boxesat 7 55> 8.55 trash at 2J lj_dp :3 aHj@9 .IO, 20 at 8@ Havemeyer & Vigelius, 12 do; order, 2 8 do. rihhds new Boone County, Ky., trash and lugs: 5 at 8.6o I3 aH.go@W,:: 3"at71!J7. 58 at6@6.90, 36 6.30 BY THE NEw YollK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT S-40@5o,uat6@7.65: I4hhdsand26boxesWest @7.6o,6at5-SO@S--()sll.hdsdolupandtrash:7at8 LmE.-E. Spingarn & Co 6o cases; A. L. & C. L. Virginia trash, and leaf: 4 at 7 at 6@ @9,.3 o .at 2,at 6@71-3o,-8at 45 hhh Holt, 12 do; A. Cohn, 37 do; L. Cohn, 4 do; J. Selig&7 J at 8.o5@9. 5 boxes at 4@4-90, 5 dp at S@So, do trash; II at 6@7 90, 2I at 6@6.90, J3 4 hhds berg, IS do; L. Salomon, 8 do; Order, 2 5 do. 3 do at 6.75@7.:65, 7 do at 8@9.25, 4 do at Io@13.25, do factory wet trash at 5@6. 'I blld do sweepings at 1. 52 Bv THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE.-March, 2 do at 15, 16 5o, 1 do al 35.25 65 cases new Ohio hhds Indiana leaf lugs and trash: Io at 6.1o@9.6o, 3 t Price & Co., 9 hhds; Read & Co., I do; D. J. Garth, seed fa,Cstems, llers and wrappers: at 3@4 I 4 al 8@8.5o, s at 6@8.4o, 4 at 7@7.6o, I3 at 6@6.90, 17 at Soa & Co. 24 do; J. A. Pauli. 33 do; M. Abenheim, 5 5@5 90, Sat 6.Io@7o, 7 at 8.40@9 ':Jz cades old fill-5-40@6. 4 hhds eat at 12 hhds do cnf;-chas Luling-&: eo., rs du; H. -Henwood, 27 do; ers and wrapFers: a: 10@14-7 5; 8 at lugs: I at 7 20, 9 3 at. 2 hhds do Pattersell & 1co., 2 do; P, LorillaJd & Co., 47 do, At the Morris Warehouse, 255 hhds and 6I boxes : -trash at 5.6o, 5.3o. 22 A. D. Chockley, 1 6 do: Pioneer Tobacco Co., So hhds and I box new Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and The Boone House sold 714 hhds: 347 hhds Kentucky 4 do, 19 do, 2 boxes; J. D. Evans & Co., 5 do, 20 leaf: 1 at $4 .80, 7 at S-ZS@575> 36 at 6@7-70, 23 at 8 leaf: 3 ar34, 24, u, per 1oo lbs, I at 30.50, 4 at 20.50 100 three-qtr boxes; J. D. Keilly, Jr., so do, 15 @9.Ss, ro at Io@l4, 3 at r.c;.so@17. 3 hh s Brown @2 9 I at_ 3 atJS@1S.7S, 3 at 9--3t blftrcs, 39 qtrtrcs, 2g cases; Mail)er & Quereau, n hlf Co., Ohio: 1 at I0.75, a at IS-so, 16 so. 64 hbds new ra@I2.75, 23 at 11@tr.75, Io3 at 1o@Io.75, 98 at 9@ trcs, 26 qtr trcs, so three-qtr boxes; A. S. Rosenbaum & Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: rs at 590, 31 9o, 66 a.t 8@8.90, 29 at 9-40@11 41at 7 90-Co.,SI cases; Jas. M. Gardiner & Co., 31 do; Allen & at 6@7.90, I4 at 8.Io@9.25, 3 at 1o@ 13.25, I at 24-so. 38;hhds do leaf and lugs; I6 at 9@9.90, I at 8 40, 4 at 7-IO Co., a do; M. M. Welzhofer, 2 8 do; A. Hen & Co., 17 53 hlids Pendleton Co., Ky., trash and lugs: 21 at @7.7o, 12 at6.1o@6.9o, 2 at 5 .5o_, s ao. :u6 hhds do lugs: do; Marlin & Jobn!lon, 40 oo; D. & A. Begdheim, I4 4 95 22 at 6@7 3 at 8.5o@9.15. 12 hhds and 3 at 9@9.80, 22 at S@8.8o, 18 at 6.70@8, 105 at do: J. B. c. 20 do; Wm. Broadhurst, 5 do; n boxes West Virginia: 4 at 4o@s .so, 3 at 6@6.6o, 3 at 7o, I04 at 6@6.CJlo, 5 at s 8s(a)6.6o, 8 at 5 20@ D':' J. Baker, 2 do; Bonnett, Schenck & Co., 7-do; R .at 8@8.56,.; .at 10.25. S boxes at 4-25@5, 4 do at 6,.. 3 5, 1 at 4.2o. 4 bhds do )"is and trash at 7 30, 6.8o, Allison, 2 do-; Herft & LodematT, ,,do; Maddux Broth do at 8.10@9.1o. I Southern Kentucky at S s-6s, s os. 6 hhds do trash at 5.!to@S 9 hhds Iu ers, t6 do, r ll1f case, 9 hlf boxes: c. B. Block & Co., 48 cases Common Oh10 seed fat stem s and fillers: 40 at diana leaf: r at Io, 4 at 9"-1o@9S, 4 at 8.6o@8.8o. as 2 do, 8o caddiH; G. w. Hillman & Co., JOZ do, I9 hlf 3S@4-90, 6 at S@s.6o, 2 at 7S. 8 os. hds do lugs: II at 7-90, 10 at 6@6.90, 4 at 5 40@ boxes; J. H. Thompson & Co., 6 do., 4 boxes, 100 three ,At the Planlers' Warehouse, 250 and 8 boxes: 4.90. IO hhd.&-do tush at 5S@S' qtr boxes; Doban, Carroll & Ce., 3o6 do, 355 hlf boxes, -169 hhds new Mason Co., Ky., trasn, lugs and leaf: 1 at 4 55 9 hhds Jepgessee )e,af a,pd lpp-.. 4 at 10@ 4 I third b01:es; Bulkley, Moore & Co., 29 do, IS do, s 1 at $4-55 45 at 5 83 at 6@7.90, _u at; J0.75, 2 at 9-10@9 1 2 at 8.40, 8.95o. :tat 'J. 2o. qtr boxes; Connolly & Co., 25 do, 39 qtr boxes, 31 kegs; 18 at IO@I4I3 hhds Brown Co., OhiO: 6 at S-30@ The ,Niath Street House sold ss6 hhds. 276 hhds E. DuBois, 28 do, 40 threeqtr boxes, so qtr boxes, IS s-Ss, 6 at 6.os I at 1275 49 hhds New Kentucky leaf: S "at -srs.:as. IT, 16, ,25, 15-25, i4; 5 at hlf boxe11, 40 kegs; Richey & Boniface, 51 do, 4 bli Co .. Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 4 at 3@4.85, u at 5 to 12@17 75. 4 at u@-u.so1 1-a at Io@Jo.75 :z at 9@9 8o, boxes, I butt, 1J:I caddies, 10 drums; G. Solomon, 3 5-70, 21 at 6.os to 7 7 at S.20 to 9S, 5 at I0-50 to 40 at S@8.9o, I:i at 7. at 7 IO@rg.zs, sS boxes; Blakemore, Mayo&: Co., s three qtrboxes; Reid 14.5o,. 9 hhds Pendleton Co., Ky. 7 at 4-75 to $_o,_ :a at e_t6-, J .at. Jo .. 8J at 7.6o@Io.7s, & Smith, IS third boxes; L. & E. Westheirner, 1 qtr at to 6.25. I3 hhds and 5 boxes new West V&rgJDia: :zo at 7-I0@9.Io, 3 at 7'o@8 -36 hhds 'do re box; Wangler & Hahn, I case cigars; J. Ottenberg & r at 5Jo, 4 at 6.Io to 7-so, 4 at 8.os to 9o, 4 at .Io to dried leaf: 27 at 2J-Staining higher figures later in are very large. Prices, Bowever as yet have not _yielded ryland, 530 hhds Ohio, 2 hhds Vir&;inia and 100 hhds the season. We Lugs, low :red, 4 to ;: lugs, in the least; on the otber hand they seem io have Virginia atems to Rotterdam. goo :zs; eaf, tion in ulues. But any con!liderable sales in that mar greenish and brown,_ medium to fine to 6o. ket100n, at valuations, would in all probability have a n; oo= ._ metham spaugled,11@ff; fine spangled FARMVILLE, VA., May I7.-Messrs. C. C. Read & contrary effect. Sales for the week, 1,o:z6 against to y'llow, u@zo. Kentucky, to good lugs, Co., 'i-obacco Manufacturers, report as follows : Fre655 hhds. last. week. We renew our quotatiOns: com low to medium leaf, 9@ro; fair to quent and copious rains in the early part of the week 'Ilion to mediu!" Iu_ gs, 6t@7_; good do, 7 to 7 & _sc; good, II@u; fine and selections, I3@ISVirginia, comhaving rendered the ground too soft for farming operac;?mmon leaf, 8}.( to 9' !lledium do, to 10; bnght mon to good lugs, to medium leaf, tions, planters have taken occasion to bring in tobacco wrappers 1 5 to 4 fair 'to good, ;._selections, u@I5; to this market quite freely. A decided improvement is PHILADELPHIA, M11y 17.-Mr. H. Appenheimer, Items, good to fine, noticeable in receipts both as-to quality and and Tobacco Broker, reports as follows: TraGie has been Staltmenl. while lugs and low still continueliepressed, for only fair this week, and prospeo;:ts are riot flattering for Jaauary Ist, 1873. Stock in warehouses ana on HluJs. good decided tobaccos, whether long or short, the com a big trade any more this month. The sales were 75 shipboard not cleared ... --.. -----.. 6,908 petition is active and prices haver somewhat advanced c ases Conn. wrappers ; 43 ... cases do, :z ds ; 153 cases Inspected this week _____________ ---------__ 2,os7 since our last advices. From actual at the Penn. running lots; so cases Ohio do; 117 bales Havana; Inspected previously ..... _______ .... --- -19,IIo we quote: poor to medium, $4 to 'i: 28 do Yara; 275,ooo foreign cigars, ranging in TotaL---.. 28,o76 Exported since January 1st.--___ u,oiS hhds. Coastwise and re-inspected _____ .. 11,900 hhds. I3,918 Stock to-day in warehouses and on shipboard not cleared_-----------------------------. I4,157 essrs. E'd. Wischmeyer & "Co., o acco -commis sion Merchants, report as follows: We continue to re port a dull trade in -manufaCtured tobacco, with prices unchanged, and note the following receipts : A. See muller & Sons, 68 cases, 429 third boxes ; Hoffman, Lee & Co., 447 third boxes; G. S. Watts & Co., 76 cases, 105 boxes; J. B Stafford, 'l6Q 2 7 cases; lforvel & Baxter, 29 half boxes. CINCINNATI, Nay'--Mr; F. A. P ;;igue, Leaf Tobacco Insp-:ctor, reports as follows: The business of the week has beer. unusually lal'ge b.oth in receipts and otTerings at aucti:on. T e bulk offered was of the low and common grades of cutting lugs and trash, prices for whtch remain full and firm. Quite a respectable por tion, however, was of the better sorts, which when biight and colory fine tpe extreme fig'\lre of $24.50 being obtained for a Wld of new Owen Kv. BofR old and ne,v Ohjg aeed offered has bee.t m o stfy of very )ow grades, yet prices been generally satisfactory and accepted. The total offerings for the week were I,l6z hhds, and 480 boxes, as follows : medium to very good, to 6J4; leaf, short to edium from $65.00 perM. to per M; I,783,ooo domes7 to Io; long to good, to u, extra, n to IJ;.