The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. IX.--NO. 1.9. ltae 'ltJlmtto 'c IS PUBLISHED EVDY WEDNESDAY KoamNG :at Til IOB!COO LUI PUBLISmNQ C91P'Y," ,142 Fulton St., New York. -=:t Aa an advertising medium, where it is desired to 1 e ach the Cipr and Tobacco Trade, n o t only of this but Countrl..., it lo the beot attain. All letters obonld be plainly addre86od 'to TKs To sA ceo L.a:Afl' PuBLISHING Co.IIIPANY1 14:11 Fultoa Street, New York. Terms of the P .aper. : S J N GL E Cornu; 10 CaNTS PaR ANNUM! J4.oo T<> England and the Canad&ll, ,. additl<>.lal per annum for prepayment of Postag_ e. T'S Larger adverttsements in the same p!'OpOrtion, but n one ta1tt : n unless 1 1 2, 3, "" or more &q uares. One column, 1 y ear, kso; Six months, three months, $t,5o. Half column, 1 year, $240; &ix months, $130; three months, Ia'-Advertisements on the tint page per square over two wide columns, and none take n f o r !ess tha n one year, payabl e fully in advance ; squares, fo4-so. No d e vi Trans i ent adve rti sements on the tbilld page, a s cents per line for eac h insertion. N o orders f o r advertising will be consklered, unless accomp a nied bythe corresponding amount. T bis rule, wiU INVAJUABLY be adhered to. BUSINESS OB ADVB:&TISIR8. NEW YORK. Tobacco Aoew W. &. Sons. :J84 and 286 Front street Allen Julian, 172 Water. Barnet S., Water. Beorlmo D. & A. 124 Water. Bergmann, John H t.fO Front. Blai.emore, Mayo & Co., 4 Btoad. Bowne & Frith, 7 Burling Slip. Brod M., _131 Maiden Lane. Bulkley, Moort& Co. 74 Front. CardMo A. [. & Oo., 1:23 Pearl. Carplea E. 173 Water Chockley A D 168 Pearl. Colell H., 172 Water. Oonuolly & Co., s Water. 1 Crawford E. M & Co., Water. Davidaon Bro., 145 Water. .. Dohan, Carro ll & Co. Front. DuBots Eugene, 75 Front Ba-gert, Wm. 171 Pearl. Engelbach, F. u Silltb Av Falk & Bro. G, 171 Wat.-. Fatman & Co., 70 and 72 H-(o.a4. Fox. Dills&: Co. 175 Water. Fiaher & Rust, us Mai8en Lane. Friedman & Oettinger Wate-t' Friend & Co. E. & G.,.u9 Maiden Laae., Gardiner./. M &: 8 4 Front. Garth D. Son & Co., 4-4 Broad. Gassert j L. & Bro., 16o Water. Gersbell... & Bro 86 Maiden Lane. Guthrie &. Co. Front. Hamburger I. & Co. so Water. Heyman & 99 Maideo. Lane. Hillman G W. & Co 8o Front. Hunt, J D. 133 Water Street Klnnicut Thomas, 5:J Broad. Kittredge W P & Co., 1 and 73 Fruot. Kre;nelberg & Co., t6o P earl. Lacbenbruch & Bro., 164 Water .... am,tte A. C J 6 3 Pearl. Levin M H., 1 6 2 Pearl. J[cFall & Hogan, 33 Murray. Maddux Bro s., 171 Pearl. Maitland R obert L. &: Co., 43 Broad. Martin' & Johnson, 166 Water. Mayer Joseph, Sons, ua Water. Meyer A. C L &'0 43 Beaver. Messenge r T. H. & Co r 6 1 and 163 Lane Morris, H. M 19 Old S li p and 73 Water. Norton, Sla.ught e r & Co., 41 Broad. Oatman Alva, t66 Water. Ottinger Brothers 45 Ikoa d St. Palme1 & Sc ov ill e 170 Water. Paulitsc h M 173 Water. Price Wm. M & Co 119 Maiden Lane. Qulo, J .P. & Co., 39 Broad. Ilead & Co 19 Old Slip Relsmann, G. & Co., 179 Pearl. Richey & Boniface, 86 Front Rosenbaum,. A S & Co. 1111 Maiden Lam e Rosenwald, E & Bro., Watec. Salomon, S 19.2 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 41 Broad. Scheider, Joseph, n3 Pearl. Schmitt J. & Co., 162 Water. Schroeder & Bon, 78 Water. Schroeder & Koch, 203 Pearl. Scbubar:t H. & Co., Water Selliag' s Sons S., 1'69 Front. Spencer, Bros. & Co., 1S MaideD' Lane. Spl_.-n, E. & Co., 5 Burling Slip. Stlrla Co. Daane. Siraiton & Storm, Pearl. Strohn & Reitzensteio, 176 FroaL Sulzbacber, joseph, 151 Water. Tag, Charles F. ll Son tS... From. Tatgenhorst. F W 68 Broad. Vetterleia & Bock, 6 Cedar Upmann, Carl, r88 Pearl. Westhetm, M. & Co., .177 Pearl. Wrl&ht. E. M, & Co., 39 Broad. Tobar/JO BroAer1 Cattus & Ruete, 129 P earl. Dreyer &!ward, 46 Beaver. Flocher Chas. E. & ,., Gans, J S & Son, 86 Wall. KeUand, P., 179 Pearl. Oebonle, F., Broad. Rader M. & Son, 133 Peart.l. Shack A. 129 !rlaiElen Lane Solmar Edward, 130 Water, Manufac turers of TDbacco, A:nderson John & Co. 114t u6 aod Uf Llberty. Bucbanall & Lyall 54 Broad. Buchner D, 2156 DelaRcey Flarg J, E'. Giselmann & Diehl 159 Ludlow. Goetze, F .A. & Bro., 3a8,gtoa Goodwin & Co 207 and 209 Water Hoyt Thomas Co : -40-4 Pearl Kinney Bros. 141 West Broadwa,y' McAlpin D H tt; Co. cor. Avenue D &nd. 'l'tm"enstein A. & Bro. J.4 and Bowe:ry Lichtenstein B1os. & Co. tU Malden LaDe Mendel M. W. & Br&,1goPearl Neuburger M. 283 Bearl .. Orgler S. 297" Greenwich and tSJ (1Jaaaabera Schwarz & Spobr, 13 Bo,.ery. Seidenberg & Co. 19 Dey Siecke & Wannack, 6 Riviugton ! K. -'.. 11 Bowery Stacoelberg ll. & Co. 2!? Pearl 8t.ralton & Storm, 191 Pearl 8utro &I Newmark, 76 Park. Ftace 'Wangler &, a90 & 292 Bowery. of Fiot Ba"P.,It Ci(M1 Hollander H. 1:15 Maiden Lane Ylchot & Co. 76 Pine Street The Germa Cigar Pacitrl &ciet.Jf, Oolell H 20 Chatham of Ha'Vtllla Tobacn, Almlrall J. J. 30 Cedar Garola F. Water Gonzalez A. r67 Water Kelly Robert E. It Co. J.4lleaver Koc.hler, Gail & Co. uS Water !tliranJa :122 Pearl Obmfltedt Robert A. 32 Platt Pascual E. Brother & Oo. 156 Water Bolomon M. II; E. Malden Lane Yep Joseph A. & llro, 187 Pearl 'Well & Ou. 6o Pine Walter, Friedman & Freise, 106 Pearl Weial, Eller & uo Pearl Yi1 V. Jl, 16 Cedar Maoftor< I of S..ff. Gooetse F. A .tl: Bro. J,tl l,.,tm of Hru1111 air= De Bary J'red'k & Co., !I Broa4 .. T. H. It Co. 161lotaldeu Lane Romay E. E. b Wall ].,portm of Cl.y Pif's. Eatier H. & Brother. 77 Water Demuth Wm & Go., 403 BroadwaJ Mn".{actorers of Briar Pipe ud lporttrs of S.oktrs., Artides. Demutb Wm. &I Co., -4'>3 Broadway ].,porttrs of Pipes aod Smdtrs' Articles. Boikeo, Garriguea & Co., 91 Chambers etreet, and 7 3 Reade street Imj>frterl of Lieorke Pstt. Cleveland De Lancey t!)S Pearl. Giiford, Sherman & Innis, uo Wntiam Gomeu Ar(Uimbau, 29 &31 B Willi-am McAndrew Jamet C., 55 WAter Weaver & Bter.ry, 24 Oedar. Seed Lttif To-haec Insputioo. Ren .. l J Me]. & Co. lo Depeyoter. Linde F. C. & Co. 142 Water. National Tollacco Hoodleos W. J. & Co., 1s-s Whitehall. Tohatto PrtUirl. Guthrie & Co. 2:15 Front. J ers '!{ Cigar HenkeU Jacob, & 295 Monroe. Wicke William &Co., 159 &: 161 GoeKk. CigDr Box, Cke J. } 38 Orosby: AuctionttrJ of TohtU", el,. Gentd, Betts & Oo., 7 Old Blip Tohacco Lahtll. The Hatch Lithograpic Co., 32 & 3f_Vesey Heppenheimer F. & Co., IN orth Wiiliam Cigar Box Labt:IJ anl:J Triwm1ings. Schum'a.cher & Ettinger, IS Murray. A., 51 Chatham. Toiacro Scal i ng Wax. Zinsser W &: Oo., 197 Wtlliam. Amtrian VoVrg.'nia Oigar1 Kremelber& & Company, 16o Pearl Manufatlurers af R11ssian Kinney Bros. I4-J West Broadway. and Outtm"s, German CiEar Mould1, Erlchs H W 253 South. Lobenstein & Gans, 101 Vaiden Lane.' Michaelis, S & Co., 195 Pearl. Muslin Toj)bacro Bags Zellenka R., :163 Et Fourth. Paper Cigar and Tobacco Bag1. Howlett Bros., 204 Fulton. Tchacco Bagging. Howard, Sanger & Co. 105 & 10'] Chambe rs Lootec A. & eo., 103 Chambers. Cigar Mul J p,..,. n4 Str11p1, Brown A. & F., S1 Lewis. Mtmufacturers qf Sho w Cast.s. K.ralt .t:; Hoffmeister, 13 North William. Kruse F r e derick, 175 Chatham and 19 North William. "La Fume" Russian Cigarettes. M illinghm T & E ckmeyer, Sole Agents, 48 Broad Cigar-Bunching Table. Erfurth Oswald, 26 Orchre C..t c;,eowiE ad S.dmg, and Dealwell ,M.. E : &. Oo., 39 North Water. Ban J ll inaldo & Co., 32 North Waler. t .d., _531.South Second. Sorver, Graeff & C o ok, IOS North Water. Steiner, Smith Bros. & Knecht, 225 Race. Teller Brothers, 117 North Third. J. & Oo., 111 Arch. Woodyrard, Garrett & Oo 33 North Water IYholesale Deal ers, etc. .. Bamberger L. & Co. 3 North Water. Leedom'& Oram, 716 North Second. MPou[acturtrJ of &olfh Snuff. Stewart, l!arks,R alph & Oo. Arch Manwjacturers of ,Cigar Batchelor Bros. 230 North Third: Bush, Miller & Co., .$08 N orth Third. Rare Thos. &:,Co, 503 North Second. Steiner, Smih :Bros & Knecht, 2:15 ltace. Theobald .A. H Third and Poplar. Inspemr of &ed Leiif Toharco. Dickerson E. "\V u 107 N orth Water. Cigar and Tobacco Brokn-. O ppenheimer, A., 2 9 N orth Front. Cigar-Box Label s and Trimmings. Harris, Geo S & Son, S. E. cor. 4th and Vine Sts PITTSBURGH, Pa, Tohaeco C ommission Mere kaH/ McMullen, M K., 249 Liberty Manufa,turtrs of Snu/f. Weyman & Bro., 79 and 81 Smithfield. Dealers in Toba.:'o and MPnufactunrs of Cigan Poentel, E & Co. 231 Fifth Avenue Manufacturers "Excelsior Sjluf' Roll" and OthnT obaccos .. R. & W :187 Libe!ty. RICHM:OND Va, Commissi.on MertAanls. : : E: & Oo. I Neal.. Thomas D. "" Wisl"Jamea M. 1305 Cary Lea-f Tobacco BroAm. Mil1sR. A. N.Y. Manufartuters of Tobacca. Whalen R. & T., lS2 State. MPou{acturtrJ of Chewing and SmoAing, Kimball Wm. 8. & Co. Dealer in Ltaf TobaccrJJ. Mosely D E Mlll street. Manufacturers of Cluwiugand Smoking Tobacco and Cigars, G., cor. Factory aod Mill. RO'rTERDAlii,.HoU....d, Laurillard 1 :M. SPRINGFIELD, Kua. Smith }l. & Co., 20 Hampden ST, LOUIS, Ko. Maoufacturers of TobaccoCaUlo D., 701 North Second Ma,ufacturn-s of Cigaz;;. Gernhardt F. E. & Co., J:o6 Locust Toba"o WreMMse.r, Donn\ c. 6:: R. & Co., 133 Mvket. Ulrich & Diard, :ao6 North Second Tobacco CCJmmiuion Merc/Jantl, Wall, :Behin & Day, 3:amr. B LOWE!IfTB:AL & CO .. A nf:s f'or Cincinnati &Rd the South-Wes t J. Partrid & Co. A uts for Cbica o and the R'ohh-W THE CELEBRATED "AUSTRIAN VIRGINIA" I From J. D. ImEDLBERG'S Factory, in Baltimore. ARE NOW READY AND FOR SALE. Depot in NEW YORK wjth KREMELBERG &; CO., 160 PEARL STREEl. & DUBOIS INSURANCE IRVING, BROKERS, C. DUBOIS, JR. I. S. IRVING, } 1\oom. 13, No. 54 Wall St., ::N'E"VU All kinds of rusks placed a.t the LOwest Market Rates in First Class Companies. G. W. HILLMAN & CO., COMMISSION MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, SO :1'1\0N'I' S'I'::RBJCT, NEW' YO::RK. SOLE AGENTS IN NEW YORK FOR E. T. Pilkinton's Celebrated" FRUITS AND FLOWERS," GOLDEN SCEPTRE, PLANTERS' PRIDE, 'COMMONWEALTH, &c. FANCY GLASS BOXES. _so_, PLUG TOBACCO FROM THOMAS & PILKINTON, R. M. BLACKWELL, J. W, GIBSON, GEO. S. PRINCE, R. H. WILKERSON, S. W. SHELTON, DOWD & LIPSCOMB, and other factories. Assorted Stock on Liberal Terms. Sole Sellers of Diamond, Colden Cut Cavendish Smoking. Special Branda furnished for Owner's Use. almost far removecl from them and theirs as is the BoNDED WAREHOUSEs.-The New York ToBACCo King from his sub]' ects They know, to be sure, men LEAF seems to favor, observes the Ricllmond Whig, the re-establishment of bonded warehouses for manufactured who have land and tenements, but not in a way that tobacco. The factories are bonded warehouses and would warrant them in asking favors at their hands; none others are needed. Let those who suffer incon pecially the favorofbecoming bondsinenfortheir honesty venience from the present revenue system unite in the Yet, at the same time, they may, and many of them do clamor against the further irr.position of any direct tax whatever on tobacco. If the tax were removed perfect know, and, in some measure, consort with people who equality would exist everywhere, and a most important have money, merchandise, or stocks, and who would industry be relievea from an oppressive and unjust dls-1-e willing for the sake of acquaintanceship to act as crimination. Re-establish bonded to bacco warehouses, bondsmen for them in case of need But such people, and the hope of.a repeal of the revenue laws, affecting however responsible, are rejected under the practice of tobacco, will become faint, indeed. As the leading or gan of the great interest of this country, the collectors and here, just here, lies the grieva,nce to TOBACCO LEAF :;hould contend in and out of season, which we are trying to address ourselves. The well to for the abrogation of' these laws. Let it cal! upon the do can take care of themselves, the poor can not with_ producers and dealers everywhere to unite in urgent out assistance. petitions to Congress to repeal the odius discrimination against tobacce. A coatinual dropping weareth a In illustration of the point sought to be established, stone, and by dinmng persistently into the ears of we may observe that we have in our mind at this moCongress that the tobacco interest demands to be ment the case of a respectable Cuban cigar manafacplaced on an equal footing with other agricultural in-turer who employed six or eight workmen all last year, b t who is now working as a journeyman in a city manuhouses. factory, because he is acquainted witfl no real estate THE LEAF inclines to the belief that if the Whig owner here who might, coulJ, or would become his had opportunity to witness some of the inconven bondsman; the person so acting last year having reiences to which, for the want of an export warehouse, moved elsewhere the tobacco merchants ot this city are continuously subjected, it would be less confident than it now appears This man was a property-owner in Cuba, but lost his to be of the sufficiency of the manufact0ries as bonded property and his liberty to reside there by participation warehouses. We ask for the trade of this city less than in the struggle for Cuban indep'endence. Richmond tradesmen enjoy under the law ; that and nothing more. In their factories manufact11rers can A worthy man in every way, but knowing neither our hold their goo4s in bond until wanted elsewhere, at language or our people, he finds himself and family re-home or abroad. Our merchants want the privilege of duced almost to want by an unnecessary incident of holding goods consigned to them in bonu until they can 0ur revenue system. He has friends here with personal be sen t abt:oad; this and nothing more. Is there any means who would readily remove the obstacle in his good reason for denying the privilege ? Wb.en the proper. time comes for advocating the ex way to an honorable business livelihood, but personal tinction of all taxes on tobacco, our contemporary may means, as before intimated, are inadequate to entitle feel assured THE LEA<' will 'Dot be found in the back him to the most ordinary privilege of citizenship or ground. To strike that keynote just now would be residence, the privilege of working for a livmg. slightly irrational the national debt being still over two thousand millions. This instance is only an illustdtion, and were it an ___ .....,...., __ isolated one, it would be unfortunate enough; but it is of general application. To every person similarly situated, whether native or foreign, this real estate requirement is equally prejudicial, and for that reason should be discontinued. With all other safeguards, it should be ample security for the Government when one or more monied se curities are offered on bonds, even if they do not hap pen to posseu real estate. FATAL CARELESSNESS.-Sad, but also amusing, says an exchange, 'is the statement of a rural journal, that "the late John Carpenter, of Marquette, Mich., knocked the a shes out of his pipe on the head of a keg of blast ing powder." AGASSIZ AND H S IsLAND HOME.-It' is said that Agassiz is as proud of his new island, which Mr. An derson presented to him, as a boy of his first trou:;ers with pockets in them, and is inviting every one that he knows and many that he to come and see it.


