The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States

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The Tobacco Leaf: Organ of the Tobacco Trade of the United States
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New York, New York
Tobacco Leaf Pub. Co.
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1 online resource (8 pages)


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Tobacco industry ( lcsh )
Tobacco industry -- United States ( lcsh )
serial ( sobekcm )
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1865 - 1969


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The largest special trade paper in the world.

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University of South Florida
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University of South Florida
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VOL. IX.--NO. 25. Itt IS PUBLISHED !VUY WEDNESDAY KORNING BY Till !OB!CCO LEAJ PDBLISIDNG C91P'Y, 142 Fulton St., New York. :T. :HlCNltY HA.GE& Editor. JOBlt G. Gll.AJ'JI' llu.ol-Apnt. As an advertisin g medium, where it 11 desired to reach the and Tobacco Trade, n o t only of this but foreign i.t i. the best attain .. able. All !etters should be ptaln_!y addre!J8ed to TKB ToBAcco LEAF PuausHlNG \.,;QIII'ANY, 1421 F\llltJD Street. New York. Terms of the Paper. StNGLU: Co.JII[S ao CENTS PaR ANNUM ..._oo Te, England and the Canadas, S1.04 additional per annum for prepaymt!nt of 1:o Hamburg and the CoM.inent of Europe, $2.o8 additional per annum for Postage. To Australia, etc., f.t.o+ via. San Francisco, ad ditionalJ>cr annum for Postage. No or ers for the paper considued, unless a,c. companied by th.e corresponding amount. should, in every instance, be made orily by money-order, check or draft. Bills are linble to be stolen, and can only be sent at the greatest risk to the sender. Rates of Advertising. 1 square (14 Nonpareil lines) for six months, do. 1 year '35 Larger ad in the same proportion, but none take it uull!ss r, 2, -j, 4, or more squares. One column, 1 year six months, three months, $150. Half column, 1 year, $340 i six months, $r3o; three months, $7S Ad .. on the fint per square over two wide columns, and none taken. for bss than one year, payable fu-lly in advR.nce; !Squares, No devi. Transient advertisements on the thbd page, 2S cents per line for each insertion. No orders for advertising will be considered, amounL DI&ECTORY OJ ADVERTISERS. NEW YORK. Tobacco .Agnew W. &. Sons. 'S4 anc:l ,s6 Front street Allea julian, 17, Water. Barnet S., 144 Water. Benrimo D. & A. u4 Water. Bergmann. Jnhn H. 140 Front. 1Uakemore, Mayo & Co., o11 Bowne&: Ft"ith, 7 Burling Slip. Brod M., 1_31 Ma\.dt:n Lane. Bulkley, Moort" & Co., 74 Front. Gardozo A. r.t. & Co., u3 Pearl. Chockley A. D. t68 Pearl. <..:olell H., 173 Water. Conftnlly & Co., 45 Water. Crawfnrd E. M. & Co., 168 Water. Davidson Bro Water. Dohan, <..:arroll & Co. ""' Front. JloBois 7.5 p.,.,nt Eggt!rt, Wm. 171 Pearl. F. :n Si::lftl"! Av Faik & Bro. G, 171 Wa1,.. Fatman & Co., 70 and,, "!"r04.... ...... Fox. Dills & Co. q;; Wo.:tor::. ....... Fisher & Maiden Lane; .Friedman & Oettmget", 147 Water Friend & Co., E. & G., 129 Ma1den Lane, Garditwr. j. M. & o., 84 Front. Garth D. J., Son & Co., -14 Broad. Gassert j. L. & Bro., 16o Water. Gt!rshel L. & pro., 86 Maiden Lane. Guthrie & Co., U5 Front. Hamburger I. & Co., so \Vater. Lowem;tein, 99 Maiden Lane. H11lman G. W. & Co., So Front. Hunt, J D. 133 \Vater Street Kinnicut Thomas, ):J Brood. Kittredge ,V. P. & Co., 71 and 73 Front. & eo I6o Pearl, Lachenbruch & Bro., 164 Water .... anntte .'\. C., 1 6 3 Pearl. Levin M. H., 162 Pt"arl. 1lcFall & Hogan, 33 Murray. Bros 171 t-'e-.trl. MaitlauJ Robert L. lc Co., o Broad. Martin & johnson, t66 Mayer Sons, U3 Water. Meye.A. C. L. & 0., 43 Beaver. T. H. & Co., 161 and 163 Maiden Lane Morris, H. M., 19 Old Slip and 73 '\oVater. Norum, Slaughter & Co. 41 Broad. Oatman Alva, 166 'Vate1. Ottinger "Brothers 4S Broad St. Palmt:l & Scoville, 170 Water. Paulitscb M .. 173 Water. Price '1.\'m, M & Co., ug Maiden Lane. Quin, j. P & Co., 39 Broad. l{ead & Co. 19 Old Sliv. Rtrlsmann. G. & Co., -N Pearl. Richey & Boniface, 86 Front Rosenbaum. A. S. & Co., 121 Maiden Lane. Rosenwald, E & Bro., 145 Watl!r. Salomon, S. 192 Pearl. Sawyer, Wallace 8r Co., -47 Broad. Scheider, 213 Pearl. Schmitt J. & Co., 162 Water-.. I Schroeder & Bon, J78 Water. Schroeder & Koch, :lOJ Schubart H. &:i Cor, 146 \\'aWr Sell-ing's Sons S., 169 Front. Spencer. Bros. & Co., _15 Maiden Lane. Spingam, E. l.'t Co S Burling Slip. Stein k. t;o. 197 Duane. Straiton & Storm, 191 Pearl. Strohn & Reitzenstein, 176 Front. Sulzbacher, Joseph, 1St Water. Tag, Ei'. & Sou, rS. Front,. Tatgenhorst. F W 68 Broad, Vetterlein & Bock, 6 Cedar Upmann, Carl, tSS Pearl. Westhe1m }\:[. & Co., 117 Pearl. 'Vri&ht. B. M, & Co., 3 9 Broad. TobacCQ Brolerr Cattus Jobn. 127 Pearl. Dreye'r o46 Beaver. Fischer Chas. E & Bro., Watet:. Gans, J. S & Son, 86 \Vall. Kelland, P 179 Pearl. Ch:a.rle::. J ., S-4 Broad. M. & Son, 133 Pearl .J W. F. Ruete, I29 Pearl. Shack A. U9 Maiden Lane Solmar Edward, 130 Water Manufacturtrl of T,batto. Anderson John & Co. 114, s t6 and 1.17 Liberty. Buchanatt & Lyall, S4 "'nroad. Buckner D. 356 Ddancer F. I ? 4 l 'ront Gisclmann & Diehl, tS9 Ludlow. Goet:te F. A. & Dro., 32S Goodwin & Co. 207 and 309 Water Hoyt Thomas & Co., 404 Pearl Kinney J.!ros. 141 \Vt!st Broadway' Lichtenberg G. B. 189 Pearl. McAlpin D. H .. Co. cor .Avenue D and 1t Miller Mrs. G. B. & Co. 97 Columbia. Shotwell D. A, & Son, 174 Eighth iiV. AKtwll for SmoAing Tobucfl, etc. Hen..\.. Ill. Co. 43 Liberty Lindbeim M. 148 Water & Boniface, se Front ... Weiss, .Eller & Kaeppel, 2ao Pearl Manuf4cturers of Cirn. Auerbach & Mtmderson, 138 Water Bernard Phi!ip, 133 Water Bondy Chas., 5J Bowery. Frey Brcl8. & Co. n6 Ohamben Hartcom & Gershel, 86 Maiden Lane. Hinchllom"'L. It Co. 89 Watt!t' Hollander L 9uis, 103 Nassau jacoby S. & Co. 209 Pearl Jo.ephs S. 166 Front k.aafman .tlros. & Bondy, SI Malden Lane Kerbs & Spies, 35 Bowery Leinkauf & aoa Chatham Levy 78 Bowery ., Lichtenstein A. & Bro. U anu JiJo'W'ery 1hos. & Co. u Mafdeo Lane Mendel M. W. & 'Bro, rPearl Neuburger M. 283 Pear Orgler S. 297-" Greenwich and C'bamben Schwarz & Spobr, 13 Bowery. & Co. 19 Dey liecke & Wannack, 6 Rivingtoa A. u Bowery Stacbelberg M & Co. 257 Pearl Btraiton & Storm, 19.1 Pearl 8utro II; Newmark, 76 Park Place W &Diiler & Hahn, 390 & 292 Bowery. Manufatturtrs of Fin< Cit.,., Hollanrler H. us Maiden Lane Vlchot .'lz Co. 76 Pine Street T.6! German Cigar Pilla" Stither & Co 56 Water Solomon M .. &. E. 8-; Maiden Laco Vega Jrn.eph A.. 187 Pearl 'Weil 6o Willler, Fnedman & to6 Peal'] Ell .. T 't' K:ll.-ppel, ua Pearl """' y )1, f6 ,0edal' Man{llterr.r I of"' &.afJ Gooetze. F. A &. Bro. ,,s /.,.rttrs f Oi(.,.l.: De Bary Fred'k & Co., 51 Broad Carple1 E. 173 Water T. H Co. 161 lLaiden Lane Romay E. E 82 Wail. [,.portt, I a., Pipa. Datier H. It Brother. 77 Water Demuth Wm. & Go., 403 Br<>adWaJ Lichtenberg G. B. 18q Pearl. Manufctorerl if Briar Pipes nd lm;orttrs if ArticleJ, Demuth Wm. &: Co., 403 Broadway Importers if Pipes and Smdus' .Artic/11. Boi'ken, Gani.guea &: Co., 91 Chambers treet, and 73 Reade street Jtnp.rttrs of Litorice Pttstl. Cleveland, De Lancey 158 Pearl. Gifford, Sherman IE Innis, sao W'illti. m Gomez:.t Arruimbau, 29 & 31 8. William McAndrew james C., 5S WAter Weaver& Sterry, 24 CedAr Sud l.taf Tobacco lnsf>>bOJII, Cramer G., 83 Franklin. Spoish Cigar Ribbons Almirall J.J., 30 Cedar. Cigar Mo..!Js. Jacoby S. & Co., 209 Pearl. Manufacturers of Tobacco Tin-Foil. Crooke ] J .. 38 Crosby: .Aucthmt.trJ of Tob&c, Gerard, Betts & Co., 7 Old Slip Tobacco Labth. The Hatch,Lithograptc Co., 32 & 3<4 Vesey Heppenheimer F. &: Co., J2 North William Cigar-Bu Labels and Tr;,11111ings Schomacher & Ettinger, ss Murray. WolffChas. A., 51 (lhatham. Tobac110 Staling IYa>r. Zinner W. &-Co., 197 William. Austrian Virginia Cigar I K.remelberg & C ompany, 16o Pearl Manufacturers of Bros. Russian Cigurttlel. Kinney F. S. 141 Broadway. Strntpl and Outter, German Cig11r Moltfs. Eger Sigmund, 190 Pearl. & Lane. Michaelis, S. & Co., I9S Pearl. Muslin Tobac o Bags Zellenlta R., 263 East Fourth. r Cigar a"d To6acco Bags. 204 Fulton. Thacco Bagging. Howard, Sanger & Co., 105 & 107 Chambers Lest A. & Uo. 103 Chambers. C igar M ,u!J Prm ;.md Straps. Brown A.. & F., S7 Lewis._ Mt:mufacturers if Sluno Kraft .t Hoffmeister, 13 North William. Kru:-Je Frederick, 175 Chatham and North \Villiam. 11 La Ferme" Russia11 Cigartttes. Millington T. & Eckmeyer, Sole Agents, 48 Broad Cigar-Bunching Table Erfurth Oswald, 36 Orchard. Bods. Gennan-Amencan, cor. Broadway and Cedar. Engrave,. Ollj WofHJ. Hoey Joseph, -ao2 Broadway Patent Plug 1obaooo Harrison and Co., 2 Q Broadway. bttcmal Rcvmuc Books. Jourgensen, C. 37 Liberty. {nmrmzce Brokeu. DuBois & Irving. 54 Wall Street. Freigkt JJruker. Meyer Louis, I93 Pearl. ALBANY N.Y. Manufacturcrs of Tbacco. Greer's A. Son&. 83 1 Broadway. BALTIMORE. Tohtzcco Alhrecl1t & Schroder, 18 German. Bolenius G. H. & Co., 202 West Pratt. lloyd. W .;'.. & Co., 31 South. Dresel W. and Co., 37 Gay Gle!ike L. & Co., 42 South Charles. Gunther L. W 90 Lombard. Kerckbolf 4t Co 49 South Charl-es Kremel berg, J. D, and Co. l.oose C. & Co., 117 ")Vest Lombard. Merfeld & Kemper, 117 Lombard Parlett B. F. & Uo., 93 Lombard. Paul Wm., 17 Routh. Sch1oeder joso. & Co lsr Place._... Wilkens & Klier, 69 South Charles. Wischmeyer Ed. & Co., 49 South Charles. Tobarco Factors Git:s1Ct: & Niemann, 78 South Charles: Hofbnan, Lee & Co., 63 Exchans-e Place. Rtcard, Leftwich L:o., 69 Exchange Place: Watts, G. S. & L.o., 61 Exchange Place. Manu{actllrtrs, etc. Marbu.rg Brothers, to 1 4 9 S Charles St. Wilkens H. & Co., 181 West Pratt. Paclrs if Sted-l..., F. W., a, e. cor VIDe u Freot NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AlJGUST 6, 1873. WHOLE NO. 441 Miiii-J'actMrer, Importers IJrlld De.Jers ;, Cig11r1. Krt"hn. Co., S3 W'est Fourth. LowentbalS. 8c Co., u2 West Third. Strasser & Co 287 Walnut Woil, Kahn & Co., CLARKSVILLE, Te!Ul. l...uJ Dialers in LeaJ Tbacco. l!athewsj. L. & Co., ,n6Jetrerson Ave. Wilmot' s Clamp and Press for Cigar Mould1 Wilmot, Samuel,:147 Jefferson Avenue. DURHAM, N, C. Smokinr To6aceo. lllackwell W. T. FARMVILLE, VA. Manufacturers of Twist. Read C. C. & Co. E.AST HARTFORD, CoDD. and Dcaltr. Chapman R. A. HARTFORD, Co!Ul. Padtrs and lJeole rs. Dat11e.s & Jerome, 336 State. H'dbbard N. & C o., 1 8 Market! Lee Geo., 150 State. Lond'on & Bidwell, 3:l6 and 228 State. Pease H. & z. K. 16 Market. tihephard & Fuller, 21-1State. Sisson A. L. & F., 13<4 Y.ain. Welles 0. & C n IS4State. Westphal Wm., uS State. HOPKINSVILLE, Ky Tobacco Broker. jesup James E INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. of .;,.,.Cut Chwing nd Smokittg Tobacco. Christman & <.::o., cor. Mississippi and Pearl. of C:gars and Dusler1 in Leaf Tobacco. Heidlinger, John A., 39 West Washington. .JANESVILLE, Wis. Packer and JJeakr in &ed Leaf. Fendrich Francis. Smythe F.W. & Co., -,a North John. LOUISVILLE, Ky. Piug Tobacco ManufaoturerJ. Finzer). & Bros., 13 Third. jones, R. R, 479 West Mat"ket Mallufacturers ol FineCut Chewing and Smoki11g Tobacco. Finley, Doll & Co., So, 82 & 84 First. Robinson Manufactu.ring Company. TQbacet CAmmi uion Mercllan/Jts. Wicks G. w. & Co 1o3 Main. T State. Mauf4cturers if Chewing ad s..Ain&. Kimball Wm. 8. 4 Co., De11ftr in I.taf TobMCOI. l!looely D. E., lllll street. Manufacturers of C!tew:ug and Smoking To-' oaw1 and Cigars. Gucker, C.&: G., cor. Factory and Mill. ROTl'ERDAJI, Ho:U...d, Laurlllard 1 .Ill I SPRINGFIELD, Jlau. Smith H. & Co., Hampden NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6, 187,;. .G.EM:OVING STAMPS FRO.M CIGAR BOXES. Some time ago we took occasion to direct the atten tion of the cigar trade to the necessity of entirely re moving the stamps from cigar boxes that had been emptied of their contents, as required by law and regu lation. Q..uite a number of persons, however, seem to be of the opinion that to scratch, or partially deface the stamps is sufficient, and neglect, ther efo re, to comply with the requirement, apparently unmindful of the fact that there is a penalty prescribed of fifty dollars for each omission. The lax way in which this important provision of law has been treated, in this city especially, impelled the Supervi so r of New York recently to issue a r:ircular to all the Collectors in the State them to insist upon a strict compliance with the regulations p :eviously issued by the Revenue Department on the subject, and which required the "utter destruction" of the stamps in question. Since then the subject has been discussed by the Supervisor a nd several of our leading cigar manu facturers, and conclusion arrived at by all was that the law must be enforced. To prevent misconception and secure uniformity of action, Mr. John Strai ten, of the firm of Straiten & St(,>rm, has submitted a proposition that is likely to be adopted by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. He reco .mmends that a printed notice in conjunction with, or distinct from the" caution notice," be attached to every box of cigars specifying that the stamps must be enftrdy r emoved and destroyed by the owner as soon as the boxes are empty. If this plan is approved no one can longer plead ignorance of the law, and there will be no excuse for disobeying it. THE BON D QUESTION AGAIN. At the consultation over the patent cigar box matter the other day, in the offic e of Internal Revenue in Washington, of the delegates from this city em braced the occasion, as our nraders are aware, to pre sent a brief but pointed argument against the bond re quirement as applied to cigar and tobacco manufactur ers, and succe;:Eed, we are informed, in enlisting the attention of the Commissioner, and in eliciting from him the inquiry, whether the c igar trade had a substitute for this provision of the law tC: recommend in the event o. its being abolished. The delegate addressed responded that he could not say whether they had or not; nor was he prepared to recommend one himself; but promised, at the iuvitation of the Coi11JTlissioner, to consider the point. and submit his views and conclusions to him in writing afte r his re turn home, This is one step, and a good step, forward towards the end at which we so lcwg been aiming. From the first we have protested s.trenuous ly against this ob noxious requirement, and it is, therefore, with unfeigned gladness that we welcome so auspicious a commencement to a mo vement having for its object its final extin guishment. 