The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. IX.--NO. 20: iJ;ht r { IS PUBLISHED ZVDY Wll):OSDAY KOBNINtJ BY TBI !OB!OOI WJ PUBLlSimiG 081P'Y, 4SI Fulton 8t., New York.;_ As an advertistng medium, where it is desired to reach the Cigar and 'Tobacco Trade, not only of this but foretgD Countries, i.t i& the best attain able. All letters should be plainly addreosed to TKE T oBAcco LEA,. Pu&LUiHING CoJit.ANv, 142 Fulton Street, New York. ,_ 1 Terms of the Peper. (ji SINGLB CortES ro CENTS PER ANffUM J4..oo Tt> England and the Canadas, $1.04 additioual for prepayment of Postag_e. -'Fo Bremen, Hamburg and the Continent of Earope, f;2.o8 additional per annum for Postage. To Australia, etco., .r.o-t. via. San Francisco, ad .. ditional p e r annum for Postage. N o orders for the paper considered, unless ac ... companied by the corresponding amount. Rt!m i ttences !'! bould, in every instance, be made onl,' by money--order, check o r draft. Bills are liable to b e stolen, and can only be seJlt at the greatest risk to the sender. Rates of Advertising. I square ( 14 N onpareilline5) for si x months;, lao. do. 1 year $3S Larger advertisements in the same proportion, but n one taken unless x, 3, 4 or more squares. One column, 1 y ear, S4so; 9ix m onths, $25 0 ; three months, HaJf column, 1year, la40; lti.x m onths, $130; three months, .75 g"-Advertisements on the fKst pagt, $ISO per square over two wide columns, and Slone taken for !eBS than one year, payable fully in advnnce; squares, kso. No d evi-Transient advertisements on the tbbd page, 'Scent! per Jine for insertion. N o orders for advertising will be considered, unless accompanied bytbe corres_pondingamount. This rule will INVAJUABLY be adhered to. DIRECTORY OF ADVERTISERS. NEW YORK. Tobauo WtZrtllouses. Agrre'W W. & Soos. 284 and 286 Front stzeet Alien, 172 Water. Barnet S., I4-f \Vate r Benrlmo D. & A.t_I24 Water. Bergmann, John H. 14ci Front. Bla11:emore, Mayo & Co., 41 Broad. Bowne & Frith, 1 Buc!!ng S!!p. Brod M., 131 Maiden Lane. Bulkley, Moore & Co., 1 Fr.ont. Cardozo A. Y. & Co., 1::13 Pearl. Carple E 113 Water Chockley A D t68 Pearl. l.:olell H., 172 Water. Connolly & Co., 45 Wiiter. Crawford E. M. & Co., 16S Water. Davidson Bro., 145 Water. Dohan, Garroll & Co. s.Q Front. DuBois Eugene, 75 FTnnt Eggert, Wm. 171 Pearl. Engelbach, F 21 SiMb Av J'alk & Bro. G, 171 Wat Fatman & Co. 70 and 7:1 Bro .. d. Fox. Di1ls & Co., 175 Wa.ter. Fisher & Rust, 125 Maid.en Lane. Friedman & Oettinger, 147 \Vate1' Friend & Co., E. 1$z G.,U9 .Maiden Lane, Gardinerj M. & \ o 8 4 Front. Garth D. Son & Co., 4--4 BroaU. Gassert .f L. & Bro 16o Water. Gershel L. & Bro., 86 1-Iaiden Lane. Guthrie &: Co., 2::.s Front. Hamburger I. & Co., 150 Water. Heyman & Lowenstein, 99 Maidoeo Lane. Hillman G. W. & Co., 8Q Front.. Hunt, J, D 133 Water Street Kinnicut Thomas, srBrood. Kittredge "\V. P. & Co., 71 and 73 Front. l.berg & Co., I6o Pearl Lachenbrucb & Bro., 164 Water >tte A C., ..63 Pearl. Levin M. H., Pearl. ll:cFall & Hogan, 33 Murray. Maddux Bros., 171 Pearl. Maitland Robert L & Co., 43 &oad. Martin & Johnson, t66 Watec. Mayer Joseph, Sons, 122 Water. Meyer A. C. L. & 0 43 Bea\er. 1 Messeng_e_r T. H & Oo., t6x and 163 Lane Morris, H. M., l9 Old Slip and 73 Water. Norton, Slaughter & Co., 41 Broad. Oatman Alva, I66 Wate1. Ottinger Brothers 45 Broad St. Palme1 & Scoville, 170 "\Vater. Paulit.sch M I13 Water. Price Wm. M. & Co., II9 Lane. Quin, J.P. & Co., 39 Broad. Read & Co. I9 OIUSliy. Retsmann, G & Co., 17_ 9 Pearl. Richey & Boniface, 86 Front Rosenbaum, A. S. & Co., ur ?.la.iden Lane. Rosenwald, E. &: :ijro., 145 WatK. Salomon, S I92 P earl. Mlmwft.,, of A. < Labels and Schumacher & Ettinger, IS llurray. WolffChas. A., 51 Chatham. Tiac"' Sealing Wax. Zinsser W Oo., 197 WHlia.m. Amtriatt Virgi11ia Oigara Kremelberg & Company, J6o Pearl Mtznfacturtrs of Russian Cig11rtttt1, Kinney 'Bros., 141 West Broadway. .. -Strap1 ood Outtera, German Cig11r .l'dolrls, Erichs H. W., l3 South. Lo.bensteln & dans, 101 Maiden Lane. Michaelis, S. & Co., 195 Pearl. Muslin T.tJhacco Bags Zellenka R., 263 East Fourth. Paper Cigar and Tobaeco IJag. Howlett Bros., 204 Fulton. Tobacco Bagging Howard, Sanger & Co., tos & ro, Chambers Lestec A. &: Uo. I03 Chambers. Ciga r Moul!i Pnss and Strops. Brown A. &: F., Lewis. Manfacturm if SlsrJOW Cam. Rraft &; Hoffmeister, 1,3 North William. Kruse Frederick, t7S Chatham and 19 North \Villiam. "La I:._ermeH Russi-an c ;gar tttes. Millington T. & Eckmeyer, Sole Agents, 48 Broad Cig ar.IJuncltint; Tab/,, Erfurlh Oswald, a6 Orcbar .... 13anAs. German-Amertcan, cor. Broadway and Cedar. Engravtr an WoDii. Hoey Bmadway. Patent 1Jlug Tobacco Mach irte. Harrison and Co., 9 Broadwav. Internal Books. Jourgensen, C. 37 Liberty. ln.rurance Brokt1 s. DuBois & Irving, 54 Wall Street. ALBANY N.Y. Manufacturers of Tbacco. Greer' s A. Sons, 82:1 Broadway. BALTUI[ORE. Tobacco Wardunuts, Albrecht & S chroder, I S German. B o Jen ius G. H. & Co., 202 West Pratt. Boyd W .A. & Co., .U South. Drese l W. and Co., 31 Gay Gieske L. &: Co., 42 South Gunther L. W., IJO Lombard. Kerckhoff 4k Co 49 South Charles. Kremelberg, J. D, and Co. NEW "'RK,.WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 1873. WHOLE NO. 436 J,porttro 111111 Dul1r1 ;, CigrJ Krohn, Fein A: Co., 53 West Fourth. LowenthalS. k Oo., '"West Thisd. Strauer &: Oo 287 Wal_nut W eil, Kahn & Co., Main CI,ARKSVILLE, T.,_, Lf Tobacco Brol.tro. Clark, l(; H. 1: Bro. -COVJBGTOX, K:y. Manufactur(rs of Fi!feCut Clsewing-To baerm for Ciga r Mould. Wilmot, Samu e !,247 J e fferson Avenue. DURHAM, N. C. &.ding Tobacco. Illackwell W FAAJa v .&LLE, VA. of Twi.rt. Read C. C. 8< Co. EAST HARTFORD, Conn. and Dealer. Chapman .R. A. HARTFORD, Conn. PacUrs and lltoltrs. Barnes &: Jerome, 236 State. Rbbard tB Market! Lee Geo., ISo State. London & Bidwell, and ,s State. Pease H. & z. K 16 M arket. :Shephard & Fuller, ::114 State. Sisson A. L. & F., 134 lll.ain. Welles 0. & c.,., t$4-State. Westphal Wm., nB State. lht lobaccs NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, JULY 2, 187 3 ON HIS TR.A. VELS. The scamp who some time ago defrauded a number of the trade in this section of the country, and who then from an office in Ann Street, this city, according to the receipts he gave for subscriptions, and which jre tended to be dated at the office of this journal but were not, appears to be again on his travels and engaged in his nefarious calling. We have heard of him in various .parts of Ma'!isachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, anii though the amounts obtained do not appear to be large in any one instance, still we regret exceedingly ,.. that our friends should be subjected to t:ke infliction. We are using every effort in our power to cut his career short through a speedy arrest, and shall be greatly in debted for any information which may leacl to this desirable consummation. H Tob4cco e is represented as a tall man, of light complexion, Jesup James E. INDIANAPOLIS, JJad, and h1s latest alias seems to be Maftu.facturers of Fine Cut Cltrwing and Smoking Tobacco. I Christman .fz_ Co., cor. Mhisissippi and Pearl. Ma11ufadurtr.Y of CzgarS and Dtaltrl in Leaf Tobacco. Heid1inger, John A., 39 West Washington. JANESVILLE, Wu. P(Jijker stnd Deakr in. Seed Leaf. Fecdrich Francis. Smythe F W & Co., 30Nortn Jonn. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Plug Tobacco ManfaaJurtrs. H. F RODGER, although heis not particular about signing the same initials in every case, one correspondent reporting him as H. J. Rogers. -Another name he adopts is H. J. NELSON, use of it having oeen made at Bethlehem, Pa., where quite a number seem to have been swindled qut of Finzer J 8c Bros. 13 Third. jones, R.. R, 479 West M:trket Manufacturers of .Nne-Cut Chrwing and small amcun ts. Smoking Tobacco F in1ey, Don 4 Co. So, 82 & 84 First. Robinsog Manufacturini Company. Ccmmission MtrciJante Wicks G. W & Co., 102 Main-; Tr-bacco Brokers. Meier, Wm. G & Co., 56 Seventh. Jobbtrs in all kinds if Man":facrurerl Tob11cco lmporttd and Domtst:'c Crgars Tachau C. G. & Oo., I?4 Main. TobaccQ Manufactltrtrl SuppliH. Wigginton E. G. & Do., 23 Third. Dcaiauo. Armistead L. L. Carroll J. W Flo<>d, John H. T aba eCIJ Commission Mt rchant. Tyree John ll. NEWARK, N. J, ghofTer W. A & Son, 883 Broad. Campbell, Lane & Oo., .S-4 Broad. NEW La. Tobacco and CAmmission MtrtA4ntl. Gunther & I62 Common. Kremelberg, Schaefer and Co., 23 Carondolet. PADUCAH, Ky. Tobaocu 1Jrokf1'. Jarrett G. F. PETERSBUKG, Va. VenableS, W. & Co. Youna-R. A. & Bro 4 Iron Front PHILADELPHIA, Tobacco W4rtllowu. Anatlaan lf.. & Co., North Third Bamberger L & Oo. 3 North Water. Breme r Lewis, Sons, 322 North Third. Dohan & Taitt, 107 Arcb. We shall be greatly obli11:ed to our exchanges and other j01unals if they will devote a line to showing up this rogue. We have reason to believe that he collects subscriptions for other newspapers in the same un authorized manner,oand the press will thus do well to make common cause against him. To see Mr. Rodgers, or Rogers, or Nelson, or Neilson, or whatever his disreputable name may be, safely quartenl d within pr iso n walls, industriously engaged in doing the State service, would give us and his many victims the greatest satisfaction. We w,.,r.'n him, as he will un doubtedly read this article, that his career is rapidly drawing to a close, and that the only reparation he can now make is to cease at once from his swindling pursuits before he is compelled to do so by the strong arm cf the -. law THE REVENUE TOBACCO. A Washington Press dispatch, dated a day o i two since, runs as follows: DeBA.RY co., (S"O'OCISSOD 'l'O DE :BAIT & XLING), (: .12 and 60 New Stre;8ts, New York. OJ:: B.&V.AN.& 'CIGARS, And Sole .Agmls for the sale of EL DE CALES CIGARS, Jlan11faetmed at the KllY 'WEST of the eelebra.ted El Principe de Gales llla.nnfa.otory ol Ha-LLIS. ALLEN d: ELLIS, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO tl I AND 13 VINE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. Dr&nch Ofllcea at. 431lver Bt:eet, Chicago, au4 B. W. Corner J'ront. 1114 Arch Bt.reet.s, l'b1la4elphfa. lli7or'obbf..u.s Tra.c'le o:a.l:y ao:u.ot: KEY WEST S;EIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey SVeet, -New York, .Proprieton oC &h._ ESPANOLA FACTORY. THE CELEBRATED "AUSTRIAN VIRGINIA" CIGARS, I From J. D. JmEMELBERG'S Factory, in Baltimore. 4ARE NOW READY AND FOR SALE. Depot in NEW YORK with KREMELBERG & CO., 160. PEARL DUBOIS & INSURANCE IRVING, BROKERS, C. DUBOIS, JR. I. S. IRVING, } :aoom. 13, No. e4 'Wall St., '" l N:i!i\10' .All ldncla of rusks placed at the-Lowest Market Rates in First ClaSs Companies. G. W. HILLMAN & ; CO., COMMISSION MERCHANTS a MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, SO :I':RONT ST:R.ZJCT, NlCW YO:B.E. SOLE AGENTS IN NEW YORK FOR E. T. Pilkinton's Celebrated "FRUITS AND FLOWERS,"" GOLDEN SCEPTRE, PLANTERS' PRIDE, COMMONWEALTH, &c. FANCY GLASS BOXES. ALSO, PLUG TOBACCO FROM THOMAS & PILKINTON, R M. BLAGKWELL, J. W. GIBSON, GEO. S. PRINCE, R. H. WILKERSON, S. W. SHELTON, DOWD & LIPSCOMB, and other factories. Sawyer, Wallace & Co. 47 Broad. Scheidel) Joseph, n3 Pearl. Schmitt J. 4 Co., Water. Schroeder & Bon. I78 Wa.ter. Schroeder & Koch, :ao3 Pearl. Schubart H. & Co., 146 Water SeUi11.g's Sons S., t69 Front. Loose 0. &: Co. Il7 West Lombard. Merfeld & Kemper, ti7 L ombard Parlett B. F. & Co., 9:1 Lombard. Paul Wm., 17 South. Edwards, G W. & Co., 6::1 Nortk Front. Eisen.l ohr Wm. 4L Co., us South Water Herbert L southeast cor. Fourth & Race. Me n .,w ell M. E: & Co., 39 North Water. Sank} Rinaldo 4t Oo North Water. 8chmxd t 1l., South Second. "Last year when the tobacco tax was consolidated at 20 cents, it was thought that the internal revenue re ceipts from this source for the fisca.l year now closing, would show a decrease of at least ls,ooo,ooo or $6,ooo, ooo as compared with f0rmer years, but instead Qj that amount, the figures show that the decrease is only about $8oo ,ooo, or about one.seventh of the estimate. Under the old law, it will be remembered, the tax was 32 and 16 cents per pound, and Commissioner Douglass recommended a consolidation of the tax at 24 cents per pound. Congress, however, fixed it at 20 cents, and the result is highly satisfactory. Under the law every thing works harmoniously, and there is scarcely any trouble between the authorities and dealeri, as the Assorted Stock on Liberal Terms. Sole Sellers of Qiamond, Colden Cut Cavendish Smoking. Special Branda furnished for Owner's Use. Spence r Bros. & .Co., 7S Maiden Lane. Spingam, E. Co., 5 Bu.rliog Slip. Stein &:. Co., 197 DYane. Strait.on & Stonn, Strohn & Reitzenstein, 176 Froat. .Sulzbacber, Joseph, I5I W ater. Tag, Charles F. & Son, l 8 4 Front .. Ta1.genhorst. F W., 68 Broad. Vetterlein & Bock, 6 Cedar Upmann, Carl, 188 Pearl. Westbetm, M & Co., 117 Pearl. Sch1oeder Jos. & Co .. BI EKchange Place. Wilkens & Klier, 6cJ South Charles. Wischmeyer Ed. & Co., 49 South Charles. Tobacco F actror1.. Gieske & 78 South Charles: Hoffman, Lee & Co., 63 Exchans-e PJace. Rtcard, Leftwich & Co. 69 Place! Watts, G. S & (..o., 6I Excllange Place. Maufacturtrs, etc. Wright, E. M, & Oo. 19 Broad. 'Fbacso Brouro Cattus & Rnete, 129 Pearl. .. Marb11rg Brothers, 145 to 149 S. Olu.rlee St. Wilkens H. & Co., 181 West Pratt. Dre7er Edward. 46 Beaver. Fischer Cba.s. E. & Bro., Water. Gano, J S. & Son, 86 Wall. Kelland, P., 179 Pearl. oaborne, Y ., S4 Broad. Rader M. & Son, ::133 Pearl.j A Maicien Lane Sohnar Edward, 1 3 0 Water Manufacrurtrs if Tobacco, Anderson John & Co. 114, u6 and u7 Liberty. Buchanaa & Lyall, .s.4.Broad. Bucb.ner D, Delaac e)' Flasg J, F. 174 Front Gisefmann & Diehl, 159 Ludlow. Goetze & Bro. Waebingtoa Goodwin & Co. 207 and Water Hoyt Thcxna! & Co:, 404 Pearl Kinney Bros. r41 West Broadway' McA..Jpin D. H. A Co. cor .Avenue D and 'l'fl"lno; Miller Mrs. G B. & Co. 97 Columbia. Shotwell D. A,&;; Son. 174 Etihth av. Agtnllfor Smo!ing Tobarcos, . 156 Water Solomou M. & E. 85 Maideo LaDe V J ooeph A. & Bro. .S, Peas I Well 41 Co. 6o Pine Walter, Friedman & Frede, 106 Peerl W elM, Eller /R. Kaeppel, 1:10 Peul Yb4 Water. Manufaeturer of Cig-ars and Dealer in To bacco. Luenen George, East Randolph CJNCJlfXATJ, Dralert i Ha'llana and Domestic L