2 -THE LEAP. JUNE 25 MINOR EDITORIALS. A VEllY F RUITY JoKE.-Sa ys the Bedford, Va. Senft nel According to the R1chmond Drspatch, we hea.r of some tobaCCQS offered m Lynchburg, wh 1ch have been re-sh1pped to L1berty, and patd gaod profits. That's a Berry good joke. REVENUE TAX IN VA.-Three hundred and th1rty-e .ght thousand and forty seven dollars and thirty cents, internal revenue tax on smoking and chew': ing tobacco, was collected m th1s distnct durmg the tnbnth of May, besides Mo,o65.7 tax on pounds shipped m bond to be collected where con signed PoSTAL NOTICE -As our fnends are aware, on and after June 30, ali matter passing through the Ma.ils must be pat d for m advance. Newspapers may be paid quarterly as heretofore, but mvanably m ad vance; ou r subscnbe r s are requested to !>ear this fact m mmd Wllh respect to our exchanges, we propose to p a y the postage on the entire h s t received by us and presume our n e w s paper fnends who receiVe TH E LEAF will do the same. 1THE TOBAOCO MARXET. DOMESTIC. NEW YORK, !)uM 24. Leaf-Our market contmues s t eady, wtth a good export demand for substantial leaf both for Regte and Ge!lllany. These a r e firm, while other sorts are more or less nommal. _S'patn.hought rso hhds trash at lie. The sales sum up 1,o48 hhds of which 79 to job bers; S7 old crop, to cutters; 22 to manufacturers, the rest bemg for export. CDntmued wet weather at the West has favored plan6ng-also weed S) I nt week. :14 w8ek 1 3'<1 4 t h weei st week Total J antlary __ 439 96 t. r,26I 739 ,4oo February -3SO 290 582 S48 1,8oo March .. 68o 383 :z9f! 239 2 6oo ApnL ... '859 740 849 84S 1,504 4,Soo 626 I,72o 829 1,I46 s,ooo June ____ -992 1,521 r, o4S 3,561 V zr g znza L eaf-ID' the Virgtma toba cco m arket there h a s been no new feat1ue dunng the week There was a fair demand for shipment, and the p nncipal sal es wer e f o r that purpose In lugs bu t httle w as d o ne, th e mqutry bemg ma! nly g o od, n c h l eaf. Pnces were s t ea d y but h a rdly up to the standard p r eva1ltng el se w h e r e PERSONAL.The many f n e n ds of Mr. S. J. Gans of O cean fre1g hts are so d1ffic u l t to s e cu F.e tllat the-export the firm o f J. S Gans & Son Tobacc o Brokers, S 6 t rade IS senously mconvemenced, n o d o u b t mu c h W a ll Street. this C it y will be gratified to learn tha t he bu s m e ss is lost throogh1 lie i ability of sh1ppers to ob,.arnved safe ly a n d m g ood h ealth by the s teame r R u ss1a tam timely and transpor t a tion For t h i s from Europ e a f e w d ays ago Durmg the f our or five grieva n c e the re IS only one effect've re edy, anq that is mont hs of h1s absence, Mr: G a n s VISited nearly all "the a m a t h 1 1 mcrease in the t 1erch a n m a rme o f t h1S"p o r t of general mte r es t -on the Continent not o mitt i ng, A glanc e along our water front s a t an y t 1 m e will s h ow the 1 t 1s to be p r esumed, the V1enaa Fatr, and therefore madequa cy of our shlpj)ihg'for the vast v ol um e o f mer retur.ns to us mcreased knowledge and s tn! pgth, chandize o f all kmds waitmg an o p p o rtum t y for con and a renewed relish for busme ss after his much ne\ded veyance to foretgn countnes ; and l r wouici-'ldmostsee m rest. as 1f 1ts mtfficiency became more and more nollceable A rNEW LINE ov TO NORFOLK, VA -A JUSt m proportiiXl as the necessity for increased accornPteu di s patch, dated Fortres s Monroe, June 2 0 says modati o n arose. Sofue three or four week& ago we re Jacob Lonllard, E sq, o f New York, arnved here this ferred t o the enormoup l os s m 1872 of the o cean and mtirnmg m hts steam Fearless. He has been at nve r craft of the commerc ial world-giving the number Norfolk m akmg arrange m e nts for estabhshmg a new as between twenty-evenand twenty-eight hundred car line of ,steamers petween New york, Norfolk, and r_xmg vessels...-and that fact in th1s coRnectlon, mond, has met Wit h the most fiattenng encourage-the strongest possi).:Ue argument is preseqtecl m support ntent Four steamers,"ildaptecf.for carrymg vegetables of the theory Xl order, to have more aoundant and and peris h a ble freight, Will be placed on the route early cheaper transportallon, an e nlargemen t of our transport in October. They are now bemg built, wllh the latest fac1hties 1s absolutely indispensable. Th1s to be sure, imj>rovements and will have an average speed of fif. is a want very difficult to provide or under existmg cLr teen fcnots an nour. cum stances; but it llOc one, nevertheless_, o wh1ch all others are subordmate, and wh. eh must, by some means DRAWING HER LA S T BREATH -A gentleman who detested smokmg and smokers, was annoyed b<'yond endurance one day Of. a piOUS old negreSS who called at his office on busmess, and smoked as she talked. At last he satd, "Aunt Chloe, you are looked upon as a good Chnstian, and you expect to go to heaven when you d1e, don't you?" "In course I does," rephed Aunt Chloe. "But you know that nothmg unclean can enter heaven, and there 1s nothing so unclean as the breath of a smoker. What do you say to that?" "What do I say to that 'I" exclaimed Aunt Chloe, with scorn; why, I says as how't I 'spects to draw my las' IJnff when I d1e and leave it behind me when I go to heaven I" ExcHEQUER -We begin to-day the publication of a senes of lettem from Daniel H. London, Esq., upon this subject, and adv1se our numerous readers to pro cure the numbers till the senes shall be completed, as they wi\1 embrace many facts and consideratiOns new and stnkmg, and Will cover much valuable matter. The author has giyen the whole subJect a great deal of b1s attentiOn, and has m th1s measure been heard by the ., Committees. of Congress. The Senate were so well sat isfied with the value of his suggestwns that they had Ius memonal, the bill, and his arguments pnnted for the use of the Senate after their Committee had given h1rn a spec1al h eanng. AN INTERESTING DE CISION -An important decision to our plant1ng commumty, a recent copy o f the Raleigh, N C News, was r endered m the Federal Court Wedne sd a y evening. We r e f e r to the guano case, m wh1ch a firm known as Mernmon & Co s o ld to W. C. Stronach, of th1s City, seventeen tons of gua no, manufactured by them, Stronach m turn sellmg to one of our promin ent fa mers This planter above spoken of refused payment on the ground that the guano was entirely worthless. He also had the guano subJect to test to prove Its value. Both Professor Liebig, of Bal timore, and Kerr, ofth1s city, decided 1t to be worthless as m a nure, Professor Kerr findmg 6S per cent. of sand m the art1cle The manufacturers, in the statement of formula used_ by them acknowledge to 950 pounds of street ihrt, and yet in the face of all this Mr. Stronach is obliged to pay: the cla1m w1th interest. or o t her, be prov1ded for before we can hope for a re turr. of the conventell{:es and moderationof former years. Pending thiS changem present status, transportation companies will have the dtrecuon of af fairs in the1r own hands, and 1t will be useless to anticipate favorable concessions from them whtle they are thus enabled to control the commerce of the country. From Richmond our latest d1rect advices are to the effect that the market there is firm. A correspondent wntes1 "Our market is higher for bright grades, and to-day, the 19th, scrub wrappers sold for Notbmg low but common brights, or common mottled leaf. are from and goo d, No reall;; good leaf on the except sh1pping, and go!>Cf shipBmg leaf ranges at 14@I6c, and 1s readily taken at that." "''Our Bremert advices are as follows: ",The transac tions in Kentucky Leaf Tobacco have been only on a moderate scale, heavy spmners and spmnmg fillers be mg ne g lected, but a more 11ctive market for these grades IS expected from next month when d _ealers will l a y in the1r sto ck for the fall trade Of light srnokmg grades several were sold at pnces to I%c below New York quota tions, c aused by the anxtety of one of the commiSSIOn h o uses to sell to arnve. The Tobacco mo s t m dem anel IS a hght, buff and co lory low leaf, but as the pnces a re so far below New York or' Western Cost, no recetpts are expected {or some time to come Seed L eaf-For home trade bus mess rem a m s un change d Sale are made to supply Immedi a te wants o nly F o r export a httle d e ma n d opened up The sales f o r the week divide as follows: For home trade 150 c ases I87I Connecticut wrappers, at 45 @ 55c ; so cases do r872 seconds, on pnvate terms Ioo c ases r 8 7o Connecticut at ro@r3c.; 25 cases Ij'>7I State, at ISc ,-For export 7S5 cases I872 W1sconsm i t 6c., 166 cases Ohio a._t and 63 cases Illmo1s, crop of rS7r, at Se. ,total 1339 cases. Jhe subJeCt of the rrolonged dry weather was under mrcuss!On a httle during the week, and the chances of the new crop on that account taken mto consideratiOn. The opmmn preyailed that, though tendmg. to delay plantmg, if the_succeedmg ten days proved favorable, ToBACco IN Wrsco .'fSIN.-Secretary Langson says there would still be time enQugh for the crop to npen the J anesv11le Gazette m his report for the Mt:\1 properl y notwuhstandmg the then existing early drought Chamber of Commerce, g1ves the foll o wmg interesting Reports from nearly all quartets for a week past con facta m relatwn to the culttvatlon and shipment of to-cur m the statement that the want of ram had been bacco in W1sconsm Withm the last few years the cult!seno usly felt m the c()Unlry; and the dry. spell, occurnng vafion of tobaCCO has recehed SOme a ttention in this as It dtd JUSt at.the t1me when plants Stood lllOSt In need State;-pa_!'tlcularly m Rock and Crawford count1es, of motsture, caused wide spread apprehension regardmg where ItS prpducuon seems to meet wtth good success the effect 1t would be hkely tv have upon the prospect The am'bunt of W1Sconsm leaf tobacco forwarded from of the next crop. various stations along the lines of the Mtlwaukee and The1e is always "something to di sturb the equanimity St. P4.uf railway m 1872, was 6,41S,89o pounds agamst of those mterested in tHe productiOn of tobacco and pounds in rl!71. The crop of 1872 -brought when it isn't drought it ts frost>, and when neither of the producers an average of S.6 cents per pound, or these 1 t IS worms or or wet or rot, or somethmg about I8S per acre, the average produ ctiOn bemg about else. All nature, arum ate ami mammate, seems env wus ;r,o25 pounds per acre...The net proceeds of WJscon s u { of the populanty of this modest and unassurnmg herb, tobacco, rece1ved here m rS72, amounted to upwards and yet, desp1 te all they can singly or cOnJOintly do to of half a m!llwn of dollars The y1eld m th1s State thwart 1 ts grow t h and development it thnves and grows !ast year was 15 .per c ent. below the average ofpreced-powerful. This IS a moral refle c tion merely and has, 1ng years, sull was larger than m any other of the we are free to admit, no beanng upon the state o f the Southern ::States, and was exceeded to any considerable market about which we are supposetllto be d escantmg extent only by Massachusetts, Connec:tlcut and Penn-Sp'a,;lsh-For Havana' tobacco there has been a sylvama. t o lerably good inquiry, and the reported sales reach DEATH oF A LOUISVILLB, Kv, ToBACco WARE 400 bales at Ss@9sc. The market, though not acttve, IJ:OUS BMAN.-Mr. Richard Ronald, of the firm of Ros m a good, steady condttlon, and sales are effected nald Brothers & Co propnetors of the Nmth St(eet To-With ease and regularity' bacco Warehouse, while at h S pl9-Ce o f busmess Oil the M anufa clttted-III. ,the rna \n, the business 6f the past 1:7th inst, was attacked w1th paralys 1s. HP. taken week has been like tliat of 1ts predecessors; w 1 th, pos to lus res1dence, on H1gh Street, where he died m a few s1bl y, a tnfle more inquiry for sh1pment, for whtch pur hours ft;om the t1me of bis attack. Mr. Ronald was an -pose we hear of sales of ros and other assort old, well known and highly respected Clttzen of this rnents At the best, trade IS slow, but there I S all the place. The followmg tnbute of respect was offered to ume somethmg hem: done both for export and con the memory of the deceased : sumpuon. We hear, as usual, of several good sales At a called rneetmg of the Tobacco Board of Trade wh tch had to bl! cance11ed on account of the late arnval a co .bemg ass1gned the duty of preparmg a re: of the ordered goods fr.o)ll the rnanufactones. port exP,resSI\'e of the sent1ment of the trade in r egard All th1s, 1t ts to behap!)d, w11l have an end some day, to the of Mr. Rtchard W. Ronald, whose dem1 se and meanwhile, there is not)ling to do but to patiently occurred yesterday, the 17t h mst, beg leave to submit endure the evils arising from the angrnalous cond1 tton the ofthmgs, and plead for early rehef from the hands of Wllereas, An all-w1se Provtdence has taken from our those who are resl?onsible for their existence. m1dst an esteemed fellow-citizen and a worthy membe r In another column, as w1ll be percelved, we publish of the Lou1sv1lle Tobacco Board of Trade, and, an Item -of mtelhgence possessing some mterest to the Wlureas, Our deceased fnencl had won, by a hfe of merchants on the east s1de of.the ctty, relatmg to the usefulness, our ell teem, confidence and warm fnendsh1 p proposed establishment by Mr. J acob'Lonllard of a !me therefore, of steamers between New York, Norfolk, and RichResolved, That the L.omsv 1 lle Tobacco Board of rnond These steamers will probaLly land at or near Trade deeply deplore the death of M l' Richard W. Pier 33 East R1vet r where the other \'essels belongmg Ronald, who has been so long p1ominently and honor-to the Lonllard TransportatiOn Company stop, and ably 1qeotified \Ylth the tobacco trade of our ctty. will therefore be exceedmgly convement for such of .Resol11td, That the members of the Board deeply our dealers as may i:lesire to receive tobacco from Virsympathize w1th the bereaved relauv es of the deceased, gmta at a pomt nearer to the1r warehouses than the and tender them th e tr condolence. landmg station of the Old Dominion Lme on the North .Resolved ; Tha t we suspend bus mess for the day as a R tver If fu1 thermore, there IS any ad\ antage to be m .ark of respect for the deceased, and_ that we attend secured through compelltwn for the carrymg trade be the funeral service tween Virgmia and New York, an opportumty for Its That th1s report b e spread upon the rec r eahzatwn w1ll be afforded by the successful mauguta of the Tobacco Beard of Trade ; th a t tt be pub!Jon of a competing line where none before ex1sted. hshed in the dai ly p a p e rs, :md that a copy of the same Smokzng-The demand for smokmg tobacco con-be forwardeq to the members of the famtly. tmues steady and without appreciabl e vanatwn There C. A BRIDGES 1s no not1ceable activity m the market, but the transS RAY, fers are m fatr volume, and compnse both leadmg and JOHN RODEWALD, Committee. average m edium lines C1gan-Ne1therfrom manufacturers or importers do F. W. Gerdmg & Co, u d o J R Sutton & Brother, ro gr.tdes or Wisconsin Ohio, Ilhrnns and New York:, are we learn of any material change smce our last week's cases, A. W. Lmdsay, IO do, Order, 276 hhd,, 73 cases unchaHged. In fine cu t we have rned1um 7o@So, summary. Both m terests appear to have been in reBY TRE HuDsoN RIVER RAILROAD.