1 The question propounded by" Commissioner Doug lass was exactly what might have been expected from an administrative officer of the Government. Assum ing, as is assumed, that the collection of the revenue from the tobacco trade is of more importance than either the interests or the rights of the members of the trade, it was one of the most natural things in fhtt world for him to ask, how the revenue could be made secur<' if more freedom were accorded to those whose business it was to furnish it, and whose liberty, hitherto, it had been thought necessary to circumscribe in order to get it from thew. The q,uestion, we say, was a natural one. Natura), not especially to the Commissioner of Intt>rnal Reve nue, though he has been named, but to the sytem which he happens to represent and of which he is the admin btrative head. It is a question, however, that grates harshly upon the ear of those who can appreci;te its significance. Doe s it need to be intepreted ? This is its meanin_g : "If one of the fetters be removed how can another be fitted to the l"mbs of the eighteen or twenty thousand American tradesmen engaged in the tobacco commers e so as to them from robbing the Government under which they reside." Not a flattering definition, truly, but is there any one who will undertake to gainsay its accuracy? For years the tobacco trade has been under bonds ; tor years it has borne this badge of dishonor, and it would as if the time hat 1 come when those who are responsible for its imposition should be apprised that an honorable industry can no longer be degraded in this manner by a Government which it does so much to sustain. ST. LOUIS, Jlo. Manuj4cturers of ThmA substitute forsooth All the security a reasonable Catlin D., 701 North Second Manufacturers of Cigar.r. Government can require is to be had in the inherent in-Gernhardt F E. & Co., 1o6 Locust Tobacco Warekoi"'s. tegrity of the trade, in the hundreds of millions of revDonnltzerC, & R. & Co .. 12 3 M arket. enue already paid in, in the taxes paid in advance, in Ulrich & Diar d, 206 North Second Tob11cc C<,mmission Mm.Unt1. the record of material consumed furnished Wall, llehin & Day, .330 North Secood. 1'obacco Brolu by the books of dealers in leaf tobacco, in the registry HayneR J. E.,!37 South Second f h d h d I Commission Merchant for Foreign na o manu1acturers, mac mery an men, Ill t e a1 y enHome Markds. tries and monthly returns of all transactions great or Toe Water, Frederick R Jr. 6u Chestaut -SYRACUSE. N. Y. small, in the recoTds of materials of all kinds, in .the Packers of Sud Leaf a1zd Dtakrs in Ha-prescribed packages, in the monthly and yearly inven-vana Tobacco. f h ffi d Barton, Joseph, & Co., So Opera Houoe Block. tones, Ill the Vlgt ance 0 t e revenue 0 Cers an ln. East Genesee St. f b) d Hier & Co. G. P. s North Salina. ormers, and m the mnumera e restnct10ns, pams an IIIAoulter &ifH':'ilton, so .Eacst c penalties that are imposed upon every body that ,retee.JI 0 HNI#tUnafl S trar '.l.Uni'IU 11, Salmon D. o.UTICA, 1'11. Y touches tobacco or its products, not even excepting conFine Cut Ch,...rac "" lialdiac sumers, who are enjoit.ed by law to destroy after they are Pierce Wallti' B. Tb""'emptied, the packages in which the goods are sold. Is FRED'K De BARY (Sll'CCESSQltS 'l'O DE BAitY & ILING), 02 Broad and 50 New Streets, New York. IMP()R.TERS OF DAVAl\lA CIGAR.&, And Sole Agents .for sale Qj EL PRINCIPE DE GALES CIGARS, llanufactnl'f'a &t the KEY W'EST BRANCH of the celebrl\tecl El Principe de Gales Manufactory of H&.-na. <.;. W ALL&If. A. D ISLLlS. ALLEN d: ELLIS, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE-CUT CHEWING TOBACCO, II AND 13 VINE STREET, 'CINCINNATI, OHIO. Jlr&Dch Of!ices at 43 Stl'eet, Chicago, and S. W. Corner !'ront and Arch Streets, rhiladelphia. lli7J'obbh15 Trade oza.J:y KEY. WEST SEIDENBERG & CO., 19 Dey Street, -New York, of' th._ LA ROSA ESPANOLA i FACTORY. AGENTS FOR THE ABOVE CELEBRATED BRAKD, ::M:A.::Z:::OEN" L.A..NE N"EVV' S LOWENTHAL & CO .. A nt3 for Cincinoa.ti and tbe South-Weat. J Part.ri.ige & Co. A en.ts fo1 Chlca and the North-W TBE CELEBRATED "AUSTRIAN VIRGINIA" CIGARS, I From J. D. Iat;E:MELBERG'S Factory, in Baltimore." ARE NOW READY AND FO.R SALE. Depot in NEW YORK with KREMELBERG & CO., 160 PEARL 8TREE1. D U B 0 I S & I R VI N G INSURANCE, BROKERS, C. DUBOIS, Jll. I. S. IRVING, } :Room. 13, :No. 'Wa.ll St., 1 1\TE"VV TOB..K. All mas of lti.sks pla.cea a.t the Lowest Market I!.a.tes in First Com}lanies. G. W. HILLMAN & CO., COMMISSION MANUFACTURED TOBAC.CO, SO Jr::aON'l' S'I'::a:&:E'l', NEW YO:RE. SOLE AGENTS IN NEW YORK FOR E. T. Pilkinton's Celebrated" FRUITS AND FLOWERS," GOLDEN SCEPTRE, PLANTERS' PRIDE COMMONWEALTH, &c. FANCY GLASS BOXES. ALSO, PLUG TOBACCO FROM THOMAS & PILKINTON, W. T. BLACKWELL, J. W. GIBSON, GEO. S. PRINCE, R. H. WILKERSON, S. W. SHELTON, LIPSCOMB & DOWD, and other factories. Assorted Stock on Liberal Terms. Sole Sellers' of Diamond, Colden Cut Cavendish Smoking. Special Brands furnished for Owner's Use. there a Government on earth that possesses a tithe ol the safeguards here against reven ue frauds? is there a Government on ea.rth that, possessing thest! safeguards, would ask for more? is there, finally, another Government under the sun that has ever dared, in the wildest of its legislation, to place an entire branch cf industry, a national industry, representing millions of national wealth, millions of capttal, milli ons of rev

, AUG. 6 2 THE TOBACCO LEAP. ,-ltOKTBt.T IITA'I'DOlh OP II'OCU OP SP.l!OIB TOB4.000 'i':' THE TOBAOCOMARKET. OteJll do, P. Lorillard & Co, 19 do, C. F. Jarrett, 6 do, El. North Rtver. They were setzed, of course, and taken to the setzure-roorn For a wonder the goods were not hidden tn the coal bunkers, whtch seem to be the favor ite place of concealment. sachusetts, :zoo cases New York, 300 cases Penns} lvama, 400 cases Oh10, 500 cases \Vtsconsin and \Vetern, toDOMESTIC tal 2,200 cases Crop of 1872, 400 cases Pennsylvama, Block on hand July 1, 1813 2U.W li,:MIO Reoe1ved smoe S 7:l5 ... Bll Henwood, 4 do, D Dows & Co 2 r do, Ch:ts. F Tag & Son, 41 cases, Oelnchs & .. 225 do, order, II hhds. ---NEW YORK, AugustS i,6oo cases Ohto, t,ssS cases Wtsconstn, 8oo cases 35 060 2,960 7,2iO 75 CoASTWISE 'FROM BALTIMORE-Weiss, Eller & Kaep-CoNTINGENT Dnn.-Iowa grasshoppers, tt 1s satd, eat up the tobacco plants-when they can find any. Wesltm Leaf-The recetpts dunng July Connectlcut and Massachusetts, 42 cases New York, to Vtrgmta) amounted to 19,028 hhds, exports 13,609 hhcls tal4,400 cases. Sales 8,100 hhds, and the sock m InspectiOn Warehouses Spa rush-There has been a good demand for Havmcreased 919 hhds Of the sales 6,300 hhds were for ana tobaccos the past week, the reported sales reachmg export, mostly for France and Italy, but mcludmg 1 ,ooo about the same aggregate as for the week precedmg, for Germany, nch Clarksville, at 8U@13?{c, and a few namely, I,ooo bales m the regular course at 85@95C, Enghsh Afncans at uY,@14c. The horne trade was and 200 bales extra fine at Sr 25 and upwards The quiet Jobbers tor.k 635 hhds; Manufacturers, 72S market may be descnbed as moderately acttve, Wtth stock on hand August I, 1813 27,820 2,286 pel, 2 9 M. Falk & Co Io do. 110x .. LT wr.rEJod chance to shtp by allltnes, dtrect or mdtrect to wuh the tobacco mdustry are qutte sausfied wtth tht the Contment. There ts no change, except to efforts of Connecticut husb:llldmen, wtth those of your b Th b own thnfty Stale tncluded, when they JOmtly succeed m urg e rate or cases t o acco IS 85 francs agamst 95 francs of last week Several vessels have been taken packmg about 4o,ooo cases of tobacco many smgle for tobacco from here to Rtchmond and New Orleans year. at rates The c1rcular of Messrs J S. Gans & Son observesPAB.TICVJ.A.B. The trade m r87 1 crop has been ltmlled to med1um ,.. OTIC!:. Growen of seed Jeat tobacco are .agamst accepting the S tzed parcels of ConnectiCUt a.Jd Mas,achusetts and !em at first hand, as these rofer tn mos t Instances Ill smalL lots for actual demand. In the C'OP of 1872 a IO old crops whtd have been held nearly a year, and the profit on moderate mqutry for ConnectiCUt fillers and seconds, whtch must naturally tnclude the Interest on capital Invested Grower. cannot e:r.pect even tn the. case of new crops, to sell them for the same such a s rnentJOn<"d Ill our two last reports, has contm pnces .. are obwned on a 1e-sale here. Of course every re sale must be ued, but there IS more destre to realtze than tO buy. at an advance, and therefore tne pnce obtainable by the growers wdl Parcels out o{ order are unsalable at any fTICe Of always be soroewhat lower than our quotatons wrappe rs, nothmg has been sampled yet, comparattvely QUOfATIONS OF WHOLE5ALE PRICES. speakmg, and wtll not be unul S eptember, when that .. --Ltght''"f .. Yara I & li Cut nsstd. 95@1 00 pertod arnves we may be Ill a better poslllOn than al Oommon to good lugs 6@ 77( M&nuja ctur @ 12)> Common 41 @ take a good eal less th a n the present askmg pnce, 1f Fme 12Ji@l3 Na"!! Pounds -Fine 48 @:: they wtsh to compete w1th OhiO and Wtscunsm to Selectlo&o H @lo 1\avy Half Pound ana v-... rgtma-Third.s -bacco In the growths of these two latter States, a com l'l good lug s 7 @ 7 K Fme 43 @45 oder t b S e h b d tJ t t th F n d o .... 8 @ 8-"' FancyTol>accoi-LongiOs 4'1 @W 1n a e u 1 0 s s as een one, 1e rece1p s a 15 L o w to med1um 9%@ll Navy, 4 8 aDd 5 n @5:l port have been small dunng the whole season, and when Good lo fino 11',@13 Lady f1ogers Rolls 6'\ @ISO m the second half of last month a demand for these 11 l' o .kct Peces 45 @50 Bnght 1\v"t (Va) l2mch 45 @fO sots sprung up for Gtbtaltar, etc., the quanti yto be .... Gold Hare 6mch 53 @58 h j fi d d fill d "''"' Rough & Ready 50 @5, act at or mer rates was oun ma equate to or ers, Oho-In or to g o o d c o m 6 @ 7 llLAcx h h b f f I/ 1./ Hrown a11d Green1sk 'I 3 t e COnsequence as een a r1se Ill p11ce 0 rom T4 @74 Medlumaud fine red 8)i@I2 Navy Pouruli-Filoo i3 @i6 cent a lb for both of these kmds At that penod a re Com to med pangted 7X@IO Pound3and 71,.f!9,,.ds'!_40 h a: d 1 F1ue spangled. to y ellow 10 @15 -v '" Getvtng ouse ouet e sel era .hundt ed cases of OhiO, Jtary1and-F dto com Ftue .<2 @4.1 I d I r/' ffi X 57( Medmm ,38 @42 _party m store an party to arnve at s7zc, and e ected common 6 QuarterPottnl 6s cases ctgars. J. & F Eager, I9 do, Robt E. Kelly, g 3 ;; g E & Co, 17 do, H. J Barton & Co, I3 do, J. E Htcks, ll! og -g" 1 do, J C MonJia, 4 do, Benner & Pmckney, I do, :.8-SeiVenbe(g & Co, 123 do, 36 bales scraps, V Mar6 oC o 6 S 0 tinez Ybnr, 2 bales scraps, tralton & Storm, 9 do 1 497 5 787 IO 989 26,018 .,,;875 1,648 3,0<8 8,3<3 BALTIMORE, August 2 -Messrs. C Loose & Co., 10,871 1 ,415 13,71J. J,tet B3,S6J.. Shtppmg and CommiSSIOn Merchants, report: Our 2,819 {57 7,42! market for Maryland tobacco has been active th1s..week stock on hiUld, Au;.t 1,1873 .._.8,053 6, se 11,214 80& 25,93 7 and pnces well matntamed. Recetpts for th1s season IMPORTS. may be called fatr, and as weather has been fav01able The arnvals at the port of New York from foretgn for they wtll very ltkely begm to Increase agatn ports for the week endmg August 5 mcluded the folsoon. Sales were made of about 400 to soo hhds, mostly lowmg constgnments for Holland, and all destrable samples conttnuPd to find ANTWERP-E Unkart & Co, 1 bale, J Benselm, 1 ready, buyers Ohto ts steady at previOus pnces, Recase ctgars, Funch, Eddy & Co 3s0 cases ptpes, 3 6 0 ce1pts contmue ltberal and sales for the Wel'"k wer!; 550 baskets do. hhds, all taken by Getman sh1ppers, whtle we hear of no LA GUAYRA-Order, 212 bales purchases for the French contract. The scarctty of MALAGA-Gomez & Argutmbau, 322 bales. Ocean tonnage sttJinnpedes greatly, aml steamMARSEILLES-A Baez & Co., 10 cases hconce root, er-rates contmue to be very firm and htgh The tnspecE Fongera & Co, 1 do t10ns for the week foot up : .543 hhds :Maryland, 925 do SEVILLE-P Harmony's Nephews & Co, So cases. ltcOluo, 24 do Kentucky, and 16 do V1rgmta stems, total, once I,so!l hhds, whtle the. clearances were 6or hhds MaryHAVANA-J A Pesant, IIO bales, G B Lichten land, 20 ao Vtrgmta, 12. do Kentucky and 48 flo Ohio berz, 83 do; F Garcta, 340 do, Rubt. A. Ohlmstedt, to Rotterdam 747 Jo Maryland and 790 do Ohto to 245 do H Scbubart & Co Ioo do E Rosenwald & Havre. Bt 2o do, F. Mtranda, 1134 do, s cases ctgars, W. We revtse quotattons Mary:and, frosted, 3Yz @S; p Clyde & Co, 421 do, 2 do; Robt E. Kelly & Co, 5 'sound common, 5@6; good common, 6@7, mtdahng, cases ctgars, Fred'k de Bary & Co, 5 do; J C. Hoff. 7@9; good lo fine red, fancy, I4@2o; meyer 5 do I Eppmger & Co 2 do T Mtllmgton & country, 5@25, Ohto, tnfenor to good common, Chas T. & 'co, 7 do, G W. 5@7, greemsh and brow11, 7Yz@8Yz, medtum to fine red, Faber, 3 do, S. Lmmgton & Sons, 7 do, W H. Thomas 9@1 2 i common to mediUm spangled, 8@1o, fine & Brother 34 do. T H Messenger & Co 9 do spangled and yellow, I 2@20. Kefttucky, common to good Acker, & do; H K.. Thurber' & Co: lugs, 7@8, heavy do, 8 Yz @9 Yz' leaf, 10@ II, 6 do; Purdy & Ntcholas, IS do; & Co, 2 7 to good, u@u; fine and selections, I3@15. Y1rg1ma, do, Park & Ttlford, 24 do; M. & E Salomon, 3 do ctg common to good lugs, 6Yz@8, common to medtum leaf arettes, order, 43 do. 8@9, fatr to good, 1o@u; selecttons, 12@15; stems, EXPORTS. From the port of New York to foretgn ports for the week endmg Aug. 5 were as follows ASPINWALL-808 hales 14,803 lbs mfd BARBADOES-7,743 Jbs mfd. BORDEAUX-t,o93 hhds, 4 cases BREMEN-391 hhds, 289 do stems, 15 bales, I39 cases, 5 do ctgars. BRIS10L-83 hhds, 6,839 lbs mfd. CuRACOA-6 bales, 1o,836 lbs mfd. DuNEDlN-14,773 lbs mfd GENQA--r,o6I hhds, 49 cases. GIBRALTAR-I62 hhds, 20,673 Jbs mfd GLASGOW-227 hhds, 437 cases HAMBURG-77 hhds HA111ILTON'-I,038 Jbs mfd HARBOR ISLJ\ND-,:_156 Jbs mfd HAVANA-25 cases, 10,220 lbs mfd. JEREJIUE-2 bhds LISBON-2 l hbds LIVERI"ooL-1,307 hhds, 29,040 lbs mfd. LONDON-4:4 hhds MoNTEV!DE0-2 hhds, 31 bales. 4.450 lbs mfd. PoRT AU PRINCE-2 hhds, 255 bales. PoRr LEMON-9 cases. PoRT MEDWAY, N S -ISO lbs mfd RoTTERDAM-51 hhds ST. CRo1x-3 hhds ST JoHNS, N B -r case ST. N. F.-1R,6oo lbs mfd. ST JoHNs. P R -2 hhds, 25 bales. ST KITTSI hhd. ST PIERCE-6 hhds, Io cases. SAN ANDREWs-67o lbs mfd. SANTA CRUZ-46 hhds, 25,496lbs mfd. SAVANILLA-2,829 Jbs mfd. SMYRNA-45 Cases. TAMPIC0-305 lbs mfd. / DOMESTIC RECEIPTS The arnvals at the port of New York from domest1c mtenor and coaslwtse ports for the week end10g August 5, were 2,686 hhds, I9I trcs, 2,rr6 cases, 250 boxes, 278 three qtr boxes, 422 half boxes, I6r th1rd boxes, r68 qtr boxes, 64 butts, 22 5 kegs, ro buckets, 4 caddtes, 243 cases c tgars, 7 1 bales scraps, constgned as follows BY 'I HK ERIE RAILROAD.-A. C L & 0. Meyer, I 12 hhrls, E M Wrtght & Co, 6I do;Kremelberg & Co r46 do, Pollard, Pettus & Co, 75 do, Ottmger Broth ers, 49 do, Sawyer, Wallace & Co., 298 do, D J Garth, 3on & Co, 2s6 do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co, I44 do; J P Qum & Co, 14 do, A. H Cardozo & Co., 23 do, F W fatgenhorst, c I do; P Lon liard & Co 66 do, "M Abenhetm, 9 do, Drew & Deane, I8 do, R. L MaLtland & Co, 1 do, B B Baker, Son&. Co, 7 do, Goodwm & Co, s do, Barclay & L1vngston, 46 do; Jarvis & Co, 57 do, J D Ketlly, 206 do, F W. Gerdtng & Co, 12 do; Bunzl & Dormttzer, 104 cases; Unkart & Co., 139 do, order, s8r hhds, 4 cases Bv THE HuDSoN RtVER RAILROAD.