The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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L -VOL. IX.--NO. 16. lite l.olwto : IS PUBLISHED IVII1' "''ljlt):n&JaT JT TBJ,fOJlci LID PUBLI811NQ OOIP'Y, J 4tl Fulton St., New York. 1 B:lllntT HAGBI& llktftor. 10101 CJ. G....__ --Ao an advertislna-medium, where It Ia desired to reach the Cigar and Tobacco Trade. not only o.f l.hll b11t foreign Countrleo, It I the beat atWn abfe. All !etten ohould be plainly addreooedto THE ToeAcco LBAP PuausKzNo C"OIII'Axv, l4JI Fulton Street, New York. Terms of the Paper. :<' Sutcut Conts 10 tXNTS PER. ANNUM $.4-oo T" Engla.nd and the Canadas, Sr-04 ad A v F.a1k'M Bro. G, x_7t l r Fatman Ill: Co., 7" '!Pd. Tl FbX: Dllltr& Co., ,,_. Flaber Ill: Ruot, u5 MUacco lnspuriotr. Hensel J Me]. & Co. 10 Depeyeter. Linde t'. 0 Co r42 Water. Nati{Jif(J/ Tokmo I11.ptction: Hoodless W. J. & Co., 15-25 Wblteball. Tobtzcco Presrer1. Guthrie & Co., Front, ,.. err of Cigar Bo:.e. Henkell jacob, a-29S Moo.tJ>e. Wicke William & >59 It 161 Goes>clt. Cigar Bar, C..J..r J otller JY .. Js. Dingee P.ll.,cor. Sixth and Lewis. Wardr<>p &; Daly, 103 It 205 Lewis. c;.,.,.an .R.ihbon1. Cramer G., 83 Frank.Hn. Spanirk Cigar Rihhon1. Almirall ].]., 30 Cedar. Cif" MoIJs. Jacoby S. It Co., "'9 Pearl. MllnMftiUtrl of Tin-Foil, J. ] 38 Orooby: of ToHcco, ttc. Genrd, Betta a: Co., 76ld Blip ToHmlAkls. The Hatch L;thogriplc It u Ve,.ey HeppenheimerF. & Co., u NortbWHliam Lllhtl1 11nJ Tr;,gs. 8cba .. ache< It Ettiqger, tslCarray. WoUHJhao. A 51 Chatham. Tobtoo &.Ji1>g TI'IIX. ZlaMer T. II: Co., William. AuBtrlme Oigar1 K.remelbera & Company, 16o Pearl MnftMr9 .Pearl Ybor V. }[. J6 Cedar Egra-.Jtr orr Wootl. .. Hoey joseph, 302 Broadway. Palerot Pl"11 Tobacco Maclol,.., HarrUon aOO Co., 20 Broadway. Internal Rtvtn11t Books. Jonra-ensen, C. 37 Liberty. fn suranct DuBois Irving. 54 Wall Street. ALBAlfY Jr. Y.Man11jactrtrers of Tbacco. Greers A. Sons,_8u Broadway. BALTIMORE. Albrecht & Schroder, 18 German. Boleniu! G. H. & Co., 203 Weat Pratt. Boyd W. A. & Co., 31 South. Dresel W and Co., 37 Gay Gieske L. & C o ., 4.2: South Charles Gunther L W., 90 Lombard. Kerckhoff" Co.. 49 South Charles. Kremelberg, J. D, and Co. Loose C. & Co.., 117 Wee.t Lombard. Merfeld & Kemper, 117 Lombard Parlett B. F. & Uo., 91 Lombard. Paul Wm., 17 South. Scb1oeder JoSI. & Co 81 Exchange Place. Wilkens & Klier, 69 South Charles. Wischmeyer Ed. Co., 49 &utb Charles. Tobauo FaCt BroAw1, Clark, liL 1!. II: Bro. COYJNGTOl!f, Ky. Manufacturers of Fine-Cui C/uwing To bauo. Glore J A. P a: Bros., 15, 17 and 19 W. -,tb. DANBUB.Y, CoJUl. Graves G. W. DANVII,LE, Va. C omntiuion McrcA.:nts. Pemberton & Penn. DETROIT, Miah. Maticwrers of Cigars "'"' Dealtrl m Lhard It Fuller, IS4 State. Sisson A. L. & F:", 134: llain. Welles C. & On., 134 state. Westphal Wm., State. Tohcro l Jesup Jameo E. ll!fDIAN.APOLIS, lad. Manufarturers of FintCut Chewing nd S11UJki11g To6acco. Christman II< Co., cor. Milsslppl and Pearl. Manufacturers gf Cgars and Dralm in Leaf Tobacco. Heidiiqer, John A., !9 Weot Washington. JAl!fES.VILLE, Will. PaCker arnl J)eo.ler i n Seed LBaf. P'eadrich Francis. LIVERPOOL, .c. lht l1lracco NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 4, 1873, ON HIS TB.A VELS. The scamp who some time ago defrauded a number of the trade in this section of the country, and who then hailed fr o m an office in Ann Street, this city, according to the.Ieceipts he gave for subsc, riptions, and which .Jretended to be dated at the office of this journal but were not, appears to be again on his travels and engaged in nefarious calling. We have heard of him in various parts of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, and though the amounts obtained do not appear to be large in any one instance, still we -regret exceedingly that our friends should be subjected to the infliction. We are using every effort in our power to cut his career short througn a arrest,, and shall be greatly in debted for any information which may lead to this desir-able consummation. He is represented as a tall man, of light complexion, and his latest alias seems to be H. F. RODGER, although he is not particular about signing the same initials in every case, one correspondent reporting him as H. J. Rogers. Another name he adopts is H. J. NELSON, c. FRED'K' De BAR Y co., (St10CESSORS 'rO DE BABY & XLING), 82 Broad a.n.d 60 New New York. 11PORTERS OF HAVANA CIGARS,. .And &I.e .Agents for sale of EL PRINCIPE DE CALES CICARS, Kauu1acturewell .M. .E. & Uo., 39 North Water. Saolri B inaldo North Water. Schm ..... t .tl., _531 South Second. Sorver, Graeff & Cook, 105 North Water. Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecbt, n5 .H.ace. Teller Brothers, u7 North Third. Vetterle\n J & Co., 111 Arch. Woodward, Garrett & Oo 33 Yorth Water De11iers, Itt, .Bamberger L. & Co. 3 North Water & Oram, 716 North Mafactrers of &otch Sff Stewart, MarkJ,R alph & Co., us Arch of Cigars Batchelor Bros., 230 Noith Third. Bush. Miller & Co., 4o8 North Third. Hare 'I'ho s. & Oo, 503 North Second. Steiner, Smib Bros. & Knecht, .&ace. Theobald A. H., Third and Poplar. Inspector &td Ltaf Tobacco. Dickerson E. W, JCY] North Water. Cigar ar.d Tobacco Bro.ker. Oppenheimer, A., 29 North Front. Cigar-Eo.: Labels and Trimmings. Harris, Geo. S. & Son, 8. E. cor. 4th and Vine Sts PITTSBURGH, Pa. Tohao Co,nmissiOn Mtrcl:ant. M cM u llen, M. K., Liberty ManujacrurtrJ of Snuff. Weyman & Bro., 79and St Smithfield .... Deairties will again bring the questioa before the Bundes-pecially convenient for reference to names and street of the 3d district, where there are about a thousand rath when it meets next addresses and revenue dbtricts, throughout the country cigar manufacturers, attempts; under the regulation, to THE NEW REVENUE REGULA;; TIONS. Notwithstanding this question of personal convenience, audit the accounts of thotle men, it at once is seen however, dealers will always, we judge, be ready to he is debarred by the want of the leaf records received assist the Revenue Department in all reasonable meas-by and retained by the collector of the 32d district, ures designed for tne proper collection of taxes from for his own !'>imilar use, to say nothing of the country The series of instructions to Collectors recently issued tobacco and will, therefore, hereafter, as heretofore, district records. by the Commissioner oflnternal Revenue, and published readily exchange their l:iooks when called upoo to do so. in Nos. XIII and XIV of THE LEAF, based upon the act The cost of the books to which the Commissioner alof December 24, 187z, contain a regulation in regard is not an item of much importance, one way or to the books of -record kept by Leaf Tobacco Dealers, another, individually; but it is very true, as he observes, which will admit of a few words of comment by way of that in exchanging, dealers avoid the necessity and amplification and analysis of cietails. annoyance o f having copies of their records made by The regulation, it will be remembered, is in the fol-revenue officers on their premises-a privilege difficult lowing words: "Instead of making abstracts, as hereto-to refuse, but not aJwa:ys agreeable to those who grant fore, from books required to be kept by dealers in leaf it. tobacco of their entire purchases and sales during each As we view the regulation in its entirety, it occurs to calendar year, each collector will be furnished from this us that it would have been better-and it can still be office witn leaf tobacco b ooks, prescribed by the Com-done by aj supplemental order-had the Commissioner m issioner of Internal Revenue, under the authority of l ef t ths whole matter of exchanging the record books in sufficient to fu_rnish every leaf in the hands of the Supervisors. The sole object of dealer m hts d1stnct with one or more, 1f necessary. In the books so f a r as the Government is concerned is to the_se books the dealer: will make daily the entries enable officers of the revenue to accurately 'make w #h1cn the I_aw ana at the the year, the up the accounts of manufacturers, so that injustice will collector will an exchange wtth h1s leaf dealers. be done neither to them-or the interests of the revenue; As these Government record bool,s, after they have been and this it would seem can hardly be ,done if collecfilled up, are of service only to the internal revenue of t 't b th 1 t d" f th d or. are o e e exc us1ve cus o tans o e recor s. ficers, it is to be presumed that the leaf dealers will This will be evident fcom a description of the way in readily consent to exchange them for new ones, thus which such accounts should be audited. giving the 4evenue o fficers the benefit of all of their original entries, and saving themselves from the expense of furnishing these extra books and the trouble of having abstracts taken from them in their own counting. rooms." A manufacturer's ann-ual record is taken from the ledger, hereafter to be kept in the collector's instead of the assesor's office, and compared with his purchases of leaf tobacco as shown by the records of leaf dealers ; when their is an approximate agreement between tne accounts of tobacco accounted for and sold to the The proposition to furnish these record books gratis to is, we think, a commendable one, and differs fro m the practice of the past two years only in the agents manufacturer, nothing further is to be done i when by whom they are to be aelivered. The records kept by there is an important disagreement, a personal examina. leaf dealers in this city for I87I and I872 were exchanged ticm of the manufacturer is likely to be demanded. To for new books with the Supervisor of Revenue; ;t very admit of .the comparison required, access ought to be few dec:lining to exchange on account of the superiority had not only to the leaf dealer's records in the district of their own books, but in most instance& furnishing where the manufaclurer is located, but also to those of copies thereof, and a still smaller number prefering to other districts, in distant cuuntry as well as city dis have the abstracts made at their own counting-rooms; tricts; otherwise it will be impossible to know how much both together representing, perhaps, a or fifteen tobacco a manufacturer may really have _had; some of firms out of a total of over three hundred. Though them purchasing the whol e and some a part of their erally ast;enting to an exchange, quite a large portion of supplies in the district, where the tohacco is grown. the trade would prefer to keep their original boo-ks ef In the city of New York there are five collection dis-In the 3d district there are-forty or fifty leaf dealers, forme ly known as retail dealers, and to their records alene, as the regulation stands, can 'the collector have access, which, of course, renders the auditing of ac c oun ts :tnd examination of manufacturers impossible. As operating in this district, so would be the operation of the regulation in all, there being not more than a half dozen leaf dealers in some of our city districts. To make this Wf?rk practicable and agreeable to manu factur e rs and the Revenue Department, there should .]:>e but one depository for these books, and that one t!l.e of. fice of the Supervisors of Revenue. The Supervisors should be the agents for the exchange and collection of the books and for the examination of the annual ac counts of manufacturers, and once the Supervisors have passed upon accounts, subordinate officers, collectors or their deputies, should not be allowed to re-open them; as n1anu facturers do not want to be, and ought not to be, harrassed by frequent investigations. Manufacturers do not object, indeed they prefer,if necessary, to have a critical_ examination of their revenue records once a year, but when that has been made they would also pre fer to be let alone in the interims. The Commissioner has wisely, we believe, provided in the instructions under consid.eration for making as sessments for deficiencies in the office at Washington. This arrangement will secure manufacturers from the harshness or over zealousness of subordinate officers, and is likely to be a gain in many ways ; and if in addi tion to this, Supervisors are invested with the exclusive control of the leaf record books, there can be no rea son to doubt that much satisfaction will be experienced by the -various branches of the tobacco trade under the new dispensation. The Supervisors must in any event, or should in any event, as heretofore, excJtange leaf records among one another; otherwise the country district records can not be made available to the Government, and if they do this they must have charge o( all the records of both town and To leave the interchange to


... he collectors would involve the sending of abstracts to some two hundred and forty different dtstricts iitstead of ten districts as httherto THE TOBA.JVV ;I.E M 1 L THE TOB.A.OCO MA.B.EET. DOMESTIC. NEW ORK, June 3 RottERDAM-54 hllcU. SAY ILLA-:Z$Q' Jbs rpfd S'l': V NT....a..16o lbi mfd, DOMESTIC M:A.Y 28 "-' I t I May 31.-Messrs. C Loose & Co., Collllllission :Merchants, aad delllers in Leaf Tobacco, e -Receipts for the past week have beea very HaviDg these recOI'ds m their possession the SuperVISors can with fairness -and dtspatch adjust the ac counts of all the manufacturers in their dtstncts, and who:n assessments for deficiencies are to be made they can furmsh the CommissiOner wtth the requis1te data to enable htm to assess with full knowledge and a dul!con siaeration of all the detatls of each particular case Western Leaf-The recetpts of the past month (in cludmg Vtrgtma) amounted to 12,336 hlids; exports 7 hhds, and sales, 5,ooo hhds. The stock in ware house increased 31985 hhds. About 4,ooo hhds of the sales were for export, mostly for Italy Germany took soo Clarksytlle selectiOnS at outstde pnces, aod I50 colony smokers at 7 @8. Manufacturers bought freely of fillers at and wrappers at II@r6 Cutters and JObbers dtd httle We make no change m quota twns. The only demand is for substantial-tobacco, whtch IS scarce and very firm. Rece1pts are large, but consist principally of light and nondescript leaf and lugs and tobaccos for forwardmg to Europe. Nothing h01.s been done so far this month. correspondents speak of the1 eqaences of rais mg tobacco year after year on ltie \ame grOW\d. Io reply fo this I Will but saytt.))at .have. ever planted tobacco more than one year on a field without stocking tt down to grass and letting it Jay some four .or five years before I took it up agam. In tllat way I have kept my land in good order for any ,crop. "Some stxteen years ago, one of my neighbors com menced raismg tobacco on a p1ece ofland. It was be fore tlte time that antfical fertihzers had so much m vogue, hence he used freely .stable manure. In the first year he raised abundant crops, but later his y1eld bas dtmmtshed ,and dwmdled down to two-thirds of ItS former quantitf ; he "h_as usel:l al\ time stable manure and m equal quantlUes and qua\lt1es Believe me it will not take long to reduce tne crops, and particularly when so m01.ny artific 1 al fer!lhzers are arrivals at the e_ort of New York from domestic, and coastwise lldrta ..for the week enamg June 3, were 3,894 hhd's, trcs, 53 }11 res, rro qtr tree, 148 butts, 1,924 cases, 52 boxes, ios three qtr b011es, 621 hlf boxes, I9I th1rd boxes, :zar qtr boxes, 9 eighth boxes, 4 ncks, 1 block, 13 -pgs, 49 kegs, 29 caddies, 5 bales, 5 do scraps, 59 boliCs ptpes, consigned as folespecially those f{ Maryland, for which descrip timl--a has continued, though eapecially for the..med1um and good! grades, while lower grades, of which the present crop is abundant, remain neglected. sales oi thts descnptJOil add IIP'"abont x ,soo hhds, for Holland, FraQce and Germany. Ohto 11 stltl. quiet, buyers for Frencn contract not havmg been domg any thing yet Market may be called Sales confined to about 75 to roo hhds, pnnmpally for pinsburg. Kentucky is fairly actiye at steady pnces, note sales of about roo hhds. In Vtr&uua we not. 4eard. of aoy movemoat -Uap or tance The inspections for the week add up r,8I9 hhds Maryland, 513 .ftthds Ohw, and 39 hhds Kentucky. Total, 237 I hhds Cleared same penod, 738 hhds to Bremen, 7 hhds to London, 30 hhds to Antwecp, hhds to Rto de Janerilo, 6 hhds to West Indies. Were peat quotations Mary:and, frosted, sound comJ mon, 6@7 ; good common, 7@8; middling, S}{@ro; good to fine red, II@u; i3.ncy, 14@:15; upper cou n try, 6@25; Oh10, inferior to good common, greemsh and brown, medium to fine red, 9 @ 12; common t6 medtum sp01.ngled, 8@u, fine spangled to yellow, I2@2o. Kentucky, common to good lugs, low to medmm leaf, 9@ro, fau to good, 11@12, fine and selechons, 13@15. V1rginia, com mon to good lugs, common to medtum leaf, good, selectiOns, 12@15; stems, good to fine, MINOR EDITORIALS. SuRE CURE.