-E. IlL Crawford lc;>w grades so@6o, smokmg, cernmon 2S@jo; Virgima ceipt of a moderately htferal patronage from both local & Co, 90 cases. K. K., So@6o, fancy 75@1.oo. Plugbnngs dark grades aad 1ntenor buyers within the penod under review. Bv THE NATIOMAL LINE.-E. M. Wnght & 'Co, 18 4I@4Si bright 45@50 Such 1s the slate of the marStocks are full, vamt d and excellent, and if money hds, J. P. Qu1n & Co., 4 do, Pmlard, PettuS:& Co, I40 .ket at present, but 1t IS hoped that business w1ll soon were more plentiful w1th consumers, business would be do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co. r6 do, D J. GaF th, Sol\&. ptck up and be more acttve otherwise, but we w1ll not as ltv ely as could be des;red / Co., I4 do; Ktemelberg & Co., 48 do; Blakemore, Mayo pred1ct such a result as must occur should busmess re-Golti opened at us" and dosed at & Co., 44 do, R: L Ma1tland & Co, I:fdo; Drew & du!l and inactive as at present. E.x changehasbeenfirrn Wequote Blllsat6o days Deane,2do,Oelnchs&Co.,4do; Toel,Rose&Co.,26 CINCINNATI :J M FA p L on London, ro8fli@ro!!Ji for commerc1al ; ro @I09_%' do; J :'J? Ketlly, 'Jr., u do; Jarvis & Co, I3 do; H une 2 I 1 rague,. eaf for bankers'; do at sight { Pa i.$ at r6o do E M. Crawford & Co. 44 cases OrTobacco reports as follows :-1here Is. bo 6o days, do at sh6rt sight, de xs hhds change to In themarketfor leaf tobacco. P'ry:es t 1-1J( Sw BY THE YoRK AND NEw HAVEN RAILROAD_ hav e ruled steady and generally satisfactory to stllpp'ers. n 39yt s-chroeder & Koch, 220 cases The? from t,he of @4ora Frankfort, 40yt@41rti 4 Reu:hs:nark, 1 BY THE NEw YORK AND NEw HAAFN STEAMBOAT tY P antmg, 1lna 1t 15 Pruss1an thalers, 11%:k. LINE.-Wrn Eggert, 20 cases, J S Gans & Son, 1 do, a a t e crop 15 dTh8 e Fre tghts have an upward tendenc y as there is very M. H Levm, 41 do; E Rosenwald & Brother, 293 do. b?. a 0 or e wee were r,oio s an 2 7 lj.ttle room offenng; the wareho uses ;refilled w1th West-: BY T H E NEw Yonc AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE. Bo dows W h S hbd d b em strips wht..:h can not pe s hipped In May contracts .-Kuchler, G ar & 'Co., 20 cases, J. Sehgsberg, 7o do, 6 -hhe:l 0 n acre oKuse, 2 4 h sdalun 11S9 8xes 1 d L' 1 h f J s G & s d -I s.o1 ason o., y., tras an gs at 70 were rna e to Iverpoo at 35s, now t e rates re sos. ans on, 9 @ 9 8o 8 at 25 8 hhds new M ason Co. t b Dunng the early part o f the present month Messrs. A BY THE OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP LINE.-Read & l \:::1 :.3 ras H Cardozo & Co, offered a contract to the m iddl e or Co; 6 hh a s, March Pnce & Co 2 do, Oelnchs & Co., ugs, tnd leaf' I at $5/5, 2 3 @at 6tS@ 7 75, 2 3 at 8 @ 9.S5, September f o r Soc hhds to Liverpool at 37S. 6d t o be s S d o M. R:.uier & Son 2 2 do; J D Evans & Co' 1 29 5 ac I S0501 I so, h 21 at 2 I 7d524f2 5 d p L ill d & c d 1 A D Ch kl '45 s new rown o u o t1 ugs an ea 6 take n upon arnval, and dehvereCI, at the Queen' s rlocks o, or ar o 23 o, 24 trcs, oc t @ 8 6 t 6 @ 8 S @ S th 1 s offer bem"' open for three d a ys but the contract 2 do, 4 do; Pwneer Tobacco Co, r do, 7 do; J. D. a 5 S I a .Io ? 55, al6 4 d o at0n2 5 was refu sed by the We stern and 1 f made Xtelly, Jr, rr3 do, I03 do, 8 hlftrcs, 9S qtr trcs, ,r76 @C q,K at l5@1 r17 so, 1 dal 20 f 2 5 s new wen th tb WOS h d d o y.,ras1,ugs,an ea.Irats@S027at6@ now would have to be taken a t present rates. cases, 230 ree q r oxes, 'mil II o, 55 o, t S@ @ 32 do 34 do s6ldo 24'do &Richey & 5 do 38 7. II a 9 1S, IO a t 10 I4, I at I 9 75 22 hhds :PAB.-'l'IOU'J.Al\ lWOTtCE. do, 67 butts, '4I hlf boxes, 5 tlurd Eu-nrew Pendleton Co' Ky' t rash and lugs. 9 at 5 @ 5 90 1 Gro.:;,er. of see d leaf tobacco are cautioned agams t acceptmg the gene Du Bot s SO q t r trc s 27 c ases s 2 hll boxe s ro;f I a t 6 75@ 7 75, 2 a t S 75@ 9 IS hhdll new Boone Co., reporte d sales snd quo t at10ns o f seed l e a f as furmshm g t h e p nces that qtr boxes; Carro:{ & Co, 2s' do, I 83 d o,-zr6 d of Ky, t r a sh and l ugs 2 at 5 So, 5 90; 12 at 6 @ 7.85, 4 at be obtamed for t!m a t first h and, as these refer 1 n most m s t anccs so do IS third boxes, L. & E. Werthe tmer, I or' c a ses, S @ S .8 o 4 hhds a n d 12 b ox e s new West V1rgm1a I at :ao -old c rops wh 1 c h h a ve been h eld ne ar l y a year, and the profit on 5 8 t 6 8 t b @ 6 d wh1ch mus t naturally 1nc!ude the mteres t o n cap1 tal mvested Gro w ers Maddux I L do; J as. M. Gardmer & Co o, 2 a 05'-!:f o 1 a 9 25> 3 ox es at 4 4 50, 0 c annot expect e ven m the case of }lew crops, to sell ihem f o r the same do M M Wel zho f e r 29 do A Hen & Co. I 13 do at 5 3@ 5 So, 2 do at 6 55@ 7 6o, I do a t 8.Io. 3 bo xes pnc e s as on a re-sale here O f cuurse every resale mus t be & Johnsop, r7 do; McFa ll & Hogan: 10 do; Indiana s e ed. 2 at 4 4 I at 7 104 cases common at an advance, and tberefore tne pnce o btainable by the growera w11l Cyrus E. Lee, I do A. M. Dean, 5 do Furs & Austin, new Oh1o seed fat stems fillers anti bmde. rs 4 7 at 4 @ always be somewhat lower tha n our quotations 4 95 a t 5 @ 5 0 t @7 S t 8 @ o 30 do; B Fround, 1 do; Wm. Broadhurst, 5 do A. S. 2 I 9 a 9 o, ro a 9 oo, 7 a t IO QU,OTATIONS OF WHOLEMLE PRICE. Western-LighJ l ea f p omntou to good Juga 7 @ C ommon l eaf .. 8X@ 9 Med1um .. ... ...... Good ... ., 11)1' @ 12)( Belectlona 12X@ I S Light cutting lug a 7 !>@ 8 K do d o l eaf 9 @18 Clarkwitu and wuttrn Diltrict Common to guod. logs 8 @ 9 Co m mon leaf .. .. 9 @ 10 Medium leaf .. ...... l O)l@ll)l' G o o d . 11)1'@ 1 2)1' F 1 u e ............... 12)1'@13 Se lectiOns......... .. 1S @l!l [trg&nta-C o m ttl g o o d luga F1n'!ldO t. L o w t.o m e d1um leaf O.od to doe 1 Wrappen, dark : : : ... : PnllllDgs Ohto-l:ll'or to good eom.. Brown and 6reem.e1l lll edlumandllnered Com to med pang led Fine opan g led to ;reUow Maryia!ld-F'Wd to c om7 @ 7 X 8 @ 8)( Il!t@IB 12"@\7)1' 20 p @ 25 6 X .,. 6 6 )>@ 7)( 8)1' 8 @IO 10 @15 m o n ............... a SeUDd Commou. 8 @ 7 Good do 1 @8 Medium .. ...... 8 K @IO Good to dne r e d.... Fancy 14 Uppe r Country 6 @2b G10and lear, new. 5 @ 9 O.......ticut and Mauac l uett. SotdLt.a/-1870 crop Wrappe r s .. II @U Asoo"'ed . 9 @ 10 ,.condo and Fillers .. 8 @ e 1871 c rop W noppen . 45 865 Select oDS. .. .. 60 @ a Secouda U F llel'!l 10 @15 MaBS Wrappers . 2 @.'l.S Penmylva>l>a Seed Lwf-1 871 c ro p 22 Ill Asaorted Iota 18 5 F 1llers ... ,. 12 H O l n o Sud Leaf1 E71 c r o p Wra p pers .. II A sso r ted Lots Eillen Ruamng, 1 872 Nelo YOf'.i: S e e d Letif-, IS @S5 9 @12 6 @ 8 6.1(@ 7 1 871 c ro p \ Wrappe r s 18 @SO Aortedl ots 11 @14 F 1Hers 10 @II Wt&con&Jn Seed LeafAssorted l ots 8)1'@ 9 P(JreLgra.-H avana Fll Com do G ood do d o F m e Elo Yara I & U Cut nastd 76@ ss OO@I W 1 0 2 @ 1 10 85@100 M&n'lfactured -Tax20cts p e rp ouud PotmdJ -BRIG Fr. Extra dne 60 @ 10 Medium.. Gop d ............... 4 @48 C ommon 40 @43 Mouldy, scarce 38 @)38 Lfl(ht Pres s e d extra doe 62 @6$ Light Pressed line 68 @ 6 0 Quarttr Pounds -Fiae 40 @62 Medium...... ... 4 6 @4! Commou 4 2 @44 Nacy Poltrdal 'lne .. .4Z @.:S lled1um .. 38 @42 Quarltr .Povn 29X 29), 29 28 2 5 20 20 2 0 2l 29 IMPORT. The amvals at the port of New York from lore1gn port s for the week endmg Lune 24, mcluded the follow Ing cons1gnments: BREMEN-Bunzl & Dormitzer, 50 cases seed leaf; order, 222 do, Ss bales. GuANTANAMO -Brooks & Co 1 case c.gars. MESSINA -Order, roo cases hconce RorrERDAM.-H. BaJer & Brother, rr57 boxes pipes, so baskets do, 62 cases do HAVANA.Wei! & Co., 356 bales, F d'arcta, so do; F. Mirandi, Io9 do; L. Rodngues, 6 do; J. Pmg, 367 do; Wrn. P. Clyde & Co, u do, 2I cases ctgars; Rob't E. Kelly & Co 4 cases c1gars; S. Lmmgton & Sons, 7 do; Thos R Messenger & Co., 4 do, G. W. Faber xS do, Chas. F. Bauer & Co., 12 do; L. & E. Werthetmer, 7 do, H lves, S do; Purdy & Ntcholos, 7 do; W. H. Thomas & Brother, 35 do; A. Goettel, .z do; Dingl& stedt & Co., 3 do; Acker, Mernll & Cond1t, 61 do, 2 cases c1garettes ;lPark & T1lford, 31 do, I do; A I case cigarettes, order 2S bales, s cases Cl gars, 2 bbls cigarettes. EXPORTS. From tbe port of New York to foreign ports for the week endmg June 24, were as follows: H ANTWERP-275 hhds ASPINWALL-216 bales, II,760 lbs mfd. Aux C1lvas-3o bales' BRISTOL-I 1 I hhds. BLUEFIELDS-52S lbs rnfd. BREM.EN-252 hhds, so do stems. CARDIFF-43 hhds. CAYENNE-2 hhds. DUNNEDIN-44,0S4 lbs rnfd. GIBRALTAR-348 hhds. GLASCOW-r3 bhds. HAMBURG-22 hhds, 40 cases HARBOR GRACE-6,I44 lbs mfd. HALIFAX-I2 hhds KINGS T O N JA-31977 Jbs mfd, LISBON-67 hhds LtVERPOOL-709 hhds, 4,ooo lbs rnfd LONDON-2S8 hhds, 9 bales, 9,696 lbs mfd. MANZANILL0-1,680 lbs mfd MARSEIL.!-ES-2S hhds. PoiNTAA-P E-28 cases. PoRT AU PR!NCE-567 bales Sr JAGO-r,362 lbs rnfd Sr. PIBRRE-2o hhds. T R IESTE-37 5 hhds. DOMESTIC RECEIPTS. The arnvals at the port of New York from domestic intenor and coastw1se pons for the week endmg June 24, were 3,S65 .hhds, 23I trcs, 40 hlf trcs, 176 qr trcs, 2,o4o cases, r hlf case, sr boxes, 254 threeqtr boxes, 372 hlf boxes, 65 third boxes, 224 qtr boxes 67 butts, 196 bales, 17 cadd1es, 36 kegs, 86 cases cigars, too boxes pipes, consigned as follows : Bv THE ERIE RAILROAD.-D.J. Garth, Son& Co. 224 hhds Wallace & Co., 2S8 do, A H. Cardozo & Co., 53 do; E. M Wnght & Co., 6o do, Norton, 'Slaugliter & Co q do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 177 do; Sullivan, Murphy & Co IS do ; Thos Kinnicutt, 26 do; J P Q_um & Co., 6 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co. zoS do; Kremelberg & Co., 47 do; Drew & Deane, 6 do; R L Maitland & Co., n do; F. W. Taigenhorst, 6 do, Ottmger Brothers, I9 do; B C Baker, Son & Co., II do Henderson Brothers, 12 d o ; J D Ke1lly Jr, 227 J. C. Burnett, 2 do, E Morgan's Sons, 73 do; Rosenbaum & Co, 39 do, I hlf case, Bulkley, M oore @I I.7 5 & Co' 33 do, I6 caddies; J B C. Woodcock, 30 do, l At the Warehouse, 25Z hhds and II9 boxes: do J H Thompson & Co., 3 do, 2 hlf boxes; w. P. u hhds old Mason Co, Ky trash, lugs, and leaf 4 at Ktttredge"& Co I3 do rs qtr boxes Connolly & Co 20 3 at ro@I4 75,3 at IS .so@I9 so, 2 at 20.75, IS do, I6.plf boxes, s6 qtr boxes: 36 kegs; Carha;t 23 75 99 hhds new Mason Co. Ky., tra sh, lugs, and Brothers, 51 boxes; G. W. Hillman & Q> ro hlf boxe5; leaf 12 at 5 3@ 5 9 3 at 6.os@7 95, rS at S@9 so, 26 Retd & Sm1th, 5 tlurd boxe s ; Wrn. Demuth & Co. Ioo at Io@r4 so, 9 at 1 5 @ IS 75.4 at 2o 25@25.25. 43 hhds b o xes pipes, order, 2 hhds, 5 cases. new' Brown Co Ohw, trash, lugs, and leaf 4 at 5 35@ Bv NORTH RIVER BoArs.-F. W Tatgenhorst, 8o 5,9 r:z at, 9 at 8 10@9 95, 14 at 1o, hhds c : E Hunt, 4 do; Blakemore, Mavo & Co, IOI 4 at 1 S@I6 5 36 hhds new Owen Co. Ky. trash, do, Kremelberg & Co., r6 do; Pollard, Pettus & Co, 30 lugs, and leaf. 4 at 4 75 8 at 5 20S 75, 14 at do; D. J. Garth; Son & Co., 265 do; Drew & Dean, 5 6 15 95, 2 at Io 75@1 2 2 at 21 so, 25.5o. 44 hhds do; E M Wnght & Co, 2 6 do, A C L. & ,0. Meyer, and I box new Pendleton Co, K-y., trash, lugs, and leaf: I 1 3 do, Norton, Slaughter & Co. 5 db, A H. Cardozo Io at S 35@5 95, ro at 6 55, 19 at 8 05@9.So, 4 & Co. S do, P. Lonllard & Co, s3 do, J. D Kielly, at 10 75@12 75, 2 at I6.zs,; I box at 6. 4 hhds Jr. 43 do; order, 12 do. new Boone Co Ky., 3 a.t 5.Io@s so, I at 6. 14 hhds CoASTWISE FROM BALTIMORE & 1 Ruete IS and 9 boxes West V I rg1ma trash, lugs, and leaf: 4 at hhds; F A Goe t ze & Co., I do, F. Bngelbach, 6 5 05@S 6s, 7 at 6. 2 5 @ 7 8o 2 at 8.Jo, 10 25i I at 20, 4 C E. Lee, 5 do, M. Falk & Co., 5 do, order 2 hhds. boxes at 3@4.75, 3 do at.S@S:70, 2 do at Lo@u. 99 CoASTWISE FROM KEY WEST -Fred'k de Bary & common new Ohio seed fat stems, fillers, and Co. 20 cases ctgars; Rob't E. Kelly & Co, 9 do; J & bmders: 43 at 3@4 95, r 2 at 5, 2 S at 6@7.85, I3 J. Eager, 6 do; Se1denberg & Co., 5I do, I4 bales at S@g.Io, 3 at scraps; V. Martmez Ybor, II bales scrap; At the Morns Warehouse, I7S hhds and 7 boxes: 4 CoASTWISE FROM NEw 0RLEANs .-A Gonzales r7I hhds old Mason Co., Ky., trash and lugs: 3 at bales. 9 6o, I at II.75 64 hhds new Mason Co., trash, lugs, and leaf. 4 at 5 2o@s.65 I7 at 6.o5@7 90, 23 at 9 5o, I4 at 10@13.25, 5 at I6 75@19o. 4 hhds'new Brown Co, Oh1o at 6 65, I2.5o, I4 7 s, 24.50. 49 bhds new Owen Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 3 at 4 so@ 4 95, 5 at S@SSo, 31 at 6@7 95, 7 at 8@9 45, 3 at II@ 13 75 44 hhds and 2 boxes Pendleton Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: r3 at 4 8o@s 95 r6 at 6 40@7 65, 10 at 8@8 90, S at 1o@I4 25, 2 boxes a t 4, 4 50 Io hhds new Boone Co. Ky 5 a t 5 65@5 8o, 3 at 7 7 7 5 2 at BALTIMORE, 'June 2I.-Messrs.I C. Loose & Co. Shtppmg and CommiSSion Merchants, report: As men tioned m our last report the rece1pts of Maryland to bacco continue to fall off, as usually at thts lime of the year, farmers now bemg too bus y to pack and wtll be so, till the gram harvest IS over. The demand for rned1um and bette r tobaccos contmues fair for export to France, Holland and Germany, and prices are teadtly mam talned O f Ohto recetpts have been libeal tlus week, and a little m ore ammatwn was although :my e rs for France have not been operatmg yet. Sales may reach a lout 6 ooo or 7 ,ooo hhds pnnc1pally for Du1sbury and Bremen. Pnces unchanged Kentucky 1s b d n g h e ld firmly by owners. We hear of sales ofabcmt 75 to Ioo hhds, lugs and low leaf, on speculatiOn The m s pect1ons for the wee k embrace: 856 hhds Maryland, I443 do Ohio, and 3 do V1rg1ma stem s tota l 21302 hhds. C leared th1s 82o hh d s Maryland, 45 do Vtrgtma to Rotter d a m 920 hhd s Maryland t o Amsterdam. 