-A. Oatman, 54 cases; Chas F Tag & Son, 44 do, P Lonllard & Co 40 do, Joseph Mayer's Sol)s, 48 do, E M. Crawford & Co, 8r do Carl Upmann, 51 do, J! Garcta, 55 do, Bunzl & Donmtzer, 133 do, order, 36 do Bv THE NATIONAL LINE-Sawyer, Wallace & Co, I 23 hhds D J Garth, Son & Co, 55 do, Blakell'ore, Mayo & Co, 74 do, Kremelberg & Co, sr do, A. H. Cardozo &_Co, 41 do, E M Wnght & Co, 1 r do; Pollard, Pettus & Co, 13 do, R L Mattland & Co, 29 do, W 0 Smtth, 12 do, Thos. Hoyt & Co., 8 do; P. Lonllard & Co, 13 do, Thos Kmmcutt, 20 do, F. \'{, fatgenhotst, ro do, Toe!, Rose & Co, 27 do, Oelnchs & Co, 38 do; JarvJs & Co, 54 do, Henderson Broth ers, 36 do; H Henwood, 35 do, E M Crawford & Co 79 cases, Schroeder & Bon, 44 do, Htrsch & V1ctonus, 20 trcs, order, 94 hhcls BY THE NEW y JRK AND NEW HAVEN STEAMBOAT LINE-F. C Lmde & Co, 32 cases; Chas F Tag & Son, 27 do, D Buchner, 7 do, Schroeder & Bon, 49 do, D. & A Bennmo, -28 do, L Gershel & Brother, 2 do; G Wngh( 45 do, order, 5 do Bv rHE NE.w Y oRK AND HARTFORD STE-AMBOAT LINE-Fox, Dtlls &"Co, 59 cases, H M Meyers, 20 do. Bv THE OLD DoMINION STEAMSHIP LINE-A C L &. 0 Meyer, 9 hhds, P Lonllard & Co 7 do, Chas Lulmg & Co, 57 do, Patterson & Co, 3 do, Oelnchs & Co, 10 do, A. D Chockley, 14 do, 2 trcs, W 0 Smtth, 55 do, I4o do, March, Pnce & Co, 1 r do, :1 do, A C Lamotte, 1 do, 20 cases; J D Evans & Co 2 do, 8 do, Rtchey & Bomface, 19 ,to, 107 do, roo three quarter boxes, 20 half boxes, Pwneer Tobacco Com pany, 11 tterces ; J D Ketlly, Jr, I6 do, 5 cases, :1 r threequarter boxes J. H. Thompson & & Co, 5 cases, M M Welzhofer, rs do, Martin & Johnson, 53 do, Maddux Brothers, 6 do, Connolly & Co, 25 do, McFall & Hogan, 13 do, Belcher, Parks & Co, 100 do, D & A Bendhetm, I do, D. S Baker, 10 do, J. B. C Woodcock, 5 do, 1 o kegs, A S. Rosenbaum & Co, 2 do, 100 do, S Schtffer & Nephew, 12 do, 48 buts, C E Lee, 2 do, I6 do, 8 half boxes, 4 caad1es, G. W. Htllman & Co 9 do, boxes, Carhart Bro thers, 45 do, 22S do, Bulkley, Moore & Co, r6 do 23, half boxes, so qtr boxes, Dohan, Carroll & Co, 20 do, 331 do, 56 do, I6r th1rd boxes, 70 kegs, Blakemme, Mayo & Co, so three qtr boxes, E. DuBots, 20 h:tlf boxes, 35 qtr boxes, 45 kegs, G. B Ltchtenberg, Io buckets\ order, 14 hhds, II5 l:ases, 207 three qtr boxes, 20 half boxes, 27 qtr boxes Bv NoRTH RIVER BoATS-R r;Mattlaod & Co., 1 hhd, C E Hunt, '2 do, Pollar9, Pettus & Co do, J P. Qum & Co 44 do, A. H Cardoza & Co., I do, F. W. 1atgenhorst, I do, E. M. Wnght & Co., I do, D. J. Tobacco Statemtnf. January ISI, 1873 Stock m warehouses and on Hhds. slupboard not cleared _____________ ------_ 6,9o8 Inspected thts week _________________________ r,soS Inspected ----------------__ 40,6:17 TotaL-----------------------49,043 Exported smce January tst, 1873 23,432 hhds. Coastwtse andre mspected _______ .J,roo hhds. 26,532 Stock to-day m warehouses and on sh1pboard Messrs Ed Wtshmeyer & Co., Tobacco Commtsston Merchants, report :-' 1 he market of manufactured Tobacco keeps steady and p11ces wtthout change. \Ve note the follow1ng recetpts -A Seemueller & Sons, 250 hlf, 74 tlmd, and 8o cases. G S Watts & Co, 72 boxes and 38 cases. Hotlman, Lee & Co., 336 th1rd boxes, and I7 cases J. B. Stafford, sz8 boxes W A. Bo) d & Co 2 2 boxes Nor veil & Baxter, 5 cases. CHlCAGO, Angus/ 1 -Messrs. F. K. Mtsch & Co, Manufacturers' Agents and W"olesale Tobacconists, report: We would report the market very qutet-really DDthmg domg at all. Most of the wholesale houses have called m thetr travehng agents, and are qutetly awallmg the fall trade. Very few country customers are to be s en m th1s clly and no sales of any totport ance have been m de P11ces, however, are firm, and are quoted Leaf, common wrapper, 40 10 85; 71 sec 3o; 71 filler, 16; common 72 seconds, 21@30, bmders, 15@2o; Oh10, 20@25; Western" IS; Havana filler, 95@1 ro; wrapper, r 50@2; Western and South ern plug, dark, 46@5o, bnght, 48@52, flounders, 40; spm roll, 43@45, fine cut, first grade, Detrott, 8o@9o J medmm, 70@75, low grades, so@6o; common, 40@45; fancy-KK, r@I so, medtum, 6o@75, low, 45@50, com mon, stems, 25. CtgaJS are fatrly acttve at fine Havana, seed Havana, 70, Ss and 90; mtxed, 45@6o, clear common seed, 35@45, common, 20@25, scrapS filler, t8@I9 cherOOtS, 12 50@14 Quot tng pnces days 1 easter than selltng, and sellmg easter than collectmg, and thus we the market awa1tmg to see what may turn up another week CINCINNATI, August 2 -Mr. F. A. Prague, Leaf Tobacco Inspector, reports a!. followsThe bust ness done m leaf tobacco dunng past week has agatn been large, there betng a very all dtfference tn the aggregate as compared with las week The market has sbo\1 n that same acttvtty whtch charactenzed 1t the precedmg week Pn"es have been well mamtamed on all grades, espectally on the medtum and finer sorts gf bn6ht co lory tobaccos The offermgs of Ohto seed have been large, the market for wh1ch contmues fitm and nces sattsfact-ory. The total offenngs were 1,33:1 h]lds and 4 I 9 boxes, as follows : At the Bodmann Warehouse, 313 hhds and 34 boxes. 112 hhds Mason Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 3 at 40@5 9o, I7 at 6@7 95, 4r at 8@9 85, 28 at ro@ I4 so, r6 at 15@19 75, 7 at :u@26.2S 86 hhds Brown Oh101 trash, lugs, and leaf: 10 at 6 95, 30 at 8@9 90, 22 at IO@I4 2S, 17 at IS 2$@I9 5019 at :zo@ 25 25 sr hhds Owen Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf: I6 at 6@7 95 23 at 8@9 75, IO at to@12 75, :z at 15.50 40 Ahhds Pendleton Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf 13 at 6 30@7 90, 18 at 8@9 30, 6 at ro@r4 75, 3 16 2S@I8 so 4r hhds aud 9 boxes West Vtrgtma traah Jugs. and leaf. 9 at 6 10@7 25, 12 at 8 ro@9 85, 19 at Io@II 75, 1 at I6. 333 cases new and old Oh10 seed fillers and wrappers 176 at 4@4 95, 78 at 5@51 54 at 6@7 90, It at 8@9 95 7 at 10@12.)0, 2 at rs, 2 21, 2S; :\at 28, 29, and 30, so. At the Kenton WarehQuse, 277 hhds and 48 boxes. 77 hhds Mason Co, Ky, trasl!, lugs, and leaf 16 at 6 @7 9S r6 at 8@9 65, 33 at ro@14 7S, 7 at @17 75, 5 at 75 67 hhds Brown Co., 011'o, trash, lugs, and lea( r at 5 75, 5 at 7@7 95, I3 at 8@9 90, 22 at IO @14, rs at 15@19 7S. II at 20@26 25 8o ahds Owen Co, Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf: 1 at 4 70, 13 at 6@7 90, 42 at 8@9 90, 23 at 10@I4 75, 1 at I6 so. 44 hhds Pendleton Co, Ky. trash, lugs, and leaC 4 at 5.10@ s so, 10 at 6@7 90, 20 at 8 05 @ 9 95, 8 at 1o@t4, 2 at 21, 6 hhds Co, Ky 2 at 6 55, 9, 4, at 10 @14.50. 2 hhds West Vtrgmta at 9 75, ro.:zs. 48 cases new Oh1o seed fillers and wrappers r at 3 30, r6 at 4@4 8o, 6 at s@s.8o, 8 at 6.:zs@7 4S, 6 at 8.o5@9.3o, Io at 10@14 25, I at 17 75 At the Morns Warthouse, 244 hhd,s and 21 lwxes: 156 hhds Mason Co, Ky., trash, lugg, and leaf: 4 at $5 4S@5 701 23 at 6.05@7 95, 52 at 8@9 90, 56 at 105 j 14 75, 17 at 15@19 so, 4 at 2Cf75@22 75 13 hhds Brown Co, Ohw, trash, lugs, and leaE 2 at 5 6 4 8, 5 at 8 85,3 at Io 75@14, 3 at 18 25@22. 22 hhds Owen Co., Ky, trash, lugs, and leaf: 7 at 5 40@5 90, 8 at 6.10@7 95, s at 8@9 9$>, 2 at 10, 1 r. 23 hhds Pen dleton Co, Ky 7 at 6 55@7 ro at 8 o5@9 so, 6 at ro@ 1 4 11 ltthds Boone Co, Ky, trash and lugs: I at 5 95, 4 at 6 ro@7 75, 5 at 9@9 45, 1 at 10 15 hhds and 4 boxes West Vtrgtma trash, and leaf 3 a/= 6.o5@7 8o, 5 at 8.50@9 6o, 6 at Io 2s@14, I at I6.75. 2 hhds Southern Indtana at 5 rs, 8 u boxes Indiana seed 5 at 3@4 os, 5 at 6@7 90, 2 at 8. 3 hhds and 4 boxes Ohto seed 1 at 4 os, 2 at 5 25, 4 boxes at 3 90 5 90, 6 35, 6 8o At the Phtster Warehouse, So hhds :-42 hhds Ma son Co, Ky, trash, lugs and leaf 8 at )7 IS@7 95, IO at 8 2S@9 90, I9 at 10, 3 at IS :IS@I8 25, :1 at 21 25@24 37 hhds Brown Co., OhiO, trash, lugs anJ leaf I at 5 55, 8 at 6 6c@7 901 1:1 at Io 25@14 75, 12 at 8 I5@9.I01 3 at IS@IS I at :zo. I !Jbd Owe11 Co at 1o so. By this time the whole household was alarmed Lights were procured, and Mr. Wttztg and hts fam1ly cautwuS'Iy entered the room. They found Lahr on the floor, bleed mg copiOusly from a shot wound m the forehea i evi dently 5el-tnlltcted. The p1stol, a four barralle:i re volver, was sttll grasped m hts right hand !trotted demand. The sales were of old cmps, dunng oom. 75 86 last month, with the quotattons below. Of the 187i do o.oa do 50/ifl 20 c:roo were diSposed of tloo caroea Cooaec_ticut and Mas do "'ae 40 10 2l :F da -ll'iu t II I IC II J Garth, Son & Co 36 do, Sawyer. Wallace & Co., do, Blakemore, Mayo & Co., 44 do, Drew & Deaae, S At the Globe Warehcuse, 193 hhds :-103 hhds :Maaon Co., Ky., trash, lugs and leaf: J at 5@51 111 -,


.. .. / ... AUC.8 I'RE TOBA.VCO LEAP 3 at 6 os@7 gs, 36 at 8@9 So, 23 at ro@14 75, 1 r at r6 at IO@Io 7S, IS at g@9 95, IS at 8@8 go, 23 at 7@ 15 25@I9, 3 at 20@23 :zs 6g hhds Brown Co, Oh10, 7 go, 7 at 6@6 go, S at S@S go, 2 at 4 :zo, 4 :zs, 1 at trash, lugs a .ml l<;af. 1 at 5 'liS 8 at 6 os@7 9S 25 at 3 40 B&g gs, 16 at 1o@q 75, 16 at' 15@rg :zs, 3 at :zo@23 so fhe Boone House sold 84 hhds -49 hhds Kentucky 21 hhds Owen Co, Ky, trash, lugs and leaf 4 at leaf 1 at $18 so, 12 at 14 2 at 13, 13 7S, s at 12 2S@ 6@7 gs, 7 at S@g os, 7 at 10 50@14 75, 3 at rs 7S@ 12 so Sat II@ II 7S, rr at ro@ro 7S, 7 at g :zo@9 p, 16 7S 4 at 8 So@8 go, 2 at 7 70, 7 90 :ZI hhds do lugs I at At the Planters' Wa,rehouse, 2:z5 hhds and 8 boxes 8 40, 6 at 7 20@7 go 12 at 6@6 go, r :tt s 70, S 95 7 ug hhOrt as follows The past week was a busy one m poor tobacco, and 2o,ooo bales, mostly ctgar tobacco, found buyers at lull pnces The competition for the common kmds, whtch have been long neglected, Is lessenmg r90 hhds Maryland were sold at reasonable pnces the a.rnval lately of the P1s cataqua bnngs m v re movement 111 the market A sale of 6so bales English East Indtan tobacco of low de scnptwn,!very much:heated, dtd not answer expectations and were sold, r o o bales brought 1 rc, the rest were taken m Stock to day 8oS hhds Maryland, 42 do Ma son County, r8o9 bales Rto Grande,7,407 do manufac tured Java, I8,S2 do Java A lot of 798 bales Sum atra n1ce ctgar tobacco was also brought 10 the market and sold wtth keen competition ANTWERP, :July 23 -Mr Vtctor Forge, Importer of leaf tobacco reports 'Ve had a small auction of damaged tobacco, whtch sold for a tnfle above duties On tht occaston a good m a ny buyers competed, whtch stimulated the market and 10 one day 120 hhds (mostly all low leaf) wete sold, also a small lot of poor lugs Low grades fOr sate are plentlfulm the market, but are dull and neglected A good deal of Kentucky al'ld V1r gmta was packed m htgh condttJOn and therefore had to watt the cold season to be sold advantageously Sound tobacco tS always m request, but as the pnces have advanced m Amenca, the demand wtll be checked here for some ttme LIVERPOOL, :July rg -Messrs F vV Smythe & Co Tobacco Commtsston Merchants, report Dunng the week Just ended o ur market has been qmet the bus mess done bemg of retatl character, manufacturers and dealers, to suoply 1r.1medtate wants, have taken at full pnces what they could find of old tobacco suited t o th e tr reqUirements, for, as a rule, they constder new un fit for present use Imports smce rst mst, 2,262 hhds D ehvenes, 991 hhcls Stock, I$ ,477 hhds Stock same time last year, 17,595 hhds My mon th!) report, dated 14th mst, ts as follows On 1st mst there were m the warehouse here 14 3S2 hhds umted States tobacco agamst x8,o47 hbds at same time last year In our two cbtef markets the stocks at the close of last month were as follows I tverpool, VL, 2,336, VS, 2,3g4, KL, s,o74 KS, 3,233, Mds, r 3'S Total, 14,3s2 London, V-L, 2 460, VS, 926, KL, 2,IJI KS, 4,488, Mds, r,g74 lotats, u,g7g Stock 3oth June, r873, Ltverp ool, VL, 4 7g6, VS, 3 320, KL, 7,205 KS, 7,721, Mds, 3 ,289 Totals, 26,331 Stock 3oth June, 1872, London, VL, 3,942, VS, 1,749, KL, g,8g3, KS 14,673, Mds, 2,210 lotals, 32,467 Show mg that we have 6,r36 hhds l ess than we had twelve months ago thts dtmt,utJOn compnses De crea e, KL, 2 688, KS 6,gs2-9 64o hbds less mcrease -VL, 8s4, VS, r,s7r, Mds, r,o?g-J,S04 hhds Dur mg the month of June the transactions m stnps and dry leaf for home use, so far as they transpaed, were of stnctly retatl character, and sales therefore were only very moderate, ne\ ertheless pnces rernamed un changed The domgs for Afnca were small and umm portant, and exporters to the Comment d1d !tttle or nothmg worth menltonmg Vtrgtma and Kentucky Stnps-Medtum, g@r, good, roYz, fine old, II VIr gnua and F.entucky 1 rade Dry Leaf-Dry short filler, sound, ssYz, part wrapper, 6@6Yz, good 6:Yz@77f fine co lor y, S@ro V1rgtma aud Kenucky Export Leaf -Contmen tal common, s@sYz, Contmental good;-6 Afncan, good to fine, 7, 7 Yz, 8 Smc.e the begmnmg of lhts month oar market has been qutet, the busmess done bemg of retatl character, still small sales have been made of stnps and dry leaf for home use, and there have been some transactiOns for Afuca and for the Contment, all at unchanged pnces Stock same time last year, 17,844 hhds From 'Board of Trade re turns the followmg extracts, relatmg exclustvely to un manufactured tobacco, are taken Month ended 3oth June, rS71 Imports, 3,664 ,926lbs, home consumpuon 3,4o2,98:z lbs, exports, l,4J6,54S lbs r 872 Imports, :z,3 ro,rgs lbs, home consumptiOn, J,t6r, r57 lbs, expo r ts, r 239 43glbs 1873 Imports, 6 382,g8:r lbil h ome con sumptton, 31326,794 lbs, exports, r,JIS,443 Stx months ended 3 o tn June, 1871 Imp01 ts, rg,6so,rg2 lbs, home consumptton,2o,6251688lbs, exports, 8,3 29,oi4lbs r8 f2 Imports, ro,699 SS7 l bs home consumpt w n, 21,153, 739 lbs, exports, 6 9g5,624 lbs 1873 Imports, 23, 89s,s6s lb s, home consumption, 22,042, r29 lbs, ex ports, 7 37 2 ,145 lbs Statement of unm anufac tured to bacco m all bonded warehouses m the Umted Kmg dom, 3oth June, 1873 r871, 44,8Jo,4oo lb s, 1872,53 ogs,61o lbs, 1873, 53,868,376 lbs It ts grallfymg to observe m the above returns that the quantttles tak en for hom e use, and for export had mcreased dunng the first stx months of this year, the former 4 20 roo per cent, anq the latter s 38 roo per cent LONDON, :July Co report as follows -There h a s been no chang e m the market lor Amencan tobacco durmg the past week, buyers both f or home use and export havmg ope rated but ver y spanngly, no doubt transactiOns l1av e been re stnctt>d owmg te the small stock on the market Hold ers c ontmue firm at top pnces for all descnpttons Kentucky leaf and stnps have shared m the general dulln ess of the trade, and the sales made have been but tnflmg Vtrgtma leaf and slnps have expenenced rather more mqu1ry, but no sales of Imp ortance have been made Maryl a nd and Ohw contmue much neg ected these growths are uow but scarcely asked for although heJd ft>r !ow r ates Cavendtsh has bet!n rather more operated m, at pnces more m favor of buy ers, constderable stocks are s till offermg DuLL TRADE-The Rtchmond State :Journal says the sale of "the weed, manufactured or leaf, m that Clt\, 1s uot progressmg at a rate sufficiently soeedy to mduce dealers to mdulge m sangume hopes of fortunes to be thus accumulated durmg th e summer months In fact the t obacco trade ts JUSt now so very dull that many of the leadmg mal'lufactur4rs senously contem plate closmg theu factones for the season, and some have alreaby done so" LOUISVILLE, August I -We report as follows to a low figure, even for best Vtrgtma stock Leaf IS The offermgs have b.een very hm1ted owmg to the small plentiful at rates long rulmg fhe exports were IO ness of the Tecetpts I he demand has been very active cases c1gars to Vtctona 1 hey are no\v on thetr way and pnces ret a m thetr firmness I he receipts were to this port from domestic Atlantic ports, s r hhds and 11730 hhds and 1,039 boxes and the exports were 2,788 3 ,s8g cases hhds and 2,230 boxes The sales at the d1fferent ware ST LOUIS, :July 30 -Mr J E Haynes, Dealer m CoRRESPONDENCE ABOUT THE PATENT CIGAR Box. houses were 8r6 hhds and I box, as follow,. Leaf Tobacco, reports, as follows ReceLVed 740 hhds -New York, :July 30, 1873 -Io Mr J W Douglass, 1 he Farmers' House sold r6z hhds 79 hhds Ken agamst 681 the prevtous week Offenngs were small CommisSioner of Internal Revenue, Washmgton, D C tucky leaf 3 at so, 17, 1 4-7S, 2 at 1 3, 13 2 S S at and there was httle ammat10n m the market unlli yes DEAR SIR ,-1 am a manufacturer of fine, clear Ha r:z@u 75, r8 at II@ II 75, 25 at ro@ t o 7S, r6 at g@ terday, when the breaks were larger and of much bet vana cigars, of about twenty dtfferent Sizes and styles of -9 go, S at 8 So@g go, s-aHbzo@S go !