{. tic at prices from $15.00 perM. to $6o.oo perM. HOPKINSVILLE, KY., May I6.-Messrs. M. H 'f'w o--o_f ?Ur houses so_Id to a Canada house Clark & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report as folmillions this that IS a pretty good operlows:--Receiph>to dfttec);6i!f9 hhds, since last report atrOl'f"'for'our Quaker C1ty. 491 hhds. Sales to dat 5,37I hhds, sin-:e last report Messrs. M. E. McDo.well & Co., Tobacco Commission 564 hhds. Our market opened this week unsteadily on quote manufactured tobacco as follows: medium leaf, and the close of the sale weakVtrgtrua bright pounds, 45@52; 45@5:z; quarters ened and dropped from 7.4: to This, with a slight 1\.ves, 45@52 ; tens, 45@52, Dark, pounds, 40@ advance on fine leaf cooslilutc: the only changes .of note 48; halves, 40@48; 40@48'; fives, 40@48; tens, since our last. We quote: Lugs, to 7 J4; common 40@48. Western bnght, pounds, 45@54; halves, 45@ leaf, .8 to medium leaf, 8.}4' to 1 o; good leaf, 107( 54; quarters, 45@54; fives, 4S@S4i tens, 45@54 Dark, to u}(; fine .leaf, u}4' to n}4'; selections, 13 to 14 pounds, 45@48; halvfls, 45@48; quarters, 45 @48; fives, Enough tebacco has been sold from our best planters, 45@48; tens, 45@48. long tens,. 45@6o_; lady lo demonstrate the utter scarcity of spinning leaf out of finger, 6s@ Ioo; _pocket pieces, 5o@65; bnght twist, so nearl y twelve hundred hds sold here within two weeks, there were not over a dozen of that character offered. May I9.-Mr. E W. Dickeraon, repC?rter for the -to LOUISVILLE, .May 16.-We repo1 t as follows: The bac<::o trade of Phila'detphia, writes as follows: Briefly market this week has been very active, with good offerstated, there was very nearly the same kind and amount ings and steady prices. The following .receipts, ex-of business done here in the to6acco line last week as ports and sales are for the past three weeks : Receipts, during the previous one. > The stock of old leaf is grow7,6IS hhds, r,68S boxes; exports, 6, 9s5 hhds, 77417 ing less every day. Fine w rappers are in good de boxes; sales, 4,084 hhds and 4 boxes, as follows: mand and prices on these goods are firm. Our domes-Mahogany wrappers, da_rk __________ -----f3 to 15 Mahogany app_ers., .. ---.---18 to :z 5 Mahogany wrappers, extra. ---------_ .2 7 to 3o SAN FRANCISCO, May 9.-We r eport: The mar ket for some time back has been quiet, with prices nominal. The ex orts were 2o cases :z ,do cigars to Victoria. 'tb.ere:are now on their way to this port, from domestic Atlantic ports, si hhds and 3,255 cases -FOREIGN. & Myers; Tobacco Manufacturers, 308-312 -Elm Street. Dausman & Drummond, Tobacco Manufacturers, Office, 27 Second Street ; Factory_, Alton, Ill. Removals. NEw YoRK CrTY.-Maddux Brothe; s, Tohacco Deal ers, from I38 Water Street to 171 Pearl Street. Wangler & Halm, Ci&;ar Manufacturers and Leaf Tooacco Dealers, from 148 w 'ater Street to 290 & 292 Bowery. J. M. Zeller, Dealer in Lear Tobacco and Cigars from 93 Maiden Lane to 2II Grand Street. DeLancey Cleveland, Broker in Licorice etc. from 24 South William Street to r 58 Pearl Stree't. CHICAGo, lLL.-Geo. Luerssen, Wboleaale Tobacco nist, from u South Canal Street, to 221 East Randolph Street. Changes in AMSTERDAM, "':4pri/:z6.-Messrs Schaap & Van VeP.n, Tobacco Brokers, report as follows :-Last we bad nothing to report. Since arrived, 4.482 bales Java, r,o7o do Suma.tra, :a,666 baskets Java., (cut to bacco) Sold hi subscription I,8:z2 bales Java, I,252 do Sumatra. Tfie competitiOn for good cigar tobacco keeps very well, bYt the common Java scrub kinds are left, and prices go down nearly at every subscription, so that many lots are taken in by the importers by want NEw CITY.-Motz & Hagedorn dissolved. of reasonable prices. 288 bales Java scrubs, (under Thorne & qg!_lterare.and Pressers, sail) were sold at about 15C., certainly a l<>w figure, but Mr. Alex. H. Stevens, admitted; firm na,me now Thorne ai Jdepends on the turning out, as many of these inPhipard & Co. -voices leave great loss. I 14 hhds Maryland were sold EVANSVILLE, IND.-Harper, Hlq>ward & Summ.ers at public sale, and So do out of hand Our manufacManufacturers, the business will turers are all waiting lower figures for thi.:; aJ;ticle, so contm ued by Harper& Ebermine. that we have a very dull market. Stock to-aay: 26I ST. Louis, Mo .-Liggett & Dausman Tobacco Manhhds Maryland, u,813 bales r,o7o do Sumatra, ufact_urers, dissolyed. 2,666 t-askets Java (cut tobacco). & Tobacco Jobbers, dissolved. May 3.-Since our report of last week no change W bite & Enckson TQbACCJ di has taken place in our -article, the ma.r et Jeemaining solve still very dull. Arrivals were limited to so hhds MaryALTON, ILL.-Myers & Drummond;Tobacco ManuJand and 13,33j bales of Java tobacco. Sales 29 hhds facturers, dissolved.. Maryland aud I 047 bales Java. Stock, to-day, 240 hhds Maryland, 19,998 bales Java, I,o7o bales Sumatra, 2,666 baskets ma,nufac41J:ed Java. Arrivals during the past month: 2S hhds Maryland. 20,708 bales Java, 2 ,o66 'baskets manufac ured -do, 2,322 bales Sumatra. Sales, 2so hhds "Maryland. so cases seed leaf, 1,250 bale a Sumatra, 9. do Java. We expect a l'ubscrip tie?FOn-tfte f :r,eoo bales Java and bales Sumatra. Quo PRo Qum.-A Georgia internal revenue col has decided that every fa.rmer who serves out ratlons of tobacco among other supplies to his hands must pay for a license as a retail dealer if he takes any quo p'o quia A M ARlbJE Ooi.The marine reporter of the Kings ton, N. Y. F1uman lets off lhe fo:l owino-reuardle$S of <>A .. consequences : come! come! her dips in the Rondout's tide; There s tobacco )Uice on her skipper'S' lips, and her ruune's the 'Montezuma's Bnde.' Which she is a bull-headed canal boat from the Mon tezuma swamp on the Erie Canal. Nay 2.-Mr. Victor Forge, Importer of Leaf reports:-The late news of the firm ness in i,n America had no influence here, and it is doub'tful if it may have any; on the contrary, it is announced for nexfwe'ek an auction sale of new Ken tucky, which is generally considered a weakness if not a decline -in rate There is nothing to sell yet UNCLE ToMMY's BIRTHDAY.-Says the Petersburg of the last crop, and it would be useless to make con(Va.) .AJf>ea/: Baxter, one ef the old cessions as no manufacturer wTil touch the offerings. eat and most respeeted citizens of Petersburg, celebra The only sales of the week were some lots-in all 6o ted on yesterday his seventy-fifth birth-day by giving a hbds-old Kentucky and Virginia, for which ther'! is feast at his house to his friends. It is seldom that a. some demand yet; prices firm for such descriptions. more jovial crowd assembled around a b1:1ard than Sales of the month were 141 hhds Kentucky, and I 50 Uncle Tommy gathered together on this occasion. do Virginia. Stock May 1st: 439 hhds Kentucky, I95 With the i?sp_iration afforded by the good eating and do Virginia'; 75 do Maryland. Arrived from New York excellent hq1;nd refreshments, and the delightful music per Favorita last week, 25 hhds Virginia. of the occasiOn, the old gentleman seemed to renew his LIVERPOOL, May 3.