9 S hds V1r gm1 a, I6 do Kentucky, to Ltverpoo l ; 36 h h ds Maryland t o MonteV!dt:o We quot e as b e f ore Maryland, frosted and inferior,4@57f, sound common, 6@7; good Common, 7 @ 8 I m1da h ng, 8}4@ro; good to fine red, II@Iz; fancy, I4@25; upper country, 6@20; Ohw, mfenor to good common, and brown, rnedtum to fine red, 9@12; common to medmm spangle d, 8@u; fine spangled to yellow, u@2o, Ken tucky, common to good lugs, low to medium leaf, 9@Io, fair to good, -u@u, fine and selecttons, I3@rs. Vtrgtma, common to good lugs common to mediUm leaf, f air to good, selectwns, I2@IS; stems, good to fine, Tobacco Statement. January rst, I873 Stock m warehouses and on Hltds shipbo ard not cleared. __ _________ __ .__ 6,9oS Inspected th1s week _____________ ----------__ 2,3oz Inspeted previOusly -----. _______ 30,303 1 TotaL _____________________________ 39,SI3 Exported smce January ISL _. ___ I7,S2S h)lds. Coastwi s e and re -mspected. ______ .2,400 hhds. 2o,22S Stock to day in wa r ehouses and on sh1pboard not cleared._--_-------.--.--__ -. __ __ I9 2Ss Messrs. Ed. Wischmeyer & Co Tobacco CommisSIOn Merchant s, report Trade 1n manufactured tobacco h a s b een dull the past week, wllh hberal re c e1pts and pnces m favor of buyers. We note the followmg re ceipts A Seemuller l Sons, 46 hlf sxs, 89 ilmd b x s, 73 Hofhnan, Lee & Co., 14 hlf b xs, 4Io third bxs, 30 cases; Geo. S Watts & Co 2 2 7 boxes 35 cases J B. Stafford 55 hlf bxs, 270 tlmd bxs, ro cases, w i\1 Boyd & Co. 263 boxes. CHICAGO, 'June 2 o -Messrs, F K. Misch & Co. Wholesale Tobaccomsts report. After the storm comes the calm. Such t s the cas e wllh u s a t present The b 1 g humbug, wnh Its fearful clamor a n d no1s e has su b Sided Ch1cago agam enJoys 1ts pea c e ful qm e t sum mer d a y s the fre s h bre e ze of th e Lake h a s c o oled our ardor and the Tobacco trade rests m p e ace but wha t sad d1sappomtments 1s not man subject too and more especia lly th e Toba cco man. On of Jubi lee Week .every Tobacco dealer aros e early, brushe d up h1s good clothes, gave Ius moustache an extra tw1rl, and sauntered f orth to h1s office ready and to sell out h t s ent1re stock, but alas how his were doomed to dtsappomtrneat There he sat m hts office, now and then gomg to the door and l o oking down the street for the strmg o costumers expected to v1stt him without fat!, but our gencle country cousms had come to set' the c1ty, .bear the great noise, and gaze on Patnck G1lmore; they wanted no goods, thd not expect I? buy any, had a full stock on hand, and mmeover hmes were hard and collections slow Therefore our Tobacco dealers and fellow ctt1zens unam mous T y resolved, Whereas, That we had reason to ex pect a good and hvely trade, and Whereas, That the Chicago Jubilee was expected to largely mcrease our sales: Therefore be 1t Resolved, That m the opmion of the Chtcago Tob2.cco D"alets, the great. J ubtlee was a decided and enttre failure, and ments our disapproval But to be senous, the Jubilee dtd not help the trade one wh1ff, trade was duller for the wholesale houses dunng that week, than It had been for the week pre vi ous. This week, trade IS a little more active ana hve her, but ts still far belund what 1t should be, no Im p ortant sales were made, but bus mess was iust bnsk enough to keep us busy and be able to endure the m tense he a of the weather. J Fnedman quotes L eaf as follows Com wrapper so@l9o, com. seconds 30 @ 4o; com bmders 20@ 3 0 com fille 'r s rS@2o, Havana fillers I,IS@I.25j Havana wrappers I 50@2 oo; other 8, 8 6o At the Planters' Warehouse, I4I hbds and 2 boxes: -2 hhds o ld Mason Co., Ky, leaf at $ 14, 21. S9 hhds new Maso n C o tra s h, lugs, and leaf: 22 at 5@5.So, 26 at 6 @ 7 75, 22 at 8 @ 91 I3 at Io@r4 so, 6 at 15@ 17. 25. 23 hbds new Brown Co, 0, trash, lugs, and leaf 5 at 5 30 @ 5 7 5 4 at 6 6o@7 7o, 4 at 8.30@9, 6 at ro 75@Iz 25,4 at 15.25 @17.65 20 hhds new Owen Co. Ky., tras h, lugs a nd leaf 5 at 4 so@5.7o, 4 at 6.3o @7. 6o, 2 a t 9 35 9 8s, 6 at IO@ I4 75. 2 at rs, rs,so, I 23 7 5 3 hhds Pend leton Co, Ky a t 9@9 So. 4 hhds and 2 boxe s W est V1rgm1a. I a t. 4 so, 2 at, 7, 1 at 9.5o, 2 boxes at 3 .8s, 6 90. At the Ph1 s ter Ware h o use, rzo hhds and 40 boxes: -jo hhds new Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf: 6 at $ 5.35@5 9 0, II at 6 @ 7.95, I7 at 8 @ 9 90, ro at ro @ 14 4 ati575@I775,2at2I,2I.So. 56hhdsBrown Co, O luo, trash, 1 ugs. and leaf 9 at s 35@5.90, 5 at Io@Io.75, 3 at 15@ 15 I3 hhds and I box new Owen Co, Ky, z at 4.5o, s 45 ; 4 at 6.55@7 85, 4 at S 55@9, 2 at II 25, 12 75; rat I7 75, 1 box at II.25. II hhds West VIrg1rlia :z at 5 so, 2 at 6.os, 6. Io; 3 at S 8o@9 65, 4 at IO@Ir. 39 cases common new Ohio seed fat sterns, fillets and bmders: 1:5 at 3@4.65, 7 at 5@5 So, 8 at 6 @ 7 so, 6 at S@9.25, 3 at ro@r r.75 At the Globe Warehouse, 74 hbds: 20 hhds Mason Co, Ky., .trash, lugs and leaf. 1 at $4.6o, 6 at 6@7.95 7 at S@9.9o, 6 at 6@7.95, 7 at S@9 90, 5 at 11 25@I4, I at I7 43 hhds new Bro w n Co., Ohw, trash, lugs, and leaf 5 at 5@5 90, 1a,at 6 IO@lS, 5 at 8.6s@S.95, u at ro@I4 8 at xs@r8, I at 20.75 4 hhds new Owen Co, 2 at 6 6o, 7 95, 2 at 8 35, 9 4 hhds Pen dleton Co., 2 at 51 5 8o; 2 at 6 95, z 75 3 hhds West V I rgtma 2 at 6 35, 9.Io, I at 12.5o DANSVILLE, VA, 'Ju n e 21.-Messrs Pemberton & Penn, Tobacco CommiSSIOn Merchants, report -Our marke t dl!nng the week has been actJVe. Rt:ceipts contmue full and we notice--an Improvement both in the quality of our stoc k and the order m \\hich 1t is d e livered Pla nt e rs g enerally have been holdmg back the1r fine and fan c y wr appers w1th the hopes of realiz ing hgher figur es-the y are now ventunng forth w1th some of 1t-and we not i ced sales at $So per hundred We hav e reasons to believe that there 1s ,yet m the1r hands, a v ery considerable quantity o f this class. There will d o ubtless be an aver age crop planted m this sectton tlus ye a r. We continue our quotatwns : Lugs common red, 4 @5, lug s good, lugs medmm bng ht, 7y,;@sy,;, lug s fin e 9 @ 1o, lugs extra smokers, rz@rS, leaf comm o n red leaf good red, S@9, leaf nch and w a xy, 10 @13, leal c o mmon bright, S@ro, leaf m e d m m bnght I I @I4, leaf fine bught, 20@3o, leaf extra bnght, 35@8o LOUISVILLE, :Jwze 20 -We report followsThe market has ruled firm with lugs: I at 8, I9 at 7, I2 at 6 @ 6 9o, I4 at 5 2o@s.9o. 2I hhds do trash at 4 @ 7 The Boone House sold I84 hhds anJ I box :-go hhds Kentucjqy leaf. I at $13 2 at r2, 12.75, 7 at II@, 25 at Io@ro 75, 33 at 9@9 90 22 at 8@8 90. I box do leaf at 10 so 82 hhds do lugs 9 at S(!98.7o, 27 at 7@7 90, r8 af 6 @ 6.8o, 2S at 5 7 S {i hhds Ind1ana leaf: 2 at ro, 9 30 4 at S ro@ S 90 6 hhds do lugs 3 at 7 3 0@ 7 So rat 6 75, 2 at 5 35, 5 The P1ckett sold 160 hhds -104 Kentucky le1f: 2 at $I6 so, I at 3, 7 a t u@Iz so. 4at u@u.zs, I9 at IO@ro 75J 2 3 at 9@9 90, 37 at S @ 8.9o, II at 7@ 7 90 .17 hhd s do lugs: 6 a t 7@7 40, 6 at 6.3o@6 8o, 5 at 5 @ 5 85 4 hh d s do lugs and trash at 7 40, 6.So, 6, 55) 8 hhdS do tr ash: I a t 6, 7 a t 5 @ 5 95 IS hhds Indmna leaf 1 at I I so, 6 at 9 @ 9 So, 2 at 8, S 40, 7 at 90, 6 90. 4..hhds do lugs. I at 6.20, 3 at 5


, ou I 3 ----------. hcl.s lllinols leaf andclug!J at 8, 8, 6 so, 6 2-o, The LoulSvlile House sold I44 hhds :-78 hhds Kentucky leaf: 3 at S.15, 13, u so, 14 at 7SO@I2 75, 3 at II.2S@II.:Jo, 2I at r9@ro so, 5 at 5 go@ro, rg at 9@ 9.8o, 12 at 8 @ 8 8o, 2 at 7 so, 7 go 3 hhds do trash and leaf at 5 3 o@ S 70. 23 hhds do lug:s Io jll 7 40@ 9.6o, 4 at 7@7. So 3 at 6@7 3 at 3 at 5@5 8 hhds do trash and lugs at .s 45@9. I6 hhds do stemmer's'trash I at 7 4 -at 6 Io@6 So, .J.x at 5@5 75 4 hhds do sweepmgs and trash at 5, 5, 4 So. 2 3 hhds Illinois leaf and lugs at 7.6o@g. 6 hhds Tennessee leaf and trash at 5 45@.16.25. 3 hhds Indiana leaf and lugs at 7@7.90 The Nmth Street House sold 143 4bds :-73 hhds Kentucky leaf: 41 at S8@r5 I at II?S. 18 at 6 go @xo, 2 at 9, g.Bs, gat,-2 at7.4'0, ?,go. 57 do lugs ; 23 at s@S, 2 at 7 20@7 40, 4 at 6 30@6 85, at, xo at 5 1 hhd do scraps at z.Jo 3 hhds Indtana leaf at g.zo, 8, 7.go. g hhds Indiana lugs at 4 50@6 JO. The Exchange House sold 123 hhds and 1 box:-u8 hhds Kentucky leaf, lugs and trash 3 at $, 13.5o, 12 50j II at IO@IO 75, 18 at 9 @9 s-5, t6 a t 8@8 go 22 at 7@7 gn, 27 a t 6 Io@6 go, IO at 5 @ 5 9o, 1 at 3 so. 3 hhds Tennessee leaf and lugs at 10, 8 75, 5 55 2 hhds West VIrgtma lugs at 7 40, 5 40 r bo x at 8. 1 he Planters' House sold 107 hhds -IoS hhds Ken tucky leaf, lugs, and trash 2 at $25 50, I8 75, 2 at, I? 25, 2 at I4 75, I4, I at 13 75, 2 at 12, I2 25, 4 at u @ u 75, gat ro@Io 75 26 at 9@9 go, I9 at 8@S 70, 18 at 7.10@7 go, 12 at 6@6 go, 6 at 5 35@5 95, 1 at 4.8o r hhd do scraps at 2 I hhd Indtana leaf at 7 -6 The Kentucky Tobacco Associatwn sold 38 hhds Kentucky leaf, lugs, and trash, 3 at f,n 25, 4 a f Io@ 10 so, 7 at 9@9 So, 7 at 8@8 go 7 7 @7.8 o, 6 at 6.10 @6.8o, 4 at 5 40@5. Thursday :June 19.-Messrs George W Wtcks & Co, Tobacco Factors, report -We beg to hand you below our report of'! the manufactured "Tobacco" market: Trade ts rather dull. VIrgtma new lugs, arriv ing freely. We quote. Vtrgima fine bright, lbs, and twist, 7o@85, Vtrgima medmm b nght lbs., and twist, 58 to 65, VIrgmta bnght Navy, 3s, 4s, ss, 45 to 48, Vugima mediUm Navy 3 s, 4s, and ss, 43 to 46, Vtrgtma bnght, )is, and 14s, 44, to 48, Vh glllia bright flag coil and pancake, 55 to 70 Kentucky, bnght Navy lbs, and }'3s, 52 to 53, Kentucky, mahogany, Navy: lbs., and 48 to so, -Kentucky, cable rolls 58 to 52, Vtrginia and Kentucky medmm and common I I mch, 43 to 46, Vugmta common lbs, 45 t o so. chance of tlnprovement m pnces One pubhc sale THE NEWS FOR SMOKERS was held dunng the month, of Chtldrey's manufacture, --I and about half of the flat work offered was quitted. 1 [ Corr.upondmce of the Tqbdcco-Ltaf.] CODdittoa ot the Cltfar aall Tobaeeo TriUleNone of the twiSts were sold except the damaged parEDITOR TOBACCO Li!:AF-NEW YoRK, :June 24, 1873 Wllat tile Lall"Jre Say The followlDg pretty little poem we publish aCtho quest of a valued patron :KEEPING HIS WORD. eels, which realized from IS. to rs 3M d Twist. In purs"'lance of' your request I submtt for the careful The rumors, says the New York World, whtch have The only sale wbtch has transp1red durmg the month considetatton of your thousands of readers some re been m c 1 rculation for sbme time past to the effect that has bee.1 the quittance of some 45 quarter tierces, Ragflectwns upon our financial system, and tbe ends whtch a large amount of cigars were ltemg "earned" by those land's twist, and some small lots of Barrett's anchor we may fompass by the establiShment of the exc?equer. m the busmess who had too larC'ely 1n manufac Our market is sttll well SJ!pplied, With but little demand A stable currency would be to. every mterest tunng and had been proportionate sales, at present Tens: The only large sale of tens re 1n the Umted States whtch lS productive; mother words, seemmg to .demand an mvesh a few mqume5 ported was some 300 three quarter.boxes' of Cameron'S every should have for work good money were mstituted among the ealers m the trade. tens. These were purchased by the agents of these m value, and this seems so evtdent, that Mr. Ethil.n Allen, m charge of he wholesale departbrands, and but for their action thts month, and l ast, every na,twp of any standing not only allows axtom ment of Lonllard's, d, He satd "At the quotat1aid perday but the average Is Plug per lb; 8 cases "Barret' s Crown" no tens, o"'t by the bank, that whtch we call a dtscount bemg a Is-the s a me as fine-cut. are now turnmg I Id, 2 cases "Cloth of Gold" 9 111 l1ght pressed, swap of credits by which the bank gives to the owner out I 2,ooo pounds per day, or as much as we can rs rM.d 5 cases do 6 in do, IS r}.(d; 9 cases "Waterof a note of nand, or obhgatwn of some kmd, Its notes A good quantity 1s made m Vtrgmta by small makers ltly" navy fours, IOd, 23 cases "Grape Leaf' stxes, payable, usually, on lteu of the mdiVtdual Without good machmery. Thetr g ods are not rehabfe, rod' 8 quarter tJerces Barrat's" tWISt, damaged, obligatiOn payable a t a future day Now, our national and apt to be unequal to'_samples In smoktn<>' rs 3%d, 6 hlf t1erces "Shellard's" do, do, Is bank nqtes are dtscharged by the legal tender notes by so many different kmds are made tpat 1t IS so;ewhat un E x Pmthe Szlta 4 cases Waterhly navy pteces, law, and thts fact places the bank apd the lestable. It 1 s a good 'deo Honor Chief Justice Daly of the Supe-"The Sphynx' He was an smoker, and It nor Court, ""'ho on a heanngof a motion of liD has always been a matter of sur} nil>e to us that of the medtately vacated the same. Yours truly, many portraits of htm extant, none do justice to this L. & C,O. peclihanty I When the garret they hasttly entered, they saw Two arms mangled, shapeless, out-stretched from the straw. You d1d 1 t, dear Ruby God bless you I" h e satd; And the boy, g ladly smtlmg, sank back, and was dead A MURDEROUS AFFRAY BETWEEN CUBAN 'CIGAR MAKERS AT NEW O RLEANS -About SIX o'clock on the evemng of Tuesday, June rg, Joseph Garc1a ; a Cuban, employed as a ctgar-maker, whtle standmg at the c orner o f Orleans and Burgundy streets, wtth a woman on his arm, got mto a dtffi.culty wtth B F R tvas, also a Cuban. Garrta struc k Rtvas and then ran mto his house near by. Emergmg with a kmfe the... dtfficulty was renewed It finally ended w1th t h e mfltcton upon Garcta Qf three deep and mortal wounds by a kmfe m the hands of Ri vas \Vttnesses to the scene descnbe the affray as mur derous m the extreme, It havmg been a re gular duel with the keen gltstemng kmves m the hands of the belhgerents The fat a l wound rece1ved by Garcia was m the left breast over the heart The victtm dted mstantly Rtva s wa s also tw1ce wounded, but not dangerous l y, m the face by the kmfe in the hands of Gar eta Rtvas 1s a lso a ctgar-maker The twQ had been for four years bosom fnends, but had recently had a dis agreement. When anested R1vas satd that when they met last evenmg Garc!a first assaulted hun,Jmoc;kmg htm down, and that when he subsequently. went at h 1 m With a kmfe he stabbed him 1n self-defence : AN OLD CI GAR BILL SE1,TLED.