>2 hhds do lugs ter quality, mcludmg some vtry fine bnght Kentucky packmg, whtch afte several years of tot!, perse\ era nee, 4 at 8 ro@S 40, 6o, 8 at 6@6 70, I at 5 6o, 40 leaf Most of the week low grades FU!ed heavy ij-nd J and great expense have finally become established at.s 70@8 4.0 hudli lecmessee leaf 3 at lo@r-o 75, weak, and were not fully sustamed m pnce, whlle de Now, sir, to change the mode and style of packmg of I at II, S at 9 20@9 go, 2 at 8 6o, 8 So I hhd do lugs strable manufactullng grades were steady, but yester my goods to the one proposed by the patent box would 6 20 g hhds and lugs 3 at r r, 10, 9 30, day the market was quite active, and pnces were full mstantly kill the sale of the goods, and mme Is not an 4 at 8@8 So 2 at 7 ?>40 Sales from 1 hursday to yesterday mclus1ve, 179 hhds, except10nal case-the same apphes to hundreds of other The Ptckett House sold 146 hhds 1 roz hhds Kentucky (76 7 at 90, 19 at S@S go, 26 at 6@ manufacturers, and that w1thout any benefit to the Gov leaf 4 at $13@I3 7S, I at n so, 2r at I 7S, 30 at 6 90, 24 at 7 @ 7 90, 2S at 8@8 ge, 20 at g@9 go, I9 at ro ernm<::nt to@ro 75, 32 at 9@g 9 IIat 8@8 So, 3 at 7 se 7 6o @ro 75, 6 at II@ II so, 6 at 12@12 7S, I at 14, 4 at rs 1he present method of collectmg the revenue on ct S hhds do sluppers ,at pnvate sa le 32 hhds do lugs 2 @rs 7S. 4 at r6@,r6 7S, I at 17 7S, 2 at 19@I9 25, rat gars 1s, m the mam, effe,ttve, certamly wllh alllegtl at 8 30, 8 70, S at 7 So, 16 at 6@6 go, g at S 4S@ 20 so, r at 22, r at 2s, I at :z6 so, I at z8, r at 2g so, 1 mate mamtfacturers I am of the optmon tnat the S 85 4 hhds do trash 3 at S rs@s 85, I at 4 S.s 2 at 39, r at 40, r at 47, r at 4g so, r at so so, r at ss, 1 amount of revenue lost to the Government on c1gars ts hhds Indtana leaf at 8 ro, 7 I hhd do trash at S 70 at 69, r at 7:z, and IS boxes at 4 go@3o so In the sam e a mere bagatelle, and whatever there may be comes from The LoUJSVtlle House sold r2r hhds ro8 hhds Ken time 7 hhds and r box were passed, and btds were re parties workmg smgly and alone m o ut of the way tucky leaf and lugs 3 at 2S, 14 so, 3 at 13 7 s, I at Jected on 59 hhds at 4 20@2o, and r bo-lC at 4 30 I o places-a class wbtch can n.:ver be reached by any pro 12 so, 4 at II@ TI 75, rg at IO@ro 7S :14 at 9@g 70, g at day steady and strong on all grades Sales 55 hhds r cess that can be adopted, except taxmg the raw mater 8@8 9o, ro at 7@7 go, II at 9@10 25 2o at 6@6 90, 3 at at 4 9o, 3 at s So@s go, 9 at 6@6 go, 4 at 7 @ 7 30, II at 1al, whtch thus far seems to be Impracticable and un 6 30@8, 2 at S ss, 5 20 I hhd! do factory scraps at 4 70 8(<48 9 0 Sat 9@9 go, 8 at ro@ o so, 3 at II@Ir 75,4 popular :r hhds do swe pmgs at I I 5, I 8 hhds 1 ennessee leaf and at r:z@r2 2 s, I at 13, I at 14 25 2 at IS@IS 75 r at 16 Greater stnngency m grantmg hcenses, and closer lugs 3 at ro 2;,@1o so, 2 at g 40, 2 at 8 so, 8 go, I at r at 20, I at 30, and I box at 6 6o Btds were reJeCted scrutmy of b on ds gtven are about the only 1mprov.e 7 go. 2 hhds Indtana leaf and lug, at g 70, 6 so on r I hhds at s@27 We quote mfenor aud light ments that I discover upon the present system of collect The Nmth Street House sold 92 hhds Kentucky leaf, weight lugs 4@4 25, factory do, s so@ 6 ro, planters' mg the revenue I thmk straw bonds often prove a. and lugs 6 7 hnds leaf 6 at $1o@1o 75, 9 at g 30@ do, 5 75@7, common sh1ppmg leaf, 6 7S@7 7S, medmm source of msecunty and fraud upon the Government, r6 so, 4r at 7@ro so, 7 at g@g go, 3 at 8 6o@,8 So, rat leaf, 8@8 7S, good do 9@9 75, factory dned thts error IS easily corrected by proper vigtlance on the 7 2s hhds 4 at 7 20@7 so, 6 at 6@6 90, II at shtppmg leaf at 8 so@ro, medmm m anufactunng Ie,,f, part of the Government offictals Astde from tht s con 5 IC@8 so, 4 at S 20@S S o 8 7o@g 75, good do, ro so@r:z so, mediUm bnght wrap tmgency I regard the present S)Stem as good as any The Exchange House sold 9r hhds Kentucky leaf, pmg leaf, 12@15, good do, r 8@zs, fine do, 30@6o that can be deV1sed at lugs, trash, and sweepmgs I at 25,6 at II@ II so, Plug tobacco remams unchanged, Respectfully yours, A. W. FOOfE THE EXCHEQUER. SIXTH AR fiCLE NEW YORK, August 5, 1873 EDITOR ToBACCo I EAF -By cheap money, I do not mean that of wh1ch we can obtam a large nommal sum for a small amount of labor or property, but good money whtch may be borrowed for a small proportion of the prmctpal, m other words that for which we pay a low rate of mterest It must be clear from what I have pt ev1ously stated, that lnoney can not be cneap, or l:lvrrowed at a low rate of mteres1, m the Umted Stat-es, unless all the loanable means of the country, are 10 such a pos1t1on that they can be used Smce we have seen, that takmg thrrty two to one as the proper relatHm of currency to property, we have no surplus money and by our pre:sent dual system of legal tenders and bank ISSnes, and by the actiOn of the Sub freasury, we have, of bank r eserves, $13 6 ,3 33,141 as of 25th of Apnllast, and m the 1 reasury some $7s,ooo,ooo, mall about jlzoo,ooo,ooo locked up HC!w can we expect cheap money under such a system ) The only means by wh1ch we c an have cheap money, lS to mcrease the amount of such money as w11l represent busmess oper allons and hence equal to gold, lent and not borrowed ot the people as the Legal fenders are The present banks Ivan some $9oo,ooo,ooo, and by establtshmg the Exchequer and adoptmg the suggestions, respectmg the removal of the restncuons on the banks, tlus amount may ble mcreased quite so per cent In plam words, by makmg the entire currency of the cuur.try, a debt due to the umers as well a s from them and utlltzmg the 1dle money m the1 re as ury we can add so per cent to the for l e nr!mg to b01 rowers and dtscountmg busmess paper Say mcre ase by the Exchequer $2 ro,ooo,ooo, by tne banks,from tnetr reserves and surplus, qutte $ 2oo,ooo, ooo and by the addttlOn to the1r tssues, as explamed m a former number, say $4o,ooo,ooo, makmg m round num bers, $4 5o,ooo,opo Now 1 challenge any ObJector t o these p1 to pomt out thetr fallacy and show \ bet ter way We have untold resources, and yet m no other commercial country IS money so dear and scarce m propo1l!on to Its weal th Our pap r currency remat ns only a few Jays at a time at the same rate of dtsco unt, and the results of the system are so detnmental to ou1 mterest that 1t should be superseded l hose who are content to let tt alone must be blmd to one great constderauon wluch governs the financial systems of the C1v1ltzed world, v z, never to keep a sur plus of 1dle money 1 he bank of England IS always a large creditor of the Government,supplymg any amount on Ex chequer btlls or consols, whenever the Government re quires t, and so, wllh the Bank of France, the Bank Royal of Pruss1a, and o ther contmental banks We lock up our surplu, and call tt bolstenng the publtc creeht l he proposals emood1ed m the btl! for the Exchequer are very simple, VIZ take $7 s,ooo,ooo of legal tenders as subscnpttons to the ExcheY.uer, and addmg $25, ooo, ooo m com, make up f,roo,oo o,ooo a, the mput or cap' tial o{ the Exchequer, and receive the ltke amount fro m the tssuo:: aepanment, m note of f.s oo or sum multtple thereof, for circulauon and thereafter as legal tenders come mto the Exchequer on depostt, add one fourth com and rece1ve the same amonnt m ctrculatmg notes, ull the sum of f,2oo,ooo,ooo be reached Thus may we bnng mto use, the money kept td l e by the necesstty for bank reserves and the acuon of the Sub 1 re as ury, and surely no one can IJe harmed by a change of system whtch wtll at the same tune temo ve the slam of un ful fitled mot. led obhgauons from our country's credtt, and dtspelthe fear of a scarcity ot monev m the event of th.resumption of specte paym e nts The rapid ana con,tant mtercourse, established by the telegraph, 1 at! roads and steamers, has greatly aug mented m every part of fhe country, 1mpera uvely demandmg one m o nev, stable and unchangeable When th e country attempted res umpl! Jil after the sus pensiOn of r837, the Souh and West agam suspended, upon the fatlure of t he Bank of the Umted States 1 hose who were m the bus mess from r 840 to 1Sso m the States where the currency was doubtful, 1emember how carefultmoorters and manufacturers m New York and Boston were, as to \\hom they credtted and how stnct firs t were, to see that every note they took was P.ayable m New York or Boston, the specie paymg pomts of the countr) We must also rememb e r now easy It was throughout the South and \Vesr, to use any sort of paper matunng at th ese pomts, when tt 'has verv uncertam about getung local paper dtscounted, no matter how good As a necessary and nevllab l e result, all who cou1d, slupped whatever they had m the waj of produce to Boston or New York 1lus same set of constderauons depnves the people of the Unued States of hundreds of cargoes of loretgn merchan dtse, because a 1 eturn cargo can not be obtamed here as advantageously as tf our currency were equal to gold I he merchants of almost every'(ountry prefer nng to ship thetr property to yorts where there ts a cur 1ency equal to com wh1ch ts tfie recogmsed ulttmat um of every bu smess transactiOn ,hroughout the ctvtltzed world Moreover, btlls drawn on such shtpments can be converted mto the currency of the country from wluch the shtpn.ents go or-can be u sed at any other poult The mfluence of these pnnc1ples has mad e untold mtllwns for England, th e proceeds of constgnments to her ports bemg always available m com and the resultmg bal ances are kept by her merchants ttl! needed One of the steps for us therefore 1 the U mted States LS -to make our currency, our money, equal to to the best, and keep tt so As to the balances of trade, thts IS the way to get and keep them, and unttl we have a stable c urrency we must labor under all th>e dtsadvantages wmch now affitct us A stgmficant fact stated by Hon Wm C.agm, July 6, r87J, In Congress IS th1s, that m r86o the Umted States had 71 rooth of the carrymg traele between Eu wb1ch we may get nd of all mternal taxes, spec1ally those on tobacco and wh1sky The adoption of the Ex savmg so much to the land and labor of the country, and augmentmg our foreign trade to .such an extent as to brmg mto the Treasury means suffic1ent to pay the rnterest on the natiOnal debt, and the expenses of the Government Very respectfully D H LONDON ROP REPORTS. Coonoeetlcnt. Our East Hartford correspondent, "Constant Reader" wrrtes The weather has at last resolved Itself Into a first class tobacco-growmg ttme. We have frequent showers, and the mgllts are very warm, you can almost see 1t grow, m fact a look at the faces of the growers IS sufficient ev1den.ce that he prospects for the present crops are good Although a few of the growers complam of calico" so far as I have seen we are unusually free from It By the way w11l some of your sc1ent1fic readers glVe us, 1f poss1ble, the cause and cure of 1t) It 1s the same I thmk, as your Southern correspondents c a ll fhe plant seems to pucker up, and show "a vanety of colors, fmm a dark green to a bnght yellow, and soon after toppmg to rust, that 1s, turn red, dry uo and crum ble at the touch A careful exammat10n shows nothmg either m the stalk, roots, or earth to account for 1 t And our old knowledge boxes" g1ve up trymg to ex plam tt, so we hope that some one w1ll mvesttgate, and show us what sctence can do fhe green worms are uncommonly plent} this year but wtth a ltttle care they can be k1lled so as to do but ht' tie damage 1 he best ttme to find them 1s early m the mornmg before the sun dnves them down on the plants or ground I he New England Homestead of August 2, contams the followmg Items D B G11lett, J r, the tobacco buyer of Enfield, Mass, has a tobacco barn nearly completed, roo by :zs feet, 'lftt h a packmg room 30 by 20 We learn that tobacco 1s growmg so fast up the nver that growers lose the tdentlty of thetr fields and are obliged to mark them to make a sure. thmg of 1t. .. Joseph Barber ot Warehouse Pomt, Conn, had ex cellent success m ratsmg the Cuba tobacco last year It produced nearly a ton to the acre and he sold 1t at 45 cents per lb. L H. Grand of Broad Brook, Conn ratsed some of the Ohio broad leaf tobacco las t season He says the leaf 1s like the Spamsh tobacco, 1t rs clean and smooth and has a fine, glossy appearance J N Levi, of East Shelburne, has a few acres of to bacco w1th leaves that measured July 28th, IS and r6 mches w1de by 24 and 2S long Another farmer m that VICimty has a ten acre field nearly equal to tt 1 he expeument this year, m Connecticut, on tobacco land With damaged gram, cotton seed, marl and Ken tucky bat!ed stems has been qu1te successful, especially so with the latter, winch can be applied to the land mort' eaHtly than the domesttc manure In and Wmdl.!