-Mr. F. W. Smythe, Tobacco youth, while all seemed to vie with liim "a Merchant, reports as follows :-Through-sincere enjoyment of the occasion. The health the out all the month of April this tobacco market may be host, a?d many hanpy returns of this anniversary, were reported as quiet, as it had. been in Febru11ry and scores of bumpers, and after many pleasant March, manufacturers and d-ealers purchased JOkes and songs the ,party separated. It may not be and-strips sparingly; shippers to Africa took leaf care-out. of p_lace to say that Mr. Baxter, the host of the oe fully selected with reference to fine qualities and light easton, Is one of the oldest !Jiechanics in Virginia, and weight. Exporters to the continent bought literally that ev.,ry of as well as many nothing Nothwithstanding this protracted calm, there ?tliers,_ owe special gratttude !or his achievements is no quotaqle change in prices. Moreover, it is en10 the Invention and Improvement of machinery. Alto couraging to see -that according to Board ,of Trade re-the, old bas and .record of turns of unmanufactured tobacco, both home consumpwhich -any one might well be proud. He haslivedthfe6 tion and exports have increased during the three first of a centur,r as an upright; 'intelligent, useful months of this year, say the former 4 88-Joo -per cent, and not oae m the ae has so -imrg and the latter II 54-roo per cent. Imports, r 9 s hhds. served can say ought agamst hJm. life .md Deliveries, 48I, health to Uncle Tommy." How UNJUS'ILY ToBACC o IS TAXED IN ENGLAND. fluring the as to the Budget on Monday eve ning, says an English cotemporary, Mr. Lowe said the increase in the rev ,enue from tobacco was 2 53, oool. Mr. G. Bentinck said the right bon. gentleman had Iendered himself, open to the chatge of having taxed J;>nC_ .of property much mOl'e than he. had taxed another. The duty upon malt was about Ioo per cent., and on toba'cco about soo per cent., and yet these two article11micht be .Jmost considered aa neces saries to some of the poorer classes re mark no further not ice was taken of the matter. LI:AF TOBACCO INSPECTIONS AT RICHMOND, VA. Comparative s tatemeut of inspections of leaf tobacco in Richmond, from rst October, 1871, to rst May, r8p, and the same period for I87 3: Mayo' s 'fareh"ouse, Schockoe Warehouse, Seabrook's W. Myer's Wa1ehouse, Ande. rson's Vrarehouse, .Public Warehouse, I872. 4.94I 2 1,8I5 884 987 I873 4.757 4,522 2,844 986 I,sss 2,490 At the Bodman Warehouse, 252 hhds and 203 boxes: 4o.hhda newrMason County, Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf" 3 at I4 at 6.15@7.Io, 19 at 8@9.50, 4 s.t-ro @II. 30 hhds new Brown County, Ohio, trash lugs, and leaf: 4 at S-2S@So 15 at 6.2o@7.65, 6 at 8.o5@ 9-3o, 5 _at I0($14-75 78 bhds new Owen County, Ky., The Pi_s:kett House sold 9 I 3 hhds. 4 6 9 hhds Kentic cigar trade w::ts a little better last week. Altogether, tucky leaf: 3 at 529, 21, :zo; 2 at 18_25, 2 at I6 .so, 1 6 ; things are moviPg along in a moderate way. The above 3 at IS@23.75, 1 at 14.50 13 at IJ@I3 .75, 13 at 12_75, is the general truth. A few case s more or less than 27 at II@I1.75, 78 at Io@Io.75, 27 at 9 @ro.75, u8 at were reporte d in my last does '11ot effect the main fact. 8@90, ro7 at 8@8. 7 o, 20 at 7 .so@8. 9r, 54 at 7 @ 7 90 Nor does Ioo,ooo cigars, more or less, change materi1 at 6.70. 199 hh,ds do lugs: I at s.9 o, 35 at 7 @ 7 .8o, ally a week's business here. The general facts I give r6 at-6@17-IO, I 1 2 at @6. 9 o, 9 at 5 .ro@6 9 o, 2 6 at 5 40 you. The d e tails might not be so full as desired. @S-95 6 hnds do black fat at 9.25. 51 hhd s RICHMOND, M.:1y I7.-Mr. R. A. Mills, Tobacco do trash at s@6.6o. I hhd do scraps at 2.30. 76 Broker, reports as follows :-Our offerings and receipts hhds Indiana leaf: I at 12 ; 3 at xo; I9 at 9@9.6o; were large !he past week and will continue full for 24 at 8@8.90; 29 at 7@7-90. 59 hhds -do lugs: 6 at some time There is a steady and crowing demand ...... -


New York Commisrion lltlerchanta. lB YIBGINIA -TOBACCO AGENCY, ESTABLISHED IN 1836, BY CHARLES M. CONNOLLY. CONNOI.L Y cl CO.j CO-MISSION .EB.CHANTS IN !.eaf and Manufactured Tobacco, "' 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We respectfully call tile attention of the trade to the following Standarrl Brands of Manufactured ToBacco : POUND8I I AND I :I INCH. WINK SAP, GOLDEN SEAL, GALLEGO, P.H.EMIUJIJ, l!IORl'fiNG FOUR Ao;E, REDM8RE, WINSTON, HENRY <.O TWIN 818TEK8, T.AIILY HOI ROYL. 8'! tUQ>AKD, eM. AND DARK-4a, Sa, A .ND DOUBL,.; T -tiCKS. PEARl., DEW D lOP BO.ftODJIIrA, PEABODY, CIIAMP-:lNE 'VATER DIABEM, BLACKR Ro,' JlilA KL-.G, YACHT CLl-'B, AP.H.OPO!i, et<>., 9 AND 6 INCW. 'GAME COCK AND HENRY ::o. ROUGH AND REA.JV IN DRL"M:S. Ot)LL Y VARDEN, A rLAl!l.fJC CABLE, BONA <'IDE, CIIAMPAGl!fE, FOUR ,\< . FAN<;Y L JCHT P.lESSED, e-tc. EL E3l11Eil.L..OA, PIGMY OPTL'IIA, L l BUFFALo PAN C..UUC, GOLbEl hODS, GOLD D A B etc:.' .And a large of other in 11 and 12 inch lbs. Dark and .J) BY THE B .&fOB LITB06BAPBIC COMPANY, LITHOGRAPHERS, i .!1 34 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, ... AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. F. W. TATGHKHORST, THOMAS IIIIICUTT, T 0 B A C C 0 K.enteky ancl Vtrpnia GDIIlAL DIIISSIU liB CHAIT. Leaf Tobacco 68 .. ROAD STREET, NEW YORK. .o. sa Broad Street, NEW YORK,.. CUTHRIE .t. CO., ,_GERARD, BETTS &. OKKISSION MERCHANTS, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS,. !Ifill Ji'BON!l' BTJU!UlT, uno 'l'OB.AGOO ra MR81 *Tobacco preeaed In balee for the Weot Indl .. i;dcan and OeDual.AmericanPorta, ondothermarketo: A.."fD Commission Merchanta_, A D CBOCKLB1 NEW YORK. 'tOLD SLIP. I t J CO:rrutiSSION MERCliANT, And Leaf Tobacco Dealer, = RD. 168 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, llavwaa'bacoo .Allo, corner and Cary Streets, IU(l]IJIOJID, Va., 8o11oit. Con.RirDJilenb fOJ" 'he w York Houae. Paver Cigar Tobacco ... --j. B. hMau-ro J .u. G PDno; Pemberton & Penn, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, lti'ln a long u:perimce ;, the ousiness, cf'er lluir llrllias to jill orders for Ll4/ Q,... TobacCo, DANVILLE, VA. COMMISSION MERCHANTS Pride of Henry county, I :t-r Colorado, Black Tom, ,MANUFACTURED :a:=e ALSO CigB.:a. .. .,!l AND I BA VB TO 80 FRONT smET, NEW YOEK. 133 Water and 85 Pine Streets, ll ew YoJ.Ok. SOLE AGENTS IN NEW YORE: Pro:--ice L-ist, ad-dress-or a-pply _as abo-ve. FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, <, FOR 'Fruits and Flowers, Commonwealth, Planters' Pride Et,c., Etc. SMOKING TOBACCOS ALSO, AGENTS FOR Plug Tobaccos -E. ROSENWALD &: BROTHER, IKPo::a -r:m::as or SP.4.Nlsa:, -AND PACKERS OF .DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, ciGAR RIDB01!1'8 } s w t s t t N y k eonotently on haDd. 14 a er ree ew or STRAITON & STORM, lLUiliF 01 SElG-AR.S, .A.:t'i"D DBALERS IN LBAF TOBACCO No. 191 PEARL New York J JOIQ" BI'&Al'I'OII. _, _, -......1:!--QBQB(IB STORK. PRENTICE'S CIGAR UOtTLDS. QHAS. E. HUNT; HAVANA LEAF, TOBACCO A N niOM R s Kentucky &. Virginia ALSO o THe wm KNOWN LJAF TOBACCO BrandSOfCigars'LaCarolina'&'HenryClay, 99 PEARL IT NEW y0 K Ag't for 'TELECRAPH' Brand. ., 187 W"ater St., N.Y. 1 --.. D J. GARTH, SON & CO., .l.l)()t.PII ....._ 8tne0 UliZDBima; (Successora to CHAR.LBS B. & .Co ) STRmiN Commission Merchants, NO.' 44 BROAD ST., 4 D.]. Garth, 1 D 0 E S T l C Cbas. M Garth, NEW YORK ""llli'OilTUS o Hnry Schroder, FOR.EZGJr TOBA(iC(J I 76 Front Street, N. Y. 173 Water St.., 173 Water st. N.Y. I CARPLIS, N.Y. / J. M'. LA URILLARD, IMPORTER OF HAVANA CIGARS XOBdCCO BBOXBB. DEAL-ER Ill DOMESTIC CIGARS, AND ALL 011 LEAF .TOBACCo. DomQt.:c taken on Comm iasioo and advaDCea 1 ? mado thereon. ROTTERDAM, HOLLAND. And Dealer in allldn4a of TOlSACCQ, 162 PEARL ST., NEW YORK _CHAS. F. TAG & tON, !"'porters of SPANISH, and Dealenln allllllldlr of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front St-reet, YOU. -----9. N & CO LEAF TOBACC(\. 178 PEARL PtM GAd C,Idpr 1t....U, ns'IAT auJr.uni; t 'LTir'W VQ'D u ....... l lla!l1-N. L!CBEN!RUCB & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, WHOLitSALK DaALKRS IN HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf' Tobacco. E. 4 G FRIEID & CO Leaf' Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, EDWARD F&m:NI:, t NEVI YORK. M. WESTHEIM & CO., PACI:E.II OP Seed-Leaf and Importers of Havana Tobaooo, 17'1 P-rl Street, NEW YOIUL -E. M. CRAWFORD & CO., TOBACCO AJID Qi)ommhtti.o-n 168 WATER SffiEE'I', NEW YO:S:It, H mt oa oate an lkiAde ol 1..1 Toblcoo for .Ezport and Homo UN. U'f'l'l.N litH & .H.IiUTH.Im KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACCO, 48 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. WILLIAM M. PRICE &. CO., X. Pares 1 '!i", A. JAYNJI!. ( NEW. YOIUE. JOB. MAYER'S SONS, *trtbats, .un> l>&AL8II8 .. Loaf __ Z-2!1 W" .ATBR 8TBBB'E, New York. -SPIICIR BROS. : a CO CODISSIOI' KERCliANTS, DealersiR Leaf' Tobacco ll o. 7 5 lllaiden Lane, NEW YORK. T 11. C. C. SPENCER. A SPENCE& M. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS, CLA11EIIVILLil, TJ:NN, ..