-Some yearlJ ago the late famous Max. Vah 'eck was a resident of Ron dout, then a vtllage He was a we at fnend of the } rem en On one occaston, when they were on parade, he entertamed them at his hotel. He handed hts btU to the vtllage Trustees for settlement Among the items was one of seventeen dollars and a half for ciglU's. Thts the vtllage refused to pay. Purchasmg another cla1m agamst the vtllage, he sued the 1)-ustees for the' amount. It went through the county courts, every lawyer but one practtsmg at the Ulster cou.nty bar suppt'rtmg Van Beck. He was successful The case was taken to the Supreme Court There Van Beck was also successful The matter was then giVen to the Court-of: Appeals, where 1t has been pendmg some ttme. At the last meetmg of the Trustees-the heus ,of Van Beck sttll bemg determmed to stand su1t-they resolved to settle the matter. They dtscontmu d the smt and p aid out of the ctty treasury seven hundred and fifty dollars. About four hundred and fifty dollars of this, .. however, was composed of 1tems not m dtspute. The ctgars cost three hundred dollars Aclvertuements.FOR SALE 1 Tobacco Factory No a:, 2d Dlstnct_, at a low 613"ure, eng1ne, two foDacco cutbng mach1nes, good rollers, etc For partlcular5 address P 0 Box 3781 Davenport, Iowa 434-.US WAN fED-An A. 1 Salesman wtth a n established trade tn New York State, Peonsylvanta and the New Englan d States for Fine and Havana and Clear Havana C1gars Addre:;s, glVmg full particulars, real name e t c ) IS .f-1josAcco LHAF 0YFICB .u-t-435 I l TO LET -FRON'I OFFICE on :od Floor of 47 BROAD STREET Wlth TOBACCO SAMPLE ROOM ADJOINING. Apply to SAW: YER, WALJ:;ACE & CO 421 tf /FOR SALE. A XOBACCO R<\C;rO;R YIN CHIOAGO-W,th all modern requirements for Manufacturmg Ftne Cut and Smoking Tobacco, wtth the benefit of an eiitabhshed trade for{ears TERMS EASY For particulars mqutre o JOHN G GRAFF, th1:s Office 43o-4t TO LEAF TOBACCO'DEALERS. WANTED By a n espenenced man, a Situation as TravelhDS' SalemaaD or Buyer for a fint class house, has a good oubiilde and home trade d 18 well known t o the tra

I \ ) 4 !'DE TOBA:tJCO LEA.I'I New York Commission Merchants. VIBGINIA -TOBACCO AGENCY, SPENCEJ BROTHERS & CO., ESTABLISHED IN 1836, BY CHAJI.LES M. CONNOLLY. V MAKUFACTVRER8 OF THE CBLEBRATBD "coNNOL.LY 4 COIIMISSIONm MERCHANTS Fine Cut Chewing & Smoking Tobaccos, l.eafand Manufactured-Toba,ccd : .. .., 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. 52 'ana. 54 EAS'l' 'l'mltll B'l'UE'l', CIN_CINNATI, O 1 We respectfully call the attention of the trade to the following Standard Being located at the GREAT LEAF MARKET for CUTTING ToBACCo, llrands of Manufactured Tobacco: our facilities for supplying the TRADE with ALL GRADES oF POUNDS-I 1 AND 12 INCH. FINE-CUT and SMOKING e Wll\'E SAP, GOLDEN SEAL, GALLEGO, liiORl\TNG STAR, li'OUR ACE, REDlltGRE, '1/'INSTON HENRY (.0. TWIN"'SISTERS, TALLY HOI ROYA"" S't .... BRICHT AND DARK-4&, 5s, AND DOUBL1 \ T .-tiCKS. PEARL, DEW D lOP, BORODlNA, PEABODY, ;;.NE. lWATER Ll.LY, DIA.DEM, BLACKlLRD, fj)!lA KING, YACH'.l' CLUB, APROPOS etc., 9 AND 6 INCH, GAME COCK AND HEl'JRY 0::::0. ROU G'H AND REA.JY IN PRUMS. JOOLLY VARDEN, Al'LANriC CABLE, BONA li'IDE, <:HAliiPAGNE, FOUR AUFA.Oi', & BOI.rNS, GREGOfo.YS, DI VEl\ :\TON, ew. ,._ FANCY TOSACCO!'ji LICHT PRESSED, elo Ag>nts for the Un ited!. Stateo for J. P HA. WKIN!! & . 0 BOX f"Of'/.. L ... RICHEY tc BONIFACE, Commission Merchants, 178 WATER NEW YORK. AND Packers of Domestic Leaf Tobacco. \ IMPORTER'5 OF AND DEALERS IN 114.V A:NA 'TOBACCOS, 220 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. lt.:. NORTON. T. J S LAUGHTER. WISDOM. EDWARD M. WRIGHT & co, ; NoRToN, suucHu R 8 co.. General Commission TOBACCO & FACT()Ra, Broad Street, Ganeral Commission Merchants, P. o. 4853 NEW YORK 41 BROAD STREET, N.Y. STRAITON & STORM, l[ANUF ACTURERS OF .. Alo.'D DEALERS Itl LEAP TOBACC.O, No. 191 PEARL New Yor,k. Jorur / ALEXANDER MAITLAND. GEORGE STOIUI L. F. S. MACLEHOSE. :tt\T L. MAITLAND & TO:SACCO AND FACTORS, C IJ., GE'NERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 43 Bl\OAD ST., :N'. Y. A dv ancements m ad e on c o n s i g nm e n t s to \V. A & G. MAXWELL & CO., LIVERPO O L CARROLL & CO.; TOBACSO I C 0 M M I S S l 0 N M E R C H A N T S, .104 FRONT STREET, M J. DOHAN, } .,;..,......,. TO... { TH0S. CARROLL, ALEX. FORMAN. ..-.-... JNO. T.' \ A[ents for the folloiin[ Well-kllo,n Mannfattnllllrs: .J. B. PACE, YARBROUCH & J. H. CRANT & co. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BROTHER, D. B. TEtNNANT & CO.' L H : FRA YSER & CO. B. W. OLIVER, H. CREANER, CARY BROTHER,, EDWIN WILSO'N, THOMAS HARDCROVE, .J. R. PACE & CO. RACLAND & .J9NES, RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNIE & .TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON & CO. .J. P. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Sol e Agents in New Yor k for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pocket P ieces .Also Agents for John W Carroll's Celebrated S\lloking Tobaccos, Lone Jack cJ! Dick, ) I In dark work to our "Thistl e ,Brand, so widely '-nown in many parts of our _Country fo; its beauty of wo tkmanship, d elicacy o f chew, etc. we would invite the attentio-! of Jobbers; always on hand in lbs., half lbs., threes, pocket pieces, etc. E. ove-mentioned place. 86 l:'RONT STREET, NEW YORK, ents for the principal manufacturers of Plug an d Smoki n g Tobacco of Virginia and N rth c r for Gold Flake, Lo\ e .Among the Rose s D!!vo n and other favorite Brands of .J.."t; ec1al Brands_ of Plug and Smokmg T obacco furnishe d o n application. g 0 acco. Blakemore,_ Mayo & Co .. ; 10H Q_VJN, =HAs. a IIIU.,Ja TIH TOBACCO TBADB DIBHCTOBY. WILMOT'S CLAMP1 AND PRES S FOR CIGAR MOULDS P ATKNT&OMARCH 4TH, I87J. SAMUEL 2-47 Jeffet:son Avenue, Detroit, Mich. S1mpleat, Cheapest and most Substan tial Press now in use for this purpose. ... TOBAC.GO AND COTTON 1". QV'Jl\T A .A. -COMMISSION COMPLETE/ 41. BROAD ST., No. 39 Broad Street, NE'WYO!BK; YORK D IRE c T 0 RY G. FALK . SEED' LEAF AND HAVANA TOBACCO # NRAR ... YOR;_ Tobacco and Clgar Trade G. FALK. A. FALK. OF T:S:E 1 United .. England, 'W'ales, 0 LABELS, ,.. For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, FtmNISH&D BY The Clamp is devised on the same princi ple t o hold the Moulds under pressure after they leav e tbe press, and r e quires one Clamp for teu Moulds. It b provided with a series ofhol e s for h o ldin g a less numbe r ofMoulds if necessary. Jtdispenseswith the confusion and annoyance of hammering in and out of wedges v.hich :5oon become useless after severe hamm ering [t a lso obviates the necessity of p lacing the Moulds unde r the press again atter the bunch es a r c turned, as 1t exerts sufficient power t o press the m bac k into position, there b y much t ime in handJing. PRICB OP PRRSS, .......... $t6 00 CLAMPS, BACH,.,,................ I 50 N. B -In ordering c lamps please state tl1lckness o f 'molllds fo r which they are de sired. 1822. .. COPENHAGEN SNUFF,'' Jos. 8uLZBACHER, Manufactured only oy DEALER IN WEYMAN & BROTHER, &::EJE:D.::J:..El.A.P Seoored hv '\.etters Patent, December 2 6 x86s. An AND on our copyright will be rigorously pros HAVANA TOBACCO 151 Water Street, UP STAIRS. N!WXOR:K, .BE BA 'I'CB LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, LITHOGRAPHERS, Bremen, Scotland,. .a.oor,PH 8Tll011!1. 011100 BJ:ltz&SSTml!f, STROHN & !f!t& 3A4 VESEY STREET, NEW Hamburg, Antwerp, DOME$TIO T GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. F. u W. TATGENBDRST, THOMAS EINNICUTT, Rotterdam, ; T 0 B c c 0 and Vi.,Pnia r and Sydney. .D txroit.RBS or FOREIGN TOBACCb I 76 Front Street, N.Y. SIIERAL Leaf Tobacco m FIRST coMPLETE PUBLICATioN' or THE KIND BVER"ISSUED. FELix cARciA, 68 ..,_ROAD STREET, ll'o. 52 Broad Street, -----IMPORTER oF NEW YORK. CONTAINS OVER TWENTY THOUSAND NAMES. HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO, ,. of RAPPER, CONGRESS, and SCOTCH (roM T GUTIERREZ). f GERARD :SETTS &, co p f F 0 D II SNUFF, every grade of Smokin g Tobacco. A N D c I G A R s, us Jr:&oxx ., r1ce o the Directory, 1ve o ars. WEYMAN &; BRo., ,. 9 & 13 SMITHFIELD ST., PITTSBURG, PA .ALSO o r THB "j'o'r OKMISSION DRCHA.Nrrs,GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, TOBACCO LEAF" PUBLISHING COMPANY, 1 M LAURILLARD BrandsofCigars LaCarolma &Henry Clay. 4101 '' Ag'tfor'TELECRAPH' Brand. 'I' :PBIIBB:ntl, O h 142 Fulton Street, New York. 16'7 Water St N.Y. OIDIIDBBlOn ere ants1 7'01J.II.CCO B-o-.r..,._ l!wf Tobac:eo p.......OO in balea for tlic Wet Indleo, .-..-..-... 7 OLD SLIP. NQTICE. Having patented in this c ountry his newl y invented nechanical NEW YORK, E R 0 s E N w A L D & B R 0 T BE R' ROTTERDAM, A. D. CBOCKLEY, -, CODISSION MERCHANT, .lOUPK .&. VEGA A BU. IKPOB. 'I':B:l:l.S 0:1' SPA:NISB, :S:OLL.AN.D. Cigar Bunching Table, .. AND D. J GARTH, SON & CO., che under.igned ls prepared t o fill orders. The ma-!'11;0. DNeEWalery'o-RK, BaVIlD;-Tobacoo PAC1CERS OF .DOMESTIC LEAF TOBA.CCO, \11 iu t eres ted a r e requested to call and examine it. H. IJio, COl'ller Tlirteenth ana. ear, Streets, AIQ) CXG.UW. .S.d 145 Water Street, New York. Commission Merchants, Va., 0-w: \ n I .::PI TRT!i ::aS Orchard S t .7 ..... Y. C1ty NO. 44 BROAD $T., ttoUOita Oone1anmen\8 tor the !few r.ork H. FaDer Cigar a.nd Tobaooo awYOIL f. H. PIIMBIIITOW JAI. G. Panta Pembetton & Penn, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, '!Jilk a long experience in lhe busimss, If/fer their urvius lo jill orders for tmufadurtd Tobacco, DAI!lVlLLE, VA. NEW YORK. JUNE25 BULKLEY MOORE It, CO. VIRGINIA. Tobacco Commission llerchants .,. ... '14 FJlO N 1 St1eet.' & CO. 160 PEARL ST., New YoRK. J D. KREMEl:BERG & CD., BALTIMORE, MD. KREIIIELBERG, SCHAEFER & CD., NEW ORLEANS, LA. mAI:LO MEllrnM H. LEVIN, IMPORTKB OP BAVANl And Dealer in all kinds of L:SAF 'I'O::B.ACCO, 162 PEARL ST., NEW YORK CRAB. F. TAG & EON, Importer! at SP A:NISH, and Dealers In oil kinde of LEAF TOBACCO, Front Str_eet, NI.WYC>mt. &. REISMANN & co. ; J.1ND DEllER! tN ALL KINDS o LEAF 179 PEARt STE.EE':', Jtloe-lIN and C'ula r stroi!U, C UBT.olV Rn!!IA!B', l!9. { l{:EW YODN. LACHENBRUCB & No. 164 Water Street, New York; I WHOLESALE PULERS I N \ HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco E: & G FRIEND & CO DEALERS IN Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, EDWARD F RI:END, l .s NEVi YORK., M. WESTHEIM & CO., Seed-Leaf and of Havana Tobacco, 1 '7'7 Pearl Street, NEW YOBIL E: M. ORA & CO., TOBACCO ,AND omuUJt1tiou 168 WATER STREET, NEW YOKK, R ve oa oale all klndo of Leaf Tobaceo lor Export and Cot Home me. OTTINGER & BROTHER, 'J KENTUCKY LEAF TOBACCO, 45 BROAD STREET, 'NEW. YORK. ... 'VVILLIAM :M. PRICE &. CO., LEAF TOBACCO, Maiden Lane, NEW YORK JOB. MAYER'S SONS, .um DKALIIJI8 nr LQOJ.f 1.22 W .A'l'B.& B'l'BBB'l', New York. SPEICIR BBOS. CO ... COlQCSSION DnC:S:ANTS, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco :No. 75 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. T. H. C. C. SPENCER. A. SPENCER. M. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF TOBACCo-BROKERS,-' OLA.FBSVILLE, TENN


. 2s--JACOB BIBIILL, MANUFACTVREit OF Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD. ALSO, DEALERIN' GERMAl\1 CIGAR MOULDS --2&93, 296 & 297 Monroe St., NEW YORK. WH. AGNEW, &s SOKS, Tobacco and Commissio:n fll!l4. and 286 Front ll!ltree' liEJY YOBK. IU VII ON 8ALI> ALL DESCIUPI'1QIJI 01' Leaf Tobmo for Export and Rome I& Leaf Tobacco baled ill. any package b71\ydnlu \jc press for export. LEAF TOBACCO,. > -. No. 170 Water Street, Ne' W York. i,'11 L. PALMER A. 1I. SCOVILlJI, "' 'I JOSEPH' SCHEIDER, DEALER IN LE&E mOBAOCO, 213 PEARL STREET, NB'IV' FORK. HERMANN BAT JER & B-RO., OOMKISaiON MMOHANTB AND IMPORTERS OF f CLAY W NEWYORK, -' LOBENSTEIN & IMPORTERS OF MARTIN & JOJINSON, 16 WATER STREET, Betw-een. :Maiden :r;ane and Silp1 Tobacco' CominiSsion MerchaJltS', v AGENTS FOR T:HE SALE OF ALL 'I'II.E STANDARD BRANDS OJ VIRGINIA & NORTH CAIOLINA Agents for the following well-known Virginin and N. Carolina Manufact-urers: RQBERT' W. OLIVER, Richmond, Va. I Wll'fGFIELD & LAWSON, Richmond, Va. D. C. MA V.O & CO., Richwonrl, Va. WOh'IACK &: INGRAM, Meadaville, Va. W. J. GENTRY & Cb., Richmond, Va. W. DUKE, Durham, N.C. MAYO-&. KWIOHT, Richmond, Va. R. T. FAUCETT, Durham, N.C. HARDGROVE, POLloARD & CO., Richmond, Va-COOJ?El\ & WIJ.LIAMS, Oxford, N.C. The special atten ion of the Trade is called to the followi ng established Brands : llriANUFACT11RED MANUF ACT11ll'ED Virginia Beauties, P. P.'s whole and" Caddies Gld Ned's Choice, Xs, Ms, P P's. Virginia. Beauties,)s, 41!1, and -45 D C Mayo & Co., Navy lbs. Farmer's DaugbJ,er, 35, 45, and J(s. D. C. Mayo & Oo. Navy, Xs, and "s, P .f., ln wh.olc, Sallie Willie, 2 and 3PiugTwist. }t, and )4 caddies. Sallie Willie, Fig". D. C .. Mayo & Co., ,351 4s, and lOS. Invincible, Fig. W. J. Gentry & Co., Navy, ,liB, .s, l(s, P. P"s, Orien,tal, Fig, tn tin foil, X lb\ boxes, fancy. and Jong to's. ... Charm, 6 -inch Twist, in tih fod, )(caddies. Mayo&K.nigbt, Navy, J(s, "s, )4s, P. P's. & long ws. Charmer, 6 and 12-inch twisL Luscious \Veed, u-tnch plug. SJIOKING, in bags oi IS, Xs. Jh lbs. l:;l,enry, Jr., 9-inch li&"ht pressed. Gold Bug. Virginia' s Choic e. lbs. Gold Medal. Ixlon. Oliver's! Jbs. Olive. Rose. Old Ken tuck, lbs. Star. Reward of Industry, lbs4 Olivers'Choice. V irginia Bene Pride o r the Nation, lbs. ugget. ...-Pioneer. lbs. Harves t Queen, }is, j)s, P. P's. Duke's Durham. Dandy Lion. Ji'armer11i Choice, }ks, )is, P P's. Faucett's Dur},.am. Particular attention given to putting up special brands for SOLE use of owners. T. H. MESSENGER & CO., IMPORTERS AND DEALE-RS IN I.E.A'J" TOBACCO, CICA.B.S, I .A.:n.ct. S-upplies. (1. '. 