-A Des Momes woman gave her hus band morphine to cure htm of chewing tobacco. The wtdow IS good-lookix:'g ST. Lours FJ\IR .-A "Premtum Tobacco Fair'' was inaugurated at St. Loms on Tuesday, whereat more than Sro,ooo wortb of pnzes are offered for tobacco better fatr nt week td week. 3d week week week Total January --439 961 r,26r 739 3,4oo February .... 380 290 582 548 r,8oo March .68o 383 298 239 2,6oo ApnL ____ .859 740 849 848 r,5o4 4,8oo May _____ .679 6z6 I,7:IO Szq 1 146 s,opo SPANISH SNUFF -As Will be seen by the card publtshed elsewhere, the Government offers to receiVe pro posals for the purchase of snuff from the Government manufactory, at Sevtlle for export. A ITIY tobaccomst says that the Atcheenese, as well on account of their sternutatory name as of their recent tnumph over the Dutch, are up to snuff" V1rguna Leaf-There was a fatr busmess m Virgnua leaf last week, both manufacturers and ship pers takmg hold of sue:: parcels as were adapted to theu respecuve requirements l The demand co qunues to be almost exclusiVely fof the better grades, common to medium -goods bemg m but shght request; Stock IS tmproved somewhat m qualtty as well as quant1ty, but wtll 01.dmtt, nevertheless, of stlll further m both dtrectlons. VERY Ln.tELY-The Roanoke, Va, Tunes says "Ev erybody here, except two, 15 m htgh bpints over the let ting of the Valley Railroad Property has advanced one thud. Tobacco factones, warehouses, e:c., are talked of. Taings will get red hot here a(ter awhtle. THE NAUGHTY MAILS.-Says the Petersburg (Va) datly Appeal. The papers most uregalar in the ttme of their reaching this office, are the New York ToBACCO LEAF aud the two papers published at L1bertv, Va. The Appeal must do as we do, hope for better thmgs of Uncle Samuel. THE BosTON FIRE.-So far as can be inferred from all accounts to date, the great fire m Boston, wluch broke out on Decoration day, and destroyed so much valuable property in the business part of the city, spared our fuends m the tobacco trade, and spent 1ts fury m consumn:\g the frmts of other's labors. TO PAY Hrs DEBTs.-One ,of the cutest and most characteristic operations we have heard of says the ( Va ) Cll1ztn, was perJJetrated by a fellow in this country a few weeks ago. He was destr0us of paying his debts by going into b;mkruptcy, and being short of the necessary funds for the purpose, he borrowed the amount a fnend, and returned the amount among the debts he owed to be discharged. A NEW LIVERPOOL FIRM.-By reference to our adverUsing columns, it will be seen that Ml". F. W. Smythe, our able LIVerpool corre$pondent, has admitted tp partnership in his busmess, Mr. James Derbyshire Wtlson, and the firm htle w1ll be F. W. Smythe l!c Co. We happen to have met Mr. Wtlson, who has been for some time in the office of our fnend, Mr. Smythe, and can testify to his sterling business quahttes The new firm has our best W1Shes, and will doubtless secure a hberal share of trade patronage, as it now pre sents the energy and enterpnse of youth combmed wtth the conservatism and large experience of maturer years SEIZURE oF FmNE CIGARS -The Collector of the port Loutsvtlle,Ky.,aetzed a portJ.on of the cigar stock of Edw'd Peynado & Co., a few days since, for a"!Jeged fraud ulent entnes At the Galt House stand about $5oo worth of ctgars was setzed, and at the wholesale ware' house m the Louisville Hotel a lot of cigars worth $3,000 shared the same treatment. The ciga rs se1zed were the remamder of the 'three last impcrtations made by Mr. Peynado from Havana, and consisted of the fine!lt brands. They are now stowed in the cellar of the custom house, where, we are told, they will remam until the Government 1S satisfied in the matter. Those who know the firm are confident that, if there IS any thing it IS techmcal and unintentional. '!!CHIGAGO RECREATED -Not a restoration merly, but a recreatiOn our Business Manager assures us Ch1cago 'has vndergone at the hands of her resolute and enter pnsmg Clltzens w1thm the brief space of time that has elapsed smce the awful conflagratwn of October, IS71 1 which cons tgned the fairest and nchest portiOn of th(f city to ashes What were once small and poorly-eon structed stores and residences, hav e been succeeded by the most ornate and 1mposmg structures, and the bmld mgs which grace the prmcjpal thoroughfares and busi ness sectwns of the ctty., are m many mstances unusally spacious and attractive Our fnends m the ctgar and tobacco trade have evmced thetr charactensttc taste and in the selectJOn of their present and future C{uarters, the tern tory occup1ed by them embrac mg the 1:-.:st locahttes m the busmess part of the city, bemg bounded on the n'orth by Water Street, on the south oy Randolph, on the East by Lake, anii on the writ by Lasalle. In thts locality and vicmtty Mr. Graff found the gre:j.ler part of our staunch old friends and patrons resident in that truly remarkable-ctty, and what IS equally:, or even more fortunate and sattsfactory, found them, each and all, with every sign of indtvtdual and collective prospenty about them, and as ready and wilhng as ever to extend the1r accustomed favors to THE LEAF and its ever welcome representallve. BuSINESS AFFAIRS.-It affords us pleasure to announce the new firm of Gunther & Stevenson, tobacco factors and general commisston merch01.nts at N ew'Otleans. As 'Will readily be mferred by many of our readers, th1s firm ts an offshoot of, and under the protecting. regts of the well-known tobacco commtsswn house of L W Gun ther, Esq., of Baltimore, who Is the father of Mr M H. Gunther of New Orleans, and from these favorable cir cums tances, not less than the busmess capa:tty of both members of the firm, 1t 1s safe to anttctpate a success ful and prosperous career for them in the field they have chosen Though a new firm, the l.msmess to which the young men ts an old one, It havmg been establtshed before the war by Mr. L. W. Gunther, under the firm name of Gunther & Rodewald When the war de stroyed, for the ttme bemg, the tobacco trade of New Orleans and other Southern markets, the finn of Gun ther & Rodewald d1ssohed partnershtp and came North but not, however, it may be saicllto the1r stgnal credtt, until they had settled every dollar of thetr Western and other tobacco obligations, and not in con federate scnp, but tn good hard gold and greenbacks. In this c1ty each of these gentlemen formed connec tiOns m wh1ch they became very favor a bly known Mr. Gunther jommg, or rather assoc1atmg htmself with Mr. F. W T01.tgenhorM, now of No 68 Broad st. Wtth the return. of pe.ace the New Orleans house was revived by Louts Gunther, brother ofL. W. Gunther, and by htm very sat1sfactonly conducted, unttl a 'shor*tme smce, when, as previously mentiOned in these columns, he d1ed, and left the bl!smess wtthout a head, to wh1ch Mr. M H Gunther has succeeded. Mr. Stevenson had been 1cl'entified wtth the establishment, and after the death of the proprietor assumed control until the firm of Gun ther.& Stevenson was orgamzed. We bespeak for the young firm a contmuance of all the old patronage of the house, with as large an mcrease of new busmes as they can find time to manage. We note sales of wrappers an" d fillers and an 1m proved mquiry for good small wrappers for fancy work The market may be descnbed as bemg moderately good for leaf of quality, but qmte mdifferent to the negati'le attractions of other Jescnptions. Lugs are singularly slow of sale, as compared with the demlVld of previous seasons, but the cucumstance ts chiefly due to the early and free inquiry for Western vaneties, and the backwardness of shippers. Dtrect ad ices from Rtchmond show increased breaks and offenngs, but net a correspondmg Improvement m ch1tracter of assortments. B1ddmg there 1s hvely, and even eal'!r for desirable the minor gr,ades being more or less neglected the same as here. As was to be expected from the weather of the past five or stx weeks, the "fly" mdulged hts perntcwus pro pensities in the plant buds to a considerable, though not, of course, trremedtable extent. Destructtve as. 1t has sometimes been, the fly, we belteve, has yet suc ceeded in matenally curtatlmg productiOn, so that, ll the season be prop1t10us, we shall probably have a full crep of tobacco this ylar despite the efforts 1t has thus far made to prevent it. From abroad there ts no news of an encouragmg na ture London advices alone, bemg shghtly prom1sing, and these only to the effect that there was a httle more I!lquiry for Umted States tobacco dunng the first half of May German and Spamsh news as gleaned from 'pn vate letters reported to us, IS even less prom1smg m one or two particulars. Seed Leaf-.n. moderate busmess only was done last week m seed lea( Wah the exceptton of a few small parcels, m all2oo cases, of new 1872, 't"ltsconsin at @6c, mostly for the West Indies, the sales were princi pally confined to 1871 Connecttcut wrappers, of wh1ch kmd some 500 cases were taken at 45@6o. Bestdes the above, so cases of I87o Connecticut and about 150 cases sundnes on pnvate terms changed hands Of busmess for the month of May the c1rcular of Messrs J. S. Gans & Son speaks as follows :-There has been a sltght improvement owing to the fact that manu facturers have bought more freely, and although we have no large transactions to mention the prospects for trade is more cheenng. It must be admttted that the residue of the crop of I87I, and the whole of that of 1872, contains not enough real fine tobacco to supply the home demand until the crop of 187 3 \\til be m workmg and we believe, whate,vel" may be the final result of the low medmm and common grades, that every case of fine wrappers of the crop of 1871, and all that ts really fine m the crop of 1872, wtll be very much needed The transalltions in new crop have been hmtted to 300 cases Oh10, and 6oo cases Wisconsin, both at 6@6 all for Gtbra ta r and the West Indteo, 300 cases Connecticut seconds and fillers for the VI' est and 300 cases Pennsylvania for New Orleans and Sad F1anc1sco Sales of all growths, crop of I87o, 6oo cases; Connecticut and Massachusetts crop of 1871, r,zoo cases; New York, crop of 187 r, 400 cases ; Pennsylvama, crop of r871, zoo cases; Oh10, crop of 1871,400 cases; Wisconstn, crop of 1871, zoo cases; Pennsylvama, crop of r872, 300 cases; Oht o crop of r87z, 300 cases, Wtsconsm, crop of 1872, 6oo cases, Connecticut and Massachusetts, crop of 187z 300 Export of seed leai smce January 1, r873, 7,905 cases. Same ttme last year, 36,243 cases Export of seed leaf from Baltimore smce January r, I873, 235 cases. Sales m the mtenor are reported to a moe sati s factory extent In Connecticut and Massachusetts qutte a fatr busmess has been done, mostly though m cheap goods We notice moderate sales m Ohio with a sprinklmg here and there of a better parcel. In Wtsconsm there has been an acllve ousmess done, prices rangtng 2c. for fillers and to sc. for wrappers We are mclined to thmk;that the bulk of the crops of the latter States wtll finally be dtsposed of m harmony wtth and proportion ate to the rates of hght Kentucky lugs : There 1s, un6ler prevallmg cucumstances, no prospect for htgh pnces for low graded seed leaf, but it is in our opinion equally certam that still more rumous figures, such as ant1c1pated by some, are not hkely to be established. The Janesvtlle (Wis ,) a well mfofiod that Per, uv1an guano mJures the soli, may I ra1se whatsoever crop I choose Spamsh-Havana has been qutet; with sales of only 300 bales at and ex)nbitmg but one feature of woment, namely, a highe1 range of pnces than the usual recent average, a fact due, 1t 1s to be presumed, to the higher character of the stock sold. Wtth the ex traordmanly large proportiOn of medium and common sorts in our present supply of fillers, full rates for all destrable goods would seem to be one of the mdtsput able probabihttes of the near future Messrs. Gans & Son, report :-Owing to one of our !arge c1gar manufacturing firms havmg latd in thetr annual supply of Havana fillers, the sales have been m excess of those of the preceding month In the aggregate the transactions have been ltmttea to 5,500 bales, otherwise our market has offered no change. The sates of Yara have been 300 bales. Messrs Rader & Son remark:-Of Havana l'obl\cco s,soo bales were sold at well mamtained pnces for de strable grades, hut somewhat lower on commoner sorts. Of yara 300 bales were taken mostly from JObbers. The ctrcular of Messrs. M. Rader & Son, observes.Although there has been somewhat better demand for this article durmg last month, a full revtval of this trade can not as yet be reported, Pnces for fine and good oid crop are well mamtained, but m new ,.crop, there is but very httle domg and thts only at very low figures I ManufacturedThere has been a fair demand for Cavendtsh tobacco reported, wllh possibly a sltght m crease of sales for in tenor trade and consumptiOn. The local mqutry was not percepttbly dtfferent from what tt has latterly 6een nor, so far as we have heard, was the call for shipment. Both for c1ty and foretgn trade t1 ans fers of the average bulk and eharacter were made, those for the former probably preponderatmg. Our export trade wtll not and can not be what it 9ught to be unt1l our merchants are enabled to enJOY the factlittes of an export bonded warehouse. Every day that the effort is made to do l:usiness w1thout th1s necessary adjunct to commerce, confirms dealers m the optmon that 1t must sooner or later be granted to them ; or tf not, that It IS scarcely worth wh1le to try to preserve th1s trade to the country And such, we learn from most unimpeachable authonty, 1s the vtew now entertame!!l by a greater num ber of manufacturers thon could have been enumerated a while ago. We shall recur to thlS subJect at length m our s'!cceedmg issue Smokmg-A regular, though not active demand, for smokmg tobacco IS reported as the result of the week's movement; in th1s branch of business. Stocks are vaned and inv1tmg m the hands of the wholesale deal. ers, and the tightness of money alone prevents small dealers, m town and country, from profitmg to the full measure of the1r asptrations by the opportumty thus afforded. Favonte brands, m moderate quantity, sell wtth characteristic ease and regularity, while genera:! assortments are m as good request as can be, expected when consumptiOn is under the influence of dull times Czgars-The matket for ctgars IS unchanged, and the !