. )IA.Y 21 BIIIILL, MANUFACTURER OF SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Ouali&J..of CEDAR WOOD. ALSO, DEALER IN CIGAR. MOULDS. 293, 2915 297 Monroe St., YORK. WK. .AGNJ:W t1J sOli'S, !obaooo and Oommissio11 liS4. and Front St_., NEW YOBK. Leaf Tobneeo for Export. and RDJU Ia L6af Tobacco baled in any pl(kap b7 ic pres& for export. .. LA FEBME." !. MDJ.JfiSTON & 481lROAD AND 4 8 lrEW STB.E.:T, SOLE .AGEN'I'a Fb&. I'D E: TOBA" VO_lLEA.Fi & JOHNSQN,. 166 WATER STREET, \ Bt.,.eea lll&lclea x-e aDd Sllp, 1\1:&\N .6JID .JOBIIRS OP ALL o LEAF Tobacco Commission No. 170 Water Street, New York.L. PALMER A H. SCOVILIJf, cOnnecticut Seed-leafWraJ>per of our own paoking DEALER IN LEAF TOB2\:CCO, 213 PEARL STREET, -NB'W FORB. HERMANN BATJER & BRO., .A.1fJ) IliiPOR.TER.S OF CLAY PIPES, WATER-STREE't NEW-YORL tLOBENSTEIN & -GANS,!i IMPORTERS OF .:,of -CIGAR DIOV.LDS, P :azs STRAPS 0 .. A .. ND CUTTERS,. lOl l!A.IDEN NBW YOBL AOEN'"rS FOR THE OF ALL''I'HE STANDARD BUNDS 8F' YIIIINII & NORTH.CAROLINA IANUPACTUBBD & SIOKIIG TOBACCOS Agents for the following well-known Virginil\ and N. Carolina Manufacturers : ROBERT W. OLIVER, Richmond, Va I Wll'fGF!ELD & LAWSON, R iehm.-!, Vo. D C. HA Y.O & CO IUollmood, Vo. WO l'IAC K & INGRAM, Meadsv ille, Va W. J GENTRY & co_ IUchmond, Vo. W. DUKE, Durbam, N C. MAYO & KWIGHT Rlchii'LOild, Va. R. T. FAUCETT, Durham, N.C. HARDOltOVI!:, POLLARD & C6., Richmond, Va. COOP5P. & WILLIAMS, O>:foau1hter, .p,, aad .l(a. D.C. }fayo&Co., N'avy "a, and }{a P. F.,ln whole, Sallie Willie, 3 and 3 Plu&' Twiat. and Jt caddies. Sollie Willie, Fig. D. C. Mayo It Co ., ]5, 4S. and 1011. Inv i n cible, FiC W. J. Gentry & Co., N avy, xs, ,.Its, P. P 's, Oriental, Fig, m tin foil lb. bozes, faocy. and to's. Charm, 6-inch Twist, in tin foil, )t caddie&. Mayo & Kmaht, Navy, s, ))s, J(s, P P s & long lOS. CJlarpar, 6 aad 12-illch twiaL _.......,.0 b f d v tb Lusc10u a W e ed, 1r-1n c h In aga o n, Ms. )(s, aa ,.a s. Cha s. Jr., 9ach Gold'llllg. VI s\n ia's Choice. Ambrosia, lbs. Gold Medal. h:ion. Oliver's Choice lb.J. Olhe. Rose. Old Ken tuck, lbs. Star Reward oflndustry. lba. Oli\'er s Choice. Virginia Belle. Pride of the Nation, Jbs Nugget. Pioneer. the Nation. Harvea t Qoeen, P P'a. Duke' s Durham. Dandy Lion. Farmer Choice, .Ke, }{s, P. P.. Faucett's Durham. Particular attention given.. to putting up special brands for S _OLE use of owners T. H. MESSENGER a:. CO., IHPOBTERS AXD DEALERS IN 'l'QD.ACCO, CIC .. 6..'S.S, LICo:a:;c:a: .A.n.c'l :M:a.n. -ufa.o"" .Eh.1pplle.e. PA.STE LICO.R,JCJI:, I 'l'Ol'lq11A BEAl\'11, I SI!IALHIIG WAX, OWDIDKED LIOORICID, EXCIIlLSIOR KNIVES, FLAVORING JtXTRACT -16 I MAIDEN LANE. CIGAR IIOULD PRESSES 1: STRAPS. ..L & P. B B. 0 ., ltT I Ferme Russian Oigarettes. OF Cttar-Cntten i all other lacliiniry for lantfaotnrin! Ci!ars; IJIPOHTEftS OF GERMAI CIGAR MOULDS. DAVIDSON BROTBIRS, HAVANA and SEED LBAF I TOBAOOO,. 1.-5 Water Street, Near Ma i den Lane NEW YORK. Chas. T. Seymour IMPORTER '()F ; v And Dea l e r in Leaf 189 Pearl street. New York M. W. & 88{). ... FOX, DIJJ,S & 00., SUCCESSORS '1'0 EGGERT, Dn.LS A:sD IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. !75 STREET, NEw YoRK. LEVY 57, 59, & 61, Lewis St., bet. Delancy & Rivington, II NEW YORK. ;a W. mEUCBS, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR BOXES, AND l}{PORTER OF GEUIAN ClUB OULDS. DLU.U ld Ciu:arIBild Pre&Ses, and Cutters, 2158 SOUTH STRE,IT, N. Y. SCHMITT A STEINECKEf :atX&D. Segars & Leaf Tobacco, Importers of and Dealers in Leaf' Tobacco JULIAN ALLElf --! SeedLeaf a.nd Ha1U& 172 WATER STREET; New York. Leaf Tobacco. Old Cun11e rlicut W.ORTE1!8 OJ' H VA AND' DEALERS IN DOKESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 203 PEARL STREET, :NEW YOilK CITY. Bo-wery,.Ne-w York. 162 Water St., New York. ---. ....... UFIANN BROS. & BONDY, J SCHMITT. R. STEINECKE. A. a CO.,. Commission Merchants, I .E. SPINGARN & CO., MANU! HAVANA & D0ilisTJC TOBACCO No.5 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR WATERS TREET, AND BEA LD.!I IN ALL DEBC'Bl'PTI.Oif!!l O.r LEAF TOBACCO: 197 DuaDe-atreet, \ New .. JYort. (licar manufacturera oarticul&rly favO!'IId. 1-J. GAS81Ul'l!, tr. L ....... EUCEN E ou C is II h NE'W-YORK. 3. L. CIASSIDtl' & -0., omm sson ere ant ....... mx. lUOCII,UUO. ..... .... ,.QUI! roB 'I'B1I o COMMISSION MERCH.ABTS AN]))).ALD!Il{Ju.XIm>.o T 0 D .4. C C U, ROBRT E. CO., L -" T b 'liS FBONT St., NftD YorJI. 3i BEAVU STBEE'l', NEW YOBX, 81U 0 aoooj Tobllcco of alll!tyl .. an4 Qaalll:l-. e. Dealers in all kinds of. b. :::::;:,York. J.W, LEAF TOBACCO, IMPORTER OF D. t 1''5UPERIOR DE JOSE iARIAVICHOT," 147 WAS S'l'. NEW YOmt B.lVliA LUF TOB.ACCQavommu.ton ?5"trtaan -., -I KEY w:sT FLORIDA: AND oF THE BRAND oF .uD IJtilaS Ill .w. -Of 'l'D .A.NonOB OIGAB r AC'rOBY. w. J HOOD CBS&. G. c. ... DEGBNHARDT. CICARS "RITICA," w..A.TEB-8Tll:lll!IT, .LEINKAUF & POLLAK, .w. J.'HOODLESS & CO., uan Pearl St. New York. llawoal&leaii-GfLUI''l'OUCCOforlal'OM MA!IlTPACTURBRS OF iNATIONAL -;A Till.&;, Fine Cigars, TOBACCO INSPECTiON, .&,iC. L.lbrna, l. P. 0. U.UL &, (), L. & O, MEIER, FORWARDING ...., Commission Merchants, No. 43 Beaver St., New York. ll02 CHATHAM STREET, 17, 19, 21,13" 116 Whit.eball Street, I IJO'OBl'BB o J. UINICAIIP, NEW YORK -J. I'OLLAL 'll'oot oCBroa4'way,' KEW 'YORE. WILLIAM WlCKb e "' WM. WICKE a Co.,. AddrNabyPoet, P. 0 Box,61n. A S BOSIIBAU .tL CQ BpeJIALBB '" ..: to foreign countrt.e. -IMPORTERS OP D 0 M ES T I c HAVANA TOBACCO ill GI&ARS, HEYMAN & LOWENSTEIN L f T b ])w.DII lN SUD I.iAF TOUCCO, comssmw uncHAN'fS, e a o a c co No. MAIDEN LAKE ANDDEAt.ERsrN NEW YORK. LEAF TOBACCO W Street, CARL UPIIANN, TOBACCO ( AND HIWL MIBCBAIT. lSS PEABL S'l'UE'r, P. 0. Boz 2969. NEW YORK, NEW YORK. 99 Maiden Lane, N 1---------------------. 1 A. H. GARDOZO & CO., L. CERSHEL A BRO.,. .. WhoieaaleDea!enlDBavauaadDomeotlc Tobacco & Cotton Factors, ..... Alao all Kinds of Leaf Tobaoco, No. 86 M.A TDEN LANE, KIW Y. "'"""'-" Lewis Maddux, Lookout Na:v.r Half P ounds. H. C.lLi.dd.IU, Nav7 Half Poo.oda (1 lb. .:0.'* Lewis M8ddu, Loo .tAlt doablethid:. Nnybal-po.....,. R C. M addux, :NII'fY Pocftt Plecw Madd_p.x, Lookout double thic k Navy 3 a c ross,_ H. C. Maddux, P iec ee C5 Lewt!l MadduxJ Looko1.1t d ouble thlck Navy o4 across. H. C. Maddux, D Navy liaJ.f ....... joseph G. Dill, Tloe Pet, p.,....ds (5 lb. boxes) osep h G. Dill, The Pet, Pocket Pieces, oseph G. Dill, Mi ss J en oie, J.i&'ht Pressed (Twias), 1 oseph G. DiH, Butterfty Twi,c-,. J J o s eph G. Dill. Plum Ca b Pocltet Pieces (medhna br!Pt). SMOKING BRANDS : nklq, Jooeph' G ,Dili,GipsrQuoen(bright) I S=ki.J>s, Joseph G. DIU, Aades. SPECIAL TY--MA.ltUF..tCT1lRED AlYD SMOIUNG TOBAU:O, Manufactured unde r Specia l Brands for the who\eaale M. ST ..