1 'U PearlSt;, Cor. Pille, lf. Y. P.O. BOX....._ VIRCINIA MAUNUFACTURAEDIITOBACCO Tile atttntioA Of #11" JolJb{ng 7mcfo P 60Ucilttd fOf' 106U-known l!Notdf. Lewis Maddw:, Lookout F l otaa.den, H. C "Maddux, Na.vy E'ewls Maddux, Lookout Navy P01.ds, H C Maddux, Navy HaU POands(aoi\. ctllldltiiL Lewis Madifux, Navy HalF Pounds, -H. C. Maddux, Navy HatfPou11ds (S lb. ca.dC!leiJ;-Lewls Maddux, Look .ou.tdouble thick Navy half-pounds H. C. Ma.dd ux, Navy Pocket Pieces bo fb. cadet._ Lewis Maddux, Lookout double thfck Navy 3 across, H. C. Maddux, N ny Pocket Pieeee (S lb. caddlee). Lewis MaddUx:,\ Lookout double thick Navr. 4 across. l;t, C. Madd u.x, Golden N 3\'1 Half Peea4a. jooeph G. Dil The Pet, lb. boxes) oseph G. Dill, The Pocket Piece s, .. ooeph G. Dill, Miss ]eliDie, L11bt Pressed (l'wius), oseph G DtH, Rutte rfty Joseph G. Dill. Plum Cake, Pocket Pieces (medium bright). SMOKING BRANDS: ,. <>king, Joseph c. Dill, Gipsy (bright), I Smoking, Joseph G. Dill, Aacies, (medl-SPECIALTY--MANUFACTURED AND Sl'IOK!NG TOBACCO, e Manufactured under Special Brands for the wholesale Jobbing Trade. Ill. STACHELDERG a CO., 'MANUFACTURERS OF "LA NORMANDI" & "LA PERFECTO" CIGARS, \ And of E:x.act Imita.tiou of Leading Imported Branda. Rand-made C1gan e%cl.uaively. ALSO, DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 257 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. 1 rAUERBACH &; MENDEllSON; MANUFACTURERS OF,FINE {;IGARS&I No. 138 WATER ST., NEW YORK. SAMUEL JOSEPHS, 1 MANUFACTURER OF FINE AND -DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCOS, No. 166 FRONT STREET, NEW YO'RK r ----------------------MOULDS, P SES, CUTTERS,_ lOl MAIDEN LANE, NEW YO:RX. e !PASTE LICORECJI'., I TONQ,JlA BEANS, SE-'-LING 'VAX, POWDERED LIOORICE, EXCl!:LSIOJt K.NI"EJ;', FLA "ORING EXTJ;I.AC'1.'S The attention the Trade lo ealled to DIY celebrated STAR-brand. .. LA FERME." !. MIIJJNGTON & EODIEYEI, 48 BROAD STREET, AND 48 NEW Sr.J;REET, SOLE AGENTS FOR La Ferme Russian DAVIDSON BROTHERS, HAVANA and SEED LEAF TOBACCO, 145 Water Street, NOilr Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. M. W. MENDL & BRO. Segars & Leaf Tobacco, ( 190 STREET! New York. Leaf _Tobacco. Old Connecticut W.appers, Old Slate Seed Wrappers, Tile Finest Havana Wro,ppers ami Fillers. H. COLELL, 172 W ater New York. READ Be Co., SuccESsORS TO ISAA C READ, FOX, DILLS & CO., SUCCESSORS TO EGGERT, DILLS Al\"D COMPANY. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH. AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. 175' WATER STREET, NEw YoRK. I 161 LANE. I I CIGAR MOULD & STRAPS. .A. & F. B.RPWN, 0 MANUFACTURERS OF Gutters& all otner Machinery for Mannfactnring Cigars; IMPORTERS OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS. 57 59, & 6r, Lewi:> St., bet. Delancy & R-ivington, lil NE'W YORK. Cl!l' .. 'H. W. :S:::EU:CES, MANUFACTURER OF BOXES, AND UIPORTER OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, DEALER IR Ci[arMonld Presses, Stravs and Cutters, 253 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. LEVY IMPORTERSOF&DEALERSIN I :Doll: an. 'U1"a.o't"U.rers of Leaf Tobacco, JULIAN ALLEN c. Seed-Leaf and Ha'Valla : 1 -TOB.AOOO -.. -BAcco Excu.a..NGE, No. 4 (ffiON FRONT Hooki.nsville Kentucky General Commission ...,., nEn""" Il( TQBACC Office In Tobacco Exchange, Shockoe Slip, Md & Ohio Leaf, Q BROKER Leaf -Sycamore St1eet, o I Richmond, [1lox431 ) PetersburK, Va, OBDERS BOMCJTED. .. -...._--..;.;=;;,;;.,.;.;;-.,;;=-;:::;,:;;.; BIOID:IoND. vA. BALTIMORE. 1 PADUCAH KY ,,_:i_ 1 4 Cedar st T -.:.._ -----' "1 NEW YORK. .. I


' .. 1 Philadelphia p. Stell:nD, Slalth B.aa. Ku.eoht, pan-'Ill .au. JDlUie CB" . TOEI.A.OOO, '"' ...., ....... ., ... Cit/.,. .. 125 RACE STEWART JlALPH & Manufactu rers of alph's Scotch SDuff, AND FINE CIGARS., m'o. 11S ST )-ames P .Marks, Alexander Ralph, John W Samuel A Hendrickson. TELLER-BROS., Packers, Commission Merchants, and Dealers in :Po.alp aDd Dom.estic Leaf' Tobacco, -11'7 North Third Stteet..Philadelphia. IV09;1)-"'.4.RD, GABBB7!7:' & co., .WKCB, tltlB 1ND 83 No. Water St. and 32 No.J)e:U..ware Av., Philadelphia. Baltbnore Advertisement.. H. W LKENS & CO., MoNUMEITAL CI-TY ToBAcco WORKs, No. 181 WES'l' l':U'l''l' S'l'UE'l', BAL'm!:Ol.Ul, W.l!.YLAND, MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF SMOIIIG AID t:BEWIIG. TOBACCOS. M FALK, & Yjater St reef, New York. GEO. KERCKHOFF. GEO. ;p. \JNVER,?AGT. (11;0. KERCKHOFF & CO., DEADERSIN COINECTICUT, HAVANA AND YARA LEAF TOBACCO, AND OF CIG.AltS. No. 49 S CHARL.ES BAL TIMOR E. ADVERTISEMENTS_. I f5 and I 17 West Front St., Between Race Elm, S. LOWENTHAL & CO., -MANUFAOTURERS FINE -.CIGARS, 4 Fuo' K KLIER G. GIESKE. ED. NIEMANN AND DEALERS IN LEAF 'r()lU.CCO, WX7.KJ!:N'S &. JU.XJ!B., NO. THIRD STREET, Leaf Tobacco iUESKEBt, NIEMANN _o ..... o_. _____ AND TOBACCO FACTORS ]Acoe Wm. AAJION X:AJIJI. A. Wan COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Commission Merc!w-nts, WElL, KASuccessHNors to & CO., 1 JUNE26 1B Market Street, Hartford, W" WE&TPHAL, COMMISSION Dealer In COIIECTICUT SEED LEAF Tobacco, State St Hartford, Co:an. A. L. & F. SISSOR, Packers :lild Dealers in .OONNEOTIOUT-SEED LEAF TOBACCO,' No. 134 MAIN STREET, Kartford, Conn. :u6-UI eg South Charles St., near Pratt B 78 South Charles St., Baltimore, Md. s. d:7 Oo. R A cHApMAN altimore, Md. _MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN llo; 143 First Avenue, Pittsburgh. L. BAMBERGER I & co., HOFFMAN co Cigars and Leaf Tobacco DJW&RIN TokAcco ., W. DRESEL A CO., l'irSo l e A gent .. caNctNNATI. 0 Conneclitut Seed leaf Tobaccn. 0 DEALERS IN :_ -COMMISSION 87 GAy STREET, ,AMAZON TOBACCO EAST HARTFORD; 63 Exchange l'lace, Baltimore, ltd. ,. :BA.LTIMOU, MD., S H I N K :I. E & L I N F 0 0 T CONNECTICUT. _LE.A.. F TOBACCO, And Manufacturers of all Crades of Cigars, 1\ro. 3 _1\T. Water St., Pa. WEautboriieSIGHTDRAFTforamountofTAX T 0 B A. DEALBRS IN H SMITH & CO., KROHN, FEISS & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF TOBACCO, DANBURY, CONNECTICUT. oera advancements to my 61 Exchange. Place J LEAF, :E'Ij't1G, AND SMOXING 'l'OBACCO, CR'S SQUS BA LTIMORE, MD. Smokers' Articles, and Imn. Havana Ci!ars _......._ ..... tp;.,f;W II B F PARLETT & SOUTHWESTCOR.FIFTHANDWALNUTSTS., Vl"iotesale G. -R. BOLENIUS CO. CJ.NCINNATr, oHIO. 0 I GAR$, and J obber.s L F" ,. "'AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, I T 0 B c c 0 s' DEALERS IN MORRIS & REID, -t4o. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA-.. 8?&-&rtl, e'to. Seed Leaf a.nd Havana, LEAF TOBACCO OOJOn"BSIOll KBBOIIAJITB lO:& BALE OF IWlE. _,.,0 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., .&. BACCOS. BROKERS, 53 West Fourth Street, I CINCINNJ\TI, OHIO. CONNECTICUT LEA'F TOBACCO :(o 20 _street, SPRINGFIELD, KASS. :8.TZ:I,IEOB:D, Jrt, N. W. CiJmer Charles atld Pratt Sts. SAL TIMORE, MD. M. ANATHAN tc CO., OIJ!,Er. t:EI!s IN 'T 0 D..-A O C 0 479 West Market Street, r DIRECT ;.OR;;. oP": r n. Havana Manufactu:-er o f all kinds of PLUG TOBACCO. \J No. 206 N. SECOND ST: ; St1 Louis, Ko R. R. JON' ES, JULIUS VETI!ERLEIN & CO., L HERBER... 'rhos. Bare' & Co,, .. (Succe'ISors iO VETTERLEIN & CO.,) .&. WMOL!t"ALO: DEALUS IN LEAF .. iiJnBACCO ... : ,. 0 1 18M, C.&_ R. DOltl4iTZE &, CO., .DIPOBTJmS O!''SPANISB'J'l'-O:BACCO 1 Oio-ars. H.BcM>e, "'" 1 N.o. 111 ARCir--STRll:ET, I .. 503 .Korth Street, PHILADElPHIA. BUSB,w ltiLLER 'I! CO., I H, SCHMIDT, LEEDOM & CRAM, :. "' MANUFACTURED Of SElECT Pure North Carolina Leaf; EY I MARBURG BROTHERS.-'-! J o H N A. H E 1 o 1:.1 N G E R, Dealers and CoJillllission Merchants ilMANUPAc:TYRER a. IN Pine Oi11a:rs, LEAF TOBACCO, Wholesale Dealer In &; 123 KarketSt., bet. & Sec:oudSts., L E A F T 0 B A C C 0, Choice hand, 39 'W&slrlnttGn &t.., In4il!l&polis, Ind. Liberal Cash advances made on Co.nsignments. SIGISMUND KASPROWICZ. PAUL KASPROWICZ. FOR THE PURCHASE OF ,.. LBA.P 'Z'OBACCO. THOMAS D. N "EAL, TOBACCO BROKER, LQ!:l:_Box la7 BICliKOND, Va. Has large e:rperieace fn Lea:f Tobacco of every description., ()den to reapectfully '801k:ited and promptlyfilled. / URefers by permil8ion...J.o Wm. T Sutheruu, .Esq eurs. J. W, & C G Jiolland, iohn H. femberton, Esq., Danville. Va. essrs. W Yarbrough & Song L. H. :il'uyzer Pres't National To acco Association,]. B. Pace, Esq ., .:Meslire Wise "Bt:others, D J, Williams Esq. Richmond, Va. HIGHLAND GxM ToBAcco WORx:s. F. CBBISTMAI & CO., Proprietors and Manufacturers of "HIGHLAND GE" AND OTHER CUT TOBACCO$. Corner Miaiulppi aacl Pearl Svaetll, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. FIRST NATIONAL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, 116 N _ORTH$ECONP S'IiREET, ABoVB CoATES, PHILADI!.Ll'HIAo s KASDROWICZ -SON 11 bJP :Marbua. JAll. 11. 1 JORVJB, GR!Efl & .COOK. 180. & _CO., Commias1on Merchants 1n L A F T Q BAC C 0 JdAF i'OB!CCO AND CIGABS, 105 N, WATER STREET, lNo. Front Si, .l'hiWphfa. pun.aELPHIA. ..._ :&-u 'fn Delaware for tile A pedalty in Leaf for Well! and Afrioo. --, Oill&i'JI

1 -. NEWMARK. I MANUFACTURE_).ltf c ;J: G1-A. IIFC, El, ... .L:m.A F YORK. I TOBAtCO LEA Pi ToBAcco TOBACCO INSPEC'!!ION AND THE WILL IT PAY.-A corresTOBACCO TRADE AT N. 0pondent of Coleman's Rural World writes:-I have often There are few or no branches of our commerce ; says heard men talk about the the N. 0. Price Current, in which more has been done money made in raising tofor the restoration of our antebellum prosperity than bacco, and have seen it vathe-'l:obacco trade. It has, been d,one, moreover, qui etly riously estimated at .from and unobtrusively. The intelligent, enterprising and tWen ty-nine to seventy-five energetic men who a-re' en gaged in it nave. pursuea the cents per day. 1 give below tenor of thei.r w:j.y,. wi.thouJ any flourishing tll.e of days it took .tr umpets, OI;,Qth. !1 ts o them to raise an acre and a half m the1r lauoable exertions fhey have done thei{ work of tobacco, the am\)unf no, t only energ_etically, but and have raised and what I sold it evmced equal JUdgment .and enterpnse. They have for:Burning beds, four mo:eover, 11ot t o the trade their labor days setting five days. brams, but have mvested m 1t a large amount of cap1tal worm'ing. two days; hoeipg: might wel.l put to some of our, commercial seven days; topping, one fneJ!dS who bitterly at to ay ; suckeriQg, tliirteen carrystocks of comparatiVely mcQns!derable magmtu?e d!l.ys ; cuttiJig and bi!)dlng, For at present moment are carrymg six days; stripping, seven three to four of .doila[S, With enly moderate days; totaf forty-five dro>:s. a1d from 'Our bankmg mst1tut10ns. Expense: Double tearp, t-asf1year, the load upon them was beconung days, four per day>eyond_theu strength, they applied to the banks twenty dollars single earn -fe rebel and 1t was promptly and cheerfully afforded. two days, two' and one-half why_? Because from gene.ral m.anagement of dol'ars per day five dollars the1r busmess, the sohd bas1s on wluch It Is conducted the folJQwing in relation to it which we effect any material economy, the reduction of port im: find in the New Orleans :Ii'mes: posts and all other transient : charges, the enlargement At the intormal meeting of the tobacco trade, held t and improvement of warehouse accommodations, the in the office of Messrs. Beadles, Wood & Co., the subjec traduction of whatever machinery may be required to of the tobacco inspection and the claims of the State obtain greater dispatch in the handling and movement. Inspectors were freely discussed. Both brokers and the adoption of such measures as will ensure an amp}e: as well as the old inspectors, took part in the supply ofocean the reductlmi of ocean freight 1 present were fai_Ililial\ by a modification of port, charges on vessels, the lower with the ?i$tory of inspect ion in thls State for ing of towbo _at exactions, the regulation of fire and masev4Yral and well the r.ine insurance for the benefit of holders and shippers unc;ie wh' ich the old compulso1y law was passe, d, the' -all these and many more similar objects would natur injury it did to the city by driving away trade, the dis : ally come before the Board, receive a deliberate and in satisfaction of, buyers, for whose telligent consideration, hJer the combined light to be laws are tne discontent'of the derived from 1be information obtained ;by experience selves, the sense of the. trade that. tlie raw or lle out to was of senous disAdvantage, and m1ght prove of fa\al ful a::comphshment by the umted mfluence of the injury. Then came tl;le' inte rvention of tire.;: trade inwhole. Such a Board spould always be in possession Kentucky, expr_essed.J -tbrpugh the Ex_ecutiy e of tbat at {he earliest pos sjble period o all news of crops of State, and the repeal of obnoxious law at the next markets and their be arirlg, of supply and demand, and session -' '' oJ the s action of foreign governments. In facf, m1l ss our are mistaken, compulWe do not argue that it' should present a combination sory inspecllbn was fully and fairly triep and proved to like that of monopolizers, to force up prices above their be a. disastrous.failure. In 187o a general inspection legitimate point. On the contrary, while they sedupassed with specific provision for tobacco, pork, lously guarded the 1nterest of the Western Planter and flour !'or reasons urged before the legshipper, would it not only agreeable to -their Jslatlve body mspect10n of flour and hay was made own tradJtJOns but the common advantage, to treat buy corppulsory For all other commodities it was left ers with the liberality,, frankness and courtesy, voluntarily. That is there was no provision whatever charac t eristic of the South em and Western people. In Clll'l 1 dollars. seldom a?king for except in try of one and one-mg emergencies, and the1 well-known prudence and 2 L67 pounds at fidelity, they had inspired an un1,1sual degree of .}. dollars )and five dence. A prominent ban]<:. president remarked to !lS H. HOLLAND_ ER, hundred, e : about this time : "They are an unusually inspection of tob.acco, unless r-equested by the buya word the weed should ben(} less improved by our. ers, an o provide fo such inspe ction a Stale Board mild and favoring climate thall its .mo11ement be facili was estabhshed, their fees fixed; and their various duties tated by the genialityand honor of New Orleans fac;A --- prescribed We find in this faw no provision whatever, torage." !. LICHTENSTEIN & BROTHER, li!ANUFACTURER:p OF 1 expen,ses, $25, leaves but when they want our ald. they shall have .MANCFAC URER ov fa balance o $r 1 S : 86, which 1t. There IS no of our mer:hants whom I h ave -,._. -. 