>usmess of the week IS accordmgly mferable without reference to det I at 15> 3 wh>ch must naturally include the mterest on cap1tal Growers boxes at 6 40@7 8o. 241ihds new Brown Co, Ohto, trash, cannot expect even 1n the case of new crops, to,setl them for the same lugs, and leaf: 4 at 5 25@5 85, 8 at 6.80@7 .5o, 5 at 8.50@ pnceaas'1reobt11ned Ofcourseeveryre-salemustbe 925,14 at ro@I4.5o, 3 at 15@19. 28 hhds new at an advance, and therefore tne pnce obtamable by the growert w1ll Owen Co Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 5 at 4@5. 9 5, a lways be aomewhat lower than our quotations 6 @ 8 12 at .20 7, 5 at .15@9 rs, 6 at 10 so@r3. 73 QUOTATIONS OF WHOLE5ALE PRICES. IJh ds new Pendleton co, Ky, trash and lugs. 4 at 14.7 0 Wd lug 8 @ 9 Quarttr l'cund1 -Fi.Jo e 4t! @15:1 Common lea! 9 @10 Mlldium...... ..... 4 o @47 05, 5 20j 27 at 6@7.8 5, 6 at 8@9.70, 9 at IO@I3 75, ,Med>umleaf ......... IO!i@ll!O Common ....... @44 4 at, I at :n. II hhds new Brown Co 1 Good...... . ll)i@I2 K Navy Pound -Fine 48 @06 FJne .............. 12)i@l8 llavy Half Pcundl and Ohio, trash, lugs, and leai: 2 at 5 6s, 5. 7 at 6.4 0@ Selectw:c.o .. 13 @14 Thrdllt hhd ld 0 C ... ,.9,,.,,._ Fine .. .. 4 3 @45 7 40, 2 a 14, 19 50. 4 s o wen o, Ky, at Com lug 7 @ 7 Fa-Tobaccoi-LonglO'e 48 @110 II so@rz 69 hhds new Owen Co' trash, lugs, and Fino do ... .... .. 8 @ 8,!& Navy, 4"a nd 5 47 @52 l f 6 8 Lowomedmm lear .. 9.1011 L ady Fwgers. Rollo n @80 ea : 4 at 4 0@4.05, 'at, 42 at 6.30@7.80, 10 l2mcb!! at 8@9 95, 3 at ro@IJ 75, 2 at IS, 17-::JS 19 hhds do bright 20 @50 Bright Gold Bars, 6 mch 63 Penileton Co, Ky. trash and lugs 5 at(5@5, ro a1 Smokers .. ... .. .. 11 @25 Rona!( L 0--y o """ 6 @ t 8 @ hhd B o 6 .. """' 20 7 4 a os 9 40' s new ooae Co. Pnmmgs .. ........ ) Navy Pound-Fi 43 @1.6 Ky., trash and_ ugs: 3 at 4 55@4 95, 6 at 5@'5.6o, 23 a 1 Mediumaudftnered 9Ji@).2 6@7.6o, 6 at 8@8.551 2 at, 10.75 II hhds and Com to med apangle.J 8 @10 ._, "" 1-. 'V t V It t 6@ 8 8 Fine opangle omesttc. new Brown Co, Oluo, trash lugs, and)eaf: 3 at Stzo tc 1871 crop. Seed and H&V&JJa, 6 6 t 8 to 8 6 hd 0 Wrppen 45 @6s p e r 111 ........ 00@75 ou 5 so, at to 7 rs, 3 a 90 n s new we1 Setecto"" 60 @ 7 5 d o Conn Seed 30 0040 Ou Co Ky 1 at 5 6o at 4 to 6.6o 8 25 1 at 16 50 7 hhd Second/! 12 @2.1 do do Sooond 25 00@80 00 p dl C K 6 F 1uere .. 10 @15 New Yok Seed Conn new eh eton 0, Y: I at 5 o, 6 at 6 75 to 7.2C u @35 ... 2 hhds 1 box West Vtrgmta: 2 at 4, 7.oo, I box a 1871 crop Oho do do do .... 1 7 OD 23 eo 3 50 4 hhds new Mason Co, J.(y., trash and Jugs: w 22 It: Conn Flller and St 6 18 wrapper 20 oo at $5.05 to 5 75, 17 at to 7 90, 14 at 7.1o to 9 go, 6 a F >llero 12 Common I5 Ge@l7 .00 IO to I I 22 hhds new Brown Co. Ohio trash anl Qhw Seed L cas J1 4 6o, 6 35, 9 75 2 hhds Southern Indiana at '\J30, 6.7! Aortedlots .. ..... 11 @If. "F G" '50 Ill cases 297, CLARKSVILT.E, TENN, M;Jy 26.-Messrs M. f Fillers 10 "-'11 'C & A.'' 373 Dse n et f Sttt:l "" a & F.". Clark & Brother, Lea Tobacco Brokers, report : Ot From the port of New York to foretgn week andtng May 27, were as follows ANTIGUA-2 hhds: A880rted Iota .. 8K@ t "WyUi Ex" 660 11> net 29 28 recetpts and sales continue large; sales last wee loreign-ool c yCa'". ports for the HavanFll com 85 ,Ynurrl''. . 20 amountmg to 83I hhds. The market lowt 1=} ;g 230 Ills .. ..... on leaf, but the ad"ent of new buyers put prices UJ Aux CAYES -so bales. BARBADOES-20 hhds, 6 cases, 26,385 lbs mfd BELIZE-3 hhds. B.aEMEN-2 51 hhds, 69 do stems CALLA0-3,900 lbs mfd. CAPE bales CuRACAO -3 bales, 2,153 lbs mfd GIBRALTAR -126 hhds, 5 cases. j j GLASGOW.-5 I hhds. GONAIRES-2 hhds, 25 bales HAMBURG -54 hhds, 8o lbs snuff HARBOR ISLAND-952 Jbs mfd. HAVRE-I IS hhds. JAMAICA-7o bales, 6 cases, 2,rs6 lbs mfd. LIVERPOOL-554 hhds, 127,790 lbs mfd LoNDON-929 hhds, 77,867 lbs mfd. 1 MELBOURNE-IT8,J33 lbs mfd. j NAPLES-536 hhds, 5 cases Yar&I & n Cut al8td 91i@l 90 B. B" .... .. and the dechne was soon recovered. The breaks co1 ;::. :: .. : :::: : :: w tinue poor m quality, with a full proportion of Jugs an 1 KOMftL1' S 'r.A.'!'IIIIU'!' 01' ftOCKI 07 tiP.UOaK TO .A.CIOO. Ouba S'agua Yara. i Blo Bll BIB BIB. Stock on hand, May!, 18T8 a7,0t8 3,878 Recod amce .. .. .. fB,J48 Total "-',286 &leo and ""'l:Jpmen!A to May 81, 1878 9,483 Btocit on hand J11Jle I, 1878 .. .... 8fi,78S do .. 18'2 ........ 13,779 do do 1871 ...... 18,o81 8,87 1 800 8,578 2,682 194 poor npndescnpt leaf. We quote common OJont to 6:l{c, good lugs, 7 to common leaf, 8 to Bll medtum leaf, 9 to 10, good leaf, to lea 25 I2 to I3, selections, to 15. l'lants are abundan and a small plantmg made last week1 and as tl seasonable rams are contmumg a large plantmg wtll l 25 made w next' few days. FAR.-\1:VILLE, VA-., May C. C. Re< & Co, Tobacco Manufacturers, report: Wuhout lar1 oNTBLT sun:liU

' JUNE 4 ,1!1: hundred yta& pa1d Cor g 24 at g @ g go, so a t 8 @8.g o, I7 a t 7 @ 7 90. 47 hhd s do lugs 12 at 7 @ 7.80, 21 at 6@6 go 14 at S 10 @ S 6o. 9 hhds do lu g s and trash, 2 at 'J, 7 20, 1 at 6 5o, 6 at 5.05 @ 5 go 9 hhds do trash I 6, 8 at S 30@ S 7S 32 bhds Indmna leaf, lugs, and trash 6 at 7o, 2 at 6@6 30, s at SoS@ S 9S 1g a t 4 .sc @ s so 3 hhds Tennessee leaf at g. 5o, 8, 7 go. r hhd do lugs at 6 6o ::,The Louisville House sold 67 hhds K.mtucky leaf: 3 at 14, 13.75; 3 at, 8 at n@II 7S r8 at Io@xo 75, 16 at 9 @ 9.9o, 7 at 9@11.5o, 6 at 8@9.20, r6 at g@9 go, 6 at 8 3o@8 90 3I hhds do leaf and lugs at 6@ u. 3 bhds do leaf, lugs, and trash at 5 90@ Io. 34 hhds do lugs 5 at I6.75, u, Io 25, 8 so, 8; 3 at 7 Io@S, 4 at 7 2o@7.So, 19 at 6@7 so, 3 at 6@6 6o. 24 hhds do lugs and trash at s 25@13. 24 Jihds do trash at 4.So@6.5o. r hhd Brazi11an C 1gar trash at 6.20. 2 hhds lndtana leaf at u g :to. S hhds do lugs: at 7, 7.80; I at 6.80, 5 at 5 50@6 8 hhds do trash at 5S@6 So. The Farmers' House sold xo8 hhds Kentucky leaf 4 at fu.r;o, I7S, 16 25, I4.7s; 3 at 13@13 7S 3 at u@ I2 75, 3 at u@II.7S 17 at Io@I0.7S 32 at 9@9 go, 34 at 8@8 go, u at 7 20@7 go. 86 hhds do lugs: 3 at 8@ 8 3o, 52 at 7@7.8o, Sat s.oo@7, 36 at 6@6.go, 8 at s@ 6.40, 12 at 5I5@s. go. I8 hhds do trash: 5 at 5.Io@7, 8 at 4, 2 at 4.8o, 3.25. The Boone House sold IS3 hhds Kentacky leaf: 4 at 201 I$.7S I3SO, 3 at 12@12.7S, IO at II@II. 75 3g at ro@Io 7S 52 at g@g go, 27 at 8@8 go. 98 hhds do lugs: IO at 8@8 40, 36 at 7@7.go, 47 at 6@6.go, 5 at 5S@S 95 I hhd do trash at s 40 2 hhds lndWJa leaf at 9.6o, 9. 6 hhds do trash 4 at s.os@5 5S :a at 4.25, 4.20. The N111th Street HousP. sold so hhds Kentucky leaf 2S at 20 at S@I4.50, 2 at Io, x at 8.90, 2 at 7.Io, 7.40. 33 hhds do lugs: 3 at 7 10 @ 7 go, II at s : 8o@7.8o, 8 at 6.Io@6.6o, 3 at, xo at S@ s.So. I hhd do trash at 4 Ss 2 hhds Indiana lugs at S, s 35 The Planters' House s o ld 95 hhds Kentucky lea{ 4 at so, IS 7S.'I4 so, 12 2S; 6 at II@II.7S 22 at JO @ro 75, 25 at 9@g.9o, 26 at 8@8.9o, 12 at 7@7.go. u bhdsdoleaf and lugs 2 at g.xo@9 So, 2 at 7@7 so, 7 6@6 8o. 47 hhds do lugs 2 at g.6o, g; I at S, 14 at 7 @7.9o, 21 at 6@6 So, 6 at 5@5.8o, 3 at +so@4S 4 hhds do trash at 8 go, 7 70, 7.2o, 6 70. 4 hhds do Indtana trash at 5 25@S > The Kentucky Tobacco Assoc1 at10n sold I 17 hhds Kentucky leaf, lugs and trash; 4 at 23,so, I6, I5.25, I4S, 2 at 13, 2 at 12, 12.75; 4 at 11@1 1.50, S at ro@ io.7s, 8 at 9@g 90, 24 a t S@S go 27 at 7@7.So, z9 at 6 @6 go, 12 at S@S Mahogany wrappers, bnghl. -... ... 18 to 2 5 Mahogany wrappers, extra ___________ .27 to 30 SAN FRANCISCO, May 23,-The Commemal Herald reports as follows. On the 2oth, an mvo1ce of Eastern stock, sold on 6o andgo days' credit, bemg fine, fresh Yugtma manufac1ured, say. 25 th1rd btcs Carolme leaf, LP 4s, 23 do do, 3s, r5 third bxs Naiads' Feast, LP, 56Y,, ro th1rd bxs Belle et Bonne twist, 2 cases Pans medal, 52; I case Belle et Bonne, 59; 24 e1ghth b:u v1rgm, LP half pounds, 4 cases quarters, 37; Io cases Abner Harris' apncot, each I 2 xo-lb drums, 54 IS th1rd bxs sponge cake, 9 mch LP, 59; 5 hlf bxs golden seal natural l e af, pounds, 44, 5 do wme sap do do, 46 Y.. Also, I,ooo lbs V1rg1ma le a f smokmg tobacco, 10 rlb pkgs,l2s, 4oolbs do do do, 1n: pkgs, 2g The e x p01ts were three c a ses to Ch1na, 3 do to Japan, II do. 9 do c1ga r s t o Victot1 a I d o c 1 gars to the Sandwich IslaRd 1 d o to M a z atlan There are now on the1rway to this port fr om d o mestic Atlantic ports 51 hhds and 3,215 c a ses ST LOUIS, M a y 28 M r J E H a yne?, T obacco Broker, rep o rts as follows -Rece1v ed Sx6 hhds agam s t 900 the prevwus week. The rr.arket has been dull, lower and unsettled smce our las t on a ll g 'rades except for good dry shtppmg lea(' Sales from Thursday .to yesterday inclus i ve 2S4 hhds I at $ 2 30;IS at 4@4 go 34 a t S @ S go, 6g at 6 @ 6 90 56 at 7 @ 7 g l 35 at 8 @ 8 go; 27 at 9@9 go; Sat xo@xo 75: 4 a t II@II 75; 3 at 12 25@12 75, 5 at 13@13.75; 2 at 14@14 75, 7 a l IS @IS 7S, 4 at I6@t6 75, 2 at I7.25@17 7S, 4 at IS@x87S; 1 at 2o. 2s, I at 21, 1 at 22. 50,1 at 23 25, I at 24 25, 7 at 25@25 25; and I at 26. 'J4 boxes at J IO@I3$01 I bbl at 4-50, and I wagon load 4 In the same time 34 hhds were passed, and b 1 ds were reJected on 132 hhds at 4@27 75, ahd I box at 7 Io. To-da y offerings wer'! large and pnces generally mamtamed. Sales, go hhds I at 4 30 II at s@s.go; 20 at 6 @ 6 So; IS at 7@7 go; II at 8@8.go; 10 at g@g.6o (mcludmg 14 hhds factory dried-shtpping leaf, Chariton County, at 9 6o); 5 at IO @1o.7s; I at, I at 12 6o; I at I4i 1 at ry; at :zo; I at 26; I at :z0 I at 28, and 19 boxes at .60@24, d hhds were passed, and b1ds were rejeeted on -t:z hltds at 4 We quote mf'!nor and light we1gbtlugs 4@5, tactory do 5 6o@6; planters' do s.8o@6.75; com mon shippmg leaf 6.25@7; medium shtppmg leaf 7.25@ 8, good do 8 50@9; factory dried shipping leaf 8@ro; medium manufacturing leaf do g@xo; medium bright wrapping leaf Io@15; good do IS@:zs; fine do 30@40. FOREIGN. AMSTERDAM,, May xo.-Messrs. Schaaf & Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers, reportJas follows :-We refer to our report of the 3d inst. The market remains in the same state, common sorts of every sort are Still aban doned, but good kinds, especially for cigar manufactory, meet at every sale competition, the fine Java and Sumatra parcels, which are included in following sales, were bought very h1gh, and pnces for small maxks rule from ISO to 20 0 cents The sales of the past week con sists of I02 hhds Maryland, 2,uo bales Java, 231 do Sumatra Arnved: so hhds Maryland,.and g,655 bales Java. Stock to day: 2 IJ hhds Maryland, 27, 543 bales Java, 839 do Sumatra, and 2,666 do manufactured Java. AMSTERDAM, May 17.-Messrs Schaap & Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report as follows No sales took place 10 the last week J except 2s hhds Maryland tobacco of the old crop at much lower figures than im porters refused come time ago. Among the f Pllowmg arrivals we have to make mentiOn of 17 5 hhds of Mary land at prices more in favcn of buyers. It IS to be ex pected that under such circumstances we w1ll kave more acttvity in th1s leaf, for certamly .!f Amencan to bacco as offered at advantageous pnces, our culters prefer it to every substitute, as by too htgh pnces they are compelled to make use of them. Arrival s consist of I75 hhds Maryland, 33 hhds Mason County, I,8o9 bales Rw G ande, 1o,657 bales Java, 2,416 bales manufactured do. Stock to day 363 hhds Maryland, 33 hhds Maion County, I,So9 bales R1o Grande, 3S,:zo2 bales Java. s,oS:z bales manufactured do. The Exchange House sold 83 hhdsKentucky leaf, lugs and trash: 2 at 1 z.5o, g at Io@ 10 so, IS at 9@9 Ss, I6 at 8@8 g5, 20 t 7@7 go, 9 at 6@6.8o, IS at 5@5.g5. 2 at 4 35. 4 2s. 4 !bhds Tennessee leaf .at I2 75, IO 25, 9 Ss, 7 I hhd Arkansas leaf at g.Io. NEW ORLEANS, May report as follows There has been more activity m the' market and 624 hhds all on terms not given The stock on sale is esti mated at 151950 hhds. We quote.-Lugs at S@gc, low leaf, at 9@Io, medium at xo@n; good at u@12 aqd selections at The recetpts were 723 hhds Cleared for L r verpool 1 hhds. Stock on hand and on shtpboard not cleared on 27th mst, 20,59s hhds Man ufactured 1s dull, wtthan ample stock We quote:-No. r lbs, extra fancy, 75@85, fine, 65@70, fine medtum, 6o @65; good medium, 5s@6o, medmm, 50@55; common, sound, gold bars u inch, 6 oz, 7 oz, and 4 oz, aceording to quality, SS@75, medtum and common un sound, 30@4o, half pounds bnght, 45@6o; do black sweet, 4S@S8; No. x, 6s and Ios dark black, sweet, 45 @so, navy Jbs, 45@50; navy, 3ds, 45@ so; fancy stylea, natural leaf, twtst, pancake, etc, 6o@So. The rece1pts were xg4 pkgs. Cleared, 8o 2 pkgs. LIVERPOOL. May 17.-Mr. F W. Smythe, To bacco Commtss1on Merchant, reports. Dunng the past week there has beE;,n rather more dmng m Amencan tobacco, and manufacturet s and dealers hax e taken western leaf, espectallyeof the darker quahttes, to a moderate extent. There has also been somethmg tlone for export. Pnces are unchanged. Imports, since xst mst., 470 hhds; deliveries, g1 1 hhds; stock, I3,8r8 hhds PADUCAH, K Y May 2S.-Me ssrs M H Clark & Bro ther, Leaf Toba cco Brokers, report S a les for the week, 6so hh,ds agamst S67 hhds last w eek. Receipts to date, a litt le o v er xo,ooo hhds It IS now estimated that there w1ll be about s,ooo hhds more rece1ved in thts market. At the begmnmg of the week pnces were weaker and unsteady, at a declme of }( to but in a short t1me the market recovered and pnces of two weeks ago have now been pretty w e ll re-established We qu o t e Co mmon to medmm lugs, 67.(@ 6 r4c; good do, and Hi; common leaf, 7*@Sfi; me dmm do, g @ g ; goo d do xo@II}.(, and fine do, II;{. @I2 THE "LEAP. OROP Ali'D MARKET ITEJriS. 'l'O SMOKE OR NOT TO SMOKE KENTUCKY. Tobacco Ia ()ell&ral Park-Tile voice of tile Ballard. Feople. The Padncah .((entuckzan has a l itter from Ballard We transfer to our column s the following letters County. dated May xgth, runn ng th1s w1se. There IS addressed to the N Y. Herald by. several correspon conslderable complamt of the fly destroymg the to-dents who have been Imp e lled by the spmt that was bacco plants in th1s sect1on The plants are generally wlthm them to venttlate their v1ews on the smoking late. None have been set 10 this communtty that I guestton 'Rosa Conchas' haVIng dared to expre&S an have heard f op1mon favorable to the preva 1 lmg pract!Cily "Anothe r The wheat 1S somewhat better If the rams do not Lady" l akes her or htm to task m tlus fash10n "There produce rust, whtch has not yet made 1ts appearance, seems to me good deal of cooltmpudence, united with we may have plenty of "cake," 1f we should be com,the extreme selfishness of the hab1tual smoker, m the pelled to let "the corn-cake be suggestwn of 'Rosa Con.chas'-'that lnd1es who don't I understand there 1s fully one-iourth of"the tobacco like smokmg remam m tbe outstde garden at the Tho crop yet on har,d for the summer market-and the rem1-s cvncerts' As I guess nearly all ladies, and cent wet weather has been very favorable for gettmg it many gentleme n would prefer to enJOY the mustc with read y for m._rket out the smoke would tt not be as well for the smokers Many f armers are turnin t heir attention less upon (who li a ve two sources ofenjoyme!W to the others' one) tobacco and more to m1xed crops and to stock ratsmg, t o ventila t e them s elves outstde, where the open a1r wll with we thi nk, far better prospects of success So re li e v e peo p le of a f least s o me por t ton of the n it sance much for tobacco w1th xts uncertamtres and allo w ladtes, together wtth those who are chtv a l r ous T H E F a lm o uth (Ky) Indep end ent of he May says eno ug h to refram from smokmg m the1r soc1e ty, the -The m arket for t o bacco s till con t mues dull a g radual pnvtle g e of en Jo ymg ms1de shelter ?" 