/ THE TOBA.VCO LEAF. JULY 2 b_y pnvate md1viduals and compames. And still, a more 'i'HE TOBA.O CO MARKET. ..Patent humbug than the e1ght-hour system has never DOMESTIC. 'been fo1sted upon the unsuspecting workingman. Of / Ni!:w._YoRK, J..uf!!. 24. c:ourse, every one but h1mself sees that the new sys.tem Wtstern -Leaf-The receipts of tqbacco last month can only be of benefit whtle it t"emains partial and con(including Virgmia) amounted to 2I!687 hnds. fined to particular localities. Once let it become genports, 9,509 hhds. Sales, 6,boo hhds,. and the stock m 11 1 ed warehouse Increased 9,I36. bhds, wh1ch however m-.eral and the proportionate us_e m a. artie consum eludes several thousandbbds of leaf and stnp-s waiting iby the la'Lorer would leave h1m With considerable less transportation to England: __ Of the sales, ma'nufactur wages than he rece1ved under the teq }wur system. ers bought _pxhhdS, jobbers 381, cutters 58 I, and The and tailor-, findingftlat. the__cost of prosubstanllal leaf cuction was enbaneeEi op.e-fift-h-&y the adoption of thp fOr Tialy and Germany. Pr1ces bave be-ell very un1form 1 h t thtt throughout the mouth on Regte sorts. R1ch German .e1ght-hour rule, would add at t at amQunt 0 leaf very firm, and common I lugs decidedly lower. We -cost of the1r g_oods.. a!!_d examP-le would be .alter to The advices from uecessanly follov.:ed by all other an.d theWes! conflict,n. to glanting .prospects. manufacturers. Tlie wor 'ngrnen w ld, 1t 1S Too n;ttlclr ram wes orLoutsYille,and too little m the t e the same for eiglit hours then cutting ht..a dubious s_tat.e. On ru 1 a t the. -whole -We ShQWd say an average crop IS In the that he does for teu now! hut he woul haye 0 pay ground,.Jrith less thad an average prontise of yield. -d arly for hili two hours' jdleness in a COn.!ltderaJ;>Ie sot week. ad '!'"It 3d weclt. 4th weet sth weet Total ad.-anceouallartlclesconsumedbyhuuselfandfam!ly. January.---439 96x I,26I 739 3,400 h be fi h b February .... 380 290 58:1 548 r,8oo Where, then, t e ne t, once t e system. ecame gener March.--.6So 383 298 239 2,6oo : ally adopted and the inevitable advance followed? And ApnL--.859 74 o 8 49 8 4s 1,5o 4 4 ,8oo ::yet by so transp.arent a fallacy ts 'thelaboringmanat Mav----- 626 1,7-;o 829 r,r4? s,ooo the present moment deluded. "Strikes" and other coerJuqe .. -.-.. r,242 1,77I r,548 I,439 .::. 6,ooo i e mea5ures are resorted to for the purpose of secur tpoacco marlfet, ,ike every other v market, 1s dull, very dull. l'here does not appear to be 411g th1s phantom good, .which, gained, ca? not con er any spirit at all in buyers. Sul!h goods as are iudispen1a.Sftng bene1it; Wilen sliall we fin thell confiwh1le past, has now to be added theJ asb nable hegtra -dee and tell them the Truth Without !Se, to the watering places, which always ha!l a depressing generations of labonng men of all climes would, m the effect upon busmess m town, and until the return of ::a esc:tO-Come,." nse up andcall him blessed!" th?se whose is felt in commercial cucles, any g thmg better tfian ts now liad"m the way of trade 1s not ._.I""OR .: .JS to be e.xpected. ..-. "'' For Virginia leaf the mquiry has been moderate the .,....,...._, h f Ch past week, and. sales 'have been correspondingly_ small To :liE CLOSED -The tobacco ware ouses o artotte Court ,House will be closed after the ISth of July. and wrequent. Tne l'Darket : is steady, a.nd Ill 'all res pects, save m tire matter of demand, in fair condition, ;So stated. and as the demand w111 in due time improve, this excep-Noli.TH CAROLINA ToBACCo.-Says the Wiston (N.C.) bon IS not "of much s1gmficance 'or consequence. A smoking-tobacco manufacturer of Baltimore Receipts here and elsewhere show some little improve se;; an. order to our market for 100,000 pounds of ment from the arrival of better parcels tliat have been if one thousand were purchased. sonably well after the sweat; and the same w!ll prob, ) ably be true of the wrappers at a later date. THE" STRAWBE11RY GIRL," AND "MISCHIEF BREW It is to be regretted that the season for planht"lg has FmrhtS"-Mr. LOUIS Meyer, Freight Broker, reports der & Bon, 204 do; J. s. Gans & Son, 4S do; c. M. 4 at 4 so@s.8o, IS at 6.20@9 I4 at 8.I0@9 95. 2S as follows: Rates offre1ghts remain very firm and high Crawford & Co, 91 do. at 10@14 75, IS at I5@19.25, u at 2o@25.7S 7 hhds as the tonnage supply 1s extremely hght, have as wtll Bv THE NArrONAL LINE -Sawyer, Wallace & Co, new Owen Co, K.y I at 5, 3 at 7 30@7 95, 2 at 8.6o, as in other parts. Very few Imports here arnved lately. I71 hhds; Toe!, Ro!le & Co, 25 dCJ; D. J Garth, Son 9 85; 1 at 75 I hhd Pendleton Co. at 5 50 I hhd There i.5 a brisk demand for vessels to arrive for the & Co., i03 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 19 do ; PolWest Vugtma at 4 95 27 cases Oh1o seed fi brs and Petroletim and Gram trade at advanced Tates. lard, Pettus & Co 99 do; Oelnchs & Co., 27 do, Krembmders I4 at 3 so@4.90, 8 at 5@5.6o, 2 at 6. I5@ 7 40 I ,quote the r4tes for Tobacco as follows: To Lzzerelberg & Co., 56 do, R L. Ma1tland & Co., 6o do; M 3 at 8 70@9.25. jDol6os per hhd by steam, but only small lots can be Pappenhiemer, I do, E. M. Wright & Co, 49 do, A. At the Ph1ster WareHouse, 68 hhds and 32 boxes_ shipped at that rate, as the steamers are full engaged for H. Cardozo & Co, 20 do; F. W. Tatgenhorst, ro do: 39 hhds Mason Co. Ky., trash, lugs, and leaf, 3 at cotton until the nuddle part of August at advance'd J Gumble, I do' H Heilwood, 265 do; Henderson 9 at 6.IS@7 70, 8 at 8@4J 8o, I:a at IO@ rates In the early part of June good chances for COT\ Broffiers, 70 do; E. M. Crawfu.rd -& Co, 88 cases, I4?5 3 at IS@I7, 4 at 20@28 so. I4 hhds Brown Co. tracts were offered by steamer c<.Jmpames, say 37s 6d unz & Dormitzer, 5 boxes, order, 31 hhds:-Oh10, trash, lugs, and leaf 2 at. s 6o, 5 at 6.75@7 .8 0 3 but not taken by shippers, who are now obhged to -Bv THE CENTRAL RAILROAD.-Chas at 8@9.55 3 at II@14-SO, I at IS Io hhds Owen store their goods. By sail 37!>. 6d. to sos. nommal. F. Lag & Son, xoo J. S. Gans & Son, 40 do; Co., Ky, trash, lugs, 1 at 5, 4 at 6@ 7 8 0 3 at To London 5:JS. 6d to 55s. by steamer. To Bremen order, 79 do. 8 Io@9 30, z at IZ s .hbds and, 1 4box West 35 to 37s. 6d by steamer, and 25s to 27s. 6d. for cases BY THE NEw YoRK AND Ntw HAVEN' STEAMBOAT Vtrg1ma taash an lugs: 2 at 5, 7 25; 3 at 9 @ 9 25, I per 40 cubic feet. To Antwerp sos. per hhd and 35s tor :ONE.chroed'er & Bo 2 case!l; M. evm, box at 4-65. 31 casea Ohio aeed fillers an.d &iaden case by d1rect and indirect steamer. During the last do; J L. Gassert & Brother, 5 do E. Rosenwald & Sat 3So@4o, 5 at 5@5 40, 7 at 6@?.8o, 11 at 8@ week several vessels were chartered fur Tobacco vtz. Brother, 20 do: Ghas. F. Tag & Son, 44 do, J. S. Gans g 25. to Havre at sos to L1sbon etc. at 55s to Genoa and & Son, 46 do; S Barnett, 6 bales. CLARKSVILLE, yum 23 -Messrs. M. H Clark Leghorn at 6os. Bv THE NEW YORK AND HARTFORD STEAMBOAT LINE. & Brother, Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report :-Out sales I'AB'l'rO'U'J.AB. 1'li'O'l'ICB -G. Falk & Brother, rS5 cases, J W. Ch;tpman l 24 contmue-offull stze, amountmg last week to S22 hhds. O.O:en f teed leaii' tl.bacco are agamtt the do; M .R. Levin, 2 do, S. Rossin, 2 5 do, E. Spmgarn & The market was firm on all grades, advanced }(_c. reported aalea and quotations of seed leaf aa furmshmg the pnces that Co, 7 do; Sch !peder & Bon, 63 do. on mediUm to good )ea .Lugs continue m full sup,nly should be obtiuned for t!lem at lirot hand, 0: these refer 1n most mstances BY THE OLD DOMINION STEAMSHIP LINE.-M. A bend b b 1 "" ld h h "-h ld 1 d h fi an are een ave uccn e near Y a year, an t e pro t on he 1 m 24 hhds H Batjen & Brother I4 do; Kremeluerg d d r .,. h N which must naturallpnclude the Interest on capt tal InVested. Growers M d & s d' A c em an .or them at ell ew york or.N ew;Orleans. we cannot expect een in tbe case oflteW"'crops, to ell them for the '""' & Co., 4 do, Ra on, 22 o, 4 quote -Common lugs S c.@6 }(.c., good lugs,'at 6 pTices as are obt:une4 on a1e-oalc here. Of course everx re-sale must be do, 2 trcs; W. 0. Smtth, 7 do, 2 do; Pwneer Tobacco common leaf, at an advance, and therefore tne pnce obtamable bythe-rrowers will Co., 3 do, I2 do, P & Co., 50 do, 43 do, 3 good leaf, nc.@riUc., fine leaf, 120 .-;;.13c., alwayo be oomewbat lower than our quotations ncks; J as M. Gardmer & Co, 2 do, 20 cases; J. D. 1 Th 1 \::1 N se ectlons, I4C.@15C. e who e crop 1s planted, btH QUOTATIO S OF WHOLE5ALE PRICES. Ke1lly, Jr: 20 do, 2oo three-qtr boxes; Read & Co. I as It has ramed every day for two weeks, ploughmg has we,.,.,._Lightl...r per pound hlf hhd; J. H. Thomps_ on, ro cases; W P Kittredge & been prevooted, and the erop is very grassy, and wlll to good 1118' s 7K Co., I9 do, Maddux Brothers, II do. Martm & Johnson, be senously in;ured 1 f tlie rams contmue much longer. .. ...... :. Extra dne .... ..... 60 70 24 do; G. W. Hillman & Co, 94 do; M. M Welzhofer, Good............... -IOK@ll Med,;;.. .... = 2I do, A. Hen & Co., I9 do, Carhart Brothers, 5 do; DANVILLE, VA., :June 2 8 -Messrs. Pemberton & .... .. ::: ... :... :0 A S Rosenbaum & 'to, 20 do; AUen & Co, 10:; do, Penn, Tobaceo Commusswn Merchants, report -We L1btcuttmg luga. ... Hi@ 8Y. Mouldy, scaro a .. 88 @139 D & A. Bendhetm ; 8 do; J. Otten berg & Sons, Io do; have nothing of mterest to report from our m'llrket this ,./:r.,;.;im. Bonnett,Schenck & Co' 5 do; Fitts & Austm, so do, D week. Recetpts cbntlntie good, wtth but little ooange Common to g.x>d Juga 8 @ 9 Qtiarter.Pounar-Fine 48 S B k rl W B dh t J 6 d L & E m prices. We contmue our quotatJous :-Lugs, -ecru-Common leaf 9 @10 Me @47 a er, Io o; m. roa urs r., o; d @ I d T/@ I fi llodilllD leaf .... ...... lOJ!'tJll>t Oorumon ............ 'Verlhetmer, r do, I hlf case, 2 hlf boxes, r qtr box, 1 mon re 4 s; ugs, goo 572 7; ugs, ne 9@ 10, lugs, Good ................ 11)!'@12)!' NavyPUU1idr-Fino ... 48 keg, J D. Evans & Co., 7S do, 8o hi boxes, N. '"Jse, extra smoker's I2@t8. Leaf, comrr.on red r.;;.:rd8H':}! Po ... a. and 3 do, I 5 qtr boxes; E DuBo1s, 2 do, 33 hlf boxes, S kegs, go.od S@9, leaf, ncb and waxy Io@ 14; leaf, tnp. 7 @ 7Y. R1chey & Boniface, 2I do, IS do, 20 qtr boxes; Dohan, bnght 8@ro; leaf, medmm bnght 11@14, fine Fino do... ... .... .. 8 @ 8)( and 5 i7 @52 Carroll & Co. 2 3 0 do, 129 do, 20 do, 9 I third boxes, bnght 20@30, leaf, extra bnght 40@70. Low tollledlnm leaf ... 9"'@11 Lody F>ogero, Rolle .... 6, @8ll 8 Good to llne ......... Poc k e t Piece @5 9 Connolly & Co, 6o do, 20 do, 29 do, r8 kegs, McFall & DETRO 'June 2 -Francis Eccard & Son, Man.. Hogan, S3 do, 20 qtr boxes, 40 caddies, 13 pkgs; Bulk-ufacturer of fobacco, Snuff and C1gars and wholesale Bmotero ... ...... Rough & Ready ..... 50 @.1 ley, Moore & Co, 98 do, 6o three-qtr boxes, so hlf dealers tn all kirlds of Leaf Tobaccos, report Our 6!i@ 7!1 ..... boxes, 10 third bo.!les, 22 e1ghth boxes, 25 kegs; D market contmues act1ve With large sales, especially m 1 :l:W::!d6:U:3 M edmm R9 @40 Lyon, Jr, 1 box; F. H M. Newcombe 8 do, 2 ncks, Leaf and Cigars .The demand for cut tobacco has com. to med. spanrled. s @to H_al( Th:;-.t@45 Blakemore, Mayo & Co, roo three qtr boxes; A somewhat dtmmished, however we expect a large trade 10 Hed'um .............. S8 @42 Schreiner, 40 caddtes, D Htrsch & Co I case c1gars on Fme Cuts and granulated V1rgima tobaccos next s,;,;on:" til2; .. Order, I hhd, 2 boxes. week. Among the sales o! manufactured tobaccos of Good do .. 7 @ 8 .' Bv NoRTH RIVER BOATS -E M Wright & Co., 28 any wfiere as follows .-50 bbls fine cut Medium .. .-... ........ B!i@IU PocketPiece. ..... .. .. 40 hhds, D. J. Garth, Sou & Co, I45 do, F W. Tatgen-at 75, 140 ?2 s ne cut' at 75cts I200 buckets fine GoocUo liDo red........ 10)!'@13 N. Mild 'l'wilt FaDC7 ................. u T:fl7 Tw ....... 45 @ M 41 do; Blakemore, Mayo & Co., II9 do, Sawyer, cut at 75; and 9000 kilhcktmck at 4Scts C1gars vlz.-upp.r CountrY 6 @" 7'1lr0y'. and112'a @GO W I & C d P II .J P & 8 "6 '"68 6 Ground leal,.;;.; ... : @ 9 al ace o., 197 o, o an .. ettus Co 102 do ; s,ooo at P o, 3o,ooo at, o,ooo at $30. The market OMttat<:liclllondKauacituodts .. : ... : M Abenheim, 7 do, A. C I. & 0 Meyer, 3 do; J. P. for Oh1o and Kentucky Tobaccos bas been very lively, u @12 Common and mecilum 37 as Qum & Co 22 do; C. E. Hunt, 4 do; A. H. Cardozo & but for Vtrgm1a and seed leaf the demand was pot of A.soorted 9 @IO Granulated Smoking .. S! S ff !'llera ......... 12 u Common Clgon .... 15 1 7 oo BALTIMORE, '}:une 26.-Messrs. Ed. WlllChmeyer ing p enty o work. Oh sea Loxes, 49 kegs, So cadd1es, I case cigars, constgned seed fillers and bmders. 25 a t 4@4.90, r6 at 5(ci)5 so lbs and tw1st, 70 to Ss; do m edtum do, 5S to as follows. I r6 at 6@7 8o) 20 at 8@9 70' r5 at IO@I4; I at 15 50 br.ght Vlrgmta cod fig and pancak e s 8 to 65, bnght Bv THE ERIE RAILROAD.-Biakemore, Mayo & Co .. 5 cases Connecticut seed. I at 9.30; 3 at Io@I3 s o I }(.s, qs, 3s, 4s, and ss, 45 to 5o, Loutsvtll e navy bnght I67 hhds; A. H. Cardozo & Co., I2 do; Ottmger at 17 4 bales Havana seed at 92, 92, 9S. ros. lbs and 3'>, so to 5 2 do mahogany lbs and 3S, 4S to so, Brothers, 5 do; J P. Qum & Co, 5 do; D J. Garth, At the Planters' Warehouse, 172 hhds and I 9 boxes do cable roll, 4S to 52 V1rgmta medmm, II mch, 4s to Son & Co, 301 do; F W Tatgenhorst, 6 do; Kremel-5 hhds old Mason Co, Ky, trash and lugs r at $9os, 0, do common, II mch, 43 to 48, Smoktng no change. berg & Co., so do; E. M. Wnght & Co., S6 do, Pol4 at rp@II. I22 hhds Mason Co, Ky., tras h, lugs and Sales hght. lard, Pettus & Co, 65 do, R L Mattland & Co., 17 do, leaf: 14 at 5 @ 5 95; 52 at 6 os@7 90, 27 at 8 @ 9 6o; NEW ORLEANS, 'June 24.-We report as tollows: Guthne&Co.,Jdo, B.C.Baker,Son &Co, I4 do, 2Iatro@I47S, 6atr6@I!J7S, 2at20.75,2I75 44 Themarkethasbeeufatrlyactive,thesalesbemgi,r31 A C. L. & 6 Meyer, 64 do; Drew & Deane, 5 do; hhds,11ew Brown Co, Ohw: 3 at 5@5 40, rs at 6@ hhds, all at pnces not g1ven. QuotatiOnS are un Thos. Kmnicutt, I do. E. Unkart & Co., I do, Good7 65, I2 at 8<:99.85; IO at ro@r4.75; 2 at I I8 75; chauged. The s t ock on sale is estimated at 1 6 750 hhds win & Co ;z3 do; J. D Keilly, Jr., 75 do; Barclay 2 at 2I 25, 2 r so. r hhd Owen Co, Ky. at 14675 I9 The arrivals were 377 hl;1.ds. Cleared for Bordeaux & L1vmgston, I4I do; SuHivan, urphy & Cb, ro do; cases Ohto seed: IO at 3 90@4.90; 7 at 5@5.70, z at 299 hhds. Stock on hand and on shipboard not cleared Henderso,n Brothers, z2 do; Wallice & Co., 6.85. on 24th inst, 23,976 hillds. Manufact'ured 1 s un3oS do, II bales; Bunz1 & Dormitzer, 27 ::ases; J. R At the Globe Warehouse, 127 hhds and boxes.changed. S'utton & Brothers, 20 do; Order, 147 hhds, 55 cases. 133 hhds Mason Co., Ky., trash, lugs, and \eaf: I at PADUCAH,I,Ky, 'June 2s.-Messrs M. H. Clark Bv THE HuDsoN RIVER RAILROAD.-Sawyer, Wallace $5 so, 7 at 6 40@7.8o, 14 at 8@9,65, 7 at to@x3. 3 at & Brother Leaf Tobacco Brokers, report: Nothmg par & Co., 9 hhds; Bunzl & Dorm1tzer, II7 cases.; Schroe15@17-75 x at 20.75 85 hhds new Brown Co., Oh10, wlirthy of note hal transptred iu this market.