1ii 'ded by45, the number more confidence. Nor was tins an Idle professiOn. direct or indirect, making it incumbent on dealers to The Republitan takes issue with the Timts on thia.., have their tobacco inspected, except in the single c a se question, and contends tliat tobacco is suoject to com\. of inspection being "demanded" by the purchaser, in pulsory inspection. In support of its views .refers to which case, am! in no othe r it is provided that the the 16th section of the Inspection Law as found in purchaser; shalt the \nspbctor. There are Ray's Digest which reads as follows: FINE CIGARS, And Dealers in LEAF TQ]ACCO, Nos. 34 and BO,WERY; NEW YORK. of days worked gives an avOnly a few days subsequently one oi these factors erage of $z.s1:y.' per d a y on _this President. "Sir said he, my 125---MAIDEN LANE for my own hbor' I think IS becommg mtolerable. I must have some rehef." H 1 d t 1" th I M N E -YQ-"'toba:cco raising pays. ow muc 1 o you wan e rep y. ore wan.... I f ..., r R All than you can give me" was the rej oinder "I want see nena en, --------.;.....o_....;_..:..._' has organized a grrutge so e "You shall have It, s1r," was the prompt A. LlCHTilNS'IClN. at. GRERNSPRCHT. ----------------I SI1DD IOED'I:!D g JfODH eight ot. ten ,.!piles north of as urance. "But," added the tobacco factor, U !Jder-Ferdinand Westhoff, Jr., .r.n -a, / u I me. I wouid go''that .dis-stand me. We may not I f an,ce any reasonable mght n\)t mortgage my rea estate. No.nsense, rephed AGE NT "'-' P .ACKlJ:RI:l 0f to hear him lecture on orMr. l,'r;sident, "I do not want your mortgages. There AND .l!iBD ganization. Some think it will be p.o abput I am F 1' a c U 1.. t AND JN a swindle Yrto J_ BCHB"ITZEB Boto, -.. .,who deal solely in imported L1co.nce, ha'fmg D? _connecboms _wtth do mestic Licorice tactorie s and Repair Shops in this country i n either wtth parties stnvtng to estabhsh a monopoiy; all assertions of dealers to th.e contrary n o twithstanding. W. & A. LEAMAN, Selli.Dg Agent.. AND HONEY.". I \ The BftBINSON TOBACCO 1!1UH&TntiN& CO., LOUISVILLE,_ KY. KERBS SPIESS, Manul"a.cture:rs of' Fine Oica:rs, I AND tBB "35 :BOWERY, ;r.TEW YOIU{. 1 -Lolnl BPD:!IO. -' THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN NEW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOWING WELL-KNOWN BRANDS OF LIQUORICE, desires to caution Tobacco Manufacturers against using any of the numerous brands to be. and ,enuinebrands,of imported LIQUORICE, but which are adulterated compound!!! of hifbrands, rebo1led in this country, and. ln some instances contain-ing lea than fifty per cent. of LiQuorice. To insure manufacturers obtainlng PURE AND GENUINE JCyCa FLB AOC PT ZA RR VB (A} K&CO NF (BI They should address their orders to the undersigned in New York, who is the SoLEAGENT IN THE UNITED STA?aa. 'l'hese Brands being_registered at Washington, counterfeits will be seized wherever found and legal proceedings instituted. I guarantee all Liquorice sent out, :and refer to the following letter, as to tbe character of th;e Paste I ofler_: -JAMES C. McANDREW, lSlS "''V'a1:er &"tree1:. N'e'PV Y'ork.. Naw YoRK_.t\.pri138, 1873. Mx. }ANKS C McAN'>KEW, NewjYorlt: have used over I 000 CaseS of your fine grades of Liquorice, and they have been uniformly regular and of excellent quality. Yours Very. Respectfully, lSiguedJ P. LORILLARD & CO. REFERRING to the above advertisement, we ha\e appointed "Mr. JaDte& V. MeA.ndre-w O'C 'New York1 our Ex.elutve Ageat In the United &tate for the sale of all the D....acb o"ILI.quor lee heretofore manufactured by us. ROBERT MACANDREW & CO., London, England. worth. cheapness of transit to our market, and the fidelity and YouNG FARMER. judgment of our factors-are every succeeding year enCarroll County, .Mo. larging our and that we may confidently hope that our progress will continue to be as satisfactory as KILLED IN A TOBACCO it has been since the war. BED.-A negro map by the The benefits of our climate were formerly name of Wyatt Smith was appreCiated, but the competitions of New York during shot and fatally wounded on the war so largely increased the. receipts at that port, Sunclay night by James that shippers and buyers had a fair opportunity of mak Coleman, also colored, on ing a conclusive comparison. It is not ollly the mild the farm of the latter, near ness of the temperature and the immunity from extreme Cour house Va. which, for a considerable period renders it imposThe, facts sible to handl.e at the North. without injury, but about as foiiO\vs: Coleman, the m the au;: from. the gen1al breezes of the who is sa1 d to be a very re -Gul wh1ch keeps the m and facto:s pectable and industrious to sample and handle 1t at any tla>e, wh1ch g1ves th1s had been for some the preference.. Mo.reover, time missing plants from hili atlantic ports rarely fall to Improve under the1r par,tJa] tobacco patch. It having fermentatiOn on the v?yage on the Gul[ and the rained Saturday and Sunday Stream, aQ.d upon arnval abroad are found to be m he concluded to watch fo; excellent condition for the various processes of manufac the thief and took with him tur i ng. This necessarily gives exports hence a prefer his shot!gun that had been e?ce in the eyes of foreign and of t.he loaded tor beavers. Not dtrectors who represent the French, Italtan and Spamsh long after. he saw the-Tigure g and who uniformily desire that these pur of Smith i'n the plant bed, chases of Western shall be from shipments by and hailed him thrice before the Gulf route. Wrth these undoubted advantages our he fired, but Smith only fled factors may confidently not only to recoveri?g the faster. Coleman says our lost trade but to New Orleans the ch1ef he fired then more with the tobacco market of the Umted States. intention of frightening the us. see what has bee?done t,owards fulfillmg thief; instead of hurting him, anllc1pat10ns The followmg shows the movement smce as the fugitive was seventy the war : yards distant. Two buckYears. Receipts. Exports. sh(}t the left shoul1 86 2-3-------------------ISS x2ss6 der beneath the shoulder 1863-4-------------,_--------1 363 797 blade, inflicting a mortal 1864-s--------------------24-Io 1831 wound. Coleman says he 1865-6--.---------------!,Sjrz 6921 heard the man groan, but r866-7---------------------.12107 16380 was afraid to go tq his res 1867-8---------------------IS304 15052 cue, and returned home. 1868-9----------------------28o36 21284 The next day, the man be1869-7---------------------19093 16459 ing found dead, he went to 1870-I-------------------238or 26p3 the. court-house and gave 1871 -2L---------------1 7427 22582 himself up, and, being ex-1872-3-9 months.---------.22646 8583 amined partially before four Compared with last year the receipts thus far show magistrates, was bailed to an increase of 8627 hhds. The falling off in the exports appear before them nex t is 'owing mainly to the want of tonnage, caused, as we in hoo. Meanhave shown in a former article, by a scarcity of ship while a coroner's jury sat on ping throughout the world and the large amount absorb the case, and found that ed in long charters to San Francisco and Great Smith was killed by a gunBritain. The recent at tlle bar have1 Of shot wound inflicted by course had some influence in preventing vessels from Coleman seeking our port, but there been no timE'. when our ordina!y tobacco-carrying ships have 'not found ready OBEYING ORDERS.A egress. boy who was told he should Without the slightest idea of disparaging our corn al:-vays try _to the aged, trade, or depreciating the earnest services of the daily tned "three limes three and press, as well as of our own sheet, in encouraging and a tiger" on his p1omoting it, a comparison of it with tobacco, will show the other mornmg, and the how much more has been dont:: by our quite and modest old lady was so startled friends in the latter. instances in which this wou!d be desir a ble. An order "All tobacco shall be inspected by two inspectors in might be sent from a foreign market for tobacco of certhe of each other, and in case of disagreement tain types, fo-oe determi ned by official inspectors, and between them a third inspector snal\ be called in, wh() ip such event the buyer would, of course demand inspec. shall decide upon its quality." tion, and the factors would be compel).ed, uade.J the)aw, When we find this section followed by section 54, to employ-th-e-SJ:a te officials. The officer of the State Whklf declares that" it shall be lawful for any owner, might or might not be COJ?petent; he not be ag ent, consi.gnee, oz: recei':er of produce .to or ship trustworthy; the tobacco m1ght not be safe l his waTe'ttl.e sallfe1Wlth> 1 without mspect10n prov1ded. however, house;for other. reasons, .a,n. !l seller the. arB. wt\et, or shall mig t Juwe well-founded obJections to h1m and prefer tp be beund to lilnle any pro determine the inspection is compulsory scriber. yours, MERCHANT. only in the event .of 1ts bemg demanded the .buyer, f?.eply-:-It Js.probab!e, we thmk, that the bank c?uld and. that when rt rs not demanded, there IS nothmg to be held hable rf the holder of the check, as the dmict prevent inspection by other parties, tobacco dealers consequence of its action, should lose his But being left in all o ther particulars, than the one so dis the course pursued is not the wise one. If the bank t i nctly specified, as free as the receivers of cotton or refused either to pay the check or tQ certify it, we any otlier article of produce, excepting flour and hay, should put it in the hands of a notary and protest It, State inspection of which is compulsory. and here we wish to reminCI tllose bank el ers wno put T.he tobacco factors, however, who act as such exon airs toward thjlt the payee ol & elusively for the oenefit of their constituents, the Westcheck is not legally .boun_d to identify himself; it be3 ern shippers and planters, and the tobacco buyers, who longs to the bank to Identify the payee. Every stranger are the agents of foreign capitali.sts, being unwilling to who presents a payable ro order, if he is .a pursue any course in confl1ct w1th State officials, have gentleman, wrll: hearttly With the, bank m for some time pa t discontinued inspectioa and onty this work, and afford it all the aid iii n1s power 1 but: have their tobacco sampled, doing in this particular no when the teller assum ,es thnUhe entire labor of satisty. than, is done by cotton factors who have their ing this condition of payment fallS upon the payee\ ana. cotton sampled, or the receivers of any other product, that the bank is not bound tO-show any courtesy, or tak which is sold by sample. 'fhe tobacco is stored in a single step to aid him in that he is foring warehouses provided withall the requisite apJ?liance.s an issue that can bbt result to his OWR disadvantage for handling and prizing, and the sample is drawn by w\len forbearance has lieen sfietched to its utmostlil;n!!an expert who affixes tags to designate the liogsheaa B'ank tellers assume toward the stranger a tone from which it is drawn. These samples are sent to tlre that he is a rogue trying to do-thetobacco room of the factor, and it is from an inspection bank out of the money, and iusist that the onus M oi them and not from"an exatnination of the tobacco in proving a respectable character, and the; right to draw the hogshead that the ,Puyl!r makes his purchases, foF-the liltogether upon him. Suppose warding them with the t 'o bacco to its final destination. payee simply retorts that he has fulfilled all the condiThe mode of transacting the business 'ndicates the tions of his part by indorsing the check or esscp1tial importance of having these sa!)lples drawn and draft, and that in view of the discourteous assumption designated by experts in whom both buyer and seller of the teller he will do but demand th'can confide. money and protest the If th1s-demand IS not comThis is a ll that factors claim, and from this they have plied with ? A few such cases would open the eyes of been enjoine.d. They do not set up any antagonistic these petty tyrants to the untenable p.os1tiQn they inspection. They merely exercise a right, from which assumed, and teach them, perhaps, a more cau_tious n o law restrains them-the right that cotton and sugar tone in the future. factors undoubtedly enjoy, of having the ir commodities A LOST CHEcK:. sampled by their own servants, without asking any inThe following is from a bank officer at the LIQUORICE ROOT. IIJtUW!h and 8mJ'ftl&, in Bal.., always for sale in lots to salt that she spilled a box full of snuff on him. He looks upon the beauties of na ture with his left eye now. Receipts ot corn for 9 months S'ks II54682=bu. 3464346 Bulk bu. 1452518 tervention. l INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. May 24, I87J.