'Dolly Varden' r angmg b elow 5 per cent, in the market next takes off glo v es and t ilt s at 'Ros a The crop for this season of the year, 15 in a bad condl-She says: 'You .correspondent, 'Rosa C o n c has,' ttOn. Out of about 5 o oo hh.ds, ra11sed m the c o un t ry, says that sm o km g at T hom as' concerts t s the pnnc1pal tt 1s e stim ated tha t z ooo have be e n priced 2 000 m the pl easure for wh1ch those entertamments ar. e mte nd e d hands o f farmers s o hl and n o t deli v ered and 1 000 N o w a lthou g h t hts asse r tiOn IS a poor compli ment to unsold. Mr. Thomas and to h1s adm!Iable orchestra, It m ay se em unan s wer a bl e to Rosa and to other lad es who from taste o r ha b it do not obJeCt to noxwus s mells. B ut I deny tha t t h e ad J O m m g garden afford s e x cellent accommodatiOnS for those who are annoyed by the fettd puffs from the gen t l e men who perambulate' the garden ao; well as the saloon w 1 th o11t the le:lst1 regard for the comfort of those w hom they 'subject to the odtous mfltctwn. Wou l d it not be an addttlonal attractwn to tlie celebrated (:Oncerts 1f smokmg were proh1b1ted in the g:\Tde n, where ladtes and non-smokers would :ftnd a refuge agamst the pesulent1al emanations of pipes and c1gars -Apropos of Thomas' concerts, why ts the same pumshment inflicted on the passengers in the cars by smokmg bemg allowed on the platforms, and why are they compelled to change cars at the depot gomg to and returnmg !rom Mr. Thomas' establishment '-the mconvenience of wh1ch 1s felt at all times, but more espectally 'at late hours and in rainyweathCI ? "Dolly" ts followed by Centrall'ark," who ts moved to observe that: "If smokers of tobacco insist upon their preroga tive ofbefouling the lungs of those who 'v1s1t Thomas' Gar den let them at least refram from defilingtbe sweet odors of vegetatiOn m Central Park. The only persCJns who can now enJOY these sweet odors are the selfish smoJ.ers, who dnve theu foul breath away f r om themselves mto the breatbmg apparatus of others. All females and one half the men do not favor smoking a large majonty of the race dislike it. Why w1ll not the selfish smokers breathe thetr own fumes Answer-It' IS poison Whereupo n "Henry Clay" p1cks up the gauntlet thrown down by a ''Lady"-not "Another lady but some other lady-and with a few well dtrected thrusts of hts t il vinci ble lance d1s po s es not only of her but of all the other THE Paducah Tobacco Plaflt observes The tobacco p lants m Jh1s sectwn are large, enoug h to set out, and much ground would hav e been planted 1f ground had been dry enough to for the work Should the present weather contmue any length of time the last of next week will find a great deal of tobacco pl a nted. M ASSACHUSETrS The N e w England .[fqmestead says. A. A. Long of NoJth!ield, Mass., raised last year 2,6o2 pounds of to bacco on an acre and eleven rods of land. Thomas L. Alhs of Conway, has set u,ooo. tobacco plants th1s week, some of wh1ch measure e1ght inches acro ss. T obacco growers m Conway sold anly a part of the crop of I872. Some chotce lots are st1llleft m that part of thf' town called Shtrkshtre, a hilly f oca ti on, whe re 11 was cured w1th but httle "pole sweat. NORTH CAROLINA. flranvilk. A North Carolina paper says The tobacco crop of last year m Granv11le, the le a ding tobacco county of the corrtment, was large but iafenor. It IS thought that it did not brmg more .I) an half that the precedmg crop brought. The wheat crop 1s lookmgi>adly. Corn and cotton are douig weH. There ts an abundance of tobacco plants The tobacco crop m Orange does not prom1se well THE NORTH CAROLINA CROP -It ts said that not as much tobacco as usual will be planted th1s season m the vlcmity of Mount Airy, N. C. OHW. Elants are reported lookmg we11, and a prelltcted. large crop is fa 1 r ladtes who have on thts occaswn entered the hst for VIRGINIA. 3 the summer months until the present year, when their hearts were touched by the gloomy brows of those who rode and could not smoke, and by the number of those who walked down to Second Avenue and patd thelf fares on the open cars. The Thttd Avenue resolved on a concesswn, but determmed, after the manner m wh1ch some people g1ve charity, that the smokers should feel humiliated on accepting their bounty They possessed a number of shaky veh1cles, bUilt so many years that the date is lost. F1owsy, pent up, dm g y, lumber mg thmgs on wheels they wef'e A coat of paint la1d on without was thought sufficient to fit them for use. The populous cushwns, the narrow platforms, the greasy straps and rattlmg wmdows were left as they were. The company IS rich, and, surely, tf they mean to be generous, should not harrow the feelmgs of the gentle smoker by compellmg him to travel in a crazy and filiny machme for a century or so the msect race has called Its own That 1s bad enough; but he tri umphant yell of the antt sm oker as h e sees h t s enemy submtssi v e l y enter a travel li ng entom olog tcal menagerie f o r a sm o ke m us t make 1t worse tharr JOUrney m a pnson van W e fee l a cutely for the b e mgs who c a n not bear t h e odor of smoke; but we "1mpjore the pas s m g trbut e of a stgh", for the men who are con d e mn e d t o smoke on th e p res ent s m o king cars" of the Thtrd A v enu e Ratlread Rumo r has 1 t that the com p any, bemg econ o mic a lly I J icim e d, adopte'd the I dea of g!Vmg -the anc ie nt vem cl es to the smokers that the cushIOns mtght b e c heaply d t sinfected But th e smokw g car o f the fut u r e, what shall 1t be ? When rapid transi t ts an accomplished fact, and the horse car hnes must offer sometbmg to compensate for loss of t1me, the s mokmg c a r may develop into a blessing to smokers. When Columb us landed at H1spamola he saw the natives beneath the palms and 'the mangoes uckng through long reeds and puffing aromatic fumes out of the1r m.ouths antr nostnls. Others were seen who, havmg twirled the tobacco leaves into a cylindrical form, truncated at one end and acute at the other, puffed as they strolled to look at the new arnvals. That was a savage smoker' s paradioe. Fancy a smoking car, gomg from the Htrald buildmg to Harlem, embowered in trop1cal plants, w1th luxunous couebes to stretch upon, and smart little colored boys, dressed say in Arab cos tume, to fumtsh the smoker with a ltght, refill his ehi bouk, or hand him a fresh ctgar, when the orchestra neaF the dnver paused for a moment in breathing forth deltcwus melody. If the smoker felt a htt\e too languid the Negro boy would bathe his temples with eau de Co logne from the fountam m the centre. The dnver would never swear at draymen on the track ahead of him, and the-conductor would hand the smoker his change out, a three cent piece, on a s1lver salver The car would be started and halted by a little cb1me of s1lver bells. Every known brand of superfine tobacco, from the m1ldest Latakia to the most pungent Perique, and c1gars from M:amla or Havana could be had for the askmg. The p1cture IS not complete ; but it will do for the pres ent. Meanwhtle the Thud Avenue Railroad Company can remell,lber that they are very far indeed from the tdeal we have drawn. They could not be much further. Can they do no better ? : Forthoourlng Auction Sale. A correspondent of the Rtchmond Wh1g, wntmg from Clarksville, Va.J May 24, says Owmg to our cold and wet spnng farmers are very much hand Tobacco plants m many sections are scarce and late. Fruit b1ds fair to be m great abundar.ce. Wheat through th1s section of V1rgima and adjommg counties ol North Carolina wtll not average more than twoth1rds of a crop. At Mahernn Depot, Va., as late as the 27th ult farmers are satd to have done } title a ult w1lh the valiant lovers of the weed Here is what Henry says "I hearttly deprecate the preva1lmg ep1det m1c:f9r v ent!latmg one's gnevances through the med um By John H Draper & Co, 112 Pearl St., on Tuesday, of the press; but the unseemly and lll-hmed complamt June xo, at 1300 Broadway, at o clock, a lot of ci of a "Lady, m regard to smokmg m Central Park Gar-gars etc On Thursday; June I9 at 10 o'clock at theu den, cons! ram s me to attempt an tmposstbthty..,that of a lot of Cl ars etc.' The Richmond Whig has a letter dated May 23, from Halifax County, m which the news, mixed, IS enterta'inmg' it reads Cold rams contmue of tall. Deep mud and swollen streams are the order of the day. Dripping farmers on wheezy horses (ep1 zoot1c convalesents) are to be seen on the road every day, accompanymg the1r tobacco crops to clover, hauled in tarpaulm.covered wagons. Dr. Car nngton's tobacco barn was robbed last week of several hundred p-ounds of leaf tobacco. Daniel Green (colored) was the th1ef. He is in Jail at the court house, and wtll soon become a zebra. WISCONSIN. Under the bead of "Tobacco,'' the Fort Atkmson, Wis., Umon observes. Home sales are but nominal m pnce and quanttty Dr. Cra1g sold the past week f o r R, 4 and 2 cents, the h1ghest pnce bemg patd for a small lot of superior quality and was bought for home manufacture Sales in Rock County are takmg about the same range. We notlced last week the shipment by Mr Kettleson, of Uuca, of three cat< loads 'to Bos ton. The lot was of average quahty and wtll undoubt edly 1be sold to manufacturers One great d1fficulty connected w1th thts tobacco question IS the m1serable quahtly of a large proporuon offered for sale Men have gone into the busmess and where the mo.ot ex actmg sktll and care was required, have handled their tobacco m a slovenly manner, and the result ts the bad drags down the good. The Connecticut farmers act They are a thorough set of farmers m the first place, and, to all of th1s add, mcety of care Unt1l slovenlmess and unthrtfty hab1ts of care and fores1gh t are bamshed from the busmess, success and pront need not be expected. It IS the same with tobacco as wtth butter, the market 1s glutted w1th a quantity of badl y handled goods. MADISONVILLE (W1s) Times crop items: "Not all the tobacc.o has been sold yet. Numerous farmers have f a rm s of tobac co unsold, and many of them have not stnpped 1t for mark-et yet. So much rainy weather has put our farm ;rs constderably b e hind m their wo rk Hardly has been planted m fact, v et;Y ltttle work could be done. A v; eek or two of good weath e r would help tlllngs greatly now." "THE m Mtssoun and Kans as th1s year IS u n usually large stlencmg a woman w1th her own pecuhar weapon-words. g The G a rden was founded as a cafe. By th1s 1s under stood a resort for gentlemen. That a woman of refine ment, wtth any appreciation of the 'eternal fitness of thmgs,' c a n gam her own COI\,Sent to grace w1th her pre sence a place devoted to the sale and consumptton of lager leer, whtsky.. at d c1gars IS one of tlief>e httle 1\IYS tenes mseparable fr o m wom:mkind and Incomprehensi ble to mankind. Lad1es attend on sufferance What nght have they to protest against smekmg? To quote from a favonte author -"No wonder they hate 1t, the dear creatures 1 The ctgar IS the worst nval a woman can have 1t ts one whose eyes she can not scratch out, who Improves wuh :tge whtle she herself dechnes; who has an art which no woman possesses-that gf never wearymg her devotee; and, lastly, never upbraids and always tte!ds the same joy" Now, Mr. Ed1tor, there are some thmgs m th1s w (nld w orse than tobacco smoke, a nd among them I class the eternal clamor, the Inane gossip, the unmeamng chatter of woman Man{. a time at the Gardl'n, has a c]farmmg performance-been com pletely marred by the mconsiderate, everlastmg waggmg of the1r tongues. I am at once a lover vf mus1c and c 1 gars Could a compromise be effected-the ladies gtving up thetr threadbare tncks of fltrtatlon and "n01se so loud" and gentlemen relinquishmg thetr c1gars-I would be th first to mdorse the new regmze, but until such 1s maugurated I will continue to torture the1r delt cate oltact10ry organs w1th the fumes of my c1gar." Where upon the Herald humorously discourses as fol lows. SMOKING CARS ON CITY RAILROADS: NEw YoRK CITY.-Du Bois & Irving, Insurance Brokers, from 141 Broadway to 54 Wall St. ST Louis, Mo -J. E. Haynes, Dealer in _Leaf To bacco, from 6u Chestnut Street, lo 27 South Second Street. Changes in Buainess I ALBANY, N. Y.-Alexander Greer & Co., Tobacco Manufacturers, d1ssolved by the death of Mr. Alexan der Greer, the business w1ll be continued under firm name of Alexander Greer's Sons LIVERPOOL, ENG -F. W Smythe, Tobacco Commis sion Merchant, Mr. James Derbysbue Wtlson admitted; firm name now F W. Smythe & Co. TOBACCO BURNT -The large tobacco barn of Riley Brothers, m Rockport, Ky, was burned to the ground a few days smce. The barn contamed nearly 30,000 lbs leaf tobacco, all of wh1ch was destro)ed. The building was msured for $x,ooo, but the contents bemg' uninsured are a total loss "\V'e learn from the Hartford :Joumal that the fire was the work of an mcend1ary. REVENUE DECISION -Treasury Department, Office of Internal Revenue, Washmgton, May 27, I873Str-In reply ta y0ur letter of z4th 1nst., I have to say that one landing certificat e w1ll be sufficient for all the tobacco wh1ch you mtend to .export by one vessel to one port in South Amenca. The collector, rnwhose hands you will place the engmal Of this landmg certificate, Will furniSh you With as many certified coptes of the same, as bonds are giVen for said tobacco, and such cert1fied coptes wtll be ac cepted for the purpose of cancelling the bonds Of course, tf the goods are landed at dtfferent ports, a separate landing certificate wtll be required for each. Very respectfully, yours, J. W. DouGLAss, Com r mss10ner. LEWIS W ARR(NGTON, Esq 219 West Pratt Street, Bal m o r e, Md.! The smoker, acco rdmg to h1s enemy, IS an obtrus1ve domuueenng poisonous demon, who should be fought and trampelled on at a ll hazards and as early and often as posstble The devJI fish ofV1ct6r Hugo, If he c o uld only ra1se a cloud wtth tobaccosfnoke mstead of sep1a, would ap p roa c h the a nti -tObaCCOniSt's Ideal Of the smoker. The anti-smoker has a strong pomt always 10 r ese r ve He este e m s h t mself a representative of chiv alry greater than B ay ard and when he wntes to the p apers fee ls h uns e l f mor e eloquent tha n Edmund Burkel declanng that the a g e of chtvalry had gone Thts wtll indtcate that h e undertakes to be the champiOn of the ladleS In thts mood !he smoker is to hlm a fiery dtagon, Advertuements. h o ld mg d o w n a l o vely Andromeda o n the rock and ___ ___ puffin g no xto u s fumes from mouth and nostnls m t o the T o L E T FRONT OFFICE o n d Floor o f <7 BRO A D STREET, fa1r c apttve's f ac e The anti-smo ker' becomes a true R OOM ADJOININ G Apoly FOR SALE. ATOBACOO F AOTOj{Y IN OHIOAGO-Woth all m o d ern requorements for Manufacturmg Fme Cut and Smokmg Tobacco, w1th the benefit o f an estabh s h e d tra d e f o r years T ERMS EAS Y For parllculan m q 01re o f JOHN G GRAFF, thts Office 43o-o4t PHILADELPHIA, May JI -Mr A Oppenheimer, Broker m T obac