&CBBLBBR& a: MANUFACTURERS OF "LA: NORIANDI" & "LA PEBPEO!O" CI&ARS, AAd ot :Eu.ct --o lAaclin&' Imported Brands. Hand-ma4e O!Pft es:claavely, ALSO, DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. 257 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK AUEBB!OI (IEIDE FINE ANI) DEALER Ill LEAF No. 168 FRONT STREET, The atteaUoa oC the mr GERMAN AMERICAN BANL'r: BBOADWAY, corner of Ceiar Stra,t, NEW YOciX. Capital, DRA \Y.S -LS OE CHANG ues.LEITERS QE. CREDIT llnileW M II pringpai places abroad. Accounts and Corrpondence of Merchants, Banka, Baaba, ... 0. H SCHR.EIN Cashier. EJriiL SAUER, Pree'fe Wll. P afi"l'!tE))(fE. Wltl. P.. Krr.rREDGE & Co., TOBACO CODISSION mCHANTSt i Agents for the Popular Branas of Virginia. Tobacco, 71 &: 73 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. CHAS. E. SPIER. & CO., .:-_.._ -SOLE AGEIITS FOR e UNITED s:rATES AND CANADA&, OF' OSE:NBBUCK a CO'S, \, MOULDS, 7 I J .PHN STREET, NEW YORK. e WEIBLE & ROBINSON'S l'ATENT SMOOTH CROSS-eUT CIRCULAR SAW, This Saw cuts tZny kind of Wood as smooth as PlaNd, alft! sa ves Time and Labor; particularly useful for CIGAR-BOX MANUFACTURERS. For Saw and Sho p Right a_fply IP C. B. LICHTIENBERC, Detroit, Mich., oratmy office, a 18 9 PEARL STREET, NEW YORKE. SALOMON M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAP',. AND IMPORTERS OF and CigQ-:rs, 85 MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. A. HEN & CO., U .l.iberty Bt. it to be extensively countercion. p urc h asing W. T. BLACKWELL' S BULL my Tude Mark. _ANTONIO GONZALEZ, IMPOiiTIII OP' HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO A.ND L. CABV AJAL'S CIGARS, 167 Water Street, New YeJk I J.D. HUNT, COMMISSION. MERCHANT. ALL RINDS OF O.igars a.nd Leaf Tobacco. Ohioago 0 GEO. F. FOY & CO., 85 B. .. In Cases of i o aaa roo Jba. No. 4. 7 Broad Street;. y'"'lt ED. WISCHMEYER & 'l'O:SACCO OOMMISSION MEROHANTS 49 SOUTH CHARLES. ST ... .BALTIMORE. ADVAJICEIEUS lADE 01 COISIGIIEITS. 0FFICE : :1. B. BBB.&MAII'lW; 133 Water Street, New York. ------CODISSION KERC:EtA.n. C. Packer .a. Dealer In TOBACCO BROKER Leaf Tobacco: PADUCAH, KY., 148 Front. Street, NEW YORK.,


-.'PbUadelphia .. -.lP;Sm;tJa Jboa.A 1 ...:............ .. To :a.&. coo; ... ..,_ ... 1 ., ... .DMI ... fa a...... eaa RACI! 8TRI!I!T. PHILADI!LPHIAt STEWART MARKS, RALPH A CO., Manufacturers of Ralph's Scotch Sn.utr, --_, AND FINE CIGARS"" 11tl .. J!lia:s:T.a ......... -. P...Mar... -llal!>lt. }eM W. Wood!ide, SotmiH:l A H endrickso n. Packers, CommissJpn MerChants, and Wholesale Dealers in Po:ralsn Leal' Tobacco, -H7 North Third ladelphia. DUI.Kil.I!IIN A_ F ':I:' o :B.A..-o o o,. And anllfsqturers of all Qrade' of Cigars, "o. 9 Water St.,Fhlladsl.JI.,Ida, Pal! WOODW Awn, GARRETT a; CO., (hccellors to Woodwtl'4, :Bro. t Co.,) \ IOUOCO 1U14 ll--.1 COWOll XDCJWITB, St;. and NorlhDela"War<> Avenue, Ph1la. I SOLE EASTERN AGENTS FOR Z. 'l!oDrook,7r' Celel>roted" .lo!ONITOR" Navy, lbo. aDd 3ds.; aloo bls Golden Banoer, Flyi"'l' Top Gallant and Union Jack!. and sds.. B. C. B..n.-lr' Cele'brated "B'enriett:l" Navy, lbs. aed 3 ds. A. BOYD & WMOLESALE .DEALERS IN MAm!CTBm m LIAP TOBACCO, t: I 33 SOUTH ST._ BALTIMORE. THOll. W. CBOJUIIl. j H. wu.xEWs & co.9 MoNUMEIT.A.L CITY Tos.acco Woa:&s, lto. l8l WIB'l' PBA'1'1' B'l'UI'l', UL'l'JKOU, MAN\JFACTURERS OF ALL Iltlfl)S 01' SMOIIIG AID CBIWIIG TOBACCO -S. M. FALK, & CO., 143 Water Street' New York. -GEO. P. UNVEIUAGT. GEO. HERCKHOF:F-& 00., DEALERS IN COWCTICUT, HAVANA. ill YARA liW TOBACCO, AND MANm':A.C'l'tmDS OF CIGU.S. No 49 8 CHARUiS STREET, FRltD'K V r u::EN S FREn' K K.LI&R .sc. Br,n:a, Leaf' Tobacco G. CJIESXE. ED. NI.EIIA.NN. GIESKE Bt, NIEMANN -AND 1 COMMISSION MERCHANTS, TOBACCO FACTORS And Oommissicm Merchants, SOUTHERN AND WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. RICHARD MALLAY. JAMESMALLAY. Henry Besuden & Bro., R:MALLAY 1: BRO Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, LEAF TOBACCO. II& and 117 Weat Front 161. 163, & 165 Pearl Btre.t, Between Race uti Elm, OINOIN:NATl 0. CINCINNATI. LOWEJ\fTBAJ. a CO., MANUEACTUR]RS. OF -FINEGARS, ANI> :OE.ALDS m LEAF TOSACCO, 112 WEST THIRD -STREET. e-tNCtNNATt, OH eg South Charles St., near Pratt Baltimore. Md. 78SouthCharlesSt.,Baltimore,Md. STRASSER & CO., KROIN, FEISS & CO., (Successors to LOUIS STRASSER,) MANUFACtURERS OF CIGARS, W BRESE... a. co AND DBALERS JN I L ., '' LU!', l'L'C'G, AND BKomtG 'l'OUCCO, 87 G.A Y STREET, Smotcrs' and lmD. Havana MAN ACTURERS OF HOFFMAN, LEE & CO., TOBACCO II.A.Y 21 Hartford LRDA C. WELLES & CO.; DKAL'Eili IK C.ONN. SEE-D LEAF j .154 State Street, '' OOI'ftlro B. 4 z. K. COIDIISSIOX .And n.ler I.D COIIECTICUt IEED LEAF Tob.aooo, 8t&te It Hartford. CoDJL L. 4 F. SISSOI, Packca and Dealen in OONNEOTIOUT SLED r.tAF T.OB.&CCO,. 4 No. 13.4 s:rREE_T, Ull-1 ... Hartford, Conn. "" WOODWORTH & 8TRONC:1 Dealenln LEAF TOBACCO, No.217StateSt., H.iBTFORD, CT. BAL'!.IXOD, KD SOUTfiiWEST COR. FIFTH AIID WALNUT STS., 'o CINCJ:NNATI, OHIO. Go ldea Navy, lbo. 1 also, hia Brlgbt Pouudo, Pine Apple Sweet Caven. I dish and Pocket Piecea, Al\ea'hany Nav y tL. &' Pride oC the VOlley," Brt. s' and Golden FlAke (light pre C -OIIISSiiJN liRCHA.NTS, 113 l'1ue, l<lmon, K4. CIGARS, R. _A, CHAPMA.N, WE authoriae SIGHT D.RAFT for amouat ofT AX MORRIS & with BILL OF LADING to aad will "0-..mSION Vli'Df'llJ 'u, m s. .LI I make further CAS!:fadvaaces on receipt of Tobacco. lJ I1II1JJ) a.l.ll\I.DJU't\ 1 1'. r Eor Rou,.h and Ready Twists, 6 and uin. OK A -z. l;..)'oaa & Co. Pride of Durbam." L 1'. "Gold u Eureu Durham, 2 oz 4 oz.., 8 oa. aDd 1' OL 53 West Fourth Street, '" Dw.DIK CINCINNATI. oHIO. Connecticut Seed Tobacsot__ _M_D_OW_E_I_t_&_C......._O __ :L. w. GU'NTHEB.\ 'LE F 08 C _CO M. c ., GcnldG B.Wotto.JameoW.WohlllploD.J.. A.Goal4 BROKERS, nmD AD DIIIL CBIRIIII UCBDTS. s. ;.,: = o. EAST HARTFORD; CONNECTICUT. WElL, !'Alm' &. CO., G. W. GBA .a:;s, IL\JIUOCTUttERS or .as Worth Water at., Philadelphia, Pa. PluC), e-oiiiSSiOJ IERCBAJTS HENRY MEY ..b.:.H, gentS for the sale of all kinds of Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos .& Liberal to my 81 Ez ... ___ Place 1 addresL o......_., COMMISSION MERC14AIIIT, BALTIMORE, MD AD4 Wholeo!l.le DO ... ".. --..u::...... ,. ... U 'W"; iiJW, liE -f"ln.ll IUDA '"U ., .,.;. lf'Tl .b7Marburw!boa o frlcoll.beLlbnnlUl in LEAF TOBACCO" 716 NORTH SECOND STREET, oreo.. L 11 'D 'RACCO "tli'Tt'"TTIGID{I _. ABoVll CoATEs, PHILADltLPHJA, BRANDS. Jl..l' D .ll11.U \1 4!ll)1 w AREilou WHOLESAL& .......... "' 4 vi.GIN Vbacr:es. lO:\E J.