' rDE dunng the past week The offemrgs ha 1e been small and the pnces have remamed pretty much unchanged except an o<:casiOnal spurt m lugs Receipts have also been very small, wh1ch IS owmg m a great measure no doubt to the alarm occasumed by the appearance of cholera m the CllV, but as the disease bas not proven verv malignant and appears now to be rap1dly subs1dmg 1t 1s thought they will mcrease now and g1ve a few more bnsk weeks ere the close of thtt active season }JUt now the prospects for the commg crop are not se good as could be des1red, the c'ontmued wet weather havmg put 1t beyond the power of farmers to keep down the and weeds, but as the planting IS large, an average crop may be hoped for eyen ID the face of rnany d1ffi culues Salea 359 hhda. We quote Common to me dlUm Iup, good do, common leaf, 8@9c., medium do, 9@1oc, good do, H>@rrc, and fine do, II@rzc. PHILADELPHIA, June 28 -Mr A Oppenheimer, Tobacco Broker, reports as follows -Nothmg very new br smce my last It will be our dull season now for four or five weeks to come ana w1ll g1ve us all a htt e chance Tor a few ays pleasure, and some of us w1ll take time for a good m the ocean, and when we come home agam we will go to heartily With a Will and successfully lor the trade The sales were 8s cases Connecticut wfaopers, 63 do do seconas and fillers Several small lots of new I87 2 seconds m all about 120 cases Old Pennsylvama wrappers, fi1ne, are m demand and fine goods bnng very good pnces Some 75 cases 1871 Pennsylvama have been sold 123 bales Havana and g do Yara were of No report of c1gars.. There have been sold I,87 s, ooo domestic c1gars, at $13 7S to 65 perM The gtades w1ll be scarce for some ttme, as the country c1gar makers are out harvestmg June 3 -Mr E W D1ckerson, reporter for the To bacco Trade of Philadelphia, reports as follows As IS usual, at th1s season, busmess was qmet last week What sales were made were mostly for JmmedJate con sum phon Old stock IS p\enty for the present, so that our manufacturers are not obliged to begm now to use the new crop The rece1pts of leaf tobacco, so far as reported dunng the past month, and not heretofore re ported, \\'ere as follows v1z By M A nathan & Co, 106 cases Duck Island By L Bamberger & Co, 37 and 202 bales Spamsh By L Bremer's Sons, 38o cases and r8o bales Spamsh By Dohan & Ta1tt, 47 cases By Geo W Edwards & Co, 2S cases and 67 bales y Hall, K1rkpatnck & Co, 189 cases and 42 bales By Hallac.lay & Co, g6 cases By Sower, Graeff & Cook 236 cases and 25 hhds By Teller Brothers, 235 cases By J Vetterd1m & Co, 213 cases and 43 bales Spamsh PITTSBURGH, :June 28 -Mr M K McMullm tobacco and c1gar commiSSIOn merchant, reports Traele for the past month has been good t1Jl wlthm the last week, mce wh1ch time 1t has fallen off at teast one half for the commg month of July are very poor Th1s week we had a turn out of several thous: and coal mmers, who are on a stnke, mostly from th1s State and from the coal regwns the P 1 ttsburgh trade do the1r largest busmess From the convers atiOn of the mmers and that of the1r employers, the probab1l 1ty 1s, that th1s w11l be a long There 1s a proba b1lity of the rolhng mills stoppmg soon, th1s w11l cause money matters to become very t1ght as both the coal and 1ron operators w11l dram our banks, m orde1 to carry the1r stock on hand as long as poss1b le The Plug and C1gar trade are both very dull RICMOHND, Jt ne 28 -Mr R A Mills Tobncco Broker reports -There has been \}O change worthy of note smce my last report, e1ther m pnces or crop pros peels The weather contmues very seasonable, and the young plants are gettmg a good start Our market contmues bouyant, and pnces rule finn at m) quotatiOns w1th an upward tendency Buyers and sellers are nearer m accord now than they have been for some t1me, and all desirable tobacco!> go off read1ly the day they are opened, very few bemg held wh1ch shows a very healthy market The transactiOns were I32 8 hhds, 322 trcs, and 42 boxes I rev1se my quotatiOns Black lugs, common ------to 7 Black 1 ugs, good 7 to 8 Black lugs, extra 8Yz to 9 Black leaf, common 7 to 9 Black leaf, Medmm to good g to 12 Black leaf, fine __ 13 to IS Black leaf, extra contmental to Black leaf English___ ,_ ----___ I2 to I 4 Exports have operated rather more freely, but have had but a fa1r assortment from wh1ch to make therr selec tlons Holders for most classes contmue firm Ken tucky Leaf and StnpsThe former ha;; been more freely taken, but m the latter there has been but little done V!l"glnla leaf and stnps of fine nch qualities contmue to be taken, both by Home and Export buyers Maryland and Oh10 are, and have been much neglected for some time past, the trade appear to have g1ven up the use of these growths Cavendish of the lower classes has been more mqu1red for, and some considerable sales ef fected June I9 -There has been but little domg m the market dunng the past week m States tobacco, buyers generally be1ng des1r.ous of holc.jmg oft f1om operatmg until the last crop IS sampled, the transa'cfJons have consequently been of a ltm1ted character, and have compnsed small selections for the 1mmed1ate requ1re ments ofbuyers Kentucky leaf and stnps have shared m the general dullness of the maret, thefe has been more enqmry for export descnptwns of leaf VIrgmJa leaf and s.nps have had but little attentwn, good dark leafy classes of the latter are much wanted Maryland and Ohio contmue difficult to place, and although of fered at low pnces do not find buyers Cavendish con tmues slow of sale, the commoner classes b11ng low pnces MELBOURNE Aprzl22 -Mr H C Fraser, Tobac co Broker, reports as follows 1 he month's busmess bas not been satisfactory several public offenngs have been held, the pr1ces realized were )ower than those prevwuslv rulmg A sale of I wo Seas and Venus tens damaged as effected, the pnces obtamed have tmpart ed a slightly firmer feeling for these brands Stocks are st11l so large tn tmponer s hands, and the trade so well supphed, that there IS no chance of an Improvement m th1s staple unt!l stocks are reduced, and, as the de mund on the spot IS very limltl':d, some time ere the market 1ts wanted buoyancy 1 he stocks m hand, and shipments to arnve, will fully meet our reqmrement for some t1me, and sh1ppers would do well not to lose s1ght of th1s fact A large parcel of handsome tobaccos were offered at auctwn, ch1efly aromatic sorts, and only some fifty one packages were quitted under the hammer Tw1st-A parcel of some 200 packages of Ragland's and Cameron s Tnumph has been d1sposed of pnvately at a pnce wnh held, a lot of 24 quarter tlerces of Barret s Anchor at quotations, also, a sale of some 170 packaaes of Woolly Kmg and Golaen Fleece Tw1st at a"' pnce not transpired, for vlher brands there has been only a reta1l mqmry Tens-There has been very little domg except a parcel of Two Seas and Venus, wh1ch was qu1tted at aucbon, damaged, at from rs 2 U d to IS 3d Small lots of Anchor and Crown tens hav e been d1sposed of pnvately Our market 1s well supplied and, although iitocks are lrghter than they were at the same penod last year, there has been only a lumtec mquuy Haltpounas The1 e have been no transactions except a parcel of common qmtted at auctiOn Aromat LCS -fhe market m th1s class IS much depressed, lower-pnces have been accepte d C1gars -Small trade lots of Mamla c1ga1 s ha\ e been ells posed of a t q uota boll'S In"S'I\ ISS here has been nothmg doXJg fw1st -The quotatiOns are as under -Northern, Wester Southern, JS o IS 6d Barret's Anchor, IS Black Swan, IS Raven, IS St Andrew's, IS 6d 1 Our Game I S 6d, Shellard 's IS 4Ud Inumph, IS 43/zd Go lden Fleece, IS 4d, Wooly K11ng I S 4d, Raglands, IS Importf'r's hmlts fens Northern, 6d to 8d, best brands med mm, 7d to 9d Southern, gd to rs 4d best brands Half poun\is Northern, 6d to 8d, Southern (Tortoise shell) gd to IS Id' Southern (Black,) IOd to IS sd, Aroma!lc Western Halves, none, Pounds none, Southern Pounds, rod to IS It! ;L1ght Pressed Pounds IS 2d to 1s 41t, Halves non e, Tw1st, gd to IS 4d, Pocket P1eces, rod to Is Id, Gold Bars, IS to IS 4d, Navy H alf Pounds and Pounds, gd to IS 2d, E1ghts, S1xes etc, 9d to IS Id Quotatwns Nommal Sheep Wash Calcutta Leaf rd Nommal no demands Plugs, 4d Leaf, 2 d to 4d Leaf for M;nufacturmg 8d to rs rd Stps, IS 2d C1gars Cheroots No 2 62s 6d to 6ss Mamll as H S, 62S 6d to 65s Armond's, 3 Is 6 Nom mal, no demand at present Total Stock m Bond, Apnl I2 Manufactured, 498 Hlf trcs, 672 qtr trcs and kegs 6,8os three qtr boxes and bo x es, S 857 cases unmanu fac tured, 130 hhds and I7 cases, 921 bales and bunoles, 837 cases c1gars Auct1on Sales Apnl 4th Ex Congrus g half boxes "Champwn" Navy s1xes, BUd per lb, Ex Polar Star Bnght lugs, common chaffy smokers' and filleis __ 7 to Bnght lugs, mediUm to good smokers' and fillers - r o to IS Bnght lugs extra smokers r8 to :zs Bnght leaf, medmm to good fillers Io to I4 Bnght leaf, extra fillers rs to I6 Bnght leaf wrappers, common 13 to IS Bnght eaf wrappers, med1um to good r8 to 40 Bnght leaf wrappers, fine __ 4S to 75 Bnght leaf wrappers, extra __ 8o to IOo Malloganyleafwrappers, dark -------I3 to IS Mahogany leaf wrappers, bnght r8 to 2 5 Mahogany leaf extra 27 to 30 ST LOUIS, :June 2s -Mr J E Haynes, Dealer m Leaf Tobacco, 1eports -Rece1ved 834 hhds, agamst 840 the previous week Manufactunng grades and good sh1ppmg leaf have ruled firm all week, but lugs and common leaf were weak until yeste1day, when Jugs were also stronger Yesterday, the demand was good and pnces were steady on all grades Sa1es from 'I hursday to yesterday, mclus1ve 2go hhds I at $3 70, I I at 4@4 90, 55 at 5@5 go, 32 at 6@6 go, 44 at 7@7 go, so at 8.@8 go, 41 at 9@9 90, I4 at Io@ro 75, 6 at 11@ II Ss, 7 at IZ@I2 75,2 at 13@r3 25, 2 at I4@I4 7S, I at IS so, I at 17 75, 2 at r8 25@18 75, 5 at :12@22 so, I at 26, I at' 27 so, 1 at 2g so, I at3o I at 3S, I at 49, 28 boxes at 3@17 In the same time 25 hhds were passed and bids were reJected on 86 hhds at J..Io@I2 75, and 7 boxes at 4 2o@g 30 1o day, market qu1et, and rather draggmg, Without quotable decline m pnce Sales, 67 hhds II at 5@5 go, 6 at 6 Io@6 8o, to at 7@ 7 7o, Il at 8 ro@8 90, 14 at g ro@g go, 2 at Io 2s@ro so, I at I4 7S 2 at IS@ IS 7So I at t8 2S, 3 at 20@20 so, 1 at 21 so, I at 28 so, I at 3I, and I at 44 so, and 4 boxes at S@ I 4 so 3 hhd's were passed anq b1ds were reJe.ctqd on 33 hhds at S 7o@r& 25 We quote InferJor and hght we1ght lugs at 4@5 do, s 2S@5 so, planters do, 5 50@6 2s, common s1nppmg leaf, 6@7 25, mediUm sh1ppmg leaf at 7 25@8 25, good do, 8 7S@9 so, factory dned sh1ppmg leaf, 8 so@Io, mediUm manufactunng leaf, 8@9, good do, 9@u, medmm bnght wrappmg leaf I2@1S, good do, I8@2s, fine do, 3_o@6o Manufac tured tobacco IS unsettled and m some cases lower pnces are accepted 3 cases "Un1que fours, gYzd Ex Rebecca Goddatd Io cases' Over the \Vater pocket p1eces, IS Ex For ward Ho 8 casb "Impenal Ruby birdseye 12m Tw1st, Is 4d 6 G:ases do do Is 3d 5 cases do black fives, 7d, 7 cases do do tens, 7d I case do do fives and tens, 7d 2 cases "Lasso' Style Fancy Aromatic, Is 6d, & IS 3 qtr boxes "Robt Burns' tens, all faults, 7 April 7 -On account of whom 1t may concern Ex Khandezsh I three qtr box Two Seas' tens, rs, per lb, 3 three qtr,boxes do fives, rs, 33/zd 8 three qtr boxes "Venus" tens IS 2Ysd, I three-qtr boxes do fives, IS 3Ud, 12 cases "Queen of the Seas ',6-m ,Aro mauc twist, IS rUd, I2 cases do Pocket pieces, Is, IJ(d, S cases QO 12m tw1st, IS, t?{d Ex sh1ps 2 cases "1 ahsman" vavy hves, 9d 4 cases "Admiral" do half pounds, 10){d 6 cases "Two Seas' fives IS 3d, 3 cases' Talisman" do 2 cases 'Two Seas: half pounds, IS 3}id Ex Kmght Commander, 30 three qtr boxes "Two Seas" fives, rs, 3d, I case do half pounds, IS, 4d, rg three qtr boxes do tens, u, 3d, 64 three qtr boxes "Venus rs, 3?{d to IS, 2 23 three qtr boxes do fives, IS, Ex Nelson, 42 three qtr boxes "Venus' tens, IS 2 ?{ 20 three-qtr boxes fives, rs, Ex Zemmdar, I4 cases 'Two Seas" half pounds, rs 3 ?{ d, 5 three qtr boxes do u ns, pocket pieces, u, I 33 three qtr boxes d0 tens, u 3d, 32 three qtr boxes do fives, IS, 3d, 3g qtr trees "Raven rs 4?{d 9 half trees do rs, all sold for nP.t cash Apnl 17th-Ex Forward Ho, I6 cases' Ace 0fTrumps bnght fires, 9d per lb, I4 cases do bnght 6 m tl\ 1st gd 6 cases and Re .. dy" bnght I 2 m do} 9d, 6 do extra do, I 2 cases "Ace of Trumps bnght foms, 93/zd, S cases' Narragansett bngh, pan cakes, g ?{ rl, 5 cases do, gd, 7 cases "V1rgm1an Own" light pressed fives, 5 ?{ d 5 cases "Dwarf" gold blocks, 5 cases and 6 half boxe, hub II m flat fours 6 cases "Natwns Chmce" bub navy fours, 20 cases "Spnnglane" honeyd4w do, sd I 5 cases "Champwn' do, 4%'d, 20 cases do po( ket 'pieces do, 5J4d, also, on account of wlzom tl may net cash FOREIGN AMSfERDAM, :June 14 ,-Messrs Schapp & Van Veen, Tobacco Brokers, report -We have to mention -the sales of 12,872 bales of Java tobacco, mostly fa1r qualities for the manufacture of cigars, .and for whiCh very h1gh pnces were aga111 pa1d A good deal, all marks of the best reputation, fetch ed above roo cents for med1um pnce Very common quahty, what can be termed rubb1sb mdeed, rs stll\ neglected, and can only find buyers at a very low figure Bes1des, 4(),3 bales Sumatra were sold at 130 cents Of Amencan 7g hhds Mary land found buyers Amvals were bm1ted to I3 S33 bales Java and 790 bales Sumatra Stock to day Ig8 hhds Maryland, 33 do Mason Co, I,809 bales R10 Grande, 26,412 do Java, 7,3o7 do Java manufactured and 798 do Sumatra LONDON, June 12 -Messrs. Grant, Chambers & Co report as follows The market for Umted States tobcco has been extremely qu1et dunng the past week and the whole transactJon& &urn up but a small total I case "Dwarf" gold blocks 9?{d, r case "Ace of Trumps" fives 1 case do 6 m tw1st, 8 rl r case "Rough and Ready' I2 m do, Iod, I case d1o extra bnght do, 8d, I6 halt boxes, hub II m fiat four$, Sto<:ks m adJacent markets Manufactured, Sydney, 12th Apnl, 367,7oo,lbs, Unmanufactured, 126,217 lbs, C1gars, 26 3I2 lbs Adelatde, 6th Apnl, g6,791, Unman I192S lbs, C1gars, n,678 lbs Geelong gth March, Manufactured, 2g ggz lbs, Cigars, 72 cases Bnsbane utb Apnl, 4g I 5Jo Cigars, 3,og8 lbs SPANISH FINANCES -""he London Ttmes of :June 23, m c1ty article, speculating on the financial d1ffi culues of Spam, says if the Cortes will authonze the Ph1hppme tobacco plantations and the sale of Treasury bonds, a sufficient amount of cash can be realized where w1th to clear off the fioatmg deot and pay the July coupoM Dro NoT STEALBUTGor DRUNK -Fredenco Aql.\ero was acquitted the other day'o'f a charge of gtand larceny, the md1ctment chargmg that on the 5th of Apnl he stole J,ooo c1gars from Manuel Sabates of this c1ty Toe pnsoner satisfied the JUry that the complamant gave h1m the c1gars to sell He went to Phlladelphla, sold them fo-' $too, got dtunk and klst the money gamblmg 1 he JUT} did not beheve he mtended to steal the money, and rendered a veidict of not guilty NOTES AND QUE.G.IEq. found near the roots of the plants, but sometimes are found some httle from the plant Generally not more than one 1s fouad m a bill, yet as m last sea,on, sometimes two or three would be found at work upon the "weed They are more destructive than the green or horned worm that later m the season preys upon the RECEIPTS AS EVIDENCE OF SETTLEMENT plant fhe cut worm destroys the plantf while the NEw YoRK, June 24, 1873 green worm InJUres the leaf for wrappmg purposes Edttor of the :Journal of Commerce Hardly anythlng can be apphed either m t11e bill or on Is an ordmary rece'pt, as us11ally g1ven upon the pay the P-lant that will hmder 1 ts ravages Many growers ment of money, a legal evidence of payment 1 have tried ashes but we can hardly believe 1t IS efiic1ent Please answer through your and ereatly ITT arrestmg the worm Some apply plaster, as this oblige Yours, S .M & A draws moisture m a very dry ttme 1t only serves to receipt IS presumptive ev1dence of mcrease T,!lther than to dimm1sh the work of destruction rnent, but-may be set as1de by sufficient parol TI B a lot of merchandise on IJIIPORTANT REVENUE REfiULAnmety days' cred1t A makes mqwnes, 1s satisfied TIONS, with B s cred1t, and tells the broker to make contracts Broker dehvers the contracts to each five eays after TREASURY DEPARTMENT, 1 A IS not satisfied With B S credit and to deliver -OFFICE OF INTERNAL REVENUE, the merchandise Is the broker entitled to h1s brl)ker WASHINGTON, :June I6, r87 3 age after domg all the work 1 Your answer IS respect T. 4 Inun, Esq, C()l/ector Ftrsl Dlslnct Chuago Ill fully asked by one of your oldest SUBSCR@ERS SIR I have received your letter of the I t\h mst m Reply -When, for any reason, a sale effected by a wh1 ch you state that there are certam manufacturers broker falls through, so that 1t IS not consummated, our of tobacco m your c1ty an also m Toledo, Oh10, who merchants obJecrto paymg the broK.erage, --and most of !ann. that they may. under the law and the regulatwns the brokers, although grumblmg a little at the rule, ac of th1s office, stenc1l the propnetor s or the manufac; cede to 1t It IS probable that the broker could collect turer s name, on packages of tobacco mstead of havmg lns brokerage m a SUit at law, 1f the bargam -was actu the same pnnted on a shp of paper and securely affixed ally conclueled, and both parlles accepted h1s wntten by pasting. contracts, but 1t IS not w1se, we thmk, for one to press You add that In your JUdgment there must be upon h1s cla1m agamst the general custom of the trade, when every package a label securely affixed by pastmg m the h1s busmess depends on the favor of the pnnc1 pal form prescnbed m the Instructwns, Sene, 6, No 8, and APPRAISrNG MARINE Lossxs that stencilhng the "cautwn not1ce IS not a compliance 1 PETERSBURG, :June 24, I87J \nth secuon 68, or w1th the RegulatiOns, arul you ask to Edt/or of the Journal gf Commerce be mformed as to wh1cb IS the correct construction W1ll you furn1sh a subscnber to your valuable JOUr In reply I have to mform you that the Regulal!ons nal W1th the mformatwn herem asked for, v 1 z referred to contemplate the use of a and d1s Under the rules and customs of manne assurance m tmct label to be attached to every wooden package of New York, bas the assured the pnVJlege of askmg the manufactured tobacco contammg more than 16 