co, C 1 gars, e tc, 1 eports as follows The sales were uo cases Conn ecticut, 2 cases Con necticut seconds, I30 case s m dtfferent lots, of Penn sylvama, r2o cases runnmg lo t s, r 871 Ohio I6o bales Havana, 20 bales Yara I7o.J,ooo 11nported c1gars, at $75 @ $ 3 per M 2,125,ooo domesttc c1gars at I2.5o@8o per M. Tra de h a s been tolerably good for th1s seasop, and the jobbershavtng a great many sehc1tors out thecountry anct western dealers, orders are commg in pretty freely. May IS -My monthly Circular IS as follows: LIVer pool, VL, 2,26S; VSJ I,6o8, KL, s,ssS; KS, 3.253, Mus, 1,396; totals, 14,o8o. London, VL, 2,cog VS, goo; KL, 2,064, KS, 4,935; Mds;z,234; totals, 12,I4Z. Stock, 3oth Apnl, I873, VL, 4,274, VS, 2,5o8; KL. 7,622 KS, 8,I88; Mds, 3,639; totals, 26,222. Stock, 3oth Apnl, I872, VL, 3,S43; VS, 2,234; KL, ro,gSs, KS, x6,84:z; Mds, 2,585; totals, 36,4S6. Show mg that we-have Io, 267 hhds less than we had twelve months ago; this dtmmution compnses Decrease, KL, 3,363, KS, S,654 u ,oq hhds less mcrease. VL, 431; VS, 274 Mds, I1045 total, r,75o hhds. 1he new stnps 1mported smce rst December last appear to be prec1sely 6oo hhds 1r1to L1verpool,'and dunng the same time mto London, 235 hhds, t ogether 835 hhds. all the month of Apnl this market was as qUiet as it had been.dunng Februa y and March. Manufacturers and aealers purchased stnps sparingly. ShiJ:l_ers to Afnca bought leaf, care f ully &elected wtth reference 10 fine qualities and hght weight s Export ers to the Contment took little or nothmg, there 1s, how over, no quotable change m pnces, notw1ths tandmg thiS protracted calm Smce Ist m s t. dealers ha ve taken some dry leaf for h o me use, and shippers to Afnca have bought little lots for export 15ut manufac turers have supplied themselves only in a reta1 l way wit h was mdtspensable for the r r tmmedrate wants These trans actions were on the basts of prev1ous pnces. Imports to xoth mst., 322 hhds. Dehvenes, 47S hhds Me dium Vtrgima and Kentucky stnps, g@xoc, g ood, xoY., HEALING IN THE PIPE -Now, the reader knows, for fine old, II, Dry short filler, (sound) Virgmia an he has been told so a thousand times that sm okmg pro Kentucky trade dry leaf, part wrapper, duces paralysiS, epilepsy, tic douloureux, fits of all the good, fin e colory, 8@1o Contmental comvanous kmds and sudden deat h Thts bemg settled, mon and Kentucky leaf, S@SY., do what are we to say to the commumcation wh1ch an mgood, 6; Afncan, good to fine, 7, 8. -s.ane fumtgator sends to the Manchester (Eng. ) E > a mzPers eus, and, qutll m hand, rushes au secours. Although we wnte now sol e ly upon the great "Smokmg Car'' questiOn, we ma y say t h a t the Cen t ral Park Garden has been the sc e ne o f t h e ant! s moker kmght errants' l atest attack on the fumers Of the th1s dragon pt c ture may be true; but your genume, r5!fined sm oker 1s no m ore an obtrus1ve bemg than IS an owl by dayhght H e do es not w ant to smoke when the fragrant weed must be offered as a holocaust, am1d badgermgs, threats and 1rntauons H1s pipe 1s a calumet of peace. He can only enJOY hts c1ga r m seremty or to become serene. So far from thrustmg htmself assertively upon the front platform of a street car and raising a storm of upbratd mg from crabbed non smokers w1thm, he would sooner shrink mto the corner and puff unpreten tiously as an old matd s coffee-po' before the fire. But he wants to smoke as he travels. In the Wmter ttme, when wmdows and doors were .kept zealously closed, he could be seen wllh the restgnatwn of a martyr freezmg bes1de the driver, so he could smoke. As the fine weather opened he could be seen mounting the front platform wtth a smile and enJoymg his Clgllr, until one fine between Spnng and Summer, the dnver slapped h1m on the shoulder and satd -gruffly, "No smokmg." The moment of suppressed rage which passed until the fire went out and had "strewn .repentant ashes on its 'head" had to be hv.ed through; but the smoker smiled rio more until wmdows and doors were closed agam and he could smoke and freeze h1s sweet WE hereby gtve n ottc e tha t w e a r e the m anuf acturers o f the LITTLE BAREFOO T Cigar, and the propnet ors of t h e Ltttle Barefoot &and, wh1ch is duly c opyn ghte d accocdmg t o ac t o f Congress Any person or per sons U!nng the same will b e prosecuted to the fullest ext ent of the l a w 9 3t AUERBAC H & MENDE R SON K1JCHL EB, GAIL & CO., viATBR STRKBT, .KICHMOND, Nay 31 -Mr R. A Mills, Tobacca Broker, reports In rev1ewmg our market for the past week, I hate nothing new to report' Our breaks and offerings coutmue very large. There has not been that improvement in the quality of receipts whtch I predicted 1t 1s itill the oft told tale, good tobacco scarce and ,r: demand at high pnces, a uperabundance or common, with little or no demand, and wh1le It would be pleasant to change the tune, still every thing is set to that metre, and there 1s no gettmg over it. ComparaUve statement of the sales for the present month foot up S,II4 hhds, 1,45I Ires, 23g boxes. Agamst 3,g87 hhds, .1,464 trcs, 174 boxes. Same month last year the transactions were 1.447 hhds, 417 and 6J boxes. I contmue my quotatwds : Black lugs, common.----------.-----. 5 to Black lugs, to 8 Black leaf, com moo to medmm.-----.-to Black leaf, good to fine -------------IO -to Black leaf, fine wrappers andstemmers 14 to IS Bright lugs, common chaffy smokers'-----. 7 to g Bnght lugs, medmm to good smokers and fillers ------.------- Io to 15 Bnght lugs, extra smokers _____________ .. 18 to 25 Bnght leaf, medmm to g ood fillers -.-. 10 to 14 Bnght leaf, extra good fillers ............. IS to 16 ner 1 Tht s lunattc says that "he never knew a dav s INTERNAL REVENUE RECEIPTS.-fhe amcunt of mhealth unttl he took to smoking." Up to the age of 20 ternal revenue rece1pts on May 31 was l63x,ou; total he never smoked, and was always s1ckly 1 particularly m for the month,, $t2,353,107, grand total, $xo6,oi6,223 the winter, when he had pulmonary troubles. Upon The total recetpts for the fiscal year are anly $3,933,the recommendatiOn, as he says, of the great Prof 778 less than the estimate of the Comm1sswner for the Huxley he began to smoke mtld tobacco Hts entire fiscal aud the present indications are health once becaDle good, and he had no cough the rece1pts dunn_ g June wtll be at least 18,ooo,ooo m m the wmter. Lately, for the sake of experiment, he excess of the estimates. gave up smokmg, "foolishly" as he th1aks. What MR. CoRNELIUS Du Bms, JR., Insurance Broker, has was the All h1s old symptoms returned. His jomed in busmess by Mr. J Sutherland lrvmg, cough became so violent that 1t almost brought on bran for several year!l 1dentified w1th the great barlkmg chttrs. He flew to hts He smoked ag:un and was house of Duncan, & Co of thts c1ty, and the healed He says now that he shall contmue to smoke new firm have removed from No. 141 Broadway to "fr om a sense of uty." 1 We do not mean to generalize more convenient and destrable quarters at No. 54 Wall from this individual instance, nor to glorify smokmg, Street, as wtll be seen by thetr card on our first page says the New York Tnbune. But what is fatr 1s, that We need hardly rem J nd the old tobacco fnends of Mr. other people shall not generalize from indtvidual ID Du Bo1s that the same zeal and iqtegnty that stances on the -other s1de of the quesbon. charactenzed h1s career as a member oi the\ r own trade, will be exhibtted in his new field of endeavor, or observe that he will be likely to expenence a peculiar pleasure m tran<.'\ctmg such msurance busmess for them as they may feeldiSposed to place in brs way. The firm of Du B01s & Irvmg cummence operahons under the prest1ge of good names and reputations, and their success m v1ew of this fact would seem to be assured at the eutset. THE ENGLISH TRADE AT VJENNA.-A London co temporary says : We notice that the Brit1sh tobacco trade is almost entirely unrepresented at the Vienna Ex h1b1t1on. After careful pt:rusal of the catalogue, the only two names of British exhibitors in th1s business wh1ch we can dtscover are Mr. J. Grunebaum, 3I, Sackville Street, London (Havana cigars), and Mr. E Samuelson, -of L1verpool (tobaccos.) will W1th that rare mstmct for wh1ch they are famous, the ra1lroad managers saw how large a class grew gloomy when the heavens were bnght, and a compromtse was the result. Open cars, w1th the rear seats sacred to smokers, were placed on mest of t he Brooklyn hues and on one or two in New York The smokers humbly re JOiced thereat. But the m1ghty Thtrd Avenue hue, in a mggardly way, set its face against the smokers qunng NEW YORK CIT Y H AVE JUST RECEIVE D A LOT Ol' T URKIS H TOBACCO, Whtc h ts for sale in Lots to suit purchasen CONSULATE GENERAL OF SPAIN -NEW YORK, .a, r813-The followmg ootice u pubhaAed by order of the Boud of Revenue Madnd The Government of the R.epubll c havmg authonzed the sale, for t ton, of one mltllon kilograms of Snuff Tobacco from the warehowea of tile G overn10ect Tobacco Manufacture at Seville, wdl be recetved at the office of tke Board. for a penod of three month 1 from thia date, for tile purchase of a whole or apartoftheaforesaJd mdllon kllogt'211U, accordin1 to samples eshtblted at the 1a1d offi c e the propopla to be submitted to tM ap n of the Government JOSE M. TORRES, Madnd, Apnl 7, 1873. P 1L Prealdent of the Board. noPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHL"Y JOURN.U V J o r ewokeu. P bltt:bed & t No 10 Lord Nelaoll atruet, L v erpool J....nlf )a.ud wnent a ubeoript.i one may be ad4Jeued, or to the LBA:r OFr.t"'&. P r 1ce t wo aUUUu.p (Eilgll11'b) per IDDUUl rrade At luloo ) Ia H olland tbe duty is 38 cents gold, per soo kilos. (38o American pouade being equal to "7 \uloe ) In Ruula the duty on leaf tobacco Ia 4 rou'!lw 4D kopeks per pud, o n smoldor tobacco 36 roo. 40 cop. per pud, and on II rou. per pound. The u pud ts equal to about" American lbs. Ia Turkey the duty Ia ifty cents gold PH ""' American ouacea. \ .. ..


, ,i I '4 1 4 -I'DE, TOBACCO LEAF; I .TH.E SPENCE, BROTHERS & -co., DOHAN, CO., EsTABLISHED IN 1836; BY CHARLES M. CoNNOLLY. JUJfUli'A.CT1111.ERS OF THE CELBBIU.TIIID TO :SACCO Y. OomwtuJon Mereh-BULKLEY MOORE & CO. BOWNE e& 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, Tobacco Com.m.ission Merch&Dts d Sole Proprietors of the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: Hooey Bee, Early Dew, Prairie Blossom, Red Rivet', Powbtattao, Enterprise, Old B:entuok, Old Los Cabin, Cow Slip, Planters' Choice, P ioneer of the Weat, Sunny tlouth, Our Brand, lroney Dew. Al"' Sole for 1he United Stateo for J'. P. HAWKINS & CO.'S GOLD FLAXB. )AMES M. vARDINER, CHARLEs M. CorTNo:r:,Lv. JAMES M. GARDINER a CO., TOBACCO MERCIIANTS, 84 FRONT _STREET, NEW YORK, r:frt recMr,ing direct from VIRGINIA and CAROliLVA, consign ,' nunt.s of LEAF, MANUFACTURED and SMOKING Tobaccos. -... C. LIND&. C. Y. LINDE. C. C, HAMILTON. S. KARCOSO. R ASHC1l0Pr. NE W jYORK Seed-Leaf Tobacco Inspection. Tobnet:e luepeeted cr Snnrplcd. Certificates gi"en for e'ery case, a td delivered case by tase, as to number of CertJficale. N.B.>:-We also Sample;., own Stores. F. C. LINDE & CO., OFFICE-142 Water Street. 0 Watq, 173 Front, '74, '76, & '78 Green..vieh Strecta and 1 2, r, & 8 Hudaon lllver Ball Road Depot, St. John's Park. J. MCJ. BENSEL co., BOCK. 10 :CEPEYS'l'EB STREET, TOBACCO SEED-LEA IIPErn!BS, MERCHANTS Storage provided in FirstClass Warehouses, Certl&at.ea Issued a.nd Cases delinred 6 Cedar Street, New, York. l'ingly or in lots. ? o. nox 4..l o,.. RICHEY tc BONIFACE,. Tobacco Commission Merchants, 88 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK, Agentl for the pJinclpal manufacturers of P iugo and Smok ng Tobacco of Vira-inia and Nortb Carolina SOle Agents for Gold Flake; _Among the Roses, Devon and other favorite Brands of Smoking Tob.acco. Special Brands of Plug and S molung Tobacco furnished on application. AMBROSIA, COMMISSION MERC.HANTS; .And YarWu8 other .Brand8 or Fine-Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobaccos! 52 anil 64. :us'1' 'l'BIBll IITIU'l', CINCINNATI, O. Being located at the GREAT LEAF for CUTTI!>!G ToBAcco, our facilities for supplying the TRA.Dit w1th ALL GRAD ItS or FINE-CUT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. AND Packers of Do11estlc Leaf Tobacco. IMPORTERS OF AND DEALERS IN 11A V ANA_ TOBACCOS, 220 PEARL STRBET, NEW YORK Ex. NORTON. T. J. S cAUGHTBR. B. H. WISDOM, EDWARD M. WRIGHT A co. NORToN, suuGHTER & co.. neral comMission TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, 3a sueet, AND General Commission Merchants, o 4s5s, 41 B:B.OAD ST:B.EET, N.Y. STRA.ITON & STORM, MAKUFACTURERSOF lO:=J: FRONT STREET, } w -voa. A[ents for the folluiiBD: Wellknoill ViriDnia Manufacturers : .J. B. PACE, YARBROUCH & SONS, .J. H. CRANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN lc BROTHER, D. B. TEtNNANT lc CO. L. H. FRAYSER & CO. B. W. OLIVER, H. CREANER, CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSON, THOMAS HARDCROVE, R. PACE lc CO. RACI.-AND & JONES, RACLAND lc WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W._WISE, R. A. "PATERSPN & CO. .J. P. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Sole Agents in New York for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pocket Pieces Also Agents for J ohn W. Carroil's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos, Lone Jack a Brown Dick, etc, rn dark work to our Thistle" Brand, so wide! known in many parts of our Country for its b e auty of wo!limanship, of chew, etc., we would invite tlae attentio. of Jobbers; _always on ham! lbs., half lbs. threes, pocket pieces, etc. ( APPI.EBY & HELME, .. s E C3r .A. H.. S, .. MANUFACTURERS OF THE DEALERS IN LEAP _TOBACCO, -RAIL -RO MILLS No. 191 PEARL STR'EET, New York. A JOHN STRAITON', ClEO!tGB STORJL .. bo s a.ff, ALEXANDER MAI'rLAND. L. F. S. lllACLEHOSE. :t\\'t L. MAITLAND 4 1J TOBACCO AND FACTORS, C IJ., GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 43 BBOAD ST., II'. 1r. Adancem.,nts made 011 c onsignm ents to"' A. & (.;. MAXWE.LL & CO., ).tVERPOOL. .&r.a4CCO '1/ n, French .Ra.ppee. Snutr, .. .4merkan Gent. Snuff', Scotch Lundy .Foot SnufT, ALSO -MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING BRANDS OF PURE TOBACCO, Bail Road, VIZ: -Our Choice, Pride of Henry County, VIR'Q-INIA Tobacco Commiqjon Merchants ---ft .... '14 FBONT St7eet. KREIELBERG & CO., 16o PEARL ST., New YmtK J D. KREIELBER6 & CO., BALTIMORE, MD. KREIELBERG, & CD. NEW ORLEANS, LA 'l'IIBmB tODDI IDCHAITS. M. s: LEVIN, IIPOITHB UP HAVBl And :Dealer 1D all k1n4a of :t.:Z.6.7 rrO:SACCO, 162 PEARL ST., lEW YORK. CHAS. F. TAG & EON', lmportera ot SP ANISB, aud Dealenln all !linda of LEAF TOBACCO, I 184 Front &yeet, DWYOU. &. & CO 1\iirrhaat, LEAF TOBACCC 179 -PEARr. STREE':', PIN Gl&d C'or otJwto, N:EW von, N. LACBENBRUCH & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, WHOLESALE DKALBRS fN HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. E. & G FRIE!D m Leaf Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, .EDWARD F:&DN:D, Fa::END, '-NEV.'I YORio!' EDWARD FRIEND, JL t -G: W. HlllMAN&CO:; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., J>.m