(CK BROWN DICK 12th LYl\CliJ;U R'. Y A .. R P HAMILTON. S. W. VENABLE & CO., DeALERS :IN LEAF AND MANUFACTURERS 0/t PLUG Y .A. Deal..,.w Jab an a anb J :eaf .. ._tgECTICUT L&#J TOaAOOO :... 20 Haapclea Street, ', SPRINGFIELD, USS. Lo1118Ville Advertisements. G. W. WI C K S & (.; 0., l! facturen' Agt:nta for H l ,; l f Vfr&lnla,. M issouri, and t:entL!CkY \ Alto Dcslere in LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, :102 MAIN STREET (Between Sd and t h ; w. W: l L.ou1-.ille. K:r N Fuu f P. F. SEKONIN & cr, LW TOIACCO BBDDBl Main St., LOUISYILLE, KY. WALL, A DAY,,. MASON, FLACC BEEM 11, AdYertisementa. Cofumi&sic_n 1\ltercban S, WBOLESA.! DEALUS" IN-: THa &AL" 07 Pll!i, & Smokin[ Tobaccos. KcELltOY mtO'l'liERs, : 1 -J cxGAas. !Rerchant& IT. LO!JIS. KO 156 _Ave., Cl:\icago. WIGHT & STEVENS, Com.m.lssioa. Merchants, Jobbers of SPANISH And Pa,c'kers of' Domut-tc-"Leaf' Tobacco Dlichigaa Avenue, TBI JOBBIIG BOUSE OF TBI WIST. P. B. GBBNJI.&RDT a CO. OF, xo6 LOCUST STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO., Having completed arrangements, have located a branch at 1'5 BA.IDD LA.:NE, NEW YORK. and are n o w manufacturing all their choice BRAl'DS OF CIGARS, at the a b ove -mentioned place. BUCHAIII-&. LYALL'S TOBICCOS,'j :a4 BROAD STREET, BOSTON, .MASS C. O. HOLYOKE, COKJIISSION KERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBAOOO, :1.2 Central Boston. Ferdinand Westhoff; Jr., .AGENT .AND 'Forwarding Ke:cha.nt, BB.J!!TJ!N, THOMAS D. NEAL, TOBACCO BROKER; GERMANY.,. E. D. Christian & Co., ... IHioaMercalltaf'oPte"Pucllaue"of .. AMES M. WISB, (Formerly of W IS E BltOTHERS), Lock Box 1B71 BICIUtOND, Va. Ha!l larg e experience m Lea:f Tobaeeo of Oden to buy respectfuUy solicited aoo pro mptly filled. Refers 'oy_perrn.isaion, to Wm. T Sutherun. Esq., J W. & C. G B olland tohn H. Pemberton Esq. Da.JJville, Va W Yarbrough & Son L Jl .f!'rayzer,Pres"t Natio nal T o II.CCO Association,] B. P ace, F .sq., M essrs. Wise Brothers, D ]. W ill iamE Esq., Richmond, Va If VIRrnNIA lUF TOBACCO," e RICHMOND, VA t"OBA..CCO EXC:U:a..NGE, COMMISSION MERCHANT 1 Richmond., FOR THE PURCHASE OF J LBAP 'Z'OBJJ.OCO, I


MA LOUIIYILLE LW TOIACCO IEALERS AND COMMISSION MEIICIIANTS. EARLY :NOTICES OF TOBAi:JCO IN things have great affirtity. His demonstration of its ENGLANJ). hurtfulness reads like anJ extract from the astrologer Zadkiel being a herb of Mars and Satum, Tlll!.OORE SCHWARTZ & 00 ....... Cutting1111d Jfano1acturiDK Lear. Wll. 0. HEIER & CO., ............ Leaf Tobacco CommiMioo Merchants. LOUI S FRANCKE ........... Lear Tobacoo Comm i Mion Morcbant. I. 1. U SHER & PftAOOFif ........... Cutting an.J. 1IIODuCacturinl Leaf. ....... _.!!!!!!!!!!!!!_ 1 Alm CLAltll: .......................... Cutti116 a1IAI ManufaetmiJig Lo!af. WOLFOLK & GLENN ................... CUtting an4lllanuf a ctwing Leaf. W ;r GRANT & C O ............ ......... Jlanulacl=ngLeaf. FINLEY & BARBOUR ......... ... Cutting aDd Leaf. SUTRO & NEWMARK, fAco a Wat L ... _A.AaoM KAHIL -- & A 7 WElL, K A.HN & CO.t I propose to group together in this paper, says a and its poysonous fulsome attractve nature froru Satwra, writer iu Cope's Tobacco Plant, a DUfTlber df reference!' the common UM of it in pipes is very i11jurioua to &l to tobacco, taken from the plays and satirea of the sort:,s -of people, but more espec iaU, to th( female sex century. I have come upon most of t:1ese Gay in "Shepherd's Ifl., IOOBICE PA.STB AND THB UNDERSIGNED OFFERS TO THE TRADE e UCOB!Jt 300'1' Am) !!I '!'OLLOWING mwmS OF LICOIUCIl'.U'l'l V. ABAZ A8C A. SJD'DUARDL "' 4JIOLLO. J)mBCT IKPqllTATIONS FROM TtiRX&Y AND SPAll'f, QUALITY GUAAI FACTORIES. t CIGAR MANUFAClORY 1 D. HI RSCB. & CO., HJ:W RU&L-iole Proprte!ora ot the f cllow1D11'bf eem BraDd : 'D&VIANO, P<\IA'rAFF, l!"'wn&' '.lllll LION, --G.AM:B ROO,TP, 'I Hll PKUCAlf, l'OWBR Oi' l'XSHimi,_ BIG THING, TIIB OOa.n...N .&AGLIL .A. LICIITENSTEifi & BROTHER, MANU FACTURER S FIBrE CIGARS, .And Dealen 1n LEA!' 'l'OEACCO, lfos. 34 and BOWERY, EBTABLISUED .. COPIDAGU lbnllfactutecl onlr br WEY AN BOTHEll, Secured hv \,ette rs Patent, December 26, 1 865. An =r.meciton be pros NEW YORK o r RAenK, CoNGRlipe and in the snuff-box, may be ph let is entiileif, "Sunacco appears in Est:abllshed. -1834.. them both fr o m and for 1tht: space of the fOlio CQDectiOtl ot'llts w:orkii o the t.68o three or f our dmes. ete .), i;IJt>' do n know i ear 5 ape "The :'leturne from Parnass':s" w a s opg,ina 1ly pub46 hed. The. seven cardioaJ w ;t s .published anonymously and the c.opy have used sins appear one by one before tlie tJi cDf uemA is datele;s It was by the students in and r e count been doing in tbe St. Colledge In Act I. Scene earth for the extens16ll o f htskmgdoro. Pluto rrrakes II., characters are gtven of, 1fen Johnson, that one thing is sti w ani:.inlf to. transl:Drm low, D,rayton, M arston J together w1th earth Ill tO a copy of heil and_.that. is the Introduction of other and dramatists of the tobacco. The Moors iQas-, M __ Ehzabethan age. It con l arns many refer c oAweri.!:aa Bfack-.:jrbar .ia"bacco. In "Actus IV., Scena I.,'! the characters ar.e poer f ooles with do ather thus placed ;-''-fir.Radp;jclle and Prj digo It man:bane8weed,.,ner of the stage, Rea,der ana Amorello at the otlier. T-o t o me tha t a m their father." Two p a ges s ci#(ffl'g "of:J!6a. P :il-P..ifi.s.' The fV.CIItiiei\-0&.acco with opium and from was mtroduced on the afterstru-ctive dtttg'5 seem to !lave "been contmOn t anq mstances from the early dramas have been traveli!r of tlJe.u.sixtee rilfr iln C!!l rr, given by the writers In the.sej: C&m'truiw;.iin his ttlib\ated scene of Act III., smokmg IS to as o!le of ..,the into by John .Molle (folio, x6:u), speaks of to-oi: curren man of fasll1on! and IS c?ul?led 15e seen grow i ng in many throughwtl!l thaJ of weanog lock to prove ? ut Eurb e : He uotes Jerome Benz q, a s saying a scanda to the Pun tans. gms to 1n t ere be am on!!: -them some that take so. stz:e dewlt a m 1if 1 1 seilses beinA' all over00111e m':,st take and must weare a loc1te. made d. run e wtth e 5ame,....t.iley flu o she Wo _for Chimney ?r a Warnmg a amst as if I hey were dead, ap.P.tb lij tn Q\! r ,pr e Hog part cif the __,..._aw_, year ,lt as fWWOW41re, "..&ame1 y ar the same lMJ:te y bave been unlformly regular and oL u:celleot q.Wity. Yoeoro Very Jll.espedfull:r, !Signe d l P. LORILLARC) CO.' SMOKING ON TJni.OMDU GROUND.The Lo$n T81grapll is down h" the people who smqke on the Underground. Railway in that city : "We ..