ounces, msurers an appraisement of a partial loss, anq after 1 t on wh1ch labels there sllall be pnnted m plam, open, has oeen made by part1es mutually cho,.en and reported and legJble letters the follow!Qg facts, v1z r, the manu can the assured reJect 1t m settlement and employ facturer's or the propnetor s name :z, the number of adJuster of h1s own selectiOn w1thout the knowledge of the manufactory 3, the collectwn d1stnct, ana 4, the the msure1s, and cla1m of the msurers all or any portloc State, together w1th the "caution nouce" as prescnbed of the adJusters charge as fee 1 m section, 68, ahd as per dtre.ct!Qns stated on pages 9 What constitutes an ldJuster (or legal adJuster) at and IO of sa1d regulatiOns Yuu w11l please take notice New YoFk 1s he a ucensed officer) tliat sa1d seCtiOti 68, declares that the therem If 1t IS your pleasure to answer these questwns, do so enumerated and the "cautwn notice are to be zn and favor A SUBSCRIBER addttzon to all other r-eqmrem}!nts of the act," relatmg to Reply -I If the underwnter and the msured agree tobacco or snuff, of whicl r said sectwn 67 IS a part upon appraisers, they ought to ab1de by h 1sreturn, but Now sectwn 62 had already requ1r"d that every such unless t h ey have bound themselves m wntmg to do this, wooden package shall have prmted or ma r ked thereon, ne1thd IS legally holden to h1s word (I) the n>anufacturer s name, ( 2) place of manufacture, 2 Whoever m an adJUSter 1s holden for his pay (:3) the registered number of the manufactory, and (4) and cannot make h1s fee a charge upon the other party the gross we1ght, the tare, and the net we1ght of the aga 1nst h1s consent tobacco m each package It w11l be seen that the fact 3 Any one can set up m busmessas an adJuster here, reqmred m sectiOn 62, are not identical w1th the facts as 1t reqmres no license and IS not an office legally requ1red m sectwn 68, (I) sectwn 62 absolutely requires recogm ze d Our best adJUSters are experts both m the manufacturer's name ,and place of manufacture mathematJCal calculatiOns and msurance 'aw, and fur to be pnnted or marked on the package Se"'tlon msh valuable ass1stance m complicated cases, espec 1 ally 68 allows th" propnetor s name to be used mstead of o f general average The real d 1 fficulty m seJtlmg a the manufacturers, but does not reqmre the place of partlalloss 1s m a m1sunderstandmg of the pnnc1 p!es manufacture (as for mstance Ch1cago or foledo) to wh1ch govern the applicatiOn to 1t of the underwnter s be reoeated liability Here IS a cargo of coffee mv01ced at 200 (2) SectiOn 62 requu es the g1oss we1ght, the tare and and msured for t>s ooo It IS damaged at sea and the the net wezght to be pnnted or marked on each package partial loss under that pohcy 1s to be fixed 1 he first SectiOn 68 does not requ1re these facts, but requues the thmg 1s to fix the sound value of the cago, the a p collectzon dzstnd and the State And further, 1t requ1res pra1sers say th1s IS $7 ooo The next step to sell 1 t a cattlzon noltcc, and prescnbes the language of the sams and fix 1ts present or damaged value It sells for$' soo' Wh1le I have no doubt that It was the mtentwn of the Just here the merchant steps m, claimS that .>he 15 la w to ha1e the facts reqmred m sectwn 62 marked msured for $ s,ooo, and h1s loss IS $ 3 ,soo the under wnhr a stencil, or branded mto, or upon, the box nter should pay all of 1t But that 1s not the legal or Jtsel ., ahd the f ac ts requued m sectwn 68, with the equ1table rule The underwnter IS only bound for the cautwn notice, pnnted upon a. separate label and actual percentage of loss 'I hus 1f the sound alue of securely affixed by pastmg to each pad.age of tobacco the coffee 1s $7,ooo and Its damaged value then or snuff contammg more than I6 ounces, the language the loss IS fifty per cent 'I he underwnters w 11l then employed IS such as m1ght naturally ra1se the question pay, not fifty per cent of the wholP. Joss, 1 f 1 ts whole whether the pnntmg or stenc1\lmg of the facts reqmred value was not msured, but fifty per cent of h 1 s msur' 10 both sectwns dlfectly upon the package and w1thouc ance That IS, he will pay $2 soo The other $1 ,000 the use of any labe l at all, IS not a full compliance wllh of loss the owner suffers because he d 1 d not have the the law Adm1ttmg that the law and the regulatiOns coffee fully msured He msured f;s,ooo, and 1..h1 s \\auld be complied w1th when the manufacturer pnnts coffee IS damaged half 1ts sound \ alue he gets half of or stencils directly upon the package mstead of usmg $s,ooo, il 1t IS damaged only ten per cent of 1 ts sound any label at all, still 1t w6uld not be optiOnal w1th h 1 m value he can recover on'y ten per cent of $5, 000 and to pamt or stencil, as. the case m1ght be, the facts th1s IS the rule o{ adJustment requ1red by sectwn 62, OIJHttmg to pnnt or stencil the facts requ1red by section 68, nor vue versa Ne1ther would he be complymg w1th the law to select out por twns from each sectwn to pnnt upon h1s packages, but a full and proper compliance With the law would requ1re that he should pnnt thereon all the facts requ1red m sectwn 62, m the order there1n named, and m addzt;on thereto, to prmt all the facts w1th the cautiOn not1ce as provided m sectwn 68, each m the order named m the law and the regulatiOns Any thmg short of th1s would not be a comphance n h1s part w1th the Ia\\ and would not be accepted by th1s offir.e, as such, and sup posmg an attempt were made by the manufacturer to comply with the requirements of the law m th1s manner the d1fficulty of so complymg 1s such, owmg to 1m perfect 1mpresswns made by prmtmg or stencilling so much matter upon a small package, and the liab 1 llty from exposure to have such pnntmg defaced, obhter ated, or faded out, that no one package could on these accounts cla1m absolute exemptiOn from a hab1hty to se1zure and detentiOn, TOBACCO _CULTURE. The proper tlme, says the Massachusetts Ploughman, for removmg the plants from the tobacco bed to the field w1ll not on i y depend m a measure upon the s"ze of the plants but the locahty has much to do w1th 1t 1 he tobacco growers m Connecticut usually begm to trans plant about the rst of June and by the I sth are through Where they are ra1sed under glass, settmg frequently commences the last week m May Ordmanly the plant should not be removed from the beds before the first or second week m June \Vhen they are removed and set out very early they become ready for the cutter about the middle of August, when we nre hable to have unfavorable weather for cunng, this however was not so last season Tobacco that wat cut and hung early m tha season was the-freest from pole rot and sweat Th1s, however, IS not usually the case It 1s a frequent saymg w1th tobacco growers that they do not want the1r to be ready to cut until the first week m Sep tember We somet1mes have an early frost while often times 1f left out until the :zoth of September 1t IS unm JUred When they have attamed the s1ze of a s1lver dollar th ey are large enough to take up Choose 1f possible a damp or ramy day, the_ fully from the roots, or 1t can remam on, but should be handled with care so as to avo1d break1ng the leaves Stocky plants that 1s, those that do not grow too closely together and have short, broad leaves, are the best and most hkely to live 1f set m a dry time Drop the plants carefully on each h1ll, watenng before settmg 1f the soil IS dry Then msert two fingers mto the hill placmg the roots m so they Will not be bent or curled up but occupy a natural! position favorable for the1r growth Water after settmg, and 1f the weather be very dry and hot cover the plants w1th moss or cut hay d1pped 10 water but remove m a day or two to preven the1r bemg mJured by msects The common method of occasiOnally settmg two plants m a hill1s a good one and w1ll be needed to trans plant when the cut worm has left h1s mark WoRMING -It may well be sa1d that tobacco and cot ton seem to be espec1al favontes of the msect world Almost as soon as the tobacco plants are set out they have to contend wHh a destructive and persistent foe Some years It IS almost 1mpossJble to extermmate them seemmgly determmed to destroy every plant T-he; were never more plentiful and destructive than last year and many fields were g1ven up Th1s foe 1s the cuf w0rm It feeds upon the plant dunng the mght eatmg out the centre of the plants, or, ch1t," as 1t 1s called, and thus leavmg only a few leaves, wh1ch will be the only ones, as no more w11l grow after the centre of the plant has been destroyed The plant should be pulled up and another reset m 1ts place Sometimes the worm IS ex-ceedmgly small and can hardly be found, wh1le at others they are from one half to an mch m length The tobacco field should be wormed early 10 the mornmg as they can be easily t.-aced and the hole t'l1scovered where they entered the ground Usually they will be lsrb.ilit' to get. the tobacco plants started We had a slight ram last Tuesday but of not any account for tobacco plantmg; as those did plant all pemhed the next day It 1s a very dry _spell, commencmg so early that but few small patches were planted m tune to be m a thnvmg condltlon The maJOnty of our farmers anJ ra1sers have g1ven. up all hope of plantmg more than what they had commenced-as &Orne of them have planted three t1mes over, and watered them 111 the evemng and mormng, and all for nothmg Mr Graybeed, a farmer nellr our place had prepared 8 acres for tobacco, and he dq_es not thmk that he IS able to get out more than acres So at most all other place&, you can pass through the country and ue doz ens of tracts prepared for plantmg-but no tobacco plants -sill wa1hng for r-am l o day "e have the 27th of June, wh1ch 1s 7 days later than we ever plant By the :zotb of June all tobacco should be planted if you w1sh to ra1se a fine crop The cut worms are very bad-1f you have some started, and nounsh the plants w1th wa ter 1 hen, at mght, these cut worms smell mmstened ground and come a,ong and eat, m the m:IJOnty of cases the most tender part of the p}ant, VIZ the heart, ) wh1ch of course makes the plant useless The number of acres planted 1n tobacco m our section w11l not be one th1rd of the amount of last year It 1s 1moossable: for those plants that have not penshed to contmue so Without the timely arr1val of ram so that 1f no ram falls for the next-ten days our tobacco men m the country need not put Pennsylvama down for any large number of cases, of seed leaf From present appearances rt. will be the slflallest crop ra15ed for a number of } ears. Respectfully yours, HIRAM K MILLER. KENTUCKY The Hopkmsv1lle Nt10 E,a observes The condi twn of the crops 1s any thmg but enc our 1gmg. The: rams have prevented farmer& from culu' au 1g thear com unlll 1t IS covered w1th grass and weeds Tobacco 10 low p}aces 15 literally buned Many farmers will have to reset m consequence of 1t SeTeral crops of wheat. have been overflowed and rumed From the Mayfield .ve,ocraF Most of the tobacco m Graves and Callaway-of wh1ch there IS a large crop bemg set-Is out, and w1th the exceptiOn of plamt of cut werms, 15 domg very well MASSACHUSETTS The followmg are from the New England Homestead Tobacco plants were scarce last year,. wh1ch led the growers to prepare beds on a more extenSIVe scale The result 1s a surplus of plants th1s year We are authoriZed to say that the statement m our article on" Improvement m tobacco drymg houses" lB Homestead of June 7, that" the doors must be of the: same width IS mcorrect, they may lie of different wJdths. or any desued w1dths by havmg the arm long enough so that the rail will clear the widest door It has been many years smce there has been so senous a drought at th1s season of the year, m the Connecticut valley It-: comes 'in a time td IDJUre the prospects of the hay crop very matenally, IS defernng the settmg of tobacco plants 10 some sections The growth of vegetables,. fru1t, and cr6ps are very much retarded Wrn JI J}Jckmson 9fHatlie1d, the veteran ratser of the weed, fimsh.P,d settmg h1s whole crop of u acres of tobacco, Wedneaday, watenng by and-, ppwer every plant tfiat bas been re set Histobacco IS lookmg finely, although troubled somewhat by worms VIRGII\IA ._ Tlie Amhurst Enterpnse says -The prospect for a: tobacco crop m some secti'lns of our country 1s doubl ous, there_ havmg been no favorable season for plantmg smce phnts have reached a proper s1ze It IS contended that tobacco planted after the ID!ddle of June w1ll not make a first class article The adv1ce of an old and expenenced hand to those who have failed to get a 'stand' up to th1s time 1s, at the first opplllrtumty plant all the good land you can poss1bly prepare and. attend dunng the season, and the1eby make up m quantity ..,hat li lackmg m quality The Chatham Tnbune states that the favorable: season last week enabled the farmers of th1s section to fimsh plantmg tobacco There were many, however ,. who had already fimshed that tJme, and we learn that a very heavy crop 1s now m the hill The Ha11fax Relord says the farmers of that county have had very fine tobacco seasons, and many of them have fimshed planmg, and, of course, are dellghted TheLynchbu1'g Republican of the ISth, observes -The tobacco producars are now engaged m plantmg, the plants presentmg a healthy and thnfty appearance From the same paper-VegetatiOn here, as elsewhere IS extremely bacKward The want of a season has delayed the settmg out of tobacco plan'ts, and "the farmmg mterests generally are d1scouragmg An exchange announces that the tobacco warehouses at South Boston, Vemon, Clover, etc, are st1ll domg a. heavy busmess Th1s great staple IS kmg m th1s secbon 1 he manufacturers of Dam ille have realized.. handsome rofits smce the war They say the questiOn asked m Dansville concernmg a stranger IS not qrtz ? but quzd? m alluswn, I suppose to the manufactured article. Louts a The Rul11n012d through a corresp.ondent says The people of th1s county are makmg preparatwns for a large crop of tobacco but as ye t the plants are too small for plantmg, m facr, there 1s some complamt of scarcity of plants, and some of the farmers w11l no doubt have t,o cut short the1r crops on this account fhe oeople of the county are undergomg a trymg t1me,., as there was a very small crop made last year, and the most of them have bread and meat to buy, and but for the favors shown many of the farmers by their comm1s swn merchants, etc m R1chmond, I can not see how. they could have made a crop WISCONSIN Says the Jamesvtlle Gazette, the heavy rams of June22 a11d 23 have gJVen the crops a forward movement wh1ch almost ensures perfectiOn m small grams The rams have also rendered the s01l ancl atmosphere par ticularly favorable for transplantmg tobacco plants, and the farmers are 1mprovmg the1r opportumty Ad11ertwements. .. of TM Tqbacco Leaf. Naw YoRK Jutu 1873 To THB EDI T O R OF THE TOBACCO LKAF As a matter of mte rest to our custom en tn the West and South and your readers generally we would state that a h gh handed outrage attempted by an obscure manufacturer of th s cJty (who was mdebted to us for many (avon), ill'l endeavor ng to pre,ent our selhng the rhree Color Brand of Ctgars was. promptJy prevente d by Hts Honor Chief Justlce Daly of tbc Sopettor Court,. who on b.eartng of a mot o n o f tnJunctio n tmmedtately vacated the same L HIRSc'li'MJRtrJ'll; CO NEw YOK'X 'fllw ut a:S73 To tlu Ed !oro/ THE TOBACCO LEAF The above pubhCI\tion m your issue o f the :JOth June compels me to make. the following repl y 1 wtab. to mfonn my fnends East. West auf. South.., and your readers generally that I am the aole proprietor of the Three C.alor Brand and that I am the one deJCnbe4 as \_be Manufacturer The Ohscu ,.'iiy of me can best be man tested by an tospectton of my unpretent ous Factory IN AsTOR s Naw DouB 1t BRtCK ButLDtNG 90 &: 9' BoWERY though I ma;r be I am at least well reputed to be h onest and fau deal ng tn my transactions and do not enjoy the chara"cte r of a professtona! har and blower Every Box of Cigars manufactured under the Three Color Brand by your correspondent bears on the label my Dame and Copy nght wh ch 1s suffic ent ev deuce to prove my ownership The inJunction was tempora.nly "acated by consent of my counael dnrin8' my abaence frem. the Ctty and not upon any heanng befOre any Judge and wlll be aga1o obta ned Any favors your correspondent may have extended me f they have not been amply requtted can hardly JUSttfy htstnfnngement on ID)!i JUSt Rtghts Yours truly, GUSTAV FUCHS ouR "'co oo & 9' Bowery Three Colors P ool Croquet Last Rose Lady Warren Jeanne d Arc Indtan Crown Hansa Fueproof Ptdgeon Post Uttle Mary Real Love ,. Two ltems Pubhc Optnton Evtntng Star Justice of Peace TO LET -FRON'f OFFICE o n ,a Fl1>0r or 47. "STREET With fOBACCO SAMPLE ROOM ADJOINING Apply to SAW' YER W ALLA.CE & CO 421 tf COPE'S TOBACCO PLANT-A MONTHLY JOURNAl. for 1Smuker1. Publiabed at To 10 Lord NelMm street LITerpool land wnere aubeorlp&Lons may be addressed or to the X..All' OFnc&. Pr1ee t o;o 1lillllngs (Eng IF h) per ID.Ilum Trade A.dvwt.iaements iO till U!ng per inell. No advertleements recelvH-' lor a horter period Ulan eh mouths :Marh1nery for Business A.d.Grcft.'M. A.Dnouncementp &c la per hne No or er for Advt:rtiJinA' W"I J be con. siderr.d a.ccompanied by the e ne11pon dwg amouut Thi rulo nl 1nva.ti&bly be a o hered to FOREIGN DUTIES ON TOBACCO In Austria France It.aly and Spain the tobacco commerce ts monopolized by government under duection o f a Regte In Germany the dutr on A mer can leaf tobacco 1s 4 thalers per 100 lbs In Belgtum the impost ta reckoned after deductmg 15 per cent for tare The duty 1s 13 centlmee ($2 40 g eld) per 100 Kilogrammes (100 Amencan lbs equ.U .fS>; kilos.) la Holland the duty 11 28 cents. gold per 100 ktlos. (2& Amencan pouods betng equal to 127 kdos) 1n Rl}SS a the duty on leaf tobacco ta 4 roubles kopeks per pud on smoktnl' tobacco 26 rou -40 cop pud and on cigars s rou 20 cop per pound The pud is equal to about 36 Amencan 1011 lo Turkey the duty 15 fifty cents gold per Amertcan ouDcea. ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY. .,.,50,000 DRAWN EVERY 11 DAYS, GER:MA.N GOVERNMENT LOTI'EBI.ES. Oue Pnz:e m Averaae on Two Tickets Prizes cashed and mformauon given THEODOR ZSCHOCH, P 0 Box 6o8o. L4W u6 Nassau St. New Yo'lo" ..