' JIJNE 4: JACOB BBIIILL, MANUFACTURER OF '.RIOR MAKE AND .irlme Ouallty of -OE&q ALSO, DEALER IN & CIGAR MOULDS 8198, 890 I& 297 Monroe St., YORK. I'DE TOBA.CCO LEA.F(, P.ALMER & SCOVILLE, IIIPGBTERS Off St-ARIIB, ... .&:ND JOBBB&I 01" ALL EINDI!J' LEAF TOBACCO,. DEALER IN LEAF .. :tt3 PEARL STREET, NEW FO.R.K .I ) HERMANN BATJER & BRO., COIUIIl!IIIOif MJ:'l01Ul51TI .A.JJD DIPORTERS OF MARTIN & JOHNSON, 166 WATER STREET, f;let"W'een Malden Lane aad Burling SUp, NE"" Tobacco Commission AGENT"" FOR THE SALE OF AI..I. 'I'HE STANDARD BRANDS OF YIRIINIA & NORTH CAROLINA BNUP ACTUBBJt& SIOKIIG TOBAl:COS Agents for the following well-known Virgini1\ .and N. Carolina Manufacturers: ROBERT W. OLIVER, Richmond, Va I Wll'fGFJELD & LAWSON, Richmond, Va. D. C .II A YO & CO. R!chmood, Va. Wm(ACK & INGRAM, Meadoville, Va. W. J. GENTRY & CO. Richmond, Va W DU'KE, Durham, N C. MA\'0 & KWIGHT, Richmond, Va R. 'f. FAUCETT, Durham, N .C. HARDGROVE, POLLARD & C<:)., Richmond, Va. COOPEi\ & WILLIAMS, Odonl, N. 0. The special attention of the Trade is called to the following established Brands : JIAlrol'ACTUBED IIAJR1l' ACTtJJLED Virginia Beauties, P. P.'s wh ole and X Caddies Old Ned's Choice, Xs, Ks1 P P's. Virginia 33, 41, and 141. D. C. Mayo &r Co Navy lba. Farmer"s Daughter, 3s, .p, and j(s. D.C. Mayo&Co., Navy, and"''' P P .,in wh ole, Sallie Willie,' and 3PlurTwist. "'and J0 caddies. Sallie Fig. D. C. Mayo & Co.,_Js, 4S, and 10S. Invincible, W. J Gentry &: Co., Navy; X:s, Xs, P P's, Oriental, J.i'ig, m tln foil, X lb. bozes, fancy. and I on' so 's. Charm, 6-inc h Twist, in tin foil, }( caddiee. Mayo & Kutgbt, Navy, Hs, J(s, P. P 's. & lone 1os C hatmer, 6 and n-lnch twist.. d v lba.. Luscious Weed, u-mch SIIOKilfG, in bags ofu, Jts, aa ,.s Chas. Henry, Jr., 9-lnch li&ht preased Gold Bug. Virginia's Choic e Ambrosi a, lbs. Gold Ked&l. lxion. Oliver' s Choice lbs. Olive. Rose. Old Kentuc", lbs. Star. Reward oflndustry, lbs. Oliver s Choice V irglola Belle Pride orthe Natlon, tbs. Nugget. Pioneer. 5 [ MADDUX l 71 Pearl Cor. Pine, l!i. Y P. t>, BOX 4902. Mtt:NUP'ACTURERS oii'lhNti DEALERS JN VIRCINIA MANUFACTURED TOBACCO The attt!ltion llf JolMng 7hiurltam 'fobaoco and Commissios :Me1'0ba.lllt& J __ Y;;.;O;.;;R=L attention given to putting up special brands for SOLE use of owners 'as& and ll1!16 Front ll!lt;zo_._ NEW YQBK. JIA,Vll O.N SALil A.Lt. tear "Tob!'-tto for Export allcl loJU Ia BROAD STREET, AND '&8 JI'EW SOL:! A8l!n'S 'FOR La Ferme RUBSian Cigarettes. Di VIDSOI 81\BTIIIRS, ami SEED LEAF T. H. MESSENGER & CO,, IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN LOBENSTEIN & GANS, lMPORTEns or LEAF TOl3ACCo, CICAas, :t.Ico:a;;.;:c m 0 u L D s, A.:n.d. !PASTE LICORIC BEANS, I S E .U.ING 'v AX, P :R E S S lC S LowoEaEo LUID.RicE 1 KNIVES, FLA voRmG EXTRAcT 161 MAIDEN LANE. STRAPS,AND CUTTERS, Ol-UIOEN LANE. NEW Yonx. e CIGAR MOULD PRESSBS & STRAPS. A. & F B B .IV 1 e .._ 'MANUFACTURERS OF-. Ci[ar CUtters.& &ll other :Machinery for Mannfactnrin[ Ci[ars; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS: 57, 59 & 61, Lewis St., bet. Delancy & Ri:vington, NEW' YORK. e SAMUEL JOSEPHS, ._ MANUFACTURER OF FINE AND DBALBit II LEAF TOBACCOS: No. 188 FRONT 8TitEET, NEW Y The atteaUoa or the Trade b ealled to JnT ceter&ted. DIAMO 8T All brand. THE GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, :BROADWA'1, corner of NEW !;) Capital, $2,000,000. DRAWS BILLS OF EXCH.(\.NGE and issues LETTERS OF CREDIT at all prlncipat pla ces abroad. Acc ounts and Correspondence of Me rc hants, Banks, Bankers, etoo so)ic itd. 0. H. SCHREINER. -Cashier. WM. P. KITTREDGE & Co., IU Water treet, Near YORK. _.-'TOBACCO COMMISSION !EBCBANTS, MANUFACTURER OF Chas, T. Sevrnour IMPOBTER 'Of v And D e al e r in fleet 'I@ 189 Pearl New York. FOX, DUJ.S & CO., SUCCESSORS TO EGOEllT, DILLCJ A N D COMPANY IMPORTERS OF SPANIS+-1 AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 1 7 S WATER STREET, N.Ew YoRK AND IMPORTER OF GERMAN _CIG.IR MOut.Dr. lJJULXJL 1 .. '1' Ci[ar-Monld Presses, Straps an[ Cutters, 253 SOUTH STREET; N. Y. M. w. MENDEL & BRO. LEVY J. SCHMITT & CO. Dii:A21 et:f' IMPORTERS OF & DEALERS IN Segars & Leaf Tobacco, :E-:J:1'TE: Leaf 7S Bo-vve--y, N e-vv_ ---. ...,. .. UFIANN & BONDY, R SPINGARN-& CO., c,;:;i.i!'Jfo/!1t:::: IIANUF ACJ!DRs oF FINE CIGABS, HAvANA & nOMEST!c TOBACCO: 162.. Water St., New York. New York. Tobacco. C. JOST, Agents fur the Popular :Srand._ s of Virginia '71 & '73 FRONT ST. NEW YORK. CHAS. E. SPIER & CO., : SOLE AGENTS FOR -UNITED STATES AND CANADA&, OF OSENBRUCK It dO'S, GERMAN. CIGAR 71 .JOHN 8TitEET, NEW YORK. Wrappers and Fillers. Sl M IlK J.Ali'JI, ... W No .. 5 BURLING SLIR, 'H. COLELL, J,L.Q..SOBB'l'. II. L .CUSSERT I EUGENE DU BOIS, NKtR WATER-STREET, I'T2 Wate r Street. New York. coar.ulSSION "'ERCHANT NEVV: YORK. M. SALOMON, .. a E. SAL9Diom' E. S.lLOMON .. 197 _Duane:atraet, .. .... NewaYOJrlk:. / I BEAD & Co., SuccESsoRs TO IsAAC READ, MERCHANTS, Arzd Dealer$ i11 Virginia and Western Leaf and Manufa c tured Tobacco, ""'Licoria, 'Gitwt, de., 18 Old Slip, 1'1'ew '2'ork. WALTER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE, :J. L. G4SSJDIT & BBO., J.Y.Io.IA .iUo ol'DTIWI!f uBx. ihCCU'IAuo. au. sou>< CiK&r vartiaulaTly fa'FO!'ed. lOB TKE 8A L J OF COMMISSION MERCHANTS Le'a Manufactured1 & -UIDDJU.URSINJ.LLXINDO -roBAoco, RoBeRT E. KELLY & co. 7.5 FR0NT-5T'., NEW Yt}: RK-;-BEAVEB STREET, NEW (LA.':l;'E OF S'1'. LOUIS, Mo.) .., Dealers in all kinds cf M anufact1,1red Tobac co of all anlO, And Sole Age nts f o r the Brand J IMPORTER OF D. & A. BENRIMO, < SvPERIOR DE JOSE MARIA VICKOT/' 147 w A.TJm ST NEW YORX. BAVAil LEAF KEY wEsT FLORIDA. FRIEDMAN & OETTINGER, Leaf Tobaooo;--<.N THE BRAND OF A:E TOBACCO '!'lDJ CIGAB FAOTOIY. w.,.HoooL&s. a.c.Lol>BGENHARl>T, A D OF .DD Dbl.DS 1W .llL KmDI 01 f CICARS "RITICA,'' JTB:-YoBX, LEINKAUF li POLLAK; f# W. J. HOODLESS 8& CO., B VA A, f222 Pearl St New York. :a:anonealellllklndaolLDI'.,-oBA.OOOforUPOil'l MANUFACTURERS oF NATIONAL oo:r.msTicD To:sAcco: A; ... & o. ..... m. lad BOD ;,ATMA; :Jnne TOBACCO INSPECTION, IMPORTERS 01" FORWARDING 202 e 15, 17, 19, n, Z3 u5 Whitehall Street, 203 PEARL STREET, AliD I1yPoot,P. 0. 6171. A. ROitSLBR. A S ROSE'Ii1BAUM CQ 8peelal atteDtl n n paid to tbe forwanling of Tobeooo 111 ..:;; to foreign oountrtea. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO AND CIGARS HEYMAN & LOWENST DW.W :m SEED LEAF T():BACCO, I} I COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 121 ::MAIDEN LANE AN:UDEALERSIN I LEAF TOBACC NEW YORK.: 99 Maiden Lane, N. '. AliD DBALEB I!( DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco W(.l,o,vr Street, JIEW YORK. WlYI. a Co.,. MANUFACTURERS OF Segar Boxes, 1&"1', 169 It 161 GOERCK ST, NEW YORK. Best Material and Suptri?r Make by SelfIn11ented and Patented MadFFICE: B. JIIIB.&BAJIIX, 133 Water Street, New York. GODISSION Packer A Dealer In c. kND Qt11mmission lttnbmtfs, General CoiDmbsion MerChant, L" BICBMOND. VA. KY.l BALTIMORE. NEW YORK.


' PhU.delphia Advertbement.. Smith BJPOih Kaeoht, i MU-JJr .u.lo sm. .., L:m.a.p-: TO:B.A.OOO, .... ....,..,.,. ., ... ...... m,.r.. na RAC. 8TR T, PHILAD.LPHIAt STEWART MARKS, RALPH & CO., Manufacturers of Balph's Scotch .Snuff, AND FINE CIGARS, :N'o. 11ft ST :P:S::EL.ADBLP:Etli:.A.. Ste'WII'tt James P. Marks, Alexander Ralph, W. Samuel A. l l e ndrick:w?n TELLER BROS., Packei'B, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Po.el&n and Domestic Le.f'Tobacco,-117 North Third Street..Philadelphia. L. BAMBERGER & CO., DEALBIIJI IN LE.A... F TOB.A.OOO,. And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, l\To. 8 l\T. Wata:r St., Phlladelphta, Pa. ....... -----:. W'OODW .A.B.D, GARBETT&. 00 (Succealort to Wood.,..,llro. II Oo.,)_ \ e fOIWXlO &114 a-.1 CO:mmBIOll 'MDilR'nB, 88:NOII'tok Water-st. NorthDela...,.are Avenue, PbUa. SOL'E EASTERN AGENTS FOR I Jl. Jlo111rook. Jr' .MONITOR" Na117,lbe. 111cl3ds.: aloo hla <'lolcleo l'!anuer, Flyiuw Top Gallant and Un.ion Jack lbs. and 3d!. Joaoe.lo:' CeleBrated Henrietta" Na117, lbs. and 3ds. a-Atl&iitlc GolcleD Navy, I be. and 3(1s. 1 also, bia Bright Pounds, Pine Apple and Pocket Pieces, Alleghany Navy. tL, m'a "Pride of the Valley," BrL s' and" Golden F!alte (light pro Z'. der & t:io.' nd Ready Twists, 6 and uin.. OKI Q TOBACCOS.-Z. J. a; Co.' "Pride of Durham." & S..., ,. Gold aa4 Eu.reb .. Durham. 2 oz 4 ox., S oa. aud 1d oz. M. E. McDOWELl & CO., BCD W GOAL CODISSml IIBCHOTS, 39 North Water St., Philadelphia, Pa. Agents for the sale of all kinds of Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos .& lEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in ... 'LEAF" AND KANT1F ACTlmED TOBACCO NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A large assortment of all kinds of LEAF TOBACCO constant! on hand. M. ANATHAN & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO AND CICARS, QQO "H I H.D ST., Philadelphia, Pa. W & CO.,. ll PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Baltim.ore Adverti&em.ea.ts. "WM. A. BOYD & CO., WHOLESALE DEALERS IN IAJIJPACTUID Oil LIAP TOBACCO, CI&ABS, l 33 SOUTH ST., BALTIMORE. THOB. W. CKUKBR. j B. & CO., MoNUMENTAL CITY ToBAcco WoRKS, No. 181 WES'l' nA'l"l' S'1'J.EE'l', :BAL'l'IMOl!.E, :Ul!.YL.U(D, MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF SMOKING liD CiiWIIG TOBACCOS. M. FALK, & CO., 143 Water Street, New "vork. GEO. KERCKHOFF. GEO, P. UNVElUAGT. GEO. KERCKHOFF & CO., DEALERSIN COBNECTICUT, IIAVANA ill YARA LEAF TOBACCO, .., Am MA.Nt1F:A.C'rtmDS o:r CIGARS. No. 49 8 .CHARLES STREET, SOUTHERN AND. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS. RICIIARDMALLAY. J.AKESMALLAY. u 8 d n & Bro !ilefJry esu e ., R.MALLAY. BRO DEALIIRS>ll Dealers in LEAF TO ACtO, LEA. F TOBACGO, 161. 163, & 165 Pearl Stret, 1 ooRliER or II." ll BTlUJET, ) S. LOWENTHAL & CO.,-.. 1 MANUFACTURERS FINE CIGARS, JUNE 4 HartfQrd CASSIUS WELLES. L B B.> C. WIU.LES & CO 154 ,State ,Street, c HA&TJPO .... CJ9.lft'l. B. a '2:. K. Conneeticut See4-Le&C T 8 1B Market street, Harttbrd, Cenn. W" WE8TPHAL, COM11ISSION DaCBAlfTs btl :o.ler Ill COIIECTICDT IED 1.EAF Tobacco, state St., Hartford. eoU. A. L. a F. siSSOI, Packers and Dealers in IN LEAF TOBACCO, CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF WILKliNs, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 8 South Charles St., near Pratt Baltim.ore. Md. LEE. A CO., TOBACCO COIIISSION IIBCBANTS, 63 E:z:change Place, .:Baltimore, Kd. WE authorit"'-Lq.IIE J.ACK and BROWN 12tll Mre.>l. G. W. GB.A.VES, PAC&aa AND BaALER JM FINE comCTICUT SBED-LBAF TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. Jt smTB & co.! Commismn and J Ol :, o. 26 llaiDPclen Street., SPBIUGFIELD, KASB. )(!acturen' A gente for tbe r.ale of t Vlrslnl Mlur1, and Ke tuokr Al!o Dealere In LEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS. 102 KA.IN STREET) {Betwlltll 8d 4tb,) w. WicKe L Louisville. Kr. Ko. 81 Ezo .. ace Place. AND 'CIN.CINNATI, o. SaadLea:fTobacco P.o.Box32t2. ---18 GEJUWIAJr HIGHLAND GE)l TOBACC O W OllKS. :N. t'ul<.ABBEY. JOS. BROOKE. PHJLADLP.!!!: I Philadelphia.; : L. BER.BER.T, 7'Aos. Bare & Co.,, LEAF' ToBACCO 4oA5" IK.a..uua TOBACCO tr.TuekOuttv. BUlB, .ILLIB & CO., :::a H. SCHMIDT, .. LEAF. TOBACCO" 'LEEDOM & CRAM, FIRST lllTIOilL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, 716 NORTH SECOND STREET CoAT.U. PxiLAD&l.Piia, WAREHOUSE. WHOLJISAL. DEAL ..... .u.o can u.. .. _...._,.. aac1 Lea.f and Ma.nufacturei Tobaooo,. .... .._.. SNUFF CIQARS, lc. 1531 SOUTH SECOND STREET ... PHD.4DELPJIIA. BRO.ltBR IN A. B. a. .ALL &111111 I TOBACCO AND CIBARS, Leaf and laufact CICARS, llo. &EG-.A.Ec.&. ...,D&ALDD! BPA.lVIBH A:ND DO.IIBrriO No. 29, Korth !'ro!lt Bt., Pm.ADil Ll'mA IDeda1 Bruda"of Cigars-KNIGHTS TaMPLAB, DouaLa Between Second and Third. ..:.. ........ AvTVuN LaAvas, LA BLoN.,., SATISFACTION,. ALL BUSIIESI IMIDED Ta WITH DISPATCH. SOBVEB, GRAEFF & COOK. l'ICkm, Commlnfon Kerchanta, (,lhuWiJ( 7DHCC01 MMNOitaum and Brier PIJMSrw. 0011 l'2lilll ud ..,_ llta.,l'lt'hchQbfa ..ILA.Dli:Xd";HIA. XWI!IPli:OTIOM',EED LE.A.F TOB.A.CCO. a w. DiiiiiioN, LIA F 'OBAC c 0 Drfi'BCTOJUOK u. 11>5 N. wATER sTREET, teBAcco tRADE oF PHILADFLPm.t pan A DELPHIA. OJ'J'ICII AT A cpedalty in Leaf for West Indies and Afrlcla 107 wa._ e.n.a., &-D.A.L 479 West Market s .treet, TO B A C C 0 "FIVE BROS. NAVY," "VIRGiflll PillE QF .APPLE Plfi-ClKE" NORTH CAROLINA. LO't1ISVILLE, XV. AN" DIRECT IMPORTERS OF TOBAccos.' Manufactur-.r of all kinds of.PLUG TOBACCO. Havana' Leaf and "' I!!AIIUFACTUIED OF SELECT ; ,. 1:1 "' Pure North Carolina Leaf, :BY 1 MARBURG BROTHERS. _I" daoooftit -fto&ct.or CongrtolliD tho year li'Tl by :U:&rburw Broe iD the office of theLibra.rian of Ooacre-a\. Wuhina\oJn BRANDS. VntC1N, VtRGINIA DA, GoLDIEM SHr-,R, EssNca OP OLD VntftiNJA, HARD TO Bli:AT, APPLB OP uv Eva, R2n R1otsc Hooo, CONTENTMENT, AND MANY OTIUR$. UIISER FRITZ GERIAII TOBACCO. MERFELD & KEMPER, PACKERS OF CJo::nneoU.ou:t Seed. ADd Wholesale and Retail Dealers in and Yara. Tobaccos, I 17 Lombard Street, BALTilKORE, MD. J. H. TYREE, CODIS'S%0N MERCHANT, Lynchburg, Virginia. Will rive bla personal at ention to the ule and pur chase of LEAF TOBACCO. .a-Liberal Advance made on -u THOMAS D. NEAL, TOBACCO BROKER, No. 206 N. SECOND S'I'., St.. Ko. 13 .t 15 'l'mD S'l'., Louisville, Xy. C.&, R. DORKITZE & CO.,. Daalers and Coiillllisston Merchants Lock Box 187 IICHMOND, Va. Hu large experience fn Leaf' of every Oden: to buy respectfully solicited and JN pTomptlylltled. F T 0 B A C CO Refers by permloo!on, to Wm. T SutbeTU11, Eoq., L E A 9 II' essrs. J W. & C G. Holland, toho H. Pemberton, Esq., Danville, Va., Messrs. W. Yarbrough & Sons II; 123 Market St., bet. Ka!n II; Second Btl., L. H. }'rayzer,Pres't National To acco Association,}. ST LOUIS 1110 -B Pace, EsQ Messra. Wlie Brothers, D J, Esq., Richmond, Va. Chctlce Brands of Imported Jlcorice al on baud. Liberal Cash advance& made on Comngnments. KAsPROWicz. PAl1L KASPROWICZ. KASPROWICZ & SON, -LEAF WTOB'Acco, No. 20 SOUTH CLARK STREET, (Near Street,) CHICACO,. Boston Advertisem.enta. McEL!tOY BROTHERS,"' Tobacco Commission Merchants AND SOLE AGENT$ FOR BUCHllll & L Ylll'S TOBACCOS, 24 BROAD STREET, BOSTON, MASS l C. 0. HOLYOKE, COKKISSION KERCHANT In LEAF &nd HANUF AO'i'UBED TOBAOOO, U Central Wharl:. BOBttm LOUIS STR A.SSER, EKIL POQ.STEL &. CO., WholesaleDealerlnHAVANAurdDOMESTIC of JAJ.BS M. WISB, LBAP TUBAC C 0 F I S :hewbla II llmAldzlc 'l'ob&ccol, Sud, l'ipea, .tc. OPPOilTJII TOBAC::CO EXCIIAJIQa, Areo>tll for Joba Cbarter'o Pateot Cic&r Moulds. BIOIIJ[OJID V ..&. lJCanra.ctoru Co:a11st._tved}}!.ood. St. C 0 M M I S II 0 N 'MERC UNT Bet. Front St.., Cincinnati, o. Salurofma N Pi.ft}a Plft8B"UB.0 p A FOR THE PURCHASE OF _. 49 VIne Street, LBA.P 'rOBA.aao. WALL, BELVIN & DAY, Ferdinand Westhoff; Jr., M. K. McMULLIN, Commission Merchants, 'AGENT 70R THB SALE OP AND Fo:rr the Sale of IUIF!muii m LEAf Forwarding lercha.nt, Pin[, and Leaf Tobacco, NO. 320 NOB'l'! QCOND S'l'l!.EE'l', BREMEN, ::149 LIBERTY StREET., --__ MO, GERMANY. PrrrSBURGH, PA