-EdiltJ?:" of 1/u 18 7 1 2 But in this we hold that the tobacco factors do not journal of Commerce: I am short of legal-tender notes claim their whole 1igl)t, and that there Is nothing in the five thousand dollars on the evening of May u, and I law to restrain tlrem from appointing a regular board of borrow from my neighbor bank that amount to make r--.JAliiES c. llleANDREW, :---..., -55 Water St., Now_York. J p Crop and llllarket "items. where t":o one, with a s urrou11.ding country as as It IS fertile, within eight miles of Buffalo The Paducah says:-" The attempt on Sprmgs where the gurgling waters meander over peb part of the packets and ra1lroads over the nver to force bled beds, al'ld the air is filled with fragrant perfume the operators to tobacco by particufrom millions of wild flowers and grape bloom. Jar hnes has proved a failure. In makmg the arrange-The largest tobacco warehouses in the United States ment, the. E. and P. :oad was left out in the cold, but are ?ere, and the trains of wagons transporting the weed that road 1s now gettmg a large amount of tpbacco to cartres an old soldier back to the times when U. S. G. carry. Last week 500 hogsheads were shipped over the and Uncle Robert had that fuss. E. and P. road, and 400 more will be shipped week." Ere long C.ipital must make its appearance and OHIO. re-established that ; once renumerative business-the The Miamisburg .Built/in of the 13 instant remarks manufacture of tobacco. of tobacco: The market hert is dull, and will proba-The merchants of this town stand A I and under bly remain so until the quaJity and quantity of the new stand their business-making quick and small crop can sflfely be estimated. Occasional sales, howprofits, ever, are effeted at low from 4c to 6c Referring to the neighborhood of Prospect Depot, the for medium grades. same paper says through a correspondent:-The A fine rain fell ;the tobacco Tues:-veather is dry and cool, playing havoc with the farming day afternoon and evenmg; tthe groood IS In excellent I have talked with two of the largest farmers condition for the work is being pushed in se ction this morning, and they despair of forward as rap1dly as poss1ble. two-thirds of their crops. The plants in the Cutworms are reported numerous and very destruc-patches have turned yellow anc\ stopped growing; while tl'o:e. Mr. G. Shultz recently caught three hundfed in the tobacco already planted is being almost entirely thuty-two rows of a two acre field of tobacco destroyed by the cut and wire worm. I don't think, We again urge planters to construct sheds which will under the most favorable circ umstanc es from now out, permit th.em to advantage of the weather, steam, there can be more than h;lf a crop made. -and hot a1r. We are confident that the plan suggested The Chatham Tribune says :-Mr. W. G. Banks, of by a correspondent some time ago, will pay largely this county, has already planted tobacco hills, VIRGINIA: and intends to conti(lue planting until he has Corre.spont.lence of the Dzsjatch ,from four hundred and fifty thousand hills. Let everybody Clarksville runs as. follows ;-S.t?ppmg here to feed, I follow his example, and more tobacco will be sold at must tell your reaaers of thi s WIOe-awake town. Situated Chatham than any other market in America. 4,9 1 6,864 5,19,899 spe.ction, with its specific title, signs, etc., and that go(}d the reserve required by the National Bank act,lor they have the to employ this beard, under its which amount I give my check as cashier on my own Value _____ $2,95119 $3,114,54 proper name, with the one single exception, specified bank, and credit my neighbor on our books that Receipts of Tobacco for 9 by the laW, when inspection is demanded by the buyer." The check is drawn to tlie order of the lending bapk months, hhds:: _______ ---zz, 6 4 6 19019 this event they must apply to the State officials, in I'l"eturn the money the next morning, the cashier in-Value------------------$4,If4,zt8 $3, 2 9 267 all others they are at liberty taemploy their own serdorses the check m blanK, and hands it to the messen-Our only purpose in making this comparison is to vants. ger who had brought him the money; but the messenger suggest to the reader a proper idea of the magnitude The embarrassments occasioned by this inspection loses it in the street. How long, if at all, is my bank and .increasing importance of our tobacco trade. No movement forcibly indicates the expedience of our facliable to an innocent holder of the lost check, and what one can read this statement without the conviction that tors establisbing a Board of Tobacco Trade, which shall would constitute an innocent holder? I OLD SuBSCRIBER.. this great interest has a fair claim on the city and the be the recognized agent of their views and interests, Rtply.-An innocent holder of that check would be State for every facility which municipal or State legis-and which by the influence it would derive from its one who neceived it in the regular ceurse of bu!>iness Iation can afford for its prosecution. And yet it has union, be able to act efficiently for the common interest. and gave value for it, having good reason to believe that beeu hampered and obstructed in its most important Whatever might be the politics of the ruling governthe person from whom he took it came honestly in poi-, channel by the appointment of State inspectors, on ment, the views, of such an organiJ;ation would undoubtsession of it. The drawer of the check, if it were made political grounds, and without c onference with the edly receive from it respectful consideration. In some upon another institution, would not be holden beyond leading members of. the trade, or ascertaining their general remarks on the trade in our last annual review the close of the day in which it was lost, as it was issued views in relation to it. In such matters, when our com-we said: ( the day before, and payable ia the same locality; but merce is so vitally concerned, appointments ought "No effort should be spared, no means omitted, for the the question is complicated by the fact that he drew it be made with no other regard to partizan feeling, than common prosperity, and to operate most efficiently, fac-on himself. The order is not vitiated by a brief delay. giving the preference to one's political friends, when the tors should act with the superior influence and power to Such lapse of time, beyond an unusual delay, operating .competing candidates are equally expert and reliable, be obtained from a cordial union for the common good. merely to relieve the drawer in case the drawee fails in and equally command the confidence of the trade. The combinations in other markets adverse to New Orthe meantime, does not destroy the holder's claim upon F0r example, there is our old Demooratic friend Mr. leans, renders it the more Important that our factors the bank on which it is made. The issue of such a Ross, the dean of the flour inspectors, who has again should meet combinations by combination and use the check to private parties being very unusual, the pos-and again received his appointment from political optactics of their rivals for their own benefit. To this pursession of it by an innocent holder would require And so it ought t(} have been in regard to pose we suggested last year, the organization of a Board especial explanation. If his innocence and the absence tobacco. But in this jmportant interest a very different of the Tobacco Trade, which by the inform a lion it would of all cause for suspicion could be establi.Siied, we think policy has been pursued, and persons have been apcollect for the common benefit, ;:nd its united influence, a delay of a few days would not debar his claim f(}r pointed, whose names we have not even heard men-be able to originate and accomplish whatever measures payment. On the face ef it,, the possession ti.:med, and who, whatever m:iy be their acquirements, might be found expe ient. All questions of removing of such a document, indorsed in_ blank, would be grave du not enjoy the confidence of either Republicans oror abuses, modifying or abrogating charges, cause for suspicion, sufficient here to cause the arrest Democrats in the tobacco trade. and reducing freights by both rail and river, of the holder, who would have to clear himself .by ._the. In our last issue we made brief mention of this niatter. the introduction of barge wherever it can fullest testimony to obtain a release _. ,... 0 -


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Bob White, in Cloth, D eer Ham,,in Cloth, J ohnny Reb, in Cloth Westw ard Ho! in Clo th, Aunt S allie's Choice, in Cloth, Rustic Belle; in Cloth, Dew Drop, in Jolly Boy, in C loth, Old White Hat, A n d other Choice Grades. All Brands of our T o b accos packed in rases t o sait purchasers, FREE OF EXTRA OHARG E. and i n the new and popular style of Packa.g es to suit the d iflhent markets of the worlrl. FACTORY No. 6. FIFTH DISTRICT. ::a:JJ"W':z::N' KATTSON, 122 Arch. Philaclelphia, General Agent for the Eastern and :llidd.le States, Ohio &nd. :Wchigall. WI. DEMUTH & CO. THI' SOL& MJU_._ -0 B:R.IA.:R. A'MD .APPLE-WOOD PIPiS, WITH RUBBiR BITS, 1mportm of &llkmb of s-Jien' Mt.lclea. SHOW FIGURES, llf IUtTAL AND WOOD, A SPECIALTY. No. 403 BROADWAY,,.. vonx. ROBERT A. OHMSTEDT, OOKimiBION YllllmA'ft, IMPORTER OF Havana Leaf Tobacco. and Ciprs, Kaua.faat.ver or C!pra of superior VVIVrA AliAJO LEAr, 32 PLATT STREET, NEW YORK. HENRY WULSTEIN, (11-Z' to JlwsAW& .. Desio-'-; J .. >.. a.. Q) = .s::. () "0 :E a (I) 0 ::::s '() .... () ..c 0 1-25 Myrtle Aveuue, Brooklyn, Coaotantl7 on Raacl the Beat Hanel' aad Steam Jlallt..,e f'K CatUng arul a ....... ... IJ ........ .,.,... F. HEP.PENitMtK -01. iiu., L.ASELS For_ Tobacco and Cigars. A large aeoortment conotanUy on band and p11ated to order 22 & 2-l llorth William Street. Jll., Yar!r. WM. ZDVBBa &. 00., MANUFACTV&&al 07 .J: TOBACCO SEALING WA)(, I ALSO, DEALERS IN DRUGS, PAINTS, 1tc ., ,-. 1e,: William St., Kew lrork. JU.Im'rACTUREBS OP THII CELUR.&.Tlm Vrs. G. ;;, i.i:iller & Co. Chewing and Smoking !.he only Genuine GentleSn"ff; Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy anu 8.."<:1 Snuff; A. II. Mickle & Sons' Forest Boee and Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller and Ch ewing Tobacw. /hgaf"i Pltt(J Tobacco, lltt.vjf, 8rtttff .Flour, d'o. MANUFACTORY AND SALESROOM, CORNER OF AV6NUE D AND TENTR STREET; flew York Cltr. Leaf Tobacco, 53 BOWERY, :NEAR C.AllfAL{&'l'; NEW YORK.' EDWAhD SOLMAR, & E'ITLING:l:l, .. INTERNAl. REVENUE BOOKS.' The Origlnallnteraal Revenue Publlsblnc Ho-, C. JOURGENSEN, Practical Lithographers, s. GIESELMANN DIEHL ,1Manufacturer of the Brands of : TOBACCO UL&JlS IR SNUFF, PIPES, etc., .llisoellaneeua, TIN FOIL. KANUP'A.CTU:RERS OF ALL lUNDS OF faJORIES AT 414 BROAD STREET, IIEWARK .<D 11 C::ALilWELL. N. ESTABLISHED 1837. ANDREW '-:1\STER &J CO No. 103 Chambers Street, New York, FRED. IIGELBACB. mgnltsale Qtnbattu Jmrst, Domestic Cigars, .:roaN .. 13 Bowery, fGil & BOTTU 'If. A. BRINTZINGHOFFBR & SON, KANUFACTURKRS OP FINE CIGARS, AND AQUcnf .lliD DJIPO'l' OJ' KO. BirrR .A'VEJNUE, NEW YOBX NEW YORK. No. 3B OROSBY ST., NEW YORK. X. (_ WARDROP &: IN TOBACCO, 881 II 883 :Bro&d Street, Newark, N. J. F. H. Bi&cbotrs Celebrated Smotini Tobaeco (Dow F. W.l!'e)per), FINEST BRANDS OF CIGARS, 203 & 205 Lewis Street, DEALERS,IN (OJIEIDA. TOBACCO WORKS .Alm fit ILUfUF.&.crGRY. BUCHNER, Successor to RoBITCHECK & TAUSSIG, XA11rC'F ACTt1REll. OF !liE-CUT CB. EWING ;.:_ e ;... AND SMOKING !OBACCO AND CIGARS, -' Havana Sixes, Cheroots, DELANCEY STREET, :NEW YORK, -..-.rer of the following Brandsef KJLLtCXJNJc><: e of'thetT. S. Ba.ellaB. Wboeheater. frBiDia Leaf', L70Dao Grecian Dena. B.a.auah.annoc-. BUCHANAN &, LYALL, OFFICE, 84 Broad street, New York, FACTORY, NO. 2 FIRST fliSTRICT, SOUTH BROOkLYN Manufacturers of the follow in g .JIT CELEBRATED BRA.NDS OF TOBACCOS N3.vy, IS, Xs, 35, ..,.s, ss, 6s, 7S, Ss, gs, tos. Salor's Cbo1ce, u, ?as, 3Sr 45, ss, 6s, 7s, Ss, IOS lbs. King Philip, Washmgton, l{s, Grape and Apricot, Neptune, Double Thick, 1 Unconquered, brt. d rk. : 11 ACME" Fancy Brt. Maggie Mitchell, t Pounds, Narragansett, Alexandra 1 Peerles3, Sensation, I Palm, Flounders, Saratoga, Buchanan, J08, Pride of the Regiment Jack of Clubs. WJLLIAM BUCHANAN DAVJD C. LYALL, mGHLANDER TOBACCO WORKS, ;!' REAR VJ1!W OP THB IDGHLAND!R TOBACCO WORQ. L. L. ARMISTE.AD, Proprietor, Lynchburg, Va. fte tollftl1lg hlshly popul& hl'ando &M Manufactured al tbese Worko OAd paeked In lho moot appro't'ed Deeldeat&l, Hlblandcr, Cabaua. Aeblelh Deer Tonwue, Diek rater., Ae4 Raver, lteveaae Cut.ter, :Not. Cor Joe, be1ltte. Speelal 8-andl.-.,._ of theee hu read.ere4 .ac pari,ioal&rly nece.t&arf to increase and -the llue or IIDd to hnlld["'a Iarse 114c1Uion ao ibe Poctory. wlt.hln the pul few montl&s, ... _.,orelb< n doaW.Iho former !'doe-.....S --forwarded on app-.,. ..X. Lll'fi)HIIlllll,, 1 S. L&NCJ8DORF, A .sent for the a 148 Water at., N. ':'. l N1111t and SGuth. 329 BOWERY, N.Y. Wangler & Hahn, MANUFACTURERS OP' Fine Segars!9 NO. 290 & 292 BOWERY, NEW YORK. ,._ FREY BROS. & CO. Manllfacmrers FINE CIGARS, imd Dea.lers in Lea.f Toba.cco, 126 Chambers St., New York EDWARD A. SM!'tH, MANUFACTURER OF Pine Segars, 11 Bowery, NEW YORK. LOUIS Manufacturer of ....:.. PINE CIGARS ;And Dealer In ,. All bnds of Leaf and Manufactured 02 Nassau St., N.Y. SIECKE & WANNACK, MaDufacturers a{ CIG..&B.S, SPANISH CEDAR fOR BOIES, Seasoned Stock always on hand. R. ZELLENKA., MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS ()F MUSLIN .AND LINEN BAGS, 263 East 4th St., New York. Orders promptly attended to at the shortest notice. BOIKEN, GARRIGUES & CO., IMPORTERS ( MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR,'CHINA & LAYA PIPES, G'llrme.n &nd. French Fa.noy &nd. China.. Good.s, Al!ID TOTS, 91 CHAMBERS ST. AND 73 READ ST., :NEW YORK, P. M. DINCEEr Corner Sf=th and Lewis Streets, c;.()MMlSSBON MERCHANT. --SPANISH o CEDAR, FOREIGN & DOMESJtC WtlODS. KRAFT .t. HOFFMEISTER, Su-...arato A LORENZ, llano.facturen of an enUre new at7le o1 METAL AND WOOD SHOW CASES. 8 Rivington Street, Pat ... 186!1; MEW YOB.K. 18 NORTH: ST., N. Y. OITY CONSTANTLY ON HAND. New Designs made to order. I'; 15 MURRAY STREET. NEW YORK. :a:. :a:. :ROKA Y &: CO., No. sa 'Wall Street, CLEAR HAVANA CIGARS. FLO!! $us.oo Ultra 1 Rrgalia Britanica us.oo Rega Jia Britanica -Conchas -So.oo Conchas de Regalia -Sublimes IN sc .oo Entreactos -IIITIMIDAD, -I ESPANOLA. -llegaha Britanica 130.00 'rlor de Prensados Conchas .. So.oo Londres de Corte PARTAGaS. ROSA llE SANTIAGO. l.ondres 90-00 Com:has RITICA, FIGARO. Conchitas-6o.oo Londres d e Corte The Original and ODIM Genuine 135-00 130,00 So.oo 6s.oo ')0.00 6o.oo 75.00 ss.oo DURBA-sMoKINa-TOBACCO. grades of vdth Care 11.nd Skill Send for :Price Lis t Owtng to the unprecedented popwlarity of tl e '' Jhtrbft.tD '' Eral'rl oi :i:loking Tobacco, certain unprincitid ,dealers and have been l e d to 1nftin'"n onr trade mark and imposing upon the trade. with n N'!w:biw u to nottc'tJ "\_at our rights to the 'Durba:m.t Braod have been fully vmdicated both," the U S. i c, ac' F;.rent {Jili.c.<:, and all parttea are hereby "Warned treap W.G Jt.KAlV '!'lfJPi. Dealers "Durham" would d o welJ to that like the :Manufacturer, they are responsible. 1 o prevent any trouble, and to secura the Durlkam," order Blaeii.W'ell' Bull Brand from the manufactuers. We are d etermine


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