-e glad to see that the Metrooolitan Railwa y company are renewing their law proceedings against the selfish or thought less persons who will pl!rsist i 1 smoking on the line. A publican named Pearce, has been fined ros. and costs at Hammersmith for smq_king i11 a carnage, and four others w ere fined smaller' amounts. Some persons defend their violation of the Compan}''S rules by the excuse that they always cease smoking if a lady comesinto the carriage But Ire eil that they do a.l ays for sale ial,ots to auit purchasers. XdliD:a&W, 5& Water 111'. Y. over any part. bf the Metropolitan route Some people pretend to think that, because they are in a North Western or ea"t Wfl'ftm smoking on the Me tropolitan rail hey elm do as they please ; but this claim has been frequently upset by the magistrates, arid should nobody .. we that all the passengers on the hn-e onld untte agamst the recklessness of the few men who, for lbo sai'e Of. a minute s i ndul genr.e, infl ict considerable annoyance upon others. It may be said that smokers as well as non-smokers have rights. But a non-smoker who occlfl>ies a carriage for an hour does Dot, wll.en lie qu1ts it, behind an of fensive reminiscence of his pre3ence; and so his negative peculiarities are not on a l!!vel with the positive prao tices of his rival. Nor can it be forgotten that there 11rc smokers :mct-spittm'-; ttmt many who so indulge have another and an allied habit which makes the car riage-floor the reverse of favorable to the purity of ladies' dresses; and that o t hers use exercrably bad tobaeco..'' .anooymou of 'Llbac:co, a q a' arlo of s'everrty covere tliat "the ..1zy J.Qe ?If' to jlle pages. The au or f atli;lck folldwed tlte e oi brailie those a flle James-or rath<>r say lfttn be t'hin e tliat t e ouses J,hey .d hne to the "Coun:erblast" chd not apside dowrie-;-and' tl l a f the lpeo}'rle goe ttt ttte!Plreidil pear untll he had been Kmg of some yeats. downwards ft .up.warde." eneo "ffVe till The book is divided into sections, each s ron "De"ing earlv accaun o the manufacture 9 <;.ig fter called .to a Reason. The g { ii)St t he lla' 'uc aesirihe_si th-e dtying of the tobacco lea use of tobacco 1 s, the devil 1 s the dtscoverer and that "they take a leafe from trte 0 gr ., used l!.nd prac-bastard corn (which we comtnonly call.Tu -w eat oi' ttsed. says J, Ff., by 5arazln-wheat), together witlf one of these tabacoleaves not til u ed bJ:lJ.' s 1 .the was anll f"ld them up together like a coffi.n of paoer, such aa the first Mo.nardus Ill jl:rocers mak-e to RUt spices or like a small Ori&D bi olr) Furitan r ulers. They reappeared on the as a tobacco Only a ttle over montns sta e of the Restoration In Thomas Shadwell's "Virago poun of tob.acco was sold tn Dlll'ham' at : publisfiea take one instance-pubhc and to-day tt .bears eputatioii seco Miranda and Clari_nda fiil!g away Snarl's cane, llat, dto marlkedt m Cbarohnal. the MaJ'-o. and perwig,..and break his p i pes, because he takes unng sa e ays 1 as een a most 1m possible to pass: nasty tobacco and s tinks beTore ladies. on the streets on account of the throng ?f :wagops. We I & el "Jives after them ; they SpOil Y the carria ge for days ; and THE SciENTI S T S STILL As UNDEC!DED. A.UVER .-Ex-15!TrtHents, by Dr. Heubel, do not confifM ;e. Messrs Parns yon, prorowing influence pf th coffee-houses in seducing men pnetors !arnlers Wa rebouse, have sold from their homes, to sit together making mischief 100000 lbs 111 the last .eght sale days.. Thts foo_ts up and drinking "this boiled soo It was answered in no 5.!l!all .m connection wtth_ the uniform the same year by "T.he Men's Answer to the Women's and htgh pnces proves conclusively Petition." After speakin g of the providential intromarket IS place for farmers to obtam high,._:-...-:a_ ___ o:f FiDe o--. the smetLofstale t o bacco i s .&11&-.. -...-.--,. offens i ve even to habitual AND ftli.'.&S'BBa lll' AD llltAB..arrese.... snokers. It is said, why --_. an W Aa' A1WIV r sh o u l d not the company "Z BOWifi(Y', Jll'll'W YORX. 6> have special carriages ? Tjle ......... -.-.:Eiii-iiiiiil' reason is simple. At preslit ent the trains stay only a NOTICE. Cigar Bunching Table, undenlgne d i s p r e pared to fill orders. The ma.. whic h i5 unsu rpassed fo r i ts purpose, has b e e n nllcod '' '"''!i n t o and has mft the i r t o who m h e c a n r e f er. call a n d e xaml n e H and C igar Mauufa.cturer. {;ermany RTH, a6 O r chard Y. City few seconds at each station, and old ger. t emen, ladies ani children have little time enough to find vacant places itf: one of three classes. But i f smoking compartments added would be practically six ciasses, and the c0nfusion would be much more than doubled. Even ROW it is some times most painful o see ladies with children turned away from carriages o c cupied by men With a cigar and a falsehood in their mouth, who call out smoking carriage," when they know that the pnctice is not legal in any carriage of aiiy compftly to driok brandy, but also to IIIIO:ili: tobacco, which two TODleano after tiM rep11tecl date of the first iotroductioa of tobacco Into Eoglan 586. tBea Jonson '" Bartholomew Fair' moD.dou the IILIIl wbo pp1tos "&eD-tluaoa witll WRoco at oar tbeatre," ADVERT!SING.-The InJzde Track says some good t hings in the following article, which may be of practi cal value to some of our readers : An advertisement is not always valuable in proportion to the sp11ce it occupies. A short advertisement four times is better-than a very long one once. Brag is a good dog but Hold Fast is a better." A prominent once or tw i ce, will be effective if followed up by a card giving your business and address. Don't take dowa }.our sign in dull newspapers aU Urnes of the year If bUSiness admits of it, several small advertisements, with your name repeated every time, will avail more than the same' collected: with your name in only once. Don't fear to have a advertisement by the side of a larger competing one. The big one can't eat it up. Small advertisements and plenty of them good rule .. We were all babies 'once; yet we made constder