' & NEWMARK, JJCA.YUFACTUBF..R., OJ' DEFIANCE OtOAR MANUFACTORY, D. BIRBOB & CO, IUT Jkwe..,.... 174 Wate ... NEW IOBIL SOle Propzlllllai ot the lllom Brudl: BL 11lD'Hl8'0C>, FALSTAFF .rriPJTJm, THB LION UNIVERSAL 8TANDAIIII UULLlvzR. HJ' .. OBIIS LEGAL TENDER, LOYB STAtt. GAilB BOOSTBR. TBB J! EUIJAl'f, POWER OJ' :r&sJitON._ IDG THING, TBJil OOLDBN BAGL&. .u.s3 DKALERS IN LEAF TODAOOO. A. LICBTENSTERf & BROTHER, MAN-UFACTURERS 0 PINE OIGARS, .And Dealers in LEAF TOBACCO, Nos. 34: and 34:,%" BOwERY, NEW YORK. Ao Uc;H'!'ASTGN. M. GJt&BNSPKCHT. S. W. VENABLE. ESTABLD!UIED 1822. UCOPIKBAGIR BRUFF," Manufacture d only by WEYMAtl fl BBOTHER, Secured l"f'\.etten Patent, December s6, 1865. An lnfrinpmeiitoa ouroopyti8'ht will be rigorously pros eouted. Man11IFacturen of RAPPBB, CONGRESS, 1.nd ScoTCH SNu vv every grade of Smoking Tobacco. WEYMAN & BRO 9 & 13 SMITHFIELD ST., PITTSIUR&, PA R P. H.AMII;TON. S. W. VENABLE & CO., DeALERS IN LEAF AND MANYFACTURERS OF TOBACCO, J abanR" 1\Dmestit J taf OCDhaccDst MILL stiUII:-r, Bochester, N. :J', I "' '7 ....,_..QUORICE PASTl: TO UNDBRSIGNED AGENT 1N NEW YOR.K FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWlNG WELL-KNOWN BRANDS OF L'IQUORlCE, desir to caution Tobacco Manuf3RBw, NewjYork: DearSi.--We hive used over f 000 Cases of your line grades of I:fquorice, and tlley have been uniformly regular and of excellent quality. Vours Very Respectfully, N Qr fully could each sense employ, 'Till fortune gave him snuff.' A SNUF11 SONG, imc:QI to :diat ia useful in CODJUmp.. tion,jt is-:rather favorable to the practice itsell', a man at 40 ,is admitted to be either a physician or a fool." Having seem the world for the longest portion "The lawyer so grave, when he opens his case, f d ,.. !Signed! P. LORILLARD CO. REFERR(NG to the above advertisement, we have appointed PJr. v. MeA.ndrew-oC NewT-1 OIU' E>us, like all" our race, when they As he gives the three taps on the lid." begin to lose their wisdom teeth, he cherishes his rem-. PoM oN SNU!, 827. nant of life more amt more, as signs of decay accumuROBER:T MACANDREW & CO., London, England. LIQUORICE ROOT. Mr. Steinmetz, in treating of the effects of tobacco late, the mind being then at its most forcible epoch, and upon the netvous system, attributes a great deal of the being in a position to please the majority, by pleasing influence communicated, to the "art or method of smokhimself, he feels at liberty ro adopt a habit which he ing." He says, "The smoker does the poi-has observed has served others to make the most of soned fume backwards, nor does he retam 1t m contact what future remained to them. 8pan1h and Smrr-, to Bates. always for aale in lots to suit purchaser&. SouND CoMMON SENSE FOR THE WISCONSIN To BACC 0-G R 0 WE R S.T he Janesville (Wis.) Gaz!tle preaches the following Gos pel of the Weed at the heads of the wisconsin to bacco-growers. It is Truth itself: "The low price at which the last year's to bacco crop is being sold in this country will, we hope, haye the effect to reduce the number of acres wh:ch will be planted this year; and to convince the farmers that the effort to success fully raise tobacco in this latitude is, as ; yet, but an experiment which must be determined by the intelligence and skill wtth which it is prosecuted. In con sequence of the lack of those qualities in conducting the business, most of last year's crop is comparatively worth less, and brings but a nom inal price. Our farmers have attempted too much ; have planted a larger area than they could do them selves justice in caring for. They are comparatively novices in the business ; and until thev have ac quired the knowledge nec essary to enable them to bring their crop into mar ket in the best possible con dition it will be much more profitable for them to plant a less number of acres. In many instances, .if not all, had the)( put the work which they gave last year's crop upon half the area, with the additional care they would haTe been enabled to devote to it, we )hink they would have realized more clear profit than 1:. balance of their accounts will show. The loss of a grade in the quality of a tobacco crop, which frequently occurs in consequence of unskillful handling, sometimes re duces its value one half; JAl!IEI C. llleA.l!IDREW, 55 Water Street, K. Y. with the oral organs Instinctively, he no soo1_1er im-In many parts, the manner of using the diffusive bibes the vapor than he pours it forth again, in a stream, pleasure seems to us unique : e. g. an. eye-witness inMeetiD8' of' .. e ,Tebaceo-Growers. athwart his nostrils, where together with oxygen, itstim. formed me that the ladies of the South Western States An adjourned meeting of the tobacco-growers of Ag-ulates the olfactory nerve which, in my opinioo, proo( America and the West Indies, dip, i. e. they put the awam and vicinity says the New England Homestead, duces tl).e beneficial effects of tobacco, ascribed to it by snuff into their mouths with a piece of hickory bark, was held at Bodurtha's Hall in Agawam on Tuesday all its votaries -This nerve--the previously prepared by soaking in water until it is swol evening, May 27. It will be that an organagainst the uhd e r of the lobe of the len. A lady carrespondent of the New York Wo,ltl, ization was effected at a previous meeting by who brain, be i ng lodged m the narrow mterval between two speaking of the ladies of the South and States, held their '72 crop of tobacco, wih a view of disposing conv.olutions, and retained in its by the arachnoid says: "From 10 years old to the close of life there is no of it direct to manufacturers, and save the commission or membrane; its.branche_s a_re !ransm1tteq numcessation of the pleasing practice of dipping, and no profit to the middle men. At the meeting Tuesday erous foramina m the cnbnform plate, to be attempt:at Many of the common pea evening, parties representingabouqoocasesoftobacco, to the mucous lltembr.ane Qf,the n,ose. The IS pie in Norway prefer it in the same way. Highlartders, were present, and the following agreement was signed by thus immediately that rortLon of the Kaffirs, and some other peoples, who like an appreci 't hem : brain which requires the mv1goratmg action of oxygen able quantitr of the stimulant, feed their noses with "We, tobacco-growers of Agawam and vicinity, do for its intellectual n "The larger the sur-horn or ivory spoons, as our forefathers did when the enter int o the following agreement for the coming year face of the mucous membrane of the nose the greater following lines were written :-for the disposal of the crop of tobacco of the growth of the activity of the intellect or the anterior lobe of the f 1 Nor can the fingers for the ask suffice, the year 187z, and all not disposed of, grown in previous brain; and without a well-developed nasal organ there Their nose too greedy, not their hands too nice. year s. never was a well developed intellect. The nose of gen-To such a height with those has fashion grown, I. We : choose from the number who may sign this ius, in every age, has been conspicoous-in every sphere They feed their very nostrils with a spoon." agreement, three persons who shall be a boatd of direc-of its numerous manifestatio s. :Perhaps I shou1d rather Or the ladies of 1838-tors. .say that its size and adaptation to expos'! a large inter"From agate-box, the newest mode, 2. The members of thrs agreement shall by ballot nal surface to the action of oxygen, indicates the amount Her snuff Miss Bid takes in a shell; choose an agent, whose business it shall be to sell to-of intellectual activity of which the individual is capa-A thousand times to mesh' has vow'd, bacco, a1id cause the sam IP be delivered; said delivble. Nay, so striking is the provision of nature (and 'Tis faint, 'tis languid, has no smell.;; ery to be at the expense of the--owner, ami who shall be comparative anatomy will bear me out), that _in the ? The North American Indians, ere the Iux11ry was under the control of the directors. of celebrities, whose forelobe of the bram exh1b1ts kuown to t,P.e took their powdered 3 All members of this agreem _ent shall give to the no marked or expansion, nature has tobacco leaves from two ladles joined together, '{>ne for agent a price for which he is wilting to sell his tobacco, pl a nted, between and' below their eyes a nose of remark. each nostril. Art in that direction is, however, more always reserving to himself the right to change the price able dimensions in and depth and interior exp1n-than thrown away 9n most of the of thefpulverof his tobacco at will, by so--informing the agent. sion. For proof of tliis position I appeal to the porized weed, for the hand has its share of enjoyment in 4 Any tobacco-grower may become a member ofthis traits of all manner of intellectual celebrities, in every lhe taking of snuff; it delights to revel in the velvety agreement by signing this compact and p3,fing to the profession, in every department of art or science. It is, feel of the rasped leaf, in the granulated particles of agent the sum of fifty cents. therefore, apparently' in the cerebrum proper, through the whole her.b, or the silken dust of thefibres, "t'he --' 5 N e member of this agreement shall sell his tobacco the olfactory, that the iumes of tobacco perform these spirituous part of the P.lant." In Ic::elabd, a country. withouc the consent and approval of the agent. remarkable functioos in the human economy." according to the testimony of D r s .-'Leared, 6. All expenses incurred in selling, delivering, and I have taken the long quotation preceding from the and Schleisner, free, or nearly so, from consilmption, collecting the pay of the said tobacco, shall be borne by learned Mr. Steinmitz, becau se I think it an excellent Madame Pfeiffer tells us that, when two natives meet, the parties owning the same, in proportion to the amount, argument, but-in favor of snuff than smoke It {:Or-tedg requires an exchange of flasks, which they pro rata. is also a change to the reader, as 1t w1ll render unnecesguavely use in a way to indicate keen enjoyment of the 7 Any member may withdraw from this compact and sary my writing a paragraPh upon the nose, its internal cordial. They throw back their head, insert the small agreement, on payment of all dues assessed him by the arrangement of nq:ves, its importance and connection end of the powder-horn used for snuff, into each nostril board of directors, and having his stricken from with genius The empyreumatic aroma of good tobacco in succession, and pour in a couple of doses. Islandic the list of is truly delightful, but if. it be only to its shadowy influusage was, however, impro ved upon by a Devonshire 8. This compact shall be binding for one year from ence upon the olfactory ne1ve, after Being expelled from gentleman, a worthy scholar o( Aretreus, who, probably the 1st of January, 1873." the mouth, that the "beneficial effects ot tobacco" are impressed with Earl Stanhope's extraordinary calcula-Another meeting will be held at the same place next due it is not surprising that-as Mr. Johnston has tion that a veteran consumer of snuff, by the time he Tuesday evening to elect a board of directors and ap. in his Clzemistry of Common Life-so few can say attains his sixties, will have sacrificed four yeara of his point an agent. what they feel when smoking ; define the satisfaction it life to the mettlesome indulgence. To prevent, as far TOBACCO INDUSTRY AT DANVILLE, VA.-There are now in operation in D anv ille 19 plug and smoking to bacco factories, besides 36 prizing establishrn.ents ; all of which give employment to about 1,6oo persons, to whom are paid in the aggregate about f,9,ooo per week. The capital embarked in the trade in that place is over f,3,ooo,ooo affords or even know, if their eyes were closed, that they as possible, so much waste of valuable time, he invented are If the foregoing theory of the way in a double barrell ed pistol, calculated to shoot into the which tobacco influences the system were correct, we nostrils sufficient snuff to keep the nose in condition the < imght at once to return to the practice of three hundred whole day. After the Devonshire gentleman's expedient, years ago and "nose the smoke," by expelling the fumes we need feel little surprise at another mode of using the through our nostrils We then be sooner exotic, viz.: THE PLUG, often more than that. Bel{'ln)'BS & sniESS sides we have an abundance :J'Wr 'L of territory in the latitude A ToBACCo MER HANT AS CoNSUL.-The appointment of Mr. William Davies, tobacco merchant, of Ca valla, as her Majesty's unpaid Vice-Consul at that port, made provisionally a short time since by Sir Philip Fran cis, H. M. Consul-General and Judge, -has been con firmed by Earl Granville, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. and be enabled to giVe expressiOn to our sensations, when "burning our idol." I have tried each mode of using tobacco (except the plug) and "do hereby certify that" -so far as a taste, not altogether untutored, can decide-a eopious, comfortable, and charming pinch of the right sort of snuff, conveys about as much benefit 'tlnd gratification as tobacco, in any for!fl 1 can give. Shut your eyes, be generous to your nostnls, and feel whether that sentient organ be tantalized by im palpable and unrecognizab!e vapor. No! It will. be able to appraise the offenng, tts amount and kmd. Learned men of 1719, were apparently of the same opinion: bear \\itness, the following quaJtette:O ur strong-nerved ancestors nosed or, as it was termed, drunk their tobacco, or they snuffed it in ladlefulls. but this way of disposing of the leaf was above:and be yond either, and is more nearly to <;hewing. in vogue, nose -hunger must have been a stem reality, requiring nothing less for its fsatiation. Those who nasalized their tobacco in this manner, must have beenvery eager for a sentient change, and it would seem that they sometimes were favored with more than they wished. It is recorded that the apothecary had often to be rung up, to bring a lady's maid out of hysterics, saidto be brought on by stuffing her nqstrils with pigtail, and lying with her head over the Q.e.d, in order to save the pillow, and allow the rheum to escape. Perhaps the idea of snuff-taking inj ures the sense of' smell, may be a legend handed down frgm the time when the nose was taken such entire possession of :r tobacco in substance. o:f Fl:Da OJ.IpuPB, ofVirginia, extending across AND -the country from Hampton A' ,_. !Ill' e-ACCG Reads to the Pacific, where BECOMING ALARMING.-An exchange tells us that illlil!l a.taaJUPJ &R t the climate is especially "the ladies of Ironton, Mo., have united to discourage "35 BOWERY, NEW YORK Looll a.raa.. ..> adapted to growing the tire practice of smoking in church." They won't let us finest brands of tobacco, to smoke in railroad cars, nor in streel cars, nor in private .. raise quantities that will be parlors, nor in theatres, and now they want to stop us Next pay a visit to the Temple, where vastly necessary to supply from smoking in church. The thing is becoming really The lawyers live, who gold to heaven prefer; You'll find them stupefied to that degree, They'll take a pinch before they'll take their fee." the 'worl d. In California alarming. in thts country his newly invented the farmers have commenc' ed to raise tobacco, and I THE ST. Lours ":PREMIUM ToBAcco FAIR."