_am Counttes, Conn, tobacco was set early, -but owmg to the drought ts g e 1era'ly qutte backward Some pieces on mo1st ground have grown vtgorously, and are lookmg better than last year, sotl\e pieces m East Hartford bemg nearly ready to top H L Tha)er, of South Deerfield, clatms to have the most forward p1ece of tob acco m that place, 1f not m Frankhn County It was set June sth, and now, July 28th, puts vut blossoms and leaves are plent) that are 19 and 20mches wtde by 32 and and tt ts not yet topped It 1s growmg on ltght, sandy, loam soil after tobacco, and manured entirely wtth tobacco stalks, plowed m, sea fowl guano broadcast and harrowed m, then ndged and a spoonful of Wilson's grower m the htll Kentucky, Our exchanges from tins State speak less favorably -:>f the prospects of the crop than fhey d1d a short time smce Too wet Ill some places and too dry 111 others. Nortll Carolina. The Htllsboro Recordi!rofthe 3oth ult remarks From our own observatiOn upon the crop of the best tobacc o region of Ot ange and from the mformauon of farmers from all portwns of Orange, Person, and Caswell, we feel JUSti'fied-m saymg that the condttlob of the crop m all these counues iS untavorable m the extreme A bad stand m the first place 'has obtamed The young plants were met m the outset, by cool unfavoi able weather and smce the season has become real!) hot, there has not been enough ram to ensure steady vtgorous growth 1 he c0nsequence ts, most fields present the appearance of Imperfect stands of badly grown plants, wh1ch even if they should be pushed forward by future fa v orable weather,wlll be late m matunng, and the product wlll consequently be mfeuor Very httle tobacco 1s ready for toppmg, and as th1 operatton the last of July or early m August rs essentta! to the htgher qualtttes, there can be httte of thts kmd made 1 he three counties named yteld about one fourth of the production of tbe whole State From present mdicat10ns It would not be safe to calculate on much mote than half a crop Pe ... sylvanaa, A corrPspondent of Lanca,.ter, m renewmg Ius sub scnpt10n to THE TOBAcco LEAF, for the ensumg year, says On account of low pnces the.e was at no time any Contmul!d on Snenth Page Advertisements. SITUATION WANTED -A young Man who has been for many years tn the trade desues a sttuabon as traveler tn a good Ctgar or 1_ obacco house can gve the very best r eferences Address Traveler Post Office, Richmond Va. 1 FOR SALE, rope and thiS count! y, m 1870 we had only fifteen per Tobacco Factory No I >d Dtnct Iowa at a low fiil"re has engme two tobacco cutting machines good r ollers etc For particulars address P 0 cent or less than one SIXth of It The report of Mr Box 37s Davenport, Iowa. 434 445 CUTTING FACTORY FOR SALE. Rtotte our consul at Leon, Central Amenca, says, that the average dtstance to the Umted States f I d h h h I One half or the whole of a large Cuttlog Factory in a Western Cit.J, rom that pomt IS 1500 mt e_,, an t at t e route W IC 1 havmg a well established trade Particulars at thlS office address E C. 1ts commerce takes to Europe 1s 1s,oo c mtles, and that Pew uo Plue St St J:.outs Mo, 1n seven years be had not seen one smgle vessel from --------,.......F-0-R--S-A_L_E_I ________ the Umted States, wh1le he had seen many from England, France and other European nauons S1mtlar reports A FINE LOT OF HAVANA WRAPPBRS, as of x87r, from our' consuls m Peru and Chili 1he S ROSSIN, 173 Water Street, trade returns that Great Bntam annually bnngs mto FlO R 8 A L E her potts much more than the exports 1 he profits on her lQQ,QQQ Pounds Genume DEER TONGUE" Flavor, for immense commerce, bemg brought home m the pro SMOKING TOBA'CCO manufacturers, m loiS to smt pur ducts of the countnes with whtch she trade,, while the 0 s charm about a Sterling Bill o'r a note of at L BROS., the Bank of England, IS umversal the world over. Shall 146, 147 IJ! 149 s. Charle st., we be content longer to occupy our mfenor tposlllon) BALTUIOR.E, D. Let us make an effort to sb1ft the commercial cen tre of the world to the Umted States, and our first step ROYAL HAVANA LOTTERY IS to create. by some such mstJtutton as the Exchequer, a currency whtch shall go wtthout questlon every where, and by guaranleemg com or 1ts equtva lent for all shtp ments mvtte commerce to our ports, and keep 1t, smce our locatiOn facmg the Immense population of Chma, Japan and other As1at1c countnes, on the West, and the West ern ceast o{ Souh Amenca, so near to San Francisco, gtves us on that stde of the continent very gt eat ad van tages, and our Eastern ports are equally accesstble to the West Indtes, Europe and Afnca Shall a httle Island three thousand mtles from us, contmue for all t1me to furn1sh us wnh credtts, wtth whtch we are to carry on our foretgn commerce) No merchant can successfull} prosecufe any busmess 1f his credtt be doubted, another whose credtt Is unquestioned, so wah nations, tf our money be mfenor no matter what our resources, we carry the dead we1ght of a defecttve and fluctuatmg currency, and until we rem edy thts, our career w1ll fat! to b1mg to us all the advantages our pos1t1on should g!Ve us In the course of thes e letters, I shall consider 1 ax auon, and m domg so shall make some suggestiOns, by .. ttoOO,OOO DRAWN EVERlt' U' DAlt'S, GERMAN GOVERNMENT LOTI'ERIES. Oue Pnze to Aver..,. e on Two TtckeU cashed and information g'lVen TH.EODOR ZSC:BOCH, P 0 6o8o. (434] 116 N ueau St. n

' \ .. / 4 TOBAVVO LEA.F, AUGUST 8 THE VIRGINIA TOBACCO AGENCY, BROTHERS & CO., EsTABI.ISHED IN .r836, BY CaAJlLES M. CoNNOLLY. OF THB CELEBRA.TBD CONNOLLY a co., COM:MISSION MERCHANTS IN Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, .i 45 WATER SlREET, NEW YORK. We respectfully call the attention of the trade to the followini: Standard Brand s of Mauufactured Tobacco : POUNDSI I AND 12 INCH. WINE SAP, GOLDEN SEAL, GALLEGO, MOR!\'ING STA.R, Ji'Ol/ft At;E, Ill WINSTON, HENltY C-0. TWIN SISTERS, T.o\LL Y HO I RQY.&.;:., S'> ,I.NDARD, e&e. BRICHT AND DARK-4s, 6s, AND T -liCKS. l'NIQ.l/E, PE-ARL, DEW D .. OP, BORODINA, PEABODY, CllAJIIP,. i J(' CABLE, BONA 'l'IDE, CRi\MPAGNE, FOl/R i\0 .1!1, BENS..'JN .S.:. BONN!!, GREGO'-.YS, Dl et.:. FANCY UCHT P'fESSED, DORADU, ESMER PIGMY OPTIMA, L l ROS I, Dl/FFALO .:.:IPS, CAKE, GOLDEl hODS, GOLD ete. And a large assortment of other bra nds in I I and 12 inch lbs. Dark and t. !. 4S s f\ 10 s. Double Thicks and Fancy ':.'obacc >, to which we inv ite tbe atten : m ot the trade BOWNE & FRITH, 7 BURLING SLIP, NEW YORK, Tobacco Commission Merchants d Sole Proprietors of' the Celebrated Brands of Smoking Tobacco: tl:oaey Bee, Early Dew, Prairie Red Rlvw, Powhattan, Enterprtae, Old Kentuok, Olcl Los Cabia, Cow Bbp, Planters' Choice of the Wt, SODDy l:ionth, Our Bl'aad, IJoaey Dew. Aloo Sole A g..,!dor the United State. for J 1'. II.A WKilfS & 00.'8 GOLD li'LA.XB.. ]AMES M. GARDINER, CHARLES M. COITNOl.LY. Fine-Cut Cltewing & Smoking Tobaccos, 32 ani 61 EAST TmD STREET, CINCINNATI, O Being located ,at GREAT LEAF MARKET for CtrrriNG ToBACCO, our faciJJties for supplying the TRADE with ALL GRADES OF FINE-CUT and SMOKING are unsurpassed. AND Packers of Domestic Leaf Tobacco. WEISS, ELLER & KAEPPEL, 1 IMPORTER;,S OF AND DEALERS IN HAVANA TO-BACCOS, 220 PEARL NEW YORK. DOHAN, CARROLL & CO., 'TOBACCO C 0 M MISS I 0 N CHANTS, .. 104 FRONT STREET, M. J. DOHAN, } { TH0S. CARROLL, ,ALEx. FORMAN. ..._,. Toaa. JNO. r. TAITT. A[cnts for the followin[ W cll-knoWll Vir[inia Manufacturers : J. B. PACE, YARBROUCH & SONS, J. H. CRANT & CO. JOHN ENDERS, TURPIN & BROTHER,, D. B. TEtNNANT & CO. L. H. FRAYSER & CO. B. w. PLIVER, H. CREANER, CARY BROTHERS, EDWIN WILSON, -THOMAS HARDCR.OVE, J. R. PACE & co. R .ACLAND & JONES, RACLAND & TOS.H, WALKER, TAYLOR & CO. WINNIE & TALBOT, L. W. WISE, R. A. PATERSON & co; J. P. WILLIAMSON, L. LOTTIER. Sole Agents in New York for BONNE BOUCHE, 4s. and Pocket Pieces Also Agents for John W. Carroll's Celebrated Smoking Tobaccos, Lone Jack cl: Dick, etc. In dark work t o our "Thistle" Brand, so widely known in many parts of our Country for its beauty of wotkmanship, delicacy of chew, etc., we would invite the attentiQ.:l of Jobbers; always on hanr.l in lb s., half lbs., threes, pocket pieces, etc. M. SA.LOMON, E. SALOMON, BULK LEY MOORE & CO. VIRGINIA Tobacco Commission lterchaxl:ts 74 FBON7' St1eet, KREMELBERG & CO., 160 P.EARL ST., New YoRW::; J. D. KREIIIELBERG & CO., BALTIMORE, MD. KREMElBERG, SCHIEFER CO. \ NEW ORLEANS, LA TIJ1iAIID MEHrnm. M. H. LEVIN, IMPORTHR UP HAVANt-And. Dealer m an kinds of L::&:.A.:&" T OlSAC CO, -162 PEARL ST., IIEW YDRI CHAS. F. TAG & EON, Jmporten o.r SP ANISB, and Dealers tn alllt!Dds of M. GARDINER & OQ., Ex. NoRTON. '1'. j. :;LAUGHTER, B. H. \VtsooM. M. a E. SALOMON, PACKERS OF SEED LEAF, EDWARD M. WRIGHT & co. AND IMPORTERS OF LEAF TO;BACCO, 184 Front Street, N!.W.YO'mt. eral Commission Merchant" Havana To"baC,;?O and Cigars, 1.1\ 85 MAIDEN LI\NE, N. Y. TOBACCO : CODISSION MERCHANTS, NORTON, SLAUGHTER & CO., TOBACCO & C91TON FACTORS 3S. Broad Street, 84 FRONT STREET, NEW YORK, tlre ruei;;ing direct j:om VIRGINIA and NORTH CARO!JNA, consignments cf LEAF, MANUFACTr/RED and SMOKING 7'obaccos. LlMD&. G. P'. LI;DB.--c-, C -HA-MI-LT -ON-. --$. -IU.-RC-OSO.--R-, A&_H_CIIG_A_,_ NEW,YORK Tobacco Inspection. Tobacco InApectt>d c:r Certificates given for every case, and deliveoed case by c a se, as to number of Cert;fitate. II .B.-If' also Sawtpk ;,. 11-ft:rchants' ow,. Stwu. F. C LINDE & CO. PRINCIPAL Street. Water, 173 Front, '74, '76, & '78 G....,n-tch Street& and 1 2 1', & 8 1-lud.son l iver Ra.U Depot, St. Juhn' Park. ' o. 4s5s, NEW Y.ORK 41 lmO.A:D S'l' .. \EET, N.Y. I O F I SEG-.A.Fl.S, .AND DEALERS IN TOBACCO, VETTERLEIN & BOCK._ No. 191 PEARL STR ET, New York. 10 DEPE!S'l'EB STREET, TO BA ceo -Jomr STIU.ITON, GEORGE STOIUl. J. MCJ. BENSEL & CO., MERCHANTS Storage provided. in First-Class Certificates issued. and. Cases delivered 6 Cedar Street, New York. "int;ly or in lots. .>. o Box 4.l RICHEY tc BONIFACE, Tobacco Commission Merchants, 86 STREET, NEW YORK, f Agents for the principal manufacturer.!' of and Smolc. ng TobaccoofVlrKJnia and North CaroUna. Sole Agents for Gold F lakt>, l...o e .Am,ons: the Devon and other favarite Brands of Smoking Tobacco. Special Brands of P lug and Smoktng r o bacco furntshed on application. Blakemore, Mayo & Co., ]OI&PH r. Q.nN, CHAO UJ.L,,. TOBACCO AND COTTON r. QVDT A 00., ALEXANDER MAITLAND, L. F. S, MACLEHOSE. L. MAITLAND cl TOBACC:O AND FACTORS, ,(JfJ., GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 43 BB.OAD S'J.l,, N. Y. l Advancements made Ot1 consi g nments to 'W. A. & G MAXWELL & CO., J.rvnPoOL. TIE TOBACCO TRADE DIBECTOBY. COMMISSION M,ERCHANTS, COMPLETE 41 BROAD ST., No. 39 Broad Street, ReuonablaAdvanoaomadcJNEW YORK DIREcT 0 RY A .... s..:hip;...B_ .. _EED LEAP !Nil HAVANA -TOBACCO, OP Tu: -N= Bu .... G E.' WATER Toba,cco a,nd C1ga,r Tra,de G. FALK. A. FALK. OlE!"' TEEEJ United States, England, 'W'ales, Scotland, TOBACCO LABELS, For Smoking and Manufactured Tobacco, FURNISH&D BY fRE HATCH LITHOGRAPHIC COMPANY, LI'l,HOG PHERS,_ & 34 VESEY STREET, NEW YORK, AT GREAT.L Y REDUCED PRICES. Bramen, Hamburg, Antwerp, P. VI. THOMAS KINNICUTT, Rotterdam, Melbourne, T 0 B A C C 0 and Vircinia d S d ... o an y ney. &EIEHAL MEHCHAfl. Leaf To m FmsT COlf!FLETE oF THE KIND EVER ISSUED. 68 J;&ROAb .o. SSB Broad Street, NEW YORK. NEW CONTAINS OVER TWENTY THOUSAND NAMES. CUTHR'IE & CO.,_ GEllA.RD BETTS &. CO ; 11tliS:l!'.Boxx sxnBBr, .,;, of the Directory,_ --Five Dollars. OK:WSSION' DRCliANTS, GENERAL AUCTIONEERS, "THE TOBACCO LEAF," PUBLISHING COMPANY, .l.JIJI "'''BAOCO P--.:mtB, lelf Tqbaeeo p..-ed In boleo for the Weet Illdlca, tJ;k:u>. and Coatral American Porta, and other Commission Merchants, 'TOLD SLLR TOBACCO PACKED "'I' HOGSl!EAD'l A. D. CBOCKLEY, lu.'\ ... N..EW YORK, COMMISSION MERCHANT, lOB:IJ'B .a. VEGA 1: BU. And Leaf Tobacco Dealer, -115 10. 168 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK, lla'V'IUla Tobacoa .Alao, corner Thirteenth and. Caey Streets, .LI'fD CJ:G.A.B8, RICHMOND, Va., 8o11cit for the New Y:.rk Hou.e. faner Cio'arand Tobatoo &D. .., .r.a.Jrll', aw YOak. f. H. PnoTOII J.u. 0. Puor1 Pemberton & Penn, TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, ..,;p, ltmr txjerilllte in tlte ousinas, -.ffwiMV ltn!WI jill on/en fw .IAf ,IEMII{tulurd T._, tiNVU.LJ. 142 Fulton Street, New York. E. ROSf;NWALD &: BROTHER, IXPO:a T::s::as Olr SPANISH, .AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, amBON!! } S W t St t N y k eonotantl;y on haad...... 14 a er ree ew or 8. W. VENABLE. R P. HAMILTON. S. W. VENABLE & CO., .-DeALERS IN LEAF AND MANYFACTURERS 0./1 PLUG TOBACCO, PETERSBURG. r .A. -' abana anb J OCnhattns, MILL STB.EET, Rochester, N.Y. 'G. REISMANN & CO.. LEAF 179 PEAEr. STB.EE:", Pial CIJid ('odar ser.u., VOB..l- N. LACHENBRUCH & BRO., No. 164 Water Street, New York, WHOL.BSALK DEALERS IK HAVANA & DOMESTIC Leaf Tobacco. THE JOBBING BOUSE OF THE WEST. F. E. GERNIIARDT a CO., OF 106 LOCUST STREET, ST. LOUIS, MO., Having completed arrangements, have located a branch at 12:5 MAIDEN LA'NE, NEW YORK, and are now manufacturing all their choice OF CIGARS at the above-mentioned place. WILMOT'S CLAMP, AND PRESS FOR CIGAR MOULDS PATBNTKUMARCH 4TH, 1873. SAWUBL :J47 Jeffen.on Ave nut", Detroit, :Mich Stmptest, Cheapest and most Substantial Press now in use for this purpose. The Clamp is de\'lsed on the samepdnci p l e t o h ol d the Moulds under pressure a fter they lea.vethe and requires one Clamp for tee Mould!:'. It is provided with a serie3 of holes for holding a J ess if necessary. the confus ion and annoyance of hammerin'f in and out of wedges which s oon beoome useless after severe hotmm ering. ft also obviates the necessity of placing the Moulds under the press again after the bunches are turned, as tt exerts sufficient power to prenthem bac k into position, thereby saviog mucA. time in handling. Pale& OF Paass, ... .... Sr6 oo CLA.1PS1 EACH,.................. I ,50 N. B .-In orderinl' clamps please state thickness of moulds fo r which they are doaired. ESTABLISIIED 1822. uCOPEIBAGEN Jos. 8uLZBACHER, Manufaclllred only by DEALER JN WEYMAN & BROTHER, &EED=! 16'7 Water St., New York. to CHARI;BS B. F ALLKN!!TB.IN & Co.,) Commission Merchants, NO. 44 BROAD ST., NOTICE. D. J. Garth, I Having patented in country Ills newly Invented Chas. M Garth, NEW YO .ncchanical Henry Schmder, RK, Cigar Bun a "Wtlg Table, 173 Water St., 173 Water St.., he unde..,.igned I fill orders. The ma-N. Y, E GARPLES N y hine, which is una urpassed 1or its purpose, has been 'ltrodur.vd factories, and has m e t the f p\>roval of theu propnetors, to whom he can refer. IMPORTER OF HAVANA CIGARS J .... nmmisschau, Saxony, G ermany. DEALER IN DOMESTIC CIGARS n.wALn ERF" F H >6 Oc han:l Y City AND ALL KlNf>iO OF LEAF TOBACCO. Dome::st:.c Cigars taken on. Commission and advances f K MISCH & CO mdo tbereon. '' .J. M. LAURILLA.RD, Manufacturer's Agents, 7.'0.B.II.CCO BBOKBB ROTTERDAM, BOI..I....A..ND .. AND WHOLESALE TilBACCONISTS, '18 BowU. W'ator Ill., .A.O...tQO JOS. MAYER'S SONS, (!tommtsliou l.flfl W' ...tT.B.X BTBB:IIT, New York. --SPENCER BROS &: CO ... CODISSION' MERCHANTS, Dealers in Leaf' Tobacco No. '75 Maiden Lane,. NEW YORK.-" II. SPENCER. C. C. SPENCER. A. SPENCBIL M. H. CLARK & BRO., LEAF TOBACCO BROKERS; CLABBSVILL:C. TI:IOI. I