-4 'rUE-TOBACVO LEA.F. JULY 2 .-TilE VIBGIKIA ... fOBACCO AaEN-CY, ESTABLISH,ED IN I8J6, Ji.r CHAftLE5 M. CONNOLJ:Y: CONNOLIIY 4 CO., CO'MIIISSION MERCHANTS ; IN Leaf and Tobacco, 0 45 WATER STREET, NEW YORK. We. call the attention of the trade to the "Standard .Brands of Manufactured Tobacco : POUNDS....o.l I AND 12 INCH. Wll'fK SAP, /GOLDEN SEJlL, GALLIIIGO, PR-!,EDMIV-8111...!' JIIOIUIING STAR, 11'01JR E Wll'II8TON. HEl!fllY <.0. 'I'WIN IIITBRS, 'I'.A.LLY HOI BOYA.Lo l'l.urDARD, .... BIIICHT AND DA .. K-4s, ISs, DOUJIL.:: T.itiCKS. "(<. T. ]. SLAUGHTER. B. H. WtsooM. EDWARD M, WRIGHT & CO, sLAUGHTER co., ncral Commission Merchanta TOBACCO & COTTON FACTORS, AND General Commission Merchants 41 BROAD STDET, N.Y 38. road Street, NEW YORK STRAITON & STORM, ID!IJ)e(:ft'd er Sa1Dpled. Certificates given for every case and delivered c;uo y case, as IO number ofCertJficate. N.B.-Wt at.o Sample'" M e rchants',.,;,,. Stores. PRINCIPAL & CO., O S E GAO R S, Water 173 Front '7. '76 .t; '78 G I',. 8 Hodeon River Ball Ro:...d. Depot, si. Pftrk. reenwieh Street., and 1, 2, J. McJ. BENSEL & co., VETTERLEIN & BOCK. 10 DEl'lilYS'l'ER S'l'REE'I', TOBACCO JOHN S'mAITON, ---STOIUC. c 0 MMIS SI 0 N MERCHANTS ALEXANDER MAITLAND. L. F s. MACLEHOSE. Storage _provicled in First-Class Warehouses, oft "' L M A I T L A ND ,__ Certificates issued and Cases delivered 6 Cedar Street, New York. 1 h Jl.ingly or in lots. P. 0 n x 4 "" \\ AND FACTORS, t,'(J.; __ tc BONIFACE, GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS Tobacco Commission Mere han ts A d ; on & C0., L!VERPOO:. 86 f'RONT STREET,. NEW YORK r and Tob, acco of and North C arolina. THE T O B cc 0 Special Brands of Plug and' S m oking Tobacceo Brands Of Smoking Toba}:c o 11. Blakemore, Mayo & Co., "JOSEPH P. nuJN c HAS K BILL, JW TRADE DIBECTOBY. TOBAG.I::O AND COTTON :!'. O.VIl'l' &. A I CO.MMISSION MERCHANTSP Tobacco Factors, And General Commillion llerchant.. COMPLETE. BROAD ST., No. 39 Broad Stree&, .ReasonablcAdvonceamade}NEW YORK D I R E c T 0 _I_ EED LEAF AND HAVANA TOBACCO, OF T:O:EJ BURUNO WATER YORK. To ba,cco a,nd Ciga,r Tra,de C)F T:O:E United States, England,-W'ales, $cotland, LABELS, For Smoking and Manufactured Tobac'co, I'UBNISH&D BY '!'HE HATCH LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, LITHOGRAPHERS, -& 34 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, AT GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. "" Hamburg, Antwerp, F ... W. TATGENHORST, TOBACCO THOMAS KINNICUTT, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Melbourne, GEIUAL MIBtBAIT Leaf Tobacco Ko. 5:1 Broad Street, NEW YORK. 68 '-ROAD STREET, Keut.llcky and Virginia 0 NEW YORK. and $ydney. \ THE FmST COMPLETE PUBLIOATION OF THE KIND EVER ISSUED. CONTAINS OVER TWENTY THOUSAND NAMES. CUTH_RIE & CO., o.1.GEB.A1Ul, BETTS &. CO.,._ Price of the Directory, -Five Dollars. DKKISSION ODDnciiANTs, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, 11THE TOBAcco LEAF." PUBL-ISHING coMPANY, Am> 142 Fulton Street, New York. t. '1'0:&GO Paaauma, r Commission Merchant!!) -Tobouo p..-.1 In baleo tor the Wee! Indleo, i:Jicu.OIId IDdotherm&lkello. 1 OLD SLIP. A. D. CBOCKLE1, from Rsunver N E W Y 0 R K. CO:rotiSSiqN MERCHA.NT, lDIBPJI .A. THA .. BI.Q, And Leaf Tobacco Deale'lo., 10. 168 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, JlawaDa Tobacao Abo, corner T!drteent.h and Cary Streets, .&.KD oxo..a.a... RIOHJIIOND, Va., BoUolta Conehrnment. for the lfew York House. I H. PltMBERTON J .. s. G p..,.,., Pemberton & Penn, br t TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 'Pith a long experience in tile business, ttfer their services to fill orders for Laf IJ..,. omllfactumi T()bacco, DANV.U.LE, VA. 'Paoor .Cigar Tabaooo' Bae:s, ROSENWALD & BROTHER, IXPOlt 'I'lCltS 0:1' SP.A:N'ISB, AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, ciGARRIBDONS } W t St t N y k eonstaatly on haud. 145 a er ree ew or ? DOHAN, & CO., TOBACCO C 0 M M I S S I 0 N M E R C H A N T S, 104 FRONT STREET, I'M J. DOHAN, } -{TH0S. CARROLL, ALEX. FORMAN. .SW voaa. ) NO. T. TAITT. A[ents for the followin[ Wellknoin Viru;inia Manufacturers: J, B. PACE, YARBROUCH & SONS, J. H. CRANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BROTHER, D. B. TE/IINANT & CO. L. H. FRAYSER & CO. B. W. OLIVER, H. CREANER, CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSON, THOMAS HARDCR.OVE, J. R. PAC. E & CO. RACLAND & JONES, RACLAND & TOSH, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE,R. A. PATERSON. & CO. J. P. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Sole Agents in New York for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. ss. and Pocket Pieces A lso Agents for John W. Carroll's Celebrated Smoki11g Tobaccos, Lone Jack d! Brown Dick, etcu rn dark work to our Thistle" Brand, so widely known in many parts of our Country for its beauty of w orkmanship_, delicacy of. chew, etc. we wo uld invite the attentio-:1 of Jobbers; a lway s on hand in lbs half lbs., threes, pocket pieces, etc. "" 1\U. 1' i\IITH.ELJGE. E C. WHEELOCK. .WM. P. KITTREDGE & Ctt., T 0 B A C C 0 COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Agents for the Popular Eranas of Virginia Tobacco, 71 & 73 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. S. W. VENABLE. R. P HAMILTON. W. VENABLE & CO., DEALERS IN LEAF. AND MANYFACTURERS OF< PLUG TOBACCO, PETERSBURG. r .A. .. .Dealer n J ahan a anb J taf OCnhattns, .,. MILL STBI:ET, Bochester, N. Y. 1 THE JOBBING or TBE F. E. GERNIIARDT & CO., OF 1o6 LOCUST STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO., Havin g completed arraQgements haveAoca ted a branch at 121Y'1ifAIDEN LANE, NEW YORK, and are now m a nufa ct uring all their choic e BRAreDS OF 1 CIGARS, at the abo ve mentioned place. WILMOT'S CLAMP, AND PRESS FOR CIGAR MOULDS PATKNTHDMARC H 4TH, r 873. SAMUEL WrL! 247 Jefferso n Avenut-, Detroit, Mich. Stmplest, Cheapest a n d most Substantial Press now in f ot: this purpose. The Cl amp IS d ev tsed o n the sameprinci pte tohold the Moulds under pressure aft e r they leaye the press, and requi r e s o n e Clamp for tee. M oulds. It provided with a series of holes for holding a less num.b erofMoulds if nece1isary ltdis penses with the confusion and annoyance Of in and out o f wedges whi c h soon become useless after sev ere hammering. It a lso obviates the necessity of placing the Moulds under the press again afte r the bunches are turned, as tt sufficient power to press thent back into position, thereby saving mucb. t ime in handling. PRICR OP PRI!SS .................. $16 00 CLAMPS, .EACH,................... l so N. B.-In o rdering clamps please state thickness of m oulds for wht c h they are d e sired. ESTABLIS1:X:ED 1822. "COPEIBAGER SlUFF," Jos. 8uLzBACHER, Manufactured cmly by DEALER IN WEYMAN lc Bf'OTHER, SEED LEAF Seoured 'Letters Patent, December 26, t865. An on our copyright will be rigorously pros AND =W HAVANA TOBACCO !51 Water Street, UP STAIRS. I!JiW y'?RK-. .u>OI,PII wraoo. otruro RzrTH!fSTmN. STROHM &, REITZENSTEIK, J.LBO D&J.J.JtRS IX DOMESTIC J.lm IIIPORT.ERS OF FOR-IGN TOBA.C'C(I_ 176 Front Stree:t, N.Y. FELIX CARCIA, IMPORTER OF HAY ANA LEAF TOBACCO, Manu1facturers of RAPPXE, CoNGRESS, and S coTCH ... (n.oM T C:OTIERRIZ). A N D C I GAR S, 8 & 13 SMITHFIELD ST. PITISBIJII6, PA ALSO o THE wnL KNowrr o. 1 GARTH, soN a: co., Brands ofGi!ars 'La Carolina' &'Henry Clay. {Su ccessor3 to CKAaLas B. & Co. } Commission Merchants, NO. 44 BROAD ST ... Ag'tfor 'TELECRAPH' Brand. 18'1' Water St., N.Y. NOTICE. X. Y. Oommtnion BULKLEY MOORE & CO. VIRGINIA Tobacco Commisaion --Jt"TEe Aeall ..... '1: '14 FRONT Sfreet. lfREIELBERii & co., I 160 PEARL ST., New YoRK. J. D KREIELBER& & CO., BALTIMORE, MD. KREIELBERG, SCHAEFER & CO., NEW ORLEANS, LA. mmn M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTBR UP BAVANl And Dealer in a.l1 kinds of I. :Z A "J1' 'I' 0 :SAC C O, 162 PEARL ST., NEW YORK CHAS. F. TAG & ON, Importers ot SPANISH. and Dialers t n all k:Lnds of LEAF TOBACCO, 184 Front Street, N:EWYOU. ------&. REISMANN & CO. Qto-mm-issiou .A:1fD IN ALL K.DU>8 o LEAF TOBACCt' 179 PEAXI. STREE'i', N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, \ IHOLESALE DBALRRS 6t HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. E. & G FRIEND & CO DEALERS IN Leaf Tobacco, 129 MAIDEN LANE, EowAtm FwE:ox, } Y'P ... YORK lliDWARDFIUEND. J a o

' /JULY 2 JA1fOBBIIIILL, MANUFACTURER OF BOXES, SUPERIOR -MAKE AND Prime Quality of I CEDAR WOOD. r ALSO, .DEALER IN GER.MA1\T CIGAR MOllDS a93, 296 & 297 Monroe St., NEW YORK. WM. AGNBW SOBS, 'robaooo and Commis;uoll 1 884. and 286 Front NEW YOBK. 1IA. VB ON SAL K ALL DESC!B.IP1'101a1 Of Leaf for Export and Hollll II& Leaf T obacco baled in an1 package bt lie press for export. LA FERME." T. MILLINGTON & ECDIEYEI. 4 8 BROAD STREET, i 48 NEW STREET, SOLE AGENTS F Q R La Ferme Russian Cigarettes. DAVIDSOR BROTBIRS, HAVANA a nd SEED LEAF TOBACCO, l .. S Water Street, Near M a id e n L ane, NEW YORK. ) M. W. MENDEL & BRO. Segars & Leaf Tobacco; l 190 EARL STREET. New Yo'l'k, Leaf Tobacco. Old Connecti cut W.Ja_ppers, Old SJ-ate Seed TVrappers, The Finest Hava na Wrappers and Fillers. H. COLELL, 172 W ater Street, Ne-w York. READ& Co., SUCCESSORS TO !SAAC READ, MERCHANTS, And D e alers in Virginia and' Western Leaf and Manufadured Tobacco, Licorice, Gum, etc., 1St Old S lip, New York. WALTER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE, IMPORTERS Ol' HAVANA AND DEALERS IN DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 203 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK CITY. A. S. ROSENBAUM & CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA -TOBACCO AND CIGARS, a DEA.LEll.S :IN SEED LEAF PALMER & SCO_VILLE, AJro JOBBBBtl OP ALL ltlNDS o LEAF I .TOBACCO, No. 170 Wate'C Street, New YlYrk. L PALMER --A H. SCOVILLE, "Connecti011t Seed-leafWrapperof our Own pMiririg -DEALER, IN LE_.F 213 PEARL STREET, ltTBtv FO.R.K. BAT JER & OOIOII8810N IIE!WIUNTS AND DIPOB.TERS 01' CLAY PlBES, WATER-STREE'l. NEWLOBENSTEIN & HfPORTERS OF S'J?RAPS 0 AND CUTTERS, lOl MAIDEN LANE, YOBJt. e FOX, DILLS & CO., SUCCESSORS TO EGOERT, DILLS A1mq 'n'ode is lolidtedfOf' 0... fr>IJ.mning wll.tMIDft l!NIIIU. Lew;s Maddux, Lookout tlounde rs. H. C. Maddcu, Navy Pounds, Lt:wis Maddux, Lookout Navy Pounds, _. C. N a vy Half P oands (30 ib. n.ddlL ewi a Looloooot Half Pom>ds, H. C. Madduz, Navy Hall.Poauds ($lb. caddleo ), L e wla MaddllX, Looli.outd ooble thick Nay half--pouado H. C. MaiiBERT w_ OLIVER, Richmond, Va, I Wll'fOFIELD Iii LAWSON, Il-iohmood, Va. .... _.&It CO.,-D C lilA Y.O & CO., RiclUIJ<>n<\ Va WOl'fACK & INGRAM, 1\fl:adsville, Va. 'iAoUnl .&. W J GENTRY & CO., Richmond, Va. W. DUKE, Durham, N C MA\'0 & Kl!IOHT, V a R. T. FAUCETT, Durham, N.C.. ..MANUFACTUR1:RS OF I HARDGROVE, POLLARD & 'C0 Richmond, v ... cooPI:l\ & "LA NORJriAvDI" & -LA PBnuuco" CIG The special attention of the Trade is called to the !ollowi-{lg established Brands : 11 a-1' li 1 IIIANIJI' Ad'rOBED MAN1JF AC'l'UB.ED AD4 ot Bzaot Imitationa ot x-dlntr l'mP.orted Branda. Baadmade Clpra ezoi-...ITe!J', Virgiaia Beeutiea, P P.'swboloo aod X Caddieo @ld Ned' Ch<>lce, X, )Ss, P P's. Yir&inia Beauties, 3s, .tf81 and 149 D. C. Mayo & Co., Navy lM. .. ALSO J)E AT IN TOBACCO' Farmer's Daughter, 3-5, ,.., and )(a. D C. Mayo&Co,, Navy, Ji's. and )is, P P .,ln wholo, s.mewune,oand3PiugTwlt-"ndJ(oaddtes. 1 PEARL STREET NEW YORK SaiJie Willie, !'\g. D. C Mayo cl; Co.,,JS, 4' and'""' -'257 lnvigclble, Fil(, W J -Gentry &: Co. Xs,-)is, J(s, P. P's, Orienbl, Fig, U1 ti.n foit K lb boHs, fancy. aad.loUfJ 10'1. .. '" Charm, 6-ioch Twist, in tin foil, X caddiea. Mayo&Kn1ght, Navy, .J{s, Hs. J(s, P P's. &: lon& zos.. Cllarmer, 6 omd u inGh twi11t. Luscio u s Weed, u-tneh plug. .. OKillfG; ill' b a gs of 1s, JWs. )(.s, aad )Is lbs.Chas Henry, Jr. 9-iDc::h liaht pressed. Cold Bug. Vtrslnia's Choke. Ambrosia; lba -' Gold Medal. n .,J Oliv er's Cbolee lbs. O live. R ose Old Kentuck,lbs. Caeyque. Star. Reward of luduatry, lbl. O li ver's Choice Virginia Belle. .. Pride of the Natioo,Jbs. 'Nugget. P ioneer. lba Nation. Harvest Queen, Xs, }fs, :P P's. Duke's Durha111.. D andy Liou. Farmer11 Choice, )(s, }is, P P s. Faucett's Du.dum. Particular attention given to putting up spec ia l brands for SOLE use of owners. .. -, T. H. MESSENGER & CO., IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN -joloUillloil-:.'F. 'TO'EACCO, CICABS, J:.ICOB;;;C:J;J .A::n.d. 1\-l:a.:n. "' I ----PASTE LlCORI.CJil, 1 -TONQ.!JA BEANS. I W A.."' POWDERED LICORICE, EXCELSIO_Jct, KNIVE:)', FLA EXTRACT 161 MAIDE.:N LANE. CIGAR.MOULD PRESSES&:. STRAPS. A.-& :r. B B. 0 MANUFACTUR-ERS O F other Mannfactnrin[ Ci[ars; IMPORTERS OF GERM-AN CIGAR MOULDS -. ...... J 57.59,& 61, Lewis St., bet.Delancy& R-ivington, NE'W' YORK. DOXES,AND III!P OR 1'ER OF GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS, DB4LE& [.,tf Ci[ar-Monld Presses, Stravs -and 253 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. J. SCHMITT & CO. IMPORTERS OF & ))EALERS IN I JULIAN ALLEN r_ SeedLeaf and Havana Leaf Tobacco, lr'"'' ,_ --.... .,...