I 8 TIJE TOB.ACVO LE.A.t,. Tobacco Manufacturer. Licorice. LICORICE. CO., PASTE PASTE,LroWoER ROOT SWCBm nm TOBACCOS oo. SPECIALTIES B; 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, manu.fa.cturers and the_tmdem DE LANCEY CLEVELAND, gcneral,..are B a 0 E a NEW YORK, amine and rest tho supenor properties or .. Dei' to dltect the attention or-the Dealen in Tobacco this LICORICE, which, beingn&w 'lrought xsS PEARL STREET, N. Y. -aod the to the highest perfection, is uader CE r11111 A 18LACE fiNE CUT the above style of brand. TO:tiA.CCO BROKERS. LWM'!'Eu we ere also AGENTS !or &be THOMAS HOYT & CO f .i:\, .1( NVfACTIJ!lUS 01' t Fine Cut Chewing and SMoKING ToBAccos & 'SNUFF, CJn.'WDG TOBAC(l(), L ---a. _...,.. -a r.ilBD I ""!' which is 'being once 111ore under the imiiiCdiate supervi6ion of the originator, MR. JOHN ANDERSON aad uow as form erly, without a rival. Orden forwarded tlo.ougb. the aoual chandela will meet with prompt aftentioa. 1'. I'JiACICI, ... 1'. CJ. A. CJ. c::. .# Acknowledged by eonsu-mel1 to be tbe best In the market Ai:rct tor the brand of Licorice Stick ltlom. A-oo., l:n. B.ll. tespects equal to CALABRIA. -CATTOS & B,Ui.1tfE, No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. OUR BRA !IDS CHEWING 1 IONNYSIDE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, MANUPAC'I'VUA OJ' ALL GlADU OJ' flut Jmotdug, aa4 8talalate4 We. have no Consamere a.ndl----------......;.;Jobbers would do well to ap!lly direct. NATIONAL, BRIGHT 0\YEN, !.XTRA C: A VENDISH. o6 Pearl St., New York City. 'I' HOlUB BOlT. 'TOBACCO HARVEST'' to "SURPRISE" IN roiL IVANHOE JOLLY BOYS SMOKINQ, 174. Froaa suee1. New YOl'.._ L i corice Root, select and ordillary, oonstal>tly on hand. flllfZ & IRGUfiBIU, 21 & 31 SOUTH WILLIAM STREET j Aile '""' Tabak m cf'r!r. j TOBACCO BAGGING Lioorice PaSte and StiCKS. cr.&LL 1: BOGD, G. s. :; i J08BUII IN s! OO'l'A.'riON SPANISH LINEN W : S. _:. 'l'o'baooo, Cig&Z'-, OIJ-< FANCY STRIPES F. w. s. 'S"' @INUF'F ETC il Ste ""'---a. {So: !' !\.. And all kinds of Goods used for putting up rry .IOULW 33 IIMIIY STREET; COR. CHURCH, ; Smoking Tobacco, P. S. Baracco and Pignatella. CAnoo .. ... :OGAN. HOWARD SliGER & CO., De Rosa. 1Q6 .t. l07 Chambers St., New York. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills -------Powdered Licorice. Gum Arabic. J.JEPUf AND AGENCY Of tbe HIUlufact111'8 of D. A. SliOTWELL & 8011'1 Jolaoufaotaren of EDW AltD. DREYER,. I TOBACCO BROKER_ 46_ Beaver Street, NEW YORK. J. 8. C.AN8 & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, No. 86 WALL STBEBT. T()R'In: :BUILDD:G, NEW YORK. G. a AX, AND ALL sPECIALITIEs FOR roBAcco r PHILIP KELtAND MANUFACTURERS. TOBACCO BROKE'R. BALTIMORE, HERO and UNION Patent Powdered Liconce. ""'!it SlaG Pearl Street, New ll"ork. PJ .. &&AEPPKL, Apat. Fine Cut and Eoho Smoking J14 Ei(lhth. New York. GOODWIN & CO., Weaver & Sterry, IMPORTERS, Bllit'IIBY ao& MITII cmn moB.lCCO Nc, CEDAR STREET. ...,..... ,....,,..ol 1111._. U I PQWDEREtl lao 'lctla&QQ@ .. AND CIGARS, FtNaT quLITl'. 1'19 PEARL STREET, NEW :YORK. ,. CHARLii8 F. OSBORNE, JAMES_ G. OSBORNE1 _ro&e&cco Broker, Jlo M -O.&D STREET, NEW YORK. ClpN, and Cigarettes, 20'1. 209 WATER STREET NEW y R K at PMpkeepale, I o. 14-1 WeiR GIFFORD, SHERMAN & JNNIS EW vo"" D. E McALPIN & CO., 6<4_ .. 7 lllO WII.I.IAJ[.ST:B.EE-,;. uv-v HEWY -&RK. ::at. Rader & Son, TOBACCO BROKERS, S: B. MILLER & CO., 1'obacco Jtlanufactory, (FftER D. COLLINS, -PRES'T) Yir(in Leaf and Navy CHAS. BONDY SMOKING TOBAOOO. 133 PEAIL STUE'l', JLUCUPACTUR&R OP PiB az. &A:Jts; AND DF.ALBR Ill' ...::::;,.<..0 97 Col:um bia Street, MISCELLA,lfEQUS. JA_ COBY a C O., ITROPOLITAH l 07;209&2U, SOLE IUIIUFACTURERS:;: ISAillffiBS. tiGAB CJHII (lAR.D,-WE breut m&rluita of the worltl. FACTORY No.6. FIVTH DISTRICT. :mil W 1N K.A. 'r'l'SON, 1aa Al-oh. J'h:lla4elpb1 a, Gce:al Agent fof the Eastern and. Kl.4dll States, Dhlo and.l&hlpu. N.W YORK,: .umr .. cnrau .. Tll1l CELUll.l'I'D ._,_..; PIIOfl 7'oboeclo, lllftujf, a .... JI Flovr, .te. if':&. G. :0. ailler & Co. Chewing and Smoking MA.NlJII'ACTORY AND SALBilROOM, Leaf Tobacco, 63 BOWERY, NEAR CA.XAL...-1'1'; NEW YORK. ,, .. "----" EDWAltD SOLMAP.. SCHUJIACHER & Er.rLDTGEB., Practical Lithocraphera, the only -Genuine Atnerican Gentle-CORNER Of D AND JENTH STREET: lll'll. G. B. Miller .t Co. 1Caccaboy aau So.utf; A. H. Mickle & &ne' Forest _____ aa.e an, I Grape Tobacco; .U:re. G. B Miller Rewlne V .All orders promptly executed. VINCENT L. COOK, Manuracturer of all kiDda of f. A. GOETZE&: BRO. PINE-CUT D-HEWilfG JU.llur.OTtrRBIIII or AND SMOKINC TOBACCO. TOBACCO & SNOE'F. MA.MATTA TOBACCO WORKS, w ..... Street. nw You. CAMPBELLLANE & CO. MANUF1CTURERS OF rDB.lCCO .UD CIGARS, AlfD J)ltALJlU llf SNUFF, PIPES, etc., Factory and Salesroom, 169 L'O'DLOW STUE'r, DW YOU -' 2'obc&eC9 Ba.ggtng AJ'riD :BAGCJ.IIIQ MATB&IA%., t>f all Kind. Low .1-'nces lor Cub. SPANISH LIN.EI>', FANCY STRIPES Bleached and Twit.e and Thread, C. u fol Traveling B agt, Blankets, Jllll'lapo, .ottoa Bagsing, Maning and Dry Goodo A.NDR.EW 1 .1'-ST.ER &, CO., No. lOJ Chamben Street, New York. S. OBGLER;. Manufacturer of the best Brands of Fine Cigars, ALSO, PROPRIETORS OF THE BRAND "CUBA LIBRE," 152 CHAMBER::; ST, and TO CCO BROKER, AND .DIAI.IIll IK TOB.&CCO. (aowll'. w,.-eJcae). F. H. Bischol Celebntud Smotini Tobacco 881 .jj 881 1ro14 Btreet, Mnart, M. J. ;;; LOlfEQ)A TOIU.OOO WOBU 'AJID BUCHANAN &, LyALL, Cla&a IIAli'UI'.&arQ&T, : OFPW::J!, .,.._ D BUCHNER 154 Broad etreet, J!lew York, I FACTOitY Sua:aaor to RoBITCHECK & TAUSSIG 110. 2 FIRST IISTRICT, SOUTH. BROOILYII, Manufacturers of the followaog x.urvFtOT11lUIB. Oll' CELEBRATED BB.AlfDS OF 1 .. TOEACC.OS l'OBACCO AND CI&ARS Planet NV7 JS, Xs, 30, ""' 6e, '"' 81, 91\o IOO. Sailor's Gho1ce, 11, "B 38 4Sr ss, 6s, 7s, .s'!, 91, 101. Challenge, lbs. King Phdtp, WashiDgton, j&s, I Grape and Apricot, 'D'-.,.ano ... eS Cheroots Neptune, Double Thick, : UnconquCi'ed, J .ilJ;L' w a.a. brt. drk. "ACME" FaDcy _Brt. 6 DELANCEY STREET M"ri Mitchell, : P o undo, 'SS Narragansett, I Tecamseh, Joe, ..a NEW YOJU[ Alexandra, Peerleao, 1 ._. Sensation, : Palm, llalnafaetarer of the follow! OJ' Brands ef X.tLLtCKJNICIC Flounden, 11 Saratop, ..... e ol'the tr. &. Jla.e BaiL Wlehe"ter. Buchanan, 1011, Pride of the Re:afmeut VtrpDI& LeaC. LJ'DILI Greela11 Ben jack of Clubs, Rftn&hanaoeJI. WILLIAM BUCHA,..AN" DAVtD C. LYALL, UJ:SAli\iv W{S, BlUR VIEW Oll' Tim HIGIILAMIER TOBACCO WORU L. L. ARMISTEAD, Proprietor, Lynchburg, Va. Tbe followmi blgbly J10PUlar brand I lfanu!ach:red at tbeoe \Vorka IUld pBCII.ed in UIC mooi &pprOnsible 1To prevent any trouble, and t o secure the Ge.nulne "Durham," order BJaellweJI9a lhlll Braad from the manufactv.r e r s. W e are d e t ermined from henceforth to exbau!t the law .,.;ut iD.fria&en upon our trademark. Be not deceived. "He that soweth to tbe wind, must reap of the whif'lwind. ; MANUFACTURED BY NO BOX MOULD. SYCAMORE FOR SALE, hftablt for 'l'obacco lata &d Cl4&l, 400o000 to -ft 1-lach auol 5 1. l&wed to wldtllll. dry and seuoned, aod at a low lpre. N.B .-coenmen caa order r,ooe ft., or mOle aa a sample. LoNG IsLAND SAw Aim Pi.A!fllfa coa. BoND AND THIRD SnKaTS, BROOKLYN, N.Y. ita lfew Yerlr, 2'r PEARL ST. E. C PEA.SE, Prop 'I'. THOS. SHEA:RMAN, Sup't. -= 1 Maau.facturer o{ all Slzn IJlCilu of SEOW OASIS IN Dl'AL AND WOO:D, : & CO., 29 BROADWAY, ME\V. YORK


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