AUGUST 8 SUPERIOR MAKE AND Prime Quality of CEDAR WOOD. ALSO, DEALER IN GBR.lAN' a93, 296 & 297 Monroe St., NE\V YORK. W. _MENDEL & BRO., OF CIG-AR' S AND DEALERS IN LEAF TOB4CCO, 190 Pearl .Street. New York City. WM, AGNEW & BOKS, Tobacco and Commission fl84. and !a86 Frone l!!ltzoee' NEW YOBK. JUVJ: ON 8Ai. ALL DIOSC&lP1W8-Leaf Tobneeo for Export and momt Ia Lear To bacco in any pac.kap preSB for e:11p0rt. 48 BROAD STREET, AND 48 NEW STREET, SOLE AGENTS FOR La Parma RUESian Cigarettes. DAVIDSON BROTHERS, HAVANA and SEED LEAF 145 Water Street, 'Near Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. Leaf Tobacco. Old Connuti cut W.lappers, Old State Seed Wrappers, The Finest Havana Wrappers and .Fillers. H. COLELL, 172 Water Street. Ne .... York. READ Be Co;, SuccEssoRs TO IsAAC READ, \JOMMISSION MERCHANTS, And Dealers itz Virgir1ia andWestern L!!af and Manufactured Tobacco, Licorice, Gum, etc., !5 Old Slip, Kew '1l'ork. WALTER, FRIEDMAN & FREISE, IMPORTERS OF HAVANA AND DEALERS IN DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCO, 203 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK CITY. A. S. ROSENBAUM & CO. IMPORTERS OF HAVANA TOBACCO AND CIGARS, iii DEALEB.S :Ill SUD LEA!' TOBACCO, ]J -.,_ roE TOBAVVO ,. .. .... LEAF TOBACCO, No. 1'10 Water Street, New York. DEALER IN \ LEAF TOBACCO, 213 PEARL STREET, NEW YOBB. MARTIN & JQHNSON, c 166 WATER STREET,-D.t.veea Malden Lane aacl Burlbag SUp, Tobacco Commission ts, FOB THE SALE OF ALL .k:H.E STANDARD BRANDS, OF VIRGINIA 86 NORTH CAROLINA MANUPA:CTURED & SMOKING TOBACCOS LOBENSTEIN & GANS IMPQRTERS AND DEALERs" IN t T. H. MESSENGER & C 0 Z.A.'J" 'I'Ol3.A.CCO, CIC.A.RS, MOULDS. An.d :M:a:n.u.:f'ao-t-ure:rs' & PASTE LICORI<>E. I TONQ,!JA BEANS, I SEALIN. G 'WAX SOLE IMPORTERS OF THE GENUINE W. & M. P:a::mse::a:e, STRAPS AND CUT'rERS, 101 MAIDEN LANE, NEW YOitlt. OWDERED LIOORICE, EXCii:LSIOR FLAVORING EXTRACT FOX, DILLS & 00., -SUCCESSORS 'I'O EOOEnT, Ah'D COMPANY. IMPORTERS OF SPANISH AND PACKERS OF DOMESTIC LEAF TOBACCOS. I/5 WATER STREET, NEW YOI,K. LEVY B:Q.OS., :J:WEa::a. -u.:rao't'u.rer& o:r :E-:J:1'T:El '7S Ne"W" York. 161 MAIDE.N CIGAR MOULD &: STRAPS. A. & T. BROWN, MANUFACTURERS 0)' Ci[ar Cutters & all other Machinery for Ci!ars; IMPORTERS OF CIGAR MOULDS. 57.59,& 61, Lewis St., Delancy& Rivington, \ NE'W' YORK. W'. ::&::a:ICKS, MANUFACTURER OF CIGAR AND IMPORTER..?F GERMAN CIGAR MOULDS of OSENlll!.'tl'CX & CO., and F. K. BOC!tELKANN'S Manufacturer, DEAL&R IK Cigar-Mould Presses, and Cutters, 263 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. J. SCHMITT & co. I JULIAN ALLEN' IMPORTERs oF & DEALERs IN Leaf and Leaf Tobacco, TonAoao 172 WATER -STREET; \ 162 Water St., New York. J. SCH::UITT, C. JOST. KAUFMANN BROS. & BONDY' -E. SPINGARN & co., Dp;ALERS 1:-1' A. STEIN cJ: CO., C01Ilmission Merchants, MANUFACTURERS OF FINE CIGARS, HAVANA & DOMESTIC TOBACCO. AND .Bli:..A.L"BRS IN .ALL Dli:SCRlPTIONS OJ' LEAF TOBACCO: p.GAMBR'l'. JI.L.QJ.8SER1> EUGENE DU BOIS, JJ, L. CJ-ASSJ!BT & BBO., COMMISSION :MERCHANT M FOB. THE SALE Oli' CoMMISSION ERCHANTS Leaf Manufactured, & Smoking .... OBA..,.CO, .llfD DBALliU IN ALL ltJlCJ;)I OW .&. .., Leaf Tobacco; 75 FRONT ST., NEW YORK. W t St t N W York Manufactured Tob:icco of all Styles and Qualities dl .. rto. 160 a er rea I e in -'o-u-tt ..._ru-rr.-112s-er5_. _____ FELIX MIRANDA, A D Laooo, IMPORTER OF D. & A. BENRIMO, BAVAIA TOB.ICCQ AND OF THE BRAND OF CICARS u RITICA," :222 Pearl St, New York. A; O, L. ilima, J. 1!. 0. Mrm. 1, (l. L. & O, MEYER, FORWARDING .ua> LEAF TOBACCO 1.'2& WATEB-STBEET, NEW-YORK, Rave en aale all klnda ol L'BAJ' TOBAOOO for ltllll'OR! 1Dd BOMIC U9, 9-108 A. OATMAN, No.5 BURLINC SLIP, NEAR WATER-STREET, C. IPDi&A.llli U .EX. R.lUCl:tllAU!J. S.t.:M. W. 8PJNOARN. 197 /l. t .0.\m'T "W ..n.r1ho n. w AssER>UN. 1 .rl v n lL "' m.. Cigar ma.nufa.cturers vartioul::tr1Y fa.vcred. ROBERT Em iT FLORIDA. 147 WATG ST., NEW YORX. 't'liE ANCII011 CIGAR FAC'l'Oltt. w. J HOODL-.. G. C. L. DBGKNHARDTo LEINKAUF & POLLAK, W, J. HOODLESS & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF NATIONAL Fine Cigars, TOBACCO INSPECTION, 202 CHATHAM STREET, 15, 117, .19, 21, 23 o\ 25 Whit.ellall Street, Ht J. LBtN&AO'P. HEW YORK. J. ..........._ Foot BroadwaTo_ NEW YORK. No. 121 MAIDEN LANE, Commission Merchants, IXPORTB.R OP WILLIAM WlCKb. A. ROBSLJ'tR. WM. WICKE a Co NEW YORK. No. 43 Beaver. St., New York. Addre110 by Poet, P. 0. Boo:, 6111. Special attenttoD paid to the forwarding of T.,._ ,U;n DULBa i1< : to foreign countries. .. .. HEYMAN&LOWENSTEIN noMESTic &miiM. [eaf Tobacco lSS PEAil.L STREET, LEAF T Q B A C C Q Wa,er Street, P.o. Box 2969. NE"W' Yon.x. 99 Maiden Lane, N.Y. NEW YORK. MANUFACTURERS OF Segar Boxes' 15'1', 159 & 161 GOERCK ST, NEW YORK. Best .Material and Superi1r Make by Self' Invented and Patmte d Machinery E. PASCUAX. BROTHER & (;o. I .... I' SIMON SALOMON, Importer of ud Bealer ia L. GERSH E L & BR 0:, A.. H. CARDOZO & CO., OOKKISSION HUCRANTS AND or,}.,. Tobacco&CottonFactors, Havana LEAF Packers of and Daalers in Tobacco SEED AND SEGARS, LEAF TOBACCO, General Merchants, No. 86 MAIDEN LANE, No. 1.23 Pearl Street, New-'York llo. 1ft Pearl Street. NEW YOBJio L GKRSH&L, S. C&RSHSL, NEW YORK .La.r .. uwoeo. F. W. SMYTHE 41 CO., Commission_ Kercha.nts, 30 NORTH JOHN STIREET, LIVERPOOL, ENGLAND. ----------------------1 S. SEI.;t,J'NG'S SONS,l Pa.ek ers and Dealers in Seecl-Lea.f &. Havana Tobacco; Wholesale Dc:a.lers in WINES AND LIQUORS, l. FRONT NEW YORK. E. D. Christian & Co., .. YOUNc JAMES E. JESUP, 1545 WAT:BB. BIJ.'B.BBT, 1\IIIW '2'01\B. P. 0. BOX 3925 PRICE LIST OF CLEAR BAVAIA CIGARS OF "THE VICHOT &; CO. CIGAR COXPAn," No. 76 PINE STREET, K'EW YORK, De Jose' :I!WEar:la Reina Victoria, .. .. $130 I Londrei, de Cortes C:.:ll'doa, -Reina. Flna, .. 8& Concbae, extra._ Regalia BritaD.ica, .. -19!5 Conchae, --RegAlia Londre, -1}41:5 Regalia Chica, .. .. 90 I Panetela, Zn.rzuelal .. 1 OU Flor e Penaadoa, --,... 00 Opera Roia.a, Lon4"lres' Chico extra, 60 Int'antoa, .. P. 'o. 49GG. R. A. TOBACCO BROKER Altieph C. DtH, Butterfty Twist., Joseph C. (medium moklng, Jooeph. G. Dill, Gip5y Queen (bright), I Smokil>!;, Joseph G. DiU, Andes, i mediWII ..,......_ A SPECIALTY --MA1111F A.CTlTBED A.ND SMOK.L'VG TOBACCO. Manufactured unde r Speda.1 Brands for the wholesale Jobbing Trade. E. 0. WH&&LOCL WM. P. KITTREDGE & Co., TOB.ACCO COMMISSION IERCBANTS, .Agents for the Popular of Virginia 71 & 73 FRONT $T.,'NEW YORK. M. & CO., MANUFACTURERS OF "LA NORMAND!" & ''LA PERFECTO" CIGARS, And ot Exact lmit&tiona or Leading Imported Brands. Clgara exoluai vel,., ALSO, DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO. 257 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. L AUERBAUH & IENDERSON, MANUFACTURERS OF' FINE CIGARS, No. 138 WATER ST., NEW YORK. i -SAMUEL JOSEPHS, MANUFACTURER OF FINE CIGARS, AND DEALER IN LEAF TOBACCOS, No. 166 FRONT STREET, NEW YO'RK The attention the Trade b eallecl to my eeleltrated DIAlllOJID. STAJl-aacl. THE .. GERMAN. AMERICAN BANK, Bl!.OADWA'1, corner o! Cdar Stmt, NEW V:IRX. Capital, $2,000,000. DRAWS BILLS OF EXCHANGE and issues LETTERS OF CREDIT available at all principal places abroad. Accounts and Correspondence of Merchants, Banks, Bwrkers, etc-solicited. 0. H. SCHREINER, Cashier. .EMIL SAUER, Pres't., s. MICHAELI-S & COa. IMPORTIORS OF CIGAR MOULDS, PE.ESSES, STRAPS & CUTTERS 196 PEARL STREET, NEW S. BARNETT, DEALER IN HAVAKA AND DOMESTIC LEAR TOBACCO AVANA .TOBACCO 144 W a NEW YORK. 203 St., New York City. iiARTCORN & GERSBB-MANUFACTVRERS OF Ferdinand Westhoff, Jr,. AG-ENT AND Fine Cigar-.. Forwarding :Merchant ANI;! DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCOp BREMEN. No. 86 U&iden Lane, New York. GERMANY. 3. :a:. E.OK.AT dt: CO., No. aa W'all Streefii, 1 A, HA!t.TCORM '-"\VRtS GBASK.._. HAVANA CIGARS. FLI!ll RE>galia Britanica Conchas Sublimes -t sc.oo INTIMIDIID. Heg:alia Brltanica Conchas -- 1)0.00 Bo.oo ,..oo 6o.oo _., HENRY CLAY. Non Ultra Regalia Con chas de Regalia Entreactos SPIINOLA. "Flo r de Prensa.dos .. Lond res de Corte ROSA .. FIGARO. Londrc s de Corte LOUIS 0r TOBACCOPBBIGHTJBOfHB Toi'AciVco I 92 PEARL ST R.EET, 263 Eaat 4th St., Bew York. Orders proD" ptly attended to at the shortest noti-NEW YORK CITY. L. AND Factors, lk I A., T fj}) c MD COMW.ISSION MFRCHANTS. '2'0 & '2'!1 BROAD S'rBEET1 89 \VATER STREET,_ Neu Wall Street, NEW YORK SAWYER, WALLACE&OO., u ............... ...... AI'iTONIO GONZALEZ, IMPOiiTE,R 01" HAVANA LEAF TOBACCO No. -47 Broad AND L. CARVAJAL'S ED. WISliHMfYtit &1;. 167 Water street, New Yp;;:k. I TO:SA.CCO J.,D. HUNT, OOMMISSIONMERCHANTS COMMISSION. MERCHANT. ALL RINDS OF C _igars and Leaf Tobacco. ADVANCEIIIEIITS IIIADt Oft CtlNSIGNMENTS. OFFICE: 133 Water Street, New York. 49 SOUTH CHARLES ST ... BALTIMORE. COMmSSION UERCHANf: Packer & Dealer in mm- Merdaaate for the "furcluwe" of General ;ommission lfereltants, TOBACco BROKER, Sollclt onlc n for purehaoe of 11 VIRGINIA lEAF TOBACCO," General commissien Merchant, L"-zi! .DEALD'-""' TOBACCO DRQKER. Leaf Tobacco.' Offlc:ln TobaCCo uQhanc. Shockoe Slip, Md. & Ohio D J'OBACCO EXCH.!}.NGE, Olchmond. Y...g:o : No. 4 , V.L BALTIMORE. PADUC.AII, KY., No. 1 46 Front St.,. NEW YORK.


I T H E 1.' 0 il A V C 0 L E A 1'. / -AUG.8 -: 8 .... -----------------...l--------------CAS :SIUB WRLLBS. L. B. HAAS. I .. 1 L BJ.A.:J:P TOBA.OOO, Mwl ....., ... Nt. of ... c ..... 185 RACB STREET, PHILADBLPHIAt STEWART MARKS, RALPH & CO., Manufacturers of Balph's Scotch Snuff, 'AND FINE CIGARS. N"o. 118 ST -....rt-Stewut, James P. Mark!, Alexander Ralph. John W Samuel A. Hendrickson. TELLER-BROS., Packers, Commission Merchants, and Wholesale Dealers in Porei&D and DoJDestic Leaf' Tobacco, 117 North Third Street.Philadelphia. 1VOOD1V'A.RD1 GA.R.RE'Z''Z' & CO,, 1TOBACCO. Jta No. Water St. and 32 No. Delaware Av., Philadelphia. j .o. 14:3 First Avenue, Pittsburgh. L. BAMBERGER & CO., 0 DEALERBIN LEA.F. TOBAO CO? -. And of all Crades of Cigars, lVo. a 1\T. Water St., Philadelphia, Pa M. E. McDOWEll & CO., OBACCO on GBJIBAL COMIISSION MIBCBANTS, 39 North Water St., Philadelphia, Pa Agents for the sale of all kinds of Manufactured and Leaf Tobaccos .ft A. BOYD & CO., wr)OLESALE DEALERS IN romACTIBII W LW TOBACCO, CIGABS, .&C., t :8-m.m. 33 SOUTH ST._ BALTIMORE. TH08. W. CROMER. .H. WILKENS & CO., MoNuM-ENTAL CITY Tou.&cco WoilKs, No. lBl WES'l' P:BA'l"l' STUE'l', BAL'l'IKOU, MAltYLAND, MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDS OF SMOIIIG AID CBEWIRG TOBACCOS. M. FALK, & CO., 143 Water Street, New York. GEO. KE'RCKHOFF. GEO. P. UNVEkZAGT. GEO. KERCKHOFF & CO., DEALERS IN COBNEGTIGUT, HAVANA AND YARA LEAF TOBACCO, AND :t.UmJFA.C'l'tmDS or CIGARS. No. 49 S. CHARLES STREET, BALTIMORE. FRHD'K KLI& R G. G1ESKE. ED. NIEMANN. Cincinnati Advertisements. MALLAY. JAMESMALLAY. Henry Besuden & R.MALLAY & BRO \ LEAF TOBACCO, Dealers In LEAF TOBACCO, I 18 and I I 7 West f;ront St., 161.-1631 & 165 Pearl Stret, Beiwoon Race aad Elm, S. LOWENTHAL a CO., 4 MANUFACTURERS. OF FINE CIGARS, Al'ID DEALDS IN LEAF TOBACCO, C. WELLES & CO., D8ALnt! l!lf 'ONN. SEED LEAF TCJa.4.C100. 154 State Street, HA.RT.OR:O. c:lOifllfo !l-. & .Z. JL PBA.,.E, -.. :-Leaf J8 Btzeet, Ocmn. WJ. WESTPHAL, COMMISSION ltiERCHAlfT, I ADd Deeler !D COIIlCTICUT IEEO LEAF -:I.'<> b a, 0 0 <>, State St Hartford, Coan I A. L. & F. SISSON, Packers a -nd Dealers in CONNECTICUT SEED LEAF NO. 1.1'2 WEST THIRD STREET. CINCINNATI, OHIO. TOBACCO, No. !84 'MAIN STREET. L:fT:b'::':c, OIESKE&NIEMANN AND TOBACCO FACTORS J A cou Wa.IL. AARON KAHH. E. A. Wau WElL, KAHN & CO., ue-188 Hartford, Conn. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, GS. Sooth Charles St., near Pratt Balthnore. Md. And. Commission M!Yrchants, ,.. SuccesSQ r s to 8 :Loo"""'"e:n:th.a1. Oo. R A CHAPMAN 78 South Chaxles St., Baltiinore, Md. .MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Cigars and.Leaf Tobacco, .. c1NciNNATI, 0 .. Connecticut Seed leaf Tobacco. w I DRESEL co., LEE & CO., DBALKRIN TOBACCO COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 63 Exchange Place, B<imore, Kd. WE authorize SIGHT DRAFT for &ttlount of TAX with BILL OF LADING attached to Draft, and wili make further CASH advan ces on .receipt ot Tobacco, 87 GAY 8"-rREET, BALTIMORE, MD., STR A.SSER & co., T 0 B A C C 0 (Sucaessors to LOUIS STRASSER,) EODISSION MERCHANTS .. CIGARS, _____!_... LEAF, PL'!TG, AND SKOEING 'l'OBACCO, L. w. GUNTHER -------smotcrs' Articles and Imv. Havana Ci!ars GENERAL Gatnr.IS.Watta, JameaW.WoMnatoa, Jam .. A. Goold SOUTHWEST FIFTH AND WALNUT STS. COMMISSION MERCHANT G. S. WATTS & CO., _..__ci_Nc_INN_A_T...;.I,_oH-Io_. ANDTOBACCOFACTOR. TOBACCO' MORRIS & REID go LOMBARD STREET 1 CO M MISS I ON MERCHANTS l.E A F T D I A C C 0 Lloeral advancement made on consignments to my 81 E h 1 KROHN, FEISS & CO., # MANUFACTURER'S OF EAST HAR"rFORD; CONNECTICUT. Ql. W. GRAVES, PACEBR AND B&ALBR IW 0 I GARS, FINB CONNECTICUT SEED-LEAP 53 West Fourth Street, CINCINNATI, OHIO. TOBACCO, / DANBURY; CONNECTICUT. H. SMITH & -addTess. xc ange Place, BROKERS L BALTIMORE, MD. -EWIS BREMER'S SONS B. F. PARLETT & CO. O!Jf.ce, No. 4 COLLEGE IIUILDING, wHoLEsALE DEALERs xN. G H DOL And 71 West Front St., Cincinnati, 0. Wholesale Dealers in JUNUFACTURED LEAF AND SMOKING 1 1 ENIUS & CO. HENRY MEY, LOUIS STR CoiRIDissilm and Jobblll!s-Wholcsale llealer in HAVANA and DOMESTI C CONNECTICUT LEAF TOBACaO "LEAF" A ND MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, TOBACCOS, NO. 322 NORTH THIRD STREET PHILADELPHIA. Cigars, Pipes, Etc., Seed Leaf and Havana, DEALERS IN LEAP COMMISSION TOBACCO, : < o. 20 Hampden Street, SI'l'll.l r DIDW'I:I..L. SPRING FIELD, :r.IASS. And Wholesale Dealer in 49 Vine Street, ALSO A larg e assortment of all kinds of LEAF ToBACCO constant] on hand .B COKHISSION !.!ERCBAN'l'S F9ll. SALE OF SAKE, TOBACCOS. 92 Lombard and 5 Water St., Bet. Front and S econd 6ts., c' ti Q _momna OHIO .& CONNECTICUT Boston .Adverlisem.ents. M. ANATHAN tc CO., PACKERS, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN IForeign and Domestic Tobaccos. 220 NORTH THIRD ST., PHILADELPHIA. BALTIMORE, MD. G.H. M. MARRIOTT MAN'O'F ACTUIUm or CIGARS, And Dealer in all kinds of LEAF AND CICAR RIBBONS, No. 25 German St., Baltimore, Md. ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED. Jos. ScMRU&t.Jd. A. NlCOLASSRN, JOS. SCROEDER & CO. N. W. Cqrner Charles and Pratt Sts. BALTIMORE, MD. 46 Front St., Cincinnati, 0. K. BARICil&. H. P. CHANDLKE. r. P-: w ER. F w DOHRMANN BARKER, CHANDLEE & co. M!NUF ACTURERS OF CIGARS LEAF TOBACCO BROKER And Wholes&le De&lers in LEAF 'I'Ol3ACCO, No. 31 GERMAN STREET, li. Vine and Front Streets. Opposite Carollton llotel, BALTIMORE. CINCINNATI, 0 MANUFACTURBRS OP' THK "GOLD DDAL and "LOBD BYRON" CIGAU. 1117 Special BTands Manufactured to ordeT. --g P. 0, Bo:o: 3212. ---------------------WEIL, E' AHN &. CO., MANUFACTURERS OF FineGi.gars, And Wholesale Dealers in LEA_;F' TOBAOOO, 134 Main St., cincinnati, o. C. 0. HOLYOKE, -COMMISSION MERCHANT In LEAF and MANUFACTURED TOBACCO, .12 Central Whaf'.f, Boston. SOUTHERN ADV'.TS. J. W Commisaion and \Vholesale Dealers iD. LEAF AND St. Lnuis, Louisville and Chicago Advertisem.e:q,ts. A. ALBRECHT. L. SCHRODER. &lle !.fHn:..o.f acturer of the .FamPUS : md W. EISENLOHR & CO., PACKERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 1 116 SOUTH WATER STREET, PHILADELPHIA. '11. EISENLOitR. ,S. W. CLARK. PHIL.BONrt. Manufactured Tobacco, AND CIGARS. N'o. 81 Exohace Place. Baltimore, LOUIS GIESKE & 00., COMMISSIDN MERCHANTS, AND DEAI:ERS IN LEAF TOBACCO, 42 South Charles Street, BALTIMORE, MD. --:- RINALD' 0 s'vK & co :--RIG.ARDS, LEFTWICH & CO., 6 &1 ., 1 DOHAN & TAITT, LEAF 1 obacco Commission Merchants. TO B A C c o FACTORs, .20 N. DELAWARE AVENUE, 69 EXCliA.NGE PLACE, B. F. FiniFey, 1 David Fergnoon0 1w1 A. R&onald, Jr. c 0w Geo. non. "-HAvANA In ey' 0 Danuftllr.tory, 12th Str ...... AND MANUFACTURBRS OF LYNCHBURG v A. l'INB-CUT CHBWIN& on SMOKING TOBACCO'S Between Galvert and Streets, JAMES ..,.. WISE BALTIMORE, :am. 80, 82 & 84 FIRST STREET, LOUISViLLE, KY. .a.w.a.. (Fo rmerly of 'VIS E BROTHERS), ... PEACH AND HONEY" COLUMBIAN BLOCK, JARBURQ BROTJBRS MANUFAcTuRERs oF The Sweetest Fane-Cut Chewanf C 0 M MISS I 0 N MERCHANT ROBINSON TOBACCO IANllP'A&TUH'fN& CO.,-LBAPHTOBAoOCO. BALTIMORE. MD., LOUISVILLE. KY SOLEMAND'FACTURER80li'THECELEBIUTED R._ R. JoNEs, LO:ut.i.cH a. DIARo:AD ,. (Tormerly ot Mobtte. Ala..) THOMAS D. NEAL, TOBACCO BROKER, Lock Bo:z: 187 lUCEKO:bTD, Va. Has large ezperlence ln Leaf' Tobaeco of evett description. Oden to buy reapectfu)ly sclicited ang pTOmptlyfilled. j! PHILADU.PHIA. 107 ARCH STREET, BAl-TIMORE. 