-Our claim, among :'-dvantathanks hereby to the Ass?ciation ges in othe.r of Lou.Js for an mv!tatwn t<_> the "Premmm 1 obacce localities, supenonty of ell-Fau," wh1ch opened m that c1ty on Tuesday, June 3 mate soil t_and immunity Though for reasons obvious to those whose [ leisure i s from' the ;avages of the to-fondly coveted but rarely eajoyed, we shall not be able bacco r worm. They say: to be present in person to congratulate our friends on 'For twelve years in succes-the success of their enterprise in this instance; in spirit sion fine crops have been and sympathy, nevertheless, we beg to be counted as raised on the same ground I one among the host of appreciative and interested visit-To those who abundance of time at their command, which must be disposed ol in some way, to escape emiui, it is decidedly pleasant and efficacious to toy with a cigar. To such as have n? time to pla>: with enjo.yment, whose mentality is subordmate to the1r ammahty, "a!! generally is the case with sailors, a quid of pigtail or negro-head, may be essentail, but to put the mind and body on their mettle, nothing can surp_ass the "pungent grains of titillating dust." For some t1me I hadt2: book keeper, who, for six or seven weeks each would write from twelve o clock on Sunday mght unttl twelve on Sat1.1rday night, taking not rnore than twenty seven hours sleep during the six days, but, as he said, B. HOLLANDER, C. C. READ & CO., MANUFACTURER OF Fine Cigars AUSTBAALi"ANSOTWIST, 125 MAIDEN LANE, FARMVILLE VA. NEW SOLICITED, "PEACH AND HONEY." The Sweetest F(neCut Chewing TOBACCO IANUPACTUBING CO., LOUISVILLE, KY. L TBI JDBBIIG BODS I OF THE WIST. F. E. GERl\TIIABDT a CO., OF 106 LOCUST STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO., Having completed arrangements, have located a branch at l'IIAIDEN LANE,: NEW YORK and are now manufacturing all their choice BRANDS OF 'C::IO.ABS, at the above-mentioned place. M. B. Gunther, John D C. SteveDson. GUNTHER & STEVENSON. to Louis CuntlH.:r1 TOBACCO FACTORS, Canc:;;l Commision Utr::h:nts, 162 Common St., ew Orleans. E. D. Christian & Co., DmmiMtoa Mercllaaa. Cor te of "VtRGJNIA LEAF TOBACCO," t'OBACCO EXCH.a.NGE, Richmond, ') LICORICE PASTE AND ROOT. THE UNDERSIGNED OFFERS TO THE TRADE LIOOlUOJl BOO'l' AND 'l'EI FOLLOwmG Im.AlmS or LICOB.tClPJI.Aa'rl: ZZ J. V. ABAZ OGLU AOC:: A. SEFIRIA.RDI. ..) APOLLO. Drucr IMPOilTAnoNs FRoM TtiB.KBY AND SPAIN, QUALITY GUARANTIIED, AND Foa SALE BY J. SCHNIT-ZER. 33 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON, MASS.'; or W. & A LEAMAN, No: 67 BROAD-STRiiET, NEW YORK1 ll!LNO CONNECTION!WITH DOMESTIC LICORICq FACTORIES. Before me are numerous letters (.u of which are '-P pended) lately received from ministers, -medical men, .school-masters, snuff-manufacturers, tobacconists, and old snuffers ; also, unappropriatoed notes, a few of whicli are likewise added, sufficiently copious to extend this essay to a large volume. Prudence, however, advises ine to relinquish the pen, les t the extenuated and labor edlachievement should remind the nervous reader oC Schiller's l ong-drawn lullaby. without manure, the last ors who will undoubtedly be there to !race and euliven crop being equal to the first the occasion "one ounce of Kendal Brown, daily, did not excuse [ Tq be continued .]. in quali ty anll quantity. Of Havana tobacco 1,5oo THE AMRNDE HG>NORABLE.-The Petersburg (Va.) him TOBACCORAISING IN TEXAS.-[ Old Negro to a COT pounds per acre is an aver:. Appeal says: We have always held it as a SJlCred point age crop, and of of honor, and a true indication of .to tobaccl z,soo pounds. Yelfrankly admit an error when betrayed mto 1ts commJs low jackets, which are a bunsion either by the frailty of judgment or the inaccuracy dant, and sometimes annoy-of imformation. Particularly so when the evidence ingly attentive, exterminate against u s is cumulative and damning. It will be rem em the tobacco worms free of bered that about two weeks ago we asserted with more charge." It will not pay eloquence 'than penetration or judgment that the long our farmers, therefore, to season in May was upon us andr that the failure of tlie raise inferior grades of totobacco crop of Virginia was inevitable, all which we bacco. Q1.1ality not quanunreservedly retract, and in order that the apology may tity should engage their at-be more ample and satisfactory, we now assert that May Lention firrt; and when they has been one continued season and that the tobacco have established a rep ut a crop will be' the heaviest ever realized in Virginia. If this tion, it will be compar_atively is not satisf actory, then we are willing to say any thing easy to make_the busmess a else. It has often been urged that the habitual use o( snuff respondent of the Cincinnati Commerciai.]-"Ye see, injures the voice, the power of smell, and produced boss, ye can't plant it right out like corn; it's gotfto start dyspepsia, apoplexy, paralysis, loss of early; and back in Virginny, whar I come from, we bad fatuity. Some of its oppol)ents even beheve that 1t to be mighty particklar about the. start, but heah it's gof reaches the lungs, when vigorously snuffed, and irmore tlme. Ye first make the bed; bum a big brush ritates them. I well remember an old gentleman, who heap on a spot o' good ground, an' dig it all up leose strongly advised h i s son to snuff, for the very an' nice; sow your seed an' pile loose brush over it. of clearing his voice. This son w":s a pattern of ,filial Den get y'r land ready, loose an' nice, an throw it up in obedience, and when I last saw h1m, whatever hJS utrows like this. (About three feet apart.) Den ye draw terance might have been, like the contents of his box, your plants an' set 'em out; stob down a stick, like this, it was then delightful. The eminent tragedian, John as deep as y'r hand; set de plant dar down and6let the. Kemble, once said advisingly, to a young actor, "Now dirt, come in on it real easy If it's blazin hot ye've I have used plain Rap pee for more than twenty years, to cover the plant two days and one soon as and, as you must perceive, it has had no effect upon my it ; begins to grow an' out ye_'ve got to plow it voice." Injures the smell! Why an old taker would out and skim down the htll all round 1t. Den ye got to. say it bestows the greatest. that .be e.x-look out an' keep all the weeds an' grass out, an' be perienced by that sense; bes1des, 1t does not mJure lt. sure an' pull off dem little leaves dat lay on de ground, lucrative one." THE INTERNAL REVE NUE LAWS CONDENSED. A very useful compilation of the Internal Revenue Laws has been prepared by Messrs. W. H. Armstrong and Charles W. Eldridge, of the Internal Revenue Office, under an act of Con gress. It affords a clear and intelligible knowledge ofthe laws as they now are, including all the provisions of the statutes enacted at the last session of Congress. Special taxes are paid only by those engaged in the liq uor and tobacco trades, and these trades, with bank ing, and the stamps and checks, medcines, perfum ery, cosmetics, matches a_nd playing cards, now furmsh all the internal revenue col lected.: A cle:iply man should wash out his nose every mornor dey'll make de whole leaf fiat down and be musty. ToBACCO DEsTROYD BY FLOOD.At Petersburg (Va.) ing, the same as he does his ears.. If he repeats When it gets just as high as de bend below de knee, den on the l 2gth ult., the suit of Messrs. C. W Spicer and J. ope r at ion before dinner, the first afterwards w1ll ye got to look out agin an' be lively to chip it off a little P. Williamson against the Southside Railroad Comafford him a real and most exqus1te enJoyment, and he below, an' -top it, leavin' only ten or twelve leaves. "Dea pany, for tobacco destroyed by the flood at Chatta-will not have even a suspicion of weakness in that y'r real trouble comes, an' den ye got to look out agin 'd d b h Th dt"rectt'on. Two of my friends, whose fineness o.f scent for suckers an' worms De suckers come right under nooga in 1867, was dec1 e '! t e JUry. ey. gave f b the plantiffs full damages, amounting to upwards of is important to them in business, feed one only, de leaf, like little knobs, an' every one o 'em got to e Judge Mann gave the following instruction to and their nasute taste has never been questioned. I pulled off, or dey'll take all de strength o' y'r terba,.cca. d th th 1 f am inclined to think that any loss of appetite is rather Den de worms keep a comin', an' keep a comin'. Ye the 3 urv, wh1ch 15. m exact accor ance WI e ru mg o h ._ k ff h t h -'-t f h U d S 'I attrt'butable to 1'ndulgence in another direction than I at musn t .... noc em o e1t er; mus ca c em an w.a:oa the Supreme Court o t e mte tates m a s1m1 ar case ; The Court instructs the jury that when carriers of snuff. Also, the activity of mind, which induces a 'em. And den ye got to keep a wormin an' suckenn, b bl 'd tl ma11 to pre"er snuff to smoke, is obnox.ious to go_od an' wormin an' suckerin, right along till it's done ripe. discover themselves m pen y mevua e acc1 ent or te '' acts of God, tbe Jaw of them ordinary care, digestion. Respecting apoplexy, panlys1s, aad fatuity, Den ye got to look out agin, for ye to cut It, an: skill and foresight which the law defines to be, the they are each, according to the Registral General's Re-split it, an' hang it, an' dry it 'zackly nght, or ye'llloose common prudence whic h men of business and heads of ports, very much more frequently than n?w, than all your work, sure -ye lay it on de. hill to wilt,_ dea families usually exhibit in matters that are interesting to whe11' snuff-taking was in_ vJgue, as tne followmg table hang it up on split sticks; den watch ll two weeks m de 1 1'h f w1'Il s! 1ow. A"oplexy, number of deaths to r,ooo,ooo sun an' don't let a drop o' rain touch it, or it'll make them under ; simi ar Circumstances. e question o .' 'II fact for the jury to decide was whether the ofliving; average for 1837-8-9 & 4o, 368. Average of it all flap down an' be mnsty agin, an then 1t gag til ficials did exercise the ordinary care, and the eVIdencerecent yea.rs_, 493 Paralys1s; number Qf deaths to a man's throat, an' make to much spit when he's &1 in the cas 'e appearing to the jury that such care was not I,ooo,ooo hvmg; a:yerage for 1837-8-9 & 40, 325 .. Averchawin' on it.. But a leetle rain does it, ye got exercised, the brought in the verdict of damages for age of recent years, s8o. .Epilepsy, other to .open the sticks !et d; ar an dat the Jantiff in full amount claimed, that is, for Mr. of the brain, which would fatu1ty have also magm. Den ye take 1t m ":n he,at 1t, to dry an: S p nd for Mr Williamson i8oo with creased in like proportions, smce r837 To defend dar ye got to look out agm an not smoke 1t WJth a bad p1cer ,. ,ooo, a f 1 f ,k. d d e t a fusty smell Den you strip mterest from the time of the accident. A motion for a snuff against the charge 0 causmg oss 0 _memory, In 'an riV I trial ade by the defendants was overruled by the would be nothing less tfian an outrageous Insult to 1t, an d1v1de 1t an pack It fOl: market, an y re done at e so this case may be considered as finally memory's truest fneRd. last, an' it's about time to go to work on crop. settFeJ. -With reiard to the gratutious assumption that snuft Mighty hard c rop, boss to make money outen.


a THOMAS HOYT & CO., IIAKUl'ACTUilllllS 01" Fine Cut Chewing and \ 8MJKI.NG & SNUFF, OUR BRANDS CHEWING' HEARTS DELIGHT, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OWEN, EXTRA CAVENDISH. 10.04 and +o6 Pearl St., New York Citv TFIOMAS HOYT. CHAS. G. HOYT. 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, IIIEW YORK, ...... cl-the atteetloa ol Dealeraln Tobacco -,-u.eUDitMSiateo IUidtloe Wlld4 to tloelr 18LlCE FINECUT ... Clno"WDDG 'rOBACOO, whlcb is "beiDg once mere manufactaftd ander tbe -ecllate oaperviaioa of the origlualor, MR. JOHN ANDERSON, illld now lllaacla, u formerly, without a rival. Orclen forwar 1}. And all kinds of Goods used for putting op 33 IIIRRlY STREET, COR. CHURCH, Smoking Tobacco, CAVLORD .. ... HOCA s HOWARD SANGER & CO. EPOT AND AGENCr 11110 Pearl Street, New ll"ork. 105 .t 107 Chambers St.., New York. P-!0. :Bo:o: 111195 D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, Fine Ont Chewing and Echo 1'14 A.venueJ New York. ....._.,,,n.a.EAEPPEL .&c-t. GOODWIN & ---'-rertl 'I wALLIS &. oo. ,. KXTRil.. manufacturers and the trade in g VIRGINIA. Bob' White, in C l oth Westward Ho! in Cloth, D ew Drop in C toth, D eer Ham, in Cloth, Johnny Reb in C l oth, Aunt Sallie's Choice in Cloth, Rustic B elle in C l oth, Jolly Boy, in Old White Hat A n d other C hoice Grades. f. ......,...___ .. ,.. All Brands of our packed in rases to suit purchl\sers, FREE OF EXrRA OHARGE. mRS. G. B. MILLER & CO., Cigar Manufacturers ndinthenuwandpopulartyleofPack .. gestosuitthe differentm&rketaoftheworiEi. ___ _.I:W_v_o__.,.......;...;.;..;.,_ D. K Mo.ALPIN & CO., i'obacco Manufactory, y L f d 1T f1l. -CHAS. .... FACTORY No. 6. FIFTH DISTRICT. (PETER D. COLLINS, PRI:s'T) ea an .navy JIAHUPACTURU o 133 PEW. STUET, :zD w xN K.A.T'l'SON, 122 Arch., Philadelphia, 9 7 Col umbl' a Street. ... ... ...... ., i .. B a I Q A :as; NEW General Ap:c.t for the r.:c.d :t4iaale States, .Ohio and. :Wehigan. S:MOKINU TOBACCO. -ANDDRALBRnt -= YORK. NEW n DLU.K-J Leaf Tobacco, .utr7 .. CTU11D8o 63 BOWERY, NEAR EDW_ ARD SQLMAR, .. SCHUMACHER & ETTLINGER, 1lra. G :0. Miller&; Co. Chewing and Smoking MANUFACTORY ANP SALIROOM, EW YOR .., the only Gen um e Amertcao Gent le CORNER OF AVENUE D AND TENTH STREET: N K. Practical Lithographers, new York s. \TOBACco BRO KEB, Q1irtJtI#X atul GIESELMANN DIEHL IManufactureroftheblestBrandsof N 130 W S .. CON STANTLY ON HAND. New Designs made to order. flil" J.ll orders promptly executed -(Succenon to Jthn H. GieseiJJU nn,) -e C'l_o-a rs o. ater treat, ,.. __________ >JAKUPACTUJtRRSOFALLKJNDSOP rR NEW YORK. 16 MURRAY STREET. F. A. GOE:TZE & BRO: FINEUUT. CHEWING A. SH-ACK. -------------------__;... JU.attJUCTUUIIO Oil AND SMOKINC TOBACCO. GREENWICH ST., NEW YOEX. :a:. :a:. lStOK.A. T "' co., No. sa Wall Street, NEW YORK. .JUNE 4: WI. DBIU!R & II Til& IOL& MANUPAc;TUU.Ill r., JI1U.&Jt ll!ftt PIPIS, WITH RUBBI BftS, rm,men or or t= ......_ SHOW FIOURE8, Of JIBTAL AND WOOD, A No. 403 NEW YOBK. ROBERT -OHMITEIT OO'MVTMMJJ MI!DRn, UlPOirfER OF Hanu Leaf Tobacco and CJprs, of Clpra of nperiar 1'UB'l'A.&UJO LI.U', 32 PLATT STREET, NEW YORK. HENRY WULST 20 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyu, Coaotantly oa Ha.. the Bwt llaJid aad lite-llaelabau -Cattl .. aad GraaaJaUs ToJoaeeo. f. HPPHEIL'Itll. a. GO,. L.A.BELB For Tobacco and A Jarp UIOrim ... t coiiii&Dtly Oil bud aDd p-.e.l to ........ llll I; M Iorlh William Btrett. lleY Yark. OJ' TOBACCO SEALING WAk, AMO, DE.UIRS IN DRUGS, PAINI'S, lk., 18'!1' Wmiam St., ll'ew '2'ork. INTERNAL REVENUE BOOKS.; The Origlnallnteraal Revenue Pobl!shinc Ho-, C; JOtJRGEl!I'SElf', 80LK Q &ITlB SMITB CO.. P. 0 Boa 6,a116. 87 LIB!!RTY ST,/N. Y. under law, for Leaf Tobacco Cigar and Tobacco ._ .. and others. -Irou and. !lte:c.clla a Ofe't'f' THE GEB:MA. tiGAR PACKERS' moBACCO BRO CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. -TOB:A.CCQ & SNUFF, PHILIP' BERNARD, I KER. Sus.oo .ARHATTAIITOBACCOWORKS, DOMESTIC 1 SOCIETY, 'C Inform the C1pr or the 6s.oo that they. are now able to fill an orders. for Packen mth Members of their Socjcty. 70.00 .!.:PPLY TO 6o.oo STOB:&, a_o.z wlllldllrtaetreet. :n:wYou. b B t Cll!.AR No. 129 Maiden Lane, -sc..o o accoAND a,gg ng u WAREHOUSE, j l CAMPBELL LANE fL co BAGGDI'Q BIATIIILIAI., NEW YORK. ROSA -_ MANU!CTURERS OFG(, ., Of all Kind Low !'rices for Cash. Factorie s at Coopersburg and Vicinity, I 9'i.oo FIBAIID. r'-SPANISH FANCY STRIPES 133 WATD. S'rRD'I', f JliaoeJlaueeus. RIT 6o.oo "Li>ndresdoCorte GaD I! Bieachecl and '.-.bleached Sheeting, Twi11e and '13 CHARL-fi8 A. WULFF, tJthogra.pher, Printer, &nd ll&nufactlll'81' af rDBlCCO ARD CJ ARiiJ, Thread, C. aa fat Traveling Bags, Blankets, KEW YORK. AND DllALilRB IN Jludapa, .ottoa Bagging, Carpets, Matting SchW'&rZ Spohr, r.f'IN }:i'OIL. SNUFF, PIPES, etc., ANDREW MANuucTuus oF ALL KINDs or lf. A. Bltm'ZINGHOFFER & SON, ;ghatto Joust, NEW YORK. IUt.NUPACTURBRS or FINE CIGARS, HO. loll :;sw K :B lSit, 0 C E' ii TOBACCO'. F. H. BiKchollt Celebrated Smolin! Tob!H:CO >Ul


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