-....., ___ AUERBACH. & IENDEBSON, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, No. 138 WATER ST., NEW YORK. SAMUEL JOSEPHS, MANUFACTURER OF FINE C IGARS, AND DIALER II LIAF TOBACCOS No. 166 FRONT STREET, NEW y(nnc_ The attention of the Trade IB ealle d to my celebrated DUIIIOJIJo GERMAN AMERICAN BANK, _BROADWA!, eol'!ler of Cedar NEW YORlt: Capital, : DRAws BfJ;,I;S OF E4GH1\NGE and issues LEJTERS OF CREDIT availabl e at all prin c ipal places abroad. Accounts and CotTespondence pf Merchants, :Banks, Bankers, etcsolicited. 0. H. SCHREINER. Caallier. S. IICIAELIS -& CO., IMPORTb:RS OF Plt:&:SSlCS, STRAPS & CUTTERS, 196 PE.A.Il.L STn.DT, NEW YOR'K. s. BARNETT, SCHROEDER &KOOK DEALER lN HAVANA AND DOMESTIC PACKERS OF LEAF TOBACCO 144 Water St., NEW YORK. A VANA TOBACCCl 203 Pearl St., NewYOrk City. 172 WATER STREET; .-Ferdinand Westhoff, Jr., HARTCORN & GERSBEL. 162 Water St., N -ew York. J SCHMITT, C JOST. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY, E. sPING-ARN & co., -A.-s-T-EI_N_a-co-.,_ Commission Merchants, Forwarding Merchant AND DEALERS IN MANUFACTUREl\S OF FINE CIGARS, LEAF-TQBA60o, $1 MA:rDIIN' 1.4.1\1'11, Now Yo-rk. NEAR WATER-ST REET, -197 Duane-street, EUGENE Du BOI S NEVV-YOR- _;: _STEIN, \ 1\T,__ "\VI()"'''./ !t. L, GASSERT II. Ol'I>IS'-Rli lLEX, iHUCH"AUS. Sl)(, )(, SPI>fGARN, lL WASSERMAN. _i_'J 'V .. '-"' ll Jl Jl.l.o J. L. GASSBBT & BBO., COMMISSION :MERCHANT Cigar manuftWturers Darticularly favored. F O R THE SALE OF COMMISSION MERCHANTS Leaf Manufactured, & Smoking .urn DEALERS :mALL KIND o.. T 0 B A C C 0 ,. Leaf Tobacco; 7 5 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. Manuf:l:ctured T obacco o f all Styles and Qualities dtNo. I 60 Water Street_. New York. rect from the best Manufac tories of Virginia, for sale in 1-o -su'!"it,;,.pu-rr.ha -se-rs ____ FELIX MIRANDA, LBkNRlO-A IMPORTER OF -D. & A BENRIMO, BAVAIA LEAF TOBACCQ AND OF THE BRAND OF CICARS "RITICA," r222 Pearl St, New York. .A; c. L. Msu:a, J F. o. Mzu:a. !, (), L, & O, MEYER, --FORWARDING LEAF TOBACCO, t:w. WATER-STREET, NEW-YORK, Hav e on oale all kln:ds ot UAl' TOB.I.OCO tor EXPOR7 md BO!IE USI. i A. RoBeRT E. KELL v & co., FRIEDMAN & OETTINGER 31 BEAVEI!. STREET, NEW YORX, tLATE OF 8'1'. Louis, Jltio.l IMPORTER$, OF HAVAIA AJD HAVAJA LEAf Dealers 1 n all kinds of ,. LEAF TOBACCO, KEY WEST FLORIDA. 147 WATER ST., NEW YOB-E:. 'l'D ANcm:Oll. CIGAR r ACTO BY ... ,. HOOD LESS. G C. t. DEGENHARDT. LEINKAUF & POLLAK, .w. J. HOODLESS & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF Fine Cigars, TOBA800 INSPEOTION, 202 CHATHAM STREE:r, a 15 '1:7 -1-9 21 23 25 Whitehall Street 1 H i J LKIMILtP I I I I f J roLLAa:. NEW YORK. Boot oCBroadvva;y, YOBKo M. SALOMON, E. SALO[\!:ON.i M. & E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, AND IMPORTERS OF I-Ia"'ana ToP,acco and Cigarli!!J, 85 MAIDEN LANE, N.Y. New York Agency. rR.E o.BJ.uur.&L GENUINE Chicago A!'J'ency URBAM 00-GEO. F. FOY & -CO., A. HEN & CO., 43 Liberty St. 85 S. Water St. Put u p in r; t, l-Ib, Bags. ;:de of ... Q -. 0 @ e this poputar Tobacco_haS c:.aued Am> No. 121 MAIDEN LANE. Commission Merchants, lllPORTER OF WILLIAM WlCKb. A. ROBSLB:R.. WM. WICKE a Co.,. I t to be extensively counter W, T.. BLACKWELl, feited, an d t o prevent> imJ"'!" tion when purchasing Durham, Successor to J R G:REEYE & CO. be particular to enquire W T BLACK WELL'S BULL BRAND, and see that it .bean No. 43 Beaver St., New York. Addr-byPoat, P 0. !lpealal attentio n paid t o tbe torwardiDg ot Tobacoo .., DEALER IN NEW YORK. MANUFACTU RERS OF to fo r eign countries. HEYMAN&LOWENSTEIN ow. Leaf Tobacco Segar Boxes, 1'51, 159 & 181 GOEKCK. ST, NEW YORK. Best Material and Supe ri?r Make lr1 &lfe Invented and Patmted Mac hinery. jill! :;iioO' 188 l'EAitL S'rUft, LEAF T 0 B A c c 0 .._eo Str,eet, P. o. Boz 2969. NE-w-YORK. 11111;w YORK. E. p ASOU AL BROTHER & (;o. -99 Maiden Lane, N.Y."" .. ..,.. S I N SALOMON, A. H. CARDOZO & CO., -COKMISSION KEBCUN'I'S AND Dr!rOI!.TDS or L. 8 : RO., Tobacco&CottonFactors, Havana laporier of -a Dealer in Leaf Tobacco SEED LEAF TOBACCO, aenera.l lllerchintl. P. o. sox WATBB. li'IIW 'I'OB.B. AND SEGARS, Xo. 86 MAIDEN LANE, 1 No.'" Pearl Street, NEW VOK .. F. W. SMYTHE & CO., Commission Merchants, Prhaoe' Bailoling. 30 NORTH JOHN STREET, LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND. E. D. Christian & Co., ).mmisslonMerchn.uts for the "Purchaue'' of NEW YORK. Street, I N:.Y= PRICE OF CLEAR BAVAIA ciGARS. ___ OF "THE VICHOT & CO. CIGAR COIIPAiiY," N o '1'6 PINE STREET, Na!lW YORK. &-u.per:lo:r :J:)e J'oee' l!WI:a.r:la 'V:lcho-t: P ackers and Dealers in Reina VlctorJa, .. $130 Londre, de Cortes Cil'#os, 155 ,_ Ha."" Reina Flna, -85 Conchas, extra, --80 ..., ,y Regalia Hrhanlea, 125 Con:eha8, 7'5 Regalia Lond.-e.s,-.. -Conchltaa, 60 Regalia Chiea1 -00 Panetela., '1'0 WINES AND lIQ:UQRS zan:aelao, -100 Flor --'1'0 J, extra, 90 Opera.fll Reina, .. 55 ]_60 FRONT Londres1 Chico extra, -60 IBtautes, 0 NEW YORK. _<>_. _:a_o_.x.-4 8 6 6-----:---:"--:------....... ----2oOtJ(} FFICE 133 Water Street, New York.' F ATMA.N-& CO., Cotton and Tobacco Factors, &WD COM:QaUSSION MFRCHANTSl '70 & BROAD STREET, VORIIt-SAWYER, W.ALLAOE&OO., Dealea nllae.. No. 47 Broad Street_ vnpED. WISCHMEYER & C" TO:BACCO COMMISSION-MEROHANTS 49 SOU:rH CHARLES ST BALTIMORE. ;r. B. BIIBGBIIA1W1I'; COMMISSION MERCHAN?, Packer & Dealer in : 1 VtRGINIA lEAf TOBACCO, H ..-onACCO EXCHA.NGE, aJI11ldl No. 4 (IRON fRONT BUILDING, Sycamore Street, ;, Petersbura. Va. General Commission Merchant, ..... d. BcL'Il>OD,.LhE""l.'ON Leaf., TOBACCO BROKER, Leaf Tobacco' Office in Tobacco Excha n ge, Shockoe S l ip, rucHMoNn, VA. .., PADUCA No. .14 Cedar St._. TOBACCO BROKER, Honkinsville, Kentucky. '-:, BALTIMORE. H, KY.I NEW YORK. -. ORDERS -----[Box 432.1 "' /


F I PWladelphia .A.dvertillem.e:atll. ... -tlbiMol!!'!!', Smith B .2011.. KDeobt, .. pan-m .au, JDJIIII a. "t x.a m..a.p-.. TOEIAOOO, _......,....... _,_.DM,.,. M 'ftS RACK 8TR T, .. TEIJ.ER-: BROS. ., PaokerS(CommJsldon Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in' Porelp and DoDJ.estlc 1171\iorth Third Street..Philadelphia. ""*' 1VOOD1V 4.-.Q, i7.4.R.R.Tr & 00., )TIB!CCO; Water St. and 82lfo.Delaware Av., Philadelphia. Nc:; 143 First Avenue, Pittsburgh. -. lEWIS BREMER'S SONS, Wholesale Dealers in LEAF" AND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET, PHILADELPHIA. A larg e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constantl on hand .O M. ANATHAN tc CO., .PACKERS, COM ISSION M RCHANTS, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN and Domestic Leaf 220 NORTH THIRD ST., PHILADELPliiA. THE Balti.Dlore .A.dvertisem.eDts. WESTERN ADVERTISEMENTS JULY2 d Ha.rUord .A.dvertisem.ent&. CASSIUS WXLLBS. X. B. HA.AI. "WM. A. & WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Cincinnati .A.dvertisem.ents. C. WELLES & CO., Rl:HARD MALL.AY. JAMEs M.ALL.AY. Henry Besuden & B-ro., 0 0 N N DSL E ED LEAF R.MALLAY & BRO -TOBACCO, 154 B. A Z. JL PEASB; lnA&TDD m WP TOBACCO, CI&ABS, j 33 SOUTH ST., BALTIMORE ..-.w. Dealers i n St., 163, & 165 PeiU'l Stret, I (OOIU!IIR or :s: K sT'RBn,) ....... ... ,_. & co., ToBAcco WORKs, I and 1 17 Weet Fron B etween Raoo ed Elm, -No. 181 WUT PU'l"l' B'l'IUT, B.ALTIKOU, K.AIYL.U(I),. MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF : sOIIIG AID CBIWIIG TOBACCOS. M. FALK, & CO., 143 Wat-er Street New York. GEO. KERCKHOH. G EO. p UNVEl......:re:nf:h.a.l. 0<>. R A CHAPMAN Baltim.ore, Md. MANUFACTURERs AND wHoLESALE DEALERs IN HOFFMAN, LEE & co.,. Cigars and Leaf Tobacco DBALBRIN TOBACCO w. DRESEL" co.; o. Connecticut Seed leaf Tobacco. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 87 GAy STREET, AlWABOK "rOBACCO 'WORKS. EAST HARTFORD; 63 Ezchlnge Place, B&!timore, Kcl: r-:BAL'l'IKOBE, KD.,..,. SHINKLE & LIN F 0 0 T, CONNECTtCUT. WEauthori .eSIG HTDRAFTfnramountofTAX 0 IJ A c c 0 CHOICE PLUG ANDManufac,!urlerN s o E f UU1' TOBACCOS with BILL OF LADING attached to Draft, and wili n:. w a:-n AVES make further CASH advances OD receipt o f Tobacco. EOmSSIOV VJiTD(IU' urns. U" .-..a T !1-119, 121 AND 123 WEST FtON'l' STBEET, CilJCINNATI, 0. PACitBR AND &KALER IK L W GUNTHER t OUR BRAXDS: PLUG-"Regal," Bright lbs. "To p -Knot," Bright lb. Jun iata, Bright Navy. o 0 9 "}Doiat.a," Bright Q u arters. FINE CONNECTICUT SEED' II I Ill GENERAL GunrclS.Watt., JameeW.Wo!olngtoo, Jameo A.Gould FINE CUT-"Seneca." "Amuon." "Prairie King." G. S. W A'ITS & co:, STRASSER & co., go LOMBARD STREET TOBACCO] (Successors to J.-OUIS S)'RASS_E,) (Oae:r:.Arw e stofExchauge Place) c;oJs SI ON ERCYHVTS MANUFACTURERS OF CIGARS L LTDIORE, HD. .Dllll .Dl llJl.l1 AND DltALBRS IN loeral advancements cDnsigum ent. to my Sl E:z:ohanCe Place, I LEAF, AND SJIOXING TOBACCO, BALTIMORE, MO. smokers' Artieles, and Imp. Havana B. F. PARLETT & SOUTI-4WEST COR. FIFTH AND WALNUT STS., .... oLDJ.L ""..,""" "' 1 "1 R. BOLENIUS D. CO. CINCINNATI. omo. MANUP'AOTUit.D LEA., .\liD .MOKIIIQ 11 CX. TOBACCOS, DEALERS IN MORRIS & REID, e1:o. Seed Leaf a.nd Ha;vana, LEAF T OB A c c 0 OOJ[J[IBSIOll KBBOlWIT8 FOB S!LB OF !!AlfE. s2 Lombard and 5 Water St., TOBACCOS. BROKERS, IIL'l'JDIOBJI, .m. N. W. Corner Charles and Pratt Sts..' OlfitJ e :tfo. 4: COLLEGE BALTIMORE, MD. And 7l 'West Front St., Cincinnati, 0. G.H. M. MARRIOTT HENRY h y, MANUFAcTtTUB or ciGAIW,, .w.;;liKI("ER;c:H'ANDLEE & wco" .. coMMissioN MERCHANT, 1 And Dealer in all kinds of MANUFACTURERS OF CIGW And Wholeale Dealer i" LEAF TOBACCO, And Wholesale De&!ersinLEAF 'l'OBACCO, OHIO & CONNECTICUT AND CICAR RIBBC?NS. No. 31 GERMAN STR: E :ET, No. 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. Opposit eCarolltonHotel, BALTIMORE LE..LJJ' TOBA'i:CO, ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED, MANUFACTURERS OP THB .. 6 F Jos. scH""""'"" A. NicoLAssllN "GO-LD .D.D.AL( r.nd "LOID BnON" ClGAli.S. .., : ront St., Cincinnati, 0. JQS. SCRQEDEB & co. liiF"Specia!BraDdoM;wllfacturefFe"Pfltca"".Bcau ______ _.;P.;.H;.;.;IL;.;.;A,;.DE:.;;L;,:.P..:.:,:.:HIA PHILADElPHIA. '1: BUSB, KILLER a CO., :Manufacturers or H. SCHMIDT, "LEAF TOBACCO Philadelphia; Leaf Tobacco, An.d Manuf.lctuxers of Cigars, S03 North Street, PHILAOJ:. I _PHIA. LEEDOM & CRAM, FIRST -NlTIOilL TOBACCO WAREHOUSE, 716 NORTH SECOND ST.REET, .ABoVll COATES, PHILADIILl'lllAo WAREHOUSE. Leaf Aloo :(u11 UDu of' C!an, lllaDUC&etured aad SNUF I C1CARS, tee, TOBACCO AND CiGARS, _t08 N. Third Street, l'hiladelphia.. :s,edal Bruds of Cigars-KNIGHTS TawPLAR, DOOIIL& llmoJd.ntr Tobaeee. Agent far GAIL & A:r and :WAuu&G BRO'MID'a, Bat AuTUMX Luno, LA BLOND&, SATISFACTION. 1531 SOUTH SECOND STREET, tlmo<. PAmlt54>M. SORVER, GRAEFF & COOK, BID. W .. .&RDS 1: CO., l'ack:!! .. Oommas81on in LEAF TOBACCO 1UF TOBACCO A.BD CIGARS, 105 N. WATER STREET, \lfo. 6:3 North Front Bt., _Fhllaaolphl&. pun,&DJlLPBIA, ..... .t.c-to ID Permnl.....W. .,.d Delaware for u.. ClprXouldo, &r>dJcmJ>Iro Tuck Cut .... A 1pecialty in Leaf for .Weat Indies and PXILA.DELPHIA INSPEOTION .EED TODA..OCO. 11 W. DICB'CBSON, IKIPBCTQB :roB 'fD tOBACCO tRADE OF Ofl'ICB AT le'l' Wort.ll WatD ...... vTs :ax.zP.HLA.. R R JONES J.,OU.SULRICIIo tAN d H"'! trse n Leaf' Tobaeeo. of every NORTH CAROLINA. I ... 0 B A c c 0 p::uy0ruied. eroto buy respectfully solicit ed and 479 W k & Refers l>y permi,.lon, to Wm T Sutherun Esq eat Mar et Street, lleS&rs. J. w & c. G. Rolland.'Johft H AND DIRECT IMPORTERS OP D,a n vilJe, W. ) Yarbrough & Sons. LO'tiiSVlLLE, KY. Havana Leaf and Cigars L. h ayzer,Pres t National Tobacco Association, J. J I! Pace_, F..eq,. Messrs. Wu;e Brothers, D J. Williams,. of all kinds of PLUG TOBACCO. No. 2()6 N. SECOND ST., St. Louis, Jato. Esq. Riehmond, Va. \ Established In 1834. C.&, R. DORl.tlTZE &, CO., HIGHLAND GEM ToB ACCo WoRKs. 1 J o H N I N G E R, Dealers and Merchants F. CBRISTrtll & CO., Proprietors a.nd Manufacturers of MANUFACTURED OF SElECT Pure North Oarolina. Leaf, :BY [ MARBURG BROTHERS. _d,. d tQ a.clo o f in yeal' 1871 by :W.a:rbura.Sroa \n \be office o tl:l Libra.rl& n ot co...-at Fine LEAF TOBACCO, Wh o le.,.le Deale r In 1211r. 1:33 Ka.r'ket St., bet.!n lr. Second St.a., LEAF TOBACCO, 39 Wuh1ngto11 St., Indian&polis, Ind. Liberal Cashadvancesma de onConsiguments. SlGISMUND KASPROWICZ. PAUL KASPROWICZ. S. KASPROWICZ & SON, "HIGHLAND GE:M" INO OTHER CUT TOBlCCOS. Coraer Mt .. &dppi and Pearl Str.eet., IJIDIAJIAPOLIS. IJID, C. C. READ & CO., MAro;UFACTURERS OF WHOLESALE DEAUERS. IN .. : E A F T o e 1\ c e o tusnAtrAN TwisT, 1 No. 20 SOUTH CLARK STREET, FARMVILLE, VA. UNSER FRITZ GERI!IAN SIIIC!CING TOBlCCO. (Near Lake Street,) ORQERS soumTED, MERFELD' & KEMPER, PACKERS OF I Oo:D.%1ec1i:lcu:t &eed. .WALL, BELVIN & DAY,Q Commission Merchants, FOR .THB 'SALK or G 1 w. w I c K s & c Q,, And Wholesale a..od Retail Dealers in u I mt Jllllllli!D A n T1! II! TRDI PPR I a.nd. Yara Tobaccos, Jl[liUI'nLIUJUdl .lUI .IWlll UlldhbU, Mlllufacturen' .Agento Cor the onle or f I I 7 Lombard Street, BALTIJC:ORE, MD. J. H. TYREE, COMMISSION MERCHANT, Lynchburg, Virginia.. Will give his personal to the sale and purNO. 320 NO:S.Tll S:lCOND STBEET, Vlraln la, Ml .. oU, and Kentucky -ST. LOUIS, 1110 Five Tobacco Works 0 BA e e 01 JOHN FINZER.'BN. FRE D FINZ,f:R R U DOLPH FINZER, NICHOLAS FINZER Alto Dealel'llln JOHN lEAF TOBACCO & CIGARS, "FIVE BROS. NAVY," "VIRGINIA PilE 102 MAIN STREET, APPLE PAN-CUE" (llctween3d &lld 4lb,) EMIL FOERSTEL & CO., Ma:1u lac:turers o f I Q R s a. Smoking Toba.eeos, Snuffs, Pipes, IGc. Agents for John Charter' s Patent Cigar Moulds. Manufactory Cor.1st Ave &i Wood St. Salesroom 231 F-iftl& Ave., PITTSBUB.OH, P A M. H. Gunther, J oho D. C. Stevenso n GUNTHER & STEVENSQN, Successors to Louis Gunther, TOBA.CCO .J FACTORS, And G-eneral Commiasiou Kerchant.a, TOBACCOS, xo.W.WICR.e.L 162 Comman Sh New Orlea.Ds, LEAF TOBACCO. CoulsviiJe, Ky lkrLiberal .Atlvanccs made on CcDf iruments. '"'0 l3 15 TmD 'BT., :J:.oulsvllle, E :v. J'lJBu. i I