1L B. Ell'O:B'l' BONDED WAUEOtTSE, N'o. l. t_.J.INALDOSAItlrcr ]011& ........ H. THEOBALD, A. OPPENHEIMER, ........ .,. .... O..LLIUDI fi8Q. IIDWARDS. JAS. M. PATTERSO BROKER IN Leaf and Manufactured Tobacco, BPAl'll8il BTIC CICARS, &c. GBaf L'hCW'iD( SnJl.f, No. 29, North Front St., l'mLADELl'mA. M&31'8Chaum and Brier ALL BUSIIESS ATTEJ:DED TO WITH DISPATCit. W.-Third ud l'opl&r ate., l'JUladeJ:pi.Ja. SORVER, GRAEFF & COOK. I'ackers, Commission !.!crcha.nts, DEALERS JN PXILA.DELi-HIA -.EED LEA.'F TOBACCO. DID. W .EDWARDS & CO., .., Commission l._llerchants in LEAF T 0 BAC C 0 iti!F-TOBACCO AND CIGARS, lOS N. WATER STREET, JJ. W. DICKI:RSON, INBl'ECTOR FOR TO fCBACCO TRADE OF PHILADELPHIA lito. 62 North Front St., I'hilaaelph!a. pun, ADELPHIA. ..... .._,t. 1D Penuaylvan.ta a.nct Delaware for the .._.. Olau &oU141. IUI4 T1lok Ou.-. \ A specialty In Leaf for West lnc!leo arr. :J.:LZP'_IJ:J'A., -i "' ,. c "' MANUFACTURED OF SELECT Pure North Carolina Leaf, BY 1 MARBURQ BROTHERS. 1 &nwr-d -.ocort'll-.uSto a.o\ of CongN .. in the year 11111. b y Karburs :Sro lD off' 1 eo of the!.tbraria.n of CoDFU at W uhlca:tan HRANJ;>S. VIRGIN, VIRGINIA DAtE, GoLDEN SHr-ER, EssaNCR OF 0Lo VntGINIA, HARD TO BbAT, APPLK OF MY EvE, GJtERNBACK, RHo Hooo, CoNTKNT1otllKT1 AND "ANV OTJUtRS, UNSER FRITZ GERMAN SM!l!IING TOBACCil. MERFELD & KEMPER, PACKERS OF Oo::nnec'"t Seed LOtTISVILLE, XY. Hav,.ana L-ei!f and Cigars, 1\hnufacturr.< of all kln,ds of PLUG TOBACCO. Nil-Ko. Establlshed 1n 1834.. o &,. B;. DORJrtlTrZE &, CO., HIGHLAND GBM ToBACCO WoRKs. J 0 H N .. I N G E R' Dealers and Commission lcrchallts F. CBRISTI1AR 1: CO., FIDe Olaars, LEAF TOBACCO, "RIGHLANDTGEII" Wholeaale DealeT tn 121 133 K&rket. St., bet. Kain Sta., AND OTHER CUT TOBACCOS. LEAF TOBACCO ST. LOUIS, KO. Co:naer Miutppi _._ Pu-1 Street., t Choice Brands of Imported licorice always on lw>4. IlO)IANAPOLI& JND 39 WuhlDgton St., Indian& polis, Ind. Liberal Cash advances mado on Conolgnments. SJC itsMUND KAsPROWlcZ. S. -KA-sPROWICZ & SON, C. C. READ & CO., MANUFACTURERS PAUL Ko\SPROWICZ. E 'A F WT'Q=eA C C 0 TWIST, No. 20 SOUTH CLARK STREET, F.ARMVJLLE, VA. -(Near Lake CHICACO, ILL. ORDERS SOLI'CITED. WALL, BELVIN & DAY, EMIL I'OERSTEL & CO., Ma:1. uta.cturen of FINE CIG'.A:RS And D e al ers mall kinds Hf Commission Merchants, & Smok!ng Snulrs,l'ipes, &c. Agents rot John Charters P

A.UG.6 SUTRO & home and abroad, for the excellence of its part:cular grade of Kentucky's great THE-TOBACCO LEA Pi In the fleshy portion of the leaves 23 per cent. In the seed 4 per cent. JtCAY UFA OF staple. The respectab!e and "W'" .,.,_ s;LJiijl industrious farmers of Owen cessi..-e smokers a decided weakening of the will, and a preference for talking about work to the effect of actual labor. The opinions of medical men on this sub j ect 11re so much at variance that their science only adds to our uncertainty. One doctor tells rr.e thil't the most moderate smoking is unquestionably injudous, while others affirm that h-is innocent. simply from selfobservation, I find that in my own case tea and coffee are far more than tobacco. According to his calcu>lation the oxygen of all the bases amounts to 13 per cent. on the average. .... are well pleased with the A D DEALERS IY r high reputation which their Sardin anaiyzed the leaves of nicotiana rustica and obtained 4z.7 grammes of ashes from r,95o grammes of fresh plants dried down to 2oo grammes. ashes consisted of: Y' ':'1 .A. Jnnl .A. C C 0 ,. fine cutting tobacco has .A.A .11: -.A. ......,. now, and the high prices Per Ce11./, 76 PARK PLACE, NEW YORK. which it readily brings in .. -...:......:;.;.....,._;_ _____________________ the Louisville market ; they of alumiri". and iron.--.2.80. Sthc1c acid----------------------7-00 have worlced hard to bring THE CHEMICAL COMPOSITION OF T OBAC C O-HOW T O IMPROVE Hydtochioric acid ___ --_---------' -.6.6r Sulphuric acid ___ THE Br CHARLES A. SIECKE. Direct analysis of different sorts of cigars showed the constituer>ts drawn up in the following table. They are calculated for the rate of too parts of weight, with the exception of the sour tart rate of ammoniac, the amount of which has been reduced in proportion to 5 grammes of cigar tobacco used for the experiments, to facilitate the comparison with analyses formerly made. Sort of Tobacco. a.s = c:: 'o r.o =a .... v 5'o .:::'" k'w a. a .;; E-4oEtS 11 rn; No. I Importe d Havana cigar, tendera Q.tQ < .o. Q. leafed ..... ... ................ .... ... 8'}0 ssg No. Imported Havana cigar, strong Pptash. _----------------J Soda ___ ___ : _____ : _______________ 1 Lime ___ -------------------Magnesia ___ --_----------.-----.3.o8 -'-. _.,_ ... TotaL __ ___ ---------------. Ioo The oxygen of all the basis enumerated amounts to 19.z8 per cent., which. percentage is much larger than the above menti o ned, calculated bv Barra!. Hartwig calculated also the oxygen of the-bases (holding carbonic acid) of tobacco cultivated in H!l vana. It contained l 2.43 per ceut. of ashes, wherem he found I9.40 per cent, of.carbonate of soda. This substance appears in other tobaccos as a chloruret, but it is found in many tobaccos of inferior de!icription only in a small quantity. ; On tli e Combustibility of Tobacco. PASTE it up to the unrivaled -rank which it holds, and have been handsomely repaid for their trouble. A crop whic"h commands ia re:;.dy money from $loo to $lSO an acre is well worth protecting. Yet it is against the cultiva tion of this crop which sta tistics show constitutes so rich a source of revenue that th lynchers of Owen have mustered their clan. These gentry, the sum total of whose possessions con sists of a suit of dirty clothes, revolvers, knife, a bottle of mean whiskey and a plug Of tobacco, are dis with the manner iri A N D B. 0 0 T which the planters of Owen leafedandtwn yearolderthanNo.J, ]1708 1,154 74' 10,737 20,561 No.3 Domestic Havanadgar ........ 700 759 9,700 :13,016 No. Emballena with Brazil filler .. 31573 t111J 573 9 19,004 Schloesing made experiments on a large scale con cerning the combustibility of tobacco. By" combusti bility of tobacco," the manufacturer means its faculty of keeping or sustaining the combustion or cremation for a certain space of time after each draught of the smoker. Tobaccos, which are extinguished a short time after being lighted, are called incombustible. The ashes of all vegetable substances contain alkali, alkali ous earths and different acids, 'as sulphuric, phosphoric, carbonic, silicic, etc. When treated-with watPr, vegeta ble ashes give a solution, that Gontains mostly beside sulphurates and chlorurets, silicate and carbonate of alkali. THE UNDERSIGNED OFFERS TO THE TRADE LmOlUCI' BOOT AND '!'HE FOLLOwmG :mt.UmS OF LICOlUCE 'PASD : zz J V. A:8AZOG L U AOC A SEFIRIARDI. APOLLO. conduct their business, and seek to re"form it according to their nice sense of pro priety and the eternal fit ness of things by setting No. S Java tobacco .............. :t,u7 693 7S3 9 18,537 No.6. Lbrivlated Kentucky tobacco .... 437 5o6 9 No.7. Palatinate cigar ................ 1.,848 564 1o,:J90 24,49' PnutCT IIIIPOB.TATIONS FROM Tu&KIIY AND SPAm, QUALITY GUAJtANTliED, AND Poll SALE J. SCHNITZER, 33 CENTRAL WHARF, BOSTON, MASS.; or W. & A. l:EAMAN, No. 67 BROAD-STREET. NEW YORK1 &..NO CONNECTION WITH DOMESTIC LICORICI:: .FACTORIES. N OTICJ: I NOTICE II We ea.ll the attention of the trade to the following telegram: BOSTON, June uth, 1873. W .. A LEAMAN, 671lroad Street, N e w York. BY fire to the cabins of farm hands at night, and shoot. ing tfie inmates dead as they leap from their beds and endeavor to escape from the flames. They ride through peacable neighbor hoods with an assumption of higher authority than if they were a Supreme Court G antee""mY A. 0 c. as genuine Will g e t such d ocuments from Smyrna to prove it so. uar (Signed,) J. SCHNITZEA. A comparative review of the foregoing table shows that the quantity of ammoniac contained in tobacco smoke, generally, seems to be in direct proportion to the fineness of the tobaccs> the cigars were made of; and it is confirmed, by other that really the quantity of ammoniac is largest in Havana lobaccos. The amount of nicotine contained in tobacc0 in its natural state varies much, and in manufactured tobac cos it depends most on their way of prepar;!Aion. Boutron and 0. Henry found in 1,ooo parts of differ ent sorts of half-dried tobacco the following quantities of nicotine : Tobacco leaves from the Department du l r.z8 parts. In this c;1se sulphuric acid and chloriae are not sufficient to saturate all the alkali. In the reverse case, viz.; when sulphuric acid and chlorine saturate the al kali, the solution contains neither silicate, nor carbonate of alkali. [ TP be Co11tinued.] ROTJ:CE. traneling in solemn pomp Such of our Tobacco who are desirous of obtaining pureand genuine A. 0. C. Licorice, on a grand circuit of the h ld t wardtheirordersduecttoW.&A..LEAMAN,67BroadSt.reet.NewYork,ortoJACOD u 't d St t d l's e Tobacco leaves the Department Ille et Vilaine, E .JUeaslve Smaggliug ot" Tobacco in Soutbamp- ou TzER Boaton ,who dealr solely in imported Licorice, having no connections with do-nl e a es, an su tactories Repair Shops in this Cr'>Rilw, NewjYork: Dear Sir-We have used over I 000 Cases of your floe grades of Liquorice, and they have been oniformJy regular and of excellent quality. Yours Very Respectfully, (SigDed) P. LORILLARD & CO. REFERRiNG to the above advertisement, we have appointed "Jir. Jamea (). XeAndrew of' lfe'W Vork:fi our Exclu...lve A.geat 1D. thel1nlted St.atea for the sale of aU the Braada of' Liquor-lee hereto manufactured_ by us. ROBERT MACANDREW & CO., London, England. LIQUORIC E R OOT. 1 &palllah and &m,......., io Bal.., atwaya for sale In lots to suit J:Wu1J. MeAJrDREW, 511 Water St., llew York. } Bob and his family aw1y, or we will burn his cabin over his head to-morrow night." These are sub stanbially the impudent or ders which the Ku-Klux have issued to the farmers of Owen county. Unless the bkod of the Kentucky hunters has acquired a thin ness it has never yet shown it will boil with a vengeance that will make the KuKlux: beat a precipitate re.treat from the Per Cent. at a port so well by the Custt'mS at SouthVirginia tobacco.-----------'---.6.87 ampton, in consequence of its com m ercial importance, Kentucky tobacco ______ __________ 6 o9 was, to say the least of it, rather st a rtling, and attende d Maryland tobac co.----------------2-29 with a touch o[ romance about it which always reminds Havana t'"lbacco.-------------2 00 us of some of the descriptions of our novelists. \Ve Tobacco from the Department Lot, 7 96. therefore venture te give our readers an ac.;ount of the Tobacco from the Department Lot et Garonne, f34 aflair from beginning to end. About ten or eleven Tobacco from the Department du Nord, 6.58. months ago a person calling himself Thompson, of Tobacco from the pepartment lilt: et Vilaine, 6.29. Pound Street, Shirley, called on Mr. W H. Swayne, soliTobac!;o from the Department Pas de Calais, 4 citor, of South a mpton, and made inquiries as to the Tobacco from Alsace, 3.21. rent of a piece of land which runs from the Millbrook-Tobaccodust, 2 0 4 road, about 300 yards from the railway station, down to Lenoble analyzed four different sorts of tobacco from the railway by the sitore : It is a piece of land which Paraguay for the of contained therein, auctioneers would call "an eligible building site," being and found the following amounts: level for about 40 yards, and then sloping ai)ruptly toEFFECTS oF TOBJ.CCO.I. Petig Para Tobaco overo, 6.7 per cent. wards the railway. After certain negotiattons and for-The use of tobacco, says 2 Canda Tobaco Canela, 5 per cent. mali ties used in all matters of letting, an agreement was somebody, has so much ,ex-3 Colorado tobaco, Colorado, 2 per cent. entereu into by "Mr. Thompson" to rent the ground, tended itself in the present 4 Villa Rica tobaco, Villa Rica, r.8 per cent. and he, with unusual liberality, paid six months' rem generation that we are all It ou ght to be remarked here, of these four sorts in advance, and at the same time asking permission to obliged to make a decislon of tobacco No. 1 was the strongest, No. 2 less strong, erect a shed for a horsecart, and stating that he might for ourselves on all ancient No. 3 mild, and No. 4 the mildest of all. sleep there at times. fhe boon granted, shrubs were controversy between its In snuffs only 2 0 4 per cent. of nicotine were found speedily cleared away, just on the edge of the slope, friends and enemies. We on an average, whereas the Virginia leaves they were and under the shade of some gi2:antic trees which par can not form a reasonable made of contained 5 to 6 per cent of this substance. tially hid it from view on the water side, the shed was opininn about-tobacco \,ithConsequently two-thirds of the nicotine were lost by "knocked up." It was noticed that an old man lived out bearing in mind that it the were going posite classes of effects In improved or deteriorated. to be kept ;" in fact, he narrated a vari e ty of stories, certain states of the bndy it The solutions of leaf tobacco effect generaliy acid renone of which ; however, excited suspicion, and. so acts as a stimulant, in other actions, and when such .tobacco is treated in the same months have gone on. About nine weeks ago Mr. Goff, states as a narcotic. Peo apparatus with pure ether (without any addition of am-the attendance officer of the School Board, and who pie who have a dislike to maniac) only very little nic-otine dissolved, as this is a has seen service in the customs, met a man known to smoking affirm that it stupi-salt hardly soluble in ether. Q_!'ite different it is with him formerly," professionally," as" Jack Minchin," in fies; but this assertion, at snuff; from this, by the means of ether without any Hiuh Street, shook hands with him, and after tender least so far as the temporary addi tion of ammoniac, the nicotine can be completely solfcita'tions after his health, said, "Why, Jack, your consequences are concerned wit hdrawn, so that it keeps only the taste of common hands are very soft; you have not done much wot k is not supported by e'xpericulinary salt. lately." Now, Goff had been ''bested" itt his former ence Most o(. the really .For a thorough sturly of tobacco, however, many attempt:; to entrap ,, Jack, while engaged in unlawful brilliant conversations that I more experiments would be required i its double feracts,' and was determined to make a haul, if possible; have listened to have been mentation, especially, is still a rather obscure question so he watched his acquaintance for several nights, and accompanied by clouds of In order to throw some light on it it would bt: required soon found he was fond of vrsit'ng the piece of land at tocacco smoke; and a great not only to determine all the Substances which the to-Freeman tie, which he facetiously entered in his book as deal of the best literary bacco held originally but al so those originating during "Jack's estate." Goff communicated wit h the proper composition that is pro its decomposition, viz.: ammoniac, airogen, the differauthorities, and obtained a coadjutor to assist him in duced by contemporary au-ent acids-malic, citric, acetic, carbonic-resin, wood-elucidat i ng the mystery, for he had never known Jack" thors IS wrought by men substance, the essential oil, the ashes, etc. First, we in such prosperous circumstances as to be a !and who are actually smoking must find out the proportion of all the substances conowner, and the ]!lace was carefu lly watched night while they work. My own stituting t _he leaf .tobacco, and then have to follow and day for seven or eight week>. The hut was ob experience is very modall the alteratwns undergone dunng the fermentato be frequented by Minchin at times, who al erate smoking acts as a tlons.. . ways entered and l e ft by way of the Millbrook road; pleasant stimulus upon the the ma!tc actd, Pas-but the old man to whom we above reterred more gen brain, while it produce5 a ;;elt and Retmann f?und In _tobacco, dlscovere? erall j descended to the bottom of the grounds by two temporary lassitude of the 111 t_he _same. a orgamc actd "':hlch he called m flights of sreps let in t o the slope, a small plateau about muscular system, not percotJanc a c td obacks-Saeure_) This subst:nce, the two yards wide dividing them, and then cross ing the ceptible in tinte s of rest; but f ormul_a for whtch would. be C 6 Hz 03 x Hz '? aprailway proceded along the shore, a t tunes, however, an appreciable hindranc e in pears the shape of l e aflets, soluble 111 waenjoying the delectation of a prom _enade on the mud, times of muscula r exertion. ter, wh:ch, w?en. crystaltzed, gtve a shod wit h the fiat pieces -of w ood : a iled "mud pat It is better, therefore, for ammomac, mcotme, potash, etc The_ _actdts ten s. A vessel was observed .constantly l ying near men who feel these effects by !1eat a n d su lphunc acid mto mahc a?td enough to be high and dry at low water, and on the fr o m topacco to avoid it and ac:d, what can be seen from the followmg shore was a l a rg e boat with no nam e which the old boy when they are in exercise, equauon: u sed !o very closely scrutinize, and plaster the joints al)d to use it only when the C6 H4 _04 = :>< Oz C4 H4 Oz. with mud as a sort of caulking process. Matters were body rests and the mind Ia-Accord_mg _to _Gou?l, however, Vtrgtm_a found to be approaching a cl i max, for one night the bors Pray "remember, howno mcouamc but only nlaltc and cttnc actds. plug was taken 0ut of the boat and she sank as the tide ever, that this is the experi. 1 he Fr. ench chemtst, Beauchet, who spent years a usual course adopted to make a boat watertight ence of an exceedingly mod_ In <:_ n alyzmg has shown that the che'111Cal cori_twhen it has not been used for some time. On the next erate smoker, who has not of the pa.rts of the plant IS night "Jack" went to his esiate rather later than yet got himself into the genquite espect_ally wtth regard to their ash usual, and the watchers, when darkness came on, heard era! condition of body which stances. I he followmg table the results of his the vessel being moored, saw a boat land with four is brought on by larger inanalyses of some of our domestic tobaccos: men ia it including' Jack," and made up their minds dulgence in tobacco. On .:! Composition there was to be a A description of this smug-the other hand, it is evident 8 :3 .g .g :: glers'..,rendezvous at Freemantle will be f oun.d interest that noen engaged in physi:f ,e.; ]_ :J :1 ] ing, and show that these men meant busmess on a cal labor find a muscular Sor t of Tobacco. 'S -;J : -; 'a ]. a_ iJ'o larger scale than we have b'!en accustomed to hear of. stimulus in occasional smok_. j j .ll 'o The hut itself is a substantially built shed divided imv ing,and not a temporary g-' 0 ii 0 a :: two compartments. The smaller of the two facing the lassitude. It is probable H e ; t!: -& ] is! water h a s two wimlows-one in front, boarded up out-that the effect varies with "' ..: p:; u o iii 0 u and the other looking directly tlo.-m Southampto n individual cases, and is nev" 8 5 5 90 \Vater, making in fact a capital" look-out" station. Vlrglola. Vt:ins, 17.1 4B.o 52.r: 3 37' 7-t 5' 30.7 16.1 er precisely what our own Lea .3 34-9 6s- 9' n 8 s-> '9 3 43.6 Two shelves setved as tables, a fireplace in t:le corner, ex2erience would lead us to Kentucky. { ;.;.;, 5,.5 ,3., 3 the chimney being earthenware tiles, well c e men ed to imagine. Fl)r excessive Leaves, .7 <5 8 5<> 3H 7 0 4 6 8 5 4'-' gether. For cooking purposes then:) were pots, pans, A. LICHTENSTEtlll' & BROTHER b l Mems, 10.3 33 66. 6 5 3 7' 6.7 9 0 6.o o 111 Ku-KLUX AUD THt> ToBACCO TRADE. smokers, tt appears to e Maryland. Veins, 7o.a '"I' 5. 7 64. < 9.o

... I ,. THE TOBACCO LEA Fa Tobacco Manufacturers. :JOHN ANDERSON CO., J A c 0 By & c 0., LICORICE P :ASTE ldANUFACTtrRERS OF THE SOLACB w rrKE1l TOBACCOS. SPECIALTIES BY ( WALLIS & 00. EXTR.i.. DE LANCEY CLEVELAND, 114and 116 LIBERTY STREET, NEW YORK, Tobaeco manufacturers and the_ trade in particularly amine ana test tho super1or properties ot Importer & Jlanufaeturer's Agent, thiS LICORICE, whi ch, beingnt-w 'm:JUght 8 1118 Pe nl Street, 5, Y Bea to direct the attentloD. ol the Dealen in Tobaceo tlorougbout the U oitld Stateo and the d to the highest perfection, is un er the abon style of brand. BROKERS. W orid to their 18LACE FINECUT CJD:WDIG TOBACCO, -which la "belag oace more manufactured under the HOYT & CO., lmmodiateouperviaionoftheorigioator, MANUFACTURERS 011' MR. JOHN ANDERSON, aad aow abncb, u formet'ly, without a rival. Onlen Cut g and !' ..v.J ne meet with prompt attentioa. I \ SM.zJKIN9 TOBACCOS & SNUFF, OUR liRA NOS CHEWING' .JUNNYSmE, HEARTS' DELIGHT, NATIONAL, BRIGHT OVVEN. EXTRA CAVENDISH. ll<>4 and 4Q6 Pearl St.. York c;tv. '280M AS HOYT. CHAS. G HOYT. MAMUTACTVIEI or ALL GJ.ADES OF ttut .fmokiug, au. 4 (grluudnttt\ TOBACCO HARVEST" St JN F'Oil IVANHOE Sc JOLLY BOYS 1 '1' 4. Front Slreer. New Y (;1' 1;::. f Cigars, 11 J F t"' SNUFF ETC 111 And all kinds of Goods used for puttmg up 1;-Smoking Tobacco, 'J" 33 CHURCH, HOWARD SANGER & CO. 'il .... vLoRn .. c PALL. ... """'"x. 105 t. 107 Chambers St., New York. P.CO Box 1111115 AND AGENCY D. A. SHOTWELL & SON, :Manufacturers of C!f the Maoufaotur'l of Tobacco and Segars,_ A X, At&CI of tiM celebrated """'"'of HERO and UNION G. w : GATT. 1k. ORE, Pearl Street, New-'Y' 'ork. ......... :t.l .. LER &KAEPPEL, ,Acellt. Fine Out Ob.ewing Tobacco and Eoho Smoking 1 '14 Avenue. New .Ymk. GOODWIN & CO., We are also SOLE AGllNTS for the 1:.3nd. P. CJ. & CJ. C. Acknowledged by eonsumel'!l to the best in tM market And for the brand of Licorice Stick INOEL & CO., !n all respects equal to CALABRIA. We have no Agents. a.nq. Jobbers would do wel.l to ap{Lly direct Lieorice Root, select aod ordinary, constat>tly on\hand. dDIIEZ & ARGUIII1BAU. ., 29 I 31 SOUTH WILLIAM liTREET _,__...,_ __ Licorice Paste and Sticks. G.S. w.s. F.W.S Sterry Extra. P. S. Baracco and Pignatella. De Rosa. Excelsior Mills and Favorite Mills Powdered Licorice. Gum Arabic. Olive ?iJ, Tonqua Beans, AND A.LL SPECIALITIES FOR TOBACCO MANUF A.CTURERS. Patent Powdered Licorice. Weaver & Sterry, IMPORTERS, l1Ianuea.et1Ue oc Nc, .24 CEDAR STREET. PINE-CUT TOBACCO POWDERED' tlQUOfU.CB. Brothers Celebrated Russian AND ciGARS FINEsT CICA:EtJC'I''I'ZS, Manufactured at Peugi'l k eepsie New-'York. Fine 'J:obaoooesand Cigars, 201 & 209 WATER STREET. NEW YORK. GIFFORD, & JNNIS WEST BROADWAY, 120 WILLLI\.MS'fll.EE'i JOHN CATTUS, TOBACCO BROKER t 27. PeariJStreet, NEW YORK. EDWARD DREYER, TOBlCCO BROlER, 46 Beaver Street, NEW YORK. -J. S. C.ANS & SON, TOBACCO--BROKERS, No. 86 WALL TORINE :BUILDING, NEW YORK PHILIP' KELLAND TOBACCO 1'19 PEARL STREET, NEW YORK. Up Stairs. CHARLES F. OSBORNE, JAMES G. OSBORN!!!, roba.cco Bro'ker1 No. 3<1 BROAD STREET, NEW YORK. M. Rader & Son, ETROPULITAB 07,209 &, 2U, Pearl St., N.Y. SOU IIAIUFAtTURRS : OF 'filE CELEBRATE01 A IVIDAD CIGABS DrBOPOLI'rA.N CI&All MOlJJ.DS. CIGAR CUTTIB. CARD -WE beg to Inform. the trade th2.t we are the Rote M a nuf'a cturen of the far-lamed 1-hnJta Cigar.s, and having learned that other parties contemplate lmitati!lg them and aubstituting 1.:obacf:! of inferior quality grown in this country. the refore we caution the p ubhc '.!ot to purchase !vtamia C.gan not beadny our trade mark on the boxes. J A. CO BY & CO. ..__LDER &ESTABROOK, No. 7 Commercial Street, Boston, SOLE lniOLESALE SELLING AGENTS FOR THE NZW. Z:NCLA.:ND. S'I'A'I'ZS. JOHN B. FLOOD; ISucceuor to G. W. LANGHORNE & CO., 21 Mauufacture r o f the foll owing'telebrated Branda of VIRGINIA SMOKING TOBACCOS, Jefferson Stree t, between -7t'b. and 8th, V _IRGINIA. Bob White i n Cloth, Deer Ham in Cloth, Johnny Reb, in Cloth, Westward Ho! in Cloth Aunt C hoice, in C l oth Rustic B e lle, it! Cloth, NEwYoaK.CITY. D. 1!. McALPIN & CO., M-67 ,_,. ____________ E_R_& __ C_O_ ......,,...,.,....._.,.. Cigar Manufacturers Dew Drop, in Cloth, Jolly Boy, in Cloth, Old White Hat TOBACCO BROKERS And oth er Choice Grades All Brands of our Tobaccos packed in to snit purehf\sors, FREE OF EXTRA OHARGFJ. and in t h o now IUld popula. r tyle'of Packages to suit the difl' d l 'ont markets ot t h e world. -r Vir[in ... G;,wiDL p z l33 PEARL STE.EET, F'ACTORY No. G. FIFTH DISTRICT. NEW YORK. :EDWIN l22Arcl:L.,Philaclelphia, No. 97' Columbia Street, ANDDRALBRIH ----. .. sMOKL.'la ronAcco. L f T b ---..----...:..------------General Agent ior ;Ef.stern ad lltidclle States, Ohio and Wchiga.n. W. F. RUETE, NEW YORK, m .......... ,. ea 0 acco, lhgar Plug Tob'"""' snvff, Snttff 53 BOWERY, NEAR CAX.AL VANUFACTURKKS OJI' THE CKLJ!:BRATJlD Xrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Chewing and Smoking Tobacco the on ly Genuine American Gentle man Mrs. G. B. Miller & Co. Maccaboy and Scotch Snuff; A. H. Mickle & Sons' Eorest _Rose and Grape Tobacco; Mrs. G. B. Miller Co. Reserve Smoking and Chewing Tobacco. MANUFACTORY AND SALBi!ROOM, NEW YORK. I CORNER OF AVENUE D ANO TENTH STREET,' New York S.ORGLER, f-.dll orders promptly executed. GIESELMANN DIEHL Manufacturer of the :est Brands of SW.o IN G PROPRIEToRs oF THE LI:BRE," I I 152 CHAMBERS ST., and -.. MANUFACTURERS OF 297.Yz GREENWICH ST., NEW YORE:. TOBACCO & SNUFF. AND 8MOKINC TOBACCO. 159 YORE:, PHILIP BERNARD, CAMPBELL, LANE It, CO., MANUFACTURERS 01' roB.lCCO AND CIGARS, AND DEALERS JH SNUFF, PIPES, etc., frcrORIES AT 484 BRO.AD STREET, AND IN C.&LDWELL. N. !l'obacco Bagging AND BAGGING DIATIIB.J:AI., -Of all Kind Low Prices tor Cash. SPANISH LINE'', FAN<:;Y STRIPES Bleached and r Sheetings, T wifle a n d Thread, c, .. as for Tra_veling .otton Baggng, Carp e ts, Mattmg Dry Go odo tienerally. ANDREW !.ESTER & CO., No. 103 Chambers Str eet, New York, FRED. ENGELBACH. Qtohawr NO. lU SIX'fH AVENUE, NEW YORK BUCHANAN & LYALL, OFFICE, ty-.. BU OHN.ER 64 Broad street, New York, to RonrTcHRcK & TAussm, NO. 2 FIRST BROOkLYN, :KA..NtrlrACTUB.Elt OP' Manufacturers of the follow ing 'fiN,-CUT CHEWING ,. CELEBRATED BRANDS OF,.. I ( AND SMOKING TOBACCOS 'OBACCO AND CIGARS Plane; Navr, u, "' 3s, 4s, ss, 6s, 7s, Ss, gs, 1011. Sailor's Cbotce, 1a, }is, 3s, +fi, ss, 6s, 7s, 8s, 99, JOS. Challenll", lbs. King Philip, .__ Wuhington, )Ia, Grape and Apricot, ( Havana Sues Cheroots Neptune, Double Thick, Unconquered, brt. drk. 1 u ACME" Fancy Brt. DELANC. EY STREET Maggie Mitchell, i Pounds, J Narraganaett, Tecum.seh,tos, NEW YOBJL Alenndl'&, 1 Peerless, ror of the following Branda of KtLLict .. -DOMESTIC CIGAR WAR'EHOU.SE, Factorie& at Coopersburg Vicinity, WA'ID STBEE'r, NEW YORK. Sch'W"'a.rz "' Spohr, liAN\JP.ACTVRJtRS OF ALL KINDS OP _Domestic Cigars, 13 Bowery, NEW YORK. Wangler & Hahn, N0.290 &292 :BOWERY, NE-W YORK. FREY & 00. Manllfactnrers Gf FINE CIGARS, and Dealers in Lea.f Toba.cco, 126 Chambers St., New York EDW4RD A. SMITH, MANUFACTURER OF Pine Segars, No, ll'Bowery, NEW-YORK. LOUIS HOLLANDJH\ .. TOBACCO BROKER t 29 Pearl Street, NEW YORK. EDWARD SOLMAR, TOBACCO BROKER, No. 130 Water Street, YORK. A. SHACK. TOBACCO BROKER. No. 129 Maiden Lane, NEW YORK. Miscellaneous. '.f'IN FOIL. J'OBN l. CB.OOKI l!ANU .B'ACT URER o :r # fOil & BOTTlE No. 38 OROSB Y ST., NEW YORK. WARDROP & 203 & 205 Lewis Street, DEALERS IN SPANISH CEDAR FOR CIGAR BOXES, Seasoneli Stock a.lwa.ys on hand. BOIKEN, GARRIGUES & GO., 3 lMPORl'ERS C:' MEERSCHAUM, BRIAR,'CHINA .t, LAVA PIPES, German and !'reiiCh Flmcy and ChiD&. Soo4s, .AND TOYS, 91 CHAMBERS ST. AND 73 REID ST., NEWYOBJL ._ Manaracturer o!1 P. M .. DINCEE, Pil\TE OIGJlRS Corner Sw::t'h ana LeuNI StreeU,. ;.And Dealer tn MERCHANT. All kinds of Leaf and lannfactnred To. ANISB CEDAB. '02 Nassau St., N.Y. """ .u.Io. SIECKE & -WANNAOK, FOREIGN & DOMESTIC WOODS. Manufacturers of llliA.R VIEW OF THE IDOBL.Uroi!R TOBACCO WORK&. SCHUMACHER & Efi'LINGER, Practical Lithographers, @;igat-l#x and CONSTANTLY ON HAND. New De sign s made to order. 16 MURRAY STREET NEW YORK. The Original and Genuiue DURHAM SMOKING TOBACCO. rAn grades and Mam1 with Carl;! 11.nd Skill. Send for Price List. Owing t o the 'lhprecedented p opularity of tle '' J) '' BraPrl nt certain pJed dealers manufac t urers h ave been Jed W mfti.n""t. t>l1r tra d e mark tmpo!imgupon the trade wtth Inferior goods under our tradem atl::. Nvo; 1lil LO nottrt ,"\.at our r:ghts to the" Durham' Brand have been fully vindicate d both;.., the U.S. i'turt.:. Cit f";.rent (;if. .G<:, and all partie arc bereby W'al"llecl agatat Cn.rt.har tre1pas.. WB .MEA IV '!:'UJJ'\i. tD Dealers-handli n g Spurio u s Dar ham'' would do w ell to r..:memher, that lt'k:e the M anufacturer. the_y are respomtble. To prevent any trouble, and to the Genu\ne Durha,'' order _Bull Brand from th' e manufachlurs. We are d e termine!ri from hrnutorth to exhaust tho l a w agamst 1nfnngen apoo ov trademark. Be aot deceived. u He that. ttow.::th t o the wind, must reap of the whirlwind. (:i"' NZWTOBE 'AC:ZNCY, A. HEN & CO. 1:43 Libt'!rty Street, opposite Post Office, IXPO:R 'I'Z:RS OF SKOEZ:RS A::a 'I'ICI.Ze, DEALERS IN TOBACCO, SECARS, SNUFFS, .AUG. 6 .MISCELLANEOUS. WM. DEMUTH & 00. THB SOLK MANUP'AC'TVRlUlS o BRIAR APPLE-WOOD PIPES,. WITH RUBBER BITS, of all kinds of Smobn' ..vt1clll. SHOW IN METAL AND WOOD, A SPECIALTY. No. 403 BROADWAY, lfi NE'W YORK. ROBERT OHMSTEDT, covvmmON MDOP''N'l', IMPORTER OF Hav!llla Leaf Tobacco and Ci(ars, of Cigars of nperlor VVIL'l'.A Al!AJO LEAF, 32 PLATT STREET, NEW YORK. \ _, -o a (I) ::::s I r+. M Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, Coaataatly oa Hand the Beat Hand alld 8tea.n lllaehbaoo Cor CutUac aDd GraaalatlllS To-. F. HEPPENHEIMK;ti LABELS For Tobacco a .nd Cigars. A large aaoortmenl constantJy on band and pl'!ntcd 1.0 ... order. ll2 & a North William StrHt, Jr """ York. WM. ZDV'SSIIB. A CO. MANUI'ACTO&aas OF TOBACCO SEALING WAll. ALSO, DEALiCS IN DRUGS, .PAINTS, Ett., St., New 1rork. INTERNALREYENUEBOOKL The OriKJ.noti lntemai Revenue Pubiishm2 Houe, C. JOURGEN1$EN .. 80LB 8UCC&MO& TO ltSTIB .t, SMITH CO..., P .o. Bo 6.a86. 37 LIBC::i


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