LY2 THifi_TOBACCOTLEA.Pi _,. APPLEBY THEY '"'ILL ASK, WHERE IS 'DIE SAVING 1 disinterested party-; "better hurry up, good dhapoe to unload now." SUTRO & NEWMARK. I I lllAYUFA.CTUREl:S OF OXG.AEC.S, CJ&AB IACIIIE &0., WHAT IS THE MATEitiAL FOR COVERING ToB A C C 0 PLANTS IN DRY WEATHER.!n a dry time l ike the pres ent this is an impo'rtant question. In ordinary times and in ordinary soil if plants have the advantage of copi ous rain or a thorough wa teringby hand at the start they do not require Cover ing. But when as now, the earth has become !ike an heap for' dryness, with bot sun and drying winds, some kind of covering is de sira'ble. I have tried cut saw dust, stones, p1eces of shmgle. But about four years ago I be gan to use gypsum, or Plas ter of Paris. Last year I heard that many were using it. I think that it combines more advantages than any other material which I have used. It is cheap, easily applie-d and efficient. From its color it reflects the rays of the sun. From its prop erty of attracting moisture it keeps the ploLPK KnM. Loma BPttNever mind if it does rest the plant, it will no t I hurt it, if it not remain T-'IQIIORICE PASTE too long. My word for it, ..&..t you will not have to carry any more water. Try it, and you will thank me for the suggestion. Another plan, but one involving more la bor, is to place a stone on the plant; this is better than the shir.gles but takes a good deal of time and la b or. The philosophy of it all is this, the stone retait:s the and at night motsture from be low. Ftr proof, please pick up a stone in your field any hot day and you will find the sbil moist beneath it THE UNDERSIGNED AGENT IN N.EW YORK FOR THE MANUFACTURERS OF THE FOLLOW ING WELL-KNOWN BRANDS 0 F LlQUORICE, desires t o caution Tobacco Manufacturers against using any o f the numerous brand purporting to be and brands of imported LrQUORICE, but which are adulterated compounds of his brands, reboded in tbis country, and. some instances contain ing l es s than fifty per cent. of Liqp o ri ce. To insure manufacturers obtainmg PURE AND GENUINE ... JCyCa FLB AOC PT ZA RR VB (Al K&CO NF Cro'WD. (Bl ; They should address their orders to the undersigned i n New York, who is the SOL'EACENT I N TH'B UNITED STATBS. These Brands being r egistere d at \Vashingtoo, c ounterfeits will be seized wherever found, and legal proceedings instituted. I guarantee all Liquorice sent out, and r efe r to the following letter. as t o the character of the Paste I ofle(:_ r [ JAMES C. McANDREW, 1 05 S'tree't. 'Yc:>rk.. NEW YORK April28, 1 873. MR. ]AMBSC. McAN'lREW, Newj Y o rk: DearSi,.._\\rehave used overt 000 CaseS of your fine gradj!s -of Liquorice, ami they have been uniformly regular and o f excellent quality, ,..... Yours Very Respectfully, [SignedJ P. LORILLARD & CO.' -.::> EFERRl NG to the above advertisement, we have appointed Mr. James (}. of' Ne'W" fi 'York. our Exclu.lve Agent Ia the United Statea for tb.e sale of all the Branda of'Llqa.orlee heretofore by u s ROBERT MACANDREW & CO., London, England. LIQUORICE RoOT: l, lpaDiah and 8myrna, in Bales, always for sale in lots to suit purchasers. ,. JAJIE!I C. llleANDREW, -55 Water St., New-York. I : NOT.ICE Suc h of our Tobacco Manufacturecs as are desirous to obtain pure and genuine A 0 C Liquorice, "Will read the following from JIR. CLARKE, the Manufacture r with some degree o f interest: t 1 SMYRNA.-gthMay,d73 JAMES C. McANDREW, Esq. New York. My Dear Sir: I l earn fro m London tiJat the firms of SCHNITZER, of Boston, -;-d LEAMAN of New Y orlc, have iuued a pamphlet about Liquorice, i.n which tbey set themselves !orth as my Agents. As you hav_!! been my SOLE AGENT ever since .1854, you are authorized by m e to 'tradict any report as to my having another Agent in any part of the Unitet! States. 1 As regards MR. 8CHNITZEB. I find he is the agent for lti.R. 8IDI, of thi s city, but I have no cor respondence directly or indirectly lfitb him. As to MR..; LEAliiA..N, his name is entirely unknown to me in any way therefore you will please contradict:the above report in the strongest manner possible. Mil: SIDI 1s wnting X&. SCRlVITZEil, calling his attention to thia matter. I I remain yours, most truly, ., -..... 4 .,. tsignedl A. 0. CLARKE.' D. B. WHATELEY, 'J'u"e ro, 187 ToBACCo NoT THE ONLY ATTRACTIVE PRODUCTION. -Acrord:ng to a correspon dent of the Richmond D is patch writing from Peters burg, Va., a wagon and buggy manufacturer of that city has received a bona fide order for a buggy;of his make to be sent to Hol land. It appears that there is a gentlen an from that country i n the city making large purchases of tobacco for the Dutch market. While passing along the street he s a w several bug gies standing in front of the manufactory referred to, and being very much pleased with their design and make he gave the Petersburg, man an order, and thinks he can procure several others for him in the old country. =:. THE THREEIINV ALIDS. any bad consequences-that on the contrary it my even -.4 be beneficial to many persons." the Great's hatred of smoking, remarks a As soon as the adjutant had said these words, Fredwnter 10 Cope's Tobacco Plant, was as intense as his erick smiling, pulled out his box, took a hearty pinch, love of snuffing. Once, walking in the park at and answered : 'With your concludinj!: observation I Potsdam, the King came UJlOn an old invalid who was can not agree for poison 'is always peison. But, in himself in very singular fashion; he was drying reference to your I for the sake of study and 111 the sun the tobacco whi c h he had chewed the day science and he alt h; give penhission for the trial to .be before, and which after chewing it, he had placed in made the band o [ his lar ge broad-brimmed hat. Frederick Next day, by command of the King, were cho s en from stopped and asked him what he was doing a m o ng the invali ds three consumers of tobacco. "Your Majesty," replie { tile old soldier, "I am drynamely, a snuffer, a smoker, and a chewer-who were all my qUids, wh1ch I sell tor half price to a comrade, of the same age, who were equally he althy, and who who cuts them small and smokes them. Thus he is had all in various forms been devotees of tobacco benefited and so am I." The men had qu a rters assigned th em in a small house "How long have you chewed 'l'" was the next ques-at Pottsdam, and besitles being otherwise provided for, tion the King addressed to the invalid. they got as much tobacco as they could re asonably use "In my sixteenth year, your Majesty, when I ente red But they w e r e strictly ordered to be f a ithful each to his the army, I began to chew, end now I am seventy years special habit, both in the m ode of using tob acco and in old. Thus I have chewed tobacco fo r fifty four other respects. From this th e re was to be no deviation yeat.s." From t hat time forth these three old warriors were dai ly "Vi ere you nev e r ill?" seen snuffing, s moking, chewing, by the King's grace, in Only once; when at the battle of Leignitz a conthe park of Pottsdam; and it se emed at first as if their foun?ed. ball smashed my right leg. And I by soldierly vigor were renewed from day to d ay. Their Gods will, to chew for ten good years yet, with all due continual wish was to be able to fight the Seven Year' s respect 1o your Majesty." 1 War over again from beginning to end. this conversation, adjutant accompanying After some years, the snuffer was the first to die, and the Kmg observed : "Perhaps, for the satisfaction of a medical examination showed_ that been sundry friends of tobacco, your Majesty may cause some. the cause of death, for the fine particles of snuff had experiments to be made to ascertain in what form to-penetrated into the brain, had covered the whole bacco is most hurtful to the human organism. I, lungs with a black c9ati!!g, the circulation of my part, am convinced that snuff can be taken without [Continued Dn the 4fll ohmm.] AT 29 'North Water st,., PliiLAJ:tELPH lA. PATENTED PRlCE $ts.oo C. 0. D. Letter A shows the treadle whic h raises the roll e r B1 FIJ1 the tobacco i.n betwt!en the rollers; put the leaf, marked C, on top of the tobacco, com mencinlf at righthand side; down roller B with treadle ; turn the wheel from you and the bunch is fimshed; take o u t and put in mould D for press. Move thimbles on rollers in regulating length o f cigars. Collar on treadle A by moving on rod, will set to any size filler. WE OBTAIN THE FOLLOWING RESULTS: \V e can either work s craps "or long fillers. We can make in one da.y Scrap Bunches. 'Ve can make in one da}, t,ooo Long Fillers. We work all fillers dry and me-.sure each filler. By this means every cigar will smoke. W e work but one binder, never chOking a cigar. B y the revolution of rollers all fr11ers -are straight.1 Any size filler can be made and any one can learn. OJI' _WJlAT CAN'SE RAVED. Cigars that cost eight dollars to m ake, would be w orlh four doll an for the fill e rs. A girl to work the m..a.chiue would cost one d ollar per dayi she culd make fifteen hundred tiUen per da.r Cost by hand to matte 1,500 Filler. $6 oo .. Cost by Machine L ao Profit to aclilne per day 5 oo In fiftee n days the machine Is pald for. WE WILL QIVIII A.-F.JiiW BEFERElllCEII. We, the undersigned are using the bunching machine, and do say that it is all that it claims to be. T HARE & CO., 'l:wentyofoar machtne.' 5 3 North Second SL Philadelphia. BUTLER & !SMITH, TweiTe macliines, Binghtmton, N.Y. WESCOTT & .KENT, Slxmach!Reo,.Binghamton, N.Y. GUMBERT BROS., Seven machines, 1341 Chestnut St. Philadelphia. R. G. LELAR & CO., Seven machines, li'ourth St. Philadelphia. ROBERTS 1io FULLNUL"DER, Sixth and Arc h Sts. Philadelphia. T. DUNN, Seven machines, Fifteepth and Vine Sts. Pb.ilad elphi a ECCARD & SON, Seven machines, D etroit, Mic h RHUE BRQS. Allento.w.n, Peon. G. W. CROUSE, Twelve machines, Reading, Penn. HUNTSH & LYONSl Reading, Penn. J MALTZBERGER, Reading, Penn GARVEY, SHORT & CO., Scranton, P enn. MILLER & FIREING, Burlington, N. J. H BRE!LWIESER & BROS. Buffalo, N.Y. and hundred:s of others. Price for machine, Srs.oo. REMSEN APPLEBY'S PATENT Wrapper Cut(er. Pate tell April 8, 18'73 Or, the Art of Wrapping a Cigar made Easy. Pric e Sro oo, No. 1. Really a Wrapping Machine. Price Sto.oo, No. a. Reall y a Wrapping Machine. Price $to.oo No.3 Really a Wrapping Ma chi ne. No.1, No.2. No.3. No. 1 r epresents Cutting Board. No. ::J represents Wrapper after being cut. N o. 3 represents C igar partly Cut wrappers as in ordinary way. After cutting them, for a right hand, take wrapper, l ay on tb.e knife as shown i n No. 1 1 take roll e r as shown in figure No. 1 lay the wrapper tace down on knife, then r oll the roller over it and you haYe the head cut out complete as shown in figure No. :z. For a left h and W'rapper, lay it on the knife face up. Now take wrapper a n d r oll o n as s h own in No. 3, and it w i ll come to its place the sa m e as a p iece of machinery fihcd. WE SELL YOU AS FOLLOWS FOR $10.00: One Board. One Head Kni f e in Board. One Roller. One R e volving Cutting-knife for Wrappers. As w e are desiro u s o f having every Shop to use this proceSs \Ve put these machincsa.t the low price ofTen Dollars, so that they c:;an be within the reach of e very one. Sent C. 0. D. by Express, or mone y can be s ent by Post Office order, wbkh willsa.,e the expense of return money by express. IT CAN ACCOJIIPLI!IH THE FOLLOWING 1 A cigar maker can make one-third more cigars. EVery head is even and alike. No rouKh_ heads. It makes every wrapper 6t like machinery. No chance for tender wrappers to tear, as every one know1 the whole art of cigarma.king is in c utt1n g the head. Now if a bunch is formed with head complete by m ould, ADd if wrapper is cut with bead aa abown in No. a,.wbere is the art of o n the wrapper? Auy Man, Bor or Girl can learn to wrap in a few days by this process. We can give any amount of reference, but it is so simple, any can see atone glance the great gain in using them. It is a success and ack.nowedged by the trade,.and is only ten dollars. Call and see it worked, or send your orders as any one can work lt. These Machines are aJ..l m a d e' o( steel auc,J iron. The y can ne\e r ret out o.f order. You tan run througlt your t obacco partly' damp, thereby losing n o waste. as wati done in the old way; ma.chine with one band there can be granulated one pounds p e r day; it opens all the leaf, makingi.t soft and spongy. We c an give any number of references as work. Price c omplete Jts.oo. 1 Agents Wanted. i11. all the Fmaipal Cities sell our Kachines, with a liberAl disc0I111t. FO.R SALE, ..;_ ... Clear Ra'I'&Jl& tl.lled Cigar. 88 CoaDeoticRt, Patents olthe Granulator aru:J.Wrappinsi Cutting 4ft' sale for the Canadas, France, Germany and Spain. F'or further address, RDSEI AP,PLIBY, GENER-AL 29 1)". Water St., the blood was_ini'peded. Sol}le years p'llssed by; and then the smoker died. It was found that his stomach and intestines were scorched and blackened by the amoke. To the King's annoyance, the chewer seemed to have no disposition to take his -departure to the Land o' the Leal," butlived_.9n an an}i chewed and lived on. He even survived the King, and with a quid in his inouth, and a tear in his eye, b.e gazed from a distance at the funeral procession of Frederick and murmured to himself: This comes from the detestable rubbish which the King always carried in his tsnuff-box. If he had imitated my example, followed my banner, he would long yet been victorious against the man eaterD41alh." The physician who from time to time visited this chewing invalid confessed that he had scarcely ever seen a mij.n so healthy at an age so advanced. CHARLES AUGUSTUS ON TOBACCO "You can do as you like, I'm an outsider and it is nothing to me, b11t you're making a big mistake that's all." How I make mistake ? r "Why your tobacco will bring more at the other bouse; I'm am outsider, and it's noth_ing to me," answers outstder as though he knew more than he felt at .libertr o tell. "How much more?" '!vidently undecided where to go, asks big LOad. r '\Oh, a ligh sharp chance more," deffiantly affirms outsider; "got some good whisky there too." "Data fact? I'm gwin thar." the l.ler,ulean efforts these philanthropists make to enable themselves to get rid of their money. But af the sale they show to the best advantage, there they crown themselve th glory. A pile of tobacco is about to be sold In a mass the philanthropists move upon it, each gracefully stoops, extracts a handful, poises it a moment in his hand, looks at it as in deep medita tion, spreads out a leaf, rubs it, smells it, slaps )ton the pile; "lugs," cries one; 'primings," exclaims another; "musty," grun s another wisely shaking his head. "Burnt,'' mutters another, shrugging his shoulders. \ "How much gentlemen," roars the auctioneer, "four teen, fifteen, twenty, forty, fifty One philanthropist stands upon one foot wit!i his arms-folded, and sionally nods his head, another leans against a post and a.t intervals winks, anothe,r continues to examine the to bacco and .now and then.opeps his lips, but says nothing, another stands beh,ind the auctivneet and once and awhile gives a sort of grunt are bidding and that is. modest way in they do it. Presently the ptle IS knocked down to one philanthropist, and he is made_ happy and the others mist:rable. And when the day has passed how delightful it is to hear these with eaca other, comparjng_notes, calculating their losses and re joicing in-the good they have done. Oil, what philanthropy 1 Nor Shakspeare with his conceptiqn and almost superhuman kno.;,.ledge of the heart, he.who...c.ould portray a Hamlet or create an )Erial; nor Milton, whose mind seemed to comprehena en !lnd exalt the earth, with atl their sublimity depth of thought, never conceived s11ch philanthropy as theirS\ If the imagination of master minds like these has to portra:l" such lofty philanthtopy, else m the realm'l of thought shall we seek, where shall we look for it among the where else among the real? Tum to the' records of the .past, let the great men of the by-gone ages appear in revie befo e the mind. Statesmen, who have wielded th destinies of nations by the might of mind alone; men who have wrenched dems from anointed brows, and them abroad as if they had been garlands of with!:Ied flowers; whose footsteps have shaken1:hl! Joundations of Empires, al!l!. whose power has been f!!lt to the remotest corners of civ ilized life ; the iron seal of war upol'l their forehead!! and garments .deep dyed .in the blood of .nations, sweep by ; yet the mmd turns from them aweary, for their glory pales before the greater glory of the tobacco buyers of Boydton, as the glory of the moon grows diro in the more glorious presence of the sun. THE BRITISH PIPE. BY CHARLES E. MADISON. }ohn Bull, says the N: Y Tribum, is called upon Break d a y, says the South Side Virgi11ian, is the solemnly to give up his pipe, and to puff no more name given to a day set apart for the sale of tobacco either the stumpy cutty, or the long and graceful at public auction. It derives its name, no doubt, from "churchwarden." A number of devoted men have the fact that those who buy tobacco are almost sure to l;>anded themselves together as ''The English Anti -Tobe broke. I judge this to be the case because I have bacco Society"-and very respectable gentlelnen and never yet conversed with a buyer of the weed, for five dignitaries the society seems to be composed of-Deans, consecutive minutes, who d1d not say that he was losing Archdeacons, Baronets, Doctors of Divinity and Medi money. cine, Mayors, and plain Mhters aRd Esquires. After studying the matter for several months, I came The fifth annual meetmg of T. E. A. T. S was held in to the conclusion that it was a little singular men should Manchester on the 2 8th and was numerously at so zealously pursue a business at whi ch they had always tended. The way m whtch every went for pipes, lost and always expected to lose, and coming to that etther vzva voce or by letter, was Withering, wild and conclusion, I determ i ned to discover whether it was we may properly say, smashing "They ,,__ madness, or an eccentric desire to get r i d of their said Dean Close, "the whole structure of man's money, which impelled them so enthusiastically to seek and moral frame." By "they," it must be understood poverty. that good did not mean mere!; Therefore I investigated the matter carefully, and "ptpes," but ptpes and drmks together. Sir W. C. greatly to my surprise have found that they a re influTrevelan considered smoking to be "a debasing filthy enced by philanthropy alone-philanthropy, pure and health-destrl)ying, cosuy, and most essentially' selfish unadulterated. Into what utter insignificance sinks the indulgence." This strong k i nd of language was used philanthropy of a Howard when compared with the by all the speakers also. Smoking was denounced as large love of mankind which impels the noble tobaccQ "uncleanly, "sensual,' ''blunting the finer feelings of buyers, with emulative ze

8 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, dlre<:t the otteatlou of the Dealero In TobaciO throughout the U aited States lUld the World to their CELEBRi!ED ALACE FINECIT CJD.'WmO TOBACCO, which Je "being .nee moT"e manufactured under the HOYT & CO.. lmJIIeela ..-IU meet wltll prompt at\eatloo. 1'. I"J.A&G, MAHVJ'ACTV&.IR OJ' ALL GaADD OJ' llat .fnsokiug, aud fitlnmlat.t4 TOBACCO HARVEST" So "SURPRISE" IN FOIL IVANHOE to JOLLY BOYS SMOKINQ, 1'1'-i Preot Street, New YoriL 1 .AlleCE6qutlftn von m gros. l TOBACCO BAGGING. 11 .!fQGlll, :; IKITATION SPANISB LINEN, To'baooo, Cigars, lj FANCY 9STR1PES, li "-SNUFF, ETC., l( And all kinds of < ll2911 DEPOT AND 4GENCY D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, 1 lf &nutacturero of Tobacco and Segars, G. W. QAU, "AX .A.N oftlotJ ..,z.,....te/ 1 HERO and UNION Of the Mamufacture of < WALLIS & 00. I manufacturers ana the trade in gen.eral are parti<:ularly tc> e:x amine a.nli test tbe superior properties ot ibiaLICORICE, being n&1f '>rought to the highest perfection, is nBder the above style of b1'8!1ld. We ere also BOLtE for tbe fAnd. r.G.& G.O. Acknowledged by eol_lS_!!IIIers to be tbe best in the market And for the brand of Licorice Stick -INOBL A. oo., ln all respects equal to CALABRiA. We have no Agents. Con81lmffi'S a.nd Jobbers would do well to apjlly direct. Lieorice Root, select and ordillary, consl.alltly on hand. OOIEZ & lRGU111BlU,-21 I 31 SOIITH WILLIAM STIIEET Licorice Paste and SticKs: G.S. w.s. F.W. S. Sterry Extra. P. 8. Baracco and Pignatella. De Rosa. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Powdered Licorice. Gum Arabic. OU:-ve Oil, Tonqua Beans, AND ALL SPECIALITIES FOR TOBACCO MANUFACTURERS. Powdered Licorice. -LICORICE POWDER, ROOT, SPECIAL TIES BY DE LANOEY CLEVELAND, Importer &; Jlanufaeturer'sJAgent, P 0 Bo:x +t02, 1158 Pearl Street, N, y. TO:.tACCO BROKERS. CATTUS & RUETE, i:.obatto No. 129 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. EDWARD DREYER, TOBACCO 46_ Beaver Strl:et, NEW YORK: J. 8. C.ANS & SON, TOBACCO BROKERS, No. 86 WALL STREET,. BUILDIHG, NEW YORK. PHILIP KELLAND TOBACCO BROKER weaver&. Sterry, 179 PEARL STREET, 820 Pearl Street, New York. NEW YORK. 1 ...._llLLER &KAEPPEL, Ac-t. GOODWIN & 00., IMPORTERS, Up Stairs. ? BALTIMORE, riiE-COTloBAccO : ., 'lct'ft&Q@@.. AND CIGARS, FINEST qUALITY.,. robacco Bro1t:er, Cigars, and 207 & 209 WATER STREET NEW YORK Manufactured at Peugtt'keepsie, New-York. No. 64 BROAD STREET, ... 14.t. 'We-t Broad'WB7e GIFFORD, SHERMAN_ & JNNIS NEV'T YORK. S. JACOBY a CO I ITBOPULITAN ti&Ai IADl!rnJIY 07, 209 & 211, SOLE IIANUFACTUREJIS = IDf llll IVIDAD ltETBOPOLITAN IGAII MOULDS. cIGAR C -UTTER. C.ARD.-WE be,-to lnfonn the trade that we are the Bole .Manufactu""" of the far-famed lhnlla and learned. that other parties contemplate imitating them and infenor quahty grown in thu country. therefore we caution the public not to purchase C!gars JlOt bearlny our trade mark on the boxes. 8. J A CODY & CO. ........ DER No. 7 Commercial Street, Bosto-n, SOLE WHOLESALE SELLING AGENTS FOR THE : l'J :a:: w lCNCl:.A.ND STATU. JOHN H. FLOOD, Sweceaor to G. W. LANGHORNE & CO., 1:1 M auufacturer oftbe fo llowing Celebrated Brands of VIRGI"I A SMOKING TOBACCOS, Jefferson Street, between 7th and 8th, VIRGINIA. Bob White ; in C loth, Deer Ham, in Cloth, Johnny Reb in Cloth, Westward Ho! in Cloth, Aunt Cho ice, in Cloth R ustle Belle in Cloth, Dew Drop in Cloth Jolly Boy, i n C l oth O l d White Hat, And other Cho ic e Grades. aEW D .H. McALPIN. & 66-67 120 ltl. Rader & Son, liftS. G. 8. MILLER-& CO. .. .... ACIVUU ..... FINE-CUT :::-Manufacturers r OB ACCO BROKERS All Bran_ds of our Tobaccos packed in rases 1.0 sitit OF EXTRA OHARGE. "l'obacco Manufactory, CHAS BONDY and m the n e w and popular style_ofPacbgesto sut the d11fdren t markets ol the world. (PETER D. coLLINS, PRES'T) Vir[in Leaf and ,Navy FAcToRY No. a. FIFTH DISTRicT. -,t. 97 Columbia Street m.oo riliB'N<>n .o lbe Foctery, ,.Jlhin tho P""' few mootl>e, thn doubl former !'riM HallllloDd clrCDiaN forwo.rded on appllcation. X. LUJJJIIBIM. .&eat, rs. LAMGS:OORP, .a..sent for 1he 148 Water }t N 1 Nt and Beuth. DOMESTIC; CIGAR WAREHOUSE, No. 129 Maiden Lane, Factories at Coopersburg and Vicinity, NEW Y 0 R K 133 WA'I'EB STBEET NEW YORK, Jlliscellaneeus. Sch'Warz cA Spohr, r.f'IN li'O IL. )IANUFACTURitRS OP AJ.L KINDS OP Domestic Cigars, lOBN 1a Bowery, ., TflUCCO fOil & CAP\ NEW YORK. X;. :a:a.ocx, C; FINEST BRANDS OF CIGARS l 329 BOWERY, N.Y Wangler & Hahn, MANUFACTURERS OJI' Fine Sega:r8, NO. 290 & 292 BOWERY. NEW YORK. -t FREY BROS. & CO. Manlfacturcrs FINE .CIGARS, and Dea.lers in Leaf Toba.cco, 126 Chambers St., '"w York r EDWARD A. SMI.TH, MANUFACTURER OF Pine Segars, Ko. 11 Bowery, NEW YORK. LOUIS Manllfacturer of SIECKE & WANNACK, Ma11.ufacturers of CIG.&B.S, 8 Rivington Street, :SEW YOB.K. 38 OROSEY ST., NEW YORK. WARDROP & 203 & 205 Lewis Street, '-DEALERS IN SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Seasonea Stock always on hand. R. ZELLENKA, MANUFACTURER OF ALL KINDS ElF MUSLIN A:ND LINEN TOBACCO BAGS, 263 East 4th St., New York. Orders promptly attended to at the ohortest notice. BOIKEN, GARRIGUES & CO., IMPORTERS ( MEERSCHAUM, BJIIAR,'CHINA "' LAVA PIPES, German and French Flll!leyand Chin&. Goods, AND TOYS, 91 CHAMBERS ST.IND 73 REID ST. e NEWYORK. P. '*ia DINCEEr Corner Slgzth and Lewls Streets, "'MJIISS BON .MERCHANT. 8:P ANISB CEDAB., .a'ltD 4LL FOREIGN & DOMESTtC WOODS. KRAFT a. HOFFMEISTER, SueeeeAors to A LORENZ, Jda.nufact.urers of an eDUre new etrle ot METAL AND WOOD SHOW CASES, Patented A.pril2!1d and Aug. 12th 13 BORTH WILLIAM ST., N. Y. OITY Fla.\ Regalia Britanica Conchas .. Sublimes -IITIMIDAD, :ttegalla Britaoica Conchas -PARTIGAS. "Londres RITICA, t.:onch1tas-.. $ns.oo tas.oo So.oo sc.:oo J30-00 .. So.oo 9"-00 .6o.oo HENRY CUY. Non. :Plus Ultra .. Regalia Britanica -Conchas de Regalia -Entreactos -.. ESPANOLA. nor de Prensados Londres de Corte MSA FIGARO. !.Ondres de C orte The Original and Genuine DURBA--llS. OO 130-oO 8o.oo t.s .oo 70.00 6o.oo 75-00 55 00 sMoKING -TOBACCO. W. T. Blackwell, J as. R. Day, J. S l:arr W. T. DLACK.WELL, Manufacturers of the SOCIETY,inform the Cigar of the Untted States that they are now able t o fill II d for first-class Pac kers with M embers of thei: .AJ>PLV TO if' STORE, 202 CHATHAM CHARLES A. WULFF Lithographer, Printer, a.nd .Ma.nnfactn:er of ELs. I ., A Large Assortment Co;:,sta.ntly on Hand. 51 Chatham St., co'r. William, N. v NO BOX M:OULD; ) SYCAMORE FOR Suitable for 'l'obaceo :Bona and Caddies J .. dn'ooodto soo,ooo ft. 1Ainc h and sawed to "Width ry_ au s .easoned, and at a Jow figure. .. N .B.-Consumers cao order r,ooo ft sample LONG IsLAND SAw ANii P' or more, aa a coo&.OHD AND THIRD STRKKTS, ee in New York 21 PEARL ST E. C. PEASE, Prop'r THOS. SHEARMAN, FREDERICK .KRUSE, Manufacturer of all Sizes and Styles of SlfOW CASES m KETAL AND WOOD. SPENCER'S PA. TENT PLU .. G TOBACCO MACHINE ---, : MANUFACTURED BY J & CO., 29 BROADWAY, BEW YORK


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